2017 Feb 26 ~ Mar 06

“I honestly don’t know why women even need names. I think that was probably a mistake. All the rest follows from that.

[…] Men need names to establish an independent legal, economic and social identity, and also to record their deeds in the history books, so that the glory they win in life may long outlast their death. Women accomplish the same thing by creating the next generation. They don’t make history because they are too busy making the future. They also require no independent identity separate from husband or father. […]

It’s not much of an exaggeration to say there have been no notable female philosophers, economists, warriors, statesmen, explorers, pioneers, commanders, inventors, scientists, founders, entrepreneurs, etc… The few you will find, here and there, haven’t been all that notable, comparatively speaking. You wouldn’t lose very much at all from just discouraging or barring women from such pursuits; and you would gain quite a lot, in more traditionally feminine fields of endeavor.”

“Many left-wing Mexicans (particularly the most recent immigrants and anchor babies) maintain a couple of conflicting beliefs and ideas about themselves and about their new host country, namely:

1. Mexico is such a terrible shithole that forcing me to return is a crime against humanity, BUT
2. Mexicans are so amazing and hardworking that the United States would literally collapse without them, BUT
3. “We’re the growing majority and we’re going to turn the United States into Mexico”, BUT

4. Refer back to point 1.”

“Race denial, or race egalitarianism, is even more ridiculous than flat Earth, because the Earth at least SEEMS flat.”

“I believe the key to democracy is single identity electorate. I mean that (the vast majority of) the voters see themselves as “us” and this includes the voters of the other party. Hungarian people see themselves and each other as Hungarian. We see the other party voters as misguided good people and try to persuade them to join the “right way”. We might see the other party leaders liars and con-men and agents of Soros/Putin but we believe that their voters want the best for the Nation as a whole. So democracy can thrive in Hungary.

On the other hand if the electorate have several major identities and see the voters of the other party as “them”, you have trouble.”

“But somehow our society demands from everyone to aspire to become role-model,

pretty much this. If you can’t show that you waste money, time and brain cells on insignificant mass hoarding of certificates you are worth nothing! Right now look into the last 2-4 months don’t have some paper to prove your smart, funny, wicked, logical yet creative or some ” ” cert .. better hang yourself.

So of we go every few months, into shity and expensive seminars/webinars/coachings/etc beating everybody by getting awesome grades and the next cert. In secret we hope to finally have that network connection or getting that b.partner to hit big bucks big time.
I have a CS degree and worked dev stuff and quit some years ago and started working in a none-dev/none-IT job. After 5 months working I’m basically worthless on the IT market now. If you don’t run X side projects, write for Y blogs, maintain Z charity shit opensource stuff or hit the appstore every fucking second with the next insignificant moron app .. better drink bleach.

Aspiration as a motivator stopped working some many years ago in my early twenties. It hit me watching some old documentary about Amazon untouched tribes. I compared their days with my day juggling too many IT-dev-specific bullshit and always on the edge for not that much compensation. Be always flexible .. that buzzword meaning 24/7 hell. whenever and wherever you phone explodes in warnings/errors be in panic mode within seconds and 100% reliable to fix whatever remote tech needs my undivided attention too.”

“Blizzard politely said “lol nope” to the demand of Nostalrius to announce legacy servers on Blizzcon.

It happened despite there were negotiations and 50K players pledged to be paying customer on an official legacy server. I wasn’t among them, but if such server would come online, I’d probably return to WoW. Which is exactly what Blizzard doesn’t want. They don’t want people like me on their servers and they especially don’t want existing players move to those servers. Why?

Please understand that Vanilla servers would be a competing title to WoW: Legion. Ironically, this “new” game would be the one that the industry has been looking for a decade: a WoW-killer game. If it would go online, it would be very successful, even up to 2 M paying players. Every game dev would love such game. But Blizzard doesn’t, because it would kill their current 5.5M game WoW: Legion. […]

Would the Vanilla servers go up, Blizzard would bank on the first month from 1M returning players. But then another 1M would migrate from Legion and not some “random 1M”, but the best players. After their departure, there wouldn’t be people to boost the M&S. While Blizzard could nerf instances to the level of 5x M&S teams, it would not satisfy the M&S since it wouldn’t come with social acceptance. Legion would be “short bus” and everyone “cool” would be on the Vanilla server. So M&S would move to Vanilla too, break to red trying to take the candle of the kobolds in the starter zone and quit WoW all together.”

“If someone posts an error-fix, that shows good faith. If someone stealth-fix, that’s covering tracks.

Care to give another explanation?

But you seem to ignore the core problem: if 5T can simply fall between the cracks, than ANYTHING can happen. Such level of incompetence breeds corruption, since every wrongdoer feels safe. I can guarantee you that if 5T data corruption can go unnoticed in for half year, than every second dev will give 100Bs to their buddies just for a beer, since it will go unnoticed too. This is how people work. This is why responsible governments send army or large detachment of police to disaster sites to stop looters. They know that people will try to take a little expecting that no one can tell that it wasn’t destroyed by the disaster and without strong force these “little”s can add up into a looting mob.”

“the first one on scene sets the scene. If Quant moves first and without anyone prompting him writes “Sorry, mistakes were made”, I’d have hard time debating that. If I move first – as I did – and Quant comes later, his excuses seem like – excuses.”

“Yes, going Tweetfleet would have made a difference. Oh wait, I tried to run for CSM and … Falcon banned me from that. Xenuria, outspoken neo-nazi could run. I was the only person in the history of EVE besides a hacker who DDOS-ed the server who was banned from running for CSM. […] I was running for CSM with the legitimate platform that players getting insider info and influence on design is a very bad thing, therefore this should stop. And I was banned from it, because it would have harmed his business if too many people vote for me.”

“The blame is never on the suits. You must understand that the suit is not a moral actor, nor a decision maker. He is like the architect in the Matrix: a sophisticated, but still intelligence-less program trying to balance the equation. They evolved for one purpose: increase performance of a company. And they do, for a few quarters. It’s the job of the visionary to make sure that his creation is not an error to be optimized out.

The solution is not stomping your staff to the ground and yell “noobs shall not pass”. The problem is that player skill is a continuum so nerfing “just a little bit” will get you new players, so you don’t really know where to stomp your staff. The only Nash-equilibrium here in the eternal battle against suits is “everyone’s invited”, aka suits win (have you noticed that suits always win? It’s not by mistake.) The proper solution is everyone’s invited to play and designing the game from the scratch for both good and bad players. How to do it well? Let’s look at the real world! Does Adam’s grandmother tries to compete with Adam in his job? No. Does Adam’s grandmother performs some easy version mock of Adam’s job? No! She tends her garden, picks up Adam’s kids from school and cooks dinner for them while Adam and his wife are working. She also takes them for two weeks while Adam and his wife are on vacation to be man and woman again and not just dad and mom.

To design a good game, the bad players must have their own things to do, which are valuable on their own, but not the same as the things of the good players. […]

It is very important to point out that the “grandma’s playground” isn’t a ghetto just to keep her among the customers like pet battles in WoW. The problem with isolated playgrounds is sooner or later the suit will notice that playground A has more players than B and relocate resources to developing A. Remember “why should we develop content for 1%” quotes! Grandma’s playground must be a meaningful part of the game where she positively interact with Adam and Adam gladly exchanges the Sword of Uberness for the Grandma’s basket because with the basket he can get another sword faster than by keeping his sword.

Why is it crucially important that the rewards are exchanged between players of the various playgrounds? Because only that can guarantee that the competitive game is competitive at all as players ultimately compete for the rewards. Even if the game has challenging content, it’s irrelevant if the rewards are available with easier content. I don’t question that mythic raiding is hard. But I do question that mythic raiders are the best, simply because many players don’t bother with mythic raiding, since the same rewards will be dropped by the first murlock 2 months later. Similarly, I didn’t participate in BDO endgame, since I could get everything without even being in a guild. If the only way to get ilvl X is raiding in mythic or trading it with a mythic raider, than everyone would agree that mythic raiders are the best.”

“Imagine that there is a grazing field that can support 20 cows. There are multiple farmers using it. If they have a wise chief, they’ll have 20 happy cows ever after. If any of them hires a business consultant, well, that won’t be so good.”

“So people can and – by the little data we have – do ignore the community and interact with only the game. Yet invested players believe that the community (practically them and their friends) are an asset to the game company. Many forum posters claimed that BDO will be dead soon because the competitive community is leaving over P2W. Well, the truth is that even if all of them would leave at once, the rest of the players wouldn’t even noticed it. The workers would still provide resources, the mobs would still be there to grind and you could still craft crates. If I would be the only person on the server, but the devs would place randomly roaming avatar bots to Heidel and place some gear to buy for me on the marketplace, I wouldn’t know about it.

What Maxim wrote as extreme example is already the sad truth: games devolved into “fishers and whales” state and stopped being actual MMOs (where multitudes of players interact with each other) and became simply glorified single-player experiences with always-online requirement.”

“PvP games like World of Tanks or Clash of Clans can use free players as content for the paying players, I guess they could be replaced by bots and no one would notice. You are worth as much to a company as much you pay. If you pay nothing, you are treated as nothing. I learned that the hard way in EVE.”

“This is interesting, because people had something to chargeback. It’s not the “free players” (those who only bought the initial game) are upset. Almost all comment warrior starts with “I spent X dollars and I’m outraged”. How can you be outraged over (perceived) pay-to-win, after you paid to win?

Simple: players don’t want fairness, they want to buy advantage over other players. They gladly paid for extra lodging, horse breed reset, instant resurrection, XP scroll, marketplace tax cut backpack. They were not outraged, they happily opened their wallets to get ahead of the “scrubs”. Their problem is that while they could afford $50-100/month to get ahead of the others, they can’t afford going full whale, buying backpacks for the whole server for in-game credits. If these players wanted fair games, they could keep them alive by their subscriptions. No, they want advantage and their definition of “pay to win” is “letting people pay more than I can and beat me”. It’s the money equivalent of “everyone spending more time in the game is a no-lifer”.

Don’t get me wrong, these customers are mad and really mean to hurt the dev by getting their money back. But their “moral standpoint” is ridiculous: if I can afford it, it’s an OK convenience item, if I can’t afford it, it’s horrible P2W. This is why the gaming companies can’t do right: players want to be able to buy advantage, but don’t want anyone to buy more advantage then them. As “more than they can afford” is different for everyone, the devs can’t shoot for any price point. Damn if they P2W, damn if they don’t! “

“[T]he Gaussian bell curve sucks randomness out of life – which is why it is popular. Why? Because it allows certainties!”

“What does a free player brings to the table? In case of PvP-only games like World of Tanks or League of Legends he is the content: an underpowered punching bag.”

“Haha wow can you guys believe Donald Trump doesn’t like when people mock him? Haha what a loser right?”

“i want to be a cool rebellious kid who makes up a new scandal everyday in order to be relevant but Trump must still let me into his conferences

Freedom of speech does not equal freedom from consequences, unless those consequences affect myself”

“I like how he’s repeatedly leaked false scandals to make them look retarded and their comeback is “well you lied to me so you’re the idiot haha gotcha man ur dumb””

“Sports are games, the outcome depends on player skill. Except for “technical sports” like Formula 1. Here the player skill is secondary to the building of the racing car. The real competitors are not drivers but constructors. Do you claim that video games are technical sports where the real competitors are third party tool developers and the players using the client are just racers? If so, then why are they paying money instead of being paid by the constructor teams? Does this make any sense in an entertainment activity?

The only way out of this mess if we conclude that allowing “constructors” to exist in a video game is a bad idea and game developers must not support or even tolerate the existence of third party tools.”

“No doubt that any external research helps winning. My point isn’t that PLAYERS shouldn’t do it and only do gameplay (that’s M&S behavior) but that DEVELOPERS shouldn’t enable it by creating API that can only be utilized by professional external work.”

“in team sports the team as one wins or loses, but the strength of the team depends on the strength of the players. WoW raiding is a team sport. Put ArthasDKlol into a top raiding team and watch them wipe again and again and again.

In case of technical sports the performance of the individual players is secondary, often quite simple (pedal to the metal and keep the steering straight for drag race) and the performance of the equipment decides the outcome.

In team sports the team of better players win over the team of worse players. In technical sports the team with better equipment wins over the the team with worse.

Goon players weren’t better than TEST or N3 players. They merely had access to better API services. The Goon spies were not real human spies but API scrappers and analyzers.

EVE *meant to be* a team sport, but it isn’t. The road to win isn’t getting better players or even more players to your team, but better API tools. (Let’s ignore the “who corrupts Falcon harder” part).

The victory of GRR wasn’t because of having a better team (I didn’t have a team at all), but better killboard analysis (which needed API). After I published the results of the killboard analysis, anyone could finish the job, even a lowly RMTer.”

“Above all: as the game take place in the client, all available data should be available inside the client instead of on sites (even on the official site). Technocracy in a game is harmful as the competitive players will not play but analyze data instead. A game developer should obviously try to make people play the game instead of using EXCEL. The various EVE metagamers who proudly claimed not to log in were actually lost customers for CCP.”

“if a default raidframe is written, than raidframe is written and case is closed. Allowing players to write a “better” raidframe means that some players will have access to better UI than others, which is unfair advantage, unless you claim that video games are “technical sports” like Formula 1 car racing, where pilot skill is secondary to the carbuilding team. Ergo, devs SHOULDN’T make an API even if it can be made with zero effort.

If you have “better things to do” than stop organized criminals abusing your system, then you are complicit. If an armed criminal is hiding in the bush of my yard and I don’t call the police because “I had better things to do”, I go to jail.

Also – again – my point is that writing the API in the first place had no legitimate reason, so having it is a proof that they were cooperating with the criminals. This is also the point of the lawsuit. It’s true that the judge may rule otherwise.”

“AS A DEVELOPER, you should not allow players to use certain tools that are alien from the game. WoW should be a raiding game and not a logparse analyzer software developing game. By writing the API, the developer forces the competitive players to use it even if writing software is not their idea of gameplay. Even worse, I believe API is so powerful that someone NOT playing the game at all can be better in the game than those who play it (The Mittani for example)”

“All APIs must be removed because some can be used for criminal activity and all can be used to get advantages in games without actually playing them. They have no positives. They were created with lazy and dumb ideas: that

– players will make quality tools which is actually developer job
– players will make these tools available to the other players instead of using them for advantage.”

“of course the API user plays the game, he couldn’t use the advantage. He also need to be a high level player to even understand the problem. So Lance Armstrong cycled hard and trained hard, him using steroids is fine.

API can result in quality tools, thanks to the social “good souls”. Top Warcraft guilds are the “winners” of WoW. Claiming that they are irrelevant is like claiming that the Football World championship is irrelevant since only a tiny portion of football players participate.

But you still avoid the crucial issue: in a competitive game I must either do software development (which is a profession) or be at the mercy of my COMPETITORS that some of them are such a good soul that he hands me a copy of his IWIN button.”

“The MMO grinds are a kind of escapism for them into a social dreamworld, where you just have to “do your job” and be rewarded. Socials despise the unequal skills, taking risks and making choices. In their ideas all you need to do is follow the norms and do as everyone else. In the real world that leads to being a blue collar worker, while those “selfish assholes” get rich as experts and business owners.

Not in a grinding game! Here we are all equal and work hard together as brothers! Grinding Sausans is a good experience for socials. Not “fun”, but warm and cozy. With friends, it’s even fun. Finally a place where being a “selfish asshole” doesn’t help succeed! Except, look at that most selfish one with #1-2 wealth over his head (literally, as BDO places medals over your avatar)! Damn, it’s unfair! He must be grinding no life, there is no other way! Oh wait, he is 54. Oh wait, I’m already making more from the odd workers I have than from an hour of hard work! Damnit, this game sucks balls!”

“It seems to me that university professorship is a profoundly immoral business. It consists primarily, or at least inextricably, of crushing the dreams and aspirations of others. And it steals the name of Plato’s Academy for itself, while having nothing of the spirit of search for profound truth but of rancor and contention solely for rank.

And at least the ancient academicians were honorable slaveholders, it being no secret that they were supported parasitically off the population. But modern professors live no less off the labor of others but add to this by concealment and boasting that they are only compensated for the incredible value they have provided to society! They even complain that they are not nearly compensated enough, so important and beneficial are they to society. What a poor plight it must be to be by day master of many contending for your approval and by night to secure the goods and services of others to whom you have provided nothing.”

“>Appeals Court Says AR-15s Are Not Constitutionally Protected

Appeals court not constitutionally protected from AR-15″

“[T]he difference comes from the fact that creating gives you power (Goblinswarm is under my command), while destruction does not (the ruins of Goonswarm have no utility to anyone). I could use that power to enforce my narrative. I mean if a bunch of PL podcasters claim that Lenny made and controls Goblinswarm, I could just take PL moons until they back off or lose their ability to influence people.

In progress credits and visibility: every project starts from zero and progresses towards completion. In case of creating something, this progression is visible: no one can deny that Goblinswarm is growing in member count and kill numbers. This progress serves as proof that the project is on track. On the other hand destructive projects are invisible until completion. Goons could, and indeed do claim that the kills against them do absolutely nothing and since enough Goons claimed that, socials believed them. They kept claiming that small gang PvP does nothing even when SMA lost half of their members due to TISHU ganks.”

“Did any of these directly made me more powerful? No. Did they help me a lot to increase my earning power? Yes, so I get more in-game money now that I have more workers and can do more production without running out of slots. But hey, that’s just in-game money and you can grind it, since your time is free! This time I don’t argue with this nonsense, because the point isn’t what you can grind, the point is that I earn more in-game money after paying real money than I did before. So I clearly became more powerful than I was.

“Quality of life” purchases remove interruptions from play, therefore make you be able to gain power more efficiently. Sure, it’s still me who gains the power, but I do it faster now. So such payments are a multiplier. Your power gain is skill_gain*(1+payment_bonus). The first is probably more important, but ignoring the second is delusion. Imagine a drug that makes 1 hour training for an athlete as effective as 1.5 hours of training without it. It’s just quality of life, as the athlete still have to train, right? Oh wait, steroids do just that and they are banned from competitive athletics.”

“You seem to needlessly mingle the terms “wealth” and “capital”. Capital is money to be used for reinvestment, while wealth is more personal. One way wealth disparity could be kept under control is by keeping capital in the corporation.”

“theoretically true, practically irrelevant. As owners and managers control the corporation, it’s impossible to stop them to use its devices for personal purposes. The only limit is profitability, if they overdo it, they’ll go bankrupt.”

“With the growing indulgence of love matches, the very foundation of marriage has been eliminated, that which alone makes an institution of it. Never, absolutely never, can an institution be founded on an idiosyncrasy; one cannot, as I have said, found marriage on “love” – it can be founded on the sex drive, on the property drive (wife and child as property), on the drive to dominate, which continually organizes for itself the smallest structure of domination, the family, and which needs children and heirs to hold fast – physiologically too – to an attained measure of power, influence, and wealth, in order to prepare for long-range tasks, for a solidarity of instinct between the centuries. Marriage as an institution involves the affirmation of the largest and most enduring form of organization: when society cannot affirm itself as a whole, down to the most distant generations, then marriage has altogether no meaning. Modern marriage has lost its meaning – consequently one abolishes it.”

“Japan had attached the greatest importance to her industrialization as a means of solving her population problem and other problems arising therefrom, and also of affording her the wherewithal to buy foodstuffs and raw materials; but it has proved to be almost futile. The hard fact she is called upon to face is that since the world depression of 1929 almost all her former markets are either closed to her or protected by such high trade barriers as to make the entrance of her goods well-nigh hopeless. Indeed, it has involved her in a serious dilemma: she must either submit to be stifled within the narrow boundaries of her Island Empire or go forth in search of fresh markets in place of those that have been closed to her.

She refused to be stifled and accordingly chose the latter alternative. The new market that she fixed on as her objective appeared to be most promising both by reason of its geographical proximity and on account of the position Japan already occupies there. This was north China which, with its population of 76 million, offered almost as many prospective buyers of Japanese goods as Japan’s entire population. This means that Japan’s main economic advance has got to be made on the Asiatic continent with the inevitable corollary that any obstacle placed in her way will have to be removed if she is to continue to live.”

“From what I’ve noticed both on /ic/ and other art related communities, it’s actually kind of the oppsoite. The very best and the very worst are usually treated nicely, because the average either worship them as art gods, or have an opportunity to play teacher and show off how much better they are.

It’s usually the slightly above average to good artists who get the most abuse from average artists because when someone is slightly better than you, that’s where all the insecurities and self-doubt is manifesting and then you just want to tear them down.”

“This fucking face baffles me. It’s almost incomprehensibly ugly. It’s like some kind of fucking ugliness singularity. Nothing about it is really strange, and that’s what’s most amazing about it. It’s not freakish, just profoundly ugly. It’s too ugly to be attractive and yet not ugly enough to be humorous or interesting. This face could walk past me hand in hand with a guy who has buck teeth, a hook nose, bug-eyes, no chin, alopecia, and albinism and yet it’s this face I’d be grimacing at in disgust. This is the kind of weapons-grade black-market-plutonium ugliness you can only get with a room full of fucking scientists set to the task of making the most disgusting female face ever to stain the Earth with its sheer repulsiveness. The fact that Bioware managed to create such a monstrosity, presumably without the aid of a mad genius aesthetician branded with the unholy mark of Satan and cursed to do his work in the mortal plane, is nothing short of astounding. It’s hard to put my finger on any one feature as being the worst offender. Is it the raccoon eyes? The pug nose? The gormless dopey smile? The mound of fat at the base of her jaw? The weird skin texture that makes it look like she washes her face every morning with a hand-towel made of undercooked bacon? I’ve seen punchable faces before, and this is no punchable face. This is a face that I could not be persuaded to touch for any amount of time, for any amount of money. I am a worse person for having seen it. Jesus Christ.”

“Peebee is a masterclass in how to design an ugly, unattractive character. If you had told me there would be an ugly asari in the next Mass Effect game, I would’ve laughed. Asari are the most visually appealing of all the ME species – it even fits with the lore. But fuck, somehow they did it, and it is HORRIFYING.”

“>Why do they continue to make games that act like the person playing is a child?
Bioware has a fairly large female fanbase.”

“>It never ceases to amaze me how modern games juxtapose “so grim dark and mature and edgy” commercials then have gameplay that coddles the player like a newborn child with microcephaly.

Thats because the kids that buy consoles and play AAA games like to feel like mature, hardcore gaming adults, but they don’t like losing.

The games are easy so that these kids don’t get frustrated, and the commercials are grimdark so they can feel like they’re getting a mature game for mature gamers like themselves, unlike those BABBY games that autists play”

“Let’s be honest, here.

There’s a reason that this game is being released on March 21st. It is being pushed to that date come hell or high water by corporate because they want to get the product released and the week 1 sales in before the end the first financial quarter on the 31st.

This game is going to be a sloppy, buggy, unfinished mess released too soon for the sole purpose of bullshitting shareholders about its “success.””

“I think part of the problem is that they just scan people’s faces nowadays, and throw that shit into Maya and just expect it to look good.

The camera in maya/most game engines is waaayyy different from how stuff looks irl, so you get these weird ass women with big noses, shitty jawlines, and weirdly squished foreheads. It’s like when you take a photo using a phone camera vs. a dslr with a lens with a nicer focal length, the phone pic always looks weird and deformed.”

“I played through this game in Japanese and it made me realise something about the language which is absolutely impossible to translate.

When reading Sakurai’s dialogue you can see that with her text specifically, certain words which would normally be written in kanji are written using hiragana instead. I though it was to make the game easier at first but when other people used those same words they were written with kanji.

A bit further into the game I ask her what subject she’s good at in school and she tells me she’s terrible at Japanese and struggles to remember kanji.

That’s really cool.”

“So Mike Adams [Natural News] alleged in a Feb 17 video that he’d been told to attack Alex Jones or be destroyed. He didn’t, and doubled down on attacking the MSM/liberal establishment.

Feb 26th he was delisted from Google with no explanation or appeal.”

“[Y]ou can tell the media’s forcing something ‘viral’ when the first time you hear about it is from the media rather than encountering it naturally. The media is always behind organic internet culture by months if not years, the only way they can be this quick is if they’re creating it.”

“There’s a difference between what you need and what you want, and the media will always, relentlessly give you what you want. Do you know why you have such poor candidates every single election? Because you want them, you want someone you can easily judge for some sexual indiscretion or because they called latinos chicanos. “Well, that matters to us!” Then you got what you asked for.”

“>if I wanted to see this shit id just load up some SFM porn
The amusing part is how SFM has quite a few decent animators, unlike Bioware.”

“You see the key difference is, those people who make SFM porn are doing it because they enjoy it and have some skill, where as Bioware only hires people who went to college on daddies dime with no skill, but hold the paperwork to do it, thus Bioware gets free labor thanks to the college.


“It may very well be that people just cannot be bothered to diversify into ingot processing and are perfectly fine just leaving their character to process ores as they log off for the night or whatever.
It is lazy, but if people are fine with what they get out of it then it is not a problem.”

“they leave their character to process ore, that’s fine, they get shards. But there is absolutely no reason to sell the shards instead of just processing the shards next night (actually 4 nights of ore, 1 night of shard). They get more money for less clicks!”

“I found that people are willing to go to surprising extents just to avoid paying attention to more things.

If they don’t particularily care for more money or less clicks, then it makes perfect sense they’d save on having to pay attention.”

“”people are willing to go to surprising extents just to avoid paying attention” is a pretty accurate description of “moron””

“Funny how “If you kill your enemies they win” doesn’t apply to white, conservative Russia. “

“If I could unpair that level of desire with that level of despair, it would be the key the victory everywhere.”

“I love how they were screaming about how we need to fund NASA and do more exploration of Mars but the second Trump gets in office they do a complete 180.”

“The whole thing is like Trump. If you’re a politician who is dependent on donors, you cannot think or speak freely. If you have 10 billion dollars, then freedom of inquiry and speech is returned to you.”

“1) It is unacceptable for standing Senators to meet with foreign Ambassadors. -never an issue prior to today

2) Session’s meetings with the foreign ambassador were substantive. -not according to the DOJ

3) Sessions said during the DOJ hearing that he never had any contacts with the Russian ambassador in any setting. -false, the Wapo manipulated the transcript and every other outlet ran with it”

“>Obamas land $65M joint book deal; largest payment ever for presidential memoir

This is a payoff for services rendered to his true masters. Publishers aren’t doing well these days and no matter how submoronically liberal, even they aren’t going to sink their companies just to kiss ass with the Obamas.

They will NEVER recover this in sales. NEVER. But it doesn’t matter because the publishing deal is just a channel.”

“What is unicum?”

“Literally a rerolled account
Unica are cancerous, as if you kill them, they will tell you over and over about how their stats are better and how you’re trash because you aren’t a faggot like them”

“Also, these companies make you take a goddamn college entrance exam to cook fries, yet no one can get my order right.”

“That’s because anyone that actually passes the exam they avoid, they’re still hiring Deandre because he won’t quit after a month”

“So originally the CBC assumed it was the Council of Conservative Citizens of Canada (C4) that was behind the bomb threat at Concordia University and they got this information from a US leftist group. So now that the real perp is arrested and it turns out he is actually a Muslim we can assume that C4 will be getting an on air apology at the start of tomorrow’s 6:00 p.m. report.”

“C4 doesn’t exist. Hisham Saadi made it up.”

“All the Pinoy commentators are defending duterte while Europeans whine about how evil he is”

“But I thought artists always prided themselves on being controversial. That and people literally take comedians seriously when it comes to politics and even try to use their quotes in serious arguments. I see it all the fucking time my dude.”

“Yes, people echo and appreciate political statements from just about anyone when it aligns with their pre-existing political views. People like to be part of a circle jerk, even when it doesn’t advance their understanding of topics or challenge their views in a productive manner. You said you didn’t want to just tickle their pickles.”

“nothing screams “i’m going to clumsily and hamhandedly shove concepts and established symbolism together in ways that, while possibly novel to me, are cliched to anyone who’s actually well versed in the topics i’m attempting to explore” than “i want to make people think”, unless of course the thought you want people to think is “man, this some bullshit””

“people who take comedians as serious commentators tend to be idiots”

“i don’t know why but most people on tumblr/twitter don’t seem to have excess money? like i would say for very 1000 people on a hentai board one will pledge to you, while maybe excess of 5000-20000 on twitter/tumblr and you’ll be lucky to get one pledge.”

“The grasp of a man should exceed his reach”

“If Mexicans find it intolerable to live in a miserably poor overpopulated nation full of Mexicans, how can we condemn Americans for having the same view?”

“The accepted conclusion is that Americans have less of a right to avoid Mexican poverty than Mexicans do.”

“BP is doing a Netflix Original. Have they finally cracked the big leagues, or does he just need divorce money?”

“This week’s Rasmussen Poll found that 45% of voting Americans believe America is on the “right track.” This is higher than any week during the Obama presidency.”

“Monetizing games is a nasty business, because those who pay are necessarily bad players. Good players win by their skills and have no reason to pay for anything but the game access itself. It’s bad players who buy boost packs or enjoy high level play only as a viewer of some stream instead of being the player on it.”

“Does that mean that if you monetize, you are doomed to fail? Of course not, otherwise all real World companies would fail too. Monetizing works as long as you don’t plan to make waves. An RMT-er who silently rats with a dozen of bots in some rented system can go on for long. The ad-monetizing streamer who just roams with his followers with no goal besides “gudfites” can do it forever too. Monetizing isn’t impossible, what’s impossible is monetizing and doing something noteworthy.

You must decide: do you want to get rich, or do you want to make difference? You can have one, but can’t have both. If you try, you’ll have nothing, like The Mittani.”

“The question is: do you want to matter or do you want others think that you mattered. It’s likely you won’t have both.”

“But you can’t have a 40K rational group because you don’t have that many rationals. You need to work with socials and that needs strict rules to avoid slacking and stupid stuff”

“Apples to apples: if Japan surrenders anyway. By choosing bombings, 500K people, mostly civilians died. By choosing invasion we can’t know how many people would have died before the Japanese surrender, but we know for sure (from the Allied invasion of Germany) that most of them had been soldiers. While allied troops performed atrocities against civilians in Europe, mass killings were totally missing. Japan was obviously unable to kill allied civilians. Soldier casualties are generally considered better than civilian.

Oranges to oranges: Japan never surrenders. By choosing invasion 4M people would have died according to the plans (there is no point debating contemporary plans as the decision-makers had no better source). By bombings there is only one way to defeat a non-surrendering enemy: killing them to the last man. This is the fundamental problem: by choosing firebombings and nuclear attacks, the Allies decided to completely exterminate the Japanese nation if its leaders don’t surrender. Besides odd survivors and rural villagers, vast majority of the 70 million population would have been killed. […]

While one can mention that German cities were also fire-bombed with great civilian casualties, these war crimes were always secondary to the invasion plans and were mostly lobbied and performed by a small group of war criminals (like “Bomber” Harris) and were stopped after the public learned the results of the bombing of Dresden. In case of Japan, this was the only policy.”

“The point I want to make is that welfare and minimal wage don’t create idleness as hardliner capitalists claim: “if you can’t create $20 value a day but must be paid $20, you won’t be employed” or “why would anyone work for $20/day when he can earn $15 without work”. Don’t get me wrong, they are true, but I believe welfare and minimal wages merely reflect to and acknowledge the fact that “there is no point working for less than $20/day, since you need that money to live here”.”

“Hydrocarbons form a whole hydrosphere on Titan and are obviously not of an origin revolving around dead carbon based life. The notion that oil and coal are the byproduct of dead plants on Earth is ridiculous in that context.”


Basically you don’t want a Arkham knight problem where people think they can run the game on their toasters”

“They are trying, anon

That’s all we could ever ask of them.”

“No, we could ask them to stop being so shit”

“He is the bloody main antagonist. The entire story revolves around him chasing Ciri. Him not having any real character development is just plain undefensible.”

“Why should he have development? He’s an already well established character in both the novels and the first game. The only times he shows up are when he believes he can get Ciri, because he has no other reason to be in that world as of that moment.”

“Why would the antagonist of a story have any development in the story itself? Are you seriously asking this?”

“You’re arguing with people who genuinely think this is a great game. What do you expect to gain from such idiocy?”

“What is there to develop? Hecomes from a race of elves that believes they are superior to humans and the only good human is one in chains or in a mass grave. His planet is gonna freeze over in the near future so he wants to move his people to the games planet using Ciri to accomplish this. And of course this is bad cause all non-elves would be fucked.

Your goal in the game is to find Ciri before he does. He is just an evil fucking person who is also trying to save his race. That might make him a simplistic or a weak villian but he is still a villian”

“Maybe it would be hard to believe, but even Nazis had personalities with complex and nuanced motivations.

Turning Eredin into a generic evil bad guy is just extremely lazy writing.”

“Reminder that Meiya
– Would get up even more early than Sumika to sneak into your bed so she could cuddle next to you.
– Risked her life and pride as a woman trying to cook something for you.
– Was ready to give you her ticket out of Earth at the end of Unlimited.
– Would never transport you to another timeline so you can experience true suffering and despair over and over again.
– Even when you picked Sumika over her, she still wished nothing but your happiness, and vanished quietly from your life forever.”

“first time i played muv luv it was pretty obvious meiya was the better choice right away so i did her route but felt awful because of all the shit sumika gives you for ignoring her

then i did sumika route and learned she’s just as bratty and annoying in her own route when you’re being nice to her”

“>hates men
>hates babies
>wants to be seen as a woman”

“I like how “blind loyalty” also somehow implies that “seeing loyalty” to the same thing is invalid. Guilty either way. Might as well just attack the concept of loyalty. But then that’d be a little too obvious.”

“Pretty much everyone agrees that military invasions of other countries for more territory is wrong. For example, if the Germans invade and conquer Poland, and begin to settle Germans there, people think this is bad. But what about it makes it bad?

What if, instead of an armed invasion, a bunch of Germans simply immigrate to Poland and then democratically vote to have Poland join Germany?

The result appears to be precisely the same. Why, then, is the second considered acceptable and not the first?

Is it because in an armed invasion people die? Well, if the Poles would simply roll over and surrender when invaded, no one would die, so if that’s the only problem with armed invasion then it is the fault of the invaded country refusing to surrender.

What right are the Poles even trying to defend? The right to not be part of Germany? But we have already shown that they have no such right. If enough Germans move to Poland, then they can vote Poland into Germany.

So it seems the only gripe they can have is that they have become subject to Germany before having been outnumbered, rather than first being outnumbered and then being subject to Germany.

What should have happened is they should have peacefully stood by and watched as the Germans immigrated to their country unimpeded until the Poles were reduced to a minority and what was once Poland democratically annexed to Germany. That’s the right way to go about it.”

“Eyes are too small, nose too big, the cheekbones too.

Looks like a generic fat girl”

“That’s what it is.

It’s the way fat acceptance artists draw “fat girls” without the folds.

She has a “fat” face on an athletic body and it’s subconsciously jarring. like a compositional uncanny valley.

Believe it or not our faces can convey a lot as it pertains to our weight – even as little as 20lbs in body weight will be reflected to some degree in our face and while it’s not consciously apparent – subconsciously, much like body language, you can tell.

Her face is about 60lbs out of sync with her body.”

“Who the fuck cares?

Anyone who decides to buy a game based on how attractive the female characters are has fallen for the oldest marketing trick in the book.

Being a slave to developers who pay their artists to arrange polygons in the right way to excite your sexuality to make you overwhelmingly buy a game sure is good senpai.”

“Then how about they make the ugliest character possible. Make the main character a gray blob with no animation at all! Will you still be saying “I don’t care how she looks, stop falling for MARKETING TRICKS”?

Aesthetics are important.”

“If so the same could be said of all the idiots who bought it for having an ugly MC thinking they’re fighting a war instead of getting played by a publishers’s opportunism.
Enjoy feeling “betrayed” when they make attractive characters once again since, you know, sex sells.”

“There were the sarin attacks in the 90s.”

“Mass Islamic immigration: JUSTIFIED”

“We know Trump is not hiding anything illegal because he is audited every year. Gov. Huckabee said that he made his tax returns public and the liberals in his state got utterly obsessed with questioning every item on every page, to the point that it was a distraction from governing. Trump’s tax returns are around 5000 pages per year, I understand. Hillary released her tax returns and they are remarkably uninformative. The show things along the lines of the garden club in Dubai paying her a half million dollars for a speech. Liberals, of course, would never inquire further since it’s Hillary. I think that the way to investigate alleged scandals is like any other citizen. First provide some proof of wrongdoing, then have Congress or the the DOJ investigate. So, no the American people do not have a right to rummage through anyone’s closets, but if there is evidence, they have a right to an investigation. There is evidence that Russians hacked the DNC server, so that should be investigated. No evidence has been found of the Trump campaign colluding. ”

“Our friend at Berkeley is facing six felony charges. It’s obvious they want to nail him with one at minimum and that’s minimum jail time. The cops are obviously antifa. California is fucked. It’s bad news for anybody wanting to cause a stir there. You either allow yourself and others to get smashed and open your anus for a 6″4 tranny professor, or you go to jail.”

“”Free market works in theory” rings about as hollow to me as “Communism works in theory”; both assume to play god for just one moment to set everything up right and then everything else will fall into place. That god moment does not exist.”

“The core difference between this interviewer and myself was the attitude towards human being. My position is… “all human beings have “dirty desires”. Isn’t it better to be vented appropriately?”. On the contrary… Ms Susie(sic) stated this. “All human beings are naturally innocent and have no “dirty desires” and reading media… media depicting erotic, pedophilic, and gore contents will affect them to be corrupted”.”

“Dooley’s closing statement in the interview asks Nogami

Why don’t you Japanese people follow what the UK does?

Nogami rebuts:

Why don’t you British people follow Japan, since we’re more civilized, and have lower crime rate than the UK?”

“BBC: “Diversity is our strength goys! Islam is a religion of peace!”
Also BBC: “Them funny orientals need to conform to Anglo moral standards.””

“Bbc does this yearly
They did it last year
And they did it this year
They dont care for justice or being correct, as long as they gain attention, they’ll keep doing it”

“It bothers me how Western society is trying to accuse Japan of wrongdoings simply because of their cultural differences that Westerners have difficulty understanding.Eastern society lends itself to catering to human behavior, needs, and basic human rights, whereas Western society seems to be more obsessed with money and productivity than the value of a human life. ”

“>Berkeley against racism and sexism

Imagine having opinions this generic”

“/ourguy/ Kyle got fucked because he was easily identifiable and his parents weren’t cops. First 2 rules of black bloc:
1. Don’t be easily identifiable
2. Have daddy in a high up position
No point doing anything brazen if the law isn’t on your side”

“”In the descriptions of Asians missionaries would often write that the Japanese were a heavily melancholy people who would find solace in isolation, but were heavily controlling of their women.

The Chinese were described as industrious, outwardly cheerful and friendly but not genuinely so, and very mercantile.

The Koreans were described as quiet but easily offended and exceptionally superstitious

And finally the Mongolian were described as the most European of the asians but extremely untrusting.””

“They don’t want to be an honorary member of the West, unlike Russia. They’re quite happy to be Chinese and to remain as such. So when you tell them “you ought to do this, you ought to do that” they say “yes, thank you”. And in the back of their minds, “we’ve lasted 5000 years, have you?”

Beijing Olympics, if you watched it – what was the message? “5000 years. And don’t forget, we invented all these things. And we’re going to go ahead [and do the same] the next 5000 years.” It’s the only language where a language has survived 5000 years and the only country where the present generation shares the same basic thinking as the past. And they’re very proud of it. You read Hu Jintao’s speech on the 60th anniversary, it’s all translated on the web. What is it? We have 5000 years of civilization. We’re going to get there. And it’s a rousing speech. It may take us a long time, we’re going to work very hard… we’re going to do it.”

“Why are Western nations so eager to pit India and China against each other? Can’t there be a possibility that both can cooperate like how EU and US does? I do not want my country to be someone else’s pawn in containing the rise of Chinese. India is growing at its own pace and China is at its own. India can do things a lot better but like Mr. Lee said, India is at an inherent disadvantage of not being a homogeneous culture like China. India will deal with this problem in its own way. Give both of them space to grow. “

“Western strategy is divide and conquer.That’s why in Europe there is the European Union whereas in Asia the US is always instigating countries against countries.?”

“The only thing I disagree with Lee…Obama.?”

“You need to listen more carefully on what he said about Obama especially what he did not say about him.?”

“”What will you do when the war is over, if it is over?” he asked me. “Speak grammatically!”
“I will go to the States.”
“Are you married?”
“No, but I hope to be.”
“The more a fool you are,” he said. He seemed very angry. “A man must not marry.”
“Why, Signor Maggiore?”
“Don’t call me Signor Maggiore.”
“Why must not a man marry?”
“He cannot marry. He cannot marry,” he said angrily. “If he is to lose everything, he should not place himself in a position to lose that. He should not place himself in a position to lose. He should find things he cannot lose.””

“They have criticized the human rights records, the number of executions.”
“…They may believe… that if you are kind to drug traffickers, you get a better society. In America… they are changing their minds and they are sending people back to death row. In Singapore, before you land, the air hostess or steward will announce that there are very heavy penalties if you are found with a stated number of grams of certain prohibited drugs. And if you still come in with a few kilos of them, which will destroy hundreds, thousands of families, one death is too kind. Because you are killing that family every day for years and years and years where a daughter or a son is an addict.”

“But the per capita rate of executions is much higher in Singapore than the United States.”
“…Have you worked it out?”
“According to Amnesty International.”
“Have they worked it out? Per capita of what? Per capita of drug traffickers or per capita of population of Singapore? I am executing FOREIGN drug traffickers. Let me tell you the people who have been executed. Nigerians. Because Nigerians are the most unlikely of drug traffickers in an Asian society. Dutch women travelling with African men. Dutchmen travelling with Chinese women. How do you calculate “per capita”? Per capita of Dutchmen entering Singapore? Or per capita of Singaporeans against Dutchmen? What’s Amnesty talking about? Do they know what’s happening? Do they ask themselves what would happen if we send them all to prison for five to ten years, and we’ll have to make more prisons because there’ll be such an endless stream of them, and this is despite the death penalty, the rewards are so enormous, that people are willing to risk it. And why not?”

“Would you say that over the 31 years you were prime minister that you were a ruthless man?”
“[laughs] Do I look to you like a ruthless man? Here I am being filleted(?), excorcriated(?), and abused by you!”
“Merely asked questions, I thought.”
“No, but every one of them is barbed, (?), dipped in arsenic,”
“I’d like to think you were given a chance to answer any questions that were put to you-”
“Oh that’s what I’m offering myself for, oh, isn’t it. If I were a ruthless man, I would get you into a corner, and say, “Now, let me ask you some questions. …Why do you start with the assumption… that your interviewee is always dumb, and that you are always smarter than him? Why do you assume that asians are somehow unable to understand Western ways of life and that they would be so much better if they would become more like the West?””
“Do you think that’s the attitude of Westerners that you talk to?”
“Western interviewers, yes. But not all Western interviewers, because I’ve got many Western friends who know me very well, and we cease to look at each other as Easterners and Westerners. But when I meet an interviewer in a formal setting such as this, that’s the assumption.”

“If I had to identify a lowlight, though, all that I’ve mentioned pales in comparison to the monument outside of Buckingham Palace. The monument to Queen Victoria was unveiled in 1911, and I can scarcely describe how ornate and well-crafted it is. The central column where the stone-faced queen sits is surrounded by four figures, each accompanied by a lion. A female figure holding an olive branch represents Peace while Progress is featured as a naked youth with a torch. Agriculture and Industry are depicted as you might expect. Atop the central column is the winged goddess of victory, her angelic wings casting a shadow over the promenade that stretches ahead.

Swarming all over this monument, clambering upon its outer walls, dipping their grubby paws into its waters, were hundreds of people shouting in languages I couldn’t even identify, racially ambiguous mixes from here and there with selfie sticks to make sure their imposition upon a piece of history was immortalized. The naked torchbearer looks down on precious Progress and seems to smile. I can only see crows picking over a corpse. Not far from that very spot, and not far from the lines of shops selling royalty-themed tchotchkes, is the residence of the supposed Royal Family. There is no sacred character to anything here. It may have existed once, but it would be error to think the Royal Family is truly revered by even the native-born, let alone those who arrived by boat yesterday. A photo-opportunity is all they are. And as I looked upon this scene in front of the palace, I could only think to myself:

A far cry from the Forbidden City, isn’t it?”


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