2017 May 24 ~ Jun 17

“Where I live, the federal classification for low income is anyone below ~80k. (This makes sense considering rent/housing prices.)

But to qualify for California state-paid health insurance, your income must be lower than ~10k.”

“How do I know Seth Rich’s death was not a “random act of gun violence?”

Democrats didn’t use it to promote gun control.”

“We are profoundly conflicted as a nation when it comes to housing: we want it to be affordable, but we also want its prices to rise fast enough to be valuable as a financial investment.”

“After the American Civil War, Brazil still had slavery. Should America have waged war against Brazil for engaging in this great moral crime?

Or is it your opinion that enslaving 1,500,000 people is not nearly so bad as a chemical attack that kills about 50?”

“since when is Sony in bed with type moon?”

“Since Aniplex funded Kara no Kyoukai and they realized how much money they can make from it.”

“Aniplex/Sony knew they could make some mad dosh after the success of Kara no Kyoukai, so they bought the right to the Fate franchise and that’s also the reason why previous works are not even mentioned today, like in the anniversary for example.”

“GO is a mistake.
If it wasn’t mobage cashgrab trash it would be worth looking into.”

“i mean for the mostly either only play it because it’s a combination of their like for the nasuverse and any addition that it may add to it + their easy addiction to what is essentially gambling.

All I saw people playing on their phones in Japan for games were either this game, puzzles and dragons, and some weird version of candy crush”

“Sony is looking for something to use as a full cashcow.

Look at their recent movies. They’re all shit.

Anime is the in thing again. May as well go for it.”

“I wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t just Grand Order, and Nasu actually did something else. As it is, he’ll be stuck with that forever.

Fuck gacha and fuck mobile games, waste of all that cool lore.”

“The mobile game is what Nasu calls his will he wants others to inherit after he dies. He doesn’t call your favorite VN or notes like this.”

>the marketing statements say this so it must be true
>never read KT where Nasu is confirmed as The Lying Adult
>doesn’t know he said Extra CCC had all he had left to say with Fate

If FGO ever dries up and he does a Fate reboot, a Prototype VN, or some other big project, he’ll go “this is what I really wanted to write since high school, everything that marked me as a person is in this work”.
With death of the author, it’s obvious from a literary perspective that FSN will always be his most impactful work, regardless of whatever bullshit he comes up with.”

>being this naive and salty
FGO is far more recognizable now in Japan than FSN. Nasu admitted it. Tsukihime isn’t even more recognizable than Melty Blood either.

The future works are all going to be linked to the ground that is more familiar to his fanbase which is FGO, not FSN or Tsukihime (which is a niche VN that is getting a full reboot).”

>Mobage don’t last forever
But what could possibly kill it?”

“The current model of mobage becoming outmoded or enough competition hits to push down profits. FGO is popular now, but something will surpass it down the line and in probably not that short a space of time, it’s a pretty turbulent market after all.”

“FGO is saving Sony Music Branch during a tough time. There’s nothing that Nasu could do that will surpass it. This isn’t a joking matter and isn’t exclusive to Type Moon. Sony fucking CEO has his eyes on the franchise. You think Extella almost 200k odd sales compare to 30-50k million revenue a month for a mobage?”

>That’ll happen eventually.
Mahou was released in 2012.
Shortest TM VN ever. No routes.
Still untranslated
Same for CCC.
This is not 2008 anymore. Fan-translations are dead.”

“ego is biggest cancer in fan-translations
>do not steal our 70% dead translation!
>start from the beginning!

“FGO is supposed to be a huge deal and the next big TM thing. Or raher, it wasn’t, Nasu didn’t intend for it to be huge but it still blew up. Which is why it’s disappointing that it became the center of everything simply thanks to money.”

“Nasu did intent for FGO to be the end of all lore for TM, because part 1 was going to reveal how the Age of Men came to be, but he didn’t think it would become so popular with this wide audience it got. He began to promote it with a short story of a murder mystery set in the Clock Tower for fuck’s sake.
Stop spreading misinformation. He always promoted it as center stage of TM before it became millions of players hit.”

“I see. Nasu really is a massive fucking hack then.”

“It happened the same with FSN. The basics and twists were already set up by Nasu’s original idea that was Prototype (Servants summoned by Masters, altered Servants twists, love story with King Arthur, Grail birthing a twisted evil, evil priest, Gil and Cu and others, etc) which was going to be a published novel, but Takeuchi suggested some changes like making it a VN and genderbending Arthur to be a cute armored heroine, which had him revamp and readjust his plot ideas to the more otaku pandering medium.

Ten years from now, you’ll know what FGO Prototype entailed. We know Roman’s relationship with Solomon was there, as were the Beasts and the time travel, plus was a multiplayer game, but they could have been explored different and be just as different as Prototype and FSN.”

“He wrote the plot outline when he was revising UBW script, where he came up the concept idea of Roman’s character when he was doing the EMIYA’s and Shirou’s revised script (the Stardust scene). They were working on a multiplayer work since the proto Apocrypha which got reworked into a LN, and now he had the money and the OKAY, he wanted to think about the plotline. That’s when he thought about Beasts and to tell the story of “the end of the ages of gods at last”. The first recorded lines in the game was Goetia and Solomon confrontation, Nasu already envisioned in 2013 but nobody even knew what the fuck they were doing, so they assumed it was a CD Drama.
The mobage platform was decided later by Takeuchi, who proposed DelightWorks as the developer. Nasu didn’t think a story for a mobage game, rather he thought a story and later squeezed it in a mobage game.”

“Exactly, that’s why I hate what he did with it and the way it’s taking TM.

>Man, I’ve got all these universe-changing lore ideas, and a cool final boss. Even Caster Merlin, who just got properly introduced in GoA, will finally have a role!
>I know! I’ll dump it all into the fanservice mobile game. Complete with a self-insert protagonist so Solomon gets all the spotlight, and have someone else write the earlier parts I don’t care about.

I know the mobage idea was Takeuchi’s, but the old browser game would’ve been roughly the same shit and made less money. What a waste.”

“At the time, Fate was not intended to be a game, much less an adult one. Nasu was simply a junior high student whose goal, like many, was to have his novel sold in bookstores around the country. Likewise, his friend Takeuchi was simply an aspiring artist who wanted to jump into the manga business.

Initially, Nasu only wrote what would become the game’s “Fate” storyline (the game Fate/stay night had three storylines, the Fate storyline being one of them). In his early drafts, Fate’s heroine Saber was a man, and the protagonist was a girl with glasses. For a number of reasons, Nasu stopped writing at the fight with Sasaki Kojiro (about 1/3 of the current Fate storyline), and set the work was aside for many years.

Nasu and Takeuchi, still friends, toyed with the idea of making a game to showcase Nasu’s writing. Eventually, they decided to start a doujin group, though they didn’t initially plan to make adult games. Bolstered by the nomination of some of Takeuchi’s works for the New Hope awards, the two decided to keep things simple and create doujin comics. In the doujin world, their less-than-lofty goal didn’t promise huge success.

Although Nasu’s novel Kara no Kyoukai had already been serialized on his personal diary, Bamboo Broom, the work was not well-known. So after careful consideration, taking into account sales, content, and Takeuchi’s hobby, the two decided, instead, that their first game would be an H-game.

The making of TYPE-MOON’s first game, Tsukihime, was full of bitterness. The drawing and coloring were all done by Takeuchi. It was said that during his lunch/afternoon break at his day job, Takeuchi would bike home and work on the art, go back to work, and repeat the process until three in the morning.

Nasu wasn’t much better off. Eventually, he quit his job, and Takeuchi told him: “I’ll take care of the living expenses, you work on Tsukihime.” So Nasu began his life of writing scripts all day. In the end, Nasu had produced around 5,000 pages of script in 4 months. There were even rumors that the two considered selling organs to raise funds (Though clearly an exaggeration, it does demonstrate how much work was put into the game).

Looking back, Takeuchi’s art for the game was tragically bad. Even though Takeuchi was even then a talented artist, he was more proficient at drawing manga, not high quality CGs. The concept art was great, but the color, outline, and many other areas needed much more polish. But since Tsukihime was only a doujin game, the quality was considered acceptable.

After two trial editions were released in 1999 and the “Half Moon” edition was released at the 2000 Summer Comiket, the completed version of Tsukihime was finally released during the 2000 Winter Comiket. Through word of mouth, Tsukihime soon became immensely popular thanks to its rich and engaging storyline, Nasu’s unique style of storytelling, and the growing doujin market. […]

Sometime later, Nasu and Takeuchi decided to turn the old Fate story into a Gal Game. In the beginning, Nasu was worried that because the main character was a girl, the story might not work as a Gal Game. Takeuchi switching the genders of the protagonist and the hero, Saber. Takeuchi describes Nasu’s response to the suggestion as being: “as if I suggested Berserk’s main character, Guts, should be a woman.”

According to Nasu himself, “Even though sometimes he [Takeuchi] says impossible things, at the time the concept seemed simply ridiculous. Turning Saber into a girl, that’d completely destroy Fate! At first I was very against the idea, but after a while, I thought some of the difficulties that might arise could be resolved.” And so work on Fate/stay night began.

Fate was not initially written as a game script, so the story had to be edited to add more game routes and plot, new setting changes, and so forth. Around a year after development began, the group began to realize that the capacity and scope of a doujin group severely limited what they could do with Fate. One of the most important factors was money. They had received help from other professionals during the making of Tsukihime, but that support was solely based on the pride of a game maker, and the group didn’t want to always rely on others.

Faced with a difficult choice, TYPE-MOON decided to enter the commercial market in order to produce Fate commercially. Luckily, while TYPE-MOON’s works are 18+ games, they aren’t on the extreme end, so TYPE-MOON fared fairly well as a commercial company.”

>Duterte Tells Soldiers to Go Ahead and Rape Moslem Women

if you had told me two years ago that the world’s greatest leader would be filipino i’d have called you retarded”

“More important that the wartime rape question is why is ISIS throwing a revolution in the Philippines right now?

Okay, they’re throwing revolutions everywhere.

But this is the only one in Asia.

One might imagine this relates to the fact that the West does not like Duterte.”

“This happened in Canada. The woman has a husband who is a police officer. She was allowed to leave the scene by police and not have a breathalyzer etc… any other person would have been arrested. The officers involved should be (but obviously wont) fired and arrested.”

“Everyone knows that having a baby changes you, but it turns out that the belief that a child is always a part of you is quite literal at the cellular level in a mother’s body tissue. Find out how here.”

“Some studies suggested that microchimerism can also occur as a consequence of sexual relations with past partners as well, but no one wants to talk about those…”

“Western people pride themselves to be free and strong. Especially Americans. For a European, the campaign song of Trump “proud to be an American” by Lee Greenwood was bizarrely over-romantic, along with the flags everywhere and the “from my cold dead hand” approach towards privately owned guns. When such “free and strong” man was forced to shut up or lose his job, he experienced very strong cognitive dissonance. The idea that a university student group or some other movement of nobodies tell him what he can say and what he cannot is totally incompatible with his self-image of a free strong man. The only way for him to solve this internal conflict was to internalize the demand: “if I believe what I’m saying, I’m not forced, I’m just freely expressing my opinion”. So they quickly became hosts of the politically correct speech, turning universities to places where people can get fired for not looking properly.

Eastern Europeans on the other hand grew up during Soviet oppression, therefore we do not pride ourselves as “free and strong”, rather “witty and surviving”. During the Soviet era, open criticism was punished – just like under the liberal era – so people got used to behave in public and criticize in private. Not standing up to the Soviet tank column wasn’t considered cowardice and no one thought less of the other guy for praising the Soviets in a ceremony – if he properly condemned them in private. Therefore our social people did not experience cognitive dissonance when a powerful liberal demanded them to speak politically correctly. They obeyed while fully aware that they are just obeying tyranny instead of speaking freely. As soon as the “stormtrooper” left the room, they spit on the ground and condemned what they just had to say. So liberals could only make people lie instead of indoctrinating them.”

“My friend was an ugly 48 year old 5’2 Indian guy and he was having trouble finding a woman who wanted to be with him. Do you think he just sat around and complained about it all day? Fuck no. He improved himself and now he’s a tall handsome 20 year old white guy and he can get any girl he wants.”

“Ancients would have laughed at the notion that work is ennobling, says Baumeister; they had no such illusions. Work was to be avoided if possible. The work ethic was invented during industrialization, when religious justifications for social structures and work were fading. If work were valuable in and of itself, then people could always be motivated to work hard.

The new work ethic ultimately failed. It proposed that work was at once an act of self-fulfillment and an act of self-denial; but how could this be? It promised value based on individual self-determination, but in practice delivered work in corporations and bureaucracies. Social mobility proved to be limited. Working less and consuming more proved to be more attractive than working for work’s sake. The motivation of individual self-esteem and prestige through a career proved more sturdy than the motivation of the work ethic.

The work ethic is still called upon by those who work in order to feel superior to those who don’t ? and feeling comparatively more valuable than others is an important basis for a sense of meaning in life. But the work ethic was never very real, and has ceased to be much of a motivation. We probably do not need to worry about universal basic income “eroding” it. Researchers should measure loneliness and depression, social participation, and the sense of meaning and happiness, not just workforce participation, in the study and control groups.

What good is work? The more it is not necessary to the economy, the more value it must provide to the individual worker. Work provides a sense of being valuable and not a burden, and gives people opportunities for social interaction and daily ritual. If they can find other ways to provide for these needs, then perhaps work is not so necessary.”

“Yeah those guys with 50 billion dollars totally earned all that money with honest labour, and totally couldn’t live without every penny of it (literally, look at how they all cheat taxes), and totally can be trusted not to use it in any way that hurts the interests of the nation (heh)

There is this idea of some mythical honest super rich entrepreneur, and yet where are these people in real life? The super rich are all – to the last man – actively engaged in systemetically enslaving the earth and exterminating our race

This anti-social trait inherent in the super rich is something that was recognized by political philosophers going back to Republican Rome and the city states of Greece, and the entire development of western political theory revolves around restraining unrestricted money power, learned first hand from the ruinous effect it has when it comes to dominate the state

Even the founders of America who made the constitution capitalists and patriotard individualists love so much fought hard agianst this money power, all the way up to Andrew Jackson, and the current system would be abhorrent to them, though (Ben Franklin IIRC) predicted precisely when and how the system would come crashing down (triumph of money power and military adventures by the executive power)

Even the founders of America who made the constitution capitalists and patriotard individualists love so much fought hard agianst this money power, all the way up to Andrew Jackson, and the current system would be abhorrent to them, though (Ben Franklin IIRC) predicted precisely when and how the system would come crashing down (triumph of money power and military adventures by the executive power)”

“Swedish wiki page for Swedes in 2012:
>Swedes are an ethnic group native to Sweden, with descendants living in many other countries, primarily Finland, Estonia and the other Nordic countries, as well as the United States. Swedes originated from various Scandinavian tribes inhabiting what is today the country of Sweden.

Wiki page in 2017:
>”Swedes” is a term used to denote individuals, depending on the definition, with an association to Sweden. Whether or not an ethnic group called “Swedes” exist is dubious, and can in various contexts be linked to extreme ring-wing concepts of race and biological heritage.

“It’s always the fault of the man, even though women have the wombs. At least, that’s how trads and women will twist this. Truth is that feminism had economic and legal effects, which in providing incentives for all the wrong things (or if you’re leftist, all the right things), pretty much sealed in our fate. All the women in this thread complaining about not being able to find a man are in actuality complaining about not finding a man with the right amount of money. They can’t accept that the cost of their rights is working and marrying a man of equal or lesser economic worth. After all, the prettiest women do not have this problem. So, when a woman calls an ex a loser, cheater, or abuser, nine times out of ten, he didn’t make enough money. What that tells me is that a woman is not loyal to anything but her primal instincts, which are at this juncture no longer satiable due to the system which panders to her. Woman wants to have her cake and eat it, too. But pretty soon, there will be no cake left. This train will not stop. Enjoy the ride, white man.”

Interestly, OP did not mean for this to happen, as he was simply noting how disastrous feminism has been for first-world/white nations. The women could feel the heat, as much of this is on them, so they had to steer discussion into the personal and petty. Is it any wonder that thot patrol, MGTOW, white shaira, and other such movements are gaining traction? Millennials seem to be longing for the cafes, lodges, and biergartens of yore, something denied of them, where men could discuss the direction of society without women butting in every five minutes with their silliness. The only way to accomplish that, it seems, is to make women unwelcome, and their opinions, irrelevant. Otherwise, men start talking about the mundane, as opposed to the abstract–the trees, as opposed to the forest.”

“[T]he guy calls into a gender reassignment clinic to ask about the sort of testing that he should prepare himself for if he wants to undergo a transition. He eventually tries to pin the staff down on what physiological and actually quantifiable measurements they do (i.e. stuff like brain scans or stuff of that sort) and they avoid the question for a few minutes until they eventually admit openly that there is nothing of the kind. All the “testing” being done is just vague psychological mumbojumbo, at no point is there any rigorous testing of concrete physiological factors done.

This proves that all the articles in the media about how there is “neurological proof” and “evidence” for gender dysphoria is just straight up nonsense. It’s a flat out lie, pure and simple. There is no statistically meaningful difference in the brains of men and MTF trannies. Contrary to what Bill Nye says, you CAN NOT do any actual testing to confirm the “self-identified gender” of the person in question. They just give you a bunch of suggestive questionaires and then cut your genitalia off.”

“If 90% of immigrants were young attractive women, all native women would unanimously be anti-immigration.”

“If we tell each other that everyone is beautiful or everyone can be beautiful or everyone is beautiful to someone, it’s okay to base our entire civilization around a worldwide superficial game of shallowness”

“What’s happening to me has never happened ever in the history of this great country. Which is that a sitting president of the United States and his grown children and the First Lady are personally, I feel, personally trying to ruin my life forever.”

Yes, Trump forced you to pose with a disgusting beheaded image of him.

Women are incapable of taking responsibility for their actions.”

“More than 41,000 undocumented immigrants arrested”
“More than 10,800 didn’t have a criminal record”
That’s a funny way of saying ~75% of illegals have a criminal record.”

>what if we start cloning characters other than saber?
million dollar idea”

“Why is Fate so full of tittymonsters?”
“It’s what the people want. And more importantly it’s what my dick wants.”
“It’s the last bastion of hope for patrician taste.”

“Woof that’s pretty bad but I like the art”
“That’s how they get you.”
“Just buy the statues.”

“Every single house stands alone with its own lawn. At the same time all the houses are nearly identical. In a glimpse, we see the banality and horror of individualism without duty to others.

The price of everyone snatching their little plot is most have to live far away from where they want to go. Yet every day they climb into their cars, navigate the labyrinth of their neighborhood and then make their way to the same highway everyone else wants to use at the same time of day.

Of course, in America, few people will object much to living far away from the center because they know what the alternative is.

One direct problem of a civilization in denial is the overunning of urban areas by the underclasses.

The twin threats of skyrocketing property values from making control of land a free-for-all and underclass dysfunction in the city centers creates a perfect pressure cooker that keeps millions of workers stuck paying huge mortgages and car payments for the honor of driving 2 hours each way to work every day.

When we consider it takes 2 incomes to keep up this facade, it’s no wonder the fertility rate of cooperators has plummeted. They may even have decent money in the bank after all their toil, but they are worse off than homeless bums when it comes to the critical resources of time and energy.”

“Heroic acts are celebrated, but the men are forgotten. It’s no wonder that cartoon superheroes are masked, this way the author doesn’t have to write the awkward situation of Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne being ignored when their superheroism is not needed. The reality of the every days of a superhero would only fit in sarcastic comedies, not uplifting stories.”

>Broken family, poor as fuck, lives with mom and sister, barely makes enough to survive and has massive debt.

They don’t deserve to get blacked or be fucking homeless fat dudes. You fucks that get off on that are fucked in the head.”

“Yes, many goes to JAV because of debt but said debt often caused by themselves like how Anri Sakaguchi spent too much on host club. Or how Julia forgot to insurance her house that later burned down (but she paid it off quickly).
JAV merely just offer an option. It’s less riskier and more legal than doing escort or working in soapland. Sure thing that Anri Sakaguchi took Muteki offer for a hundred million yen then.”

“Claiming that an Imam from some tiny irrelevant nonviolent sect of Islam is an authority on all of Islam so that Sunni Jihadists aren’t real Muslims is about as logically consistent as saying “The lesbian pastor at my Episcopalian church says abortions are ok so Catholics aren’t actually Christian.””

“She accepted the help of other people who helped her change her cogntion.

In other words, seek mental help. Your problems exist in your own head and you have the power to turn that around so stop sucking dicks and just cheer up, emo kid.”

“Negros consuming Mestizo-made nutrition-free garbage to be resuscitated by white medics withs $100,000 in debt”

“and thus continues the spic-nig cycle”

“It’s just a regular person doing what they’re told so they aren’t starving to death, not the CEO you’d like to strangle for the both of you. This is done on purpose for this reason to remove accountability. Don’t let it work.”

“Here’s why the new ‘luxury’ equals cheaper cars, smaller homes, and basically whatever you want it to mean” – CNBC”

The new luxury can mean whatever you want but all indicators suggest it means “austerity””

“Traffic signals on city streets are perhaps the single stupidest thing the engineering profession has even gifted humanity, and that is saying a lot.

The essence of a traffic signal is that the driver travels 0 mph for extended periods of time in exchange for the right to travel 30+ mph for short periods of time. The AVERAGE travel speed is ridiculously low.”

“Gothic cathedrals inspire faith, modernist churches extinguish it.”

“Growing up during commie Eastern Europe we all knew that the gov had a way to track anyone printing any poster , now is the same except a lot more sophisticated!”

“Explains why I can’t print a b&w page with empty yellow toner”

“their job is basically selling kids into the child trafficking and prostitution nodes otherwise known as foster homes”

“Today is a special day. June 4th 2017 marks the 13th anniversary of the Killdozer’s rampage through Granby Colorado.

Sit down kids and let me tell you a tale, about a reasonable man driven to do unreasonable things.

Marvin Heemeyer was a man who owned a muffler shop in Granby Colorado. The city council ordained to approve the construction of a concrete factory in the lot across from Marvin’s shop. In the process this blocked the only access road to the muffler shop. Marvin petitioned to stop the construction to no avail. Petitioned to construct a new access road, and even bought the heavy machinery to do so himself. Denied.

The concrete factory went up in disregard to the ramifications on Marvin’s business. To add insult to injury, the factory construction disconnected the muffler shop from the city sewage lines. An indifferent city government then chose to fine Marvin for this.

His business and livelihood were in ruin. Rather than lie down and die, Marvin chose to fight back. Over the course of a year and a half Marvin secretly outfitted the bulldozer he bought to save his business with three inch thick steel and concrete armor, camera systems guarded with bulletproof glass.

On June 4th 2004 Marvin Heemeyer lowered the armored shell over top of himself, entombing himself inside the Killdozer to make his last stand.

He burst fourth from the walls of his muffler shop and straight into the concrete factory that ruined his business. Over the course of the next several hours Marvin drove his Killdozer through 13 buildings owned by those officials that had wronged him, including the city council building itself.

Swat teams swarmed the dozer, but it proved immune to small arms fire and even explosives. Another piece of heavy machinery was even brought out to fight the Killdozer, but it too fell to the dozers righteous fury.

In the end, Marvin’s Killdozer became trapped in one of the buildings it was built to destroy. Marvin chose to take his life, the only life he took that day.

Today we celebrate Killdozer day and Marvin Heemeyer, the last great American folk hero. A man driven to the brink who chose to fight back against an indifferent system.

From notes left behind after his passing:
“I was always willing to be reasonable until I had to be unreasonable. Sometimes reasonable men must do unreasonable things.”


“It’s fucked up to think just how recently it was that Communism had half of Europe.”

“Now Islam will have the other half <3”

“The little head is not attached to the lever thats a conspiracy theory.”

“I had it bookmarked but there was a story about the 2 Jewish brothers who intentionally infested their tenants apartments with bedbugs to force them out to circumvent rent control laws and now the story appears to be scrubbed from the internet.”

“First woman ever to enlist for combat is now first woman deserter from a combat unit”

“First female navy pilot fucking died on a routine landing by doing the one thing they tell you not to do on a twin engine aircraft.”

>Neo-Nazi website raises $150,000 to fight Southern Poverty Law Center lawsuit

This article is a sign that they are looking for a way to somehow deny Anglin the 150k he raised.”

“The donations to Andrew Anglin and the website he founded, the Daily Stormer, came in over the course of less than two months on a crowdfunding site that caters to far-right causes, overcoming the difficulties that white nationalists often face in raising money online.”



“The Daily Stormer claims to be a nonprofit on its donation page, but it is not listed as a nonprofit with the Internal Revenue Service or in Ohio, where the site’s name is registered.”


“When people claim that homeschooled kids are not socialized, I like to point out that this is the opinion of someone who spent 13 years asking for permission to speak and use the restroom while getting gold stars for it.

Doing tricks for treats isn’t socialization, it’s dog training. Try to fight the urge to sniff my ass as I walk by.”

“Shopping malls are privatized simulations of a downtown street. A walkable right of way lined with storefronts. Many stores in the mall are meant to look like storefronts on a walkable street. Some even have fountains and “food courts”, which seem to imitate the public square. So even the shopping mall acknowledges the need for a walkable urban environment while simultaneously dis-enabling the real version.”

“We will force this war upon Hitler, if he wants it or not”
-Winston Churchill (1936 broadcast).
“Germany becomes too powerful. We have to crush it”.
-Winston Churchill (1936).
“This war is an English war and its goal is the destruction of Germany”.
-Winston Churchill (Autumn 1939 broadcast).”

“China has an irrational fear of a “black invasion” bringing drugs, crime and interracial marriage”


“Positive cocaine tests are up 15% this year

Turns out legalizing weed means the Mexicans can spend more resources importing blow.”

“Why do modern gamers dislike sexy female videogame characters?”

“They don’t.

You’re confusing people who play videogames with people who talk about how the games they don’t play should be, based on their narrative of how the world should be.”

“Why aren’t strong female characters such as 2B or Bayonetta being praised by SJWs? Is it because they’re moderately attractive?”

you /threaded your own thread”

“Because those women are made to appeal males. Women do not exist to appeal males. Women are more than pretty faces on hot bodies.”

>most women are less than pretty faces on hot bodies


“But if that were the case, why can’t an SJW look past a conventionally pretty face and hot body to appreciate other aspects of the character?”

“Deep down, SJWs actually hate women.”

“Bullies often succeed because they have high self esteem from being popular/attractive. No one likes to talk about that because then people will lose hope, or feel depressed.”

“everything should be flat and minimalistic… except the one thing that actually truly looks better when its flat and minimalistic” – the guide to faceberg design”

“Karma! Trump White House taunts Iran over terror attack in its capital

Turkey and Saudi Arabia fund ISIS. All the ISIS Toyotas were purchased by the CIA and given to McModerate rebels. The arab spring wouldnt have even materialised without Hilary Clinton and the Pentagon. Iran funds Hezbollah which keeps their political violence incredibly local and narrow and directed at the nation wrecking land thieves.
Taunting a nation over terrorism after condemning it in all forms for the past 2 years is pure evil.”

“jesus christ who cares about Kurt Eichenwhatever. I already forgot his name”

“it’s a good name to remember. demonstrates Jews think it’s a perfectly normal fun family activity to go surfing for schoolgirl uniform milf impregnation hentai.”

“The hentai story is pretty funny but not worth spending a whole lot of time on. Of course Eichenwald even having a job at Time Magazine as a paranoid and insane Jew that literally makes things up out of whole cloth and prints them is worth thinking about.

This is how Jewed the institutions are. Time Magazine is regularly printing the insane theories of a paranoid Jew with no evidence to back them up.”

“Is capitalism the real thing that’s ruining vidya? Hear me out here.

Nearly every problem currently in vidya can be traced back to capitalism in some way:

>Microtransactions and loot crates every where, even in nonf2p games
>every game needs to go after the esports money
>misguided pandering to women and minorities to try and expand their audience
>dumbing down gameplay to appeal to more people
>milking good studios dry to push out games faster to make more profit
>streamers and ecelebs being paid to market games
>reviewers getting paid to shill every AAA release
>even paid marketers on /v/ to drum up attention
>early-access and kikestarter faggotry to scam more people with unfinished games
>stipping of ownership and reselling rights from digital games including DRM and always-online
>and still nickling and diming customers every inch of the ways with paid online and future jewery like paid mods

Surely there’s got to be a better system, right /v/? What can we do to rid games of this corrosive influence?

>inb4 commie
Also bad, there must be an alternative from the two right?”

“Please surround with me tokens so I can try to prove I’m not a Nazi and that Dems are the real racists!”

Fucking next level cucking.

Here’s the thing with Gavin. If he had a National Socialist and an antifa in a room and a gun with one bullet he would shoot the Nazi.

But to be fair if I had Gavin and an antifa in a room and a gun with two bullets I would shoot Gavin twice.”

“It’s like in an military or corporate structure, not everyone knwos specifically why they do what they are doing, for what ends or how everyone elses roll complements, but they know it’s for the good of the whole and do it anyway. […]

Like any dynamic adaptable SUCCESSFUL organization it is a top down hierarchy with lots of room for initiative, where the soldiers never really interact with the admirals and don’t know how their own endeavor fits into the larger scheme. ”

“Not the product of “wires being crossed”, rather a foot fetishist is nothing more or less than the child of extremely neglectful parents.

Seldom being held and rarely seeing their parents face to face in their formative years as consequence, they were left to crawl around on the carpet interacting with only their parents’ feet instead. It was their parents feet that fed them, their parents’ feet that clothed them, their parents’ feet that raised them and taught them to speak. In time, this child grows to identify more as a disembodied foot than they do a complete human being, and this is where the truly bizarre and frankly retarded fixation comes from.

When you talk to a footfag you have to realize you aren’t talking to an actual human being like you or me, but rather a bedraggled, sentient foot that happens to have the soulless husk of a human attached to it.”

>Being gay should be seen as a normal thing
>Let’s celebrate being Gay and have parades about being Gay
Pick one”

“Last year 31% of Swedes said they’d put up refugees for free. For a month now Stockholm is offering money to do it. 0.008% willing so far.”

“Economics is the most banal, small ball, meaningless subject I have ever had the misfortune to have to take a class on. Its autistic premise that people are purely rational beings is laughable.”

“The solution for us though isn’t universal income. It’s social respect for the work we ARE doing. We only respect the top of the pyramid. That’s why janitor is a job that “Americans won’t do.” Immigrants don’t have that cultural problem, so they come in and slide effortlessly into those slots. If you’re an American working a low-end job but are a good person, saving a little money, paying your bills on time and staying on the straight-and-narrow, you’re still a nobody. Unless you make 6 figures, fuck you. Only the most ambitious top 5% are going to see value from that arrangement. The only modern utility of intelligence is making money. Why be smart otherwise? It’s a pathological mindset, and it will be the death of us.”

“It is the duty of society to protect the weak; but protection cannot be efficient without the power of control; therefore, It is the duty of society to enslave the weak.

[…] Liberty is an evil which government is intended to correct. This is the sole object of government. Taking these premises, it is easy enough to refute free trade. Admit liberty to be a good, and you leave no room to argue that free trade is an evil, – because liberty is free trade.

With thinking men, the question can never arise, who ought to be free? Because no one ought to be free. All government is slavery. The proper subject of investigation for philosophers and philanthropists is, ‘Is the existing mode of government adapted to the wants of its subjects?'”

“Jews aren’t white because they’re oppressed… as you can see by the fact that they almost exclusively run and own the entire global banking and entertainment system and have nearly complete editorial power to control the narrative about themselves.”

“>the climate change will cause extreme weather meme
“Hey why does ‘provides more heat to its moons than the sun Jupiter’ have 400 mph winds and ‘liquid nitrogen rain Neptune’ have 4000 mph winds? What’s that? Heat introduces friction and turbulence into a system?” -Voyager team circa decades ago”

“In Japan, cremation is populat because of the lack of space. After that tsunami hit, the Japanese were left with about 15,000 corpses and they were overwhelmed. They could not handle it all and it took weeks to burn those bodies. Now, Japan, a modern technologically advanced country, in the 21st centurey, where cremation is widely used, were backlogged by 15,000 corpses, yet we are expected to believe that the Germans, using 1940’s BRICK OVENS could somehow cremate at least 12,000 bodies, per day, 24 hours a day, for years. It didn’t happen. It is a Jew fantasy, for sympathy and money and political power, which they have, based on that LIE. That is why the lie is so protected”

“Um sorry Trump technically violated international deep state zog protocol when he told the Russians a piece of harmless intel he had acquired, obviously this is grounds for impeachment.”

“We’ll constantly remind you how tired we are of standard calculated politicians, but then we’ll cry 24/7 whenever a statesman doesn’t follow the exact precise standard established protocol for how to clean your ass on the 5th senate floor”

“New York and Florida probably have more Puerto Ricans than Puerto Rico.”

“Democrats shouldn’t be allowed to own guns. I bet if you look at gun crime statistics, 90% of them are Democrats.”

“i love the term “fake news”. It’s just an awesome term and it speaks of the lefts weakness that they couldn’t make it stick on their behalf

>”is it true that you have done this xyz”
>”but what about this dissertation of arguments written by this nerd who disagrees with you”

“Pic related is likely the most shared thing I’ve ever made when I posted it to my Tumblr. I think it did so well since the humor comes from seeing the little guy at the top all alone, and since most social media traffic is mobile, most people had to scroll quite a bit through space to see the joke at the bottom.

As of today, it’s currently standing at 129,042 notes on Tumblr.

The return on it (ie. getting more followers) was abysmal considering how much it had been passed around. I think it ended up making me around ~250 new followers, despite doing a good job making sure my links were visible. In contrast, I’ve had posts in the lower thousands of notes bring in more followers than this did. I imagine somewhere down the line someone just deleted my links at the bottom and continued to reblog it. My Tumblr engagement has continued to drop and now I’m happy if I get over 100 notes on something. Since the beginning of the year, I no longer update my Tumblr, and have moved almost exclusively to Instagram.

In other avenues – I’ve reached the top of /r/gaming with some Nintendo fan art and that actually did pretty well. I was able to point people towards my Instagram which was growing at the time, and I ended up getting several hundred really engaged new followers just from that post alone. I think it was featured on a bunch of different gaming sites too.

I really think that if you do any sort of fan art towards any popular niche (doesn’t need to be games/movies/tv/etc.), Reddit is one of the most powerful ways to catapult your work into the rest of the internet.”

“Hillary’s mistake was running on a platform that presupposed the existence of a middle class that isn’t just boomers.”

“I know that Da Vinci’s IQ would not be any higher than 160 based on some simple observations:
– At least half of Da Vinci’s inventions failed when tested, this does not show high IQ at all
– Da Vinci tried to learn mathematics but didn’t really get very far
– Da Vinci was not a super-fast learner (the main sign of high IQ)
– Da Vinci’s works do not require a high IQ”

“How much of a genius you’re popularly perceived to be is almost exclusively a function of yours and the people around you’s marketing/PR capabilities and nothing else.”

“So the Air Force released their 2018 budget detailing for the first time their all-in cost for United Launch Alliance launches- $465 million per launch. Just below that their line item for SpaceX launches was $65 million per launch. News reports are saying it shows SpaceX’s “competitive” pricing. I say it shows what happens when the military and their no-bid contractors get too familiar. SpaceX’s pricing isn’t competitive, it’s fair. ULA’s pricing on the other hand amounts to nothing more than 3 billion USD/year in Boeing/Lockheed subsidies.”

“There is almost nothing like cough syrup in Japan, though. There is something called BRON, which has become notorious on Internet forums for destroying lives. In an extreme example of one set of standards for foreign products and one set for domestic, BRON is a nasty concoction of codeine and ephedrine. People in online support groups urge each other to “try to remember the good things in life” after taking this cold-and-fever tablet that is essentially a mix of speed and low-grade oxycodone.

In some countries a similar formulation is apparently used as an alternative to methadone, other countries regulate it to researchers or in a similar way to codeine. Here in Japan, they add caffeine and sell it over the counter without requiring a prescription.

I haven’t done this stuff, but reading about it I wasn’t surprised that a speed-based cold medicine would exist in Japan, where it will pretty much never be abused recreationally and will instead make sure that even the most exhausted workers continue to put in overtime.

I often wonder why Adderall isn’t added to the drinking supply in school cafeterias.”

“This Is What Superheroes Would Look Like With Realistic Bodies”

>Not everyone is fat
In fact considering that most “minorities” worldwide are skinny, this is Americentric cultural imperialism

I can’t believe a superhuman with an incredibly active lifestyle and a superpower that probably eats a shitton of body fat isn’t morbidly obese”

“Doesn’t Japan have a labor shortage?”

“They have a low unemployment rate. The imported Brazilian workers in the 80s and deported them all again within like 5 years because they increase in revenues wasn’t worth the violent crime.”

“Have we gone full circle?
Wasn’t blacks with afros a racist stereotype?
Why is now being lauded as a revolutionary and progressive thing?
At this rate, will BLM start telling blacks to work picking cotton because is part of their culture?”

>yfw its been 6 years and skyrim is still being shilled at e3

“fun is the consolation prize of the apathetic nihilist, who doesn’t have a true fight in him to leave a mark in this world.

So he has fun. He has fun, because that’s his coping mechanism. When he isn’t smart enough, he mocks the “nerds”, when he isn’t strong enough, he mocks the “bullies”, all to mask the bile in his throat, the bitter resentment, when he realizes, he is just a loser. […]

When he will die childless or see his nation, family conquered, beaten to submission to serve their new masters, he would break if he couldn’t lull himself with the last drops of nihilism that he couldn’t succeeded, and in fact no one can; that EVERYTHING is pointless, it has to be, since whenever he tried he lost.

So he says,
at least I had fun

Yeah, but no one gives a shit about your fun.”

“When there’s a new project, people tend to ask two questions that will determine their general outlook:

1- Will I benefit?
2- Will it harm me?

Depending on their answers to the two questions, a population will be grouped in more or less 4 different categories: Supporters and opponents are self-explanatory. The undecided are people who see advantages and disadvantages to the project, and can’t decide if the benefits outweigh the costs. The uninterested are just that, they don’t see how the project involves them in any way, so they will steer clear and not participate in the debates or votes, if it comes to that. […]

The first major problem here is that most projects that require zoning changes are actually private projects, projects that aim to satisfy the needs of a few people. All housing are private projects, even public housing, because their benefits concern only a few people (directly). Not only that, but housing that needs zoning changes to be built is probably the type of housing that current residents don’t want to live in (currently).

For example, introducing low-rise condos in single-family homes. Most of the families currently in the area are not likely to be interested in the low-rise condos, especially if they’re the smaller kind for young professionals. And the people who would be interested in them don’t currently live in the area because… well… there is no housing that fits their needs currently in the area as it’s illegal to build it.

In short, what it means if that the vast majority of people will say NO to the first question. The people who would be the main beneficiaries of the change do not actually reside there, and so do not get a voice in the debate. If you look at the chart, it largely means that people will split in only two groups: the OPPONENTS and the… UNINTERESTED.”

“The brave man is superior not only to his enemies but also to pleasure. Some men are master of cities but slave to women.”

“Vows changed from ‘I do’ to ‘You’ll do’.”