2019 Jan 06 ~ 12

“AOC shaking her butt on social media and telling you she wants a 70% tax rate is literally findom. I checked the Chinese zodiac and this lunar new year is the year of the paypig”

> It looks like she started cheating during a period where I was depressed after losing my job and father in the space of two weeks

This is the absolute state of women Gentleman, they don’t love you and you can never trust them”

“It used to be an unspoken rule in “tech” before “tech” became a thing that you basically had to have original proprietary technology (I.e. a patent) that added value to the world. That’s all out the window now”

“In May 2013, PayPal declined to pay a reward offered in its Bug Bounty Program[143] to a 17-year-old German student who discovered a cross-site scripting flaw on its site. The company took the position that because the student was under 18 years old he did not qualify to participate in the program in violation of the program’s terms and conditions.[144]”

“Nothing inherently wrong with using other peoples code (thats ultimately no different from what libraries and/or frameworks are depending on the language) but what I view as being totally destructive to the world of programming is that everyone has been incolcated that abstraction is all-important which leads to people not caring about 1) not caring to understand what those libraries and structures do internally and 2) people forcing things into object-oriented schemes where a few lines of procedural code could do just as well.”

“IT is such an unfortunate marriage between the most worthless morally denatured scum on one hand but also lots of multifaceted inter-twining systems that I am so fascinated by. I fantasize about how it must have been to design, conceptualize and build all these things at a place like Bell Laboratories in the romantic days but then I go online and the first thing I see is the newest minimalistic doodles cartoon with gay lesbian indian transwomen muslims on the google homepage as the defining expression of what IT is in my lifetime

according to everything anyone ever talks about on computer-related subreddits and youtube channel we’re gonna have the QUANTUM COMPUTING revolution any day now. Always been skeptical about that but with every passing year that stuff reminds me more and more of the breast cancer cure which all those “charities” on TV never stop saying is oh-so-close”

“also its really hilarious how IT workers in the US literally dont do anything half the day. it really is like in the movie Office Space – people work maybe about half an hour on an average day

im almost convinced that the whole explosion in employment in tech/IT is just a jewish scheme to import asians into the west. there is no way with how unproductive the average IT employee is that theres really some exploding demand for IT/STEM workers”

“I believe marriage is between a man and a woman. I am not in favor of gay marriage.” – Barack Obama, 2008″

“isnt their suicide rate
ridiculously high”

“it’s not that high
they talk about suicides because people like to hear about deaths
and Japan doesn’t have deaths other than suicides or old people
so they talk about suicides.”

“The only inanimate object that should ever be of any concern is yourself when unmotivated.”

“So my last post on Nassim Taleb’s mental retardation has triggered quite a lot of laughs and chuckles, and also some criticism. Some people say I was not rigorous enough when writing about Nassim Taleb’s books.

To those people I say: hold my beer. Seriously, people, this is a blog. A free blog, which I write under a pseudonym. I seek nothing from my writing, besides it being an avenue to make interesting friends. Which I have, dozens of them, and God bless them. But surely in this little place of mine which I offer free of charge, I’m entitled to shit on people for fun once in a while, especially if they’ve given good reason, as Taleb did by saying the most retarded thing that anyone can say: that black overpopulation is not a problem because they’ll turn out just as smart as the Germanic tribes did in post-Roman Europe.

That’ s not just retarded, that’s the most harmful and dangerous thing that you can say, period. The most dire danger to Western Civilization, to our lands, to our families, to our friends, to everything we hold dear, is the demographic replacement of Western populations by immigrants from Africa and the Middle East. Taleb is saying that’s not a problem! Well, fuck Taleb, fuck his books, his goatee, his accent. Fuck his deadlift, his insecurity about his racial background, and everything about him. And fuck you.

And besides, this kind of pedantic arguments about “oh you didn’t spend weeks reading his book to understand the math”, or concern trolling about the effects on group morale of criticizing a man who (to his credit, which I had always given before this week) at least makes a point of looking and sounding like a real man and not a soy-infused mangina, reveal you are the kind of person that Taleb hates. Taleb is a middle-eastern man who, by sheer biology, just can’t stand North-Western European nerds. And to be honest I can relate to that. So at any rate, don’t be a nerd and defend Taleb with nerdy, over-rigorous arguments. I don’t care, and he hates your guts.”

“The real problem in our world is that high-IQ people, not just nerds, but just basically everybody half-functional, is failing to produce children, leaving a huge demographic vacuum which greedy business-owners and evil politicians are using to import dumb and hostile foreigners into our lands. *That* is the problem. And in our modern world, where the rights of ethnic peoples to their own homelands on purely ethnic and historical grounds is not accepted (because Nazis), in our modern scientistic modern world where the only acceptable public arguments must be written in the form of formal science, the only effective, true, empirically provable, and most importantly, legal argument to oppose the influx of millions of dumb and hostile immigrants into our lands, is the biological basis of IQ, and the different distribution of IQ between racial groups.

[…] All we have is IQ, which individually tells you indeed very little about how useful a man is going to be for a particular task, but when averaged over populations tells you if a place is a shithole full of dumb people, or it’s a civilized and mildly pleasant place. IQ does an *exceptional* job at predicting that. Japan is nice. Denmark is nice. Morocco is not nice. Black Africa is awful. You may not like China, but it’s orders of magnitude more pleasant to live in than India.”

“Racial solidarity celebration movies, such as Black Panther and Crazy Rich Asians, tend to be inherently conservative. But, while Wakanda and Singapore are both right-wing authoritarian utopias, Singapore actually exists.”

“Reading this biographical book about female monarchs in ancient Egypt, and every chapter so far goes on an extended tangent about Hillary Clinton being given a raw deal in the 2016 election. Lmao I’m just trying to learn about the Bronze Age.”

“overwatch: *has some guy manage to catfish the entire competitive scene by masquerading as a 17-yo girl only to claim it was a social experiment after being exposed for it*

blizzard, sweating: uh…. *spins wheel of characters* soldier 76 *pulls out a random card* is g”

“‪If we had been allowed to talk about race and IQ, the invasion of Iraq would never have occurred, because no one would have been under the illusion that a Jeffersonian Republic was going to emerge from a population with an IQ in the 80s.‬

‪Opposing science got >500k people killed.‬”

“Rich people are happy to fight malaria in Congo. But working to raise men’s wages in Dayton or Detroit? That’s crazy.”

“What’s remarkable is how the rest of us responded to it. We didn’t question why Sandberg was saying this. We didn’t laugh in her face at the pure absurdity of it. Our corporate media celebrated Sandberg as the leader of a liberation movement. Her book became a bestseller: “Lean In.” As if putting a corporation first is empowerment. It is not. It is bondage. Republicans should say so.

They should also speak out against the ugliest parts of our financial system. Not all commerce is good. Why is it defensible to loan people money they can’t possibly repay? Or charge them interest that impoverishes them? Payday loan outlets in poor neighborhoods collect 400 percent annual interest.

We’re OK with that? We shouldn’t be. Libertarians tell us that’s how markets work — consenting adults making voluntary decisions about how to live their lives. OK. But it’s also disgusting. If you care about America, you ought to oppose the exploitation of Americans, whether it’s happening in the inner city or on Wall Street.”

“Our leaders rarely mention any of this. They tell us our multi-tiered tax code is based on the principles of the free market. Please. It’s based on laws that the Congress passed, laws that companies lobbied for in order to increase their economic advantage. It worked well for those people. They did increase their economic advantage. But for everyone else, it came at a big cost. Unfairness is profoundly divisive. When you favor one child over another, your kids don’t hate you. They hate each other.”

“What kind of country do you want to live in? A fair country. A decent country. A cohesive country. A country whose leaders don’t accelerate the forces of change purely for their own profit and amusement. A country you might recognize when you’re old.

A country that listens to young people who don’t live in Brooklyn. A country where you can make a solid living outside of the big cities. A country where Lewiston, Maine seems almost as important as the west side of Los Angeles. A country where environmentalism means getting outside and picking up the trash. A clean, orderly, stable country that respects itself. And above all, a country where normal people with an average education who grew up in no place special can get married, and have happy kids, and repeat unto the generations. A country that actually cares about families, the building block of everything.”

“Why are right-wingers so incapable of criticism? Seems like they’re the real “snowflakes.””

>make nazi movie
>the girl is a boon
lol no, we didn’t make this or ask for this”

“Whatever the intent, critics are going absolutely berserk over the movie because the Nazi boy is depicted as always brave, always caring and there’s even a scene where he reveals surreptitiously listens to Billie Holiday and says he “loves nigger music” which inexplicably causes a positive romantic reaction from the black girl, Leyna.

Also Leyna doesn’t approve of Nazism altogether but at various points in the movie she does say she’s proud to be German (she’s supposed to be a French Algerian soldier’s WWI rape baby) and she hates Jews.”


Is this not just a shitpost?

That’s seriously the movie?”

“Explains why so many jews hate the movie despite the obvious race mixing message.”

>Asante’s attempt to make Nazi characters appear sympathetic is a perfect example of not reading the room, especially in this contentious time in our country.
Guess what, the entire rest of the world isn’t as engaged in American identity politics as you are, and seeing as it’s about a German and a German/Algerian, how about Americans keep their trash opinions to themselves for once?”

“The director and her husband”
“wait so the movie is LITERALLY a sort of fantasy from a black woman”
>wait so the movie is LITERALLY a sort of fantasy from a black woman
It’s your fantasy romance novel where [female human being] meets [pretty boy supernatural being that is supposed to kill and eat humans].

This time the vampire is cursed with antisemitism instead of fangs.”

“My favorite part of “woke culture” is how every ethnicity, religion, or minority identity has this codified list of ways they’re supposed to act and things they’re supposed to believe, and they fucking SEETHE and rage and throw a shitfit at anyone who’s part of their tribe that doesn’t adhere to those stereotypes.

Black people fucking hate being stereotyped in any way, but they also will literally beat down and ruin other black people who don’t fall into that victim shit and just do whatever they want.

It’s fucking hilarious because it’s like watching a family that all hates eachother get together for the holidays.”

“Well that’s sort of the undercurrent, that blacks don’t get along with ANYONE, as evident by the fact that as soon as the social justice shit started revving up a while ago, the black people were real quick to split off with their “white feminism” shit. That’s the underlying condition, that SJWs in general can’t tolerate eachother because they all have to compete in the oppression olympics to prove they have more oppression points, and thus are more valid and correct.

But the more important part is that they don’t actually want to acknowledge this. It’s like, they do it behind closed doors, in meetings among themselves, but they can’t show the world (if possible) how fractured and non-functioning the SJW whole is. They have to pretend to get along and support eachother, and be outraged for eachother by the same things, while behind the scenes they talk shit and snap at one another over who is more woke and who is more oppressed.

So on this movie, you’ve got the gamut. Some people say it’s trash because it fictionalizes the Holocaust and the struggle of the Jews, others say it’s exploiting black people’s trauma, others that it uses black people to try and absolve the crimes of the Nazis. No one can agree WHY they should hate it, just that they should because…it’s about Nazis?”

>black male, white female
>guaranteed Oscars and other awards as well as critical acclaim
>white male, black female
>already trashed before being released, industry attempts to shut down film


“As testosterone levels decline in America, executives at the highest levels of industry are supplementing with human growth hormone and testosterone to build their empires and engage in corporate trench warfare well into their 70s.”

“Liberalism emerged in northwest Europe. This was where conditions were most conducive to dissolving the bonds of kinship and creating communities of atomized individuals who produce and consume for a market. Northwest Europeans were most likely to embark on this evolutionary trajectory because of their tendency toward late marriage, their high proportion of adults who live alone, their weaker kinship ties and, conversely, their greater individualism. This is the Western European Marriage Pattern, and it seems to go far back in time. The market economy began to take shape at a later date, possibly with the expansion of North Sea trade during early medieval times and certainly with the take-off of the North Sea trading area in the mid-1300s.”

“The Flynn effect does not, in itself, seem to be a real increase in intelligence. Rather, it is simply a greater familiarity by people with the process of doing tests and, as such, has masked an underlying decline in real intelligence. Now that the Flynn effect has exhausted itself, we are seeing this underlying decline.”

“A century ago the market economy was important, but a lot of economic activity still took place within the family, especially in rural areas. In the late 1980s I interviewed elderly French Canadians in a small rural community, and I was struck by how little the market economy mattered in their youth. At that time none of them had bank accounts. Few even had wallets. Coins and bills were kept at home in a small wooden box for special occasions, like the yearly trip to Quebec City. The rest of the time these people grew their own food and made their own clothes and furniture. Farms did produce food for local markets, but this surplus was of secondary importance and could just as often be bartered with neighbors or donated to the priest. Farm families were also large and typically brought together many people from three or four generations.

By the 1980s things had changed considerably. Many of my interviewees were living in circumstances of extreme social isolation, with only occasional visits from family or friends. Even among middle-aged members of the community there were many who lived alone, either because of divorce or because of relationships that had never gone anywhere. This is a major cultural change, and it has occurred in the absence of any underlying changes to the way people think and feel.”

“This is nonsense, of course, on many levels. But there is no arguing with a person like this. I think Eric Vinyl’s response (“Ha ha, this is adorable.”) is the most appropriate way to deal with ignorance of this sort.”

“I am driven to create a mental model of the earth, one of unparalleled accuracy available to me purely through recollection, and right now I’m tidying up some blank spots on it.

this is why pore over climate and time zone maps: at any given moment, I want to be able imagine–accurately–the sensation of standing at some other location on earth.

this is of course the ultimate source of the appeal of railroads to me: spatial organizers

being on board a train is like being in one of those hub worlds in video games: accessible from a select list of places, transporting you between them.

“Cambridge” is an abstraction. Porter, Harvard, Central, Kendal…those are real.

Now you see why I don’t care much about freight rail, and why I am more interested in train interiors than exteriors, and why locomotives have no appeal for me, and why stations are my favorite places in the world”

“If you don’t put borders around your countries, you will be forced to put borders around everything within your countries.”

“The next time CNN gets their panties in a twist about a Russian bomber doing maneuvers a hundred miles from our ADIZ just remember this early 70s photo of a United States F4 Phantom doing a barrel roll over the top of a Russian Tu-95 Bear strategic nuclear bomber INSIDE RUSSIAN AIRSPACE.”

“Wtf he’s married!?”
“every hoe works a field”

“There’s gotta be someway this violates international law, so we can just drone strike his house to pieces.”

“crimes against masculinity”

“With driving you aren’t reliant on anyone but yourself. You’re doing all of the effort of getting yourself from point A to point B.”

do these people know what engines are or nah”

“It’s hard for me to understand how you can simultaneously believe that a border wall is a wicked policy and also will not work.

Surely the wickedness is in fact dependent on the effectiveness.”

“I love how chicks randomly band the term incel around now to describe any guy who’s unattractive to them, going through a tough time, or has simply upset them. Way to show off your empathy as the supposedly fairer sex!

Mocking and taunting those who struggle socially or are sexually unattractive only signals how much of a shitty person you are. It really is nothing to be proud of.

Makes me laugh though that women on the internet can literally not conceive of a high value male holding opinions she disagrees with, nope, if he says something she doesn’t like, it’s because he’s an incel!

The level of delusional arrogance on these hot takes is breathtaking.”

“I had a coworker back around 2002 who after tax time sat down with his wife and figured out that after they paid day care, income taxes etc they made an additional $3,000 by both of them working instead of one person working. Therefore, effectively, either he or his wife worked for $3,000 that year. Of course this came with the satisfaction of being somebody else’s horse for a whole year, ahaving their children raised by strangers and wearing out one of their vehicles for no good reason. Since they both made about the same amount of money they only had one decision. She gave her notice the next week. Because she had time at home she started a home based business which he helped with on days off. They ended up making about $10,000 more money a year than when she was working. I think that a lot of people are probably in this situation than realize it.”

“Molyneux has really sperged out on this stuff. Throughout most of our history, humans of all races have had relatively low IQ’s as compared to today. Even the “100 average” IQ of whites isn’t really anything to brag about as far as creating a stable society is concerned.”

“Boy hard to imagine why all the non-whites are clawing to get into historically white countries then.”

“U.S. Senate’s first bill, in the midst of the shutdown, is a bipartisan defense of the Israeli government from boycotts”

“six sigma is a manufacturing meme”
“but we aren’t even a manufacturing company
well technically we are RnD
and the manufacturing is another office”
“six sigma is basically quality control
name refers to standard deviations on a bell curve
one sigma = one standard deviation, first standard deviation is like 34%, then second is like 10?, and it gets progressively tinier
six sigmas is something really small
six sigma the meme is: we’re going to make our error rate really small”
“so why is it a meme
because the error rate in reality is really high?
what the hell are sigmas?”
“like i said
sigma = standard deviation”
“i dont think my coworkers are even using it at work
they just spend a couple thousand on training”
“it’s a meme because it can be executed perfectly without actually having much of an effect on the error rate.
“and got double digit raises”
“you are literally telling me it’s a meme”
i should get it if its a meme then
its a meme that’ll get me a raise”

“if your guns were wrongly taken, you can just fight it using the same legal system that i think is systematically racist and broken.”

“And in response to what I’m sure is coming next, you, yes you, the one writing the essay about how being a youtuber isn’t a real job, we shouldn’t have all this overhead, we should just do it out of passion like we used to,

One: A job is anything you can get paid to do. And we’re doing okay. Some of us even wear decent clothes.

Two: To jog your memory, I used to work at a computer store. In fact, every single person in this video had been paid to make Linus Tech Tips videos the moment they started making Linus Tech Tips videos.

Leading to number Three: Of course we’re passionate! Are you kidding? There are a lot of things that I would rather not stress about. Like, commercial propery leases. Insurance. Equipment breakage. Taxes. Scheduling. Dealing with staff vacation times. But I do all of this crap that I don’t enjoy, because I am passionate about making the best videos we can, and about running a real business that has allowed us to make 7gamers, or Ultimate Desk PC, Scrapyard Wars, projects that wouldn’t have been possible if I was still hand camming unboxings in a parking lot with Luke.

You can criticize me for plenty of stuff, but slam me for lacking passion? I mean, you’re probably the same people asking why I built my own server room instead of hiring someone to do it properly: because I love playing with this stuff! Why do you think I do it? If I wasn’t personally passionate about making tech videos, there would be no reason for me to make an embarrassing face in a thumbnail to try and grow this company. You think I want to explain to my kids why I’m always looking like this? Honestly, do I even seen like the kind of person who needs a lot of material things to be happy? Do you think this is about the money? I live in the same house, I drive the same car, and I wear the same abominable cheap footwear that I always did. The only fancy stuff in my life, is my tech gadgets. Just like before I ever set foot in front of a camera.

Do you know what a lack of passion would actually look like?

Plodding away, day after day, at the same kinds of videos, in the same format, with the same presentation.”

>for example, if i were to say “KILL ALL JAPANESE”

People defend this?”

>soldiers obey her orders immediately
still the dumbest part”

“She shot a dissenter.”

“The dissenter was a military general, which should only make the troops less inclined to obey her orders.
>the civilian administrator of this region is rambling like a retard on a hot mic
>she’s brandishing a gun
>she just shot my commanding officer for no reason
>better obey her orders without question

“Universities artificially limit the number of graduates, keep tuition prices high, and provide just enough financial aid to qualify as non-profits.

This enables the real business model – returns on massive endowments, compounding tax-free, and earning far more than tuition.”

“White privilege = being held responsible for the acts of your ancestors by folks who accept no responsibility for the acts of their children”

“The model of social justice that I refer to as “Woke Neoliberalism” posits that the 1% can get as filthy rich as they want, so long as a decent fraction of them are minorities or women — in other words, that vast inequality is OK so long as we achieve “diversity” among the rich”

“Ask anyone: what is the deadliest white powder sold on the street, first synthesized in the nineteenth century? Heroin? Cocaine? they may suggest. Crystal meth? The answer? Portland cement.”

“On arrival in California on May 18, Omori was astonished to discover that while there were leading science and engineering universities around the San Francisco Bay, there were no earthquake researchers. California was an increasingly sophisticated society, and fast losing its frontier and gold rush mentality, but it retained a deeply held prejudice that engaging in earthquake research would imply that there was a tangible “earthquake problem.”

The late-nineteenth-centure Californian scientists whose work in some way touched earthquake science all observed the requirement to play down the threat. The astronomer Edward Holden wrote: “The earthquakes of a whole Century in California have been less destructive than the tornadoes or the floods of a single year in less favored regions.” This assessment was not much less rhetorical than the newspaper that proclaimed after the 1868 disaster: “Earthquakes are trifles as compared with runaway horses, apothecaries’ mistakes, accidents with firearms, and a hundred other little contingencies which we all face without fear.””

“A lecturer in sociology at @OhioState has been telling students that they are forbidden from using the term ‘illegal immigrant’ to describe immigrants who did not enter the country through the legal method. Because – drum roll – it is offensive.”

“Broke: Traditional life was full of darkness, oppression, poverty and disease
Woke: Traditional life was full of meaning and happiness and beauty and children

Bespoke: It was both.”

“Communicating with a Russian is dangerous because they instantly recognize Progressives as a species of communist. And no matter how many times you call a Russian racist…they still know exactly what to do with communists.”

“Yet he still has his job, yes? Perhaps his job isn’t really software engineering.”

“Any time a right winger says something remotely edgy, Republicans fall over each other to disavow and condemn him. But when a far leftist physically assaults someone over his political beliefs, Democrats say “while I can’t support violence, I wish I could, that was pretty cool lol.”

“You know a serious, educated adult has entered the room when they immediately abandon decades of principled opposition to American imperialism because of a cartoonishly extreme hyperpartisan conditioning campaign by corporate media against a single politician and his constituents”

“In truth, the scientific question of whether the racial gap in IQ is partially genetic in origin gets people so worked up emotionally because it is widely seen as a proxy for the moral debate over: Who is more to blame for black dysfunction, whites or blacks?”

“Laura Bailey said that she was very happy to do Tales from the Borderlands because she was actually voicing an interesting and fairly complicated character alongside other talented actors. Because most of her roles are often just trash or given trash direction but for good ones she’s very happy to put a lot more effort into it.

I bet she was happy about doing Kaine. From her perspective I bet she understood from the writing that something complex existed here instead of the comic book or anime trash she normally has to do.”

>the best written Borderlands is the Telltale one

“The characters were written with the intent to ship them to Gearbox for inclusion into the mainstream Borderlands games.

THAT isn’t the reason they were good. That’s just the premise of their design and it could have gone south. The reason why they were good was because the writers decided the best fucking way to convince Gearbox pick up said characters was to write the best and most compelling characters they could. Now, you could say that’s just a means to have work in the future, but that’s a sure fucking way to produce content that people with taste will like and remember.

It’s too fucking bad nobody else thinks “writing amazing characters will get me more work”. That being said, 2B and Geralt are parading their asses all over the video game universe because guess what, they’re not garbage characters.”

“It is a paradox of modern times that we see our ancestors as untraveled and place-bound, while it is in fact our own generation that is the most sedentary in the history of mankind”

“yeah all that shit is a joke. The reason why sometimes you see big famous cases were elite lawyers win cases after citing arcane stipulations and paragraphs is because thats the fig leaf they use to make the trial look legitimate. Theyre confusing cause and correlation. The judges are already bought off but they still need to find something they can stake the verdict on, hence the “legal tricks”. If a mid-level law firm tried to do those same kind of unconventional legal defenses they’d just be laughed or sneered at”

“i love how when judges overturn previous statutes or legal precedents (implicitly acknowledging that the law was literally just wrong for however many decades), they just dont ever bother overturning any convictions obtained with said precedent/statute/whatever 98% of the time. it’s almost a blatant admission that the entire legal system is a fraudulent made up ad hoc figment of a bunch of morons imaginations”

“Liberals be like “If you live in any country with a higher crime rate than the US, you have the right to immigrate to the US.”

“TIL that changing random stuff until your program works is “hacky” and “bad coding practice” but if you do it fast enough it’s “#MachineLearning” and pays 4x your current salary”

“If diversity was actually a strength, it would have spread long ago thru human evolution and competition.

Instead, monoethnic societies flourish; diverse societies decay and collapse.”

“Liberal political theory is an elaborate intellectual construct designed to convince people that if they want antibiotics and air conditioning they have to allow pornography and premarital sex.”

“Americans wonder why their houses lack charm. The word charm may seem fussy, trivial, vague. I use it to mean explicitly that which makes our physical surroundings worth caring about. It is not a trivial matter, for we are presently suffering on a massive scale the social consequences of living in places that are not worth caring about. Charm is dependent on connectedness, on continuities, on the relation of one thing to another, often expressed as tension, like the tension between private and public space, or the sacred and the workaday, or the interplay of a space that is easily comprehensible, such as a street, with the mystery of openings that beckon, such as a doorway set deeply in a building. Of course, if the public space is degraded by cars and their special needs – as it always is in America, whether you live in Beverly Hills or Levittown – the equation is spoiled. If nothing is sacred, then everything is profane.”

“This habit of resorting to signs and symbols to create the illusion of charm in our everyday surroundings is symptomatic of a growing American character disorder: the belief that it is possible to get something for nothing. The germ of this disorder probably has been with us for a very long time, because this was such a bountiful land. But our economic luck in the aftermath of World War II accelerated the syndrome. Life was so easy here for so many for such a long time that Americans somehow got the idea that you merely had to wish something was so in order to make it so. The culture of advertising – which bombarded Americans daily, hourly – eroded our capacity to distinguish between the truth and the lies. And not even in moral terms, but on the practical level. You could label a house “traditional” and someone would accept it, even if all the traditional relationships between the house and its surroundings were obliterated. You could name a housing development Forest Knoll Acres even if there was no forest and no knoll, and the customers would line up with their checkbooks open. Americans were as addicted to illusions as they were to cheap petroleum. They had more meaningful relationships with movie stars and characters on daytime television shows than they did with members of their own families. They didn’t care if things were real or not, if ideas were truthful. In fact, they preferred fantasy. They preferred lies. And the biggest lie of all was that place they lived was home.”

“To my Jewish friends:
I’ve spent years fighting against anti-Semitism.
I’m not sure you are pulling the same weight fighting against anti-white racism.
I’m watching.
I hope to be proven wrong.”

“Agan and Starr (2017) analyzed 15,000 job applications and found that asking applicants about their criminal history reduced racial bias in hiring. This was supported via two sorts of findings. First, among those firms which used applications with a criminal history box, the call back rate for criminals was 8.6% for Blacks and 8.3% for Whites, and the call back rate for non-criminals was 13.1% for Blacks and 14% for Whites. However, among those firms which did not include a criminal history box and therefore could not differentiate between criminals and non criminals, the call back rates were 9.4% for blacks and 12.5% for whites. More impressively, this study takes advantage of a legal ban on such boxes. Restricting the analysis to firms that had boxes before the ban, it is shown that when using boxes there was hardly any racial bias at all but once the ban went into effect the call back rate for whites was 14.8% compared to just 8.7% for blacks. (Figures 1 and 2 provide good bad charts for this). This is strong support for the notion that call back rate bias is due to employers rationally using race as a proxy for non-racial characteristics. Under this view, we would expect the use of such proxies to increase as direct access to those non-racial characteristics are removed.”

“When someone doing a loyalty test says to someone ‘if you value me then jump through these hoops’, and they jump through the hoops, he is pleased with them for demonstrating loyalty.

When someone doing a fitness test says to someone ‘if you value me then jump through these hoops’, and they jump through the hoops, she will be displeased with them for failing to demonstrate mastery (by putting her in her place).

Generally speaking, you will see men doing loyalty tests, and women doing fitness tests.

When a female perceives a man as failing fitness tests (sometimes known also colloquially as ‘shit tests’), she instinctively cringes away from them; to even think of men which they perceive as low fitness (according to their instinctual criteria [id est, ‘beta’]) feels disgusting, and in fact sociopathically murderous even; if they have troubles they will have no sympathy, and would love it if they were too instantly burst into flames and drop dead on the spot even.

A female is basically perceiving everything through this lens, whether it’s academic debates, or military affairs, or your local PTO meeting. For example, a chick CEO in charge of a company will start doing dumb shit that will ruin the business, because she will instinctively perceive men working under her loyally for the company as contemptible betas deserving of death and ruin, and by acting out to mess things up, will hope it ‘smokes out’ an alpha who will see her misbehavior and beat her with a stick for it before taking (her) over.”


2019 Jan 01 ~ 05

“There was a time after 2B was revealed that people were asking you about her design on Twitter and you answered that you just like sexy ladies. That quote has become pretty famous and attached to you and a lot of people are reading into it. Is that a thing you still believe, would you ever take the quote back, or would you have ever changed 2B’s design?”

“[laughs] Don’t straight men like cute girls? Isn’t that common knowledge? I didn’t realize that was a quote.”

“East Asians make more than whites in America.
Jews make more than East Asians.

Both are minorities.

Stop talking about “minorities” being excluded and poor.
You are really talking about blacks and Hispanics.

Which means you are really talking about IQ.

Just be honest.”

“what louis ck and his defenders are failing to understand is that humor in the current year is not supposed to be funny. it’s supposed to be a trojan horse for transmitting acceptable opinions to the masses”

“When diagnosed with cancer, no one ever says, “Whew… that’s no problem. They’ve been raising billions of dollars for decades to fight cancer, I’ll be fine.””

“It’s getting to the point if I explained what I am doing, I’d have to spend all my time explaining it instead of doing it.

Intuition drives, aggression steers, and rationale is just along for the ride these days. Data inputs are too numerous to categorize.”

>>college students
>design is dumb as shit

The more I read news, the more every single article seems to read “Genius discovered in your hometown! Experts say he’s the smartest kid ever! He even lives on your street! In fact, he lives in your house! He’s…. you!”

For an entire profession trained specifically to stroke dicks, they’re doing it pretty poorly.

That, or something is de-Americanizing me.”

>that’s more environmentally friendly
than what
>and easier to use


“Whoever that Malphite was, thank you. Your decision set Dunkey on the path of greatness. God bless.”

“you’re absolutely right”

“Dunkey is dishonest in his video. That comment with the malph, isnt what got him banned. He said far worse things that got him banned. He was really ruining the game for other players.
Try and get him to post his reform card(log of what got him banned).. He still refuses to this day to post it, because its bad, really really bad.”


“Yes I’m afraid it is. Do you want the truth? Or is dunkey too much your idiol for you to be wanting the truth?”

“Yeah I do idolize Dunkey. And do you want to know why? Because he helped me out of a very dark place in my life.

There was a time when I felt really worthless, and the only thing that helped me out of it was watching Dunkey call Malphite a dumb fuck bastard. Because laughter is the best medicine, and my pee pee hurt when I did the tinkle winkle, and my mommy wouldn’t give me no more milky for my boo boo zone you fucking idiot lol”

“His reform card is really really bad.” Oh really, what’s it say? “I don’t know, he never released it.”

“Takeuchi wanted to seriously bring Nasu’s work and make it well known to public purely because he didn’t want Nasu’s talent to be wasted. So one day, when their usual TRPG routine amongst friends were going on, Takeuchi pulled Nasu to the second floor and told Nasu to not remain self-satisfied within his circle of friends and think further about his talent. To Nasu, this shocked him because those words given by Takeuchi to him was interpreted as this: “この美しい黄金の夕焼けと比べればお前はどうなんだ (lit. What are you when compared to this beautiful golden sunset)”. From there on Nasu had to go serious with Takeuchi since then.”

“However there was a problem: FGO was meant to be developed for smartphones, this became a problem for Nasu – the difference of platforms, that and mainly, Nasu did not own smartphones prior to this project, so he had no experience in smartphone games. Nasu’s reason behind this was because smartphones are so convenient, that if he started using it he will then “turn useless as a result”. So to change his mindset, Takeuchi bought him a smartphone, and one day when Nasu goes to work as usual, he saw a smartphone being placed on his desk, with games installed for him. The games Nasu then used to refer for the project would be “Chain Chronicles” and “Brave Frontier”. It was then Nasu discover the potential of smartphone games. This would then aligned with the vision Takeuchi wanted as well since Type-Moon wanted to catch up with the times, the times where a visual novel games for the niche would shuffle and move into current times – a game where people can access anywhere, anytime. Additionally, the reason why Type-Moon chose to start by creating R18 game was because they felt it was “the most interesting thing likely to happen at the most interesting place”, by doing so it managed to became the forefront brand recognisable by most otakus, therefore to Takeuchi, who always have been looking for interesting places, to be able to delve into the potential of smartphone games, a new horizon for him, was an experience worth exploring. “

“Fear is distracting. If the answer is yes – and there’s almost always a way the answer can be yes – then the rest of the list isn’t checked. The peasant gets scared and stops caring about what else they might be.

[…] Why such a pathological affection for the familiar? The familiar is the set of things which have already been rammed past the fear; which they’ve already learned firsthand aren’t really scary.

[…] You might be tempted to call this ‘childish’ but children are superior to peasants. Children just barely check curiosity first, and as a result face their fears as a matter of instinct and habit.”

“Don’t interpret or alter the exercises as you see fit. Many of the exercises here are, by their very nature, bland and uninteresting. They’re also quite effective at building towards very specific goals. If you alter the exercises to make them more interesting, while you’re busy being entertained by your work, you’ll also be more likely to miss the point of the exercise altogether, or at least diminish its effectiveness.”

“There’s something I’ve found myself having to say a great deal over the last few years, so at this point I think that it’s critical that I state it here, and equally critical that you understand. As such, I’ve separated this out into its own page to give you the best chances of actually reading this.

You should not be devoting every moment you spend drawing to your growth as an artist.

Too many students think that the only way they’ll get good is if they do nothing but practice, and they feel that any time spent drawing but not doing exercises is time wasted. This is simply not true, and more than that, it’s extremely harmful. I recommend that of all the time you spend drawing, you only spend half of that on improving – however that may be. Whether it’s working through Drawabox, some other course, or even just doing structured studies of your own.

The other half should be dedicated to drawing for the sake of drawing. You’ve likely gone into this endeavor for a reason, and unless you pursue that goal throughout, you risk losing grip on it. That means trying to draw those characters, vehicles, props, clothes, cultures, worlds you love now, whether you feel you’re ready or not. And no, you won’t be ready at first, and you won’t be ready for a long time – but it doesn’t matter.

Sure, if you grind your studies every moment you can spare and you somehow manage not to burn out along the way, you’ll come out with considerable technical skill. You’ll also have no idea of how to apply it – and as many will tell you, facing that reality and overcoming it is perhaps more difficult than learning to draw in the first place.”

“Suetonius adds that, according to some reports, he said in Greek: ‘Kai su, teknon’ (which Shakespeare turned into the Latin ‘Et tu, Brute?’). It literally means ‘You too, child,’ but what Caeser may have intended by the words isn’t clear. Tempest cites ‘an important article’ by James Russell (1980) ‘that has often been overlooked’. Russell points out that the words “kai su” often appear on curse tablets, and suggest that Caesar’s putative last words were not ‘the emotional parting declaration of a betrayed man to one he had treated like a son’ but more along the lines of ‘See you in hell, punk.'”

“At the end of the day, there will be people who will respond with, “Well I don’t like drawing in pen.” The fact of the matter is, what you like is either the most important thing in the world, or completely and utterly irrelevant. If you are looking to learn because you think it’s a fun hobby and are interested in it for its amusement value alone, then absolutely use whatever tool you like. There is still much to be learned from these lessons regardless of what tools you use. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing this as a hobby, and no one should ever look down on you for it.

If, however, you wish to learn to draw as a means to an end – to learn to visually communicate so you can move forwards in a particular career path, or just because you are interested in improving as efficiently as you can, then remember this – you don’t get to say, “I don’t like it.” If you haven’t tried something enough to fully appreciate its worth, if you haven’t conquered a challenge, you are not in a position to claim that the challenge is not worth your effort and time. Once it’s overcome, it is your right to denounce it, to say it was a waste. But until then, you’re merely avoiding it because it frightens you, or that you worry that you simply can’t do it. And on that point, you’re wrong.”

“Next, we want to find the most comfortable angle of approach for the line you’ve planned out – so feel free to rotate the page as needed. Personally, being right handed, I find that the most comfortable angle for me is drawing from left to right and away from my body at a roughly 45° angle.

I do get a lot of students who fight against this and insist on trying to draw lines at any angle. It’s admirable, but it very much gets in the way of things. To be blunt, that’s not where we’re going to be spending our energy. We’re going to focus instead on really nailing one line, drawn from the shoulder, from one angle of approach. We’re going to focus on making it confident, smooth and accurate.”

“The traditional measure of the importance of an artist or artwork is its influence. The importance of the camerawork in Olympia is so great that even under the strictest of Nazi cultural bans (I’m talking about on American campuses), it is shown and taught. The same cannot be said of Triumph des Willens. This movie is not shown, taught, or discussed widely because it is so brilliant that there is no way to get from the beginning of the film to its end without becoming, in part, strongly sympathetic to the German cause. And yet, for everyone who has seen Star Wars, a central scene from Triumph is replicated in the ceremony at the end of that film, with Luke Skywalker(!) very clearly portrayed as Adolf Hitler. It’s a brave, astonishing, and frankly indecipherable moment. But it is, unmistakeably, there. Riefenstahl film quotes, from Triumph specifically, occur in films as varied as Scott’s Gladiator and Verhoeven’s Starship Troopers. This is a reviled film that has a long, long, reach, one that I predict will not end anytime soon.”

“First, when the pirates demanded a ransom of twenty talents, Caesar burst out laughing. They did not know, he said, who it was they had captured, and he volunteered to pay fifty.

Then, when he had sent his followers to various cities in order to raise the money and was left with one friend and two servants among these Cicilians, about the most bloodthirsty people in the world, he treated them so highhandedly that, whenever he wanted to sleep, he would send to them and tell them to stop talking.

For thirty-eight days, with the greatest unconcern, he joined in all their games and exercises, just as if he was their leader instead of their prisoner.

He also wrote poems and speeches which he read aloud to them, and if they failed to admire his work, he would call them to their faces illiterate savages, and would often laughingly threaten to have them all hanged. They were much taken with this and attributed his freedom of speech to a kind of simplicity in his character or boyish playfulness.

However, the ransom arrived from Miletus and, as soon as he had paid it and been set free, he immediately manned some ships and set sail from the harbor of Miletus against the pirates. He found them still there, lying at anchor off the island, and he captured nearly all of them.

He took their property as spoils of war and put the men themselves into the prison at Pergamon. He then went in person to [Marcus] Junius, the governor of Asia, thinking it proper that he, as praetor in charge of the province, should see to the punishment of the prisoners.

Junius, however, cast longing eyes at the money, which came to a considerable sum, and kept saying that he needed time to look into the case. Caesar paid no further attention to him. He went to Pergamon, took the pirates out of prison and crucified the lot of them, just as he had often told them he would do when he was on the island and they imagined that he was joking.”

>Prices rise as minimum wage increases in several states
Wow it’s almost like all of business has perpetuated this myth to the point that people believe all the businesses weren’t itching for an excuse to raise prices.”

“I have an employee who always does everything faster than everyone else on the team and spends most of the day playing video games and not helping his coworkers. Do I fire him?”

“So, you’re considering to fire your one and only efficient and honest employee?

Your other employees probably don’t need any help. What likely happens is that they’re more experienced than your fast employee, and have already learned that letting a boss find out that the work can be done in less time only leads to punishment and unrewarded extra work or with dismissal. So they pretend their tasks take the whole day.

Your fast employee does all his daily tasks well and quickly, and gets some spare time because he works well and fast. What is wrong with that? His spare time is his natural reward for being efficient. If you want to take this natural reward away from him, you should replace it with a financial reward.

It was arranged that he’d earn a certain amount for doing the tasks he’s doing. If you want him to do more (like manage other people’s work), you should also pay him more.

If you punish him by firing him or giving him extra duties without raising his salary, you’ll just be teaching him to be exactly like your other employees and pretend that the work takes all day.”

“Some scientists can spend hundreds of millions and use terribly clever regression models and and get the wrong answer.

Others can spend a birthday party budget on an n=21 experiment and get the right answer.”

“Saying white men can oppress entire races whilst dead, and black men can’t…definitely not racist. Just so we’re clear.”

“And if it keeps up, the American Dream will be just that.”

people in past times recognized this truth and knew there were different “classes”. there is no human solution to this “problem”.

i remember talking to someone once too about race inequalities, he was a libertarian, but that basically means “leftie except for some things”. said some things about how it’s because of institutional or historical oppression something or other. because i’m not familiar with that specific line of argument i just went the general strategy i am familiar with. said something like:

‘so how long are we going to be in “repairing” phase for? 10 years? 50 years? 200 years? do you know how long it’s going to take? do you know how much this is going to cost? you want society to embark on a project of *unknown* scope? who’s going to pay it? you? who’s going to agree to this? and there are going to be people who don’t agree with this. you’re a libertarian right?’

pretty sure i threw some references and questions in there about affirmative action’s track record. i forget the details.

got the expected response.”

“Strange how that accurately describes libertarianism now.”

“it’s not strange. used to be called “socially liberal, fiscally conservative”.

people with no money have no fiscal opinions.

and people today have no money.”

>good looking guy hits on me
>tell him I have a bf (lie)
>he apologizes and walks away
What the hell is wrong with guys today? I only told him that to fire him up but he immediately gave up without even trying? If you’re serious about someone, show some fucking determination, geez.”

“Men do that because we mostly respect other men’s right not to be cheated on, it’s just basic common sense and we hate getting involved in women’s mind games”

“Itd be nice if women had the same respect. Instead women are all nasty to each other”

“Maybe take a look at yourself if you’re getting these responses”
“i’m usually the one saying them”
“Well then why do you keep the company of people who talk about stuff you don’t give a shit about”
“Ever been employed?”

“The LGBT movement in Japan is having one hell of a time. The Japanese basically go “doing gay things is fine but you just need to grow up, have children, etc” and SJWs have no fucking idea how to respond to that. “

“It seems to me a decent chunk of this results from journalists.

The news shows places wiped out every other day. When there’s such a disconnect from observable life, people treat it as another episode of Transformers. “Concerned” anchors are not concerned. So why should we?

[…] On second thought, re: also your other thread: Journalists couldn’t possibly care. Rare is one who can see something regular as exceptional.

Journalism is the social tech version of high tech: “We’ll offload caring about the world to this distant more complicated thing instead”.”

“It’s delusion that complaining about woke capital is not itself part of the game. The Internet, product of California, is the mediaplex. Anonymous white supremacist trolls will feature in Hollywood crime dramas: Twitter is a machine for generating new characters and storylines.”

“Look, I’ll refrain from proactively shitting on a guy on our side. But that doesn’t mean I have to buy everything he sells.”

“Neo-fascist accounts will often—in between demanding the extermination of various races—remind each other to call their mum. The fascist psych is the mamma’s boy/bully boy archetype—latent homosexual—seen w/ this character (Mattox) in Robocop (2014). See also, the sergeant type.

[…] They have exceptionally controlling mothers: harridans. The mothers use their sons to destroy their enemies, a proxy for violence. The fascist only loves mama; he disdains all other women as whores and sublimates his sexuality into homosexual relationships w/ his fighting unit.”

“What’s good what are you working on”
“don’t ask painful questions”

“The Ancient Greeks don’t exist anymore. Partially slavery, partially Roman cosmopolitanism.

Speaking of, the ancient Romans don’t exist anymore.
Republican opium dreams seem to reliably destroy the races that engage in them.”

“Could not the same be said of imperial ambition, conquest (checked in on the Mongols recently?) and cives red in tooth and claw? At least some republics have had the decency to survive to the present age.

Every people rising to a height of civilisation has fallen because their success invites raiders economic or genetic. The main difference this time is the global system threatens to make the fall complete; every drop of goodness drained from the barbarians into the cities first.”

“Yes, Imperialism is really bad for the gene pool. Not to mention the Imperial chequebook. Thing is…Republics pretty reliably degenerate into Imperium. I believe Aristotle had some thoughts on this topic.

History gets faster with repetition.

Consider time elapsed: British Empire => Brexit is impossible. Much shorter than Roman lifespan.

I figure truly Imperial America started in the 60s, and is already showing terminal decay.”

“Also a product of “being on the right”, which means deviating from just one of the left’s demands. The person who stopped at LGB, rejecting “T”, becomes “the right”—even if every other view accords to the left’s demands. Thus the right often sees itself as the “real” left.”

“If you have a copyable thing, remember you’re also selling the right to copy that thing and price accordingly.”

“Nobody in their audience is really appalled by these vile things. They want to do them too but need an excuse.”

“Proggies hate the market because it lets you win status without state intervention.
Proggies hate math because being right at math has nothing to do with state edicts.
Proggies hate beauty because you create or become beautiful without the state’s blessing.
Proggies hate health because it lets you function independently of the state.
Proggies hate free speech because they know you’d never think proggie thought if you had a choice.
Proggies hate guns because they think you’d mainly use them to shoot proggie bureaucrats. And they would know, wouldn’t they?
Proggies hate history because history will sometimes tip you off when they’re trying to rip you off.”

“The spoils system was bad.

This is part of a deep pattern in modernism: taking something that’s bad in an obvious way and replacing it with something much worse but less obvious about it.”

“In principle, if you start changing to less-bad things, and make a habit of it, eventually you get to, you know, actual good things.”

“Jesus christ the single most pathetic group of people in the wider tech scene are “white hats” or so called ethical hackers.

Imagine how fucking high you have to be on your own supply and what a pathetic cuckolded savior complex you must have to find security breaches in the platforms of sociopathic global powerbroker corporations that couldn’t give less of a shit about you and then instead of using it to make millions you run off to ZOG like a pathetic little fungus of a man and help them patch their security holes.

All of that for the vague promise that you’ll possibly maybe perhaps get a 200$ bug bounty that they can revoke at any moment and then they’ll force you to sign hundreds of pages of legal gibberish about how they still “reserve the right” to press legal charges against you at any point in the future until the statute of limitations runs out. who is fucking willing to humiliate themselves so much to garbage people like this”

“I thought it was funny that a black guy called me racist in the middle of Oakland.

But then I realized it would be even funnier if he called me racist in the middle of Hong Kong.”

“I may be sugar-coating things, but so what if I am? Aren’t you the only one who can’t understand you should repent for killing someone?”

“You watch too many dramas. Those are just promises and Liebniz’s pre-established harmony; we live in reality.”

“Genius, says Nietzsche, means absolute loyalty to instinct.
Intelligence often kills instinct and makes nerds.”

“A person is any being with a personality.
“Person” originally refers to “persona,” meaning mask.
Does this mean someone who is completely honest isn’t a person?”

“Psychoanalysis aims to achieve an honest relationship between analysand and analyst by stripping the persona. But, as CG Jung observed, anyone who is honest all the time would not be able to stand themselves and would be unbearable to others. They would be a monster, or a God.”

“God is a proper subset of monster.”

“Probably unfair to compare one entire genre with the most transcendent example of another. Also probably doesn’t help a declinist argument to admit that most cultural consumption in the past, like ours, is that of “compost.” (And Shakespeare’s profanity is in no way disguised.)”

“I’m not a fair person, & you’re just trying to impress the girl by contradicting me.”

“Camgirl nationalism”

“This AINT it chief nope uh uh”
“It’s my most concise horror story to date”
“Such an idea should never have been given substance using the English language. I think less of you for materializing such a thing”
“Like kadath or azathoth, even the name of this beast is hideous”
“Naming it creates the possibility that it could materialize in our dimension, and it’s all your fault”
“It has already materialized, we’re just waiting for it to finish booting up”

“It’s a hell of a thing to contemplate: how a country goes in 40 years from over a million Catholics rallying in a Dublin park for Holy Mass celebrated by the Pope to the collapse of the Church and the popular acceptance of legal abortion.”

“my fundamental disagreement with “liberty” on the level of democracy we’re talking about is i don’t think anyone lives in a democracy – people live in bureaucracies. note: “cracy”, or “crat”, means “rule of”. i think paper-pushers generally rule the world. the question that’s important to me is, what is capable of making that bureaucracy doing things that are desirable?

i think you need a charismatic genius.

otherwise you are screwed.”

“Your argument here is silly. It boils down to: democracy is bad because in bureaucracy people have no power.

Democracy in its truest form places strict limits on the power and authority of the government, often through use of a written and codified constitution.”

“If there are no other parties, then that’s the same kind of “democracy” as that which exists in North Korea. It’s for show, and not genuine.”

“you forget, democracy, it is the power of the people and not parties)”

>Never the servant
>Never drew a yen
>Never had a good story before Zero and even then was carried by vastly superior characters
>Never had a memorable speech
>Never put anyone over
>Main character of the worst route in the original VN
>Only the 3rd best romance option
>Only the 7th best servant in Stay/Night and Zero
>Only the 12th best member of The Knights of the Round Table
>Her group the Knights of the Round Table were utterly BTFO by one retard
>Her Man cosplay was cringeworthy
>Her knight cosplay was cringeworthy
>Shit taste in food
>Failed at being a king so badly that she resorted to hiding in an magical field
>Only significant achievement was being summoned by an autistic child
>Somehow the biggest jobber in a series that contains Gilgamesh
>Can only hold her own because she’s a stat stick
>Can only win in a fight because the Grail gave her precognition
>Still struggles to beat some random nobody whose only power to swing a sword really hard at birds
>Always takes the bait, endangering both self and master
>Is the VN equivalent of that one insufferably mediocre whore whose sole professional “””””””achievement”””””” is sucking off someone with actual talent
>spent the latter part of her career being replaced by clones of herself with actual personalities”

“Whenever I’m looking at data from an economic index, I look for what I call ‘America points’. These are components of the index that simply reward countries for being more like America. […] ‘America points’ are a useful concept when looking at indexes. They almost always have them: components of index that are only tenuously linked to what the index is supposed to be measuring but ensure a higher score for Westernized countries.”

“Stop worrying about having “passion” for your work.
If you:
1. Do something you’re good at &
2. Do something that provides value
You’ll get rich.
You’ll have plenty of passion when you’re rolling in cash.”

“Every aspect of modern society is designed and incentivized to keep you weak, fat, dumb and poor.

There are only two places they want you to be: in your cubicle or on your couch.”

“Slavoj Žižek‘s work is mainly based on counterfactual affirmation + doubling down. Here is my own Žižekism: “de Sade’s true perversity is not his pornography, it is that he is not pornographic enough. To overcome perversion, we must make real sadistic pornography.”

The same technique is found in GK Chesterton. Here’s my Chestertonism: “Christianity’s great problem with sex is not that it is against sex, rather it is too sexual. Progressive prudes—fearing the outrageous sexual joy of Christian marriage—retreat into sexless promiscuity.”

Žižek is a fan of Chesterton. Here is an everyday version of the same dialectic game: “The problem with your steak is not that it is raw, rather the problem is that it is not raw enough. To improve your cooking, don’t cook your steak at all next time.”

Is this all nonsense? This is the dialectic, & it seems to allow you to say whatever you want. It angered Schopenhauer. It can also be lethal. What else did Stalin (possibly apocryphally) mean by: “Kill one person and it’s a tragedy, but kill a million and it’s a statistic.”

The dialectic is a useful priestly tool bc it allows a person to raise their status by saying something completely counterfactual to accepted social norms while at the same time making it sound good. As with dressing in a peculiar way, this marks a person as high status. Only a high status person could say something so preposterous—let alone endorse it.

However, there does seem to be a certain truth to dialectics. Do things go wrong because we lack the courage to take them to their logical conclusion—to the extreme?”

>As someone who is moderately experienced with a variety of card games, I could tell you after watching the game for about 5 minutes that it was nearly incomprehensible trash.
>Either they’re lying about the variety of playtesters, they asked the wrong questions, or they only heard what they wanted to hear when it came to feedback.
>Also they somehow managed to make the RNG worse than Hearthstone which had developed a notoriety for that exact thing. Who the fuck thought having both creep deployment and ALL attacks be 100% random was a good idea?
Like most companies they don’t seek out their worst enemies to give feedback on their stuff, they seek out the people who already like them What you want to find is the people who are utterly apathetic about you, because they don’t care if you win or lose but could be won over to your side by doing a good job. Without the feedback of people you haven’t won over you don’t really have feedback.”

“are they trying to change the story why that game failed? a friend let me play on his account and it actually seems pretty good (only spent about 10 hours on it), but basically everyone I know, a lot of hearthstone fags etc., just didn’t play it because it is basically the devil when it comes to monetization.

its buy to play, then there’s not even a way in game to earn free cards, and then at release at least you had shit like getting duplicate stuff of starter things in bought decks.

it’s like the 3 literally worst things they could’ve come up with. other games are free to play, then you can easily get new stuff in game, and then when you actually buy something the odds of actually getting something good are not too bad.

like what the fuck were they thinking. I haven’t been on the valve hate train before, but when that released they literally died to me.”

“Problem with the game is that it looks like shit. It’s ugly as hell, there’s no interesting characters or art, nothing attractive about it.”

“FGO turned a paladin into a trap
king arthur into a cute girl
musashi is a fat udon-eating cutie
francis drake is actually a big titty woman
your turn shitlord”

“How come Fate makes history likeable
But America makes things ugly
Does America do anything right in modern day”

“Yea pretty much
Have you not noticed how modern movies
That are beyond shitty
Still keep getting made
It’s not even made for american Audiences anymore”

“USA: Genderbending because diversity
Japan: Genderbending so we can masturbate to them”

2018 Dec 25 ~ 31

“Trump: We should commit troops to Syria.
Dems: No we should pull out.
Trump: Commit.
Dems: pull out.
Trump: Commit.
Dems: pull out.
Trump: pull out.
Dems: Commit.

This is some bugs bunny shit.”

“Rich people, in the main, are assholes. I know I’m supposed to be more nuanced than that, but hearing the simplistic, monster-painting way these people talk about poor people is really eye-opening.

Right, all these people just want to be parasites, they’re just living high on the hog in their welfare mansions.

And these moron managers grind up the seeds, so much ability squandered with college and conformist hiring practices and work evaluation practices. Little drones win the day, advantage to secretarial females on that front, while all of the brilliant boys have nothing.

These old rich shiteaters hire based on some untested rubric, ship the manufacturing abroad and bring in a bunch of brown and black racial nationalists to rule over the next generation while pronouncing their “anti-racism” and firing anyone with a whiff of “racism” (only applied to whites).

And instead of enjoying their lives, they squander their wealth by working 10 hours a day so the stone they walk on in their retirement costs more than most people’s entire homes.

And in their free time they dedicate themselves to building ever more elaborate patios and yards, which they can enjoy in their twilight years. And so they block the rise of more capable younger people, and the distribution of wealth to that generation, so they can have a fucking million dollar TOMB.

Oh the synergy, the commitment to going the extra mile and the spending more time perfecting a useless report instead of less time doing more real things. And they get paid hundreds of thousands for it.

I know a man and his wife, with no kids, who spent over $100,000 on their back yard. Maybe that hot tub will make up for the extermination of your line? They also have an RV that cost them over $40,000, which they have never used because they are too busy with work.

And while they’re celebrating the birth of the cuckold-child Jesus, born of a Jewish whore from the buttcrack of the world the middle east, they speak of the “lazy poor”. I don’t know for sure if I get it, but I think I get it, why the communists hate what they call the “bourgeois”.”

“This is how it feels to be a white Feminist woman.”
“i actually love this metaphor because it’s a fake target and you’ve put it there yourself.”s

“Indeed the world of men is inaccessible to women, just as the world of women is inaccessible to men. Regardless of how you understand the difference, if we’re to accept that such a thing as “lived experience” is impenetrable from the outside, then we must cede it to everyone. You might object that all of the western canon was written by men, & therefore the content of male lived experience is abundantly clear, but if you make that argument, then we reply that only a man, maybe only a certain sort of man, has the lived experience to decode these texts.

The component of male lived experience that is wholly unaccessible to women, more than any other, is the colossal and abyssal apathy of the universe towards you. Women cannot relate to this, except perhaps women of exceptional ugliness, childless crones, and FtM transexuals. The apathy of the universe is bottomless, and to a man, uniquely to a man, he begins to feel this apathy even from a very young age, he becomes the object of a radical indifference, in equal measure to what vitality he shows.

A woman can never know of the consummate coldness of the universe, for man and woman alike feel the overpowering, all-consuming need to care for women; Woman thinks that she has been controlled by man, but in fact there is no difference between control and protection.

To be regarded with apathy is the price one pays for liberty.

She never even glimpses the contours of masculine reality. And because she does not feel the coldness of the universe, because man has always put her in the safest, warmest, most interior place, next to the food and the fire, she cannot see the world as he sees it, as mechanism.”

“Man’s vulnerability IS written out, at impossible length, across the whole of civilization, and its twin aspects are Woman and the Void. These are our weaknesses. Man’s vulnerability is not the fear of being crushed by our protectors, it is the pain of god’s radical neglect.”

“There are a few; exceptions that are exceptional precisely because they are an exception to the rule; proving there is a rule in the first place (for there to be something to except).”

“Privacy isn;t about making sure the NSA can’t snoop you; the sovereign can always snoop you; privacy is about making sure twitter sjws, ‘human resource’ departments, and yellow journalists can’t snoop you.”

“The idea of ‘collapse’ as a single event is just a wet dream of survivalist types. True collapse is slow, think slightly higher price everything, increase in illness, increased catastrophic weather, death of sea life etc.”

““God doesn’t exist. Billions of universes is totally more reasonable.””

“Forts are all built the same no matter where you go. The entrance of a dungeon can be easily found by tracing the human psyche. That is, hide it in the deepest and darkest corner that can neither be heard by enemies nor seen by friends. This is true in any culture.”

“You have this trend that’s foreign, it’s a Korean thing, but then, the Americans came. And appropriated the culture. And oh boy, it ain’t pretty. You have something that is already gross in a different country; it’s not gonna become less gross when Americans take over it.”

“Remember when people said playing videogames for a living takes no talent?
What the hell is this then?”

“Men unprepared to behave professionally: Lose the creative potential of half the population….. (and more – b/c what is also being lost is the synergy of collaboration between men and women – so the men [and women] who are unable to separate romantic and personal attachments to other goals are suffering and inflicting great loss on all of us).”

“In my experience, men and women do not really work well together. They don’t always speak the same language. They are not on the same wavelength … and then there is the constant factor of sexual attraction.

The all-male institutions of the past were remarkably creative and dynamic. It really is hard to see how you could be MORE creative and dynamic than was the art studio in Renaissance Italy, or, say, Bell Labs, in the 1960’s. I can get more work out of young men when they are not in the company of young women.”

“I’m but a simple man, the complete opposite of you, who dreams of leading everyone to enlightenment.”

“It’s not an atrocity. It’s a conclusion.”

“The hysteria the masses/media are capable of never ceases to amaze me. One man, with one or two guns, and twenty dead children. OH SHIT TWENTY DEAD PEOPLE, LETS MOBILIZE A BILLION OR TWO TO RESPOND TO IT.

This is probably why people don’t find Helen of Troy and the story of the Iliad so amazing anymore.”

“If moneyed interests controlled America’s armies, they would be a hell of a lot more interested in oil than in opium. Why aren’t the Arabs savages in the desert on the fringes of a petrocolonialist patchwork? Why is America not putting the ludicrously weak Venezuelan government to the sword and replacing it with ExxonMobil? Why is development in Antarctica forbidden?

I wish America’s armies *were* controlled by moneyed interests. If the US army was fighting for “capital”, Venezuela and Saudi Arabia would be divisions of Exxon Mobile. That the war is in Afghanistan, rather than Venezuela, shows that it is about performing the holy sacraments, not profit.

Abortion is a holy sacrament. Nine year old girls putting a condom on a banana is a holy sacrament. And to these sacraments they have recently added the holy sacrament of twelve year old boys forced to wear dresses and forced to sit on the lap of a transexual. The Afghan war is being fought to force Afghans to perform our sacraments. If we were fighting for sane and practical reasons, if we were run by “capital” rather than a holier than thou priesthood, we would invade Venezuela, which is sitting on an enormous lake of oil which their internal disorder prevents them from pumping effectively, and a pile of gold which they cannot mine, because every time they make a deal with a mining company they attempt to shake down the miners before the miners have actually extracted any gold.

Venezuela is where the oil and gold is. Afghanistan is where the heresy is. Plainly, therefore, we are ruled by priests, not warriors.”

“If politics is war by other means, then an intelligent species invariably trends towards obsession with politics if it cannot wage direct war.”

“I’ve known smart salesmen, but they’re all from the older generation where the emphasis was on knowing every conceivable thing about your product and your industry.

Today’s salesmen come from the mindset that selling anything is the same as selling anything else.”

“it’s a great skill to learn but there are so many Wolf of Wall Street LARPers who think they’re going to strike it rich because their only skill is lying to people

if lying doesn’t bother you, you’re probably Anglo and should go for it”

“There is always a degree of showmanship that must be deployed upon achieving success. Mastery of this let’s you shift from offensive to defensive contexts at the right time.

The audience drives the show, but a good storyteller never lets them know this.”

“My students call the statue “the goddess of freedom” in Japanese – 自由の女神
I thought about correcting them with 自由の像, but goddess is more accurate to how it’s interpreted and used”

“The comedy of the internet is that every good thing summons a “fanbase” around it which lacks the qualities of what it discusses- thus, most NRxians were entirely humorless. ”

“the middle class striver is most distinguished by his psychic insecurity over his “status” in society

by borrowing elements he perceives to be associated with the upper classes, he hopes desperately to avoid affiliations with the working classes he deems beneath him

these “people” comprising the striving middle class are essentially slaves to the whims and opinions of others

the upper classes are largely free to do as they see fit and the lower are free when they’ve finished work

it’s only the middle that feels it must constantly impress”

“Elite: work for themselves
Workers: know who they’re working for
Middle: “If you love your work you’ll never work a day in your life””

“The Printing press centralized society. It was a prerequisite for the rise of the nation-state.”

“Westphalian formalisms appeared after the Thirty Years War, a disastrous conflict which was caused almost entirely by the ability of the printing press to cheaply wage info/culture war against prevailing Catholic institutions.

The transistor is the American printing press.

We will endure the same conclusion. At least the memes will be funny.”

“What is the state of relations between these two countries, what is the situation with this company; oh they’re issuing very positive statements.

Who can issue very positive statements?

Anyone under any conditions can issue very positive statements.”

“On the tradeoffs between stability and dynamism, where most of us think there’s a direct tradeoff, you see the two of them working together. A lot of times in modern society we condemn tradition. We say, “that’s an old way of doing things”. But there’s a wisdom of tradition, this “intellectual dark matter” so to speak, of why things work even if we don’t understand why they work. At the same time, dynamism is important because we have many sclerotic institutions that aren’t able to adapt to new ways of doing things, new ways of living, new ways of thinking, communications technologies – talk about the tradeoff, or lack thereof, between stability and dyanmism.”

“The normal tradeoff is something like, “conservativism versus innovation”. It is something like, “do we keep everything the same, nice and safe, or do we change things with the possibility that everything breaks or everything goes well?”.

This is a false tradeoff to a significant degree because if you choose to keep everything the same, you are necessarily producing long-term fragility. You are reifying what once was a live, vibrant, spontaneous adaptation to the circumstances as they were, social, technological, economical, and you are reifying the form. And you are trying to apply the form in situations where it can’t possibly work.”

“But is there a natural pace of evolution? I can see how someone could respond to that and say, well hey hold on, the world is now changing faster, and the natural evolution of institutions can’t keep up with this increased rate of change.”

“I think this is where the intentional perspective versus the evolutional perspective come to heads. My view, of focusing on founders, great founders, tends to view society as a massive deployment of social technologies where at one point or another, was engineered by one person or another. We might forget their names, or we might remember their names. It doesn’t really matter. Any complex organization often gets off the ground in under ten years. It’s not like this weird process of centuries of corporations having corporation-babies, and then natural selection culling the corporation-babies until the one with the tallest neck wins. It’s much more like, this company makes a few mistakes, then bam, it gets it right. Because I view that as the source of dynamism, I think an environment where people can build new institutions is more stable in the long run.”

“I have to wonder if you can make a case for increasing NASA’s budget just on the basis that it inspires American citizens and people around the world to work harder, dream bigger, and do more.”

“I think you would need a charismatic head of NASA. Maybe Elon would want the job, I don’t know. Clearly Elon is in the private sector doing the same job. What I’m proposing is, were von Braun a German immigrant today, and you know Musk is from South Africa, von Braun would probably make a company like SpaceX.”

“So what you’re saying is in the 1950s you would go to the US Government to make changes.”

“Because the US Government was flexible enough to recognize new opportunities.”

“What changed between then and now?”

“One of the things that changed is the White House is a much less functional organization than it was back then. It’s not literally an empty house, it’s not literally waiting for the next president to move in; there’s a large bureaucracy, a large civil service-“

“And it was built up automatically through time?”

“It was built up by many individuals over time. The FBI is the brainchild of J. Edgar Hoover, who got to be the director of the FBI for life, and after that, there were no other directors of the FBI that had as long a term, or could redefine the agency to be whatever he wanted. In the 1930s, 40s, 50s, even 60s, it was possible to get the people, get the arguments, get some funding, and then approach a key individual in government who would have either a political or a civic interest in working with you. And then you basically got a government T-shirt. You could basically lobby the government into hiring you and your whole team. Most of the initial agents in the FBI are people J. Edgar Hoover had already worked with in the private sector, like Pinkerton Police Private Investigator World. There was a demand, a public demand, to do something about organized crime, and he knew how to play that. He came up with the concept of forensics, like, why would another police force help? He would make the argument, these local police forces, they do not understand the science of crime-solving, with things like fingerprints, or hair samples, the FBI will have the best laboratories in the world, and we will make solving crimes a science. And organized crime won’t be able to compete with science. It might sound strange that that’s the origin of the FBI. It certainly doesn’t sound like a high-tech venture now. But that was part of the sales pitch. But also part of the reality – he brought together experts that had not previously worked on crime, that could do things like fingerprinting and hair analysis, that’s evolved to the science fiction levels of where you can “zoom in and enhance”.”

“Is this a natural byproduct of institutions? When you look through history do you see the same bureaucracy and slowness and sclerosis that you see with the American government?”

“The answer is yes.”

“Should we just take this for granted?”

“This is the natural course of an institution: It is designed relatively rapidly by a small group of people who know what they’re doing. It is designed to solve a particular problem. It becomes a well-functioning machine with inputs: there’s money coming in, there’s some recruiting pipeline, and there’s some outputs: maybe paper reports, maybe solved crimes, maybe rockets going to the moon, maybe rockets falling on London, really depends on your government’s policy. Or the consumer. Let’s call it the consumer.

The natural course of an institution is for it to be abandoned and to fail the succession problem, where the next CEO barely understands how the thing works, now has to fight these office politics battles with all the people who do not perceive the new head of the organization or leading team as legitimate.”

“So there’s a huge delta between the first person and the second person that likely isn’t as big as the delta between the second person and the third person.”

“That’s usually when it fails.”

“The Amazon of 50 years from now might end up looking like that. We might have to prepare for the world where Amazon is like the DMV. Imagine an Amazon that ate a large chunk of the economy, and Bezos is no longer around, and you have to stand in line to get your Amazon Prime subscription, and the customer service is bad…”

“Organizations come to be defined by their founders long after the death of their founders. This is as true of a Silicon Valley company as it might be an entire government agency, or organized religion, or other non-profit organization.

It seems intuitive if you as an individual are trying to build out a project, this project has to adapt to your quirks as an individual.

You can’t actually take off the shelf a manual on how to be a CEO. You have to find it within yourself to manage other individuals, decide whether this person will do what they said they’re going to do, develop expertise, assess abilities, develop a bureaucratic process that is custom-fitted to your workstyle. If you fail to do this, if you try to run your organization the way everyone else does, at best you’re going to have an organization that is as good as what everyone else does. And for some things this is fine […] but if you want to build an object like, say, Amazon, then you have to dive into yourself, you have to dive into other people. You have to think deeply about questions such as what are people’s incentives? What are their emotional responses? What are the methods of conflict resolution that I personally can wield? If you personally can’t do conflict resolution and you delegate it to someone else, well, you better trust that person, and that person better be as committed to your company as you are. Otherwise you’ll end up in a situation where the person that could resolve a conflict is not really motivated, will not step in, will not do their work.

Furthermore, as you automate more and more of your own work, one way to think of it is a company is, in some ways, bureaucratic. A bureaucracy, in the terminology of Great Founder Theory, is an institution that has broken down a complex task into many simple steps. These simple steps in this breakdown can be executed by many individuals. In this way, the white collar worker, say an accountant, and a blue collar worker, say a factory worker in Detroit, are actually doing something very very similar. There is an extremely complicated process, say a company, or a manufacturing of a car, and they’re playing a small, very delineated task. Do they really need to understand the entire process? Well, they don’t have to. But the creator of the organization better.

And over time we get templates. The very idea of what an accountant is supposed to do is the result of innumerable innovations, through both early 20th century American companies all the way back to 16th century Italian banking. If you went into the 15th century and said “I want an accountant”, it’s like, do you know what you’re asking? Do you know what that role involves? The role of the accountant had to be invented. The tools they use, such as particular standards of bookkeeping, that had to be figured out. And not just figured out abstractly, there wasn’t like a tome, a big ponderous book of “Theory of Account-Keeping”. It had to be prototyped. It had to be functionally prototyped and part of a real organization. Only then could other organizations imitate.

And that’s one of the core features of social technology. I believe founders, and great founders is this term for people who truly transform entire societies, introduce and prototype new social technologies. These social technologies might be social things, they might be more complicated things. It might be an entirely new code of law. And we all know how deeply law permeates society. Everything from our personal lives in things like divorce law or inheritance, to the functioning of organizations. Note, one of the bigger constraints on any organization or company you want to build is the already existing legal environment. So it becomes very clear how a law-giver, be an ancient or modern one, an ancient example might be Lycurgus who set up the laws of Sparta, he’s semi-mythical, but if you go today to US Congress, one of the 12 busts you’ll see there is one of Lycurgus. Does this mean in the modern world we agree with Spartan values? Well, no. But you can certainly appreciate the genius of a society where laws are not getting in the way of people doing things, but perhaps are assisting cooperation. And I think there’s ways in which modern societies have shot a little too much into the direction of getting in the way of doing things.”

“Heroes start as leaders, and end as myths.”

“By now this is old history, but history is always relevant, because it’s not over yet.”

“Intellectual Dark Matter.

Physicists have a term called “dark matter”. It turns out most of the mass in the universe is invisible. We can’t see it. If we point our telescopes at it and try to detect it, it’s not there. So how do we know that there’s more mass? Gravity. The visible galaxies spin at a certain rate. And were their mass notably lower, they would fly apart. Because they are not flying apart, we know there’s some missing mass. Something is there: something is exerting a gravitational pull. Now there are many different theories of physics for what exactly is happening there.

But I feel the same applies to the intellectual world. The same applies to when you read a scientific paper, there is the invisible tacit knowledge of the practical know-how of how to run the experiment described in the paper. Whenever you try to replicate an experiment, it’s not enough to read the paper. You have to go talk to the lab team that ran the original experiment, and you have to work with them until you get the conditions just right. This is the information, to use the term “legibility”, that’s legible. The academic paper is legible. The laboratory know-how is not legible. It’s not known at a glance. It can’t be conveyed in a few simple words. It can’t be conveyed in a paper abstract.

Our society has other kinds of intellectual dark matter, where many of our current thoughts are built out by people that had been profoundly influenced by philosophers that are long gone. You might consider the constitution of the United States as a partial extended of this long extended study of political philosophy where Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton and so on: they are reading Greek philosophers. So today when you look at the United States you might not see, well, this is a product of good philosophy, but in a way, a lot of it is the missing mass, holding the whole contraption together.

There are many other examples, but my favorite example here is Henry Bessemer, who introduced the Bessemer Process at the start of the 20th century. It is a notably better way to make steel.

So, he does the straightforward thing, he’s figured out a better way to make steel, he applies for a patent at the US Patent Office. They grant him a patent. A bunch of steel mills try to use this process. They’re like, “This isn’t working.” He corresponds with them. It’s still not working. It reaches the point where they’re accusing him of fraud, they’re saying, “you know, your patent doesn’t really work”. Henry Bessemer is like, I’m done with this, I’m going to make my own steel mill.

And he does, he creates a company, he sets up a steel mill, and the process works.

In other words, he had the tacit knowledge to make the process work. It was not possible to communicate it in writing. It was not possible to specify it in the formal, visible patent. Note that patents, are literally descriptions of technology that are legible enough that bureaucracies and governments can comprehend them. And it was insufficient to make better steel, this very concrete, very physical thing. This is not like an abstract point of code, this is, how do you make this material.

Anyways, once that steel mill was up and running – well first off, it was super profitable. Secondly, when people had the experience of working in that steel mill, then it was much easier to set up other steel mills running the same process, even if they weren’t owned by the same company.”

“How could we teach tacit knowledge? I feel like video has to be an emerging technology which can teach tacit knowledge fairly well. That seems like one bottleneck in the way knowledge is transferred.”

“It is a big bottleneck. I think YouTube has in fact rendered a bunch of knowledge visible that was previously invisible.”

“Spiritual abuse is when someone tries to fill your god shaped hole without your consent.”

“Vision is not bought or consumed. Vision is the realization you are a vessel for the divine. Most shrink to psychology and water down the vessel as explainable parlor tricks.

Quantify a vision and lose. Become the vision and destiny unfolds.”

“”Even if it seems certain that you will lose, retaliate. Neither wisdom nor technique has a place in this. A real man does not think of victory or defeat. He plunges recklessly towards an irrational death.”

Clearly my reciting the Hagakure is nothing towards understanding it.”

“There are two conspirators against you. One desires your resources, the other desires your will.

“Power” can never be quantified. It is eternally contextual. Fearlessness of death is a fantastic bargaining chip.”

“I hate how normal it has become to be open about your sexuality, and how normal it is for that to include disordered behaviour. People talking about liking anal or feet or whatever the fuck. Shut up. I don’t want to hear about what you like, especially if it’s weird shit. When people start talking about fucking and what makes their stupid cumbrains happy, it makes me see the appeal of Christianity.”

“How do you learn from somebody in conversation? […] Learning through conversation is systematically underrated, undervalued, and understudied.”

“I’m going to say that… people actually do think differently. When you’re talking to someone, discover and try to find the generators of their thoughts. If they’re surprising you over and over again with insight, try to figure out, is this insight the product of a standardized education, or is this the product of a particular view they themselves developed. If it’s a view they themselves developed, try to, yourself, guess what it is. Try to state a simple rule, or generator. Try to notice what the person is doing over and over and over again, and you’ll find, it’s probably something you’re not doing yourself. It’s possibly something no one else in the world is doing. And these implicit observations, when you have the opportunity to talk to someone for five, or ten hours, are invaluable. Often you can learn how to do the same thing yourself. You’re never going to quite live the same life someone has lived, but you can learn to think like they do in a small way.

Also, as a separate thing, people are going to have special pieces of information. They’re going to have special information about the world. You should reason out, just as with institutions and institutional epistemology, what kind of special information, A) the person has, so, are they likely to have figured out something, B) are incentivized to share with you. Because I do consulting work, often the incentives align very well for the sharing of information. If you were to approach the exact same person as a reporter, a journalist, you might have a harder time getting the information out of them if it represents a comparative advantage that they don’t want to give up. Proprietary information is definitely one of the things that surrounds us in this society. People need to support themselves.”

“Americans think Europe is just a very outlying suburb of new york”

“The evil Japanese: Allegedly kill up to 300,000 civilians in Nanking during a war with China.
Condemnable. Evil. War Crime. Rape of Nanking.

The benevolent Americans: Kill ~300,000 civilians in a series of bombings in order to destroy Japanese morale in an attempt to get the Japanese to surrender.
Prudent. Wise. Justified. Deserved.”

“Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is basically a glorified chakra chart.”

2018 Dec 19 ~ 24

“the guardian openly supports doxxing people”
“they opened with “how the world has fought back against [x] and started winning”. they could have made raping babies sound good after that.”

“My “ideology” is that the realm of the human imagination is limited to particular narrative structures which are inexorably repeated in different forms, & the only way to be free is to see these structures, recognize them, & understand their fragmentary nature. Overall, I believe that the total structure of the human imagination is comedic- this is the premise of Christianity, The Divine Comedy, etc. There are no “new narratives” that are not already contained in the comedic metanarrative structure of human imagination.

There’s no innovation in the human imagination- at least, there has not been for centuries. What there has been is an increasing self-awareness that this is the case. Where I differ from postmoderns is that I do not take this to mean metanarratives are “bunk” in some way. Rather, every narrative is meaningful so long as it is understood to be a fragment of the metanarrative. There are no “meaningless” stories, there are just stories that emphasize a particular fragment of the meaning of the comedic metanarrative.

The tragedy, for instance, is only an issue when it claims to be the prevailing metanarrative & not an episode w/in the metanarrative. Most ideologies are tragic narratives which then inspire a comedic resolution thru corporeal action, subconsciously fulfilling its fragmentation. What this means is that life is very far from “meaningless”- it is perhaps almost too meaningful, in that every narrative is an elucidation of a piece of the structure of the total human imagination. There’s no way to be “totally wrong”- only to be “partially correct.”

For this reason, I have no particular allegiance to any fragment of the total human imagination- what I have allegiance to is the total structure of human imagination- which can be simply called “Literature” – which is itself a product of Christian scholasticism. Prior to Christianity, the tragic metanarrative was considered the most elucidary structure- & it was believed that there was no possible “reconciliation” of fragmented narratives, only conflict, & death. Under Christian hermeneutics, EVERYTHING is reconciled comedically.”

“The only difference between you & a serf is that you don’t know the name of your Lords (aside from a coterie of corporate entities) & you get paid your room & board in fractional installments. Fundamentally, political ideology is a way to accept this facade as an improvement.”

“how do we tell white guys with beards that loving public transportation isn’t a personality”

“you don’t”

“W*men will never understand the beauty of logistics”

“Suicide is another thing that’s so frowned upon in this society, but honestly, life isn’t for everybody. It really isn’t. It’s sad when kids kill themselves ’cause they didn’t really give it a chance, but life is like a movie: if you’ve sat through more than half of it and it sucked every second so far, it probably isn’t gonna get great right at the very end for you and make it all worthwhile. No one should blame you for walking out early.”

“Anybody on the left should be able to say that they are willing to go after the people who are supposedly causing third world countries to be shit or reaping rewards for colonialism or meddling. They’d rather just invite all the “victims” in because they would rather feel guilty for what some piece of shit is doing that likely should die. If they express no interest in justice, then they are LIARS.”

“4 real though, I think hrt made me stronger if anything. I went from skinny twink bod to peasant woman from my old country who’s toiled in the fields all her life.”

“i almost forgot progressives were about the working class.”

“> believe in racial equality
> make fun of others for being retarded”

“The mobile internet is entirely unusable outside of dedicated phone apps. Most websites aren’t optimized for mobile browsing, and the ones that are have so many ads that your phone will crash before you finish an article. Of course this doesn’t affect the Average Millennial who only uses his mobile browser to watch PornHub, which is unsurprisingly the only site that works well on mobile.

It’s really surprising people in their twenties have the same “desktop literacy” as their grandparents. You’re basically Neo from The Matrix if you can change your screen resolution nowadays.

The mobile internet is tailor-made for content consumption, not content creation. Try writing an article, editing a photo or video, or writing a line of code on your phone. You can’t.

You can only purchase, share, watch, and “like”. Complete social media saturation.”

“”Tl;dr I’m a centrist and what happened does not represent me or my beliefs”

Yeah. That’s the point of being a centrist. Could’ve stopped the tl;dr at 3 words.”

“If You are Talking about
All Day Long
And You are Not a Millionaire
You are a
Complete Idiot.”

“The real problem with college loans is every teenager who is misguided and then entrapped for decades learns the larger society is not their friend. That lesson outlasts even the loan.”

“But more than Cheney or the man he convinced to “murder” three people at the Women’s March (the interview subject triggered a fictional bomb), Baron Cohen’s most shocking encounter came when, in character as Italian playboy Gio Monaldo, he convinced a concierge to help him find an underaged boy to molest.

“We wanted to investigate how does someone like Harvey Weinstein gets away with doing what…get away with criminality, essentially. And the network that surrounds him. We decided that Gio would interview a concierge in Las Vegas,” Baron Cohen describes.

During the interview, believing the admission would drive the concierge from the room, Baron Cohen, as Gio, reveals that he’s molested an eight-year-old boy.

“This guy starts advising Gio how to get rid of this issue. We even at one point talk about murdering the boy, and the concierge is just saying, ‘well, listen, I’m really sorry. In this country, we can’t just drown the boy. This is America we don’t do that,’” Baron Cohen describes.

After the concierge offers to put Gio in touch with a lawyer who can help “silence the boy,” Baron Cohen asked for his help securing a date for the night.

“He says, ‘what do you mean, a date?’ I go, you know, like a young man. He says, ‘well, what kind of age?’ I say, lower than Bar Mitzvah but older than eight. And he says, ‘yeah, I can put you in touch with somebody who can get you some boys like that.’
Rather than airing the segment, Baron Cohen and his production team turned the footage over to the FBI, “because we thought, perhaps there’s a pedophile ring in Las Vegas that’s operating for these very wealthy men. And this concierge had said that he’d worked for politicians and various billionaires.”

While Baron Cohen judged the interview too “dark” and “extreme” to be included in the show, it’s a revealing look at how the powerful can get away with decades-long sexual abuse, including pedophile sexual abuse, such as in the massive cover-up of the crimes of Jeffrey Epstein, orchestrated by President Trump’s Labor Secretary, Alexander Acosta.

According to Baron Cohen, the FBI decided against pursuing the tip.”

“2 days ago @Amy_Siskind posted that she won’t vote for white or male candidates in 2020. I pointed out this is racist and sexist. Yesterday she blocked me on Twitter. Today she called Boston College demanding they not have me back as adjunct faculty.”

“Everyone has an obligation to create beauty in their daily lives”

“This is the only real social contract.”

“Nobody will complain about improved construction technology. We object to the cultish overselling of something that can’t possibly scale, which is practically the definition of inequality.”

“We don’t like these words: control, obligation, submission. Viewing human interactions in transactional terms is highly discouraged even though it is obviously correct. This is because people who try to quantify their social obligations too closely end up with a liquidity crisis. A person who is controlled is not free, a person who is not free is low status, is seen as less of a person, even though everyone from a billionaire to a bus boy is enmeshed in a matrix of peer-to-peer social control. Wealth and power are entirely contextual and if a powerful man ceases to follow the behavioral scripts that maintain his power, it will vanish. Ultimately, your power controls you. Anyone, high or low, has the freedom to exit, but it’s a desperate, unenviable freedom.”

“Isomorphic to the male gaze is a faculty of women which has no name. We scrutinize and measure (with our eyes) every inch of a woman’s body. She feels this is indecent. But she applies at least as much energy to the quantification of a man, only she calls it his “character”. We are told that the male evaluation of the woman is “objectification” and it is wrong, and yet we encourage female “agentification” of men. But a man can no more choose his character than a woman can choose her face.

Men don’t want to be agentified. We want to be loved for our intrinsic nature, which is how we love women. (Men: you will never succeed in love unless you learn to excise this desire from your inner heart). When, in choosing a spouse, a man looks for a profound, warm-hearted being and a woman looks for a clever, alert, brilliant being, one sees how a man is looking for an idealized man, and a woman for an idealized woman.”

“In all my years of being a feminist I have not met a single feminist who hates men. And, in all my years of being a woman I have not met a single woman who isn’t afraid of men on some level. It’s not hate, it’s fear, and the difference is important.”

“This is actually somewhat insightful. Based on this, I think anti-feminist men actually desire fearless women, and dislike that feminists falsely advertise themselves as women warriors, but are actually conservatives who don’t dare to do anything fun.”

“I find alimony a weird concept.

If I get fired from a job – or quit – I don’t still get to collect a paycheque.

If you get fired as a wife – or quit – I don’t see why you get to still collect a paycheque.”

“Another thing I don’t understand is why marriage vows have no legal standing even though they have all the traits of any other legally binding contract. Yet alimony is assumed by default and has to be opted out of.”

“Broke: gun control

Woke: gum control”

“Just a reminder to all the biological determinism enthusiasts: CHARACTER trumps intelligence.”
“This scam is as old as the world
1. Claim character trumps intelligence
2. Claim character can be changed
3. Sell your mindset/rules for life book/seminar
4. Profit”

“A senior US defense official tells me they have never seen the morale in meetings at the Pentagon worse than they have in the past few days, following announcement that President Trump is withdrawing from Syria, drawing down in Afghanistan.”

“No more new budgets to channel into “strategy” think tanks manned by their buddies and girlfriends. The horror.”

“You and your brother are weird.
Dont you get sick of eachother”


“All you do is make inside jokes you’ve defo hung out too long.

I think it’s weird two full grown men just wanna hang out together everyday”

“I think you’re only saying this because we’re not seeing each other anymore.”

“I’m seeing you when you’re back? Since when are we not seeing eachother?”

“We ended 25 seconds ago when you made stupid comments about my brother.


“Females aim to destroy any power structure you have
Your friends. Your brothers. Slowly take you away from them all
“Your not allowed out” “I don’t like that guy”
And once they control you absolutely they leverage it to your detriment”

“It’s good that Trump “doesn’t have a plan” and instead just ordered the troops the pull out of Syria without any of these shenanigans. This is the only way it will ever be done, “having a plan” is Pentagon code-talk for slowly pulling out over the course of 2 or 3 years so that halfway through the CIA can make up some false flag sob story again which then gets used as an excuse to stop pulling out and put stuff on hold for bullshit reasons again.”

“Fun fact: when you say you hate everything or hate everyone, you’re saying you hate the jews.”

“What if I only hate the Jews”

“Muslim Waitress Refuses To Seat 27-Person Church Group Because ‘Religious Freedom’: “She said that she was forbidden by her holy book to feed ‘infidels’ like us” and that she “could not take part in our meal in any way, even by seating us,” Friedrichs explained, adding that the group asked if another employee could help them. al-Sallah told them the restaurant was “shorthanded.””

“PragerU: “Hitler was a socialist, it’s in the name National Socialist”
Also PragerU: “Hitler wasn’t a nationalist””

“All men are frauds. The only difference between them is that some admit it. I myself deny it.”

“[O]ne trait of Asians I really like, is just how cynical and goal-oriented they are. To a large extent, discussing politics is just not done at all in Asia, unless you happen to work in politics or the media. That was boring, but also refreshing, coming from a European environment where everybody feels they must have a strong opinion on everything, from the price of bread to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Any abstract discussion of politics or philosophy in Asia is usually derided as a sophomoric attempt at showing off. Try to talk about anything not involving immediate money or gossip and you’ll soon get interrupted. “So what?”, “Your point?”, “What’s it to you?”. A common Japanese quip when you use some uncommon word is, 言いたいだけでしょ“you just want to say that word”, implying your vanity makes you feel good at using weird words that make you feel superior or high-status, but they’ve got you all figured out.

And they’re right. It got me thinking. What’s the point of all those conversations which don’t concern personal, immediate interests? It didn’t take long from that realization to finding signalling theory, and suddenly it all made sense.

Note that most of what we call Asian “philosophy” is also very down-to-earth, preoccupied with how to run a government, or how to live a good and content life. That’s just how the people are, and I still believe that they are genetically incapable of caring about metaphysics and the pointless abstraction it so often encourages.”

“people are trying to escape from their shitty life. build a great life, home, relationships. your traveling desire will fade.”

“[…] the fact that I didn’t focus on human drama was what made it possible for Death Note to have such a fast and intense pace. Had I focused on drama, things would have become heavy and the story probably would have slowed down. Plus, with human drama, it’s easy to get philosophical and preachy. If you go too far with that, the story is no longer interesting. That’s why I think it was a really good idea that I avoided all the drama.”

“We have a situation. Look at my t-shirt, how wrinkled it is. I can’t go on a TV show with like three million people watching with a t-shirt that looks like that.”

“Yeah, that’s Youtuber, that’s the life of a Youtuber. It just tells what it is, it tells the reality of how you live.”

“But I’m better than this.”

“Well I don’t know that.”

“As the US chip industry became aware of Japan’s rise, it pursued non-market strategies in concert with the government. In 1977, five leading US chip producers joined together to form the Semiconductor Industry Associateion (SIA), which gave the industry a more unified voice for lobbying the government. In 1985, the SIA filed an unfair-trading petition claiming that Japan was continuing to protect its market in violation of inter-government semiconductor agreements reached in 1982 and 1983. This, along with dumping actions on specific types of chips, helped pressure Japan to agree in 1986 to even more drastic measures, although US penetration of the Japanese market remained limited (Prestowitz, 1988). In 1987, the US imposed $300 million in penalties on Japanese imports to bring further pressure for the enforcement of existing agreements.

On the macroeconomic level, US government policy was also helpful, leading to the 1985 Plaza Accord to devalue the dollar relative to the yen. Over the following two years, coordinated central bank action helped lower the exchange value of the dollar against the yen by 51 per cent.”

“Today, many Americans overreact if Japan has the temerity to act like an independent nation. This happened with the FSX. Using their standard technique of fabricated charges, congressmen attacked the Mitsubishi Group as a way of getting at MHI. They claimed that Mitsubishi was helping Libya to build a chemical plant to produce poison gas. Later, the allegations were shown to be completely false.

Undeterred by truth, these august legislators then demanded that Japan pledge not to help the Libyans build the facility in the future! It was as if a person accused of theft was shown to be innocent, and then the accusers, instead of apologizing, demanded that he promise to never steal again. This is the country that professes to treat Japan as an equal.”

“Up to 1 million Canadians are now being held in Chinese internment camps.”

“1.3 billion Canadians are currently stuck in Red China, but Canada is steadily bringing them all home.”

“The real argument against NYC – Chicago high speed rail is that demand isn’t very high there–not that a mode already exists. Of course, this is why California, Texas, and Florida all have some sort of HSR proposals and NYC-Chicago doesn’t.”

“those are intrastate and not comparable”

“I agree that they aren’t really comparable, but them being intrastate has nothing to do with it”

“organizing 6 state governments on a massive project is completely different form organizing one state government it has everything to do with it”

“it doesn’t have much to do with how many people are currently traveling between NYC-CHI vs SF-LA, DFW-HOU, etc etc”

“IQ tests are nearly twice as accurate as measurement of blood pressure, blood cholesterol and diagnosis based on chest X-rays.”

“okay, let me guess

you believe the japanese are overly rigid and can’t think for themselves

but you probably also think migration is a human right, even if they are mostly men, and there are criminals hidden among them?

go ahead, I’ll be patient as you figure this one out”

“A parent that has a child will have fewer time to spend working. And is less likely to be able to rise in the organization they work in meaning fewer promotions and thus a lower lifetime wealth generation. Them having a child results in lower consumption because they will generate less wealth over their time limiting their ability of goods and services consumption and also leads towards low-consumption activities such as staying at home which reduces commercial opportunities.

From an economical perspective it’s the best for your country to prohibit your own population from having children so that they focus on having the most wealth generation as possible and have as many immigrants enter your country as possible to push wages down so cost of production of both products and services go down to make quality of life and GDP rise as fast as possible.”

“excuse me what the fuck”

>Immigration is the most effective way to grow an economy and raise the quality of life for >most< citizens (except low skilled ones)

most citizens in any country are low skilled”

“Hey /trv/ I’m flying in 2 weeks to Tokyo with my husband,
The problem is I’m not sure how the people would look at us, is it okay if we hold hands in public and maybe a little kiss? All I want is to have a nice romantic trip

Last time I met Japanese tourists they stared at me and I thought maybe I have razor burns on my face or something, it was weird, their attitude towards me was a bit rude”

“What is it with wh*teoids and this shit? Making out with your significant other in public is like picking your nose or scratching your nuts. Find a private place and do it there, how hard was that?”

“i am blown away by how supposedly cheap rail travel is in China. for similar distances in the US you pay four times the price. ”

“Well it’s cheap only compared to the US because even trains in Switzerland aer very cheap compared to the US.”

“Syrian Rebels in the north are cutting Olive Trees in Afrin to sell wood. Savages.”

“Cutting an olive tree in the Ancient World was punishable bu death.”

“Why do introverts even travel? There’s nothing more vibe souring then going to socialise with a group and some guy tags along or sits in the room and just mumbles and avoids talking with others. It drains the energy from the group and kills the dynamic”

“Why do douchebag even travel? They are noisy, rude, agro, and sometimes they smell.”

>It drains the energy from the group
Now you know how the introvert feels.”

“Based introvert, I hope he drains your energy till the day you die”

>traveling just to meet other foreigners in a hostel and drink/fuck
Absolute dumbest reason to travel”

“I find it’s only the most insecure and insufferable cunts who take issue with introverts in social settings.
>Everyone must be as hyper and fake enthusiastic as me or I can’t have fun because my fragile self esteem relies on living in the moment and suspending my disbelief at how shitty my life is outside of my vapid travels

“I can just imagine OP compulsively high-fiving, shouting and doing shots of shitty tequila in a bar, constantly reaffirming to each other through body language that they’re having a time of their lives.”

“The cardinal sin of a liar is that they give far too many details. The liar does this because they feel like their story won’t be taken with validity unless there’s an intricate narrative to support it. Unfortunately, by this same token, they out themselves for what they are: simple storytellers.”

“the problem for a lot of people, though I don’t think they’ll ever be smart enough to put it into ords, is that in a scene like that your friends aren’t really chosen because you guys are on the same level on a particular thing, or because you get each other. they’re just the people you can actually talk to. this is stifling to a lot of people and they can’t figure out the reason, so then they blame the japanese”

“as to stories, I have no doubt that the stories are true in the sense that the people spreading them are absolutely miserable in japan. they misplace their blame 99% of the time though, and most of them can’t speak any japanese, and even the 1% that can still fundamentally misunderstand nearly everything about the culture.”

“a man in stockholm cited police statistics that proved recent migrants committed 50% of all the murder in his country and he got arrested”

“Most of the shit is just people repeating shit they heard their parents say, or random stereotypes that are no longer true. Lots of anons who are weebs think that they will be the “big man on campus” in japan and people will be shocked a white foreigner can speak japanese! The reality is japan has something like 50 million visitors per year, and most people are shocked at this then go on rants about how it’s all gone to shit.”

“Reminder that is very quick to philosophically demonstrate that democracy is a bad idea.

Democracy is a political formula, which is a justification for coercion.
The formula is ‘consent of the governed.’
Coercion is to impose one’s values on someone else.
However, if you have consent, there is no need to coerce.

Democracy is a useful justification if and only if it is being abused.

Thus, in a democracy, power is reliably abused. Ref: open a newspaper.”

“Nirvana Sutra, Verse 19
The worst of the Eight Hells is called Continuous Hell.
It has the meaning of Continuous Suffering. Thus the name.”

“27149, you were here 10 minutes ago. How many files were on my desk.”
“6, sir. 4 beige ones on the left, 1 red and 1 white on the right, sir.”
“What do you think of me?”
“Sorry, I’m not sure, sir. But I think you’re in a hurry today, because your socks don’t match.”
“27149, you can go now.”
“Yes, sir.”

“Okay, I’ll let you retire after this one.”
“Uh huh. I’ve heard that line of yours nine thousand or so times already.”

“You undercover cops are interesting, everywhere you go it’s a rooftop.”
“I’m not like you. I’m not afraid of the light.”

“I didn’t have a choice before. I now want to be a good person.”
“Alright. Tell that to the judge. See if he’ll let you be a good person.”
“So you want me to die?”
“Sorry, I’m a cop.”
“Who knows that?”

“Why should I trust you?”
“You don’t have to.”

“Those who break the rules will end up like him: expelled! Do any of you want to switch places with him?”
“I do.”

“The Buddha says: He who is in Continuous Hell never dies. Longevity is the hardship in Continuous Hell.”

“I agree with this *a lot*, but I can’t entertain this argument because 99% of IQ deniers are doing that in order to replace my people in my country with dumb and hostile foreigners.

One of the few Schelling points to defend my people is higher IQ, so I’ll defend that to death.”

“The author in his work should be like God in the universe: everywhere present but nowhere visible.”

“Everything is politics; it’s just that some people are playing the wrong game.”
bloody shovel

>”The truth is they were arrested in a set up,” a lawyer for jailed @Reuters journalists Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo told an appeal hearing today. “There cannot be legal action based on a set up.” Hear, hear.”

Lawyers say things to defend their clients. That’s their job. How is any lawyer’s word newsworthy?”

“There’s no rules against schmoozing with cops, right? The front door’s fine. I’m used to it.”

“Being a woman is easy. As long as the man is good, I’m willing to do anything.”

“Out of everyone here, I’m the youngest. So allow me to start off the unpleasantries.”

“The Ngai’s are your family. Do you understand what you’re doing?”
“Sir. I’m a cop.”

“Did you plan for me to help you kill him?”
“If I said no would you believe it? I had prepared to die here. This was my only way.”

“Continuous Hell embodies 3 components:
Uninterrupted Time.
Unlimited Space.
Boundless Suffering.
Transgessors of the Five Deadly Sins fall into this hell forever, condemned to the ultimate incessant suffering.”

“Inspector Lau, I’m Yeung from Security Wing. I applied for a parking space.”
“Let me check.”
“I’ve waited a whole month. I don’t want to push you, but how much longer will it take?”
“Sorry, but I’ve moved back to Internal Affairs.”
“I know. But Admin asked me to contact you.”
“Your application’s been approved for a whole month. Space B3A6. We couldn’t reach you for a whole week.”
“That’s because I took the month off. IA was investigating me, you would know.”
“I do.”
“Well? Investigating Admin today?”
“No, just picking up a uniform.”
“It’s a Sergeant’s uniform, Inspector.”
“The uniform of the Sergeant that died in front of you. I’m here to take it back for investigation.”
“Wasn’t the file closed already?”
“That’s right, or else you wouldn’t have been back yet.”
“You’re welcome.”

“There are no triads in China. What this country needs is wealth. Triads are all life-and-death. Today, we’re here to talk business.”
“But I’m a real triad.”
“No no no no no. To me, you’re the best businessman.”

“Do you recognize me?”
“I recognize you. Be careful.”

“What are you up to?”
“You think I’m up to something? This is life and death.”
“Good you know.”

“”Men are changed by events, not events by men”. Without the past, there’s no present.”

“Shen and Sam’s deal will be tonight. They probably have a heavy arsenal, everyone should wear bulletproof jackets. The coast guard are standing by, Team A and B get ready at the the base of the mountain, wait for my order.”
“The operation is called off.”
“Do you know what’s coming out of your mouth?”
“This is an order from the top.”
“An order from the top or from you?”
“I don’t need to give you an explanation.”
“I’ve been on Sam’s trail for years, I think your relationship with Sam warrants a little explanation.”
“It’s Security Wing’s classified intelligence. You can make a formal inquiry to the Assistant Commissioner.”
“Call Internal Affairs.”
“Just do what Yeung told you to do.”
“Wong, it’s not as simple as you think.”
“Sir, my business is very simple: My man is out there risking his life.”
“Everyone in the OCTB stays put tonight. You are all under disciplinary investigation.”
“My men have what kind of disciplinary issues, sir?”
“You don’t follow orders. That’s a disciplinary issues. Where are you going?”
“Going to wait in my room, sir.”

“You two are together? Huh?”
“Sorry, I’m a cop. Go ahead and shoot. Save me a bullet.”
“You’re messing around, right? Are you really a cop?”
“I am. At writing reports, I got straight A’s. After I kill you both, I can write whatever I please.”

“I’m a mole. When do moles get holidays?”

“Men are changed by events, not events by men.
But these two men… they changed certain events.

Let bygones be bygones. Tomorrow is another day.”

2018 Dec 10 ~ 18

“I was told that by now we would have no oil, a huge hole in the ozone layer, no amazonian rain forest, no food for anyone and we would be 2 meters under water.”

“Anybody else suspect that in order to boost their female staff numbers Twitter, Facebook & Google are so eager to employ censors, because these are “important” jobs where they can park diversity hires who enjoy that kind of power trip?”

“straight men trying to make Serious war dramas and accidentally making incredibly tender homoerotic cinema is the funniest thing”

“Can you imagine being so fucking disgustingly touch-starved and sex-saturated that any amount of fraternal camaraderie instantly signals “they are gays, they are in a homosexual relationship” to your ghoulish, porn-addled brain?”

“One positive thing that I can say about the United States, is that having a wife and children is pretty much an optics prerequisite for becoming President.”

“we have finally reached the generation that doesn’t know what MySpace is”

“Clickdriven drama-craving journos are really set on making the youths choose between pewdiepie (& “fascism”) & themselves. Not exactly a bargain that they should offer if they were intelligent but, well, y’know…

“Hey if you like this thing you like it means you’re also a fascist bad boy”
“Oh ok then”

You know how dumb they are when they think that E;R is more “problematic” than pewds recommending bushido codes & mishima in his book reviews. They only know internet content tho, because, again, they’re very stupid.”

“The world was originally a one hit kill place.”

“Even without any pride, people can live if they have food.
Even without any food, people can live if they have pride.
But if they lose both, then they just don’t care anymore.
Then, they just rely on anything they can.
This was the tactic used in that Honganji rebellion, and it gave me some hell of a trouble. And it’s the best strategy to take over a country!”

“Oh, this is a cell phone. It’s a tool you use to talk with people far away.”
“Haa? What a rude tool, can’t even pick time and place.”

“One fourth died? Wrong. Three fourths were saved.”

“The classic saying was that China “had the best food in the world: Rice. They had the best fabric in the world; silk. And they have the best drink in the world; tea. What does the Western world had to offer them?””

“Truth is a matter of perspective.
But belief is a matter of choice.”

“When the federal government was planning on massacring the entire Bundy family over a land dispute, these men risked their own lives and came with guns to defend them.

But now Ammon Bundy is throwing them under the bus because he doesn’t agree with all of their political positions.”

“Weird how the US hasn’t sent money and weapons to the French protesters.
Guess it’s true, we only destabilize countries with oil.”

“there are ways to tell people to fuck off that don’t involve the words “fuck” and “off” and if you honestly think japanese don’t have a way to tell someone else they’re unwanted, you’re delusional”

“Smiths used to be the highest status working man there was, believed to have magical or holy powers, often standing in for priests when one wasn’t available.”

“She basically received no advice, just more bullshit reinforcement that she’s doing great no matter what and whatever she wants to do is okay.”

“Lol, its getting a bunch of one star reviews criticizing it as “unscientific”, but 100% of the one star reviews were made on December 9, 2018 despite the book being just over 3 years old, so we know why it is getting panned.”

“It could be that when there are 100$ bills lying on the ground, all beliefs are good, and when there are not, all beliefs are evil. I don’t think that is true, because if it were, we would never have got out of warm, equatorial zones.”

“The modern era reached its modality when a majority of people could no longer believe in a power outside themselves. “Believe in yourself” is a prayer, haven’t you noticed?”

“Neoliberalism won’t save us, we’re already in it. “Socially liberal” means political control through sexual control. Bureaucracy that exists to sell you objects to insert in your ass. No, don’t take away the porn!”

“Similarly with transcendence, who would follow a holy man who cannot offer transcendence? If you promise these things you’re a fraud, if you don’t, you are impotent.”

“There is a widespread stereotype, that wood is a combustible material, therefore non-fire retardant.

The beams inside both houses are loaded with two-tonne weights. Theoretically, the metal beam may yield because metal heats up very fast. If we compared metal and wooden structures, I would bet on massive wood construction used in this building.

The building also has windows – both plastic and wooden ones. Wood burns predictably and slowly at a rate of 0.7mm per minute. Therefore I predict better retardancy in the wooden windows.

Smart use of combustible materials such as wood can attain a similar level of fire-retardancy as of non-combustible materials. That’s what we would like to demonstrate.”

“Go furniture shopping at yard sales, buy anything older than your parents. Spend handfuls of dollars for entire rooms. Or go to IKEA and get expensive kindle for your next spectacular 911 call.”

“Solid wood (burns very slowly) furnishings, wool fabrics (most fire retardant cloth available), stuccoed walls and ceiling (stucco just won’t burn), solid wood floors or flagstones. Traditional materials are traditional because they proved themselves in use over centuries.”

“Harvard was founded to train Puritan ministers, and it never stopped.”

>JUST IN: Verizon says 10,400 employees, or nearly 7% of its workforce, have been accepted as a part of a voluntary program to leave the company

This phrasing is incredible.”

“All in all, you have such a big problem. “Pure idea discussion” is generally not of much use. Abstract theories belong to religion, and politics should talk about practice.”

“Being thin skinned is a signal of high-status, basically. … We all know that person who goes around saying ‘Do you know who I am?’ in a menacing tone.”

“Creative restatement of classical wisdom beats “unique” insight every time.”

“Think of yourself as dead. You have lived your life. Now take what’s left and live it properly. Use the surplus that is left to you to live from this time onward according to nature.”

“In a sane world, a low native birth-rate would be the strongest argument AGAINST mass immigration.”

“It’s always a pleasure watching Cambridge forget its farm-to-table shtick this time of year lest we all be stuck eating turnips”

“farm-to-table is one of those “has to be from California” things”

“Thread: Analysis of Startup’s as an Employer
Please read these warnings if you are considering working at a startup.
These warnings are generalizations, and I understand they do not apply to every startup.

– The startup is not interested in the employees professional growth or career trajectory.
– The startup prioritizes user acquisition in the same way a large corporation prioritizes profit.
– The goal of startups is to be bought out by big tech.
– The startup does not offer a 401k match.
– The startup faces immense pressure from VC’s and is completely dependent upon external financing.
– The startup is always operating at a loss.
– The startup rarely gives equity to employees.
– The startup rarely gives options to employees. If it does, there is a clause in your contract that says you can only sell if the company goes public.
– No one at the startup is actually aware of how equity or options function.
– The startup uses this asymmetric information gap to lead employees into thinking their compensation is higher than it actually is.
– Less than 1% of startup’s go public.
– Startups scale by hiring externally instead of promoting internally.
– VC’s often invest in hundreds of startups, giving little time or energy to each specific startup.
– The startup is a part of a speculative industry bet, not a company specific bet.
– Many startups are side projects of people from big tech, whose livelihoods are not dependent upon success, leading to a skin in the game problem.
– Employee turnover at startups is massive.
– Massive turnover leads to lack of accountability.
– A lack of accountability leads to a lack of a unifying narrative.
– A disjointed narrative forms around the self-serving interests of middle managers.
– High turnover leads to a justified individual selfishness.
– Individual selfishness leads to a cutthroat environment.
– A cutthroat environment exacerbates the employee turnover problem.
– There is no career stability at a startup.
– CFO turnover at startups is massive.
– Startups invent new positions to give jobs to the friends of executives ready to cash in on securing VC funding.
– Startup industry is highly leveraged to the overall economy via bank/VC financing. Next recession will claim a huge number of startups/VC’s.”

“I think I’m at a point in my life where 10 or 20 minutes of my time is worth more than $3.95.”

“The fundamental question of Modernity is whether it is possible to build an ants nest out of monkeys?”

“this is the thing with YT and why I have no desire to meet 99% of the people who watch this stuff. they build this idolized idea of who you are and what you think, and when you shatter that idolized idea they condescend, insult, and post that kind of cancer i am reading here.”

“”The sea is both pure and tainted. It is healthy and good haven to the fish, to men impotable and deadly.” – Heraclitus

“The degenerate has no control in the face of stimuli.” – Nietzsche [paraphrased]
The idea that material abundance causes degeneracy is false. The reality is that a degenerate will harm themselves in an environment of abundance due to their lack of control. Abundance is not a problem for a noble man because a noble man is abundant himself — abundant in willpower in the face of abundant stimuli. With this in consideration it should be apparent how absurd it is to attempt to cure a degenerate by redistributing wealth to them, or how profane it would be to deliberately constrict material wealth for society as a whole, and thus harm the noble people in it.”

“I’ve always been uncomfortable with the idea that abundance necessarily leads to degeneracy because it implies the solution to degeneracy is to make us perpetually financially and materially insecure. For the people that believe this, it will have the opposite effect like increased drug use as you see in rust belt America, street prostitution (which is unregulated and therefore a serious public health problem), increased theft and low level violence. Perpetual insecurity and low trust society is the ultimate result of this thinking.”

“How wild it is to think if the Axis powers won the material prosperity would have been tied to the ideology of fascism. lol”

“Marrying a virgin woman must be the same excitement as you’re buying a brand new car, not a second hand one”

“Good morning ladies. On today’s episode of “What Object Am I?”, we are vehicles!”

“Honestly, it is the most appropriate metaphor.

You might rent one when you travel or yours is broken and you have dire need, but you would never want to BUY one that has been a rental due to the abuse of other renters/managers not caring for it.

A new model that looks good but has high mileage is going to a be a problem.

Old models that look good and have low miles are probably misrepresented (odometers rolled back) or full of bondo covered by fresh paint that will flake off in a week.

Your best buddy may let you drive his, but not if he cares about it.

It’s never acceptable to ASK to drive your friends’.

New models with zero miles depreciate quickly.

The best deal is a mildly used newer model that has had regular maintenance, wasn’t beaten, and doesn’t have tacky accessories.

Seriously, I could do this for days.”

“Update for everyone: from now on, no one is ever allowed to use an analogy.”

“Post Malone is the perfect pop star for this American moment. That’s not a compliment.”
“How much hrt to do you have to receive before you can write the phrase “this American moment””

“Google CEO Sundar Pichai on Tuesday repeatedly guaranteed Republicans that Google shows no political bias in its search results, but Democrats kept undermining his message by saying Google is free to engage in any bias it likes.”

“You cannot learn a thing you think you know.”

“Heavy pot smoking before the age of 18 lowers IQ permanently by eight points (half a standard deviation). Repeat after me, marijuana legalization is urban pacification.”

“The roots of Western hostility to China in high places have far less to do with it being a local police state than it being a hole in a global police state.”

“Journalists are full of praise for Mother Theresa, you therefore know she must have been a lying hack.”

“Just remember you don’t have to play the next time a bizarre agreement comes along.”

“A man with no God, no King, no people, no family, and no woman is just a machine.
An “Individual”.”

“There are approximately three legitimate crimes: fraud, vandalism, battery.
Everything else is literal cancer.”

“The first rule of investing is that it’s never a good idea to buy anything just because everyone else is buying it. When the price of an asset is the result of herd behavior, not fundamental value, it’s called a “bubble,” and bubbles always pop.

This rule is absolutely right – except in one case.

In English, a bubble that doesn’t pop is called “money.” Money is always fundamentally overvalued. Its purchasing power is independent of its direct physical usefulness to anyone. This is obvious for paper money, but true even for gold and silver.”

“It should also be clear from our discussion of gold that there is nothing, in principle, wrong with artificial paper money. The whole point of money is that its “real value” is irrelevant. In principle, an artificial money supply can be much more stable than a naturally restricted resource such as gold.

In practice, unfortunately, it has not worked out that way.

Artificial money is a political product. Its problems are political problems. It does no one any good to separate economic theory from political reality.

Governments have always had a bad habit of debasing their own monetary systems. Historically, every monetary system in which money creation was a state prerogative has seen debasement. Of course, no one in government is unaware that debasement causes problems, or that it does not create any real value. But it often trades off short-term solutions for long-term problems. The result is an addictive cycle that’s hard to escape.

Most governments have figured out that it’s a bad idea to just print new money and spend it. Adding new money directly to the government budget spreads it widely across the economy and drives rapid increases in consumer prices. Since government always rests on popular consent, all governments (democratic or not) are concerned with their own popularity. High consumer prices are rarely popular.

There is an English word that used to mean “debasement,” whose meaning somehow changed, during a generally unpleasant period in history, to mean “increase in consumer prices,” and has since come to mean “increase in consumer prices as measured, through a process whose opacity makes chocolate look transparent, by a nonpartisan agency whose objectivity is above any conceivable question, so of course we won’t waste our time questioning it.” The word begins with “i” and ends with “n.” Because of its interesting political history, I prefer to avoid it.”

“120:100 m:f China


120:100 m:f USA or Brazil or Honduras”

“76% of white Brits that convert to violent forms of islam are …

ginger/red haired

would you believe that”

“I also quite disagree with Colin Lidell on this, a rare occasion. The stark red-cloaked, silver-painted, bare-breasted Mariannes are not remotely comparable to Femen whores. This is confusing nakedness for obscenity, a common conservative mistake.”

“A common Anglo mistake. Puritans.”

“Mfw at my MPs house for a party and no one cares about what happened to me and acts like nothing happened. Based.”

“social circles are a lot more insulated than journalists will have you think.

the virality of “news” is the exception, not the rule. the rule is news is, as facebook once accurately suggested in its now-defunct news sidebar calling what twitter calls trending “surfacing”, about dead fish.”

“In a gun free zone the best form of defense is rushing the attacker. People overestimate the expertise/training of terrorists, it’s a lot harder to kill people when they’re formed into a crowd and fighting back. It’s far easier to pick off those who hide or flee”

“The problem is mass rushing strategies reward defectors. If everyone rushes, generally one person gets shot and that’s it. However, if one person stays behind, one person gets shot – except definitely not the coward. And so on until ~1 person rushes, gets shot, and fails.”

“Work on the Metro 2033 film that was announced in 2016 has been halted and the rights have reverted to Dmitry Glukhovsky, the author of the 2005 novel on which the movie was meant to be based. The reason, Glukhovsky told VG247, is that scriptwriter F. Scott Frazier had intended to “Americanize” the setting by moving it from Moscow to Washington DC, and it just wasn’t working out. (Which is a nice way of saying that it sounds like it would have been awful.)

“A lot of things didn’t work out in Washington DC,” Glukhovsky said. “In Washington DC, Nazis don’t work, Communists don’t work at all, and the Dark Ones don’t work. Washington DC is a black city basically. That’s not at all the allusion I want to have, it’s a metaphor of general xenophobia but it’s not a comment on African Americans at all. So it didn’t work.

[…] Glukhovsky said MGM decided to set the film in the US because “Americans have a reputation for liking stories about America.” But one of the most appealing things about the Metro games is how marvelously Russian they are: Bleak, weary, hard, hopeless, but determined to soldier on to the next day anyway, AK in one hand and vodka in the other, if for no other reason than to spite the whole damn universe. That’s obviously a very stereotypical take on Russian-ness, but it’s also at the core of the Metro games. “

“I’m surrounded by neighbors with barking dogs and the sound of gunshots. I’ve never been a big fan of the wanna-be dictators that live in cities so it actually brings pleasure to my ears to hear the report of liberty ringing through the woods and my fellow freedom loving country dwellers don’t mind it either.”

“The universities are the Party. The government funds them because the universities will smack them upside the head if they don’t.

I don’t know the deep reason why medicine is nationalized so often. Why not food? Why not shelter? Why drugs?

Wait, never mind I figured it out.

Doctors are naturally high status. As a result they have to be seized, because the Party can’t allow any kind of status to be distributed without its approval.”

“>“The world’s largest online store is a lasting testament to the slow-burn model of sustaining a business, the idea that maybe it makes sense to proceed methodically when your competitors are going out of their way to burn through the short term (and, not coincidentally, their cash.)”
>lose money for 7y straight
>”sustaining a business”
>”proceed methodically”


“Walmart may have been slow out of the blocks to embrace e-commerce, but the world’s largest retailer has come roaring back.”

how much soy do you have to consume before you can write the phrase “has come roaring back””

“The Obama administration’s plan to dump a million pounds of surplus peanuts into Haiti at no cost has sparked a firestorm from humanitarian groups… Haiti has about 150,000 peanut farmers. The industry is “a huge source of livelihood” for up to 500,000 people, Claire Gilbert of Grassroots International told NPR, “especially women, if you include the supply chains that process the peanuts.” …the Peasant Movement of Papaye, denounced the peanut donation as “a plan of death” for the country’s farmers. …American aid has a sordid record. In 1979 a development consultant told a congressional committee: “Farmers in Haiti are known to not even bring their crops to market the week that [food aid] is distributed since they are unable to get a fair price while whole bags of U.S. food are being sold.” …After the 2010 earthquake, Haiti’s president, René Préval, pleaded with the U.S. to “stop sending food aid so that our economy can recover and create jobs.””

“The various troops that composed our army, especially the cavalry and infantry, differed extremely in manners and habits. The foot soldiers, having only to think of themselves and their guns, were selfish, great talkers, and great sleepers. Condemned during a campaign by the fear of dishonour, to march boldy up to death, they shewed themselves mercilessly in battle, and whenever they could inflected on others the sufferings which themselves had borne .They were apt to dispute with their officers, and sometimes they were even insolent to them; but in the midst of the dreadful fatigues they had to support, a bon mot put them in good humour, and brought them over to laughter’s side. They forgot all their hardships the moment they heard the sound of the enemy’s first gun.

The hussars and chasseurs were generally accused of being plunderers and prodigal, loving drink and fancying every thing fair while in presence of the enemy. Accustomed, one may almost say, to sleep with an open eye, to have an ear always awake to the sound of the trumpet, to reconnoitre far in advance during a march, to trace the ambuscades of the enemy, to observe the slightest traces of their marches, to examine defiles, and to scan the plains with eagle sight, they could not fail to have acquired superior intelligence and habits of independence. Nevertheless, they were always silent and submissive in presence of their officers, for fear of being dismounted.”

“Chinese companies curries favor with Chinese government with lame commie propaganda = evil and creepy

Western company curries favor with US government with @wokecapital propaganda 24/7 = Awesome”

“5G is either going to fail or be quite pointless.

IoT is a conspiracy of intelligence agencies to get connected devices in our homes. At some point people will realize that and stop using that crap.”

“There’s an insurance ad that plays during the (Chinese) news here. Shows one man’s voice activated house screwing with him. Ends with house asking HAL-style, “who are you talking to?” Man with wife answers in soy uptalk, “My insurance agent?”. People will never realize anything.

I remember seeing a video once about some disabled person living alone in a rural trailer, something septic tank problems and there’s a s* swamp 10′ out back. I forget its intent.

All I remember is thinking “At least she has a fridge. Even medieval kings didn’t have a fridge”.”

“Starling murmurations (common in Italy & Spain) give you an idea why the Romans based much of their augury on the flight of birds. Watching one is almost a religious experience.”

“Now it sits next to a plethora of cheap untextured mathematics CG animations.”

“In the original “Civilization” PC game, Capitalization was the final advancement you could invent. Was that because Capitalization is the epitome of creation or is it because it prevents any further progress?”


“So let me see if I got this…

A Russian spy was unsuccessful infiltrating the NRA because the NRA turned her in to the FBI which proves the NRA is a willing Kremlin patsy.


“”… Britain’s trade in goods with the E.U. — 44 percent of exports and 53 percent of imports …”
… How is this not freaking leverage?”

“Well, trees exist in the Ferrari factory to keep a balanced humidity for both humans and robots. Amazon meanwhile…”

“You are slowly realizing it has literally been years, maybe decades, since you ate any meal made without corn. I absolutely guarantee you every meal you have eaten in the last 365 days has been made with corn.

Did you eat something packaged in a paper bag?
That’s lined with corn.
Did you eat something with citric acid?
That’s not lemon. That’s corn.
Did you eat something with honey in it? It’s diluted with corn syrup.
Did you eat raw honey? Bees are fed corn syrup.

Cows eat corn, but milk isn’t made from corn, right?
Except, what is milk fortified with?
Vitamin D.
How does Vitamin D get in milk?
It’s soluable in vegetable oil then mixed in.
What is the vegetable oil made from?

Bananas aren’t made from corn, right?
How are bananas ripened?
With ethylene gas.
How is ethylene produced in the United States?
From catalytic converters using ethanol.
Where does ethanol come from in the United States?

I wish you could see the world the way I see the world. Virtually all consumer vitamin capsules use active ingredients, stabilizers, or production stearates sourced from corn.

Surfactants in shampoo and dishwashing liquid are often chemically processed with corn glucose. Cosmetics are often corn. (‘zea mays’ = maize) You use corn to remove corn from your dishes. You take a shower and clean yourself with the help of corn. You coat yourself with corn.

Corn is applied to cardboard boxes during production. Table salt uses corn to help iodine stick to the particles. Windex uses 2-hexoxyethanol, which is made from corn.

Animals eat corn, but meat isn’t corn, right?
How is bacteria controlled in meat cutting operations?
Increasingly, by spraying lactic acid.
Where does lactic acid come from?
Fermenting glucose.

Where does glucose come from?
Often, corn syrup.

You live in a society whose every production industry is based around a government-subsidized chemical feedstock.

Corn is not a _food_.
Corn is a _platform_.”

“When I was a senior in high school, I wrote a little essay in which I noted that things had gone too easily for the Western allies after the first couple of years of WWII. We often surprised them, they seldom surprised us. I’ve never seen an example of a historian saying that before 1974, when the facts about Ultra started to come out. There were people – Germans – that noticed in WWII. They figured that there was some kind of intelligence leak, but they couldn’t figure out what it was. The guys running their machine cryptography assured them that it was unbreakable.

I think that there were some historians that didn’t mention it because they knew all about it – people like Samuel Eliot Morison. But most historians didn’t have that WWII experience, weren’t read in, and they never saw it ( I’m open to correction on this).

Why the hell could I see this when they couldn’t?”

“history is what dumb, bookish people focus on. They generally don’t think systematically, don’t have a clue about economics or demographics. Whenever someone with a quantitative background rolls in, they start laying waste and actually advancing the state of knowledge.”

“Even a leaky roof seems fine when it’s not raining.”

“”I want to kiss the girl.”
“”BE YOURSELF””: so kiss the girl
But also: I feel like I might get slapped, and I’d rather not.
But also also, it might work out in the long term, despite some momentary pain

If you fail to break out into dance when the impulse arrives, you’re not “”BEING YOURSELF”” except of course you are. Do you even need to suppress the impulse or does the awareness of imminent being-made-fun-of suppress it for you?

The urge to suppress an impulse is also a momentary impulse.”

“I think this is why I like the Hagakure so much. Everything is discussed in terms of impulses.”

“Westerners hated Freud because he pierced their illusion. They believe they can ignore impulses or something. (Again, can’t be arsed to word this right.)

although I get the impression easterners do a different but similar thing”

“They believed they *were rational.

I don’t know about the history of the East, but I do know their philosophy was centered around governance rather than… individual whatever. And Buddhism is all about achieving no-impulse, which seems to imply the recognition of impulses as a default state.”

“People in medicine have fucked up senses of humor. I don’t know what standards of public image you expect people making $14/hr to uphold.”

“Someone will file a false complaint against him and they will fire him without recourse.”

“Why is Huawei banned in the USA?”

“It just so happens that Huawei is only unofficially banned. There’s a big difference between unofficially banned and officially banned.

Wherever the U.S. government has influence, at home and abroad, Huawei market access is blocked. But there is no comprehensive bans except for government and military contracts.

It’s true that government agents meet with hundreds of Huawei’s customers in order to brief them on the dangers of doing business with Huawei. These “briefings” are widely seen as blatant intimidation and few companies in the wireless industry have maintained relations with Huawei after sitting through an uncomfortable meeting with U.S. G-men.

Recent developments include:

—AT&T and Verizon where both bullied into exiting distribution deals with Huawei after Huawei spent millions in logistics and marketing but only one day before distribution was to begin.

—CFIUS now disallows any U.S. acquisition by Huawei

—The FCC now makes billions in US subsidies off-limits to any company that does business with Huawei.

—Independent electronics distributors such as Best Buy have bowed to pressure and now refuse to carry Huawei devices of any kind.

—Eastern Oregon Telecom and LHTC Broadband are being coerced to swap out already installed Huawei infrastructure.

—U.S. diplomats have been busy abroad killing Huawei deals in Jamaica, South Korea, Australia, the Balkans, well, everywhere that U.S. influence and an airport exists.

—Western Mainstream Media has been destroying Huawei’s reputation by airing reports that the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, the Department of Defense, and so on, are all issuing warnings that Huawei devices are spy-gear and a threat to national security.

So while there is monumental resistance against Huawei, there is no official ban.”

“It will be very like the days when nations competed over stores of bullion and favorable balances of trade. So urgent were the pressures of the old mercantilism that the need for control of gold and trade could precipitate worldwide wars like the 7 Years War between Britain and France, of which what Americans call the French and Indian War was just one theater. It was enough to propel Spain and Portugal to do their very best to loot the whole planet of precious metals for about 300 years.

Or we might consider the Opium Wars prosecuted by Britain in the 19th century. After centuries and two dynasties of the Chinese demanding silver in payment for their goods, the situation finally became untenable in a mercantilist world where a money supply limited by precious metals was a zero-sum game.
The British got extremely creative as mandated by urgent necessity. They found that opium was the one good that could reliably get them some of the silver back despite the strict prohibitions of Qing dynasty authorities.
So opium became their key import to bring the mercantilist equation back into balance at the expense of millions of drug-addled Chinese and two imperialist wars that utterly humiliated the swiftly declining Qing.”
giovanni dannato

“São Paulo idem. Friends who visited me said: “I don’t see any children in this city. Where are they?” Answer: inside homes, schools & compounds. Being kept there by a lack of useful infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists. They are driven around from home to school and back.

This felt very suffocating when I was an exchange student. I was used to going to school by bike. When I complained that I missed riding a bike my host family wanted to take me to a park to ride in circles which didn’t make any sense to me.

And the disrespect towards pedestrians is staggering. You have seconds to cross a street. I don’t understand how old people do it. Also each is responsible for the construction of the sidewalk in front of their house. So people make them with their car in mind like in this image:”

2018 Dec 05 ~ 09

“journalists are wordsmiths whose design paradigm is to make their intention clear but their words unclear.”

“What is Venezuela but a single enormous hellmouth, propped open by Foggy Bottom’s decree that Brazil isn’t allowed to invade?”

“Neither Brazil nor Colombia *want* to invade. Then they’d be responsible for the Venezuelans, who are at least partly responsible for the predicament they’re in. And they don’t even want to assassinate Maduro, because then they’d have to deal with *even more* refugees.”

“So genocide. The romans figured this out millennia ago.

And Orwell figured out that if the alternative is genocide, all of a sudden they learn how to behave properly.”

“If you’re on the correct side of the progressive narrative, your violence is speech. If you’re not, your speech is violence. To determine whether banning is violence, just consult your progressive stack.”

“All speech to the outgroup is violence.
All violence to the outgroup is simply speech by another means.”

“Let’s start with what happened with the colonized countries once the Europeans left those countries. After the end of European colonization the belief and thought was that these third world countries would become independent. What actually happened? Tyranny rose exponentially across the third world. This tyranny actually has continued to rise in the third-world countries in all these 50 to 70 years since the departure of the European colonizers. Another thing that happened: A belief was that economically the third-world countries would grow faster than the first-world countries and the reason was that they were at a much lower base. What actually happened? The third-world countries either stagnated or grew at a much lower growth rate than the first world was growing at, and most of them actually fell economically over the next few decades.

Something however changed in the last two decades, and I want to see whether those changes are sustainable or unsustainable changes. In the last two decades the third world grew very nicely economically.

My view is that this syncrhonous growth in the third world happened for two fundamental resons.

One was that one third-world country was actually starting to progress towards becoming a first-world country. That is China.

The other reason is that internet and cheap telephony came into existence in the late 80s and this meant that wage arbitrage could be exploited and transfer of technology could happen much faster in those first years after the emergence of internet.

Let’s just go back a bit and understand the ways the third world operates. It is hard to believe, but most of the Middle East and North Africa had peaked economically in the 1970s. Two of the relatively peaceful countries of the Middle East, Saudia Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, their GDP on per-capita basis in real terms, was almost twice as much as it is now. The last 50 years, 45 years, have been a period of economic decline from GDP per capita basis in these countries. The media will not talk about this. You need to look at the data in real terms. The reason is that the core competency of North Africa and the Middle East was not human resources. The core competency was oil.

My suggestion is the growth that the rest of the third world countries have faced or seen in the last two decades fall in the same category. They have benefited either import of free gifts of Western technology, or export of natural resources to China. The third world has grown because of extraneous reasons, not because of reasons intrinsic to it.”

“Before the arrival of Europeans, Sub-Saharan Africa had no written language.”

“Something very unique to the third-world is active destruction of capital.

They burn away cars, they break things for no good reason. If you steal it’s at least a win-lose transaction, but they enter lose-lose transactions of killing and destroying capital of other people, even when it helps them with nothing. The irony is that these people are extremely possessive about their own material possessions, and ironically, they fail to maintain their own possessions because they don’t really understand in their instincts how capital works.

Capital has a very high depreciation rate, if I use financial terms, in third-world countries. Capital falls apart very very quickly.

I have been amazed with what I’ve seen sometimes. I might have given a laptop to someone as a gift, an old laptop in perfect situation. And within hours that person would have come back to me with a laptop which I could not imagine how it was destroyed. I actually don’t know how they managed to do it. But that’s how the third world works.

When you travel around Africa if there is a day of celebration, you can be reasonably assured that that is the day they got their salaries. Those salaries would be drunk away; before the sun rises they would be in more debt before the sun rise than they were in when the sun set. In such a society where there is no future orientation, capital fails to get accumulated.

While people of Western society are blamed for being materialistic, the third-world people are extraordinarily materialistic.

They simply don’t think about the future.”

“More than 5.6 billion passengers since October 1st 1964 and still not a single fatality or injury.”

“One of the few existing accounts of transporting stone for great-church-building projects pertains to the Cistercian abbey at Vale Royal in Cheshire, founded by Edward I of England in 1277. In a period of three years (from 1278 to 1281), 35,448 cartloads of stone, each weighing a tone, were transported from the quarry to the workshop five miles away.

To accomplish this, cats had to have left the quarry every fifteen minutes of each working day for three years.”

“The CIA headquarters in Langley is named after George HW Bush. Don’t underestimate the extent to which his life-long connections and shady dealings with the “intelligence community” has informed the glowing coverage of his death”

“Nazis practiced responsible ethnic cleansing. They set out to do something and did it.
Communist supposedly practiced irresponsible, accidental mass-murder.

Nazis are terrifyingly effective. Communists are lovable if deadly bumblers, you see.”

“We have documented multiple examples of far-left extremist groups using social media to advocate for violence and coordinate illegal activity.

We have also reported these accounts but @Twitter and @Facebook have taken NO action against them. Why?”

“We reported the government paramilitary to the government, but the government took no action.”

“If there is one weapon we humans are born with, it is to feel fear even when we are not on the verge of death. Our self-consciousness, our resilience, our ability to make plans.”

“I could have lived with a Mikono end had her character been handled better in the second half. Instead it sounds like we got a situation where Kawamori forces a Mikono end, but Okada/Yamamoto don’t actually want to write her character”
> show is about people with cool powers and fights
> main heroine has to be delicate and shy and never do fucking anything
If I was a writer and my boss told me this I would also refuse to write her.”

“I hate this faggot so much, Has he ever been right about anything? asking seriously because he has such a huge crowd of retards sucking his dick all the time but from what I can tell he hasn’t predicted jack shit.”

“He’s been right about tons of stuff but everyone ignores it to fight. DBFZ, ninja turtles, honestly he get details right about pretty much everything that no one could just guess but hey there’s really no point in these arguments.”

“Dude if he actually had insider information he wouldn’t just get “details” right, everything he said would be right, because he would have insider information. If I tell you that eight horses are going to win at the tracks tomorrow, and six of them are wrong but I got the place order of one of them completely right, you would probably assume that I just guessed all of them and got lucky. “Reliable” doesn’t mean “sometimes right”, it means “never wrong”.”

“Persona in smash was hype
there was like at least 30 minutes of
Girls in gaming
also anti-vaping”

“There it is.
“Violence is rising.”
Violence is like weather, you see. “Tomorrow: temperatures, violence, expected to be higher than today.” Nothing short of national-level interventions can possibly have any effect on them.”

“A Sami man once lived far in the north of Norway, herding reindeer. He had three sons. The first son was very smart and became the first person in his family to go to college. After many years, he became a doctor. The second son was very hard working, went off to college, and after many years became a successful lawyer in Oslo. Then the third son grew up.

“What would you like to be?” asked his father? “A doctor? A lawyer? An engineer? An astronaut?”

“Well,” said the son. “I would like to stay here, and herd reindeer.”

“Finally,” said his father, “A son I can be proud of!””

“Modernity itself is a recent invention, dependent on the “smart fraction” of society–those with IQs above 120 or so and therefore capable of understanding things like “electrical power grids” or “why society works better if you cooperate in the Prisoner’s Dilemma.” Modernity works a lot worse if you get more folks in the 80-85 IQ criminal sweet spot–just smart enough to plan and execute crimes, not smart enough to care about the consequences.”

“We Chinese are not good. We are not evil. We are simply pragmatic. While we lack the higher universal conscience of the Aryan, we have an obsession for order and harmony.
Think of this as a different evolutionary path.”

“Happiness is a terrible goal. Pleasure is an even worse one. And yet these are the cosmic eternal ends of all “humanistic” philosophy. The only humanists who are honest about this are utilitarians, and utilitarians are people who lack the mental hardware to appreciate the utility of a lie.”

“The fact that you can’t use Messenger when you’re postblocked is major bullshit
Seriously, that just encourages an alternate account more than anything else”

“Facebook does that on purpose to increase user count.”

“Scientists’ efforts to make science respectable drives out all the genuine scientists and replaces them with play-pretend bureaucrats. Very serious, respectable ones, though.”

“He’s the scummiest of scummy mages that would do anything to win, you know? With your fixation on beauty, there’s no way to beat him.”

“John James Cowperthwaite was born in Scotland in 1915, but spent most of his life as the financial secretary in Hong Kong for the British government, laying the foundations for what became its economic miracle. He is one of the 20th century’s unknown heroes, on par with Norman Borlaug of the Green Revolution in agriculture. Having lifted tens of millions out of poverty, his ideas continue to ripple outward. And he is the only reason no official data on Hong Kong’s economy was ever compiled from 1961 to 1971. Cowperthwaite batted away request after request. As he explained it to economist Milton Friedman, he was convinced that “once the data was published there would be pressure to use them for government intervention in the economy.”

“Countless corporate media outlets spread this fake story. The editorial standards on China are not much better than those on North Korea. US gov. propaganda is circulated without any independent evidence.”

“They add the ‘high-tech’ angle so there’s a pretext for export controls on Chinese companies. You see the same stuff added to stories on Xinjiang (‘high-tech’ because they check people’s phones). It’s all about going after Chinese tech companies.”

“What’s unique about the West is elite apathy. You get something like these protests in France, which are the perfect occasion for somebody to make a power-move, but nobody does. Everybody of means is already fat and happy.”

“CNN has zero stories on its frontpage about France for the 2nd day in a row.

Scratch that-one-but it’s about Trump’s tweet.”

“That’s a regular examining-assumptions deficit.”
“I do have a lot of that…
Is it possible to not be in deficit for such a thing?”
“Yes. When something’s important, ask why you’re doing it the way you’re doing it, and then don’t stop doing that”
“So it hinges around continually doing important things.”
“if it’s not important, it’s not worth examining your assumptions”

“I listen sceptically to people who speak evil of those whom they are going to plunder. I suspect that vices are invented or exaggerated when profit is expected from their punishment. An enemy is a bad witness; a robber is worse.”

“I have completely forgotten the word for the person who follows a woman around to make sure she doesn’t fornicate.”
“That’s the one.”

“gay dudes be like,
*sues bakery*
*gets CEO fired*
*forces schools to teach anal play*
*giant rainbow flag flies from Pentagon*

“The fact anyone cares about you being a victim or oppressed is prima facie proof that you are neither a victim nor oppressed.”

“Our institutions are mainly a symptom of our underlying culture. Our government is mainly a symptom of our underlying culture. Those people who spend all their time in activism fighting the government fail to realize you have to change your culture before there is any hope.

You can move a million Germans to an isolated part of India, and I absolutely guarantee you that that isolated part will become visible on the world map within a few years.

Similarly, you can move a million Indians to Frankfurt, and I guarantee you, if not in weeks, in a few months, Frankfurt will start looking like New Delhi. All the equipment will start going wrong, trains will start running late, water and electricity supplies will become unreliable.

But why should I depend on imagination? Not far from where we are sitting, a mere thirty minute walk from here, is a mini-India. It’s called the city of Surrey. It’s a very sanitized version of India, but it’s a black spot on the landscape of Canada, with regular shootings, gang warfare, and unsolved crime cases.

These people left India. But India never left them.”

“Put a million Brits in an isolated part of Africa and you get Rhodesia.
Replace them with Africans, and the breadbasket of the world turns into Zimbabwe.”

“Why should these migrants, instead of feeling gratitude, create an angry nuisance? Why should they destroy public property? Why should they steal from their kind hosts and abuse them? Why are they fighting amongst themselves? Aren’t they running away from a fight?

But they seem to be fighting the same way they are forever fighting in North Africa, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan.

These people have been starved, they’ve been abused, they grew up in totalitarian systems. You felt disbelief because you thought that these people would be front-runners in the fight for liberty, not only theirs, but yours as well, because you thought in your subconscious, that because these people have lived under tyranny, they would fight against any kind of tyranny. But that’s not what you see.

What is the core reason that might help you connect the dots properly?”

“It is philosophy that dictates the long-term direction of any society.”

“Some of you might have been thinking why I have not mentioned Islam so far. Those who oppose immigration mostly worry about Muslims. And they’re not wrong. The problem is they have defined their problem very narrowly. They have defined the problem so narrowly they cannot see the forest for the trees.

In fact, until 9/11, they could not even see a tree.

What happened is after 9/11, talking about Islam has come out of the realm of political correctness and you can take all your frustration out on Islam. Again, nothing wrong with Islam, and that is certainly a big part of the problem. But the problem is much wider. And if you don’t understand the forest, your understanding of the trees won’t help you understand anything.”

“Did you see that long news story tonight about all the riots in France?


That’s because the corporate controlled mainstream media doesn’t want you to get any ideas about how to fix your corrupt government.”

“Working definition of the ‘left’:
“we may have done nothing for the poor, but we did appoint the first disabled lesbian parking commissioner.”

“When people appeal to “Occam’s Razor”, the simplest hypothesis to begin with is that they are retarded.”

“That women find male apes sexually attractive and men do not find female apes sexually attractive indicates that among those humans that whites and east asians are descended from, females have not been allowed to make sexual choices since the days we looked rather like apes.”

“All rape complaints are false and all rape convictions are false, not because real rapes do not happen, but because women do not really mind real rapes and fail to complain. This personal observation is confirmed by the University of Virginia complaints process: The university of Virginia dealt with a big pile of rape and sex complaints, and dismissed every single one without disciplinary action. So Rolling Stone investigated them looking for poster girls and trouble, came up empty.”

“sexual impulses set in in girls at a disturbingly early age, usually well before puberty thought there is a great deal of variance, while male sexual impulses set in at puberty, as reliable as clockwork.”

“I want to help these endangered species!”
“How noble! How are you going to pay for it?”
“Pay…oh I’m sorry, you’re paying for it, not me.”

It’s an intellectual style of mugging.”

“desu the NDA thing reeks of being a marketing scam.

nobody gives a shit about this game but if you make any footage of the “alpha” super sekrut and off limits then people are going to be more enticed to check out the “leaks”.”

“this, but there’s also the fact that literally everything connected to The Game Awards is part of a giant cross-media ARG and you should never believe a fucking word”

“Yeah especially when that was only a couple of days ago.
Go click on your favourite video game websites or the front page of steam etc today and count up how many things you see which could be interpreted as a sneaky Metal Gear reference, I’ll wait.

Don’t post about it though or you’ll get shilled to death.”

>devs outright refused to improve the character models when asked about it in a stream and tried to make it into an issue about hating women
Is this why people put SJW shit in their games? As a pathetic attempt to shield themselves from criticism?”

“>Travel to Osaka in September
>Lose wallet, tell police and go home
>Japanese friend soon emails me: Found!
>Pick up wallet in December
>Contents intact, including cash worth $100
>Marvel at magic of a high-trust, cohesive society
>Dear Globalists: Kindly leave Japan alone”

“As I said, the finder evidently preferred to remain anonymous.

Of course, I expressed many thanks to the kind folks at Miyakojima Police Station. I did offer several times to give the customary “reward,” but the police were actually offended by the suggestion.”

“I think this little tale is more about the calibre of people involved rather than the wider culture. In Japan, the yakuza for example are that organised they have members on the boards of banks and major businesses. The Japanese have ‘organised’ their crime to such an extent, that street crime, mugging and raping is pretty rare. Street thugs exist but mainly prey in each other. The penalties for stepping outside of boundaries are severe to say the least. They prefer to be honest.”

“It’s a form of control. Flood the population with pornography. They will become preoccupied, they will become isolated, and that will be the end of their political involvement. Pornography is a political act. It is created for mass consumption.”

“the concepts of “kink” and “kinky lifestyle” exist in the same realm of rick and morty epic bacon reddit culture now, sexual depravity is being normalized and pushed on u and they expect u to accept and applaud it.

me: hm i wonder if there is anything cool on netflix rn

netflix: sure we have a show about teenage girls prostituting themselves as a silly coming of age story or we have this cartoon with naked children or we have a show about why you’re bad for being white”

“You’ve seen it before: a local human interest story about a low-wage employee who walks dutifully to work every day, only to be rewarded for their dedication with the gift of a brand new car. But if they’d lived in the city that put people first, would they even need a car at all?”

“Brondo lives 4 miles away, and has to take 15 different buses to get to Schplashy industries. So he gets up at 3am to arrive at 8, leaves work at 7 to arrive home at 11pm and goes to bed at 2am. Brondo makes $14 dollars an hour, and after child support has $11 dollars left in his bank account each month.” <- you hear stories like this and wonder, can you not ride a bike, quit, flee to another state? Bizarre”

“Watching white people argue about transit is like watching white people play basketball.

-No idea what they’re doing
-Arguing all the time
-Another race does it way better”

““Child Molester” and “pederast” is enemy language. “Child Molester” is an anticoncept, since it links things that are very different, and claims they are the same thing.

“Child Molester” fails to distinguish between gays and straights, where the difference is most important, and “Pederast” attempts to distinguish between different kinds of gays, where the difference is unimportant.

The family law of the Old Testament got it right, and modernity is surrealistically deluded, and flat in my face insane. I see in front of my nose stuff that no one else sees, so either I am insane or the world is, and the statistics are strangely consistent with me being sane, and difficult to reconcile with the world being sane. If you are using words for human things and human conduct that the people of the Old Testament had no words for, chances are you are using words for things that have no real existence.

“Pedophile”, “child molester”, and similar terms normalize homosexuality and sanctify female misconduct by making it the fault of men. If the old testament does not have equivalent terms, it is because these terms do not refer to real things. That females are attracted to alpha males with adult female preselection, Cinderella’s prince, at a disturbingly early age, is a different phenomena from the fact that gays are attracted to little boys who have absolutely no interest in sex, let alone sex with men.

“Fetish” demonizes normal male attraction to fertile age females, and the demonizes the different roles that men and women have in the mating dance, while normalizing the destructive and self destructive behaviors of gays and transexuals. The reason the Old Testament does not condemn “fetishes” is that there is no such thing.”

“When the ostensive meaning, the nominal meaning, and the nominal ostensive meaning of a word differ, the word is itself a lie, a lie contained in a single word that makes any sentence containing it a lie.

A word primarily means what it is used to refer to, its ostensive meaning. During childhood language acquisition, it means what mothers refer to when speaking to their children. The mother says “look, a dog”, and the child then knows what a dog is.

Then there is the nominal meaning, what dictionaries say the word means in terms of other words, what high status people say they mean, which is not necessarily what they do mean.

And then there is the nominal ostensive meaning – what people say they are pointing at, even though in fact they may be pointing at something completely different.

The difference between the ostensive meaning, what they point at, and the nominal ostensive meaning or the dictionary meaning, what they say they point at, is the lie.

The word “racism” illustrates this. The ostensive meaning, what it is actually used to mean, is an insult term for white, like “cracker” or “honky”. The nominal ostensive meaning is KKK Hitler slavery. The nominal meaning, what people claim they mean by it, what dictionaries say they mean by it … is incoherent, incomprehensible, and differs from one source to the next, because no one really cares or pays any attention.

The lie implicit in the word “racism” is therefore that all whites are guilty by original sin of KKK Hitler slavery, that blacks suffer because whites exist, that merely by continuing to breath, whites harm blacks. For example, by thinking evil thoughts about blacks, whites cause blacks to underperform, (stereotype threat) and devastate black run cities such as Detroit. The logical implication of the word “racism” is that non whites need to eradicate whites, because evil white magic is causing non whites magical harm.”

“Being fat isn’t your fault.
Getting pregnant as a teen isn’t your fault.
Flunking out of high school isn’t your fault.
Having STDs isn’t your fault.
But having an ancestor half a millenium ago whose feudal lord owned a slave, that’s totally on you.”

“For Aristotle, democracy is possible only within homogenous ethnic groups, while despots have always reigned over highly fragmented societies.

A multi-ethnic society is thus necessarily anti-democratic and chaotic, for it lacks philia, this profound, flesh-and-blood fraternity of citizens. Tyrants and despots divide and rule, they want the City divided by ethnic rivalries. The indispensable condition for ensuring a people’s sovereignty accordingly resides in its unity. Ethnic chaos prevents all philia from developing. A citizenry is formed on the basis of proximity – or it is not formed at all.”

“I always like when people say they have a bat for Defense, like you’re not willing to shoot a person because you view it as too violent but you don’t mind caving someone’s skull in from two feet away and having their brain and skull matter fly into your face.”

“The female power fantasy is a woman with nothing special about her, just a normal woman. She just shows up and then all these men fight for her, for no justifiable reason. These women don’t do anything, they aren’t even the protagonist. They’re the MacGuffin in their own story. They’re the object of the plot but they’re not the protagonist. To be a protagonist your actions have to affect the plot. But if your actions are passive we don’t have a story. All you have is a series of events happening to you.”

“Imagine being so boring and mainstream that you have the luxury of dismissing sources because they’re biased.”

“Global warming which is being accelerated by republicans to make more money is much more dangerous problem for the human civilisation.”

“Perhaps, but, you know, global warming / climate change does get mentioned in the newspapers now and then, whereas the ongoing African population explosion gets about, I don’t know, 1/1,000th as much press.”

“”global warming”= 124,000,000 google hits
“climate change”= 259,000,000 google hits
“African population explosion”= 11,600 google hits”

“Sapir & Whorf would be interested. It’s just harder to think about realities that don’t have an agreed upon name. Much effort went to promulgating “global warming” as the brand name, then “climate change” as its replacement.

But no agreed upon name for African population growth”

“However, all such regulations belong to later periods of the cities’ life, while at an earlier period it was the city itself which used to buy all food supplies for the use of the citizens. The documents recently published by Mr. Gross are quite positive on this point and fully support his conclusion to the effect that the cargoes of subsistences “were purchased by certain civic officials in the name of the town, and then distributed in shares among the merchant burgesses, no one being allowed to buy wares landed in the port unless the municipal authorities refused to purchase them. This seems – he adds – to have been quite a common practice in England, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland.” Even in the sixteenth century we find that common purchases of corn were made for the “comoditie and profitt in all things of this… Citie and Chamber of London, and of all the Citizens and Inhabitants of the same as moche as in us lieth” – as the Mayor wrote in 1565. In Venice, the whole of the trade in corn is well known to have been in the hands of the city; the “quarters,” on receiving the cereals from the board which administrated the imports, being bound to send to every citizen’s house the quantity allotted to him. In France, the city of Amiens used to purchase salt and to distribute it to all citizens at cost price; and even now one sees in many French towns the halles which formerly were municipal depots for corn and salt. In Russia it was a regular custom in Novgorod and Pskov.”

“The craft guild was then a common seller of its produce and a common buyer of the raw materials, and its members were merchants and manual workers at the same time. Therefore, the predominance taken by the old craft guilds from the very beginnings of the free city life guaranteed to manual labor the high position which it afterwards occupied in the city. In fact, in a mediaeval city manual labor was no token of inferiority; it bore, on the contrary, traces of the high respect it had been kept in the village community. Manual labour in a “mystery” was considered a pious duty towards the citizens: A public function (Amt), as honourable as any other. An idea of “justice” to the community, of “right” towards both producer and consumer, which would seem so extravagent now, penetrated production and exchange. The tanner’s, the cooper’s, or the shoemaker’s work must be “jsut”, fair, they wrote in those times. Wood, leather or thread which are used by the artisan must be “right”; bread must be baked “in justice,” and so on. Transport this language into our present life, and it would seem affected and unnatural; but it was natural and unaffected then, because the mediaeval artisan did not produce for an unknown buyer, or to throw his goods into an unknown market. He produced for his guild first; for a brotherhood of men who knew each other, knew the technics of the craft, and, in naming the price of each product, could appreciate the skill displayed in its fabrication or the labour bestowed upon it. Then the guild, not the separate producer, offered the goods for sale in the community, and this last, in its turn, offered to the brotherhood of allied communities those goods which were exported, and assumed responsibility for their quality. With such an organization, it was the ambition of each craft not to offer goods of inferior quality, and technical defects or adulterations became a matter concerning the whole community, because, an ordinance says, “they would destroy public confidence.” Production being thus a social duty, placed under the control of the whole amitas, manual labor could not fall into the degraded condition which it occupies now, so long as the free city was living.”

“There was not much room for hired work in the early flourishing periods of the mediaeval cities, still less for individual hirelings. The work of the weavers, the archers, the smiths, the bakers, and so on, was performed for the craft and the city; and when craftsmen were hired in the building trades, they worked as temporary corporations (as they still do in the Russian artels), whose work was paid en bloc. Work for a master began to multiply only later on; but even in this case the worker was paid better than he is paid now, even in this country, and very much better than he used to be paid all over Europe in the first half of this century. Thorold Rogers has familiarized English readers with this idea; but the same is true for the Continent as well, as is shown by the researches of Falke and Schonberg, and by many occasional indications. Even in the fifteenth century a mason, a carpenter, or a smith worker would be paid at Amiens four sols a day, which corresponded to forty-eight poounds of bread, or to the eight part of a small ox (bouvard). In Saxony, the salary of the Geselle in the building trade was such that, to put it in Falke’s words, he could buy with his six days’ wages three sheep and one pair of shoes. The donations of workers (geselle) to cathedrals also bear testimony to their relative well-being, to say nothing of the glorious donations of certain craft guilds nor of what they used to spend in festivities and pageants. In fact, the more we learn about the mediaeval city, the more we are convinced that at no time has labour enjoyed such conditions of prosperity and such respect as when city life stood at its highest.”

“The craft organization required, of course, a close supervision of the craftsmen by the guild, and special jurates were always nominated for that purpose. But it is most remarkable that, so long as the cities lived their free life, no complaints were heard about the supervision; while, after the State had stepped in, confiscating the property of the guilds and destroying their independence in favour of its own bureaucracy, the complaints became simply countless. On the other hand, the immensity of progress realized in all arts under the mediaeval guil system is the best proof that the system was no hindrance to individual initiative. The fact is, that the mediaeval guild, like the mediaeval parish, “street,” or “quarter,” was not a body of citizens, placed under the control of State functionaries; it was a union of all men connected with a given trade: jurate buyers of raw produce, sellers of manufactured goods, and artisans – masters, “compaynes”, and apprentices. For the inner organization of the trade its assembly was sovereign, so long as it did not hamper the other guilds, in which case the matter was brought before the guild of the guilds – the city. But there was in it something more than that. It had its own self-jurisdiction, its own military force, its own general assemblies, its own traditions of struggles, glory, and independence. its own relations with other guilds of the same trade in other cities: it had, in a word, a full organic life which could only result from the integrality of the vital functions. When the town was called to arms, the guild appeared as a separate company (Schaar), armed with its own arms 9or its own guns, lovingly decorated by the guild, at a subsequent epoch), under its own self-elected commanders. It was, in a word, as independent a unit of the federation as the republic of Uri or Geneva was fifty years ago in the Swiss Confderation. So that, to compare it with a modern trade union, divested of all attributes of State sovereignty, and reduced to a couple of functions of secondary importance, is as unreasonable to compare Florence or Brugge with a French Commune vegetating under Code Napoleon, or with a Russian town placed under Catherine the Second’s municipal law. Both have elected mayors, and the latter has also its craft corporations; but the difference is – all the difference that exists between Florence and Fontenay-les-Oies or Tsarevokokshaisk, or between a Venetian doge and a modern mayor who lifts his hat before the sous-prefet’s clerk.”

“The very fact that of all arts architecture – a social art above all – had attained the highest development, is significant in itself. To be what it was, it must have originated from an eminently social life.

Mediaeval architecture attained its grandeur – not only because it was a natural development of handicraft; not only because each building, each architectural decoration, had beend evised by men who knew through the experience of their own hands what artistic effects can be obtained from stone, iron, bronze, or even from simple logs and mortar; not only because each monument was a result of collective experience, accumulated in each “mystery” or craft – it was grand because it was born out of a grand idea. Like Greek art, it sprang out of a conception of brotherhood and unity fostered by the city. It had an audacitiy which could only be won by audacious struggles and victories; it had that expression of vigour, because vigour permeated all the life of the city. A cathedral or a communal house symbolized the grander of an organism of which every mason and stone-cutter was the builder, and a mediaeval building appears – not as a solitary effort to which thousands of slaves would have contributed the share assigned to them by one man’s imagination; all the city contributed to it. The lofty bell-tower rose upon a structure, grand in itself, in which the life of the city was throbbing – not upon a meaningless saffold like the Paris iron tower, not as a sham structure in stone intended to conceal the ugliness of an iron frame, as has been done in the Tower Bridge. Like the Acropolis of Athens, the cathedral of a mediaeval city was intended to glorify the grandeur fo the victorious city, to symbolize the union of its crafts, to express the glory of each citizen in a city of his own creation. After having achieved its craft revolution, the city often began a new cathedral in order to express the new, wider, and broader union which had been called into life.”

“The same applies to our civilized world. The natural and social calamities pass away. WHole populations are periodically reduced to misery or starvation; the very springs of life are crushed out of millions of men, reduced to city pauperism; the understanding and the feelings of the millions are vitiated by teachings worked out in the interest of the few. All this is certainly a part of our existence. But the nucleus of mutual-support institutions and customs remains alive, it keeps men together; and they prefer to cling to traditions rather than to accept the teachings of a war of each against all, which are offered to them under the title of science, but are no science at all.”

2018 Dec 01 ~ 04

“I fight to survive – nothing more!”
“Then you cannot possibly measure up to me. Everything I do is empowered by a greater cause!”

“Can you believe that these goyim are questioning the Jews and their motives?”

“Only in jew world is it unthinkable that a third of people, which is a lot to know anything, don’t know or care.”

“why are people, particularly women attracted to ambition ?

because it implies long term goal games and strategies

why do share holders like “vision”
because it implies long term goals, games and strategems “

“Every non-mainstream presidential candidate is going to face the same problems:
– personnel crisis, because he/she will not have enough allies, meaning establishment figures will retain power
– those establishment figures undermining them, while the media provides cover”

“It has zero identiny
It is a “Video Game: The Game”
shit is going to flop hard”

“they don’t need to spend any more money on blacks. 90% of them vote democrat already. this is all about importing new democrat voters from the third world by any means necessary”

“The individual is the correct element of society, because ownership is necessarily individual.

Non-individual ownership is nonsense. With more than one person, there will be conflict. The owner is the person who wins the conflict; the putative second etc. ‘owners’ are merely friction.”

“it is easy to consume lots of healthcare because it barely works.”

“Chinese social credit system: Jaywalk. Get punished.

American social credit system: Journalists incite a mob to attack your house, get you fired, and have your entire family denounce you in the press because you didn’t use the pronoun your co-worker invented that morning”

“I studied a bit in China. My professors could basically mouth off as long as they didn’t discuss very specific issues like the death penalty, Taiwan, Tibet. I was surprised.”

“Chris-chan’s story is the story of the man of the information age.

He’s a naive guy who got ahold of the internet and all that possibilty to access and publish information and was totally unprepared for it. He made every mistake that can be made on the internet, tried to make sense of the world and succeed using the giant flood of information coming from media (such as trying to learn social interaction from anime and tv comedies) and just got even more confused. Tried to find meaning and success through consumerism, overidentifying with commercial products and made himself look like an idiot.

Chris-chan was trolled for publishing highly personal information online but he was in a way ahead of his time. His narcissistic self-promotion was not much different from what normies do on social media today. His neet, internet and video-game addicted lifestyle is not much different from the avarege imageboard user who trolled him and is starting to become something of a norm. He was both the proto-incel and in some ways a proto-sjw during his Love Quest days.

Chris-chan represents our fears of what our current society could turn us into. In some way we are all Chris-chan.”

“this guys calling me mentally ill and i dont like it”

“im gonna be honest with you
when i hear someone say something like
“ive found for myself it’s also useful to think of what i believe as truth and then ‘change what truth means’ rather than try and convince myself my opinion is ‘just my opinion’.”
its like
evil? i honestly feel this type of thinking could destroy the world
its the equivalent of someone saying I delude myself into the believing the things i want to
so if you could elaborate it would be nice”

“i think of it as taking a larger number of variables and putting it in a smaller number of concepts/words
suppose you trust someone. they say something. as far as you are concerned, what they said is the truth. it will remain true until something is found that was untrue. but it’s not as if it magically became untrue at the point of discovery. more likely than not, either ill will or mistakes or other causes have been happening for a long time.
you can say “i trust their opinion”, but i dont hear people use the word in that way. “opinion” is usually meant as a denigration. “he tells the truth” is what people say. words we allow into our minds are generally under the banner called “truth”.
under your/the standard definition, there’s a lot of legwork every time something is discovered to be untrue.
at least, as far as i’ve been able to use it.
i prefer to be able to keep track of who said what, how they got their information, what their track record is, how much i trust them, etc.
perhaps if you think of everyones words as “this is their opinion” and are able to put it all together, then that works for you
for me, it works better if i label everything everyone says as ‘truth’ and just downgrade the word, rather than upgrade ‘opinion’.
it seems to reduce the overall amount of work any time there’s a correction.”

“the category there is how often/much information changes
ive found most people of the standard view of truth are perfectly content to say “but he was a liar!” when the information changes. as if that in and of itself would rectify the situation, or reduce its occurrence/impact in the future.
theres a phrase my dad has
“Don’t be dead right”
you have to be right beforehand. being right afterwards is not good enough.””

“[…] bred our produce to be sweeter, less colorful, and less nutritious. The most potent phytonutrients are what give veggies their bitter and astringent tastes and deep colors. We’ve taken our wild plants – vegetables and fruits – and stripped them of their best qualities.

A wild crabapple, for example, has one hundred times more cancer- and inflammation-fighting anthocyanins than the Golden Delicious variety found in supermarkets. Purple carrots contain twenty times more phytonutrients than their more common orange brethren. Wild blueberries have dozens of times more phytonutrients than domesticated berries. And the heir- […]”

>It’s always a matter of judgment
Bbbbut the evidence speaks for itself!!!!!

Wait a minute. Is that why judges, even being the single greatest holder of discretionary power in society today, are basically completely invisible and immune to everything?”

“It’s one of those sotto voce things.
Where when you say [word] and then repeat [word], what is implied is [certain popular or rhetorically dominant definition of word] and [certain other more analytical definition of word].
In this case, the idea that ‘consensus’ is in fact a vital prerequisite for a useful epistemology.
People can do this for rhetorical effect, but unless you are from the same background as them/steeped in the same tradition and have the same exosemantics associated with the word(s), then it’s apt to just appear confusing or mushy-minded instead.
Ie, where they imply a certain sense of a word but you don’t reflexively pick up on that certain sense.”

“Are the clients you’re seeing now the same clients as before or are they new clients who are specifically into pregnancy?”

“Both. I was actually really nervous when I started working as a pregnant person, I didn’t know how it would go over—if people would be into that or not. I thought I would lose a lot of my regular clients. But I ended up keeping a majority of my regulars from before I was pregnant, which felt really nice—like, our connection is about us, not just me in a certain state. They were like, “This is the next stage in your life, and I want to be a part of that in a client-provider way.””

“With the impregnation stuff, that’s interesting, because you’re already pregnant. What’s going on there?”

“People seem to be into the cuckolding thing, where they want to be the cuck where they are humiliated because they couldn’t get me pregnant, so I had to go somewhere else to get pregnant. Or it’s “you’re pregnant by someone else, but you’re still with me,” where it’s a taboo affair fantasy.

A lot of them are more mommy role-play. That doesn’t always add up—like, I’m already pregnant, but maybe [in the fantasy] it’s my second child. It’s more like I’m this mommy figure and symbol. Sometimes I’m the MILF neighbor or the stepmom. And my clientele has gotten younger. There’s a lot more public discourse about daddy fantasies and what that all means, but I think the mommy dynamic doesn’t get talked about very much.”

“In some ways, the commodification of that seems really powerful and exciting,”

“I used to think I was the one who had it all figured out. Adventurous life in the city! Traveling the world! Making memories! Now I feel incredibly hollow. And foolish. How can I make a future for myself that I can get excited about out of these wasted years? What reserves or identity can I draw from when I feel like I’ve accrued nothing up to this point with my life choices?”

“Art isn’t something you need an outside license or a paycheck to pursue. It’s a way of life. It’s a way of adding up what you feel and where you’ve been and what you fear and what you can imagine. It’s a way of seeing your life through a lens that makes everything — good and bad, confusing and clarifying, uplifting and depressing — valuable.
Shame is the opposite of art. When you live inside of your shame, everything you see is inadequate and embarrassing. A lifetime of traveling and having adventures and not being tethered to long-term commitments looks empty and pathetic and foolish, through the lens of shame. You haven’t found a partner. Your face is aging. Your body will only grow weaker. Your mind is less elastic. Your time is running out. Shame turns every emotion into the manifestation of some personality flaw, every casual choice into a giant mistake, every small blunder into a moral failure. Shame means that you’re damned and you’ve accomplished nothing and it’s all downhill from here.”

“This reveals a massive problem Westerners have. They treat their lives like actions don’t have grim moral consequences because you didn’t wake up that day and say “I think I’ll do evil today muwahahaha”. I’ve seen this with Americans who cheerlead wars and act like they never did”

“I get off on emotionally neglecting my neighbor’s wife at holiday parties.

Every conversation we’ve ever had, I cut her out. Physically and otherwise. As soon as she opens her mouth to talk I chime in and interrupt her. I am a naturally outgoing and conversational fellow so nobody notices that I’m doing it. My dialogue is so intruiging and engaging, my voice loud and boisterous, my stamina and confidence humble all around me. I can’t help but steal the show in any group setting. And I always get what I want. Every year our neighborhood has a total of five holiday parties: Easter, Memorial Day, Halloween, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. Every year I dress in my best, I bring an exotic and stunning date with a personality nearly as sharp as mine but never quite bold enough to imasculate me. Every year I catch Jim and Janice fighting in some empty spare bedroom, every year Janice pleading with Jim to say something, every year Jim denying Janice’s allegations that I am targeting her in some way. “That’s impossible. ______ is such a nice guy! He’s the life of the party! I can see why you’d be jealous but maybe just chat up a different circle of people. We’re all adults, Janice.” But he was wrong and he knew it. He knew I hated Janice with every microliter of malice flowing through my pre-hypertensive veins. Janice knew that he knew. We all knew. Jim is a pussy, a coward. And if I somehow didn’t personally intimidate him by mere presence, then my girls and my lavish lifestyle did. Jim would never show it for fear of me validating his own belief that he is weak and a failure, a settler and not a striver. Sometimes Janice cries. I soak it up like an old loofah left in some forgotten bathroom drawer for years, stowed behind extra bottles of shampoo left behind by an old roommate. Why do I do this? Nineteen years ago at the bus stop Janice saw me picking up worms off of the street to save them from the rain. Janice thought I was weird. At the time, I was fragile and my self-esteem quite malleable. Janice called me a freak and she smacked the hundreds of earthworms from my open palms, strewn about the wet gravel and asphalt that I had worked tirelessly all morning saving them from. Janice stomped every single creepy crawler to death right in front of me. What a terrible day for rain. She told everyone in the school bus. I sat alone for the next five years before transferring to another school district. But now, now I had beaten Janice. Her infraction all but forgotten. I watched Janice cry five times a year every year until she got on the medicine. Once I noticed the sedation in her behavior I knew I could stop. Janice had succombed to me. Jim encouraged her to take the medications. And as soon as she did, as soon as they sank their roots into her and she became dependant on them, that’s when I stopped. And Janice didn’t know. She had no idea. In time she came to believe that she WAS, in fact, imagining everything, that the medication had given her clarity. But she was wrong. She stopped painting, this was her passion. I still save the worms at the bus stop on rainy days, I bring them home to my composting bins. Fuck you, Janice. Enjoy your life of comfortable mediocre sedation. I’ve won.”

“Holy shit. Does she not realize she’s shoving this woman’s failures in her face while she talks about her own successes? Women are something else, man”

“You are 95 years old, looking back at your 35-year old self, and this is what you see: a young woman, so young, so disappointed, even though everything is about to get really good. She doesn’t see how much she’s accomplished, how much she’s learned, how many new joys await her. She doesn’t know how strong she is. She is blindfolded, sitting on a moutnain of glittering gems. She is beautiful, but she feels ugly. She has a rich imagination and a colorful past, but she feels poor. She thinks she deserves to be berated because she has nothing. She has everything she needs.”

“This is what spiritual death looks like under capitalism.”

“isn’t that how the new star wars movie ended too?”

“No matter how large your house is, how deep your pocket is, how nice your car is, everyone’s Greg will be the same size.”

“I think it’s hilarious. What she doesn’t say is she’s more than likely an uber Left liberal who fervently believes diversity is our strength & everybody’s a winner. Screw her & the millions like her, of both sexes. Useless wastes of oxygen.”

“I don’t think we should judge this lady too harshly or make it about gender or politics too much. She’s an unhappy person cast adrift. She tried to make relationships work but they just didn’t. Don’t overblow the creative thing. Things just didn’t work out, but 35 is not too old”

“Na, this is what she chose. She never thought about anything more than 30 minutes past where she was at, at any given point. The bill finally came to be paid and now she’s stuck. She thought being stupid and nieve was ok if you just aren’t a terrible person. She was wrong.”

“While I make friends easily, I’ve left most of my friends behind in each city I’ve moved from while they’ve continued to grow deep roots: marriages, homeownership, career growth, community, families, children.”

The order of items in that list is disturbing in and of itself.”

“It’s very predictable; “Art isnt a career lol” “you just gotta love yourself girl! Treat yourself!” One gets the sense that “Polly” is a boomer that’s never faced these problems and unable to even begin to address them.”

“Someone who is unflinchingly upholding of the status quo and stereotypes of their gender without even realizing it. She engages in typical, unoriginal behaviors, modes of dress, speech, and likes. She is tragically/laughably unaware of her utter lack of specialness and intrigue. She believers herself to be unique, fly, amazing, and a complete catch, when really she is boring, painfully normal, and par. She believes her experiences to be crazy, wild, and different or somehow more special than everything that everybody else is doing, when really, almost everyone is doing or has done the exact same thing. She is typical and a dime a dozen. There are many subtypes of basicness, such as the basic ratchet, the basic sorority bitch, the basic groupie bitch, the basic I’m-so-Carrie-from-Sex-and-the-City bitch, etc, but ultimately, they all share the common thread of being expendable and unnoteworthy and, in some cases, having absolutely no redeeming qualities.

“I’ve gotta get to Hollister and Bath and Body works for the third time this week, the just announced a new sale! I just don’t know how I’ll ever fit in that mani-pedi with Amanda and Brittney today. Ugh, I’m just going to call in sick with my period. I need a Pumpkin Spice latte or a Cosmo right now, I can’t handle this pressure. Can we go to Applebee’s for dinner tonight? …Ooh, the new Shia Labeouf movie! LOVE HIM!” – basic bitch inner monologue”

“I was thinking recently that Hollywood in particular, or fiction in general, severely hampers ability to discern phrenology-type things. When I finally got the chance to look at their faces I was like “oh, yeah, that’s definitely the look of a person that would be “excited” about making money for someone else doing things they don’t care about”. But you don’t get that with fiction, unless the author pays attention to such a thing. The main characters are beautiful, the antagonists are ugly, end of story, is the usual story. Generally speaking, the main characters take up most of the screentime. So everything, even the things that wouldn’t naturally be associated with beauty, are associated with beauty. Or more generally, the aesthetic relationships are all fucked up.

And the standard response would be something like “but there are pretty people who use boring terms too” like sure, fine, but the point is there’s some total overall balance, usually one with some fairly obvious patterns, and that balance is out there, not in here, and watching more of the stuff in here is not going to get you closer to what’s out there, no matter (or perhaps, especially because of) how much people talk about “realism” or “representation”.”

“actor’s personalities match their characters surprisingly often
the bad guy from one that spiderman movie really is a massive asshole, for example”

“the Self-Help-Guru’s “advise” comes down to “You’re beautiful at any size” which is lazy and unhelpful.”
“*you* are always “good enough as you are” -> I’m in the lead, you do not threaten me, & you better stay that way”

“She can’t come out and directly advise younger women who haven’t yet screwed up their lives and thrown them away on adventure, travel & sex in the city, because this genration’s misery wants company.”

“Huxley continues to outpace Orwell in correct predictions.
Note: Huxley also predicted normalization of sexuality in children.”

“>China’s gene-edited babies cry out to regulators
These are the kind of headlines you get when all journos are women”

“did you see china’s social credit system
*banned from social media*
i sure hope that doesn’t happen here
*banned from paypal*
imagine how terrible life would be
*hit piece written about you*
sure glad i live in america
*never get work again*

“How could FPTP be so wrong while being so praised? Another classic enlightenment error. Voters are supposed to be all supremely informed independent philosophical individuals, immune to social trends and mass media and peer pressure.”

“China does not allow Uighurs to leave Xinjiang because every time they do they get people like this woman lying and slandering China in front of the world press.

But oh, the press is so concerned by the plight of the Uighurs. Right.”

“More gruesome details from #Xinjiang – 80% of the Uyghurs in Kashgar are in re-education camps while the other 15% are in jail. Only 5% of the residents are not locked up. Those locked up have either returned from Muslim countries or contact someone abroad.”

“Lol. They can’t help themselves exaggerating anything into absurdity. Maybe that’s how their language works.”

“It’s just ridiculous on its face; 95% of the population is incarcerated? Really? Even the old people & the children & the women? Who would go to that expense, when just locking up all the men aged 16-55 would do the trick?”

> Men must get affirmative consent for all sexual interactions.
*gets affirmative consent*
> Men are getting consent from women in troubling new trend.

“Getting affirmative consent signals low status and fear, which triggers hypergamic revulsion.”

“The point women are trying to make is that women are not responsible for their decisions.”

“The NPC idea isn’t quite right.
They’re gazelles. They exist to be preyed upon, and the only thing they’ll truly master is cowardice.”

“Half of modern “journalism” is just a naked attempt to shame and “educate” the swine-like masses into accepting prog rulership

The other half of journalism is trying to do this, too, it’s just more subtle about it”

“Nothing modern about it. Journalism was always and will always be like this. Journalism is an inherently irresponsible profession.”

“My central heating boiler failed (no ignition) and I quickly realized that the control board was at fault since it was one of my own designs from a few years back. I could quickly diagnose the fault down to a faulty diode (the one fitted was not to my spec) but I could not remove the board to repair it without breaking the security seal. No choice but to call in the gas board “qualified” technician who in fairness quickly diagnosed a faulty control board and quoted me €400 plus labour. we sold these to the manufacturer for €12.49 plus the fact that I knew it only needed a 5 cent diode. Luckily being a semi state body the obligatory “lunch time” arrived and the guy bade me farewell, promising to be back shortly. Well guess what, he left the board on the worktop and I seized the opportunity to replace the diode. After returning from his lunch some 2 hours later I suggested he try the board again just in case it was merely a bad connection. He agreed and lo and behold everything was perfect. So there you have it I was not “qualified” to repair my own design”

“Millionaire business owner runs Windows server 2006 on a ten year old PC with 2GB of RAM ( well you could log into it, and it somehow manged to serve files, but backups always failed, which they didn’t seem concerned about, it did not even have resources to update virus signatures) When I tried to explain these things to him, and mentioned that the server that runs his WHOLE BUSINESS is due to fail completely, he blew me off. What he was concerned about was that his ten year old laptop with its ten year old battery wouldn’t hold a charge. Then calls me up on a Friday at 5pm saying his server is down (No shit Sherlock) and expected me to come out immediately and fix it for $25 an hour! And that was the end of that business relationship. Good luck with Geek Squad.”

“I guarantee you that most of these IT specialists have certifications up the ying yang. Years ago I was working Server 2000 via command (cacls no less) and in walks the next latest and greatest to tell me he has all the microsoft certs. As he is watching me work, he says “what is that?” Hmmm, it’s the command line. He says it again, “what is that?””

“When I reinstalled Windows 10 on my laptop, my roommate asked me if I had a “OS installation course”. The best part, he’s doing a course in Computer Science Engineering.”

“I know the type unfortunately. She wasn’t a “specialist”. I specialize in designing and coding software to solve problems. You specialize in hardware repair. We’re both specialists. She was someone who got by doing the bare minimum. If you don’t specialize and are just a jack of all trades, you’re worth as much as a mid range receptionist.

What you’re actually seeing is the difference between someone who has been a hobbyist and/or worked at a small company vs someone who’s only had experience being part of the corporate machine. It isn’t the difference between a specialist and a non-specialist. I also guarantee you that she didn’t see much of that $10-20k a day you’re talking about.

She only knew how it worked at her company under her rules where she’s probably not allowed to log into her email from outside the crappy email software they set up for her. She probably wasn’t permitted to connect and disconnect her own monitors at work. I would bet good money she’s not permitted near an admin account on her own workstation or laptop much less a server. Chances are she couldn’t install that software if the install dialogs changed slightly and she’d be on the phone to head office. Not doing anything you’re not authorized to do is the mentality you see from large organisations.

Also there’s a fine line between knowing you’re out of your depth and continuing on to make a pig’s breakfast of things, and stopping when the problem is trivial. if you’d never seen how a KVM worked, would you find it so simple? If someone asked you to install Linux or set up Active directory and you’d never heard of it would you want to push ahead at client site, or would you take stock? If you’re not allowed to google in your company, are you going to have a knack for troubleshooting via google? Do not underestimate the knowledge you gained as a hobbyist.”

“Our school based technician was a total moron. For example he couldnt figure out how to install a network card because the drivers on the floppy disk where in a folder and not in the root directory so when he pointed it to a:\ nothing happened – he claimed they were broken when I tried to point out his oversight so I asked if I could have them, he said no because he can take the processing chip off it and use it to fix other cards. LOL rightio. He also used to try and act like some IT genius and talk down to students all the time for no reason – he was a total flog.

One day we brought up a security flaw with the server where through a bunch of stuff you could get admin access and then from there you could access literally everything. He told us we didnt know what we were talking about and guaranteed us it was secure. So some friends and I who do actually know what we are talking about used the Nuke virus/exploit/whatever you wanted to call it and crashed everything in the school simultaneously because fuck him.”

“these first people that answer the phones can never do anything and are for the most part useless, unless you are calling to ask to pay more for something”

“I learned while working with people that older people will pay this. These excessive fines are there to scare older people into paying because they don’t know better. They think they’ll ruin their life unless they pay it.”

“that’s outrageous, cmon” – i love that man”
“funny… i got the oposite impression. I think he ofc knows about the fee (and all other policies they have ) and the “that’s outrageous, cmon” thing was just a textbook attempt to calm the customer by pretending that you are on his side.

Pretending not to know about their fee policy and pretending that he thinks its outrageous?

Its a game they play. The level 1 lady from the customer support will pretend its not possible to simply downgrade Louises plan , then pretends that its so complicated she has to check it 3 times , then pretends she just found out it is possible but it will cost Louis more money than he paid before , then pretends there is no other way because otherwise he will have to pay a bs amount of money to cancel the service and then if nothing above works she pretends there is nothing she can do about it and only then if they still dont push you into what they wanted you to do they will let you speak to the level 2 customer service person who will pretend he doesnt hear you clearly and make you call x times and repeat yourself like a moron x times just to make your case to him. Aaand again if nothing of above works and you are still there demanding what you wanted , he admits to himself their tactics didnt work on this guy and just pretends hes just as outraged by what happened , then blame the level 1 person for incometence and pretends to save the day by giving you what you wanted. Meanwhile nobody is incompetent, nobody is outraged , everything that happened is in the script they play xy times a day. “

“That man knew exactly what was going on.

Companies do this in hopes of getting a handful of people who will simply pay it. If they refuse to pay it, they get sent to the manager and the manager does his job by keeping them as customers.

Its a scam.”

“First guy transferred you to the “retention team” aka they bully you into keeping your plan. When she saw that it would fail she attempted to get a full payment on the contract. When you called the bluff she sent you back to sales who did what ever you wanted.”

“If you’re getting referred to a “retention team” when you want to leave you know you’re in for a good time.”

“I dont understand how can these two people give conflicting answers? Dont they have like company policy or something?”

“If you try to rob someone blind before treating them reasonable, some might let themselves get robbed”

“Honestly my biggest fear when it come to porn game is how the game approaching the porn?

Look at Lilith Throne, it have a tons of potential, and I honestly thought for a while that it was finally the answer to Fenoxo’s tyranny on text adventure porn game, but it did the exact same mistake that ruined CoC for me: it just constnatly shower you in porn not 5 minutes into the game, and then you just don’t give a fuck.
Porn games have no pacing at all.”

“Porn games aren’t meant to be binged, anon.

What you’re looking for is like those 60 hour VNs where you don’t get to see a tiddie for the first eight hours, but this brings the obvious problem of not getting porn where and when you want porn. Might as well just fap to a JAV clip and then play a regular game.”

“No, no see I perfectly understand that, but if I just finished created my characters and the first thing I see is that it’s perfectly okay in the in-game world to take 3 horsecocks simulatenously in your asshole, then if you want to keep me interested the only thing that will work is to constantly raise the bar.

I hate how the word has been meme’d to hell and back, but porn games really do have a problem in my opinion when it come to debauchery and degeneracy”

“The porn games that actually make you work for the sex scenes are some of the hardest nuts I’ve ever had.”

“This is highly accurate.

>play porn game for 10 hours
>immersed in story
>constant raging erection, still completely forget to masturbate

>look up CG set for same game on sadpanda
>literally no arousal whatsoever

It requires a working imagination, though.”

“holy shit, has any other game got breasts physics as good as this?”

>year of our lord 2018
>AAA games still doesn’t have boob physics of this degree
It really is weird that indie shit is more technologically advanced than high quality expensive studio made games.”

“they’re perfectly capable, there’s a lot of reasons its not included”

“Its because the game industry is full of prudish feminists.

The demand for high qualty female models and physics is extraordinary but they wont touch it.”

“I love his animation work and his models are, for the most part, really good, but this will never be a game because he’s not going to hire anyone who can actually make a fucking game. He’s not scamming anyone, he’s just unwilling to make the tough decisions and bring in people he doesn’t know very well. I can’t blame him for that, but I can blame him for fucking around for literal years and releasing nothing but galleries. His original gameplay idea involved rape but Patreon banned rape and non-con in general so woops game’s basically dead and he’s obviously afraid to bring that up. He, without a doubt, has no idea how to make a survival/crafting game with sex but entirely consensual without making it just boring and lame as shit. Basically, fuck Patreon.”

“It’s not just Patreon. Credit card processors, the mysterious middle-men who handle getting dosh from your wallet to Patreon’s wallet and then to PornDev1488’s wallet, all have strict policies against badwrong smut.
Tumblr’s going to a similar purge right now for the same reason.”

“Most credit card processors stop the buck at any porn at all, they don’t nitpick the specific content involved. In fact, I don’t know any that give a shit about if there’s specifically rape or not, the reason cc processors have a stick up their ass about porn in general is because of the incredible frequency of charge-backs for adult content, by the way.”

“people say this shit yet porn is sold on major online stores.”

“In some instances, it is, but you ever wonder why adult sites have to specifically go through shitty companies like ccbill and worse just to make money? It’s not for the great rates and excellent customer service.”

“What’s the point of using tumblr even? You can rent webspace for <$1 a month and won’t run into any issues unless your hosted content is literally illegal.” “Literally the same social media aspects that turned it into an unintentional garbage fire. Tumblr is built to distribute art and art feedback, the trouble is faggots started blogging on it and being that the service is BUILT to spread your content, what would normally be small private opinions are broadcast over the entire service where they will incite mobs and mass backlash. Most artists are moving over to twitter, especially since old standbys like pixiv had major exodus, but twitter isn’t as well suited to art as a dedicated platform.”

>Will “Wild Life” be the best game of all time, /v/?

Small Team, super ambitious and sexual content. I´d be surpriesed if it even released in a playable non earlyiest access state.”

“well im not a mentally ill 30 yo virgin only staving off suicide with videogame tits so no”
“What are you here for then faggot, go back”

“Most people, it turns out, will wirehead themselves into useless blobs, given half a chance. We want to live in a society that does not spend all its resources manufacturing portals to hell”

“Don’t depend too much on anyone in this world because even your own shadow leaves you when you are in darkness.”

“please tell me you’re super tall too cause you’re actually perfect”
“Please tell me you cook, clean, and give good head. Because I hate shallow women.”

“I hear employers just put in random skill set requirements on purpose as a negotiating tactic to get the employee to accept a lower wage which would explain why having 100% of the skillset wouldn’t necessarily increase your chances because you might be able to demand a higher salary.”

“There are so many people in this world that wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire. But the second they need something, the second they need you to help them, you become their friend.”

“Tumblr started these Obama/Sunstein era internet purity crusades. It is absolutely fitting they get taken down by it.

The Xanga/LiveJournal/Tumblr diaspora just needs to accept that no one wants to house the world’s lamest collection of neurotics.”

“The reason we can’t build cheap rail anymore is because we always want to start with the perfect, latest, cleverest and shiniest technology. Far more complex and far more expensive than what any town on Earth can afford today. The solution is to build only the most basic system.”

“All or nothing!”
Then nothing you shall have.”

“I want dumb cities: dumb as bricks. I want anti-fragile human scaled dumb cities. I want cities so dumb they can be run by high school kids and a bunch of 90 year olds. I want cities so dumb they can survive without oil and solar panels and distant water processing plants.”

“There’s no amount of medication you can take to fix other peoples’ problems.”

“What is legible sooner or later becomes a matter of public policy.

Information technology, which is surveillance technology, renders us more and more visible first and foremost to bureaucratic processes.”

“Because a relationship with most women is a one sided deal. You’re there to worship her and please her. She don’t got time to understand u. You’re just a supporting actor in a movie starring her.”