2017 Nov 16 ~ 22

“>Believe that cops get away with unjustified use of force against Blacks
>Whine until cops are forced to wear body cameras
>Body cameras prove that cops are justified
>Whine that body cameras are racist

“Well, the USA oil embargo against Japan was justified because Japan was attacking China in a bloody war!”

Let’s ignore the minor invasions that took place in Europe (the fights between Poland, Hungary, Romania, etc).

The USSR invaded, occupied, and annexed land from Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, and Poland.

The United Kingdom and the USSR both jointly invaded and occupied Persia.
All this before America’s entry into war, and before Pearl Harbor. Where was the USA’s embargo? Their condemnation of these actions? Did it impact arms shipments to belligerents?

The ONLY excuse for the oil embargo that is consistent is geopolitics and empire. And if that is the reasoning than it is hard to morally condemn the Pearl Harbor attack.
Furthermore this moves nicely into the follow up point: the geopolitics of the USA were aligned with those of the USSR. Despite overwhelming majorities of people being against communism, and against the soviet union, the government of the USA, and the UK, did all they could to help it.

The only way to answer this without naming jews is to again say “geopolitics”. But even this runs into some nonsense. Why was is that the “geopolitics” or “strategy” of such a diverse set of world powers was totally fixated on the destruction of Germany?

That the above simple exercise of logic and consistency checks completely collapses the post ’45 narrative that has been espoused, analyzed, and explained in thousands of words, books, media, and reports goes to show just how fragile the moral system is, and just how much effort is needed to keep the whole thing going.”

“>discussion about Trump
>someone brings up Hillarys crimes and Bills sexual assault stories
>discussion about al Franken

“It’s a staple of the right to speculate about why intellectuals hate capitalism. Reagan had a lot of quips about it. As usual, the right was good at cracking jokes, but it just never understood the problem. Which is why it lost, and keeps losing, and now we have gaymarriage and black transexuals running for office.”

“A state, like any organization, but even more so, wants to get things done. It wants to grow, expand its power and influence. And so feudalism led to absolutism. And absolutism led to liberalism. Liberal states were strong, had armies of bureaucrats and tax revenues that feudal states could only dream of. But while they were effective, they were a mess. Feudalism is good at generating loyalty. Liberalism is awful at that. And loyalty is very important. The fundamental problem of politics is the distinction between friend and foe, said Schmitt. A friend is someone who is loyal.”

“Intellectuals are always the reserve army of the bureaucracy. They want the government to get things done.”

“There is no social value on acknowledging truth: everybody can see that. The signaling value is in lies. In the unnatural. As Moldbug put it:

“in many ways nonsense is a more effective organizing tool than the truth. Anyone can believe in the truth. To believe in nonsense is an unforgeable demonstration of loyalty. It serves as a political uniform. And if you have a uniform, you have an army.”

Or as the Chinese put it, point deer, make horse.

“There are other modules in the brain; one allows you to see, another to hear, another to recognize faces, another to find your way home, another to make accurate predictions about reality. All of those are useful, which is why we evolved them in the first place. Brain tissue is expensive. But the SP optimization module likely has higher priority. It is nice to see; but blind people can make a living. It’s important to recognize faces; but face blind people can make a living. Being unable to appraise one’s status and try to improve, however, leads to likely social death, and human groups being what they are, social death leads with almost complete certainty to bullying, scapegoating, and eventual death. In the best of cases you are ostracized and sent to starve or be eaten by wild animals in the forest.

It thus shouldn’t surprise us that something as completely absurd as Progressivism is the law of the land in most of the world today, even though it denies obvious reality. It is not the case that most people know that progressive points are all bogus, but obey because of fear or cowardice. No, an average human brain has much more neurons being used to scan the social climate and see how SP are allotted, than neurons being used to analyze patterns in reality to ascertain the truth. Surely your brain does care a great deal about truth in some very narrow areas of concern to you. Remember Conquest’s first law: Everybody is Conservative about what he knows best. You have to know the truth about what you do, if you are to do it effectively.

But you don’t really care about truth anywhere else. And why would you? It takes time and effort you can’t really spare, and it’s not really necessary. As long as you have some area of specialization where you can make a living, all the rest you must do to achieve survival and reproduction is to raise your SP so you don’t get killed and your guts sacrificed to the mountain spirits.”

“You can’t blame people for being logically inconsistent; because they can’t possibly know anything about all these issues. Few have any experience or knowledge about evolution and human races, or about the history of black people to make an informed judgment on HBD. Few have time to learn about sex differences, and stuff like the climate is as close to unknowable as there is. Opinions about anything but a very narrow area of expertise are always output of your SP module, not any judgment of fact.

“I think it’s brilliant of the Singapore government to deal with agitators not by imprisoning them, but by suing them for money. Prison gets you Cathedral attention and a cool heroic past as a brave fighter against injustice. Being in debt only makes you poor and forces you to ask others for money, which is completely uncool.”

“Say SP are like a gas. Society is an air-tight bag. Once you open a small hole in the bag, the SP start leaking away.

You can’t turn off consumer demand. Gimmedats are a constant. They must be. Once there is a leak in the pool of SP, everybody is going to run automatically to grab some for themselves. That’s the obviously fit strategy.

Now of course operationally is easier to get support to equalize status than it is to argue for more status for someone else. If you want to take status form group A; everybody outside group A is going to agree. But if you want to increase status for group B to the expense for everyone else; well then you gotta change tactics. The way it usually works is you divide non-B into group C and group D; and tell group C that by supporting higher status for group B, group C will have greater status than group D for their efforts. Group D being evil rednecks, racists, bigots etc.

In your example, if group C (liberals, women) fail to comply with supporting greater status for group B (Muslims), they are threatened with demotion into group D (racist men). Supporting group B may not give group C more status; but it maximizes SP because the alternative scenario is a huge loss of SP by being demoted to group D. And so I for one welcome our new alien overlords.”

“* Left must fight for SP more aggressively because theirs is built on tenuous social consensus… Subjective value of art and odd lifestyle choices.. Tendency to construct and defend social bubbles with censorship and exclusion for the same reason.

* Right points to tangible things like family, bank account, muscles and heritage as proof of SP. These do not require social consensus, and are only weakly attacked by the extreme left as being bad things.”

“Socialism is Christianity after industrial productivity means you can actually deliver on your promises.”

“boycotting does absolutely nothing – the whole point of these microtransactions is that a few individuals provide massive profits. A few people who weren’t gonna buy microtransactions anyway not getting the game really doesn’t hit their bottom line.

Probably the easiest avenue to take to advocate regulation is the similarity to gambling and the potential for addiction. The ESRB is a self-regulation body and will never enforce something like loot boxes increasing a game’s rating.

In terms of actual policy you could either restrict the sale of games with loot box systems or slap massive taxes and fines on said systems.”

>government intervention
Quit being cucks. Just dont buy the fucking games and keep giving them shitty reviews and shameing microtransactions and you’ll meme them towards a different path.”

“If you were being stabbed would you consider a police officer pulling your attacker off of you cuckolding? And yes, I know that being so redpilled you always carry a loaded AR-15 (which is only considered dangerous because it looks scary!), but for our hypothetical you were snuck up on.”

“>libertarian babby calling anyone a cuck”

“Any capitalist would say that the market would dictate if these practices are acceptable or not.”

“Capitalism isn’t involved because of IP law. Remove all IP laws and loot boxes and every other disgusting practice will be gone.

The scope of IP laws could not be imagined by people of the past, the idea that a big company can shutdown competition because an icon design was similar to one they had patented is insanity, rockstar/blizzard shutting down private servers because they compete with their horrible money making schemes is the the problem.

‘digital goods’ = magic combinations of ones and zeroes that you don’t own but are expected to pay for. Removing IP laws fixes so many problems with all media .

You say capitalism, but this is law protecting giant companies from capitalism. Rockstar for example claims a monopoly on GTA5, despite all their money coming from selling the game, they then turn around and say, ‘look goy, you don’t own anything, you can’t play on your own server and bypass our shitty server, my friend in government has seen to that’

They sell things that don’t exist as physical goods then tell you you didn’t buy that game, you don’t own it, read the small print you paid for nothing.

The best we can hope for is that these companies just break off from actual gaming and just do console/casual/phone shit and then people who actually care about games will be left to their hobby again. but this is /v/ where adults buy consoles and argue over branding and cartoon animals, it isn’t about games.”

>Another thread where /v/ wants games to be cheap as fuck because they are too poor to support their hobby

When are people going to understand games are way more expensive to make than any other time in the fucking history of videogames, games can’t be $60 anymore when they do 4k textures that takes a lot of resources and money.

Fucking underaged and manchildren.”

>When are people going to understand games are way more expensive to make than any other time in the fucking history of videogames

Ah yes hearthstone is so expensive and demanding on even the strongest hardware
And bethesdas copy pasted engine on every game since fallout 3
And oh man call of duty, don’t get me started on how they’ve been recylcing the same engine/recycling assests and shit since cod 3
Most companies spend a lot of money on those cartoony graphics am I right?

Games costs the same as they always did, inflation makes it seem more expensive though. Most game costs are sunk into marketing. Your whole argument is a product of marketers and they got you hook line and sinker.”

“If you don’t like loot crate then don’t buy them.

What’s the problem?”

“>If you don’t like internet companies just stop using the internet.”

“>If you don’t like capitalism just stop living”

“Because for every one of us who don’t buy them, 2 more do. I seriously wonder why some of you think this kind of fucking mentality would work.”

“”Don’t like it don’t buy it” is just shorthand for “shut up and stop complaining”. You don’t actually give a shit if people actually buy them. You just want to shut down people who don’t buy them with “then why are you complaining???” like a fucking tool”

“So Disney are the good guys? Huh.”

“Don’t think they’re wonderful people or anything. Disney is just as crazy about money and owning people as EA. It’s just that they actually care about looking nice and friendly to everyone where as EA just laughs every time someone calls them evil. My guess is that Disney is worried about the whole “Starwars is promoting gambling to kids” thing.”

“Nah, disney’s just a much bigger monster who’s goals currently happen to align with ours.

Disney’s like a an enormous elder god, and EA made a $7 billion offering in return for the power of Star Wars it accepted.
Now, normally this dark god doesn’t care about the affairs of petty gaming mortals but one day it wakes up and finds that the cultist it patroned has stirred up some shit by overtaxing our villages and now there’s a chance a crusade is coming that could fuck up it’s plans for the next few years.

Disney is not pleased.”

“It’s the equivalent to the villain being an overachieving lackey who tries to go into business for themselves only to fly too close to the sun and get their shit slapped back into line when the real boss finds out the shit they’re getting associated with”

“Why is the mouse considered evil, isn’t he everyone childhood memory?”

“Disney has completely ruined copyright law. It used to be that after a while media properties would become fair use for everybody to use, but Disney is the company that wanted to hold on to their assets so much they extended it to effectively as long as they need.

Copyright law means that there is far less competition in entertainment and ultimately huge corporations get a monopoly on every media property you enjoy and squeeze the life and anything interesting from them.”

“Ironically they are also big abusers of expired copyrights.”

“What I see happening down the road is governments will create their own blockchains and ban competing non-government cryptos under criminal penalty. The benefits for government to take this approach will be to totally destroy the black market economy and to allow governments to trace every transaction in the economy. This will result in much greater tax revenue and the end of privacy as we know it, as third parties will be able to trace your every purchase and market to you accordingly.”

“College offers access to reliable high-status social capital in a modern society where any sort of non-adversarial, high-trust social interaction is extremely scarce. For most people entering adult life with even slightly above average IQ, campus is the funnel they must squeeze through to avoid the wasteland of service jobs where they’ll live without prospects surrounded for the rest of their lives by people they cannot really connect with.

“I don’t understand why feminists are mad about this WhatsApp thing. Weren’t they always complaining about how makeup was an oppressive institution of the patriarchy?”

“The axe forgets what the tree remembers.”

“Modern Westerners have the strange disposition of wanting to be cultural relativists across space, but moral absolutists across time.”

“Actually, another suspicion I’ve often had is that much of that massively-promoted total nonsense like transexualism and Gay Marriage is meant to flush out and expose potential troublemakers potentially lurking within ranks of the elite before they can rise high enough to become a serious problem. In support of this hypothesis, the leading purge victims are usually found within the fields of popular culture, entertainment, celebrity, and the media, which constitute a crucial chokepoint in controlling our society. It’s obviously much easier and safer to detect and purge a future Mel Gibson while he’s just a rising young actor than after he’s spent a dozen years as Hollywood’s #1 star.

the reason the King walks down the street naked in his imaginary suit is to draw out and catch those people unwilling to say they see what isn’t there.

In an actual historical example, the Emperor Caligula appointed his favorite horse to the highest official government position in the Roman State. How better to break the spirit of potentially disloyal Senators and military commanders, and determine which of them might have independent thoughts.”

“According to the script Jumaane’s Jewish special ed instructors helped him memorize, the weapon is dangerous because the single fire, hand loaded rifle… can be used for mass shootings.

[…] Logistically, using this for a mass shooting is impossible, so that’s just the easy to digest excuse for Goyim ears. The reason they are afraid of this weapon is what really drives the gun control debate: the prospect of Goyim using their guns to resist the government.”

“Everything in the world is about sex, except for sex, which is about power.”

“But power is mainly just about sex, sooo…”

“Many modern women believe themselves to be “oppressed” by the patriarchy. They would be wise to read Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey to be reminded of the fate of princess Iphigenia, King Agamemnon’s daughter. She was ritually sacrificed by the king before the Trojan war. Why was she sacrificed? As a reminder that many Mycenaean sons would give their lives for the cause of defeating Troy. The king demonstrated his commitment to the parents of those sons by sacrificing his own daughter. Today women have the luxury of men protecting them without such a “burden” as sacrificing their own lives.”

>See Elon Musk’s Game Recommendations
>Tesla and tech mogul loves ‘Overwatch just like the rest of us

>>just like the rest of us

every once in a while, they tip their hand.

after i learned that it’s actually standard procedure for MBA types and bigger big shots to write their own recommendation letters, i just assume stories about people are just stories until i decide otherwise.”

“Yeah he was like “you need physics to make the perfect cut”
I need good anatomy lessons and a good set of eyes

I will hold on to this story forever, back when i was in my first semester taking the dubious “college algebra” my professor told a story about how he came from a redneck family so him being a college professor made him the black sheep

His brother was a plumber and i forgot the minor details but basically he was teaching his brother how to cut pipes with perfect accuracy using math while his brother was just like “yeah i just pick up a ruler man””

“You could do anything on 2007-2012 twitter. I showed ppl how to cook crack in da microwave and nothin happened. Now I can’t even call a fat bitch fat”

“To the average soldier, the military is just a paycheck and that’s true for the United States as well where all the effusive praise and near-worship just papers over the fact that it’s a government jobs and training program for millions of Americans who would otherwise be barely employable with their high school diplomas. The military is welfare for the working class.

Just as no one in Lebanon wants to charge territorial border tax anymore, the different ethnic groups in the military can all agree to sit on the easy paycheck even once bullets are flying and simply revolt or desert if someone tries to actually send them into battle.

Those soldiers who want to actually fight leave the military and join their group’s militia.

We can look at the Mexican military as a supporting example. They go through the motions of following their orders for the most part but they have little appetite for challenging the power of emergent narco-states anymore than they need to.”

“If the middle class are the ones who make revolutions, It would follow that a strong middle class would be the biggest threat to existing elites. It appears they want a societal structure similar to what many Latin American countries have.”

“The policies of white nationalism are not a bad deal, but the politics are. Most white people are well off and don’t directly suffer any bad consequences from the browning of the nation. Whites don’t compete with the browns, they compete with other whites (and jews & asians), and they can use the browns to virtue signal their generosity without giving an advantage to their competitors. White nationalists are for the most part whites who are so dysfunctional that they have to compete with browns, and are currently useful idiots at best.

In short, saying that you are competing with browns is stating boldly that you are powerless and incompetent, it’s a losing proposition.”

“If you have women in your organization, they need to stick to making coffee and such. The smarter ones can do a decent job at database organization and some kinds of database programming, and there are plenty of good female content creators, though the top ones are always male. But women are maladapted to large group dynamics. […] Now someone is going to say NAWALT (not all women are like that). But if you have any group of substantial size, the rare exceptions, supposing the rare exceptions exist (and the lack of credible poster girls suggest that they do not exist) are too rare to have much effect on the overall group dynamics. And a group of women, or a group containing any significant number of women, cannot keep its eye on the group goals.”

“there’s several games i’ve played which i would’ve gladly paid over 80 for in retrospect, but would’ve at least needed a decent length demo for beforehand to be sure.

but they’ve burned that bridge repeatedly with fake E3 trailers, so now we have DLC and microtransactions instead.”

“In “Screen Schooled,” Clement and Miles make the case that wealthy Silicon Valley parents seem to grasp the addictive powers of smartphones, tablets, and computers more than the general public does — despite the fact that these parents often make a living by creating and investing in that technology.

“It’s interesting to think that in a modern public school, where kids are being required to use electronic devices like iPads,” the authors wrote, “Steve Jobs’s kids would be some of the only kids opted out.””

“Holy fuck I totally believe this. Anyone who watches this soft talking little creep and doesn’t think there’s something up is delusional”

“Jobs that no longer exist?
I didn’t know there was a job market for feminist dance therapy or whichever other worthless arts degree they’ve most likely obtained.”

“The jobs they exported to India, Mexico, and China.”

“So manufacturing? It makes sense. With all the taxes millennials voted for to pay for their social services, it doesn’t surprise me that companies are going to cheaper options for labor.”

>millenials voted for taxes that were implemented by boomers

Yes, that totally happened”

“The Khmer Rouge started out as a bunch of very smart western educated intellectuals. Who proceeded to torture each other to death. They wound up with cadre that could not read numbers. Observe the obvious collapse in intelligence and competence among our elite. You could not trust the scientists building to ITER to build a chicken coop unsupervised. Recollect Obama’s struggles to get the Obamacare website up. Remember the inanity and stupidity that was revealed in the Challenger inquiry, and ITER is a long way downhill from the Challenger.

But we should no more buy in to this doctrine of the innate purity of women, than we should buy in to the allegations of CIA, fascist, and capitalist influence in the Khmer Rouge.

It is great that Harvey Weinstein is getting the shaft, but these women are not victims. They are whores.

“You need to apply the Mike Pence rules in the workplace: If you are with female coworker, leave the door open, because if you close the door, it is like watching television with a large economy size bag of potato crisps beside you.

Sex is pre rational and pre verbal. If you are alone with a pretty woman, no one is going to open the door, and there is a horizontal surface, you will, perhaps unconsciously and unintentionally, emit certain stimuli, and likely she will react to these stimuli with certain other stimuli, quite likely without conscious awareness of doing so, and you will, perhaps unconsciously, react …

And pretty soon you are both horizontal on the floor.

But since she probably did not intend any of that to happen, under the current rules, she gets to call it rape. The mating dance has the form of pursuit and predation, conquest and surrender. So if she subsequently decides she was raped, it is always plausible, at least to her.

Its like having a bag of potato crisps beside you while watching television, except that she gets to claim that the potato chips forced her.”

“The concept of consent requires verbal and verbalizing consciousness. And sex predates verbal and verbalizing consciousness by a very long time. The part of your mind that decides to have sex is far older and more powerful than the part of your mind that is capable of making up a narrative about what you are doing and why.

We can meaningfully apply the concept of consent to marriage, where a woman consents to move from one household and the authority of one male, to another household and another male, but trying to apply it to sex winds up with the absurdity that each thrust needs a legal notary.”

“The rape allegations against Roy Moore are so credible EVEN *republican* leadership has turned on him” – Cenk Uygurs big slamdunk argument in every single video

YEAH oh wow those fucking hypercucks in the mainline GOP who can’t wait to spread their buttcheeks and preemptive fault to Democrats on every single relevant issue and who opposed Moore in the first place have turned (LOL) against him wow its over debate settled”

“profit oriented corporations are refusing to supply Andrew Anglin and numerous youtube content creators right now. But just keep ignoring observable reality in favor of your autistic libertarian fantasy world. If net neutrality is abolished you can bet your fucking ass that ISPs will make a point of refusing service to EVUHL RACIST WHITE SUPREMISTS so they can get public brownie points for being brave culture warriors.

“go find a different provider then lelel and if no other provider wants u to bad huh xdd”

how about you go fuck yourself. YES, I 100% support providers being FORCED to provide content that I agree with. YES, I 100% totally absolutely support threatening you with a gun to the head if you dont want to host Daily Stormer. And if I was in a position to decide I would absolutely pull the trigger on you

Oh and don’t worry, I can already tell you the autistic screeching argument that lolbergtardians will come up with when ISPs start censoring people and this abuse of their power has become blatantly obvious

“REEE NOT TRUE FREE MARKET!! The reason why verizon shut down 4chan is because its a crony capitalist politically connected corporation that uses government regulation and sweetheart deals to raise barriers to entry and create a cartel XDD thats the only reason why they are able to do this!!!11”


“Lmao @ thinking competition exists in leasing public utilities

“Hey guys lets bid on access and then charge an ethical rate”

“even if you dont think that this will lead you to the nightmare scenario why would you take the risk. Like this is a total non issue. Nobody ever thought to himself “you know what really sucks? the fact that my ISP cant selectively charge more for faster internet to the websites i browse imagine how cool it would be if they did that””

“here’s the issue: if government regulations to “prevent” this armageddon are the way it starts to regulate the internet”

“except that this has been the status quo for decades now and it hasn’t led to a slippery slope of government censorship as far as I can see. Like I understand the argument you’re trying to make but it just hasn’t worked out that way in the real world. Governments (at least in the case of the US) are, right now, much less likely to politicize public utilities than corporations

also do you seriously believe even without a precedent of government regulation the government would, if it really wanted to, not still find a way to censor the web to any extent possible?

Like do you really believe if race war were to break out tomorrow the government would say “oh gee I would really like to crank down on these anti-government insurgents but the FCC repealed net neutrality oh damn guess I can’t do anything to control the web”

No, if shit hit the fan they would just hold a gun to the corporations heads anyways and order them to shut anti-government sites down. We live in a totalitarian society. Stop thinking in terms of a society based on rule of law.”

“I enjoy being able to browse any part of the internet at any given period of time without having to pay a premium to do that. It’s funny how libertarians constantly talk about minimising costs but then when they allow corporations to slap on more of them their excuse is “you aren’t entitled to it if you can’t afford the costs.””

“their excuse is “you aren’t entitled to it if you can’t afford the costs.”

That’s backwards. It’s not an excuse. It’s the intended result. 95% of politics, that is to say, not the 4% which prevents a revolution or invasion from happening or the 1% that keeps the water and electricity on, is about signalling, and signalling means “I am better than you”.

As with most things,”You aren’t entitled to it if you can’t afford the costs” or its variations isn’t a value neutral statement. You think they say it like “Oh. Sorry to hear your dog died. That’s rough man.”? Or “Haha fuck you niggaaaa”?”

“Imagine gauging an economic system by wheter or not Andrew Anglin has am easy time making fun of women and non whites online”

“yeah imagine gauging an economic system by wether or not those speaking truth to power are systematically marginalized and shunned

Andrew Anglin has devoted his public name and life to fighting for what is objectively true. That alone makes his liberty 10000x more valuable and morally poignant than the freedom of fucking jew corporations to nickle and dime everybody so they can virtue signal their obedience to the local party line”

“Kill all libertarians
Yeah except that this thinking has been peddled for decades now and it just keeps getting worse
Yeah or we can just ban your fucking kike industry practices and regulate them like we do with all other industries and then shoot you in the head for being a kike fellating piece of shit. That way we can instantly have the change we need instead of arbitrarily waiting for the slight chance that in 10 years the magical hand of the market will finally do something good”

“does somebody have that link to the conspiracy theory that the NSA uses software to randomly/procedurally generate fake faces and portraits of people that dont actually exist”

“Wikipedia has less information, and less useful information, than it used to. This reflects its policy of presenting the official view on everything. Where there is no official view, facts tend to get deleted as unsupported, or not encyclopedic, or some such. Truth and knowledge is supposedly what comes from universities and the mainstream media. If not in the universities or the mainstream media, is supposedly not truth. This leads to particularly bitter contention in political fields like climate science, evolutionary psychology, race, and Darwinism, but causes widespread damage in many non political fields, for example on computer science, since the vast majority of computer science knowledge is not academic.

Contributors are instructed: “Wikipedia is an encyclopedic reference, not an instruction manual, guidebook, or textbook. Wikipedia articles should not read like … instruction manuals. ”

When I look something up related to computer science, it is normally because I am working on a project, and need to know how to do something, so I need something that reads like an instruction manual, guidebook, or textbook. Further, anyone who knows computer science stuff is usually an engineer, so is apt to write like a textbook or instruction manual. The effect and application of the not-a-manual rule is to prohibit contributions from people who actually do stuff, which contributions they intend to share with other people who actually do stuff, in favor of contributions by people who do not do stuff, and are incapable of doing stuff – which is to say, in favor of academic knowledge.”

“They did not pretend to believe in order to become rich and powerful, rather the regulatory apparatus efficiently selected stupid people who sincerely believed stupid things to become rich and powerful. If their beliefs had been feigned and cynical, a lot more of the disappeared money would have stuck to them.”

“Participation in such Red State activities as high school ROTC, 4-H clubs, or the Future Farmers of America was found to reduce very substantially a student’s chances of gaining admission to the competitive private colleges in the NSCE database on an all-other-things-considered basis. The admissions disadvantage was greatest for those in leadership positions in these activities or those winning honors and awards. “Being an officer or winning awards” for such career-oriented activities as junior ROTC, 4-H, or Future Farmers of America, say Espenshade and Radford, “has a significantly negative association with admission outcomes at highly selective institutions.” Excelling in these activities “is associated with 60 or 65 percent lower odds of admission.”

all other things being equal, being an officer in the ROTC is likely to get you excluded from a prestigious university – any fool can see that political correctness counts more than ability or experience – whether in college admissions, or Obama’s picks for the federal reserve, or the post of CEO of HP, people are chosen primarily for their theology not their ability.”

“Laws and regulations nowadays are longer than ever because length is needed to specify how people will be treated unequally. For example, the health care bill of 2010 takes more than 2,700 pages to make sure not just that some states will be treated differently from others because their senators offered key political support, but more importantly to codify bargains between the government and various parts of the health care industry, state governments, and large employers about who would receive what benefits (e.g., public employee unions and auto workers) and who would pass what amounts to indirect taxes onto the general public. The financial regulation bill of 2010, far from setting unequivocal rules for the entire financial industry in few words, spends some 3,000 pages (at this writing) tilting the field exquisitely toward some and away from others. Even more significantly, these and other products of Democratic and Republican administrations and Congresses empower countless boards and commissions arbitrarily to protect some persons and companies, while ruining others. Thus in 2008 the Republican administration first bailed out Bear Stearns, then let Lehman Brothers sink in the ensuing panic, but then rescued Goldman Sachs by infusing cash into its principal debtor, AIG. Then, its Democratic successor used similarly naked discretionary power (and money appropriated for another purpose) to give major stakes in the auto industry to labor unions that support it. Nowadays, the members of our ruling class admit that they do not read the laws. They don’t have to. Because modern laws are primarily grants of discretion, all anybody has to know about them is whom they empower.”

“If someone is important and under pressure to perform (perhaps the board, being composed of major shareholders, wants the CEO to make a profit and will fire him if he does not) he will surround himself with the smartest people he can get – the Google policy. But if he is under no pressure to perform, he will prefer that those lower in status than him are not quite as bright as he is, other wise he is apt to find himself in the uncomfortable position of Mr Mulloy, wherein a low status person explains why he is wrong about something, and he fails to understand the explanation.

Since our ruling elite exclusively works in fields where there is no pressure to perform it naturally finds itself more comfortable inducting new members of the ruling elite that are dumber than the existing members, so that with each generation, our ruling elite gets stupider and stupider.”

“With the abolishing of tribal based societies the average human has been breed by the priest class to serve them and not question things.”

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