2017 Oct 25 ~ Nov 15

“Live in the country: cheap cost of living, few good jobs.”Live in the country: cheap cost of living, few good jobs.

Live in the city: expensive cost of living, better jobs.

I’d rather be gainfully employed in a small apartment then work at Wal-Mart with a house.”

“”Here I was, a man, owned this business, been coming to work every day like a good old guy for 23 years, and I show up at work that morning – I was in here doing my books from the day before – and the police just f***ed my life,” he said.

Nothing ever came of the case. The single charge levied against Renelli of receiving stolen goods was dismissed after he demonstrated that he had followed proper protocol in purchasing the sole laptop computer he was accused of receiving illegally. That said, despite no official charges and no jury trial, Ranelli has been trying, to no avail, for nearly 7 years now to recover the items the officers took from his business.”

“I was writing out stuff on an axiomatic level trusting readers to understand the implications. I’ve since learned I had it backward. I have to catch someone’s interest with something relevant and maybe then they’ll be interested in the principles I’m reasoning from.”

“[T]he fact is most people just aren’t open to persuasion. Because there’s no reason they should be. Ideas aren’t about logic. Ideas are badges of group membership. They are Schelling points. Ideas aren’t things we hold in our “minds”; ideas are things we say. To others. For a reason. A social reason. A Dunbar reason. If saying the same things that NrX says isn’t going to make you more friends, well you aren’t going to say it. If saying what the Alt-right says isn’t going to make you more friends, well you aren’t going to say it.

[…] Any change is welcome, as long as it doesn’t make people lose status. No change is welcome, no matter how good, if people feel the process involves them losing status, even a little, even just a tiny little slight embarrassment in the short term. These of course means there’s a limit to what one can sell; you can only deviate so much from the status quo if you want people to buy in. But the power of compound interest is vast, if the will is there to keep on pushing.”

“I can easily answer all of your questions. But what would you differently if you knew what would happen if you lose? If that’s what you want to know, I’ll tell you everything. But there’s no way for any of you to confirm if I told you the truth.

Do you still want to know?”

“Literally Jim Sterling tier faggotry

>So I was totally fucking wrong but imagine if I was right IT WOULD BE A HUGE PROBLEM OKAY?!

“Anything that comes from nature cannot be patented. [So] they’re not interested in that. So you translate that into the real world of FDA approval – these drug companies aren’t going to spend twenty million dollars or more testing any substance from nature because they can’t be patented. That, and the FDA says it’s illegal to use unless it’s been tested for efficacy and safety.

You see the Catch-22? Nothing from nature, regardless of how effective it might be, will ever be proven safe or effective, according to the FDA.

Therefore everything from nature will always be condemned by the FDA as “unproven”.”

“How do we know it is a consequence?

The fact that it’s there is a fact. Whether it’s a consequence is an interpretation.”

“Sometimes the truth is right under our own nose. It’s so close we cannot focus on it.

There is no such thing as “the” truth.

Truth is not something you can think of possessing. Truth is search. Truth can only be found by stretching the limits of your horizon, by widening your way of thinking.”

“You sure have it easy, spouting off poetry.”

>Birth control is good for business! Commit to providing birth control coverage.

Yeah if you don’t have any responsibilities or people to support you can devote yourself entirely to the multinational corporation you work for. That’s great for business! And as conservatives, we only care about whatever makes businesses the most money.”

“If you take food, it gets used up, but if you take pictures, they’re here forever.”

“Two stories literally right next to each other:

* Hillary Clinton and DNC paid someone to fabricate a dossier, paid news agencies to cover the fake story with no vetting, and paid internet firms to spread the false rumor, all with the explicit goal of swaying voters.

* RT and Sputnik kicked off Twitter for using legal, up-front channels to promote true stories with vetted sources and multiple agencies reporting because it “may” have swayed voters, although no intent to do so, or evidence it did so, has been established.

In other words, Twitter is banning RT for “maybe” doing what Hillary DEFINITELY did- as if anyone needed any more proof that these guys are running a dog and pony show.”

“The only reason Syrian forces have been successful has been because of the air support they have received from Russia.”

“Yeah well the only reason Isis has been successful is because of their air support from America.”

“I just find it hard to take people seriously who… who use ellipsis in a formal post to make it seem more dramatic…”

“I’m just reminding you that women will rarely tell someone the truth if the truth makes them look like they’re somehow responsible for the hardships they endure. She wants to elicit sympathy from you, not judgment. She will convince herself that she did nothing wrong. “

“DuPont says a 40 mile long smoke cloud from their burning warehouse is harmless. I say we replace their children’s oxygen supply with the harmless smoke and see if they stick by that statement.”

“If you focus on ideas to the exclusion of blood and soil, well, you’re gonna lose your blood, you’re gonna lose your soil, AND you’re going to lose your ideas.

You’re going to get nothing.”

“A lot of parks (national and state) saw huge upswings of attendance during the recession and drained their budgets upgrading to handle the traffic but had their budgets cut at the same time. So lots of parks are currently in huge debt they will never be able to repay on their slimmer budgets. Enter chickenshit gerrymandering politicians who need to make noises about the budget to stay in office and need to ruin as much govt infrastructure as possible so their friends can privatize it.”

“I have no sympathy for my fellow man, fuck everything except the bottom line”

Yeah everyone wants to talk like this and sound like a badass til they’re living in a box under a bridge after having their shit pushed in by insurance companies and (((corporations))). This is just a shitty attitude to have. Ruthlessness is a sign of weakness, not strength.”

“If you’re so unhappy, why not just quit?”
“Is that what you do every time you are unhappy about something?”

“Maybe he will be different from all the soothsayers and storytellers, who just proclaim, “Institutions!”, as if institutions weren’t created by people with genes.

Let’s say you have the white people and the brown people. The white people work hard and farm before winter and store the food, and the brown people just do enough to get by, and then they all starve during the winter.

Now if someone asks, “Why did all the brown people die?”, Coach could say, “It’s because they didn’t store food to survive the winter”.

And this would be a true explanation, but also a stupid explanation. Yes, we know they didn’t store. WHY didn’t they store food? Yes, we know the Arabs and Africans developed totally different institutions. WHY? WHY are they STILL this way? Then you can say “oh they didn’t develop the same institutions as Europeans because of their culture” well golly, where did that culture come from? Are males more violent than females because male culture is more violent?”

“No, but it’s funny, and it gave all the nips more ammo to use and you’d have to be insane not to use free ammunition when you’re already flinging shit at somebody.”

“I don’t think nips know who scathach was before this game”

“Scathach (and Cu) are both incredibly famous here in EU, can’t speak for JP but with how prevalent European mythology is in their media it wouldn’t surprise me if people knew who she was.”

“Dude maybe on your shitty little potatonigger island but I’ve lived in England for years and have spent several months in France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, The Netherlands, and Belgium for work and ive never heard of him except for in fate”

“I’m German, Cu Chulainn’s myths are pretty common knowledge here. It’s not any different from stories about King Arthur, the Edda, or even the fucking Egyptians.

Sure, if you don’t read and don’t watch anything but Hollywood shit and mainstream daytime TV you probably won’t come across too much of it, but it’s there.”

“Here in France maybe some people in Brittany know about Cu, but if you ask people in general they will have no idea who the fuck Cuhullin is. Granted, the French don’t know much about their own history and folk tales since the people lost their roots during the Revolution, and all we really hear about in History lessons is “muh holocaust”.”

“Is there anything the Revolution managed not to fuck up in the attempt to fix things?”

“Its a miracle some cathedrals were mostly saved”

“liberty was a mistake.”

“There’s nothing ‘cool’ or ‘edgy’ about killing nazis. It is literally the safest position one can have. Nothing rebellious about it.”

“Under pacifism and democracy, the individual is literally dying of boredom, rather than living and dying heroically.

Ours is an age in which everything is based on the premise that it is best to live as long as possible. The average life span has become the longest in history, and a monotonous plan for humanity unrolls before us.

Once a young man finds his place in society his struggle is over, and there is nothing left for youth apart from retirement, and the peaceful, boring life of impotent old age.

The comfort of the welfare state ensures against the need to struggle, and one is simply ordered to rest.”

“You’ll rot if you stay in there. […] Those people aren’t looking at the possibilities. Their emotions are crushed under their situation, and they’re closing off the small path to victory they have left.”

“Your reasoning isn’t wrong, but one wrong move, and it creates a blind spot. Once a person believes a theory is true, he no longer doubts it. Especially not someone who used that theory to win the entire time.”

“At a glance, [this game] looks like it’s all based on luck. But its essence is a game of realization. If you don’t figure it out, you might go to hell like that last guy. It’s difficult. It’s more complicated than it looks.

It’s a battle of concepts. Aside from the rules given to us, there’s also a set of inner rules hidden between the lines. We discovered one of those by banding together. There should be plenty of people who haven’t realized that yet.

Now that we figured out what it really means, we have a chance.”

“What if you lose?!”

“Shut up! Then I’ll die when that happens!”

“No one wants to entrust his last star, his very life, to someone else. They only banded together for the sake of what they had to gain. Those two will never agree to it.”

“Even a forward-looking idiot has some chance, but a backward-looking coward has none.”

“Stop it! It is partially his fault for not developing a true friendship with that Sakai, but you still shouldn’t put it like that!”

“Don’t get so pissed. I’ll stop if you tell me to, no point in kicking a dead dog.
But uh… you said something about a “true” friendship. What exactly is that?”

“Manhattan horse trading and sausage making– a network of “my guy gets reviewed or the next call is from my boss to your boss” conversations– determines a book’s early success.”

“Tesla recently disguised a layoff as a performance-based firing. Some might say the jury’s still out on what exactly happened. No; it’s not. Every Silicon Valley company hides layoffs this way. In order to avoid what’s perceived as negative press, the firm wrecks the careers of departing employees with a public statement that the people let go, all of them, were dead weight.”

“Stack ranking is mostly about scaring the performance middle classes– people who won’t get promoted and therefore have no incentive to push themselves, but who are skillful and productive enough that the company still needs their work– and has little to do with the people affected. The people let go in “low performer initiatives”– and, again, only a third will be actual low-performers– aren’t hated; they’re just collateral damage in management’s effort to squeeze the middling workers, and to transfer wealth from the workers (lower salary expenses) to themselves (executive bonuses). Second, stack ranking enables the people in power to stay there by pitting those below them against each other. It creates a culture where no one feels safe and people will destroy each other to get to the top.

“What is our main product, in private-sector software engineering? Well, very few of us are curing cancer, or exploring, or even making it easier for authors to bring joy to their readers. No, most of us are helping businessmen unemploy people. Fuck that till it dies.”

“See, a Boomer could be tripping balls at Woodstock in 1969 and be a CEO’s protege in 1970 and a CEO himself in 1981. They could meander into their 30s and 40s and get their shit together in a week and have executive jobs. Meanwhile, a Millennial who doesn’t have a prestigious internship in his freshman summer in college is fucked for life. How is that fair?”

“It should be clear to anybody that if whites were actually running things that the white privilege narrative wouldn’t exist. Therefore, there is a group which is more powerful than whites. […] but if we call them out for nepotism and exploitative behavior that they project on us, they say we are just jealous of their power and success. Only a fool could not see this game for what it is.”

“Make no mistake, you damn brats: Money is worth more than life!

Whether they want to or not, people use up most of their lives for money. In other words, they are eroding their own lives just for that. They’re exchanging their own existence for money!”

“I don’t know how to describe it, but there’s something else mixed in. Like they’re viewing and ridiculing people’s mistakes, foolishness, and misfortune. Like there’s a way out, but the unfortunate don’t choose that path. Their laughter at those kinds of people… it has that sort of cruelness.

In other words…

Something is there!
A secret path to survival!”

“Hesitating right from the start? This won’t end well for you.”

“Using these ambiguous cards in psychological battles ends up with each person looking into a mirror. You try to read into the other person’s mind, but end up asking yourself what you would do in that situation.

When you realize it, you’re only tracing your own steps.

In other words, if you saw me as a snake, you’re the snake yourself.”

“Christ nibbers are fucking retarded. They will believe anything that flatters them. They whine about cultural appropriation and wypipo stealing their magic powers while claiming ownership of every race on the planet’s history”

“OKAY OKAY I get it. Everybody is equal, whether you are black, white, asian, reptilian.

But what about the other 6.5 billion people?What about the indians, chinese, pakistanis, arabs? WHY THE NIGGERS EVERYWHERE? WHAT IS THIS AGENDA?”

“What are you, an idiot? This isn’t going to work! Are you trying to be smart? Prudent? Trying to avoid unnecessary losses? Even so, this just won’t do. “Bet small when you’re losing, but big when you’re winning”? Snap out of it! If that were possible, then gambling would be a piece of cake!”

“Because he rarely ever wins, he becomes exceedingly happy when he does when, and soon becomes overconfident!

The type to fail at life 100%!”

“Stop playing with idiots then”

“oh wow dude what a random ass comeback just to deflect the argument because you have nothing to say. fuck off already kid. you could just mentally say “yeah whatever pff” and dont reply at all. as i said before, you are not adding anything.”

“Are these women lying or just insecure or what”
“stated preference vs. revealed preference”

“What’s wrong, sir?”
“I need to go see for myself. Not through a camera.”

“Even in this situation, I can’t feel his intensity… It just doesn’t feel like he’s planning to kill himself. It feels like it’s all just an act.

But if he’s just acting, why is he doing all this? He’s not getting anything out of this except the crowd’s attention, by pretending to be insane…



“That’s as much as you’ll play! Stop the game! We won’t let you purchase any more cards!”


“What do you mean “what”!? Just look! Anyone can see The Bog’s in no shape to continue on! Look at it!”



“I don’t really mind…”

“Wha!? The hell are you playing at!?”

“I’m not playing at anything! The path to the plates was miraculously cleared by the gods of luck! Why would I just let this chance go?”


“Ichijou, let me say this… The Bog being broken is your fault, not mine! It’s your fault for improper maintenance! It even says on the notice there that once a player starts playing, he may continue to play, no matter how disadvantaged the casino is… and that you definitely won’t temporarily pause to fix or change any of The Bog’s settings…”

“You little prick, you think I don’t know that!? Take a closer look at the notice! It says that the player may continue to play as long as he wants, as long as he doesn’t cheat or break any of our rules!”

“Cheating? Who, me?”

“Don’t play dumb with me! It’s as clear as day! 6 days ago, you smashed The Bog, and later switched one of The Bog’s parts to be repaired! I don’t know exactly what you did to what part, but you definitely switched it with some kind of fradulent part! Do you still deny it!?”

“Ha ha ha… I was wondering what you were going on about, but that’s all you have to say?

What you just said is all just your assumption! Don’t you think you’re missing one very important thing? In other words: the evidence that Sakazaki and I tampered with your machine!”

“Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Who gives a shit about that!? The bent paddle supports are evidence enough! There’s no doubt about it that you cheated!”

“That’s not going to cut it, Ichijou… I’m not just gambling for 1000 or 2000 yen here… There’s 700 million yen on the line! You can’t just stop a gamble of this magnitude just because of your baseless accusations! Moreover, you’re the ones who are cheating with those paddles!”

“W-what are you talking about!”

“Those paddles should let 1 in every 3 balls in… but just think about how many balls were consecutively deflected by those paddles up until a minute ago. It’s probably around 200 balls… why don’t you calculate for yourself how astronomically improbable that is?

But even so, I turned a blind eye to all of that.

Understand? I had no choice but to keep quiet, because I had no concrete evidence. I couldn’t do anything about it.

And that is how a real match should be.

You can’t just let something unfair slide by when it’s to your advantage, and yet complain about it when it turns against you.

Don’t make me laugh… as if I’d accept that!”

“I’m not saying that you need to play fair, but at the very least, you must make the customers feel that it’s fair!”

“The heavens did not make humans above humans, nor humans below humans.”

The meaning of this phrase is that the successes and failures of humans are not because of their innate superior or inferior nature, but because of chance! Evan an idiot or scum can become the victor by seizing that chance, and that chance is closer than one might think. As long as you keep your eyes open and don’t give up, it’s possible to make a comeback.”

“Ironically, the integration of public schools and the promotion of sports that appeal to blacks helped make the Fake, Jewish “jerk jock” stereotype a reality.”

“i see a lot of people saying dota 2 is better.. but isn’t dota 2 basically dead now days?”


“From google: Riot said in October 2013, the game had 12 million active daily players and 32 million active monthly players. In January 2014, the game had 27 million active daily players, 7.5 million concurrent players at peak times, and 67 million active monthly players

Steam says 1,291,328 is the all-time peak”

“Compare prize pools and you’ll see that one of these companies is lying about the size of their playerbase”

“Multiply [screenshot: 278,816 viewers] by about 20 you’ll get the active player base. It’s definitely not what they say it is. The only reason I support LOL is because it’s introducing games into the norm and making it legit in a pro environment. Shit on it all you want but you’re probably shitting on your future.”

“I gotta say, this years script was a lot more exciting than last years”

“those theories are fantastical and are a great way to escape from a shitty boring life”

“the thing is, if I learn to endure the scathing criticism then I can learn to coexist with it, and my whole masochistic personality is such that I kinda see it as partially my fault if I’m making a femMC game and maleMC hate me for it. I didn’t want to antagonize those folks, hope they get their stuff and they must surely by annoyed that they aren’t getting it.
at one point you can’t learn much, and you can’t bring people over
but you can try to make peace at your own expense”

“that is wasteful
training to tolerate the stench of sewage by standing in the sewer for an hour of every day isn’t an intelligent use of your time”

“na I don’t believe that you are intrinsically an ideological enemy if somebody disagrees with you and you just don’t care about anything they have to say
that is a one way problem lol
nobody has enough time to thoroughly evaluate every upset somebody has with them
that is a logical fallacy
assuming that you are worth somebody else’s time
one fairly central to the ‘chans”

“I once worked for a large company that acquired another large company. Why? Patents. The goal was to reach a “mutually assured destruction” state with other software companies that held patents and were fixing to sue. What was in the patents? No one had, or took, time to read them. How would they play out in court? It didn’t matter; most were unenforceable, because most software patents are ludicrous and over-broad, but that was known. The number was what mattered. If all the major software companies hold patents (most of which are unenforceable bullshit patents) in approximately equal number, then they are in a stalemate and no one gets sued.

[…] Kristine Kathryn Rusch does an excellent job of summarizing these changes in trade publishing. It’s no longer about improving, marketing, and distributing books. It’s about financialization: the acquisition of intellectual property for less than it’s worth. From an expected value perspective, a debut novel written by anyone persistent enough to suffer literary agents’ bullshit (the long waits, the finicky submission guidelines, the aggressive negging that agents deploy in order to get authors to accept bad deals) and land one is probably worth $5,000.”

“Qin, the first emperor of China, created the first highly centralized state, with a centralized bureaucracy instead of a distributed aristocracy. And of course, wound up with a far too powerful prime minister – the classic evil vizier.

The prime minister wanted to kill the next emperor, but was not sure he could get away with it. So, to test whether he can get away with it:

brings a deer into the palace, calls the emperor to come out, and says “look your majesty, a brought you a fine horse”. The Emperor, not amused, says “Surely you are mistaken, calling a deer a horse. Right?”. Then the emperor looks around at all the ministers. Some didn’t say a word, just sweating nervously. Some others loudly proclaimed what a fine horse this was. Great horse. Look at this tail! These fine legs. Great horse, naturally prime minister Zhao Gao has the best of tastes.

And next thing you know, anyone who doubted it was a horse was executed, and shortly thereafter the emperor.”

“Imagine a world in which it’s okay to be a pedophile, but considered morally wrong to say “it’s okay to be white”, you live in that world.”

“How is PUBG different? Is the company and its devs are saints? Far from it. They sell lootboxes which are totally cosmetic (I’m sure that if you spend a bigger sum, the circle centers on you for a few games), and they openly declare streamers above the law.

But the PUBG game design is inherently unfair, which is refreshing compared to the “we are totally fair game” schemes. It’s 1v99. Everyone on the map is your enemy. Everything tries to kill you. Losing 1v99 is much less frustrating than losing a totally fair game. Winning 1v99 is much more rewarding than winning a fair 1v1. Also, the autoaim cheaters, dev’s friends and crate buyers are not necessarily killing you. They are also killing each other, giving you a chance to climb high.

A game of open chance, where circle placement heavily influences the outcome, where random loot can decide if you are fully decked after a house or have nothing but a pump-action shotgun after 10 is better than one where you expect fairness but there is none. PUBG success is the symptom of the frustration with lack of game fairness. The abandonment of the hope of fair 1v1 and embracing 1v99 instead.

“Why are Japanese mechs in video games so ridiculous and unrealistic?”

“Westfags just don’t get it, they see all of their inventions and machines of war as nothing but tools. Giant robots are the most powerful personification of a single warrior on the battlefield fighting larger than life circumstances. They have a personality and style that can’t be matched by simple tanks and jets, and often become characters in and of themselves, perhaps because of the human form, and people often even find themselves caring when they get damaged or destroyed, just as much as the pilots inside.

They are symbols of man’s determination and spirit, being a mechanical tribute to himself. They are more like warhorses than tanks, companions in battle instead of tools. The mecha is man’s projection of his desires and willpower on to a body with the power to achieve them, the human serving as part of the machine’s soul. They are the “men” that surpass man’s limits, and they look damn cool.”

“Wow I can’t believe the people that castigated us about Trump’s pussy grabbing were all in on a Jewish Rape Cult managed by ex-Mossad spies”

“The law is a chain.
Only when he is chained does a savage become a man.”

“Aha. So this is a crucial battle to the bosses.”
“Indeed. If you want to get a reputation, this is the place to do it.”

“Thorkell! We have you surrounded! We are two thousand strong, serving Ragnar and Prince Canute!”
“Two thousand?”
“Any number they tell you will be a lie.”

“Are they biting, old one? Even the fish should be preparing for the winter by now.”
“Whether they bite or not doesn’t matter. My real job is to man the ferry.”

“You’re going to talk about this out in the open?”
“It’s safer this way. Here, every wall has ears.”

“The crown possesses a will of its own. With its power you control a thousand ships, ten thousand warriors. It can bring you the treasures of far-off lands. The crown’s power is akin to that of the gods. But… it is not the king who wields this power… but the crown’s own will.

The crown commands the king to do but two things. To use power… and to gain power.

It is futile to resist. The crown does not desire you.”

“Ain’t that bad news, then? They’ll know everything we just said.”
“Not a problem. I didn’t say anything I didn’t want them to know.”

“You wretch… do you have any idea what you’ve done?! You’ve killed the king!”
“Whatever do you mean? I’m standing right here.”

“Such insolence in front of the men! Majesty! You must not let this wanton behavior pass!”
“Why not? He is a loyal, valuable subject with a point. In public or in private, the man has one face. It must be quite an experience to live as he does.”

“You fools! Dueling is prohibited by the law here!”
“A law no one obeys.”

“People say that slaves were “meant to be slaves by their weakness.” Every man in his proper place.

I don’t think that way. A slave simply didn’t have good luck. If you or I’d had worse luck, we could have been slaves.”

“King Canute had his eye on our farm from the very start. You were nothing but a means to make his play.”
“But it was me… who gave them their excuse to fight.”
“Don’t you know how war works? They’ll find a way to twist things to their ends no matter what! If it wasn’t you, it would’ve been me or dad.”

“I’m exhausted today. I’m not ready to listen to him lecture me about how a woman can’t be a sailor.

Oh, if only I hadn’t learned how vast the world is.”

“Hild… there is anger in your heart. Anger clouds your eyes and ears. You won’t see anything, much less the mountain.

Animals are better. They eat and are eaten… no anger, no hatred.”

“Well, while I would be happy, only a youngster without a regard for consequences would say that. It would be overdoing it.

If you think about it that way, maybe you can’t be both manly and grown-up. A proper man appears childish, and a proper grown-up appears cowardly.”

“Even when there’s an answer there are some questions in this world that can’t be answered so easily.”

“If there’s a good story about its positive effects, even worthless junk will go for a high price.”

“People who don’t give up are the type that see things no one else sees.”

“When someone lies, it is not the lie itself that is important, it is the reason why the person is lying.”

“If you get upset when you are tricked, you will not get very far.”

“I’d wager that the makeup industry is more destructive to our natural resources than coal production. Every type of foundation is made with kaolin, a natural clay whose mining is quite destructive. Lipstick is derived from palm oil, which is farmed in massive monoculture plantations. Talcum powder is derived from talc, a member of the asbestos family of minerals. Mascara is typically laden with nylon or rayon fibers to increase the length of the eyelashes, not to mention a litany of dyes and additives to attain the desired aesthetic result.The worst part is, at the end of the day, most of this makeup just goes down the drain, only to be applied again tomorrow.Most women’s skin looks pallid and diseased when their makeup is removed because their skin is never exposed to sunlight underneath their porcelain masks, only getting a chance to breathe at night – provided that the woman doesn’t sleep in her makeup. There’s a reason why it’s called makeup, they’re either making something up or making up for something.”

“The biggest issue is that it’s not just roasties wearing fucktons of makeup. I used to work at a high end beauty products store and around Christmas they’d fill the store with bins of the cheapest garbage lotions, lip glosses, eye shadows etc. Like a 5 for $20 deal. These young girls would be waiting outside with their moms before we even opened the doors. These little girls are literally covering themselves with chemicals from head to toe starting before puberty. The lotions are the most insidious, because they smell delicious, like cookies or honeydew melon, but they are loaded with alcohols that dry skin as well parabens which have been linked to breast cancer. Use organic, cold pressed coconut oil for dry skin, rashes and healing skin, for both men and women.As far as the high end products go, it’s exactly like fashion. You are paying for a brand name. $80 for foundation, $40 for one lipstick, $30 for one shade of eye shadow. And perfume? Put a celebrity on a bottle and we couldn’t even keep it in stock. Women are extremely proud of how much their makeup costs. Quality is rarely factored into it. One thing I learned from the experience was that very few women care whether something is worth what the price tag is asking. They simply buy to be able to signal to others that they can afford it, all the better if it costs more than what another woman has. Advertisers and the companies that make the products know this all too well. That’s why often the same exact product will cost more if it says “Womens” or “for Her” on it than the one marketed towards men.”

“Actually, the zaniest part about all of this is that probably the people most likely to use the app are women against other women. Women are fucking savage beasts that should in no way allowed near technology. My own woman, who admits all of this and then some, taught me a shitload of things about the average woman’s brain: they’re like little vengeful children that, unless they’re from a countryside background or are just candid at heart, will do whatever they can to bring down others while pretending to be a complete angel.”