2017 Mar 14 ~ 25

Note: Includes spoilers for NieR:Automata.

“He has a strong, developed army, with competent generals…

…but we have a lot of shit.”

“The future of gaming is not hardcore, average customers will suck and leave.
The future of gaming is not accessible because it’s called “lame” by even those who couldn’t complete that difficulty without boost.
The future of gaming is not having various difficulty levels, allowing everyone to play on his level since no one wants to face that he is on the lower levels.
The future of gaming is lying to the customer, telling him he was beating equal peers while actually he was winning in a totally controlled environment carefully tailored to his skills.”

“In “free to play” microtransaction games, items of power often sold. However people don’t consider how strong they are. The reason is self-deceiving: the buyers don’t want to believe that they were practically given “God mode” for their money, while the free-players don’t want to face that they are nothing but hopeless NPCs in this game.”

“But what about MMOs? Why do developers do huge extra work to make the game playable in a common space instead of on several single-player instances? “Socializing is fun” is bad answer, otherwise Facebook could charge users. The “free” nature of Facebook is the clear proof that people are unwilling to pay money for internet socialization. They are ready to pay with their private data or their time though, but game developers can’t really use that. […]

This trade of fun probably more clear in World of Tanks which is totally play for free. You can fully experience every piece of game content without paying a penny. However if you are paying, you get your new tank equipped faster and you can buy gold ammo. This way you can enjoy pwning the non-payers in their sub-par tanks. You fund their gaming too, in turn they provide you extra fun by blowing up. Please note that the source of fun is not something the developer could provide. They could give you weak AI tanks to slaughter but that would be “meh grinding”. It is the other player who sells you the fun of slaughtering. The deal is: you pay my subscription and I let you blow me up.”

“[P]lease don’t use the terms “newbie”, “noob” or even “E-bayer” to bad players. By doing so, you place the sub-conscious assumption that his sucking is out of his control, and by playing more he’ll be better. He won’t. He is unable or doesn’t care to. Use “moron”, “idiot” or if you are polite, “baddie”. That shows correctly that he is bad, opposed to he is being bad. His real life attitude, the way he approaches the game must be changed to make him be better, giving him ingame items or game time won’t help. He doesn’t approach a match as a puzzle to solve, he jumps into it without considerations and see how it goes. He comments “lol” or “ffs lag” after he died in some impossible situation without gaining any new insights.”

“In the real world you are a player who plays a game provided by the developer. You should be paying for this service some way, it’s obvious. You either do so by subscribing the game, paying the developer directly. The other is helping him creating content for other, paying players, increasing their likelihood of remaining subscribers. If you do neither, you are leeching and are a useless waste of server capacity for the developer.

[…] if you are a free player, you are cannonfodder for the paying players. In World of Tanks if you don’t pay for the game, your tank upgrades very slowly, making you easy target. In EVE you must rat/mine/mission in a ship that is totally unfit for combat to get resources. If you don’t pay for the game, you must rat/mine/mission about 10 hours/month extra to generate the ISK needed for your PLEX. During this 10 hours you are easy target for roaming gangs. If you die to them you have to re-farm your lost ship, providing them further hours of fun. In the original design “playing free = time spent as target”.”

“There are two known payment methods for MMOs. One is pay-to-play. World of Warcraft is a common example. You pay subscription and for that subscription you can participate in the game. You pay the same amount as everyone else, therefore the developers have no reason to prioritize you. The game is completely fair. The common problem with pay-to-play games is that the only way to increase income is making the game more popular and it can only be done by moving towards the most common denominator: idiots. Such games are usually “accessible” meaning trivial. Sometimes they are outright childish, like WoW by moving towards the “kung-fu panda WOOT!” kids.

The other payment method is pay-to-win, with World of Tanks being the common example. Here your wins and losses depend not on play skill or even play time, but paid money. For money you can buy outright overpowered items which allow you to massacre your non-paying peers. This method is usually more successful in the short term, the common saying is “going F2P doubles revenues”, but usually gives much shorter lifespan since sooner or later even the dumbest guy recognizes that he cannot win without paying and also, grinding hopeless randoms for money loses its appeal fast.”

“You can make ISK by playing totally casually and badly. Playing generates ISK, not consumes. In EVE playing with others costs you ISK. You either make this ISK by also playing alone or by converting PLEX. This is a really effective business model: “pay-to-socialize”. When you are “having fun”, you don’t mind losing money. When you are alone, you are compensated by ISK income, motivated to keep playing.

“EVE is real” is more true here than anywhere else. Life isn’t that expensive. Socializing is.
You go out on a party, that needs gifts, expensive drinks and so on.
You want to date a girl? You better get enough cash with you as you’d better bring her to a “good” (read: shamelessly overpriced) restaurant.
You want to date as a girl? You better buy some new clothes, accessories, jewelry and visit a beauty saloon.
Don’t want your coworkers think of you as a loser? You better buy a new car.
Want to keep in contact with your relatives? That’s lot of gas to travel and lot of gifts.

[…] There is a common belief, “the rich man is lonely because greed makes him unable to love”. It’s not true. The truth is that the a-social person will unavoidably gets rich as he doesn’t waste on socializing.”

“People often experience normal distribution of features. The height of the people in a class are normally distributed around the average. Some people are a bit shorter, some are taller, but most people are +-10% in height from the average. Same goes for IQ, physical strength and so on. The weightlifting World Record is merely 3x higher than what an average man can lift. We inherently get used to the idea that people have little variance in them, our performance differences are mere percents and even the best of the best is in the same magnitude as us.

This is a comforting belief, but completely untrue. In the USA, the top 1% owns about 35% of the total wealth, while the middle 20% (the “average guy”) owns 4%, therefore the top 1% is 175x more rich. 1% of the Americans is 3 million people, so we aren’t talking about exceptional guys here. People like Bill Gates own more than whole countries and affect our life to a bigger extent. Most of you reading this post is using a Microsoft or an Apple product, made by two exceptional people. This is the true world we live in and we should aspire for such goals. Being “above average” is no longer an acceptable goal. Hell, in several countries slightly above average income doesn’t get you out of the poverty level!”

“Tobold’s first point is “The queues for DPS in the Dungeon Finder of World of Warcraft are long, and it would be better if they were shorter. So far, so good, I don’t think anybody actually disagreed with that part.” I do! I think DD queues are not long. The DD in the guild get to the dungeon instantly since they queue up with a full group. There is a long queue, but it’s not for DD, it’s for M&S and socially inept DD who can’t find themselves a tank. This queue should be long, as it reflects to the fact that no one wants to play with these people. I’m a healer, could queue almost instantly. But I won’t as I refuse not only to boost them, but even to be with them. I rather spam the guild chat for 10 mins waiting for [a reliable] DD to come along because it guarantees CC, 8K+ DPS on the skull (and not on the sheep) and zero “gogogog”, “rofl” and the infamous “wherz my hil” coming from the bottom of the void zone.”

“When I went to be a “PvP-er”, I could get kills in the magnitude of the largest corporations. Why? Am I having 100-1000 times more “skillz” than the average player? No, the game was designed this way.”

“Compare it to the stunning success of World of Tanks. It also has perfect trade (the game items are all buyable or grindable), but went the other way: playing skill has near-zero effect on your results. You can play with extraordinary prowess or intentionally suck, the game will keep your win ratio near 50% and your kill/death below 2 by properly balancing teams (putting useless crap next to good players) and by probably messing with penetration and damage numbers. In WoT everyone, completely regardless playing skill can fully enjoy their items. This of course turns down the competitive ones but the 99% can celebrate his imaginary awesomeness. While I left WoT in disgust, if I were a stockholder in the company, I’d support their choice.”

“Now, if this was a movie, the game companies would give me some award for recognizing this Holy Grail and make the games no longer frustrating. Except they probably knew all of it for years. The old WoW was much more like this. Remember the old saying “tank dies: healers fault, healer dies: tank fault, DPS dies: his own damn fault”. Also they know that one of the criteria of flow is “a sense of personal control or agency over the situation or activity”. They are fully aware that your avatar being killed because another player failed is very much not fun. They simply look at the other side too: the bad player. Currently the bad player who wiped the raid has excuses (jungler didnt hepl me ffs) or even honestly unaware of his fail (the raid technically wipes when the healers run out of mana because of high avoidable damage). If the design would be changed to “you failed, you suffer”, not only the bad players would not have fun (being dead while others playing or being lvl 4 when others are geared 18 is not fun), but they would be made aware of the fact that they are useless. Sooner or later, the bad players would quit, denying revenues to the game companies.

Half of the players must lose in PvP and players must wipe for weeks in PvE or they run out of content. The game designers merely found that the better players are more invested in the game, so they are less likely quit if they are frustrated. So they design the game in a way that bad players – who are responsible for group defeat – are having fun, while good players bear the weight of the fail. In this setup, the good players venting their frustration on the bad ones is simply unavoidable. Remember: the bad player is a griefer in their eyes, someone who hurt their teammates more than an AFK-er.”

“What I did was also an economical-political act. I withdrawn that money from the circulation of the (mostly poisoned) papers. The bank sector has less money to juggle with. If every people did the same, the “evil rule of the 1%” would end overnight, as they wouldn’t have a single cent to toss around repacked in some obscure “financial product”. After all, all the money circulating coming from people who believed the lie that their money will work for them. Well, until you show me ol’Ben herding livestock or crafting clothes, I don’t eat that crap. People must work. If people would recognize this simple truth they would never put their money to a bank without knowing exactly who will borrow their money.”

“Before PLEX existed, people would cheat by using real life money in RMT websites to gain ISK witouth having to play the game. Suddently, CCP introduces PLEX which is virtually the same thing except the money is going for CCP, and it’s suddently not pay 2 win anymore and everyone is happy about it. “

“There is a common claim in forums and blogposts when anyone says that X or Y causes WoW subscription decline, that the “game is just aging”.

This is a fatalists and hands off claim. It says that there is a natural “aging” process that finally kills WoW and there is nothing to do about it. It’s complete nonsense. It’s coming from the human-centered thinking of socials: people age and die for “no reason”, so everything else must be. As an engineer I always have smile/rage on claims that this or that machine “just too old”.”

“Living overseas, it was interesting how many Asian girls were pale skinned. Some of them as pale or paler than me, and, I certainly am a white boy. Afterall, I’m on the internet, posting on /v/, and I’ve mentioned a few things I’m not particularly fond of in a game. Anyways, deciding Asians are all tan or dark skinned isn’t really all that new, over the years I’ve come to realize, even amongst progressives, there are people that honestly seem to think all asians are yellow or brown. When, the reality is, Asians cover the entire range of lightest to darkest skin tones, quite readily.”

“just like whites. snow white up in Scandinavian to dark tan along the Mediterranean.”

>President Trump stated that he won’t be taking salary as part of campaign promises
>the POTUS has to, by law, be paid salary
>Constitution also states that the amount of presidential salary cannot be changed during their terms
>Trump can’t bend or break the Constitution
>decides to donate everything to charity, down to the last cent
>liberals and media are throwing a fit about Trump breaking his promise that he is technically keeping

These people get triggered by everything. kek”

>Nier: Automata is a game about overcoming depression, and just what I needed

>new game comes out
>”better write an article about myself!”

“surprise surprise, they’re mentally ill”

“>EA annual reports
>BioWare is an under performing company that needs downsizing
>Don’t have a good justification for it
>Can’t risk any more bad PR
>BioWare propose the most ambitious RPG they’ve ever made
>Greenlight it, knowing they won’t have the talent to pull it off
>Make them rush it out early
>It’ll still make a shitload of money because it’s Mass Effect, despite the constant scolding from critics
>Game is out, it’s shit
>Cite “systematic failure to meet EA’s quality standards” as you sack the studio and scatter/fire the employees
>Games “journalists” can’t call EA out, because they just called the game shit
EA playing 4D chess here.”

>”Oh no, funny visual glitches that are rare to trigger and don’t affect gameplay””

“It’s in their fucking promotional material. If it’s really THAT weird it means they’re cherry-picking this bullshit to make their game look worse. And I highly doubt that.”

“Bioware Edmonton are what we know as “Bioware”, they made the Mass Effect Trilogy, KOTOR, Dragon Age etc.

Bioware Montreal are a “support” studio for Edmonton. They made Mass Effect Andromeda. Andromeda is their first and only full release.

Almost no one who worked on the original ME trilogy is worked on Andromeda meaning Andromeda and it was effectively made by the Bioware “B-team”.

Just seen lots of people complaining about “Bioware” in general in regards to the negative response to Andromeda. The main studios last game was Inquisition which was actually quite good.”

The game is a steaming pile. You can’t explain that away.”

“So don’t let this desuade you from buying it. We need to show EA that there’s still a market for ME games. If we buy this game by the B-Team, they’ll see that people want a Mass Effect game from the A-team.”

“I’ve got a much better idea. How about we show EA that we don’t want shit games by not buying Andromeda?”

“Wrong. If this is a hit Bioware Montreal gets performance bonuses, job promotions, and a followup.”

“How does that make any sense?
>the B team is good enough
>let’s have them make more games

>We need to show EA that there’s still a market for ME games.

There isn’t. I’m done with Mass Effect and I’m done with EA. You can kill that franchise now and yourself.

I’m playing superior Japanese games this year and I don’t even have time for bothering with western SJW garbage.”

“OK, but how does this matter. “Bioware” is a studio that represents identity that serves, among others, as a garant of quality. They provide the game with their name: that makes “Bioware” (not “Bioware Montral”) responsible for the quality.

I don’t give a fuck about their internal organization. The fact that they let an incompetent group of people make the game is the problem: I don’t give two fuck if those people sit in Edmonton or if they sit in Montreal: that does not change jack shit. “Bioware” is the label that shields the project, “Bioware” is the people who are responsible for the product.

This does not in any way excuse anything. Or change anything.
What we learn from this experience is that Bioware cannot be trusted to make good games. END of any fucking discussion.

It’s actually fucking SAD that anyone would try to excuse them and say “but this isn’t the REAL Bioware”: No. This is the real Bioware. This is their attitude to game quality control. The “Real” Bioware cannot fucking assure quality of their own products. So fuck them.

By the way, Bioware has not made a good game since Mass Effect 2. DA2, ME3, Inquisition and now Andromeda: all were completely lazy, poorly done trash. So the whole “but it’s a different studio, “real” Bioware are still good” argument is a joke. No. Bioware is a shit company who fucked up four major consecutive releases, at least two of which were extremely high profile and extremely highly anticipated.

These people just don’t know how to make good games anymore. The fact that they literally use B-team to develop what was supposed to be their redeeming game and big comeback just… well I guess it says a lot.”

“What’s wrong with Reddit?”

“If I wanted to browse reddit I’d be on reddit right now.
The upvote system makes everything a giant circle jerk though and everyone has to act like a giant faggot to try and get as many upvotes as possible.

Reddit also runs everything into the ground and ruins it.”

“Reddit is also legitimately full of astroturfing marketers. Entire vidya subreddits are LITERALLY just marketing teams talking to themselves”

>Bioware has a name, a reputation.

Yeah, because Bioware made fucking classics like Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter Nights, MDK 2, and Knights of the Old Republic.

Thats why they have a reputation for making good games.

You’re assuming that the name is more important than it is. “Bioware” was only good because of the people that worked there. As soon as they all left, “Bioware” died. Now its just a name being whored out by EA until people catch on and stop buying games made by college kids.

The name means nothing. EA bought them out, gutted them, and they’re using the Bioware name to make as much money with bad games as they can before they destroy the brand and no one trusts that dev studio anymore. They’ve done it a million times before and they’ll do it a million more times.

This is just what EA does.

I just don’t get why its taking people so long to realize that “Bioware” will never make a good game again. I can’t understand why people keep getting excited about these digital abortions considering Bioware hasn’t release even a half decent game in almost 10 years.”

“Normies these days are fooled by names.”

“ME1 was not a masterpiece. It was an ambitious game that mostly pulled stuff off, but was very rough around the edges. It had a lot of room for improvement, but it was a massive step in the right direction.

ME2 was a corridor shooter action movie where ME1 wanted to be a sci fi epic. A lot of people love ME2’s bland cover shooting. For what it’s worth, it was better than ME1’s shooting, but it took the series in a direction I felt was largely negative. I have a friend who is playing it right now and something I overlooked when I played it and when it came out is how much fanservice the game has. It has all of the Normandy crew come back in BADASS? forms.

Garrus is space Punisher.
Tali is the president of the Shepard fan club and not just a walking Quarian encyclopedia.
Wrex is Krogan President.
Liara was on a one-woman mission to resurrect Shepard and then becomes the most powerful information agent in the galaxy.

And it also started the deification of Shepard, and the player by extension. It made everyone talk about you like you were the coolest person in the galaxy and now you have interrupts where you just punch people in the face or shoot them during conversations. You don’t have to convince people anymore, they just listen to you. You were brought back to life with nearly unlimited resources and they didn’t even try to control you because you’re just TOO AWESOME?.

ME2 was the ultimate power fantasy action movie with a sprinkling of sci-fi. Gone were the things that made it feel like hard sci-fi, like routine scouting missions where all you find are minerals.”

“Can someone explain to me what OP means by this? I have a 1070 and the game runs perfect. Everyone who has a graphics card at the recommended setting says the game runs fine. So what the fuck is OP and all of these people here even crying about? Do you mean to tell me that you are calling this a shit port because it doesn’t run on card which is lower than the recommended settings?!?!?”

“Don’t be a shill. They always raise the recommended settings to above what you should actually need so people can make your exact argument and deflect and criticisms of bad performance.”

“People who claim that Black is not a color really remind me of people who claim that Pluto is not a planet. There seems to be this weird obsession with Jewish nominalism to create some sort of over-consistent yet nonsensical criteria for everything that nobody actually uses or categorizes a given array of objects (physical or philosohical) by.

Black is a color. If you disagree you are wrong.”

“It’s not though.

This is science. Black is black because it is not emitting any light on the visible spectrum.”

“It’s a color because it describes the visual tone appearance of a surface, which is what color has been understood to be since the dawn of history

color is a concept that existed long before wavelengths or electro magnetism was known about. The idea that we need to apply these artificial modern scientific rulesets to pre-scientific terms like planets or colors is stupid”

“Whites dominate: evil
Jews dominate: you’re just mad we are better goy”

“The idea that “ignorance of the law is no excuse” is absolutely insane when there are millions of laws and they change all the time.”

“First and foremost the rapid proliferation and turnover in laws, combined with the incomprehensible language they are written in, is a flat out conspiracy of a specific set of high IQ persons – lawyers – against the general public.

Also, it is useful to have so many unknown laws because then the entire populace exists in a (legal) state of guilt and can be pickup up and jailed or publicly humiliated as is convenient for certain parties.”

“A free market solution to a drop in wages or employment isn’t heavy-handed regulation of the labor market. Instead, let firms compete to figure out the most efficient ways of doing business and then directly compensate those workers who are made worse off. The compensation could take the form of government safety nets like unemployment benefits or the earned income tax credit.”

“Ah, yes, the free market solution is to increase unemployment benefits, of course.”

“I think they play madlibs sometimes. They start with a statist conclusion then make some stupid shit up about how it’s secretly libertarian.”

“Another very annoying argument made by National Endowment for the Arts apologists is when they say it costs $148 million, which might sound like a lot, but actually, it’s only .004% of the budget. As if that reduces the amount of waste that it is.

If the government granted me a personal pension of $1 million that would only be like .00003% of the budget. That’s not very much, so why are you opposed to the government granting me a $1 million pension?

Either the services of the National Endowment for the Arts are worth $148 million or they are not. How large a fraction of the budget this is does not change this.”

“Suppose Canada invaded the United States. Would it really be worthwhile to fight to stop it? The United States would certainly win if it did, having a much larger military. But what’s so bad about being conquered by Canada? I know plenty of people who live under Canadian rule now and they live perfectly good lives. What’s the point of having Americans and Canadians blow each other up? In fact, I probably have more in common with the average Canadian than I do the average American.”

“The various Greco-Roman origin stories do not leverage oppression myths and atrocity propaganda to induce a sense of permanent hatred and revenge in the people.

The Aeneid, in which the Roman people are descended from the Trojans, is literature but not fake news. However, no Roman ever used it to gin up a sense of hatred against the Greeks, who had overcome Troy and scattered its people. Indeed, the Romans were fanatically pro-Greek. Nor did the Greeks hate the Romans for overcoming and conquering them. They all moved to Italy and were so identified with Roman culture (which had become more than half Greek by that point) that the living Greek population called themselves Romaioi (Romans) for a thousand years after the collapse of the Empire in the West. They only started calling themselves “Greeks” again during their wars with the Turks, so as to tap English philhellenism for money, weapons, moral support etc.”

“Hollywood has always taken good films or stories and jewed the fuck out of them to make them horrible intentionally. Partially to discredit foreign markets, but mostly to pervert any culture existing within those stores to be culturally sterile and retard-American compatible.”

“The right to free speech is sacred” Yep, the whole world is covered by the Constitution now.”

“Going through the whole game at least once should have made the directors, leads and producers extremely nervous. They should have known(can’t really imagine how they would miss this) that the cut scene animations are nowhere near a shippable state. They should have a begged EA for 3 or 4 months of additional development time or they’d risk a gigantic PR disaster resulting in a severely damaged brand and bad sales figures.”

“Suits don’t give a shit, they look at market data and demographics and see big dollar signs or at least their money back on ME:A. They will scrape together some garbage and pray that marketing/media will be enough to sucker enough people into buying it day one or convince them that whatever is in front of them a 10/10 game.

If the game bombs, they will just blame the devs for not trying hard enough or not following their fool proof market data to shape the game around then fire them to be replaced with the entry level lackeys.”

>”It’s not her fault, it’s the WHOLE TEAMS fault!

Granted, I do understand that stance. However, I don’t believe we’d be seeing this kind of damage control if a man were in charge of facial animations or whatever.

He’d probably just be out of a job.”


>and your last data transmission is used
There are terminals on the surface every 50 meters, so you can upload every few minutes.”

“For the player. Thats a game construct most likely. Sort of how theres literally no way you can possibly die in this game with the right chip combos, yet ‘droids die in fucking droves with piles of thier bodies everywhere despite how dopey the enemies are in general.”

“contrary to popular belief writing can salvage a game”

“It’s got gameplay from Platinum, a story written and directed by a literal madman, and music that will make you rethink what vidya music should be.

It’s a perfect storm of greatness, and the fact that it exists at all is a miracle.”

“The madman does whatever he wants. He was asked to do a short talk about a new RPG and instead used that time to shit talk Square and promote his own game.”

“how can you type so much and say so little”

>nearly 3 times the price if you bought it in the states
fucking hell friend, where do live?”

“Brazil. Games were dirty cheap in Steam’s good ole days, but now the government figured it out and notice that Steam didn’t buttrape us in taxes so they forced they to do so. Games usually went for the usual 40-70 bucks, which was a very fair price.

Just for comparison, Fallout 4 on Steam went for a whopping 250 bucks over here, which was released shortly after they started taxing it.

Outside of Steam, games are very expensive, every 3DS game is 150 bucks (bought Y and AS a few years ago) and console games go for over 300 bucks. Keep it in mind that the minimum wage here is around $800.

Also the PS4 on launch was $4,000. :^)”

“He said it but it was obviously a joke playing into what his audience wants to hear from him and his whole in public character shtick. Get to have the best of both worlds that way by making a sarcastic joke at the expense of your fanbase and co-workers and still have everybody take you at face value anyway.”

“All I’m saying is that you freaking out is only doing damage to your personality. Refunding the game does nothing, you don’t care about that $60 seeing how you bought a game you don’t even want to play and Square couldn’t care less either.”

“I kept mine generic and encouraging, because those are the ones I liked seeing.”

>tfw I read all the genuine thoughts from the other people and realise that game didn’t leave the same mark on me

It hurts being stupid.”

“i seriously wish some art/philo ppl take a look at what automata is; it basically summarizes all of western philosophy up to postmodernism in the context of a crazy video game i’ve been reconsidering stuff i’ve read from beauvoir, sartre, nietzsche, hegel etc. there’s SO MUCH. i’ve never looked at transhumanism, existentialism, suicide, theology, feminism, gender, art, and so many others the same way after it. it’s such a liberating game: people have especially been praising the representation of sexuality in the game with the operator characters. i think everyone can play this game and see something that reflects them, touches them, makes them feel more involved than many works of art

it might sound ridiculous reading these tweets and you might go “so you’re going to say that NieR: Automata is the most important artwork “that represents us in today’s postmodernist times and go beyond even the concet of literature”. yep, that’s what i’m saying.

NieR: Automata is the despair of everything — the totality of everything wrong with society — that inspires people to hope in the end. there may be trouble in understanding gender, sexuality, politics, technology etc. but we can shoulder the weight of the world together. it’s a plea to strive together in the midst of this despair so nobody will have regrets; i cannot stress how important it is as a reflection. it may be the most antihumanist story to reveal how much contradictions we have as human beings and yet it reminds us we’re humans we’re bags of shit and the game examines that; that’s why we need each other after this realization to find a better future. even if the eternal recurrence is real & we are trapped in the same narrative/social construction of reality to the point it’s meaningless, striving for a better future because of our completionist attitudes is the only thing we can do and we’ll have no regrets from this.”

“Nier Automata is a manifesto against post-modernism. It teaches us that the way (life) is more important than the goal (death).”

“>first game Taro’s known for entailed sneaking in a joke ending at the last minute that everyone on the team hated
>most recent game he’s known for entailed bringing in everyone who worked on the game to unite their voices in a show of world-wide encouragement”

“This is kinda fucked if you think about it. It’s like they are both lying to eachother.”

“Never had two people keep up a lie so they can stay close to eachother a little longer?”

“Dev-team want a hyper loli and Taro wanted an oppai onee-san.

They realized it was going exactly nowhere and was halting production so they settled on a thick thighs, big ass, wide hips, but a petite style upper body so long as she had to wear high heels.”

“I liked the fact that she’s more of a symbol and figurehead for the game over being developed as a character.

It makes the reveal at the end sting that much more with how quiet she was throughout, knowing how much shit was brewing inside her.”

“I think he basically pins it down with 2B’s opening speech of the game. Life is a never ending spiral of death. Death is a constant in the game and the main motivator of every character in the game.

2B has to kill 9S constantly because that is her duty, is traumatized by it so she tries to remain aloof but melts to his cheery disposition and curiosity over the course of the game regardless and eventually chooses to sacrifice herself for him to try to create a different outcome

9S has been constantly dying due to 2B, remaining blissfully unaware of it almost the whole way through and is eventually turned into a twisted, viciously angry kid lashing out at a world that stole 2B from him

A2 was so heavily traumatized by the loss of her squadmates for bullshit reasons that she left YoRHa, puts 2B out of her misery but also takes up 2B’s burden of protecting 9S and the machine village, eventually dies and in so doing realizes how beautiful the world really is

Adam and Eve were born from the nonstop deaths of machine lifeforms at the hands of YoRHa (2B and 9S just happened to be the ones who were sent on that assignment, but those machines were going to be wiped out regardless sooner or later) and Adam immediately became fascinated with humanity so much so that he willingly gave up his immortality so that he could learn what it was like to die

Eve was devastated by the loss of Adam and chose to try to destroy the world as revenge

Both humanity and the aliens died off countless years ago and both the machines and androids no longer have a reason to fight, but neither know of it either due to manufactured lies to convince them to go on or because they haven’t had contact with their creators at all

N2’s plan was based around trying to eliminate death entirely via artificial induced evolution

Emil can’t die and that sucks for him”

“good lord she’s a KFC combo meal
all breast, leg, and thighs”

“I don’t think he was talking about what journos will declare GOTY. Nier wouldn’t get GOTY even if Zelda and RDR weren’t happening. They’d give it to Horizon. And if that didn’t exist they’d give it to Injustice or Prey or some shit.”

“Nier will never win GOTY awards by journalists because it’s a niche Japanese game featuring a semen demon protagonist. But that doesn’t mean it’s not the actual GOTY. Zelda was way overrated because it was the launch Switch game.”

“>I’ve walked the same road as you. One thing is certain, I’m rooting for you!
>I won’t give up! In the end, never surrender!
>I bet you’re having a tough time right now, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel!
>It was hard for me as well, but… You can do it if you try!
>My voice may not reach you, but… The whole world is rooting for you!”

“>I bet you’re having a tough time right now. Even so, it’s not like you hate it right?”

“>the year is 2060
>Papa Taro’s newest game has you remove all your memories about the game if you want to see it’s characters happy after all the suffering
>few days later your friend who has yet completed it tries to shill it to you
>he also thinks the newest CoD was good so you pay no mind to his ramblings”

“There’s one thing I’ve learned over my years and it’s that good writing isn’t something that can be taught. Some people are just born different from others. Sometimes it’s a different perspective on life, sometimes it’s just a weird personality, sometimes it’s a strange upbringing. But it’s nothing that can be given to others through words alone.”

“If the game was legitimately good they wouldn’t respond but yet they do”

“So basically everyone should shut the fuck up and leave master baiters shitpost because if you correct someone else’s lies that means the game is shit?”

“NEET and literal autists praise the game for being deep and emotional, but normal people think this game is shallow, too melodramatic, and all over the place plot-wise.”

>can’t understand the emotions of other humans
>calls others autistic
is this poetry at its finest?”

“I don’t get what people were expecting honestly. You can make every combat system boring or more complicated than it has to be. Even actual character action games”

“Acting retarded for the sake of having contrived reasons so that events can happen on the predesigned rails that the writer has decided, isn’t good writing.
A good writer manages to make the same necessary events happen in order to move the plot foward without having to rely on the characters acting like utter morons.
It’s the sign of being a lazy writer.

I understand you’ve never opened a fucking book your entire life, but it’s time to understand that writing in video games (especially story driven video games) can, and should be better.”

“Find me a decent piece of literature that doesn’t involve characters making emotionally-charged bad decsions, that staple of storytelling is fucking older than time itself.

Writing a story in which no character succumbs to their emotions and does something stupid probably means you’re a fanfiction author. It means you can’t empathize enough with yoru characters to understand how they might realistically act in a tense situation, so you lean back and go “Well, I, sitting in my comfortable chair, under no pressure at all, would do the logical thing, so my character certainly would too!”

“Y’know what makes me laugh?

Drakengard 1 features:
A kiddyfiddler
A baby eater
A psychopath
Psychopaths sister that wants to fuck him
Giant flying demon babies
Child slaughtering

But there were still things that Taro wanted in the game that he couldn’t get.”

“Taro considers brother Nier the canon one.
Nier:A makes them both canon in the weapons just to not alienate western fans, but the entire decision of daddy nier was pushed by Square, not him.”

“What is with japan and their love for big brothers protecting little sisters?”

“What is it with burgers being obsesssed with fathers protecting of their daughters?”

“In japan, there’s no real father/son relationship.
Parents work hard all day and especially the dad often doesn’t come back home if not for the weekend, so there’s no time to develop a father/son relationship.

Sibilings take care of each other, however they too tend to drift apart once they get older.
Papa nier was made by Square for the western audience that is unable to understand this core cultural difference and can’t relate (and they were right).”

“The moral of the story is that it doesn’t matter whether they were imitating emotions, it’s that the emotions they felt were real to them.”

“For a game that’s part of a series endlessly praised for its story and direction, its story and direction were fucking awful.”


“everything is shit. the characterization is shit. the plot is shit. I predicted x because im a genius. why didn’t x do logical thing here? retarded story logic lol.”

“I’m pretty sure I asked you to elaborate.”

“It’s okay OP, you can go back to playing your western AAA garbage where you just shoot things to death and save the world at the end.”

“The world is so empty and bland that none of this matters.
You can’t interact with ANYTHING other than enemies and glowing spots on the ground.
Buildings, plants, trees, broken down cars, pipelines in the desert, appartment buildings, playgrounds. It’s all just setdressing, none of it is interactive.
Your only interactions are to kill boring robots or ride a moose into them.”

jump on them to get on top of
which usually have loot or sidequests, as well as a good view of the city ruins
not much use, but they’re visual and can be used to block projectiles
>apartment buildings
use the stairs to reach chests. Go obi-wan kenobi on fools below

I’m sorry that you can’t cut trees like in Zelda, but I’m not sure why you’d expect that in the first place from an action RPG.”

“Again, all of those are just assets, none of it interacts with you in any way.

You cant throw a car into a wall to make it crumble and reveal a treasure, you cant cut down a tree to reveal a secret passage beyond the overgrowth.

Its all just “meh” and slapped together like a 2007 game. At no point does the game make any attempt to let you interact with the open world other than awkwardly running up a tree.

Why not make it so you can interact with all the cool stuff that you can find in a deserted city?

Its literally
>glowing objects on the floor

>You cant throw a car into a wall to make it crumble and reveal a treasure, you cant cut down a tree to reveal a secret passage beyond the overgrowth.
Why does that even matter?

It’s not an open world game. It’s an action RPG with a big hub”

“At this point it’s painfully obvious your autism is grasping at straws and looking for something to complain about.

The fuck kind of criticism is
>You cant throw a car into a wall to make it crumble and reveal a treasure

I really want to know what you consider a recent 10/10 game just so it’s made perfectly clear you’re full of shit.”

“I was giving an example you stunted autist manchild.
If that triggered your asspergers too much then have this.
At no point does you fighting change any of the backdrop.
Explosions or impacts dont damage buildings, debris, trees or grass. It all stands there pristine like the leveldesigner placed it.
Its just super fucking stale since there is no interaction between you and the background.

Thats why the “open” world is bullshit and redundant, might as well have made it linear then”

>At no point does you fighting change any of the backdrop

Didn’t play the game, did you?”

>Why does that even matter?
Because it would make the game feel like a 2017 game and not a 2007 first generation ps3 game, you literal autist.
I might as well play pong with this level of interaction given.
Why make it open world then if there is no feedback between you and the world.”

>Because it would make the game feel like a 2017 game
Why does every game need destructible, interactive environments? That just seems like a superfluous use of budget unless it factors into the way the game is designed. You’d either end up with a few little gimmicks or a big wankoff about how everything is destructible (which just leads to framerate problems and potential self-fucking-over situations).”

“This game is so good that it will become the next game hated by the contrarian force on /v/.”

“Have you read the thread? This place is in full revolt because of people getting any enjoyment from this game besides the fan service.”

>it gets good after you beat it x times

That says a LOT about how shit it is, actually.”

“Except the endings in this game are like act breaks. Route C isn’t anything at all like Route B and A, but you already knew that.”

>The game failed to interest me

I hate this complaint so much for any game. Whatever happened to “It’s not for me” instead of this whiny bullshit?”

>reading the prologue of Lord of the Rings and then dropping it because it failed to impress you.

“What’s wrong with that?
You’re not obligated to like something because it’s a classic or critically acclaimed.”

“Why should anyone take your opinion on Lord of the Rings Online or Nier Automata for full when you can’t even finish them. There’s nothing wrong with disliking a game or book after you finished reading but there’s everything wrong if you ever finished it and yet still need to mouth off about it.”

“I totally missed the part where the guy was a reviewer, my bad.”

“Back in my day, I remember when reviewers played the whole game before passing judgement.

Also, it’s more his attitude that gets me, it’s the shitty “look how smart I am,” tone.”

“Based on this thread, I think I will get this game. Only a good game would get people this mad.”

>you killed all the robots, you’re the real bad guy

How is this story any better than MGR”

“That’s not the story though.”

“There’s simply so way of saving people who blindly shit on Yakuza, so why would I even try to argue?

In fact I know there’s no point because anything I post will be called shit. If Automata was exclusive and not the topic of this thread it would also be called shit. That was your point from the start.”

“>came for the ass
>stayed for the emotional impact and wild ride of route c”

“I trust Taro. this game could LITERALLY have been starring The Brave Little Toaster duel wielding katanas and I still would have had faith enough to buy it day one”

“ugh, another one of these pathetic fucks
No, this game isn’t deep and no, this game isn’t emotional
The story is confusing and unfinished, the characters are completely 2-dimensional, and the gameplay is a practice of repetition. This is not a $60 gaming experience. For that, you’ll have to step up to Horizon or Final Fantasy XV. This is a $20 game ripping idiots like you off.”

>ugh, another one of these pathetic fucks enjoying a videogame with all their heart, how they make me sick

Dude, you sound like you have actual mental problems. Go see a therapist or something.”

>For that, you’ll have to step up to Horizon or Final Fantasy XV.
Can you fuckers make your shitty baits less obvious please.”

“He’s literally baiting, this is probably the same guy saying Skyrim and Fallout 4 are good (which they very much are not).”

“Yeah that guy is a retard.

>this game is flawed therefore it’s shit and you’re an idiot for liking it

>skyrim and fallout 4? Just ignore all the bugs and watered down “features”. GOTY shit in my mouth more Todd!

“They already are making profit how many times has this already been said.

They sold 200k in the opening 3 days in Japan, which was 90-100% of what they shipped. Meaning they already recuperated costs.

Everything after that is now profit.

Yes, that’s how low the budget SE fucking gave Taro. They only needed to sell 200k copies to make bank.”


“So, what’s up with Sartre?

Why is he called Jean Paul in the English version? Yes, I know that’s his first name, but why the change? And why is his name bleeped out in voice lines?”

“The Sartre estate will sue anyone and everyone who uses “Sartre”
The eng localization department found out too late so they opted to bleep out his name in dialogue and change his name in dialogue to Jean-Paul.
Likewise because of the change to his first name they renamed the opera boss to Simone.”

“Don’t watch prais the sun. He is an insufferable little cunt who throws tantrums every time he doesn’t get what he wants.

He went from OH BOY DARK SOULS 3 IS THE BEST GAME EVER UNLIMITED DEPTH to IT’S SHIT AND HOLLOW AND BORING because he got curbstomped in a tournament.”

“When I was close, I hurt him. Yet being distant hurt him more.

I finally found my place in life. A place where I am as close as possible, yet eternally distant.”

“1 Blindfolds are sexy. It’s the primary reason they exist in the game. Blindfolds make cocks hard.

2 Blindfolds symbolize ignorance. They are kept in the dark and they dont know what’s going on until they find out and take them off.

3 For people who ask stupid questions theres a stupid answer THEY ARE FUCKING VR GOGGLES, they only look like blindfolds but actually they work like goggles that show them shit.”

“People play games and have fun, then associate the positive feeling of that fun with the purchase itself. Then they get older and have less time to dump into things and more disposable income, so the purchasing of the game becomes the actual aim, rather than the playing. The novelty wears off shortly and they move on.”

>This game. How is there so little porn of this game?

Outside of it not being that popular, the artists responsible for porn generally dislike/avoid/outright hate non-pure/sexually open characters. To them the joy in porn comes from the defiling/corruption.”

“>Nier thread starts with 2B’s ass
>ends with lore talk and existentialism”


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