2017 April 22 ~ May 23

“Did someone tell you were shit anon? Just work harder.”

“Actually when i posted my year progress, the people who commented said I made tons of progress but then again i’m training 3 hours a day grinding fundamentals so it is to be expected. I just don’t see the point in making fun of others who don’t give a shit about improvement

I’ve already “made it”. I achieved my dreams of making a popular webcomic that people read. No I will not post it, don’t wanna be associated with this site.”

“Your expecting 4chan to not act like 4chan. You’re dealing with contrarians with a superiority complex, that’s true for all boards. Get over it, or don’t post here.”

>I achieved my dreams of making a popular webcomic that people read

>No I will not post it

>don’t wanna be associated with this site
Then fuck off lel

>hurr durr this site is not good enough for my name, let me just shitpost and make the site shitty
kys pls”

“I’m still not clicking this to see what it has to do with The Lion King.”

“absolutely nothing, these idiots just don’t know any real historical events to compare it to lol”

“>Buy game in 2017
>It costs 60 bucks
>Case with holes in it
>Slip of paper that is the manual with just generic copyright information
>Have to wait 30 minutes for it to install
>Have to wait 40 minutes for it to download some giant ass update
>No room on harddrive, have to fumble around to delete some older games
>Didn’t preorder so have to pay 4.99 for some content
>Have to pay 40 dollars for the season pass. Don’t really know what I’m getting but it’s apparently cheaper!
>Day one DLR just 6.99
>Picked the wrong console and lost out on some exclusive console content that was on the other system
>Start game
>Get an achievement for starting the game
>Don’t unlock anything from the game and it’s over in 4 hours
>Want to try online because that’s where the content is
>Have to pay up to play online
>Play for awhile then get bored
>Go on the game forums to say I didn’t think the game was worth all that time and money
>Get called entitled and banned”

“The Millennial generation is broken.

Why do these fuckers donate their future to obese and ugly twitch streamers?

Why do they donate just so these self absorbed fucks read 1 message.

Our families are dying of cancer at an amazing rate yet we donate to neckbeards instead of reforming healthcare to cure instead of treat for profit.”

>le millenials should fix these problems for us!
>we haven’t had decades to do it ourselves!
>watching twitch streamers play video games is stupid!
>I’m going to watch 7 foot tall muscular millionaires smash each others heads over a leather ball and scream at my television

Shut the fuck up you dinosaur.”

“yeah but it’s like a 1/5th of the gameplay?? why aren’t gamers demanding better AI? are they really content to crouch/cover shoot their whole fucking lives?

what’s even REWARDING about killing such retarded enemies?”

“Wasn’t Radiant a ruse by Mr ‘Climb mountains’ Howard?”

“It literally meant AI had a schedule, everything else was totally run of the mill npc coding. Nothing wrong with that but rpg shut ins love to hear that the AI is really thinking and their chosen romance option in the game genuinely loves them.”

“Corporations that outsource labor and foreign corporations in east and southeast asia are not restricted by US environmental laws and will always be able to undercut US manufactured products simply because they don’t care about pouring toxic waste into rivers. There are 2 ways to make US goods competitive.

1) reduce environmental regulations which is obviously a no no
2) impose tarrifs that make earth raping Chinese plastic more expensive than relatively clean US made plastic

option one ensures we are all choking on acidic Chinese coal ash in a century and option two actually creates high paying clean US manufacturing jobs so that workers can actually afford more expensive domestically manufactured goods.

Yes US manufacturing will have pollution no matter what, but the goods are going to be manufactured no matter what. So would you rather buy Earth raping Chinese goods or American goods that only grope Earths butt and call her sugar tits?”

“This study is garbage, they include sovereign citizens and anyone else the feds labeled as terrorists along with the Gadsden flag in the “violent right”, along with clear skinhead gang violence alongside hate crimes as “terrorism”. If that’s a qualifier, then blacks are the worst terrorists this country has ever endured.”

“I don’t get what the end game here is, liberalism is such an incoherent ideology. Whites shouldn’t reproduce because of their carbon footprint, but we need to make sure these apes that aren’t capable of sustaining themselves are breeding at an accelerated rate.”

“If it hadn’t been for the joint determination of the Athenians and the Spartans to resist the slavery that threatened them, we should have by now virtually a complete mixture of the races ? Greek with Greek, Greek with barbarian, and barbarian with Greek. We can see a parallel in the nations whom the Persians lord it over today: they have been split up and then horribly jumbled together again into the scattered communities in which they now live.”

“the London office of New Scotland Yard saw its extradition office growing while the police budget was shrinking because of EU freedom of movement policies.

Dont worry guys no big”

“Put simply, Macron is the candidate of economic opportunity; Le Pen is the candidate of special interests.”

Hehe survival is a special interest what are you R A C I S T”

“They’re always angry since they didn’t win at anything recently.
>Made fanservice garbage musaigen no phantom world
BTFO by the underdog konosuba S1
>Made sequel of their serious show hibike euphonium S2
Got hit by karma and overshadowed by sports anime yaoi on ice
>Made movie adaptation from award winning dramatic manga koe no katachi
A dramatic event in anime industry happened, highest grossing anime movie kimi no nawa
>Rematch against konosuba S2 with maid dragon
Shat on by low budget 3DCG show with 5 animator and newbie director.”

>a show with only 5 animators BTFO’d a Kyoani production in sales
Damn. Doesn’t Kemono Friends also have more merchandise that Maid Dragon?”

“They had a shop event that was supposed to last a few weeks that had to be converted into a “gallery” with original art and signatures from the staff because they went out of stock not even 5 days in.”

“Yes, mainly because they had to start creating merchandise on the spot simply to keep up with sales.

They took pictures of the VAs in both their character outfits and normal clothes and sold them in the store for 6000 yen.

And still sold out.”

“Are there kemono friends plushies?”

“none yet since nobody actually prepared for it becoming popular

They could only mass-produce plastic wash buckets with character logos which are funnily enough, sold out”

“I don’t see how other shows even come close when:

Kemono Friends labeled plastic buckets get sold out to the point that there’s a 5 buckets per person quota now
Kemono Friends broke on demand paid view records
Kemono Friends are doing collaboration with zoos nonstop, now with 5 municipal zoos running promo concurrently
Kemono Friends shop at Shinjuku ran out of things to sell in 3 days”

“Why the fuck would anyone buy 5 buckets?”

“You mean 10. They limit it to 5 because people bought 10 of it.”

“But the KanColle anime was shit. Why did Kemono succeed when it also features a large casts of transformed girls from a game?”

“KanColle and KF both feature transformed girls, but KF took the “animals turned into girls” thing and put the the traits of the animals center stage, to create fun and interesting organic interactions. KanColle took the “historical warships turned into girls” thing and completely hid the historical warships under the rug, reducing each character to a stereotype based in nothing.

Also, whereas the KF anime was thematically consistent and carefully planned out with a singular vision, the KanColle anime was thematically incoherent garbage, a grab bag of ideas that didn’t mesh nicely, with all the ideas executed terribly except for the comedy.”

“Japs joked that it was an art museum by day 4.”

“Poor raccoons. They’re so smart and semi-humanoid they’re capable of making complete fools of themselves, while an animal like the dog can be trained to follow a simple command and then praised for its cleverness.”

“why was this shit so popular? It is so poorly animated.”

“Post this again on the next thread”

“That lion would probably try to attack once, get hit by the horns, and then run away like the opportunistic predator bitch it is.”

>people think a prey animal could kill a predator animal


>what is natural selection
Prey evolved to be able to survive against predators, which is why most predators in the wild will go for weaker individuals like children, the elderly, or injured.”

“>Live Viewing Japan today announced that Nico Nico Live’s upcoming all-episode streaming program of the Kemono Friends TV anime on May 26 will be screened in 33 theaters across Japan simultaneously
>The screening is scheduled to begin at 21:00 on May 26 and end around at 27:30. The price for the ticket for the Shinjuku screening is 4,000 yen, while that for other theaters is 3,000 yen. Pre-orders will begin at 12:00 pm on April 29, then general sale will follow on May 16.”

“People often ask me how I can be so tolerant of people who have some pretty incorrect political beliefs.

The answer is that once I realized that the average American supported the nuclear bombings of Japan, I was outrageously disgusted. I considered just never interacting with the average person again and living as a hermit somewhere to escape the pollution.

It was clear that the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of civilians through nuclear annihilation could not be justified. And yet I interacted with people who wholeheartedly defended it every day of my life. In comparison, almost all other incorrect political opinions pale in evilness. It would simply be hypocritical to be willing to interact with people who defend the mass murder of Japanese civilians but not those who support much more minor crimes.

What’s worse, not letting a Japanese immigrate to your country or killing him? To anyone with a clear mind it’s the latter. Yet there are many people who are aghast at the former and will refuse to associate with him but while possibly disagreeing with the latter do not consider it friendship-breaking.

I will never be one of those people. The average American is a morally contemptible human being and far worse than most of those he arrogantly considers his social and moral inferiors.”

“Wrong armor. Wrong bow. Wrong use of the bow (that volley stuff is pure cinema, arrows are limited and expensive so actual bowman aimed and direct fired), and the string should be pulled to the cheek to aim. He’s doing the equivalent of shooting from the hip. You can jank your shoulder pretty bad the way he’s doing it.”

“ep 1 what the fuck
ep 2 why am I still watching this
ep 3 ok this is comfy
ep 4-9 hey this is fun
ep 10-11 holy shit this is good I was not expecting this
ep 12 this can’t be the last episode please god let there be more I can’t live without kaban and serval and the other friends
post ep 12 you live in these threads and regret not buying some merch before it sold out”

“I am so happy that I started to draw more from imagination, I don’t want to know how terrible it must feel like grinding (((fundamentals))) for years on end only to get good and copying a model and drawing lumpy and boring anatomically correct figures instead of interesting and exaggerated forms.”

>23 minutes of smug and snarky nitpicking
CinemaSins was a mistake”

“Because muh representation. Everyone wants to see themselves in the media they watch, that’s why we spend all our time watching 2d little girls.”

“Although the meme is entirely true, we don’t like the implications. So it’s mostly true.” – Snopes”

“I learned from the civilian world, that doing such things may be considered a “career limiting move”.”

“People are such fucking fannies, that if the government upped the age of consent to 35, they’d find sex with anyone 34 years old and under reprehensible.”

“didn’t the tpb guys buy their own country several years ago? why don’t people just put all of their pirated content on those country’s servers?”

“no they didn’t, they put their website on the same servers as a swedish political party, that way if someone tries to attack the servers they’re also attacking a political party as well which is illegal in sweden”

“Even if you were Kim Dotcom you couldn’t afford a chunk of land to call your own country.

Land aside, you’d have to build/buy power, water, sewer, and pay someone to build a massive server farm. The cost to get recognized by countries would be immense not to mention some way to hook up your Internet to their lines. Hilariously, the fucking copyright holders would send their attack-dog hackers to simply “snip” your powerlines and utterly shutdown your infrastructure. The “country” would do nothing but cost you money when you make absolutely nothing to maintain it and any outside contractors you bring in to do maintenance will charge you an arm and leg.

And that’s assuming you’ll find a country that will sell you the land, which you won’t – they won’t even sell you a fucking frozen island that nobody lives on or knows the name of.

No joke, it would cost something on the level of trillions of dollars for: power plant, water processing plant, fossil fuels/natural gas, and renewable fuels just to have ONE person sit in their private kingdom and maintain this project that will cost them millions of dollars a year to maintain.

The ten richest people in the world could not fund such a project before they all died.”

“You left out the actual biggest problem, which is that no amount of money will allow you to keep the Jews off you. You need power for that, and money is not actually power. Even if you had a trillion dollars and set up a one man private kingdom they’d just bomb you.”

“WHY is the p2p culture dead?

Why isn’t the Internet reliant on software like Kazaa, Limewire and Soulseek anymore?

We could have all the content in the world sufficiently distributed everywhere by now.

Fuck file hosting, fuck torrent. Give me a reason why people abandoned the most practical file-sharing system.”

“It’s dead because the corporations and the politicians want it to be dead, It’s bad for their business and their control-freak natures can’t deal with anything they can’t control.
At this point, we’re headed straight towards a forced smile dystopia.”

“Why live if I can’t easily torrent anime?”

he wants you to die.”

“It’s why Cuckerberg shuts down meme pages. Free speech ALWAYS goes conservative, nationalistic, and anti-jew.”

“Hypothetically if anime/video game piracy were stopped, would that increase sales?”

“It’s already been shown that removing the element of piracy doesn’t increase vidya sales and the anime industry is only as big as it is today internationally BECAUSE of piracy.”

“no. I only buy shit for stuff that I’ve watched. if I can’t watch shit, i’m not gonna buy anything for it.”

“Look, you get me a central downloading hub where I can pay for ANYTHING in the world and I will pay for it.

But here’s the problem, I can’t get that: not for movies, music, TV, anime, books, anything. I have to subscribe or join a million fucking networks to access every fucking catalog of every genre or medium.

The only fucking sites that provide absolutely everything are the piracy sites. For me, it has nothing to do with being free, it’s about finding what I fucking want and I’ll pay for that.

Legitimate services can’t even offer the same level of service as the illegal services and that’s just goddamn depressing.”

“No, the only reason i’m a weeb and spent about 2K in merchandise is because i could easily access all that content through piracy. Take that away and i don’t know about any of it nor care and just move my attention to shit i can pirate. It’s millions upon millions of free advertisement and these companies are too stupid to realize that.”

“”Piracy” is what boomed the industry on this side of the globe”


bluray sales and stuff like crunchyroll make up for only 10-20% of revenue in anime series. The exception is when Netflix or Amazon buy exclusive rights to a show, that bumps it up a bit but still not to the majority of revenue (Hulu and Crunchyroll pay much less for rights because they rarely pay for exclusive rights, and usually let other streaming services also have viewing rights. They do this because of the sheer amount of stuff they have, they feel like they don’t need exclusive shows to sell their service).

The vast majority of revenue comes from buyfags buying merchandise unrelated to the actual blu-ray / dvd sales, or in the case of manga series, people buying the manga volumes.

The end of piracy for anime would be a massive hit to the entire industry, since so much of it is “try before you buy”. Japan included, but they can watch anime on TV obviously.”

>legally pay for a game
>5 years later decide to replay the game
>drm authentication servers are not online anymore
>game doesn’t even launch now
It is actually wiser to store games in their cracked form.”

“Now you actually have to pay people to consume the fruits of their labors.

Oh horror of horrors!

Time to grow up.”

“The harder they make it for me to enjoy things, the less willing I am to pay for it. Nyaa was a reliable source to test out anime I wanted to get and now it’s gone so I’m going to be A LOT more cautious about splashing cash on new things.”

“It’s not going to end it’s going to go deeper down under.

However the future of common internet is sad: in 10-20 years of time you are not able to log in without your gov issued id card / credit card and everything what you do is collected on your universal account, which includes your bank details, work history etc… It’s like in China but probably bit worse. They are REALLY driving the complete commercialization of common internet and that’s the unfortunate future.

Windows 10 is small step forward as it gathers your data already and they sell it forward to advertisers. However this whole thing is going to be state(and countries, all different countries) supported. ”

>tfw 90% of /a/ has no idea where to find anime outside of nyaa
Nu/a/ is fucking retarded.”

>Yeah fuck nyaa lmao just find another site xD

Good luck i’d love to see you when there are no more sites left faggot.”

“Times are changing. Before long, things will revert to how they used to be. Translators doing their work with university equipment onto low quality vhs cassettes and mailing them off to anyone that writes in.

The back alley anime bootleg guy you’d always meet at the arcades or game shop? He’ll be back. Don’t want to wait the four to six weeks for your vhs to arrive? Give him a visit.

The past repeats itself.”

“Will piracy still be alive 10 years from now?”

“In the same form as today? Probably not, but still people will always find a way to get free shit.”

“Remember rapidshare? Nowaday only forumcucks who make money off of referals are clinging to such filehosters. Otherwise its almost completely gone. With the exception being Mega, since its made by a guy who loves filesharing.
People will always find a way and method to share files.”

“The problem is it’s not user-friendly.

Seeders seed because they believe people will download the content they’re seeding.

But if people can no longer find that content, then seeders will think what they’re doing is pointless and stop seeding. This results in torrents dying, often forever.

Seeders need to believe the content is discoverable, and a user-friendly site will restore their confidence better than a txt file.”

“Whether or not a game is taken seriously by “the competitive culture” is money, plain and simple.”

“This woman said that she had eaten the victims due to her inner desires and if she is given another chance, she would repeat this action again without any interruptions.

Even in prison, she had attacked a female guard, bitten her right hand and swallowed one of her fingers.”

“cannbalism doesn’t carry the death penalty?”

“It’s rare and no one thinks to legislate against it. There is lots of things that are objectively criminal but not illegal in the US because no one does it.”

“why does there need to be legislation against it before killing them? who’d argue against killing cannibals on sight?

who’d argue against killing those who defend cannibals on sight?”

“Third, I believe Green’s plan will fail. Eventually, someone outside of the Green family will come onto the board of the trust, and through political influence will dilute the mission of the organization. This has happened numerous times – see the Ford Foundation, etc. Whenever there is a huge pile of money controlled by a board of people with no skin in the game, political players emerge to seek control for other ends. Liberals in particular are very skilled in using deception to worm their way into positions of influence. Green’s trust, by being explicitly Christian, is particularly vulnerable to judicial interference. If and when, for example, opposition to the homosexual agenda becomes “against public policy,” federal judges can and will dissolve the Green family trust or appoint alternative trustees to subvert the mission of the organization. Green’s trust documents are arguably already in violation of official public policy since he requires all trustees to have a “credible written testimony” of faith in Christ. By giving up possession of the Hobby Lobby fortune to an entity that is not the Green family, eventually it will be captured by the political process.”

“Wealthy people around the world cannot handle their wealth, and the desire to escape it, to annihilate it with philanthropy, is part, in my view, of the general death wish of modern civilization.”

“Who needs to follow the constitution when private property will destroy freedoms for us?”

>warriors are female
>commander is also female
>men are only supporters an labors
>a complete SJW’s propaganda of female dominance.

Why is it OK when Japan does it?”

“They’re fucking sexy”

>2B gets shat on everytime when she rubs solo
>9S saves her ass every time
>9S isn’t even a dedicated combat unit and trumps 2B in all categories
Dunno what you’re saying anon, the boy is too strong. Girls are useless. Its pretty reflective of reality of how women want to be in charge but fuck up anything they’re in charge of”

“9S is OP and one of the matriarchs of modern day feminism is painted as a manipulative psychopath obessed with looking beautiful that will cut down and cannibalize other women for the sake of that end. Also she gets btfo by a hot girl with a fetish outfit”

>matriarchs of modern day feminism is painted as a manipulative psychopath obessed with looking beautiful
She also has a giant metal cock.”

“You already know the answer to that.
Nier Automata uses the scenario to create an interesting setting for a story to occur.
When western media does it, it’s typically a hamfisted attempt at subverting perceived injustices, and that shows. It’s clunkily done and filled with blatant, deluded parallels to their own worldview. An example of this sort of thing that isn’t bullshit is Y, the Last Man (which, if made today, would likely be packed with quack sociology and agenda pushing).”

“Actually if you look deeper into it you will see that the only time anything brings a change is when a man is involved

>Fighting Units and shit are all female
>Only Scanner Units are male and don’t do much aside Scout
>Not even a minor advancement towards victory
>9S gets involved
>Rapes the Machine Network
>Rapes it so hard he reached the top of the Tower
>Raped it so hard the Machine Network decided to fuck off because it’s not worth the trouble to deal with 9S

“Yoko Taro doesn’t create diverse casts to fill a quota or make a blunt political message, he makes characters that he thinks will be interesting.”

“”Netflix Edits ‘Bill Nye’ Episode to Remove Segment Saying Chromosomes Determine Gender”

“Netflix edits out most blatant propaganda from highly criticized news show”

“No no, they cut out the part from the old show that contradicted their blatant propaganda.”

“What is Freedom?

Freedom is a state of individual and collective liberty, devoid of the threat of oppression; Freedom is a reward, a hard won source of shared noble accomplishment; Freedom is a privilege, but with privilege also compes responsibility – Unwavering faith in and accountability towards the nation which, through past sacrifice has allowed freedom to prevail.”

“Medial care beyond herbs, fluids, bedrest and primitive surgery did not exist until the early twentieth century. When I tune into the debate about a right to health care, what I often hear is a discomfort that has to do with absolute, as opposed to relative, inequality.

Nobody cares about equality when construction workers have homes with pools. If the rich have yachts, what is that to them?

Since around the New Deal, advances in administration and agriculture have made it a point of pride as well as morality that no one should starve on American streets. Is that a ‘right’? It’s not in the Constitution.

It’s also the case that drug prices in America are grossly inflated to a degree that is mind-boggling. That drug companies are constantly using research from or funded by the government makes it even more obscene. Until the FDA and AMA are sorted out, until the supply of doctors is not made artificially scarce, until the use of expert systems is allowed in diagnosis and prescription, I say make doctors and Big Pharma and the FDA suffer. They have all practiced cartel-ism to preserve income and status, and they should all be punished. People at the FDA should be shot.

Until all of that stuff is sorted out, it’s pointless to talk about what is a right and what isn’t. People historically put aside rights-talk during situations of life-and-death. The fact is that nobody outside of the 2% could afford health care. Anybody might develop a rare condition, have an accident, experience a catastrophic health event, etc. Even going bankrupt wouldn’t suffice to pay for it with the current system.
It’s similar to colleges. Before 1965 or so, there was no college so pricey that you couldn’t put yourself through with a part time job. Now nobody can do it without incurring lifetime debt.”

“After working as an illustrator and realizing how much time finishing something really takes, I stopped caring much about technique and skills. Just spend long enough editing and tinkering time and everything can be fixed. It’s not very impressive.

I see how writing is much more important lately. All the pretty art and precise fundamentals can’t replace good characterization, absorbing plots, humor, wit, heart, world building, etc”

“Wait, you support absolute monarchy and an armed citizenry? Guns in the hands of the common folk are antithetical to monarchy.”

“Not sure what theorist you’ve been reading. Historically, monarchies have expected their constituent peoples to be as self-sufficient as possible.

In time of war, for instance, levies had to supply their own weapons and in the case of cavalry, horses.”

“Just look up the English nobility’s stance on the peasantry and the long bow. They expected the peasantry to have long bows and be well versed in using them for defense of the kingdom. The citizenry owning weapons is not antithetical to monarchism.”

“No in fact most, maybe all stable governments have a free armed citizenry. It is paid mercenary soldiers and police which are antithetical to liberty not Kings, nobles or even social inequality. Fact. In a proper system each has a place — high middle or low if you will — and is granted the proper rights of that station. The right to defend your life from violent harm is assumed at law as predating the state or any other human action, until very very recently, and since life necessitates SOME property that too was defensible until AFTER the Stuarts fell and Parliament started its rape of the commons in earnest. Your suppositions only apply to the particular development of Great Britain after the fall of the Monarchy and the rise of the Merchants Oligarchy called parliamentary democracy. And again it is a proven FACT that police and standing armies NOT armed citizens are a threat to the liberties of BOTH Kings and Commons. That is the historical record.”

“On the individual level, there’s no shortage of failed and neurotic people with high IQ. This is why no one cares when people say they have high scores. They rightly look instead for demonstrated abilities, accomplishments, and personality.

IQ is just a rough proxy for someone’s ability to think abstractly and tells us little of how they’re most inclined to use it.”

“It sounds unjust to us now, but if we think about it, one of the great perversities of our present system is that there are still protected castes in our society, it just can’t be written or spoken.

The human experience shows us if we do not explicitly codify rank, parasites implicitly become the most-protected. Equality is hypocrisy because to espouse it is to defy the timeless lessons of human nature.”

“For people of active awareness, a 9-5 job scraping for money is little different than a prison sentence.”

“Those who betray high responsibility over wealth and culture must bear the greatest punishments. An underclass murderer might be quickly dispatched with a bullet. Reckless speculators and embezzlers who crash the economy are destroyed in every respect with elaborate ceremony as befits fallen angels.”

“[S]ocieties are not charities. Every tribe exists in tough competition with its neighbors. If it does not run a tight ship, it is conquered and subsumed. Life is already hard enough for people who faithfully spend their lives helping the group. It must be relentlessly reinforced: the fruits of society are always for cooperators first. ”

“[W]hat we call “health insurance” is not truly insurance at all, nor is producing more of it going to lead to better care. We need less health insurance, not more.

Essential to the concept of insurance is that no one expects to use it. For the holder, insurance is a hedge against unforeseen, rare, and catastrophic outcomes. For the lender, insurance is a gamble that the holder won’t call in the liability.”

“if we hadnt fought the evil nazis we would have no free speech and we wouldn’t be able to enjoy our transparent open democracy for the people by the people where you get imprisoned if you question events we don’t want you to question or publish information we don’t want you to publish”

>Judaism is not a race!

>Look at how accomplished my people are, goy.

“History has a word for “cheaters.” That word is “winner.” Fair play is for intratribal morale building games, not competitions with serious outcomes. Thor never put down his hammer because it gave him an unfair advantage against giants.”

“This is a reminder that non-Muslims aren’t allowed anywhere inside the entire city of Mecca. So it’s pretty hypocritical for Muslims to complain about a travel ban.”

“I never do verbal battle with others, since even if I win an argument, I can’t change the other person’s way of life.”

“Riot got asked about sexy female champions and I thought their answer was interesting so I decided I’d share it with /v/.

>In 2013 we made a conscious effort to shift away from the “hourglass girls” we had been making for years. We just had so many women in our game that could easily be described by, “Syndra, but in a different c******.” We needed more variety. There are a lot of different ways to make compelling female characters that don’t revolve around raw sex appeal. IMO having a large variety of female and male characters is really good for us. Lets us hit a ton of different niches which is important with a roster as big as ours.

>That said, it’s been a loooooong time (over 3 years) since we’ve made a new first order appealing female character (like of Lux, Ahri, or Jinx). I think it’s important we make another, not because “OMG SEX APPEAL,” but because “I feel attractive” is a compelling character fantasy that a lot of players (men and women) really attach to. The key is the character’s looks HAVE TO MAKE SENSE. Visuals should support the overall theme of a character, not be there in spite of it. The way Caitlyn looks makes no sense for a prim and proper sheriff. The way Ahri looks makes a ton of sense for a succubus.

>It is also crucial to recognize that even within the “attractive character” space, there is huge potential variety in the ways that attractiveness can express itself (there’s a reason I used Lux, Ahri, and Jinx in the above example). As long as the character’s visuals serve and resonate with the its thematic we shouldn’t be afraid of going the “sexy” route. League’s got room for all kinds.

What do you guys think?”

“It’s a BS argument. They’re still trying to find a way to explain their personal opinions on the control of creative freedom away.

[2B] wouldn’t have happened if these guys were at the helm because

>muh make sense

Still bullshit. This is just slight backpedalling because they notice the “muh diversity” isn’t drawing in the same numbers as back when they made actually attractive female characters, the hourglass types.”

“Game developers are all pretty much randy pitchford.

They latch onto the ugly fatty designs because they thought the wind was going that way, now they see it’s not and are going back but trying to save face.

Yes, men love sexy females and so do females you fucking retards.”

“Well, who cares desu. Ass faggots isn’t a growing community it’s peaked and now slowly dying. They are actively trying to slim their player base and killing off their most supportive players. Theres a reason why they are making a new sexy female character, and that’s because it’s what got them to popularity as a moba. Riot thinks it will bring players back and they’re just being careful how they word it. It won’t help them tho because ass faggots.”

>makes billions by selling nonsensical slutty skins of popular female characters
>i-it make sense tho
What a fag, just admit that sex sells.”

“He can’t since it would ruin the inclusive safespace PR they have going”

“It’s cute that Riot continues to pretend they don’t just copy the flavor of the season waifus from Japan.”

“I will translate:

“Stronk wynyn honk honk patriarchy but we still want the sweet nerd cash so we make sexy characters from time to time too.”

TheRe’s a reason Ahri was the best selling champ.”

“Riot’s biggest problem as a company is that they feel compelled to answer every single question with some kind of pseudo-science or logic.”

>You can always do what ShindoL did.
He is actually the reason I feel so fucking bad because this whole “american drawing porn in japan” thing was very inspirational until I’ve actually learned about him from people who know him personally.

He WAS born in USA but his parents are Japanese. He is 100% asian. He spoke perfect japanese ever since he was a kid. He had no problem moving to Tokyo since he always had a citizenship available to him. He’s also got a proper art education and his family was pretty loaded which allowed hem to raise himself into prominence by hiring all the big dick artist back in late 00s to work on the Bestiaries and whatnot.

AND he is legitimately talented and works his ass off on top of all that.

Basically: no, you can’t actually do what ShindoL did. It’s a fucking meme he uses to promote himself among westerners.”

“That’s how they all are, almost every successful artist in japan has loaded parents, Mashima is a big example of this.”

“Well, it is pretty uncommon for working class parents to send their kids into art schools regardless of where you are. And I would by no means imply that these people “are only popular because of their rich daddies” or anything like that.

Shindol has dozens of finished pieces behind his back and, as an artist, you can clearly see that he has been putting a LOT of care into them ever since he started. There are lots of artists who are as popular or even more popular who don’t bother with stuff like proper backgrounds, extreme angles, advanced composition, detailed anatomy etc. You may not even notice all that stuff as a consumer but he really does all that shit.

But alas, the “New-York dude drawing rape n’shit in Japan” is still a complete bullshit.”

“All minority groups believe in free speech when they’re fighting to be heard and gain sympathy. But it’s what those groups do when they get in power that matters. It’s both obvious that the left would round up and murder millions of people if they gained full power, and that the “pro-freedom/classical liberal” (implicit, but cucked) people wanting to stop the left from doing this would do nothing because they don’t believe in outlawing the ideologies and tools of their enemies. They believe in private entities banning their existence, and the rights of the enemy.”

“i may not agree with him, but i will fight to the death for my enemy’s right to destroy everyones’ future!”

“The English press is the most insufferably arrogant, generally ignorant, the most passionately one-sided and narrow-minded in its judgments that I know; it is the universal bully, always laying down the law for everybody, always speaking as if it were umpire of the universe, always abusing everybody all round and putting party spirit in all its judgments, envenoming thus the most peaceful discussions. It is this and this only which has made England hated all the world over. During the whole year 1895, I never opened an English newspaper without finding War predicated or threatened…No other nation in the world has wanted war or done anything but pray for peace-England alone, the world’s bully, has been stirring it up on all sides.”

“Venezuela has the richest oil reserves in the world and one of the best educated populations in Latin America.”

“lol, this thread pretty much exemplifies why the vast majority of IC never has or will make it. Anons spend more time looking at someone else’s work trying to find “tricks” or answers rather than just painting to figure them out yourself.

You don’t need to see the guys steps, it’s not going to help you. His paintings look impressive because he can draw really well, understand 3d forms and how to light/render them. No tutorial or process shot is going to teach you that, only drawing and painting a fuck ton will. Even if you had a magic tool that gave you his color pallet and told you where to put the colors your work would be shit because up can’t draw.

People need to just go fucken draw instead of endlessly swooning, analyzing and wasting time on here picking apart someone else’s work. If you want to become generic asian artists #23757 you need to be spending your days studying from life and painting personal work, then continue that for 5+ years.

It’s seriously not brain surgery.”

“You are a massive faggot. Any good artist has studied the work of other artists he admires and tried to figure out the techniques being used. You also assume we don’t do any actual practice but like, fuck you man.”

“Why aren’t people allowed to analyze and learn something new to start trying out consciously in their practice, instead of having to hash out everything on their own when there are resources and learning opportunities in other artists’ work? Looking at an artist’s work like this takes only a little time. Seems like you’re projecting unnecessarily.”

“this thread is actually one of the better ones /ic/ has from time to time because it is a god damn discussion and study. Threads of “get gud” “more loomis” don’t mean shit and help no one, /ic/ is at its best when it is breaking down specifics and figuring out things. Not when its just bitching.”

>supposed to

Not gonna make it famalam”

“would you stop being a gatekeeping faggot”

“Wow. He won every area of the country except the northern half which “coincidentally” is the most Islamized and suffered the largest scale attacks. Just shows how much French people even care about other French people living in other regions of the country.

He lost Nice too. Another sight of a large scale attack lol. These people literally need their families killed to understand.”

“Napoleon was best French ruler. Of course, he was also not French.”

“The US is one of a very short list of nations (I believe DPRK may be the other) that actually tries to collect taxes on residents no longer within their borders. You can’t leave the farm (legally). Though they probably try harder against the low hanging fruit, poor people in the US.”

“We either accept terrorism as a part of our open vibrant society or we accept a massive surveillance state to keep us safe

sorry no other option”

“Patreon artists seem to constantly run into family and health problems.”

“Faggots tend to have higher IQs, which is why they make up a disproportionate amount of both geniuses and mentally ill psychopaths. I can’t back this up with any sort of quantitative evidence, but I assume that the normalization of faggotry has increased the hedonistic and self-destructive nihilist tendencies of the average homo compared to times past when high IQ homos were naturally channeled into a more productive application of their abilities by social incentives”

“Whenever you are out in public and can’t figure out what the deal with everyone is, think about how heavily medicated they are.”

“Your robotic future isn’t the Venus Project, it’s Mom’s Friendly Robot Company.”

“This is evident from how we treat our popular technology now. We care more about the brand putting it out than the utility of the product.”

>Game is about outcasts finding a place where they belong and changing the world with real friends and cute girls
>In reality anyone deviating from the norm even slightly never finds friends and is discarded and spit on by society, forced into a life of shitty depression and eventually dying a virgin loser
Why are Atlus such liars?”

“they’re saying if you’re going to be successful outcasts then you better have guts, charm, knowledge, kindness, skilled, be extremely lucky, have a lot of useful connections, and control magical powers.

which is all true of the real world.”

“This is a degradation of any honest work, for every honestly working man must ask today: Does it have a purpose at all that I work? I will really never accomplish anything, and there are people who, practically without work, can not only live, but in practice even dominate us, and that’s their goal.”

“This is a reminder that the average American has no idea that the Interregnum happened. At best he might recognize the name Oliver Cromwell and that he had something to do with England. But that the English ever killed their king, he has no idea.

His understanding of history is that after the fall of Rome, there was the Dark Ages, about which the only thing you need to know is that there were crusades, details not important, and then there was the Reformation, and Henry VIII in England killed his wives, and then nothing important happened until the Americans revolted against King George.”

“I read about that case. They railroaded him. They dug all through his life to find something to nail him on because he was going against the narrative.

It was literally nothing. I think he forgot to disclose a small loan from a family member when he bought a house. The loan had long since been repaid but because he didn’t disclose it at the time they went after him.

Another time that they arrested him (his been arrested tons of times) and the cops threw him in a holding cell with a bunch dirty Muslims that knew who he was.

They left him to be beaten and most likely killed. They beat the shit out him, stomped on his head and kicked his face in. They knocked out all the teeth in the front of his mouth, top and bottom.”

“Did not know the guy but watched the clip where he was at a restaurant with his family and the police just came out of nowhere to trow him and his family out for “disturbing the peace”. Even after seing they where just peacefully trying to eat and afteer the owner/staff told the police they where welcomed customers.”

“He’s getting an extraordinary amount of flak for filming these Pakis. They say the flak’s the worst when you’re above the target.

There must be more to this than we think.

Maybe the upper echelons are scared of some connection to the rapists.”

>ignores context of spending trillions on the military and other dumb non-investments for ZOG, institutional bubbling of the economy, and other destructive behavior that applies the same costs to society as socialist programs
>hah you want some SOCIALIST program like healthcare or education or some other investment in society? go write a check commie! Lower my taxes!

“All the shit heads already get everything for free. We’re just adding good people when we talk about socializing things.”

>government allows the water and air to get poisoned while taking bribes to subsidize industry

>everybody in the area gets cancer

>lol you’re on your own commie!

“You might be able to cure your cancer by watching some motivational sales tapes.”

“Southeast KY is 99.5% white, but poor with a drug issue and terrible infrastructure. The area is rich in natural resources, namely coal. Yet the counties are broke, the internet is early 2000s-tier, cell phone coverage is horrible, & some people don’t have running water. The region has produced trillions of dollars worth of coal, but you know who got that money? Capitalists who paid the locals $10/hour to mine the coal. The locals are poor, the coal workers are dying of cancer they got from the coal, and the companies won’t pay the medial bills. This is why a strong nationalist government is needed, to implement some socialist measures into the economy. Natural resources like oil, coal, and others should be nationalized, the money comes from the land, and the people own the land and thus should benefit from the profits, not a few capitalists who take 95% of the money, and then shut down and leave the area poor with no jobs. The people in southeast KY should be RICH, they’re sitting on trillions of dollars of black gold, yet live almost 2nd world. The people who talk 99% of the time about race need to get with the program, even if it’s 100% white, you have to have an economic plan, too. What’s being done to white kentuckians is disgusting. Capitalism is just as bad as what you say communism is, and makes everybody poor and into a defacto slave. The difference is communism is dead and capitalism is raping us currently.”

“Reminder that meth is popular in the Appalachians because it is the only thing keeping coal miners awake doing 20 hour shifts 6 days a week.”

“I guess they shouldn’t have sold their land off for pennies then.”

“They didn’t, a lot of it was nationalized and then sold off again in federal auctions. They rest were by and large extorted off the land because of really esoteric clauses in land titles over mineral rights.”

>Some rich anglo colonialist family owns half a state
>sells off all the land in parcels
>land changes hands 20 times in 300 years
>one person finds coal on his property
>”U’m you don’t own that, I do because my great grandpappy owned the land back in the 1750s

“Because that’s the most accurate and faithful translation, and all other versions have a “flavor” with them which would change the outlook of a character.(Like someone who’s supposed to be a dumbass saying french jargon)

I don’t see what’s people’s problem with it being translated as only that. If the original writer put “shikata ga nai” 100 times, then there’s absolutely no problem with “it can’t be helped” appearing 100 times. It’s not the translator’s or anyone’s duty to make sure it doesn’t “get boring/samey” for the english consumers.

Next you’re gonna tell me that “anata /danna-sama” needs to be mixed up with “honey,sweetie, qtpie, lil’ muffins, my teddy bear” because it’s “used too much” by married women.”

“That’s the problem for them. They want translators to make up their lines instead of translating stuff as it is. Some of these idiots speak out from time to time how they love/hate their job because “Japs are weird, ugh…, but at least I can change it to suit my views!””

“Thing is translators want to push “liberal” translations because then they can’t be held accountable for messing up lines. Most of the people complaining on twitter and the images you see passed around are from translators trying to push meme translations. This is propaganda to excuse what are essentially rewrites.”


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