2017 Apr 02 ~ 21

“9S: Okay Okay
2B: Only 1 time k’

>Jap 9S

>Murrican 9S
For the love of Christ! You too?!

English localization is a joke.”

“Toobie playthrough is bluepilled and you think that you are pulling the weight and Nines is there just taking pictures and probably to make a report.

When you hit the Route B you learn that it actually was Nines who did all the job singlehandedly and didn’t even take any credit for it mostly because he was way too happy just having 2B around.”

>Be a fan of a Niche game/series
>Not a lot of people to talk to because “Sorry anon, no one played that game/series.”
>”Never heard of it”
>Niche game/series gets a amazing sequel
>It explodes in popularity
>Suddenly everyone and their mother are claiming to be longtime fans of the series

Why lie? Why not just say you’re new to a series and leave it at that?

I’ve had this happen a few times and now it’s happening again with Automata and it’s just baffling to me. I’m not mad that one of Taro’s games finally got popular (I’m actually pretty happy with it) I’m just kinda mad at all the people now pretending that they’ve been longtime fans now that one of his games became popular.”

“That’s just how normies are.”

>not 2001
Fucking casuals.

I was literally the first guy to find out about the game in our school, got my friends playing and started the whole fad in our local area.”

“Yeah, I’m sure everyone these days talks about how cool you are.”

“Oh wow bro, no way, that was you?! Let me shake your hand bro, what a legend.”

“You should start your sentence with “sweetie” if you’re trying to sound like a condescending twitter tranny.”

“When you don’t pay for the product, you’re the product.

Its like facebook, shit isn’t free in the end.”

“that’s wrong… you are always the product no matter if you pay or not. if they can get extra shekels they will always go fot those extra shekels. a good example would be smart-tvs.”

“On neo-internet 3.0, you’re not wrong. And I hate that so much.

I’d pay $40 for such software gladly, if they’d just keep their fingers off of my shit afterwords, but anymore personal dataminding is in EVERYTHING.

I guess I just yern for computing in the 90s”

>in our lifetimes people will start building PCs with obsolete 90s parts again just so the government is no longer spying on them
Is there any individual piece of hardware that is not also compromised, at this point? I know most newer GPUs are sending data back regardless, I know most motherboards are via the BIOS if it even still has a BIOS instead of the new software based thing they use to collect data even easier, I know everything post-i5 from Intel in CPUs collects absolutely everything you do, does RAM as well? Is there anything that isn’t spying on us these days?”

“open source routers with call-back blocklists throw a giant monkey wrench in these systems.

We just need to maintain a list of the IP addresses used in these systems and update it regularly.”

“- 60 hour work weeks to afford condo in suburbs
– nagged by HR cat lady; sexism PowerPoint meetings
– lectured on white privilege
– marry overweight career woman, have one kid at 37 who is on autism spectrum
– only hobbies Netflix and fantasy sports
– hooked on expensive medications only doctor can give
– corn syrup body, soy face, estrogen water ruins hormones
– spend hours complying with regulations and navigating Byzantine legal system
– sell house to government to afford nursing home where Somali nurse steals from you”

“How do I even get this good

Where do I start in transitioning from pencil and paper to tablet?

Those fucking beautiful hands.”

“All of /ic/ spouts that just drawing spaghetti people in graphite for years will eventually mean one day you can paint like the OP and they always leave out the transitional practice methods because those are the actual difficult parts.”

“As to the ‘how this sells soap’ question, my guess is that it’s regular old positive association, in the same way that Starbucks reminds everyone they use decomposable cups. There is no direct connection between green cups and buying more coffee, but if you think ‘well these guys are trying to do something good’ its easier to use special pleading to allow yourself to have an extra coffee today.”

“A secular country fighting a war against a literal Sunni caliphate and finally winning international support uses chemical weapons on a non military target miles from the front for no reason whatsoever.

Since the State department and UN verified all the chemical weapons were removed this also means they had to be manufactured recently and evaded mandatory chemical weapons inspections by the UN.

Btw chemical nerve agents are incredibly difficult and expensive to manufacture and store, so if you aren’t using them for incredibly strategic purposes they are literally a waste of finite and expensive chemical resources that could be put towards conventional munitions.

The guy who is using cheap dumb Barrel bombs 2 years ago is suddenly manufacturing some of the most advanced weapons on Earth today without rebuilding a single laboratory destroyed by the war.”

“Wow Syria doesn’t have an ineffectual UN puppet leader? Better kill a few million civilians there.”

“People didn’t stop believing in facts. They just don’t get them anymore. We live in cities, work in offices, cut off from anything that is happening, receiving information about them only on screens and in papers that can be – and usually are – created with bias. Questioning them isn’t madness, it’s the rationality that keeps us from being drones of the Big Brother. Sure, some people question correct information. But then their correctness must be proved instead of the people ridiculed.”

“Okay guys, this is rock bottom. Watching this video I realize we really have been had. The Jews are pulling all the strings. Look how they try to snivel in the whole “oh my god we don’t want to be refugees if only you guys deposed Assad we totally wouldn’t come to Europe ;)” angle. The Jews are doing this deliberately. Of course none of that shit is true. The Jews destroyed Lybia and now what? Have the refugee waves from Lybia subsided after the deposing of Gaddafi? Yeah didn’t think so. Quite the opposite.

The alt-right is a complete playball in the book of the Jews now. The kikes are adapting and planning around it. Even I underestimated the nefariousness of this thing. 4D chess is real, but its the kikes playing it on us”

“I don’t think Hillary would have been better because every “rightist” would still insist it’d be different if trump won thus perpetuating the reformist system strategy, whereas the same people cheering trumps treason would never have engaged in any resistance (in the real sense) but would have just continued to watch fox and drudge and bitch ineffectively.

The pool of potential revolutionaries is fairly small, but Trumps treason will realize more of those with such potential than a Hillary win would have”

“The Judaic (particularly Christian and Islamic) end time prophecies are expertly designed to suppress doubt and reinforce faith through a feedback loop, where everything that contradicts the revealed religion can be dismissed as “evil lies” that were “prophecied” thus simply proving the word of yeshu or moe

It also resigns people to fatalism and inaction on the basis that the worse things get the nearer the judgment day is and that any action is pointless and even sinful as it comes from a lack of faith in imminent salvation”

“Yemen is the poorest country in the entire region and yet there is a constant stream of pictures and videos coming out, showing Saudi Arabia dropping phosphorus, chemical weapons, and assorted cluster bombs on Shiite civilian areas. There is no question about these things. No doubt they are taking place and fired from Saudi military actors. We can SEE a continuous flow of image frames, showing how the relevant craft are positioned and the weapons deployed as they fly towards the buildings and market places.
Pictures of disfigured, burned and crippled shia children abound, and nobody shows them on TV, EVER.

It’s only with Assads supposed atrocities that this conspicuous shortage of meaningful footage exists, despite the fact that the Iraq-Syria War has been the most medially documented and widely shared about conflict in the history of humanity.”

“Feminism is mixed up with a muddled idea that women are free when they serve their employers but slaves when they help their husbands.”

“Nobody assumes all women want children, however, every woman’s mother did want children.”

“I remember when /pol/ was a comfy space for shitposting and NatSoc posting.

I remember when /pol/ recognized neocon kikery and opposed it.

Now with the influx of faggots from T_D and other normies during the Trump campaign, /pol/ has become a low IQ hivemind that would suck the shit out of ‘muh god emproors’ ass if he asked them to.

Donald Trump is the peak of kikery, he has become what we always hated, his daughter is married to a merchant and he sucks Bibi’s cock every day.

With his latest move in Syria, and NSC changes, as well as the removal of Flynn during the Russia scandal, Trump has completely surrendered himself to the neocon kike establishment that we wanted him to fight against.

Trump is the best shabbos goy.

Old fags will recognize this and side with Assad, low IQ newfag bandwagon T_D faggots; who have created some weird cult of worship around Donald Trump, will side with him regardless of whether or not he his right or wrong.

Oldfags stand with me against these /nu/pol fags now.”

“What a coincidence that a fully loaded missile frigate shows up in Syria two days before the causus belli they need to open fire”

“This sarin gas bullshit is a pure false flag, but the Trumpcucks in whose minds it is real are still using insanely retarded logic, namely:

“Assad should have killed these innocent babies for no reason using high velocity explosives and shrapnel like us civilized human beings!”

If the Syrian Arab Army had killed 50 children using internationally approved projectiles (like say tomahawk missiles) there would be some standardized bitching phoned in by groups like the UN and shills like John McCain, but no one important would seriously suggest escalating things and it would all be forgotten tomorrow.

The people you see signalling about chemical weapons are not human beings in possession of rational faculties, they are drooling moronic biological automatons, programmable slabs of meat who do not qualify for personhood and thus are not entitled to “rights” or moral consideration.

It is ok to kill them, and if anyone decides to expend their minimal potential doing so, it is a cause for celebration.

Those who support war with Syria because of a false flag gas attack do not deserve to live.”

“Liberals on Trump:
Blow up Muslims = 🙂
Deny them visas = :(“

“Okay, so the narrative is that even though Assad was winning the war, he decided to drop illegal chemical weapons on civilians in order to demoralize his opposition into giving up sooner.

Even if that’s the case, then how is this different than the apology for the nuclear bombing of Japan? Except the nuclear bombings killed thousands of times more civilians.”

“Notice nobody is posting ‘Pray for Syria’ now.”

“Multicultural leftist: We need to invade this Islamic nation

Alt Righter with crusader cosplay: We should leave them alone”

>cluster munition canisters paraded as evidence of sarin plane missile canisters
>non airtight cylindrical containers
>the pilots would die from exposure on the runway since someone can’t wear a biohazard suit in the cockpit of Sukhoi
>the only way to deliver sarin by plane is in spherical bomblets that only 2 countries can manufacture
>All other sarin delivered by artillery or mortars
>evidence for supposed UN tier war crime courts being used as flowerpots

“What would air delivered Sarin containers even look like? I can’t find photos of any.”

“2 part spheres. Obviously neither the US nor Russia will declassify actual photos because we don’t actually have chemical weapons because we totally signed a treaty and destroyed our stickpiles plus the fact that China would try to reverse engineer the capsule mechanism from photographs.”

“The Constitution does not say that. Pres. Trump did not declare war for which he would need congressional approval. He was well w/in his rights of commander-in-chief to strike. What if Syria or Iran hit the U.S. w/chemical weapons and babies were killed? Wouldn’t we want other countries to come to our defense? This could be a our modern day holocaust if we turn a blind eye to it.”

“It’s not war we’re just bombing them”

“just the tip”

“In 2014 the US state department under John Kerry and Obama declared “every ounce” of sarin was removed from Syria. They even tweeted it.
So either they lied then or they’re lying now.”

“no goy they only said “declared”. They’ve got massive caches in the desert goyim believe us just like Saddam”

“”Where are they?”
“Somewhere out in the desert fam”
“Oh you mean the treeless relatively flat place that can be seen by satellite?””

“Its hilarious because water is better at hiding magnetic signatures than sand.”

“The biggest evidence that this strike was all show and neo-con plan was all these world leaders now clapping as hard as Americans when they finally reach the front of the McDonalds line praising trump on the strikes. You have the UK, Canada’s Tru “nice hair weed flare” deau, you have Germany and other EU states standing and clapping as hard as they can saying “thank you America God bless xDDDDD” like the controlled puppets they are over this.”

“all within 12 hours of the strike, without even thinking about timezone differences.

They had the speeches prepared in advance.”

“We were trying to avoid getting back at the US-Propaganda but we are compelled to do one more round.

For the sake of the argument, they are claiming that the targeted airbase was the one used in the alleged chemical attacks, so if what they say is true, if indeed they destroyed the whole airbase and all of their missiles hit their designated targets, and if this airbase had chemical agents, why no chemical agents got leaked?

Or the “Chemical weapons” developed by Syrian scientists can only harm underage boys (since in all their staged videos not a single girl was seen, in case no one noticed).

More so, let’s say it was true also for the sake of our point, didn’t they have any regards to the nearby villages that such “chemical agents” may result in catastrophic civilian deaths? Oh wait we only covered that one, the Syrian “chemical agents” are smart enough not to harm anyone but little boys.

Those who can’t see what really is happening, pick a lie, then pick whichever explanation provided by the US-Propaganda that suits your level of intelligence, because there is not helping you at this point; you were deceived in Vietnam, in Iraq, and Libya, and now in Syria; fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, but fool me four times … we’ll let you continue it however you like.

Finally, on the ground, as we said, the airbase is back into service, the bulk of the attack was foiled, 36 missiles did not reach their targets and the attempted show of force backfired into a show of insufficiency.

– Syrian Arab Army”

“Antifa literally protested an alt right demonstration against a foreign war

“The competition to merely exist in those parts of the world is cutthroat and tough. So when they get to the New World it’s like an introduced species exploding out of control.

Look at Jews, Alawites, Maronites, Armenians in their native habitats they’re often relatively poor and just hanging on to their territories and neighborhoods by a thread.”

“Yes. And the manorialism of the Hajnal territories (the Franks) selectively bred people who were easy to lead and organize, but also very vulnerable to more tribalistic peoples. Fox and henhouse. Dumb down your own people, and you will find them quickly taken over by outsiders.

[…] Once the lower classes of an invading group are established, then their ruling class comes in. And they are very different. Noone feels threatened by the chode incel Indian beta men coming… but then you see the Brahman’s coming in, and they are taller, better looking, and move with confidence and authority. Same with Arabs, same with Chinese; 100 years ago it was small and ugly little Chinese people… no threat. Now it is the ruling class coming over from China, and they are as tall as us, and quite arrogant and confident.”

“California used to have their own public power system. It was very well run and also very long sighted. They sold it all off and…power shortages where they rape the taxpayer. Higher prices less service.

Government systems may not be quite as efficient as private but private systems goals are not in line with the public. Public systems goals are “supposedly” in line with helping the public. If you lose a little on efficiency with the public you gain it back with goals not to sap the public with as many fees as possible and siphon off as much profit as possible.”

“The airbase that Trump bombed has been protecting a Christian town called Mahardah, which is about 40 miles away.

Crippling the airbase meant that those Christians were and are still more likely to be overrun, gang raped, enslaved, and massacred by ISIS.”

“Copts were pretty much exterminated or driven out of Egypt during the ascent of democracy and the Muslim Brotherhood. Their liturgical music is all that remains of the music of Pharaonic Egypt.

When they were being exterminated, along with Druze, Yezidi, etc. Christians in the US spoke up and were told (in the person of Ted Cruz) “If you do not stand with Israel, I will not stand with you”.

Lesson: some genocides don’t matter.”

“Bana’s apparently still posting on Twitter. How retarded do you have to be to believe this account is anything other than a mouthpiece for kike propaganda? A seven-year-old Syrian girl in a war zone with a verified Twitter handle and a fluent command of English? Seems legit.”

“You know for sure she is a Syrian child because she starts right off saying “I am a Syrian child” in the beginning of her tweet”

“How impressed are you when China or whoever does some stupid shit to flex their muscles? You think “what a bunch of faggots” right? That’s what the world is thinking about America right now “what a bunch of faggots”. Nobody is scared and nobody cares.”

“If Paris got gassed instead of Idlib we’d be told it’s just a part of city life.”

“I explain to her that she has everything she needs to invest and get rich for herself and for her family to continue doing so for generations. But it turns into pulling teeth just to make sure she doesn’t throw away what my grandparents accumulated for her. She gets it all free and somehow it’s right that I start from scratch? I’m not a nigger and I’d be okay, but it’s a huge loss and a huge waste.”

“Sounds like my dad who stayed at home into his 30s but told me I was a piece of shit when I wanted to stay with him when I was 17”

“Using the pool of family resources, I could turn us into millionaires in a couple decades but it somehow makes sense to force me to be a wagecuck in a bad economy for 20 years and pay half my earnings in interest why? How is that not torture?”

“Why is neo/v/ autisming so hard over this game? It’s decent, but if it wasn’t for waifushit nobody would even talk about it.”

“Just because it has attractive females it’s not waifushit you piece of shit.”

“Its kinda funny.
Listening to Video game OST is considered nerdy or stupid.
But the irony is some of the best songs iv herd are from games (Mostly Japanese games and some Anime)
I think the fact games (and anime) have such unreal and abstract settings allows artists to do pretty much anything they want.
While movies cant afford to do the same anymore because they cost so much and have to appeal to as large audience as possible so you will mostly just hear normie stuff.
And TV and Radio pretty much only play the most popular garbage.”

>Listening to Video game OST is considered nerdy or stupid
Says who?
People who arent you?
How about you stop being a fucking sheep for once in your fucking life, shithead.
Live your own goddamn life, you’re not anyone else, you’re you. You’re only going to be you.

If youre so hell bent on other people’s opinions you’ll never grow as an individual yourself.
Quit stunting your own growth.”

“You are missing a very, very small point. People around affect you and your life directly. All this don’t be a sheep talk is relevant to some degree and by fact false most of the time. Whenever you go against majority’s views you will have to face consequences.”

“You hate pop music and I can’t blame you for that.

Mainstream music is poison for the mind and soul.

Japanese make some awesome game ost but you what you love about it is the emotions the songs convey.

There is good music like this outside of video games though. so I hope you don’t limit yourself to just game osts”

>People not as nerdy as you don’t recognise it’s vidya music unless it’s mario.
No, but they make weird faces and ask where the lyrics are and why you’re listening to weird orchestra Beethoven shit.”

“Are they 12?”

“Then they’re faggots. Like I give a shit if they don’t like my music.”

“Yeah, any day now Assad is going to start gassing the United States. Are boomers actually this stupid?”

“A SU-20 with a maximum combat range of 715 miles is going to fly across the Mediterranean and then the Atlantic a full 6670 miles carrying a full payload of bombs they can’t manufacture filled with poison gas the US State department confirmed they didn’t have and drop it in a US city without being intercepted by F-16/18/22/35s or even recommissioned f14s or f4s they pulled out of museums on emergency notice or being shot down by any US SAMs, that plane will then turn around and complete it’s round trip of 13340 miles landing safely at the airstrip Trump just bombed.”

“The Nayirah testimony was a false testimony given before the Congressional Human Rights Caucus on October 10, 1990 by a 15-year-old girl who provided only her first name, Nayirah. The testimony was widely publicized, and was cited numerous times by United States senators and President George H.W. Bush in their rationale to back Kuwait in the Gulf War. In 1992, it was revealed that Nayirah’s last name was Al-Sabah, and that she was the daughter of Saud Al-Sabah, the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States. Furthermore, it was revealed that her testimony was organized as part of the Citizens for a Free Kuwait public relations campaign which was run by American Hill & Knowlton for the Kuwaiti government. Following this, al-Sabah’s testimony has come to be regarded as a classic example of modern atrocity propaganda.

In her emotional testimony, Nayirah stated that after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait she had witnessed Iraqi soldiers take babies out of incubators in a Kuwaiti hospital, take the incubators, and leave the babies to die.”

>post your work

Has anybody ever proved their point here by posting their work?”

“Literally the only art that would appease people that say “post your work” is pro tier art like from the Wei Feng vs. Ruan Jia thread. Even then, you’d be hard pressed for anon to admit you have a point.”

“/ic/ has no trolling material otherwise”

“98% of /ic/ is full of shitposters that draw once a month at best, the rest of the time they hoard .pdf files and art books.

I remember a master study thread that had so much potential for growth but it only had about 4 posters and it died quickly. Threads shitting on other artists, however, usually had something like 30 posters all actively arguing to the point that there were sub-arguments.”

>I thought I had an opinion but this blog opened my eyes.

Why can’t you just say you are incapable of independent thought or critical analysis and will take any opinion you hear as your own as long as it’s presented in a neat, easily digestible format?”

“Bionicle was at it’s core a construction set/action figure. You bought the toys and basically got just a toy. Maybe there was a little leaflet with some story, but nothing of substance. What made it unique was that you had to seek out other media to get the full lore (comics, animations, internet sites, web games).

I’ve recently learned the term to describe this is called a “media project”. Bionicle was one of the earliest, possibly even the first, media projects. A media project is a product with supporting material released separately through alternative media. Overwatch is a media project. With Overwatch you buy the game and get the story through the animations, comics, interviews, etc.. Overwatch is the only western media projects I can think of. It’s more common in the east I believe.”

“Has anyone else thought of using the recent United story as a way to show the injustice of fractional reserve banking? Everyone can see the terrible consequences of United issuing more tickets than it had seats, and how that should not be allowed, but that is the same thing banks do when they issue more claims to money than they have.”

“The 4-d chess meme reminds me of here’s how Bernie can still win”

“Death is the just penalty for bringing poison to a hundred men’s lips and saying “but I did not make them drink!”.”

Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX) and Rep. Martha McSally (R-AZ) are the two Republican lawmakers teaming with Democrats to stop the funding of the border wall, despite both representing districts that share a border with Mexico.

“We recognize the need for robust border security and infrastructure to ensure public safety and increase cross border commerce,” Hurd and McSally wrote to the Trump administration in a letter, according to The Hill. “We also have an obligation to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars.”

I.e., “we depend on Mexican votes to stay in office.””

>are they being paid to discredit him?

They are. PR people are literally paid shills.

Here’s what happens:
>company realizes they’re fucked
>hires a PR firm
>PR firm digs up dirt on the guy to reframe the story
>sends it out to media contacts
>media contacts publish it
>gullible idiots eat it raw

PR people are fucking scum. If they can find dirt on you, they will use it. Otherwise they’ll just try to spin the story into

>our employees dindu nuffin
>they good boys
>he was drunk as fuck

“Can’t ban guns, okay well here’s a bunch of costly must have modifications or.else you go to jail – so either you become autistic on the laws or you are priced out of owning guns.

Then the leftists antigunners say “well you can STILL own a gun so your rights are not violated, besides what do you really need one for? Hunting? Meat is gross anyways.” and sit smugly at the Starbucks with their $2,000 macbook that daddy bought them with the trustfund.”

>If Everyone Is So Confident, Why Aren’t They Borrowing?
>Economists are struggling to explain a sudden slowdown in bank lending.

The Jews are sad they can’t borrow money at 0.5 to 1% interest and turn around and give it to you for 5 to 28%.

People aren’t borrowing money because they already have significant amounts of debt and wages have stagnated. The average revolving credit card balance is $16k.

ollectively, student loan debt amounts to $1,400,000,000,000, that’s 1.4 trillion dollars. The average debt for a 2016 graduate is $37k. We’ve gone full circle with the mortgage thing and nearly everyone owns a home again.

The same people who won in 2008 are going to win again soon.”

“I’ve been researching for years, and have never found an attempt to estimate the eugenic effects of priestly and monastic celibacy on European IQ and personality. Basically, for period of many hundreds of years, everyone with curiosity about the world or who had a talent or interest in reading and writing was systematically erased from the European gene pool. People forget that advanced, collegiate level painful study of Sophocles, Euripides and Aeschylus is basically sweating and straining over what was POPULAR ENTERTAINMENT to the Ancient Greeks.

Secondly, the Christian takeover of the Hellenistic world involved the deliberate and violent destruction of almost all libraries, public and private. The comparison to Bolshevism isn’t just Christian baiting. They also destroyed all the temples and statues. The only standing Greek temples in the territory of the Roman Empire at its height are in Southern Sicily (2) and Armenia (1). The only surviving library from the same area is from Herculaneum, the sister city of Pompeii. Christians personally destroyed all statues, temples and libraries in the following territories. Study this map [image attached is the extent of the Roman empire] – really give it some thought – to understand the overwhelming destructive power of Christianity. This whole area was totally cleansed of statues, libraries, and temples.

Secondly, even more work that has never been done by a statistician with demographic experience:

In the 16th century – purely for religious reasons – 40% of the German population was lost. I’ve never seen an estimate of how many Germans would exist today if that hadn’t happened.

Similarly, the south of France was violently cleansed of at least one million people during the Fourth Crusade. This is something like one-seventh of the population ca. 1200. The number of Europeans who never came into being because of that even has never been estimated.

Evil England has also been punished: from the rule of Henry VIII to about 1680, i.e. the period of the English Reformation – at least 17% of the British population was annihilated. After the English Civil War, about 40% of the Irish population was slaughtered.

The death toll of Semitism could measure in the billions very easily, and could in addition be responsible for a loss in average Western European IQ by as many as 30 or 40 points. Recall that just as Sophocles, Euripides, and Aeschylus were POPULAR ENTERTAINMENT for the Greeks, Shakespeare (without the Cliff Notes) was similarly POPULAR ENTERTAINMENT for the late 16th century English. That is to say, gross plebs willingly went to Shakespeare plays for the experience of BEING ENTERTAINED. It could very easily be the case that their grossest plebs had IQs of 120, which I regard as a lower cutoff point for taking enjoyment of any kind from Shakespeare’s output.

There’s been some recent work done that the Victorians (latter half of 19th century) had a much, much higher IQ than modern Britons or Americans.

And even today, the average IQ in Germany is 107 – 7 points higher than Americans. And yes, 100 is the White average in America even before including NAMs. We are at the eugenic bottom of Western existence.”

“The Middle Ages and the Renaissance were never 90% garbage like today. Even the pleb stuff is tremendously influential. Something like 25% of Shakespeare comes directly from Commedia del’arte – a ‘popular’ form, i.e. garbage.”

“If I’m told that a service will cost $20 and I pay $20 for the service, then it should be an exception when I DO decide that the server was extra nice and I throw in an extra few dollars. My financial situation doesn’t factor into it, whether I’m Bill Gates or a lowly peasant. Everyone deserves to be able to come to a simple agreement with another human about how much that other person’s service is worth, without the other person mentally adding extra money on top of the agreement”

“I don’t see where anyone is obliged, it is just a formality. Bad tippers get shit service tho”

“That’s where the obligation comes in – the moral obligation to not be a ‘bad tipper’ and getting worse service in the future just because you paid the agreed price”

“I’m not talking about the practicality of implementing it, I’m talking about whether it’s a good or a bad system, and it’s clearly a bad system if your only argument in favour of it is that it can’t be changed”

“Liberals: Risking a Third World War with a nuclear-armed state is just an act on part of Donald Trump to disguise his ties to their president

Conservatives: Donald Trump was justified in bombing a foreign state for allegedly using weapons against its own people because America has a moral duty to uphold the dignity and rights of all citizens around the world, even thought his in every way implies we are an authority the world should submit to, because what counts as “human dignity and rights” will inevitably come from what Americans conceive as those.

Tell me again how the United States has any redeeming qualities?”

“The US wasn’t waging an illegal war in Cambodia, it was just limited airstrikes on military targets.”

>Be Israel
>Illegally occupy Golan Heights
>refuse to return land to Syria citing political instability
>find oil in Golan heights
>start illegally drilling for Syrian oil

Holy Fuck did Hadrian not go far enough.”

“On Passover, no less. No less! How could he make such comments about Jew Deaths on a holiday celebrating in the glory of the horrific mass murder of Egyptian goyim children?”

>US intelligence intercepted communications between Syrian military and chemical experts

Yeah they were just chatting about it on skype or some shit.

If it were a real gas attack, let us be honest, it would be in person or paper only.”

>Shit talks her for three paragraphs
>I like your work though

How the actual fuck do normies stand being around women? Is the vagina really enough of an incentive to put up with mental gymnastics like this every day of your fucking life?”

“Can you imagine a man commenting on a similar image where a male model is doing something vintage like shooting ducks in a leather vest with a perfect backdrop of water and reeds and a champion quality Labrador? Would that be considered “toxic masculinity?”

This picture depicts something you’d commonly see in Garden and Gun magazine, or on TV for that matter. No one lives the ideal life or is truly the Ubermensch, but it does not hurt anything to have examples and role models in your life so you can strive to attain it.

Perhaps the commenter would prefer seeing a fat woman wearing a wife beater making a sheet cake in a trailer, an image that would make her feel better about herself. That isn’t what continuous improvement is about. You don’t want to be the smartest, strongest, most successful, or best looking people in your circle of friends. Otherwise you’ll regress towards the mean versus having forward mobility.

TLDR: commenter has a loser mentality.”

“I was arguing against a dindu the other day who thought blacks were being massacred in the streets by police, and he cited the news as his source because he is a dumb nigger.

Then I posted FBI numbers proving blacks commit armed robbery at a rate 6:1 to whites.

Then he said I was changing the subject so I had to remind him committing violent crimes is a good way to get shot by police.”

“One woman entering the workforce destroys 3 families: First, the family she could have created if she were a stay-at-home mom. Second, the family a man could’ve created if he had her job. Third, the family of the woman whose husband she’s cheating with.”

“Bull sculptor wants the fearless girl sculpture removed because it changes the original meaning behind the bull which is to represent the “fighting spirit of the United States and of New York.””

>Muh equality
>I know! That’s make a sculpture of a LITTLE GIRL being stubborn, like children tend to do until they gewt their way (or until it doesn’t work then they start crying for help for a mommy and daddy)…
>Let’s put it in front of this sculpture we KNOW has a whole series of meanings that go back to the Mycenaean period and before across pretty much every culture ever

How long until a group of feminists get angle grinders, and in the middle of the wee hours of the morning, castrate the Bull because it’s message has NOW BECOME mysoggyknee and partridgetree?

Honestly I getting fucking sick of it.”

“Can someone make a sculpture of a smirking father figure with his hand patting her head and put it there?

Let’s see if that “doesn’t” change the meaning.”

“To be honest, I think the fearless stupid little girl thinking she is brave, when in fact she’s opposing and taunting things of good faith, is a perfect artistic representation our modern feminists.”

>“This is a piece of work all women of any age,
It’s a little girl, you concieve of yourself as children
Obesity rates in America are skyrocketing, this kid ain’t the right “shape”
The kid is clearly either white or, at most, hispanic
>or creed can relate to.
Judging by the way she’s dressed this kid isn’t muslim, jewish, or in fact any “creed”
>A work which reminds us today’s working woman
It’s a stubborn child challenging an 2000lb bull, plus when’s the last time you saw any women do farm work?
>is here to stay
They were never not there
>and has taken her place in the nation’s financial district.”
Yep, and this little girl is about to learn that if you mess with the bull, you get the horns.”

“Man… makes sculpture of animal, celebrating the spirit of the city.

Woman… makes sculpture of herself, celebrating herself, demanding attention.”

“this guy may actually shoot back so our beloved Jack Bower wannabes are busy eating their donuts right now”

“What’s with Japan and their fascination to childhood friends, that Japanese devs keep inserting at least one character with that trait into their games? I can’t see the appeal of someone that’s stuck so long with the MC but never elevated their relationship to beyond friends.”

“Whats with US and their fascination with LGBT, the American devs keep inserting at least one character with that trait into their games? I cant see the appeal of someone thats sucks cocks but its character never elevated beyond being gay.”

“You have one of 2 ways of addressing “it is never ok to hit a woman”:

>the phrase became commonplace when it was wrong to hit a woman because they all acted like ladies

>the phrase became commonplace when women were considered property and hitting a woman was considered property damage”

“What’s the full name of Darwin’s “Origin of Species”?”

“On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life.”

“What is the definition of “Marketing”? […] When I took Marketing at Columbia they taught me, “overcoming sales resistance”.”

“Once something’s institutionalized, no one has to know what’s going on, that’s how you make your living.”

“The lyrics to “Chocolate Rain” are poetic and political, but the overall effect of the video was unintentionally hilarious. Did it frustrate you that you weren’t taken seriously?”

“Is any artist taken seriously? What does that even mean? Most artists who create art about serious topics are not received in that light. Michael Jackson’s “They Don’t Really Care About Us” didn’t catalyze massive criminal justice reform. Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” didn’t catalyze structural reform to obliterate poverty. If everyone who heard John Lennon’s “Imagine” voted to support pacifist international utopianism, the world would have very different political leaders. No song is taken seriously. The artist just makes the song like a parent makes a child. But in this case, the child is immediately put-up for adoption by the world. The world raises that child. How the world raises the child is not the artist’s job ? it’s the world’s. I can’t worry about how the world does its job. I can only worry about how I do mine.”

“When you appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live as part of his Internet Talent Showcase in 2007, there was a clear division between being “internet famous” and “mainstream” famous? Do you think that still exists?”

“What is “mainstream” anyway? “Mainstream” is a category the media invented to talk about itself. It’s a baptismal anointment by journalism’s religion. It’s an effort by self-nominated cultural critics to matter by enforcing the way somethign else matters.”

“Tell me about the biggest troll you’ve ever encountered.”

“You keep trying to bait these reality TV answers! You want me to disclose a memorable freak-out or moment of dramatic tension in my life, like a Kardashian. You want a highly-quotable “train wreck” moment. People love to watch and click train wrecks. Unfortunately, I’m a bad train wreck. If I was a better train wreck, I’d probably be more successful in entertainment. There’s no train-wreck story here.”

“I don’t think you know much about old masters methods and materials. Much better materials now? In many cases simpler-made materials are better than the mass-produced materials we have now. Their paints had better handling properties and they knew more about how to use them because of experience and an artistic culture that was more involved. Many of the materials that are superior for painting are very difficult to come by now. Many of the materials are being sold commercially and are widely used that are not actually good, while the superior materials are now so expensive, if you even have the luck or the tenacity to find what materials are good and what are not.”

“Also don’t forget this: safety. Many of the best pigments with the best colors are extremely toxic, and so they can’t be sold today. Lead white, Arsenic yellow, etc. In the old days artists could use them because no one knew they were dangerous, or if they did they didn’t care. As a result their paintings had much richer colors. Nowadays all you can get are knockoff colors made from safe materials. Sure we don’t want random people getting cancer from paint, but to get that we have to accept that our colors will never be as vivid as the old ones.”

“Can digital not reproduce vividness?”

“Is this a joke?”

“No, especially not on shitty consumer grade monitors. Digital can barely reproduce as good as shitty prints, and that’s only if you get an extremely good top of the line specialist display.

And when comparing digital to real paint… IT’s not even close! Seriously, look at a picture of a painting on your computer, and then look at the painting in real life. The colors aren’t even comparable. It’s like saying a porn pic of a pussy is the same as the real thing.

Maybe one day future digital display tech could catch up… But that day is certainly not today.”

“Digital is a completely different art. So different that I was only talking about physical painting materials compared to now, apples to apples. There really isn’t a comparison with viewing art on a display and looking at the real painting. I thought by better materials you meant for actual oil painting as the old masters did, which isn’t always true (there are a few cases where it is but you’d have to do research), but now it seems you’re contrasting physical painting with digital painting. You may as well say that we have so much better materials now for sculpture because there is zbrush. I don’t know what you mean by ethereal realm of sensation. Sensation is to do with the earthly realm, and it is important still. What can monitors do to compete against dimensions of a canvas?

In the art of physical paintings, particularly with oils, it isn’t false that there are materials today that we are taught by the prevalent artistic culture to use that simply are not as good, and many good materials that are in scarcity. I could give many examples, but you seem to think searching after perfection and archivability is autism.

You truly show your lack of knowledge about old painting. There are written documents by artists about ideal situations for the viewing of paintings, and how the surface should be… And I really don’t know why you would equate contemporary artistry with digital. Digital is only a small part of modern art-making.

But this is only talk of materials of painting. There are still qualities of old masters that many still sense as lacking in our modern artists, and not simply for historical reasons or qualities that have to do with representation.”

“In reality, politics is really simple. It was figured out thousands of years ago in great detail. All you really need to know is this: to work well, a nation needs to best people at the top making the decisions, and the worst people at the bottom sweeping the streets, and everyone else in between doing stuff that makes sense according to their natural abilities and inclinations.

Simple stuff.

Democracy is the reverse of that. It’s the worst system imaginable. By making rulership some kind of gay popularity contest, you’re getting rat-like schemers and serial liars being promoted to the top of society, while honest men have no chance of competing. This is doubly so if you allow every last retard, criminal and third world primitive a right to vote as well ? which, of course, the Jews insist is more “democratic.”

Indeed, it is more democratic ? because the essence of democracy is about flipping the order of nature upside down.”

“Are not the arts of association as valuable or more valuable than anything else you learn when you’re young? I read how executive hiring is done and it almost never has to do with your training in whatever you’re being hired for. I’m thinking of Apple I believe: ‘Is this the person we would like to have around three years from now?’ Or bend an elbow with, or just talk with? And that’s why you’re passed from set of executives to set of executives.

But you wouldn’t tell kids that right? It’s people who have the highest grade point averages and SAT scores! Well I spent an hour a few years ago with the admissions officer for Harvard college, and about thirty years ago an hour with the director at Princeton, and let me tell you, their polite dismissal of SAT scores was intimidating to listen to, as if you’d have to be crazy to let someone in. Let me see if I can condense how you get into Harvard or Princeton. Of course you can get into both by donating a building, but how do other people get in? They’re being analyzed on their ability to either become wealthy or famous, either one will work. […]

The Harvard Lady said we look for a record of excellence, and what does excellence consist of, it’s sometime in the first eighteen years of your life, figuring out how to add value to the people around you, although she didn’t say this in a way that catches public attention. So you might walk across the United States, or bicycle the permiter of the country, or row across the Atlantic Ocean, those are the physical ways. You might start a little charity or set up some weather service or some pollution monitor around Hartford. There are a substantial number of kids doing this as we sit here. They’re writing a record of being able to add value to the community around them.

And then the other fellow, the Princeton guy, said the same thing in different words. I asked him, what part of resumes submitted do you look at first? And the answer metaphorically caused my jaw to open, hobbies he said. I said I’ve been taught all my life leave that off because it’s not germane. He said on the contrary, it’s the only honest information you’re likely to get. How does someone spend their time when it’s their free choice to spend? It’s a window into their mind or their heart. What kind of hobbies? He said, well ideally, someone would have a physical hobby, an intellectual hobby, and a social hobby, because that would show they’re exploring these large… well, physical hobbies, you mean football, baseball? Well, he said, it’s better than nothing, but we would prefer not to see team sports. I said, all my life I’ve been told team sports identify your ability to work in a team, he said, what happens in a team sport is if you decide to dog it, it’s very hard to tell which guy on the line has dogged it or not, or which running back has gone down more quickly than he should’ve gone down, he said, we prefer solo hobbies that involve physical danger. You mean you want kids to put their necks at risk? For example he said, horseback riding is a dead giveaway, the horse weighs a half ton or more, if you go trail riding and you don’t know what you’re doing your head gets caught on a branch and you become a headless horseman, if the horse doesn’t like you it’ll roll over on top of you […] You have to actually know what you’re doing, you can’t say “Is this an A job or a B job” if you live. Then he said sailing a small boat outside of land, if you don’t know what you’re doing you end up in the middle of the Atlantic, or if a wind comes up you can’t see landmarks because of the waves”.

So I said, those things are associated with the prosperous classes, what could someone in ordinary classes do? He said, well, we just let somebody in, this is probably one of the nicest factoids in my mind in my life, we just let someone in who invented his own sport and kept records competing against himself, past performance to present performance. It was, get ready for this, visualize this, Seatless Unicylce-riding over Broken Terrain. If I had ten lifetimes, it wouldn’t occur to me. Starting to get on a unicycle, let alone without a seat, let alone riding it over broken terrain. So they let him in because they knew he was on the fast track.

So we tell these lies, and of course, many of the people who tell these lies believe the lies. Well surely they’re going to take valedictorian. Well last year Harvard turned down eight out of every ten valedictorians who applied, and the two they took in they didn’t take in because they were valedictorians. So by removing this component from the student imagination, you can control to some extent who even applies to Harvard, and then who gets in who applies, because they don’t know what they’re doing. What’s the IT- “garbage in, garbage out”.

So what I would do is I would examine, I have a friend who started a tutoring service called The Princeton Review, and twenty years ago they were charging two hundred dollars an hour I have no idea what they charge now, but what they did was crack the code of the questions on standardized tests and he asked, Adam Robinson was his name, Adam took his money and left The Princeton Review to his partner, but Adam has written a book called What Smart Students Know, Random House. Adam was certain that you could pass standardized tests without having any knowledge of the subject as long as you understood the constraints the question architects were under. For example, two of the four answers offered are almost so absurd that if you know that you’re know left with a fifty-fifty guess. I had figured out when I was in high school that if you had some way to measure the angles on the little geometric figures on the test that you didn’t need to know, you could arrive at the answer simply by simplistic means. The evidence that all of us know, standardized tests don’t measure what they claim to measure, is that nobody, I mean nobody you encounter on the upper reaches of society would dream of hiring somebody on the basis of those tests, or on grade point averages, you’d be playing russian roulette, because they measure nothing.

The grades largely measure that you memorized what you’re told to memorize. I mean there are a few other things, but that’s the core of it. So now you know you have somebody who is obedient, and probably for clerk, that is a good measure. Not for someone who has to adapt to changing circumstances, you know, by the natural selection process of reality. It’s fairly easy without being a wise guy or being fairly learned, as long as you retain the ability to think independently from the data in front of you to penetrate the masks, the contentions that don’t conform to everyday reality.”

2017 Mar 26 ~ Apr 01

“Why are Japanese games so superior to Western games?”

“They prioritize solid gameplay mechanics over muh story and muh open world with nothing fun to do. Also they usually use more wacky/interesting settings rather than a generic Tolkien fantasy or a generic scifi western devs tend to stick to”

“Because Japan learned a long time ago that pandering to everyone, instead of just one group, is the real way to make an industry go. If a main character or two is female no one bats an eyelash. Meanwhile here retarded autistic fags screech every time the main characters aren’t all balding white men for them to jack off to.”

“Japan has developed an entertainment media culture very much focused on catering to the fans and delivering what they want in their games.

In the west we’ve developed an entertainment media culture more focused around catering to public opinion and mainstream appeal. Which naturally waters down the gaming experience with checklist style game development meant to please the widest palette possible.”

“Because japanese devs are not hipsters from San Fran who couldn’t make it into Hollywood like most western devs are. They are game developers at heart and understand that gameplay comes first.

Another thing is that western devs are pretentious as fuck and take themselves WAY too seriously, they don’t know how to have fun at all. Most japanese games have some weird fun stuff, something even 4th wall breaking because hey, it’s a game (i.e. the silent hill UFO ending), which is stuff you never see in western games because they are too busy beating off to the sound of their own voice.

You take a japanese game and every animation matters, you can analyze frame data, hitboxes and whatnot, whereas in a western game animations do not matter at all, there is barely any depth to the gameplay or any learning curve for that matter, there aren’t anything even remotely resembling combos or other strategic stuff, no, it’s just your average elder scrolls-esque gameplay where you press one button, watch a disjointed animation play and hit the enemy ignoring their hitboxes and that’s it. It’s just not fun.

While I have nothing against story driven games, we have come to a point where story, on top of shiny gwaphix, has become the sole selling point of western games, but the problem lies in the fact that your average highly praised western gaming story (i.e. Uncharted) is just a low effort cliche as fuck generic hollywood shit. So what’s even the point of playing this crap?”

“Japanese action games prioritize more abstract concepts of feedback and pacing above emulating realism, which the West does and tends to end up with shitty physics-driven shooters as a result.

The best Japanese games throw mechanical complexity into that, which the West eschews in favour of appealing to braindead playtesters and the lowest common denominator. ”

“Because they don’t pretend they’re not a videogame.”

“Israelis are seriously pitching a fit over Assad threatening to respond to their bombing his country.

Like they are posturing as if Syrians retaliating against Jewish strikes against Syrian targets amounts to unwarranted aggression

Goddamnit these kikes need to be put in their fucking place”

“I think Trump is doing fairly well, because at least Andrew Jackson only had to move heaven and earth and sacrifice his life to kill one bank.

Even the term ‘Deep State’ isn’t sufficient to describe the forces arrayed against Trump. This is Moldbug’s “Cathedral”.

The academy, the bar, feminism inc., “The Resistance” a well financed movement with Hillary as visible head, the CIA, the FBI, etc. etc.

This isn’t a swamp. This is a war machine with an unbelievably powerful propaganda arm.

Trump thinks everything can be handled by deals because he’s never dealt with ideologues, only businessmen. Businessmen want money and to save face.

My hope is still that Bannon can convince Trump which battlefield he is on. Abandoning Flynn and allowing Sessions to recuse was stupid in our political situation but would have been harmless in a business setting.”

“All of the conflict happening has happened at the political and intelligence level, not at the military level. So I highly doubt we’re going to see anything substantive except for random deaths and info dumps.”

“We can guess whatever about these guys. Bannon could be literally Hitler or wanting to nuke Iran for all anybody knows. We do know brietbart was murdered by deep state people, so that has to be a part of his psyche.”

“Its relevant because I want to know the psychology of a model. Would a virgin girl be willing to expose her body for art? Do nude models pose because theybdon’t care since lots of other people has seen her naked?”

>pretending to be an psychologist so you can get a virgin model who could pose for you

“That would be nice too. I wouldnt fuck them though. I mean wouldnt it be great that you are making a work depicting innocence and purity and your model was the same?”

“Virgin =! “innocence” and “purity”, you dumbass.

There’s plenty of lewd and unpure virgins. Look at /r9k/ and /a/, for example.”

“holy shit, exactly this. op’s notion of virginity is hilarious.

not trying to directly attack u op, but have u ever interacted with girls on a friendship basis? u don’t have to answer this so if u lie, you’re only lying to urself”

“Kyle isn’t in high-school (probably). Don’t focus on the difference between your level and others, focus on drawing what you want to draw and eventually you’ll get good at it.

As long as you practice you’ll get it perfect. If you draw tits wrong it’s just because you haven’t drawn enough tits yet.

Also ignore the majority of /ic/. They are shit-tier artists who’ll say crap like “the feet look gross” which is over-analyzing a porn piece details whilst ignoring its thematic subject, but won’t say anything about the lack of detail in the monster, the background, the excess of contrast with the foreground, or the simple fact that the center of gravity is fucked up in that pose.

In reality nobody gives a rat’s ass about that shit, we just want to see some pussy getting fucked and tits getting exposed. Focus on that.”

“White people can’t be ‘murdered.’ Whites can be deprived of their life, but not ‘murdered.’ Murder = deprivation of life + power.”

“It was a small step really. To go from saying the bloodline of your ruler does not matter, to saying that the bloodline of the people being ruled does not matter either.”

“Do you? Immigration grows economies btw.”

“For who? lmao

The workforce effectively doubled over the course of only a few decades organically with the introduction of women’s rights movements encouraging them to become wage slaves instead of having children. You could get a blue collar job in the 70s and easily sustain a large family, nowadays because of the number of people competing for the same number of jobs wages have stagnated, expenses have increased and our overall quality of life has suffered and immigration only exacerbates this problem.”

“Yeah I guess that’s why their countries of origin allow them to leave.

No retard. All it does is create more burden for the state.”

“If that is true then why are the countries with the most people not automatically the richest?”

“Growth doesn’t equal instant result obviously”

“Well how long does it take? Why isn’t Indonesia a global economic superpower like the US with the same standard of living despite having similar population sizes?

I thought liberals thought all people were interchangeable economic units and nothing more?

Maybe if we replaced the US population entirely with Indonesian immigrants they will finally be a superpower, because America has magic dirt.”

“LOL no one is competing for menial labor jobs are you this retarded?”

“do you actually believe that immigrants don’t go to college?”

“immigrants work all kinds of jobs, brainwashed mook.
and let’s see your twig ass roof a house and come tell us how menial it was.
not to mention Right to Work laws, which undercut union laborers. ya know, unions, the thing that protects the middle class from the big bad corporations you pretend to be against?”

“They’re competing for EVERYTHING you stupid idiot retarded fuck, including work as paid artists. I used blue collar jobs as an example; something as simple as working in a small warehouse taping boxes shut was at one time enough for a man to afford a home, a housewife and provide for their 37 children. Nowadays you need to have a doctorate in computer engineering math science and a spouse working full-time as a nuclear brain surgeon to be able to afford a studio apartment and feed your gay ass cat, and this has everything to do with the fact that there’s too many extraneous people fighting over the table scraps of those born in generations prior. ”

“Best advice I’ve heard and followed is

>copy other artists when you’re stuck or can’t come up with anything else.

It’s more-so good for late blooming artists because copying other people is exactly what many kids and young teens do when they’re growing up, but what people who start drawing as adults probably wont do. It will help you build confidence, design and shape language sense, and generally grant you mileage.

Later I found this same advice in a 1400 century book by Cennino Cennini

>take pains and pleasure in constantly copying the best things which you can find done by the hand of great masters. And if you are in a place where many good masters have been, so much the better for you. But I give you this advice: take care to select the best one every time, and the one who has the greatest reputation. And, as you go on from day to day, it will be against nature if you do not get some grasp of his style and of his spirit. For if you undertake to copy after one master today and after another one tomorrow, you will not acquire the style of either one or the other, and you will inevitably, through enthusiasm, become capricious, because each style will be distracting your mind. You will try to work in this man’s way today, and in the other’s tomorrow, and so you will not get either of them right. If you follow the course of one man through constant practice, your intelligence would have to be crude indeed for you not to get some nourishment from it. Then you will find, if nature has granted you any imagination at all, that you will eventually acquire a style individual to yourself, and it cannot help being good; because your hand and your mind, being always accustomed to gather flowers, would ill know how to pluck thorns.

and especially the part about limiting your masters to as few as possible, if possible, is something I’ve been following for half a year now I’d say and I think it has helped me a lot.

The worst advice I’ve heard is the opposite of above”

“I don’t believe in advice. Humans have a serious case of “Do as a I say not as I do.” It’s not even intentional evil. We have neurological issues connecting our actions with our ideals.

Instead, I have antiexamples and contradictions.

Antiexamples are artists that fuck up so bad that you just have to do the opposite of what they did. People like Andrew Dobson. They are like heroes that step on a landmine so that the rest of us can safely cross the field. There are also sites with horror stories like http://artists-beware.livejournal.com/ or https://twitter.com/forexposure_txt . How not to fail is not the same as winning. Studying failure is important too.

Contradictions, when really good Pro artists tell you one thing and do another.
They tell you that you able to work without anatomical reference, but they have expensive 3dtotalfigures sitting right by their monitors, and hundreds of GB of anatomical photos that they use constantly with adobe bridge.
They tell you not to copy other artists even though they remix others’ work all the time.
They tell you tips to present your portfolio even though they were hired because they were friends with an employee.
They talk about mastering perspective from imagination but use premade 3D grids extensively.

This is not because they are evil. But action is too abstruse to sum up in theories and rules. Otherwise we would have made a formula for drawing centuries ago.So I only trust seeing the artists work in real time (speed paintings can be faked) AND seeing them work IRL. You can hide all kind of things in internet videos.

When you have the rare chance of seeing one of your idols working in real life, and they mess up something that you have mastered, you will no longer trust advice or tutorials again.”

“That happens in literally every country, specially on the country side. No matter how much you dislike it, humans are not meant to mix and multiculturalism is a joke, after living in London as an immigrant, it was clear for me to see. Everything is better when we are among those who share our identity and contribute to our community, and it helps newer generations have a sense of identity too, which is very important for the individual. Look at this generation, it’s filled with lost souls given into nihilism, it’s truly sad.”

“I’ve lived in London for 7 years. One of the biggest multicultural cities in the world. You know what happens there? Every ethnicity divides itself, by their own will and live in districts where their people live, and completely change the landscape of it. People don’t adapt to other cultures unless they are similar or part of their identity is in it. It was shocking to go around London and move from one District where everyone is Muslim, to one where there’s only Indians, to one where all you can hear was Spanish. Why should the British people need to have their culture and city completely modified by outsiders? No one where in the world but the west would anyone see themselves having a Mayor of their capital be someone else that’s not their race.”

“Can you please read your own article? It’s literally about Somalis who can’t connect with their kids because the kid is too fucking assimilated and extremists targeting that child’s angst. and of course we should take preventative measures. But if you’re screeching because .00008% Somalis in Minnesota joined isis, and only 250 Americans have, then i think i’ll continue being a libcuck and let the shitskins do menial work and continue to help the economy by doing so.

btw our GDP per capital is ranked 12th (there’s 50 states btw).”

“If they were assimilated why would they join an extremist muslim organization, lmao. It’s like you have no critical thinking skills whatsoever.

>Somalis comprise a statistically insignificant proportion of the population so having to bribe them to not join ISIS isn’t a problem
>they’re also the reason the state is doing so well

“Liberals often use libertarian talking points to try and push for a massive swamp of 3rd world immigration into first world countries, mostly arguing that cheap labor automatically is a positive to nearly everyone in society.

I’m not going to debate any of the economics since most right minded libertarians have already picked this apart.

Social capital is way more important to people than these open borders liberals advocate. With millions of foreigners coming in every year, your society will definitely change, culturally and racially. A lot of people don’t want this and will gladly pay 40 cents more for an avocado if it means their formerly white American neighborhoods don’t become barrios. Even rich anti-racist liberals will white-flight out of anywhere with too many immigrants and make sure their kids don’t go to a majority-minority school.
I don’t understand the snobbery involved. People segregate naturally and tensions arise with forced proximity. Marginal economic benefit won’t change people’s minds. And this is why you now how a resurgence of populism and nationalism, which was completely predictable.

Sage because Destiny is a retarded manlet.”

>china has the world’s lowest population of migrants as a percentage of its population
>number one economy in the world with a per capita GDP that’s increased by 600% in less than two decades
>many examples of countries with low migrant populations showing similar per capita growth to your asinine graph during the exact same time period, even places like Mexico ($670 in 1970, $9510 today .5% immigrant) or Brazil ($440 in 1970, 11,208 today, .9% immigrant)

Why, it’s almost like chanting “OOGA BOOGA MUH GDP” and mindlessly attributing this inflation-unadjusted number you don’t even understand to immigrants from third world shit holes and ignoring all evidence that runs contrary to your cherry-picked examples is absolutely retarded or something! I certainly don’t expect you to stop being stupid on our account, though, do tell us more about how those 20 thousand unemployed Somalians have really turned Minnesota around.”

“No one is doing this. faggots like you just want to cry “damn liberals” and argue one position. No one is arguing that immigration is some divine solution. But it helps when your birthrate is low, and there’s a gap in labor that can’t be fixed otherwise, or you just want to expand your businesses, if there’s not a gap, limit your immigration, or even stop it altogether, pretty fucking simple. You’re not gonna find immigrants from other 1st worlds to do shit jobs for you, but you need people to do those shit jobs.”

>No one is doing this
Destiny is doing this.
>muh low birthrate
Maybe if the economy wasn’t based off of intergenerational theft we wouldn’t have to expand our population size until carrying capacity. And weren’t western nations concerned with “overpopulation” just 10 years ago? I guess not now, since we apparently need more brown people for our jewish ponzi scheme.
>but you need people to do those shit jobs.
wtf I had no idea that America had no plumbers, construction workers, factory workers, sanitation workers, farmers, and tradesman before we let in all the beaners.”

You realize the reason Minnesota is doing so well is because it’s population is almost exclusively Scandinavian descendant white, right?

Oh but they’re getting their Somali immigrants, that’s for sure. Would love to see the welfare and unemployment statistics for that population group.”

“>But it helps when your birthrate is low
Of course the question of why the birth-rate is low is never adressed. The fact that both partners in a couple have to work and have a high level of debt is the reason why Europe has a low birth-rate. The solution is to bring in (non-European) immigrants to make up for this, then have them integrate to the society. Even if you’re successful at integrating them (which Europe has been pretty bad at) you produce another generation with a low birth-rate. So you have to bring in more immigrants every generation. This is literally how a pyramid scheme works.

>You’re not gonna find immigrants from other 1st worlds to do shit jobs for you
You realize that labor shortage drives up real wages right? If there was a huge demand for janitors because zero Americans wanted to work in that sector, the demand would drive up the wage for that job until it got to a level where Americans would consider it. It’s not that people in 1st world countries don’t want to do “shit jobs”, it’s that they don’t want a shit wage for them.”

>Rockville school superintendent accuses parents of racism over outrage about rape

I’m sure the only reason people are mad about two Hispanic adult men raping a 14-year-old girl in a high school bathroom is because they hate the colour of their skin.”

“ALL Muslims are your enemies, with NO exceptions. The argument that not all Muslims are active terrorists doesn’t mean that they won’t do everything to destroy all forms of Free Speech, or agitate for Shariah law, or hide criminals among themselves.”

“She isn’t selling art, she’s selling a meme brand, don’t conflate the two even if they have surface similarities, one is a craft, the other is standard jew operation.”

“you guys don’t get it

youngsters need to BUILD CHARACTER

you can’t build CHARACTER if you’re ROLLING IN MONEY

t. rolling in money”

>>tfw meme art sells for more than fucking magic the gathering commissions

Magic:the Gathering is simple product made by digitalfag drones paid spare change and to be put on miniscule format so the teenagers and max early 20s naive fucks will be deceived that they have something more than collection of painted cardboard to play with each other.

Artistic value of “Magic: the Gathering” stuff is 0 and you are paid accordingly for what it is like other guys are paid to draw logos or make advertisement posters to hang on bus stops. It’s not a bad thing because it is a job, beats working in warehouse, but IT IS NOT YOU. It’s not your brand. It’s not selling more than paper.

You fuckers instead of criticizing should take notes and fuckton of them. All artists strive to be recognizable brand by their own name and to sell experience.

Do you think Mark Carder can ask $75k+ for full oil portrait because he is super awesome? NOPE. He can ask such money because he is artist that will come to your place and sell you your dream of luxury after explaining you that you actually have one. People are paying for interacting with artist, seeing his tools, all the ritual and manner and for the thought in back of the head “Holy shit, he painted George W. Bush exactly like he paints me”.

And forget that his art looks lifeless. It’s his art and his brand. And Hila also is an artist in that regard, she does her thing and people dig it and want to have it physical.

With Magic: the Gathering stuff you will never have it. Oh wait, maybe some kid will buy poster – but not from you, because it’s not your brand. It belongs to Wizards of the Coast.”

“People conflate technique with commercial success. But these things couldn’t be futher apart. All those technically excellent Magic: The Gathering paintings have a job to do. And the job is to sell the card and the brand. […]

That’s what these Sakimichan wannabes don’t understand. They copy the superficial aspects of her art expecting the same kind of success.”

“He tweeted: “Sorry Mr President, that’s not how Nato works. The US decides for itself how much it contributes to defending Nato.

“This is not a financial transaction, where Nato countries pay the US to defend them. It is part of our treaty commitment.””

“Why did Bosnia collapse into the worst slaughter in Europe since the second World War? In the thirty years before the meltdown, Bosnian Serbs had declined from 43 percent to 31 percent of the population, while Bosnian Muslims had increased from 26 percent to 44 percent. In a democratic age, you can’t buck demography?except through civil war. The Serbs figured that out, as other Continentals will in the years ahead: if you cannot outbreed the enemy, cull ’em. The problem that Europe faces is that Bosnia’s demographic profile is now the model for the entire continent.”

“I have a “normie” Facebook as well where I have my present MA classmates. It’s an echo chamber for leftist conspiracy theories and related hatred. I didn’t want to be political there but it bothered me seeing this all the time. I started trying to counter them in every post they would make just to shatter their echo chamber but then I got an email from the university “ombudsperson” that pretty much said people in my department have some problem with me. This is why the time for argument is over. You can’t deal with these people on a level playing field. The best solution is to excise them completely like a tumor.”

“Emmett Till’s father was in the army in WW2 and was executed for raping and murdering two Italian women while he was stationed in Italy.
*the more you know*

“Just like how anyplace disables comments – you control the narrative. If people started posting comments, it may shape people’s impressions and opinions. Disabling comments allows him more control. See places like CNN.

Not necessarily wrong, but that is the thought process most certainly.”

“If you think the sum of all positive integer numbers added together is -1/12, then you are a mindless slave victimized by Jewish trappings of authority and you should be released of your misery.”

“Generally speaking, it is incorrect to manipulate infinite series as if they were finite sums. For example, if zeroes are inserted into arbitrary positions of a divergent series, it is possible to arrive at results that are not self-consistent, let alone consistent with other methods. In particular, the step 4c = 0 + 4 + 0 + 8 + ? is not justified by the additive identity law alone. For an extreme example, appending a single zero to the front of the series can lead to inconsistent results.”

if you already understand the basic four functions of arithmetic, no amount of proofs, symbols, or soothing baritone should be able to convince you that adding positive natural numbers can result in a negative fraction. same idea with mystery spot, magic tricks, or any number of other possible things that are obviously false.

they may have some further explanation which makes them make sense but until discovered or revealed they should be treated as intentionally deceptive lies. because that’s what they are. if you already held firm you might not have noticed the other possible and intended outcome: an erosion from “i know how the world works” towards “funny how nature do dat”.”

“What did Nier Automata teach you?”

“That even in this blighted age, good games can still come out and receive well deserved praise.”

“That almost everything else out there lacks depth, meaning or even dramatic flair.

Like seriously… Modern games insist on slowly plodding you through the story. Making sure to hammer in every tiny little plot detail until you’re so utterly tired of it. That you’re just welcome for the inevitable and obvious plot twists.

And when all is said and done, the emotions stirred and the meaning behind such stories are so shallow and trivial… That it makes you wonder if video games can ever have good stories when they are consistently picked at by marketing and PR to make sure every demographic has a dummy in its mouth.

Nier:Automata broke video games for me… And I don’t even think all the story worked 100% But when it did, all it did was shine a light on how pitiful everything else is.”

“That the world is meaningless

but that doesn’t mean individuals are meaningless”

“Is Automata the most ACTUALLY feminist game ever created?”

“Automata contains a grand fuck you to one of the Matriachs of modern Feminism.

In game there are two machines Simone and Jean-paul.

They are references and sly insults to the existential philosopher Jean-paul Satre and the existential feminist philosopher Simone de Beauvoir.

Both of which in life had a taste for underage girls and seduced a number of them. Hence the small biped girl robots all trying to flirt with Jean-paul.

Simone on the otherhand is the bigger of the fuck yous. As she actively cannibalises and manipulates other women in order to make herself look good. And is inevitably put down by a sexualised and vastly more empowered 2B.”

“>Japan makes a gay character
>acts normal

>Western game has a gay character

>Did the devs not realize it was shit while they were making it?
It’s ironic, isn’t it? Western developers are obsessed with narrative and story and spend tens of millions of dollars to make games but they don’t spend any of that money on a good writer or two.”

“I am never going to again apply or work for a company which has in its mission statement the value of “customer service”.

“I just want the customer to be happy”.

Well, which customer? ALL of them? Should the stupid ones which make outrageous requests on impossible constantly-shifting timelines and demand it at severe discounts be catered to? What kinds of customers do you want to attract? IS a dollar a dollar? Every company that remains afloat has to satisfy some customers in the end, but not all of them have “customer service” as the primary top-level organizing principle.

For example, one in which a design department runs the show might look something like “We want to make innovative products”. Engineering, “[…] products of the highest quality”. A company which gets to the top obviously would require innovative, high quality products which satisfy the customer, but in those companies, which values are subordinate to which? (If all departments are represented in the mission statement, that means it’s run by marketing.)

As far as I can tell, customer service being a primary driver means that sales has veto power over all other departments.

And sales can go fuck itself.”

“Race is a social construct. Thats why I can impregnate a black woman and have a half asian half arabic child.”


“>Africa can’t feed itself because low IQ and r selection
>West sends food because white guilt
>r-selected idiots have even more idiot children
>Now there’s no food
>cry to the West again”

“I’m not saying it wasn’t a good idea just that SE is known for making iffy decisions and setting bars at weird places on shit thats obvious to everyone else. Maybe some asshat at the top said if Automata doesn’t make them a 457.39877% return then its sequel is scrapped or some bullshit.”

“I get that, I just think Square should be hailed for funding the Nier franchise in the first place.”

“But they really shouldn’t be. They did it under duress while kicking and screaming.

One of their keystones made a very real threat to quit unless they let Taro make Automata so they did.

It wasn’t a weighted or thought out decision on their part nor was it done with consideration for Taro’s merits. They even initially told him no because the shit he made didn’t follow the usual formula which meant he didn’t tick off all the Tropes boxes which would cost them buyers who only play games for superficial shit like shallow stories or hamfisted shit. They even had a fight about that which stopped development because Taro was going off the well worn trail with the character designs and the only reason we even got 2B’s ass or her being above the age of 5 was because Taro refused to back down.”

“Just like Square Enix to oppose something like 2B when they spent 6 fucking years trying to pimp out Lightning.”

“Did this actually happen? I mean c’mon. They’re japs and 2b is 2b.”

>Generally, I just do what I’m told to really. So if Square Enix say you’re doing a NieR sequel, I say: “Oh yes okay, I’m doing a NieR sequel”. But when I’m not told, I’m quite free to experiment and try things out. For example, for the main character, no-one said you can’t give her a blindfold so I went and gave her a blindfold. Things like that! People come back afterwards and say ‘I don’t like that!’, and I say ‘Well you didn’t tell me not to do it!’ So if you give me a list of bullet points at the start, I’ll do exactly what you tell me. I’ll do anything you want.”

“So it was approved on the basis of being a nier sequel before the character designs were even done? That’s surprising.”

“It was approved on the basis of Saito telling the rest of the company to go fuck themselves if they didn’t let Taro make a new game

They approved it since having an unhappy Saito would be pretty fucking bad for them but gave them a shoestring budget”

“Can you give source for all that info? Genuinely curious, I’d like to read more about Automata’s development process.”

“I’d have to find it again but its a legit interview and it came out that there was a fight over 2B cause Taro wanted an Oppai Onee-san archetype and the devs wanted a hyper loli.

shit actually stopped production to the point they came to an agreement she’d be an oneesan with a nice ass but petite upper body portions so long as she ALWAYS wore high heels then Taro told the 3D team to deliver him the best ass they could.”

“Holy crap, that explains why she’s dressed in gothic lolita without being a loli.”

“English translation flopped real hard in this game.

In Japanese, 2B has stern personality, yet she shows bits of kind-heartedness here and there throughout the story.

In English, she sounds like a fucking ungrateful 30 years old woman.

Same goes for 9S. You’d be surprised how polite he sounds and rarely says things like friggin, damn, etc in Japanese version”

“People like to say they’d do shit differently in “situation” if they were there.
Oh, i’d never piss myself in war!
I’d never be scarred by finding a corpse!
I’d just kick their asses in!
I’d react faster than that!
I wouldn’t let him get bullied!

“japan beating the west single-handedly
how is it even possible”

“The west makes statements while japan just kept making games.”

“The Japs want to make pretty girls to sell games and fap. Thats it really, for them there’s no shame in wanting to stare at a pretty girl for hours on end.

The US want to make ugly girls to show how wonderfully inclusive they are and try to make people that don’t even buy their games happy. They hire people based on their gender politics rather than actual talent. When a game is about making a statement first and being a fun game second its gonna suffer in all sorts of ways.”

“Clean room reverse engineering have zero stolen code.

Just to quickly explain how you do it, you get the game code (legal if not distributed), disassemble it (generally easy because nintendo, sony etc always use common existing CPUs), then you check where in the memory the code is poking, functions from the bios it is trying to call etc etc etc.. and you guess which does what, then you write a code that imitates the CPU and those registers etc and that’s your emulator.
The emulator code will have 0 nintendo code in it because the real hardware is not an emulator, and thus don’t have any emulator code in it.

But on the other hand, if you decapped the chip, photographed the circuitry and used your illegal backyard chip plant to reproduce the circuit, then yes, that would be fucking illegal.

And its a thing that did happened quite a bit in the 80’s, particularly in the USSR.”

>drawing cute girls in class
>female classmate interrupts teacher to announce to the class she wants me not to draw her and that I’m creepy
>wasn’t drawing her, reply “I’m not drawing you”
>she turns away all pissy
Have you been called out before?”

“You must be really creepy if that was her reaction”

“He’s not creepy, just unattractive.”

“What’s the difference?”

“when a cute guy draws girls “omg he’s so talented and rugged artist like frazetta, draw me like one your french girls”

when an ugly guy draws girls in class “ew what a creep get the fuck away from me you incel mouthbreather””

“Alternatively, she might be a narcissistic snowflake.”

>narcissistic snowflake
I think you meant woman”

“The game is meaningless. The only meaning it has it what we assign it ourselves.”

“>The game isn’t full of suffering.
>We are.”

“A good question is how androids like the Commander are able to function despite knowing their gods are dead. Then again, from the conversation in the “Improving Communications” side-quest, the Commander is barely functioning at all and doesn’t clean her clothes or do basic personal maintenance, classic symptoms of major depression.”

“Anyone who believes what they say as absolute truth knows how to debate. Its not about whether the person is right or wrong, but simply whether or not they feel confident about the topic. A good debater is someone who can feel strongly about any topic, who can process things on the fly and seem almost like they are speaking before thinking.

Its about a level of confidence. Its one thing to go into a debate with an open gate and strong walls rather than an open gate with no walls.

People who are typically good at debating are good because of a few reasons. They believe in the absolute truth of their words, they believe their knowledge to be truth, and they are capable of reinforcing their logic with more of their own logic. A lack of stutter, a consistent flow, and the belief you are right is what makes a good debater.”

“Extreme apex ventures like professional acting, writing, art, politics, academics, journalism are too risky and too expensive for atomized individuals to participate in. That just leaves an open field for a group that backs each other up and makes investments in developing their own human capital.

If a group doesn’t want to show up for the game, they can’t complain when they don’t win. Then the cohesive team of people who took control of all the high risk/high reward ventures secure immense power over society.

What’s sad is white society didn’t always believe “every man is for himself,” “the world doesn’t owe you anything,” and “you have to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps.””

“Alexander Hamilton comes to mind as a good example. He grew up in the Caribbean as an illegitimate kid. His mother, strapped for cash, died when he was still young. In our current society, he’d disappear into the foster system and dysfunctional public “education” never to be heard from again.

In an ironically less backwards 18th century, the local property owners noticed Hamilton was extremely bright, mature for his age, with an excellent work ethic. They trained him in the sugar cane export business and then as he continued to show promise, pooled their money to send him to university in New York.

The community support that Hamilton benefited from would be unthinkable in modern white culture. In fact, with jobs that pay even the simplest living now scarce, workers take perverse joy in someone like Hamilton falling through the cracks.

They love to waggle their fingers patronizingly and say “Look how I pulled myself up while that smart guy turned out to be a loser.” A quick glance at reality TV shows us how taking pleasure in watching others fail while we are safe serves as porn for both sexes.

A culture of extreme individualism devolves into the backstabbing and treachery of royal court politics until nothing gets done and no one cares anymore about real accomplishment, just “getting ahead” through “networking.” The greatest object of scorn is the poor cuckold fool who gets things done and the most admired the clever manager who takes all the credit for it. […]

Alexander Hamilton was running businesses by the time he was a teenager. David Farragut was responsible for ships by the time he was 12 years old.

By age 18 after 12 years of public school boredom, smart kids have already had much of their potential wasted and millions of them have already checked out from a senseless and stupid society that gleefully wastes their time.”

“[T]he necessity for everyone to be their own PR department(“toot your own horn” in Boomerese) and spend years getting credentials before they even start learning real skills crushes new ideas.
Simply not going with the flow is too costly.””

“The sign of someone really being intelligent is they can make a complicated subject readily understandable by the average person. Lots of insider buzz words don’t mean you’re intelligent it just means you’ve memorized the jargon.”

“They can afford to behave more openly in a higher average IQ population. Raising average IQ by just one point in a large population kind of like raising the oceans’ temperature by one degree.

All kinds of huge cascading emergent effects.

You can’t be open like that if society has to be decently idiot-proof and average-friendly. So a 100 IQ guy throws Spielberg right back out on the street without thinking about it. He’s just following the rules in the company policy manual.”

“Money is in theory just a liquid means of exchange so every bit of it should represent real world wealth.

The core problem of a society based on financialization is everyone starts to believe money itself is wealth. Then society rewards the manipulation of money more than it does the creation of real wealth that actually helps people.

Why would anyone of means do anything productive if they can just collect interest and rent?

Rent-seekers use property to extract wealth indefinitely, making their living from a distortion of reality.

In the world of material things, there is no such thing as a gold mine that never runs out. There is a limit in value to all things. Yet those who control property can extract rents in perpetuity.

Patent law recognizes a limit in the claim to the rights of an idea or invention. In time, the patented material becomes the natural inheritance of those who benefit from it. So by what principle then does rented property stay forever in the hands of an owner who never uses it for themselves and never produces anything?”

“Many of the same people that worship free markets and everlasting economic growth also express indignation at the arrival of millions of immigrants.

What they fail to understand is the immigrants are a natural result of their ideology. A system that just grows wealth and tries to speed up the circulation of wealth at any price cares nothing for peoples or their silly customs.

[…] In the real world we see groups with simpler economies based around tribal identities like the Amish, Hutterites, or Orthodox Jews effortlessly thriving while the average citizen of the empire they live in can’t afford a single child after rent and car payments, not to mention, the uncertainty of employment that allows them to sustain what they’ve already got.

You would think their closer participation in the growth economy with all its outstanding “financial products” would put them far ahead of such backwards folk.

It is perhaps the consumerists who live a backwards existence dominated by the caprices of the ticker tape.

The free market types understand very well that trust underpins the value, of money, bonds, pretty much all securities. Yet they can’t comprehend that if you want people to raise the next generation they must feel secure and trust there is a future. If you want anyone to care about a society they must feel invested in it somehow.

When you have a nation of freelance mercenaries, the first storm to come along reveals its fatal structural weakness and sends it crumbling to the ground.”

“The United States is the wealthiest nation on Earth, perhaps even in the history of the world. Yet if we go to the nearest grocery store we can see an endless flow of haggard, overworked people trying to make ends meet. The culture of the US is one of lonely “individualism” with most people locked in desperate competition with each other, to the extent they interact with their fellow man at all in any meaningful way. Despite all the new clothes, cars, and houses, fewer people have children or see a worthwhile future every year.”

“Living in a consumerist society is to live on a treadmill. Since there is no purpose there are no tasks to be done, only endless work that can never be complete. Worse, the work must be endless or else the entire system collapses overnight. Millions of people live lives of desperate dependance on jobs they hate stuck most of the time with people they despise so they do not starve, become involuntary celibates, and become disowned by their fair-weather friends and family. It’s a special kind of hell that favors the insane and this is what we think is normal.”

“Constant labor tells us on a gut level that we are always on the brink of starvation, however many mansions and cars we may own. Some of us become adrendaline junkies while others get ground down into burnouts that just go through the motions. Whatever someone’s station, there’s just an interminable “job” never a tangible task that has a beginning and an end after which one enjoys the fruits of a job well done. That I realized is the peculiar insanity of industrial civilization – a trap of Sisyphean futility most are stuck in until they’re dead.

As I approached adulthood I came to understand there was no luxury on earth greater than the power to simply do nothing.”

“Can someone explain to me how is possible that the english dub of japanese games transmit way more emotion and genuineness that the original?

The jap voices are beyond dead in every aspect”

>English 2B
Turned the character into a bitch.”

“You’re retarded, English dub turned 2B into tough western action movie girl protagonist, her whole character is different and she responds differently to everything.
Jap 9S crazy laughter was also better.
Jap N2 is motherfucking Jouji Nakata.”

“because japanese va is a meme

you fit an archetype and then act like a fucking hyperactive clown, in english you have to know your character and emote appropriately”

“Disagree. All the Japanese voices were great. English ones ranged from good to shit to changed the character. I can’t do Adam’s boss fight in English, it’s terrible. There’s also a point where 9S is talking to his operator, in Japanese he sounds aloof and carefree, while English made him sound arrogant and whiny. Japanese 9S was god tier in route C. English 2B was meant to be distant and cold, but she went to far into stone faced bitch territory.”

“Street criminals commit their acts of violence and theft against a few people to get small rewards. Beyond beating them, keeping them in a holding cell for a few days, sending them to penal reservations/other countries, or in the worst cases, execution, there’s not that much to do. They’re a problem. They get dealt with. Street criminals will always be there, but the damage they do is limited in scale, they have limited agency over their actions, and they’re not much of a threat to the social order.

White collar parasites, on the other hand, have the potential to hurt thousands or even millions of people with embezzlement, corruption, insider speculation, and ponzi schemes. They are many orders of magnitude more destructive than the worst possible street criminals. Worse, because of their wealth and prestige the people who commit these crimes are leaders of society – people naturally look up to them as examples. In the cosmology of the social universe, they are angels in heaven. With their higher intellects they have a greater understanding of the import of their actions that might escape a simple street thug. In a fair caste system, higher castes would be more morally accountable for their actions as it would be understood by all that they possess greater agency.

When a lowly imp rebels against heaven, it gets unceremoniously struck by lightning, that’s it. A fallen angel, however, demands the right ceremonies to cast it down into the burning fires of hell.

The hypocrisy of our present system is that lowly imps get smashed with the full force and contempt of the celestial rulers while the truly great sinners who plunder entire nations get fines they can easily pay, just have to leave the country, or if they really must go to prison, for much shorter sentences than a simple-minded mugger who stabs someone for their wallet. What’s more, we can imagine your typical ponzi scheme guy won’t exactly be in general population but like any “important” prisoner have a relatively nice stay in the Tower of London rather than the dungeon.

This solidarity of elites protecting their own from justice based on status nepotism undermines the legitimacy of the entire system.

When a guy who runs a ponzi scheme can pay a fine, spend a few years in prison and walk free while a small-time drug dealer or thug is punished worse, how can anyone take the system seriously?”

“Comments serve as quality control. I notice articles that lack a comment section are often opinion pieces with some wordy and smug aristocrat blowing wind out of their ass without having to face the contemptuous criticism they deserve.

When an article is poorly written, commenters point out the problems and shred it to pieces. And when it’s well written they analyze and expand beyond what any one person has time for.”

“I’m fully aware what I’m signed. I’m just saying that such contracts would be illegal in other industries (try writing “by opening this box, you forfeit your rights for refund” on anything), therefore I must either don’t care about what I get in the box, or be very sure that the creator of the box is trustworthy.”

“Well, if you think it’s POSSIBLE (and maybe not that unlikely) that Riot riggs the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP by giving teams LAG at an offline event… then I am not sure if you can believe in any game to be fair. Even in a chess tournament someone could stand right behind you and give your opponent per sign language the move of a strong chess AI he simulated on his smartphone. And the referees will overlook it as someone bribed them.”

“There are three major differences between Riot Championship and Chess championship:

– Chess is transparent to observers. You can go there and actually spot someone using signs. Bridge and poker players sometimes get caught that way, I don’t know about Chess, but wouldn’t be surprised if some players would try to pull that. I don’t have to blindly trust the referee that he won’t turn a blind eye, I can go there and see it with my own eyes. With Riot, all systems are controlled by Riot and no outside observer can verify anything.

– Chess championship referees have not (yet) caught in helping cheating. While past performance doesn’t guarantee future, I dare to ASSUME that someone who spent decades honestly supporting chess championships won’t start cheating. On the other hand I know that Riot rigs MOST games.

– Chess championships are bound by legal contracts and laws. If there was cheating, millions of dollars would be sued and those personally profiting from fixing would go to jail. If Riot would get CAUGHT cheating, they would only lose community goodwill.

So the proper comparison is: “a poker championship behind closed doors, unknown to any authorities, ran by guys who get most of their income scamming casual poker players with fixed cards”

2017 Mar 14 ~ 25

Note: Includes spoilers for NieR:Automata.

“He has a strong, developed army, with competent generals…

…but we have a lot of shit.”

“The future of gaming is not hardcore, average customers will suck and leave.
The future of gaming is not accessible because it’s called “lame” by even those who couldn’t complete that difficulty without boost.
The future of gaming is not having various difficulty levels, allowing everyone to play on his level since no one wants to face that he is on the lower levels.
The future of gaming is lying to the customer, telling him he was beating equal peers while actually he was winning in a totally controlled environment carefully tailored to his skills.”

“In “free to play” microtransaction games, items of power often sold. However people don’t consider how strong they are. The reason is self-deceiving: the buyers don’t want to believe that they were practically given “God mode” for their money, while the free-players don’t want to face that they are nothing but hopeless NPCs in this game.”

“But what about MMOs? Why do developers do huge extra work to make the game playable in a common space instead of on several single-player instances? “Socializing is fun” is bad answer, otherwise Facebook could charge users. The “free” nature of Facebook is the clear proof that people are unwilling to pay money for internet socialization. They are ready to pay with their private data or their time though, but game developers can’t really use that. […]

This trade of fun probably more clear in World of Tanks which is totally play for free. You can fully experience every piece of game content without paying a penny. However if you are paying, you get your new tank equipped faster and you can buy gold ammo. This way you can enjoy pwning the non-payers in their sub-par tanks. You fund their gaming too, in turn they provide you extra fun by blowing up. Please note that the source of fun is not something the developer could provide. They could give you weak AI tanks to slaughter but that would be “meh grinding”. It is the other player who sells you the fun of slaughtering. The deal is: you pay my subscription and I let you blow me up.”

“[P]lease don’t use the terms “newbie”, “noob” or even “E-bayer” to bad players. By doing so, you place the sub-conscious assumption that his sucking is out of his control, and by playing more he’ll be better. He won’t. He is unable or doesn’t care to. Use “moron”, “idiot” or if you are polite, “baddie”. That shows correctly that he is bad, opposed to he is being bad. His real life attitude, the way he approaches the game must be changed to make him be better, giving him ingame items or game time won’t help. He doesn’t approach a match as a puzzle to solve, he jumps into it without considerations and see how it goes. He comments “lol” or “ffs lag” after he died in some impossible situation without gaining any new insights.”

“In the real world you are a player who plays a game provided by the developer. You should be paying for this service some way, it’s obvious. You either do so by subscribing the game, paying the developer directly. The other is helping him creating content for other, paying players, increasing their likelihood of remaining subscribers. If you do neither, you are leeching and are a useless waste of server capacity for the developer.

[…] if you are a free player, you are cannonfodder for the paying players. In World of Tanks if you don’t pay for the game, your tank upgrades very slowly, making you easy target. In EVE you must rat/mine/mission in a ship that is totally unfit for combat to get resources. If you don’t pay for the game, you must rat/mine/mission about 10 hours/month extra to generate the ISK needed for your PLEX. During this 10 hours you are easy target for roaming gangs. If you die to them you have to re-farm your lost ship, providing them further hours of fun. In the original design “playing free = time spent as target”.”

“There are two known payment methods for MMOs. One is pay-to-play. World of Warcraft is a common example. You pay subscription and for that subscription you can participate in the game. You pay the same amount as everyone else, therefore the developers have no reason to prioritize you. The game is completely fair. The common problem with pay-to-play games is that the only way to increase income is making the game more popular and it can only be done by moving towards the most common denominator: idiots. Such games are usually “accessible” meaning trivial. Sometimes they are outright childish, like WoW by moving towards the “kung-fu panda WOOT!” kids.

The other payment method is pay-to-win, with World of Tanks being the common example. Here your wins and losses depend not on play skill or even play time, but paid money. For money you can buy outright overpowered items which allow you to massacre your non-paying peers. This method is usually more successful in the short term, the common saying is “going F2P doubles revenues”, but usually gives much shorter lifespan since sooner or later even the dumbest guy recognizes that he cannot win without paying and also, grinding hopeless randoms for money loses its appeal fast.”

“You can make ISK by playing totally casually and badly. Playing generates ISK, not consumes. In EVE playing with others costs you ISK. You either make this ISK by also playing alone or by converting PLEX. This is a really effective business model: “pay-to-socialize”. When you are “having fun”, you don’t mind losing money. When you are alone, you are compensated by ISK income, motivated to keep playing.

“EVE is real” is more true here than anywhere else. Life isn’t that expensive. Socializing is.
You go out on a party, that needs gifts, expensive drinks and so on.
You want to date a girl? You better get enough cash with you as you’d better bring her to a “good” (read: shamelessly overpriced) restaurant.
You want to date as a girl? You better buy some new clothes, accessories, jewelry and visit a beauty saloon.
Don’t want your coworkers think of you as a loser? You better buy a new car.
Want to keep in contact with your relatives? That’s lot of gas to travel and lot of gifts.

[…] There is a common belief, “the rich man is lonely because greed makes him unable to love”. It’s not true. The truth is that the a-social person will unavoidably gets rich as he doesn’t waste on socializing.”

“People often experience normal distribution of features. The height of the people in a class are normally distributed around the average. Some people are a bit shorter, some are taller, but most people are +-10% in height from the average. Same goes for IQ, physical strength and so on. The weightlifting World Record is merely 3x higher than what an average man can lift. We inherently get used to the idea that people have little variance in them, our performance differences are mere percents and even the best of the best is in the same magnitude as us.

This is a comforting belief, but completely untrue. In the USA, the top 1% owns about 35% of the total wealth, while the middle 20% (the “average guy”) owns 4%, therefore the top 1% is 175x more rich. 1% of the Americans is 3 million people, so we aren’t talking about exceptional guys here. People like Bill Gates own more than whole countries and affect our life to a bigger extent. Most of you reading this post is using a Microsoft or an Apple product, made by two exceptional people. This is the true world we live in and we should aspire for such goals. Being “above average” is no longer an acceptable goal. Hell, in several countries slightly above average income doesn’t get you out of the poverty level!”

“Tobold’s first point is “The queues for DPS in the Dungeon Finder of World of Warcraft are long, and it would be better if they were shorter. So far, so good, I don’t think anybody actually disagreed with that part.” I do! I think DD queues are not long. The DD in the guild get to the dungeon instantly since they queue up with a full group. There is a long queue, but it’s not for DD, it’s for M&S and socially inept DD who can’t find themselves a tank. This queue should be long, as it reflects to the fact that no one wants to play with these people. I’m a healer, could queue almost instantly. But I won’t as I refuse not only to boost them, but even to be with them. I rather spam the guild chat for 10 mins waiting for [a reliable] DD to come along because it guarantees CC, 8K+ DPS on the skull (and not on the sheep) and zero “gogogog”, “rofl” and the infamous “wherz my hil” coming from the bottom of the void zone.”

“When I went to be a “PvP-er”, I could get kills in the magnitude of the largest corporations. Why? Am I having 100-1000 times more “skillz” than the average player? No, the game was designed this way.”

“Compare it to the stunning success of World of Tanks. It also has perfect trade (the game items are all buyable or grindable), but went the other way: playing skill has near-zero effect on your results. You can play with extraordinary prowess or intentionally suck, the game will keep your win ratio near 50% and your kill/death below 2 by properly balancing teams (putting useless crap next to good players) and by probably messing with penetration and damage numbers. In WoT everyone, completely regardless playing skill can fully enjoy their items. This of course turns down the competitive ones but the 99% can celebrate his imaginary awesomeness. While I left WoT in disgust, if I were a stockholder in the company, I’d support their choice.”

“Now, if this was a movie, the game companies would give me some award for recognizing this Holy Grail and make the games no longer frustrating. Except they probably knew all of it for years. The old WoW was much more like this. Remember the old saying “tank dies: healers fault, healer dies: tank fault, DPS dies: his own damn fault”. Also they know that one of the criteria of flow is “a sense of personal control or agency over the situation or activity”. They are fully aware that your avatar being killed because another player failed is very much not fun. They simply look at the other side too: the bad player. Currently the bad player who wiped the raid has excuses (jungler didnt hepl me ffs) or even honestly unaware of his fail (the raid technically wipes when the healers run out of mana because of high avoidable damage). If the design would be changed to “you failed, you suffer”, not only the bad players would not have fun (being dead while others playing or being lvl 4 when others are geared 18 is not fun), but they would be made aware of the fact that they are useless. Sooner or later, the bad players would quit, denying revenues to the game companies.

Half of the players must lose in PvP and players must wipe for weeks in PvE or they run out of content. The game designers merely found that the better players are more invested in the game, so they are less likely quit if they are frustrated. So they design the game in a way that bad players – who are responsible for group defeat – are having fun, while good players bear the weight of the fail. In this setup, the good players venting their frustration on the bad ones is simply unavoidable. Remember: the bad player is a griefer in their eyes, someone who hurt their teammates more than an AFK-er.”

“What I did was also an economical-political act. I withdrawn that money from the circulation of the (mostly poisoned) papers. The bank sector has less money to juggle with. If every people did the same, the “evil rule of the 1%” would end overnight, as they wouldn’t have a single cent to toss around repacked in some obscure “financial product”. After all, all the money circulating coming from people who believed the lie that their money will work for them. Well, until you show me ol’Ben herding livestock or crafting clothes, I don’t eat that crap. People must work. If people would recognize this simple truth they would never put their money to a bank without knowing exactly who will borrow their money.”

“Before PLEX existed, people would cheat by using real life money in RMT websites to gain ISK witouth having to play the game. Suddently, CCP introduces PLEX which is virtually the same thing except the money is going for CCP, and it’s suddently not pay 2 win anymore and everyone is happy about it. “

“There is a common claim in forums and blogposts when anyone says that X or Y causes WoW subscription decline, that the “game is just aging”.

This is a fatalists and hands off claim. It says that there is a natural “aging” process that finally kills WoW and there is nothing to do about it. It’s complete nonsense. It’s coming from the human-centered thinking of socials: people age and die for “no reason”, so everything else must be. As an engineer I always have smile/rage on claims that this or that machine “just too old”.”

“Living overseas, it was interesting how many Asian girls were pale skinned. Some of them as pale or paler than me, and, I certainly am a white boy. Afterall, I’m on the internet, posting on /v/, and I’ve mentioned a few things I’m not particularly fond of in a game. Anyways, deciding Asians are all tan or dark skinned isn’t really all that new, over the years I’ve come to realize, even amongst progressives, there are people that honestly seem to think all asians are yellow or brown. When, the reality is, Asians cover the entire range of lightest to darkest skin tones, quite readily.”

“just like whites. snow white up in Scandinavian to dark tan along the Mediterranean.”

>President Trump stated that he won’t be taking salary as part of campaign promises
>the POTUS has to, by law, be paid salary
>Constitution also states that the amount of presidential salary cannot be changed during their terms
>Trump can’t bend or break the Constitution
>decides to donate everything to charity, down to the last cent
>liberals and media are throwing a fit about Trump breaking his promise that he is technically keeping

These people get triggered by everything. kek”

>Nier: Automata is a game about overcoming depression, and just what I needed

>new game comes out
>”better write an article about myself!”

“surprise surprise, they’re mentally ill”

“>EA annual reports
>BioWare is an under performing company that needs downsizing
>Don’t have a good justification for it
>Can’t risk any more bad PR
>BioWare propose the most ambitious RPG they’ve ever made
>Greenlight it, knowing they won’t have the talent to pull it off
>Make them rush it out early
>It’ll still make a shitload of money because it’s Mass Effect, despite the constant scolding from critics
>Game is out, it’s shit
>Cite “systematic failure to meet EA’s quality standards” as you sack the studio and scatter/fire the employees
>Games “journalists” can’t call EA out, because they just called the game shit
EA playing 4D chess here.”

>”Oh no, funny visual glitches that are rare to trigger and don’t affect gameplay””

“It’s in their fucking promotional material. If it’s really THAT weird it means they’re cherry-picking this bullshit to make their game look worse. And I highly doubt that.”

“Bioware Edmonton are what we know as “Bioware”, they made the Mass Effect Trilogy, KOTOR, Dragon Age etc.

Bioware Montreal are a “support” studio for Edmonton. They made Mass Effect Andromeda. Andromeda is their first and only full release.

Almost no one who worked on the original ME trilogy is worked on Andromeda meaning Andromeda and it was effectively made by the Bioware “B-team”.

Just seen lots of people complaining about “Bioware” in general in regards to the negative response to Andromeda. The main studios last game was Inquisition which was actually quite good.”

The game is a steaming pile. You can’t explain that away.”

“So don’t let this desuade you from buying it. We need to show EA that there’s still a market for ME games. If we buy this game by the B-Team, they’ll see that people want a Mass Effect game from the A-team.”

“I’ve got a much better idea. How about we show EA that we don’t want shit games by not buying Andromeda?”

“Wrong. If this is a hit Bioware Montreal gets performance bonuses, job promotions, and a followup.”

“How does that make any sense?
>the B team is good enough
>let’s have them make more games

>We need to show EA that there’s still a market for ME games.

There isn’t. I’m done with Mass Effect and I’m done with EA. You can kill that franchise now and yourself.

I’m playing superior Japanese games this year and I don’t even have time for bothering with western SJW garbage.”

“OK, but how does this matter. “Bioware” is a studio that represents identity that serves, among others, as a garant of quality. They provide the game with their name: that makes “Bioware” (not “Bioware Montral”) responsible for the quality.

I don’t give a fuck about their internal organization. The fact that they let an incompetent group of people make the game is the problem: I don’t give two fuck if those people sit in Edmonton or if they sit in Montreal: that does not change jack shit. “Bioware” is the label that shields the project, “Bioware” is the people who are responsible for the product.

This does not in any way excuse anything. Or change anything.
What we learn from this experience is that Bioware cannot be trusted to make good games. END of any fucking discussion.

It’s actually fucking SAD that anyone would try to excuse them and say “but this isn’t the REAL Bioware”: No. This is the real Bioware. This is their attitude to game quality control. The “Real” Bioware cannot fucking assure quality of their own products. So fuck them.

By the way, Bioware has not made a good game since Mass Effect 2. DA2, ME3, Inquisition and now Andromeda: all were completely lazy, poorly done trash. So the whole “but it’s a different studio, “real” Bioware are still good” argument is a joke. No. Bioware is a shit company who fucked up four major consecutive releases, at least two of which were extremely high profile and extremely highly anticipated.

These people just don’t know how to make good games anymore. The fact that they literally use B-team to develop what was supposed to be their redeeming game and big comeback just… well I guess it says a lot.”

“What’s wrong with Reddit?”

“If I wanted to browse reddit I’d be on reddit right now.
The upvote system makes everything a giant circle jerk though and everyone has to act like a giant faggot to try and get as many upvotes as possible.

Reddit also runs everything into the ground and ruins it.”

“Reddit is also legitimately full of astroturfing marketers. Entire vidya subreddits are LITERALLY just marketing teams talking to themselves”

>Bioware has a name, a reputation.

Yeah, because Bioware made fucking classics like Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter Nights, MDK 2, and Knights of the Old Republic.

Thats why they have a reputation for making good games.

You’re assuming that the name is more important than it is. “Bioware” was only good because of the people that worked there. As soon as they all left, “Bioware” died. Now its just a name being whored out by EA until people catch on and stop buying games made by college kids.

The name means nothing. EA bought them out, gutted them, and they’re using the Bioware name to make as much money with bad games as they can before they destroy the brand and no one trusts that dev studio anymore. They’ve done it a million times before and they’ll do it a million more times.

This is just what EA does.

I just don’t get why its taking people so long to realize that “Bioware” will never make a good game again. I can’t understand why people keep getting excited about these digital abortions considering Bioware hasn’t release even a half decent game in almost 10 years.”

“Normies these days are fooled by names.”

“ME1 was not a masterpiece. It was an ambitious game that mostly pulled stuff off, but was very rough around the edges. It had a lot of room for improvement, but it was a massive step in the right direction.

ME2 was a corridor shooter action movie where ME1 wanted to be a sci fi epic. A lot of people love ME2’s bland cover shooting. For what it’s worth, it was better than ME1’s shooting, but it took the series in a direction I felt was largely negative. I have a friend who is playing it right now and something I overlooked when I played it and when it came out is how much fanservice the game has. It has all of the Normandy crew come back in BADASS? forms.

Garrus is space Punisher.
Tali is the president of the Shepard fan club and not just a walking Quarian encyclopedia.
Wrex is Krogan President.
Liara was on a one-woman mission to resurrect Shepard and then becomes the most powerful information agent in the galaxy.

And it also started the deification of Shepard, and the player by extension. It made everyone talk about you like you were the coolest person in the galaxy and now you have interrupts where you just punch people in the face or shoot them during conversations. You don’t have to convince people anymore, they just listen to you. You were brought back to life with nearly unlimited resources and they didn’t even try to control you because you’re just TOO AWESOME?.

ME2 was the ultimate power fantasy action movie with a sprinkling of sci-fi. Gone were the things that made it feel like hard sci-fi, like routine scouting missions where all you find are minerals.”

“Can someone explain to me what OP means by this? I have a 1070 and the game runs perfect. Everyone who has a graphics card at the recommended setting says the game runs fine. So what the fuck is OP and all of these people here even crying about? Do you mean to tell me that you are calling this a shit port because it doesn’t run on card which is lower than the recommended settings?!?!?”

“Don’t be a shill. They always raise the recommended settings to above what you should actually need so people can make your exact argument and deflect and criticisms of bad performance.”

“People who claim that Black is not a color really remind me of people who claim that Pluto is not a planet. There seems to be this weird obsession with Jewish nominalism to create some sort of over-consistent yet nonsensical criteria for everything that nobody actually uses or categorizes a given array of objects (physical or philosohical) by.

Black is a color. If you disagree you are wrong.”

“It’s not though.

This is science. Black is black because it is not emitting any light on the visible spectrum.”

“It’s a color because it describes the visual tone appearance of a surface, which is what color has been understood to be since the dawn of history

color is a concept that existed long before wavelengths or electro magnetism was known about. The idea that we need to apply these artificial modern scientific rulesets to pre-scientific terms like planets or colors is stupid”

“Whites dominate: evil
Jews dominate: you’re just mad we are better goy”

“The idea that “ignorance of the law is no excuse” is absolutely insane when there are millions of laws and they change all the time.”

“First and foremost the rapid proliferation and turnover in laws, combined with the incomprehensible language they are written in, is a flat out conspiracy of a specific set of high IQ persons – lawyers – against the general public.

Also, it is useful to have so many unknown laws because then the entire populace exists in a (legal) state of guilt and can be pickup up and jailed or publicly humiliated as is convenient for certain parties.”

“A free market solution to a drop in wages or employment isn’t heavy-handed regulation of the labor market. Instead, let firms compete to figure out the most efficient ways of doing business and then directly compensate those workers who are made worse off. The compensation could take the form of government safety nets like unemployment benefits or the earned income tax credit.”

“Ah, yes, the free market solution is to increase unemployment benefits, of course.”

“I think they play madlibs sometimes. They start with a statist conclusion then make some stupid shit up about how it’s secretly libertarian.”

“Another very annoying argument made by National Endowment for the Arts apologists is when they say it costs $148 million, which might sound like a lot, but actually, it’s only .004% of the budget. As if that reduces the amount of waste that it is.

If the government granted me a personal pension of $1 million that would only be like .00003% of the budget. That’s not very much, so why are you opposed to the government granting me a $1 million pension?

Either the services of the National Endowment for the Arts are worth $148 million or they are not. How large a fraction of the budget this is does not change this.”

“Suppose Canada invaded the United States. Would it really be worthwhile to fight to stop it? The United States would certainly win if it did, having a much larger military. But what’s so bad about being conquered by Canada? I know plenty of people who live under Canadian rule now and they live perfectly good lives. What’s the point of having Americans and Canadians blow each other up? In fact, I probably have more in common with the average Canadian than I do the average American.”

“The various Greco-Roman origin stories do not leverage oppression myths and atrocity propaganda to induce a sense of permanent hatred and revenge in the people.

The Aeneid, in which the Roman people are descended from the Trojans, is literature but not fake news. However, no Roman ever used it to gin up a sense of hatred against the Greeks, who had overcome Troy and scattered its people. Indeed, the Romans were fanatically pro-Greek. Nor did the Greeks hate the Romans for overcoming and conquering them. They all moved to Italy and were so identified with Roman culture (which had become more than half Greek by that point) that the living Greek population called themselves Romaioi (Romans) for a thousand years after the collapse of the Empire in the West. They only started calling themselves “Greeks” again during their wars with the Turks, so as to tap English philhellenism for money, weapons, moral support etc.”

“Hollywood has always taken good films or stories and jewed the fuck out of them to make them horrible intentionally. Partially to discredit foreign markets, but mostly to pervert any culture existing within those stores to be culturally sterile and retard-American compatible.”

“The right to free speech is sacred” Yep, the whole world is covered by the Constitution now.”

“Going through the whole game at least once should have made the directors, leads and producers extremely nervous. They should have known(can’t really imagine how they would miss this) that the cut scene animations are nowhere near a shippable state. They should have a begged EA for 3 or 4 months of additional development time or they’d risk a gigantic PR disaster resulting in a severely damaged brand and bad sales figures.”

“Suits don’t give a shit, they look at market data and demographics and see big dollar signs or at least their money back on ME:A. They will scrape together some garbage and pray that marketing/media will be enough to sucker enough people into buying it day one or convince them that whatever is in front of them a 10/10 game.

If the game bombs, they will just blame the devs for not trying hard enough or not following their fool proof market data to shape the game around then fire them to be replaced with the entry level lackeys.”

>”It’s not her fault, it’s the WHOLE TEAMS fault!

Granted, I do understand that stance. However, I don’t believe we’d be seeing this kind of damage control if a man were in charge of facial animations or whatever.

He’d probably just be out of a job.”


>and your last data transmission is used
There are terminals on the surface every 50 meters, so you can upload every few minutes.”

“For the player. Thats a game construct most likely. Sort of how theres literally no way you can possibly die in this game with the right chip combos, yet ‘droids die in fucking droves with piles of thier bodies everywhere despite how dopey the enemies are in general.”

“contrary to popular belief writing can salvage a game”

“It’s got gameplay from Platinum, a story written and directed by a literal madman, and music that will make you rethink what vidya music should be.

It’s a perfect storm of greatness, and the fact that it exists at all is a miracle.”

“The madman does whatever he wants. He was asked to do a short talk about a new RPG and instead used that time to shit talk Square and promote his own game.”

“how can you type so much and say so little”

>nearly 3 times the price if you bought it in the states
fucking hell friend, where do live?”

“Brazil. Games were dirty cheap in Steam’s good ole days, but now the government figured it out and notice that Steam didn’t buttrape us in taxes so they forced they to do so. Games usually went for the usual 40-70 bucks, which was a very fair price.

Just for comparison, Fallout 4 on Steam went for a whopping 250 bucks over here, which was released shortly after they started taxing it.

Outside of Steam, games are very expensive, every 3DS game is 150 bucks (bought Y and AS a few years ago) and console games go for over 300 bucks. Keep it in mind that the minimum wage here is around $800.

Also the PS4 on launch was $4,000. :^)”

“He said it but it was obviously a joke playing into what his audience wants to hear from him and his whole in public character shtick. Get to have the best of both worlds that way by making a sarcastic joke at the expense of your fanbase and co-workers and still have everybody take you at face value anyway.”

“All I’m saying is that you freaking out is only doing damage to your personality. Refunding the game does nothing, you don’t care about that $60 seeing how you bought a game you don’t even want to play and Square couldn’t care less either.”

“I kept mine generic and encouraging, because those are the ones I liked seeing.”

>tfw I read all the genuine thoughts from the other people and realise that game didn’t leave the same mark on me

It hurts being stupid.”

“i seriously wish some art/philo ppl take a look at what automata is; it basically summarizes all of western philosophy up to postmodernism in the context of a crazy video game i’ve been reconsidering stuff i’ve read from beauvoir, sartre, nietzsche, hegel etc. there’s SO MUCH. i’ve never looked at transhumanism, existentialism, suicide, theology, feminism, gender, art, and so many others the same way after it. it’s such a liberating game: people have especially been praising the representation of sexuality in the game with the operator characters. i think everyone can play this game and see something that reflects them, touches them, makes them feel more involved than many works of art

it might sound ridiculous reading these tweets and you might go “so you’re going to say that NieR: Automata is the most important artwork “that represents us in today’s postmodernist times and go beyond even the concet of literature”. yep, that’s what i’m saying.

NieR: Automata is the despair of everything — the totality of everything wrong with society — that inspires people to hope in the end. there may be trouble in understanding gender, sexuality, politics, technology etc. but we can shoulder the weight of the world together. it’s a plea to strive together in the midst of this despair so nobody will have regrets; i cannot stress how important it is as a reflection. it may be the most antihumanist story to reveal how much contradictions we have as human beings and yet it reminds us we’re humans we’re bags of shit and the game examines that; that’s why we need each other after this realization to find a better future. even if the eternal recurrence is real & we are trapped in the same narrative/social construction of reality to the point it’s meaningless, striving for a better future because of our completionist attitudes is the only thing we can do and we’ll have no regrets from this.”

“Nier Automata is a manifesto against post-modernism. It teaches us that the way (life) is more important than the goal (death).”

“>first game Taro’s known for entailed sneaking in a joke ending at the last minute that everyone on the team hated
>most recent game he’s known for entailed bringing in everyone who worked on the game to unite their voices in a show of world-wide encouragement”

“This is kinda fucked if you think about it. It’s like they are both lying to eachother.”

“Never had two people keep up a lie so they can stay close to eachother a little longer?”

“Dev-team want a hyper loli and Taro wanted an oppai onee-san.

They realized it was going exactly nowhere and was halting production so they settled on a thick thighs, big ass, wide hips, but a petite style upper body so long as she had to wear high heels.”

“I liked the fact that she’s more of a symbol and figurehead for the game over being developed as a character.

It makes the reveal at the end sting that much more with how quiet she was throughout, knowing how much shit was brewing inside her.”

“I think he basically pins it down with 2B’s opening speech of the game. Life is a never ending spiral of death. Death is a constant in the game and the main motivator of every character in the game.

2B has to kill 9S constantly because that is her duty, is traumatized by it so she tries to remain aloof but melts to his cheery disposition and curiosity over the course of the game regardless and eventually chooses to sacrifice herself for him to try to create a different outcome

9S has been constantly dying due to 2B, remaining blissfully unaware of it almost the whole way through and is eventually turned into a twisted, viciously angry kid lashing out at a world that stole 2B from him

A2 was so heavily traumatized by the loss of her squadmates for bullshit reasons that she left YoRHa, puts 2B out of her misery but also takes up 2B’s burden of protecting 9S and the machine village, eventually dies and in so doing realizes how beautiful the world really is

Adam and Eve were born from the nonstop deaths of machine lifeforms at the hands of YoRHa (2B and 9S just happened to be the ones who were sent on that assignment, but those machines were going to be wiped out regardless sooner or later) and Adam immediately became fascinated with humanity so much so that he willingly gave up his immortality so that he could learn what it was like to die

Eve was devastated by the loss of Adam and chose to try to destroy the world as revenge

Both humanity and the aliens died off countless years ago and both the machines and androids no longer have a reason to fight, but neither know of it either due to manufactured lies to convince them to go on or because they haven’t had contact with their creators at all

N2’s plan was based around trying to eliminate death entirely via artificial induced evolution

Emil can’t die and that sucks for him”

“good lord she’s a KFC combo meal
all breast, leg, and thighs”

“I don’t think he was talking about what journos will declare GOTY. Nier wouldn’t get GOTY even if Zelda and RDR weren’t happening. They’d give it to Horizon. And if that didn’t exist they’d give it to Injustice or Prey or some shit.”

“Nier will never win GOTY awards by journalists because it’s a niche Japanese game featuring a semen demon protagonist. But that doesn’t mean it’s not the actual GOTY. Zelda was way overrated because it was the launch Switch game.”

“>I’ve walked the same road as you. One thing is certain, I’m rooting for you!
>I won’t give up! In the end, never surrender!
>I bet you’re having a tough time right now, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel!
>It was hard for me as well, but… You can do it if you try!
>My voice may not reach you, but… The whole world is rooting for you!”

“>I bet you’re having a tough time right now. Even so, it’s not like you hate it right?”

“>the year is 2060
>Papa Taro’s newest game has you remove all your memories about the game if you want to see it’s characters happy after all the suffering
>few days later your friend who has yet completed it tries to shill it to you
>he also thinks the newest CoD was good so you pay no mind to his ramblings”

“There’s one thing I’ve learned over my years and it’s that good writing isn’t something that can be taught. Some people are just born different from others. Sometimes it’s a different perspective on life, sometimes it’s just a weird personality, sometimes it’s a strange upbringing. But it’s nothing that can be given to others through words alone.”

“If the game was legitimately good they wouldn’t respond but yet they do”

“So basically everyone should shut the fuck up and leave master baiters shitpost because if you correct someone else’s lies that means the game is shit?”

“NEET and literal autists praise the game for being deep and emotional, but normal people think this game is shallow, too melodramatic, and all over the place plot-wise.”

>can’t understand the emotions of other humans
>calls others autistic
is this poetry at its finest?”

“I don’t get what people were expecting honestly. You can make every combat system boring or more complicated than it has to be. Even actual character action games”

“Acting retarded for the sake of having contrived reasons so that events can happen on the predesigned rails that the writer has decided, isn’t good writing.
A good writer manages to make the same necessary events happen in order to move the plot foward without having to rely on the characters acting like utter morons.
It’s the sign of being a lazy writer.

I understand you’ve never opened a fucking book your entire life, but it’s time to understand that writing in video games (especially story driven video games) can, and should be better.”

“Find me a decent piece of literature that doesn’t involve characters making emotionally-charged bad decsions, that staple of storytelling is fucking older than time itself.

Writing a story in which no character succumbs to their emotions and does something stupid probably means you’re a fanfiction author. It means you can’t empathize enough with yoru characters to understand how they might realistically act in a tense situation, so you lean back and go “Well, I, sitting in my comfortable chair, under no pressure at all, would do the logical thing, so my character certainly would too!”

“Y’know what makes me laugh?

Drakengard 1 features:
A kiddyfiddler
A baby eater
A psychopath
Psychopaths sister that wants to fuck him
Giant flying demon babies
Child slaughtering

But there were still things that Taro wanted in the game that he couldn’t get.”

“Taro considers brother Nier the canon one.
Nier:A makes them both canon in the weapons just to not alienate western fans, but the entire decision of daddy nier was pushed by Square, not him.”

“What is with japan and their love for big brothers protecting little sisters?”

“What is it with burgers being obsesssed with fathers protecting of their daughters?”

“In japan, there’s no real father/son relationship.
Parents work hard all day and especially the dad often doesn’t come back home if not for the weekend, so there’s no time to develop a father/son relationship.

Sibilings take care of each other, however they too tend to drift apart once they get older.
Papa nier was made by Square for the western audience that is unable to understand this core cultural difference and can’t relate (and they were right).”

“The moral of the story is that it doesn’t matter whether they were imitating emotions, it’s that the emotions they felt were real to them.”

“For a game that’s part of a series endlessly praised for its story and direction, its story and direction were fucking awful.”


“everything is shit. the characterization is shit. the plot is shit. I predicted x because im a genius. why didn’t x do logical thing here? retarded story logic lol.”

“I’m pretty sure I asked you to elaborate.”

“It’s okay OP, you can go back to playing your western AAA garbage where you just shoot things to death and save the world at the end.”

“The world is so empty and bland that none of this matters.
You can’t interact with ANYTHING other than enemies and glowing spots on the ground.
Buildings, plants, trees, broken down cars, pipelines in the desert, appartment buildings, playgrounds. It’s all just setdressing, none of it is interactive.
Your only interactions are to kill boring robots or ride a moose into them.”

jump on them to get on top of
which usually have loot or sidequests, as well as a good view of the city ruins
not much use, but they’re visual and can be used to block projectiles
>apartment buildings
use the stairs to reach chests. Go obi-wan kenobi on fools below

I’m sorry that you can’t cut trees like in Zelda, but I’m not sure why you’d expect that in the first place from an action RPG.”

“Again, all of those are just assets, none of it interacts with you in any way.

You cant throw a car into a wall to make it crumble and reveal a treasure, you cant cut down a tree to reveal a secret passage beyond the overgrowth.

Its all just “meh” and slapped together like a 2007 game. At no point does the game make any attempt to let you interact with the open world other than awkwardly running up a tree.

Why not make it so you can interact with all the cool stuff that you can find in a deserted city?

Its literally
>glowing objects on the floor

>You cant throw a car into a wall to make it crumble and reveal a treasure, you cant cut down a tree to reveal a secret passage beyond the overgrowth.
Why does that even matter?

It’s not an open world game. It’s an action RPG with a big hub”

“At this point it’s painfully obvious your autism is grasping at straws and looking for something to complain about.

The fuck kind of criticism is
>You cant throw a car into a wall to make it crumble and reveal a treasure

I really want to know what you consider a recent 10/10 game just so it’s made perfectly clear you’re full of shit.”

“I was giving an example you stunted autist manchild.
If that triggered your asspergers too much then have this.
At no point does you fighting change any of the backdrop.
Explosions or impacts dont damage buildings, debris, trees or grass. It all stands there pristine like the leveldesigner placed it.
Its just super fucking stale since there is no interaction between you and the background.

Thats why the “open” world is bullshit and redundant, might as well have made it linear then”

>At no point does you fighting change any of the backdrop

Didn’t play the game, did you?”

>Why does that even matter?
Because it would make the game feel like a 2017 game and not a 2007 first generation ps3 game, you literal autist.
I might as well play pong with this level of interaction given.
Why make it open world then if there is no feedback between you and the world.”

>Because it would make the game feel like a 2017 game
Why does every game need destructible, interactive environments? That just seems like a superfluous use of budget unless it factors into the way the game is designed. You’d either end up with a few little gimmicks or a big wankoff about how everything is destructible (which just leads to framerate problems and potential self-fucking-over situations).”

“This game is so good that it will become the next game hated by the contrarian force on /v/.”

“Have you read the thread? This place is in full revolt because of people getting any enjoyment from this game besides the fan service.”

>it gets good after you beat it x times

That says a LOT about how shit it is, actually.”

“Except the endings in this game are like act breaks. Route C isn’t anything at all like Route B and A, but you already knew that.”

>The game failed to interest me

I hate this complaint so much for any game. Whatever happened to “It’s not for me” instead of this whiny bullshit?”

>reading the prologue of Lord of the Rings and then dropping it because it failed to impress you.

“What’s wrong with that?
You’re not obligated to like something because it’s a classic or critically acclaimed.”

“Why should anyone take your opinion on Lord of the Rings Online or Nier Automata for full when you can’t even finish them. There’s nothing wrong with disliking a game or book after you finished reading but there’s everything wrong if you ever finished it and yet still need to mouth off about it.”

“I totally missed the part where the guy was a reviewer, my bad.”

“Back in my day, I remember when reviewers played the whole game before passing judgement.

Also, it’s more his attitude that gets me, it’s the shitty “look how smart I am,” tone.”

“Based on this thread, I think I will get this game. Only a good game would get people this mad.”

>you killed all the robots, you’re the real bad guy

How is this story any better than MGR”

“That’s not the story though.”

“There’s simply so way of saving people who blindly shit on Yakuza, so why would I even try to argue?

In fact I know there’s no point because anything I post will be called shit. If Automata was exclusive and not the topic of this thread it would also be called shit. That was your point from the start.”

“>came for the ass
>stayed for the emotional impact and wild ride of route c”

“I trust Taro. this game could LITERALLY have been starring The Brave Little Toaster duel wielding katanas and I still would have had faith enough to buy it day one”

“ugh, another one of these pathetic fucks
No, this game isn’t deep and no, this game isn’t emotional
The story is confusing and unfinished, the characters are completely 2-dimensional, and the gameplay is a practice of repetition. This is not a $60 gaming experience. For that, you’ll have to step up to Horizon or Final Fantasy XV. This is a $20 game ripping idiots like you off.”

>ugh, another one of these pathetic fucks enjoying a videogame with all their heart, how they make me sick

Dude, you sound like you have actual mental problems. Go see a therapist or something.”

>For that, you’ll have to step up to Horizon or Final Fantasy XV.
Can you fuckers make your shitty baits less obvious please.”

“He’s literally baiting, this is probably the same guy saying Skyrim and Fallout 4 are good (which they very much are not).”

“Yeah that guy is a retard.

>this game is flawed therefore it’s shit and you’re an idiot for liking it

>skyrim and fallout 4? Just ignore all the bugs and watered down “features”. GOTY shit in my mouth more Todd!

“They already are making profit how many times has this already been said.

They sold 200k in the opening 3 days in Japan, which was 90-100% of what they shipped. Meaning they already recuperated costs.

Everything after that is now profit.

Yes, that’s how low the budget SE fucking gave Taro. They only needed to sell 200k copies to make bank.”


“So, what’s up with Sartre?

Why is he called Jean Paul in the English version? Yes, I know that’s his first name, but why the change? And why is his name bleeped out in voice lines?”

“The Sartre estate will sue anyone and everyone who uses “Sartre”
The eng localization department found out too late so they opted to bleep out his name in dialogue and change his name in dialogue to Jean-Paul.
Likewise because of the change to his first name they renamed the opera boss to Simone.”

“Don’t watch prais the sun. He is an insufferable little cunt who throws tantrums every time he doesn’t get what he wants.

He went from OH BOY DARK SOULS 3 IS THE BEST GAME EVER UNLIMITED DEPTH to IT’S SHIT AND HOLLOW AND BORING because he got curbstomped in a tournament.”

“When I was close, I hurt him. Yet being distant hurt him more.

I finally found my place in life. A place where I am as close as possible, yet eternally distant.”

“1 Blindfolds are sexy. It’s the primary reason they exist in the game. Blindfolds make cocks hard.

2 Blindfolds symbolize ignorance. They are kept in the dark and they dont know what’s going on until they find out and take them off.

3 For people who ask stupid questions theres a stupid answer THEY ARE FUCKING VR GOGGLES, they only look like blindfolds but actually they work like goggles that show them shit.”

“People play games and have fun, then associate the positive feeling of that fun with the purchase itself. Then they get older and have less time to dump into things and more disposable income, so the purchasing of the game becomes the actual aim, rather than the playing. The novelty wears off shortly and they move on.”

>This game. How is there so little porn of this game?

Outside of it not being that popular, the artists responsible for porn generally dislike/avoid/outright hate non-pure/sexually open characters. To them the joy in porn comes from the defiling/corruption.”

“>Nier thread starts with 2B’s ass
>ends with lore talk and existentialism”

2014 Mar 07 ~ 13

“As of October 2014 the CIA was also looking at infecting the vehicle control systems used by modern cars and trucks. The purpose of such control is not specificed, but it would permit the CIA to engage in nearly undetectable assassinations.”

“When people say “internet of things”, this is what they mean.”

“What do women vote for that men don’t, and why is that better? It certainly seems like a simple question. I’m not sure why the standard response usually has something to do with penis size or something else just as random.”

“We’re still learning about how America is governed. It seems our textbooks are in error. Scroll down my timeline for former CIA head Spicer’s denial of a ‘Deep State’: “there is no deep state. There is a FRIENDLY PERMANENT GOVERNMENT.” [exact quote]”

“National security policy in the United States has remained largely constant from the Bush Administration to the Obama Administration. This continuity can be explained by the “double government” theory of 19th-century scholar of the English Constitution Walter Bagehot. As applied to the United States, Bagehot’s theory suggests that U.S. national security policy is defined by the network of executive officials who manage the departments and agencies responsible for protecting U.S. national security and who, responding to structural incentives embedded in the U.S. political system, operate largely removed from public view and from constitutional constraints. The public believes that the constitutionally-established institutions control national security policy, but that view is mistaken. Judicial review is negligible; congressional oversight is dysfunctional; and presidential control is nominal. Absent a more informed and engaged electorate, little possibility exists for restoring accountability in the formulation and execution of national security policy.”

“WikiLeaks: *drops 8,000 truth bombs on the CIA*
CNN: Nah bro, gender wage gap.”

“The moral of the story: it’s very easy to forget and dismiss the effect of pay-to-win and consider other players “n00bs” who “fail” or “morons” for not doing something that we can only do because we paid. Despite I write a blog about rational thinking, the only reason I realized the above problem is that the visuals of the costume annoyed me. Pay-to-win is so powerful because it’s so easy to ignore it and attribute success to skill instead.”



“Are you for real? A paladin with a scythe?! Shouldn’t you rather choose a sword and shield?”

“Why would I? In this game, the most powerful weapon is the scythe. A shield just isn’t worth it in the long run. You only need a basic understanding of statistical probabilities to know all that. I have calculated that in a hundred fights the scythe will net +60 damage points dealt on average and -20 points of damage taken due to enemies dying faster. Simply by the existence of the rule books and statistics, this level of reasoning is possible for Erika Furudo.

More importantly, what’s with that lame brass knucle? The rogue class is already underpowered as it is, so a choice like that will just make you a burden for the whole party!”

“Your attitude’s completely wrong! You shouldn’t care about stuff like that! What’s really important is making a character that you like! And then you need to make choices that are consistent with the personality you decided! It’s called ‘role-playing game’ because you’re supposed to play a role… that’s the very essence of this game!”

A true gamer should do his best to create the most powerful character possible! And to that end you need to find the most game breaking combination of skills, feats, weapons, and armor! After that, it’s a race to be the one who gets more experience points and money! You need to kill everything that moves, steal their goods, and sell their skin for even more gold! All of that for the ultimate purpose of making your character stronger and stronger! That’s the true essence of role-playing games!”

“Listen up, everyone! My character fearlessly moves forward to the legendary dragon Goldsmith and then turns on her feet facing her companions!”

“That’s insane! You’re showing your back to an ancient dragon?!”

“Let Miss Erika continue, it appears she has something in MIND.”

“My character will then proclaim: Everyone! It is clear that this is a third rate fantasy plot! It is therefore impossible that Battler would make us face an ancient dragon as a second encounter! He said it himself a while ago: he wanted to go easy on us. Plus it would be totally lame if the guardian of the castle was of a higher level than the final Boss. Considering Battler’s predictable pattern of thoughts, I think it is safe to assume that he made it so Beatrice is speciallized in the illusionist school. THis of course means that the legendary dragon Goldsmith is nothing else but the witch’s illusion! Simply by the fact that Battler is the Game Master, this level of reasoning is possible for Erika Furudo.. What do you think, everyone?”

“A splendid line of thoughts, Miss Erika, IMPRESSIVE!”

“Impressive my ass! Do you know what you just did? It’s metagaming! Erika, you’re a freaking metagamer!”

“This would work if your feats allowed you to double that… but here is where you’re wrong! Because your feats only allow you to increase the daily allotment by 50%! In other words, you can only destroy 15 hit dice undead! Which is enough to kill only 7 out of 10 goats!”

“You will soon regret THIS!

Page 176 of the Player’s HANDBOOK: Greater Banish: With this feat the amount of hit dice undead creatures that the cleric can destroy daily is DOUBLED!

There is absolutely no way to interpret it DIFFERENTLY!! How will you respond to that, Mister BATTLEEER?!”

“It’s useless! It’s all useless!

There was an error on that page! Soon after the Player’s Handbook was published, they issued an erratum! And that clearly specifies that Greater Banish is only meant to augment the affected hit dice number by 50%!”

“The erratum was indeed issued as you SAY. However that part you mention refers to Improved Banish, not the much stronger Greater Banish! In other words that erratum is completely IRRELEVANT! YOU FAIL!”

“Don’t you think I’ll be discouraged just by that!

Page 234 of the Game Master’s Manual! A Game Master is entitled to create custom rules!

That’s it! I might have slipped on that erratum. But in that case I’ll make as a custom rule that Greater Banish is only half as effective!”

“Page 236 of the Game Master’s MANUAL! A Game Master should always inform the players about any custom rule before the start of the game SESSION!

You cannot conjure custom rules whenever you LIKE!”


That part is only meant to give a set of guidelines about ‘good mastering’! That’s nhot a rule at all!!!”

“So you are telling me that you aren’t a good Game MASTER?!”

“That’s enough! I will now end this pointless discussion! Dlanor, this is checkmate!”

“Then, Mister BATTLER? How are you going to defeat ME?! Show me what you’ve GOT!”

“Who the hell do you think I am! I am the goddamn Battler! I am the Game Master, and when the Game Master says something is so, it’s so because he says it’s so! And if you don’t like that, you can kiss my ass and get the hell out!”
“Impressive… Battler used the gold truth of the Game Masters!

It’s a forbidden move that only those invested with the Game Master authority can use. It has the power to end any quarrel… However it might also abruptly end the gaming session, as well as the friendship among players…”

“I cannot counter THAT…”

“Well well, now that Battler’s incompetence has been ascertained, I guess it’s time for me to step in and take the role of Game Master myself.”


“Then because of Jessica’s personal resentment the game will stop here, and poor little Maria will keep crying. How selfish!”

“Don’t make it look as if you give a damn about Maria!”

“I beg your pardon, it looks like I lost my temper. But Battler, are you really okay with that? Beatrice is obviously cheating, isn’t that wrong?”

“You can’t say that for sure. Maybe Maria really understood the logic behind those wacky questions.”

“Are you serious?! How high is the probability of that being true?!”

“As long as it isn’t zero, you can’t deny it!”

“What is that? A devil’s proof? You sure are hopeless!”


“Modern just about anything is just an ugly hollowed-out imitation pretending to be an improvement on the traditional. Unable to appreciate the simple fundamentals and handcrafted intricacies of aesthetics, everything is now a perversion of utility masquerading as “liberation of expression”. Modern architecture, modern art, modern politics, modern man, modern woman…
“International Women’s Day”.
Is it about what makes a woman, a woman?
Or is it about whatever happens to be a woman?”

>takes 18-26 levels to get a fleshed out class
>tutorial doesn’t even let you chat with other players until a few levels in
>bullshit RNG spawning mechanics
>higher leveled areas are corrupted and haven’t been patched in years
>pvp is banned on most servers
why do so many people play this game again?”
“>currently in the process of releasing a patch that makes all races and factions have the exact same stats and cosmetics”
“>yfw the stats are still there, just hidden”
“>level increases with time instead of grind, bullshit fucking mechanic
>stats are completely random, grinding does not guarantee an increase in stats, it only gives you a chance for a random increase, even with high stats, the Luck boost makes them all mostly irrelevant
>nothing during the game ever goes my way, while everyone else gets ahead
>i get shit on by other players for being naturally bad at the minigames
>cant get Popularity Points to learn skills like “Socialize” and “Sex” which since the feminism patch 100 years ago are obligatory to win.
>my guild is shit, they are all mostly unhelpful or completely annoying
>only useful guild member gets b& at level 79
>forced against my will to grind the first 18 levels on Wisdom
>turns out its the most useless stat, game has no magic.
>decide to specialize
>go to advanced wisdom grinding in one particular class
>its the same as the beginner grinding, its all about having the Socialize Skill early on, and the shit community didn’t let me grind PP for it
>decide to get a proffession instead.
>grind it for 3 more levels, make a miserable amount of gold
>realize i don’t actually like it
>realize having gold doesn’t help you win the game at all
>quit that proffession
>been AFK’ing for the last half level”

“>high level players run the economy and the auction house is a joke”

“>no monthly fee!
yeah fucking right. Maybe if you want to role play as a fucking animal”

“[L]eaving mobile phone chargers plugged in” is often held up as an example of a behavioural eco-crime, with people who switch their chargers off being praised for “doing their bit”. The truth is that a typical mobile phone charger consumes just 0.01kWh per day. The amount of energy saved by switching off the phone charger, 0.01kWh, is exactly the same as the energy used by driving an average car for one second.
I’m not saying that you shouldn’t switch phone chargers off. But don’t be duped by the mantra “every little bit helps.””

“It would be very interesting to speculate on what the human imagination is going to do with a frontierless world where it must seek its inspiration in uniformity rather than variety, in sameness rather than contrast, in safety rather than peril, in probing the harmless nuances of the known rather than the thundering uncertainties of unknown seas or continents. The dreamers, the poets, and the philosophers are after all but instruments which make vocal and articulate the hopes and aspirations and the fears of a people.
The people are going to miss the frontier more than words can express. For four centuries they heard its call, listened to its promises, and bet their lives and fortunes on its outcome.

It calls no more…”

“WikiLeaks: The CIA is spying on all of us and can hijack cars for undetectable assassinations.
Liberals: K but Trump’s tax returns are where he hides the Russians lolz”

“Liberals 2003: There’s a globalist deep state!


“Gold! Gold! Gold everywhere!”

“Unbelievable! There should be enough to buy a whole kingdom!”

“Who could have known that the witch Beatrice was so rich?”

“I must… steal… it all! My rogue spirit commands it!”

“Actually this is not a bad idea! Let’s steal all the gold!”

“That will have to wait, we won’t be able to overcome the trials that await us, if we’re overburdened by all these ingots.”

“And why should we bother with the trials at this point?”

“What the hell are you talking about? We didn’t come this far only to stop midway!”

“I know that this might prove to be quite difficult for you Jessica-san, but try to reason about it. Why did we come here? To capture the witch, of course. But why did we decide to capture the witch in the first place?”

“That’s because King Zowsch Heromear sent you, so you could free the Rokken Kingdom from her evil influence!”

“That’s the official explanation, but don’t you think there’s something amiss? If he just wanted to save the Kingdom, he would have asked us to kill the witch.”

“Maybe that’s because he’s a fair and just King and he wants to give her a proper trial!”

“Ha ha ha ha ha! Don’t make me laugh! What kind of just and fair King would pay ten tons of gold just for that?! He obviously has a very precise reason he wants the witch alive, if he’s ready to pay that much! For example, it could be that the witch knows how to turn lead into gold. Then it would be perfectly rational to trade ten tons of it in exchange for a virtually limitless source. What we’re seeing in this room certainly supports this theory.”

“Well, even if you say so, how does that affect us?”

“What I’m trying to point out is that our quest is not a noble one. We’re just a group of mercenaries sent by a rich bastard who isn’t happy enough with all the riches he already has. And we’re doing it only because he promised us a ridiculous reward. But take a look around! Our reward is already here in front of our eyes! Why should we go to all the trouble of facing the witch, when we can just get all the gold we want from this place?”

“Well I’ll be damned! I really can’t see how this can go wrong.”

“Then there’s no problem!”

“No! That’s exactly the problem! Since there must be a way for it to go wrong, the fact that I can’t see any way for that to happen, makes me feel very uneasy about this.”

“Then what do you plan to do? Give up before trying?”

“Despite the fact that it’s dealing with numbers, this trial isn’t really about math. What is required is logic, deduction, and mental imagery.”

“I thought you weren’t interested in gold and wealth…”

“Silly Battler! We aren’t talking about real world gold here. In this game money can be converted to better equipment, like incredibly rare magic items, weapons and armor! So gaining gold is the same as gaining experience points.”

“But conversely if you lose your equipment, it will be the same as losing experience points.”

“Of course! But you can’t really expect to gain something, if you aren’t willing to take a little risk. That would be unreasonable. Every time you accept a quest in exchange for money, you wager your own life for the prospect of acquiring just a few gold pieces. That’s the way of the adventurers! It’s not like we go shopping! We fight deadly monsters! So why are you wimping out in front of the possibility of losing your equipment?”

“No one else wants to join? Apparently all you need to do is wait for me to find the right answer, then you can repeat it and you get free gold ingots.”

“Are you totally out of your mind?! How are you going to pay if you lose?”

“Battler… I think you’re paranoid.”

“No, I’m not!”

“Since the very beginning you did nothing but imagine dirty tricks everywhere. You also thought we would lose everything or that the difficulty of the game would become incredibly high. But nothing of that sort ever happened.”

“That’s the oldest trick ever! You first make them win easily, so they get overconfident and addicted to the game. Then you strip them naked before they can even realize they were scammed!”

“And in all confidence you think that I, Erika Furudo, won’t be able to win if the number will have six digits?!”

“I’m not saying that… I just think there will be some kind of trick…”

“Yeah whatever. Even then, you won’t risk a thing. So why do you make such a fuss?”

“Yes, as long as there is enough time, everyone can enter the game. At that point they’re eligible to give the correct answer and get the reward.”

“Crap! I didn’t know you could do that!”

“Mammon… You’ll definitely confirm the correct answer as soon as I tell you, right?”

“Didn’t I always do that so far? I’ll do the same even in the next round.”

“Oh my, did you hear that? Everyone! After I find the next and last number and Mammon confirms it, you won’t have any reason not to join! We’ll all get a lot of gold!”

“Well… in that case… I can’t see why not…”

“Uu! Maria will join too!”

“And you, Battler? You won’t try it even in that case?”

“Yeah! I said I won’t, and I won’t no matter what!”

“But that’s just stupid. You’re giving up a whole fortune just out of pure paranoia!”

“You’ll pull a dirty trick! I know you will!”

“If Erika finds the correct number in the next round and say it, you will win and absolutely nothing will be able to change that. At that point joining the game and giving the very same answer will be a 100% safe bet.”

“And why in the world should I trust you?! You could be lying. You could even tell Erika that she got the right answer when it’s actually false!”

“I will not lie! I never lied before, and I never will!”


“You still don’t trust me?”

“No! I’ll never trust you! Even if reason and logic tell me that there’s nothing to be afraid of, even if all the evidence show sthat there can’t possibly be any trick involved, even if I can’t even imagine how something can go wrong,all of my instincts are screaming ‘danger ahead’! I won’t accept your challenge! Not now! Not later! Not ever!


“Mark your words! Remember them well! Engrave them on a stone! For that shall become your tomb!”



“If you don’t mind, I’d like to hear the list of the hints again.”

“I’m sorry, I’m not authorized to give you any help.”

“*giggle**giggle* I think there was a little misunderstanding. I’m not asking for any help, I’m asking to hear again the hitns that you’re required to give me.”

“As I stated before, providing any kind of element useful to reach the solution is considered ‘help’.”

“You’re require to give me those hints!”

And I did…”

“Stop messing with me! This is ridiculous! How am I supposed to remember all those hints you gave me, if I also had to reason about the numbers?!”

“Weren’t you listening before? I said this trial is about logic, deduction, and mental imagery! In order to successfully solve this problem, you’re required to use your mind and your mind alone! This of course includes the ability to keep in mind all the hints given.”

“You never gave me that many hints before!”

“I never gave you hints about six digit numbers before! It goes without saying that the more are the digits the harder it is to define the number with a few hints…”

“I knew you’d come up with a dirty trick like this! Now you finally show your true colors!”

“Trick? Does this even qualify as a trick? If this is a trick, then you tricked yourselves! I’ve been totally clear about the rules!”

“Yet again, good job Dlanor! Remind me to double your salary!”
“I don’t have a SALARY.”
“Oh… right… Then if I dobule a ‘zero’ what do I get?”
“That’s my Dlanor!”

“I’ll have to admit it, Erika, you’ve been a formidable opponent!”

“Tch! Spare me the sarcasm…”

“Oh no, I’m serious! Ireally underestimated you! You see, you were just a step away from foiling my plans! If I knew, I would have made a way more difficult challenge! But it all turned out for the good in the end! At least for me! *cackle**cackle*

However, while you certainly possessed the brain potential to find the right answer, you still made a lot of unforgivable mistakes. Your first error was to boost your ego by explaining the details in your reasoning. Seriously, what did you do that for? You had plenty of time to do that later. Jessica certainly caused a lot of problems to you. But if you didn’t tell her about the 42 possible numbers in the first place, she couldn’t have done anything. Then your second and most relevant error was to lose your composure. A cool mind goes a long way. You had still a lot of time when you realized you had lost a few hints. You had many options open to you then, but you didn’t think straight, and as a result you just wasted a lot of time. Your third error was to refuse Jessica’s ‘trial and error’ method. At that point that was the best and most efficient option left to you. But then again your ego caused your downfall. Your fourth error was to start a quarrel against Jessica instead of helping her!Not only you wasted a lot of time, but you also prevented her from giving the right answer! Jessica was just about to say it! She went all the way from 113442 to 183442! If you only let her say the next single number!”

“I do not regret that one! The scenario of Jessica giving the correct answer before me and in sucha lame way, is far worse than the current!”

“You really think so? I wonder if you’ll still have the same opinion, once I tell you the price you’re required to pay!

Next is Jessica.”


“While you were right about using the trial and error method, you shouldn’t have caused all those problems to Erika. If you just stayed silent, Erika would have made it. After Dlanor helped her, that is. Maybe before that it was a good idea, despite the fact you made a total mess, but after, it was just plain stupid. You complained to Erika about her wasting time, but you made her waste even more.”

“But I was just a step away from telling the right number! You said it yourself!”

“That was just luck! You just happened to pick the correct string first.

Now Dlanor…”


“Why did you limit yourself so much? Why did you just work as a memory helper for Erika?”

“I am just a KID. I am not very good with logic problems, I just happen to have a good MEMORY.”

“I’m not talking about that. I’m sure that even in all that commotion, you had already thought all the 42 remaining numbers. Can you deny that? Why, instead of repeating the hints and the six strings Erika found, you didn’t list all the 42 numbers? Unlike Jessica, even with Erika screaming at you, you would have made it!

Lastly, Battler… Why did you stop George before?”

“Do I even need to tell? If I didn’t stop him, now he’d have to pay an enormous amount of gold like Erika, Jessica, and Dlanor!”

“At that point the solution was very close. George was right in trying to cooperate, but you refused to do so.”

“No matter how close the solution seemed to be! You would have pulled a bad trick in the e”

“No, Battler! You still don’t understand?! Erika was going to win for real! She was really going to foil my plans! But because of your stubbornness you refused to help her! Now tell me Battler, in all honesty. You remembered the other hints, am I right?”

“Only two of them… I didn’t remember the one about the highest digit…”

“And you tried to apply the ones you knew on Erika’s strings?”

“Yeah! I was left with only two options!”

“What the fuck!”

“Easy, Jessica… I’ll hadnle this.

Battler… you’re an idiot…”

“WHY?! Because I refuse to play your silly game?!”

“Not because of that! But because, for your own stubbornness, you refused to help a friend in need. It wasn’t for fear of losing, or because you didn’t want to fall for a trick. It was because you made it as your principle not to accept my challenge no matter what!”

“Erika and Jessica knew the risk! I warned them a thousand times! But they never listened! Whatever happesn to them now will be well deserved! They brought their misery upon themselves, they don’t have any right to complain! Why should I have bothered to help them? I don’t care, that’s their problem! It has nothing to do with me!”

“Is that what you think?! How naive! Battleeeeeeeeeeeer!”

“With all due respect, Battler, it is I who decide the conditions of a challenge. You can take it or leave it. But there are formalities to respect, so even if George and Maria already stated their will to accept the challenge, it isn’t really valid until they fully understand what the challenge entails.”

“Stop buzzing around me! I’m not gonna take your challenge!”

“Hey Battler, have you thought it through enough?”

“Yeah! Like I’m going to risk my life to save Erika’s ass!”

“Hey! I love you too!”

“Apparently, you didn’t! Think about it. There are only two possible outcomes to this challenge: 1) George and Maria win, bringing Jessica and Dlanor back. In that case you might as well join them to add Erika to the reward. 2) George and Maria lose. Everyone becomes a golden statue except you. In the second case, I assume you’d just play a regular round, win, and proceed to the next part of the trial. It would be stupid to challenge me at that point.”


“But what exactly are you expecting to do all alone? Did you forget already what happened to you in the past? Why do you think this time you’ll manage to beat Beatrice? You know what? You can go! I think my elder sisters won’t even stop you if you try! It’s the throne room you’re aiming to? There will be a red carpet just for you leading the way… and a dog collar ready to welcome you as soon as you arrive!

In short, there are only 3 options for you.

1) You help George and Maria, and win.
2) You become a golden statue.
3) You become Beatrice’s toy for all eternity.

Which is worse, Battler? Don’t you think it would be better to die rather than be a slave? You see, Beatrice will never let you die. Even if you kill yourself, she’ll revive you again, and again, and again… Your torture will be eternal! […]

George and Maria will never make it! Even if they do, you’d still better join them to get a full victory. If they don’t, you’re screwed. Your decision never to accept my challenge is only compatible with the worst possible scenario for you!”

“Everything as planned! I told you that I was looking forward to this! Didn’t I? Didn’t I?”

“Yeah, you did. You’ve woven an incredible masterwork plan.”

“Ain’t that the truth?! *cackle**cackle*”

“However, Beatrice, this is only half a victory for you. Didn’t I say from the very beginning that you were plotting something? Didn’t I keep on telling everyone that something was bound to go wrong? Didn’t you uselessly try to convince me of the contrary? And did I ever trust you? Did your illusion of a harmless game ever work on me, despite all your efforts? You might have managed to bring me exactly where you wanted to, but you never managed to trick me!”

“Even so, by tricking everyone else I got you anyway! Wasn’t the fact that you weren’t able to see what I was aiming at still a big flaw in your defense?”

“That’s right, I wasn’t able to foresee where your attack was coming from. But I did know it was coming, and that’s why this is only half the victory you wished for!”

“That’s you! That’s so like you! The more they throw you down, the more you raise up! Even on the wake of your total defeat, you still stand victorious in front of me!”

“Braaaavoooo! Braaaavoooooo! You really did an impressive job, but how are you going to proceed now? I’m afraid this is as far as you can go. Battler, all that you found out up to this point was no real surprise. But this is game over now! In order to make use of your findings, you need to imagine the whole grid of the 64 possible ‘external pairs’ and then proceed to eliminate those who cannot fit with the hints and the rules. It goes without saying that this is a task that cannot be performed by a normal human mind. If you were allowed to write the various strings on a piece of paper, this would be a trivial matter to solve. But the rules of this trial forbit that!

Are you finally aware of the predicament you find yourself in? Have you realized, at last, where the ‘trick’ you tried so hard to find lies?

It’s the limit of the human mind!

Even if initially this trial can seem so easy and trivial, you just need to add a few digits to exploit the limits of a mortal’s brain! You humans are so funny! You can only keep in mind five or seven numbers, then you become totally hopeless as if you were retarded or something… *giggle**giggiel*”

“Shut up! We humans might have limits, as you say, but we have the power to overcome them when we try our best!”

“Oh reeeeeeeeaaalllyyyy?! Then do it! Show me how you can visualize 64 quadruplets with your inferior brainpower! You can’t, right? You can’t!”

“Now don’t get so cocky! Keep on flaunting your mental prowess like that and you’ll end up being hated by everyone!”

“I can’t believe such a thought could even graze the surface of your mind!”

“But why, Jessica-san… There’s absolutely nothing that my mind can’t conceive.”

“Yeah… right… thanks for proving my point…”

“Forget it! Why should I be the only one to pay?! You all rejoiced with me when I declared by victory! You all made the same mistake!”

“Who cares about that?! We aren’t saying you must be the one to go because you made a blunder, but because you’re the one who didn’t let us give the right solution!”

“So I should be the one to pay only because I want to earn my victories?!”

“I like it better the way I put it…”

“Sure you do, but who the hell cares about your preferences? I’m certainly not going to sacrifice myself because of your personal, selfish opinions!”


“Farmed salmon tastes like asshole and the meat is dyed red because it is naturally grey. Other farmed fish may or may not be garbage, Talipa is popular but it essentially lives in its own feces. Farmed Shrimp live in the sewage runoff of Pooloo and Vietnamese cities. Fish farming also destroys habitat for wild fish and spreads disease.”

“You kinda want some generic work when making a portfolio. Lets your employers know you’re capable of the routine and how exactly you compare with the rest of the industry.”

“The concern about hoarding vulnerabilities instead of disclosing them to be patched is that criminal hackers could find the flaws and maliciously exploit them while the government is keeping them secret for investigative purposes.”

“”In December 2014, Bilzerian was embroiled in a legal matter with pornographic actress Janice Griffith, whom he threw off the roof of a house and into a pool as part of a photoshoot for Hustler magazine in April 2014. She fell short of the pool, hitting the edge, and broke her foot. The 18-year-old Griffith asked Bilzerian for $85,000 for her injuries, which was rejected. She then filed a lawsuit against both Hustler and Bilzerian, to which Bilzerian’s attorney responded that Griffith was under contract for the event by Hustler, that Hustler hired Bilzerian for the event, and that Bilzerian was not at fault. [Wikipedia]”

So this guy has a net worth of $100 million, he throws an 18 year old girl off a roof and she breaks her foot and he refuses to pay her anything?”

“I’d say she got her just deserts for being a thot.”

“For the record, I disagree with Timothy that the proper punishment for being a porn star should be to be thrown off a roof and have your bones broken.”

“You don’t amass that kind of wealth by taking frivolous lawsuits lying down.”

“He is a trust fund kid”

“I don’t see how throwing someone off a roof and breaking her foot is a “frivilous” lawsuit.”

“Can someone explain the economics of how this guy gets paid so much? I understand income from the trust fund, but I don’t see what makes his appearances so valuable.”

“poker, trust funds, investments, internet capital”

“Ok, but why do porno mags and TV shows pay him so much for appearances? If I wanted a cocky guy who had some sense of humor, it wouldn’t be that hard to find one on the street who would work for less.”

“name recognition”

“Does anyone actually buy something because Dan Bilzerian is in it, Alex?”

“the US’ problem with cost of living & its paperwork obsession played a part in this.”

“Management in IT/software doesn’t sound fun either. You would have to deal with both tech-illiterate idiots in the business AND the incel codemonkeys.”

“Liu Bei talking about his shitty lineage is hilarious. What a F tool. Let’s make something very clear … 400 some years prior to this, it was Xiang Yu who took down the oppressive, Legalist Qin Dynasty and made it even possible for that overrated turd Liu Bang to found his crappy little dynasty. 400+ years later, here’s his equally overrated and equally worthless SHIT descendent being completely irrelevant and for some reason, getting tons of credit for it. Amazing. F the Han Dynasty. Confucian asshole bullshit. The Tang Dynasty destroys it in every way conceivable, just as Sui-Tang is a FAR greater historical tale than Chu-Han.”

“That being said, its hilarious OP would question their tactics used to find the flag and then clapback with the classic cool story bro as if he didn’t just comment on a picture with his two cents that nobody asked for”

“”My father died for this shit, bro”- Shia words. The truth is, his father is alive and is a convicted pedophile.?”


“Mapping! A classmate of mine told me that’s mandatory in video games like Black Onyx. Now it would be cool if they make an automap function in the future…”

“Automap? Why? Where would the fun be, then? Next they’ll make an autobattle… and then an automove…”

“Done, done, and DONE!”

“Seriously! The day will come when people will play ‘games’ where there will be no interaction at all, and all you will need to do will be just watch the cutscenes and read the text!”

“What? No! There’s no way such a thing will work! Unless they add a lot of busty girls with nice asses. I might play it in that case!”

“I wasted my whole life following a delusion! All my efforts were for naught! I should have rather enjoyed the brief time of my existence that was given to me before my inevitable demise!”


“Suppose there is a gender wage gap. Why do leftists assume that mandating equal payment means that women will get paid more instead of it meaning that men will get paid less?”

“I don’t think they care either way.”

“Or that fewer women will be hired in the first place.”

“Leftists don’t even want it solved. They just want something to complain about.”

“John make 9.00 and hour while Susan makes 8.75.
If the wages are changed so that both John and Susan make 8.75 how much money was fucking redistributed?”

“25 cents from john to his employer”

“Play another MOBA, I recommend blizzard “Heroes of The Storm”.

The question is… Does other MOBAs also rig the match-making system? Blizzard also sells champions and skins…”

“I generally believe that a game is either
– everyone pays equally (buy box or subscription)
– openly P2W (gold ammo)
– rigged
So without checking I would say HotS is rigged. It would take some time to prove it. Maybe the devs are smarter than me and I can’t prove it, but I’m just as sure it’s rigged as I’m sure that aircraft trails don’t contain mind controlling chemicals.”

“Well done on the analysis. Sadly, we are living in a time where companies are specifically recruiting teams of psychologists whose sole job is to maximize profits for the company. They need to be subtle, and sophisticated, What Wargaming has done is to prey on the weakness of players who are easily manipulated by ‘incentives’ to improve. All they need to do is keep paying, and their computers will change their modifies to appease their egos. The player then feels like an emperor, he pays them and has his ego boosted as an alpha gamer of sorts. What a tragedy when he realises that his ego was based on a lie. His ‘skill’ never really existed. It was simply a delusion which wargaming happily cursed him with in exchange for hard-earned cash. Far from a winner, he is in the game of life the biggest loser, while the company laughs all the way to the bank. Thankfully there are independent thinkers like you who can see through the schemes. Wargaming are covert crooks, unfortunately. And I agree the basic game is quite fun, but the longevity is artificial as the imbalance in the mechanics force people to play and pay. I’m really sick of the fanboys who don’t even realise that they are being fleeced. They allowed themselves to be tricked and then defend those who tricked them. Complete foolishness, and contemptible short-sightedness.”

“Can I open up another point about this. Is it now the case that in general the law is lagging behind game development. In other transactions between clients and companies, there are various law-enforcement agencies that guarantee quality when we say buy food or deal with our banks (ha!, society has recently failed there, too). The freemium model is relatively new and I think the law doesn’t yet have the awareness to know how to control it. Surely it is now time that some kind of law and law agency is enforced to protect the gaming community. They should have unrestricted access to the codes of gaming companies in order to ensure fairness and no manipulation. They should be given total powers to make random checks on companies like Wargaming (a bit like food standards agencies have the power to randomly check any food retail outlet), and have a code of ethics and standards which they must abide by, or be closed down/penalised in some way. This would also restore the sense of trust gamers can have in their purchases. Lastly, it will prevent THE QUALITY OF THE GAME itself going into decline. I believe gamers should be shouting that this must be done, that they are not sheep to be lead into financial traps, and that proper and decent human rights is just as applicable in a gaming environment as well as in real life, especially when cash is involved. In the end, the people, the average gamer has the power to fight back and change the law for the better, and the problems we have been having with companies will end, their subterfuge will be neutralised, and they will be forced to be honest, or leave the industry altogether. That is a better future for gaming, and for all of us who play games….because WE LOVE THEM, and enjoy spending our free time on them! Also do we want kids being brought up in this kind of gaming environment, which is becoming in the wrong hands very corrupted? Let’s give them also a great experience playing in a fair environment where they are treated with respect by their gaming companies!”

“How one 31-year-old paid off $220,000 in student loans in 3 years

[…] Horton took a job as an operations manager at the nonprofit her mother runs […] Horton and her boyfriend tied the knot soon after the move. Horton’s mother gave the couple a condo that she had purchased at an auction as a wedding gift. […] Horton and her husband lived in the condo for three months, but then they decided to move in with her grandparents down the street and started renting out the condo to bring in extra income. […] To anyone who feels overwhelmed by the prospect of takingon student loans – or paying back any debt they’ve incurred – Horton has a simple message: “I just want them to feel empowered that they can pay it off. If I can do it, anybody can.”

“What is it about Ninendo and Zelda that attracts female gamers?”

“male zelda fans are pretty cancerous.

they are overly flamboyant about being a “gamer” but really they just sat around the last 6 years waiting for BOTW to come out

official zelda merch has increased tenfold in that last 6 years also, and the zelda fanboys bought it all up

females pretend to like games to attract males. but they don’t want to pretend to hard, because, well that’s work.

zelda fucbois are the berfect combination of chad and gamer-that-doesn’t-play-games and thats why you see them with girlfriends”

“This is bad science though.
You can’t “perceive” shit without the light reaching you, so it’s just really slow.
And light moves at the same speed no matter what, so it can’t “appear” and it can’t be “frozen.””

“its a comic book. its not real. stop trying to bring science into childrens reading material”

“That’s the problem with these things though, they don’t stop at “superpowers, deal with it”, but try to coat it in long paragraphs of pseudoscientific bullshit.”

“>The flash is really fucking fast, here look at the things he can do because he’s so fast



“It is our motto, ‘If we cannot bring up our children to think and do for us when we are old as we did for them when they were young, it is better not to rear them at all.’ But the Christian style is for children to expect their parents to do all for them, and then for the children to abandon the parents as soon as possible.

On the whole, the Christian way strikes us as decidedly an unnatural one; it is every one for himself–parents and children even. Imagine my feelings, if my own son, whom I loved better than my own life, for whom I had sacrificed all my comforts and luxury, should, through some selfish motive, go to law with me to get his share prematurely of my property, and even have me declared a lunatic, or have me arrested and imprisoned, to subserve his interest of intrigue! …

This is what keeps me the heathen I am! And I earnestly invite the Christians of America to come to Confucius.”

“>83% Of America’s Top High School Science Students Are The Children Of Immigrants

Now how many of those immigrants are the legal, highly qualified kind and how many are illegals? Failing to make that distinction is being intentionally misleading.

As I thought, here on work visas. Yet they try to use this to gin up sympathy for illegals.”

“It means that immigrants have smarter children. Which is no surprise. If the entrance criteria is so steep the people who pass will be higher quality than those already here, on average.”

“These are H-1B visa holders. They are hired mercenaries for corporations so corporate America can avoid paying higher wages for higher end jobs to Americans. These are outliers from the overseas, not the norm. H-1B visas cause more intelligent Americans not to be able to get higher paying jobs and therefore discourages them from having children. They are not good for our people.”

“So after the other day of him speaking candidly about Jews in his short video blog, he must have gotten a nice threatening phone call from his boss (((Ezra))) telling him to lie and demand he wasn’t saying what he was obviously saying.”

“I love how this video is a perfect line for line contradiction of his other video, WHICH WAS NOT TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT.”

“What’s interesting is how somebody so clearly in touch with all conspiracy activity out there from his years of honest journalism can be so blatantly full of shit. Just look at his face when he knows he’s lying. It’s hurting him. It’s like he has a wormtongue at his side.”

“He is like literally on camera blaming the Jews for holodomor yet still he denies it. I can’t imagine the level of self loathing he feels”

“Yeah we should attack him pretending to be hardcore Jew shills

“We know you think the Jews did the holodomor you vile antisemite crypto nazi!!””

“Jews at work, starving 11 million Ukrainians.
Soon they’ll being doing this to your family and your home and your nation.
The NYT still has its Pulitzer for the cover-up of this mass murder. In case you wonder why Germans of that era all of a sudden felt like having Jews in their country was not a good idea.”

“”The NYT still has its Pulitzer for the cover-up of this mass murder. “

What do you mean?”

“Journos for the NYT went to the USSR and told the world that everything was great and the people were happy and well fed and rumours of mass killing were false”

“>WJC takes credit for Amazon’s book banning; promises more to come

“I believe it was also the World Jewish Congress who demanded that the leaders of Golden Dawn be arrested on false charges, to which the Greek government immediately compiled.
This is the naked power of Jewry. This unelected conclave of rich and influential Jews demands, with success, that it’s will be imposed. Supposedly “sovereign” governments and “private” corporations comply without resistance or complaint.
False opposition like Colin Liddell will never mention or account for this, but will continue to pretend that Jewry only controls hollywood.

“We’re doing it to ourselves.”

Can’t have collaborators without an occupation.”

“poor jongles
forever alone like the rest of us”

“he’s still friends with Rita ;^)”

“”Uh you’re talking to women here…” who the fuck cares, you’re annoying as shit, get out of his car.”

“Goddamn these kike bitches think they can treat anybody they want like shit because they can post videos on YouTube and threaten people’s jobs with it. Good for this guy.”

“I would’ve taken her into an unsavory part of town and dropped her off to be raped by Congolese apes.”

“the t43 has been underwhelming since open beta, i’m surprised they haven’t biased it”

“You fail to realize that stratagey for how free to play games are designed. You gate desirable content behind soft or hard paywalls.

It is why they “rebalance” tanks that lead into newly introduced tanks.

Just about every tank line has one or more hard to get through tanks at tiers 6-9.

And for some reason tier 7 mediums are usually underwhelming.”

“These Defender shitters are killing the profitability of all my tier 8 premiums. Even if I get the chance to shoot at the Defender’s LFP, I still have to fire gold in my CDC to pen the “weak point”, so I’m losing credits by fighting them. The only way to make credits now is to run away from the Defenders and farm credits off the softer targets, leaving the rest of my team to get shit on by the OP fuckface Defenders instead.”

>he doesnt know how to deal with defenders.
t. Yellow”

“stop defending those fucking tanks you wg-cum guzzling retard

no matter how good you think you are, a tier 10 hull on a tier 8 tank is not okay”

>his mouth isnt dripping with Serbs cum all day
found the yellow”

“I think spotting at tier 6 and 7 is kind of fucked because those were the tiers where you were reliant on passive spotting to compete with higher-tier lights and mediums and WG’s crusade against camo and sniping has destroyed most of the passive scouting positions in the game.”

>havnt played this game in over a year
>Don’t recognize half the tanks in the Game
>Can’t remember where to go on any of the maps
>Always one of the first to die
>Struggling to do any damage
My highest tier tanks are tier 7-8

Should I just go back to tier 5ish until I figure out what the fuck I’m doing again”

“no the games meta has been changed so that shop bought premium tanks no longer just have one overpowered stat like viewrange, dpm or armour, pseudo-balanced by “low pen” now have the most powerful stats across the board.

two recent ones which define every game they are in, a buffed borsig (better mobility and gun handling) the skorpion prevents rush tactics.
and the defender, a buffed IS3: better gun, no weakspots, improved armour.

these have also been released with different names, such a defender and 252U, so more of them can be put into each battle, and players who bought them wont have to wait longer to join battles. which means if you’re playing tier6 and 7, you will now have more tier 8 matches so these customers can play their tank.

when you see these in the enemy lineup, which is most games @ tiers 6 – 10, and regardless of the players skill using the tank, the quantities on each team will determine the win/lose outcome of every game at tiers 6-8.

and at tier5, you will now face more e25 (matched at tier 6) with the same issues as above because they sold it at christmas.”

“so is wargaming finally cashing out on this ded game”

“commercially it makes sense to, the game is now so old, that its only really going to make more money from its existing player base, and releasing a $60 tank every month or so with more powerful stats is the easiest way to get money from them. it’s not a competitive game, it has no real stake in esports so they’re not going to lose much by making it full P2W.”

“After WG introducing the Defender/Objektu, why should I even bother playing above Tier V anymore? Seriously, who the fuck thought giving a VIII heavy 220 mm of effective lower hull armor was a good idea?!”

“Honestly, as long as you play above tier 7 you’re fine, unless you’re a medium and for some reason don’t load gold

But yeah, those two tiers are screwed”

“What if you play a tier 8 tank with less than 225 penetration? There are lots of those, and they have to spend a dickload of money spamming gold at Defenders to even do damage to them.”

>they have to spend a dickload of money
Congrats. You solved the riddle.”

2017 Feb 26 ~ Mar 06

“I honestly don’t know why women even need names. I think that was probably a mistake. All the rest follows from that.

[…] Men need names to establish an independent legal, economic and social identity, and also to record their deeds in the history books, so that the glory they win in life may long outlast their death. Women accomplish the same thing by creating the next generation. They don’t make history because they are too busy making the future. They also require no independent identity separate from husband or father. […]

It’s not much of an exaggeration to say there have been no notable female philosophers, economists, warriors, statesmen, explorers, pioneers, commanders, inventors, scientists, founders, entrepreneurs, etc… The few you will find, here and there, haven’t been all that notable, comparatively speaking. You wouldn’t lose very much at all from just discouraging or barring women from such pursuits; and you would gain quite a lot, in more traditionally feminine fields of endeavor.”

“Many left-wing Mexicans (particularly the most recent immigrants and anchor babies) maintain a couple of conflicting beliefs and ideas about themselves and about their new host country, namely:

1. Mexico is such a terrible shithole that forcing me to return is a crime against humanity, BUT
2. Mexicans are so amazing and hardworking that the United States would literally collapse without them, BUT
3. “We’re the growing majority and we’re going to turn the United States into Mexico”, BUT

4. Refer back to point 1.”

“Race denial, or race egalitarianism, is even more ridiculous than flat Earth, because the Earth at least SEEMS flat.”

“I believe the key to democracy is single identity electorate. I mean that (the vast majority of) the voters see themselves as “us” and this includes the voters of the other party. Hungarian people see themselves and each other as Hungarian. We see the other party voters as misguided good people and try to persuade them to join the “right way”. We might see the other party leaders liars and con-men and agents of Soros/Putin but we believe that their voters want the best for the Nation as a whole. So democracy can thrive in Hungary.

On the other hand if the electorate have several major identities and see the voters of the other party as “them”, you have trouble.”

“But somehow our society demands from everyone to aspire to become role-model,

pretty much this. If you can’t show that you waste money, time and brain cells on insignificant mass hoarding of certificates you are worth nothing! Right now look into the last 2-4 months don’t have some paper to prove your smart, funny, wicked, logical yet creative or some ” ” cert .. better hang yourself.

So of we go every few months, into shity and expensive seminars/webinars/coachings/etc beating everybody by getting awesome grades and the next cert. In secret we hope to finally have that network connection or getting that b.partner to hit big bucks big time.
I have a CS degree and worked dev stuff and quit some years ago and started working in a none-dev/none-IT job. After 5 months working I’m basically worthless on the IT market now. If you don’t run X side projects, write for Y blogs, maintain Z charity shit opensource stuff or hit the appstore every fucking second with the next insignificant moron app .. better drink bleach.

Aspiration as a motivator stopped working some many years ago in my early twenties. It hit me watching some old documentary about Amazon untouched tribes. I compared their days with my day juggling too many IT-dev-specific bullshit and always on the edge for not that much compensation. Be always flexible .. that buzzword meaning 24/7 hell. whenever and wherever you phone explodes in warnings/errors be in panic mode within seconds and 100% reliable to fix whatever remote tech needs my undivided attention too.”

“Blizzard politely said “lol nope” to the demand of Nostalrius to announce legacy servers on Blizzcon.

It happened despite there were negotiations and 50K players pledged to be paying customer on an official legacy server. I wasn’t among them, but if such server would come online, I’d probably return to WoW. Which is exactly what Blizzard doesn’t want. They don’t want people like me on their servers and they especially don’t want existing players move to those servers. Why?

Please understand that Vanilla servers would be a competing title to WoW: Legion. Ironically, this “new” game would be the one that the industry has been looking for a decade: a WoW-killer game. If it would go online, it would be very successful, even up to 2 M paying players. Every game dev would love such game. But Blizzard doesn’t, because it would kill their current 5.5M game WoW: Legion. […]

Would the Vanilla servers go up, Blizzard would bank on the first month from 1M returning players. But then another 1M would migrate from Legion and not some “random 1M”, but the best players. After their departure, there wouldn’t be people to boost the M&S. While Blizzard could nerf instances to the level of 5x M&S teams, it would not satisfy the M&S since it wouldn’t come with social acceptance. Legion would be “short bus” and everyone “cool” would be on the Vanilla server. So M&S would move to Vanilla too, break to red trying to take the candle of the kobolds in the starter zone and quit WoW all together.”

“If someone posts an error-fix, that shows good faith. If someone stealth-fix, that’s covering tracks.

Care to give another explanation?

But you seem to ignore the core problem: if 5T can simply fall between the cracks, than ANYTHING can happen. Such level of incompetence breeds corruption, since every wrongdoer feels safe. I can guarantee you that if 5T data corruption can go unnoticed in for half year, than every second dev will give 100Bs to their buddies just for a beer, since it will go unnoticed too. This is how people work. This is why responsible governments send army or large detachment of police to disaster sites to stop looters. They know that people will try to take a little expecting that no one can tell that it wasn’t destroyed by the disaster and without strong force these “little”s can add up into a looting mob.”

“the first one on scene sets the scene. If Quant moves first and without anyone prompting him writes “Sorry, mistakes were made”, I’d have hard time debating that. If I move first – as I did – and Quant comes later, his excuses seem like – excuses.”

“Yes, going Tweetfleet would have made a difference. Oh wait, I tried to run for CSM and … Falcon banned me from that. Xenuria, outspoken neo-nazi could run. I was the only person in the history of EVE besides a hacker who DDOS-ed the server who was banned from running for CSM. […] I was running for CSM with the legitimate platform that players getting insider info and influence on design is a very bad thing, therefore this should stop. And I was banned from it, because it would have harmed his business if too many people vote for me.”

“The blame is never on the suits. You must understand that the suit is not a moral actor, nor a decision maker. He is like the architect in the Matrix: a sophisticated, but still intelligence-less program trying to balance the equation. They evolved for one purpose: increase performance of a company. And they do, for a few quarters. It’s the job of the visionary to make sure that his creation is not an error to be optimized out.

The solution is not stomping your staff to the ground and yell “noobs shall not pass”. The problem is that player skill is a continuum so nerfing “just a little bit” will get you new players, so you don’t really know where to stomp your staff. The only Nash-equilibrium here in the eternal battle against suits is “everyone’s invited”, aka suits win (have you noticed that suits always win? It’s not by mistake.) The proper solution is everyone’s invited to play and designing the game from the scratch for both good and bad players. How to do it well? Let’s look at the real world! Does Adam’s grandmother tries to compete with Adam in his job? No. Does Adam’s grandmother performs some easy version mock of Adam’s job? No! She tends her garden, picks up Adam’s kids from school and cooks dinner for them while Adam and his wife are working. She also takes them for two weeks while Adam and his wife are on vacation to be man and woman again and not just dad and mom.

To design a good game, the bad players must have their own things to do, which are valuable on their own, but not the same as the things of the good players. […]

It is very important to point out that the “grandma’s playground” isn’t a ghetto just to keep her among the customers like pet battles in WoW. The problem with isolated playgrounds is sooner or later the suit will notice that playground A has more players than B and relocate resources to developing A. Remember “why should we develop content for 1%” quotes! Grandma’s playground must be a meaningful part of the game where she positively interact with Adam and Adam gladly exchanges the Sword of Uberness for the Grandma’s basket because with the basket he can get another sword faster than by keeping his sword.

Why is it crucially important that the rewards are exchanged between players of the various playgrounds? Because only that can guarantee that the competitive game is competitive at all as players ultimately compete for the rewards. Even if the game has challenging content, it’s irrelevant if the rewards are available with easier content. I don’t question that mythic raiding is hard. But I do question that mythic raiders are the best, simply because many players don’t bother with mythic raiding, since the same rewards will be dropped by the first murlock 2 months later. Similarly, I didn’t participate in BDO endgame, since I could get everything without even being in a guild. If the only way to get ilvl X is raiding in mythic or trading it with a mythic raider, than everyone would agree that mythic raiders are the best.”

“Imagine that there is a grazing field that can support 20 cows. There are multiple farmers using it. If they have a wise chief, they’ll have 20 happy cows ever after. If any of them hires a business consultant, well, that won’t be so good.”

“So people can and – by the little data we have – do ignore the community and interact with only the game. Yet invested players believe that the community (practically them and their friends) are an asset to the game company. Many forum posters claimed that BDO will be dead soon because the competitive community is leaving over P2W. Well, the truth is that even if all of them would leave at once, the rest of the players wouldn’t even noticed it. The workers would still provide resources, the mobs would still be there to grind and you could still craft crates. If I would be the only person on the server, but the devs would place randomly roaming avatar bots to Heidel and place some gear to buy for me on the marketplace, I wouldn’t know about it.

What Maxim wrote as extreme example is already the sad truth: games devolved into “fishers and whales” state and stopped being actual MMOs (where multitudes of players interact with each other) and became simply glorified single-player experiences with always-online requirement.”

“PvP games like World of Tanks or Clash of Clans can use free players as content for the paying players, I guess they could be replaced by bots and no one would notice. You are worth as much to a company as much you pay. If you pay nothing, you are treated as nothing. I learned that the hard way in EVE.”

“This is interesting, because people had something to chargeback. It’s not the “free players” (those who only bought the initial game) are upset. Almost all comment warrior starts with “I spent X dollars and I’m outraged”. How can you be outraged over (perceived) pay-to-win, after you paid to win?

Simple: players don’t want fairness, they want to buy advantage over other players. They gladly paid for extra lodging, horse breed reset, instant resurrection, XP scroll, marketplace tax cut backpack. They were not outraged, they happily opened their wallets to get ahead of the “scrubs”. Their problem is that while they could afford $50-100/month to get ahead of the others, they can’t afford going full whale, buying backpacks for the whole server for in-game credits. If these players wanted fair games, they could keep them alive by their subscriptions. No, they want advantage and their definition of “pay to win” is “letting people pay more than I can and beat me”. It’s the money equivalent of “everyone spending more time in the game is a no-lifer”.

Don’t get me wrong, these customers are mad and really mean to hurt the dev by getting their money back. But their “moral standpoint” is ridiculous: if I can afford it, it’s an OK convenience item, if I can’t afford it, it’s horrible P2W. This is why the gaming companies can’t do right: players want to be able to buy advantage, but don’t want anyone to buy more advantage then them. As “more than they can afford” is different for everyone, the devs can’t shoot for any price point. Damn if they P2W, damn if they don’t! “

“[T]he Gaussian bell curve sucks randomness out of life – which is why it is popular. Why? Because it allows certainties!”

“What does a free player brings to the table? In case of PvP-only games like World of Tanks or League of Legends he is the content: an underpowered punching bag.”

“Haha wow can you guys believe Donald Trump doesn’t like when people mock him? Haha what a loser right?”

“i want to be a cool rebellious kid who makes up a new scandal everyday in order to be relevant but Trump must still let me into his conferences

Freedom of speech does not equal freedom from consequences, unless those consequences affect myself”

“I like how he’s repeatedly leaked false scandals to make them look retarded and their comeback is “well you lied to me so you’re the idiot haha gotcha man ur dumb””

“Sports are games, the outcome depends on player skill. Except for “technical sports” like Formula 1. Here the player skill is secondary to the building of the racing car. The real competitors are not drivers but constructors. Do you claim that video games are technical sports where the real competitors are third party tool developers and the players using the client are just racers? If so, then why are they paying money instead of being paid by the constructor teams? Does this make any sense in an entertainment activity?

The only way out of this mess if we conclude that allowing “constructors” to exist in a video game is a bad idea and game developers must not support or even tolerate the existence of third party tools.”

“No doubt that any external research helps winning. My point isn’t that PLAYERS shouldn’t do it and only do gameplay (that’s M&S behavior) but that DEVELOPERS shouldn’t enable it by creating API that can only be utilized by professional external work.”

“in team sports the team as one wins or loses, but the strength of the team depends on the strength of the players. WoW raiding is a team sport. Put ArthasDKlol into a top raiding team and watch them wipe again and again and again.

In case of technical sports the performance of the individual players is secondary, often quite simple (pedal to the metal and keep the steering straight for drag race) and the performance of the equipment decides the outcome.

In team sports the team of better players win over the team of worse players. In technical sports the team with better equipment wins over the the team with worse.

Goon players weren’t better than TEST or N3 players. They merely had access to better API services. The Goon spies were not real human spies but API scrappers and analyzers.

EVE *meant to be* a team sport, but it isn’t. The road to win isn’t getting better players or even more players to your team, but better API tools. (Let’s ignore the “who corrupts Falcon harder” part).

The victory of GRR wasn’t because of having a better team (I didn’t have a team at all), but better killboard analysis (which needed API). After I published the results of the killboard analysis, anyone could finish the job, even a lowly RMTer.”

“Above all: as the game take place in the client, all available data should be available inside the client instead of on sites (even on the official site). Technocracy in a game is harmful as the competitive players will not play but analyze data instead. A game developer should obviously try to make people play the game instead of using EXCEL. The various EVE metagamers who proudly claimed not to log in were actually lost customers for CCP.”

“if a default raidframe is written, than raidframe is written and case is closed. Allowing players to write a “better” raidframe means that some players will have access to better UI than others, which is unfair advantage, unless you claim that video games are “technical sports” like Formula 1 car racing, where pilot skill is secondary to the carbuilding team. Ergo, devs SHOULDN’T make an API even if it can be made with zero effort.

If you have “better things to do” than stop organized criminals abusing your system, then you are complicit. If an armed criminal is hiding in the bush of my yard and I don’t call the police because “I had better things to do”, I go to jail.

Also – again – my point is that writing the API in the first place had no legitimate reason, so having it is a proof that they were cooperating with the criminals. This is also the point of the lawsuit. It’s true that the judge may rule otherwise.”

“AS A DEVELOPER, you should not allow players to use certain tools that are alien from the game. WoW should be a raiding game and not a logparse analyzer software developing game. By writing the API, the developer forces the competitive players to use it even if writing software is not their idea of gameplay. Even worse, I believe API is so powerful that someone NOT playing the game at all can be better in the game than those who play it (The Mittani for example)”

“All APIs must be removed because some can be used for criminal activity and all can be used to get advantages in games without actually playing them. They have no positives. They were created with lazy and dumb ideas: that

– players will make quality tools which is actually developer job
– players will make these tools available to the other players instead of using them for advantage.”

“of course the API user plays the game, he couldn’t use the advantage. He also need to be a high level player to even understand the problem. So Lance Armstrong cycled hard and trained hard, him using steroids is fine.

API can result in quality tools, thanks to the social “good souls”. Top Warcraft guilds are the “winners” of WoW. Claiming that they are irrelevant is like claiming that the Football World championship is irrelevant since only a tiny portion of football players participate.

But you still avoid the crucial issue: in a competitive game I must either do software development (which is a profession) or be at the mercy of my COMPETITORS that some of them are such a good soul that he hands me a copy of his IWIN button.”

“The MMO grinds are a kind of escapism for them into a social dreamworld, where you just have to “do your job” and be rewarded. Socials despise the unequal skills, taking risks and making choices. In their ideas all you need to do is follow the norms and do as everyone else. In the real world that leads to being a blue collar worker, while those “selfish assholes” get rich as experts and business owners.

Not in a grinding game! Here we are all equal and work hard together as brothers! Grinding Sausans is a good experience for socials. Not “fun”, but warm and cozy. With friends, it’s even fun. Finally a place where being a “selfish asshole” doesn’t help succeed! Except, look at that most selfish one with #1-2 wealth over his head (literally, as BDO places medals over your avatar)! Damn, it’s unfair! He must be grinding no life, there is no other way! Oh wait, he is 54. Oh wait, I’m already making more from the odd workers I have than from an hour of hard work! Damnit, this game sucks balls!”

“It seems to me that university professorship is a profoundly immoral business. It consists primarily, or at least inextricably, of crushing the dreams and aspirations of others. And it steals the name of Plato’s Academy for itself, while having nothing of the spirit of search for profound truth but of rancor and contention solely for rank.

And at least the ancient academicians were honorable slaveholders, it being no secret that they were supported parasitically off the population. But modern professors live no less off the labor of others but add to this by concealment and boasting that they are only compensated for the incredible value they have provided to society! They even complain that they are not nearly compensated enough, so important and beneficial are they to society. What a poor plight it must be to be by day master of many contending for your approval and by night to secure the goods and services of others to whom you have provided nothing.”

“>Appeals Court Says AR-15s Are Not Constitutionally Protected

Appeals court not constitutionally protected from AR-15″

“[T]he difference comes from the fact that creating gives you power (Goblinswarm is under my command), while destruction does not (the ruins of Goonswarm have no utility to anyone). I could use that power to enforce my narrative. I mean if a bunch of PL podcasters claim that Lenny made and controls Goblinswarm, I could just take PL moons until they back off or lose their ability to influence people.

In progress credits and visibility: every project starts from zero and progresses towards completion. In case of creating something, this progression is visible: no one can deny that Goblinswarm is growing in member count and kill numbers. This progress serves as proof that the project is on track. On the other hand destructive projects are invisible until completion. Goons could, and indeed do claim that the kills against them do absolutely nothing and since enough Goons claimed that, socials believed them. They kept claiming that small gang PvP does nothing even when SMA lost half of their members due to TISHU ganks.”

“Did any of these directly made me more powerful? No. Did they help me a lot to increase my earning power? Yes, so I get more in-game money now that I have more workers and can do more production without running out of slots. But hey, that’s just in-game money and you can grind it, since your time is free! This time I don’t argue with this nonsense, because the point isn’t what you can grind, the point is that I earn more in-game money after paying real money than I did before. So I clearly became more powerful than I was.

“Quality of life” purchases remove interruptions from play, therefore make you be able to gain power more efficiently. Sure, it’s still me who gains the power, but I do it faster now. So such payments are a multiplier. Your power gain is skill_gain*(1+payment_bonus). The first is probably more important, but ignoring the second is delusion. Imagine a drug that makes 1 hour training for an athlete as effective as 1.5 hours of training without it. It’s just quality of life, as the athlete still have to train, right? Oh wait, steroids do just that and they are banned from competitive athletics.”

“You seem to needlessly mingle the terms “wealth” and “capital”. Capital is money to be used for reinvestment, while wealth is more personal. One way wealth disparity could be kept under control is by keeping capital in the corporation.”

“theoretically true, practically irrelevant. As owners and managers control the corporation, it’s impossible to stop them to use its devices for personal purposes. The only limit is profitability, if they overdo it, they’ll go bankrupt.”

“With the growing indulgence of love matches, the very foundation of marriage has been eliminated, that which alone makes an institution of it. Never, absolutely never, can an institution be founded on an idiosyncrasy; one cannot, as I have said, found marriage on “love” – it can be founded on the sex drive, on the property drive (wife and child as property), on the drive to dominate, which continually organizes for itself the smallest structure of domination, the family, and which needs children and heirs to hold fast – physiologically too – to an attained measure of power, influence, and wealth, in order to prepare for long-range tasks, for a solidarity of instinct between the centuries. Marriage as an institution involves the affirmation of the largest and most enduring form of organization: when society cannot affirm itself as a whole, down to the most distant generations, then marriage has altogether no meaning. Modern marriage has lost its meaning – consequently one abolishes it.”

“Japan had attached the greatest importance to her industrialization as a means of solving her population problem and other problems arising therefrom, and also of affording her the wherewithal to buy foodstuffs and raw materials; but it has proved to be almost futile. The hard fact she is called upon to face is that since the world depression of 1929 almost all her former markets are either closed to her or protected by such high trade barriers as to make the entrance of her goods well-nigh hopeless. Indeed, it has involved her in a serious dilemma: she must either submit to be stifled within the narrow boundaries of her Island Empire or go forth in search of fresh markets in place of those that have been closed to her.

She refused to be stifled and accordingly chose the latter alternative. The new market that she fixed on as her objective appeared to be most promising both by reason of its geographical proximity and on account of the position Japan already occupies there. This was north China which, with its population of 76 million, offered almost as many prospective buyers of Japanese goods as Japan’s entire population. This means that Japan’s main economic advance has got to be made on the Asiatic continent with the inevitable corollary that any obstacle placed in her way will have to be removed if she is to continue to live.”

“From what I’ve noticed both on /ic/ and other art related communities, it’s actually kind of the oppsoite. The very best and the very worst are usually treated nicely, because the average either worship them as art gods, or have an opportunity to play teacher and show off how much better they are.

It’s usually the slightly above average to good artists who get the most abuse from average artists because when someone is slightly better than you, that’s where all the insecurities and self-doubt is manifesting and then you just want to tear them down.”

“This fucking face baffles me. It’s almost incomprehensibly ugly. It’s like some kind of fucking ugliness singularity. Nothing about it is really strange, and that’s what’s most amazing about it. It’s not freakish, just profoundly ugly. It’s too ugly to be attractive and yet not ugly enough to be humorous or interesting. This face could walk past me hand in hand with a guy who has buck teeth, a hook nose, bug-eyes, no chin, alopecia, and albinism and yet it’s this face I’d be grimacing at in disgust. This is the kind of weapons-grade black-market-plutonium ugliness you can only get with a room full of fucking scientists set to the task of making the most disgusting female face ever to stain the Earth with its sheer repulsiveness. The fact that Bioware managed to create such a monstrosity, presumably without the aid of a mad genius aesthetician branded with the unholy mark of Satan and cursed to do his work in the mortal plane, is nothing short of astounding. It’s hard to put my finger on any one feature as being the worst offender. Is it the raccoon eyes? The pug nose? The gormless dopey smile? The mound of fat at the base of her jaw? The weird skin texture that makes it look like she washes her face every morning with a hand-towel made of undercooked bacon? I’ve seen punchable faces before, and this is no punchable face. This is a face that I could not be persuaded to touch for any amount of time, for any amount of money. I am a worse person for having seen it. Jesus Christ.”

“Peebee is a masterclass in how to design an ugly, unattractive character. If you had told me there would be an ugly asari in the next Mass Effect game, I would’ve laughed. Asari are the most visually appealing of all the ME species – it even fits with the lore. But fuck, somehow they did it, and it is HORRIFYING.”

“>Why do they continue to make games that act like the person playing is a child?
Bioware has a fairly large female fanbase.”

“>It never ceases to amaze me how modern games juxtapose “so grim dark and mature and edgy” commercials then have gameplay that coddles the player like a newborn child with microcephaly.

Thats because the kids that buy consoles and play AAA games like to feel like mature, hardcore gaming adults, but they don’t like losing.

The games are easy so that these kids don’t get frustrated, and the commercials are grimdark so they can feel like they’re getting a mature game for mature gamers like themselves, unlike those BABBY games that autists play”

“Let’s be honest, here.

There’s a reason that this game is being released on March 21st. It is being pushed to that date come hell or high water by corporate because they want to get the product released and the week 1 sales in before the end the first financial quarter on the 31st.

This game is going to be a sloppy, buggy, unfinished mess released too soon for the sole purpose of bullshitting shareholders about its “success.””

“I think part of the problem is that they just scan people’s faces nowadays, and throw that shit into Maya and just expect it to look good.

The camera in maya/most game engines is waaayyy different from how stuff looks irl, so you get these weird ass women with big noses, shitty jawlines, and weirdly squished foreheads. It’s like when you take a photo using a phone camera vs. a dslr with a lens with a nicer focal length, the phone pic always looks weird and deformed.”

“I played through this game in Japanese and it made me realise something about the language which is absolutely impossible to translate.

When reading Sakurai’s dialogue you can see that with her text specifically, certain words which would normally be written in kanji are written using hiragana instead. I though it was to make the game easier at first but when other people used those same words they were written with kanji.

A bit further into the game I ask her what subject she’s good at in school and she tells me she’s terrible at Japanese and struggles to remember kanji.

That’s really cool.”

“So Mike Adams [Natural News] alleged in a Feb 17 video that he’d been told to attack Alex Jones or be destroyed. He didn’t, and doubled down on attacking the MSM/liberal establishment.

Feb 26th he was delisted from Google with no explanation or appeal.”

“[Y]ou can tell the media’s forcing something ‘viral’ when the first time you hear about it is from the media rather than encountering it naturally. The media is always behind organic internet culture by months if not years, the only way they can be this quick is if they’re creating it.”

“There’s a difference between what you need and what you want, and the media will always, relentlessly give you what you want. Do you know why you have such poor candidates every single election? Because you want them, you want someone you can easily judge for some sexual indiscretion or because they called latinos chicanos. “Well, that matters to us!” Then you got what you asked for.”

“>if I wanted to see this shit id just load up some SFM porn
The amusing part is how SFM has quite a few decent animators, unlike Bioware.”

“You see the key difference is, those people who make SFM porn are doing it because they enjoy it and have some skill, where as Bioware only hires people who went to college on daddies dime with no skill, but hold the paperwork to do it, thus Bioware gets free labor thanks to the college.


“It may very well be that people just cannot be bothered to diversify into ingot processing and are perfectly fine just leaving their character to process ores as they log off for the night or whatever.
It is lazy, but if people are fine with what they get out of it then it is not a problem.”

“they leave their character to process ore, that’s fine, they get shards. But there is absolutely no reason to sell the shards instead of just processing the shards next night (actually 4 nights of ore, 1 night of shard). They get more money for less clicks!”

“I found that people are willing to go to surprising extents just to avoid paying attention to more things.

If they don’t particularily care for more money or less clicks, then it makes perfect sense they’d save on having to pay attention.”

“”people are willing to go to surprising extents just to avoid paying attention” is a pretty accurate description of “moron””

“Funny how “If you kill your enemies they win” doesn’t apply to white, conservative Russia. “

“If I could unpair that level of desire with that level of despair, it would be the key the victory everywhere.”

“I love how they were screaming about how we need to fund NASA and do more exploration of Mars but the second Trump gets in office they do a complete 180.”

“The whole thing is like Trump. If you’re a politician who is dependent on donors, you cannot think or speak freely. If you have 10 billion dollars, then freedom of inquiry and speech is returned to you.”

“1) It is unacceptable for standing Senators to meet with foreign Ambassadors. -never an issue prior to today

2) Session’s meetings with the foreign ambassador were substantive. -not according to the DOJ

3) Sessions said during the DOJ hearing that he never had any contacts with the Russian ambassador in any setting. -false, the Wapo manipulated the transcript and every other outlet ran with it”

“>Obamas land $65M joint book deal; largest payment ever for presidential memoir

This is a payoff for services rendered to his true masters. Publishers aren’t doing well these days and no matter how submoronically liberal, even they aren’t going to sink their companies just to kiss ass with the Obamas.

They will NEVER recover this in sales. NEVER. But it doesn’t matter because the publishing deal is just a channel.”

“What is unicum?”

“Literally a rerolled account
Unica are cancerous, as if you kill them, they will tell you over and over about how their stats are better and how you’re trash because you aren’t a faggot like them”

“Also, these companies make you take a goddamn college entrance exam to cook fries, yet no one can get my order right.”

“That’s because anyone that actually passes the exam they avoid, they’re still hiring Deandre because he won’t quit after a month”

“So originally the CBC assumed it was the Council of Conservative Citizens of Canada (C4) that was behind the bomb threat at Concordia University and they got this information from a US leftist group. So now that the real perp is arrested and it turns out he is actually a Muslim we can assume that C4 will be getting an on air apology at the start of tomorrow’s 6:00 p.m. report.”

“C4 doesn’t exist. Hisham Saadi made it up.”

“All the Pinoy commentators are defending duterte while Europeans whine about how evil he is”

“But I thought artists always prided themselves on being controversial. That and people literally take comedians seriously when it comes to politics and even try to use their quotes in serious arguments. I see it all the fucking time my dude.”

“Yes, people echo and appreciate political statements from just about anyone when it aligns with their pre-existing political views. People like to be part of a circle jerk, even when it doesn’t advance their understanding of topics or challenge their views in a productive manner. You said you didn’t want to just tickle their pickles.”

“nothing screams “i’m going to clumsily and hamhandedly shove concepts and established symbolism together in ways that, while possibly novel to me, are cliched to anyone who’s actually well versed in the topics i’m attempting to explore” than “i want to make people think”, unless of course the thought you want people to think is “man, this some bullshit””

“people who take comedians as serious commentators tend to be idiots”

“i don’t know why but most people on tumblr/twitter don’t seem to have excess money? like i would say for very 1000 people on a hentai board one will pledge to you, while maybe excess of 5000-20000 on twitter/tumblr and you’ll be lucky to get one pledge.”

“The grasp of a man should exceed his reach”

“If Mexicans find it intolerable to live in a miserably poor overpopulated nation full of Mexicans, how can we condemn Americans for having the same view?”

“The accepted conclusion is that Americans have less of a right to avoid Mexican poverty than Mexicans do.”

“BP is doing a Netflix Original. Have they finally cracked the big leagues, or does he just need divorce money?”

“This week’s Rasmussen Poll found that 45% of voting Americans believe America is on the “right track.” This is higher than any week during the Obama presidency.”

“Monetizing games is a nasty business, because those who pay are necessarily bad players. Good players win by their skills and have no reason to pay for anything but the game access itself. It’s bad players who buy boost packs or enjoy high level play only as a viewer of some stream instead of being the player on it.”

“Does that mean that if you monetize, you are doomed to fail? Of course not, otherwise all real World companies would fail too. Monetizing works as long as you don’t plan to make waves. An RMT-er who silently rats with a dozen of bots in some rented system can go on for long. The ad-monetizing streamer who just roams with his followers with no goal besides “gudfites” can do it forever too. Monetizing isn’t impossible, what’s impossible is monetizing and doing something noteworthy.

You must decide: do you want to get rich, or do you want to make difference? You can have one, but can’t have both. If you try, you’ll have nothing, like The Mittani.”

“The question is: do you want to matter or do you want others think that you mattered. It’s likely you won’t have both.”

“But you can’t have a 40K rational group because you don’t have that many rationals. You need to work with socials and that needs strict rules to avoid slacking and stupid stuff”

“Apples to apples: if Japan surrenders anyway. By choosing bombings, 500K people, mostly civilians died. By choosing invasion we can’t know how many people would have died before the Japanese surrender, but we know for sure (from the Allied invasion of Germany) that most of them had been soldiers. While allied troops performed atrocities against civilians in Europe, mass killings were totally missing. Japan was obviously unable to kill allied civilians. Soldier casualties are generally considered better than civilian.

Oranges to oranges: Japan never surrenders. By choosing invasion 4M people would have died according to the plans (there is no point debating contemporary plans as the decision-makers had no better source). By bombings there is only one way to defeat a non-surrendering enemy: killing them to the last man. This is the fundamental problem: by choosing firebombings and nuclear attacks, the Allies decided to completely exterminate the Japanese nation if its leaders don’t surrender. Besides odd survivors and rural villagers, vast majority of the 70 million population would have been killed. […]

While one can mention that German cities were also fire-bombed with great civilian casualties, these war crimes were always secondary to the invasion plans and were mostly lobbied and performed by a small group of war criminals (like “Bomber” Harris) and were stopped after the public learned the results of the bombing of Dresden. In case of Japan, this was the only policy.”

“The point I want to make is that welfare and minimal wage don’t create idleness as hardliner capitalists claim: “if you can’t create $20 value a day but must be paid $20, you won’t be employed” or “why would anyone work for $20/day when he can earn $15 without work”. Don’t get me wrong, they are true, but I believe welfare and minimal wages merely reflect to and acknowledge the fact that “there is no point working for less than $20/day, since you need that money to live here”.”

“Hydrocarbons form a whole hydrosphere on Titan and are obviously not of an origin revolving around dead carbon based life. The notion that oil and coal are the byproduct of dead plants on Earth is ridiculous in that context.”


Basically you don’t want a Arkham knight problem where people think they can run the game on their toasters”

“They are trying, anon

That’s all we could ever ask of them.”

“No, we could ask them to stop being so shit”

“He is the bloody main antagonist. The entire story revolves around him chasing Ciri. Him not having any real character development is just plain undefensible.”

“Why should he have development? He’s an already well established character in both the novels and the first game. The only times he shows up are when he believes he can get Ciri, because he has no other reason to be in that world as of that moment.”

“Why would the antagonist of a story have any development in the story itself? Are you seriously asking this?”

“You’re arguing with people who genuinely think this is a great game. What do you expect to gain from such idiocy?”

“What is there to develop? Hecomes from a race of elves that believes they are superior to humans and the only good human is one in chains or in a mass grave. His planet is gonna freeze over in the near future so he wants to move his people to the games planet using Ciri to accomplish this. And of course this is bad cause all non-elves would be fucked.

Your goal in the game is to find Ciri before he does. He is just an evil fucking person who is also trying to save his race. That might make him a simplistic or a weak villian but he is still a villian”

“Maybe it would be hard to believe, but even Nazis had personalities with complex and nuanced motivations.

Turning Eredin into a generic evil bad guy is just extremely lazy writing.”

“Reminder that Meiya
– Would get up even more early than Sumika to sneak into your bed so she could cuddle next to you.
– Risked her life and pride as a woman trying to cook something for you.
– Was ready to give you her ticket out of Earth at the end of Unlimited.
– Would never transport you to another timeline so you can experience true suffering and despair over and over again.
– Even when you picked Sumika over her, she still wished nothing but your happiness, and vanished quietly from your life forever.”

“first time i played muv luv it was pretty obvious meiya was the better choice right away so i did her route but felt awful because of all the shit sumika gives you for ignoring her

then i did sumika route and learned she’s just as bratty and annoying in her own route when you’re being nice to her”

“>hates men
>hates babies
>wants to be seen as a woman”

“I like how “blind loyalty” also somehow implies that “seeing loyalty” to the same thing is invalid. Guilty either way. Might as well just attack the concept of loyalty. But then that’d be a little too obvious.”

“Pretty much everyone agrees that military invasions of other countries for more territory is wrong. For example, if the Germans invade and conquer Poland, and begin to settle Germans there, people think this is bad. But what about it makes it bad?

What if, instead of an armed invasion, a bunch of Germans simply immigrate to Poland and then democratically vote to have Poland join Germany?

The result appears to be precisely the same. Why, then, is the second considered acceptable and not the first?

Is it because in an armed invasion people die? Well, if the Poles would simply roll over and surrender when invaded, no one would die, so if that’s the only problem with armed invasion then it is the fault of the invaded country refusing to surrender.

What right are the Poles even trying to defend? The right to not be part of Germany? But we have already shown that they have no such right. If enough Germans move to Poland, then they can vote Poland into Germany.

So it seems the only gripe they can have is that they have become subject to Germany before having been outnumbered, rather than first being outnumbered and then being subject to Germany.

What should have happened is they should have peacefully stood by and watched as the Germans immigrated to their country unimpeded until the Poles were reduced to a minority and what was once Poland democratically annexed to Germany. That’s the right way to go about it.”

“Eyes are too small, nose too big, the cheekbones too.

Looks like a generic fat girl”

“That’s what it is.

It’s the way fat acceptance artists draw “fat girls” without the folds.

She has a “fat” face on an athletic body and it’s subconsciously jarring. like a compositional uncanny valley.

Believe it or not our faces can convey a lot as it pertains to our weight – even as little as 20lbs in body weight will be reflected to some degree in our face and while it’s not consciously apparent – subconsciously, much like body language, you can tell.

Her face is about 60lbs out of sync with her body.”

“Who the fuck cares?

Anyone who decides to buy a game based on how attractive the female characters are has fallen for the oldest marketing trick in the book.

Being a slave to developers who pay their artists to arrange polygons in the right way to excite your sexuality to make you overwhelmingly buy a game sure is good senpai.”

“Then how about they make the ugliest character possible. Make the main character a gray blob with no animation at all! Will you still be saying “I don’t care how she looks, stop falling for MARKETING TRICKS”?

Aesthetics are important.”

“If so the same could be said of all the idiots who bought it for having an ugly MC thinking they’re fighting a war instead of getting played by a publishers’s opportunism.
Enjoy feeling “betrayed” when they make attractive characters once again since, you know, sex sells.”

“There were the sarin attacks in the 90s.”

“Mass Islamic immigration: JUSTIFIED”

“We know Trump is not hiding anything illegal because he is audited every year. Gov. Huckabee said that he made his tax returns public and the liberals in his state got utterly obsessed with questioning every item on every page, to the point that it was a distraction from governing. Trump’s tax returns are around 5000 pages per year, I understand. Hillary released her tax returns and they are remarkably uninformative. The show things along the lines of the garden club in Dubai paying her a half million dollars for a speech. Liberals, of course, would never inquire further since it’s Hillary. I think that the way to investigate alleged scandals is like any other citizen. First provide some proof of wrongdoing, then have Congress or the the DOJ investigate. So, no the American people do not have a right to rummage through anyone’s closets, but if there is evidence, they have a right to an investigation. There is evidence that Russians hacked the DNC server, so that should be investigated. No evidence has been found of the Trump campaign colluding. ”

“Our friend at Berkeley is facing six felony charges. It’s obvious they want to nail him with one at minimum and that’s minimum jail time. The cops are obviously antifa. California is fucked. It’s bad news for anybody wanting to cause a stir there. You either allow yourself and others to get smashed and open your anus for a 6″4 tranny professor, or you go to jail.”

“”Free market works in theory” rings about as hollow to me as “Communism works in theory”; both assume to play god for just one moment to set everything up right and then everything else will fall into place. That god moment does not exist.”

“The core difference between this interviewer and myself was the attitude towards human being. My position is… “all human beings have “dirty desires”. Isn’t it better to be vented appropriately?”. On the contrary… Ms Susie(sic) stated this. “All human beings are naturally innocent and have no “dirty desires” and reading media… media depicting erotic, pedophilic, and gore contents will affect them to be corrupted”.”

“Dooley’s closing statement in the interview asks Nogami

Why don’t you Japanese people follow what the UK does?

Nogami rebuts:

Why don’t you British people follow Japan, since we’re more civilized, and have lower crime rate than the UK?”

“BBC: “Diversity is our strength goys! Islam is a religion of peace!”
Also BBC: “Them funny orientals need to conform to Anglo moral standards.””

“Bbc does this yearly
They did it last year
And they did it this year
They dont care for justice or being correct, as long as they gain attention, they’ll keep doing it”

“It bothers me how Western society is trying to accuse Japan of wrongdoings simply because of their cultural differences that Westerners have difficulty understanding.Eastern society lends itself to catering to human behavior, needs, and basic human rights, whereas Western society seems to be more obsessed with money and productivity than the value of a human life. ”

“>Berkeley against racism and sexism

Imagine having opinions this generic”

“/ourguy/ Kyle got fucked because he was easily identifiable and his parents weren’t cops. First 2 rules of black bloc:
1. Don’t be easily identifiable
2. Have daddy in a high up position
No point doing anything brazen if the law isn’t on your side”

“”In the descriptions of Asians missionaries would often write that the Japanese were a heavily melancholy people who would find solace in isolation, but were heavily controlling of their women.

The Chinese were described as industrious, outwardly cheerful and friendly but not genuinely so, and very mercantile.

The Koreans were described as quiet but easily offended and exceptionally superstitious

And finally the Mongolian were described as the most European of the asians but extremely untrusting.””

“They don’t want to be an honorary member of the West, unlike Russia. They’re quite happy to be Chinese and to remain as such. So when you tell them “you ought to do this, you ought to do that” they say “yes, thank you”. And in the back of their minds, “we’ve lasted 5000 years, have you?”

Beijing Olympics, if you watched it – what was the message? “5000 years. And don’t forget, we invented all these things. And we’re going to go ahead [and do the same] the next 5000 years.” It’s the only language where a language has survived 5000 years and the only country where the present generation shares the same basic thinking as the past. And they’re very proud of it. You read Hu Jintao’s speech on the 60th anniversary, it’s all translated on the web. What is it? We have 5000 years of civilization. We’re going to get there. And it’s a rousing speech. It may take us a long time, we’re going to work very hard… we’re going to do it.”

“Why are Western nations so eager to pit India and China against each other? Can’t there be a possibility that both can cooperate like how EU and US does? I do not want my country to be someone else’s pawn in containing the rise of Chinese. India is growing at its own pace and China is at its own. India can do things a lot better but like Mr. Lee said, India is at an inherent disadvantage of not being a homogeneous culture like China. India will deal with this problem in its own way. Give both of them space to grow. “

“Western strategy is divide and conquer.That’s why in Europe there is the European Union whereas in Asia the US is always instigating countries against countries.?”

“The only thing I disagree with Lee…Obama.?”

“You need to listen more carefully on what he said about Obama especially what he did not say about him.?”

“”What will you do when the war is over, if it is over?” he asked me. “Speak grammatically!”
“I will go to the States.”
“Are you married?”
“No, but I hope to be.”
“The more a fool you are,” he said. He seemed very angry. “A man must not marry.”
“Why, Signor Maggiore?”
“Don’t call me Signor Maggiore.”
“Why must not a man marry?”
“He cannot marry. He cannot marry,” he said angrily. “If he is to lose everything, he should not place himself in a position to lose that. He should not place himself in a position to lose. He should find things he cannot lose.””

“They have criticized the human rights records, the number of executions.”
“…They may believe… that if you are kind to drug traffickers, you get a better society. In America… they are changing their minds and they are sending people back to death row. In Singapore, before you land, the air hostess or steward will announce that there are very heavy penalties if you are found with a stated number of grams of certain prohibited drugs. And if you still come in with a few kilos of them, which will destroy hundreds, thousands of families, one death is too kind. Because you are killing that family every day for years and years and years where a daughter or a son is an addict.”

“But the per capita rate of executions is much higher in Singapore than the United States.”
“…Have you worked it out?”
“According to Amnesty International.”
“Have they worked it out? Per capita of what? Per capita of drug traffickers or per capita of population of Singapore? I am executing FOREIGN drug traffickers. Let me tell you the people who have been executed. Nigerians. Because Nigerians are the most unlikely of drug traffickers in an Asian society. Dutch women travelling with African men. Dutchmen travelling with Chinese women. How do you calculate “per capita”? Per capita of Dutchmen entering Singapore? Or per capita of Singaporeans against Dutchmen? What’s Amnesty talking about? Do they know what’s happening? Do they ask themselves what would happen if we send them all to prison for five to ten years, and we’ll have to make more prisons because there’ll be such an endless stream of them, and this is despite the death penalty, the rewards are so enormous, that people are willing to risk it. And why not?”

“Would you say that over the 31 years you were prime minister that you were a ruthless man?”
“[laughs] Do I look to you like a ruthless man? Here I am being filleted(?), excorcriated(?), and abused by you!”
“Merely asked questions, I thought.”
“No, but every one of them is barbed, (?), dipped in arsenic,”
“I’d like to think you were given a chance to answer any questions that were put to you-”
“Oh that’s what I’m offering myself for, oh, isn’t it. If I were a ruthless man, I would get you into a corner, and say, “Now, let me ask you some questions. …Why do you start with the assumption… that your interviewee is always dumb, and that you are always smarter than him? Why do you assume that asians are somehow unable to understand Western ways of life and that they would be so much better if they would become more like the West?””
“Do you think that’s the attitude of Westerners that you talk to?”
“Western interviewers, yes. But not all Western interviewers, because I’ve got many Western friends who know me very well, and we cease to look at each other as Easterners and Westerners. But when I meet an interviewer in a formal setting such as this, that’s the assumption.”

“If I had to identify a lowlight, though, all that I’ve mentioned pales in comparison to the monument outside of Buckingham Palace. The monument to Queen Victoria was unveiled in 1911, and I can scarcely describe how ornate and well-crafted it is. The central column where the stone-faced queen sits is surrounded by four figures, each accompanied by a lion. A female figure holding an olive branch represents Peace while Progress is featured as a naked youth with a torch. Agriculture and Industry are depicted as you might expect. Atop the central column is the winged goddess of victory, her angelic wings casting a shadow over the promenade that stretches ahead.

Swarming all over this monument, clambering upon its outer walls, dipping their grubby paws into its waters, were hundreds of people shouting in languages I couldn’t even identify, racially ambiguous mixes from here and there with selfie sticks to make sure their imposition upon a piece of history was immortalized. The naked torchbearer looks down on precious Progress and seems to smile. I can only see crows picking over a corpse. Not far from that very spot, and not far from the lines of shops selling royalty-themed tchotchkes, is the residence of the supposed Royal Family. There is no sacred character to anything here. It may have existed once, but it would be error to think the Royal Family is truly revered by even the native-born, let alone those who arrived by boat yesterday. A photo-opportunity is all they are. And as I looked upon this scene in front of the palace, I could only think to myself:

A far cry from the Forbidden City, isn’t it?”

2017 Feb 22 ~ 25

Up until a short while ago, my cutoffs have been “500 line breaks”. I use Notepad++ as my collector and that’s its most obvious indicator of length. Then because I was lazy or because quotes were shorter (in words) or some other reason, I extended it to 1000 line breaks. The day it passes 1000, I post it and start the next one.

This batch completely breaks all my general feelings and assumptions, since I found an extremely interesting blog with both a very high amount of content and a high ratio of good content where I almost always wanted to copy both the paragraph(s) of context and the operating/impact line, and because rather than a month or two months to get up to 1000 “lines”, it’s under a week, and I’m pretty sure the total length in number of words is way too long for one post.

I’ve noticed there’s another easy length counter at the bottom of N++: character count. I’ll be using it in the next post. 50,000 characters, maybe? I’ll have to fiddle around to see what’s a good length.


“An arrangement using national currencies instead of the US dollar requires sovereignty in central bank monetary policy. In many regards, India, Brazil and South Africa are (from the monetary standpoint) US proxy states, firmly aligned with IMF-World Bank-WTO economic diktats. […]

Moreover, while India is an ally of China and Russia under BRICS, it has entered into a new defense cooperation deal with the Pentagon which is (unofficially) directed against Russia and China. It is also cooperating with the US in aerospace technology. India constitutes the largest market (after Saudi Arabia) for the sale of US weapons systems. And all these transactions are in US dollars.”

“Liberals actually are suggesting removing protection for the First Family because it’s expensive, when we all realize it’s clear they want them all hostages or dead.”

“Because he is straightforward. You don’t need to catch clues, you get a HOT or NOT answer”

“As far as ‘free’ goes. I have a job and a limited life span. Anyone who thinks time is ‘free’ needs to re-calibrate their perception of reality. I feel way more sorry for the guy who spent weeks or months grinding his IS-3 and has to meet one of these things than I do for some guy who merely had to plunk down $50 and pay for their Patriot. To give you more perspective. Some guy earning $15/hr can buy a Patriot in about 4-5 hrs. Try grind out an IS-3 in that time. Time is free?…. your boss must love you.”

“The price of premium tanks is a whole different can of worms. They cost as much as whole new games at release, which is outrageous considering premium tanks don’t get anywhere near as much development time as full games, unless you consider rolling your face over the keyboard until random numbers and letters appear and go HEY VIKTOR LOOK I MAEK NEW PREMIUM TENK.”

“”So much for the tolerant left” vs “so much for the open minded right”
Who would win?”

“Africa has plenty of our resources left to be taken. Also the ocean would obviously spill into the continent.”

“Africa’s poverty has nothing to do with a lack of natural resources. In fact, the Standard Skype Theory to explain its poverty is the “resource curse”, that they have too many natural resources so they never industrialized. It’s bullshit because Googles lack the cognitive capacity to industrialize, but it does illustrate why this picture is also bullshit.”

“People talk about the great divergence as if the Europeans exploring the world, conquering native peoples, and gathering and discovering new ways to exploit resources was just a simple act of lucky parasitism and was not an impressive feat in itself.

If Europe got rich off Africa’s resources, one must answer why Africans never exploited the resources themselves, especially considering they didn’t have to travel great distances and go up against powerful diseases they lacked immunity to like the Europeans did.”

“Just in: Guy who said fake news is dangerous says criticizing fake news is dangerous”

“Paris is burning as Muslim refugees riot.
13 out of 15 stories on CNN’s front page are about how Trump is evil. The other two are celebrity gossip.”

“Released in 2001, “Behind Enemy Lines,” starring Owen Wilson and Gene Hackman was loosely based on O’Grady’s story. He did not like the way they portrayed him. A brash, show-off pilot who cussed? He had a master’s degree in theology, was a motivational speaker, and mentored children!”

“AF tradition that a pilot that punches out, if he survives, takes the chute rigger and his family out to dinner. O’Grady gave the rigger a SIGNED PICTURE OF HIMSELF. WTF. I saw it with my own eyes. Aviano AB 99. What a d bag. Everyone on base hated that guy and he relished in the fame. We all knew he screwed up and even the pilots talked about it.”

>CNN’s Don Lemon Walks Off Show After Guest Accuses Him Of Reporting Fake News

Didn’t CNN practically invent that label?”

“Stop the presses a race-mixing homosexual Jew has disturbing and unusual sexual boundaries I totally didn’t see that coming what a shocker wow”

“The reason it’s a big deal and the (((media))) keeps hammering it is because they finally got something to pin Milo “leader of the Alt right and Hitler’s genetic son himself, trust us goyim” Yiannopoulos to the wall and make anyone who supports him a labeled pedophile.

The media has been trying for years to get a label to stick to him and they finally found it with pedophile – even though the same Jews praise George Tekai and lena dunham for saying the same things as Milo did as Brave and empowered.

It’s amazing to see the Jews work to try and take down someone while praising their friends for the same thing said almost 1:1″

“BRZEZINSKI: “Well, I think that the dangerous, you know, edges here are that he is trying to undermine the media and trying to make up his own facts. And it could be that while unemployment and the economy worsens, he could have undermined the messaging so much that he can actually control exactly what people think. And that, that is our job.””

“He irritates me more than often, making sentences longer than need to be and going into absolutely everything, much too gabby. The ideal son-in-law. He just doesn’t come over genuine anymore, there were clips of him raging about idiots and red players who annoyed him but no sign of that now.”

“[…] Also QB is licking WG’s butt. If we listen to him the game has no flaws and nothing is broken except arty (but I suspect its just to keep enough people interested in his opinion). Everytime there is something obviously wrong he tries to either avoid it or defend WG in some way ; I dont think he ever directly criticized WG saying they failed to do something properly, at worse he says it “maybe isnt the best”, when the thing is actualy “obviously wrong and a clear mistake from WG”.

The guy is a good player, however he is a terrible reviewer. Maybe he just tries to be as objective as possible but at some point you gotta call things what they are, if saying “this is bad” is so hard for him maybe he should just stick to playing and stop reviewing anything.”

“As the severity of the drought increased and deepened into the middle of the decade, California was ‘predictably’ plagued by a rash of wildfires. The four corners of the state and everyplace in between saw brush fires, grass fires and forest fires come and go with such frequency that some thought a pyromaniac with a flame thrower was on the loose.
As it turns out, an unusual number of these fires were either started by arson or caused by very strange circumstances. The question still remains: Who were these arsonists really working for?

Now California quite curiously finds itself in the middle of what is perhaps it greatest manmade disaster of the year. The Oroville Dam Spillway north of Sacramento is under serious threat of collapse which would send torrents of raging water cascading through Butte County and beyond.

This extremely serious calamity-in-the-making did not just occur due to the untimely and overwhelming forces of nature. The circumstantial evidence points directly to a combination of weather modification via geoengineering and deliberate civil engineering techniques. Really, how does such an emergency evacuation of nearly 200,000 residents in Butte County occur practically overnight, except by the agency of disaster capitalism?”

“We need 25 liters of water per day. But we are using—in the United States—400 liters per capita per day. So this 380 liters, I don’t think this is a human right, and this should have a price. Why? Because if you do not put a price, we will not make the investments which are necessary in order to use the most precious of resources in a more responsible manner….”

Brabeck’s monstrous claim—that 1% of current water use is a “right” which should be provided by governments, and the availability of the other 99% of use should depend on its price—has two gross lies embedded in it. The first is being proven by Nestle in Sacramento every day. It is using the natural water supplies of the area, not responsibly, but extremely wastefully, because it can bring a high price in private sale. This, in a word, is the story of privatized water systems all over the world during the past 30 years. The high price cuts off the access and perhaps the lives of lower-income people, while wasting the water.

Brabeck’s second lie concerns the human race. He claims that mankind does not invest time and resources into scientific and technological progress—expressed as new infrastructure—unless tht commands a high money price for private investors. The extraordinary water supply and management infrastructure of the American West—built for the most part through the Bureau of Reclamation, Reconstruction Finance Corporation, Works Progress Administration, Civilian Conservation Corps, Army Corps of Engineers, and continued through the period of JFK’s Presidency, as by then-California Gov. Pat Brown—proves this is false. What we are going to do to revolutionize water management around the Pacific Rim in the future, proves it is false. And water privatization’s history of failures proves it is false.”

“An emerging worldwide water crisis is creating serious profit opportunities for those in the know. If you play it right, the results of this impending water crisis can be very good.”

“Water as an asset class will, in my view, become eventually the single most important physical-commodity based asset class, dwarfing oil, copper, agricultural commodities and precious metals.”

“Under a market approach, regulators set a cap on the total amount of water that can be used in a given area. The right to use a certain portion of this amount is granted to different water users, including farmers and utilities. Water users who use less than their allotted amount can sell the surplus to other water users at a profit, encouraging conservation and investment in more water-efficient technologies and processes.”

The Enron electricity smash-and-grab in California showed that users do not sell to homely “other users,” but to financial brokerages like Enron, creating infrastructural chaos and price hyperinflation for superprofits.”

“The main method in World Of Tanks for game rigging is predetermining the winner and the loser by using unbalanced teams. If the teams are very unequal by skill or by composition (tier spread, tanks upgrade state) then predicting the winner becomes very easy. In sports it is mandatory that the contestants are equally matched – otherwise it’s not a sport event but a slaughter. How would you do in a 100 m sprint or in a heavyweight boxing match or in a game of chess at Olympic level? Kind of puts a smile in your face, right? Well, there’s no smiles when WOT creates games where the teams are as unequal as they are. Unequal teams in World Of Tanks is current reality (Armored Warfare on the other hand is supposed to have balanced matches by design).

Teams in WOT are created by games matchmaker (MM) that in actuality rigs the games so that the playing of a game becomes pure formality (the teams are so unbalanced that the game usually cannot be turned around even by some heroic playing and the stronger team wins easily). No active rigging is actually necessary for achieving unequal teams – it is quite possible that the games matchmaker chooses teams randomly just as the WOT’s official MM video states. Random selection process would explain unequal teams very well and as such cannot be called rigging.

Randomly selected unbalanced teams doesn’t look like rigging but just looks like some bad game desig or bad coding. Well, are we supposed to believe that a multi-million dollar company like Wargaming can’t create equal teams in their games matchmaker while kids playing in the yard can create equal teams very easily?? Yeah, sure. Only reasonable explanation is that WOT’s MM creates unequal teams on purpose. Like I said, teams may technically be created as random selection which creates inequality by nature, but the fact that they are not trying to create at least somewhat equal teams speaks volumes.

The purpose of unequal teams is simple – the game can now determine who will lose and who will win. After (supposedly) random selection of teams there will most likely be some adjustments. If you are in a grinding process of a new tank you will probably be but to the losing side of the game, if you are capable player with an elited tank (or a protected player) the MM will likely move you to the winning team. It may well be that if one could examine the MM code there would be no active rigging mechanisms to be found – MM just waits until it finds “suitable” game for you. WG wont break your leg – it just waits until you break it by accident and then you got your big chance running 100 m in the World Championship.

There are some player observations that you should take into consideration, for example, if you press “Random game” and wait in the queue for tens of seconds there is a strong possibility that you will be put into the losing side of the game. If you get constantly on the matches so that the queue counter stays on the zero there’s a good chance for a win. Another clue about how the game will treat you is the heavy tank balance in your games. If your team has constantly two, three or even four times less heavy tanks than enemy team, you’r in for it. That’s it, up to FOUR TIMES DIFFERENCE.

Kids can easily choose teams that have four-, five- and six-graders all equally distributed between teams (not all four-graders against all five- and six-graders), but Wargaming can’t – they put two heavy tanks into one team and eight heavy tanks into opposing team. That’s WOT’s MM and team balance for you!”

“If you think about it, you’ll see that there’s something there. Why is the games matchmaker broken and rigging so transparent? Why won’t they fix things? Well, it could well be that it is because the game actually is “working as intended”. Pleasing and pleasant things get bland quickly. Think about it, why do you keep returning to the game? Yes, it is a good game but there’s something more. You have not BEAT THE GAME yet. That’s why we keep playing it. It challenges us, rigged or not. WOT is not trying to please it’s players, it tries to frustrate them. Thats more effective tool for departing us from our money than pleasing. Not equality but inequality: the game does not force 50% winrate – it is much more likely that the game tries to spread out the winrate scale instead of compressing it. In reality skill spread of the playerbase may be narrower than the current winrate spread of the game – game spreads the playerbase wider on the skill scale than it really is.”

“One of WOT’s main sources of money is undeniably their great audience of mainly casual players. Therefore they must do everything to please that audience. So if a casual player goes live after a exhausting week at work or school or is lured in by 3x and 5x exp. events WOT will try to please him so he will come back for more later. When a casual player gets “hooked” he will start grinding for more tanks – then the rigging will kick in and our ex-casual player will open his wallet out of sheer frustration. But the game needs to get him hooked first. Best way to do it is to enable him to have some good times in the game. Everybody loves winning. Winning makes us feel good. All we ever need from this life is to be better than our fellow man. Please a casual player, let him win, make him feel good about himself, get him hooked, then frustrate him some and CASH IN.

If a casual player gets to win more of his games, then who are those that will need to lose more? Protected players? Nope, in relation to the whole playerbase this is an extremely small group of players. For pleasing the casual weekend players WOT needs a group as big as they are. And that group is..? Yes, you guessed it, it’s your basic everyday players who gets to bite the bullet. As the weekenders come in, regular Joes will start to lose. Go to WOT forums and confirm it, please. Everybody agrees that in the weekends they will lose more. That’s because WOT forum dwellers are relatively experienced “old-timers”. The usual reason given for low winrate on the weekends is that level of play is low (because of the casual players). But low level of play does not mean that YOU should lose more. In a non-rigged system quality of teams would have no bearing to your personal winrate, because teams would be (on average) still equal. Only reason why experienced players have it hard on the weekends is that they have been put to teams destined to lose to weekend players.

There’s even uglier side to being a dedicated WOT player than described above. If a player has lot of games under his belt he becomes a liability for World Of Tanks – like a lemon that’s been squeezed try. No money from him, he’s seen too much and his enthusiasm for paying anything to WOT has been greatly diminished. Those players will be cannon fodder for all their playing time. They have tens of thousands of games played (from what I’ve heard, this mechanism may take effect beyond 30 000 games) and their short time winrate may be very low without being much noticed in their all-time winrate. But the player will see that he is constantly put into losing teams (see Rigging mechanisms). One day he will just stop playing WOT because every injustice must be stopped somehow.”

“Capped winrate causes a very noticeable rigging effect when the cap has been reached.Whenever your global winrate gets higher than your current allowed winrate (winrate cap value), you will start to get extremely one-sided games (see Unbalanced teams). Basically, you will have forced losses as long as your winrate falls sufficiently below your winrate cap. After that you can have good games, until you reach the cap again.Therefore, capped winrate causes very noticeable winrate cycling near the winrate cap. There’s nothing ‘random’ about that winrate cycling and is typical result of feedback-controlled loop at work, like it is used in so many electrical circuits, for example.

When your winrate cap gets changed (e.g. you reached 5500 games) and is now higher than before, you may find that your every-day winrate rises sky-high as your global winrate slowly crawls to the new cap value. I have had few of those strange periods in my WOT history. Those extremely high winrate periods that may last several days or several hundred games, reveal the rigged nature of the game better than any other signs and observations.

Capped winrate may be our easiest way to demonstrate that the WOT is, in fact, rigged. You can check it yourself quite easily: whenever your global winrate gets stuck to a certain value, play only your tanks that have well-established winrate HIGHER than the winrate cap value. You’ll notice that you can’t achieve their ordinary winrate with any of them. That is pure nonsense, of course, and is clear sign of the rigging.

For example, if you have reached your capped winrate at 51.4% (notice that winrate cap is always a fairly round number, not 50.39, not 51.44 but 51.40, as in this example) then play your good tanks – you may have a 55%, 58% and a 61% tank in your garage. Take notice how you can’t achieve better than 51.4% winrate with any of them! In truly random system those kind of results would be extremely rare and are excellent proof of capped winrate and the fact that World Of Tanks is a rigged game.”

“Important note: having a rating system without official rating ladder (hidden rating) is a severe case of cheating, as one player must play much better to win the next battle, but it is considered equal by participants and spectators. Winning at 2300 rating is much bigger task – therefore bigger feat – than winning at 800 rating. Hiding the rating will equalize the two – very unequal – performances.”

“While it should be obvious, I write it down: cheating in a game is bad, as it takes away the chance to experience flow by destroying one of its necessary elements: “a sense of personal control or agency over the situation or activity”. A game against a cheater is frustrating and no one wants to do that. Cheating is grounds to be banned from the game in practically any games. Cheating in a game where the reward is real world money (like poker in a casino) is considered a crime in several countries. Finally, while the game provider is free to set any rules in its own game, they must be made publicly so the players can choose to not play that game. If the rules are hidden, especially if they are against commonly accepted norms of gaming, they are cheats and must be treated accordingly. One can create a roulette machine that never gives black. But one can’t place it to a casino without explicitly informing the players as they would play under the commonly accepted custom of black having 50% chance.”

“In other words “Here, aim at these pixels while he is too busy standing still and waiting for it”.

Weakspots. Right.”

“I always bounce rounds off the M7, ALWAYS. It does not matter what angle i shoot the bloody thing on the first shot will always bounce. And bouncing kill shots happen all the time!!! My best kill tally in one match is 9. I have missed out on ten kills many many many times as my rounds will just bounce of my 10th 11th or 12th target. The worst was sitting on 9 kills and shooting five times at at T57 side on at 200 mtrs in the open. Miss bounce miss bounce bounce… How exactly does a 76mm projectile fail to pen 10mm armor? What did i have, a spud gun?”


sometimes i am a real sniper. It is not important if an enemy stays 100 or 350m away from me. 4 from 5 shells hit.
Five games later with the same vehicle, on the same map it seems as if I forget what I learned. 4 from 5 shells flies everywhere but not to goal.

Its random, ofcourse, but why is it per game and not per shot.”

“Game is rigged? No.
What it does is mitigate skill level in two places:

1)Randomness of shots/penetration/module damage. You can’t shoot more accurately than your gun allows. You can miss, bounce or not light up the engine regardless of skill level.

2) In a random battle you’re just 1 dude in a team of 14. No matter how good you are you can only pull so much weight in the match.

3) Your impact on the battle can be further lessened/increased if you’re in a lower tier tank facing higher tiers or vice versa. Which is also random.

In other words the game does a fine job of making everyone more or less equal in the long run. And it’s legit.

With these three in place you’ll always end up in the 46-55% range unless you play in a strong group of 3 all the time. And even that won’t help that much.

Rigging the game would just be too complicated, and unnecessary since Wargamimg get the same results with plain and simple probability and statistics math. It would also be crazily risky if shit hits the fan.

tl;dr game is designed so you can’t be the hero all the time in random battles, in the long run all players perform roughly the same. You can’t have your “I’m superior and you’re all scrubs” shit there so deal with it or better yet – quit as you did :)”

“she’s right

it can’t be a bug if it’s a feature”

“its very simple. there are a bunch of us running around who know the game a lot better than you do and we dominate those tiers regardless of how bad our team mates are. “

“I have seen patterns in the game for some time now. Some days I win almost every match. I will one hit tanks at full health and finish with 8 destroyed tanks. Other days I will be up against the very same tanks and I am doing 20 or 30 damage and missing most of the shots. There is no way I could be randomly loosing by a land slide for 5 hours strait one day and winning all day by a land slide the next day. I have also been looking at other peoples stats and have noticed they are having the same thing happen.”

“I regret giving money to this bullshit and above all it started like a fun free to play game and after progressing it only makes you anxious and poor.I was nostalgic of the good times of fun i had playing in low tiers and then magically WG started exploiting my addiction to a fine game by making me pay to win or even progress struggling.”

“With so much of the player base all experiencing the same things then it can no longer be attributed to random occurrence and must be attributed to mechanics.

MM aside, my friends and I have also noticed what seems to be a performance nerf/boost cycle. This seems to be based on previous recent performance.

All in all the MM system is WOT is garbage. Maybe it’s exactly what WG wanted but as a player who’s generally dominant in all video games I don’t like it.

I don’t like the idea of my fate being pre-determined by a garbage system that’s designed to boost the ego’s of garbage players.

People troll these kind of topics on forums because they are those exact people. Or they reside within a clan who engages in a lot of CW and aren’t typically subjected to being stuck with the bad teams.

Whatever the case may be i’ve experienced both ends of the spectrum. At one point I had a 57% W/L… left the clan and stopped with CW and now i’m sticking at 50%.”

“One more point is funny: I don’t read here many comments against that rigging-theory, most do agree. On the other side, when such a topic is posted on the WoT forums, one will be flamed to death. It seems WGs employees are advised to keep such theories away (mostly with the RNG theory, 25% statistics shit). And well, it’s nearly impossible to proove the opposite despite players experience.

Sure there are players with 55% or 65% WR overall. But WG can’t nerf them anymore, because bringing such players back to 50% would mean constant looses, which would probably mean they would stop playing at all. And still, as mentioned above, even with “bad” setup a good player can win a round (but i know it’s damn hard work then when your shots don’t hit, don’t do damage and your tank catches fire every shell).”

“WoT is….well Idk whether it’s rigged or not. But I’ve experienced something unusual in WoT. In a 6-8 tiers capture the flag battle, we’re overpowered with IS -3 n’ tigers , and our enemies only had shets, medium tanks, n’ a bunch of M6s.

After awhile, when I was winning 8 vs 7, all of a sudden, my teammates acted like newbies and spreading like crazy across the map considering that they’ve killed 2 or 1 tanks, n’ leaving all of the enemies inside the flag area with only me defending the flag. Only me defending the flag with T-150.

But what a fooking miracle, that time my shots hit 100% damage against their T34 frontal turret armor. FRONTAL T34 TURRET with my 107mm. I managed to kill 4 of em’ leaving only KV-2 , M6,and a hellcat.

All of the sudden, my shots missed n’ missed n’ bounced and leaving me with low health then died -__-

And how fooking unfortunate that our IS-3 shots at M6 legit side armor, LEGIT SIDE ARMOR at 90degrees, with his derp cannons and did 0% damage knowing that M6 has a low side armor, and look how easily M6 can penetrated the frontal armor of IS-3 with his stock cannon -__-
And of course we lost.

Looks like the mechanics that they made doesn’t work quite well in some matches including this one, and They should fix this matchmaking too real quick, or else, people won’t give a fuck to this game n’ just randomly leave.”

“Win rate of the marder 2 : Simplest explanation is that the marder 2 is a very good tank for it’s tier.”

You sir, do not take into account that on average other marders in the other team would nullify any advantage.”

“My account was suspended. The last tweet for which I got locked was from 2015. I think it’s obvious that no one complained about that three years later. You went searchign through my tweets for a pretext. I understand you wanted to ban members of #frogtwitter to coordinate with a pre-planned contrived narrative to promte “swoleleft” (lol) but, like other trends you try to push, nothing will come of this. And you’ve embaressed yourselves by being so transparent.

In any case, for my own privacy I was going to erase all my tweets from befoer a couple of months ago, so if you really are arguing in good faith that my tweets from 2014 are triggering huemans today, it shouldn’t be an issue anymore once you reinstate my account. All old tweets will be erased and lately I haven’t been engaging the journalists and others you were designed to protect–they, like you, are so boring that it’s no longer a pleasure to press their buttons.

Otherwise, I will take it to mean that you banned me, and also menaquinone4 and others because of our political opinions. I should mention that (left-leaning) journalists have contacted us both and are very interested in your suppression of political diversity.”

>watching fast fetus preview for the 252U

Wow, I can’t believe this tank is absolutely shit when showing its side to two t10 autoloaders. Wtf, no money from me on this one, jewgaming.”

“and people trying to defend it too rofl
>but t10 mediums can pen its lfp if you expose it, so its balanced at tier 8

>see I had a mediocre game in it, it’s balanced

“hes in full shill mode
this tank is literally tard proof

he was suicide rushing in every other game while testing 252 and then he says shit like, well it doesnt hold up to t10 autoloaders, not op guyz”

“>tanks balanced to some horrible limbo between tiers
>can either buff them a little and uptier them or nerf them a little and downtier them
>hit them with a sledgehammer instead while simultaneously releasing increasingly broken premiums”

“>tfw I have a 1200 damage, 3000 wn8 game in my AMX 1357 without firing a single premium round
>feels good man
>tfw I still only make 19k credits on a great game
>feels bad man
This tank seriously needs a buff to its profitability.”

“>thinks 1200 dmg in a tier 7 is good


“In an AMX 1357 it is a good game. My average damage in my Bulldog is literally 600 dpg higher than in my 1357, and I have five crew skills on my 1357 (it’s my 1390 crew) vs. two on my Bulldog. If I have to work this fucking hard to get damage on the 1357, I should at least get decent credits when I do get some damage in it. I get 20k credits per game in my fucking T-28E at tier 4, so why does the 1357 make such garbage ass credits?”

“>I should be rewarded for doing nothing”

“You can literally queue up your Lowe over and over with a bot and make more credits than you can make playing the AMX 1357 at a unicum level.”

“The worst thing about blues?

Not a single one of them can admit they fucked a match.

Most annoying players in the game.

A green can at least admit when he fucks shit up, even a yellow.”

>FastyToddler playing buffed tanks
>is driving with 20kph

has he some distorted view of reality?”

“He experiences WoT through Shill-o-Vision™”

“This “America is more divided than ever” meme is wrong. While technically true it is dishonest, it gives the false impression that both parties at fault. While what has happened is “real” America has mostly just stayed the same the past 50 years, while the liberal hotspots like NY and California have been pushing leftwards non-stop, and at the same time becoming more and more insulated from the rest of the country. When you look at the blatantly biased and fake news and you ask “who could possibly believe this”, the answer is naturally “New Yorkers and Californians”. So the “division” of America is a lie by omission. The real truth of the matter is NY and California are becoming more and more insulated, and at a rapid pace.”

“If capital ought no longer to produce interest, who will be willing to create the instruments of labour, the materials and the provisions of every kind that are involved in it? Every one will consume his proportion, and the human race will never advance a step. Capital will be no longer formed, since there will be no interest in forming it.”

“A strange equivocation indeed! Is there no advantage to the ploughman in producing as much as possible, even though he exchanges its yield for no more than an equal value paid once, without rent or interest on capital? Is there no advantage to the industrialist in doubling or tripling his produce, even though he sells it for no more than an equivalent sum handed over once, without any interest on capital? Will 100,000 francs cease to be worth 100,000 francs because they produce no more interest? Will 500,000 francs in land, in houses, in machines or anything else cease to be 500,000 francs because one can no longer draw interest from them? In a word, will wealth, under whatever form and however acquired, cease to be wealth as soon as I am no longer able to make use of it to plunder other people?”

“I suggested imagining yourself in the shoes of a Jew in czarist Russia. The big news story is about a Jewish man who killed a Christian child. As far as you can tell the story is true. It’s just disappointing that everyone who tells it is describing it as “A Jew killed a Christian kid today”. You don’t want to make a big deal over this, because no one is saying anything objectionable like “And so all Jews are evil”. Besides you’d hate to inject identity politics into this obvious tragedy. It just sort of makes you uncomfortable.

The next day you hear that the local priest is giving a sermon on how the Jews killed Christ. This statement seems historically plausible, and it’s part of the Christian religion, and no one is implying it says anything about the Jews today. You’d hate to be the guy who barges in and tries to tell the Christians what Biblical facts they can and can’t include in their sermons just because they offend you. It would make you an annoying busybody. So again you just get uncomfortable.

The next day you hear people complain about the greedy Jewish bankers who are ruining the world economy. And really a disproportionate number of bankers are Jewish, and bankers really do seem to be the source of a lot of economic problems. It seems kind of pedantic to interrupt every conversation with “But also some bankers are Christian, or Muslim, and even though a disproportionate number of bankers are Jewish that doesn’t mean the Jewish bankers are disproportionately active in ruining the world economy compared to their numbers.” So again you stay uncomfortable.

Then the next day you hear people complain about Israeli atrocities in Palestine (what, you thought this was past czarist Russia? This is future czarist Russia, after Putin finally gets the guts to crown himself). You understand that the Israelis really do commit some terrible acts. On the other hand, when people start talking about “Jewish atrocities” and “the need to protect Gentiles from Jewish rapacity” and “laws to stop all this horrible stuff the Jews are doing”, you just feel worried, even though you personally are not doing any horrible stuff and maybe they even have good reasons for phrasing it that way.

Then the next day you get in a business dispute with your neighbor. Maybe you loaned him some money and he doesn’t feel like paying you back. He tells you you’d better just give up, admit he is in the right, and apologize to him – because if the conflict escalated everyone would take his side because he is a Christian and you are a Jew. And everyone knows that Jews victimize Christians and are basically child-murdering Christ-killing economy-ruining atrocity-committing scum.”

“Saying NAXALT is the thin line between civilization and barbarism”

“It doesn’t matter that he’s consistent, because he’s wrong.”

“Spencer is the winner of this debate, because ‘liberty’ is a byproduct of the rule and supermajority of White Males. All other groups cannot wait to get rid of free speech, gun laws, etc. For the bees a hive, for the spiders a web, for European man, liberty.
Libertarian conventions are MORE WHITE than White Nationalist conventions, because all sorts of people: Jews, South Asians, Lebanese, Egyptians, have an interest in the future of White People.

You don’t see this at ‘libertarian conventions’ which are as White as comic books store patrons. Look around. You would have to be mentally retarded to not see this.
If there are Whites, there is liberty, except when the population has been infested by Jews. All other groups are totally indifferent. Their forms of government are their extended phenotype, not ours.”

>watching SpeedFetus’ stream
>he is complaining that people berate him about his opinion on the object 252
>just has played a tier 10 game with two of them in the enemy team
>”I don’t like all of this OP talk! you know what? let’s check out the stats of these Object 252 players.
>*checks out the stats of two retarded tomatos*
>SEE?! 33% win rate. Looks great huh?
>people in chat:”lol he only played 3 games so far in this thing.”
>”Look at the other one! How does the Object 252 compare to this guy’s performance in other tanks. Surely it is better.”
>*orders the table according the highest average xp per tank*
>”Oh, he is doing better in the OBject 252 than in the Patriot….”

lmao this guy”

“Can you imagine how it feels, when you have to justify braindead shit like that just to keep the paychecks coming. I bet he drinks himself to sleep”

“Because of the Marine Mammal Protection Act I am not allowed to say whether or not I know people who kill them for fun.”

“>Tier 9 tank
>starts off with the same gun as the tier 7 tank before it
>have to upgrade suspension to mount the mid gun
>have to get the upgraded turret before getting the top gun, and the top gun costs 60,000 exp”

“Tier 9 is a not very well hidden scam desu.”

“this game is definitely rigged , the latest trick is massive lag spike right at the critical moment, also have had my tank controls interfered with as I was about do something that might change the game. Tanks that sit on ridges and you cant hit them. The phantom hits that cause damage. Lose tracks when they are not visible. easy shots that should do damage and do nothing, and on and on. This is just software that emulates a game and has nothing to do with skill, I am a pretty good player and pay attention to all kinds of things but my win rate never changes or improves. strangely enough tanks that I didnt like or felt not good about are 50 + win rates . Not forgetting the absurd battles where you cannot hit or damage the enemy and everybody is dead after five minutes”

“I find it very hard to believe that others haven’t experienced these things and if you do the math with statistics – going off my hit ratio with say the ISU152 and OBJ704 the average damage dealt by these tanks is insanely low. My hit rates are well into the high 70% and on the ISU152 is over 80% – yet average damage of like 300-400… with a gun that deals out well over 750 on a penetrating hit… not to mention it can pen any tank in the game, oh yeah that statistic sounds legit.

I’ve played 5.5k matches – ITS BLATANTLY OBVIOUS that in the last 4-5patches the game has become unbelievably rigged. I remember back like 2 years ago, this game was actually good fun and even playing tier7-8 my W/L ratio was up in the 65%+ now I cant get it above 51% whether I play low or high tier vehicles it ALWAYS satys at around 51%…”

“I think its also a matter of common sense. One day, Hetzers blow up most things and then the next day they are bouncing shot after shot off of Valentines. Yes, its rigged.”

“This game never will be fixed. As originally they said: it works as they like to work.”

“I have over 6k battles and a 5500 personal rating. Since i stopped paying for a premium account I have dropped to 50% win ratio. Nothing pens, everyone pens me. The game is totally rigged, I have never seen a game with more unexplainable BS in it. Tonight I had a 26 game losing streak on my Waffle….!!!!!! Unheard of that I couldnt hurt a thing. I’m done with this crap game and the crap players that are playing. Dear WOT developers go fuck yourself, you wouldnt make a dime if it wasnt foor 13 year olds with dads that will buy them anything.”

“What the statistical pedants fail to grasp is the big picture. We can argue all day about numbers but let me give you a big one – 600,000,000 dollars plus – that is a conservative estimate of the amount of money WG earned last year. The primary objective of WoT is to earn money.

To do this they must have a game that attracts a lot of players, and encourage them to spend money. Hence gold ammo – doing away with the need for aiming. Job done.

The same must be said for win ratios. The vast majority of players will be mediocre or worse at this game. Yet I see no 10%, or 20% users. One could argue that this stat is modified by WoT being a team game – it is a good point – but debatable. What is not debatable is that having users losing a lot will impact objective #1 – no one likes being ‘pwned’ – and WG knows this – hence they use a ‘random’ team selection mode, and use an RNG to decide shot efficacy. Who hasn’t shot high and wide and seen the tracer going astray only to see the target then light up and the announcer celebrate a hit? I know I have, many many times.

The process of ‘balancing’ so that weak players get to taste victory is clear – otherwise there would be a wider spread of win rates over thousands of games rather than the ten to twenty points we see. This makes business sense even if it slants the game – but WG are not here to make a level playing field, they are here to make money.

It is not fixed in the sense of a pre-determined outcome – they just use the matchmaker and the RNG profile to load the odds. Statistical arguments can only chase their tail here, Ockham’s razor is more appropriate.

Follow the money! And all becomes clear.”

“That’s all fine and dandy, Wargaming.Net protecting it’s intellectual property mentioned in the patent and being used in World Of Tanks. But that raised the question: what is in that patent ? Can it’s content put some light on current game mechanics ?

Well…heh, it did.

It revealed a mechanism of arranging players into battles , the so called Match Maker (MM), putting the players in harder situations (higher tier battles for the same tank) if they win and in easier situations (lower tier battles) if they lose.

As follows: (patent quote)

“According to another aspect, the matchmaking server may store a win/loss percentage for each user (or vehicle) at a given battle level. As the player’s win/loss ratio decreases, the player becomes more likely to be placed in battles having battle levels at the lower end of the allowable range, whereas as the player’s win/loss ration increases, the player becomes more likely to be placed in battles having battle levels at the upper end of the allowable range. Thus, when a player has been repeatedly put into too many difficult battles, the balancing is done in favor of easier battle sessions, thereby encouraging the player by providing an easier game environment. Similarly, when the player has been repeatedly put into too many easy battles, the balancing is done in favor of harder battle sessions, thereby keeping the player challenged instead of letting the player become bored with easy games.”

note: paragraph is quoted from patent US8425330 B1.

[…] Veeery tight around that 50% (minus the battles lost by everyone due to tie situations, that’s why 50% is not the symmetry ax).

Now, what that MM achieves?

-it pulls up the losers so they don’t feel frustrated, they remain in the game as probable/real customers ($).
-it pushes down the good players. This has two effects: 1) they get frustrated and start throwing $ at the game to be able to validate their skills or 2) they quit, thus creating a selection mechanism for the game population always losing good players but much less bad players. The current intelligence level in the player pool does shows the results. I’ll abstain from invectives.

Why is this rigging?

It cheats anyone able to win more than 50% of the time out of his chances to fight fair, for the sake of the below-50%-ers.

Not fair play.

It’s been compared to communism by some who were signaling this game behavior since close beta, 3 years ago.

Wargaming denied everything, ironically, while the WG owner, Victor Kislyi, was filing for patent on the said mechanism.

But no one could prove till now what happens.
Not until Wargaming defended it’s intellectual property using that patent.
The intellectual property of how to screw players.”

“As for how it works, isint that how all matchmaking services work? Starcraft does the same thing, only its method is to move people around in leagues until they get 50% win rates. If they gave everyone a ranking that went up when you fought people stronger then you (and down when you fought weaker opponents) People would think it was cool. but since its a hidden value suddenly its not ok.”

“There are no leagues in WoT.

Good players get to play more as last 1/3 bottom of the team=canon fodder in games that have losers as top (and much stronger) vehicles. The grind gets, suddenly, much longer for everyone and battles get decided by pure randomness of who has the bigger retards at the top.

(that last phrase suddenly springs history parallels into my mind, but let’s do carry on).

Not what you expect when playing a game that rewards you, personally (along with the team), at the end, with a win or a loss.
It’s basically gambling.

Your input into the game is mainly irrelevant. Add to that a 30% (official) randomness to any event (shell trajectory, chance to penetrate once the target hit, value of damage once you penetrate, etc) and you get the result… Gambling.

That rised my curiosity of WoT being accepted in Electronic Sports League (ESL) in the first place.

“Sport” is hardly fitting the WoT gamble playing, therefore the ESL accepted it only after it was very big.”

“What’s the point to play a game if your win or loose result does not link with your ability to play ? It’s not like we’re painting there, we play in a challenge that was supposed to smash testicles against, to see who’s are steel and who’s not, not to simply see beautiful colors on the screen.

If game win chances are so strictly limited then WoT simply becomes an application that displays beautiful colors while charging your every click. Not a challenge. Still entertainment, but more in the sense of music or movies than gaming.

Another good description of WoT is that WoT is an arcade game with things that look like tanks running around shooting each other until the random number generator decides who wins, to give you another impression of the player-game interaction.”

“People play it as a tank sim. Turns out it’s a Horse race track sim (but with tanks not horses).”

“The game is set up to keep you playing, remember it is a business, designed to make a profit by getting you to send them money in hopes of winning more often. That means no one does so bad that they feel hopeless, and no one does so well that nobody wants to play against them, so your chances of success are dependant on your past performance and how much money you put up. Because the game is about profit, period.”

“A 1900 games red XVM player in a ST-1 fully upgraded (40% win rate) that stops and wiggle in place (repeat of the same movement continuously) after we secure the win in the next few minutes. Wait a minute! A ST-1 in 1900 games with such a bad rating, how can that be possible???? That’s what peek my curiosity and made me followed him (I was dead, so it was easy to see everything he did).

Oh did I say that the ST-1 player’s account was only 10 days old too, and that in those days, he would need to have played 8 games per hours non stop just to get to that 1900 games played?

And even in that short time, it is possible for a very mediocre player to even get an ST-1 and fully upgraded over that? And who is idiot enough to set a bot on a ST-1 also is quite strange.

But the fact that he just ‘stopped’ playing suddenly when the win was certain is what gave it away.

That my friends, is how WG decides the outcome of games. Notice also that those ‘WG bot’ are very resistant or seem very lucky with their shots in very critical moments.

Start monitoring these ‘false red’ players closely and see how they perform.”

“It’s not just the MM that is the problem, Individual tank performance varies and is actively “throttled” battle to battle and player to player that is entirely not based on a random number generator that is the same for all. No one tank performs the same for all players. All players battle to battle performance is very carefully monitored by WOT and players are “pidgeon holed” into a base line tank performance “RNG” and from there it is actively throttled up or down to ellicit wins or losses, high or low damage done games to control stats and win rate. Thats why account sharing is against the rules in WOT, because if you have 2 players of wide ranging skills, it fucks with WOT’s algorythms that measure and set the base line characteristics of your tank performance and MM. Your T29 heavy,for example, will not have consistently the same performance characteristics necessarily as other people with a T29. Players in your basic PR range will have similar performance ie. able to deal damage and survive hits. You against lower PR players will more consistently have better odds and against players with higher PR you will have less odds even if you all using the exact same tank. Best I can figure at this point is that totally playing for free and I mean totally, never having spent a dime on the game, ones PR rating will peak and stall somewhere around the 5k range max if your a good common sense player. I dont think it’s possible for a completely free player to get near or into the 6K range. The bottom line is the higher a players stats and PR rating is, has less to do with individual merit and skill and more to do with how much money a person spends. The more you spend,the better the game experience, the better the MM and the better vehicle performance. That is simply how money making MMO’s work. Just do a little Google research on MMO design and the heavy use of psychology and manipulation of players that ALL MMO’s engage in, not just WOT, to suck people in and along to keep them playing and ultimately to spend money or keep spending. Yes, everyone can play MMO’s for free, but one will fairly quickly hit a “ceiling” on advancement and accumulation of stats and overall game enjoyment that no amount of actual real skill and practice can change or improve it. You can only raise the ceiling and improve your gaming experience by spending money and the more you spend the more the “illusion” of success a game will very carefully dole out to you. It’s a completely vomit inducing game model.”

“I play for free, and boy does it get frustrating seeing people who are simply bad players cut through the opposition like they are some kind of invincible chuck of metal. It’s obvious they have paid a load of money and are being given their ‘hit of success’ by the game so that they will continue to shovel money into the bottomless pit.

And yet WoT is big in competitive gaming… this indicates that competitive gaming is also rigged to the high heavens.”

“When I play chess in tournaments, I expect to be pitted against opponents with about the same ELO rating as me. As I get better, I typically don’t win more games (well, only marginally); instead I get to play better opponents. I have to perform better to get the same results (in terms of winrate).”

“Did WG announced there is such matchmaking algorithm where you are put against equal opponents? I did not see it anywhere and I thought the system matches only tiers and vehicle types.”


I have found the same unfair treatment from WoT as you describe and I too set about gathering some date to see if it was really happening or just me on a loosing streak.

I started to loose an insane amount, like 19 out of every 20 games. Accusations of ‘noob’ are fatuous since more often than not I’d be the last man standing (and sigh, I wasn’t camping either). So I started to keep a record over several evenings – just games played and percentage where I was assigned to what would be the loosing team. In defiance of all probability which should give me a 50% rate of membership of the winning side, I was indeed at 19 out of 20, or a 95% chance of loosing. Since then Wargaming’s patent for a system to “rebalance” games has been discovered and much discussed. The company say it was just an idea and they never implemented it. Yeah right. That’s why companies pay lawyers to draft patents – so they can forget about them.

I am extremely bitter about this. I used to adore World of Tanks and spent insane amounts of money and time on it. Now I feel thoroughly cheated – because I have been.”

“I have played over 10k matches in WoT, and I usually play with two friends. It took us a few thousand games, but after a while we started seeing a pattern. At first we thought we were just being paranoid, but we kept seeing the same thing.

The pattern can be summed up like this: Some games are almost impossible to win, and some games are almost impossible to lose.

Nowadays we can usually tell within a couple of minutes if the game is going to be fairly even, or if it’s going to be one of those “steam-roller games”, where one team just rolls right over the other team. If it is a steam-roller, then we know it doesn’t really matter what we do. If it’s a steam-roller where we are on the winning side, then it’s just a matter of racing forward to try and get as many shots off as possible, before the other team has been wiped out. If it’s a steam-roller where we are on the losing side, then we can try to get as much damage done as possible, before we get obliterated by the enemy team. Sometimes it’s not even worth trying, because most of your shots will bounce or miss anyway.

We have been in winning games where it’s fairly obvious that we basically can just point at a tank and shoot. Aiming for weak spots is not really important, because almost all our shots WILL hit, and they WILL penetrate.
At the same time, the enemy team can aim and shoot all they want, most of their shots WILL miss or bounce.

We have seen this pattern, both on the winning side, and on the losing side, over and over again. I don’t think we even doubt it’s existence anymore.”

“Just started playing. 1000 battles in. Totally agree. When I started I was pretty bad, but somehow I won enough to get up to 45% win rating … but I was bad and couldn’t believe that the win rate was climbing. Then a pattern emerged with each (and every) tank I bought as I moved up, T82, T46, etc. first the win rate shoots up to 60+ then gets dragged steadily down. For example, when I got better and bought the Pz1c I was up to a stonking 86% win rate on the first 30-40 battles in that tank, when suddenly a ‘switch’ got flipped. It didn’t matter how many kills I made or game changing moves, my team always lost. Of course I gave up on that and moved on to the next tank, but same thing happened, I started well, then lost steadily until the win rate was under 55 then things started balancing out. Latest tank is just the same, first 30-40 battles up to 80% win rate, but next 70 have dragged the win down. Must be that switch got flipped again.”

“All these clearly rigged game mechanisms aside, before we start preaching fairness and go about how this game sucks on that department and uninstalling, there are a few things to think about:

1- Would you prefer fighting tougher fights because you’re a good player yourself? (fair game with visible rating system)
2- Would you have the less skilled players get oppressed by your awesomeness and quite likely have those less fortunate leave the game? (fair game with no rating system – totally random matches)
3- Is it ok to just go about shooting stuff not caring much about showing off how awesome your stats are, or without trying to maximize your income, in a rigged environment that’s trying to equalize players? (Current WoT system – rigged everything – you’ll be an average player in f2p & may have to pay to do better)

I believe I’ve been a good player in many games. Here, I’ve been in many random matches where I saved my half-tarded team with my general situational awareness, lucky moves/shots and 5-6 kills. But I don’t care to always be so good because it’s too stressful in any game, whether it is rigged or not. I believe this rather shady game style has it’s own merits too, though easy to hate. For one thing, it makes me appreciate good team mates since they seem rather rare. Another thing, I would definitely get bored fighting all tough or all easy opponents all the time. This oscillation between ok and total crap seems to be close to just fine.

While WG’s “take it or leave it, we don’t care to explain or fix stuff” policy certainly isn’t aspiring me to pay for this; I still keep playing because I like moving around positioning my carelessly designed imaginary tin can, clicking at stuff in a primitive fps game environment. And ofc because I’m ok with not winning everytime, although I tend to call em names when I’m the only one in my team with a kill when the game’s over.”

“So…it’s a game with random shots that randomly penetrate to do random damage. You get less than 20 shots per battle most of the time. It places you on a random map in a random team that’s randomly set up. The tanks are balanced but the equipment on them can vary hugely…in a kind of random manner.The team is pretty big which further limits your influence.

There’s a huge huge amount of battles going on every day so things that have a 1 in a million chance can happen ten times a day in different places.

Given all of the above your theory sounds like apophenia to me. Have you considered the option that if every one of these factors is indeed just random the effect would be the same?”

“”[T]he button we press has “random battle” on it, so one rightfully expect a random battle instead of a carefully tailored and controlled environment where his results have little connection with his actions.”

“if you check the screenshot above, I have 80% hit ratio with AT15, 66 on this match. I wonder why?

This is what I’m trying to explain: the game tinkers with your shots, your initial placement, spotting and everything to make sure that you can’t earn credits. It doesn’t cheat on the summary board but on the field and can change even a spectacular result into a credit loss. On that battle I had misses when there was barely a pixel in the circle that wasn’t the enemy tank, my girlfriend got nondamaging penetrations in a row. We could still win, but burned just enough credits to provide the expected result.”

“If you’d suicide-rush in League of Legends, you’d lose games in a row and get your rating devastated.”

until you ranking has dropped far enough that you are again paired with other players who also like to suicide rush and are back to winning half of your games.
The IP calculation doesn’t care about what level you play at so you will get the same rewards for playing suicide rushes at 300 ELO as you would get for playing “real” games at 1800 ELO.

The only substantial difference to WoT is that IP rewards scale linearly with game duration so you can’t (ab)use short games to gain more IP – but, like WoT, LoL doesn’t reward you for playing well.”

“in LoL rating itself is a goal. It doesn’t matter how much IP you have, how many skins and champions you bought, if you are at 300 ELO, you are a useless scrub according to everyone. In WoT there is no such reward for playing well.”

“So your great cheat is to do what many people already are doing? Mindlessly charging in? You won´t start a riot with that, as thats pretty much the usual playstyle of great parts of the players. ”

“of course many people already use it. This is the very purpose of the developer’s cheat: to provide credit income to bad players so they keep paying. The “exploit” is that good players should do something they never thought of doing because they were sure it’s unprofitable.”

“I don’t know about MWO but it’s an universal truth: if some system gives “help” to those who fail, the most effective income source is collecting lot of help. In WoW it’s typically done by AFK leeching, in WoT/MWO suicide rushing, in EVE abusing “insurance” and corp reimbursement programs.”

“No good clan will take you in, with those abysmal stats you’ll get by zerging. Most clans have some kind of minimum stats you’ll have to surpass, to be even thought about as a potential recruit.

Sure, you might get those T10 tanks faster by zerging, but what are those T10 tanks for, if not clan wars? ”

“and what stops you from playing seriously with T9-10 tanks? Actually it’s a must as “zerging” with a Maus is weird. You play with your high tier seriously and between games you start your zerg tank and quickly die to support the high-tier with income.

Then you apply to the clan with good winrate with all high tier tanks, you just have to mention “and don’t mind my gold tanks, I just suicide-farm with them”.

Actually suicide-farming will INCREASE your stats with your “real” tanks as the algorithm will believe you to be a worse player than you are, so you are getting more “luck” while playing with your real tanks.”

“So what you’re saying is that 95% of the playerbase ALREADY figured this out, and rather than being zerging retards they’re actually expert players optimizing their XP/hour.

Clearly the zering idiots were smarter than us all along 🙂

These have been interesting posts. I had noticed odd streaks in my winrate before but didn’t try and find out why (such things can happen by accident, I told myself). You did the analysis to discover the way the algorithm works, thank you.”

“have you actually read the posts? The point isn’t that farming in T5 works, that’s trivial.

Playing BAD while farming earns you more credits than playing good and it was proved by numbers.

Can you be ANY more extraordinary in a game?”

“I don’t think clan wars are affected. There is too much risk and very little gain to rig clan wars.

It affect “random” battles where 99.99% of the players are.”

“Tier 5s being more profitable than Tier 8s is a design choice.

Playing tier 5s bad being more profitable than playing them good is an exploit.

If the game wouldn’t be cheating it would be impossible, as an intentionally bad player would have one or two hits before he dies.”

“30 minutes ago I created guide-thread at official russian forum, where I wrote some major conclusions from your blog. Aaaaand…
Got banned 7 minutes later. =D Looks like proof of unfair balancer system.”

“It’s the only game i know cynical enough to repetively offer real money goods (premium tanks), and nerf them afterwards when they stop selling enough. If that wasn’t virtual goods, it would be instant win lawsuit.”

“A lot of commenters seem to be missing the point here. Goblin’s exploit and its relative effectiveness and/or value vs fun of playing to win is not really the issue. The issue is that WoT is RIGGING YOUR MATCHES. No matter how well or badly you play, WoT is using RNG to alter the results of battles to keep your credit income in a certain range. It’s not even about win/loss. Win/loss is part of it, and setting you up to lose matches via starting points is a factor, but the numbers can also be changed simply by reducing the damage you deal or increasing the damage you take (which reduces your opportunity to deal damage). This will have an effect on Win/Loss, but far less direct (and less obvious) than simply bringing everyone closer to 50%. Instead they can actually effect your individual performance via RNG by [a] giving +/- to spotting chance or camo (which is why some battles your team has incredible vision for no reason, and vice versa), [b] giving +/- to accuracy (which is why some battles you can’t miss a shot even if you don’t aim, while others nearly every fully aimed shot disappears into the ether), [c] giving +/- to penetration (causing you to bounce shots that would otherwise pen or pen shots that should bounce, ex: that T-50-2 in the article), [d] giving +/- to damage rolls (obvious), [e] giving random “critical” hits instead of damage (clearly the definition of “critical” did not translate properly from English to Russian). [I’ve probably missed a variable or two here, but the point is RNG has lots of things to play with to get the desired result, and player experience plus data collected in this article and other sources pretty clearly shows that they are in fact playing with these variables.] Subtly (or sometimes not so subtly) manipulating any of these variables in RNG easily produces the desired result of bringing all players into the desired credit earning range. Bear in mind that this is a range, not a number. Hence their manipulation can still allow for unicums and travesties. Obviously player skill is still relevant, and better players will still on average outperform lesser. It’s just that when you need to be brought back into line, the game mechanics will do it to you no matter your performance.

If you want to perform your own experiment, try playing a long run of battles (I’d recommend 50-100) in a tank you’re not very good with. I’m a very competent heavy tanker, and fairly terrible in light tanks. My garage is full of heavies, and I play them all the time. I have a general metric for how often I will miss easy shots, fail to pen obvious ones, roll low on damage, or score ridiculous “criticals” instead of dealing damage. I’m quite used to it. I’m also fairly OCD, and I had every American tank Elited up to tier 9. So when WoT released 2 new lines of light tanks (the first one transitions to light mediums and a heavy), I started playing those to keep my American tree filled out. These occurred at two different times, but the result was the same for each. I played (ground? grinded?) these tanks heavily, almost entirely to the exclusion of the tanks I am good in. I sucked at them. My stats fell, my WN8 suffered, but I pushed through and knocked them out, then went back to my heavies. And for a short time, I COULDN’T FAIL. Now obviously it wasn’t every battle, but on average I would land more shots, pen more hits, deal more damage, score less “criticals”, and just have much better ‘luck’ than before I ran all those lights I was terrible at. Then it corrected, and my ‘luck’ rolled back down to where it had been before. And then the second line of American light tanks came out. Rinse. Repeat. This time I even noticed that it bumped my Marks of Excellence considerably above what they had been pre-lights (for a relatively short time before they all began to fall again.)

I honestly don’t know what conclusion to draw from this. I’m certainly not going to ‘zerg’ to get more credits and XP. My goal is to have fun playing, not to maximize my earning potential. On the other hand, how much does it negatively effect my fun knowing for sure (or nearly so) that every player’s suspicions that the game is rigged are true, and that sometimes RNG really is against you, to keep you in the ‘desired range.'”

“You can’t convince me someone who shits in the street performs a job function a normal American can’t do.”

“Contrary what he claims, the “fun” concept is not arbitrary, nor the “cheapness”. All scrubs of the same cultural background find the same things “fun” and “cheap”. While it’s not conscious, the scrub doesn’t know what it is, he is drawn to it like moth to the light. The scrub wishes to win. But he wants “fun” more and ready to sacrifice his victory. When he says “I lost to a cheap, boring, no-skill, no-lifer”, he means it. And more importantly, every other scrub who seen the match agrees with him. It is not an excuse, it’s a lifestyle. They even have a slogan “players optimize the fun out of the games”, referring obviously to play-to-win players. When Twixt was “cheap”, the whole server considered him cheap and outcast him.

The solution to this mystery is ego. The scrub plays not to win the game but to boost his ego: win the sympathy and or respect of his (real or imaginary) peers. Since the majority of the peers are bad in the game or not even playing, simply winning does not attract respect. However doing something spectacular, like some hard-to-execute combo, directly defeating an enemy in PvP or getting high on some list is obviously considered good by observers. If I guard the base in Arathi, a non-player observer see me being idle. The same observer looks at arthasdklol grinding players on the bridge and sees enemies falling by his sword, therefore considers him great. The “cheap tactics” are exactly those which are unable to draw peer respect, like camping, making the same (optimal) move again and again, reading up, getting gold to gems and enchants and so on. […]

The play-to-win vs play-for-ego personalities are equal to rational and social. If someone cares for the opinion of peers, he’ll inherently will find some tactics cheap, the other social players will agree him, enforcing him, so he’ll be a scrub without hope to get better. The first step of playing to win is saying “I do whatever I takes to win. I don’t care if everyone will hate me for it.” There is no other way because they will hate you, as you have to be cheap, as the opponent will be cheap too.

Is it cheap to recruit morons to the horde side in Tol Barad? Definitely. Can the horde win without parroting it? They never did. They win only when they come and spam our /trade. Wouldn’t it be cooler if they could win just by awesome skill? Of course it would be. Except it’s impossible.

The scrubs wish to win. They wish for the Hollywoodian event of winning without being cheap. In the movies the hero defeats the boss evil (who is cheap) in a fair fight. Too bad that in real life (which is much less fair than the most unbalanced game) the “boss evil”, exactly for being cheap, is too strong to defeat without being cheap. The “play for ego” person is a “live for emotional values” person, who will always be a poor loser.”

“The “no-lifer” is meant that he has no life within the game. He plays without “fun”, and if he can’t loosen up even in a game, he must be a terribly boring person in real life, typically a fat guy living in the basement. The social honestly believes that the respect and liking of random peers is important, therefore lives every aspect of his life, including gaming of course, to impress peers. “Having life” means “having peers respecting you” for them. From their perspective it’s unimaginable to enjoy yourself without impressing peers. They find guarding GM boring and believe their viewpoint unique, “guarding a base is boring, so anyone doing it is a sad loser”. Any kind of claim that “we have fun winning” sounds a poor excuse to them as their “fun” concept is well-defined and unique: “impressing some peer right now”. We cannot take the word “fun” from them or convince them that we are having fun.

The only way to change them is getting more peer respect than them. After you won, you can “uncheap” yourself by doing “cool” things with your power. That’s why the millionaires donate lot of money front of the cameras. This is why a top raider peacock around with his new mount. Then – by cognitive dissonance – the scrubs will find the former “cheapness” “wit” and from there, it is an accepted move, therefore “fun”.”

“In short: if you play EVE and get any successful in it, you will likely be harassed, doxxed, publicly humiliated by monetizing “players” and corrupted – or simply sadistic – developers. The company will do nothing. Sure, you can play for years without any real world harassment, as long as you suck and no one cares what you do. A lone farmer or a frigate (lowest risk) duel seeker makes no waves. But one day you do something extraordinary and then you get a blackmail “do this or that ingame or your boss will get mass calls with slander”.

Let’s add that game development is often corrupted to cater to groups with access to devs. Not just in secret venues. The official player council, CSM was corrupted to the point where candidates openly campaign with nerfs and buffs: “vote for me and I’ll lobby to buff you and nerf your enemies”, while their purpose is obviously to represent the playerbase as a whole. Player groups openly lobby for game-breaking designs that cater to them and hurt their enemies. Of course there is even more covert lobbying and corruption. While “don’t nerf me bro” is a parody in WoW, it’s the reality in EVE.

It’s possible to win against all this, just by playing well, but it’s extremely unfun. The largest game-monetizing crew was just defeated by a rally of practically all players who hate their schemes (following the plan that got me the cyberbully from the community manager). I “HTFU”-ed and kept “playing” until my enemies were defeated exactly to not be dimissable as “crying over lost pixels”. I leave only now, when the table turned, when the same community manager is harassing my in-game enemies, banning them from running to CSM (he banned me too earlier while open racists were fine to run), putting our narrative into official game material. We won, we are now the cool guys, the devs are hanging out with us. Now we are the “seniors” who can to push the head of the freshmen to the toilet. Instead of joining that, I quit now and say that this culture is completely unacceptable and you should stay away from it.”

“You realize your “warning” is libel right? You’re attacking a professional company and making up things based on what you think is their motivation. If they wanted to they could utterly destroy you from a legal standpoint.

Good luck!”

“Go ahead, make my day. Hint: Derek Smart is still not “utterly destroyed”. The thing is everything I claim is either a link from someone (so they need to sue the original author) or something I personally experienced and can prove at court. CCP is much better off creating professional atmoshphere at work and get rid of a few corrupted devs who use EVE like they own it than generating me 1M hits with “Texas law” threats. Or can you quote anything from the page that is untrue?”

“Today’s instalment of Zimbardo in Space game.

New player twitch streamer is put under harassment by goons who taunt her about her recently deceased grandfather. Which is supported by goon leader, who is now elected CSM member.”

“A solo player doesn’t have to wait for others or suffer the incompetence of others. A ganking fleet spends more time lolling on childish jokes than actually flying out to gank and fail half of ganks because someone didn’t have ammo, had safety on, undocked in a pod or shot the wrong target. The results of the solo player depend on his actions. He ganks, when he wants, where he wants, without having to discuss with others or depending on their resources. The very anti-thesis of the slogan “the best EVE ship is friendship”.

What I did is clearly not something that you couldn’t do. No “l33t skillz” are needed to gank miners. That’s the point. Then why does your corp with hundreds or even thousands of members have similar amount of kills as a single guy? Because you are held back by the incompetent fools around you. The funds of your organization goes to handouts to the morons and slackers and in doctrines you have to limit yourself to the lowest common denominator (the bombless bomber). If you want to achieve something above the average, you can’t do it in a group whose membership is – by definition – average. It doesn’t matter what you aim for, the best approach is starting on your own.

Of course you can join forces for bigger tasks now and then, that’s why I formed a corp and recruit. But your main focus should be solo acting. If the everyday tasks are too big for you alone, you don’t need friends, you need to improve.”

“There is no such thing as “welfare information” as information isn’t limited. If I give you my apple, I have no apple. If I give you my knowledge, I still have knowledge.”

“As you can see, after scanning my ship, the “unstoppable boogiemen” choose not to attack. Could they muster the force to take down my Orca? Probably. But there was no point as the cost of the gank would probably be too high for the lottery of the double-wrapped goodies, so what was inside will remain secret.

The “real boogiemen” would damn the cost and would just gank out of principle. But there is no such thing as “real boogiemen”. The monsters are created in the mind of the morons and slackers who are unable to understand risk and reward. They fly their loot pinatas and cry “monster” when they are robbed. They don’t see that the robbing wasn’t random and was motivated by the loot or prestige value of their ship. If they wouldn’t be dumb, they could easily fly something that doesn’t worth ganking. Highsec is safe, as you can limit risks to the point where you don’t really have to care, but the gankers would lose way to much to proceed:”

“Why “perform”?

All they have to do is create the illusion of performing. […]

It’s a stupid idea to rule by force when you can rule by fear of force, and the upcoming days will be nothing more than reloading the gun for the next project. And there is no way they can mess it up with their propaganda machine.

The problem (or good thing, depends on your position) with propaganda is that it works on masses even if individuals can look behind the lies.”

“To pre-empt Lucas and the other CFC sycophants, I somehow doubt that Miniluv would gank skiffs and procurers. We have already seen what these players can do. We’ve seen Miniluv fail ganks on lesser tanked ships (as well as tougher ships, like orcas), and we know that these players don’t have bottomless pockets. Furthermore, we also know that failed ganks are demoralizing, especially if you know your gank failed because 2 pilots in your group failed to lock the target quickly or overheat their guns or some other silly fail. Blame immediately turns to the failures, and eventually the pilots who recognize the “bads” in their team and refuse to “carry” them, leave instead, quietly heading off to some other part of the CFC where they are not burdened by trash. I know this has already happened, in spite of Goon propaganda to the contrary.”

“You actually disprove yourself in your post. Metagame rules eve as you experienced yourself when fcs left test for better opportunities. If you’re still not convinced, I give you the example of Mittani. He is pretty much the most powerful person in eve, yet he doesn’t actually play as others do. I can also give you examples of csm members, who represent us yet nobody knows anything about their in game achievements, if they have any. And there are people like Sindel with her angel project. She is much of an opposite of you and she is known in all eve and respected for her work. These kind of people change eve and their in game skills don’t have anything to do with it. Assuming your crusade is about teaching (you said yourself that it’s not; it’s about kB padding), you could influence some individuals, but you will never have an impact on eve as a whole.”

“FCs leaving TEST wouldn’t be an issue if the rest of TEST could do anything without them.

The Mittani lives on the fact that so many PvP-ers can’t replace their ships without SRP.

Sindel made her fame giving a few ISK to those who fail to make money.

The “meta-game” is simply manipulating those who can’t fit a ship or can’t afford it.

Teach or drive out these players and they won’t be mindless minions ever again.”

“You’re going to teach us by killing noobs in high sec?”, no I will teach the noobs. You already know enough, hence you are member of the strongest coalition.

To claim “you are better at EVE than every other player” we’d need toplists and metrics where I’m on top. Without these I can only say that I’m having one of the highest income and one of the highest solo ISK kill speed.

What I’m doing is indeed something that was nothing ever done. Of course people ganked before. But their narrative of their action was “i’m gud in eve u scrub” or “i haz freinds”. No one ever told the little guy that he has a chance to stand on his own, against everyone, defying even the CFC, literally.

“So gather your forces and take a region from us. Prove you are not just talking nonsense. Prove that SRP is not required.”

This is the very point of my income part: why the hell would I do that? What is in that region? I could rent it out and then get income that could be matched by AFK mining?

You see the CFC as some powerful empire holding vast amount of valuable space, while in truth they are the criminal gang controlling some disastrous neighborhood where no one wants to go. Imagine the gang of some ghetto claiming that they are better than the middle class since the middle class never gathers up, comes down to the ghetto and take it from them.

The Hulkageddon, Burn Jita and such were part of a narrative that “highsec pubbies can’t take our regions but we can go to highsec and kill them at will”. If it would be true, they’d indeed be powerful. But it’s not. CFC couldn’t come and kill me.

I’m NOT proving that killing miners is hard. I’m teaching miners to be hard to kill.”

“So you’re saying the CFC can’t kill a procurer? You can honestly say that with a straight face?” and “The only way to prove to EVE that you can stand alone and beat us is to actually beat us.” are mutually exclusive. If you claim the only way for me to prove my ideas is defeating CFC than the only way for CFC to prove that they can kill a procurer is killing the procurer. Which they failed because of [excuses].”

“if you are still in doubt and don’t want to run extensive research, just do one thing: at every champion selection toss a coin and if it’s head, dodge the game. This should do nothing besides getting you 30 mins lockouts and -10LPs. In reality, your winrate will tank, because the matchmaker is also used to punish dodgers and toxic players. The dodger will believe that he loses because his dodging formula is wrong, the toxic will think “players who insult teammates lose 16% more games” and stops dodging/toxic. Which in itself isn’t a bad goal. Just another evidence that the matchmaker is anything but fair.”

“This works like a charm. Besides a couple of fair games I also got a game where our Swain had no games with his champion. But our jungle, top lane and ADC were considered “good”. While Swain played very careful and went 0/1 we stomped the enemies on all other lane. They surrendered at 20.

Afterwards I got a jungle main who had 60% win rate in the jungle. But he was autofilled to mid and complained loudly. Jungle wouldn’t swap and he locked in Lee. Naturally my team started tilting in champ select. Lee was also up against a 70% win rate Yasuo mid main. So I locked in Blitz support and took every chance to roam to mid like a retard. Between being camped by the jungler and myself yasuo ended the game at 3/13 and we won handesomly with a 20 kill lead. My team kept spamming surrender throughout the whole game though.”

“I like it when public figures are caught in public shitstorms and say things like “It was a mistake, I’ll do better next time”: Their response presumes, that is to say, implicitly preaches the gospel, that correcting mistakes doesn’t require paying up both the correction fee and the mistrust fee, and that second chances are automatically given along with all the standing and capital existing before the incident. Of course, this also means that any mistake can be redefined as an original mistake, since history is erased at the start of each incident.

It’s a pretty nice stratagem that works wonders against people who use Hanlon’s Razor. Alternatively, it also works wonders against people who refuse to use Ad Hominem.”

“Hanlon’s Razor is moronic because it depends entirely on what your standards are for what is “adequately explained by stupidity”. It is the single intellectual thing which allows commoners to think of people who move and control much more of the world of them as “dumb”and “incompetent”, reinforced by the self satisfaction of that “knowledge”. Why assume people are stupid? Is there a friend in which you would prefer to assume is stupid? How about an enemy?

Why not just get some better judgement?”

“I think it can’t be avoided in this type of games (ie, games where microtransactions purchase new game assets).

It is obvious that any new asset will be losing games. Without practice people are worse, they have no experience with new assets. Thus, a high chance of loss.

If people who purchase new items lose their first games they will instantly recognise the pattern “new hero = loss”. Even if they don’t realise it consciously, they will stop buying new heroes to avoid losses. Very important is the timing – the shorter time span between events, the higher chance of association. Which is why any game immediately after purchasing should be a win.

Therefore any game with this sales style who does not introduce some form of rigging for purchasers will inevitably fall short in sales and lose the competition to games that do.
The fact that people openly despise p2w games (only because they are poors, most people like rigged games as long as they are rigged in their favour) means game makers can’t just sell wins.

So, they can’t sell wins, they can’t sell new characters without rigging and they can’t sell games themselves (cause nobody wants to pay subscriptions, the market has been broken by f2p). Very few sane people will spend money on skins only, so they can’t rely on income from this alone.

They have to sell something after all. The only thing left is new items plus rigging the game to avoid immediate negative association with purchasing items.

It seems that we are facing a logical problem. It is NOT Riot or other game makers being dishonest. It is natural selection killing all games that aren’t rigged. Our brains work like that and nobody can help it. Actually, if people could not play a newly bought character for 24hours after purchase, it would mostly remove the negative associations, I wonder if this alone would allow for a fair system.”

“Bit tired of pointing out all the various reduction of the team matchmaking problem you perform in order to arrive at your predetermined conclusions (“all placements are for bronze” being only the most recent pearl).

My only concern at this point is whether you’ll go after your next game with the same prejudice you displayed through this whole LoL affair.”

“[…] I didn’t approach LoL with prejudice. I didn’t look for rigged, I was looking for new strategies. My plan was to create a “new meta” to disprove the “skillz” kids. It’s just that LoL is probably the most disgusting pay-to-win game. The first that is literally pay-to-win, not simply giving power but literal wins via rigged matchmaking.”

“Few things are more amusing and confused than backseat game design.

The system you proposed will be a complete mess that will never fix itself as long as there is an actual new influx of players. […]”

“whatever is the “right” matchmaker is, I can tell with no doubt that it
– should not give advantage to buyers
– should not include clueless newbies to top 1/3 games

Can we agree on that?”

“I’m not evaluating teams based on their merits, but by realizing that the matchmaker is rigged. “Play with glass cannon if two of your teammates are new and two are good but play aggressive tank if two are good and two are average” makes absolutely no sense. It works because I realized that “new” = BUYER and that the enemy team will be fine-tuned to lose laning phase.”

“Also, I think the matchmaking system is “rigged” to temporarily reduce the ELO of players trying new champions, so they don’t get discouraged at their lowebsite champion pool, but lose whenever they pick you a new champion (because they don’t know how to play) and quit by being discouraged. “Never attribute to malice what can be explained by stupidity.” It’s just rigged too much to make new champs win, to ensure people can always find a new champion and keep playing.”

“he matchmaker places the PLAYER into the game, then the player select the champion. The matchmaker can’t know that the player will pick a new champion – except if it uses the info that the player recently PURCHASED the new champion. Unless you know any other mean for the matchmaker to predict new champion usage, your claim can be understood as “matchmaking system is rigged to temporarily reduce the ELO of players with recent purchases”. This is the most pure definition of “pay to win” I’ve seen.”

“Because you mastered a skill that is mostly present with higher level players.

For most players the learning goes:
1. micro (“play better than the other) => get a little over 50% win chance and rise
2. meta (“pick counters/ basic map awareness / …)
3. macro (“when to fight, make calls etc”, not always present) […]”

“And I mastered this skill overnight? I mean I struggled for over 500 games and then bang, I jumped 4 leagues with clear expectation of further climb.

Reacting in-game is too late. I have to pick proper masteries, early buys and act before the problem happens. Even worse: if I choose to early engage, I can ruin an otherwise won game! This is exactly why the matchmaking is rigged: I’m not reacting to the game but use out-of-game info (the op.gg data) to predict something that it shouldn’t predict. I mean consider two games, both game has a Yasuo top, with the same player playing it. Bottom doesn’t roam top, so whatever they do doesn’t matter to the performance of our Yasuo. Still, if Bot and Supp are new champion users, our Yasuo will go 10/0, while if they have 10+ games with near-50 winrate, our Yasuo will go 0/10. Explain this without rigging!”

“You didn’t master a skill overnight. In fact, it took all of those 500 games for all elements to fall into place. However, it is not uncommon for a certain skill to be useless until all of its elements are into place and then suddenly become useful once everything clicks together.

It is like a medical syndrome of sorts. Things don’t get really bad (or good) until you get the perfect combo.”

“Amazing! You rather believe that I’m an awesome player (despite my personal stats are crap) than accept that the matchmaking is rigged.

If I see 2 total newbies, every reasonable person would assume that they will lose their lanes badly and the best course of action is to shorten laning phase. Which is the opposite of truth: I should make laning phase longer because the team has carriers planted who will massacre the opponents. If I see average history players, the reasonable assumption is that they will perform in an average manner. Instead they are massacred unless laning phase is shortened.

What you have to explain otherwise than rigging is “how come that new champion users aren’t smashed but smash their enemies”?”

“Actually the most ‘alarming’ observation, which I also can confirm, is that dodging games leads to gigantic loss streaks, although your teammates seem fine in champ select. I don’t think it’s bad punishing dodgers (like with a time ban or -LP), but rigging their future matches WITHOUT ANY OFFICIAL NOTIFICATION just seems unfair to the player. Sure, trying to cheat the system isn’t great, but in any other case you get a notification with a known punishment (low priority queue, chat restriction, account ban). If they rig matches without telling anyone because you broke some rules, I don’t think it’s that far fetched to assume they rig matches for various other reasons that benefit their company.”

“I’m between a rock and a hard place now. On the one hand you are right, pure and statistics untainted by me any way should be the best proof. Hey, the fact of win-after-loss and loss-after-win is more likely than statistically should be is enough proof of rigging. The win-with-newbies should be red flag.

On the other hand 99% of people are shit at maths and cry “lol tldr numbers XD”. For them I must play and win with the exploit. By doing so, I am present in the results and they can claim that I merely won by “having skillz”. I failed to find real-time statistics and past-time statistics are useless as I can’t tell if the player was new champion user back then or not.

If someone just bought Yasuo, he’ll get someone with bad winrate as top opponent who will likely be clumsy. The formal leagues will be equal, but remember that it’s PLAYER and not champion league. The opponent can be the best ADC in the world if he is autofilled top. New Yasuo will get good teammates whose main counter the opposing lane players main so they can feed and carry his dumb ass. Or… the matchmaking just get full retard and give an unranked opposing player who doesn’t know what lasthitting is, the enemy team also contains someone with 1000 ping and a toxic guy spewing insults on chat while feeding. “

“Gevlon…You talk an awful lot about how much the game is stacked in favour of recent buyers…

But you *never tested it*.”

“That test would not only result in giving money to scammers, but also fully anecdotal. Did I just win 3 games in a row because I payed or because I’m good. Sure if I pure $10-20 before every game and win 100 times in a row, that would be something. I’m not sure I want to give them $1000-2000.”

“My find isn’t that. My find is that “if your teammates have no experience with their champion, your OTHER teammates will win their lanes”, which makes absolutely no sense unless you assume rigging.”

“Your argument is essentially that these pressures are created by the intent to rig the game in favour of buyers. I saw many examples where the simple time pressure of having to give everyone a certain quality of matchmaking service is already in itself enough to create such a situation.”

“no matchmaking is perfect. This means that there will always be games strongly stacked against Joe Somebody and games strongly stacked for him. That’s a price we must pay for shorter queues. We see it in WoW battlegrounds where essentially the number of healers in team decides the game. However I never saw it being biased. Sometimes I got lucky, sometimes unlucky. Over lots of games the odds evened out and only my skill mattered.

In LoL the games are always stacked for the buyers, therefore against non-buyers. Textbook pay-to-win, this time literally pay to win a match.”

“This question can be simplified as: “will you take crippling amount of money from Adam, pushing him into poverty to pay for Bob’s health care, or will you let Bob die in a curable illness”. The answer is “moral”, there is no objectively correct answer. Obama went with option A, designing a health care system where everyone is insured, regardless of the expected costs of his health care. The result is of course very high fees for everyone and insurance companies still going bankrupt.

[…] I’ll be very curious if Republicans will go anti-social on Obamacare or chicken out. The trick is that Obamacare is unpopular, since more people are forced to pay than saved (You need to take $20K from 50 people to pay for a $1M bill). So if they flat out stand up for their capitalistic beliefs, they get more votes. So the self-interest is there. Still, I wonder how many of them will look into the eye of a young girl in a wheelchair and say “sorry, I won’t force 50 people into poverty to save your life”.”

“there is a reason why Obama went the “force 50 people into poverty” way instead of the “tax Buffet” way. Hint: Buffet can just ran for Canada.”

“These are personality, value, meta-skill differences. While newbieness and casualness is limited to a game, being slacker and moron are universally true to the person.”

>Harlem Delivery Man Attacked As Onlookers Cheer In Disturbing Video

Title doesn’t mention attacker was black or the onlookers were also ask black or attackee was chinese because fuck you rainbow coalition everyone is the same no information can be gained from taking about demographics black lives matter and it’s whitey’s fault anyways, it’s the current year why haven’t you figured this out yet?”

“did you know, before Fox [News] came into existence, there were still people who did not agree with you?”

“Where is the groundbreaking result? One month of subscription (which is available for one PLEX) gives you one month of game access and 4-5 packages worth of skillpoints (depending on your current skillpoint count) in the form of offline trading. The market (the whole playerbase) values getting 1.5 package now equal to 4-5 packages over a month and game access. This extreme equilibrium can only be explained if we accept that the average player wants to buy power right now and ready to use his $ or farmed credits for it, rather than use it for subscription.

This also creates the strange situation that if you buy a PLEX and gather 4 packages worth of skillpoints over a month and buy 4 skill extractors, you can create 4 injectors and sell them, getting 4*0.6-1-4*0.24 = 0.44 PLEX! Since creating the extractors needs only a few clicks, it’s not “play for farm”, it’s “play for free and get a little power”. The average player values game access to less than zero, a free player gets a little amount of power for free, just for playing. This means that subscription model is dead. Please understand that it’s not a few whales skewing the results. If there there were enough free players who are fine with just playing the game and sell their skillpoints, the price wouldn’t be this high. But no, non-payers aren’t giving up on power, they just prefer to get it by farming. It’s “everyone” who want to buy power and consider the game access worthless and the pro-subscriber player is just as big outlier as the whale! He is just more loud.

The result is unquestionable: the dev has no other option than selling power items to the players. You can cry, you can whine, you can change all the guild icons to P2W, it counts for nothing. You are a tiny minority and the majority just want to buy the privilege of winning. The devs aren’t evil or greedy or want a cash-grab. The MMO scene started with $15/month subscription for everyone, a fair and completely P2W-free scheme. And then the players started to buy power from illicit sellers, even at the risk of being banned. This is another proof: players rather lose their account than play without purchased power. So the players forced the devs to give up on the fair subscription model and start to either sell power in the cash shop or allow players to trade subscription token for in-game credits. Please note that these methods (illicit RMT, cash shop and token trade) are equal for the buying player, while cash shop is clearly the best for the devs.”

“How come that “everyone” is for fairness? Because unfairness isn’t socially acceptable. Both the free player who is ready to farm for tokens and the whale is a loud supporter of fairness, they won’t identify themselves as freeloaders and power buying cheaters on the forum, just at the anonymity of the cash shop.”

“Free for all PvP games are designed specifically for loser jerks who still live in their mother’s basement and who need the success experience of PvP griefing in order to feel better about their pathetic existence.” – Tobold says. You can laugh on him, but more agree with him than not. What is “PvP-griefing”? Defeating him. This is the core problem. In a PvP encounter, one player will lose. In a PvE encounter the loser is almost always the NPC. Players are so entitled nowadays that they consider it griefing if they don’t win.

It’s not just about PvP. Computer power increased exponentially over a decade and AI research progressed to the point that chess programs beat human chess masters. Yet NPC opponents got dumber. A typical MMO opponent just stands in one place, oblivious to its surroundings until the brave heroes arrive and AoE them down with their l33t ability of pressing any key.”

“Which leads us to something fundamental: for a game to be competitive, there must be something that is socially relevant. It doesn’t matter if you personally find it stupid, what matters is that the majority of the players find it a source of pride for having and source of envy for not having. Top gear was such in WoW until every Arthasdklol started to get legendaries. From there it could be dismissed “lol I’ll have better from emblems next patch”. Territory ownership is relevant in EVE. High ranking is relevant in LoL. But there isn’t anything like that in BDO or WoT. ”

“World of Warcraft has pet battles, AoE looting, instant quests, open world dynamic quests, scaling instances, mobile-phone managed real time quests and many other features that were missing from original WoW and were copied from other games. None of them is integral to WoW, not like you couldn’t play WoW without them or their removal would completely change WoW. Why is it matter? Because it guarantees that WoW will remain the most popular PvE MMO and will push every other MMO into the 100-200K subscriber (paying player) range. If some developer would make an MMO with groundbreaking new features, Blizzard would quickly implement them all into the next WoW patch.

How can other MMO exist then if not by being better? Graphics and lore are marginal things, players openly talk about “content”, “mobs”, “grinding” and other terms that show that they are completely not immersed into the fantasy settings, they are farming gear to keep up or get ahead of the Joneses.

Black Desert Online is pretty popular and not showing collapse like other MMOs. Why? Because its core feature is different from WoW and it cannot be copied into WoW without completely changing it. Gear in BDO can be traded between players. WoW could copy it with a few clicks, but they don’t and won’t, because it would turn the game upside down. You can – and I did – get top gear without killing top level monsters in BDO, while in WoW you must farm your gear yourself and just some supplement items can be gained from other players.

There is a third field: PvP-MMOs, where meaningful items can be taken from other players (as opposed to vanity PvP where only the time spent PvPing is lost when you lose). EVE is the most relevant player of this field. Again, WoW could implement this with a few clicks, but they will never do because it would seriously outrage the playerbase.

There are possible other niches, but the point is that if an MMO doesn’t have a feature that WoW refuses to have, that game will be inferior to WoW and will wither and die.

This is important because it locks out practically every PvE MMO which aren’t called WoW or BDO.”

“Probably my whole approach to the situation was wrong. I wanted to catch the devs with a smoking gun, while players don’t care (otherwise there wouldn’t be any free-to-play games). Instead I should have accepted the game as it is, consider the rigging as just another mechanic needs to be considered while planning the metagame. After all “rigging” is a moral construct, judging the devs. It is possible – though unlikely – that they had the legitimate goal of giving winnable Normal games to new champion users (regardless of their payment) and someone left this subroutine in the Ranked code. Or the whole thing is a simple bug in the complicated matchmaker algorithm. Or legacy code. Or the Tooth Fairy. Sirlin said that players should not criticize the game but utilize its features to the maximum for winning. I’m pretty sure that more players would respond positively to a “how to be better metagamer in LoL” than to a “LoL is rigged and Riot is a bunch of scammers”, regardless of the objective truth behind it.”

“Back then there was blogging age: the “community” was around a few opinion leaders who read each other. If just one took the time to understand and check the results and found them worthy, they linked and mentioned it so it got to awful lot of people. Currently there is the social media age when everyone follows lots of little guys like himself. The few who bothers to read before commenting simply can’t reach enough more people to start a chain reaction. Most of them are “lol didnt read mustbe scrub making excuses”.

[…] I really don’t know what to do. I mean I can fight people who say “your research is wrong” but definitely can’t fight “didn’t read lol xd” ones. In the “good old times” I could ignore them as I only needed the ears of fellow bloggers and forum/reddit celebrities to spread ideas, but now one seems to have to convince ordinary folks to reach other ordinary folks.”

“Climbing high on a twitch game ladder that I know to be rigged?! For what? op.gg says Ladder Rank 385,936 (26.26% of top). I already at the edge of the top quarter with abysmal skills and playing a single undertuned champion. If that doesn’t convince someone that the exploit works, will top 20%? Or top 10%? Or top 1%?! Let’s be real, for a competitive person in Platinum 1, 45 LP, someone with Platinum 1, 44LP is a “worthless scrub”. These people won’t listen to anyone. They aren’t the audience. The audience supposed to be the ordinary players struggling in ELO Hell.

But I lost sight of it, because I was so dragged into competition. You see, I’m no superhuman. Fighting competitive instincts is an everyday struggle. I wish to be recognized and celebrated. I know it’s stupid. I know it is fake and worthless. But I wish it anyway. To fight it needs constant focus and self-reflection. To realize that being laughed at by the “l33t” while providing useful information is much more valuable than making them go silent by beating them.”

“We all understand why you shouldn’t feed wildlife, it makes them dependent on food from humans and leads to artificial population explosion. Why doesn’t the rest of the world understand this? The population of Africa has tripled in sixty years. It’s completely dependent on the availability of foreign aid, meaning up to a billion people will starve if it ever ends. Why not let 200 million of them starve out to natural levels in the 1950s and sustain a fraction of the inevitable deaths that will eventually occur? Do these people not think more than a TV program’s length into the future?”

“So is ISIS pretty much gone or what?”

“Yeah trump told trannies to use the right bathroom so whatever Isis is doing is now irrelevant”

“But for them it doesn’t matter. What matters is the feeling that they are awesome players. This is the feeling Riot sells for money.”

“Now, there are a great many people (yours truly here included) that will tell you that many parts of the Warpack mod are essentially useless. That’s true. One can’t help but wonder why they’re in there to begin with especially given that they’re available in most other free mod packs.

But therein lies the beauty of it all: If you point to one part being useless, one can then argue the entire thing is useless; and that is EXACTLY what they do.

They will use one or two of the essentially worthless mods included in this pack in a vain effort to try to discredit its power, while at the very same time completely ignoring any mention of the actual powerful mods within the pack.

It’s selective memory at best. At worst, well…it is what it is: A complete coverup.”

“When you hear a politician saying “I will make X happen” you hear an empty slogan. When you hear “I will make X happen at the expense of Y”, you have a program. This program can be stupidly wrong. But at least it’s right or wrong. “I will make X” is not even wrong.”

“[A] fair game with more teammates with high winrate is more likely won than one with baddies (go figure!). Exploit games also have a – pretty surprising – prediction method. This is much less predictive than the main classification (free wins have 80%+ winrate, fair games have 55% and exploited games played without exploit have 25%). But still, by the “goods – bads” prediction I could split the fair games into halves, one with 65% winrate and one with 45%. So why should I waste time? Let’s dodge the lower half!

That’s when and why everything went crazy! The game really hates queue dodgers since they both cheat (it gives advantage even if the matchmaker is fair) and because it wastes 5-10 minutes of 9 players. Punishing queue dodgers is a fair idea. So is punishing toxic players, botters and quitters. But instead of banning their accounts (they just make one new free) or giving out some in-game punishment (hey, they can just drop their account and make one new free), they put them to a “prison zone” and give them losses, by giving them each other as teammates and way better enemies.

It’s actually genius. The dodgers don’t know that they’ve lost because of being punished, they think that whatever dodge formula they made up is not working. The toxic people don’t realize that they’ve lost because they are punished, they are given the famous loading screen quote “players who criticize teammates after a mistake lose 25% more games”! Botters believe that their bots are badly written and quitters – well, they quit. The really new players who play ranked on an account they haven’t used for years (or just bought on ebay) will lose anyway, so they can lose in the prison, serving punishment to the inmates instead of annoying honest teammates.

While I admit that this is a genius plan, it’s also a perfect example of the matchmaker being totally rigged. I haven’t dodged on Sunday and I wonder how many lost games or real days I have to serve in the prison before I can return to evaluating the “normal” rigging again, the one which is aimed to help the paying players.”

“”Protocol?” Big word for a small guy. Let’s see what it means.

>the official procedure or system of rules governing affairs of state or dipolmatic occasions

Well, it’s not unofficial. They told you to fuck off. They literally by definition can’t breach protocol because as long as they tell you about it, it’s official, and who decides what gets to be official? Well, the state. And in this case, it’s them.

But of course there’s a catch, as always is with these tricky dicks.

preview: “Reporters from CNN and Politico were also not allowed to enter the office of the press secretary, Sean M Spice, in an unusual breach of protocol.”

actual: “Journalists from The New York Times and several other news organizations were prohibited from attending a briefing by President Trump’s press secretary on Friday, a highly unusual breach of relations between the White House and its press corps.”

As ludicrous a word and concept from these slimy fucks as “protective press pool”.”

“So you have contradictory rules posted on your site that are pointed out to you and your answer is to send him to the very same contradictory rules?

Folks, that is stupid on a level that is simply titanic. It’s beyond comprehension how anybody, let alone three anybodies, could be that blatantly stupid.

Or are they? Is it not equally possible that they simply hope by way of frustrating people into giving up that they can leave contradictory rules in place and pick and choose who they will enforce them against and when based on what they feel or think at the time?”

“Even if its all “cleaned” up. They still involved in it.

What this idiot is basically saying is its ok to do child porn as long as u dont advertise it. Or get caught.”

“The most ridiculous argument you’ll ever hear though comes from the Wotlabs folks, the forum trolls, and corporate shills (all of whom are in the same group, of course) and that is this:

You can’t prove they’re using the patent.

I’m not kidding. That’s their argument. The fact that Wargaming spent God knows how much developing it, patenting it, and the game actually works exactly as the patent describes and is noted by 10’s of thousands of players world wide means that they’re not actually using it…according to them.

Why would they deny it? Because in the end, when you really get right down to it, it’s fraud. Vegas was founded to make money via gambling. They used to cheat at it and then say, “Hey! It’s Vegas! Doesn’t matter if it’s rigged as long as he has fun!”

No. That’s incorrect. It does matter. When you’re shelling out money paying for a game, the very least you expect is that you get a fair deal. In Vegas these days, you do. The Federal Government of the United States and the State of Nevada saw to that.

With World of Tanks, it’s very, very clear that you don’t.

They’ve even put it in writing.”

“You’re going to be arrested for this. Downright illegal.

Enjoy the stalking charge, just because someone said something mean on the internet.”

“I love idiots that comment about things they know nothing about.

A. It’s not stalking, moron. We never sought him out. He, in fact, came here. Over and over and over again.
B. He was warned. He was banned twice. He still didn’t stop. He got what he asked for. If anybody in this whole thing was stalking, it was him.
C. Nothing about it is illegal at all. We’ve not posted anything about him that he didn’t post in the public domain himself.

So far, we’ve had Tsavo say he’s calling the police, Wotlabs asshats saying they “talked to the director of the FBI in Phoenix” (FYI, there is no such thing as a “director” in Phoenix – he’s actually special agent in charge Michael DeLeon. The Director of the FBI is James Comey and he’s located in D.C.), and two others say they’ve “called the authorities” or went to see them personally.

They and you are all liars. It’s laughable you idiots keep up with the hollow, empty threats.

But do keep it up. If nothing else, it’s entertaining.”

“What a fucking moron. One of the main rules of life is, “Do not shit where you eat.””

“Yeah so what? People are assholes, and this is the internet, if your skin is thin enough to get triggered by the process of 1 public battle i wish you good luck in the real world my friend. also there is a video on MY channel of the same thing, so thanks for promoting chems instead of me :(. you’re a pussy. o7”

“No, people aren’t assholes; you are. The really funny part is that you’re too stupid to know the difference between the two.”

“I’ve been watching Crowfall for some time, as I found it a very good game when I first read about it. And that’s it, I’m watching, since it’s not released: The front page announces the next test, various awards for being “most anticipated” and opportunities to “invest”, along with the proud announcement that they collected $10M for nothing. Because they have no published game. […]

Dear people, you get what you pay for. If you pay for a game, you get a game. If you pay for power, you get power in a rigged game. If you pay for development, you get development. The more you pay them, the more development you get. I guess Star Citizen will be in development as long as there are enough benefactors to keep the show running. When there are not, they publish whatever they have to avoid lawsuits and call it a day. I hope Crowfall will be different, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.”

“I’ve noticed a strange pattern in League of Legends. Guy pre-selects a champion. I check his stats, some obscenely high winrate with that champ. His champion gets banned or picked before him and he is forced to pick something he can’t really play. This is happening again and again, even with obscure champions. Hell, even my Warwick was picked by the enemy when I was second picker!

Even more strange: guy gets to play his main, the enemy picks counter and plays it well. I check the stats of the enemy player and see that the counter was also his main. What bad luck isn’t it?

Maybe not. Maybe clever data analysis and placement. I mean the game knows that Adam often plays Vayne and is very good with them. So if Adam is meant to lose, then let’s place him against someone who often bans Vayne. Or place him against another Vayne-main and let that guy pick first. Or against someone who often plays a counter of Vayne and let him pick after Adam!

This is another thing I can’t prove. However I’d like to point out that everything that is “luck”-dependent is under full control of the game developer. They have all the data needed to predict how players behave, what they pick, what they ban, how they play certain champions. It is possible that it’s just “bad luck”. But they can easily cook your luck. They control everything in the game. And they have very good reason to control “luck”: to support paying players.”

“Which gets us to the nastiest part: feeders. Feeders just die, die, die and give XP and gold to enemies. Being a feeder has nothing to do with being a bad player. It’s being an idiot. If I’d sit my mom before Leauge of Legends and explain the basics, she wouldn’t feed. She would run when she see the big bad guy with the big gun coming for her. Sure she’d be low on minions and wouldn’t have much kills, only some assists in teamfights. But she wouldn’t feed. Feeders are simple morons who just deny the obvious fact that the opposing player is better or picked a counter. They refuse to play safe, they blame everyone for their defeat and they die, die, die.

The obvious question is how can such idiot climb out of Bronze 5? Simple: if he doesn’t lose, he doesn’t feed. If he is the stronger in his lane, he wins it, might even carry. The feeder mindset helps carrying as he runs into uncertain situations aggressively and if the opponent is weak, he kills more than a conservative player would. You see where I’m going: him being carry or feeder depends on “luck”: is he facing a better or worse player/champion in his lane. If the player has the feeder mindset, the whole game comes down to this one question. Unless he is facing a weaker but very careful player who hugs the tower, it doesn’t matter what the other 8 players do. Such player will be responsible for half of the kills of the whole game in laning phase, either as killer or dead. Needless to say that it gives complete control to Riot over the game: pick a feeder player and give him an easy opponent to guarantee a win or give him a counter to guarantee defeat.

Please note something crucial: while every team game have idiots on your side, every other game limits the damage they can do to the team. In practically every game I can thing of, the worst possible teammate (who is not doing bannable things) is an AFK. A horrible World of Tanks player dies without getting a single damage. A horrible WoW battleground player just run into 1v4 and gets oneshotted due to horrible gear. Same for a horrible FPS player.

LoL is designed in a way that a horrible player can be much worse than an AFK-er. He can give lots of gold and XP to the enemy. Neither of the other games gives you any in-match advantage for killing enemies besides the removal of the enemy from your way. I mean if you kill an enemy in a WoW battleground, you won’t become stronger. Sure you can capture the objective he defended, but his fighting still slowed you, even for seconds. If you just stand on the bridge and farm kills, you are just as useless as the farmed noobs. Imagine if the bridge-pwnzor got a few ilvl for every noobs killed and after 10 kills could oneshot anyone?! Or the World of Tanks sniper would get +10% damage, +10% fire rate and +10% armor for every moron who run the field of Malinovka at start because of “lol itza game”.

Also LoL the only game I know with snowballing instead of diminishing returns. Having a 6/0/0 enemy cannot be balanced by having two 3/0/3 teammates. So even if 4 out of 5 players are winning their lane and the team score is actually positive, you can still lose if the fifth player is a bad feeder.

Do you think it’s by accident? Or did they design the game from the start to make sure that good (but not oppressively good) play can’t help the initial matchmaking?”

“It’s well known that countries abundant of natural resources tend to turn into dictatorships and have lower GDP growth. It’s not by mistake or because of some evil conspiracy. It’s simply that the leadership doesn’t need the people for GDP generation, so they can be suppressed at will. This of course will lead to lower economic growth as the resources are typically non-renewable, deplete over time instead of growing like economies built on people who always advance.

What I want to point out is that foreign workers – may they be illegal immigrants or holders of work visa – count as a natural resource and not as people, because they can’t vote and can be deported at will. They are generating GDP without any political power and allow the leadership to simply replace their disgruntled citizen workforce. To see why it’s right, we just have to push this to extreme: a country where everyone besides the ruling class is a foreign worker. This country – even if formally a democracy – is equal to a textbook dictatorship, since only the ruling class can vote and the rest of the people can be removed from the population at will.

One more reason to keep those immigrants out (or give them citizenship if they’re too good to reject). If you let them in, slowly but surely your country turns into a resource-cursed hellhole as the establishment will consider the people an obstacle instead of the source of their power.”

“The problem with the “git gud lol” trolls isn’t that they are wrong. 99% of those who climbed out of the bronze-silver-gold cesspool did exactly what they suggested. The problem is that their advice is simple but hard. It’s obvious, but very hard to complete. It’s like telling every poor people to go to school and then university and become a doctor and then they won’t be poor. Factually true, completely useless.

[…] The proper quality of a good advice is “yes or no”. “Work harder” is not yes or no, there is always someone who works harder. However “quit smoking” is yes or no, you are smoking or you are not. […] Probably that’s why I have bigger audience than the “git gud lol” trolls who offer nothing of value to their readers. And this is why I moderate them out of here. They bring nothing to the discussion.”

“You did less damage than Janna, you almost participate in fights and barely hit any turrets. Instead you farm the jungle all game, but without using the farm to attack the enemy its going to waste. Being lowest performer on your team is a consistent trend on your op.gg, while you have a teammate or two on your team who goes crazy and 1v5 the enemy and win for you.”

“what damage you expect me to do with -6% damage taken -4% damage from allies keystone and every item defensive? Or Janna should have tanked? But this is besides the point. The point is that I CAN stack my team, because matchmaking is rigged. Why should I bother to learn to play when I can uphold 2:1 win:loss for over 100 games?”

“We have many facilities here in the US that operate like this. Build a plant (Usually a meat packing or food manufacturing plant.) Ship in foreign workers under one of the visa programs set up to match slave labor (er… industrious foreign workers…) with unscrupulous corporations (er… valued GDP generating companies…)and then use those workers like caged dogs to produce food for sale, cheap.

It’s one of the gateways to the “Judge Dredd Future ™” (er… profitable global business model…)

The workers are happy with this arrangement at first, as it’s better than where they came from. But they are cloistered in “company towns” and are just being used as cheap labor (Looking at YOU, Texas!)

Of course, liberals defend this practice by using poor people as human shields. (But without cheap food, poor people would starve!)

This is not a sustainable practice. Companies that don’t engage in what is essentially human trafficking can’t compete. And then what do you do with the workers when they’re replaced by younger, cheaper versions from the next third world country on the list? Meh… just release them onto the streets. What could go wrong?

Immigration is not and has never been about uplifting humanity. It’s about cheap labor.”

“Amazon, of course, touts “Free shipping” to it’s well to do customers who demand posh treatment because they’re so important. I’ve always wondered how this was a sustainable practice… it turns out it’s not.

To do it, they mercilessly track and monitor their slaves (er… drivers.) under conditions no one who has better choices would endure. Yay for unskilled foreigners who don’t have a choice in the matter, right? The “libertarian” view is that these people are “independent agents” in full control of their decisions and not being forced to participate it what is arguably a one sided deal. Now, to clarify… AMAZON doesn’t do the merciless tracking itself. It basically tells the contract driver company to do it. That’s just straight out of Prince Machiavelli’s handbook.

The argument for libertarians is then, “But they were worse off in their original country or condition.” Thus tacitly agreeing that they’re being used now, but it’s somehow for their own good. It’s not. It’s a non sustainable process that will only result in the process’s refinement and wider implementation. We will ALL eventually be slaves with people like Jeff Bezos at end or our chain.”

“Amazon spokeswoman Kelly Cheeseman said the delivery firms it contracts with make their own decisions about when to fire employees. But she added that Amazon expects the contract companies to provide a certain level of service. […]

She says Amazon gave her up to 72 packages to deliver in four hours, meaning she had to deposit one package roughly every three minutes.”

“Hungary was a communist dictatorship until 1990. The real, Castro-Kim-Mao-Brezhnev type of communism with government ownership of all companies, formal censorship office and “criticism gets you to jail” society. Now the communists did one thing very seriously: hunting right-wing extremism. WW2 Nazis were executed after the war and any kind of nationalist or racist sentiment was hunted. You made a racist joke at the water-cooler and your colleague reported you (or there was a mike hidden in the room)? You just lost your job and got blacklisted from any jobs except the lowliest of menial tasks. You tried to spread nationalist propaganda? A couple of years in jail for you. […]

This extreme hunting of right-wing extremist views, combined with no external support in smuggled Western literature made these views extinct. I grew up without hearing a single anti-Semite joke. “Jew” was just as emotion-less descriptive term as “Malay” or “Finnish”. I haven’t heard a single racist slur either, if kids wanted to insult each other, they typically used “your mom is a whore” or “you’re nothing” but nothing racist, simply because there were no source for them to learn it. African students were common sight in universities and no one cared. So communist Hungary was the perfect politically correct utopia for liberals.

Yet right after the fall of communism the newly formed liberal journals were full of warnings about the Nazi menace threatening our life. Which at first was funny as we never seen a single one nor they actually referenced any kind of hate crime or particular person as enemy. We were told to be very afraid of non-existent Nazis. Soon our smile got wiped out when the liberals started to preach that because of the looming danger of non-existent Nazis we must unite with the communists. Yes, those communists who ran the dictatorship just a few months ago. *Those* communists who kept the very same liberals in jail, who executed the guys whose photos were on the same journals demanding union.

On 1991. Sept 27, 17 months after the first democratic election the “Democratic Charta” was signed by liberal opinion leaders and former communist leaders to unite their forces against the “brown rain”, the invasion of Nazis – without anyone seeing a single Nazi person in Hungary.”

“I fully understand how MMR works. The point is that “Platinum” guy has MMR that matches him against silver people and he still has Platinum bragging right. The very purpose of hiding MMR is to let him be Platinum, while in reality he is playing in Silver or Bronze.”

“I expected proving Riot rigging League of Legends to be a complicated data analysis. Instead, I just bumped into a smoking gun […}

Yes, I was autofilled into Bot role, despite I picked Jungle and Top and both jungle and top players were glad to do ADC. There is no other explanation for this than the game wanted us to lose and placed everyone purposefully to the wrong lane.”

“Donald Trump, despite being an idiot, was born wealthy and has access to a network of contacts and resources those intelligent and serious people do not. Worst comes to worst, which it has before, he can always fallback on the famous name and face to make opportunity for himself.”

Sorry, this is bullshit. Even maintaining wealth, let alone growing it, requires skill. You are talking about a ‘neighborhood’ where people will stab you in the back just to improve their standing even trivially. Sure, being born into money helps a lot, but I see a lot of other people wasting it and doing practically nothing with their lives. You’re saying that essentially any celebrity can become the next president, right? He’s rich and has contacts, clearly anything else is just fluff.

You’re making it sound that anyone with money can be just as successful as Trump, regardless of personal accomplishments. This is what people say to themselves to justify their failings or lack of personal progress.”

“Is the game full of complexity? Yes. But for an average player, it’s just bad complexity. I purposefully only play with Warwick and Nunu to prevent myself from advancing via better game mechanics knowledge and hand-eye skills, so all my advancement is credited to my understanding of socials and strategies. For me the various champions are just flavors I don’t really care about. The rules of “2 v 1 wins” and “higher level and items win” serve me perfectly. With this abysmal “skills” I’m already above the median of ranked players.

“Niche, core, challenging” have numbers behind them. Only one in a hundred million men are astronauts. Only one in a hundred has PHD. Only one in a hundred can complete a Marathon running in 5 hours (and where is that from competitive?!). Playing League of Legends needs nothing but a pulse. Since you are facing similar opponents, any level of competence is unnecessary. Since ranked queue was down today, I played a normal to test a small rune/mastery tweak: the teammates were unironically chatting how cool skins they have and how many games they must play to get the next, even more cool skin. The hard core of gamers they were.”

“Reading guides of good players is an accepted norm of learning to play. Following the advises of successful people is considered a good practice in life. For some weird reason people are still bad at games and unsuccessful in life. Maybe there is something wrong with those guides?”

“The answer comes from realizing that immigration and refugee protection got mixed up despite they are completely different issues. Immigration is about letting people in who are needed and will fit in the country. Refugee protection is about … protecting refugees from the dangers they ran from. Currently refugees are protected by letting them immigrate without vetting. If one can prove that he is in grave danger at home (and it’s not hard if he is from Syria), he can enter the country and live among us, even if he is totally unfit for it, for example don’t speak the language, don’t have any profession to work and consider women to be mere property of men. Which is true for 80% of the swarm entering Europe.

The proper solution is keeping refugee protection completely separated from immigration. Refugees should be placed to closed camps where they are safe from whatever danger they were running from, get shelter, food and health care. From there they can leave only two ways: if their home becomes safe again and they are going/sent home or if they successfully immigrate to a third country. In the camp they should get the the help for the immigration process, but still have to go through all checks that ordinary immigrants have to. If they learn the language, get a profession and adopted to our culture then they can leave the camp and live in our countries. If they don’t, they stay in the camp until their country is fixed.”

2017 Jan 31 ~ Feb 21

“the people working in customer facing software are the kinds of people who go to shitty tech conventions where they give talks about gay nonsense that serve the sole purpose of attracting investors but they always have this signally nonsense about how they’re trying to build some start up community culture in town X or change the world or some nonsense”

“the point of getting a girl is not just having sex. If you just wanted to fuck you could hire a hooker for that in 10 minutes. The point of trying to pick up chicls is the primal feeling of 1) validation and 2) mutual desire. Fucking an ugly chick, much like fucking a prostitute, does not make you feel good about yourself. Instead it rather demolishes your feeling of self-worth because you were only able to score such a subhuman useless piece of genetic trash”

“has anyone figured out yet that facebook has nothing to do with reality? why are you even reacting to these posts? they dont cost Facebook A THING. At least in the days of paper propaganda they had to pay to print it. we are volunteering to consume this GARBAGE INFORMATION”

“Well she already came out and said Ron and Hermione would have a divorce and Hermione would of cheated on Ron”

“literally what kind of person does this”

“someone who wants to try and remain relevant by trying to extend the canon of her series in really stupid ways”

“not only does she comment on her works after-the-fact and change them around but she does so in completely pointless ways that dont contribute anything to the story and just end up making likable main character look like shit”

“Dubya remained silent throughout both Obama terms.
Obama waited a week to undermine the latest President”

“Trump’s statement on his immigration measures telegraphs a lot about his administration’s strategy. He intends to draw the left out and force them to fight in the courtrooms where they can’t use the court of public opinion and twisted words to tell lies without speaking them. They have to present clear and unambiguous facts under oath. They have to tell the truth under penalty of law and they have to sit there while the truth is read into the official record to their dismay. CNN and PolitiFact can’t twist the narrative and tell lies with the polished smile of a con man. He intends to drag them into a legal fight that will last a decade and drain hundreds of millions from leftist organizations in Washington. While the left is relying on tried-and-true counter-revolutionary tactics and theories from the 1960s Trump is going to dazzle them with the slick veneer of boardrooms and courtrooms from the 1980s. Who would have thought that Rules for Radicals would be replaced by the Art of the Deal.”

“Just think about how retarded these airport demonstrations are. What the fuck are these people demonstrating for? Like, just think about it. Even if you disregard the fact that Trump is the president belonging to the opposing party yada yada, but what is it these people are upset about? They’re upset because unrelated people from other countries now can’t come into the country? That’s it? Foreigners not being able to travel to your nation? That’s the giant issue that you camp outside an airport for?
Think about this in any other cultural or historical context and tell me how laughably silly it becomes

Imagine Louis the 14th had just randomly passed a law forbidding all english to come into the country for whatever reason. Maybe you’d have some people who thought it was silly, maybe you’d have some people who thought it was diplomatically unfortunate or an unproductive political measure. But would anyone actually care or opposite it so passionately that they’d scream or cry about it? this whole reaction is just so stupid”

“Trump is building an autocracy!” cry people who want us to live in an open-borders polyglot homo-friendly favela run by globalist tech billionaires”

“Why is there no western equivalent to the Japanese manga industry? We’ve got shitty superhero comics but they are all horrible and incredibly dull in variance. It’s a guy in tights punching walls and beating up bad guys who can also fly. Manga have much more varied subject matter.

It’s interesting to me that people haven’t started “webcomics” previews in the style of manga and publishing companies surfaced to publish these works in magazines to be sold. Or completely online but some way to sufficiently monetize that if magazines aren’t a thing in the west.

Mostly webcomics are 99% humor 1 page/weekly things that don’t have a lot of effort put into them. What if these started being drawn by superior artists who put out 20-25 page chapters each week?

Certainly there’s a lot of history or folklore to draw inspiration from.”

“I think it’s because stylized mediums just aren’t taken seriously in the west. When the animation industry started taking off with Disney, plenty of people watched those movies but they were all kid friendly. Disney has been dominating the stylized film market and although they produce quality films, its all pg stuff so they have essentially eternally associated stylized cartoons to kid stuff to the average American. That influence carries over to stuff like comics as well imo.

Also comics were also meant to be for kids (at least the stuff that got big and is big now). The characters were super simple and not very fleshed out, an the ones that actually were violent were violent and edgy to the point of cheesyness. There were never any stories out there that set out to appeal to an older audience. And alongside this whole comic thing you have the comic strip industry pumping away. Now this was stuff that a lot of adults actually did read alongside their newspapers. However, these were also humorous, lighthearted, and kid friendly. So essentially, you have generation after generation of people who have only been exposed to stylized art, whether it’s through animation, comic books or comic strips, through a kiddy filter. They’ve never been shown an engaging mature, adult story in one of those art forms. And after a certain point, people just expected this stuff to be for kids.

Whereas in Japan they’ve done a variety of stories via anime and manga that appeal to all audiences and span a wide array of genres. They’ve really explored the mediums and shown people what it can really do. There are a few diamonds in the rough in the west but they never take off due to the already established stigma in the west.”

“I disagree, go to art school and then you will see how much people actually suck at drawing. “

“Digital makes things too easy. You can iterate for days.”

“You can iterate for years and you still won’t get anything even close to that result.”

“Exaggerated poses and perspective make it easier to fill a widescreen format with one character.”

“Can I get a quick rundown on this guy?”

“best(most successful) concept artist in the industry. he will exploit cucks for his own benifit.”

>Charging up front
Ic taught me not to do that, coz it’s a dick move”

“That’s retarded. You’re using your time to provide something that the client finds value in and wants to pay for. That’s like saying it’s unreasonable to pay the price of admission before going to something. If a client saya they don’t want to pay upfront, be grateful that they’ve given you an early red flag so you can eject and avoid wasting your time.”

“Honetly, clients who don’t want to pay anything upfront are a blessing in disguise when it comes to bad clients. It’s the earliest possible cue you could have to get the fuck out before getting fucked over

Now, clients who pay upfront but then request endless unpaid revisions, change their mind and want something entirely different beyond of the bounds of the contract, or go ghost for months without a word, those are the ones to watch out for”

>African Union condemns US for ‘taking our people as slaves’ but not as refugees
Lmao but they sold their own people.”

>Movies/TV shows have people playing games in a scene
>They literally have no idea how to play at all
>Say stuff like “Gather the most points!” when playing a modern day FPS or “I just got a 1up” in a game where no such thing exists.

I mean, it’s not a big deal. I get it. They’re just using old tropes to make it seem like the person is playing… but is there seriously NO ONE on the team who speaks up and says “actually, this is fucking stupid” or “It would make the show seem smarter if he said X””

“Its main goal is to present itself as a video game to its audience. There will be people in the audience whose greatest interaction with video games is buying a Nintendo for their grandchildren. Using terminology like “points” accompanied by exaggerated hand movements makes it clear even to them.”

“Well maybe if directors didn’t simplify shit in that way all the fucking time, we wouldn’t have millions of fucking people who still think videogames are “just like Pac Man or Donkey Kong with the points right XD?””

“you know what’s funny? if some d/ic/k posted that painting the replies would be

>head too big
>perspective is fucked
>lighting doesn’t make sense
>nose is wrong
>tit is missing

it’s only after ‘knowing’ that the artist as an established professional, that this piece is considered ‘good’. that’s the problem with this fucking place.

it’s the same kind of thing that makes someone go ‘hurrdurr Noah is still better than 99% of /ic/’ when it couldn’t be further from the truth. Noah is fucking terrible yet the average /ic/ imbecile will elevate him simply because he is popular.”


“It just dawned on me that I had a breakup go so badly he got mad and helped usher in a new era of American fascism over it”

“It’s really weird to think Donald Trump is president now and is implementing anarcho-capitalism under the direction of Steve Bannon and all because Zoe Quinn had sex with 5 guys. Wow!”

“What makes America great is that a bunch of racially different people live on the same landmass. Yup, that’s it. That’s the secret to success. Diversity is our strength. And by diversity, I don’t mean diversity of ideas because we all know that liberal democracy is the best and should be imposed on the entire world without exception. I mean just people being different races. This makes America succeed somehow. Because if America was mostly only one race it would definitely fail. Because it wouldn’t have the magical success powers that only come from having many different races of people living on the same landmass.”

“Time Magazine profiled Gelernter in 2016, describing him as an “arch-genius.”

The Washington Post, profiling him in early 2017 as a potential science advisor to Donald Trump, called him “fiercely anti-intellectual … a vehement critic of modern academia” and quoted Gelernter’s book America-Lite as blaming an increasing “Jewish presence at top colleges” for what he sees as a decline in American culture.”

“Well behaved women rarely make history because they’re too busy making the future.”

“Beating up Nazis bc they are Anti-Semitic and homophobic is okay, beating up Muslims for the same reasons is wrong bc it’s their culture.”

“Killing Nazis is American as Apple Pie!

But also at the same time America is a nation built on white supremacy and colonialism and imperialism, built on the graves of native americans and on the backs of black slaves.

Now let me explain to you how trashcan tipping is just like the American Revolution.”

“Killing communists is also an American tradition but they never mention that.”

“I need feminism because over 90% of CEOs are men.”
“How do you know they are men? Are you referring to them as men based on your own preconceived notion of what a man is?”
“They are men because they look and act like men. What kind of question is that?”
“Isn’t it transphobic to assume that just because someone looks like a man, he’s a man?”
“Go fuck yourself”

“Schumer in 2015 – “Halt in refugee program may be necessary”
Schumer Now – “This order was mean spirited.””

“That’s a professional greeting.”
“Professional greeting?”
“A magic set of words that allows even shy people to greet others.”

“FCC head Ajit Pai will protect the Internet from censorship—by refusing to treat it as a public utility the government has a right to control.”

“Interesting how Alexandre Bissonnette’s ‘likes’ of Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen are somehow a window into the deepest part of his soul, but his ‘likes’ of left-wing social democratic parties such as the NDP and the Parti Québécois magically aren’t.”

“#Resist and #Fight for your beliefs.
Unless your beliefs are different, then #ShutUp”

“What’s to stop same said companies from sourcing their labor overseas if they don’t let them work here?”


“Tariffs on what? On services?”

“Money crossing international borders.”

“How does one sufficiently tax wire transfers of money via the internet, if I may ask?”

“Well, to pay foreign workers they have to wire money from a US Bank to a foreign bank and that can be regulated.”

“Ah. So they won’t just run money via a 3rd party like PayPal or something?”

“Tax evasion being worse than murder from a legal standpoint. PayPal has to report the revenue so the IRS will have the money records either way.”

“”Ignorant” is one of those shitlib dog whistles that always signals a limited intellect and poor education, self-taught or otherwise; the illiterati use it interchangeably with “stupid” or “bigoted” (because they don’t read). The cynical opinion makers use it because it resonates with morons, and also because it’s a common insult blacks use against racist white people”

“Taxing remittances is the nuclear option, which would mean the total economic ruin of Mexico and violent revolution besides. Both sides know it can be done.

This is just Trump’s opening move. Trump explained to everybody how he operated, that he was a deal maker and that he would fix all of America’s bad deals. But when he makes a move or an offer that is not the most powerful offer he can make, this should not confuse people. The goal is getting what you want, not killing your enemy. Taxation of remittances would destroy Mexico.”

“Voting can be an economical alternative to war, as long as the winners don’t seek to take, nor impose, enough to make war preferable.

Between a bunch of guys, who understand that violence is the alternative, voting can work fine. It can be a relative improvement. When we vote, we are saving each other money, and saving each other’s lives, by not fighting instead. It’s a win win, the winners win more and the losers lose less, because we don’t have to contest matters on the field.

But women lack perspective. They just think voting is magic. “Teehee, we mark the paper and we get what we want.” They abide by no limits.

It was never necessary to give women the vote, because they don’t participate in the production of violence. It was a pure indulgence (that we can no longer afford.) There was never any female violence to buy off by granting access to the political process, and its spoils. But women’s participation in politics changes outcomes, unlike their participation in wars, of which there is never any to speak of. And when the outcomes of elections diverge far enough from the outcomes of war; those with the means, men, have the incentive to stop voting and simply war; to stop playing politics and just play violence.”

“I can’t understand how the institutions in pre-1933 Germany could have let the holocaust happen. Maybe Hitler threatened their funding too”

“>says trump’s muslim ban gives ammunition to ISIS
>unlike obama who gave actual ammunition to ISIS”

>Dating sim as a genre is dying

What went wrong?”

“Waifus are everywhere now.”

“You need to work to get girl in the dating sim
Shitty vn like steins gate and Sakura trash are the future of gaming”

“Nobody wants to work their way to get a girl anymore, and those who do rather play something with more gameplay and some dating sim elements in it, like Rune Factory.”

“A history: A company named élf made a sequel to their famous dating sim series called Kakyuusei 2 (the precursor to dating sims even before Tokimeki Memorial. Series’s pretty huge in Japan. The company themselves used to be a behemoth in the eroge industry, with YU-NO, -saku series, Dragon Knight series, and Doukyuusei/Kakyuusei series under their belt, along with numerous other old VNs.) They spend much on promotional materials to advertise this new dating sim game, with an anime series that comes out before the game. They are so confident that the game will success, that they dare to put the release date of the game the same as Rance VI to rival Alice Soft (Look to the VNDB release date on both games if you don’t believe me). But when the game comes out, it revealed to the players that:

1. The face of the game, the childhood friend main heroine Saimon Tamaki, told the MC when asked that she already in relationship with a rich medical student, and still in relationship with said boyfriend when the player enters her route. This is in contrast to all previous main heroines in their previous games of the series that doesn’t have any boyfriend or even any knowledge of sex beforehand.

2. The scenes. The player can spot said childhood friend main heroine kissed, an groped on the crotch by said boyfriend while she clearly looks enjoying it. In front of the peeping MC. WITH EXCLUSIVE CG DEDICATED TO THE SCENE. You also can sometime catch her just walks out of a love hotel when exploring the city. In previous games, the heroine can flies off to another guy, but that’s failure event if the player doesn’t chase said heroine or fail spectacularly trying to get her. Here, it’s a normal CG that you can get when trying to get her, and one will only unlock if you have sufficient affection rating to her. So the player basically already ‘lost’ her before the game starts.

3. The heroine’s personality and route. During her route, it’s necessary that you take her to dates if you want to get despite knowing that she already has a boyfriend. Later on, after her affection rating is high enough, her boyfriend starts taking her home after you date her. The day after that, when you meet her again, the MC asks if it’s okay to keep dating her, she assures him it’s fine. After being fetched 1 or 2 more times by said boyfriend after you date her, after at the last date, you find her having a quarrel with said boyfriend in front of a love hotel because she keeps dating her childhood friend, before he finally breaks up with her, wishing her happiness with the MC afterwards, and leaves with his car. After that she depressed and you have to cheer her up by being her rebound guy.

Later in her first sex scene the MC asks if she has done sex with the boyfriend, she confirms it and asks him to understand because she loved her very much.

Nevertheless, all these pissed people very much, which is understandable.”

“Thinking about it, there are basically three classes of ownership.

TENANCY (possessive property): any random sense of attachment or association which can occur in any time or place, but can’t ultimately be defended in a situation of conflict.

TITLE (legal property rights): A legal claim of exclusive control which is allocated and defended by a sovereign entity.

SOVEREIGNTY (demonstrated property): An entity which has the strategic ability to defend claims of property from those who disagree with that claim, by force in the ultimate case.

Progressives and egalitarians are biased to think in terms of tenancy. The best example is the shaming that happens every Columbus day. Native American tribes had tenancy (possession) of the lands of America, but history has borne out that they did not have title or sovereignty. They were physically unable to defend their claims under the test of conflict. Tenancy is a bit like leaving a wallet on a bench in the park. When it gets stolen you can moralize and complain and rally all you want, but it doesn’t make any difference.

Also, I think that libertarians tend to be stuck in tier two- maximizing legal property rights without accounting for the costs and conditions of sovereignty. But I’ll get to that later.”

>Funi screwed their chances for an Oscar title though.
They never really had a chance, Academy voters only watch cartoons when their friends produce them or their kids want to see them. I doubt Funi has the budget to pull off an actual nationwide ad campaign that would get enough of them to watch it.”

“The Socialist party of the United States favors all legislative measures tending to prevent the immigration of strike breakers and contract laborers, and the mass importation of workers from foreign countries, brought about by the employing classes for the purpose of weakening the organization of American labor and of lowering the standard of life of the American workers.”

“As a Jew who is a third-generation Holocaust survivor, I am horrified by #MuslimBan”

“What the fuck does a Third generation Holocaust survivor mean? Shekels & a Guild trip till “the Rapture”?”

“Of course, she’s not horrified by a Muslim immigration ban in ISRAEL.

Jews among us are nightmarish parasites, excreting story and doctrine that destroys the ability of the host to make self/other and safe/ dangerous distinctions.

They all need to be sent to the corn field.”

“Did leftwing radicals just attack a gay Jew for his Nazi beliefs?

I officially live in Clownworld.”

“Is the logical error really that subtle? The number of people killed in the United States in the past is not a measure of the future threat. For example, if no one in the US has died of ebola, should we then conclude that it poses no threat?”

“He was a probably a refugee child with mental health issues whose religious background is irrelevant.”

>Hundreds of Roman coins found in ancient Chinese ruins
“Well clearly this was because gold pieces were interchangeable and spread via trade and not indicative of any direct or indirect contact between the Romans and any Chinese Dynasty”
>Single ring with Allah scribbled on it found in Scandinavia
“The Vikings were Tan Muslims! Sweden should welcome their ancestors back into their country!””

>Muslims disseminate a few advancements, virtually all of which were created by people they conquered or traded with

“Islam played an essential role in the development of western civilization, therefore muslims have the right to travel in unlimited numbers to Europe until all of Europe is muslim.”

>Europeans introduce modern technology, 97% of which was developed in Europe, to African tribes that didn’t even have the wheel, advancing their societies, technologically, by several thousands years, abolished slavery within their colonies, and drastically raising the standard of living, until they felt bad about dominating another race and left, but still gave the Africans aid to try and help them approximate a western standard of living.

“Europeans oppressed Africans with their colonialism, therefore Africans have the right to travel to Europe in unlimited numbers until all of Europe is African.””

>US border patrol ‘checking people’s Facebook for political views’

So people who want to benefit from the previlige of immigrating into the worlds richest nation now have to go through the same process every applicant at a company does? Shaking. Literally shaking.”

“Umm excuse me, this is only supposed to be used against evil right wing nazis”

“In 60 seconds Cato institute will publish an article on how it is tyrannical for a state to do this. Then they will publish one on how it is okay for a business to do this. Finally they will write a blog post wishing the state was run more like a business.”

“notice they are willing to talk about ANYTHING, no matter how perverted, ridiculous, idiotic, specious or flat out retarded BUT labor issues.”

“Boy I sure do love losing 20+ games in a row.”

“I wonder what was the common factor throughout those games?”

“Matchmaking code, number of unannounced official bots per game, bad RNG, personal reserves were on, the other team always had more heavies than us, the other team always had better heavies than us, the other team always had more tanks with literally impenetrable armor than us, our team always had more non-turreted TDs, other team always got the better spawn, i didn’t shell out any money, i didn’t use any gold, i didn’t use any gold ammo, i wasn’t on a premium account… plenty of things. I could go on. Was there one you had in particular? It couldn’t be that out of a small sample of 20 games, of which you didn’t observe a single one, you had a very specific conclusion in mind?”

“That’s what they always say after a bomb. They NEVER will say a sequel is cancelled, since that’s admitting they released a turd. Actions speak louder. There’s no detailed news about a sequel. No plans on release. No one is working on it. When will they work on it? Who knows.”

>doesn’t post a better game

There is no better game. The MMO is dead. All the money is in the cellphone games like candy crush.

That’s what pisses me off the most. The dream is dead. We’re all dying in a nightmare.”

“Flash is a mandatory summoner skill which blurs the lines of every champion’s strengths and weaknesses. It’s a get out of jail free card, and it’s way to cheat your limitations by instantly becoming a threat. It ruins balance completely and it’s already imbalanced. If an option is so good that you’re punished for not choosing it, then it’s fucking imbalanced. Remove Flash.”

“It makes things very, very rigid and stale. There’s no deviation from what they want you to do and if you try you get punished. You NEED to have a solo top, solo mid, solo jungler, and two bottom that have to be ranged carry and support. If you try to do anything other than this, either the game’s metagame crushes the strategy or riot themselves nerf it to the point where it isn’t doing. It’s fucking boring.

I remember when the game came out people would have level 1 insanity battles in front of dragon, 2-1-2 strats in addition to 1-1-1-2, two people up top one person down bottom, roamers existed. It was all removed in favor of simplifying the game and if you don’t adhere to the way they want you to play, you get banned. Does the random button even still exist?”

“The really interesting thing is that everybody more or less recognizes that Belichick has repeatedly made use of overlooked white players, but nobody ever says they’re going to imitate the most successful NFL coach since Lombardi. It’s another example of my observation that if you aren’t allowed to talk about something, it’s hard to remember to do it.

Our society talks constantly about not overlooking blacks, but it almost never talks about not overlooking whites. So, only the smartest guy in the NFL remembers to not overlook whites.”

“The biggest problem with League heroes is how they try to make everyone different while still locking them into a specific role. Dota has so much hero variety because heroes all do very different things. Some have overlap or even spells that are basically the same, but still play quite different due to every hero having abilities that no other hero has. League has so much overlap the meta boils down to who does x better.

This also is why a forced meta is garbage. When all your assassins have burst dash combos, you only pick the assassin who has the highest burst and best dash. When all your tanks have a shield a stun and a slow you pick the one who tanks the best and controls the hardest.”

“No roit im not going to wait till u patch it i am just going to quit this shit fest”

“The entire meta is just burst. Sustained damage? Long teamfights where you have to manage multiple skill timings and items?

Naw, everything’s decided within 2 seconds. Either you instagib someone or they instagib you. Cooldowns that aren’t ults may as well not exist past the laning stage because unless the spells has a sub 2 second cooldown you’re not using it again in the fight because they’ll either all be dead or you’ll either all be dead.”

“An institution is the lengthened shadow of one man.”

“At the time of Speer’s accession to the office, the German economy, unlike the British one, was not fully geared for war production. Consumer goods were still being produced at nearly as high a level as during peacetime. No fewer than five “Supreme Authorities” had jurisdiction over armament production—one of which, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, had declared in November 1941 that conditions did not permit an increase in armament production. Few women were employed in the factories, which were running only one shift. One evening soon after his appointment, Speer went to visit a Berlin armament factory; he found no one on the premises.”

“I dont understand people who play games in this genre regularly. A single match is such a commitment.

The average match (not including matches that end in the lobby or in the first 2 minutes) is a little over half an hour, you have to spend 5-15 minutes per match on research getting people you know and preperation, if one member of your team of 5 people is gone for too long your team’s kinda fucked, if youre gone for too long the other 4 people are fucked and you can get a ban, you have to take a specific role and strategy that youre likely uninterested in or your team is fucked and you get banned.”

“I think it’s quite telling that the red line for the Left, the line that Trump crossed and in doing so became an illegitimate candidate and President, is his policy on immigration. Republicans could harm poor Americans all they wanted, and the Left would make a show of caring, but people wouldn’t be having literal mental breakdowns or rioting in the streets if Trump had campaigned and won on the hallowed Conservative values of low taxes and wars for Israel. No, what’s caused this meltdown is his perceived treatment of foreigners. Not Americans, but foreigners. I know it’s glib to say that the Left cares more about Mexicans and Muslims than it does about normal Americans but how else can you interpret their overreaction to Trump’s presidency and the catalyst for that reaction?

In fact Trump has manged to draw out lot of the worst of the Left’s general ideology which to this point have been relatively hidden, into the light. Witness the gnashing over teeth over the retention of American jobs, and the sudden support for NAFTA. Witness the kowtowing to the Chinese government after Trump dared to call an American ally, Taiwan. Witness a thousand greedy lawyers, who’d charge normal people $300 an hour but begged a few dozen Moslems to allow them the privilege of representing them for free. Witness the hatred, contempt, and disgust (even from many churches!) towards the idea that the United States might prioritize Christian refugees. Imagine that! The first time since the start of the Arab Spring and the sitting President finally proposes to do something about the mass genocide of the oldest Christian populations on planet earth. And how does the Left react?
These nutcases are inciting violence because they believe hate speech incites violence – try to explain that backwards logic.If Trump is the tipping point for the Left, that support for Trump is beyond the pale, then I’d turn it around on them and say that opposition to Trump – on the SPECIFIC grounds that people are opposing him – is, to me at least, indefensible.”


“One of the main effects of sprawl is the imposition on residents of a lot more miles of travel to satisfy their daily needs, whether it is work,. school, cultural activities or shopping. All these miles add up, and generally the only way to be able to travel around without wasting half of one’s waking day walking or biking around is to use cars. The result is that to be a functional member of society in sprawl, you essentially require a car, in fact, one car per working adult in every household.

This comes at a cost, of course. Walking is free, biking is nearly free, transit is comparatively expensive, but cars throne over all of these modes of transport in terms of how expensive they are. According to the AAA, a small sedan used for 15 000 miles a year costs nearly 7 000$ to the owner. If you buy used, you save some money, but not all that much of it. Edmunds, a car website, has a “true cost to own” metric which indicates for instance that the total 5-year cost to own and use a 2009 Honda Civic bought secondhand is around 29 000$, or 5 800$ per year.

Since buying a car is almost a requirement in sprawl because of the distances people have to travel each day, and that cars are extremely expensive to own and run, the result is what I call the “sprawl tax”: the fact that building sprawl and living in sprawl comes with a high transport cost that drains people’s pocketbooks and which they cannot avoid, just like taxes. People have to work, have to buy food, have to get out of their home sometimes to satisfy their needs, and when they do, they need a car if they live in sprawl.”

“In general in North America,there is largely two cases determining when rapid transit investments are done

1- In places that are already pretty dense and where demand for transit is so high that it overwhelms the local transit lines. Rapid transit here serves to increase the capacity and quality of transit where transit is already highly justified.

2- In places where there are chokepoints (often natural due to large rivers splitting an urban area in many parts) that make increasing road capacity outrageously expensive, then rapid transit is used to support the downtown area by increasing the capacity of transport links without having to build new roads or widen existing ones.

[…] The problem is that this way of planning transit is merely reactive, reacting to development patterns. In terms of direct ridership potential, the first approach is certainly the better, yet it is available in only a few areas, essentially older, denser neighborhoods with mixed uses. The latter is cheaper but has low potential for ridership, at least as things stand. Both approaches ignore the very significant influence that the presence of a rapid transit line can have on developments. Sure, transit-oriented developments can follow, but it’s often an uphill battle.

The point that is important to understand is that high-capacity rapid transit is not only a transport tool, it is a powerful land use tool which task can be to shape cities and their development pattern.”

“Often, zoning is portrayed as something necessary to provide the adequation between the different needs of communities, places to live, places to work, places to provide goods and services, etc… So zoning supposedly could make sure that cities are better built. When pointing out how many zoned cities are anything but that, that they tend to be massively unbalanced cities with huge single-use zones, some will say that it’s simply the planning authority being incompetent.

The reality, I think, is pretty obvious, zoning has nothing to do with trying to build an efficient city. I mean, you can try to do it, and if you go for strict zoning, you should definitely try to do it. But still, zoning is not a positive tool but a negative one. By that, I mean that it’s not because you zone someplace for a certain type of development that it will happen.

Zoning isn’t about telling what will be built in a place, it is about forbidding any different type of development from happening in that place. When you zone an area to be residential, you’re not really saying “residential developments will occur here”, maybe they will never come, what you’re really saying is “all developments apart from residential developments are banned here”.

Furthermore, in relation to economic efficiency and to cities’ needs, since zoning can ever but ban uses, by default it would mean that zoning reduces efficiency and reduces a city’s adequation of its many needs.

Why is that?

Banning inefficient uses of space has little to no effect as they tend to be weeded out naturally, bans are only ever meaningful against EFFICIENT uses.

[…] For instance, if you have a transit station with vacant lots around ready for residential development, you don’t really need to zone the area for high-density housing, because high-density housing generates a lot more revenue per square foot of land than low-density housing. So if there is a 600 square meter lot (6 000 square feet), that a multi-family developer could build 8 units on it for a total of 400 000$ in profit while a single-family developer could build a single McMansion on it for 150 000$ profit, the first developer will be willing to pay the land far more than the second one. If the land is sold for 200 000$ after bidding, the first developer could still buy it and make 200 000$ on the lot, while the latter would lose money if he bought it for his McMansion.

So in that case, zoning the area for high-density residential developments and banning low-density housing is absolutely meaningless. If you didn’t zone anything and let people do whatever they wanted, the high-density housing would still win out. Zoning only has an impact if you do the opposite and ban high-density developments, then, deprived of the more efficient and profitable avenue for development, the land will likely be cheaper, cheap enough to allow the McMansion to be built at a profit.

Even in built-out areas, zoning has the effect of preventing efficient use of space and buildings. If some place lacks a corner store but has too many houses, it is possible that someone would buy a house and turn it into a corner store, if it is more efficient than just another house. But not if zoning bans it.”


“German treatment of POWs throughout the war makes a perfect counterpoint to Nuremberg, slavery, remanding to Stalin, murder by starvation, etc. etc. etc. etc.

“oh, but it’s what everyone does”

The infinitely diseased propaganda imaginings of the English people during both wars can never be forgiven and should always be hung around their necks. No one should ever forget that they broadcast that the Germans had huge corpse processing factories where corpses of their victims were rendered for fat and bone, which were used to make margarine and buttons, respectively.

“oh, but it’s what everyone does”

The Anglo-Saxon race is really a very interesting study because they don’t act remotely like anybody else on Earth EXCEPT FOR JEWS

Also must mention that even Britons know this and overwhelmingly listened to German propaganda broadcasts to find out what was happening in the war.

Goebbels’ first principle of propaganda is: it must be true.

The law and soul of the Anglo-Saxon towards sentient beings, OTOH, is: lie to it until you can plunder it, kill it, or deform its soul a la 1984.”

“Trump policy team:
“IT should be allowed to unionize and should be protected from exploitative corporate boards of directors so they can afford their basic housing needs without being outsourced to virtual slaves in China and India.”
Anti-Trump “progressives”:
“Wow, really? Central economies? Meddling in foreign labor for political reasons? Okay fascist. I would tell you to make Steven Bannon go read Atlas Shrugged but he probably can’t read either.”

“honestly if i was an art director i wouldn’t want to work with someone spouting political ideology all the time. also not sure how being misogynistic/racist is going to get you ahead anywhere, you don’t have to be a sjw but at least you should be respectful :^)”

“Yet artists who spam my facebook feed about how America is a new apartheid state and equal to Nazi Germany don’t seem to have any trouble finding jobs. Everyone seems to love diversity as long as it isn’t diversity of opinions.”

>It’s probably fine to hold different views from liberals, but you would have to sound like an educated adult in doing so, rather than spouting off buzzwords like an autist.

well that’s not what he’s saying, though, is it? he’s doing a combination of virtue signaling and declaring that you have to have the right opinions and be “pretty damn progressive” or you will literally be blacklisted. Which isn’t actually true. The game industry and software development in general is still very much a boys club, making games marketed to those same teenagers on the Internet. That’s the market and those are the people are largely the people who are going into the field.

I don’t know who this person is, but I would bet a significant sum that if I’ve never even heard of him that he’s not in the industry in any signicant capacity. And I’d be willing to bet that his art stinks, too.”

“Take 2 seconds to think about who put that up there.

Take 2 seconds to think about where their true interests lie.

It doesn’t matter what they throw up. They want you to trust them and see them as a stair-way to your dreams.”

>but at least they’re honest.
But what’s the value of honesty in art?

We are making illusions in a canvas. Artistic tools like composition and color palettes exist to persuade and influence the viewer, not to tell him the truth.

The public doesn’t wants the truth. No artist is good enough to be completely honest.

Why not just circlejerk? Isn’t that human society? Isn’t that our economic system? Just a giant circlejerk?

When you see someone and say good morning as a reflex, you might not really mean it. You might be lying. But isn’t that better than just calling them an asshole to their face?

What the hell do we win from trying to be honest?

If you tell an artist that his work is good even when it isn’t, you gain a friend and he continues practicing.

If you tell an artist that his work is shit, and it’s honestly shit, you don’t get anything back. Your hands are empty. You gain an enemy. He either stops drawing or grind and grinds and grinds until he gets good and then becomes your market competition, who will take your jobs.

What’s the end game /ic/?
Do you really want the truth or do you want a prosperous life?”

“There is a saying in business.
>”Suckers try to be right. Non-suckers try to win”
They don’t care about being right. Even if they get everything wrong, they will have more friends, game and social security than you.

Do you think that birds will suddenly fall to the ground because they don’t understand the physics of aerodynamics?

They don’t need to know why they are successful. They just will be because their system labels them so.

This system, “/ic/”, what does it labels you as?”

“It’s pretty obvious for anyone that’s any good at observational drawing that OP did not trace those images. Look closely nerds-there are discrepancies everywhere in each of them that wouldn’t make sense if they were traced. You kids are betraying your inexperience and proving decisively that you couldn’t do what OP is doing at anywhere near his level. You’re just projecting your own insecurities at this point.”

“The best time to start something is 10 years ago.
The second best time is right now.”

“”Don’t avoid doing something because it will take too long. The time will pass either way” – some Chinese fuck.”

“Trump seems to have pulled off his simplest (and best) troll yet. He goes out and says that the media is under-covering Islamic terrorist attacks, and in response the media starts making lists of all of these Islamic terrorist attacks and can’t stop talking about them.

Look at that link. That list is stupidly long, and the media somehow thinks that they’re proving Trump wrong about Muslims?”

>Thirty Year Study of Vegans Finds Increased Rates of Mental Health Issues

“Who knows if its the diet that caused it, or just being around the types of people who eat vegan is the real cause”

“Devos can’t be Education Secretary, she is unqualified!”
-someone who voted for Community Organizer Barack Obama for President”

“This American pastor seems to have grasped a very simple fact… when you try to persecute the Jews and the Land of Israle, it’s your OWN loss”

“It’s a lie. Never let it go unchallenged.

The British worked with the Jews for 500 years, secured Israel, fought WWII and are now a huge turd swirling the toilet bowl.

IOW, YHVH *punishes* those who help the Jews. It’s all a lie, right down to the last word of the Bible. How is the other great ally of Israel doing?”

“No, you’re missing my question.

Facebook and Twitter *are* natural utilities. That would be easily established, even in a hostile courtroom.

My question is: why is nobody attempting to get them identified as such?”

“insurance agents – people whose job is to fight against people wanting help”

“We must celebrate our way of life…until their way of life dissipates under our feet”

“Many persons, artists, societies and civilizations of the first rank are either forgotten, totally misunderstood, or never spoken of. And it will ever more be so.

I myself only learned about Nalanda this year, and I am more than halfway through my life. Larger and more specialized than the Library at Alexandria, and like everything else good on this earth, totally annihilated by shit-eating Muslims.

Roman stoics and neoplatonists made refinements on Athenian redactions of Orphic and Pythagorean wisdom because they had access to Buddhist missionaries.

These missionaries had a strong influence on early Xtianity (the Buddha was made a saint) and taught at Athens, Rome, Antioch and other major capitals of the ancient world.

The Romans had seen a Buddhist quietly sit through his own immolation and this was a tremendous impetus to Stoic ideals of mental self-control. Because they couldn’t do things like that.

None of this is known. The distractible morons whose eyes pass over this information will forget about it. Memory as a measure of greatness is wildly overrated. Both Bach and the Romantic poets barely ever happened and will soon be forgotten. As Whites die out, even Athens will be forgotten. Just yesterday, a flurry of stories about the study of Greek tragedians being eradicated from high school curriculums in favor of gender studies. Every good is forgotten, and in the end only Jewry remains. […]

The Athenians, as well as all Greeks, regarded Spartan men as the best and highest kind of men in the world, like gods. Not just for military discipline and prowess, but for endurance and silence (our world ‘laconic’) and, most famously, wit.

The Spartans were not expansionistic. The Athenians were – almost as Marxist theory would predict – uncontrollably expansionistic, hubristic, entitled . . . much like the USA today. “Everything that’s yours is mine.”

Not only did Greeks (Athenians included) think that Sparta produced the highest kind of man, they also turned to Sparta in their need, after essentially having been enslaveed by the Delian League (an Athenian dominated UN/ NATO sort of organization). The great war that destroyed Greece came because representatives of EVERY Greek city came to Sparta to beg: save us from the Athenians! Please!

The Spartans had a sort of religious authority that came from the framer of their constitution, Lycurgus, who had his own ideas about how constitutions form human character. He was also regarded across Greece as a demigod.”

“People don’t know much about Sparta or its genuine accomplishments, which are very interesting. Also, what I said is true, if you were anywhere in Ancient Greek and mentioned or asked about Spartans, people would react with awe. They thought that Lycurgus, who had announced that he would create a higher type of man through his constitution, had succeeded beyond his wildest dreams and he, too, was accorded pan-Greek divine honor.

People think Spartans were totalitarians or lived in a dictatorship. This is totally wrong. They lived in a constitutional monarchy and took the love of liberty VERY seriously. So much so they pioneered the dual kingship system so that they wouldn’t ever fall into a tyranny or dictatorship.

The question of exposure or eugenics is an open one. People also misunderstand the nature of exposure. It was not a eugenic practice. It was a last-ditch admission on the part of the mother that she could not provide for the child. Leaving the child out was leaving him to God’s grace. Maybe a slaver would take him, maybe an infertile woman would pick him up, maybe he would die. The grossly deformed were occasionally exposed but it was more an admission of helplessness: “I can do no more. Perhaps someone else can. Perhaps god can.”

A lot of legends about exposure are attached to the Spartans, but I wouldn’t say anything definitive until I checked the recent scholarship.

So much hysteria and disinformation. It should always be kept in mind that the Spartans were also mainly remembered by their neighbors because they were so funny. The ‘laconic wit’ was their most distinctive feature in their neighbor’s eyes. […]

I like the Spartans because, having created a whole society with one purpose: to breed and train the best warriors imaginable, did not engage in anything remotely like imperialism. They took one adjacent province to provide for their agricultural needs and that was it. Democracy turned the Athenians into insatiable, hubristic, brutal imperialists. I can never emphasize enough: all of Greek turned to Sparta, which was at the gym that day, and said save us from the Athenians, who are acting like a bunch of Anglos. Sparta not only did this, they showed mercy to the Athenians when it was all over.

Another fun fact. Spartans would often comb their long hair before battle. They were required to wear their hair long by the constitution , which allegedly argued that if a man was beautiful, then long hair would make him more so but that if were ugly, long hair would make him more frightening. Can’t argue with that logic.”

“If Sparta is so great then why did it never produce a Plato, which Athens did?”

“A great painter can’t be faulted for not having written a great poem”

“because it was already a society that incorporated many of the great things that Plato described without needing him”

“Athenian democracy had NOTHING to do with American democracy. Every ‘citizen’ was a candidate for office or for jury duty, which involved juries of 500 men. The vote and all of these goodies were for freeborn male citizens and no one else.

America is a constitutional republic. Even people who are total idiots about democracy’s advantages or disadvantages need to understand that ours is a) a mixed system and is b) directly modeled on the mixed system of Rome.

A ‘mixed’ system must include elements of monarchy, oligarchy/ aristocracy and democracy: one, few, many.

The truth is our government has been slipping into a sort of unipolar democracy, especially after indirect election of senators was abolished. The whole point in having state legislatures select the senators was so that half of the bicameral legislature was made of aristos or their equivalent. Having direct election of the Senate means you just have two Congresses, which is a disaster.

The Executive (monarch) was the most feared by the Founders and the most limits were placed on him. I will say they correctly anticipated where most of the mischief would occur but here we are with a President who can assassinate American citizens without a trial and the surveillance state, etc.

The Supreme Court, which is now doing the work of Congress by making legislation or demanding its creation, was never supposed to be even remotely like this. Congress has the power to override ANY Supreme Court decision at any time for any reason.

The biggest mistake of the founders was assuming Congress would be jealous of their powers. The truth is that democracy requires statesmen, men with balls and spines. Since Congresssmen want nothing more than to be re-elected, they have given up all their powers. The Founders were explicit that ONLY Congress could ever declare a war because countless republics have fallen because Executives, for whatever reason, love, love, love to make war all the time, everywhere. It’s like a mental illness. Congress gave up that power because if they have to declare war, then somebody can accuse them of having voted for it. Why bother with that? Ditto bussing and segregation and all the rest. Why not let the Supreme Court handle it?

The Supreme Court has actually become the most dictatorial and expansive of all the branches of government. Roe v. Wade is an obscenity, not because abortion is right or wrong, but because the Supreme Court has no business making law for the States. In fact, the Supreme Court is the best evidence I know of FOR democracy.

The quality of the people and the emphasis on their moral compact and common interest are the only real guarantees of good government – those and a (genuinely) free press. Jews and oligarchs can’t co-exist with a nation.”

“as long as women cant vote who cares”

“But what difference does it make whether women rule, or the rulers are ruled by women? The result is the same.”

“France to build a $21 million wall around the Eiffel Tower to help reduce death from terrorism. They need an American Lefty to tell them walls don’t work and they are wasting their money.”

“In 1992, only days after the release of Windows 3.1, it was discovered that the character sequence “NYC” (a frequently used abbreviation for New York City) in Wingdings was rendered as a skull and crossbones symbol, Star of David, and thumbs up gesture. This was often claimed to be an antisemitic message referencing New York’s large Jewish community.[9] Microsoft strongly denied this was intentional, and insisted that the final arrangement of the glyphs in the font was largely random. (The character sequence “NYC” in the later-released Webdings font, in turn, was intentionally rendered as eye, heart, and city skyline, referring to the I Love New York logo.”

““I don’t want to spend my entire trip sitting inside a casino all day,” said 31-year-old Michael Nelson, speaking as if indulging in a 200-dish buffet, touring a celebrity wax museum, or viewing various hotels’ outdoor fountains were not equally tragic reasons to visit the city.”

“A person called in, very offended, called him a racist and said how dare he says those things about Romania.

Farage responded by saying that Romania was a racist country because they discriminated against Roma gypsies. The caller responded by saying that Roma gypsies are treated that way because they’re responsible for the vast majority of the crime.”

“1. No “nazis” instigated any violence whatsoever.
2. The only violent people were the leftists.
3. Shia himself committed assault on live feed.
Conclusion: Nazis ruined the art project by causing violence.”

“So facebook keeps marking my posts about Hitler on my main account as spam. It changes them so they are only visible to me ,and asks “is this spam?” but nothing changes when I answer no. The posts remain locked and only visible to myself, and it is impossible to change the privacy settings. Sometimes Facebook says “this post will be deleted in 30 days.””

“The muh food argument is still garbage because people can just learn from small visits between countries, recipe books or this little thing called the internet. You don’t see asian countries crying out for more frenchman because there’s places that do french pastry.”

“Japanese just send their people overseas to learn any foreign cuisine or other foreign cultural practices that they take a fancy to. Just look what they’ve done with, two random examples, mayonnaise and whiskey.”

“They did this with industrialiszation, government methods, methods of building a modern navy, how to deploy a navy, repair and fueling stations, etc.

The nineteenth century in Britain was full of busy Japanese, politely asking everybody questions.”

“BioWare are too cheap to have a male and female mocop, so this time they went with a female mocop actress due to all the flak they got from FemShep using masculine movements in the original Max Erect trilogy (you know, like when she sits down with her legs spread wide open in a manly way?)

That’s how biWare ended up with this numale manlet Ryder–he had to be a feminine betamale because he’ll be using literally female motions in-game.

Since ME: Andromeda’s intended audience are women, the actually purposefully hit her with the ugly stick a few times despite being modeled on an actual real woman. EA feminist sociologist diversity hires insist that female gamers are incapable of self-inserting into a pretty woman since it activates their almonds and invokes jealous feelings–a problem male gamers never posed, men can just as easily self-insert into a 9.9/10 Perfect Male like Shepard just as easily as they can self-insert into a fat fuck Aussie hamplanet like Roadhog or even into the opposite gender.”

“imagine being a jealous cunt with no empathy your whole life. really dodged a bulled there.”

>look pretty close to what they look like in real life, uncanny valley and deliberate imperfection recreations tends to make them look “unattractive” along with some sloppy texturing in some cases
>look nothing like their real life counterparts, “manjaw” always shaved down, look “attractive” because they have been “dollified”, typical Jap shit

You weebs have to understand, the Japs design their characters to appeal to a nation of pathetic losers who would rather fuck 2D cartoons than real women. The west does not design their characters with that sort of audience in mind. Western character models are not ugly, they just don’t have the doll like you want.”

“>typing out this much bait”

“For some time now there has been a split in how most people believe their moral judgments are formed. This standard, by and large, is motivated by one seeking to distance themselves, by any and all means, as being labeled a hypocrite. In particular, the left loves to use “hypocrite” as a cudgel to beat bystanders into line in the culture wars.

If this sounds vague, it’s best demonstrated through example. A liberal would say “How can you oppose lewdness in society if you view pornography? That sounds awfully hypocritical.”, or “how can you oppose immigration if your neighbor is a foreigner” or “how can you oppose abortion if you use birth control”. It’s an easy and cheap tactic to dissuade people from thinking too deeply about moral and cultural issues, since it is a surface-deep attack that strikes at an individual’s natural desire for a consistent moral framework.

Yet, it has its problems. The “hypocrite” line of attack is based in secular, or, if you will, pagan notions about temporal purity. To a liberal, ultimately unconcerned with a sense of objective morality or explicitly *spiritual* purity, they go with the base human urge that behavior influences morality, not the other way around. Someone with a lower moral imperative might think “oh, yes, it’s awful hypocritical me of to think there’s something wrong with hookup culture or orgies while I consume pornography, so I, as a pornography consumer, now think my behavior is okay and there behavior is okay. I was wrong to judge. We are both right.”

That, to me, is wrong. It ignores man’s nature as a fallen creature who is ultimately redeemable with faith in himself, objective morality, and the ability to change. Someone with a stricter moral guideline would say “Yes, it’s wrong of me to indulge in a vice, and I, as an irrational and persuadable being, often make the wrong choices. Yet I can realize what I do is wrong and seek to overcome it, and my moral failings do not axiomatically make even GRAVER moral failings correct.”

But that is how the left makes its progress, and why liberal positions change so starkly every 5 to 10 years, and why today’s “conservatives” often look like yesterday’s liberals. A liberal would start off in the Civil Rights Era, for example, saying that treating minorities differently is wrong (nothing inherently wrong with that idea), and then conclude, via not wanting to seem a hypocrite, that “racial privilege” is a valid concept, until you end up with a liberal purity spiral that results in the modern-day progressive stack

You see this in almost every liberal position today, where the urge to stamp out ideological hypocrisy leads to further and further derangement in order to stamp out any possible contradiction in the narrative.”

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Trump in the past 3 weeks, it’s that the cuckservative craves leadership. He will go where he is told to go. Guys on the Hill who have been complete pieces of shit for 20 years suddenly have balls because the guy at the top has balls.”

“A connecting point between empiricism (the bad kind) and nominalism (and materialism) that is characteristic of the Eternal Anglo mind is this: The Eternal Anglo takes it as axiomatic that *nothing is in the mind that did not enter through the senses*. There are no archetypes, no race memory, no proclivities of any type – there is only ‘the blank slate’. Ockham, Locke and Hume all came from Britain, and all are plagues on this earth.

Since there is nothing in the mind except sense data, we move on to the second degree of insanity: that only quantifiable sense data is a legitimate source of knowledge. Since such knowledge cannot come from a non sensory or immaterial source, then the only conclusion that may be drawn is that material reality is the only reality by definition – and now we enter the third degree of insanity. From the third degree of insanity flow all but one of the rest of the evils of the world: materialism, nihilism, psychopathic individualism (because morals – being nonphysical – cannot exist) and the variants of finance capital we all are now being impoverished or enslaved by.

Materialism and empiricism and tabula rasa (blank slate) always invoke their favored instrument of mass destruction, and the fourth and final degree of insanity, nominalism, in their train, because we can never empirically study anything but individual events that logically cannot have a collective existence (which would be non-material). Realism, the opposite of nominalism, is learned by humans via the study of mathematics and geometry. There is no other way to attain the knowledge of subtle objects outside of space and time, or Real Wholes. There are only reductionistic parts, subdivided forever, studied via sense data, eternally alienated from each other and from ourselves and from other phenomena. Resistance to anomalous findings (quantum phenomenon, to take just one example) drives these people mad because the experiments (empiricism) directly point to non-material realities. Thus, science simply excludes any theory about the observed phenomena and are visibly angry when the obvious implications of their work are brought up.

Finally, shitty Anglo metaphysics ends up in shitty Anglo society. Because Real Wholes don’t exist, race doesn’t exist. Society doesn’t exist, in the famous words of Margaret Thatcher. There is only the individual quest for plunder. The possibility of understanding the Jewish Question is impossible. Our race doesn’t exist, so acting or thinking collectively would be the ultimate error. Nor does the Jewish race exist, because nobody can or would ever act collectively. Therefore, any racial threat the Jews pose is imaginary (and therefore to be hated as a non-physical object) and any possible damage to our race, which cannot exist, is equally impossible. Even if the JQ were to occur to an Anglo, he would be helpless, having nothing but his sole law of plunder to plead for mercy with, to which the Jew always replies: you can hardly complain that I am better than you at plunder, therefore you must accept poverty, war, drowning in Muslims, etc. You have no non-material morality to appeal to, i.e. I’m the real Englishman now.”

“Every single terrorist attack that happens in America from this day on will be blamed on the Democrats in the public consciousness. The fact that Trump decided to move on his travel ban quickly is critical because it means that all he has to do now is wait for the next inevitable attack which he can then use for his gain and make a stronger case for himself and against his enemies. Rightly or wrongly, the left will own any such events occuring under his term. Needless to say Trump should engage in false flag terrorism and have his government stage such attacks once he has rid his administration of the rats leaking stuff to the public”

“People really, really hate double standards and I find that a bit fascinating.
I think my favorite example of this is the Brock Turner case where a Stanford swimmer was convicted of sexual assault and ended up getting sent to prison for 3 months.

Many of my left-wing friends were outraged that he was imprisoned for such a short length of time. When I commented “Hey, aren’t you a prison abolitionist?” They responded with “Yeah.” So they can’t seem to figure out why this might conflict with their outrage over Brock Turner spending “only” 3 months in prison, just because there are other people that serve longer sentences for similar offences.

It seems to me that if your position is that prison is wrong in all cases, then you should celebrate when anyone gets less prison time than expected. But I think the positions taken by these so-called radicals reflect more an attempt to express their emotions than any serious consideration of criminal justice, so it should not be so surprising that when their stated political positions conflict with their emotions, their emotions win out.”

“He was being chased by a violent crowd. That’s why there’s so many charges. One for each person pursuing him on a couple charges plus another general charge. He was being pursued by 10 people threatening him with violence, and now he’s guilty for not hurting anyone.”

“he fucked up pulling the gun without shooting anyone, before any actual assault. post assault, there were plenty of cameras available to document self defense.”

“That’s dumb legal BS. Once they started threatening violence, he had every right to escalate his defense. Would they rather he just pull and start shooting them? Why should he have to wait to be overwhelmed by a mob to start defending himself?”

“He didn’t call them fake news he said it sarcastically.”

“Yeah, that’s what makes it even more sad.”

“Tumblrites don’t just draw ugly people. They draw them in a way that is very forgiving, since they like to pretend that they’re just “a different kind of beautiful”.

Here’s a challenge for you: Draw a morbidly obese person, a disabled person, a transexual or some other kind of minority in a way that exaggerates the features you find unappealing, post it on tumblr and report back to us.”

“This inversion of meme-jacking (businesses using already popular memes for marketing), where new meanings are forced onto a meme, is both hilarious and natural (e.g. consider Pepe or Operation Race Guy. We really shouldn’t be surprised at this phenomenon any more). I’m sure the pop culture media will pick up on this and trumpet warnings about “fascist dog whistles” until they become fact. Maybe after enough of their memes get killed off, normies will learn the lesson that meaning of a meme is in the context and the use.”

>Being jealous of someone who admits they need Instagram to live
That’s not something to be jealous of. Unless you also think I’m jealous of 2005 Matt Wilson and his mega flash cartoon.

I may have a dead end job, but at least I’ll still have it when the new hit social media craze hits.”

“she can just also post there as well”

“Yeah, like all those mega popular deviantartists who totally retained their fanbase when Tumblr became the hit thing.”

“Are you implying they didn’t?”

“Are you implying they did? Are you implying most big online artists right now aren’t people who got known within the last 3 – 5 years with the exception of a handful of people?”

“they can both be popular anon, theres no limit to it. and now its easier than ever to gain a fanbase
name me 2 artists that have adapted that lost extreme favor with the crowd anyways”

“Dobson. Kyle Carrozza. And ironically with Kyle, he got a TV show at the lowest point of his popularity. But at least, unlike most artists, he has a foot in the industry where his online blog death doesn’t mean he’s dead, too.”

“Explain to me why this is an example of bad urban planning as if I were five years old.”

“>sprawling suburbia
>have to reach end of block to walk to the next one out
>no grid pattern
>literally need a car to use it properly”

“>tract housing with no parks and no greenspace (unless you’re a golf club member)
>strict segregation of housing types to make sure that rich people never have to see those dirty poor people who can only afford apartments
>all commercial activity limited to one concentrated area with a massive surface parking lot
>lack of grid pattern means essentially every trip in or around the neighborhood is going to involve the 2/3 major streets for maximum inefficiency
>residential streets have no trees and clear sight lines to encourage people to drive as fast as possible
>design and its consequences means that public transit, walking, and biking will never be practical or comfortable options here – all residents must drive cars for all trips”

“>no individuality between houses/streets/neighborhoods
>no natural gathering spaces
>nothing to see
>nothing to do
>isolated from surrounding communities, no sense of connection to the city
>low density and spread means you probably don’t know your neighbors

the whole area is just a dead zone for people to sleep in at night, there’s no life here”

“While in Facebook jail, I converted to Facebook Islam. It’s like real Islam except, instead of committing terrorist attacks, I just shill for terrorists and signal about staying halal and observing Ramadan.”

“Post envisioned the house as a future winter retreat for American presidents and foreign dignitaries, and following her death in 1973 it was bequeathed to the nation. However, successive presidents declined to use the mansion, which was returned to Post’s estate in 1980 and in 1985 was purchased by Donald Trump, later 45th President of the United States.”

“That kills in one hit??? What the fuck”

“Shugoki’s grab does more damage the less health he’s at. If he’s below two bars (1 and a half actually, I think.) the grab insta kills.

It’s easy to dodge, and generally is used to punish people who play over aggressive against the Shugoki. If the Shugo misses with it I’m fairly sure it kills him with the self-damage it does, and if it doesn’t it leaves you wide open and low on stamina.”

“Yeah what this game needs is MORE things to punish aggressive play.”

“Cant i play one single fucking class based game without a fat pig having some sort of obnoxious one shot mechanic?”

“Every “human element” and “little picture” story from Syria has been a lie. Every exposed lie is forgotten and a new one conjured from thin air immediately.

That evil Assad used Russian chemical rockets on civilians!
Oops, footage shows fragments of US aerial cluster bomblets and the expended hull of a US chemical bomblet dispenser.

Oh did we say Russian chemical rockets? We meant barrel bomb factories!
Oops, footage posted to Twitter by US-sponsored rebels shows them setting IEDs in the same neighborhoods and chanting Aloha Snackbar.

Oh did we say barrel bombs? We meant mass graves in Aleppo!
Oops, repeated searches by satellite, ground and air reveal no mass graves in Aleppo.

Oh did we say mass graves? We meant secret hanging prisons! Here just ask the NGO that told us about such horrors as Nayirah al-Ṣabaḥ, chemical rockets, barrel bombs and mass graves!”

>Husbands Are Deadlier Than Terrorists
>Trump’s focus on refugees diverts from real dangers

Talk about fake news. How much time does the average person spend with husbands vs how much time they spend with terrorists? What about husbands who ARE terrorists, which column does that go in? My point being, 1) proportionally speaking, terrorists are still MUCH more dangerous, even if they don’t kill as many, at least in some years, as husbands. 2) unlike husbands, technically, we don’t actually NEED any terrorists, which is what this hackery is trying to justify.”

“Normally intercepts of U.S. officials and citizens are some of the most tightly held government secrets. This is for good reason. Selectively disclosing details of private conversations monitored by the FBI or NSA gives the permanent state the power to destroy reputations from the cloak of anonymity. This is what police states do.

[…] Flynn was in the crosshairs of the War Party because he’s the most prominent of those around Trump who advocated for détente with Russia. Also, his somewhat loopy belief that Islam, per se, is a pernicious political ideology rather than a religion, made him a natural enemy of the pro-Saudi faction within the intelligence community, which had long worked with Riyadh to, among other things, overthrow the government of Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad.”

“Something that profoundly bothers me is the ridicule of Christianity in the West today, particularly among glib and ostensibly agnostic types. More often than not they’re actually atheists who pay lip service to the idea of some gay, imprecise “spiritual” source that wants us all to be “good people”, which in their deracinated and gutless opinion, means we’re all live-and-let-live cultural relativists. The view is best summed in the following quote:

“If you’re Native American and you pray to the wolves, you’re a savage. If you’re African and you pray to your ancestors, you’re a primitive. But when white people pray to a guy who turns water into wine, well, that’s just common sense.” – Trevor Noah, Born a Crime

It’s almost too dumb to be worth arguing with, but it’s the same argument that comes up with Odin people and crystal people and whoever else

Show me Odin, show me a wolf or a crystal doing anything for you, show me the ghosts of your ancestors. Blah blah blah but that stuff is psychology that helps your inner life blah blah blah. The life of Jesus is independently attested history, the fact that people repeated stories about what he did (or supposedly did) is independently attested history, the fact that communities sprang up within years of his death and created practices we still observe today is independently attested history. Believing in the claims of Jesus and his disciples is not the same thing as believing that there’s a guy with one eye and an axe living in the clouds, or that some wolf will make the crops grow or whatever.

These people are shameless- Noah (as a rootless atheist Modern Mulatto Man) pretends that he’s doing a bit about the intolerance of Westerners towards other religions while engaging in a kind of absurd reductionism that distills the lessons, history, practice and ritual of Christianity into “lol waterwine,” leading to the only possible conclusion that… non-Christian religion is then *at least as dumb as* lolwaterwine. Essentially, the Trevor Noahs of the world are proving their sensitivity to the world by proclaiming that any and all religions all occupy an equal plane of idiocy, and that we’d all be better served by proclaiming the virtues of iPhones, open borders, and anal sex as the pillars of our Brave New World.”

“How the fuck is it even legal to make that much from fanart?”

“People pay for it. Free market. Capitalism.”

“Well it’s profiting off other people’s works. If she posted her own original content she probably wouldn’t get 1/10 of what she does.

The reason she gets away with it is because it’s not worth the time, effort or negative PR for Disney to get her to stop.”

“I never know what to say to questions like this, because honestly the real answer is that if you haven’t been drawing for as long as you could hold a pencil, you’re already doomed.”

“This is a fact people like to disregard.

Drawing is pretty similar to music playing in terms of gaining the skill. Sure, you will be able to gain some degree of proficiency even if you start as an adult, so if you’re aiming at being mediocre, that’s totally doable. However you will never be able to compete with the guy who has been honing this skill their whole life.”

“>skill bottlenecks dont exist
>artistic blocks dont exist
>everyone has linear skill growth
>n time = x skill
>everyone draws the same way
>everyone draws the same style
>all styles take equal time investment
>skill is the only thing that matters

the memes here are incredible. how do you guys manage to draw anything at all?”

“Protip: Most of /ic/ doesn’t.

t. doesn’t draw at all, only lurks since a 1.5 year”

“this is the thing about learning your fundies. i’ve seen tons of her video processes, and the average piece like in OP takes her 4 hours. this is because she can do dynamic poses and lighting fucking quick from imagination because it’s so second nature to her now, cause she’s done it a thousand times before. she has it down within the first hour and spends the rest refining it. to someone who doesn’t know their shit, this part would take them days.

this is how she’s so popular. because if she wanted to, she could be capable of pumping out a new piece every single day. with an appealing style and that high level of activity, anyone could make it popularity-wise. couple that with the fact that she’s willing to appeal nearly every animu/video game fandom with nudes and shiny gay porn is how she’s so huge”

“That’s not what I meant, though. I’m not talking about skill or experience, I’m talking about having a natural compulsion to draw.

If you ask a true master why they draw, they’ll just stare at you like you had just asked them why they breath. They draw because they always have, because there was never a point in their lives, skill or otherwise, when they weren’t drawing. They don’t need rigorous practice schedules or incentivisation schemes to motivate themselves to draw. They need motivation to do anything else.

The same is true for any other craft. The ones who really go far are the ones that do it because they need to, on an almost phsyiological level, not because they looked at someone’s work one day and thought “huh, you know, might be fun to be able to do that”.

It’s worth noting that I’m talking about MASTERS here, people that immortalized by their skill and influence. You don’t have to be one of those people to be a decent artist, or even get a professional art job. But if all you care about with drawing is achieving some arbitrary tier of skill, and how long it’ll take to get there, then you’re doing it for the wrong reasons.”

“You can’t just say stuff like that. Real masters actually know why. They may need to make art but they still know why and they will tell you.

Secondly, the creative act doesn’t occur in a vacuum. They create in response to a concept, idea, or vision; an encounter. Creativity begins with responding to the world.

A response by Alberto Giacometti, a very famous sculptor. Many people would call him a master:

I do not work to create beautiful paintings or sculpture. Art is only a means of seeing. No matter what I look at, it all surprises and eludes me, and I’m not too sure of what I see. It is too complex. So, we must try to copy simply in order to begin to realize what we are seeing. It’s as if reality were continually behind curtains that one tears away… but there is always another …always one more. But I have the feeling, or the hope, that I am making progress each day. That is what makes me work, compelled to understand the core of life. And to carry on, knowing that the closer one gets to the goal, the further it retreats. The distance between the model and myself tends to increase continually; the closer I get, the further away it moves. It’s an endless search. Every time I work I am prepared to undo without the slightest hesitation the work done the day before, as each day I feel I am seeing further. Basically I now only work for the sensation I get during the process. And if I am then able to see better, if as I leave I see reality slightly differently, deep down, even if the picture doesn’t make much sense or is ruined, in any event I have won. I have won a new sensation, a sensation I had never experienced before.

To end, all creative art requires motivation. The encounter itself, an encounter with an idea or an object, sparks us to create. With nothing to say, there is no motivation to say anything.

To any anon, if you don’t know why you draw it’s because you’re presently blocked off from having a voice. Learning to draw is a very difficult thing to do, but if you focus too much on that, you will lock yourself away from being an artist. It’s because you’re afraid of not meeting your expectations that you don’t try to create anything you care about. You’re putting off what it means to be an artist.

Drawing being fun occurs when you have something in mind that you want to express or create, that is not limited to solely drawing objects of the world accurately. KGJ is not just drawing objects accurately, each drawing is an expression from his imagination and something is being said. Sargent’s paintings are not just accurate, he has a feeling in mind, he is responding to his visions in his own way. Accurate painting is not enough to settle with; you can only settle with expressing what it is that you wanted to express. That is why something that is seemingly ‘good enough’ for the observer, will not be so for the artist who is making it. Drawing is fun when you feel yourself getting closer to what you have been trying to say, even if what you wanted to say was arbitrary. Start with saying something and be intense about saying exactly that. Over time you’ll learn more exactly what it is you care most about saying, i.e. finding your voice.”

“Notice the white armband. He identifies himself as a combatant to his friends and foes without a uniform. This is ethical warfare! Hezbollah does this as well.”

“>Japanese Game
>Kawaii-UGUU girls wielding swords five times bigger than them and kicking ass
>Take zero fucks from the guys and are capable of handling themselves, designed just because some artist went “I want a hot chick to wield a sword”
>Sexist because she’s “impossibly pretty” and maybe you see her panties/boobs once

>Western Game
>Ugly, dog-faced butch-women modeled after trannies
>Kick the shit out of your MC for no fucking reason other than MHMM YOU GO GUURLL
>Devs won’t shut the fuck up about how she’s the most important character in the game even if she only shows up for two seconds
>Endless fanart and bullfuckery over “TAKE THAT DRUMPFERS” on the internet

I can even give you a recent example

I got into Terra Formars a couple weeks ago and knob-gobbling SJW friend says Michelle is a shitty character because of some scene where Akari looks at her clevage

Forget that she took out like five roaches with one ridiculous spinkick and beat the fucking shit out of the one that stole her dad’s powers, nope she’s pretty so she’s a shit character made for waifu bait

The fucking audacity of these people”

“The first half is about ethnically disenfranchised teenage prison lesbians piloting mechas to kill interdimensional laser lizards for cash. The second half is about horny teenagers banding together to overthrow God, who is a haremfag, and to stop the world from coming to an end.”

“the fact that she is a cheerleader is also critical to the medical procedure and wasnt explicitely stated for any other reason”

“What’s the purpose of those rags on the barrel”

“When it rains, the gun barrel is cooled. Because rain only falls from above, only the top is cooled. When the gun fires the barrel heats up and the top cools faster making it ever so slightly curve up.”

“When Hitler invaded the USSR, the Communists fought back. So much for the tolerant left.”

“>Trump mentions “what happened in Sweden last night”
>lugenpresse runs overtime trying to “disprove”
>millions of people now aware that crime has increased 300% and rape has increased 800% and 90% of the perps are migrants
Looks like the FAKE NEWS mainstream press is going to keep falling for a 2 year old trick for another 8 years”

“BBC 2010: Jimmy Savile isn’t a pedophile! FAKE NEWS!
BBC 2012: We knew Jimmy Savile was a pedophile for 40 years and covered it up while he raped at least 450 kids. Sorry about that.
BBC 2016: Jimmy Savile wasn’t a pedophile!

CNN 1992: Boystown was not a pedophile ring connected to George Bush!
CNN 1998: Boystown was a pedophile ring connected to George Bush and we helped cover it up. Sorry.
CNN 2017: Boystown wasn’t a pedophile ring! FAKE NEWS!

Swap names if necessary- Children’s Life Church, Laura Silsby, Comet Pizza”

“Ninja were literally just undercover messengers. If they had to go incognito or sneak into somewhere, they did it by just looking like they were suppose to be their. Most “ninja weapons” are just basically stuff farmers of low-level soldiers would have easy access to.

The idea of the “quiet as the wind” covered-in-all-black ninja and the accompanying outfit comes from Kabuki theatre. There’s a stage-hand called a Kuroko that stands slightly off stage in the background, who are there to change/move set pieces and costumes. You’re suppose to ignore them because they aren’t part of the story. However, as a dramatic convention, they’re used to depicted ninja, by having one of them suddenly speak to the characters and then go back to being a Kuroko, as the ninja was suppose to have been “hidden” the whole time.”

“The World Jewish Congress declared war on Germany in 1933, as reported in a blaring New York Times headline. Claiming that war was being declared “on behalf of all Jews”, economic boycotts against Germany followed, along with continuing threats of war and the destruction of the German people. Six years later World Jewry got what they openly said they wanted, total war against Germany and the German people. Amidst the terror bombing of German cities, Hitler threatened retaliation against the enemy population of Jews in Europe. The Allies didn’t stop the slaughter of German civilians, and Hitler made good one his threat of retaliation.”

“Cats can “smell”, “detect” and “hear” through their whiskers. Also, ther whiskers grow in a way that it tells the cat if it’s going to fit or not through an opening.
When a cats fails to catch prey and it knows somebody saw it’s fail, it will try to pretend it was doing something else, nobody knows why.”

“It can also make girlfriends jelly. Be careful overcomplimenting Melania. Safe answer to “omg isn’t she so pretty?” is “Trump has a beautiful family. Good genes.””

“”I’m colorstuck. I prefer light skinned men but I’d never admit it outloud. I’m constantly preaching about being pro-black and how I want a black husband, but i’m a fraud. I don’t ever see myself with a dark skin man and I feel like shit about it. I tell myself it’s not that bad because at least I think white folks are nasty so i’m not a traitor. Just a raging hypocrite.””

>I tell myself it’s not that bad because at least I

i can’t even imagine what it must be like to be so self-absorbed that this string of words starts sounding like an acceptable thing to voice in public.”

“The country is nice, and the people are nice but everything looks run down. All the houses look old and barely maintained, most of the businesses look old and barely maintained. Aside from a few areas nothing looks new or nice. It’s like the people gave up hope 20 years ago.

One of the worst parts is seeing some of these people’s faces, especially anyone under 40. I can see clear as day that most of them grew up like this and see no reason to believe it’s ever going to get better. As far as they’re concerned the world is rotting around them. And in this time and place, they are absolutely correct.”

“every single post i’ve seen from urban dictionary for the past 3 months have been about words i’ve literally never seen anyone use to badmouth trump or trump supporters.

oh something that people might not know; back during gamergate the commies ran a series of hashtags against it. gamergate always had a bunch of tags and the algorithms on twitter either automatically or manually hid them, but using some site whose name i forget we were able to keep track of how many tweets actually got posted on any given day.

nearly every commie hashtag got the “people are violently reacting to the horribly misogynists of gamergate, check it out!” treatment from the obviously independently acting videogame media outlets, and literally every one of them died in under 3 days. they pipped hard either the day of or the day after (never before) the articles released, second day was never more than 40%, third day never more than 10%.

basically identical to what’s happening now.”

>Kotor had many shit levels for such a great game.
It is astonishing that you are still not coming to the more realistic conclusion that it was not such a great game.”

>There were 50% more murders in area where Trump held his rally than in Sweden

Its almost like there was some major event in Orange County Florida last year???”

“I think it’s deeper than all that. I think what actually happened is Milo aired a dirty little secret–that this behavior is quite common among homosexuals. People are outraged and “outraged” on both sides of the political spectrum for a variety of reasons. Some sincere. Some not.”

“Marxists are attacking free speech!”

Sure, but if we hadn’t insisted on free speech our universities wouldn’t be full of Marxists.”

“Do you know what would make this community stronger? A massive influx of outsiders!”

“I wonder if in Weimar Germany the Left kept accusing people of being ‘as bad as the Nazis’ until they were like ‘screw it, I’ll vote Nazi’.”

“This thing we only started doing in the last few years reflects our most deeply held principles and defines us as a people.”