2018 Oct 05 ~ 16

“I only meant to destroy your property not assault you!”

“She didn’t force him to do anything”
“Manipulation doesn’t exist and people are incapable of having any psychological effect on anyone”
“Yeah just like that guy who asks a super drunk girl to have sex 20 times isn’t a rapist because he didn’t force her amirite ?”

“[…] by the way, thanks Albert Einstein for helping to invent the Atom Bomb so we can no longer have any actual wars anymore.

War would have saved us.”

“The point of randomization, both in cryptography and in statistical experiments, is to not just prevent the leaked information or confounders (respectively) you do know about but also the ones you do not yet know about.”

“The first move is made by not alerting the opponent to your existence or to what exactly is the battlefield where your moves will take place.”

“Basically everything that makes men laugh might as well be rape to feminists.”

“women seem to dislike anything that makes a man happy that isn’t a woman. not “women”. “a woman”. specifically: her.”

>make fun about common war cliche in squad story
>still try to play it straight in resistance mission
“Maybe one of the writers is mocking the main story writer.”
>I’m going to name my son after you
>gets shot 20 seconds later
Maybe we’re all just too brainlet to notice this brilliant satire.”

“If they give him any money at all (even if just out of pity or for PR purposes) his lawyers will probably find some way to leverage that into an implicite acknowledgement on CDPRs part that his demands are in any way legitimate or they could even construct a case that CDPR is trying to hush him up or some shit like that.

I once had an experience with a upper-middle level business client over a bill they refused me to pay and after having spent several hours talking to my tax/finance lawyer I eventually decided to just drop it. I’m not gonna go through too much detail but what I learned in a nutshell is that ***ANY and ALL*** good-will or friendliness you show to these suits on the other side of a legal argument WILL be used against you and leveraged into some kind of implicite acknowledgement on your part that you recognized their claims (however self-evidently and obviously absurd they may be) as legitimate”

“fantasy football is just dungeons and dragons for people who suck at both fantasy and football”

“Women are perpetually afraid of creepy predator men?

Gee, isn’t that why women used to be the property of their father until they were married off and became the property of a decent man who could protect them from creeps?”

“If you take the things proggies say at face value, life seems really complicated.”

“When Rome was strong and they lost a battle, they declared vengeance, and regularly achieved it.

When Alaric sacked Rome, Roman leaders declared mourning instead. Sound familiar?”

“Proggies continue their mission to make the entire country suffer court intrigue.”

>He really doesn’t.

He most certainly does. At least two of Minerva’s bitch outs where because he was being a twat concerned with people’s feelings instead of coming up with strategies to save them. Fucking hell when he was given control of the centurion the first thing he does is tell everyone he’s not worthy of it. Because that’s good for moral.”

“t. someone who hasn’t been in a situation where morale matters

At this point they had already shown that half of the soldiers didn’t like Claude cuz they felt he had a stick up his ass for being better than them. Him saying first off he doesn’t deserve it means a fucking lot. Way more than him saying he should have had it sooner. Especially when the Centurion already has a special snowflake of a Captain who basically threw all rules and regulations out the window because he regrets his last ship sinking. Shit dude have you ever watched a movie?”

“Bull and Shit. I don’t want my commander to be someone I like or can relate too. I want my commander to be the mother fucker who will get my ass out of this war alive or lead us to victory. I don’t care if he thinks he’s better because I want him to be better.”

“You are mistaken. I’m not arguing that it is capitalism itself that is the isolatable causation of western nihilism, the break-up of families, and the uprooting and atomising of the individual. I’m arguing that it is the prerequisites of Capitalism that inevitably lead to those outcomes regardless of their method of implementation. Unfortunately, capitalism cannot exist without first imposing (classical) liberalism upon the population, and liberalism is inherently a totalitarian ideology that imposes an arbitrary universal definition onto the individual along with moral duties presiding over him. Totalitarianism is not characterized by a small elite determining the masses. It is the masses determining the individual. Imposing universal rights imposes universal duties as a consequence, and imposing duties over the individual is aggression against the individual’s true nature and his true interests.”

“oh boy, this is pretty big. Ronaldo is basically worshipped like a god by NPCs in Europe, the Middle East and Latin America. If this shit can get even him taken down without any evidence whatsoever on the most hilarious of pretenses (srsly, the claims against him are even more retarded than the Kavanaugh bullshit. not joking) then this means the jews can do this crap on just about anyone”

“Knowledge is far more like darkness than light.

Knowledge appears when all lies are removed. Darkness appears when all light is removed.

Knowledge is eternal, lies ephemeral. Darkness is eternal, light ephemeral.

Knowledge appears when you don’t shade or colour the facts. Light is coloured and produces shadows.

Truth and darkness exists even if nobody sees it. Lies and light must be created and sustained.

In the end, there will be only truth and darkness.”

“I want you to imagine for a second how upset proggies would be if Hogwarts really existed. A school that only takes a particular kind of specially talented student.”

“You have China installing spy chips in all consumer devices…
Saudi Arabia funding sunni terror groups that kill Westerners …
South Africa genociding Whites …
Latin American governments all but blackmailing and shoving it into the face of the US that they’re using demographics as a means to economically exploit them and eventually take over parts of its territory …


“”bullshit” and “politics” are just names for other peoples’ objectives you don’t agree with.”

“imagine the level of totally depraved petty psychopathy you’d need to have in order to derive a powertrip from bullying mom’n’pop boomers violating some obscure regulation on their own property while at the same time these little antifa murlocs make a mockery of your authority without ever fearing any repercussions whatsoever”

“like every social justice movement, it’s a power struggle among factions of men, using women as an icon”

“Communication far from Earth is delayed by the speed of light: 1.3 s on the Moon, 3-22 min on Mars, 33-54 min on Jupiter. For this reason, mining Bitcoin much farther than the Moon will not work.”

“That’s the reason why advanced alien civilisations aren’t sprawling across the universe – they build matrioshka brains to mine bitcoins”

“What if blockchains are the great filter? What if the economics of burning energy for credibility are so powerful and overwhelming that every market that industrialized discovers them and then burns all its fuel in pursuit of honest ledgers?”

“Minerva was the only story character I ended up not hating completely and it was because of her hate boner for Claude. Imagine if you held yourself to a very high standard (imagine) and the one person you acknowledge as your better was constantly sulking and acting as far from the ideal commander as it gets. To the point where he can’t even do his job if no one gets in his face.”

“America’s suburban experiment is a radical, government-led re-engineering of society, one that artificially inverted millennia of accumulated wisdom and practice in building human habitats.”

“Daily reminder: the reason you have hard plastic seats instead of comfy cushioned ones is NOT because some people pee on them, but because everyone else would (apparently) rather sit in a hard, maybe-peed-on seat than actually ban offenders”

“You can’t ban offenders!
That’s not nice!”

>who kill the most blacks?
>who kill the most white people?
>who commit the most crimes?
>who have the lowest IQs?
>who are the ugliest?
>who are the most dependant on welfare?
>who are the biggest parasites?

To say that the world would be a much better place if black people didn’t exist is an understatement.”

“I was just thinking about how completely retarded the Democrats are for openly talking about how they want to stack the Supreme Court once they take back power. I mean, how horrendously stupid would you have to be to loudly shout something like that from the roof tops while your opponents still control all three branches of government? But then it dawned on me that this is more of an indictment of how weak and pathetic the Republicans are that the Democrats don’t need to fear anything at all from them.
Corey Booker could openly call for putting all conservatives and registered Republicans into death camps and neither Donald Trump nor the Republicucks in Congress would do *anything* to politically seize upon something that, in all normal historical contexts, would have amounted to a declaration of civil war.”

“The point is that the characters are emulating people as Japanese see people. That means that you don’t get perfect virtuosos of ideals, and you don’t always get agency to change the direction of a story. Unlike Western writers, where bad endings are appreciated when they’re in the vein of a Greek Tragedy and arise from what a writer wants to show as a character’s failings or missteps, Japanese would show that there’s too much inertia to events for characters to avoid their fate.

As long as we here in the West don’t subscribe to that philosophy, or argue that it’s wrong, the more unpopular Japanese games in general will be. Either they will be forced to change in order to cater to this audience, or the audience will shrink and grow more niche as the West slides more and more towards the modern moral absolutism we’re seeing on college campuses and in street protests.”

“All human preferences begin and end in the realm of aesthetics!

Logic is a fun and playful way to bludgeon others into agreeing.”

“I don’t get her death scene? First off, she dies from a body shot from a midgame imperial sniper, which is total bullshit, they only do like 100 damage max. But then they had the audacity to have her die while she was an inch from a friendly shocktrooper? Like, Welkin, just command her and press W, there’s no damn way you can’t call a medic over at the start of a turn.”

“She had no uniform, so her defense was 0. Since Rosie still hated Darcsens at the time, she counted as an enemy, so as soon as she touched Isara’s corpse, the medic could do nothing.”

“Western game: She sees the error of her ways and stops drinking

Based nip game: She keeps drinking, just a bit more controlledly”

“The culmination of enlightenment ideas is to produce a ruling elite which is incapable of copying itself into the future, effectively castrating all good people”

“Scared by that new report on climate change? Here’s what you can do to help:
– Eat less meat (about 30%)
– Swap your car or plane ride for a bus or train
– Use a smart thermostat in your home”

“reminder that 100 corporations are responsible for 71% of global greenhouse gas emissions and presenting the crisis as a moral failing on the part of individuals without noting this fact is journalistic malpractice.”

“If you work for anything other than a hobby while your investments make all the money you need you aren’t upper class”

“Long story short: history is fun, languages are different, and the difference allows for different ways of doing what everybody wants to do anyway: fight.”

“Are Life Coaches BS ?”

“Live next door to one. Never stops using a leaf blower, that most pointless and bourgie of all tools. Not to be trusted. But when my moggo fell through the roof of his ol’ rotting shed he didn’t care about the damage because he hasn’t used anything in the backyard since he bought the house like a decade ago. Keeps the front of the house scary clean for business though. Is there a m e t a p h o r here? *big think*”

“They always say empowered but never ask what it actually does”

“Progressivism is such an abomination that it implements all the horrible thought-crushing bits of fanatic theocracy without even a shred of the comfort or purpose-granting bits.”

“They think it’s a utopia. So if anything goes wrong, it has to be their fault. It couldn’t be that they did something wrong. So people wind up denying their own experience when they have a problem.”

“Wouldn’t it be great to live in a world where people like me were not necessary?”

“If Trump goes transgender, he’ll be the first woman president and libs will have no choice but to accept it. Checkmate, bigots.”

>will have no choice but to accept it
why conservatives will always lose to the left in one clause.”

“Uh excuse me, I live in the “now”, and not the future. So why the fuck would I save money.”

>poorly made soviet-era tech
If it were poorly made, it wouldn’t last multiple decades and still be usable. It’s cheap and simple, but not poorly made.

Actually poorly made are the “new” Ukrainian mortars. Those things had a record of exploding on their own 3 out 12 or something like that? And since a mortar crew usually consists of at least 2 people, that’s 6 dead out of 24 people who work with these mortars.”

>Ohio Town’s New Speed Camer on I-76 Racks Up $643,800 in Collectible Fines in 20 Days
In a sane world, you’d ask yourself why so many people feel safe driving at high speeds on your road—even when there’s a construction crew working—and make simple, inexpensive design fixes to slow them down. But of course, we don’t live in a sane world.”

>If I had kids, I couldn’t be so spontaneous. I mean, right now I could theoretically jump on the next plane to Paris. or hike the Appalachians. Or go scuba diving. You can’t just pick up and go when you have kids, and I don’t like the feeling of being tied down.
>I could theoretically jump on the next plane to Paris
and not have a place to sleep or have an idea where you’d want to go because you made no reservations and did no research. this is the kind of person that gets ripped off by scammers and doesn’t ever figure it out.

everything can and should be “tied down” to the degree that you can manage because there’s always more unknowns. refuse to think/make conclusions about things and you are just fucked, because someone is looking out for their interests, and you have decided that that someone is not you.”

“Both orthodox and revisionist historians who promote the two mainstream narratives recognize many of these facts, but tend to explain them away or downplay their importance. Mackubin Thomas Owens recognizes that the problem of Vietnam hinges on the question of whether it was right for America to support Diem in the first place, and defends Diem’s regime by claiming that he efficiently dealt with “organized crime” that had long plagued Vietnam. What this may have to do with the task for which America supported him in the first place—fighting communism—is not clear. But actually, the fact that Diem made fighting “organized crime” his first task is the very core of the problem.

What is called “organized crime” was in fact a loose coalition of semi-secret societies, parties, and sects that had been, prior to 1954, extremely effective at fighting the communists and keeping them out of South Vietnam. These included the Binh Xuyen—what could come closest to the label of “organized crime,” although they also had the features of a political party and an army—and the Cao Dai and Hoa Hao religious sects. Whatever their faults, such organizations were staunchly anti-communist and were the only factions capable of carrying out successful underground counter-insurgency work in South Vietnam. Prior to their destruction by Diem with the help of the CIA, they had successfully kept the Vietminh out of the South Vietnamese countryside and society. […]

Berrier documents in detail how every night control of these villages was relinquished; communist guerrillas entered the village, carried out courts and judgments, and patrolled the area freely. American control of the hinterland outside Saigon was illusory, much like the illusion of control in the Afghan countryside today. By night, the enemy rules, and this is what matters, because the average villager knows they can’t be protected in the long run, and often in the short run. Then, as now, America and its local clients controlled at most a limited area of the capital city, and had to expend endless treasure and force to preserve even this.”

“unironically believe “organized crime” is responsible for a fair portion of order in society and the lack thereof in america (or its near-instant infiltration/manipulation by organized not-crime) is responsible for quite a number of its fundamental problems.
the problem of the firm of whether to insource or to outsource is the same problem as whether something should be public or private (in the property sense), is the same problem as whether something should be public or private (in the knowledge sense), is the same problem as whether something should be public or private (in the social sense).”

“Writing out the pro/con lists helps a lot.

If that doesn’t work, clear your mind, then simply latch onto whatever comes to attention first and decide on that and only that.”

“I hate politics. That is why I am a monarchist, an opinion I share with most humans ever born.”

“[T]o be self-sustainable is not about growing your own potatoes and generating your own electricity, it is to provide a shared framework for belief and beauty: “Make your communities and towns lovely and lovable, for without love, who will they inspire to fight for them?” Unless you have that shared goal, not all the solar panels in the world will save you.”

“millenial (n.): a straw man created by baby boomers to help them disavow the horrifying effect their lifelong selfishness and fiscal irresponsibility have had on the world.”

“a phrase that really bothers me is “failed experiment”

when people say this, what they really mean is “the experiment failed to produce the result i wanted”

that is not the same thing as an experiment that itself fails

a failed experiment is an experiment that fails to produce any reliable information one way or another, either by methodological cockup or by force majeure. if you really want the data you should probably consider running it again.”

“Most people say “experiment” to mean “wager”.

In other words, this means there is no such thing as an experiment that isn’t seen in the model of a wager.

This lines up with general lack of experimentation/trying out new things, and the line, “What have I got to lose?”.”

“Why build stick frames on a hurricane coast? The only reason I can think of was developers making a quick buck on people who don’t know anything about architecture or engineering.”

“Temporary housing for temporary people.”

“Imagination is a weapon.

Those who lack it are the first to die.”

“As per Moldbug, the proggie hegemony was based on making everyone believe they had much broader support than they do. The internet is sort of an existential problem for them.”

“”Nazi” now means “someone winning an argument with a progressive.” But it’s the right making light of these terms. Yeah that’s it, the right.”

“Tinder is a popular smartphone dating app for heterosexuals modeled upon the earlier gay male app Grindr. The notion that imposing a male homosexual approach upon how heterosexuals meet the opposite sex could be bad for the happiness of heterosexuals is of course inconceivable!”

“Polygamy favours high status men and low status women.

Monogamy favours low status men and high status women.

Monogamy also favours those with economic incentive.
Youd rather pass on your accumulated wealth to your biological offspring than be “cucked””

“People are predictable despite individual variation in the same way that thermodynamic systems are predictable without modeling every individual particle.”

“If social programming privileges one group over another, it is safe to say that the disprivileged group will tend to be the one that is in the most pain, and therefore the most likely to break free of their programming.”

“I hate the leveling leviathan of globalization and commercialism. I do not trust systems — is there any system that has not achieved a long history of atrocities by now? All systems are inherently unsustainable, as they are founded in ideas rather than in observable reality, and once the people holding these ideas change, so do the ideas (witness social democrats in Europe or social justice warriors in American campuses).

By contrast, I find Monarchy the most robust, sustainable (and ecological if you will) form of societal organization. It mirrors only those structures that already exist in reality and in nature, it is so simple that even a child can understand it, even participate in it. When ever a group of pre-schoolers gather to play without adult interference, a natural hierarchy will establish itself within seconds. Between the two genders, between the members of the group, between the group (the culture) and reality (nature). The Monarch is to the nation what the Father is to the family.
Humans are the only animals that will actively invent problems in order to provide solutions for them. But monarchy is one of those things that just will not be improved upon, it is one of the eternal truths about mankind and of the reality of things. If mankind ever stops needing a King, well then I posit to say that we have already evolved (or devolved, more likely) into something post-human. But as long as the idea of the King survives, it will live on, ready to spring back into reality.
As Georges Bernanos asked of a four-year-old Lorrainer boy: “What is a king?”, “A king is man on horseback who is not afraid!” As fine a definition as ever I heard, and far more correct than a whole indoctrination camp of university professors.”

“If this were a drug it would make world wide headlines:

British study demonstrates cycle commuters had a 46% lower risk of developing heart disease & 45% lower risk of developing cancer”

“Are you a vengeful guy?”
“Oh yeah.”
“Did you take delight in sending him-”
“I think revenge is a very terrific good thing for everybody.”
“Because you go through life and people are constantly gnawing at your vitals. You wake up one morning and there’s some vampire at your throat, and you don’t know what to do about it. And you go through twenty five years, nudged, and you’re really aggravated. And you gotta get even. Otherwise one day you go up to a Texas tower and you start shooting people.”

“George H. W. Bush, Dubbya’s dad, was head of the CIA before he became Vice President under the Gipper. He was an oilman, who received Tons of cocaine. Years ago, I looked up “crack” in wiki, and it’s an oil term. You take crude oil and “crack” it to make gasoline. So it’s no surprise that Bush “cracked” cocaine.”

“God is within you. Save yourself.”

“The only people awake at this hour are dipsos, cocaine freaks, and intellectuals. And nobody pays attention to any of those people.”

“what is it about the word “friendzone” that gets under feminist skin??”

“Because the idea that women can be emotionally manipulative (and thus do wrong) is anathema to feminist rhetoric. The friendzone isn’t just being a friend when you want to be in a relationship, it’s being intentionally taken advantage of while being “just friends” with an empty implied promise of more.

That, or they honestly believe that men should never feel anything and women are the only ones allowed to have feelings, if they go by the “just unrequited love towards a friend” definition.

Take your pick, they’re awful either way.”

“Character is property. It is the noblest of possessions. It is an estate in the general good-will and respect of men; and they who invest in it—though they may not become rich in this world’s goods—will find their reward in esteem and reputation fairly and honorably won.”

“It’s a well known fact that furries abuse kickstarter and other backing services to insert their often fetish-latent fursonas into games. Why? It’s supposedly a part of furfag culture that your “status” in the community depends on how “out-there” your fursona is. In a way it’s just another flaunting of their wealth, the more they commission art of their furry the higher their status.

They see their fursonas being pushed into some form of media as legitimization, as if their fetish fueled symbols were achieving the status of their cartoon idols as looney toons or breakfast cereal mascots. Remember, these people have a child like mind merged with sexual deviancy, they get off to the idea that their inflation fetish wolf could be a famous breakfast cereal mascot, because their sexual attraction to those things is what made them furries to begin with.”

“Entrances have everything to do with what we feel about what we are entering. All buildings until the birth of modern architecture knew this, and you can see it in church doors, temple gates, city walls, shop entrances, and cottage doorsteps. Now the doors of a modern building are likely to be a continuation of the same hostile slab of glass or steel that makes the rest of the building sterile and aloof. There will be no place to rest for a moment, inside or out, and no shelf to rest a burden on, and no decorateive details to declare, “This is not just any place you are entering, but this honorable place.” I believe even criminals feel differently about the judges they encounter inside an old courthouse than inside a new one.”

“autodidacticism : school :: entrepreneurialism : work”

>writer $76k

“Have you ever tried writing? It is serious work.”

>serious work

I want to see these homos do some construction work for a few month, then ask them again if they think writing is hard work. No wonder all writers are huge faggots.”


“Construction is easy, you just follow your bosses instructions and your training.”

>follow instructions written on blueprints
>spend most of your time standing around
>you make plenty of money doing this because unions

>Construction is hard work
Is this 500 IQ post way beyond our time?”

“Literally just follow instructions and put that dirt over into that pile over there.

Even IT is a harder job since you have to use 4% of brainpower as opposed to the 0% of your neanderthal brain you’re using.”

“In human society, there are only a few people who actually trust each other.

That’s true even among the police.”

“Nah. It would be boring to peek.”
“Then just be patient and watch what happens.”

“Step back a bit.

Both republicant and demobrat voters feel they’re getting jacked. Ockham’s razor suggests it’s because they’re getting jacked.

Other sources suggest only the 0.1% are not getting jacked.
Indeed that’s always the point of government: bugger the 99.9%.

However, this is the first system which so efficiently sodomizes the lower classes. Other systems had some draw or benefit, indeed often many, which the lower orders could enjoy.”

“I remember thinking, why doesn’t Luke just lie? Why doesn’t he just pretend to join Vader, and then light saber him in the head or poison his rebreather later on? Instead, he jumps like a Stoic.

Short term yes, long term no. Turns out Lucas/Campbell was right and I was wrong. In extreme scenarios, for example torture or being a prisoner of war, lying and pretending gives short term gain but accelerates your mental breakdown. People who have survived have done so not by toughing it out– me vs. you– but focusing on something they considered more important than their own survival. “This hurts, but it’s far better than bowing down to them.”

In the language of learned helplessness: there is a vicarious learning in watching yourself apparently break down and give them what they want. Furthermore, it reveals the limits of your power: I had no other options but acquiescence.”

“What I try to do with my guys, and with every client, is to determine what this corral is. What is it exactly? Like here’s the shape of everything that’s possible, and here’s the corral that we’re allowed to play in. And that corral could be any bit of art direction. In that last one, it was “sunny” and it was “Himalayas”. That’s all they said.

You have two kinds of artists. In hiring I’ve noticed this. A kind of artist that says “Fuck this corral, I do what I want! I do what I want.” And that’s fair. I respect that. But you can’t work for very long if you have that attitude. And then you have another kind of artist that just cowers here in the corner, like “Just tell me. Please tell me what you want me to draw.” And that’s just fucking maddening. That’s when I lose my shit. Because this person has died inside. And this [other] person is lawless.”

“The contradiction is evident when you see what the guy in the talk is facing. He’s trying to compromise people’s need to be individual artists who want to follow their passions with the need industry has for concept production. This is the root of the problem which he tries to disguise by pandering to artist’s sensitivities to be better and then bullshitting them about how to get there which ultimately just produces a more efficient concept art producing machine for his business, not another Leonardo or Frazetta.

Are there people who are inclined to work this way? You bet. Was there anyone who picked up a pencil with a passion to get into it for it’s own sake? Never, just like there’s never been one person who ever looked at a Minimalist painting and was inspired to be a painter by it, ever. It’s almost guaranteed that every single one has been inspired to persue a career in art by either a great classical artist, illustrator, comic artist or has some other motive like eventually directing an animation studio etc.

And because you have to compromise the two, you have to let concept artists think they are doing what they set out to. But ultimately this is also why it’s hard to have any respect for the famous concept artists of this era like say Craig Mullins. So what if he’s the grandaddy of digital concept art, that’s just accident of birth. The man has killer skills but he’s just become and efficient machine that’s producing concepts and concept artists. I don’t think anyone can name or even desribe the last great piece he did that would make you look at it for hours, which begs the question, what’s the use of them being so refined? I mean, it’s like the man spends half his time coming up with ways to produce something as fast a possible, and when he does he eventually kicks himself and everyone coming after him in the nuts because once a concept piece can be produced in half the time with half the skill, you can bet your life that it will have less than half the value, so to finalize the economic side of the argument Craig Mullins and other’s efficiency is leading people into starvation and giving guys like the one in the video larger profit margins, which is his goal, that’s why he’s there.

For the life of me, I’ve never understood why anyone would ever want to be a concept artist just like I never got why one would want to be some, I dunno, post-modernist political commentary artist.”

“The problem with this stuff and this guy talking about getting good and being an art god and what not are a) as a concept artist it’s not necessary because what’s important is the concept and speed, not the quality and b) no one ever took up a pencil idolizing a concept artist, especially a digital concept artist. And herein lies the problem. Most people who take up art want to emulate other artists, from classical old masters to modern master illustrators, no one wants to be some machine that produces 200 variants of a character and get burnt out after 5 years (which is the average time concept artists work in the video games industry). But the need to be an individual is meshed with the demand to be a machine, and unfortunately most take the bait.”

“If you take a look at the making of Jurassic Park you will see that the effects were the combination of a bunch of artists from different disciplines. You have traditional puppet and stop motion animators animating the dinosaurs with special puppets that represented the virtual bones (since these guys weren’t Softimage 3D users). You have the lighting, texturing, shading etc of each shot being studied versus paintings and illustrations where stuff like color temperature of the shadows and the lights are studied to adhere to the light on the scene.

We’re talking about an insanely excruciating amount of detailed work to make the visual effects look as lifelike as possible, a level of effort and sophistication that to my knowledge has never been exhibited in a movie since. You’ve got to wonder how in a time when renderers and 3d packages had 1/100th the tools they have today to autotrack camera movement, use the global illumination of a scene to sort of match the lighting in the virtual scene, use effects like radiosity, sub surface scattering etc to match the work done by all those artists automatically, how it is that Jurassic Park for the most part looks so life-like that the only thing keeping you from thinking it’s an effect is the fact that you know dinosaurs are extinct and the latest blockbuster’s effects look so cartoonily false despite the help of automation? Or why is it that the further back you go, with exception to films that are cheap knockoffs (and even there a debate can be had), films that involve concepting of any sort display a variety of ideas, photography, palettes and creations that make them totally distinct from each other whereas today, totally different films or games look and feel identical for the most part?

I’d blame photobashing. The fact that it can be so economical that it’s the only viable option and thus studios rely on it totally. Artists are gonna use, more or less, the same references because when looking for reference they will use Google, and more or less no one’s gonna look through 1000 pages of photos, most will scour the 10-20 first pages and be done with it. Also you have the exact same tools and algorithms which produce exactly the same look outputting all the imagery in everything you create. When you have everything being drawn in Photoshop, using the same techniques to the effect of it seeming like it was all done by the same hand why wouldn’t it all look similar? Also, most of these artists are being worked to death that they’ve no time to be artists, whatever individuality they may have is eventually burnt up in the concept farms.”

“The cunning which I am against is that guys like the man in the video who have become bean-counters (and they are needed) is that they pretend to care about the individual artistic sensibilities when they can’t afford to. You said it yourself, concept art is to inspire those who’s work is to be up front, so why is it important that the art be “good” from a quality standpoint other than to tickle the poor schmuck artist’s ego into thinking he’s an equal member of a team when he’s a dime a dozen? If the idea and inspiration it can spur to the modeller making the final model is what’s important why is your idea any better than the ideas brought up by a child, an uneducated man or an old grandma? Why is the sober trained artists’ idea better than the drunkard’s, the junkie’s or the harmless lunatic’s? The case is a case for never ending devaluation of the workforce, to keep you a happy slave until you either break down or are replaced by some new version when you aren’t as productive. So, we can clearly see that you don’t understand context, just blanket everything that has the word/symbol you’re interested in and take it how it’s most convenient to you. This isn’t stuff I made up, I’ve read reports in the past brought forth by concept artists, art directors and companies on how this works and how this results in fast burnout, so the ethical and emotional reward of a job is pushed forward to keep the artists drawing. It seems to be working and isn’t new and is very likely to also be affected by the economy because hey, unless one has something else to fall back onto, of course they’re gonna keep on chuggin’.”

“This guy is essentially explaining how you could go about enhancing your sense of achievement without slowing down his production or cutting his profits. He’s blowing smoke up your ass. It’s not a question of art or Art, which is an asinine distinction. It’s about just being realistic in what’s up and knowing when one’s being exploited and when not. And I’ve no issue when two parties have a consensual agreement and if one takes the BS about team work and getting better etc that this guy is selling, so long as you know he’s taking you for a ride and not think he actually gives a damn, cause he doesn’t.”


2018 Sep 27 ~ Oct 04

“The new Star Wars movies are an SJW allegory. It explains a lot. It’s also why sane people are left with a bad taste in their mouth, even if they like the action and cinematography. Allegory explained below…

The First Order = The Patriarchy. The first order is run exclusively by men (See Phasma below). It’s evil, calculating, and violent to the extreme. Diplomacy doesn’t even occur to them. The fact that it’s called the First Order both references male’s historical power over women, but also hints that while men/ the patriarchy are in control now, they will be replaced by something else in the future.

Phasma – a cold character that fails to do anything meaningful in any way. She represents women who serve the patriarchy, thus relegating themselves to a role of insignificance.

The Resistance = Feminism. Run by women in leadership positions, the lower ranking men are expected to trust and obey the women in power, to not ask questions, and to trust that they have a plan – despite all available evidence to the contrary.

Rey = The Feminist Ideal. A perfect, sexually ambivalent Mary Sue who excels at everything without needing a man or even parental figures.

Kylo = Toxic Masculinity. Violent, volatile, unpredictable, aggressive, sexually drawn to Rey despite her clear disinterest. He seeks to use Rey for his own pleasure and to gain more power from himself.

Finn = Male Feminist Allies. Finn rejected toxic masculinity (disobeyed Kylo) and left the Patriarchy (First Order). He reluctantly felt drawn to Feminism, soon embracing it. He finds a certain peace in ceding power to the women around him and following their orders. He is ultimately superfluous. None of the women need him around, and he can sometimes be a hindrance rather than a help.

Poe is another feminist ally, but struggles with his cocky masculine attitude and “mansplaining”. His failure to obey his female superiors gets him and his comrades in trouble.

Legacy Characters = The ideals and values of the past generations.


Han Solo = Husbands/ Fathers/ Traditional Masculinity. Han is originally a very masculine, charismatic hero of the rebellion, former general, and Leia’s love interest. He ends up divorced, a deadbeat dad, a sad sack that wanders the galaxy aimlessly. He dies a pathetic death at the hands of the son he failed, KILLED BY HIS OWN TOXIC MASCULINITY.

Luke Skywalker = Traditional Masculinity. Once the main hero, the guy women wanted and men wanted to be. Optimistic, stalwart, protective, generous, and self-sacrificing. Once the most powerful force-using man in the galaxy, he has fallen into a state of apathy and impotence. He represents the traditional, positive view of masculinity. He ends up a hermit, having rejected family, the resistance, and the force. This is an attempt to say that boys trying to follow traditional masculine roles will end up unhappy and alone. He dies, his body disappearing into the sunset, much like another traditional masculine figure – the cowboy.

Leia = Second Wave Feminism. She divorced her husband, devoted herself to her career, gave her son to Luke to raise while she continued her important work. She’s given her life to the Resistance (feminism), but she’s tired, worn down, and old. Her ideas are no longer fresh, new and dynamic. She’s just looking for another woman to pass the torch to. We all know who that’s going to be. She’s ready to pass the torch to Third Wave Feminism (Rey).”

“[O]ne of my personal favorite parts from the Halo novels is when Preston J Cole signals a surrender but orders his ships last Ares missile transferred from it’s silo into a hanger bay from which it’s fired directly into the the enemies docked cruiser. And later Cole realizes that despite winning the battle, he’s removed the option of surrender in the future not only for himself and the crew of any ship he commands but potentially the whole of the UNSC.”

“Journalists insist Russia is scary, because China is actually scary and they don’t dare mess with them.”

“Regarding the tiger mom: Educational interventions produce no long-term effect on attainment. This is also true in Asia. It stresses the family for no reason.

[…] It’s a common genre of Molochian sacrifice. Push the kid not because it helps but so the other parents can’t accuse you of not doing enough for your kids. The point of writing books about it is make other parents feel bad about not doing as much as you. It’s not a self-help book, it’s flexing.”

“Damn… I really don’t get all the praise vc1 get”

“People liked VC1 because it was anime but it wasn’t the cringy kind, it’s one of the very few games that tried to use the aesthetic and retain some class.”

“It was pretty cringy, just less than most JRPGs.”

“It’s about the only JRPG where you play as an adult male who is normal.”

Welkin autistic.”

“Autism sees autism as normal anon.”

>educated and likes plants and wildlife
>gets married to a girl who likes to bake
Extremely normal by anime standards.”

“when was the last time a woman lost anything by lying”

“americans think ABSOLUTELY NOTHIN of driving 7 hours. they’ll drive 7 hours just for dinner. they’ll drive 7 hours just for chips and dip”

“My friend in the UK told me that they only see their father like 2-3 times a year because they live so far away. When I asked how far do they live, they said it’s a 45 minute drive…”

“The next commercial seemed to take a much more lighthearted tone. It was the sequel to the kids move Wreck-It Ralph, titled Ralph Breaks the Internet. Curiously though, at least judging by the trailer, it doesn’t appear to have much to do with the titular character. The protagonist seems to be the girl voiced by Sarah Silverman. The basic plot premise, I guess, is that they travel to the internet. And in the opening scene you see them buzzing through this colorful electronic space populated by…Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram…every major social media company you can imagine. Disney, the company that produced the film, must have purchased the rights to use their names. Or maybe not. I don’t know. Because it’s a celebration of corporate hegemony on the internet. These companies are presented as cool, amazing, innovative, exciting, vibrant! It’s one giant advertisement within the advertisement for this film. Hell, maybe Disney’s the one getting paid?

But it gets even better. Halfway through the trailer Sarah Silverman’s character finds herself in a room full of Disney’s intellectual property (Disney princesses). How can she, the cynical hip independent modern girl, relate to these princesses of yore? They start questioning her. Do you have magic hair? Do you have magic hands? No, she says. But then one of them asks “do people assume all your problems got solved because a big strong man showed up?” YES, she exclaims!

Disney deconstructs its own iconic films (most of whose plot-lines were stolen from the Brother’s Grimm who themselves merely compiled German peasant tales) in this new film. It’s really bizarre, when you think about it. Even as they utilize their intellectual property for profit making purposes they disown its creation. After all, the reason people make the assumptions that they do is because of Disney. The old Disney, though. The new Disney disowns the old Disney. Not their IP though. The new Disney still totally owns and profits off of that. Profits off of belittling and slandering it.

I’d imagine most of the kids watching Ralph Breaks the Internet haven’t seen seen these classic Disney films, though. They aren’t even aware of the trope that’s being deconstructed. But from a young age they are being inculcated against it. Men have little to offer to women, and women have little to gain from men. In fact, men just tend to get in the way and take all the credit. It’s happening in these movies, so it must be happening in real life. Look out for it. Gender relations are presented to you as hostile before your conception of them has developed beyond cooties. By the way, doesn’t that site Snapchat look really cool? Why don’t you check it out kid? Make sure to click on all the news stories about gay sex.”

“Last year I got the chance to work with a collection of rare movie posters from the Production Code era. There’s a lot I could say about them, but for the purposes of this post I’d like to mention the deterioration of the artwork. The 1930s posters are truly beautiful, “classic” looking. I’m not an art historian so I lack the terminology to describe it, but for the lack of a better term they look like paintings. By the 1950s, though, the style had become much more garish, and the artwork much more amateurish in appearance. Woman’s dresses had become very low cut, and the accentuation of their sexual features quite obvious. And by the 1960s, the era in which the Production Code fell apart completely, the clothes fell off too! Many of these posters were nearly pornographic. And ugly, too. Like they just cut and pasted photographs or something.

These movie posters reflected the content of the films themselves, I imagine. The slow, consistent manipulation and subversion of a code meant to protect children from the pernicious influence of a new technology. By the 1960s such ideas had become passe and were duly discarded. But the trailers that I saw the other day made me think of the code, long abandoned and forgotten. It made me think about those concepts of “culture” and “society” that the critical theorist tells us are reified, constructed, imagined et al.”

“They believe we are infinitely malleable. Blank slates. They believe they can change us.

And in a sense, our ancestors believed it too. They feared it. More so than almost anyone today they recognized the terrifying power of the silver screen, the ways in which its fantasies could be reified (to borrow academic terminology) – made real through their propagation. So they agitated and they protested and they legislated and ultimately in the 1920s and 30s, American “culture” or “society” actually did shape media production – or at least tried to, in the hopes of limiting the influence of that production. Today, though, media production shapes American society, without being a product of that society broadly speaking. Whatever you want to say about how bigoted and unfair America was in the 1920s, hundreds of local governments dictating content distribution through their own individual codes surely reflected public thinking more than Hollywood elites governing their own content.”

“The big man in the sky, huh? I’m shaking in my stolen boots.

If God was real, I would’ve never been born.

You just don’t get it, missy. There’s haves and have-nots. One don’t know jack shit about the other.”

“I could have gone guerrilla with Butterfly War, but I gambled that giving it to oppos and intel first would let them eat the R&D costs and put downward pressure on the bar to entry.”

“I love Minerva. Maybe Im just sick of them, but I just love having someone around to fucking slap the MC out of lame ass bullshit.

>I need to think of what to say so everyone can be happy
>ARE YOU FUCKING SHITTING ME! Hey here’s an idea instead of making some faggy ass speech you do what you’re actually good at and come up with a plan, retard.

And then Claude came up with a plan that relies solely on contrived weather patterns showing up at the right time.”

“She got told and proven wrong many times, she’s a snobby bitch that only cares about her pride, blaming others for her own mistakes/misfortune.”

“What mistakes? The only mistakes she ever really made was not being the main character. The universe bends over backwards to make Claude look good but none of his plans or strategies are clever. They typically all rely on the rest of the world being magically retarded for that chapter or some stupid miracle weather pattern that he can read and predict better than everyone else because reasons.”

“What we’re talking about is how the main heroes wins feel EARNED. And to be perfectly blunt, very few of Claude’s do. He can just magically read the wind because he used to sulk a lot and that let’s him predict the weather? That’s stupid. Welkin pulled a lot of similar bullshit but it kind of made more sense with his character being a turbo autist nature student and Kurt gave a lot of credit to his dudes. Claude is supposed to be some super savant but instead of given him real ideas the game just sort of shits on Minerva to make him come out better.”

“Yeah, Welkin feels mature and personable enough that you could easily believe him as the charismatic commander leading his troops to victory, whereas Claude is too neurotic and lacking in self-confidence.”

“for thousands of years how people learned things was through apprenticeships and reciting idioms […] the association of learning with schools has resulted in the idea that things can be learned in half a year, a year, or four year chunks.”

“Just the fact that a person can’t be put to death for corporate treason and can walk the world free is pretty silly. A murderer can go to jail, but give a town cancer and destroy thousands of acres and you’re good.”

“Something that people forget is that the “truth” not relevant to the whole Kavanaugh controversy. Only god knows “the truth.” Human beings can’t know “the truth” but they do know what is justice. Justice means that when a man is accused of something he is presumed innocent until proven guilty, and guilt is ascertained by a trial in which witnesses and evidence are presented to a jury. What is not justice is making an accusation through congress and using the media to character-assassinate your opponent. In 1911 Rudyard Kipling wrote that “the female of the species is more deadly than the male” in opposition to the suffragettes. He implied that women should not be given the vote because they lack a sense of justice. Looking back, was he wrong?”

“FBI: “We found tons of information about Hillarys dealings to n this server”
FBI agent: *dies*
FBI: “We didn’t find anything on the server”
Russia: *releases partial server contents*
FBI: “Yes, we did find that, but that’s not illegal”
US DoJ: *requests death penalty for someone who did that*
FBI: “Okay, it’s illegal, but she didn’t know.”
Russia: *releases info showing she knew*
FBI: “Well anyways we’re not going to prosecute”

FBI: “We can’t find any evidence about this Vegas shooter”
4chan: “Here you go”
FBI: “It’s a complete mystery…”
YouTube: “Here. Everything you need to get warrants.”
FBI: *sends all witnesses to countries that don’t extradite within 30 days of shooting*
FBI: “Wow, there’s literally like no evidence. Crime scene is just too old.”

FBI: “We can find concrete irrefutable proof of a crime at a 1982 high school party based on shaky testimony with no names, dates, places or witnesses to go on, and do it in time to lead every network before press time at 11pm Sunday.””

“>lose election and have 3 month total meltdown
>”It’s not a total meltdown it’s RIGHTEOUS FURY”
>Falsely accused of tape on national TV for 3 weeks and get mad one time
>”Wow little hot headed there aren’t you””

“reading is an admission that the author is smarter than you. if they weren’t then you wouldn’t have to read what they wrote because you already know it. so whoever the smartest person in the world is, they assuredly do not read”

“No shit you’re by yourself. Last I checked, this squad’s only got one commander: You.”

“Our best friend for life is begging us here. I got a code that’s way more important than army regs!”

Why are people who try “logical arguments” like redditors so impossibly fucking stupid?”

“Verbal apologies are for those who can’t be retaliated against.”

“Reminder that, in politics as much as in war, morale is fundamental: sowers of despair are de facto enemy agents.

This doesn’t mean to blithely ignore real threats and problems, either–people who withhold critical information are also, you guessed it, de facto enemy agents.”

“Bad news, discouraging events, etc–these are *information* about how to proceed, not reasons to give up. Be voracious about your intel, learn as much as you can, but be judicious about your decisions, and clear-eyed about your objectives.”

“It’s a rule of war that you never shoot the medic. On one hand it also means your medics don’t get shot. On another it’s a soldier the enemy needs to spend several resources on to heal or send home. Doesn’t seem like much but it’s more expensive and draining on supplies than a grave and multiplied by each non lethal wound it adds up. Since war is more about attrition then annihilation, it works.”

“Medics are left alone ostensibly out of moral regard for healers, but in reality seeing wounded are demoralizing and sap resources. Plus, there’s always the chance an enemy medic will feel compelled to treat your guys out of their amoral medical disposition to provide relief to both allies and enemies. So yeah medics don’t get shot unless you’re really hellbent on just plain wiping the enemy completely out instead of simply causing them to quit out of war fatigue.”

“In general, people do not learn. If you need to change a leader’s beliefs, the leader must be physically replaced.”

“I’d rather be simple than complicated!”

“Ask men what are their hobbies , some will say History , some will say Philosophy , others will say Football, Skiing, Writing , Guns , hunting , Blacksmithing, Archaeology , etc , etc ,etc….

Ask women what are their hobbies , all of them will say , ”ummm , hangin’ around with friends, shopping and listening to music”.

Why are females so fucking uninteresting? We are living in an age of Feminism right? This age of Feminism allows women to experience things and like things that were ”forbidden” for them couple of centuries ago. Why are they acting like males are not mentally superior to them.”

“Real talk, it could be argued that since it’s public knowledge that everyone in Gallia does time in the milita, both men and women, that ROE would necessitate being extra judicious in the application of force as you clear an urban environment.”

“If you’d rather hide in here and tell yourself that, go ahead. Just make it a choice you won’t regret. Decide what’s important to you. And make it quick.”

“[Welfare] was created by Bismarck for the express purpose of driving the Church out of public life. At this it succeeds.

Everything else it says it’s for is a lie, and thus it fails, as failure is the default.”

“>antagonists have a better romance than MC”
“I’m not even mad. They are both genuinely passionate people. Claude and Riley really aren’t, they’re both nerds.”

“Zipang clearly attacks the USV. I need to remind you the reason why Japan fucked with the USA was of the Oil Embargo which ended with their Chinese Exploits being bogged down due no fuel.”

“No, Japan fucked with the USA because they were preparing what had every impression of an invasion fleet in Pearl Harbor specifically to provoke the Japanese.

Arguably done so that the USA could use Japan’s invasion of pacific isles and colonies to gobble them up themselves and destabilize foreign economies to boost their own.”

“Are you serious?”

>Everyone in WW2 were assholes with an agenda except the USA! You can tell by their extremely benign and not at all disruptive policies since WW2 :^)
You can’t seriously be this naive, anon?”

“The “Woke Podcast” market is indistinguishable from televangelism. Political takes are modern sermons- Marx never predicted that e-marxism would become the opiate of the catatonic lumpenbourgeois wageslave class.

Religion got replaced with politics in the 20th century. Americans are just as annoying with their perpetual proselytizing now as ever- so desperate to be conduits of “the good takes” which if spread enough will magically bring heaven down to earth.

For all of our technological advancements, the average hueman’s conception of world-historical machination is no closer to the truth than voodoo magick & cargo culting. Slogan chanting, scapegoat rituals, etc- verbose veils over simian idiocy.”

“I suppose it never occurs to them to question why us avatars of privilege, us shameless invincible ones, remain anonymous while they post freely. While they, victims of hate, post openly and without reservation.”

“However, I highly doubt that their goal was to destroy Linux – that would be completely insane. They probably just wanted to inject a bunch of degenerates into the development team so that it would be easier to push for backdoors and other security loopholes.”

“> inb4 sjw’s saying that he is taking advantage”
“>implying sjw play games long enough to see end game missions.”

“No, you’re not! You say the same things, but you couldn’t be further apart!”

>playing through their squad story
>scott’s seiyuu says yes sir
>the script says no sir
what the flying fuck”

“If men gather gold and silver or any valuable thing, and then see a desirable and beautiful woman, they forget everything to gaze at her. With mouths wide open, they stare at her. All choose her over gold, silver, or any other valuable thing. A man leaves his own father, who raised him, and his own country, and clings to his own wife. With his wife he departs this life, with no memory of his father or mother or country. Therefore, surely you must recognize that women rule over you!

Don’t you work and labor, yet you bring everything and give it to women? A man takes his sword, goes out to travel abroad to raid, steal, and sail the sea and rivers. He faces lions; he walks in darkness; when he steals and robs and plunders, he carries it back to the woman he loves. A man loves his own wife much more than his father or mother. Many men have lost their heads over women, and have become slaves on account of them. Many have perished, stumbled, or sinned because of women.”

>Is it O.K. to press your spouse to have a vasectomy before you ditch him?
That’s what female supremacy looks like”

“I do like the excuse she gave. “He can’t parent the kids he has as it is.” Translation: No other woman is honing in on my fucking child support dollars.

Of course, there’s no mention of this in the article, and she was also advised not to tell. No consequences, naturally.”

“I made free to play mobile games professionally for a number of years, and as a child I did almost nothing but game. These are my qualifications. I didn’t write this out of antipathy to gamers, I was only able to write it because I used to be one.

Despite no one anywhere being able to offer a cogent definition of art, no other medium of entertainment struggles with this question the way games do: Are video games art?
Related question: is golf a sport? Is cocaine?

Gamers have a strong interest in an affirmative answer to this question: if games are art then they are patrons of art. If not, then they are junkies, and game developers are dealers. In the old days games used to be simple: the technical limitations of hardware forced them to be small and economical, and the constraints were freeing.

The atom of game design is called a mechanic, and mechanics are combined to form loops, and loops are layered and interleaved to create a experiences. A mechanic is a point of tension, it is an action whose outcome is mediated by player input. The representation of the player on the screen is called an avatar, and the mechanic is the relationship between the input, the behavior of the avatar, and the achievement of a goal. When you engage in a mechanic it feeds into another mechanic, and that mechanic feeds back into the first one, each modulating goal-achievement in the other. This is called a loop.

There are short loops and long loops, and loops of loops that form meta-loops, which are called metagames. Completing a full loop at any level is it’s own reward, however, game designers fill their loops with ornamentation, and this is another type of reward.

When you complete a loop, it increments a counter. This can take many forms: increased “stats”, new “equipment”, increased availability of novel loops. The logic of the dispensation of rewards is called the reward schedule. The reward schedule contains two kinds of rewards, fixed and random. The fixed ones are known in advance and they give structure to progression. The random ones are semi-unpredictable and they are a promise of a series of delightful surprises.

Research has demonstrated that random reward schedules are extremely compelling in all arenas of human behavior and comprise much of the surface area of addiction. They are the reason you can’t get that BPD girl out of your head.

The evolution of game design is the marriage of art and science in the church of addictive compulsion.

The aesthetic qualities of games are a substantial part of their appeal, but they are ultimately window dressing. However, with the rise of ugly and dehumanizing art in high culture, games are one of the last bastions of beautiful representational art. At the same time some people use games as a medium for storytelling, but the attempt to sew a compelling narrative to a psychedelic compulsion factory always results in the debasement of the former.

Moore’s law gave JRPGs poison to drink, and they did not die, but degenerated into anime.

[…] The reason that games falter as a storytelling medium is that they place you personally as the protagonist, and the story goal of putting you in someone else’s head fights with the game goal of trapping you in your own.

Many game developers feel personally bad about this. I know because they are my friends and I have talked to them. Any decent f2p designer has read Cialdini and addicted by design and similar books and they all know what they are doing and most of them have a heart. Comics, fantasy novels and TV serials and are structured like games, the way they have scarce unpredictable side characters and steady low-level plots and bigger meta-plots. They did this before games but the explosion of vidya intensified it.

[…] Ultimately on the question of “are games art?”, there is much art that can go into them, and they can be artful, and yet the overall product is not uplifting to the human spirit. Perhaps much that is called art fails by this metric.”

“American soldiers totally weren’t a pack of rabid rapists like the red army and there totally wasnt an issue of German and Japanese vigilantes post war murdering American rapists because their commanders couldn’t keep their soldier in check.”

“Walz would be a vastly superior MC.”
“>japanese media
>actually having a chad MC that doesn’t go through a dozen arcs of self-loathing and doubt”
“why is this?”
“Unironically because the otaku who consume this kind of media need to self-insert. That’s why isekai has been so popular.”

“Zhuge Liang predicted the wind because he spent years in the area and researched while learning from locals before making use of it. When he tried to do it again in a different area, he failed and the rain fucked him over.”

“Just imagine

>Claude tries to predict a fog and they storm a base. Well a stray current or tide rolls in and completely fucks up his plan because HOLY SHIT! THE REST OF THE WORLD DOESN’T HAVE THE SAME WEATHER PATTERN AS HIS STUPID NOWHERE HOMETOWN!

Yeah turns out wind and meteorology is really complicated”

>Dude just turn your brain off.

Yeah. Nah. Fuck that. The game and characters are badly written. Im not asking for a complex story. Im asking for a not retarded one. Even the other Valk games kept things simple and clear. And you don’t get to say it’s simple when it tries to introduce moral complexity with a villain love story and the good guys having people bombs. It’s a narrative shit show.”

Do people think this because he didn’t nuke a city full of civilians?”

“it’s in the first fucking scene and he doesn’t change for the majority of the story, and i say “majority” rather than “duration” only because i haven’t finished it yet.”

“He never whines about flowers again, why do so many people get hung up on that scene?”

>why do people get hung up on him not triggering the nuke
>why do people get hung up on him and flowers

“There where actual instances of him forgetting he could even do that shit till someone said something and he went all Jeff Goldblum and the pulled an answer out of nowhere. Welkin was almost always thinking of things. Always studying. Hell the reason Alicia nearly arrested him in the first chapter was because he was stopping to sketch fishes. I won’t say his strategies weren’t KIND OF plot reliant but that’s the thing the plot made a point to show observant and studious he was and it it did it often.”

“Failing to ask for things serves an important filtering role for women. If the man is paying attention – is invested – then he’ll sometimes get it right anyway. Investment is unforgeably costly and thus a valuable filter.”

“Technically, ‘sexist’ refers to saying anything unkind about women.

Problem: biology is sexist.”

“The real issue is that the [Joker’s two] boats/ Prisoner’s Dilemma is real, and the Left has consistently pushed the button.

The Left pushes the button, blows up the Right, and then we all respawn in the next issue/boat. The Left presses the button again, and too many on the Right are shocked, just shocked the Left pressed the button again. Some of us said, well, if we want the Left to stop defecting, WE need to press the button too. Not because we WANT to, but because we want to punish the defecting Left, so they stop pushing the button. In order to return to a state of equilibrium, the Left has to be blown up a few times.

But there are a prominent number of Rightists who refuse. They’d rather be blown up continually rather than press the button. This doesn’t make them heroes. It makes them stupid.”

2018 Sep 23 ~ 26

“We live in an age when Jews are the wealthiest, safest & most culturally/politically over-represented group in the West – but claim they are the most victimized and we owe them mass civilizational suicide becaue of an event that it is illegal for us to question or investigate.”

“Marxists recognize inequality within capitalist (really all systems, but marxists are generally creationists when it comes to human nature so they invent the idea that inequality is artificial) systems, so they develop this idea that capitalism produces artificial scarcity. But the large weight of the evidence strongly indicates the exact opposite is true. Countries that tend to exert large collective control over production tend to have precisely the kind of problems Venezuela is currently having. Whereas countries with capitalist modes of production have considerably reduced poverty and the kind of problems you are talking about. Capitalism has distribution problems, but that can be ameliorated with policy. The fact that stores in Venezuela are bereft of basic food stuffs is a problem with production, which ails collective modes of production and decision making.

Eg, the claim that capitalism produces artificial scarcity to sustain itself is something that could be tested. Obtain a battery of factors that proxy for scarcity (eg poverty rate, access to food/shelter/clean water) and measure against time series or cross sectional data to see if more or less capitalism correlates with these measures of scarcity. The thing is, these regression analyses exist, and they basically the opposite of what you would expect to be true if you took these claims seriously.”

>be north korea
>sanctioned by basically everyone
>need to spend half of budget on military to survive as a nation
>get mocked internationally
>have to protect top scientists from assassination
>only resource is shitty coal
>land is hard to farm and mostly infertile
>still have rapidly growing GDP
>have nuclear energy
>building new cities where people once starved
>have a ski resort, water park, etc

>be africa
>get world aid from basically everyone
>people sent over to help with development
>get loan forgiveness
>have 60% of the worlds mineral wealth
>vast plots of very fertile land
>have oil, coal, uranium as energy resource
>still poor
>fight each other 24/7
>nothing works
>barely have roads and electricity
>mass famines occur all the time

why is africa so useless?”

>Be small studio
>Make some games
>One of your games, The Walking Dead, sells millions
>Convince yourself that you’re now a AAA company
>Hire hundreds of employees over a few years, acquire the rights to make games based on every licensed property under the sun, and churn out rehashes of The Walking Dead, but this time it’s Game of Thrones, and this time it’s Minecraft, and this time it’s Batman!
>Never actually improve your shitty engine or your gameplay
>None of these games, not even The Walking Dead’s sequels, sell anywhere near as much as the The Walking Dead did, despite some of them being pretty good
They expanded too aggressively, too quickly, sold out in a desire to be the licensed rehash VN company, and the unnecessary costs they brought on brought them down.”

“They made one successful game that caught on as a fad because it was pretty new, had a unique art-style and was innovative. It caught on because of YouTube commentators playing it and making it look fun.

Then they thought they were call of duty and could pump the same game out again and again while relying on big IPs to carry them. Lots of people bought it because YouTubers made it look fun. Then they realise it wasn’t fun and they really actually enjoyed YouTube commentary. Then they tried to make the same game with a different IP again and again and obviously nobody fucking wanted to play it.

There’s a small niche of people who enjoy the game style. The overlap between that niche and people who are fans of the IP purchased is tiny. Telltale didn’t realise this and decided to just fucking make the same game again and again with bigger budgets and teams.”

“On the left, when you lose to your enemy, it’s their fault for being wicked. On the right, it’s yours for being careless.”

“We all know the game, but one of the rules is you don’t explain it too clearly. ”

“I want to live in a world of personal responsibility. I want to live in a world where the smart and the strong provide leadership and live exemplary lives. The left wants to destroy all notions of superiority; No shepherd, and one herd!

On the left they think that any acknowledgement of inferiority leads directly to extermination camps: that’s leftist morality. Murder the inferior! Everyone must be the same and everyone who isn’t must die. The right, unlike the left, is actually capable of accomodating difference, as long as that difference is ordered, and behaves in an orderly way. Hierarchy should appeal to all people in all classes because everyone has a place.

When leftists talk incessantly about death camps they reveal THEIR morality: the elimination of all differences between people using any means necessary.

Equality can never be satisfied until it is total equality.”

“The United States is home to most of the world’s most generous billionaire philanthropists, yet, walk through the streets of any American major metropolitan cities and you see people strewn all around like trash. Go to the library, and the books are being removed to make space for more rap CD’s and Judd Apatow DVDs. Drive through America’s rural provinces, and people who can’t afford appropriate dental care are forced to do without.

What’s going on here? Where is all that philanthropy going?”

“”Let me tell you a thing about women. Some women love to complain to the point they will go out of their way to maintain a situation that allows them to complain. How do you think we came up with the word “bitch”?””

“>sexual allegation falls apart with evidence
>suddenly two new allegations come forward same day”

“If seasteading had gone anywhere it would have suffered the same things as Alex Jones, wikileaks, and gun printing.”

“Once is an accident. Twice is a coincidence. Three times is an enemy action.”

“Any operation can be aborted. If it feels wrong, it is wrong.”

“Bad news guys
The trannys want attention”
“They always do, what’s new?”

“Bowsette is trans!”
>trannies trying to be relevant
>get absolutely buried in the amount of shit Japan produces
Where were you when the dick once again wins?”
“Oh she’s trans alright. You know Bowsette is transcendental when even the mentally damaged retards are unable to taint her perfection.”

>902 k Tweets
“>somewhere there’s a twitter employee desperately trying to retool the algorithms so that this weird japanese thing doesn’t make it to #1”
“and it’s probably some fatass woman”

“>#1 trending is 28.6k
>#6 Bowzette at 900k

What’s going on here exactly?”
“Paid advertisement.”
“did you forget what owns twiters.
They hate beauty.”

“Sexuality is spontaneous chemical reaction between two parties, not a process of negotiation. It’s sex first, then relationship, not the other way around. Genuine desire cannot be negotiated. Once you get past a certain point in the waiting game, what once had the chance to be an organic, sexual desire becomes mitigated negotiation of a physical act.”

“If you reject a political claim made in the name of any category of people, you can expect to be accused of hating all the people in that category.”

>autists, shitposters, and trannies all trying to derail the glory that is Bowsette
>no one can do it because in its purest form the dick always wins

How does it feel /v/?”

“It feels like I’m seeing in color for the first time in about half a decade. It’s been a truly magical time.”

>produced more OC in a week than Pepe/Wojak in a year
>barafags seething for no good reason
>trannies trying to lump r63 with their shit and being mocked for their ignorance
>so fucking good she got Japan to ride a western fad
>so fucking good that even normalfags are casually talking about her and participating
>drowned multiple boards in cum
>all this while being a 10/10 waifu and it was a fucking accident
This meme timeline can be pretty great sometimes”

“Perhaps dynasties are at odds with gerontocracy because those from old privileged generations pass on favors to their kids rather than their equally old buddies.”

“Best argument for monarchy to date.”

“It is also proved in everyday life that each one inspects the physiognomy of those he comes in contact with, and first of all secretly tries to discover their moral and intellectual character from their features. This could not be the case if, as some foolish people state, the outward appearance of a man is of no importance; nay, if the soul is one thing and the body another, and the latter related to the soul as the coat is to the man himself.

Rather is every human face a hieroglyph, which, to be sure, admits of being deciphered — nay, the whole alphabet of which we carry about with us. Indeed, the face of a man, as a rule, bespeaks more interesting matter than his tongue, for it is the compendium of all which he will ever say, as it is the register of all his thoughts and aspirations. Moreover, the tongue only speaks the thoughts of one man, while the face expresses a thought of nature. Therefore it is worth while to observe everybody attentively; even if they are not worth talking to. Every individual is worthy of observation as a single thought of nature; so is beauty in the highest degree, for it is a higher and more general conception of nature: it is her thought of a species. This is why we are so captivated by beauty. It is a fundamental and principal thought of Nature; whereas the individual is only a secondary thought, a corollary.

In secret, everybody goes upon the principle that a man is what he looks; but the difficulty lies in its application. The ability to apply it is partly innate and partly acquired by experience; but no one understands it thoroughly, for even the most experienced may make a mistake. Still, it is not the face that deceives, whatever Figaro may say, but it is we who are deceived in reading what is not there. The deciphering of the face is certainly a great and difficult art. Its principles can never be learnt in abstracto. Its first condition is that the man must be looked at from a purely objective point of view; which is not so easy to do. As soon as, for instance, there is the slightest sign of dislike, or affection, or fear, or hope, or even the thought of the impression which we ourselves are making on him — in short, as soon as anything of a subjective nature is present, the hieroglyphics become confused and falsified. The sound of a language is only heard by one who does not understand it, because in thinking of the significance one is not conscious of the sign itself; and similarly the physiognomy of a man is only seen by one to whom it is still strange — that is to say, by one who has not become accustomed to his face through seeing him often or talking to him. Accordingly it is, strictly speaking, the first glance that gives one a purely objective impression of a face, and makes it possible for one to decipher it. A smell only affects us when we first perceive it, and it is the first glass of wine which gives us its real taste; in the same way, it is only when we see a face for the first time that it makes a full impression upon us. Therefore one should carefully attend to the first impression; one should make a note of it, nay, write it down if the man is of personal importance — that is, if one can trust one’s own sense of physiognomy. Subsequent acquaintance and intercourse will erase that impression, but it will be verified one day in the future.”

“I predict the first few will focus on bowser fucking mario and cucking peach, but then later will be some yuri where bowser rapes peach or finally gets peach to fall in love with him

Then there will be some twists on these two themes that change the genders of mario and peach, and then some actual full gay ones that are male peach + male bowser and male mario + male bowser

Simultaneously but to a lesser extent will be other characters in the mario franchise getting the gender bending treatment, and to a much lesser extent also characters from other franchises

in the long run gender bending fetish basically goes mainstream from here on out”

“Your predictions are fucking retarded. You need to pay attention to the tags.
It’s all going to be a mix of either femdom, classic tomboy rebound vanilla fluff, a bit of ntr, and the rest will just be shenanigans like crazy horse cock bowsette banging the mushroom kindgom after using a mushroom powerup.”

“Staff that come into the ABC from the commercial media, are shocked at how much work they have to do. The ABC is a lean machine. The other shock is you have to be made of titanium sometimes to withstand the vitriol that’s thrown at you.”

“Any police officers, nurses or paramedics like to comment?”

“This is quite similar to how the railroads made a strategic blunder by defining themselves in terms of “transporting goods and passengers by rail” rather than “transporting goods and passengers”. The reason may not be apparent at first, however, the former definition excludes transport methods such as airplanes, trucks, and boats, thus when conducting a competitor or market analysis, one would exclude large swaths of competitors, and thus one would conduct an analysis that was hopelessly out of touch with the actual market. The latter definition is much better, because it focuses on what the company actually does, as separate from how it does it. A company who conducted an analysis based on the latter definition, can focus on how to create a competitive advantage, business model, and strategy that is focused on the actual customer need, rather than the means by which the company does it.”

“These conversations can often be useful and I’ve learned a lot from talking to other men about their area of expertise, however it must always be with at least 1 eye towards the effect in the market. If you start lifting to improve your sexual market value, then 6 months in after talking to “the guys” you want to bring your PL total up, so you decide that you’re just going to do the “Gallon of whole milk and 5×5 squats every day” program, you’ve taken your eye off the market. If you change your mind and want to pursue a different strategy, that’s fine but make it a conscious choice.

It’s so easy to get dragged into something in the short term that is not conduce to the long-term strategy that you have laid for yourself.”

>Sharp teeths.
>better eyes.
>Tomboyish personality.
Holy shit, how much more a character can be improved? and how the fuck this weren’t a thing before?”

“I’ve waited decades for my fetishes
and now, they’re all coming in one package

Thick eyebrows – Check
Cute fang – Check
Tomboyish – Check
Genderbender – Check
Tan/brown skin – Partially Check
Red hair – Partially Check
Toned abs and some musclemass – Partially Check
Lite femdom – Check
but also vanilla – C H E C K
Shy & embarrassed – Check
but also confident and brazen- C H E C K

You have to try very hard to create a more perfect girl”

>everyone loves Peach’s basic yet appealing design but is a bit put off by her understandably bland personality
>Odyssey’s ending further drives her character to even become more unlikable
>everyone loves Bowser in general and especially his fiery villanous attitude that sometimes shows his slightly caring side
>to anyone that wasn’t into bara or furry, he was pretty much limited to those two categories when it comes to lewd material
>”what if we take peach’s looks and combine it with Bowser’s attitude and flair?
>with the blessing of the japs and the combined efforts of many erection fueled minds the world gave birth to the ultimate tomboy

It was the perfect combination. I imagine this is what it must have felt like when they discovered peanut butter and chocolate together.”

“In “class” watching a TED talk.

Woman goes on stage to say do aerobic exercise and to not lift weights

Then she stands up and conducts her crowd of 300 women and 1 man to airpunch to trendy music

This is not learning”

“TED talks are spoken word reddit”

“The Descent into Non-Information

1. Books
2. Films
3. Blog posts
4. “Studies”
5. TED talks <— you are here
6. TEDx talks
7. College classes
8. Article headlines shared on Facebook
9. Televised/Radio-broadcasted “News””

“Well, it’s either state power dominating corporate power or the reverse. At least with the state on top the corporations can’t dismantle the nation for an marginal increase in profit.”

“So, a guy gets caught false flagging… how come he doesn’t lose his channel or something? How can people who false flag en masse still be allowed to use the platform?”

“because mass flagging and content ID’ing is part of the Youtube business.”

“The way he so coldly says “I made a mistake” after years of lies, that’s some sociopathy right there .”

“It’s funny how he’s always ready with ridiculously specific evidence for certain accusations and has to explain in painstaking detail why said evidence acquits him. A person being falsely accused isn’t ready with that evidence that quickly, so it’s a painfully obvious way a person exposes themselves as being guilty as hell.

This whole incident has helped me learn a thing or two about narcissism. I’ve been subject to manipulative behaviour and abuse from narcissists before, and this has oddly helped me put it into context.”

“I think everyone was expecting Matt to either double down on his fake apologies or curse everyone out and tell them they deserved every flag they got. Instead he went into threatening suicide and using depression as a shield. I was just as shocked “i’ve been in a bad place mentally” is cringe incarnate when you know one one is gonna believe you. But he did it anyways.”

“Interestingly enough that’s the same excuse I’ve heard when people get caught doing other bad stuff (paedophilia, cheating in competitive stuff, etc). Like, there’s this one video of a guy being confronted by his (former) friends when they found out about the shit he was up to (paedophilia), and he used the same excuses and techniques. The exact same. After a while you start to see through the bullshit.”

“Matt’s “I’ve been in a bad mental state” defense reminds me of Kevin Spacey’s “I’m gay” defense. You directly confront someone with their own horrible actions and they immediately try to reveal some sort of personal secret to try and garner sympathy. Whether it’s true or not, they are using these sorts of claims as a tool to manipulate others and deflect blame. Just suck it up and and admit that you are a pathological liar (or child rapist in Spacey’s case).”

“If you listen closely you can hear him get fatter.”

“Despite a building boom unprecedented in human history, modern China has created no new Venice, indeed no new Suzhou. Tourists everywhere now crush into the places built before the last century… But that tells us something. If we preserve it, beauty pays.”

“Communism is just Democracy like you mean it.

Democracy is, formally, Communism of political power. If it doesn’t also lead to Communism of wealth, then it means you faked your Democracy.”

“If they’re not (largely) doing it on purpose, why do we keep finding their planning documents?

“They’re just jokes okay?
Anything asserted that has records and documents is a joke.
Anything asserted that doesn’t have records or documents is real.”

“Broke: superhero comics are bad because they’re childish low art

Woke: superhero comics are bad because Clark Kent and Peter Parker are journalists.”

“The Austro-Hungarian general on the field was Oskar Potiorek. Potiorek wanted to win the campaign before Franz Joseph’s birthday and, like many generals of the early war, he was both overly ambitious and over-confident. This led him to the Battle of Cer, in which he made the tactical mishaps of attacking the fortified Serbs in hilly terrain and with only half his strength. The Serbian command thought the notion of it being an actual attack was simply too stupid, but when it became clear that this was indeed the real offensive and not a feint to draw away attention, the Serbs brought in reinforcements and won.”

“The German Navy absolutely refused to contemplate a war with Britain and could not voice its disapproval loud enough when the Army brought it up with them.”

“War between Austria and Serbia, however, did not immediately equal World War One. What it did do was convince Russia that Germany had something planned. They figured rightly that Austria would not act without Germany’s backing, but they mistook this as the possible first step in a larger plan for initiating a war of conquest. Just to be safe, Russia began to mobilize its reserves. It would be three weeks before they would be ready for war.

This is the point at which the Great War becomes inevitable. Germany has long anticipated a war against Russia and France. It had feared and readied itself for this moment. They could mobilize their reserves in just two weeks. As stated, they had the best army in the world, but they could not defend against two invasions by superior forces at once. If it came to that, economically-vital industrial areas in the Rhineland or Silesia would be occupied and Germany’s chances of turning the war around after total economic mobilization would be nil. Their only chance of holding onto these territories was to concentrate on one offensive and then the other, and for that to work, Germany had to act at the first sign of trouble. If the French or the Russians mobilized their reserves, Germany couldn’t afford to wait and see. The French and Germans, acting independently and without knowledge of each other’s intentions or actions, mobilized on the first of August.”

“Many works glamorize the first fighter pilots as the “Knights of the Sky”, and there is some truth to this, but they also had such a high casualty rate that their airplanes were commonly nicknamed “flying coffins”—the average life expectancy of new pilots was about one week.”

“Formerly known as “The Great War”, or as “The War to End All Wars” or even “The World War” until the sequel broke out. Ironically, The Napoleonic Wars had previously been known as The Great War until this one broke out. This was quite possibly the most unpopular widespread conflict in the history of civilization in hindsight, and even at the time it faced serious support issues. It perhaps comes a close second in the Anglosphere for The Vietnam War, and by some measures manages to beat Algeria in the Francosphere (when the speaker knows, and can bear, to bring the latter up). In hindsight, the final resolution of the war has come to be dubbed “the peace to end all peaces.””

“You can make even the most innocuous statement and someone, somewhere, will turn up to contradict you. This is how we play status games.”

“When you argue with someone you both become galvanized. It is not always true that belief precedes utterance. Read your Cialdini; anything you hear yourself say, you start up to believe.

In Chinese POW camps they asked captured American soldiers to write and give speeches in which they said positive things about the CCP, and rewarded them with small comforts. By repeating this cycle over a series of months, American soldiers were radicalized against the USA.

You form your self-image by watching yourself, more than the other way around.”

>For the first time in thirteen years the Army has failed to meet its annual recruiting goal and Army officials believe the strong U.S. economy is partially to blame.

how fucking dystopian. ‘failed to meet recruiting goals cause people aren’t as poor or desperate as they used to be”.”

“”hey we’re not getting enough people.”
“what if we pay them more?”
“no no no, it’s a labor shortage because millenials are entitled.””

“Forever in need of a diversion from *the poverty that is their very selves*, intellectually middling women and low sexual market value men will work up a morality play wherever they can find one.”

“doesn’t bother me none but if I had to pick a loser there, I’d have to pick the dead one.”

“”A company where the president builds a cult of personality, fires people who criticize him, and hires unqualified friends / relatives is toxic.”
Remember, any company that hasn’t declared bankruptcy must not be toxic…”

“Things aren’t real. Until they are.

Remember, the purpose of knowledge and truth is to fit in with the group.

Predicting the future is for crazies and spooks.”

“The witch doctor lives in the woods separate from the village for a reason.”

>Our hateful conduct policy is expanding to address dehumanizing language and how it can lead to real-world harm. The Twitter Rules should be easier to understand so we’re trying something new and asking you to be part of the development process. Read more and submit feedback.

The NPC meme hit Silicon Valley so hard that they’re planning on banning it.”

“How the fuck is Twitter a “humanizing” experience, all they do is trick us into giving away our data like a slaughterhouse that kills everything that makes us human. They are programming everyone to fit neatly into scripted roles to better guide the death machine forward forever.”

“this meme’s existence and the official reaction to it tells me more of what i need to know about the concept’s validity than any science numbers can ever say.”

“Schopenhauer used to take his meals at a tavern. He’d take a coin out of his pocket & put it on the table at the start of meal, & pocket it again at the end.

Waiter asked him the meaning. He said, “I’ll leave it when the men here talk about anything besides women and horses.””

“I’ll talk about politics again when people stop repeating things Line-for-Line that they heard on the news. So pretty much never.”

“The contradictions of California really contribute to the fundamental weirdness of the state.

Silicon Valley is filled with true believers in the Californian liberal project. Subcon code monkeys attending Burning Man, microdosing LSD and giving self-important Ted talks will tell you as much. This is supposed to be some sort of irrefutable proof that diversity, libertine values, and New Age ramblings are all integral to a healthy society.

In reality, Silicon Valley is overpriced subdivision hell. The service industry class that brings the code monkeys $30 fusion burritos on rollerblades and gives the Google team back massages lives 10 miles from work in ugly, low-slung apartments or trailers. New hires live in vans and when they lose a job they end up sitting at Wendy’s all day making calls and sending resumes out. The people with secure employment and high salaries live in old, overpriced suburban bungalows unless they are executives or venture capitalists. Even then, the elite high schools are filled with trannies, who kill themselve,s and hyper-competitive Chinese termite people, who make the other kids want to kill themselves.

At work the hip new computing and social media firms are developing more advanced and invasive surveillance technologies with various intelligence agencies. The artificial intelligence people are plugging away at granting robots sentience. Facebook and the Atlantic Council are censoring every alternative media source. The supercomputers are plugging away at ever more advanced quantifications of each human’s earning potential.

You can see our slide into an oligarchic security state in real timme, but if you ask the average project manager or data analyst or UI designer in Cuptertino or San Jose about their worldview you’ll be talking to a truly radical progressive, deeply touched by Buddhism, intensely connected to the promise of human potential. They might even invite you to a Self-Realization Fellowship or Queer Anarcho-Communist literature reading.

In Hollywood, the contradictiosn are just as ridiculous. The media people in LA I know are basically all amoral grifters, slimey opportunists, or high boug nihilists doing extended performance art. It’s an inherently hyper capitalist and schizophrenic industry. But their twitters are focused on representation in the advertising industry and the charities for homeless black trannies and whatever else (bio: they/them). Virtue is a commodity and cultural capital pulls more weight than venture capital.

Locally, I’m situated fairly perfectly, but there’s a childhood mental illness disease cluster in my county’s most pristine beachside suburbs. New money, Jews, and Hapas move to 10 million dollar homes with absolutely no connection to their neighbors, their racially confused kids are basically strangers in their own homes, and they end up going schizophrenic in the perpetual summer and material comfort.

There’s a lot of other things going on under the surface. Oaxacans camping between housing tracts. Newport surf hipsters are doing heroins in surf brand mansions. Downtown San Diego has 50 blocks of homeless encampments under a glittering skyline. 8-year-old skate park rats are chugging malt liquor on Tuesdays. Rich kids in La Jolla are shooting meth and spreading hepatitis A to their parents.

And drum circles and yoga classes still apparate at public parks and beaches, promising the hobos and fitness instructors and web developers enlightenment.”

“I’m 26, I work a decent paying white-collar job, have a roof over my head and food to eat. Why do I feel so empty though?

I’m 4 years removed from college and it feels like life is just passing me by. I’m doing fairly well and moving up the ranks at work, but that’s all. Work, commute, eat, watch Netflix for a couple of hours, sleep, repeat 5 times. Maybe once or twice a month I’ll see some family or old friends but other than that it’s just pure monotony.

The days drag on but the days blur into weeks and weeks blur into months and months blur into years. I fear one day I’m going to wake up 65 with nothing to show for it. A buddy of mine said his co-worker literally died at his desk last week – he was 63 and just about to retire in a month. Stroke.

Fuck guys, how do I escape this wagecuck life? I feel like I’m just on a hamster wheel and I’m running toward something but I don’t know what. There’s gotta be more to life than eat, work, sleep and die right?”


“The thing about today’s master-slave dynamic that’s so creepy is how the masters have co-opted Nietzsche’s slave morality, so they get to hold the whip while pretending to cherish equality. At least ancient slavemasters were honest.”

“We don’t want to hear from someone who constantly vacillates and hedges. We want to hear words said with conviction, certainty in an uncertain world.

We do not extend to others the privilege of being uncertain; from you I demand absolutes, which I will weigh at my prerogative”

2018 Sep 17 ~ 22

“I wonder if “productive member of society” is actually an open secret. Like, maybe I just didn’t catch on because I’m an autistic retard.

Maybe, to everyone else, it’s as clear as “Hey wanna Netflix and chill”.”

“Man, generally speaking, cannot in good health live a solitary life. Invariably, he will either crumble from the loneliness or reach out to another human being. It is why prostitution and religion, the two oldest industries, are still thriving today. They offer man the same service–companionship.”

“When you’re young, you look at television and think, there’s a conspiracy. The networks have conspired to dumb us down. But when you get a little older, you realize that’s not true. The networks are in business to give people exactly what they want. That’s a far more depressing thought. Conspiracy is optimistic! You can shoot the bastards! We can have a revolution! But the networks are really in business to give people what they want. It’s the truth.”

“Legend has it Guanzhong conquered Qi’s neighbors without a shot. First he created a silk bubble, switched economy to food production, then later banned silk clothing and withheld food exports.

The neighbors got rich exporting silk, then went bust.

[…] Another case of econmic warfare was against Hengshan. They made weapons so he ordered weapons imports, creating bubble. Then he bought lots of rice to create a bubble and overpaid for Hengshan’s rice inventory. Then Qi invaded. Hengshan was out of weapons and food, surrendered.”

“Avatar’s message is that it’s OK to be a turncoat rat and fuck over your own kind if you have a girlfriend in the enemy camp.”

“>you will NEVER be this happy”
“He has a fat wife”
“This is a bad thing?”
“A fat woman is inherently untrustworthy as she is a sensualist who sees no real difference between a pastrami sandwich and a dick in the mouth.”
“This but unironically

Fat people show no inhibition. They’re practically animals
What separates us from them is “I know this feels good but I won’t do it because it hurts me”

They can’t do that.”

“if you find landwhales sexy you would be in heaven anywhere in the west and it’s only getting better for you.”

“If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they’ll kill you.”

“They talk about how complex the world is, but it never seems to be complex enough that other people could have read the same evidence they’ve looked at and come to a different conclusion.”

“Some have attributed this “drop-off” [of user ratings] to a concerted and well coordinated effort by internet trolls. The same people who probably believe a massive coordinated people making a corporation like didn’t buy [critic ratings].”

“Good protagonist: “I want this” + Goes to get it
Garbage: “Fiiiiiiiiine, I guess I’ll do it.”

“There are no two words more harmful in the English language than “Good Job”.”

“One of the more frequent rationalizations I see thrown around is “Well, it wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t that bad, either”. And you know what? They’re right. It was much, much worse. Where’s the impetus to be better, to strive for more, and to push for higher standards if you’re still gonna get a “Hey, you didn’t do your worst” and get a pat on the back?

We live in an era of mediocrity. Participation is artificially valued over merit. All Legend of Korra did was show up. It didn’t do anything that it should’ve. It didn’t tell a good story, didn’t develop good characters, didn’t add anything of value to the Avatar universe. It was just there. And that in and of itself is enough to merit praise today.

What absolute garbage.”

“Even if it were a 1:1 panel-by-panel remake, you’d still find reasons to hate it, you giant weeb!”

Well, good thing you can’t catch me out on that.”

“Reimagining = Corporately-Approved Form of Plagiarism”

“I find geologists much more open-minded on the issue of the antiquity of civilization.”

“Same thing is done at the Hoover Dam, just to say that this is not a completely crazy idea. It’s done in modern times. There’s a huge piece of sculpture at the Hoover Dam which freezes the skies over the Hoover Dam at the moment the dam was completed. Oskar Hansen, who put that there, said that he believed that, “in remote ages to come, intelligent people” with knowledge of precession would be able to discern “the astronomical time of the dam’s dedication”.

In other words, if you want to send a message to the future, you don’t want to use a time-limited language nobody may be able to speak in ten thousand years. You want to use a language which is expressed in universals, like mathematics and astronomy, that any intelligent culture will be able to decode.”

“Humility was largely meant as a restraint upon the arrogance and infinity of the appetite of man. He was always outstripping his mercies with his own newly invented needs. His very power of enjoyment destroyed half his joys. By asking for pleasure, he lost the chief pleasure; for the chief pleasure is surprise. Hence it became evident that if a man would make his world large, he must be always making himself small. Even the haughty visions, the tall cities, and the toppling pinnacles are the creations of humility. Giants that tread down forests like grass are the creations of humility. Towers that vanish upwards above the loneliest star are the creations of humility. For towers are not tall unless we look up at them; and giants are not giants unless they are larger than we. All this gigantesque imagination, which is, perhaps, the mightiest of the pleasures of man, is at bottom entirely humble. It is impossible without humility to enjoy anything – even pride.

But what we suffer from to-day is humility in the wrong place. Modesty has moved from the organ of ambition. Modesty has settled upon the organ of conviction; where it was never meant to be. A man was meant to be doubtful about himself, but undoubting about the truth; this has been exactly reversed. Nowadays the part of a man that does assert is exactly the part he ought not to assert – himself. The part he doubts is exactly the part he ought not to doubt – the Divine Reason. Huxley preached a humility content to learn from Nature. but the new sceptic is so humble that he doubts if he can even learn. THus we should be wrong if we had said hastily that there is no humility typical of our time. The truth is that there is a real humility typical of our time; but it so happens that it is practically a more poisonous humility than the wildest prostrations of the ascetic. The old humility was a spur that prevented a man from stopping; not a nail in his boot that prevented him from going on. For the old humility made a man doubtful about his efforts, which might make him work harder. But the new humility makes a man doubtful about his aims, which will make him stop working altogether.

At any street corner we may meet a man who utters the frantic and blasphemous statement that he may be wrong. Every day one comes across somebody who says that of course his view may not be the right one. Of course his view must be the right one, or it is not his view. We are on the road to producing a race of men too mentally modest to believe in the multiplication table. We are in danger of seing philosophers who doubt the law of gravity as being a mere fancy of their own. Scoffers of old time were too proud to be convinced; but these are too humble to be convinced. The meek do inherit the earth; but the modern sceptics are too meek to even claim their inheritance.”

“The person in the photo does not have freedom. As Kant says, morality consists of freedom, and freedom consists of reason’s control over our physical desires. TO be constrained by the people and substances around you is a heteronomy of the soul.

This man is addicted to the sugar and junk food. As soon as he wakes up he must stuff his face with hardoned corn syrup cake in milk. He has been gaining weight and is unhappy with how he looks, he doesn’t feel as well as he used to and minor pains bring him fear rfor reasons unknown to him. He knows he should do better,b ut he can’t.

He has his cigarette once an hour. As soon as he puts one out his anxiety raises until he needs another one. His lungs feel heavy when he wakes up and he can’t run.

He watches his shwos that offer nothing but the constant stimulation of flashing colours and pseudointellectual platitutdes, their cliche nihilistic messages help put out the fuse of his existential anxiety. ANother joke is made and the connection of meaning ins made in his head completely effortlessly, he automatically smiles and feels a sense of enjoyment, which will leave him feeling more empty than before just like the insulin spike from his morning cereal.

After this he will be compelled to his laptop. Because of the constant novelty and dopamine saturation nature of pornography, he has required more and more obscure videos in order to get off. He is highly specific in what he needs, and clicks through some hundreds of videos in a matter of minutes searching for a brand new video that will accomodate his fetish. He cums and feels disgusted with himself.

That night his girlfriend asks him again why he never wants to sleep with her. He says he has just been tired lately. He has been conditioning his brain to porn every day for many years. He is completely desensitized to normal reward mechanisms.

To feel truely good is to live morally, which is the same as to be free.”

“If Suiyang falls, Yan will be free to conquer the rest of southern China. And on top of it, most of our soldiers are too tired and hungry to run. The only choice we have left is to defend for as long as possible, and hope that a nearby governor will come and help us.

The nearby governors might be inelegant, but we cannot be disloyal. Another day that we can hold out is another day for the rest of the Tang to prepare defenses. We will fight till the very end.”

“Yin Ziqi had besieged the city for a long time. The food in the city had run out. The dwellers traded their children to eat and cooked bodies of the dead. Fears were spread and worse situations were expected. At this time, Zhang Xun took his concubine out and killed her in front of his soldiers in order to feed them. He said, “You have been working hard at protecting this city for the country wholeheartedly. Your loyalty is uncompromised despite the long-lasting hunger. Since I can’t cut out my own flesh to feed you, how can I keep this woman and just ignore the dangerous situation?” All the soldiers cried, and they did not want to eat. Zhang Xun ordered them to eat the flesh. Afterwards, they caught the women in the city. After the women were run out, they turned to old and young males. 20,000 to 30,000 people were eaten. People always remained loyal.”

“After the city was besieged for a long time, at the beginning, the horses were eaten. After horses ran out, they turned to the women, the old, and the young. 30,000 people in total were eaten. People knew their death was close, and nobody rebelled. When the city fell, only 400 people were left.”

“Zhang Xun, Nan Jiyun and Xu Yuan were all captured. Yin Ziqi asked,”I heard that every time you fight, you open your eyelids until they rip, and you bite your teeth until they crack. Why do you do that?” Zhang Xun answered, “I want to eat you traitors alive. The damages to my eyes and teeth are nothing.” Yin Ziqi used a dagger to hold open Zhang Xun’s mouth, and to his surprise, all but three of Zhang Xun’s teeth were indeed cracked. Zhang Xun finally said, “I die for my emperor, so I will die in peace.””

“The “holocaust” didn’t bag a single yid. They were put in labor camps to do honest hard work for once in their lives and jews hate hard manual labor so it just felt like they were dying”

“Deadpool is an origin story through and through. This is unfortunate because origin stories suck and shouldn’t be a thing. You know why? Because they’re not real stories. That’s why they have to tack “origin” onto it. To trick you into thinking they are.”

>Rain, open top tank… Fucking great engineering.
“How does that even move without falling on its ass?”
“Fucking great engineering.”
“As it turns out, an engine block is pretty heavy.”

“The source of child pornography was traced to an IP address used at the observatory and a source within the building observed a computer with “not good” images on it, the warrant states.

An investigation by the FBI revealed that a janitor is the main suspect in the search, however he has not been charged with a crime even though his name is on the warrant.”

Anyone who buys this shit should be sterilized as to not breed.”

>I wanted to understand Europe’s populism. So I talked to Bono.

“I wanted an excuse to talk to Bono, so I made up some random shit then talked to Bono. Haha be jealous, since I talked to Bono.””

“SJWs will claim that political correctness is just about being nice, but if you observe that calling someone a “racist” isn’t nice at all, watch how quickly they move the goalposts to “if they don’t want to be called ‘racist,’ they should change their shitty beliefs.””

“If bureaucracies were in fact run by their enemies, they would cease to exist. Since the contrary occurs, the contrary is the fact.

It is nevertheless true that a bureaucracy’s survival is largely dependent on promoting the opposite of its stated goal as vigorously as possible.

E.g. if you want a nice, pleasant country, try having a Bureaucracy for Torture, a Bureau of Fighting in the Street, and a Department of Hating Each Other All the Time.”

“More evidence for the fundamentally appalling nature of the Saudi state”

“Ah, you wish to take responsibility for Saudi Arabia.

So you’re invading, then, yes? I expect even the Canadian army could win.

If you don’t like what their security forces are doing, you must replace them with your own.”

“Poll: Only 5% of Minnesota Democrats Say They Believe Keith Ellison’s Accuser”
“Apparently they only “always believe the accuser” if the accused is a Republican.”

“Your ideology is ugly and I hope you are reborn with little or no power, and must fully face the consequences of your beliefs. You need a heavy dose of the Myth of Eyr, you lost, lost soul.”

“You have no idea how ridiculous you look. “Naval, friend, I must advise you that this link came from a faaaaascist”.

You’re the one who comes off as authoritarian here. “If I say power word:fascist I can boss other people around.” It’s self-aggrandizing and sad.”

“Consider now two players playing the game called bilateral monopoly. They have a dollar to divide between them, provided they can agree how to divide it. Superficially there is no resemblance between this game and that discussed above; the players are free to talk with each other as much as they want.

But while they can talk freely, there is a sense in which they cannot communicate at all. It is in my interest to persuade you that I will only be satisfied with a large fraction of the dollar; if I am really unwilling to accept anything less than ninety cents, you are better off agreeing to accept ten cents than holding out for more and getting nothing. Since it is in the interest of each of us to persuade the other of his resolve, all statements to that effect can be ignored; they would be made whether true or not. What each player has to do is to guess what the other’s real demand is, what the fraction of the dollar is without which he will refuse to agree. That cannot be communicated, simply because it pays each player to lie about it. The situation is therefore similar to that in the previous game; the players must coordinate their demands (so that they add up to a dollar) without communication. It seems likely that they will do so by agreeing to split the dollar fifty-fifty.

In this respect the theory of this game is radically different from conventional game theory, which assumes players with unlimited ability to examine alternatives and so abstracts away from all subjective characteristics of the players except those embodied in their utility functions.”

“There’s a reason historians until Marx focused on the personalities of the powerful.”

“Many academic theories about language posit that language evolve to aid better coordination, say for hunters. You go left, I go right, I throw the first spear, etc. Chimps seem to be able to coordinate without speaking, but it sounds reasonable that talking does help coordinate better. But if the idea is to be able to coordinate hunters, then why are men worse at language than women? Women do 70% of the talking, and it’s mostly inane gossip. It has extremely little information density. Woman conversation is most of the time a status confirmation task, all they do is say get a group, say something and listen carefully to the tone of voice of all the participants, to check what everyone thinks of each other. If the mother hen suddenly is rude to you, well you know you’re in trouble. You better find ways to raise your status or undermine hers. I taught a girlfriend that all her speech was an unconscious status confirmation task, and that she should stop caring as she will always be high status in my eyes. She never nagged me again.”

“It’s good that Kashiwagi is still bright when it comes to human relationships even if she can be that cold when she has to. Normally people who’re that decisive end up kinda distant.”

“The cops I used to work with always said that if someone breaks into your home you be damn sure to kill them. Lots of reasons for this but mainly because if they live to tell the tale they can give a different story, play the victim, and be out in three years to look for you.

I know of a guy that woke up one night to see some guy breaking into his truck. Shot him with a crossbow and immediately called for an ambulance. The thief sued him and won, guy lost his house and truck.”

>[Serious] Redditors who have had to kill in self defense, Did you ever recover psychologically? What is it to live knowing you killed someone regardless you didn’t want to do it?

mass effect’s Elcors are real.”

“Reddit is the lowest context place on earth”

“actually that’s a really good phrasing for a simple technical explanation as to why the left – or more generally, those of enlightenment epistemology – can’t meme.

memes are about referencing specific contexts. usually, two contexts that are entirely unrelated, except not anymore, now there’s a connection. now there’s a meme.

the enlightenment ideal is a world that works without context: “facts”. under this ideal, they are compelled to spell out everything. which is why on one hand, you get meme “images” with paragraphs of text, or on the other, memes that are empty, because they expended their allotted text bandwidth on laying out “the facts” on what they’re even talking about, and don’t get to any point that anyone would be interesting in hearing about.”

“Here’s an unpopular opinion: I’m actually not at all concerned about innocent men losing their jobs over false sexual assault/harassment allegations.”

“I’m Not Like The Other Girls, Tee Hee!, Episode 68392”

““If they didn’t do what I accused them of, they probably have done something else to deserve it.”
Peak chaos of feminine management”

“About 15 years ago I was living in the western US (intentionally vague) by myself and had just gotten an apartment about a week earlier. Nothing remarkable to speak of neighborhood wise it wasn’t awful but wasn’t great either. Well, one night I’m laying in my bed trying to fall asleep (probably 1am or so) and I hear what I think is movement in the living room I go still listening carefully and then I hear the sound of someone stumbling over one of the boxes still in my floor. Fuck. Someone is in my apartment. I feel around for my knife but remember I left it in the living room to cut open some packages. I don’t know what to do, lie and say I have a gun and hope he doesn’t call my bluff? Charge out there like a wild man and hope he doesn’t have a gun? Instead, I hope this person will just realize I don’t have anything and leave. I get out of bed and slide behind the opposite side of the bed (door was left open and opened out instead of in). My heart is beating so loud I’m having trouble hearing the intruder move but then I see the slice of light coming into the room expand and I see a shadow, he’s coming into the room. I quickly slide to the end of the bed in hopes of getting the jump on him. I see him go toward the bed with something in his hand but I can’t tell what and I decide my best chance is to try and overwhelm him with violence.

Here is where I should mention, especially since it became pertinent later, I was at the time an amateur heavyweight fighter. Specialized in boxing but was in this western state working with a university coach to learn wrestling. This guy is good sized but I tackle him into the nightstand we fall to the floor, I recall him briefly on top in the scrum but I quickly take top mount and absolutely unload punches and elbows. Whole thing couldn’t have lasted more than 15 seconds. I turn on the light and see a gash on my elbow and find a knife laying nearby, I kick it away. The intruder is out, there is a good amount of blood and my end table is broken and part of it is laying on him ( cheap Target shit). I call the police and tell them what happened but as my adrenaline is wearing off I look at this dude and realize I really fucked him up, bad. I recall the moment I realized it and said to the dispatcher “I think he’s dead”.

Turns out I’d basically crushed his skull (and broke my hand) amd he was probably dead before I stopped hitting him. What followed the next 2 years was pure hell. Unfortunately for me I was white and this what turned out to be 17 year old kid was black. Media was all over it. “Black teen beaten to death by white heavyweight fighter”. Amazing how quick the part about him breaking into my house with a fucking knife went away with the media. Police had quickly decided no charges would be pressed against me but the media circus created a lot of pressure so I got brought in for more questioning. Local “black leaders” were saying it was murder and calling for my arrest saying this was iust a young man who had made a bad decision and he didn’t deserve to be murdered in ‘in cold blood’. My work let me go, they were getting threatening calls. The coach I was working with said the university demanded he stop working with me because they didn’t want the press saying they’d trained me to kill. I lost what little I had and was having to couch surf with gym buddies and go out in hoodies so I wouldn’t get spotted cause the fucking media had turned me into James Earl Ray and had turned this kid into Jesus. This went on for months.

Luckily a lawyer took on my case free of charge and he was damned good. He did some digging and it turned out the occupant of my apartment before was a 21 year old girl who had been being stalked by this guy. She’d quit her job at the mall and broke lease to get away from him but she was why he was there. She came forward and talked to the police (who honestly were good to me but were under insane pressure) and they formally dropped all charges. The media backed off a bit at that point as well but the ‘black leadership’ wasn’t done yet. They came out saying I was now trying to ‘kill his character too’ and then his fucking mom pressed a civil suit for wrongful death against me seeking a $5 million settlement. It never made it to court thank god and I got the fuck out of that state and moved somewhere where no one knew me and started going by my middle name.

Long term effects, um, I left fighting right after. No state would ever sanction a fight for someone in my situation even thougb I was cleared. Didn’t struggle with PTSD from it or anything but I do have some anger issues when people play the race card and frankly developed some hatred toward the media and ‘black leadership’. I also feel I lost empathy for people. What I dealt with robbed me of any faith in people and that is something I struggle with.”

>a freak success, like World of Warcraft

Not really accurate. Blizzard ALWAYS dominated whatever genre they decided to get into. Hell, you can still argue that. The only thing they haven’t really cornered the market on are MOBAs, which is fucking ironic, since DOTA was a War III mod.”

“What the fuck? Why didn’t they just sold out to Microsoft or some shit? You can’t just cancel that shit like that.”

“Implying Microsoft would want to buy them. There is not much of a market for “games” like that. Not many people buy them. Most prefer to watch a playthrough on Youtube.”

“There’s definitely a market for it, but they can’t manage the studio for shit. If these games were Sony exclusives they’d sell shitloads.”

>There’s definitely a market for it,
No, there isn’t.”

“I honestly don’t understand why they crashed so hard following TWD S1. The Wolf Among Us was probably the best thing they ever did, yet sales already started plummeting hard. Tales from the Borderlands was also great, well received, and was a tie in to a huge franchise; didn’t even slow down the ongoing crash in sales. I just can’t wrap my head around why this happened.”

“Ask Japan

VNs are hard to sell. Phoenix Wright is a success when it sell like 250-300k copies. Meanwhile Telltale paid who knows how much for IPs like Batman and sold less than Phoenix Wright games. Of course they would fail with 300+ employees. Hell most VNs in Japan sell like 10-20k and the dev teams still somehow survive.”

“VNs, as in eroge, are a success when they sell 10k copies. Many smaller, niche-oriented studios are happy to sell 5k.”

“there are maximum less than 10 peoples in the makings of VN, the higher budget one probably have 20-30 peoples working on it”

>Hell most VNs in Japan sell like 10-20k and the dev teams still somehow survive.

because those companies don’t hire 250 people and try to work on 4-5 different projects at once”

>25 employees left
That’s the total amount of staff they should have had at all times for what they were putting out, not the 300 or so that they did have. No wonder they went bankrupt.”

>not the 300
Fuck me, they did too.

What the fuck where they all doing? Their games were as comically basic as they get. For reference, Platinumgames has 200.”

“Fucking Valve has around 360 employees.

The company that runs the biggest PC gaming service, has two or three really popular online games (with another on the way), has a separate single player game in development, has the largest store in gaming history, is working on making VR technology viable, organizes esports events, and makes documentaries about all of the above.

Nearly the same amount of employees being used to maintain the biggest company in PC gaming, being used to make the video game equivalent of choose your own adventure novels.

I actually liked the first two seasons of The Walking Dead and I loved The Wolf Among Us but Jesus Christ everything else was a trainwreck, what could possibly make them think 300 employees was the way to go?”

>what could possibly make them think 300 employees was the way to go?
being in san francisco”

>That’s the total amount of staff they should have had at all times for what they were putting out
This, even Cliff’s holocaust of a game lawbreakers was made by only 60 people, and it looked like a AAA game, what the fuck did all those 300 people did for telltale?
I bet 50% of them were diversity hires doing nothing but bitch online about how offended they were at the abecedary”

“3/4 of them were writers or community managers.”

“i wonder why they went under”

“I bet Trump or those pesky russians are behind it”

“It’s actually an accomplishment to have rights to create games for so many billion dollar franchises and still fail.”

“This is a very good example of how leftist policies destroys corporations. Because they made one good selling game, they considered themselves a success and a “real” company. That meant they needed to follow cancerous corporate policies that maximized diversity and community interaction over actual development. The level of financial mismanagement in this company was simply insane, and really makes me wonder who made the decision to tumble it all down.”

“The English bred a population capable of industrialization by hanging just about anyone who looked at private property funny. Dysgenics set in when they got soft.”

“Most people have never personally seen a big difficult thing get done”

“Salesforce is a great example […] I would not trade. If we did an even trade, one to one, he gets 37signals, I get salesforce, *double middle finger*”
“No f-in way. Look at their fucking numbers. Their profitability is 7%. That’s fucking horrible.”
“On a big number.”
“I don’t fucking care. That’s still so much sloth.”


“When we look around us and we meet our fellow man (and woman!) what drama do we see played out again and again but the tragedy of aimlessness and nihilism? The other day a friend said to me, “I am basically a nihilist. I smoke weed and drink and fuck. I have nothing to live for”. This is what it’s like to be ruled by liberal ideas. Liberal ideas say a man and a woman are interchangeable, that people from different cultures are interchangeable, that any man is as good as any other for any purpose, and we wonder why we feel useless?

The appeal of inequality and the thing that you must understand is that a world of equality is a world devoid of meaning. The appeal of inequality and hierarchy is that everyone has a place and they know it and in that knowing is security.

When you force people to imagine they’re equal you flatter them to destroy them. When you pretend you’re as good as anyone else that’s when you stop trying to cultivate and improve yourself and the moment you stop growing you start dying hence the inevitable nihilism of equality.”

2018 Sep 12 ~ 16

“What you expected: computer simulations of the world to see what our ancestors 100 million years ago looked like

What you got: Computer simulations of the world so employers can minmax their applicants for maximum profit beforehand”

“A fundamental law of Democracy… any elected body will fob off any decision that is hard to someone unaccountable to the electorate.”

“I mean you’re older than me so I probably dont need to tell you but society is not as degenerate as the movies/shows portray. Or at least its not as degenerate in that specific regard”

Hollywood films are degenerate because that’s the kind of lifestyle people affiliated with showbiz live, and they project that on normie society”

“It’s literally true [under these rules] that you could cut down the Amazon, turn it into parking lot, ship those trees to Europe, and Europe would count it as as greenhouse gas reduction.”

“At 4%, Britain’s unemployment rate is at its lowest level since 1975. So why are wages stagnant?”
“Wow what a mystery”
“Because every time there’s any upward pressure on wages, people call it a “labour shortage” and so we need to bring in more people”

“Job applications be like
Would you be willing to die for us? Please tick your answer below
▫️Without hesitation
▫️No, I hate this company

Are you willing to postpone your death to come into work?
▫️Yes, I love to work
▫️No, I’m lazy and stupid

“Basic Progressive tenet:
accuracy is morally wrong”

“Cooperation can be taught and learned. Invention, not so much.”

“Starcraft is a game that with fairly little complexity has impressive amount of depth to it. The problem is that this depth is hidden behind a massive barrier of execution. It simply doesn’t matter much what kind of decisions you make as if you can’t build all your workers and hit all your timings. As a result, the game is a great strategy game for those 100-1000 at the top, for the rest of us it’s a rhythm game.”

“A victory that gains nothing is hollow and should be avoided. A defeat that gains advantage, while bitter, is choice.”

“No nuanced and thoughtful words survive first contact with a person of average intelligence.”

“Nothing is pre-determined and if your choices are inevitable it is only from a hypothetical outside perspective that doesn’t exist.”

“The error is conflating fatalism (your decisions don’t matter) with determinism (the world is stable).

But all this is is a diversion: the point is that the entire misunderstanding is encoded in the four words “free will vs. determinism”. Anyone who knows what these four words mean, with no additional context, instantly understands the (false) dichotomy. Much like the seed of a Conway’s Life scenario, these four words generate a complex universe of discourse, in this case founded upon an error. When you propagate the meme, you have about enough bandwidth for its name. We don’t actually share ideas, we share seeds of models.

Sacred scriptures are full of model seeds. “All have sinned and fall short of the glory” is about as big as a model seed gets. Notice: simple, unequivocal. “Go ye therefore into all the world”. “it is by grace you have been saved”.

It takes about 4 model seeds to build a self-propagating memeplex that can cohere with itself over time.

Consider how a single model seed can reshape a social landscape. “Gender is a social construct” You don’t need to understand anything about social constructionism to instantly grasp this idea. A supporting fact like “wearing dresses isn’t innate to female biology” is all it takes. Whatever nuance academicians might intend with it, it will brook exactly none. The virile version of this idea is simple and above all UNEQUIVOCAL. “socially constructed” = determined by convention = mutable = contingent, not necessary => anyone can have whatever gender they want. […] The special power of “gender is socially constructed” is that it provokes the equally midwitted counter-position, “gender is innate”, which is inevitably a losing stance; it’s less true and and even less interesting. Norm inversion ensues.

A truthful model is more like: gender and sex are a feedback loop between social performance and biological tendency. Masculine and feminine archetypes are not all good, but the good ones are aspirational, and require work on the part of a man or woman to achieve them. Gender IS performative but rather than being an excuse to reject it, this is grounds to strive towards it, to perfect it, for a man to become an idealized man, and a woman to become an idealized woman, the consummation of their biology, rather than the negation.

But this requires nuance, and ideological battles are fought in the realm of the realman, where ideas are comprehended by people close to the mean of intelligence, in great shambling throngs.

In this arena, ideas must be unequivocal. Whatever a phrase means when no one is around to explain it, that is what it means “in the real world”.””

“Ultimately, responsibility can’t genuinely be passed to someone else. Everyone is responsible for the leader they choose.”

>scroll down comments section on report about Article 13
>”sorry kid but just because its digital doesn’t mean laws don’t apply”
>”the internet is not supposed to be some lawless anarchy”
>”the web is not the wild west ok”

This is half the fucking comments on there. I HAVE to believe that these are shills or something. Do these people WANT to be shiteaters? Do they WANT to be fucking slaves? Are there this many retarded boomer subhumans who WANT to be subjugated??”

“3000 people did not die in the two huricanes that hit Puerto Rico. When I left the island, AFTER the storm had hit, they had anywhere from 6 to 18 deaths. As time went by it did not go up by much. Then, a long time later, they started to report really large numbers, like 3000…”

“This is one the ways you win debates: people come around to your side and they say they never changed their minds, and it wasn’t because of you.”

“In its heyday, Gawker had impact because they were sociopathic, they were bullying, and people didn’t see it yet. That’s the devastating kind. If you’re trying to bully someone and everyone says right away, “You’re a bully”, you might still be able to bully, but you’re not gonna be that effective. If you’re gonna bully people and say “This is just the internet, this is tech, this is the future”, you’re gonna have carte blanche. So Gawker had many years to destroy people, in a way that has gotten much less effective.”

“There’s a link, a pretty deep link, between the question of science and technological progress and the health of our representative democracy.”

i think the easiest step would be to go from here to how democracy is a bad idea and how it only works when the pie is getting bigger (and when it isn’t bigger, you need “libertarianism”, or more generally, great founders who form monopolies to do whatever they want)

but it’s probably important to note he got to this idea from flying cars. again back to the importance or unimportance of having “the” right idea.”

“115s don’t listen to me regardless, so I have no opinion”

“Address the problem, not the symptom. Drug use is an indicator of underlying pathology. Don’t smash the indicator light.”

“You don’t want to define yourself in a way that’s derivative. Something of somewhere is often nothing of nowhere.”

“What acceptance and denial have in common is they’re both modes of thinking that stop you from doing anything.”

“Let me just imagine with you that you’re suddenly in the White House.”
“It’s not gonna happen.”
“Let’s just imagine.”
“I’ve always thought fictional thought experiments are very treacherous things though.”
“Let’s just say-”
“Does it means I’m kissing babies all day long, or does it mean that I’m dictator?? How far can we play this thought experiment?”

“Communication is hard because anyone can lie at any time. The only way to be certain of honesty is to make the communicator pay a high price as a costly signal of authenticity.”

“a decentralized conspiracy in which everyone defects against decency and morality in order to become holier than their neighbor”

“Stalin thought the Nuremberg trials were a farce. And actually told the allies to simply shoot the germans and be done with it and not tarnish the image of the courts.”

“The unit cost of an 8mm mauser cartridge was drastically lower than the cost to produce sufficient quantities of poison gas to kill an adult human. It was also far more logistically complex to dispose of bodies that way instead of just killing them at the mass grave instead of having laborers manually remove 100+ corpses from a cramped shower house and then burn them all with coal that Germany didnt have to spare.

All the killing was supposed to have taken place between 43 and 45 when Germany was losing tanks too quickly but they were totally diverting coke from heavy steel industry to cremate corpses that would do as well to fill a hole.”

“All proclamations of science should be treated as fiction until they have been actualized as engineering. At the very least, don’t give them authority they haven’t demonstrated.”

“Freedom is meaningless without a goal. Undirected freedom is just slavery to your base impulses.”

“Many people e.g. @akarlin88 look at the numbers and the stats and project that China will dominate the world in n years.

That will never happen. China may be rich. But never *that* rich. And will never be able to dominate others.

The reason is quite simple. The Chinese government can’t keep the level of control over its citizens it wants to keep if their citizens have power outside the country. See how China is stopping its companies from investing abroad in order to canalize everything to BRI. BRI which is, of course, not working, because people are politically forced to join it. There’s no profit incentive, hence nothing gets done. It’s… socialism! Who knew, China is socialist. Socialism can’t dominate the world.

Does the US *government* dominate the world? No. US companies dominate the world. And parts of USG, the Pentagon by its side, and the State Department/NGO networks run parallel empires which hate each other. Thats the only way to expand abroad. By privatizing the effort. Britain didn’t conquer India. The East India Company did. Because there was money there. China won’t tolerate that. China would execute a Robert Clive.

China runs influence operations abroad not through NGOs trying to strike personal glory, but w the Communist Party United Front Department. Which is why they suck and its external propaganda apparatus ends up using people like @zepplarouche, goddamned Lyndon Larouche’s wife.

Again, this is *a good thing*. China obsesses over control because without that sort of control, it would split in a dozen countries. It’s not easy to control that territory with that many people.

But you can’t be Communist, rich and imperialist. Gotta choose two.”

“people have different reasons for washing their hands after they leave the bathroom
considering their reason for doing complex things is borderline insane”

“Congress is especially culpable this time, because by suspending the shadowban, Jack admits that what he is doing is wrong and shameful.”

“Compression algorithms like ZIP and PNG operate by eliminating redundant bits. The compressed artifact contains only “unique” bits in the information-theoretic sense. “Redundant” bits are removed. If humanity were compressed, how many bits of you would make it?”

“If you only consume mass things you will only have mass thoughts. This is what originally drew me to the rationalists in the vein of Scott Alexander, who spend endless ours filling their cognitive toolbox with useful gadgets and then build a house that looks like everyone else’s”

“One of the things that makes America great is the energy, ingenuity and risk taking of immigrants. With GDP growth going above 4% several times during Obama’s tenure as well as now, it’s clear immigration doesn’t hurt our economy, immigration helps our economy.”

“And, so my fellow Americans, ask not what The Economy can do for you, ask what you can do for The Economy.”

“I want a household run on biblical principles”
*constantly argues with husband and undermines his authority*”

“yeah that’s nonsense. You can’t have a *truly* traditional household in a dildoistic society because the externalities don’t allow for it to be a stable thing. You can try to emulate it but it all breaks down if the interaction gets to the “man having to lay down the law” part, because all it needs is for the trad-thot to complain to a friend or family member or coworker one time and you immediately have the whole social system coming down against you rather than having your back as it would have in the old days”

“>Western gay character
>not allowed to have obvious flaws, must be a role model, devs afraid to make them characters first and gay second

>Japanese gay character
>is allowed to be over the top and ridiculous, be the punchline, be part of the joke, be in on the joke, or most importantly, not have their sexuality be a defining characteristic to them.

>not getting why Japan does them better despite being a massive faggot himself”

“For a hundred years, there’s been a conspiracy of plutocrats against ordinary people.
Number one: In 1945 corporations paid 50 percent of federal taxes. Now they pay about 5 percent. Number two: In 1900 90 percent of Americans were self-employed; now it’s about two percent.

It’s called consolidation. Strengthen governments and corporations, weaken individuals. With taxes, this can be done imperceptibly over time.

The entire executive branch is hand-picked. Nineteen of the last twenty-three U.S. presidents have been members of the Trilateral Commission. The Trilateral Commission is financed by the Rockefellers and the Rotschilds.

Do you ever ask what it’s for? The surveillance, the police, the shoot-on-sight laws? Is that freedom?

Ever wonder why big car companies pay two percent tax while the guys on the assembly line pay forty?

Corporations are so big you don’t even know who you’re working for. That’s terror. Terror built into the system.”

“After explaining the effort Blizzard is putting in to tackle poor in-game behaviour, Kaplan once again appealed to the community to “take a deep look inward”. He went on to explain the team is spending “a tremendous amount of time and resources punishing people” rather than working on new game content such as maps, heroes, and animated shorts.”

“Doesn’t Jeff know how game dev works? The guys doing the content and animated shorts aren’t the ones doing GM work and banning people

I love how he blames the community for being slow on updates”

“They’re acting like Overwatch invented banter and so it’s their duty to stop it.
Have they got any information anywhere that correlates less banter with spending more money?

I worked on APB, it was dogshit but people bought premium weapons to curbstomp people talking shit to them.”

“its a scapegoat theyre using to explain away the dwindling playerbase to shareholders/executives

if its their fault for being legendarily horrible at design and balance decisions, heads are fuckin rolling
but if instead its the communitys fault for being meanies, then jobs are saved, nobodys getting fired
of course in the long term this means that the game is going to continue to suck anus up until a point where it becomes very obvious that its not the “toxic” thats keeping people away from the game, but this team of people doesnt contain a single person even close to intelligent enough to stop them from doing the braindead retarded things they do with every update, so you cant really expect them to think that far ahead”

“modern western multiplayers games like Overwatch and LoL are nothing more than social engineering tools developed by china/israel to defenestrate Western men, rendering them defenseless when the deep state gives the go for the china/israel alliance to invade and genocide White people.”

>It takes resources to ban people
Why not just add support custom servers then? So the community can moderate itself???????????????”

“And share the revenue? Oy vey”

“It’s just a scapegoat instead of saying “We simply do not care about this old game anymore””

“blizzard is a company that wants complete control over everything. in fact, most companies are like that. valve is the opposite”

“Because non-Blizzard servers could allow people to use skins without paying for $500 of lootboxes to unlock it, you stupid goyim”

“Because these neodevs aren’t about doing what’s logical or what would please everybody. They want full control of the types of people playing their game and want to ban everyone else. If they did custom servers they’d probably feel like they’re enabling sexism, racism, elitism, etc.”

“If the shitheads are forced to leave, how come there are still toxic players left?”

>He doesn’t get it

The moment Overwatch stops having a “toxic community” issue is the moment the devs have to be held responsible for their game failing to meet the eSports status Blizzard was promised, so it’s in their best interest to continuously broaden the definition of “toxic” to always have more people to blame.

Like how feminism now claims literally everything is sexist.”

“>Someone was mean to me in Fortnite!
>So shoot them.

>Someone was mean to me in Overwatch!
>Oh my dear lord, you poor child. Let me ban their account and contact their employer. This will not stand. Social justice WILL be achieved, here.

>But the person mean to me was one of your friends.
>Then enjoy your ban.”

“One of the most infuriating things about liberals is they seem to love saying that we need to be UNITED, but those evil Republicans are being divisive. But if you ask them, “okay, then does unity mean we compromise and we get some of the things we want?” And start naming some potential examples, they freak out and say “No, you need to stop being divisive.”

Apparently “unity” means shutting up and accepting whatever Democrats want to shove down your throat.”

“Here in Europe, if an intersection is signalised, it really means something, and it is a symbol of authority. In America, meh.”

“The dominant narrative holds that the Great Depression was a uniquely horrible event, consisting of economic collapse and human suffering on a scale far beyond anything in contemporary experience. I suspect this may be substantially exaggerated, and the Depression may have been much less bad than is popularly supposed—say, not much worse than the 2008 depression and its aftermath, relative to what came before. (This is still very bad.)

There is a motive for such an exaggeration. The tale of the New Deal vanquishing the Great Depression and preventing its recurrence is a key piece of the founding mythology of the contemporary American regime. This story justifies not only the welfare state, but also the Federal Reserve and other financial regulations, all of which are vital to the current system. The worse the Great Depression was, the stronger these justifications become; as such, champions of the status quo would benefit from painting the Great Depression as a unique horror, for the same reasons that they benefit from painting the Nazis as a unique horror. (The Nazis, while horrible, were not unique.) Of course, the presence of this motive does not prove deception, but it does make me suspicious.”

“There’s a telling incident during the initial skirmishes between the Lannisters and the Tullys, before Robert dies and the conflict breaks out into open warfare. A Tully village is sacked by soldiers disguised as bandits. We learn of this from Eddard Stark’s perspective, when the survivors approach the throne to appeal for justice. This is a pivotal step forward in the plot, but also a striking illustration of how the society is functioning: the peasants believe they can appeal to the king and receive justice. Under the reign of an Aerys or a Joffrey, such an appeal would be unlikely to occur and less likely to be granted. Under Robert, however, their faith is not misplaced. Eddard, acting in Robert’s stead, dispatches soldiers to stop the raiders.”

“However, Robert has a crippling flaw as a leader: he is paying little or no attention to his succession. This leads directly to the civil wars which break out immediately after his death. In a kingdom like Robert’s, where many powerful actors are held together only by the will and skill of a single monarch, that monarch is obviously a massive vulnerability. A good king has two options: either ensure that there is a successor who will take over and continue managing the system, or else restructure the society so that a single powerful leader is less necessary. These methods both have their pros and cons, but Robert does neither. On the one hand, he leaves the position of king as central and powerful as it was when his reign began. On the other hand, he neglects his presumptive heir, making no effort to ensure that Joffrey has the skills or temperament to be a good king, and also neglects the political problems surrounding the succession (in particular, the tensions with Robert’s disaffected brothers and their claims to the throne).

This is why, as soon as Robert is dead, the entire system flies apart and an era of bloody civil war begins.”

“It’s really something how normal social awkwardness has become essentially criminalized. I wrote long ago about how “cringe culture” was breeding conformity. It also evolves what this guy hates/makes fun of- atomized & radicalized antisocial males.”

“Introducing women into spaces (university, discussion groups, etc) is a soft form of social control. I think this is what is behind the global feminism push – creates the conditions for ossifying power structures.”

>”my deadline is 4PM”
>no statement of what timezone 4PM is referring to
>if it’s the same timezone then response time is under 3 hours

this sheds new light on the “could not be reached for comment” line that’s always used.”

“But… everyone makes mistakes. Besides, no one knows when they’re going to make a mistake in advance. I think it’s better to keep pushing on in spite of one’s mistakes rather than do nothing out of fear of failure.”

“For households where the highest wage earner is under 35 years old, the ideal age for someone who is not necessarily college material but nonetheless has the work ethic and the entrepreneurial spirit to step up and start a business, the median net worth (excluding home equity) in 2009 was $2,003. Let me say that again. Take over half the families where the primary breadwinner is 35 years old or less, add up their investments and savings and then subtract their debts, and they have less than $2k. In other words, they are only $498,000 short of being able to start a Dunkin Donuts.”

“The first thing they [the store owner] are forced to do is to erect the 200 foot tall sign that probably costs $200,000, because travelers at highway speeds will only be on the bridge for a few seconds, and if Waffle House doesn’t entice them to exit by then, they’ve lost their business. Next, because their entire customer base arrives by motor vehicle, they must pave every square yard of their site not occupied by their building for parking to accommodate their customers’ cars (the semis must park on the street.) So is there any shadow of doubt why poor Waffle House has such ugly buildings? Of course not! They’ve completely blown their budget on the sign and the parking lot!

Contrast that with this shop on Nantucket. The man in this picture (who happens to be renowned New Urbanist Mike Watkins) arrived on foot to this storefront, and is standing less than ten feet from the sign, which was probably procured for something much closer to $200 than $200,000. Because this store doesn’t have to operate at a wide extent to attract customers, they’re able to spend their money on other things… like being able to afford high rent in a nice building on Nantucket. Which place would you rather be?”

“does anyone know what starting a business means anymore?

the lemonade stand permits have gotten to stereotype status but it’s not too far off the mark. when you stop people from doing things at the smallest steps where they viscerally understand what’s going on, make them doubt their instincts and experience, the seed is destroyed and they’ll never figure out the rest. lemonade stand permits (public health issue) and forbidding bets on card games (gambling is illegal) has a clear and obvious result: people think starting a business has nothing to do with finding what people want and how to get it to them, and everything to do with following unknown rules from unknown unassailable authorities that may clamp down at any time.

these days “starting a business” means something to do with have a public personality, and being on youtube, instagram, twitch, and/or patreon. because there are no antiterrorism or antihate or whatever laws that sweep across the internet for people.


>”It all started the day we left nature behind. We filled our homes with lovely things and all the stuff we wanted. Our homes became places you would never want to leave.”




>”How this story ends is up to you.”


“In my opinion, if you take anything a proggie says seriously, you lose. They don’t mean it. Their goal is precisely to make people think they do mean it, not to make people think it’s true. Virtue signalling is the ur-example.”

“Leftists may claim that their activisim is motivated by compassion or by moral principles, and moral princciple does play a role for the leftist of the oversocialized type. But compassion and moral principle cannot be the main motives for leftist activisim. Hostility is too prominent a component of leftist behavior; so is the drive for power. Moreover, much elftist behavior is not rationally calculated to be of benefit to the people whom the leftists claim to be trying to help. For example, if one believes that affirmative action is good for black people, does it make sense to demand affirmative action in hostile or dogmatic terms? Obviously it would be more productive to take a diplomatic and conciliatory approach that would make at least verbal and symbolic concessions to white people who think that affirmative action discriminates against them. But leftist activists do not take such an approach because it would not satisfy their emotional needs. Helping black people is not their real goal. Instead, race problems serve as an excuse for them to express their own hostility and frustrated need for power. In doing so they actually harm black people, because the activists’ hostile attitude toward the white majority tends to intensify race hatred.”

“It is a she vs a he and he is dead. She will win.”

“Now I’m not saying we should pick on him because he’s a retard.
I’m just saying we shouldn’t anger him. Because tard strength is a sight to behold.”

“I’m not fucking five years old, mate. You guys have this habit of running around, “Can you prove it? Can you prove it? Can you give me proof?”. We’re adults. Okay? We don’t need this shit spelled out in black and white to be able to see what’s going on plainly to be able to fucking interpret the event.”

“Amazing. Amazing. I love the way you think that Louie doesn’t have a mind of his own, and that I puppeteer him. You know, I advise everyone against interacting with you and dealing with you. And not just you, but the community of which you are a part.”

‘I don’t puppeteer my capos. I just tell them not to engage you.’ That’s adorable. Seems like a bit of a mild contradiction.”

“And I can actually just explain to you what’s happened. And that’s it. And I know you’re sitting there, like “b-b-but” No. No, Jim. No questions, no answers, this is how it is, because I have no reason to lie to you.”

“Can you imagine the fucking ego on a person to say, “Don’t question me, don’t ask me anything, don’t you dare question what I tell you. It has come from me, the beacon of fucking truth in the world. The truth-speaker: Carl, the King of Honesty. You need to go learn some shit before you come play with me, because I only speak pure unfiltered delicious spring-fresh truth.””

2018 Sept 06 ~ 11

>pay for luxury car lease you can’t afford
>pay for alcohol at 10X markup every weekend
>pay student loan debt on useless business degree until you’re 40
>don’t pay rent
“fuKin virgn nerd lol living in teh basmEnt reel MeN pay ofF other Men’s morTgages””

“I used to wonder why everything interesting was fake or exaggerated but now I realize that everything boring is also fake and exaggerated”

“If magnificent grovelling isn’t your core competence, you’re not ready for big time.”

“Geasses are powers of temptation, offering power to those who are willing to throw away their convictions.

A man who lives for his history can erase memories.
A boy who wanted to connect is driven away by the deafening noise of others.
A woman who wanted to be loved could never again trust the affection of another.
And a boy who wanted to lift the yoke of a tyrant was given the power of absolute authority.”

“the problem with these 200+ IQ characters is that the authors/directors/mangaka/etc are just not that smart. The most they could do is some clever gambit reused from some other show.”

“MiniTre persecutes heretics, not conservatives. That no proggies and all conservatives are heretics is purely coincidental.”

“”I don’t know…why you’re asking that, since we both know I’m talking about heresy and neither of us wants to say so out loud.””

“Been reminded that much of modern angst is about attributing deep, complicated meaning to the feeling of being sad about not having kids. Basically every essay that’s pinned to a piece of modern art is, “Not having kids is making me sad and I’m trying very hard not to face that.” Many other varieties of the same thing; modern art is simply a good case study.

All of the rest of the essays are, “I’m trying to serve my tribe, but where did it go?””

“Considering this trivial cost, rich countries can perpetuate chaos in poor ones on a permanent basis if they have the political willpower and can control secondary fallout like refugees and terrorism”

“The maxims of Tonegawa:
– Money matters are life and death matters.
– Society isn’t your mother.”

“If you’re willing to pick apart someone else’s proposal, then you should, naturally, have one yourself. One that doesn’t have the flaws you mentioned.”

“Most movies are tedious drivel, a way of killing time that barely ranks above doing nothing at all.”

“You can’t dream about how nice it would be to win.
In life, you have to win.”

“SSRIS induce suicidal ideation which makes them a useful tool in setting up borderline cases which when needed can be pushed over the edge for mediated crises which can then potentially be taken advantage of for the pushing of a certain policy as a puported response to the mediated crisis, as an outgrowth of the MKULTRA program of personal research.”

“I mean why not charge even more people who you have no jurisdiction over and who will never see the inside of a court room. Quite convenient too that they always seem to be from places that the USA is trying to forment a war with. The world is a stage and when jews are writing the script so the sky is the limit.”

“in the olden days it’d be called causus belli.
in EU4 it’d be smashing that Fabricate Claim button.

also this is all very ridiculous. people with unreliable access to electricity somehow hacked the world hegemon? fat boy kim just cracked the whip and the starving poor got to work? that’s not how skill works. you need really really long stable lineages and large controlled environments to cultivate any kind of real skill, that’s why india still doesn’t have any.

but peoples’ general sense of reasonability is constantly being shot up because of 1) how much of this stuff is always pushed and funded by the same people (people with no resources go to war so there’s fewer mouths to feed, fine; how are they constantly getting their hands on more RPGs?) and 2) really really dumb ideas about how the world works that are never tested and never seriously considered for more than 5 minutes at a time so they never die.”

“Normally we are dedicated to defending even the most offensive speech, speech that we fervently disagree with. BUT….” = yeah we’re gonna censor you and more is coming down the road”

“UN Human Rights Council report: refused the idea that there is a right to have arms for self-defense and furthermore rejected any concept of self-defense as a human right.”
You can tell me that masturbating is wrong too,
but I’m not about to stop doing it.”

“It’s not just any HuffPo bum either, it’s a SENIOR EDITOR.

SENIOR EDITOR who is a MAN thinks it is OK to write professionally and open an article with “LOOK (YOU UNCULTURED MASSES), [person whose opinion i’m about to fully endorse] GETS IT”, and proceeds to talk about how MASTURBATION, male only, should be CRIMINALIZED.

If you wanna know why professionalism is a fucking scam, here it is.”

“Somewhat depressing seeing all these Guild Wars towns empty.

It’s true that I basically never talked much anyways in town, and not even much in parties in pve or even missions. Some trade spammers are still around but they’re like NPC messages. Same with the afk dancers.

Just the fact that there were once people around doing whatever they were doing running around, talking about whatever dumb thing they were talking about made it feel welcoming. Sometimes there’d be a stranger who happened to be looking for someone to help out, maybe it was me who asked that of the public chat and sometimes I’d get a response. Didn’t really matter, just that they were there.

It used to be at mission zones there always were one or two parties looking for a healer. The PvP arenas were always packed up through 1am, bitching about whatever team comp they just saw and how yet another last man standing retard neglected to bring a res sig.

Now, it’s just silent.”

“”guild wars 1 feels wrong because its empty
but thats a good thing
because you know what
if guild wars 2 was empty
it wouldn’t feel any different.
it really fucking wouldn’t.
guild wars 1
you know the difference between a player and an NPC
guild wars 2
you don’t.””

“You don’t need someone else’s love to be happy”
“Isn’t that even more sad?”

“Do you think Headquarters is naive enough to waste money on such announcements if they could instead actually turn the situation around?”

““old boys club” is prog media-speech for “place without leftist women”.”

“[T]he end is coming! Soon we will pay for our decadence! Every generation thinks it’s living in the end times. Will we be the lucky winner?”

“Discourse relies on an assumption of good faith. Discourse then can’t be scaled, because recognition can’t be properly scaled. It is after all hard to identify someone’s intent and state of mind.”

“death has ALWAYS been a part of life

current society shuns it, welcomes youthcults

death has huge spiritual/cultural wealth of knowledge, its just most people fear it. they run from it, constantly seeking creature comforts.

death is aesthetic, romantic, should be celebrated”

“The end result of refusing to generalize about large populations on the actions of individuals is that, short of a uniformed army on your doorstep, there are no such things as large populations.
Which doesn’t happen.
Which is the point.”

>60 million
Literally how.
You could run an Indycar team for 6 seasons with that sort of money”

“Because investors are actual idiots who don’t know anything. Look at nintendo shareholder Q&As. They know nothing about anything they invest in, not just video games but everything, and they invest in it purely because someone told them it makes money. Esports especially they have zero understanding of how or why they work but they hear that video games make more money than the Superb Owl and they want in. So Acti-bliz scams the shit outta them demanding multi-million dollar buy ins from teams because they don’t actually care about video games or Esports but money so if the industry dies tomorrow they at least made theirs.”

“Sounds like a fast way for “Gaming” to become seen as a bad investment”

“You would have to a braindead motherfucker to go into OWL when you can make money way easier just being a fortnite streamer.”

“OWL is salaried though, so you don’t need to meet any streaming donation thresholds. I mean it’s all a huge sham like wrestling, personally I don’t even think the prize payouts are real. They’re basically all just blizzard employees, so they can just pretend they won a million dollars or whatever at a tournament.”

“It’s fucking salaried? Are you kidding? Holy shit this means another thing: They don’t have to try! It’s stupid easy for a team to just say to anther “Yeah its cool bro we’ll let you win this time since we doubt we’d make it to the top anyway but its cool because Blizzard keeps us fed!”

This is incredibly embarrassing for Blizzard. Who the fuck wants to watch this shit? It’s over watched”

“Hell they’ve had collusion scandals in game scenes that weren’t even set up like WWE like this, so I have no doubt the top teams are trading wins outside of the annual championship or something. The model for this behavior originates in Sumo Wrestling, if you look at that, everyone at the top ranks wins statistically enough matches to maintain their rank, and not one more. They coordinate wins/losses to keep everyone in the high tier ranks and take turns on big wins.”

“When I was young, all I thought about was art and music.
Now I’m 36, and all I think about is money.”

“tfw demos used to be funnier than AAA games nowadays.”

“What was so funny about them?”

“A little piece of software designed to get you addicted. No time limits, no pressures to buy it.

This demo (Halo CE) gave me hundreds of hours of multiplayer fun.”

>designed to get you addicted
No, it’s designed to be fun.

Addiction is what we get today. Games keep rewarding you with all sorts of virtual currencies and gifts: points, stars, coins, skins, medals, victory stances, achievements, you name it. They overload your reward system and make you dependant on dopamine.

If we were to remove all that garbage from modern games, vidya would die altogether, because no one would want to play it anymore. Modern gaymers don’t actually like video games, they’re just addicted to them.

Demos are almost the complete opposite of this shit, and even then their purpose was to make you buy the game.”

“You have a point. Games nowadays are “overloaded” with tons of things that only distract you from the game itself. These things are not even designed to get you addicted, it’s only the result of a bad design.”

“This is probably the most sound logically and unironically isn’t a bad argument if you give a shit about girls being included places.

Girls feel uncomfortable a lot, more than guys, talk to any and you’d know. Doing a one time thing for girls isn’t even bad who is this hurting..? Like he said the results were staggering. Sounds pretty inarguable to me.”

“women should just grow a thicker skin”

“They could but thicker skin is against their nature theyre more emotional beings than men, biologically you can’t just wish for it to change.”

“But they ask us to change our biology all the time, e.g., stop finding women attractive.”

“Stop equating an average lefty with an SJW please it’ll help you from sounding retarded outside of this echochamber”

“if you think “average lefty” isn’t equivalent to SJW you’re the one living in an echo chamber”

“East Bay DSA outraged at attempt to tax millionaire homeowners because they are almost certainly composed of millionaire homeowners”

“Can somebody explain to me why is it a good idea to operate the utilities (water, power) of a foreign country? China is buying up a lot of them, but in inconsequential places like Zambia or Portugal.

It’s like they can jack up prices at will. It’s heavily regulated.”

“If you foreclose on Zambia for non payment of debt, everyone thinks you are a usurer. If you foreclose on Zambia for attempting to renationalize water and power, everyone thinks that if you do not foreclose, they will be in the dark with nothing to drink.”

“What they say: “The alienation of the modern man from the products of his labour blah blah blah”
What they mean: “I have no kids and it’s making me sad.”
What they say: “With the intermediation of talking heads and multimedia between the consumer and reality, etc whatever blather.”
What they mean: “I have no kids and it’s making me sad.”

Basically anything that uses ‘ennui’ is about people in cities not having enough kids.”

“Richard Spencer is the prodigial punching bag that they selectively leave hanging out there so he can serve as the platforms 2 minute hate object with anyone who would potentially come to his defense either banned outright or “quality filtered” (ie shadow banned)”

“hedonism pushes the concept of immediate pleasure. also known as utility.”

“If the rule you followed brought you to this, what use was the rule?”

“We really just need to get rid of blacks and keep this planet livable as a priority.

It’s funny how the simplest and most effective means of survival for humanity is less thinkable for intelligent whites than changing the atmosphere of an entire fucking planet.

There is no point on successfully colonizing Mars if we can’t stop it from becoming Haiti.”

“Alot of museums either lack the knowledgeable staff or funding to do that. Or both. Underfunded museums can’t afford younger staff fresh from college who would know how to use things like Google drive. And they often wouldn’t trust an intern with handling sensitive documents like that.”

“It is only relevant to think about something if its outcome will potentially change your courses of action. No thinking is done in this culture because no outcomes will change anyone’s courses of actions.”

note: the above is called autism”

>50% of people can’t read tables
>75% of people don’t have internal dialogue
looks like the autists were right.”

“In Europe until 1945 the majority of all buildings ever built still existed.”

“The Rio Syndrome is the gap between the progress (technological and cultural) of a society and its decadence (inability to maintain or enjoy the benefits of achieved progress).”

“In the (((liberal))) mindset, disliking brown people in your country is worse than being a convicted sex criminal”

“In New York City, only about 100 of the 1,000 crosswalk buttons actually function, confirmed a spokesperson from the city’s Department of Transportation in an email. That number has steadily decreased in recent years: When the New York Times revealed that the majority of New York’s buttons didn’t work in 2004, about 750 were still operational.”

“”(They) were placed there to quiet a constant complainer by giving them control,” he said in an email. “As an engineering trainee I was sent to calibrate one. When I asked why they had me calibrate a thermostat that was not hooked up, they panicked and asked if I told the occupant it wasn’t hooked up.

After assuring them I hadn’t spilled the beans, they admitted that, by not telling me it was disconnected, they thought I would put on a more realistic calibration show.””

“Women in 1960: We are more than just sex objects who cook, clean and raise children, we have brains!

Women in 2018: Follow me on Instagram for more great shots of my ass.”

“Men in 1960: I work and make enough money to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table, and I get laid.

Men in 2018: I make 6 figures, I cook, clean, listen, communicate, groom, work out, dress well, and put my family first, why have I been in a dead bedroom for 7 years?”

“Her in HR at 10:00 AM:

“Steve from accounting won’t stop staring at my ass. It’s a serious problem.”

Her on IG at 10:00 PM:

“Hey 10 million random dudes! Check out how good my ass looks. You wish you could have this””

“Men love idealistically, Women love opportunistically.”
“Men have preferences, women have requirements”

“why do these people just lie to each other so much lmfao”
“Preservation tactic”

“Universal suffrage is the absurd belief that an unmarried, childless, unemployed drug addict should have the same voting power as a family man who’s a pillar of his community.”


“Twitter has no rules against targeted harassment. Twitter has rules against heresy and disrespecting the Party or Party operatives.”

“Remember that you can convince indirectly, e.g., you want to persuade of A so you insincerely propose B to an opponent such that A is necessary to get not-B. (the best choice of statements here is one that benefits you either way, obviously, you win or they lose)”

“Van gogh couldnt sell any of his 900 paintings.

Now CEOs buy and sell his work to fund coke fueled piss orgies and secret wars.”

“If we evolved a race of Isaac Newtons, that would not be progress. For the price Newton had to pay for being a supreme intellect was that he was incapable of friendship, love, fatherhood, and many other desirable things. As a man he was a failure; as a monster he was superb.”

“Grady Towers IQ was ~between 250 and 300

died in 2000 at the age of 55 while working as a security guard.”

>post says “Breed within your race”
>all responses say “Marry your sister”
This is literally how they’re going to push bestiality and chimeras.”

“Work-worshipers are such philistines. Like, yeah, fine, it’s necessary. But can we stop pretending it’s some great thing to have to work all the time?”

“Social media for women is like porn for men.

Social media gives women instant and unlimited attention, it fucks with their brain.”

“You’ll regret this. They will assimilate you.”

“A 2007 scholarly review of hypertext experiments concluded that jumping between digital documents impedes understanding. And if links are bad for concentration and comprehension, it shouldn’t be surprising that more recent research suggests that links surrounded by images, videos, and advertisements could be even worse.”

“The Internet is an interruption system.”

“Intensive multitaskers are “suckers for irrelevancy,” says Clifford Nass, one professor who did the research. “Everything distracts them.” Merzenich offers an even bleaker assessment: As we multitask online, we are “training our brains to pay attention to the crap.””

“Those who stand against Trump will move on to many different things when he’s gone, but those who still support him should never be forgotten or forgiven.”

“Meaning that after you murder Trump, planning to murder everyone that profiles as a Trump voter.”

“What do I hate? Ah, that’s clear to me. People who know their true nature, yet still lie to themselves.”

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.”

“It may be inferred again that the present movement for women’s rights will certainly prevail from the history of its only opponent: Northern conservatism. This is a party which never conserves anything. Its history has been that it demurs to each aggression of the progressive party, and aims to save its credit by a respectable amount of growling, but always acquiesces at last in the innovation. What was the resisted novelty of yesterday is today one of the accepted principles of conservatism; it is now conservative only in affecting to resist the next innovation, which will tomorrow be forced upon its timidity and will be succeeded by some third revolution; to be denounced and the adopted in its turn. American conservatism is merely the shadow that follows Radicalism as it moves forward towards perdition. It remains behind it, but never retards it, and always advances near its leader… Its impotency is not hard, indeed, to explain. It is worthless because it is the conservatism of expediency only, and has no idea of being guilty of the folly of martyrdom. It always when about to enter a protest very blandly informs the wild beast whose path it essays to stop, that its “bark is worse than its bite,” and that it only means to save its manners by enacting its decent role of resistance: The only practical purpose which it now serves in American politics is to give enough exercise to Radicalism to keep it “in wind,” and to prevent its becoming pursy and lazy, from having nothing to whip. No doubt, after a few years, when womens’s suffrage shall have become an accomplished fact, conservatism will tacitly admit to its creed, and thenceforward plume itself upon its wise firmness in opposing with similar weapons the extreme of baby suffrage; and when that too shall have been won, it will be heard declaring that the integrity of the American Constitution requires at least the refusal of suffrage to asses. There it will assume, with great dignity, its final position.”

“David Goldman points out that Chinese (but I think it fairly true of Asians in general) tend to ask themselves: “If I am not succeeding, what do I need to change? How can I learn from the masters? What is wrong with ME?” Such humility runs counter to Diversity conditioning, whereby not getting what you want = discrimination.”

“Recommending particular units is a waste of time – balance changes are bound to mess that up, and I want to teach about general ideas and tactics, not a particular meta. If you need help in that respect, I suggest watching what other players use and copying them, especially copying the ones that win.”

“Throwing out a perfectly good relationship just so you can virtue signal in front of your two token minority friends that you dumped your “evil closet Nazi bf” is just despicable.”

“Last week, I was approached by a rabbi and his wife asking to cut through my property so they could go to their temple. I said “you mean the house up the street?”

He offered a gift, which I declined. I said no, I can’t allow anyone to walk through my yard. I gave my reasons from our dog, I value my privacy, it will not be only them but the entire neighborhood will end up using my driveway, besides I like to garden in my underwear. As the conversation progressed, he became angry and threatening stating his brothers were lawyers. He asked if I noticed the orthodox are moving in. There is much more to the story. His level of arrogance and entitlement was unreal.

Today, my daughter saw several people walking through and then was able to take pictures of this woman walking on the neighbors side and then on mine to cut through into the neighborhood behind us.

I will be posting signs, discussing this with the town, and notifying the police.

There is a stream and easement between neighborhoods and it is already posted with a no trespassing sign. There is a utility easement as well. He kept insisting easements are public property. I told him I pay taxes on every inch of my property and there is nothing public about that. I also told him an eruv means nothing to me. He can believe in it all he wants but my property is not his private domain.

The previous owner behind us built a bridge over the stream years ago. We had no issues so we left it alone. Recently, we saw path created between the bridge and my backyard. I can assume this rabbi had something to do with it.”

“English lacks honorifics / status-marking kinds of ‘thou’ so the listener must estimate social standing by tone of voice. Presumably this would be much harder in a tonal language.

Even with such markers, the speaker can lie.

Non-English is better for a more sincere population: it makes declaring affecting much simpler.

English is better for a basically insincere population, as it reduces the noise-to-signal ratio.”

“At some point China will realize, like everyone else, that the only profitable business in Africa is selling them weapons.”

“I deal with a lot of Chinese companies and this view drives me up the wall.

They have a hard time grasping that concept is wrong and why American companies and customers avoid their products.

Many years ago, I worked for an electronics company that off-shored their board manufacturing. The Chinese board house did that to us. We shipped them all the parts and what we got back looked like nothing they were sent. They were selling the better parts and replacing them with cheaper parts (and sometimes the wrong parts) and keeping the change. It almost drove that company out of business because they whole hogged the board manufacture.

A couple years ago, I sat in a conference room with the President of a major Chinese heavy goods manufacturer (makes tractors and stuff) and told him their stuff was shit and no one in the US would want to buy it no matter how cheap it was. It turned into a yelling match, which was made all the more interesting because I spoke no Chinese and the guy spoke no English. His poor interpreter. His competitor was more willingly to listen and is at the end of a 4 year process of opening up a manufacturing facility in the US.”

“If the game is only fun to fuel your grind addiction, it’s a bad game. My top 3 games all had very short unlock periods or no unlocks.”

“I admire Apple most for their focus. They don’t have a venture arm. They don’t run incubators or accelerators. They don’t want to host you. They focus on what they do best: making sure you have to replace all your accessories and connectors each time you buy a new Apple product.”

“Farming rustics, okay, but also thoroughly raped-over for millennia by steppe nomad killers.”

“If so, they are also the descendants of those killers. And the women who didn’t protest too much. So not a lot of trauma there.”

“JOKE: Transgenderism is bad because it’s ruining women’s sports.
WOKE: Destroying women’s sports is the silver lining on trannyism.”

>Idlib risks becoming ‘worst humanitarian catastrophe’ of 21st century: UN
Are you kidding me? Worse than the entire Iraq War? Worse than Myanmar? Worse than the ongoing famine and cholera epidemic in Yemen?”

“The Saudi PR machine is very well funded.”

“Our ancestors have always known that free sexuality would lead to a bad outcome for everyone. In our hubris, we have decided we know better and started an experiment with consequences that are beginning to show.

Humans are a naturally polygynous species. Comparisons of paternally inherited Y-DNA vs. maternal mDNA show a divergence in genetic diversity such that for every one male, 17 females have reproduced. Of course, such brutal male selection has the consequence of high male competitiveness and violence. This is the reason for why we have evolved a sexual dimorphism between the sexes. In other species, the higher the dimorphism, the less monogamous they are.

The genius of enforcing monogamy in humans led to a 1:1 pairing of the sexes, unlocking a huge amount of male resources previously spent on infighting, a civilization-building feat.

Monogamy has now become optional and even disincentivized, turning back the clock.

So we return to the times of 1 male for 17 females, but since we have laws against murder and rape, and because we have the state providing for single mothers, we have, in the west, nearly disabled natural selection. That leaves us with sexual selection as the distinctor. This is why the most important male traits are now largely genetic: A large skeleton (height, frame), robust/aesthetic craniofacial bones (jawline, orbital ridge, face), full hair, beard, etc. Women are basically selecting for the strongest caveman without any actual fighting. Hence the males of lower genetic value are forced to become suicidal, homosexual, transsexual, homicidal, a blue-pilled beta or a cuckold, all of which manifest in males much more often than females.

Much of what we see today is an inevitability of the incentives set up the last decades. If we continue on this path, it is clear that, without rewarding the subservient male with procreation, civilization cannot be upheld and we will revert to a more primitive state of mankind.

While feminism pretends to fight against male toxicity, it is actually encouraging it. After all, if given free choice, women will choose the meanest, baddest and most dominant. No wonder that 50 Shades is the book that has sold the most copies in human history.

In contrast, monogamy pacifies male “toxicity” and leads, applied consequently over long periods of time, to diminished sexual dimorphism. Monogamy was actually a progressive idea. Today’s “progressives” are really regressive.

Big irony of our times.”

“”Remember what happened in the duke lacrosse rape case? A bunch of fucking people sided against the duke players immediately and assumed they were all guilty and crowed about it.

Then it turns out the bitch was lyin’ and they all got off and all of them had to eat their words as they went home with their ravaged rectums :^)”

“No they fucking didn’t. A lot of them doubled down saying shit like ‘even if they weren’t guilty of rape, it’s a good thing that they went through the trauma and abuse of being universally labelled as rape victims because they can learn what they COULD have been guilty of’ or some shit.

These people are categorically incapable of admitting fault, no matter the devastation they level against innocent people.”

“I don’t think any of the professors that called for their head publicly in a statement (Gang of 88) were fired or reprimanded which was a fucking travesty.

They basically led a lynch mob and afterwards put out another letter saying, “everyone misinterpreted our original letter.” It was absolutely disgusting.”

“Fucking retards taking people at their words without the slightest shred of evidence.
Meanwhile none of those people stood up for the boys when it turned out THEY were the victims.

Fucking hypocrites””

“The welding jobs are a meme like the stem jobs a decade ago were. They always push one field to blow it up and drive down wages via competition between an overabundance of trained workers to exploit them”

“luckily there’s no such thing as non-racist AI”

“Empire always collapses in the heartland first.”

“‘Sun’ appears to be international code for ‘opposition paper'”

>The 20-year-old is poised to burst into the top tier of women’s tennis. Can she also burst Japan’s expectations of what it means to be Japanese?

The real question is why it’s a concern/interest of the White guy writer and the largely White/Jewish demographic of the New York Times magazine?”

“The US was the first place sport became a battering ram to destroy culture. (I don’t think this process was intentional, personally, but I do think certain people realized what was happening and tried to amplify the effect.) We had a pool of available blacks who were undeniably more talented than the rest of the population at certain children’s games, along with a stronger commitment to meritocracy than most places. The effects are unsurprising, and catastrophic.

By watching televised groups of Negroes representing ‘your’ city, or ‘your’ country, you are led to believe that they are more your kin and country than the white players on the other side of the ball.

By watching televised groups of Negroes skillfully placing a rubber ball through a metal hoop, you are led to believe that there are groups of Negroes elsewhere skillfully performing surgery or skillfully designing integrated circuits or skillfully flying airplanes, as opposed to being generally layabout parasites.

These ‘fans’ spend more time watching the television than actually being out in the world where reality would slap some sense into them. They internalize something completely wrong about the relative value of the races when they watch this stuff; based on an activity that is inherently useless.

In reality if putting a rubber ball through a metal hoop was important some white or Asian guy would have designed a ball through hooping machine that would shoot 1000 baskets a second and saturate the market for ballsinhoops. Le Bron James would have a job at the DMV which he would probably suck at.”

“High status people don’t have to follow rules. Especially high status women.
Serena is confused: she’s a world-class athlete, clearly high status, yet has to follow rules. Like wtf, you know?”

“Anecdotally, I’ve noticed that people get especially angry when they’re called out on an infraction they’d gotten away with for a while. They don’t say, “dang, fun’s over”. They’d come to think of it as a special privilege justified by, and demonstrating, their status.”

“Come to think, this is one of the reasons it’s best to speak up immediately if someone does something out of line and annoying.”

“I have nothing to hide”
“I am loyal master please don’t beat me”

“A society obsessed with freedom is a society of slaves.”

2018 Sep 01 ~ 05

“Ever notice that only huge companies have the luxury of doing this shit? Smaller indies would get sunk by the huge level of incompetence resulting from hiring based on skincolor/gender/genitals. I’m beginning to think that all this social justice thing is just capitalism. ”

“Youtube is now taking away monitization from videos that aren’t “advertiser friendly” which is just a bullshit excuse for Youtube to start cutting payments from people after Youtube Red bombed and the site still loses money”

“Cuckservatives are pathetic, but how much more pathetic is the proggie who fears the cuckservative so much they resort to shadowbanning?”

“I have never met an energetic fat person. Lazy body, lazy mind.”

“The energy you put into addiction has to go somewhere. You can’t break an addiction, only replace it.”

“The most insufferable people are those who are unaware of the treachery of the self against the self.”

“If you could be friends with a great warrior or scholar you would find it much easier to be those things.”

“It’s even easier to lie with numbers than with words.”

“>Hitler makes painting with no formal training
>Jewish ‘artist’ makes painting with degree from fine arts academy

“It’s not just about profit and human life. It’s about stifling human advancement, we cant even do research on tons of chemical compounds because pharmaceutical companies patent them and sue anyone for unliscenced use of them in laboratory settings to produce better and safer drugs.”

“imagine arguing solely in the form of gotcha questions”

“how do i become a boomer”
“acquire a lot of money with little effort
and never admit you made a mistake”
“thats it?
i just have to be jewish?”

“Are there exceptions? Of course. But there are also exceptions with people who keep wild bears or alligators as house pets: sooner or later, they almost always revert to their true nature.”

“Identifying yourself as a “fan” out of some silly pride is just embaressing.”

“If there is a magical girl who has reached perfection, like one that they were seeking, I wonder who will understand her misery… who will save that girl?

Who will show magic to a magical girl?”

“You do not rewrite history. I can only affect what happens here just as easily as you can. Why do people in this time period worry so much about time traveler’s destroying their world line when they have no problem doing it themselves every day?”

“Again, I do not seek to add to my credibility. There is no point to it. Actually, by providing information that was useful, I would be adding to your collective fear that I am real. In that case, this cycle we are in concerning “truth” only spirals and gets worse.”

“I’m glad to see it’s so easy for to dismiss the Middle East. Yes, I suppose it is a no brainer but pretty soon it will be a “no arrmer” and a “no legger”.”

“Sometimes I watch your television programs that show SWAT teams using new non-lethal weapons. They usually start out with, “In the future, the army and police will fight its enemies with new weapons systems.” When they use the word “enemy”, they’re talking about YOU! You don’t really think the Marines are going to jump out of helicopters overseas with sticky goop, pepper spray and seizure lights, do you?”

“Can you tell me when the police stop busting people for weed?”

“It happens about the same time they stop coming to your house when you dial 911.”

“Perhaps I should let you all in on a little secret. No one likes you in the future. This time period is looked at as being full of lazy, self-centered, civically ignorant sheep. Perhaps you should be less concerned about me and more concerned about that.”

“I don’t believe that knowing a possible future makes it happen. You are capable of changing your worldline for the better right now. None of the things I have said will be a surprise. They were set in motion ten, twenty, even thirty years ago. Are you really surprised to find out that Iraq has nukes now or is that just BS to whip everyone up into accepting the next war?”

“In Tokyo there are over 2.7 million buildings. In 2016, 49110 new buildings were constructed (replacing 43822 that were torn down). The city has not had a housing shortage for decades, with the most expensive building codes in the world. We already know how to build affordably.

I am not saying that Tokyo is to be copied, or something to look up to, but there are no robots, nor cheap foreign labor, prefab houses, 3D printed building frames or any other new tech to wait for. The reason your city can’t build is simply because it doesn’t want to.”

“The Koreas want to test run a railway connecting the two countries. The US forces head of command blocked the project from moving forward. This is what we mean by US colonialism & interference in the peace process. This is occupation.”

“It’s as though the US want to isolate the DPRK (to the end of making it a failed state, so that that they can swoop in and dominate the market, extract as much capital as they can out of the state while cutting funds to crucial public institutions like healthcare and education, making the Koreans mere consumers, and not self-determining people, as they have done time and time again to countries around the world – a.k.a. imperialism”

“One minute “the North is such a hellhole, we just care about the Northerners’ human rights” the next “We cannot allow Northerners any degree of freedom of movement to the South, they are the Enemy””

“The basic human need to be watched was once satisfied by God. Now, the same functionality can be replicated with data-mining algorithms.”

“If you have something to say, say it to my face!”
“I would, if you weren’t always running away.”

“I like the incredible freedom you have on this worldline but I see it as a trap and I fear the cost is the loss of your sense of connection with family and community. Yes, you can self actualize your ambitions but at what cost to the people around you, or yet to be born? The incredible availability of art, literature and limitless resources is hardly taken advantage of as I imagine the number of people sitting in front of their TVs.”

“In my opinion, the Gen Xr’s ended up in two categories. There were the ones who had learned to be independent by breaking away from tradition and societies expectations and the others who had no idea how to take care of themselves and just wanted the trains to run on time. The ones in the first group feel very guilty about “letting” the world go to Hell and the ones in the second group are dead.”

“”((Does the civil war start in such a way that with this foreknowledge those willing will have time to remove themselves to safer locations.))” >>> “Yes. You will be forced to ask yourself how many civil rights you will give up to feel safe.””

“Current Turkish gallows humour: A prisoner goes to the prison library, asks for a specific book. The guard tells him, “we don’t have that book… but we do have the author.””

“I can genuinely see American democracy evolving into a system where the presidency is stripped of its power and a villainous figure is always deliberately elected so everyone can live in permanent, heroic outrage.”

“For an argument to be ‘compelling’ it must be convenient, not necessarily true.

It’s impossible to come up with true and compelling arguments for most people.”

“Reminder that Rome started losing literally every military engagement when they removed the shrine to Nike (God of Victory) from their Senate building”

“You may have heard that the North Pole is melting – though no one told you that the South Pole has grown, and is now vastly larger than it was a hundred years ago.”

“This expedition to Antarctica is led by global warming scientist Chris Turney, whose company, Carbonscape, sells carbon indulgences. If you sin by emitting carbon, Chris Turner will, for a suitable payment, offset your sin with his carbon offset credits.

In the course of this expedition, they have repeatedly smacked up hard against ice that their ideology said could not possibly be there, and then proceeded to act as if the ice was not there. And then their ship got stuck.

The Global Warming research expedition, the Spirit of Mawson, aboard the Akademik Shokalskiy, has become stuck in something resembling ice, in high summer of the Antarctic. The leader of the expedition, however, assures us that the Antarctic ice is melting, so I suppose the material that it is stuck in is denial that has taken the form of white crystals.

Three icebreakers have been sent to rescue them, but were defeated by the thickness of the ice, notwithstanding highly scientific measurements proving that antarctic ice is becoming thinner. Doubtless Chris Turner is going to offset all that carbon expended by the icebreakers.

The purpose of the expedition was to retrace the Mawson expedition of a hundred years ago, and compare their measurements of the ice and penguins with modern observation.

There is an interesting expedition blog post, return to Mawson’s hut, which dances around the fact that one hundred years ago, when Mawson’s expedition built their base, the base area (Commonwealth Bay) was completely ice free in summer, while now the sea is covered in thick impenetrable ice that looks that it has been there a very long time. “It felt like we were in the interior of the continent, not at its edge.” But in Mawson’s day, the hut was at the edge.”

“The climate is always changing. Climate Change is always true. But over the last hundred year or so, it has not changed enough for unaided human senses, or even human senses aided by ordinary and reasonably affordable instruments, to detect. Sometimes the climate does change dramatically, sometimes catastrophically, in a hundred years or so. But not this last hundred years or so.

So, why the high drama about global warming? Why the catastrophism? Why the demand for dramatic changes that somehow always result in our power system being looted and damaged?

The reason for the high drama is that science, technology, and industrialization was created by white male capitalists, an enormous achievement for which mankind should be eternally grateful. And people who hate whites, hate males, and hate capitalism want to destroy science, technology, and industrialization. Anyone who talks about Global Warming or Climate Change in ways that imply it is an important crusade hates you and intends you harm. Maybe he wants to lower your status. Maybe he wants to exterminate your race. But either way, he is your enemy. Whosoever talks catastrophic global warming hates you and is motivated by desire to harm you.

Whites, males, capitalists, and white male capitalists created all the good stuff, so they tend to have most of the good stuff, so people who want to take our stuff hate us. Hate whites, hate males, hate capitalists, and particularly hate white male capitalists.”

“After WWII the creation of the Eurodollar market allowed US banks to shift money to London in order to avoid the restrictions placed on them in the USA. Britain made matters worse when it allowed many of its former small colonies to become tax havens. Just one building in the Cayman Islands is the legal headquarters for 12,000 corporations. In just the second quarter of 2009 the UK got net financing of $332 billion from three of its Crown dependencies which had just become offshore tax havens. The island of Jersey had effectively become an extension of the City. The Caymans have become the fifth largest financial centre in the world with over 80,000 companies headquartered there including three quarters of the world’s hedge funds.”

“The Center for Diversity and Inclusion has created the following class exercise for middle school students. The Earth is doomed to destruction, so rank the top 8 “most deserving” of these 12 candidates to be saved on a rocket ship to another planet:”

“Damn, I kept thinking about this and I ended up with (probably) the real answer:
Leave behind the homophobe, the cop, the asian, and the accountant.

The first two are gimmes. Accountant isn’t in any sacred group. Don’t know if they admit asians are white yet.”

“This is horrendous.What sort of meaning do kids get from this?
That some people deserve to be saved,some lesson.”

“I think it’s mainly about detecting budding shitlords, so they can tell their future teachers who to persecute.”

“Look, here’s the thing. There’s about 150 people that run the world. Anybody who wants to go into politics, they’re all fucking puppets, okay? There are 150, and they’re all men, that run the world. Period, full stop. They control most of the important assets, they control the money flows. And these are not the tech entrepreneurs. They are going to get rolled over over the next five to ten years by the people that are really underneath pulling the strings. And when you get behind the curtain and see how that world works, what you realize is, it is unfairly set up for them and their progeny.

Now I’m not going to say that that’s something we can rip apart. But first order of business is, I want to break through and be at that table. That’s the first order of business. And the way that I do that is by proving that I can do what they do, as well as they do it. And then do it better than how they do it. Because at the end of the day they are commercial fucking animals, okay? And they’ll open the door out of curiosity, and they’ll let me stay because I add value. And then once I’m there, I can open the door for other people who can try to do the same thing. So my entire goal now is that, is to be in a position to aggregate enough of the capital of the world, to then reallocate it against my world view.

I’m not saying my world view is the best or right. But it is mine. And at the end of the day, there are 150 other fucking guys with their world view, and they don’t give a shit what you think about their fucking worldview. That’s the truth.

And so, why not me?”

“Get the money. Get the money, and then let’s get around a table and let’s create new rules. Literally that simple. Get the fucking money. I’m serious. It is going to be made, it is going to be allocated, and you have a moral imperative to make sure that if you have a point of view that matters and you want to reflect it, you get it.

I’m going to go get it. Other people are going to go get it. And then it will be about a competition of views. And don’t wrap yourself in all this liberal kind of bullshit about my God, money, blah, no, stop. Here’s how the fucking world works okay? It drives the world for better or for worse. Economic incentives drive entire swaths of population to behave in very, very predictable, and then when you take it away, unpredictable ways. Ask anybody in your class that’s from a developing nation. Ask anybody in your class who has seen that play out from where they’re from. So that’s what you have to do. You have to go and get it.

If you control the capital and you have a point of view, then the question is, don’t be a sellout. Whatever your worldview is, you should be spending time to think about what that is, so that when you control some of these purse strings, you will push that view into the world.”

“Venture is basically just a bunch of soulless cowards. They’re well intentioned. But they’re well intentioned soulless cowards.”

“Nuclear was stopped primarily the way NASA was stopped, by putting stupid people in charge. It is not apparent that fusion power would be workable even with smart people in charge, but to be on the safe side, they put stupid people in charge of developing thermonuclear as well. The big vulnerability of nuclear power is not the imaginary evils of nuclear power (The long term effect of Chernobyl was the deaths of at most nine people outside the power plant outer fence) it is that you need smart people in charge of nuclear power. It is easy to disrupt cooperation between smart people by inserting stupid people.”

“Suppose someone genuinely fails to see women behaving badly. Then, if he disagrees with me, the natural response is

“No you are wrong, women are not behaving badly, they don’t need to be controlled”

But instead I hear

“horrible men need to be controlled and you are a horrible man, you rape other men’s daughters and seduce other men’s wives”

Which makes emotional sense if those making the accusation see what I see, but are frightened, weak, and impotent. It only makes emotional sense if one sees bad behavior, and, unable to address the bad behavior directly (because that would be domestic violence, hostile work environment, sexual harassment, mansplaining, and rape) displaces one’s rage. If one does not see what I see, if one does not see a great deal of very bad behavior, it makes neither logical nor emotional sense to accuse me of these absurd views. For someone to make these angry hostile denunciations is displacement of anger and pain, thus only makes emotional sense if female misbehavior is causing him anger and pain, thus only makes emotional sense if he sees what I see.

Blaming men for female misconduct is fear, weakness and white knighting. People say that speaking the truth about women is “bad optics”, but weakness is the worst optics. We are the strong horse.

I am indeed saying that women, starting at a horrifyingly young age, like sex, like rape, and rather like brutal rape. To conclude from this that I am arguing in favor of brutal rape, one has to attribute to me the white knight position that women should get what they want. But that is an implausible position to attribute to someone who is arguing that women want very bad things, wicked, foolish, and self destructive things, and who frequently says in the plainest possible words that women should not be allowed to get what they want. Chastity and monogamy are a plot by men against women and needs to be imposed on women with a stick. Monogamy and chastity were first invented when one band of ape men wiped out the ape men of another band, killed their mothers, killed their children, and divided up the women among themselves.

When I talk about nine year old girls finding an older male to fuck them, I say “but she does not want to fuck someone like you – she is going to fuck a heavily tattooed forty year old motorcycle gang leader and drug dealer.” When a heavily tattooed drug dealer is my example of youthful female hypergamy in action it is unreasonable to attribute to me the argument “This is what little girls want, and therefore giving it to them should be fine.” What I say is that this is indeed what little girls want, and therefore they need to be whacked with a stick and in some cases shotgun married. We need to deal with this problem with domestic discipline and the threat of early shotgun marriage, not by doubling down on prohibitions against men, prohibitions that are only effective against respectable men, and thus wind up reinforcing the little girl’s feeling that bad men are higher status.”

“Male conflicts are resolved by establishing hierarchy. Female conflicts are resolved by eliminating the losers. If you submit to male dominance, he would like to keep you around. If you submit to female dominance, she will casually destroy you. Men reproduce most successfully by ruling, females reproduce most successfully by being ruled, thus are maladapted to rule. White knighting fails.”

“White knighting works as a sneaky fucker strategy for high status males. If a male is acting in a role that makes him higher status than you, as for example a preacher, he is in a good position to fuck your women. If, in that high status role, he preaches that women are higher status than himself, that is going to impair his chances. But if, in that role, he preaches that your women are pure and chaste (and therefore your women would never have sex with him)) and also preaches that women are higher status than you, that is going to improve his chances. “Domestic violence” laws are a white knight strategy targeting men who are low status in the male hierarchy but high status in female perception, because violent. People in authority are pissed that women like are criminals and men with no income, and so push “domestic violence””in an effort to undermine the authority of those men over their women, with the unfortunate effect of undermining the authority of all men over all women. The correct way to reduce the propensity of women to hang out with stone broke criminals and ignore the guy with the corner office in the skyscraper is to support male authority over females, but only for males in good standing, as the Mormon Church does. Of course, that has the effect that people in authority don’t get to fuck the women of men in good standing, which is why this strategy is so frequently unpopular with men in authority.

Which is how we got into this mess. King George the fourth slept with the wives of aristocrats. His own wife slept around. He tried to divorce her, revealing himself as powerless and cuckolded. The power of Kings went away, and anglosphere fertility has been falling ever since, with a temporary recovery between first wave and second wave feminism. The elite go after each other’s women, lose social cohesion, and social disorder ensues.”

“I call them the first men, because they were smart enough to have laws and commandments, and likely smart enough to attribute those commandments to God, but looked like upright apes. It seems likely that they looked like upright apes, because women find male apes sexually attractive, while men do not find female apes sexually attractive, which indicates that in our evolutionary history, men have been exercising sexual choice, but women in the lines that we are descended from did not get to exercise sexual choice since the days we looked like apes. Which indicates that populations that allow female sexual choice die out, and explains the female propensity to make very bad sexual choices.

It is unlikely that males would have been able to coordinate well enough to prevent female sexual choice till smart enough to have laws and commandments (which is smarter than some present day peoples) so this implies a population with human intelligence and human social order but apelike appearance.

You cannot suppress female sexual choice except you have laws and commandments that prevent men from defecting on other men, from which I conclude that we are descended from a very long line of populations that had the law:

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbor’s.

in effect, that though entire peoples kept falling away from such laws, peoples that fall away from those laws disappear from history.”

“The Book of Proverbs goes on about sexual misconduct at considerable length. And it describes the reality that I see, not the reality that people keep gaslighting me with. In the Book of Proverbs, sexual misconduct is primarily the result of lustful women manipulating naive men in order to obtain socially disruptive sex. There are no grooming gangs in the Book of Proverbs. Women sexually manipulate men in order to obtain sex in socially disruptive and damaging ways. Men do not sexuality manipulate women. Though the dance is pursuit and predation, conquest and surrender, as if lustful men were imposing themselves on sexless angels, that is the dance not the reality. The reality is that women and girls are lustfully manipulating men and their social environment to obtain social outcomes that in some ways superficially resemble lustful men imposing themselves on sexless angels. That is what the Book of Proverbs depicts, and that is what I see in front of my nose. And yet I live in a world where everyone with astonishing confidence and enormous certainty reports a very different world, a world of men sexually harassing and raping women, a world where male sexual predators lure innocent sexless female children. When I report the world that I see and experience, which is the world depicted in the Book of Proverbs, which is the world that the famous Wisdom of Solomon depicts, some people get very angry.”

“Romance is an escape hatch out of the tenth commandment. Supposedly it is OK to fuck other men’s women if that is what they want. Tingles supposedly make sex holy, and a woman should supposedly always get whatever man gives her tingles. So a woman can have sex with every man who gives her tingles, which is apt to be a disturbingly large number of men, and stop having sex with any man who stops giving her tingles, who is apt to be the father of her children.

Well I have bad news: Your women, including your daughters starting at a startlingly early age, always want to fuck some strange man because there is always some man higher status than you, so this escape hatch out of the tenth commandment is always going to burn you. Therefore any group of men that allows this escape hatch out of the tenth commandment is always going to perish in the long run. And any time someone claiming high status tells you that your women are not going to be tempted to fuck some high status male, provided you are sufficiently holy, or sufficiently progressive, or sufficiently manly, sufficiently patriarchal, or sufficiently antisexist, or sufficiently loving, is more interested in sneak fucking your wife than in the survival of the group to which he belongs.

These are the real optics: Nobody likes the weak horse, white knighting women and girls as sexless angels looks weak, and sneaky fuckers need killing even if, like William Duke of Acquitaine, they are far from weak.”

“All men are supposedly created equal. Observed inequality must, therefore, be the result of “hate”. Evil noticers are supposedly causing the underperformance that they notice. Thus, war on noticing. Since underperformance continues, the punishment of whites and males must be endlessly escalated. Endless escalation of punishment must eventually manifest as ethnic cleansing and genocide.”

“When women won voting rights, local public education spending jumped. Just imagine the investments we’ll make when more women are voting in Congress.”

“they will do literally anything to put the task of child rearing on someone else”

>tfw you’re in the top 5 “most profitable employees” but realize that just means you’ve brought in a ton of revenue and haven’t been paid shit

“Plant-based foods cause obesity and chronic disease.

Not animal foods.”

“That said, I’m growing increasingly disillusioned by diversity. It turns out that vibrancy is not as vibrant as the Cloud People in the all-white areas say. The other day, I saw a local had been evicted. One of the males was guarding the furniture on the sidewalk. That night, a brawl broke out as other natives tried to haul off the furniture. I decided that I’ve had enough vibrancy, so my time here will be coming to an end. I’m too busy this fall to make moving plans, but spring is a good time, so I’ll start looking for a new house soon.”

“Firstly, I don’t care for the term, as it conjures an image of toothless hillbillies bitching about the darkies. I’m just not a fan of rehabilitating words and terms that the Left has successfully demonized. As I’m fond of pointing out, even if you manage to rehabilitate Hitler and the Nazis, all you end up with is an airport named after him. You will still be living as a minority in your own country.”

“What’s crueler? You tell me:

1. Convicting a guy of some minor crime and ruining his employment prospects, or burdening the state with long incarceration costs, or

2. Giving him a few lashes with the cane and telling him he’d better not do it again, and then moving on.”

“To maintain homeostasis you need to have a border to separate inside which you can control from outside which you cannot. Letting uncontrollable outside to get inside leads to death or fragmentation. All those ‘activist’ types are predators, one have to fight them to survive.”

“Moreover, this elite mindpower has to be literate. Because a human brain can only store so much information, societies without literacy are unable to move forwards much beyond Neolithic levels, their IQ levels regardless.”

“There is no corporate equivalent to DNA. The positive copying errors do not propagate and overwhelm the negative copying errors as they would in millions of years of evolution in wasps or elephants. This means that institutions only arise through the process of imitation and invention carried out by human minds.”

“the deep state doesn’t real but actually it does but u see its a good thing”

“I just realized Arrow’s impossibility theorem has a real dumb in it.

You can’t make a voting system that’s consistent, because people lie about their preferences
…why again are we worrying about accurately representing the liar?”

“When women are let loose to do as they please, away from the influence of men, they have not come up with a cornucopia of great inventions and discoveries. Instead they have aborted tens of millions of infants, blamed all their problems on men, voted leftists into office, become excessively promiscuous, gotten worthless college degrees and demanded equally worthless make-work jobs, believed that wealth falls like manna from Heaven, come to believe marriage is temporary, destroyed children’s lives through easy divorce and single parenthood… and rationalized every bit of it.”

“Rebuild is a lot more hopeless and bleak than NGE. The original show at least acknowledge that kids might be fucked up but they might do things better than their parents but Rebuild is pure bitterness and hate toward kids for not being flawless supermen working for the emperor, with bouncing tits and cat ears. There’s something icky in the entire cast shitting over a 14 years old boy, despite he’s a fucking cartoon (read the CRC of 3.0).

Eva is more otaku now but also more bitter”

“I will say, though, that despite all the problems being solved if somebody just told Shinji what was going on, it is pretty realisitc. If the world really did go to shit, you can sure as hell bet that people would latch on to a scapegoat for it.

And that’s what Shinji’s been, for 15 years. A scapegoat that the world’s been looking at when they need an answer as to “What the fuck is going on in Evangelion?”

Their answer’s always been “It must be Shinji’s fault!”

People are pretty fucking horrible, especially when a large group of people feels justified in their hate.”

“I hope this becomes a point brought up in 4.0, I really do. We’re obviously presented with the idea that everybody blames Shinji, but we’re also shown that it’s not really his fault. He never wanted to destroy the world, even if that’s a result of his actions, it shouldn’t be entirely on him.

I hope after Shinji gets over the shock of seeing the only person who bothered to try and explain what was going on explode, he just flat out tells everybody that all of this shit could have been avoided if they’d just told him what the fuck was going on.

I really hope that’s where it goes, because it looks like it could go that way… or, it could go in the direction of “This isn’t your fault but society says it is, so it is. Grow up and stop trying to stick up for yourself. The nail that sticks up gets hammered down.””

“Remember EVA was created due to the environment that was going on both culturally and economically.

Japan went through some tough shit and every series had to compensate. Kamen Rider was gone, Sentai was in dire straits, Ultraman hadn’t been on in years, classic 70’s flashy mecha had stopped being original and even the cynical Go Nagai works stopped working so regularly. The Japanese economy was in serious problems, social issues were coming to a head in many areas, and it became obvious unless things changed everyone would be fucked, but Japan isn’t exactly a country that likes change.

Evangelion is very much a series that would only have worked as well as it did in a specific time and place. People responded to Shinji because they were also in a bleak, hopeless place. They were suffering, and to make matters worse even their childhood heroes abandoned them.

The whole Moe thing in and of itself began in the same period and has a major hike every time Japan has some kind of crisis. Heck, you can’t ignore that Moe as it’s own specific thing with “cute girls doing cute things” being entire series exploded in popularity once the global recession hit everybody HARD. Hell, notice how even in affectionate parodies like Akibaranger the guy obsessed with Moe is essentially a regular guy working a full time job, but can’t afford any kind of independance and lives with his mother because he has no real other options.

Moe is, in a very real sense, the art of desperation, more than Evangelion ever can be.”