2018 Jun 09 ~ 16

“If it had not been for drugs the American South would have been the last to fall. There is no way but drugs killed the south.”

“internet, after a celebrity suicide: It’s ok to talk about suicide, there’s plenty of mental health professionals that will listen, seek help! ❤

real life: If you talk about suicide to a mental health professional, you get sent to suicide jail”

“”The time has come” is basically an acoustic uniform/flag/badge for “Journalist”.”

“As soon as I got up to speak, half a dozen protesters marched down to the front of the lecture hall and paraded right below the stage, holding their picket signs high, chanting, “Feynman sexist pig! Feynman sexist pig!”

“I began my talk by telling the protesters, “I’m sorry that my short answer to your letter brought you here unnecessarily. There are more serious places to direct one’s attention towards improving the status of women in physics than these relatively trivial mistakes – if that’s what you want to call them – in a textbook. But perhaps, after all, it’s good that you came. For women do indeed suffer from prejudice and discrimination in physics, and your presence here today serves to remind us of these difficulties and the need to remedy them.”

The protesters looked at one another. Their picket signs began to come slowly down, like sails in a dying wind.

I continued: “Even though the American Association of Physics Teachers has given me an award for teaching, I must confess I don’t know how to teach. Therefore, I have nothing to say about teaching. Instead, I would like to talk about something that will be especially interesting to the women in the audience: I would like to talk about the structure of the proton.”

The protesters put their picket signs down and walked off. My hosts told me later that the man and his group of protesters had never been defeated so easily.””

“As we were leaving, Bill Graham came over with a stack of papers for me.

“Geez! That’s fast!” I said. “I only asked you for the information this morning!” Graham was always very cooperative.

The paper on top says, “Professor Feynman of the Presidential Commission wants to know about the effects over time of temperature on the resiliency of the O-rings…” – it’s a memorandum addressed to a subordinate.

Under that memo is another memo: “Professor Feynman of the Presidential Commission wants to know…” – from that subordinate to his subordinate, and so on down the line.

There’s a paper with some numbers on it from the poor bastard at the bottom, and then there’s a series of submission papers which explain that the answer is being sent up to the next level.

So here’s this stack of papers, just like a sandwich, and in the middle is the answer – to the wrong question! The answer was: “You squeeze the rubber for two hours at a certain temperature and pressure, and then see how long it takes to creep back” – over hours. I wanted to know how fast the rubber responds in milliseconds during a launch. So the information was of no use.

I went back to my hotel. I’m feeling lousy and I’m eating dinner; I look at the table, and there’s a glass of ice water. I say to myself, “Damn it, I can find out about that rubber without having NASA send notes back and forth: I just have to try it! All I have to do is get a sample of the rubber.”

“Tomorrow at 6:15AM we go by special airplane (two planes) to Kennedy Space Center to be “briefed.” No doubt we shall wander about, being shown everything – gee whiz – but no time to get into technical details with anybody. Well, it won’t work. If I am not satisfied by Friday, I will stay over Saturday & Sunday, or if they don’t work then, Monday & Tuesday. I am determined to do the job of finding out what happened – let the chips fall!

My guess is that I will be allowed to do this, overwhelmed with data and details… so they have time to soften up dangerous witnesses etc. But it won’t work because (1) I do technical information exchange and understanding much faster than they imagine, and (2) I already smell certain rats that I will not forget, because I just love the smell of rats, for it is the spoor of exciting adventure.

I feel like a bull in a china shop. The best thing is to put the bull out to work on the plow. A better metaphor will be an ox in a china shop, because the china is the bull, of course.”

“”There were, I would say, probably five or six in engineering who at that point would have said it is not as conservative to go with that temperature, and we don’t know. The issue was we didn’t know for sure that it would work.”

“So it was evenly divided?”

“That’s a very estimated number.”

It struck me that the Thiokol managers were waffling. But I only knew how to ask simpleminded questions. So I said, “Could you tell me, sirs, the names of your four best seals experts, in order of ability?”

“Roger Boisjoly and Arnie Thompson are one and two. Then there’s Jack Kapp and, uh… Jerry Burns.”

I turned to Mr. Boisjoly, who was right there, at the meeting. “Mr. Boisjoly, were you in agreement that it was okay to fly?”

He says, “No, I was not.”

I ask Mr. Thompson, who was also there.

“No, I was not.”

I say, “Mr. Kapp?”

[Thiokol manager] Mr. Lund says, “He is not here. I talked to him after the meeting, and he said, ‘I would have made that decision, given the information that we had.'”

“And the fourth man?”

“Jerry Burns. I don’t know what his position was.”

“So,” I said, “of the four, we have one ‘don’t know’, one ‘very likely yes’, and the two who were mentioned right away as being the best seal experts, both said no.” So this “evenly split” stuff was a lot of crap. The guys who knew the most about the seals – what were they saying?”

“During that weekend, just as I had predicted in my letter home, I kept getting notes from the commission headquarters in Washington: “Check the temperature readings, check the pictures, check this, check that…” – there was quite a list. But as the instructions came in, I had done most of them already.

One note had to do with a mysterious piece of paper. Someone at Kennedy had reportedly written “Let’s go for it” while assembling one of the solid booster rockets. Such language appeared to show a certain recklessness. My mission: find that piece of paper.

Well, by this time I understood how much paper there was in NASA. I was sure it was a trick to make me get lost, so I did nothing about it.”

“At 2:30 I walk into this room, and there’s a long table with thirty or forty people – they’re all sitting there with morose faces, very serious, ready to talk to The Commissioner.

I was terrified. I hadn’t realized my terrible power. I could see they were worried. They must have been told I was investigating the errors they had made!

So right away I said, “I had nothin’ to do, so I thought I’d come over and talk to the guys who put the rockets together. I didn’t want everybody to stop working just ’cause I wanna find out something for my own curiosity; I only wanted to talk with the workers…”

Most of the people got up and left. Six or seven guys stayed – the crew who actually put the rocket sections together, their foreman, and some boss who was higher up in the system.

Well, these guys were still a little bit scared. They didn’t really want to open up. The first thing I think to say is, “I have a question: when you measure the three diameters and all the diameters match, do the sections really fit together? It seems to me that you could have some bumps on one side and some flat areas directly across, so the three diameters would match, but the sections wouldn’t fit.”

“Yes, yes!” they say. “We get bumps like that. We call them nipples.”

The only woman there said, “It’s got nothing to do with me!” – and everybody laughed.

“We get nipples all the time,” they continued. “We’ve been tryin’ to tell the supervisor about it, but we never get anywhere!”

We were talking details, and that works wonders. I would ask questions based on what could happen theoretically, but to them it looked like I was a regular guy who knew about their technical problems. They loosened up very rapidly, and told me all kinds of ideas they had to improve things.”

“The foreman, Mr. Fichtel, said he wrote a memo with this suggestion to his superiors two years ago, but nothing had happened yet. When he asked why, he was told the suggestion was too expensive.

“Too expensive to paint four little lines?” I said in disbelief.

They all laughed. “It’s not the paint; it’s the paperwork,” Mr. Fichtel said. “They would have to revise all the manuals.”

The assembly workers and other observations and suggestions. They were concerned that if two rocket sections scrape as they’re being put together, metal filings could get into te rubber seals and damage them. They even had some suggestions for redesigning the seal. Those suggestion weren’t very good, but the point is, the workers were thinking! I got the impression that they were not undisciplined; they were very interested in what tehy were doing, but tehy weren’t being given much encouragement. Nobody was paying much attention to them. It was remarkable that their morale was as high as it was under the circumstances.

Then the workers began to talk to the boss who had stayed. “We’re disappointed by something,” one of them said. “When the commission was going to see the booster-rocket assembly, the demonstration was going to be done by the managers. Why wouldn’t you let us do it?”

“We were afraid you’d be frightened by the commissioners and you wouldn’t want to do it.”

“No, no”, said the workmen. “We think we do a good job, and we wanted to show what we do.””

“I said, “Mr. Lamberth told me he admonished you about going above 1200.”

“He never admonished me about that – why should he?”

We figured out what probably happened. Mr. Lamberth’s admonishment went down through the levels until somebody in middle management realized that Mr. Fichtel had gone by the book, and that the error was in the manual. But instead of telling Mr. Lamberth about the error, they simply threw away the admonishment, and just kept quiet.”

“Over lunch, Mr. Fichtel told me about the inspection procedures. “There’s a sheet for each procedure, like this one for the rounding procedure,” he said. “On it there are boxes for stamps – one from the supervisor, one from quality control, one from the manufacturer, and for the bigger jobs, one from NASA.”

He continued, “We make the measurements, go through one course of rounding, and then make the measurements again. If they don’t match well enough, we repeat the steps. FInally, when the diameter differences are small enough, we go for it.”

I woke up. “What do you mean, ‘go for it’?” I said. “It sounds sort of cavalier…”

“No, no,” he says. “that’s just the lingo we use when we mean that all the conditions are satisfied, and we’re ready to move to the next phase of the operation.”

“Do you ever write that down – that ‘go for it’?”

“Yes, sometimes.”

“Let’s see if we can find a place where you wrote it.”

Mr. Fichtel looked through his diary, and found an example. The expression was completely natural to him – it wasn’t reckless or cavalier; it was just his way of speaking.”

“I said, “In order to speed things up, I’ll tell you what I’m doing, so you’ll know where I’m aiming. I want to know whether there’s the same lack of communication between the engineers and the management who are working on the engine as we found in the case of the booster rockets.”

Mr. Lovingood says, “I don’t think so. As a matter of fact, although I’m now a manager, I was trained as an engineer.”

“All right”, I said, “Here’s a piece of paper each. Please write on your paper the answer to this question: what do you think is the probability would be uncompleted due to a failure in this engine?”

They wrote down their answers and hand in their papers. One guy wrote “99-44/100% pure” (copying the Ivory soap slogan), meaning about 1 in 200. Another guy wrote something very technical and highly quantitative in the standard statistical way, carefully defining everything, that I had to translate – which also meant about 1 in 200. The third guy wrote, simply, “1 in 300.”

Mr. Lovingood’s paper, however, said.

“Cannot quantify. Reliability is judged from:
– past experience
– quality control in manufacturing
– engineering judgment”

“Well”, I said, “I’ve got four answers, and one of them weaseled.” I turned to Mr. Lovingood: “I think you weaseled.”

“I don’t think I weaseled.”

“You didn’t tell me what your confidence was, sir; you told me how you determined it. What I want to know is: after you determined it, what was it?”

He says, “100 percent” – the engineers’ jaws drop, my jaw drops, I look at him, everybody looks at him – “uh, uh, minus epsilon!”

So I say, “Well yes; that’s fine. Now, the only problem is, WHAT IS EPSILON?”

He says, “10^-5”. It was the same number that Mr. Ullian had told us about: 1 in 100,000.

I showed Mr. Lovingood the other answers and said, “You’ll be interested to know that there is a difference between engineers and management here – a factor of more than 300.””

“Later, Mr. Lovingood sent me that report. It said things like “The probability of mission success is necessarily very close to 1.0” – does that mean it is close to 1.0, or it ought to be close to 1.0? – and “Historically, this high degree of mission success ahs given rise to a difference in philosophy between unmanned and manned space flight programs; i.e., numerical probability versus engineering judgment.” As far as I can tell, “engineering judgment” means they’re just going to make up numbers! The probability of an engine-blade failure was given as a universal constant, as if all the blades were exactly the same, under the same conditions. The whole paper was quantifying everything. Just about every nut and bolt was in there: “The chance that a HPHTP pipe will burst is 10^-7.” You can’t estimate that; a probability of 1 in 10,000,000 is almost impossible to estimate. It was clear that the numbers for each part in the engine were chosen so that when you add everything together you get 1 in 100,000.”

“Maybe I’m a little dull, but I tried my best not to accuse anybody of anything. I just let them show me what they showed me, and acted like I didn’t see their trick. I’m not the kind of investigator you see on TV, who jumps up and accuses the corrupt organization of withholding information. But I was fully aware that they hadn’t told me about the problem until I asked about it. I usually acted quite naive – which I was, for the most part.”

“They kept referring to the problem by some complicated name – a “pressure-induced vorticity oscillatory wa-wa”, or something.

I said, “Oh, you mean a whistle!”

“Yes”, they said; “it exhibits the characteristics of a whistle.””

“When I left the [engine] meeting, I had the definite impression that I had found the same game as with the seals: management reducing criteria and accepting more and more errors that weren’t designed into the device, while the engineers are screaming from below, “HELP!” and “This is a RED ALERT!””

“You know that question you asked us last time – with the papers? We felt that was a loaded question. It wasn’t fair.”

“Yes, you’re quite right. It was a loaded question. I had an idea of what would happen.”

“I would like to revise my answer. I want to say that I cannot quantify it.”

“That’s fine. But do you agree that the chance in failure is 1 in 100,000?”

“Well, uh, no, I don’t. I just don’t want to answer.”

“I said it was 1 in 300, and I still say it’s 1 in 300, but I don’t want to tell you how I got my answer.”

“It’s okay. You don’t have to.”

“The shuttle’s computers don’t have enough memory to hold all the programs for the whole flight. After the shuttle gets into orbit, the astronauts take out some tapes and load in the program for the next phase of the flight – there are as many as six in all, Near the end of the flight, the astronauts load in the program for coming down.”

“One time I was talking to Sally Ride about something I mentioned in my report on the engines, and she didn’t seem to know about it. I said, “Didn’t you see my report?”

She says, “No, I didn’t get a copy.”

So I go over to Keel’s office and say, “Sally tells me she didn’t get a copy of my report.”

He looks surprised, and turns to his secretary. Please make a copy of Dr. Feynman’s report for Dr. Ride.”

Then I discover Mr. Acheson hasn’t seen it.

“Make a copy and give it to Mr. Acheson.”

I finally caught on, so I said, “Dr. Keel, I don’t think anybody has seen my report.”

So he says to his secretary, “Please make a copy for all the commissioners and give it to them.”

Then I said to him, “I appreciate how much work you’re doing, and that it’s difficult to keep everything in mind. But I thought you told me that you showed my report to everybody.”

He says, “Yes, well, I meant all of the staff.”

I later discovered, by talking to people on the staff, that they hadn’t seen it either.”

“[…] I kept bringing up my report. “I’d like to have a meeting to discuss what to do with it”, I kept saying.

“We’ll have a meeting about it next week” was the standard answer. (We were too busy wordsmithing and voting on the color of the cover).”

“By the way: everything had 23 versions. It has been noted that computers, which are supposed to increase the speed at which we do things, have not increased the speed at which we write reports: we used to make only three versions – because they’re so hard to type – and now we make 23 versions!”

“We ended up rearranging the list of possible recommendations and worsmithing them a little, and then we voted yes or no. It was an odd way of doing things, and I wasn’t used to it. In fact, I got the feeling we were being railroaded: things were being decided, somehow, a little out of our control.”

“Later, I talked to David Acheson about the tenth recommendation. He explained, “It doesn’t really mean anything; it’s only motherhood and apple pie.”

I said, “Well if it doesn’t mean anything, it’s not necessary, then.”

“If this were a commission for the National Academy of Sciences, your objections would be proper. But don’t forget,” he says, “this is a presidential commission. We should say something for the President.”

“I don’t understand the difference,” I said. “Why can’t I be careful and scientific when I’m writing a report to the President?”

Being naive doesn’t always work: my argument had no effect.”

“I was in a very good fettle, for some reason. I had already lost, and I knew what I needed, so I could focus easily. I had no difficulty in admitting complete idiocy – which is usually the case when I deal with the world – and I didn’t think there was any law of nature which said I had to give in. I just kept going, and didn’t waver at all.

It went late into the night: one o’clock, two o’clock, we’re still working on it. “Dr. Feynman, it’s very unprofessional to give someone a story and then retract it. This is not the way people behave in Washington.”

“It’s obvious I don’t know anything about Washington. But this is the way I behave – like a fool. I’m sorry, but it was simply an error, so as a courtesy, please don’t use it.”

Then, somewhere along the line, one of them says, “If we go ahead and use the report, does that mean you won’t go on the show?”

“You said it; I didn’t.”

“We’ll call you back.”

Another delay.

Actually, I hadn’t decided whether I’d refuse to go on the show, because I kept thinking it was possible I could undo my mistake. When I thought about it, I didn’t think I could legitimately play that card. But when one of them made the mistake of proposing the possibility, I said, “You said it; I didn’t” – very cold – as if to say, “I’m not threatening you ,but you can figure it out for yourself, honey!”

They called me back, and said they won’t use my report.”

“Maybe they don’t say explicitly “Don’t tell me,” but they discourage communication, which amounts to the same thing. It’s not a question of what has been written down, or who should tell what to whom; it’s a question of whether, when you do tell somebody about some problem, they’re delighted to hear about it and they say “Tell me more” and “Have you tried such-and-such?” or they say “Well, see what you can do about it” – which is a completely different atmosphere. If you try once or twice to communicate and get pushed back, pretty soon you decide, “To hell with it.””

“I want to just this by saying that, like everything else in the entire planet, preservationism is infested with tiny kingdoms, and tiny kings, sending little textslings and arrows, and their fiefdoms going “oh no~ not the king~”.”

“If you have a URL shortener, by the way, you are terrible. URL shorteners are the worst idea on the internet, period. They could not come up with a better one. You’re going to come up with, you’re basically going to take a URL run by a third party, on god knows what, and utterly depend on your connections because you wanted to save a few characters. It’s like a one-type cryptographic keypad for history. [We have a team who] downloads hundreds of URL shorteners and then keeps that excel spreadsheet of shortener-long thing because in twenty years, you’re going to look at twitter and be like “What the heck is t.co? Everybody puts stuff on there!””

“Part of being a historian is that you quickly learn to become a hater of all things. And you realize we’re on a small boat in a world of shit and there’s a leak.”

“Nitpicking is the unmistakable mark of cluelessness.”

“The courageous die once. The coward dies every day.”

“Ask the average gentile American how many Jews died in World War II and he will readily respond: ‘six million.’ Ask him how many Americans or Christians fell in that conflict, and he will not be able to answer. Nor is he sure how many Americans were killed during the Vietnam War, much less the Civil War or War for Independence.
Yet, he is quite sure that ‘six million innocent Jews were murdered by the Nazis.’ When brought to his attention, this disparity of awareness often makes him wonder why he should know with such alacrity about the questionable fate of a three per cent minority population, while far less about the very real sufferings of his own people.”

“I don’t support mass migration from Africa but this is kind of a dumb meme. A lot of that land is desert or rainforest, which is surprisingly infertile after a slash-and-burn program has run its course. If you’ve ever seen Angkor Wat that’s what happens to metal-rich but nutrient-poor rainforest soil exposed to the sun.

It gets baked into a solid brick.”

“Funny how it’s all useless until whites show up and turn it into fucking paradise then they leave and blacks run it into the fucking dirt again.”

“If you’re talking about Rhodesia I agree but that’s a different biome. Or set of biomes rather.”

“Literally anywhere white people have settled anywhere ever.

Iceland is literally a volcanic rocky island covered in snow half the year and they’re better off than 99.99% of Africa.”

“Pedestrians once crossed the street whenever and wherever they wanted. The introduction of signals prioritised the movement of motor vehicles at the expense of pedestrians, which slowed effective walking speed through the city. Pedestrians now spend roughly 20% of their time waiting at intersections.”

“Nothing will happen with North Korea. They aren’t quitting their nukes and USG isn’t withdrawing from South Korea. All this is a show because Trump likes trolling the press. Or probably because they wanted a DNA sample or something.”

“Somehow, neither Prescott’s letter nor the failed replication nor the numerous academic critiques have so far lessened the grip of Zimbardo’s tale on the public imagination.

The appeal of the Stanford prison experiment seems to go deeper than its scientific validity, perhaps because it tells us a story about ourselves that we desperately want to believe: that we, as individuals, cannot really be held accountable for the sometimes reprehensible things we do. As troubling as it might seem to accept Zimbardo’s fallen vision of human nature, it is also profoundly liberating. It means we’re off the hook. Our actions are determined by circumstance. Our fallibility is situational. Just as the Gospel promised to absolve us of our sins if we would only believe, the SPE offered a form of redemption tailor-made for a scientific era, and we embraced it.”

“Imagine that Kim is Hitler here and try not to let your stomach churn at the triumphal music playing beneath these images. Because Kim is Hitlerian.”

“Little Ben Shapiro is opposed to peace on the Korean Peninsula because his people- the fake conservative, warmongering, policy-writing financial & international elites- stand to benefit from more war and destruction. Ben is a chicken hawk, by no means a “conservative.””

“”the fake conservative, warmongering, policy-writing financial & international elites”

If only there was a way to say this with a single syllable”

“These are hard questions, but the bigger problem is that you have an incentive not to ask them at all.”

“Winning is better than losing, but everyone loses when the war isn’t one worth fighting.”

“Bottom line, if you can’t feel compassion for your fellow man, you’ll always be working for someone else.”

*pays 30% of income in taxes*
*sends his kids to school-prison under threat of force for 13 years*
*gets fired for expressing a controversial opinion*

“Man I sure am glad we got rid of the despotism of monarchy””

“The Trudeau government decided 6 months ago to no longer require Romanian citizens to obtain travel visas before coming to Canada.

That has led to a “noticeable increase” in organized crime activity, according to a declassified report.”

“Just because it sounds true doesn’t mean it’s not true.”

“Psychology: interesting and wrong
Agricultural science: boring and correct
Sociology: boring and wrong

??: interesting and correct”

“Epistemology and Aesthetics.”

“When I look at my cat, I am pretty confident that the cat is self-aware and self-conscious. When a cat pulls a boo-boo or falls off of something, it shows enormous amount of self-awareness when it stops and licks its paws and then stroll off as if nothing had happened. He’s clearly recognized that he goofed, and we knew it. He shows all kinds of self-awareness. So I hesitate to draw a line and say only humans can think, and furthermore experiments with other animals do indicate that they can do surprising things.

If you believe in evolution, at the very beginning of life, the amoebas or whatever they were must have had some ability to abstract in order to survive. They had to get some idea what was food, what was not food. How to avoid dangers and not. They must have had some power of abstraction at the very bottom. If, as we have demonstrated in the laboratory, one-celled animals can be trained to turn this way or that way, then thinking necessarily be a function of the nervous system. Because a one-celled animal doesn’t have a nervous system.”

“this guy and people like him have a fundamental misunderstanding of what technology is and what it can do.

if laser guns were invented tomorrow, infantries would still use projectile weaponry for at least the next hundred years simply because it’s reliable and the system for supplying is simple and exists. it’s all mechanical principles, and people can see what’s going on. literal highschoolers can take it apart, identify problems, and put them back together. even if, or especially if, you have a miniature nuke powering your gun and you don’t have to charge or carry around batteries, that’s a fuckton more complicated. no one can see electricity.

one of the things that’s relevant i think we will (or won’t, ha!) find is that none of this information technology stuff changes the principles of human relations. namely, whether or not you trust the other guy, and by extension, anything that comes out of his mouth. trump et. all still have daily briefings with their cabinets. putin literally doesn’t have a phone or computer. boardroom meetings are still meetings in a room with a board.

i don’t know all of how it works but i know it’s there and i have guesses as to the reasons, and all of them could probably be derived from the question “why would it be a bad idea to have a baby raised via [information technology]?” we all grew up from babies after all. if we can derive principles about human behavior and psychology from animals, surely deriving them from babies isn’t unreasonable.

people like the guy of this blog would not see any problem with it. they’d think star wars clone troopers type training is not only possible, but desirable.”

“human concepts don’t actually fit perfectly in text believe it or not”

“Never debate the ignorant in front of the uninformed: the crowd can’t tell who won the argument”

“There’s a trend in China of women seeking younger, more gentle boyfriends. It’s true.

Woman of course always want little boys to tell them they are lovely. Those are called “sons”, and their ancestors all had a dozen of those by age 25.”

“When has it ever become legal to shoot someone because they’re pulling off in your car?” she asked. “Even if (Macklin) did that, if he did steal the car. You’ve got insurance — let him go to jail. I would’ve rather had to get a call to go bail him out of jail than to get a phone call that he’s dead.”

“If you called the cops they would’ve done the same thing lmao

These people will criticize the state then say “let the state handle it” in the same breath”

“women, for some reason, appear to be strong communists. anything done against any one of them is always something that’s done against all of them.

they’re also communists because, if you actually announce that you consider negatively all of them (incels etc.), then they become surprised and shocked at the public suggestion that all of them are the same (NAWALT) and that they all act in the same way like some sort of conspiracy.

or, perhaps, rather than saying women are like communists, maybe it should be said that communists are like women – and maybe other things are “like women” too.”

“Why are they called latinos? They aren’t at all related to latin people. Linguistically, sure. It’s just lazy white people language trying to group them all together so we don’t have to bother mentioning their actual ethnicities. The best part is latinos are proud of the word.”

>Underwater Ancient Petroglyphs captured accidentally by a drone in Vancouver Canada

The majority of human civilization and almost every relic of our past prior to seven or eight thousand years ago- which is the vast majority of our time on Earth so far- is underwater today”

“The majority were buried 13000 years ago when the glaciers were hit by the low flying meteor showers. The great flood everybody knew about around the world in myths. Basically a new age was born at that moment.”

“Yeah glaciers would have wiped out quite a bit, and then the melting of the glaciers would have wiped out quite a bit and then the sea level rise would have wiped out most of the rest and then it kind of makes sense that there’s almost no trace of human civilization prior to the global flood myth that literally every civilization on the planet remembers. Just about every civilization describes a much more advanced predecessor civilization that was destroyed by Cosmic catastrophe. Which is absolutely bogus conspiracy woo woo by the way giant skeletons don’t real. :^)”

“The establishment still refuses to accept the theory despite every bit of evidence pointing at it being true. They’re just mad they didn’t come up with it. But we all know who would try and prevent us looking back far into human history. They love us thinking we only became big brained when agriculture spread 6000 years ago. Look at the butthurt in this article.”

“Dreams of liberation without actionable steps are an opium of the masses.”

“Read up on the Warren court until you want it repealed. Drug laws are, per Foseti, almost 100% a way to get around the Warren court legalizing all crime.”

“The reality that emerges from the pages of the book is that modern police are basically social workers for the underclass. If you want to know why crime is up, it’s because police aren’t on the streets anymore. Instead, they’re filling out paperwork or looking for a kid whose mother is too lazy to turn off the TV and be a parent (and why should she miss her stories, if she doesn’t know where her kid is, she can just call the police).

The police also spend an inordinate amount of time documenting the fact that they’re not racist. After all, increases in the level of crime won’t get any of them fired, but an accusation or two of racism that they can’t refute could result in someone losing their pension. This war on racism has other consequences. For example, officers now have almost no discretion in determining whether something is a crime, whether to arrest someone, whether to interview someone, etc. The resulting absurdities make for a great book, which is often funny if you ignore how sad it is.

If you spend some time thinking about how bad policing has become, your perspective on other issues will change. For example, is the failure of the war on drugs really due to the inevitability of drug use or is it merely representative of the failure of the modern policing strategy?”

“Doctors are for signalling, not for health. Sleep deprivation signals commitment. You don’t want an uncommitted signal, do you?”


2018 Jun 04 ~ 08

“New rule: women can get abortions, but they must kill the child themselves. If a woman wants to murder someone this cute, she must legally prove the sincerity of her moral convictions by taunting the “pesky little clump of cells” to his face before finishing him off herself.”

>Trump loves to hate on California, but @Matthew_Winkler says the proof is in the profits: Its economy vastly outpaces the rest of the nation

California’s success should be copied by other states. First, do a massive geoengineering project to create a shoreline with water flowing down from the Arctic to create a cool moderate climate. Use that moderate coastal climate to brain drain the rest of the country. Success.”

“If you really want to understand why state education, pop culture and media now encourage your children to be feminists, transsexuals and hold tolerance as the only virtue worth a damn: ask yourself what would you teach the youth in the country of your enemy if you wanted to exterminate them without having to physically invade that country?”

“The very concept of a police force is degenerate.”

“I think something to its effect will always exist. Feudal lord has guards for his manor, guards get bored or otherwise find their way into the town… next thing you know the town has a guard. And eventually the town comes up with a reason for them to exist.

But you are correct.”

“I’m a person, not an ID number!”

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, even flower specimen #428496”

“Romeo and Juliet 2: Bob and Barbara”

“After five years in the UK, Banker moved to the United States to pursue a postgraduate degree in Finance. Here, his political views were shaken once more. America struck Banker as modern, but just as materialistic and socially divided as China, and not as open and adaptive to new technological developments. His holidays in China painted a different picture, of a society rapidly introducing the digital economy to transform everyday consumption and transportation. The stagnant mind and unwillingness to adapt among Americans were, in his mind, clear indicators of the country’s decline. If democratic institutions were resistant to new changes and ideas, he thought, then why cling to them?”

“Functionary did not see a multiparty system as the defining character of democracy, as factions within one political party could demonstrate a resemblance to mutual checks and balances of power. What distinguished political regimes in her mind was how they performed under the Constitution: in West they were beholden to it, while in China the Party was established above the law, with the final authority to interpret it. To change the current political condition in China, she felt, one had to return to its own history and political basis. “The real question is not about whether China is democratic,” she said, “but concerns the non-applicability of the Western system.” The West became irrelevant. Functionary submitted her application to the Chinese civil service exam while still in Britain.”

“I had to buy bread made with zero sugar (at $7 a loaf!)”
…or bake your own, at less than a $1 a loaf. It’s fun.

Downside: I can no longer see the things they sell in the store as ‘bread.’ It’s some sort of industrial waste, not food.”

“I use the word ‘gender’ because ‘sex’ used to mean ‘gender’ but now means ‘fucking’. I want to talk about dimorphism without immediately invoking intercourse.”

“Time for accidents that make national heroes.”

>Low Cognitive Ability Linked To Prejudice Against Same-Sex Couples, Australian Study Shows

Wow. This article and study are super ablest. All of my wow. I just can’t even… And in the current year? Why would you go and imply that the validity of an opinion has anything to do with the cognitive ability of those who hold it? That’s really very shitty and you shouldn’t do that.”

“In imperial China court mandarins would get in these vicious fights with each other on whether such-and-such philosopher or such-and-such statesman from 2,000 years ago was a good guy.

Why were these fights so vicious?

They were vicious for a very simple reason. The mandarin who started the fight wasn’t really attacking such-and-such philosopher from a few hundred years ago. He was attacking a rival mandarin in that exact same room. Current factional struggles for power were mapped onto the philosophical and political disputes of centuries past. This was the go-to form of argument in imperial China. Find some historical personage or ideology that could stand in for your current political enemies… and then criticize the hell out of it. “

“I always interested in the conception that high taxes will stifle one’s desire to work harder when the evidence it the contrary. Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands, Finland etc. would be considered high tax environments yet per capita display some of the highest rates of innovation.”

“there are no peoples
there are no nations

there are only tariff laws and tax rates”

“Why do people assume the opposite? Because in a randomly assembled team without team boss, there is no agreed strategy. There is often no communication because of language barrier and even if there is, different strategies are dismissed as “potatoes being wrong”.

The truth is that the “suicider” believes in an aggressive strategy. He got to the rank he is at because his strategy works if force is concentrated at one front. If the red team sends a DD and a supporting cruiser to C, while our team sends every ship into A with full speed, then they will kill the enemies before those 2 can come back. The “coward” believes in defense. He got here because of “crossing the T”: the attackers must move forward to attack, meaning they cannot bring their rear batteries to target and they are much more vulnerable to torpedoes. Because of that, an attack without numerical advantage will fail.

Both of them are here and not in a lower rank because they are better than their peers. They aim better, angle better, move better. However this counts for nothing if they find themselves in a team where the majority disagree with their strategy. You can be the world best Khabarovsk player (in terms of trading damage with a peer) if you charge into a cap all alone because everyone else goes defense. Similarly if you head to the back to snipe and everyone else pushes C, you might as well be AFK.

My point is that dismissing the players with equal rank as “suiciders” and “cowards” or simply “potatoes”, you should realize that their play is not worse than yours, just belong to a different strategy. This way instead of cursing and losing, you can realize if you find yourself in a team where a different strategy is dominant and adapt.”

“In October 1959, a Yale professor sat in front of Congress’ Joint Economic Committee and calmly announced that the Bretton Woods system was doomed. The dollar could not survive as the world’s reserve currency without requiring the United States to run ever-growing deficits. This dismal scientist was Belgium-born Robert Triffin, and he was right. The Bretton Woods system collapsed in 1971, and today the dollar’s role as the reserve currency has the United States running the largest current account deficit in the world.

[…] By “agreeing” to have its currency used as a reserve currency, a country pins its hands behind its back. In order to keep the global economy chugging along, it may have to inject large amounts of currency into circulation, driving up inflation at home. The more popular the reserve currency is relative to other currencies, the higher its exchange rate and the less competitive domestic exporting industries become. This causes a trade deficit for the currency-issuing country, but makes the world happy. If the reserve currency country instead decides to focus on domestic monetary policy by not issuing more currency then the world is unhappy.”

“Voter issue preferences have almost nothing to do with who gets elected or what gets passed as law”

“Political activism is the opiate of the masses”

@Isegoria’s two latest, when juxtaposed, form a point which bears repeating.”

“”Strategic reconnaissance in its embryonic form began with the flights carried out over Germany by Australian businessman Sidney Cotton just before the outbreak of war in Europe. On behalf of first French and then British intelligence, Cotton outfitted civilian Lockheed Electras with hidden cameras and was able to snap useful footage during business trips. Cotton pioneered (for the British) the trimetrogon mount and the important innovation of heated cameras, fogging being the bane of high-altitude photography. However, a multi-lens trimetrogon had been used in the 1919 U.S. Bagley mapping camera, and Germany had heated optics during the Great War.”

If a German had done this for Germany they would have hung him for espionage.

What’s with all these corporations colluding prewar with Allied powers?

“The US wasn’t planning to start a war with Japan” is a common claim by American war apologists despite the fact that the Department of War colluded with every corporation to make preparations of war to the point civilians were standing at a wartime state of readiness. In fact the the only people who seem to have been unaware of the imminent Japanese preemptive strike were the servicemen stationed at Pearl Harbor who were obviously a sacrificial lamb.

What was the name of the Pacific admiral who got sacked for asking too much questions again?”

“The fact that every person with a PhD in economics is NOT a billionaire should tell you all you need to know about the worth of that particular field of study.”

“The subversion of elites is successful when they are sufficiently divided against each other or simply have enough to gain by defecting against their class. So dissidents must identify fractures in elite unity that can be exploited.”

“Institutions are impervious to popular discontent until there are defectors inside them. A rock weathers a rushing stream for aeons until one day a crack forms inside it.”

>I believe in individual freedom and the right to self-determination of the individual, and this must be valued above all else
>unless the individual determines himself in ways I don’t like, then he should be shot by people I like

I hate conservatives, and boomers especially, more than I do hippies for this reason alone. If you can’t even consistently abide by your own ideology on top of it being a moral view that amounts to nothing besides legalistic mental gymnastics and protestant moralizations, then you are the the lowest form of life that nature has to offer, and should be eugenically exterminated like the vermin that you are. Adolf Hitler was right about the Jews, and he was right about Americans too. No respect for America and its “keep your fellow countrymen at distance with the point of a weapon” mentality. Although what can you expect? A nation whose values are constructed upon liberal individualism producing atomism and a withering sense of any basic human empathy for your fellow citizen is beyond predictable.”

“Inb4 she gets promoted and leaves you”
“inb4 the weather changes and she leaves
inb4 literally anything and she leaves”

“So as we have established, Stephen Paddock has some concrete ties to what could be considered Deep State elements.

Paddock was born in 1953. He retired in 1988, pretty much a spring chicken at just 35 years of age and apparently set for life, living more than comfortably as a gambler and a private pilot.

It’s well known that the CIA has used seemingly private airlines as cover for their operations. Look up Air America, St. Lucia Airways, and Southern Air Transport for just a few examples.

It’s quite likely that Paddock made his living by smuggling arms and/or drugs for shadier elements of the US intelligence community. I don’t have any concrete proof of this, but this kind of information would naturally be hard to come by. These are professional spies and deceivers, not amateurs. But for those who can read between the lines, there’s an obvious connection from which inferences could be made.

This still doesn’t tell us * why * Paddock shot all those people. Perhaps that vast armory he smuggled into the Mandalay Bay was meant to be for an arms deal, but it went wrong, and a massacre was staged to cover CIA involvement. Perhaps Paddock went off the reservation, and spooks staged a massacre with Paddock as the patsy, making an example of any other would-be whistleblowers. Maybe he just went nuts, or his MKUltra trigger unintentionally set him off. Who knows, but the whole thing stinks.”

“No services, no shops, no places of entertainment, no public spaces. It’s a barracks. Shelter in place and be at your desk on time.”

“You read Hong Lou Meng, A Dream of the Red Chamber, or you read Jin Ping Mei, and you’ll find Chinese society in the 16th, 17th century described. So the successful merchant or the mandarin, he gets the pick of all the rich men’s daughters and the prettiest village girls and has probably five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten different wives and concubines and many children. And the poor labourer who’s dumb and slow, he’s neutered. It’s like the lion or the stag that’s outside the flock. He has no harems, so he does not pass his genes down. So, in that way, a smarter population emerges.

Now, we are into a stage of disgenics — not eugenics — where the smarter you are, the more successful you are, the more you calculate. And you say, look, yes, for the good of socially, I should have five children, but what’s the benefit to me? And the wife says, What? Five children? We can’t go on holidays. So one is enough, or at the most two. The people at the lower end — in our three-room flats, two-rooms — some of them have 10, 12 to 14 children.

So what happens? There will be less bright people to support more dumb people in the next generation. That’s a problem. And we are unable to take firmer measures because the prevailing sentiment is against it. But these are the realities. You cannot disapprove of it and say it’s a pity that it should work that way. That’s the way procreation has been structured by nature. And we are going about it in an obtuse and idiotic way.”

“I visited Europe during my vacation (as a student) and then saw India, Pakistan, Ceylon, Indonesia, Japan, Germany … You look for societies which have been more successful and you ask yourself why. On my first visit to Germany, in 1956, we had to stop in Frankfurt on our way to London. We had [earlier] stopped in Rome. This languid Italian voice over the loudspeaker said something … And there were Italian workers trundling trolleys at the airport. It was so relaxed, the atmosphere and the pace of work.

Then the next stop was Frankfurt. And immediately, the climate was a bit cooler and chillier. And a voice came across the loudspeaker: “Achtung! Achtung!” The chaps were the same, porters, but bigger-sized and trundling away. These were people who were defeated and completely destroyed and they were rebuilding. I could sense the goal, the dynamism.

Then Britain – well, they were languid, gentlemanly. With welfare, the British workers were no longer striving. They were getting West Indians to do the dirty jobs as garbage collectors, dustmen, conductors. They were still drivers because that was highly paid, the conductors were paid less.

So one was looking for a soft life, the other was rebuilding and pushing. That made a vivid impression, a very deep impression on me.

I also visited Switzerland when I was a student in ’47, ’48, on holiday. I came down by train from Paris to Geneva. Paris was black bread, dirty, after the war. I arrived at Geneva that morning, sleeping overnight. It was marvellous. Clean, beautiful, swept streets, nice buildings, marvellous white pillowcases and sheets, white bread after dark dirty bread and abundant food and so on. But hardworking, punctilious, the way they did your bed and cleaned up your rooms. It told me something about why some people succeed and some people don’t. Switzerland has a small population. If they didn’t have those qualities, they would have been overrun and Germany would have taken one part and the French another, the Italians would have taken another part. And that’s the end of them.

… the Japanese. Yes, I disliked their bullying and their hitting people and torturing people [during the Japanese Occupation], a brutal way of dealing with people. But they have admirable qualities. And in defeat, I admired them. For weeks, months, they were made, as prisoners, to clean the streets in Orchard Road, Esplanade and I used to watch them. Shirtless, in their dirty trousers but doing a good job. You want me to clean up? Okay, I clean up, that’s my job. None of this reluctance, you know, and humiliated shame. My job is to clean up; all right, I clean up. I think that spirit rebuilt Japan. It was a certain attitude to life. That assured their success.”

“I do not believe that the American system of solving the problem stands any chance. First, they deny that there is a difference between the blacks and the whites. Once you deny that, then you’re caught in a bind.”

“I am sufficiently sanguine about the future because if you look at the history of the region you will find that these were not cultures which created societies capable of intense discipline, concentrated effort, over sustained periods. Climate, the effects of relatively abundant society and the tropical conditions produced a people largely extrovert, easy going and leisurely. They’ve got their wars, they have their periods of greatness when the Hindus came in the 7th and again in the 12th centuries, in the Majapahit and the Srivijaya empires. But in between the ruins of Borubudur and what you have of Indonesia today, you see a people primarily self-indulgent. And I think that is a source of considerable comfort to us because we are much smaller than they are.

You have different peoples in other climates in other countries. Now, you have the Germans, for example, a different breed of men with a different cultural milieu, and they for some reason or the other always believed in destiny, that somehow God had chosen them to produce a better type of race in order to lift up standards in the world, and that they have the answer. And there are capable of extreme effort over very sustained periods, and with very high standards of individual performance. Now this being so, I suggest that the future is not necessarily bleak provided we can keep external powers from getting into Southeast Asia.”

“We have created this out of nothingness, from 150 souls in a minor fishing village into the biggest metropolis 2 degrees north of the Equator. There is only one other civilization near the Equator that ever produced anything worthy of its name. That was in the Yucatan Peninsula of South America — the Mayan Civilization. There is no other place where human beings were able to surmount the problems of a soporific equatorial climate. You can go along the Equator or 2 degrees north of it, and they all sleep after half past two-if they have had a good meal. They do! Otherwise, they must die earlier. It is only in Singapore that they don’t.

And there were good reason for this. First, good glands, and second, good purpose.”

“Shocking: This Bakery in Saudi Arabia Refuses To Make Cakes For Gay Weddings”

“The median household income in Lafayette, LA is $41,000. To pay for maintenance on the infrastructure around a given family’s home, their city taxes would need to increase from $1,500 per year to $9,200 per year. To just take care of what they now have, one out of every five dollars this family makes would need to go to fixing roads, ditches and pipes. That will never happen.

Infrastructure was supposed to serve them. Now they serve it… And don’t think your city is any different.”

“Boomers acting like a surplus of low paying unskilled jobs is the greatest thing to happen to millennials since their damn cellphones.”

“It’s not a problem. It’s a predicament; it has no solution, only outcomes.”

“The buzzword is experiential retail… We are trying to create a new experience and bring people in, to attract them to the Regency experience. What that means is we need theaters and craft breweries and restaurants – things that people can experience in real life to compete with the internet. That’s becoming our big competitor now — the web. We want to give people real life experiences.”

So, basically, what we had downtown before we built the shopping malls.”

“It feels like saying something “is unsustainable” is the same as saying “it’s offensive”, but i can’t quite put my finger on how they’re the same type of accusation.

Oh no I got it, it’s because they both appear almost exclusively with the “it could potentially cause some other people some problems in the future maybe, or that’s what experts seem to believe, i don’t know i’m just saying, but you’re wrong for sure” tone.”

“…If all people were good innately, like you believe they are, then this organization wouldn’t have become so rotten, would it? In my opinion, this organization is simply set up in accordance with the true human nature, providing insight into what that nature really is.”

“Primogeniture, inheritance of the family fortune by the firstborn. This practice has since been replaced by the more humane system of inheritance by lawyers.”

“The best way to become boring is to say everything.”

“If you accept that sitting being lectured by CNN or whoever is in essence the same as sitting in church being preached at, and also count preaching in schools and universities, our society is possibly the most religious that has ever existed.”

“It would be nice if people could just complain about their children being killed or injured, instead of having to fake a concern for “humanity”.”

“Russian novel: does suffering have meaning?
French novel: does love have meaning?
American novel: does work have meaning?
German novel: no.”

“She can’t just say she’s living together with a good friend who once a month plays together with her dildo. No, she’s “in a relationship”. It’s not just fun. It has to be “love”.
Lesbianism is undesirable women signaling their desirability.”

“I wonder how often lesbianism is an attempt to offer a 2-for-1 deal.”

“If we are going to describe lesbian relationships the same way as natural marriages, i.e. as the woman being “in love”, we might as well conclude that women are incapable of love and that it’s all theater.”

“This silly experiment has at least identified the cause of divorce: women. Just Google “lesbian divorce rate”. An actually remarkable discovery, though few seem interested.”

“Step 1.) Do the opposite of neural evolution.
Step 2.) Create a neuron for every single photon you’ll ever see.
Step 3.) Oh, also save that photon forever.



“While there’s a little grey area, humans split pretty cleanly into bumbling peasants and strategic aristocrats.”

“If the Chinese could make foot-binding (which is absolutely crippling) fashionable and classy, we should be able to make smart women having lots of babies fashionable and classy.”

“When a woman tells you she doesn’t want to have kids, she means she doesn’t want to have kids *with you*.”

“Progressivism’s telos is ever more intense violence on behalf of ever smaller minorities.”

“Everyone is equal. Moreover, everyone is an aristocrat. Therefore proggies want to turn America into a giant king’s court full of lying backstabbing courtiers. And it’s working.”

“US foreign policy is based on a convoluted set of euphemisms and Trump’s insistence on asking “why?” rather than just parroting the vocabulary is enough to unravel the whole thing. “Nobody’s ever asked us to explain why we do things before, Mr. President.””

“I reviewed the book. In Appendix D, there was a little program which had been written because the program man wanted to write, could not fit into memory. So he wrote a little piece and put a little translation there. It was an assembler. It wasn’t called that, but that’s what it was. When I read it I studied over it for a long while and realized that’s what it was.

If they put it in Appendix D, did they know?

In the second edition, it was still in Appendix D. Did they know what they’d done? No. I’m raising the question: When is something known? We tend to give credit to the first person who says something. But that really isn’t right. There was a time when I and a bunch of other people in computing realized that computers really were not number crunching machines, they were symbol manipulating machines. We went out and gave talks. And I watched the audience, nodding their heads, oh yes, and I knew most of them did not understand what I was saying. But that’s the way it goes.”

“I say I understood the thing; I learned it from somebody else. I say they didn’t understand it. It’s very common, almost everybody in physics has done this. I’ll take myself.

You know, I suppose, that I’m the father of error-correcting codes. Well, some guy who knew me said, to another friend, “You know, I don’t think Hamming ever understood error-correcting codes.” A friend of mine repeated it to me over the phone, I was just about to say “Why that-” and I shut up and said, over the phone to him, “Yes, he is probably right.”

The person who discovers something rarely understands it.

They have their feet so far in the back and all the trouble they had, they don’t see the light, where people who come afterward see it much more clearly than the person who did it.

Perhaps the best illustration of this point besides telling you my personal story is Newton. It has been said Newton was the last of the ancients. He was not the first of the moderns. Almost all creative people when they create something do this. The reason for telling you this is twofold.

If somebody else created a field and he says ‘this is the way to do it’, you are entitled to ignore him.

On the other hand when you create a field, remember to shut up. You don’t really understand what you did.”

“The language I am talking to you now has about 60% redundancy, meaning you can drop about 60% and still make it out. It has to be this way. I’m talking at a rate, you have to grab it on the fly over an acoustic channel. Now the written language is different. It’s about 40% redundancy, because you can stop, you can backscan, the channel is not anywhere near as noisy. If you think the written and spoken language are the same, try writing dialogue and see what happens to you.

You can’t write the language you speak. I know you think you can, but you can’t. They’re different languages. And when you do find a book with dialogue that sounds very good, it really is not how people speak.”

“One of my favorite stories about my wife and myself, when we were in New Jersey, our breakfast table was right next to some windows looking on the garden. We’re having breakfast prior to me going to work. And she says, “Dick, it’s raining.” I look at her and think “What’s wrong with her? She must know that I can see it’s raining”. Then I say to myself, what did she really say?

What she said was: “I’ve had my second cup of coffee and I’m fit to talk to.”

I spent much of that day at Bell Labs watching how much of what we say is not what it appears to be. And it is amazing. The enormous amount of how much of what we say is literally not correct. No way. So the language has a great deal of thing of things more than what you think; our natural language has a great deal of features, which in a language to a computer would not have to have.

Well we have not studied the problem. When I heard the Japanese were planning to write fifth generation computers, the speed was alright, but when they were going to do AI to do things, I thought they would not succeed. And they didn’t. Because they were not profoundly studying the nature of language. And until we do, we will get language like ADA, which are logically alright, but they don’t fit the human analogue to do the kinds of things that a human animal does with language.

Now I point out there are two languages: there is you to the machine, and the machine back to you. They need not be the same language. You want a terse one in, and you’re willing to put up with a rather verbose one coming out. Frequently what comes out is so terse you can’t figure out what it means, and you’re willing to settle with a lot more printout – but not too much. It’s a problem of designing language to communicate ideas to machines.

But unfortunately we don’t know what ideas are, so we don’t know how to do it.”

“Write psychological rather than logical.
Write so that it can be followed.
Write so that you, five years later, will know what you were doing.
Don’t do some cute trick. You won’t remember.”

“once upon a time I would have dismissed this as misogynistic, BUT the guy is famous and kinda hot so I guess he has a point”

“We’ve basically already played that movie. If merit awards the levers of legitimized coercive power, then ‘merit’ gets gerrymandered until the power-addict-du-jour is considered to have merit.”

“How do black people navigate white worlds? Black people are unduly burdened by the expectation that we always be on our ‘best’ behavior – or be subject to punishment”

“Every single day a black author writes a story about how difficult & unnatural it is for black people to obey the law & function in civilized Western societies. Crime statistics corroborate this claim. Perhaps we should start listening & quit viewing race as a social construct”

“Bizarrely East Asians navigate white worlds more adeptly than whites themselves.


“Who would publish such tripe with a straight face? Is it really that hard to go each day without, say, murdering someone or selling drugs? Seriously, I want to know.”

“Living in modern civilization is appropriating white culture.”

“America was supposed to be degenerate feudalism. The States govern themselves internally and the Feds govern relations between the States.

Feudalism sees this as childish. King governs relations between dukes who govern relations between barons who govern relations between knights who govern relations between squires, who govern their city-ward sized feus internally.”

“Galileo was a better theologian than his inquisitor, who was in turn a better scientist than Galileo.”

“What most people mean when they say they want a meaningful life:
Kids to raise
A tribe to serve”

“American foreign policy operates on feminine logic: The response to American belligerence is used to retroactively justify that belligerence.”

“At first there will be increased slaughter — increased slaughter on so terrible a scale as to render it impossible to get troops to push the battle to a decisive issue. They will try to, thinking that they are fighting under the old conditions, and they will learn such a lession that they will abandon the attempt forever. Then, instead of war fought out to the bitter end in a series of decisive battles, we shall have as a substitute a long period of continually increasing strain upon the resources of the combatants. The war, instead of being a hand-to-hand contest, in which the combatants measure their physical and moral superiority, will become a kind of stalemate, in which neither army being willing to get at the other, both armies will be maintained in opposition to each other, threatening the other, but never being able to deliver a final and decisive attack…

That is the future of war — not fighting, but famine, not the slaying of men, but the bankruptcy of nations and the breakup of the whole social organization…”

“When the right to exclusion is denied, the home is destroyed.
When anyone can buy a house in an area just because they have enough money, your motherland has become a prostitute.”

“It’s amazing. You have all of these oppressed brown people – excuse me, let me used the worshippable, sacrilizing term – people of color. And by color, I mean the color brown. The people of color brown, they’re constantly trying to get into these places, these white spaces, white organizations, white institutions, that are oppressing them!

Imagine if the Armenians in Turkey had some march in Istanbul, demanding to be served by Turkish diners, or staged sit-ins in Ankara. They would be killed, and the government would look the other way. Or if the Kurds marched into Baghdad and demanded equal funding for their schools, and that the people of Baghdad should pay for it because Baghdad has more money, that this was their right, equal rights meant that the Baghdadis had to pay for their schools, to pay for their stuff.

Actually oppressed people don’t behave this way.

In the United States, who is trying to gain access to the other? Who is trying to escape the other? Who would rather have an hour commute than live in a neighborhood predominated by the other?

Is it called “Black Flight”? Or “White Flight”?”

2018 May 26 ~ Jun 03

“Everywhere they are, they’re less equal than whoever is right next to them. But it’s always that guy’s fault for some reason.”

>the French are responsible for the soil being bad today
i mean, i don’t think so, but maybe, i don’t know agriculture…
>the French are responsible for there being no social institutions
shouldn’t be rebelling when you don’t know what you’re gonna do afterwards, but okay, maybe…

>the French are responsible for burning down forests to cook food after the French left

ok dawg
got it
message fuckin received”

“Managers tend to believe that if they only knew what was going on, they would know what to do.

It’s called micromanagement.”

“Computers began in the number-crunching business. The atomic bomb: we were crunching numbers because those were the people who could pay the bill. As the price came down, we spread out into doing word processing and information retrieval and so on…”

“Women don’t have rights because they don’t have the capacity of violence that enables them to defend and secure it. End of story. The entirety of women’s rights campaigns in history can be reduced to them begging those who HAVE that capacity (read: men) to allow them privileges mistaken as rights. You can’t tell me with a straight face that women have rights when they are the first demographic that would be stripped of them in the event the state collapses.”

“A quotation I like, it’s in translation obviously: the Buddha, 500BC, said to his disciples:

“I don’t care where you read it. I don’t care who said it. Even if I said it. If it doesn’t fit with what you believe and your common sense, then it is not so.”

You are responsible for what you believe. Quoting professors, saying professor so-and-so said so-and-so is not so good. You are responsible for what you believe, and that’s the one thing I’ve gotta do; I’ve got to get you to believe these things. It’s nice that I said these, you must go through the things and say to yourself, Do I believe that guy or not? That’s probably also a famous line too, but how many famous people have been wrong? Almost all famous people have been wrong sometime or another. It’s bound to be. Furthermore as I’ve told you: what works in one generation does not work in the next, and of course, my feet are in the past. You have got to face the future, and the year 2020 is the number you can think about.”

“Rome started out as a Kingdom, then it became a Republic, then an Empire. In the Republican or Imperial eras, the idea of Kingdoms probably would have seemed ridiculous to most sophisticated people. But what was Rome succeeded by? Kingdoms…”

“Why do Communists today hate fascists more than anyone else even though fascists are closer to their views than libertarian capitalists are?

Most fascists today probably hate capitalist neoliberal SJWs more than anyone, yet the communists are still hung up on hating fascists. It’s almost like these so-called communists are just tools of the neoliberal establishment.”

“1791 to 1871 – Babbage was minor nobility, he had an idea of building a machine. He had been using tables [for integration and derivation], and the tables had errors. And he said, “If only a steam engine would make them, they would be accurate”.

So, he set out to do it.

[…] Babbage wanted to print out the numbers so that there was no possibility of human error. Well, the technology to do this was beyond his abilities. He greatly improved manufacturing and engineering techniques of building this and that, but he never got it done, in spite of government support.

[…] Babbage never completed it because what happened to him was what happened to a great many people: he no longer was well into one and he had the realization of a better machine. He had the idea of a general purpose computer. Why bother with this difference machine that can only do simple things, when I can build a general purpose computer? So he started doing that, again with government money, and again he did not complete it. It was not his fault, probably, although he was a bit irascible, perhaps with a better temperament he might’ve got it done. But probably not. The technology was not equal to him.

However, somewhere in the 1990s, the British, at a museum where some of the parts were, completed the design, not using heavy gears made out of brass but plastic gears. And the machine ran just as Babbage had designed it. It was, to great extent, a Von Neumann type machine. It has a mill, which you call the arithmetic unit, it has a store, which is typically called memory, it had branching; it had all the features.”

“I didn’t want to argue with my boss, he was a nice guy. Furthermore I knew a principle which I commend to you very highly: Never, never let your boss say “No”. Once he says no, almost no bosses have got the guts to say, “Yes, I was wrong”.

So I never asked him for a machine, I simply rented machine time outside, and I ran up a big bill. I rented machines at IBM, I rented UNIVAC, I rented whatever was available at any place I could to get jobs done, and he couldn’t complain about it because he was not paying it, the group I was doing the computing for paid the bill. Well he could see, so he says, “You know Hamming, it might be cheaper if you had a machine here instead of having to go around all the time” and I said yes, it would probably be cheaper.

He said which one do you want, I knew what I wanted, I told him, bingo, I got it.

I didn’t let him say, no, you can’t have a machine. And I commend you always, never ask a question if the answer is likely to be no. Unless you want no for the answer.”

“The purpose of computing is insight. Not numbers.

We are not computing numbers just to get the numbers, although sometimes we have to to get design factors, mainly we must have understanding, because if we don’t get this understanding, we will be cut off at that technological level forever. Understanding is what enables us to go further and further and further in understanding and making progress.”

“It is not my business what you answer. My business is that you answer coherently and clearly. Do you see my position in this education business? It’s up to you to get your thoughts clear, quoting me is not legitimate. In fact, in a discussion, I will always take the opposite side, to compel you to think of what you believe. You are responsible for your beliefs. I am not responsible for your beliefs, I am responsible for making you think. But not what you can think.

I am particularly poorly placed with that. I am so lost in the past that I have difficulty grasping the present, let alone the future. We calculated atomic bomb design at one operation per second. That could be done now on a machine in about two seconds, and we worked around the clock for two or three months to get one answer. I’m not really adjusted, in many ways, to the speed of modern machines. I tend to think of the cute tricks we used to save milliseconds and microseconds. Doesn’t do much good now to save microseconds. You have to save a million of them to save one second. It isn’t a paying game. It was in my youth when we had slower machines and we didn’t do such large things. Now it does.

So I’m really not oriented well to guide you in the future. I can merely tell you the past isn’t too good a guide in the future and you must make up your [own] mind.”

“It’s increasingly clear, if it wasn’t already, that the “Rule of Law” that is supposedly the core of Western society is in reality just Rule of Lawyers. Or Rule of Judges, who by far have the largest discretion of any power holder. They can ban and overturn anything.”

“While judges make real decisions, legislators are organized into political parties which are half marketing half lobbying firms. Those guys (i.e. US Congress) don’t want to make decisions, so they push them to the judges and the bureaucracy. Which are old friends from law school.”

“The most likely underlying reason why Tommy Robinson was arrested is because the grooming gangs he was arrested for reporting on are a critical part of the UK government power structure.

In the west, there has to be an appearance of democracy, while maintaining behind the scenes control and compliance of parliamentarians, so that they serve the oligarchy above party affiliation and their voter base.

The most efficient method of achieving this is blackmail.

The easiest people to blackmail are pedophiles. Practically everyone hates them. If you can burn an asset by outing them as a pedophile, you will have an extremely compliant parliamentarian or government official working for you. As a result, if you take a look at any given parliamentarian or high ranking public servant, there’s a better than even chance of them being a pedophile. Such people are sought out by the relevant intelligence services and offered a deal.

Those who take up the deal are the ones who get ahead. They’re pre-selected for parliamentary elections and promoted within the public service.

They do what they’re told and given a supply of children to abuse in an environment controlled and monitored by their blackmailers.

The supply of young victims to sexually service men in power doesn’t come from nowhere. There’s a lot of logistics involved in grooming and transporting these children and making sure that nobody involved talks about it. That’s where these grooming gangs come in. They are one of the chief means of supplying this system of oligarchical control through sexual trafficking of children. They’re basically part of the government and must be protected as a key government asset.

The fact that they’re predominantly Islamic brown people is really quite incidental and convenient/opportunistic. It means they have practically zero empathy for the mostly white children they prey upon and the race card can be played if anyone tries to expose them. This sort of thing used to be done by native British back in the day, after all Britain was much whiter back when Jimmy Saville was doing his thing. It’s just that the new Islamic migrants are much more effective at working with this system, so they’re very valuable assets.

The key things to understand is that this is fundamentally about power, control and blackmail and just how high (indeed existential) the stakes are. The racial angle is mostly a convenient and distracting red herring, although far from irrelevant.

Tommy Robinson has unwittingly stumbled into something much more serious than just the courts going soft on a bunch of racial minorities. He’s coming dangerously close to blowing the lid off the real power structure in the UK.

So that’s why they’re going full SHUT IT DOWN mode.”

“This is the impression the PAP has created.”
“No, you are spreading that impression.”

“There isn’t a level playing field for the opposition.”
“There is no level playing field of any government helping its opposition.”

“We’ve talked to hundreds of voters in the course of our work. And it’s either, ‘no comment’, or, ‘if I vote against the PAP’-”
“Let’s get down. What are the hundreds of voters – you name the hundreds of voters, a few of them.”
“Well I can’t name them by name, but-”
“No no, you tell me who you’ve spoken to and they say, ‘we are afraid to vote against the PAP’.”
“Well a few weeks ago, The Straits Times did a report and polled a hundred voters-”
“No no no no. Never mind The Straits Times’ poll. You made a statement just now- look. I started life as a cross-examiner. You made a statement just now, that ‘I spoke to a hundred persons, and they are all afraid’. I say name them. Tell me who.”
“Why should I name them-”
“Now you tell me, ‘It’s not I who spoke to them, The Straits Times carried a poll’. Did you carry out the poll?”
“I was one of the reporters.”
“Did you carry out the poll?”
“Yes, I did.”
“How did you carry out the poll?”
“We went out and we asked a hundred voters what they thought.”
“How many voters did you ask?”
“We had to get more than a hundred-”
“How many voters did you ask?”
“About 120.”
“You, yourself, personally.”
“I spoke to about 40.”
“You spoke to 40. And they told you, you noted down-”
“Yes, I do have most of their names. Some of them didn’t want to identify themselves.”
“What did they tell you?”
“Well we asked them, ‘who do you think will win’. We’re not asking what your vote is, but who do you think will win in this coming election. And some of them said, ‘oh, it’s hard to say’, some of them said, ‘[incumbent] still has enough to hang on’, and some just said, ‘I better not say.'”
“So when you say some of the 40, “I better not say”, you assume they are scared to tell you?”
“Yeah, because they say- it’s not something that you can prove in a court of law, but it’s something you can sense-”
“That is the point I am saying. You’re in the media, you’re in The Straits Times, you’re purveying an unnecessary falsehood. We have said, categorically: the vote is secret. This started off with Rajaratnam. “They are afraid!”. So we say, right, clear the boxes, finish the count, lock up, go to the Supreme Court, it’s locked up, tie them up, incinerator, you can see all election agents watch, it’s burnt. And you are going out as The Straits Times man-

How many said ‘we are afraid’? They didn’t tell you they were afraid, they only told you ‘no no, I don’t want to say something’. You started off with the statement that over a hundred people told you they were afraid.”
“No I didn’t say that.”
“You said that. It’s on- Please. I haven’t lost my memory. We can go back on the tape. As I told you, I allow my grandchildren to speak back to me. But from time to time, when they are out of bounds, I put them down. And when you make that statement, without any evidence, I have to put it to you, get to the bottom of it.

You interviewed not 100, but 40, and a few of them said ‘I’d rather not say’. Therefore you assume they are afraid. How are they afraid? Because we terrify them.

Isn’t it your job to tell them there’s nothing to be afraid?”

“For the time being, the best candidates are in the PAP.”
“Are you not worried that given the political apathy we’re seeing, especially in the younger-”
“How can you talk about political apathy? You are so agitated by it all-”
“But that’s us. And for every one of us, there’s ten more out there who don’t know. I’ve seen people in polytechnic universities who don’t know who their prime minister is, they don’t know who you are, and they don’t find it important, and they don’t care. Given this situation, aren’t you afraid this will impact your party’s renewal chances in the long run?”
“You assume that politics is about elections and election contests.

I do not see politics that way.

I think the best definition of politics is one I found in an American dictionary, which said, ‘the art or science of governance of a country, and how it runs its internal and external relations’. Translated in real life, it means “How is my life affected by the government?”. Do I have a job? Do I have a home? Do I have medicine when I need it? Do I have enough recreational facilities? Is there a future for my children? Will they be educated, will there be a chance to advance in society?

If you do not have any of these things, you are going to find agitation.

You have no recollection of this because you were not born, but in the 1950s and 1960s, Singapore was in a state of agitation every day. You look up your old Straits Times and [other newspapers], archives. Look at the riots, the strikes. Why? No homes, half the children were not in schools. 14% unemployment and underemployment. Pirate taxi drivers. No job, so I take a car, pay no license, no insurance, come in I give you a ride. 50 cents, 20 cents, so on. Hookers all over the place.

Today, over 40 years, we have transformed it, because assiduously we attended to the politics of life.

That’s what it’s about. ‘What is the future?’.

If I can have another political party, you can have another political party, to look after you, the way the PAP has, I say, my job is done, finished. I can go home, and sit back, and read the books I want to read.”
“How long do you think Singapore can survive without the PAP in power?”
“Once the PAP goes soft, it will be displaced.”
“How long?”
“I hope never. I hope it never happens. But if it happens, it will be displaced.”

“There was a time in our history where we had to sell games to the global market, so we mimicked titles developed in the West. Those games really prioritized the aspects of reality and believability. But in Japan, we had Gravity Daze and The Last Guardian which didn’t focus particularly on reality, but rather an overall image and delivering an atmosphere. Considering art forms like anime and even ukiyoe, the Japanese people have never really focused on realistic portrayals. I think we prefer this kind of surreal and unclear world, and personally, I think that’s a big difference between Japan and the West.”

“Obama promised a post racial America. We elected Obama so that we could once and for all cleanse ourselves from the guilt for our racial sins.

Obama running for election spoke of the “nation’s original sin of slavery,” in the celebrated “A More Perfect Union” speech on race.but promised redemption. Elect Obama, and your sins will be forgiven.

Shortly after election, we discovered that our original sins were irredeemable, we are all guilty, we all must be punished with hellfire for eternity.”

“In retrospect it is now apparent that we were locked onto this course when all men were declared to be equal. They are not, and pretending that they are necessarily results in legal privileges for inferior groups.

We can never have the same laws for different groups, and we don’t.

“England has become a fascist state. What Hitler could not do, they have done to themselves.

Why England, why?”

“If it was a fascist state, it would be acting in the interests of its native population, not trying to destroy it.”

“You really think I haven’t spent time in a newsroom? I’ve spent time in too many. Bleak. You’re welcome to come by SpaceX, but please stop assuming I’m against all journalists. This is not true. Something needs to be done to improve public trust in media.”

“I’m for real: when was the last time you spent time with a reporter in a newsroom who was doing anything other than interviewing you? I think it’s important you come by and see the process.”

“You’re missing the point and living in a bubble of self-righteous sanctimony. The public doesn’t trust you. This was true *before* the last election & only got worse. Don’t believe me? Run your own poll…”

“You’re very smart so I want you to think about this for a second. Do you think it’s in the interest of powerful people to A: support a free press that exposes their lies, or B: tear it down so their lies are easier to tell? Now ask yourself why the polls would look bad.”

“Who do you think *owns* the press? Hello.”

“Harvey Weinstein and Tommy Robinson were both in court today.

One was charged as a sexual predator and the other was charged with reporting on sexual predators.

You’ll never guess which one is already on their way to prison.”

“Contrary to popular leftist memes, rape is about sex, not power. That’s why chemically castrated people don’t do it anymore.”

“if building housing at transit will displace people, wait til you see what NOT building it will do to prices”

“All buildings are predictions.

All predictions are wrong.”

“Imagine you knew a guy. Imagine this guy was willing to say for you, “Yeah, if she has her tits chopped off, she’s totally a man now.” Like, doesn’t that give you a warm fuzzy feeling? He must really like you to be willing to lie that flagrantly to help you out.

Problem is if you make too many friends, the lie will become a thing. Is he lying for you, or just because everyone is doing it? So now you have to come up with an even bigger lie, and see if he’ll still say it.”


“But would you be willing to ride the deer?”

“If you’re not then it shows that you don’t really believe it’s a horse, no?”

“The future is fucking a man to signal you think he’s a woman, forever.”

“There are different structural reasons, I think, for why nerds aren’t considered social. In my experience, nerds aren’t particularly “unsociable” at all around people they already know and have a lot in common with. Now note that this has been the normal social situation for most of human history. We evolved to live in small tribes with people we’ve known all our lives and have everything in common with, and the dicey issue of interacting with strangers was up until quite recently dealt with by way of formal scripts, roles and rules (there’s a reason nerds like to roleplay old-fashioned politeness).

Large modern societies where we constantly meet new people and our interactions with them are expected to be informal and “natural” right away, requires a level of people-reading proficiency I suspect is historically unprecedented. That’s going to be tough for many, and the less you have in common with the average person the tougher it’s going to be — unless the way you’re different is by being more attuned to other people’s feelings. That is, unless you’re a wamb. Nerds get isolated.

In short: Part of nerdy asociality could be due to people being poorly adapted to an unnatural environment, not unlike how widespread obesity is a result of poor adaptation to an unnaturally wealthy, food-rich environment.”

“I could compile a list of examples that sniped me recently and this post would be better for it, but I don’t want to for the same reasons most people don’t want to start a “things with a terrible stench”-collection.”

“I see I’m talking to a list of talking points instead of a person. I think I’ll stop.”

“I know that the English congratulate themselves on their humanity and the good nature of the nation, but as much as they might proclaim this, nobody else repeats it for them!”

“The opportunity cost of even the best schools is enormous, even compared to doing nothing at all.”

“Feminist: “Let’s destroy the family structure”

*Society starts falling apart

Feminist: “Society is falling apart because of men””

“There’s a limit to indulging women’s whims. When you see feminism, you’ve clearly passed it.

So yes, it’s men’s fault.”

“- Islamic teacher who sexually assaulted 11 yr old girl is spared jail.
– Tommy Robinson who reports on these cases is sent to jail.”

“Tommy Robinson is a habitual Noticer, so it would have been easy to predict something would happen to him.”

“Women vary a whole lot less. If one woman can do a job, almost all women can also do that job. Or put another way, any fault she finds in the woman next door is probably also in her. And in any replacement hires. They might as well just get along.”

“Arguing semantics are often derided, but it shouldn’t be. Telling someone not to argue semantics is to imply that they should accept whatever vocabulary is given to them, i.e. accept to have the terms of debate dictated to them. That’s often tantamount to begging the question, since a lot of public discourse is dedicated to shaping the meaning of labels and getting them to stick to certain things (and to resisting and disrupting your enemies’ attempts to do this). That’s PR. That’s rhetoric. But not traditional, “focused” rhetoric where a man in a toga tries to convince the senate to launch an invasion. This “unfocused rhetoric” isn’t about some specific decision, it’s about influencing the background memetic environment to be more favourable to your interests.”

“[T]he English retaking England without firearms is not strategically impossible, except the part where the peasants would have to stop acting docile and submissive.”

“Debt is just slavery with extra steps.”

“You have stated to the German people that you were primarily concerned with the restoration of their democratic mode of life. But you have not said a single word that you want to restore to them the sensible foundations of living, which have been denied to them these past 25 years.”

“It is my fervent wish that you may at least live to see the day on which the world, and the western nations in particular, will become aware of the bitter truth that it was you and your friend Roosevelt who sold the future to Bolshevism for a cheap personal triumph over nationalistic Germany. This day may come sooner than you like, and you in spite of your advanced age, will be vigorous enough to see it dawn bloody red over the British Isles.”

“if you insult a journalist they dox you and then cyberstalk you and then talk to your friends about you and then write it up and publish it under a well known brand which will now be associated with your name when someone googles you; wow, these people sound cool”

“No idiot, it’s the opposite. How you mouthbreathers are let loose in society is beyond me”

“The premise of democracy is to let loose all the mouthbreathers.”

“Journalists always lie. If you’re to the right of them, they smear you. If you’re to the left, they cover up for you.”

“They don’t enjoy the genuine world. they’re just in it for the status points which mysteriously accrue to generic photographs.”

“Whenever anything unexpected happens, the programmed role has to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into the future, and when it isn’t, Rome falls.”

“We need to be subject to critique by people who know what they’re doing.”

“This is hard when the West largely rejects the idea that some people know what they are doing better than others.”

“This drift can readily be seen by comparing 2006 4chan to 2018 facebook.

4chan was considered the darkest, scummiest corner of the internet (outside of the “dark web”), and yet the posts from that era are borderline tame compared to the jokes that I see posted on a daily basis on facebook, which is considered the front-and-center of the internet.

This is over a period of twelve years, not even a full generation.

I already feel culturally alienated from people who are only 10 years younger than I am. I can’t imagine what the difference between me and any children I have in the near future would be. Can you imagine what the internet will be like in twenty years? Because I know I can’t.”

“One of the funny things about the stock market is that every time one man buys, another sells, and both think they are astute.”

“The alternative to witch hunts is a shooting war or surrender to annihilation. If you insist on pretending to be friends with your enemies, you die or you’re cast aside by those who want to live.”

“If multiculturalism makes our societies better why do we have more crime, less money, crippled police, stretched healthcare systems, industrial scale rape, a fear of asserting our own culture, constant ethnic complaints, & the claim this this won’t end until we are wiped out?”

“How exactly have Native Americans acquired this reputation as principled environmentalists? None of the races created much pollution before the Industrial Revolution, and by that time period, there were barely any Native Americans left to partake in the environment trashing. It’s not like they made a conscious choice to preserve the earth.”

“>merely a containment chamber”
“Seems like a non-answer.”
“So a play pen, how nice.”
>concentration camps

>a containment channel
were complaints about the censorship really so pervasive that they fucked up every other conversation? that’s impressive and also probably a sign they should stop censoring shit instead of taking increasingly dumb measures to shut people up”
“At least it’s a sign they might be listening”
“way too optimistic, bordering delusional”

“So in translation: here’s a live complaint box so you can’t say we’re not listening, nice.”
>containment channel
So, basically they wanted to “legally” ban people for talking bad things about the game.”
>more unnecessary drama
They aren’t taking this seriously at all.”

“>Hey guys we set up a containment channel to post your censorship complaints here

>away from the main channel

>so other users can’t see the complaints

>so others don’t know about it”

“It’s literally “please complain it here in this off channel, we’re sick of seeing you guys complain about this on the main channel. Post it here on this off channel instead so we can ignore it and browse the main channel without you guys bitching all the time about the censorship. We have no intention of ever checking this censorship off channel. thanks for understanding””

“They said employees will be reading, though, just believe.”

“no, fuck these idiots. what needs to be said has already been said. more feedback means nothing, this is just an excuse to ban or mute people who want to talk about the subject in a venue people actually fucking use”
girls frontline

“Actors, of course. Names. How much of some names’ early access to parts is due to ability, how much to nepotism. Just so, for instance, Sophia Coppola directs, as does the daughter of David Lynch. If you read the closing credits of films all kinds of familiar and vaguely familiar last names may be seen, and someone in the business once told me, “If you ever think you smell something, you do.”

Kobe Bryant’s father played in the NBA and Kobe from his earliest years was basically bred for basketball. Philly area people may remember that when Kobe was in high school there were rumors about him getting the best of Stackhouse and other Sixer guards in pick up games.”

“Seems to be true even in motorsports. At least a few F1 drivers today are progeny of F1 drivers yesterday…”

“We just happen to have the books/meds you need to meet regulations which we helped write!”

“You know what the best thing is about the end of the day?
Tomorrow, it starts all over again.”

“I’m an account service represen- I-I’m an account manager.”

“Why are you here?”

“You want me to stick my hand in there?”
“Yes, I want you to catch it.”

“Every culture has a secret code. One you won’t find in traditional texts.”

“What the fuck have you done lately?”

“The sleeper must awaken.”

“This one kills only animals.”
“Are you suggesting the duke’s son is an animal?”
“Let us say I am suggesting you may be human.”

“We have entered the time where all will turn against us and seek our lives.”

“You must choose the name of manhood, which we will call you openly.”

“Don’t be worried, everyone gets one here.”

“He who can destroy a thing controls the thing.”

“I’m dead to everyone unless I try to become what I may be.”

“It’s not too hard to redpill someone a bit IRL by demonstrating that Rotherham could not have happened anywhere except a Western liberal democracy.”

“Negging doesn’t work on women with IQs over 90.”
“Could be a joke.
Could be a never take dating advice from women.
It could be a ‘It doesn’t work on me, get contrarian/disagreeable and prove me wrong,’ *bites lip*.”

“The inescapable dread of realizing mastering one or two, or maybe several skills and cultivating natural curiosities would have been more valuable than 12 years of public education”

“The realization that sitting on the lawn farting into the grass would have been more valuable than any given minute in Prussian school.”

“There’s a law of identity relation, which shows that consciousness doesn’t have the correct properties to be physics.

Physics doesn’t go away if you stop believing in it.

Thoughts are defined by going away if you stop believing in them.”

“Illusion thinks itself real.
Illusion = reality. Substitute.
Reality thinks itself real. Yes, yes it does.”

2018 May 18 ~ 25

“Don’t. Do. Diagnostics. On. Healthy. Patients.”

“There. Is. Money. To. Be. Made. In. Treatment.”

“Exactly. Do a diagnostic, medicalize something into being “abnormal”, then rent-seek for further testing to “rule out” this thing that’s completely benign anyway.”

“[Do you] not believe there’s a spark of divinity in every person?”


No, there isn’t.”

“Yesterday on Twitter the governor of California, Jerry Brown, went after the president’s views on immigration, and he ended his tweet this way:

“We, the citizens of the fifth largest economy in the world, are not impressed.”

“Citizens of the economy”. That says it all. To the modern left, you’re not an American with a culture and a history and a collective identity. You’re a citizen of the economy. A cog in the machine of global capitalism. To Jerry Brown and Nancy Pelosi and their many donors, America is just another private equity scheme. Their pledge is different from yours.

“And to economy, for which it stands, indivisible, with open borders and low wages for all.””

“[Feminism] is mixed up with a muddled idea that women are free when they serve their employers but slaves when they help their husbands.”

“Daily reminder that under Feudalism people got basically half the year off to pursue their own hobbies and interest while under capitalism/globalism you get less than 8 weeks holiday a year and you’re population gets replaced by hostile aliens who you pay to replace you lol”

“this #metoo thing is funny because sexual harassment generally only happens to homely women. 6s at most. Men don’t dare harass real beauties. They just don’t. They do try with mediocre women because they think they have a shot just being pushy. “

“not getting the joke” is one of the fundamental forces of history. Right there with class struggle.

“Yet again we find this revolutionary concept blithely accepted by many male traditionalists. They are content to accept without argument that there exists a widespread problem of men “harassing” women, and that “something must be done about it.” My first thought would be: What did the Romans do about it? What did the Christian Church do about it? How about the Chinese or the Aztecs?

The obvious answer is that none of them did anything about it, because the concept has only recently developed within the context of the feminist movement. Is this not cause for suspicion? Why are men so quick to adopt the language of their declared enemies?”

“Does the “service dog” category exist for any other reason other than allowing white women to sneak their pets into grocery stores?”

“If the New York Times blesses you, you are our enemy, and you intend to destroy everyone like me, you intend to deny me grandchildren, you intend to to erase my culture and destroy its statues, monuments and great buildings. You intend to demonize and erase my ancestors and their great achievements from history, you intend to erase my past and deny me a future. You are planning to flatten the great buildings of my ancestors, and replace them with concrete boxes, because you hate my past.”

“Slate Star Codex recently attempted to survey co-worker sexual harassment complaints by workplace type, and reviewed existing surveys. The major result was that the more women were outnumbered by men, (engineering, mining) the less that women experienced “sexual harassment”, and the more women outnumber men (supermarket checkout chicks, actresses) the more they experience “sexual harassment”. These results were swiftly confirmed by subsequent work by other people, who also produced similar results for rape – or at least females complaining about “rape”.

But this only makes sense if incidents of men “raping” women and men “sexually harassing” women are generally female initiated, not male initiated, which is what I see in front of my nose, and what I see everyone else failing to see. All workplace sexual harassment cases of males supposedly sexually harassing females, as near to all of them as makes no difference, are female initiated: It is a fitness test. The chick is looking for a coworker with the stones to beat her and rape her.

If workplace sexual harassment is male initiated, we would expect females in predominantly male workplaces to report a lot of it, in particular we would expect engineerettes and female miners to report lots of it, because outnumbered approximately a hundred to one by males, while we would expect actresses and supermarket checkout girls to report very little of it, because they heavily outnumber male co-workers. Survey data is the exact opposite. The more that female workers outnumber male workers (and thus the thirstier the female workers) the more “sexual harassment” by every plausible measure, indicating that all cases of males sexually harassing female co-workers are actually cases of female co-workers fitness testing attractive males, as near to all of them as makes no difference.”

“Legions aren’t supposed to cross the Rubicon and the US Army isn’t supposed to operate on US soil. Similarly political parties should not be a normal feature of domestic society.”

“LOL. So this guy’s brother marries a gay black man. He is upset by this and so seven years ago he established a trust for his children that will give a pay out if they marry a white Christian of the opposite sex. This causes the Dallas News to withdraw their endorsement from him. Not any disagreement about government policy, just that they don’t like his personal financial decisions regarding his own children.”

“they’re not your children okay
they’re Dallas’s children”

“people saying jews are behind everything are ridiculous. there is no worldwide conspiracy.”

“here’s The Secret Jewish History behind literally anything you can think of….”

“Try to imagine life without timekeeping.

You probably can’t. You know the month, the year, the day of the week.

Yet all around you, timekeeping is ignored.

Birds are not late. A dog does not check his watch. Deer do not fret over passing birthdays.

Man alone measures time.
Man alone chimes to hour.
And because of this, man alone suffers a paralyzing fear that no other creature endures:

A fear of time running out.”

“Isaac Newton:
“I have discovered the secret of universal gravitation. This will one day let you ascend into space.”

“Shut up virgin.”

“Mastery does not normally cross fields.
Epistemology is the exception. Every field of inquiry involves epistemology.”

“There’s an entire field of the arts that’s missing because logic isn’t sufficiently appreciated. Namely -actual- psychology, the study of the soul, starting with enumeration of all qualia. Wikipedia has a list of biases. It does not have a list of cures for those biases. Further, it’s rather half-hearted. There’s a whole nosology of thought that’s missing because philosophers have let humans believe they’re normally rational. The Greeks had four or more words for love. English has one. People might experience love differently, but, like, who cares? It’s just fee-fees.

Oh, but it turns out qualia are the basis for all life goals, and also the foundation for all knowledge.

So, uh, oops.”

“There isn’t really a problem of induction.

There really is a problem of intentionality. How the fuck do things refer to other things?”

“Well, ok, but why? How did this mistake happen? He of course does no attempt at explaining. Because his job, the job of Pat Buchanan is to be a conservative, and the job of conservatives is not to understand a thing. The job of conservatives is, and has been for decades, to state their confusion with a tone of strong indignation. I don’t understand this! Hmm! I am angry, yes I am, this makes no sense, and that makes me angry. Join me in my indignation, oh and buy my book. Hmph!

[…] if you don’t get something, that’s a statement about the limits of your intellect rather than about the nature of the problem. If you don’t get something, the problem is with you, not with the issue. Go try and understand it, and then come back. Your indignation solves exactly nothing.

“I believe seniority has to be accompanies by pay raises. (Maybe in US, def. in EU) which means companies hate loyal workers.”

“If you have ten loyal, conscientious workers, the advantage over having ten sullen nihilists is easily destroyed by having one truly bad hire who you can’t fire without invoking a lawsuit.

Some (enough) companies have responded by making working conditions bad enough that everyone wants to leave, then trying to entice good ones to stay on the sly.”

“So, manorial nobles offered good working conditions because if you really pissed them off they could have you executed. Work is terrible to the extent it is protected. See also: communism.”

“Sales tax approx: 7.5%.
Payroll overhead, compliance costs: 23%
Average tax burden: 30%.

Result: when a firm pays $100 to employ a worker in America, the worker can spend $52 on actual goods and services. The other $48 goes to the State or to waste.

But don’t worry guys, the State only collects about 19% of GDP in taxes! No more than a fifth of the economy!

[…] Even official economists could count up the exact number.
All goods and services bought privates vs. all goods and services bought by the government and government employees. Add in time spent on compliance * wages. Done. They’re well aware the result would be existentially horrifying, so they’ll never do it.”

“We had the Encyclopaedia Britannica at home. When I was a small boy he used to sit me on his lap and read to me from the Britannica. We would be reading, say, about dinosaurs. It would be talking about the Tyrannosaurus rex, and it would say something like, “This dinosaur is twenty-five feet high and its head is six feet across.”

My father would stop reading and say, “Now, let’s see what that means. That would mean taht if he stood in our front yard, he would be tall enough to put his head through our window up here.” (We were on the second floor.) “But his head would be too wide to fit through the window.” Everything he read to me he would translate as best he could into some reality.

It was very exciting and very, very interesting to think there were animals of such magnitude 0 and that they all died out, and that nobody knew why. I wasn’t firhgened that there would be one coming in my window as a consequence of this. But I learned from my father to translate: everything I read I try to figure out what it really means, what it’s really saying.”

“You’re just a faggot, and the fact that you put cock in your mouth doesn’t mean you can put words in mine”

“When you are alone, you have to believe you are right.
If ever the have-nots have not even God, then they have naught at all.”

“To the left, homosexuals being born homosexual is a sacred tenant, but criminality, impulse control, time preference and IQ? That’s all “nurture.””

“Tfw you realize Muhammad didn’t think the enemy would read his writings”

>she was a nice girl, how could he kill her!
>he was a nice guy, how could he kill people!

just maybe
the assumptions were wrong”

“Reminder that EQ is correlated with IQ and low IQ people are violent psychopaths”

“perfect, I must have high EQ then, so there’s no problem.”

“if this girl is nice and that guy is nice,

then the parents are nice, the teachers are nice, the cops are nice, the government is nice, the media is nice, everyone and i mean everyone (except maybe those nazi fascist white nationalists) is nice. how could sad things happen to nice people! why! why why why why why!


so this is why killers are always white.”

“Taqiyyah is a distinct concept but really its not necessary. Muslims are allowed to omit things or deceive if they live in a state of tyranny or oppression (spoiler alert: any authority ruling by laws other than what Allah has revealed is by definition tyrannical and an oppressor)”

“In the recent past, in the process of studying the Western rule of law, the notions of ‘rule of law’ and ‘rule of man’ erroneously came to be seen as antagonistic… The rule of law and the rule of man are not completely opposed to one another but are complementary.”

“Can you imagine an ethnologist observing gorillas for years only to conclude that their behaviour is “wrong” and that they ought to do something else instead? How ridiculous would that be? Now consider our humanities and social studies professors who supposedly study human nature.”

“The antithesis of equality is not inequality. It is quality.”

“It’s *after* you apologize that you get in trouble. People smell weakness. They detect the difference between an action caused by principles and one driven by fear.”

“in my more imaginative moments I am convinced that the singularity was quite a while ago and the USA is a nation governed by machines, specifically cars.

they brutalize our surroundings so we spend more time indoors, only going from place to place securely in their metal bellies, seeing the world through their eyes instead of our own”

“the CDC performs a very important function, which is to render legible that which the government wishes to define as disease”

“He’s got pins for gay pride, Satan, Cthulhu, Prussia, and Communism, you know what the problem is ?”

“That we live in a postmodern sewer of nihilism with no moral center marginalizing and demonizing certain individuals & boys especially to the cult of our own socially engineered moral crusades that serve the liberal world order?”

“LOL no Nazis!”

“16th century: They promised us religious freedom and tore up the commons, slaughtered the monks and crushed the statues of our saints.
18th century: They promised us political freedom and exchanged our village councils and manor courts with a vote for a distant parliament.
19th century: They promised us financial freedom and led us into dark and noisy factories and crowded slums rife with disease and debt.
20th century: They promised us national freedom if only we would stand up to be counted for the draft, learning to bayonet our brothers.
21st century: They promised us the freedom from identity, from family and descendants, if only we gave up all that our ancestors left us.

And here we are today: with nothing left to offer and nothing left to take.”

“The questions they ask make a lot of sense:
“Where are you from and where do you stay” tells them whether you can afford a pricey hotel (income).
“How long are you staying” says about the time-frame they have to scam you.
“How long have you been here and do you know Chinese” tells them how easy you can be scammed (they know you have no experience and knowledge of the place).

Normal people will ask you more normal questions like “What do you thing of the place, the food, the people…””

“I’m not even going to pretend at this point that gun control wouldn’t prevent more school shootings. It probably would. The reason I don’t advocate gun control to save kids’ lives is that I’d be far more interested in reversing any of the trends that put kids in the frame of mind to commit mass murder. Such as:

-Forced integration that alienated all students by taking away their sense of community with people similar to themselves

-Overly long school hours that alienate kids from their families

-Homework assignments that eat into the little time kids still have to relax and center themselves

-Feminist indoctrination designed to make boys hate themselves

-Anti-white indoctrination designed to make European Americans hate themselves

-The dissolution of male-only clubs and spaces designed to give pubescent boys a constructive outlet for their raging testosterone

-The instillation of ridiculous standards of what constitutes “sexual harassment,” which alienate students by forbidding innocent forms of human contact

-The dissolution of recess and shortening of lunch breaks, which essentially destroys any chance for meaningful socialization with one’s classmates

We’ve shoved public school students into a situation where they’re forced to be around people from disparate cultures with whom they have no chance of identifying, forced them away from people they have a chance of growing to love, put them on the defensive in terms of their heritage and sex, and robbed them of any chance to form an identity that’s actually congruent with how they were born.

The gun grabber’s response to all this is to simply take away the chance to procure the weapon that leads to the ultimate and deadly catharsis. Never once do they consider that these kids kind of just need to be able to exist, breathe, and blow off steam on their own time. They are PERFECTLY FINE with living in a society where hundreds or even thousands of kids WANT to kill themselves and others, as long as they can’t get their hands on an efficient method of doing so.”

“Why is monogamy better than polyamory?”

“It doesn’t create a broad underclass of men who have nothing to lose by burning the whole thing down.”

“No, but those men create themselves, with or without monogamy.

Monogamy isn’t for everyone, and neither is polyamory. that’s the reality; no blanket statement projections or excuse inducing rationalizations necessary.”

“Monogamy may not be for everyone, but neither is civilization, and as it stands, monogamy is the life-blood of civilization.”

“When people decry racial tensions as abnormal or pathological, ask them where there have been multi-racial societies where this did not happen. If they can’t name an example, explain that something is aberrant only if it’s the exception and not the rule. That’s how pathology works.”

“FUCKING CRIMINALS and their *squints* minding their own business while consuming substances that i disapprove of”

“Oh man if ONLY they were minding their own business. Where in God’s name did the notion that drug addicts operate in perfect isolation come from, exactly? My money’s on “other drug addicts”.

“I was minding my own business!” laments the alcoholic as he veers onto the sidewalk and murders a luckless passerby”

“anarchotyranny is when the government won’t let you have drugs but also won’t do anything about actual violence”

“Libertarians, economists… people whose job/interest involves first putting things in words and only second making sense out of the world.

But you said that with “other drug addicts”.”

“There are few better guides to relaxation than watching a cat or dog getting properly comfortable. They take their sitting around doing nothing time very seriously.”

“One of the reasons Twitter is so addictive is that it’s a toy Cathedral — a purportedly neutral platform fanatically committed to the victory of one side.”

“Spotify partnered with 6 leftist activists groups to remove what they determine is hate music. Today they removed all Christian and Country music.”

“If there is not equality of outcomes among people born to the same parents and raised under the same roof, why should equality of outcomes be expected—or assumed—when conditions are not nearly so comparable?”

“Even the lengths of one’s fingers are different; it is natural for men to have differing opinions.”

“A friend of mine from Texas was a missionary bush pilot in Africa for many years. He has four sons all raised in Africa under the exact same standard of parenting. Three of the sons went on to successful careers and family lives. One son became addicted to drugs and has been in and out of prison for many years. Input does not always equal output.”

“In an ‘at will’ employment arrangement between a corporation and an employee, either party can terminate the contract at any time. However, instead of a few weeks of severance, imagine what would happen if the employer was legally required to pay the employee half of his or her paycheck for 20 additional years, irrespective of anything the employee did or did not do, under penalty of imprisonment for the CEO. Suppose, additionally, that it is culturally encouraged for an employee to do this whenever even minor dissatisfaction arises. Would businesses be able to operate? Would anyone want to be a CEO? Would businesses even form, and thus would any wealth be created, given the risks associated with hiring an employee? ”

“There is no avoiding the reality that marriage has to be made attractive to men for the surrounding civilization to survive.”

“For those wondering why Indian culture has such restrictions on women and not men, restrictions on men were tried in some communities, and those communities quickly vanished and were forgotten.”

“All societies that achieved great advances and lasted for multiple centuries followed this formula with very little deviation, and it is quite remarkable how similar the nature of monogamous marriage was across seemingly diverse cultures. Societies that deviated from this were quickly replaced.”

“America is often called the land of the free, and [the land] where human liberty is valued more than elsewhere. That is, until a woman decides that the father of her children is ‘boring’ to her. After that, for the man in question, America suddenly becomes North Korea.”

“Truly unusual events and objects are hard to describe. Because they are hard to describe they aren’t virulent.”

“Little Caesars: It’s hot and it’s ready.
Me: Is it good?
Little Caesars: It’s HOT. And it’s READY.”

“The word the Greeks used for what Pandora opened is the same as their word for what Diogenes lived in.

Was Diogenes hope?”

>Get the fuck out of my sunlight.


Yes he was.”

“Shapiro’s hatred of Buchanan is telling.

Buchanan has been the most prophetic pundit in decades. He advocated for Trumpism 20 years before Trump. He forecast every failed war, every leftist social experiment gone wrong.

But Ben still hates him out of pure ethnic animosity.

At the end of the day, Buchanan doesn’t worship Israel. He doesn’t even hate Israel…he just thinks it’s not in America’s interests to fight their wars and get involved in their regional conflicts.

And for Ben, that alone amounts to heresy which he can never forgive.”

“ITT its 2010”

“Hi guys, it’s Futurebro here.

I just wanted to let you know that in a year, a website called reddit.com will become stupefyingly popular due to the downfall of Digg.

It will utterly destroy 4chan because they will steal all of the OC to gain karma, which will stop OC from being made, which will cause them to endlessly repost old OC as though they were beating a dead horse into dust, then they will colonize 4chan in an attempt to find new OC, and will fail to integrate into the culture, thereby changing it and becoming the greatest cancer imageboards have ever known. Four years after that, r/4chan will be the 20th most active subreddit, meaning that the user bases for both sites are 90% identical.


“A man feeling horny tries to find tiddies and is satisfied if he succeeds.

A woman feeling horny tries to fundamentally disrupt the nearest man’s life, and is satisfied if she fails.”

“I think it’s hilarious when straight girls look at drag queens and say “wow!! he can do makeup better than me!” as if it’s surprising that someone who essentially does makeup for a living is better at it than a girl from Kentucky who buys her eyeshadow from Rite-aid”

“Standard models of the economy are built on a simple relationship: When unemployment goes down, inflation eventually goes up. That relationship, dubbed the Phillips curve, has looked sickly for years. In Japan, it may be dead, a preview of what central bankers may confront everywhere.”

“Unemployment down but no inflation, hell yeah”


“The Tesla, in effect, is a beautifully engineered toy for the conspicuous-consumption market, accessible to millionaires but beyond the reach of the commercial market. Neither it nor most other electric vehicles have any place in a competitive, free-market environment. As an indication of how economically injurious these playthings are to society on the whole, the U.K.’s National Grid estimated that Britain would need to increase its peak generating capacity by 50 per cent to meet the government’s plans for electric vehicles, the equivalent of building 10 new nuclear plants.”

“Subsidy entrepreneurs like the Musks of the world — often self-deluded true believers — should be distinguished from the Bernie Madoffs, who are fakes within real industries, and who prey primarily and illegally on private investors. The Musks are fakes in fake industries who prey primarily on taxpayers, a time-honoured practice that remains legal.”

“We have the unions, we have the gambling, and they’re the best things to have, but narcotics is the thing of the future. If we don’t get a piece of that action, we risk everything we have. I mean, not now, but ten years from now.”

“What’s the matter with you? I think your brain has gone soft from all that comedy you’re playing with that young girl. Never tell anybody outside the family what you’re thinking again.”

“What are you worried about? If I wanted to kill you, you’d be dead already.”

“I’ll do my best.”
Now, you can go.”

“I don’t like violence, Tom. I’m a businessman. Blood is a big expense.”

“That’s out of the question.
“Do you know my father? Men are coming here to kill him.
Do you understand?
Now help me, please.”

“Your father wouldn’t want to hear this! This is business not personal!”
“They shot my father-”
“Even the shooting of your father was business, not personal, Sonny.”
“Well then business will have to suffer, alright?”

“Fredo. You’re my older brother. And I love you.

But don’t ever take sides against the family again.”

“Women and children can be careless. But not men.”

“You’re out of the family business, that’s your punishment. You’re finished.

I’m putting you on a plane to Vegas. I want you to stay there. You understand?

Only don’t tell me you’re innocent. Because it insults my intelligence. It makes me very angry.

Now who approached you?”

“I find it very disturbing how people can casually recommend working two or three jobs as a long-term solution to life’s problems, because it demonstrates the reality that in the post-industrial west, you are no longer a citizen of a national body or a society with a clearly defined identity and culture. You are a citizen of an economy, and your life’s purpose and value is reduced to being a menial laborer in a larger body whose sole ideology is simply production for purposeless expansion. You are a cog in a machine, and exist for that purpose only to be discarded when your utility to the religion of production has exhausted itself. For fuck’s sake, your value as a person is literally measured by your economic productivity and the money that you accumulate from it.

A fucking peasant in the twelfth century has led a more meaningful life than the majority of the machinated zombies that call themselves “people” we are surrounded by today. Contemporary society is too focused on work and not focused enough on living. In prior historical epochs work was viewed as a means towards living. It is a sacrifice to be done and gotten over with in order to realize a goal. Today, it is conflated WITH living. Post-industrial society views the act of work to be the very essence of life. You work, and therefore you live. We have built the ultimate materialist society.”

“iceberg above water: we’re not sex objects okay
iceberg below water: that’s what men are”

>You should sleep with at LEAST 25 guys before settling down, and I’ll tell you exactly why

It’s because I slept with 24 and if you’re not at least as slutty as me I’ll feel bad.”

“Men are literally impossible to hate. Not women though. Hating women is totally understandable.”

Kids say the darndest things.”

“Broward is a sneak peek into the future. Politician sheriffs who are buddy buddy with the Podestas and Abedins of the day forcing SROs and detectives to bury cases before they start so they can hide data from ever becoming statistics. Cops being fired for making too many arrests and being forced to let multiple repeat offenders go including dealers and gang bangers unless they have a warrant- probable cause only enough to detain and file a discovery, whereupon certain judges dismiss most discoveries just by reading the name. Then when the police unions hold their first no confidence vote in County history to kick those Sheriff’s out the mares and County Commissioners will come in to squash their decisions and threaten their jobs and pensions if they don’t get in line.

The info is out there. Lots of people in the system talking about what’s going down but nobody reports it or they die. They’re paving the way for using AI against us by altering the only reality AI will be able to sense. The current cutting edge of this stuff is training AIs to get the results desired, not the logical conclusion. They’re going to tell everyone AI can predict crime and come after our people based solely on not having agreeable opinions and using ERPOs to disarm and incarcerate us then bury police reports from the actual boots on the ground that do the policing. That way AI will see white terrorists under every rock and behind every tree based on Facebook while black murder and rape rates drop to nothing and the science is settled. Just wait. My paranoid technofascism predictions aren’t predictions so much as 10 year old military technology extended to its logical totalitarian application to fulfill stated PotEoZ goals.”

“WE NEED mass immigration to replace our aging workforce AND!! WE NEED abortion to STOP over population and fight climate change!”

““I’ll give you ten G’s for it as an option against $75,000 if it becomes a book,” Evans remembers telling the writer, more out of pity than excitement. “And he looked at me and said, ‘Could you make it fifteen?’ And I said, ‘How about twelve-five?’”

Without even glancing at the pages, Evans sent them to Paramount’s business department, along with a pay order, and never expected to see Puzo, much less his cockamamy novel, again. A few months later, when Puzo called and asked, “Would I be in breach of contract if I change the name of the book?,” Evans almost laughed out loud. “I had forgotten he was even writing one.” Puzo said, “I want to call it The Godfather.””

““Let’s go to bed,” Evans says, leading me through his Hollywood Regency home to his bedroom, where so many starlets have slept that, in the producer’s heyday, his housekeeper would place the name of the previous evening’s conquest beside his coffee cup on the breakfast table so that he could address her properly. Since his screening room burned down, in 2003, Evans has taken to showing films in his bedroom.”

“I never met a real, honest-to-god gangster,” Puzo added in his memoir. Neither had Coppola. “Mario told me to never meet them, never agree to, because they respected that and would stay away from you if they knew you didn’t want contact.”

“Puzo put language he’d learned from his Italian-born mother—who raised seven children by herself—into the mouth of Don Corleone, but the face he put on him was Marlon Brando’s. “I wrote a book called The Godfather,” Puzo said in a letter to Brando. “I think you’re the only actor who can play the part with that quiet force and irony the part requires.” Brando was intrigued, because he saw the project as a story not of blood and guts but “about the corporate mind.” As he said later, “The Mafia is so American! To me, a key phrase in the story is that whenever they wanted to kill somebody it was always a matter of policy. Before pulling the trigger, they told him, ‘Just business, nothing personal.’ When I read that, [Vietnam War architects Robert] McNamara, [Lyndon] Johnson, and [Dean] Rusk flashed before my eyes.””

““So next day Joe shows up with two other guys. Joe sits opposite me, one guy’s on the couch, and one guy’s sitting in the window.” Ruddy pulled out the 155-page script and gave it to the Mob boss. “He puts on his little Ben Franklin glasses, looks at it for about two minutes. ‘What does this mean—fade in?’ he asked. And I realized there was no way Joe was going to turn to page two.”

“Oh, these fucking glasses. I can’t read with them,” Colombo said, throwing the script to his lieutenant. “Here, you read it.”

“Why me?” said the lieutenant, throwing the script to the underling.

Finally, Colombo grabbed the script and slammed it on the table. “Wait a minute! Do we trust this guy?” he asked his men. Yes, they replied.

“So what the fuck do we have to read this script for?” said Colombo. He told Ruddy, “Let’s make a deal.””

“I’d rather deal with a Mob guy shaking hands on a deal than a Hollywood lawyer, who, the minute you get the contract signed, is trying to figure out how to screw you”

“When introducing one made man to another, the phrase “a friend of ours” is used, indicating that he is a member and business can be discussed openly with him. If the person being introduced is an associate or civilian to whom business should not be mentioned, the phrase “a friend of mine” is used instead.”

“Now to be effective in a course like this I have to talk about myself. If I make abstract remarks, it just sounds like so many pious words. If I talk about me, and what I’ve done, maybe it will penetrate you.”

“You have to find a style that fits you. Which means you have to take what fragments you can from other people, use them, adapt them, and become yours. You can’t copy me directly. You won’t get away with it.

I will use the analogy of painting as an example.

In painting, once you’ve learned color mixing, and form, and sketching, and so on, you study under a master, who you temporarily accept as knowing what he’s talking about. Well, there are limits as to what can be done. You know that if you copy the master’s style exactly, you will not be a great painter. You know also that if you paint in the style he did, it’s too late, the future wants a different style. Thus, I can tell you about the style I used in the past. But that won’t be the style you’ll have to have to go for the future.

You must manufacture the style which will make you a significant person.”

“Supposing I am successful and you do rise to the top. Will you please remember that what made you great is not appropriate for the next generation.

You know how to get great because after all, you were great. But the things you did may not be appropriate for the next generation.”

“You have to have background knowledge; enough to penetrate jargon.”

“What are fundamentals? Well, I have two criteria. Which are not adequate.

One: From the fundamentals, you can derive the rest of the field.
Two: They’ve been around for some time.”

“The past was less determined than historians like to make, and the future is less open-ended than you would like to believe.”

“I want to tell you another thing, a story which I’ll use several times: the story of the drunken sailor.

He staggers a couple of steps this way, he staggers a couple of steps that way, this way and that way, this way and that way. In n steps, typically, you’ll get the square root of n distance. In a hundred steps, you’ll get about ten. In ten thousand, it’ll be about a hundred. He may be right where he started, he may be further away, but that’s typical.

On the other hand if there’s a pretty girl over there, he staggers like this, back like this, over like that – he’s going to get a distance proportional to n.

If I can create in you a vision of where you are headed, you will make progress proportional to n.

If you do not have a vision, you will wander like a drunken sailor.

[…] Now you’re gonna say to me, “But Hamming, how do I know the future?”.

It doesn’t matter much, from what I’ve examined in life, what goal you set. Whether you want to march that way, that way, or that way. If you have a goal, you’ll get somewhere near it. If you don’t have a goal, you’re a drunken sailor. My problem is to make you form your goals, and to some extent, try to achieve it. To make you something important rather than just drifting.

It’s comfortable to drift through life. And a great many people when questioned closely will assert that they’re perfectly content to drift through life.

I don’t think too good an idea of that whole thing.

[…] Those who do something generally have some kind of goals and see where they’re headed, and their lives add up. Those who don’t are just a bunch of isolated events.”

“Now it’s an opinion, it’s not a fact, it’s an opinion, that most people believe that the struggle to achieve excellence is worth the struggle. Also when you look at peoples’ lives, I can tell you a story which I may repeat a couple of times, as a child I went to a movie, they were called nickelodeons in my day but we actually spent a dime.

One Saturday I went with a friend of mine, and it was one of these you laugh and laugh and laugh types. All ridiculous situations. We walked out, and he said to me, “You know, that wasn’t a very funny movie.” I thought for a while and said, you’re right. All the laughter does not make a movie funny at all.

And the same way with life. The pleasant life is not the one with the sum total of the pleasant moments. Somehow or other it’s added up very very differentl. The good life is not the one of pleasure from moment to moment, and you know it. In fact, you are well aware of it, that you cannot get up in the morning and say, “I shall be happy today”, and make it work.

The good life has to be snuck up upon. And I’m saying, an opinion, of myself and many other books, the way to do that is to take yourself and manage yourself to be the person you wish to be to achieve the goals you wish, and be more articulate than just idle drifting like a drunken sailor.

In ancient Greece, our boy Socrates said “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

What I’m saying goes back that far.”

“Lastly, in a certain sense, this is a religious course. I am preaching a message, that with one life to lead, you want to do more than just get by. There are a great many religions, and I don’t want to get involved in one or the other too much, it is however an emotional matter I’m really appealing to.

It’s very frequently said that a happy life is one which has some goals achieved. Well, studying the matter over, and reading about it and talking to people, everybody pretty much agrees that it’s not the achievement of the goal that really is the best part. It’s the struggle. The struggle to success is what makes you what you will be.

Remember, at old age, you’re gonna have to live with yourself. There’s no escape living with yourself in your old age. You’re stuck. And at old age, you can’t change as much as when you were younger; consider what kind of person you wish to be in old age.

And start now, being that kind of a person.

This is what the course is all about.”


2018 May 13~17

“The blue pill story about women’s nature just is not true. Women will only love you if you keep alpha frame – and the female perception of alpha is alarmingly primitive. Male perceptions of male status are much more subtle and sophisticated.”

“Power is frequently displayed by who get’s away with anti-social behavior. Here’s a review of feminist Jessica Valenti’s memoirs “Lessons of a ‘Sex Object’”. Already in the title she is flaunting her desirability. While drugs and alcohol has taken their toll, she was at best a plain girl as young.

It’s really nothing new to readers of this blog, but it is quite astonishing how one can be so blatantly shitty.


“She recounts her use of marijuana, ecstasy (MDMA) and cocaine as if being a dopehead was an ordinary aspect of life, the same way she discusses her drunkenness and all the various “hook-ups” and “relationships” in which she engaged from the time she lost her virginity as a 14-year-old freshman at Stuyvesant until 2009 when, at age 30, she married a Harvard boy five years younger than her.”
“On page 94 of Sex Object, Ms. Valenti introduces us to her college boyfriend “Paul,” whom she met after transferring to SUNY-Albany. Short (5-foot-5) and redheaded, Paul was the perfect feminist boyfriend, and Ms. Valenti would have married him but, alas, Paul’s mother “never thought I would be good with kids” (p. 108). That races ahead of the tale, however, which begins when she meets Paul “through my drug dealer, a tall rich kid who lived in my dorm in Albany . . . and sold ecstasy and weed.” And then there’s this (p. 98):

When I start taking women’s studies classes, and loving them, [Paul] is happy. . . . We do coke with one of my women’s studies professors in her house when we cannot get ecstasy.”
“How is a man to judge women? Well, according to feminists like Ms. Valenti, it is wrong for men to prefer good-looking women to ugly women, or to prefer chaste women to promiscuous women. Any overt expression of such male preferences — e.g., to express admiration of a woman’s beauty — is sexist, according to feminist ideology. Remember, guys, women are only “wearing fucking lipstick and heels so as not to offend your delicate aesthetic sensibility,” according to Ms. Valenti. If a man admires female beauty, this is only because men expect women to “be blank slates for your desires.” If there is some way for a man to be both heterosexual and acceptable to feminists, Ms. Valenti doesn’t bother to describe it. Pity her poor husband, Mr. Golis:

Every time I see a dirty cup on the kitchen counter, my face gets red. The level of disrespect feels . . . as if Andrew has hopped on the counter, pulled down his pants, and taken a shit there for me to clean up. My husband is lovely. He is a feminist. . . .
He tells me to leave the cups on the counter and the socks on the floor. He’ll get to them eventually. But I can’t. I don’t believe him. And I can’t write in a house where something is wrong. — Sex Object, p. 174”
After Jay left for college and met a new girlfriend there, 16-year-old Jessica went to a barbecue (p. 92) and met Jack, “the most beautiful guy I had seen up close . . . all muscles and smiles.” Jack was a 20-year-old bodybuilder who worked at a gym somewhere up the Hudson River Valley halfway to Albany, and why she was at a barbecue in Saugerties, N.Y., is never explained but . . . holy hormones, Batman!

Jack is six foot three and chiseled — like a movie star or stripper way. . . . He works out for hours every day. . . .
I was thrilled by him. I remember noticing the outline of his body the first time he go on top of me — huge and muscular — and thinking that this is what fucking a man is like. There were no scrawny arms or adolescent halfhearted facial hair, just girth.

Compare that to her beta husband who get’s to deal with a screeching harridan whenever there’s a dirty cup on the counter, I bet Jack never had to deal with that part of her personality.”

“We still gotta thank her for writing clearly what sluts are thinking. It’s not often that you get an articulate slut who tells you in plain language what’s going on inside her head.”

“Three cishet men found themselves in the gynocratic gulag. To pass the time they asked each other what great crimes they committed to find themselves interred.

“Too many women threw themselves at me. For this I was called a ‘PUA’ and sent to this place,” the first one says.

“I rejected the advances of women. For this I was called ‘MGTOW’ and sent to this place,” the second one says.

“I was neither successful with women nor did I reject them outright. For this I was called ‘incel’ and my execution will be this afternoon!””

“Yep, on Steam, home of tens of thousands of games, only the #2 and the #3 have more than 10% of the players of the #1. Another 11 have more than 1%. I don’t think that all of the other games failed. They are simply niche.

My point is that having only 1% of the players of the “king” isn’t bad at all. Think of the MMO market, where the king is WoW with 7M players. The 1% of that is 70K. If you can charge $15 per month, you just made a million dollars every month. If you have some whales, you can get more. That’s not so bad. I doubt if EVE has more than 70K real players and the server is still up.

I think aiming directly for the 1% is not only acceptable but the responsible thing. Out of tens of thousands of published games only a dozen made it higher. What makes you think you are special? Instead of aiming for the stars and reach … Star Citizen, you should budget the development with “1%” playerbase as target, therefore design the game for a specific 1%, instead of the “wide audiences”. You just won’t get those guys, the king will. And I’m sorry to tell you, statistics says that you belong to the 99.999% of the game devs who are not called PlayerUnknown. But you can get the guys who hate P2W or hate content resets or hate toxicity (or the opposite, love unrestricted free speech). Then you’ll have exactly what Stawek told: 1% of the king.”

“As you read its sane and balanced constructions, reflect on how un-alien they are. Nothing about mutilated penises, or Chosen people, or taking control of the earth, but rather a simple guide to the care of the soul. Notice also the emphasis on reason. Imagine a world where reason and religion are not at loggerheads, with such disastrous civilizational results:


1. Trust good character more than promises.
2. Do not speak falsely.
3. Do good things.
4. Do not be hasty in making friends, but do not abandon them once made.
5. Learn to obey before you command.
6. When giving advice, do not recommend what is most pleasing, but what is most useful.
7. Make reason your supreme commander.
8. Do not associate with people who do bad things.
9. Honor the gods.
10. Have regard for your parents.


Modern Hellenismos:

1. Nothing too much
2. Know thyself
3. Aid friends
4. Control anger
5. Shun unjust acts
6. Acknowledge sacred things
7. Hold on to learning
8. Praise virtue
9. Avoid enemies
10. Cultivate kinsmen
11. Pity supplicants
12. Accomplish your limit
13. When you err, repent
14. Consider the time
15. Worship the divine
16. Accept old age



First honor the Immortal Gods, as the law demands; then reverence thy oath, and then the illustrious heroes; then venerate the divinities under the earth, due rites performing; then honor your parents, and all of your kindred.

Among others make the most virtuous thy friend! Love to make use of his soft speeches, and learn from his deeds that are useful; but alienate not the beloved comrade for trifling offences; bear all you can, what you can, for power is bound to necessity.
Take this well to heart; you must gain control of your habits; first over stomach, then sleep, and then luxury, and anger.

What brings you shame, do not unto others, nor by yourself.

The highest of duties is honor to self.

Let justice be practiced in words as in deeds; then make the habit, never inconsiderately to act; neither forget that death is appointed to all; that possessions here gladly gathered, here must be left; whatever sorrow the fate of the Gods may here send us bear, whatever may strike you, with patience unmurmuring; to relieve it, so far as you can, is permitted, but reflect that not much misfortune has Fate given to the good.

The speech of the people is various, now good, now evil; so let them not frighten you, nor keep you from your purpose. If false calumnies come to your ears, support it in patience; yet that which I now am declaring, fulfill it faithfully: let no one with speech or with deeds ever deceive you to do or to say what is not the best.

Think, before you act, that nothing stupid results.

To act inconsiderately is part of a fool; yet whatever later will not bring you repentance, that you should carry through.

Do nothing beyond what you know, yet learn what you may need; thus shall your life grow happy.

Do not neglect the health of the body; keep measure in eating and drinking, and every exercise of the body. By measure, I mean what later will not induce pain.

Follow clean habits of life, but not the luxurious; avoid all things which will arouse envy.
At the wrong time, never be a prodigal, as if you did not know what was proper, nor show yourself stingy, for a due measure is ever the best.

Do only those things which will not harm thee, and deliberate before you act.
Never let slumber approach thy wearied eyelids, ere thrice you review what this day you did: Wherein have I sinned? What did I? What duty is neglected? All, from the first to the last, review, and if you have erred grieve in your spirit, rejoicing for all that was good. With zeal and with industry, this, then, repeat; and learn to repeat it with joy. Thus wilt thou tread on the paths of heavenly virtue. Surely, I swear it by him who into our souls has transmitted the Sacred Quaternary [the Tetraktys], the spring of eternal Nature.
Never start on your task until you have implored the blessings of the Gods.

If this you hold fast, soon will you recognize of Gods and mortal men the true nature of existence, how everything passes and returns. Then will you see what is true, how Nature in all is most equal, so that you hope not for what has no hope, nor that anything should escape you.

Men shall you find whose sorrows they themselves have created, wretches who see not the Good that is too near, nothing they hear; few know how to help themselves in misfortune. That is the Fate that blinds humanity; in circles, hither and yon they run in endless sorrows; for they are followed by a grim companion, disunion with themselves; unnoticed, never rouse him, and fly from before him!

Father Zeus, O free them all from sufferings so great, or show unto each the Genius, who is their guide! Yet, do not fear, for the mortals are divine by race, to whom holy Nature everything will reveal and demonstrate; whereof if you have received, so keep what I teach you; healing your soul, you shall remain insured from manifold evil.

Avoid foods forbidden; reflect that this contributes to the cleanliness and redemption of your soul. Consider all things well: let reason, the gift divine, be thy highest guide; then should you be separated from the body, and soar in the aether, you will be imperishable, a divinity, a mortal no more.”

“If women wanted to start a bar for women only, men would not care. If men want a private club in which to enjoy male company, women explode in fury.”

“Women display a pedestrian practicality alien to males. If a woman needs to use a computer, she will learn to do it, and do it well. She won’t learn assembly-language programming for the pure joy of it. She can drive a car perfectly well but has no notion of what a cam lobe is or the difference between disk and drum brakes. This is why men invent things and women seldom do.”

“”even if you don’t take it far as althype” – what is this even supposed to mean? I say correct things, it has nothing to do with “taking it so far”, that’s meaningless.”

“Once you’ve decided to use force, you should use it as rapidly as possible and as decisively as possible.”

“In frustration, the Russians tried to push their luck. They informed Romania that a transport plane would shortly be entering their airspace, permission or not.

“You could do that.” The Romanian Defence Minister, Victor Babuic told Russian Foreign Minister Ivanov over the phone. “Of course we would be obliged to send up an aircraft to intercept your aircraft.”

Babuic pointed out that in such tense situations, accidents often happen. He couldn’t guarantee that the pilot wouldn’t mistakenly shoot the Russians down.

“Of course this is a crime.” Babuic said, apologetically. “He would be prosecuted under our law, and he would be sent to jail for seven years.”

“But he would also be a national hero.” He added, thoughtfully, after a pause.

No further attempts to reinforce the Russian contingent at the airport were made.”

“This kind of plea for sanity misses the point. Neither side can afford not to take sides in every fight. If somebody manages to make something an ‘issue’, everyone is forced to take sides. That’s just democracy.

The big lie of liberal democracy is that it represents people’s interests. It does not, it creates those interests.”

“They forbid the algorithm from using race as a criteria, and so the algorithm ends up telling the police to go into areas that have a lot of menthol sales, and have liquor stores with check cashing services, and so they end up just telling police to do the same thing as if they explicitly used race. The algorithm finds a way to racially profile, even if you say, “you can’t racially profile”. They find the correlates, and end up telling you the same thing.”

“And of course our great intellectuals, they don’t deny genetic differences between two individuals. No no no no. Sure, some people, by dint of their genes, will be better at math than other individuals. That is something so experientially true that when trying to teach a new math concept to two people in the same classroom for the first time, that we have seen, one person just gets it, and the other person doesn’t. Over and over and over again, one person gets it the other person doesn’t, and to deny this experienced visceral reality, it would just break all of their credulity and people would just stop listening to you.

And of course if you look at two groups of individuals, maybe people from the east side versus the west side of the train tracks, there would be some difference in average intellectual abilities between these two arbitrarily defined groups. Don’t know exactly what it would be, but certainly there would be some difference. These great intellectuals, they have to accept that, because this obviously true. If you took two random groups of people, there would be some average intellectual difference.

But as soon as the groups you’re drawing lines around happen to correspond to the historical colloquial “races”, then stop. No, those must be the same. As soon as the groups you draw the lines around become the races, or correspond with the races, then they’re the same. Individual genetic differences, sure. Arbitrarily defined group genetic differences, sure. But if those arbitrarily defined groups correspond to the colloquial races, then they must be the same.”

“Embargo them into a financial crisis! Find out their most lucrative export and use our influence to drive the prices DOWN! Make them regret ever supporting socialism. Declare them a threat to our National Security and a “sponsor of Terrorism” to discourage foreign investment and cooperation! Find out what staple goods they can’t produce domestically and drive the prices up! Cause a shortage! Starve the people!

We need to intervene for humanitarian reasons! Those poor people are starving! They need a change in leadership! It’s so sad how evil people in this world can destroy the lives of millions and get away with it!”

>Why the Massacre of Palestinians at the Border is Terrible for Israel

the REAL victims are the jews because now people will complain about them being blood drinking sociopathic demons”

“When arab countries are killed and Jews say “I hope this doesn’t lead to more anti-semetic sentiments”, just like what they say when a muslim terrorist kills westerners.”


“[B]eing a Wall Street financier pays so well in part because it demands two different mental modes that seldom coincide: a talent for abstract thinking and an aggressively masculine urge to crush the competition. There are plenty of guys selling cars who have the right personalities for Wall Street, and a few guys doing rocket science who can think creatively about abstractions of abstractions, but the supply of individuals at the intersection is so limited that they can command absurd bonuses.”

“A prince must have no other objective, no other thought, nor take up any profession but that of war, its methods and its discipline, for that is the only art expected of a ruler. And it is of such great value that it not only keeps hereditary princes in power, but often raises men of lowly condition to that rank.”

“Noise eats up everything, like fire, but without heat, and without light.”

“Reminder of the time i was in middle school and doing an after school program so i took the late bus at like 4:30
And the bus driver was new and didn’t know the route
But we did and we were telling her that she was going the wrong way
She drove us halfway to the next town before she finally turned around
At long last we came up to a road near where i lived, and just my luck that’s where she decided to pull over and call the police
So we’re all stuck on the bus with a weeping 50 something woman for several minutes while the cop arrives
So the cop gets on the bus and starts talking with the bus driver and i say to the cop “excuse me, i live right down the street, can i please get off the bus and walk”
And this cop, a grown-ass adult cop, SCREAMED at me “Sit down and shut your mouth!” like I’d just insulted him or something
Haven’t respected them since.”

“What the hell do you expect is gonna happen when the profession affords you authority, impunity, and respect all because you went to police academy for a few months? A job like that attracts sociopaths, insecure bullies, and complete idiots.”

>The Far-Left and Far-Right Find It Astonishingly Easy to Unite

It’s not new at all, it’s a return to what existed before neo-liberalism used napalm and nuclear bombs to take over the world.”

“The trouble with the world is not that people know too little, but that they know so many things that ain’t so.”

“They threw rocks and said racist things so we had no choice but to slaughter them en-masse”

>In the same week in which a Tesla Model S erupted in flames after a “horrific” crash in Ft. Lauderdale, fatally trapping the two teenagers who died inside, while a second Model S rammed a stopped Salt Lake City firetruck at 60mph, mercifully without any fatalities, the Swiss tio.ch reports that yet another Tesla burst into flames after crashing on the A2 highway near the town of Bellinzona, killing a 48-year-old German driver who was trapped inside.

It’s Musk…there will be no recall.

If Ford or GM has several cars burst into flames, this would be on every network calling for them to take their bombs back.”

“The other day someone posted your nailgun causing a lithium battery to instantly catch fire: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yzBFCufUDq0”

“Wow! That was instantaneous.

So, theoretically, one can be driving in a TSLA , get in an accident, and if the Battery Packs are ruptured early on, there’s a good chance that the Car will be in flames BEFORE the Vehicle comes to a stop.”

“Q: How do Progressive cardinals all know each other?

A: If they didn’t meet at one of their mixers, they will meet when they step on each others’ toes. One will (accidentally?) poke outside their jurisdiction and find out who owns the hierarchy next door when they push back.”

“Obvious modernized wergild: when someone dies through crime or preventable disease, the entity responsible for keeping them alive has to underwrite their life insurance policy.

You idiots let the State take over crime suppression without holding them responsible for crime being suppressed, and now I have to live with the result.
Imagine how fast the inner city would get cleaned up if LAPD had to pay up every time someone got whacked.”

“As the phrase suggests, a semantic apocalypse is when words are destroyed and people no longer agree on how to define the reality of the senses. I am of the belief this is the only apocalypse that can ever exist and the destruction of words has happened many times. To destroy the symbols that represents reality is to destroy the reality those symbols represent. It forces the mind to reevaluate the reality of the senses. This is the purpose of the gnostic impulse and it is in this domain where Gnostic Warfare is most potent.”

“For a robot to navigate through complex space, it needs a battery, sensors, and CPUs to evaluate what it senses. Does adding more sensors make it more aware? Well, no, not automatically. It makes the CPU more complex to code for, it draws more power, and it adds more weight to the robot. Does adding more CPUs make the robot smarter? No. It only adds more battery drain and more complex code and it might even outpace the sensor input. Scaling out the components of cognition does not result in more intelligent behavior. And yet, this is what machine learning and data science does: Blindly adds more GPUs and more data pipelines to refine the precision of conclusions. It doesn’t make the AI platform smarter.”

“Synthetic cognition thrives by scaling processing. Organic cognition thrives by reducing input. The neuron can’t scale on demand like cloud computing. The neuron, instead, as evolved to do more with less. Let’s take the eye for example.

A 60W, 2800K lightbulb generates about 8,200,000,000,000,000,000 photons per second. 400,000,000 photons hit both of your retinas per second. What’s happening to the other 8,199,999,999,600,000,000 photons? If biology did what we did with machine learning, we’d be dead. Meaning, if biology scaled the amount of neurons to the amount of photons a light bulb generated, we would literally die of asphyxiation. I wonder if biology attempted this once and the only neurons that survived was that which didn’t couldn’t engage in that madness. Neural evolution restricts and limits. It doesn’t need to see all of reality to make the correct decision to promote persistence. Machine learning, on the other hand, generally needs more information than the universe has to offer to make accurate predictions.

Because of this resource allocation preference, computers and machine learning are inversions of cognition and do not qualify as cognition. This makes them “anti-cognition” cognitive assets. A machine needs more information, a human needs enough information.”

“Data science and machine learning are “anti-cognition” cognitive assets. Machines persist data, not knowledge, and because they uncontrollably expand information intake bandwidth, they are “anti-cognition” and offload equilibrium pressures. There’s a caveat here as well.

The only knowledge a machine persists is the design instructions to create it, the economic price points to promote its fecundity, and the time value competitiveness of its techniques. These factors are fitness pressures that propagate the immaterial “machine DNA””

“I am not trying to elicit sympathy. I am providing the backdrop of how this plan of mine came to be so that you can FEEL it, from one human to another. After all, that is what this is all about. Civilization does not exist externally. It exists between you and I first.”

“The infrastructure of the swarm is what endures, not the fossils of a genius. The math of the swarm is what has endured. In a few cases, the swarm collapses and huge chunks of mathematical discovery gets taken with it. Was there a common thread to be found here?”

“We couldn’t understand gravity because our brains evolved to primarily understand each other. The ear is sensitive to the human voice. The visual cortex is optimized to understand human faces. Our internal complexity management reflects social behavior complexity.

We don’t actually have intelligence in the way we’ve defined it. What we have are a priori agendas that drive us to understand each other. Any patterns we happen to see in the non-human parts of nature are because they resemble the patterns we anticipate to see in each other.”

“Imagine a time when math wasn’t unified into a collective framework of interlocking references and dependencies. Only in the last 4% of human civilization did math become associated as a sort of centralized monolith. Before that, math was fragmented along multiple lines.”

“Television is individualist. The internet is collectivist.

Television (and radio before it) is the media of isolated individuals; individuals who receive and digest content. The internet is the media of collectives reasoning, emoting and acting in unison. Its interactivity means you’re part of it, not apart from it.

[…] Everybody thought the internet would lead to greater individuality because they thought of it as a broadcast medium with more options. You’d have millions of magazines or TV channels, covering every niche. For awhile, this was true, but then came the Reckoning. The Great Internet Reckoning is this:

“Is it Left or Right?”

Everything must answer to this question. Every hobby. Every subculture. No piece of our society shall resist this political sorting. Ultimately, all that matters is which side you’re on.”

“Television is a one way dictation. There is nothing individualistic about that….”

“While I don’t specifically agree with the thesis, supposing I’m on the right train of thought:

Television is one iteration of dictation, via top-down authority.
Internet is ten thousand iterations of dictations, via every channel you can and can’t possibly imagine.”

“Why is the idea of the productive output of a people belonging to that people such a sin? The reasoning dates back to the artifacts of civilization itself.

Alexander the Great was the first to demonstrate that mankind could be unified despite differences between language, cultural, and religious expectations. Alexander laid the foundation for the expectations of future globalists, giving them hope that all of mankind could be domesticated into a singular direction to supersede their local and tangible concerns. In attempting to fulfill this lofty goal, he successfully reallocated the gold assets accumulated during the long reign of Babylonian antiquity into the Mediterranean economy. His dream, shaped by Aristotle, had secured a heart-stopping volume of wealth for him, his peers, and the rest of all subsequent Western civilization. This promise of wealth recentralization is what all globalists yearn for when they embrace the platitudes of equality. The unification of mankind is sold as a moral end, but it is actually a pragmatic means of achieving wealth recentralization.”

“TV show where Steven Pinker visits tragedies and tries to cheer people up with historical facts and statistics. “I see your village has been devastated, but did you know that thanks to better building standards and early warning, earthquake-related deaths are at an all time low?””

>Ann Coulter proposes shooting immigrants trying to cross U.S. border illegally following Gaza protests

Coulter’s view may seem extreme, but up until about 50 years ago everybody would have taken it for granted that borders and hence nations per se reduce to: “Turn back or die.” With wealth comes decadence, and therewith a greater allowance for delusion: tragic reality becomes a scandal which the progressive cannot abide.”

“The books carry the insights, but you have to make them real to you. Surround yourself with all walks of life and explore contexts that make you uncomfortable. Keep yourself in mind so you don’t get lost and absorb the experience.

Then it all turns from data into knowledge.”

“We’re going to wire everyone up, they’ll all have devices that keep them in constant communication.”

“Like some sort of hive mind?”

“No, no – trust me – this will lead to unprecedented freedom and individuality.”

“me: Can I get some good health care

America: No, you need insurance

Person with insurance: Can I get some good health care

America: Also no”

“never forget the six million centrifuges disguised as iranian washing machines”

“The Marxian concept of class consciousness started by trying to leverage the yields of the Industrial Age to bring about a material version of European Christian redemption. As it failed to fulfill its promises, the thunderous applause it commanded at the beginning of the 20th century mutated into a desperate and often clumsy cacophony of identity politics.

As this game of minority musical chairs evolved, the band continuously played the siren song of an unattainable yet highly romantic idea of equality. Such intoxicating chords acted as a factory that manufactured new political identities on demands. The outcome is obvious: If every person believes that the unattainable equality can only be achieved by replacing social interaction with self-regulating echo chambers of identity, then all methods of communication will carry an additional volume of risk that cannot be offset.

Manufacturing political identities, then, is the only way the elite can retain control in the Age of Information.”

“I, Rob Schneider, will no longer take projects that do not pay women equally. Even if that means lowering the woman’s salary substantially.”

“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what your country can do for Israel.”

“Yeah I consume roughly 7,000 animals in my lifetime, most of whom live in downright psychotic conditions of abuse and neglect, pumped full of hormones and slaughtered by legions of imported meatworkers who work for pennies, but I swear to god if I see you kicking a dog I will tear you limb from limb, I’m a good person that cares about animals!!!!!!!!!”

“Put differently, while U.S. ambassadors are operating in one-third of the world’s countries, U.S. special operators are active in three-fourths. “

“The vast majority of good things that have ever happened in society happened because somebody with authority judged them to be good and stipulated that they would happen. No amount of just-so fantasising about ‘bottom-up’ organisation will ever make this stop being true.”

“Religion IS the reason for Islamic violence. But the causality is more complex than some suppose. It’s not just the passages about killing infidels. It’s also polygamy, which creates an underclass of sexually frustrated young men whose aggression has to be directed outwards or else it will be directed against their own elders. It’s a religion perfectly evolved to belch forth conquering hordes of desperate expendables with nothing to lose.”

>Iranian Group Offers $100,000 to Blow Up New U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem

My first instinct was to say “H E R O”

But then 5 seconds later I was more like “hey rabbi, watcha doin?” cuz this is so obviously fake and gay. Every single Middle Easterner with the ability and will to pull this off would already do it for free.”

“The nice thing about monarchy and aristocratic rule, is that when things go south, the bottom class knows exactly who to hang. Keeps the ruling class on their toes.”

“Let it be known that the planet broke before the Guard did.”

“An action being “punishable by a fine” basically means “legal for rich people”.”

“Why invade a country when you can just buy its institutions, turn its women against its men, make transvestites of its children, sell the wealth generated by its labour to foreign investors, then introduce a foreign army as ‘refugees’ and ‘diversity’ to finish it off?”

“Andre Gide, a world-renowned author and a communist most of his life, visited Leningrad some years ago. Afterward, he deeply offended his Russian hosts by saying, “What I loved most in Leningrad was St. Petersburg.” Gide was not trying to insult his Russian friends. The reason he loved the St. Petersburg in Leningrad was that it was not built by modern planners and designers.

Cities, towns, villages and groups of communities that were designed hundreds of years ago obviously are based upon some basic purpose of living that eludes current deisgners. Previous ages possessed one great advantge, a precise moral aim that gave meaning and direction to all planning and design. Classical antiquity pursued harmony; the middle ages strove for mystic fulfillment; the Renaissance, the elegance of proportions; more recent times, the enlightenment of humanism. The people of each period knew exactly what they wanted.

What then is the purpose of contemporary planners? Earlier builders knew what they were doing, because they executed the cultural imperatives of their society as their minds conceived them. In contrast, modern designers nourish public taste and have tried desperately to find out what that taste is. To help in this quandary designers use research staffs and questionnaires. What do they discover when at last their work is complete? That those for whom they have built, after one look, move back toward those parts of cities built hundreds of years ago.

There has (until very recently) been no such thing as a changing purpose in planning settlements. That old towns are charming and new ones are not is because city planners of former times – ancient Greece, medieval city states, the heart of AMsterdam, London, Paris, or Vienna – did not pursue different aims as their age changed, but instinctively always worked toward the one unchanging purpose that has always made people desire to live in urban centers in all human communities.

Aristotle expressed this purpose, saying that men form communities not for justice, peace defense, or traffic, but for the sake of the good life, the Summum Bonum. This good life has always meant the satisfaction of four basic social desires, desires to which earlier designers have always given material and structural shape. These desires are conviviality, religiosity, intellectual growth, and politics. Therefore, the nucleus of cities, with all the variations in styles, consisted always of the same basic structures. Taverns, sports arenas, and theaters were built to satisfy conviviality; churches or temples, to facilitate religiosit; museums, zoos, libraries, and schools, to help intellectual growth; and city halls, political temperament. And because the satisfaction of these four community-shaping desires required an economic base; these structures were naturally and organically grouped around the marketplace, creating and serving the fifth communal activity: trade and commerce.

If a new region is to be successfully developed, decentralized, and open-ended to many different possibilities, some interventions are simple. What will be needed is the construction of focal points at primitive crossroads: a sidewalk cafe, a restaurant serving excellent meals, a little concert hall or theater, a charming church, a well-designed meeting hall.

To sum up the success of old and the failure of modern community design in one sentence: ancient planners, recognizing the invariable Aristotelian purpose of why people live in communities, put all their talent into the building of the communal nucleus: inns, churches, and city halls. The rest of the settlement then followed naturally. In contrast, modern designers are forever buildign the rest of the city. But without a nucleus nothing can be held together. There are difficulties now in conceptualizing a nucleus, since we have become convinced – falsely – that every age has a different purpose; but, by the time we might discover our own, it will have run through our hands like sand.”

“Modern civilization lives with traffic jams everywhere. The only question is what causes them? Too narrow streets? Streets have been widened, and jams have become worse. Too few traffic arteries? Traffic arteries have multiplied, and tieups have become more frequent. Urban density? Cities have exploded outward into suburbs and exurbs, reducing density, yet the gridlock has increased in proportion. Bad planning? International experts have made plans, and when implemented, jams have grown. Too little thought? Actually, the reverse is true: too much thought. Modern planners are so concerned about traffic that they have stopped thinking about anything but the fastest movement of cars and the attendant problems, as if the only function of the city is to serve as a racetrack for drivers between petrol pumps and hamburger stands. Los Angeles is at present the ultimate example of not enough thought about traffic dislodging common sense. The result? What might have become an elegant city has instead become the first city that incorporates rural distances into its tormented traffic-choked urban sprawl.

What most planners have overlooked in their rush to eliminate all obstacles to traffic is that they are removing the most precious obstacle to traffic: the community itself. The function of a community, unlike that of a petrol station or a snack bar in the countryside, is to act as a goal, not as a passage point; an end, not a means; a stop, not a flow; a place to get out, not for driving through. This is why most good cities exist where the flow of traffic was bound to stop: at the base of mountains or at their top, on the bend of rivers, on the shores of lakes or oceans, or – in the case of some of the most spectacular, such as Venice, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Bangkok, San Francisco, or Manhattan – in the midst of canals and lagoons, or on the tips of thin islands where any movement beyond is restricted in all directions.”

“Horror: Capital is inhuman.
Existential horror: Capital is hyperhuman.

Prices are set by demand. Demand is a function of values. Capitalism is aggregated human desire. A silent scream of want. When the screams resonate, it produces goods and services.”

“Classic prole-sentiments dynamic. Who dies in gang warfare? Not gated community kids, that’s for sure. Same thing behind gun laws: “What, you live near enough to crime that you have to defend yourself? Ewwww.””

“The normal human judges individuals by their race or creed, ideas by their speaker, artifacts by their vendor, and assumes the mightiest is always right.”

2018 May 04 ~ 12

“No matter how you slice it normies are the greatest plague upon mankind. Sure, some political systems will function better than others but a good chunk of the problems regarding the use of power is reducible to normieism. Even anarchists won’t be able to avoid their communes from degenerating into chimp-like social states where the cheiftan has obtained “power” through social prowess rather than pure merit.

When a machiavellian type climbs the ladder to become a leader of an organization this individual has likely obtained the position by wooing dumb normie cattle. An instance of this are cults and their leaders. People say that cultists are more intelligent but I suspect that the more intelligent cultists adhere to an ideology that is more focused on extremes of a given belief whereas the dumb cultists are part of cults that are focused on spiritual finding, self-help, and psychology. This is why cults like scientology and NXIVM target the actor demographic (hyper-normies) who have no sense of self-awareness or any higher level rational introspective ability to speak of so they will fall in line with a guru that could do it for them and give them an emotional anchor. Normies barely have any ability to rationalize their condition and surroundings so the world looks like a chaotic malevolent storm to them but they insist that they have influence on the state of affairs.

It follows that business hierarchies and politics works similarily albeit with some checks and balances from people who aren’t retarded. With regards to politics most people don’t hold political views, they are literally incoherent normie grunts based on personality types so any appeal to the person rather than the ideology has an advantage whenever you have majoritarian systems.

In some ways I find it hard to hate the psychopathic/narcissistic types because these people often don’t think too much themselves, they don’t really care, and are just in it for the ride and normies just hand them all the power because it makes the normie feel good inside when the psycho/narc tells them good things.

It think the solution to this is to either limit political franchise, appeal and lie to normies to get what you want, or obtain so much power that you can just crush them.”

“As part of their Wizard research, the Air Force had developed a formula that compared the cost of an ICBM to the ABM needed to shoot it down. The formula, later known as the cost-exchange ratio, could be expressed as a dollar figure; if the cost of the ICBM was less than that figure, the economic advantage was in favor of the offense – they could build more ICBMs for less money than the ABMs needed to shoot them down. A variety of scenarios demonstrated that it was almost always the case that the offense had the advantage. The Air Force ignored this inconvenient problem while they were still working on Wizard, but as soon as the Army was handed sole control of the ABM efforts, they immediately submitted it to McElroy.”

“Peer review just means like minded people agree with yoi

The truly good works of any field are made by people who don’t give a flying fuck about the rest of the field”

“Between banning Chinese and firing incels, Silicon Valley is going to empty out real fast.”

“The incel terrorism scare is like a dream come true for these stupid shallow fucking socialite whores because they now have a socially acceptable virtuous excuse for their purely superficial dismissal and outright contempt for any male who isn’t within the top 20% of looks and popularity. Many commentators have pointed out that the guy who did the van attack was actually “kinda” decent looking – certainly not ugly. But you see, that just makes it even better for them.

Before they had to make up these convuluted rationalizations about how even the guys in their matching bracket of attractiveness weren’t good enough for them. “Oh, he has a weird vibe”, “he’s creepy”, “he isn’t confident” or whatever the fuck. Now they can just point at those dangerous evil terrorist incels to convince themselves that anyone but the most handsome studs must be morally reprehensible and bad people by definition.”

“lmao that woman isn’t going to be designing anything – she’s a woman, after all”

“They will take her on as a lead designer to fulfill diversity quotas and make the other white and pajeet men work twice as hard to pick up her slack.”

>5 nanoseconds into the legal adulthood (18 years old) of a biological male without having had intercourse once.


“There are but three beings worthy of respect: the priest, the warrior, and the poet. To know, to kill, and to create. The rest of mankind may be taxed and drudged, they are born for the stable, that is to say, to practise what they call professions.”

“truth doesnt exist. thats the thing. truth is a dumb dude who thinks hes entitled to something because he was nice. thats why when nietzsche asked what if truth is actually a woman, he was saying that the truth is not static, but it dances around, it is a fickle thing, a thing of many colors, a changing thing, and that because philosophers have sought truth like they have, by going directly to “the truth” and trying to analyze and rationalize, they have missed the heart of truth altogether. they dont know how to romance a woman, just like they dont know how to romance the truth. the truth is power. power itself is the truth. if a man says “fuck the truth, i am the fucking truth”, women are like, omg im wet. squirt. so basically truth is in reality a creative endeavor to be, a will to power. the story doesnt contain the truth inside, but it is the truth itself”

“Marriage is a prehistoric institution. It predates farming and therefore a State (or even a religion) can’t be necessary for marriage. It will re-appear momentarily, when the State stops persecuting it.”

“Myth: Galileo was persecuted by the Church because Xtianity hates teh science.

Fact: Galileo openly insulted the Pope in book form. When found guilty at his -third- heresy trial, his punishment was the horrifying ‘stop talking about that.’

Meanwhile, folk like Johannes Kepler made the exact same telescopic observations as Galileo, and managed not to get hauled into court by the Inquisition even once.”

“Speaking of heresy, I have a good one for a story:

The setting is God and the Devil got tired of pussy-footing around and are testing it directly by force of arms over the Earth.

Then the Nothing from Neverending story shows up and seems set to devour them both.”

“If you make adults do pointless work, it is considered torture. E.g. if you make someone dig a ditch with a shovel, and fill it back up right in front of them with a bulldozer, it’s obviously intentional humiliation.

This is how I know Western civilization despises children or at least holds them in utter contempt. Non-humans.

Everyone knows you don’t learn anything in school. You forget it all over the summer. The work is pointless. It is industrial scale humiliation torture.”

“It holds everyone in contempt.

Everyone knows what’s going on with school because it’s simple and with ditches because it’s physical. But put them in an office, with middle-management on one side and “poor people are just lazy” on the other, and people will defend their masters.”

“No one is owed sex and it’s not society’s fault that some people don’t have it”

“Sex is part of the social contract that motivates men to cooperate with a society, follow its rules, preserve it from invaders, and not to invade it themselves.”

“Work is only endurable when purposefully sacrificial, and to rob it of sacrificial purpose is to turn it into slavery.

When everyone’s working out of duty, everyone’s winning (in a way); when everyone’s playing life to win, almost everyone’s losing, and working for the winners.

No intelligent person can feel their labour dignified solely by the chance to partake in a rigged game. A man without great prospects can endure drudgery nobly to feed his family, serve his community, and do his duty to his nation; nobody can do it just for a chance at ‘success’.”

“All this incel malarkey just illustrates that for many women, it’s not enough to just not fuck you and leave it at that. No, if they don’t want to fuck you, you shouldn’t even exist. And that’s not just a passive sentiment but an extremely active one. And if they can’t rub you out they have to rub it in. It’s solipsism and self-centeredness (and malice) to an almost unimaginable degree. Another object lesson in why women have historically never been in charge (and had better never be…)”

who do women think they’re entitled to sex with?
maybe we should ask”

“Sexual selection is the driving force behind cultural creation and human regulation.Therefore, the breakdown between the sexes and the deterioration of consciousness (into neuroticism) is essentially one in the same.”

“We must picture hell as a state where everyone is perpetually concerned about his own dignity and advancement, where everyone has a grievance, and where everyone lives with the deadly serious passions of envy, self-importance, and resentment.”

“The present you see today was planned and prepared a long time ago and the future you will see tomorrow is being planned and prepared today.”

“Technology: when someone is trying to kill you, flee or fight back.

In the modern world, this is apparently lost technology. The new hotness is outraged posts on twitter & facebook.”

“Maybe because I’ve been living outside of the US for almost 4 years now, but it seems the English language is becoming more and more incomprehensible. And why are so many people using nouns as verbs?”

“Railways are conservative, in Britain especially, because we invented them and they are ideally suited to our landscape. They are conservative because they help to conserve the countryside, and because they are, when well run, a disciplined service requiring loyalty and dedication from their workers, not unlike the armed forces. They are conservative because they can be made to rely on national sources of energy, since electricity can be produced by nuclear reactors, coal or even waves. They are conservative because, by giving a centre to towns and cities, they promote cohesion and discourage shapeless ribbon development and the atomisation of society which follows when everyone relies on the car for transport.

Car,s on the other hand, encourage globalism in culture and economics, force us into dependency on oil states and therefore influence our foreign policy in unconservative directions, radically reshape cities and countryside, marginalise the old who cannot afford to run them, break up established communities by their greed for land and by the way in which modern roads act as impassable barriers.

And I won’t even go into the problems of air travel, and the way in which this is subsidised and encouraged at the expense of railways.”

“Articles about how American decline has been exaggerated tend to prove the opposite. America shouldn’t be “just okay”; it’s the wealthiest country in history, people should be saying, “whoa, holy shit, did you see America?”

“Hey man, America isn’t so bad, communities are learning to cope with the opium epidemic, immigration, while divisive, hasn’t led to explosive violence, and, while national politics remains toxic, local politics is seeing a new lease of life.”


“Almost all of our ills stem from a disregard of natural boundaries: urban sprawl, pollution, traffic congestion, obesity, etc. Likewise, almost all “progressive” thought are methods to fix this by ‘overcoming’ even further boundaries and by asking the government to step in.”

“Everything in modern society has been crafted as shackles for you as a workhorse for them. Both the commies and the capitalists are two pieces of bread in a jewish sandwich of atomizing people and turning them into economic units as slave to the economy and not the economy as servant of nation, reducing the role of family, and increasing production and consumption to unsustainable ends. They want you as laborer, not as spiritual being with a sum greater than its parts, especially when united as a greater family (nation). […]

It worked pretty similarly to indentured servitude if the person was unable to pay their debts on time. If they defaulted on the debts, the (((banks))) would offer the resident farmer/rancher the option to stay on the land and work it off, giving a percentage of the production to the banks meanwhile, which was an early form of debt slavery and interest. So they would get the full value of the land plus what had been paid to them already, plus interest.

What ended up happening is the banks owned way the fuck too much land in fertile regions and people were forced to enter into unsustainable contracts as the land was scarce by now, or hope to find work on a large homestead. Either way, the (((bankers))) were living better than kings and controlled nearly everything with zero net returns to the people. They, or foreign agents, could then leverage local satraps to rebel or cut ties with the empire when those municipalities were needed in times of war to change the outcome.

Guess what? Same fucking thing happening in the modern world.”

>STDs in L.A. County are skyrocketing. Officials think racism and stigma may be to blame

As I was walking down the street I loudly yelled the N word and everyone within earshot immediately contracted aids.”

“When women are let loose to do as they please, away from the influence of men, they have not come up with a cornucopia of great inventions and discoveries. Instead they have aborted tens of millions of infants, blamed all their problems on men, voted leftists into office, become excessively promiscuous, gotten worthless college degrees and demanded equally worthless amek-work jobs, believed that wealth falls like manna from Heaven, come to believe marriage is temporary, destroyed children’s lives through easy divorce and single parenthood… and rationalized every bit of it.”

“Women are largely incapable of receiving criticism, men learn to do so, with practice and difficultly, only by threat of violence, by brothers, a father, or the tribe at large.”

“Life is like a box of chocolates: A cheap, thoughtless, perfunctory gift that nobody ever asks for.”

“The thing about incels isn’t that they can’t get laid. It’s that they dare to protest about it.

[…] the problem that normies have with incels is not that they are losers for not getting laid. The problem is that they organize, that they gave themselves a name. That they have class-consciousness of a sort. Liberal states have “freedom of association” in their constitutions as a relic of the time they were fighting the old monarchies which wouldn’t give it to them. And they wouldn’t give it to them because “associations” are a hidden-in-sight form of political conspiracy, and any state which wants to survive doesn’t admit political conspiracies. Try to gather 50 people in public in China and see how long it takes for police to ask what the hell you’re doing.

Of course liberal states, i.e. Western states have freedom of association as a symbol of their revolution against the old order; but they aren’t stupid. They don’t really allow freedom of association. Ask Roosh what happened when he tried to organize a meetup of right-wingish PUAs. Ask any club or association of size that denies access to women; or accepts only white men. The liberal state understands that only white men are potentially disloyal, and so any association of white men is illegal de facto.”

“[A] shortcut to understand Bioleninism is “a coalition of people who don’t want high school jocks to rule the world”. Which is the natural state of mankind, for better or worse. I wasn’t a high school jock, but as a white man I’d rather they rule than the girls rule, so I am not Bioleninist. For the more awkward nerds in class though, they probably prefer the girls rule, out of some extremely misguided hope that the girls will be somewhat nicer to them. That’s the vibe I get from Scott Alexander.

Or maybe it’s just that nerds are awkward, know they are powerless, and so tend to obey whoever is in power, and since Bioleninism advanced after the 1960s nerds have just bent the knee and dropped to the floor and kissed the feet of Women and Africans and Muslims and whoever the fuck they’re told to kiss. That’s the vibe I get from Scott Aaronson.”

“You might have heard about “women in tech”; i.e. women trying to get nerds out of tech. Nerds protest. “We were here first! We built this from scratch!”. Yeah whatever. There’s money to be made, so women want in. Then they saw nerds there, and they can’t help their instincts. Nerds must go. Women just won’t live close to them; the same way humans don’t like living close to snakes or rats. That getting rid of the nerds would destroy the whole ecosystem is secondary. When tech collapses after women chase the nerds away, women will just migrate to somewhere else, as if nothing had happened.”

“Well, what is best in life for women? What do women do when they have all the power? What is the female equivalent of Gengis Khan. We are finding out lately. It includes, obviously, complete privileges in every area of life for women. These two recent tweets were very illuminating. One complains that 19% of journalists killed were women. The other that 1 in 4 homeless are women.

Well, say cucks, that means 81% of journalists killed were men! And 75% of homeless were men! What the hell are women complaining about? Well obviously they complain that there is even a single women being victimized, when it should be 0! When an Englishmen said that 10% of victims at something in colonial India were Englishmen, he was right to complain. We fucking rule this place, why should even a single of us have a rough time? That’s what Indians are for. Well that’s how women think. We are women; why should a single women have trouble? That’s what men are for! There is no irony in this. It is only the cold logic of power.”

“A PUA is a man who pretends he has what a woman pretends she does not want.”

“Robin Hanson got screeching calls to lock him up when he suggested that men with no access to women perhaps have good reason for being upset. Seems to me he doesn’t understand how hypergamy works. He was accused of promoting rape and slavery. Which he denied of course, but feminists had a point.
Women want hypergamy.

For a woman to sleep with a man below the top 20% is by definition not consensual sex. It is thus rape. For a woman to work for or live with a man below the top 20% is by definition not consensual work. It is thus slavery. This is no joke.

“‘Jocks’ and ‘nerds’ are degenerated moderns. Thucydides for example wasn’t a ‘jock’ – he was a warrior, philosopher, and man of action. A ‘jock’ is a cretin who has no inner life and who values games and material trappings of victory in superfluous games over anything else. The historical fascimile of a jock would be a dimwitted gladiator who cares for nothing other than wine, gold, the favor of women, and shouts of approval from plebes when he kills opponents in staged spectacles. A general of arms has nothing in common with such a man.

Similarly, a ‘nerd’ is a managerial technocrat who is incapable of thinking in terms of total systems as he is stubbornly oblivious to nuance and non-utilitarian measures of value. A nerd can only exist in a technological state that places a premium on specialization and quantity – Aquinas, for example, had nothing in common with the modern nerd; the ‘nerd’ is best exemplified by Robert MacNamara or Bill Gates. Nerds are enemies of philosophy, not its stewards.”

“Why have men acquiesced so much in giving women the upper hand in society’s institutions? It falls to men to create society (because women almost never create large organizations or cultural systems). It seems foolish and self-defeating for men then to meekly surrender advantageous treatment in all these institutions to women. Moreover, despite many individual exceptions, in general and on average men work harder at their jobs in these institutions than women, thereby enabling men to rise to the top ranks. As a result, women continue to earn less money and have lower status than men, which paradoxically is interpreted to mean that women’s preferential treatment should be continued and possibly increased (see review of much evidence in Baumeister 2010). Modern society is not far from embracing explicit policies of “equal pay for less work,” as one of us recently proposed. Regardless of that prospect, it appears that preferential treatment of women throughout the workforce is likely to be fairly permanent. Because of women’s lesser motivation and ambition, they will likely never equal men in achievement, and their lesser attainment is politically taken as evidence of the need to continue and possibly increase preferential treatment for them.”

“Today most schools, universities, corporations, scientific organizations, governments, and many other institutions have explicit policies to protect and promote women. It is standard practice to hire or promote a woman ahead of an equally qualified man. Most large organizations have policies and watchdogs that safeguard women’s interests and ensure that women gain preferential treatment over men. Parallel policies or structures to protect men’s interests are largely nonexistent and in many cases are explicitly prohibited. Legal scholars, for example, point out that any major new law is carefully scrutinized by feminist legal scholars who quickly criticize any aspect that could be problematic or disadvantageous to women, and so all new laws are women-friendly. Nobody looks out for men, and so the structural changes favoring women and disadvantaging men have accelerated (Baumeister and Vohs 2004).”

“All of this is a bit ironic, in historical context. The large institutions have almost all been created by men. The notion that women were deliberately oppressed by being excluded from these institutions requires an artful, selective, and motivated way of looking at them. Even today, the women’s movement has been a story of women demanding places and preferential treatment in the organizational and institutional structures that men create, rather than women creating organizations and institutions themselves. Almost certainly, this reflects one of the basic motivational differences between men and women, which is that female sociality is focused heavily on one-to-one relationships, whereas male sociality extends to larger groups networks of shallower relationships (e.g., Baumeister and Sommer 1997; Baumeister 2010). Crudely put, women hardly ever create large organizations or social systems. That fact can explain most of the history of gender relations, in which the gender near equality of prehistorical societies was gradually replaced by progressive inequality—not because men banded together to oppress women, but because cultural progress arose from the men’s sphere with its large networks of shallow relationships, while the women’s sphere remained stagnant because its social structure emphasized intense one-to-one relationships to the near exclusion of all else (see Baumeister 2010). All over the world and throughout history (and prehistory), the contribution of large groups of women to cultural progress has been vanishingly small.” In fact, large groups of women–unless checked by male authority–tend to ruin vital institutions: as happened in academia, as it were.”

“Great writers are most valuable to other great writers, for whom they are generative. What does it matter to a great writer if there won’t be a Nobel Prize this year? Do great writers mete out prizes? No! Do great writers want to be on committees of any kind? No! All that is for the usual mediocre hangers-on.”

“Today awards in the arts are generally determined by the herd-like political judgments of “intellectual women”–so that an award is likely to be a bad eminence.”

“It seems to me that no open boarders advocate has ever asked himself: What is a country? What is it for?”

“Most women aren’t exactly super dedicated atrractive ambitious gym afficionados. The average woman is average, just like the average guy is, and anybody making justifications for why an average guy shouldn’t feel entitled to an average girl is just engaging in a stockholm-esque rationalization of this fundamentally sick society”

“It’s like they want you to take a selfie of your dick in some bitches mouth before you’re allowed to disagree and when you do they’re like “just do x” and when you show them 1000 example so people who did x they say “do y” and so until until there’s this never ending treadmill of reasons its 100% the incels fault and 0% any other force in the known or unknown universe and they go “idk how but it must be their fault””

“Of course throwing words like “totalitarianism” around means little, and it’s not like this broad knows what totalitarianism is about, being a “sociologist” her job is not to read books. She’s a political commissar, and as such her work does have value. Japanese education indeed has been moving right in the recent years. A couple decades, perhaps. And that is worrying if you work for the Left. It’s her job to worry about losing power. Well, it’s everyone’s job. I can’t think of any human trait more universal than worrying about losing power.”

“It is of paramount importance to dispel the fiction that the Left and Right are both equal forces, armies fighting for their respective causes which are different in content but generally equivalent in size and culture. No, that’s not how it works. There are no causes. There is only power. The Left is where the people who want (more) power flock to, and their ideas are contingent to that ultimate purpose. The Right are the people who do not want more power, either because they have some already or because they’re just not into it. Risk-averse, perhaps. Whatever ideas people in the Right believe in are contingent to that ultimate purpose. To put it in military terms. Doctrines change. Strategies change. Weapons change. But the basic nature of war is universal.”

“China historically has had no issue with wiping out Muslims when needed.”

“Come on man! Don’t you know that while there is life, there is hope? I understand your disdain for death by a thousand cuts and the honor in a quick death, but still. Is it really that bad? The Japanese have made giant, sudden leaps many times in their history (600 A.D., 1600 AD, 1857, 1945). I’m sure they have some gas left in their tank for one more. I would never count the Japanese out.

If there is someone richly deserving of your contempt, it is the Hindus and their long drawn out slow decline starting with the first Islamic invasion in 668 A.D. That coupled with their stubborn refusal to learn about the nature of Islam, their endless virtue signaling culminating in the deification of Gandhi should win them the Darwin awards for every year starting now. If there is anyone who should seriously contemplate Sepukku and/or all-or-nothing-brinkmanship, it is them.”

“For the Hindus you will forgive me but I have no strong feelings one way or the other. With the Japanese though I have lived many many years.

Look at Japan: all its wealth its just due to its access to American markets, and that is all due to redgov lobbying. Once the American empire in the Pacific dies, and it will die at some point; Japan is then just some island in the edge of Asia with no resources and no plausible way of defending itself.

Japan cannot be independent, one way or the other. It’s choice is to subject itself to a decaying and increasingly evil US, or to a rising but rather vindictive and still poor China. And it must take this choice while undergoing the worst demographic crisis of any nation in modern history.

It is that bad. Modernity has destroyed many, many, many nations. Japan just got lucky and delayed some decades, but the time has come.

The day Americans stop buying Toyotas, the Japanese starve. It is that simple.”

“Also, hitting the gym sounds like a “taking charge of your life” solution to a group of people whose core belief is “others should change instead of myself”. If these people actually did something proactive, then they wouldn’t likely be incels in the first place.”

“lol no literally thousands of these people have spent years in the gym getting in better shape than anyone I know. Now those people are called fitcels because they’re in amazing shape and it did absolutely nothing for their success with women.

[…] I remember one where this guy dropped down to 2% body fat and was winning swimming competitions, got promoted and was making $85,000 a year, bought a house and a nice car, and talked to something like 4,000 women and didn’t even get a single date because his face was 4 out of 10.


(replace x with whatever justification lets you pretend it’s their fault)”

“Dude, my face is a 5 all day long, my body is laughable (even when in shape) I’m
Not an incel. So how ISNT it their fault?”

“Sounds like you guys have all the answers. You figure it out.”

“Why are we talking about red pill crap here anyway? You got a girlfriend and a well paying job. Better to stay away from ‘incels’ and their negativity.”

“Just because I’m doing well doesn’t mean there aren’t millions of people being deprived of necessary human relationships by a sick hookup culture that encourages women to whore around until they’re used up unweddable spinsters and encourages men to sink into video games and depression instead of raising a family until they’re 40 year old incels.

Not sure if you know this but millions of unwed men and women living their whole lives in depression and psychosis is how entire civilizations collapse into the ground in a single generation.”

“China during the Mao years was distinctly nonchalant about their old war rival, and it’s reported that in 1972, when the Japanese prime minister Tanaka Kakuei went to Beijing and apologized about the war, Mao laughed heartily and said that, on the contrary, the Chinese people are grateful, as without the Japanese invasion, the communists would have never won power. However, after the riots of Tiananmen, the government decided that leftist indoctrination of the youth was counterproductive in the new capitalist environment, and decided to change the fuel of asabiyyah to a nationalist myth based on the Great Victory against Japan. Since the 1990s, all history textbooks have been rewritten to focus on the great Communist Party which deserves power not because of the great profits from agricultural collectivization achieved with Mao’s leadership, but because the Communist Party defeated the evil Japanese Devils. This had the double benefit of leaving open the possibility of rapport with the Kuomintang in Taiwan. The foundation myth of the Communist Party stopped being their victory against the evil capitalists of Chiang Kai-Shek, and became a people’s romance where two friendly factions of noble Chinese fought the foreign invader, and then tragically were deceived by foreign imperialism into fighting each other.”

“The more ‘cynical’ I grow, the more ‘naive’ I feel. Experience of disillusionment leaves me feeling agoraphobic before life, like a child terrified before the vastness and obscurity of the ocean.”

“Gives me the opposite.

“Wow people are so stupid and wrong about everything”
“This flimsy-ass thing by logic is, by empirical definitions, robust. This means anything I do that’s half mediocre will automatically be adamant and I can be confident in any and all my endeavors.”

> I went back to a man who hit me. I’m still thinking about why.

I’m still thinking about (what I’d say my friends to justify my decision that doesn’t mention my tingles) why”

“SpaceX is in the space business; they view R&D as a cost center. Boeing is in the government-contracting business; they view R&D as a profit center. A huge, fundamental difference in approach.”

“Worth remembering Airbnb has made a big push to get owners to adopt the instant booking feature on account of so many of them being racist”

“Google Assistant making calls pretending to be human not only without disclosing that it’s a bot, but adding “ummm” and “aaah” to deceive the human on the other end with the room cheering it… horrifying. Silicon Valley is ethically lost, rudderless and has not learned a thing.

That the many in Google did not erupt in utter panic and disgust at the first suggestion of this… is incredible to me. What of Google’s famed discussion boards? What are you all discussing if not this?!?! This is horrible and so obviously wrong. SO OBVIOUSLY WRONG. *headdesk*”

>go to low class restaurant and people tell you to tip because the waitstaff is underpaid
>go to high class restaurant and they include tip in your bill anyways under “gratuity”
nice meme”

>Idle talk or fierce competition? FSU research finds women use gossip as weapon against romantic rivals

“Research finds” what poets have been representing for thousands of years: that women–who, unlike men, rarely have much to gain from forthright evil–use gossip, cunning and dissimulation to pursue their ends.”

“Social science. The discovery of the obvious by esoteric means”

“This is also why feminist ideology, which presumes the primacy of feminine over masculine characteristics, assumes that anyone speaking has some kind of ulterior motive of political power.

At the extreme end you get ‘mathematics are sexist’ and other hogwash. Because social gaming is something women are better wired for and more active in. Men often discuss ideas JUST TO discuss ideas.”

“It IS revealing that feminists are so silent about women’s relations with women.”

“Thats historically though, before females largely entered the work force, and before we were able to keep old people healthy and in working shape well beyond 65 years old. Unfortunately now that we ahve females in the work force, and the elderly working well beyond the point of retirement, our work force numbers SHOULD be much higher than historical averages.

But, they arent. They’re barely above historical averages, even when we have a lower birth rate than in the past (ie: fewer young ones who cant/shouldnt work yet) and an elderly population that can still work (ie: more older people who can still work). And an even bigger problem on top of that, is that regular full employment isnt enough anymore to sustain the average home or the typical “nuclear family” model by a long shot. Which leads to a reduction in what would be “stay at home moms” as well, as many are forced to work as well to make ends meet and be able to have any money to put away for savings if they can even manage that.

It doesnt matter that the historical averages are, because so much has changed in the last 30-40 years. With things as they ARE, we SHOULD see 70-80% of the population in the work force. But we dont, we see barely over half and well under 2/3rds.

Which is really the problem when you get to the heart of it. Our economies and societies as humans just arent built, or will ever be built, to sustain both men and women, as well as the elderly, all being in the work force at once. Theres just not going to be enough space to ever accomplish that, because of the fact you’re going to have mega-chains that always show up and are able to do lots of work with less labor and keep high output levels to provide consumer goods to everyone, which means you arent going to see every little town able to sustain itself through small businesses.

Those small businesses keep having to become more and more specialized in order to find a market. And theres not enough room for THAT either.

Its a problem without a solution right now. And its GOING to eventually lead to an economic collapse of the west.”

“Until recently the major source of production was labor. It is egalitarian in that almost everyone is born capable of labor. Technological innovation and invention have reduced the amount of human labor necessary for production. Human muscle power was replaced first by animal and now by machine. Machines today far exceed the human capacity for strength, dexterity, endurance, accuracy and precision. The missing piece in the doom of the value of human labor is AI.

It’s not skynet you need to worry about it’s that when AI truly arrives it will make human labor worthless.”

“The only two explanations I can think of are that the Air Force wants a Cas platform that can keep up with prompt Global strike policies (basically a light supersonic AC130)


Boeing got mad when Trump canceled there sale of 30 Regional jumbo Jets to Iran and the defense department scrambled to come up with some stupid make work program to justify sending them 20 billion dollars”

“Just because there’s a patent doesn’t mean they’re gonna manufacture or even prototype it”

“Just because they’re never going to build it doesn’t mean the DoD won’t give them $20 billion to develop it”

“I remember there was a honeymoon period where he tried to do all his campaign promises via executive order in like the first two weeks. I think the guy literally didnt know what he was getting himself in to and now he’s just running on autopilot with all the poison they put in his diet coke”

“Dad, why do dogs look so different?”
“Because of their breed, son.”
“Why are some so big and some so small?”
“Their genes, of course.”
“And why are some clever and others not?”
“Um, purely economic factors.”

“Ironically, democracy -does- prevent war between nuclear powers. Due to the bureaucrat supremacy model, the guys allowed into the ‘in case of nuclear war’ sub-mountain bunker don’t have any power, and the ones with the power to declare the war aren’t allowed in.”

“Marxist class conflict.

Marx was correct that the elite classes, which he was born into, largely shares interests with each other. Prole classes are indeed more similar to each other than to elites…however, not similar enough. They cannot get along.

I always remember it as elites being able to handle the abstract similarities, while the proles get hung up on the concrete disparities, such as flags, food, and courtesies.

However, even if they didn’t get hung up, proles genuinely want locals to win and the distant to lose, simply because the locals are closer.”

“Defensive technology is essentially a way to avoid responsibility for inciting attacks. In other words, defence is irresponsible (and left wing).”

“The probability of entering and remaining in an intellectually elite profession such as Physician, Judge, Professor, Scientist, Corporate Executive, etc. increases with IQ to about 133. It then falls about 1/3 by 140. By 150 IQ the probability has fallen by 97%! In other words, a significant percentage of people with IQs over 140 are being systematically and, most likely inappropriately, excluded from the population that addresses the biggest problems of our time or who are responsible for assuring the efficient operation of social, scientific, political and economic institutions.

“Over an extensive range of studies and with remarkable consistency, from Physicians to Professors to CEOs, the mean IQ of intellectually elite professions is about 125 and the standard deviation is about 6.5. For example, Gibson and Light found that 148 members of the Cambridge University faculty had a mean IQ of 126 with a standard deviation of 6.3. The highest score was 139.”

“From a theoretical standpoint, democratic meritocracies should evolve five IQ defined ‘castes’, The Leaders, The Advisors, The Followers, The Clueless and The Excluded. These castes are natural in that they are the result of how people of different intellectual abilities relate to one another. This is based on research done by Leta Hollingworth in the 1930’s and the more recent work of D.K. Simonton.”

“Leta Hollingworth studied profoundly gifted children. She reported them as having IQs of 180+, which was a R16 score. As such, on today’s tests this equates to 159+. Her conclusion was that when IQ differences are greater than 30 points, leader/follower relationships will break down or will not form. It establishes an absolute limit to the intellectual gulf between leader and followers.””

“Garth Zietsman has said, referring to people with D15IQs over 152, ‘A common experience with people in this category or higher is that they are not wanted – the masses (including the professional classes) find them an affront of some sort.’ While true, it is more likely a symptom than a cause of the exclusion. We need to understand why they are an affront.

I can tell him that. People who work very hard and spend years in order to climb to what they regard as the pinnacle of achievement actively resent those who can simply leap up to the peak. And because their knowledge is hard won, they tend to cling to it much more tenaciously than the more intelligent individual who is no more tied to one piece of information than the next. What makes it worse is that they cannot fathom that the more intelligent individuals do not think like they do.”

“In my experience, the 150 IQ individual does not resent the individual with the 160 or the 175 IQ, and this may be because being above 145, we all tend to engage in similar thought processes, albeit with different capabilities. The 135 IQ individual dislikes and fears the 150+ individuals, while the 115 IQ individual either doesn’t believe the 150+ individuals exist or blithely insists that they are crazy.

“While fundamentally a continuum, the epistemic competence hierarchy can be divided into ranks, by taking an arbitrary point as the origin.

Everyone in a lower rank is called an idiot. Anyone in a rank more than one higher is also called an idiot.

In both cases the rank produces conclusions contradictory to the reference point, and the reasoning behind them seems incomprehensible. At first glance they are impossible to distinguish – and almost nobody looks a second time.”

“Kind of insensitive to call the third world population boom an “ecological catastrophe””

“Oh no

Bad feelings might happen

Better throw away civilization”

“Interesting how the alt-left and the alt-right were equally furious about a drag queen performing at a free speech event.

Almost like they both have something in common – ruthless intolerance.”

“The alt-left: “We will kill all White people!”
The alt-right: “White people should be allowed to live.”
Paul Joseph Watson: “They’re exactly the same!””

“I used to think I had no will to power. Now I perceive that I vented it on thoughts, rather than people. Conquering an unknown province of knowledge. Getting the better of a problem. Forcing ideas to associate or come apart. Bullying recalcitrant words to assume a certain pattern. All the fun of being a dictator without any risks and responsibilities.”

“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a small Jewish man shrieking “How dare you!” – forever.”

“[I]t would be so much cheaper, safer, healthier and easier to wait until the baby comes out before murdering him.

But then it would be more obvious what a terrible thing it is you are doing and nobody wants to know the stuff they do is terrible.”

“I am into some fairly kinky stuff, but somehow, sticking a knife in a pregnant woman’s vagina…. yeah, that crosses some sort of line. The sort of line that when you cross it, noone will ever lover and anyone who does ought be disdained.”

“I haven’t thought too much about abortion but assuming the premise it’s always seemed like the obvious move to me. All this nonsense about vacuums and guns and clotheshangers seems like a nonsensical way to go about destroying the existence of a fetus. Just get it out of the womb first and what does it matter if it’s vacuumed or incinerated or whatever afterwards?

Pretty decent example of how it’s just women wanting to eat their cake and having it too. Can’t commit to actually solving a problem / efficiently achieving an objective.”

“what do you see as the premise?”

“”Assuming the premise” I meant just “assuming that abortion is a justifiable goal” i.e. “avoiding the whole is abortion right or wrong debate”. If their goal is to abort the fetus then they should do it in the safest most efficient manner possible. As you note though, that’s clearly not their goal.”

“There are few things that the liberal media hates more than seeing whites and blacks getting along with each other. Unless of course, the white and black people in question are agreeing with each other about how evil white people are or are having mixed children together, then the news coverage and accolades are unending.”

“Looking back at the Bolshevik Revolution, we can see now that the Enlightenment for two hundred years before – all the critics of religion in the eighteenth century, all the republicans, all the secularists of the nineteenth century in agony over “the social problem,” all the “emancipators” of women – resemble nothing so much as a group of innocent and foolish children, playing with their canoes in some quiet shallows, a mile upstream Niagara. In the shallows they had proved themselves to be so strong, and no one had come to serious harm: why should they not try the deeper water?”

“Dogs can be trained to do quite complex tasks. She’s not as dumb as a dog. However, in a democracy, folk like this demand ‘human dignity’ but still have to be trained like dogs.

Result: they cannot be trained and cannot find productive work.”

“Japan carmakers are basically what feed, clothe and house the whole country.

That won’t stop 2 female journos from agitating to wreck it in order to gain status points in their American company.

If this isn’t high treason I don’t know what is.”

“Exercise is important for health, and everyone should exercise.

But if you’re trying to lose weight, food is going to be 90% of the battle.

“Eat less, move more” is ineffective nonsense for weight loss. And if it is so ineffective, why do we hear it so much? We hear that partly because it’s in the vested interest of certain groups to get that message out. Which groups? Food and beverage companies, the fitness industry, and mainstream medicine.

Food and beverage companies – Big Food – want us to believe that eating less and moving more will help weight loss because it absolves them of all blame. They’ve made a lot of effort to create addictive, highly profitable junk food that makes people fat and they want to continue. Big Food wants the gravy train to keep rolling. If it turned out that their industrial food engineering and manufacturing helped make everyone fat, there would be consequences – and less profit. Big Food has spent millions in advertising to tell people that eating a “balanced diet” (which includes their products) and exercise are how to lose weight. The fitness industry – gyms, magazines and websites, clothing, trainers – also want you to believe that exercise, not food, is the key to weight loss.

Most people use their products and services to lose weight.

Finally, mainstream medicine has little to offer for weight loss. It has stood by idly while the country has become fat and diabetic. By promoting “eat less, move more”, mainstream medicine can readily shift the blame to *you*.

It’s your fault you got fat (they say) because we’ve been telling you how to do it but you’re too lazy to act on it.”

“The seed of decay is perhaps the fact that the earlier pieces are basically porn. Yes, the Pentagon probably does kill soldiers on the regular to fellate its own ego. What can all or almost all Atlantic readers do about it? Buttfuck all. It’s high-quality porn, but… Sexual pornography assists the viewer in imagining they’re having sex. Coercion pornography assists the viewer in imagining they are a governor for a large territory. IMO the latter is a far more degenerate vice.”

“The Christian deity:

  • demands blood for appeasement (Lev. 16), and offers material gain in exchange for foreskins(Genesis 17:9-14)
  • has body parts (in Exodus 33:23 he shows Moses his ass)
  • has a name, Jealous (Exodus 34:14)
  • has temper tantrums, and experiences states of anger and jealousy, showing that he fears loss (not very godlike) (too many verses to list here)
  • is bested by Chemosh (2 Kings 3:26-27) on one occasion, and is unable to overcome men armed with iron on another (Judges 1:19)
  • He made Ezekiel cook food using human shit in exchange for magic assistance (Ezekiel 4:12)
  • When he isn’t being carried around by the Jews in a box (Joshua 6: 1-12), he travels in a pillar of smoke or fire (Porphyry said evil Daimones have cylindrical vehicles, pillars are cylindrical)
  • He also instructs Moses employ usury against Gentiles (but not other Jews) in order to “deliver all nations into your possession” (Deut. 23:20)

Yhvh is a Genie. Christians worship a blood-thirsty genie whose name is Jealous and who offers the world to the Jews in exchange for their foreskins.”

“Evidently we’ve worn out our usefulness to the faith and are to be replaced with the teeming throngs of third-world faithful. Faithful who wouldn’t even exist had we not brought the religion to them at great cost in blood and treasure.

As a universalist religion with its holy places far from Europe or her colonies, this sense of human interchangeability is understandable. It doesn’t make it excusable though. They taught us to see our ancestors as foreigners and foreigners as our kin. They tore down the wonders of our classical era in an ISIL-style orgy of iconoclastic barbarism, then claimed its achievements for their faith without batting an eyelid. When we felled our forests to build tall ships and conquered the four corners of the earth they rode on our backs like bloodsucking bugs, sinking their fangs into the primitive peoples whose land we conquered and compelling us to ‘civilise them’ at our (and their) expense.

Yet now, in our hour of greatest weakness, they either join our enemies in tearing us down or look on indifferently as we are destroyed. Without us they would be nothing yet they show us only contempt.”

2018 Apr 23 ~ May 03

“She calls herself a king and is praised by everyone as such, yet she says that she “laments” it? How can I possibly keep a straight face!?”

“Saber. Surely you aren’t saying that you spurn the very marks you left on history?”

“I am! Why are you puzzled? Why do you laugh? The country that gave me my blade, the country I offered my life to, was destroyed. Why is it strange that I’d lament that?”

“Did you hear that Rider? The things this little girl who calls herself King of Knights is saying? “The country I offered my life to”, she says!”

“How is that funny at all?! A king should make any sacrifice to ensure his country’s prosperity.”


The king does not sacrifice anything.

It is the country and the people that sacrifice themselves for the king.

Absolutely not the other way around.”

“Those are the words of a tyrant!”

“Exactly. We are heroes because we are tyrants. However Saber, if a king regrets his rule or its conclusion, that king is nothing but a fool. Worse than a tyrant.”

“Iskander, your reign ended with your heirs slain, and your empire dissolved into three parts. You have no regrets about how it ended?”

“None. If the end was brought about by my decisions and the way my subjects lived, then I will accept its destruction as inevitable. I shall grieve. And I shall weep. But I shall never regret.”


“Let alone undo it! Such a foolish act would only mock all who fought with me to build my empire!”

“Only brute warriors find glory in destruction! Of what worth is a king who fails to protect the powerless? A just rule, with just laws… those are the true duties of a king!”

“So you, the king, are a slave to what is just?”

“I don’t mind. A king would willingly die for his ideals.”

“That’s not how a person should live.”

“If I rule a country as its king, I cannot hope to live as a person. King of Conquerers, you could never understand, as you seek the Grail merely for your own benefit. You, who became a ruler only to satisfy your endless greed!”

“A king without greed is even worse than a figurehead!

Saber. You said you would die for your ideals. In life, you must have been a pure and honest saint. A noble and inviolable figure, certainly. But who on earth admires the martyr’s thorny path?

Who dreams of such a life?

A king… must be greedier, laugh louder, and be more furious than everyone else. He must exemplify the extreme of all things, good and evil. That is exactly why his subjects envy and adore him. Why the flame of wanting to be like the king can burn in the hearts of every civilian.

Proud King of Knights, the righteousness and ideals you bore may have saved your country once. But I’m sure you know what happened to those who were constantly and only saved. You saved your subjects, but you never led them. You never showed them what a king should be. You abandoned your men when they lost their way. Alone and untroubled, you followed your own pretty little ideals.

Thus, you are no true king.

You are but a little girl, bound by the false idol of a king who serves others but not himself.”

“A comprehensive review of 31 years of data from 830 mid-size to large U.S. workplaces found that the kind of diversity training exercises offered at most firms were followed by a 7.5 percent drop in the number of women in management. The number of black, female managers fell by 10 percent, and the number of black men in top positions fell by 12 percent. Similar effects were seen for Latinos and Asians.”

“Things work thanks to a handful of people; the rest operates by situational imitation, narrow mimicry, and semi-conscious role-playing.”

*Right wingers get purged from social media*

Conservatives: “Well, they’re private companies they can do whatever they want.”

*Two black men kicked out of a Starbucks for trespassing and harassing employees*

Left: Gigantic nuclear explosion of journalists, social media, and professional protestors

This is why the Right always loses.”

“LGBT: “Can you believe they use to electroshock gay people to make them straight.”

*Injects 8 year old with hormones”

“The Left’s strategy of sweeping black conservatism under the rug, and of pretending that blacks unanimously converge on Left-wing opinions, can’t continue forever”

“Blacks are at least 90% on the left. I’m afraid yes, you can ignore 10% of people forever.”

“Smiling is a class indicator – that is, not doing a lot of it. On the street, you’ll notice that prole women smile more, and smile wider, than those of the middle and upper classes. They like showing off their pretty dentures, for one thing, and for another, they’re enmeshed in the “have a nice day” culture and are busy effusing a defensive optimism much of the time.”

“”War is politics by other means” gets it just about 100% backwards”

“this is like fucking n1gg3rs keeping hyenas and tigers as pets”

“It’s actually worse since pits aren’t feral wild animals they are a domestic breed literally bred to be as unpredictably violent as possible”

“daily reminder feeding pigeons and wild ducks when visiting the lake with your family is illegal in most Western countries but meanwhile these orcish hellspawn canine abominations are seen as acceptable to roam freely”

“What an insane clownish idea. Missiles are just smaller purpose-built aircraft. In order to enact such preposterous “preventions” Iran could literally not be allowed anything resembling modern manifacturing. Any engines, airfoil, etc? Potential missile program.”

>engines, airfoil
you’re thinking smalltime

we’re talking about things like access to steel and electricity…”

“The world has spent ~$900 billion (in today’s dollars) in aid to Africa since 1960, according to the OECD.

After World War II, the U.S. gave $110 billion (today’s dollars) which completely rebuilt Western Europe from the ruins.

We’ve given Africa 8 Marshall Plans. And for what?”

“The economic source of power and prestige is not income primarily, but the ownership of capital goods (including patents, good will, and professional reputation). Such ownership should be distinguished from the possession of consumers’ goods, which is an index rather than a cause of social standing.””

“Ever notice the US only invades nations that couldn’t possibly resist? You pay taxes to the global equivalent of Butch, the schoolyard bully.”

“white people think they invented everything besides germs and crime”
“Nah we invented aids to deal with crime”

“Remember that the “University” system for this “liberal education” (trivium/quadrivium) was historically closely associated with, and supervised by, the Church.

Technical education was left to free thinkers.

Business =>Technology => Science,
far far far far more frequent than the reverse.

Problem is that academic, not practitioners, write the books.”

“Working for a degree makes you fragile – if you can’t find work, that’s it. Working to understand business makes you antifragile – every failure teaches you to work harder, smarter, to educate yourself, become resourceful, etc.”

“Think about it. Have you ever heard of a civilization where the concept of ‘marriage’ didn’t exist. I didn’t think so. Because marriage is at the very root of civilization. Civilization, a word derived from the root ‘civitas’ meaning city, denotes a high stage of social development and organization. The relation between civitas and civilization is not accidental. Advanced organization was only possible and due to the construction of first cities. Before agricultural revelation circa 10k BC, humans were indinstinguishable from animals. They were living in herds, in a state of nature, guided solely by their animalistic reproductive discipline in the face of a harsh Malthusian reality: that the growth of a poulation confined to a restricted area should be kept in check. Before marriage, the cost of child rearing was effectively socialized: the fathers of the children were not determined, and the entire tribe was responsible of taking care of the women and the children. After building the first cities and the invention of marriage, the cost of child bearing was privatized. This meant that if the married couple did not have the means to take care of their offspring, they were not going to reproduce like rats. This also meant that if a man wanted to leave a genetic legacy after him, he had to channel his energy toward production, benefiting the entire society. Thus Patriarch was born. Patriarchy is therefore simply civilzation. Without patriarchy, there is no production, no security, no organization, no society as we know it. Without patriarchy, there is no civilization. Did you ever notice how every invention, every monumental structure, every grand idea, every artifact of culture, every social innovation is the product of men?

That’s because patriarchy is a way of channeling men’s lust into productive endeavor. It promises guaranteed pussy in exchange for his labor. It thus harnesses beta male’s production by integrating them into the sexual market. When you think about it, the fact that the majority of our men are able to mate is very unnatural. In sexually dimorphic species, usually only the alpha males get to fuck pussy. But not under patriarchy. Under patriarchy, even the beta as fuck, hell even omega men get to marry. And so instead of idling, jerking off, playing video games, they channel their energy towards production. This ensures accumulation of capital. This is simply what civilization is.

Now, not that chastity, sanctity of marital vows and so on are just natural implications of the marriage technology. They ensure that the male has guarantees over his genetic reproductive success in return for his labor. That is how you harness male’s labor. WIthout those guarantees, he won’t commit, he won’t give up his labor so easily. Thus when you introduce degeneracy into society, males simply start opting out. That’s what we see today as NEETs, MGTOW and herbivore men. We’re at an advanced stage of civilization decay. The collapse is very near.

Anyway the ‘degeneracy = societal collapse’ trope we often see in religious scripture is real. It’s there for a reason. So, yeah, sexual liberation is really that bad.”

“The thing about the girls and the Alphas is, they don’t care. A Man planting his seed in a new ripe field everyday doesn’t care about whether or not he’s comfortable. Women in love with Alphas don’t care about anything else at all in life and record their own satisfaction moment to moment by how their Alpha makes them feel in that moment.

Civilization is a gift, from Betas to Betas. It’s an agreement made between Betas. We won’t go bandit. We won’t go pirate. We won’t rape every woman not being guarded. We won’t kill every man that looks at us wrong. We will, instead, look out for each other, including leaving each other’s chosen woman alone.

Women hate that. They don’t want to be paired off with a Beta, even if he is the smartest or the richest or the handsomest. All they want is an ALpha that stirs them up inside.

Women hate Betas. Ninety percent of men could die, and if they were the Betas (and lower), women not only wouldn’t care, they wouldn’t notice.

If we want to maintain this beautiful gift to the world known as Civilization, we need to acknowledge who it’s for. It’s for us. If you treat women as your equal, you give the gift of equality to someone who literally and without exaggeration doesn’t care whether you live or die, so long as she can still get some Alpha up in there. You can either acknowledge that, or you can watch our beautiful creation whither and die.

Fight. They aren’t your equals. This is for us.”

“The ones who truly love their traditions don’t take them too seriously. They march to get their heads shot off with a joke on their lips. And the reason is that they know they’re going to die for something intangible, something sprung from their fancy, half humor, half humbug. Or perhaps it’s a little more subtle. Perhaps hidden away in their fancy is that pride of the blueblood, who refuses to look foolish by fighting for an idea, and so he cloaks it with bugle calls that tug at the heart, with empty mottoes and useless gold trim, and allows himself the supreme delight of giving his life for an utter masquerade…The true Right is never so grim. That’s why the Left hates its guts, the way a hangman must hate the victim who laughs and jokes on his way to the gallows. The Left is a conflagration. It devours and consumes in deadly dull earnest.”

“This is a reminder again that cops arent your friends insofar as they wear that uniform they are tools of the state who will train their guns and batons on you at the drop of a hat”

“Cochella girl:
*puts pesticide-free flowers in hair*
*eats vegan beet salad*
*drinks raw celery kale juice*
*consumes mountain of cocaine*”

“So I hear Starbucks is closing for one day so its employees can get some training on right and wrong

Chick-Fil-A does that 52 times a year”

“it’s funny how normie-safe things to hate are bankers, lawyers, and politicians, but if you go one step further and say you hate jews of all sudden they get sensitive”

“The creation of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ is more emblematic of the soul of America than, say, the moon landings or the allied victory in WW2.

If America could have obtained the technology to create ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ without having to first create the automobile, the nuclear reactor, the satellite, etc, it would have. Every innovation has just been a side effect of the psychic drive to create blockbuster movies.”

“When there’s no cops around, anything’s legal.”

“Anything is legal with cops around as long as you can outgun them.”

“All it took to bring the two Koreas together was a US president who didn’t know it was his job to keep them apart.”

“sexist article. you helpfully give symptoms of breast cancer, but not of prostate cancer.”

“greater chance of prostate than breast yet they only post
Signs and symptoms of breast.”

“The negotiations were a clash of cultures. The Israelis wanted to sign one contract that could be used for all future sales. They were hoping for a shopping bonanza. The problem was that the Chinese were not used to complicated contracts. At one point during the negotiations, for example, the Israelis insisted on including a force majeure clause in the contract. “What is that?” the Chinese asked. After the Israelis explained that it freed the sides of a breach of contract in the event of an unforeseen act of God, the Chinese answered plainly, “Well, there is no need for that since we don’t believe in God.””

“>in mexico to visit friends
>not my first rodeo, pickpockets beware
>cut hole in pocket, slip dick in hole
>take public transport, wait for my mark
>there he is, punk w/ sticky fingers
>make myself an easy mark, not too obvious
>few minutes later, kid tries to lift wallet, touches penis
>he knows it, i know it
>my face as he looks at me with disgust and he gets off the next stop
Mexico is a great place”

“If he comes to London, President Trump will experience an open and diverse city that has always chosen unity over division and hope over fear. He will also no doubt see that Londoners hold their liberal values of freedom of speech very dear.”

“You literally set up a multi-million pound “hate crime” unit that arrests people for mean tweets.”

“Reasons LGBT cafes should exist
– Non-sexualized spaces
– Inclusive so u don’t have to out urself
– No alcohol so younger ppl have full access
– I fukkin love chai lattes
– No pressure to find hook-ups, lookin at you my aro/ace pals
– No need to socialuze u can literally sit at a table and be gay all by ur self
Please make these a thing”

“>Space exclusive to a sexual orientation
>Non-sexualized space”

“>don’t have to out yourself
>accidentally do so by going there”

“So a normal cafe then?”

“I hate going to non lgbt cafes and constantly being sexually assaulted.”

“The study of history is the best medicine for a sick mind; for in history you have a record of the infinite variety of human experience plainly set out for all to see: and in that record you can find for yourself and your country both examples and warnings: fine things to take as models, base things, rotten through and through, to avoid.”

“He’s giving it light fucking smacks. Fucking idiot, kick it in the face hard.”

“he’s afraid how its gonna react because for all their pretensions about “MYYY PITBULL would never do such a thing” they know it’ll tear its owners hand off in a heartbeat”

“These people always secretly want their dog to kill something. That’s why they get these breeds. They always act like they want to stop it, but we know better.”

“you don’t think we should outlaw evil? what are you, someone who supports evil stuff or what?”

“the virgin ‘constructing a theory of human nature and then building a political platform which you intend to implement with the use of a complex interacting incentive structure’


the Chad ‘bad things should be illegal'”

“the fact of the matter is that despite comprising 1.4% of the population, 33% of the supreme court is jewish. eight, throughout history, have been jewish.
the fact of the matter is that despite comprising 5.6% of the population, not ONCE has there EVER been an Asian supreme court justice.
there have been more jewish supreme court justices than there have been female supreme court justices. four justices have been female throughout history.
despite comprising 1.4% of the population, 8.4% of congress is jewish.
despite comprising 1.4% of the US population, twenty three US state governors have been jewish.
despite comprising 50.5% of the US population (notably, MORE than half), only 42 US state governors have been women.
despite there being 36 times more women than jews in the US, women represent less than 2 times the US state governors.
despite being 1.4% of the US population, 33% of billionaires were jewish in the year 2012.
globally, jews represent only 0.2% of the population. however (again globally), jews represent nearly 12% of the billionaires in the world.
there’s no question that historically, jews WERE oppressed.

so… can we stop pretending jews ARE oppressed? because they fucking aren’t.”

“why is being anti-white several orders of magnitude more socially acceptable than being anti-jewish despite jews being far more economically and societally privileged when taking their relative population size into account?
just because some asshole nearly a goddamned century ago made some very poor leadership choices, an entire subset of people is now, in the present day, immune to criticism?

I call bullshit.”

“Universal literacy leads inevitably to newspaper sensationalism, scientisim, and Harry Potter. The human race was better adapted for life when 99% were illiterate.”

“Literacy increases neither knowledge or wisdom if what’s read are newspapers and Harry Potter. Literacy has had the opposite effect – instead of common sense, people are educated in propaganda & fantasy.”

“Oral tradition. Literacy provides information overload to the underclass, opening the possibility to be weaponized”

“for 90% of people, more than just basic literacy is not just unnecessary but harmful. The plebs should have a simplified written language with 200 or 300 words and its own script that they can use to read the side of cereal boxes and shit like that, but all literacy has wrought, thanks to mass communication technology and the propaganda technique it allows for, is that every single thought in almost every single persons mind was put there by Jews, to their detriment, with malice aforethought”

“Progress? — It is true that, to-day, at least in all highly organised (typically “modern”) countries, nearly everybody can read and write. But what of that? To be able to read and write is an advantage — and a considerable one. But it is not a virtue. It is a tool and a weapon; a means to an end; a very useful thing, no doubt; but not an end in itself. The ultimate value of literacy depends upon the end to which it is used. And to what end, is it generally used to-day? It is used for convenience or for entertainment, by those who read; for some advertisement, or some objectionable propaganda, — for money-making or power-grabbing — by those who write; sometimes, of course, by both, for acquiring or spreading disinterested knowledge of the few things worth knowing; for finding expression of or giving expression to the few deep feelings that can lift a man to the awareness of things eternal, but not more often so than in the days in which one man out of ten thousand could understand the symbolism of the written word. Generally, to-day, the man or woman whom compulsory education has made “literate” uses writing to communicate personal matters to absent friends and relatives, to fill forms — one of the international occupations of modern civilised humanity — or to commit to memory little useful, but otherwise trifling things such as someone’s address or telephone number, or the date of some appointment with the hair-dresser or the dentist, or the list of clean clothes due from the laundry. He or she reads “to pass time” because, outside the hours of dreary work, mere thinking is no longer intense and interesting enough to serve that purpose.

[…] The real advantage of general literacy, if any, is to be sought elsewhere. It lies not in the better quality either of the exceptional men and women or of the literate millions, but rather in the fact that the latter are rapidly becoming intellectually more lazy and therefore more credulous than ever — and not less so; — more easily deceived, more liable to be led like sheep without even the shadow of a protest, provided the nonsense one wishes them to swallow be presented to them, in printed form and made to appear “scientific.” The higher the general level of literacy, the easier it is, for a government in control of the daily press, of the wireless and of the publishing business, — these almost irresistible modern means of action upon the mind — to keep the masses and the “intelligenzia” under its thumb, without them even suspecting it.

[…] Sincere thought, real free thought, ready, in the name of superhuman authority or of humble common sense, to question the basis of what is officially taught and generally accepted, is less and less likely to thrive. It is, we repeat, by far easier to enslave a literate people than an illiterate one, strange as this may seem at first sight. And the enslavement is more likely to be lasting. The real advantage of universal literacy is to tighten the grip of the governing power upon the foolish and conceited millions. That is probably why it is dinned into our heads, from babyhood onwards, that “literacy” is such a boon. Capacity to think for one’s self is, however, the real boon. And that always was and always will be the privilege of a minority, once recognised as a natural élite and respected. To-day, compulsory mass-education and an increasingly standardised literature for the consumption of “conditioned” brains — outstanding signs of “progress” — tend to reduce that minority to the smallest possible proportions; ultimately, to suppress it altogether. Is that what mankind wants? If so, mankind is loosing its raison d’être, and the sooner the end of this so-called “civilisation” the better.””

“[T]here’s a very good argument for Greco-Roman style literacy. Simplistic script/pictogram language with up to 1000 words or so for 90% of the population and higher language taught in due course of pursuing the higher education which demands that linguistic precision. This not only prevents ornate language from swaying the masses by mass distribution it also serves to prevent drift in more precise language- a necessity when conveying ideas across vast generational gaps.”

“Locks are meant to keep honest people honest.”

“The man of inner wealth wants nothing from outside but the negative gift of undisturbed leisure, to develop and mature his intellectual faculties, that is, to enjoy his wealth; in short, he wants permission to be himself, his whole life long, every day and every hour. If he is destined to impress the character of his mind upon a whole race, he has only one measure of happiness or unhappiness — to succeed or fail in perfecting his powers and completing his work.”

“The West has finally achieved the rights of man, and even excess, but man’s sense of responsibility to God and society has grown dimmer and dimmer. In the past decades, the legalistic selfishness of the Western approach to the world has reached its peak and the world has found itself in a harsh spiritual crisis and a political impasse. All the celebrated technological achievements of progress, including the conquest of outer space, do not redeem the twentieth century’s moral poverty, which no one could have imagined even as late as the nineteenth century.”

“The ability to genuinely and unconflictedly desire something more complicated than potato chips or chocolate is a real superpower. In fact most of us manage to feel conflicted even about chips and chocolate.”

“[A]lmost no human is capable of real empathy, and none of those humans can keep power.”

“Most humans are capable of real empathy, and a good percentage of leaders. They’re just trapped in incentive structures. Hate to contradict you but you’re being pessimistic to an unrealistic (and unhealthy) degree”

“I mean, they have empathy if you consider “imagine the other person is an exact clone of yourself” to be empathy. I consider it to be narcissism.

Also I consider it empathy when it actually drives behaviour. I have literally never seen someone alter their behaviour simply because someone else would find it unpleasant. Literally never.”

“By the way, Hillary is famously above the law. She’s a low-level functionary in the actual class that wins disputes over resource allocation.”

“I read once that common sense used to be an insult, commoner’s sense. As in (non-democracy) if the commoners can handle something, it probably isn’t any good.

In democracy, something is good if and only if the commoners can handle it.”

“Some tasks are never done well, because the time of those competent enough to do them well is too valuable.”

“Knowledge of the principles on which the institutions were built will inevitably fade, because the employees don’t need to understand these principles in order to complete their tasks. Understanding beyond what is needed to play your role is not necessarily penalized, but it certainly isn’t rewarded.

Over time, this incentive structure will result in a bureaucracy with no remaining understanding of the principles which generated it. Absent these models, it will be difficult to change the system or adapt the proceduralizations to better fit new contexts.

To make matters worse, the institutional stasis established by bureaucratic incentive structures and lack of principled knowledge will decay slightly over time. Systems of incentives often do not incentivize their own preservation. This fact results in a kind of erosion, as resources are extracted and minor things changed here and there at the expense of the institution’s functionality.”

“How can you revive a dead player? It only takes one great person to revive a dead player. That said, reviving a dead player is challenging — more challenging than reviving a dead tradition of knowledge. In order to revive a dead player, you have to displace an existing power structure. It is frequently easier to do this by conquering the existing power structure with outside, owned power, than by trying to transform the player from dead to alive from the inside. This is because a dead player, if it is an organization, may contain mechanisms that preclude insiders from gaining enough power to restructure it into a live player.”

“It is possible for a notable effect to be produced without understanding, for example by following a set of instructions. In practice, though, the production of notable effects requires actual understanding because effective action is too complex to be captured in instructions.”

“Western models are discredited: The Chinese have developed a state system run by a technocratic elite of highly educated bureaucrats under party control. This is China’s age-old imperial system in modern form. The attraction that western-style democracy and free-market capitalism may have exercised on this elite has now withered. They stressed the failure of western states to invest in their physical or human assets, the poor quality of many of their elected leaders and the instability of their economies. One participant added that “90 per cent of democracies created after the fall of the Soviet Union have now failed”. This risk is not to be run.”

“Only the man who has had to face despair is really convinced that he needs mercy. Those who do not want mercy never seek it. It is better to find God on the threshold of despair than to risk our lives in a complacency that has never felt the need of forgiveness. A life that is without problems may literally be more hopeless than one that always verges on despair.”

“All of post-WW2 mainstream intellectual reasoning has been focused around devising pedantic and dishonest pseudo logical reasons for why pattern recognition and consistently occuring correlations are not valid ways of finding knowledge”

“there are no such thing as universals, therefore every instance you see of this behaviour has no relation to any other instance”

“Everything is just fucking correlations. Sure the mass of an object correlates with the degree to which other masses are attracted to it, but can you PROVE that its actually the mass CAUSING the gravitational pull?

Correlations are all nice and all sweety but until you can literally show me a message by God carved into the quantum foam confirming that the correlation is causal I think you still gotta do your homework on how *REAL* science works.

Also I found this one star 12 billion light years away that doesnt seem to behave totally quite as your theory of gravity predicts. but who cares about skepticism and evidence when you can have your conspiracy theories mhh?”

“So in the end, what began as a dusty desert race dominated by scrappy, tech-savvy innovators could very well be won by…well, those same scrappy, tech-savvy innovators.”


“American” is a religion and I am not in it.”

“Monarchy can easily be debunked, but watch the faces, mark well the debunkers. These are men whose taproot in Eden has been cut: whom no rumour of the polyphony, the dance, can reach – men to whom pebbles laid in a row are more beautiful than an arch. Yet even if they desire mere equality they cannot reach it. Where men are forbidden to honour a king they will honour millionaires, athletes or film stars instead: even famous prostitutes or gangsters. For spiritual nature, like bodily nature, will be served; deny it food and it will gobble poison.”

“In China, a teacher wasn’t judged by how good his Kung Fu was. He was judged by how good his students’ Kung Fu was.”

“It is told of Rothschild that, seeing his fortune threatened by the Revolution of 1848, he hit upon the following stratagem: ‘I am quite willing to admit,’ said he, ‘that my fortune has been accumulated at the expense of others, but if it were divided to-morrow among the millions of Europe, the share of each would only amount to five shillings. Very well, then, I undertake to render to each his five shillings if he asks me for it.’

Having given due publicity to his promise, our millionaire proceeded as usual to stroll quietly through the streets of Frankfort. Three or four passers-by asked for their five shillings, which he disbursed with a sardonic smile. His stratagem succeeded, and the family of the millionaire is still in possession of its wealth.”

“Every male you absorb spermatazoa from becomes a living part of you for life.”

You tend to find that women who’ve had a lot of sexual partners demand that their current partner be a composite of all the best parts of their previous partners. Enjoy working that.”

“Indeed you can tell nobody believes in race more than a proggie. They talk about it all the time. Imagine an atheist making multiple tweets a day railing about leprechauns. They’ll joke about snake-handlers now and then but that’s it.”

“As their economic primacy waned, the British put great faith in what they called their ‘prestige’ – what we today call soft power – to offset the loss of more tangible strategic assets. Alas, they found it was not much help once the substance of wealth and power was gone.”

Expect talk of ‘soft power’ to increase in proportion to American decline.”