2018 Sep 12 ~ 16

“What you expected: computer simulations of the world to see what our ancestors 100 million years ago looked like

What you got: Computer simulations of the world so employers can minmax their applicants for maximum profit beforehand”

“A fundamental law of Democracy… any elected body will fob off any decision that is hard to someone unaccountable to the electorate.”

“I mean you’re older than me so I probably dont need to tell you but society is not as degenerate as the movies/shows portray. Or at least its not as degenerate in that specific regard”

Hollywood films are degenerate because that’s the kind of lifestyle people affiliated with showbiz live, and they project that on normie society”

“It’s literally true [under these rules] that you could cut down the Amazon, turn it into parking lot, ship those trees to Europe, and Europe would count it as as greenhouse gas reduction.”

“At 4%, Britain’s unemployment rate is at its lowest level since 1975. So why are wages stagnant?”
“Wow what a mystery”
“Because every time there’s any upward pressure on wages, people call it a “labour shortage” and so we need to bring in more people”

“Job applications be like
Would you be willing to die for us? Please tick your answer below
▫️Without hesitation
▫️No, I hate this company

Are you willing to postpone your death to come into work?
▫️Yes, I love to work
▫️No, I’m lazy and stupid

“Basic Progressive tenet:
accuracy is morally wrong”

“Cooperation can be taught and learned. Invention, not so much.”

“Starcraft is a game that with fairly little complexity has impressive amount of depth to it. The problem is that this depth is hidden behind a massive barrier of execution. It simply doesn’t matter much what kind of decisions you make as if you can’t build all your workers and hit all your timings. As a result, the game is a great strategy game for those 100-1000 at the top, for the rest of us it’s a rhythm game.”

“A victory that gains nothing is hollow and should be avoided. A defeat that gains advantage, while bitter, is choice.”

“No nuanced and thoughtful words survive first contact with a person of average intelligence.”

“Nothing is pre-determined and if your choices are inevitable it is only from a hypothetical outside perspective that doesn’t exist.”

“The error is conflating fatalism (your decisions don’t matter) with determinism (the world is stable).

But all this is is a diversion: the point is that the entire misunderstanding is encoded in the four words “free will vs. determinism”. Anyone who knows what these four words mean, with no additional context, instantly understands the (false) dichotomy. Much like the seed of a Conway’s Life scenario, these four words generate a complex universe of discourse, in this case founded upon an error. When you propagate the meme, you have about enough bandwidth for its name. We don’t actually share ideas, we share seeds of models.

Sacred scriptures are full of model seeds. “All have sinned and fall short of the glory” is about as big as a model seed gets. Notice: simple, unequivocal. “Go ye therefore into all the world”. “it is by grace you have been saved”.

It takes about 4 model seeds to build a self-propagating memeplex that can cohere with itself over time.

Consider how a single model seed can reshape a social landscape. “Gender is a social construct” You don’t need to understand anything about social constructionism to instantly grasp this idea. A supporting fact like “wearing dresses isn’t innate to female biology” is all it takes. Whatever nuance academicians might intend with it, it will brook exactly none. The virile version of this idea is simple and above all UNEQUIVOCAL. “socially constructed” = determined by convention = mutable = contingent, not necessary => anyone can have whatever gender they want. […] The special power of “gender is socially constructed” is that it provokes the equally midwitted counter-position, “gender is innate”, which is inevitably a losing stance; it’s less true and and even less interesting. Norm inversion ensues.

A truthful model is more like: gender and sex are a feedback loop between social performance and biological tendency. Masculine and feminine archetypes are not all good, but the good ones are aspirational, and require work on the part of a man or woman to achieve them. Gender IS performative but rather than being an excuse to reject it, this is grounds to strive towards it, to perfect it, for a man to become an idealized man, and a woman to become an idealized woman, the consummation of their biology, rather than the negation.

But this requires nuance, and ideological battles are fought in the realm of the realman, where ideas are comprehended by people close to the mean of intelligence, in great shambling throngs.

In this arena, ideas must be unequivocal. Whatever a phrase means when no one is around to explain it, that is what it means “in the real world”.””

“Ultimately, responsibility can’t genuinely be passed to someone else. Everyone is responsible for the leader they choose.”

>scroll down comments section on report about Article 13
>”sorry kid but just because its digital doesn’t mean laws don’t apply”
>”the internet is not supposed to be some lawless anarchy”
>”the web is not the wild west ok”

This is half the fucking comments on there. I HAVE to believe that these are shills or something. Do these people WANT to be shiteaters? Do they WANT to be fucking slaves? Are there this many retarded boomer subhumans who WANT to be subjugated??”

“3000 people did not die in the two huricanes that hit Puerto Rico. When I left the island, AFTER the storm had hit, they had anywhere from 6 to 18 deaths. As time went by it did not go up by much. Then, a long time later, they started to report really large numbers, like 3000…”

“This is one the ways you win debates: people come around to your side and they say they never changed their minds, and it wasn’t because of you.”

“In its heyday, Gawker had impact because they were sociopathic, they were bullying, and people didn’t see it yet. That’s the devastating kind. If you’re trying to bully someone and everyone says right away, “You’re a bully”, you might still be able to bully, but you’re not gonna be that effective. If you’re gonna bully people and say “This is just the internet, this is tech, this is the future”, you’re gonna have carte blanche. So Gawker had many years to destroy people, in a way that has gotten much less effective.”

“There’s a link, a pretty deep link, between the question of science and technological progress and the health of our representative democracy.”

i think the easiest step would be to go from here to how democracy is a bad idea and how it only works when the pie is getting bigger (and when it isn’t bigger, you need “libertarianism”, or more generally, great founders who form monopolies to do whatever they want)

but it’s probably important to note he got to this idea from flying cars. again back to the importance or unimportance of having “the” right idea.”

“115s don’t listen to me regardless, so I have no opinion”

“Address the problem, not the symptom. Drug use is an indicator of underlying pathology. Don’t smash the indicator light.”

“You don’t want to define yourself in a way that’s derivative. Something of somewhere is often nothing of nowhere.”

“What acceptance and denial have in common is they’re both modes of thinking that stop you from doing anything.”

“Let me just imagine with you that you’re suddenly in the White House.”
“It’s not gonna happen.”
“Let’s just imagine.”
“I’ve always thought fictional thought experiments are very treacherous things though.”
“Let’s just say-”
“Does it means I’m kissing babies all day long, or does it mean that I’m dictator?? How far can we play this thought experiment?”

“Communication is hard because anyone can lie at any time. The only way to be certain of honesty is to make the communicator pay a high price as a costly signal of authenticity.”

“a decentralized conspiracy in which everyone defects against decency and morality in order to become holier than their neighbor”

“Stalin thought the Nuremberg trials were a farce. And actually told the allies to simply shoot the germans and be done with it and not tarnish the image of the courts.”

“The unit cost of an 8mm mauser cartridge was drastically lower than the cost to produce sufficient quantities of poison gas to kill an adult human. It was also far more logistically complex to dispose of bodies that way instead of just killing them at the mass grave instead of having laborers manually remove 100+ corpses from a cramped shower house and then burn them all with coal that Germany didnt have to spare.

All the killing was supposed to have taken place between 43 and 45 when Germany was losing tanks too quickly but they were totally diverting coke from heavy steel industry to cremate corpses that would do as well to fill a hole.”

“All proclamations of science should be treated as fiction until they have been actualized as engineering. At the very least, don’t give them authority they haven’t demonstrated.”

“Freedom is meaningless without a goal. Undirected freedom is just slavery to your base impulses.”

“Many people e.g. @akarlin88 look at the numbers and the stats and project that China will dominate the world in n years.

That will never happen. China may be rich. But never *that* rich. And will never be able to dominate others.

The reason is quite simple. The Chinese government can’t keep the level of control over its citizens it wants to keep if their citizens have power outside the country. See how China is stopping its companies from investing abroad in order to canalize everything to BRI. BRI which is, of course, not working, because people are politically forced to join it. There’s no profit incentive, hence nothing gets done. It’s… socialism! Who knew, China is socialist. Socialism can’t dominate the world.

Does the US *government* dominate the world? No. US companies dominate the world. And parts of USG, the Pentagon by its side, and the State Department/NGO networks run parallel empires which hate each other. Thats the only way to expand abroad. By privatizing the effort. Britain didn’t conquer India. The East India Company did. Because there was money there. China won’t tolerate that. China would execute a Robert Clive.

China runs influence operations abroad not through NGOs trying to strike personal glory, but w the Communist Party United Front Department. Which is why they suck and its external propaganda apparatus ends up using people like @zepplarouche, goddamned Lyndon Larouche’s wife.

Again, this is *a good thing*. China obsesses over control because without that sort of control, it would split in a dozen countries. It’s not easy to control that territory with that many people.

But you can’t be Communist, rich and imperialist. Gotta choose two.”

“people have different reasons for washing their hands after they leave the bathroom
considering their reason for doing complex things is borderline insane”

“Congress is especially culpable this time, because by suspending the shadowban, Jack admits that what he is doing is wrong and shameful.”

“Compression algorithms like ZIP and PNG operate by eliminating redundant bits. The compressed artifact contains only “unique” bits in the information-theoretic sense. “Redundant” bits are removed. If humanity were compressed, how many bits of you would make it?”

“If you only consume mass things you will only have mass thoughts. This is what originally drew me to the rationalists in the vein of Scott Alexander, who spend endless ours filling their cognitive toolbox with useful gadgets and then build a house that looks like everyone else’s”

“One of the things that makes America great is the energy, ingenuity and risk taking of immigrants. With GDP growth going above 4% several times during Obama’s tenure as well as now, it’s clear immigration doesn’t hurt our economy, immigration helps our economy.”

“And, so my fellow Americans, ask not what The Economy can do for you, ask what you can do for The Economy.”

“I want a household run on biblical principles”
*constantly argues with husband and undermines his authority*”

“yeah that’s nonsense. You can’t have a *truly* traditional household in a dildoistic society because the externalities don’t allow for it to be a stable thing. You can try to emulate it but it all breaks down if the interaction gets to the “man having to lay down the law” part, because all it needs is for the trad-thot to complain to a friend or family member or coworker one time and you immediately have the whole social system coming down against you rather than having your back as it would have in the old days”

“>Western gay character
>not allowed to have obvious flaws, must be a role model, devs afraid to make them characters first and gay second

>Japanese gay character
>is allowed to be over the top and ridiculous, be the punchline, be part of the joke, be in on the joke, or most importantly, not have their sexuality be a defining characteristic to them.

>not getting why Japan does them better despite being a massive faggot himself”

“For a hundred years, there’s been a conspiracy of plutocrats against ordinary people.
Number one: In 1945 corporations paid 50 percent of federal taxes. Now they pay about 5 percent. Number two: In 1900 90 percent of Americans were self-employed; now it’s about two percent.

It’s called consolidation. Strengthen governments and corporations, weaken individuals. With taxes, this can be done imperceptibly over time.

The entire executive branch is hand-picked. Nineteen of the last twenty-three U.S. presidents have been members of the Trilateral Commission. The Trilateral Commission is financed by the Rockefellers and the Rotschilds.

Do you ever ask what it’s for? The surveillance, the police, the shoot-on-sight laws? Is that freedom?

Ever wonder why big car companies pay two percent tax while the guys on the assembly line pay forty?

Corporations are so big you don’t even know who you’re working for. That’s terror. Terror built into the system.”

“After explaining the effort Blizzard is putting in to tackle poor in-game behaviour, Kaplan once again appealed to the community to “take a deep look inward”. He went on to explain the team is spending “a tremendous amount of time and resources punishing people” rather than working on new game content such as maps, heroes, and animated shorts.”

“Doesn’t Jeff know how game dev works? The guys doing the content and animated shorts aren’t the ones doing GM work and banning people

I love how he blames the community for being slow on updates”

“They’re acting like Overwatch invented banter and so it’s their duty to stop it.
Have they got any information anywhere that correlates less banter with spending more money?

I worked on APB, it was dogshit but people bought premium weapons to curbstomp people talking shit to them.”

“its a scapegoat theyre using to explain away the dwindling playerbase to shareholders/executives

if its their fault for being legendarily horrible at design and balance decisions, heads are fuckin rolling
but if instead its the communitys fault for being meanies, then jobs are saved, nobodys getting fired
of course in the long term this means that the game is going to continue to suck anus up until a point where it becomes very obvious that its not the “toxic” thats keeping people away from the game, but this team of people doesnt contain a single person even close to intelligent enough to stop them from doing the braindead retarded things they do with every update, so you cant really expect them to think that far ahead”

“modern western multiplayers games like Overwatch and LoL are nothing more than social engineering tools developed by china/israel to defenestrate Western men, rendering them defenseless when the deep state gives the go for the china/israel alliance to invade and genocide White people.”

>It takes resources to ban people
Why not just add support custom servers then? So the community can moderate itself???????????????”

“And share the revenue? Oy vey”

“It’s just a scapegoat instead of saying “We simply do not care about this old game anymore””

“blizzard is a company that wants complete control over everything. in fact, most companies are like that. valve is the opposite”

“Because non-Blizzard servers could allow people to use skins without paying for $500 of lootboxes to unlock it, you stupid goyim”

“Because these neodevs aren’t about doing what’s logical or what would please everybody. They want full control of the types of people playing their game and want to ban everyone else. If they did custom servers they’d probably feel like they’re enabling sexism, racism, elitism, etc.”

“If the shitheads are forced to leave, how come there are still toxic players left?”

>He doesn’t get it

The moment Overwatch stops having a “toxic community” issue is the moment the devs have to be held responsible for their game failing to meet the eSports status Blizzard was promised, so it’s in their best interest to continuously broaden the definition of “toxic” to always have more people to blame.

Like how feminism now claims literally everything is sexist.”

“>Someone was mean to me in Fortnite!
>So shoot them.

>Someone was mean to me in Overwatch!
>Oh my dear lord, you poor child. Let me ban their account and contact their employer. This will not stand. Social justice WILL be achieved, here.

>But the person mean to me was one of your friends.
>Then enjoy your ban.”

“One of the most infuriating things about liberals is they seem to love saying that we need to be UNITED, but those evil Republicans are being divisive. But if you ask them, “okay, then does unity mean we compromise and we get some of the things we want?” And start naming some potential examples, they freak out and say “No, you need to stop being divisive.”

Apparently “unity” means shutting up and accepting whatever Democrats want to shove down your throat.”

“Here in Europe, if an intersection is signalised, it really means something, and it is a symbol of authority. In America, meh.”

“The dominant narrative holds that the Great Depression was a uniquely horrible event, consisting of economic collapse and human suffering on a scale far beyond anything in contemporary experience. I suspect this may be substantially exaggerated, and the Depression may have been much less bad than is popularly supposed—say, not much worse than the 2008 depression and its aftermath, relative to what came before. (This is still very bad.)

There is a motive for such an exaggeration. The tale of the New Deal vanquishing the Great Depression and preventing its recurrence is a key piece of the founding mythology of the contemporary American regime. This story justifies not only the welfare state, but also the Federal Reserve and other financial regulations, all of which are vital to the current system. The worse the Great Depression was, the stronger these justifications become; as such, champions of the status quo would benefit from painting the Great Depression as a unique horror, for the same reasons that they benefit from painting the Nazis as a unique horror. (The Nazis, while horrible, were not unique.) Of course, the presence of this motive does not prove deception, but it does make me suspicious.”

“There’s a telling incident during the initial skirmishes between the Lannisters and the Tullys, before Robert dies and the conflict breaks out into open warfare. A Tully village is sacked by soldiers disguised as bandits. We learn of this from Eddard Stark’s perspective, when the survivors approach the throne to appeal for justice. This is a pivotal step forward in the plot, but also a striking illustration of how the society is functioning: the peasants believe they can appeal to the king and receive justice. Under the reign of an Aerys or a Joffrey, such an appeal would be unlikely to occur and less likely to be granted. Under Robert, however, their faith is not misplaced. Eddard, acting in Robert’s stead, dispatches soldiers to stop the raiders.”

“However, Robert has a crippling flaw as a leader: he is paying little or no attention to his succession. This leads directly to the civil wars which break out immediately after his death. In a kingdom like Robert’s, where many powerful actors are held together only by the will and skill of a single monarch, that monarch is obviously a massive vulnerability. A good king has two options: either ensure that there is a successor who will take over and continue managing the system, or else restructure the society so that a single powerful leader is less necessary. These methods both have their pros and cons, but Robert does neither. On the one hand, he leaves the position of king as central and powerful as it was when his reign began. On the other hand, he neglects his presumptive heir, making no effort to ensure that Joffrey has the skills or temperament to be a good king, and also neglects the political problems surrounding the succession (in particular, the tensions with Robert’s disaffected brothers and their claims to the throne).

This is why, as soon as Robert is dead, the entire system flies apart and an era of bloody civil war begins.”

“It’s really something how normal social awkwardness has become essentially criminalized. I wrote long ago about how “cringe culture” was breeding conformity. It also evolves what this guy hates/makes fun of- atomized & radicalized antisocial males.”

“Introducing women into spaces (university, discussion groups, etc) is a soft form of social control. I think this is what is behind the global feminism push – creates the conditions for ossifying power structures.”

>”my deadline is 4PM”
>no statement of what timezone 4PM is referring to
>if it’s the same timezone then response time is under 3 hours

this sheds new light on the “could not be reached for comment” line that’s always used.”

“But… everyone makes mistakes. Besides, no one knows when they’re going to make a mistake in advance. I think it’s better to keep pushing on in spite of one’s mistakes rather than do nothing out of fear of failure.”

“For households where the highest wage earner is under 35 years old, the ideal age for someone who is not necessarily college material but nonetheless has the work ethic and the entrepreneurial spirit to step up and start a business, the median net worth (excluding home equity) in 2009 was $2,003. Let me say that again. Take over half the families where the primary breadwinner is 35 years old or less, add up their investments and savings and then subtract their debts, and they have less than $2k. In other words, they are only $498,000 short of being able to start a Dunkin Donuts.”

“The first thing they [the store owner] are forced to do is to erect the 200 foot tall sign that probably costs $200,000, because travelers at highway speeds will only be on the bridge for a few seconds, and if Waffle House doesn’t entice them to exit by then, they’ve lost their business. Next, because their entire customer base arrives by motor vehicle, they must pave every square yard of their site not occupied by their building for parking to accommodate their customers’ cars (the semis must park on the street.) So is there any shadow of doubt why poor Waffle House has such ugly buildings? Of course not! They’ve completely blown their budget on the sign and the parking lot!

Contrast that with this shop on Nantucket. The man in this picture (who happens to be renowned New Urbanist Mike Watkins) arrived on foot to this storefront, and is standing less than ten feet from the sign, which was probably procured for something much closer to $200 than $200,000. Because this store doesn’t have to operate at a wide extent to attract customers, they’re able to spend their money on other things… like being able to afford high rent in a nice building on Nantucket. Which place would you rather be?”

“does anyone know what starting a business means anymore?

the lemonade stand permits have gotten to stereotype status but it’s not too far off the mark. when you stop people from doing things at the smallest steps where they viscerally understand what’s going on, make them doubt their instincts and experience, the seed is destroyed and they’ll never figure out the rest. lemonade stand permits (public health issue) and forbidding bets on card games (gambling is illegal) has a clear and obvious result: people think starting a business has nothing to do with finding what people want and how to get it to them, and everything to do with following unknown rules from unknown unassailable authorities that may clamp down at any time.

these days “starting a business” means something to do with have a public personality, and being on youtube, instagram, twitch, and/or patreon. because there are no antiterrorism or antihate or whatever laws that sweep across the internet for people.


>”It all started the day we left nature behind. We filled our homes with lovely things and all the stuff we wanted. Our homes became places you would never want to leave.”




>”How this story ends is up to you.”


“In my opinion, if you take anything a proggie says seriously, you lose. They don’t mean it. Their goal is precisely to make people think they do mean it, not to make people think it’s true. Virtue signalling is the ur-example.”

“Leftists may claim that their activisim is motivated by compassion or by moral principles, and moral princciple does play a role for the leftist of the oversocialized type. But compassion and moral principle cannot be the main motives for leftist activisim. Hostility is too prominent a component of leftist behavior; so is the drive for power. Moreover, much elftist behavior is not rationally calculated to be of benefit to the people whom the leftists claim to be trying to help. For example, if one believes that affirmative action is good for black people, does it make sense to demand affirmative action in hostile or dogmatic terms? Obviously it would be more productive to take a diplomatic and conciliatory approach that would make at least verbal and symbolic concessions to white people who think that affirmative action discriminates against them. But leftist activists do not take such an approach because it would not satisfy their emotional needs. Helping black people is not their real goal. Instead, race problems serve as an excuse for them to express their own hostility and frustrated need for power. In doing so they actually harm black people, because the activists’ hostile attitude toward the white majority tends to intensify race hatred.”

“It is a she vs a he and he is dead. She will win.”

“Now I’m not saying we should pick on him because he’s a retard.
I’m just saying we shouldn’t anger him. Because tard strength is a sight to behold.”

“I’m not fucking five years old, mate. You guys have this habit of running around, “Can you prove it? Can you prove it? Can you give me proof?”. We’re adults. Okay? We don’t need this shit spelled out in black and white to be able to see what’s going on plainly to be able to fucking interpret the event.”

“Amazing. Amazing. I love the way you think that Louie doesn’t have a mind of his own, and that I puppeteer him. You know, I advise everyone against interacting with you and dealing with you. And not just you, but the community of which you are a part.”

‘I don’t puppeteer my capos. I just tell them not to engage you.’ That’s adorable. Seems like a bit of a mild contradiction.”

“And I can actually just explain to you what’s happened. And that’s it. And I know you’re sitting there, like “b-b-but” No. No, Jim. No questions, no answers, this is how it is, because I have no reason to lie to you.”

“Can you imagine the fucking ego on a person to say, “Don’t question me, don’t ask me anything, don’t you dare question what I tell you. It has come from me, the beacon of fucking truth in the world. The truth-speaker: Carl, the King of Honesty. You need to go learn some shit before you come play with me, because I only speak pure unfiltered delicious spring-fresh truth.””


2018 Sept 06 ~ 11

>pay for luxury car lease you can’t afford
>pay for alcohol at 10X markup every weekend
>pay student loan debt on useless business degree until you’re 40
>don’t pay rent
“fuKin virgn nerd lol living in teh basmEnt reel MeN pay ofF other Men’s morTgages””

“I used to wonder why everything interesting was fake or exaggerated but now I realize that everything boring is also fake and exaggerated”

“If magnificent grovelling isn’t your core competence, you’re not ready for big time.”

“Geasses are powers of temptation, offering power to those who are willing to throw away their convictions.

A man who lives for his history can erase memories.
A boy who wanted to connect is driven away by the deafening noise of others.
A woman who wanted to be loved could never again trust the affection of another.
And a boy who wanted to lift the yoke of a tyrant was given the power of absolute authority.”

“the problem with these 200+ IQ characters is that the authors/directors/mangaka/etc are just not that smart. The most they could do is some clever gambit reused from some other show.”

“MiniTre persecutes heretics, not conservatives. That no proggies and all conservatives are heretics is purely coincidental.”

“”I don’t know…why you’re asking that, since we both know I’m talking about heresy and neither of us wants to say so out loud.””

“Been reminded that much of modern angst is about attributing deep, complicated meaning to the feeling of being sad about not having kids. Basically every essay that’s pinned to a piece of modern art is, “Not having kids is making me sad and I’m trying very hard not to face that.” Many other varieties of the same thing; modern art is simply a good case study.

All of the rest of the essays are, “I’m trying to serve my tribe, but where did it go?””

“Considering this trivial cost, rich countries can perpetuate chaos in poor ones on a permanent basis if they have the political willpower and can control secondary fallout like refugees and terrorism”

“The maxims of Tonegawa:
– Money matters are life and death matters.
– Society isn’t your mother.”

“If you’re willing to pick apart someone else’s proposal, then you should, naturally, have one yourself. One that doesn’t have the flaws you mentioned.”

“Most movies are tedious drivel, a way of killing time that barely ranks above doing nothing at all.”

“You can’t dream about how nice it would be to win.
In life, you have to win.”

“SSRIS induce suicidal ideation which makes them a useful tool in setting up borderline cases which when needed can be pushed over the edge for mediated crises which can then potentially be taken advantage of for the pushing of a certain policy as a puported response to the mediated crisis, as an outgrowth of the MKULTRA program of personal research.”

“I mean why not charge even more people who you have no jurisdiction over and who will never see the inside of a court room. Quite convenient too that they always seem to be from places that the USA is trying to forment a war with. The world is a stage and when jews are writing the script so the sky is the limit.”

“in the olden days it’d be called causus belli.
in EU4 it’d be smashing that Fabricate Claim button.

also this is all very ridiculous. people with unreliable access to electricity somehow hacked the world hegemon? fat boy kim just cracked the whip and the starving poor got to work? that’s not how skill works. you need really really long stable lineages and large controlled environments to cultivate any kind of real skill, that’s why india still doesn’t have any.

but peoples’ general sense of reasonability is constantly being shot up because of 1) how much of this stuff is always pushed and funded by the same people (people with no resources go to war so there’s fewer mouths to feed, fine; how are they constantly getting their hands on more RPGs?) and 2) really really dumb ideas about how the world works that are never tested and never seriously considered for more than 5 minutes at a time so they never die.”

“Normally we are dedicated to defending even the most offensive speech, speech that we fervently disagree with. BUT….” = yeah we’re gonna censor you and more is coming down the road”

“UN Human Rights Council report: refused the idea that there is a right to have arms for self-defense and furthermore rejected any concept of self-defense as a human right.”
You can tell me that masturbating is wrong too,
but I’m not about to stop doing it.”

“It’s not just any HuffPo bum either, it’s a SENIOR EDITOR.

SENIOR EDITOR who is a MAN thinks it is OK to write professionally and open an article with “LOOK (YOU UNCULTURED MASSES), [person whose opinion i’m about to fully endorse] GETS IT”, and proceeds to talk about how MASTURBATION, male only, should be CRIMINALIZED.

If you wanna know why professionalism is a fucking scam, here it is.”

“Somewhat depressing seeing all these Guild Wars towns empty.

It’s true that I basically never talked much anyways in town, and not even much in parties in pve or even missions. Some trade spammers are still around but they’re like NPC messages. Same with the afk dancers.

Just the fact that there were once people around doing whatever they were doing running around, talking about whatever dumb thing they were talking about made it feel welcoming. Sometimes there’d be a stranger who happened to be looking for someone to help out, maybe it was me who asked that of the public chat and sometimes I’d get a response. Didn’t really matter, just that they were there.

It used to be at mission zones there always were one or two parties looking for a healer. The PvP arenas were always packed up through 1am, bitching about whatever team comp they just saw and how yet another last man standing retard neglected to bring a res sig.

Now, it’s just silent.”

“”guild wars 1 feels wrong because its empty
but thats a good thing
because you know what
if guild wars 2 was empty
it wouldn’t feel any different.
it really fucking wouldn’t.
guild wars 1
you know the difference between a player and an NPC
guild wars 2
you don’t.””

“You don’t need someone else’s love to be happy”
“Isn’t that even more sad?”

“Do you think Headquarters is naive enough to waste money on such announcements if they could instead actually turn the situation around?”

““old boys club” is prog media-speech for “place without leftist women”.”

“[T]he end is coming! Soon we will pay for our decadence! Every generation thinks it’s living in the end times. Will we be the lucky winner?”

“Discourse relies on an assumption of good faith. Discourse then can’t be scaled, because recognition can’t be properly scaled. It is after all hard to identify someone’s intent and state of mind.”

“death has ALWAYS been a part of life

current society shuns it, welcomes youthcults

death has huge spiritual/cultural wealth of knowledge, its just most people fear it. they run from it, constantly seeking creature comforts.

death is aesthetic, romantic, should be celebrated”

“The end result of refusing to generalize about large populations on the actions of individuals is that, short of a uniformed army on your doorstep, there are no such things as large populations.
Which doesn’t happen.
Which is the point.”

>60 million
Literally how.
You could run an Indycar team for 6 seasons with that sort of money”

“Because investors are actual idiots who don’t know anything. Look at nintendo shareholder Q&As. They know nothing about anything they invest in, not just video games but everything, and they invest in it purely because someone told them it makes money. Esports especially they have zero understanding of how or why they work but they hear that video games make more money than the Superb Owl and they want in. So Acti-bliz scams the shit outta them demanding multi-million dollar buy ins from teams because they don’t actually care about video games or Esports but money so if the industry dies tomorrow they at least made theirs.”

“Sounds like a fast way for “Gaming” to become seen as a bad investment”

“You would have to a braindead motherfucker to go into OWL when you can make money way easier just being a fortnite streamer.”

“OWL is salaried though, so you don’t need to meet any streaming donation thresholds. I mean it’s all a huge sham like wrestling, personally I don’t even think the prize payouts are real. They’re basically all just blizzard employees, so they can just pretend they won a million dollars or whatever at a tournament.”

“It’s fucking salaried? Are you kidding? Holy shit this means another thing: They don’t have to try! It’s stupid easy for a team to just say to anther “Yeah its cool bro we’ll let you win this time since we doubt we’d make it to the top anyway but its cool because Blizzard keeps us fed!”

This is incredibly embarrassing for Blizzard. Who the fuck wants to watch this shit? It’s over watched”

“Hell they’ve had collusion scandals in game scenes that weren’t even set up like WWE like this, so I have no doubt the top teams are trading wins outside of the annual championship or something. The model for this behavior originates in Sumo Wrestling, if you look at that, everyone at the top ranks wins statistically enough matches to maintain their rank, and not one more. They coordinate wins/losses to keep everyone in the high tier ranks and take turns on big wins.”

“When I was young, all I thought about was art and music.
Now I’m 36, and all I think about is money.”

“tfw demos used to be funnier than AAA games nowadays.”

“What was so funny about them?”

“A little piece of software designed to get you addicted. No time limits, no pressures to buy it.

This demo (Halo CE) gave me hundreds of hours of multiplayer fun.”

>designed to get you addicted
No, it’s designed to be fun.

Addiction is what we get today. Games keep rewarding you with all sorts of virtual currencies and gifts: points, stars, coins, skins, medals, victory stances, achievements, you name it. They overload your reward system and make you dependant on dopamine.

If we were to remove all that garbage from modern games, vidya would die altogether, because no one would want to play it anymore. Modern gaymers don’t actually like video games, they’re just addicted to them.

Demos are almost the complete opposite of this shit, and even then their purpose was to make you buy the game.”

“You have a point. Games nowadays are “overloaded” with tons of things that only distract you from the game itself. These things are not even designed to get you addicted, it’s only the result of a bad design.”

“This is probably the most sound logically and unironically isn’t a bad argument if you give a shit about girls being included places.

Girls feel uncomfortable a lot, more than guys, talk to any and you’d know. Doing a one time thing for girls isn’t even bad who is this hurting..? Like he said the results were staggering. Sounds pretty inarguable to me.”

“women should just grow a thicker skin”

“They could but thicker skin is against their nature theyre more emotional beings than men, biologically you can’t just wish for it to change.”

“But they ask us to change our biology all the time, e.g., stop finding women attractive.”

“Stop equating an average lefty with an SJW please it’ll help you from sounding retarded outside of this echochamber”

“if you think “average lefty” isn’t equivalent to SJW you’re the one living in an echo chamber”

“East Bay DSA outraged at attempt to tax millionaire homeowners because they are almost certainly composed of millionaire homeowners”

“Can somebody explain to me why is it a good idea to operate the utilities (water, power) of a foreign country? China is buying up a lot of them, but in inconsequential places like Zambia or Portugal.

It’s like they can jack up prices at will. It’s heavily regulated.”

“If you foreclose on Zambia for non payment of debt, everyone thinks you are a usurer. If you foreclose on Zambia for attempting to renationalize water and power, everyone thinks that if you do not foreclose, they will be in the dark with nothing to drink.”

“What they say: “The alienation of the modern man from the products of his labour blah blah blah”
What they mean: “I have no kids and it’s making me sad.”
What they say: “With the intermediation of talking heads and multimedia between the consumer and reality, etc whatever blather.”
What they mean: “I have no kids and it’s making me sad.”

Basically anything that uses ‘ennui’ is about people in cities not having enough kids.”

“Richard Spencer is the prodigial punching bag that they selectively leave hanging out there so he can serve as the platforms 2 minute hate object with anyone who would potentially come to his defense either banned outright or “quality filtered” (ie shadow banned)”

“hedonism pushes the concept of immediate pleasure. also known as utility.”

“If the rule you followed brought you to this, what use was the rule?”

“We really just need to get rid of blacks and keep this planet livable as a priority.

It’s funny how the simplest and most effective means of survival for humanity is less thinkable for intelligent whites than changing the atmosphere of an entire fucking planet.

There is no point on successfully colonizing Mars if we can’t stop it from becoming Haiti.”

“Alot of museums either lack the knowledgeable staff or funding to do that. Or both. Underfunded museums can’t afford younger staff fresh from college who would know how to use things like Google drive. And they often wouldn’t trust an intern with handling sensitive documents like that.”

“It is only relevant to think about something if its outcome will potentially change your courses of action. No thinking is done in this culture because no outcomes will change anyone’s courses of actions.”

note: the above is called autism”

>50% of people can’t read tables
>75% of people don’t have internal dialogue
looks like the autists were right.”

“In Europe until 1945 the majority of all buildings ever built still existed.”

“The Rio Syndrome is the gap between the progress (technological and cultural) of a society and its decadence (inability to maintain or enjoy the benefits of achieved progress).”

“In the (((liberal))) mindset, disliking brown people in your country is worse than being a convicted sex criminal”

“In New York City, only about 100 of the 1,000 crosswalk buttons actually function, confirmed a spokesperson from the city’s Department of Transportation in an email. That number has steadily decreased in recent years: When the New York Times revealed that the majority of New York’s buttons didn’t work in 2004, about 750 were still operational.”

“”(They) were placed there to quiet a constant complainer by giving them control,” he said in an email. “As an engineering trainee I was sent to calibrate one. When I asked why they had me calibrate a thermostat that was not hooked up, they panicked and asked if I told the occupant it wasn’t hooked up.

After assuring them I hadn’t spilled the beans, they admitted that, by not telling me it was disconnected, they thought I would put on a more realistic calibration show.””

“Women in 1960: We are more than just sex objects who cook, clean and raise children, we have brains!

Women in 2018: Follow me on Instagram for more great shots of my ass.”

“Men in 1960: I work and make enough money to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table, and I get laid.

Men in 2018: I make 6 figures, I cook, clean, listen, communicate, groom, work out, dress well, and put my family first, why have I been in a dead bedroom for 7 years?”

“Her in HR at 10:00 AM:

“Steve from accounting won’t stop staring at my ass. It’s a serious problem.”

Her on IG at 10:00 PM:

“Hey 10 million random dudes! Check out how good my ass looks. You wish you could have this””

“Men love idealistically, Women love opportunistically.”
“Men have preferences, women have requirements”

“why do these people just lie to each other so much lmfao”
“Preservation tactic”

“Universal suffrage is the absurd belief that an unmarried, childless, unemployed drug addict should have the same voting power as a family man who’s a pillar of his community.”


“Twitter has no rules against targeted harassment. Twitter has rules against heresy and disrespecting the Party or Party operatives.”

“Remember that you can convince indirectly, e.g., you want to persuade of A so you insincerely propose B to an opponent such that A is necessary to get not-B. (the best choice of statements here is one that benefits you either way, obviously, you win or they lose)”

“Van gogh couldnt sell any of his 900 paintings.

Now CEOs buy and sell his work to fund coke fueled piss orgies and secret wars.”

“If we evolved a race of Isaac Newtons, that would not be progress. For the price Newton had to pay for being a supreme intellect was that he was incapable of friendship, love, fatherhood, and many other desirable things. As a man he was a failure; as a monster he was superb.”

“Grady Towers IQ was ~between 250 and 300

died in 2000 at the age of 55 while working as a security guard.”

>post says “Breed within your race”
>all responses say “Marry your sister”
This is literally how they’re going to push bestiality and chimeras.”

“Work-worshipers are such philistines. Like, yeah, fine, it’s necessary. But can we stop pretending it’s some great thing to have to work all the time?”

“Social media for women is like porn for men.

Social media gives women instant and unlimited attention, it fucks with their brain.”

“You’ll regret this. They will assimilate you.”

“A 2007 scholarly review of hypertext experiments concluded that jumping between digital documents impedes understanding. And if links are bad for concentration and comprehension, it shouldn’t be surprising that more recent research suggests that links surrounded by images, videos, and advertisements could be even worse.”

“The Internet is an interruption system.”

“Intensive multitaskers are “suckers for irrelevancy,” says Clifford Nass, one professor who did the research. “Everything distracts them.” Merzenich offers an even bleaker assessment: As we multitask online, we are “training our brains to pay attention to the crap.””

“Those who stand against Trump will move on to many different things when he’s gone, but those who still support him should never be forgotten or forgiven.”

“Meaning that after you murder Trump, planning to murder everyone that profiles as a Trump voter.”

“What do I hate? Ah, that’s clear to me. People who know their true nature, yet still lie to themselves.”

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.”

“It may be inferred again that the present movement for women’s rights will certainly prevail from the history of its only opponent: Northern conservatism. This is a party which never conserves anything. Its history has been that it demurs to each aggression of the progressive party, and aims to save its credit by a respectable amount of growling, but always acquiesces at last in the innovation. What was the resisted novelty of yesterday is today one of the accepted principles of conservatism; it is now conservative only in affecting to resist the next innovation, which will tomorrow be forced upon its timidity and will be succeeded by some third revolution; to be denounced and the adopted in its turn. American conservatism is merely the shadow that follows Radicalism as it moves forward towards perdition. It remains behind it, but never retards it, and always advances near its leader… Its impotency is not hard, indeed, to explain. It is worthless because it is the conservatism of expediency only, and has no idea of being guilty of the folly of martyrdom. It always when about to enter a protest very blandly informs the wild beast whose path it essays to stop, that its “bark is worse than its bite,” and that it only means to save its manners by enacting its decent role of resistance: The only practical purpose which it now serves in American politics is to give enough exercise to Radicalism to keep it “in wind,” and to prevent its becoming pursy and lazy, from having nothing to whip. No doubt, after a few years, when womens’s suffrage shall have become an accomplished fact, conservatism will tacitly admit to its creed, and thenceforward plume itself upon its wise firmness in opposing with similar weapons the extreme of baby suffrage; and when that too shall have been won, it will be heard declaring that the integrity of the American Constitution requires at least the refusal of suffrage to asses. There it will assume, with great dignity, its final position.”

“David Goldman points out that Chinese (but I think it fairly true of Asians in general) tend to ask themselves: “If I am not succeeding, what do I need to change? How can I learn from the masters? What is wrong with ME?” Such humility runs counter to Diversity conditioning, whereby not getting what you want = discrimination.”

“Recommending particular units is a waste of time – balance changes are bound to mess that up, and I want to teach about general ideas and tactics, not a particular meta. If you need help in that respect, I suggest watching what other players use and copying them, especially copying the ones that win.”

“Throwing out a perfectly good relationship just so you can virtue signal in front of your two token minority friends that you dumped your “evil closet Nazi bf” is just despicable.”

“Last week, I was approached by a rabbi and his wife asking to cut through my property so they could go to their temple. I said “you mean the house up the street?”

He offered a gift, which I declined. I said no, I can’t allow anyone to walk through my yard. I gave my reasons from our dog, I value my privacy, it will not be only them but the entire neighborhood will end up using my driveway, besides I like to garden in my underwear. As the conversation progressed, he became angry and threatening stating his brothers were lawyers. He asked if I noticed the orthodox are moving in. There is much more to the story. His level of arrogance and entitlement was unreal.

Today, my daughter saw several people walking through and then was able to take pictures of this woman walking on the neighbors side and then on mine to cut through into the neighborhood behind us.

I will be posting signs, discussing this with the town, and notifying the police.

There is a stream and easement between neighborhoods and it is already posted with a no trespassing sign. There is a utility easement as well. He kept insisting easements are public property. I told him I pay taxes on every inch of my property and there is nothing public about that. I also told him an eruv means nothing to me. He can believe in it all he wants but my property is not his private domain.

The previous owner behind us built a bridge over the stream years ago. We had no issues so we left it alone. Recently, we saw path created between the bridge and my backyard. I can assume this rabbi had something to do with it.”

“English lacks honorifics / status-marking kinds of ‘thou’ so the listener must estimate social standing by tone of voice. Presumably this would be much harder in a tonal language.

Even with such markers, the speaker can lie.

Non-English is better for a more sincere population: it makes declaring affecting much simpler.

English is better for a basically insincere population, as it reduces the noise-to-signal ratio.”

“At some point China will realize, like everyone else, that the only profitable business in Africa is selling them weapons.”

“I deal with a lot of Chinese companies and this view drives me up the wall.

They have a hard time grasping that concept is wrong and why American companies and customers avoid their products.

Many years ago, I worked for an electronics company that off-shored their board manufacturing. The Chinese board house did that to us. We shipped them all the parts and what we got back looked like nothing they were sent. They were selling the better parts and replacing them with cheaper parts (and sometimes the wrong parts) and keeping the change. It almost drove that company out of business because they whole hogged the board manufacture.

A couple years ago, I sat in a conference room with the President of a major Chinese heavy goods manufacturer (makes tractors and stuff) and told him their stuff was shit and no one in the US would want to buy it no matter how cheap it was. It turned into a yelling match, which was made all the more interesting because I spoke no Chinese and the guy spoke no English. His poor interpreter. His competitor was more willingly to listen and is at the end of a 4 year process of opening up a manufacturing facility in the US.”

“If the game is only fun to fuel your grind addiction, it’s a bad game. My top 3 games all had very short unlock periods or no unlocks.”

“I admire Apple most for their focus. They don’t have a venture arm. They don’t run incubators or accelerators. They don’t want to host you. They focus on what they do best: making sure you have to replace all your accessories and connectors each time you buy a new Apple product.”

“Farming rustics, okay, but also thoroughly raped-over for millennia by steppe nomad killers.”

“If so, they are also the descendants of those killers. And the women who didn’t protest too much. So not a lot of trauma there.”

“JOKE: Transgenderism is bad because it’s ruining women’s sports.
WOKE: Destroying women’s sports is the silver lining on trannyism.”

>Idlib risks becoming ‘worst humanitarian catastrophe’ of 21st century: UN
Are you kidding me? Worse than the entire Iraq War? Worse than Myanmar? Worse than the ongoing famine and cholera epidemic in Yemen?”

“The Saudi PR machine is very well funded.”

“Our ancestors have always known that free sexuality would lead to a bad outcome for everyone. In our hubris, we have decided we know better and started an experiment with consequences that are beginning to show.

Humans are a naturally polygynous species. Comparisons of paternally inherited Y-DNA vs. maternal mDNA show a divergence in genetic diversity such that for every one male, 17 females have reproduced. Of course, such brutal male selection has the consequence of high male competitiveness and violence. This is the reason for why we have evolved a sexual dimorphism between the sexes. In other species, the higher the dimorphism, the less monogamous they are.

The genius of enforcing monogamy in humans led to a 1:1 pairing of the sexes, unlocking a huge amount of male resources previously spent on infighting, a civilization-building feat.

Monogamy has now become optional and even disincentivized, turning back the clock.

So we return to the times of 1 male for 17 females, but since we have laws against murder and rape, and because we have the state providing for single mothers, we have, in the west, nearly disabled natural selection. That leaves us with sexual selection as the distinctor. This is why the most important male traits are now largely genetic: A large skeleton (height, frame), robust/aesthetic craniofacial bones (jawline, orbital ridge, face), full hair, beard, etc. Women are basically selecting for the strongest caveman without any actual fighting. Hence the males of lower genetic value are forced to become suicidal, homosexual, transsexual, homicidal, a blue-pilled beta or a cuckold, all of which manifest in males much more often than females.

Much of what we see today is an inevitability of the incentives set up the last decades. If we continue on this path, it is clear that, without rewarding the subservient male with procreation, civilization cannot be upheld and we will revert to a more primitive state of mankind.

While feminism pretends to fight against male toxicity, it is actually encouraging it. After all, if given free choice, women will choose the meanest, baddest and most dominant. No wonder that 50 Shades is the book that has sold the most copies in human history.

In contrast, monogamy pacifies male “toxicity” and leads, applied consequently over long periods of time, to diminished sexual dimorphism. Monogamy was actually a progressive idea. Today’s “progressives” are really regressive.

Big irony of our times.”

“”Remember what happened in the duke lacrosse rape case? A bunch of fucking people sided against the duke players immediately and assumed they were all guilty and crowed about it.

Then it turns out the bitch was lyin’ and they all got off and all of them had to eat their words as they went home with their ravaged rectums :^)”

“No they fucking didn’t. A lot of them doubled down saying shit like ‘even if they weren’t guilty of rape, it’s a good thing that they went through the trauma and abuse of being universally labelled as rape victims because they can learn what they COULD have been guilty of’ or some shit.

These people are categorically incapable of admitting fault, no matter the devastation they level against innocent people.”

“I don’t think any of the professors that called for their head publicly in a statement (Gang of 88) were fired or reprimanded which was a fucking travesty.

They basically led a lynch mob and afterwards put out another letter saying, “everyone misinterpreted our original letter.” It was absolutely disgusting.”

“Fucking retards taking people at their words without the slightest shred of evidence.
Meanwhile none of those people stood up for the boys when it turned out THEY were the victims.

Fucking hypocrites””

“The welding jobs are a meme like the stem jobs a decade ago were. They always push one field to blow it up and drive down wages via competition between an overabundance of trained workers to exploit them”

“luckily there’s no such thing as non-racist AI”

“Empire always collapses in the heartland first.”

“‘Sun’ appears to be international code for ‘opposition paper'”

>The 20-year-old is poised to burst into the top tier of women’s tennis. Can she also burst Japan’s expectations of what it means to be Japanese?

The real question is why it’s a concern/interest of the White guy writer and the largely White/Jewish demographic of the New York Times magazine?”

“The US was the first place sport became a battering ram to destroy culture. (I don’t think this process was intentional, personally, but I do think certain people realized what was happening and tried to amplify the effect.) We had a pool of available blacks who were undeniably more talented than the rest of the population at certain children’s games, along with a stronger commitment to meritocracy than most places. The effects are unsurprising, and catastrophic.

By watching televised groups of Negroes representing ‘your’ city, or ‘your’ country, you are led to believe that they are more your kin and country than the white players on the other side of the ball.

By watching televised groups of Negroes skillfully placing a rubber ball through a metal hoop, you are led to believe that there are groups of Negroes elsewhere skillfully performing surgery or skillfully designing integrated circuits or skillfully flying airplanes, as opposed to being generally layabout parasites.

These ‘fans’ spend more time watching the television than actually being out in the world where reality would slap some sense into them. They internalize something completely wrong about the relative value of the races when they watch this stuff; based on an activity that is inherently useless.

In reality if putting a rubber ball through a metal hoop was important some white or Asian guy would have designed a ball through hooping machine that would shoot 1000 baskets a second and saturate the market for ballsinhoops. Le Bron James would have a job at the DMV which he would probably suck at.”

“High status people don’t have to follow rules. Especially high status women.
Serena is confused: she’s a world-class athlete, clearly high status, yet has to follow rules. Like wtf, you know?”

“Anecdotally, I’ve noticed that people get especially angry when they’re called out on an infraction they’d gotten away with for a while. They don’t say, “dang, fun’s over”. They’d come to think of it as a special privilege justified by, and demonstrating, their status.”

“Come to think, this is one of the reasons it’s best to speak up immediately if someone does something out of line and annoying.”

“I have nothing to hide”
“I am loyal master please don’t beat me”

“A society obsessed with freedom is a society of slaves.”

2018 Sep 01 ~ 05

“Ever notice that only huge companies have the luxury of doing this shit? Smaller indies would get sunk by the huge level of incompetence resulting from hiring based on skincolor/gender/genitals. I’m beginning to think that all this social justice thing is just capitalism. ”

“Youtube is now taking away monitization from videos that aren’t “advertiser friendly” which is just a bullshit excuse for Youtube to start cutting payments from people after Youtube Red bombed and the site still loses money”

“Cuckservatives are pathetic, but how much more pathetic is the proggie who fears the cuckservative so much they resort to shadowbanning?”

“I have never met an energetic fat person. Lazy body, lazy mind.”

“The energy you put into addiction has to go somewhere. You can’t break an addiction, only replace it.”

“The most insufferable people are those who are unaware of the treachery of the self against the self.”

“If you could be friends with a great warrior or scholar you would find it much easier to be those things.”

“It’s even easier to lie with numbers than with words.”

“>Hitler makes painting with no formal training
>Jewish ‘artist’ makes painting with degree from fine arts academy

“It’s not just about profit and human life. It’s about stifling human advancement, we cant even do research on tons of chemical compounds because pharmaceutical companies patent them and sue anyone for unliscenced use of them in laboratory settings to produce better and safer drugs.”

“imagine arguing solely in the form of gotcha questions”

“how do i become a boomer”
“acquire a lot of money with little effort
and never admit you made a mistake”
“thats it?
i just have to be jewish?”

“Are there exceptions? Of course. But there are also exceptions with people who keep wild bears or alligators as house pets: sooner or later, they almost always revert to their true nature.”

“Identifying yourself as a “fan” out of some silly pride is just embaressing.”

“If there is a magical girl who has reached perfection, like one that they were seeking, I wonder who will understand her misery… who will save that girl?

Who will show magic to a magical girl?”

“You do not rewrite history. I can only affect what happens here just as easily as you can. Why do people in this time period worry so much about time traveler’s destroying their world line when they have no problem doing it themselves every day?”

“Again, I do not seek to add to my credibility. There is no point to it. Actually, by providing information that was useful, I would be adding to your collective fear that I am real. In that case, this cycle we are in concerning “truth” only spirals and gets worse.”

“I’m glad to see it’s so easy for to dismiss the Middle East. Yes, I suppose it is a no brainer but pretty soon it will be a “no arrmer” and a “no legger”.”

“Sometimes I watch your television programs that show SWAT teams using new non-lethal weapons. They usually start out with, “In the future, the army and police will fight its enemies with new weapons systems.” When they use the word “enemy”, they’re talking about YOU! You don’t really think the Marines are going to jump out of helicopters overseas with sticky goop, pepper spray and seizure lights, do you?”

“Can you tell me when the police stop busting people for weed?”

“It happens about the same time they stop coming to your house when you dial 911.”

“Perhaps I should let you all in on a little secret. No one likes you in the future. This time period is looked at as being full of lazy, self-centered, civically ignorant sheep. Perhaps you should be less concerned about me and more concerned about that.”

“I don’t believe that knowing a possible future makes it happen. You are capable of changing your worldline for the better right now. None of the things I have said will be a surprise. They were set in motion ten, twenty, even thirty years ago. Are you really surprised to find out that Iraq has nukes now or is that just BS to whip everyone up into accepting the next war?”

“In Tokyo there are over 2.7 million buildings. In 2016, 49110 new buildings were constructed (replacing 43822 that were torn down). The city has not had a housing shortage for decades, with the most expensive building codes in the world. We already know how to build affordably.

I am not saying that Tokyo is to be copied, or something to look up to, but there are no robots, nor cheap foreign labor, prefab houses, 3D printed building frames or any other new tech to wait for. The reason your city can’t build is simply because it doesn’t want to.”

“The Koreas want to test run a railway connecting the two countries. The US forces head of command blocked the project from moving forward. This is what we mean by US colonialism & interference in the peace process. This is occupation.”

“It’s as though the US want to isolate the DPRK (to the end of making it a failed state, so that that they can swoop in and dominate the market, extract as much capital as they can out of the state while cutting funds to crucial public institutions like healthcare and education, making the Koreans mere consumers, and not self-determining people, as they have done time and time again to countries around the world – a.k.a. imperialism”

“One minute “the North is such a hellhole, we just care about the Northerners’ human rights” the next “We cannot allow Northerners any degree of freedom of movement to the South, they are the Enemy””

“The basic human need to be watched was once satisfied by God. Now, the same functionality can be replicated with data-mining algorithms.”

“If you have something to say, say it to my face!”
“I would, if you weren’t always running away.”

“I like the incredible freedom you have on this worldline but I see it as a trap and I fear the cost is the loss of your sense of connection with family and community. Yes, you can self actualize your ambitions but at what cost to the people around you, or yet to be born? The incredible availability of art, literature and limitless resources is hardly taken advantage of as I imagine the number of people sitting in front of their TVs.”

“In my opinion, the Gen Xr’s ended up in two categories. There were the ones who had learned to be independent by breaking away from tradition and societies expectations and the others who had no idea how to take care of themselves and just wanted the trains to run on time. The ones in the first group feel very guilty about “letting” the world go to Hell and the ones in the second group are dead.”

“”((Does the civil war start in such a way that with this foreknowledge those willing will have time to remove themselves to safer locations.))” >>> “Yes. You will be forced to ask yourself how many civil rights you will give up to feel safe.””

“Current Turkish gallows humour: A prisoner goes to the prison library, asks for a specific book. The guard tells him, “we don’t have that book… but we do have the author.””

“I can genuinely see American democracy evolving into a system where the presidency is stripped of its power and a villainous figure is always deliberately elected so everyone can live in permanent, heroic outrage.”

“For an argument to be ‘compelling’ it must be convenient, not necessarily true.

It’s impossible to come up with true and compelling arguments for most people.”

“Reminder that Rome started losing literally every military engagement when they removed the shrine to Nike (God of Victory) from their Senate building”

“You may have heard that the North Pole is melting – though no one told you that the South Pole has grown, and is now vastly larger than it was a hundred years ago.”

“This expedition to Antarctica is led by global warming scientist Chris Turney, whose company, Carbonscape, sells carbon indulgences. If you sin by emitting carbon, Chris Turner will, for a suitable payment, offset your sin with his carbon offset credits.

In the course of this expedition, they have repeatedly smacked up hard against ice that their ideology said could not possibly be there, and then proceeded to act as if the ice was not there. And then their ship got stuck.

The Global Warming research expedition, the Spirit of Mawson, aboard the Akademik Shokalskiy, has become stuck in something resembling ice, in high summer of the Antarctic. The leader of the expedition, however, assures us that the Antarctic ice is melting, so I suppose the material that it is stuck in is denial that has taken the form of white crystals.

Three icebreakers have been sent to rescue them, but were defeated by the thickness of the ice, notwithstanding highly scientific measurements proving that antarctic ice is becoming thinner. Doubtless Chris Turner is going to offset all that carbon expended by the icebreakers.

The purpose of the expedition was to retrace the Mawson expedition of a hundred years ago, and compare their measurements of the ice and penguins with modern observation.

There is an interesting expedition blog post, return to Mawson’s hut, which dances around the fact that one hundred years ago, when Mawson’s expedition built their base, the base area (Commonwealth Bay) was completely ice free in summer, while now the sea is covered in thick impenetrable ice that looks that it has been there a very long time. “It felt like we were in the interior of the continent, not at its edge.” But in Mawson’s day, the hut was at the edge.”

“The climate is always changing. Climate Change is always true. But over the last hundred year or so, it has not changed enough for unaided human senses, or even human senses aided by ordinary and reasonably affordable instruments, to detect. Sometimes the climate does change dramatically, sometimes catastrophically, in a hundred years or so. But not this last hundred years or so.

So, why the high drama about global warming? Why the catastrophism? Why the demand for dramatic changes that somehow always result in our power system being looted and damaged?

The reason for the high drama is that science, technology, and industrialization was created by white male capitalists, an enormous achievement for which mankind should be eternally grateful. And people who hate whites, hate males, and hate capitalism want to destroy science, technology, and industrialization. Anyone who talks about Global Warming or Climate Change in ways that imply it is an important crusade hates you and intends you harm. Maybe he wants to lower your status. Maybe he wants to exterminate your race. But either way, he is your enemy. Whosoever talks catastrophic global warming hates you and is motivated by desire to harm you.

Whites, males, capitalists, and white male capitalists created all the good stuff, so they tend to have most of the good stuff, so people who want to take our stuff hate us. Hate whites, hate males, hate capitalists, and particularly hate white male capitalists.”

“After WWII the creation of the Eurodollar market allowed US banks to shift money to London in order to avoid the restrictions placed on them in the USA. Britain made matters worse when it allowed many of its former small colonies to become tax havens. Just one building in the Cayman Islands is the legal headquarters for 12,000 corporations. In just the second quarter of 2009 the UK got net financing of $332 billion from three of its Crown dependencies which had just become offshore tax havens. The island of Jersey had effectively become an extension of the City. The Caymans have become the fifth largest financial centre in the world with over 80,000 companies headquartered there including three quarters of the world’s hedge funds.”

“The Center for Diversity and Inclusion has created the following class exercise for middle school students. The Earth is doomed to destruction, so rank the top 8 “most deserving” of these 12 candidates to be saved on a rocket ship to another planet:”

“Damn, I kept thinking about this and I ended up with (probably) the real answer:
Leave behind the homophobe, the cop, the asian, and the accountant.

The first two are gimmes. Accountant isn’t in any sacred group. Don’t know if they admit asians are white yet.”

“This is horrendous.What sort of meaning do kids get from this?
That some people deserve to be saved,some lesson.”

“I think it’s mainly about detecting budding shitlords, so they can tell their future teachers who to persecute.”

“Look, here’s the thing. There’s about 150 people that run the world. Anybody who wants to go into politics, they’re all fucking puppets, okay? There are 150, and they’re all men, that run the world. Period, full stop. They control most of the important assets, they control the money flows. And these are not the tech entrepreneurs. They are going to get rolled over over the next five to ten years by the people that are really underneath pulling the strings. And when you get behind the curtain and see how that world works, what you realize is, it is unfairly set up for them and their progeny.

Now I’m not going to say that that’s something we can rip apart. But first order of business is, I want to break through and be at that table. That’s the first order of business. And the way that I do that is by proving that I can do what they do, as well as they do it. And then do it better than how they do it. Because at the end of the day they are commercial fucking animals, okay? And they’ll open the door out of curiosity, and they’ll let me stay because I add value. And then once I’m there, I can open the door for other people who can try to do the same thing. So my entire goal now is that, is to be in a position to aggregate enough of the capital of the world, to then reallocate it against my world view.

I’m not saying my world view is the best or right. But it is mine. And at the end of the day, there are 150 other fucking guys with their world view, and they don’t give a shit what you think about their fucking worldview. That’s the truth.

And so, why not me?”

“Get the money. Get the money, and then let’s get around a table and let’s create new rules. Literally that simple. Get the fucking money. I’m serious. It is going to be made, it is going to be allocated, and you have a moral imperative to make sure that if you have a point of view that matters and you want to reflect it, you get it.

I’m going to go get it. Other people are going to go get it. And then it will be about a competition of views. And don’t wrap yourself in all this liberal kind of bullshit about my God, money, blah, no, stop. Here’s how the fucking world works okay? It drives the world for better or for worse. Economic incentives drive entire swaths of population to behave in very, very predictable, and then when you take it away, unpredictable ways. Ask anybody in your class that’s from a developing nation. Ask anybody in your class who has seen that play out from where they’re from. So that’s what you have to do. You have to go and get it.

If you control the capital and you have a point of view, then the question is, don’t be a sellout. Whatever your worldview is, you should be spending time to think about what that is, so that when you control some of these purse strings, you will push that view into the world.”

“Venture is basically just a bunch of soulless cowards. They’re well intentioned. But they’re well intentioned soulless cowards.”

“Nuclear was stopped primarily the way NASA was stopped, by putting stupid people in charge. It is not apparent that fusion power would be workable even with smart people in charge, but to be on the safe side, they put stupid people in charge of developing thermonuclear as well. The big vulnerability of nuclear power is not the imaginary evils of nuclear power (The long term effect of Chernobyl was the deaths of at most nine people outside the power plant outer fence) it is that you need smart people in charge of nuclear power. It is easy to disrupt cooperation between smart people by inserting stupid people.”

“Suppose someone genuinely fails to see women behaving badly. Then, if he disagrees with me, the natural response is

“No you are wrong, women are not behaving badly, they don’t need to be controlled”

But instead I hear

“horrible men need to be controlled and you are a horrible man, you rape other men’s daughters and seduce other men’s wives”

Which makes emotional sense if those making the accusation see what I see, but are frightened, weak, and impotent. It only makes emotional sense if one sees bad behavior, and, unable to address the bad behavior directly (because that would be domestic violence, hostile work environment, sexual harassment, mansplaining, and rape) displaces one’s rage. If one does not see what I see, if one does not see a great deal of very bad behavior, it makes neither logical nor emotional sense to accuse me of these absurd views. For someone to make these angry hostile denunciations is displacement of anger and pain, thus only makes emotional sense if female misbehavior is causing him anger and pain, thus only makes emotional sense if he sees what I see.

Blaming men for female misconduct is fear, weakness and white knighting. People say that speaking the truth about women is “bad optics”, but weakness is the worst optics. We are the strong horse.

I am indeed saying that women, starting at a horrifyingly young age, like sex, like rape, and rather like brutal rape. To conclude from this that I am arguing in favor of brutal rape, one has to attribute to me the white knight position that women should get what they want. But that is an implausible position to attribute to someone who is arguing that women want very bad things, wicked, foolish, and self destructive things, and who frequently says in the plainest possible words that women should not be allowed to get what they want. Chastity and monogamy are a plot by men against women and needs to be imposed on women with a stick. Monogamy and chastity were first invented when one band of ape men wiped out the ape men of another band, killed their mothers, killed their children, and divided up the women among themselves.

When I talk about nine year old girls finding an older male to fuck them, I say “but she does not want to fuck someone like you – she is going to fuck a heavily tattooed forty year old motorcycle gang leader and drug dealer.” When a heavily tattooed drug dealer is my example of youthful female hypergamy in action it is unreasonable to attribute to me the argument “This is what little girls want, and therefore giving it to them should be fine.” What I say is that this is indeed what little girls want, and therefore they need to be whacked with a stick and in some cases shotgun married. We need to deal with this problem with domestic discipline and the threat of early shotgun marriage, not by doubling down on prohibitions against men, prohibitions that are only effective against respectable men, and thus wind up reinforcing the little girl’s feeling that bad men are higher status.”

“Male conflicts are resolved by establishing hierarchy. Female conflicts are resolved by eliminating the losers. If you submit to male dominance, he would like to keep you around. If you submit to female dominance, she will casually destroy you. Men reproduce most successfully by ruling, females reproduce most successfully by being ruled, thus are maladapted to rule. White knighting fails.”

“White knighting works as a sneaky fucker strategy for high status males. If a male is acting in a role that makes him higher status than you, as for example a preacher, he is in a good position to fuck your women. If, in that high status role, he preaches that women are higher status than himself, that is going to impair his chances. But if, in that role, he preaches that your women are pure and chaste (and therefore your women would never have sex with him)) and also preaches that women are higher status than you, that is going to improve his chances. “Domestic violence” laws are a white knight strategy targeting men who are low status in the male hierarchy but high status in female perception, because violent. People in authority are pissed that women like are criminals and men with no income, and so push “domestic violence””in an effort to undermine the authority of those men over their women, with the unfortunate effect of undermining the authority of all men over all women. The correct way to reduce the propensity of women to hang out with stone broke criminals and ignore the guy with the corner office in the skyscraper is to support male authority over females, but only for males in good standing, as the Mormon Church does. Of course, that has the effect that people in authority don’t get to fuck the women of men in good standing, which is why this strategy is so frequently unpopular with men in authority.

Which is how we got into this mess. King George the fourth slept with the wives of aristocrats. His own wife slept around. He tried to divorce her, revealing himself as powerless and cuckolded. The power of Kings went away, and anglosphere fertility has been falling ever since, with a temporary recovery between first wave and second wave feminism. The elite go after each other’s women, lose social cohesion, and social disorder ensues.”

“I call them the first men, because they were smart enough to have laws and commandments, and likely smart enough to attribute those commandments to God, but looked like upright apes. It seems likely that they looked like upright apes, because women find male apes sexually attractive, while men do not find female apes sexually attractive, which indicates that in our evolutionary history, men have been exercising sexual choice, but women in the lines that we are descended from did not get to exercise sexual choice since the days we looked like apes. Which indicates that populations that allow female sexual choice die out, and explains the female propensity to make very bad sexual choices.

It is unlikely that males would have been able to coordinate well enough to prevent female sexual choice till smart enough to have laws and commandments (which is smarter than some present day peoples) so this implies a population with human intelligence and human social order but apelike appearance.

You cannot suppress female sexual choice except you have laws and commandments that prevent men from defecting on other men, from which I conclude that we are descended from a very long line of populations that had the law:

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbor’s.

in effect, that though entire peoples kept falling away from such laws, peoples that fall away from those laws disappear from history.”

“The Book of Proverbs goes on about sexual misconduct at considerable length. And it describes the reality that I see, not the reality that people keep gaslighting me with. In the Book of Proverbs, sexual misconduct is primarily the result of lustful women manipulating naive men in order to obtain socially disruptive sex. There are no grooming gangs in the Book of Proverbs. Women sexually manipulate men in order to obtain sex in socially disruptive and damaging ways. Men do not sexuality manipulate women. Though the dance is pursuit and predation, conquest and surrender, as if lustful men were imposing themselves on sexless angels, that is the dance not the reality. The reality is that women and girls are lustfully manipulating men and their social environment to obtain social outcomes that in some ways superficially resemble lustful men imposing themselves on sexless angels. That is what the Book of Proverbs depicts, and that is what I see in front of my nose. And yet I live in a world where everyone with astonishing confidence and enormous certainty reports a very different world, a world of men sexually harassing and raping women, a world where male sexual predators lure innocent sexless female children. When I report the world that I see and experience, which is the world depicted in the Book of Proverbs, which is the world that the famous Wisdom of Solomon depicts, some people get very angry.”

“Romance is an escape hatch out of the tenth commandment. Supposedly it is OK to fuck other men’s women if that is what they want. Tingles supposedly make sex holy, and a woman should supposedly always get whatever man gives her tingles. So a woman can have sex with every man who gives her tingles, which is apt to be a disturbingly large number of men, and stop having sex with any man who stops giving her tingles, who is apt to be the father of her children.

Well I have bad news: Your women, including your daughters starting at a startlingly early age, always want to fuck some strange man because there is always some man higher status than you, so this escape hatch out of the tenth commandment is always going to burn you. Therefore any group of men that allows this escape hatch out of the tenth commandment is always going to perish in the long run. And any time someone claiming high status tells you that your women are not going to be tempted to fuck some high status male, provided you are sufficiently holy, or sufficiently progressive, or sufficiently manly, sufficiently patriarchal, or sufficiently antisexist, or sufficiently loving, is more interested in sneak fucking your wife than in the survival of the group to which he belongs.

These are the real optics: Nobody likes the weak horse, white knighting women and girls as sexless angels looks weak, and sneaky fuckers need killing even if, like William Duke of Acquitaine, they are far from weak.”

“All men are supposedly created equal. Observed inequality must, therefore, be the result of “hate”. Evil noticers are supposedly causing the underperformance that they notice. Thus, war on noticing. Since underperformance continues, the punishment of whites and males must be endlessly escalated. Endless escalation of punishment must eventually manifest as ethnic cleansing and genocide.”

“When women won voting rights, local public education spending jumped. Just imagine the investments we’ll make when more women are voting in Congress.”

“they will do literally anything to put the task of child rearing on someone else”

>tfw you’re in the top 5 “most profitable employees” but realize that just means you’ve brought in a ton of revenue and haven’t been paid shit

“Plant-based foods cause obesity and chronic disease.

Not animal foods.”

“That said, I’m growing increasingly disillusioned by diversity. It turns out that vibrancy is not as vibrant as the Cloud People in the all-white areas say. The other day, I saw a local had been evicted. One of the males was guarding the furniture on the sidewalk. That night, a brawl broke out as other natives tried to haul off the furniture. I decided that I’ve had enough vibrancy, so my time here will be coming to an end. I’m too busy this fall to make moving plans, but spring is a good time, so I’ll start looking for a new house soon.”

“Firstly, I don’t care for the term, as it conjures an image of toothless hillbillies bitching about the darkies. I’m just not a fan of rehabilitating words and terms that the Left has successfully demonized. As I’m fond of pointing out, even if you manage to rehabilitate Hitler and the Nazis, all you end up with is an airport named after him. You will still be living as a minority in your own country.”

“What’s crueler? You tell me:

1. Convicting a guy of some minor crime and ruining his employment prospects, or burdening the state with long incarceration costs, or

2. Giving him a few lashes with the cane and telling him he’d better not do it again, and then moving on.”

“To maintain homeostasis you need to have a border to separate inside which you can control from outside which you cannot. Letting uncontrollable outside to get inside leads to death or fragmentation. All those ‘activist’ types are predators, one have to fight them to survive.”

“Moreover, this elite mindpower has to be literate. Because a human brain can only store so much information, societies without literacy are unable to move forwards much beyond Neolithic levels, their IQ levels regardless.”

“There is no corporate equivalent to DNA. The positive copying errors do not propagate and overwhelm the negative copying errors as they would in millions of years of evolution in wasps or elephants. This means that institutions only arise through the process of imitation and invention carried out by human minds.”

“the deep state doesn’t real but actually it does but u see its a good thing”

“I just realized Arrow’s impossibility theorem has a real dumb in it.

You can’t make a voting system that’s consistent, because people lie about their preferences
…why again are we worrying about accurately representing the liar?”

“When women are let loose to do as they please, away from the influence of men, they have not come up with a cornucopia of great inventions and discoveries. Instead they have aborted tens of millions of infants, blamed all their problems on men, voted leftists into office, become excessively promiscuous, gotten worthless college degrees and demanded equally worthless make-work jobs, believed that wealth falls like manna from Heaven, come to believe marriage is temporary, destroyed children’s lives through easy divorce and single parenthood… and rationalized every bit of it.”

“Rebuild is a lot more hopeless and bleak than NGE. The original show at least acknowledge that kids might be fucked up but they might do things better than their parents but Rebuild is pure bitterness and hate toward kids for not being flawless supermen working for the emperor, with bouncing tits and cat ears. There’s something icky in the entire cast shitting over a 14 years old boy, despite he’s a fucking cartoon (read the CRC of 3.0).

Eva is more otaku now but also more bitter”

“I will say, though, that despite all the problems being solved if somebody just told Shinji what was going on, it is pretty realisitc. If the world really did go to shit, you can sure as hell bet that people would latch on to a scapegoat for it.

And that’s what Shinji’s been, for 15 years. A scapegoat that the world’s been looking at when they need an answer as to “What the fuck is going on in Evangelion?”

Their answer’s always been “It must be Shinji’s fault!”

People are pretty fucking horrible, especially when a large group of people feels justified in their hate.”

“I hope this becomes a point brought up in 4.0, I really do. We’re obviously presented with the idea that everybody blames Shinji, but we’re also shown that it’s not really his fault. He never wanted to destroy the world, even if that’s a result of his actions, it shouldn’t be entirely on him.

I hope after Shinji gets over the shock of seeing the only person who bothered to try and explain what was going on explode, he just flat out tells everybody that all of this shit could have been avoided if they’d just told him what the fuck was going on.

I really hope that’s where it goes, because it looks like it could go that way… or, it could go in the direction of “This isn’t your fault but society says it is, so it is. Grow up and stop trying to stick up for yourself. The nail that sticks up gets hammered down.””

“Remember EVA was created due to the environment that was going on both culturally and economically.

Japan went through some tough shit and every series had to compensate. Kamen Rider was gone, Sentai was in dire straits, Ultraman hadn’t been on in years, classic 70’s flashy mecha had stopped being original and even the cynical Go Nagai works stopped working so regularly. The Japanese economy was in serious problems, social issues were coming to a head in many areas, and it became obvious unless things changed everyone would be fucked, but Japan isn’t exactly a country that likes change.

Evangelion is very much a series that would only have worked as well as it did in a specific time and place. People responded to Shinji because they were also in a bleak, hopeless place. They were suffering, and to make matters worse even their childhood heroes abandoned them.

The whole Moe thing in and of itself began in the same period and has a major hike every time Japan has some kind of crisis. Heck, you can’t ignore that Moe as it’s own specific thing with “cute girls doing cute things” being entire series exploded in popularity once the global recession hit everybody HARD. Hell, notice how even in affectionate parodies like Akibaranger the guy obsessed with Moe is essentially a regular guy working a full time job, but can’t afford any kind of independance and lives with his mother because he has no real other options.

Moe is, in a very real sense, the art of desperation, more than Evangelion ever can be.”

2018 Aug 22 ~ 31

“MiniTrue doublethink directive 1: when the Party orders you to do something, it is done spontaneously of your own free will.”

“Precisely because people know the record of the PAP government, do you need to nail every lie to protect your reputation at all cost?”

“Put that question to the new leaders. I defended my position tooth and nail. I succeeded. I fought against the media in Singapore and internationally. I won because I’ve persuasive powers. I can speak to the people over the blather of the media. In a way, I’m like a local Ronald Reagan. And I deliver. When I say I’ll do something ,they know I’m going to do it. So when I say I’m going to fix that guy, he will be fixed. Let’s make no bones about it. I carry my own hatchet. If you take liberties with me, I’ll deal with you. I look after myself because when you enter a blind alley with the communists, only one person comes out alive and I have to come out alive. So, I’m not afraid of going into an alley with anybody, let alone foreign press. What can they do to me? Can they influence my votes? They can’t.”

“People like you are the ones that I suspect the most. True evil always hides itself behind a clean and anonymous face. You’re the kind of person that never lets his true feelings out. You just conform to the rules of society. But that means you live by constantly wearing a mask! Who knows what kind of perverse thoughts are hidden behind that facade of honesty and good intents. For someone like you, who never shows his true self in his daily life, hiding a secret should come as naturally as breathing.”

“Remember the future. Invent the past.”

“Foolish. It’s not the cost that matters, but the opportunity cost.”

“23andMe has our income and employment data. In a hundred years productive genomes will be sold off to government contracted cloning operations.

Fostering clones becomes a common job. Life becomes so unaffordable few will be able raise their own. Marrying a clone is the only way up”

“Organizations with diverse workforces and inclusive environments will own the #DigitalEconomy”

“Is that a prediction or a threat?”

“That’s not a solution
That’s the result of a solution”

“Another thing that is not obvious from the drawing are the plot layouts and sizes. The medieval burgage plots (long and narrow giving as many plots as possible access to valuable street fronts while leaving open space in the rear) have proven to be wildly successful for cities.”

“How humorous and pathetic. That’s so cute. You are worth teasing.”

“prior to marx, history was not a study of events, but a study of people.
currently, history is a study of ideas.
or it’s heading towards that way anyways.
seems to me predictive ability has also been lost with it, so i’m inclined to think thinking about people is more in the right direction.”

“It’s like hearing an amazing swimmer say, “But I don’t know how to fly.””

“30-day ban on my normie account for replying to a post with a picture of hitler with a generic inspirational quote wtf”

“they forgot that the unspoken part of “move fast and break things” is that you’re supposed to fix what’s broken”

“Amazon loses money on everything they sell except for their cloud services.”

“All values are implicit teleologies; to participate in a value is to advance a given teleology towards its end. Those with greater capacity for imagination can conceive of more transcendent teleologies, that lesser dynamics are subsidiary too, and hence can participate in higher values. Or iow, a natural noble has greater ability to self motivate; he can, essentially, see the future, better than his fellows.

A being on the lower end of the world formation scale, is in practical respects a solipsist, a conditional solipsist. Just as they cannot truly conceive or model the motions of other beings (and hence reflexively project their own mindset onto all others), so too can they not conceive of more transcendent teleologies, and hence, are limited in the ability to form values on their own, and hence, are limited in their ability to self motivate. He reasons only so far as to rationalize; his values and opinions formed by the validation those values and opinions receive, blown hither and tither by the winds of social forces. In order to participate in higher values, he must receive and embody them through a Tradition.

Language itself is a sign post pointing to something; it is a seed that has not yet grown. The positivist project for ‘logical atoms’ that you can make a ‘universal’ language of perfect expressiveness was doomed from the very beginning because of this. At the end of the day no matter what, language has to be ‘met halfway’ at one point or another; the ability of the receiver is a crucial part of the equation. Capacity for world formation is the water that makes that seed bloom into meaning. The less ‘water’, the less meaning (and many other things besides).
Make no mistake, calculative aptitude is still certainly possible without (a lot of) imaginative aptitude; that’s what Chinese Rooms are after all. Another phrase for the range between being long on calculation and short on world formation is ‘the autism spectrum’.

(The positivist project was basically sperg rage over the difficulties they had comprehending already existing language games)”

“When a statesman, who is not wholly unworthy of that great name, finds an abstract principle in his way, as, for instance, that of popular sovereignty, he accepts it, if he accepts it at all, according to his conception of its practical bearings. He begins, accordingly, by imagining it applied and in operation. From personal recollections and such information as he can obtain, he forms an idea of some village or town, some community of moderate size in the north, in the south, or in the centre of the country, for which he has to make laws. He then imagines its inhabitants acting according to his principle, that is to say, voting, mounting guard, levying taxes, and administering their own affairs. Familiar with ten or a dozen groups of this sort, which he regards as examples, he concludes by analogy as to others and the rest on the territory. Evidently it is a difficult and uncertain process; to be exact, or nearly so, requires rare powers of observation, and, at each step, a great deal of tact, for a nice calculation has to be made on given quantities imperfectly ascertained and imperfectly noted!

Any political leader who does this successfully, does it through the ripest experience associated with genius. And even then he keeps his hand on the check-rein in pushing his innovation or reform; he is almost always tentative; he applies his law only in part, gradually and provisionally; he wishes to ascertain its effect; he is always ready to stay its operation, amend it, or modify it, according to the good or ill results of the experiment; the state of the human material he has to deal with is never clear to his mind, even when superior, until after many and repeated gropings. —

Now the Jacobin pursues just the opposite course. His principle is an axiom of political geometry, which always carries its own proof along with it; for, like the axioms of common geometry, it is formed out of the combination of a few simple ideas, and its evidence imposes itself at once on all minds capable of embracing in one conception the two terms of which it is the aggregate expression. Man in general, the rights of man, social contract, liberty, equality, reason, nature, the people, tyrants, are all elementary conceptions; whether precise or not, they fill the brain of the new sectary; oftentimes these terms are merely vague, sounding words, but that makes no difference; as soon as they meet in his brain an axiom springs out of them that can be instantly and absolutely applied on every occasion and at all hazards.

Men as they really are do not concern him. He does not observe them; he does not require to observe them; with closed eyes he imposes a pattern of his own on the human substance manipulated by him; the idea never enters his head of forming any previous conception of this complex, multiform, swaying material — contemporary peasants, artisans, townspeople, curés and nobles, behind their ploughs, in their homes, in their shops, in their parsonages, in their mansions, with their inveterate beliefs, persistent inclinations, and powerful wills. Nothing of this enters into or lodges in his mind; all its avenues are stopped by the abstract principle which flourishes there and fills it completely. Should actual experience through the eye or ear plant some unwelcome truth forcibly in his mind, it cannot subsist there; however obstreperous and telling it may be, the abstract principle drives it out; if need be it will distort and strangle it, on the ground of its being a calumny, as it gives the lie to the principle which is true in itself and indisputable. Manifestly, a mind of this stamp is not sound; of the two faculties which should pull together harmoniously, one is undeveloped and the other over-developed; facts are wanting to turn the scale against the weight of formulae. Too heavy on one side and too light on the other, the Jacobin mind turns violently over on that side to which it leans, and such is its incurable infirmity.”

“Poor men love big breasts, the rich prefer them smaller – Study”
“poor men love pepperoni pizza, the rich perfer…”

“idk the tax rate in Toronto but she’s on <$3,000/month with over half going to rent


Urbanite thot have become the most prevalent NPCs in recent years. In fact, she’s the only NPC that can “thrive” in the globohomoeconomy.

Simple recipe:
1. Upper mid class white or azn girl
2. $45K-60K/y salary
3. Owns dog(s)
4. “Boyfriend” from dating apps
4. Psychiatric meds

The post-2007 apocalypse world we live in was tailor made for these women. They’re the only ones who “like” what’s going on around them. Social media, the dog economy, premium mediocre restaurants like panera, media streaming services, dating apps; this was all built for them.”

“Form your own opinions! [Give us your money and time (and probably information to some degree) first] and see for yourself!”

“imagine if Henry Ford had to jump through 5000 different hoops every day to make sure he played manipulative games with his wife after his regular work schedule instead of just being able to squat out in a shack somewhere and build prototypes for 20 hours knowing he could always return to his wife”

“If everything and anything can be memed doesn’t that mean modern people lack both the ability to have sympathy and feel that the environment they live in means nothing so they choose to laugh at what they don’t understand? Which in turn leads to the inevitability that people themselves believe human lives are expendable existences in this celestial planet? Should society care about its own people if they never dared to help each other?”

“Furthermore, there is a phrase in the first edition of Pioneers concerning ‘this new style [the Modern Movement] of the twentieth century’: ‘because it is a genuine style as opposed to a passing fashion, [it is] totalitarian’. This revealing admission was subsequently changed: in the 2005 edition, ‘totalitarian’ became ‘universal’.”

“Has there ever been a single woman in history who’s turned against a man and then said something positive about how he performs in bed? No, they often retcon it, even in their own minds, as the worst sex life they ever had.”

“In a sense, she has the same MG Power as Ilya, that lets her never doubt herself. Her alignment’s chaotic, though.”

“Chloe, that’s why you can never be the main character.”

“Stages of Big Tech response to censorship allegations:
1. Don’t be ridiculous, we don’t do that
2. An algorithm does it automatically, we’ll fix it
3. Rogue employees messed up the algorithm, we might fire them
4. You’re damn right we do it, it’s for your own good”

>low-class (ie, punks) has hairstyle that is associated with low-class people
you’re so close to getting it”

“Now this was a momentous decision. Never before in the history of the world, homosexuals, men and women, were given each a name, an identity. Names are no laughing matter. Names are socially approved categories. They are a social license to exist. Gay men now exist. Lesbians now exist. They never did before, but now they do. And since we gave them a name, Western society created categories of people where none existed before. And that has had very notorious consequences. Perhaps fatal consequences.”

“words, among other things, invoke imagery and emotion, and i try to extend my control over what those invocations are.
all traps are structures
whether it is or isn’t a trap depends on whether it works or doesn’t work for you
for a very generic example
an accusation of being racist is probably the worst thing any normal person in america today can give or be the recipient of.
but for you and me, if we hear that word, we react very differently
rather than “oh no people think im a bad person”
it’s “ah, so this is the enemy.”
rather than a sword being stabbed in us, it’s like a random guy decided to put on the enemy uniform. but it’s the same sounds/letters either way.”
“it’s playing a different kind of game”

“Women will not and should not face danger, and men in diverse groups lack cohesion and therefore will not fight. Hence the West is losing wars, and Swedish police will not stop men from burning cars.”

“If you disavow Nazis, you wind up disavowing everyone that the left points the finger at.

If you disavow Nazis, you swiftly discover that every man and his dog is a Nazi and you have to disavow them also.

Anyone that the left punches must be a Nazi”

“[…] if you like crap, good for you. That’s fine. You can enjoy your shit sandwich, but you don’t tell me it’s raining when it’s clearly liquid fecal matter. The fans have dozens of problems with the movie, which you can’t answer, nor can you by using some literary theory to subvert the crap in the movie. And if everything is interprative, and thus subjective, criticism can’t exist. Either the movie The Last Jedi is seriously flawed, or it isn’t.”
“Which means I’ll have to stop using my theory textbook as a mic stand and actually do some reading.”
“You don’t need a literary theoretical textbook to understand a bloody Star Wars movie.”
“Now these may seem pretty dry, and they are, but it’s also what gets you beyond merely saying that a story is good or bad.”
“I don’t need feminist theory, freud, karl marx, or any of this post-modern nonsense to tell that something is crap. You apparently need it in order to tell something which is shit is actually good – which is one of the poitns of post-structuralism. Which means you’re full of it, that being, shit.”

“I’ve read hundreds of your comments from my last video and watched hours of fan-made reviews of The Last Jedi, and it’s amazing how consistent the complaints are.”
“Yeah, it’s like people with eyes and ears are noticing the flaws in the movie. I bet they’re not even using any ~reader-response theory~ or any other theories. Fancy that.”

“Obama’s biographers point out that up through age 24 his Honolulu prep and Pakistani college friends identified him as:

– “Just another mixed kid”
– “Multicultural”
– “International”

But, he wasn’t getting anywhere in life as that. He then reinvented himself as African-American”

“Imagine basing your political philosophy off shallow polling data”

“Even when I disagree with Spencer I cant really dislike him. But Ryan is very dislikable even when I agree with him”


“Senior discount?”

“All of the income associated with sea ports, airport, municipal utilities, and the rest of public property that was forcibly privatized now belongs to foreigners who take the money out of the country….

The Greeks have not only had their economic future stolen from them. They have also lost their sovereignty. Greece is not a sovereign nation. It is ruled by the EU and the IMF.
The political and media coverup of the genocide of the Greek Nation began yesterday (August 20) with European Union and other political statements announcing that the Greek Crisis is over. What they mean is that Greece is over, dead, and done with. It has been exploited to the limit, and the carcas has been thrown to the dogs.”

“She swears, she has casual sex, she drinks… she’s a PERSON
Just. Get. Over. It. /v/pol.”

“>if person, therefore, casual sex”

“Egypt’s Ministry of Energy cut the electricity of Egypt’s Ministry of Water due to unpaid bills.

In retaliation, Ministry of Water cut off the water of Energy Ministry”.

“University bookstore worker stole $20,000 worth of textbooks, police say”
“I hope he returned those 2 books”

excuse me? I thought this game took place in America?”
“In cyberpunk Euro and Japan are the superpowers while america literally turned into a 3rd world country”
“Developing, not 3rd world.”
“How can it be developing if it’s going backwards?”
“It’s the politically correct term for shithole”

“Race is not a social construct.
Society is a racial construct.”

“Never trust people who enjoy public speaking.”

“Unlike politicians, sewers direct shit -away- from people.”

“Pennsylvania man has been charged with homicide after admitting to cutting the brakes of his girlfriend’s car so he could obtain a metal pipe to use to smoke crack cocaine, police said.”

“John Jenkins, 39, said his girlfriend was “driving him crazy” because she was looking for a pipe to smoke crack, according to court documents WNEP-TV reported.”

wow how the story drastically changes under five sentences later…

if i didnt read your guys’ comments i would’ve missed it. i saw something about a guy fucking with brakes for drugs, saw about that guy being in jail, welp that’s that. then i saw “crack head single mother” and was like wait a minute.

these journalists are skilled at their craft. gotta give them that.”

“So is this the husband of the chick who sent Chad texts? How the fuck is he divorced already.”

“3 months to an engagement is pretty fast. Combine that with her “patient man” comment on her announcement and you have “we’ve been fucking for awhile””

““How long will it take me to master Aikido?” a prospective student asks
“How long do you expect to live?” is the only respectable response”

“Appropriately enough, it appears that Twitter isn’t letting the #StopTheBias hashtag trend.”

“Give men the vote and they give women the vote. So the problem goes further back.”

“My neighborhood is becoming increasingly low income and petty crime ridden. Break-ins, etc. I went to get a coffee at 7-11 yesterday, and this is going to sound so harsh, a scrubby looking overweight little girl dropped her Slurpee on the ground. Her equally slovenly looking mother instructed her to go get a new one. They both simply left it lying there spilled all over the floor. Then 2 or 3 people simply stepped over it. Meanwhile the very sweet Pakistani cashier (whom I’ve had many conversations with about motherhood, etc) was dealing with this shirtless ginger guy in his 20s. He was holding a plastic bag full of Newport cigarettes rambling on to the poor girl with an unlit cigarette hanging out of his mouth. She couldn’t leave the register so I quietly cleaned up the Slurpee while listening to their conversation and mumbling to myself about “dirty white trash”. Apparently, he had coupons that enabled him to get the cigarettes for around $2 per pack. He was explaining to her that he had every intention of selling them right outside the door. He would not leave and a line was forming. I finally lost it. I said to him, “soliciting is illegal. Please move along!” He said, “good! Fine! I’ll take it to trial! I love making the government spend $40,000 to fight with me.” I shot him the dirtiest look I could conjure. I mouthed to the girl “call the police”. He exited the store and I was right behind him. He was incoherently rambling something at me. I completely ignored him. When I got home I told my husband our child WILL NOT grow up here. I can’t take it anymore. Thanks for the motivation dirty ginger guy.”

“The ZOG about face on Suu Kyi is hilarious. She was this heroic woymen fighting the evil military dictatorship like 5 years ago and Kerry and Clinton were sucking her dick, and now that shes removing kebabs everyone thinks she is evil and should quit lmaoo”

“It just seems like urbanists are likely correct that mass transit is better and more efficient and leads to better cities but Americans prefer to drive anyway.”
“If I have a bucket of rotten apples and a bucket of ripe oranges, and people take the oranges more often, I wouldn’t conclude that they prefer oranges”

“If you seized all the wealth & assets of the top 1% & distributed them equally to the remaining 99% of the population they’d each get around $800 (very rough math erring on generousness). Pretty good but not exactly life-changing.”

“The real problem with these redistribution schemes is they assume that ‘money’ is a ‘real thing’ rather than an abstract social relation/internal signaling-messaging resource allocation subsystem whos meaning is subject to distortionary effects along gradients of quantity/form. Thinking that you could ‘redistribute’ all of Jeff bezos 100 billion dollars or whatever is a bit cargo cultish”

“They are a solution to a problem that shouldn’t exist–it’s exactly like the crash safety mentality on American trains, which focuses on being heavy enough to survive crashes because it doesn’t do enough to prevent them”

“A train isn’t a vehicle. A train is part of the country. It’s a place.”

“The oldest profession deals with obtaining food.
The second oldest profession deals with selling sex.
The third oldest profession deals with gathering intelligence.”

“Brown U. pulls ‘gender dysphoria’ study, worried that findings might ‘invalidate the perspectives’ of transgender community”

““Hey, guys, we’ve won! Let’s go do something else now.” said no leftist ever.”

“Is that really how The Witcher 3 starts? So that’s every game in the fucking franchise starts with a woman getting her tits out then. They should drop the “We make mature games for mature gamers” bullshit already and just say “We make sleezy shit for horny teenagers and virgin losers.” At least Tecmo doesn’t go around calling shit like Dead or Alive “MATURE GAMES FOR MATURE GAMERS!””
>Bing bing wahoo = mature
>Tits? Ew
>um, sweetie, real men don’t LIKE tits, okay?

“Hes running down at an angle. That building is the freedom tower but it has an angled top because copyright”
>building are copyrighted
“It’s America, everything is copyrighted. you couldn’t show a soda can on the ground without someone trying to sue you.”

“What do some anons get so irrationally defensive whenever comic book characters are called out on looking retarded in any context? It’s like they can’t stand the idea of a kid’s character being mocked.”

“If they had let him finish the game it would have been a masterpiece. As it is, it’s still a really solid game with some unfortunate microtransaction-based design choices.”

“Let him finish the game? He was fucking about with a silent hill game with muh famous actor and hollywood director.”

“You know that WWII had women in it right?”
“Yeah being raped by Russians.”

“How did Star Citizen get its fans to spend thousands of dollars on stuff that haven’t even been released?”
>how do restaurants get people to buy food that hasn’t been made?
“This must the stupidest post this week.”

>for a fucking ambulance ride
What in the actual fuck”

“This is because he called for an ambulance, but didn’t specify he wanted one from a hospital that his insurance would cover, rather than the nearest available.

There are hundreds of scummy ambulance service companies in the US, at least one in every major city, that don’t take insurance and are somehow legally allowed to arrive on scene first so they can charge people ludicrous amounts of money for the pleasure. When you dial 911, you have to specifically request that they don’t fuck you over with a private ambulance company.

Everything in the US works that way. It’s always assumed you opt-in and you can’t opt-out unless you know what you might be getting into.”

>But didn’t specify it was the special ambulance that doesn’t fuck you in the ass, for privileged people
Literal third world logic.”

“I hate this argument of “oh this kind of job isn’t meant to be a career” as to why it is ok for them to pay shit. Absolute nonsense especially since people need to have something they can rely on to pay the bills while they’re studying or if they’ve been retrenched but can’t find anything in their previous line of work. There’s a million different reasons why someone might not have a ‘career’ job and need to work at amazon or whatever else”

“Expansionism kills races. Greeks: no longer exist. Romans: no longer exist. Byzantian Gromans: no longer exist. English: taking a good college try at not existing anymore.

Chinese: still exist.”

“Remember boys, treat her like a celebrity and she’ll treat you like a fan”
“Why so many comment are calling that person a thot, could be a dude for all i know”
“keyword: “i”.”

“[I]t’s always dangerous to suggest some folk have better taste, even in kitchen appliances. If they have better taste in one thing, what if some people have better taste in government….”

“It’s true that women shouldn’t debate a cultist. They will run Game on the woman and then she will be end up in his bed uh I mean cult.”

“However, Ron Unz’s iconoclastic piece got me thinking about the logic of the historical situation as we know it and some of the anomalies that have proven so difficult to resolve in a satisfying manner, massive anomalies that have led to criminal accusations of Holocaust denial on the one hand and charges of shameless historical mythmaking on the other. But what if both parties are basically correct concerning their primary points of emphasis? What happens if, in the spirit of theoretical skepticism, we simply apply straightforward logic to the facts as we observe them to be.

– Major Premise: A very large quantity of Jews were killed in the 1936 to 1945 time frame.
– Minor Premise: The meticulously bureaucratic Germans, for whom historians possess a tremendous quantity of historical documents related to the WWII era, do not appear to have kept any records of any of the many aspects of the logistical and operative decisions and actions required for the major premise, nor did they have the motive or the opportunity to thoroughly eliminate those records.
– Conclusion: Someone other than the Germans killed most of those Jews.

Now, who could that someone else be? It would have to be someone who was alive in the relevant time period and possessed the following attributes:

– Access to Eastern Europe and Russia.
– A willingness to commit mass murder.
– Control over large-scale military and logistical forces.
– Significant influence over Western government figures and the media.
– A master of propaganda.
– Lethal hostility to Jewish Bolshevists.
– An expert at playing “let’s you and him fight”.

Can you think of anyone who might fit that bill?”

“The italian autority don’t have any footage about this disaster.

We find a webcam also at the corner of the grocery store, but on such an important structure : nothing.
They justified the fact that at that moment there was a strong storm that blocked the radio transmissions of the two cameras, one at the entrance of the bridge and the other at the end. Very very strange!

[…] I wont to fix some important points; in all Europe the highways are full of webcams. They give at operative center control vital information about traffic, incident,queue,etc. It is an real time control fit to secure max realibity to vehicles. Now, these devices have all UPS supply, it’s crazy, only suppose ,that a grid loss put out of service all these nevralgic numerous electronic device.”

“It was a high-energy crowd. The atmosphere was clearly different than Izaki’s seminar, which was mostly students there for credit.”

“Lies are one method that humans use to communicate with one another.”

“I told you, it’s nothing.”
“You’re freaking out a lot over nothing.”

“If there was a discrepancy between my current memories and my diary, there’s a very high probability I’d become suspicious.”

“You know, this many not be any of my business, but you should watch what you say.”

“The world lines… History… you can worry about that stuff later. For now, just focus on protecting this sky.”

“She’d seen for herself how this building changed over a span of 61 years.
The thought didn’t make her feel sentimental. Instead, she felt the loneliness and fear that comes from having a past not shared with anyone else.”

“Human memories are ambiguous, and as time passes they become more subjective and tend to be comrpessed into a single narrative. Regardless of whether the memory is a good or bad one, it’s common to only be able to remember words that left an impression. And that impression will often alter your memories of the surrounding conversation.

I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. That’s just how human memories work.”

“Even if I could delete one area, the result would be the same. I would analyze the surrounding conversation and automatically reconstruct the missing portion.”

“The prefrontal cortex is one of the parts of the brain that defines your personality. It also handles information filtering. When there’s something you don’t want to admit, it cuts out that information, or deceives you as to its meaning.

In other words, it tries to hide your emotions, and it tells lies. Not to other people, but to yourself.”

“It starts to feel like this happy time is going to continue forever… and I find myself thinking that maybe there’ll never be a war.”

“I need to get up. I can’t stay asleep forever.”

“Um, listen… I can do it myself.”
“People who say that never end up doing it themselves.”

“Well, maybe someday.”
“People who say “someday” end up never doing it, you know?”
“You said something like that a minute earlier.”
“Did I?”

“Can I just eat my pancakes normally?”
“This is normal here, nya.”

“You’re overthinking things. You don’t want a war, so you’re going to change the world. Isn’t it better when it’s simple like that?”

“Get a hold of yourself. Do you know how many people have died to protect you?”
“Protect… me? Why?”
“We haven’t been told why. But we were told to lay down our lives for you if we had to.”

“Damn. I responded.
That was a mistake.”

“That computer wasn’t just something to remember an old friend by anymore.
It was at the center of an international power struggle.”

“I tried asking the world.
Of course, nobody answered.”

“The fact that I might not die didn’t mean I could do something stupid here.”

“I believe you. So you don’t need to tell me.”

“Keep someone at the brink of death for five months, then give them exactly what they want as bait, and you can easily put anyone under your control.”

“You just told a lie to someone that important?”
“Oh? Did I lie?”

“The thread’s other residents were probably confused. Everyone except for “her.””

“Politicians and bureaucrats use them to influence public opinion on the net. There are even companies that specialize in this sort of thing. These agents can change their IP, but they can’t hide from me.

So I did some research, and there’s an insane amount of agents assigned to that case.
It’s to the point where I have no idea where the money to pay them is coming from.”

“You can’t make a miracle happen if you’re worried about safety, efficiency, or plan B.”

“You know, this world may seem peaceful, but there sure are a lot of people who go missing.”

“I didn’t understand how it could be okay to do it at work, and not okay to do it when you weren’t at work.”

“Of course, more than half of that was lies again […] but what was important now was calming everyone down. From there, I’d have to solve things myself.”

“Some small part of me had wished that this was the world beyond Stein’s Gate. That it was a new future, which someone else had opened for me. But of course, that was too good to be true.”

“Rukako, was there anything else about Kagari that you’ve noticed?”
“Um… Kagari sometimes knows about things that are really complicated.”
“That’s because I do know about some complicated things!”

“Stop! We’re not here to talk about that today.”

“I just checked with Dr. Leskinen a while ago. Kurisu’s memory data has been sealed away, and no one can access it, he said. But I don’t have the authority to check that for myself.”

“Anyone” was an exaggeration. Your average person wouldn’t have a clue.”

“I don’t want to disappear, not knowing why I was ever alive, not being of use to anybody.”

“What’s wrong, boss? Something bothering you?”
“Nah. It’s just that Stratfor’s a civilian company, you know? That means somebody’s hiring them. No matter how many of these people you catch, is it really going to solve the problem?”

“Everyone needs a hand at some point or another, that’s just how life works. Just make sure you’re ready to lend a hand yourself when your number comes up.”

2018 Aug 15 ~ 21

“This is funny culture thing tbh that I have seen only in US. If you dont understand something, they say it exactly at the same way at the 2nd time. Other countries where ive been in same situation they articulate and slow they speaking more. Wonder why that is.”

“If men swear that they want to harm you when you are asleep, you can go to sleep. If women say so, stay awake”

“Conditions for an actual conspiracy to remain secret:
– few people involved, or
– extended family (e.g., mafia), or
– devastating blackmail (e.g., pedo)”

“Note the role of arranged marriages in the extended family architecture.”

“I’m convinced that women under the age of 20 don’t understand that their actions have consequences”
“I’m convinced that women* don’t understand that *actions have consequences.”

“Is there anything Americans love more than putting up signs in lieu of actually enforcing rules?”

“Bosses want young female talent to f*ck, probably get it.”

“Say, which do you like better, to fight, or to kill?”
“Huh? Is there a difference?
Or what, are you one of those idiots who think of eating and living as two separate things?”

“Want me to pray for the Master to come to our aid?”
“Are you mad? Were your prayers ever answered in life?”
“Why, sure. But you have to be a good boy.
Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked since I became an adult. I guess we’re both just bad boys?”

“…The king? Someone like that has absolutely no right to stop me.”

“If you deny that duty, you are nothing more than a mere patriot.”
“Quite so. What is wrong with a king being a patriot?”

“Leaders with those eyes always lead to destruction! And in the end he will irresponsibly declare… that it “wasn’t supposed to turn out like this!””

“Don’t worry, young man. Even if you end up in hell I’ll drag you out.”

“hurrr muh Jack Dorsey is such a great guy becuz he defends free speech and didnt go along with banning Alex Jones bla bla bla go choke on shit you gullible idiots believing in fake controlled controversies.

Jacks tactic with this was to get you dumb fucks to go running around talking about what a principled free speech defender he is so that then when he eventually bans Alex Jones (now for a week, later permanently) the overton window is pushed even more for the direction of jewishness, as in “oh wow twitter is so much more restrained than the other social media platforms but EVEN THEY just couldn’t keep Alex around because he is just sooo bad!””

>everyone recognizes today’s conservatives were yesterday’s liberals
>everyone recognizes today’s liberals have no sympathy for yesterday’s liberals
>no one thinks it’s going to happen to them
>no one reaches the conclusion that today’s liberals would be our grandfathers’ communists
>”i am one, so it must be good!”

“Animals are free until they die. Unfortunately, I’m a king.”

“The first time, I forgive their carelessness.
The second time, I praise their narrow defeat.
The third time, I resign myself to the fact that they’re weak.”

“Except for your body, you’re the worst woman ever.
However, you do have a sharp eye for good men!”

“Don’t pull such scary stuff out of that imagination of yours.”

“>zero marketing for the sequel
>released between battlefield and cod
>first game was xbox exclusive on consoles
>EA purposefully makes game hurt so they can buy them up dirt cheap.

“EA sent it to die against heavy hitters during fall 2016. It’s almost as if…”

“It was dead on arrival because it launched between cod and battlefield. They deliberately placed it there to weaken the sales, cripple the developers, and purchase them.
Go figure, that’s exactly what they did.”

“It’s a great game. EA sent it out to die so they could acquire the studio.”

“They werent miscarriages, I have met women with and without children who have had miscarriages and they DO NOT talk about them without absolute trust, or use them to one up somebody that they just met like this woman proposes”

“[W]hen Lycurgus became confident in his reforms, he announced that hew ould go to the oracle at Delphi to sacrifice to Apollo. However, before leaving for Delphi he called an assembly of the people of Sparta and made everyone, including the kings and Gerousia, take an oath binding them to observe his laws until he returned.

He made the journey to Delphi and consulted the oracle, which told him that his laws were excellent and would make his people famous.

He then disappeared from history.”

“All classical traditions of architecture around the world follow the same basic design principles.
1. elaborate horizontal symmetries
2. dramatic vertical asymmetry
3. fractal pattern – where the smallest details echo larger elements”

“Mind your own business.

You can barely figure out what’s going on in your own capital, don’t even pretend you know enough to take sides on a fight happening seven thousand miles away.”

“I too pretend I care about strangers in public.”

“Why would this come up in the future, unless you continue with your ignorant smears? Is this what you plan to do?”

“What they say: “How can we solve traffic congestion?”

What they mean: “How can I get other people off the road, but still drive myself?””

“Remember: the problem with driving is that the road is LEAST USEFUL precisely when it’s most highly demanded. Trains can stay on schedule no matter how crowded they get–roads *must* slow down if they get any higher than 18% capacity (aka [Level of Service] “E”)

LOS A = 550′ between cars, 3% road occupancy
LOS B = 330′ between cars, 6% road occupancy
LOS C = 220′ between cars, 9% road occupancy
LOS D = 160′ between cars, 13% road occupancy (TRAFFIC UNSTABLE AT THIS POINT AND BEYOND)
LOS E = 120′ between cars, 17% road occupancy (TRAFFIC CONGESTED)

…do you see how insane this is? To get the “ideal” level of road traffic, you need *27 times* as much road as you have cars on it. How much road do you think one car can pay for in taxes?

This is what traffic is. This is why you won’t “fix” traffic if your only tools are asphalt and cars.”

“This doesn’t seem like a meaningful measure? You also have way more rail than you ever have trains on it; that’s just how it works.”

“The error is the direction of priority: prioritizing the least use of road space instead of the most. This is not the case for trains–the more trains per hour on a line, and the more people it carries, the better”

“Do not deceive yourself with vain hope in that Christ, who was not able to save himself from the Jews, who killed him by nailing him to a cross.”

“In all of recorded history there are clear examples of economic booms when wages rise. After black death swept through Europe, wages doubled even while the consumer base halved.”

“What a beautiful friendship.”
“Yeah, beautiful… as long as we don’t get wrapped up in it.”

“I’m an American, so it’s fine, but… you’re a proud Apache, right? Is it really okay? Saving this nation, I mean.”
“You’re still saying that? If this nation isn’t saved, we won’t be saved either.”

“Geng Ji, why did you rebel?”
“Cao Cao, the rebel is not I, but you! I’m killing the rebel for the sake of the Han!”
“What arrogance. Do you know that I’m going to exterminate your entire clan?”
“I will still kill you even if you destroy my clan!”
“Cut off the traitor’s tongue!”
“No, let him continue. Let him scold me to his heart’s content. I’ve not been scolded by anyone for a long time.”
“Minister Steward Geng, please enlighten me on one thing. After the demise of Emperor Ling, the imperial court became weakened and corrupted. Emperors sold posts for money. Court officials extorted taxes ruthlessly. Warlords sprang up all over the land and created unrest. The entire Han court was like rubble under my feet. It was only because I gave my all to rebuild this empire, that the commoners finally had enough to eat. I wiped out all venues for those corrupted officials to commit evil. I personally believe, I have somewhat contributed to the empire. So why do you people hate me so much? Even want to kill me? Do you people want to turn the Han empire into a pile of debris again?”
“Loyalty is the first of all virtues. In life, I read the writings of sages. In death, I remain true to their teachings!”
“If the teachings of the sages worked, the sages themselves would have ruled the world long ago! Do you know? This is called blind devotion. Corrupted officials are despicable, fatuous rulers are despicable, but even more despicable are those of blind devotion like you!”
“Cao Ahman, even if I cannot kill you when I’m alive, my ghost shall haunt you to death!”
“Really? Then you better look carefully. Remember my face carefully. Don’t you forget how I look on your way to hell! You lot of vermin. You are not my match in life, you think you can defeat me after death?”

“The weak will cling to the strong as long as they get to pick up the leftover glory.”

“Poisoned food is still food, justified lethal force is still lethal, and long conning to get out of a bad situation is still a long con.

To say that those things are false makes things nice and peachy in the immediate at the cost of a cascading amount of other language problems (e.g. force is neither lethal nor nonlethal until it’s determined whether it was justified even though there’s a body dead of non-natural causes).

This sort of nonsense has already been present with no-fault divorce and withdrawing sexual consent decades after the fact, but it’s harder to see there because societal “muh dick” i.e. “those poor women that will let me fuck them if i save them!”.”

“All left-wing parties in the highly industrialized countries are at bottom a sham, because they make it their business to fight against something which they do not really wish to destroy. They have internationalist aims, and at the same time they struggle to keep up a standard of life with which those aims are incompatible. We all live by robbing Asiatic coolies, and those of us who are ‘enlightened’ all maintain that those coolies ought to be set free; but our standard of living, and hence our ‘enlightenment’, demands that the robbery shall continue. A humanitarian is always a hypocrite. It would be difficult to hit off the one-eyed pacificism of English in fewer words than in the phrase, ‘making mock of uniforms that guard you while you sleep’.”

“”Hitler was a nationalist, therefore nationalism inevitably results in holocausts”
“Well, Stalin was an internationalist, therefore interna-”

“Only pigs and peasants would bother to salute our enemies. They are little better than either. They pretend to understand honour. They need killing.
I did think to count the enemy, but it will be easier once they are dead! Their numbers mean nothing, for they have weak hearts.”

“These are the Oda.
I think they are the stupidest creatures the Gods put on earth.
The Oda might disagree, if anyone could explain this to them.”

“Let us change our habits, not the environment.”
“What’s that?”
“I am reading a grocery bag telling me how to live my life.”
“Don’t take no shit from a plastic bag.”

“Yet Title IX bureaucrats tell the University of Wisconsin at Madison that although women now represent 50 percent of their intercollegiate athletes, this is not good enough. There are more female than male students, so women should have more than half the slots.”

“I have been accused of many things in my life, but not even my worst enemy has ever accused me of being afraid to speak my mind.”

“The government isn’t going to deplatform you, try to get you fired, and cheer on assaults against you.

Journalists will.”

“She didn’t really get any pushback besides the blog I wrote, so it seems she changed her story from “I can afford this lifestyle and these tools because of my freelance work” to “please give me money because I am a poor Chinese girl who is trying to save the world.”

How does she know so much about buying stuff in the west? She should not have the frame of reference to compare.”

“I ask this from a practical perspective, not moralism. What is the latent purpose of abortion for women?”

“Abortion keeps her options open.

In apes, when the alpha is overthrown, the females will murder the babies of the previous alpha who are too young to flee, in order to curry favor with the new alpha.

Without the welfare state, most single mothers wouldn’t be mothers at all.”

“Fun fact: Tree worshipers aren’t having their kids raped by forest animals”

“Without special training, any accusation thrown at a stranger will be the result of the accuser’s own character flaws. If they’re smart, the causation will be squirrelly. If they’re dumb, direct. Regardless, have little to do with the accused.

On the flip side, complimenting someone you just met is equally meaningless.


But meaningless. The correct response to such a thing is deep suspicion.”

“Equally *revealing of the speaker’s own character traits.

From my own experience specifically on tweeter, on which I continue refusing to believe anyone can actually communicate with bigwigs, compliments are of the form “I like this about me, and you are like this!”.”

“It was all a plot by that ambassador to get pulled home without having to ask for a potentially career-damaging transfer.”

“It’s provable that all systems will perceive control as damage. As something to be healed or fought off.

Or put another way, the level of analysis at which something becomes a ‘system’ is when a thing must steamroll all attempts at control, to survive.”

“Practice problems teach unpracticed solutions.”

“You have probably had this experience; you worked on a group project in school, and no one did their fair share. Perhaps one overachiever carried everyone else. Why is this such a common story? This failure mode is universal because of the structure of the group that acts it out. This problem happens predictably, repeatedly, because of a lack of ownership. Everyone has skin in the game in this scenario; there are personal consequences for failure. Accountability is necessary but not sufficient for success.

The concept “group ownership” is a lie. Groups cannot own anything; once a thing has more than one owner, it is contested, and it becomes possible to derive value from it while offloading its costs onto others

(note that value and costs need not be money). The mentality of “someone else will take care of it” is not mere laziness; it is adaptive behavior, it is brinkmanship in the arena of distributed responsibility, it is leveraged neglect, it forces whoever has the most dire need to pay the highest cost.

[…] All great works have at their root a single soul, a person of vision who exercises OWNERSHIP, who would no sooner shirk responsibility than try to slice up their own soul. The extended noumenotype; only this; identity; soul-ownership, yields great works of art, music, and virtue.

And yet the greatest works of humanity-victory in battle, triumphs of architecture, the glory of empire, the conquest of new frontiers-are the achievement of multitudes. Isn’t this of “distributed ownership”?


All of those things are realized through HIERARCHICAL ownership.

Hierarchy. Everyone owns something, and that thing becomes a part of their identity. In a real way the people at the top of the hierarchy own the people below them. This is the structure of all traditional societies, where family elders exercise ownership over their progeny.

Filial hierarchy is the most human arrangement. It pays a price in individual freedom. I have known people like this, whose lives are an endless web of family obligations. They rarely achieve much by the metrics of western technological modernity. Perhaps they find it fulfilling.

The modern arrangement deconstructs the family. Some necessities are administered through distributed ownership (the tyranny of bureaucracy is mostly its inevitable incompetence). Hierarchy is manifest in corporations. This is necessarily “dehumanizing”.

2 limitations of filial hierarchy: 1. it is limited in its ability to tap into biocapital (good genes) by genetic proximity. 2. It is subordinated to the family itself, i.e. it is locked into biological paradigms for self-propagation. Technocapital hierarchy evades these limits. Technocapital hierarchy can self-perpetuate by shredding families (coopts resources normally allocated for reproduction) and can recruit biocapital irrespective of genetic distance. Both of these things have costs, but technocapital does not see them. When people praise the accomplishments of democracy (I.e., group ownership) they are actually praising the decoupling of hierarchy from family, a social restructuring that allowed technocapital to “pursue its own ends”, burning biocapital to produce technological development.

Compare biocapital to oil. Millions of years of fermented fossils under the earth. We dig them up and power our machines. Theoretically we could run out. Technocapital burns biocapital the way our machine infrastructure burns oil. We hope to find green energy to be freed from the constraint of oil. Technocapital, though it has no human-like agency (yet?), needs to find another source of fuel in case it runs out of biocapital. If there is enough fuel for this task, then technocapital singularity will occur.

The schism in accelerationism is between those who think biocapital is dwindling, and those who think it is endlessly abundant, or it is not a meaningful constraint.

Meanwhile, back on earth, we have a sea of normies who deludedly imagine that the power of technocapital can be used to make us “more human”, or that technocapital serves humanity, or that humanism and technological progress are symbiotic.

Technological progress and humanity are two opposite poles on the same axis. There is no vector that points in both directions. What do you truly value, normie?”

“Writing fiction is weird. The plot, which is the story of the characters, is not especially interesting. People are predictable in aggregate. Mostly they do mundane things for mundane reasons.”

“Gains to rule bending could be greatly reduced via social norms with very clear simple rules. But humans seems to usually prefer complex and ambiguous rules that require “judgment” to apply. For example, foragers often have complex incest rules, forbidding a much wider range of sex partners than is needed to prevent genetic problems. And acts of sorcery are allowed to count as acts of aggression that violate social norms and must be punished, even without concrete evidence showing such acts. Both complex broad incest rules and allowing sorcery complaints greatly increase the scope for gains to large rule-bending brains, and suggest that we tend to prefer to allow such scope.”

“The simple model of others is often more predictive than the complex model of self.”

“CH Maxim #77: The fealty to equalism women signal is belied by the ferocity with which they sift and sort men in the sexual market.”

“Any dictator would admire the uniformity and obedience of the U.S. media.”

“I love the free press, its constitutional right to question authority, and its financial obligation to mostly do the opposite”

“How absurd. You’ve decided to live as a king, yet you have no interest in gaining anything as a king.”

“Weak, so weak. You’re well-trained, but you don’t put any heart into your attacks. You’re like a child throwing sticks.”
“Who are you? I pride myself in putting my full might behind that attack.”
“I have no obligation to answer. Just remember me as a god-slayer who happened to pass by. I’ve decided to allow that boy to escape with his life. Now withdraw, youngster who was merely adored by gods.”

“If you see a rabid dog in your favorite flower garden, you wouldn’t just sit around reading, would you?

I can’t bear to see the fool you’ve become. Though a fool, you’re still my student. I should behead you out of mercy.”

“I’m right here. Is this some sort of far-seeing spell? I can’t say it’s in good taste. Poor disposition, too.”

“That’s called failure. Dreams that don’t reach outside are nothing but delusions.”

“I hereby challenge you to a duel.”
“But I don’t have any reason to fight.”
“I am confronting you. Is that not reason enough?”

“Muscleheads versus machines… yes, they’re brilliantly equal in disposition.”

“I got it, just don’t shoot a gun near my ear again!”
“I’ll take it into consideration.”

“There’s nothing more painful than being compared to a creature as gentle as cotton candy.”

we lose
no one listened to me
i was wrong
havin a bad day ya know”

Literally everyone I hate in a nutshell. Which is basically everyone cause

HE WUS A GUD BOY DINDO NUFFIN / Wow so rude / Can’t you consider other people’s feelings? / I’M WORKING ON IT NOW / How unprofessional


YU JUS TRYNA DIVERT ATTENTION / [silence] / Hey I was wrong sheesh no need to be mean / EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES / No one could’ve seen that coming

is fucking everywhere.”

“What gets repeated gets remembered.”

“Part of it is probably too in cities you can get people doing what you want for dollarydoos. If not this guy for more dollarydoos, then switch him out for another guy.

If you live in a small village, you’re going to have to spend some effort getting inside the other guy’s head if he doesn’t like you and you need him to do something you want to do.

And with that I think I have stumbled upon a cause for autism.”

“Felix Dennis, who wrote the only good business book, said that the most dangerous drug in the world was the consistent, twice-a-month paycheck.”

“This is our final farewell. I suppose this is the life of someone engaged in guerilla warfare.

As long as we’re alive, we’ll meet again. Not necessarily seeing each other face to face. For example a song or a letter left behind by someone…”

“The greatest benefit of a dead man is you no longer have to think of him.”

“We see this attitude with schools and shopping centers too–gotta stick them far from town, surrounded by acres of parking, because without the parking nobody would get to them, and with the parking, nobody wants to be near them. See how this problem reinforces itself?”

“Thinking in the middle of a fight is like trying to wake up from a dream.”

“My favourite part is when the article promotes the idea that holding the president accountable denigrates the presidency.”

“”To put it bluntly, the birth of a baby is not only a matter of the family itself, but also a state affair.” The fact that such an obvious truth is taken to be offensive in liberal societies tells you everything you need to know about liberal societies.

The West: “Hey, we have this great approach to politics you should try…”

The Rest: “Does it allow society to sustain itself in existence?”

The West: “Well, no, that’s a severe violation of individual rights-“

The Rest: “Not interested, thank you.””

“All everyone did was fulfill their respective jobs, so who knew it would turn out like this? If only we knew that this was going to happen…

…no, even if we had known, we had no other choice but to do it.”

“You need to worry about yourself in this time and place instead of others!”

“Youth Unemployment Hits 52-Year Low”
“Proportion of No-Skill Dead-End Entry-Level Jobs Hits 52-Year High”

“I once asked him half-seriously his secret to picking up women. He said, “I cut them off.” By that, he meant he would cut off their conversation to inject whatever stupid shit happened to pop into his head (and which, coincidentally, would move the discussion in a more fruitful sexual direction). “But isn’t that rude?” “Nah, not to girls. Guys would think it was rude, but guys aren’t girls.””

“We should not gloss over our worries. They are real problems. And we are what we are because we can stand up for ourselves. If we can’t, we’ve had it. The security Council passes resolutions. So what? Who goes to Kuwait’s rescue? The US. Why? Because of oil. Why? Because next stop would be Saudi Arabia. Who’s coming to our rescue because of water? The US? No. We rescue ourselves. Either the media grows up, especially the young reporters, or we’re going to bring up a generation that lives in a dream world of security where none exists.”

“Violence is NOT the answer!
Violence is the question.
The answer is YES!”

“Humans didn’t even have a word for (rape) until the 19th century, when the french word Rapere, or “grabbing something in a hurry” was pressed into service. Historically, the idea that women could consent to sex has been an exclusively Christian, Western, invention.”

“Reciprocity is misogynistic, apparently.”

“”I’m not technically a parasite bro! I only *indirectly* benefit from the collusion and licensing and subsidization! Sure I’m living high on the hog for doing something the demand for which is completely distorted but I’m not like one of them publicly funded bootlickers. I’m totes libertarian and would change things if I could but alas I have no choice. Y’all’s ign’ant!”

T. almost everyone but in this case it was a professor”

“At the bottom of the Wealth curve, [Pareto] wrote, Men and Women starve and children die young. In the broad middle of the curve all is turmoil and motion: people rising and falling, climbing by talent or luck and falling by alcoholism, tuberculosis and other kinds of unfitness. At the very top sit the elite of the elite, who control wealth and power for a time – until they are unseated through revolution or upheaval by a new aristocratic class. There is no progress in human history. Democracy is a fraud. Human nature is primitive, emotional, unyielding. The smarter, abler, stronger, and shrewder take the lion’s share. The weak starve, lest society become degenerate: One can, Pareto wrote, ‘compare the social body to the human body, which will promptly perish if prevented from eliminating toxins.’ Inflammatory stuff – and it burned Pareto’s reputation.”

“You have said that you will not retire. Does that mean you will contain to remain active in politics? Wouldn’t it be better for you to play the role of an elder statesman in the mould of say Nelson Mandela, wielding moral authority and be above politics?”
“To be an elder statesman you must be accepted by all that that is what you are. I am the founder of the PAP and do not pretend to be non-partisan.”

“As we’re talking about the opposition, may I ask, why are you reluctant to open up the system? You don’t see any need for a two-party system?”
“You’re just reflecting the views of the Western-educated intelligentsia that we need an opposition so it can take over the government.”

“The most important thing about a fuse is whether it’s lit or not. The length of the fuse is a trivial matter.”

“More complicated systems of succession and coordination are generally fragile, since in those cases successful power succession relies on successful skill succession. The more robust approach is to aim for skill succession, but enable power succession in its absence or partial success.”

“I feel kind of dumb for not immediately realizing the Russia thing is projection. Specifically, duh they have to accuse someone else of what they’re doing to muddy the waters before someone gives a Name to what they’re doing.”

“The science of war, that constituted the more rational force of Greece and Rome, as it now does of Europe, never made any considerable progress in the East. Those disciplined evolutions which harmonize and animate a confused multitude, were unknown to the Persians. They were equally unskilled in the arts of constructing, besieging, or defending regular fortifications. They trusted more to their numbers than to their courage; more to their courage than to their discipline. The infantry was a half-armed, spiritless crowd of peasants, levied in haste by the allurements of plunder, and as easily dispersed by a victory as by a defeat.”

“What a 50% divorce rate means is that roughly 90% of marriages are unhealthy but 40% aren’t quite unhealthy enough to collapse.”

“One survey found that nearly a third of American Baby Boomer millionaires would rather pass their inheritance to charities than to their own children or government institutions or into future savings. Fifty-seven percent said each generation should earn their own (damn) money (thank you very much).”

“When I was in an important position, they always complimented me, and when I lost this position, they forgot about me and did not keep their promise. Do not trust your position or the amount of money you have, nor your power, nor your intelligence, it will not last.

You are not always who you think you will always be, nothing lasts forever.”

“Dreams and wishes are different things. My wish isn’t my dream.

The moment people classify something as a dream, they misunderstand it as something far away.

Constantly facing reality, understanding the numbers, and fighting thoroughly is what opens a path to one’s wishes. Sobbing must be trampled, resignation must be crushed – that is the one and only path humans can walk.”


2018 Aug 08 ~ 14

“Did you know

Chicago has a 83% unresolved murder rate

In 2017, the police solved 114 of the 650 murders that occurred in that same year — just 17.5 percent, according to a Chicago Sun-Times analysis of police data

If you commit murder in Chicago, you will most likely walk free”

“Chicago has more cameras, microphones and other surveillance devices than any other city in the world and they still can’t solve murders. Then who are they watching? Probably their enemies: conservatives.”

“Yes, I wouldn’t recommend trying to murder someone in Chicago while white.”

God, they’re like 12 year olds on MMORPGs”

“We would do well to remember that a few thousand pairs of hands were once capable of building the most beautiful cities and the most magnificient cathedrals. The problem of mass unemployment is a problem of industrial ideology, of its outdated political, moral and metaphysical ambitions.

The goals of national education policies, which are still essentially concerned with intellectual and scientific education in the service of an all-embracing industrial utopia, need to be revised, albeit partially. Neither the state nor industry will in future provide enough jobs to emplloy the utterly dependent, disoriented and confused masses released for work after fifteen years of obligatory theoretical and impractical general schooling. Ideall, the goal of obligatory schooling should be to make people independent and reliant on their individual gifts and vocations rather than transforming them into dependent, passive and depressed masses.”

“Doesn’t unpasteurised milk make you sick?”

“Generally speaking, the bacteria in ‘raw’ milk is a lot like the bacteria in yogurt (which is where it came from in the first place), and if left to sit eventually turns into whats known as ‘bonny clabber’. The irony of systemic pasturization is, in killing this bacteria, it precipitates a great release of toxic waste from the dying microorganisms, that results in the milk going rancid, rather than turning to clabber (such that noone even hardly remembers milk being anything but being increasingly foul over time).”

“Tolkien heard in Hamlet ‘the trees will walk like men’ or whatever the line is, and got excited. When Hamlet disappointed him he jolly well went home and wrote up some Ents.

Similarly, the Romans heard the idea of ‘shield wall’ and were all like, “But why isn’t it wall shaped?” They went home and made it actually wall-shaped.”

“What do you do irl when people try to discuss politics with you?”

“agree with whatever they say and change the topic”

“It seems the author had a lot of fun drawing… something. I will not fall in the trap where I start searching for the why.”

“I’d argue deliberately and maliciously withholding information is “stealing” knowledge (bc you have deprived them of knowledge they should rightly be in possession of), except we already have the term and concept “fraud” for that so it’s pretty much moot”

“Why do women like shows about hospitals so much? What’s the big attraction?”

“Shows about hospitals are just shows about people with a lot of money and drug problems that fuck and cheat on each other with literally everybody else in the staff, all of these things represent what women want and like the most, their core values if you will”

“This asshole has been destroying my plum tree”

“borrow a pitbull”

“I want to get rid of the raccoon, not my neighbor’s three children”

“To one Scottish duke, Talleyrand was ‘the most disgusting individual I ever saw. His complexion is that of a corpse considerably advanced in corruption.’ So suave was his duplicity that when death finally overtook him his king reacted to the news with the admiring epitaph, ‘But there is no judging from appearances with Talleyrand!'”

“The BUT WHAT IF IT IS USEFUL attitude sucks and is only bc people are deceived about circle of concern/circle of influence”

“True discrimination is when:

A Christian leader with a small army tries to defend his country against a massive army of invading Muslims & becomes known in history as an evil vampire”

“>peasants knowing what was going on”

“>People halfway around the planet were aware of the Roman empire in 200 AD
>Europeans across the Mediterranean didn’t know what an ottoman was in the 1500s”

“In 2017 The Netherlands was the second biggest exporter of agricultural goods in the world, despite being a rather tiny country. Every single piece of the agricultural tech and know-how they used to achieve this is available to anyone with a smart phone. Not bad.”

“My brother, who is a top-flight sales manager for one of the big insurance firms, and who learned the business from my father, tells me now that the only people he can afford to hire are white men, because they are the only people he can afford to FIRE — or to tell off.

He has a cartload of stories … Especially when he has to go to the big meetings to help improve sales among the various offices in the East (his office is always at the top). One time he told me they had just endured a couple of hours of blather about how to make great salesmen out of lousy salesmen. And he said, straight out, when they asked him what he thought, that he wasn’t going to do a bit of it. All the ladies in attendance were shocked. But my brother laid it on the line.

“There are four classes of salesmen,” he said. “There are the superstars, the pretty good, the mediocre, and the lousy. You are NEVER going to make a star out of the lousy guy. At best you are going to knock yourself out to make him mediocre, and as soon as you stop paying him attention, he’s going to go back being lousy. It is a complete waste of time. You can make the mediocre salesman into a pretty good salesman, but your best use of time is to make the salesman who is already pretty good into a GREAT salesman. That’s what you can do. That’s what pays off.”

At another event he told them flatly that not only would he not have his salesmen follow the advice they were given in the presentation — he did not even want them to see it or hear it, and he would fire anybody who did follow it…. He gets away with this because he knows what he is doing, and he knows that they do not know what they are doing. He says that there are offices managed by women who know about “theories” but who have never knocked on doors in all their lives.”

“Generally appearances are not deceiving, but most people are incompetent at almost everything, which includes reading appearances.”

“If you don’t have time to investigate the ethics of the institutions you’re speaking to, then you don’t have time to speak to them.”

“Doctors won’t make you healthy.

Nutritionists won’t make you slim.

Teachers won’t make you smart.

Gurus won’t make you calm.

Mentors won’t make you rich.

Trainers won’t make you fit.

Ultimately, you have to take responsibility.

Save yourself.”

“You have an strongly vocalized opinion on a topic? Who touched you as a child sweaty?”

“Red Dead Redemption 2 looks neat but I can just imagine the story is going to be an eye-roll fest. Some predictions:

-There’s gonna be a girl character that kicks a lot of ass. Possibly more ass than you. And of course she’ll be very pretty. There will be a minute and a half cutscene of her showing up and shooting a bunch of targets faster/better than everyone else, then raise her eyebrow like “Hmmm, surprised?”

-All the blacks you meet are going to be perfect little angels with some tearjerking story about how they used to be a slave but now they’re in the west and they’re free blah blah blah

-Same goes for the Mexicans too. I’d be shocked if there wasn’t some encounter where Federal troops are hassling some poor family of Dreamers screaming “THIS IS AMERICA NOW, BEANER”. Your character will rescue them and one of the Mexicans will say something like “We didn’t cross the border amigo, the border crossed us.” Probably verbatim.

-A significant antagonist will be a total Donald Trump strawman and be portrayed as some kind of blustering incompetent, likely an oil barron or some kind of railroad magnate.

-Everyone bad will be excessively racist, one-dimensional bigots as a contrast to your worldly and easygoing murdering scoundrel main character.”

“He has a government job. Of course he will be, shall we say, epistemically imperfect.”

“Best way to help others is to reward their good behaviors.”

“potential hires were unwilling to be servants and have masters – increasingly reluctant to be in service even when such jobs were still the best return they could get on their labor.”

Now they take wage-slave jobs which can’t in any way claim to be as dignified as a servant position. But the fact they take these jobs tells us they’re willing to take them, regardless of how much they complain about them.”

“No, it actually ties into one of the biggest issues of modernity: people are motivated by subjectively felt status and that is far lower under a personal master than under an impersonal system. This why people resist government by judgement in favor of government by steam e.g. “I gave you this order, you do it or else” feels far far far lower status than “Sorry, the regulations/policy/laws say you need to do this and that I must insist on it”. It is this kind of… pride? people have, that having a master is shameful and obeying impersonal rules not.”

“They believe that because they’ve been told to believe that.”

“There’s a set of orders I’d follow if I had heard “because I said so” rather than “because it’s company policy”. I can’t think of anything that exists in the obverse set.

Also in my experience, “because I said so” guys also tend to care quite a bit more about what I think.”

“To be fair, the worst examples of ‘because I said so’ are really bad, whereas the company policy ones tend to max out at existentially horrifying.”

“The worst thing that can happen isn’t that you die.
The worst thing that can happen is if you don’t die.”

“Nice library. Is one of these a trick book?”
“How so?
“Like you pull it off the shelf and a hidden door opens.”
“Oh. Yeah, all of them.”

“You can have the mind or you can have the moment.”
“Induction vs Deduction
World measures the Mind vs Mind measures the World”

“The further I get, the more I realize macroeconomics is a combination of voodoo complex systems and politics. You can find macroeconomists that take every side of every argument. I think that discipline, because it doesn’t make falsifiable predictions, which is the hallmark of science, it’s become corrupted. You never have the counterexample on the economy. Because there’s so much data, people kind of cherry-pick for whatever political narrative they’re trying to push. To the extent that people spend all their time watching the macro economy or the fed forecasts or which way the stocks are going to go the next year, is it going to be a good year or bad year, that’s all junk. It’s no better than astrology. In fact, it’s probably even worse because it’s less entertaining. It’s just more stress-inducing. I think of macroeconomics as a junk science.”

“You know, Journey [to Sovngarde] is cool and all.

But why wait? When I could have my stuff now?”

“People say that the reason people should be able to ban people from stores for having unpopular political opinions, but not for being an unpopular race, is because you can change your political opinion but you cannot change your race.”

“thanks to the rainbow crowd, it is now actually harder to change your political opinion than to change your race.”

“Pedestrian fatalities have surged 46% since reaching their lowest point in 2009. A total of 5,987 pedestrian fatalities in 2016. May get worse, with more bicyclists, scooters, segways. etc. crowding the sidewalk. Act for safety locally!”

“Go get in a car crash dipshit

Absolutely zero patience for people who talk pedestrian fatalities without mentioning the cars that are killing them. Expected better from Mr “unsafe at any speed””

“cyclists regularly ride in the middle of the care lane in my city. They don’t even pay attention.”

“Annoying but shouldn’t be an issue if YOU’RE paying attention–a careless biker is a nuisance, a careless driver is a lethal threat, *even to people–drivers, bikers, pedestrians–who are being careful*”

“Streets are designed for cars, not bicycles. Pure hubris biking down the middle of one. Would you walk down the middle of the street & expect people to slow down & go around you?”

“This dude really out here trying to get permission to murder people lmao”

“You bicycle hobbyists have a death wish is all. Stupid entitled people.”

“>When you tell drivers to pay attention to the road”

“If you don’t think your ideas are good enough to win changing demographics like immigrants or youth over then maybe you don’t have as much faith in those ideas as you claim”

““Dad, why isn’t the neighborhood as safe as I remember it?”

“People like this, son.””

“If you can’t lay down, and do absolutely nothing, fearing that that might mean that the world doesn’t by itself goes absolutely perfectly your way, maybe your ideas aren’t good / your ideas aren’t true / you’re not a real man / you have a small dick / etc.”

“Black people considers themselves as underdogs in the West because of slavery.

Japanese people (for whatever reason) love a good underdog story. It’s their fetish. You see it everywhere in stories.

Thus, black people overwhelming enjoy anime because anime triggers the same emotions of overcoming insurmountable odds.

It’s why they enjoyed Dragon Ball Z so much.”

“US foreign policy ventures have rarely failed because Americans did not understand their enemies. They failed time and again because Americans did not understand the true interests and intentions of their allies.”

“In the Anti-Federalist Paper 10 “A Farmer” describes 3 classes of people interests in the newly proposed government, saying that eventually the model proposed would yield necessarily to only 2 classes. First the business and mercantile class, who he says will fear and distrust government intensely despite making every effort to entangle itself into it. Second the idealogue and interest seeker who wants to commandeer the government to serve their needs at the expense of people they couldn’t control through willful means. Third and finally, the people upon whom the burden of government “will press where it should scarcely be felt”. Consisting of “the greater multitudes” of the country with barely a third the resources “infoelix pecus” (lit. unhappy cattle) are those whose daily bread and shelter are dependent on #1 or 2 and will be swept away by either side in short time.”

“The society that separates its scholars from its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting done by fools.”

“Romans used feet and miles. A bunch of failed communist states used metric.”

“[M]etric was the developmentally challenged babby of the french chimpout in the late 1700s. The even made a metric calendar with 100 day months.”

“I have the same problem with metric though that Tolkien had with Esperanto. It has no culture. He went out of his way to give every language he made have history and meaning and even initially praised the development of esperanto but when he saw decades later that it was just a language with no root in any new traditions or history he became disgusted by it.

Literally every unit in imperial and all the other fringe measurement system has a reason behind it’s use. I’d rather adopt the Incan hexadecimal system before I took the “hurr durr but I have 10 fingers” standardized to the diameter of earth and the properties of water rootless cosmopolitan system.”

“”Demographics isnt destiny” pleads the political class that lost California, lost Virginia, is losing Texas, and has been made irrelevant in nearly every major city due to demographics.”

“Colorado and Denver have a lot going on there. Cheyenne mountain, Buckley USAF Base, DIA, US Mint, Florence ADMAX, central traintracks/airport/freeways, continentally center… ppl don’t really know CO is kind of the best kept secret, probably the most secure state in the Union.”

“>know to pit worker against worker so they settle for lower wages and don’t contest your power

>hire a bunch of foreigners who don’t know the local language or conditions and have only each other”

“Did they forget they had a latina since DoA4 or Xtreme?”

“She’s an attractive woman, that’s really toxic and problematic, sweetie.”

“Before shadowbanning, twitter was a place where the nerd could roll up to the popular kid, beat them up and take their lunch money. We can’t have that, now can we? Especially not in a democracy.

Normie merchant-caste members play at intellectual dominance. Sophists are a scholar clan, and as rulers they’ve made the appearance of scholarliness high status. This is a real problem for the normies when a genuine intellectual shows up.”

“The list of demands are high, but… the rewards are nothing.”

>Play nippon game where all the girls are craving my dick
>gets called misogynistic, male fantasy etc.
>Play Bioware game where literally everything is craving my dick
>gets called progressive
Just because some dudes want my dick doesn’t mean it’s any less cheap and trashy”

“Just like everything in life, anything that benefits women is good and anything that benefits men is sexist. You should know this by now”

“It appears that, in terms of negative light, there are three kinds of people: those who bullshit, those who pussyfoot, and those who are arrogant.”

“But thus I counsel you, my friends: Mistrust all in whom the impulse to punish is powerful. They are people of a low sort and stock; the hangmen and the bloodhound look out of their faces. Mistrust all who talk much of their justice! Verily, their souls lack more than honey. And when they call themselves the good and the just, do not forget that they would be pharisees, if only they had-power.”

“You see they use actual oranges, at least they are supposed to, they extract the juice and remove all the oxygen so it doesnt spoil, this also removes the taste, and ends up as sugary water with no fiber or vitamins or anything, so they add “orange” extract that gives it orange juice taste back. and then also artificial vitamin c. And voilà you got “orange juice”, you can technically call it actual orange juice because the orange extract counts as orange.”

“”I can’t tell if I feel healthier or not, so I need a half-dozen expensive tests to tell me.” Dude, if you can’t tell without three scientists and a backup band, then it’s not worth the effort.”

“The boar piglets will someday forget their civilization, forget their language, and live an easy life as wild beasts.”

“automation can break down, humans can be replaced quickly.”

“Rudolf the Reindeer: a story about how nobody cares about you, only what you can do for them, and the fact you can flip hate to love by getting the big man’s endorsement.

So wholesome.”

“No one would care about mindless progmobs without the threat of career ruination. They would be as inconsequential as a column of ants. It is obedient employers who give them power. Businessmen, not meth-mouthed antifa, are the left’s enforcers.”

“when you have to signal so hard you never even mention wtf you’re talking about”

“One of the most infamous and ridiculous capitalist lies against the Soviet Union is that the Russian workers are ‘exploited.’ How can they possibly be ‘exploited’ when there is no ruling, owning class, no class to get a rake-off from the worker’s production?”

“SJWs go for HR positions
HR positions hire people based on SJW ideology
Company becomes full of SJWs because only SJWs get hired.”

“because sales isn’t about the product, it’s about the relationship, and women and alpha males are better at relationships, while everyone else is busy outing hypocrisy.”

“Imagine a large corporate machine mobilized to get you to buy something you don’t need at a tremendously inflated cost, complete with advertising, marketing, and branding that says you’re not hip if you don’t have one, but when you get one you discover it’s of poor quality and obsolete in ten months. That’s a BA.”

“Must be one of those polls where they ask a bunch of people holding signs outside of an abortion clinic how they feel and then report that “most Americans are pro-life.””
“You mean the same way all polling is done?”

“Predictability is the root of all banality.”

>gonna need a bigger boat
>old man and the sea

when neither you nor your audience knows the reference, you can get away with anything.”

“Passepartout might have cudgelled his brain for a century without hitting upon the real object which the detective had in view.”

“”The valves are not sufficiently charged!” he exclaimed. “We are not going. Oh, these English! If this was an American craft, we should blow up, perhaps, but we should at all events go faster!”

“Even should what you say be true – if my master is really the robber you are seeking for – which I deny, I have been, am, in his service; I have seen his generosity and goodness; and I will never betray him – not for all the gold in the world. I come from a village where they don’t eat that kind of bread!”

“I recall that at some press event a few months after launch, Colin was asked by someone, “How do you feel about the veteran players from GW1 who are disappointed with the stark departure GW2 makes from it?”

To which he answered: “Well, they can still go play GW1.”

It was a giant fucking cock slap. We, the GW1 players, who made GW2 FUCKING POSSIBLE, were completely thrown aside in favor of the casual masses who are only going to fuck off to the next shiny game that comes out.

And a good lot of them already have, what with Wildstar and ESO out now.

Let’s be honest, anyone who is retarded enough to actually think GW2 is a good game and play it for more than half a year are braindead enough to also think ESO is good.”

“Hmm, isn’t it weird how just as soon as women entered the workforce it became completely impossible for a family to achieve the American dream without the woman in the workforce? Turns out that part of the drive to get women into the workforce was driven by… the workforce owners. Get it? Whenever you don’t understand geopolitics just ask yourself where the lowest labor costs are, and wait for the headlines to read “human rights issues.”

Of course women should be paid the same and should do whatever they want, but the point here is that that is a coincident benefit, the other purpose of it is to have a larger pool of labor willing to do jobs too good for Mexican illegals and not good enough for American men, i.e work in retail. Is it really liberating for women to work at Bebe but not be able to afford to shop at Bebe? Or is it just stupid, except for Bebe, which derives the full value of their employees’ sex for $12/hr?”

“i can respect the item modelling a lot more than i can the person modelling”
“do i have to be able to explain everything i think nig
opinions sometimes change when theyre being worded, like an observer effect
sometimes they cant be worded at all
like the organ harvesting thing.
most things cant be worded
most words are just hiding the fact that there are no words
“why do you want to fuck”
“because my dick gets hard”
“why does your dick get hard”
well fuck if i know”

“As the tiresome, finger-waggling schoolmarms of all ideologies reliably point out, no one “needs” sex. This facile observation is obvious: no one will die of celibacy, and yet this denies something fundamental. Sex in this context was always a proxy for romantic love.

Who could be so full of contempt for their fellows as to claim that one has no need for love? After all, no one needs art or poetry or music either, not precisely, not imminently, not right this second or else…

But as with any fetish, a body part becomes a proxy for a body: erotic love, which is quantifiable, becomes a proxy for romantic love, which is not. Most people lack the language to diagnose the problem, which is to say they have a faulty mental model.

[…] The truth is that sex is never just sex, and when you treat it that way you debase yourself, and despite much protestation to the contrary, the implicit deal always was and always will be, “if I have sex with you, then in return you will love me””

“I have had a few people DM me and say, “you talk about things I have been dancing around in my mind”, or “you say things I feel I am on the edge of understanding” if you feel that way you are probably hiding ignorance from yourself behind pretty words.

Instead of looking at the world, you are relying on symbols that were given to you, and they make you feel smart. When you struggle to explain your beliefs about the world (even just in your head), the problem isn’t that you can’t express yourself, it’s that you did not see”

“We love when we learn something counterintuitive—we tell it to all our friends. Inverting a norm gives you power. If others accept your inversion, then you are Moses, leading them into the wilderness. The more foundational the norm, the more power you generate when you blow it up”

“Nothing, not genocide, not chemical warfare—nothing—is more abhorrent to the progressive left than this idea: the restriction of sexual freedom. All of their most treasured laws and saints revolve around it. They worship sexual release. Their holiest sacrament, the murder of the unborn, is a twisted echo of the sacrifice of Christ, the life of an innocent given as atonement for the sins of others. Abortion mothers repeat the words of Christ but grimly, “this is my body…””

“In a few moments, with cries and oaths, a bomb appeared on the poop-deck. The bomb was Captain Speedy. It was clear that he was on the point of bursting. “Where are we?” were the first words his anger permitted him to utter. Had the poor man been an apoplectic, he could never have recovered from his paroxysm of wrath.
“Where are we?” he repeated, with purple face.
“Seven hundred and seven miles from Liverpool,” replied Mr. Fogg, with imperturbable calmness.
“Pirate!” cried Captain Speedy.
“I have sent for you, sir-”
“-sir,” continued Mr. Fogg, “to ask you to sell me your vessel.”
“No! By all the devils, no!”
“But I shall be obliged to burn her.”
“Burn the Henrietta!”
“Yes; at least the upper part of her. The coal has given out.”
“Burn my vessel!” cried Captain Speedy, who could scarcely pronounce the words. “A vessel worth fifty thousand dollars!”
“Here are sixty thousand,” replied Phileas Fogg, handing the captain a roll of bank-bills. This had a prodigous effect on Andrew SPeedy. An American can scarcely remain unmoved at the sight of sixty thousand dollars. The captain forgot in an instant his anger, his imprisonment, and all his grudges against his passenger. The Henrietta was twenty years old; it was a great bargain. The bomb would not go off after all. Mr. Fogg had taken away the match.
“And I shall still have the iron hull,” said the captain in a softer tone.
“The iron hull and the engine. Is it agreed?”

“Humans have the ability to speak and listen to each other in a way no other organism does.

As far as we know, nothing in the known universe rivals our ability to transmit information.

And since the dawn of creation, what has sex been but the transmission of information?”

“you need to sentence people to death for this kind of stuff because you can’t govern a fucking nation this way. Once people get even the inkling of an idea that willfully violating secrecy protocols in the most sensitive roundtables is something that you can just “walk away” from, your state is fucking doomed”

“seriously who the fuck cares about this Stormy Daniels nonsense? Blacks don’t care (if anything it probably drives the minimal amount of “antagonistic respect” that they have for him), hispanics don’t give a shit (because it doesn’t relate to their ambitions for conquering the US which is the only thing that motivates their electoral behavior), grassroots white leftists don’t care about it. The only people who care about it are jews (for purely cynical reasons) and evangelical moms in kansas who will forever vote Republican anyways because Jeebus Cuckrist died for Trumps sins and the only thing that matters is abortion anyways.


“You can’t understand the modern world fully because you are of the modern world. Only by establishing familiarity and a safe haven outside the modern world can you begin to do this. Our ancestors did this by studying the saints, the ancients, establishing a place outside the now. They could also establish a mental place outside the now by familiarization with an ancient language: Classical Chinese, Ancient Greek, Hebrew. Armed with the ability to observe the modern world from outside they could begin to understand it. We on the other hand, have lost this. […] I learned English by myself not to have arguments with rude people on Twitter but to access a place outside of the modern world. I don’t look down on anime fans for this reason: their obsession is an instinctual understanding that their modern world and its mythology is broken. So whether your place outside the modern world is the torah, a hadith, a saint’s teaching, a sutra, the artisanal making of soaps, or anime, it all works the same: a method to find out what is broken in the modern world, and perhaps to find inspiration as to how to fix it.”

“Yesterday’s vices:
– Gambling
– Drugs
– Prostitution

Today’s vices:
– Racism
– Sexism
– ?

Yesterday’s vices have to do with managing self-control.
Today’s vices have to do with saying people are equal.

Yesterday’s vices were actions: nothing happens so long as you don’t do it.
Today’s vices are thoughts: everything will happen if you don’t keep doing it.

It also appears yesterday had a better grasp on what human nature was.

Might have to do with focusing on things they could see and working from there.”

“Feudalism worked fantastically well. No wonder they were so eager to get rid of it.”

2018 Jul 30 ~ Aug 07

“i didnt know wowex liked cute and lewd things too”
“who doesnt like cute things”
and most people who talk politics”
“those arent people”

“the separation of aesthetics from ideology was a mistake”
“It’s the nature of the times is it not? If: there is a modern renaissance man, Then: chances are, they conversant in the quality aesthetics of the period. And, nowadays, most contemporary products of the legacy media to day most certainly aren’t quality.”
“so what you’re really saying
is that the anime right is the future!”

“There are some people who’s minds are not equipped to find much of anything very compelling; they see little joy in any particular activity, in fact, they hate life and want to die. Unfortunately, ones capacity for the inception of meaning is only tangential to ones capacity for insecurity, so these people, rather than having the decency to off themselves alone, want to take everyone else with them too.

In modern times, such personages sometimes find themselves with the label of ‘liberal’.”

“i also want to die
but i like cute things”

“Then there’s hope for you yet”

“Daily reminder that if you are not a boomer with hundreds of millions of dollars, you are living on a level of existence lower than even the most wretched of fungi and algae. There are species of moss not even discovered by scientists yet which receive more recognition and acknowledgement than you.”

>”Polk County Sheriff’s Office now wants all child workers polygraph tested”
Polygraphs can’t detect lies. They detect duress which only occurs if someone is afraid of being caught.
Polygraphs are an FBI meme like fiber comparison and will do 2 things:
1. False positive and catch innocent people
2. Create a false sense of security that will allow predators to infiltrate institutions”

>”Polk County Sheriff’s Office now wants all child workers polygraph tested”

Polk County Sheriff’s Office wants all people who work with children to be the type of people who can pass polygraph tests.”

“No streaming service has been able to match the breadth and depth of a decades-old video store — at least not yet. Netflix’s disc rental service included 93,000 titles as of 2015 — a comparable library to somewhere like Eddie Brandt’s. But, disc rental isn’t a priority for Netflix: in 2016, they spent almost $1 billion promoting their streaming platform, but the physical rental service “doesn’t even have a marketing budget,” reports AP News.

And, even with 125 million streaming subscribers, Netflix still relies on physical media more than one might assume. AP News notes that Netflix makes “an operating profit of roughly 50 percent on DVD subscriptions, after covering the expense of buying discs and postage to and from its distribution centers…DVD profits have helped subsidize Netflix’s streaming expansion outside the U.S., a push that has accumulated losses of nearly $1.5 billion during the past five years [2011–2016.] The DVD service has made $1.9 billion during the same period, enabling Netflix to remain profitable.””

“If it wasn’t stolen, that day it was reported stolen”

“Everyone should have a Swiss bank account.
Except the Swiss. They should bank from Singapore.”

“Under socialism, the client was the worker. Alas, the poor devil was only just now rising up out of the ooze. In the meantime, the architect, the artist, and the intellectual would arrange his life for him. To use Stalin’s phrase, they would be the engineers of his soul. In his apartment blocks in Berlin for employees of the Siemens factory, the soul engineer Gropius decided that the workers should be spared high ceilings and wide hallways, too, along with all of the various outmoded objects and decorations. High ceilings and wide hallways and “spaciousness” in all forms were merely more bougeois grandiosity, expressed in voids rather than solids. Seven-foot ceilings and thirty-six-inch-wide hallways were about right […] for re-creating the world.”

“One sees great things from the valley, only small things from the peak. Humility is best expressed through a love of grandeur. It is pride which manifests itself in minimalism.”

“He didn’t say weaker. The implication is that sweet, pleasant, and polite does not mean too weak to be anything bu a doormat.”
“We could use more doormats in these days.”
“Sounds like a winning pitch. You go with that!”
“There’s no winning if you have to pitch.”
“I suppose that depends on your definition of winning. If you get a cold, flat, inert doormat in your bed, what have you won?”
“The empty hope that a loud woman will be good in bed has destroyed many good men.”

“The Spanish Crown’s official and secret ‘master map’ was updated by Spanish explorers under penalty of death.”

“By now, ship’s instruments were so accurate that a single journey could provide good maps of new lands. The continents’ interiors, however, are a completely different story…”

“It is no coincidence that the rise of the foresight industry takes places in the late 1960s/70s — the very moment when high modernist confidence in technological fixes gives way to a deep anxiety about the rise of wicked problems.”

“These men are the Instagram husbands. Men who do nothing but take photos of their wife on vacation, so she can convince other women on social media that their life is more fun.

Don’t be these guys.”

“It really doesn’t surprise me when science validates every single piece of game theory. When you read the origins of game, it was basically nothing more than what was probably the world’s largest trial and error experiment ever performed. You just had a bunch of guys, from all over the world, on internet news groups, out every night talking to women, trying different strategies and tactics, then sharing the results. They did this for about a ten year time period and were able to come up with a pretty accurate theory that was later published for public inspection for the first time in The Game. It may be one of the greatest scientific undertaking since the Manhattan Project and no one who was a “researcher” in the experiment had any idea.”

“After spending ~5 to ~10 minutes filling it out I get this message.

This item is only eligble for Amazon Verified Purchase Reviews.

What a waste of my time! I bought the thing, Amazon knows this, so what is this about “Amazon Verified Purchase reviews”

Note that I only got this message AFTER trying to leave a 2 star review. What would have happend if I had left a more positive review? Would that be allowed?”

“Travis rues the experience, and the stellar reviews that led him to purchase the faulty lock in the first place. He didn’t realize it at the time, he says, but he’s now certain that those glowing reviews were paid for. And that many of the people who gave the trigger lock excellent reviews may never have opened the package in the first place.

Travis is certain of this because he himself is now a prolific paid reviewer. He writes Amazon reviews for money, and he commissions others to do the same — for a company that approached him online. (Note: Amazon is one of NPR’s financial sponsors.)

“I don’t think it’s right that people can write fake reviews on products,” Travis says. “But I need the money.””

“I feel Gen Z is gonna be the most unpredictable generation because they go from being a Marxist-Leninist to Catholic Ultra-royalist and vice versa after watching 2 youtube videos.”

“9/11 conspiracy theories are a psyop to make you believe it’s impossible to change the world forever with 20 weirdos, a bit of cash, and a half baked scheme”

“If we got rid of straws, then what would Robert Mueller possibly have left to grasp on to?”

“In 1932 the London Zoo commissioned a new penguin pool from modernist architect Berthold Lubetkin, who took full advantage of what was still a novel building material: reinforced concrete. It was praised by art and architecture critics for its radical simplicity; one professor even aspired to live in a similar structure, forcing him to simplify his needs. David Hancocks, the widely respected former director of Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo, looks back in horror: “No one asked the penguins how they enjoyed having to simplify their needs to live each day in their minimalist pit.” The structure was even designated a national landmark, perpetuating its use until 2003, long after it should have been retired. It now stands empty, having achieved an even more perfect minimalism without any penguins in residence.

In 2011 the London Zoo opened Penguin Beach. It is large enough to sustain an entire breeding colony while deep enough to allow extensive diving and swimming. It uses textures that mimic Antarctic surfaces, with both rocky and sandy beaches for the breeding grounds preferred by respective penguin species.”

“Writing is an exercise discovering which thoughts are merely your own rather than everyone’s, then learning how to make them everyone’s.”

“The more I study the history of intellectuals, the more they seem like a wrecking crew, dismantling civilization bit by bit — replacing what works with what sounds good.”

“200 years ago, when America’s population was less than a thirtieth of what it is now, the market for dense, complex books (Last of Mohicans) was the same size as the current market for disposable fluff books.”

– claims it’s a democracy/republic
– Public School History Books (PSHB) say it’s a democracy/republic
– claims it’s communist
– PSHB say it’s communist
Italy under Mussolini
– claims it’s fascist
– PSHB say it’s fascist

Germany under Hitler
– claims it’s national socialist
– PSHB say it’s totalitarian


“Honey I’m pregnant!”
“Am I really going to be a father?!”
“Just so you know I can kill the baby anytime my body my choice!”
“Ok, I’m out. Your body so your responsibility.”
“What?! How can you neglect the child when it clearly is yours too!”

“With the Greek wildfires raging on the Island of Santorini now, the donkeys there have had to carry tourists and disabled, sick and elderly locals alike to safety.
Because of the hot temperatures, the Greek summer sun, and greater than usual workload, the donkeys have had to work harder than they are normally accustomed to.

This has prompted animal rights activists the world over to call for either an end to using the donkeys to transport others to safety or weight limits on who and what they carry.

It is sad that we even have to speak out against the idea of allowing the weakest people among us to burn to death in their homes or while on vacation, but let me let you in on a little secret – the Mediterranean Donkey is a TANK. They have carried immense loads across the mountains and plains of Greece, Sicily, Italy, Corsica, Sardinia, Malta, the Balearic Islands, Spain, Portugal, Anatolia and elsewhere for thousands and thousands of years. They’re attuned to this type of work.

These sturdy, faithful little friends know instinctually that their homes and their people are in danger, and they are ready to help.

So no. We won’t be letting people burn to death. And shame on you for even suggesting it.”

>America is facing a truck driver shortage – and it’s going to cost you
The horror. Higher wages are coming!!”

“Last month autonomous vehicles were going to eliminate driving jobs”

“What started as an intuitive understanding of norms and shared suffering eventually became meaningless ritual. Without violent resolution to create clear winners and losers, all norms had lost their functional character and, instead, we found ourselves leveraging the attention economy to evaluate status and supremacy. The symbols of the culture, crucial to identification and context acquisition, became more important to defend than the experiences the culture created. Protecting whatever mythology that managed to game the Skinner box the most effectively became a higher priority than protecting the people that made up the fabric of that mythology. The individual contributions to steer the mythology of the tribe went from dark mystical work to a fumbling pseudoscience to the weekend activity of a bored script kiddie. Few properly recognized what was happening, but I believed because of this gradual reality replacement, we had unwittingly slipped into a cult. We no longer owned our communal outcomes and, instead, we served the Web 2.0 technopriest caste: We create the content, they collect the paycheck.”

“sufficiently advanced hedonism is indistinguishable from suicide”

“Does a rowdy politician have to be put down? Does an impatient general need to be put into check? Does an entertainer with a loud mouth need to be silenced? You could assassinate any one of these theoretical players, but then you have to contend with their remaining influence networks and now you have a whole mess on your hands that will take decades to manage. It’s best if these players of influence managed themselves. What if blackmail could be planted on these players in a way which would destroy the social and political reputation of powerful people and decouple them from their influence? If that were possible, then that player can be made to play by the rules, even if it was against their own interests. If a whole network of blackmailed assets were made in such a manner, you could steer geopolitical ambitions in a more predictable and managed way.”

“All art, thought, and writing created in the service of “dialogue” is invalid.”

““Problems” were indeed viewed completely differently. Americans like to respond “no problem” when asked how things are going. One phrase known and used with gusto by every early member of NUMMI was the Japanese word for “no problem,” which, when spoken with a typical American accent, sounded pretty much like “Monday night.” So when Japanese trainers tried to ask how certain problems were being handled, American NUMMI employees could be heard all over the plant cheerily shouting, “Monday night!” The response to this by the Japanese was, “No problem is problem.” There are always problems, or issues that require some kind of “countermeasure” or better way to accomplish a given task. And seeing those problems is the crux of the job of the manager.

The first case I know of a Toyota manager issuing the now-famous Japanese English edict of “No problem is problem!” was Susumu Uchikawa. As general manager of production control — arguably Toyota’s area of most unique operational expertise — Uchikawa had a team of six very smart, midlevel GM managers working for him. Being very smart, young GM managers, they had a ready response whenever Uchikawa asked them to report on how things were proceeding — “No problem!” The last thing they wanted was their boss sticking his nose into their problems. Finally Uchikawa exploded, “No problem is problem! Managers’ job is to see problems!”

The famous tools of the Toyota Production System are all designed around making it easy to see problems, easy to solve problems, and easy to learn from mistakes. Making it easy to learn from mistakes means changing our attitude toward them. That is the lean cultural shift.”

“Literally every fucking hoe around me will make up stories about being raped or sexually assaulted and afterwards go brag about fucking random dudes and if I ever bring this up they all get mad and go RAPE CULTURE RAPE CULTURE”

“JBP is right in that neither left nor right are inherently evil.
So why is it all the evil ideas land on the left?

On average, you can’t convince the right of anything, virtuous or vicious. Their beliefs are almost static. Ergo, if someone is pushing evil, by elimination, it must…”

“I am white. I have white privilege. That’s not inflammatory, nor provocative. It’s not racist, nor dismissive. It’s not condescending, nor insulting. I also have cis-het, male, class privilege. It’s factual, not controversial. What counts is the continual work to be better.”

“Observe a progressive praying in his natural habitat.”

“Woman tries to seduce cop and then files rape or assault charges when turned down? Many such cases!

The fact that women pivot so effortlessly between seduction and accusations should make you think about #MeToo”

“”There are lots of other teachings in the Catholic church that not everybody abides by,” he said. “Is practicing birth control a mortal sin? If true there would be a lot of couples in mortal sin.”

“Narrator’s voice: there are a lot of couples in mortal sin

“Why, if THAT’S a mortal sin, then I’m a mortal sinner!”

Yes, correct, what is so hard to grasp about this exactly

“How can something be against the law if I personally do it?””

“neo-nazis: duhhh the elite and the gov exist to serve the masses

Hitler: It seems that people should make sacrifices for their great men as a matter of course. A nation’s only true fortune is its great men. A great man is worth a lot more than a thousand million in the State’s coffers. A man who’s privileged to be the Head of a country couldn’t make a better use of his power than to put it at the service of talent. If only the Party will regard it as its main duty to discover and encourage the talents! It’s the great men who express a nation’s soul.”

“All this fuss because in the globalist, multicultural, secular, neoliberal world we aren’t evolved to inhabit, nobody can come up with a compelling story to live your life by.

The Left peddles Panglossian narratives about contemporary enlightened values (which jibe nicely with the needs of capitalism), the horrors of our atrocious past, but with reminders of all that’s left to fix, with orthodoxy enforced by taboo. The Right attempts atavistic revivals of the symbols that once drove society–family, patria, religion, tribe–but even they don’t really believe them (or believe forms so warped our ancestors wouldn’t recognize them).

Into the the breach step guru-opportunists like Jordan Peterson, repackaging the mythopoeic men’s movement from the 90s for modern millennial ears.

Or those rehashing Marcus Aurelius for the Stoicism-as-a-Service industry.

Whatever it takes to keep the abyss at bay.”

“”Is it creepy if an unattractive girl shows interest in a guy? When you think about it like that, it just seems…unkind. Calling a guy creepy if he just showed interest but didn’t really do anything wrong – it’s just unkind. It’s sort of nasty. That’s my take on that.”
but if you don’t have sex you’re a loser :^)”

“”Explain your shit america. How come japs make more patriotic games featuring america than america themselves?”

>Most American game of all time
>Made by Japs
>Never released on America
What the fuck”

“Showing any pride outside of black or being a faggot is looked down upon.”
“I personally think our focus is in the wrong place. Devs think that “Uncle Sam kicking slavic ass” is patriotic, because its cool, but it just makes us look like tools.”
“patriotism is low-status in the US”
“It might also be the fear of being labeled a Right Wing Extremist.”
“The only people who are patriotic now are rednecks and “ironic” hipsters.””

“Men love women, but I truly believe that women are incapable of what we men call love. “Greater love hath no man than that he lay down his life for his friends.” How many women are willing to die for their husbands, friends, country, or comrades in arms? Damn few, if any.”

“Climate experts predicted all 1,196 Maldives islands will drown by 2018. So far their forecast is only off by 1,196 islands.”

“i want you to look directly at adam sandler, and then look back at me and say the words “capitalism rewards creative innovation” straight to my face”

“That’s just a great example of Jewish nepotism.”

“Aka capitalism”

“She is right in the apolitical things. The fraternization between devs and players must stop and the best way to do it is putting devs behind the PR wall. It’s abusive for decent devs who must serve as customer service 24/7. I was always on this position, mostly because of not so decent devs who use these venues to conspire with goldsellers and other game monetizers.

Why is this dangerous? Because Jessica is on the way to become a champion of fighting against this cancerous fraternization and can use her status to also spread her SJW agenda. She fills her speech with completely wrong and unrelated parts about how “marginalized” devs are abused – when a male dev was fired with her. Her take on that is absolutely wrong. No one goes after a dev because of race and gender, but because the dev isn’t catering to that customer and he feels entitled to – mostly because he sees other customers being catered to. It’s possible or even likely that when he starts throwing abuse, it will contain racist and sexist slurs. But not because the person is racist or sexist, but because he assumes this will hurt the target. […]

So now, she will use her fame and credit earned fighting something genuinely bad to push the feminist lies that women and racial minorities are targeted on the internet or the gaming industry, when there isn’t anything like that. Like in gamergate, the focus will change from a valid problem to SJW agenda items like cyberbullying and “racism” and “sexism”.”

“What is the dumbest thing you believed as a child?”

“That I would be happy as a grown up.”

>American workers see 1st wage growth in 2 decades, business growing for 1st time in 3 decades
“Wouldn’t want them to be able to save a dollar.
Hopefully the economy crashes and everyone loses their houses”
“This is actually exactly what they want. Look at the 2008 crash. They gave out High interest loans left and right for anybody that asked, collected twice what the house was worth, and then foreclosed and took the house at half what the house was worth. Now they had twice as much money AND an asset deed AND a debt account that’s never going to close so they can beg the government for a trillion dollars or else the economy is over.

there’s no pending financial crisis that they need to stop by raising interest rates, it’s just time to run free_money_algorithm.exe on the economy again.”

“Can we unilaterally the declare that the semantic fight about whether certain European countries are ‘capitalist’ or ‘socialist’ is the dumbest argument on political twitter?

Nobody disagrees on the facts and it’s just a shouting match about which words we use.”

“I really wish these fights were meaningless.

To elaborate: fights over labels and definitions feels dumb and pointless from a rational perspective, but it’s extremely important in terms of unfocused rhetoric. The lumping, splitting and tweaking of concepts determines how we look at single examples, what debts, credits and connotations they get by default, and what other things they’re associated with. It also determines what rules we apply and even what we notice the first place.

And we all know this. Hence the fights, the neverending fights over “racism”, “socialism”, “free speech” etc. They’re worth fighting over because they’re valuable. They’re the naval choke points and strategic oil reserves of the English language.”

“When does a boy become a man, in your opinion?”

“The first time he realizes there is not a single soul on earth, short of himself, who cares about his pain”

“Crucial context here from @juliacarriew into the Sarah Jeong situation.

Since [Craigslist], Google, and Facebook killed their local advertising business model, elements of the press have stoked hate for clicks.”

“You should need a fucking prescription for baby formula. The fact that this shit is even legal to be advertised is a crime against humanity

Imagine the collective suffering caused by baby formular. Depending on where you are in the bell curve and what the rest of your talent stack looks like, 5 IQ points can be the difference between being middle class or upper class. It could be the difference between becoming an engineer or ending up in some shitty mid level management position. Just a few IQ points can be the difference between achieving your dreams or being stuck in mediocrity for your entire fucking life.

It’s such a ruthlessly abominable attack against the species itself just so rootless cosmopolitan corporations can make an extra buck”

“Give me a lever long enough, and a place to stand, and I will move the earth.”

“There’s a few that realize she fits right in at the NYT. The vast majority seem to want to ‘maintain standards’. […] Just be glad you don’t have to work there. Imagine the bilious souls of folk who invent rancid bile on a deadline. Imagine having to deal with them all day, every day.”

“The America I want to see:
Everyone has a big screen tv and no one is racist.”

“The America I want to see:
No one has a big screen tv and everyone is racist.”

“Reminder that Berkeley is so bad at environmentalism that they have Transit-Oriented Undevelopment: houses everywhere EXCEPT NEAR THE ACTUAL SUBWAY STATION, which is devoted instead to a four-block sea of asphalt for parking”

“The main problem with school mathematics is that there are no probl ems. Oh, I know what passes for problems in math classes, these insipid ‘exercises.’ ‘Here is a type of problem. Here is how to solve it. Yes it will be on the test. Do exercises 1-35 odd for homework.’ What a sad way to learn mathematics: to be a trained chimpanzee.”

“Haha… yes. But winning arguments only produces sore losers. Patiently make your case, again and again, in the simplest possible terms, using big colorful pictures if needed. Eventually even the most rabid Prog will get it, and hopefully think it was his own idea from the start.”

“Men like variety and women understand that, so they try their best to look like different people every day.”

“Alex Jones banned by Facebook, Apple, Google, and Spotify.

If only those four companies comprised a catchy acronym.”

“In the northlands, the word “god” was used to describe anything beyond a human’s ability to engage.”

“Family status conservation is the strongest force in the universe. Compound interest has nothing on it.”

“This isn’t always mentioned in histories, but a lot of what Japan did in the Pacific made no sense at all.

For example, the Japanese occupied lots of islands. After their local naval and air forces had been defeated, we only needed a few of those islands for bases. We generally just let the Japanese forces on the islands we didn’t need sit there, usually till the end of the war. Some farmed and fished, some starved.

But island-hopping had important strategic fallout. There was only one way to send any supplies to places like Rabaul – submarines. Of course, they couldn’t carry enough cargo to make any difference – they sure couldn’t feed 100,000 men – but you gotta do something, right? This took most of the Japanese submarine fleet out of the war.”

“Harden argues that genetic inequality is unfair, and so -> redistribution. The earlier argument was that everybody is really the same, and so -> redistribution. I’m pretty sure that if the astronomers found that an asteroid the size of Texas was going to hit us in twenty years, that answer to that would also be massive redistribution. What does she says about the boring topic of making society actually work better – where well-understood genetic influences could have a role? Nothing, of course.”

“Of course, If I were a professor of psychology, that would be a pleasing prospect. ” More research is needed” – until the end of time.”

“The model American male devotes more than 1600 hours a year to his car. He sits in it while it goes and while it stands idling. He parks it and searches for it. He earns the money to put down on it and to meet monthly installments. He works to pay for gasoline, tolls, insurance, taxes, and tickets. He spends four of his sixteen waking hours on the road or gathering his resources for it. And this figure does not take into account the time consumed by other activities dictated by transport: time spent in hospitals, traffic courts, and garages; time spent watching automobile commercials or attending consumer education meetings to improve the quality of the next buy. The model American puts 1600 to get 7500 miles: less than five miles per hour. In countries deprived of a transportation industry, people manage to do the same, walking wherever they want to go, and they allocate only 3 to 8 percent of their society’s time budget to traffic instead of 28 percent. What distinguishes the traffic in rich countries from the traffic in poor countries is not more mileage per hour of lifetime for the majority, but more hours of compulsory consumption of high doses of energy, packaged and unequally distributed by the transportation industry.”

“Past a certain threshold of energy consumption, the transportation industry dictates the configuration of social space. Motorways expand, driving wedges between neighbors and removing fields beyond the distance a farmer can walk. Ambulances take clinics beyond the few miles a sick child can be carried. The doctor will no longer come to the house, because vehicles have made the hospital into the right place to be sick. Once heavy trucks reach a village high in the Andes, part of the local market disappears. Later, when the high school arrives at the plaza along with the paved highway, more and more of the young people move to the city, until not one family is left which does not long for a reunion with someone hundreds of miles away, down on the coast.

Equal speeds have equally distorting effects on the perception of space, time, and personal potency in rich and in poor countries, however different the surface appearances might be. Everywhere, the transportation industry shapes a new kind of man to fit the new geography and the new schedules of its making. The major difference between Guatemala and Kansas is that in Central America some provinces are still exempt from all contact with vehicles and are, therefore, still not degraded by their dependence on them.”

“Bicycles are not only thermodynamically efficient, they are also cheap. With his much lower salary, the Chinese acquires his durable bicycle in a fraction of the working hours an American devotes to the purchase of his obsolescent car. The cost of public utilities needed to facilitate bike traffic versus the price of an infrastructure tailored to high speeds is proportionately even less than the price differential of the vehicles used in the two systems. In the bicycle system, engineered roads are necessary only at certain points of dense traffic, and people who live far from the surfaced path are not thereby automatically isolated as they would be if they depended on cars or trains. The bicycle has extended man’s radius without shunting him onto roads he cannot walk. Where he cannot ride his bike, he can usually push it.”

“Even if your principles really are free speech (gay), there is still no reason to accept corporations acting against us, and defend left wingers. It’s negotiating from a point of weakness.

How about instead of just losing over and over, we turn this witchhunt dynamic on the left, get them to lose their right to speak and earn an income. THEN you can offer a truce and say no one should have their speech curtailed or jobs threatened.”

“bake the cake but also giant multinationals should be able to tell you what you can and cannot watch”

“I like how the words “systematic”, “planned”, “premeditated”, and other words indicating forethought and prediction are all regularly used to change neutral depictions into evil ones. Good depictions are always “inspired”, “discovered”, “created”, and other words completely devoid of logistical ties.”

“Some things can’t be discussed. Crossing swords is the only end.
“Some” is actually quite a few things. But we are pushed to say we can.
Response being depression, drug addiction, and any number of ideas.

Better than dying?

Those that disagree, die.

So yes, it is better.”

“Broke: Let liberal companies do what they want
Woke: Nationalise them so they do what we want
Ascended: Nationalise them so they go bankrupt”

“Folks worry about China maybe not sending steel to America when you could bring down the global internet with like three sniper teams.”

“They’re basically equivalent. I presume not sending steel is the cheaper option of the two.”

“Not sending steel is incredibly expensive. Hundreds of thousands of Chinese would depend on it for their livelihood, including several Party members.”


“Trade is comically opposed to war. You don’t normally get clean elemental opposites like that in real life. It’s basically impossible for two countries with deep trade ties to go to war; entering the war immediately devastates both economies.”

“USG’s trade ‘deficit’ is how USG taxes foreign nationals. By selling to Americans, they acquire dollars. USG then inflates the dollars and steals part of their value.”

“USG’s trade ‘deficit’ is how USG taxes foreign nationals. By selling to Americans, they acquire dollars. USG then inflates the dollars and steals part of their value. Much USG policy is paid for this way.

See also: reserve currency status.”

“In fact, anyone who consumes a good deal of any form of contemporary established infotainment is actually less informed than someone who does nothing but lurk dingy internet forums all day. They are anti-informed, even.

Actually, the ‘news’ format, in of itself, is inherently prone to high noise, low signal content; banalizing, mutating, and degenerating whatever topic it seeks to grasp.

In no other field of lexical endeavor do people seem to consider it so unremarkable and acceptable for uninitiated middlebrows to pontificate authoritatively and at length on some matter in which they have basically no responsibility or working experience and are otherwise completely unimmersed in and ignorant of beyond a dilettantes passing fancy.

A bad tree cannot bear good fruit; listening to a journalist about pretty much anything is a good way to become confused, educate yourself stupid, and generally sabotage your model of reality.”