2014 Mar 07 ~ 13

“As of October 2014 the CIA was also looking at infecting the vehicle control systems used by modern cars and trucks. The purpose of such control is not specificed, but it would permit the CIA to engage in nearly undetectable assassinations.”

“When people say “internet of things”, this is what they mean.”

“What do women vote for that men don’t, and why is that better? It certainly seems like a simple question. I’m not sure why the standard response usually has something to do with penis size or something else just as random.”

“We’re still learning about how America is governed. It seems our textbooks are in error. Scroll down my timeline for former CIA head Spicer’s denial of a ‘Deep State’: “there is no deep state. There is a FRIENDLY PERMANENT GOVERNMENT.” [exact quote]”

“National security policy in the United States has remained largely constant from the Bush Administration to the Obama Administration. This continuity can be explained by the “double government” theory of 19th-century scholar of the English Constitution Walter Bagehot. As applied to the United States, Bagehot’s theory suggests that U.S. national security policy is defined by the network of executive officials who manage the departments and agencies responsible for protecting U.S. national security and who, responding to structural incentives embedded in the U.S. political system, operate largely removed from public view and from constitutional constraints. The public believes that the constitutionally-established institutions control national security policy, but that view is mistaken. Judicial review is negligible; congressional oversight is dysfunctional; and presidential control is nominal. Absent a more informed and engaged electorate, little possibility exists for restoring accountability in the formulation and execution of national security policy.”

“WikiLeaks: *drops 8,000 truth bombs on the CIA*
CNN: Nah bro, gender wage gap.”

“The moral of the story: it’s very easy to forget and dismiss the effect of pay-to-win and consider other players “n00bs” who “fail” or “morons” for not doing something that we can only do because we paid. Despite I write a blog about rational thinking, the only reason I realized the above problem is that the visuals of the costume annoyed me. Pay-to-win is so powerful because it’s so easy to ignore it and attribute success to skill instead.”



“Are you for real? A paladin with a scythe?! Shouldn’t you rather choose a sword and shield?”

“Why would I? In this game, the most powerful weapon is the scythe. A shield just isn’t worth it in the long run. You only need a basic understanding of statistical probabilities to know all that. I have calculated that in a hundred fights the scythe will net +60 damage points dealt on average and -20 points of damage taken due to enemies dying faster. Simply by the existence of the rule books and statistics, this level of reasoning is possible for Erika Furudo.

More importantly, what’s with that lame brass knucle? The rogue class is already underpowered as it is, so a choice like that will just make you a burden for the whole party!”

“Your attitude’s completely wrong! You shouldn’t care about stuff like that! What’s really important is making a character that you like! And then you need to make choices that are consistent with the personality you decided! It’s called ‘role-playing game’ because you’re supposed to play a role… that’s the very essence of this game!”

A true gamer should do his best to create the most powerful character possible! And to that end you need to find the most game breaking combination of skills, feats, weapons, and armor! After that, it’s a race to be the one who gets more experience points and money! You need to kill everything that moves, steal their goods, and sell their skin for even more gold! All of that for the ultimate purpose of making your character stronger and stronger! That’s the true essence of role-playing games!”

“Listen up, everyone! My character fearlessly moves forward to the legendary dragon Goldsmith and then turns on her feet facing her companions!”

“That’s insane! You’re showing your back to an ancient dragon?!”

“Let Miss Erika continue, it appears she has something in MIND.”

“My character will then proclaim: Everyone! It is clear that this is a third rate fantasy plot! It is therefore impossible that Battler would make us face an ancient dragon as a second encounter! He said it himself a while ago: he wanted to go easy on us. Plus it would be totally lame if the guardian of the castle was of a higher level than the final Boss. Considering Battler’s predictable pattern of thoughts, I think it is safe to assume that he made it so Beatrice is speciallized in the illusionist school. THis of course means that the legendary dragon Goldsmith is nothing else but the witch’s illusion! Simply by the fact that Battler is the Game Master, this level of reasoning is possible for Erika Furudo.. What do you think, everyone?”

“A splendid line of thoughts, Miss Erika, IMPRESSIVE!”

“Impressive my ass! Do you know what you just did? It’s metagaming! Erika, you’re a freaking metagamer!”

“This would work if your feats allowed you to double that… but here is where you’re wrong! Because your feats only allow you to increase the daily allotment by 50%! In other words, you can only destroy 15 hit dice undead! Which is enough to kill only 7 out of 10 goats!”

“You will soon regret THIS!

Page 176 of the Player’s HANDBOOK: Greater Banish: With this feat the amount of hit dice undead creatures that the cleric can destroy daily is DOUBLED!

There is absolutely no way to interpret it DIFFERENTLY!! How will you respond to that, Mister BATTLEEER?!”

“It’s useless! It’s all useless!

There was an error on that page! Soon after the Player’s Handbook was published, they issued an erratum! And that clearly specifies that Greater Banish is only meant to augment the affected hit dice number by 50%!”

“The erratum was indeed issued as you SAY. However that part you mention refers to Improved Banish, not the much stronger Greater Banish! In other words that erratum is completely IRRELEVANT! YOU FAIL!”

“Don’t you think I’ll be discouraged just by that!

Page 234 of the Game Master’s Manual! A Game Master is entitled to create custom rules!

That’s it! I might have slipped on that erratum. But in that case I’ll make as a custom rule that Greater Banish is only half as effective!”

“Page 236 of the Game Master’s MANUAL! A Game Master should always inform the players about any custom rule before the start of the game SESSION!

You cannot conjure custom rules whenever you LIKE!”


That part is only meant to give a set of guidelines about ‘good mastering’! That’s nhot a rule at all!!!”

“So you are telling me that you aren’t a good Game MASTER?!”

“That’s enough! I will now end this pointless discussion! Dlanor, this is checkmate!”

“Then, Mister BATTLER? How are you going to defeat ME?! Show me what you’ve GOT!”

“Who the hell do you think I am! I am the goddamn Battler! I am the Game Master, and when the Game Master says something is so, it’s so because he says it’s so! And if you don’t like that, you can kiss my ass and get the hell out!”
“Impressive… Battler used the gold truth of the Game Masters!

It’s a forbidden move that only those invested with the Game Master authority can use. It has the power to end any quarrel… However it might also abruptly end the gaming session, as well as the friendship among players…”

“I cannot counter THAT…”

“Well well, now that Battler’s incompetence has been ascertained, I guess it’s time for me to step in and take the role of Game Master myself.”


“Then because of Jessica’s personal resentment the game will stop here, and poor little Maria will keep crying. How selfish!”

“Don’t make it look as if you give a damn about Maria!”

“I beg your pardon, it looks like I lost my temper. But Battler, are you really okay with that? Beatrice is obviously cheating, isn’t that wrong?”

“You can’t say that for sure. Maybe Maria really understood the logic behind those wacky questions.”

“Are you serious?! How high is the probability of that being true?!”

“As long as it isn’t zero, you can’t deny it!”

“What is that? A devil’s proof? You sure are hopeless!”


“Modern just about anything is just an ugly hollowed-out imitation pretending to be an improvement on the traditional. Unable to appreciate the simple fundamentals and handcrafted intricacies of aesthetics, everything is now a perversion of utility masquerading as “liberation of expression”. Modern architecture, modern art, modern politics, modern man, modern woman…
“International Women’s Day”.
Is it about what makes a woman, a woman?
Or is it about whatever happens to be a woman?”

>takes 18-26 levels to get a fleshed out class
>tutorial doesn’t even let you chat with other players until a few levels in
>bullshit RNG spawning mechanics
>higher leveled areas are corrupted and haven’t been patched in years
>pvp is banned on most servers
why do so many people play this game again?”
“>currently in the process of releasing a patch that makes all races and factions have the exact same stats and cosmetics”
“>yfw the stats are still there, just hidden”
“>level increases with time instead of grind, bullshit fucking mechanic
>stats are completely random, grinding does not guarantee an increase in stats, it only gives you a chance for a random increase, even with high stats, the Luck boost makes them all mostly irrelevant
>nothing during the game ever goes my way, while everyone else gets ahead
>i get shit on by other players for being naturally bad at the minigames
>cant get Popularity Points to learn skills like “Socialize” and “Sex” which since the feminism patch 100 years ago are obligatory to win.
>my guild is shit, they are all mostly unhelpful or completely annoying
>only useful guild member gets b& at level 79
>forced against my will to grind the first 18 levels on Wisdom
>turns out its the most useless stat, game has no magic.
>decide to specialize
>go to advanced wisdom grinding in one particular class
>its the same as the beginner grinding, its all about having the Socialize Skill early on, and the shit community didn’t let me grind PP for it
>decide to get a proffession instead.
>grind it for 3 more levels, make a miserable amount of gold
>realize i don’t actually like it
>realize having gold doesn’t help you win the game at all
>quit that proffession
>been AFK’ing for the last half level”

“>high level players run the economy and the auction house is a joke”

“>no monthly fee!
yeah fucking right. Maybe if you want to role play as a fucking animal”

“[L]eaving mobile phone chargers plugged in” is often held up as an example of a behavioural eco-crime, with people who switch their chargers off being praised for “doing their bit”. The truth is that a typical mobile phone charger consumes just 0.01kWh per day. The amount of energy saved by switching off the phone charger, 0.01kWh, is exactly the same as the energy used by driving an average car for one second.
I’m not saying that you shouldn’t switch phone chargers off. But don’t be duped by the mantra “every little bit helps.””

“It would be very interesting to speculate on what the human imagination is going to do with a frontierless world where it must seek its inspiration in uniformity rather than variety, in sameness rather than contrast, in safety rather than peril, in probing the harmless nuances of the known rather than the thundering uncertainties of unknown seas or continents. The dreamers, the poets, and the philosophers are after all but instruments which make vocal and articulate the hopes and aspirations and the fears of a people.
The people are going to miss the frontier more than words can express. For four centuries they heard its call, listened to its promises, and bet their lives and fortunes on its outcome.

It calls no more…”

“WikiLeaks: The CIA is spying on all of us and can hijack cars for undetectable assassinations.
Liberals: K but Trump’s tax returns are where he hides the Russians lolz”

“Liberals 2003: There’s a globalist deep state!


“Gold! Gold! Gold everywhere!”

“Unbelievable! There should be enough to buy a whole kingdom!”

“Who could have known that the witch Beatrice was so rich?”

“I must… steal… it all! My rogue spirit commands it!”

“Actually this is not a bad idea! Let’s steal all the gold!”

“That will have to wait, we won’t be able to overcome the trials that await us, if we’re overburdened by all these ingots.”

“And why should we bother with the trials at this point?”

“What the hell are you talking about? We didn’t come this far only to stop midway!”

“I know that this might prove to be quite difficult for you Jessica-san, but try to reason about it. Why did we come here? To capture the witch, of course. But why did we decide to capture the witch in the first place?”

“That’s because King Zowsch Heromear sent you, so you could free the Rokken Kingdom from her evil influence!”

“That’s the official explanation, but don’t you think there’s something amiss? If he just wanted to save the Kingdom, he would have asked us to kill the witch.”

“Maybe that’s because he’s a fair and just King and he wants to give her a proper trial!”

“Ha ha ha ha ha! Don’t make me laugh! What kind of just and fair King would pay ten tons of gold just for that?! He obviously has a very precise reason he wants the witch alive, if he’s ready to pay that much! For example, it could be that the witch knows how to turn lead into gold. Then it would be perfectly rational to trade ten tons of it in exchange for a virtually limitless source. What we’re seeing in this room certainly supports this theory.”

“Well, even if you say so, how does that affect us?”

“What I’m trying to point out is that our quest is not a noble one. We’re just a group of mercenaries sent by a rich bastard who isn’t happy enough with all the riches he already has. And we’re doing it only because he promised us a ridiculous reward. But take a look around! Our reward is already here in front of our eyes! Why should we go to all the trouble of facing the witch, when we can just get all the gold we want from this place?”

“Well I’ll be damned! I really can’t see how this can go wrong.”

“Then there’s no problem!”

“No! That’s exactly the problem! Since there must be a way for it to go wrong, the fact that I can’t see any way for that to happen, makes me feel very uneasy about this.”

“Then what do you plan to do? Give up before trying?”

“Despite the fact that it’s dealing with numbers, this trial isn’t really about math. What is required is logic, deduction, and mental imagery.”

“I thought you weren’t interested in gold and wealth…”

“Silly Battler! We aren’t talking about real world gold here. In this game money can be converted to better equipment, like incredibly rare magic items, weapons and armor! So gaining gold is the same as gaining experience points.”

“But conversely if you lose your equipment, it will be the same as losing experience points.”

“Of course! But you can’t really expect to gain something, if you aren’t willing to take a little risk. That would be unreasonable. Every time you accept a quest in exchange for money, you wager your own life for the prospect of acquiring just a few gold pieces. That’s the way of the adventurers! It’s not like we go shopping! We fight deadly monsters! So why are you wimping out in front of the possibility of losing your equipment?”

“No one else wants to join? Apparently all you need to do is wait for me to find the right answer, then you can repeat it and you get free gold ingots.”

“Are you totally out of your mind?! How are you going to pay if you lose?”

“Battler… I think you’re paranoid.”

“No, I’m not!”

“Since the very beginning you did nothing but imagine dirty tricks everywhere. You also thought we would lose everything or that the difficulty of the game would become incredibly high. But nothing of that sort ever happened.”

“That’s the oldest trick ever! You first make them win easily, so they get overconfident and addicted to the game. Then you strip them naked before they can even realize they were scammed!”

“And in all confidence you think that I, Erika Furudo, won’t be able to win if the number will have six digits?!”

“I’m not saying that… I just think there will be some kind of trick…”

“Yeah whatever. Even then, you won’t risk a thing. So why do you make such a fuss?”

“Yes, as long as there is enough time, everyone can enter the game. At that point they’re eligible to give the correct answer and get the reward.”

“Crap! I didn’t know you could do that!”

“Mammon… You’ll definitely confirm the correct answer as soon as I tell you, right?”

“Didn’t I always do that so far? I’ll do the same even in the next round.”

“Oh my, did you hear that? Everyone! After I find the next and last number and Mammon confirms it, you won’t have any reason not to join! We’ll all get a lot of gold!”

“Well… in that case… I can’t see why not…”

“Uu! Maria will join too!”

“And you, Battler? You won’t try it even in that case?”

“Yeah! I said I won’t, and I won’t no matter what!”

“But that’s just stupid. You’re giving up a whole fortune just out of pure paranoia!”

“You’ll pull a dirty trick! I know you will!”

“If Erika finds the correct number in the next round and say it, you will win and absolutely nothing will be able to change that. At that point joining the game and giving the very same answer will be a 100% safe bet.”

“And why in the world should I trust you?! You could be lying. You could even tell Erika that she got the right answer when it’s actually false!”

“I will not lie! I never lied before, and I never will!”


“You still don’t trust me?”

“No! I’ll never trust you! Even if reason and logic tell me that there’s nothing to be afraid of, even if all the evidence show sthat there can’t possibly be any trick involved, even if I can’t even imagine how something can go wrong,all of my instincts are screaming ‘danger ahead’! I won’t accept your challenge! Not now! Not later! Not ever!


“Mark your words! Remember them well! Engrave them on a stone! For that shall become your tomb!”



“If you don’t mind, I’d like to hear the list of the hints again.”

“I’m sorry, I’m not authorized to give you any help.”

“*giggle**giggle* I think there was a little misunderstanding. I’m not asking for any help, I’m asking to hear again the hitns that you’re required to give me.”

“As I stated before, providing any kind of element useful to reach the solution is considered ‘help’.”

“You’re require to give me those hints!”

And I did…”

“Stop messing with me! This is ridiculous! How am I supposed to remember all those hints you gave me, if I also had to reason about the numbers?!”

“Weren’t you listening before? I said this trial is about logic, deduction, and mental imagery! In order to successfully solve this problem, you’re required to use your mind and your mind alone! This of course includes the ability to keep in mind all the hints given.”

“You never gave me that many hints before!”

“I never gave you hints about six digit numbers before! It goes without saying that the more are the digits the harder it is to define the number with a few hints…”

“I knew you’d come up with a dirty trick like this! Now you finally show your true colors!”

“Trick? Does this even qualify as a trick? If this is a trick, then you tricked yourselves! I’ve been totally clear about the rules!”

“Yet again, good job Dlanor! Remind me to double your salary!”
“I don’t have a SALARY.”
“Oh… right… Then if I dobule a ‘zero’ what do I get?”
“That’s my Dlanor!”

“I’ll have to admit it, Erika, you’ve been a formidable opponent!”

“Tch! Spare me the sarcasm…”

“Oh no, I’m serious! Ireally underestimated you! You see, you were just a step away from foiling my plans! If I knew, I would have made a way more difficult challenge! But it all turned out for the good in the end! At least for me! *cackle**cackle*

However, while you certainly possessed the brain potential to find the right answer, you still made a lot of unforgivable mistakes. Your first error was to boost your ego by explaining the details in your reasoning. Seriously, what did you do that for? You had plenty of time to do that later. Jessica certainly caused a lot of problems to you. But if you didn’t tell her about the 42 possible numbers in the first place, she couldn’t have done anything. Then your second and most relevant error was to lose your composure. A cool mind goes a long way. You had still a lot of time when you realized you had lost a few hints. You had many options open to you then, but you didn’t think straight, and as a result you just wasted a lot of time. Your third error was to refuse Jessica’s ‘trial and error’ method. At that point that was the best and most efficient option left to you. But then again your ego caused your downfall. Your fourth error was to start a quarrel against Jessica instead of helping her!Not only you wasted a lot of time, but you also prevented her from giving the right answer! Jessica was just about to say it! She went all the way from 113442 to 183442! If you only let her say the next single number!”

“I do not regret that one! The scenario of Jessica giving the correct answer before me and in sucha lame way, is far worse than the current!”

“You really think so? I wonder if you’ll still have the same opinion, once I tell you the price you’re required to pay!

Next is Jessica.”


“While you were right about using the trial and error method, you shouldn’t have caused all those problems to Erika. If you just stayed silent, Erika would have made it. After Dlanor helped her, that is. Maybe before that it was a good idea, despite the fact you made a total mess, but after, it was just plain stupid. You complained to Erika about her wasting time, but you made her waste even more.”

“But I was just a step away from telling the right number! You said it yourself!”

“That was just luck! You just happened to pick the correct string first.

Now Dlanor…”


“Why did you limit yourself so much? Why did you just work as a memory helper for Erika?”

“I am just a KID. I am not very good with logic problems, I just happen to have a good MEMORY.”

“I’m not talking about that. I’m sure that even in all that commotion, you had already thought all the 42 remaining numbers. Can you deny that? Why, instead of repeating the hints and the six strings Erika found, you didn’t list all the 42 numbers? Unlike Jessica, even with Erika screaming at you, you would have made it!

Lastly, Battler… Why did you stop George before?”

“Do I even need to tell? If I didn’t stop him, now he’d have to pay an enormous amount of gold like Erika, Jessica, and Dlanor!”

“At that point the solution was very close. George was right in trying to cooperate, but you refused to do so.”

“No matter how close the solution seemed to be! You would have pulled a bad trick in the e”

“No, Battler! You still don’t understand?! Erika was going to win for real! She was really going to foil my plans! But because of your stubbornness you refused to help her! Now tell me Battler, in all honesty. You remembered the other hints, am I right?”

“Only two of them… I didn’t remember the one about the highest digit…”

“And you tried to apply the ones you knew on Erika’s strings?”

“Yeah! I was left with only two options!”

“What the fuck!”

“Easy, Jessica… I’ll hadnle this.

Battler… you’re an idiot…”

“WHY?! Because I refuse to play your silly game?!”

“Not because of that! But because, for your own stubbornness, you refused to help a friend in need. It wasn’t for fear of losing, or because you didn’t want to fall for a trick. It was because you made it as your principle not to accept my challenge no matter what!”

“Erika and Jessica knew the risk! I warned them a thousand times! But they never listened! Whatever happesn to them now will be well deserved! They brought their misery upon themselves, they don’t have any right to complain! Why should I have bothered to help them? I don’t care, that’s their problem! It has nothing to do with me!”

“Is that what you think?! How naive! Battleeeeeeeeeeeer!”

“With all due respect, Battler, it is I who decide the conditions of a challenge. You can take it or leave it. But there are formalities to respect, so even if George and Maria already stated their will to accept the challenge, it isn’t really valid until they fully understand what the challenge entails.”

“Stop buzzing around me! I’m not gonna take your challenge!”

“Hey Battler, have you thought it through enough?”

“Yeah! Like I’m going to risk my life to save Erika’s ass!”

“Hey! I love you too!”

“Apparently, you didn’t! Think about it. There are only two possible outcomes to this challenge: 1) George and Maria win, bringing Jessica and Dlanor back. In that case you might as well join them to add Erika to the reward. 2) George and Maria lose. Everyone becomes a golden statue except you. In the second case, I assume you’d just play a regular round, win, and proceed to the next part of the trial. It would be stupid to challenge me at that point.”


“But what exactly are you expecting to do all alone? Did you forget already what happened to you in the past? Why do you think this time you’ll manage to beat Beatrice? You know what? You can go! I think my elder sisters won’t even stop you if you try! It’s the throne room you’re aiming to? There will be a red carpet just for you leading the way… and a dog collar ready to welcome you as soon as you arrive!

In short, there are only 3 options for you.

1) You help George and Maria, and win.
2) You become a golden statue.
3) You become Beatrice’s toy for all eternity.

Which is worse, Battler? Don’t you think it would be better to die rather than be a slave? You see, Beatrice will never let you die. Even if you kill yourself, she’ll revive you again, and again, and again… Your torture will be eternal! […]

George and Maria will never make it! Even if they do, you’d still better join them to get a full victory. If they don’t, you’re screwed. Your decision never to accept my challenge is only compatible with the worst possible scenario for you!”

“Everything as planned! I told you that I was looking forward to this! Didn’t I? Didn’t I?”

“Yeah, you did. You’ve woven an incredible masterwork plan.”

“Ain’t that the truth?! *cackle**cackle*”

“However, Beatrice, this is only half a victory for you. Didn’t I say from the very beginning that you were plotting something? Didn’t I keep on telling everyone that something was bound to go wrong? Didn’t you uselessly try to convince me of the contrary? And did I ever trust you? Did your illusion of a harmless game ever work on me, despite all your efforts? You might have managed to bring me exactly where you wanted to, but you never managed to trick me!”

“Even so, by tricking everyone else I got you anyway! Wasn’t the fact that you weren’t able to see what I was aiming at still a big flaw in your defense?”

“That’s right, I wasn’t able to foresee where your attack was coming from. But I did know it was coming, and that’s why this is only half the victory you wished for!”

“That’s you! That’s so like you! The more they throw you down, the more you raise up! Even on the wake of your total defeat, you still stand victorious in front of me!”

“Braaaavoooo! Braaaavoooooo! You really did an impressive job, but how are you going to proceed now? I’m afraid this is as far as you can go. Battler, all that you found out up to this point was no real surprise. But this is game over now! In order to make use of your findings, you need to imagine the whole grid of the 64 possible ‘external pairs’ and then proceed to eliminate those who cannot fit with the hints and the rules. It goes without saying that this is a task that cannot be performed by a normal human mind. If you were allowed to write the various strings on a piece of paper, this would be a trivial matter to solve. But the rules of this trial forbit that!

Are you finally aware of the predicament you find yourself in? Have you realized, at last, where the ‘trick’ you tried so hard to find lies?

It’s the limit of the human mind!

Even if initially this trial can seem so easy and trivial, you just need to add a few digits to exploit the limits of a mortal’s brain! You humans are so funny! You can only keep in mind five or seven numbers, then you become totally hopeless as if you were retarded or something… *giggle**giggiel*”

“Shut up! We humans might have limits, as you say, but we have the power to overcome them when we try our best!”

“Oh reeeeeeeeaaalllyyyy?! Then do it! Show me how you can visualize 64 quadruplets with your inferior brainpower! You can’t, right? You can’t!”

“Now don’t get so cocky! Keep on flaunting your mental prowess like that and you’ll end up being hated by everyone!”

“I can’t believe such a thought could even graze the surface of your mind!”

“But why, Jessica-san… There’s absolutely nothing that my mind can’t conceive.”

“Yeah… right… thanks for proving my point…”

“Forget it! Why should I be the only one to pay?! You all rejoiced with me when I declared by victory! You all made the same mistake!”

“Who cares about that?! We aren’t saying you must be the one to go because you made a blunder, but because you’re the one who didn’t let us give the right solution!”

“So I should be the one to pay only because I want to earn my victories?!”

“I like it better the way I put it…”

“Sure you do, but who the hell cares about your preferences? I’m certainly not going to sacrifice myself because of your personal, selfish opinions!”


“Farmed salmon tastes like asshole and the meat is dyed red because it is naturally grey. Other farmed fish may or may not be garbage, Talipa is popular but it essentially lives in its own feces. Farmed Shrimp live in the sewage runoff of Pooloo and Vietnamese cities. Fish farming also destroys habitat for wild fish and spreads disease.”

“You kinda want some generic work when making a portfolio. Lets your employers know you’re capable of the routine and how exactly you compare with the rest of the industry.”

“The concern about hoarding vulnerabilities instead of disclosing them to be patched is that criminal hackers could find the flaws and maliciously exploit them while the government is keeping them secret for investigative purposes.”

“”In December 2014, Bilzerian was embroiled in a legal matter with pornographic actress Janice Griffith, whom he threw off the roof of a house and into a pool as part of a photoshoot for Hustler magazine in April 2014. She fell short of the pool, hitting the edge, and broke her foot. The 18-year-old Griffith asked Bilzerian for $85,000 for her injuries, which was rejected. She then filed a lawsuit against both Hustler and Bilzerian, to which Bilzerian’s attorney responded that Griffith was under contract for the event by Hustler, that Hustler hired Bilzerian for the event, and that Bilzerian was not at fault. [Wikipedia]”

So this guy has a net worth of $100 million, he throws an 18 year old girl off a roof and she breaks her foot and he refuses to pay her anything?”

“I’d say she got her just deserts for being a thot.”

“For the record, I disagree with Timothy that the proper punishment for being a porn star should be to be thrown off a roof and have your bones broken.”

“You don’t amass that kind of wealth by taking frivolous lawsuits lying down.”

“He is a trust fund kid”

“I don’t see how throwing someone off a roof and breaking her foot is a “frivilous” lawsuit.”

“Can someone explain the economics of how this guy gets paid so much? I understand income from the trust fund, but I don’t see what makes his appearances so valuable.”

“poker, trust funds, investments, internet capital”

“Ok, but why do porno mags and TV shows pay him so much for appearances? If I wanted a cocky guy who had some sense of humor, it wouldn’t be that hard to find one on the street who would work for less.”

“name recognition”

“Does anyone actually buy something because Dan Bilzerian is in it, Alex?”

“the US’ problem with cost of living & its paperwork obsession played a part in this.”

“Management in IT/software doesn’t sound fun either. You would have to deal with both tech-illiterate idiots in the business AND the incel codemonkeys.”

“Liu Bei talking about his shitty lineage is hilarious. What a F tool. Let’s make something very clear … 400 some years prior to this, it was Xiang Yu who took down the oppressive, Legalist Qin Dynasty and made it even possible for that overrated turd Liu Bang to found his crappy little dynasty. 400+ years later, here’s his equally overrated and equally worthless SHIT descendent being completely irrelevant and for some reason, getting tons of credit for it. Amazing. F the Han Dynasty. Confucian asshole bullshit. The Tang Dynasty destroys it in every way conceivable, just as Sui-Tang is a FAR greater historical tale than Chu-Han.”

“That being said, its hilarious OP would question their tactics used to find the flag and then clapback with the classic cool story bro as if he didn’t just comment on a picture with his two cents that nobody asked for”

“”My father died for this shit, bro”- Shia words. The truth is, his father is alive and is a convicted pedophile.?”


“Mapping! A classmate of mine told me that’s mandatory in video games like Black Onyx. Now it would be cool if they make an automap function in the future…”

“Automap? Why? Where would the fun be, then? Next they’ll make an autobattle… and then an automove…”

“Done, done, and DONE!”

“Seriously! The day will come when people will play ‘games’ where there will be no interaction at all, and all you will need to do will be just watch the cutscenes and read the text!”

“What? No! There’s no way such a thing will work! Unless they add a lot of busty girls with nice asses. I might play it in that case!”

“I wasted my whole life following a delusion! All my efforts were for naught! I should have rather enjoyed the brief time of my existence that was given to me before my inevitable demise!”


“Suppose there is a gender wage gap. Why do leftists assume that mandating equal payment means that women will get paid more instead of it meaning that men will get paid less?”

“I don’t think they care either way.”

“Or that fewer women will be hired in the first place.”

“Leftists don’t even want it solved. They just want something to complain about.”

“John make 9.00 and hour while Susan makes 8.75.
If the wages are changed so that both John and Susan make 8.75 how much money was fucking redistributed?”

“25 cents from john to his employer”

“Play another MOBA, I recommend blizzard “Heroes of The Storm”.

The question is… Does other MOBAs also rig the match-making system? Blizzard also sells champions and skins…”

“I generally believe that a game is either
– everyone pays equally (buy box or subscription)
– openly P2W (gold ammo)
– rigged
So without checking I would say HotS is rigged. It would take some time to prove it. Maybe the devs are smarter than me and I can’t prove it, but I’m just as sure it’s rigged as I’m sure that aircraft trails don’t contain mind controlling chemicals.”

“Well done on the analysis. Sadly, we are living in a time where companies are specifically recruiting teams of psychologists whose sole job is to maximize profits for the company. They need to be subtle, and sophisticated, What Wargaming has done is to prey on the weakness of players who are easily manipulated by ‘incentives’ to improve. All they need to do is keep paying, and their computers will change their modifies to appease their egos. The player then feels like an emperor, he pays them and has his ego boosted as an alpha gamer of sorts. What a tragedy when he realises that his ego was based on a lie. His ‘skill’ never really existed. It was simply a delusion which wargaming happily cursed him with in exchange for hard-earned cash. Far from a winner, he is in the game of life the biggest loser, while the company laughs all the way to the bank. Thankfully there are independent thinkers like you who can see through the schemes. Wargaming are covert crooks, unfortunately. And I agree the basic game is quite fun, but the longevity is artificial as the imbalance in the mechanics force people to play and pay. I’m really sick of the fanboys who don’t even realise that they are being fleeced. They allowed themselves to be tricked and then defend those who tricked them. Complete foolishness, and contemptible short-sightedness.”

“Can I open up another point about this. Is it now the case that in general the law is lagging behind game development. In other transactions between clients and companies, there are various law-enforcement agencies that guarantee quality when we say buy food or deal with our banks (ha!, society has recently failed there, too). The freemium model is relatively new and I think the law doesn’t yet have the awareness to know how to control it. Surely it is now time that some kind of law and law agency is enforced to protect the gaming community. They should have unrestricted access to the codes of gaming companies in order to ensure fairness and no manipulation. They should be given total powers to make random checks on companies like Wargaming (a bit like food standards agencies have the power to randomly check any food retail outlet), and have a code of ethics and standards which they must abide by, or be closed down/penalised in some way. This would also restore the sense of trust gamers can have in their purchases. Lastly, it will prevent THE QUALITY OF THE GAME itself going into decline. I believe gamers should be shouting that this must be done, that they are not sheep to be lead into financial traps, and that proper and decent human rights is just as applicable in a gaming environment as well as in real life, especially when cash is involved. In the end, the people, the average gamer has the power to fight back and change the law for the better, and the problems we have been having with companies will end, their subterfuge will be neutralised, and they will be forced to be honest, or leave the industry altogether. That is a better future for gaming, and for all of us who play games….because WE LOVE THEM, and enjoy spending our free time on them! Also do we want kids being brought up in this kind of gaming environment, which is becoming in the wrong hands very corrupted? Let’s give them also a great experience playing in a fair environment where they are treated with respect by their gaming companies!”

“How one 31-year-old paid off $220,000 in student loans in 3 years

[…] Horton took a job as an operations manager at the nonprofit her mother runs […] Horton and her boyfriend tied the knot soon after the move. Horton’s mother gave the couple a condo that she had purchased at an auction as a wedding gift. […] Horton and her husband lived in the condo for three months, but then they decided to move in with her grandparents down the street and started renting out the condo to bring in extra income. […] To anyone who feels overwhelmed by the prospect of takingon student loans – or paying back any debt they’ve incurred – Horton has a simple message: “I just want them to feel empowered that they can pay it off. If I can do it, anybody can.”

“What is it about Ninendo and Zelda that attracts female gamers?”

“male zelda fans are pretty cancerous.

they are overly flamboyant about being a “gamer” but really they just sat around the last 6 years waiting for BOTW to come out

official zelda merch has increased tenfold in that last 6 years also, and the zelda fanboys bought it all up

females pretend to like games to attract males. but they don’t want to pretend to hard, because, well that’s work.

zelda fucbois are the berfect combination of chad and gamer-that-doesn’t-play-games and thats why you see them with girlfriends”

“This is bad science though.
You can’t “perceive” shit without the light reaching you, so it’s just really slow.
And light moves at the same speed no matter what, so it can’t “appear” and it can’t be “frozen.””

“its a comic book. its not real. stop trying to bring science into childrens reading material”

“That’s the problem with these things though, they don’t stop at “superpowers, deal with it”, but try to coat it in long paragraphs of pseudoscientific bullshit.”

“>The flash is really fucking fast, here look at the things he can do because he’s so fast



“It is our motto, ‘If we cannot bring up our children to think and do for us when we are old as we did for them when they were young, it is better not to rear them at all.’ But the Christian style is for children to expect their parents to do all for them, and then for the children to abandon the parents as soon as possible.

On the whole, the Christian way strikes us as decidedly an unnatural one; it is every one for himself–parents and children even. Imagine my feelings, if my own son, whom I loved better than my own life, for whom I had sacrificed all my comforts and luxury, should, through some selfish motive, go to law with me to get his share prematurely of my property, and even have me declared a lunatic, or have me arrested and imprisoned, to subserve his interest of intrigue! …

This is what keeps me the heathen I am! And I earnestly invite the Christians of America to come to Confucius.”

“>83% Of America’s Top High School Science Students Are The Children Of Immigrants

Now how many of those immigrants are the legal, highly qualified kind and how many are illegals? Failing to make that distinction is being intentionally misleading.

As I thought, here on work visas. Yet they try to use this to gin up sympathy for illegals.”

“It means that immigrants have smarter children. Which is no surprise. If the entrance criteria is so steep the people who pass will be higher quality than those already here, on average.”

“These are H-1B visa holders. They are hired mercenaries for corporations so corporate America can avoid paying higher wages for higher end jobs to Americans. These are outliers from the overseas, not the norm. H-1B visas cause more intelligent Americans not to be able to get higher paying jobs and therefore discourages them from having children. They are not good for our people.”

“So after the other day of him speaking candidly about Jews in his short video blog, he must have gotten a nice threatening phone call from his boss (((Ezra))) telling him to lie and demand he wasn’t saying what he was obviously saying.”

“I love how this video is a perfect line for line contradiction of his other video, WHICH WAS NOT TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT.”

“What’s interesting is how somebody so clearly in touch with all conspiracy activity out there from his years of honest journalism can be so blatantly full of shit. Just look at his face when he knows he’s lying. It’s hurting him. It’s like he has a wormtongue at his side.”

“He is like literally on camera blaming the Jews for holodomor yet still he denies it. I can’t imagine the level of self loathing he feels”

“Yeah we should attack him pretending to be hardcore Jew shills

“We know you think the Jews did the holodomor you vile antisemite crypto nazi!!””

“Jews at work, starving 11 million Ukrainians.
Soon they’ll being doing this to your family and your home and your nation.
The NYT still has its Pulitzer for the cover-up of this mass murder. In case you wonder why Germans of that era all of a sudden felt like having Jews in their country was not a good idea.”

“”The NYT still has its Pulitzer for the cover-up of this mass murder. “

What do you mean?”

“Journos for the NYT went to the USSR and told the world that everything was great and the people were happy and well fed and rumours of mass killing were false”

“>WJC takes credit for Amazon’s book banning; promises more to come

“I believe it was also the World Jewish Congress who demanded that the leaders of Golden Dawn be arrested on false charges, to which the Greek government immediately compiled.
This is the naked power of Jewry. This unelected conclave of rich and influential Jews demands, with success, that it’s will be imposed. Supposedly “sovereign” governments and “private” corporations comply without resistance or complaint.
False opposition like Colin Liddell will never mention or account for this, but will continue to pretend that Jewry only controls hollywood.

“We’re doing it to ourselves.”

Can’t have collaborators without an occupation.”

“poor jongles
forever alone like the rest of us”

“he’s still friends with Rita ;^)”

“”Uh you’re talking to women here…” who the fuck cares, you’re annoying as shit, get out of his car.”

“Goddamn these kike bitches think they can treat anybody they want like shit because they can post videos on YouTube and threaten people’s jobs with it. Good for this guy.”

“I would’ve taken her into an unsavory part of town and dropped her off to be raped by Congolese apes.”

“the t43 has been underwhelming since open beta, i’m surprised they haven’t biased it”

“You fail to realize that stratagey for how free to play games are designed. You gate desirable content behind soft or hard paywalls.

It is why they “rebalance” tanks that lead into newly introduced tanks.

Just about every tank line has one or more hard to get through tanks at tiers 6-9.

And for some reason tier 7 mediums are usually underwhelming.”

“These Defender shitters are killing the profitability of all my tier 8 premiums. Even if I get the chance to shoot at the Defender’s LFP, I still have to fire gold in my CDC to pen the “weak point”, so I’m losing credits by fighting them. The only way to make credits now is to run away from the Defenders and farm credits off the softer targets, leaving the rest of my team to get shit on by the OP fuckface Defenders instead.”

>he doesnt know how to deal with defenders.
t. Yellow”

“stop defending those fucking tanks you wg-cum guzzling retard

no matter how good you think you are, a tier 10 hull on a tier 8 tank is not okay”

>his mouth isnt dripping with Serbs cum all day
found the yellow”

“I think spotting at tier 6 and 7 is kind of fucked because those were the tiers where you were reliant on passive spotting to compete with higher-tier lights and mediums and WG’s crusade against camo and sniping has destroyed most of the passive scouting positions in the game.”

>havnt played this game in over a year
>Don’t recognize half the tanks in the Game
>Can’t remember where to go on any of the maps
>Always one of the first to die
>Struggling to do any damage
My highest tier tanks are tier 7-8

Should I just go back to tier 5ish until I figure out what the fuck I’m doing again”

“no the games meta has been changed so that shop bought premium tanks no longer just have one overpowered stat like viewrange, dpm or armour, pseudo-balanced by “low pen” now have the most powerful stats across the board.

two recent ones which define every game they are in, a buffed borsig (better mobility and gun handling) the skorpion prevents rush tactics.
and the defender, a buffed IS3: better gun, no weakspots, improved armour.

these have also been released with different names, such a defender and 252U, so more of them can be put into each battle, and players who bought them wont have to wait longer to join battles. which means if you’re playing tier6 and 7, you will now have more tier 8 matches so these customers can play their tank.

when you see these in the enemy lineup, which is most games @ tiers 6 – 10, and regardless of the players skill using the tank, the quantities on each team will determine the win/lose outcome of every game at tiers 6-8.

and at tier5, you will now face more e25 (matched at tier 6) with the same issues as above because they sold it at christmas.”

“so is wargaming finally cashing out on this ded game”

“commercially it makes sense to, the game is now so old, that its only really going to make more money from its existing player base, and releasing a $60 tank every month or so with more powerful stats is the easiest way to get money from them. it’s not a competitive game, it has no real stake in esports so they’re not going to lose much by making it full P2W.”

“After WG introducing the Defender/Objektu, why should I even bother playing above Tier V anymore? Seriously, who the fuck thought giving a VIII heavy 220 mm of effective lower hull armor was a good idea?!”

“Honestly, as long as you play above tier 7 you’re fine, unless you’re a medium and for some reason don’t load gold

But yeah, those two tiers are screwed”

“What if you play a tier 8 tank with less than 225 penetration? There are lots of those, and they have to spend a dickload of money spamming gold at Defenders to even do damage to them.”

>they have to spend a dickload of money
Congrats. You solved the riddle.”


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