2018 Dec 01 ~ 04

“I fight to survive – nothing more!”
“Then you cannot possibly measure up to me. Everything I do is empowered by a greater cause!”

“Can you believe that these goyim are questioning the Jews and their motives?”

“Only in jew world is it unthinkable that a third of people, which is a lot to know anything, don’t know or care.”

“why are people, particularly women attracted to ambition ?

because it implies long term goal games and strategies

why do share holders like “vision”
because it implies long term goals, games and strategems “

“Every non-mainstream presidential candidate is going to face the same problems:
– personnel crisis, because he/she will not have enough allies, meaning establishment figures will retain power
– those establishment figures undermining them, while the media provides cover”

“It has zero identiny
It is a “Video Game: The Game”
shit is going to flop hard”

“they don’t need to spend any more money on blacks. 90% of them vote democrat already. this is all about importing new democrat voters from the third world by any means necessary”

“The individual is the correct element of society, because ownership is necessarily individual.

Non-individual ownership is nonsense. With more than one person, there will be conflict. The owner is the person who wins the conflict; the putative second etc. ‘owners’ are merely friction.”

“it is easy to consume lots of healthcare because it barely works.”

“Chinese social credit system: Jaywalk. Get punished.

American social credit system: Journalists incite a mob to attack your house, get you fired, and have your entire family denounce you in the press because you didn’t use the pronoun your co-worker invented that morning”

“I studied a bit in China. My professors could basically mouth off as long as they didn’t discuss very specific issues like the death penalty, Taiwan, Tibet. I was surprised.”

“Chris-chan’s story is the story of the man of the information age.

He’s a naive guy who got ahold of the internet and all that possibilty to access and publish information and was totally unprepared for it. He made every mistake that can be made on the internet, tried to make sense of the world and succeed using the giant flood of information coming from media (such as trying to learn social interaction from anime and tv comedies) and just got even more confused. Tried to find meaning and success through consumerism, overidentifying with commercial products and made himself look like an idiot.

Chris-chan was trolled for publishing highly personal information online but he was in a way ahead of his time. His narcissistic self-promotion was not much different from what normies do on social media today. His neet, internet and video-game addicted lifestyle is not much different from the avarege imageboard user who trolled him and is starting to become something of a norm. He was both the proto-incel and in some ways a proto-sjw during his Love Quest days.

Chris-chan represents our fears of what our current society could turn us into. In some way we are all Chris-chan.”

“this guys calling me mentally ill and i dont like it”

“im gonna be honest with you
when i hear someone say something like
“ive found for myself it’s also useful to think of what i believe as truth and then ‘change what truth means’ rather than try and convince myself my opinion is ‘just my opinion’.”
its like
evil? i honestly feel this type of thinking could destroy the world
its the equivalent of someone saying I delude myself into the believing the things i want to
so if you could elaborate it would be nice”

“i think of it as taking a larger number of variables and putting it in a smaller number of concepts/words
suppose you trust someone. they say something. as far as you are concerned, what they said is the truth. it will remain true until something is found that was untrue. but it’s not as if it magically became untrue at the point of discovery. more likely than not, either ill will or mistakes or other causes have been happening for a long time.
you can say “i trust their opinion”, but i dont hear people use the word in that way. “opinion” is usually meant as a denigration. “he tells the truth” is what people say. words we allow into our minds are generally under the banner called “truth”.
under your/the standard definition, there’s a lot of legwork every time something is discovered to be untrue.
at least, as far as i’ve been able to use it.
i prefer to be able to keep track of who said what, how they got their information, what their track record is, how much i trust them, etc.
perhaps if you think of everyones words as “this is their opinion” and are able to put it all together, then that works for you
for me, it works better if i label everything everyone says as ‘truth’ and just downgrade the word, rather than upgrade ‘opinion’.
it seems to reduce the overall amount of work any time there’s a correction.”

“the category there is how often/much information changes
ive found most people of the standard view of truth are perfectly content to say “but he was a liar!” when the information changes. as if that in and of itself would rectify the situation, or reduce its occurrence/impact in the future.
theres a phrase my dad has
“Don’t be dead right”
you have to be right beforehand. being right afterwards is not good enough.””

“[…] bred our produce to be sweeter, less colorful, and less nutritious. The most potent phytonutrients are what give veggies their bitter and astringent tastes and deep colors. We’ve taken our wild plants – vegetables and fruits – and stripped them of their best qualities.

A wild crabapple, for example, has one hundred times more cancer- and inflammation-fighting anthocyanins than the Golden Delicious variety found in supermarkets. Purple carrots contain twenty times more phytonutrients than their more common orange brethren. Wild blueberries have dozens of times more phytonutrients than domesticated berries. And the heir- […]”

>It’s always a matter of judgment
Bbbbut the evidence speaks for itself!!!!!

Wait a minute. Is that why judges, even being the single greatest holder of discretionary power in society today, are basically completely invisible and immune to everything?”

“It’s one of those sotto voce things.
Where when you say [word] and then repeat [word], what is implied is [certain popular or rhetorically dominant definition of word] and [certain other more analytical definition of word].
In this case, the idea that ‘consensus’ is in fact a vital prerequisite for a useful epistemology.
People can do this for rhetorical effect, but unless you are from the same background as them/steeped in the same tradition and have the same exosemantics associated with the word(s), then it’s apt to just appear confusing or mushy-minded instead.
Ie, where they imply a certain sense of a word but you don’t reflexively pick up on that certain sense.”

“Are the clients you’re seeing now the same clients as before or are they new clients who are specifically into pregnancy?”

“Both. I was actually really nervous when I started working as a pregnant person, I didn’t know how it would go over—if people would be into that or not. I thought I would lose a lot of my regular clients. But I ended up keeping a majority of my regulars from before I was pregnant, which felt really nice—like, our connection is about us, not just me in a certain state. They were like, “This is the next stage in your life, and I want to be a part of that in a client-provider way.””

“With the impregnation stuff, that’s interesting, because you’re already pregnant. What’s going on there?”

“People seem to be into the cuckolding thing, where they want to be the cuck where they are humiliated because they couldn’t get me pregnant, so I had to go somewhere else to get pregnant. Or it’s “you’re pregnant by someone else, but you’re still with me,” where it’s a taboo affair fantasy.

A lot of them are more mommy role-play. That doesn’t always add up—like, I’m already pregnant, but maybe [in the fantasy] it’s my second child. It’s more like I’m this mommy figure and symbol. Sometimes I’m the MILF neighbor or the stepmom. And my clientele has gotten younger. There’s a lot more public discourse about daddy fantasies and what that all means, but I think the mommy dynamic doesn’t get talked about very much.”

“In some ways, the commodification of that seems really powerful and exciting,”

“I used to think I was the one who had it all figured out. Adventurous life in the city! Traveling the world! Making memories! Now I feel incredibly hollow. And foolish. How can I make a future for myself that I can get excited about out of these wasted years? What reserves or identity can I draw from when I feel like I’ve accrued nothing up to this point with my life choices?”

“Art isn’t something you need an outside license or a paycheck to pursue. It’s a way of life. It’s a way of adding up what you feel and where you’ve been and what you fear and what you can imagine. It’s a way of seeing your life through a lens that makes everything — good and bad, confusing and clarifying, uplifting and depressing — valuable.
Shame is the opposite of art. When you live inside of your shame, everything you see is inadequate and embarrassing. A lifetime of traveling and having adventures and not being tethered to long-term commitments looks empty and pathetic and foolish, through the lens of shame. You haven’t found a partner. Your face is aging. Your body will only grow weaker. Your mind is less elastic. Your time is running out. Shame turns every emotion into the manifestation of some personality flaw, every casual choice into a giant mistake, every small blunder into a moral failure. Shame means that you’re damned and you’ve accomplished nothing and it’s all downhill from here.”

“This reveals a massive problem Westerners have. They treat their lives like actions don’t have grim moral consequences because you didn’t wake up that day and say “I think I’ll do evil today muwahahaha”. I’ve seen this with Americans who cheerlead wars and act like they never did”

“I get off on emotionally neglecting my neighbor’s wife at holiday parties.

Every conversation we’ve ever had, I cut her out. Physically and otherwise. As soon as she opens her mouth to talk I chime in and interrupt her. I am a naturally outgoing and conversational fellow so nobody notices that I’m doing it. My dialogue is so intruiging and engaging, my voice loud and boisterous, my stamina and confidence humble all around me. I can’t help but steal the show in any group setting. And I always get what I want. Every year our neighborhood has a total of five holiday parties: Easter, Memorial Day, Halloween, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. Every year I dress in my best, I bring an exotic and stunning date with a personality nearly as sharp as mine but never quite bold enough to imasculate me. Every year I catch Jim and Janice fighting in some empty spare bedroom, every year Janice pleading with Jim to say something, every year Jim denying Janice’s allegations that I am targeting her in some way. “That’s impossible. ______ is such a nice guy! He’s the life of the party! I can see why you’d be jealous but maybe just chat up a different circle of people. We’re all adults, Janice.” But he was wrong and he knew it. He knew I hated Janice with every microliter of malice flowing through my pre-hypertensive veins. Janice knew that he knew. We all knew. Jim is a pussy, a coward. And if I somehow didn’t personally intimidate him by mere presence, then my girls and my lavish lifestyle did. Jim would never show it for fear of me validating his own belief that he is weak and a failure, a settler and not a striver. Sometimes Janice cries. I soak it up like an old loofah left in some forgotten bathroom drawer for years, stowed behind extra bottles of shampoo left behind by an old roommate. Why do I do this? Nineteen years ago at the bus stop Janice saw me picking up worms off of the street to save them from the rain. Janice thought I was weird. At the time, I was fragile and my self-esteem quite malleable. Janice called me a freak and she smacked the hundreds of earthworms from my open palms, strewn about the wet gravel and asphalt that I had worked tirelessly all morning saving them from. Janice stomped every single creepy crawler to death right in front of me. What a terrible day for rain. She told everyone in the school bus. I sat alone for the next five years before transferring to another school district. But now, now I had beaten Janice. Her infraction all but forgotten. I watched Janice cry five times a year every year until she got on the medicine. Once I noticed the sedation in her behavior I knew I could stop. Janice had succombed to me. Jim encouraged her to take the medications. And as soon as she did, as soon as they sank their roots into her and she became dependant on them, that’s when I stopped. And Janice didn’t know. She had no idea. In time she came to believe that she WAS, in fact, imagining everything, that the medication had given her clarity. But she was wrong. She stopped painting, this was her passion. I still save the worms at the bus stop on rainy days, I bring them home to my composting bins. Fuck you, Janice. Enjoy your life of comfortable mediocre sedation. I’ve won.”

“Holy shit. Does she not realize she’s shoving this woman’s failures in her face while she talks about her own successes? Women are something else, man”

“You are 95 years old, looking back at your 35-year old self, and this is what you see: a young woman, so young, so disappointed, even though everything is about to get really good. She doesn’t see how much she’s accomplished, how much she’s learned, how many new joys await her. She doesn’t know how strong she is. She is blindfolded, sitting on a moutnain of glittering gems. She is beautiful, but she feels ugly. She has a rich imagination and a colorful past, but she feels poor. She thinks she deserves to be berated because she has nothing. She has everything she needs.”

“This is what spiritual death looks like under capitalism.”

“isn’t that how the new star wars movie ended too?”

“No matter how large your house is, how deep your pocket is, how nice your car is, everyone’s Greg will be the same size.”

“I think it’s hilarious. What she doesn’t say is she’s more than likely an uber Left liberal who fervently believes diversity is our strength & everybody’s a winner. Screw her & the millions like her, of both sexes. Useless wastes of oxygen.”

“I don’t think we should judge this lady too harshly or make it about gender or politics too much. She’s an unhappy person cast adrift. She tried to make relationships work but they just didn’t. Don’t overblow the creative thing. Things just didn’t work out, but 35 is not too old”

“Na, this is what she chose. She never thought about anything more than 30 minutes past where she was at, at any given point. The bill finally came to be paid and now she’s stuck. She thought being stupid and nieve was ok if you just aren’t a terrible person. She was wrong.”

“While I make friends easily, I’ve left most of my friends behind in each city I’ve moved from while they’ve continued to grow deep roots: marriages, homeownership, career growth, community, families, children.”

The order of items in that list is disturbing in and of itself.”

“It’s very predictable; “Art isnt a career lol” “you just gotta love yourself girl! Treat yourself!” One gets the sense that “Polly” is a boomer that’s never faced these problems and unable to even begin to address them.”

“Someone who is unflinchingly upholding of the status quo and stereotypes of their gender without even realizing it. She engages in typical, unoriginal behaviors, modes of dress, speech, and likes. She is tragically/laughably unaware of her utter lack of specialness and intrigue. She believers herself to be unique, fly, amazing, and a complete catch, when really she is boring, painfully normal, and par. She believes her experiences to be crazy, wild, and different or somehow more special than everything that everybody else is doing, when really, almost everyone is doing or has done the exact same thing. She is typical and a dime a dozen. There are many subtypes of basicness, such as the basic ratchet, the basic sorority bitch, the basic groupie bitch, the basic I’m-so-Carrie-from-Sex-and-the-City bitch, etc, but ultimately, they all share the common thread of being expendable and unnoteworthy and, in some cases, having absolutely no redeeming qualities.

“I’ve gotta get to Hollister and Bath and Body works for the third time this week, the just announced a new sale! I just don’t know how I’ll ever fit in that mani-pedi with Amanda and Brittney today. Ugh, I’m just going to call in sick with my period. I need a Pumpkin Spice latte or a Cosmo right now, I can’t handle this pressure. Can we go to Applebee’s for dinner tonight? …Ooh, the new Shia Labeouf movie! LOVE HIM!” – basic bitch inner monologue”

“I was thinking recently that Hollywood in particular, or fiction in general, severely hampers ability to discern phrenology-type things. When I finally got the chance to look at their faces I was like “oh, yeah, that’s definitely the look of a person that would be “excited” about making money for someone else doing things they don’t care about”. But you don’t get that with fiction, unless the author pays attention to such a thing. The main characters are beautiful, the antagonists are ugly, end of story, is the usual story. Generally speaking, the main characters take up most of the screentime. So everything, even the things that wouldn’t naturally be associated with beauty, are associated with beauty. Or more generally, the aesthetic relationships are all fucked up.

And the standard response would be something like “but there are pretty people who use boring terms too” like sure, fine, but the point is there’s some total overall balance, usually one with some fairly obvious patterns, and that balance is out there, not in here, and watching more of the stuff in here is not going to get you closer to what’s out there, no matter (or perhaps, especially because of) how much people talk about “realism” or “representation”.”

“actor’s personalities match their characters surprisingly often
the bad guy from one that spiderman movie really is a massive asshole, for example”

“the Self-Help-Guru’s “advise” comes down to “You’re beautiful at any size” which is lazy and unhelpful.”
“*you* are always “good enough as you are” -> I’m in the lead, you do not threaten me, & you better stay that way”

“She can’t come out and directly advise younger women who haven’t yet screwed up their lives and thrown them away on adventure, travel & sex in the city, because this genration’s misery wants company.”

“Huxley continues to outpace Orwell in correct predictions.
Note: Huxley also predicted normalization of sexuality in children.”

“>China’s gene-edited babies cry out to regulators
These are the kind of headlines you get when all journos are women”

“did you see china’s social credit system
*banned from social media*
i sure hope that doesn’t happen here
*banned from paypal*
imagine how terrible life would be
*hit piece written about you*
sure glad i live in america
*never get work again*

“How could FPTP be so wrong while being so praised? Another classic enlightenment error. Voters are supposed to be all supremely informed independent philosophical individuals, immune to social trends and mass media and peer pressure.”

“China does not allow Uighurs to leave Xinjiang because every time they do they get people like this woman lying and slandering China in front of the world press.

But oh, the press is so concerned by the plight of the Uighurs. Right.”

“More gruesome details from #Xinjiang – 80% of the Uyghurs in Kashgar are in re-education camps while the other 15% are in jail. Only 5% of the residents are not locked up. Those locked up have either returned from Muslim countries or contact someone abroad.”

“Lol. They can’t help themselves exaggerating anything into absurdity. Maybe that’s how their language works.”

“It’s just ridiculous on its face; 95% of the population is incarcerated? Really? Even the old people & the children & the women? Who would go to that expense, when just locking up all the men aged 16-55 would do the trick?”

> Men must get affirmative consent for all sexual interactions.
*gets affirmative consent*
> Men are getting consent from women in troubling new trend.

“Getting affirmative consent signals low status and fear, which triggers hypergamic revulsion.”

“The point women are trying to make is that women are not responsible for their decisions.”

“The NPC idea isn’t quite right.
They’re gazelles. They exist to be preyed upon, and the only thing they’ll truly master is cowardice.”

“Half of modern “journalism” is just a naked attempt to shame and “educate” the swine-like masses into accepting prog rulership

The other half of journalism is trying to do this, too, it’s just more subtle about it”

“Nothing modern about it. Journalism was always and will always be like this. Journalism is an inherently irresponsible profession.”

“My central heating boiler failed (no ignition) and I quickly realized that the control board was at fault since it was one of my own designs from a few years back. I could quickly diagnose the fault down to a faulty diode (the one fitted was not to my spec) but I could not remove the board to repair it without breaking the security seal. No choice but to call in the gas board “qualified” technician who in fairness quickly diagnosed a faulty control board and quoted me €400 plus labour. we sold these to the manufacturer for €12.49 plus the fact that I knew it only needed a 5 cent diode. Luckily being a semi state body the obligatory “lunch time” arrived and the guy bade me farewell, promising to be back shortly. Well guess what, he left the board on the worktop and I seized the opportunity to replace the diode. After returning from his lunch some 2 hours later I suggested he try the board again just in case it was merely a bad connection. He agreed and lo and behold everything was perfect. So there you have it I was not “qualified” to repair my own design”

“Millionaire business owner runs Windows server 2006 on a ten year old PC with 2GB of RAM ( well you could log into it, and it somehow manged to serve files, but backups always failed, which they didn’t seem concerned about, it did not even have resources to update virus signatures) When I tried to explain these things to him, and mentioned that the server that runs his WHOLE BUSINESS is due to fail completely, he blew me off. What he was concerned about was that his ten year old laptop with its ten year old battery wouldn’t hold a charge. Then calls me up on a Friday at 5pm saying his server is down (No shit Sherlock) and expected me to come out immediately and fix it for $25 an hour! And that was the end of that business relationship. Good luck with Geek Squad.”

“I guarantee you that most of these IT specialists have certifications up the ying yang. Years ago I was working Server 2000 via command (cacls no less) and in walks the next latest and greatest to tell me he has all the microsoft certs. As he is watching me work, he says “what is that?” Hmmm, it’s the command line. He says it again, “what is that?””

“When I reinstalled Windows 10 on my laptop, my roommate asked me if I had a “OS installation course”. The best part, he’s doing a course in Computer Science Engineering.”

“I know the type unfortunately. She wasn’t a “specialist”. I specialize in designing and coding software to solve problems. You specialize in hardware repair. We’re both specialists. She was someone who got by doing the bare minimum. If you don’t specialize and are just a jack of all trades, you’re worth as much as a mid range receptionist.

What you’re actually seeing is the difference between someone who has been a hobbyist and/or worked at a small company vs someone who’s only had experience being part of the corporate machine. It isn’t the difference between a specialist and a non-specialist. I also guarantee you that she didn’t see much of that $10-20k a day you’re talking about.

She only knew how it worked at her company under her rules where she’s probably not allowed to log into her email from outside the crappy email software they set up for her. She probably wasn’t permitted to connect and disconnect her own monitors at work. I would bet good money she’s not permitted near an admin account on her own workstation or laptop much less a server. Chances are she couldn’t install that software if the install dialogs changed slightly and she’d be on the phone to head office. Not doing anything you’re not authorized to do is the mentality you see from large organisations.

Also there’s a fine line between knowing you’re out of your depth and continuing on to make a pig’s breakfast of things, and stopping when the problem is trivial. if you’d never seen how a KVM worked, would you find it so simple? If someone asked you to install Linux or set up Active directory and you’d never heard of it would you want to push ahead at client site, or would you take stock? If you’re not allowed to google in your company, are you going to have a knack for troubleshooting via google? Do not underestimate the knowledge you gained as a hobbyist.”

“Our school based technician was a total moron. For example he couldnt figure out how to install a network card because the drivers on the floppy disk where in a folder and not in the root directory so when he pointed it to a:\ nothing happened – he claimed they were broken when I tried to point out his oversight so I asked if I could have them, he said no because he can take the processing chip off it and use it to fix other cards. LOL rightio. He also used to try and act like some IT genius and talk down to students all the time for no reason – he was a total flog.

One day we brought up a security flaw with the server where through a bunch of stuff you could get admin access and then from there you could access literally everything. He told us we didnt know what we were talking about and guaranteed us it was secure. So some friends and I who do actually know what we are talking about used the Nuke virus/exploit/whatever you wanted to call it and crashed everything in the school simultaneously because fuck him.”

“these first people that answer the phones can never do anything and are for the most part useless, unless you are calling to ask to pay more for something”

“I learned while working with people that older people will pay this. These excessive fines are there to scare older people into paying because they don’t know better. They think they’ll ruin their life unless they pay it.”

“that’s outrageous, cmon” – i love that man”
“funny… i got the oposite impression. I think he ofc knows about the fee (and all other policies they have ) and the “that’s outrageous, cmon” thing was just a textbook attempt to calm the customer by pretending that you are on his side.

Pretending not to know about their fee policy and pretending that he thinks its outrageous?

Its a game they play. The level 1 lady from the customer support will pretend its not possible to simply downgrade Louises plan , then pretends that its so complicated she has to check it 3 times , then pretends she just found out it is possible but it will cost Louis more money than he paid before , then pretends there is no other way because otherwise he will have to pay a bs amount of money to cancel the service and then if nothing above works she pretends there is nothing she can do about it and only then if they still dont push you into what they wanted you to do they will let you speak to the level 2 customer service person who will pretend he doesnt hear you clearly and make you call x times and repeat yourself like a moron x times just to make your case to him. Aaand again if nothing of above works and you are still there demanding what you wanted , he admits to himself their tactics didnt work on this guy and just pretends hes just as outraged by what happened , then blame the level 1 person for incometence and pretends to save the day by giving you what you wanted. Meanwhile nobody is incompetent, nobody is outraged , everything that happened is in the script they play xy times a day. “

“That man knew exactly what was going on.

Companies do this in hopes of getting a handful of people who will simply pay it. If they refuse to pay it, they get sent to the manager and the manager does his job by keeping them as customers.

Its a scam.”

“First guy transferred you to the “retention team” aka they bully you into keeping your plan. When she saw that it would fail she attempted to get a full payment on the contract. When you called the bluff she sent you back to sales who did what ever you wanted.”

“If you’re getting referred to a “retention team” when you want to leave you know you’re in for a good time.”

“I dont understand how can these two people give conflicting answers? Dont they have like company policy or something?”

“If you try to rob someone blind before treating them reasonable, some might let themselves get robbed”

“Honestly my biggest fear when it come to porn game is how the game approaching the porn?

Look at Lilith Throne, it have a tons of potential, and I honestly thought for a while that it was finally the answer to Fenoxo’s tyranny on text adventure porn game, but it did the exact same mistake that ruined CoC for me: it just constnatly shower you in porn not 5 minutes into the game, and then you just don’t give a fuck.
Porn games have no pacing at all.”

“Porn games aren’t meant to be binged, anon.

What you’re looking for is like those 60 hour VNs where you don’t get to see a tiddie for the first eight hours, but this brings the obvious problem of not getting porn where and when you want porn. Might as well just fap to a JAV clip and then play a regular game.”

“No, no see I perfectly understand that, but if I just finished created my characters and the first thing I see is that it’s perfectly okay in the in-game world to take 3 horsecocks simulatenously in your asshole, then if you want to keep me interested the only thing that will work is to constantly raise the bar.

I hate how the word has been meme’d to hell and back, but porn games really do have a problem in my opinion when it come to debauchery and degeneracy”

“The porn games that actually make you work for the sex scenes are some of the hardest nuts I’ve ever had.”

“This is highly accurate.

>play porn game for 10 hours
>immersed in story
>constant raging erection, still completely forget to masturbate

>look up CG set for same game on sadpanda
>literally no arousal whatsoever

It requires a working imagination, though.”

“holy shit, has any other game got breasts physics as good as this?”

>year of our lord 2018
>AAA games still doesn’t have boob physics of this degree
It really is weird that indie shit is more technologically advanced than high quality expensive studio made games.”

“they’re perfectly capable, there’s a lot of reasons its not included”

“Its because the game industry is full of prudish feminists.

The demand for high qualty female models and physics is extraordinary but they wont touch it.”

“I love his animation work and his models are, for the most part, really good, but this will never be a game because he’s not going to hire anyone who can actually make a fucking game. He’s not scamming anyone, he’s just unwilling to make the tough decisions and bring in people he doesn’t know very well. I can’t blame him for that, but I can blame him for fucking around for literal years and releasing nothing but galleries. His original gameplay idea involved rape but Patreon banned rape and non-con in general so woops game’s basically dead and he’s obviously afraid to bring that up. He, without a doubt, has no idea how to make a survival/crafting game with sex but entirely consensual without making it just boring and lame as shit. Basically, fuck Patreon.”

“It’s not just Patreon. Credit card processors, the mysterious middle-men who handle getting dosh from your wallet to Patreon’s wallet and then to PornDev1488’s wallet, all have strict policies against badwrong smut.
Tumblr’s going to a similar purge right now for the same reason.”

“Most credit card processors stop the buck at any porn at all, they don’t nitpick the specific content involved. In fact, I don’t know any that give a shit about if there’s specifically rape or not, the reason cc processors have a stick up their ass about porn in general is because of the incredible frequency of charge-backs for adult content, by the way.”

“people say this shit yet porn is sold on major online stores.”

“In some instances, it is, but you ever wonder why adult sites have to specifically go through shitty companies like ccbill and worse just to make money? It’s not for the great rates and excellent customer service.”

“What’s the point of using tumblr even? You can rent webspace for <$1 a month and won’t run into any issues unless your hosted content is literally illegal.” “Literally the same social media aspects that turned it into an unintentional garbage fire. Tumblr is built to distribute art and art feedback, the trouble is faggots started blogging on it and being that the service is BUILT to spread your content, what would normally be small private opinions are broadcast over the entire service where they will incite mobs and mass backlash. Most artists are moving over to twitter, especially since old standbys like pixiv had major exodus, but twitter isn’t as well suited to art as a dedicated platform.”

>Will “Wild Life” be the best game of all time, /v/?

Small Team, super ambitious and sexual content. I´d be surpriesed if it even released in a playable non earlyiest access state.”

“well im not a mentally ill 30 yo virgin only staving off suicide with videogame tits so no”
“What are you here for then faggot, go back”

“Most people, it turns out, will wirehead themselves into useless blobs, given half a chance. We want to live in a society that does not spend all its resources manufacturing portals to hell”

“Don’t depend too much on anyone in this world because even your own shadow leaves you when you are in darkness.”

“please tell me you’re super tall too cause you’re actually perfect”
“Please tell me you cook, clean, and give good head. Because I hate shallow women.”

“I hear employers just put in random skill set requirements on purpose as a negotiating tactic to get the employee to accept a lower wage which would explain why having 100% of the skillset wouldn’t necessarily increase your chances because you might be able to demand a higher salary.”

“There are so many people in this world that wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire. But the second they need something, the second they need you to help them, you become their friend.”

“Tumblr started these Obama/Sunstein era internet purity crusades. It is absolutely fitting they get taken down by it.

The Xanga/LiveJournal/Tumblr diaspora just needs to accept that no one wants to house the world’s lamest collection of neurotics.”

“The reason we can’t build cheap rail anymore is because we always want to start with the perfect, latest, cleverest and shiniest technology. Far more complex and far more expensive than what any town on Earth can afford today. The solution is to build only the most basic system.”

“All or nothing!”
Then nothing you shall have.”

“I want dumb cities: dumb as bricks. I want anti-fragile human scaled dumb cities. I want cities so dumb they can be run by high school kids and a bunch of 90 year olds. I want cities so dumb they can survive without oil and solar panels and distant water processing plants.”

“There’s no amount of medication you can take to fix other peoples’ problems.”

“What is legible sooner or later becomes a matter of public policy.

Information technology, which is surveillance technology, renders us more and more visible first and foremost to bureaucratic processes.”

“Because a relationship with most women is a one sided deal. You’re there to worship her and please her. She don’t got time to understand u. You’re just a supporting actor in a movie starring her.”


2018 Nov 26 ~ 30

“Of all the decisions taken by JNR in the 1950s and 1960s, electrification and EMU had the most far-reaching consequences: they led to the birth of the Tokaido Shinkansen and enabled Japan to gain a significant lead over other countries.”

“this is about the equivalent of climate scientists that want to kill nations industries to stop global warming while simultaneously holding beliefs that global warming is already too severe to really stop.”

“In Russia, lives Russians. Any minority from anywhere, if it wants to live in Russia, to work and eat in Russia, should speak Russian, and should respect the Russian law. If they want Sharia Law, then we advise them to go to those places where that’s the state law. Russia does not need minorities, minorities needs Russia, and we will not grant them special privilege, or try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud they yell “Discrimination”.”

“black kid: [does something]

media: CLICK HERE to learn how this young 5,000 IQ GENIUS part-time chess grandmaster is literally Changing the face of blockchain artificial intelligence big data machine learning computer software technology And Why You’re a RETARD. Albert Einstein.”

“With all this “gun control” talk, I haven’t heard one politician say how they plan to take guns from criminals, just law abiding citizens.”

“anyone can do any amount of work, provided it isn’t the work he is supposed to be doing at that moment.”

>The Creator of Adidas Was A Full-Fledged Nazi
No. The founder of Puma was a full fledged Nazi, his brother who founded Adidas sold him out to be tortured by American occupiers.

His registration in the Nazi party suspiciously didnt get found by post war occupiers and he avoided brutal interrogation by selling out his own family.”

“Koreans used to talk about the Philippines, for Filipinos were very rich in Asia. We envy Filipinos. Koreans really wanted to be well off like Filipinos. Many Koreans died of famine. My father & brother also died because of famine. Korean government was very corrupt and is still very corrupt beyond your imagination, but Korea was able to develop dramatically because Koreans really did their best for the common good with their heart burning with patriotism.

Koreans did not work just for themselves but also for their neighborhood and country.


I have been to the New Bilibid prison. What made me sad in the prison were the prisoners who do not have any love for their country. They go to mass and work for church. They pray everyday.

However, they do not love the Philippines. I talked to two prisoners at the maximum-security compound, and both of them said that they would leave the Philippines right after they are released from the prison. They said that they would start a new life in other countries and never come back to the Philippines.

Many Koreans have a great love for Korea so that we were able to share our wealth with our neighborhood. The owners of factory and company distributed their profit to their employees fairly so that employees could buy what they needed and saved money for the future and their children.

When I was in Korea, I had a very strong faith and wanted to serve in a church. However, when I came to the Philippines, I completely lost my faith. I was very confused when I saw many unbelievable situations in the Philippines. Street kids always make me sad, and I see them everyday.

The Philippines is the most “religious” country in Asia, they say. But there are too many poor people here. People go to church every Sunday to pray, but nothing has been changed.”

“Doctors would still be leeching and bleeding if somebody hadn’t stopped them. They are the same people now as they always were.”

“Fun fact: Racial discrimination in housing is 100% legal in Japan. It’s very hard for Gaijin to rent because we have a reputation for being drunk and loud.

Same with employment.”

“This is a particular problem because gaijin are drunk and loud.”

“Only because of systematic prejudice driving them to be drunk and loud!”

“Yes, the history of past Japanese enslavement of Americans makes them wear an invisible backpack or something. A backpack full of rattling bottles of booze.”

“Dance like no one is watching.
Sing like no one is listening.
Love like you’ve never been hurt.
Tweet like you’re already banned.”

“Be such a good dancer it’s safe to dance the same in public as in private.
Be such a good singer nobody will hate you for starting to sing.
Be so good looking you don’t have to worry about your partner trying to trade up.
Have a bluecheck.

By the way, a bluecheck is almost literally ban immunity. There’s someone autistic and sympathetic who got suspended or something, and twitter ‘checked them to avoid an embarrassing repeat.”

“England: make passengers keep a schedule so trains can ignore theirs
Japan: make trains keep a schedule so passengers can ignore theirs”

debt slavery
degrees are meaningless
colleges are degree factories
what they teach is actual bullshit
hedonist breeding ground
people come out more bias than before
high likelihood of lonliness and depression
high drug culture
everyone knows”

“they told me not to buy it so unless it is free i’m never getting it.

who am i kidding, i still wouldn’t get it even for free, i’m not a woman”

“If you as a white westerner end up in a disagreement with someone that is asian in China even if you are a victim of crime fellow Chinese will vehemently & openly support thier own. In the west by default white folk will support the foreigner and claim the moral high ground.”

“Communist sympathizers withered because Communism collapsed. It stopped being a good excuse.

Good excuses must be unfalsifiable; the less factual content the better. After Gorbachev, suddenly there was a flood of actual data on how Communism works; so claiming communism is good stopped being a good argument to use for status whoring. The Right “fought it off” because it was suddenly fairly easy to fight off. Funny how anti-Communism succeeded so rapidly after 80 years of struggle, huh.
Note how the Right is completely unsuccessful in the fight against Global Warming. There’s no factual content, so it can’t be falsified.

And fanaticism can and is produced quite reliably. Again, check Atran’s work on Palestinians. They are pretty good at producing suicidal jihadis.”

“Oh man, we were just getting excited at the possibilities here. Immunity to AIDS? Getting AIDS is not a real concern for most people at all. Who cares about homosexuals really. Why is this guy using what might turn to be the most consequential technology in the history of mankind just to make life easier for homosexuals? And why is he bragging in English on Youtube? Which is banned in China. And why is his email in Gmail? Which is banned in China? Isn’t this some kind of secret Chinese government project to produce SuperHan?”

“Mom Says 6-Year-Old Son Is Transgender. Dad Disagrees. Now He Might Lose His Son.”

“whore: posts pic
whore 2: omg you’re soooooo pretty
whore 3: GOD do my makeup pls
whore 4: YES QUEEN
whore 5: ilysm
whore 6: unf step on me
whore 7: aaaaaaaaaaaa
whore: you guys are so sweet omg ily all so much”

“Flying is so bad for the environment that a single person’s normal portion of one trans-Atlantic flight has nearly twice the carbon emission impact of switching to a plant-based diet.”

“Switching to veganism so impotent it won’t even offset a single plane flight.”

“Do transgender females show up on males with the setting to show females? (On tinder)”

“Tinder shows not only tr*ns freaks but also occasionally just ouright homo guys in your query regardless of your setting. This shit is totally on purpose and just the thought of them presenting a trans freak to me is so disgusting and repulsive in and of itself that its one of the reasons i deleted the app

seeing these animals is a fucking insult and disturbs me on a fundamental level”

“As we in the West discuss the ethical implications of what China is doing in AI and genetic engineering useful to remember that’s what China did all throughout the nineteenth century: discuss the ethics of Western technology”

“One man’s crusade against pollution.”
Goes to Xinjiang to record the camps. Where’s the pollution?”

“So Globohomo and Woke Capital lost big time in a referendum that they were “supposed to” win. I wonder how these evangelists of Western Democracy will react…

“The result is the latest example of how referendums can be deeply undemocratic.””

“Quilette article above lies where it matters. Only solution would be to get rid of credentialism but article implies this can be sold as helping minorities. Sorry sweety: if we returned to IQ tests for job screening, it would be whyte and azn males only up and down charts”

“I honestly don’t get this argument. Everybody thinks their own culture is superior. See the Muslims in the West. The Sentinelese are no different. It’s hard to change cultures as an adult; hence almost wants to change if possible.

It’s perfectly cool for us, Westerners, to say that we prefer our ways. But what is there to gain by saying that our culture is objectively better than, say, the Chinese, or Muslim, or Haitian culture? Can’t we just say we don’t like them? Why must we talk in universals? Are the Chinese wrong in liking their own culture? Are the Muslims wrong? The Albino-eating Africans? The Papuans with their kinks? They all like their own ways by the same psychological mechanism through which we get to like our own. What makes us “superior”?

That people from primitive cultures migrate to the West doesn’t mean they prefer our superior culture. They’re here for the money. They go *way* out of their way to keep their culture. And they shit on our culture as much as they can get away with. As they very well should.

Objective superiority arguments are only useful if you want to take land away from people,and exterminate their “inferior” culture. I dislike that progressive, legalistic argument. The people of old took land because they could, for the benefit of themselves and their posterity.

Again, sure, there are objective measures, like hygiene, comfort, technology, respect for the individual, and so forth. I wouldn’t like to live among Nilotic tribes and change lip-plates every week. Hell no. But I don’t blame them for following their own ways.

The West is the only culture on earth which has abandoned the basic principle that cultural continuity doesn’t need justification. We change our ways every generation just to fuck with our parents. And to sell new junk.”

“Brains are largely digital, which means they’re slanted towards linearity. One consequence is that emotional reactions are checked in some order.

For peasants, the first one checked is, “Should I be afraid?” Having fear first in the order is the situation where Dune’s litany against fear applies. From this single factor, their mind is already dead.

Fear is distracting. If the answer is yes – and there’s almost always a way the answer can be yes – then the rest of the list isn’t checked. The peasant gets scared and stops caring about what else they might be.

Peasants live a fear-based existence and thus exist in a world of unending terror.

This explains why the peasant is so conformist: the only things they’ll react positively to are things the culture forces them to do, and thus rams them past the fear. (Although certain drives can also occasionally also ram the peasant through the fear, notably the sex drive.) E.g. they’ll only listen to music when the fear of not keeping up with the Joneses forces them to listen to some, whereupon they’ll find, despite themselves, that they like it. This is why the most important feature of a commercially successful song is being popular. Beyond that it merely needs some basic level of musicality. Even utterly unrefined tastes reject pure dissonance.

[…] The fear-based peasant also explains why things must generally be mandatory or forbidden. If they are not mandatory, the peasant will be too scared to do them, and it might as well be forbidden.

The peasant’s love for completely harmless things is also explained. Why kittens? No matter how hard you look, there’s no reason to be scared of kittens.””

“One of the reasons peasants hate ‘greedy’ fatcats is that fatcats check greed first and aren’t paralyzed by fear all the time. The peasant notices they aren’t paralyzed. Which, naturally, terrifies them.

You might be tempted to call this ‘childish’ but children are superior to peasants. Children just barely check curiosity first, and as a result face their fears as a matter of instinct and habit

Much like the peasant hates fatcats for not being paralyzed, they -really- hate children for not being paralyzed. Unlike the fatcat, peasants meet children in their daily life..”

>Without Any Explanation, Twitter Reinstates Jesse Kelly’s Account After Saying He Was Permanently Banned
Real reason: the bluecheck is supposed to be ban immunity. Banning one, no matter how much they want to, freaks out the people the system is supposed to protect.

Which as per my recent threads, are probably fear-based people.”

“Just a reminder that Amtrak’s at-grade, vanilla high-speed rail plans for the Northeast Corridor are more costly than Japan’s mostly underground magnetic levitation train”

“One of the worst things ever excreted from a pen: “we hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal.” The FUCK you say? WE do not find anything self-evident about this “truth”. Indeed, for many of us it is not even desirable. Suppose we could remake humanity any way we want: you would make everyone “equal”? I would make the greatest man that I could, greater than any that had come before, greater than myself, greater than all others! What would be the nature of such a man? He would be brilliant, of course, and strong, and subtle, and sensitive, and powerful, and unrelenting. He would be the apotheosis of man, all my faults corrected, in every way I am deficient, he would be abundant.

Do you really believe that mere words could make this man? Even for a second? Leftism as idealism thinks we can remake man through sheer force of propaganda. Reactionaries know this to be insufficient.”

“Being in Atlanta, the center of the payments processing industry, Ive had someone who works for First Data tell me that all the credit card issuers and processors and merchants literally just give law enforcement total access to all their databases and that law enforcement runs complex event processing, data mining and other software on them. If you start making weird purchases it definitely shows. This is how most people get caught building bombs – it will show if you buy shit you usually don’t buy even if it’s not on a list of bomb making materials, particularly if it’s conjunction with some other material related to bomb making or whatever.”

“Only in America are legal citizens labeled “racists” and “Nazis,” but illegl aliens are called “Dreamers.””

“Guess how many races flipped from Republican to Democrat after “finding” extra votes?


And guess how many flipped from Democrat to Republican?


“If you’re paying a company $150 over PayPal that’s literally not worth the time it takes your Purchasing Department to open your fucking email.

A yearly $1.5k wire payment?
Now we’re talking.
Communists don’t accept wire payments. This sounds legit.”

“If you say something will keep sales laptops running they will buy you anything.

They already buy those motherfuckers BMWs and tropical cruise tickets they don’t care.”

“You need to understand, corporate contractors don’t win bids because they’re the best.

They win bids because they check all the boxes, know what policies purchasing departments require, and make it EASY.

That’s 80% of your job. Make it easy for hand-tied bureaucrats to pay you.”

“I’m not really interested in truth. Truth relies consensus and evidence; it is by definition ex post facto.

I’m interested in what truth is before it is truth.”

“so a priori?”

“It’s about recognizing that truth is not some divine thing which is free of logistical concerns. When you know something matters, and how much (or little) energy you need to expend to get to it is a factor to account for.

Evidence has to be found/recorded, sorted, and analyzed, then it has to be shown to “everyone”, however long that takes and however much that costs, then enough of them have to agree on a certain interpretation before it becomes “truth” – again, however long that takes and however much that costs.

Does truth exist before or after consensus? Does something like that need to be waited on for everything? We all want “truth”, but is what we want the consensus, or the thing that’s existed this whole time waiting for the consensus to happen (or not happen)?

If we want the thing that’s not the consensus, then we must necessarily put less weight on beliefs which are “based on evidence”. We can point to things like Bayesian probability to show we’re not purely a priori, but in any case the direction is opposite of “waiting for the facts to be verified”. It is stepping away from a “grounded” “scientific” realm towards a “magical” “unprovable” one.

Or to put it another way, it’s away from “let’s wait and see what everyone else says about it before thinking anything” and towards “what do i see if i go and see it for myself”.

I’m a terrible liar and have operated purely in the public realm with little attention paid to self-preservation and information/power dynamics until recently, so I have to consciously and constantly to revisit the “if a tree falls in a forest does it make a sound” problem and variations of it like these. It’s hard to train out of childhood imprinting; no matter how many times I’ve said “the answer is no”, there’s still voices telling me “but in the end it’s yes”.”

“”logistics costs for something like that are a lot higher here than in japan
simply because of how far stuff has to be transported
but that doesnt seem to account for even the majority of the difference in this case”

“the more you look into this stuff the less “but america is big” looks like a legitimate reason for anything not being done.
america’s geography will come into view at some point, but basically as far as any actual projects we hear about are concerned, it’s a fuzzy excuse rather than something that is the real problem presented to logistics.
very generic case: san francisco claims it can’t build more/higher housing or have better transportation in the region because it’s mountainous and is in an earthquake zone
wow i wonder where else in the world is mountainous and is in an earthquake zone, wonder if they have any cities, or, god forbid, even better cities than san francisco?”

“America is large is a super legitamate concern
You can build something milions of people are gonna use for billions
You can’t run a bus for 6 people
I guess it’s less America is large and more America is sparsly populated”

“japan runs trains for tiny villages and builds maglev bullet trains.
america doesn’t run busses for 6 people and they spend more than a maglev bullet train on vanilla HSR.
on both counts america is inferior.
both where land size matters and where it doesn’t.
if america was superior in at least one of the two then perhaps there’d be something to look at, but as far as i’m concerned it’s a lot of excuses.
1. why build dense when america is big
2. wow how come cities feel like shit and commute times are so long and housing prices aren’t changing the fact that people still want to go to the same old cities
1. we need cars because america is big
2. but we can’t run rail profitably, everything is too spread out
it’s like a woman today crying rape. i just can’t be bothered to feel any sympathy.
again on the “one of the two” side: if american cities were great and american suburb and inter-city transportation were shit, then i would be more understanding.
the logistics of the NYC or Boston subway (i presume it has one) have O concern with how large the political boundaries of something called a “country” it’s in
same with the San Francisco subway
but no
they’re shit
it’s shit from top to bottom, except maybe at the very bottom with rural stuff, which i haven’t looked into at all.”

“>engender culture where it is assumed the women is always telling the truth regardless of veracity
>be surprised when such privilege is used disingenuously as a weapon for personal gain”

“‘word generator’ seems like an excellent rectification for the term ‘journalist'”

“This might be a stupid question in retrospect, but I don’t know yet, which is what makes a good question. Even if it’s stupid.”

“Women are agentless victims. They can’t possibly be perpetrators.”

“The ability to accept that things are 80% heritable is 80% heritable.”

“maintaining order on trains and at stations is an extension of keeping them clean–a staff which doesn’t place immense importance on maintaining cleanliness is unlikely to maintain security either”

“my new working theory of politics is that nothing makes any damn sense because what we see is actually just the end product of an incredibly intricate & ever-expanding web of surveillance & blackmail”

“Short list of things the grocery store does not sell: eggs, bread, apples, bacon.
You may see things labelled as such, but these are merely imitations moulded from some sort of toxic waste.”

“Twitter isn’t a monopoly.
1. Monopolies use market power to charge higher rates.
2. Twitter doesn’t charge anything to use its service.
Therefore, Twitter isn’t a monopoly.”

>Lorry gets stuck in medieval wall
Alternative Title: Medieval wall still functions exactly as intended: keeping hostile invaders out.”

“anticorruption campaigns are just military orgs tying everything down before the hurricane hits”

“jobs as positions vs jobs as tasks

job as position = difficult to establish any measure of productivity, the purpose is more to be flexible and perform adequately whatever tasks fall to you, workload can vary dramatically over time, position may become irrelevant long before people catch on

job as task = very easy to assess productivity, job unlikely to persist if task is no longer required, flexibility not very valuable, might stifle innovation

[…] both have their value but God help you when people start assessing one by the metrics of the other”

“Jobs as Team Members
Jobs as Human Resources”

“Worth noting there is [Transit-Oriented Development] in the plan. It’s just separated from the trolley station by an 8-lane freeway.”

“The concern about ‘haves and have-nots’ refers to fears that embryo editing for desirable traits will one day become available to parents who can afford it, exacerbating social inequality.”

“It’s amazing how fast they can flip the script.

“Differences in cognitive ability is caused by SES. Genetics have nothing to do with it.”


“Selecting for genes for higher cognitive ability is evil. Here’s why.”

“It’s how you know they were simply lying the first time around.”

“They passed dozens of embassies they could have applied for asylum at.
They decided to do so just in time for American midterm elections. Apparently conditions were perfectly tolerable until Hillary told them they weren’t.”

“It is an existential problem that someone, somewhere, is doing something I disapprove of.”

“It’s amazing how politifact lies in each and every case. It should be right occasionally, just by accident.”

“It’s fine if the golden rule works for you, but if I followed such a simplistic rule I would be intensely hated.”

“You can try to crunch the numbers but it’s more likely the numbers will crunch you.”

“The proggies’ delight in ‘-phobia’ rhetoric is also rooted in the fact peasants are fear-based. A peasant’s repulsion from anything is likely to be converted to a fear response.

At once it’s class warfare (don’t want to be confused with a peasant) and transparency warfare (it’s bad when your enemies can see your mental state).”

“even the supposedly redpilled people on the alt-right just don’t get it. All the way back in January 2017 I said that Trump must overwhelm the system with one action after the other, pushing the limits of legality whereever sensible because White people in America were caught in a demographic race against time where they had nothing left to lose and would never win an election again after 2020, but instead you ended up having people like McFeels and Fuentes who still analyze Trumps administration as if it was just retail politics as usual rather than a straight electoral game of sudden death”

“He was obviously put into power to keep the right asleep for another 8 years while they can take Texas and Florida.

The greatest traitor in American history. At least with Hillary there would be no confusion.”

“Literate man is incapable of truly believing in god because of the chasm that literacy creates between inner and outer life. Perhaps if we burned every book forever, we could find happiness again”

“Nietzsche was the last holy man of the West. Will there be another? And how can it be that he got it so wrong and so right? Nietzsche as prophet: he thought the transvaluation of all values would result in a man of great power, instead we have found an inversion of man and woman. It’s fitting that Nietzsche died after embracing a horse; one thinks of Caligula, making his horse a senator, or the classic Chinese Proverb “point deer make horse” (指鹿為馬), in which the emperor parades a deer into his court and demands his advisors acknowledge its horsehood.

Indeed, what better metaphor for the world where decentralized power anarcho-tyranistically demands the mutability of biological sex? This deer is a horse, won’t you go for a ride?”

“When we look around us and we meet our fellow man (and woman!) what drama do we see played out again and again but the tragedy of aimlessness and nihilism? The other day a friend said to me, “I am basically a nihilist. I smoke weed and drink and fuck. I have nothing to live for.”

This is what it’s like to be ruled by liberal ideas. Liberal ideas say a man and a woman are interchangeable, that people from different cultures are interchangeable, that any man is as good as any other for any purpose, and we wonder why we feel useless?

The appeal of inequality and the thing that you must understand is that a world of equality is a world devoid of meaning. The appeal of inequality and hierarchy is that everyone has a place and they know it and in that knowing is security. When you force people to imagine they’re equal you flatter them to destroy them. When you pretend you’re as good as anyone else that’s when you stop trying to cultivate and improve yourself and the moment you stop growing you start dying hence the inevitable nihilism of equality.”

“Strength (which is a virtue) comes from BELIEF in things that are philosophically grounded and which appear real to you. The tyranny of liberal ideas, which claim to want to dissolve all tyranny, is that they render all beliefs unreal, and in so doing render strength impossible. Why do you think leftists are constantly going on about how weak they are, how broken they are, how much pain they feel, how tired they are, ad nauseum? It’s because their beliefs have transmuted strength from a virtue to a vice and they rightly see strength as illiberal.”

“McLuhan provides a definition of hypnosis as: “one sense at a time.” Print is a uniform and repeatable commodity that creates a hypnotic superstition of the book as independent of and uncontaminated by human agency.”

“There is nothing subliminal in non-literate cultures. Their senses are in a different balance from ours. Because of this, we find old myths difficult to grasp: they do not exclude any facet of experience as in a literate culture. All the levels of meaning are simultaneous.

Phonetic literacy removes societies from the world of “sacred” cosmic space into the detribalized “profane” space of civilized, pragmatic man. The homogeneity of print creates a subliminal faith in the validity of the Bible as bypassing the Church’s traditional oral authority.”

“The separation of science from faith, ethics, and art is the condition of industrialized man. We can only find truth in that which is measurable; religion, moral philosophy, and art are now matters of private opinion instead of public knowledge.”

“Has the establishment of English as the global language of commerce and culture destroyed the ability of English speakers to perceive or desire our national borders?”

“is that just a weird euphemisms for something or is it literally just journos/etc”

“We had an issue in Tokyo in the middle of the night with my daughter, and we had to pay 100% of the bill. Including the ambulance ride, police, and examination medicine and treatment it was under $200 USD.”

“Don’t allow anybody who has invested less in themselves than you have in yourself to convince you that what you’re doing doesn’t matter, simply because they believe what they’re doing doesn’t matter.”

“the number one trait of boomer conservatards is their totally unwarranted presumptuous hubris and self-assuredness that they’re on the winning team despite all evidence to the contrary and more than 80 years of social trajectory to show them otherwise”

“Laws should not apply to me, only people I don’t like” But 600 words longer”

“What are some games with actual graphics?”
“Probably some gay PC game no one actually plays.”

Is that an euphemism for shills?”

“>broken and unplayable launch, movement speed literally tied to framerate, quests completely broken
>no NPCs, generic fetch quests errywhere, no systems for players to actually build their own towns
>half of all game time spent micromanaging inventory
>shit AI that can easily be cheesed and barely fights back
>VATS near worthless, constantly flickers between 0 and 95%
>Shit PVP, if you’re wanted everyone can kill you but you can’t kill anyone else, no looting and you just respawn anyways, completely pointless addition
>Bullet sponge final boss scaled to your level, can literally have tens of millions of HP and be near impossible to kill, drops shit loot
>can’t respec
>Servers constantly disconnect you, need to modify autosave frequency in ini to avoid losing shit
>support team can’t do shit, can’t restore lost items or anything
>virtually unplayable on consoles due to constant FPS drops
>enemies errywhere doing the T-pose
>56 GB day 1 patch broke the game more
>Power armor bug from FO4 still here
>Infinite weight glitch that gives infinite carry weight crashes the servers
>Launching multiple nukes crashes the servers
>Cryolator freezes players for 2 hours instead of 30 seconds
>Guns do no damage half the time, enemies instantly reheal
>Have to wait until Dec 11 (almost 1 month from release) before push-to-talk finally becomes a feature
>can’t modify FOV in-game, need to modify the ini
>$200 PA Edition preorder gives you a cardboard cutout instead of a disc, also gives you a cheap nylon bag instead of a canvas bag as advertised
>beth’s response is “we’re not planning on doing anything about it”
>then said they had no material to make the bags, while “influencers”, youtubers, and streamers invited to Greenbrier Hotel received actual canvas bags
>game price drops to 35 dollars 2 weeks from launch
>get 500 atoms ($5) as an “apology”, can’t even afford the digital in-game version of the bag (700 atoms)
>can’t refund game
>people are filing lawsuits

“All the scumbag 30 year olds you’ll have to work with who don’t have a penny saved and wasted their youth drinking and ejaculating into rubber dick sheaths should put a great fear in you. It’s trivially easy to end up like them if you follow society’s intended path for boys. They’re the equivalent of the Live Laugh Love woman who chased Sex in the City fantasies throughout her twenties. Stuck in some job they’re too comfortable to leave, pissing away their lives on wings, beer, sports. Before you know it, they’re a creepy sexpat in Southeast Asia. They’ll usually end up marrying these w*m*n, divorcing in their forties, and creating another broken family to perpetuate their cycle of hedonistic nihilism.

If you’re younger and doing better than they are, they’ll do everything in their power to drag you down to their level.”

2018 Nov 10 ~ 25

“Headline: Ocasio-Cortez “can’t afford to move to D.C. before her job in Congress starts.” So she’s known for many months that this expense is coming, and she hasn’t planned for it. She’ll fit right in.”

“Gab doesn’t seem to understand that its role is that of Diogenes. It is there to propose problems the hegemon cannot answer. Gab instead makes itself very easy to answer, for example by breaking explicit laws or guidelines.”

“I pray that every single person voting “yes” brutally dies of natural causes not induced through directed action”

“Whatever happens in Germany in the coming months and years, the damage caused by the outgoing Chancellor is probably irreparable. The ethnic base of the German people, which was first decimated by war and then weakened by massive Turkish immigration, is unlikely to survive the final death blow of the million pseudo-refugees she welcomed in. The ethnic base is not even reproducing itself while the newcomers flourish, a development which became an established pattern during the term of a woman who, appropriately enough, is herself childless.”

“One thing that I’d like to clarify with regard to my “voice” is that my objection is to the corporate behavior more than anything else. Nigga, you sell children’s toys, what does that have to do with poopdick? (the answer to this question is actually quite troubling).”

“Diversity apparently just means brown (and fat).”

“Good guy: *kills henchman*
Henchman: wow
Good guy: [to bad guy] I’m not going to kill you, that would make me a murderer like you
Henchman: WOW”

“Why are henchmen always the most loyal and principled characters?”

“Because they are in it for the Healthcare. Meanwhile their boss and the “hero” are in it because they adrenaline junkies.”

“PC: adrenaline
NPC: healthcare insurance”

“It was important, so he said it twice. Twice!”

“Universities dangle the promise of a research budget in front of academics, then entangle them in politics 95% of the time so they don’t have time to think any dangerous thoughts.”

“If silicon was truly a better computing medium than moist carbon, some animal’s brain would already be using it.”

“Women personalize everything. Men generalize everything.”

“‘You’ was the plural form. There used to be a single form – ‘ye’. However, this also functioned as a social register. ‘You’ was the polite form, for strangers. Through various shenanigans it became necessary to call everyone ‘you’.”

“• The US is a Nation of 330M People or about 5% of the World’s population.
• The US’ 4.42% of Gun Death’s. Of course we’d rather have Zero. This puts us 28th highest in the world.
• The US’ citizens legally own 250-300M or about 42% of the ENTIRE world’s guns… if you listen to liberal media, that should make us responsible for about 42% of the world’s gun deaths but no.”

“[Y]ou’re not allowed to show normal, healthy heritage Americans in advertising, even if they’re your target demo (e.g. J. Crew). It’s all Bioleninism* all the time in advertising, for example forced interracial couples, conspicuously gay characters, people who look like the criminal dregs of society. At its most subtle, it’s just a lack of white people in advertising material published by companies from majority white nations, founded and built by whites. This is a particularly hard attack vector to defend against, because they’ve got plausible deniability, and because it’s hard to articulate criticism of it, even though all people have a visceral reaction to it.”

“Dear New York and DC,

Amazon isn’t bringing you 50,000 high paying jobs. They’re bringing 50,000 people with high paying jobs to where you currently live. This won’t help your community, it will replace your community.


“Since the tax cuts were passed, the 1,000 largest public companies have actually reduced employment, on balance. They have announced the elimination of nearly 140,000 jobs — which is almost double the 73,000 jobs they say they have created”

“Big companies do not want to create new jobs. An executive’s job is to increase efficiencies to decrease operating costs and grow top line sales.

Only new & small growing companies create jobs.”

“Living in nyc is how you can best realize your estate as a medieval serf endowed with fancy trinkets, like, perhaps, a little pocket mirror which shows you funny things! (This blinds you to the hellpit which is actually cool & this blindness means you’re a tough scrapper!)”

“do people who get tattoos because they’re cool understand they’re basically defecting in the prisoner’s dilemma”

“The true revolutionary, according to Nechaev, “has no interests, no affairs, no feelings, no habits, no property, not even a name. Everything in him is wholly absorbed by a single, exclusive interest, a single thought, a single passion — the revolution.”

In other words, lovely, whole people. Kill on sight.”

“Leftists can’t meme.
>Public thinks Prussian school is a good idea
Leftists can’t meme.
>Billions wasted on universities every year
Leftists can’t meme
>muh divorce
Leftists can’t meme
>POTUS is totally a real thing
Leftists can’t meme
>American can’t be a communist country.

“Old: Nazi means ‘apostate’.
Bold: Nazi means ‘winning an argument with a progressive’.”

“However inexperienced she may be in other domains, winning the bully pulpit is something she is very good at. As long as she can keep the battle there, she wins.”

“money in general strikes me as somewhat gay so we might as well have the funniest one”

“the real cold war is between :
oil wealth
banking wealth “


Bullying is just mean”
“because of the lack of bullying we’re now up to our necks in fuckin’ trannies”
“I think we have them because of bullying”
“bullying has been around for 1000s of years
meanwhile this phenomena has only become mainstream in the last 5
right around the time anti-bullying campaigns came into effect”

“The caste system still exists. Anytime you have problems with Indians, they upgrade you to an Indian fluent in English, then they lie to you about the information they have so you won’t be a bother anymore, then they have you talk to the gatekeeper Indian who continues fumbling your issue, then they eventually upgrade you to a white person who actually knows what’s going on.”

“The scientific method is to look at actual evidence, or failing that listen to some guy who actually saw it with his own eyes, the primary source. The theological method is to look at what a bunch of official experts tell us the evidence shows, highly derived secondary sources.”

“The biggest boomer crime is the inability to make tough decisions.”
“From thence stem all others”

“lmao even Occupy Wallstreet protesters got rougher treatment from jackbooted riot police in black body armor than these literal invaders aggressively and unapologetically violating the sovereignty of the United States”
“The Pentagon has tons of crowd control weapons and gear, including sound cannons, giant microwave rays, beanbag guns, tear gas, etc.

They reserve that for when white men are protesting.”

“what the heck is this nonsense

why would I pay 2 extra bucks for exactly the same seat? I’m not even sure business class is any different from coach on the vermonter, let alone “flexible”

exactly what benefit is conferred upon me by forking over 2 more dollars? anything? no? ok then

>23,437 customers protected their trip in the last 7 days
damn 23,000+ passengers are suckers huh

you know who never asks me if I want to insure my trip? Japanese train companies

and of course the classic: hey wanna get a CREDIT CARD with your train ticket?

fuck off Amtrak

“care to explain why american companies offer insurance and japanese don’t?”

“because american companies are a) more predatory and b) less responsible”

“why do you think american companies are more predatory and less responsible?”

“”why” is hard to say–best I can offer is “because we don’t expect otherwise of them and so don’t punish them for such offenses””

“All “white collar” jobs require pretty much zero skill and going to college is basically a certification that you’ve bought the right to have a fake job”

“whatever skill they require is picked up on the job. basically like turning a wrench in a factory or learning to use the pillar drill but they’re less honest about it”

“senior stem job person here, no college education. vehemently disagree.
imo the most important skills for any job is learning to communicate and navigate a corporate landscape”

“Not STEM jobs”
“lmao are you kidding me? STEM is literally the epitome of this”

“The certification isn’t about skill, but about spending tens of thousands to prove that you’re a conformist who works well with others, showed that you can dedicate yr life to relative tedium long enough to graduate, and shows you passed some basic cognitive filters.

Basically, college is about offloading the burden that employers would normally have to go through during hiring onto their potential employees, and then making those potential employees pay for the privilege.”

“oh you think you deserve a fake job? ok buddy let’s see your calligraphy”
“So my handwriting is the issue.
My 2nd grade teacher was right!”

“When a novelist or scriptwriter makes their heroes passive and reactionary, it means they don’t have to risk the viewer blaming the hero for some outcome. The hero can remain pure. Pure, but pathetic.”

“Of things that flow from the barrel of a gun, beliefs are the more important.”

“Remember kids, when the government gives billions of dollars in funding to a particular ideology, that’s not important. What’s important is that you don’t follow the right people on Twitter.

Remember kids, it’s not that wages are growing much slower than the economy, noticeably so. It’s because you’re watching the wrong videos on Youtube.

You just need to get back to watching the Correct™ videos, and you’ll be okay with world war T, and then everything will be fine!

(Wages have dropped about 13% matched against GDP in the last 40 years. That aggregate includes government bureaucracy, which hasn’t dropped. The latter has either kept up or outpaced the average.)”

“”Why is it treated as heresy?”
…because it -is- heresy. Ockham’s razor.
Also: if you stop taking the things proggies say seriously, the world makes a lot more sense.”

“The more absolute the nature of authority, the more freedom to do uncustomary things, such as novel innovations.”

“Without a clear chain of ownership and starkly defined rights, Mexican town of Tijuana finds defending itself difficult to impossible.

When something far from customary is done, the organizers need to ask permission from anyone they might harm. The right-holders in question need to have the authority to forbid it arbitrarily.

In practice, usually the opposite occurs. Giant caravans find it easier to ask forgiveness than permission. Peccadilloes that affect nobody else are harshly persecuted.”

“the central event in human rights history is the recasting of rights as entitlements that might contradict the sovereign nation-state from above and outside rather than serve as its foundation.”

“We are lucky the Romans did not invent reinforced concrete. Had they used it on the Pantheon’s dome wouldn’t have lasted 50 years even. But here we are, 1892 years later and it still looks brand new.”

“I know it’s just a bot but I’m still gonna riff on this a bit: the concept of Illuminati, viz. a small group of elites manipulating the masses, is mostly a deflection of blame from the masses, who control most aspects of modern life.

mass appeal is the dominant organizing principle–not *majority* appeal, mind, but mass appeal. active in commerce thru the market, in government thru elections, etc. a politician doesn’t need 51% of eligible voters to support them, but at the same time they won’t get very far with just, say, 20 voters. likewise, a product or business doesn’t need to control 51% of the market, but it usually needs more than a dozen customers.

our concepts of “elite” are, themselves, embedded in mass thinking–when people talk about “the 1%” I’m not sure how many realize they’re talking about over 3 million people in the USA. even ignoring the numbers side–“elite” generally means successful with voters, dollars, etc.

to say the elite–if the elite are people who derive their status from popularity among the masses–manipulate the masses is almost a complete inversion of reality; the masses manipulate and designate the elite. this is abundantly clear when u look at tactics to change things, by which I mean, if it were possible for an elite to manipulate the masses, pragmatic activism would revolve around forming a new elite–rather than reaching out to the masses (by the masses).

I say this *as an activist* trying to change something about life in the USA; there is no conspiracy of elites to *force* Americans to keep using cars etc…only the overwhelming inertia of the masses, who above all else want to keep doing whatever they’re doing. I also say this as a typical example OF a piece of the masses; the extent to which I can delay action–even and especially action that would benefit me-for the sake of not changing my routine is discouraging at best and terrifying at worst.

What do the masses want, exactly? Well, if they’re at all like me, they’re mainly concerned with staying fed. If we never got hungry we’d never get out of bed at all.

Responsibility for my state–this is to be avoided at all costs. If I am hungry, it must be someone else’s fault…some devious elite [group of people already well fed–what else could they want?] which CONSPIRES not to feed me out of heartlessness and greed.

Thus: Illuminati.”

“More seriously, I have hear that the major motivators of all human activity are ‘greed and fear’. I’d like to think that this isn’t true but it is a pretty easy case to make. American Revolution was about freedom and liberty right? Nah they just didn’t like paying taxes.”

“I would certainly argue that greed and fear are the major motivators of the activity of the masses, who ipso facto constitute the bulk of human activity

one way to think about what makes a real elite is that their motivations are quite unlike this, and hard for most to grasp.”

“I guess the question is, if you accept that ‘greed and fear’ are the biggest motivators of human activity, how do we ever get awesome feats of collective effort like the Shinkansen system?”

“Overwhelming popular consensus during construction of the Shinkansen was against it, and among the committees charged with resolving congestion on the Tokaido Main Line, the Shinkansen proposal was by far the least popular. Sogo Shinji’s biography makes this very clear.

A very small group of people, centered on Sogo Shinji and Shima Hideo, lied and cheated to get the project through–only after it opened did it achieve popular success.

For his efforts, Sogo was made to resign as president of JNR and was barred from attending the opening ceremony.”

“We have seen how the modern world is structurally left-wing. Our society has a chronic aversion to the investment of power into individuals, and therefore we find ways of putting it in groups.

You can’t actually get rid of authority, you can only distribute it around. If a decision gets made, and it forces you to behave in a certain way, authority was exercised. Whether the decision was made by a group or an individual, it’s the same amount of authority. If you kill the king and replace him with a mob, the mob gains exactly as much sovereignty as the king they killed, or maybe a little is lost to heat. This is known as “conservation of sovereignty”. […]

There have been many bad kings through history, and there have also been good kings. But there has NEVER been a good mob. The mob is amoral, the mob is ravenous, and when it can find no outside aggressor it begins to devour itself.

A structurally left wing organization like the US government has built-in mechanisms to cyclically redistribute power from individuals to mobs. Mechanisms with names like “term limits”, “checks and balances”. A structurally right wing organization would have no committees at all. Every decision would be made by a individual. The liberal hears this and recoils in anger and fear.

It has become our condition to submit to mob rule and call it freedom. We mistakenly believe that if we cannot perceive a specific person above us, we are our own masters.

The democratizing urge, as Nietzsche rendered it, is “no shepherd, and one herd.” But the herd is a more capricious master than any shepherd. A man is at least CAPABLE of constancy, compassion, charity, mercy, and fairness. A mob is not.

[…] The inability of groups to behave virtuously is called the tragedy of the commons, everyone knows it. Ideologies are adaptive when they dampen the tragedy/commons feedback loop, but they can never solve it, only partially mitigate it.

[…] The average democratic citizen believes that power corrupts, and imagines that powerful people are evil. If a man has never held any power (most people), he thinks power is only a privilege; the truth is that the privileges power conveys are far outstripped by its obligations.

Conquest’s 2nd law is underspecified. If any organization that is not explicitly right wing becomes left wing over time, then what, precisely, is an explicitly right wing organization? Explicitly right wing = STRUCTURALLY right wing = decisions are made by people, not groups. A man acting on his own has incentives that a man acting in a group does not. When the group makes a decision and something goes wrong, it’s no one’s fault. When something goes right, everyone fights for credit. A man has accountability or “skin in the game”, a group does not.

I hear often that certain people or groups of people are “oppressed”. What does it mean to be oppressed? It’s a non-specific word that refers to a sense of alienation and impotence that the average person feels in their modern life. What causes this feeling of powerlessness? I have said before that leftism manufactures the miserable conditions that make people amenable to more leftism. The problem is too much freedom. The problem is too much equality.

No one above you means no one to guide you. No one above you means no one is accountable for you. No one below you means no responsibilities, and no responsibilities means your existence is pointless. You feel oppressed because you are worthless and you are worthless because you have been structurally and categorically denied the opportunity to be worth anything.”

“How low does your self esteem have to be to allow your girlfriend to publicly treat you like this?

A few things that struck me about this post is the following

-The comments from women on it
-The state of the men they’re with (Betas)

And no it’s not funny it’s disrespectful.”

“”How long will it take me to master Aikido?” a prospective student asks.
“How long do you expect to live?” is the only respectable response.

Jigoro Kano, founder of Judo, asked to be buried in his white belt after death.”

“Wokeness is a notably lower IQ movement relative to, say, 1960s leftist movements.

For example, using the term “microaggression” is a stupid person’s idea of how to sound smart.”

“In Primates, “Only under one particular type of breeding system, monogamy, do we routinely find anything approaching equality between the sexes in either size or rights of access to preferred resources.””

“As we shall see in Chapters 5 and 6, many primates face similar pressures to “design” big females. These pressures include competition for resources and territory, and most especially the need to protect vulnerable offspring from conspecifics, that is, members of their same species. Infanticide is widespread among primates, and the burden of defending infants falls upon the mother. Yet, despite such advantages to bigness, only in rare cases have female primates evolved to be as big as males. Only among the lemurs and in isolated instances among the higher primates are females dominant to males.

Only under one particular type of breeding system, monogamy, do we routinely find anything approaching equality between the sexes in either size or rights of access to preferred resources. Why should this be so? What factors underlie these special cases?

This chapter has taken a circuitous route, starting with a primeval condition over a billion years ago, with the dawn of sexual reproduction. Organisms were composed of a single cell, and females tended to be larger than males. But what began as a different endowment in the metabolic resources of males and females developed, with time, into a complex reproductive system. There evolved males and females with quite different attributes. Females still contributed the lion’s share to every baby produced, and sometimes mothers remained the larger sex. But elsewhere the original inequality in size became reversed. Countless generations after the initial cytoplasmic hijacking that launched inseminators (sperm) and resource-rich receptacles (ova) upon separate routes, sexual selection imposed powerful pressures which favored large males. Instead of bigger mothers (an efficient system from the vantage point of the species’ energy economy), sexual selection turned the tables upside down. In order to compete with other males for the metabolic resources marshaled by females, males were selected for large body size, strength, and aggressiveness. Bigger males became virtually – but not totally – predestined. In some – but not all – cases, larger body size permitted males to dominate females.

The time has come to consider some of these exceptions.”

>A high school is attempting to level the playing field for disadvantaged students by banning expensive Canada Goose and Moncler coats.


level the playing field by confiscating the assets of the “advantaged” students, maybe throw some of their parents in jail, cut off the electricity to their houses, restrict their food budget, you see, once every student has an IDENTICAL experience to the worst off among them, the burden of jealousy will be lifted and the entire class will start performing at the same level as the best off at the outset. it’s incredible that anyone can hold this opinion but there you have it.

break everyone’s legs so that we HAVE to take wheelchair accessibility seriously! whaddya mean “who will build the ramps and elevators?””

“yeah how dare the outgroup disagree with the ingroup”

“Hey Britain.
Brexit is obviously not happening. Will you admit, yet, that voting doesn’t do anything?”

“I mean, I think people are stupid, but you think they’re really, really stupid.
Since they’re so dumb, there is obviously no solution. Scamming them is basically guaranteed.

Back in reality, medicine used to work almost exactly how I propose, especially for the poor. (The dumb, in other words.) Big fancy doctors got real upset because it was too cheap and effective.”

“Reminder: a ‘free’ press is actually bad.
There has never been a journalist who wasn’t a political hack. I looked up the first newspaper.”

“As a matter of fact, the Irish were not and are not white. That they couldn’t manage their own country is not America’s fault nor America’s responsibility.

Indeed accepting refugees is extremely irresponsible. Gnon justly punishes certain polities for gross sins. Refugee programs forgives them on Gnon’s behalf.

Or rather, the new home will take Gnon’s punishment unto itself, except even further distanced from the original sin.”

“DNC paramilitary. Normal for parties to develop a military arm during outbreaks of genuine democracy.”

“I do not agree with you because Socialism is just a theory and not capable of killing someone. However, greedy and selfish people who has got power to rule sure kill/killed many people.”
“Your squirming is delicious.”

“YouTube comment: Doctors are disease technicians.”
“Much of the problem is that doctors spend a lot of time pretending to be something ‘better’ than disease technicians.”
“Unpopular opinion: doctors are worse than schools.”
“Unpopular opinion: doctors are worse than pedophiles.”
“IMO schools worse than doctors worse than pedophiles.”
“Schools affect all, MDs affect the sick, pedos have limited reach due to low numbers”

“Clever diversion. 7/10 sophistry. “I’m not lying about this, therefore I’m definitely not lying about anything!”

“If China was a genuinely sovereign country, it would be able to say, “Heck yeah we’re imprisoning Muslims. Fuck you if you don’t like it.”

For America and Americans to feel threatened by this inferior country is just pathetic. Mainly it’s control freakery: panic that any country manages not to be completely dependent on American power.”

>A fifth of China’s homes are empty. That’s 50 million apartments
The question to ask – but which cannot be answered – is where this number is coming from. How might it be wrong?

Also it’s normal for a surprisingly large percentage of homes to be empty. E.g. something like 8% absolute of unemployment is just folk switching to a better job. These stories are always written as if the goal is 0%. But then nobody would ever be able to move, and 0% unemployment is ye olde serfdom at best. See also: ‘crops rotting in the fields.’

The same number for America hovers just over 10%. So China’s is, while high, not nearly as high enough to warrant the hysteria.

“Beijing’s efforts to curb property speculation — considered by leaders a key threat to financial and social stability — are coming up short.”
Both of you are dumb.
Speculators are the cause of every central bank bungle, somehow.

“There’s an economic cost to vacancies too because they’re a drag on supply, which puts upward pressure on prices”
Oh my god.
Yes, that’s how supply and demand works. High supply means high prices…right?”

“People think of numbers in terms of absolutes. Or rather, they generalize from some one domain without adjustment. 0% is from “don’t leave food on the plate”. Which is also applied to retail food. “30% of it goes to waste!” I think 20% is the minimum. Logistics isn’t trivial.

Related: “They only make up 10% of the population!” comes from popular vote / kindergarten democracy. The better model for things that matter is from chemistry: Parts Per Million. 10ppm of some things is life or death.

“Not all refugees are terrorists! It’s an extremely small minority!”
really means
“Terrorists should not be measured in parts per million.”

“I still think of it as low-resolution thinking.
There’s no category in their mind between 10% and 0%. Since terrorists aren’t 10%, they’re basically 0%, right?”

“Perhaps that’s what they’re thinking. I (think I) usually try to see what it looks like from the inside but this one irritates me too much. They effectively say as long as terrorists are less than 50% of the total count it’s okay. Shouldn’t they be responsible for their words? Their changing of the denominator is also a known quantity. First it’s % of immigrants, then % of city, then country, then the world.

“We just want to be happy.”
“Bake the fucking cake.”

Put those together and it makes sense. There is, technically, no contradiction.

“Wow you don’t need to be so serious about it.” to “We won, you lost, get over it.”
Enemies need to be treated like enemies. Stupids can be treated like enemies just fine.

“Oh come on 10% isn’t that bad”
So you’re willing to increase terrorism for equality. Got it.”

“Intelligence is competence at winning games and leftism-as-intelligence is a set of strategies for winning games where the victory condition is majority consensus”

“Ambition is not the will to power, but the desire to exercise it. How do you exercise power in an organization where rules are decided by voting? Easy. You become the coordinator of the voting process itself. Organizing votes makes you look like a good guy, a builder of society. And what structure do you build? You build one where votes flow downhill into your desired outcomes.

Everyone knows examples of consensus manipulation: Gerrymandering. Proposed voter ID schemes. Importing foreigners who will predictably vote a certain way. Rules about voting schedules. Physical locations of voting booths. You think only political parties play vote manipulation games? They happen in every board room and every corporate panel and every hiring committee and product signoff and etc etc etc.

And you can be a really good person and have really good intentions but you live in a committee-driven society and if you need to exercise power (for good! Always for good!) then you must learn to manipulate consensus procedures. You can be the most right wing evola-reading gun-shooting monarchist-larping miscegenator-murdering fuck ever to spring from the loins of the South but the moment you try to change anything in an institutional or political level you become a leftist.

And there’s no way out. The only right-wing strategy for winning votes is having babies and it doesn’t work IT’S TOO SLOW and there’s plastic in the air and plastic in the water and plastic in your blood.

Plastic is derived from petrochemicals which are made from the dead bodies of ancient monsters buried deep under the earth and when you suck up Gaia’s soul repository and literally burn it to stream anime titties (male) onto your phone she turns you into a woman for it you fuck.

You think decentralization is going to save you? Bitcoin uses math to make consensus more robust against leftism but it doesn’t go far enough, how can it? What do you think the cathedral IS? It’s a decentralized consensus manipulator that has figured out how to enforce voting patterns that guarantee its proliferation.

Gender politics are the chemical reaction that fuels the current wave of leftism, it’s why we have to keep talking about it. It’s like a fusion reactor. Blow up the nuclear family and unfathomable power is released in the meltdown. Rule by committee releases toxic social waste as a byproduct; conformist, alienated depressed people who know something has been taken from them but they don’t know what or how. So they appoint a committee to fix the problem.

The problem is leftism scales easily, because it leverages the miserable conditions it creates into loyalty the it can use for further leftism. Rightists depend on strong people to exercise strength, leftists depend on weak people. Cthulhu swims left.”

“Our ancestors will have their vengeance—oil is ghost essence, our skies overflow with the vapors of the dead, ghouls raking their claws across the sky. Engines cackle, smokestacks grin, your nth grandfather eats your lungs for profaning his grave”

“Great people are as statistically inevitable as crime.
Great men can win against dozens or hundreds of weak people.
And do everywhere except in democracies.”

“Parenting can’t change the things psychology measures easily. IQ, OCEAN, etc.

One child spends time learning how to find a reasonably comfortable high paying job, how to date efficiently and successfully, how to not be made a fool of by their kids, and all the little gotchas that come with living in a house instead of a mud hut.

Another child learns about pokemon speedrun strats, imaginary numbers, feminism, and to ‘follow their dreams’ and ‘don’t worry about the money.’

Modern psychologists will tell you there will be no difference in outcome, on average, between these two kids.”

“Someone should maintain a list of names that progressives have tainted via their behaviour and had to abandon.

I’m forgetting most of them, of course. May as well call them all populares.”

“Twitter: Where spewing actual race hate (Sarah Jeong) gets you verified & criticizing FGM (Laura Loomer) gets you suspended.”

“Twitter should ban people for violating my ingroup norms instead of their own.”
Admittedly Twitter lies about what its ingroup norms are, while Watson tells the truth.”

“Making a trade illegal causes buyer-demander and seller-supplier to unite in a conspiracy to break the law.

A legal trade, unless completely unprofitable, unites suppliers and government in a conspiracy to suppress outlaw suppliers.

Though I finally found a good reason to make prostitution illegal. A legal prostitution corporation would have an interest in suppressing unpaid sex, as it competes with their product.”

“Journalists: “Journalism is an invaluable benefit to our democracy. Any threat to journalism is an attack on our very way of life.”
I don’t have a funny response to this. This is literally what they say. Why does anyone believe them?”

“Journalists say any threat to journalism is an attack on journalists’ ways of life….well, yes? Of course? I also don’t have anything funny to say about this.”

“You know perfectly well that “our way of life” meant “America’s (or Canada’s, or Britain’s) way of life.”

“They want it to mean that, but it in fact refers solely to journalists.”

“Demotist polities reliably decay into empires.
I wonder if Julius was thinking, “We’re going to have an imperator anyway, it might as well be me.””

“We prohibit content that wishes, hopes, promotes, or expresses a desire for death, serious and lasting bodily harm, or serious disease against an entire protected category and/or individuals who may be members of that category.” …Going to miss the “White people just need to die” tweet genre.”

“What part of “protected category” did you miss?”

“Yes, it’s absolutely stunning that they use that “protected category” language without blinking. It’s Moldbug satire played straight. “Let us help you understand the new caste system …”

“Never mind the fact they abuse Sec 230 by demanding the protections from liability that a public forum gets, while enjoying all the privileges of a “private editorial board.”

If they want to be a private company that curates content, let them get nailed for Hezbollah accounts.”

“Why are many autistic kids drawn to the New York subway and train system? Is it because it’s a series of systems & they love to systemize? Train maps, train timetables, train types, and the predictability of vehicles that can only go forwards or backwards?”

“it’s not the New York subway they’re drawn to in particular dummy
New Yorkers STILL thinking they’re the only city in the world with a subway”

“If New York has something, either they’re the only ones that have it, or they have the best version of it.
Generalize for America (whose capital is New York).”

“we tend to think stories are frivolous and unimportant, but 200 years later we’re still talking about Peter Pan and the Cheshire Cat and the Ugly Duckling and we can’t name a single politician from that era.”

“The district is hurting for subs”
“60% of teacher absences are going unfilled”
“We desperately need more subs”
I wonder if it’s bad pay, low status, seasonal employment, no benefits, or just cosmic mystery”

“so many third rate youtube histories out there…listening to one on 2nd Sino-Japanese War and during the background section it describes the attitude of Meiji Japan… “The Japanese viewed their culture as the most sophisticated and civilized. This sense of national pride continued to inflate despite increased influence of the West…”

Riddle me this: what was the West’s attitude about itself?”

“When westerners who practice eastern religion have “spiritual experiences” and “break the social conditioning” they just embody boomer values even more, because boomerism lives through individualist subversion of social values, and gains strength from rejection of society itself.”

“If you compare a rail line to a two-lane dedicated bus line, running 500, 600 buses an hour, there’s no way the rail line can carry as many people as the buses.”

rail does pretty bad against a teleporter, too, but uh, maybe we should stick to reality
please direct me to the nearest bus lane that actually moves 600 buses per hour
or hell, even 60 buses per hour”

“500 buses an hour can roughly match the capacity of 20 trains per hour and needs a much larger ROW to do so”

“The four khanates would soon come to resemble those they had conquered […] The Yuan Dynasty became fundamentally Chinese, the Ilkhanate, Persian, and in the end they left little trace that they had descended from nomads who’d conquered a world.”

“Jordan Peterson’s short-lived popularity with the right wing can be explained by the way he would discuss taboo subjects and push things right to the edge of allowable discourse in “polite society”. It seemed as if he knew more and had stronger sentiments than he let on. The collapse of his reputation happened once it became obvious that the reason he never pushed pass the edge was because of intellectual cowardice rather than dissimulation.”

“So while I was on vacation the city council approved a 50 million dollar Bond for construction and renovations downtown. First work day after, the entire downtown is filled with trucks covered in Spanish and Mexicans in parkas are now 80% of the biomass downtown. So it looks like I won’t be buying a house because I’ll be God damned if I’m paying interest on a 20-year Bond so Mexicans can get rich when there’s a hundred contractors that have lived in this piece of shit city their whole lives that are starving for fucking work.”

“This happened because people in power don’t get executed for breaking laws. That, and that Ivanka was sold to a jew so that Trump could get the capital needed to continue his empire.”

>The November 1 death of Daniel Best, a former pharmaceutical executive in charge of efforts to lower prescription drug prices for the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), has been ruled a suicide, according to the Washington D.C. Office of the Cheif Medical Examiner, which noted that Best died of “multiple blunt force injuries”
Government official in charge of lowering drug prices, and thereby reducing profits of pharmaceutical companies by billions of dollars, committed “suicide” by beating himself to death.”

“Seems legit. Like that guy that killed himself and stuffed himself in a suitcase.”

“Dog attack statistics do not take into account the socioeconomic factors and prejudice that pitbulls experience in our society. Golden Retrievers are the most dangerous dog breed.”

“Instincts are not magic, you know. They are a function of genetics and the severity/frequency with which they get triggered can be altered through breeding and natural selection”

“American industry 2001-2016: *doesn’t hire or train entry-level staff for 15 years*
American industry 2018: “Why are there no qualified people to fill these skilled positions?””

“After watching 3 hours of YouTube videos Im convinced bigfoot is an alien that hunts humans.”

“Wamen: We feel unempowered because life is hard
Juden Peterson: No, it’s actually fine.
Alt-right: No, it’s destructive for men and women
Juden Peterson: It’s fine stop complaining and enjoy the clear decline of the quality of your existence.
Women and alt right: uhhhhhhhhhh

Because of this, I think the alt right has more to gain by talking to the left than by dealing with gatekeepers with jewish pedophile defender handleds.”

“Stop complaining you pussies. Brown people need your tax dollars now more than ever!”

“I won’t talk to the left until they want to push bankers out of windows with me”

“no it’s fine” – professor with tenure that gets double the median annual salary ten times a year”

“I paid $2.50 for that stolen artifact fair and square so you need to pay me the $500 million it’s actually worth if you want it back.” – actual British government position RE: returning Greek and Egyptian literal fucking buildings they took from farmers who used the hill to graze in the 1700s”

>”Free Speech” Service Gab.com Begins Doxing, Shadowbanning Conservatives
looks like the conspiracy theorists were right on this one, Gab has turned out to be a total fucking honeypot”

“Liberal: Actually, racism was invented only in the past 500 years.
The King of Tars, written ~1330: “His skin, which was black and loathsome, became completely white through God’s good grace and fair without blame.”

He became white and therefore stopped being a Muslim. “Then she knew very well in her mind that he did not believe in Muhammad because his color had changed.”

“When did it become acceptable to see housing as an investment vehicle rather than just a home? There are way too many people who obsess about their property value with complete disregard as to what would happen if property value keeps out pacing wage growth. It’s already a strain on people with low income and even people with above average income in some areas. People like to blame politicians and rich people but honestly everyone is ignoring this culture where home owners will try and do anything to keep property values sky high.”

“The first time I visited America, I was 14. I’d never heard of Thanksgiving, and my first day in AMerica, my uncle showed me the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I was like, “This is every day in America, as advertised! They have so much money, they have a party for Garfield every day! Mariah Carey is here!”

No other day has lived up to that first day.”

“Politician: “Diversity is our strength.”

*goes home to gated community; makes sure cctv is still working OK; says hi to 2 full-time bodyguards; makes arrangements for kids to get ride to private prep school next morning; writes speech attacking White working class bigots*”

“Astrology is racism for girls”

“Being poor in America is a personal choice, unless there are mitigating circumstances.

A homeless man can go to school, get a job driving a truck making $70k per year and in 20 years become a millionaire.

In America you can work hard and change your future – if you chose.”

>become a millionaire in 20 years
Yeah, if he saves all 50k that he earns after tax.
Murder all muh bootstraps memers”

“Boomers forgetting that they ruined the economy so it’s not so easy anymore

It’s like getting a brand new car, being so reckless with it that it becomes damn near undrivable, then handing it off to someone else and being all like ‘well it always worked just fine when I started driving it'”

“kpop is wack man you guys post videos w captions like “LOOK at what taehyung did” and i play the video and he does fucking nothing he just like blinks or wipes his nose or whatever and the tags are like “STOP DJKSFJSH OMFG… my precious juicy husband please impregnate me”

…..seek help!”

“Jesus fucking Christ… Work just asked me through my sister to come in from 8-3 at 7:40 lol
I noped”
“do they know your commute time too”
“probably, lol
20 minutes is not enough to eat, shower, and get there”
“>i called you 20 minutes ago and your commute time is 15. care to tell me why you took 30?”
“man, why do you need 30 minutes to get there? 20 mins is a lot of time for a normal person to get ready, you can get there in 10 minutes. Honestly you shouldnt take longer than 5 mins to prepare, 1 minute is all it takes to get to work.”

“There’s no reason for interior walls to be that rough in a hightech building, 2016 looks more immersive and realistic, could tone down that glassyness though.”

“I fart on your opinion”

>There’s no reason for interior walls to be that rough in a hightech building
its fucking aesthetic as fuck
dont get into design ever”

>Söderlund describes one of the more impressive pitches for a potential sequel that he sat in on. This one was far enough along to actually have a rendered, playable demo, the kind of thing that could easily have served as the announcement of the game. It was a nighttime scene, featuring Faith running through the city under the cover of dark, blazing along with all the speed and grace that fans of the original loved, taking out armed guards and never slowing down. It was cool, slick, action-packed; it was everything EA could have asked for in a follow-up.
>For Söderlund, though, it was just too familiar.
>”We were kind of going down the same path,” Söderlund says. “It would have been a better game, and we would have done more, but would have been more of the same.”
>Söderlund didn’t want more of the same, because he felt like that approach to a sequel couldn’t address the problems DICE ran into with the first game. Moreover, just pumping out a minimal improvement over the original wasn’t true to the roots of that game, nor the developer’s creative ambitions, he says.

Dear God.
>making of a franchise
The original was a solid foundation to actually build an interesting franchise on. This is sort of like modern art, you throw away everything resembling the past because of the phobia of not being “original” enough.”


This is the same guy who apparently fucked up BFV and then “”resigned”” just a couple of days before every media and news outlet was talking about its bad sales, fuck him”

“kids who could read at 12th grade level in 4th grade are all depressed and illiterate now”

“DIY Venue: “Oh, we don’t really book hip-hop acts here. Nothing against it, it’s just nott the sound we’re looking for.”
Translation: Whites Only”

“Maybe take a hint and go elsewhere?
Nah, can’t do that. Best to force yourself into spaces you’re not wanted. That’s definitely not going to make people resent you.”

“Studies that failed replication are not subsequently cited less than studies that passed replication.”
“Whatever culture or mechanism they’re using to weed out bad methodology, it’s not working.”

“Making a trade illegal causes buyer-demander and seller-supplier to unite in a conspiracy to break the law.
A legal trade, unless completely unprofitable, unites suppliers and government in a conspiracy to suppress outlaw suppliers.”

“poor people also essentially pay a good deal of taxes from their income as well because of all these microtaxation schemes on certain goods and services. Most people don’t think about it or even get upset because the cost is so well hidden down the chain. Some people are also stupid as shit and will keep calling for smaller increases in taxation saying stuff like “it’s only 5 cents extra!!!” not realizing that’s how it all got started.”

“there is a place in Romania where 100 years ago a roman funeral stone was found, talking about how a centurion was given that piece of land for his service.
His direct descendants still owned the land in the 19th century”

>Refugee acquitted of rape ‘as he has different cultural norms’ – His female victim attempted suicide.
The police aren’t there to protect you, nor even to punish those who wrong you after the fact.
Protect yourself or simply accept your fate.”

>Twitter is a private company

>every Twitter competitor gets their Paypal account frozen

“I can see why Japan is so obsessed with Selvaria and ignores all the other VC girls.”
“Who doesn’t love albino tall and loyal military goddess whose hobby is cooking?
She’s literally the bomb.”

“Looks like a fucking porn game character lmao. Japanese devs are officially creatively bankrupt by this point.”
“sorry she’s not a western trannie with a giant jew nose used for a lesbian sjw propaganda push.”

“once you realize that “discipline” is mostly genetic all those anorexic blogs by fat girls become really sad. you can browse through posts about how they eat 500 calories a day for a few weeks but then they go on mega binges that last a few days and they are back at square one. Thhey really beat themselves up emotionally over it and it’s just depressing to witness these girls’ descent into increasingly nihilistic self-deprecating language chasing after a goal that they’re most likely never gonna achieve simply because they were not born with the faculties for impulse control necessary”

>If you don’t respect sex workers you’re an incel t. snap roastie
Rly makes you think, aren’t they the biggest customers of “sex workers”?

Morrakiu earlier shared that poll if you would marry a sex worker, 700 angry roasties descended on the post posting the usual smug NPC garbage that if you don’t like whores you’re insecure incel ok sweaty. David pulling the IRS troll in response and seeing hundreds of those previously fucking smug whores absolutely lose their shit was a thing of beauty. Most complete thot destruction I’ve ever witnessed.”

“Imagine handwaving ethical monstrosities due to excellent investment opportunities”

“You live in a deranged age—more deranged than usual, because despite great scientific and technological advances, man has not the faintest idea of who he is or what he is doing.”

“lmao that Jen emo anime girl has a total fucking meltdown over the snap IRS shit. like legit 20 posts in a day with multiple paragraphs each while swearing up and down that she’s totally not a thot. Even if you think its goofy/stupid to spend time going after these snapchat girls why would you care so much to cry THIS hard about it”

“i didnt see any of this.

but women defend women. women like women five times more than men like men. it’s a level of in-group preference we can’t comprehend.”

“It’s wild how women everywhere rush to minimize and exculpate these whores of their behaviour by acting as if the people snitching out whores are just as bad as whores – as if that’s even a comparison that makes any sense. Bad in what sense? Bad for social health? Immoral? The comparison doesn’t stand. When called on it they shift it by saying they actually mean the Johns are just as bad which is equally as retarded – Johns cant be attacked and shamed via trolling in the same way, and also there is the whole thing about how supply is always what you want to attack to choke something off rather than demand, which has to be addressed indirectly by going to the root causes. Whereas with supply you literally just oppress the supplier brutally.
Like what is with this impulse for all women to close ranks when a bunch of literal whores get yeeted on, as if they personally identify with what is being attacked?”

“any criticism of any women doing anything is a full-out war against all women doing all things. when opening your mouth around women this should be accepted as surely as the sun rises in the east.”

“Old left: My brother died in the mine. His family received no compensation. My children are hungry. Workers of the world unite.

New left: The labor market needs to be permanently oversaturated with foreigners. My brother is a racist. I’m sterilizing myself to focus on my career.”

“It seems to be a kind of evolutionary misfiring, analogous to when childless women get pets. Men with no girlfriends feel the need to support some woman and so pay these parasitic strangers.”

“Being a straight man with no prospects at love, romance, or even sex pretty much renders your existence meaningless.

Just like youll find the most depressed people in strip clubs, its a twist on an old favorite.”

“Actually the only questions you should ask should be geared around activating her imagination, ie. “if you could go anywhere in the world on a trip, where would you go?”, “What’s your go-to comfort food”, “Do you drink to get drunk, or get drunk to enjoy drinks type?”, etc. This makes her imagine those things she likes doing and she will like talking to you because you make her think about fun times, and she’ll start to think she’ll probably have fun with you.

They have to always be on topics that spark emotions, stay way the hell away from talking about academic stuff, or anything left brained.”

2018 Nov 03 ~ 10

“Yesterday the Wallstreet Journal contacted the host of a Youtube show called the Killstream. The journalist stated that they found superchats the show received to be quote “problematic” and were doing a write up on it. They also mentioned a charity stream the show did in which they raised 27 thousand dollars for St. Judes children’s hospital.

Later that evening the Killstream, which aired weeknights at 10pm EST, noticed that their superchats had been disabled. Shortly after noticing this on air their channel was struck and their ability to livestream was removed. They went to a back up channel to resume the show and within 10 minutes that channel was also struck and shut down.

This morning people began receiving emails from Youtube refunding the money they had donated to charity.

To put this clearly: The Wallstreet Journal disliked a show that featured right wing politics so much that through the threat of reporting they forced a charity to refund 27 thousand dollars used to treat cancer in young children.”

“Tomboys are the ultimate straight man’s choice. A regular girl has tits and pussy but comes loaded with gay shit such as make up, desire for shopping clothes and useless shit and watching boring shitty TV shows.
A gay dude is gay but he has a partner that shares his interests.
A tomboy has the best of both worlds, a female body but with enough /fit/ness to keep up with you, good interests and great personality.

A trap is 200% gay. Not only are you fucking a dude, you are also putting up with the faggotry of a female.”

“Few societies have methods of assuring cultural continuity [or ‘elite reproduction’] that could be revealed transparently without causing at least some outrage or scandal.”

“Reminder that England jammed the German night bomber guidance signals so that German bombs would land on British suburbs instead of war factories.

England’s government literally killed it’s own children on purpose and them blamed the Germans.

[…] What’s great is that the wikipedia article even admits that the second Germany found out England was jamming their guidance they stopped bombing because they weren’t hitting factories and didnt want to waste resources or cause unnecessary collateral.

Meanwhile England’s terrorbombing campaign intentionally targeted suburbs, schools, and grain depots.”

“why does the k-pop aesthetic repulse me so much
with this skin group, the long nails are disgusting, the snap back hat seems goofy as hell and out of place, the music is really fucking bland, and just the overall aesthetic is repulsive as hell
but why”

“Because it’s very base and essentially just a repackaged hip-hop/nigger culture but removed and detached from any meaning and reduced down to its most easily packaged and marketed elements to appeal to legions of thirsty, lonely men who furiously jerk their rancid little dicks to the thought of one of the plastic women sucking them off. Your position is understandable and even admirable.

K-Pop is literally a South Korean government psy-op and these “people” fall for it because they wanna dick the plastic women.”

“flashy colours + product you know + generically attractive girls

Music is the least important part of kpop, it is just the same highly manufactured shit you’ve heard before. It isn’t even unusual that the video is really just advertisement for another product”

“You would make a ship sail against the winds and currents by lighting a bonfire under her deck? I have no time for such nonsense.”

“Why isn’t it one consistent direction? That’s just confusing.”
“Because modern web design is all about feeding prechewed information to mobile mongoloids.”

“I have masturbated so much to this game’s fanart and I don’t even know what the actual gameplay looks like”

“Anons, I got /fit/ as fuck (took roids cuz i’m lazy) and started going to cons dressed as draven. I have never gotten so much easy pussy in my life. Cosplay girls are all cute as fuck, and lack any type of self esteem or confidence.

Thank u league of legends”

“I love tiddies but I feel disgusted looking at this. Like the blatant pimping out is so obvious”

“It is easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism.”

“i won some thing that gave me something like 800 free spins
my friends were pissed because they wanted to leave”
“that sounds like a punishment tbh”
“only got like 30 dollars out of it rolling forever”

“Let me ask you something: If Blizzard had told me this because they wanted to do damage control, do you think they would have told me about Diablo 4’s ongoing development shifts and problems? Just wondering”


“He is the same faggot that was doing a PR campaign for them 2 days ago, why the fuck would anyone listen to anything he has to say?”

“Just show off some concept art with some voice actor saying some generic lines and boom DIABLO: TITLE at the end.

It’s not fucking rocket science.”

“Reminder that journalists aren’t human.”

>Blizzard did nothing wrong you’re just entitled
>Ok Blizzard actually had a completely different set of plans and mislead people in the lead up to Blizzcon
>You’re still entitled pissbabies though
I’m so sick of these MSM gaming press suck ups, they’re nothing more than PR shills for the AAA industry, sucking that dick. Whenever a single controversy comes up you can be guaranteed that the games press are there to run damage control like some media company the AAA biz hired. “Oh there’s a clear visual downgrade in Spiderman, who cares that you’re deceived by a bunch bullshots quit complaining”, “Oh the mass effect ending is crap, you’re entitled eat that shit”. I couldn’t have given a shit on this whole issue, about some mobile shit i’m not going to play but their fucking elitist attitudes have completely riled me. There is such a divide between the pleb consumers and the media elite and you’re just gonna do as your told or get called, reactionary, entitled, toxic, regressive, anti-intellectual. Fuck all these cunts.”

>Blizzard had planned to announce a new PC Diablo game at Blizzcon but there’s development trouble behind the scenes.
the old classic “we totally had other plans but X” trick”

“I’m running out of parenthesis for this guy”

>Jason Schreier
automatic bullshit; didn’t read”

“Actually, yes they would have. It’s absolutely damage control for them to tell you about the issues the game is having behind the scenes because it tries to paint a sympathetic picture of Blizzard.
>We are working hard on D4 guys, it has been a tough development so we didn’t want to show anything yet! What? Just show a teaser with the logo? Um, security?
Literally, all they had to do. The fact that they didn’t and are now saying that it’s in development only after the fact tells me that they’re bold-faced lying.”

>What kind of murderer leaves their drivers licence on the victim’s body! The murderer is so obviously me that it can’t be me!

“They literally dont have the development team to do it.

Alot of blizzard is artist and very few developers. the ones they do have are sitting in WoW and Overwatch.

Diablo lost alot of its members to other games because of differences in the company, specifically the real money auction house.”

“They’re parasites that feed off the success of others, which is why they’re so protective of the AAA industry. Whenever some AAA game gets millions of sales, that’s millions of clicks they can farm with meaningless shit about how RDR2 made them gay or how long Luigis dick is. They’re not going to do anything that risks their meal ticket, like getting blacklisted by bethesda because that’s a whole bunch of clicks and access they lose out on.”

“Wasnt d3 in development hell as well? Diablo has like the simplest formula. how can they screw it up so bad?”

“They had to figure out how to monetize it for the modern market. Just making a real, complete game like Diablo II again won’t cut, it that ‘s not enough money. It had to be gutted and stripped-down so Blizzard retains control over in-game markets enabling them to push microtransactions.”

“Why is “the modern market” so jewy? Why can’t they just make quality games like D2 that everyone buys?”

“Because advertising has evolved into a soft kind of social engineering, it’s legitimately easier to create a person to like your product then create a good product, see marveldrones”

“it’s also not a crime against humanity to collect such data, but extrajudicial killings are lol”

>none of these “gamers” even have the courage to represent themselves with their real names and photos
Maybe people don’t use their real names because they’ll get their work flooded with calls of “yeah your bigot employee said something mean to blizzard, pls fire””

“This is the default left-wing critique of space exploration: we’ve got enough problems down on Earth. But is there really an opposition between welfare and exploration? Between living a decent present and shooting for a glorious future? Does this not buy into the contemporary capitalist blackmail that the masses have to choose – that some things are just too good for the working class? This penny-pinching critique might, on the contrary, be part of the problem. This is why we can’t have nice things.”

“The chinks don’t understand art. They think money and only money. What’s the game that makes money? Let’s copy that.”

“It’s pretty hypocritical, coming from an american.”

“I don’t want to wonder how things could have been.”
this is only meaningful if you learn from your mistakes.”

“The slogan “X has fallen”, taken from the film below (haven’t seen), is clever and resonates with people. […] However, I don’t agree with using it. I’m against the slogan because it’s defensive and smacks of resentment. It’s the vein of thought, “Something has been taken from me! Wah!” I don’t think this outlook is productive, nor is it inspiring. It’s sort of admitting, in a sulky conservative way, that you’re whipped.”

“They’re there to facilitate data collection by ins co’s, and “standardization of care”.

I.E., to:

* destroy the doctor-patient relationship
* reduce care to bland, cookie-cutter algorithmic treatment
* justify reductions in service with “standard of care” boilerplate”

“Government is a jealous god; private charity makes it look bad. ”

“Is he right about horror games?”
“He played a horror game in front of a few hundred people taking questions from chat and spending 5 mins every half hour of play to look at memes and read donation jokes.
Then he faulted the game for not finding it scary and argued about things he didn’t understand because he wasn’t paying attention with chat for half an hour.

You tell me”

“she’s Jewish and her neighbors are Jewish and they’re all mad at each other over a zoning dispute so she put a holocaust reference in her yard because she’s being persecuted and it turns out the neighbors she’s arguing with are also Jewish and now nobody even knows who’s the victim anymore.”

“none of their specific moves are all that smart.

it’s more that they have all the moves in all the places that matter.”

“(g)idle was getting a lot of money thrown at them and going nowhere until tencent decided to upload this vid to the riot channel. Now they are getting nominated for rookie group of the year.

All’s it takes is enough money.”

“After years of using South Korean professional StarCraft: Brood War as free advertising for their games, Blizzard Entertainment recognized that this tournament scene threatened the commercial success of StarCraft II in that critical Korean market. The tournaments also violated a new notion of copyright law for a digital world, where any and all use of the property is subject to the iron will of the property holder. After spending 2007 to 2010 negotiating with the organization responsible for the Brood War tournaments—a negotiation processs which included legal threats—Blizzard threw their money and support behind other parties to broadcast the StarCraft II tournaments. The destabilization of professional StarCraft: Brood War created a surge of interest in professional StarCraft II, which lasted until everyone realized the game wasn’t that good. The gaping hole left by the collapse of South Korean Brood War has now been filled in by League of Legends, and tournament StarCraft is now a non-factor in the country.”

“This marketing model has become a very successful one, but the endgoal is not to merely advertise the game and sell the software. As you may expect from a racket known as “e-Sports”, these games are analogous to sports, and the “experts” are those who put their knowledge and understanding of videogames into a march towards the top of one mountain. Using these tournaments, the goal is to create a culture of competition that hammers down on a game, providing the illusion of a game that holds to intense scrutiny as some of the best players in the world tear it apart. This apparatus turns talented players into celebrities, and since you could never beat them at their chosen game, who are you to tell them that the game sucks? In other words, these tournaments and the voracious competition surrounding these games are designed to be a buffer zone against criticism. And with the help of the players who pour their time and energy into these individual games, game creators are casting the notion that your ability to play one game is equal to your understanding of what makes the game interesting and engaging. The marketing model has empowered a generation of videogame players who believe that their pursuit of a single game makes them “hardcore”.”

“Architects, who once were servants of the people who employed them, and conscious contributors to a shared public space, have rebranded themselves as self-expressive artists, whose works are not designed to fit in to a prior urban fabric.”

“It’s still the exact same bullshit as anything else.
It’s fucking scary how they all have the same exact systems.
>Read stupid shit from a woman tutorial teacher thing
>Tap the huge hand/pointer/only part of the screen that’s not greyed out
>Upgrade your items the same way for every game
>Get gatcha characters from 1 to 5 stars or sometimes more on every single game
>Go on linear “missions” that are always the same on a “map” that’s the same every time
>Fight stupid easy battles until it gets mathematically impossible to do so unless you grind/pay
>Receive 5923944 “mails” with “login rewards” and other shit that’s the same with multiple currencies and bloated “crafting materials”
>Sometimes there’s energy

I have to search for hours to find some game that DOESN’T include ALL OF THOSE MECHANICS implemented THE EXACT SAME FUCKING WAY.

It’s fucking scary.”

“ya it turns out most people have ad-hoc beliefs rather than conforming themselves into whatever exact shape some ideology would require of them for its internal logical consistency”

“npc = victims to memes
pc = has control over memes”

>New HIV drug Gammora passed its first human clinical trial yesterday eliminating 99% of the virus within 4 weeks of treatment. Outstanding leap for medicine
The fact that they gave it a name like that is just another admission that these “people” actively pride themselves in their debauchery, their rejection of stable family-based moral values as well as the self-destructive nature of their lifestyle.

Everything related to the LGBTPCR-crowd needs to have some name or symbolism reminiscient of a San Francisco swingers club, even things as presumably mundane as their medication.

They don’t desire any sense of bonding or acceptance in normal society. They actively view THEMSELVES as sinful and evil reprobates and this is a source of enjoyment for them.”

“”Employee wellness programs” should be working less and getting paid more, not yoga during your lunch break.”

“In this case the law is written to protect the people.
Humane treatment benefits people more”

“benefits people who make mistakes more.
under a humane system does the number of people who get tinnitus from the workplace increase or decrease?
is an employer more likely to take care that the environment is safe if he is liable to lose body parts up to and including his head, or if he is liable to pay out cash?”

“As the glove and the shoe are the accomplished forms used to cover hands and feet, similarly the house and the street, the palace and the square are the just types and forms to shelter and protect the social life of a people.”

“Measure does not only concern the geometric dimension of spaces and objects of the city and its quarters, but also the size of human communities. Like a tree or a man, a human community cannot exceed a certain dimension without becoming a monster; either a giant or a dwarf.”

“The Pythagoreans taught that evil belonged to the realm of the limitless and that good belonged to that which was limited. Aristotle made this truth the foundation of everything: philosophy, ethics, and by consequence, of politics and culture.”

“work for the name and the name works for you”

“What’s up with SJWs?

Basically there’s a substantial fraction of women who should be prevented from going anywhere near politics, and they’re attempting to knock some sense into the village elder via demonstration.

Their genes haven’t noticed that they don’t live in a tribe of 100 people or fewer.”

“why are you even reading random retarded commies”
“They help me remember that the universe has a sense of humor.”

“For a suburban society, no land is big enough to still its greed, to soothe its misery. The city always defines its limits, it distinguishes urban space from rural land. On the contrary, suburban sprawl aggresses both city and countryside: ‘What is yours will be mine’.”

“The city needs no suburb to live. The suburb cannot live without a city…A suburb can only survive, it cannot live. “

“The incessant promotion of “libido über alles” is by far the most efficacious means of social control.

“Just lease this BMW—maybe you’ll get laid!”
“Just get a student loan—maybe you’ll get laid!”
“Just rent that flat—maybe you’ll get laid!”

This is how they’ve enslaved you. They’ve hijacked your biological instinct for reproduction by dangling the elusive promise of sex above your head and making you do tricks for it. All to keep you locked in to your Life-As-A-Service contract.

Do you see these beer, body spray, etc. commercials? They’re not selling you beer, body spray, etc. They’re selling you a “lifestyle” in which your libido is sated if and only if you buy their product.

Now, apply this to society as a whole and how it expects men to behave.”

“Disconnected from reality as he was, Fredo was trying to be hospitable to his younger brother in this scene. I would be upset too if my own brother would scoff at my gift.”

“just shows that fredo never really gets it. He doesn’t have the intuition and the head for it. He’s just an indulgent half-wit.”

PASSED: Florida voters APPROVE Amendment 9: Ban on offshore oil drilling and indoor vaping.
“this seems good but it’s objectively hilarious that these two were the same bill”
“apparently they rolled them into the same amendment in the hopes that people’s love of vaping would prevent them from banning offshore drilling
this reads like a shitpost but it’s not. that’s literally what happened.”

“People tell men “Do what’s right”

People tell women “Do what’s right for you”

There is a lesson there.”

“how to into american politics 101:
1. be born son of wealthy family ($10-100MM)
2. sell butthole to wealthier older men you discreetly meet at high-end hotels ($100MM+)
3. ???
4. become governor”

“Fun hypothesis: making rice takes more group effort than making wheat and thus leads to less individualist culture.
Evidence: if you compare regions of china that are adjacent to one another but differ in their type of agriculture, and you control for obvious confounds, you find that those from rice making areas are less individualistic.”

“LAX won’t let me back thru security until tomorrow morning bc that’s the date my next flight takes off

…at 7:50 am. how the fuck do you want me to be going thru security at 6 am when i just got off a 10 hr flight and 16 hr time lag…esp when I’m just connecting here! fuck LA”

“A movie called “The Kindergarten Teacher” got rave reviews at film festivals and was added to netflix. It’s about a pedo that is unexperienced at being a pedo, and grooms a six yearn old she finds fascinating. I knew obviously that a jew made this movie and I was right. (((NADAV LAPID)))

The inherent pervertedness and pedo fantasy was claimed to be intentionally uncomfortable and edgy like all degenerate jew sexuality pushing which is pushed into the industry. Kill them all pls.”

“What’s with women loving murderers and murdering?”
“Humans are the descendants of women captured and fucked by victorious armies.”
“Is that why they love invaders?”

“Deleting any hard archive of past statements, especially searchable ones, is just best practice for proggies. The catechism changes quickly and often without warning – best to assume anything could become heresy at any time, and purge pre-emptively at regular intervals.”

“The balance updates presented through new game content—whether presented in the form of sequels, expansion packs, or content updates—feels natural and interesting because it is aesthetically significant. Real life doesn’t come with balance patches. Change in the real world is synonymous with a change in scenery, and games should ideally follow suit. In addition, sequels and new maps act as an addition and addendum to that videogame universe, rather than a substitute or replacement. But when you constantly update the mechanical foundation of your game with no corresponding change in visual content, you are compromising the aesthetic integrity of your game world. Regardless of whether the modern videogame player has come to accept this model of game balance, it is not ideal. Instead of providing the illusion of a real world on the other side of the screen, you are saying that your art assets are just a series of placeholders for the mechanical interactions, and that this number crunching is the real star of the show.”

“[T]he dota learning curve is a long adventure because it is an anomaly. In most videogames, the learning curve is a matter of player input. What weapons can I use? What skills does my character have? What tools are in my toolbox? The learning process remains interesting because the player can engage these concepts at their pace. But in the dota genre, your limited skill set dries up very quickly. You quickly learn what spells the character can use, and you need to wait until the next match to try out a new “build order”. So what happens in a genre where a team of players can significantly stack the odds against the individual? A genre where a couple tenths of a second can mean the difference between success and failure? A genre where there are as often as many as nine other players in the battlefield, each with their own individual roster of skills? The process of learning the game is based predominantly on output. In other words, what can others do to you? What can your teammates do to others?

Instead of having systems in place where players can quickly cycle through the available characters—and learn what they are generally capable of—this full range of player output can only be engaged in a team setting, where the value and aims of individuals are going to vary wildly on a match-to-match basis, and where different teams are going to demand different combinations of spells and items. These concepts can only be engaged at the rate which other players are presenting those concepts. As a result, there is not only a ton of content and a ton of different ways it can be arranged, but the meaningful lessons of said content are presented to the player at an extremely slow rate. I may think of this as a poorly-designed learning process, but for everyone else, this provides the slowest of slow burns present in any genre. It can take longer to test drive a dota game than it takes to play and master many of our best videogames. From this web of design choices, we get the perception that if it takes longer to engage dota than other games, then it must be deeper than other games.”

“also the whiny brattiness of TSA agents never ceases to amaze. you’d think THEY were the ones being inconvenienced the way they carry on”

“all you sad clowns obsess over elections meanwhile the Democrats in Florida just “find” new unsupervised ballot boxes in a warehouse that they then add to the recount. AND NOBODY DOES SOMETHING ABOUT IT. just fucking lol @ ur life if you take this shit serious”

“You can see how strong biological determinism is when (like I just did) you find a copy of yourself on youtube.

Looks like a relative? Check. Has a carbon copy of my attitudes? Check.”

“We don’t make decisions logically so when you believe you are ‘thinking it over’ you’re really just justifying the action you already emotionally decided you would take.”

“people think togashi is a great story teller due to how much info he dumps but in reality he’s handholding the reader to understand what’s going on without issue because he doesn’t like drawing characters

if he was forced to draw action scenes and shit he wouldn’t last long in the magazine
people shit on artists like Kubo and Kishimoto but you have to remember that they were fully capable of getting across what was happening through pictures rather than words
Manga is a visual medium, words play a big part but they are not the sole focus.”

“blame is the best manga that exists
and hardly had dialogue
take note”

“You are witnessing the biggest act of cuckoldry in human history

An entire civilization willingly giving away its land and women because the alternative is to be mean”

“The point of liberalism is to mislead you into thinking a totalitarian state where all resources are directed towards the advancement of technology is contradictory.
“If you want technology you need elections and markets and pornography”

“I don’t think Rick is a nice guy. I think he’s a prick without confidence.”

“Any attitude towards wanting to preserve your homeland or preserve your ethnic and cultural heritage and identity is “racist”. It’s almost as if you have to pick between either being called a “racist or going extinct.

Who invented this word again?”

“Give me a good timeline of how LoL marketing like this works. How long do you think they’re going to milk this video, and how soon do you think they’ll put out another?”

“its impossible to predict because riot is basically a chicken with its head cutoff. you have to understand riot is probably the least efficient company on the planet. consider this, according to wikipedia riot has 2,500 employees. 2,500. let that soak in. what fuck are all those people doing?”

“>Video game women doing things real women do
>This is sexist”

“K-Pop is probably the worst genre of music ever, with the worst, ugliest “aesthetic” ever. It’s all the worst aspects of hip-hop (overt, grotesque sexuality, repetitive music, and awful fashion) removed from the good parts (rebellion, artistic licence of the individual, self-empowerment) and combined with the power of mass corporate exploitation and state sponsorship.

If you like K-Pop, you’re not even a human. You’re not even an NPC. You’re a one-line program repeating itself over and over again and infecting society. The fact that so many of you fucking creatures adore this garbage disgusts me more than anything else.”

“Kpop isn’t a genre, it’s more of an entertainment process/style. The groups/singers are NOT artists or musicians at all, they are performers. Some people will just be into it for the qt asian girls but looking past whatever biases you may hold, the groups usually hold very talented and charismatic vocalists and dancers.”

“Well isnt Japan pretty close to Commiefornia”

“by japanese standards, no
by american standards, yes”

“In a county with roughly 600,000 ballots cast, how do you just “find” 78,000+ additional ballots 2 days after an election?

It’s almost hilarious that Broward County think they can get away with this.”

“They’ve been getting away with it for years. Quite possibly since before you were born. Why wouldn’t they be surprised when it suddenly doesn’t work?”

“Dota does not have a toxic environment because it is “casual” and it has nothing to do with the audience that the game attracts. Dota is defined by the toxic behavior in its team game modes…because there are no proper singleplayer modes. Or, to be more specific, there are no game modes that allow the individual to learn and play the game on their own accord.”

“Welcome to the modern world. Eyewitness accounts aren’t considered reliable evidence anymore because “LOL UNRELIABLE.” Pictures aren’t considered reliable evidence anymore because of Photoshop. Video evidence isn’t considered reliable evidence anymore because of video editing software. The only evidence people will accept is their own two eyes, at which point, tell them to gouge their eyes out because eyewitness accounts aren’t valid as evidence.”

“By creating a world in which no consistent logic exists, theory can be breached at the creator’s discretion, and every rule can be called into question, the defining skill in the learning process is rote memorization. The lessons of these inconsistent rules are self-contained and have no relation to each other, resulting in a learning process that is less about interaction and more like memorizing facts out of a book. (Little surprise that player-created guides—which tell you what things do, when to get them, and how to use them—have become such a ubiquitous part of the dota experience.)”

“how fucking stupid also i don’t agree”

“Ninja’s popularity was manufactured, I’m almost certain his views were botted to snowball his popularity to solve the Pewdiepie problem of popular streamers suddenly going red pilled.”

“The German army, however, chose more systematically to organize the tradition of keeping together soldiers belonging to a specific unit and recruited originally from the same Wehrkreise, or conscription zone. This policy meant that not only were troops trained and grouped into units together, but also that the wounded could expect to rejoin their old comrades once they recovered. This practice could become administratively very cumbersome, but was highly conductive to morale, for German soldiers could see their unit as a kind of home to which they could always return, a social group made of men they knew and trusted. While it was no longer possible to maintain group loyalty to a whole regionally conscripted division, within that formation men forged ‘primary group’ ties at the company and platoon level; to a large extent, they developed the same times with their junior and middle-ranking officers at the platoon, company, battalion, and often also the regimental level. Indeed, the German army traditionally expected its officers not only to lead their men into battle, but also to care for their needs, creating thereby a sense of belonging to a family, albeit a highly hierarchical and disciplined one, reflected in the customary junior commander’s form of address to his men as Kinder.”

“Once you hit level five with a character the game will start to feel better. You get some basic skills in the skill tree and better weapons. It’s a nasty trend with a lot of these loot based coop games to make the opening hour of the game super punishing just so you will feel a lot better once you get to the basic stuff. Hate how psychologically manipulative a lot of game designs feel these days.”

“And people are still crying over developers losing their jobs? These people don’t know the very basics of their profession. Crying over their misfortune is like crying over the engineer who – after years of dreaming and hard work – fails to create the Perpetuum mobile.”

“So the Democrats basically just have a Federal Reserve of ballots: they can print ballots at will, whenever they want, to win any election. The Democrat Chief of Police will obey the orders of the Democrat Mayor to leave it alone, and later on a Democrat judge will rule that everything is above board and that the Democrat won. Enjoying your separation of powers? lol”

“Corporations can openly mistreat their employees (or “contractors”), but for the price of installing transgender bathrooms they buy a pass. Shareholders win, workers lose. Bowing to the diversity agenda is a lot cheaper than raising wages.””

“if anyone showed the slightest capacity to predict the results of their actions I might find it more plausible, instead we get:

“lol these morons don’t study history”
“wait wtf they studied it and didn’t conclude what I concluded HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN”

2018 Oct 29 ~ Nov 02

>The Chinese century is well under way
>Many trends that appear global are in fact mostly Chinese

It’s a good job nobody ever studied what makes development work and discovered it’s the kind of industrial policy China employs and not the kind of policies The Economist recommends, because then this admission would be really embarrassing.”

“Imagine thinking voting was less dangerous than guns.”

“So, Linux as a viable open source community contributions project goes tits up thanks to Code of Conduct nonsense and the biggest proprietary Linux distribution gets bought up by an industry incumbent shortly after.

This gives me a big think indeed”

“The very notion of an hour underwent radical change. The striking of the hour was no longer a call to prayer. It did not remind people of their relationship to God, but of their labour contract or business appointment that they should not be late for.

As one commentator has argued, if time used to belong to the Church now it belonged to the merchant.”

“Never trust a man without a functional sexdrive.”

“Working with the rest of the product team to produce ideal user experiences”.

I think this means shoving it up my ass and seeing how I feel about it.”

“Full-stack developer means they want to hire one person to create their entire product.”

“A fascist is anyone who effectively opposes a commie or proggie.”

“Zhang had seen it all – Samarkand, Bukhara, Balkh – the entire walled world of Central Asia. His reports galvanized Han China. The emperor listened intently to Zhang’s tales of exotic plants and animals, including horses that sweated blood. Most intriguing were the reports of nations that dwelled in fortified cities. They were said to be adept at commerce but “poor in the use of arms and afraid of battle” – standard characteristics of the walled and civilized. Zhang described “large countries, full of rare things, with populations living in fixed abodes and given to occupations somewhat identical to those of the Chinese people.”

People who lived like the Chinese? Now that was welcome news. In a flash, China’s alleged isolation was swept away. The Chinese had retreated behind walls only because they knew the world to be hostile and barbarian. Now they knew otherwise. Wu sent great expeditionary forces to open a lifeline to the newly discovered brethren in the fraternity of wall builders. At the time, only massive armies dared cross the terrain of the Huns, so Wu endeavored to make the route safe for travelers. He ordered the construction of a new wall – the reed-and-dirt wall discovered by Stein – to defend China’s thin link to the civilizations of Central Asia and beyond.”

>It’s that simple… Don’t be an ass.
It’s simple… just do what anyone tells you.
>It’s not an unreasonable request.
It’s reasonable for me to give you what you want.
>You can tell so much about a person by how they react to a perfectly valid and reasonable request like this
Namely, how easily he can be made to roll over and do anything.”

“Today http://Gab.com spent all day working with law enforcement to ensure that justice is served.

For this, we have been no-platformed from:

In a matter of hours. This is direct collusion between big tech giants.

@realDonaldTrump ACT!”

“You’re also a gleeful swamp of raging anti-semites, alt-right incel cockwombles, slack-jawed Klan dickweeds, and neo- crypto-, and real Nazis. The thin veneer that you’re a “free speech platform” belies the fact civilized people aren’t required to enable your wretched bullshit.”

“Look at the word choice by Rick here. The picture created most vividly is not one of bad ideas, but *low status people*.

The favored motifs of anti-racism are resentful of classes and characters, not ideas or actions. Anti-racist ideology legitimizes and reinforces this hate.”

“The trumpeter game, version left, is played ad nauseam in every school system in the world today. All our noble workers and peasants are constantly inculcated with two messages. First, you are the victim of injustice. Second, even though you are the victim of injustice, violence is evil and you must under no circumstances punish the guilty. Human beings are human beings, of course, so the second message doesn’t always take. Aww. Another “random attack.””

“We live in a world of sexual license. Sexual freedom we could say. You can sleep with whoever you want and neither state authorities, nor most people, will interfere with your sexual life. You can even engage in the most unnatural, disgusting and disease-inducing activities; but criminal law just has nothing against you.

This alone is a sign that the patriarchy doesn’t exist anymore. Patriarchies are systems in which all women belong to a man; the husband after marriage, the father before that, or the head of the household if she’s a servant of some sort. Women have this uncanny ability to make men want to have sex with them, and at the same time prefer to have exclusivity in that matter. Not to mention the potential for disease or childbirth. So naturally their legal guardians had to take care that women, i.e. their property, was not captured by other men to have sex with them without proper compensation. As such, law regulating sex in the pre-modern period where every bit as complicated, and as harsh, as laws regulating finance and property in our day.”

“-Shutting down a social media site because one bad guy had an account on there? Perfectly fine.
-Shutting down a news organization for blatantly lying, spreading fake news, and inciting violence? FASCISM!!!”

“the great thing about conspiracy theories is that you can never disprove them”
“great thing about the news is you can never disprove them either”

“If they want to kidnap women to be sex slaves I think they’d choose something other than a highly monitored, televised bunch of poor broke ass starving central americans that have had the world kicking the shit out of them for most of their lives”

“You can’t highly monitor thousands of people”

“isnt prostitution legal in mexico”
“isnt everything legal in mexico”

“Things like ‘shitty countries’ are not like some abstract magic that randomly emanates from to universe in certain places; it is not a causeless effect, it is caused by people. ‘Crime’ is not an abstract energy field, crime is something done by people. ‘War’ is not an abstract energy field, war is something done by people. ‘Third world shithole’ is not an abstract energy field, third world shitholes are done by third world people.

Men lie with their tongues and tell the truth with their feet; what these brown people apparently want more than anything else in the world, is to escape the horror of having to live with brown people.”

“CNN: Trump is the next Hitler.
Trump: CNN is fake news.
CNN: Your rhetoric is inciting hatred and violence against the media!”

“And thus I start to understand why conservatives have to be selected for losing: it’s (somewhat) okay for one side to be permanently revolutionary, as long as the other side doesn’t show up. If they don’t show up, no fight starts. […]

What’s new isn’t proggies asserting superiority via humiliation. What’s new is that they’ve overreached. They’ve overfished, as it were. They’ve pushed voters too fast and run out of masochistic conservatives willing to take the beating.”

“Can Permanent Revolution tolerate a federal structure? It cannot. If individual states are allowed to reject the insanity, they will – whole and entire. Hence the “””federal””” government must be supreme.”

“Hence, among us as well, subjection by force is replacing conviction by argument.” Argument was always a myth. Have to say I’m not impressed when folk, presented with contrary evidence, pretend the world changed so they don’t have to change their mind.”

“Women themselves don’t want kids before 32 or so.”
“Women believe they don’t want kids before 32 or so, but like many things women believe about themselves, is a falsehood they hold for tactical political reasons.”

“First I’m not allowed to say “nationalist” because it’s a dog whistle.
Then I’m not allowed to say “globalist” because it’s a dog whistle.
Now I’m not allowed to say “Anglo-American” because it’s a dog whistle.

These are all common terms from political theory, international relations, and intellectual history. What you’re saying is that I can’t use any of the normal language in my profession. And it’s not as though you understand enough about any of these subjects to even suggest alternative terms I could use in order to think and speak about these things.

You just want me to stop talking the way I talk, and you don’t care whether the things I have to say using this language are important in any way. You basically just want me to shut up. But I will not shut up. I define the terms I use with care. and I mean by these words what I say they mean. If they are a dog whistle to someone else who means something else, I’m sorry to hear that. But I can’t rewrite the books and essays I’ve written, and revise the terms I use to write and teach, every time someone decides that some nutjobs somewhere are using some of the same terms for evil purposes.

You don’t have to read what I write. But if you don’t read what I write, then do not tell me what you believe my words mean. The truth is you have no idea what my words mean because your mind is closed to any usage that doesn’t fit your cookie-cutter prejudices. I use my words to say things that I believe are important. If I don’t have alternative terms available, then you will just have to live with the fact that I don’t use terms the way that you want me to. You can curse me all you like. You can say I’m complicit in various awful things all you want. But the bottom line is that you’re just tinpot tyrants trying to scare everyone into being what you want them to be. I won’t play your game. I’ll say what I think needs to be said. And I will use the terms that I think are most illuminating and useful until such time as you can *persuade* me that a better term is available–which will certainly not happen while you are throwing you little tantrums about my word choice.

I wish you the best of luck trying to get along in the world while being so intolerant that you can’t handle word-choices that you aren’t used to. Seriously. Good luck with that.”

“Criticizing anything at all is secretly criticizing us, so it’s not okay.”
— Megalomaniac-Paranoid psychosis this extreme ends nowhere good.”

>1.5million views on underage kids doing sexual things in a whole bunch of Tiktok compilation videos. Some as young as 12 or 13. Girls dancing with their jean shorts unzipped without panties.
And of course its ignored because a child being pumped full of cum isn’t enough to even make these people blink. But a full grown woman that doesn’t look ugly sends them into a seething rage. These “normal” people fill me with nothing but the worst kind of disgust and disdain.”

>cartoons and games featuring fictional characters with huge tits are bad
>real pedophilia is okay, please don’t mind my cp folder with real kids okay

“I’ve come accross real pedo tumblr blogs. Some are still up and have been up since 2016.
I’m not kidding, there are literal webms, short videos, hundreds of pictures of little girls in sexual and suggestive positions (mostly clothed, or swimsuit etc.) but some vids are things like a man fingering a 5 or 6 year girl. Hundreds of people even reblog that stuff. It’s fucking real and fucking heartbreaking.”

“the thing about tumblr is that it is a fucking impenetrable labyrinth if you don’t know what exactly you need to put in to show you what you want to see. You’d be surprised the kind of shit you can find there, because it basically goes entirely un-moderated because nobody sees the weird shit unless they very specifically go looking for it.”

“Because they are the real pedophile, they just puts the blame on anime so the authority won’t focus on them, the people who are actually commiting the crime. Have you seen those bastard coming here and posting actual children nude to frame people who faps to some lifeless drawing?”

“I don’t believe things without evidence, links.”

“You don’t want them.
I’ve got a bud that was into pedo stuff for a while and he showed me some of these videos. Sometimes they’re just innocent kids that don’t know any better. Other times it’s family videos from cultures with different standards. Lots of funny stories out of that guy but I’m tempted to report him.”

“Society is shifting towards feminism and while you and me have been playing video games for the past decade other people have been climbing up the ranks to positions of power to enforce more SJW world views.”

“You fags know you can vote against this shit right? They mostly complain without actually going to the booths”

>voting affects people climbing corporate ladders

“I did a lot of my work in cooperation with and for the cosmetics industry (I was basically a lobbyist). The goals I worked on there had to do with visual strategies of integration and how the cosmetics industry can participate. Effectively, the strategy had to do with the transformation of beauty and “sexiness” into several commodities of objective consumer goods. For exmaple, instead of beauty being some subjective and uncontrollable attribute, beauty is to be directed into definable and acquirable commodities: breasts of a certain size, buttocks of a certain size and shape, a specific and universalized facial construction. We worked with advertising and entertainment to highlight this new conception of beauty. THis would create a more egalitarian beauty that anyone can acquire regardless of their background, and it would obviously (why I got paid) increase the rate of cosmetic surgery. And this is how a lot of the work goes on: different industries lobbying for personal profit while serving a larger process of universalization of populations with the ultimate goal of egalitarian interchangeability.

This is also why I brought up Brazil. The vast majority of our efforts were aimed at Brazil, which was a test case of sorts. The result was one of the highest rates of plastic surgery in Brazil (success). But a side effect, which is actually really interesting, was the explosion of transsexuality, because when female sexuality was transformed into several acquirable commodities, then men also became consumers of these commodities. That was unforeseen.”

“The ultimate goal, however, is a common market and the elimination of pre-capital identity. Identity is to become a collection of commodified consumer objects, where identity categorizations lose their racial/ethnic/racial specificity and become objects that can be assumed through voluntary consumption.

Right now, cultures are associated with peoples and their histories. You can’t sell “whiteness” or “blackness” to someone who isn’t of that race. But, if these racial/ethnic categories were to become blurred and eventually eliminated, cultures would become a consumable goods, i.e. non-racially defineable people purchase their culture through consumer products.”

“Joke: country
Broke: nation
Folk: empire
Woke: realm”

“Tang was baffled that foreigners might imagine that people of his generation were somehow unwise to the distortions of censorship. “Because we are in such a system, we are always asking ourselves whether we are brainwashed,” he said. “We are always eager to get other information from different channels.” Then he added, “But when you are in a so-called free system you never think about whether you are brainwashed.”

“In surveys, Chinese casino gamblers tend to view bets as investments and investments as bets. The stock market and real estate, in the Chinese view, are scarcely different from a casino. The behaviorial scientists Elke Weber and Christopher Hsee have compared Chinese and American approaches to financial risk. In a series of experiments, they found that CHinese investors overwhelmingly described themselves as more cautious than Americans. But when they were tested – with a series of hypothetical financial decisions – the stereotype proved wrong, and the Chinese were found to take consistently larger risks than Americans of comparable wealth.”

“Another young believer sent to the countryside, Wu Si, recalled to me his first day at an iron foundry. “We’d always been taught to believe that ‘the proletariat is a selfless class,’ and we believed in it completely,” he cold me. A few hours after his arrival, a fellow worker approached him and said, “That’s enough, you can stop [working now.”

Wu was puzzled. “I don’t have anything else to do, so I might as well keep working.”

The comrade whispered some advice. “People won’t be too happy about that.”

If Wu worked a full day, quotas would go up for everyone. He put down his tools. Soon he learned other secrets of survival in the state-owned factories – how to swipe parts from the storeroom, how to build lampss for sale on the black market. For Wu, who would later become a prominent writer and editor, it introduced him to the world of parallel realities. “One narrative was public,” he told me, “and one was real.””

“Another popular program was a “choice show” called If You Are the One, in which single young men and women evaluated each other. On screen, pop-up bubbles indicated if the man was car-and-home-equipped. In one episode, a Triple WIthout offered a woman a ride on his bicycle, but she brushed it off, saying, “I’d rather cry in a BMW than smile on a bicycle.” That line was too much for the censors. They soon restructured the show by adding a matronly cohost who counseled virtue and restraint.”

“When change came, it came from below. The previous winter, in the inland village of Xiaogang, the local farmers had been so impoverished by Mao’s economic vision that they had stopped tilling their communal land and had resorted to begging. In desperation, eighteen farmers divided up the land and began to farm it separately; they set their own schedules, and whatever they sold beyond the quota required by the state, they sold at the market and reaped the profits. They signed a secret pact to protect one another’s families in the event of arrest.

By the following year, they were earning nearly twenty times as much income as before. When the experiment was discovered, some apparatchiks accused them of “digging up the coernstone of socialism,” but wiser leaders allowed their scheme to continue, and eventually expanded it to eight hundred million farmers around the country. The return of “houshold” farming, as it was known, spread so fast that a farer compared it to a germ in a henhouse. “When one famil’ys chicke catches the disease, the whole village catches it. When one village has it, the whole country will be infected.”

“Sitting in the cool quiet of a California night, sipping his coffee, Liu said that he was not willing to risk all that his generation enjoyed at home in order to hasten the liberties he had come to know in America. “Do you live on democracy” he asked me. “You eat bread, you drink coffee. ALl these are not brought by democracy. Indian guys have democracy, and some African countries have democracy, but they can’t feed their own people.

“Chinese people have begun to think, ‘One part is the good life, another part is democracy,'” Liu went on. “If democracy can really give you the good life, that’s good. But without democracy, if we can still have the good life, why should we choose democracy?”

“We are not ideologues. We did not believe in theories as such. A theory is an attractive proposition intellectuaally. What we faced was a real problem of human beings looking for work, to be paid, to buy their food, their clothes, their homes, and to bring their children up… I had read the theories and maybe half believed in them. But we were sufficiently practical and pragmatic enough not to be cluttered up and inhibited by theories. If a thing works, let us work it, and that eventually evolved into the kind of economy that we have today. Our test was: does it work? Does it bring benefits to the people?… The prevailing theory then was that multinationals were exploiters of cheap labor and cheap raw materials and would suck a country dry… Nobody else wanted to exploit the labor. So why not, if they want to exploit our labor? They are welcome to it… We were learning how to do a job from them, which would never have learnt… We were part of the process that disproved the theory of the development economics school, that this was epxloitation. We were in no position to be fussy about high-minded principles.

Kim Dae-jung wrote in Foreign Affairs that “democracy is our destiny.” They got him to write a counter article to my conversation with Fareed Zakaria, and they want me to reply. I do not think it is necessary. He makes assertive statements. Where are the concrete examples that these things are going to happen? If it is going to happen, why are they so excited about it?… The very fact that they are so vexed about it and try to demolish me shows a lack of faith in the inevitable outcome they predict… If history is on their side, that liberal democracy is inevitable, then just ignore me. Do not give me publicity. Right? I do not believe that because a theory sounds good, looks logical on paper, or is presented logically, therefore that is the way it will work out. The final test is life. What happens in real life, what happens with people working in a society.”

“I often hear people say that our media consumption is fragmenting, that everyone is fracturing into informationally segregated internet tribes, that we no longer share a convergent notion of truth. This is facile. Where did you get the opinion that we are living in an increasingly fragmented media landscape? Even that phrase has a certain liminal familiarity. Almost as if it were disseminated from a centralized social organ of truth generation. Curious.

It’s true in a trivial sense, because everyone can use the internet to choose different shows to watch and different sites to visit and different shitposters to follow. But this is irrelevant, because when an idea gets in the noosphere, it always makes the rounds. For example, here are some memes I know you have: hate speech, toxic masculinity, body positivity, social constructionism, and the idea that resistance regarding certain sociosexual trends constitutes a phobia. How did you get these ideas, if we’re all living in our bubbles?

Consider what kind of statement the “fragmented media landscape” remark actually is: it’s a lament. It’s a lament, by the people who control the dissemination of information, that you now slightly have the choice to tune them out. But you don’t really.

This isn’t the old days where everyone watched the exact same television show. You want to see homogeneity? But it doesn’t matter if we all watch different shows and news broadcasts because the worldview that authors them is substantially the same. If you look one level below the surface you see the same handful of tropes and themes, always assembled in the same handful of ways, always coming to the same conclusions. The Overton window is small and it’s smaller in entertainment than “news”—-much smaller.”

“The claim that various “disprivileged” groups and individuals are made invisible by the dominant culture is laughable; when I tune in the only thing I hear, from both the left and the right, is a discussion of the supposedly “erased” groups, always in hagiographic terms.”

“Suppose for a moment that all sex really is rape. Is it so far fetched, as we watch the birth rate plummet in every country that has the technology to decouple sex from birth, to think that as a species we can only maintain ourselves by violating a woman’s body? If that were true, would you sacralize bodily autonomy at the cost of the entire human race, and end the propagation of man and woman, to preserve some “higher” value?

In fact this debate has already been decided, and humanity has lost, which is why bodily autonomy is used as the justification for bodily autonomy, tautologically, because those are our values.”

“Where will you guys go when they finally come for 4chan?
What horrors will they visit upon civilization in their falseflag to get rid of us?”

>when they come for us
you fucking newfags already came here. fuck you, this is your fault.”

“The genteel are more likely to be snakes.
Gentility is selected for by court intrigue. That’s what it’s for.”

“However much you like loyalty-based social institutions, they’re still burning down to the ground.”

“It’s very obvious that expert governors should be in charge of government.

No form of government that has ever been tried results in experts governors in government.”

“Telling a tremendous lie does take a certain amount of courage.
When a proggie says ‘stunning and brave’ they mean they’re stunned by what a whopper that was, and admiring the bravery require to lie that flagrantly.”

“Does invading Africa count as a war? It’s not like they fight back.”

“The King’s right to England was extremely dubious.

The King’s right to the colonies was actually pretty strong. It was due to royal supplies of men and arms (and presumably other useful things) that the place could exist at all. Going there was voluntary.”

“Maturity is enough of a process of differentiation that ideas must be more childish the more widely they need to be be adopted.”

“People see quite clearly through the narratives of terrorism and weapons of mass destruction today. Do you think the people of yesterday didn’t see through God and democracy?”

“If they exist, the probably don’t have the social skills to market themselves, so you have never heard of them.”

“theres a woman complaining that the restaurant closed at 10 and at 1030 the wait staff asked them to finish up their meal
what a cunt”

“i mean
you did just say it was a woman”

“What killed the city? The story is familiar: the rich people moved out, preferring their country estates. Gradually the large villas were abandoned, the theatre stopped putting on shows, the baths stopped working. Whole neighborhoods were abandoned. Public maintenance stopped…”

“If someone can model you, they own you.”

“We have to stop demonizing people and realize the biggest terror threat in this country is white men.”

“Liberal capitalism is so powerful than it can take even the pure, unmitigated evil of the occult and transform it into a commodity that offers boring people a lame means of self-expression.”

“you can go on forever picking out shit thats wrong of might be wrong like w the fuk is that going to accomplish?
thats why these horse shit dumby fuk tard groups like
Level Up! are for, so people can wipe their butts with your art”

“you could use this information to justify:

– expanding parking at subway stations, or
– expanding frequency on commuter rail

guess which would be more useful to more people?”

“The most commonly shared view is that it has become extremely difficult to generate exposure for novels. Fiction, more than nonfiction, depends on readers discovering new books by browsing. Now, with the number of physical stores down from five years ago (despite a rise in ABA membership), publishers cannot rely on bricks-and-mortar stores providing customers with access to new books.”

“Society is shifting away from a direct and communal relationship between artist and audience, toward a more passive relationship with art. Art is becoming part of the background of what we do, rather than a focal point in its own right. Music is becoming background music rather than a performance. The art on the walls is becoming a corporate decoration rather than a stand-alone statement. Even acting is moving away from being a performance for the people and toward being something that’s going on on Netflix while we chill.”

“We may pretend to be entrepreneurs, polishing our personal brands, decorating our stalls in virtual as well as real marketplaces; but defeat, humiliation and resentment are more commonplace experiences than success and contentment in the strenuous endeavour of franchising the individual self.”

“The app takes information which was technically public, but nearly impossible to get for normal people, and it makes it available at the touch of a button.”

“in reality it was maybe 1 jew that died since they think 1 jew is equal to 10,000 goyim or some shit”

“maybe the jews should consider that they’re the ones with the problem if they get genocided so often”
“that’s very antisemitic
jews aren’t the problem, everyone else is”

“Every ‘news article‘ you see on foreign affairs is really a Northrop Grumman press release.”

“Male and female is looking more like Coke and Pepsi, with some opting to make their own artisanal cola blends. As rootlessness moves from exception to rule, obligations to others begin to look like hindrances. It isn’t difficult to see how three-parent babies in polycarbonate wombs fit into all of this.”

“the crazy&stupid woman , the rest indifferent&apathetic passagers . and plz remember that ” indifferent&apathetic to others” maybe push yourself to death, this is the example.”

“Cosplayers always have weird faces
That’s why they have to milk nerds for patreon bucks instead of being real models”

2018 Oct 17 ~ 28

“this is the type of concept work that’s making everyone sick of AAA games and “blockbuster” movies, there’s no artistry or even design, just derivative crap”

“all art is derivative”

“yeah, specially when it’s made by copy/pasting”

“they did all the composition work with daz and just like checked out for the rest of it. what’s the point in taking a short cut if you don’t use the extra time to work on the juicy parts of a piece? who wants a medal for fastest produced mediocre art?”

“You should engage the process with a mindset of discovery. Your goal at the outset is to extract and observe as much information as possible. Which, by the way, is one of the reasons that really smart people often have trouble being negotiators – they’re so smart they think they don’t have anything to discover.

Too often people find it easier just to stick with what they believe. Using what they’ve heard or their own biases, they often make assumptions about others even before meeting them. They even ignore their own perceptions to make them conform to foregone conclusions;. These assumptions muck up our perceptual windows onto the world, showing us an unchanging – often flawed – version of the situation.

Great negotiators are able to question the assumptions that the rest of the involved players accept on faith or in arrogance, and thus remain more emotionally open to all possibilities, and more intellectually agile to a fluid situation.”

“For those people who view negotiation as a battle of arguments, it’s the voices in their own head that are overwhelming them. When they’re not talking, they’re thinking about their arguments, and when they are talking, they’re making their arguments. Often those on both sides of the table are doing the same thing, so you have what I call a state of schizophrenia: everyone just listening to the voice in their head (and not well, because they’re doing seven or eight other things at the same time). It may look like there are only two people in a conversation, but really it’s more like four people all talking at once.”

“You can learn almost everything you need – and a lot more than other people would like you to know – simply by watching and listening, keeping your eyes peeled and your ears open, and your mouth shut.”

“Imagine how stupid Bill Gates feels now. He set up this huge charity because he thought that’s what you’re supposed to do, but now tech billionaires are building rocketships and making their childhood dreams come true. He got duped!”

“Not sure why anyone is offended by being called an NPC. NPCs run on their own autonomous loops. Player characters, on the other hand, are controlled by strange creatures who exist outside the simulation.

The player character lives in samsara, being endless reincarnated after suffering ever more painful and humiliating deaths, desperately accumulating good karma in order to eventually reach the escape of nirvana (the termination of the game world).”

“Back when everything wasn’t datamined and put in a wiki, you’d have a blast exploring huge maps and encountering random bosses.”

“It is hardly necessary here to argue the abstract question of democracy. All rational political systems that have ever been tolerated among men have been based ultimately on the expression of the popular will, and at the present time at any rate no party can be found that explicitly denies the doctrine of the people’s sovereignty. During the last two elections the two parties were shouting against each other that “the Will of the People must prevail,” and the only dispute was whether the Will of the People was best represented by the Duke of Sussex or by his son-in-law, the Right Honourable James Blagg.

It may, however, be worthwhile to define exactly what democracy is. Votes and elections and representative assemblies are not democracy; they are at best machinery for carrying out democracy. Democracy is government by the general will. Wherever, under whatever forms, such laws as the mass of the people desire are passed, and such laws as they dislike are rejected, there is democracy. Wherever, under whatever forms, the laws passed and rejected have no relation to the desires of the mass, there is no democracy. That is to say, there is no democracy in England today.

Pure democracy is possible only in a small community. The only machinery which perfectly fulfills its ideas is the meeting of the elders under the village tree to debate and decide their own concerns. The size of modern communities and the complexity of modern political and economic problems make such an arragement impossible for us. But it is well to keep it in mind as a picture of real democracy.”

“Also, the idea that wolves have to be on the lookout for “ambushes” or attacks isn’t true, either. Wolves are at the top of the food chain and have no natural predators.”

“No, the market isn’t there. It doesn’t matter if the technology is there, mobile games are essentially the flash games of this generation except 100x more profitable. Nobody plays the ones with price gates, especially if they’re near full retail price. Nobody will buy attachable peripherals just to play games on their phone except for a small super dedicated userbase like the people who bought xperia plays.”

“F2P/P2W games and microtransactions are, by far, gathering more revenue than a fixed price wholly dependent on the market actually liking the game, then buying it afterwards.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to go back to those times. But the truth is, it’s more likely they won’t return when the platform basically asks for a credit card associated with your account, making microtransactions more likely based on whim, and not an entry barrier.”

“The subject of john oliver came up when a colleague (fellow psychologist) and I were discussing politics a few months ago. Although we were both in agreement regarding the general shitlib inanity of the HBO show, my friend was surprised when I explained that the real insidiousness of it is its unmistakably hypnotic structure and pacing.

I ended up pulling up an episode or two off of youtube to show her what I meant. All of the segments I’ve ever seen from this show follow the same repetitive format: present some “argumentation” and “facts” for about 10 seconds, then quickly follow these up with a snarky quip (which themselves overwhelmingly take the form of complete non-sequitur or otherwise absurd metaphor) before any rational processing of the preceding argument can take place in the mind of the viewer. Further telling is that the only ‘beats’ or mental pauses in the show’s pacing exist solely to highlight the approving laughter or applause of the studio audience. Repeat this basic formula without variation 20-40 times in a row and you have one of the 12-20 minute ‘segments’ that form the backbone of the show.

The end effect is (obviously) not to deliver information, but rather to literally teach the viewers — on a subconscious level — to mentally associate derisive laughter with any person or opinion taht is at odds with the narrative’s take on the chosen issue. And it acomplishes this by maintaining a strict adherence to a roughly 20-second cycle in which a stimulus is presented, and a response is cued. THis is the sense in which the show is fundamentally hypnotic in effect — even moreso than its precursors in the genre (Daily Show, Colbert, etc).

To my mind, oliver’s show is representative of the media’s increasing mastery of the methodologies of mass conditioning; in fact it is almost such a perfect technical accomplishment that I would almost have to admire it on technical grounds, which moreover is in the hands of the entirely wrong people.”

“Wrong. There’s always leverage. Negotiation is never a linear formula: add X to Y to get Z. We all have irrational blind spots, hidden needs, and undeveloped notions.

Once you understand that subterranean world of unspoken needs and thoughts, you’ll discover a universe of variables that can be leveraged to change your counterpart’s needs and expectations. From using some people’s fear of deadlines and the mysterious power of odd numbers, to our misunderstood relationship to fairness, there are always ways to bend our counterpart’s reality so it conforms to what we ultimately want to give them, not to what they initially think they deserve.”

“Let’s go back to the $150,000 ransom demand. We’re always taught to look for the win-win situation, to accomodate, to be reasonable. So what’s the win-win here? What’s the compromise? The traditional negotiating logic that’s drilled into us from an early age, the kind that exalts compromises, says, “Let’s just split the difference and offer them $75,000. Then everyone’s happy.”

No. Just, simply, no. The win-win mindset pushed by so many negotiation experts is usually ineffective and often disastrous. At best, it satisfies neither side. And if yuou employ it with a counterpart who has a win-lose approach, you’re setting yourself up to be swindled. […]

We don’t compromise because it’s right; we compromise because it is easy and because it saves face. We compromise in order to say that at least we got half the pie. Distilled to its essence, we compromise to be safe. Most people in negotiation are driven by fear or by the desire to avoid pain. Too few are driven by their actual goals.”

“No deal is better than a bad deal.”

“If you can get the other party to reveal their problems, pain, and unmet objectives – if you can get at what people are really buying – then you can sell them a vision of their problem that leaves your proposal as the perfect solution.

Look at this from the most basic level. What does a good babysitter sell, really? It’s not child care exactly, but a relaxed evening. A furnace salesperson? Cozy rooms for family time. A locksmith? A feeling of security.

Know the emotional drivers and you can frame the benefits of any deal in language that will resonate.”

“You’re thinking Amazon’s model is PRODUCT->CUSTOMER, like Sears.

If I understand correctly, the PRODUCT->CUSTOMER is actually a loss leader for Amazon’s REAL businesses of data mining and algorithm development. Sears never had a chance to compete against Amazon.”

“I hear the objection a lot, “we can’t replace cars with trains,” and it’s extremely revealing about the perspective of the objector–they think you’re only supposed to have one way of getting around, probably because that’s exactly the world they already live in, where the car is the only realistic way to get around.”

“just remembered the time i saw a bunch of japanese tourists taking photos of the departures board in leeds station because they’d never seen so many late trains before in their entire lives”

“A new study reveals the real reason Obama voters switched to Trump
Hint: It has to do with race.”

“i knew it
trump is BLACK!”

“If you see ‘trolling’ as ‘misrepresenting one’s true opinion for some effect’ then first we see it’s a human universal and second we see it’s the essence of politics. The reason proggies hate trolls is because they really hate mere peasants horning in on their politics gig.”

“You sure are skillful with your hands. You’re popular with the girls, aren’t you?”
“That has nothing to do with skill. It’s more about looks than skill. You’re not popular, are you?”

“‘We Are Living In A Totalitarian Nightmare,’ Says Protester Freely Without Any Fear Of Government Retribution”

“I refuse to believe Microsoft Edge doesn’t use Chrome assets or that Windows 10 doesn’t throttle competitor browsers.

Every website recognizes Edge as Chrome when a feature can’t run and they tell you to use internet explorer and Chrome runs slower on this computer than Edge despite outperforming on benchmarks normally.”

“Ridiculous. They never talk about the details. Just imagine a king or underworld boss. “I don’t like that guy’s look” – and that’s all he needs to say. The pawns know how to shine shoes. They know how things work. It’s never going to be, “I want him tortured for this number of hours and then killed in this way and”. “I don’t like that guy’s look”, and the rest will happen. Looking for evidence that the top guy said this or that detail is nonsense.”

“I will do as you say,” huh? Makes me unsure if he’s useful.”

“They legally can’t.”
“Gee then it never happens lol”
“I guess murder and thefts are also impossible then”
“How fucking stupid are you?”

“We don’t yet have final evidence that Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi crown prince & effective ruler, was behind Khashoggi’s murder, though it looks increasingly conclusive. If/when it comes, he can’t continue in power. People at the top in SA must know this & be making their plans.”

“Who the hell is this guy to tell a foreign country who should be their king?”

“Don’t forget that CA general work ethic is to burn people out and discard them. People are “cheap” in CA. Sure there’s laws that are supposed to prevent this, but the reality is still there. You’re talking about a State that has legal paperwork that states employers have to pay employees. It’s that devoid of common sense or decency.”

“The British weren’t very effective at fighting on the ground, with colonial units being much better, and British policies didn’t respect the colonists.”

“The British won most of the battles of the American Revolution. They weren’t effective at fighting on the ground compared to the Prussians, maybe, but compared to the American half-trained rabble they were pretty much invincible in a conventional engagement.

During the French and Indian War the British officers developed a contempt for American militia and eventually refused to use them at all. Louisbourg and Quebec were taken by British regulars solely, with no Americans present. Amherst eventually took Montreal and defeated Levis ending the war in North America again without any American assistance. That’s the origin of the Yankee Doodle Dandy song, since the British thought the Americans were a bunch of silly cowards and this created considerable bad blood between them.”

“The common advantages which every empire derives from the provinces subject to its dominion, consist, first, in the military force which they furnish for its defence; and, secondly, in the revenue which they furnish for the support of its civil government. The Roman colonies furnished occasionally both the one and the other. The Greek colonies, sometimes, furnished a military force; but seldom any revenue. They seldom acknowledged themselves subject to the dominion of the mother city. They were generally her allies in war, but very seldom her subjects in peace.

The European colonies of America have never yet furnished any military force for the defence of the mother country. Their military force has never yet been sufficient for their own defence; and in the different wars in which the mother countries have been engaged, the defence of their colonies has generally occasioned a very considerable distraction of the military force of those countries. In this respect, therefore, all the European colonies have, without exception, been a cause rather of weakness than of strength to their respective mother countries.

The taxes which have been levied upon those European nations, upon those of England in particular, have seldom been equal to the expense laid out upon them in time of peace, and never sufficient to defray that which they occasioned in time of war. Such colonies, therefore, have been a source of expense and not of revenue to their respective mother countries.”

“We’ve seen how each of these groups views the importance of time differently (time = preparation; time = relationship; time = money). They also have completely different interpretations of silence.

I’m definitely an Assertive, and at a conference this Accomodator type told me that he blew up a deal. I thought, What did you do, scream at the other guy and leave? Because that’s me blowing up a deal.

But it turned out that he went silent; for an Accomodator type, silence is anger.

For Analysts, though, silence means they want to think. And Assertive types interpret your silence as either you don’t have anything to say or you want them to talk. I’m one, so I know: the only time I’m silent is when I’ve run out of things to say.

The funny thing is when these cross over. When an Analyst pauses to think, their Accomodator counterpart gets nervous and an Assertive one starts talking, thereby annoying the Analyst, who thinks to herself, Every time I try to think you take that as an oportunity to talk some more. Won’t you ever shut up?”

“Attempts at unionizing are usually met with “restructuring”, which is just laying everyone off and rehiring staff that higher ups deem disposable (like the former staff!). What DOES help with this are the current news articles about these practices, which leads to public chastising them and applying pressure onto higher ups. News like this deters people from going this career path, and boy they need people to work.”

“This shit is what I don’t get, how do they keep finding programmers dumb enough to work in vidya? Are there REALLY that many clueless retards that can learn how to code but not how to look for a better job?”

“The answer is yes.
but throw a “you signed up for this! you knew this was going to happen!” and it becomes a no instead.”

“>Be currently in a coding bootcamp’s prep-course.
>Fairly high end one at that, but won’t divulge much info for obvious reasons.
>Class is full of women trying to get into the bullshit program they made for female coders-to-be
>They get to attend for cheaper and under less scrutiny, in a gender-segregated special snowflake program just for having a vagina.
>None of them even take it seriously and retain zero knowledge throughout the prep course this month.
>Literally hold up or extend lectures 1-2 hours beyond how long it should have taken because they ask absolutely retarded questions about shit any not-retard would have figured out on their own, or even better, actually retained when we covered that material weeks ago.
>Women literally asking how to do shit like invoking functions, or making a teacher repeat themselves over and over in what should have been a 10 minute discussion on scope until it lasts almost 2 hours
>Asking these kinds of stupid questions, and even impossibly stupid shit like how to assign variables within a function, WEEKS into this babby-tier prep course that intentionally goes nice and slow incase you’re working a job, only asks 3 hours of your time and some time when you’re home to do workshop material.
>When workshop time arrives they socialize, some of them even getting up to walk around and bother others when we’re all paired off to work, often talking about shit like instagram.
>Can never solve a single fucking workshop problem and just copy the answers off of other people or sweet talk the instructor into ‘helping’ them on problems by basically typing it all out for them and explaining it step by step.
>They never retain it anyway and just ask about the subject matter a week later.
>most of these bitches can’t even do basic for loops with an array and the class is ending next week with a big exam.
>They’ll still pass ‘somehow’ and get accepted.”

>allow a dev to “speak out”
>it’s a MtF tranny
this is the most PR shit I’ve ever seen
People literally can’t say he’s lying because they’ll just be accused of trannyphobia”

“Don’t look to verify what you expect. If you do, that’s what you’ll find.”

“Focusing so much on the end objective will only distract you from the next step, and that can cause you to fall off the rope. Concentrate on the next step because the rope will lead you to the end as long as all the steps are completed.”

“Your counterpart always has pieces of information whose value they do not understand.”

“If they’re talking to you, you have leverage. Who has leverage in a kidnapping? The kidnapper or the kidnapper’s family? Most people think the kidnapper has all the leverage. Sure, the kidnapper has something you love, but you have something they lust for. Which is more powerful? Moreover, how many buyers do the kidnappers have for the commodity they are trying to sell? What business is successful if there’s only one buyer?”

“[H]e is always talking about creating the immortal moments in sports that people will tell their grandchildren about. Who doesn’t want to come to an agreement with someone who is going to make them immortal?”

“Never be so sure of what you want that you wouldn’t take something better.”

“Why are you answering so seriously?”

“If we acknowledge the existence of someone watching down on us from above, he would be impossible to catch, and I’d either be dead already, or forever be dancing in the palm of his hand. It’s highly unlikely that such a being exists.”

““Art for the sake of art” is a sad tautology because art finds its meaning and its sanctity by acting as a mirror to the sacred. Art is the moon, it can illuminate the world, but it is not itself a source of light. Or maybe art is not a mirror but a prism, refracting the light of god, but either way, it has no light of its own. You don’t have to belong to any specific religious tradition to create or participate in the experience of art, but you do have to regard the sacred.

There are three sources of sanctity, which incidentally are revealed in both the Hindu Trimurti and the Christian Trinity, though the latter more obliquely.

Brahma => Father God => Creation, birth
Vishnu => Holy Spirit => Sustenance, food
Shiva => Jesus Christ => Eternity, death

[…A]nything sacred has one of these three valences. […] These topics then are the proper domain of art. When art fails to engage with the sacred, it fails to be art.”

“I have never seen an overhead bin which couldn’t fit my suitcase airlines can go directly to hell. to say nothing of *this is the same suitcase I always bring when traveling abroad* and since I assume they haven’t rebuilt their fleets since March (my last trip), I can’t see why it won’t fit.

probably the worst part of all is the obvious lie from the airline about why they’ve reduced their carryon size: “we got complaints from customers about people bringing oversize bags on board” = “we never enforced our policy before so now we have to make it harder to comply with”.

seriously just admit “we want more checked baggage fees because nobody was checking bags anymore”.”

“Peers and family tell me that the way to do it is to befriend her first, then ask her out. But I have nothing to say to girls, nothing they say interests me, and I notice that friends who do this end up doing a lot of chatting and very little fucking.”

“The way to do is to only think about screwing her in the shortest time possible. Everything should be aimed to that end. She’ll enjoy it and you’ll know what to do.”

“I think everyone looks good in a maid outfit
or Miko outfit
like Nero
I do wonder why Nips like the French Maid thing anyway”

“The idea of loyal service and/or devotion from a woman is what every man wants and what every woman rarely gives.”

“For a movement so obsessed with sex, it’s peculiar how many on the left look absolutely unfuckable.

Yeah I know “casting the first stone” and the prevalence of the “fat manbaby” phenotype on the far-right, but at least we aren’t presenting ourselves as experts on the art of inserting things into your orifices. The sex-positive crowd is profoundly fucking ugly, like demons mindlessly cavorting in hell.

Most “nazis” here (defined by the left as anyone to the right of Bernie Sanders) are actually very handsome, and in my experience right wing chicks are almost uniformly attractive and feminine. When you drift left you seem to encounter literal monsters whose mental ugliness manifests physically.”

“If you think this doesn’t concern you, you’re wrong. The whole Western world is slowly morphing into having the demographics of Brazil, roughly half white, half black. But Brazil itself is shedding its best people. The next step there is South Africa, 10% white. But again we know what’s going on with South Africa and their planned dispossession of its white population. You know what comes after South Africa? The endgame is Haiti. If feminism isn’t stopped and reversed, the whole world will be Worldwide Haiti (WWH). Now think of that.”

“The idea that pointing out that whether someone ‘came over’ or was ‘born here’ makes an essential difference basically betrays delusive beliefs in ‘magic dirt’ theories, that an arbitrary relocation in time or space could in some way ineluctably change what a being is with regards to it’s predictable behavior, and not that a being brings what it is with it whither it goes in spacetime. Take a bunch of scotsmen and put them in madagasgar, and they will make scotland there. Take a bunch of pakistanis and put them in some place in france, and they will make pakistan there.”

“White Men in 1919: Give women the right to vote.
White Women in 2019: Abolish White Men”

“I don’t know why climate change is still an issue. The tipping point was in 2000 and we missed it, so the world ended in 2010. Everyone who has been following climate crisis knows that. It’s science.”

“How did it ever become ok for illegals to use welfare?”

“”Socialism” has become synonymous with funneling money to hostile outgroups. There is no good word in the modern English language for socialism to the ingroup only.”

“The Pentagon has tons of crowd control weapons and gear, including sound cannons, giant microwave rays, beanbag guns, tear gas, etc.

They reserve that for when white men are protesting.”

“Guatemala was the second country in the world (first was the US) to move their embassy to Jerusalem, just 2 days after Trump announced that the US would be doing the same. Now they are flooding us with invaders”

“Today marks 43 years since Icelandic women walked out and refused to work, cook and look after children for a day. It was a moment that changed the way women were seen in the country. Today Iceland ranks first for gender equality globally.”

>refused to look after children for a day
am i supposed to feel good reading this”

“This is all really dumb. How is it that not at least a single so-called “b0mb” got through or blew someone up? Especially since they claim not to know who the perpetrator is. If they knew who it was I see how they would have a 100% interception rate but things being as they are, this is totally made up nonsense”

“Why? Let’s see… I assume my response will sound quite philosophical to you. So to avoid that type of explanation, let’s just say it’s because I like humans.”

“I’m not really interested in your personal problems, but how you behave when you’re worrying. By the way, your behavior was as boring as I expected.”

“What is life? What do people live for?” Or so someone asked me, and I beat him to within an inch of his life. It might be different if he were some middle school dreamer, but it should be a crime for an adult yakuza to say that, right?”

“So you couldn’t distinguish an imposter from the real thing. That must mean that’s all your love amounted to. Good work.”

“To handle her, we just need to lay it on thick with the gratitude.”

“If the truth is something that can be purchased.”

“The “bomber” van had fresh pictures and stickers on it. In florida. Where pictures fade within days. If you believe this story, you’re retarded.”

“These pictures are shit tier democrat thinking about what right wingers think. “CNN SUCKS” Really? LOL”

“Officers actually went into the building at shot at the suspect, unlike when our school children are being murdered, Jewish lives matter.”

“Same with the guy who shot up the news building with a shotgun. Stopped in under 60 seconds.”

“Breaking news: Gab is banned from Paypal.”
“Funny, they didnt drop FB after live stream murders, rapes & tortures”

– pipe is not sealed with metal caps, so the “bomb” would puff out flames at worst
– pipe is mostly empty, no explosive material apparent
– giant retarded hollywood clock
– no alarm functionality
– wires are not connected to anything
– no power source or circuity capable of providing sufficient instantaneous power for any known detonator type
– letterbombs are never timed
– stamps have not been cancelled
– postage for unrealistically light weight
– oh so convenient timing
– oh so convenient targets
– harmed no one (because they’re inert props)
– dumb hick stereotyping everywhere
– talking heads speak with confidence about their opponents’ “hatred”
– if you received a bomb, would you stand around the office taking photos of it or would you alert your colleagues and run?
what a load of shit”

“The fake bombs were not sent through the mail, (no postmark on the stamps and insufficient postage) therefore delivered in person by an insider. Recipients did not act as if they feared the bombs were real. Therefore, the insider was recognized by the recipients.

Therefore recipients were complicit in a fake bomb threat – which is as serious a crime as complicity in a real bomb threat. The criminality of fake bomb threats is settled law and practice, and rightly so, for deadly threats are apt to lead to deadly acts.

The interesting thing therefore is whether settled law and practice gets applied to senior Democrats.

If Democrats get away with this, they can get away with similarly criminal acts of real violence. If they cannot get away with this, it is the Reichstag fire.

If they cannot get away with this, then we are going to see a whole lot more people start hailing Trump as God Emperor Trump.”

“The left is not the largest coalition. The left is whatever coalition is largest.”

“The explanation for this strange mystery is that he is playing the game at a level his enemies do not understand, playing a different game by different rules to that which his enemies are aware of.”

“Legitimacy in general means, “Should be obeyed, even when you disagree or don’t like it.” But the only people who are supposed to ever do this are conservatives, because when progressives don’t like it, it’s illegitimate. The Democrats are the party of the priesthood, the party of Harvard, and the priestly class gets to define legitimacy.”

“Stop attacking us, full-stop. You need to shut up in case some wacko does something. The public will take your lack of criticism as tacit evidence of us having the moral high ground.

But it’ll remain open season on you, of course. Can’t hold us accountable for using our 1st Amendment rights!”

“how do you distinguish the important things vs the distractions”
“Just look for long term impact over short term impact.”

“Quantity in japan mean you are running your store wrong. Your items need to be utmost fresh at any given time. so that means small packag and made within a week. Ie. A tofu has a expiration of 7 days in japan, while they are stamped to last 1-2 month in american market here. Your product would consider to be junk in other japanese markets….”

“They care more about propaganda than profit. Power is worth more than money, which is just a proxy.”

“It’s okay to make bullshit claims as long as you call it a theory”

“If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.

Every morning in SEAL training, my instructors, who at the time were all Vietnam veterans, would show up in my barracks room, and the first thing they’d do was inspect my bed. If you did it right, the corners would be square, the covers would be pulled tight, the pillows centered just under the headboard, and the extra blanket folded neatly at the foot of the rack. It was a simple task, mundane at best. But every morning, we were required to make our bed to perfection. It seemed a little ridiculous at the time, particularly in light of the fact that we were aspiring to be real warriors, tough battle-hardened SEALs. But the wisdom of this simple act has been proven to me many times over.

If you make your bed every morning, you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride, and it will encourage you to do another task. And another. And another. And by the end of the day, that one task completed will have turned into many tasks completed. Making your bed will also reinforce the fact that the little things in life matter. If you can’t do the little things right, you will never be able to do the big things right.

And if by chance, you have a miserable day, you will come home to a bed that is made.

That you made.

And a made bed gives you encouragement that tomorrow will be better.

So if you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.”

2018 Oct 05 ~ 16

“I only meant to destroy your property not assault you!”

“She didn’t force him to do anything”
“Manipulation doesn’t exist and people are incapable of having any psychological effect on anyone”
“Yeah just like that guy who asks a super drunk girl to have sex 20 times isn’t a rapist because he didn’t force her amirite ?”

“[…] by the way, thanks Albert Einstein for helping to invent the Atom Bomb so we can no longer have any actual wars anymore.

War would have saved us.”

“The point of randomization, both in cryptography and in statistical experiments, is to not just prevent the leaked information or confounders (respectively) you do know about but also the ones you do not yet know about.”

“The first move is made by not alerting the opponent to your existence or to what exactly is the battlefield where your moves will take place.”

“Basically everything that makes men laugh might as well be rape to feminists.”

“women seem to dislike anything that makes a man happy that isn’t a woman. not “women”. “a woman”. specifically: her.”

>make fun about common war cliche in squad story
>still try to play it straight in resistance mission
“Maybe one of the writers is mocking the main story writer.”
>I’m going to name my son after you
>gets shot 20 seconds later
Maybe we’re all just too brainlet to notice this brilliant satire.”

“If they give him any money at all (even if just out of pity or for PR purposes) his lawyers will probably find some way to leverage that into an implicite acknowledgement on CDPRs part that his demands are in any way legitimate or they could even construct a case that CDPR is trying to hush him up or some shit like that.

I once had an experience with a upper-middle level business client over a bill they refused me to pay and after having spent several hours talking to my tax/finance lawyer I eventually decided to just drop it. I’m not gonna go through too much detail but what I learned in a nutshell is that ***ANY and ALL*** good-will or friendliness you show to these suits on the other side of a legal argument WILL be used against you and leveraged into some kind of implicite acknowledgement on your part that you recognized their claims (however self-evidently and obviously absurd they may be) as legitimate”

“fantasy football is just dungeons and dragons for people who suck at both fantasy and football”

“Women are perpetually afraid of creepy predator men?

Gee, isn’t that why women used to be the property of their father until they were married off and became the property of a decent man who could protect them from creeps?”

“If you take the things proggies say at face value, life seems really complicated.”

“When Rome was strong and they lost a battle, they declared vengeance, and regularly achieved it.

When Alaric sacked Rome, Roman leaders declared mourning instead. Sound familiar?”

“Proggies continue their mission to make the entire country suffer court intrigue.”

>He really doesn’t.

He most certainly does. At least two of Minerva’s bitch outs where because he was being a twat concerned with people’s feelings instead of coming up with strategies to save them. Fucking hell when he was given control of the centurion the first thing he does is tell everyone he’s not worthy of it. Because that’s good for moral.”

“t. someone who hasn’t been in a situation where morale matters

At this point they had already shown that half of the soldiers didn’t like Claude cuz they felt he had a stick up his ass for being better than them. Him saying first off he doesn’t deserve it means a fucking lot. Way more than him saying he should have had it sooner. Especially when the Centurion already has a special snowflake of a Captain who basically threw all rules and regulations out the window because he regrets his last ship sinking. Shit dude have you ever watched a movie?”

“Bull and Shit. I don’t want my commander to be someone I like or can relate too. I want my commander to be the mother fucker who will get my ass out of this war alive or lead us to victory. I don’t care if he thinks he’s better because I want him to be better.”

“You are mistaken. I’m not arguing that it is capitalism itself that is the isolatable causation of western nihilism, the break-up of families, and the uprooting and atomising of the individual. I’m arguing that it is the prerequisites of Capitalism that inevitably lead to those outcomes regardless of their method of implementation. Unfortunately, capitalism cannot exist without first imposing (classical) liberalism upon the population, and liberalism is inherently a totalitarian ideology that imposes an arbitrary universal definition onto the individual along with moral duties presiding over him. Totalitarianism is not characterized by a small elite determining the masses. It is the masses determining the individual. Imposing universal rights imposes universal duties as a consequence, and imposing duties over the individual is aggression against the individual’s true nature and his true interests.”

“oh boy, this is pretty big. Ronaldo is basically worshipped like a god by NPCs in Europe, the Middle East and Latin America. If this shit can get even him taken down without any evidence whatsoever on the most hilarious of pretenses (srsly, the claims against him are even more retarded than the Kavanaugh bullshit. not joking) then this means the jews can do this crap on just about anyone”

“Knowledge is far more like darkness than light.

Knowledge appears when all lies are removed. Darkness appears when all light is removed.

Knowledge is eternal, lies ephemeral. Darkness is eternal, light ephemeral.

Knowledge appears when you don’t shade or colour the facts. Light is coloured and produces shadows.

Truth and darkness exists even if nobody sees it. Lies and light must be created and sustained.

In the end, there will be only truth and darkness.”

“I want you to imagine for a second how upset proggies would be if Hogwarts really existed. A school that only takes a particular kind of specially talented student.”

“You have China installing spy chips in all consumer devices…
Saudi Arabia funding sunni terror groups that kill Westerners …
South Africa genociding Whites …
Latin American governments all but blackmailing and shoving it into the face of the US that they’re using demographics as a means to economically exploit them and eventually take over parts of its territory …


“”bullshit” and “politics” are just names for other peoples’ objectives you don’t agree with.”

“imagine the level of totally depraved petty psychopathy you’d need to have in order to derive a powertrip from bullying mom’n’pop boomers violating some obscure regulation on their own property while at the same time these little antifa murlocs make a mockery of your authority without ever fearing any repercussions whatsoever”

“like every social justice movement, it’s a power struggle among factions of men, using women as an icon”

“Communication far from Earth is delayed by the speed of light: 1.3 s on the Moon, 3-22 min on Mars, 33-54 min on Jupiter. For this reason, mining Bitcoin much farther than the Moon will not work.”

“That’s the reason why advanced alien civilisations aren’t sprawling across the universe – they build matrioshka brains to mine bitcoins”

“What if blockchains are the great filter? What if the economics of burning energy for credibility are so powerful and overwhelming that every market that industrialized discovers them and then burns all its fuel in pursuit of honest ledgers?”

“Minerva was the only story character I ended up not hating completely and it was because of her hate boner for Claude. Imagine if you held yourself to a very high standard (imagine) and the one person you acknowledge as your better was constantly sulking and acting as far from the ideal commander as it gets. To the point where he can’t even do his job if no one gets in his face.”

“America’s suburban experiment is a radical, government-led re-engineering of society, one that artificially inverted millennia of accumulated wisdom and practice in building human habitats.”

“Daily reminder: the reason you have hard plastic seats instead of comfy cushioned ones is NOT because some people pee on them, but because everyone else would (apparently) rather sit in a hard, maybe-peed-on seat than actually ban offenders”

“You can’t ban offenders!
That’s not nice!”

>who kill the most blacks?
>who kill the most white people?
>who commit the most crimes?
>who have the lowest IQs?
>who are the ugliest?
>who are the most dependant on welfare?
>who are the biggest parasites?

To say that the world would be a much better place if black people didn’t exist is an understatement.”

“I was just thinking about how completely retarded the Democrats are for openly talking about how they want to stack the Supreme Court once they take back power. I mean, how horrendously stupid would you have to be to loudly shout something like that from the roof tops while your opponents still control all three branches of government? But then it dawned on me that this is more of an indictment of how weak and pathetic the Republicans are that the Democrats don’t need to fear anything at all from them.
Corey Booker could openly call for putting all conservatives and registered Republicans into death camps and neither Donald Trump nor the Republicucks in Congress would do *anything* to politically seize upon something that, in all normal historical contexts, would have amounted to a declaration of civil war.”

“The point is that the characters are emulating people as Japanese see people. That means that you don’t get perfect virtuosos of ideals, and you don’t always get agency to change the direction of a story. Unlike Western writers, where bad endings are appreciated when they’re in the vein of a Greek Tragedy and arise from what a writer wants to show as a character’s failings or missteps, Japanese would show that there’s too much inertia to events for characters to avoid their fate.

As long as we here in the West don’t subscribe to that philosophy, or argue that it’s wrong, the more unpopular Japanese games in general will be. Either they will be forced to change in order to cater to this audience, or the audience will shrink and grow more niche as the West slides more and more towards the modern moral absolutism we’re seeing on college campuses and in street protests.”

“All human preferences begin and end in the realm of aesthetics!

Logic is a fun and playful way to bludgeon others into agreeing.”

“I don’t get her death scene? First off, she dies from a body shot from a midgame imperial sniper, which is total bullshit, they only do like 100 damage max. But then they had the audacity to have her die while she was an inch from a friendly shocktrooper? Like, Welkin, just command her and press W, there’s no damn way you can’t call a medic over at the start of a turn.”

“She had no uniform, so her defense was 0. Since Rosie still hated Darcsens at the time, she counted as an enemy, so as soon as she touched Isara’s corpse, the medic could do nothing.”

“Western game: She sees the error of her ways and stops drinking

Based nip game: She keeps drinking, just a bit more controlledly”

“The culmination of enlightenment ideas is to produce a ruling elite which is incapable of copying itself into the future, effectively castrating all good people”

“Scared by that new report on climate change? Here’s what you can do to help:
– Eat less meat (about 30%)
– Swap your car or plane ride for a bus or train
– Use a smart thermostat in your home”

“reminder that 100 corporations are responsible for 71% of global greenhouse gas emissions and presenting the crisis as a moral failing on the part of individuals without noting this fact is journalistic malpractice.”

“If you work for anything other than a hobby while your investments make all the money you need you aren’t upper class”

“Long story short: history is fun, languages are different, and the difference allows for different ways of doing what everybody wants to do anyway: fight.”

“Are Life Coaches BS ?”

“Live next door to one. Never stops using a leaf blower, that most pointless and bourgie of all tools. Not to be trusted. But when my moggo fell through the roof of his ol’ rotting shed he didn’t care about the damage because he hasn’t used anything in the backyard since he bought the house like a decade ago. Keeps the front of the house scary clean for business though. Is there a m e t a p h o r here? *big think*”

“They always say empowered but never ask what it actually does”

“Progressivism is such an abomination that it implements all the horrible thought-crushing bits of fanatic theocracy without even a shred of the comfort or purpose-granting bits.”

“They think it’s a utopia. So if anything goes wrong, it has to be their fault. It couldn’t be that they did something wrong. So people wind up denying their own experience when they have a problem.”

“Wouldn’t it be great to live in a world where people like me were not necessary?”

“If Trump goes transgender, he’ll be the first woman president and libs will have no choice but to accept it. Checkmate, bigots.”

>will have no choice but to accept it
why conservatives will always lose to the left in one clause.”

“Uh excuse me, I live in the “now”, and not the future. So why the fuck would I save money.”

>poorly made soviet-era tech
If it were poorly made, it wouldn’t last multiple decades and still be usable. It’s cheap and simple, but not poorly made.

Actually poorly made are the “new” Ukrainian mortars. Those things had a record of exploding on their own 3 out 12 or something like that? And since a mortar crew usually consists of at least 2 people, that’s 6 dead out of 24 people who work with these mortars.”

>Ohio Town’s New Speed Camer on I-76 Racks Up $643,800 in Collectible Fines in 20 Days
In a sane world, you’d ask yourself why so many people feel safe driving at high speeds on your road—even when there’s a construction crew working—and make simple, inexpensive design fixes to slow them down. But of course, we don’t live in a sane world.”

>If I had kids, I couldn’t be so spontaneous. I mean, right now I could theoretically jump on the next plane to Paris. or hike the Appalachians. Or go scuba diving. You can’t just pick up and go when you have kids, and I don’t like the feeling of being tied down.
>I could theoretically jump on the next plane to Paris
and not have a place to sleep or have an idea where you’d want to go because you made no reservations and did no research. this is the kind of person that gets ripped off by scammers and doesn’t ever figure it out.

everything can and should be “tied down” to the degree that you can manage because there’s always more unknowns. refuse to think/make conclusions about things and you are just fucked, because someone is looking out for their interests, and you have decided that that someone is not you.”

“Both orthodox and revisionist historians who promote the two mainstream narratives recognize many of these facts, but tend to explain them away or downplay their importance. Mackubin Thomas Owens recognizes that the problem of Vietnam hinges on the question of whether it was right for America to support Diem in the first place, and defends Diem’s regime by claiming that he efficiently dealt with “organized crime” that had long plagued Vietnam. What this may have to do with the task for which America supported him in the first place—fighting communism—is not clear. But actually, the fact that Diem made fighting “organized crime” his first task is the very core of the problem.

What is called “organized crime” was in fact a loose coalition of semi-secret societies, parties, and sects that had been, prior to 1954, extremely effective at fighting the communists and keeping them out of South Vietnam. These included the Binh Xuyen—what could come closest to the label of “organized crime,” although they also had the features of a political party and an army—and the Cao Dai and Hoa Hao religious sects. Whatever their faults, such organizations were staunchly anti-communist and were the only factions capable of carrying out successful underground counter-insurgency work in South Vietnam. Prior to their destruction by Diem with the help of the CIA, they had successfully kept the Vietminh out of the South Vietnamese countryside and society. […]

Berrier documents in detail how every night control of these villages was relinquished; communist guerrillas entered the village, carried out courts and judgments, and patrolled the area freely. American control of the hinterland outside Saigon was illusory, much like the illusion of control in the Afghan countryside today. By night, the enemy rules, and this is what matters, because the average villager knows they can’t be protected in the long run, and often in the short run. Then, as now, America and its local clients controlled at most a limited area of the capital city, and had to expend endless treasure and force to preserve even this.”

“unironically believe “organized crime” is responsible for a fair portion of order in society and the lack thereof in america (or its near-instant infiltration/manipulation by organized not-crime) is responsible for quite a number of its fundamental problems.
the problem of the firm of whether to insource or to outsource is the same problem as whether something should be public or private (in the property sense), is the same problem as whether something should be public or private (in the knowledge sense), is the same problem as whether something should be public or private (in the social sense).”

“Writing out the pro/con lists helps a lot.

If that doesn’t work, clear your mind, then simply latch onto whatever comes to attention first and decide on that and only that.”

“I hate politics. That is why I am a monarchist, an opinion I share with most humans ever born.”

“[T]o be self-sustainable is not about growing your own potatoes and generating your own electricity, it is to provide a shared framework for belief and beauty: “Make your communities and towns lovely and lovable, for without love, who will they inspire to fight for them?” Unless you have that shared goal, not all the solar panels in the world will save you.”

“millenial (n.): a straw man created by baby boomers to help them disavow the horrifying effect their lifelong selfishness and fiscal irresponsibility have had on the world.”

“a phrase that really bothers me is “failed experiment”

when people say this, what they really mean is “the experiment failed to produce the result i wanted”

that is not the same thing as an experiment that itself fails

a failed experiment is an experiment that fails to produce any reliable information one way or another, either by methodological cockup or by force majeure. if you really want the data you should probably consider running it again.”

“Most people say “experiment” to mean “wager”.

In other words, this means there is no such thing as an experiment that isn’t seen in the model of a wager.

This lines up with general lack of experimentation/trying out new things, and the line, “What have I got to lose?”.”

“Why build stick frames on a hurricane coast? The only reason I can think of was developers making a quick buck on people who don’t know anything about architecture or engineering.”

“Temporary housing for temporary people.”

“Imagination is a weapon.

Those who lack it are the first to die.”

“As per Moldbug, the proggie hegemony was based on making everyone believe they had much broader support than they do. The internet is sort of an existential problem for them.”

“”Nazi” now means “someone winning an argument with a progressive.” But it’s the right making light of these terms. Yeah that’s it, the right.”

“Tinder is a popular smartphone dating app for heterosexuals modeled upon the earlier gay male app Grindr. The notion that imposing a male homosexual approach upon how heterosexuals meet the opposite sex could be bad for the happiness of heterosexuals is of course inconceivable!”

“Polygamy favours high status men and low status women.

Monogamy favours low status men and high status women.

Monogamy also favours those with economic incentive.
Youd rather pass on your accumulated wealth to your biological offspring than be “cucked””

“People are predictable despite individual variation in the same way that thermodynamic systems are predictable without modeling every individual particle.”

“If social programming privileges one group over another, it is safe to say that the disprivileged group will tend to be the one that is in the most pain, and therefore the most likely to break free of their programming.”

“I hate the leveling leviathan of globalization and commercialism. I do not trust systems — is there any system that has not achieved a long history of atrocities by now? All systems are inherently unsustainable, as they are founded in ideas rather than in observable reality, and once the people holding these ideas change, so do the ideas (witness social democrats in Europe or social justice warriors in American campuses).

By contrast, I find Monarchy the most robust, sustainable (and ecological if you will) form of societal organization. It mirrors only those structures that already exist in reality and in nature, it is so simple that even a child can understand it, even participate in it. When ever a group of pre-schoolers gather to play without adult interference, a natural hierarchy will establish itself within seconds. Between the two genders, between the members of the group, between the group (the culture) and reality (nature). The Monarch is to the nation what the Father is to the family.
Humans are the only animals that will actively invent problems in order to provide solutions for them. But monarchy is one of those things that just will not be improved upon, it is one of the eternal truths about mankind and of the reality of things. If mankind ever stops needing a King, well then I posit to say that we have already evolved (or devolved, more likely) into something post-human. But as long as the idea of the King survives, it will live on, ready to spring back into reality.
As Georges Bernanos asked of a four-year-old Lorrainer boy: “What is a king?”, “A king is man on horseback who is not afraid!” As fine a definition as ever I heard, and far more correct than a whole indoctrination camp of university professors.”

“If this were a drug it would make world wide headlines:

British study demonstrates cycle commuters had a 46% lower risk of developing heart disease & 45% lower risk of developing cancer”

“Are you a vengeful guy?”
“Oh yeah.”
“Did you take delight in sending him-”
“I think revenge is a very terrific good thing for everybody.”
“Because you go through life and people are constantly gnawing at your vitals. You wake up one morning and there’s some vampire at your throat, and you don’t know what to do about it. And you go through twenty five years, nudged, and you’re really aggravated. And you gotta get even. Otherwise one day you go up to a Texas tower and you start shooting people.”

“George H. W. Bush, Dubbya’s dad, was head of the CIA before he became Vice President under the Gipper. He was an oilman, who received Tons of cocaine. Years ago, I looked up “crack” in wiki, and it’s an oil term. You take crude oil and “crack” it to make gasoline. So it’s no surprise that Bush “cracked” cocaine.”

“God is within you. Save yourself.”

“The only people awake at this hour are dipsos, cocaine freaks, and intellectuals. And nobody pays attention to any of those people.”

“what is it about the word “friendzone” that gets under feminist skin??”

“Because the idea that women can be emotionally manipulative (and thus do wrong) is anathema to feminist rhetoric. The friendzone isn’t just being a friend when you want to be in a relationship, it’s being intentionally taken advantage of while being “just friends” with an empty implied promise of more.

That, or they honestly believe that men should never feel anything and women are the only ones allowed to have feelings, if they go by the “just unrequited love towards a friend” definition.

Take your pick, they’re awful either way.”

“Character is property. It is the noblest of possessions. It is an estate in the general good-will and respect of men; and they who invest in it—though they may not become rich in this world’s goods—will find their reward in esteem and reputation fairly and honorably won.”

“It’s a well known fact that furries abuse kickstarter and other backing services to insert their often fetish-latent fursonas into games. Why? It’s supposedly a part of furfag culture that your “status” in the community depends on how “out-there” your fursona is. In a way it’s just another flaunting of their wealth, the more they commission art of their furry the higher their status.

They see their fursonas being pushed into some form of media as legitimization, as if their fetish fueled symbols were achieving the status of their cartoon idols as looney toons or breakfast cereal mascots. Remember, these people have a child like mind merged with sexual deviancy, they get off to the idea that their inflation fetish wolf could be a famous breakfast cereal mascot, because their sexual attraction to those things is what made them furries to begin with.”

“Entrances have everything to do with what we feel about what we are entering. All buildings until the birth of modern architecture knew this, and you can see it in church doors, temple gates, city walls, shop entrances, and cottage doorsteps. Now the doors of a modern building are likely to be a continuation of the same hostile slab of glass or steel that makes the rest of the building sterile and aloof. There will be no place to rest for a moment, inside or out, and no shelf to rest a burden on, and no decorateive details to declare, “This is not just any place you are entering, but this honorable place.” I believe even criminals feel differently about the judges they encounter inside an old courthouse than inside a new one.”

“autodidacticism : school :: entrepreneurialism : work”

>writer $76k

“Have you ever tried writing? It is serious work.”

>serious work

I want to see these homos do some construction work for a few month, then ask them again if they think writing is hard work. No wonder all writers are huge faggots.”


“Construction is easy, you just follow your bosses instructions and your training.”

>follow instructions written on blueprints
>spend most of your time standing around
>you make plenty of money doing this because unions

>Construction is hard work
Is this 500 IQ post way beyond our time?”

“Literally just follow instructions and put that dirt over into that pile over there.

Even IT is a harder job since you have to use 4% of brainpower as opposed to the 0% of your neanderthal brain you’re using.”

“In human society, there are only a few people who actually trust each other.

That’s true even among the police.”

“Nah. It would be boring to peek.”
“Then just be patient and watch what happens.”

“Step back a bit.

Both republicant and demobrat voters feel they’re getting jacked. Ockham’s razor suggests it’s because they’re getting jacked.

Other sources suggest only the 0.1% are not getting jacked.
Indeed that’s always the point of government: bugger the 99.9%.

However, this is the first system which so efficiently sodomizes the lower classes. Other systems had some draw or benefit, indeed often many, which the lower orders could enjoy.”

“I remember thinking, why doesn’t Luke just lie? Why doesn’t he just pretend to join Vader, and then light saber him in the head or poison his rebreather later on? Instead, he jumps like a Stoic.

Short term yes, long term no. Turns out Lucas/Campbell was right and I was wrong. In extreme scenarios, for example torture or being a prisoner of war, lying and pretending gives short term gain but accelerates your mental breakdown. People who have survived have done so not by toughing it out– me vs. you– but focusing on something they considered more important than their own survival. “This hurts, but it’s far better than bowing down to them.”

In the language of learned helplessness: there is a vicarious learning in watching yourself apparently break down and give them what they want. Furthermore, it reveals the limits of your power: I had no other options but acquiescence.”

“What I try to do with my guys, and with every client, is to determine what this corral is. What is it exactly? Like here’s the shape of everything that’s possible, and here’s the corral that we’re allowed to play in. And that corral could be any bit of art direction. In that last one, it was “sunny” and it was “Himalayas”. That’s all they said.

You have two kinds of artists. In hiring I’ve noticed this. A kind of artist that says “Fuck this corral, I do what I want! I do what I want.” And that’s fair. I respect that. But you can’t work for very long if you have that attitude. And then you have another kind of artist that just cowers here in the corner, like “Just tell me. Please tell me what you want me to draw.” And that’s just fucking maddening. That’s when I lose my shit. Because this person has died inside. And this [other] person is lawless.”

“The contradiction is evident when you see what the guy in the talk is facing. He’s trying to compromise people’s need to be individual artists who want to follow their passions with the need industry has for concept production. This is the root of the problem which he tries to disguise by pandering to artist’s sensitivities to be better and then bullshitting them about how to get there which ultimately just produces a more efficient concept art producing machine for his business, not another Leonardo or Frazetta.

Are there people who are inclined to work this way? You bet. Was there anyone who picked up a pencil with a passion to get into it for it’s own sake? Never, just like there’s never been one person who ever looked at a Minimalist painting and was inspired to be a painter by it, ever. It’s almost guaranteed that every single one has been inspired to persue a career in art by either a great classical artist, illustrator, comic artist or has some other motive like eventually directing an animation studio etc.

And because you have to compromise the two, you have to let concept artists think they are doing what they set out to. But ultimately this is also why it’s hard to have any respect for the famous concept artists of this era like say Craig Mullins. So what if he’s the grandaddy of digital concept art, that’s just accident of birth. The man has killer skills but he’s just become and efficient machine that’s producing concepts and concept artists. I don’t think anyone can name or even desribe the last great piece he did that would make you look at it for hours, which begs the question, what’s the use of them being so refined? I mean, it’s like the man spends half his time coming up with ways to produce something as fast a possible, and when he does he eventually kicks himself and everyone coming after him in the nuts because once a concept piece can be produced in half the time with half the skill, you can bet your life that it will have less than half the value, so to finalize the economic side of the argument Craig Mullins and other’s efficiency is leading people into starvation and giving guys like the one in the video larger profit margins, which is his goal, that’s why he’s there.

For the life of me, I’ve never understood why anyone would ever want to be a concept artist just like I never got why one would want to be some, I dunno, post-modernist political commentary artist.”

“The problem with this stuff and this guy talking about getting good and being an art god and what not are a) as a concept artist it’s not necessary because what’s important is the concept and speed, not the quality and b) no one ever took up a pencil idolizing a concept artist, especially a digital concept artist. And herein lies the problem. Most people who take up art want to emulate other artists, from classical old masters to modern master illustrators, no one wants to be some machine that produces 200 variants of a character and get burnt out after 5 years (which is the average time concept artists work in the video games industry). But the need to be an individual is meshed with the demand to be a machine, and unfortunately most take the bait.”

“If you take a look at the making of Jurassic Park you will see that the effects were the combination of a bunch of artists from different disciplines. You have traditional puppet and stop motion animators animating the dinosaurs with special puppets that represented the virtual bones (since these guys weren’t Softimage 3D users). You have the lighting, texturing, shading etc of each shot being studied versus paintings and illustrations where stuff like color temperature of the shadows and the lights are studied to adhere to the light on the scene.

We’re talking about an insanely excruciating amount of detailed work to make the visual effects look as lifelike as possible, a level of effort and sophistication that to my knowledge has never been exhibited in a movie since. You’ve got to wonder how in a time when renderers and 3d packages had 1/100th the tools they have today to autotrack camera movement, use the global illumination of a scene to sort of match the lighting in the virtual scene, use effects like radiosity, sub surface scattering etc to match the work done by all those artists automatically, how it is that Jurassic Park for the most part looks so life-like that the only thing keeping you from thinking it’s an effect is the fact that you know dinosaurs are extinct and the latest blockbuster’s effects look so cartoonily false despite the help of automation? Or why is it that the further back you go, with exception to films that are cheap knockoffs (and even there a debate can be had), films that involve concepting of any sort display a variety of ideas, photography, palettes and creations that make them totally distinct from each other whereas today, totally different films or games look and feel identical for the most part?

I’d blame photobashing. The fact that it can be so economical that it’s the only viable option and thus studios rely on it totally. Artists are gonna use, more or less, the same references because when looking for reference they will use Google, and more or less no one’s gonna look through 1000 pages of photos, most will scour the 10-20 first pages and be done with it. Also you have the exact same tools and algorithms which produce exactly the same look outputting all the imagery in everything you create. When you have everything being drawn in Photoshop, using the same techniques to the effect of it seeming like it was all done by the same hand why wouldn’t it all look similar? Also, most of these artists are being worked to death that they’ve no time to be artists, whatever individuality they may have is eventually burnt up in the concept farms.”

“The cunning which I am against is that guys like the man in the video who have become bean-counters (and they are needed) is that they pretend to care about the individual artistic sensibilities when they can’t afford to. You said it yourself, concept art is to inspire those who’s work is to be up front, so why is it important that the art be “good” from a quality standpoint other than to tickle the poor schmuck artist’s ego into thinking he’s an equal member of a team when he’s a dime a dozen? If the idea and inspiration it can spur to the modeller making the final model is what’s important why is your idea any better than the ideas brought up by a child, an uneducated man or an old grandma? Why is the sober trained artists’ idea better than the drunkard’s, the junkie’s or the harmless lunatic’s? The case is a case for never ending devaluation of the workforce, to keep you a happy slave until you either break down or are replaced by some new version when you aren’t as productive. So, we can clearly see that you don’t understand context, just blanket everything that has the word/symbol you’re interested in and take it how it’s most convenient to you. This isn’t stuff I made up, I’ve read reports in the past brought forth by concept artists, art directors and companies on how this works and how this results in fast burnout, so the ethical and emotional reward of a job is pushed forward to keep the artists drawing. It seems to be working and isn’t new and is very likely to also be affected by the economy because hey, unless one has something else to fall back onto, of course they’re gonna keep on chuggin’.”

“This guy is essentially explaining how you could go about enhancing your sense of achievement without slowing down his production or cutting his profits. He’s blowing smoke up your ass. It’s not a question of art or Art, which is an asinine distinction. It’s about just being realistic in what’s up and knowing when one’s being exploited and when not. And I’ve no issue when two parties have a consensual agreement and if one takes the BS about team work and getting better etc that this guy is selling, so long as you know he’s taking you for a ride and not think he actually gives a damn, cause he doesn’t.”