2017 Nov 23 ~ Dec 05

“The reason to kill tank-mages and ICS is that a single, dominant strategy actually takes away choice from a game because all other options are provably sub-optimal. The sweet spot for game design is when a specific decision is right in some circumstances but not in others, with a wide grey area between the two extremes. Games lose their dynamic quality once a strategy emerges that dominates under all conditions.”

“Someone took a video I posted on here and uploaded it to YouTube, I guess trying to get me fired. In it I talk about how women shouldn’t have jobs.

So I emailed a woman about renting her basement and she got back that she had watched my YouTube video… and wanted me to come still.

I just talked to her, she said she likes me and could tell from my video that I’m very philosophical and smart!

She is Eastern European so probably more traditional and she teaches philosophy at some adult school.


“Pakman brings up how there are no race genes, and this is a really pubby talking point.

The way it actually works is with variation at gene locations. “Allele” refers to the variant loci, and all humans have the same gene location. It’s just that at each location, you have different variance of a gene. And populations differ in allele frequencies, or, gene variant frequencies, at these locations. But they all have the same locations. All the genes do the same things, just differently depending on this or that S&P being different.

For some perspective, we can compare the male-female genetic differences to the race genetic differences.

You can treat male-female genetic differences as just an allele frequency difference. It’s just a difference of 100% at a very small number of locations. While the allele frequency differences between the races aren’t typological like the gender differences, i.e. you don’t have “race genes”, they’re spread out over many more genes.

If we assume that every single gene on the Y chromosome differs from the analog genes it deactivates on the X chromosome, the FST distance between male and females would be 0.021.

Which is just slightly more than 1/8 of the difference between Europeans and Africans in terms of magnitude (0.166).

So you have gender genes, but you don’t have race genes… but so what? The total magnitude of the allele frequency differences between the races completely dwarfs gender differences.

“Rising IQ scores over time is about as meaningful as rising heights over time. We know that IQ is about 80% heritable within the US, and height is also about 80% heritable in the US and in Western countries. Heights are greater they were in the past, therefore what?

Therefore the height gap between men and women is totally down to environment? Because women today are taller than men were in 2000BC?

It’s the same form of argument you get from the Rising IQs.”

“An allegory I like to use is cakes. A cake has its ingredients, but also the mixing and baking process. So is the cake a result of its ingredients or is it a result of baking and mixing process? That’s a stupid question. It’s both. You can’t disentangle the two as the cause of the characteristics of the cake.

But what you can do is compare two different cakes.

You can say these cakes have the same ingredients, but one was baked longer, that’s why it’s different. That’s why it’s harder or softer or whatever trait you’re measuring. Or you can say these cakes were baked identically, but they have different ingredients, that’s why they’re different in these ways.

Similarly, when comparing either two individual cows or two groups of cows, you can, in principle, infer if the differences between them are a result of environmental differences, genetic differences, or most of the time, a mixture of both.

But it doesn’t make any sense to say “the weight of the cow is 50% genetic 50% environmental.”

So when Pakman talks about IQ tied to genetics, like, no buddy, you need to sit down, you really, literally, don’t know what you’re talking about. That statement is not even wrong. It’s like saying the color of three is unicorn.”

“If I tell you Bob is a “murderer”, well you know what that is. Obviously you’re going to want to know evidence and who he killed, but I don’t have to define the charge in the first instance.

If I tell you Bob is a “piece of shit”, then I have to define the charge. I have to say why he is a piece of shit.

“Racist” works the same way.”

“Whatever asswipe ghost wrote this shit knew that the vast majority of readers wouldnt care much about facts, logic or consistency very much.”

“this is what america does. it uses unprecedented and unsustainable prosperity to import illegals to slaughter animals and fry their meat so that we can stuff it down niggers’ throats until they’re too fat to walk

it literally trains people in the cutting edge of math, science, finance and management to erect offshore platforms to suck up the carbonized remains of extinct species in order to provide the necessary fuel for the spic-nig cycle

i guess i never really grasped the goal of civilization before. why did newton discover calculus? what are maxwell’s equations for? why did mendeleev deduce the periodic properties of elements? the answer to these and to all questions is: to stuff nigs with fried meat until they become crippled from overeating, then to provide them with heroic medical care until they gracelessly expire.”

“We do not and will not block, throttle, or discriminate against lawful content. We will continue to make sure that our policies are clear and transparent for consumers, and we will not change our commitment to these principles.”

“We never will, but it’s very important that we be able to. But we won’t. So let us do it. Because we won’t do it. Which is why we’re spending so much money to make sure we can. But we won’t. But let us.”

“Ok Hitler”

“Yeah I still prefer having a law preventing you from changing those policies when they’re no longer convenient.”

“I trust Comcast less than Hitler.”

“>Arthuria is based off a blonde foreign student at university that Takeuchi had a crush on in university that he never had the balls to ask out
>now he makes billions off drawing saberface

“Mass politics ascended toward its peak when firearms combined with industrialized logistics. We may not appreciate now how revolutionary it was to have an army of hundreds of thousands of trained soldiers in the field at once in the Napoleonic Wars for prolonged periods, millions by the mid 19th century, and tens of millions in the 20th century. Mass production, pasteurization, railroads, the telegraph made possible a condition of total war that was new to agrarian peoples.”

“Some suppose a coalition of single women, gays, and impoverished races holds the key to political power in the future because their helplessness makes them dependent and therefore fanatically loyal. Yet once reality inevitably returns, a furious trans-genderist in a dress can shriek at the top of his lungs all he likes only to be sent tumbling into the mud with a saber slash to the face from a smug, mounted noble wearing a powdered wig. A coalition of the weakest is by nature opportunistic and requires the support of the strong to hold power at all. At best, they are tools who are ultimately discarded the moment they cease to be sufficiently useful as a legitimizing priesthood. That moment always comes sooner than ascended undesirables think because a successful religion helps pacify the masses, save the ruler energy, and keeps the army inspired and loyal—a church of obnoxious political commisars inflames and sabotages things instead.

“What happened is that Swedes escalated the definition of rape, so that looking at a woman sideways was rape.

Then they de-escalated the punishment for rape, so that it was similar to letting your dog poop on the pavement.

And then they imported a million or so brown Mohammedans.

And when anyone noticed that a million old style knife to the throat rapes of white women by brown Mohammedans were happening, old fashioned actual rape type rapes, the criminal noticer got severely punished, hate speech being treated far more severely than mere rape. And if police attempted to arrest the brown guy with the knife: “Racism! Islamophobia! Police Brutality” Cars would be set on fire, and police would ticket the scorched ruins of the car for being illegally parked.

So police decided it was a lot more urgent to ticket people walking their dogs, and rapes by brown men got left on the back burner.

Swedish males are a little bit unhappy about this but, after all “We are not your women”, so they are not all that disturbed.

And what is the reaction of Swedish women? It is “bring in more refugees! We are not your women!”

Female resistance to rape is a shit test. It is not that they don’t want to be raped, it is that they don’t want to be raped by insufficiently powerful males. I say again: Female resistance to rape is a shit test. It is not that they don’t want to be raped, it is that they don’t want to be raped by insufficiently powerful males.

There is no college rape crisis, because if there were, female enrollment would be much higher.

Also, there is no college rape crisis, because the Obama Department of education subjected colleges to extreme and extraordinary pressure to identify and punish heterosexual white male college student rapists, and the colleges subjected coeds to extreme and extraordinary pressure to say that they had been raped, and despite all this storm and drama, the poster boy white male college frat rapist that they managed to turn up was glass rapist Haven Monahan, indicating that the number of affluent white frat boy rapists, the rapists that Obama was twisting the arms of university admins to find, is indistinguishable from zero, that every single rape accusation made against such men is false, for if one of the accusations was plausibly true, he would be the poster boy instead of Haven Monahan. Such a ridiculously low rate of rape indicates that our college boys are disturbingly emasculated, hence the female rage directed against them, and conspicuously not directed at groups that have a very high rate of actual no kidding rape type rape.”

“Which way do you want to go on this? Do you want to try to rehabilitate the central demon because you care so much about a central European regime from 72 years ago, or do you want to do that which advances white nationalism?

Lets say that it’s all bullshit. Say the holocaust is a Soviet fairy tale, the general plan has no supporting documentation and is literally just nuremberg testimony, that I left out a ton of context re: Arab and Japanese allies against the British, that Hitler actually loved Britain and tried to end the war at many points.

Obviously these are just hypothetical things, the Holocaust DEFINITELY HAPPENED because it’s illegal in several countries and against youtube’s TOS to question it. That means IT’S TRUE and Google is a great company. And certainly the general plan WAS PROVEN at a trial where evil nazis weren’t allowed to sully justice by having the ability to question any documentation or testimony.

To understand my videos where I say things about Nazis, viewer, please, you have to be able to read the stitches on a fastball. And you just gotta know what’s real and what I’m saying because I have to – what happened vs.

I’ll just say this happened: Hitler was not a white nationalist, and the conflation of Hitler with normal thinking is what caused normal thinking to be pathologized and is causing us to lose our civilizations, and it was in fact white nationalists who defeated Hitler. Hitlers views on the slavs were also very offensive, whatever the reality of atrocities and the general plan, and have no place in a pan-European white nationalist movement. But most important of all, there’s so much more to be gained by pointing out the white nationalist views of those who fought against Nazis.

On the other hand, the holocaust and the general plan are THINGS THAT DEFINITELY HAPPENED and things I will continue to say DEFINITELY HAPPENED because denying it being against youtube’s TOS makes it true.

But what it really comes down to is – do you want to win or do you want to be pro-Hitler? You cannot do both.

Our enemies have fanatics and I have philosophers.

“You’re correct in saying that modern White Nationalism has little to do with Hitler’s ideas, but that’s not the point. Hitler needs to be de-villified because Hitler-as-demon is their most powerful rhetorical weapon. You can’t let your enemies keep their most powerful weapon, you have to counter them somehow.

It’s not just a question of winning, it’s simply a matter of truth. If we let them lie about Hitler, we’re ceding ground to them and giving them permission to lie about other things as well.”

“It’s never going to work. Hitler and white nationalism are linked in the zeitgeist. It is far easier to convince someone that everything about WW2 is a lie than that Hitler was wrong on everything but one thing.

It’s just not how people are wired. They need something equally emotional to provide counterweight or they need to channel their emotions elsewhere.

You definitely can’t make them emotionally motivated in favor of ethnonationalism while at the same time they are emotionally demotivated by a luring conflation with Nazism in the public eye. You need to resolve this internal conflict for them and you are not.

No one can be passionately be for and against something, it’s just too mentally straining.

That’s how the general public works. It’s cute how you think lying about the Nazis will in any way help you, Faulk.”

“Overturning net neutrality is basically “The Millenial Tax””

“Its magic, because it gets rid of all of these complexities and backstories that simple minds can’t handle, and focuses just on snapshots and simple statements.”

“Next time some conservative (i.e. liberal democrat) tries to claim Communism and NS are the same, just point out that it was his side who teamed up with Communism against NS.”

“I wouldn’t stress about it too much. Focus on making money first, and then when you have enough of it, you can put that into an LLC if you think that’s the right move. You only have to worry about how it’s filed when it’s filed.”

“The fact that backlash is hitting is a sign of growth”

“I have the servers, resources, and knowlege. Time is the biggest enemy.”

“For the steam version, did you have to change sexually explicit text, or just censor images/visuals?”

“I only had to censor actual penetration.
Which, by penetration, they meant two models clipping into each other.. lol.”

So Steam didn’t care about text?”

“Nah, nor content. I had a full on blackmail scene, and they were totally cool with it. A lot of people speculated that was the reason the game got pulled, but they only cared about depicting sex.”

“Let’s be real here.
Most of us on this discord would kill to get insulted by Rock Paper Shotgun
That sounds like an excellent way of making money”

“Basically SFW = 1% chance of success but it’ll be huge, 99% chance you never make more than a few hundred bucks for years of work

NSFW you’ll never become a success like Undertale or Counterstrike but you’ll definitely have decent success if your game is remotely decent and if it’s really good you’ll have really good success”

“Obviously Sparta was in the right. Just make a movie with a Spartan bias already. Athenian democracy-fetishizing gaylords declare war on fashy Sparta bros. What more is there to know?”

“”Old” in German is “alt”. I doubt this was a coincidence when the term ‘alt-right’ was coined.”

“He tells me to only refer to him and his Nazi friends as ‘The Traditionalist Worker Party,’ and I agree to do that.”

Huh? Then why did he in that very sentence violate that agreement?”

“How NOT to apologize: “We regret the degree to which the piece offended so many readers.” Instead try, “We regret the way in which we wrote this article, which was tone deaf and poorly considered.””

“why do people still play Pokemon”

“force of habit
i dont expect new games to be any good but i enjoy talking with /vp/ about them”

“Easy to make a fish soup out of aquarium, but difficult to make an aquarium from the fish soup.”

“Why do games offer a “remove blood” option but not a “remove homosexual content” option?”

>We’ve removed this chart because people are using it to spread a false narrative of the Destiny 2 player population. Daily Unique users is a misleading statistics to use as basis for the active population of the game, any game in that matter. Not everyone plays video games 24/7, besides maybe at launch. We hoped our article would’ve cleared this up a bit but it seems it hasn’t. To halt people from making false narratives based on the numbers we provide we decided to stop showing them in this chart.

It’s totally dead”

“Each of those may be desirable, but when placed together as an equation it is revealed to be nothing but outward branding, and the consequence is that even if you get all three you will still be unsatisfied.”

“Amazingly on purpose, in the cacophony of economic debates, it’s no longer acceptable to talk money. You can talk about unemployment vs. employment, class, titles, debt, growth, seats at table– but not money, unless they are actors or sports stars. If I told you Katniss was making $10M or $90M you wouldn’t know the difference, but try to get $1/hr more from your manager and you find out what a dollar is worth. “I’d like to see you take on more initiative,” says your manager, “then maybe we can come up with some solutions that are right for both of us.””

“Anything both Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos support is a government grift disguised as market dynamics.”

“The western-Japanese cultural dynamic is interesting. A lot of people of all races who are stuck in a raceless society end up liking the intactness of Japanese culture and a lot of that coming through anime etc. A lot of the time, if a black dude likes anime, he’s probably decent. Only a decent person can understand Japanese culture it seems. But on the flipside, Japanese references to European culture is almost always at the latest the mobster era or WW2. Tons of Victorian, German, Medieval, Italian. European culture basically died in the mid 1900s and you can see it here. There’s nothing interesting about Europeans after 1950 or so other than the rise of consumer appliances and brightly lit supermarkets. Hitler’s Germany was the last of it.”

“When the slave auctioneer asked in what he was proficient, he replied, “In ruling people.””

“She got invited to a rich guy’s pool party a few months ago and died the night after from immediate “health failure” and the case was closed right there.

Foul play is most likely suspected but what are you gonna do against rich chinese billionaires?”

“golddigger gets rekt
alternatively: don’t fly too close to the sun
alternatively again: this is how you know there’s something else up when some powerful rich guy is brought down by the media “for the public good””

“Throne because a stationary bandit is better than a mobile bandit; Altar because we have to shut down open entry into the state religion: Harvard needs an Archbishop and a Grand Inquisitor to stop America’s officially unofficial state religion from holiness spiraling out of control into ever greater holiness.”

“Instead of governors failing to pass laws of immediate and pressing importance, low level bureacrats are failing to give approvals of immediate and pressing importance, and senior bureaucrats are utterly neglecting to attend to them.

This is the crisis of socialism. In Venezuela socialism takes the form of rationing and price and wage control, here it takes the form of Human Resources and Accounting, which are tentacles of the state inserted into every corporation, and the mere owners of the business are powerless before them, because they armed with laws that no one can comply with, that everyone is guilty of breaking, as fathers and husbands are castrated by family law that defines being a husband and a father as domestic abuse. Thus those that provide the capital have no power, those responsible for making payroll have no power, those that are responsible for closing deals with customers have no power, those responsible for delivering product to customers have no power, because all of them are criminals before the power of human resources and accounting, just as all fathers and husbands are guilty of domestic abuse.”

“Charles the first lost his head, but George the Fourth lost his stature of a man, which was more devastating to the power of Kings. If he could not control his women, obviously could not control anyone.”

“This is the crisis of socialism, explained in “I pencil”, which makes the point that no one actually knows how to make a pencil, hence socialist production of pencils will fail.

In order to manage complexity, you need walls, so that one man can make decisions without having his decisions fucked up by another man’s decisions. Hence, private property and local authority, the authority of the father, the authority the business owner, the authority of the CEO. And, not so long ago, the authority of the local aristocrat, who tended to be a high officer in the local militia, a major employer and landowner, and related by blood or marriage to most of the other high officers in the local militia.

Ideally all the consequences of a decision should be contained within those walls. Of course they never are, but if you try to manage all the externalities, things very quickly slide of control. Every attempt to manage the externalities has unexpected consequences, and attempts to deal with the unexpected consequences have additional unexpected consequences, because trying to control matters that have externalities connects everything to everything else, resulting in a tangle beyond human comprehension.”

“Power needs to be transferred back to patriarchs, even if some patriarchs abuse the power horrifyingly, for the family court and the ever growing collection of family services are doing a job that is increasingly horrifying in its evil and incompetence. And even if they were doing a fine job, their predecessors screwed King George and will screw whoever is nominally in power, with the result that we get ruled by mobile bandits rather than a stationary bandit.”

“We have a saying in the software business: “Adding more people to a late project makes it later””

“The state must be one, but society must be many. You need many independent actors to operate the economy, but the state must be one actor, and must restrict itself to things where only one actor can operate.

“Just remember, when your normie friend laughs at you for paying for waifus, they are nearly 100% betting hundreds of dollars on fantasy football they have a zero chance of winning and fifa contracts”

“what about playing an older version of the game without the jew player contracts”

“playing odler verstions of the game
fantasy football/basket ball
makes fgo gacha
look downright forgiving
So, you pay 100-1000 dollars
to be allowed the privillage
of betting money
against people who are literally using chinese super computers
you have absolutely no chance of winning EVER
but the tumfuckery
doesnt end there
you need to agree to play
and bet
on a minimum number of games”

“sports are the de facto entertainment and distraction of the masses
the goverment here PAYS to keep football channel available to everyone
Nigga the organizations can do whatever they want
You give someone so much power, you cant take it out easy”

“He kept saying unapproved things, so the Times was sent in to investigate and raise awareness. He is now in the process of being un-personed.”

“When the head of the World Bank says something should be outlawed that is 1000 percent proof positive that it will benefit the masses and not the most powerful people in the world”

“How do you lose a graduation
Did you check your other pair of pants”

“Wow, women confronting political opponents with police protection and male allies. So brave.”

“>Kiritsugu treated Saber how she treated Mordred

“Hahaha oh wow, it’s true. She got so upset about the whole thing, too. And that’s not even going into how Kiritsugu was acting like SABER did during her reign – a kind-hearted person putting on the persona of a cold, distant machine.

Saber getting mad over Kerrytugu is the height of hypocrisy.”

“What was his name again?”

“Brendan “gamers dont understand how hard it is to optimizing a battle royal game, except that EPIC did it on the same exact engine 2-3 months later for fortnite and its completely free” Greene”

“i always had the thought “do these guys have nothing better to talk about” when watching/reading the news, but only just now am i making the connection that this actually means news is a giant continuous make-work project.”

” Women are excellent vectors for ideas/memes, so we do actually need them. This is a balancing act. It’s easy to bash women but 90% of men in this movement are also less than Chad-like.”

“90% of women are less than stacey-like, men dont need any special permission

and women are bashed because they do shit like Tara is doing.

[…] They have to be completely loyal and willing subjects of a male manager/leader. They have to be completely publicly deferent to the commonly accepted Movement authorities (all male ofc), and they have to say the things that they are told to say. Of course this would involve no personal lashing out at trolls (who any professional knows to just ignore) and certainly no bullshit feminism

These broads either ended up where they are because they are ambitious and good marketers or they ended up where they are because some zog honeypot gave them a soap box, and now we see the outcome – they are trying to legitimize the ZOG feminist narrative not because they are secretly jewish wreckers, but because they are silly, insecure, solipsistic, LITTLE GIRLS, who think their feelings are more important than the struggle

like FUCK every single man who takes the lead and spot light may not be trolled for their GENDER but they get it A LOT HARDER for EVERYTHING ELSE. They are called every name, smeared with every lie, attacked in the street, etc. But you dont see any men saying things like “UMM CAN WE NOT CALL EACH OTHER FABBOTS QUESTIONING MY MASCULINITY IS REALLY HURTFUL AND MAKES ME TOO ANXIOUS TO CONTINUE FIGHITNG ZOG” like fuck can oyu imagine that.

They roll with the punches and any man who would run off because he couldnt take the heat is not a man we want leading us, we want the strongest and toughest, we want the most committed and reliable, that these women think their FEELINGS take priority over ANYTHING is proof that they particularly are unfit for anything.”

“>2005 – Comcast was denying access to p2p services without notifying customers.

>2007-2009 – AT&T was having Skype and other VOIPs blocked because they didn’t like there was competition for their cellphones.

>2011 – MetroPCS tried to block all streaming except youtube.

>2011-2013, AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon were blocking access to Google Wallet because it competed with their bullshit.

>2012, Verizon was demanding google block tethering apps on android because it let owners avoid their $20 tethering fee. This was despite guaranteeing they wouldn’t do that as part of a winning bid on an airwaves auction.

>2012, AT&T – tried to block access to FaceTime unless customers paid more money.

>2013, Verizon literally stated that the only thing stopping them from favoring some content providers over other providers were the net neutrality rules in place.

>2017, Verizon caught throttling customer data in direct violation of FCC Net Neutrality rules”

Verizon wireless customers have noticed their video streaming being throttled when testing their speeds on Netflix and YouTube. The telecom giant later confirmed that video streaming speeds were being temporarily capped.

>were being temporarily capped.

just coincidentally, all testing of claims can only happen temporarily.”

“”Markets are great because they’re decentralized.”

“Globalization is great because production of goods is centralized to places where labor and materials are cheapest.””

“The janitor owns a house in a declining area and can’t sell it. The janitor’s child graduates from high school in a couple years. The janitor’s parents require extra care. Econ 101 said labor was mobile – but, in real life, not so much.”

“It’s a sad fact, but most of what we do in technology is destructive. Very few of us make new things under the sun. Most of us make business processes cheaper. There’s nothing wrong with that; we might think, naively, that the value we create would be invested into research and development. That’s not what happens. Businessmen lay people off to pay their own bonuses. We’re the ones who make that possible. Society gets worse with each iteration, and it’s our fault.

Then, is it a surprise that we fail to arouse public sympathy when we can’t afford houses in the Bay Area? Or when we suffer age discrimination at 30?”



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