2018 May 04 ~ 12

“No matter how you slice it normies are the greatest plague upon mankind. Sure, some political systems will function better than others but a good chunk of the problems regarding the use of power is reducible to normieism. Even anarchists won’t be able to avoid their communes from degenerating into chimp-like social states where the cheiftan has obtained “power” through social prowess rather than pure merit.

When a machiavellian type climbs the ladder to become a leader of an organization this individual has likely obtained the position by wooing dumb normie cattle. An instance of this are cults and their leaders. People say that cultists are more intelligent but I suspect that the more intelligent cultists adhere to an ideology that is more focused on extremes of a given belief whereas the dumb cultists are part of cults that are focused on spiritual finding, self-help, and psychology. This is why cults like scientology and NXIVM target the actor demographic (hyper-normies) who have no sense of self-awareness or any higher level rational introspective ability to speak of so they will fall in line with a guru that could do it for them and give them an emotional anchor. Normies barely have any ability to rationalize their condition and surroundings so the world looks like a chaotic malevolent storm to them but they insist that they have influence on the state of affairs.

It follows that business hierarchies and politics works similarily albeit with some checks and balances from people who aren’t retarded. With regards to politics most people don’t hold political views, they are literally incoherent normie grunts based on personality types so any appeal to the person rather than the ideology has an advantage whenever you have majoritarian systems.

In some ways I find it hard to hate the psychopathic/narcissistic types because these people often don’t think too much themselves, they don’t really care, and are just in it for the ride and normies just hand them all the power because it makes the normie feel good inside when the psycho/narc tells them good things.

It think the solution to this is to either limit political franchise, appeal and lie to normies to get what you want, or obtain so much power that you can just crush them.”

“As part of their Wizard research, the Air Force had developed a formula that compared the cost of an ICBM to the ABM needed to shoot it down. The formula, later known as the cost-exchange ratio, could be expressed as a dollar figure; if the cost of the ICBM was less than that figure, the economic advantage was in favor of the offense – they could build more ICBMs for less money than the ABMs needed to shoot them down. A variety of scenarios demonstrated that it was almost always the case that the offense had the advantage. The Air Force ignored this inconvenient problem while they were still working on Wizard, but as soon as the Army was handed sole control of the ABM efforts, they immediately submitted it to McElroy.”

“Peer review just means like minded people agree with yoi

The truly good works of any field are made by people who don’t give a flying fuck about the rest of the field”

“Between banning Chinese and firing incels, Silicon Valley is going to empty out real fast.”

“The incel terrorism scare is like a dream come true for these stupid shallow fucking socialite whores because they now have a socially acceptable virtuous excuse for their purely superficial dismissal and outright contempt for any male who isn’t within the top 20% of looks and popularity. Many commentators have pointed out that the guy who did the van attack was actually “kinda” decent looking – certainly not ugly. But you see, that just makes it even better for them.

Before they had to make up these convuluted rationalizations about how even the guys in their matching bracket of attractiveness weren’t good enough for them. “Oh, he has a weird vibe”, “he’s creepy”, “he isn’t confident” or whatever the fuck. Now they can just point at those dangerous evil terrorist incels to convince themselves that anyone but the most handsome studs must be morally reprehensible and bad people by definition.”

“lmao that woman isn’t going to be designing anything – she’s a woman, after all”

“They will take her on as a lead designer to fulfill diversity quotas and make the other white and pajeet men work twice as hard to pick up her slack.”

>5 nanoseconds into the legal adulthood (18 years old) of a biological male without having had intercourse once.


“There are but three beings worthy of respect: the priest, the warrior, and the poet. To know, to kill, and to create. The rest of mankind may be taxed and drudged, they are born for the stable, that is to say, to practise what they call professions.”

“truth doesnt exist. thats the thing. truth is a dumb dude who thinks hes entitled to something because he was nice. thats why when nietzsche asked what if truth is actually a woman, he was saying that the truth is not static, but it dances around, it is a fickle thing, a thing of many colors, a changing thing, and that because philosophers have sought truth like they have, by going directly to “the truth” and trying to analyze and rationalize, they have missed the heart of truth altogether. they dont know how to romance a woman, just like they dont know how to romance the truth. the truth is power. power itself is the truth. if a man says “fuck the truth, i am the fucking truth”, women are like, omg im wet. squirt. so basically truth is in reality a creative endeavor to be, a will to power. the story doesnt contain the truth inside, but it is the truth itself”

“Marriage is a prehistoric institution. It predates farming and therefore a State (or even a religion) can’t be necessary for marriage. It will re-appear momentarily, when the State stops persecuting it.”

“Myth: Galileo was persecuted by the Church because Xtianity hates teh science.

Fact: Galileo openly insulted the Pope in book form. When found guilty at his -third- heresy trial, his punishment was the horrifying ‘stop talking about that.’

Meanwhile, folk like Johannes Kepler made the exact same telescopic observations as Galileo, and managed not to get hauled into court by the Inquisition even once.”

“Speaking of heresy, I have a good one for a story:

The setting is God and the Devil got tired of pussy-footing around and are testing it directly by force of arms over the Earth.

Then the Nothing from Neverending story shows up and seems set to devour them both.”

“If you make adults do pointless work, it is considered torture. E.g. if you make someone dig a ditch with a shovel, and fill it back up right in front of them with a bulldozer, it’s obviously intentional humiliation.

This is how I know Western civilization despises children or at least holds them in utter contempt. Non-humans.

Everyone knows you don’t learn anything in school. You forget it all over the summer. The work is pointless. It is industrial scale humiliation torture.”

“It holds everyone in contempt.

Everyone knows what’s going on with school because it’s simple and with ditches because it’s physical. But put them in an office, with middle-management on one side and “poor people are just lazy” on the other, and people will defend their masters.”

“No one is owed sex and it’s not society’s fault that some people don’t have it”

“Sex is part of the social contract that motivates men to cooperate with a society, follow its rules, preserve it from invaders, and not to invade it themselves.”

“Work is only endurable when purposefully sacrificial, and to rob it of sacrificial purpose is to turn it into slavery.

When everyone’s working out of duty, everyone’s winning (in a way); when everyone’s playing life to win, almost everyone’s losing, and working for the winners.

No intelligent person can feel their labour dignified solely by the chance to partake in a rigged game. A man without great prospects can endure drudgery nobly to feed his family, serve his community, and do his duty to his nation; nobody can do it just for a chance at ‘success’.”

“All this incel malarkey just illustrates that for many women, it’s not enough to just not fuck you and leave it at that. No, if they don’t want to fuck you, you shouldn’t even exist. And that’s not just a passive sentiment but an extremely active one. And if they can’t rub you out they have to rub it in. It’s solipsism and self-centeredness (and malice) to an almost unimaginable degree. Another object lesson in why women have historically never been in charge (and had better never be…)”

who do women think they’re entitled to sex with?
maybe we should ask”

“Sexual selection is the driving force behind cultural creation and human regulation.Therefore, the breakdown between the sexes and the deterioration of consciousness (into neuroticism) is essentially one in the same.”

“We must picture hell as a state where everyone is perpetually concerned about his own dignity and advancement, where everyone has a grievance, and where everyone lives with the deadly serious passions of envy, self-importance, and resentment.”

“The present you see today was planned and prepared a long time ago and the future you will see tomorrow is being planned and prepared today.”

“Technology: when someone is trying to kill you, flee or fight back.

In the modern world, this is apparently lost technology. The new hotness is outraged posts on twitter & facebook.”

“Maybe because I’ve been living outside of the US for almost 4 years now, but it seems the English language is becoming more and more incomprehensible. And why are so many people using nouns as verbs?”

“Railways are conservative, in Britain especially, because we invented them and they are ideally suited to our landscape. They are conservative because they help to conserve the countryside, and because they are, when well run, a disciplined service requiring loyalty and dedication from their workers, not unlike the armed forces. They are conservative because they can be made to rely on national sources of energy, since electricity can be produced by nuclear reactors, coal or even waves. They are conservative because, by giving a centre to towns and cities, they promote cohesion and discourage shapeless ribbon development and the atomisation of society which follows when everyone relies on the car for transport.

Car,s on the other hand, encourage globalism in culture and economics, force us into dependency on oil states and therefore influence our foreign policy in unconservative directions, radically reshape cities and countryside, marginalise the old who cannot afford to run them, break up established communities by their greed for land and by the way in which modern roads act as impassable barriers.

And I won’t even go into the problems of air travel, and the way in which this is subsidised and encouraged at the expense of railways.”

“Articles about how American decline has been exaggerated tend to prove the opposite. America shouldn’t be “just okay”; it’s the wealthiest country in history, people should be saying, “whoa, holy shit, did you see America?”

“Hey man, America isn’t so bad, communities are learning to cope with the opium epidemic, immigration, while divisive, hasn’t led to explosive violence, and, while national politics remains toxic, local politics is seeing a new lease of life.”


“Almost all of our ills stem from a disregard of natural boundaries: urban sprawl, pollution, traffic congestion, obesity, etc. Likewise, almost all “progressive” thought are methods to fix this by ‘overcoming’ even further boundaries and by asking the government to step in.”

“Everything in modern society has been crafted as shackles for you as a workhorse for them. Both the commies and the capitalists are two pieces of bread in a jewish sandwich of atomizing people and turning them into economic units as slave to the economy and not the economy as servant of nation, reducing the role of family, and increasing production and consumption to unsustainable ends. They want you as laborer, not as spiritual being with a sum greater than its parts, especially when united as a greater family (nation). […]

It worked pretty similarly to indentured servitude if the person was unable to pay their debts on time. If they defaulted on the debts, the (((banks))) would offer the resident farmer/rancher the option to stay on the land and work it off, giving a percentage of the production to the banks meanwhile, which was an early form of debt slavery and interest. So they would get the full value of the land plus what had been paid to them already, plus interest.

What ended up happening is the banks owned way the fuck too much land in fertile regions and people were forced to enter into unsustainable contracts as the land was scarce by now, or hope to find work on a large homestead. Either way, the (((bankers))) were living better than kings and controlled nearly everything with zero net returns to the people. They, or foreign agents, could then leverage local satraps to rebel or cut ties with the empire when those municipalities were needed in times of war to change the outcome.

Guess what? Same fucking thing happening in the modern world.”

>STDs in L.A. County are skyrocketing. Officials think racism and stigma may be to blame

As I was walking down the street I loudly yelled the N word and everyone within earshot immediately contracted aids.”

“When women are let loose to do as they please, away from the influence of men, they have not come up with a cornucopia of great inventions and discoveries. Instead they have aborted tens of millions of infants, blamed all their problems on men, voted leftists into office, become excessively promiscuous, gotten worthless college degrees and demanded equally worthless amek-work jobs, believed that wealth falls like manna from Heaven, come to believe marriage is temporary, destroyed children’s lives through easy divorce and single parenthood… and rationalized every bit of it.”

“Women are largely incapable of receiving criticism, men learn to do so, with practice and difficultly, only by threat of violence, by brothers, a father, or the tribe at large.”

“Life is like a box of chocolates: A cheap, thoughtless, perfunctory gift that nobody ever asks for.”

“The thing about incels isn’t that they can’t get laid. It’s that they dare to protest about it.

[…] the problem that normies have with incels is not that they are losers for not getting laid. The problem is that they organize, that they gave themselves a name. That they have class-consciousness of a sort. Liberal states have “freedom of association” in their constitutions as a relic of the time they were fighting the old monarchies which wouldn’t give it to them. And they wouldn’t give it to them because “associations” are a hidden-in-sight form of political conspiracy, and any state which wants to survive doesn’t admit political conspiracies. Try to gather 50 people in public in China and see how long it takes for police to ask what the hell you’re doing.

Of course liberal states, i.e. Western states have freedom of association as a symbol of their revolution against the old order; but they aren’t stupid. They don’t really allow freedom of association. Ask Roosh what happened when he tried to organize a meetup of right-wingish PUAs. Ask any club or association of size that denies access to women; or accepts only white men. The liberal state understands that only white men are potentially disloyal, and so any association of white men is illegal de facto.”

“[A] shortcut to understand Bioleninism is “a coalition of people who don’t want high school jocks to rule the world”. Which is the natural state of mankind, for better or worse. I wasn’t a high school jock, but as a white man I’d rather they rule than the girls rule, so I am not Bioleninist. For the more awkward nerds in class though, they probably prefer the girls rule, out of some extremely misguided hope that the girls will be somewhat nicer to them. That’s the vibe I get from Scott Alexander.

Or maybe it’s just that nerds are awkward, know they are powerless, and so tend to obey whoever is in power, and since Bioleninism advanced after the 1960s nerds have just bent the knee and dropped to the floor and kissed the feet of Women and Africans and Muslims and whoever the fuck they’re told to kiss. That’s the vibe I get from Scott Aaronson.”

“You might have heard about “women in tech”; i.e. women trying to get nerds out of tech. Nerds protest. “We were here first! We built this from scratch!”. Yeah whatever. There’s money to be made, so women want in. Then they saw nerds there, and they can’t help their instincts. Nerds must go. Women just won’t live close to them; the same way humans don’t like living close to snakes or rats. That getting rid of the nerds would destroy the whole ecosystem is secondary. When tech collapses after women chase the nerds away, women will just migrate to somewhere else, as if nothing had happened.”

“Well, what is best in life for women? What do women do when they have all the power? What is the female equivalent of Gengis Khan. We are finding out lately. It includes, obviously, complete privileges in every area of life for women. These two recent tweets were very illuminating. One complains that 19% of journalists killed were women. The other that 1 in 4 homeless are women.

Well, say cucks, that means 81% of journalists killed were men! And 75% of homeless were men! What the hell are women complaining about? Well obviously they complain that there is even a single women being victimized, when it should be 0! When an Englishmen said that 10% of victims at something in colonial India were Englishmen, he was right to complain. We fucking rule this place, why should even a single of us have a rough time? That’s what Indians are for. Well that’s how women think. We are women; why should a single women have trouble? That’s what men are for! There is no irony in this. It is only the cold logic of power.”

“A PUA is a man who pretends he has what a woman pretends she does not want.”

“Robin Hanson got screeching calls to lock him up when he suggested that men with no access to women perhaps have good reason for being upset. Seems to me he doesn’t understand how hypergamy works. He was accused of promoting rape and slavery. Which he denied of course, but feminists had a point.
Women want hypergamy.

For a woman to sleep with a man below the top 20% is by definition not consensual sex. It is thus rape. For a woman to work for or live with a man below the top 20% is by definition not consensual work. It is thus slavery. This is no joke.

“‘Jocks’ and ‘nerds’ are degenerated moderns. Thucydides for example wasn’t a ‘jock’ – he was a warrior, philosopher, and man of action. A ‘jock’ is a cretin who has no inner life and who values games and material trappings of victory in superfluous games over anything else. The historical fascimile of a jock would be a dimwitted gladiator who cares for nothing other than wine, gold, the favor of women, and shouts of approval from plebes when he kills opponents in staged spectacles. A general of arms has nothing in common with such a man.

Similarly, a ‘nerd’ is a managerial technocrat who is incapable of thinking in terms of total systems as he is stubbornly oblivious to nuance and non-utilitarian measures of value. A nerd can only exist in a technological state that places a premium on specialization and quantity – Aquinas, for example, had nothing in common with the modern nerd; the ‘nerd’ is best exemplified by Robert MacNamara or Bill Gates. Nerds are enemies of philosophy, not its stewards.”

“Why have men acquiesced so much in giving women the upper hand in society’s institutions? It falls to men to create society (because women almost never create large organizations or cultural systems). It seems foolish and self-defeating for men then to meekly surrender advantageous treatment in all these institutions to women. Moreover, despite many individual exceptions, in general and on average men work harder at their jobs in these institutions than women, thereby enabling men to rise to the top ranks. As a result, women continue to earn less money and have lower status than men, which paradoxically is interpreted to mean that women’s preferential treatment should be continued and possibly increased (see review of much evidence in Baumeister 2010). Modern society is not far from embracing explicit policies of “equal pay for less work,” as one of us recently proposed. Regardless of that prospect, it appears that preferential treatment of women throughout the workforce is likely to be fairly permanent. Because of women’s lesser motivation and ambition, they will likely never equal men in achievement, and their lesser attainment is politically taken as evidence of the need to continue and possibly increase preferential treatment for them.”

“Today most schools, universities, corporations, scientific organizations, governments, and many other institutions have explicit policies to protect and promote women. It is standard practice to hire or promote a woman ahead of an equally qualified man. Most large organizations have policies and watchdogs that safeguard women’s interests and ensure that women gain preferential treatment over men. Parallel policies or structures to protect men’s interests are largely nonexistent and in many cases are explicitly prohibited. Legal scholars, for example, point out that any major new law is carefully scrutinized by feminist legal scholars who quickly criticize any aspect that could be problematic or disadvantageous to women, and so all new laws are women-friendly. Nobody looks out for men, and so the structural changes favoring women and disadvantaging men have accelerated (Baumeister and Vohs 2004).”

“All of this is a bit ironic, in historical context. The large institutions have almost all been created by men. The notion that women were deliberately oppressed by being excluded from these institutions requires an artful, selective, and motivated way of looking at them. Even today, the women’s movement has been a story of women demanding places and preferential treatment in the organizational and institutional structures that men create, rather than women creating organizations and institutions themselves. Almost certainly, this reflects one of the basic motivational differences between men and women, which is that female sociality is focused heavily on one-to-one relationships, whereas male sociality extends to larger groups networks of shallower relationships (e.g., Baumeister and Sommer 1997; Baumeister 2010). Crudely put, women hardly ever create large organizations or social systems. That fact can explain most of the history of gender relations, in which the gender near equality of prehistorical societies was gradually replaced by progressive inequality—not because men banded together to oppress women, but because cultural progress arose from the men’s sphere with its large networks of shallow relationships, while the women’s sphere remained stagnant because its social structure emphasized intense one-to-one relationships to the near exclusion of all else (see Baumeister 2010). All over the world and throughout history (and prehistory), the contribution of large groups of women to cultural progress has been vanishingly small.” In fact, large groups of women–unless checked by male authority–tend to ruin vital institutions: as happened in academia, as it were.”

“Great writers are most valuable to other great writers, for whom they are generative. What does it matter to a great writer if there won’t be a Nobel Prize this year? Do great writers mete out prizes? No! Do great writers want to be on committees of any kind? No! All that is for the usual mediocre hangers-on.”

“Today awards in the arts are generally determined by the herd-like political judgments of “intellectual women”–so that an award is likely to be a bad eminence.”

“It seems to me that no open boarders advocate has ever asked himself: What is a country? What is it for?”

“Most women aren’t exactly super dedicated atrractive ambitious gym afficionados. The average woman is average, just like the average guy is, and anybody making justifications for why an average guy shouldn’t feel entitled to an average girl is just engaging in a stockholm-esque rationalization of this fundamentally sick society”

“It’s like they want you to take a selfie of your dick in some bitches mouth before you’re allowed to disagree and when you do they’re like “just do x” and when you show them 1000 example so people who did x they say “do y” and so until until there’s this never ending treadmill of reasons its 100% the incels fault and 0% any other force in the known or unknown universe and they go “idk how but it must be their fault””

“Of course throwing words like “totalitarianism” around means little, and it’s not like this broad knows what totalitarianism is about, being a “sociologist” her job is not to read books. She’s a political commissar, and as such her work does have value. Japanese education indeed has been moving right in the recent years. A couple decades, perhaps. And that is worrying if you work for the Left. It’s her job to worry about losing power. Well, it’s everyone’s job. I can’t think of any human trait more universal than worrying about losing power.”

“It is of paramount importance to dispel the fiction that the Left and Right are both equal forces, armies fighting for their respective causes which are different in content but generally equivalent in size and culture. No, that’s not how it works. There are no causes. There is only power. The Left is where the people who want (more) power flock to, and their ideas are contingent to that ultimate purpose. The Right are the people who do not want more power, either because they have some already or because they’re just not into it. Risk-averse, perhaps. Whatever ideas people in the Right believe in are contingent to that ultimate purpose. To put it in military terms. Doctrines change. Strategies change. Weapons change. But the basic nature of war is universal.”

“China historically has had no issue with wiping out Muslims when needed.”

“Come on man! Don’t you know that while there is life, there is hope? I understand your disdain for death by a thousand cuts and the honor in a quick death, but still. Is it really that bad? The Japanese have made giant, sudden leaps many times in their history (600 A.D., 1600 AD, 1857, 1945). I’m sure they have some gas left in their tank for one more. I would never count the Japanese out.

If there is someone richly deserving of your contempt, it is the Hindus and their long drawn out slow decline starting with the first Islamic invasion in 668 A.D. That coupled with their stubborn refusal to learn about the nature of Islam, their endless virtue signaling culminating in the deification of Gandhi should win them the Darwin awards for every year starting now. If there is anyone who should seriously contemplate Sepukku and/or all-or-nothing-brinkmanship, it is them.”

“For the Hindus you will forgive me but I have no strong feelings one way or the other. With the Japanese though I have lived many many years.

Look at Japan: all its wealth its just due to its access to American markets, and that is all due to redgov lobbying. Once the American empire in the Pacific dies, and it will die at some point; Japan is then just some island in the edge of Asia with no resources and no plausible way of defending itself.

Japan cannot be independent, one way or the other. It’s choice is to subject itself to a decaying and increasingly evil US, or to a rising but rather vindictive and still poor China. And it must take this choice while undergoing the worst demographic crisis of any nation in modern history.

It is that bad. Modernity has destroyed many, many, many nations. Japan just got lucky and delayed some decades, but the time has come.

The day Americans stop buying Toyotas, the Japanese starve. It is that simple.”

“Also, hitting the gym sounds like a “taking charge of your life” solution to a group of people whose core belief is “others should change instead of myself”. If these people actually did something proactive, then they wouldn’t likely be incels in the first place.”

“lol no literally thousands of these people have spent years in the gym getting in better shape than anyone I know. Now those people are called fitcels because they’re in amazing shape and it did absolutely nothing for their success with women.

[…] I remember one where this guy dropped down to 2% body fat and was winning swimming competitions, got promoted and was making $85,000 a year, bought a house and a nice car, and talked to something like 4,000 women and didn’t even get a single date because his face was 4 out of 10.


(replace x with whatever justification lets you pretend it’s their fault)”

“Dude, my face is a 5 all day long, my body is laughable (even when in shape) I’m
Not an incel. So how ISNT it their fault?”

“Sounds like you guys have all the answers. You figure it out.”

“Why are we talking about red pill crap here anyway? You got a girlfriend and a well paying job. Better to stay away from ‘incels’ and their negativity.”

“Just because I’m doing well doesn’t mean there aren’t millions of people being deprived of necessary human relationships by a sick hookup culture that encourages women to whore around until they’re used up unweddable spinsters and encourages men to sink into video games and depression instead of raising a family until they’re 40 year old incels.

Not sure if you know this but millions of unwed men and women living their whole lives in depression and psychosis is how entire civilizations collapse into the ground in a single generation.”

“China during the Mao years was distinctly nonchalant about their old war rival, and it’s reported that in 1972, when the Japanese prime minister Tanaka Kakuei went to Beijing and apologized about the war, Mao laughed heartily and said that, on the contrary, the Chinese people are grateful, as without the Japanese invasion, the communists would have never won power. However, after the riots of Tiananmen, the government decided that leftist indoctrination of the youth was counterproductive in the new capitalist environment, and decided to change the fuel of asabiyyah to a nationalist myth based on the Great Victory against Japan. Since the 1990s, all history textbooks have been rewritten to focus on the great Communist Party which deserves power not because of the great profits from agricultural collectivization achieved with Mao’s leadership, but because the Communist Party defeated the evil Japanese Devils. This had the double benefit of leaving open the possibility of rapport with the Kuomintang in Taiwan. The foundation myth of the Communist Party stopped being their victory against the evil capitalists of Chiang Kai-Shek, and became a people’s romance where two friendly factions of noble Chinese fought the foreign invader, and then tragically were deceived by foreign imperialism into fighting each other.”

“The more ‘cynical’ I grow, the more ‘naive’ I feel. Experience of disillusionment leaves me feeling agoraphobic before life, like a child terrified before the vastness and obscurity of the ocean.”

“Gives me the opposite.

“Wow people are so stupid and wrong about everything”
“This flimsy-ass thing by logic is, by empirical definitions, robust. This means anything I do that’s half mediocre will automatically be adamant and I can be confident in any and all my endeavors.”

> I went back to a man who hit me. I’m still thinking about why.

I’m still thinking about (what I’d say my friends to justify my decision that doesn’t mention my tingles) why”

“SpaceX is in the space business; they view R&D as a cost center. Boeing is in the government-contracting business; they view R&D as a profit center. A huge, fundamental difference in approach.”

“Worth remembering Airbnb has made a big push to get owners to adopt the instant booking feature on account of so many of them being racist”

“Google Assistant making calls pretending to be human not only without disclosing that it’s a bot, but adding “ummm” and “aaah” to deceive the human on the other end with the room cheering it… horrifying. Silicon Valley is ethically lost, rudderless and has not learned a thing.

That the many in Google did not erupt in utter panic and disgust at the first suggestion of this… is incredible to me. What of Google’s famed discussion boards? What are you all discussing if not this?!?! This is horrible and so obviously wrong. SO OBVIOUSLY WRONG. *headdesk*”

>go to low class restaurant and people tell you to tip because the waitstaff is underpaid
>go to high class restaurant and they include tip in your bill anyways under “gratuity”
nice meme”

>Idle talk or fierce competition? FSU research finds women use gossip as weapon against romantic rivals

“Research finds” what poets have been representing for thousands of years: that women–who, unlike men, rarely have much to gain from forthright evil–use gossip, cunning and dissimulation to pursue their ends.”

“Social science. The discovery of the obvious by esoteric means”

“This is also why feminist ideology, which presumes the primacy of feminine over masculine characteristics, assumes that anyone speaking has some kind of ulterior motive of political power.

At the extreme end you get ‘mathematics are sexist’ and other hogwash. Because social gaming is something women are better wired for and more active in. Men often discuss ideas JUST TO discuss ideas.”

“It IS revealing that feminists are so silent about women’s relations with women.”

“Thats historically though, before females largely entered the work force, and before we were able to keep old people healthy and in working shape well beyond 65 years old. Unfortunately now that we ahve females in the work force, and the elderly working well beyond the point of retirement, our work force numbers SHOULD be much higher than historical averages.

But, they arent. They’re barely above historical averages, even when we have a lower birth rate than in the past (ie: fewer young ones who cant/shouldnt work yet) and an elderly population that can still work (ie: more older people who can still work). And an even bigger problem on top of that, is that regular full employment isnt enough anymore to sustain the average home or the typical “nuclear family” model by a long shot. Which leads to a reduction in what would be “stay at home moms” as well, as many are forced to work as well to make ends meet and be able to have any money to put away for savings if they can even manage that.

It doesnt matter that the historical averages are, because so much has changed in the last 30-40 years. With things as they ARE, we SHOULD see 70-80% of the population in the work force. But we dont, we see barely over half and well under 2/3rds.

Which is really the problem when you get to the heart of it. Our economies and societies as humans just arent built, or will ever be built, to sustain both men and women, as well as the elderly, all being in the work force at once. Theres just not going to be enough space to ever accomplish that, because of the fact you’re going to have mega-chains that always show up and are able to do lots of work with less labor and keep high output levels to provide consumer goods to everyone, which means you arent going to see every little town able to sustain itself through small businesses.

Those small businesses keep having to become more and more specialized in order to find a market. And theres not enough room for THAT either.

Its a problem without a solution right now. And its GOING to eventually lead to an economic collapse of the west.”

“Until recently the major source of production was labor. It is egalitarian in that almost everyone is born capable of labor. Technological innovation and invention have reduced the amount of human labor necessary for production. Human muscle power was replaced first by animal and now by machine. Machines today far exceed the human capacity for strength, dexterity, endurance, accuracy and precision. The missing piece in the doom of the value of human labor is AI.

It’s not skynet you need to worry about it’s that when AI truly arrives it will make human labor worthless.”

“The only two explanations I can think of are that the Air Force wants a Cas platform that can keep up with prompt Global strike policies (basically a light supersonic AC130)


Boeing got mad when Trump canceled there sale of 30 Regional jumbo Jets to Iran and the defense department scrambled to come up with some stupid make work program to justify sending them 20 billion dollars”

“Just because there’s a patent doesn’t mean they’re gonna manufacture or even prototype it”

“Just because they’re never going to build it doesn’t mean the DoD won’t give them $20 billion to develop it”

“I remember there was a honeymoon period where he tried to do all his campaign promises via executive order in like the first two weeks. I think the guy literally didnt know what he was getting himself in to and now he’s just running on autopilot with all the poison they put in his diet coke”

“Dad, why do dogs look so different?”
“Because of their breed, son.”
“Why are some so big and some so small?”
“Their genes, of course.”
“And why are some clever and others not?”
“Um, purely economic factors.”

“Ironically, democracy -does- prevent war between nuclear powers. Due to the bureaucrat supremacy model, the guys allowed into the ‘in case of nuclear war’ sub-mountain bunker don’t have any power, and the ones with the power to declare the war aren’t allowed in.”

“Marxist class conflict.

Marx was correct that the elite classes, which he was born into, largely shares interests with each other. Prole classes are indeed more similar to each other than to elites…however, not similar enough. They cannot get along.

I always remember it as elites being able to handle the abstract similarities, while the proles get hung up on the concrete disparities, such as flags, food, and courtesies.

However, even if they didn’t get hung up, proles genuinely want locals to win and the distant to lose, simply because the locals are closer.”

“Defensive technology is essentially a way to avoid responsibility for inciting attacks. In other words, defence is irresponsible (and left wing).”

“The probability of entering and remaining in an intellectually elite profession such as Physician, Judge, Professor, Scientist, Corporate Executive, etc. increases with IQ to about 133. It then falls about 1/3 by 140. By 150 IQ the probability has fallen by 97%! In other words, a significant percentage of people with IQs over 140 are being systematically and, most likely inappropriately, excluded from the population that addresses the biggest problems of our time or who are responsible for assuring the efficient operation of social, scientific, political and economic institutions.

“Over an extensive range of studies and with remarkable consistency, from Physicians to Professors to CEOs, the mean IQ of intellectually elite professions is about 125 and the standard deviation is about 6.5. For example, Gibson and Light found that 148 members of the Cambridge University faculty had a mean IQ of 126 with a standard deviation of 6.3. The highest score was 139.”

“From a theoretical standpoint, democratic meritocracies should evolve five IQ defined ‘castes’, The Leaders, The Advisors, The Followers, The Clueless and The Excluded. These castes are natural in that they are the result of how people of different intellectual abilities relate to one another. This is based on research done by Leta Hollingworth in the 1930’s and the more recent work of D.K. Simonton.”

“Leta Hollingworth studied profoundly gifted children. She reported them as having IQs of 180+, which was a R16 score. As such, on today’s tests this equates to 159+. Her conclusion was that when IQ differences are greater than 30 points, leader/follower relationships will break down or will not form. It establishes an absolute limit to the intellectual gulf between leader and followers.””

“Garth Zietsman has said, referring to people with D15IQs over 152, ‘A common experience with people in this category or higher is that they are not wanted – the masses (including the professional classes) find them an affront of some sort.’ While true, it is more likely a symptom than a cause of the exclusion. We need to understand why they are an affront.

I can tell him that. People who work very hard and spend years in order to climb to what they regard as the pinnacle of achievement actively resent those who can simply leap up to the peak. And because their knowledge is hard won, they tend to cling to it much more tenaciously than the more intelligent individual who is no more tied to one piece of information than the next. What makes it worse is that they cannot fathom that the more intelligent individuals do not think like they do.”

“In my experience, the 150 IQ individual does not resent the individual with the 160 or the 175 IQ, and this may be because being above 145, we all tend to engage in similar thought processes, albeit with different capabilities. The 135 IQ individual dislikes and fears the 150+ individuals, while the 115 IQ individual either doesn’t believe the 150+ individuals exist or blithely insists that they are crazy.

“While fundamentally a continuum, the epistemic competence hierarchy can be divided into ranks, by taking an arbitrary point as the origin.

Everyone in a lower rank is called an idiot. Anyone in a rank more than one higher is also called an idiot.

In both cases the rank produces conclusions contradictory to the reference point, and the reasoning behind them seems incomprehensible. At first glance they are impossible to distinguish – and almost nobody looks a second time.”

“Kind of insensitive to call the third world population boom an “ecological catastrophe””

“Oh no

Bad feelings might happen

Better throw away civilization”

“Interesting how the alt-left and the alt-right were equally furious about a drag queen performing at a free speech event.

Almost like they both have something in common – ruthless intolerance.”

“The alt-left: “We will kill all White people!”
The alt-right: “White people should be allowed to live.”
Paul Joseph Watson: “They’re exactly the same!””

“I used to think I had no will to power. Now I perceive that I vented it on thoughts, rather than people. Conquering an unknown province of knowledge. Getting the better of a problem. Forcing ideas to associate or come apart. Bullying recalcitrant words to assume a certain pattern. All the fun of being a dictator without any risks and responsibilities.”

“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a small Jewish man shrieking “How dare you!” – forever.”

“[I]t would be so much cheaper, safer, healthier and easier to wait until the baby comes out before murdering him.

But then it would be more obvious what a terrible thing it is you are doing and nobody wants to know the stuff they do is terrible.”

“I am into some fairly kinky stuff, but somehow, sticking a knife in a pregnant woman’s vagina…. yeah, that crosses some sort of line. The sort of line that when you cross it, noone will ever lover and anyone who does ought be disdained.”

“I haven’t thought too much about abortion but assuming the premise it’s always seemed like the obvious move to me. All this nonsense about vacuums and guns and clotheshangers seems like a nonsensical way to go about destroying the existence of a fetus. Just get it out of the womb first and what does it matter if it’s vacuumed or incinerated or whatever afterwards?

Pretty decent example of how it’s just women wanting to eat their cake and having it too. Can’t commit to actually solving a problem / efficiently achieving an objective.”

“what do you see as the premise?”

“”Assuming the premise” I meant just “assuming that abortion is a justifiable goal” i.e. “avoiding the whole is abortion right or wrong debate”. If their goal is to abort the fetus then they should do it in the safest most efficient manner possible. As you note though, that’s clearly not their goal.”

“There are few things that the liberal media hates more than seeing whites and blacks getting along with each other. Unless of course, the white and black people in question are agreeing with each other about how evil white people are or are having mixed children together, then the news coverage and accolades are unending.”

“Looking back at the Bolshevik Revolution, we can see now that the Enlightenment for two hundred years before – all the critics of religion in the eighteenth century, all the republicans, all the secularists of the nineteenth century in agony over “the social problem,” all the “emancipators” of women – resemble nothing so much as a group of innocent and foolish children, playing with their canoes in some quiet shallows, a mile upstream Niagara. In the shallows they had proved themselves to be so strong, and no one had come to serious harm: why should they not try the deeper water?”

“Dogs can be trained to do quite complex tasks. She’s not as dumb as a dog. However, in a democracy, folk like this demand ‘human dignity’ but still have to be trained like dogs.

Result: they cannot be trained and cannot find productive work.”

“Japan carmakers are basically what feed, clothe and house the whole country.

That won’t stop 2 female journos from agitating to wreck it in order to gain status points in their American company.

If this isn’t high treason I don’t know what is.”

“Exercise is important for health, and everyone should exercise.

But if you’re trying to lose weight, food is going to be 90% of the battle.

“Eat less, move more” is ineffective nonsense for weight loss. And if it is so ineffective, why do we hear it so much? We hear that partly because it’s in the vested interest of certain groups to get that message out. Which groups? Food and beverage companies, the fitness industry, and mainstream medicine.

Food and beverage companies – Big Food – want us to believe that eating less and moving more will help weight loss because it absolves them of all blame. They’ve made a lot of effort to create addictive, highly profitable junk food that makes people fat and they want to continue. Big Food wants the gravy train to keep rolling. If it turned out that their industrial food engineering and manufacturing helped make everyone fat, there would be consequences – and less profit. Big Food has spent millions in advertising to tell people that eating a “balanced diet” (which includes their products) and exercise are how to lose weight. The fitness industry – gyms, magazines and websites, clothing, trainers – also want you to believe that exercise, not food, is the key to weight loss.

Most people use their products and services to lose weight.

Finally, mainstream medicine has little to offer for weight loss. It has stood by idly while the country has become fat and diabetic. By promoting “eat less, move more”, mainstream medicine can readily shift the blame to *you*.

It’s your fault you got fat (they say) because we’ve been telling you how to do it but you’re too lazy to act on it.”

“The seed of decay is perhaps the fact that the earlier pieces are basically porn. Yes, the Pentagon probably does kill soldiers on the regular to fellate its own ego. What can all or almost all Atlantic readers do about it? Buttfuck all. It’s high-quality porn, but… Sexual pornography assists the viewer in imagining they’re having sex. Coercion pornography assists the viewer in imagining they are a governor for a large territory. IMO the latter is a far more degenerate vice.”

“The Christian deity:

  • demands blood for appeasement (Lev. 16), and offers material gain in exchange for foreskins(Genesis 17:9-14)
  • has body parts (in Exodus 33:23 he shows Moses his ass)
  • has a name, Jealous (Exodus 34:14)
  • has temper tantrums, and experiences states of anger and jealousy, showing that he fears loss (not very godlike) (too many verses to list here)
  • is bested by Chemosh (2 Kings 3:26-27) on one occasion, and is unable to overcome men armed with iron on another (Judges 1:19)
  • He made Ezekiel cook food using human shit in exchange for magic assistance (Ezekiel 4:12)
  • When he isn’t being carried around by the Jews in a box (Joshua 6: 1-12), he travels in a pillar of smoke or fire (Porphyry said evil Daimones have cylindrical vehicles, pillars are cylindrical)
  • He also instructs Moses employ usury against Gentiles (but not other Jews) in order to “deliver all nations into your possession” (Deut. 23:20)

Yhvh is a Genie. Christians worship a blood-thirsty genie whose name is Jealous and who offers the world to the Jews in exchange for their foreskins.”

“Evidently we’ve worn out our usefulness to the faith and are to be replaced with the teeming throngs of third-world faithful. Faithful who wouldn’t even exist had we not brought the religion to them at great cost in blood and treasure.

As a universalist religion with its holy places far from Europe or her colonies, this sense of human interchangeability is understandable. It doesn’t make it excusable though. They taught us to see our ancestors as foreigners and foreigners as our kin. They tore down the wonders of our classical era in an ISIL-style orgy of iconoclastic barbarism, then claimed its achievements for their faith without batting an eyelid. When we felled our forests to build tall ships and conquered the four corners of the earth they rode on our backs like bloodsucking bugs, sinking their fangs into the primitive peoples whose land we conquered and compelling us to ‘civilise them’ at our (and their) expense.

Yet now, in our hour of greatest weakness, they either join our enemies in tearing us down or look on indifferently as we are destroyed. Without us they would be nothing yet they show us only contempt.”


2018 Apr 23 ~ May 03

“She calls herself a king and is praised by everyone as such, yet she says that she “laments” it? How can I possibly keep a straight face!?”

“Saber. Surely you aren’t saying that you spurn the very marks you left on history?”

“I am! Why are you puzzled? Why do you laugh? The country that gave me my blade, the country I offered my life to, was destroyed. Why is it strange that I’d lament that?”

“Did you hear that Rider? The things this little girl who calls herself King of Knights is saying? “The country I offered my life to”, she says!”

“How is that funny at all?! A king should make any sacrifice to ensure his country’s prosperity.”


The king does not sacrifice anything.

It is the country and the people that sacrifice themselves for the king.

Absolutely not the other way around.”

“Those are the words of a tyrant!”

“Exactly. We are heroes because we are tyrants. However Saber, if a king regrets his rule or its conclusion, that king is nothing but a fool. Worse than a tyrant.”

“Iskander, your reign ended with your heirs slain, and your empire dissolved into three parts. You have no regrets about how it ended?”

“None. If the end was brought about by my decisions and the way my subjects lived, then I will accept its destruction as inevitable. I shall grieve. And I shall weep. But I shall never regret.”


“Let alone undo it! Such a foolish act would only mock all who fought with me to build my empire!”

“Only brute warriors find glory in destruction! Of what worth is a king who fails to protect the powerless? A just rule, with just laws… those are the true duties of a king!”

“So you, the king, are a slave to what is just?”

“I don’t mind. A king would willingly die for his ideals.”

“That’s not how a person should live.”

“If I rule a country as its king, I cannot hope to live as a person. King of Conquerers, you could never understand, as you seek the Grail merely for your own benefit. You, who became a ruler only to satisfy your endless greed!”

“A king without greed is even worse than a figurehead!

Saber. You said you would die for your ideals. In life, you must have been a pure and honest saint. A noble and inviolable figure, certainly. But who on earth admires the martyr’s thorny path?

Who dreams of such a life?

A king… must be greedier, laugh louder, and be more furious than everyone else. He must exemplify the extreme of all things, good and evil. That is exactly why his subjects envy and adore him. Why the flame of wanting to be like the king can burn in the hearts of every civilian.

Proud King of Knights, the righteousness and ideals you bore may have saved your country once. But I’m sure you know what happened to those who were constantly and only saved. You saved your subjects, but you never led them. You never showed them what a king should be. You abandoned your men when they lost their way. Alone and untroubled, you followed your own pretty little ideals.

Thus, you are no true king.

You are but a little girl, bound by the false idol of a king who serves others but not himself.”

“A comprehensive review of 31 years of data from 830 mid-size to large U.S. workplaces found that the kind of diversity training exercises offered at most firms were followed by a 7.5 percent drop in the number of women in management. The number of black, female managers fell by 10 percent, and the number of black men in top positions fell by 12 percent. Similar effects were seen for Latinos and Asians.”

“Things work thanks to a handful of people; the rest operates by situational imitation, narrow mimicry, and semi-conscious role-playing.”

*Right wingers get purged from social media*

Conservatives: “Well, they’re private companies they can do whatever they want.”

*Two black men kicked out of a Starbucks for trespassing and harassing employees*

Left: Gigantic nuclear explosion of journalists, social media, and professional protestors

This is why the Right always loses.”

“LGBT: “Can you believe they use to electroshock gay people to make them straight.”

*Injects 8 year old with hormones”

“The Left’s strategy of sweeping black conservatism under the rug, and of pretending that blacks unanimously converge on Left-wing opinions, can’t continue forever”

“Blacks are at least 90% on the left. I’m afraid yes, you can ignore 10% of people forever.”

“Smiling is a class indicator – that is, not doing a lot of it. On the street, you’ll notice that prole women smile more, and smile wider, than those of the middle and upper classes. They like showing off their pretty dentures, for one thing, and for another, they’re enmeshed in the “have a nice day” culture and are busy effusing a defensive optimism much of the time.”

“”War is politics by other means” gets it just about 100% backwards”

“this is like fucking n1gg3rs keeping hyenas and tigers as pets”

“It’s actually worse since pits aren’t feral wild animals they are a domestic breed literally bred to be as unpredictably violent as possible”

“daily reminder feeding pigeons and wild ducks when visiting the lake with your family is illegal in most Western countries but meanwhile these orcish hellspawn canine abominations are seen as acceptable to roam freely”

“What an insane clownish idea. Missiles are just smaller purpose-built aircraft. In order to enact such preposterous “preventions” Iran could literally not be allowed anything resembling modern manifacturing. Any engines, airfoil, etc? Potential missile program.”

>engines, airfoil
you’re thinking smalltime

we’re talking about things like access to steel and electricity…”

“The world has spent ~$900 billion (in today’s dollars) in aid to Africa since 1960, according to the OECD.

After World War II, the U.S. gave $110 billion (today’s dollars) which completely rebuilt Western Europe from the ruins.

We’ve given Africa 8 Marshall Plans. And for what?”

“The economic source of power and prestige is not income primarily, but the ownership of capital goods (including patents, good will, and professional reputation). Such ownership should be distinguished from the possession of consumers’ goods, which is an index rather than a cause of social standing.””

“Ever notice the US only invades nations that couldn’t possibly resist? You pay taxes to the global equivalent of Butch, the schoolyard bully.”

“white people think they invented everything besides germs and crime”
“Nah we invented aids to deal with crime”

“Remember that the “University” system for this “liberal education” (trivium/quadrivium) was historically closely associated with, and supervised by, the Church.

Technical education was left to free thinkers.

Business =>Technology => Science,
far far far far more frequent than the reverse.

Problem is that academic, not practitioners, write the books.”

“Working for a degree makes you fragile – if you can’t find work, that’s it. Working to understand business makes you antifragile – every failure teaches you to work harder, smarter, to educate yourself, become resourceful, etc.”

“Think about it. Have you ever heard of a civilization where the concept of ‘marriage’ didn’t exist. I didn’t think so. Because marriage is at the very root of civilization. Civilization, a word derived from the root ‘civitas’ meaning city, denotes a high stage of social development and organization. The relation between civitas and civilization is not accidental. Advanced organization was only possible and due to the construction of first cities. Before agricultural revelation circa 10k BC, humans were indinstinguishable from animals. They were living in herds, in a state of nature, guided solely by their animalistic reproductive discipline in the face of a harsh Malthusian reality: that the growth of a poulation confined to a restricted area should be kept in check. Before marriage, the cost of child rearing was effectively socialized: the fathers of the children were not determined, and the entire tribe was responsible of taking care of the women and the children. After building the first cities and the invention of marriage, the cost of child bearing was privatized. This meant that if the married couple did not have the means to take care of their offspring, they were not going to reproduce like rats. This also meant that if a man wanted to leave a genetic legacy after him, he had to channel his energy toward production, benefiting the entire society. Thus Patriarch was born. Patriarchy is therefore simply civilzation. Without patriarchy, there is no production, no security, no organization, no society as we know it. Without patriarchy, there is no civilization. Did you ever notice how every invention, every monumental structure, every grand idea, every artifact of culture, every social innovation is the product of men?

That’s because patriarchy is a way of channeling men’s lust into productive endeavor. It promises guaranteed pussy in exchange for his labor. It thus harnesses beta male’s production by integrating them into the sexual market. When you think about it, the fact that the majority of our men are able to mate is very unnatural. In sexually dimorphic species, usually only the alpha males get to fuck pussy. But not under patriarchy. Under patriarchy, even the beta as fuck, hell even omega men get to marry. And so instead of idling, jerking off, playing video games, they channel their energy towards production. This ensures accumulation of capital. This is simply what civilization is.

Now, not that chastity, sanctity of marital vows and so on are just natural implications of the marriage technology. They ensure that the male has guarantees over his genetic reproductive success in return for his labor. That is how you harness male’s labor. WIthout those guarantees, he won’t commit, he won’t give up his labor so easily. Thus when you introduce degeneracy into society, males simply start opting out. That’s what we see today as NEETs, MGTOW and herbivore men. We’re at an advanced stage of civilization decay. The collapse is very near.

Anyway the ‘degeneracy = societal collapse’ trope we often see in religious scripture is real. It’s there for a reason. So, yeah, sexual liberation is really that bad.”

“The thing about the girls and the Alphas is, they don’t care. A Man planting his seed in a new ripe field everyday doesn’t care about whether or not he’s comfortable. Women in love with Alphas don’t care about anything else at all in life and record their own satisfaction moment to moment by how their Alpha makes them feel in that moment.

Civilization is a gift, from Betas to Betas. It’s an agreement made between Betas. We won’t go bandit. We won’t go pirate. We won’t rape every woman not being guarded. We won’t kill every man that looks at us wrong. We will, instead, look out for each other, including leaving each other’s chosen woman alone.

Women hate that. They don’t want to be paired off with a Beta, even if he is the smartest or the richest or the handsomest. All they want is an ALpha that stirs them up inside.

Women hate Betas. Ninety percent of men could die, and if they were the Betas (and lower), women not only wouldn’t care, they wouldn’t notice.

If we want to maintain this beautiful gift to the world known as Civilization, we need to acknowledge who it’s for. It’s for us. If you treat women as your equal, you give the gift of equality to someone who literally and without exaggeration doesn’t care whether you live or die, so long as she can still get some Alpha up in there. You can either acknowledge that, or you can watch our beautiful creation whither and die.

Fight. They aren’t your equals. This is for us.”

“The ones who truly love their traditions don’t take them too seriously. They march to get their heads shot off with a joke on their lips. And the reason is that they know they’re going to die for something intangible, something sprung from their fancy, half humor, half humbug. Or perhaps it’s a little more subtle. Perhaps hidden away in their fancy is that pride of the blueblood, who refuses to look foolish by fighting for an idea, and so he cloaks it with bugle calls that tug at the heart, with empty mottoes and useless gold trim, and allows himself the supreme delight of giving his life for an utter masquerade…The true Right is never so grim. That’s why the Left hates its guts, the way a hangman must hate the victim who laughs and jokes on his way to the gallows. The Left is a conflagration. It devours and consumes in deadly dull earnest.”

“This is a reminder again that cops arent your friends insofar as they wear that uniform they are tools of the state who will train their guns and batons on you at the drop of a hat”

“Cochella girl:
*puts pesticide-free flowers in hair*
*eats vegan beet salad*
*drinks raw celery kale juice*
*consumes mountain of cocaine*”

“So I hear Starbucks is closing for one day so its employees can get some training on right and wrong

Chick-Fil-A does that 52 times a year”

“it’s funny how normie-safe things to hate are bankers, lawyers, and politicians, but if you go one step further and say you hate jews of all sudden they get sensitive”

“The creation of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ is more emblematic of the soul of America than, say, the moon landings or the allied victory in WW2.

If America could have obtained the technology to create ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ without having to first create the automobile, the nuclear reactor, the satellite, etc, it would have. Every innovation has just been a side effect of the psychic drive to create blockbuster movies.”

“When there’s no cops around, anything’s legal.”

“Anything is legal with cops around as long as you can outgun them.”

“All it took to bring the two Koreas together was a US president who didn’t know it was his job to keep them apart.”

“sexist article. you helpfully give symptoms of breast cancer, but not of prostate cancer.”

“greater chance of prostate than breast yet they only post
Signs and symptoms of breast.”

“The negotiations were a clash of cultures. The Israelis wanted to sign one contract that could be used for all future sales. They were hoping for a shopping bonanza. The problem was that the Chinese were not used to complicated contracts. At one point during the negotiations, for example, the Israelis insisted on including a force majeure clause in the contract. “What is that?” the Chinese asked. After the Israelis explained that it freed the sides of a breach of contract in the event of an unforeseen act of God, the Chinese answered plainly, “Well, there is no need for that since we don’t believe in God.””

“>in mexico to visit friends
>not my first rodeo, pickpockets beware
>cut hole in pocket, slip dick in hole
>take public transport, wait for my mark
>there he is, punk w/ sticky fingers
>make myself an easy mark, not too obvious
>few minutes later, kid tries to lift wallet, touches penis
>he knows it, i know it
>my face as he looks at me with disgust and he gets off the next stop
Mexico is a great place”

“If he comes to London, President Trump will experience an open and diverse city that has always chosen unity over division and hope over fear. He will also no doubt see that Londoners hold their liberal values of freedom of speech very dear.”

“You literally set up a multi-million pound “hate crime” unit that arrests people for mean tweets.”

“Reasons LGBT cafes should exist
– Non-sexualized spaces
– Inclusive so u don’t have to out urself
– No alcohol so younger ppl have full access
– I fukkin love chai lattes
– No pressure to find hook-ups, lookin at you my aro/ace pals
– No need to socialuze u can literally sit at a table and be gay all by ur self
Please make these a thing”

“>Space exclusive to a sexual orientation
>Non-sexualized space”

“>don’t have to out yourself
>accidentally do so by going there”

“So a normal cafe then?”

“I hate going to non lgbt cafes and constantly being sexually assaulted.”

“The study of history is the best medicine for a sick mind; for in history you have a record of the infinite variety of human experience plainly set out for all to see: and in that record you can find for yourself and your country both examples and warnings: fine things to take as models, base things, rotten through and through, to avoid.”

“He’s giving it light fucking smacks. Fucking idiot, kick it in the face hard.”

“he’s afraid how its gonna react because for all their pretensions about “MYYY PITBULL would never do such a thing” they know it’ll tear its owners hand off in a heartbeat”

“These people always secretly want their dog to kill something. That’s why they get these breeds. They always act like they want to stop it, but we know better.”

“you don’t think we should outlaw evil? what are you, someone who supports evil stuff or what?”

“the virgin ‘constructing a theory of human nature and then building a political platform which you intend to implement with the use of a complex interacting incentive structure’


the Chad ‘bad things should be illegal'”

“the fact of the matter is that despite comprising 1.4% of the population, 33% of the supreme court is jewish. eight, throughout history, have been jewish.
the fact of the matter is that despite comprising 5.6% of the population, not ONCE has there EVER been an Asian supreme court justice.
there have been more jewish supreme court justices than there have been female supreme court justices. four justices have been female throughout history.
despite comprising 1.4% of the population, 8.4% of congress is jewish.
despite comprising 1.4% of the US population, twenty three US state governors have been jewish.
despite comprising 50.5% of the US population (notably, MORE than half), only 42 US state governors have been women.
despite there being 36 times more women than jews in the US, women represent less than 2 times the US state governors.
despite being 1.4% of the US population, 33% of billionaires were jewish in the year 2012.
globally, jews represent only 0.2% of the population. however (again globally), jews represent nearly 12% of the billionaires in the world.
there’s no question that historically, jews WERE oppressed.

so… can we stop pretending jews ARE oppressed? because they fucking aren’t.”

“why is being anti-white several orders of magnitude more socially acceptable than being anti-jewish despite jews being far more economically and societally privileged when taking their relative population size into account?
just because some asshole nearly a goddamned century ago made some very poor leadership choices, an entire subset of people is now, in the present day, immune to criticism?

I call bullshit.”

“Universal literacy leads inevitably to newspaper sensationalism, scientisim, and Harry Potter. The human race was better adapted for life when 99% were illiterate.”

“Literacy increases neither knowledge or wisdom if what’s read are newspapers and Harry Potter. Literacy has had the opposite effect – instead of common sense, people are educated in propaganda & fantasy.”

“Oral tradition. Literacy provides information overload to the underclass, opening the possibility to be weaponized”

“for 90% of people, more than just basic literacy is not just unnecessary but harmful. The plebs should have a simplified written language with 200 or 300 words and its own script that they can use to read the side of cereal boxes and shit like that, but all literacy has wrought, thanks to mass communication technology and the propaganda technique it allows for, is that every single thought in almost every single persons mind was put there by Jews, to their detriment, with malice aforethought”

“Progress? — It is true that, to-day, at least in all highly organised (typically “modern”) countries, nearly everybody can read and write. But what of that? To be able to read and write is an advantage — and a considerable one. But it is not a virtue. It is a tool and a weapon; a means to an end; a very useful thing, no doubt; but not an end in itself. The ultimate value of literacy depends upon the end to which it is used. And to what end, is it generally used to-day? It is used for convenience or for entertainment, by those who read; for some advertisement, or some objectionable propaganda, — for money-making or power-grabbing — by those who write; sometimes, of course, by both, for acquiring or spreading disinterested knowledge of the few things worth knowing; for finding expression of or giving expression to the few deep feelings that can lift a man to the awareness of things eternal, but not more often so than in the days in which one man out of ten thousand could understand the symbolism of the written word. Generally, to-day, the man or woman whom compulsory education has made “literate” uses writing to communicate personal matters to absent friends and relatives, to fill forms — one of the international occupations of modern civilised humanity — or to commit to memory little useful, but otherwise trifling things such as someone’s address or telephone number, or the date of some appointment with the hair-dresser or the dentist, or the list of clean clothes due from the laundry. He or she reads “to pass time” because, outside the hours of dreary work, mere thinking is no longer intense and interesting enough to serve that purpose.

[…] The real advantage of general literacy, if any, is to be sought elsewhere. It lies not in the better quality either of the exceptional men and women or of the literate millions, but rather in the fact that the latter are rapidly becoming intellectually more lazy and therefore more credulous than ever — and not less so; — more easily deceived, more liable to be led like sheep without even the shadow of a protest, provided the nonsense one wishes them to swallow be presented to them, in printed form and made to appear “scientific.” The higher the general level of literacy, the easier it is, for a government in control of the daily press, of the wireless and of the publishing business, — these almost irresistible modern means of action upon the mind — to keep the masses and the “intelligenzia” under its thumb, without them even suspecting it.

[…] Sincere thought, real free thought, ready, in the name of superhuman authority or of humble common sense, to question the basis of what is officially taught and generally accepted, is less and less likely to thrive. It is, we repeat, by far easier to enslave a literate people than an illiterate one, strange as this may seem at first sight. And the enslavement is more likely to be lasting. The real advantage of universal literacy is to tighten the grip of the governing power upon the foolish and conceited millions. That is probably why it is dinned into our heads, from babyhood onwards, that “literacy” is such a boon. Capacity to think for one’s self is, however, the real boon. And that always was and always will be the privilege of a minority, once recognised as a natural élite and respected. To-day, compulsory mass-education and an increasingly standardised literature for the consumption of “conditioned” brains — outstanding signs of “progress” — tend to reduce that minority to the smallest possible proportions; ultimately, to suppress it altogether. Is that what mankind wants? If so, mankind is loosing its raison d’être, and the sooner the end of this so-called “civilisation” the better.””

“[T]here’s a very good argument for Greco-Roman style literacy. Simplistic script/pictogram language with up to 1000 words or so for 90% of the population and higher language taught in due course of pursuing the higher education which demands that linguistic precision. This not only prevents ornate language from swaying the masses by mass distribution it also serves to prevent drift in more precise language- a necessity when conveying ideas across vast generational gaps.”

“Locks are meant to keep honest people honest.”

“The man of inner wealth wants nothing from outside but the negative gift of undisturbed leisure, to develop and mature his intellectual faculties, that is, to enjoy his wealth; in short, he wants permission to be himself, his whole life long, every day and every hour. If he is destined to impress the character of his mind upon a whole race, he has only one measure of happiness or unhappiness — to succeed or fail in perfecting his powers and completing his work.”

“The West has finally achieved the rights of man, and even excess, but man’s sense of responsibility to God and society has grown dimmer and dimmer. In the past decades, the legalistic selfishness of the Western approach to the world has reached its peak and the world has found itself in a harsh spiritual crisis and a political impasse. All the celebrated technological achievements of progress, including the conquest of outer space, do not redeem the twentieth century’s moral poverty, which no one could have imagined even as late as the nineteenth century.”

“The ability to genuinely and unconflictedly desire something more complicated than potato chips or chocolate is a real superpower. In fact most of us manage to feel conflicted even about chips and chocolate.”

“[A]lmost no human is capable of real empathy, and none of those humans can keep power.”

“Most humans are capable of real empathy, and a good percentage of leaders. They’re just trapped in incentive structures. Hate to contradict you but you’re being pessimistic to an unrealistic (and unhealthy) degree”

“I mean, they have empathy if you consider “imagine the other person is an exact clone of yourself” to be empathy. I consider it to be narcissism.

Also I consider it empathy when it actually drives behaviour. I have literally never seen someone alter their behaviour simply because someone else would find it unpleasant. Literally never.”

“By the way, Hillary is famously above the law. She’s a low-level functionary in the actual class that wins disputes over resource allocation.”

“I read once that common sense used to be an insult, commoner’s sense. As in (non-democracy) if the commoners can handle something, it probably isn’t any good.

In democracy, something is good if and only if the commoners can handle it.”

“Some tasks are never done well, because the time of those competent enough to do them well is too valuable.”

“Knowledge of the principles on which the institutions were built will inevitably fade, because the employees don’t need to understand these principles in order to complete their tasks. Understanding beyond what is needed to play your role is not necessarily penalized, but it certainly isn’t rewarded.

Over time, this incentive structure will result in a bureaucracy with no remaining understanding of the principles which generated it. Absent these models, it will be difficult to change the system or adapt the proceduralizations to better fit new contexts.

To make matters worse, the institutional stasis established by bureaucratic incentive structures and lack of principled knowledge will decay slightly over time. Systems of incentives often do not incentivize their own preservation. This fact results in a kind of erosion, as resources are extracted and minor things changed here and there at the expense of the institution’s functionality.”

“How can you revive a dead player? It only takes one great person to revive a dead player. That said, reviving a dead player is challenging — more challenging than reviving a dead tradition of knowledge. In order to revive a dead player, you have to displace an existing power structure. It is frequently easier to do this by conquering the existing power structure with outside, owned power, than by trying to transform the player from dead to alive from the inside. This is because a dead player, if it is an organization, may contain mechanisms that preclude insiders from gaining enough power to restructure it into a live player.”

“It is possible for a notable effect to be produced without understanding, for example by following a set of instructions. In practice, though, the production of notable effects requires actual understanding because effective action is too complex to be captured in instructions.”

“Western models are discredited: The Chinese have developed a state system run by a technocratic elite of highly educated bureaucrats under party control. This is China’s age-old imperial system in modern form. The attraction that western-style democracy and free-market capitalism may have exercised on this elite has now withered. They stressed the failure of western states to invest in their physical or human assets, the poor quality of many of their elected leaders and the instability of their economies. One participant added that “90 per cent of democracies created after the fall of the Soviet Union have now failed”. This risk is not to be run.”

“Only the man who has had to face despair is really convinced that he needs mercy. Those who do not want mercy never seek it. It is better to find God on the threshold of despair than to risk our lives in a complacency that has never felt the need of forgiveness. A life that is without problems may literally be more hopeless than one that always verges on despair.”

“All of post-WW2 mainstream intellectual reasoning has been focused around devising pedantic and dishonest pseudo logical reasons for why pattern recognition and consistently occuring correlations are not valid ways of finding knowledge”

“there are no such thing as universals, therefore every instance you see of this behaviour has no relation to any other instance”

“Everything is just fucking correlations. Sure the mass of an object correlates with the degree to which other masses are attracted to it, but can you PROVE that its actually the mass CAUSING the gravitational pull?

Correlations are all nice and all sweety but until you can literally show me a message by God carved into the quantum foam confirming that the correlation is causal I think you still gotta do your homework on how *REAL* science works.

Also I found this one star 12 billion light years away that doesnt seem to behave totally quite as your theory of gravity predicts. but who cares about skepticism and evidence when you can have your conspiracy theories mhh?”

“So in the end, what began as a dusty desert race dominated by scrappy, tech-savvy innovators could very well be won by…well, those same scrappy, tech-savvy innovators.”


“American” is a religion and I am not in it.”

“Monarchy can easily be debunked, but watch the faces, mark well the debunkers. These are men whose taproot in Eden has been cut: whom no rumour of the polyphony, the dance, can reach – men to whom pebbles laid in a row are more beautiful than an arch. Yet even if they desire mere equality they cannot reach it. Where men are forbidden to honour a king they will honour millionaires, athletes or film stars instead: even famous prostitutes or gangsters. For spiritual nature, like bodily nature, will be served; deny it food and it will gobble poison.”

“In China, a teacher wasn’t judged by how good his Kung Fu was. He was judged by how good his students’ Kung Fu was.”

“It is told of Rothschild that, seeing his fortune threatened by the Revolution of 1848, he hit upon the following stratagem: ‘I am quite willing to admit,’ said he, ‘that my fortune has been accumulated at the expense of others, but if it were divided to-morrow among the millions of Europe, the share of each would only amount to five shillings. Very well, then, I undertake to render to each his five shillings if he asks me for it.’

Having given due publicity to his promise, our millionaire proceeded as usual to stroll quietly through the streets of Frankfort. Three or four passers-by asked for their five shillings, which he disbursed with a sardonic smile. His stratagem succeeded, and the family of the millionaire is still in possession of its wealth.”

“Every male you absorb spermatazoa from becomes a living part of you for life.”

You tend to find that women who’ve had a lot of sexual partners demand that their current partner be a composite of all the best parts of their previous partners. Enjoy working that.”

“Indeed you can tell nobody believes in race more than a proggie. They talk about it all the time. Imagine an atheist making multiple tweets a day railing about leprechauns. They’ll joke about snake-handlers now and then but that’s it.”

“As their economic primacy waned, the British put great faith in what they called their ‘prestige’ – what we today call soft power – to offset the loss of more tangible strategic assets. Alas, they found it was not much help once the substance of wealth and power was gone.”

Expect talk of ‘soft power’ to increase in proportion to American decline.”

2018 Apr 22

“The Fremont Assembly factory which NUMMI took over was built by General Motors and operated by them from 1962 to 1982, when the Fremont employees were “considered the worst workforce in the automobile industry in the United States”, according to the United Auto Workers. Employees drank alcohol on the job, were frequently absent (enough so that the production line couldn’t be started), and even committed petty acts of sabotage […]

[…] in 1984, 85% of the troublesome GM workforce was rehired, with some sent to Japan to learn the Toyota Production System. Workers who made the transition identified the emphasis on quality and teamwork by Toyota management as what motivated a change in work ethic. Among the cultural changes were the same uniform, parking and cafeterias for all levels of employment in order to promote the team concept, and a no-layoff policy. Built-in process quality and employee suggestion programs for continual improvement were other changes. Consensus decision-making reached management level, in contrast with the old departmentalization.

By December 1984, the first car, a yellow Chevrolet Nova rolled off the assembly line. And almost right away, the NUMMI factory was producing cars at the same speed and with as few defects per 100 vehicles as those produced in Japan, with higher worker satisfaction.”

“Famous”, in Chinese and Japanese is written with two characters. Though different in each, the characters are:

“With”/”Has” and “Name”.

Famous is not “big name”. It is “has a name”.

“The story of this factory is a famous one among car people– it’s taught at business schools.”

“And they spent about two weeks, and they worked in a Toyota plant.”

“Hooked up at the hip with a counterpart in the Corolla plant– someone who did the exact same job you would be doing back in Fremont.”

“And they start to do the job, and they were pretty proud because they were building cars back in the United States, and they wanted to show they could do it within the time allotted, and they would usually get behind. And they would struggle, and they would try to catch up, and at some point, somebody would come over and say, do you want me to help? And that was a revelation, because nobody in the GM plant would ever ask to help. They would come yell at you because you got behind.”

“Really, we wanted to give them a chance to see and experience a different way of doing things. We wanted them to see the culture there, the way people work together to solve problems.”

“Then the biggest surprise was, when they had those problems, afterwards, somebody would come up to them and say, what are your ideas for improvement so we don’t have that problem again? […] They couldn’t believe that responsiveness.”

“I can’t remember anytime in my working life where anybody asked for my ideas to solve the problem. And they literally want to know, and when I tell them, they listen, and then suddenly, they disappear and somebody comes back with the tool that I just described– it’s built– and they say, “Try this.””

“Now when was the first time you ever pulled an andon cord?”


“Where did you do it?”

“In Japan.”

“Were you at all nervous, because you’d been taught for so many years never to stop the line?”

“Yeah. And it was really exciting.

What got me was the fact that they had a cross bolt, and they stopped the line to repair it. Ream the hole, put the bolt back in, instead of sending it on and putting all the other junk on top of it, so you have to take it off and repair it. And whoever puts it back isn’t skilled in putting trim back, so they’re going to mess that up.

That impressed me. Said, gee, that makes sense, fix it now so you don’t have to go through all this stuff. That’s when it dawned on me that we can do it– one bolt.

One bolt changed my attitude.”

“Maryann Keller, a long time car analyst, devotes a chapter to NUMMI in her book about the rise and fall of GM, Rude Awakening. After just three months, she says, the cars coming off the line were getting near perfect quality ratings. And just as important for GM were the cost savings. One study suggested, remarkably, it would probably take 50% more workers under the old system to build the same car.

Grievances and absenteeism plummeted, and lots of workers preferred the NUMMI teamwork system to the old combative one at GM.

Several told us they enjoyed coming to work for the first time.”

“Workers could only build cars as good as the parts they were given. At NUMMI, many of the parts came from Japan, and were really good. At Van Nuys, it was totally different.

The team concept stressed continuous improvement. If the team got a shipment of parts that didn’t fit, they were supposed to alert their bosses, who would then go to suppliers and engineers to fix the problem. All the departments in the company worked together.

But Ernie’s suppliers had never operated in a system like that. If he asked for fixes, they blew him off. And if he called Detroit and asked them to redesign a part that wasn’t working, they’d ask him why he was so special–

they didn’t have to change it for any other plant, why should they change it for him?”

“You had asked the question earlier, what’s different when you walk into the NUMMI plant? Well, you can see a lot of things different. But the one thing you don’t see is the system that supports the NUMMI plant. I don’t think, at that time, anybody understood the large nature of this system.

[…] You know, they never prohibited us from walking through the plant, understanding, even asking questions of some of their key people. I’ve often puzzled over that– why they did that. And I think they recognized, we were asking all the wrong questions. We didn’t understand this bigger picture thing.

All of our questions were focused on the floor, the assembly plant, what’s happening on the line. That’s not the real issue.

The issue is, how do you support that system with all the other functions that have to take place in the organization?”

“There was no vocabulary, even, to explain it. So I remember, one of the GM managers was ordered, from a very senior level– came from vice president– to make a GM plant look like NUMMI. And he said, “I want you to go there with cameras and take a picture of every square inch. And whatever you take a picture of, I want it to look like that in our plant. There should be no excuse for why we’re different than NUMMI, why our quality is lower, why our productivity isn’t as high, because you’re going to copy everything you see.”

Immediately, this guy knew that was crazy. We can’t copy employee motivation, we can’t copy good relationships between the union and management. That’s not something you can copy, and you can’t even take a photograph of it.”

“Well, one of the ironies of GM was that at the moment it went bankrupt, it was probably a better company than it had ever been. In the factories, they had really dramatically closed the productivity gap that they had had for many, many years. And on the new products, they have much better quality. So that the company that failed was actually doing better than it had ever done. But it was too late, and that’s really sort of hard to forgive– that if you take 30 years to figure it out, chances are you’re going to get run over.

And they got run over.”

“You were governed by a European country for so long. You should’ve learned how things work.”

“It wasn’t that long ago. Only 50 years. We celebrated independence just a few weeks ago.”

“Up til then you were under colonial rule. Experience should be passed on. Only that way can you develop. You went backwards instead of forwards. Look at your railways. High technology from the 1930s. We didn’t even have it in China back then. Look at the railroads in the mines. The cable lines are fucked up. I can’t bear to see that.

You neglected the things others had left you. What’s more, you completely destroyed them. It will take generations to put things right.

“If I have money I drink all night, no matter if I’m broke in the morning, I’ll drink water.”

It’s like that here.”

“While [The Machine That Changed The World] is THE classic book on lean production […] They give short-shrift to the real key.

The original researcher for this study was John Krafcik (he later became the President and CEO of Hyundai Motor America). In his own report of the data he pointed out that the skills and motivation of the work force has the greatest explanatory power of assembly plant performance.

Yet this is given remarkably little attention in this book. Had the authors look beyond the automobile assembly even as nearby as the turnaround at Harley Davidson this focus on people might have gotten much more attention. In the case of Harley, there was no way to miss that the key was the people in every factory floor function.

Get the people environment right, and everything else will sort itself out.”

“Sometimes reviews are made to help people find something that suits them better than the book in question.”

“This system was not without its critics both within and outside the plant. But no one disputed that workers preferred working at NUMMI to GM-Frmont. Moreover, my interviews at NUMMI with enthusiasts as well as critics associated with the People’s Caucus lead me to conclude that even the critics were generally in favor of the system. The criticisms were, with very few exceptions, directed at what workers saw as avoidable flaws of the system, not at the system itself.”

“Without denying the importance of several other factors that could help explain this apparent paradox of intense regimentation and high morale, my analysis will focus on three interrelated elements of an explanation.

First, I will suggest that Taylorist principles of “scientific job design” can be implemented either in despotic or in democratic ways, depending on whether the work standards are imposed or codeveloped by workers, with very different effects on performance and Morale. NUMMI’s approach to job design, I will argue, reflected a more democractic version of Talyorism, a version that sustained both performance improvement and worker morale.

Second, shifting the level of abstraction up a notch, I will extend this proposition to suggest that highly bureaucratic organizations characterized by high levels of standardization and formalization can design their procedures either to enforce the compliance of a work force assumed to be irresponsible and recalcitrant or, alternatively, to encourage learning on the part of a work force assumed to share a common goal of production efficency and quality. I argue that NUMMI had a learning orientation to the design of its bureaurcracy, and that this approach, too, contributed to performance and morale.

Third, I suggest that NUMMI’s perfrormance and mroale were sustained by the combination of these learning-oriented characteristics of the organization’s “formal” systems with the distinctive characteristics of its “informal” organization – its culture, the fabric of trust between workers and mangers, and the balance of power between labor and management.

While a single case can neither prove nor disprove a theory, my analysis of NUMMI suggests that this combination of democratic Taylorism, learning bureaucracy, and cooperative culture contributed to NUMMI’s exceptional performance and morale.”

“”Words mean whatever people use them to mean”:

This means that the least important thing is the word,
the more important thing is the usage,
and the most important thing is the people.”

“There’s no question in my mind but that the commitment to no layoffs and the ability of managers to operate on a day-to-day basis in a way that supports this underlying philosophy are absolutely crucial to our success. Team members know that when they contribute ideas for more effective operations they are not jeopardizing anyone’s job. And that’s fundamental, since they know more than any manager or industrial engineer about how to improve our efficiency and competitiveness.”

“We plan to move heaven and earth to adhere to NUMMI’s no-layoff policy. Before anyone got laid off, everyone from top to bottom would take pay cuts, we would take on work like security and janitorial tasks that are currently done by outside contractors – and there’s about 200 relatively unskilled outside contractors – and we would probably try to put workers into sales. The idea is the workers and managers take an equal dose of hardships. If drastic measures like those aren’t enough, then at least the workers would see that NUMMI has done all it could to preserve their jobs.”

“Nova sales were sluggish. NUMMI had still not reached its breakeven point even in 1991. Industry observers were critical of GM’s marketing effort. Amongst other problems, “no va” means “it doesn’t go” in Spanish. As a result, the assembly line was slowed down in June 1986 and several times in 1987. Even though NUMMI was operating at only 58.6% of its production capacity in 1988, management fulfilled its pledge and did not lay anyone off. Team members displaced from direct production jobs were given training or put on other assignments around the plant, most frequently in “kaizen” (continuous improvement) teams.”

“NUMMI’s strategy was also reflected in its organizational structure. There was only one classification for Division 1 personnel, as opposed to over 80 in the GM-Fremont contract. The number of skilled trades classifications had also been reduced from 18 to 2 – general maintenance and tool-and-die.”

“NUMMI’s stamping operation scrap rate is 0.2 percent versus a typical 3 or 4 percent in a GM plant.

Part of the reason is that NUMMI is the only stamping plant in the world in which everybody is allowed to do repairs. And you’ll notice that there are no repair areas in the stamping department. That’s totally different from what you’d see in an American plant where faulty parts are reparied by a special group. At NUMMI, we repair all the parts as they come off the line. We don’t have inspectors on the production line. Although we have nine people who perform periodic inspections, we want to build a culture where inspection is everybody’s job.”

“Japanese managers are really smart and cool under fire – I’ve never seen a Japanese manager get excited. On the other hand, an American manager will cuss you out at the drop of a hat!

The Japanese managers also take their jobs a lot more seriously.

For example: I had oil dripping from above my station and onto my head for over a year and our American management did nothing about it even though I complained regularly.

One day a Japanese visitor walked by and I pointed out the leak to him. About 1/2 hour later he came back with a few workers to lay down some canvas to catch the dripping. The next day, more people came by and blocked the leak with a metal plate, sealing the leak for good. That’s what I call results!”

“The change from the Fremont plant conditions has been enormous. Absenteeism is down from 20-25% to 3-4%. When Fremont closed, they had over 700 grievances outstanding. NUMMI has had a total of 30 grievances with only one still pending. […]

One measure of how well NUMMI is doing is participation in the suggestion program. We’ve got about 50% participation rate – which is just phenomenal.

But then again, Toyota’s rate is about 100%.”

“We have monthly department meetings of all team members. Typically, I give the teams the same report I give our managers.

We first discuss the previous month’s sales of the Nova and FX; next we discuss plant safety and encourage people to remain vigilant. Then we talk about quality as reported to us by GM’s quarterly quality control audit. Next we go into job attendance – right now, we’re on target for our 95% objective (and that 5% includes vacations).

Then we’ll discuss the suggestion rate and report back on the status of employee suggestions. We then give some data on line performance that month, die change times per shift, scrap, and energy costs.

The remainder of the meeting is opened for general questions – and the questions often put me on the hot seat.

At the end we often spend some time discussing the status of the various kaizen teams.”

“In most other plants I’ve worked in, the issue is not coming up with employee suggestions – workers always have lots of interesting ideas on how things can be done better. The real problem is that the maintenance and engineering people never give workers’ suggestions a high enough priority, which means that worker suggestions don’t get implemented.

In stamping, we’ve had some fantastic kaizen efforst. We’ve got a team working right now on reducing our downtime ratio on the presses. It’s amazing to see these workers doing statistical analysis of two hundred or three hundred downtime incidents. Some of these guys didn’t finish high school. They’ve been auto workers for thirty years and no one ever gave them any training before. Now they’re putting together Pareto charts. One team member told me recently that he had to do literally a hundred graphs before he managed to get one right – no one had ever taught him to do a graph. He was so proud of what he’d done. So was I – his group has done a damn good analysis and they’re coming up with some great improvement ideas.”

“Holman highlighted the reliance of the standardized work methodology on cooperative interdepartmental relations:

“With standardized work, the team tries to solve its own problems, and if we can’t work it out, then we have engineers and managers we can turn to. In the old system, if you tried to make a suggestion, it was just a brick wall. Now the system is really a support system, instead of an authority system. You make a suggestion and the next day the engineer is down there working with you on how to implement it. So people actually feel good about working here.”

The contrast with traditional job design practice, the province [of] the Industrial Engineer at GM, was dramatic. Borton characterized the difference in tehse terms:

“Let’s face it – traditional Industrial Engineering methods never had really good results. Industrial Engineers aren’t close enough to the work to know what is going on right there on the line. From the worker’s point of view, the IE will dump more work unless you beat him at his game. “Winning” means slowing down to make the job look harder than it is, especially if an IE is watching.”

The workers’ view of this contrast was instructive. Ted Holman, a Team Leader in the body shop, argued this way:

“I don’t think IEs are dumb. They’re just ignorant. Anyone can watch someone else doing a job and come up with improvement suggestions that sound good. But they don’t usually take into acocunt all the little things that explain why, from the worker’s point of view, they couldn’t work. And it’s even easier to come up with the ideal procedure if you don’t even bother to watch the worker at work, but just do it from your office, on paper. Almost anything can look good that way. Even when we do our own analysis in our teams, some of the silliest ideas can slip through before we try it out.

There’s a lot of things that entire into a good job design. Little things can make a big difference, like how high or low the stock is placed or how the tools are organized or where the hoses are. The person actually doing the job is the only one who can see all those factors. And in the U.S., engineers have never had to work on the floor – not like in Japan. So they don’t know what they don’t know.

In the typical U.S. plant, you never even saw the IE – they stayed in their cozy offices upstairs. They never talked to workers about how to improve their jobs.

Today, we drive the process, and if we need their help, the engineer is there the next day to work on it with us.”

Smith put this contrast in a broader perspective:

“In most plants, management assumes the “divine right” to design jobs as they see fit. And in the U.S. auto industry, workers have historically agreed to that in exchange for higher wages. Maangement was willing to pay a ton of money to the workers to preserve its prerogative.

But in practice, the old way of setting standards was just ridiculous. An Industrial Engineer would shut himself away in an isolated office and consider how long it took for somebody to twist their wrist and move their arm in such and such a way, and calculate from some manual and try that way to come up with a task dwesign. The IE would take this “properly” designed job to the foreman. The foreman would not his head, but then said “screw you” to the IE’s back and redesigned the task to his own liking. Then he’d take his task design to the worker and said “Do it this way or you’re out.” The worker would not but would pull the same trick on the foreman. In the end, the job got done however the worker could. When the boss walked by, the worker might pretend to do the job the way the foreman had told him. Everbody involved knew this was oging on but no one cared to do anything about it.

Multiply that game by the number of shifts and the number of different people involved and you’ve got a process you can’t control. You can’t build a quality car like that. You can’t even go back and improve the process, because the IE lives in dream world, doesn’t have a clue how the job is actually done, and doesn’t have any impact. The foreman’s impact is also zip. Nobody talks to the worker even though he’s the one guy who can do something about the problem. Nobody wants to listen to him. That’s basically how most of the auto industry operates even today.

So you can see why standardized work is so revolutionary.

And why most IEs are pretty uncomfortable with it!”

“There is little doubt that workers at NUMMI worked harder than they did at GM-Fremont. Standard IE times at GM-Fremont were set so as to occupy the experienced worker approximately 45 seconds out of a hypothetical cycle time of 60 seconds. NUMMI’s norm is closer to 57 seconds out of 60. Management’s point of view was expressed by Convis in these terms:

It is tough to sell working harder to the work force. As a manager, the first thing to understand is that you can’t fool the workers. You’ve got to respect their intelligence by being straight with them. You just have to be very straightforward about the fact that everyone’s job security depends on working both smarter and harder. But you’ve also got to change a lot of environmental factors before workers will buy that argument.

For example, here at NUMMI, you almost never see staff people standing in the aisles. The onoly people you see in the aisles at NUMMI are materials delivering people. And even then, they’re moving pretty fast – materials isn’t the easy job it usually is in other plants. That sends a subtle but powerful message – that we’re all in this together, managers and wokers alike. Things like a single parking lot for everyone including executives and a single lunch rom reinforce this “togetherness” idea.”

“The great thing about standardized work is that if everyone is doing the job the same way, and we run into a problem, say a quality problem, we can easily identify where it’s coming from and fix it. If everyone is doing the job however they feel like, you can’t even begin any serious problem solving.”

“The average worker is definitely busier at NUMMI than he was at Fremont. That’s the point of the NUMMI production system and the way it ties together standardized work, no inventories, and no quality defects. The work teams at NUMMI aren’t like the autonomous teams you read about in other plants. Here, we’re not autonomous because we’re all tied together really tightly. But it’s not like we’re just getting squeezed to work harder, because it’s us, the workers, that are making the whole thing work – we’re the ones that make the standardized work and the kaizen suggestions. We run the plant – and if it’s not running right, we stop it.

At GM-Fremont, we only ran our own little jobs. We’d work really fast to build up a stock cushion so we could take a break for a few minutes to smoke a cigarette or chat with a buddy. That kind of “hurry up and wait” game made work really tiring. There was material and finished parts all over the damn place and half of it was defective anyways.

Being consistently busy without being hassled like that and without being overworked takes a lot of the pain out of the job. You work harder at NUMMI, but I swear it, you go home at the end of the day feeling less tired – and feeling a hell of a lot better about yourself!”

“There are people here that will tell you they hate this place.

All I say is: actions speak louder than words.

If people were disgruntled, there’s no way that we’d be building the highest quality vehicle. You wouldn’t have a plant that’s this clean. You would still have the drug problems we had before. You would still have all the yelling and screaming. You can’t force all that. And try this: go into any of the bathrooms, and you’ll see there’s no graffiti. If people have a problem with their manager, they don’t have to tell him on the bathroom wall. They can tell him to his face. And the boss’s first words will be: “Why?”

Something’s happened here at NUMMI. When I was a GM, I remember a few years ago I got an award from my foreman for coming to work a full 40 hours a week. A certificate! At NUMMI, I’ve had perfect attendance for two years.”

“One thing I really like about the Toyota style is that they’ll put in a machine to save you from bending down. The Toyota philosophy is that the worker should use the machine and not vice versa. Not like some of these plants your ead about where it’s automation for automation’s sake.

I visited a plant a while back – they had robot sealer guns but they also had workers who had to check that the robots had done it right and to redo it manually when the robots screwed up. It would be fine if the robots worked perfectly – and the engineers always seem to imagine they will. But they don’t and so the worker ends up being used by the machine.

At NUMMI, we just put in a robot for installing the spare tire – that really helps the worker, ebcause it was always a hell of a tiring job. It took a while, and we had to raise it in the safety meetings and argue about it and then do some kaizen. But they knew. They understood. And they came through. Same thing with installing batteries – they put in a machine to help the worker do a better job. That would never happen at GM-Fremont – you never saw automation simply to help the worker.”

“The Union is essential because power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The idea that in a plant everything can always be peaches and cream is unrealistic, and so you need checks and balances. No matter how good things get at NUMMI, managers are human, and workers need a union to act as a check against management’s power. So we still have to police things like fairness, discipline, promotions, and transfers. Even with things like safety, where everyone knows how important it is, there are still some managers who put production before safety […]

We’ve learned that you don’t have to have a thousand contract clauses if management makes a real commitment. Just look at the pages and pages in the old Fremont contract on safety and working conditions – things like when the toilets get cleaned and when the floor gets swept. And the plant was still filthy. Cooperation doesn’t come from the contract – it has to come from the heart.

Now when I try to explain that concept to old UAW buddies from other plants – especially guys that I fought with against the International’s 1982 concessionary contract – they figure that I’m forced to say all this stuff because they shut our plant down and I had no choice. They figure that going along with the team concept and all the rest was just the price we had to pay to get our jobs back. I explain to them that the plant is cleaner, it’s safer, we’ve got more say on important issues, and we have a real opportunity to build our strength as a union. I explain to them that our members can broaden their understanding of the manufacturing system and build their self-esteem, and that the training we’ve gotten in manufacturing, problem solving, quality, and so on can help them reach their full potential and get more out of their lives. I explain to them that in a system like this workers have got a chance to make a real contribution to society – we don’t have to let managers do all the thinking. But these guys just don’t see it. Maybe it’s because they haven’t personally experienced the way NUMMI works. Whatever the reason, they just see it all as weakening the union.

Someone like Irving Bluestone probably understands what we’re doing. He had the idea a long time ago: if the worker has the right to vote for the President of the United States, he ought to have the right to participate in decisions on the shop floor. Maybe he was just too early.”

“I tell this to the lefties at the brotherhood association too, look, I’m not talking politics here, I’m talking what actually happened.

GM was lousy. Drinking on the job, sex with hookers in the parking lot, cars were shit. NUMMI comes in, hires the same people, but suddenly they’re making the best cars anyone can find. If they went out and hired completely different people then maybe there’s an argument there. But it was basically all the same people. Something like 90% of them were rehired.

Red China was garbage. Mao dies, Deng Xiaoping gets in charge, suddenly things start turning around. It’s the same Chinese people. They didn’t go anywhere. They didn’t get replaced by foreigners. Why did they start doing better than before?

It’s a matter of having the right concept.”

It occurs to me now that I probably had a very different expectation from the average of what work conditions – and thus life philosophy – are acceptable to begin with because I’ve heard the song of NUMMI since before I could speak.

For my dad, it was probably “a great place to work”.

For me, it was “this is what the baseline should look like.”

2018 Apr 09 ~ 22

“I want to address something that I’ve kept in the dark for too long. I am Lily, I am 14 years old and in 9th grade. I was taken advantage of by a 21-year-old player for the Overwatch League. He abused his power as a player to coerce me into sending him nude pictures and engaging in explicit facetime activities.

I have an account on Twitter with the purpose of posting Overwatch League content to support my favorite teams. One day out of the blue, I was followed by one of the players for Boston Uprising, DreamKazper. It caught me off guard but I was flattered, so I dmed him thanking him for the follow. He continued to strike up conversations, which made me feel special that an Overwatch League player actually wanted to talk to me.

During one of the first conversations, he offered to buy me a PC copy of Overwatch. I thought it was strange he was offering to spend money on me, but I was still in shock it was all happening. I accepted and we played together, sometimes with some teammates of his.

Early into the friendship, I had told Kaz I was only 14. I had figured it would have drove him away, but he continued to have interest in talking to me which I didn’t mind. Over the first few days we talked, he progressively got more and more flirty. Complimenting my appearance, and making sexual innuendos that I shrugged off at the time.

As time progressed, it became apparent that we were more than friends. Things started getting sexual very quickly. I had recently gotten out of a relationship and was incredibly vulnerable. The attention he was giving me had blinded me from seeing that what was happening was wrong.

He followed a few of my mutuals at the time and we have a group chat that we added him to. He brought the same sexual comments over into the group chat, knowing most of us were underage. He would continually joke about having my friends nudes, watching porn, and even told the story of him losing his virginity. The group chat has thousands of messages so I could not scroll back up enough to find his texts on it.

Very quickly things escalated between us and I was given his phone number and Snapchat. On Snapchat things disappear quickly, so we would engage in sexual conversations that lead to me sending him a total of two explicit images. He would send me shirtless pictures of him in his boxers on Snapchat, but on Facetime everything was exposed. I obviously cannot show that proof, but the things he has said in screenshots seems to backup my claim. I have proof that we facetimed, the screenshot has a few numbers ”

“When I was 14 I was smart enough not to click on the “Fuck local MILFs in your area!” Ads and I was smart enough not to send dick pics to 30 year old predators. Are you telling me she wasn’t smart enough to not send nudes? I fucking doubt that”

“Na nigga, she smart enough TO do that, now she’s e-famous and will spin this into making money so she never has to work.”

>it’s a white guy
not surprised”

“white (hispanic)”

“Maybe in America it is”

“Not even in Mexican standards he is white, he is what we call Prieto.”

>spic has a gf
>spic finds an underage roastie
>spic falls for the jailbait
>they webcammed (she wore thigh highs, knee socks, lingerie)
>spic finds another underage roastie
>first underage roastie gets mad she’s being cheated on, EVEN THOUGH SHE HAD A BF THIS ENTIRE TIME
>first underage roastie incites twitter drama and takes “muh victim” lessons
>spics gf notices he started complimenting her again after roasties left him
>now ex-gf has a panic attack and blames herself for the pedo

TL:DR woman are succubi that will cheat on you, but feast on your soul should you dare cheat on them”

>4 weeks ago Fortnite was just another game ripping off the success of PUBG
>2 weeks ago is the first time I’ve ever heard his dude’s name
>everyone in the world watches him play some shitty game and gives him money

I swear once you get chosen, you just become one of those twitch streamers who just thank people for money for a living. I’m willing to bet this dude ain’t charismatic or funny or even good at the game. But he deserves billions of dollars. Wtf”

“[…] 99% of e-celebs are interchangeable bland faggots, which is why they get replaced constantly by the next big thing. I will never understand why or how they get big in the first place.”

>I will never understand why or how they get big in the first place.
It’s probably some jewish guy at the top pressing a button”

“He’s not playing vidya he’s putting on a performance.


Nah. He’s a clown. A dancing monkey. He laughs and claps his hands because that’s what the audience wants, not because he’s actually having a good time.

Matter of fact I’d bet my bottom dollar this dude probably scarfs down Xanax like tic-tacs.”

>YouTube and Twitch’s systems reward low quality content at a constant stream
>People cater to the system to get more money than they’ll ever need to retire for life

I can’t blame them for doing what they do, I’d do it too if I could, imagine making literally hundreds of times more than a working class person by playing games for a few hours a day”

>its 18 for a fucking reason.

Actually, the average age of consent in the world is 14, my brainwashed friend.

Did you know the age of consent was raised to 18 in America by feminist groups? That’s not a conspiracy theory, you can freely look it up, they take credit for it. The only thing they won’t honestly tell you is the reason. It’s because old women (the majority of women) don’t want to compete with young, sexually attractive women”

“dont forget she facetimed and snapped him while nude and all that shit too. also in one of her messages she flat out says she would love to date an owl player, etc, etc. this was all planned from her. the fact that people dont think a 14 year old is capable of being a sociopath blows my mind. what age do they think serial killers turned into psycho and sociopaths? 22? no it starts young.”

“i live in russia, 28 years old
i can go to a cosplay con every day (yes there is that many) and pick up a 16 y/o weeb girl if i wish
i have done this several times and no one got traumatized
many girls come for this reason, to look for older men. because daddy issues are common as most men die young (40-60) for vodka

anyway, not sure what’s happening in america because it seems like sex is gonna get banned there
then you can only fuck yourself”

>be whore
>only 14 but learning whore ways
>try to lure mildly “famous” incel social incompetents to try your jailbait vag
>get annoyed when a popular one doesn’t want to chase your tail anymore
>out him and blame him for everything
They’re both to blame but she’s not a hero. It’s fucking hilarious how she’s going to be unscathed after all this and he could go to prison.”

“This is yet another example of why Adachi was right /v/.
If you don’t want your life ruined, don’t interact with women unless you have some means to destroy their life as well in retaliation.”

>14 year old had a boyfriend
>14 year old girl posted naked photos of herself “out of the shower” on twitter
>girl tells guy that she’s buying panties, lingerie, etc. etc. without him asking
>girl tells guy that she loves him and knows its wrong
>guy agrees
>”so were not gonna snapchat anymore?”

The girl is a fucking evil thot. The guys a pedo, but the girl is just as bad. She sent nudes herself. She could have said no. She already was posting half naked photos of herself on twitter.”

>14 year old girl posted naked photos of herself “out of the shower” on twitter
huh? really? why hasnt anyone reported that”

>sperg has no friends and ends up girlfriending an underage chick
>sperg gets popular with the e-sports meme
>underage chick acts like she was manipulated to ruin his life
Gee, you just have to wonder what causes spergs to hate women”

“I don’t know why /v/ autists are so triggered by this, big name athletes who play any regular sport wouldn’t get away with sleeping with underage girls or doing racist shit. It’s no different with e-sports.”

>big name athletes who play any regular sport wouldn’t get away with sleeping with underage girls or doing racist shit
you’re kidding right”

“Why does the [Fighting Game Community] have a disproportionate amount of MtF transwomen?”

“videogames turn men into women”

“Israel needs to explain why it does not attack ISIS and Al-Qaeda-affiliate groups in Syria, and why both of these Islamist/Wahhabist terrorist groups do not attack the Israeli state. Furthermore, the Israelis need to explain why they great wounded ISIS and Al-Qaeda fighters.”

“Karen Pierce, Britain’s ambassador to the UN, tells Russia that “Karl Marx would be turning in his grave” to see their support for Syria and blocking of CW investigation.”

“Anerican culture when you take away the history and experience of the white settler stock and the black slaves is essentially today just soulless, empty, anti national consumerism based on denial of any higher principles. So entering into america now without the historical experience or old culture..youve got the makings of a perfect jewish supersoldier of sjw-ism”

“When I found out that the majority of blacks would voluntarily give up their citizenship in new world countries in exchange for slavery reparations, I was convinced that HBD and the 80IQ was real”

“U.S. ambassador to NATO Kay Hutchinson has told Sky News Syrian president Bashar al-Assad is guilty of genocide following alleged chemical attack in Douma”

“More people were burnt alive in Waco by the US government than were killed in this attack where there is no proof Assad committed it”

“Assume Assad used chlorine gas. Is it worth starting a war? Overthrowing Assad results in chaos. Thousands die. We might see genocide of one of the last Christian communities in the Mideast. Does it make us safer? Region more stable? How’d regime change in Iraq & Libya end up?”

>Israel strikes T4 SAA base
>Russian planes target US warships
>Russia assumes the US did it
10 minutes later
>Pentagon confirms US didn’t do it
>Russian planes switch direction
>WW3 narrowly avoided
>Israel just almost killed 90% of the human race

“Wonder how they retaliate on Israel now.”

“Silly Goy, you can’t retaliate against jews. What are you an Anti-Semite?”

“Cambridge Analytica is a fake contrived “scandal”. How did you idiots think Facebook was turning multi-billion dollar profits all those years? By selling post reach boosts?”

“I believe the technical term is “oops””

“In the world there are 5,586 companies older than 200 years. Of these, 3,146 are in Japan.”

“Imagine a few million white people going to Japan, claiming that Japanese people have ‘Asian privilege’, demanding special positions in media and government, denying that Japanese culture even exists and telling the Japanese they’re racist if they don’t interbreed with them.”

“Did these games journos get caught in a lie?”

“Journalists can’t get caught in lies.”

“On April 8th Israel launched missiles at a Syrian military base with Russian military personnel, killing eight Russians

They did so by pulling up their missile carrier right next to an American missile carrier and launching from there making it look like the Americans fire the missiles that killed their soldiers

A Russian Strike Force of anti-ship fighter jets was dispatched to Target and Destroy American Naval Assets in the Mediterranean

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense they were about 10 minutes from reaching firing range where they would have unloaded their payload of anti-ship missiles which would have killed hundreds of American sailors

If the US defense department had not immediately contacted the Russians when the missiles were fired the message might not have made it to Moscow in time

If those planes had released their payload as they were ordered Within 40 minutes of those anti-ship missiles being fired the first volley of icbm’s would have dropped somewhere on the order of 100 megatons up and down the US East Coast

The resulting nuclear biological and chemical Exchange would have killed 98% of the human species in about 7 weeks”

“People the US government can trust with firearms:
* Islamic terrorists
* Drug cartels
* foreign governments with long records of Human Rights abuses
* Assassins
* murder-for-hire private military contractors
People the US government CANNOT trust with firearms:
* civilians with a god-given and constitutionally-protected right to own firearms that have never broken any law

“imagine if Russia cruise missile’d America after Waco to punish our gov’t for attacking civilians”

“If we don’t stand by Israel, we might as well no longer be a country. That’s the ultimate low.”

“wow I had no idea our welfare depended on us supporting a country that we have to give billions of dollars to in order for IT to stay alive”

“why not have it both ways? You can both not have a country AND stand by Israel!”

“if money is made by taking comissions wholesale from a stacked noble in order to produce some great work to display his status, culture, or erudition, then money and quality are closely correlated

if however you make money through massed bit payments from a sea of lowest common denominator peasantry, then making more money is not necessarily a good indicator, and may even be a counter-indicator, of quality.

In the contemporary era, there isn’t really an explicit class of high powered aristocrats who are willing to throw around big bucks to personally commission artists or architects or other geniuses to produce great works for the status it brings.

Someone who thinks they have genius to provide in some area like art, or design, or engineering, or so on, is more or less on their own now, to try too attach themselves to a conglomeration, and to try to move themselves up in it (in order to get support and an outlet to demonstrate that ability).

And it’s not really the taste a patron of nobility that you are trying to cater to anymore, but the averaged out LCD taste of ‘the masses’ of bit payers, that are how you expect to be supported.

And of course the model of income though massed bit payments concordantly requires massed ‘bureaucratized’ entities to adapt too it.

Thus the modern corporation.”

>Nothing wrong with Japan opening their doors to qualified and already trained people

Whats wrong with it is that you’re cucking out your own pipelines for growing your own talent. It’s not just low wage jobs that get cucked out by hiring foreign ringers at pennies on the dollar rather than having to raise wages to get a native worker; it’s an ever bigger issue in high skill fields. This problem is endemic in the tech sector for instance. Why bother spending any money on training or education when they are just gona hire a pajeet for half your salary anyways?”

“The US alongside its allies conducted a missile strike by its air and naval carriers targeting military and civil facilities of the Syrian Arab Republic on April 14 in the period from 3.42 am till 5.10 am (MSK).

The Russian air defence systems at the Khmeimim and Tartus air base timely located and controlled all naval and air launches made by the USA and the UK.

Announced French aircraft have not been registered by the Russian air defence systems.

It is reported that the B-1B, F-15 and F-16 aircraft of the USAF as well as the Tornado airplanes of the UK RAF over the Mediterranean Sea, and the USS Laboon and USS Monterey located in the Red Sea were used during the operation.

The B-1B strategic bombers approached the facilities over the Syrian territory near al-Tanf illegally seized by the USA.

A number Syrian military airfields, industrial and research facilities suffered the missile-bomb strike.

As preliminary reported, there are no civilian casualties and losses among the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). Information will be further specified and made public.

As evident by the available data, 103 cruise missiles have been launched, including Tomahawk naval-based missiles as well as GBU-38 guided air bombs fired from the B-1B; the F-15 and F-16 aircraft launched air-to-surface missiles.

The Tornado airplanes of the UK RAF launched eight Scalp EG missiles.

The Syrian air defence systems, which are primarily the USSR-made AD systems, have successfully countered the air and naval strikes.

n total, 71 cruise missiles have been intercepted. The S-125, S-200, Buk, Kvadrat, and Osa Syrian AD systems were involved in repelling the attack.
It proves high efficiency of the Syrian armament and professional skills of the Syrian servicemen trained by the Russian specialists.

Over the last eighteen months, Russia has completely recovered the Syrian air defence systems, and continues its development.

It is to be stressed that several years ago given the strong request by our western partners, Russia opted out of supplying the S-300 AD systems to Syria. Taking into account the recent incident, Russia believes it possible to reconsider this issue not only regarding Syria but other countries as well.

The strike targeted Syrian air bases as well. Russia has registered the following data.

Four missiles targeted the Damascus International Airport; 12 missiles – the Al-Dumayr airdrome, all the missiles have been shot down.

18 missiles targeted the Blai airdrome, all th
8 missiles targeted the Blai airdrome, all the missiles shot down.
12 missiles targeted the Shayrat air base, all the missiles shot down. Air bases were not affected by the strike.

Five out of nine missiles were shot down targeting the unoccupied Mazzeh airdrome.

Thirteen out of sixteen missiles were shot down targeting the Homs airdrome. There are no heavy destructions.

In total 30 missiles targeted facilities near Barzah and Jaramana. Seven of them have been shot down. These facilities allegedly relating to the so-called “Damascus military chemical programme” were partially destructed. However, the objects have not been used for a long time, so there were no people and equipment there.

The Russian air defence systems have been alerted. Fighter jets are on combat air patrol now.

There were no cruise missiles entering the Russian AD responsibility area. The Russian air defence systems were not applied.

Russia considers the strike to be a response to the success of the Syrian Armed Forces in fighting international terrorism and liberating its territory, rather than a response to the alleged chemical attack.

Besides, the attack took place on a day when the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) special mission was to start working on investigating incident in the city of Douma where chemical attack allegedly occurred.

It is to be stressed that there are no facilities on producing chemical weapons in Syria, and this has been documented by the OPCW.

The American aggression proves that the USA is not interested in objectivity of the ongoing investigation, seeks to wreck peaceful settlement in Syria and destabilize environment in the Middle East, and all these have nothing to do with declared objectives of countering international terrorism.

Currently the situation in Damascus and other settlements is assessed to be stable.The environment is being monitored.””

“Can’t be denied that having capital, capital (access to knowledge), and management (guidance through knowledge) significantly increases rate of success.

There is nothing difficult about this project except the acquisition of tools and materials. There is no difficult or unproven science behind it. It could’ve been done by middle schoolers – and historically, this sort of thing was, but they were called “apprenticeships”. (Only reason why it can’t be done by elementary schoolers is because they are biologically undeveloped.) But thanks to the overall management structure not giving a shit though this sort of thing is usually only done as graduating projects in college, and because colleges want to make money too, they present it as if it requires “college level education” in order to do this sort of thing.

Or, to put it another way, most things don’t depend on intelligence.

They depend on initiative, management, and capital.”

“in a survey 68% of women admitted they fantasized about rape
and of those 68% 88% of them said getting impregnated by that rape would be hotter than any actual sexual activity”

“how many days did it take them to turn him around from “we’re leaving Syria I don’t care what my generals say” to launching airstrikes?”

“cant say shit though never had a job”

“you’re not missing too much
you should try it out just to see what its like, but other than a painful vacation that gives you some money in exchange for all your time, it’s whatever
im definitely learning things here
has nothing to do with maintenance though
learning things like: how really really difficult things are when people dont speak the same language
also: how companies can run despite that because the people at the top have business connections.
which is also: merit means less the higher you go.
which is also: merit probably has nothing to do with going up.
so no, it’s not entirely useless
but to say “productive member of society” or whatever is just nonsense.”

“do eroges have such good story because they are made by just a group of people
and not companies
so they have the courage to do more experimental shit
theres a shit ton of bad ones because people are doing more daring shit
so they mostly miss
big hits though
and companies just go for the safe shit”

“its not specifically a function of companies or indies
it’s a function of specific people

“an institution is the lengthened shadow of one man”

once upon a time, apple was steve jobs.
now, who the fuck knows what apple is.

currently, spacex and tesla are elon musk.
in the future, they will go the same path.

“apple is
a money making machine”

“the important point though, for everyone paying slightly more attention, is that apple with steve jobs is not apple without steve jobs.”

“kinda feel steve jobs is an exceptional case though
because he had so much control over “his” company”

“all exceptional things are made by exceptional men.
remove the exceptional men, you lose the exceptional things.”

“Yeah, Apple died with Steve Jobs
Now they just recycle and try to make their products look good.”

“nier automata was “made by sony”
but it was really made by yoko taro.
company or indie? not really the right axis to look at.”

“and kemono friends was made by kadokawa”

“It’s like that proverbial mine: The leaders get the gold, the rest of us get the shaft.”

The only time you should defect in the prisoner’s dilemma is when you know the other guy is too dumb to know they should never defect.

Every social interaction is an instance of the prisoner’s dilemma.”

“Quis custodiet – where’s there’s motive and opportunity, crime occurs guaranteed. The official press could lie, so it did. Now the internet is watching the press, and we’re ‘finding out’ they’re all huge liars. No! We’re finding out readers are hugely gullible.”

“Defect/cooperate is not a possibility. The options are DD or CC. So duh, choose CC.
Only defect if your counterpart is irrational.”

“[…] humans who forgive too much get killed. Gods can forgive because they’re immortal.”

“America: assad u can’t gas people
Assad: i didn’t?
America: fuck u yes u did prove it
Assad: uhhh ok any disinterested 3rd party wanna come check?
3rd party: omw
America: *bombs the inspection sites* lmao”

“Feminists created a counterstrike “inglorious basterds” team of empowered womyn gamers who vow to go after bullies in online gaming.

They also sell custom bully hunter steelseries headsets to give to charities helping victims of online bullying, though steelseries admits all proceeds are going to the “times up” NGO.

They stage a whole scripted “live broadcast” on twitch with paid actors, some of the participants being demonstrably just the same handful of steam accounts with name changed.

The bullies and anti bullies accounts are steam friends and they used the same recording of fake rape threats twice in 30 mins. On the broadcast they showed a game in progress on a monitor and them switched to that monitors “live feed” and the player was nowhere near where they had been.

The whole thing was faked with pre recorded custom matches played by the same few accounts, with a voice over they created themselves of a male threatening rape, and they were exposed within the hour on twitter. The main host of the show has also been outed as a hateful bully on twitter who calls players faggots on her live streams, and the promotional material claim that 3 million women have been made to feel unsafe by threats in gaming was based in 84 respondents to a Facebook survey of 874 women, scaled up / extrapolated against the full female console owning audience.”

“I think what makes me laugh the hardiest is the fact they just changed their names on steam to pull this shit off. It is common feature of Steam to see the user name history of a profile. If a man was running the show he would have at least had a fake account to log in and pull this shit. What killed them was just straight up female incompetence at gaming know how.”

“They are now claiming that they announced it was fake, and when they got called out for that the excuse is “I forgot””

“It’s been on sale since the game began development you retard. You’re literally one of those retards who would turn away from something that costs 50 dollars, but if you see the same thing marked down from 80 to 50, you’d buy it, like a dumb woman with someone else’s credit card.”

“Pretty tired of AI being secular theology. It’s exactly like mystical theology, but more boring.”

“It’s mystical theology, without the mysticism.

And more importantly, without the promise of eternal life with beautiful women!”

“What does a caged man dream of?”
“Freedom, perhaps?”
“Wow, you must be a poet! A caged man dreams of… women.”

“An interesting experiment – I decided to test Vox’s idea that women working was bad for society and gender relations in general. I can get away with little sociological experiments occasionally as I am a [REDACTED] teacher in China. I teach high school boys and girls. The sample size here was about 12 girls and 9 boys. Recently we had “women’s day here in the pRC and on this day at about 10am I brought in a bunch of snacks and drinks for the class. Teenagers are always hungry so when I busted these out I got their full attention. Since it was women’s day I assembled the snacks and drinks out on the main table and let the girls choose first. The foodstuffs here were packs of spiced meat, chicken feet (a favorite here), and various and sundry other things. Girls picked first – one bag each and one drink. They naturally took the best stuff on the first cut and the byos got what was left. An interesting thing happened.

The girls refused ot share anything *except* with the two most popular boys in the class. Those two were pretty much free to travel between the desks eating as they wanted from whatever bag the girls had on their desks. The less popular boys either didn’t try or were flatly refused in a not very nice way. The best food here went to the two boys (and one in particular) who dominated the social scene while the remaining seven sat with their bag of less desirable foodstuffs.

Two days later with the same class I declared a boy’s day and broke out snacks again, approximately the same mix as before. This time however I allowed the boys to choose first and same as before, the first crew took the best thing sleaving the dregs for the rest. However, after everything was distributed the girls, all of tehm, visited and stuck near the boys with the best snacks. As the boys coming first were random, it wasn’t the two most popular that got to pick first. Overall though there was a far greater amount of mixing, the social scene was much more evenly distributed boys and girls, and moreover, everyone got to eat some of the best food. They had something the girls *wanted* which inverted the power structure and made the girls nicer as compared to the observed harpy bitchiness ecnountered two days prior. There was aa lot less snapping (which the girls engaged in on womens day when they had the food and a less popular boy wanted something) and what snapping existed was playful rather than malicious. Even the ugly girls got a share of the good stuff, exactly the reverse of the boys experience. I can easily state the overall happiness of the class was greated on this day than when the girls had first pick. In other words when the girls have the power – they don’t use it well and the whole class suffered. Nothing was even close to fair, and a super majority of the boys are left out doing nothing productive unless you consider sitting alone being resentful productive.

While I realize this is hardly on par with a real actual experiment withc ontrols, white lab coats, etc. it was quite interesting to watch this play out on a micro basis. I don’t think it is a stretch to imagine that something akin to this is occuring in the outside world continuously. Let the boys pick first and they naturally and happily provide for the girls. This requires no coaxing or incentives. Let the girls have the power and they naturally shut out all but the most popular boys, leaving the rest to solitude. Everyone was a lot less happy also.”

“Paul Ryan, who proposed raising the retirement age to 70, announced his retirement at 48 – with full government pension.”

“Every man can tell how many goats or sheep he possesses, but not how many friends.”

– Go into place and don’t buy anything.
– Ask to use restroom
– Get told no and asked to leave
– Refuse
– Have cops ask THREE times for you to leave
– Refuse, argue
– Get arrested
– Manager losses job for following company policy?
– CEO embarks on apology tour.
What the fuck is the actual story here?”

“The correct response was “No, fuck off.” Your punishment for getting that wrong is a few million rent seeking turds smelling blood in the water.”

“These moves have NOTHING to do with trade issues. They involve serious national security vulnerabilities we must address. #China tech companies are not like U.S. ones. They function as reluctant but nevertheless de facto agents of Chinese spy agencies”

“So they’re exactly like US companies”

“[G]rievances do not drive action.”

“optimally this guy would have been beaten up, but that’s illegal so i guess you gotta resort to calling the police”

“America is not composed of one people who share the same interests. It is composed of many different peoples who have conflicting and overlapping interests.

Politics is a game of strategy where these different peoples form rival coalitions and the one that ends up with the bigger share of the population gains power and then advances the interests of its members at the expense of the minority faction.

This is how politics works and has worked throughout history. Yet there are still people stupid enough to have some 5th grade understanding of politics where it’s all about coming together and reaching an agreement and doing what’s best for everyone.”

“I swear the girls at the local coffee stand are retarded.”
“Local? Girls at coffee stands are all retarded”
“At coffee stands? Girls are all retarded.”

“masculinity is best understood as the implicit assumption that i will kill you if there is a breakdown in agreeable interaction”

“He called me an idiot on Twitter once, and I actually put that on my resume “Nassim Taleb called me a “fucking idiot”.” I wasn’t interviewing for a job at a corporate outfit, so the guy reading the resume loved it and I was hired.”

“To successfully achieve a minor blip in the return-to-sanity direction, Sulla had to kill over 5000 people. (Rome’s population would have been on the order of hundred thousands at the time.)

A few youtube videos, no matter how popular, aren’t going to cut it.

“If we just write the right book, we can get Western civilization back!”

What a novel idea.”

“I was ignorant, I was foolish, yet I was happy…now I’m still ignorant and foolish, yet I am not happy anymore.”

2018 Mar 28 ~ Apr 08

“Most people think that “corporations” want to turn the highest profit possible and that this is what motivates workplace decision-making. Wrong. Most executives want to advance their careers and reputations, with as little risk as possible, and only care about profits indirectly insofar as they manage up (in theory) to shareholders. What do executives care most about? Remaining executives. One might expect “shareholders” to push back, but the shareholders are mostly rich people who got rich by being executives, and so (a) they’re likely to give a pass on executive self-protection that isn’t egregious, and (b) even when they fire executives, they replace them with other people drawn from the same set, so it’s just shuffle. This class of people– a social elite defined by connections rather than talent– isn’t going anywhere.”

“Executives don’t feel like their positions are threatened by capable people in a substitution sense; i.e., no CEO is going to see someone like me at the bottom and think, “Oh shit, this guy’s going to take my job if I don’t zap him.” They are scared of prominent displays of talent from below. They need to keep the legitimacy of their own class in place. It will hurt morale if it becomes common knowledge (not just “everyone knows” but “everyone knows everyone knows” up to arbitrary recursive depth) . It’s OK if everyone thinks it; it’s not okay if people start to talk about it and becomes common cultural currency. Execs don’t care if people complain about them; they don’t want their organizations to realize they’d actually be better off without them.

“If a female friend puts herself out there, and you reject her, she’ll never want to even see, let alone speak to you again

Yet if that same woman rejects a male friend, she’ll feel entitled to his friendship and get indignant when he won’t speak to her again.

Tell your son this”

“One contentious question is whether social media in general and Twitter in particular actually changed the outcome of the vote. Keith N. Hampton, of Michigan State University, finds “no evidence” that any of the widely acknowledged malignancies of social media, from fake news to filter bubbles, “worked in favor of a particular presidential candidate.” Drawing on exit polls, he shows that most demographic groups voted pretty much the same in 2016 as they had in the Obama-Romney race of 2012. The one group that exhibited a large and possibly decisive shift from the Democratic to the Republican candidate were white voters without college degrees. Yet these voters, surveys reveal, are also the least likely to spend a lot of time online or to be active on social media. It’s unfair to blame Twitter or Facebook for Trump’s victory, Hampton suggests, if the swing voters weren’t on Twitter or Facebook.”

“If you think hyperloop is going to help solve our urban planning, transportation, and economic problems, I would argue that you don’t fully understand the nature of our urban planning, transportation, and economic problems.”

>Why Does Everyone Hate Made in China 2025?

Why Does Everybody Hate China’s Plan to Evade a High-Tech Blockade? rather amusing that designation of PRC as strategic adversary is paired with bewilderment at PRC’s pursuit of self-sufficiency.”

“Talking to the feds is never a good idea. They’ll ask you what you had for breakfast 6 months ago and if you say 3 pieces of bacon when you really had 4 they’ll throw you in jail for lying to the FBI.”

“Fun fact strawberries are not a berry”
“wait until hear about peanuts not being a nut”

“Pacific Rim Uprising was pretty good though”
“>Kills off best girl like 20 minutes in
>Raleigh died from cancer and barely gets a mention
“Of course the Japanese protagonist had to die, Legendary is pandering to their Chinese overlords hard now.”
“Didnt they pretty much replace her with a Chinese woman too?”
“Yeah. The Legendary CEO’s girlfriend, I think?”

“The Trump era has led to a lot of formalism, but even I’m surprised by the fact that experts now openly talk about trade policy in terms of explicitly suppressing the technological development of another country.”

“If a Democrat got into power and repealed the 1st and 2nd Amendments while simultaneously jailing rightwing dissenters, not a single liberal in this country would protest. They would all be holding celebrations instead.
Conservatives should remember that.

The Left: “We don’t want to take all of your guns, stop being hyperbolic.”

Also The Left: “Let’s repeal the 2nd Amendment.””

“The man who really cannot see that he is contradicting himself has a great advantage in controversy; though the advantage breaks down when he tries to reduce it to simple addition, to chess, or to the game called war.”

“The United States is also a one-party state but, with typical American extravagence, they have two of them.”

“Fiverr, which had raised a hundred and ten million dollars in venture capital by November, 2015, has more about the “In Doers We Trust” campaign on its Web site. In one video, a peppy female voice-over urges “doers” to “always be available,” to think about beating “the trust-fund kids,” and to pitch themselves to everyone they see, including their dentist. A Fiverr press release about “In Doers We Trust” states, “The campaign positions Fiverr to seize today’s emerging zeitgeist of entrepreneurial flexibility, rapid experimentation, and doing more with less. It pushes against bureaucratic overthinking, analysis-paralysis, and excessive whiteboarding.” This is the jargon through which the essentially cannibalistic nature of the gig economy is dressed up as an aesthetic. No one wants to eat coffee for lunch or go on a bender of sleep deprivation—or answer a call from a client while having sex, as recommended in the video. It’s a stretch to feel cheerful at all about the Fiverr marketplace, perusing the thousands of listings of people who will record any song, make any happy-birthday video, or design any book cover for five dollars. I’d guess that plenty of the people who advertise services on Fiverr would accept some “whiteboarding” in exchange for employer-sponsored health insurance.

At the root of this is the American obsession with self-reliance, which makes it more acceptable to applaud an individual for working himself to death than to argue that an individual working himself to death is evidence of a flawed economic system. The contrast between the gig economy’s rhetoric (everyone is always connecting, having fun, and killing it!) and the conditions that allow it to exist (a lack of dependable employment that pays a living wage) makes this kink in our thinking especially clear. Human-interest stories about the beauty of some person standing up to the punishments of late capitalism are regular features in the news, too. I’ve come to detest the local-news set piece about the man who walks ten or eleven or twelve miles to work—a story that’s been filed from Oxford, Alabama; from Detroit, Michigan; from Plano, Texas. The story is always written as a tearjerker, with praise for the person’s uncomplaining attitude; a car is usually donated to the subject in the end. Never mentioned or even implied is the shamefulness of a job that doesn’t permit a worker to afford his own commute.”

“When Americans tout the freedom of speech their regime allows them as a positive aspect of their livelihood they’re in reality measuring the quality of their freedom by that which they allow their dissidents; not their fully assimilated conformists. That is to say, a completely meaningless measure. A Muslim isn’t going to be appealed by freedom to eat bacon just as I’m not going to be appealed by freedom to shove buttplugs of my ass.”

“SJWs have very high agreeableness norms.
If you’re too high in agreeableness, you will believe anything you’re exposed to, unless it’s ritualistically and continually desecrated. (And even then there’s a risk.)

Those with very high A must control the statements of their surroundings to maintain control of the contents of their own minds.”

“But…. but…. but….. but that would mean all you have to do to destroy the left is strap them to a table and force them to listen to conservative propaganda. Lol. ”

“You know those who say “I don’t know what to think” after hearing one person say one thing and a second person say a second thing?

See also: someone who cannot discriminate will obviously end up trying to convince others they should not discriminate.”

“This thing is called “Agreeableness”?

Not “Low Verbal Intelligence”?”

“It does not occur to someone with very high A to engage their intelligence. Someone with high A and low IQ will think they agree, even though they severely misunderstand what was said.”

“This whole process is known as an “in rem” proceeding — meaning a lawsuit “against a thing” rather than against a person. And the “case” basically says all this stuff should be “forfeited” to the US government because it’s the proceeds of some criminal activity. You would think that in order for such civil asset forfeiture to go forward, you’d then have to show something like a criminal conviction proving that the assets in question were, in fact, tied to criminal activity. You’d be wrong — as is clear from what happened in this very case. Once the Justice Department effectively filed a lawsuit against “all of Kim Dotcom’s money and stuff,” Dotcom did what you’re supposed to do in that situation and filed a challenge to such a ridiculous situation. And here the DOJ used the fact that Dotcom was fighting extradition to argue that he was a “fugitive.” Judge O’Grady agreed with that last month, and that resulted in the decision earlier this week to then declare a “default judgment” in favor of the DOJ, and giving the US government all of Kim Dotcom’s stuff.”

“If the company man is, sort of, gone, he has been replaced by the companies person. For people are no longer owned by a company but by something worse: the idea that they need to be employable. The employable person is embedded in an industry, with fear of upsetting not just their employer, but other potential employers.

Perhaps,by definition, an employable person is the one you will never find in a history book, because these people are designed to never leave their mark on the course of events.”

“Slave ownership by companies has traditionally taken very curious forms. The best slave is someone you overpay and who knows it, terrified of losing his status. Multinational companies created the expat category, a sort of diplomat with a higher standard of living who represents the firm far away and runs its business there. All large corporations had (and some still have) employees with expat status and, in spite of its costs, it is an extremely effective strategy. Why? Because the further from headquarters an employee is located, the more autonomous his unit, the more you want him to be a slave so he does nothing strange on his own.

A bank in New York sends a married employee with his family to a foreign location, say, a tropical country with cheap labor, with perks and privileges such as country club membership, a driver, a nice company villa with a gardener, a yearly trip back home with the family in first class, and keeps him there for a few years, enough to be addicted. He earns much more than the “locals”, in a hierarchy reminiscent of colonial days. He builds a social life with other expats. He progressively wants to stay in the location longer, but he is far from headquarters and has no idea of his minute-to-minute standing in the firm except through signals. Eventually, like a diplomat, he begs for another location when time comes for a reshuffle. Returning to the home office means loss of perks, having to revert to his base salary – a return to lower-middle-class life in the suburbs of New York City, taking the commuter train, perhaps, or, God forbid, a bus, and eating a sandwich for lunch! The person is terrified when the big boss snubs him. Ninety-five percent of the employee’s mind will be on company politics… which is exactly what the company wants. The bigg boss in the board room will have a supporter in case of some intrigue.”

“As I am writing these lines, we are witness a nascent confrontation between several parties, which includes the current “heads” of state of members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (modern states don’t quite have “heads”, just people who talk big) and the Russian Vladimir Putin. Clearly, except for Putin, all the others have a need to be elected, can come under fire by their party, and have to calibrate every single statement with how it could be misinterpreted the least by the press. On the other hand, Putin has the equivalent of f*** you money, projecting a visible “I don’t care”, which in turn brings him more followers and more support. In such a confrontation Putin looks and acts as a free citizen confronting slaves who need committees, approval, and who of course feel like they have to fit their decisions to an immediate rating.”

“It is much easier to do business with the owner of the business than some employee who is likely to lose his job next year; likewise it is easier to trust the word of an autocrat than a fragile elected official.”

“Society likes saints and moral heroes to be celibate so they do not have family pressures that may force them into the dilemma of needing to compromise their sense of ethics to feed their children. […]

The vulnerability of heads of households has been remarkably exploited [throughout] history. The samurai had to leave their families in Edo as hostages, thus guaranteeing to the authorities that they would not take positions against the rulers. The Romans and Huns partook of the practice of exchanging permanent “visitors”, the children of rulers on both sides, who grew up at the courts of the foreign nation in a form of gilded captivity.

The Ottomans relied on janissaries, who were extracted as babies from Christian families and never married. Having no family (or no contact with their family), they were entirely devoted to the sultan.

It is no secret that large corporations prefer people with families; those with downside risk are easier to own, particularly when they are choking under a large mortgage.

And of course most fictional heroes such as Sherlock Holmes or James Bond don’t have the encumbrance of a family that can become a target of, say, evil professor Moriarty.”

“In the campaign against me waged by Big Ag, the public relation firms (hired to discredit those who were skeptical of the risk of transgenics) couldn’t threaten my livelihood. Nor could they tag me with the “antiscience” label (the central part of their arsenal) since I have a history of standing for probabilistic rigor in science expressed in technical language, and several million readers who understand my reasoning. It is a bit too late for that now. In fact, by creating analogies between some cherry-picked passages from my writings taken out of context and those of the new age guru Deepak Chopra, they have caused some people to suspect that Chopra was a logician, an application of Wittgenstein’s ruler: by measuring the table with a ruler am I measuring the ruler or measuring the table?”

“Steel parts bent and cut in Holland represent about 10 percent of the weight of America’s Finest. That resulted in the Jones Act violation, and prompted the lobbying to gain the waiver from Congress.

That effort soon got caught up in fishing-industry politics.”

didn’t the politics start when someone reported the violation? it’s not like the steel did it. wouldn’t it be more interesting to find out who called mom?”

“These methods of going after vulnerable people associated with you are eventually ineffective. For one thing, odiuous people (and Salafi sympathizers) tend to be dumb, along with people who act only in mobs. In addition, those who engage in smear campaigning as a profession are necessarily incompetent at everything else – hence at taht business too – so the industry accumulates rejects who are prone to ethical stretches. Did any of your business-smart, streetwise, or academically gifted peers in high school decare that their dream was to become the world’s expert in smearing whistleblowers? Or even work as a lobbyist or public relations expert? These jobs are indicative of necessary failure in other things.”

“In 100 years we have gone from teaching Latin and Greek in high school to teaching Remedial English in college.”

“The problem is never the problem; it is how people handle it.”

“[…] I doubt Piketty bothered to ask blue-collar Frenchmen what they want, as Michelle Lamont did […] I am certain that they would ask for better beer, a new dishwasher, or faster trains for their commute, not bring down some rich businessman invisible to them. But, again, people can frame questions and portray enrichment as theft, as was done before the French Revolution, in which case the blue-collar class would ask, once again, for heads to roll.

What happened with the U.K. Parliament expenses scandal: MPs were giving themselves TVs and dishwashers, which the public could easily imagine, and revolted against. One MP said, “It’s not like I took one million in bonds.” The public understands TVs, not bonds.”

“Traders, when they make profits, have short communications; when they lose they drown you in details, theories, and charts.”

“You can define a free person precisely as someone whose fate is not centrally or directly dependent on peer assessment.”

“There is a familiar story of a New York banker vacationing in Greece, who, from talking to a fisherman and scrutinizing the fisherman’s business, comes up with a scheme to help the fisherman make it a big business. The fisherman asked him what the benefits were; the banker asnwered that he could make a pile of money in New York and come back to vacation in Greece; something that seemed ludicrous to the fisherman, who was already there doing the kinds of things bankers do when they go on vacation in Greece.”

“What if Facebook isn’t the most powerful company in the world? What if all the data it has on its users aren’t good for persuading people to do stuff? What if all the data are good for is annoying people into buying Tide over Gain every now and then? That would be disappointing.”

“Even within the “normal” warrior-run or doer-run societies, the class of intellectuals is all about rituals: without pomp and ceremony, the intellectual is just a talker, that is, pretty much nothing.”

“The most interesting thing about the Assassins is that actual assassination was low on their agenda. They understood non-cheap messaging. They preferred to own their enemies. And the only enemy you cannot manipulate is a dead one.

In 1118, Ahmad Sanjar became the sultan of the Seljuk Turkish Empire of Asia minor (that is, modern-day Turkey), Iran, and parts of Afghanistan. Soon after his accession, he woke up one day with a dagger next to his bed, firmly planted in the ground. In one version of the legend, a letter informed him that the dagger thrust in hard ground was preferable to the alternative, being plunged in his soft breast. It was a characteristic message of the Hashishins, aka Assassins, making him aware of the need to leave them alone, send them birthday gifts, or hire their actors for his next movie. Sultan Sanjar had previously snubbed their peace negotiators, so they moved to phase two of a demonstrably well planned-out process. They convinced him that his life was in their hands and that, crucially, he didn’t have to worry if he did the right thing. Indeed Sanjar and the Assassins had a happy life together ever after.”

“If people know the border will be defended, you don’t get a 1,000 person caravan in the first place.”

“How to Fill Unpleasant Jobs in Undesirable Places: Recruit Refugees”

“or, you know, PAY MORE”

“The T-34 wasnt a tank that you’d want to be in unless there’s no better choice.
And no, the T-34 didnt win the war, the Lend Lease program won the war.

As Stalin himself admitted, that without US supplied fuels and materials as well as food and equipment, they could never out-produce the Germans, and they would lose in the Eastern Front.”

“A year or so ago a dictionary editor on Twitter advised people to “avoid gendered language”. When I asked if that also included manspreading and mansplaining he said no.”

“Lycurgus, the Spartan lawmaker, responded to a suggestion to allow democracy there, saying “begin with your own family.””

“They noticed all they need to do is make the girls and guys cute and people will give free passes on some of the stupid shit in the story.”

“The Trump-Russia probe is the largest federal criminal probe of the last half-century. POLITICO estimates it features 285 major players, but the number is likely well over 400—readers of this feed added 65 key names to the POLITICO list within five hours of it being published.”

“When the First Emperor of Ming purged his Prime Minister Hu Weiyong on “collusion with a foreign government” grounds, he ended up executing thirty thousand people. “

>When America stands up to China

Tfw you are the biggest hegemon in the history of mankind, but your rhetoric is so retarded you must still pretend to be an underdog.”

“”The March for Our Lives permit application was filed by Deena Katz, a co-executive director of the Women’s March Los Angeles Foundation. This wasn’t just a little bit of professional activist assistance.

The application lists Katz as the “Person in Charge of Event”.

Katz is a former Dancing With the Stars and current Bill Maher producer. She’s also the former owner of Talent Central, a Los Angeles talent agency, The leaked application lists her as the president of the March for Our Lives Fund.

Media contacts for March for Our Lives are being handled by 42 West. The agency is a full service PR firm operating out of New York and Los Angeles that represents major celebrities. 42 West was supposedly recommended by George Clooney who was one of a number of major celebrity donors.” The whole affair smacks of Hollywood and the “left’s” ongoing anti-gun campaign done in the usual fashion using professional activists, just like the “Women’s March” before it and the same tactic employed all the way back to the 60’s anti-war protests… I guess when you find something that works, you stick with it. In fact…

“March for Our Lives is funded by Hollywood celebs, it’s led by a Hollywood producer and its finances are routed through an obscure tax firm in the Valley. Its treasurer and secretary are Washington D.C. pros. And a top funder of gun control agendas is also one of its directors.”

“Wait, are you saying that spontaneously organizing political protests and getting passionate about civic activism isn’t something high schoolers do with professional herding?

There are actually people who believe this is a student led movement.”

“To butcher an animal is obviously to defect upon it.
However, cooperating with the animal is impossible. Cooperation requires communication. The animal can neither listen nor understand.”

“In the famous tale by Ahiqar […] the dog boasts to the wolf all the contraptions of comfort and luxury he has, almost prompting the wolf to enlist. Until the wolf asks the dog about his collar and is terrified when he understands its use. ‘”Of all your meals, I want nothing.” He ran away and is still running.’

The question is: what would you like to be, a dog or a wolf?

The original Aramaic version had a wild ass, instead of a wolf, showing off his freedom. But the wild ass ends up eaten by the lion. […]

[…] A dog’s life may appear smooth and secure, but in the absence of an owner, a dog does not survive. Most people prefer to adopt puppies, not grown-up dogs; in many countries, unwanted dogs are euthanized. A wolf is trained to survive.

Employees abandoned by their employers, as we saw in the IBM story, cannot bounce back.”

“I think ironically westerners are more naive when it comes to the darkness of human nature, whereas people from those places have confronted the worst aspects of it head on leading them to want to be kinder people and somewhat more empathetic to their immediate community

A lot of the college liberal women for instance, think there’s wrongs but not necessarily true “evils”, so they don’t hesitate to fuck things up because they think there’s enough good n the world to go around to make up for the wrongs they did without having a sense of guilt”

“As for your education thing I don’t think so. First the job market for new college graduates isn’t very hot. You make the same as you did with a BA 30 years ago.

New graduates in aggregate made 50k 30 years ago.”

“If the news is fake, imagine how bad history is.”

“Rates of infant and child mortality are remarkably consistent across cultures and throughout history, outside of modern developed nations. On average, about 27% of infants died before the age of one and ~47% of children died before puberty.”

“What kind of upside-down, nightmare world are we living in where the President is deploying troops to secure our own borders rather than random stretches of Middle Eastern desert halfway across the world from us?”

“american towns inevitably fall within the gradient of hickistan, to strip-mall subway suburbia, to college-centric freak getaway, to big city coontown. odd exceptions exist when you spot some decent architecture. but, the fact remains that aesthetically, america is in the gutter, with her natural beauty surpassing what its denizens erect for some cheap thrills and money making schemes. “

“Pointing out that a black person is black is racist, just like pointing out that a Jew is Jewish is antisemitic.”

“Under the rules of evidence, specifically 801d2a: Everything you tell the police can and will be used against you.

But it can’t be used for you.”

“I asked an Indian once why everyone has the same experience. He said that it both from coming from a culture of bartering constantly, and because once you’re serving them, they see you as a servant, so they are technically a caste above you.”

‘Save your relationship’: Is the videogame Fortnite stealing your loved one?

>western women are so bad they cant compete with a shitty f2p game”

>stop playing video games and give your woman some attention
I’d love to see somet articles telling women to put their cellphones down and give their men some attention. Literally every woman I know has a phone up to her face for at least 50% of social interactions. Before I sit there and play second fiddle to a phone, yes I will go into the next room and load up some vidya to play.”

“Social networks are inherently naturally monopolistic simply because their value is a direct function of the number of people using it.”

“Proggie-to-English dictionary:
Ignorant = Heathen
Racist = Heretic
Nazi = Apostate”

“Orban builds a wall → Massive win

Trump does not build wall → Massive loss, and likely impeachment after mid-terms. Then jail.”

“Israel was just now trying to get Russia and the US into an all out war. They knew exactly that their missile strikes flying over Lebanon would, in the very first moments, be believed to be an American missile strike, and they struck a military base that has a Russian presence with even some Russian casualties now being reported. This was the jews trying to start WW3. Literally. The jews are trying to kill us all. Right now.”

2018 Mar 15 ~ 27

“I’d get a full list of people who profited from Theranos and cross-check with lists of known/probable spooks, mobsters, etc. if I wanted to kill myself with multiple shots to the back of the head.”

“It really does come down to the quality of people and aesthetics. Anyone who says otherwise is insane. We all admit this and operate as if it’s true when looking for a job, when on the dating scene, corporations depend on it to successfully market products to people, it’s no different here. Anglin has the winning strategy, all data supports that what he is doing works, and he wil continue to have success such that one day even his most bitter and unfair haters will be forced to concede it.”

“ATTN drivers out for a leisurely Sunday afternoon cruise:

It’s Thursday morning”

“Caning is empirically more effective in stopping crime; and it’s vastly more just than imprisoning people for years surrounded by bad people and stupid routines.
Western penal policy is evil spinster teacher morality, the actual essence of progressivism.”

“A sane legal system punishes harshly, then forgives absolutely. We have the opposite.”

““It’s messed up,” says one customer. “These companies are supposed to pander to me indirectly through diversity in ad campaigns or through delicate appropriation of BEV. They’re not supposed to flat out endorse or condemn racism one way or the other. How am I supposed to feel smarter than everyone if marketing is blatantly reaffirming my values and I’m not just being tricked?””

“A decade ago I dated a Peak RBF career gal who, unable to have her own kids had adopted a mystery meat child out of desperation during the last few years of her failing marriage.

The kid, born to a drug-addict mother who basically sold him in a private adoption was picked up at birth and ensconced in the upscale family home in a predominately white community.

When I began dating her, said kid was 7. He had never met his mother but that didn’t stop the birth mom from getting in touch with the adoptive parents, claiming to need more money, which they often provided. Anyway, to get to the point.

This kid had never met his mother, no one knew who his father was, and he’d never been exposed to anything but western-European culture and values.

When I met the kid, my first observation was that he lacked any empathy whatsoever. He dominated his adoptive mother, even at 7, and out of guilt she acquiesced to his every demand. His world-view appeared to be one of “other people are there for my convenience and god help you if you don’t comply.”

Back then, I mistakenly assumed that a little tough love could help the child turn into a respectable young man. I would soon discover that I was mistaken.

I dated mom for a year and our time together was invariably spent dealing with the fallout from her kid’s behavior. His tantrums turned into rages which eventually turned into violence when he didn’t get what he wanted, when he wanted it and how. To wit, the kid exploited his mother’s empathy at his ‘being brown-skinned’ to his advantage over and over and over. When he discovered that his manipulations failed to work on me, I became the enemy.

What I came to realize is that here was a perfect example of nature vs nurture. Here was a child who had spent zero time in his native ‘habitat’ and still came to develop the nature that his genetic coding specified.

I ended that relationship when I saw that the kid was going to be a liability.

The worst part of this knowledge is that it is so utterly dangerous. We all know the truth but to speak this aloud often results in a mock social media trial and speedy immolation.”

“”The System’s neatest trick is this:

1) For the sake of its own efficiency and security, the System needs to bring about deep and radical social changes to match the changed conditions resulting from technological progress.

2) The frustration of life under the circumstances imposed by the System leads to rebellious impulses.

3) Rebellious impulses are co-opted by the System in the service of the social changes it requires; activists “rebel” against the old and outmoded values that are no longer of use to the System and in favor of the new values that the System needs us to accept.

4) In this way rebellious impulses, which otherwise might have been dangerous to the System, are given an outlet that is not only harmless to the System, but useful to it.

5) Much of the public resentment resulting from the imposition of social changes is drawn away from the System and its institutions and is directed instead at the radicals who spearhead the social changes.

The university intellectuals also play an important role in carrying out the System’s trick. Though they like to fancy themselves independent thinkers, the intellectuals are the most oversocialized, the most conformist, the tamest and most domesticated, the most pampered, dependent, and spineless group today. As a result, their impulse to rebel is particularly strong. But, because they are incapable of independent thought, real rebellion is impossible for them. Consequently they are suckers for the System’s trick, which allows them to irritate people and enjoy the illusion of rebelling without ever having to challenge the System’s basic values.””

“Scott Adams doesn’t strike me as a weak person, which means I think he spends a lot of time not taking his own advice.

Stephan Molyneux strikes me as a weak person. Brittle, at best.”

“Offence permanently has the upper hand unless energy shields are possible. The worst possible case for the attacker is having to vaporize the armour. This is already simply a matter of spending enough money on energy delivery. Because strategy is ironic, this is a more stable, peaceful situation than one where defence has the upper hand.

If it have 100 men to defend your border because it takes 100, but you build a wall that can be guarded by 10 men, then you have 90 men to spend on raiding parties without compromising your defence. Walls are aggressive. Now that any wall can be breached by a cheaper bomb, this dynamic isn’t possible. Bombs, therefore, are defensive.

Once a potential target of aggression has enough bombs to entirely wipe out the aggressor, they can simply stop investing in weapons and get on with their life. They have made aggressive war unwinnable. Indeed if the aggressor is vaguely rational, then the target need only get enough bombs such that [invasion cost]+[bomb damage] is equal to [seizable wealth], plus some redundancy. You can blow them up enough when you can blow yourself up. Very cheap. By contrast, if walls are effective, then one can invest endlessly in higher and thicker walls. Plus it is easy to betray a wall, difficult to betray a bomb salvo. Defence is unstable. Offence is stable.”

“Incredible: supposed to mean ‘not credible.’ Means, ‘ingroup.’
Vicious: supposed to mean ‘has vices.’ Means, ‘outgroup.’
Terrible: supposed to mean, ‘inspires terror.’ Means, ‘outgroup.’
Awesome: inspires awe. Means, ‘ingroup.’
Supposed to mean: divine messenger, tells you what Jesus thinks you need to hear.
Means: beneficent spirit, tells you what you want to hear.”

“American is a country founded on, among other things, the notion that the principal-agent problem doesn’t exist.”

“All cad cultures discourage spending time with women; so the top-cad can then go spend time with women unopposed.”

“A prediction is wrong only if it costs you something.
A prediction is right only if it makes you something.
The rest is tawk.”

“The stuff they teach in school is mathematics the way a wool sweater is a sheep.”

“Humans do not finish schools. Schools take in humans and produce lumps of labor-hours.”

“An aspergoid has emotions.

A regular human is their emotions.”

“Trains should be the #1 option for long-distance commuting.
~1000 ppl passing by in a few seconds at about 275 km/h.
In comparison, one car lane can convey 2,000 cars/hr”

“Trading prices are minority rules, not average of opinions.
If there is wisdom, it’s the wisdom of the minority.”

“Loyalty relationships are the foundation of society–transactional relationships are its facade”

“I know that Nazis were evil because I saw a movie made about it by jews who literally fuck children.”

“China hasn’t had a liberal in government since Zhao Ziyang in 1989. What China had were timid leaders of few words, who outwardly seemed to accept the superiority of Western democracy. They then cracked down on human rights and whatever, but without talking about it. Very subtly and with the lights off. Western politicians liked that; it meant that the Chinese Communist Party wasn’t quite confident of its rule, and after a few time all the contradictions between rhetoric and reality would explode, giving USG and the Cathedral an opening into a market of 1.3 billion potential bioleninists.

That completely changed with Xi Jinping. He has completely changed the internal and external rhetoric of China.

“[…] And again, to be clear, the University of Cambridge FB-‘like’-based personality modeling work from 2015 referenced above was _public_ for over a year before the election. Everyone in this space knew about it; even _I_ knew about it and I’m not even in the social media business. The Obama campaign was _lauded_ for its use of social media targeting and analytics on individual voters, viewed as visionary, while e.g. the Romney campaign was widely regarded as hopelessly behind the times.

Meanwhile, the Clinton campaign was directly approached by Facebook and offered access to the same datasets and methods used by Cambridge Analytica, but merely opted not to proceed. Instead, as you may recall, the Clinton campaign focused more on attempts to influence which news would be shadowbanned on Facebook. […]

So what did Cambridge Analytica do differently? Worked for a Republican. But it was not a data breach, it had been done before (including individual-level social media ad variation), and it was not fundamentally different from existing microtargeting by the other side.”

“If profit is the ONLY criterion, transport will likely break down–why? Because there are all kinds of ways to make a profit which don’t involve good transport!

But if profit is completely disregarded as a criterion, you get an equally grave problem: how do you keep the system running? You need to come up with the money year after year, relying on sectors of the economy which won’t necessarily line up w rail needs (in time or cost)”

“”>you can’t judge a game without playing it
>if you don’t like it, don’t buy it.”

“that’s why you read reviews from the many publications out there who employ experts to give an accurate account of the pros and cons of a game!
oh wait””

“There is a highly positive correlation between sexually permissive societies and having dysgenically ugly and androgynous citizens.”

“They call it progres,, but they don’t say where it is going.”

“I know very well that my little AR is never going to be used to stand up to a government that has tanks and heavy machine guns”

“Then the Miami Police Department sells them in a clandestine meeting to Cuban drug runners, continue being part of the solution gay retard.”

“Home-based education is not an experiment. It’s how people learned to function in the world for centuries. And there is no reason to think that people today can’t do the same thing. School is the experiment, not the lack of it, and I think that experiment is in trouble.”

“When I called earlier I spoke with your advanced trouble making team”

“Because your initial experience of the story is relevant even if you experience alternate paths later. And the act of putting the choice in your hands gives you an investment and ownership over the subsequent events that you couldn’t otherwise have. Also unless you make the decision arbitrarily or randomly it forces you to introspect and think about the story and characters, engaging you in trying to understand the situation, what you think is best, and how you empathise with each character.

Choices in video games don’t always have to have meaningful huge consequences to impact the experience in a positive way. Sometimes they’re just there for the player to inject themselves in some small way or have to think about things without it being a big deal.

We shit on Bioware style non-choices because they’re claiming to make choice driven RPGs where you shape the world. Saying “YOUR CHOICES MATTER” when they actually don’t matter is the issue there. It’s expectation vs delivery and importantly, lying to the consumer that’s an issue. That outrage cannot and shouldn’t be applied to all games in the same way.”

“If you think about it, in the history of the world, only the English have successfully colonized (effectively) empty territory.
The Spanish empire was huge, but it was conquest of pre-existing states, not colonies from scratch.”

“What car people say isn’t that trains should be illegal, but that they should never be built where they don’t exist, or improved where they do exist. The argument, every time, is that since you can’t make *every* trip by train, there’s no reason to make *any.*”

“You’re encouraged to display individuality. You do this by combing various cultural products to create your own ‘style’. The purveyors of these products are locked in competition with one another by state decree. It’s as totalitarian as Maoism but combinatorially richer.”

“‘The first to stop applauding would get arrested, so how could we stop?’ (Gulag Archipelago)

This can be applied to virtue signalling and every kind progress-for-progress’-sake act.

The first to stop will be shunned/devoured. Hence why problems are currently being made up.”

“From the start, the production of replicas of the terracotta warriors proceeded in parallel with the excavations. A replica workshop was set up on the excavation site itself. But they were not producing ‘forgeries’. Rather, we might say that the Chinese were trying to restart production, as it were – production that from the beginning was not creation but already reproduction. Indeed, the originals themselves were manufactured through serial mass-production using modules or components – a process that could easily have been continued, had the original production methods been available.

[…] This is a total inversion of the relationship between original and copy. Or the difference between original and copy vanishes altogether. Instead of a difference between original and copy, there appears a difference between old and new. We could even say that the copy is more original than the original, or the copy is closer to the original than the original, for the older the building becomes, the further it is from its original state. A reproduction would restore it, as it were, to its ‘original state’, especially since it is not linked to a particular artist.”

“”Chinese artists … never lose sight of the fact that producing works in large numbers exemplifies creativity, too. They trust that, as in nature, there always will be some among the 10,000 things from which change springs.”
Chinese art has a functional relationship with nature, not a mimetic one. It is not a question of depicting nature as realistically as possible but of operating exactly like nature. In nature, successive variations also produce something new, clearly without any kind of ‘genius’.

“the translation is often so different from what i hear in the original audio. i don’t understand all of it but when it’s simple enough the tone is different. the androids are innocent and straightforward, but translated they’re dry and sarcastic. certain machines are very polite and hospitable but translated they are completely forgettable.

Approximate audio: “Please look forward to it.”
Translation: “You’re going to LOVE it!”

i suppose part of it is that english generally isn’t used that way, but why not? words are just proxies for meanings, so it’s not that it can’t be translated… it’s that it wouldn’t be understood.”

“It is my belief that the population doesn’t really care about companies using and sharing their data, and only complain because it’s something to talk about. It’s background noise like weather and sport.”

“Most political issues are like that: a small minority cares about something, then manages somehow to repackage and advertise it into a topic worth of public conversation. Then politics happen.”

“British police dropped the cases against 20 Telford grooming gang abusers because there “would be too much trouble”.

Why even have a police force at this point if you are not going to go after the bad guys?”

“Why have police? Duh, to promote crime. I mean, how can you justify a State justice system if there’s no crime?”

“If I’m not mistaken, much of the Arab world is alive because of Russian grain. Is Putin going to use that leverage? I would.”

“Haha, moms will always have something nice to say.”

“Here’s how I think these peaceful, stable societies came about. As war created large states, empires, and nation-states, societies evolved measures to suppress internal conflict and violence. Reduced internal violence is the obverse of increased cooperation. Surprising as it may seem, the trend towards greater peace was already noticeable during the Ancient and Medieval historical eras, long before the Enlightenment of the 18th century. Of course, wars between empires dwarfed intertribal conflicts in scale. Huge armies fought increasingly bloody battles, and the numbers of casualties mounted. But the key point is that these wars moved away from imperial centers, towards the frontiers. More and more people—those living far from frontiers where battles were fought—never experienced conflict, and could enjoy relative prosperity.

There is no contradiction between larger armies and larger butcher’s bills from warfare, on the one hand, and on the other, a greater part of the population enjoying peace. What is important from the point of view of quality of life is not how many people, in total, are killed, but what the chances are that I (or you, or someone you care about) will be killed. In other words, the important statistic is the risk of violent death for each person.

[…] When discipline, imposed by the need to survive conflict, gets relaxed, societies lose their ability to cooperate. A reactionary catchphrase of the 1970s used to go, “what this generation needs is a war,” a deplorable sentiment but one that in terms of cultural evolution might sometimes have a germ of cold logic.

At any rate, there is a pattern that we see recurring throughout history, when a successful empire expands its borders so far that it becomes the biggest kid on the block. When survival is no longer at stake, selfish elites and other special interest groups capture the political agenda. The spirit that “we are all in the same boat” disappears and is replaced by a “winner take all” mentality. As the elites enrich themselves, the rest of the population is increasingly impoverished. Rampant inequality of wealth further corrodes cooperation.

Beyond a certain point a formerly great empire becomes so dysfunctional that smaller, more cohesive neighbors begin tearing it apart. Eventually the capacity for cooperation declines to such a low level that barbarians can strike at the very heart of the empire without encountering significant resistance. But barbarians at the gate are not the real cause of imperial collapse. They are a consequence of the failure to sustain social cooperation. As the British historian Arnold Toynbee said, great civilisations are not murdered – they die by suicide.”

“The point is not that Sarkozy took money from Gadhafi. The problem is the ingratitude: he tried to eliminate him right after.

Ingratitude is the worst trait in a human being.”

“They recently found that all elementary school variables together (teacher, funding, etc) account for 10% of student achievement.

In practice this means you can achieve 90% (or so) of your education without attending a school at all – including university; see above.”

“What does it mean? It means that PUBG can’t be an E-Sport. What? How does this come from the above? E-Sports need consistency. The tournaments cannot last for weeks, over hundreds of matches. To find a winner in a few games, you need these few games representative to player skill. Someone shouldn’t win or lose because of good or bad luck. My result of double standard deviation proves that Erangel is more “RNG” than Miramar. So Miramar would be a much better map for E-Sports. But players hate Miramar, exactly because is consistent. If you suck (and 90% of players do in every game), consistency means consistent defeats. But on inconsistent maps, RNG can bless you with something, like landing on an AKM and killing 3 unarmed people in School.

Making PUBG E-Sport ready would need maps that are even more consistent than Miramar, ergo, even more hated by the players. So PUBG can either go for E-Sport worthy maps and circle rules, or for player-loved ones, but never both.”

“Global supply chains and trade wars. You are China and unhappy about the new tariffs. You identify a few Chinese plants crucial to the supply chains of a couple of US firms. You send a hygiene inspector, who finds a rat, and closes the plant for a month. You are done.”

“Uninformed voter: Votes because of a targeted ad generated by a poorly-understood algorithm. Forgets about it.

Informed voter: Consumes vast amounts of one-sided material, becomes zealously partisan for rest of life, expectation biases at paranoid schizophrenic levels.”

“Handelsblatt is the largest German mainstream business newspaper, and they complained that Merkel talked about how much Islam belongs to Germany (contrary to CSU statements) rather than any actual improvements for the country. The rats are fleeing the sinking ship.”

“To a Progressive, the worst sin is suggesting the Progressive shouldn’t have unlimited political power.”

“I believe psychologists measure hedonism, not joy, nor satisfaction. The Amish volunteer for their lifestyle; they explicitly have the option to leave in their late teens. The idea they’re less satisfied is risible.”

“American domestic policy has effectively been reduced to “increase business profits by no less than 3% per year” and “keep the founding fathers mythology alive” at any cost. It’s like if Rome willingly threw the gates of the city open for Attila as long as he promised to let rich senators and merchants keep their gold during the sack and tell everyone that Romulus and Remus were there first.”

“Problem with online dating is this. Ppl naturally sort each other into categories and usually yoy dont even have the possibility of dating out of your own league. The rules if society prevent time being wasted and emotions needlessly damaged. Tinder and ok cupid let ppl interact with virtually anyone causing dramaticly distorted concepts of ones appeal. Of course this results in mass rejection for guys and mass !@#$ and chuck for girls.”

“The decline in the rate of profit, which proves that capitalist production creates a barrier to its own further development, is what causes competition, not vice versa.”

“I don’t understand how zoning is just an accepted principle in society. Aren’t there tons of people that claim they support the free market? So why does the free market work for everything else but not for where to place houses and stores and manufacturing? If it doesn’t work there, then maybe it doesn’t work in other places as well.”

“Before the Suburban Experiment, cities were built with an ideology of wealth creation. That ideology was shared across the culture and, while some benefitted more than others, it provided opportunity for nearly everyone to get ahead. To understand why our cities are going broke, why they are struggling in a growing economy just to do basic things, one only needs to consider the dramatics of this ideological shift. We’ll bankrupt ourselves moving traffic and we don’t even understand why.”

“Post valid logically good reasons why you pirate video games /v/

Face it, you’re in poverty and poor as shit and mooching off your welfare NEET autismbux instead of better investing it for your own well being and get your ass a fucking job or you’re on very low income and don’t rake in enouh to have enough leftover money to put games on your plate”

“Because I can and there are no repercussions.”

“Don’t make this about white people ffs you fucking race baited. It’s a move away from the baby faces beauty that Asians also aspire to.

And all beauty trends are manufactured you mong. Businesses are just getting a taste of a market starved for a new kind of beauty.

To be honest the move away from youthful faces is probably a good thing. The baby faced trend always was too demeaning to women and told them that their worth was in their youth. Compared to men who was less impacted by that standard of beauty.

Beautiful women like the ones in black panther is probably more healthier for an aging society.”

“A glass-half-full type huh?”
“Seems like it.”
“Well, you’d have to be, to get this done I guess.”

“She said that pretty bluntly. That means she probably has a deeper reason to not want to go.”

“[N]o one cares after it’s determined a helmet wasn’t worn”

“This is a “truth” about automated cars that I’ve realized a long time ago. There is an upper limit to how intelligent and autonomous cars will get. People who walk and bike will be expected to change their behavior to make up for the shortcomings. This is the same model people who walk and bike have been forces to endure with non-automated cars.”

““The proper size of a bedroom has not changed in thousands of years. Neither has the proper size of a door nor the proper size of a community… If cities have become immense, so much more is the need for subdividing them into comprehensible sections.””

“What happened to her? She spoke just fine at the morning assembly…”
“Because there’s no one she sees as an enemy here. When someone she’s hostile to is around, it’s like the “screw you!” switch gets flipped “on”.

“Lemme get this straight. David Hogg thinks we need to basically amend the US Constitution and spend billions of dollars enforcing new gun control laws, but uh, wearing a clear plastic backpack is an unnecessary encroachment on the 1st amendment.

LOL okay kid.”

“For most of human history, vehicles had automatic collision avoidance and could even take you home when you were sleeping or drunk. Then we got rid of the horse.”

“Technically the Bank is a money tree. However, it is not a wealth tree.”

“According to the Asahi Shimbun newspaper, the title of A Place Further Than the Universe is a nod to a quote by Japanese astronaut Mamoru Mohri, who visited Japan’s Showa Station in Antarctica in 2007: (“Space can be reached in a few minutes, but it makes many days to reach Showa Station. This place must be further than space.”)”

“You know, Jefferson and Washington owned slaves, don’t you?”
“You know Martin Luther King, Jr. plagiarized his doctoral thesis, and cheated on his wife, don’t you? ”

“[W]hat matters in life isn’t how frequently one is “right” about outcomes, but how much one makes when one is right.”

“Those who give lectures to large audience notice that they – and other speakers – are uncomfortable on the stage. The reason, it took me a decade to figure out, is that the stage light beaming into our eyes hinders our concentration. (This is how police interrogations of suspects used to be run: beam a light on the suspect, and wait for him to start “singing.”) But in the thick of the lecture, speakers can’t identify what is wrong, so they attribute the loss of concentration to, simply, being on the stage. So the practice continues. Why? Because those who lecture to large audiences don’t work on lighting and light engineers don’t lecture to large audiences.”

“Anything you do to optimize your work, cut corners, or squeeze more “efficiency” out of it (and out of your life) will eventually make you dislike it.”

“We removed the skin in the game of journalists in order to prevent market manipualtion, thinking that it would be a net gain to society. The arguments in this book are that the former (market manipulation) and conflicts of interest are more benign than impunity for bad advice. The main reason, we will see, is that in the absence of skin in the game, journalists will imitate, to be safe, the opinion of other journalists, thus creating monoculture and collective mirages.

In general, skin in the game comes with conflict of interest.What I hope this book will do is show that the former is more important than the latter. There is no problem if people have a conflict of interest if it is congrous with downside risk for themselves.”

“In 1943, about 90% of white americans said they would rather lose the war than end segregation.”

“Americans have a bad habit of assuming the only way to run a business is by cornering a market”

“Man, startups have such high aspirations today.
Their goal is to be bought out by a bigger company and contributing to the monopolization of the industry.”

“My favorite /e/ threads are redundant. shittily-tagged, generic threads filled with reaction images, anime screenshots, and text posts, which are moved from /a/ to suffer a slow death on /e/ only because mods want to wave their dick around for /a/ to see.”

““He, uh, told us that we should do good, and not do evil, and now he’s looking at us like we should fall to our knees.”

“Weird. Must be a prophet. Better kneel.””

“The people I listen to need to talk, because that’s how people think. People need to think…True thinking is complex and demanding. It requires you to be articulate speaker and careful, judicious listener at the same time. It involves conflict. So you have to tolerate conflict. Conflict involves negotiation and compromise. So, you have to learn to give and take and to modify your premises and adjust your thoughts – even your perceptions of the world…Thinking is emotionally painful and physiologically demanding, more so than anything else – exept not thinking. But you have to be very articulate and sophisticated to have all this thinking occur inside your own head. What are you to do, then, if you aren’t very good at thinking, at being two people at one time? That’s easy. You talk. But you need someone to listen. A listening person is your collaborator and your opponent […]

The fact is important enough to bear repeating: people organize their brains through conversation. If they don’t have anyone to tell their story to, they lose their minds. Like hoarders, they cannot unclutter themselves. The input of the community is required for the integrity of the individual psyche. To put it another way: it takes a village to build a mind.”

“”more car choices”

sierra club is a fucking scam. what the actual fuck do you stand for anymore?”

“It’s strange how when the allies consider using this strategy and if they followed through with it, it is considered the “horrors of war”. If the enemy would have considered this and followed through with it, it would have been a “war crime”.”

“Kemono Friends was a completely dead franchise owned by Kadokawa that featured a dead game and an irrelevant manga.
When the anime was made, it was made in the cheapest way possible complete with badly animated 3D graphics and a studio consisting of just 10 people. There was really nothing on it but to serve as a way to fill in schedule

But Japs loved the hell out of it. Supplies were sold out everywhere, bds, merch, seiyu stuff, etc. It was a franchise that was growing at biblical proportion to the point that it was given the honor to make a commercial for Nissin, JRA, and Anisama.

However, Sep25, the director announced on twitter that he received a message from Kadokawa saying that he was fired from S2.

It got into #1 twitter trending at once.
A massive shitstorm occured that was even hotter than their own election. Artists, reporters, VAs, businessmen, even S.Koreans were raging at Kadokawa

Kadokawa tried to downplay the situation by saying that Tatsuki as fired because he leaked out copyright materials. This fueled the situation even worse as Nissin and JRA said that it was false.
Then Kadokawa made the VAs of the show apologize for everything that happened, further increased the fire and launching twitter tag #Seiyushield

The CEO was forced to get involved then and launched a negotiation that lasted for 3 months. All the while, the show and director was earning awards after awards for how great KF was.

It ended in a failure wherein Kadokawa still keep themselves prideful and refuses to admit they fucked up.

Today, the negative PR on Kadokawa was so great that Nico users are now migrating to YouTube, no studio wanted to get involved with them, and they are hated by everyone in Japan.

The director however is still alive and is now seen as the crucified messiah of anime. His cult following was so devoted, his 5 min short got #1 rank in Amazon.
Kadokawa pretty much lost more money than they could gain. Which is everything they do not want to happen

Oh, and rival publishers are literally racing to get a hold of investing on the Golden Goose that Kadokawa foolishly let loose. Competition was so much that Tatsuki’s 5 minute short was given a slot on national TV.

Whatever he produces is guaranteed a best seller now.”

2018 Feb 21 ~ Mar 14

“The future that Progressivism wants is one where everyone is a complete degenerate but ze doesn’t get any enjoyment from it.”

“California is spending more to paint a bridge than the bridge originally cost to build (in current dollars).”

“”Are you homeless? Not our problem!”
“Are you struggling to get by? Not our problem!”
“Are you starving? Not our problem!”
“Are you in debt? Not our problem!”
“Do you have health issues? Better pay up or die cause it’s not our problem LOL!”
“Hold up?!? You’re considering taking your life?? Don’t you know we care about you and want to help you! Let’s waste countless resources doing everything in our power to make sure you don’t die! Isn’t life wonderful? How could you ever want to leave this beautiful planet??””

“there’s 4 people total in your team?”
“how many people can be in a team before uselessness pops up?”
“we had a choice of 3 or 4
our idea was that if it was 3, thered be enough pressure to keep everyone working
this is clearly an incorrect conclusion.”

“Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split, as a general thing. The more I see of what you call civilization, the more highly I think of what you call savagery!”

“It’s incredible to me that Tokyo is still finding new ways to tie one end of the metropolis to the other–building new subways (Fukutoshin Line), new viaducts (Ueno-Tokyo Line), or just making more use of existing ROWs, as in Sotetsu’s case”

“Contrast to America: Everyone takes the same road, even though everyone has Freedommobiles. Sometimes there’s even two viable roads – you get a choice! But of course you do. It’s the Land of the Free, after all.”

“Journalists: More regulation for Facebook
Journalists: More regulation for finance
Journalists: More regulation for sugary food
Journalists: More regulation for advertising

Corbyn: More regulation for journalists

Journalists: So this is how democracy dies”

“Do I get a say this time?”
“Of course. We’re partners. I’m just in charge.”

“When my child hits another child with a stick, I don’t blame the stick, but I still take the stick away.”

“When my child hits a child with a stick, I take away the sticks from every child.”

“When my kid hits another kid with a stick I burn every tree on the continent to the ground to prevent anyone from accessing a stick.”

“I know it’s difficult. What of it? […] The details do not interest me.”

“So you took it out on the furniture?”
“Would you have preferred I took it out on something else?”

“[P]arental wealth not generally causal for children’s outcomes. Evidence from Swedish lotto winners. You cannot buy your children a big advantage, it’s mostly a genetic lottery. Best you can do is choose a good mate. “

“Nothing says “libertarian” like entrusting your children’s safeties to government employees so long as they call themselves “teachers” instead of “officers.” Stop being vague, tacit, and redundant and just openly say you want all teaching positions to be filled by law-enforcers already you dumb kooks. The distinction between a policeman and an educator almost entirely fades when you give the latter all of the training and equipment utilized by the former with the intention of maintaining the exact same premise: social order and adherence to the law.”

“People aren’t free, it’s capital who is free”

“”Of course correlation is not causality […] But I strongly believe that if correlation is found, we should assume causality until proven otherwise.”

I think there’s something fundamentally different about a person who is “open to ideas” and waits for things to appear, and a person who has a handful of ideas in mind, assumes they all have some likelihood, and actively tries to see what combination of them is most accurate.”

“Every choice and action that others do that I approve of is due to free will.

Every choice and action that others do that I dont approve of is due to conditioning.”

“The Chinese discovered the magnetic compass by pure trial-and-error. Nevertheless it was not the compass itself, but the combination of it and sufficiently accurate clocks (the most difficult feat of engineering before the industrial age) that enabled the accurate determination of longitude (that only European countries were able to do). This is common knowledge among specialists in the history of technology (though apparently not among “general historians”).

[…] the Chinese did not even understand what a “general” concept was (like the concept of a function), or what quantification was. They had no muscular thought whatsoever, of the type that requires the greatest effort to keep in track of many things at once, of combinatorial or geometric intuition – and one way to characterize the preceding is: that one does not play around with words or fancies or pure “analogies” but rather, with complicated physical arrangements (in the laboratory), and with diagrams that are always slightly more complicated than one can immediately keep in track of.

I distinctly remember, when I was an undergraduate in [deleted for reasons of privacy], how many of the top “Chinese” students who came directly from Chinese high schools almost all flunked out of the first “advanced” math course (in which one has to construct proofs), after getting A+s in “calculus” (itself very superficially taught) etc. […]

[…] They [the Chinese] did not have thinkers who were particularly powerful, either in mathematical thought (as above – simplifying more and more intricate notions), or else those like Faraday who may not have used mathematical analysis, but who (1) thought in a geometric and very very intricate language (lines of force), and (2) an incomparable “sense” of what parameters to keep in track of and what to ignore (physicists know what to ignore).”

“[A]theism tends to breed among those who work the land, and whose livihood completely depends on their own labor, rather than the hunter-gatherers who depend a great deal on luck and chance.”

“Divide each problem that you can examine into as many parts as you can and as you need to solve them more easily.”

“This rule of Descartes is of little use as long as the art of dividing . . . remains unexplained. . . . By dividing his problem into unsuitable parts, the unexperienced problem-solver may increase his difficulty.”

“Anyway, I’m not sure if there is anything to all this (I voiced my doubts in the first post), but the point is that the Chinese “thought” is the only kind of thing that is fundamentally different from the thought of the West, and not influenced or absorbed by it in any way. In the entire history of thought, the fundamental contrast is exactly between the Greeks (who founded Western thought) and the Chinese (after the Han Dynasty and the disappearance of the Mohists) who followed fundamentally different paths – not between the Greeks and the Indians.

And contrary to what might be concluded by extreme “racialist” theories of history (that seem to exist only on the “internets” – and so, hardly seem to merit any kind of proper response as opposed to diagnosis), the Chinese inability to do various things (and the particular path they actually took) had nothing whatsoever to do with lacking a few exceptional “savants” of super-intelligence, like Newton, Euler, Gauss, etc. This was exactly because those “savants” even in the West were not actually the most “influential” figures, they simply combine the achievements of maybe a fifty or a hundred top-quality individuals in a single person. Rather, the truly “influential” ones were others – those who fully worked out a certain path by the guide of extra-rational belief (like Kepler, Tycho Brahe). Kepler depended on Apollonius’ mathematical machinery of conics, which was absolutely necessary for his formulation of the laws, just as Newton and others generalized Kepler’s laws, from astronomy to all mechanics (so no Kepler[**], Brahe and Apollonius = no nothing). The uniquely successful, Greek development of “formal mathematics” (based on formal proofs) depended heavily on the fact that it was in geometry that the Ancient Greeks focused on (in which logical relations between constructions were more transparent), and that the Greeks were compelled to construct formal proofs for mystical reasons that were mostly extra-rational. It was not, therefore, due to superintelligence or over-awing technique, or even clarity of apprehension, but simply blind luck and favorable circumstances (political disunity). Without Newton on the other hand, mechanics would have developed somewhat more slowly, but only by a few decades as there were plenty of other scientists of almost-equal capacity in the same period.”

“A slightly technical point not usually noticed about the discovery of Kepler’s laws (and in consequence, all of mechanics and classical physics): virtually all problems of mechanics are described by nonintegrable equations. Only a few (like the classical two body problem) are actually integrable. Now, it was also again by “luck” that the human race developed in a planetary system (in contrast to so many others in the galaxy) that had only one star – and also, where the planets lie at large distances from one another with masses each much smaller than that of the Sun. Only under these circumstances can you actually work with the equations that are actually integrable, and also such that planetary motion (revealed by integration) is very simple. That is, it is the particular structure of the solar system that was crucial (that fact that the motion of our planets is relatively simple, and can be described by integrable differential equations). This was definitely a necessary condition for the human race to discover (relatively quickly) the laws governing the motions of the planets and then generalize them to all mechanical motion (Newton).”

“Were you discharged or forced to resign from any position? Note: a ‘ yes’ answer does not preclude you from being considered for employment”

“Men form more egalitarian views on gender after serving with women in military bootcamp.”

“Men made to endure months of complete absurdity; when surveyed afterwards all get the message and answer what their masters want to hear. Zhao Gao would be proud.”

“Xi’s power grab demands a clear western response”

“The same article argues for “the defence of US and European political systems against potential Chinese interference.” While saying in the very title the West should interfere in China’s political system. You can’t make this stuff up.”

“I missed the days when everyone was a sincere dick rather than faceless members of a self-righteous mob putting up a facade of sincerity. I fucking hate “social media”. The phrase itself makes my fucking skin crawl.”

“I read a guidebook on movie screenwriting once, and the first rule was: Make your hero a 35-year-old single man. The second rule was: Make your heroine younger.”

“ive never been in a gun store with bulletproof glass”

“I am old and wealthy. I may say what I please.”

“Happy families are all alike. Every unhappy family is unhappy in their own way.”

“If we’re going to say the 2A only applies to weapons available when it was written, that’s fine with me as long as zog’s fighting force is subject to the same constraints.”

“Don’t forget the press! No internet for NYT, no typewriters, only old school printing presses”

“don’t forget the logistics either. make sure they are only able to relay their papers by horseback.”

“And free speech only applies to printed newspapers now, as the founders intended. Shut down all tv news that criticizes Blumpf

The founders and framers never imagined Jews would have the ability to transmit lies to hundreds of millions of people instantly.”

“everyone has a pet reason for wanting to prevent transit expansion–rich people are worried it will degrade neighborhood character and property values will drop, while poor people are…afraid it will degrade neighborhood character and property values will rise”

“I would prefer if you would stop treating me as if I were a child.”
“Would you prefer I treat you like the lying manipulator you are?”

“Amazon paid $700 million in taxes to other countries but essentially nothing to the country that it’s bleeding dry.

Put into terms the average person can easily contextualize Amazon paid the equivalent in taxes of a household making $50,000 a year paying $30 in income taxes. You will pay more in taxes working 20 hours at minimum wage than Amazon- a company worth tens of billions- will for an entire year.

Welcome to your neoliberal cyberpunk future. now with prime day And 50% more Lightning Deals.”

“Another way to look at it is that when you reduce the need for human labor, you reduce the need for humans. Why do you need a consumer base to acquire capital? Didn’t Marx argue for the idea that capitalism is about the labor market: that humans sell themselves in terms of labor power in order to consume. When you don’t need labor anymore because of automation, it kinda negates the need for consumers. Wouldn’t corporations just act as entities and begin trading between each other what they need?”

“Welcome to the 21st century. So many people focus on physical labor as the talking point since that’s what employs the majority of the worlds population but fail to even mention that the most powerful people in the room have amassed untold masses of wealth through the automation of exchanges. These people haven’t needed us for years. They mostly don’t give a fuck about us, I believe. But that’s just me.””

“A nominal alternative is no alternative–it must be VIABLE! Which means, among other things, that it must be planned to account for *all* parts of society, *all* kinds of trips. Not just for the rich or the poor. Not just for the elderly or for students. Not just for commuting!

Design a network specifically tailored to the 9-5 office commute, and you’ll find even 9-5 office workers prefer not to use it. Design it for all kinds of trips, and you’ll find that plenty of those trips are 9-5 office worker commutes! This applies to other niches”

“All these school kids are moved enough to walk out and speak for gun control but couldn’t be bothered to stand up for the kid getting bullied and laughed at daily.”

“The education system is an obvious waste of time on an enormous scale – thus selecting for and rewarding subjects who tolerate or even enjoy having their time wasted.”

“The Great American Novel is the history it writes about itself.

Greeks had philosophy. Romans had engineering. Americans have propaganda. Their style of lying will echo grandly through the centuries.”

“The “Modern”* service economy is pretty much entirely down to minimum wage. When deflation means wages should fall, minimum wage means they can’t. Instead the job gets offshored to somewhere with lower minimum wage. Service jobs can’t be offshored.

But as McDonald’s is kindly demonstrating for us, service jobs can sometimes be automated. Eventually the welfare state is going to put everyone out of work.”

“[W]ith improved communications and mobility, we don’t get physical separation between tribes. Which is a problem, because if tribal territories overlap, the natural outcome is that one tribe rules, and the other is ruled.

“Libertarians are wrong. Capitalism is not the “natural state” as it does not predate the industrial revolution. This should be quite obvious as Feudalism is clearly not Capitalism, and the assertion of the contrary that it actually is only further legitimizes Marxist critiques of Capitalism and betrays the liberal-democratic principles from which Capitalism erected.”

“If you cannot conquer death, you should have abandoned your fear of it.

If you understand death to be a shameful, terrifying thing, then you should throw away your sentience!”

>staff watch streams that could be considered to be right-oriented like hawks and issue threats over the slightest grievance
>enables camwhores because more than half their staff are getting bribed with titty pics

Twitch continues to remain scummy as fuck.”

“The West as a whole has been suffering from a serious illness since 1100 or so. America’s decline is a symptom of America, which itself is a symptom of the underlying disease.

The thing about 1100 is even if you suffered, you had a purpose and a community.

This is much of what defecting to ISIS etc. is about. “Actually, wealth for atomization wasn’t a good trade.”

“If you read between the lines of the numerous reports on China that have come out over the years, the real idea was this: the US could use it as a place to manufacture cheap goods because ‘authoritarianism’ would ensure it’d never produce competitive companies.

Everyone was certain that China could never produce competitive multinationals, because (of course!) you need liberalism for that. Technology is the product of freedom! China’s stifling political culture means we never have to worry about them posing a REAL challenge.

So it wasn’t so much that people thought China would change politically, but that it’d have to if it wanted to be competitive. That ‘authoritarianism’ would put a brake on development. That free America would always be the tech leader because you need freedom to produce tech.”

“it seems that when i see eastern artists practice, they come up with a solution to every forseeable problem.

Pages and pages of design problems and solutions, ways to tackle things, alternative approaches, etc.

it seems like western artists only copy photos.”

“>”The Chinese military arresting protesters at Tiananmen square is proof the PRC is evil!”
>”WACO does not represent the entire US government!””

“Is it a good thing for his career to have his style emulated like this? He succeeded because he was good and unique, having little Ruan Jia style clones running around undercutting his rates can’t be good.”

“You’re thinking like a beginner crab. A professional of Ruanjia’s level will never have to worry a day in his life that someone will “undercut” his rates. That shit just doesn’t happen at his level, the demand is simply too high. Undercutting prices is only something that happens at the lower levels of freelancing.”

“Here’s the thing, OP, what you practice depends on your goals.

If you want to be the next Rembrandt, you can sit people down and paint their fucking portrait, or go draw some windmills, learn how to make etchings, whatever. You don’t need to be able to conjure an image of a unicorn fucking a dragon on a pile of fairies in your head and then paint it.

If you want to draw unicorns fucking dragons on piles of fairies, however, maybe practice imagination drawing. Or start looking for unicorns, dragons and fairies willing to model for you, whatever works.

Stop being a living meme who doesn’t actually have any objectives and just wants to ‘git gud’ without having an ounce of awareness of what ‘gud’ means to you. Do you want to just emulate the old masters? Then actually figure out what the fuck that entails. Is it making portraits, drawing biblical scenes? Mythical scenes? What? Are you going to go to the effort of getting all the materials you need so that you can copy it without any imagination work? Even if that means getting a 3D model, or stringing up a dead horse, or buying a fuckton of costumes and having people stand stock still for 8 hours while you paint your rendition of the fall of Troy? If that’s what you fucking want, be my guest. The process is a means by which you reach your goal, so tailor your process to your goal instead of tailoring your goal to your process. if you’re fucking around with processes not knowing what your goal is you’re wasting your fucking time.”

“My hindbrain is smarter than my forebrain, so largely I let it do its thing. Sometimes I ask why, but it’s nonverbal so it just shrugs. It explains by us doing it and then I see what happens. “Oh yeah, that was a good idea. Wish I’d thought of it.””

“An education includes a literary canon so complex concepts can be quickly invoked through references. However, a whole book is a terribly inefficient way to deliver a reference. The educated have to justify the cost, meaning they can’t allow cheap alternatives like Cliff’s notes. Similarly the references are overused; tribal signalling instead of communication.

Folk try to avoid the cost with Cliff’s notes, even things like Know Your Meme and TVTropes. But there’s no reason to look up the reference until you read it in the wild. Writers forgo the compression, knowing everyone has to look it up. Nobody uses so nobody looks it up. Folk start selecting references for obscurity; specifically ones not in Cliff or KYM, awarding cool points for being in the secret club. Basically wasting the time of the supermajority of their readers.”

“[I]f you don’t get something, that’s a statement about the limits of your intellect rather than about the nature of the problem. If you don’t get something, the problem is with you, not with the issue. Go try and understand it, and then come back.”

“Strategy is a product of a political cycle: its nature will inevitably be marked by the settling sediments of the political bric-a-brac of its age. In a republic, a single man’s vision will rarely escape into national strategy unscathed by the hands of other men. The baby may be deformed as an unavoidable side effect of the birthing and delivery process. It may be that authoritarian regimes offer the possibility, however remote, that a single great man can exercise a great grand strategy untrammeled by the objections of lesser men. This may be one reason why both Hamilton and Kennan, in their worst moments, were strongly attracted to authoritarian possibilities at home and abroad. However, such authoritarian dreams are unrealizable in a system that attempts to approximate, however inaccurately, the desires of its citizens. Operating in a free state means, inevitably, that you can only execute strategy with the citizenry you have, not the citizenry you want. And that will always rub the nerd the wrong way.”

“The key value of privacy, which tends to be lost amid all the technological babble about the concept, is that it makes social cooperation more feasible among people who disagree, share different tastes, or fundamental points of view.

The irony of this is that some of the people who are most in favor of destroying privacy are also the most in favor of encouraging ethnic and religious diversity, at least on the face of their rhetoric. These two goals bump into one another as countervailing forces.

“One of the fundamental assumptions behind the utopian ambitions of the web was that greater access to media would make people into better versions of themselves, and thereby improve society.

This improved access to media was thought to closely correlate with greater access to useful and entertaining knowledge.

What it does do is make media more accessible. Those media files may or may not be useful feedstock for knowledge. It’s difficult for most people to tell the difference between stimulating fluff and useful material.

One critical issue is that knowledge is carefully wrapped up in human memory rather than the computerized variety. People who are genuinely knowledgeable have to combine experience with memorized information to be able to perform useful tasks in the real world – whether it’s to give a speech that persuades a crowd, change a tire, or apply a tourniquet to a hemorrhaging wound.

That it’s easier to access information of variable quality about any conceivable subject is true. What isn’t true is that that accessibility has much impact on the ability of people to become more knowledgeable.

If anything, the opposite happens – because people believe that they can retrieve relevant information from the internet whenever they need to, it creates the illusion that the painstaking accumulation of real knowledge and skill is no longer necessary.

“A good shortcut for political movements is: if women get in, they go leftist; if women don’t get in, gays get in.

Normal people have better things to do with their lives than politics. Bioleninism has a structural advantage.”

“There are no ‘waves’ of feminism, it is the same “terrorist” group it’s always been. We just accept their terrorism today as normal.”

“”Start by being warm, pleasant, & generous w/every person you meet;
but if someone tries to exercise power over you, exercise power over him;
& if he messes w/you, remember to keep messing w/him long after he has forgotten about it.”

“It’s a game built upon RNG, and like a slot machine it will deliver either good or bad results on a random basis. I had to drop it because I realized it was fucking up my risk/reward perception. Sure it wasn’t gambling addiction, and I wasn’t burning any money, but I dumped a lot of time in it. I don’t recommend it: if you have the time, use it on better games.”

“Briefly stated, the Gell-Mann Amnesia effect is as follows. You open the newspaper to an article on some subject you know well. In Murray’s case, physics. In mine, show business. You read the article and see the journalist has absolutely no understanding of either the facts or the issues. Often, the article is so wrong it actually presents the story backward – reversing cause and effect. I call these the “wet streets cause rain” stories. Paper’s full of them. In any case, you read with exasperation or amusement the multiple errors in a story, and then turn the page to national or international affairs, and read as if the rest of the newspaper was somehow more accurate about Palestine than the baloney you just read. You turn the page, and forget what you know.”

“In your actual profession, status depends on information. Outside it, only that you’re aware of what everyone else is talking about.”

“People think @elonmusk’s tunnel fantasy is plausible because we’ve spent the last 50 years building a nearly-as-unaffordable above-ground version”

“A lesson in Western propaganda:
– German leader Merkel begins 4th term, is “leader of the free world”
– Western-allied Saudi monarchy is “revolutionary”
– “enemy” China removes term limits on presidential re-election as Xi Jinping begins 2nd term—he is “emperor”, “ruler for life””

“There is a silver lining to everything. In that case we Americans will hardly need to ponder a mystery that has troubled men for millennia: what is the purpose of life? For us, the answer will be clear, established and for all practical purposes indisputable: The purpose of life is to produce and consume automobiles.”

“If Kim really wants normalized relations in return for denuclearization and a guarantee of regime preservation, Trump seems like the guy to give it to him. Any other US politician would insist on democratization, making it untenable.”

“As China progressively proves that the Western democratic/bureaucrat-supremacist system is far from a game theoretical necessity, we can start seeing the ‘greatness’ of Rome in a more accurate light.”

“So actually what you do is, instead of having three people work a skilled job for 40 hours a week, you have four people work the job for 30 hours a week.

Only you can’t do that because of labour regulations and minimum wage.”

“He implicated Ukrainians and Tatars in the same breath, but no one is whining about that. Jews react like this because these accusations against them are almost always true, and exposure is the biggest threat to their Jew agenda.”

“What’s the most egregious thing the boomers have done in your opinion?”

“I’ll give you something abstract and something concrete. On an abstract level, I think the worst thing they’ve done is destroy a sense of social solidarity, a sense of commitment to fellow citizens. That ethos is gone and it’s been replaced by a cult of individualism. It’s hard to overstate how damaging this is.

On a concrete level, their policies of under-investment and debt accumulation have made it very hard to deal with our most serious challenges going forward. Because we failed to confront things like infrastructure decay and climate change early on, they’ve only grown into bigger and more expensive problems. When something breaks, it’s a lot more expensive to fix than it would have been to just maintain it all along.”

“Halo designer I think called out a Japanese game for being misogynistic for their female designs, than in turn got called out for Cortana essentially being without clothes by some feminist cunt, faggot gave a terrible response and instantly caved.
>new halo reveal
>a hologram has armor now
You stupid, judgemental fucking beta, I may be mixing up two people but I don’t think I am.”

>the internet will be ruled by shitty kids who think “growing up on the internet” means staying in heavily-patrolled corporate websites where they can share every second of their shitty lives.
Despite knowing this, it depresses me everytime.”

“I miss searching for [popular game] online and finding a myriad of blogs and assorted websites chock full of varied fan content being proudly displayed on front pages. Nowadays you get a single wiki and a couple of forum threads that wouldn’t touch original content with a ten foot pole
>tfw finding treasure troves of pirated games and music during the early life of p2p programs
It wasn’t even that long ago either. technology is moving so fast”

“This is what I call the “centralization of the internet”
People may use the Internet on average more often these days than 10-15 years ago, they, however, use less different websites in general.
The thousands of different forums for different topics where distinct cultures may develop have been mostly replaced by subreddits.
The concept of “personal websites” for individuals has been replaced by blogs on Tumblr or social media accounts on Facebook.
Most content creators these days use established bigger websites owned by bigger corporations like Youtube.

I mean just look at the top websites of the US

You see how most sites are established websites for the masses.
The Internet has gradually stopped being a place of wonder and exploration in favour of known, centralized communities.”

“This is the free market in action. Bigger fish eat up the small fish until eventually there are no small fish left.”

“Democracy is socialist redistribution of power. Power is often used to acquire wealth. Democracy thus implies socialism of wealth.”

“Martin Shkreli = 7 years, $7.5M fine
Investor capital lost = ~$0

Elizabeth Holmes = $500k fine, D&O bar
Company value lost = ~$8 billion”

“The Lesson of Theranos is that Elizabeth Holmes is “She is the daughter of government service worker Christian Holmes IV and congressional committee staffer Noel Daoust.”

And Shkreli is an Albanian autist.

Next time you read about China’s or Russia’s oligarchy, laugh.”

“It’s also not uncommon in Silicon Valley for entrepreneurs who are funded for their original idea to get repurposed into working on something else when the original idea proves a dud, but the investors still like the founders’ personalities.

Obviously, she’s good at impressing important men. That’s a remunerative skill, even without being an inventor. The interesting question is why didn’t she get redirected away from a field, biotechnology, in which she had no particular technical skills to one in which her abundant people skills would be useful?”

“Egalitarianism has to be true, because if some people are better than others, then obviously we want the best one ruling. And we can just call it a king. America’s experiment is over guys, we can go home now.”

“The best one also has more experience. And more experience means starting as early as possible and spending as much time as possible. Meaning all professions everywhere will eventually be hereditary. America’s experiment is over guys, we can go home now.”

“Washington Post talking about a Nobel Prize to Kim Jong Un if he helps out with Cold War 2 against China.

These guys are this crazy.”

“Excuse me Comrade, but do I detect disloyalty? Comrade Holmes is a fine member of the Party and we cannot allow some youthful indiscretions to derail such a promising young woman’s career.”

“To be accused of “anti-semitism,” is to be guilty of having repeated what jews have already admitted”

“”According to some quick back-of-the-envelope math, Bezos’ fortune has been increasing by roughly 231,000 per minute in 2018. So every minute, Bezos has made roughly four times what the average American worker makes in a year.”

Jeff Bezos is 23100 x more intelligent than the rest of humanity!
Inequality is.ur own damn fault pick urself up by ur bootstraps etc etc”

“Please listen and pass what I’m about to say on to your viewers and listeners.

We’re holding discussions with our American friends and partners, people who represent the government by the way, and when they claim that some Russians interfered in the US elections we tell theem and we did so fairly recently at a very high level, “But you are constantly interfering in our political life”.

Can you imagine, they don’t even deny it. You know what they told us last time? They said, “Yes, we do interfere, but we are entitled to do it because we’re spreading democracy, and you’re not, so you can’t do it.” Does this seem like a civilized and modern approach to international affairs?

At the level of the Russian government and at the level of the Russian president there has never been any interference in the internal political processes of the United States.

Not long ago President Trump said something that was absolutely correct. He said that if Russia’s goal was to sow chaos it has succeeded. But that’s not the result of any Russian interference. That’s the result of your political system: the internal struggle, the disorder and division. Russia has nothing to do with it whasoever.

We have nothing to do with it at all. Get your own affairs in order first.

And the way the question’s been framed, as I mentioned – that you can interfere anywhere you want because you bring democracy, but we can’t – that’s what causes conflicts. You have to show your partners respect, and they will respect you.”

“Skin in the game—as a filter—is the central pillar for the organic functioning of systems, whether humans or natural. Unless consequential decisions are taken by people who pay for the consequences, the world would vulnerable to total systemic collapse. And if you wonder why there is a current riot against a certain class of self-congratulatory “experts”, skin the game will provide a clear answer: the public has viscerally detected that some “educated” but cosmetic experts have no skin in the game and will never learn from their mistakes, whether individually or, more dangerously, collectively.”