2018 Feb 21 ~ Mar 14

“The future that Progressivism wants is one where everyone is a complete degenerate but ze doesn’t get any enjoyment from it.”

“California is spending more to paint a bridge than the bridge originally cost to build (in current dollars).”

“”Are you homeless? Not our problem!”
“Are you struggling to get by? Not our problem!”
“Are you starving? Not our problem!”
“Are you in debt? Not our problem!”
“Do you have health issues? Better pay up or die cause it’s not our problem LOL!”
“Hold up?!? You’re considering taking your life?? Don’t you know we care about you and want to help you! Let’s waste countless resources doing everything in our power to make sure you don’t die! Isn’t life wonderful? How could you ever want to leave this beautiful planet??””

“there’s 4 people total in your team?”
“how many people can be in a team before uselessness pops up?”
“we had a choice of 3 or 4
our idea was that if it was 3, thered be enough pressure to keep everyone working
this is clearly an incorrect conclusion.”

“Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split, as a general thing. The more I see of what you call civilization, the more highly I think of what you call savagery!”

“It’s incredible to me that Tokyo is still finding new ways to tie one end of the metropolis to the other–building new subways (Fukutoshin Line), new viaducts (Ueno-Tokyo Line), or just making more use of existing ROWs, as in Sotetsu’s case”

“Contrast to America: Everyone takes the same road, even though everyone has Freedommobiles. Sometimes there’s even two viable roads – you get a choice! But of course you do. It’s the Land of the Free, after all.”

“Journalists: More regulation for Facebook
Journalists: More regulation for finance
Journalists: More regulation for sugary food
Journalists: More regulation for advertising

Corbyn: More regulation for journalists

Journalists: So this is how democracy dies”

“Do I get a say this time?”
“Of course. We’re partners. I’m just in charge.”

“When my child hits another child with a stick, I don’t blame the stick, but I still take the stick away.”

“When my child hits a child with a stick, I take away the sticks from every child.”

“When my kid hits another kid with a stick I burn every tree on the continent to the ground to prevent anyone from accessing a stick.”

“I know it’s difficult. What of it? […] The details do not interest me.”

“So you took it out on the furniture?”
“Would you have preferred I took it out on something else?”

“[P]arental wealth not generally causal for children’s outcomes. Evidence from Swedish lotto winners. You cannot buy your children a big advantage, it’s mostly a genetic lottery. Best you can do is choose a good mate. “

“Nothing says “libertarian” like entrusting your children’s safeties to government employees so long as they call themselves “teachers” instead of “officers.” Stop being vague, tacit, and redundant and just openly say you want all teaching positions to be filled by law-enforcers already you dumb kooks. The distinction between a policeman and an educator almost entirely fades when you give the latter all of the training and equipment utilized by the former with the intention of maintaining the exact same premise: social order and adherence to the law.”

“People aren’t free, it’s capital who is free”

“”Of course correlation is not causality […] But I strongly believe that if correlation is found, we should assume causality until proven otherwise.”

I think there’s something fundamentally different about a person who is “open to ideas” and waits for things to appear, and a person who has a handful of ideas in mind, assumes they all have some likelihood, and actively tries to see what combination of them is most accurate.”

“Every choice and action that others do that I approve of is due to free will.

Every choice and action that others do that I dont approve of is due to conditioning.”

“The Chinese discovered the magnetic compass by pure trial-and-error. Nevertheless it was not the compass itself, but the combination of it and sufficiently accurate clocks (the most difficult feat of engineering before the industrial age) that enabled the accurate determination of longitude (that only European countries were able to do). This is common knowledge among specialists in the history of technology (though apparently not among “general historians”).

[…] the Chinese did not even understand what a “general” concept was (like the concept of a function), or what quantification was. They had no muscular thought whatsoever, of the type that requires the greatest effort to keep in track of many things at once, of combinatorial or geometric intuition – and one way to characterize the preceding is: that one does not play around with words or fancies or pure “analogies” but rather, with complicated physical arrangements (in the laboratory), and with diagrams that are always slightly more complicated than one can immediately keep in track of.

I distinctly remember, when I was an undergraduate in [deleted for reasons of privacy], how many of the top “Chinese” students who came directly from Chinese high schools almost all flunked out of the first “advanced” math course (in which one has to construct proofs), after getting A+s in “calculus” (itself very superficially taught) etc. […]

[…] They [the Chinese] did not have thinkers who were particularly powerful, either in mathematical thought (as above – simplifying more and more intricate notions), or else those like Faraday who may not have used mathematical analysis, but who (1) thought in a geometric and very very intricate language (lines of force), and (2) an incomparable “sense” of what parameters to keep in track of and what to ignore (physicists know what to ignore).”

“[A]theism tends to breed among those who work the land, and whose livihood completely depends on their own labor, rather than the hunter-gatherers who depend a great deal on luck and chance.”

“Divide each problem that you can examine into as many parts as you can and as you need to solve them more easily.”

“This rule of Descartes is of little use as long as the art of dividing . . . remains unexplained. . . . By dividing his problem into unsuitable parts, the unexperienced problem-solver may increase his difficulty.”

“Anyway, I’m not sure if there is anything to all this (I voiced my doubts in the first post), but the point is that the Chinese “thought” is the only kind of thing that is fundamentally different from the thought of the West, and not influenced or absorbed by it in any way. In the entire history of thought, the fundamental contrast is exactly between the Greeks (who founded Western thought) and the Chinese (after the Han Dynasty and the disappearance of the Mohists) who followed fundamentally different paths – not between the Greeks and the Indians.

And contrary to what might be concluded by extreme “racialist” theories of history (that seem to exist only on the “internets” – and so, hardly seem to merit any kind of proper response as opposed to diagnosis), the Chinese inability to do various things (and the particular path they actually took) had nothing whatsoever to do with lacking a few exceptional “savants” of super-intelligence, like Newton, Euler, Gauss, etc. This was exactly because those “savants” even in the West were not actually the most “influential” figures, they simply combine the achievements of maybe a fifty or a hundred top-quality individuals in a single person. Rather, the truly “influential” ones were others – those who fully worked out a certain path by the guide of extra-rational belief (like Kepler, Tycho Brahe). Kepler depended on Apollonius’ mathematical machinery of conics, which was absolutely necessary for his formulation of the laws, just as Newton and others generalized Kepler’s laws, from astronomy to all mechanics (so no Kepler[**], Brahe and Apollonius = no nothing). The uniquely successful, Greek development of “formal mathematics” (based on formal proofs) depended heavily on the fact that it was in geometry that the Ancient Greeks focused on (in which logical relations between constructions were more transparent), and that the Greeks were compelled to construct formal proofs for mystical reasons that were mostly extra-rational. It was not, therefore, due to superintelligence or over-awing technique, or even clarity of apprehension, but simply blind luck and favorable circumstances (political disunity). Without Newton on the other hand, mechanics would have developed somewhat more slowly, but only by a few decades as there were plenty of other scientists of almost-equal capacity in the same period.”

“A slightly technical point not usually noticed about the discovery of Kepler’s laws (and in consequence, all of mechanics and classical physics): virtually all problems of mechanics are described by nonintegrable equations. Only a few (like the classical two body problem) are actually integrable. Now, it was also again by “luck” that the human race developed in a planetary system (in contrast to so many others in the galaxy) that had only one star – and also, where the planets lie at large distances from one another with masses each much smaller than that of the Sun. Only under these circumstances can you actually work with the equations that are actually integrable, and also such that planetary motion (revealed by integration) is very simple. That is, it is the particular structure of the solar system that was crucial (that fact that the motion of our planets is relatively simple, and can be described by integrable differential equations). This was definitely a necessary condition for the human race to discover (relatively quickly) the laws governing the motions of the planets and then generalize them to all mechanical motion (Newton).”

“Were you discharged or forced to resign from any position? Note: a ‘ yes’ answer does not preclude you from being considered for employment”

“Men form more egalitarian views on gender after serving with women in military bootcamp.”

“Men made to endure months of complete absurdity; when surveyed afterwards all get the message and answer what their masters want to hear. Zhao Gao would be proud.”

“Xi’s power grab demands a clear western response”

“The same article argues for “the defence of US and European political systems against potential Chinese interference.” While saying in the very title the West should interfere in China’s political system. You can’t make this stuff up.”

“I missed the days when everyone was a sincere dick rather than faceless members of a self-righteous mob putting up a facade of sincerity. I fucking hate “social media”. The phrase itself makes my fucking skin crawl.”

“I read a guidebook on movie screenwriting once, and the first rule was: Make your hero a 35-year-old single man. The second rule was: Make your heroine younger.”

“ive never been in a gun store with bulletproof glass”

“I am old and wealthy. I may say what I please.”

“Happy families are all alike. Every unhappy family is unhappy in their own way.”

“If we’re going to say the 2A only applies to weapons available when it was written, that’s fine with me as long as zog’s fighting force is subject to the same constraints.”

“Don’t forget the press! No internet for NYT, no typewriters, only old school printing presses”

“don’t forget the logistics either. make sure they are only able to relay their papers by horseback.”

“And free speech only applies to printed newspapers now, as the founders intended. Shut down all tv news that criticizes Blumpf

The founders and framers never imagined Jews would have the ability to transmit lies to hundreds of millions of people instantly.”

“everyone has a pet reason for wanting to prevent transit expansion–rich people are worried it will degrade neighborhood character and property values will drop, while poor people are…afraid it will degrade neighborhood character and property values will rise”

“I would prefer if you would stop treating me as if I were a child.”
“Would you prefer I treat you like the lying manipulator you are?”

“Amazon paid $700 million in taxes to other countries but essentially nothing to the country that it’s bleeding dry.

Put into terms the average person can easily contextualize Amazon paid the equivalent in taxes of a household making $50,000 a year paying $30 in income taxes. You will pay more in taxes working 20 hours at minimum wage than Amazon- a company worth tens of billions- will for an entire year.

Welcome to your neoliberal cyberpunk future. now with prime day And 50% more Lightning Deals.”

“Another way to look at it is that when you reduce the need for human labor, you reduce the need for humans. Why do you need a consumer base to acquire capital? Didn’t Marx argue for the idea that capitalism is about the labor market: that humans sell themselves in terms of labor power in order to consume. When you don’t need labor anymore because of automation, it kinda negates the need for consumers. Wouldn’t corporations just act as entities and begin trading between each other what they need?”

“Welcome to the 21st century. So many people focus on physical labor as the talking point since that’s what employs the majority of the worlds population but fail to even mention that the most powerful people in the room have amassed untold masses of wealth through the automation of exchanges. These people haven’t needed us for years. They mostly don’t give a fuck about us, I believe. But that’s just me.””

“A nominal alternative is no alternative–it must be VIABLE! Which means, among other things, that it must be planned to account for *all* parts of society, *all* kinds of trips. Not just for the rich or the poor. Not just for the elderly or for students. Not just for commuting!

Design a network specifically tailored to the 9-5 office commute, and you’ll find even 9-5 office workers prefer not to use it. Design it for all kinds of trips, and you’ll find that plenty of those trips are 9-5 office worker commutes! This applies to other niches”

“All these school kids are moved enough to walk out and speak for gun control but couldn’t be bothered to stand up for the kid getting bullied and laughed at daily.”

“The education system is an obvious waste of time on an enormous scale – thus selecting for and rewarding subjects who tolerate or even enjoy having their time wasted.”

“The Great American Novel is the history it writes about itself.

Greeks had philosophy. Romans had engineering. Americans have propaganda. Their style of lying will echo grandly through the centuries.”

“The “Modern”* service economy is pretty much entirely down to minimum wage. When deflation means wages should fall, minimum wage means they can’t. Instead the job gets offshored to somewhere with lower minimum wage. Service jobs can’t be offshored.

But as McDonald’s is kindly demonstrating for us, service jobs can sometimes be automated. Eventually the welfare state is going to put everyone out of work.”

“[W]ith improved communications and mobility, we don’t get physical separation between tribes. Which is a problem, because if tribal territories overlap, the natural outcome is that one tribe rules, and the other is ruled.

“Libertarians are wrong. Capitalism is not the “natural state” as it does not predate the industrial revolution. This should be quite obvious as Feudalism is clearly not Capitalism, and the assertion of the contrary that it actually is only further legitimizes Marxist critiques of Capitalism and betrays the liberal-democratic principles from which Capitalism erected.”

“If you cannot conquer death, you should have abandoned your fear of it.

If you understand death to be a shameful, terrifying thing, then you should throw away your sentience!”

>staff watch streams that could be considered to be right-oriented like hawks and issue threats over the slightest grievance
>enables camwhores because more than half their staff are getting bribed with titty pics

Twitch continues to remain scummy as fuck.”

“The West as a whole has been suffering from a serious illness since 1100 or so. America’s decline is a symptom of America, which itself is a symptom of the underlying disease.

The thing about 1100 is even if you suffered, you had a purpose and a community.

This is much of what defecting to ISIS etc. is about. “Actually, wealth for atomization wasn’t a good trade.”

“If you read between the lines of the numerous reports on China that have come out over the years, the real idea was this: the US could use it as a place to manufacture cheap goods because ‘authoritarianism’ would ensure it’d never produce competitive companies.

Everyone was certain that China could never produce competitive multinationals, because (of course!) you need liberalism for that. Technology is the product of freedom! China’s stifling political culture means we never have to worry about them posing a REAL challenge.

So it wasn’t so much that people thought China would change politically, but that it’d have to if it wanted to be competitive. That ‘authoritarianism’ would put a brake on development. That free America would always be the tech leader because you need freedom to produce tech.”

“it seems that when i see eastern artists practice, they come up with a solution to every forseeable problem.

Pages and pages of design problems and solutions, ways to tackle things, alternative approaches, etc.

it seems like western artists only copy photos.”

“>”The Chinese military arresting protesters at Tiananmen square is proof the PRC is evil!”
>”WACO does not represent the entire US government!””

“Is it a good thing for his career to have his style emulated like this? He succeeded because he was good and unique, having little Ruan Jia style clones running around undercutting his rates can’t be good.”

“You’re thinking like a beginner crab. A professional of Ruanjia’s level will never have to worry a day in his life that someone will “undercut” his rates. That shit just doesn’t happen at his level, the demand is simply too high. Undercutting prices is only something that happens at the lower levels of freelancing.”

“Here’s the thing, OP, what you practice depends on your goals.

If you want to be the next Rembrandt, you can sit people down and paint their fucking portrait, or go draw some windmills, learn how to make etchings, whatever. You don’t need to be able to conjure an image of a unicorn fucking a dragon on a pile of fairies in your head and then paint it.

If you want to draw unicorns fucking dragons on piles of fairies, however, maybe practice imagination drawing. Or start looking for unicorns, dragons and fairies willing to model for you, whatever works.

Stop being a living meme who doesn’t actually have any objectives and just wants to ‘git gud’ without having an ounce of awareness of what ‘gud’ means to you. Do you want to just emulate the old masters? Then actually figure out what the fuck that entails. Is it making portraits, drawing biblical scenes? Mythical scenes? What? Are you going to go to the effort of getting all the materials you need so that you can copy it without any imagination work? Even if that means getting a 3D model, or stringing up a dead horse, or buying a fuckton of costumes and having people stand stock still for 8 hours while you paint your rendition of the fall of Troy? If that’s what you fucking want, be my guest. The process is a means by which you reach your goal, so tailor your process to your goal instead of tailoring your goal to your process. if you’re fucking around with processes not knowing what your goal is you’re wasting your fucking time.”

“My hindbrain is smarter than my forebrain, so largely I let it do its thing. Sometimes I ask why, but it’s nonverbal so it just shrugs. It explains by us doing it and then I see what happens. “Oh yeah, that was a good idea. Wish I’d thought of it.””

“An education includes a literary canon so complex concepts can be quickly invoked through references. However, a whole book is a terribly inefficient way to deliver a reference. The educated have to justify the cost, meaning they can’t allow cheap alternatives like Cliff’s notes. Similarly the references are overused; tribal signalling instead of communication.

Folk try to avoid the cost with Cliff’s notes, even things like Know Your Meme and TVTropes. But there’s no reason to look up the reference until you read it in the wild. Writers forgo the compression, knowing everyone has to look it up. Nobody uses so nobody looks it up. Folk start selecting references for obscurity; specifically ones not in Cliff or KYM, awarding cool points for being in the secret club. Basically wasting the time of the supermajority of their readers.”

“[I]f you don’t get something, that’s a statement about the limits of your intellect rather than about the nature of the problem. If you don’t get something, the problem is with you, not with the issue. Go try and understand it, and then come back.”

“Strategy is a product of a political cycle: its nature will inevitably be marked by the settling sediments of the political bric-a-brac of its age. In a republic, a single man’s vision will rarely escape into national strategy unscathed by the hands of other men. The baby may be deformed as an unavoidable side effect of the birthing and delivery process. It may be that authoritarian regimes offer the possibility, however remote, that a single great man can exercise a great grand strategy untrammeled by the objections of lesser men. This may be one reason why both Hamilton and Kennan, in their worst moments, were strongly attracted to authoritarian possibilities at home and abroad. However, such authoritarian dreams are unrealizable in a system that attempts to approximate, however inaccurately, the desires of its citizens. Operating in a free state means, inevitably, that you can only execute strategy with the citizenry you have, not the citizenry you want. And that will always rub the nerd the wrong way.”

“The key value of privacy, which tends to be lost amid all the technological babble about the concept, is that it makes social cooperation more feasible among people who disagree, share different tastes, or fundamental points of view.

The irony of this is that some of the people who are most in favor of destroying privacy are also the most in favor of encouraging ethnic and religious diversity, at least on the face of their rhetoric. These two goals bump into one another as countervailing forces.

“One of the fundamental assumptions behind the utopian ambitions of the web was that greater access to media would make people into better versions of themselves, and thereby improve society.

This improved access to media was thought to closely correlate with greater access to useful and entertaining knowledge.

What it does do is make media more accessible. Those media files may or may not be useful feedstock for knowledge. It’s difficult for most people to tell the difference between stimulating fluff and useful material.

One critical issue is that knowledge is carefully wrapped up in human memory rather than the computerized variety. People who are genuinely knowledgeable have to combine experience with memorized information to be able to perform useful tasks in the real world – whether it’s to give a speech that persuades a crowd, change a tire, or apply a tourniquet to a hemorrhaging wound.

That it’s easier to access information of variable quality about any conceivable subject is true. What isn’t true is that that accessibility has much impact on the ability of people to become more knowledgeable.

If anything, the opposite happens – because people believe that they can retrieve relevant information from the internet whenever they need to, it creates the illusion that the painstaking accumulation of real knowledge and skill is no longer necessary.

“A good shortcut for political movements is: if women get in, they go leftist; if women don’t get in, gays get in.

Normal people have better things to do with their lives than politics. Bioleninism has a structural advantage.”

“There are no ‘waves’ of feminism, it is the same “terrorist” group it’s always been. We just accept their terrorism today as normal.”

“”Start by being warm, pleasant, & generous w/every person you meet;
but if someone tries to exercise power over you, exercise power over him;
& if he messes w/you, remember to keep messing w/him long after he has forgotten about it.”

“It’s a game built upon RNG, and like a slot machine it will deliver either good or bad results on a random basis. I had to drop it because I realized it was fucking up my risk/reward perception. Sure it wasn’t gambling addiction, and I wasn’t burning any money, but I dumped a lot of time in it. I don’t recommend it: if you have the time, use it on better games.”

“Briefly stated, the Gell-Mann Amnesia effect is as follows. You open the newspaper to an article on some subject you know well. In Murray’s case, physics. In mine, show business. You read the article and see the journalist has absolutely no understanding of either the facts or the issues. Often, the article is so wrong it actually presents the story backward – reversing cause and effect. I call these the “wet streets cause rain” stories. Paper’s full of them. In any case, you read with exasperation or amusement the multiple errors in a story, and then turn the page to national or international affairs, and read as if the rest of the newspaper was somehow more accurate about Palestine than the baloney you just read. You turn the page, and forget what you know.”

“In your actual profession, status depends on information. Outside it, only that you’re aware of what everyone else is talking about.”

“People think @elonmusk’s tunnel fantasy is plausible because we’ve spent the last 50 years building a nearly-as-unaffordable above-ground version”

“A lesson in Western propaganda:
– German leader Merkel begins 4th term, is “leader of the free world”
– Western-allied Saudi monarchy is “revolutionary”
– “enemy” China removes term limits on presidential re-election as Xi Jinping begins 2nd term—he is “emperor”, “ruler for life””

“There is a silver lining to everything. In that case we Americans will hardly need to ponder a mystery that has troubled men for millennia: what is the purpose of life? For us, the answer will be clear, established and for all practical purposes indisputable: The purpose of life is to produce and consume automobiles.”

“If Kim really wants normalized relations in return for denuclearization and a guarantee of regime preservation, Trump seems like the guy to give it to him. Any other US politician would insist on democratization, making it untenable.”

“As China progressively proves that the Western democratic/bureaucrat-supremacist system is far from a game theoretical necessity, we can start seeing the ‘greatness’ of Rome in a more accurate light.”

“So actually what you do is, instead of having three people work a skilled job for 40 hours a week, you have four people work the job for 30 hours a week.

Only you can’t do that because of labour regulations and minimum wage.”

“He implicated Ukrainians and Tatars in the same breath, but no one is whining about that. Jews react like this because these accusations against them are almost always true, and exposure is the biggest threat to their Jew agenda.”

“What’s the most egregious thing the boomers have done in your opinion?”

“I’ll give you something abstract and something concrete. On an abstract level, I think the worst thing they’ve done is destroy a sense of social solidarity, a sense of commitment to fellow citizens. That ethos is gone and it’s been replaced by a cult of individualism. It’s hard to overstate how damaging this is.

On a concrete level, their policies of under-investment and debt accumulation have made it very hard to deal with our most serious challenges going forward. Because we failed to confront things like infrastructure decay and climate change early on, they’ve only grown into bigger and more expensive problems. When something breaks, it’s a lot more expensive to fix than it would have been to just maintain it all along.”

“Halo designer I think called out a Japanese game for being misogynistic for their female designs, than in turn got called out for Cortana essentially being without clothes by some feminist cunt, faggot gave a terrible response and instantly caved.
>new halo reveal
>a hologram has armor now
You stupid, judgemental fucking beta, I may be mixing up two people but I don’t think I am.”

>the internet will be ruled by shitty kids who think “growing up on the internet” means staying in heavily-patrolled corporate websites where they can share every second of their shitty lives.
Despite knowing this, it depresses me everytime.”

“I miss searching for [popular game] online and finding a myriad of blogs and assorted websites chock full of varied fan content being proudly displayed on front pages. Nowadays you get a single wiki and a couple of forum threads that wouldn’t touch original content with a ten foot pole
>tfw finding treasure troves of pirated games and music during the early life of p2p programs
It wasn’t even that long ago either. technology is moving so fast”

“This is what I call the “centralization of the internet”
People may use the Internet on average more often these days than 10-15 years ago, they, however, use less different websites in general.
The thousands of different forums for different topics where distinct cultures may develop have been mostly replaced by subreddits.
The concept of “personal websites” for individuals has been replaced by blogs on Tumblr or social media accounts on Facebook.
Most content creators these days use established bigger websites owned by bigger corporations like Youtube.

I mean just look at the top websites of the US

You see how most sites are established websites for the masses.
The Internet has gradually stopped being a place of wonder and exploration in favour of known, centralized communities.”

“This is the free market in action. Bigger fish eat up the small fish until eventually there are no small fish left.”

“Democracy is socialist redistribution of power. Power is often used to acquire wealth. Democracy thus implies socialism of wealth.”

“Martin Shkreli = 7 years, $7.5M fine
Investor capital lost = ~$0

Elizabeth Holmes = $500k fine, D&O bar
Company value lost = ~$8 billion”

“The Lesson of Theranos is that Elizabeth Holmes is “She is the daughter of government service worker Christian Holmes IV and congressional committee staffer Noel Daoust.”

And Shkreli is an Albanian autist.

Next time you read about China’s or Russia’s oligarchy, laugh.”

“It’s also not uncommon in Silicon Valley for entrepreneurs who are funded for their original idea to get repurposed into working on something else when the original idea proves a dud, but the investors still like the founders’ personalities.

Obviously, she’s good at impressing important men. That’s a remunerative skill, even without being an inventor. The interesting question is why didn’t she get redirected away from a field, biotechnology, in which she had no particular technical skills to one in which her abundant people skills would be useful?”

“Egalitarianism has to be true, because if some people are better than others, then obviously we want the best one ruling. And we can just call it a king. America’s experiment is over guys, we can go home now.”

“The best one also has more experience. And more experience means starting as early as possible and spending as much time as possible. Meaning all professions everywhere will eventually be hereditary. America’s experiment is over guys, we can go home now.”

“Washington Post talking about a Nobel Prize to Kim Jong Un if he helps out with Cold War 2 against China.

These guys are this crazy.”

“Excuse me Comrade, but do I detect disloyalty? Comrade Holmes is a fine member of the Party and we cannot allow some youthful indiscretions to derail such a promising young woman’s career.”

“To be accused of “anti-semitism,” is to be guilty of having repeated what jews have already admitted”

“”According to some quick back-of-the-envelope math, Bezos’ fortune has been increasing by roughly 231,000 per minute in 2018. So every minute, Bezos has made roughly four times what the average American worker makes in a year.”

Jeff Bezos is 23100 x more intelligent than the rest of humanity!
Inequality is.ur own damn fault pick urself up by ur bootstraps etc etc”

“Please listen and pass what I’m about to say on to your viewers and listeners.

We’re holding discussions with our American friends and partners, people who represent the government by the way, and when they claim that some Russians interfered in the US elections we tell theem and we did so fairly recently at a very high level, “But you are constantly interfering in our political life”.

Can you imagine, they don’t even deny it. You know what they told us last time? They said, “Yes, we do interfere, but we are entitled to do it because we’re spreading democracy, and you’re not, so you can’t do it.” Does this seem like a civilized and modern approach to international affairs?

At the level of the Russian government and at the level of the Russian president there has never been any interference in the internal political processes of the United States.

Not long ago President Trump said something that was absolutely correct. He said that if Russia’s goal was to sow chaos it has succeeded. But that’s not the result of any Russian interference. That’s the result of your political system: the internal struggle, the disorder and division. Russia has nothing to do with it whasoever.

We have nothing to do with it at all. Get your own affairs in order first.

And the way the question’s been framed, as I mentioned – that you can interfere anywhere you want because you bring democracy, but we can’t – that’s what causes conflicts. You have to show your partners respect, and they will respect you.”

“Skin in the game—as a filter—is the central pillar for the organic functioning of systems, whether humans or natural. Unless consequential decisions are taken by people who pay for the consequences, the world would vulnerable to total systemic collapse. And if you wonder why there is a current riot against a certain class of self-congratulatory “experts”, skin the game will provide a clear answer: the public has viscerally detected that some “educated” but cosmetic experts have no skin in the game and will never learn from their mistakes, whether individually or, more dangerously, collectively.”


2018 Feb 09 ~ 20

“It should be noted that all great societies in history attempted to model themselves after Sparta in some respect, whereas those that modelled themselves after Athenes turned out gay as fuck”

“Why? That’s a strange question. Killing that me means killing this me as well!

Listen, if you defeat an evil heart, the good heart isn’t going to somehow survive, okay? I am me because of my evil. And I am me because of my good. You are who you are because of your strengths, I am who I am because of my weaknesses. It’s best to disappear together. If only one of us were to survive, that would be a sad thing.”

>Trump now claims the stock market is rigged against him

He’s right. The Federal Reserve is purposefully spreading public talks of raising interest rates to up to 5% despite having kept them at 1% for all of Obamas presidency”

“It is to be stated, however, in the first place, that precepts and treatises on art are of no avail without the assistance of nature, and these instructions, therefore, are not writtten for him to whom talent is wanting any more than treatises on agriculture for barren ground.

There are also certain other natural aids […] qualities which, if they fall to our lot in a moderate degree, maybe improved by practice, but which are often so far wanting that their deficiency renders abortive the benefits of understanding and study; and these very qualities, likewise, are of no profit in themselves without a skillful teacher, perservering study, and great and continued exercise […]”

“Let a father then, as soon as his son is born, conceive first of all the best possible hopes of him, for he will thus grow the more solicitous about his improvement from the very beginning. It is a complaint without foundation that “to very few people is granted the faculty of comprehending what is imparted to them, and that most, through dullness of understanding, lose their labor and their time.” On the contrary, you will find the greater number of men both ready in conceiving and quick in learning, since such quickness is natural to man. As birds are born to fly, horses to run, and wild beasts to show fierceness, so to us peculiarly belong activity and sagacity of understanding; hence the origin of the mind is thought to be from heaven.

But dull and unteachable persons are no more produced in the course of nature than are persons marked by monstrosity and deformities, such are certainly but few. It will be a proof of this assertion that among boys, good promise is shown in the far greater number; and if it passes off in the progress of time, it is manifest that it was not natural ability, but care, that was wanting.

But one surpasses another, you will say, in ability. I grant that this is true, but only so far as to accomplish more or less; thereis no one who has not gained something by study. Let him who is convinced of this truth, bestow, as soon as he becomes a parent, the most vigilant possible care on cherishing the hopes of a future orator.”

“When politicians manipulate history for political purposes, we should worry.”


“So why would the government make such a foolish, counterproductive move? Because it’s good politics at home.”


“The audacity of these jews is truly astounding. They lobby for hate speech laws and go after people for questioning the Holocaust, put them into jail for 5 years, but now they fucking dare to condemn Poland because it is “criminalizing alternative views of history”
These creatures are truly beyond anything even the vilest mind can imagine. A true species of sociopaths.”

“Military parades are third world”
“World War II generation was the greatest generation”

The only reason the media is upset about Trump’s parade boondoggle is because they are a proven effective way to bolster nationalist values in the lumpenprole.

Can’t have the filthy wage slaves wanting what’s best for the people of the country. Oh my no. This is the 21st century. Rootless cosmopolitan megacorporations beholden only to profit are your gods now.”

“I think the key relationship, at least with respect to civilizational accomplishments, is the stability of families and the consequent intergenerational accumulation of capital.”

“At the end of the day, nothing matters at all. It’s a sandbox game. Do whatever the hell you want to do. Like I said in my comment, I enjoy building bases. It’s a game, you play for fun, do whatever is fun for you.”

“This is the lowest thing I’ve seen in a long time. This human being has no other aspiration than feeling good. I wonder why he has a computer at the first place, instead of just buying alcohol and drugs. Those are more “fun”. The only way this capital moron could get through life is welfare, there is no way he is a useful member of the society. Which is the reason why we must fight for competitive, hard games – mostly by giving them money and never giving a dime to “fun” games. The next generation and the people on the edge must experience the satisfaction of winning after a hard fought battle, or the vindication of winning after losing first. The “fun” games take this away and replace it with the shallow “look shiny” and “meaningless reward for every meaningless thing you do” gameplay.

We don’t want to be this subhuman. Every time you’d think of “well, yes, but this is a game after all”, think of this creature! Do you want something that contribute to multiplying this thing?!”

“If everything is losing value, that normally means the denominator is gaining value. The dollar, in other words. Which Uncle Sam will probably inflate back down, thus stealing the value.”

“If you think racism is bad now wait until we’ve had an offworld colony for a couple centuries.

A species continuing to adapt inherently produces racism.
Unity indicates stagnation and a black swan coming right for the gonads.

If you think the IQ research is hard to grapple with, wait until you realize racism=progress and tolerance=stagnation/decline”

“The slaves were never freed and colonialism never stopped.”

“The modern world for most people is almost total chaos. There’s no life recipe, trying to regularize experience is basically illegal, and the thing called ‘education’ is far worse than useless. As a result their lives and habits will be a constant search for order and certainty, because the market is being prevented from providing it.

By contrast, I see a world which is stiflingly orderly. Painfully predictable.”

“Let’s say that fully understanding your own culture takes up 60% of a 100 IQ’s cognitive resources, leaving 40% for nonsocial tasks.

Having a second, ‘diverse’ culture around wants to take up 120% of it.

Many proggie policies are about getting around egalitarianism and persecuting the dumb so they will be low status and we can mock them without straight-up calling them stupid.”

“Any life form, natural or artificial, plus economic or political forms, are largely designed by what kills them.

Death – your death, specifically – be your god.”

“These 300,000 Roman people bear more than a little resemblance to our welfare underclass in behavior and values. Infanticide, which was legal under Roman law, was practiced frequently, and normal family life was basically impossible. Crime was rampant. Augustus viewed the population on state programs as a security risk and attempted to reduce the welfare population down to 200,000 people. He was only temporarily successful. Augustus is considered the most powerful Roman Emperor. It’s remarkable, then, that he couldn’t combat the power of the grain dole. The establishment of our welfare state seems irreversible, and if the Roman grain dole is anything to go by policy-wise, that assessment seems to be correct.

“I remember a practice that was observed by my masters, not without advantage. Having divided the boys into classes, they assigned them their order in speaking in conformity to the abilities of each, and thus each stood in the higher place to declaim according as he appeared to excel in proficiency. Judgments were pronounced on the performances, and great was the strife among us for distinction, but to take the lead of the class was by far the greatest honor. Nor was sentence given on our merits only once; the 30th day brought the vanquished an opportunity of contending again. Thus, he who was most successful did not relax his efforts, while uneasiness incited the unsuccessful to retrieve his honor.

I should be inclined to maintain, as far as I can form a judgment from what I conceive in my own mind, that this method furnished stronger incitements to the study of eloquence than the exhortations of preceptors, the watchfulness of paedagogi, or the wishes of parents. But as emulation is of use to those who have made some advancement in learning, so, to tho those who are but beginning and are still of tender age, to imitate their schoolfellows is more pleasant than to imitate their master, for the very reason that it is easier. They who are learning the first rudiments will scarcely dare to exalt themselves to the hope of attaining that eloquence which they regard as the highest; they will rather fix on what is nearest to them, as vines attached to trees gain the top by taking hold of the lower branches first.

This is an observation of such truth that it is the care of even the master himself, when he has to instruct minds that are still unformed, not (if he prefer at least the useful to the showy) to overburden the weakness of his scholars, but to moderate his strength and to let himself down to the capacity of the learner. For as narrow-necked vessels reject a great quantity of the liquid that is poured upon them, but are filled by that which flows or is poured into them by degrees, so it is for us to ascertain how much the minds of boys can receive, since what is too much for their grasp of intellect will nto enter their minds, as not being sufficiently expanded to admit it. It is of advantage, therefore, for a boy to have schoolfellows whom he may first imitate and afterwards try to surpass.

Thus will he gradually conceive hope of higher excellence.”

“No, we don’t put theories into practice. We create theories out of practice. That was our story, and it is easy to infer from it – and from similar stories – that the confusion is generalized. […]

[…] At the conclusion of the session, the organizers informed me that, exactly a week earlier, Phil Scranton, a professor from Rutgers, had delivered the exact same story. But it was not about the option formula; it was about the jet engine.

Scranton showed that we have been building and using jet engines in a completely trial-and-error experiential manner, without anyone truly understanding the theory. Builders needed the original engineers who knew how to twist things to make the engine work, Theory came later, in a lame way, to satisfy the intellectual bean counter. But that’s not what you tend to read in standard histories of technology: my son, who studies aerospace engineering, was not aware of this. Scranton was polite and focused on situations in which innovation is messy, “distinguished from more familiar analytic and synthetic innovation approaches,” as if the latter were the norm, which it is obviously not.”

“Information has a nasty property: it hides failures.

Many people have been drawn to, say, financial markets after hearing success stories of someone getting rich in the stock market and building a large mansion across the street – but since failures are buried and we don’t hear about them, investors are led to overestimate their chances of success. The same applies to the writing of novels: we do not see the wonderful novels that are now completely out of print, we just think that because the novels that have done well are well written (whatever that means), that what is well written will do well. So we confuse the necessary and the causal: because all surviving technologies have some obvious benefits, we are led to believe that all technologies offering obvious benefits will survive.”

“The aid industry has become extraordinarily competitive. It has driven some to become territorial and secretive in order to fight off challenges to its work and funding.

A team I was with once took an incredible unit into a refugee camp that could shower 1,000 people twice a week in privacy. Imagine how important that is to life in a camp with no running water. When we arrived a director of a famous charity came running over and said: “You can’t have that here. Take it away. We are the lead charity in this camp and we won’t have something with your logo on it in case TV crews film here.””

“The #Oxfam prostitution scandal does not surprise me. I was raised all over the world by frontline aid workers and am used to the humanitarian industry being staffed by bizarre, narcissistic people.

I think the sector attracts damaged people. It is not normal to run towards war and famine and the most degenerate aspects of human behaviour , yet this is precisely what they do. Run towards it, devote their lives to it and gorge themselves on the spectacle. I think the sector attracts damaged people. It is not normal to run towards war and famine and the most degenerate aspects of human behaviour , yet this is precisely what they do. Run towards it, devote their lives to it and gorge themselves on the spectacle.

The Canadian psychologist @GadSaad if aid workers have a form of the mental illness, Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy – that they feed of other’s people pain to make themselves look good. See, what a good person I am? Helping all these poor people? See? See me? Me? Me Me Me? It is the ultimate virtue signaller’s mask. But what is behind the mask? Who are these people? What kinds of lives do they lead? What kinds of families do they have?

My mother – a psychologist who worked with child soldiers – used the mask and the awe and adoration it inspired in people to hide profound mental illness, an entrenched personality disorder and alcoholism. The outside world told her she was wonderful because of the work she did, so it didn’t matter than she drank herself into a state of degenerate wretchedness every night and viciously abused her children. It was similar with my father – he wallowed in the deference and respect engendered by his senior UN position and decided this was a reflection of who he really was. This way he could ignore the reality of who he was – a brutal man who beat his children, ignored them for months on end, uprooted them repeatedly by moving country and abandoned them to an insane, alcoholic wife.

Their colleagues were no different. All prioritised their careers, their lifestyles, their egos above even their own children. Most have left a trail of mentally ill, rootless, atomised children and broken families in their wake. And having violated all sacred bonds with their own families, having absolved themselves of the only real responsibility they have – towards their own children – they think nothing of violating all other bonds whilst simultaneously washing their hands of the consequences.

It is, for example, the people from the humanitarian and human rights sectors that prioritise the human rights of a returning ISIS volunteer. They will pontificate high-mindedly about the need for higher moral values. They will not live next door to this returned ISIS fighter. Their daughters will not pass him in the street. It is also, for example, the people from the humanitarian and human rights sectors who are assisting with the trafficking of hundreds of thousand of people into Europe. They virtue signal on the need to rescue drowning people, but absolve themselves of all responsibility for the social and economic cost of this mass migration on the indigenous peoples and cultures of Europe.

It is recklessness.

They are reckless people working in a reckless industry.”

“It’s not just government. You see this in the private sector too. “Everybody wants to do the right thing” became our civilization’s ethos at some point, and it’s been downhill ever since.”

“Selfish motives are inherently more noble and stable than unselfish motives. If the substance and the appearance of your selfish desire diverge, you go with the substance 100% of the time. With unselfish motives, the appearance is often the point.”

“Even God can’t redeem everyone. Some people go to Hell; why else is it there?”

“An honest scientist can get true conclusions out of ludicrously bad data sets.
We demand absurd rigour because most scientists are not honest.”

“If children started school at six months old and their teachers gave them walking lessons, within a single generation people would come to believe that humans couldn’t learn to walk without going to school.”

“hold all relatives of a criminal responsible for his crime under the theory that kin-networks are responsible for policing their family members’ behavior. But how can that possibly scale?”

Continue to hold responsible those responsible for policing his behaviour, duh.

But wouldn’t that be a sight: a young, penniless thug murders your daughter, and you get to sue the cops for having allowed him the opportunity. That’ll bring crime down right quick.”

“This is why “an eye for an eye” did not in fact make the whole world go blind. The principle of an eye for an eye, as Miller sees it, is “the more ancient and deeper notion that justice is a matter of restoring balance, achieving equity, determining equivalence, making reparations… getting back to zero, to even.” Trading eyes for eyes is not so much about indiscriminate, unthinking violence as it is carefully calculated attempts to match punishment to crime. Talionic justice is a system built on deterrence — not only deterring criminals from committing crimes, but deterring vengeance seekers from exacting too heavy a price in retaliation for crimes committed against them. This is empathy enforced by blood. You think carefully about the pain you inflict on others knowing, that measure for measure, the pain you give others will be given back to you.

We have a sorry habit thinking about revenge as “as going postal and blasting away,” but as Miller notes, “revenge cultures did not think of it that way.” This is obvious if you read the stories revenge cultures created. Characters in the Icelandic sagas approach murder with the meticulousness of a father inspecting his daughter’s suitor. They conducted their feuds not in the heat of rage, but through cold, calculations. Heroes from revenge plays like The Oresteia cycle or The Orphan of Zhao plan their vengeance months or even years in advance, and when the moment comes often have to be goaded into taking revenge. One gets the sense that these people believed that feuding was utterly necessary but not entirely natural.”

“It’s an obscene paradox that the spirit of our time, to which we are obliged to conform, is one of constant change and dissolution. To desire deep and lasting bonds is to be a malcontent. How can you feel invested in the common good of a society bound together, like a rapacious pack of wild dogs, by an ethos of opportunistic individualism?

The real tragedy of having no common values to hold onto is having nobody to hold onto. When things change, people change. The impulse behind my social conservatism is to keep the people I know and love the people I know and love. If cultural change keeps turning us into other people, how can there be solidarity between us, or between the generations? How can there be love between constant oscillations?

Love depends upon a trust in the permanence of that which we love, but few of us stay the same for very long now, which makes even families strangers to another. Our culture’s values are not only hostile to family, but undermine those few whose values are oriented around family. It’s hard to have children when you expect them to reject your values. You can raise them, but you can’t be sure they’ll be yours after that.

We have no values or solidarity any longer but those of dissolution and disintegration.

An absence of lifelong bonds and continuities is worse than serfdom. Having nothing is endurable, having no one and nowhere is not.

A good life is necessarily one with lifelong continuities. Life, without stable bonds of family, place, and community, is not life, but a sequence of exiles.”

“I’m going to die to someone because of their bad choices!

It’s like real life!”

“Rich countries bribe exceptional athletes to accept citizenship so they can win at the Olympics. Germany’s gold medal was won by a Russian and Frenchman.”

“Awesome !!! Good to see girls sticking up for themselves and each other”

Makes me want to puke. Whoever thought up the concept of “war of the sexes” was probably a commie jew.

I really can’t recognize feminists as female. Or human for that matter. My waifu is more of a woman and she’s a fictional character.”

>learned my lesson
women literally do not even understand the meaning of this phrase.”

“One of the chief arguments in favor of the suburbs is simply that that is where millions and millions of people actually live. If so many Americans live in suburbs, this must be proof that they actually prefer suburban locations to urban ones. The counterargument, of course, is that people can only choose from among the options presented to them. And the options for most people are not evenly split between cities and suburbs, for a variety of reasons, including the subsidization of highways and parking, school policies, and the continuing legacies of racism, redlining, and segregation. One of the biggest reasons, of course, is restrictive zoning, which prohibits the construction of new urban neighborhoods all over the country.”

“We grew up in the era where the middle class died and a “permanent underclass” replaced it at the same time corporate profits hit world records year after year”

“literally said he wants to expell all arabs from israel but would take up arms to prevent the deportation of jews from America”

“If we banned schools, there could be no school shootings. Just a thought.”

“”Race: W”
The W hopefully stands for “We just don’t know””


“I forget the standards for white are incredibly low in the US”



“He’s white-passing, and castizos are basically white. Id need to see his parents”

“I don’t think he’s that white passing. Regardless, the fact of the matter is that Hispanics are POC when bad things happen to them, but are white when they do bad things.”

“They WILL acknowledge that some Hispanics are technically white whenever it suits the agenda but will refuse to admit that even the super brown ones’ offenses are registered as white males. White crime is very misrepresented in the statistics because everyone assumes It’s anglos doing it.”

“Now, you might say — “well, poor people have always chased seasonal work!” But that is not really the point: absolute powerlessness and complete indignity is. In no other country I can see do retirees who should have been able to save up enough to live on now living in their cars in order to find work just to go on eating before they die — not even in desperately poor ones, where at least families live together, share resources, and care for one another. This is another pathology of collapse that is unique to America — utter powerlessness to live with dignity.”

“Take 2 seconds to think about who put that up there.

Take 2 seconds to think about where their true interests lie.

It doesn’t matter what they throw up. They want you to trust them and see them as a stair-way to your dreams.”

“Because of our arrogance in thinking that only one truth exists, whenever we find one truth, we become blinded to all others.”

“Researchers at the Mannheim Research Institute claim that digitalization has created more, not less jobs. They claim that computers will take over specific functions rather than complete jobs and also argue that the increased profitability of companies through digitalization will allow them to take on more personnel.”

“The FBI can’t do its job correctly so you’re just gonna have to give up your rights. I don’t make the rules that’s just how it works”

“”B-but we should be going green anyways!”
>electric cars run on coal
>solar cells cost rare earth metals
>cfls have mercury
“B-but we have good intentions”

You know, everything seems to stop here. This trump card, of “Are you going to accuse me of arguing in bad faith”. And for some reason it has so much power. Politicians hide behind it, extortionists (Al Sharpton, Anita Sarkeesian) hide behind it, SJWs hide behind it… and either it actually is a defense that successfully repels attacks, or it just isn’t attacked.

No one calls bullshit until the time for calling bullshit is over.”

>have k/d 0.74
>ranked top 5%

It cant be that important. Unless you always drop in secluded areas, you will die to loot lottery on landing battles.”

“Bullying is very easy to define: it’s when a child does something to another child that would warrant jail time if done to an adult, and the child isn’t allowed to defend themselves.”

“Once wheeled traffic is treated as the chief concern of planning, there will never be enough space to keep it from becoming congested, or a high enough residential density to provide enough taxes sufficient to cover its exorbitant demands. The assumed right of the private motor car to go any place in the city and park anywhere is nothing less than a license to destroy the city.”

>Trump won’t stop trying to keep America white

These people seem to be operating from an intellectual assumption that American demographic shift is both desirable and inevitable.

Considering it has only started to take place after decades of carefully calculated social engineering combined with equally orchestrated immigration changes, the notion that it’s an organic fait accompli seems suspect.

I requested via twitter that the author of this piece clarify exactly how being the first people in recorded history to make themselves a minority in their homelands is an advantage.

He has yet to respond.”

“A word taken singly is more often objectionable than faultless, for however we may express anything with propriety, elegance, and sublimity, none of these qualities arise from anything but the connection and order of the discourse, since we commend single words merely as being well suited to the matter. The only good quality which can be remarked in them is their vocalitas, so to speak, called euphonia. This depends upon selection, when, of two words which have the same signification and are of equal force, we make choice of the one that has the better sound.”

“[W]hat is written incorrectly must also be spoken incorrectly, though he who speaks incorrectly may not necessarily make mistakes in writing.”

“The main difference between Mediterraneans and nonMeds:

Farniente (doing nothing) is active for a Med.”

“Ok, here’s some Australia facts – at the time of the gun ban, there were 17 guns per 100 people in Australia for a total of about 3.5 million guns total.

At the time of the Australian gun ban, there were roughly 200 million guns in the United States. The United States presently has roughly one gun per resident for a total of 323 million guns. So just about 10 times the number of guns Australia had at the time of the ban.

The pre-ban murder rate in Australia was, in 1989 – 90, 1.8 per 100,000 people. It has dropped to one per 100,000 people, not quite a 50% decrease.

The murder statistics for 1989 to 1990 in the United States –8.7 – 9.4 murders per 100,000. In 2014, the murder rate in the United States was 4.5 per 100,000. About a 50% decrease.

The murder rate in the United States has dropped almost the same amount as the murder rate in Australia has. A little more, in fact.

So, in the mid-90s Australia banned guns. Since then the homicide rate has been almost cut in half.

During that period of time, the number of guns has INCREASED by 50% in the United States and the Homicide rate has decreased by 50%.

The homicide rate has decreased more in the United States than it has in Australia since the ban, while the number of guns increased by 100 million.

So apparently adding 100 million guns to the stockpile is slightly more effective than banning them.

Please, shut the fuck up about the Australian gun ban now.”

“Sex differences are now “discriminatory & constitute sexual harassment.” This will set scientific research back 50 years.”

“Only fifty? Sex differences have been known since antiquity. This is like outlawing knowledge of carbon or copper.”

“Healthcare is a necessity, and has to be paid for by the government.

Teeth, apparently, are optional, and dentists are paid for privately. Which is why we see an epidemic of toothless…oh wait.”

“The king’s purpose is supposed to be to notice when the game has gone wrong and change it. Necessarily he stands above the game.

I saw an account once where, basically, the king isn’t allowed to play polo. As soon as he steps onto the field, he wins. Everyone physically bows. And yes, this is exactly right. The king should be able to decide the rules such that he wins; he cannot meaningfully play. (This was in context where this is how we shame and control kings. He is above the law but not above certain social dynamics.) […]

Caesar could declare himself kaiser because everyone was pretending there was no tsar. Everyone was pretending they had to play by the rules, meaning there was an opening for someone to stop pretending.”

“Where witch-hunting is a stable, lucrative career, and an amateur pastime enjoyed by hobbyists, there are no real witches worth a damn.”

“the Chinese, their colossal national self-regard notwithstanding, have no faith in the permanence of their political arrangements. All Chinese people, including the rulers, have internalized the dynastic cycle.”

“Like all Orientals, [the Chinese] have a strong dramatic sense, and a professional storyteller, speaking his primitive and undeveloped language [by comparison with the classical style of the scholarly literati, Gilbert means], can rise to heights in characterization, description, narrative and metaphor to which not one Occidental in ten thousand could aspire in his own tongue. An infallible sense of rhythm and cadence is born in the great majority of Chinese. In ordinary speech, they divide their sentences up into euphoniously balanced periods …”

“In the grand scale of psychoactive substances, opium as smoked in China from the seventeenth century onwards is not exceptionally harmful. A wealthy Chinese opium smoker “’does not seem much the worse’ for his habit,” noted an 1890s observer (quoted by Midler).

So why was opium smoking so devastating among China’s poor? Adulteration, says Midler. In the extreme, a cheap variety named Hankow Cake contained no opium at all, only sesame seeds. Midler:

Historians are so hell-bent on blaming the West for everything that went wrong with China in the nineteenth century that they have no room for an investigation into the serious possibility that the nation may have actually poisoned itself.

“I write a lot about how Islam is a better deal for Men than Western culture, which is why Muslim immigrants refuse to integrate, and in fact radicalize further in their faith after moving to the West. But if Islam is a good deal, old Chinese culture was the freaking lottery. Polygamy among the gentry in China was not only legal: it was expected. And there was no limit to the number of wives you could acquire. Girls were sold as property at 13-15 years old, and no self-respecting men would not get a new wife every 5-10 years if he could afford to.

Of course having too many wives was frowned upon. It was a sign of lack of seriousness. Women are something men like, but men should like other things more, manly things. Warfare and government. Reading and the arts. Women were entertainment, who also happened to produce children, which are always nice to have, as they make heirs, and daughters which you can give to your friends’ sons.

2018 Feb 03 ~ 08

“The US should have no secrets, they shouldn’t have anything to hide if they’re innocent”

“the number 1 biggest sign you’re living in an oppressive fascist dictatorship is when you can publically shout to thousands of followers about how you want foreign armies to overthrow your political system and not even be asked about it by law enforcement

isnt this fucking illegal even by American free speech standards?

oh nevermind he said “perhaps x should y” so that totally makes it okay and not an act of open sedition”

“Let’s talk business for a second. The fact that PewDiePie is the highest demonetized Channel on YouTube, just goes to show how stupid the people are, running YouTube. We already knew they were stupid back when they removed personalization of your channel, and then they tried to force everyone to use Google+, and now they have all these bullshit rules, but it doesn’t even end there. By demonetizing PewDiePie’s videos, you are missing out on about 60 million or more views per ad. 60 fucking million per ad. Why the fuck would you demonetize his videos? What are you doing? Who the hell thought it would be a good idea to let the sjws run YouTube?”

“Yes, of course my terminology looks backward. I do evolutionary history. How the hell do you get what words mean if you don’t look back at how they’re used and how the usage evolved? What does “look forward” even mean?”

“During the 70s there was a healthy distrust for the wealthy, this completely evaporated with the formation of a new petit bourgious, the tech worker. I recall with vivid detail how the inage slowly morphed from the garage revolutionary to the cubicle conformist clutching his resume and degrees. The internet companies went from informing us and freeing us to spying on us and misleading us. Of course all the army of cynical tech imports from India were instrumental. Not only did the credo change, but the people did as well.”

“As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain; and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.”

“Naming your kid Daniel or Kyle is like naming him New Folder”

“The modern take on seizing the means of production is seizing or voiding the intellectual property

[T]the net made it much worse. Hilariously they were all telling us wed be creators and microcelebrities when in fact the SNs totally robbed us of a voice. Virtually any you put on the net is intantly converted to a social orofile, then cointerfeited and promoted, drowning out the original.

Why dont we just stop honoring the rights to pharmaceuticals?”

“i believe that this is the primary reason for the rise of anime in the west. on paper, japan’s IP laws are draconian compared to the us. but in practice, what happens is basically every creator’s dream.

good example is in “Fate”, one of the if not the biggest franchises in japan. its highest grossing entry is “Prisma Ilya”. Prisma Ilya was written and made originally as fanfiction by some completely unrelated guy, sold for money etc. just like any regular business or story (see also: “Comiket”). Then once he got to a certain size they just recruited him. Creator wins. Original creator wins. Fans win. More stories and more money for everyone.

Contrast Blizzard-Activision and Disney who go after random nobodies with year-long lawsuits because “they’re against the law” and “we’re contractually obligated to defend our IP”.

expected result, really.”

“Right so artists have no domain, cant develop skills or fans and thus there is no art.”

“They’re reduced to doing things which are in the public domain. Or, as you said, stuff that’s absurd and no one wants to look at.

Not everyone of course, every once in a while one will appear. But a lot are killed off just because of the stupid high barrier to entry, and the resulting lack of a community of people doing things they care about. Feedback loops with peers are crucial for the development of any skill, as schools will tell you. But it’s a principle that’s true of life, not just of school.”

“Plato and Aristotle told you democracy was a terrible idea and why, then there was a hiatus while the Romans forced everyone to take their happy pills, then everyone agreed it was a terrible idea and why until the ‘Enlightenment.'”

“A man always has two reasons for doing anything: a good reason and the real reason.”

“FBI: “It’s a grave concern that Republicans decided to officially release the classified memo instead of following FBI procedure by leaking it to the Press””

“”Dominated by emotions” means you try to socially justify your feelings,

rather than investigating what really happened and simply taking your emotional response as simply one of the things that happened.”

– People with inside information:

If you know Hilton is about to buy Marriott then you can make an awful lot of money. The Feds arrested a handful of people engaged in insider trading a few years ago but my guess is they only got about 1/10,000 of the people who have inside information. Every hedge fund manager trades on inside information all day long. There’s no other way for them to get any edge on their peers.

They use every means at their disposal. Not the old-fashioned bribery stuff of the 1980s. They hack into networks, they vacation where your CFO is vacationing, they use so-called “expert networks”. There’s no stopping the culprits.

By the way, this does mean that micro-cap companies that have public information but seems like it’s inside because nobody pays attention to them, could provide a small edge in the markets. But whoever is trading the large-cap companies are just losers. The kind of people you want to play cards with.


– People who take fees.

I’ve been invited twice in the past few weeks to become a partner at different $100 million funds. In one case I said no and in the other case I kind of just blew them off. I’ve become a bit of a shut-in lately and the thought of meeting people and negotiating and selling..blah. I can’t handle it right now. I think I need medication.

But here’s how it works. You raise $100 million and you make about $2 million straight off the top in fees which you split with your partners and the people who raise you money. Then you split any money that comes in off the profits on the $100 million. In the long run you lose money for all of your investors but you make a TON of money on fees.
My favorite example is super hedge fund manager John Paulson. He turned one billion dollars into six billion during the housing crisis in 2007-8. He probably took a billion in fees off the table. Then he raised his fund from six billion to 30 billion as more investors poured in.

Then, or so people tell me, he lost 50% and his fund went from 30 billion to 15 billion (these are rough numbers. Its give or take a few billion). So net-net he lost about $10 billion to the markets.

And yet, he’s pocketed about $3 to $4 billion in fees, making him one of the richest people in the world without providing any useful service in the world. He made that money simply by losing even more money. That’s a pretty good job if you can get it.”

“i presume the HFT guys have a lot more political clout than everyone else? or everyone actually in-person on-site on stock markets is in on it? seems like a really simple solution to mandate a minimum transaction time / maximum transaction speed.”

“i think they tend to. rennaissance capital (probably the most renowed by stupid memers HFT-centered fund) is run by James Simon (NSA) and Robert Mercer (literally bankrolled Steven Bannon and the germination of the alt lite)

i mean yeah basically all of them have to. they all have data centers located literally in the exchange data centers, all of their cable lines are closest to the exchanges, they all have access to dark pools and insider information, etc”

“”In each of these cases, the buyer appears to have responded within moments to a tweet, or possibly to a phrase posted in some other online venue—nailing down the precise trigger is difficult.

Could it be a human and not a bot making these trades? My friend doesn’t think so. The complexity of the orders would slow a person down too much to be feasible. “It would be impossible for me to do. By the time you could read the news, process it, and press the ‘buy everything’ button, it would take too long. The speed is unbelievable. They’re buying everything within like 3 seconds of it coming out, which is not possible for a human.”

This is what you are competing with in 2018. People making millions running scripts that read tweets and automatically buy stocks


“This is the end result of capitalism.

This is what the God of Money looks like.”

“I first bought the book because I was puzzled by the title, especially coming from a man who had achieved so much. I had always thought that things happen for reasons. My parents taught me that good people get rewarded while evil gets punished. My teachers at school taught me that if you work hard, you will succeed, and if you never try, you will surely fail. When I picked up the book, I was studying math at Cambridge University and, as I looked back at the standardized tests and intense study that had defined my life until then, I could see no uncertainty.

But since reading Rubin’s book, I have come to see the world differently. Robert Rubin never intended to become the senior partner of Goldman Sachs: a few years into his career, he even handed in his resignation. Just as in Rubin’s career, I find that maybe randomness is not merely the noise but the dominant factor. And those reasons we assign to historical events are often just ex post rationalizations. As rising generations are taught the rationalizations, they conclude that things always happen for a reason. Meanwhile, I keep wondering: is there someone, sitting in a comfortable chair somewhere, flipping a coin from time to time, deciding what happens in the world?”

“I went to the career service office and told them that my primary goal after the MBA was to make money. I told them that $500,000 sounded like a good number. They were very confused, though, as they said their goal was to help me find my passion and my calling. I told them that my calling was to make money for my family. They were trying to be helpful, but in my case, their advice didn’t turn out to be very helpful.

Eventually I was able to meet the chief financial officer of my favorite company, Costco. He told me that they don’t hire any MBAs. Everyone starts by pushing trolleys. (I have seriously thought about doing just that. But my wife is strongly against it.) Maybe, I thought, that is why the company is so successful—no MBAs!”

“Why tho?

Black kids do f-a-r better in all black schools. I imagine most kids are the same. Homogeneity is positively correlated with prosocial behavior.”

“Yes, but school isn’t primarily about grades. School is primarily about manners and dealing with others.”

“They do a horrific job of that. I have been to public school and I have been to jail, and the prisoners were a lot nicer in jail than the kids were in public school.”

“Free in flight wifi in domestic flights in Japan is pretty neat.”

>When Burkhauser looked at market income as reported to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the basis for the top 1 percent inequality figures that inspired Occupy Wall Street, he found that incomes for the bottom 60 percent of tax filers stagnated or declined over the nearly three-decade period. Incomes in the middle fifth of tax returns grew by only 2 percent on average, and those in the bottom fifth declined by 33 percent.

>Things appeared somewhat better when Burkhauser looked at the definition of income favored by the Census Bureau which, unlike IRS figures, includes government cash payments from programs like Social Security and welfare, and looks at households rather than tax returns.

wow if you just include jewish handouts in the figures turns out the middle class hasnt actually disappeared who would’ve guessed”

“Free will technically means being able to act other than the way you in fact acted. You do not have this capacity. This capacity is impossible not only for humans but for anything.”

“”Conspiracy Theory” is “Any narrative which the mainstream is unfamiliar with and the journalists don’t like”.”

“An ant costs approximately 17 cents. It has the brain the size of a few specks of dust. It can walk and navigate arbitrary surfaces. It uses its legs efficiently.

A walking robot made by a human costs millions of dollars, has a brain many times the size of an ant, can barely waddle, and isn’t even vaguely self-sufficient.”

“So who are the real Jews then? Black people? Or non-Jew White people?”

“To me that’s about as silly of a question as who are the real christians. Who gives a shit. What matters is reality and its effects.”

“However, things take a different spin on the internet. Farina is convinced that netizens feel strong and protected by their anonymity that they express whatever they want without fear of consequences.”

Wow, isn’t it terrible that people are allowed to freely express their thoughts on the internet without being personally penalized for their beliefs?”

“While the methods used to get the FISA warrant to spy on Trumps campaign are interesting, what might be even more interesting is the first FISA request before that which was REJECTED. Now check this out:

Between 2009 and 2015, 10700 applications were made to the FISA court. The number of requests which were rejected is 2. Yes, you read that right. TWO. The Obama Administration first saught a FISA warrant against Trump in early 2016. This first request ended up being rejected BY A COURT THAT LITERALLY HAS A 99.99% APPROVAL RATE.

What a coincidence is this? How fucking horrible and obviously partisan must the first request have been for it to be rejected by even such an obvious rubber stamp system? What are the chances that one of the astronomically few requests that ends up being rejected would also happen to be a request to spy on the Presidential Candidate of the current Presidents opposing party?


There are no coincidences like this. If Trump or Nunes could get their hands on the original rejected FISA request, I’m sure that it would reveal such a completely grotesque constitutional abomination that it would truly lay bare the true absurdity of the banana-republic that the US has become. Stop caring so much about the Steele Dossier and look into this instead.”

“[O]utsourcing and all civil rights movements were nothing more than covers for inflation, at which rates would have caused a revolt in a sane country. All goods and services required to live have gone up hundreds of percents, while entertainment has gotten cheaper. You were meant to be devalued by immigration and replaced.”

>Hundreds of Roman coins found in ancient Chinese ruins

“Well clearly this was because gold pieces were interchangeable and spread via trade and not indicative of any direct or indirect contact between the Romans and any Chinese Dynasty”

>Single ring with Allah scribbled on it found in Scandinavia

“The Vikings were Tan Muslims! Sweden should welcome their ancestors back into their country!””

“No one anywhere in the history of employment has ever wanted the type of “fun” workplace environment that Boomers, in their infinitely delusional narcissism, imagine they do. The bugman Millennial in Silicon Valley or some other gay tech hive may demand a latte machine in his group-cubicle, but everyone else in real-world land considers a good job to be a steady paycheck and enough hours at the end of the day to see his family. At least Boomers can die knowing they never once understood the generations before or after them. They’ll have successfully remained the center of the universe their entire lives.

Though in a way, you gotta hand it to ’em. Boomers are the first generation to wage war on both their parents and their kids at the same time and so far, they’ve been winning it.”

“Sad to think that German society was safer under the auspices of an atheist, communist superstate than it currently is under our enlightened jewish internationalist power network.”

“When people think of their aspirations, or the life they want to lead, they will invariably think of the environment or situation they were born into.

People are colored by the values they hold in life. What remains of a man if you strip that away?”

“”The threat of the Terraformers exists only on mars, where we are unarmed,” they said. “On earth, we have weapons. We have nukes…”

However, these weapons are ultimately those designed to be used against man. All the weapons developed over the last two millenia of human history …were designed to destroy opposing countries.

How can we eradicate an opponent with no country?”

“As I grew older and more accustomed to war, I reluctantly came to a realization…

People do not want this war to end.

That was something they didn’t teach me in school, but from the looks of things it was the truth.”

“There are two types of societies. This isn’t a theory of evolution, or about which is better than which.

There are societies that respect their relationship with nature, and others that do not. This is about how societies are able to change.

The native people of Canada tried not to break the bones of salmons they ate, and returned the bones to the rivers after eating. Native people from eastern and western parts of Russia decorated the skulls of the seals they captured and dismantled, and returned them to the master of the sea along with their poetries. They thought fur and meat were gifts from the animals as a proof of their friendship, and they returned those gifts by adding spiritual values to the bones. They showed their respect towards nature through their meals. This is because they thought the true form of animals were gods who wore the skins of animals. Because they wanted the gods to visit them again, they served by giving back to them respectfully. There are similar beliefs in northern eurasian and north american cultures, and many myths remain.

But in modern day Japan, there probably aren’t that many people who still believe that animals are able to talk and that gods live inside of them. They’re looking down on nature. They see animals as something they can naturally steal from, and if they feel like they took a little too much from it – they can just start protecting them. That’s how they see it.

When did that kind of arrogant society form…?

The key factor is the appearance of technology.

Specifically, weapons made of iron.

After obtaining these excellent weapons, man’s respect towards animals faded. There is a verse that says, “Swords that cut extraordinarily well were passed on from Japan, and after that, bears were killed easily” in the tales that are told around Sakhalin. A certain individual born in a heretical land one day realized: this is a weapon that god gave, but it is a weapon is able to kill god.

The origin of the word technology is the Greek word “Techne”. “Techne” means “to artificially draw out the blessings that an object is hiding”. A good example is heating up a rock and taking the iron out of it.

The sword and technology stolen from god gave man power that even gods will fear. For them to visit again, giving back to them respectfully… there’s no need for such things anymore.

Now, we can simply take everything.”

“Why have people from a private security company received the M.O. Surgery!?!”
“There are no laws concerning the M.O. Surgery. It says you’re not allowed to have weapons, but it doesn’t say anything about not letting us strengthen our bodies.”
“Then how do you know?”
“Because there are people who spread the information.”

“Women expect you to be physically fit and also eat ice cream and sit on the couch with them for 6 hours every day.”

“The more I read about Supreme Court history, the more I realize how devestating FDR’s presidency was. Literally every right-wing judge died in the 30s and early-40s. By 1945, eight of the nine justices were all Roosevelt appointees – most of which survived to participate in later landmark decisions. Brown v. Board of Education, for instance, which ended school segregation, had the voices of five FDR-appointees, three from Truman, and one from Eisenhower.

As if waging war against Germany wasn’t bad enough, this piece of shit continued raping the US decades after his death.”

“I’ve been in Corporate America for long to know that private-sector managers don’t fire “low performers”. They don’t fire high performers, either. Being lazy creatures, they rarely know the difference. They fire whoever costs them time.”

“The “never bad-mouth a former employer” rule is imposed not because it harms companies for employees to discuss them honestly– an individual disgruntled employee sharing truth does hardly any damage at all, unless the truth is so severe in its nature that the company deserves to die– but because our fascist elements believe that even the most harmless dissent must be punished with isolation, starvation, and violence.

Fascism, fascism, fascism. No exaggeration. Fascism, fascism, fascism. Not “like fascism”. Not “right-of-center, legitimate political activity that I am wrongly using the fascist epithet to disparage.” Fascism, fascism, fascism. Actual fascism. It’s not “coming”. It’s here and it has been here for a while. There are people who believe that someone who speaks truthfully about a prior manager, ever, deserves to be permanently unemployed. We must finally solve these people, before they finally solve us.

Why would a manager at an investment bank care that I had said something, two years ago, about a manager at Google? What connection is there between investment banking and web search? None. It is managers protecting their own across companies, because companies no longer compete in any meaningful way, and they haven’t done so for years. The Capitalist Party is more than one company, and it must protect its own high officers.

>You know a country’s got its priorities in line when a billionaire’s shooting rockets into space while people can’t get healthcare or get an education

holy fuck these kinds of bullshit statements rustle me more than evem most other things I complain about regularly. These assholes literally believe that the only purpose of civilization is for the productive and industrious to amass ressources so they can then use them to feed the lowest drags of the hominid family. Fuck space travel, fuck art, fuck architecture, fuck unlocking the secrets of the universe. The only thing that matters is that we can spend more money to feed worthless chimps so that they can produce more chimps without any limits until infinity because everybody is equal and every subhuman n1gger life is precious

these people literally believe that human beings are exempt from evolution and selective pressures. l mean *EVEN IF* you really believed that right now the races had equal potential intelligence etc which is already an asinine assumption BUT EVEN IF you believed that what the fuck do you think a system that incentivizes breeding just for the sake of it and gives people political participatory power simply for existing while subsidizing people to reproduce endlessly without any conditions or limitations where the fuck do you think a system like that will lead in the long run?”

“Feminists are CLEARLY OBSESSED with rape, but they’re NOT obsessed with PREVENTING rape. In fact, they’re almost always hostile towards anyone who is (anyone who suggests PRACTICAL METHODS of PREVENTING rape). Instead… Feminists are absolutely obsessed with AVOIDING BLAME for rape. They don’t care if rape happens. In fact, they seem to be doing everything they can to insure that it does. They are MERELY concerned with making sure they don’t get BLAMED for it. “

“Imagine this at any other point in history. Picture how a Roman woman would have been treated had she praised Carthage and hoped their armies would eventually overrun the city. Or a Spanish woman cheering on the Moors.

I’d say death is pretty fair.”

“110 IQ people literally lower than redditors have cushy FBI jobs. every single point particle in possible existence is monolithically conspiring against me”

“when you phrase it that way it really makes sense. you don’t want people with 140+ IQ in your intelligence. you can’t be secure when you’re running with people smarter than you.

“In the wake of the 1957 Sputnik crisis, the U.S. government’s interest in science rose for a time. Feynman was considered for a seat on the President’s Science Advisory Committee, but was not appointed. At this time the FBI interviewed a woman close to Feynman, possibly Mary Lou, who sent a written statement to J. Edgar Hoover on August 8, 1958:

“I do not know—but I believe that Richard Feynman is either a Communist or very strongly pro-Communist—and as such as [sic] a very definite security risk. This man is, in my opinion, an extremely complex and dangerous person, a very dangerous person to have in a position of public trust … In matters of intrigue Richard Feynman is, I believe immensely clever—indeed a genius—and he is, I further believe, completely ruthless, unhampered by morals, ethics, or religion—and will stop at absolutely nothing to achieve his ends.””

“Females can no more do large group socialization than they can chop wood with an axe, or clear a path through the jungle with a machete. Females in or near positions of power have a disastrous effect on the social cohesion of the group to which they belong, on the propensity of group members to cooperate with each other, on the asabiyyah of the group, on the group’s capability to pursue goals in common.

It is a standard psychiatric finding that women are supposedly more agreeable than men, and in very important ways they are.

If tell a woman I have mislaid my keys, she will find them. In this sense women really are more agreeable than men.

If I tell a woman to get me coffee, she will get me coffee. In this sense women really are more agreeable than men.

If I slap a woman on the backside, she will yelp and jump, but then smile and laugh. In this sense women really are more agreeable than men.

But who is it that interrupts the boss?

It is always a woman. Yes, she interrupts in a supposedly friendly, supportive, and agreeable manner, but interrupting is in reality unfriendly, undermines him, and is in fact disagreeable.”

“A business appoints a female boss because progress. She acts in an angry hostile manner, infuriating customers and vital employees, disruptively knocking the business off track instead of keeping it on track, as if the business was a beta husband, and she wanted a divorce with the house, the children, and alimony. Business goes down the tubes. No one notices. Supposedly the business ran into mysterious head winds that have absolutely no connection to the new boss whatsoever.

When males aggress, they get in each other’s faces, they shout, there is always a hint of the possibility it might turn physical, a suggestion of physical menace. Women aggress and disrupt in a more passive manner, and these days we are not allowed to react to female aggression by shouting at them and getting in their faces, by menacing them. It used to be, within living memory, within my memory, that female misbehavior was met with a male response that hinted at the possibility that she might get spanked, put in a metaphorical cage, or put in metaphorical or literal irons, just as an aggressively misbehaving male got then and gets today a response that hints at the possibility of a punch in the face or imprisonment. Women today therefore routinely aggress and disrupt in a manner I find shocking, crazy, disgraceful, bizarre, and extreme, and do so with shocking and disgraceful impunity, as if within my lifetime women came to be possessed by demons, and everyone is walking around like zombies pretending to not notice. Recall in the infamous interview, Jordan Peterson looks away from Kathy before calling out her bad behavior, because if he looked her in the face while calling out her bad behavior it would have been socially unacceptable, because women are supposedly wonderful.”

“all its missing is a reference to a FACT CHECK website so that CNN can make sure that you KNOW its fake because its been DEBUNKED by someone who is a FACT CHECKER”

“…Servant Elizabeth has been eliminated. But… that was…”

“Yes, those were always her real feelings! For me it only sounded like a scream!

But I am sure it was a good outlet for her. Her… pride? Or should I call it dignity?

It must be the result of the education she received as an aristocrat. The ruling class is not allowed to lament. “Those who stand over others must shoulder suitable responsibility.” I am sure that idea was etched into her. She picked herself up after falling, trying to aim for the top only to fall again, covered in mud. Yet she picked herself up again.

It looks like she keeps repeating the process as her atonement. Hmm, kind of like a dragon that keeps collecting shining treasure in its dungeon.

That’s why, don’t mind the ugly side of her you’ve just witnessed. Next time you see her… just say, “Your horns are pretty cute,” and everything will be okay!”

“”It’s the cul-de-sacs”
“It’s the fast food”

it’s the ASPHALT

suburbs are fine, if they’re not car-dependent. fast food is fine, if it’s not car-dependent. you see where I’m going with this yes?”

“Here we have mayors that I really admire backing up the dump-truck full of $5-7 billion dollars of our taxpayer money to give to, arguably, the most highly valued company in the world — a company that just made $19 billion in its last quarter, led by the world’s richest man. And we, the taxpayers, are going to subsidize them?”

“You can tell psychology isn’t a real science because they don’t have a raft of status-related disorders. E.g. omega disorder or any form of status addiction.

There’s also a total lack of study of normal conversation patterns.”

“An allegory is only a dishonest form of essay.

A story with ‘applicability’ is a model that insists you don’t call it a model.”

“It is logically impossible for democracy to produce responsible government.

The point of democracy is to launder responsibility.”


“98% of reasoning is ad-hoc.
Those who seek truth from words can only ever be slaves.”

2018 Jan 25 ~ Feb 02

>The Doomsday Clock just ticked closer to midnight
>Scientists moved the hands of the symbolic “Doomsday Clock” closer to midnight on Thusday amidst increasing worries over…

tfw not-my-president DRUMPHT is in collusion with our enemies russia but also the threat of nuclear war with russia is at an all-time high”


“wait this can’t be. the nuclear bombs are dropping all around me but Gawker and Snopes haven’t reported yet that the Doomsday Clock has been set to midnight so obviously this cant be happening right now

i cant possible trust my own perception, intuition or independent logical reasoning unless a jewish “expert” with glasses and smug expression has confirmed it for me”

“I can’t wait till they tick it one second before midnight to constantly signal their neoliberal policies and then they can’t tick it again to keep signalling.”

“woah this time we’re really getting close!!! SCIENTISTS have just advanced the Doomsday Clock by FIVE HUNDRED MILLISECONDS based on SCIENCE!!!”

“So my house was broken into yesterday while I was at work. Don’t worry, George is ok.

Fortunately, the alarm told me and Summit police apprehended a man with his 10 year old daughter ransacking the house.

The bad news is, my neighbors took a vote and decided the girl was innocent and only there because her dad brought her. Now, I have to give her a room, feed her and pay for her to go to school. Worse yet, since she would be abandoned if her dad goes to jail, he’s been found innocent and I have to let him stay with the girl and feed him too.

If you think this sounds unfair, then you understand DACA.”

“This year is the 150th anniversary of Japan’s Meiji Restoration, surely the most important revolution of the 19th century in terms of later global significance, and probably the second most important modern revolution of the non-European world.

But the Meiji revolution will get much less attention than the Bolshevik Revolution, perhaps understandably amongst socialists, but much less understandably amongst those interested in the history of political & economic transformations in the Global South.”

“Someone needs to tell Trump that he should propose a bill to raise the minumum wage to 15$/hr AND introduce a public option with price negotiations etc but with an deportation-related caviat that he knows the Democrats can never take. I’m not someone who normally buys the 4D chess narrative but this time he really is employing a very smart tactic.

He really really really needs to fully go in on this type of stuff, fracture the j-left from FDR-type old school economic leftists and the working class white people who still vote Dem. The goal wouldn’t even be to win over a significant portion of Dem voters – the main goal would be to demotivate them, make them frustrated at each other and increasingly erode their enthusiasm for their party. Drive down their turnout and really pin the mexicans against the rest of the party.

And before you tell me about how baaaw the right wing wouldn’t like those economic proposals etc: Republicans in polls support Obamacare if you tell them that its Trumps plan. They don’t actually care about that stuff if you sell it the right way, plus you’d never really intend on getting it through anyways”

“Belief in God is the belief in a transcendent authority that you admit you dont understand, and the submission to that authority. Materialism is the exact opposite, it is the worship of limited individual reason. Which stance produces a more humane society?”

“This is the definition of god that I’ve run under. My answer to religion is usually “I believe in higher powers when it’s convenient / when they come to fuck with me”. I don’t really know or care what they did in the past, or if “they” is even a correct word since I don’t particularly think of them as entities (except as convenient personification). What I know is that what I know is completely dwarfed and surrounded by what I don’t know, and what I don’t know occasionally appears out of nowhere and whacks me upside the head.

Is that “transcendent authority”?

If it isn’t, I don’t know what is.”

“Who cares about saving capitalism I’m concerned about the permanent underclass they want to create.”

“Uhm… amazon, google, apple, and facebook are all shining examples of capitalism…”

“If so then capitalism needs to be destroyed”

“I didn’t say they aren’t capitalism I said I don’t care about capitalism”

“Let’s make an already dominant player even harder to compete with by giving it more favorable tax treatment than its peers and make them pay for it”

“Are you ready for the true and ultimate hitlerpill? Well, here it comes: You know all those talking points that leftists have recently started repeating about how Trumps policies and treatment regarding illegal immigrants is reminiscient of 1933 and Nazi Germany? Yeah, you know exactly what I’m referring to, and we all get a good chuckle out of that.

But here’s the kicker: They’re almost entirely correct. No, seriously. The way Hitler treated the jews was not significantly harsher than the way Trump is trying to crack down on hispanics. You see those maddening pictures of illegal immigrant activists PUBLICALLY holding rallies and just openly throwing their name out there to campagn for DACA, and naturally it feels like a parody at first. Like, this is so absurd, right? That you would have these people proudly proclaiming the fact that they shouldn’t even be in the country in the first place, and yet they feel perfectly comfortable making DEMANDS in the process while supposedly we are told about all those phony stories in the MSM about how “frightened” they are, ansdhow they have to live in the shadows for fear of Trump coming down on them.
It seems so obviously contradictory, so farcical and dumb that it only serves to increase hatred and resentment against these people. Surely you’d think that if America was such an evil fascist society this wouldn’t happen. It certainly wouldn’t have happened in a *truly* oppressive racist regime like National Socialist Germany…

… or so you would think. Turns out, your thinking would be 100% wrong!

“The Rosenstrasse protest was a collective street protest on Rosenstraße (“Rose street”) in Berlin during February and March 1943. This demonstration was initiated and sustained by the non-Jewish (“Aryan”) wives and relatives of Jewish men who had been arrested for deportation. The protests, mainly led by women, continued until the men being held were released. The Rosenstrasse protest was the only mass public demonstration by Germans in the Third Reich against the deportation of Jews.

here are important issues at stake in the “historians’ controversy” about this protest. In 2003 German historian Kurt Pätzold explained part of what is at issue: arguing that a protest rescued Jewish lives “strikes at the center of the historical perception of the character of the Nazi regime and the way it functioned, and weighs on judgments about the possibilities for resistance.” Another German historian, Konrad Kwiet, added that “the successful There are points of agreement among historians despite the “heated debate” about how to interpret the Rosenstrasse events “after the release of Margaretta von Trotta’s film Rosenstrasse.”outcome of this late protest suggests that if similar actions at an earlier stage had been carried out throughout Germany, they might have halted the increasingly destructive course of the German anti-Jewish policy.” Also at stake is whether the Gestapo always destroyed opposition as soon as they knew about it. Did the regime set its course, issue orders, and carry them out in every detail, using brute force to have its way if necessary? Or was it tactically opportunistic, improvising its decisions within changing circumstances to maximize its impact? Ultimately, the question is whether the Jews released following the Rosenstrasse demonstration owe their lives to the protest. Or whether as another German historian wrote, they have the Gestapo “to thank” for their survival.”

So there you have it folks! The oh-so totalitarian ruthless Hitler regime had pro-jewish advocates protesting in the middle of its capital city, in the high points of the most destructive war in human history, and not only were all of these people still free to protest and make demands 10 years after the supposed ‘all-permeating Nazi police state’ took power, but the government ACTUALLY CAVED IN AND PLACATED THEIR DEMANDS.

What is happening in America is *LITERALLY* like 1933. No, forget it, its not 1933. It’s 1943, when the ominous Final Solution was really going into full swing! Trumps treatment of illegal aliens is *LITERALLY* like what Hitler did. And if you hate the hispanics for their uppity behavior, well, then I leave you to decide what may have motivated German antisemitism during that time!”

“#ILovePublicSchools because they prepare kids for all the specific challenges of prison but with shittier sports programs
#ILovePublicSchools because all those public school kids need jobs, and what better than public school teaching in a magnificent Ouroborous of a human centipede?
#ILovePublicSchools because it’s way cheaper and easier to pilot population control programs on wee lil kids that can’t resist because they don’t know any better
#ILovePublicSchools because you can demand any unreasonable compliance from parents and the fear of ostracization will ensure they submit
#ILovePublicSchools because you can wake kids up before dawn and occupy all their waking hours, but it’s not child labor because they’re unpaid lol
#ILovePublicSchools because undersupervised clique/bullying gangs are somehow the only appropriate way to “socialize” young children
#ILovePublicSchools because it’s important for kids to learn early in life that when people in authority are wrong, questioning them incurs harsh punishment
#ILovePublicSchools because a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link, so the solution is to put everybody into one chain
#ILovePublicSchools because the best way to make kids creative, inquisitive, and self-reliant is with rigid, rote, constant drudgery”

“Science really is a religion, and you can tell because it has things to say which conflict with things religions say. Contrast, e.g. carpentry, or camerawork.”

“This ‘free’ education is enormously expensive.

In the States, there has been a control group, because unschooling is sufficiently legal. Unschooled children end up one grade level behind. In other words, at 17, they’ll have an 11th grade education – with no schooling.”

“If you encounter someone with the capacity to revitalize order, who is using it to coercively spread chaos, respecting them means destroying them with unlimited prejudice. You respect their capacity, so you don’t dick around.”

“JBP is highly respected. If he is in fact influential, that means he’s spreading or reinforcing a warped worldview that concludes e.g. that journalists are credible and that problems are hard. JBP is -not- analyzing at the highest level of analysis, as is his explicit goal. I know because I just went one higher. It’s my goal too but I got to a higher level than he did by never being confident I had reached the highest one. The West has formed a society that promotes mediocrities as the highest, most wise. It then insulates these paragons from anyone who knows more than they do.

One of the things I want to do, in my pursuit of wisdom, is to reopen those veins.

I put my thoughts out there precisely to invite someone wiser than I am to correct me.
I actively search all the time for someone wiser than I am. It’s the first thing I do in the morning – how do I plan to find someone wise today?”

“I do want to give major props for JBP’s way of thinking and speaking precisely. You can see him pause and make sure what he’s about to say is not only what he believes, but accurate as far as he can tell.”

“Every time thots get roasted or at the very least fail to get the attention they were fishing for, they call the men incels. Ironically, they are tacitly admitting that they are thots since they have nothing to offer except pussy.”

“Alt-right: You can’t keep blaming us for our ancestoers crimes against other people
Also Alt-right: We are just as responsible for our ancestors accomplishments as they were

You can’t have it both ways.”

“Jews: All goyim are collectively responsible for all crimes against the Jews
Also Jews: Jews are not collectively responsible for crimes against the goyim, which aren’t real anyway because the goyim are just cattle.”

“Hey guys my name is Sam Harris and I’m a SKEPTIC. What is a SKEPTIC you might ask? Easy, it’s someone who supports roughly 99% of everything that the political status quo has done in the last 70 years and believes every single thing the intelligence agencies and conventional academic authorities tell him to. Climate change, foreign policy, immigration, social issues, voting for Clinton, etc. But you see I also think that the world older than 6000 years and I make some trivial criticisms of Islam every now and then (primarily to get the goyim into a war against Iran while ignoring Saudi Arabia) so I’m totally a SKEPTICAL DEEP THINKER”

“Hipster marketing mostly focuses on appealing to people who want something they feel predates or is otherwise untouched by the NWO programming that most millennials recieved through their child hood.

Usually this is graphics and language that appear to originate in the 19th century, etc.

Millennials feel they are getting better value when they buy somethung that has not been infected by their cancerous Marxism and feminism. Of course such things are rare and expensive, so typically corps will come up with a new name, claim they were established in 1873 by some brothers they made up, and include a etching or similar art form from that period.

Hipsters dont know theyre still getting the same shit burger and the same piss beer pkus food coloring and extra hops.”

“How come so many people use this app? Wtf”

“^ the US army literally advised soldiers to get fitbit devices so they could better track their steps and jogging distances”

“if a random fitness company can unwittingly produce such an insanely interesting tool to spot out sensitive locations then imagine what the CIA must have access to, and yet they claim they couldnt defeat ISIS. give me a break what a joke.”

“If you take communism but swap out ‘poor’ for ‘dumb’ and ‘rich’ for ‘smart’ you get an non-redistributable wealth inequality.

Doesn’t it seem to better fit what they’re really about?

Rich oppress the poor. Solution: redistribute wealth to poor.
Smart oppress the dumb. Solution: make the smart pretend to be dumb.”

“The life expectancy in Somalia is 55.”

“Under statism, it was 50. But apparently statism is still better, because Somalia.”

“Everyone knows the optional child sterilization i.e. transexual operation is going to become mandatory, right? The schools are going to ‘find’ a transexual and then declare it ‘child abuse’ to deny parental consent.”

“An example of our joke medical system.
74 yr old I know is going for an operation to replace both knees with some mechanical joint. He sincerely believes that this procedure is going to “clear up” all his problem and he will be doing cartwheels.
The system doesnt care if hes cured
It only wants to perform this costly procedure and to bill his insurance which he doesnt pay a cent for. More than likely it will cause a hosy of other complicatioblns leading to more problems and more procedures. Im quite sure he costs our system over 1 million per year.
Note that he often talks about his principled economics views and how ppll who ask or want things from public funded programs are leeches and parasites. If this person spent even one year paying his actual bills he would be flat broke.
This is what we got people. The so called free market medical sysyem that is in fact profiteering off peoples fear of death and ignorance about health. Both him and his wife smoke over a pack a day.
The system convinces him that he needs these expensive procedures. Hes even on Medicare plus plans. Why are Boomers billing the fed govt millions while while others have no medical care?

These doctors have this guy convinced these operations are like changing a tire or something. This is a drastic procedure. They are literalky slicing this guys leg in half and then sewing it back together. Im no doctor but seems to be s bad idea unless hes s cripple and young and may recover fully. Hes neither if those. An operation like that is going to lead to a lot more problems, which the system will bill more for.”

“My old man has had both hips replaced. The first hip was standard and has caused no issues since the operation. The second hip was a BRAND NEW EXPERIMENTAL hip, that has popped out of place four times already costing ambulance and hospital fees every time. He has been told every time that the new hip was designed to pop in and out “with ease” when strained, but all he has done to cause this to happen is get out of his chair.”

“They lie incessantly. There is very little legal recourse in these cases because the experts all work for the companies selling the products.”

“He was given a hip brace to wear “at all times” and is asked during every visit if he was wearing it. Of course the hip pops out when he takes the hulking plastic apparatus off at night, so lo and behold nothing can be done because he isn’t “following doctor’s orders”

What was the point of replacing the hip if he has to wear a brace all the time?”

“Its the payment structure that is the problem. Pharma and medtech kickbacks should be banned. Really just the beginning. There should be no profit at any medical facility. The argument is we have better access to treatments. My grandma lived to 90 without any of this shit. She looked better than these 70 yr olds in her 90s.”

“Depression didn’t really exist when men fought in wars and women raised 15 kids.

Depression is a symptom of purposelessness.”

“I think it’s a stretch to say “depression didn’t exist”, but this is more or less true. In previous generations, there were roles to be filled, and they were filled at an early age. You jumped into your boots and did your duty, and there was a certain satisfaction in that. It may have been exploitative, it may have sucked by modern Human Development Indexes, you might have experienced crippling poverty, but at least you had a sense that you fit into the overall puzzle of the march of history.

Ours is a struggle of making sense out of nonsense. Of being a piece in a Jenga Tower that prizes itself not in lasting as long as it can, but in toppling in the fewest possible moves. Of fitting into a tireless capitalist machine that chews up its founding stock and hungers for slave-labor imports willing to do the most work at the lowest cost, a min-maxing machine of bullet points and spreadsheets where ruthlessly exploiting ethnography and economics means constant conflict between the “have a lot class”, the “haves”, and the “have nots”, with the former and latter arrayed against the middle. We live in the worst possible world where every progressive trend has been co-opted by the demonic, all notions of patriotism and duty have been subverted, and ugliness and evil has been elevated to the degree of Sainthood.

This is the apocalypse and you are living in it.”

“speed runners are trannies
mentaly ill
why would they lie?
oh wait”

“Leftists 8am: Trump is trying to discredit the valiant CIA!

Leftists 9am: Trump is building Big Brother for his CIA friends!”

“JBP is a scholar. Honesty is only the highest virtue for scholars.”

“China used to have no education system. It only had the Civil Service Examinations, which were open to all men, of any age. Some passed at 15, some at 50. They got the same rank.

The private sector organized itself around the exam, which prized knowledge of the classics, poetry and history. Soon all able to afford it were expected to have some knowledge; cultural drift did the rest, and you got prestige from scholarship even without passing the exam.

There was plenty of waste; lots of lives wasted trying to pass the exam, or accumulating scholarship with no way of monetizing it. Some went mad, e.g. Hong Xiuquan.

But it didn’t cost the government a single dime.”

“I wonder if using female avatars is like the result of the natural progress of online things. Like at first, let’s say late 90s/early 00s, you’d see all sorts of “inernet badasses”, basically because you could be whoever you wanted. Now you see everyone wearing female avatars and being overall super feminine in the image they project.

I mean IRL conspiracies aside, maybe it has to do with the collective realization that “feminine” traits and behaviors are more suited to an environment wher you can’t apply violence in the first place. Hmm.”

“Has anybody noticed how many holocaust survivors there seem to be?”

“And have you ever wondered why they defend Illegal Aliens, not on the basis of race as they claim, but on their legal status.

For the most part, they are unwilling to turn them into Americans as they would gain full rights. What they do want is a 2nd class of people who work but are not gauranteed the same benefits as citizens. This is how the problem of illegal aliens started. The Californians needed workers but couldnt afford or were unwilling to give the workers the same benefits they recieved. Its really a kind if neo plantation.

H1b visas work in a very similar way.

Notice that Moonbeam created a way not to make illegals legal, but rather A WAY FOR THEM TO PARTICIPATE AS VOTERS ILLEGALLY! this insane development shows you how bad all this is getting.”

“Konbinis are fucking great. They alone made me think that Japan is probably one of the most advanced nations on earth. They’re like a miracle.

Just look at that you got warm water for making instant ramen or tea or coffee, you got disposable chopsticks dispenser, friend food, cooked food, whatever food, the cashier doesn’t need to do jackshit the computer spits out the change automatically leading to 0 misunderstandings, she will copy and scan anything you need and send it to your email address, she will make you some coffee or a shake type drink. You can pay in cash or use contactless cards you use to pay your trains and vending machines outside. Some have ATMs that don’t charge extra at all on any card some have photoprinters and other shit, the amount of drinks, alcohol and snacks they have is incredible. They’re literally the best thing about Japan.”

“After seeing about half the country, riding the fastest hokuriku shinkansen (330km/h dammit, it’s mindblowing), doing more than 50km on foot inside of kyoto, being in that VR thing in shibuya and watching some futuristic robot show-

There is no greater miracle than konbinis. You want delicious crap food? they have it. Feeling like something proper? healthy fresh cooked chicken breast always available, and onigiri are rice with fish, what could be healthier. Snacks? check. Alcohol? check. Forgot a shaving knife? no problem. laundry detergent? right there, in neat little packages for literally pennies. ATM? fax? email? emergency phone? umbrellas for sudden rains? small last minute gifts? EVERYTHING.

One of my best nights in tokyo was having a guesthouse cup ramen party with 2 japanese dudes, 4 people from other places, and the cutie clerk from familymart which we invited when buying everything.

Truly an achievement indicating the most evolved form of civilization. Rest of the world, step up your fucking game.”

“Thats the thing about Tokyo and Osaka at least.

When I was in Moscow, Berlin, New York, London and Paris I felt a sense of chaos, something you’d expect in cities of that size.

Traffic was shit, people would road rage, metros were dirty and disgusting, people often talked on them. Fucking niggers arguing on their iPhones with their girlfriends and shit.

Meanwhile in Japan.

People don’t road rage, theres hardly any cars on the streets, metros and train lines run with 0 delay. People line up to let others exist first and then enter in the most efficient manner. The Train tells you ever other minute to shut your phone off and shut the fuck up you’re in this train with other people. Nobody talks it’s quite and enjoyable. Everything is clean as fuck, a lady thanked me for using a toilet in Ueno. A toilet thats has an electronic seat, ample toilet paper and automatically cleans your butt.

If you didn’t have to work 10 hours a day. I’d probably move to Tokyo this instant.”

“I don’t know about you man, but that sounds kind of terrifying. Sure it’s nice to have quiet moments and such, but that sounds like a fuckton of internal repression going on there.”

“There is and thats exactly how it should be. You don’t want niggers chimping out on trains or worse. I’ve seen so many New York Subway youtube and liveleak videos that I don’t want to go near it.

To me it’s very close to an ideal society. Because I’m the type of man that enjoys this kind of order and quiet.”

“New Yorkers actually hate New York, they’re just too smug and self righteous to admit it. The only reason people live in New York is because it draws them in with bright lights and promises of fame and fortune but then bleeds them dry moneterally and emotionally until they’re too poor and jaded to leave. Then they tax you to shit on literally everything so you can never save up enough money to move somewhere better. New Yorkers, unable to leave, are then forced to defend their poor choices by constanly claiming NYC is the best thing since sex.

It’s literally Stockholm Syndrome: The City”

“Uber has been caught 3 times now developing software in house to skirt or break the law, or cover up evidence. They were caught using an in-house piece of software known as hell which would send false pick up notifications to Lyft drivers and send them on goose chases away from high traffic areas. The second time they were caught using a piece of In-House software they called Graybar which would help redirect drivers away from law enforcement in areas where Uber was banned. The most recent is a tool they call Ripley which allows Uber central office to remotely change passwords and encrypt devices in the event of a raid by law enforcement. It even has features built-in so that users can notify the central office and remotely lock every device if they see law enforcement show up on premises. It was cryptically referred to in documentation as the unwelcome visitor protocol.

I believe based on public evidence alone that there is more than enough evidence for the justice department to seize all Uber assets under a Rico warrant and place all C levels in handcuffs immediately as co-conspirators to obstruct Justice on an international scale.

At this point there is every reason to believe that Uber is a giant cover operation or money laundering front for the CIA or some shit.”

“History isn’t what happened it’s what CNN writes down”

“Normies will simultaneously claim that “networking and connections” are the only way to land a job in America in 2018 and that nepotism doesn’t exist because everything reduces to hard work and “luck””

“one of my professors actually knew someone who got a PhD in applied mathematics from MIT during height of the recession and literally couldnt find a job anywhere even at a university. he ended up mowing lawns in rochester, NY. and apparently if you dont get hired at some bug company or Pentagon front organization within the first year or two of getting an advanced degree you will pretty much never get hired in the field because youre fucking old and there has to be something wrong with you. im pretty sure hes like a lift mechanic in vail or something now”

“men lie with their tongues and tell the truth with their feet”

“So how did we get to the point where the center left basically believes unidentified spooks and business interests should run the country?”

“doing anything to help in your defense = obstruction of justice”

“The Virgin Nunes Memo:
-essentially rehashes information that is already public knowledge
-makes verifiable claims about DOJ officials’ behavior
-Panned by mainstream media
-Will have no impact on anything whatsoever

The Chad Steele Dossier:
-Alleges things that only cool super-secret spy people with names like “Steele” would know about.
-Makes unverifiable and highly salacious claims about Donald Blumph’s sexual proclivities.
-Taken seriously by mainstream media and used to obtain a FISA warrant.

“The virgin “writing a conservative memo that is careful to only make the most timid of 100-fold verified double checked claims that will then go totally ignored in the media as being a just partisan report that proves nothing”


the chad “just making shit up and throwing everything at your enemy until something sticks””

“Anything you say about your enemy is true and Dunkel drumpf is the epitome of white men ie the enemy”

“Alt right thinks in thousands of years. Alt lite thinks in a decade. Jews think in thousands of years. Everybody else is just shit tier with no sense of history or meaning. In other words, the reason the alt right is a real threat is that we actually care to view things in a way that removes the passage of time as a reducer in conflict between groups. When Jews still hold 3000 year old grudges, you need to up your grudge game and stop being an ignorant and forgiving person.”

Good chance youve heard the term Medical Coding before. This refers to the codes by which an insurance company bills Medicare, our socialist government medical system. There are codes for virtually every disease. Coding is a skill, even a career and there are specialists who have mastered the art of billing medicare through the use of these codes and they are highly sought after by private practices.
So we have a highly sophisticated system by which for profit companies can pass on their costs to the goverment. The govt is blind. It does not have ways, or even a will to examine the nature of medical expenses. Its merely an agency with a charter and a budget(a monster budget that is destroying the country) and the support of voters. The private insurance companies have experts on staff who know exactly how to get the most money possible from this system. The patients health is really secondary to profits.

[T]he ppl who decide what is covered by the govt and what is covered by the private insurers often participate in what is termed a revolving door, as in one year they will be making the rules for what taxpayers cover, the next year they are making big bucks working for the insurance companies.
I have a friend for instance who works for state mentally disabled care. Often the pharma companies will stage lavish parties to butter up the decision makers to turn these quasi scientific untested mental health products into taxpayer financed medical programs.
The admins dont care about the patients. The pharma companies dont care so they give the admins gifts, the admins approve the drug for use, the taxpayers pay millions, and the pharma companies profit.”

>People claim Africa would be Wakanda if white people didn’t destroy it
>In the comic books, Wakanda is an advanced civilization thanks to vibranium, an element that doesn’t exist in the real world
>It’s all fictional
>Black Panther was created by white people

“A history lesson for people who think that history doesn’t matter:

What’s the big deal about railroad tracks?

The US standard railroad gauge (distance between the rails) is 4 feet, 8.5 inches. That’s an exceedingly odd number.
Why was that gauge used?
Well, because that’s the way they built them in England, and English engineers designed the first US railroads.

Why did the English build them like that?
Because the first rail lines were built by the same people who built the wagon tramways, and that’s the gauge they used.

So, why did ‘they’ use that gauge then?
Because the people who built the tramways used the same jigs and tools that they had used for building wagons, which used that same wheel spacing.

Why did the wagons have that particular odd wheel spacing?
Well, if they tried to use any other spacing, the wagon wheels would break more often on some of the old, long distance roads in England . You see, that’s the spacing of the wheel ruts.

So who built those old rutted roads?
Imperial Rome built the first long distance roads in Europe (including England ) for their legions. Those roads have been used ever since.

And what about the ruts in the roads?
Roman war chariots formed the initial ruts, which everyone else had to match or run the risk of destroying their wagon wheels. Since the chariots were made for Imperial Rome , they were all alike in the matter of wheel spacing. Therefore the United States standard railroad gauge of 4 feet, 8.5 inches is derived from the original specifications for an Imperial Roman war chariot. Bureaucracies live forever.

So the next time you are handed a specification/procedure/process and wonder ‘What horse’s ass came up with this?’, you may be exactly right. Imperial Roman army chariots were made just wide enough to accommodate the rear ends of two war horses. (Two horses’ asses.)

Now, the twist to the story:

When you see a Space Shuttle sitting on its launch pad, there are two big booster rockets attached to the sides of the main fuel tank. These are solid rocket boosters, or SRBs. The SRBs are made by Thiokol at their factory in Utah . The engineers who designed the SRBs would have preferred to make them a bit fatter, but the SRBs had to be shipped by train from the factory to the launch site. The railroad line from the factory happens to run through a tunnel in the mountains, and the SRBs had to fit through that tunnel. The tunnel is slightly wider than the railroad track, and the railroad track, as you now know, is about as wide as two horses’ behinds.

So, a major Space Shuttle design feature, of what is arguably the world’s most advanced transportation system, was determined over two thousand years ago by the width of a horse’s ass. And you thought being a horse’s ass wasn’t important? Ancient horse’s asses control almost everything and….

CURRENT Horses Asses are controlling everything else.”

“god you people are naive. Testifying under muh magic oath doesn’t mean shit. Hillary lied under oath. Comey lied under oath. Clapper lied under oath. Guess what nothing ever fucking happened to them. Why wouldn’t they lie again?”

“Articles about gray man style usually make the assumption that the reader is innately capable of being a gray man. The two factors often discussed as obstacles to being gray are: 1) being unusually short or tall, and 2) being a woman who attracts sexual attention.”

>Hold on to your tinfoil hat, Alex Jones. YouTube is coming for you.

I love the typical jewish headline. “haha yeah all your talk about the establishment trying to censor you are actually 100% true but ur still a tinfoil conspiracy nut hehhe””

“Hahah you think the Jews get together to conspire about the future of global politics, what a nutjob, the Jewish World Congress doesn’t exist”

“Only a whack job would go around saying they’re being censored for their political stances, which is why were censoring these dangerous whack jobs for their political stances.”

“I didn’t fuck your wife, okay? Jeezus. Her clothes were on the entire time. And anyways it was just the tip. What’s that white liquid you ask? Fine. I mean. But y u mad doe?
2016 December 20, “Unpopular non-political opinions”:
6) Netorare is the theme of the modern man, it must be understood to understand modern society.”

“literally how can the DNC be bankrupt? how is this even possible? how can an organization that has ruled the most powerful nation in the world for 8 years, has every single hollywood celebrity, the entire mainstream media, the entire banking system, China, the Gulf States, the overwhelming majority of all fortune 500 companies internationnaly etc on their side GO FUCKING BANKRUPT”

“people who have opinions for social fitting fundamentally cannot discuss things with people who have opinions for the purpose of implementing decisions.”

2018 Jan 17 ~ 24

“>May 2016
>AT&T puts data caps on everything for the first time
>sends postcards to everyone
>”AT&T Now Offering Unlimited Data Plans!”

>January 2018
>Comcast throttles everything for the first time
>sends postcards to everyone
>”Comcast Now Offering Internet That’s Faster Than Ever!”

If you think of any public statement from anyone as another specialized version of “just the tip”, you won’t be far from discerning their true intentions.”

>what should the government own
>”banks, prisons”
>why banks
>”because they run everything”
>governments should own things which “run everything”
>like water
>”no, it depends”
>so water runs less of everything than money?
>”you don’t understand, it’s complicated”

I can see why Socrates was put to death.
He was too good at whacking people who don’t know what they’re dealing with.”

“also i think the reason he is calling it broken is because
he says because theres no team that wouldnt benefit from him being on it theres no reason to ever not use him
its like why pot of greed is broken
theres no reason not to use the card so its like its never there anyway because everyone is using it”

“no, theres a really specific reason why pot of greed is broken
it’s because it’s free card advantage
you can say it’s because “everyone uses it” but that’s only a secondary indicator
it’s like using statistics to find out what works and what doesn’t
it’s not untrue
you’ll figure out what’s really good using statistics
but you won’t know why
and i want to know why”

“financial writer suggested there was no way Ponzi could legally deliver such high returns in a short period of time, Ponzi sued for libel and won $500,000 in damages. As libel law at the time placed the burden of proof on the writer and the paper, this effectively neutralized any serious probes into his dealings for some time.

Nonetheless, there were still signs of his eventual ruin. Joseph Daniels, a Boston furniture dealer who had given Ponzi furniture which he could not afford to pay for, sued Ponzi to cash in on the gold rush. The lawsuit was unsuccessful, but it did start people asking how Ponzi could have gone from being penniless to being a millionaire in so short a time. There was a run on the Securities Exchange Company, as some investors decided to pull out. Ponzi paid them and the run stopped.

On July 24, 1920, the Boston Post printed a favorable article on Ponzi and his scheme that brought in investors faster than ever. At that time, Ponzi was making $250,000 a day. Ponzi’s good fortune was increased by the fact that just below this favorable article, which seemed to imply that Ponzi was indeed returning 50% return on investment after only 45 days, was a bank advertisement that stated that the bank was paying 5% returns annually. The next business day after this article was published, Ponzi arrived at his office to find thousands of Bostonians waiting to give him their money.

Despite this reprieve, Post acting publisher Richard Grozier (also the son of the editor and owner of the Post) and city editor Eddie Dunn were suspicious and assigned investigative reporters to check Ponzi out. He was also under investigation by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and, on the day the Post printed its article, Ponzi met with state officials. He managed to divert the officials from checking his books by offering to stop taking money during the investigation, a fortunate choice, as proper records were not being kept. Ponzi’s offer temporarily calmed the suspicions of the state officials.””

“There’s a reason every modern translation of Nietzsche has a preface where the author contorts himself to “resurrect Nietzsche from misreadings by far right wing extremists”, and it’s precisely because the implications of his writings are precisely what right wingers say it is.”

“For CCP, bots serve another purpose than lining the pockets of corrupted devs which contribute to their existence defying multiple reports: they keep the concurrent user count up. A player who plays an hour every day increases the concurrent user count by 1/24. A 24/7 botter running 64 bots increase it by 64. The community measures EVE health by this number.

“It is not a pay gap between men and women, as revealed by the multivariate analysis. It is the pay gap between, to oversimplify, workaholics and non-workaholics. If the pay gap were eliminated, women would be more unhappy. They would have to, again to oversimplify, work longer than they wanted to. They would have to be forced into jobs which they don’t like and aren’t suited to. One consequence of men and women being not the same is that men and women want different things. Something every child knows. On average, wanting different things will cause different average outcomes. Such as a wage gap.

Because men and women are different, they also have different capacities. That’s the Damore memo. Even if they both wanted to be CEOs at the same rate, then fewer women would have the capacity to do so. Not zero, but fewer. It’s an experiment? Nothing to compare it to? Nonsense. Women have been able to start companies for decades. There are no de facto legal barriers to keeping them staffed by women either, like there are for men.

[…] “You’re saying we should organize our societies like lobsters do.” (Paraphrase.)
Yes, that is exactly what many people will hear. Description is transmuted into prescription. “Is” directly becomes “therefore, ought”.”

“It is no coincidence that the visual arts grew exponentially after the Renaissance, when Europeans started to draw and sculpt naked women. Islamic or Oriental art is ok, but they couldn’t do soft porn and so it fell very far behind Europe.

There’s a lesson here.”

“Can sex doll cook your meals?
Can sex doll have your kids?
Can sex doll wash your clothes?
Can sex doll make your home?”

“Can you?”

“When immigration is done by single individuals, it is immigration. When done by groups, it is invasion.”

“My ‘obsession’ with JBP, as @HighlyNeurotic put it, is to show two things:
1. He stands head and shoulders above most any other public figure.
2. This is barely a patch on how far above he needs to be.
Not to mention,
3. It is not some coincidence or spot of bad luck that public figures are capped so far below where they need to be.”

“It’s easy to ruin a creative activity: do it as a subordinate, and you’ll often grow to hate it. “

“Programmers, by and large, don’t mind operational subordination. In fact, we have an affinity for it. We like to solve complex problems with simple rules that make sense. We operationally subordinate, every day, to the syntactical demands of a compiler that simply won’t do anything with code it cannot parse. When rules are sane, and the benefit in their existence is obvious, we eagerly follow them. It’s the personal subordination that burns us out. We’re smart enough to spot a system that demands personal loyalty from us, while refusing to reciprocate, and it disgusts us. We recognize that our rules-based, overly rational way of thinking is under attack; someone is trying to hack us and take advantage.”

“There are a lot of workplace trends that are making the programming career extremely unattractive, especially to the sorts of creative, intelligent people that it’s going to need in order to fill the next generation.

Open-plan offices are the most egregious example. They aren’t productive. It’s hard to concentrate in them. They’re anti-intellectual, insofar as people become afraid to be caught reading books (or just thinking) on the job. When you force people to play a side game of appearing productive, in addition to their job duties, they become less productive. Open-plan offices aren’t even about productivity in the first place. It’s about corporate image. VC-backed startups that needed to manage up into investors used these plans to make their workspaces look busy. (To put it bluntly, an open-plan programmer is more valued as office furniture than for the code she writes.) For a variety of cultural reasons, that made the open-plan outfit seem “cool” and “youthy” and now it’s infesting the corporate world in general.

It’s well known that creative people lose their creativity if asked to explain themselves while they are working. It’s the same with software. Programmers often have to work in an environment of one-sided transparency. These Agile systems, so often misapplied, demand that they provide humiliating visibility into their time and work, despite a lack of reciprocity. Instead of working on actual, long-term projects that a person could get excited about, they’re relegated to working on atomized, feature-level “user stories” and often disallowed to work on improvements that can’t be related to short-term, immediate business needs (often delivered from on-high). This misguided but common variant of Agile eliminates the concept of ownership and treats programmers as interchangeable, commoditized components.”

“As we moved from the 19th century into the 20th, we got very good at making food. It’s hard to imagine this being a bad thing; yet, it led to a Great Depression in North America and long-running, total wars (of a kind that prior agricultural capabilities and supply chains couldn’t support) in Europe. Ill-managed prosperity is more dangerous than true scarcity, it seems. Scarcity’s bad, but at least it slows things down.

In North America, food prices started dropping in the 1920s. Farms couldn’t survive. Our later corrections persist and, in some ways, are pernicious; due to our perennial corn surplus, we spike soft drinks with high-fructose Franken-sugars. However, that came after the Depression. In the last Gilded Age, consensus was that it was best to let these farmers fail. So, rural small towns that served the farmers died along with them. Heavy industry got hit around 1925-27, and the stock market grew more volatile in turn. Then it crashed, notably, in October 1929, but that didn’t “cause” the Depression; we’ve had worse stock market crashes since then (e.g., 1987) to minimal effect. Rather, the Great Depression actually started in the early 1920s; it just wasn’t until about 1930 that it started hitting rich people in the cities. We learned that poverty wasn’t some “moral medicine” to shock people back into adhering to the so-called protestant work ethic; rather, it was a cancer that, left to its own devices, would keep spreading until it destroyed a society.

What killed the American economy in the 1930s? Conservative mismanagement of agricultural prosperity.

What’s killing the American middle class in 2018? Conservative mismanagement of technological prosperity.

What happened to farmers in the 1920s is happening to… all human labor. Let that sink in. The vast majority of Americans produce things of less usefulness than what farmers produce. If farmers weren’t safe in the ’20s, public relations managers and computer programmers aren’t safe today. We’ll die without food; we’ll be fine without TPS reports.”

“Americans think it is a universal human instinct to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It’s not. It seems natural to us because we live in a Bible-based Judeo-Christian culture.

We think the Protestant work ethic is universal. It’s not. My town was full of young men doing nothing. They were waiting for a government job. There was no private enterprise. Private business was not illegal, just impossible, given the nightmare of a third-world bureaucratic kleptocracy. It is also incompatible with Senegalese insistence on taking care of relatives.

All the little stores in Senegal were owned by Mauritanians. If a Senegalese wanted to run a little store, he’d go to another country. The reason? Your friends and relatives would ask you for stuff for free, and you would have to say yes. End of your business. You are not allowed to be a selfish individual and say no to relatives. The result: Everyone has nothing.

[…] We are lectured by Democrats that we must privilege third-world immigration by the hundred million with chain migration. They tell us we must end America as a white, Western, Judeo-Christian, capitalist nation – to prove we are not racist. I don’t need to prove a thing. Leftists want open borders because they resent whites, resent Western achievements, and hate America. They want to destroy America as we know it.

As President Trump asked, why would we do that?

We have the right to choose what kind of country to live in. I was happy to donate a year of my life as a young woman to help the poor Senegalese. I am not willing to donate my country.

“I once worked at a company where a product manager said that the difference between a senior engineer and a junior engineer was the ability to provide accurate estimates. Um, no. That’s insulting, actually. I hate estimates, because they generate politics and don’t actually make the work get done faster or better (in fact, it’s usually the opposite).

The worst thing about estimates is that they push a company in the direction of doing work that’s estimable. This causes programmers to favor the low-yield, easy stuff that the business doesn’t actually need (even if bumbling middle managers think otherwise) but that is “safe”. Anything that’s actually worth doing has a non-zero chance of failure and too many unknown unknowns for estimates to be useful.”

“lol/lmao at “you’ve been using facebook in an unusual way”, don’t beat around the bush just tell me I’m a racist asshole”

“Why is RuneScape better than almost every open world game out now
>tons of cities and towns
>unique music for every location
>lore is simple and not intrusive, you don’t really need to follow it if you want to enjoy the game
>every skill is related to another in some way
>empty areas usually have one or two purposes like needing to visit for a quest/sidequest or returning there for a clue scroll
>F2P world is essentially the tutorial but still abundant in content, members have access to 90% of the world as early as Level 3
>minigames have a purpose (except trouble brewing)
>fantastic quests”

“shame about the grand exchange ruining everything good about this game. the only thing keeping me from going back. Fuck the GE”

“It actually created a sense of a temporal world unlike most modern MMOs where all interactions happen through auction houses, random matchmaking and etc

I made like six “business partner” friends in RS just keeping contacts to set up a woodcutting -> fletching -> alchemy stream to get my fletching to 100 and make some gold on the side”

>”business partner” friends in RS just keeping contacts to set up a woodcutting -> fletching -> alchemy stream
Yup same here. Managing and acquiring resources like this was half the fun imo. The game is way better if you just focus on a handful of skills and then trade with established contacts for other material”

“Really? I liked the GE. It was way better than sitting in Varrock spamming selling lobbies 555 to buy. The thing that really sucked was the trade restriction”

“It removed the entire community aspect of the economy. It streamlined it and made it easier, but it almost trivilized things where even quest items you could just go to the GE and buy whatever you want. It wasn’t the same as setting up shop outside of a bank and selling/buying/looking for what you need. It made items feel like they had genuine worth when you looked for it forever and finally found someone selling it. The GE just removed all that, and Ithink a good amount of magic went out the door with it.”

“I played a lot before the 07 downfalls, I’ll have to say a bunch of ingame dialogue was benched with the clan chat bullshit as well as the GE

I mean maybe you can strike up conversations while skilling but before it was like a interaction chatroom

If you stayed in an area long enough you could really get a sense of someone and just add them and create real relationships”

“Grand exchange was the biggest mistake”

“Why? It was fucking annoying spamming for hours and messaging random people on zybez to buy anything uncommon.”

“GE turned RS into a singleplayer game. You shouldn’t be able to progress that much without ever interacting with another player in what is supposed to be an MMO.”

“This way there was an actual interaction and sometimes you could get good deals or bad deals, the Ge has allowed for a breeding ground of extremely anti social people to be born who only do Slayer”

“>started playing RS back around 2007
>get into OSRS, get farther than I ever did back when I was a kid
>99 mining, fat cash stack, sgs, full bandos, the works
>I accomplished all the dreams I had as a kid
>start to think about what I want to do next
>can’t think of anything, no other gear I really want
>grinding a skill is just investing money to make more later to then reinvest into a new skill
>start to question why I’m on this treadmill
>become disillusioned with the game, realize that there’s no real mystery to the game anymore
>no kids or people that play the game casually, everyone just wants to minmax and grind as fast as possible
>everyone knows the most efficient method to power leveling, no experimentation and learning first hand of how things work
>all the systems and mechanics of rs are known inside and out at this point, everything just has to get straight to the point.
Hell staking last time I saw was no armor, dragon dagger specials only, whoever can manipulate ticks the best wins. The community took all the game elements out of pvp that they could.
>no real socializing outside of bankstanding, if that, everyone searching for their own private spot to grind in so that they don’t lose efficiency.
>that sense of wonder surrounding the world of runescape I had as a kid is dead
>no more get rich quick plans that I devised myself but never followed all the way through on because I was a spastic 12 year old, all the best methods are on the wiki.
>no more being in constant poverty but always having a goal to chase

I’m not sure if it was always like this and I just got older or if it was the community that changed.

In a way I’m happy that I completed some of the goals I had when I was a kid, but it feels really bittersweet now.”

“Technically correct is for fags.
Technically wrong is for dummies.”

“There’s this aspect of economic theory called “the theory of the firm”. Why do corporations exist? Why can’t be all be self-employed? That’s kinda how it worked during medieval guild days. Why are we all slaves of huge corporations now?

There’s many ideas thrown around, but the standard theory is that firms are built because of “transaction costs”. Basically in a free market, individual economic actors don’t quite trust each other, for good reason. Too many people around, can’t really know who’s good and who isn’t. A hierarchical firm fixes social relations and sets up a structure of trust and responsibility that makes economic action more predictable and safe.

The standard liberal theory of politics had it so that all political actors were self-employed. But, surprise surprise, political firms, i.e. political parties, turned out to be way more effective at political action than isolated individuals. And the same way that corporations tend to look for a certain kind of man, not quite the same as the old individual craftsman; political parties too select for a certain kind of person. One who obeys, who can be trusted. That was the seed of Leninism; and oh boy did that seed grow.”

“[W]hy be reasonable when it doesn’t really matter? […] People’s memories can be inaccurate, especially if they have a good incentive to not update.”

“The great discovery of the 20th century wasn’t atomic power. It was the power of cliques. A few people in positions of power sticking with each other is the most powerful force in the universe.

“[Y]ou should definitely keep in contact with this guy. If you are a person with a brain, you will eventually need to know a guy when you hit a wall and see something that you can personally do something about, but have no way to do it.”

“I’m listening to these people that are very naive, and I respect them, but they’re very naive in this world. Now I might be naive in their world. But in this world they’re naive.”

“Essentially what the dollar stores are betting on in a large way is that we are going to have a permanent underclass in America,” Garrick Brown, director for retail research at the commercial real estate company Cushman & Wakefield, told Bloomberg. “It’s based on the concept that the jobs went away, and the jobs are never coming back, and that things aren’t going to get better in any of these places.”

“There was a brothel madam not to far back the was caught and planning to come forward with a lot of politicians that were John’s. Just before she was found hanging she haad sent a message to someone saying that if it appeared she committed suicide soon it was a setup. Forgot the exact details but it was something like that. Was not that long ago either and was completely forgot about by the public.

Not even really a conspiracy theory just a series of interesting facts that I think makes a pretty obvious equation.”

“The motivation industry is actively invested in making you fail by encouraging burnout.
They divert blame from themselves by always saying that “you can do it if you put your mind to it”, making the person who burnt out believe it was their fault they failed, when in reality they’ve been socially conditioned to take on more than they can handle.
They repeat the cycle, buying products they think will help them, meanwhile the people selling the products continually embed the message that ” It’s all on you”.”

“There is this massive building near where I live that stores grains. It is across town from a flour factory. I don’t know what company owns this massive storage place though, it definitly isn’t the flour company.

It was built in the 90s. And back then there wasn’t any housing development square around it until 2005 when my estate was built. Half the windows are broken and they are all boarded up. But it definitly is still in action because sometimes we head a sound from it that sounds like machines are running.

It has a shit tonne of sattilites on top. Maybe about 20. And nearly every day you see someone on the roof in hi-vis tinkering with something. We live pretty close to a massive air field and army camps. And we live close to Porton Down where a top secret military/medicine facility is located that does who knows what. As well as the army HQ being built here.

I am 100% sure the building is more than just storage.”

“That whole thing is so fucking weird. The DOD tell the press to blame SpaceX for an unidentified failure, and SpaceX says there were no problems with the launch, so it has to be Northrop-Grumman, who built the satellite, but they don’t say anything at all?
It smells like we’re meant to think there’s no satellite when there is one, but that’s a little too tinfoil hatty even for me. It’s just…it lacks subtlety.”

“It really sounds like Northrop-Grumman knows how to keep their mouths shut, or are less concerned with the public perception of their abilities. This is probably the millionth time something has “gone wrong” on a covert project they’re involved in.

Plus, the whole point of actual stealth (to which I mean beyond just radar stealth) is to be invisible and unknown. You don’t hide a stealthy vehicle by announcing to the world it’s existence. If your super stealthy airplane looks like a duck on radar and you tell the world about it, suddenly every hostile power starts scrutinizing every duck shaped object on their radar scopes.

I’ve heard in the past that the Air Force laments that the F-117 Nighthawk was publicly announced and acknowledged for exactly that reason. The Yugoslavian military only shot one down by simply paying attention to weird stuff.”

“Northrop-Grumman absolutely knows how to keep their mouth shut. My grandfather worked for them back on some classified projects and he was under two layers of fake companies. When my grandmother accidentally found out (someone called and said, “you’re -her name- married to -his name- at -real company- right?”) she literally had two agents come to the door and explain a NDA for her to sign.”

“Yeah that’s pretty much my thinking. The USAF said “Hey, we lost that satellite *wink*”, and Northrop-Grumman shrugged knowingly. SpaceX, being new to this type of thing, goes “Hangon, our stuff worked perfectly!”

And it probably did, but SpaceX isn’t up to speed on how clandestine stuff works. They’d better learn real quick, lest they want to lose those contracts to the ULA going forward.

EDIT: A lot of people don’t really seem to understand that the USAF/Pentagon gets the final say here. Doesn’t matter if SpaceX wants to maintain a good reputation, if they don’t keep their mouths shut they won’t get repeat military business, which is a pretty big chunk of rocket launches.

Yeah, SpaceX wants to maintain their reputation. The military does not give a fuck, especially when they’ve got companies left and right willing to take hits to their reputation for those contracts. If SpaceX doesn’t play ball, the ULA will eat their lunch.”

“The public at large doesn’t understand how these types of things actually work. I’m not military, nor am I an employee of the government or one of it’s contractors, but I spent a decent chunk of my time in college studying the history of nuclear weapons, advanced research projects, and their policies (see books like Command and Control, Skunk Works, 15 Minutes, The Doomsday Machine, etc), and it’s a totally different world.

SpaceX is a private group jockeying for military contracts. Up until now, they’ve had the ability to throw weight around simply because they’re the only all-American launch system. But the military is a different beast; it doesn’t care what you provide so long as you can do the job and keep your mouth shut. If the military says it went wrong, you can’t deny it and keep your contracts.

It’s why you never hear PR heads from these contractors publicly go against the US government. You don’t hear General Dynamics, General Atomics, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, or any of the other contractors come out in defense of their equipment.”

>The Yugoslavian military only shot one down by simply paying attention to weird stuff.

Nah, it was more so the Military reusing the same routes, and the commander of the Surface to Air missile battery in that path having a Doctorate in Electrical Engineering and some theories on detecting stealth, and was willing to experiment on his missiles and radar.

It was both sheer luck and a perfect storm of events.”

“By weird stuff I mean the glow of jet engines and the sound of an aircraft screaming by overhead, even though radar couldn’t really see it 😉 I’ve written about this elsewhere, and you’re exactly right.

It was a SAM operator observing an unknown, seemingly “invisible” aircraft flying the same route every night, then deciding to point the radar array directly at that route and crank up the power (which both enabled them to see the thing, but also introduced echos and atmospheric anomalies to what the radar saw, though that doesn’t matter if you know what you’re looking for).

Stealth is a strategy, not a technology. That’s what inclines me to believe that ZUMA is still operational.”

>You don’t hide a stealthy vehicle by announcing to the world it’s existence.

Yet that’s exactly what they’ve done with all of them so far. The F-117, the B-2, the F-22, the F-35… we knew about all of them before the first prototype even took its first flight. If what you said were the case, we wouldn’t have even known about the F-117 and the B-2 until fairly recently, and we probably wouldn’t know about the F-22 or the F-35 at all yet. These things would have been exposed by whistleblowers, not in a press release by the company making them while they’re still working on them.”

“U-2, SR-71/A-12, D-21, Corona…
The US military has a history of employing stealthy equipment BEFORE unveiling them to the public, too. In all of these cases, you need to look at the WHY of why they’re stealthed.

Spy equipment is rarely unclassified while it’s still being used. Weapons of war aren’t. Why? Because weapons of war rely on stealth as an intimidation factor; you WANT your opponent to know that you can kill them before they even know you’re there. That’s the whole point of stealthy combat aircraft: they’re meant to use their stealthiness to be more lethal.

But recon? You don’t want ANYONE to know you’re looking, and to do that you keep your tools a secret. So you never tell anyone you can do it in the first place.”

“we cant exactly hide a rocket launch. so we want a classified satellite in orbit… but we cant hide the launch. we also probably cant hide the orbit, although if it is made of materials that are stealthy to radar perhaps we can hide any alterations it makes to orbit after it is put on its initial orbit.

currently all sats in space are known objects, if china wanted to take something out theyve proven they can do so. the only way to prevent this is to outnumber the destructive capabilities of the chinese/russians. so for example, we would have triple the needed number of sats up there for GPS needs. so if a few GPS sats got taken out we’d still be OK. Same for recon sats.

the next logical step is to prevent or destroy the things that can take out sats. due to the sats not having spare fuel to dodge incoming, or having room for large ECM equipment… the most feasible method would seem to be to make the sat as invisible to radar as possible.

which means… any stealth sat you launch as a test immediately gets announced as a “failure” and the sat runs a course alteration and then waits to see if we or other nations can pick it up and track it.

you cant be subtle with a rocket launch. even if its unannounced, and launchpad cleared for miles… people 100s of miles away will still see it and that will definitely invite more questions than a faked failed sat launch.

the problem is the rocket makers then have to adamantly deny it was their fault otherwise they will have a bad mark on their record… and that’s exactly what happened. immediate denials that the launch vehicle failed.”

“The English were absolutely moving arms on the Lusitania, thats why they dropped a shit-tonne of depth charges on the wreck 30 years later to destroy any evidence.”

“The Germans justified treating Lusitania as a naval vessel because she was carrying hundreds of tons of war munitions, therefore making her a legitimate military target, and argued that British merchant ships had violated the Cruiser rules from the very beginning of the war.”

“And placed ads in major US newspapers warning people not to board the ship as it was known to carry military weapons and would be treated as a military vessel.”

“This was recently confirmed to be true. Another fun fact, Edith Cavell, British nurse executed by the Germans whose death was used as propaganda against the Barbaric Germans, was also recently confirmed to have been a British spy and the Germans were correct.”

“It’s partly because Americans have been brainwashed to accept the worst consequences of capitalism and act like it’s the greatest expression of freedom

Some lower/middle class kid decides to join the military and fight some pointless wars: What a patriot, truly selfless, tough son of a gun, risking life and limb for some vague idea of freedom.

Asking rich ass people to pay higher taxes: how dare you, what the fuck, how do you expect these people to buy into your socialist demands, we’ll end up like Venezuela”

“Hi-vis jackets and clipboards and they’d have been invisible.”

2018 Jan 06 ~ 16

“In Cantonese, there is a phrase that can be used to describe someone who can’t do anything about something that makes them mad, e.g. “what you gonna do about it?”, and the meaning is something like “you gonna huff and puff and do what?”, indicating that anything they say at that point carries no weight outside of the air they’re exhaling at higher speeds.

But the two words directly translated are “You [gonna] blow [me]?”, which carries two other happy coincidental meanings in English.”

“Only one of their stories make sense. Saadia claims she spoke out against the Thalmor and so Hammerfell sent assassins after her? That makes no sense. Hammerfell strongly opposes the Dominion and the Thalmor, she’d have had her nation’s support in that since almost all of the Redguards did the “crime” she’s claiming she committed.

Meanwhile, Kematu claims she sold out a city to the Thalmor. Now THAT is something that would provoke the Redguards to send Alik’r halfway across Tamriel to capture her over.”

“if you throw the mandate of heaven in the trash dont be surprised if the trash suddenly succeeds in a coup against you”

“I guarentee 100% the NSA and CIA have known about this exploit for years and did nothing to tell anyone about it, because they have been using it to hack people.”

“you guys missed out on the even more fun parts earlier.

“meltdown” as it is now called was originally discovered as a flaw in intel chips, but the linux guys were writing up code to make their update affect all processors “just in case” (talking about linux just because their development is somewhat public; we don’t know what apple or microsoft are doing). this was even after AMD quickly reacted to the discovery and stated such a thing would not work on their chips just because that’s not how they were designed.

then linus torvalds was like “wtf is this bullshit” and changed it himself to make the update slow down only intel chips. see screencap: removed ‘assume for now all cpus are insecure’, added ‘apply fix only if vendor is NOT AMD’.

now during this time the spectre thing was brought up a lot as the thing that makes amd bad – even though spectre 1.0 exploit was fixed. there was a spectre 2.0 but apparently it’s harder to execute or something, so it was obvious to everyone at /g/ that this was just intel damage control.

then someone found that spectre 2.0 can be executed on intel.

so now we’re hearing about this stuff at the same time in lots of technical terms, “intel chips are fucked because A and all chips are fucked because B”. we would’ve instead heard “all chips are fucked because A and AMD chips are fucked because B”, but thankfully intel’s PR money couldn’t buy everything.”

“Intel has been an arm of Mossad since the 80s. This was known since 95 because they put it there (just like IME which is a known intentional backdoor) and the only reason they released it is because they baked a much better flaw into the next design and need everyone to swap CPUs”

“ISIS’s response to the Trump Jerusalem declaration is to declare war on…….
….Hamas. Ain’t that funny.”

“It is equally obvious that almost no convictions of white males for heterosexual rape are true. If you look at the details of the case, they always sound suspiciously like “domestic abuse” cases, and anyone who knows women knows that few domestic abuse charges are true, probably none of them are true. If a woman actually suffers domestic abuse that she does not want and does not aggressively seek out, not hard for her to wander off to another lover who will treat her like a princess. But these women have the strange habit of wandering off from one “abuser” to the next. And if they don’t get “abused” they will attack their lover with a kitchen knife till he is forced to defend himself. “Domestic violence” is merely a shit test that gets physical.”

“>Germany invades Poland on 1st Sept 1939, Britain declares war on Germany on 3rd Sept 1939.
>USSR invades Poland on 17th Sept 1939, Britain declares war on USSR on… never did.”

>consult sandy hook parent
>they are able to give a technical step by step breakdown of the situation with no emotional involvement


“it’s remarkable how quickly erstwhile conservatives turn into fans of government mandates when the topic turns to cars.”

“When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.”

“Reason is ever a tail wagged by the dog of sentiment; the impulse comes first, and then the more surface level mind finds whatever reasons it can find fitting to rationalize it.

Suppose someone walks up to you, says he doesn’t like your face, and smacks you. A sperg would take what he had said at face value, and perhaps try to debate a number of points on how his face, in fact, is not so displeasing with regards to prevailing norms, and that if they could convince the other party of these points, they would surely refigure their animosity.

Someone who knows better, however, would just punch him in the face right back.

Sometimes you get salty boies, who’s mind gets preoccupied with some amazing person. Such a person lives rent free inside the saltfig’s head; whenever they’re around doing something, anything, the salty will try to find a way to snipe at them over it, for the sake of being able to snipe at them. Whenever they’re not around, the salty will try to think about ways to ‘get back’ at them over the latest imagined slight, for the sake to being able to ‘pull one over’ them. Whatever exact details that are utilized in each or any particular case, that are so often naively presumed to be the crucial sources of contention, are simply a vehicle through which the impulse is channeled; the reason is used only so far as to rationalize.

This phenomenon can be seen at work in more esoteric cases as well. For instance, in persons of more depressive or bipolar temperament, at some point in time they may find that a certain person or group of persons has suddenly become intolerable to be around, and when asked about this, may provide any number of reasons as to the effect of why. But the greater, more arcane genesis would be the simple fact that their mood swing is careening to the other end of the spectrum. It is not so much that novel facts about the relationship(s) suddenly made themselves evident than from before, and thus impelled them to wish to be alone, but that they wished to be alone, first, and then and thus latched onto reasons to justify the impulse.

A great deal of rhetorical altercations essentially derive from this archetypical form; are the verbal equivalent of slapping someone in the face and/or flinging monkey poop at them. You can see it In debates of political tribes, in gossiping highschool girls, or anywhere you can find status whores looking to increase their relative standing in a group. The exact details of the matter are often incidental, in fact can even become contradictory over time or across contexts. It is the impulse, the animus, the opposition itself, that is consistent; anything works as long as it allows them to disagree, derogate, or devalidate the objects of their ire; the rival ape(s) they wish to compete with.

The dummi would so often try to nitpick over the superficial particulars as if they were the most salient thing; the master would simply cut through the dross and respond directly on the same level he is being engaged with, thrusting his fat e-peen into the quivering holster of the matter.”

“it’s not a chinese ripoff if it’s made in america.”

“We have noted that the liberal debater with very often mix positive claims (fact-based) with normative claims (what I think ought to be). They will switch back and forth when addressing the Alt-Right. That is to say if they get owned on the issue of the hard facts of race realism or hard facts of Jewish domination, they will switch to “well what do you propose to do about it?” as if an unclear answer to that question proves that black people are intelligent and Jews don’t have overwhelming power in white countries.

Sargon took this a step further. He entirely skipped any attempt to address facts, going directly to the question of how Spencer plans to ethnically cleanse white countries. And then – get this – he went all the way to the nuanced mechanics of running an all white country in his hunt for a gotcha. He was going into detailed hypotheticals about ultra-specific potential scenarios that would arise in an all-white state, apparently attempting to claim that if Spencer cannot explain the specifics of allocation of labor and resources in such a state then white people deserve to be genocided.

That’s all this was: the hunt for the great white ethno-gotcha. And it was obvious, the entire time, that all he was doing was looking for a point on which he could argue to his own audience that Spencer is intellectually dishonest, as if one gotcha could simply destroy our entire movement.


A large section of the debate was focused on Spencer’s statement that society should have an aristocracy. I personally wouldn’t have used that language, especially in this context. I’m not even sure I agree with what Spencer was saying there. But this is how far down in the weeds he went: the question of “do whites have a right to self-determination?” turned into a question of how Richard Spencer would structure the social and economic hierarchy of a theoretical ethno-state.

Of course, that was entirely dishonest on Sargon’s part, as just like with his questions of “should the state control the media and education?” he is attacking something that already exists and which he believes should exist: unless you have a pure Marxist state, which the Soviet Union proved was technically impossible, then you are going to have some form of social hierarchy with some form of ruling class. Generational wealth transfer – any form of monetary inheritance – ensures that this class status is transferred generationally.

But again: who gives a shit? The question is: “do whites have a right to their own countries?”

If Sargon’s answer is “no, because Richard Spencer cannot come up with a system of social hierarchy in a theoretical future political system in a way that I find to be morally acceptable,” then I don’t think that is a very serious answer. Nor do I think that any serious person could consider that a serious answer.”

“Person A: I believe whites have a right to their own countries and here’s why.

Person B: I believe whites do not have a right to their own countries and here’s why.

The issue of how whites get their countries back is not of any immediate relevance to the question of whether or not they have a right to have them back.

When you mix these two up, it ends up being like: “I got shot and I’m bleeding out… but there is so much traffic that it would take a really long time to get to the hospital, so I guess I wasn’t actually shot after all.””

“For the first few months of the year, Jewish Community Centers were getting prank call bomb threats all across America.

Eric Striker and I asserted that this had to have been done by Jews.

The logic was that anyone intelligent enough to be able to disguise their location and make all of these calls had to also have been intelligent enough to know that it was helping Jews, meaning that this person had to himself be a Jew.

We were told we were engaging in an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory. Then Donald Trump, when harassed about this issue, stated that it “might be the reverse.” He was then accused of harboring an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory.

Then the perp was caught – in Israel.

[…] The FBI went to Israel to track this guy down, at Trump’s request. And Israel is currently refusing to extradite him. Meanwhile, the ADL continues to attack Trump. There is enough reason to believe, based on their obsessive and extreme promotion of the hoax, that they had some hand in it.”

“Is it just for money? Do people sellout for money? I don’t know. I can’t imagine doing it. Not because I’m going to say “oh I’m such a noble person I would never do something selfish,” but because to me, leaving a legacy of having done something important is a much bigger thing than money. Also, being respected by my peers in the here and now is much more important than money. And I mean being respected by people that I respect, not having random fans”

“Rey, the female who has replaced Luke, was already invincible when the first film began. She picked up a light saber and could defeat a Sith Lord. Because she’s a woman and women in modern movies are all able to do anything. It is unclear why she even needed to seek out Luke for training given that she was already godlike. She is a completely unsympathetic character, due to both her perfection and her annoyingness, and not a single person is going to cheer when, in the next film, she wins the day. She has had to struggle with nothing, so a victory is without intrinsic meaning in terms of the most basic principles of storytelling.”

“They follow the rule of Binary.”
“CIS deal in absolutes. To them gender is not a spectrum”
“Always two there are, a cis male and a cis female.”
“Heterosexuality is a pathway to abilities some consider completely natural.”
“They had the ability to create… life”

>”Elon Musk smartest man on the planet”
>”Elon Musk probably created bitcoin”
>”Please cure cancer, Elon Musk”
>”Elon Musk, make it easier to turn saltwater in fresh water so we can get rid of forest fires”

Why is Joe so obsessed with Elon Musk? Sure Elon is smart, somewhat charismatic billionaire but he not even close to being the smart man on planet in any field. Elon is doing pretty much what Steve Jobs was doing. Taking all the credit for people that are working under him.”

“I love when Joe starts his “visionary” talk about future humans and technologies. Literally everything he says is taken straight from the most popular sci-fi movies. Does Joe take so much drugs that he really thinks he comes up with this stuff himself?”

“This is what always gets me. If Joe lived in the 50s he would’ve thought that the technology of the future would’ve been flying cars. Making predictions about the future of technology is so utterly pointless because people always miss the big breakthroughs. Did any sci-fi book every prevent the internet or smart phones or social media? Talking about where humanity will be in 50 or 100 in regards to technology is pointless”

“He’s not even a scientist, Elon is an investor for fucks sake. Joe is so stereotypically LA it’s pathetic.”

>Taking all the credit for people that are working under him.
why don’t those people leave his company and take back the credit? Because they’re passive submissive betas who would have never achieved anything of note without a leader, just like Wozniak”

“>be a kid
>everyone tells you that women want love, cuddling, and other romantic stuff, while men just want to fuck
>grow up
>turns out it’s actually the other way around”

“If I call, I expect your ass to show up, sober, trained, professional. I expect you to wade in with me or in place of me, and drag a child out of a hole, or out from a burning room, or actually stand up and block bullets from hitting said child, because by the time you get there, I’ll have already done all that. And there will be field dressings, chainsawed trees, buckets and empty brass scattered about.

I don’t want to hear some drunk and confused guy squirming on the ground playing “Simon Says” terrified you so much you had to blow him away. I don’t want to hear that some random guy 35 yards away who you had no actual information on “may have reached toward his waist band. Or that “the tree might fall any moment” or that “the smoke makes it hard to see.”

Near as I can tell, I don’t hear the smokejumpers, or the firefighters, or the disaster rescue people say such things.

But it’s all I ever hear from the cops. If you and your five girlfriends in body armor, with rifles, are that terrified of actually risking your life for the theoretically dangerous job you volunteered for and can quit any time, then please do quit.

You can get a job doing pest control and go home safe every night.”

“If it reliably lead to the truth, it would be called epistemology, not rhetoric.

Since the majority are incurably vulnerable to rhetoric, what they need is a personal rhetoritician, the way they have a personal doctor. If they change any non-ornamental beliefs, their rhetoritician vets the change. (If I’m not mistaken, this person used to be called ‘pastor.’)

However, it’s also undeniable that a few do not need personal rhetoriticians. (The pastor, for example.) This is clearly the high-status behaviour. And the person most likely to say, “Buh! I don’t need one either!” is exactly the person who needs one most.

In short the peasants are fucked. They can be oppressed for their own good, or they can be oppressed for fun and profit. They can be forced to have a rhetoritician, or they can function as snacks for any passing rhetoritician. There is no ‘not oppressed’ pathway on the table, which is why we call them peasants.

“When validating an epistemic method, it is critical to plug all sorts of garbage into it and make sure it doesn’t choke.”

“Moldbug believes the number of sincere men in power can be counted on the fingers one hand.

I believe it can be counted on the fingers of one foot.”

“Morality is downstream from security.”

“The Allies are complicit in the Holocaust. Hitler tries to deport the Jews. (To Israel, no less.) The Allies blocked the deportation. Did they think Hitler would just give up?”

“SK cannot be friends with Japan. Ever. It’s like USG promoting Confederate memes. The whole state is built on a fantasy where the left beat up the “Japanese collaborators” which had led SK through all those military dictatorships.”

“Why is there no Japanese equivalent of manga-updates?
The west has databases for almost every media type, do the japs not do that?”

“They only do that for JAV”

“They actually don’t have any good databases for anime or manga. Nothing cataloged as well as bakaupdates, and nothing as comprehensive as MAL or ANN for looking up staff. I live in Japan and my friends here said they all just look stuff up on Wikipedia, or they use the western sites I’ve shown them.”

“Why are japs so incompetent?”

“You ever see a Japanese website? Most of them look like Geocities shit from 1998. Computers are strange and confusing to these people.”

“Obsolete to State use. Releasing the bug to the public was obviously intended to put it in the hands of hackers and script kiddies so that operating systems will have to be increasingly hardened against it to the point that developers will just decide it’s easier to change the OS at the fundamental level and close off backwards support.”

“The UN Environmental Program refuses to let attendees discuss nuclear power at the Sustainability Innovation Forum conference for the same reason Uganda is on the Human Rights Council.”

“The Japanese call this 炎上商法, “flame marketing”. A company does or says something outrageous, but not too bad. People get angry, it goes on Twitter, suddenly everybody’s talking about the company. The outrage subsides, the attention remains. Sales increase.”

“There’s been some talk about how Japan keeps its rent down by building homes. Yes, that helps.
But also, being heard by your neighbours is considered a major faux pas. It’s one of the reasons they hate having foreigners as neighbours – foreigners don’t respect that.

Because they know how to keep quiet, Japanese tiny apartments are quite livable. You don’t have to pay a fortune just to keep other people a sufficiently noise-damping distance away.”

“When Trump was running for election, I said what he says makes sense to a grocery store owner. Because the grocery guy can say Trump is wrong because he can see where he is wrong. But with Obama, he can’t understand what he’s saying, so the grocery man doesn’t know where he is wrong.”

“Do you think that, to atone for historical oppression, blacks should have a higher minimum wage than white people?”
“That’s a great way to keep blacks unemployed.”

“Anon you are too old for video games, when will you find a decent job and get a girlfriend? you need to stop isolating yourself in your room….take a shower and go out.”

>mfw married to a gamer girl, meh job with lots of free time, friends who game, nice guy on the surface + OK /fit/, good family, with parents-in-law who are interested in our hobbies.
People whining about adults playing is so backwards and 1994s. My late grandpa played his NES all the time, right down to his death bed, and it clearly brought him joy when his health started failing.

Meanwhile, I don’t understand this “American dream” bullshit, which is pretty much working your ass off just to feed your family and pay the rent / loans / bills, never having your personal time any more before kids leave the house and you finally retire.”

“The Debeer company holds a global monopoly on diamonds and used mass marketing to convey the falsehood that diamonds are rare and valuable. There is literally thousands upon thousands of diamonds sitting in storage box in order to artificially inflate the market price.”

“Who gives a fuck, anon, it’s just a statue.”

>who gives a fuck anon, it’s just books
>who gives a fuck anon, it’s just movies
>who gives a fuck anon, it’s just
No. Stop being stupid.”

“triggered history nerds
it’s a dumb looking rock that literally only has value because it’s old
if I was that old I’d be valuable too
get over it”

“No you degenerate fucking scum
It was value because it is a monument to human ideals will and industry
A imortal statement destroy by a bunch of edgy teens who had nothing better to do with their miserable existence”

>It was value because it is a monument to human ideals will and industry
Then isn’t it “human ideals will and industry” what’s valuable, not a statue representing it.”

“>skeptic tm: the post”

“>shirou refuses to kill even one person for the greater good
>unless that one person is trying to kill at least one person for the greater good
>then it’s okay”

“The Cathedral’s major error was unavoidable. As a bureaucrat supremacist regime, it must launder responsibility. But indirect control isn’t rigid and cannot use rapid course changes to navigate chaotic conditions. Chaotic conditions are inevitable.”

“Cathedrals took hundreds of years to build. They had no coal, no oil, no electricity, no drafting computers.”

“It should not be in the least surprising to find future rulers in prison.

If I’m a ruler, I can recognize potential competitors. And what am I going to do to them…?”

“JPB might say to me, “But you studied physics in university, not philosophy.” I couldn’t have done philosophy properly without doing physics first. I did it in the right order and as fast as was reasonable.”

“Silver is particularly white, fairly nonreactive, but highly antimicrobial. Silver surfaces are the fastest autosterilizers. It symbolizes purity.

Sulphur stinks, comes from volcanos, and is associated with Satan. It is one of the few substances which can readily tarnish silver.

Rafflesia is also one of these weird coincidences. The most aesthetically disgusting one is also a parasite. Even the fruit looks like shit. The snotlike pollen is the cherry on top.”

“In the history of ideas, we always see that having the right ideas is not difficult. It’s resisting the inevitable attack from the local sovereign that’s difficult.”

“Technically, SJWs are only an existential threat the way the common cold is an existential threat.

If you’ve already got AIDS, it can kill you. Otherwise it’s only a mild annoyance.”

“From 1870 to 1910 a quarter of Norway’s working-age population emigrated, mostly to the United States. You read that right — one-fourth of its workers left the country.

Back then Norway was quite poor. Wages were less than a third of what they were in the United States. And the wave of emigration out of the country quickly benefited those who remained. That’s because it reduced the supply of workers in Norway, so those left behind could demand higher wages. And this helped narrow Norway’s wage gap with the U.S. by 25 percent over that same 40-year period, putting Norway on the path toward its status today as one of world’s most prosperous nations.”

Fewer people = higher wages = prosperity
Therefore, Trump is an idiot for opposing more immigration to the United States (???)
Yes, liberals really are this dumb.”

“When two things both define each other, they are the same thing.”

“Hmmm, I thought.

“Hmmm,” I said.”

“Like, you see the glass as being half empty, while I’m more like, You know the problem is that the glass is just too damn tall .

What I mean (more or less) is that if you compare our jobs to the part-timers who make 2000 yen an hour, we’re killing it. Did you ever work out how much you get paid per class? Oh wait, I forgot all the time we spend “preparing.” People underestimate the skill required to make realistic-looking green peppers for the pizza lesson. That construction paper’s not going to cut itself.

And if we compare to the full-timers . . . man, those people are at work 12 hours a day, six days a week, sometimes seven, without even anything you could properly call a lunch break. That’s insane. You couldn’t pay me enough to do that job.”

“Now, I’m not a doctor. I do periodic anatomy inspections, but that’s more of a hobby.”

“In the Japanese workplace, men typically run the show. Women, at least while they’re young, are frequently assigned menial tasks such as demurely greeting customers, making tea, answering phones, and gossiping like plastic Barbies in 1950. It sucks, it’s demeaning, and it leads to a counterintuitive result.

It’s no secret that young Japanese women don’t make the same salary as men. That’s a bias in Japanese society (among others) and, along with racism, isn’t going away anytime soon. So a woman does what she can, which often means…looking cute, acting sexy, snagging a husband, and having children. Once that chain of events is set in motion, it’s sayonara 18-hour workdays and hello taking Junior to the Park. After the marriage is locked in, the tables turn. Now the woman runs the show.”

“For my first interview, I wore a red tie and sat in this giant videoconference room in L.A. that the company had rented to talk to me. I figured red would show up better on screen. […] At one point, the interviewer said, “Are you familiar with the phrase, ‘work-life balance’?”

“Of course,” I replied.

“Well, we don’t have that. Work is our priority.

“That’s fine with me,” I lied.

After that, I wore a blue tie.”

“I had, ah, what’s that thing where you won’t give up even in the face of overwhelming odds? Tenacity? Nah, that’s not it. Delusions? Yeah, that’s the stuff.”

“Anyway, I have a theory about why this happens. Of course, I could just explain it by saying that I’m a drunk, but that would involve taking personal responsibility for my actions, which I’ve found is never a good idea. So I’ve developed an elaborate alternative explanation.”

“Check with HR? You might as well check with Jesus.”

“You know I used to have a wife and a girlfriend in those days.”

“And now all you have is a wife?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he sighed. “I think we’re in a recession.”

“The problem with life is that it’s not a thousand years long. I mean, they say Japanese men live to be 80. That’s not actually that lengthy, at least compared to eternity. So I plan on staying here until the morning of my 80th birthday, then moving to Korea. Pure genius. It’s kind of like if you’re in an elevator crash, but jump up right before it hits the ground. Saaaaafe. A friend of mine’s buddy did that, and he was fine. Heh, and people say I’m simple. We’ll see who’s laughing when I move back a week later. Suckers.”

“I have a pet conspiracy theory about Lil Yachty. The Jews made him famous to put all the marginally talented blacks like Jay-Z and whomever on notice that their fame and fortune has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with any talent they might have. Jewish producers can take the most retarded nword they can find, a guy so dumb he can’t even write his own name, hook him up to autotone, and make him a star. They don’t need Jay-Z; Jay-Z needs them.”

“If you say “white”: “What’s white? White is a social construct! There’s no such thing as white people! Are Persians white? Are Greeks white? Are Arabs white? White people don’t exist!”

[…] If you ask “who has White privilege”: SUDDENLY every single fucking person knows exactly who is White!”

“One thing people like to say is that it’s prejudice. Well if it was prejudice, “pre”judice, “pre”judging, then whites in the north would have a much more negative view of blacks than whites in the south do. But it’s exactly the opposite. The more lily-white some place is, the more positive their views on blacks are.”

“The blacks wanted not only what the whites had, but demanded that whites not be able to keep them out of their spaces. Now, when groups are actually oppressed, like the Armenians or Greeks under the Ottoman Empire, they want independence. They fight for independence. The blacks never wanted independence because they were never actually oppressed. They wanted just the opposite. They wanted and end to segregation within the United States, the exact opposite of independence. They wanted more stuff from whites, they wanted more contact with whites, they wanted the end of the barrier between black and white spaces. That somehow, they got it in their head that they had a right to access to whites.

Do Arabs have this problem? No. Even though the Arabs actually took in more black slaves than the whites did, the Arabs are off the hook, because what the Arabs did is they castrated all the males and worked them to death.”

2017 Dec 27 ~ 2018 Jan 05

“Story begins when an event, either by human decision or accident in the universe, radically upsets the balance of forces in the protagonist’s life, arousing in that character the need to restore the balance of life. To do so, that character will conceive of an “Object of Desire,” that which they [believe] they need to put life back into balance. They will then go off into their world, into themselves, in the various dimensions of their existence, seeking that Object of Desire, trying to restore the balance of life, and they will struggle against forces of antagonism that will come from their own inner natures as human beings, their relationships with other human beings, their personal and/or social life, and the physical environment itself. They may or may not achieve that Object of Desire; they may or may not finally be able to restore their life to a satisfying balance. That, in the simplest possible way, defines the elements of story.

“Why did the b questions help you answer the a questions? Because they made you think from a different angle. You were first trying to remember the answer, but then trying to deduce the answer.

[…] By focusing on facts, we learned a way of thinking which is not generalizable to knowledge or useful for its application. Worse, the isolation of these facts outside of context makes it difficult for us to detect them as wrong.

Education is at the convenience of the educators.”

“Knowledge is rarely offered freely; debunking of conventional wisdom is shouted from the rooftops.”

“its not even interesting bc lord of the flies. its interesting bc there is real conflict, not peple shouting vaguely about “ideals” as they shoot lasers at each other”

“When the problems in physics get difficult, we may often look to the mathematicians who have already studied such a thing and have reasons about such an item before and have prepared a line of reasoning for us to follow. On the other hand they may not have, in which case we have to invent our own line of reasoning, which we then pass back to the mathematicians, because everybody who reasons carefully about anything is making a contribution to the knowledge of what happens when you think about something, and if you abstract it away and send it to the department of mathematics, they put it in the book as a branch of mathematics.”

“The official exchange rate is only for government friends, all the rest have to use the black market rate. A government buddy could buy a dollar in the “official” markets for 10.34 and then sell them in the black market, making a profit of ~10000%.”

“Something I’ve noticed with these “people” (journalists, pop-culture commentators, liberal normies) is that they’re always *shaking*. It’s like their only response to external stimuli.

Trump tweet? Shaking.
Star Wars? Shaking.
“Okay to be White” poster? Shaking.
Beyonce does some mundane thing? Shaking.

Always shaken, always shook, a vacant life with perpetual vibration as the only constant.”

“How do you think they kept the truth about women secret for two hundred years when the truth was well known before then, and in front of everyone’s noses the whole time?

Notice that Roosh is the only Middle Easterner banned from Britain. They fear the truth more than they fear terrorists who drive trucks into nativity scenes.

Heartiste, who was always more politically aware than Roosh, kept his true identity somewhat undercover.”

“This gets at the heart of moderin confusion: sex denialism obfuscates differences between men and women, notably ignoring the fact that men are visually aroused and women holistically aroused. So in effect women dressing like whores IS hitting on men.

A lot of man-hating cruelty and female unhappiness could be avoided if we all accepted the biological truth that male desire is focused through the eyes while female desire is focused through the ego.”

“What’s the point of things like these? Are people impressed when they see this at a convention?”

“What’s the point of everything in life anon?”

“Isn’t the point of being self published to make what you want to make.”

“Yes and no. You usually do good work if you do what you want, but you also have to make sales. Once you make sales, a circle picks you up, when a circle picks you up, you get more popular. When you’re popular in the circle, the hope is you’re picked up by a professional manga producer. Until then you do what sells. You need to eat.”

“There ARE those few artists that jump to whatever’s popular…”

“If by few you mean pretty much all popular artists then yeah.”

>what you want to make
And what they want is to make some bucks on the side and maybe get noticed and picked up for illustration, design or manga jobs.”

“Because most of them stop doing “whatever franchise” right after it stops being hugely popular and the next big thing appears. If they really liked it you’d think they’d continue drawing it but nope.”

“People may have different objective in being self-publishing. Some indeed want to draw what they want to draw. Many want to draw what is popular for the sake of getting themselves popular, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Those who can fulfill both are those who have it easy.

I personally don’t consider the popularity seeker to be “wrong” or “inauthentic”. I’m not bitter about people leaving Gensokyo for the boatsluts, oh no.”

“Artists, by and large, are shallow bandwagon followers. Don’t believe me? Go look at the drawthreads right here on 4chan.”

“That’s literally only something a small group can get away with, in self publishing you cater to a market or you fucking starve.”

Doujin stuff is literally always a deficit, unless you have a huge name. People still release doujin manga and games and whatnot because they honestly enjoy doing so.
I guess that kind of mentality is not something that an American would ever understand though.”

“I still wondering why someone put a lot of effort for SFW doujins.”

“Why wouldn’t they? They will draw what they want to draw, and a lot of them are want to draw interactions that seem inane but meaningful in a relationship. Things you can’t have IRL you project to the characters.”

“Japanese efficiency always blows my mind”

“Go on youtube and watch literally any country’s military parades. You’d be surprised.”

“That’s the military though. It doesn’t surprise me because uniformity and regimentation are fundamental parts of an army. These are random strangers being corralled efficiently en masse. Also the japanese railway system that apologizes when a train is 2 minutes late compared to something like the NYC metro”

>apologizes when a train is 2 minutes late
a japanese train company apologized nationally because a train departed 20 seconds early”

“Art is how we decorate space. Music is how we decorate time.”

“Our astonishment was indeed raised to the highest pitch, and we could not help remarking to each other, that all these buildings resembled the fairy castles we read of in Amadis de Gaul; so high, majestic, and splendid did the temples, towers, and houses of the town, all built of massive stone and lime, rise up out of the midst of the lake. Indeed, many of our men asked if what they saw was a mere dream. And the reader must not feel surprised at the manner in which I have expressed myself, for it is impossible to speak coolly of things which we had never seen nor heard of, nor even could have dreamt of, beforehand.

After we had sufficiently gazed upon this magnificent picture, we again turned our eyes toward the great market, and beheld the vast numbers of buyers and sellers who thronged there. The bustle and noise occasioned by this multitude of human beings was so great that it could be heard at a distance of more than four miles. Some of our men, who had been at Constantinople and Rome, and travelled through the whole of Italy, said that they never had seen a market-place of such large dimensions, or which was so well regulated, or so crowded with people as this one at Mexico.

Indeed I do not believe a country was ever discovered which was equal in splendour to this..But, at the present moment, there is not a vestige of all this remaining, and not a stone of this beautiful town is now standing.”

“As much as I dislike how Maidragon discussion thinned from series discussion to chorogon lore/banter to UUGH THICC, the side-effects of everything centering around Lucoa and the Mexican goddess meme has spawned quite a good number of interesting infodumps. It’s so fucking dumb that the only technical records left of pre-columbian, mesoamerican societies are two and a half burnt codecs, so talking about them almost always brings new little tidbits and thought threads.”

>two and a half burnt codecs
I never realized until now how much was truly destroyed by the conquistadors
It’s amazing how much nothing schools truly teach. You’re forced to learn about how the conquistadors were all evil and shit, which is completely wrong, but the teachers are so incompetent that they can’t even deliver on the other side of that by teaching you truly how much these civilizations accomplished, so you end up with an entirely wrong viewpoint and will look like more and more of an idiot the further you delve into this topic

Same goes for other topics, but I could talk forever about the issues with public education. I’d like to talk about it on /pol/, but that will never happen”

“To be fair, we know there are a lot of inaccuracies in what he and Cortes wrote, especially in their negative discriptions of them, which they exaggerated on purpose to justify their actions in murdering/destroying shiit.”

“some of the specifics might have been exaggerated, but I don’t think it’s contested that they really liked human sacrifice and were extremely warlike and hated by all the neighboring tribes for it.”

“The fact that they preformed more human sacriifce then other cultures in the region and were military expansionsts and they were hated for it is certainly true, but how savage and sadistic the sacrifices are or how much they did it and such is massively played up in a lot of conquistador accounts. Not gonna say there WEREN’T utterly awful and sickining sacrifice ceremonies or their religion wasn’t batshit crazy, it was, but basically anything in Conquistador accounts having to do with making them look bad needs to be taken with a grain of salt, as does any sort of judgement or commentary by them on cultural practices in general, since obviously they didn’t have the context for those or why it happened/.

For cortes in particular, his letters were written in a bid to avoid execution, since by conquering the Aztecs he was acting out of line and indepedently against the wishes of the Spanish crown, and had an warrent out for his arrest by the governer of hispanola, since the Spanish policy/intention at tthe time from the Crown was to just do trade and not to actually go in and conquer shit in the region. So cortes says a lot of shit to make what he did seem justified.”

“>had an warrent out for his arrest by the governer of hispanola
it always amazes me how he basically fell a world empire yet unlike Caesar or Alexander the great and such, he still had people he had to answer to.”

“I mean, that’s the thing: Cortes wasn’t a king or an emperor or even a general, he was just a captain of an expedition that disobeyed orders and went and did his own thing to get tons of gold. Realistically, he didn’t even really topple shit either.

The end result was that Spain colonized the region and reaped the benefits, but geopolitically most of the Spanish Conquest was an extension of existing conflicts and tensions in the region that were just set off by the Spanish showing up and acting as an additional party. For the conquest of the Aztecs, the Spanish were litterally less then 1% of the total troops involved, and even after that for the rest of the conquest, the vast majority of the armies and logicsts/supplies was from native groups.

In the big picture, the Conquistadors basically just served to exist as somebody for other nations in the region to rally and act behind and under the lead of. Then dieases came and killed 95% of the native population (see >>166345635), which meant that settlers from spain could come in and just colionize since Spain and the conquistadors didn’t have to deal with all the people who helped them turning on them or resisiting spanish expansion into their own shit.”

“Humans arrived in europe and asia 50,000 years ago, and developed civilization around 5000-6000 years ago. Humans arrived in Mesoamerica around 15,000 years ago, and developed civilization around 3000 years ago. It took europeans and asians 45,000 years to develop civilization, but it only took mesoamericans 12,000 years, so the mesoamericans were around 20,000 years ahead in terms of how long it took them to start making civilization.

In Mesoamerica, you had the first true cities showing up around 1000-800 BC, and the Spanish showed up in 1519. So, the region had about 2500 years of urban civilization, and the Aztecs were basically on par with the more advanced bronze age cultures in the ways they were least advanced, and the greeks/romans and beyond in the ways they were more advanced. To compare to eurasia, 2500 years after the first urban Mesopotamian civilizations in 4000-3000 BC was 1000-500 BC, which was, guess what, late bronze age/early classical (IE, greeks romans) cultures.

So the Mesoamericans were right where they should have been in terms of how advanced they were given how long they had civilizations, if not ahead in certain ways (sanitation, hydroeginnering, medicine, as the thread has explained). Plus, they did it without having horses, cattle, or oxen to act as beasts of burden or for transportaiton, and without other regions as trading partners (in eurasia, you had europe, the middle east, and asia all competing and trading with each other, Mesoamerica was essentially isolated from any other region.

To back this up:

>Their political goverment, and legal complexity was comparable to iron age cultures such as the romans, with courts, judges, governors, public officials, and civil servants;
>In terms of education, they were actually ahead of europe at the time with mandatory public education for children regardless of social class or gender.
>In terms of mathematics, they were about on par with bronze age cultures such as the Mesopotamian, Egyptians, and early greeks, with the ability to calculate area, complex astronomy, and ahead of those, had zero as a concept.
>In terms of agriculture, and hydraulics, they were *ahead* of europe, having running water and aquaducts as early as the earliest european ones, and by the time of the aztecs having their captial built on a lake with artificial islands acting as residential land and farmland with canals, aqueducts, and causeways between them and a levee system to keep freshwater inside and brackish water out that the spanish were unable to replicate.
>In terms of city sizes, they were about on par with classican and iron age cultures: as of 100 years before the Spanish showed up, 10,000-20,000 was the average, with the largest ones being in the hundreds of thousands. This is more then ancient greece, but less then the roman empire
>In terms of currency and economics, they were on par with bronze age cultures. They had no central currency or banking system, instead trading with cacao beans and cloth, but had professional merchants, taxes, trade lines, and tributary relationships with other city states and empires that required documentation
>In terms of hygienics and medicine, they were on par with or ahead of Europe at the time: Not only did mesoamerica have flush toilets and plumbing as early as around 200AD, but by the Aztecs showered daily, used soaps, had entire classes of civil servents to sweep streets and wash buildings and transport and dispose of garbage and waste; and a emprical approach to medicine
>In terms of the arts, was on ahead of many bronze age cultures, but not quite on par with classical iron age cultures such as ge greeks or romans. They had poets, full, books, philosophy, sculptors (which actually could produce realistic, lifelike sculpts and not just stylized ones, and potters, like classical cultures, but not to the same extent.
>In terms of military was at least on par with bronze age cultures in most ways, if not iron age/classical cultures: They had a full military hierarchy with a system of ranks and a clear way to progress among them, elite military orders and guilds, logistics and supply lines, and decently complex tactics and organized armies that fought in arranged groups that responded to orders from generals rather then breaking up into indivual combat, but really only had swords, polearms, axes/maces, and bows/thrown spears; with Siege towers being the sole siege weapons
>In terms of metallurgy, they had complex smelting and alloying techniques for soft metals, such as copper, silver, and gold, as well as being capable of producing bronzes, but bronzes were only used for aeshetic reasons; and metal tools were rare.


>Metallurgy, mathematics, Military complexity and currency on par with bronze age cultures
>The arts, poetry, etc; and military complexity was in between/had elements of both Bronze and Iron age cultures
>political/legal systems, social complexity, and average city sizes on par with iron age cultures
>public education, agriculture, hydroengineering, and hygienic practices on par with or ahead of complementary 16th century Europe”

>Kobayashi codemonkey /g/ thread
It probable doesn’t happen because “muh python” and everybody just refocuses on something else. It’d be cool to see what it might spawn, though. I remember how someone mentioned that one of the screens on which she was working during the chapter about the mana coding featured a combination of python and assembly. I suddenly remembered how Japan used to completely hardcode literally all electronic devices in assembly (including things like digital watches) until the mid 2000s when apple products suddenly made it into the archipelago and instantly dominated the market overnight.”

>I suddenly remembered how Japan used to completely hardcode literally all electronic devices in assembly
are you implying the rest of the world programs their embedded devices in Python or something? most devices use assembler or C”

“I’m just talking out of my ass based on what I heard about the Galapagos island effect that electronic imports had on Japan during the mid 2000s. I should find out when that article I’m referencing was written, but it was effectively a foreigner’s exposeé on Japanese salaryman life (from the viewpoint of a codemonkey). It mentioned how the guy was valuable because of how farbehind Japan was in code “thought,” like how they were just not balanced between assembly and other script for things such as internet coding like java. Not saying that one code is necessarily the best or better (although there appear to be circumstances which would call for certain code languages over others), but it seemed like Japan was just super attached to assembly for every conceivable job no matter the scale or application (which is why the gaijin who knew some java in addition to languages like C was a valuable asset mainly because nobody else at the company did).”

“Too much sodium isn’t actually bad for you. Your body will just flush out the excess. You’d have to consume a shit ton and not much water very quickly to get negative effects. The low-sodium meme is just a clever way for food companies to increase profit by skimping on added salt. Salt is fairly expensive and it causes machines and tools that process it to wear faster. This is the same kind of bullshit as “Cheerios are good for your heart,” “tuna will give you mercury poisoning” or “You should eat eleven servings of grain every day”.”

> Question: what do you think are the differences between manga and American comics?

Takahashi: Hmmm… In a certain sense, the quality, the art of American comics is very high. I think the element of storytelling through images is strong with American comics.

Japanese manga are really… manga can be created even without drawing any action into them. Even boring everyday things, such as portraying that it’s a really hot day or that something is really hungry- even just that is enough for manga.

I guess it’s a difference of how people see the world, what people think makes a story. I believe that’s where the difference lies.”

“Furthermore, almost every single injury or casualty is because of a lack of attention rather than skill.

Zircon: nailed protecting Yellow who wasn’t watching
Amethysts: weren’t watching
Phos’ Arms: goofing around
Antarc: almost got hit when Phos bonded with the arms
Antarc’s Hand: looking to the school
Antarc: watching Phos
Phos: saved by sensei at the end of the winter […]

There’s plenty more I haven’t mentioned, but what you can break down the conflict in this story down into is that almost anybody who’s paying attention can sufficiently defend themselves. It’s recklessness that is getting gems abducted. Looking at it now, it’s just mind blowing to me that literally almost every casualty is due to a lack of attention. It’s gotta be a theme or something.”

“Well, the lunarians don’t change their strategies for centuries, so gems are never caught off guard. The exceptions to this being what you said – recklessness, and new types of lunarian (Shiro, etc.)”

“Attention is a theme that runs through both Egyptian and Buddhist mythology.”

“If it has a name, then it isn’t so scary right?”

“You’re acting vague, so obviously you know! Tell me!”
“You… sometimes you’re actually pretty sharp.”

>throws self headfirst into battle to rescue any gem
>watches everyone’s tactics to give them advice in case he can’t save them
>is called crazy and gets this bad rep in return

Poor Bort”

“Everybody hates overachievers.”

“you forgot Bort’s serious attitude and stern face is the main reason everyone fears him. Take Dia for example, even though he clearly love Bort a lot and vice versa, Bort constantly remind him with hurtful words about how he can’t fight for shit, making Dia’s inferior complex becomes worse and led him to not wanting to be Bort’s partner anymore and go to the moon.

And there is a reason why everyone like Pad, not only he’s a cool fighter (consider he is 9 on Mohs scale) but also has a chill attitude and great smile”

“Whenever it looks like I’m getting closer to learning something, the amount of unknown just increases.”

“My time is up. And now, I’ll share with you this gift.
The morning has arrived.
Now wake up, and see everything with new eyes.”

“…That is not that is easy. Will I be able to learn from him what I need?
Although… Maybe I’ll understand something I couldn’t see back then…
Alright. I’ll give it a try.”

“If I cling to my distrust and stay alert all the time, then everything will seem suspicious. That’s dangerous.”

“I thought Japanese voice actors weren’t allowed to quit, ever. Because it brings shame upon their family, or something.

In exchange, the characters they voice never get used again if the actor dies.”

“American cops gun you down for not sufficiently appeasing their power fantasies, but its Iran who’s the “brutal dictatorship””

“It’s always very fun when the country whose biggest public housing initiative is prison tries to lecture others on human rights.”

“What Will It Mean If Iran Becomes A ‘Democracy’?
1. Strict Implementation of Pro-Homosexual Propaganda
2. Pro-THOT Feminism
3. Mass Third World Replacement Migration”

“1778 France: we need regime change in America…
How did that work out for us?

Had France not come to our aid – The American revolution would have been squashed by Britain

Iran is a state sponsor of terror – Nothing wrong with aligning ourselves w/others, when it’s in our national interest


“how well did it work out for France tho”

“Is there any lore to Cicada’s nickname? I feel like there’s a link between Cicada’s and the moon, or probably Buddhism”

“Aechmea plants hold rainwater in their petals, which attracts insects. Cicada is an insect. I wouldn’t be surprised if other moons are also named after insects.”

“Plants and insects are the lowest possible form of life your soul can reincarnate into in Buddhism, reserved for only the biggest fuckups so that you can enjoy working your way back up to being human again after literally eons.”

“>Plants and insects are the lowest possible form of life your soul can reincarnate into in Buddhism
I can understand about insects but plants are bros, Buddhism is weird”

“The key lesson really is that if as a human you think you have a hard time racking up good karma imagine trying to do the same as a fucking flower for eternity.”

“Early Nov: Intel researchers discover flaw in EVERY CHIP THEY’VE MADE SINCE 2011 that exposes deep protected memory to attackers
Nov 29th: Intel CEO sells millions in Intel stock- almost everything he owns.
Jan 2nd: Flaw is announced to public after markets close”

“>intel wanted to have a monopoly
>they make their chips fast AF, nobody can figure out how
>nobody knew they were purposefully making insecure products that went faster
>amd played by the rules and still managed to compete with intel for all these years
>now intel has been found out, they are in full damage control
>ceo has sold off $11 million worth of his PERSONAL stock (not options), and only has the bare minimum required to stay CEO”

“The proposed commit targeted non-AMD, the actual commit err’ed on the safe side until it is confirmed it doesn’t affect AMD.

This was 10days ago. Nothing accepted to re-enable on amd ‘”

>Nothing accepted to re-enable on amd ‘

You can’t let disaster response pick the winners and losers. If one corporation fucks up beyond all reason and belief, you must cripple the competition equally until the massive fuckup has been swept under the damage control carpet. And none of he upper management should pay a price for their massive fuckup. They shall all be allowed to cash out their stock at premium rates before the news hits normiespace and everyone not on the inside gets to take a bath on the plunge in stock value.

This is what is called “an unregulated, free market.””

“If you want to know what a REAL media blackout of protests looks like, read up on the 2011 protests in Saudi Arabia, during which the Saudi crypto-jewish occupation government massacred dozens of shiites and secularists, opening fire on them and crushing all dissent without any regard for those making their grievances heard.

Unless you were specifically scouring the internet for news on these events, you would never have heard about it because the Western television media *COMPLETELY* ignored these massacres. Back then I brought these demonstrations up during discussions about Syria to showcase the total double standard at play in regards to media coverage, and not a single person I argued with at that time even knew that these demonstrations in Saudi Arabia took place.

THATS A BLACKOUT. Not whatever nonsense Stefan Molyneux is trying to gaslight you into believing pertaining to the #IranProtests”

“When Koreans ran away from imperial Japan into russia
Stalin forced them all to move to Kazakhstan”

“In what fucking loony toons world does it make sense that local town and county clerks have to obey federal mandates regarding gay marriage but the biggest state in the union can just choose to ignore the federal governments policies in matters of foreigners and naturalization, something which the US government has explicite constitutional authority over?

Is there anyone who legitimately can’t see how completely and obviously retarded this is? How has Trump not catalonia’d the California state government and installed a provisional military regentship there?

WTF is wrong with your politicl system jfc”

“this is how you know california runs the united states, not the other way around”

“If only intel could be like
>wow we apologize and are doing our best to get the fix out to all our customers as soon as possible
Instead they’re lying and saying everyone else is just as bad. It’s like a women managed the pr”

“…no no no, those last “popular uprisings” were CIA orchestrated but THIS one is real!
no no no, those last “popular uprisings” were CIA orchestrated but THIS one is real!
no no no, those last “popular uprisings” were CIA orchestrated but THIS one is real!
no no no, those last “popular uprisings” were CIA orchestrated but THIS one…”

“To get along in the world, sometimes you must turn your eyes from the truth and let it remain ambiguous.”

“How feasible is it to put mounted naval guns on a carrier? Has it ever been done?”

“Picture an aircraft carrier, its a huge ship full of fuel for itself and its planes, munitions, the planes themselves. The only amour you really have is on the deck to deal with bomb hits and Jap pilots, its not built for a slugging match. Put in a gun and you now need magazine armouring otherwise one hit will delete you. That space also takes up space that could be used for more planes. You can’t move fast enough to dodge, and you are not armoured enough to fight. Rather stay back and let your planes fight”

“The anime also flipped every single scene from left to right.
Why? No one will ever know.”

“Because mangaka is left handed and the animators prefer drawing from different pov since they’re mostly right handed.”

“United States – Whether Israel has nuclear weapons. By not stating that it does, the US avoids having to sanction Israel for violating American anti-proliferation law.”

>That will be 64.99 + tip would you like to purchase our insurance plan?

>64.99 + tip
Don’t tell me Americans actually do this.”

“Just in case you buy a scratched up unusable disc or some broken second-hand hardware from them. They’ve actually monetized terrible customer service.”

“So if it’s broken you can’t take it back unless you bought insurance? WTF? Do Americans seriously do this?”

“if you have the receipt and you’re willing to argue for a couple of minutes you can exchange anything in america.”