2017 Dec 06 ~ 17

“We low hardness gems have nothing if not for our courage.”
“There are things I just can’t do.”
“Because you never try.”
“I do the things I can as best I can.”
“And so you never accomplish anything new.”

“We might say that there are two categories of people around us. Some live with a Soul that is without the Nous (meaning without this divine part of the Nous) and another group lives with a Soul that has the Nous. When I was a philosophy teacher it was really easy to see who was able to question himself, and who had no clue what it means to think about something beyond the material world.

For many people there is no spark, whether we are talking about the Soul, destiny, or God. Their whole life is not an action, but a reaction. They copulate, work, have children, and die. They can think, but not in a way that allows them to develop a critical and personal mind. We should not despise these people, but as a matter of fact they are really different. Theurgists called them a ‘herd of men who are subject to fate.'”

“It’s all a matter of whose perception you entrust your sense of self to. Is the “real” self the one that you observe, or the one that others observe?”

“But if you focus too much on that kind of stuff, you end up losing sight of what you wanted to accomplish in the story itself… It’s not enough to just show them fighting. You need to clearly show why someone acts the way they do, and firmly establish things on a dramatic level before going wild creatively.”

“I’m used to working with characters in their teens, who have obvious desires and acting on simple motives. As for Phos, they’ve spent 300 years not doing anything, so even their frustration lacks resolve and has an air of resignation to it, or so I was told by Ichikawa-san. […]

To be more specific, Phos has a wide range of emotions and you see them angry or sulking, but they’re never terribly serious about it. Even when they ask Master Kongou to be placed in battle, they’re surprisingly lax about it. In creating them, I’ve put forward all I can before pulling away, so it’s less that I’ve put myself into Phos, and more like I’m standing far away from them.”

“Kurosawa-san, who is the voice of Phos, gives off the sense that she was born to play the role. When we had auditions, she was the only one physically acting out the lines without looking at the script. It’s like she had become Phos right then and there. That may have just been her way of trying to sell it, but it really felt like she had embraced the character, and I’m glad we were able to have her for the anime.”

“I both agree and disagree. I think she has a really great use of space, expression, and a certain emotional resonance in her compositions. I love the animation and the animation certainly does a LOT better when it comes to fight scenes because if I were just looking at the manga it’s difficult to picture what action is meant to be communicated sometimes. But on the other hand, I think certain scenes in the manga feel bleaker, or more oppressive, or on the flip side more open and wondrous – it’s all very loose, not as technically well-drawn as many other mangas, but it has impact and evokes feelings and states of mind very well.”

“So what’s the point of killing off such a pure and innocent character like Phos? Can’t we have nice things?”

“>what’s the point of showing the loss of innocence that comes with experience
gee i wonder”

“but that send a wrong message though. Innocence tempered with wisdom>>>ptsd wreck”

“Wrong or right is irrelevant, it’s an accurate message.”

“Phos might not remember this, but everyone here should. Of course he cares if she’s learning about humans. But I also bet it’s all a distant second in importance to Phos being returned alive and safe. His main concern is protecting the gems. Just like when Cinnabar told Phos they all know something connects Sensei and the lunarians, but don’t act on it. The gems only want to be happy. One gem wants the world to burn in the pursuit of a truth she doesn’t need to know.”

“People who are art illiterate only think that more detail means better. The manga is gorgeous in its simplicity.”

“It’s just a way of artists making use of the limitations of the media, manga artists that are more used to drawing action would probably take a different view angle and then showing the arrows heading straight to the character and the character with wicked fast sword movements blocking the arrows depicted with action lines, that is a cool way of doing it since everything can be seen, all the action that happens is drawn inside the panels.

This manga takes a different approach to action, instead of all the movements, it chooses to have no character movement at all, only the arrows. The manga organizes the panels and characters accordingly.
First panel, you see the Lunarians aiming down and to the right.
Second panel, you see a profile shot with the arrows coming down from upper left, the arrow stops at the sword to depict them blocking all of it, this panel is two dimensional, only upper left against bottom right.
Third panel you see Morga on the ground blocking some of the arrows that went through the previous panel.
It’s a very different way of handling the action, the action doesn’t actually happen in the panels, it happens between the panels, unseen by the audience, it is supposed to only exist in the minds of the reader, we only see before and after.”

“That’s not an excuse, but it also isn’t the problem; She takes all the sensibilities of a middle-aged buddhist woman to drawing action scenes. It reads more like tapestry than manga.”

“No anime series has consistently impressed me as much since Rakugo S1 (sorry S2 was disappointing) or maybe even Ping Pong. An almost perfect amalgamation of excellent storyboards and direction, emotionally concise layouts, captivating crystalline aesthetic, searingly human psychological observations, naturalistic humour, low-key worldbuilding, understated character drama and stylistic and bombastic spectacle.”

“women treated terribly” = treated the same way everyone else is on internet

women of all stripes complain about stuff that doesn’t even rise to level of consciousness in men.

perhaps a sign politics isn’t for women?”

“Wtf is wrong with women? Everything they do is stupid and fake. They love those reaction gifs like they’re unable to express themselves without ceding to some dumb whore gif doing what they idealize. Females in the west always act like they’re on a stage and like there’s an audience of other women that they imagine on their side giving imaginary pats on the back and clapping for their unreasonable and dramatic behavior. Literally the “and then everybody clapped” worldview which is running constantly in their peabrains like a film projector.”

“tbh anarcho-feminism makes a little sense if you mean to imply feminism is your way of acheiving anarchy”

“what is a choice?”
“I mean, you can choose not to support something in a free market, you don’t care to build a library? your taxes will still go to building a library, you disagree with welfare? your money still goes to welfare[…]”
“can you choose to not have internet?”
“can you choose to not drink water?”
“Yes and No, if you are arguing that a government should still provide water than I agree with you.
I argue it should be as small as possible, not non existant”
“that’s an argument that goes into details i dont really care about at the moment
my aim is to determine what is a choice and what the value of a choice is to a self-proclaimed libertarian
what is the “yes” answer to the question? “you can choose to die”?”
“Well I think suicide should be a choice you can make”
so choices that lead to death are still choices.
why is it not a choice to not pay taxes then?
you “don’t” have a choice in paying taxes, but you “do” have a choice in not drinking water?
am i getting this right?”

“At this point I think you are just being anal tbh”

“that’s fine
i’m just entertaining an imbecile.
hard to do it without fucking up here or there.”

“The (((establishment))) lies and cheats and plays dirty tricks every single chance they get and yet there still are morons out there who are suprised when it turns out the Alabama election was most likely rigged. OF COURSE ITS RIGGED YOU DUMMIES. Like seriously you see them conning you in every area of society but somehow you expect elections to be this holy line that they wouldnt cross? Of course they would. The question is what are you gonna do about it?

Are you going to b0mb the people responsible and lynch your political enemies (not that i would ever support such an action huehuehue) or are you just gonna cry about it to your web psychologist Stefan Molyneux. Bawwwww Dr Molyneux look at what these mean jew- errr I mean leftist humanists are doing to us noooow!!! Please Dr Molyneux take my 5 dollar donation”

“investing is like 30% skill, 70% reading people faster than they read themselves.”

“Systems that work with money are attacked hard and often, by intelligent skilled people… Spectacular failure is your destiny if you don’t work very hard to prevent it. Spectacular failure may be your destiny even if you do work very hard to prevent it. You should plan accordingly.”

“Bitcoin is worthless because it is not backed by anything”

Yeah, and a word has a meaning because it’s “backed” by a dictionary.”

“I think the economist is a really trashy publication. And I don’t mean trashy in the sense that all journalistic outlets are trashy. The economic analysis in the economist is honestly lower grade than you can find in the average newspaper, even the Guardian. It seems less aimed at people who want real understanding and more at these fuckin Tai Lopez business studies types so that they can name drop hot lingo like “gig economy” to show that they’ve got their finger on the pulse of all the issues of the day, but the analysis is normally utterly superficial dinner-party level crap.”

“I can’t really blame Boomers and Xirs now, everyone knows stocks are overvalued, everyone knows the very idea of a pension bond is retarded, if you try to store value in your community the govt will feed that value to its voter base, if you try to store value in your house the govt will take it out in the form of property taxes, so the only store of value is your own children themselves, which, of course, you’re instructed to feed carbs at steak prices, communist propaganda, and pay for a worthless college degree for after which they compete with the rest of the world and lose because all the White male slots in the workplaces are taken by essential people with decades of experience.

But the Boomers, whose generational slogan is “I got mine, fuck you”, and the Xirs, slogan “I didn’t get mine, fuck you”, are going to demand their gibsmedats after having, as generations, eaten their seed corn, and are going to do what they can to prevent the kind of change we need. They’ll double down on communism over and over before they accept that their money is gone and they’re never getting it back, ever, from anyone.

It’s easier for Millennials who have lost years of their working lives directly to accept that they don’t have anything to show for it.”

“economics major
it will crash down to c~500 or so in the next 5 years
screenshot this”

“Okay but how high will it get before the crash and can you screen cap when I should cash out?”

“When you do things on computers, especially online, you leave indelible trails that are permanent, very shallow, very cheap to access. Meatspace trails are temporary, deep, expensive to access. What you send, what is delivered, what is handed off is impossible to detect and prove without expensive and time sensitive meatspace operations.”

“Gold also has problems, in that transporting gold from one place to another is slow and risky. Easier to leave the gold in one place, and transfer ownership. This, however tempts the proprietor of that place to misconduct (fractional reserve and term transformation) and exposes the proprietor to attack. So the most trusted proprietor winds up being the most powerful state, which is to say, the USG. Banks around the world leave their gold with –(Fort Knox)– the New York Fed, and simply move ownership of it. And that state then steals the gold. Banks that are owed gold by the USG have been asking for their gold back, asking for physical gold, and not getting it.”

“The supreme aspiration of every man alive is to be rich, to earn “Fuck you money”. Early Parliamentary systems were arranged so that only rich people could participate in politics. What happened? They spent most the time telling “fuck you” to each other.”

“Any system ruled by political parties will always move to the left. Their business model is based on getting low status people to work for them. Obviously they must give them something in exchange. And they must motivate voters to vote for them. Their promise is simple: You, low status people, help us out, vote for us, obey our commands, and we will give you high status. Don’t vote for us, disobey us, let the right win, and you will remain low status.

Once the left wins, which it always does, because they are better organized, better able to form majorities in comparison to rich pricks who have no good reason to coordinate. High status people have been in the losing side in politics for 300 years. So what? They’re still rich. Life is good. Yeah taxes are higher. And women are incomparably more annoying. But they put out better now, so there’s that. Anyway, who cares. The Son also Rises.

The left always wins. But once they win they become higher status. Come on, they got power. They try, very hard, to convince everyone that they’re not really in power. No, the forces of reaction are lurking everywhere! We must keep on the struggle! 80% of the Left’s energy is in producing propaganda about how the Right really runs everything. When the Left had 90% tax rates, they still talked as if they were in Charles Dickens world. After 60 years of feminism, affirmative action, and Jews in all resorts of power the Left of 2017 is obsessed with “systemic racism”, “toxic masculinity” and “anti-semitism”. Right.

But of course the Left has been in power for 200 years now. Once they got power, they got enjoyed their hardly fought high status. Naturally they lost discipline, until a party further Left appeared, and then won. And so on and so forth. Cthulhu always swims left. That’s where power is.

“It would be nice to have your assets in a form that perhaps was unlikely to generate value, but did not need to be defended.

If, at the time of Caesar, a wealthy Roman invested in income producing properties, what would his wealth be worth now?

Absolutely nothing.

And this has been typical over most of the world throughout most of time, including most of the world during most of the twentieth century. If, on the other hand, he buried gold in a hole in the ground, what would it be worth now?

About what it was worth then.”

“For me personally, I tend to draw the line way before anything like Bitcoin, but I entirely take your point. After all, possession of physical cash is increasingly seen as likely evidence of criminality. In fact having any money at all and not blowing it all on garbage *is increasingly seen as evidence of criminality*.”

“What might come as a surprise to some, however, is that the entire meme of Nazi violence is itself based on an even bigger lie.

Whatever one may think of the former Austrian painter, it goes without saying the man known as more as a speaker than as a fist fighter. Throughout the decade of the 1920s, he communicated his ideas to his fellow Germans with the spoken word, and built his entire movement on the power of free speech. Yes, speech: that same sacred right enshrined in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Hitler didn’t force the German people into his meetings with clubs and bayonets. They came willingly under the democratic Weimar constitution to listen to what he had to say. He argued passionately, forcefully but convincingly for his point of view. But there were other forces in Germany and throughout Europe at the time who were determined to reply not with words, but only with violence.

By 1920, bloody communist revolutions had already overthrown governments by force in Russia, Hungary and in Hitler’s home province of Bavaria. The Red Terror of Bela Kun, the unspeakable atrocities of the Cheka, the murders carried out by the Bavarian Soviet Republic all gruesomely demonstrated to patriots everywhere what treatment they could expect under the tender mercies of Marxism. Like ISIS today, the communists believed any atrocity was justified in the pursuit of their utopian future state, and that initiating violence was morally justified by their own radical worldview…

In Germany, as the young leader of the N.S.D.A.P. attempted to build popular support for his party, he found his meetings confronted again and again by apostles of communism determined to put Trotsky’s words into action. This was the era of the infamous S.A, or Brownshirts, the Nazi paramilitary force whose very name is today a byword for violent intimidation of political opponents. Yet the S.A. was first organized informally as a defensive force to protect National Socialist speakers against violent attacks. The original name of the Brownshirts was Saalschutzabteilung, or ‘meeting hall protection detachment,’ and Hitler writes about their origin in his autobiography: ‘Its first task was limited: it consisted of making possible the holding of meetings which without it would have been flatly prevented by the opponents.'”

“What’s with all these women who have men hovering near them in their Tinder profiles? Answer: Classic female projection. Women are more attracted to preselected men (i.e., men who have other women interested in them) and assume that men must be the same way and desire women who are surrounded by men. Wrong!”

“Everyone loves a pretty face – except those women who might see it as a threat. With eyes on the competition, women of childbearing age rate other attractive women consistently lower than women who have entered menopause, according to a new study.

“It’s almost as if they’re putting down other attractive women,” says Benedict Jones, a psychologist at Aberdeen University, UK, who led the study of 97 middle-aged women.”

“If the mantra “Cthulhu always swims left” were true, we would never have been able to build society in the first place, because building society involves creating order, not consuming order. Prime examples of this are in the strong reactionary shift post-Roman-empire, which allowed the creation of Christendom. Late Rome was pozzed out the butt. Middles ages were not. How does this occur? Is collapse necessary? What are the necessary criteria for Cthulhu to turn his ass around?”

“Participatory movement is what triggers the leftist ratchet. Rome had elections: the plebeians slowly but steadily grabbed more power until Caesar destroyed the Republic.

Caste societies are very stable. But they’re also poor and backwards, so there’s that.”

“SOME participation is necessary, because to handle a high-tech society, you need a large number of educated people, and they at least will demand a share in ruling. That´s why NeoreactionTM doesn´t really go anywhere. It´s incompatible with technological progress.

So is Egalitarianism in the long run; because it destroys competence. We must think outside the box.

If our only choice is between “Progressive” Equalitards and “Reactionary” Libertards, we are all doomed.”

“China. QED.

Whig history is retarded. Try again.”

“I have no idea what you are meaning to say.

What exactly does China prove?”

“China proves that educated people won’t necessarily demand participation in government. And even if they did, there’s no need to grant their wish.

The theory that democracy follows development is pure Whig history. It’s leftist propaganda and it’s a lie.”

“Who said anything about Democracy? I said SOME participation.

And the educated in China CAN have some participation in power if they join the Party. It´s not as ideologically monolithic any more I hear.”

“The communist party isn’t free access. It has completely arbitrary hiring practices. Nobody has a right to participate in politics, and that means that the usual tactics of leftist agitation don’t work in China.

The party isn’t ideologically monolithic because it has no ideology. It has factions, which are personal networks of patronage. They have no need to appeal to the public and so they don’t use ideological cover for their patronage networks.”

“The medical-industrial complex exists for one reason: old people have money they can’t use and that they have neither the vigor nor reason to defend.”

“Imagine an MMORPG where a level-60 player goes around kicking the shit out of level-1 players just to piss them off. Eventually, the game runners will step in.

Corporate capitalism doesn’t have that.”

“I spent the last two days hacking together a hard AI problem (language generation) using gcl. It was largely a desperation move – Python was just too clumsy and tedious. It was my first experience using a functional language, and I was struck by (a) how easy it was to pick up, (b) how easy it was to propagate changes through the code, (c) how quickly one could go from ideas to results, and (d) how easy it was to iterate to the best result. Not only that, but it was much easier to keep my code clean. I am thunderstruck. Why did I not try this before? Why was I wasting my time with Java and C++?

[…] I’m wondering if C++ and Java – using bastardized OOP – were more appealing because the practice of doing this reflected the noise, slowness, tediousness, and brutal hierarchy of corporate life. Using them was less productive, but it was something management could understand and, more importantly, control. Reading this JPL story, and doing this project, has convinced me that, in corporate life, control trumps productivity every time. I want to be productive, I must wage a private war.”

“The main innovation to come out of venture-funded technology has nothing to do with science, computation, or technology itself. It’s the disposable company. The true executives of this brave new economy are venture capitalists, and so-called “founders” are middle managers who must manage up into Sand Hill Road. The difference is the ease with which a company can be crumpled up and thrown in the wastebasket. Pesky workers want a union? No Series D for you! Founder-level sexual harassment issues causing bad press? Scrap the company, start again, and try not to get caught this time.

[…] In this less-than-ethical climate, institutions rust quickly. People realize their employers have no sense of loyalty or fair play, and they reciprocate. I’d guess that eighty percent of people lie on their CVs, and it’s hard to blame them in an industry where bait-and-switch hiring is the norm, and where dishonesty to employees is business-as-usual. (Lie to investors, though, and that’s “pound-me-in-the-ass” prison.) If a company can lie about the career benefits of a job it offers, can’t an employee fudge his own political success– or, shall we indulge the fiction and use the term “performance”?– at previous jobs? I don’t care to unpack this particular topic; what’s moral is one debate. What is, is what interests me here. We don’t have a culture that strengthens institutions or builds durable ones. We have one that builds flimsy companies that either decay rapidly or “disrupt” some other industry, capturing great wealth quickly at some external expense. We have a culture where everyone lies and no one trusts anyone, and where everything’s falling apart.”

“Corporate work is somewhat of a joke these days. People spend 8-12 hours per day defending an income and their professional status, and very little of that time is spent actually working. The weird irony of American life is that people’s leisure activities are more work-like than their paid jobs. They hunt, read, write, hike, run, garden, and sail on their weekends. What do they do at “work”? Sit an office and try not to get fired. If that means slacking, they slack; if that means working, they work. Their only real goal is protect an income. It’s not intellectually or physically demanding, but it’s obnoxiously stressful. Until we establish a universal basic income (which will save work, not destroy it; as the New Deal saved capitalism) this will be a reality for most white-collar Americans. We recognize corporate “work” as a stupid game people are forced to play.

Automation will destroy jobs. Good. Fuck “jobs”. If we had a universal basic income, no one would shed a tear about the elimination of unpleasant labor from human life. We don’t miss death by “consumption” in 2017, and no one in 2117 will wish he’d been around to spend 50 hours per week in a box, doing a job that a robot can do using 53 cents’ worth of electricity. At some point, we won’t have to work in the way we do now. We can recognize the grand joke that is American-style office work as an anomaly. Will it go away soon, without pain? I doubt it.”

“Years ago, I remember a company that had a layoff, and actually took out newspaper ads in its headquarters city to say that these were good people and other companies should take a good look at them.
We don’t see that now.”

“The presumption in the corporate world is that people peak in all non-managerial skills five minutes after graduating from school. And that applies to most people, because corporate life makes you stupid if you take it seriously.”

“The mentoring culture got killed when the sociopaths who run Corporate America fired all the 50+ workers who’d plateaued as individual achievers and wanted to pay forward the next generation.

As a result, the young feel no sense of loyalty to their employers, since companies no longer invest in their people, and will (metaphorically) take anything that isn’t stapled to a wall.”

“The original Japanese text uses mostly masculine pronouns, this is part of the presentation of the story as it is later explained the rocks are simply mimicking human culture, the fact that they look and act so feminine but refer to each other in a masculine way is supposed to drive the point that they are genderless and not human.

Frankly, I can understand why the official translators chose to change things to gender-neutral even if it does change the presentation of the original work somewhat, because gender is a stupidly hot issue for western audiences and most of them wouldn’t be able to catch the very simple artistic choice of using masculine pronouns.
The official translations are fine the way they are, if people want to experience the original text, they’d have to learn Japanese and read the Japanese version.”

“It disheartens me that with an anime whose themes revolve around identity and the path to enlightment (if we get on the 7 treasures boat), people just have to make it about gender.”

“The androgyny of the gems, their immortality, and their relationship with Sensei are all depicted by the narrative as unique features of their strange crystalline nature. It is very clear by the fact that the show chooses to focus on other things that these features were included for narrative purposes and not as some sort of attempt at political signalling. Idiots like the people who wrote this article do the shows they enjoy a disservice when they insist on injecting odious political demagoguery into their interpretations.”

“I’m so jealous of that old me that clung to the benevolence of others”

“Am I the only one who gets continuously more pissed off as they avoid using masculine pronouns and keep making egregious changes to the script anyone with ears can notice? They keep subbing in their names instead of “brother”, and rephrase Phos’s dialogue to be incredibly awkward and hard to understand just to avoid those deadly pronouns. Why the fuck is the translator so obsessed with this?”

“Ichikawa herself asked them to.”

“Why would she do that when the Japanese script doesn’t?”

“The whole decision to use gender neutral pronouns for all of the characters came from the series creator. Before I even started I was told that they wanted to keep the characters essentially genderless by avoiding using “he” or “she,” which really only left the option of “they” because using “it” or something horrible like that was absolutely out of the question.
In the Japanese script, the characters use what is actually the generic pronoun for “he” from time to time, and a lot of the characters use what are typically considered more masculine versions of the word “I,” which is something we don’t really have in English. But it can feel as though it has a bit more room for ambiguity in Japanese, whereas in English it feels like it very clearly assigns them one way or another, which is not what the creator intended.”
t. the Sentai translator, Deven Neel”

“To continue the quote which you lifted that from.

>We did consult with the author and the Japanese editorial team about the series, and ultimately, the decision to use gem’s names (or the use of “gem” as a pronoun!) was from our side, to keep clarity in the English language version of this wonderful story with a large cast of characters who may or may not be on-screen for the dialogue.

“ultimately, the decision to use gem’s names (or the use of “gem” as a pronoun!) was from our side”

This basically debunked everything you tried to say anon. Nice job trolling.”

“So basically, they were westernized SJWs who wanted to make them agender to score diversity points. Got it.”

“Jade and Rutile constantly missing the point of Phos’ critical statements and questions gives me a brain aneurysm. I’m sure it’s a conscious effort to downplay their importance since everybody suspects Sensei but has resolved to place their trust in him.”

“Thing is, it is.

They see Phos is realizing what they all realized, and downplay her questions to try and distract her from thinking about it too much.

Or to say it better…since, like Cinnabar said, there is an unspoken agreement to trust Sensei, they never really heard anyone voice out loud their doubts and questions like Phos does, they’re able to keep their own thought at bay by not outing them, silencing them in a “it’s not real if i don’t say it” way, so when someone says those thoughts out loud, they remain speechless for a second and try to “silence” her thoughts too by pretending to miss the point.

I remember a scene from a movie where a mother refused to admit to herself that her son was a drug addicted, and when he went out to buy a dose, someone pointed it out to her saying something along the lines of “you know he’s going to his dealer again, don’t you?” to which she just replied “…..i guess it’ll be just you and I at dinner tonight uh?”

It’s just a form of denial”

“Whether this is a directive from above is not clear,’’ he said. “But for C.D.C. or any agency to be censored or passively made to feel they have to self-censor to avoid retribution — that’s dangerous and not acceptable. The purpose of science is to search for truth, and when science is censored the truth is censored.”

>The purpose of science is to search for truth, and when science is censored the truth is censored.

I’m glad you feel this way, now let’s talk about statistics and race.”

“”Black not a nigger” is a nice appealing slogan. But when you really break down the meaning, it’s just a way to justify hate against blacks, without the wiser intruding.”

“It’s not hate against blacks, it’s hate against barely human creatures who are more dangerous than any animals living within our society”

“And the term for these “barely human creatures”, just happens to only apply to blacks.”

“Show me people from other races acting like niggers and I’ll call them niggers for you”

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