2017 Sep 21~30

“When open allocation is in play, projects compete for engineers, and the result is better projects. When closed allocation is in force, engineers compete for projects, and the result is worse engineers.”When open allocation is in play, projects compete for engineers, and the result is better projects. When closed allocation is in force, engineers compete for projects, and the result is worse engineers.

When you manage people like children, that’s what they become. When you manage people like children, that’s what they become. Traditional, 20th-century management (so-called “Theory X”) is based on the principle that people are lazy and need to be intimidated into working hard, and that they’re unethical and need to be terrified of the consequences of stealing from the company, with a definition of “stealing” that includes “poaching” clients and talent, education on company time, and putting their career goals over the company’s objectives. In this mentality, the only way to get something decent out of a worker is to scare him by threatening to turn off his income– suddenly and without appeal. Micromanagement and Theory X are what I call the Aztec Syndrome: the belief in many companies that if there isn’t a continual indulgence in sacrifice and suffering, the sun will stop rising.

Psychologists have spent decades trying to answer the question, “Why does work suck?” The answer might be surprising. People aren’t lazy, and they like to work. Most people do not dislike the activity of working, but dislike the subordinate context (and closed allocation is all about subordination). For example, peoples’ minute-by-minute self-reported happiness tends to drop precipitously when they arrive at the office, and rise when they leave it, but it improves once they start actually working. They’re happier not to be at an office, but if they’re in an office, they’re much happier when working than when idle. (That’s why workplace “goofing off” is such a terrible idea; it does nothing for office stress and it lengthens the day.) People like work. It’s part of who we are. What they don’t like, and what enervates them, is the subordinate context and the culturally ingrained intimidation. This suggests the so-called “Theory Y” school of management, which is that people are intrinsically motivated to work hard and do good things, and that management’s role is to remove obstacles.”

“Closed allocation is irreducibly political. Compare two meanings of the three-word phrase, “I’m on it”. In an open-allocation shop, “I’m on it” is a promise to complete a task, or at least to try to do it. It means, “I’ve got this.” In a closed-allocation shop, “I’m on it” means “political forces outside of my control require me to work only on this project.”

People complain about the politics at their closed-allocation jobs, but they shouldn’t, because it’s inevitable that politics will eclipse the matter of actually getting work done. It happens every time, like clockwork. The metagame becomes a million times more important than actually sharpening pencils or writing code. If you have closed allocation, you’ll have a political rat’s nest. There’s no way to avoid it. In closed allocation, the stakes of project allocation are so high that people are going to calculate every move based on future mobility. Hence, politics.

What tends to happen is that a four-class system emerges, resulting from the four categories of work that I developed above. The most established engineers, who have the autonomy and leverage to demand the best projects, end up in the “interesting and important” category. They get good projects the old-fashioned way: proving that they’re valuable to the company, then threatening to leave if they aren’t reassigned. Engineers who are looking for promotions into managerial roles tend to take on the unpleasant but important work, and attempt to coerce new and captive employees into doing the legwork. The upper-middle class of engineers can take the interesting but unimportant work, but it tends to slow their careers if they intend to stay at the same company (they learn a lot, but they don’t build internal credibility). The majority and the rest, who have no significant authority over what they work on, get a mix, but a lot of them get stuck with the uninteresting, unimportant work (and closed-allocation shops generate tons of that stuff) that exists for reasons rooted in managerial politics.

“One of my regrets is that at a prior company I never got to hold a training session I’d planned for our development team, where our accountants would come talk to them in tax code, to convey a sense of what developers often sound like to their coworkers.”

“At the same time, be cautious of over-performance. This isn’t like college where challenging your professor’s ideas could earn you an ‘A’ if you argued your point well. Over-performers often generate extra work for their superiors and colleagues and draw unwanted attention (see: McNulty in The Wire) and are more likely to be culled for “performance” (98 percent of “performance management” in companies is politics) than under-performers. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t work hard and do a good job and learn as much as you can. That’s not necessarily over-performance; in my experience, though, over-performance—being recklessly ambitious, perhaps—is much more dangerous than under-performance. It can get you just as fired and it will happen a lot faster. If you end up stuck between the two, ebb towards under-performance.”

“Never ask for permission unless it would be reckless not to. Want to spend a week investigating something on your own initiative? Don’t ask for permission. You won’t get it. You might not actually be doing your boss a favor when you ask for permission; from their perspective, you’re asking for the right to pass the buck if your project doesn’t pan out. Since he can deny you and your buck-passing after-the-fact, in any case, because he outranks you, you don’t really gain anything from such a promise you might extract in the first place. So there’s no upside in asking for that permission.”

“Never apologize for being autonomous or using your own time […] It sets a precedent of you as a subordinate who needs more supervision.”

“If your company won’t let you work on something during normal work hours, then don’t do it on their behalf for any reason. Respect your time. Or no one else will.”

“Remember: it’s always better to ask forgiveness than permission.”

“Women by their very natures are not truly members of any people.  They are heavily selected by nature to smoothly transition from one tribe to another whether by marriage or warfare.  White knighting is such a destructive force for nations because women have no nation.  They do not care where the high status men come from and they happily absorb the language and customs of wherever they happen to end up.   That blond-haired, blue eyed goddess who can do no wrong orgasms just as hard with the swarthy Mongol who burnt her village and slew all her Darwininan loser brothers.

“One trait of true professionals is that people inside the profession never criticize each other to outsiders. That’s not necessarily for the purpose of secrecy, but because the outsiders will lack appropriate context and become dangerous, even if they don’t mean to be. For example, let’s say that two engineers disagree about source code formatting. It’s just one of those stupid topics that programmers get into heated conflict over, because there isn’t one clear right way to do it.

What happens, though, when such a dispute gets escalated to non-technical management?”

“Because I was a model contributor, my ban caused a substantial loss of faith, among Quora’s community, in its moderation. User engagement, especially among users deemed to be high-value content creators, began to decline. In reaction to this, Quora asked me to rejoin its community in February 2016, and offered a cash settlement. I turned their offer down.”

“The problem here isn’t that we have disagreement in the level of required supporting evidence within the claim itself. It’s simply that you’re unable to function with common social courtesy. […] I don’t live to provide you with stats. That doesn’t make me wrong. It makes you an asshole to say citation needed on every word that is typed.”

“Once, a Wise Man could write a hundred words and inspire a million Men.
Now, a billion bloggerz write a trillion words and inspire one Man.”

“An insult does not need to be true, all that matters is that the speaker makes it stick.”

“Index S3 was announced but it was greatly overshadowed by the news that Tatsuki was removed from his directorial role for KF S2 by Kadokawa.”
“Index S3 was leaked not announced.”
“They leaked it right after Tatsuki posted the news that he was fired because they know that they must cool down the backlash
Dumb idiots never thought they would ignite a wildfire. Index 3 is going to flop as a collateral damage”

“Didn’t KF make shit tons of money though? Why fire him?”
“They got rid of the farmer who raised the cow because they’re just going to hook the poor thing up to an automated milker and leave it there until it dies.”

“Nobody really cares about KF unironically”
“The anime had the biggest profit margin for Japanese TV anime. Ever.”

“>guy directs KF, something which wasn’t expected to be as successful but it ends up being incredibly, incredibly successful

>Kadokawa kicks him out so they can put their own yes-man in charge”

“He is a contract worker, they just don’t contract him for 2nd season.”
“Being cut off from something you wrote and directed is equivalent to being fired, unless it’s mutually agreed upon.”

“Kemono Friends will die as they got born: Soulless cashgrab run into the ground by greedy suits in corperations.”

“Kadokawa’s plan isn’t quite like that. Let me cite what a Taiwanese with Nip corporation experience said.

3 things will get you axed in a nip corporation:
1. Causing a scandal so rivals force you out
2. Implicated in scandal so rival force you out
3. Get axed by the boss because you did too well

Your typical twitter storm will be received with
“Bunch of neet kids thinking that they know better.”
“Totally into the net, that’s how they got raised.”
“Can’t put the future of Japan in these losers’ hands.”

As such, Kadokawa’s more or less trying to
>Make Kemono Friends into a longterm IP.
Similar to Pokemon and not letting any director become the brand. ”

“Sales determine success”

“Success does not determine quality”

“It determines lifespan”

>get given an IP based on an almost dead failed mobile game
>no budget
>turn it into a super popular series>merchandise sales through the roof
>worldwide recognition

>”Thank you for your services. You have ten minutes to clear out your desk before security escorts you from the premises.””

“At least tell the reason first.”
“It always boils down to “creative differences”, the most magical PR term to ever exist.”

“This is WAY worse than if the series just got cancelled.”
“The actual worst outcome is if he just had to sit on his hands for the next few months with some bullshit “executive director” role.

At least he had the balls to tell his fans.”

“You guys are jumping to conclusions a whole lot.

For one thing, you don’t know why Tatsuki was fired. Maybe he had terrible ideas for what to do with a Season 2. Maybe he was an asshole and difficult to work with. You can’t just assume that the people in charge of the IP don’t care about its future, particularly when they are making controversial decisions like firing the acclaimed director.

Besides, haven’t you all been watching anime long enough to see a series you love change directors? It’s not a big fucking deal. He’ll move on and do something original and his notoriety will help him succeed in that. KF will carry on for better or worse, and if nothing else the seiyuus will infuse it with the enthusiasm that we feel in the first season.”

>the person who single-handedly saved the series>terrible ideas for S2


“And I’m supposed to believe that some executives have a better vision for the show than the series director?”

“Are you insane? Tatsuki is the whole reason this exists and we’re sitting here talking about it. Mine created the concept and designs but Tatsuki breathed real life into them, he’s the impetus for this entire movement. It doesn’t matter whether some hanger-on like you or some suit thinks his ideas are “bad”. What we want is whatever he creates. He’s completely earned the trust of the people who would never have even been fans of this series had he not been the one in charge of this incarnation of it in the first place.”

“So the man who single-handedly saved an entire franchise got fired for having “terrible ideas”? Bullshit, they just want to replace him with some studio lackey who will do it much cheaper.If you want an example closer to home, look at what happened to Walking Dead between seasons 1 &2.”

>some studio lackey

Why do you just assume that a new director won’t be passionate and creative? That’s how people get jobs as directors. Some young upstart might be put at the helm and get the same opportunity Tatsuki originally got to show what he’s made of.”

“You’re so sweet and pure anon, what are you doing here?”
>Why do you just assume that a new director won’t be passionate and creative
I don’t have a smug enough anime girl for this. Can anyone lend me one?”
>Why do you just assume that a new director won’t be passionate and creative?Statistically speaking any other director has a 99% chance to just make more generic uninspired crap that is the whole reason why the existence of Kemono Friends is so monumental in the first place. KF really isn’t “just another anime”, the reason it’s become such a massive phenomenon in Japan and in our small pocket here is because someone with talent and genius like Tatsuki was able to create something fresh and revitalizing that people who’ve been getting completely sick of anime as a medium for decades have been longing for. Replace him with anyone else and you’re just back to the same old bland disposable instantly-forgotten MAL checklist item series that created this need.”

“Name a single time an IP survived the firing of its main creative visionary.”
“Fallout and Deus Ex”
>two beloved original creations that were reworked by much larger studios, gaining huge sales after being dumbed down to forgettable, uninspired masses-appealing franchises
Thanks for such perfect examples of what we have to look forward to”

“>dumbass suits fucked up KF once
>got saved by miracle hobo they picked at comiket
>fucked it up again anyway”

“It was never supposed to succeed. Kadokawa execs have totally legitimate independent investors reminding them of that daily. This is their last desperate attempt to get out from under this franchise.”

“I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to say.”


>Man given a potato for a budget and 3 sticks for a team
>Manages to create a small cultural pheonmenon, revive a dead IP, and inspire people to even visit the fucking zoo
>Corporate rips it away from him on his birthday

There is nothing good in this world”

“FGO is already a terrible corporate product designed only to pander.
KF will be exactly that now.”

“But that’s the endgame of any successful franchise when money is involved. This should not have come as a surprise.”

“There are four reasons why the Cynics are so named. First because of the indifference of their way of life, for they make a cult of indifference and, like dogs, eat and make love in public, go barefoot, and sleep in tubs and at crossroads. The second reason is that the dog is a shameless animal, and they make a cult of shamelessness, not as being beneath modesty, but as superior to it. The third reason is that the dog is a good guard, and they guard the tenets of their philosophy. The fourth reason is that the dog is a discriminating animal which can distinguish between its friends and enemies. So do they recognize as friends those who are suited to philosophy, and receive them kindly, while those unfitted they drive away, like dogs, by barking at them.”

“One of the most common things right wing people say is “We just want to be left alone.”  There’s no such thing as being left alone.  A polity either has enough power to defend itself or it is subjugated by a stronger power.  Only on a North American continent where opposition was relatively weak after the early 19th century could such a notion be seriously thought of. Just imagine how expecting to be left alone would sound to Polish or Ukrainians?

“Let this show that in the real world. Greed and hate will always prevail. Ironic, based on the shows values. Really makes you think.”

Don’t use buzzwords without thinking about what they mean”

“You do realize this decision was fueled by jealous, hatred, and spite from the executives, right?

Kemono Friends was supposed to fail. That’s why they gave it no budget and out a bunch of “nobodies” on the production team.

But the genuine talent and love for the show made it better than anything Kadokawa backed in the last decade. Imagine how pissed off the execs with their own pet projects were. They wanted revenge, but they still wanted the golden egg that Kenobi Friends ended up being.

They wanted golden eggs but not the hen that laid one. That’s how stupid these guys are. They genuinely thought they could get away with this and market it afterwards.
Corporate executives can be some of the pettiest and hateful people in the planet.”

>Kadokawa hates money

The accumulation of money has nothing to do with expertise, that’s why terrible decisions from higher-ups tend to happen and the primacy of capital in life means the suits who deal with the business will always feel they know better than the artists.”

> suits who deal with the business will always feel they know better than the artists.

They actually do. Artists tend to be very bad with money. One only needs to look at Kickstarter and see how all the artists have been mismanaging their funds.”

“Lick the boots of those in charge some more, will ya?”

>kancolle goes from no name game to massive hit.
>Kadokawa fucks up hard with anime and side material.
>KF goes to from no name game to massive hit and kadokawa fucks up everything.

I’m starting to see a pattern on it. Shame that those retards pretty much have monopoly on a lot of stuff together with Aniplex.”

>OMG someone made a sleeper hit! Keep forcing him to make more of it!

>OMG someone made a sleeper hit! We NOW KANGZ N SHIET”

“And people wonder how Sunrise/Bandai able to milk Gundam for almost 40 years”

“It’s ironic how one big corp killed KF, it was revived and then killed again by another big corp.

Is there nothing good in life?”

“The IP system is real fucked up and gives companies way too many rights to hold over, you know, the people actually making this stuff

The cuckolded logic is that without producers/investors there wouldn’t be art and they deserve recognition for the “risk” of investing (when these failures wouldn’t put a dent on their fortunes anyway)

In my humble opinion this ultimately degrades the concept itself of being a creator and puts all that creative process under a horrible capitalist logic”

“I think kadokawa ceo and photobucket ceo would get along well”
“Wait what?”
“new ceo takes over photobucket and decides without warning to change what has been for a decade free image hosting and change it to $399 annual fee. Billions of images in forums and blogs worldwide are now broken images because people refused to pay the ransom. CEO: zero fucks give.. said let them go. And this change happened overnight no warning no announcement just a single sentence in their TOS updated”

“No, inflation should be zero. But debtors need inflation to decrease the real value of their debts, and the US federal government is the biggest debtor in human history… so yeah, they’re only going to hire economists that support more inflation. Economics is probably the most blatantly distorted subject due to political necessity.”

“As you get successful you ramp production up to match.
Most important is just sustaining the effort.
If you take on too much, get overwhelmed and quit you have no game.
If you don’t plan very tightly, get lost and waste all your money, you have no game.
Above all else pursue that “minimum viable product”.
And then build out from there.”

“My great-grandfather owned a large grocery store chain. Nice guy, very charitable, gave food to whoever needed it in an era before social safety nets. He brought in a fellow who was his right hand man, taught him everything he knew. The guy then went across the street, used all that expertise to open his own store and drove my grandfather out of business. And so we grew up in poverty.

Don’t be too trusting, and never count on knowledge staying secret.”

“The whole reaction towards Tatsuki being fired is honestly proof that Kadokawa was right about him having too much pull when it comes to projects relating to Kemono Friends.

Sure they could have laid him off in a nicer way, but they needed to make sure that a franchise of theirs isn’t completely controlled by an outsider.”

“The vast majority of the time a company needs to kick someone off a project and replace them with someone else, they put on a huge dog and pony show in which the baton is passed with great ceremony so as to grease the transition for everyone involved. In this case it didn’t work out.”

“1. First, if you push hard, something will always collapse.
2. When that time comes, internal blame will be pushed onto someone.
3. In addition, successful cases will have many politics brought into them.
4. Businesses prefer obedient creators who are easy to handle.
5. Adjusting that is down to the skill of the site producer, but with no weapons he cannot really put up a fight.
6. In summary, to have the copyright (or a part of it) at the production company is the most healthy production environment…

These are the things that I have learned up to now.”

“After what Lucas pulled off with Star Wars, every studio is careful with IPs
But seriously, it being so averse to risk after it paid off the first time, that they decided to stop it all together is just so stupid”

“The thing I hate is that while Kadokawa deserves the hate they get and any violence that comes to them, the second something like that DOES happen, Kemono Friends will instantaneously lose support from all sides cause in one stroke the positions have been reversed.”

>Happy Salesmen are driven solely by profit and will drop their “pride” at a moment’s notice.

You underestimate them. Their pride does not forbid them from grovelling, whining, begging, or anything. But they aren’t in anyway humble. Pride without honor”

“fuck anyone who tries to say the animation was bad in this show

good animation doesn’t even mean that you have well choreographed movements that flow realistically, in fact animation is completely secondary in anime, as long as you have memorable characters with recognizable style, you have a likable show”

“How many years do they have to wait until the IP expire? Does it even apply to fictional chinese cartoon? They are going to be stuck on the boat for a very long time.”

“70 years after the owner (a corporation in this case) dies.”

“How can a “corporation” die? Be legally removed from the taxroll? Until every, single employee is dead? That seems ridiculous”

“Bankruptcy, or having its charter revoked. By design, that should almost never happen, but even if it does, the project will be long forgotten by the time it hits public domain.”

“It’s not about being a piece of entertainment, it’s about a person’s labor of love that touched everyone’s heart. Then squandered over by corporate greed.”

“And that labor of love is just a Chinese cartoon. You’ll get more labors of love in the future which may or may not get fucked over by management. Don’t try to kill yourself for once over one of many series where you become disappointed with what happens to it.”

“That’s like saying that losing a daughter is fine. You can always just breed with your wife again

Stop oversimplifying things what the fuck”

“It’s not a daughter or a wife. It’s a cartoon. Don’t lose sleep over it is all I’m saying you fucking moron.”

“It’s an artist’s child.

Do you even understand why captains go down with their ship?Or why /k/ cries at the sight of dead tanks?”

“Characters are people too.”

>protecting this work, protecting the fans, the animals as we hold true to the original aim of the project.

That kind of moral posturing doesn’t hold when your project started as a gacha, a wasteful use of smartphones, requiring rare earths to make.”

“Just how big is this in Japan that a sport news take this scoop?”

“Kemono Friends is the biggest hit of its season if not the whole year. And more importantly it was re-aired in child friendly time slots so it is something normal Japanese actually watched.”

“Why is it that you anon outside of Asia-Pacific remain skeptical about how big kemono friends have blown up in Japan?

The re-airing of episode 12 took precedence over north korea firing missile near Japan during broadcast, and the whole success of Kemono Friends were repeated in business section all around, never mind just within the anime industry.”

“It’s the biggest anime in years”

“These are the kind of posts that remind me that a lot of people here live in a bubble and think that everything they don’t know is not true or unbelievable to the point that even if the facts are already in being dangled in front of their faces, they’ll still deny it to their last breath.”

“>Kemono Friends
>from miracle anime that saved a dead franchise and made it a national phenomenon
>to whistleblower on nepotism practiced by large corporations and anime production committees

Truly, the miracle of our times.”

“Hahahaha, this is fucking hilarious.
How will kadokawa recovered from this? Not even their sponsors corroborate with their story.”

“This may really be the point when everyone Kadokawa bullied comes out to shit on them.”

>the artists cannot even draw anything with that ip again.
Wait, even fanarts?”

“Fan art has always technically been ilegall”

“The end of S1 will be a gut punch though because of what could have been”
“Better dead and buried in peace than having your rotting corpse paraded around.”

“Why does steam punk always mean sepia tone?”
“Beacause that’s the way the era is presented to the modern audience. If you went to a museum and such, you’ll just find half-rusted machinery, or machinery that was rusted so they got the rust off which leaves you with that sort of color, bare metals from hot stuff as those things killed the color rather quikcly, brownish photographs tend to be all that’s left from that era and so on.

It’s like how people imagine Classical Greek cities to be all white marble ‘ala the numerous Panthenon copies around the world, Ancient Egypt as nothing more than sand and mud huts, &c.”

“You can’t compare yourself to others. Same reason intelligent kids end up doing nothing. They compare themselves and then never reach their potential. “

“so what happens if the entire industry is bending the rules and you have no one to work with who isn’t bending the rules”

“If the law can’t do it, and your business is at stake, thats what people do
THen you leave the industry cause it killed itself
Or report people and inform authorities”

“lol you can’t just leave an industry you’re deep in like that unless you have $$$ saved up or insane connections
inform who? nothing they’re doing is breaking the law
and if you report people, welcome to blacklisting
you’ll never get a job in that industry again(from experience with two different industries i was in when i blew the whistle on people being dumbasses and never could get a job in those industries again as a result)”

“I think that applies at any job though”

“well yeah
i’m just saying basically no one was following ther ules
that’s why they passed that law”

“>What is this?
>read it just now
>read the real life case
I think I’m going to site outside for a little while”

“Much nastier shit is going on in warzones and under druglords in Asia, you’re just sheltered from exposure to it.”

“One dead soldier is a tragedy, a hundred dead is a statistic”

“I mean even if they aren’t number, when anything become a normal occurrence unrelated people generally stop giving fucks about each individual case.”

“there was a law team at AX a few years ago which threw a panel basically to learn doujin economics
copyright laws aren’t really that different in Japan, it’s just that franchise owners see an uptick in sales whenever doujin works appear
but that may not be culturally universal
so in Japan it’s considered free advertising that actually contributes to original work sales”

“also know your companies
doing porn of nintendo characters = haha good luck, @akairiot got his 20,000+ follower tumblr canned from nintendo reports/art
doing blizzard = dont care as long as you dont use official models
sega = RNG, they freak out over the most random things (shining force) but don’t seem to give a fuck about sonic, they used to though
atlus = also RNG
square enix = don’t seem to care, ever
touhou = basically welcomes it, just dont say you’re a westerner because the creator of the game hates westerners”

“When luck isn’t with you, everything goes wrong! When you’re unlucky, no matter how much you struggle, you will always feel betrayed.

So that’s why, when luck is with you, you need to win as much as you can! You gotta climb to the top! Keep going higher and higher! Head to the summit!


“Ah, him, an old classmate of mine! He spoke back to me one time,  so I challenged ‘im to a gamble… and KKTHK! Off with his head!

‘Course, officially, it was considered a suicide.

They all just said, “He was having a difficult time, and had a lot to deal with.” The teachers and police all said that! It’s just like an assembly line! None of ’em wanna question something if it’s too much trouble!”

“Be fair? What kinda bullshit is that? I know what this talk of fairness means!
It means you have no intention of protecting me! Doesn’t it?

You scum!”

“Look at us. Our shoes and clothes are tattered and torn. That’s why… we can’t steal. It’s because we’re as poor as we are that we have to do what’s right.

It’s so we can live with pride.”

“That’s right! He’s not making any sense. Being in front of them? Seeing them off? None of that shit matters! It doesn’t change anything about the fact that you’ve chosen to make them die! So why the hell are you getting so immersed in this sense of heroism? What he’s trying to say is that even though he’s done something like this, at the very least, he’s not gonna run away from what he’s done. So in other words:

He’ll be manly about being weak.

This guy found a way to make inhumanity look aesthetically pleasing. He’s so shameless, he can make himself think he’s going about it the right way.”

“Akiyama is impressive not because he exposed Yokoya’s schemes, but because he exposed Yokoya’s true nature. It is as you say, Yokoya currently holds the advantage. But if Yokoyoa encounters a game-changing situation, that will be the moment when Akyiyama’s move will become effective.”

“I’m having an interesting discussion about h-games right now. Its surprising revelation might be relevant to you: Basically, betas want to play the “beta fantasy” of conquering women. Be nice to them, hang out with them, buy them things, eventually the player is rewarded by the game|the girl with sex. They are actively uncomfortable with other framings. They’re the ones that hate “NTR” because the typical cheating story is usually a deconstruction of the beta fantasy.”


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