2017 Apr 02 ~ 21

“9S: Okay Okay
2B: Only 1 time k’

>Jap 9S

>Murrican 9S
For the love of Christ! You too?!

English localization is a joke.”

“Toobie playthrough is bluepilled and you think that you are pulling the weight and Nines is there just taking pictures and probably to make a report.

When you hit the Route B you learn that it actually was Nines who did all the job singlehandedly and didn’t even take any credit for it mostly because he was way too happy just having 2B around.”

>Be a fan of a Niche game/series
>Not a lot of people to talk to because “Sorry anon, no one played that game/series.”
>”Never heard of it”
>Niche game/series gets a amazing sequel
>It explodes in popularity
>Suddenly everyone and their mother are claiming to be longtime fans of the series

Why lie? Why not just say you’re new to a series and leave it at that?

I’ve had this happen a few times and now it’s happening again with Automata and it’s just baffling to me. I’m not mad that one of Taro’s games finally got popular (I’m actually pretty happy with it) I’m just kinda mad at all the people now pretending that they’ve been longtime fans now that one of his games became popular.”

“That’s just how normies are.”

>not 2001
Fucking casuals.

I was literally the first guy to find out about the game in our school, got my friends playing and started the whole fad in our local area.”

“Yeah, I’m sure everyone these days talks about how cool you are.”

“Oh wow bro, no way, that was you?! Let me shake your hand bro, what a legend.”

“You should start your sentence with “sweetie” if you’re trying to sound like a condescending twitter tranny.”

“When you don’t pay for the product, you’re the product.

Its like facebook, shit isn’t free in the end.”

“that’s wrong… you are always the product no matter if you pay or not. if they can get extra shekels they will always go fot those extra shekels. a good example would be smart-tvs.”

“On neo-internet 3.0, you’re not wrong. And I hate that so much.

I’d pay $40 for such software gladly, if they’d just keep their fingers off of my shit afterwords, but anymore personal dataminding is in EVERYTHING.

I guess I just yern for computing in the 90s”

>in our lifetimes people will start building PCs with obsolete 90s parts again just so the government is no longer spying on them
Is there any individual piece of hardware that is not also compromised, at this point? I know most newer GPUs are sending data back regardless, I know most motherboards are via the BIOS if it even still has a BIOS instead of the new software based thing they use to collect data even easier, I know everything post-i5 from Intel in CPUs collects absolutely everything you do, does RAM as well? Is there anything that isn’t spying on us these days?”

“open source routers with call-back blocklists throw a giant monkey wrench in these systems.

We just need to maintain a list of the IP addresses used in these systems and update it regularly.”

“- 60 hour work weeks to afford condo in suburbs
– nagged by HR cat lady; sexism PowerPoint meetings
– lectured on white privilege
– marry overweight career woman, have one kid at 37 who is on autism spectrum
– only hobbies Netflix and fantasy sports
– hooked on expensive medications only doctor can give
– corn syrup body, soy face, estrogen water ruins hormones
– spend hours complying with regulations and navigating Byzantine legal system
– sell house to government to afford nursing home where Somali nurse steals from you”

“How do I even get this good

Where do I start in transitioning from pencil and paper to tablet?

Those fucking beautiful hands.”

“All of /ic/ spouts that just drawing spaghetti people in graphite for years will eventually mean one day you can paint like the OP and they always leave out the transitional practice methods because those are the actual difficult parts.”

“As to the ‘how this sells soap’ question, my guess is that it’s regular old positive association, in the same way that Starbucks reminds everyone they use decomposable cups. There is no direct connection between green cups and buying more coffee, but if you think ‘well these guys are trying to do something good’ its easier to use special pleading to allow yourself to have an extra coffee today.”

“A secular country fighting a war against a literal Sunni caliphate and finally winning international support uses chemical weapons on a non military target miles from the front for no reason whatsoever.

Since the State department and UN verified all the chemical weapons were removed this also means they had to be manufactured recently and evaded mandatory chemical weapons inspections by the UN.

Btw chemical nerve agents are incredibly difficult and expensive to manufacture and store, so if you aren’t using them for incredibly strategic purposes they are literally a waste of finite and expensive chemical resources that could be put towards conventional munitions.

The guy who is using cheap dumb Barrel bombs 2 years ago is suddenly manufacturing some of the most advanced weapons on Earth today without rebuilding a single laboratory destroyed by the war.”

“Wow Syria doesn’t have an ineffectual UN puppet leader? Better kill a few million civilians there.”

“People didn’t stop believing in facts. They just don’t get them anymore. We live in cities, work in offices, cut off from anything that is happening, receiving information about them only on screens and in papers that can be – and usually are – created with bias. Questioning them isn’t madness, it’s the rationality that keeps us from being drones of the Big Brother. Sure, some people question correct information. But then their correctness must be proved instead of the people ridiculed.”

“Okay guys, this is rock bottom. Watching this video I realize we really have been had. The Jews are pulling all the strings. Look how they try to snivel in the whole “oh my god we don’t want to be refugees if only you guys deposed Assad we totally wouldn’t come to Europe ;)” angle. The Jews are doing this deliberately. Of course none of that shit is true. The Jews destroyed Lybia and now what? Have the refugee waves from Lybia subsided after the deposing of Gaddafi? Yeah didn’t think so. Quite the opposite.

The alt-right is a complete playball in the book of the Jews now. The kikes are adapting and planning around it. Even I underestimated the nefariousness of this thing. 4D chess is real, but its the kikes playing it on us”

“I don’t think Hillary would have been better because every “rightist” would still insist it’d be different if trump won thus perpetuating the reformist system strategy, whereas the same people cheering trumps treason would never have engaged in any resistance (in the real sense) but would have just continued to watch fox and drudge and bitch ineffectively.

The pool of potential revolutionaries is fairly small, but Trumps treason will realize more of those with such potential than a Hillary win would have”

“The Judaic (particularly Christian and Islamic) end time prophecies are expertly designed to suppress doubt and reinforce faith through a feedback loop, where everything that contradicts the revealed religion can be dismissed as “evil lies” that were “prophecied” thus simply proving the word of yeshu or moe

It also resigns people to fatalism and inaction on the basis that the worse things get the nearer the judgment day is and that any action is pointless and even sinful as it comes from a lack of faith in imminent salvation”

“Yemen is the poorest country in the entire region and yet there is a constant stream of pictures and videos coming out, showing Saudi Arabia dropping phosphorus, chemical weapons, and assorted cluster bombs on Shiite civilian areas. There is no question about these things. No doubt they are taking place and fired from Saudi military actors. We can SEE a continuous flow of image frames, showing how the relevant craft are positioned and the weapons deployed as they fly towards the buildings and market places.
Pictures of disfigured, burned and crippled shia children abound, and nobody shows them on TV, EVER.

It’s only with Assads supposed atrocities that this conspicuous shortage of meaningful footage exists, despite the fact that the Iraq-Syria War has been the most medially documented and widely shared about conflict in the history of humanity.”

“Feminism is mixed up with a muddled idea that women are free when they serve their employers but slaves when they help their husbands.”

“Nobody assumes all women want children, however, every woman’s mother did want children.”

“I remember when /pol/ was a comfy space for shitposting and NatSoc posting.

I remember when /pol/ recognized neocon kikery and opposed it.

Now with the influx of faggots from T_D and other normies during the Trump campaign, /pol/ has become a low IQ hivemind that would suck the shit out of ‘muh god emproors’ ass if he asked them to.

Donald Trump is the peak of kikery, he has become what we always hated, his daughter is married to a merchant and he sucks Bibi’s cock every day.

With his latest move in Syria, and NSC changes, as well as the removal of Flynn during the Russia scandal, Trump has completely surrendered himself to the neocon kike establishment that we wanted him to fight against.

Trump is the best shabbos goy.

Old fags will recognize this and side with Assad, low IQ newfag bandwagon T_D faggots; who have created some weird cult of worship around Donald Trump, will side with him regardless of whether or not he his right or wrong.

Oldfags stand with me against these /nu/pol fags now.”

“What a coincidence that a fully loaded missile frigate shows up in Syria two days before the causus belli they need to open fire”

“This sarin gas bullshit is a pure false flag, but the Trumpcucks in whose minds it is real are still using insanely retarded logic, namely:

“Assad should have killed these innocent babies for no reason using high velocity explosives and shrapnel like us civilized human beings!”

If the Syrian Arab Army had killed 50 children using internationally approved projectiles (like say tomahawk missiles) there would be some standardized bitching phoned in by groups like the UN and shills like John McCain, but no one important would seriously suggest escalating things and it would all be forgotten tomorrow.

The people you see signalling about chemical weapons are not human beings in possession of rational faculties, they are drooling moronic biological automatons, programmable slabs of meat who do not qualify for personhood and thus are not entitled to “rights” or moral consideration.

It is ok to kill them, and if anyone decides to expend their minimal potential doing so, it is a cause for celebration.

Those who support war with Syria because of a false flag gas attack do not deserve to live.”

“Liberals on Trump:
Blow up Muslims = 🙂
Deny them visas = :(“

“Okay, so the narrative is that even though Assad was winning the war, he decided to drop illegal chemical weapons on civilians in order to demoralize his opposition into giving up sooner.

Even if that’s the case, then how is this different than the apology for the nuclear bombing of Japan? Except the nuclear bombings killed thousands of times more civilians.”

“Notice nobody is posting ‘Pray for Syria’ now.”

“Multicultural leftist: We need to invade this Islamic nation

Alt Righter with crusader cosplay: We should leave them alone”

>cluster munition canisters paraded as evidence of sarin plane missile canisters
>non airtight cylindrical containers
>the pilots would die from exposure on the runway since someone can’t wear a biohazard suit in the cockpit of Sukhoi
>the only way to deliver sarin by plane is in spherical bomblets that only 2 countries can manufacture
>All other sarin delivered by artillery or mortars
>evidence for supposed UN tier war crime courts being used as flowerpots

“What would air delivered Sarin containers even look like? I can’t find photos of any.”

“2 part spheres. Obviously neither the US nor Russia will declassify actual photos because we don’t actually have chemical weapons because we totally signed a treaty and destroyed our stickpiles plus the fact that China would try to reverse engineer the capsule mechanism from photographs.”

“The Constitution does not say that. Pres. Trump did not declare war for which he would need congressional approval. He was well w/in his rights of commander-in-chief to strike. What if Syria or Iran hit the U.S. w/chemical weapons and babies were killed? Wouldn’t we want other countries to come to our defense? This could be a our modern day holocaust if we turn a blind eye to it.”

“It’s not war we’re just bombing them”

“just the tip”

“In 2014 the US state department under John Kerry and Obama declared “every ounce” of sarin was removed from Syria. They even tweeted it.
So either they lied then or they’re lying now.”

“no goy they only said “declared”. They’ve got massive caches in the desert goyim believe us just like Saddam”

“”Where are they?”
“Somewhere out in the desert fam”
“Oh you mean the treeless relatively flat place that can be seen by satellite?””

“Its hilarious because water is better at hiding magnetic signatures than sand.”

“The biggest evidence that this strike was all show and neo-con plan was all these world leaders now clapping as hard as Americans when they finally reach the front of the McDonalds line praising trump on the strikes. You have the UK, Canada’s Tru “nice hair weed flare” deau, you have Germany and other EU states standing and clapping as hard as they can saying “thank you America God bless xDDDDD” like the controlled puppets they are over this.”

“all within 12 hours of the strike, without even thinking about timezone differences.

They had the speeches prepared in advance.”

“We were trying to avoid getting back at the US-Propaganda but we are compelled to do one more round.

For the sake of the argument, they are claiming that the targeted airbase was the one used in the alleged chemical attacks, so if what they say is true, if indeed they destroyed the whole airbase and all of their missiles hit their designated targets, and if this airbase had chemical agents, why no chemical agents got leaked?

Or the “Chemical weapons” developed by Syrian scientists can only harm underage boys (since in all their staged videos not a single girl was seen, in case no one noticed).

More so, let’s say it was true also for the sake of our point, didn’t they have any regards to the nearby villages that such “chemical agents” may result in catastrophic civilian deaths? Oh wait we only covered that one, the Syrian “chemical agents” are smart enough not to harm anyone but little boys.

Those who can’t see what really is happening, pick a lie, then pick whichever explanation provided by the US-Propaganda that suits your level of intelligence, because there is not helping you at this point; you were deceived in Vietnam, in Iraq, and Libya, and now in Syria; fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, but fool me four times … we’ll let you continue it however you like.

Finally, on the ground, as we said, the airbase is back into service, the bulk of the attack was foiled, 36 missiles did not reach their targets and the attempted show of force backfired into a show of insufficiency.

– Syrian Arab Army”

“Antifa literally protested an alt right demonstration against a foreign war

“The competition to merely exist in those parts of the world is cutthroat and tough. So when they get to the New World it’s like an introduced species exploding out of control.

Look at Jews, Alawites, Maronites, Armenians in their native habitats they’re often relatively poor and just hanging on to their territories and neighborhoods by a thread.”

“Yes. And the manorialism of the Hajnal territories (the Franks) selectively bred people who were easy to lead and organize, but also very vulnerable to more tribalistic peoples. Fox and henhouse. Dumb down your own people, and you will find them quickly taken over by outsiders.

[…] Once the lower classes of an invading group are established, then their ruling class comes in. And they are very different. Noone feels threatened by the chode incel Indian beta men coming… but then you see the Brahman’s coming in, and they are taller, better looking, and move with confidence and authority. Same with Arabs, same with Chinese; 100 years ago it was small and ugly little Chinese people… no threat. Now it is the ruling class coming over from China, and they are as tall as us, and quite arrogant and confident.”

“California used to have their own public power system. It was very well run and also very long sighted. They sold it all off and…power shortages where they rape the taxpayer. Higher prices less service.

Government systems may not be quite as efficient as private but private systems goals are not in line with the public. Public systems goals are “supposedly” in line with helping the public. If you lose a little on efficiency with the public you gain it back with goals not to sap the public with as many fees as possible and siphon off as much profit as possible.”

“The airbase that Trump bombed has been protecting a Christian town called Mahardah, which is about 40 miles away.

Crippling the airbase meant that those Christians were and are still more likely to be overrun, gang raped, enslaved, and massacred by ISIS.”

“Copts were pretty much exterminated or driven out of Egypt during the ascent of democracy and the Muslim Brotherhood. Their liturgical music is all that remains of the music of Pharaonic Egypt.

When they were being exterminated, along with Druze, Yezidi, etc. Christians in the US spoke up and were told (in the person of Ted Cruz) “If you do not stand with Israel, I will not stand with you”.

Lesson: some genocides don’t matter.”

“Bana’s apparently still posting on Twitter. How retarded do you have to be to believe this account is anything other than a mouthpiece for kike propaganda? A seven-year-old Syrian girl in a war zone with a verified Twitter handle and a fluent command of English? Seems legit.”

“You know for sure she is a Syrian child because she starts right off saying “I am a Syrian child” in the beginning of her tweet”

“How impressed are you when China or whoever does some stupid shit to flex their muscles? You think “what a bunch of faggots” right? That’s what the world is thinking about America right now “what a bunch of faggots”. Nobody is scared and nobody cares.”

“If Paris got gassed instead of Idlib we’d be told it’s just a part of city life.”

“I explain to her that she has everything she needs to invest and get rich for herself and for her family to continue doing so for generations. But it turns into pulling teeth just to make sure she doesn’t throw away what my grandparents accumulated for her. She gets it all free and somehow it’s right that I start from scratch? I’m not a nigger and I’d be okay, but it’s a huge loss and a huge waste.”

“Sounds like my dad who stayed at home into his 30s but told me I was a piece of shit when I wanted to stay with him when I was 17”

“Using the pool of family resources, I could turn us into millionaires in a couple decades but it somehow makes sense to force me to be a wagecuck in a bad economy for 20 years and pay half my earnings in interest why? How is that not torture?”

“Why is neo/v/ autisming so hard over this game? It’s decent, but if it wasn’t for waifushit nobody would even talk about it.”

“Just because it has attractive females it’s not waifushit you piece of shit.”

“Its kinda funny.
Listening to Video game OST is considered nerdy or stupid.
But the irony is some of the best songs iv herd are from games (Mostly Japanese games and some Anime)
I think the fact games (and anime) have such unreal and abstract settings allows artists to do pretty much anything they want.
While movies cant afford to do the same anymore because they cost so much and have to appeal to as large audience as possible so you will mostly just hear normie stuff.
And TV and Radio pretty much only play the most popular garbage.”

>Listening to Video game OST is considered nerdy or stupid
Says who?
People who arent you?
How about you stop being a fucking sheep for once in your fucking life, shithead.
Live your own goddamn life, you’re not anyone else, you’re you. You’re only going to be you.

If youre so hell bent on other people’s opinions you’ll never grow as an individual yourself.
Quit stunting your own growth.”

“You are missing a very, very small point. People around affect you and your life directly. All this don’t be a sheep talk is relevant to some degree and by fact false most of the time. Whenever you go against majority’s views you will have to face consequences.”

“You hate pop music and I can’t blame you for that.

Mainstream music is poison for the mind and soul.

Japanese make some awesome game ost but you what you love about it is the emotions the songs convey.

There is good music like this outside of video games though. so I hope you don’t limit yourself to just game osts”

>People not as nerdy as you don’t recognise it’s vidya music unless it’s mario.
No, but they make weird faces and ask where the lyrics are and why you’re listening to weird orchestra Beethoven shit.”

“Are they 12?”

“Then they’re faggots. Like I give a shit if they don’t like my music.”

“Yeah, any day now Assad is going to start gassing the United States. Are boomers actually this stupid?”

“A SU-20 with a maximum combat range of 715 miles is going to fly across the Mediterranean and then the Atlantic a full 6670 miles carrying a full payload of bombs they can’t manufacture filled with poison gas the US State department confirmed they didn’t have and drop it in a US city without being intercepted by F-16/18/22/35s or even recommissioned f14s or f4s they pulled out of museums on emergency notice or being shot down by any US SAMs, that plane will then turn around and complete it’s round trip of 13340 miles landing safely at the airstrip Trump just bombed.”

“The Nayirah testimony was a false testimony given before the Congressional Human Rights Caucus on October 10, 1990 by a 15-year-old girl who provided only her first name, Nayirah. The testimony was widely publicized, and was cited numerous times by United States senators and President George H.W. Bush in their rationale to back Kuwait in the Gulf War. In 1992, it was revealed that Nayirah’s last name was Al-Sabah, and that she was the daughter of Saud Al-Sabah, the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States. Furthermore, it was revealed that her testimony was organized as part of the Citizens for a Free Kuwait public relations campaign which was run by American Hill & Knowlton for the Kuwaiti government. Following this, al-Sabah’s testimony has come to be regarded as a classic example of modern atrocity propaganda.

In her emotional testimony, Nayirah stated that after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait she had witnessed Iraqi soldiers take babies out of incubators in a Kuwaiti hospital, take the incubators, and leave the babies to die.”

>post your work

Has anybody ever proved their point here by posting their work?”

“Literally the only art that would appease people that say “post your work” is pro tier art like from the Wei Feng vs. Ruan Jia thread. Even then, you’d be hard pressed for anon to admit you have a point.”

“/ic/ has no trolling material otherwise”

“98% of /ic/ is full of shitposters that draw once a month at best, the rest of the time they hoard .pdf files and art books.

I remember a master study thread that had so much potential for growth but it only had about 4 posters and it died quickly. Threads shitting on other artists, however, usually had something like 30 posters all actively arguing to the point that there were sub-arguments.”

>I thought I had an opinion but this blog opened my eyes.

Why can’t you just say you are incapable of independent thought or critical analysis and will take any opinion you hear as your own as long as it’s presented in a neat, easily digestible format?”

“Bionicle was at it’s core a construction set/action figure. You bought the toys and basically got just a toy. Maybe there was a little leaflet with some story, but nothing of substance. What made it unique was that you had to seek out other media to get the full lore (comics, animations, internet sites, web games).

I’ve recently learned the term to describe this is called a “media project”. Bionicle was one of the earliest, possibly even the first, media projects. A media project is a product with supporting material released separately through alternative media. Overwatch is a media project. With Overwatch you buy the game and get the story through the animations, comics, interviews, etc.. Overwatch is the only western media projects I can think of. It’s more common in the east I believe.”

“Has anyone else thought of using the recent United story as a way to show the injustice of fractional reserve banking? Everyone can see the terrible consequences of United issuing more tickets than it had seats, and how that should not be allowed, but that is the same thing banks do when they issue more claims to money than they have.”

“The 4-d chess meme reminds me of here’s how Bernie can still win”

“Death is the just penalty for bringing poison to a hundred men’s lips and saying “but I did not make them drink!”.”

Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX) and Rep. Martha McSally (R-AZ) are the two Republican lawmakers teaming with Democrats to stop the funding of the border wall, despite both representing districts that share a border with Mexico.

“We recognize the need for robust border security and infrastructure to ensure public safety and increase cross border commerce,” Hurd and McSally wrote to the Trump administration in a letter, according to The Hill. “We also have an obligation to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars.”

I.e., “we depend on Mexican votes to stay in office.””

>are they being paid to discredit him?

They are. PR people are literally paid shills.

Here’s what happens:
>company realizes they’re fucked
>hires a PR firm
>PR firm digs up dirt on the guy to reframe the story
>sends it out to media contacts
>media contacts publish it
>gullible idiots eat it raw

PR people are fucking scum. If they can find dirt on you, they will use it. Otherwise they’ll just try to spin the story into

>our employees dindu nuffin
>they good boys
>he was drunk as fuck

“Can’t ban guns, okay well here’s a bunch of costly must have modifications or.else you go to jail – so either you become autistic on the laws or you are priced out of owning guns.

Then the leftists antigunners say “well you can STILL own a gun so your rights are not violated, besides what do you really need one for? Hunting? Meat is gross anyways.” and sit smugly at the Starbucks with their $2,000 macbook that daddy bought them with the trustfund.”

>If Everyone Is So Confident, Why Aren’t They Borrowing?
>Economists are struggling to explain a sudden slowdown in bank lending.

The Jews are sad they can’t borrow money at 0.5 to 1% interest and turn around and give it to you for 5 to 28%.

People aren’t borrowing money because they already have significant amounts of debt and wages have stagnated. The average revolving credit card balance is $16k.

ollectively, student loan debt amounts to $1,400,000,000,000, that’s 1.4 trillion dollars. The average debt for a 2016 graduate is $37k. We’ve gone full circle with the mortgage thing and nearly everyone owns a home again.

The same people who won in 2008 are going to win again soon.”

“I’ve been researching for years, and have never found an attempt to estimate the eugenic effects of priestly and monastic celibacy on European IQ and personality. Basically, for period of many hundreds of years, everyone with curiosity about the world or who had a talent or interest in reading and writing was systematically erased from the European gene pool. People forget that advanced, collegiate level painful study of Sophocles, Euripides and Aeschylus is basically sweating and straining over what was POPULAR ENTERTAINMENT to the Ancient Greeks.

Secondly, the Christian takeover of the Hellenistic world involved the deliberate and violent destruction of almost all libraries, public and private. The comparison to Bolshevism isn’t just Christian baiting. They also destroyed all the temples and statues. The only standing Greek temples in the territory of the Roman Empire at its height are in Southern Sicily (2) and Armenia (1). The only surviving library from the same area is from Herculaneum, the sister city of Pompeii. Christians personally destroyed all statues, temples and libraries in the following territories. Study this map [image attached is the extent of the Roman empire] – really give it some thought – to understand the overwhelming destructive power of Christianity. This whole area was totally cleansed of statues, libraries, and temples.

Secondly, even more work that has never been done by a statistician with demographic experience:

In the 16th century – purely for religious reasons – 40% of the German population was lost. I’ve never seen an estimate of how many Germans would exist today if that hadn’t happened.

Similarly, the south of France was violently cleansed of at least one million people during the Fourth Crusade. This is something like one-seventh of the population ca. 1200. The number of Europeans who never came into being because of that even has never been estimated.

Evil England has also been punished: from the rule of Henry VIII to about 1680, i.e. the period of the English Reformation – at least 17% of the British population was annihilated. After the English Civil War, about 40% of the Irish population was slaughtered.

The death toll of Semitism could measure in the billions very easily, and could in addition be responsible for a loss in average Western European IQ by as many as 30 or 40 points. Recall that just as Sophocles, Euripides, and Aeschylus were POPULAR ENTERTAINMENT for the Greeks, Shakespeare (without the Cliff Notes) was similarly POPULAR ENTERTAINMENT for the late 16th century English. That is to say, gross plebs willingly went to Shakespeare plays for the experience of BEING ENTERTAINED. It could very easily be the case that their grossest plebs had IQs of 120, which I regard as a lower cutoff point for taking enjoyment of any kind from Shakespeare’s output.

There’s been some recent work done that the Victorians (latter half of 19th century) had a much, much higher IQ than modern Britons or Americans.

And even today, the average IQ in Germany is 107 – 7 points higher than Americans. And yes, 100 is the White average in America even before including NAMs. We are at the eugenic bottom of Western existence.”

“The Middle Ages and the Renaissance were never 90% garbage like today. Even the pleb stuff is tremendously influential. Something like 25% of Shakespeare comes directly from Commedia del’arte – a ‘popular’ form, i.e. garbage.”

“If I’m told that a service will cost $20 and I pay $20 for the service, then it should be an exception when I DO decide that the server was extra nice and I throw in an extra few dollars. My financial situation doesn’t factor into it, whether I’m Bill Gates or a lowly peasant. Everyone deserves to be able to come to a simple agreement with another human about how much that other person’s service is worth, without the other person mentally adding extra money on top of the agreement”

“I don’t see where anyone is obliged, it is just a formality. Bad tippers get shit service tho”

“That’s where the obligation comes in – the moral obligation to not be a ‘bad tipper’ and getting worse service in the future just because you paid the agreed price”

“I’m not talking about the practicality of implementing it, I’m talking about whether it’s a good or a bad system, and it’s clearly a bad system if your only argument in favour of it is that it can’t be changed”

“Liberals: Risking a Third World War with a nuclear-armed state is just an act on part of Donald Trump to disguise his ties to their president

Conservatives: Donald Trump was justified in bombing a foreign state for allegedly using weapons against its own people because America has a moral duty to uphold the dignity and rights of all citizens around the world, even thought his in every way implies we are an authority the world should submit to, because what counts as “human dignity and rights” will inevitably come from what Americans conceive as those.

Tell me again how the United States has any redeeming qualities?”

“The US wasn’t waging an illegal war in Cambodia, it was just limited airstrikes on military targets.”

>Be Israel
>Illegally occupy Golan Heights
>refuse to return land to Syria citing political instability
>find oil in Golan heights
>start illegally drilling for Syrian oil

Holy Fuck did Hadrian not go far enough.”

“On Passover, no less. No less! How could he make such comments about Jew Deaths on a holiday celebrating in the glory of the horrific mass murder of Egyptian goyim children?”

>US intelligence intercepted communications between Syrian military and chemical experts

Yeah they were just chatting about it on skype or some shit.

If it were a real gas attack, let us be honest, it would be in person or paper only.”

>Shit talks her for three paragraphs
>I like your work though

How the actual fuck do normies stand being around women? Is the vagina really enough of an incentive to put up with mental gymnastics like this every day of your fucking life?”

“Can you imagine a man commenting on a similar image where a male model is doing something vintage like shooting ducks in a leather vest with a perfect backdrop of water and reeds and a champion quality Labrador? Would that be considered “toxic masculinity?”

This picture depicts something you’d commonly see in Garden and Gun magazine, or on TV for that matter. No one lives the ideal life or is truly the Ubermensch, but it does not hurt anything to have examples and role models in your life so you can strive to attain it.

Perhaps the commenter would prefer seeing a fat woman wearing a wife beater making a sheet cake in a trailer, an image that would make her feel better about herself. That isn’t what continuous improvement is about. You don’t want to be the smartest, strongest, most successful, or best looking people in your circle of friends. Otherwise you’ll regress towards the mean versus having forward mobility.

TLDR: commenter has a loser mentality.”

“I was arguing against a dindu the other day who thought blacks were being massacred in the streets by police, and he cited the news as his source because he is a dumb nigger.

Then I posted FBI numbers proving blacks commit armed robbery at a rate 6:1 to whites.

Then he said I was changing the subject so I had to remind him committing violent crimes is a good way to get shot by police.”

“One woman entering the workforce destroys 3 families: First, the family she could have created if she were a stay-at-home mom. Second, the family a man could’ve created if he had her job. Third, the family of the woman whose husband she’s cheating with.”

“Bull sculptor wants the fearless girl sculpture removed because it changes the original meaning behind the bull which is to represent the “fighting spirit of the United States and of New York.””

>Muh equality
>I know! That’s make a sculpture of a LITTLE GIRL being stubborn, like children tend to do until they gewt their way (or until it doesn’t work then they start crying for help for a mommy and daddy)…
>Let’s put it in front of this sculpture we KNOW has a whole series of meanings that go back to the Mycenaean period and before across pretty much every culture ever

How long until a group of feminists get angle grinders, and in the middle of the wee hours of the morning, castrate the Bull because it’s message has NOW BECOME mysoggyknee and partridgetree?

Honestly I getting fucking sick of it.”

“Can someone make a sculpture of a smirking father figure with his hand patting her head and put it there?

Let’s see if that “doesn’t” change the meaning.”

“To be honest, I think the fearless stupid little girl thinking she is brave, when in fact she’s opposing and taunting things of good faith, is a perfect artistic representation our modern feminists.”

>“This is a piece of work all women of any age,
It’s a little girl, you concieve of yourself as children
Obesity rates in America are skyrocketing, this kid ain’t the right “shape”
The kid is clearly either white or, at most, hispanic
>or creed can relate to.
Judging by the way she’s dressed this kid isn’t muslim, jewish, or in fact any “creed”
>A work which reminds us today’s working woman
It’s a stubborn child challenging an 2000lb bull, plus when’s the last time you saw any women do farm work?
>is here to stay
They were never not there
>and has taken her place in the nation’s financial district.”
Yep, and this little girl is about to learn that if you mess with the bull, you get the horns.”

“Man… makes sculpture of animal, celebrating the spirit of the city.

Woman… makes sculpture of herself, celebrating herself, demanding attention.”

“this guy may actually shoot back so our beloved Jack Bower wannabes are busy eating their donuts right now”

“What’s with Japan and their fascination to childhood friends, that Japanese devs keep inserting at least one character with that trait into their games? I can’t see the appeal of someone that’s stuck so long with the MC but never elevated their relationship to beyond friends.”

“Whats with US and their fascination with LGBT, the American devs keep inserting at least one character with that trait into their games? I cant see the appeal of someone thats sucks cocks but its character never elevated beyond being gay.”

“You have one of 2 ways of addressing “it is never ok to hit a woman”:

>the phrase became commonplace when it was wrong to hit a woman because they all acted like ladies

>the phrase became commonplace when women were considered property and hitting a woman was considered property damage”

“What’s the full name of Darwin’s “Origin of Species”?”

“On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life.”

“What is the definition of “Marketing”? […] When I took Marketing at Columbia they taught me, “overcoming sales resistance”.”

“Once something’s institutionalized, no one has to know what’s going on, that’s how you make your living.”

“The lyrics to “Chocolate Rain” are poetic and political, but the overall effect of the video was unintentionally hilarious. Did it frustrate you that you weren’t taken seriously?”

“Is any artist taken seriously? What does that even mean? Most artists who create art about serious topics are not received in that light. Michael Jackson’s “They Don’t Really Care About Us” didn’t catalyze massive criminal justice reform. Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” didn’t catalyze structural reform to obliterate poverty. If everyone who heard John Lennon’s “Imagine” voted to support pacifist international utopianism, the world would have very different political leaders. No song is taken seriously. The artist just makes the song like a parent makes a child. But in this case, the child is immediately put-up for adoption by the world. The world raises that child. How the world raises the child is not the artist’s job ? it’s the world’s. I can’t worry about how the world does its job. I can only worry about how I do mine.”

“When you appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live as part of his Internet Talent Showcase in 2007, there was a clear division between being “internet famous” and “mainstream” famous? Do you think that still exists?”

“What is “mainstream” anyway? “Mainstream” is a category the media invented to talk about itself. It’s a baptismal anointment by journalism’s religion. It’s an effort by self-nominated cultural critics to matter by enforcing the way somethign else matters.”

“Tell me about the biggest troll you’ve ever encountered.”

“You keep trying to bait these reality TV answers! You want me to disclose a memorable freak-out or moment of dramatic tension in my life, like a Kardashian. You want a highly-quotable “train wreck” moment. People love to watch and click train wrecks. Unfortunately, I’m a bad train wreck. If I was a better train wreck, I’d probably be more successful in entertainment. There’s no train-wreck story here.”

“I don’t think you know much about old masters methods and materials. Much better materials now? In many cases simpler-made materials are better than the mass-produced materials we have now. Their paints had better handling properties and they knew more about how to use them because of experience and an artistic culture that was more involved. Many of the materials that are superior for painting are very difficult to come by now. Many of the materials are being sold commercially and are widely used that are not actually good, while the superior materials are now so expensive, if you even have the luck or the tenacity to find what materials are good and what are not.”

“Also don’t forget this: safety. Many of the best pigments with the best colors are extremely toxic, and so they can’t be sold today. Lead white, Arsenic yellow, etc. In the old days artists could use them because no one knew they were dangerous, or if they did they didn’t care. As a result their paintings had much richer colors. Nowadays all you can get are knockoff colors made from safe materials. Sure we don’t want random people getting cancer from paint, but to get that we have to accept that our colors will never be as vivid as the old ones.”

“Can digital not reproduce vividness?”

“Is this a joke?”

“No, especially not on shitty consumer grade monitors. Digital can barely reproduce as good as shitty prints, and that’s only if you get an extremely good top of the line specialist display.

And when comparing digital to real paint… IT’s not even close! Seriously, look at a picture of a painting on your computer, and then look at the painting in real life. The colors aren’t even comparable. It’s like saying a porn pic of a pussy is the same as the real thing.

Maybe one day future digital display tech could catch up… But that day is certainly not today.”

“Digital is a completely different art. So different that I was only talking about physical painting materials compared to now, apples to apples. There really isn’t a comparison with viewing art on a display and looking at the real painting. I thought by better materials you meant for actual oil painting as the old masters did, which isn’t always true (there are a few cases where it is but you’d have to do research), but now it seems you’re contrasting physical painting with digital painting. You may as well say that we have so much better materials now for sculpture because there is zbrush. I don’t know what you mean by ethereal realm of sensation. Sensation is to do with the earthly realm, and it is important still. What can monitors do to compete against dimensions of a canvas?

In the art of physical paintings, particularly with oils, it isn’t false that there are materials today that we are taught by the prevalent artistic culture to use that simply are not as good, and many good materials that are in scarcity. I could give many examples, but you seem to think searching after perfection and archivability is autism.

You truly show your lack of knowledge about old painting. There are written documents by artists about ideal situations for the viewing of paintings, and how the surface should be… And I really don’t know why you would equate contemporary artistry with digital. Digital is only a small part of modern art-making.

But this is only talk of materials of painting. There are still qualities of old masters that many still sense as lacking in our modern artists, and not simply for historical reasons or qualities that have to do with representation.”

“In reality, politics is really simple. It was figured out thousands of years ago in great detail. All you really need to know is this: to work well, a nation needs to best people at the top making the decisions, and the worst people at the bottom sweeping the streets, and everyone else in between doing stuff that makes sense according to their natural abilities and inclinations.

Simple stuff.

Democracy is the reverse of that. It’s the worst system imaginable. By making rulership some kind of gay popularity contest, you’re getting rat-like schemers and serial liars being promoted to the top of society, while honest men have no chance of competing. This is doubly so if you allow every last retard, criminal and third world primitive a right to vote as well ? which, of course, the Jews insist is more “democratic.”

Indeed, it is more democratic ? because the essence of democracy is about flipping the order of nature upside down.”

“Are not the arts of association as valuable or more valuable than anything else you learn when you’re young? I read how executive hiring is done and it almost never has to do with your training in whatever you’re being hired for. I’m thinking of Apple I believe: ‘Is this the person we would like to have around three years from now?’ Or bend an elbow with, or just talk with? And that’s why you’re passed from set of executives to set of executives.

But you wouldn’t tell kids that right? It’s people who have the highest grade point averages and SAT scores! Well I spent an hour a few years ago with the admissions officer for Harvard college, and about thirty years ago an hour with the director at Princeton, and let me tell you, their polite dismissal of SAT scores was intimidating to listen to, as if you’d have to be crazy to let someone in. Let me see if I can condense how you get into Harvard or Princeton. Of course you can get into both by donating a building, but how do other people get in? They’re being analyzed on their ability to either become wealthy or famous, either one will work. […]

The Harvard Lady said we look for a record of excellence, and what does excellence consist of, it’s sometime in the first eighteen years of your life, figuring out how to add value to the people around you, although she didn’t say this in a way that catches public attention. So you might walk across the United States, or bicycle the permiter of the country, or row across the Atlantic Ocean, those are the physical ways. You might start a little charity or set up some weather service or some pollution monitor around Hartford. There are a substantial number of kids doing this as we sit here. They’re writing a record of being able to add value to the community around them.

And then the other fellow, the Princeton guy, said the same thing in different words. I asked him, what part of resumes submitted do you look at first? And the answer metaphorically caused my jaw to open, hobbies he said. I said I’ve been taught all my life leave that off because it’s not germane. He said on the contrary, it’s the only honest information you’re likely to get. How does someone spend their time when it’s their free choice to spend? It’s a window into their mind or their heart. What kind of hobbies? He said, well ideally, someone would have a physical hobby, an intellectual hobby, and a social hobby, because that would show they’re exploring these large… well, physical hobbies, you mean football, baseball? Well, he said, it’s better than nothing, but we would prefer not to see team sports. I said, all my life I’ve been told team sports identify your ability to work in a team, he said, what happens in a team sport is if you decide to dog it, it’s very hard to tell which guy on the line has dogged it or not, or which running back has gone down more quickly than he should’ve gone down, he said, we prefer solo hobbies that involve physical danger. You mean you want kids to put their necks at risk? For example he said, horseback riding is a dead giveaway, the horse weighs a half ton or more, if you go trail riding and you don’t know what you’re doing your head gets caught on a branch and you become a headless horseman, if the horse doesn’t like you it’ll roll over on top of you […] You have to actually know what you’re doing, you can’t say “Is this an A job or a B job” if you live. Then he said sailing a small boat outside of land, if you don’t know what you’re doing you end up in the middle of the Atlantic, or if a wind comes up you can’t see landmarks because of the waves”.

So I said, those things are associated with the prosperous classes, what could someone in ordinary classes do? He said, well, we just let somebody in, this is probably one of the nicest factoids in my mind in my life, we just let someone in who invented his own sport and kept records competing against himself, past performance to present performance. It was, get ready for this, visualize this, Seatless Unicylce-riding over Broken Terrain. If I had ten lifetimes, it wouldn’t occur to me. Starting to get on a unicycle, let alone without a seat, let alone riding it over broken terrain. So they let him in because they knew he was on the fast track.

So we tell these lies, and of course, many of the people who tell these lies believe the lies. Well surely they’re going to take valedictorian. Well last year Harvard turned down eight out of every ten valedictorians who applied, and the two they took in they didn’t take in because they were valedictorians. So by removing this component from the student imagination, you can control to some extent who even applies to Harvard, and then who gets in who applies, because they don’t know what they’re doing. What’s the IT- “garbage in, garbage out”.

So what I would do is I would examine, I have a friend who started a tutoring service called The Princeton Review, and twenty years ago they were charging two hundred dollars an hour I have no idea what they charge now, but what they did was crack the code of the questions on standardized tests and he asked, Adam Robinson was his name, Adam took his money and left The Princeton Review to his partner, but Adam has written a book called What Smart Students Know, Random House. Adam was certain that you could pass standardized tests without having any knowledge of the subject as long as you understood the constraints the question architects were under. For example, two of the four answers offered are almost so absurd that if you know that you’re know left with a fifty-fifty guess. I had figured out when I was in high school that if you had some way to measure the angles on the little geometric figures on the test that you didn’t need to know, you could arrive at the answer simply by simplistic means. The evidence that all of us know, standardized tests don’t measure what they claim to measure, is that nobody, I mean nobody you encounter on the upper reaches of society would dream of hiring somebody on the basis of those tests, or on grade point averages, you’d be playing russian roulette, because they measure nothing.

The grades largely measure that you memorized what you’re told to memorize. I mean there are a few other things, but that’s the core of it. So now you know you have somebody who is obedient, and probably for clerk, that is a good measure. Not for someone who has to adapt to changing circumstances, you know, by the natural selection process of reality. It’s fairly easy without being a wise guy or being fairly learned, as long as you retain the ability to think independently from the data in front of you to penetrate the masks, the contentions that don’t conform to everyday reality.”


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