2017 Mar 26 ~ Apr 01

“Why are Japanese games so superior to Western games?”

“They prioritize solid gameplay mechanics over muh story and muh open world with nothing fun to do. Also they usually use more wacky/interesting settings rather than a generic Tolkien fantasy or a generic scifi western devs tend to stick to”

“Because Japan learned a long time ago that pandering to everyone, instead of just one group, is the real way to make an industry go. If a main character or two is female no one bats an eyelash. Meanwhile here retarded autistic fags screech every time the main characters aren’t all balding white men for them to jack off to.”

“Japan has developed an entertainment media culture very much focused on catering to the fans and delivering what they want in their games.

In the west we’ve developed an entertainment media culture more focused around catering to public opinion and mainstream appeal. Which naturally waters down the gaming experience with checklist style game development meant to please the widest palette possible.”

“Because japanese devs are not hipsters from San Fran who couldn’t make it into Hollywood like most western devs are. They are game developers at heart and understand that gameplay comes first.

Another thing is that western devs are pretentious as fuck and take themselves WAY too seriously, they don’t know how to have fun at all. Most japanese games have some weird fun stuff, something even 4th wall breaking because hey, it’s a game (i.e. the silent hill UFO ending), which is stuff you never see in western games because they are too busy beating off to the sound of their own voice.

You take a japanese game and every animation matters, you can analyze frame data, hitboxes and whatnot, whereas in a western game animations do not matter at all, there is barely any depth to the gameplay or any learning curve for that matter, there aren’t anything even remotely resembling combos or other strategic stuff, no, it’s just your average elder scrolls-esque gameplay where you press one button, watch a disjointed animation play and hit the enemy ignoring their hitboxes and that’s it. It’s just not fun.

While I have nothing against story driven games, we have come to a point where story, on top of shiny gwaphix, has become the sole selling point of western games, but the problem lies in the fact that your average highly praised western gaming story (i.e. Uncharted) is just a low effort cliche as fuck generic hollywood shit. So what’s even the point of playing this crap?”

“Japanese action games prioritize more abstract concepts of feedback and pacing above emulating realism, which the West does and tends to end up with shitty physics-driven shooters as a result.

The best Japanese games throw mechanical complexity into that, which the West eschews in favour of appealing to braindead playtesters and the lowest common denominator. ”

“Because they don’t pretend they’re not a videogame.”

“Israelis are seriously pitching a fit over Assad threatening to respond to their bombing his country.

Like they are posturing as if Syrians retaliating against Jewish strikes against Syrian targets amounts to unwarranted aggression

Goddamnit these kikes need to be put in their fucking place”

“I think Trump is doing fairly well, because at least Andrew Jackson only had to move heaven and earth and sacrifice his life to kill one bank.

Even the term ‘Deep State’ isn’t sufficient to describe the forces arrayed against Trump. This is Moldbug’s “Cathedral”.

The academy, the bar, feminism inc., “The Resistance” a well financed movement with Hillary as visible head, the CIA, the FBI, etc. etc.

This isn’t a swamp. This is a war machine with an unbelievably powerful propaganda arm.

Trump thinks everything can be handled by deals because he’s never dealt with ideologues, only businessmen. Businessmen want money and to save face.

My hope is still that Bannon can convince Trump which battlefield he is on. Abandoning Flynn and allowing Sessions to recuse was stupid in our political situation but would have been harmless in a business setting.”

“All of the conflict happening has happened at the political and intelligence level, not at the military level. So I highly doubt we’re going to see anything substantive except for random deaths and info dumps.”

“We can guess whatever about these guys. Bannon could be literally Hitler or wanting to nuke Iran for all anybody knows. We do know brietbart was murdered by deep state people, so that has to be a part of his psyche.”

“Its relevant because I want to know the psychology of a model. Would a virgin girl be willing to expose her body for art? Do nude models pose because theybdon’t care since lots of other people has seen her naked?”

>pretending to be an psychologist so you can get a virgin model who could pose for you

“That would be nice too. I wouldnt fuck them though. I mean wouldnt it be great that you are making a work depicting innocence and purity and your model was the same?”

“Virgin =! “innocence” and “purity”, you dumbass.

There’s plenty of lewd and unpure virgins. Look at /r9k/ and /a/, for example.”

“holy shit, exactly this. op’s notion of virginity is hilarious.

not trying to directly attack u op, but have u ever interacted with girls on a friendship basis? u don’t have to answer this so if u lie, you’re only lying to urself”

“Kyle isn’t in high-school (probably). Don’t focus on the difference between your level and others, focus on drawing what you want to draw and eventually you’ll get good at it.

As long as you practice you’ll get it perfect. If you draw tits wrong it’s just because you haven’t drawn enough tits yet.

Also ignore the majority of /ic/. They are shit-tier artists who’ll say crap like “the feet look gross” which is over-analyzing a porn piece details whilst ignoring its thematic subject, but won’t say anything about the lack of detail in the monster, the background, the excess of contrast with the foreground, or the simple fact that the center of gravity is fucked up in that pose.

In reality nobody gives a rat’s ass about that shit, we just want to see some pussy getting fucked and tits getting exposed. Focus on that.”

“White people can’t be ‘murdered.’ Whites can be deprived of their life, but not ‘murdered.’ Murder = deprivation of life + power.”

“It was a small step really. To go from saying the bloodline of your ruler does not matter, to saying that the bloodline of the people being ruled does not matter either.”

“Do you? Immigration grows economies btw.”

“For who? lmao

The workforce effectively doubled over the course of only a few decades organically with the introduction of women’s rights movements encouraging them to become wage slaves instead of having children. You could get a blue collar job in the 70s and easily sustain a large family, nowadays because of the number of people competing for the same number of jobs wages have stagnated, expenses have increased and our overall quality of life has suffered and immigration only exacerbates this problem.”

“Yeah I guess that’s why their countries of origin allow them to leave.

No retard. All it does is create more burden for the state.”

“If that is true then why are the countries with the most people not automatically the richest?”

“Growth doesn’t equal instant result obviously”

“Well how long does it take? Why isn’t Indonesia a global economic superpower like the US with the same standard of living despite having similar population sizes?

I thought liberals thought all people were interchangeable economic units and nothing more?

Maybe if we replaced the US population entirely with Indonesian immigrants they will finally be a superpower, because America has magic dirt.”

“LOL no one is competing for menial labor jobs are you this retarded?”

“do you actually believe that immigrants don’t go to college?”

“immigrants work all kinds of jobs, brainwashed mook.
and let’s see your twig ass roof a house and come tell us how menial it was.
not to mention Right to Work laws, which undercut union laborers. ya know, unions, the thing that protects the middle class from the big bad corporations you pretend to be against?”

“They’re competing for EVERYTHING you stupid idiot retarded fuck, including work as paid artists. I used blue collar jobs as an example; something as simple as working in a small warehouse taping boxes shut was at one time enough for a man to afford a home, a housewife and provide for their 37 children. Nowadays you need to have a doctorate in computer engineering math science and a spouse working full-time as a nuclear brain surgeon to be able to afford a studio apartment and feed your gay ass cat, and this has everything to do with the fact that there’s too many extraneous people fighting over the table scraps of those born in generations prior. ”

“Best advice I’ve heard and followed is

>copy other artists when you’re stuck or can’t come up with anything else.

It’s more-so good for late blooming artists because copying other people is exactly what many kids and young teens do when they’re growing up, but what people who start drawing as adults probably wont do. It will help you build confidence, design and shape language sense, and generally grant you mileage.

Later I found this same advice in a 1400 century book by Cennino Cennini

>take pains and pleasure in constantly copying the best things which you can find done by the hand of great masters. And if you are in a place where many good masters have been, so much the better for you. But I give you this advice: take care to select the best one every time, and the one who has the greatest reputation. And, as you go on from day to day, it will be against nature if you do not get some grasp of his style and of his spirit. For if you undertake to copy after one master today and after another one tomorrow, you will not acquire the style of either one or the other, and you will inevitably, through enthusiasm, become capricious, because each style will be distracting your mind. You will try to work in this man’s way today, and in the other’s tomorrow, and so you will not get either of them right. If you follow the course of one man through constant practice, your intelligence would have to be crude indeed for you not to get some nourishment from it. Then you will find, if nature has granted you any imagination at all, that you will eventually acquire a style individual to yourself, and it cannot help being good; because your hand and your mind, being always accustomed to gather flowers, would ill know how to pluck thorns.

and especially the part about limiting your masters to as few as possible, if possible, is something I’ve been following for half a year now I’d say and I think it has helped me a lot.

The worst advice I’ve heard is the opposite of above”

“I don’t believe in advice. Humans have a serious case of “Do as a I say not as I do.” It’s not even intentional evil. We have neurological issues connecting our actions with our ideals.

Instead, I have antiexamples and contradictions.

Antiexamples are artists that fuck up so bad that you just have to do the opposite of what they did. People like Andrew Dobson. They are like heroes that step on a landmine so that the rest of us can safely cross the field. There are also sites with horror stories like http://artists-beware.livejournal.com/ or https://twitter.com/forexposure_txt . How not to fail is not the same as winning. Studying failure is important too.

Contradictions, when really good Pro artists tell you one thing and do another.
They tell you that you able to work without anatomical reference, but they have expensive 3dtotalfigures sitting right by their monitors, and hundreds of GB of anatomical photos that they use constantly with adobe bridge.
They tell you not to copy other artists even though they remix others’ work all the time.
They tell you tips to present your portfolio even though they were hired because they were friends with an employee.
They talk about mastering perspective from imagination but use premade 3D grids extensively.

This is not because they are evil. But action is too abstruse to sum up in theories and rules. Otherwise we would have made a formula for drawing centuries ago.So I only trust seeing the artists work in real time (speed paintings can be faked) AND seeing them work IRL. You can hide all kind of things in internet videos.

When you have the rare chance of seeing one of your idols working in real life, and they mess up something that you have mastered, you will no longer trust advice or tutorials again.”

“That happens in literally every country, specially on the country side. No matter how much you dislike it, humans are not meant to mix and multiculturalism is a joke, after living in London as an immigrant, it was clear for me to see. Everything is better when we are among those who share our identity and contribute to our community, and it helps newer generations have a sense of identity too, which is very important for the individual. Look at this generation, it’s filled with lost souls given into nihilism, it’s truly sad.”

“I’ve lived in London for 7 years. One of the biggest multicultural cities in the world. You know what happens there? Every ethnicity divides itself, by their own will and live in districts where their people live, and completely change the landscape of it. People don’t adapt to other cultures unless they are similar or part of their identity is in it. It was shocking to go around London and move from one District where everyone is Muslim, to one where there’s only Indians, to one where all you can hear was Spanish. Why should the British people need to have their culture and city completely modified by outsiders? No one where in the world but the west would anyone see themselves having a Mayor of their capital be someone else that’s not their race.”

“Can you please read your own article? It’s literally about Somalis who can’t connect with their kids because the kid is too fucking assimilated and extremists targeting that child’s angst. and of course we should take preventative measures. But if you’re screeching because .00008% Somalis in Minnesota joined isis, and only 250 Americans have, then i think i’ll continue being a libcuck and let the shitskins do menial work and continue to help the economy by doing so.

btw our GDP per capital is ranked 12th (there’s 50 states btw).”

“If they were assimilated why would they join an extremist muslim organization, lmao. It’s like you have no critical thinking skills whatsoever.

>Somalis comprise a statistically insignificant proportion of the population so having to bribe them to not join ISIS isn’t a problem
>they’re also the reason the state is doing so well

“Liberals often use libertarian talking points to try and push for a massive swamp of 3rd world immigration into first world countries, mostly arguing that cheap labor automatically is a positive to nearly everyone in society.

I’m not going to debate any of the economics since most right minded libertarians have already picked this apart.

Social capital is way more important to people than these open borders liberals advocate. With millions of foreigners coming in every year, your society will definitely change, culturally and racially. A lot of people don’t want this and will gladly pay 40 cents more for an avocado if it means their formerly white American neighborhoods don’t become barrios. Even rich anti-racist liberals will white-flight out of anywhere with too many immigrants and make sure their kids don’t go to a majority-minority school.
I don’t understand the snobbery involved. People segregate naturally and tensions arise with forced proximity. Marginal economic benefit won’t change people’s minds. And this is why you now how a resurgence of populism and nationalism, which was completely predictable.

Sage because Destiny is a retarded manlet.”

>china has the world’s lowest population of migrants as a percentage of its population
>number one economy in the world with a per capita GDP that’s increased by 600% in less than two decades
>many examples of countries with low migrant populations showing similar per capita growth to your asinine graph during the exact same time period, even places like Mexico ($670 in 1970, $9510 today .5% immigrant) or Brazil ($440 in 1970, 11,208 today, .9% immigrant)

Why, it’s almost like chanting “OOGA BOOGA MUH GDP” and mindlessly attributing this inflation-unadjusted number you don’t even understand to immigrants from third world shit holes and ignoring all evidence that runs contrary to your cherry-picked examples is absolutely retarded or something! I certainly don’t expect you to stop being stupid on our account, though, do tell us more about how those 20 thousand unemployed Somalians have really turned Minnesota around.”

“No one is doing this. faggots like you just want to cry “damn liberals” and argue one position. No one is arguing that immigration is some divine solution. But it helps when your birthrate is low, and there’s a gap in labor that can’t be fixed otherwise, or you just want to expand your businesses, if there’s not a gap, limit your immigration, or even stop it altogether, pretty fucking simple. You’re not gonna find immigrants from other 1st worlds to do shit jobs for you, but you need people to do those shit jobs.”

>No one is doing this
Destiny is doing this.
>muh low birthrate
Maybe if the economy wasn’t based off of intergenerational theft we wouldn’t have to expand our population size until carrying capacity. And weren’t western nations concerned with “overpopulation” just 10 years ago? I guess not now, since we apparently need more brown people for our jewish ponzi scheme.
>but you need people to do those shit jobs.
wtf I had no idea that America had no plumbers, construction workers, factory workers, sanitation workers, farmers, and tradesman before we let in all the beaners.”

You realize the reason Minnesota is doing so well is because it’s population is almost exclusively Scandinavian descendant white, right?

Oh but they’re getting their Somali immigrants, that’s for sure. Would love to see the welfare and unemployment statistics for that population group.”

“>But it helps when your birthrate is low
Of course the question of why the birth-rate is low is never adressed. The fact that both partners in a couple have to work and have a high level of debt is the reason why Europe has a low birth-rate. The solution is to bring in (non-European) immigrants to make up for this, then have them integrate to the society. Even if you’re successful at integrating them (which Europe has been pretty bad at) you produce another generation with a low birth-rate. So you have to bring in more immigrants every generation. This is literally how a pyramid scheme works.

>You’re not gonna find immigrants from other 1st worlds to do shit jobs for you
You realize that labor shortage drives up real wages right? If there was a huge demand for janitors because zero Americans wanted to work in that sector, the demand would drive up the wage for that job until it got to a level where Americans would consider it. It’s not that people in 1st world countries don’t want to do “shit jobs”, it’s that they don’t want a shit wage for them.”

>Rockville school superintendent accuses parents of racism over outrage about rape

I’m sure the only reason people are mad about two Hispanic adult men raping a 14-year-old girl in a high school bathroom is because they hate the colour of their skin.”

“ALL Muslims are your enemies, with NO exceptions. The argument that not all Muslims are active terrorists doesn’t mean that they won’t do everything to destroy all forms of Free Speech, or agitate for Shariah law, or hide criminals among themselves.”

“She isn’t selling art, she’s selling a meme brand, don’t conflate the two even if they have surface similarities, one is a craft, the other is standard jew operation.”

“you guys don’t get it

youngsters need to BUILD CHARACTER

you can’t build CHARACTER if you’re ROLLING IN MONEY

t. rolling in money”

>>tfw meme art sells for more than fucking magic the gathering commissions

Magic:the Gathering is simple product made by digitalfag drones paid spare change and to be put on miniscule format so the teenagers and max early 20s naive fucks will be deceived that they have something more than collection of painted cardboard to play with each other.

Artistic value of “Magic: the Gathering” stuff is 0 and you are paid accordingly for what it is like other guys are paid to draw logos or make advertisement posters to hang on bus stops. It’s not a bad thing because it is a job, beats working in warehouse, but IT IS NOT YOU. It’s not your brand. It’s not selling more than paper.

You fuckers instead of criticizing should take notes and fuckton of them. All artists strive to be recognizable brand by their own name and to sell experience.

Do you think Mark Carder can ask $75k+ for full oil portrait because he is super awesome? NOPE. He can ask such money because he is artist that will come to your place and sell you your dream of luxury after explaining you that you actually have one. People are paying for interacting with artist, seeing his tools, all the ritual and manner and for the thought in back of the head “Holy shit, he painted George W. Bush exactly like he paints me”.

And forget that his art looks lifeless. It’s his art and his brand. And Hila also is an artist in that regard, she does her thing and people dig it and want to have it physical.

With Magic: the Gathering stuff you will never have it. Oh wait, maybe some kid will buy poster – but not from you, because it’s not your brand. It belongs to Wizards of the Coast.”

“People conflate technique with commercial success. But these things couldn’t be futher apart. All those technically excellent Magic: The Gathering paintings have a job to do. And the job is to sell the card and the brand. […]

That’s what these Sakimichan wannabes don’t understand. They copy the superficial aspects of her art expecting the same kind of success.”

“He tweeted: “Sorry Mr President, that’s not how Nato works. The US decides for itself how much it contributes to defending Nato.

“This is not a financial transaction, where Nato countries pay the US to defend them. It is part of our treaty commitment.””

“Why did Bosnia collapse into the worst slaughter in Europe since the second World War? In the thirty years before the meltdown, Bosnian Serbs had declined from 43 percent to 31 percent of the population, while Bosnian Muslims had increased from 26 percent to 44 percent. In a democratic age, you can’t buck demography?except through civil war. The Serbs figured that out, as other Continentals will in the years ahead: if you cannot outbreed the enemy, cull ’em. The problem that Europe faces is that Bosnia’s demographic profile is now the model for the entire continent.”

“I have a “normie” Facebook as well where I have my present MA classmates. It’s an echo chamber for leftist conspiracy theories and related hatred. I didn’t want to be political there but it bothered me seeing this all the time. I started trying to counter them in every post they would make just to shatter their echo chamber but then I got an email from the university “ombudsperson” that pretty much said people in my department have some problem with me. This is why the time for argument is over. You can’t deal with these people on a level playing field. The best solution is to excise them completely like a tumor.”

“Emmett Till’s father was in the army in WW2 and was executed for raping and murdering two Italian women while he was stationed in Italy.
*the more you know*

“Just like how anyplace disables comments – you control the narrative. If people started posting comments, it may shape people’s impressions and opinions. Disabling comments allows him more control. See places like CNN.

Not necessarily wrong, but that is the thought process most certainly.”

“If you think the sum of all positive integer numbers added together is -1/12, then you are a mindless slave victimized by Jewish trappings of authority and you should be released of your misery.”

“Generally speaking, it is incorrect to manipulate infinite series as if they were finite sums. For example, if zeroes are inserted into arbitrary positions of a divergent series, it is possible to arrive at results that are not self-consistent, let alone consistent with other methods. In particular, the step 4c = 0 + 4 + 0 + 8 + ? is not justified by the additive identity law alone. For an extreme example, appending a single zero to the front of the series can lead to inconsistent results.”

if you already understand the basic four functions of arithmetic, no amount of proofs, symbols, or soothing baritone should be able to convince you that adding positive natural numbers can result in a negative fraction. same idea with mystery spot, magic tricks, or any number of other possible things that are obviously false.

they may have some further explanation which makes them make sense but until discovered or revealed they should be treated as intentionally deceptive lies. because that’s what they are. if you already held firm you might not have noticed the other possible and intended outcome: an erosion from “i know how the world works” towards “funny how nature do dat”.”

“What did Nier Automata teach you?”

“That even in this blighted age, good games can still come out and receive well deserved praise.”

“That almost everything else out there lacks depth, meaning or even dramatic flair.

Like seriously… Modern games insist on slowly plodding you through the story. Making sure to hammer in every tiny little plot detail until you’re so utterly tired of it. That you’re just welcome for the inevitable and obvious plot twists.

And when all is said and done, the emotions stirred and the meaning behind such stories are so shallow and trivial… That it makes you wonder if video games can ever have good stories when they are consistently picked at by marketing and PR to make sure every demographic has a dummy in its mouth.

Nier:Automata broke video games for me… And I don’t even think all the story worked 100% But when it did, all it did was shine a light on how pitiful everything else is.”

“That the world is meaningless

but that doesn’t mean individuals are meaningless”

“Is Automata the most ACTUALLY feminist game ever created?”

“Automata contains a grand fuck you to one of the Matriachs of modern Feminism.

In game there are two machines Simone and Jean-paul.

They are references and sly insults to the existential philosopher Jean-paul Satre and the existential feminist philosopher Simone de Beauvoir.

Both of which in life had a taste for underage girls and seduced a number of them. Hence the small biped girl robots all trying to flirt with Jean-paul.

Simone on the otherhand is the bigger of the fuck yous. As she actively cannibalises and manipulates other women in order to make herself look good. And is inevitably put down by a sexualised and vastly more empowered 2B.”

“>Japan makes a gay character
>acts normal

>Western game has a gay character

>Did the devs not realize it was shit while they were making it?
It’s ironic, isn’t it? Western developers are obsessed with narrative and story and spend tens of millions of dollars to make games but they don’t spend any of that money on a good writer or two.”

“I am never going to again apply or work for a company which has in its mission statement the value of “customer service”.

“I just want the customer to be happy”.

Well, which customer? ALL of them? Should the stupid ones which make outrageous requests on impossible constantly-shifting timelines and demand it at severe discounts be catered to? What kinds of customers do you want to attract? IS a dollar a dollar? Every company that remains afloat has to satisfy some customers in the end, but not all of them have “customer service” as the primary top-level organizing principle.

For example, one in which a design department runs the show might look something like “We want to make innovative products”. Engineering, “[…] products of the highest quality”. A company which gets to the top obviously would require innovative, high quality products which satisfy the customer, but in those companies, which values are subordinate to which? (If all departments are represented in the mission statement, that means it’s run by marketing.)

As far as I can tell, customer service being a primary driver means that sales has veto power over all other departments.

And sales can go fuck itself.”

“Race is a social construct. Thats why I can impregnate a black woman and have a half asian half arabic child.”


“>Africa can’t feed itself because low IQ and r selection
>West sends food because white guilt
>r-selected idiots have even more idiot children
>Now there’s no food
>cry to the West again”

“I’m not saying it wasn’t a good idea just that SE is known for making iffy decisions and setting bars at weird places on shit thats obvious to everyone else. Maybe some asshat at the top said if Automata doesn’t make them a 457.39877% return then its sequel is scrapped or some bullshit.”

“I get that, I just think Square should be hailed for funding the Nier franchise in the first place.”

“But they really shouldn’t be. They did it under duress while kicking and screaming.

One of their keystones made a very real threat to quit unless they let Taro make Automata so they did.

It wasn’t a weighted or thought out decision on their part nor was it done with consideration for Taro’s merits. They even initially told him no because the shit he made didn’t follow the usual formula which meant he didn’t tick off all the Tropes boxes which would cost them buyers who only play games for superficial shit like shallow stories or hamfisted shit. They even had a fight about that which stopped development because Taro was going off the well worn trail with the character designs and the only reason we even got 2B’s ass or her being above the age of 5 was because Taro refused to back down.”

“Just like Square Enix to oppose something like 2B when they spent 6 fucking years trying to pimp out Lightning.”

“Did this actually happen? I mean c’mon. They’re japs and 2b is 2b.”

>Generally, I just do what I’m told to really. So if Square Enix say you’re doing a NieR sequel, I say: “Oh yes okay, I’m doing a NieR sequel”. But when I’m not told, I’m quite free to experiment and try things out. For example, for the main character, no-one said you can’t give her a blindfold so I went and gave her a blindfold. Things like that! People come back afterwards and say ‘I don’t like that!’, and I say ‘Well you didn’t tell me not to do it!’ So if you give me a list of bullet points at the start, I’ll do exactly what you tell me. I’ll do anything you want.”

“So it was approved on the basis of being a nier sequel before the character designs were even done? That’s surprising.”

“It was approved on the basis of Saito telling the rest of the company to go fuck themselves if they didn’t let Taro make a new game

They approved it since having an unhappy Saito would be pretty fucking bad for them but gave them a shoestring budget”

“Can you give source for all that info? Genuinely curious, I’d like to read more about Automata’s development process.”

“I’d have to find it again but its a legit interview and it came out that there was a fight over 2B cause Taro wanted an Oppai Onee-san archetype and the devs wanted a hyper loli.

shit actually stopped production to the point they came to an agreement she’d be an oneesan with a nice ass but petite upper body portions so long as she ALWAYS wore high heels then Taro told the 3D team to deliver him the best ass they could.”

“Holy crap, that explains why she’s dressed in gothic lolita without being a loli.”

“English translation flopped real hard in this game.

In Japanese, 2B has stern personality, yet she shows bits of kind-heartedness here and there throughout the story.

In English, she sounds like a fucking ungrateful 30 years old woman.

Same goes for 9S. You’d be surprised how polite he sounds and rarely says things like friggin, damn, etc in Japanese version”

“People like to say they’d do shit differently in “situation” if they were there.
Oh, i’d never piss myself in war!
I’d never be scarred by finding a corpse!
I’d just kick their asses in!
I’d react faster than that!
I wouldn’t let him get bullied!

“japan beating the west single-handedly
how is it even possible”

“The west makes statements while japan just kept making games.”

“The Japs want to make pretty girls to sell games and fap. Thats it really, for them there’s no shame in wanting to stare at a pretty girl for hours on end.

The US want to make ugly girls to show how wonderfully inclusive they are and try to make people that don’t even buy their games happy. They hire people based on their gender politics rather than actual talent. When a game is about making a statement first and being a fun game second its gonna suffer in all sorts of ways.”

“Clean room reverse engineering have zero stolen code.

Just to quickly explain how you do it, you get the game code (legal if not distributed), disassemble it (generally easy because nintendo, sony etc always use common existing CPUs), then you check where in the memory the code is poking, functions from the bios it is trying to call etc etc etc.. and you guess which does what, then you write a code that imitates the CPU and those registers etc and that’s your emulator.
The emulator code will have 0 nintendo code in it because the real hardware is not an emulator, and thus don’t have any emulator code in it.

But on the other hand, if you decapped the chip, photographed the circuitry and used your illegal backyard chip plant to reproduce the circuit, then yes, that would be fucking illegal.

And its a thing that did happened quite a bit in the 80’s, particularly in the USSR.”

>drawing cute girls in class
>female classmate interrupts teacher to announce to the class she wants me not to draw her and that I’m creepy
>wasn’t drawing her, reply “I’m not drawing you”
>she turns away all pissy
Have you been called out before?”

“You must be really creepy if that was her reaction”

“He’s not creepy, just unattractive.”

“What’s the difference?”

“when a cute guy draws girls “omg he’s so talented and rugged artist like frazetta, draw me like one your french girls”

when an ugly guy draws girls in class “ew what a creep get the fuck away from me you incel mouthbreather””

“Alternatively, she might be a narcissistic snowflake.”

>narcissistic snowflake
I think you meant woman”

“The game is meaningless. The only meaning it has it what we assign it ourselves.”

“>The game isn’t full of suffering.
>We are.”

“A good question is how androids like the Commander are able to function despite knowing their gods are dead. Then again, from the conversation in the “Improving Communications” side-quest, the Commander is barely functioning at all and doesn’t clean her clothes or do basic personal maintenance, classic symptoms of major depression.”

“Anyone who believes what they say as absolute truth knows how to debate. Its not about whether the person is right or wrong, but simply whether or not they feel confident about the topic. A good debater is someone who can feel strongly about any topic, who can process things on the fly and seem almost like they are speaking before thinking.

Its about a level of confidence. Its one thing to go into a debate with an open gate and strong walls rather than an open gate with no walls.

People who are typically good at debating are good because of a few reasons. They believe in the absolute truth of their words, they believe their knowledge to be truth, and they are capable of reinforcing their logic with more of their own logic. A lack of stutter, a consistent flow, and the belief you are right is what makes a good debater.”

“Extreme apex ventures like professional acting, writing, art, politics, academics, journalism are too risky and too expensive for atomized individuals to participate in. That just leaves an open field for a group that backs each other up and makes investments in developing their own human capital.

If a group doesn’t want to show up for the game, they can’t complain when they don’t win. Then the cohesive team of people who took control of all the high risk/high reward ventures secure immense power over society.

What’s sad is white society didn’t always believe “every man is for himself,” “the world doesn’t owe you anything,” and “you have to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps.””

“Alexander Hamilton comes to mind as a good example. He grew up in the Caribbean as an illegitimate kid. His mother, strapped for cash, died when he was still young. In our current society, he’d disappear into the foster system and dysfunctional public “education” never to be heard from again.

In an ironically less backwards 18th century, the local property owners noticed Hamilton was extremely bright, mature for his age, with an excellent work ethic. They trained him in the sugar cane export business and then as he continued to show promise, pooled their money to send him to university in New York.

The community support that Hamilton benefited from would be unthinkable in modern white culture. In fact, with jobs that pay even the simplest living now scarce, workers take perverse joy in someone like Hamilton falling through the cracks.

They love to waggle their fingers patronizingly and say “Look how I pulled myself up while that smart guy turned out to be a loser.” A quick glance at reality TV shows us how taking pleasure in watching others fail while we are safe serves as porn for both sexes.

A culture of extreme individualism devolves into the backstabbing and treachery of royal court politics until nothing gets done and no one cares anymore about real accomplishment, just “getting ahead” through “networking.” The greatest object of scorn is the poor cuckold fool who gets things done and the most admired the clever manager who takes all the credit for it. […]

Alexander Hamilton was running businesses by the time he was a teenager. David Farragut was responsible for ships by the time he was 12 years old.

By age 18 after 12 years of public school boredom, smart kids have already had much of their potential wasted and millions of them have already checked out from a senseless and stupid society that gleefully wastes their time.”

“[T]he necessity for everyone to be their own PR department(“toot your own horn” in Boomerese) and spend years getting credentials before they even start learning real skills crushes new ideas.
Simply not going with the flow is too costly.””

“The sign of someone really being intelligent is they can make a complicated subject readily understandable by the average person. Lots of insider buzz words don’t mean you’re intelligent it just means you’ve memorized the jargon.”

“They can afford to behave more openly in a higher average IQ population. Raising average IQ by just one point in a large population kind of like raising the oceans’ temperature by one degree.

All kinds of huge cascading emergent effects.

You can’t be open like that if society has to be decently idiot-proof and average-friendly. So a 100 IQ guy throws Spielberg right back out on the street without thinking about it. He’s just following the rules in the company policy manual.”

“Money is in theory just a liquid means of exchange so every bit of it should represent real world wealth.

The core problem of a society based on financialization is everyone starts to believe money itself is wealth. Then society rewards the manipulation of money more than it does the creation of real wealth that actually helps people.

Why would anyone of means do anything productive if they can just collect interest and rent?

Rent-seekers use property to extract wealth indefinitely, making their living from a distortion of reality.

In the world of material things, there is no such thing as a gold mine that never runs out. There is a limit in value to all things. Yet those who control property can extract rents in perpetuity.

Patent law recognizes a limit in the claim to the rights of an idea or invention. In time, the patented material becomes the natural inheritance of those who benefit from it. So by what principle then does rented property stay forever in the hands of an owner who never uses it for themselves and never produces anything?”

“Many of the same people that worship free markets and everlasting economic growth also express indignation at the arrival of millions of immigrants.

What they fail to understand is the immigrants are a natural result of their ideology. A system that just grows wealth and tries to speed up the circulation of wealth at any price cares nothing for peoples or their silly customs.

[…] In the real world we see groups with simpler economies based around tribal identities like the Amish, Hutterites, or Orthodox Jews effortlessly thriving while the average citizen of the empire they live in can’t afford a single child after rent and car payments, not to mention, the uncertainty of employment that allows them to sustain what they’ve already got.

You would think their closer participation in the growth economy with all its outstanding “financial products” would put them far ahead of such backwards folk.

It is perhaps the consumerists who live a backwards existence dominated by the caprices of the ticker tape.

The free market types understand very well that trust underpins the value, of money, bonds, pretty much all securities. Yet they can’t comprehend that if you want people to raise the next generation they must feel secure and trust there is a future. If you want anyone to care about a society they must feel invested in it somehow.

When you have a nation of freelance mercenaries, the first storm to come along reveals its fatal structural weakness and sends it crumbling to the ground.”

“The United States is the wealthiest nation on Earth, perhaps even in the history of the world. Yet if we go to the nearest grocery store we can see an endless flow of haggard, overworked people trying to make ends meet. The culture of the US is one of lonely “individualism” with most people locked in desperate competition with each other, to the extent they interact with their fellow man at all in any meaningful way. Despite all the new clothes, cars, and houses, fewer people have children or see a worthwhile future every year.”

“Living in a consumerist society is to live on a treadmill. Since there is no purpose there are no tasks to be done, only endless work that can never be complete. Worse, the work must be endless or else the entire system collapses overnight. Millions of people live lives of desperate dependance on jobs they hate stuck most of the time with people they despise so they do not starve, become involuntary celibates, and become disowned by their fair-weather friends and family. It’s a special kind of hell that favors the insane and this is what we think is normal.”

“Constant labor tells us on a gut level that we are always on the brink of starvation, however many mansions and cars we may own. Some of us become adrendaline junkies while others get ground down into burnouts that just go through the motions. Whatever someone’s station, there’s just an interminable “job” never a tangible task that has a beginning and an end after which one enjoys the fruits of a job well done. That I realized is the peculiar insanity of industrial civilization – a trap of Sisyphean futility most are stuck in until they’re dead.

As I approached adulthood I came to understand there was no luxury on earth greater than the power to simply do nothing.”

“Can someone explain to me how is possible that the english dub of japanese games transmit way more emotion and genuineness that the original?

The jap voices are beyond dead in every aspect”

>English 2B
Turned the character into a bitch.”

“You’re retarded, English dub turned 2B into tough western action movie girl protagonist, her whole character is different and she responds differently to everything.
Jap 9S crazy laughter was also better.
Jap N2 is motherfucking Jouji Nakata.”

“because japanese va is a meme

you fit an archetype and then act like a fucking hyperactive clown, in english you have to know your character and emote appropriately”

“Disagree. All the Japanese voices were great. English ones ranged from good to shit to changed the character. I can’t do Adam’s boss fight in English, it’s terrible. There’s also a point where 9S is talking to his operator, in Japanese he sounds aloof and carefree, while English made him sound arrogant and whiny. Japanese 9S was god tier in route C. English 2B was meant to be distant and cold, but she went to far into stone faced bitch territory.”

“Street criminals commit their acts of violence and theft against a few people to get small rewards. Beyond beating them, keeping them in a holding cell for a few days, sending them to penal reservations/other countries, or in the worst cases, execution, there’s not that much to do. They’re a problem. They get dealt with. Street criminals will always be there, but the damage they do is limited in scale, they have limited agency over their actions, and they’re not much of a threat to the social order.

White collar parasites, on the other hand, have the potential to hurt thousands or even millions of people with embezzlement, corruption, insider speculation, and ponzi schemes. They are many orders of magnitude more destructive than the worst possible street criminals. Worse, because of their wealth and prestige the people who commit these crimes are leaders of society – people naturally look up to them as examples. In the cosmology of the social universe, they are angels in heaven. With their higher intellects they have a greater understanding of the import of their actions that might escape a simple street thug. In a fair caste system, higher castes would be more morally accountable for their actions as it would be understood by all that they possess greater agency.

When a lowly imp rebels against heaven, it gets unceremoniously struck by lightning, that’s it. A fallen angel, however, demands the right ceremonies to cast it down into the burning fires of hell.

The hypocrisy of our present system is that lowly imps get smashed with the full force and contempt of the celestial rulers while the truly great sinners who plunder entire nations get fines they can easily pay, just have to leave the country, or if they really must go to prison, for much shorter sentences than a simple-minded mugger who stabs someone for their wallet. What’s more, we can imagine your typical ponzi scheme guy won’t exactly be in general population but like any “important” prisoner have a relatively nice stay in the Tower of London rather than the dungeon.

This solidarity of elites protecting their own from justice based on status nepotism undermines the legitimacy of the entire system.

When a guy who runs a ponzi scheme can pay a fine, spend a few years in prison and walk free while a small-time drug dealer or thug is punished worse, how can anyone take the system seriously?”

“Comments serve as quality control. I notice articles that lack a comment section are often opinion pieces with some wordy and smug aristocrat blowing wind out of their ass without having to face the contemptuous criticism they deserve.

When an article is poorly written, commenters point out the problems and shred it to pieces. And when it’s well written they analyze and expand beyond what any one person has time for.”

“I’m fully aware what I’m signed. I’m just saying that such contracts would be illegal in other industries (try writing “by opening this box, you forfeit your rights for refund” on anything), therefore I must either don’t care about what I get in the box, or be very sure that the creator of the box is trustworthy.”

“Well, if you think it’s POSSIBLE (and maybe not that unlikely) that Riot riggs the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP by giving teams LAG at an offline event… then I am not sure if you can believe in any game to be fair. Even in a chess tournament someone could stand right behind you and give your opponent per sign language the move of a strong chess AI he simulated on his smartphone. And the referees will overlook it as someone bribed them.”

“There are three major differences between Riot Championship and Chess championship:

– Chess is transparent to observers. You can go there and actually spot someone using signs. Bridge and poker players sometimes get caught that way, I don’t know about Chess, but wouldn’t be surprised if some players would try to pull that. I don’t have to blindly trust the referee that he won’t turn a blind eye, I can go there and see it with my own eyes. With Riot, all systems are controlled by Riot and no outside observer can verify anything.

– Chess championship referees have not (yet) caught in helping cheating. While past performance doesn’t guarantee future, I dare to ASSUME that someone who spent decades honestly supporting chess championships won’t start cheating. On the other hand I know that Riot rigs MOST games.

– Chess championships are bound by legal contracts and laws. If there was cheating, millions of dollars would be sued and those personally profiting from fixing would go to jail. If Riot would get CAUGHT cheating, they would only lose community goodwill.

So the proper comparison is: “a poker championship behind closed doors, unknown to any authorities, ran by guys who get most of their income scamming casual poker players with fixed cards”


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