2017 Oct 01 ~ 24

“Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies.”

“They died for what they believed in.
Don’t make them any less dead. So were they right… or wrong?”

“Just because I don’t care doesn’t mean I don’t understand.”

“Direct approach only works on a level field. No level fields here.”

“No one wins without knowing the opponent. Too many variables. Know the enemy.
Do that without him knowing you… that much better for you.”

“But… But what if…”
“Banish that thought, little man.”

“You’re asking me to trust people I don’t know. Would you?
Scratch that. Of course you would.
News flash: I’m not you.”

“Doing the right thing… what good is it if you don’t know why?”

“You can’t keep yourself under control, no way you’ll ever control a situation.”

“How does anyone get that close to perfect?

Denial. Deny yourself satisfaction in the act. Always yearn for more. […]
You got the touch. No doubt about it. Problem’s with the way you touch. You’re way too aware it’s you doing the touching. Not all too different from the way you deal with girls, come to think of it. You’re getting in your own way. You’ve got to learn to see past yourself.

Denail. Never be satisfied. It’s the only way you’ll ever fall short. See past yourself. Refuse to settle for your very best, and never, ever let anyone stand in your way.”

“Listen to you… not even worth calling out. Petty shit. That’s all guys like you know. Live with the lie, then. Life’s too short. Just don’t ever expect fuck-all from me. You’ll never be lonely. There a lot of people like you out there.

I’m not one of them.”

“They always take your trust first. Innocence is next. Taken away and gone forever…
All for love. All taken for love.”

“This is almost too easy. Go ahead, geek. You take the knife… and I take control.”

“[L]et’s be honest about the novel. It’s subversive. It’s right there in the word; novelty shakes things up. It’s a hundred-thousand-word lie that somehow ends up being more truthful than 99% of the things people say.

“They’ll feel self-righteous. This generation is lost. They’ve been trained their whole lives to think that someone telling them they’re wrong is evidence that they’re right. They think someone trying to take them down means that they just have an important message that needs to be heard. They think that they’re making someone mad only because they’re right and the other person doesn’t want to hear it.

There’s nothing anyone can do. If you try to take them down it just means they think they’re fighting the good fight and they’ll double down and press on. If you do nothing, their echo chamber will make sure they keep going.”

“The problem is that videogame journalist have a vested interest in games being easy.

The easier the game is, the quicker it is to beat, experience all the content and churn out a review. Anything requiring them to invest time in the game, like developing a familiarity with the game’s mechanics to improve their success, is considered a barrier to them doing their jobs.

Time spent learning how to play Cuphead is time that could be spent playing an A-to-B walking simulator for their next review or searching social media for something to be outraged about for their next opinion piece.”

“Why are western devs so dedicated to making ugly female characters?”

“The west is obsessed with realism and pandering. Whoever has the largest voice wins and in this generation that voice is comprised of feminists, cucks, and betas. This results in ugly looking games with 4K grass and men with makeup on. The east dosn’t give a fuck about any of that and only really care about cute girls doing cute things. It results in a lot of shovelware tier trash but they’ve got modeling girls down to a fine art.”

“the east build women based on their ideal picture of a women, in other words they are building their ideal waifu while the west only hires faggots and cucks who are afraid to make a woman sort of attractive because it might offend landwhales and get fired by their faggot director”

“The west can’t make anything look good, thanks to muh sexism. Real women are ugly as fuck anyway, so they get offended when fictional ones look younger and better than them. It’s just more women being spiteful and taking it out on an industry they don’t even contribute to. They have vaginas, so they think they can make people do what they want. And the men that buy into their bullshit are either gay or cucks. In the end, women never deserved the kind of power they were given.”

“The basic problem with Western game development is that publishers feel the need to make games pander to all demographics, even tiny ones that don’t buy games.

Jap games are usually mostly made by one guy with a specific vision, and a ton of talented people working to make that vision come true. Western games are made by committees of producers who have never touched a game before and don’t know who their target audience is.

Bioware is a great example because their games started going downhill as they joined with EA and got larger. It’s not just because EA is evil and kills everything they touch. It’s because there were too many cooks working on a game. Mass Effect started off as Karpyshyn’s story, and he had about five or six other writers. Then he left and a bunch of other people started joining the team, and the story started getting more confused. Bigger, but less focused. Quantity over quality. This culminated in Andromeda where you can tell everything was done by committee. Someone makes a face, and then ten other people all add in their two cents on how to improve it, and it turns into an abomination that bears little resemblance to the original concept.

The same thing happens with movies, TV, and novels, but those mediums are so large and diversified that you can safely ignore all the mainstream garbage and still find tons of entertainment. There are really great Western games but you can play through them all in a few years, whereas there’s always another hidden gem to be found among Jap games.”

“Eastern girls actually like being feminine and pretty so of course their games will reflect that.”

“Mom owned a corvette, boat, paid off home and vacation home on a part time green bean factory line worker salary with no education and went to work for the state, got full retirement benefits and then went on disability at 41.

But I’m lazy and can’t manage money because I work 90 hour weeks to make less than she made working 30.”

>’Dear World’: Syrian girl Bana Alabed launches book
man I sure wish I could stay 20 years old as long as this girl has been 8″

“The same question can be asked in every monetized game: why pay anything unless you go full whale? Either enjoy the game for free (if it’s enjoyable), or pay enough to be the king of the hill and enjoy pwning “n00bs”. I believe more and more people will realize this and stop paying/playing. Which in turn creates the wrong impression that potential players are either free or whale, making the games more monetized.”

“You shouldn’t say stupid shit like this, anon. You might attract people who actually feel that way.”

“The game has toplist implemented for a reason. If you don’t like it, don’t play PUBG. Sure, you can make up your own win condition, like “most mounts” in WoW, but you aren’t playing the game, you are just fooling around in the client.

By the way the “running L4 in highsec” is definitely more “winning” EVE than winning Frig 1v1 where the kill report is less than a mission LP reward.

However your attitude explains why PUBG sells like candy. Assuming you are fighting hard enough, your rating will tank to the point where you’ll be facing bad enough players for “OMG Chicken dinner” and feel victorious, honestly believing that you are better than those in the top 0.1% of the official toplist.”

“The developers got so lucky to sell so little for so much so many times. This piece of software runs horrible, it sounds horrible, and it feels horrible. It suffers from ArmAitis, in that after you’ve seen three structures you’ve seen them all. Considering that most of the gameplay involves structures, it’s going to feel like the same thing every single run. This game has two purposes. One is that it panders to streamers exclusively. Without this software, streamers wouldn’t be able to eat. It’s like a bitcoin mining rig but for Twitch. The other goal of the game is to take dollars and reunite your friendships. Precisely like any and every other video game, it’s better with friends. You’ll go on grand adventures spending 40 minutes driving around and 2 minutes shooting up the bad guys, making great journey memories like talking about how poorly the game runs or talking about other video games you should play next. After those two reasons to exist, this piece of software is pretty bad.

Are there reasons people would want to buy it? Of course. Marketing. Are there reasons people would enjoy the four seconds of adrenaline you get when you hear the ear piercing THK noise of being shot from a bush? Of course. Boredom. Was the sales count justified? Hell no. This game for this price in this market with that Early Access tag should have been a quick flash burn of excitement followed by some gruelling years of the developers really putting in effort to earn their keep. Instead, that flash burn of excitement led to the most stable high volume high value digital trade marketplace this side of the NYSE. Now the developers can earn their crispy millions the easy way, and everyone who has a stake in those four seconds of adrenaline feeds that behavior into a beast.

For those of you poorboys out there who can only afford something like this once a year and jumped on it: bless your heart. Weather out the storm.”

“I always lurk on the common cheating forums and I wonder about the people who are desperate and pathetic enough to buy cheats for horrendous prices. I know about 8 providers which are declared “legit” (there are tons of scammers, seeing the scammed shitters crying on the forums is always nice). Some of these providers want you ID uploaded so they can see where you life, how old you are etc. After that you have to write a fucking essay why you would like to have the cheat and what experience you have in cheating. Afterwards you have to pay 200-800$ invite fee (which depends on the provider) whith continuing costs of around 100$ per month. “

“Funny how people don’t control their facial symmetry any more than they control their base intelligence, but I’m perfectly comfortable mocking the latter even as I respectfully decline to comment on the former.”

“Now that the dust has settled, what went wrong?”

“everyone was and continues to be autistic, retarded and hypocritical, but now nobody cares”

“Good intentions quickly redirected to serve american political bullshit cause #0458958749”

“The beliefs that 1) unorganized masses can by sheer power of shitposting and memery defeat an organized group, and 2) the truth speaks for itself.”

“They had a legitimate grievance, but they chose a shitty, boring incident to get mad over and use as a catalyst for a culture war.”

“I never got this culture of activism americans have going there. It’s so blindingly obvious that they do it for themselves because they feel guilty about their closet full of skeletons.

Nobody cares about you, generally speaking. Whenever someone professes to deeply care about others, without doing the groundwork beforehand, watch the fuck out.”

“In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is…in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.”

“Morning TV talk shows will run 5 segments a day about why cheating makes marriage more fun, how to break up with someone for another woman/man and why you shouldn’t have kids but won’t run segments about talking to your partner, why empathy makes marriage stronger, or how to show your partner you appreciate them even when you’re mad and then cap the day off with “Why aren’t Millenials getting married? Why do Millenials marriages fail? It’s clearly because they’re irresponsible.” Seriously if you don’t support journalist genocide I wanna know why not and it better be good.”

“Tried to watch Paglia and Peterson ranting together about post-modernism, but all this seems to me is an angry, left-behind leftism complaining about the current iteration of leftism.”

“Conservatives have lower IQs so they are more likely to make bad decisions!”
“Does that mean blacks are likely to make the worst decisions?”
“No they’re oppressed!”

“How about instead of free college, we just have free houses? I know I’d rather have a house than a college degree. If it’s true that it costs something like $35,000 a year for a college level education, then four years of that is $140,000. I’ve lived in full sized houses that cost less than that.

Why is the former so much more popular than the latter?”

“Unlike most of /v/, I went to graduate school and earned my degrees. Now I have a good paying job and more money than time. I love lootboxes, because I can skip the bullshit and grind to dunk on fools. My success is your benefit because I’m subsidizing your game development budget. No need to thank me, just die to me a few dozen times and that’s thanks enough.”

“why cant all indie games be this satisfying.
its not a magnum opus, it aint no AAA masterpiece, but its totally fucking worth it”

“its basically what aa games in the ps1 era have been. Amazing weird games with heart.”





“You small-minded fool. You’re only looking at things right now instead of seeing the trajectory that this is on.

Back around 2010 or so, CoD MW2 came out on PC. It was significant for being the first PC game (at least major one that I can think of) to be 60 dollars instead of the standard 50. It was also probably the first not to have private servers. People made a stink, and others (similar to you right now) said “well if you don’t like it just don’t play games that do these things”

Fast forward a few years and suddenly 60 dollarydoos is standard, and more and more games (like ovewatch) now have no private servers. You can keep saying “well don’t play games that do the things you don’t like” but that doesn’t change the fact that this shit becomes more and more pervasive. It’ll expand until every fucking game has lootcrates and other bullshit.”

“If that actually happened, then fine. But women throwing out accusations when the timing is right don’t exactly inspire my trust. I think it’s quite possible he was just a disgusting perv as Anglin is saying and these women who are ashamed at being such whores are now making up stories to reconcile the whole sordid deal.”

“Put this in perspective. She’s likely leaving to go ahead with divorce to get the money before it’s all gone in judgements. Could have been his idea to.”

“All we actually know that this Jew Weinstein did was hire willing prostitutes. All of these women are saying “yeah to get the job I had to suck on this fat Jews dick – he told me he would give me the job if I did that.” This is the definition of prostitution. He directly exchanged money, in the form of a job, for sex. […]

They are crying “NEW RAPE,” but every single one of them had the option to be like, “sorry, no, I don’t want to suck your Jew cock, I’m going to have to refuse your offer.”

Furthermore, actresses have always been considered at the level of prostitutes, because they sell their bodies for men’s entertainment. Usually, in theaters across the ancient world, the women who acted on stage doubled as prostitutes.”

“During the Song dynasty the famous washe goulan (pleasure quarters), where zaju was performed, was an alternative name for brothels, indicating places where men could find pleasure, something like the red-light districts in the West. Even though an actress might never exchange sex for money, she would still be considered a prostitute because she sold the sight of her body to male viewers and provided them with entertainment. Therefore, actresses were as low as prostitutes in social status, for acting was regarded as a form of prostitution.”

“Hence, the only reason that the kikes would have decided to kike Weinstein is that they know worse things are going to come out, and they need to start building a pile of bodies before that happens to create enough noise to cover it up. Because that, I can assure you, is how the newsmedia works: outrageous stories are used to cover up more outrageous stories.”

“imagine the backlash across all social and meanstream media if tinder ever were to make even the most tame version of this for females. Regardless how politically correct they tried to make the corners of the triangle, the mere suggestion that female desirability may be contingent on a semblance of a standard or certain criteria is anathema in todays society”

“this girl that was with me in HS that I follow on instagram literally seems to be in a different country every other day. how do these fucking girls do that come on”

“I know a Jewish girl who got a job working for Google despite being a total thot retard. I asked her what her job entails, because she’s always traveling to exotic locations. “I help with a Google charity to get clean drinking water to third world kids”.”

“you know I would like to think that doing an honest job and working hard is more fulfilling, but I can’t lie. Sometimes I do wish I could be some bluepilled retard living a “normal” life with 5000 people following me on instagram talking about how awrsome I am”

“Why is it always a cvilizational level crisis when women have to face the consequences of their shitty decisions?”

“The pathological individualism of “average is over” is ultimately the delusional idea that you can have a rose without the bush.

“I hate this sort of idea that you’re better than someone because you phrased it in a sentence.

“I am good. And you are bad. Because I would never do what you did.”

[…] It has become so important how people publicly perceive you that people will act against what they think is the right thing to do.”

“The core problem is that – unlike real world industries – IT is very scalable. Serving 2x customers costs zero in development costs, you just rent some more server space and bandwidth, double your customer support staff (that’s a “hire today, train in a day” job) and you’re ready. A real world shop or factory has to invest serious money into growth, doubling operations costs nearly as much as the company is worth. So without regulations, all kind of IT services will be monopolies.”

“No one is ever “evil” for a reason or a cause, because that might set people to thinking “well maybe there’s something to this cause””

“Once you get people to believe your enemies are literally 0 dimensional insane guys who do evil just because they are evil, then all propaganda after that point becomes just a matter of abitrarily making shit up, because all inconsistencies, absurdities and questions of motivation for supposed atrocities can just be chalked up to “it doesn’t HAVE to make sense you dumb goy because these guys are just that irrational and evil

you saw this with Assad too. Oh, why would he gas innocent children a few days after the US government said they would stop intervening in a war that Assad was already on track to winning anyways? It doesn’t have to make sense, because Assad is an irrational evil man who just wants to kill sunni babies for no reason”

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

“notice we’re focused on Harvey Weinstein, a sleazy man there is no doubt, but mostly interested in adult hetereosexual situations.”

“Male privilege is wearing the same outfit multiple times to events while girls cant wear the same dress twice no matter how cute it is”

“There isn’t a signle straight man on earth that cares if u wear the same cute dress twice. The negative comments come from other women.”

“The servers are just that bad.

It’s hidden because they’re dumping so much extra load on your client to make it seem like you’re playing a smooth game, but the servers are easily two seconds behind. There’s plenty of screen comparisons on youtube to look at if you want to see what’s going on.

The first time you probably shot a single bullet or so before dying on her screen, the second time you probably only had two real hits and probably got shot back 4+ times.

Nothing you see is what’s really happening in this game at all. Blood splatters are client side and aren’t an indication of actual damage occurring, smokes are client side and aren’t even slightly covering you on other people’s screens, etc. etc., it’s that bad.”

>get fucked by circle
>propose to drive there and use the car as cover
>b-but we’ll make noise
Yeah sure let’s run in while using all our first aids and then get sniped by the people in front of us because we arrived at an open field that’ll be much better”

“well, you can either follow their lead, get fucked, and then go ‘maybe we shoulda driven’ or you can just jump in and start honking the horn until they succumb”

“One man with courage is a majority.”

“An assassin is really just a serial killer who takes requests.”
“Excuse you, they take commissions”
“”hey man can you kill this guy?”
“alright that will be 10k”
“ugh cant you just do it for the exposure?
whatever you suck at murder anyway””

“The problem with the lootbox/microtransaction shit was never the randomness or gambling (see baseball cards, etc.).

It’s the fact that the consumer is 100% in the dark about the market they are buying into, and meanwhile the corporation has ALL the data they could ever need. They can twiddle all the knobs and dial in drop rates and such to keep you hooked forever, and 99% of people would never even notice.

It’s literally worse than gambling, because in a casino they don’t rig the slots to give you a payout right when you planned on leaving.”

>Loot boxes in single player games with $40 season passes
>Loot boxes that give gameplay bonuses in multiplayer games
>Bethesda selling people mods
>Microtransaction engine that literally makes matchmaking worse to try and sell shit
Burn it all to the ground”

“Don’t forget:
>call out sexism on a game
>’sexist’ thing is instantly changed
>call out that unlimited resources and alternate costumes used to be cheat codes
>get called retarded by the developer

“What “educated” means can be easily changed, don’t operate on such fragile concepts.”

“Keep in mind that suicide is the most final decision you can ever make. There is no going back from it ever, so regardless of how much you may fuck up trying new stuff, once you reach the point where you seriously consider suicide you don’t have anything to lose anyways so you may as well try whatever comes to your mind.”

“does anyone really believe that? like seriously is there a single person on the planet who honestly thinks that is the case? If not, then that is all the proof I need to know that the graph is meaningless. Its just a picture somebody made with the unspoken suggestion that there is somehow solid data behind this when there isnt”

“The “single most underappreciated fact about gender,” he said, is the ratio of our male to female ancestors. While it’s true that about half of all the people who ever lived were men, the typical male was much more likely than the typical woman to die without reproducing. Citing recent DNA research, Dr. Baumeister explained that today’s human population is descended from twice as many women as men. Maybe 80 percent of women reproduced, whereas only 40 percent of men did.”

“the ps3 lost more money than the ps1/ps2/ps3 made combined. That’s BEFORE you factor in the cell development that was swept under the rug(shoved into the computer division they were closing) to make the company look better to investors.”

“The video game industry today is a disaster. There are no mid tier publishers anymore. Either you make all the money or none of it. You’re either GTA5 or an animu dating sim. The top tier publishers are all playing a dangerous game that’s more like high stakes gambling. They’re all teetering on the brink of collapse because they invest everything they’ve got into a handful of products.”

“you can’t be good at sales and acquisition if you’re a decent and honest human being.”

“If you don’t fire this guy for bad opinions, we will treat your entire company like it endorses his opinions.”
“Kind of like how we treat all blacks as representative of their race?”
“It’s not the same at all, BIGOT!”

“They say we love war, this is not true, we despise the destruction and death of war but we do not shy away from what is necessary. There are things worse than war, worse than death and this is why we shall not back down against the living death of bolshevism.”

“people are freaking the fuck out over something that, having been in this business for a really long damn time (like decade+) is a really classic move done by thousands of businesses where they act one way to the public to protect thier image but keep their actual coworkers/employees/people that use the site safe by allowing them to skirt the rules in private so that everyone wins, it’s not a conspiracy theory, games aren’t getting permanuked, content isn’t being asked to be removed from the game itself, and patreon still is trying to help out h-devs, and if they really wanted us off the site they would have done so long ago”

“>Search Google for the Neoplatonic order to read Plato’s works (there was a highly specific and important order)
>no matter the wording (I tried several), through all its (((metadata))) it cannot give anything reasonable but a brief highschool overview of Plato himself”

“They could just create a new character and storyline of whatever arbitrary description, but they won’t.

They don’t want to make a new character because the point isn’t to have something of their own, the point is to sever our connection to something so we can no longer identify with it.”

“It seems pretty annoying, but realize some of these guidelines have been there for awhile (like the non-con rule). The update made it more explicit in the wording and adding more fetishes, but I think they realized for legal coverage they couldn’t be as vague. (it’s still pretty vague in some spots)

Because honestly, that is what this mostly is. It’s so if someone complains about them having a specific patreon open they can be “No no look here, see? Guidelines. We banned them. Thanks for telling us!” It’s not likely they would drop a good quarter of their own income with a blanket ban for guideline breaks.

Remember when Blizzard got like super gung-ho on deleting Overwatch porn for about a month? That was all because Kotaku had a front page spread about the huge Overwatch porn community. At that point Blizzard has to do something as a “show of force” for the “general masses”, because inaction is seen as another form of acceptance, and can hurt the brand among the more prudish. Once the heat died down they stopped caring, because in the end it’s another form of free publicity and helps the brand among us demented perverts. Similar deal here.

Still, it’s annoying because it does mean we have no protections should we get on the radar enough to be considered a “problem”, and I will be watching other Patreon creators that do even darker stuff then me just in case, but I am looking into changing my methods on Patreon itself as a form of protection.

Stay safe my fellow creators.”

“[T]he secret to the success of Israel’s wall isn’t its architecture. It’s the fact that people know how cruelly the Jews treat infiltrators, how they’re put in dirty concentration camps.”

“Wherever they went, a broad line of blood marked the track behind them; and, as far as their dominion reached, civilisation disappeared from view.”

>Mods jump ship because admin made a drunken pass on a woman

>Don’t do shit when another mod is actually fucking arrested for being a pedo

Really makes you think desu”

“What’s funny is that this is an “own goal” in the culture war. They literally destroyed the most significant opposition website in gaming culture to 4chan. All on the unproven word of a roastie who willingly leaves her boyfriend behind to go roadtripping with a strange man, stay in his hotel room, drink with him, but is totally not asking to have sex. What’s even better is even if she was telling the truth Evilore was a good boy and left her alone after she put her foot down and blue balled him. ”

>Gawker dying gets a sticky on /v/
>Neogaf dying gets a sticky telling people to go to /pol/

>We don’t want to discuss a video game website going under because “Muh /pol/ boogeyman”
>The Escapist is fine though


“Once when I was told that “we need you to come in Saturday because we’re behind schedule and we must meet schedule or face serious losses”, my answer was literally “not my problem, I’m not a stockholder” and I wasn’t fired because – go figure – if they need someone on Saturday, they surely won’t fire him to not have him Monday-Friday.”

“We can argue the morality of Weinstein’s accusations but only in the context of a wider question about the morality of prostitution. The women were not forced to do anything. They willingly agreed to do whatever necessary to have their shot at fame. Some refused and sued for nice chunks of money. Some refused and didn’t get their jobs. And some agreed. We can guess which group is represented the most in the current crop of Hollywood stars.”

“you say that these women did what they did because they were unqualified. In the next breath you say that all qualified actresses probably made the same choice. Aren’t you in effect saying that sleeping with a producer is what qualifies you for a job as an actress in hollywood? And don’t you see a problem with that?”

“I don’t see a problem with that. I believe that there are much more qualified actresses than jobs, so the only effective selection method is sleeping with Harvey.”

“They are all unqualified until they get their first big role. Stars are stars because we know them. This is what gives the Harveys of Hollywood so much power: they can “qualify” any random girl by giving her a role in a high-budget movie. Who cares if she can “act” when her role is nothing but “smile and get fucked by the male co-star”. Any woman can do it.
As Gevlon just noted, being sexually permissive is what makes the job, because when the pool of applicants is so flat the producers must pick SOME criterion to choose their stars.”

“Listen to me, “PUBLIC”! In cultural anthropology, you don’t even EXIST as an entity until you are addressed by a discourse! I AM that discourse.”

“seems to be a bunch of groups attempting to landgrab a bunch of patents for various technologies, anything they think might have the slightest chance of being useful somehow, and rentseek off those patents rather than attempting to integrate with anything currently existing. those omni-directional treadmills with the flimsy guardrails are the literal QED.

the future has two factions: focus group guys and vc guys. VR is run by the latter.”


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