2017 Sep 21~30

“When open allocation is in play, projects compete for engineers, and the result is better projects. When closed allocation is in force, engineers compete for projects, and the result is worse engineers.”When open allocation is in play, projects compete for engineers, and the result is better projects. When closed allocation is in force, engineers compete for projects, and the result is worse engineers.

When you manage people like children, that’s what they become. When you manage people like children, that’s what they become. Traditional, 20th-century management (so-called “Theory X”) is based on the principle that people are lazy and need to be intimidated into working hard, and that they’re unethical and need to be terrified of the consequences of stealing from the company, with a definition of “stealing” that includes “poaching” clients and talent, education on company time, and putting their career goals over the company’s objectives. In this mentality, the only way to get something decent out of a worker is to scare him by threatening to turn off his income– suddenly and without appeal. Micromanagement and Theory X are what I call the Aztec Syndrome: the belief in many companies that if there isn’t a continual indulgence in sacrifice and suffering, the sun will stop rising.

Psychologists have spent decades trying to answer the question, “Why does work suck?” The answer might be surprising. People aren’t lazy, and they like to work. Most people do not dislike the activity of working, but dislike the subordinate context (and closed allocation is all about subordination). For example, peoples’ minute-by-minute self-reported happiness tends to drop precipitously when they arrive at the office, and rise when they leave it, but it improves once they start actually working. They’re happier not to be at an office, but if they’re in an office, they’re much happier when working than when idle. (That’s why workplace “goofing off” is such a terrible idea; it does nothing for office stress and it lengthens the day.) People like work. It’s part of who we are. What they don’t like, and what enervates them, is the subordinate context and the culturally ingrained intimidation. This suggests the so-called “Theory Y” school of management, which is that people are intrinsically motivated to work hard and do good things, and that management’s role is to remove obstacles.”

“Closed allocation is irreducibly political. Compare two meanings of the three-word phrase, “I’m on it”. In an open-allocation shop, “I’m on it” is a promise to complete a task, or at least to try to do it. It means, “I’ve got this.” In a closed-allocation shop, “I’m on it” means “political forces outside of my control require me to work only on this project.”

People complain about the politics at their closed-allocation jobs, but they shouldn’t, because it’s inevitable that politics will eclipse the matter of actually getting work done. It happens every time, like clockwork. The metagame becomes a million times more important than actually sharpening pencils or writing code. If you have closed allocation, you’ll have a political rat’s nest. There’s no way to avoid it. In closed allocation, the stakes of project allocation are so high that people are going to calculate every move based on future mobility. Hence, politics.

What tends to happen is that a four-class system emerges, resulting from the four categories of work that I developed above. The most established engineers, who have the autonomy and leverage to demand the best projects, end up in the “interesting and important” category. They get good projects the old-fashioned way: proving that they’re valuable to the company, then threatening to leave if they aren’t reassigned. Engineers who are looking for promotions into managerial roles tend to take on the unpleasant but important work, and attempt to coerce new and captive employees into doing the legwork. The upper-middle class of engineers can take the interesting but unimportant work, but it tends to slow their careers if they intend to stay at the same company (they learn a lot, but they don’t build internal credibility). The majority and the rest, who have no significant authority over what they work on, get a mix, but a lot of them get stuck with the uninteresting, unimportant work (and closed-allocation shops generate tons of that stuff) that exists for reasons rooted in managerial politics.

“One of my regrets is that at a prior company I never got to hold a training session I’d planned for our development team, where our accountants would come talk to them in tax code, to convey a sense of what developers often sound like to their coworkers.”

“At the same time, be cautious of over-performance. This isn’t like college where challenging your professor’s ideas could earn you an ‘A’ if you argued your point well. Over-performers often generate extra work for their superiors and colleagues and draw unwanted attention (see: McNulty in The Wire) and are more likely to be culled for “performance” (98 percent of “performance management” in companies is politics) than under-performers. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t work hard and do a good job and learn as much as you can. That’s not necessarily over-performance; in my experience, though, over-performance—being recklessly ambitious, perhaps—is much more dangerous than under-performance. It can get you just as fired and it will happen a lot faster. If you end up stuck between the two, ebb towards under-performance.”

“Never ask for permission unless it would be reckless not to. Want to spend a week investigating something on your own initiative? Don’t ask for permission. You won’t get it. You might not actually be doing your boss a favor when you ask for permission; from their perspective, you’re asking for the right to pass the buck if your project doesn’t pan out. Since he can deny you and your buck-passing after-the-fact, in any case, because he outranks you, you don’t really gain anything from such a promise you might extract in the first place. So there’s no upside in asking for that permission.”

“Never apologize for being autonomous or using your own time […] It sets a precedent of you as a subordinate who needs more supervision.”

“If your company won’t let you work on something during normal work hours, then don’t do it on their behalf for any reason. Respect your time. Or no one else will.”

“Remember: it’s always better to ask forgiveness than permission.”

“Women by their very natures are not truly members of any people.  They are heavily selected by nature to smoothly transition from one tribe to another whether by marriage or warfare.  White knighting is such a destructive force for nations because women have no nation.  They do not care where the high status men come from and they happily absorb the language and customs of wherever they happen to end up.   That blond-haired, blue eyed goddess who can do no wrong orgasms just as hard with the swarthy Mongol who burnt her village and slew all her Darwininan loser brothers.

“One trait of true professionals is that people inside the profession never criticize each other to outsiders. That’s not necessarily for the purpose of secrecy, but because the outsiders will lack appropriate context and become dangerous, even if they don’t mean to be. For example, let’s say that two engineers disagree about source code formatting. It’s just one of those stupid topics that programmers get into heated conflict over, because there isn’t one clear right way to do it.

What happens, though, when such a dispute gets escalated to non-technical management?”

“Because I was a model contributor, my ban caused a substantial loss of faith, among Quora’s community, in its moderation. User engagement, especially among users deemed to be high-value content creators, began to decline. In reaction to this, Quora asked me to rejoin its community in February 2016, and offered a cash settlement. I turned their offer down.”

“The problem here isn’t that we have disagreement in the level of required supporting evidence within the claim itself. It’s simply that you’re unable to function with common social courtesy. […] I don’t live to provide you with stats. That doesn’t make me wrong. It makes you an asshole to say citation needed on every word that is typed.”

“Once, a Wise Man could write a hundred words and inspire a million Men.
Now, a billion bloggerz write a trillion words and inspire one Man.”

“An insult does not need to be true, all that matters is that the speaker makes it stick.”

“Index S3 was announced but it was greatly overshadowed by the news that Tatsuki was removed from his directorial role for KF S2 by Kadokawa.”
“Index S3 was leaked not announced.”
“They leaked it right after Tatsuki posted the news that he was fired because they know that they must cool down the backlash
Dumb idiots never thought they would ignite a wildfire. Index 3 is going to flop as a collateral damage”

“Didn’t KF make shit tons of money though? Why fire him?”
“They got rid of the farmer who raised the cow because they’re just going to hook the poor thing up to an automated milker and leave it there until it dies.”

“Nobody really cares about KF unironically”
“The anime had the biggest profit margin for Japanese TV anime. Ever.”

“>guy directs KF, something which wasn’t expected to be as successful but it ends up being incredibly, incredibly successful

>Kadokawa kicks him out so they can put their own yes-man in charge”

“He is a contract worker, they just don’t contract him for 2nd season.”
“Being cut off from something you wrote and directed is equivalent to being fired, unless it’s mutually agreed upon.”

“Kemono Friends will die as they got born: Soulless cashgrab run into the ground by greedy suits in corperations.”

“Kadokawa’s plan isn’t quite like that. Let me cite what a Taiwanese with Nip corporation experience said.

3 things will get you axed in a nip corporation:
1. Causing a scandal so rivals force you out
2. Implicated in scandal so rival force you out
3. Get axed by the boss because you did too well

Your typical twitter storm will be received with
“Bunch of neet kids thinking that they know better.”
“Totally into the net, that’s how they got raised.”
“Can’t put the future of Japan in these losers’ hands.”

As such, Kadokawa’s more or less trying to
>Make Kemono Friends into a longterm IP.
Similar to Pokemon and not letting any director become the brand. ”

“Sales determine success”

“Success does not determine quality”

“It determines lifespan”

>get given an IP based on an almost dead failed mobile game
>no budget
>turn it into a super popular series>merchandise sales through the roof
>worldwide recognition

>”Thank you for your services. You have ten minutes to clear out your desk before security escorts you from the premises.””

“At least tell the reason first.”
“It always boils down to “creative differences”, the most magical PR term to ever exist.”

“This is WAY worse than if the series just got cancelled.”
“The actual worst outcome is if he just had to sit on his hands for the next few months with some bullshit “executive director” role.

At least he had the balls to tell his fans.”

“You guys are jumping to conclusions a whole lot.

For one thing, you don’t know why Tatsuki was fired. Maybe he had terrible ideas for what to do with a Season 2. Maybe he was an asshole and difficult to work with. You can’t just assume that the people in charge of the IP don’t care about its future, particularly when they are making controversial decisions like firing the acclaimed director.

Besides, haven’t you all been watching anime long enough to see a series you love change directors? It’s not a big fucking deal. He’ll move on and do something original and his notoriety will help him succeed in that. KF will carry on for better or worse, and if nothing else the seiyuus will infuse it with the enthusiasm that we feel in the first season.”

>the person who single-handedly saved the series>terrible ideas for S2


“And I’m supposed to believe that some executives have a better vision for the show than the series director?”

“Are you insane? Tatsuki is the whole reason this exists and we’re sitting here talking about it. Mine created the concept and designs but Tatsuki breathed real life into them, he’s the impetus for this entire movement. It doesn’t matter whether some hanger-on like you or some suit thinks his ideas are “bad”. What we want is whatever he creates. He’s completely earned the trust of the people who would never have even been fans of this series had he not been the one in charge of this incarnation of it in the first place.”

“So the man who single-handedly saved an entire franchise got fired for having “terrible ideas”? Bullshit, they just want to replace him with some studio lackey who will do it much cheaper.If you want an example closer to home, look at what happened to Walking Dead between seasons 1 &2.”

>some studio lackey

Why do you just assume that a new director won’t be passionate and creative? That’s how people get jobs as directors. Some young upstart might be put at the helm and get the same opportunity Tatsuki originally got to show what he’s made of.”

“You’re so sweet and pure anon, what are you doing here?”
>Why do you just assume that a new director won’t be passionate and creative
I don’t have a smug enough anime girl for this. Can anyone lend me one?”
>Why do you just assume that a new director won’t be passionate and creative?Statistically speaking any other director has a 99% chance to just make more generic uninspired crap that is the whole reason why the existence of Kemono Friends is so monumental in the first place. KF really isn’t “just another anime”, the reason it’s become such a massive phenomenon in Japan and in our small pocket here is because someone with talent and genius like Tatsuki was able to create something fresh and revitalizing that people who’ve been getting completely sick of anime as a medium for decades have been longing for. Replace him with anyone else and you’re just back to the same old bland disposable instantly-forgotten MAL checklist item series that created this need.”

“Name a single time an IP survived the firing of its main creative visionary.”
“Fallout and Deus Ex”
>two beloved original creations that were reworked by much larger studios, gaining huge sales after being dumbed down to forgettable, uninspired masses-appealing franchises
Thanks for such perfect examples of what we have to look forward to”

“>dumbass suits fucked up KF once
>got saved by miracle hobo they picked at comiket
>fucked it up again anyway”

“It was never supposed to succeed. Kadokawa execs have totally legitimate independent investors reminding them of that daily. This is their last desperate attempt to get out from under this franchise.”

“I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to say.”


>Man given a potato for a budget and 3 sticks for a team
>Manages to create a small cultural pheonmenon, revive a dead IP, and inspire people to even visit the fucking zoo
>Corporate rips it away from him on his birthday

There is nothing good in this world”

“FGO is already a terrible corporate product designed only to pander.
KF will be exactly that now.”

“But that’s the endgame of any successful franchise when money is involved. This should not have come as a surprise.”

“There are four reasons why the Cynics are so named. First because of the indifference of their way of life, for they make a cult of indifference and, like dogs, eat and make love in public, go barefoot, and sleep in tubs and at crossroads. The second reason is that the dog is a shameless animal, and they make a cult of shamelessness, not as being beneath modesty, but as superior to it. The third reason is that the dog is a good guard, and they guard the tenets of their philosophy. The fourth reason is that the dog is a discriminating animal which can distinguish between its friends and enemies. So do they recognize as friends those who are suited to philosophy, and receive them kindly, while those unfitted they drive away, like dogs, by barking at them.”

“One of the most common things right wing people say is “We just want to be left alone.”  There’s no such thing as being left alone.  A polity either has enough power to defend itself or it is subjugated by a stronger power.  Only on a North American continent where opposition was relatively weak after the early 19th century could such a notion be seriously thought of. Just imagine how expecting to be left alone would sound to Polish or Ukrainians?

“Let this show that in the real world. Greed and hate will always prevail. Ironic, based on the shows values. Really makes you think.”

Don’t use buzzwords without thinking about what they mean”

“You do realize this decision was fueled by jealous, hatred, and spite from the executives, right?

Kemono Friends was supposed to fail. That’s why they gave it no budget and out a bunch of “nobodies” on the production team.

But the genuine talent and love for the show made it better than anything Kadokawa backed in the last decade. Imagine how pissed off the execs with their own pet projects were. They wanted revenge, but they still wanted the golden egg that Kenobi Friends ended up being.

They wanted golden eggs but not the hen that laid one. That’s how stupid these guys are. They genuinely thought they could get away with this and market it afterwards.
Corporate executives can be some of the pettiest and hateful people in the planet.”

>Kadokawa hates money

The accumulation of money has nothing to do with expertise, that’s why terrible decisions from higher-ups tend to happen and the primacy of capital in life means the suits who deal with the business will always feel they know better than the artists.”

> suits who deal with the business will always feel they know better than the artists.

They actually do. Artists tend to be very bad with money. One only needs to look at Kickstarter and see how all the artists have been mismanaging their funds.”

“Lick the boots of those in charge some more, will ya?”

>kancolle goes from no name game to massive hit.
>Kadokawa fucks up hard with anime and side material.
>KF goes to from no name game to massive hit and kadokawa fucks up everything.

I’m starting to see a pattern on it. Shame that those retards pretty much have monopoly on a lot of stuff together with Aniplex.”

>OMG someone made a sleeper hit! Keep forcing him to make more of it!

>OMG someone made a sleeper hit! We NOW KANGZ N SHIET”

“And people wonder how Sunrise/Bandai able to milk Gundam for almost 40 years”

“It’s ironic how one big corp killed KF, it was revived and then killed again by another big corp.

Is there nothing good in life?”

“The IP system is real fucked up and gives companies way too many rights to hold over, you know, the people actually making this stuff

The cuckolded logic is that without producers/investors there wouldn’t be art and they deserve recognition for the “risk” of investing (when these failures wouldn’t put a dent on their fortunes anyway)

In my humble opinion this ultimately degrades the concept itself of being a creator and puts all that creative process under a horrible capitalist logic”

“I think kadokawa ceo and photobucket ceo would get along well”
“Wait what?”
“new ceo takes over photobucket and decides without warning to change what has been for a decade free image hosting and change it to $399 annual fee. Billions of images in forums and blogs worldwide are now broken images because people refused to pay the ransom. CEO: zero fucks give.. said let them go. And this change happened overnight no warning no announcement just a single sentence in their TOS updated”

“No, inflation should be zero. But debtors need inflation to decrease the real value of their debts, and the US federal government is the biggest debtor in human history… so yeah, they’re only going to hire economists that support more inflation. Economics is probably the most blatantly distorted subject due to political necessity.”

“As you get successful you ramp production up to match.
Most important is just sustaining the effort.
If you take on too much, get overwhelmed and quit you have no game.
If you don’t plan very tightly, get lost and waste all your money, you have no game.
Above all else pursue that “minimum viable product”.
And then build out from there.”

“My great-grandfather owned a large grocery store chain. Nice guy, very charitable, gave food to whoever needed it in an era before social safety nets. He brought in a fellow who was his right hand man, taught him everything he knew. The guy then went across the street, used all that expertise to open his own store and drove my grandfather out of business. And so we grew up in poverty.

Don’t be too trusting, and never count on knowledge staying secret.”

“The whole reaction towards Tatsuki being fired is honestly proof that Kadokawa was right about him having too much pull when it comes to projects relating to Kemono Friends.

Sure they could have laid him off in a nicer way, but they needed to make sure that a franchise of theirs isn’t completely controlled by an outsider.”

“The vast majority of the time a company needs to kick someone off a project and replace them with someone else, they put on a huge dog and pony show in which the baton is passed with great ceremony so as to grease the transition for everyone involved. In this case it didn’t work out.”

“1. First, if you push hard, something will always collapse.
2. When that time comes, internal blame will be pushed onto someone.
3. In addition, successful cases will have many politics brought into them.
4. Businesses prefer obedient creators who are easy to handle.
5. Adjusting that is down to the skill of the site producer, but with no weapons he cannot really put up a fight.
6. In summary, to have the copyright (or a part of it) at the production company is the most healthy production environment…

These are the things that I have learned up to now.”

“After what Lucas pulled off with Star Wars, every studio is careful with IPs
But seriously, it being so averse to risk after it paid off the first time, that they decided to stop it all together is just so stupid”

“The thing I hate is that while Kadokawa deserves the hate they get and any violence that comes to them, the second something like that DOES happen, Kemono Friends will instantaneously lose support from all sides cause in one stroke the positions have been reversed.”

>Happy Salesmen are driven solely by profit and will drop their “pride” at a moment’s notice.

You underestimate them. Their pride does not forbid them from grovelling, whining, begging, or anything. But they aren’t in anyway humble. Pride without honor”

“fuck anyone who tries to say the animation was bad in this show

good animation doesn’t even mean that you have well choreographed movements that flow realistically, in fact animation is completely secondary in anime, as long as you have memorable characters with recognizable style, you have a likable show”

“How many years do they have to wait until the IP expire? Does it even apply to fictional chinese cartoon? They are going to be stuck on the boat for a very long time.”

“70 years after the owner (a corporation in this case) dies.”

“How can a “corporation” die? Be legally removed from the taxroll? Until every, single employee is dead? That seems ridiculous”

“Bankruptcy, or having its charter revoked. By design, that should almost never happen, but even if it does, the project will be long forgotten by the time it hits public domain.”

“It’s not about being a piece of entertainment, it’s about a person’s labor of love that touched everyone’s heart. Then squandered over by corporate greed.”

“And that labor of love is just a Chinese cartoon. You’ll get more labors of love in the future which may or may not get fucked over by management. Don’t try to kill yourself for once over one of many series where you become disappointed with what happens to it.”

“That’s like saying that losing a daughter is fine. You can always just breed with your wife again

Stop oversimplifying things what the fuck”

“It’s not a daughter or a wife. It’s a cartoon. Don’t lose sleep over it is all I’m saying you fucking moron.”

“It’s an artist’s child.

Do you even understand why captains go down with their ship?Or why /k/ cries at the sight of dead tanks?”

“Characters are people too.”

>protecting this work, protecting the fans, the animals as we hold true to the original aim of the project.

That kind of moral posturing doesn’t hold when your project started as a gacha, a wasteful use of smartphones, requiring rare earths to make.”

“Just how big is this in Japan that a sport news take this scoop?”

“Kemono Friends is the biggest hit of its season if not the whole year. And more importantly it was re-aired in child friendly time slots so it is something normal Japanese actually watched.”

“Why is it that you anon outside of Asia-Pacific remain skeptical about how big kemono friends have blown up in Japan?

The re-airing of episode 12 took precedence over north korea firing missile near Japan during broadcast, and the whole success of Kemono Friends were repeated in business section all around, never mind just within the anime industry.”

“It’s the biggest anime in years”

“These are the kind of posts that remind me that a lot of people here live in a bubble and think that everything they don’t know is not true or unbelievable to the point that even if the facts are already in being dangled in front of their faces, they’ll still deny it to their last breath.”

“>Kemono Friends
>from miracle anime that saved a dead franchise and made it a national phenomenon
>to whistleblower on nepotism practiced by large corporations and anime production committees

Truly, the miracle of our times.”

“Hahahaha, this is fucking hilarious.
How will kadokawa recovered from this? Not even their sponsors corroborate with their story.”

“This may really be the point when everyone Kadokawa bullied comes out to shit on them.”

>the artists cannot even draw anything with that ip again.
Wait, even fanarts?”

“Fan art has always technically been ilegall”

“The end of S1 will be a gut punch though because of what could have been”
“Better dead and buried in peace than having your rotting corpse paraded around.”

“Why does steam punk always mean sepia tone?”
“Beacause that’s the way the era is presented to the modern audience. If you went to a museum and such, you’ll just find half-rusted machinery, or machinery that was rusted so they got the rust off which leaves you with that sort of color, bare metals from hot stuff as those things killed the color rather quikcly, brownish photographs tend to be all that’s left from that era and so on.

It’s like how people imagine Classical Greek cities to be all white marble ‘ala the numerous Panthenon copies around the world, Ancient Egypt as nothing more than sand and mud huts, &c.”

“You can’t compare yourself to others. Same reason intelligent kids end up doing nothing. They compare themselves and then never reach their potential. “

“so what happens if the entire industry is bending the rules and you have no one to work with who isn’t bending the rules”

“If the law can’t do it, and your business is at stake, thats what people do
THen you leave the industry cause it killed itself
Or report people and inform authorities”

“lol you can’t just leave an industry you’re deep in like that unless you have $$$ saved up or insane connections
inform who? nothing they’re doing is breaking the law
and if you report people, welcome to blacklisting
you’ll never get a job in that industry again(from experience with two different industries i was in when i blew the whistle on people being dumbasses and never could get a job in those industries again as a result)”

“I think that applies at any job though”

“well yeah
i’m just saying basically no one was following ther ules
that’s why they passed that law”

“>What is this?
>read it just now
>read the real life case
I think I’m going to site outside for a little while”

“Much nastier shit is going on in warzones and under druglords in Asia, you’re just sheltered from exposure to it.”

“One dead soldier is a tragedy, a hundred dead is a statistic”

“I mean even if they aren’t number, when anything become a normal occurrence unrelated people generally stop giving fucks about each individual case.”

“there was a law team at AX a few years ago which threw a panel basically to learn doujin economics
copyright laws aren’t really that different in Japan, it’s just that franchise owners see an uptick in sales whenever doujin works appear
but that may not be culturally universal
so in Japan it’s considered free advertising that actually contributes to original work sales”

“also know your companies
doing porn of nintendo characters = haha good luck, @akairiot got his 20,000+ follower tumblr canned from nintendo reports/art
doing blizzard = dont care as long as you dont use official models
sega = RNG, they freak out over the most random things (shining force) but don’t seem to give a fuck about sonic, they used to though
atlus = also RNG
square enix = don’t seem to care, ever
touhou = basically welcomes it, just dont say you’re a westerner because the creator of the game hates westerners”

“When luck isn’t with you, everything goes wrong! When you’re unlucky, no matter how much you struggle, you will always feel betrayed.

So that’s why, when luck is with you, you need to win as much as you can! You gotta climb to the top! Keep going higher and higher! Head to the summit!


“Ah, him, an old classmate of mine! He spoke back to me one time,  so I challenged ‘im to a gamble… and KKTHK! Off with his head!

‘Course, officially, it was considered a suicide.

They all just said, “He was having a difficult time, and had a lot to deal with.” The teachers and police all said that! It’s just like an assembly line! None of ’em wanna question something if it’s too much trouble!”

“Be fair? What kinda bullshit is that? I know what this talk of fairness means!
It means you have no intention of protecting me! Doesn’t it?

You scum!”

“Look at us. Our shoes and clothes are tattered and torn. That’s why… we can’t steal. It’s because we’re as poor as we are that we have to do what’s right.

It’s so we can live with pride.”

“That’s right! He’s not making any sense. Being in front of them? Seeing them off? None of that shit matters! It doesn’t change anything about the fact that you’ve chosen to make them die! So why the hell are you getting so immersed in this sense of heroism? What he’s trying to say is that even though he’s done something like this, at the very least, he’s not gonna run away from what he’s done. So in other words:

He’ll be manly about being weak.

This guy found a way to make inhumanity look aesthetically pleasing. He’s so shameless, he can make himself think he’s going about it the right way.”

“Akiyama is impressive not because he exposed Yokoya’s schemes, but because he exposed Yokoya’s true nature. It is as you say, Yokoya currently holds the advantage. But if Yokoyoa encounters a game-changing situation, that will be the moment when Akyiyama’s move will become effective.”

“I’m having an interesting discussion about h-games right now. Its surprising revelation might be relevant to you: Basically, betas want to play the “beta fantasy” of conquering women. Be nice to them, hang out with them, buy them things, eventually the player is rewarded by the game|the girl with sex. They are actively uncomfortable with other framings. They’re the ones that hate “NTR” because the typical cheating story is usually a deconstruction of the beta fantasy.”


2017 Sep 05 ~ 20

“The irony would be that this is actually really insulting to women and their secondary sex characteristics in general. Hey they those things that physically sets you apart from men? They’re evil!”

“The even more ironic thing is that it’s pushed by the sort of people who consider body shaming to be the worst thing imaginable”

“If you really ask yourself, would you be so sure? If you had the choice, “I can live with no responsibility whatsoever, the price I pay is that nothing matters”, or I can reverse it, and “Everything matters, but I have to take the responsibility associated with that”. It’s not so obvious to me that people would take the meaningful path.”

“Women don’t handle competitive environments graciously. Everything will always degrade into “Bitch Bitch Slut Hoe”. What cracks me up is when it comes to insulting men, women equate men to women as an insult. Because they know they’re the lesser gender.”

“The end can’t affect the beginning, that’s the rule of time, right, “What happens now can’t affect what happened to you ten years ago”, even though it actually can; you reinterpret things and then they’re not the same, but whatever, we won’t get into that…”

“Some of you have had lifeguard training: How do you approach someone who’s drowning and panicking?

Feet Out.

“I’ll save you, but that doesn’t mean you get to drown me while I’m doing it”. If it’s you drown or both of us drown, it’s you drown. And that’s wisdom. That’s not cruelty.”

“If you teach history or literature […] If you approach those subjects and share this with the kids, that what we’re after is not a good story, or memorizing details from Jane Austen for the test, we’re after a theory of human nature. Anyone who’s written a book that lasts more than their own time has spent years closely observing people in interaction, and the trace left behind is an insight that you might spend a lifetime and never have. That’s what we’re after: a theory of human nature, drawn from history, philosophy, or literature, or law, or the greatest trove that’s unexamined is theology.”

“You’re going to find that the ordinary unit of meaning in the english language is three hard stresses long, or sometimes four, but often it’s two, three, or four. As you enter the realm of intellect and have more to say, or more nuances to say, you need larger units of meaning. Five, that’s iambic pentameter, even six, that’s hexameter, the greeks used seven, septameter, and you’ll feel that by reading and memorizing some of this poetry, you’ll have the models built into your head to shift back and forth according to your audience.

Shakespeare, to the ignorant, writes iambic pentameter lines, and one of the reasons you don’t even want to look at Shakespeare is all the lines seem to be pretty much the same length. I’m gonna teach you something he knew four centuries ago: it looks like they’re all the same length, but there’s a breath pause in this speech after two hard beats, the next breath’s pause is twelve before you’ve delivered your meaning, three, four, there’s this inner jazz at work underneath this regular pattern. You can learn to do that after someone exposes the secret to you, that’s half the game, and the other half of the game is simply building the models into yourself so you don’t have to think.

We used an exercise that immediately turned horribly dull writers into at least moderately interesting writers, and it’s totally mathematical […] Write 1 to 20 on twenty pieces of paper, put them in some sort of container, then list what you’ve drawn out at random, now you’re going home, and you’re gonna write a paper on X subject, and if 1 is the first number that came out, the first sentence will be 1 word long or 1 word long, and if the second one is 20 it’ll be 20 long. […] Now they had the kind of jazz that readers aren’t completely conscious of but they’ll record as, “something’s interesting about it”, even if he’s writing about a milk separator.

And you as a filmmaker remember Eisenstein’s film of the peasants watching milk being separated on a Russian farm in the 1920s. Why is it so awfully interesting? Because he understood things, that the eye is looking at the movement of light around the screen, it’s looking at entrances and exits.

Thirteen year old kids from Harlem can master these secrets just as well as twenty-five year old Harvard students can. And then they become preternaturally sophisticated.”

“The New York Times announced on the front page about three weeks before the Ed Koch – David Dinkins election of, let me say 1980, somewhere around there, that Dinkins was hopelessly behind by 17 points.

I had a black kid in the class come up and ask me why the city was so prejudiced, and I said why do you say that, he said look at this, and I say why do you believe that’s true? Maybe that’s to get you not to go and vote, I don’t know. But I do know that it says here in small print that they only interviewed 300 people. And there’s 8 million of us. I said, there’s 120 people in my 5 classes, if each one of you do 20 interviews, and we do it according to the way you get a random distribution, and that’s easy enough to find out, well we can have a many times larger sample.

So that happened. We gathered the data. We processed it. And we discovered, about a week after the Times said he was hopelessly behind, that he was actually ahead by a fraction of 1 point. That’s quite a skew.

The election came, he won in the closest race in New York history.

But notice that a random group of 120 thirteen-year olds had produced more accurate information. The math and the statistical processing is hardly daunting for a fifth grader. So why aren’t the 70 million captive schoolchildren involved in, if nothing else, data-gathering?

There must be a reason they’re not used that way, nor do they hear about statistical sampling until they’re in college.”

“Intensive and narrow scientific training will guarantee that you never make a scientific breakthrough.”

“Habit is the enormous flywheel of society, its most precious agent. It alone saves the children a fortune from the envious uprisings of the poor. It alone prevents the most repulsive jobs from being deserted. It holds the minor in his darkness, it prevents the different social strata from mixing.”

“These are the six purposes:

1. The Adjustive Function. Schools are to establish fixed habits of reaction to authority.

That’s their MAIN purpose: habits of reaction to authority. That’s why school authorities don’t tear their hair out when someone exposes that the atomic bomb wasn’t dropped on Korea, as a history book in 1990s printed by Scott Foresman distributed said, and why each of these books has hundreds of substantitve errors. Learning ISN’T the reason the texts are distributed.

Now, here comes the wonderful insight that being able to analyze the detail will give you:

How can you establish whether somebody has successfully developed this automatic action?

People have a proclivity when they’re given sensible orders, to follow them. That’s not what they want to reach. The only way you can measure this is to give stupid orders and people automatically follow them anyways.

Have you ever wondered why some of the foolish things schools do are allowed to continue?

2. The Integrating Function. But it’s easier to understand if you call it The Conformity Function.

It’s to make children as alike as possible, the gifted children, the stupid children, as alike as possible, because market research uses statistical sampling, and it only works if people react generally the same way.

3. The Directive Function.

School is to diagnose your proper social role and then to log the evidence, here’s where you are in the grade pyramid, so that future people won’t allow you to escape that compartment.

4. The Differentiating Function.

Once you’ve diagnosed kids in this layer, you do not want them to learn anything that the higher layers are learning, so you teach just as far as the requirements of that layer.
5 and 6 are the creepiest of them all.

5. The Selective Function.

What that means is what Darwin meant by natural selection. You’re assessing the breeding quality of each individual kid. You’re doing it structurally, because schoolteachers don’t know this is happening, and you’re trying to use ways to prevent the poorer stuff from breeding, and those ways are hanging labels, humiliating labels around their neck, encouraging the shallowness of thinking. […]

The Selective Function is what Darwin meant by “the favored races”, the idea is to consciously improve the breeding stock. Schools are meant to tag the unfit with their inferiority by poor grades, remedial placement, humiliation, so that their peers will accept them as inferior. And the good breeding stock among the females will reject them as possible partners.

6 has a fancy Roman name.

6. The Propaedeutic Function.

As early as Roman big-time thinkers, it was understood that to continue a social form required some people being trained that they were the custodians of this. So some small fraction of the kids are being readied to take over the project.”

“What happened? Decline happened. The anime industry is in tatters. People are drawing for USD10k a year. Innovation dies when there’s no money, everyone plays it safe, which in this case means lame girl anime for perverts.”

“This mental habit of separating ‘democratic dissent’ and ‘violent terrorism,’ which the Robert Spencers of the world vainly attempt to invoke, and the Noam Chomskys successfully invoke, is one of the most curious psychological tics of the deranged 20th century. Of course its raison d’etre, as a psychological-warfare device, is to forestall the realization that leftist movements achieve power through violence, then demand pacifism of the subjugated.”

“How the hell can anyone look at this and not becoming either profoundly bored or exhausted”

“Clover was introduced in Japan by the Dutch as packing material for fragile cargo. The Japanese called it “White packing herb” (シロツメクサ), in reference to its white flowers.”

“British officials believed that depending on telegraph lines that passed through non-British territory posed a security risk, as lines could be cut and messages could be interrupted during wartime. They sought the creation of a worldwide network within the empire, which became known as the All Red Line, and conversely prepared strategies to quickly interrupt enemy communications. Britain’s very first action after declaring war on Germany in World War I was to have the cable ship Alert (not the CS Telconia as frequently reported) cut the five cables linking Germany with France, Spain and the Azores, and through them, North America.”

“In 1911 the Committee on Imperial Defence stated in a report that the All Red Line was complete. The network had so many redundancies that 49 cuts would be needed to isolate the United Kingdom; 15 for Canada; and 5 for South Africa. Many colonies such as South Africa and India also had many land lines. Britain also possessed the majority of the world’s underwater-telegraph deployment and repair equipment and expertise, and a monopoly of the gutta-percha insulation for underwater lines. The 1911 report stated that the Imperial Wireless Chain should only be a “valuable reserve” to the All Red Line, because enemies could interrupt or intercept radio messages. Despite its great cost the telegraph network succeeded in its purpose; British communications remained uninterrupted during the First World War, while Britain quickly succeeded in cutting Germany’s worldwide network.”

“History is much more interesting than fiction when it comes to technology, probably because fiction is written by civilians whose experience is primarily with the civilian market which seems to embrace a change all at once, or because the author designed everything to be similar enough except for the one visible quirk due to simple-is-good design philosophy.

“Steampunk” has nothing on underwater telegraph cables existing long before submarines and airmail, or state-of-the-art supersonic stealth jets literally leaking fuel on the runway then flying and taking pictures from 15 miles up by film, or turreted tanks being accompanied by a largely horse-pulled supply line.”

“I’m a fucking happy guy. I’m doing fucking great. When I shitpost and angerpost, I’m having a good time. It’s my sense of humor, but people act like that isn’t the case when they want to snipe at you. No, I’m not fuckin Plato or Zarathustra, but my efforts are real and I have made a difference by telling people the truth.

The fact that I push for what I care about means that I haven’t given up on this world. I have a family and I want the world to be a better place for their sake and beyond. I know it’s hard to imagine anything beyond the pleasure center for some. These snipers are the people who have given up on the world and sneer at you for caring about anything. They want to steer you back to the plantation because they themselves have given up and they want their friends to follow naturally.

They want to insult you and show how you aren’t perfect and that not being perfect somehow makes you incorrect. Nobody is perfect, yet we have civilization because the truth was perpetuated to some degree. Some of us are forced to carry that torch through the ages. Had they been in a prehistoric tribe, they would have kicked the barley out of the ground.

They’ll see some dudes acting autistic about the truth and rather than accept that some people are just that way and to focus on the better people and the words themselves, they deny the truth because it’s an issue of social acceptance to them. They never cared, because they weren’t willing to put their foot down for the sake of the truth when the pressure rose against them and say this far, no farther.

They pull the same as the left trying to psychoanalyze you for displaying and communicating facts and concern about real things which have real meaning to the future of humanity FOR-EVER. They’re crabs in the bucket.

I’m always working on something other than this shit, and so is everybody I know. They say “why can’t you focus on your own life” when in reality, they can’t focus on more than that. When they’re forced to put forth effort, they lose their will for the bigger picture. They’re mentally too busy sanding down the edges of the piece of the puzzle that makes up their lives so they can fit neatly inside of it rather than seeing the glue on the frame.

I truly loved these people when they were good people who had a fire raging in their bellies. These people now have a deep hatred for those who prefer a trend towards perfection—People who want to create life and want to see it bloom and flourish into a glorious future that our progeny can look back on with pride. I pray that one day they will find that power inside themselves again.”

“The Nuremburg Trial was probably one of the biggest and most long lasting diplomatic disasters throughout history.

I think people vastly underestimate the lasting damage that this trial has done for the entire geopolitical world ever since. It’s not just the immediate post-WW2 era, but every war since then has been made worse and every geopolitical crisis dragged out because the governments of the countries know that if they are ever brought down they will be executed and made a joke of in these phony victors trials, whereas before WW2 governments could more reliably try to make “deals”, since they could assume that even if the other side stabbed them in the back it still would be only a political loss for them, not an existential matter of life and death for them personally.

Think about how much easier diplomacy for example with North Korea would be if the ruling class of the country wouldn’t have to worry about wether they will be sodomized with a bayonet like Gadaffi did or rot away the rest of their lives in prison if they get rid of their nukes.”

“Amazon’s request for proposals for its new headquarters location was not drawn up to reveal the company’s decision criteria. It was drawn up to solicit the maximum number of credible incentive packages… The whole point of this exercise is to improve the company’s bargaining position for the location it wants.

[…] Consider, for example, the recent case of General Electric’s relocation to Boston. The after the fact statements of the company’s CFO make it abundantly clear that GE was strongly attracted to Boston by the region’s urban amenities and the culture of innovation — attributes that could hardly be replicated at any price in most alternative locations.”

“That’s basically what hugh jackman did for wolverine. He’d drink fuck tons of water and eat plain chicken and greens, and lift constantly, then he would stop drinking water two days before the shoot and he’d be cut as fuck.”

“What strikes me most about open-plan offices is that they’re so incredibly retro. Huge office spaces with desks beside one another were all the rage in the mid-20th century.

The idea then, as now, was to allow management to tell–at a glance–who was working and who was not. And a big room crammed with people is less expensive than private offices.

The only difference now is that modern workspaces have computers rather than typewriters and are tricked out in egregious biz-blab about “collaboration” and “self-organizing teams.”

Look, the entire point of the internet, email, social media, video conferencing, messaging, and groupware is to allow people to work together without being in the same room.

So why this weird fetish about having everyone together in the same physical space — especially since cramming everyone together creates a noisy environment that is difficult to work in and offers an easy excuse to hold yet another agenda-less meeting?”

“Such delusional thinking is more understandable when we realize the mercantile caste of society has been ascendant since at least the French Revolution.  The obsession with equality that we take for granted is connected to the bourgeois attitude that the customer is always right and two men with the same amount of money in their outstretched palms are effectively the same, to be treated the same.  This attitude informs the obsession of the modern world with being popular and inoffensive above all else.  This attitude is so ingrained we run even our personal relationships like businesses. […]

We see a great example when alt-lite personalities discuss the alt-right as a “brand.”  They cannot yet understand anything other than the mass market.  Why would they?  The business of America is business.  The attitudes of the marketplace have dominated the culture of the USA and the entire West for centuries.”

“Genius is talent exercised with courage.”

“A man will be imprisoned in a room with a door that’s unlocked and opens inwards; as long as it does not occur to him to pull rather than push it.”

“If a person tells me he has been to the worst places I have no reason to judge him; but if he tells me it was his superior wisdom that enabled him to go there, then I know he is a fraud.”

“When finally, sometimes after a prolonged arduous effort, his answers came forth, his statement stood before us like a newly created piece of art or a divine revelation. Not that he asserted his views dogmatically … But the impression he made on us was as if insight came to him as through divine inspiration, so that we could not help feeling that any sober rational comment of analysis of it would be a profanation.”

“Day 2 of serving dogs. Are you ready?!”


“Cheer up!”


“That attitude won’t make things easier for yourself.”

“It’s like being a gynecologist. After a while you stop seeing boobs and vaginas. Instead, all you see are ISSUES you must fix.”

“But I still don’t see why I should be the one doing it.”

“For starters, they don’t take me too seriously.”

“Understandable. I don’t take you too seriously either.”

“I-I wasn’t sleeping! My eyes were open!”

“You went to college, right? You know that having your eyes open means nothing.”

“We live in an era where PR is the first and only word in anything. You can sell the shittiest of stuff and people will buiy it if you’re the apple of their eyes. But make one fucking mistake and it’s OVER for you. You’re suddenly a criminal to them. No chance of appeal. Gods forbit if they ever catch something you said out of context.”

“That’s the silence of somebody who just heard something stupid. Stupid enough to warrant the speech they’ve prepared just for occasions like this.”

“What can you say about me, then?”

“Let’s see… hmm…
You’re very, very, VERY sexually frustrated. It’s not the act itself, but rather that your partners can’t seem to satisfy you on a deeper level. There’s an even deeper frustration. Something happened that’s blocking you. Maybe there’s someone who you know won’t return your feelings. Maybe you were hurt in the past. Thus, your demeanor is that of someone who feels like life is playing tricks on her. Like a dog whose owner never really throws the ball.”


“Oh boy, did I actually hit the nail on the head? I was making this stuff up on the fly! All of that was just rubbish I say because it’s right 80% of the time.”

“I’m not sure how legal that is.”

“People believe it is and I’ve yet to be troubled by a lawyer.”

“I find it weird that a lot of D.Va’s taunt lines would get you reported if you actually typed them out in chat.”

“Yeah it’s a bit odd that they’re aware that bantz are a part of online gaming culture, have a character based on online gaming culture, but ban anyone trying to participate in it themselves.”

“Genghis Khan also learned from this. The obvious benefit is that people don’t feel oppressed and rebel and you get more stability and taxes. But if we look at the empires, they were all about infrastructure and cracked down hardest on unethical or criminals which threatened trade. Except the Persians left things better than when they got there generally. It’s like when people whine about African colonialism and we respond that they were given modern amenities without violence in most places and allowed to work and learn. Obviously the Africans threw it away. Anyway, it was all evolution. Much like Japan becoming a world power to avoid being destroyed, Persia awakened that sense in the west and along with its philosophy and ideals (which are totally understated) gave them the spark and codes to create their own empires. Greeks were intelligent as shit, and so it worked out, unlike Africans.”

“Instead of saving time, inventions like email “revved up the treadmill of life to ten times its former speed and made our days more anxious and agitated.”

“heaven is drowning in a literal ocean of korean women”

“Many leftists push for affirmative action, for moving black people into high-prestige jobs, for improved education in black schools and more money for such schools; the way of life of the black “underclass” they regard as a social disgrace. They want to integrate the black man into the system, make him a business executive, a lawyer, a scientist just like upper-middle-class white people. The leftists will reply that the last thing they want is to make the black man into a copy of the white man; instead, they want to preserve African American culture. But in what does this preservation of African American culture consist? It can hardly consist in anything more than eating black-style food, listening to black-style music, wearing black-style clothing and going to a black-style church or mosque. In other words, it can express itself only in superficial matters. In all ESSENTIAL respects most leftists of the oversocialized type want to make the black man conform to white, middle-class ideals. They want to make him study technical subjects, become an executive or scientist, spend his life climbing the status ladder to prove that black people are as good as white. They want to make black fathers “Responsible,’ they want black gangs to become nonviolent, etc. But these are exactly the values of the industrial-technological system. The system couldn’t care less what kind of music a man listens to, what kind of clothes he wears or what religion he believes in as long as he studies in school, holds a respectable job, climbs the status ladder, is a “responsible” parent, is nonviolent and so forth. In effect, however much he may deny it, the oversocialized leftist wants to integrate the black man into the system and make him adopt its values.”

“Though they are especially noticeable in the left, they are widespread in our society. And today’s society tries to socialize us to a greater extent than any previous society. We are even told by experts how to eat, how to exercise, how to make love, how to raise our kids and so forth.”

“Consider the hypothetical case of a man who can have anything he wants just by wishing for it. Such a man has power, but he will develop serious psychological problems. At first he will have a lot of fun, but by and by he will become acutely bored and demoralized. Eventually he may become clinically depressed. History shows that leisured aristocracies tend to become decadent. This is not true of fighting aristocracies that have to struggle to maintain their power. But leisured, secure aristocracies that have no need to exert themselves usually become bored, hedonistic and demoralized, even though they have power. This shows that power is not enough. One must have goals toward which to exercise one’s power. […]
Nonattainment of important goals results in death if the goals are physical necessities, and in frustration if non-attainment of the goals is compatible with survival. Consistent failure to attain goals throughout life results in defeatism, low self-esteem or depression.

Thus, in order to avoid serious psychological problems, a human being needs goals whose attainment requires effort, and he must have a reasonable rate of success in attaining his goals.”

“In modern industrial society only minimal effort is necessary to satisfy one’s physical needs. It is enough to go through a training program to acquire some petty technical skill, then come to work on time and exert the very modest effort needed to hold a job. The only requirements are a moderate amount of intelligence and, most of all, simple OBEDIENCE. If one has those, society takes care of one from cradle to grave.”

“Many people who pursue surrogate activities will say that they get far more fulfillment from these activities than they do from the “mundane” business of satisfying their biological needs, but that is because in our society the effort needed to satisfy the biological needs has been reduced to triviality. More importantly, in our society people do not satisfy their biological needs AUTONOMOUSLY but by functioning as parts of an immense social machine. In contrast, people generally have a great deal of autonomy in pursuing their surrogate activities.”

“It may be objected that primitive man is physically less secure than modern man, as is shown by his shorter life expectancy; hence modern man suffers from less, not more than the amount of insecurity that is normal for human beings. But psychological security does not closely correspond with physical security. What makes us FEEL secure is not so much objective security as a sense of confidence in our ability to take care of ourselves. Primitive man, threatened by a fierce animal or by hunger, can fight in self-defense or travel in search of food. He has no certainty of success in these efforts, but he is by no means helpless against the things that threaten him. The modern individual on the other hand is threatened by many things against which he is helpless: nuclear accidents, carcinogens in food, environmental pollution, war increasing taxes, invasion of his privacy by large organizations, national social or economic phenomena that may disrupt his way of life.

It is true that primitive man is powerless against some of the things that threaten him; disease for example. But he can accept the risk of disease stoically. It is part of the nature of things, it is no one’s fault, unless it is the fault of some imaginary, impersonal demon. But threats to the modern individual tend to be MAN-MADE. They are not the results of chance but are IMPOSED on him by other persons whose decisions he, as an individual, is unable to influence. Consequently he feels frustrated, humiliated and angry.”

“It is not the primitive man, who has used his body daily for practical purposes, who fears the deterioration of age, but the modern man, who has never had a practice use for his body beyond walking from his car to his house.”

“>not even denying he plays weeb waifu dating simulators>trying to feel superior to anyone”

“If he said he didn’t, your response would have been to berate him for pretending to not play weeb games.”

“The CIA even sabotaged a planned series of documentaries about their predecessor, the OSS, by having assets at CBS develop a rival production to muscle the smaller studio out of the market. Once this was achieved, the Agency pulled the plug on the CBS series too, ensuring that the activities of the OSS remained safe from public scrutiny.”

“The system does not and cannot exist to satisfy human needs. Instead, it is human behavior that has to be modified to fit the needs of the system. […] Of course the system does satisfy many human needs, but generally speaking it does this only to the extent that it is to the advantage of the system to do it. It is the needs of the system that are paramount, not those of the human being. For example, the system provides people with food because the system couldn’t function if everyone starved; it attends to peoples’ psychological needs whenever it can CONVENIENTLY do so, because it couldn’t function if too many people became depressed or rebellious. But the system, for good, solid, practical reasons, must exert constant pressure on people to mold their behavior to the needs of the system. Too much waste accumulating? The government, the media, the educational system, environmentalists, everyone inundates us with a mass of propaganda about recycling. Need more technical personnel? A chorus of voices exhorts kids to study science. No one stops to ask whether it is inhumane to force adolescents to spend the bulk of their time studying subjects most of them hate. When skilled workers are put out of a job by technical advances and have to undergo “retraining,” no one asks whether it is humiliating for them to be pushed around in this way. It is simply taken for granted that everyone must bow to technical necessity, and for good reason: If human needs were put before technical necessity there would be economic problems, unemployment, shortages or worse. The concept of “mental health” in our society is defined largely by the extent to which an individual behaves in accord with the needs of the system and does so without showing signs of stress.”

“If you think that big government interferes with your life too much NOW, just wait till the government starts regulating the genetic constitution of your children. Such regulation will inevitably follow the introduction of genetic engineering of human beings, because the consequences of unregulated genetic engineering would be disastrous. […] The only code of ethics that would truly protect freedom would be one that prohibited ANY genetic engineering of human beings, and you can be sure that no such code will ever be applied in a technological society.”

“Imagine the case of two neighbors, each of whom at the outset owns the same amount of land, but one of whom is more powerful than the other. The powerful one demands a piece of the other’s land. The weak one refuses. The powerful one says, “OK, let’s compromise. Give me half of what I asked.” The weak one has little choice but to give in. Some time later the powerful neighbor demands another piece of land, again there is a compromise, and so forth. By forcing a long series of compromises on the weaker man, the powerful one eventually gets all of his land.”

“A walking man formerly could go where he pleased, go at his own pace without observing any traffic regulations, and was independent of technological support-systems. When motor vehicles were introduced they appeared to increase man’s freedom. They took no freedom away from the walking man, no one had to have an automobile if he didn’t want one, and anyone who did choose to buy an automobile could travel much faster and farther than a walking man. But the introduction of motorized transport soon changed society in such a way as to restrict greatly man’s freedom of locomotion. When automobiles became numerous, it became necessary to regulate their use extensively. In a car, especially in densely populated areas, one cannot just go where one likes at one’s own pace; one’s movement is governed by the flow of traffic and by various traffic laws. One is tied down by various obligations: license requirements, driver test, renewing registration, insurance, maintenance required for safety, monthly payments on purchase price. Moreover, the use of motorized transport is no longer optional. Since the introduction of motorized transport the arrangement of our cities has changed in such a way that the majority of people no longer live within walking distance of their employment, shopping areas and recreational opportunities, so that they HAVE TO depend on the automobile for transportation. Or else they must use public transportation, in which case they have even less control over their own movement than when driving a car. Even the walker’s freedom is now greatly restricted. In the city he continually has to stop to wait for traffic lights that are designed mainly to serve auto traffic. In the country, motor traffic makes it dangerous and unpleasant to walk along the highway.

(Note this important point that we have just illustrated with the case of motorized transport: When a new item of technology is introduced as an option that an individual can accept or not as he choices, it does not necessarily REMAIN optional. In many cases the new technology changes society in such a way that people eventually find themselves FORCED to use it.)”

“Most of these educators, government officials and law officers believe in freedom, privacy and constitutional rights, but when these conflict with their work, they usually feel their work is more important.”

“What stopped me from going into medical school was realizing that it wasn’t going to be like “work hard in school -> work hard in college -> work hard in med school -> work hard in internship -> now your’re a doctor and living the good life”. it’s actually “work hard in school -> work hard in college -> work hard in med school -> work hard in internship -> work hard forever because it never gets any easier until you retire at 55 with your mind and body destroyed by stress”

A lifetime of hard work just begets more hard work.”

“before when i was in school, all i did was play dota all the time with my friends. it was fun to spend time with them – dota was just the excuse to hang out. i guess games have never been all that important to me.”

“>don’t go to college
>become a wage slave
>go to college for years
>still become a wage slave”

“why is owning a house – especially at such a young age – so important? i don’t understand. it’s apparently important enough to decide whether you’ve failed as a human. even getting a total shit house that may not even be viable for where you work is worth it just to check that box?

i don’t see having a near-insurmountable loan to a bank that you’ll pay off for the next 30+ years before you even actually own the space you sleep in as an attractive option, especially so early.

the house meme is stupid”

“american culture worships independence. it’s not economically viable for a majority of people anymore (same with retirement) and the dissonance causes a lot of pain. you see it in this very thread”

“the critical error of moderate right wingers is responding to the substance of the argument

it’s not about the argument

it’s about designating targets”

“Corporate writing is also deliberately slow. This is because 95 percent of corporate writing exists to tell people why actions adverse to their interests have been taken. Good news is delivered verbally. Bad news is delivered in writing using templates of boring, cover-your-ass prose that unfolds slowly.”

“Your Manichaeism is showing. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. If you don’t want your kids to see it, only let your kids watch Netflix on the “For Kids” setting. If someone is too unintelligent to figure out how to set their Netflix app up before mindlessly handing it to their kid, it’s no big deal. IQ is heritable and so the kid was probably fucked regardless.”

“Ah, the old categorization technique. You’re being an elitist that believes that people with lower intelligence, because they have lower intelligence, shouldn’t be put to better use than letting them continually fall off and hurt the rest of us along with themselves. This is exactly why we need national socialism. The kids don’t need to be fucked just because they are low IQ, unless you feel they’re deserving of a bad life.

[…] Libertarianism died years ago when everybody realized it was the same post-modernistic trash that the left promotes. While the culture-makers control things, the libertarians demand it continue. They’re riding you into battle against European civilization.”

“Citizen America allowed modern capitalism to flourish, but its culture was pre-capitalistic. Inspired by the Greeks and Romans, it held that public life was the highest virtue. For an aside, the insult idiot comes from the Greeks: it meant “private person” and referred to one whose concerns were solely commercial or parochial. Most philosophers and public figures, in the 18th century, believed that a person whose interests were solely mercantile deserved to live with the lower classes, no matter how rich he became. Poets and philosophers and statesmen, they felt, ought to outrank men of commerce. That is one thing that was good about that time: there was an esteem for intellectuals that has largely disappeared.”

“A fundamental problem with working for money follows. If your work has objective, legible value, someone will out-compete you at a cheaper price. Even if the low-price competition is unsustainable (dumping) it does not matter. The naive young person who burns out will be replaced, and so will the impoverished country that becomes less-impoverished as work moves to it, but there will always be one on offer, somewhere, to the employer. On the other hand, if the work is intangible (which is not to say that it’s not valuable) then one is reliant on a matrix of cultural, social, and generational support, skills, and infrastructure. What does it take to get paid for intangible work? Sales. Most people do not enjoy selling. In fact, they hate it, especially when it is their own work they must sell. Most people would rather take standard office jobs for reliable mediocre pay than put up with the constant humiliation, volatility, interpersonal rejection, and sheer chaos of having to sell themselves on a day-by-day basis.

[…] Management became the most coveted job, and it’s easy to see why. In commodity labor, it’s obvious if someone is bad at the job. If one person drills 20 holes per hour and another drills 15, the latter will be fired first. With management, the people who know if a manager is bad cannot say so, for fear of being fired themselves. The manager can always fall back on superior educational pedigree and higher social position. One-on-one, he has higher credibility and can use this to amass even more credibility. Eventually, we reached a state where the major leagues of management, called “executives”, not only take extreme salaries, but can transfer easily from one part of the economy to another. Getting fired, for an executive, is a paid vacation and a better next job. Sales and especially management have gained ground, and labor has lost it.”

“The “sharing economy” is a reinvention of what the early 20th century called “hobos”: itinerant workers taking what work they could.”

“Not only the Great Depression, but the Second World War and the flirtations with extremism all over the world, all convinced the American elite to slow down and be happy with what it had. They elected to get richer somewhat slower than others in society. Noblesse oblige. Inequality went down, but so did their risk of imminent overthrow. Perhaps not knowing it as thus, they chose graceful relative decline as their survival strategy. It worked. They were plenty rich, throughout the 1950s and ’60s. They never stopped getting richer; they just slowed their pace and let everyone else catch up.
A CEO in the late 1970s made about $500,000 per year. His source of pride wasn’t his income but his stewardship of the company he ran. Even if it meant a personal cost to him, he’d do what he could to keep his people employed and happy. Companies invested in their people. There was a large middle class. If you were unemployed, you could call about a job at 10:30, interview over lunch with the CEO, and be hired by 2:00. What happened? Why did this country throw it all away?

Upper-class people who remembered the tumultuous 1930s and ’40s recognized that social stability and cultural advancement were more important than personal enrichment. Their kids didn’t.

“I really didn’t want to turn on NPR by talking to you.”

“Rejection is a fate worse than death – in death, your value remains, what work you have done has finished its drive towards the telos. Rejection is a complete negation of existence, your ego shatters, everything about you is utterly destroyed and only a small sliver of a man remains.

Attractive women are more horrifying than death itself”

“Businesses were bought for pennies. Debt was meaningless to the people who orchestrated this. They had the illusion of wealth and the printing presses on hand as if they were cheating in a game. That is precisely what it must have felt like. The overwhelming power of having the world under your thumb. The nearest thing to a god on earth. They crashed, bought, centralized, inflated, and repeated this process over and over again through different means over the years.

America is full of hardy people who instead of fighting the demon, will try to outrun it. They’ve been outrunning it for over a hundred years. But we have reached a point where there is no longer a frontier, and where there are no more easy roads to travel. The people, whether they realize it or not, are feeling the fatigue of this system. They will have their small victories in legislation here and there. They could pass a universal basic income, or universal healthcare, or universal education, but they will never pass laws to remove the incentives in which the whole of the economy could be wiped out overnight.”

“Listen to some successful executive or even a research scientist at Google talk about his career. He’s not going to talk war. He’s going to talk about the highlights… and if there are lowlights, they’ll be presented in an anodyne “haha, glad we got out of that” way that doesn’t embarrass anyone.”

“Here’s an example: “John went downstairs after getting out of bed and waking up.” Logically, there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s not an incorrect sentence, but its reverse chronology is jarring to the reader. It doesn’t paint an image, because its order of presentation goes the wrong way. It reminds the reader that she’s reading writing– most likely, an amateur’s writing.”

“One of the worst things that people do, to avoid repeated words, is replace “said” with synonyms. “He exclaimed.” “She blurted out.” “He screamed.” “She spoke angrily.” It injects melodrama and it fails in an important literary dimension: proportion. Here’s the thing about the boring, worn-out old “said”. It’s almost invisible. That’s what we want. The reader should be able to focus on what is being said and who is saying it. How it is said should be obvious from the context. You want the reader to forget that he’s reading words (“exclaimed”) and to focus on the action.”

“We need to get fucking good at politics so we have time and resources to spend on the things we actually care about”

“From a techie perspective, this is a guy who not just survived his own murder, but came out far stronger. This is an attractive narrative anywhere. Four thousand years ago, if you survived your own death in battle, you could start a religion. ”

“Why did I delete the old blog posts? Because fuck the tech industry, that’s why. We don’t defend each other; we turn our backs on each other, and we kick anyone who is down. I can’t count the number of people I’ve seen viciously attacked by their peers for no reason. Worst of all, unethical behaviors by technology executives are defended by their subordinates at every turn. We certainly don’t stand up for what is right. And those who fight to make the industry better, like I have, seem to get the worst of it. So why fight for it at all? Why fight for the cultural integrity of this industry, when it clearly doesn’t want to be fought-for?”

“(When the market softens, salaries will tumble. Why? Because we failed to organize around our interests and protect ourselves, that’s fucking why.)”

“Telling the truth has its consequences, but if a person as skilled and independently credible as I am chooses not to speak up, then who will? I’m privileged in that I can expose the truth and still be employable. Not everyone can.”

“Publishing is a bit more tolerant of moderate weirdos. If you can get 1% of the world to love your book, no publisher will turn you down.”

“Microsoft grew up during the 1980s and 1990s, when the growth in personal computers was so dramatic that every year there were more new computers sold than the entire installed base. That meant that if you made a product that only worked on new computers, within a year or two it could take over the world even if nobody switched to your product. That was one of the reasons Word and Excel displaced WordPerfect and Lotus so thoroughly: Microsoft just waited for the next big wave of hardware upgrades and sold Windows, Word and Excel to corporations buying their next round of desktop computers (in some cases their first round). So in many ways Microsoft never needed to learn how to get an installed base to switch from product N to product N+1.”

“To a large extent, software engineering is a field full of ambiguity and complexity, and that makes compensation hard. So incentives tend to fail or backfire.”

“A visual picture is sub-linear in terms of the expectation of a reader’s effort as a function of how much is presented. A painting might have had hundreds of hours of effort put into it, but the goal is for the average viewer to think, “Yeah, that looks nice.” The clouds and the mountains and the tiny details matter, but no one expects the viewer to check out every one. That probably has something to do with ostensibility: you can show “100 times more painting” (whatever that means) and the viewer doesn’t have to do 100 times more work.

On the other hand, software is super-linear. A 100-line program is more than twice as complex as a 50-line program. Actually, the 100-line program has the potential to be way more than twice as complex. There are problems where the amount of effort required to understand a computational object grows more than exponentially as a function of its size and complexity. (It gets worse than that, in fact.) Reasoning about arbitrary software code is mathematically impossible.”

“The cryptic nature of code is a source of pain for programmers, because it denies us the chance to prove ourselves without demanding additional work of those who might evaluate what we produce. Programmers’ immediate bosses rarely know who their best programmers are. Opinions of peers and clients carry some signal, but the only way to judge a programmer is to read the work, and the super-linear scaling of software system complexity makes that extremely difficult. Many of the complaints of programmers about their industry come from being introverts an industry where observable final quality (e.g. website performance, lack of errors) is objective, but where the quality question around a specific artifact is so hard to evaluate that, in practice, it’s never done at an individual level. Therefore, personal attribution of responsibility for (often, brutally objective) events comes down to social skills. Programmers hate that. The cryptic nature of what we do doesn’t make us geniuses and wizards. It puts us at a social disadvantage.”

“What about text? Is a novel sub-linear or super-linear? Or is it exactly linear?
Readers want and expect to expend linear effort. It’s quite possible to shove more-than-linear effort into prose, by creating layers of context that require looking back and even forward through the text. It’s not what they want, though, because they want to forget that they’re reading text at all.

[…] Text is linear. The act of reading is linear, unless we expect readers to continually look back for context, and that’s not being a very kind writer. […]

Writers aren’t as bad off as programmers in this regard, but are worse off than visual artists. Musical or visual talent is obvious in a way that literary talent isn’t. You can size up a painting quickly, but you have to actually read a novel (a 3- to 24-hour investment) to know if it’s any good. Sometimes, it’s not obvious whether the writer did a good job until the whole thing has been read.

2017 Aug 23 ~ Sep 04

“It’s nice to have kids around. If you’re in a place that’s devoid of kids you start feeling as though something’s wrong, and then you figure out what it is.”It’s nice to have kids around. If you’re in a place that’s devoid of kids you start feeling as though something’s wrong, and then you figure out what it is.

Part of what makes colleges so weird-feeling is that there are all of these young women around but no small children. Wherever there are lots of young women around there should be lots of kids around too.”

“Nagano was this boy genius that Sunrise hired in the early 80s because they were desperate for new talent. His original passion was to be either an engineer, fashion designer, or musician. He joined Sunrise because he got bored of college and quickly advanced through their designer ranks and got the position of both lead character and mecha designer for L-Gaim after working for less than four months at the studio (most designers at the time would take at least one or two years). Unfortunately, he made a lot of enemies because he was not a toy designer to be designing mecha, nor an animator to be designing characters- the two roles most common to those jobs at the time. His designs were considered revolutionary for both mecha and toy design, but that was not enough. He always butted heads with the producers because he despised the idea of designs as toys, and as a result many of his designs and his own creative credits (scripts and world design on Zeta and ZZ for instance) were rescinded by Sunrise. He had a great relationship with Tomino, unfortunately Tomino was too busy with directorial duties to always be standing up for Nagano. As a result, Nagano got fed up and left Sunrise in the mid-80s and became the mangaka for Newtype magazine when it first went into publication, because this position gave him full creative control over his work. As a result of that, Five Star Stories was created, and Nagano rarely ever touches the anime industry except for the occasional Tomino project like Brain Powerd, or creating his own Indie film like Gothicmade, which he literally had no studio to work with and more or less asked various animators to draw certain cuts in their spare time, while animating the rest on his own. He’s immensly respected nowadays, but he has never been considered to be a part of the anime industry.

Basically, the dude is Japanese Orson Welles.”

“But I don’t want to discuss Japanese politics because I don’t want anybody to discuss Japanese politics. For any country which is not completely owned by the Cathedral, all publicity is bad publicity. Anything you say about Japan will make some SJW notice Japan and start arguing to convert them to progressivism. It’s bad enough already with the mainstream media and clowns like Noah Smith writing about Japan as if they knew anything. Leave Japan alone. Japan is not an example of how nice a country can be if it doesn’t obey the Cathedral. Not at all. Japan is the most progressive country on Earth, happy member of the international community. The women are feminist, trannies are free, and everybody eats a big spoonful of social justice before breakfast. So let’s stop looking at Japan, please. Hey look, a squirrel!”

“The Calendar was changed in January 1st 1873. But the law was only announced in December 9th 1872. And that’s in a preindustrial society without radio or modern means of communication. The people had less than a month to adapt to a wholly new calendar system. Traditionally the calendar guild used to distribute the calendars for the next year in October 1st, which means that when the new law passed, the old-style calendars for 1873 had already been made and distributed, and their production schedule had no way of producing new-style calendars on time. All their stocks were all of a sudden worth nothing. Bankruptcies and misery ensued.

OK so a whole guild was destroyed by the government, but it was for good reason, right? For the common good? Not a chance. Thankfully one of the oligarchs of the time, Okuma Shigenobu was kind enough to explain the process in his later memoirs. Usually civil servants in Japan had their salary paid annually. But in 1872 the Meiji government changed it to monthly payment. However the Chinese calendar is lunar, with 12 months. So it only has 354 days, less than a full circle around the sun. What they do is add a whole intercalary month so the calendar doesn’t drift too much from the seasons. As it happens 1873 in the old calendar had an intercalary month, so 13 months in total. That means 13 salaries for the Japanese civil service. And that’s something that the recently established Meiji government couldn’t afford. By adopting whitey’s calendar, the next year would only have 12 months. And the new calendar was to start in January 1st 1873, which coincided with December 2 of the old calendar. By changing the calendar, the month of December would disappear, so that’s another month worth of salaries they could save! 2 months in one strike, imagine that. The government loved the idea, published the law in a hurry, probably promoted the guy who came up with it. And fucked everyone else.”

“That comes from the old Roman calendar, which has also a quite amusing history. It seems that in the old days the calendar had only 10 months, staring in the spring equinox, and running for 304 days. Means that the 60 days before spring weren’t even counted. It’s just cold misery, so why even keep count? Stay home and drink wine, there’s nothing to do anyway.

Still not late after the founding of the city, the months of January and February were added after December. The calendar still started in March, as can be seen by the fact that September comes from Septem (7), and so on until December, from Decem (10). Now Romans seem to have counted their years by the consuls of the year. So to refer to years past you said “in the year of consul X and Y”, in a similar fashion to Chinese regnal years, except Consul’s only lasted one year. Must have been really hard to be a Roman historian. Which again explains why they were so good. That is until they came up with Ab Urbe Condita timing. Then it all went to hell.

Anyway it seems it was customary for consuls to assume their consulate with the New Year in March. Then in 153 BC they changed it to January. Now why would they do that? March makes a lot of sense, January doesn’t. Hell they didn’t even count January back in the old days. Why would they make their consuls assume office in the winter cold? To remind them of their mortality? Nothing of the sort. As always the reasoning behind the change was quite spurious. In 154 BC the Celtiberians in Spain started a revolt against Roman rule. Thing is Romans had the habit of waiting to start a war until the new consul had assumed office. Quintus Fulvius Nobilior had already been elected and was preparing the war, but he could only start it in March 153. The rebellion was looking bad, and by March it might have already been unstoppable. So what did the Romans do? Did they discard their old Schelling Point about having waiting for the new consul to start a war, forget partisanship and just send a competent general? Of course not. They changed the ancient start of the year to January 1st, so Mr. Nobilior could lead an army earlier and squash the uppity Celtiberians. All the calendars in Rome were redone to show January on top, and that was it. New Year stayed in January until the end of Rome.”

“For good reason of course, genetic determinism is just not a useful idea. The elite wants to sell its product, which is that access to the elite depends on culture, and by the way we happen to sell that culture, and it’s not cheap. Saying that access to the elite depends on innate talent uncovers the fact that the culture the elite sells is just an arbitrary barrier to entry into a privileged social club, and that elite status is not earned through effort, and just a genetic fluke.

And nobody benefits from knowing about HBD. The poor don’t like to hear they are fucked up because they are born that way and their children will most likely be equally fucked up. And the talented don’t like to hear that their children will likely regress to the mean and not be as talented as they are.”

“”Every single word thus far in the undercard debate has been about ISIS. Our obsession with this region of lunatics on the other side of the world is bizarre.”

Indeed it is stupid. It beggars belief. But ISIS is not the point. The point is that you have a bunch of men in that room, and you’re supposed to make a judgment about them. You need to compare. And comparisons require a yardstick. What do we compare about them?

How tall and handsome they are? Well that works in some places. How well they dance or sing? That happens in many places too. How strong and brave they are in single combat? Lots of cultures did that too. But we don’t. We resent tall and handsome men are privileged enough in the sexual marketplace, so fuck that. Fuck dancers too, those get women also. And fuck single combat, the average voter isn’t a good fighter. We don’t want to give high status to tall, strong men with good dancing feet. That would make us feel inadequate. And with good reason, in Africa they give high status to all those men and it sucks.

Our culture gives high status to men with ideas. Everybody can claim to have good ideas. It doesn’t take good genes, nor dancing or fighting skills. Everybody can learn to parrot bullshit after a little practice. Bullshit is the most egalitarian arena, so all status contests are done in the realm of bullshit. Now bullshit requires a topic too. Remember in middle school, when a bunch of friends got together and stared asking: “What would you do if you were invisible?” Or “Batman or Spiderman?” What’s the point of those questions? Nobody’s gonna become invisible. But by asking stupid questions you get people to talk, and through their answers you get to know their character. The question doesn’t matter. The more outlandish the better. You can’t get to know people by asking them a factual question. It has to be bullshit.

And adults do the same thing. In the Cultural Revolution people liked to discuss materialist dialectics. The Republican party likes to talk National Security. Why? Did peasants in Jingzhou give a shit about Hegel? Of course not. Does anybody in the USA really care about Raqqa? No. So why won’t people shut up about it?

[…] You then choose a guy who you like, or more accurately, you choose the guy because saying that you like that guy makes you look good with your friends. And you made that decision after seeing him speak about ISIS. What’s ISIS? I don’t know. Who gives a shit. I just kinda like the guy who said we should bomb them. So yeah, let’s bomb them. What, we just spent 2 trillion bombing some other guy? Who gives a shit, it’s not like I know the difference. They’re not gonna lower my taxes if I choose not to bomb someone, right? So anyway, yeah I like that bomb-ISIS guy. And that Palestinian-rights guy too. Where’s Palestine? I don’t know. Who gives a shit? But my girlfriends talks about it a lot, and I wanna look good to her.”

“All the virgins of Beijing were going to be enslaved there thanks to the ineptitude of the Song armies. Ineptitude that didn’t go unnoticed by the Jurchen armies on the ground. Remember they were supposed to hand the land over to the Song authorities. The Jurchens started discussing among themselves. “This guys suck, they couldn’t take a single city that took us a week”. But the Jurchen emperor, Aguda, was a man of honor. “We had an agreement, we’ll stand by it. I’m not the kind of man that takes advantage of the weakness of others”.

But then he died.”

“And ideological sincerity doesn’t make sense on the face of it. Why would anything like that ever evolve? Given how ideology actually behaves, a gene that made you be coherent with your ideology can’t possibly spread in the gene pool. A gene for being able to aptly manipulate nonsensical abstract points to signal your position and intention vs. the present power structure; now that’s useful.”

“Good excuses must be unfalsifiable; the less factual content the better.”

“Now I focus on attacking techno-capitalists. Why? Well the traditionalists position is self-refuting. Sorry fellas. If you think that where there is an altar there is civilization, you have a pretty low threshold for civilization. You can keep your sanctimonious highs for yourself, and get stoned with your spiritual health.

Ethno-nationalism sounds good, very good really. But it is not feasible anymore. Nationalism isn’t some natural law of human societies. It is a particular historical phenomenon where modern polities acquired the means to fool their subjects into believing they were part of the same tribe.  David Friedman has this paper on how you can derive the size and nature of a polity by its system of taxation. By depending on income tax, i.e. taxes on labor, states have an incentive to produce a cohesive, monocultural populace that will not want to migrate, i.e. deprive the state of their income taxes. Of course that’s not all the story, but you get the point. Nations were artificially made through massive state propaganda. States today have no incentive for that. They live off financial engineering. Ergo ethno-nationalism is not going to happen. QED.”

“Work isn’t hard. Employers are more worried about screw ups then high productivity. Fixing problems is expensive. The exact rate the middle of the bell curve muddles through isn’t going to make or break a firm.

Screw ups can come in the form of social as well as professional.”

“The point being that if work isn’t hard we shouldn’t need to spend 23+ years and the equivalent tuition money in “education”. I understand how it works, businesses just want average kids and average kids today go to college, so college grads it is.But the whole thing is madness when you think about it.”

“Yeah, but employers aren’t paying for it. People will demand whatever they can get for free, and college is free to them.

Remember, debt is a feature, not a flaw, to employers. An indebted employee will take more shit.”

“In human affairs, irrational optimism will get you your way, while rational pessimism will not.”

“Most of the time anyway, European history is full of succession wars where people didn’t quite agree on the sacredness of laws, and everybody with a big army always found a plausible legal claim to the throne they wanted. But the emphasis was still in the law, which is a funny thing to take as sacred. Surely there are more important things that some agreement reached at some point of time, in some state of mind, by some old guy who didn’t really know what he was doing. But hey, another Schelling point, can’t touch that. Perhaps the famous legalism of Europeans, which is quite distinct to other civilizations, comes from the fact that we had no other concept in which to base our politics.”

“Suddenly that poor old family that lived off the ancient capital accumulated by their ancestors in the form of a small, tiny, yet firm Schelling point, was now the effective ruler of the country. Or was he? The Meiji Constitution sure put him as the Lord of the country, commander of the armed forces, son of the Goddess and source of everything fine and nice. Yet we know that the Meiji Emperor, despite his very kingly looks, didn’t have much input at all in the real works of government. And he certainly didn’t lead his army in the wars against China and Russia. Nor he decided to go to war. The actual power dynamics were controlled by the old Samurais from Satsuma and Choshu, who manned the armies which overthrew the Shogunate. It was their armies who put the Emperor in his new Tokyo throne. Sure, the Emperor made a fine Schelling point for the Samurais to rally upon. Much better to say “we are joining this war to restore the Sacred Monarchy” than to say “we are joining this war led by these two peripheral fiefdoms who have held a grudge against the Shogun for 270 years”. But there’s a long way from saying “Hail our King, descendant of the Goddess”, to actually giving command of your armies and your money to that guy from the palace.”

“If you’ve read the previous posts on this series, you will remember that the Ming Dynasty saw the strengthening of imperial power by abolishing the figure of Chancellor, giving the Emperor himself the duty to administer the government directly. Which surely must have fit Zhu Yuanzhang and his direct successors. But eventually some Emperors stopped bothering, and instead of having a proper government to fall back in, what happened is that a random minister or eunuch would grab power for himself. Which isn’t that different from having the Chancellor abuse his powers anyway. This tells you that the system doesn’t matter, the law doesn’t matter. As Moldbug said, a Constitution is either false, if it doesn’t reflect the actual working of government, or superfluous if it does. As it happens, all Constitutions are first superfluous, then false, and there’s nothing we can do about it.”

“So you have a monarchist right, which dreams of traditional monarchy, fighting a leftist royal house who wants nothing to do with it. They want to be fancy bureaucrats on a salary doing a “symbol” job. But the right doesn’t care. Their monarchism isn’t about the monarch. It’s just some convenient Schelling Point they got to make friends amongst themselves and sell bullshit to the populace. Which is what politicians do.

And you could say that of any political idea. The content is secondary. The consequences are completely besides the point. What counts is what works in the political arena. What gets retweeted. What gets you votes. How ideas develop depends on that, not in actual internal logic or likely consequences.”

“Now you can see from his hairstyle, that this guy is a complete douche. He’s also a leftist douche. 75 years old, he’s a remnant of the old Soviet aligned left, those who were students in the 1960s. He made his living as a leftist journalist, so he had plenty of brand recognition. But the guy also happens to have multiple cancers, and show clear signs of dementia. He’s 76 after old. Also, being a leftist douche, he was found to have harassed dozens of young women. Kinda like Sartre and all other famous leftists have always done. I mean, what’s the point of being a leftist celebrity if you can’t get young pussy through it? That’s the actual motivation, ideology is the means to an end.”

“Everybody’s equal before the score numbers. Did people cheat? Yes. But without the exam, everybody is cheating. There’s no fairness at all. People did cheat at the exams, but the methods of cheating were much less sophisticated than what people use today to cheat in exams. Say, some people would fit a small scroll inside their clothes. So the Court had a good idea, before the exam you all get naked and change into this Exam clothes. But the scholars thought it humiliating. “It’s not like each of us is going to cheat, you can’t just assume we’re all criminals.” So what did they do? The Court thought a good one. They set that before the exam, everyone had to go pray to Confucius. And surely before going to pray to the Great Sage, you obviously should bathe, and show your earnestness. So before going to the exam hall, they’d go to the public bath. Then officials would search through your clothes, look for any hidden paper. Once they stopped searching, they’d order the water to stop. Then they’d all come back and wear their clothes again. No humiliation now, huh? Bathing is good, right? If you’re poor, you get a free bath, you should be happy.”

“The military Junta who governed the country 1962-2011 dealt with the ethnic militias in a kleptocratic fashion, mainly sending army units to function as bandits and squeeze their money. If they got uppity they would shoot to kill, and the situation was stable. But what now? The army’s lost charge, the land is flooded with NGO’s and Human Rights activists and foreign journalists. Any ethnic conflict now will immediately become international news, and the US media style guide for treating ethnic conflict is what we all know: blame the majority. The minority is always right. That’s bad enough in the US or Europe. But in a country like Burma, where 35% of the population are minorities, and they are hostile, vicious, armed, and holding a centuries old grudge, it is going to be VERY bad. Think Balkans bad.”

“Orwell described the leftist endgame as a boot stomping on a face – forever. I think it’s more like  a Human Rights Watch representative being interviewed by CNN, forever.”

“But she isn’t the only one. There’s lots of people like her, in any country, in any institution. Jerry Pournelle had the Iron Law of Bureaucracy: every organization will always end up being led by people devoted to the benefit of the organization, not to doing whatever purpose the organization originally had. Which is another way of saying that any organization will eventually be led by people who only think of benefitting the people who lead the organization, i.e. themselves. The greedy power-hungry. Let’s call them Clintons, for lack of a better word. Every organization will eventually always end up being led by Clinton’s. Simply because they take care that they end up ruling. They seek power will all their heart, and they get it. That’s how you get Conquest’s Law too. All organizations not explicitly rightist will always end up turning leftist. Why? Because the left is simply what the Clinton’s do. The Left is whatever works at achieving power and keeping it.”

“In a traditional aristocratic system, positions of power are given by family prestige. There is some level of striving and merit involved, but mostly it’s old families sharing positions of power according to traditional standards, which nobody really understands why are there. Mostly reflecting old Schelling points left by ancient conflicts. But they are there, and they are never touched. You don’t get to a position of power if you aren’t of the right blood. A Clinton can’t get to president. He can join the staff of some aristocrat, and schmoozing him to achieve influence by proxy. But you can only get so far that way; and positions in the staff are also subject to traditional limitations. There’s a firewall there.

Traditional power arrangements can be stupid and ineffective. They are by definition nepotistic, and often nothing gets done. But they have the important function of impeding the access of evil sociopaths to the highest reaches of power. You really don’t want those people up there; all they do is suck the coffers dry, and hurt everyone they fancy in order to satisfy their greed. Democracy, by opening the levers of power to free competition, all but guarantees that evil sociopaths will end up ruling everything. People who have no issue with giving sick men access to girl’s toilets, or bringing hostile barbarians to rape the women of their country. Monarchies can have a bad king. But Democracies always have a bad king.

“The old rules restricted all paths for status. Innovate some new technology? Good luck monetizing it! You’re really pious? Enjoy the extra work you get on the chapel beautification committee!

The crazy barriers to entry meant that the threshold for upward mobility was higher (less cream), but also that innovation was (potentially) stifled, or at least that its fruits weren’t widely distributed. The ultimate perk, though, was that the stakes were way lower for everyone else. Your average guy might distinguish himself by being able to hold his liquor, and that’d be enough. Nowadays the exposure to extremely high status sociopaths all over the tv encourages everyone to aim more destructively.”

“Well as long as women like Mrs. Vogel think hat being a working businesswoman is higher status than being a mother, well Germany is fucked. It’s obvious that nobody wants to be “just a mother”. Or “just” anything. The problem is the “just”. The day when German women say that they want to be mothers, and not “just a working businesswoman”, they’ll start pumping out babies like rabbits.”

“Universal Pre-K is nothing but a pork project. They use it to create jobs and contracts to reward their friends. The politicians who argue that universal Pre-K will bring about racial equality do not care in the least if that claim is true.

The stuff about racial equality is equivalent to the low-pitched grunting noises that gorillas make when they don’t want other gorillas messing with their food.

“Don’t mess with my pork or I’ll call you a racist and bounce you out of your job,” is a good translation from politician-speak into English.”

“Authoritarian systems have many problems but pork isn’t one of them. The guys who gotta eat aren’t that many, and you don’t need an elaborate faith argument to set up a system for pork distribution. Say China. China makes their high speed rail system, spends untold trillions on it, trillions paid by public debt which will probably never pay themselves. 90% of the stations built 30km out of the main cities, many in the middle of rice paddies where proper roads haven’t even been built yet. How many billions were skimmed of it? I don’t know but the Railway Minister is in jail and the Ministry itself was abolished, which means even the Chinese government is embarrassed by it. But hey China now has a pretty cool high speed rail network which they sorely needed, works like a charm, and out of the hugest budget in human history they only had to pay off some local officials and the railway minister. I’ve seen estimates of 5%. The waste on pre-K education is 100%.”

“There’s a variant to the saying which I like better, 吃饱了撑的, which means eating to the point of feeling stuffed. The Chinese consider it the root cause of all nonsense. Americans today would say you’re full of shit. Kinda gross if you picture it,  but the association with fullness is there. As far as folk wisdom goes, Catholic countries also have this (quite accurate) stereotype about priests being always fat gluttons. They are also not known for making much sense either. […]

The Chinese saying was of course born in China, a society famously always lying in the Malthusian edge. It wasn’t easy to have a full belly in China, and those who did it were of a particular class. Mostly government bureaucrats, who were of course chosen in a famously competitive civil service exam. My feeling is that  Chinese masses developed the impression that smart people tend to spout quite a lot of nonsense, and they having passed the examination, hence being smart, the only reasonable cause must be that they had too much food. Which is a quite reasonable conclusion. But what if it’s not about food?”

“Needing a purpose to be strong, needing resolve to be legitimate – that all sounds like lies to me! You can just go on instinct, even with the big stuff like ideals. You’re the kind of person who is never crushed under the weight of responsibility.”

“No matter what enemy you may encounter or who you may have to defeat… feel it. Think about it. Process it. Accept your doubts. But don’t be crippled by them. Above all, accept the consequences of your actions, and turn all you learn and feel into strength. If you wait until the end to think, you’ll end up with regrets.”

“They don’t want to make good games and hope they sell. They want to make games that sell and hope they’re good.”

“A story without end,
A child-like finger returns to the first line,
A tiny hand reaches out for the second volume,
For as long as the reader denies reality.”

“You need to realize the efficient distribution of resources depends on proper management. I can assure you that my family has no plans to stockpile goods for financila gain. Once you see how we rule, you will understand our grand design for the well-being of humanity.”

“I’m aware of the Harway plan for prosperity. Everyone in their place, with no place for dissent. A paradise based on stasis and class immobility. No change and no hope of a better future. Stability at the expense of hope and joy. A world where people don’t live, but merely exist. I mock anyone who’d choose that path. Living as merely one of the flock doesn’t appeal to me.”

“Miss Tousaka, that is because you have an inherent strength that the masses lack. Perhaps it is good to feel that you’re in a fight to preserve your very existence. However, would you wish for all of mankind to suddenly be given the same strength?”
“Um… I mean… that is to say…”

“Of course you wouldn’t. You are all too aware of your selfishness and your pride. Because of that, you could not share your pain with those without the strength to bear it.”

“The age of IT communication has brought lots of benefits to society, but it’s also making our lives increasingly unfilmable. People talking or arguing via Email, Facebook, Twitter or even Skype tend not to work dramatically as fiction scenes. […] IT communication tends to reduce human interaction down to premeditated text. Each message is consciously thought out before it’s sent and that removes the nonverbal, spontaneous stuff that actors can use to convey depth beyond scripted dialogue alone.”

“[Over-reliance on exposition] goes hand in hand with the fact that IT communication tends to reduce human thought and interaction down to its verbal component. Too many movies over-explain themselves through dialogue. Characters say what they’re feeling instead of showing it through expressions, gestures and actions. And plot points are stated by characters as if they are narrating their own stories in real time. One of the worst examples of this is Inception. It could have been a much better film if it didn’t over-explain itself through dialogue. By leaving no mystery, by not challenging the audience to figure at least some of the story out for themselves, these movies become watch once affairs.”

“why exactly do you expcet me to be so much more obsequious in my opinion than you are? your recommendation was very strongly oppninionated but you expect people who disagree with you to grovel with theirs”

>dress yourself up and emphasize your appearance
>ask people to love you for who you are rather than your appearance
this is surely the best way to look for true love”

“I’ve got a bridge to sell you you fucking idiot”

>you cant say someone is defined by how other people perceive them

fool, that’s almost literally what being defined means. you can have a definition for yourself, cool, but that doesn’t mean shit if the entire world thinks something different about you, and acts accordingly.

also, im holding her to the same standard i hold myself to, working in a restaurant as a busser. this isn’t a glamorous job, nor is it really a clean one, and sure, if people are going to judge me based on the work I do, that’s their prerogative. i can define myself all day, but if everyone arounds me thinks im something else, what I am I really”

“I would never date a student EVER…. except this one, because she’s different, and by different I mean, she is good looking and I wanted to fuck her” You don’t need to explain yourself dude.”

“Coming of age in high school teaches us at a critical formative time that the most athletic and outgoing people are the natural aristocracy of humanity, literally crowned as monarchs in school assemblies held in their honor.  The whole point is the elites are not particularly useful, specializing in showmanship and sales.  The golden people perform on the field while the subordinate bug people line up to adore them in a synchronized marching band.Status competition in a royal court is all about currying favor while those merely useful are but tools in the games of those who matter.”

“One of the best and most reliable ways to earn contempt in this world is to keep giving people nice things they haven’t earned, even after they spurn your offerings.  They learn you’re an easy mark—that they can take a steaming dump on your face and won’t get called out.”

“For example, when I got my current apartment, I was told that it was a two bedroom apartment. That’s what was sold to me. When I moved in, I found one of the doors to a bedroom locked. I was then told completely casually by the rental agent that the family wants to use that room for storage and that I was not allowed to use it, initial promises and the lease be damned. Unfortunately for them, and unlike most Chinese people, I actually care about truth and justice and threatened to sue them. I called the cops and had a locksmith sent to my house and open the lock. Of course, since the lease clearly stipulates that the whole apartment was mine to use, they knew they didn’t have a chance in court and would lose and would have to pay my lawyer fees and storage fees; they capitulated and now I have complete use of the whole apartment. Most Chinese people have put their tails between their legs and caved under the demands of the landlord not wanting to stir up “trouble” and moreover thinking their behavior “civilized” when it is just cowardly and shortsighted. They would have swallowed their flickering sense of resentment and injustice and merely complained to their friends while doing absolutely nothing about it.”

“>>themes are shoved in your face, no subtlety at all (especially the robot fucking scene, that was embarrassing)

From what I’ve read on /v/ most people think the theme was “nature of humanity” or “are AI real human beans”, though I didn’t get that impression at all.

The game has two themes: the absurdist/existentialist theme of finding what you live for (or, rather, finding out you don’t need some external reason) and the theme of obsessively clinging to the past.

The main theme is most prominent through the main plot, especially considering the humanity – the allegory for your reasons to live, unshaken beliefs, something unreachable yet something you constantly yearn for. Over the course of the game main character (9S) first has his will to live, in both humanity and 2B. Then he loses them one after another, after which the nihilism came over him. He believes in nothing, only desires destruction of the machines. And still, in the end he finds his own peace (by the memories of 2B, no less). In the last dialogue between bots they basically say that life is worth it just for the fact that you are living. Nothing more is needed. You may feel bad, lost, broken, but, sometimes with the help of other people (hence the credits), you can and should live.

The second theme, as I’ve said, is about longing for your own past. The whole game is full of this dream-like atmosphere of nostalgia. For all intents and purposes, both androids and machines are “human”. They feel emotions, they eat just because it feels good, take showers and so on. And yet they all strive to be like humans, and in this process they repeat the mistakes of the past. Though androids accuse machines of doing it, they are themselves fully guilty of it. There’s also Adam, who superficially looked at the past and decided he understood it all. But maybe someday, we can finally move forward without looking back (that is A2’s ending with the rocket launching into space).”

“”youre a prick” “nah i think you are” “WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU SAY ABOUT ME?””

“no you dont need money management classes in highschoolyou need to know how black represents the darkness of a scene in a bookand blue represents the sadness the writer felt”

“In 1945, corporations paid 50% of federal taxes. Now they pay about 5%.In 1900, 90% of Americans were self-employed. Now it’s about 2%.”

“Corporations are so big you don’t know who you’re working for. That’s terror.”

“”Journalists” that can’t describe games other then by comparing to other current or “classic” games deserve to be taken out back and shot. You’re paid to speak and write you fuck, if I wanted my ten year old brother’s description of the game I’d ask him.”

“In Japan, everything is a matter of honor in terms of contracts, it really doesn’t matter that much what’s written down, so Fuji and Towa had given their word to Mata and he had proceeded on those grounds. […]

Someone from Fuji came in and told Mata they would have to renege. Mata was quite flabberghasted about this and he said let me think about it, he thought about it, came back to them and said, essentially, “I have almost a million dollars of my own money put in this film, I have put this money in this film because you gave me your word that you would finance it. Now you are reneging on your word, and I will do whatever I have to do to protect the financial best interests of my family.” Which was a kind of Japanese code way of saying that then, and perhaps still now, if a businessman gets into trouble and commits suicide, his debts are not visited upon his wife and children. It’s considered that he cleaned the slate. And so Mata’s saying, look, if this thing puts me in such a mess that I decide to say, “protect the financial interest of my family”, it’s going to be known that you caused this.

So the person from Fuji who’s hearing this story isn’t hearing about Mata dying, he’s hearing about how he will never, ever work again.”

“You’re making a threat from beyond the grave while you’re still alive.”

“Yeah. Then according to Mata several weeks later in Kawasaki, south of Tokyo, they met, and two and a half million dollars in yen passed hands […] After this money passed hands the film got financed, but Toho and Fuji claimed they didn’t finance the movie […] When the film was eventually showed at Cannes, and Toho-Towa had a party I went to the party and said to the then-head, I thanked them for what they had done to help get the film made and he looked at me with a straight face and said,

“We had nothing to do with that film.”

“It’s not a situation where there’s a union in place, which is what regulates every aspect of American production; a Japanese film unit most things are done by verbal agreement, as are most things in Japanese society. And the day may be long because it includes a certain amount of fraternizing afterwards, but in general the agreement was that it was a 12-hour day. Going beyond that 12 hours is not a matter of production agreeing to shell out more money, it’s a matter of reaching mutual agreement between the spokespersons for the crew, and the director and producer. The crew is empowered because they want to maintain a certain quality of life.

[In Japan] they don’t have the overtime system where you can work 13, 14, 15 hours a day but you just keep paying the crew double-time, and I remember we had a few days where we had to get a few extra shots and we worked a little bit long, and there was a moment where the crew came and said to Paul and me, “We have to stop now. This is a long enough day.” And Paul said well we’ll pay you, we need to get two more shots. And this was early in the shoot and they were like, “No, you don’t understand, it is not about money. It is about your understanding our feelings, and there are certain intangibles of understanding that buy you a crew’s goodwill that don’t have to do with monetary transactions”, which is really all that American crews function on.”

“What frustrates me about notch is that he is so fortunate to luck into this wealth and all he does is buy a mansion and shitpost on Twitter? Are you fucking kidding me? How devoid of motivation and aspirations do you have to be for that to be your plan after that? Do something. Work on a project, travel the world with hookers and blow, start a foundation, do fucking something beyond shitposting on Twitter like any other bum.”

“What the fuck you think happens when a random retard on /v/ suddenly gets so rich he can be perma-NEET and no one can judge them for it?”

“It’s all about to end anyway, he started talking about Pizzagate. He’s going to have an accident soon.”

“So why not just call them wyverns?”
“Because normies hate using new words and details.”

“There’s no official naming for these fictional creatures. It’s not a FACT that ‘two-legged dragons’ are called wyverns.”

“>It’s not a FACT that ‘two-legged dragons’ are called wyverns

It literally is. The entire distinction and usage of the word came about from heraldry, where the distinction was actually important, but then, even a slightly wrong four legged dragon was worthy of autism.”

“a made up human concept is not a fact no matter how much you want it to be.”

“You dense motherfucker, EVERYTHING is a made up human concept.”

” the game is basically a personality test to see if you can get along with other players on your team.if both teams mesh together properly then the game turns into a nightmarishly shitty shooter.”

“The answer is I just write like this. You’d be surprised how often people out there either forget things about a game or just watch videos because they’ve never played it, and this is also a sort of note-taking that helps me understand everything I play. It keeps everyone on an even playing field, and it’s also good for just gathering examples. You can talk about a boss at one point in the video and then reference that boss later on and then everyone will know what you’re talking about, even if they might’ve forgotten it before or never played the game.”

“Domains were as good as property until a week ago, no one lost theirs without a court order. This is seriously unprecedented and awful for the Internet – after ~20 years, domain registrars are no longer neutral infrastructure providers, but have suddenly claimed editorial authority over everything online. If left unchecked they will take down everything remotely “right wing”, up to and including local fox news affiliates and municipal governments with republican mayors. They aren’t playing. They want us dead, so to unleash rivers of misery without whitey to check them.”

“Nah, none of that shit is going to happen. Don’t worry, you and all the other shabbos goyim will be fine. In fact I even disagree with what Anglin has said on this issue. They won’t shut down any of those retarded conservative or pro-life sites. Shutting down the Daily Stormer is not a “wedge” that they use to get after the gawd fearing constitutional patriots or any of that retarded nonsense. It’s a wedge that they use to betatest further corporate and legal persecution/punishment of Nazis.

They don’t care about any of that gay MRA libertarian horseshit. Free speech is about the ability of National Socialists to call for the gassing of every single jew. Nothing more and nothing less. Everything else is already part of their system. If you aren’t writing essays where you argue for the extermination of jews, you don’t have to worry about free speech because you aren’t making use of it anyways.”

“>huge uproar last time>mere apathy this timeyeah, saw this one coming”

“outrage fatigue. Soon everyone is going to get tired of being pissed off and the only thing left will be the black in Bethesda’s numbers.”

“thats how they do it, just keep pushing it til people get used to the idea or just stop caring

which is why people should be adamantly against these kind of practices even if shit that’s pushed out later makes them seem tame by comparison. ie. dlc, season passes, micro-transactions, loot boxesnever, not once, dont buy em dammit”

“>yfw you realize the incredibly poorly handled first attempt at paid mods was done as badly as possible on purpose, so that 2 years later they could introduce it again, this time with a slightly more organized looking plan so that it would look better by comparison, and with the concept not completely new and people would be more inclined to accept it.”

>bathesda only gives modders an one time payment>they don’t even get a percentage of the sales
>the payment is most likely to be way less than your average 3d modeler, otherwise Bethesda wouldn’t have done it.
>modders think this is a good thing

Why are modders so fucking gullible? The worst part is, what if, in order to maximize profits, Bethesda decides to make its future games unmoddable outside of Creative Club? And what if other companies decide to follow suit? I’d never thought I’d see the day modders killed mods.”

“How did eroge become irrelevant in Japan?”
“because mobage more profitable with lower cost”

“why do all those fucking apps always have some stupid ass face with the mouth wide open”

“because they need to copy every single aspect of a popular appto confuse people into playing it”

“Pretty easy to be “green” when you stop growth, carve out the majority of the city to federally exempt property, and push auto-centric development to your borders. Let your neighbors carry your carbon emissions, etc…There is a lot to love about the city of Washington DC, but it doesn’t happen in a bubble. If LEED is going to be credible, it needs to apply more systems thinking.”

“It literally can’t get any more credible. Credibility is social capital, social capital is marketing, and what better marketing than saying the capital of the most powerful country in the world is also the first and only platinum city by something-something-something standards?

Anywhere from here it can only go down because every other city has actual people and actual things going on in it with history and social influence that’s less than “we dictate how everyone on the planet will act”.”

“As things become more and more successful, the shuttle will be replaced with a streetcar which can someday be replaced with a subway. Now we’re not imposing an expensive, ineffective, top-down transit solution in the places where we can get the funding, find a vacant corridor and build a political coalition of vested interests. Instead, we’re incrementally building a dense web of successful transit that is intimately aligned with the expanded opportunities being provided by a complex development pattern.”

“This article has everything backwards.

Places become successful only when they are accessible. Human settlements from time immemorial were sited at maritime ports, along rivers, at crossroads, and around rail stations.

“Streetcar suburbs” even have the word, “streetcar,” in their name.

Unless we are talking about Machu Pichu, medieval hill towns in Italy, or walled cities where resources otherwise exist, accessibility largely determines the value of land for development and for human settlement.

Rivers, maritime ports, and crossroads existed before the 1800’s and guided the siting of most human settlements, and the advent of railroads created the conditions for greatly-expanded development on land that was disconnected from this water after that time.
The nuttiness of postwar automobile dependency is that, which is distorting present-day views of this process.”

“When engineers design a street, they begin with the design speed. They then determine the projected traffic volume. Given speed and volume, they then look to a design manual to determine the safe street section and then, once a cross section is selected, determine the cost. This approach to design – speed then volume then safety then cost – reflects the ideology of the profession, an internal belief system so foundational that they don’t recognize it as the application of a set of values.”

“that’s either an “it’s too early to tell” or a “it’s too late to change anything” component of the project.”

“We don’t contend with protons and atoms. We contend mostly with other people. And to some degree with nature, but nature is outside our proper domain.”

“Virtually every standard of Labor Rights has been reversed since the 90s “New Economy” concepts emerged. 8 hour work days are a joke to most Millennials, and more recently basic benefits like medical insurance. Collective Bargaining is virtually unknown to any middle class white younger than 35.”

“when you are hooked enough prices wont matter anymore, pretty basic business strategy”

>implying Artemis is actually a bimbo and not a cold, calculating mastermind yandere who put the soul of one of humanity’s greatest heroes into a teddy bear so she could have absolute power over him just pretending to be a bimbo

She’s really the perfect patron for evilcat. Totally ruthless, goal-oriented, and full of completely pure love (for Orion rather than children)”

“I’m sure there’ll be a day where I go on a journey to never return. At that time, please, could you see me off with a smile? There are times when love doesn’t mean to cry and reach out.”

“Young people are absolutely starving for someone to provide them with a sensibility and say “Look, here’s something worth living for, man.””

“Sufficive to say, none of this stuff ever goes to market for whatever weird reason. They are still releasing new articles, documentaries and presentations for this stuff every few years (almost as if on some kind of rotation) but nothing ever seems to come of it. Kinda makes you think what the agenda with these fluff pieces is. Is it some kind of underhanded way by some actors to indirectly ask the state for more grant money?

Or maybe its just part of the greater transhumanist fantasy scam that ZOG is dangling in front of us. If you think about it, transhumanism and the singularity and all this other scifi horseshit really are the ultimate carott on a stick – if the people you’re ruling over can be brought to believe that they are the *ONE* generation that will at long last discover the secret to immortality and have a chance at living forever, well, then you aren’t very likely to rebel or rock the boat, are you? After all you don’t want to die in some heroic shootout with ZOG occupation troops just a year before “the one secret trick the grim reaper doesnt want you to know” is discovered!”

2017 Aug 20 ~ 22

“Why does /v/ hate strong female character?”

“same reason i hate art.

it’s ugly, it’s technically incompetent, and it occupies a name which should be rightfully used for the real, much better deal – in other words, because it’s a scam.”

“Because most contemporary writers have an idea of a “strong female character” as “a character that behaves like a generic male” which is completely missing the point, usually comes across as unnatural, forced, and ironically results in poor and shallow characters.

It comes from the idea that males and females are supposed to compete for the same roles and display same behavior. Which generally isn’t true. Instead of focusing on an actual gender-informed character that behaves naturally and fits with real-world behavioral patterns and intuitions we have, they frequently force the female into unnatural behavior and situations only to manifest that “women are just as bad-ass as men” (by making them BE men). Not only that it contradicts most of our intuitions (and gives real-world females some really bad ideas on how to behave at times), but ironically SUPPORTS the idea that masculine behavioral patterns are better than feminine.

The result is usually a complete mess. They are unlikable (particularly to men, as they behave in fashion opposite to what men generally find appealing about women), unrelatable (even for most women, as they behave contraintuitive to them), unbelivable (as the story has to frequently contrive it’s way around bunch of basic problems such as weight and muscle advantages), lack depth (because in order to behave in unnaturally masculine fashion, the character usually must be cut from deeper personal history of character traits. And finally, it frequently just reminds the audience of the authors cluelesness about gender dichotomies and his weird, stupid, naive and one sided political beliefs.

An actually good writer can pull off any character. But the more unnatural and further away from classic archetype you want your character to be, the more you need to have a REALLY damn good psychological study.
Most game writers can’t pull of a half-decent strong man, so they sure as fuck won’t pull off a decent strong woman.”

>be progressive feminist shithead
>Dress like a slut IRL
>Complain when fictional characters are dressed like sluts
liberalism is a mental disorder”

“because the characters dont “choose” it”

“>imagine being so obsessed with your ideology that you fight for imaginary people’s rights”

“If the character’s didn’t choose to wear it themselves, then who did?
And why does them not choosing to wear it suddenly give the people doing redesigns to choose what they wear?”

“Pixels on a screen have no rights, the creators can dress them how they want.”

“10/10 mental gymnastics. Anything that doesn’t directly benefit the women tribe must be purged.”

“”Drawings on a screen didn’t choose to be drawn like a drawing.””

“Neither did they pick to be ugly hags wearing hijabs, who has the right to decide and choose then, the author or some feminists?”

“Play other stuff. Play single player stuff. Play old stuff. Go out of your comfort zone and stop being so cynical. Don’t play multiplayer games not 100% of the time. This mentality that you need one game to put all your time into is destructive to your enjoyment of the hobby unless you are a tourney level player.”

“So there’s been another Islamic terrorist attack, this time in Spain. A dozen dead. This time though, funnily, the terrorists didn’t kill themselves. They’re still on the loose. Apparently the main actor is a 17 year old Moroccan. Even if they catch him, as a minor he’ll probably get a slap in the wrist and some community service.

After Charlottesville, people should have noticed that when Power wants something, it gets it. It will take any means necessary, put any resources needed to achieve it. If the Power in the West wanted to get rid of Islamic terrorism, it could do it.

As an example, China wants to get rid of Islamic terrorism. Pretty damn strongly. So what do they do?

“Xinjiang Authorities Convert Uyghur Mosques Into Propaganda Centers”

I just love this picture. The huge banner on the mosque says: Love the Party, Love the Country. On a mosque. In rural Kashgar. Which is 100% Uyghur. Look at it again. “Love the party”. They don’t say that back in China proper. In Beijing you would get laughed at for being so in your face. But the Uyghurs must take it.

This of course is enforced by a huge security apparatus, killing suspects on sight, and a police state that would’ve scared the shit out of Orwell. You haven’t seen Internet control like China’s. Although I hear Germany’s is getting close.

So anyway, it isn’t hard. Xinjiang is 50% Muslim, and increasingly so. But China will take care of it. It can be done. When there’s a will. In Europe there obviously isn’t.”

“They’re strawman arguments, fundamentally. One of them is just Marxist. “What are power structures there for?” “Well they’re there to serve the purposes of the elite.” No, that’s one of their purposes.

That mono mania, that insane desire for singular causes, to me that’s also the expression of an archetype. It’s monotheism in action. You see these people who claim to be atheistic, they just invented a new God. Foucalt did that with power. Freud did that with sex. If you’re smart, you can take a major motivational drive or system – they’re not really drives, they’re really personalities – you can take a major motivational personality like power or sex and you can explain everything on its basis because everything is – every human action is motivated the major motivational system, some admixture of them. If you’re smart enough, you can always figure out a way that some complex phenomena is related causally to some simpler motivation. But it’s intellectual masturbation, as far as I’m concerned. It’s not the attempt to explain something. It’s the attempt to reduce everything to one simple principle that you can be master of.”

“We might as well make it a tiger, they’re pretty solitary, so it’ll be simple. They have a big territory, right? Hundreds of square miles. And the reason for that is, well they’re tigers. You can’t have like fifty of them because they’ll just eat everything that’s there. You have to have a big territory to support one apex predator. So what exactly is the territory of the tiger? And you’d say here are its boundaries, this is where it roams.

But that’s not the right way of thinking about the territory of the tiger, because the territory of the tiger is actually: “all the places where when the tiger does its thing, the things that the tiger wants to expects, happens”. That’s the tiger’s territory.

It’s the same with you. You’re at home when wherever you know what to do. And what you’re doing when you know what to do is how to match the hierarchy with the situation so that when you put it into practice, the potential that’s there transforms itself into what you’re aiming at. And that’s your territory.”

“Rationalism equates language with thought; Chomsky famously said that language’s primary function is as a vehicle of thought, not communication. That’s completely wrong, of course, most of the computation your brain does to keep you alive doesn’t use language at all. To the extent that a minority of people tend to have extensive internal monologues, that’s just conversation practice. Talking to yourself; generally in order to be ready to talk with others.”

“Wittgenstein made himself famous by basically destroying the whole academy of philosophy by pointing out the, on hindsight, obvious point that Philosophy is based in a misunderstanding of how language works. How people use language in daily life. Words don’t have definitions, they don’t have essences. Writing books about single words is completely pointless. Words are things we use in particular contexts; the use changes all the time. It’s all convention, and conventions are dynamic, pragmatic affairs.”

“The vast majority of ideas don’t have physical consequences; all they have is social consequences. They are status markers. Whether Muslims belong in Germany or not won’t get your finger burnt immediately. It may over the long term, but human brains don’t work like that. You learn behaviors to avoid danger and earn pleasure. And social disapproval by uttering non-progressive opinions are as harsh and immediate as a burnt finger in a fire.

So the reaction of most people to any abstract proposition like that will rely on their calculation of the social consequences of their particular reaction to that proposition. As it happens, being a good progressive gets you status and approval; not being a good progressive gets you low status and disapproval. So of course most people will do whatever gets them status and approval. The few contrarians like us who disagree, do so because of different experiences, because they don’t see the point in earning that sort of status, or, in many cases, because they are like the philosophers who Wittgenstein made fun of, and are just not getting the point. Taking stuff literally when you’re not supposed to. That’s not how language works.

You could make a meta point about “social construct”. It of course means that definitions are social conventions, which is a completely accurate point. But how is the string “social construct” used in actual language usage? A mere frequency analysis would tell you that “social construct” is a string that leftists use in order to crack down on bad people. You could perfectly define “social construct” as “a word whose definition is set by the Cathedral, and which denying it would get you in real trouble so shut up already”. When people come out of their way to state that “race is a social construct”, that’s not a scientific point. All they mean is “race is what I and my friends say it is and shut up you fascist”.

Note that they don’t really need to be aware of the difference. Surely some people understand that “social construct” is supposed to mean a concept deriving its meaning from social convention. But plenty of people just have picked up “social construct” being used in leftist agitation, got what’s used for, and imitated that usage themselves. You don’t need to be aware of the origin of words; only how they’re used. That’s the etymological fallacy at the micro level.

I’ve had hour long conversations about how to define “racist”. But “racist” in common usage means “bad person who I can easily accuse of disliking black people in order to ostracize him”. That’s how the language game is played. You can contest that kind of usage, and word usage indeed changes a lot all the time. But changing social conventions requires power. Political power. Because, of course, everything is politics. That’s a point the left understood a very long time ago. Even if they won’t say so.”

“You can get away with being incoherent and contradicting yourself in speech if you push the appropriate emotional buttons frequently enough.”

“The key insight of Wittgenstein is that speech is a kind of a game. You agree on a set of rules, e.g. that the word “apple” stands for a certain kind of fruit, and you agree to use that word to refer to that fruit. But games, like most human social interactions, are a local thing. There’s no universal set of rules, and you can come up with a different set of rules with other people. Kinda like good friends sometimes may modify the rules of their card games just went playing among themselves. So you can use the word “apple” to refer to apples, but with some other group you can use the word “apple” to refer to the breasts of women, or whatever. The thing often gets out of hand, as in things like Cockney rhyming slang. The point being that words don’t have “meaning” they only have patterns of use in certain contexts, governed by local sets of rules. Understanding those rules is a form of sociology.”

“The problem with science is not that it insists in analyzing objective reality. The problem is that the scientific method only works when observation is reliable. Which worked well in earlier physics and biology. But the prestige of science made us come up with things which just can’t be measured with any reliability. Economics. Psychology. Climate science. Much of medical science. It’s just too complicated to take any reliable data on much of it. And we refuse to admit that we don’t know much about it, and that we can’t know much about it. It is not possible. There is only one ancient intellectual discipline which hasn’t been made into a science: history. It can’t be done. The data just isn’t there. And historians always understood that. There was this healthy skepticism about “History is written by the victors”. You had to take it with a grain of salt. But it has its value nonetheless.”

“And so humans have evolved to put a lid over all that stuff, which is kinda obvious when you think about it. But seeing the obvious is not what human nature is about. We wouldn’t be here if it were. Human nature is about coming up with bullshit, believing it and sticking to it, so that we can all get along.”

“But wait a minute. This blog has been writing for years already about how politics is precisely about signaling. There’s little else. Social life itself is about signaling. Social Matter saying they refuse to signal things about Tibet means they are refusing to do basic human sociality. Why do you have a blog if it’s not about signaling? To have an opinion about something which doesn’t affect your livelihood is signaling, by definition. To have an opinion about the benefits of not having an opinion is… yes, signaling. That’s how human cooperation work. You say something, people agree or disagree, you make friends by signaling the same things, and next thing you know you got a big fat army to conquer your opponents. So saying that neoreaction doesn’t have an opinion on Tibet because neoreaction isn’t about having opinions doesn’t make sense at all. If you don’t have opinions, if you are a good quietist, you don’t run a blog. Much less a group blog.”

“Neoreaction, or simply any reality-based set of ideas just don’t work as a coordination mechanism. The Chinese legalists were slaughtered to a man. Machiavelli was sent to rural exile and died a lonely man. At best it’s the kind of thing a ruler must know but must also deny knowing.

The most important part of the project, after telling the truth, is coming up with a good disguise for the truth. We’re not there yet.”

“Both the Dalai Lama and his advisor and youngest brother, Tendzin Choegyal, claimed that “more than 1.2 million Tibetans are dead as a result of the Chinese occupation.” The official 1953 census–six years before the Chinese crackdown–recorded the entire population residing in Tibet at 1,274,000.”

“There’s only one reason you remember the past: it’s so that you’re prepared for the future.”

“Imagine that each of these levels of existence I just laid out are like patterns, they’re patterns within patterns within patterns within patterns, and there’s a way of making all that harmonious: that’s what music models. That’s why music is so meaningful. You take a beautiful orchestral composition and all the instruments are doing different things at different levels but they all flow together harmoniously and you’re right in the middle of that as a listener. And it fills you with almost a sense of religious awe, even if you’re a punk rock nihilist.

And the reason for that is the music is modelling the manner of being that’s harmonious. That’s the proper way to exist. And religious writings in the deepest sense are guidelines to that mode of being. So they’re not true, like scientific truths are true. They’re hyper-true or meta-true.

We take the most true things about your life, and then we take the most true things about ten other peoples’ lives and we amalgamate them into a single figure, and that would be a literary hero. Then we take a thousand literary heroes and we extract from each of them what makes the most heroic person: that’s a religious deity.”

“It’s not by chance that the word spell has this double meaning – to cast a spell, or to arrange the letters in the correct order to spell out a word… to be able to arrange the letters in the right order, to actually conjure, as it were, that thing that you just spelled – it was experienced by oral peoples, who had not met the written word before, as magic, as a very powerful form of magic.”

“People don’t have ideas. Ideas have people.

[…] Which ideas have you? And where are they suggesting that you go?”

“The patterns that govern a dominance hierarchy are the place from which ethics derive. And they evolved. And they’re not arbitrary. What works in one dominance hierarchy works in another. Where’s the proof for that? One of my proofs is that we use the same brain chemical and the same neurological system, roughly speaking, to keep track of our position in the dominance hierarchy as lobsters do. That’s 300 million years of continuity, so that’s real enough as far as I’m concerned.

So you’ve got your lobsters and they organize themselves according to these rules and the top lobster is confident and makes himself big and he’s the one that gets all the chicks. Your success in the dominance hierarchy especially if you’re male also determines the probability of your reproduction, and it may determine that more than anything else. How to maneuver the dominance hierarchy might be the prime question that faces creatures that have to live with conspecifics.

The females in some sense use the dominance hierarchy as a distributed computational device to determine the worth of the males. What the females do is hang off to the side and they watch the males battle it out and then they just pick from the top. They have their own hierarchy, and it runs by somewhat different rules, but it’s very smart, they’re externalizing the cognitive problem to the structure itself.”

“But for most people when they hear the word truth, especially people in academia or involved in the sciences in any way, they think of something very different.”

“Of course. Their truth is representational. That’s also partly why the Catholic Church, historically, has been so put off by the rational intellect. People like Dawkins say they went after Galileo because he was undermining their superstitions, it’s like, yeah, partly right. The other part was Seth, the figure of evil throughout history, is always the hyper-rational intellect. And the reason for that is intellect is God’s highest angel, so that’s Lucifer, and it falls in love with its own creations: it likes to make totalities out of its own creation. Once there’s totality there’s no room for the trancendent, there’s no God, that’s Satan’s error by the way. And everything immediately turns into hell.

That was all put together particularly well by Milton. And Milton was a visionary. What Milton felt and put together was the imagistric substrate out of which totalitarian states were going to grow. He envisioned it. It was visionary, he saw it as a battle between heavenly agents. But he codified it, and said, here’s the approaching problem, the totalitarian intellect.

If you talk to people who are suffering existentially, they’re always in love with the products of their intellect. They DO NOT pay attention. They say “well I can’t see how my life has any meaning”, and the answer to that is “you’re not seeing, you’re thinking”. And you can easily think yourself into a corner where your life has no meaning. It’s a cheap trick.

I can say, who cares about this documentary? It’s not going to matter in a billion years. Or a hundred years, or whatever, I can pick a timeframe in which this event is irrelevant. OK. So then you can derive from that fact that it’s irrelevant. Or you can derive from that fact that that’s a stupid way to think.

You can derive the conclusion it’s a stupid way to think if you haven’t made thinking your god.

There’s lots of other things that work better than thinking. Paying attention is thinking. It’s MUCH better than thinking. Paying attention allows you to listen to people who don’t agree with you, paying attention allows you to learn what you don’t already know. If it’s thinking or attention that should be the god, attention rules, thinking is a subordinate phenomena. But it likes to pop on top, because it likes its little tight theories and it likes to be right.

Well, forget that.

You’re not going to be right.”

“We encounter chaos. It’s often a snake. Well that also points to its deep evolutionary roots.

There’s an anthropologist, Lynne Isbell, who wrote a book a while back called [The Fruit, the Tree, and the Serpent] and she was interested in why human beings can see so well. Because we can see really well. The only things that can see better than us are birds of prey. And she thought “well why would a primate like us have such good vision?” So she went around the world and she knew we were also particularly good at detecting the kind of camoflague patterns that characterize snakes, especially in the lower half of our visual field, and she thought, well, maybe we were preyed upon by snakes, and maybe we developed good vision because we were preyed upon by snakes, like 60 million years ago, way back when we weren’t even people. Which is about how old snakes are, 60 million years or something like that. So then she went around the world and she correlated the acuity of primate vision with the prevalence of predatory snakes. It’s a nice correlation. So she thought oh, humans and snakes co-evolved.

So what gives you vision? Snakes. That’s what it says in Genesis.

What else gives you vision? Fruit. That’s also right, that’s why we have color vision.

What makes you self-conscious if you’re a man? Women. That’s Eve.

So the stories in the Bible, the pre-flood stories, they’re really old. We have no idea how old they are. In story form, god only knows how old they are, but in terms of behavioral patterns, they could easily be 60 million years old. “The thing that defeats the snake gets the women”. You imagine that in tree-dwelling primates, say, well up come the snakes, the first guy who figured out to drop a stick on a snake? He was very popular.

[…] What’s happened as far as I can tell is that the systems that our brain evolved to detect basically rapacious predators, it’s not just snakes, but like… reptiles with teeth, predators in the dark, things under the water, like crocodiles, that’s- the lurking anomaly, it’s the thing you have to contend with.

And it’s actually a monster. People say monsters aren’t real. It’s like, depends on your timeframe. If you add up and average all the predatory monsters across 60 million years, you get a monster. So the amalgam of “monster” is “a representation of the class of predatory of predatory stimuli”, that might be a way of looking at it.

So we’re very sensitive to that because we were prey animals. So then our cortex leaped up a level of abstraction, and that same system started to detect anomaly as such. It wasn’t just the predatory thing that was outside the dominance hierarchy, it was the abstract thing that was outside the system of ideas. It’s the same thing. And so that became symbolized by the chaos monster, and we can easily throw that on our enemies. It’s like, “well who are you? you’re outside the hierarchy. oh, you’re a chaos monster”. well yes you are. That’s not an arbitrary prejudice. You are absolutely a chaos monster.

Then the question is what do you do with chaos monsters? One answer is kill them. The other answer is get their gold. That’s a better answer. Because there’s information in chaos, and we’re information scavengers, and that’s our niche.

Outside what we know, there’s information. You might die retrieving it. But if you don’t die, you’re a major hero.”

“”The Father” isn’t an individual. “The Father” is the whole patriarchal dominance hierarchy, right? The individual is just a representation of that. Our minds are more evolved to consider “masculinity” as such, rather than the male individual. […] The masculine is like a god. You say, well is it a god? Well, it shapes your behavior. It determines your destiny. It determines your fitness. Is it alive? That’s a good question. Depends on how you describe alive.

So we’ve got this system that can recognize the masculine living thing, the feminine living thing, and the self living thing. That’s the underlying pre-suppositions of our nervous system. Thats the world of being. At some point our cortex inflates. So now we can use abstraction. But you know that evolution is a conservative process. You don’t just build a new thing, you build a new thing on an old thing, so the new thing still thinks like the old thing, but it can do some more things. So what’s happened to us and this is something that’s amazing to me is that we’ve taken these basic social cognitive cateogires, and we’ve been able to map being itself using the same categories– and it works.

You map the masculine the dominance hierarchy, you map the feminine onto nature. Well, that works. All of a sudden, that works. You can survive like that.

Is that a metaphor? No, it’s not a metaphor. Here’s an example. Why is mother nature “mother” nature? Well what’s nature? Nature is that which selects. That’s as far as I can tell, how else are you going to define nature? “Nature selects”. Women select. That’s what women do, human women. They’re not like chimps, they’re selective maters. So as far as men are concerned, and maybe as far as women are concerned too: Women ARE nature. It’s not a metaphor. They’re the thing that stops you from reproducing, and that’s partially why they make you self-conscious when you reject it. They’re the portal to immortality. They ARE nature. It’s not like they represent it. They are nature, in the most direct possible way.

Is that a right way of looking at the world?

It’s difficult to make an alternative case if you look at the world from a Darwinian perspective.”

“If you walk down Bloor Street, and you watch, you can see people in “Hell” with no problem. They’re not only the people who are completely lost – the homeless – but they’re homeless that you cannot look at. And the reason you can’t look at them is because they find your act of mirroring their state of existence as intolerable. It will instantly enrage them. And that’s because they’re in chaos. They’re in the underworld, but they’re in a particular suburb of the underworld, and that little suburb, that’s hell. And you think, well, is it eternal? Depends on what you mean. It’s been around a long time. A long time. It’s really deep. And there’s another weird thing about Hell, which is when you’re in it, no matter how bad it is, there’s some stupid thing you can do to make it worse. And that’s why it’s bottomless.”

“[…]how we compartmentalize reality is not at all a given.”
“No, you do it on the fly. And you do it for pragmatic reasons. And in some sense what you do is look for the simplest possible and least energetic way of conceptualizing the current situation so that the next thing you want to do happens.”

“Maybe you’ll even start to understand what the larger problems are, because that’s a problem with prematurely trying to do too much, it’s like, well is that really the problem? And what makes you think you’ll make it better rather than worse? So you have to pick the right-sized problem.”

“Part of the progress of human knowledge is the differentiation of the map. Now, you can get quite a long ways with an undifferentiated map, in fact, often, an undifferentiated map is often more useful because it obscures useless detail. And so we’ve always been making maps of the world. And you might say we were making maps of the objective world, even when we didn’t know it, and I would say no we weren’t. I don’t believe that. We were making maps of being, and that’s not the same thing.

Imagine you exist within a sacred landscape. How could a modern person conceive of that? Well that’s easy. Leave home for… a while. And then come back. Let’s say it’s your parents’ home and you’ve been gone for fifteen years, and you come back and everything in the house is imbued with magical significance. And you might say well that’s not inherent to the object. Like, yeah, sure. Depending on how you define the object. It’s completely inherent to the object as they manifest themselves in your realm of perception. And you can dissociate the object itself from the subjective overlay, but that’s not such an easy thing to do, and it’s not so self-evident. And it’s not even obvious that what you’re doing when you do that is coming up with a more accurate picture of reality, because the picture of reality that represents the item of sacred importance,

How do you know that importance isn’t the most important part of that item? That’s how you act. You won’t throw it away. Well, why? It’s just a material entity. Well no it’s not. It’s an element of being. And that’s a different thing.

And so what people prior to the dawn of the materialist age was producing maps of being, and that meant things had historical significance. The mountain where your grandfather was buried was not the same mountain as another mountain. And you might say, yes they are, they’re made out of the same clay and silica and all of that, and it’s like, yeah, man, you’re missing the point.

A Westerner might say, “yes but it’s extraordinarily useful to differentiate and to act as if there’s an objective reality and a subjective reality because it opens up all sorts of new avenues of pursuit”, and yes, that’s why we’re technological wizards. But we’ve lost something. We’ve lost our capacity to understand the reality of that overlay that we scraped off in order to produce objective reality.”

“Being is the domain in which suffering is real […] and that’s not the material world.

Pain is not a material phenomena. It’s like, well yes… I would like to point out that that is hardly a brilliant observation, everything is associated with the material world, because here we are, in this world. But we do not understand.”

“A while back I was in New York, and unfortunately I don’t remember in which museum, but in this room in this museum, there was a spectacular collection of mid-to-late Renaissance art. Staggering room. The value of the paintings in that room… they’re priceless. Billions of dollars worth of art in that room. And there were people from all over the world looking at it. One of the pieces was The Assumption of Mary. Beautiful. […]

And I thought well, let’s be a cultural anthropologist about this. That museum is on some of the most expensive real estate in the world. There’s a tremendous amount of time and effort spent on producing the museum and fortifying it and guarding it. And people from all over the world make pilgrimages to stand in front of it. And what they are looking at they do not understand.

So what the hell are they doing there? Why are they looking at those pictures?

The answer is the pictures speak to their soul… but not in the language they understand. But that’s okay because we don’t understand ourselves. That’s obvious: we’re more than we can understand. By a tremendous margin. The artists and the mystics are at the vanguard of that development of understanding, and they come up with ideas that are clearer than mere feelings, but are not yet clear.”

“It’s especially real if you’re Darwinian, because what’s more real from the Darwinian perspective than that which selects? That’s the most real. In fact it’s the definition of real. It’s not “the material world”. It’s “that which selects”. […] This is the problem I have with people who are simultaneously reductionistic materialists and evolutionary biologists. It’s like, sorry guys, you don’t get to be both.”

“Are there cases where stating what appears to be the truth to the best of your ability to articulate it is inferior to a pragmatically functional white lie?”

“I would say it depends on your motivations. I can use the truth to hurt you. But I’m doing is like a white lie, it’s a black truth, let’s call it that. It also doesn’t serve the ordered structure entirely. It’s true on say three levels of analysis, usually sub-levels, and not true on a really profound level.

I can say “Well I’m just telling you this for your own good”, and I tell you something true, but I picked a context or a state of vulnerability in which delivery of that message has an undermining effect. And I know that. “Well it was true” well no. All things considered, it wasn’t true. Some things considered it was true, and a white lie is the inverse of that […] It would be wrong of me to hurt your feelings over such a trivial issue.”

“He who has a why can bear any how.”

“If you don’t read it, you’re not informed, you can’t participate in the debate except as a puppet. And I wouldn’t recommend participating in this debate as a puppet because you don’t know who’s behind the scenes pulling the strings.”

2017 Jul 01 ~ Aug 19

“Personally, I happen to think it makes Japanese even easier for the listener than the speaker, because there’s an intuition that comes from knowing the language. Japanese, in contrast to English, has a subject-object-verb sentence structure, versus the subject-verb-object ones we enjoy as English speakers. As a result, native speakers can often see where the sentence is going by knowing the subject and object without even considering the action. However, English speakers get the action out of the way so quickly it’s impossible to understand the full meaning without every word, e.g. ”the cat ate the mouse”-c the cat could be eating anything; in Japanese, ”cat mouse ate”h can make you guess what the cat did to that mouse before the word is spoken.”

“I think it’s just something he does when teaching. It’s pretty common for teachers from any discipline to teach shit they themselves never did. It’s because they forgot what it was like to be a pleb, and what they did to get gud, so they just make something up that appears to make sense, but they themselves never did.”

“This new development of loud ads on gas pumps is the absolute worst.

I’m hoping for the best, which is that people avoid the stations that do this, OR if by some miracle, the ones with ads sell gas reasonably cheaper.

But they’ll all probably sell ads and not change their prices because that’s actually how capitalism works.”

“In evolutionary terms, Uptalk started with teenage girls, and indeed it was an effect of modern Californian teenage girl society, which is a good approximation to a Hobbesian state of nature of all against all, where you must police your every single act, lest the sisterhood comes crashing down on you and throws you and your status into some ghetto in Oakland. So that’s how teenage girls evolved passive-aggresiveness and high-frequence semi-questions as self-defence. The interesting thing is why that spread out of teenage girl life into wider society. This implies therefs something about modern society which is similar to teenage girl total status war.

Uptalk can also be seen as the fusion of the colloquial tags ”like-“, ”you know?” into the actual word itself. ”Like” and ”you know” are also a ways of holding plausible deniability about one’s statement. You aren’t just asserting something. You aren’t really like, sure, you know, so you hold plausible deniablity lest your interlocutor be short of status in that particular moment and she uses the chance to throw you under the bus. Again, one way of putting this is epistemic humility. Another way of putting this is a complete breakdown of social trust so that conversation is pretty muchc impossible?”

“The quasi-interrogative tone is a defensive mechanism in uncertain situation, when there is a probability to be mis-interpreted as insulting or offensive. Today’s social environment is toxic and malignant, a senator may be forced to resign for telling a joke and a President of Harvard for stating an obvious but unacceptable fact of life. Just as feudal Japan developed a style to address and talk to high ranking persons (and avoid being beheaded), current environment forces people to find ways to address a potentially fatal audience (without risking being accused of racism or whatever). BTW, did you notice how the speech of Catholic and Chinese hierarchs ooze saccharine benevolence?”

“At first this title creep seems to defy economics. Games have large fixed costs but small per-customer costs, so they should go large. An already large game is in much better position to catch another customer than a new one. The same is true for content: creating a new WoW dungeon for Blizzard is much-much easier than for a new studio to create a game with that one dungeon, since WoW already has characters, spells, engine, graphics assets.

Yet there are no few big games, but awful lot of smalls, most in early access. The solution for this nonsense is the Market for lemons. This economic theory says that if the customers can’t evaluate the quality of products before purchase and some of the products are crap, they respond with decreasing the money they are ready to pay “hey, if they sell me crap, at least let it be cheap”. While this is logical, it means that good products disappear from the market, since selling those for cheap is loss. By good products disappearing, the average market becomes worse and the buyers pay even less. We reached this equilibrium in gaming: there is nothing here but early access rubbish.”

“One can judge a society by it’s transportation network for sure. Poor social structures cannot get it’s people from point A to B. and thus their economies suffer.”

“I think that talent is the ability to take chances, and the calm to learn from your mistakes […] I’ve seen plenty others with much more skill miss great opportunities because of extreme self-consciousness or some mistaken sense of discretion. It’s such a shame. I still think about them.”

“In the process of reaching competency, intervention is the worst possible thing.”

“CNN does a reverse image search on a gif and finds it posted on Reddit, decides to blackmail the user who posted it before confirming he actually made the image and didn’t just steal is from DonaldChan”

“It is called LOCALIZATION for a reason”

“Oh gee whiz, I guess that makes it immune to criticism.

Thanks, anon!”

>Shoving SJW agenda
Back to NeoFAG”

>Funimation SJW dubs
Fucking hell, don’t get me started.
>Kobayashi whining about slut shaming
>That retarded jab at Gamergate in Prison School of all shows, the show that lives and dies with the “male gaze”

“Except the Gamergate line got changed for the BD/DVDs because it was “too outdated”.”

“Want to make it even worse? The one complaining about the “patriarchy” is a pedophile who can only get away with it because her victim is male.

Also, who wrote this fucking script? This is not how real people talk, this is the kind of “conversation” you hear at Dashcon while they’re lining up for the fucking ballpit.”

“The square root of a number of people in a domain do half the work. Okay so let’s go through this.

You have 10 employees. 3 of them do half the work. Makes sense. That’s reasonable.

You have 100 employees. 10 of them do half the work. That’s a problem. The other 90% are doing the other half. Who cares about them.

You have 10,000 employees. 100 of them do half the work.

Here’s a nasty little law: As your company grows, incompetence grows exponentially, and competence grows linearly. With 10 it’s 3 doing half the work, at 10,000 it’s 100, so 9,900 of your employees are doing as much as the best 100. You might not even know who the best 100 are, but probably they know, and maybe their peers know too.

And so one of things that’s really interesting when big companies start to shake, which means maybe they’ve had a bad quarter or two bad quarters, and the stock price starts to tip down and the hot people who have options are not very happy about that and they start to announce layoffs, the 100 people who have opportunities leave. And they’re the ones who were doing half the work.”

“5 composers produce the music that occupies 50% of the classical repertoire: Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Chaikovsky, Mozart.

Take all the music those people wrote: 5% of of the music those people wrote occupies 50% of the music that’s played.

So not only do almost all the composers never get a listen, but even among the composers who do get a listen, almost none of their music never gets played.”

“If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.”

“It’s not because things are difficult that we dare not venture. It’s because we dare not venture that they are difficult.”

“[H]istory has been written by those who want you to believe that reasoning has a monopoly or near monopoly on the production of knowledge.”

“Mass transit, BRT, autonomous cars, trains, or anything else like that will not solve issues of congestion. Congestion is an issue of inefficient land use. Simply put, too many people need to commute from far away to get to job centers, school, shopping etc.”

“Recently, I’ve come up against a few people who argue that transit is, in fact, not efficient and a waste of money. Their reasoning is the following: the number of passengers per car is 1,6, the AAA says that driving a car costs 60 cents per mile (they’re always American), so the cost of cars per passenger-mile is 37,5 cents. Meanwhile, transit on average costs about 1 dollar per passenger-mile. Transit is thus completely inefficient.

Now, this could be answered pretty simply: if transit is economically inefficient, why are third world cities dominated by transit and not by personal cars? Why do the Japanese pay 10% of their income on transport versus 20% for Americans and Canadians?”

“Negotiate with Isshiki, I guess.”
“B-but she’s a girl right? Will she understand our language?”
“If Isshiki Iroha’s playing that character on purpose, you could say that it actually makes negotiating with her easy. Long story short, she wants to maintain her brand image.”

“People usually don’t look back to see how far they’ve come while they’re still walking. Of course, when they come to a standstill, the more progress they’ve made, the more betrayed they feel by their expectations.

However, I’m glad to have been able to see this up close and in person, because I can’t watch over you guys forever.”

“We all have our own personal image that’s dictated by others – one that’s always off the mark. We wish to remain ourselves, but who gets to decide who we are as people?”

“That’s because those people are following trends, mostly just stealing from each other. The original purpose of ricing was just to make your real estate more productive (i.e. less eye strain, window titles not being in the way, etc.) and now it’s just a contest to see who can make the most retarded copycat of the previous person.”

“How can you tell?”
“Look… he just went into the bank right after Rally without even looking at his watch. Most people check the time before they do something after waiting.”

“Dear, dear… Didn’t you read the fax? Guns were banned from our little meeting.”
“If anyone was dumb enough to walk through that door unarmed, I’d sure like to see his face.”

“>MGS5 was supposed to be about a ssoldier witnessing hell and going nuclear
>There was actually supposed to be a greater meaning to why a central female character dresses this way
>Kojima fucked it all up
>meanwhile Yoko Taro actually made a game with those concepts and actually did them well”

“I’m just tired of multiplayer games

I played League for 6 years and have probably over 5000 hours in that game and just completely burned me out of multiplayer games; thery’re essentially endless so I never felt satisfied with where I was.

With a regular game you know when you’ve beaten it, with a multiplayer game nothing is ever enough.”

“Buddahism states that if you suicide you will continue to do so for all eternity.”

“I’m still not sure what I should be doing.

There’s Grad School, which is what I always though I would be doing, but it just doesn’t seem to make any sense. Instead of being paid for doing work I don’t really want to do, I’d have to pay someone else for the “privilege” of doing work I don’t really want to do. That’s pretty stupid.

Plus I don’t really know what I would do after I graduate. Becoming a professor is all that would really make sense. Getting any other job wouldn’t be any better than what I’m doing now enjoyment-wise. Maybe I’d be paid a bit more, but once I take into consideration all the years I wouldn’t be paid because I’m wasting my time in school instead of working, it would take a long time before that made up for it. And I don’t want to work that long.

Really what I need is just money. If I had money I could do whatever I wanted. So it seems to make the most sense to figure out how to make the most money and stop worrying about grad school.”

“I don’t get people who are code monkeys who obsess over saving time to code more for their stupid employer. It would be one thing if you had any chance at upward mobility into like a quarter mil a year management position, but these people are typically making close to the cap for software engineers, so why the fuck are they working so much? “

“Bugmen will hilariously also spin this as a moral imperative. “Oh goy the boss is paying you top dollar, it’s wrong of you to take a breath!” “Oh the boss cheated on his taxes? I’m sure there’s a legit reason.”

“Dude on Twitter arguing that autonomous cars will allow everyone to live in far flung suburbs, transforming American cities. Unless they’re gonna drive twice as fast as cars do now, how much farther flung does he expect our suburbs can possibly get? People out here driving 2 hrs one-way to New York City already, lmao”

“I’m sorry it’s impossible to refund those charges my system won’t let me.”
“Okay, well my bank’s fraud department is REALLY good, so I’m sure they’ll figure it out.”
“I refunded you the full amount.”
“I thought your system couldn’t do that.”
*call disconnects suddenly*

“One of the weirdest things that nobody remarks upon is the difference in minor security features you see in black areas versus white areas. Just compare a McDonalds or something in a ghetto versus one in a suburb. The employees in the ghetto McD’s are behind really thick, presumably bulletproof glass and speak to customers through some cutouts in the glass. Cash and cards aren’t handled directly, but slipped into a metal indent. You even notice a difference in how cups, sauces, straws, and the drinks are sourced, in the suburbs it’s all freely available but in black areas its all behind the counter.

Blows my mind that normies don’t notice this. Blacks, writ large, can’t handle access to free sauce packets and proximity to cash registers. One would think such a minor thing would be a glaring feature in an analysis of “us vs them” but the subtle layer of additional security concerns required to do such a simple thing as feeding black people shitty food is never publicly commented upon.

This what’s known as the “n***** tax”, the extra cost you need in terms of security, cameras, police presence, liability insurance etc because of a locally criminally predisposed population”

“These modern & progressive burger company employees genuinely have more security in place than any bank clerk I’ve ever spoken to”

“Try going to a liquor store in the ghetto…its surrreal”

“Like the ones where you have to pay by handing money through a drawer.”

“Thr cops ive spoken to even specifically told local yemeni deli owners to install it and say the result of them not doing that is constant fights and even the deli owner getting himself stabbed for his troubles.”

“Yeah a lot of fast food places like this have security features like this, but this is only in basketball american areas, my store has bullet proof glass on all the windows

But its only rated for handgun rounds, mcdonalds in Detroit and shit are rated for up to 7.62×54 which is fucking wild”

“America is now officially in the business of waging war on those who dare stand in the way of equality, freedom, and tolerance, meaning any form of discrimination is reason for unleashing an army of lawyers, armed police/SWAT, and the full fury of the fourth estate (the state-controlled media).

And yet the most enduring symbol (the ultimate legacy) of the civil rights movement – you know, that epoch in history that forever destroyed a private citizens right to determine with what to do with their privately-held company/business/property – isn’t white flight from urban areas.

It isn’t a black man in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

It’s transparent thermoplastic, a security measure required to protect those employees (and property) of business owners who still dare try and turn a profit in cities like Newark, Camden, Birmingham, Detroit, and Baltimore.

Though the lingering evidence civilization once existed in these cities is empty skyscrapers jettisoning into the air (that same air is routinely pierced with the sound of gunshots), those merchants sticking behind to gobble-up easy food stamp/EBT money are required to ensconce their employees and entire stores contents behind impenetrable plexiglas.


Though Black History Month celebrations this February will spend considerable amount of time detailing the horrors of segregation, whites-only seating/water fountains, and the utter evil of a business owner denying black people service, there exists no symbol more powerful than the erection of plexiglass at a place of business to protect employees from the black customers it serves.

No symbol.

The purest legacy of the civil rights, for nothing can undo the natural inclinations of a people who believe they’re entitled to anything and everything like a wall of bullet-proof material. “

“So, supposedly this guy went from sleeping in his cab to being a billionaire because he quickly made enough money selling VCR’s and Walkmans to make major investments in Russian carbamide which he then used to buy a skyscraper for 17 million dollars. In the process, he was invited to join the Council for American-Soviet Trade and meet with then-Vice President George H.W. Bush.”

“But why is a federally-funded CIA spinoff with decades of experience in “psychological warfare” suddenly blowing tens of millions in government funds on privacy tools meant to protect people from being surveilled by another arm of the very same government? To answer that question, we have to pull the camera back and examine how all of those Cold War propaganda outlets begat the Broadcasting Board of Governors begat Radio Free Asia begat the Open Technology Fund. The story begins in the late 1940’s.”

“Chief, you sure it’s okay to be taking video like that?”
“Hmm? They have to have video because they’re taking bets.”
“But it’ll leave a record that we participated in an illegal race.”
“It won’t take very long for the cars to pass through, and it’s not like I’ve rented the station out to them.”
“You did take money, though.”
“Ah, you’re mistaken. A customer just happened to buy a large amount of high priced items. The camera only shows racers stopping in for gas.”

“If he wants you so badly, why didn’t he just open fire in the garage?”

“The most important thing to him is himself. It would’ve been two against four in a shootout, plus there are security cameras in the garage. He would’ve been caught on tape.

If we’re on the road, there’s no record of what happened. If he erases the memory in the patrol car camera, he can say whatever he wants.

And if the victim is an outlaw like me, no one’s gonna look into it too hard.”

“Because it can be rigged, which in modern game design means “is rigged”.”

“Before you’d say “a video game company can’t evaluate my personality”, please remember the dad who learned that his daughter in high school is pregnant from an ad agency. They know you more than you’ll ever know yourself and there is no way you can protect yourself from them any other way than cutting ties at the first sign of “it can be rigged”. It always is.”

“I never said that “1%” isn’t true on the big average. I’m saying that some players have much better chances than others based on their psychology. If Adam gets 10 loot in 500 boxes and Betty get nothing in 500, that’s still “1%”.”

“ITT: It’s ok when Japan does it”
“>japs put more care into their craft and make ideal versions, west muhtrannyrealism”
“japs do it for boners, west does it for good boy points”
“good goy points you mean”

“dlc is all cosmetic. You don’t need any of it.”
“You know, back in the day, all the outfits would be unlockable rewards. Instead they’re now bullshit DLC that basically costs as much as the entire game.”

“You want to make me out to be a criminal when I’m just trying to make a living”
“Yeah, a living from being a criminal. They aren’t mutually exclusive.”

“Streamers get special priviledge in many games and several devs of games such as DBD have said they exclusively listen to streamers and basically design the games around them. Considering most of these streamers drop games after, at most, 2 months, this means lots of games just end up husks where the streamers feast on the game for a month and then leave a dead carcass no one wants.”

>play game while streaming
>get killed
So… um… what were they expecting? Should everyone just stand around and not play until the streamer leaves?”

“The question isn’t why the game companies offer these atrocious work conditions and pay. The question – always – lies on the other side: why are there lines of wannabe devs going through the same suffering? Why there are anyone who doesn’t quit. Most importantly, why can’t the banks get away with offering the same? Why would it be bizarre for a bank boss to tell the employees to work unpaid overtime?

The conditions he described aren’t rare, but not in capitalism, but in crony-capitalism and semi-criminal capitalism. Like when the night club doesn’t pay waitresses at all, and they work for free for the opportunity to catch rich and drunk customers for “escort”. Or when border patrol agents made half of cops in several Eastern European countries and still the applications crushed the desks, because one could make a monthly salary from one night patrol by not searching the right cars. Or the plague of the Hungarian health care: doctors work for pennies, but still don’t quit, because queues are long and patients pay into their pockets to skip it. […]

Now I’m not saying every or even most developers are like this, especially on the art field where there is little opportunity to rig. However these punks run the show and upkeep the low wages, high hours and abusive environment to prevent any clean guy coming to their turf. They are ready to take formal pay cuts to keep applicants away, they rather work long hours to cover for an empty position than fill it with someone clean. If someone needs to be hired and they don’t know a guy, they make sure it will be a newbie with zero experience who is simply too incompetent to realize what’s happening right under his nose. If he turns out to be too smart to be kept in the dark and too honest to be recruited to the crew, they just bully him out. So the industry will finally devolve into what it is today: a bunch of crooks surrounded by incompetent yes-men hired right out of college in a toxic hellhole living on pizza, laughable formal salaries and slave hours, knowing that their RMT will make them able to retire by 30. […]

The low salaries guarantee that honest and competent people aren’t in the industry (you can get passionate dumbasses and crooks). The honest developer coming to the CEO is also indistinguishable from a brownnose who just spreads libel on his coworkers to suck up to the brass.”

“If the simulator is telling me anything, it’s that hoarding quartz is a useless endeavor and I won’t get what I want even after months of saving up. How accurate is my analysis?”

“And you plan to get what you want by spending the 20 odd rolls you get a month?”

“I’ve just accepted I’ll never get what I want and to be happy with the mediocrity I can. I guess this game prepared me for real life.”

“The most important part about art is expressing yourself” – Pablo Picasso

According to one of the most renowned artists in history, expressing yourself is more important than grinding boxes and fundies. Is this why so many people here never make it and are instead stuck in a miserable shitposting loop?”

“unbeknownst to picasso the human personality is always expressing itself to the best of its capability

when he was bound by ‘technicalities’ he was expressing his anxiety

when he was being a useless hack he was expressing his flamboyance

when you consider all the ‘box drawing shitposters,’ can you figure out what they are expressing?”

“Fuck you Picasso.

The most important part about art is managing to make a living with it. It’s also the ugliest part.”

>Somebody earlier wrote that he thinks artists wouldn’t brag about having talent. Nothing is further from the truth in many cases. The idea of talent sells to normal people.

While true for a general audience. Someone selling online education, tutorials and going for the Patreon, DA, tumblr crowd, a fanbase comprised almost entirely of aspiring artists… It behooves them to sell them on “you can do this too!” it’s thee pillar for selling self help/life coaching, education.”

“>you’ll never have parents who’ll accept the NEET you (and your favorite games) for who you are”

“My parents do but it’s really sickening and I’ve gone from appreciation to utter contempt for them condoning my NEET status. The only reason I’m like this is because I’ve been coddled all my life, wasn’t able to play sports out of fear of hurting myself, wasn’t able to enjoy activities everyone my age did like paintball because parents heard some kid died once, dissuaded from getting a job in highschool because I didn’t need the money since my parents paid for everything, pulled out of driver’s ed because parents said I wouldn’t be driving a car until after I graduated highschool, only recently got a debit card at the ripe age of 24 but still have no idea how credit works.”

“I know more or less how you feel my man. The thing you have to realize is that you’re now an adult, and you can do whatever the hell you want. When I asked for a credit/debit card and they told me I didn’t need it, I went to the goddamn bank and got it for myself. When they told me that they’ll pay for my driving lessons if I quit smoking, I went out and got myself a job. (they paid for it anyway, but I was ready to do it myself).

If you’ll allow me to project all over you for a moment, your issue is that your life is too good. Not in a good way. You’ve never been forced to find a real challenge because your parents care too much for you and they don’t want anything bad to happen to their baby. You’re probably an only child or at least a first. You look at others who are struggling with “real” problems and you can’t help but feel just a tiny pang of jealousy. All you really want is affirmation that you’re an independent person who can take care of life on his own. Well, I have some really bad advice to give you regarding that.

What you need to do is fuck yourself over. On purpose. I had a nice, quiet, low stress life until the age of 18. Everything I could ever want and more. Then I got drafted. These past 2 years have been downright the most awful, sickening, suicide inducing years of my life. But I realized something: every single time I’ve gotten fucked I became a wiser, stronger, more empathetic person. And there is a lot of fucking, let me tell you, Kafka wasn’t far off the mark when he wrote about impenetrable bureaucracy. But I’ve gone from a meek nerdy slacker (aka that quiet kid) to a hard-working friendly guy because I can look back at all the shit I dealt with _on my own_ and be proud and confident that I am a better person that I was and I deserve to hold my head up and bow to no man.

You need to find someway to be in a tough situation with no safety net. Move away, go in debt (don’t do that), join the army (also don’t), whatever.”

“STEM is a fucking meme, more STEM people will not solve hard problems faster. One genius engineer is better than 6 mediocre ones, this isn’t labor. One brilliant algorithm can obliterate an entire industry. The workforce of the present/near future is liquid, stability in work is gone. In 20 years working will be something only a “privileged” class will be able to do while everyone else collects UBI and attempts to live as economically as possible.”

“If you pay attention, you will notice that no one has actually accused him of anything. Only hinted and insinuated, and changed the discussion to “well you shouldnt ask for proof, you sexist” so fast, that no one seems to notice that they havent actually accused him of anything.

So now, if he defends himself, they’ll just use whatever he denies. its a classic kafkatrap. ”

>If you look a people statements – the “women of the industry”, they are all saying that they *believe* the *rumors* because they *know* he’s a dick
It’s scary how well this works at a psychological level. And it transcends the whole SJW thing.

If a bunch of people dislike a person for whatever personal reasons they have, they’ll latch onto any insinuation that he/she’s done something actually deplorable because it makes them feel better to have a reason to say “fuck that asshole”. Like if someone made a joke that insinuated that the weird dude at work killed stray cats, it would be easy to latch on to that and keep it going because it’s a lot easier to hate him when you can believe he does something like that.”

“For me, I fucking hate how immediately everyone publicly denounces him via vague tweets.

If it’s true, and this is some open-secret thing that everyone’s letting on, then why the FUCK are Griffin and co only coming out NOW? That makes them look gross. This will make Grffin’s shit + Bombcast super hard to listen to because it will make me question their entire integrity.

If it’s false or blown way out of proportion, then why fucking disown the guy? If this is the case, then Griff+Bombcast will be impossible to listen to because I’ll assume them to be opportunistic.

And I just fucking know that no one will even address this shit on their podcasts. Just fucking tweet it out and say NO, DON’T TALK ABOUT IT THO, like what the fuck? It’s legitimately disgusting behaviour.”

“what the fuck, have people considered this game will eventually end and their money disappear.
theres no way a mobage goes on for years”

“Any game-as-a-service has that problem. You pay for the moment, not anything long-term”

“any other games been soft launched before?”
“What the fuck is a soft launch anyway?”
“Plausible deniability.”

“”With the DOA series, the bathing suits seem to have been popular with Japanese gamers while overseas a lot of people say ‘give us male character costumes!’ However, once we release the game, it turns out the bathing suits sell quite a lot overseas as well.” Hayashi added with a laugh, “Everyone is just trying to save face, but the numbers are honest.””

“An easy example of the moral problems that free trade presents is, let’s say, Clothing in Africa. One of the reasons why you see so many pictures of poor African people wearing T-shirts of last year’s Superbowl losers is they were donated over there from charitable organizations from the West for free. And the African textile industries, which were actually pretty strong up until the 1980s couldn’t compete with “free”. Jobs were lost, revenue wasn’t being, and poverty spread alongside with donated clothes.

Bring that same problem closer to home and you get the contentious issue of dairy products in Canada. Canada’s been really leery about participating in the TPP and one of the reasons why is because the dairy lobby has been fighting hard to maintain the country’s historically high tarriff on milk, the assumption being that lowering that to introduce foreign milk trucked in from the US will have local farmers losing business which will result in lost revenue made by Canadian farmers selling to Canadian retailers and circulating money through the supply chain of the overall Canadian economy.”

“>google gets sued by US department of labor for being too discriminatory
>concocts a scenario where no name programmer gets fired for his views and has his reputation ran through the dirt by the CEO himself
>google gains reputation as being “too progressive” and “leftist” through this backlash thus allowing them to continue their super discriminatory policies.”

“Even if you asked him the obvious, he’d joke about it saying “no”.”

“>hire women to have meetings about hiring more women
>have meetings solve nothing
>hire more women to try and solve “problems””

“I really wish these artists were born with boobs that big. I’m not even close to that and it hurts my chest to run because it’s just fat on your chest weighing you down.”
“Remember when tits or gtfo was the response to this 100% of the time?”

“The true blackpill of that child rapist tinder experiment wasn’t the fact that women responded to him despite his supposed criminal record. It was the fact that none of the women apparently found his professionally taken pictures suspicious. The average woman literally thinks she deserves a male supermodel so they won’t even think anything special of it.”

“The rich and powerful simply don’t require the number of people that exist. The third world was a useless oversupply of human resources 50 years ago. And now the first world middle class is useless to them. Our quality of life is not declining “by accident.”

“But if you’re a woman, you’ve seen this vision: twice a day, you’re packed onto a train so crowded you can’t move your arms. You’re literally lifted off your feet and smashed against the window in the insane torture that is Japanese commuting. You can smell the breakfast and sweat of ten other people in every breath you take. And then as the train grinds over a small bridge, you catch a brief image of a park slatted with sunlight, colorful strollers around a play area, children on swings in the fresh air, and mothers smiling and drinking coffee. Then your train rushes into a tunnel and everything goes dark. The next day, and every day after, you try to catch one more glimpse of that shining park.”

“Because it would be the end of “USA the superpower”. If tiny NORK can effectively deter the USA than anyone can. The USA would be “just another rich country” with no more power or influence than France. This is not acceptable to the current US political class and even to a significant part of citizenry who believe in the “American Exceptionalism” (which is honestly not less crazy than “Kim the living god”).”

>what a bad person, how dare you become a prostitute and a drug addict
Really take a step back and ease on the r9k goggles. Even if the case was a real life one and not one in a porn comic (since you’re applying your /reddit9k/ logic pointlessly on a cartoon character) your roastie whining wouldn’t be sensible. A person like that would’ve fallen on some fucking terrible times, worse than anything you’ve experienced. If your foremost opinion on her would still be “how do i get to fuck her” or even “she deserved to die because she fucked a normie” you would be a far worse person than any of the sluts actually fucking rich guys for fun.

Life is unfair, sure, but you whining about yours just because some supermodel doesn’t want to fuck you is taking it too far and making yourself look like the pettiest shit.”

“Another essential distinction about product placements and advertising in general is that the mind doesn’t process negatives. If I tell you not to think about my website you have to think about it in order the process what i’ve said.”

“Considering the studio shut down shortly after release and no one has used the same technology to this day, I doubt a sequel could/would ever happen. People noawadays would get way too fucking triggered over people calling blacks negros and Jews kikes.”

“I think that’s actually why they were pressured to close down under the guise of “oh no, the poor employees barely got to see their wives because those evil capitalists were making them work for a living!”

“The reason being that Microsoft was trying quite hard to tank their company, much like they did Rare. First get them to agree to make an exclusive game, and then every couple months keep adding more and more impossible goals deadlines and bullshit trying to run the company into the dirt. Then come in and buy the company up and make it a first party studio.”

“Why do you continue to retardedly repeat yourself, like a nigger in a street fight who can’t stop saying the same line over and over, clinging to the only shard of coherent thought racing through his underdeveloped simian brain?

>Making a beautiful character WASN’T THE GOAL!
>Have I mentioned it WASN’T THE GOAL??? WORLDSTARRRR

We know you fucktard. Only idiots think this trend of ugly video game girls is caused by incompetence. It’s caused by politics.”

“It’s probably an industry sort of deal. Same “top” artists/designeres getting hired/consulted over and over, or people going along with the same thought processes.”

“What makes one a “moralfag””

“it’s when you get cucked by other people and society into doing things not desirable for you becaue of some fear of being ostracized and called “selfish”, “asshole”, etc and a desire to be labeled as a “good”, “loyal”, “virtuous” man”

>get affirmative action jobs inthe 1990s
>keep jobs until you get senority
>now unqualified people are literally running departments/organizations/companies/ect

HR is a good example of this. it use to be a meme position you put your quota people into so your company could present itself as forward thinking. Now HR rules the peasents with an iron vagina.

Another example are the special rights and privileges for handicapped people, and with the definition of being handicapped having been radically expanded, tons of people recieve benefits and privileges they really shouldnt have. Handicap laws are used to bully and shut down small businesses, especially in rural areas that couldn’t afford to remodel their busuinsesss to be handicap accessible. The so called transgender bathroom laws also seek to do this. Big businesses can afford to remodel a few bathrooms, small businesses typically cant. So supposedly progressive laws about equality really end up as a mechanism to put smaller businesses out of business because they cant afford the actual cost of physically changing their establishments. ”

>People can call the devs SJWs as much as they want, at least they let us wear sexy armors.
God knows how much hairpulling and teethpulling had to be done for you to get those breadcrumbs. And those garments fall flat because what makes sexy armors sexy is 90% the female character’s body.”

“We’re angry about why there isn’t as much T&A in video games as there used to be.
… I’d say ‘basement dweller’ isn’t reaching here.

Honestly, I don’t understand how we can be pissed that people don’t really take video gamers seriously while being mad that there are sliiightly less anime characters to beat your meat to.

Let’s evolve, please. I’m not saying sexiness isn’t a totally viable asset in a character and there are many things that I don’t agree with with the latest SJW crazes but seriously – we need to outgrow this hunger for jiggle physics for the sole purpose of fab material.
I’m just embarrassed.”

“good meme post I like it”

“You must be in pretty deep if you haven’t yet realized that men have been jacking off to women since the dawn of fucking time. Ironically the process of evolving involves fucking.”

“Your little attempt at social shaming doesn’t work on an anonymous imageboard. Maybe Reddit is more your speed? You can virtue signal there while also being rewarded with upvotes from your ideological echo chamber friends. Just saying.”

> we need to outgrow
So you want to change preferences of others to fit your own?”

“One, I knew this would come up, but as soon as you want to expand this conversation beyond anything other than ‘look at dem tits’, you want to be taken seriously. You can’t both claim to be just another simple nice guy that wants the titty action and write a three page essay on how you miss the good old days.

I’m not saying you are, I’m addressing the thread.

Two, if that’s true then it can’t also be true that devs need to bring more sex into games for them to not tank, as someone was claiming. And again – that just proves how many people are getting into videogames that don’t need the sex appeal for them to be interested, again disproving that the game world >needs< sex or is lame without >always< forcibly including hot chicks, and finally – that games truly belong to everyone now. Not just nerds that like cartoon porn, me included, and that we need to let new devs do their thing if we don’t want to become a complete parody of ourselves. But that’s another point.”

“Who exactly needs to be taken seriously? The market is fragmented in hundreds of specific niches. Try to apply your (faulty) logic to movies. Can movies not be taken seriously if there are pornographic flicks out there? Or if in certain movies there are sexual elements? The more you talk the more it smells like sex negative feminist in here, regardless of your attempts to paint yourself as one of us.

> it can’t also be true that devs need to bring more sex into games for them to not tank, as someone was claiming.
At most it doesn’t matter. Really. Normal people don’t recoil in shock horror at the sight of bared skin or revealing clothing. Only ideologues do. You should know what type.

>that just proves how many people are getting into videogames that don’t need the sex appeal for them to be interested
If they don’t need sex appeal to be interested, then they won’t not be interested with the sex appeal. Two way street.

>and finally – that games truly belong to everyone now
They always did. The only thing stopping them from belonging to everyone was those individuals who prevented themselves from participating.

>Not just nerds that like cartoon porn, me included
Please drop the act, nobody is buying.

>we need to let new devs do their thing if we don’t want to become a complete parody of ourselves.
We, we, we WE. Who are you talking about? This reeks of a collectivist mindset. That other guy said you’re from NeoGaf. I’m starting to believe this is true, in which case i’m wasting my time here. You can’t argue with ideologues.”

“As far as I can see her characterization remains pretty consistent since her inception from Extra. The most common complaint I see is that Nero is touted as perfect who can do no wrong.

Did people just not play Extra? Nero is an extremely cute, extremely arrogant girl, who thinks she can do no wrong, and becomes flustered and sad if she is confronted about her mistakes. Like yes she thinks she’s the greatest thing ever. That’s kind of her shtick. Maybe it was just the overexposure of it from having F/GO and Extella?”

“There’s a difference between Nero thinking she can do no wrong, and everyone around her agreeing.”

“And that’s the point – she isn’t. Everyone knows it, even she knows it deep inside, that’s why she seeks validation and love so desperately. She’s someone who wants to be loved so much she wants to force people to love her. This makes her an endearing character, as she’s not perfect but desperately tries to appear so because she believes this will make her loved and reveals her self-doubt when she trusts you enough.

Later works written by the notorious Nerofag Sakurai completely change not her, but everything around her. Suddenly the false appearance is not needed because she’s loved by everyone. She doesn’t have to work for being beloved, and her failures are written off as her being ditzy. This has a secondary effect on her characterization as she’s no longer an insecure girl who hides beneath the layer of arrogance, but an actual selfish cunt who has everything but wants more like an attention whore.”

>Nero in Extra: I fucked up but I did my best, I have no regrets
>Nero in everything else: I’M DA BES AND I CAN’T DO NO WRONG while everyone else that’s around her agrees about how she’s the super duper bestest who can do no wrong.

Whenever Nero is not on-screen everyone should ask “Where’s Nero?” It’s like this.”

>one of three actually based people in Shu
>forever portrayed as an idiot for daring to disagree with Zhuge Liang
Wei Yan had a hard life”

“For the life of me I have no idea why Shu is so romanticized and popular.

Liu Bei was a shitty dad

Guan Yu got himself killed by refusing to keep his word

Zhang Fei was a drunk rapist

Zhou Yun was okay but not the super hero he’s made out to be

Zhuge Liang basically kept the war going for shits and giggles”

>Liu Bei was a shitty dad
He was also a land stealing hypocrite constant-traitor who stabbed every man he swore allegiance to in the back
>Guan Yu got himself killed by refusing to keep his word
Guan Yu was a bloated egotistical liability to his own country and him getting his shit pushed in was exactly what he deserved
>Zhang Fei was a drunk rapist
Not to mention he beat up his own men to the point of near-murder and was an infamous child rapist
>Zhao Yun was okay but not the super hero he’s made out to be
Literally history’s biggest winner of simply being in the correct place at the correct time, his career was relatively boring and uneventful outside of Changban
>Zhuge Liang basically kept the war going for shits and giggles
Zhuge Liang was a tyrant mad with power, he forbid anyone within Shu to write history books as only he himself would get to write Shu’s history as far as he was concerned and he constantly manipulated and attempted to grasp even more power and influence by stealing achievements and exaggerating his worth”

“I think it’s bizarre that the left is sharing that Cantwell video around. He explains that they applied for a permit months in advance and wanted to hold a peaceful rally and that the other side just won’t let them, and asks what else could they have done.
Most normies seem to think a bunch of Nazis just showed up and started attacking people, but this completely undermines that narrative. But leftists appear to be so stupid that they share this around and undermine their own narrative because “haha, crying nazi!!”

I highly doubt Cantwell did this on purpose, but he couldn’t have done a better PR job if he had tried.”

“In school you always heard about how terrible the Red Scare was because Communist-sympathetic actors weren’t able to find work in Hollywood. How terrible that they were professionally persecuted for their political beliefs!

Meanwhile today if you go to a right-wing rally you aren’t even allowed to work at an Uno Pizzeria and these same people say “Good.””

“”Put your entire life in your account on our cloud network” – big tech companies
“If you disagree with us slightly we will ban your IP and disable your account” – also big tech companies”

“A part of the MITI perspective is impatience with the Anglo-American doctrine of economic competition. After the war MITI had to reconcile itself to the occupation-fostered market system in Japan, but it has always been hostile to America-style price competition and anti-trust legislation. [Former vice-minister] Sahashi [Shigeru] likes to quote Schumpeter to the effect that the competition that really counts in capitalist systemss is not measured by profit margins but by the development of new commodities, new technologies, new sources of supply, and new types of organizations.”

“It must be understood that Matsukata’s policy was not intended primarily as a new approach to economic development; it was instead a matter of hard necessity – of the pressing need to bring imports and exports under control and to keep the government solvent […] Japan had few other choices open to it at the time (it did not regain control over its own tariffs until July 1911), and although it neither understood nor believed in laissez faire capitalism, the government’s policies seemed to reassure foreigners that Japan was becoming “modern” (that is, like them).”

“At the end of the century MAC acquired one more very important function, management of the government-owned-and-operated Yawata steel works. […] As a result of Japan’s victory in the first Sino-Japanese War of 1894-5, iron ore from China was readily available, and it was of higher quality than that mined domestically. Production at Yawata began in the autumn of 1901 and immediately accounted for 53 percent of the nation’s production of pig iron and 82 percent of its rolled steel. […]

MAC’s sponsorship and operation of the Yawata works produced an identification between the ministry and big steel that has lasted to the present day. Long after the post-World War II Allied occupation had denationalized the steel industry, the Japanese public continued to believe that MITI officials had a soft spot in their hearts for the newly created “private” Yawata Steel Company. The press regularly suggested that Yawata officials had an unfair influence over the government, and went as far as to nickname MITI the “Tokyo Office of the Yawata Steel Company.” Certainly in 1970, at the time of the merger of the Yawata and Fuji steel companies into New Japan Steel – making it the world’s largest steel producer and recalling the old nationalized company of 1934 – no one in Japan thought MITI was either neutral or anything but pleased by the development.”

2017 Jun 18 ~ Jun 30

“The higher proles and up feel these pressures especially strongly because they are terrified of falling behind in the rat race and eager to get ahead no matter the odds.

The intense competition makes them insecure in having offspring who they produce in low numbers and instinctually hyper-invest in. Some of that hyper-investment might be an inherited reproductive strategy amongst striver types but its intensity of expression could be alleviated if stressors were reduced. Just a couple generations ago we see large families were normal. Helicopter parenting of only children should be seen as a behavior of shell-shocked troops cowering in foxholes under perpetual machine fire rather than normal behaviors in a healthy society. The same behaviors in lab rats would be noted as a response to extreme stress.”

“In the 80’s, we had a bum crisis due to the states being forced to fling open the doors to their nervous hospitals. The former patients had no one willing to care for them and no ability to care for themselves, so they ended up on the streets as bums. The obvious answer was to put them back into the asylums, but that was ruled off limits and we still have a bum problem to this day.

The solution to the bum problem was to ignore it and build up a big new bureaucracy for dealing with the bums, while not actually getting them off the streets. That meant a proliferation of not-for-profit organizations that dealt with the bums, using grants from the city, state and federal government. The result is we now have a special interest that works to thwart any effort to get the bums off the streets. Bum maintenance has become an industry with lobbyists and political power. And we still have bums.”

“The most obvious solution to the exploding and stabbing Mohameds is to stop importing Mohameds. If BMW’s exploded at this rate, Britain would ban the importation of BMW’s and demand the manufacturer recall those in the country. Volkswagen is facing billions in fines for violating trivial emissions regulations. Yet, no one dares say, “there’s a problem with these Mohameds. Let’s put the brakes on importing more of them until will can figure out what’s going on with them.””

“Way back in the olden thymes, when companies were getting on-line to sell stuff, it looked like Amazon picked a strange market to exploit. Buying books on-line was not a great leap forward, but Bezos knew something the rest of us did not. He knew that a business that flattered the beautiful people would have an army of beautiful people promoting it to the rest of us.”

“Bezos’ famous comment that “your margin is my opportunity” represents a public good in that it forces companies to become more efficient, lest the Eye of Mordor is cast in their direction.

Amazon is profitable when it wants to be. All Bezos has to do is reduce internal reinvestment of capital for a quarter and Wall Street gets all giddy.

The US has been over represented in retail square footage for too long, and Amazon is the forcing function to rationalize that situation.”

“That’s mostly bullshit. Amazon got to play by special rules that allowed them to crush traditional retail. They are still playing by special rules. They get huge subsidies to build their distribution centers. If I want to start a book selling business, the state is not building me an off-ramp, giving tax abatements and other subsidies.

What Amazon is doing is systematically transferring wealth from the middle class to the wealthy. It’s techno-feudalism.”

“The last time people noticed the Jews were in charge, a lot of bad things followed so we pretend not to notice.”

“The point of this is that tactics are important. Katie McHugh is a nobody in the grand scheme of things, but her corpse on the sidewalk sends the same message as the Seth Rich bike rack outside DNC headquarters. As the Chinese say, you kill some chickens to scare the monkeys. You can be sure that people inside Breitbart are now working on their resumes and ready to rat on their friends in order to find a safe landing spot. It is the same tactic the Feds are using to fix the leak problem. Jail a nobody and the somebodies notice.”

“In the managerial class, “being nice” has been weaponized, so that anything that contradicts the tenets of the faith is classified as threatening and harassment. This allows the most sensitive, almost always women, to function as a canaries in the coal mine. When they begin to cry, it means someone is saying unapproved things and it is all hands on deck to root out the heretic. It’s not an accident that most of the speech enforcers on social media are women.”

“This is anarcho-tyranny refined into a social system. The state is unable to perform its basic functions, but it is adept at working with private business to push around the law abiding citizens. There will now be a second legal system run by global corporations to police the speech of citizens. Instead of putting trouble makers in prison, however, they will put them on mute, making it hard for them to communicate their grievances. Users will not voice their complaints to the law. They will appeal to someone is customer support.

That’s where you see the motivation behind the evolution of this parallel legal system we are seeing with the Cloud People. Like so much of neo-liberalism, it is cloaked in libertarian arguments about private entities setting their own policies, but that’s only so it can avoid defending itself in open court or the court of public opinion. In the old law, the process determined your guilt and then your punishment. In the new law, the process is the punishment and a weapon to enforce conformity and submission.”

“Even so, the web content business model says something about modern society. The hostile relationship between the customer and seller is weird, but maybe it reflects the sterile transactionalism that is modern life. Not only are we strangers to one another, we feel free to treat one another like highwaymen. The sites try to jam us with ads and spyware and we try to break their business model by stealing their content. The internet economy is the war of all against all that Thomas Hobbes described as the state of nature.”

“The answer may be that there is not point to all of it, just a way for all sides to fill up their days, pretending to be leaders of a world that no longer needs leaders. Would the average Japanese notice if his rulers stopped showing up for work? Is the average South Korean concerned in the least about what his rulers are doing? The only reason to care is the prospect that they will do something stupid and set off a pointless war with the North Koreans. Otherwise, the ruling class is a burden, not an asset.

That may explain why the leadership in the West appears to be going mad. Trump was in Europe to meet with the provincial governors and their biggest concern was some new scheme to make Gaia happy.The Western media gets upset at Trump for seeming to question the point of NATO, but when the chief concern of Europe is the weather, a military alliance does seem a bit pointless. Does anyone really think the Russians are going to roll tanks into the heart of Europe? Not even Bill Kristol thinks that’s possible.

Maybe that’s why the Europeans are inviting the Muslim world to invade their cities and create havoc among the native populations. Everyone in charge is bored. They wake up each morning wondering, what’s the point? Being in charge of Germany is rather pointless if you can’t invade the Sudetenland or defend the fatherland against a barbarian invasion from the east. The nations of Europe hardly qualify as countries anymore. All of the important stuff is done by the US or supranational organizations.”

“In the olden days of the web (not for you, Z, for me) there were a lot of articles about how marketeers and ad men were shocked to find that now that they could measure the customers’ interest somewhat, they were finding that customers weren’t all that much interested in their ads. I don’t have the time to hunt the articles down tonight (assuming that they are still out there), but I remember they caused quite a crisis in the marketing and sales world.

This article has a summary of click through rates by product category. You need to attract a lot of eyeballs to even get someone to look at your product. Additionally, search engines have empowered customers to find what they need rather than what the ad men are telling them to buy (that is implicit in the data in the linked article).

If you are google and you own both ends of the transaction (search and ad), then you are sitting pretty. Everyone else is in the Hobbsian state of nature.”

“The last time I was at an NBA game, my thought was, “This is what hell will be like.” This was in Boston, which is known for being somewhat subdued about this crap. It was a barrage of sound from the PA and constant demands that I look at the video boards during breaks in the game, which were frequent. At every timeout, some girls ran onto the floor to dance to jungle music and some males did back flips. The only thing missing was a witch doctor.”

“The defining feature of the modern economy is that anything resembling value-added is stripped away, in order to turn it into a commodity. Once everything is just a commodity, then the only decision is price and when you can have it.”

“I’m not against trade, but the truth is, the arguments we hear in favor of the current trade arrangements are mostly nonsense. That and libertarians are crazy. The fact is, there are very few instances where Country A does something so well that it makes more sense for Country B to buy from Country A, rather than invest in their own ability. In most cases, we’re talking about display items.

Before NAFTA, there were no Mexican manufactured goods stacking up at the border. Mexico did not make anything anyone wanted, other than cheap disposable people and illicit drugs. Free trade was a scam for US companies with size to get around US labor, environmental and tax laws.”

“How much does a doctor’s vote count in a group when someone injured? Fiction that we are equal, equally knowledgeable prevents this today.”

“On this day, I’m picking up a few items I forgot to get on my normal trip to the market. I see Queenie in an animated discussion with two garbage bags. Donald Trump has decided to import unlimited numbers of Muslims and they have to go somewhere. That means dumping them into the broken down cities and towns, often with a Federal check attached, so the local politicians don’t squawk about it. The greatest human experiment in history is taking place. Low-IQ Muslims are being dumped into urban American ghettos.”

“It is mistakenly assumed that the viciousness with which the Progs attack anyone questioning multiculturalism is purely about power. There’s some of that, but the real driver is belief. How they define the world, and how they define themselves, is based on the bedrock assumptions of the blank slate. If those assumptions are invalidated, not only is their worldview invalid, but they are invalid. Human bio-diversity is the same as telling a devout Muslim that Mohamed was a Jewish comedian and Islam is an elaborate gag.”

“Given the choice, I’d choose to live in the libertarian paradise over most any other form of social arrangement, but that’s never going to be on the table. The only way to get anywhere near close to it, means getting the culture right and that means getting the demographics right. It also means accepting all sorts of compromises on the economic and political front. If a commie is my ally in the demographic fight, so be it. If a libertarian chooses to be my enemy in the culture war, then I will be his enemy.”

“Prostitution in the towns is like the cesspool in the palace: take away the cesspool and the palace will become an unclean and evil-smelling place.”

“I don’t know anyone who wants prostitution to be illegal other than feminists and their evangelical white knights.”

“I think most Americans support the prohibition of prostitution.”

“Those two groups I mentioned cover most Americans.”

“Studios are lazy and entitled. Freeshit, as awesome as it may be, is anathema to the structure of studio methodology and politics.”

“Lol holy shit the truck attack was a white guy running over muslums lmao”

“tbh the real victims in this are going to be the white community who are now going to have to fear reprisals.”

>Nasa just discovered ’10 new planets like Earth’

the fact that anyone actually clicks through to these kinds of articles anymore is just astounding and goes to show the marketing/PR prowess of NASA”

“It’s cool to accept lies when its “science” based, not cool when its Jewish volcano demon based

“Yeah you guys dont have this super huge telescope that only like 3 people can get to use, so you are just gonna have to take our word for it.””

“There is no being behind doing, effecting, becoming; “the doer” is merely a fiction added to the deed – the deed is everything.”


“Ummm. They deploy more police after every threat or attack.”

“The Met have deployed extra police to reassure communities, especially those observing Ramadan.”

How many Muslim attackers have there been in London in the last few weeks? He was on the news like a week ago saying they didn’t have resources to track a few hundred people with known terror links, but now they have the resources to guard the attackers.

Meanwhile the fucking police are out arresting anyone who says something “wrong” about Islam for hate crimes. A dude teaching his girlfriends dog to “sieg heil” for a laugh is going to jail, but tracking actual terrorists is just too much effort.”

“Didn’t he also say that terrorism is part and parcel of living in a city?”

“The Nazi punching thing is over because Nazi’s punch back

That Antifa chick got knocked out

It’s for the best anyway, because some stupid lefty kid might have punched a vet with PTSD & we would have to deal with about 30 dead collage kids”

“Modernity has a fertility problem. When elevated to the zenith of savage irony, the formulation runs: At the demographic level, modernity selects systematically against modern populations. The people it prefers, it consumes. Without gross exaggeration, this endogenous tendency can be seen as an existential risk to the modern world. It threatens to bring the entire global order crashing down around it.”

“Rising tides lift all boats equally, surely the rising tide since the 1970 hasn’t been doing so. Any way of calculating living standards that doesn’t include the ability to raise a family doesn’t count for shit.”

“As long as we keep the third world out, we can rebound later. It’ll be painful but it’s feasible.

If you bring them in, though, they will take over. It’s as simple as that.”

“Someone once said that whomever wasn’t a bit of a commie in his young age has no heart, and whoever is still a commie by age 40 has no brains.”

“I’d rephrase that quote.

Anyone who isn’t socialist at age 20 has no talent for signalling; anyone who is still socialist at age 40 is pretty damn good at it.”

“Credit to original uploader” who the fuck is the original uploader? is this what you mean by (crediting)?”

“School is public daycare so more women can work full time and subsidizes older workers’ wages by keeping young people out of the job market.”

>”My subjective taste is objective truth”

I wonder how you faggots can say a contradiction that blatant and not suffer an aneurysm.”

“remember to start and end every sentence with “in my opinion” so my special needs friend can follow along.”

“It is no accident that Japan has one of the lowest levels of economic inequality of any major nation at the same time as it has one of the most hierarchical cultures.”

“The Japanese have understood that what people are largely pursuing in the workplace is not so much money as the respect of the people around them, and therefore maintain a sophisticated – indeed, bizarrely over-elaborate to the Western eye – economy of respect in addition to the economy of money. They have understood that a large part of what money-seeking individuals really want is just to spend that money on purchasing social respect, though status display or whatever, so it is far more efficient to allocate respect directly.

Did you really think people as obviously intelligent as the Japanese were doing all those odd-looking bows for nothing?”

“One of the consequences of Japan’s long-term orientation that is least palatable to the Western liberal mind is that it has the effect of making democracy almost superfluous. The reason is simple: if the objective of the government is the long-term well-being of the nation, the means to this end have already been figured out, and execution has been entrusted to a bureaucracy with a track-record of success, then there is very little for democracy to do. What is there for the elected representatives of the people to debate? Particularly since serious debate about these questions turns on economic expertise they do not possess.”

“While we’re on the subject, I want to take a jab at just how meaningless and asinine the label “free world” is because Saudi Arabia is included within it.”

“I think it is really sad the state to which libertarian youtube has degenerated. It used to be so cool. with tons of edgy white teenagers making responses to each other and all the controversies and debates.

The land-ownership debate between Brainpolice2 and ConederalSocialist, napalmtube’s Catholicism controversy, the national defense wars started by ilovenuman, the Damascene conversion of Laughingman0x, the immigration conflagration by IndividualAutonomy and spawktalk’s “Spawk Against The World,” the beginning of the race realism saga, the moral nihilism interlude. Libertarian youtube was the happening place to be 2008-2012.

Now it’s just a wasteland. “Oh wow, I really liked ThatGuyT’s latest video about how feminism is bad. I also really liked Mr. Dapperton’s last video about how feminism is bad.””

“It must be very easier for Korean men to be monogamous.”

“Really? I imagine it would be more difficult. Like you accidentally sleep with your best friend’s wife because she looks exactly like your own wife.”

“The prominence of the temperance movement shows us that women had great political influence long before they got the vote. Not to mention, history is replete with concubines and mistresses who molded the most iron-fisted emperors to their wills.
Average Joes were like play-doh in their hands when it came to pursuing a political agenda. Moral pontificating from ladies’ associations backed by sob stories about drunk and abusive husbands was enough to trigger vast armies of white knights into action.

Female suffrage, then, was overkill. The temperance movement grew from an already powerful political lobby into an overwhelming force that banned alcohol altogether, with disastrous results. With females given the vote themselves soon afterwards, they were all but crowned as empresses.”

“When the walled city is under attack, every man knows he will be killed or enslaved, his family dissolved, his property plundered if he’s on the losing side. For young women, especially those without kids, the consequence of conquest has been the inconvenient shuffling from one sheikh’s tent to another’s.”

“$15 an hour to flip burgers? As if! If you want a living wage, maybe learn a tougher skill, like typing numbers into a spreadsheet.”

“There is no reality that you can’t just laugh away. Your “I should die” thoughts are just illusions.”

2017 May 24 ~ Jun 17

“Where I live, the federal classification for low income is anyone below ~80k. (This makes sense considering rent/housing prices.)

But to qualify for California state-paid health insurance, your income must be lower than ~10k.”

“How do I know Seth Rich’s death was not a “random act of gun violence?”

Democrats didn’t use it to promote gun control.”

“We are profoundly conflicted as a nation when it comes to housing: we want it to be affordable, but we also want its prices to rise fast enough to be valuable as a financial investment.”

“After the American Civil War, Brazil still had slavery. Should America have waged war against Brazil for engaging in this great moral crime?

Or is it your opinion that enslaving 1,500,000 people is not nearly so bad as a chemical attack that kills about 50?”

“since when is Sony in bed with type moon?”

“Since Aniplex funded Kara no Kyoukai and they realized how much money they can make from it.”

“Aniplex/Sony knew they could make some mad dosh after the success of Kara no Kyoukai, so they bought the right to the Fate franchise and that’s also the reason why previous works are not even mentioned today, like in the anniversary for example.”

“GO is a mistake.
If it wasn’t mobage cashgrab trash it would be worth looking into.”

“i mean for the mostly either only play it because it’s a combination of their like for the nasuverse and any addition that it may add to it + their easy addiction to what is essentially gambling.

All I saw people playing on their phones in Japan for games were either this game, puzzles and dragons, and some weird version of candy crush”

“Sony is looking for something to use as a full cashcow.

Look at their recent movies. They’re all shit.

Anime is the in thing again. May as well go for it.”

“I wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t just Grand Order, and Nasu actually did something else. As it is, he’ll be stuck with that forever.

Fuck gacha and fuck mobile games, waste of all that cool lore.”

“The mobile game is what Nasu calls his will he wants others to inherit after he dies. He doesn’t call your favorite VN or notes like this.”

>the marketing statements say this so it must be true
>never read KT where Nasu is confirmed as The Lying Adult
>doesn’t know he said Extra CCC had all he had left to say with Fate

If FGO ever dries up and he does a Fate reboot, a Prototype VN, or some other big project, he’ll go “this is what I really wanted to write since high school, everything that marked me as a person is in this work”.
With death of the author, it’s obvious from a literary perspective that FSN will always be his most impactful work, regardless of whatever bullshit he comes up with.”

>being this naive and salty
FGO is far more recognizable now in Japan than FSN. Nasu admitted it. Tsukihime isn’t even more recognizable than Melty Blood either.

The future works are all going to be linked to the ground that is more familiar to his fanbase which is FGO, not FSN or Tsukihime (which is a niche VN that is getting a full reboot).”

>Mobage don’t last forever
But what could possibly kill it?”

“The current model of mobage becoming outmoded or enough competition hits to push down profits. FGO is popular now, but something will surpass it down the line and in probably not that short a space of time, it’s a pretty turbulent market after all.”

“FGO is saving Sony Music Branch during a tough time. There’s nothing that Nasu could do that will surpass it. This isn’t a joking matter and isn’t exclusive to Type Moon. Sony fucking CEO has his eyes on the franchise. You think Extella almost 200k odd sales compare to 30-50k million revenue a month for a mobage?”

>That’ll happen eventually.
Mahou was released in 2012.
Shortest TM VN ever. No routes.
Still untranslated
Same for CCC.
This is not 2008 anymore. Fan-translations are dead.”

“ego is biggest cancer in fan-translations
>do not steal our 70% dead translation!
>start from the beginning!

“FGO is supposed to be a huge deal and the next big TM thing. Or raher, it wasn’t, Nasu didn’t intend for it to be huge but it still blew up. Which is why it’s disappointing that it became the center of everything simply thanks to money.”

“Nasu did intent for FGO to be the end of all lore for TM, because part 1 was going to reveal how the Age of Men came to be, but he didn’t think it would become so popular with this wide audience it got. He began to promote it with a short story of a murder mystery set in the Clock Tower for fuck’s sake.
Stop spreading misinformation. He always promoted it as center stage of TM before it became millions of players hit.”

“I see. Nasu really is a massive fucking hack then.”

“It happened the same with FSN. The basics and twists were already set up by Nasu’s original idea that was Prototype (Servants summoned by Masters, altered Servants twists, love story with King Arthur, Grail birthing a twisted evil, evil priest, Gil and Cu and others, etc) which was going to be a published novel, but Takeuchi suggested some changes like making it a VN and genderbending Arthur to be a cute armored heroine, which had him revamp and readjust his plot ideas to the more otaku pandering medium.

Ten years from now, you’ll know what FGO Prototype entailed. We know Roman’s relationship with Solomon was there, as were the Beasts and the time travel, plus was a multiplayer game, but they could have been explored different and be just as different as Prototype and FSN.”

“He wrote the plot outline when he was revising UBW script, where he came up the concept idea of Roman’s character when he was doing the EMIYA’s and Shirou’s revised script (the Stardust scene). They were working on a multiplayer work since the proto Apocrypha which got reworked into a LN, and now he had the money and the OKAY, he wanted to think about the plotline. That’s when he thought about Beasts and to tell the story of “the end of the ages of gods at last”. The first recorded lines in the game was Goetia and Solomon confrontation, Nasu already envisioned in 2013 but nobody even knew what the fuck they were doing, so they assumed it was a CD Drama.
The mobage platform was decided later by Takeuchi, who proposed DelightWorks as the developer. Nasu didn’t think a story for a mobage game, rather he thought a story and later squeezed it in a mobage game.”

“Exactly, that’s why I hate what he did with it and the way it’s taking TM.

>Man, I’ve got all these universe-changing lore ideas, and a cool final boss. Even Caster Merlin, who just got properly introduced in GoA, will finally have a role!
>I know! I’ll dump it all into the fanservice mobile game. Complete with a self-insert protagonist so Solomon gets all the spotlight, and have someone else write the earlier parts I don’t care about.

I know the mobage idea was Takeuchi’s, but the old browser game would’ve been roughly the same shit and made less money. What a waste.”

“At the time, Fate was not intended to be a game, much less an adult one. Nasu was simply a junior high student whose goal, like many, was to have his novel sold in bookstores around the country. Likewise, his friend Takeuchi was simply an aspiring artist who wanted to jump into the manga business.

Initially, Nasu only wrote what would become the game’s “Fate” storyline (the game Fate/stay night had three storylines, the Fate storyline being one of them). In his early drafts, Fate’s heroine Saber was a man, and the protagonist was a girl with glasses. For a number of reasons, Nasu stopped writing at the fight with Sasaki Kojiro (about 1/3 of the current Fate storyline), and set the work was aside for many years.

Nasu and Takeuchi, still friends, toyed with the idea of making a game to showcase Nasu’s writing. Eventually, they decided to start a doujin group, though they didn’t initially plan to make adult games. Bolstered by the nomination of some of Takeuchi’s works for the New Hope awards, the two decided to keep things simple and create doujin comics. In the doujin world, their less-than-lofty goal didn’t promise huge success.

Although Nasu’s novel Kara no Kyoukai had already been serialized on his personal diary, Bamboo Broom, the work was not well-known. So after careful consideration, taking into account sales, content, and Takeuchi’s hobby, the two decided, instead, that their first game would be an H-game.

The making of TYPE-MOON’s first game, Tsukihime, was full of bitterness. The drawing and coloring were all done by Takeuchi. It was said that during his lunch/afternoon break at his day job, Takeuchi would bike home and work on the art, go back to work, and repeat the process until three in the morning.

Nasu wasn’t much better off. Eventually, he quit his job, and Takeuchi told him: “I’ll take care of the living expenses, you work on Tsukihime.” So Nasu began his life of writing scripts all day. In the end, Nasu had produced around 5,000 pages of script in 4 months. There were even rumors that the two considered selling organs to raise funds (Though clearly an exaggeration, it does demonstrate how much work was put into the game).

Looking back, Takeuchi’s art for the game was tragically bad. Even though Takeuchi was even then a talented artist, he was more proficient at drawing manga, not high quality CGs. The concept art was great, but the color, outline, and many other areas needed much more polish. But since Tsukihime was only a doujin game, the quality was considered acceptable.

After two trial editions were released in 1999 and the “Half Moon” edition was released at the 2000 Summer Comiket, the completed version of Tsukihime was finally released during the 2000 Winter Comiket. Through word of mouth, Tsukihime soon became immensely popular thanks to its rich and engaging storyline, Nasu’s unique style of storytelling, and the growing doujin market. […]

Sometime later, Nasu and Takeuchi decided to turn the old Fate story into a Gal Game. In the beginning, Nasu was worried that because the main character was a girl, the story might not work as a Gal Game. Takeuchi switching the genders of the protagonist and the hero, Saber. Takeuchi describes Nasu’s response to the suggestion as being: “as if I suggested Berserk’s main character, Guts, should be a woman.”

According to Nasu himself, “Even though sometimes he [Takeuchi] says impossible things, at the time the concept seemed simply ridiculous. Turning Saber into a girl, that’d completely destroy Fate! At first I was very against the idea, but after a while, I thought some of the difficulties that might arise could be resolved.” And so work on Fate/stay night began.

Fate was not initially written as a game script, so the story had to be edited to add more game routes and plot, new setting changes, and so forth. Around a year after development began, the group began to realize that the capacity and scope of a doujin group severely limited what they could do with Fate. One of the most important factors was money. They had received help from other professionals during the making of Tsukihime, but that support was solely based on the pride of a game maker, and the group didn’t want to always rely on others.

Faced with a difficult choice, TYPE-MOON decided to enter the commercial market in order to produce Fate commercially. Luckily, while TYPE-MOON’s works are 18+ games, they aren’t on the extreme end, so TYPE-MOON fared fairly well as a commercial company.”

>Duterte Tells Soldiers to Go Ahead and Rape Moslem Women

if you had told me two years ago that the world’s greatest leader would be filipino i’d have called you retarded”

“More important that the wartime rape question is why is ISIS throwing a revolution in the Philippines right now?

Okay, they’re throwing revolutions everywhere.

But this is the only one in Asia.

One might imagine this relates to the fact that the West does not like Duterte.”

“This happened in Canada. The woman has a husband who is a police officer. She was allowed to leave the scene by police and not have a breathalyzer etc… any other person would have been arrested. The officers involved should be (but obviously wont) fired and arrested.”

“Everyone knows that having a baby changes you, but it turns out that the belief that a child is always a part of you is quite literal at the cellular level in a mother’s body tissue. Find out how here.”

“Some studies suggested that microchimerism can also occur as a consequence of sexual relations with past partners as well, but no one wants to talk about those…”

“Western people pride themselves to be free and strong. Especially Americans. For a European, the campaign song of Trump “proud to be an American” by Lee Greenwood was bizarrely over-romantic, along with the flags everywhere and the “from my cold dead hand” approach towards privately owned guns. When such “free and strong” man was forced to shut up or lose his job, he experienced very strong cognitive dissonance. The idea that a university student group or some other movement of nobodies tell him what he can say and what he cannot is totally incompatible with his self-image of a free strong man. The only way for him to solve this internal conflict was to internalize the demand: “if I believe what I’m saying, I’m not forced, I’m just freely expressing my opinion”. So they quickly became hosts of the politically correct speech, turning universities to places where people can get fired for not looking properly.

Eastern Europeans on the other hand grew up during Soviet oppression, therefore we do not pride ourselves as “free and strong”, rather “witty and surviving”. During the Soviet era, open criticism was punished – just like under the liberal era – so people got used to behave in public and criticize in private. Not standing up to the Soviet tank column wasn’t considered cowardice and no one thought less of the other guy for praising the Soviets in a ceremony – if he properly condemned them in private. Therefore our social people did not experience cognitive dissonance when a powerful liberal demanded them to speak politically correctly. They obeyed while fully aware that they are just obeying tyranny instead of speaking freely. As soon as the “stormtrooper” left the room, they spit on the ground and condemned what they just had to say. So liberals could only make people lie instead of indoctrinating them.”

“My friend was an ugly 48 year old 5’2 Indian guy and he was having trouble finding a woman who wanted to be with him. Do you think he just sat around and complained about it all day? Fuck no. He improved himself and now he’s a tall handsome 20 year old white guy and he can get any girl he wants.”

“Ancients would have laughed at the notion that work is ennobling, says Baumeister; they had no such illusions. Work was to be avoided if possible. The work ethic was invented during industrialization, when religious justifications for social structures and work were fading. If work were valuable in and of itself, then people could always be motivated to work hard.

The new work ethic ultimately failed. It proposed that work was at once an act of self-fulfillment and an act of self-denial; but how could this be? It promised value based on individual self-determination, but in practice delivered work in corporations and bureaucracies. Social mobility proved to be limited. Working less and consuming more proved to be more attractive than working for work’s sake. The motivation of individual self-esteem and prestige through a career proved more sturdy than the motivation of the work ethic.

The work ethic is still called upon by those who work in order to feel superior to those who don’t ? and feeling comparatively more valuable than others is an important basis for a sense of meaning in life. But the work ethic was never very real, and has ceased to be much of a motivation. We probably do not need to worry about universal basic income “eroding” it. Researchers should measure loneliness and depression, social participation, and the sense of meaning and happiness, not just workforce participation, in the study and control groups.

What good is work? The more it is not necessary to the economy, the more value it must provide to the individual worker. Work provides a sense of being valuable and not a burden, and gives people opportunities for social interaction and daily ritual. If they can find other ways to provide for these needs, then perhaps work is not so necessary.”

“Yeah those guys with 50 billion dollars totally earned all that money with honest labour, and totally couldn’t live without every penny of it (literally, look at how they all cheat taxes), and totally can be trusted not to use it in any way that hurts the interests of the nation (heh)

There is this idea of some mythical honest super rich entrepreneur, and yet where are these people in real life? The super rich are all – to the last man – actively engaged in systemetically enslaving the earth and exterminating our race

This anti-social trait inherent in the super rich is something that was recognized by political philosophers going back to Republican Rome and the city states of Greece, and the entire development of western political theory revolves around restraining unrestricted money power, learned first hand from the ruinous effect it has when it comes to dominate the state

Even the founders of America who made the constitution capitalists and patriotard individualists love so much fought hard agianst this money power, all the way up to Andrew Jackson, and the current system would be abhorrent to them, though (Ben Franklin IIRC) predicted precisely when and how the system would come crashing down (triumph of money power and military adventures by the executive power)

Even the founders of America who made the constitution capitalists and patriotard individualists love so much fought hard agianst this money power, all the way up to Andrew Jackson, and the current system would be abhorrent to them, though (Ben Franklin IIRC) predicted precisely when and how the system would come crashing down (triumph of money power and military adventures by the executive power)”

“Swedish wiki page for Swedes in 2012:
>Swedes are an ethnic group native to Sweden, with descendants living in many other countries, primarily Finland, Estonia and the other Nordic countries, as well as the United States. Swedes originated from various Scandinavian tribes inhabiting what is today the country of Sweden.

Wiki page in 2017:
>”Swedes” is a term used to denote individuals, depending on the definition, with an association to Sweden. Whether or not an ethnic group called “Swedes” exist is dubious, and can in various contexts be linked to extreme ring-wing concepts of race and biological heritage.

“It’s always the fault of the man, even though women have the wombs. At least, that’s how trads and women will twist this. Truth is that feminism had economic and legal effects, which in providing incentives for all the wrong things (or if you’re leftist, all the right things), pretty much sealed in our fate. All the women in this thread complaining about not being able to find a man are in actuality complaining about not finding a man with the right amount of money. They can’t accept that the cost of their rights is working and marrying a man of equal or lesser economic worth. After all, the prettiest women do not have this problem. So, when a woman calls an ex a loser, cheater, or abuser, nine times out of ten, he didn’t make enough money. What that tells me is that a woman is not loyal to anything but her primal instincts, which are at this juncture no longer satiable due to the system which panders to her. Woman wants to have her cake and eat it, too. But pretty soon, there will be no cake left. This train will not stop. Enjoy the ride, white man.”

Interestly, OP did not mean for this to happen, as he was simply noting how disastrous feminism has been for first-world/white nations. The women could feel the heat, as much of this is on them, so they had to steer discussion into the personal and petty. Is it any wonder that thot patrol, MGTOW, white shaira, and other such movements are gaining traction? Millennials seem to be longing for the cafes, lodges, and biergartens of yore, something denied of them, where men could discuss the direction of society without women butting in every five minutes with their silliness. The only way to accomplish that, it seems, is to make women unwelcome, and their opinions, irrelevant. Otherwise, men start talking about the mundane, as opposed to the abstract–the trees, as opposed to the forest.”

“[T]he guy calls into a gender reassignment clinic to ask about the sort of testing that he should prepare himself for if he wants to undergo a transition. He eventually tries to pin the staff down on what physiological and actually quantifiable measurements they do (i.e. stuff like brain scans or stuff of that sort) and they avoid the question for a few minutes until they eventually admit openly that there is nothing of the kind. All the “testing” being done is just vague psychological mumbojumbo, at no point is there any rigorous testing of concrete physiological factors done.

This proves that all the articles in the media about how there is “neurological proof” and “evidence” for gender dysphoria is just straight up nonsense. It’s a flat out lie, pure and simple. There is no statistically meaningful difference in the brains of men and MTF trannies. Contrary to what Bill Nye says, you CAN NOT do any actual testing to confirm the “self-identified gender” of the person in question. They just give you a bunch of suggestive questionaires and then cut your genitalia off.”

“If 90% of immigrants were young attractive women, all native women would unanimously be anti-immigration.”

“If we tell each other that everyone is beautiful or everyone can be beautiful or everyone is beautiful to someone, it’s okay to base our entire civilization around a worldwide superficial game of shallowness”

“What’s happening to me has never happened ever in the history of this great country. Which is that a sitting president of the United States and his grown children and the First Lady are personally, I feel, personally trying to ruin my life forever.”

Yes, Trump forced you to pose with a disgusting beheaded image of him.

Women are incapable of taking responsibility for their actions.”

“More than 41,000 undocumented immigrants arrested”
“More than 10,800 didn’t have a criminal record”
That’s a funny way of saying ~75% of illegals have a criminal record.”

>what if we start cloning characters other than saber?
million dollar idea”

“Why is Fate so full of tittymonsters?”
“It’s what the people want. And more importantly it’s what my dick wants.”
“It’s the last bastion of hope for patrician taste.”

“Woof that’s pretty bad but I like the art”
“That’s how they get you.”
“Just buy the statues.”

“Every single house stands alone with its own lawn. At the same time all the houses are nearly identical. In a glimpse, we see the banality and horror of individualism without duty to others.

The price of everyone snatching their little plot is most have to live far away from where they want to go. Yet every day they climb into their cars, navigate the labyrinth of their neighborhood and then make their way to the same highway everyone else wants to use at the same time of day.

Of course, in America, few people will object much to living far away from the center because they know what the alternative is.

One direct problem of a civilization in denial is the overunning of urban areas by the underclasses.

The twin threats of skyrocketing property values from making control of land a free-for-all and underclass dysfunction in the city centers creates a perfect pressure cooker that keeps millions of workers stuck paying huge mortgages and car payments for the honor of driving 2 hours each way to work every day.

When we consider it takes 2 incomes to keep up this facade, it’s no wonder the fertility rate of cooperators has plummeted. They may even have decent money in the bank after all their toil, but they are worse off than homeless bums when it comes to the critical resources of time and energy.”

“Heroic acts are celebrated, but the men are forgotten. It’s no wonder that cartoon superheroes are masked, this way the author doesn’t have to write the awkward situation of Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne being ignored when their superheroism is not needed. The reality of the every days of a superhero would only fit in sarcastic comedies, not uplifting stories.”

>Broken family, poor as fuck, lives with mom and sister, barely makes enough to survive and has massive debt.

They don’t deserve to get blacked or be fucking homeless fat dudes. You fucks that get off on that are fucked in the head.”

“Yes, many goes to JAV because of debt but said debt often caused by themselves like how Anri Sakaguchi spent too much on host club. Or how Julia forgot to insurance her house that later burned down (but she paid it off quickly).
JAV merely just offer an option. It’s less riskier and more legal than doing escort or working in soapland. Sure thing that Anri Sakaguchi took Muteki offer for a hundred million yen then.”

“Claiming that an Imam from some tiny irrelevant nonviolent sect of Islam is an authority on all of Islam so that Sunni Jihadists aren’t real Muslims is about as logically consistent as saying “The lesbian pastor at my Episcopalian church says abortions are ok so Catholics aren’t actually Christian.””

“She accepted the help of other people who helped her change her cogntion.

In other words, seek mental help. Your problems exist in your own head and you have the power to turn that around so stop sucking dicks and just cheer up, emo kid.”

“Negros consuming Mestizo-made nutrition-free garbage to be resuscitated by white medics withs $100,000 in debt”

“and thus continues the spic-nig cycle”

“It’s just a regular person doing what they’re told so they aren’t starving to death, not the CEO you’d like to strangle for the both of you. This is done on purpose for this reason to remove accountability. Don’t let it work.”

“Here’s why the new ‘luxury’ equals cheaper cars, smaller homes, and basically whatever you want it to mean” – CNBC”

The new luxury can mean whatever you want but all indicators suggest it means “austerity””

“Traffic signals on city streets are perhaps the single stupidest thing the engineering profession has even gifted humanity, and that is saying a lot.

The essence of a traffic signal is that the driver travels 0 mph for extended periods of time in exchange for the right to travel 30+ mph for short periods of time. The AVERAGE travel speed is ridiculously low.”

“Gothic cathedrals inspire faith, modernist churches extinguish it.”

“Growing up during commie Eastern Europe we all knew that the gov had a way to track anyone printing any poster , now is the same except a lot more sophisticated!”

“Explains why I can’t print a b&w page with empty yellow toner”

“their job is basically selling kids into the child trafficking and prostitution nodes otherwise known as foster homes”

“Today is a special day. June 4th 2017 marks the 13th anniversary of the Killdozer’s rampage through Granby Colorado.

Sit down kids and let me tell you a tale, about a reasonable man driven to do unreasonable things.

Marvin Heemeyer was a man who owned a muffler shop in Granby Colorado. The city council ordained to approve the construction of a concrete factory in the lot across from Marvin’s shop. In the process this blocked the only access road to the muffler shop. Marvin petitioned to stop the construction to no avail. Petitioned to construct a new access road, and even bought the heavy machinery to do so himself. Denied.

The concrete factory went up in disregard to the ramifications on Marvin’s business. To add insult to injury, the factory construction disconnected the muffler shop from the city sewage lines. An indifferent city government then chose to fine Marvin for this.

His business and livelihood were in ruin. Rather than lie down and die, Marvin chose to fight back. Over the course of a year and a half Marvin secretly outfitted the bulldozer he bought to save his business with three inch thick steel and concrete armor, camera systems guarded with bulletproof glass.

On June 4th 2004 Marvin Heemeyer lowered the armored shell over top of himself, entombing himself inside the Killdozer to make his last stand.

He burst fourth from the walls of his muffler shop and straight into the concrete factory that ruined his business. Over the course of the next several hours Marvin drove his Killdozer through 13 buildings owned by those officials that had wronged him, including the city council building itself.

Swat teams swarmed the dozer, but it proved immune to small arms fire and even explosives. Another piece of heavy machinery was even brought out to fight the Killdozer, but it too fell to the dozers righteous fury.

In the end, Marvin’s Killdozer became trapped in one of the buildings it was built to destroy. Marvin chose to take his life, the only life he took that day.

Today we celebrate Killdozer day and Marvin Heemeyer, the last great American folk hero. A man driven to the brink who chose to fight back against an indifferent system.

From notes left behind after his passing:
“I was always willing to be reasonable until I had to be unreasonable. Sometimes reasonable men must do unreasonable things.”


“It’s fucked up to think just how recently it was that Communism had half of Europe.”

“Now Islam will have the other half <3”

“The little head is not attached to the lever thats a conspiracy theory.”

“I had it bookmarked but there was a story about the 2 Jewish brothers who intentionally infested their tenants apartments with bedbugs to force them out to circumvent rent control laws and now the story appears to be scrubbed from the internet.”

“First woman ever to enlist for combat is now first woman deserter from a combat unit”

“First female navy pilot fucking died on a routine landing by doing the one thing they tell you not to do on a twin engine aircraft.”

>Neo-Nazi website raises $150,000 to fight Southern Poverty Law Center lawsuit

This article is a sign that they are looking for a way to somehow deny Anglin the 150k he raised.”

“The donations to Andrew Anglin and the website he founded, the Daily Stormer, came in over the course of less than two months on a crowdfunding site that caters to far-right causes, overcoming the difficulties that white nationalists often face in raising money online.”



“The Daily Stormer claims to be a nonprofit on its donation page, but it is not listed as a nonprofit with the Internal Revenue Service or in Ohio, where the site’s name is registered.”


“When people claim that homeschooled kids are not socialized, I like to point out that this is the opinion of someone who spent 13 years asking for permission to speak and use the restroom while getting gold stars for it.

Doing tricks for treats isn’t socialization, it’s dog training. Try to fight the urge to sniff my ass as I walk by.”

“Shopping malls are privatized simulations of a downtown street. A walkable right of way lined with storefronts. Many stores in the mall are meant to look like storefronts on a walkable street. Some even have fountains and “food courts”, which seem to imitate the public square. So even the shopping mall acknowledges the need for a walkable urban environment while simultaneously dis-enabling the real version.”

“We will force this war upon Hitler, if he wants it or not”
-Winston Churchill (1936 broadcast).
“Germany becomes too powerful. We have to crush it”.
-Winston Churchill (1936).
“This war is an English war and its goal is the destruction of Germany”.
-Winston Churchill (Autumn 1939 broadcast).”

“China has an irrational fear of a “black invasion” bringing drugs, crime and interracial marriage”


“Positive cocaine tests are up 15% this year

Turns out legalizing weed means the Mexicans can spend more resources importing blow.”

“Why do modern gamers dislike sexy female videogame characters?”

“They don’t.

You’re confusing people who play videogames with people who talk about how the games they don’t play should be, based on their narrative of how the world should be.”

“Why aren’t strong female characters such as 2B or Bayonetta being praised by SJWs? Is it because they’re moderately attractive?”

you /threaded your own thread”

“Because those women are made to appeal males. Women do not exist to appeal males. Women are more than pretty faces on hot bodies.”

>most women are less than pretty faces on hot bodies


“But if that were the case, why can’t an SJW look past a conventionally pretty face and hot body to appreciate other aspects of the character?”

“Deep down, SJWs actually hate women.”

“Bullies often succeed because they have high self esteem from being popular/attractive. No one likes to talk about that because then people will lose hope, or feel depressed.”

“everything should be flat and minimalistic… except the one thing that actually truly looks better when its flat and minimalistic” – the guide to faceberg design”

“Karma! Trump White House taunts Iran over terror attack in its capital

Turkey and Saudi Arabia fund ISIS. All the ISIS Toyotas were purchased by the CIA and given to McModerate rebels. The arab spring wouldnt have even materialised without Hilary Clinton and the Pentagon. Iran funds Hezbollah which keeps their political violence incredibly local and narrow and directed at the nation wrecking land thieves.
Taunting a nation over terrorism after condemning it in all forms for the past 2 years is pure evil.”

“jesus christ who cares about Kurt Eichenwhatever. I already forgot his name”

“it’s a good name to remember. demonstrates Jews think it’s a perfectly normal fun family activity to go surfing for schoolgirl uniform milf impregnation hentai.”

“The hentai story is pretty funny but not worth spending a whole lot of time on. Of course Eichenwald even having a job at Time Magazine as a paranoid and insane Jew that literally makes things up out of whole cloth and prints them is worth thinking about.

This is how Jewed the institutions are. Time Magazine is regularly printing the insane theories of a paranoid Jew with no evidence to back them up.”

“Is capitalism the real thing that’s ruining vidya? Hear me out here.

Nearly every problem currently in vidya can be traced back to capitalism in some way:

>Microtransactions and loot crates every where, even in nonf2p games
>every game needs to go after the esports money
>misguided pandering to women and minorities to try and expand their audience
>dumbing down gameplay to appeal to more people
>milking good studios dry to push out games faster to make more profit
>streamers and ecelebs being paid to market games
>reviewers getting paid to shill every AAA release
>even paid marketers on /v/ to drum up attention
>early-access and kikestarter faggotry to scam more people with unfinished games
>stipping of ownership and reselling rights from digital games including DRM and always-online
>and still nickling and diming customers every inch of the ways with paid online and future jewery like paid mods

Surely there’s got to be a better system, right /v/? What can we do to rid games of this corrosive influence?

>inb4 commie
Also bad, there must be an alternative from the two right?”

“Please surround with me tokens so I can try to prove I’m not a Nazi and that Dems are the real racists!”

Fucking next level cucking.

Here’s the thing with Gavin. If he had a National Socialist and an antifa in a room and a gun with one bullet he would shoot the Nazi.

But to be fair if I had Gavin and an antifa in a room and a gun with two bullets I would shoot Gavin twice.”

“It’s like in an military or corporate structure, not everyone knwos specifically why they do what they are doing, for what ends or how everyone elses roll complements, but they know it’s for the good of the whole and do it anyway. […]

Like any dynamic adaptable SUCCESSFUL organization it is a top down hierarchy with lots of room for initiative, where the soldiers never really interact with the admirals and don’t know how their own endeavor fits into the larger scheme. ”

“Not the product of “wires being crossed”, rather a foot fetishist is nothing more or less than the child of extremely neglectful parents.

Seldom being held and rarely seeing their parents face to face in their formative years as consequence, they were left to crawl around on the carpet interacting with only their parents’ feet instead. It was their parents feet that fed them, their parents’ feet that clothed them, their parents’ feet that raised them and taught them to speak. In time, this child grows to identify more as a disembodied foot than they do a complete human being, and this is where the truly bizarre and frankly retarded fixation comes from.

When you talk to a footfag you have to realize you aren’t talking to an actual human being like you or me, but rather a bedraggled, sentient foot that happens to have the soulless husk of a human attached to it.”

>Being gay should be seen as a normal thing
>Let’s celebrate being Gay and have parades about being Gay
Pick one”

“Last year 31% of Swedes said they’d put up refugees for free. For a month now Stockholm is offering money to do it. 0.008% willing so far.”

“Economics is the most banal, small ball, meaningless subject I have ever had the misfortune to have to take a class on. Its autistic premise that people are purely rational beings is laughable.”

“The solution for us though isn’t universal income. It’s social respect for the work we ARE doing. We only respect the top of the pyramid. That’s why janitor is a job that “Americans won’t do.” Immigrants don’t have that cultural problem, so they come in and slide effortlessly into those slots. If you’re an American working a low-end job but are a good person, saving a little money, paying your bills on time and staying on the straight-and-narrow, you’re still a nobody. Unless you make 6 figures, fuck you. Only the most ambitious top 5% are going to see value from that arrangement. The only modern utility of intelligence is making money. Why be smart otherwise? It’s a pathological mindset, and it will be the death of us.”

“It is the duty of society to protect the weak; but protection cannot be efficient without the power of control; therefore, It is the duty of society to enslave the weak.

[…] Liberty is an evil which government is intended to correct. This is the sole object of government. Taking these premises, it is easy enough to refute free trade. Admit liberty to be a good, and you leave no room to argue that free trade is an evil, – because liberty is free trade.

With thinking men, the question can never arise, who ought to be free? Because no one ought to be free. All government is slavery. The proper subject of investigation for philosophers and philanthropists is, ‘Is the existing mode of government adapted to the wants of its subjects?'”

“Jews aren’t white because they’re oppressed… as you can see by the fact that they almost exclusively run and own the entire global banking and entertainment system and have nearly complete editorial power to control the narrative about themselves.”

“>the climate change will cause extreme weather meme
“Hey why does ‘provides more heat to its moons than the sun Jupiter’ have 400 mph winds and ‘liquid nitrogen rain Neptune’ have 4000 mph winds? What’s that? Heat introduces friction and turbulence into a system?” -Voyager team circa decades ago”

“In Japan, cremation is populat because of the lack of space. After that tsunami hit, the Japanese were left with about 15,000 corpses and they were overwhelmed. They could not handle it all and it took weeks to burn those bodies. Now, Japan, a modern technologically advanced country, in the 21st centurey, where cremation is widely used, were backlogged by 15,000 corpses, yet we are expected to believe that the Germans, using 1940’s BRICK OVENS could somehow cremate at least 12,000 bodies, per day, 24 hours a day, for years. It didn’t happen. It is a Jew fantasy, for sympathy and money and political power, which they have, based on that LIE. That is why the lie is so protected”

“Um sorry Trump technically violated international deep state zog protocol when he told the Russians a piece of harmless intel he had acquired, obviously this is grounds for impeachment.”

“We’ll constantly remind you how tired we are of standard calculated politicians, but then we’ll cry 24/7 whenever a statesman doesn’t follow the exact precise standard established protocol for how to clean your ass on the 5th senate floor”

“New York and Florida probably have more Puerto Ricans than Puerto Rico.”

“Democrats shouldn’t be allowed to own guns. I bet if you look at gun crime statistics, 90% of them are Democrats.”

“i love the term “fake news”. It’s just an awesome term and it speaks of the lefts weakness that they couldn’t make it stick on their behalf

>”is it true that you have done this xyz”
>”but what about this dissertation of arguments written by this nerd who disagrees with you”

“Pic related is likely the most shared thing I’ve ever made when I posted it to my Tumblr. I think it did so well since the humor comes from seeing the little guy at the top all alone, and since most social media traffic is mobile, most people had to scroll quite a bit through space to see the joke at the bottom.

As of today, it’s currently standing at 129,042 notes on Tumblr.

The return on it (ie. getting more followers) was abysmal considering how much it had been passed around. I think it ended up making me around ~250 new followers, despite doing a good job making sure my links were visible. In contrast, I’ve had posts in the lower thousands of notes bring in more followers than this did. I imagine somewhere down the line someone just deleted my links at the bottom and continued to reblog it. My Tumblr engagement has continued to drop and now I’m happy if I get over 100 notes on something. Since the beginning of the year, I no longer update my Tumblr, and have moved almost exclusively to Instagram.

In other avenues – I’ve reached the top of /r/gaming with some Nintendo fan art and that actually did pretty well. I was able to point people towards my Instagram which was growing at the time, and I ended up getting several hundred really engaged new followers just from that post alone. I think it was featured on a bunch of different gaming sites too.

I really think that if you do any sort of fan art towards any popular niche (doesn’t need to be games/movies/tv/etc.), Reddit is one of the most powerful ways to catapult your work into the rest of the internet.”

“Hillary’s mistake was running on a platform that presupposed the existence of a middle class that isn’t just boomers.”

“I know that Da Vinci’s IQ would not be any higher than 160 based on some simple observations:
– At least half of Da Vinci’s inventions failed when tested, this does not show high IQ at all
– Da Vinci tried to learn mathematics but didn’t really get very far
– Da Vinci was not a super-fast learner (the main sign of high IQ)
– Da Vinci’s works do not require a high IQ”

“How much of a genius you’re popularly perceived to be is almost exclusively a function of yours and the people around you’s marketing/PR capabilities and nothing else.”

“So the Air Force released their 2018 budget detailing for the first time their all-in cost for United Launch Alliance launches- $465 million per launch. Just below that their line item for SpaceX launches was $65 million per launch. News reports are saying it shows SpaceX’s “competitive” pricing. I say it shows what happens when the military and their no-bid contractors get too familiar. SpaceX’s pricing isn’t competitive, it’s fair. ULA’s pricing on the other hand amounts to nothing more than 3 billion USD/year in Boeing/Lockheed subsidies.”

“There is almost nothing like cough syrup in Japan, though. There is something called BRON, which has become notorious on Internet forums for destroying lives. In an extreme example of one set of standards for foreign products and one set for domestic, BRON is a nasty concoction of codeine and ephedrine. People in online support groups urge each other to “try to remember the good things in life” after taking this cold-and-fever tablet that is essentially a mix of speed and low-grade oxycodone.

In some countries a similar formulation is apparently used as an alternative to methadone, other countries regulate it to researchers or in a similar way to codeine. Here in Japan, they add caffeine and sell it over the counter without requiring a prescription.

I haven’t done this stuff, but reading about it I wasn’t surprised that a speed-based cold medicine would exist in Japan, where it will pretty much never be abused recreationally and will instead make sure that even the most exhausted workers continue to put in overtime.

I often wonder why Adderall isn’t added to the drinking supply in school cafeterias.”

“This Is What Superheroes Would Look Like With Realistic Bodies”

>Not everyone is fat
In fact considering that most “minorities” worldwide are skinny, this is Americentric cultural imperialism

I can’t believe a superhuman with an incredibly active lifestyle and a superpower that probably eats a shitton of body fat isn’t morbidly obese”

“Doesn’t Japan have a labor shortage?”

“They have a low unemployment rate. The imported Brazilian workers in the 80s and deported them all again within like 5 years because they increase in revenues wasn’t worth the violent crime.”

“Have we gone full circle?
Wasn’t blacks with afros a racist stereotype?
Why is now being lauded as a revolutionary and progressive thing?
At this rate, will BLM start telling blacks to work picking cotton because is part of their culture?”

>yfw its been 6 years and skyrim is still being shilled at e3

“fun is the consolation prize of the apathetic nihilist, who doesn’t have a true fight in him to leave a mark in this world.

So he has fun. He has fun, because that’s his coping mechanism. When he isn’t smart enough, he mocks the “nerds”, when he isn’t strong enough, he mocks the “bullies”, all to mask the bile in his throat, the bitter resentment, when he realizes, he is just a loser. […]

When he will die childless or see his nation, family conquered, beaten to submission to serve their new masters, he would break if he couldn’t lull himself with the last drops of nihilism that he couldn’t succeeded, and in fact no one can; that EVERYTHING is pointless, it has to be, since whenever he tried he lost.

So he says,
at least I had fun

Yeah, but no one gives a shit about your fun.”

“When there’s a new project, people tend to ask two questions that will determine their general outlook:

1- Will I benefit?
2- Will it harm me?

Depending on their answers to the two questions, a population will be grouped in more or less 4 different categories: Supporters and opponents are self-explanatory. The undecided are people who see advantages and disadvantages to the project, and can’t decide if the benefits outweigh the costs. The uninterested are just that, they don’t see how the project involves them in any way, so they will steer clear and not participate in the debates or votes, if it comes to that. […]

The first major problem here is that most projects that require zoning changes are actually private projects, projects that aim to satisfy the needs of a few people. All housing are private projects, even public housing, because their benefits concern only a few people (directly). Not only that, but housing that needs zoning changes to be built is probably the type of housing that current residents don’t want to live in (currently).

For example, introducing low-rise condos in single-family homes. Most of the families currently in the area are not likely to be interested in the low-rise condos, especially if they’re the smaller kind for young professionals. And the people who would be interested in them don’t currently live in the area because… well… there is no housing that fits their needs currently in the area as it’s illegal to build it.

In short, what it means if that the vast majority of people will say NO to the first question. The people who would be the main beneficiaries of the change do not actually reside there, and so do not get a voice in the debate. If you look at the chart, it largely means that people will split in only two groups: the OPPONENTS and the… UNINTERESTED.”

“The brave man is superior not only to his enemies but also to pleasure. Some men are master of cities but slave to women.”

“Vows changed from ‘I do’ to ‘You’ll do’.”