2017 Jun 18 ~ Jun 30

“The higher proles and up feel these pressures especially strongly because they are terrified of falling behind in the rat race and eager to get ahead no matter the odds.

The intense competition makes them insecure in having offspring who they produce in low numbers and instinctually hyper-invest in. Some of that hyper-investment might be an inherited reproductive strategy amongst striver types but its intensity of expression could be alleviated if stressors were reduced. Just a couple generations ago we see large families were normal. Helicopter parenting of only children should be seen as a behavior of shell-shocked troops cowering in foxholes under perpetual machine fire rather than normal behaviors in a healthy society. The same behaviors in lab rats would be noted as a response to extreme stress.”

“In the 80’s, we had a bum crisis due to the states being forced to fling open the doors to their nervous hospitals. The former patients had no one willing to care for them and no ability to care for themselves, so they ended up on the streets as bums. The obvious answer was to put them back into the asylums, but that was ruled off limits and we still have a bum problem to this day.

The solution to the bum problem was to ignore it and build up a big new bureaucracy for dealing with the bums, while not actually getting them off the streets. That meant a proliferation of not-for-profit organizations that dealt with the bums, using grants from the city, state and federal government. The result is we now have a special interest that works to thwart any effort to get the bums off the streets. Bum maintenance has become an industry with lobbyists and political power. And we still have bums.”

“The most obvious solution to the exploding and stabbing Mohameds is to stop importing Mohameds. If BMW’s exploded at this rate, Britain would ban the importation of BMW’s and demand the manufacturer recall those in the country. Volkswagen is facing billions in fines for violating trivial emissions regulations. Yet, no one dares say, “there’s a problem with these Mohameds. Let’s put the brakes on importing more of them until will can figure out what’s going on with them.””

“Way back in the olden thymes, when companies were getting on-line to sell stuff, it looked like Amazon picked a strange market to exploit. Buying books on-line was not a great leap forward, but Bezos knew something the rest of us did not. He knew that a business that flattered the beautiful people would have an army of beautiful people promoting it to the rest of us.”

“Bezos’ famous comment that “your margin is my opportunity” represents a public good in that it forces companies to become more efficient, lest the Eye of Mordor is cast in their direction.

Amazon is profitable when it wants to be. All Bezos has to do is reduce internal reinvestment of capital for a quarter and Wall Street gets all giddy.

The US has been over represented in retail square footage for too long, and Amazon is the forcing function to rationalize that situation.”

“That’s mostly bullshit. Amazon got to play by special rules that allowed them to crush traditional retail. They are still playing by special rules. They get huge subsidies to build their distribution centers. If I want to start a book selling business, the state is not building me an off-ramp, giving tax abatements and other subsidies.

What Amazon is doing is systematically transferring wealth from the middle class to the wealthy. It’s techno-feudalism.”

“The last time people noticed the Jews were in charge, a lot of bad things followed so we pretend not to notice.”

“The point of this is that tactics are important. Katie McHugh is a nobody in the grand scheme of things, but her corpse on the sidewalk sends the same message as the Seth Rich bike rack outside DNC headquarters. As the Chinese say, you kill some chickens to scare the monkeys. You can be sure that people inside Breitbart are now working on their resumes and ready to rat on their friends in order to find a safe landing spot. It is the same tactic the Feds are using to fix the leak problem. Jail a nobody and the somebodies notice.”

“In the managerial class, “being nice” has been weaponized, so that anything that contradicts the tenets of the faith is classified as threatening and harassment. This allows the most sensitive, almost always women, to function as a canaries in the coal mine. When they begin to cry, it means someone is saying unapproved things and it is all hands on deck to root out the heretic. It’s not an accident that most of the speech enforcers on social media are women.”

“This is anarcho-tyranny refined into a social system. The state is unable to perform its basic functions, but it is adept at working with private business to push around the law abiding citizens. There will now be a second legal system run by global corporations to police the speech of citizens. Instead of putting trouble makers in prison, however, they will put them on mute, making it hard for them to communicate their grievances. Users will not voice their complaints to the law. They will appeal to someone is customer support.

That’s where you see the motivation behind the evolution of this parallel legal system we are seeing with the Cloud People. Like so much of neo-liberalism, it is cloaked in libertarian arguments about private entities setting their own policies, but that’s only so it can avoid defending itself in open court or the court of public opinion. In the old law, the process determined your guilt and then your punishment. In the new law, the process is the punishment and a weapon to enforce conformity and submission.”

“Even so, the web content business model says something about modern society. The hostile relationship between the customer and seller is weird, but maybe it reflects the sterile transactionalism that is modern life. Not only are we strangers to one another, we feel free to treat one another like highwaymen. The sites try to jam us with ads and spyware and we try to break their business model by stealing their content. The internet economy is the war of all against all that Thomas Hobbes described as the state of nature.”

“The answer may be that there is not point to all of it, just a way for all sides to fill up their days, pretending to be leaders of a world that no longer needs leaders. Would the average Japanese notice if his rulers stopped showing up for work? Is the average South Korean concerned in the least about what his rulers are doing? The only reason to care is the prospect that they will do something stupid and set off a pointless war with the North Koreans. Otherwise, the ruling class is a burden, not an asset.

That may explain why the leadership in the West appears to be going mad. Trump was in Europe to meet with the provincial governors and their biggest concern was some new scheme to make Gaia happy.The Western media gets upset at Trump for seeming to question the point of NATO, but when the chief concern of Europe is the weather, a military alliance does seem a bit pointless. Does anyone really think the Russians are going to roll tanks into the heart of Europe? Not even Bill Kristol thinks that’s possible.

Maybe that’s why the Europeans are inviting the Muslim world to invade their cities and create havoc among the native populations. Everyone in charge is bored. They wake up each morning wondering, what’s the point? Being in charge of Germany is rather pointless if you can’t invade the Sudetenland or defend the fatherland against a barbarian invasion from the east. The nations of Europe hardly qualify as countries anymore. All of the important stuff is done by the US or supranational organizations.”

“In the olden days of the web (not for you, Z, for me) there were a lot of articles about how marketeers and ad men were shocked to find that now that they could measure the customers’ interest somewhat, they were finding that customers weren’t all that much interested in their ads. I don’t have the time to hunt the articles down tonight (assuming that they are still out there), but I remember they caused quite a crisis in the marketing and sales world.

This article has a summary of click through rates by product category. You need to attract a lot of eyeballs to even get someone to look at your product. Additionally, search engines have empowered customers to find what they need rather than what the ad men are telling them to buy (that is implicit in the data in the linked article).

If you are google and you own both ends of the transaction (search and ad), then you are sitting pretty. Everyone else is in the Hobbsian state of nature.”

“The last time I was at an NBA game, my thought was, “This is what hell will be like.” This was in Boston, which is known for being somewhat subdued about this crap. It was a barrage of sound from the PA and constant demands that I look at the video boards during breaks in the game, which were frequent. At every timeout, some girls ran onto the floor to dance to jungle music and some males did back flips. The only thing missing was a witch doctor.”

“The defining feature of the modern economy is that anything resembling value-added is stripped away, in order to turn it into a commodity. Once everything is just a commodity, then the only decision is price and when you can have it.”

“I’m not against trade, but the truth is, the arguments we hear in favor of the current trade arrangements are mostly nonsense. That and libertarians are crazy. The fact is, there are very few instances where Country A does something so well that it makes more sense for Country B to buy from Country A, rather than invest in their own ability. In most cases, we’re talking about display items.

Before NAFTA, there were no Mexican manufactured goods stacking up at the border. Mexico did not make anything anyone wanted, other than cheap disposable people and illicit drugs. Free trade was a scam for US companies with size to get around US labor, environmental and tax laws.”

“How much does a doctor’s vote count in a group when someone injured? Fiction that we are equal, equally knowledgeable prevents this today.”

“On this day, I’m picking up a few items I forgot to get on my normal trip to the market. I see Queenie in an animated discussion with two garbage bags. Donald Trump has decided to import unlimited numbers of Muslims and they have to go somewhere. That means dumping them into the broken down cities and towns, often with a Federal check attached, so the local politicians don’t squawk about it. The greatest human experiment in history is taking place. Low-IQ Muslims are being dumped into urban American ghettos.”

“It is mistakenly assumed that the viciousness with which the Progs attack anyone questioning multiculturalism is purely about power. There’s some of that, but the real driver is belief. How they define the world, and how they define themselves, is based on the bedrock assumptions of the blank slate. If those assumptions are invalidated, not only is their worldview invalid, but they are invalid. Human bio-diversity is the same as telling a devout Muslim that Mohamed was a Jewish comedian and Islam is an elaborate gag.”

“Given the choice, I’d choose to live in the libertarian paradise over most any other form of social arrangement, but that’s never going to be on the table. The only way to get anywhere near close to it, means getting the culture right and that means getting the demographics right. It also means accepting all sorts of compromises on the economic and political front. If a commie is my ally in the demographic fight, so be it. If a libertarian chooses to be my enemy in the culture war, then I will be his enemy.”

“Prostitution in the towns is like the cesspool in the palace: take away the cesspool and the palace will become an unclean and evil-smelling place.”

“I don’t know anyone who wants prostitution to be illegal other than feminists and their evangelical white knights.”

“I think most Americans support the prohibition of prostitution.”

“Those two groups I mentioned cover most Americans.”

“Studios are lazy and entitled. Freeshit, as awesome as it may be, is anathema to the structure of studio methodology and politics.”

“Lol holy shit the truck attack was a white guy running over muslums lmao”

“tbh the real victims in this are going to be the white community who are now going to have to fear reprisals.”

>Nasa just discovered ’10 new planets like Earth’

the fact that anyone actually clicks through to these kinds of articles anymore is just astounding and goes to show the marketing/PR prowess of NASA”

“It’s cool to accept lies when its “science” based, not cool when its Jewish volcano demon based

“Yeah you guys dont have this super huge telescope that only like 3 people can get to use, so you are just gonna have to take our word for it.””

“There is no being behind doing, effecting, becoming; “the doer” is merely a fiction added to the deed – the deed is everything.”


“Ummm. They deploy more police after every threat or attack.”

“The Met have deployed extra police to reassure communities, especially those observing Ramadan.”

How many Muslim attackers have there been in London in the last few weeks? He was on the news like a week ago saying they didn’t have resources to track a few hundred people with known terror links, but now they have the resources to guard the attackers.

Meanwhile the fucking police are out arresting anyone who says something “wrong” about Islam for hate crimes. A dude teaching his girlfriends dog to “sieg heil” for a laugh is going to jail, but tracking actual terrorists is just too much effort.”

“Didn’t he also say that terrorism is part and parcel of living in a city?”

“The Nazi punching thing is over because Nazi’s punch back

That Antifa chick got knocked out

It’s for the best anyway, because some stupid lefty kid might have punched a vet with PTSD & we would have to deal with about 30 dead collage kids”

“Modernity has a fertility problem. When elevated to the zenith of savage irony, the formulation runs: At the demographic level, modernity selects systematically against modern populations. The people it prefers, it consumes. Without gross exaggeration, this endogenous tendency can be seen as an existential risk to the modern world. It threatens to bring the entire global order crashing down around it.”

“Rising tides lift all boats equally, surely the rising tide since the 1970 hasn’t been doing so. Any way of calculating living standards that doesn’t include the ability to raise a family doesn’t count for shit.”

“As long as we keep the third world out, we can rebound later. It’ll be painful but it’s feasible.

If you bring them in, though, they will take over. It’s as simple as that.”

“Someone once said that whomever wasn’t a bit of a commie in his young age has no heart, and whoever is still a commie by age 40 has no brains.”

“I’d rephrase that quote.

Anyone who isn’t socialist at age 20 has no talent for signalling; anyone who is still socialist at age 40 is pretty damn good at it.”

“Credit to original uploader” who the fuck is the original uploader? is this what you mean by (crediting)?”

“School is public daycare so more women can work full time and subsidizes older workers’ wages by keeping young people out of the job market.”

>”My subjective taste is objective truth”

I wonder how you faggots can say a contradiction that blatant and not suffer an aneurysm.”

“remember to start and end every sentence with “in my opinion” so my special needs friend can follow along.”

“It is no accident that Japan has one of the lowest levels of economic inequality of any major nation at the same time as it has one of the most hierarchical cultures.”

“The Japanese have understood that what people are largely pursuing in the workplace is not so much money as the respect of the people around them, and therefore maintain a sophisticated – indeed, bizarrely over-elaborate to the Western eye – economy of respect in addition to the economy of money. They have understood that a large part of what money-seeking individuals really want is just to spend that money on purchasing social respect, though status display or whatever, so it is far more efficient to allocate respect directly.

Did you really think people as obviously intelligent as the Japanese were doing all those odd-looking bows for nothing?”

“One of the consequences of Japan’s long-term orientation that is least palatable to the Western liberal mind is that it has the effect of making democracy almost superfluous. The reason is simple: if the objective of the government is the long-term well-being of the nation, the means to this end have already been figured out, and execution has been entrusted to a bureaucracy with a track-record of success, then there is very little for democracy to do. What is there for the elected representatives of the people to debate? Particularly since serious debate about these questions turns on economic expertise they do not possess.”

“While we’re on the subject, I want to take a jab at just how meaningless and asinine the label “free world” is because Saudi Arabia is included within it.”

“I think it is really sad the state to which libertarian youtube has degenerated. It used to be so cool. with tons of edgy white teenagers making responses to each other and all the controversies and debates.

The land-ownership debate between Brainpolice2 and ConederalSocialist, napalmtube’s Catholicism controversy, the national defense wars started by ilovenuman, the Damascene conversion of Laughingman0x, the immigration conflagration by IndividualAutonomy and spawktalk’s “Spawk Against The World,” the beginning of the race realism saga, the moral nihilism interlude. Libertarian youtube was the happening place to be 2008-2012.

Now it’s just a wasteland. “Oh wow, I really liked ThatGuyT’s latest video about how feminism is bad. I also really liked Mr. Dapperton’s last video about how feminism is bad.””

“It must be very easier for Korean men to be monogamous.”

“Really? I imagine it would be more difficult. Like you accidentally sleep with your best friend’s wife because she looks exactly like your own wife.”

“The prominence of the temperance movement shows us that women had great political influence long before they got the vote. Not to mention, history is replete with concubines and mistresses who molded the most iron-fisted emperors to their wills.
Average Joes were like play-doh in their hands when it came to pursuing a political agenda. Moral pontificating from ladies’ associations backed by sob stories about drunk and abusive husbands was enough to trigger vast armies of white knights into action.

Female suffrage, then, was overkill. The temperance movement grew from an already powerful political lobby into an overwhelming force that banned alcohol altogether, with disastrous results. With females given the vote themselves soon afterwards, they were all but crowned as empresses.”

“When the walled city is under attack, every man knows he will be killed or enslaved, his family dissolved, his property plundered if he’s on the losing side. For young women, especially those without kids, the consequence of conquest has been the inconvenient shuffling from one sheikh’s tent to another’s.”

“$15 an hour to flip burgers? As if! If you want a living wage, maybe learn a tougher skill, like typing numbers into a spreadsheet.”

“There is no reality that you can’t just laugh away. Your “I should die” thoughts are just illusions.”


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