2017 Feb 22 ~ 25

Up until a short while ago, my cutoffs have been “500 line breaks”. I use Notepad++ as my collector and that’s its most obvious indicator of length. Then because I was lazy or because quotes were shorter (in words) or some other reason, I extended it to 1000 line breaks. The day it passes 1000, I post it and start the next one.

This batch completely breaks all my general feelings and assumptions, since I found an extremely interesting blog with both a very high amount of content and a high ratio of good content where I almost always wanted to copy both the paragraph(s) of context and the operating/impact line, and because rather than a month or two months to get up to 1000 “lines”, it’s under a week, and I’m pretty sure the total length in number of words is way too long for one post.

I’ve noticed there’s another easy length counter at the bottom of N++: character count. I’ll be using it in the next post. 50,000 characters, maybe? I’ll have to fiddle around to see what’s a good length.


“An arrangement using national currencies instead of the US dollar requires sovereignty in central bank monetary policy. In many regards, India, Brazil and South Africa are (from the monetary standpoint) US proxy states, firmly aligned with IMF-World Bank-WTO economic diktats. […]

Moreover, while India is an ally of China and Russia under BRICS, it has entered into a new defense cooperation deal with the Pentagon which is (unofficially) directed against Russia and China. It is also cooperating with the US in aerospace technology. India constitutes the largest market (after Saudi Arabia) for the sale of US weapons systems. And all these transactions are in US dollars.”

“Liberals actually are suggesting removing protection for the First Family because it’s expensive, when we all realize it’s clear they want them all hostages or dead.”

“Because he is straightforward. You don’t need to catch clues, you get a HOT or NOT answer”

“As far as ‘free’ goes. I have a job and a limited life span. Anyone who thinks time is ‘free’ needs to re-calibrate their perception of reality. I feel way more sorry for the guy who spent weeks or months grinding his IS-3 and has to meet one of these things than I do for some guy who merely had to plunk down $50 and pay for their Patriot. To give you more perspective. Some guy earning $15/hr can buy a Patriot in about 4-5 hrs. Try grind out an IS-3 in that time. Time is free?…. your boss must love you.”

“The price of premium tanks is a whole different can of worms. They cost as much as whole new games at release, which is outrageous considering premium tanks don’t get anywhere near as much development time as full games, unless you consider rolling your face over the keyboard until random numbers and letters appear and go HEY VIKTOR LOOK I MAEK NEW PREMIUM TENK.”

“”So much for the tolerant left” vs “so much for the open minded right”
Who would win?”

“Africa has plenty of our resources left to be taken. Also the ocean would obviously spill into the continent.”

“Africa’s poverty has nothing to do with a lack of natural resources. In fact, the Standard Skype Theory to explain its poverty is the “resource curse”, that they have too many natural resources so they never industrialized. It’s bullshit because Googles lack the cognitive capacity to industrialize, but it does illustrate why this picture is also bullshit.”

“People talk about the great divergence as if the Europeans exploring the world, conquering native peoples, and gathering and discovering new ways to exploit resources was just a simple act of lucky parasitism and was not an impressive feat in itself.

If Europe got rich off Africa’s resources, one must answer why Africans never exploited the resources themselves, especially considering they didn’t have to travel great distances and go up against powerful diseases they lacked immunity to like the Europeans did.”

“Just in: Guy who said fake news is dangerous says criticizing fake news is dangerous”

“Paris is burning as Muslim refugees riot.
13 out of 15 stories on CNN’s front page are about how Trump is evil. The other two are celebrity gossip.”

“Released in 2001, “Behind Enemy Lines,” starring Owen Wilson and Gene Hackman was loosely based on O’Grady’s story. He did not like the way they portrayed him. A brash, show-off pilot who cussed? He had a master’s degree in theology, was a motivational speaker, and mentored children!”

“AF tradition that a pilot that punches out, if he survives, takes the chute rigger and his family out to dinner. O’Grady gave the rigger a SIGNED PICTURE OF HIMSELF. WTF. I saw it with my own eyes. Aviano AB 99. What a d bag. Everyone on base hated that guy and he relished in the fame. We all knew he screwed up and even the pilots talked about it.”

>CNN’s Don Lemon Walks Off Show After Guest Accuses Him Of Reporting Fake News

Didn’t CNN practically invent that label?”

“Stop the presses a race-mixing homosexual Jew has disturbing and unusual sexual boundaries I totally didn’t see that coming what a shocker wow”

“The reason it’s a big deal and the (((media))) keeps hammering it is because they finally got something to pin Milo “leader of the Alt right and Hitler’s genetic son himself, trust us goyim” Yiannopoulos to the wall and make anyone who supports him a labeled pedophile.

The media has been trying for years to get a label to stick to him and they finally found it with pedophile – even though the same Jews praise George Tekai and lena dunham for saying the same things as Milo did as Brave and empowered.

It’s amazing to see the Jews work to try and take down someone while praising their friends for the same thing said almost 1:1″

“BRZEZINSKI: “Well, I think that the dangerous, you know, edges here are that he is trying to undermine the media and trying to make up his own facts. And it could be that while unemployment and the economy worsens, he could have undermined the messaging so much that he can actually control exactly what people think. And that, that is our job.””

“He irritates me more than often, making sentences longer than need to be and going into absolutely everything, much too gabby. The ideal son-in-law. He just doesn’t come over genuine anymore, there were clips of him raging about idiots and red players who annoyed him but no sign of that now.”

“[…] Also QB is licking WG’s butt. If we listen to him the game has no flaws and nothing is broken except arty (but I suspect its just to keep enough people interested in his opinion). Everytime there is something obviously wrong he tries to either avoid it or defend WG in some way ; I dont think he ever directly criticized WG saying they failed to do something properly, at worse he says it “maybe isnt the best”, when the thing is actualy “obviously wrong and a clear mistake from WG”.

The guy is a good player, however he is a terrible reviewer. Maybe he just tries to be as objective as possible but at some point you gotta call things what they are, if saying “this is bad” is so hard for him maybe he should just stick to playing and stop reviewing anything.”

“As the severity of the drought increased and deepened into the middle of the decade, California was ‘predictably’ plagued by a rash of wildfires. The four corners of the state and everyplace in between saw brush fires, grass fires and forest fires come and go with such frequency that some thought a pyromaniac with a flame thrower was on the loose.
As it turns out, an unusual number of these fires were either started by arson or caused by very strange circumstances. The question still remains: Who were these arsonists really working for?

Now California quite curiously finds itself in the middle of what is perhaps it greatest manmade disaster of the year. The Oroville Dam Spillway north of Sacramento is under serious threat of collapse which would send torrents of raging water cascading through Butte County and beyond.

This extremely serious calamity-in-the-making did not just occur due to the untimely and overwhelming forces of nature. The circumstantial evidence points directly to a combination of weather modification via geoengineering and deliberate civil engineering techniques. Really, how does such an emergency evacuation of nearly 200,000 residents in Butte County occur practically overnight, except by the agency of disaster capitalism?”

“We need 25 liters of water per day. But we are using—in the United States—400 liters per capita per day. So this 380 liters, I don’t think this is a human right, and this should have a price. Why? Because if you do not put a price, we will not make the investments which are necessary in order to use the most precious of resources in a more responsible manner….”

Brabeck’s monstrous claim—that 1% of current water use is a “right” which should be provided by governments, and the availability of the other 99% of use should depend on its price—has two gross lies embedded in it. The first is being proven by Nestle in Sacramento every day. It is using the natural water supplies of the area, not responsibly, but extremely wastefully, because it can bring a high price in private sale. This, in a word, is the story of privatized water systems all over the world during the past 30 years. The high price cuts off the access and perhaps the lives of lower-income people, while wasting the water.

Brabeck’s second lie concerns the human race. He claims that mankind does not invest time and resources into scientific and technological progress—expressed as new infrastructure—unless tht commands a high money price for private investors. The extraordinary water supply and management infrastructure of the American West—built for the most part through the Bureau of Reclamation, Reconstruction Finance Corporation, Works Progress Administration, Civilian Conservation Corps, Army Corps of Engineers, and continued through the period of JFK’s Presidency, as by then-California Gov. Pat Brown—proves this is false. What we are going to do to revolutionize water management around the Pacific Rim in the future, proves it is false. And water privatization’s history of failures proves it is false.”

“An emerging worldwide water crisis is creating serious profit opportunities for those in the know. If you play it right, the results of this impending water crisis can be very good.”

“Water as an asset class will, in my view, become eventually the single most important physical-commodity based asset class, dwarfing oil, copper, agricultural commodities and precious metals.”

“Under a market approach, regulators set a cap on the total amount of water that can be used in a given area. The right to use a certain portion of this amount is granted to different water users, including farmers and utilities. Water users who use less than their allotted amount can sell the surplus to other water users at a profit, encouraging conservation and investment in more water-efficient technologies and processes.”

The Enron electricity smash-and-grab in California showed that users do not sell to homely “other users,” but to financial brokerages like Enron, creating infrastructural chaos and price hyperinflation for superprofits.”

“The main method in World Of Tanks for game rigging is predetermining the winner and the loser by using unbalanced teams. If the teams are very unequal by skill or by composition (tier spread, tanks upgrade state) then predicting the winner becomes very easy. In sports it is mandatory that the contestants are equally matched – otherwise it’s not a sport event but a slaughter. How would you do in a 100 m sprint or in a heavyweight boxing match or in a game of chess at Olympic level? Kind of puts a smile in your face, right? Well, there’s no smiles when WOT creates games where the teams are as unequal as they are. Unequal teams in World Of Tanks is current reality (Armored Warfare on the other hand is supposed to have balanced matches by design).

Teams in WOT are created by games matchmaker (MM) that in actuality rigs the games so that the playing of a game becomes pure formality (the teams are so unbalanced that the game usually cannot be turned around even by some heroic playing and the stronger team wins easily). No active rigging is actually necessary for achieving unequal teams – it is quite possible that the games matchmaker chooses teams randomly just as the WOT’s official MM video states. Random selection process would explain unequal teams very well and as such cannot be called rigging.

Randomly selected unbalanced teams doesn’t look like rigging but just looks like some bad game desig or bad coding. Well, are we supposed to believe that a multi-million dollar company like Wargaming can’t create equal teams in their games matchmaker while kids playing in the yard can create equal teams very easily?? Yeah, sure. Only reasonable explanation is that WOT’s MM creates unequal teams on purpose. Like I said, teams may technically be created as random selection which creates inequality by nature, but the fact that they are not trying to create at least somewhat equal teams speaks volumes.

The purpose of unequal teams is simple – the game can now determine who will lose and who will win. After (supposedly) random selection of teams there will most likely be some adjustments. If you are in a grinding process of a new tank you will probably be but to the losing side of the game, if you are capable player with an elited tank (or a protected player) the MM will likely move you to the winning team. It may well be that if one could examine the MM code there would be no active rigging mechanisms to be found – MM just waits until it finds “suitable” game for you. WG wont break your leg – it just waits until you break it by accident and then you got your big chance running 100 m in the World Championship.

There are some player observations that you should take into consideration, for example, if you press “Random game” and wait in the queue for tens of seconds there is a strong possibility that you will be put into the losing side of the game. If you get constantly on the matches so that the queue counter stays on the zero there’s a good chance for a win. Another clue about how the game will treat you is the heavy tank balance in your games. If your team has constantly two, three or even four times less heavy tanks than enemy team, you’r in for it. That’s it, up to FOUR TIMES DIFFERENCE.

Kids can easily choose teams that have four-, five- and six-graders all equally distributed between teams (not all four-graders against all five- and six-graders), but Wargaming can’t – they put two heavy tanks into one team and eight heavy tanks into opposing team. That’s WOT’s MM and team balance for you!”

“If you think about it, you’ll see that there’s something there. Why is the games matchmaker broken and rigging so transparent? Why won’t they fix things? Well, it could well be that it is because the game actually is “working as intended”. Pleasing and pleasant things get bland quickly. Think about it, why do you keep returning to the game? Yes, it is a good game but there’s something more. You have not BEAT THE GAME yet. That’s why we keep playing it. It challenges us, rigged or not. WOT is not trying to please it’s players, it tries to frustrate them. Thats more effective tool for departing us from our money than pleasing. Not equality but inequality: the game does not force 50% winrate – it is much more likely that the game tries to spread out the winrate scale instead of compressing it. In reality skill spread of the playerbase may be narrower than the current winrate spread of the game – game spreads the playerbase wider on the skill scale than it really is.”

“One of WOT’s main sources of money is undeniably their great audience of mainly casual players. Therefore they must do everything to please that audience. So if a casual player goes live after a exhausting week at work or school or is lured in by 3x and 5x exp. events WOT will try to please him so he will come back for more later. When a casual player gets “hooked” he will start grinding for more tanks – then the rigging will kick in and our ex-casual player will open his wallet out of sheer frustration. But the game needs to get him hooked first. Best way to do it is to enable him to have some good times in the game. Everybody loves winning. Winning makes us feel good. All we ever need from this life is to be better than our fellow man. Please a casual player, let him win, make him feel good about himself, get him hooked, then frustrate him some and CASH IN.

If a casual player gets to win more of his games, then who are those that will need to lose more? Protected players? Nope, in relation to the whole playerbase this is an extremely small group of players. For pleasing the casual weekend players WOT needs a group as big as they are. And that group is..? Yes, you guessed it, it’s your basic everyday players who gets to bite the bullet. As the weekenders come in, regular Joes will start to lose. Go to WOT forums and confirm it, please. Everybody agrees that in the weekends they will lose more. That’s because WOT forum dwellers are relatively experienced “old-timers”. The usual reason given for low winrate on the weekends is that level of play is low (because of the casual players). But low level of play does not mean that YOU should lose more. In a non-rigged system quality of teams would have no bearing to your personal winrate, because teams would be (on average) still equal. Only reason why experienced players have it hard on the weekends is that they have been put to teams destined to lose to weekend players.

There’s even uglier side to being a dedicated WOT player than described above. If a player has lot of games under his belt he becomes a liability for World Of Tanks – like a lemon that’s been squeezed try. No money from him, he’s seen too much and his enthusiasm for paying anything to WOT has been greatly diminished. Those players will be cannon fodder for all their playing time. They have tens of thousands of games played (from what I’ve heard, this mechanism may take effect beyond 30 000 games) and their short time winrate may be very low without being much noticed in their all-time winrate. But the player will see that he is constantly put into losing teams (see Rigging mechanisms). One day he will just stop playing WOT because every injustice must be stopped somehow.”

“Capped winrate causes a very noticeable rigging effect when the cap has been reached.Whenever your global winrate gets higher than your current allowed winrate (winrate cap value), you will start to get extremely one-sided games (see Unbalanced teams). Basically, you will have forced losses as long as your winrate falls sufficiently below your winrate cap. After that you can have good games, until you reach the cap again.Therefore, capped winrate causes very noticeable winrate cycling near the winrate cap. There’s nothing ‘random’ about that winrate cycling and is typical result of feedback-controlled loop at work, like it is used in so many electrical circuits, for example.

When your winrate cap gets changed (e.g. you reached 5500 games) and is now higher than before, you may find that your every-day winrate rises sky-high as your global winrate slowly crawls to the new cap value. I have had few of those strange periods in my WOT history. Those extremely high winrate periods that may last several days or several hundred games, reveal the rigged nature of the game better than any other signs and observations.

Capped winrate may be our easiest way to demonstrate that the WOT is, in fact, rigged. You can check it yourself quite easily: whenever your global winrate gets stuck to a certain value, play only your tanks that have well-established winrate HIGHER than the winrate cap value. You’ll notice that you can’t achieve their ordinary winrate with any of them. That is pure nonsense, of course, and is clear sign of the rigging.

For example, if you have reached your capped winrate at 51.4% (notice that winrate cap is always a fairly round number, not 50.39, not 51.44 but 51.40, as in this example) then play your good tanks – you may have a 55%, 58% and a 61% tank in your garage. Take notice how you can’t achieve better than 51.4% winrate with any of them! In truly random system those kind of results would be extremely rare and are excellent proof of capped winrate and the fact that World Of Tanks is a rigged game.”

“Important note: having a rating system without official rating ladder (hidden rating) is a severe case of cheating, as one player must play much better to win the next battle, but it is considered equal by participants and spectators. Winning at 2300 rating is much bigger task – therefore bigger feat – than winning at 800 rating. Hiding the rating will equalize the two – very unequal – performances.”

“While it should be obvious, I write it down: cheating in a game is bad, as it takes away the chance to experience flow by destroying one of its necessary elements: “a sense of personal control or agency over the situation or activity”. A game against a cheater is frustrating and no one wants to do that. Cheating is grounds to be banned from the game in practically any games. Cheating in a game where the reward is real world money (like poker in a casino) is considered a crime in several countries. Finally, while the game provider is free to set any rules in its own game, they must be made publicly so the players can choose to not play that game. If the rules are hidden, especially if they are against commonly accepted norms of gaming, they are cheats and must be treated accordingly. One can create a roulette machine that never gives black. But one can’t place it to a casino without explicitly informing the players as they would play under the commonly accepted custom of black having 50% chance.”

“In other words “Here, aim at these pixels while he is too busy standing still and waiting for it”.

Weakspots. Right.”

“I always bounce rounds off the M7, ALWAYS. It does not matter what angle i shoot the bloody thing on the first shot will always bounce. And bouncing kill shots happen all the time!!! My best kill tally in one match is 9. I have missed out on ten kills many many many times as my rounds will just bounce of my 10th 11th or 12th target. The worst was sitting on 9 kills and shooting five times at at T57 side on at 200 mtrs in the open. Miss bounce miss bounce bounce… How exactly does a 76mm projectile fail to pen 10mm armor? What did i have, a spud gun?”


sometimes i am a real sniper. It is not important if an enemy stays 100 or 350m away from me. 4 from 5 shells hit.
Five games later with the same vehicle, on the same map it seems as if I forget what I learned. 4 from 5 shells flies everywhere but not to goal.

Its random, ofcourse, but why is it per game and not per shot.”

“Game is rigged? No.
What it does is mitigate skill level in two places:

1)Randomness of shots/penetration/module damage. You can’t shoot more accurately than your gun allows. You can miss, bounce or not light up the engine regardless of skill level.

2) In a random battle you’re just 1 dude in a team of 14. No matter how good you are you can only pull so much weight in the match.

3) Your impact on the battle can be further lessened/increased if you’re in a lower tier tank facing higher tiers or vice versa. Which is also random.

In other words the game does a fine job of making everyone more or less equal in the long run. And it’s legit.

With these three in place you’ll always end up in the 46-55% range unless you play in a strong group of 3 all the time. And even that won’t help that much.

Rigging the game would just be too complicated, and unnecessary since Wargamimg get the same results with plain and simple probability and statistics math. It would also be crazily risky if shit hits the fan.

tl;dr game is designed so you can’t be the hero all the time in random battles, in the long run all players perform roughly the same. You can’t have your “I’m superior and you’re all scrubs” shit there so deal with it or better yet – quit as you did :)”

“she’s right

it can’t be a bug if it’s a feature”

“its very simple. there are a bunch of us running around who know the game a lot better than you do and we dominate those tiers regardless of how bad our team mates are. “

“I have seen patterns in the game for some time now. Some days I win almost every match. I will one hit tanks at full health and finish with 8 destroyed tanks. Other days I will be up against the very same tanks and I am doing 20 or 30 damage and missing most of the shots. There is no way I could be randomly loosing by a land slide for 5 hours strait one day and winning all day by a land slide the next day. I have also been looking at other peoples stats and have noticed they are having the same thing happen.”

“I regret giving money to this bullshit and above all it started like a fun free to play game and after progressing it only makes you anxious and poor.I was nostalgic of the good times of fun i had playing in low tiers and then magically WG started exploiting my addiction to a fine game by making me pay to win or even progress struggling.”

“With so much of the player base all experiencing the same things then it can no longer be attributed to random occurrence and must be attributed to mechanics.

MM aside, my friends and I have also noticed what seems to be a performance nerf/boost cycle. This seems to be based on previous recent performance.

All in all the MM system is WOT is garbage. Maybe it’s exactly what WG wanted but as a player who’s generally dominant in all video games I don’t like it.

I don’t like the idea of my fate being pre-determined by a garbage system that’s designed to boost the ego’s of garbage players.

People troll these kind of topics on forums because they are those exact people. Or they reside within a clan who engages in a lot of CW and aren’t typically subjected to being stuck with the bad teams.

Whatever the case may be i’ve experienced both ends of the spectrum. At one point I had a 57% W/L… left the clan and stopped with CW and now i’m sticking at 50%.”

“One more point is funny: I don’t read here many comments against that rigging-theory, most do agree. On the other side, when such a topic is posted on the WoT forums, one will be flamed to death. It seems WGs employees are advised to keep such theories away (mostly with the RNG theory, 25% statistics shit). And well, it’s nearly impossible to proove the opposite despite players experience.

Sure there are players with 55% or 65% WR overall. But WG can’t nerf them anymore, because bringing such players back to 50% would mean constant looses, which would probably mean they would stop playing at all. And still, as mentioned above, even with “bad” setup a good player can win a round (but i know it’s damn hard work then when your shots don’t hit, don’t do damage and your tank catches fire every shell).”

“WoT is….well Idk whether it’s rigged or not. But I’ve experienced something unusual in WoT. In a 6-8 tiers capture the flag battle, we’re overpowered with IS -3 n’ tigers , and our enemies only had shets, medium tanks, n’ a bunch of M6s.

After awhile, when I was winning 8 vs 7, all of a sudden, my teammates acted like newbies and spreading like crazy across the map considering that they’ve killed 2 or 1 tanks, n’ leaving all of the enemies inside the flag area with only me defending the flag. Only me defending the flag with T-150.

But what a fooking miracle, that time my shots hit 100% damage against their T34 frontal turret armor. FRONTAL T34 TURRET with my 107mm. I managed to kill 4 of em’ leaving only KV-2 , M6,and a hellcat.

All of the sudden, my shots missed n’ missed n’ bounced and leaving me with low health then died -__-

And how fooking unfortunate that our IS-3 shots at M6 legit side armor, LEGIT SIDE ARMOR at 90degrees, with his derp cannons and did 0% damage knowing that M6 has a low side armor, and look how easily M6 can penetrated the frontal armor of IS-3 with his stock cannon -__-
And of course we lost.

Looks like the mechanics that they made doesn’t work quite well in some matches including this one, and They should fix this matchmaking too real quick, or else, people won’t give a fuck to this game n’ just randomly leave.”

“Win rate of the marder 2 : Simplest explanation is that the marder 2 is a very good tank for it’s tier.”

You sir, do not take into account that on average other marders in the other team would nullify any advantage.”

“My account was suspended. The last tweet for which I got locked was from 2015. I think it’s obvious that no one complained about that three years later. You went searchign through my tweets for a pretext. I understand you wanted to ban members of #frogtwitter to coordinate with a pre-planned contrived narrative to promte “swoleleft” (lol) but, like other trends you try to push, nothing will come of this. And you’ve embaressed yourselves by being so transparent.

In any case, for my own privacy I was going to erase all my tweets from befoer a couple of months ago, so if you really are arguing in good faith that my tweets from 2014 are triggering huemans today, it shouldn’t be an issue anymore once you reinstate my account. All old tweets will be erased and lately I haven’t been engaging the journalists and others you were designed to protect–they, like you, are so boring that it’s no longer a pleasure to press their buttons.

Otherwise, I will take it to mean that you banned me, and also menaquinone4 and others because of our political opinions. I should mention that (left-leaning) journalists have contacted us both and are very interested in your suppression of political diversity.”

>watching fast fetus preview for the 252U

Wow, I can’t believe this tank is absolutely shit when showing its side to two t10 autoloaders. Wtf, no money from me on this one, jewgaming.”

“and people trying to defend it too rofl
>but t10 mediums can pen its lfp if you expose it, so its balanced at tier 8

>see I had a mediocre game in it, it’s balanced

“hes in full shill mode
this tank is literally tard proof

he was suicide rushing in every other game while testing 252 and then he says shit like, well it doesnt hold up to t10 autoloaders, not op guyz”

“>tanks balanced to some horrible limbo between tiers
>can either buff them a little and uptier them or nerf them a little and downtier them
>hit them with a sledgehammer instead while simultaneously releasing increasingly broken premiums”

“>tfw I have a 1200 damage, 3000 wn8 game in my AMX 1357 without firing a single premium round
>feels good man
>tfw I still only make 19k credits on a great game
>feels bad man
This tank seriously needs a buff to its profitability.”

“>thinks 1200 dmg in a tier 7 is good


“In an AMX 1357 it is a good game. My average damage in my Bulldog is literally 600 dpg higher than in my 1357, and I have five crew skills on my 1357 (it’s my 1390 crew) vs. two on my Bulldog. If I have to work this fucking hard to get damage on the 1357, I should at least get decent credits when I do get some damage in it. I get 20k credits per game in my fucking T-28E at tier 4, so why does the 1357 make such garbage ass credits?”

“>I should be rewarded for doing nothing”

“You can literally queue up your Lowe over and over with a bot and make more credits than you can make playing the AMX 1357 at a unicum level.”

“The worst thing about blues?

Not a single one of them can admit they fucked a match.

Most annoying players in the game.

A green can at least admit when he fucks shit up, even a yellow.”

>FastyToddler playing buffed tanks
>is driving with 20kph

has he some distorted view of reality?”

“He experiences WoT through Shill-o-Vision™”

“This “America is more divided than ever” meme is wrong. While technically true it is dishonest, it gives the false impression that both parties at fault. While what has happened is “real” America has mostly just stayed the same the past 50 years, while the liberal hotspots like NY and California have been pushing leftwards non-stop, and at the same time becoming more and more insulated from the rest of the country. When you look at the blatantly biased and fake news and you ask “who could possibly believe this”, the answer is naturally “New Yorkers and Californians”. So the “division” of America is a lie by omission. The real truth of the matter is NY and California are becoming more and more insulated, and at a rapid pace.”

“If capital ought no longer to produce interest, who will be willing to create the instruments of labour, the materials and the provisions of every kind that are involved in it? Every one will consume his proportion, and the human race will never advance a step. Capital will be no longer formed, since there will be no interest in forming it.”

“A strange equivocation indeed! Is there no advantage to the ploughman in producing as much as possible, even though he exchanges its yield for no more than an equal value paid once, without rent or interest on capital? Is there no advantage to the industrialist in doubling or tripling his produce, even though he sells it for no more than an equivalent sum handed over once, without any interest on capital? Will 100,000 francs cease to be worth 100,000 francs because they produce no more interest? Will 500,000 francs in land, in houses, in machines or anything else cease to be 500,000 francs because one can no longer draw interest from them? In a word, will wealth, under whatever form and however acquired, cease to be wealth as soon as I am no longer able to make use of it to plunder other people?”

“I suggested imagining yourself in the shoes of a Jew in czarist Russia. The big news story is about a Jewish man who killed a Christian child. As far as you can tell the story is true. It’s just disappointing that everyone who tells it is describing it as “A Jew killed a Christian kid today”. You don’t want to make a big deal over this, because no one is saying anything objectionable like “And so all Jews are evil”. Besides you’d hate to inject identity politics into this obvious tragedy. It just sort of makes you uncomfortable.

The next day you hear that the local priest is giving a sermon on how the Jews killed Christ. This statement seems historically plausible, and it’s part of the Christian religion, and no one is implying it says anything about the Jews today. You’d hate to be the guy who barges in and tries to tell the Christians what Biblical facts they can and can’t include in their sermons just because they offend you. It would make you an annoying busybody. So again you just get uncomfortable.

The next day you hear people complain about the greedy Jewish bankers who are ruining the world economy. And really a disproportionate number of bankers are Jewish, and bankers really do seem to be the source of a lot of economic problems. It seems kind of pedantic to interrupt every conversation with “But also some bankers are Christian, or Muslim, and even though a disproportionate number of bankers are Jewish that doesn’t mean the Jewish bankers are disproportionately active in ruining the world economy compared to their numbers.” So again you stay uncomfortable.

Then the next day you hear people complain about Israeli atrocities in Palestine (what, you thought this was past czarist Russia? This is future czarist Russia, after Putin finally gets the guts to crown himself). You understand that the Israelis really do commit some terrible acts. On the other hand, when people start talking about “Jewish atrocities” and “the need to protect Gentiles from Jewish rapacity” and “laws to stop all this horrible stuff the Jews are doing”, you just feel worried, even though you personally are not doing any horrible stuff and maybe they even have good reasons for phrasing it that way.

Then the next day you get in a business dispute with your neighbor. Maybe you loaned him some money and he doesn’t feel like paying you back. He tells you you’d better just give up, admit he is in the right, and apologize to him – because if the conflict escalated everyone would take his side because he is a Christian and you are a Jew. And everyone knows that Jews victimize Christians and are basically child-murdering Christ-killing economy-ruining atrocity-committing scum.”

“Saying NAXALT is the thin line between civilization and barbarism”

“It doesn’t matter that he’s consistent, because he’s wrong.”

“Spencer is the winner of this debate, because ‘liberty’ is a byproduct of the rule and supermajority of White Males. All other groups cannot wait to get rid of free speech, gun laws, etc. For the bees a hive, for the spiders a web, for European man, liberty.
Libertarian conventions are MORE WHITE than White Nationalist conventions, because all sorts of people: Jews, South Asians, Lebanese, Egyptians, have an interest in the future of White People.

You don’t see this at ‘libertarian conventions’ which are as White as comic books store patrons. Look around. You would have to be mentally retarded to not see this.
If there are Whites, there is liberty, except when the population has been infested by Jews. All other groups are totally indifferent. Their forms of government are their extended phenotype, not ours.”

>watching SpeedFetus’ stream
>he is complaining that people berate him about his opinion on the object 252
>just has played a tier 10 game with two of them in the enemy team
>”I don’t like all of this OP talk! you know what? let’s check out the stats of these Object 252 players.
>*checks out the stats of two retarded tomatos*
>SEE?! 33% win rate. Looks great huh?
>people in chat:”lol he only played 3 games so far in this thing.”
>”Look at the other one! How does the Object 252 compare to this guy’s performance in other tanks. Surely it is better.”
>*orders the table according the highest average xp per tank*
>”Oh, he is doing better in the OBject 252 than in the Patriot….”

lmao this guy”

“Can you imagine how it feels, when you have to justify braindead shit like that just to keep the paychecks coming. I bet he drinks himself to sleep”

“Because of the Marine Mammal Protection Act I am not allowed to say whether or not I know people who kill them for fun.”

“>Tier 9 tank
>starts off with the same gun as the tier 7 tank before it
>have to upgrade suspension to mount the mid gun
>have to get the upgraded turret before getting the top gun, and the top gun costs 60,000 exp”

“Tier 9 is a not very well hidden scam desu.”

“this game is definitely rigged , the latest trick is massive lag spike right at the critical moment, also have had my tank controls interfered with as I was about do something that might change the game. Tanks that sit on ridges and you cant hit them. The phantom hits that cause damage. Lose tracks when they are not visible. easy shots that should do damage and do nothing, and on and on. This is just software that emulates a game and has nothing to do with skill, I am a pretty good player and pay attention to all kinds of things but my win rate never changes or improves. strangely enough tanks that I didnt like or felt not good about are 50 + win rates . Not forgetting the absurd battles where you cannot hit or damage the enemy and everybody is dead after five minutes”

“I find it very hard to believe that others haven’t experienced these things and if you do the math with statistics – going off my hit ratio with say the ISU152 and OBJ704 the average damage dealt by these tanks is insanely low. My hit rates are well into the high 70% and on the ISU152 is over 80% – yet average damage of like 300-400… with a gun that deals out well over 750 on a penetrating hit… not to mention it can pen any tank in the game, oh yeah that statistic sounds legit.

I’ve played 5.5k matches – ITS BLATANTLY OBVIOUS that in the last 4-5patches the game has become unbelievably rigged. I remember back like 2 years ago, this game was actually good fun and even playing tier7-8 my W/L ratio was up in the 65%+ now I cant get it above 51% whether I play low or high tier vehicles it ALWAYS satys at around 51%…”

“I think its also a matter of common sense. One day, Hetzers blow up most things and then the next day they are bouncing shot after shot off of Valentines. Yes, its rigged.”

“This game never will be fixed. As originally they said: it works as they like to work.”

“I have over 6k battles and a 5500 personal rating. Since i stopped paying for a premium account I have dropped to 50% win ratio. Nothing pens, everyone pens me. The game is totally rigged, I have never seen a game with more unexplainable BS in it. Tonight I had a 26 game losing streak on my Waffle….!!!!!! Unheard of that I couldnt hurt a thing. I’m done with this crap game and the crap players that are playing. Dear WOT developers go fuck yourself, you wouldnt make a dime if it wasnt foor 13 year olds with dads that will buy them anything.”

“What the statistical pedants fail to grasp is the big picture. We can argue all day about numbers but let me give you a big one – 600,000,000 dollars plus – that is a conservative estimate of the amount of money WG earned last year. The primary objective of WoT is to earn money.

To do this they must have a game that attracts a lot of players, and encourage them to spend money. Hence gold ammo – doing away with the need for aiming. Job done.

The same must be said for win ratios. The vast majority of players will be mediocre or worse at this game. Yet I see no 10%, or 20% users. One could argue that this stat is modified by WoT being a team game – it is a good point – but debatable. What is not debatable is that having users losing a lot will impact objective #1 – no one likes being ‘pwned’ – and WG knows this – hence they use a ‘random’ team selection mode, and use an RNG to decide shot efficacy. Who hasn’t shot high and wide and seen the tracer going astray only to see the target then light up and the announcer celebrate a hit? I know I have, many many times.

The process of ‘balancing’ so that weak players get to taste victory is clear – otherwise there would be a wider spread of win rates over thousands of games rather than the ten to twenty points we see. This makes business sense even if it slants the game – but WG are not here to make a level playing field, they are here to make money.

It is not fixed in the sense of a pre-determined outcome – they just use the matchmaker and the RNG profile to load the odds. Statistical arguments can only chase their tail here, Ockham’s razor is more appropriate.

Follow the money! And all becomes clear.”

“That’s all fine and dandy, Wargaming.Net protecting it’s intellectual property mentioned in the patent and being used in World Of Tanks. But that raised the question: what is in that patent ? Can it’s content put some light on current game mechanics ?

Well…heh, it did.

It revealed a mechanism of arranging players into battles , the so called Match Maker (MM), putting the players in harder situations (higher tier battles for the same tank) if they win and in easier situations (lower tier battles) if they lose.

As follows: (patent quote)

“According to another aspect, the matchmaking server may store a win/loss percentage for each user (or vehicle) at a given battle level. As the player’s win/loss ratio decreases, the player becomes more likely to be placed in battles having battle levels at the lower end of the allowable range, whereas as the player’s win/loss ration increases, the player becomes more likely to be placed in battles having battle levels at the upper end of the allowable range. Thus, when a player has been repeatedly put into too many difficult battles, the balancing is done in favor of easier battle sessions, thereby encouraging the player by providing an easier game environment. Similarly, when the player has been repeatedly put into too many easy battles, the balancing is done in favor of harder battle sessions, thereby keeping the player challenged instead of letting the player become bored with easy games.”

note: paragraph is quoted from patent US8425330 B1.

[…] Veeery tight around that 50% (minus the battles lost by everyone due to tie situations, that’s why 50% is not the symmetry ax).

Now, what that MM achieves?

-it pulls up the losers so they don’t feel frustrated, they remain in the game as probable/real customers ($).
-it pushes down the good players. This has two effects: 1) they get frustrated and start throwing $ at the game to be able to validate their skills or 2) they quit, thus creating a selection mechanism for the game population always losing good players but much less bad players. The current intelligence level in the player pool does shows the results. I’ll abstain from invectives.

Why is this rigging?

It cheats anyone able to win more than 50% of the time out of his chances to fight fair, for the sake of the below-50%-ers.

Not fair play.

It’s been compared to communism by some who were signaling this game behavior since close beta, 3 years ago.

Wargaming denied everything, ironically, while the WG owner, Victor Kislyi, was filing for patent on the said mechanism.

But no one could prove till now what happens.
Not until Wargaming defended it’s intellectual property using that patent.
The intellectual property of how to screw players.”

“As for how it works, isint that how all matchmaking services work? Starcraft does the same thing, only its method is to move people around in leagues until they get 50% win rates. If they gave everyone a ranking that went up when you fought people stronger then you (and down when you fought weaker opponents) People would think it was cool. but since its a hidden value suddenly its not ok.”

“There are no leagues in WoT.

Good players get to play more as last 1/3 bottom of the team=canon fodder in games that have losers as top (and much stronger) vehicles. The grind gets, suddenly, much longer for everyone and battles get decided by pure randomness of who has the bigger retards at the top.

(that last phrase suddenly springs history parallels into my mind, but let’s do carry on).

Not what you expect when playing a game that rewards you, personally (along with the team), at the end, with a win or a loss.
It’s basically gambling.

Your input into the game is mainly irrelevant. Add to that a 30% (official) randomness to any event (shell trajectory, chance to penetrate once the target hit, value of damage once you penetrate, etc) and you get the result… Gambling.

That rised my curiosity of WoT being accepted in Electronic Sports League (ESL) in the first place.

“Sport” is hardly fitting the WoT gamble playing, therefore the ESL accepted it only after it was very big.”

“What’s the point to play a game if your win or loose result does not link with your ability to play ? It’s not like we’re painting there, we play in a challenge that was supposed to smash testicles against, to see who’s are steel and who’s not, not to simply see beautiful colors on the screen.

If game win chances are so strictly limited then WoT simply becomes an application that displays beautiful colors while charging your every click. Not a challenge. Still entertainment, but more in the sense of music or movies than gaming.

Another good description of WoT is that WoT is an arcade game with things that look like tanks running around shooting each other until the random number generator decides who wins, to give you another impression of the player-game interaction.”

“People play it as a tank sim. Turns out it’s a Horse race track sim (but with tanks not horses).”

“The game is set up to keep you playing, remember it is a business, designed to make a profit by getting you to send them money in hopes of winning more often. That means no one does so bad that they feel hopeless, and no one does so well that nobody wants to play against them, so your chances of success are dependant on your past performance and how much money you put up. Because the game is about profit, period.”

“A 1900 games red XVM player in a ST-1 fully upgraded (40% win rate) that stops and wiggle in place (repeat of the same movement continuously) after we secure the win in the next few minutes. Wait a minute! A ST-1 in 1900 games with such a bad rating, how can that be possible???? That’s what peek my curiosity and made me followed him (I was dead, so it was easy to see everything he did).

Oh did I say that the ST-1 player’s account was only 10 days old too, and that in those days, he would need to have played 8 games per hours non stop just to get to that 1900 games played?

And even in that short time, it is possible for a very mediocre player to even get an ST-1 and fully upgraded over that? And who is idiot enough to set a bot on a ST-1 also is quite strange.

But the fact that he just ‘stopped’ playing suddenly when the win was certain is what gave it away.

That my friends, is how WG decides the outcome of games. Notice also that those ‘WG bot’ are very resistant or seem very lucky with their shots in very critical moments.

Start monitoring these ‘false red’ players closely and see how they perform.”

“It’s not just the MM that is the problem, Individual tank performance varies and is actively “throttled” battle to battle and player to player that is entirely not based on a random number generator that is the same for all. No one tank performs the same for all players. All players battle to battle performance is very carefully monitored by WOT and players are “pidgeon holed” into a base line tank performance “RNG” and from there it is actively throttled up or down to ellicit wins or losses, high or low damage done games to control stats and win rate. Thats why account sharing is against the rules in WOT, because if you have 2 players of wide ranging skills, it fucks with WOT’s algorythms that measure and set the base line characteristics of your tank performance and MM. Your T29 heavy,for example, will not have consistently the same performance characteristics necessarily as other people with a T29. Players in your basic PR range will have similar performance ie. able to deal damage and survive hits. You against lower PR players will more consistently have better odds and against players with higher PR you will have less odds even if you all using the exact same tank. Best I can figure at this point is that totally playing for free and I mean totally, never having spent a dime on the game, ones PR rating will peak and stall somewhere around the 5k range max if your a good common sense player. I dont think it’s possible for a completely free player to get near or into the 6K range. The bottom line is the higher a players stats and PR rating is, has less to do with individual merit and skill and more to do with how much money a person spends. The more you spend,the better the game experience, the better the MM and the better vehicle performance. That is simply how money making MMO’s work. Just do a little Google research on MMO design and the heavy use of psychology and manipulation of players that ALL MMO’s engage in, not just WOT, to suck people in and along to keep them playing and ultimately to spend money or keep spending. Yes, everyone can play MMO’s for free, but one will fairly quickly hit a “ceiling” on advancement and accumulation of stats and overall game enjoyment that no amount of actual real skill and practice can change or improve it. You can only raise the ceiling and improve your gaming experience by spending money and the more you spend the more the “illusion” of success a game will very carefully dole out to you. It’s a completely vomit inducing game model.”

“I play for free, and boy does it get frustrating seeing people who are simply bad players cut through the opposition like they are some kind of invincible chuck of metal. It’s obvious they have paid a load of money and are being given their ‘hit of success’ by the game so that they will continue to shovel money into the bottomless pit.

And yet WoT is big in competitive gaming… this indicates that competitive gaming is also rigged to the high heavens.”

“When I play chess in tournaments, I expect to be pitted against opponents with about the same ELO rating as me. As I get better, I typically don’t win more games (well, only marginally); instead I get to play better opponents. I have to perform better to get the same results (in terms of winrate).”

“Did WG announced there is such matchmaking algorithm where you are put against equal opponents? I did not see it anywhere and I thought the system matches only tiers and vehicle types.”


I have found the same unfair treatment from WoT as you describe and I too set about gathering some date to see if it was really happening or just me on a loosing streak.

I started to loose an insane amount, like 19 out of every 20 games. Accusations of ‘noob’ are fatuous since more often than not I’d be the last man standing (and sigh, I wasn’t camping either). So I started to keep a record over several evenings – just games played and percentage where I was assigned to what would be the loosing team. In defiance of all probability which should give me a 50% rate of membership of the winning side, I was indeed at 19 out of 20, or a 95% chance of loosing. Since then Wargaming’s patent for a system to “rebalance” games has been discovered and much discussed. The company say it was just an idea and they never implemented it. Yeah right. That’s why companies pay lawyers to draft patents – so they can forget about them.

I am extremely bitter about this. I used to adore World of Tanks and spent insane amounts of money and time on it. Now I feel thoroughly cheated – because I have been.”

“I have played over 10k matches in WoT, and I usually play with two friends. It took us a few thousand games, but after a while we started seeing a pattern. At first we thought we were just being paranoid, but we kept seeing the same thing.

The pattern can be summed up like this: Some games are almost impossible to win, and some games are almost impossible to lose.

Nowadays we can usually tell within a couple of minutes if the game is going to be fairly even, or if it’s going to be one of those “steam-roller games”, where one team just rolls right over the other team. If it is a steam-roller, then we know it doesn’t really matter what we do. If it’s a steam-roller where we are on the winning side, then it’s just a matter of racing forward to try and get as many shots off as possible, before the other team has been wiped out. If it’s a steam-roller where we are on the losing side, then we can try to get as much damage done as possible, before we get obliterated by the enemy team. Sometimes it’s not even worth trying, because most of your shots will bounce or miss anyway.

We have been in winning games where it’s fairly obvious that we basically can just point at a tank and shoot. Aiming for weak spots is not really important, because almost all our shots WILL hit, and they WILL penetrate.
At the same time, the enemy team can aim and shoot all they want, most of their shots WILL miss or bounce.

We have seen this pattern, both on the winning side, and on the losing side, over and over again. I don’t think we even doubt it’s existence anymore.”

“Just started playing. 1000 battles in. Totally agree. When I started I was pretty bad, but somehow I won enough to get up to 45% win rating … but I was bad and couldn’t believe that the win rate was climbing. Then a pattern emerged with each (and every) tank I bought as I moved up, T82, T46, etc. first the win rate shoots up to 60+ then gets dragged steadily down. For example, when I got better and bought the Pz1c I was up to a stonking 86% win rate on the first 30-40 battles in that tank, when suddenly a ‘switch’ got flipped. It didn’t matter how many kills I made or game changing moves, my team always lost. Of course I gave up on that and moved on to the next tank, but same thing happened, I started well, then lost steadily until the win rate was under 55 then things started balancing out. Latest tank is just the same, first 30-40 battles up to 80% win rate, but next 70 have dragged the win down. Must be that switch got flipped again.”

“All these clearly rigged game mechanisms aside, before we start preaching fairness and go about how this game sucks on that department and uninstalling, there are a few things to think about:

1- Would you prefer fighting tougher fights because you’re a good player yourself? (fair game with visible rating system)
2- Would you have the less skilled players get oppressed by your awesomeness and quite likely have those less fortunate leave the game? (fair game with no rating system – totally random matches)
3- Is it ok to just go about shooting stuff not caring much about showing off how awesome your stats are, or without trying to maximize your income, in a rigged environment that’s trying to equalize players? (Current WoT system – rigged everything – you’ll be an average player in f2p & may have to pay to do better)

I believe I’ve been a good player in many games. Here, I’ve been in many random matches where I saved my half-tarded team with my general situational awareness, lucky moves/shots and 5-6 kills. But I don’t care to always be so good because it’s too stressful in any game, whether it is rigged or not. I believe this rather shady game style has it’s own merits too, though easy to hate. For one thing, it makes me appreciate good team mates since they seem rather rare. Another thing, I would definitely get bored fighting all tough or all easy opponents all the time. This oscillation between ok and total crap seems to be close to just fine.

While WG’s “take it or leave it, we don’t care to explain or fix stuff” policy certainly isn’t aspiring me to pay for this; I still keep playing because I like moving around positioning my carelessly designed imaginary tin can, clicking at stuff in a primitive fps game environment. And ofc because I’m ok with not winning everytime, although I tend to call em names when I’m the only one in my team with a kill when the game’s over.”

“So…it’s a game with random shots that randomly penetrate to do random damage. You get less than 20 shots per battle most of the time. It places you on a random map in a random team that’s randomly set up. The tanks are balanced but the equipment on them can vary hugely…in a kind of random manner.The team is pretty big which further limits your influence.

There’s a huge huge amount of battles going on every day so things that have a 1 in a million chance can happen ten times a day in different places.

Given all of the above your theory sounds like apophenia to me. Have you considered the option that if every one of these factors is indeed just random the effect would be the same?”

“”[T]he button we press has “random battle” on it, so one rightfully expect a random battle instead of a carefully tailored and controlled environment where his results have little connection with his actions.”

“if you check the screenshot above, I have 80% hit ratio with AT15, 66 on this match. I wonder why?

This is what I’m trying to explain: the game tinkers with your shots, your initial placement, spotting and everything to make sure that you can’t earn credits. It doesn’t cheat on the summary board but on the field and can change even a spectacular result into a credit loss. On that battle I had misses when there was barely a pixel in the circle that wasn’t the enemy tank, my girlfriend got nondamaging penetrations in a row. We could still win, but burned just enough credits to provide the expected result.”

“If you’d suicide-rush in League of Legends, you’d lose games in a row and get your rating devastated.”

until you ranking has dropped far enough that you are again paired with other players who also like to suicide rush and are back to winning half of your games.
The IP calculation doesn’t care about what level you play at so you will get the same rewards for playing suicide rushes at 300 ELO as you would get for playing “real” games at 1800 ELO.

The only substantial difference to WoT is that IP rewards scale linearly with game duration so you can’t (ab)use short games to gain more IP – but, like WoT, LoL doesn’t reward you for playing well.”

“in LoL rating itself is a goal. It doesn’t matter how much IP you have, how many skins and champions you bought, if you are at 300 ELO, you are a useless scrub according to everyone. In WoT there is no such reward for playing well.”

“So your great cheat is to do what many people already are doing? Mindlessly charging in? You won´t start a riot with that, as thats pretty much the usual playstyle of great parts of the players. ”

“of course many people already use it. This is the very purpose of the developer’s cheat: to provide credit income to bad players so they keep paying. The “exploit” is that good players should do something they never thought of doing because they were sure it’s unprofitable.”

“I don’t know about MWO but it’s an universal truth: if some system gives “help” to those who fail, the most effective income source is collecting lot of help. In WoW it’s typically done by AFK leeching, in WoT/MWO suicide rushing, in EVE abusing “insurance” and corp reimbursement programs.”

“No good clan will take you in, with those abysmal stats you’ll get by zerging. Most clans have some kind of minimum stats you’ll have to surpass, to be even thought about as a potential recruit.

Sure, you might get those T10 tanks faster by zerging, but what are those T10 tanks for, if not clan wars? ”

“and what stops you from playing seriously with T9-10 tanks? Actually it’s a must as “zerging” with a Maus is weird. You play with your high tier seriously and between games you start your zerg tank and quickly die to support the high-tier with income.

Then you apply to the clan with good winrate with all high tier tanks, you just have to mention “and don’t mind my gold tanks, I just suicide-farm with them”.

Actually suicide-farming will INCREASE your stats with your “real” tanks as the algorithm will believe you to be a worse player than you are, so you are getting more “luck” while playing with your real tanks.”

“So what you’re saying is that 95% of the playerbase ALREADY figured this out, and rather than being zerging retards they’re actually expert players optimizing their XP/hour.

Clearly the zering idiots were smarter than us all along 🙂

These have been interesting posts. I had noticed odd streaks in my winrate before but didn’t try and find out why (such things can happen by accident, I told myself). You did the analysis to discover the way the algorithm works, thank you.”

“have you actually read the posts? The point isn’t that farming in T5 works, that’s trivial.

Playing BAD while farming earns you more credits than playing good and it was proved by numbers.

Can you be ANY more extraordinary in a game?”

“I don’t think clan wars are affected. There is too much risk and very little gain to rig clan wars.

It affect “random” battles where 99.99% of the players are.”

“Tier 5s being more profitable than Tier 8s is a design choice.

Playing tier 5s bad being more profitable than playing them good is an exploit.

If the game wouldn’t be cheating it would be impossible, as an intentionally bad player would have one or two hits before he dies.”

“30 minutes ago I created guide-thread at official russian forum, where I wrote some major conclusions from your blog. Aaaaand…
Got banned 7 minutes later. =D Looks like proof of unfair balancer system.”

“It’s the only game i know cynical enough to repetively offer real money goods (premium tanks), and nerf them afterwards when they stop selling enough. If that wasn’t virtual goods, it would be instant win lawsuit.”

“A lot of commenters seem to be missing the point here. Goblin’s exploit and its relative effectiveness and/or value vs fun of playing to win is not really the issue. The issue is that WoT is RIGGING YOUR MATCHES. No matter how well or badly you play, WoT is using RNG to alter the results of battles to keep your credit income in a certain range. It’s not even about win/loss. Win/loss is part of it, and setting you up to lose matches via starting points is a factor, but the numbers can also be changed simply by reducing the damage you deal or increasing the damage you take (which reduces your opportunity to deal damage). This will have an effect on Win/Loss, but far less direct (and less obvious) than simply bringing everyone closer to 50%. Instead they can actually effect your individual performance via RNG by [a] giving +/- to spotting chance or camo (which is why some battles your team has incredible vision for no reason, and vice versa), [b] giving +/- to accuracy (which is why some battles you can’t miss a shot even if you don’t aim, while others nearly every fully aimed shot disappears into the ether), [c] giving +/- to penetration (causing you to bounce shots that would otherwise pen or pen shots that should bounce, ex: that T-50-2 in the article), [d] giving +/- to damage rolls (obvious), [e] giving random “critical” hits instead of damage (clearly the definition of “critical” did not translate properly from English to Russian). [I’ve probably missed a variable or two here, but the point is RNG has lots of things to play with to get the desired result, and player experience plus data collected in this article and other sources pretty clearly shows that they are in fact playing with these variables.] Subtly (or sometimes not so subtly) manipulating any of these variables in RNG easily produces the desired result of bringing all players into the desired credit earning range. Bear in mind that this is a range, not a number. Hence their manipulation can still allow for unicums and travesties. Obviously player skill is still relevant, and better players will still on average outperform lesser. It’s just that when you need to be brought back into line, the game mechanics will do it to you no matter your performance.

If you want to perform your own experiment, try playing a long run of battles (I’d recommend 50-100) in a tank you’re not very good with. I’m a very competent heavy tanker, and fairly terrible in light tanks. My garage is full of heavies, and I play them all the time. I have a general metric for how often I will miss easy shots, fail to pen obvious ones, roll low on damage, or score ridiculous “criticals” instead of dealing damage. I’m quite used to it. I’m also fairly OCD, and I had every American tank Elited up to tier 9. So when WoT released 2 new lines of light tanks (the first one transitions to light mediums and a heavy), I started playing those to keep my American tree filled out. These occurred at two different times, but the result was the same for each. I played (ground? grinded?) these tanks heavily, almost entirely to the exclusion of the tanks I am good in. I sucked at them. My stats fell, my WN8 suffered, but I pushed through and knocked them out, then went back to my heavies. And for a short time, I COULDN’T FAIL. Now obviously it wasn’t every battle, but on average I would land more shots, pen more hits, deal more damage, score less “criticals”, and just have much better ‘luck’ than before I ran all those lights I was terrible at. Then it corrected, and my ‘luck’ rolled back down to where it had been before. And then the second line of American light tanks came out. Rinse. Repeat. This time I even noticed that it bumped my Marks of Excellence considerably above what they had been pre-lights (for a relatively short time before they all began to fall again.)

I honestly don’t know what conclusion to draw from this. I’m certainly not going to ‘zerg’ to get more credits and XP. My goal is to have fun playing, not to maximize my earning potential. On the other hand, how much does it negatively effect my fun knowing for sure (or nearly so) that every player’s suspicions that the game is rigged are true, and that sometimes RNG really is against you, to keep you in the ‘desired range.'”

“You can’t convince me someone who shits in the street performs a job function a normal American can’t do.”

“Contrary what he claims, the “fun” concept is not arbitrary, nor the “cheapness”. All scrubs of the same cultural background find the same things “fun” and “cheap”. While it’s not conscious, the scrub doesn’t know what it is, he is drawn to it like moth to the light. The scrub wishes to win. But he wants “fun” more and ready to sacrifice his victory. When he says “I lost to a cheap, boring, no-skill, no-lifer”, he means it. And more importantly, every other scrub who seen the match agrees with him. It is not an excuse, it’s a lifestyle. They even have a slogan “players optimize the fun out of the games”, referring obviously to play-to-win players. When Twixt was “cheap”, the whole server considered him cheap and outcast him.

The solution to this mystery is ego. The scrub plays not to win the game but to boost his ego: win the sympathy and or respect of his (real or imaginary) peers. Since the majority of the peers are bad in the game or not even playing, simply winning does not attract respect. However doing something spectacular, like some hard-to-execute combo, directly defeating an enemy in PvP or getting high on some list is obviously considered good by observers. If I guard the base in Arathi, a non-player observer see me being idle. The same observer looks at arthasdklol grinding players on the bridge and sees enemies falling by his sword, therefore considers him great. The “cheap tactics” are exactly those which are unable to draw peer respect, like camping, making the same (optimal) move again and again, reading up, getting gold to gems and enchants and so on. […]

The play-to-win vs play-for-ego personalities are equal to rational and social. If someone cares for the opinion of peers, he’ll inherently will find some tactics cheap, the other social players will agree him, enforcing him, so he’ll be a scrub without hope to get better. The first step of playing to win is saying “I do whatever I takes to win. I don’t care if everyone will hate me for it.” There is no other way because they will hate you, as you have to be cheap, as the opponent will be cheap too.

Is it cheap to recruit morons to the horde side in Tol Barad? Definitely. Can the horde win without parroting it? They never did. They win only when they come and spam our /trade. Wouldn’t it be cooler if they could win just by awesome skill? Of course it would be. Except it’s impossible.

The scrubs wish to win. They wish for the Hollywoodian event of winning without being cheap. In the movies the hero defeats the boss evil (who is cheap) in a fair fight. Too bad that in real life (which is much less fair than the most unbalanced game) the “boss evil”, exactly for being cheap, is too strong to defeat without being cheap. The “play for ego” person is a “live for emotional values” person, who will always be a poor loser.”

“The “no-lifer” is meant that he has no life within the game. He plays without “fun”, and if he can’t loosen up even in a game, he must be a terribly boring person in real life, typically a fat guy living in the basement. The social honestly believes that the respect and liking of random peers is important, therefore lives every aspect of his life, including gaming of course, to impress peers. “Having life” means “having peers respecting you” for them. From their perspective it’s unimaginable to enjoy yourself without impressing peers. They find guarding GM boring and believe their viewpoint unique, “guarding a base is boring, so anyone doing it is a sad loser”. Any kind of claim that “we have fun winning” sounds a poor excuse to them as their “fun” concept is well-defined and unique: “impressing some peer right now”. We cannot take the word “fun” from them or convince them that we are having fun.

The only way to change them is getting more peer respect than them. After you won, you can “uncheap” yourself by doing “cool” things with your power. That’s why the millionaires donate lot of money front of the cameras. This is why a top raider peacock around with his new mount. Then – by cognitive dissonance – the scrubs will find the former “cheapness” “wit” and from there, it is an accepted move, therefore “fun”.”

“In short: if you play EVE and get any successful in it, you will likely be harassed, doxxed, publicly humiliated by monetizing “players” and corrupted – or simply sadistic – developers. The company will do nothing. Sure, you can play for years without any real world harassment, as long as you suck and no one cares what you do. A lone farmer or a frigate (lowest risk) duel seeker makes no waves. But one day you do something extraordinary and then you get a blackmail “do this or that ingame or your boss will get mass calls with slander”.

Let’s add that game development is often corrupted to cater to groups with access to devs. Not just in secret venues. The official player council, CSM was corrupted to the point where candidates openly campaign with nerfs and buffs: “vote for me and I’ll lobby to buff you and nerf your enemies”, while their purpose is obviously to represent the playerbase as a whole. Player groups openly lobby for game-breaking designs that cater to them and hurt their enemies. Of course there is even more covert lobbying and corruption. While “don’t nerf me bro” is a parody in WoW, it’s the reality in EVE.

It’s possible to win against all this, just by playing well, but it’s extremely unfun. The largest game-monetizing crew was just defeated by a rally of practically all players who hate their schemes (following the plan that got me the cyberbully from the community manager). I “HTFU”-ed and kept “playing” until my enemies were defeated exactly to not be dimissable as “crying over lost pixels”. I leave only now, when the table turned, when the same community manager is harassing my in-game enemies, banning them from running to CSM (he banned me too earlier while open racists were fine to run), putting our narrative into official game material. We won, we are now the cool guys, the devs are hanging out with us. Now we are the “seniors” who can to push the head of the freshmen to the toilet. Instead of joining that, I quit now and say that this culture is completely unacceptable and you should stay away from it.”

“You realize your “warning” is libel right? You’re attacking a professional company and making up things based on what you think is their motivation. If they wanted to they could utterly destroy you from a legal standpoint.

Good luck!”

“Go ahead, make my day. Hint: Derek Smart is still not “utterly destroyed”. The thing is everything I claim is either a link from someone (so they need to sue the original author) or something I personally experienced and can prove at court. CCP is much better off creating professional atmoshphere at work and get rid of a few corrupted devs who use EVE like they own it than generating me 1M hits with “Texas law” threats. Or can you quote anything from the page that is untrue?”

“Today’s instalment of Zimbardo in Space game.

New player twitch streamer is put under harassment by goons who taunt her about her recently deceased grandfather. Which is supported by goon leader, who is now elected CSM member.”

“A solo player doesn’t have to wait for others or suffer the incompetence of others. A ganking fleet spends more time lolling on childish jokes than actually flying out to gank and fail half of ganks because someone didn’t have ammo, had safety on, undocked in a pod or shot the wrong target. The results of the solo player depend on his actions. He ganks, when he wants, where he wants, without having to discuss with others or depending on their resources. The very anti-thesis of the slogan “the best EVE ship is friendship”.

What I did is clearly not something that you couldn’t do. No “l33t skillz” are needed to gank miners. That’s the point. Then why does your corp with hundreds or even thousands of members have similar amount of kills as a single guy? Because you are held back by the incompetent fools around you. The funds of your organization goes to handouts to the morons and slackers and in doctrines you have to limit yourself to the lowest common denominator (the bombless bomber). If you want to achieve something above the average, you can’t do it in a group whose membership is – by definition – average. It doesn’t matter what you aim for, the best approach is starting on your own.

Of course you can join forces for bigger tasks now and then, that’s why I formed a corp and recruit. But your main focus should be solo acting. If the everyday tasks are too big for you alone, you don’t need friends, you need to improve.”

“There is no such thing as “welfare information” as information isn’t limited. If I give you my apple, I have no apple. If I give you my knowledge, I still have knowledge.”

“As you can see, after scanning my ship, the “unstoppable boogiemen” choose not to attack. Could they muster the force to take down my Orca? Probably. But there was no point as the cost of the gank would probably be too high for the lottery of the double-wrapped goodies, so what was inside will remain secret.

The “real boogiemen” would damn the cost and would just gank out of principle. But there is no such thing as “real boogiemen”. The monsters are created in the mind of the morons and slackers who are unable to understand risk and reward. They fly their loot pinatas and cry “monster” when they are robbed. They don’t see that the robbing wasn’t random and was motivated by the loot or prestige value of their ship. If they wouldn’t be dumb, they could easily fly something that doesn’t worth ganking. Highsec is safe, as you can limit risks to the point where you don’t really have to care, but the gankers would lose way to much to proceed:”

“Why “perform”?

All they have to do is create the illusion of performing. […]

It’s a stupid idea to rule by force when you can rule by fear of force, and the upcoming days will be nothing more than reloading the gun for the next project. And there is no way they can mess it up with their propaganda machine.

The problem (or good thing, depends on your position) with propaganda is that it works on masses even if individuals can look behind the lies.”

“To pre-empt Lucas and the other CFC sycophants, I somehow doubt that Miniluv would gank skiffs and procurers. We have already seen what these players can do. We’ve seen Miniluv fail ganks on lesser tanked ships (as well as tougher ships, like orcas), and we know that these players don’t have bottomless pockets. Furthermore, we also know that failed ganks are demoralizing, especially if you know your gank failed because 2 pilots in your group failed to lock the target quickly or overheat their guns or some other silly fail. Blame immediately turns to the failures, and eventually the pilots who recognize the “bads” in their team and refuse to “carry” them, leave instead, quietly heading off to some other part of the CFC where they are not burdened by trash. I know this has already happened, in spite of Goon propaganda to the contrary.”

“You actually disprove yourself in your post. Metagame rules eve as you experienced yourself when fcs left test for better opportunities. If you’re still not convinced, I give you the example of Mittani. He is pretty much the most powerful person in eve, yet he doesn’t actually play as others do. I can also give you examples of csm members, who represent us yet nobody knows anything about their in game achievements, if they have any. And there are people like Sindel with her angel project. She is much of an opposite of you and she is known in all eve and respected for her work. These kind of people change eve and their in game skills don’t have anything to do with it. Assuming your crusade is about teaching (you said yourself that it’s not; it’s about kB padding), you could influence some individuals, but you will never have an impact on eve as a whole.”

“FCs leaving TEST wouldn’t be an issue if the rest of TEST could do anything without them.

The Mittani lives on the fact that so many PvP-ers can’t replace their ships without SRP.

Sindel made her fame giving a few ISK to those who fail to make money.

The “meta-game” is simply manipulating those who can’t fit a ship or can’t afford it.

Teach or drive out these players and they won’t be mindless minions ever again.”

“You’re going to teach us by killing noobs in high sec?”, no I will teach the noobs. You already know enough, hence you are member of the strongest coalition.

To claim “you are better at EVE than every other player” we’d need toplists and metrics where I’m on top. Without these I can only say that I’m having one of the highest income and one of the highest solo ISK kill speed.

What I’m doing is indeed something that was nothing ever done. Of course people ganked before. But their narrative of their action was “i’m gud in eve u scrub” or “i haz freinds”. No one ever told the little guy that he has a chance to stand on his own, against everyone, defying even the CFC, literally.

“So gather your forces and take a region from us. Prove you are not just talking nonsense. Prove that SRP is not required.”

This is the very point of my income part: why the hell would I do that? What is in that region? I could rent it out and then get income that could be matched by AFK mining?

You see the CFC as some powerful empire holding vast amount of valuable space, while in truth they are the criminal gang controlling some disastrous neighborhood where no one wants to go. Imagine the gang of some ghetto claiming that they are better than the middle class since the middle class never gathers up, comes down to the ghetto and take it from them.

The Hulkageddon, Burn Jita and such were part of a narrative that “highsec pubbies can’t take our regions but we can go to highsec and kill them at will”. If it would be true, they’d indeed be powerful. But it’s not. CFC couldn’t come and kill me.

I’m NOT proving that killing miners is hard. I’m teaching miners to be hard to kill.”

“So you’re saying the CFC can’t kill a procurer? You can honestly say that with a straight face?” and “The only way to prove to EVE that you can stand alone and beat us is to actually beat us.” are mutually exclusive. If you claim the only way for me to prove my ideas is defeating CFC than the only way for CFC to prove that they can kill a procurer is killing the procurer. Which they failed because of [excuses].”

“if you are still in doubt and don’t want to run extensive research, just do one thing: at every champion selection toss a coin and if it’s head, dodge the game. This should do nothing besides getting you 30 mins lockouts and -10LPs. In reality, your winrate will tank, because the matchmaker is also used to punish dodgers and toxic players. The dodger will believe that he loses because his dodging formula is wrong, the toxic will think “players who insult teammates lose 16% more games” and stops dodging/toxic. Which in itself isn’t a bad goal. Just another evidence that the matchmaker is anything but fair.”

“This works like a charm. Besides a couple of fair games I also got a game where our Swain had no games with his champion. But our jungle, top lane and ADC were considered “good”. While Swain played very careful and went 0/1 we stomped the enemies on all other lane. They surrendered at 20.

Afterwards I got a jungle main who had 60% win rate in the jungle. But he was autofilled to mid and complained loudly. Jungle wouldn’t swap and he locked in Lee. Naturally my team started tilting in champ select. Lee was also up against a 70% win rate Yasuo mid main. So I locked in Blitz support and took every chance to roam to mid like a retard. Between being camped by the jungler and myself yasuo ended the game at 3/13 and we won handesomly with a 20 kill lead. My team kept spamming surrender throughout the whole game though.”

“I like it when public figures are caught in public shitstorms and say things like “It was a mistake, I’ll do better next time”: Their response presumes, that is to say, implicitly preaches the gospel, that correcting mistakes doesn’t require paying up both the correction fee and the mistrust fee, and that second chances are automatically given along with all the standing and capital existing before the incident. Of course, this also means that any mistake can be redefined as an original mistake, since history is erased at the start of each incident.

It’s a pretty nice stratagem that works wonders against people who use Hanlon’s Razor. Alternatively, it also works wonders against people who refuse to use Ad Hominem.”

“Hanlon’s Razor is moronic because it depends entirely on what your standards are for what is “adequately explained by stupidity”. It is the single intellectual thing which allows commoners to think of people who move and control much more of the world of them as “dumb”and “incompetent”, reinforced by the self satisfaction of that “knowledge”. Why assume people are stupid? Is there a friend in which you would prefer to assume is stupid? How about an enemy?

Why not just get some better judgement?”

“I think it can’t be avoided in this type of games (ie, games where microtransactions purchase new game assets).

It is obvious that any new asset will be losing games. Without practice people are worse, they have no experience with new assets. Thus, a high chance of loss.

If people who purchase new items lose their first games they will instantly recognise the pattern “new hero = loss”. Even if they don’t realise it consciously, they will stop buying new heroes to avoid losses. Very important is the timing – the shorter time span between events, the higher chance of association. Which is why any game immediately after purchasing should be a win.

Therefore any game with this sales style who does not introduce some form of rigging for purchasers will inevitably fall short in sales and lose the competition to games that do.
The fact that people openly despise p2w games (only because they are poors, most people like rigged games as long as they are rigged in their favour) means game makers can’t just sell wins.

So, they can’t sell wins, they can’t sell new characters without rigging and they can’t sell games themselves (cause nobody wants to pay subscriptions, the market has been broken by f2p). Very few sane people will spend money on skins only, so they can’t rely on income from this alone.

They have to sell something after all. The only thing left is new items plus rigging the game to avoid immediate negative association with purchasing items.

It seems that we are facing a logical problem. It is NOT Riot or other game makers being dishonest. It is natural selection killing all games that aren’t rigged. Our brains work like that and nobody can help it. Actually, if people could not play a newly bought character for 24hours after purchase, it would mostly remove the negative associations, I wonder if this alone would allow for a fair system.”

“Bit tired of pointing out all the various reduction of the team matchmaking problem you perform in order to arrive at your predetermined conclusions (“all placements are for bronze” being only the most recent pearl).

My only concern at this point is whether you’ll go after your next game with the same prejudice you displayed through this whole LoL affair.”

“[…] I didn’t approach LoL with prejudice. I didn’t look for rigged, I was looking for new strategies. My plan was to create a “new meta” to disprove the “skillz” kids. It’s just that LoL is probably the most disgusting pay-to-win game. The first that is literally pay-to-win, not simply giving power but literal wins via rigged matchmaking.”

“Few things are more amusing and confused than backseat game design.

The system you proposed will be a complete mess that will never fix itself as long as there is an actual new influx of players. […]”

“whatever is the “right” matchmaker is, I can tell with no doubt that it
– should not give advantage to buyers
– should not include clueless newbies to top 1/3 games

Can we agree on that?”

“I’m not evaluating teams based on their merits, but by realizing that the matchmaker is rigged. “Play with glass cannon if two of your teammates are new and two are good but play aggressive tank if two are good and two are average” makes absolutely no sense. It works because I realized that “new” = BUYER and that the enemy team will be fine-tuned to lose laning phase.”

“Also, I think the matchmaking system is “rigged” to temporarily reduce the ELO of players trying new champions, so they don’t get discouraged at their lowebsite champion pool, but lose whenever they pick you a new champion (because they don’t know how to play) and quit by being discouraged. “Never attribute to malice what can be explained by stupidity.” It’s just rigged too much to make new champs win, to ensure people can always find a new champion and keep playing.”

“he matchmaker places the PLAYER into the game, then the player select the champion. The matchmaker can’t know that the player will pick a new champion – except if it uses the info that the player recently PURCHASED the new champion. Unless you know any other mean for the matchmaker to predict new champion usage, your claim can be understood as “matchmaking system is rigged to temporarily reduce the ELO of players with recent purchases”. This is the most pure definition of “pay to win” I’ve seen.”

“Because you mastered a skill that is mostly present with higher level players.

For most players the learning goes:
1. micro (“play better than the other) => get a little over 50% win chance and rise
2. meta (“pick counters/ basic map awareness / …)
3. macro (“when to fight, make calls etc”, not always present) […]”

“And I mastered this skill overnight? I mean I struggled for over 500 games and then bang, I jumped 4 leagues with clear expectation of further climb.

Reacting in-game is too late. I have to pick proper masteries, early buys and act before the problem happens. Even worse: if I choose to early engage, I can ruin an otherwise won game! This is exactly why the matchmaking is rigged: I’m not reacting to the game but use out-of-game info (the op.gg data) to predict something that it shouldn’t predict. I mean consider two games, both game has a Yasuo top, with the same player playing it. Bottom doesn’t roam top, so whatever they do doesn’t matter to the performance of our Yasuo. Still, if Bot and Supp are new champion users, our Yasuo will go 10/0, while if they have 10+ games with near-50 winrate, our Yasuo will go 0/10. Explain this without rigging!”

“You didn’t master a skill overnight. In fact, it took all of those 500 games for all elements to fall into place. However, it is not uncommon for a certain skill to be useless until all of its elements are into place and then suddenly become useful once everything clicks together.

It is like a medical syndrome of sorts. Things don’t get really bad (or good) until you get the perfect combo.”

“Amazing! You rather believe that I’m an awesome player (despite my personal stats are crap) than accept that the matchmaking is rigged.

If I see 2 total newbies, every reasonable person would assume that they will lose their lanes badly and the best course of action is to shorten laning phase. Which is the opposite of truth: I should make laning phase longer because the team has carriers planted who will massacre the opponents. If I see average history players, the reasonable assumption is that they will perform in an average manner. Instead they are massacred unless laning phase is shortened.

What you have to explain otherwise than rigging is “how come that new champion users aren’t smashed but smash their enemies”?”

“Actually the most ‘alarming’ observation, which I also can confirm, is that dodging games leads to gigantic loss streaks, although your teammates seem fine in champ select. I don’t think it’s bad punishing dodgers (like with a time ban or -LP), but rigging their future matches WITHOUT ANY OFFICIAL NOTIFICATION just seems unfair to the player. Sure, trying to cheat the system isn’t great, but in any other case you get a notification with a known punishment (low priority queue, chat restriction, account ban). If they rig matches without telling anyone because you broke some rules, I don’t think it’s that far fetched to assume they rig matches for various other reasons that benefit their company.”

“I’m between a rock and a hard place now. On the one hand you are right, pure and statistics untainted by me any way should be the best proof. Hey, the fact of win-after-loss and loss-after-win is more likely than statistically should be is enough proof of rigging. The win-with-newbies should be red flag.

On the other hand 99% of people are shit at maths and cry “lol tldr numbers XD”. For them I must play and win with the exploit. By doing so, I am present in the results and they can claim that I merely won by “having skillz”. I failed to find real-time statistics and past-time statistics are useless as I can’t tell if the player was new champion user back then or not.

If someone just bought Yasuo, he’ll get someone with bad winrate as top opponent who will likely be clumsy. The formal leagues will be equal, but remember that it’s PLAYER and not champion league. The opponent can be the best ADC in the world if he is autofilled top. New Yasuo will get good teammates whose main counter the opposing lane players main so they can feed and carry his dumb ass. Or… the matchmaking just get full retard and give an unranked opposing player who doesn’t know what lasthitting is, the enemy team also contains someone with 1000 ping and a toxic guy spewing insults on chat while feeding. “

“Gevlon…You talk an awful lot about how much the game is stacked in favour of recent buyers…

But you *never tested it*.”

“That test would not only result in giving money to scammers, but also fully anecdotal. Did I just win 3 games in a row because I payed or because I’m good. Sure if I pure $10-20 before every game and win 100 times in a row, that would be something. I’m not sure I want to give them $1000-2000.”

“My find isn’t that. My find is that “if your teammates have no experience with their champion, your OTHER teammates will win their lanes”, which makes absolutely no sense unless you assume rigging.”

“Your argument is essentially that these pressures are created by the intent to rig the game in favour of buyers. I saw many examples where the simple time pressure of having to give everyone a certain quality of matchmaking service is already in itself enough to create such a situation.”

“no matchmaking is perfect. This means that there will always be games strongly stacked against Joe Somebody and games strongly stacked for him. That’s a price we must pay for shorter queues. We see it in WoW battlegrounds where essentially the number of healers in team decides the game. However I never saw it being biased. Sometimes I got lucky, sometimes unlucky. Over lots of games the odds evened out and only my skill mattered.

In LoL the games are always stacked for the buyers, therefore against non-buyers. Textbook pay-to-win, this time literally pay to win a match.”

“This question can be simplified as: “will you take crippling amount of money from Adam, pushing him into poverty to pay for Bob’s health care, or will you let Bob die in a curable illness”. The answer is “moral”, there is no objectively correct answer. Obama went with option A, designing a health care system where everyone is insured, regardless of the expected costs of his health care. The result is of course very high fees for everyone and insurance companies still going bankrupt.

[…] I’ll be very curious if Republicans will go anti-social on Obamacare or chicken out. The trick is that Obamacare is unpopular, since more people are forced to pay than saved (You need to take $20K from 50 people to pay for a $1M bill). So if they flat out stand up for their capitalistic beliefs, they get more votes. So the self-interest is there. Still, I wonder how many of them will look into the eye of a young girl in a wheelchair and say “sorry, I won’t force 50 people into poverty to save your life”.”

“there is a reason why Obama went the “force 50 people into poverty” way instead of the “tax Buffet” way. Hint: Buffet can just ran for Canada.”

“These are personality, value, meta-skill differences. While newbieness and casualness is limited to a game, being slacker and moron are universally true to the person.”

>Harlem Delivery Man Attacked As Onlookers Cheer In Disturbing Video

Title doesn’t mention attacker was black or the onlookers were also ask black or attackee was chinese because fuck you rainbow coalition everyone is the same no information can be gained from taking about demographics black lives matter and it’s whitey’s fault anyways, it’s the current year why haven’t you figured this out yet?”

“did you know, before Fox [News] came into existence, there were still people who did not agree with you?”

“Where is the groundbreaking result? One month of subscription (which is available for one PLEX) gives you one month of game access and 4-5 packages worth of skillpoints (depending on your current skillpoint count) in the form of offline trading. The market (the whole playerbase) values getting 1.5 package now equal to 4-5 packages over a month and game access. This extreme equilibrium can only be explained if we accept that the average player wants to buy power right now and ready to use his $ or farmed credits for it, rather than use it for subscription.

This also creates the strange situation that if you buy a PLEX and gather 4 packages worth of skillpoints over a month and buy 4 skill extractors, you can create 4 injectors and sell them, getting 4*0.6-1-4*0.24 = 0.44 PLEX! Since creating the extractors needs only a few clicks, it’s not “play for farm”, it’s “play for free and get a little power”. The average player values game access to less than zero, a free player gets a little amount of power for free, just for playing. This means that subscription model is dead. Please understand that it’s not a few whales skewing the results. If there there were enough free players who are fine with just playing the game and sell their skillpoints, the price wouldn’t be this high. But no, non-payers aren’t giving up on power, they just prefer to get it by farming. It’s “everyone” who want to buy power and consider the game access worthless and the pro-subscriber player is just as big outlier as the whale! He is just more loud.

The result is unquestionable: the dev has no other option than selling power items to the players. You can cry, you can whine, you can change all the guild icons to P2W, it counts for nothing. You are a tiny minority and the majority just want to buy the privilege of winning. The devs aren’t evil or greedy or want a cash-grab. The MMO scene started with $15/month subscription for everyone, a fair and completely P2W-free scheme. And then the players started to buy power from illicit sellers, even at the risk of being banned. This is another proof: players rather lose their account than play without purchased power. So the players forced the devs to give up on the fair subscription model and start to either sell power in the cash shop or allow players to trade subscription token for in-game credits. Please note that these methods (illicit RMT, cash shop and token trade) are equal for the buying player, while cash shop is clearly the best for the devs.”

“How come that “everyone” is for fairness? Because unfairness isn’t socially acceptable. Both the free player who is ready to farm for tokens and the whale is a loud supporter of fairness, they won’t identify themselves as freeloaders and power buying cheaters on the forum, just at the anonymity of the cash shop.”

“Free for all PvP games are designed specifically for loser jerks who still live in their mother’s basement and who need the success experience of PvP griefing in order to feel better about their pathetic existence.” – Tobold says. You can laugh on him, but more agree with him than not. What is “PvP-griefing”? Defeating him. This is the core problem. In a PvP encounter, one player will lose. In a PvE encounter the loser is almost always the NPC. Players are so entitled nowadays that they consider it griefing if they don’t win.

It’s not just about PvP. Computer power increased exponentially over a decade and AI research progressed to the point that chess programs beat human chess masters. Yet NPC opponents got dumber. A typical MMO opponent just stands in one place, oblivious to its surroundings until the brave heroes arrive and AoE them down with their l33t ability of pressing any key.”

“Which leads us to something fundamental: for a game to be competitive, there must be something that is socially relevant. It doesn’t matter if you personally find it stupid, what matters is that the majority of the players find it a source of pride for having and source of envy for not having. Top gear was such in WoW until every Arthasdklol started to get legendaries. From there it could be dismissed “lol I’ll have better from emblems next patch”. Territory ownership is relevant in EVE. High ranking is relevant in LoL. But there isn’t anything like that in BDO or WoT. ”

“World of Warcraft has pet battles, AoE looting, instant quests, open world dynamic quests, scaling instances, mobile-phone managed real time quests and many other features that were missing from original WoW and were copied from other games. None of them is integral to WoW, not like you couldn’t play WoW without them or their removal would completely change WoW. Why is it matter? Because it guarantees that WoW will remain the most popular PvE MMO and will push every other MMO into the 100-200K subscriber (paying player) range. If some developer would make an MMO with groundbreaking new features, Blizzard would quickly implement them all into the next WoW patch.

How can other MMO exist then if not by being better? Graphics and lore are marginal things, players openly talk about “content”, “mobs”, “grinding” and other terms that show that they are completely not immersed into the fantasy settings, they are farming gear to keep up or get ahead of the Joneses.

Black Desert Online is pretty popular and not showing collapse like other MMOs. Why? Because its core feature is different from WoW and it cannot be copied into WoW without completely changing it. Gear in BDO can be traded between players. WoW could copy it with a few clicks, but they don’t and won’t, because it would turn the game upside down. You can – and I did – get top gear without killing top level monsters in BDO, while in WoW you must farm your gear yourself and just some supplement items can be gained from other players.

There is a third field: PvP-MMOs, where meaningful items can be taken from other players (as opposed to vanity PvP where only the time spent PvPing is lost when you lose). EVE is the most relevant player of this field. Again, WoW could implement this with a few clicks, but they will never do because it would seriously outrage the playerbase.

There are possible other niches, but the point is that if an MMO doesn’t have a feature that WoW refuses to have, that game will be inferior to WoW and will wither and die.

This is important because it locks out practically every PvE MMO which aren’t called WoW or BDO.”

“Probably my whole approach to the situation was wrong. I wanted to catch the devs with a smoking gun, while players don’t care (otherwise there wouldn’t be any free-to-play games). Instead I should have accepted the game as it is, consider the rigging as just another mechanic needs to be considered while planning the metagame. After all “rigging” is a moral construct, judging the devs. It is possible – though unlikely – that they had the legitimate goal of giving winnable Normal games to new champion users (regardless of their payment) and someone left this subroutine in the Ranked code. Or the whole thing is a simple bug in the complicated matchmaker algorithm. Or legacy code. Or the Tooth Fairy. Sirlin said that players should not criticize the game but utilize its features to the maximum for winning. I’m pretty sure that more players would respond positively to a “how to be better metagamer in LoL” than to a “LoL is rigged and Riot is a bunch of scammers”, regardless of the objective truth behind it.”

“Back then there was blogging age: the “community” was around a few opinion leaders who read each other. If just one took the time to understand and check the results and found them worthy, they linked and mentioned it so it got to awful lot of people. Currently there is the social media age when everyone follows lots of little guys like himself. The few who bothers to read before commenting simply can’t reach enough more people to start a chain reaction. Most of them are “lol didnt read mustbe scrub making excuses”.

[…] I really don’t know what to do. I mean I can fight people who say “your research is wrong” but definitely can’t fight “didn’t read lol xd” ones. In the “good old times” I could ignore them as I only needed the ears of fellow bloggers and forum/reddit celebrities to spread ideas, but now one seems to have to convince ordinary folks to reach other ordinary folks.”

“Climbing high on a twitch game ladder that I know to be rigged?! For what? op.gg says Ladder Rank 385,936 (26.26% of top). I already at the edge of the top quarter with abysmal skills and playing a single undertuned champion. If that doesn’t convince someone that the exploit works, will top 20%? Or top 10%? Or top 1%?! Let’s be real, for a competitive person in Platinum 1, 45 LP, someone with Platinum 1, 44LP is a “worthless scrub”. These people won’t listen to anyone. They aren’t the audience. The audience supposed to be the ordinary players struggling in ELO Hell.

But I lost sight of it, because I was so dragged into competition. You see, I’m no superhuman. Fighting competitive instincts is an everyday struggle. I wish to be recognized and celebrated. I know it’s stupid. I know it is fake and worthless. But I wish it anyway. To fight it needs constant focus and self-reflection. To realize that being laughed at by the “l33t” while providing useful information is much more valuable than making them go silent by beating them.”

“We all understand why you shouldn’t feed wildlife, it makes them dependent on food from humans and leads to artificial population explosion. Why doesn’t the rest of the world understand this? The population of Africa has tripled in sixty years. It’s completely dependent on the availability of foreign aid, meaning up to a billion people will starve if it ever ends. Why not let 200 million of them starve out to natural levels in the 1950s and sustain a fraction of the inevitable deaths that will eventually occur? Do these people not think more than a TV program’s length into the future?”

“So is ISIS pretty much gone or what?”

“Yeah trump told trannies to use the right bathroom so whatever Isis is doing is now irrelevant”

“But for them it doesn’t matter. What matters is the feeling that they are awesome players. This is the feeling Riot sells for money.”

“Now, there are a great many people (yours truly here included) that will tell you that many parts of the Warpack mod are essentially useless. That’s true. One can’t help but wonder why they’re in there to begin with especially given that they’re available in most other free mod packs.

But therein lies the beauty of it all: If you point to one part being useless, one can then argue the entire thing is useless; and that is EXACTLY what they do.

They will use one or two of the essentially worthless mods included in this pack in a vain effort to try to discredit its power, while at the very same time completely ignoring any mention of the actual powerful mods within the pack.

It’s selective memory at best. At worst, well…it is what it is: A complete coverup.”

“When you hear a politician saying “I will make X happen” you hear an empty slogan. When you hear “I will make X happen at the expense of Y”, you have a program. This program can be stupidly wrong. But at least it’s right or wrong. “I will make X” is not even wrong.”

“[A] fair game with more teammates with high winrate is more likely won than one with baddies (go figure!). Exploit games also have a – pretty surprising – prediction method. This is much less predictive than the main classification (free wins have 80%+ winrate, fair games have 55% and exploited games played without exploit have 25%). But still, by the “goods – bads” prediction I could split the fair games into halves, one with 65% winrate and one with 45%. So why should I waste time? Let’s dodge the lower half!

That’s when and why everything went crazy! The game really hates queue dodgers since they both cheat (it gives advantage even if the matchmaker is fair) and because it wastes 5-10 minutes of 9 players. Punishing queue dodgers is a fair idea. So is punishing toxic players, botters and quitters. But instead of banning their accounts (they just make one new free) or giving out some in-game punishment (hey, they can just drop their account and make one new free), they put them to a “prison zone” and give them losses, by giving them each other as teammates and way better enemies.

It’s actually genius. The dodgers don’t know that they’ve lost because of being punished, they think that whatever dodge formula they made up is not working. The toxic people don’t realize that they’ve lost because they are punished, they are given the famous loading screen quote “players who criticize teammates after a mistake lose 25% more games”! Botters believe that their bots are badly written and quitters – well, they quit. The really new players who play ranked on an account they haven’t used for years (or just bought on ebay) will lose anyway, so they can lose in the prison, serving punishment to the inmates instead of annoying honest teammates.

While I admit that this is a genius plan, it’s also a perfect example of the matchmaker being totally rigged. I haven’t dodged on Sunday and I wonder how many lost games or real days I have to serve in the prison before I can return to evaluating the “normal” rigging again, the one which is aimed to help the paying players.”

“”Protocol?” Big word for a small guy. Let’s see what it means.

>the official procedure or system of rules governing affairs of state or dipolmatic occasions

Well, it’s not unofficial. They told you to fuck off. They literally by definition can’t breach protocol because as long as they tell you about it, it’s official, and who decides what gets to be official? Well, the state. And in this case, it’s them.

But of course there’s a catch, as always is with these tricky dicks.

preview: “Reporters from CNN and Politico were also not allowed to enter the office of the press secretary, Sean M Spice, in an unusual breach of protocol.”

actual: “Journalists from The New York Times and several other news organizations were prohibited from attending a briefing by President Trump’s press secretary on Friday, a highly unusual breach of relations between the White House and its press corps.”

As ludicrous a word and concept from these slimy fucks as “protective press pool”.”

“So you have contradictory rules posted on your site that are pointed out to you and your answer is to send him to the very same contradictory rules?

Folks, that is stupid on a level that is simply titanic. It’s beyond comprehension how anybody, let alone three anybodies, could be that blatantly stupid.

Or are they? Is it not equally possible that they simply hope by way of frustrating people into giving up that they can leave contradictory rules in place and pick and choose who they will enforce them against and when based on what they feel or think at the time?”

“Even if its all “cleaned” up. They still involved in it.

What this idiot is basically saying is its ok to do child porn as long as u dont advertise it. Or get caught.”

“The most ridiculous argument you’ll ever hear though comes from the Wotlabs folks, the forum trolls, and corporate shills (all of whom are in the same group, of course) and that is this:

You can’t prove they’re using the patent.

I’m not kidding. That’s their argument. The fact that Wargaming spent God knows how much developing it, patenting it, and the game actually works exactly as the patent describes and is noted by 10’s of thousands of players world wide means that they’re not actually using it…according to them.

Why would they deny it? Because in the end, when you really get right down to it, it’s fraud. Vegas was founded to make money via gambling. They used to cheat at it and then say, “Hey! It’s Vegas! Doesn’t matter if it’s rigged as long as he has fun!”

No. That’s incorrect. It does matter. When you’re shelling out money paying for a game, the very least you expect is that you get a fair deal. In Vegas these days, you do. The Federal Government of the United States and the State of Nevada saw to that.

With World of Tanks, it’s very, very clear that you don’t.

They’ve even put it in writing.”

“You’re going to be arrested for this. Downright illegal.

Enjoy the stalking charge, just because someone said something mean on the internet.”

“I love idiots that comment about things they know nothing about.

A. It’s not stalking, moron. We never sought him out. He, in fact, came here. Over and over and over again.
B. He was warned. He was banned twice. He still didn’t stop. He got what he asked for. If anybody in this whole thing was stalking, it was him.
C. Nothing about it is illegal at all. We’ve not posted anything about him that he didn’t post in the public domain himself.

So far, we’ve had Tsavo say he’s calling the police, Wotlabs asshats saying they “talked to the director of the FBI in Phoenix” (FYI, there is no such thing as a “director” in Phoenix – he’s actually special agent in charge Michael DeLeon. The Director of the FBI is James Comey and he’s located in D.C.), and two others say they’ve “called the authorities” or went to see them personally.

They and you are all liars. It’s laughable you idiots keep up with the hollow, empty threats.

But do keep it up. If nothing else, it’s entertaining.”

“What a fucking moron. One of the main rules of life is, “Do not shit where you eat.””

“Yeah so what? People are assholes, and this is the internet, if your skin is thin enough to get triggered by the process of 1 public battle i wish you good luck in the real world my friend. also there is a video on MY channel of the same thing, so thanks for promoting chems instead of me :(. you’re a pussy. o7”

“No, people aren’t assholes; you are. The really funny part is that you’re too stupid to know the difference between the two.”

“I’ve been watching Crowfall for some time, as I found it a very good game when I first read about it. And that’s it, I’m watching, since it’s not released: The front page announces the next test, various awards for being “most anticipated” and opportunities to “invest”, along with the proud announcement that they collected $10M for nothing. Because they have no published game. […]

Dear people, you get what you pay for. If you pay for a game, you get a game. If you pay for power, you get power in a rigged game. If you pay for development, you get development. The more you pay them, the more development you get. I guess Star Citizen will be in development as long as there are enough benefactors to keep the show running. When there are not, they publish whatever they have to avoid lawsuits and call it a day. I hope Crowfall will be different, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.”

“I’ve noticed a strange pattern in League of Legends. Guy pre-selects a champion. I check his stats, some obscenely high winrate with that champ. His champion gets banned or picked before him and he is forced to pick something he can’t really play. This is happening again and again, even with obscure champions. Hell, even my Warwick was picked by the enemy when I was second picker!

Even more strange: guy gets to play his main, the enemy picks counter and plays it well. I check the stats of the enemy player and see that the counter was also his main. What bad luck isn’t it?

Maybe not. Maybe clever data analysis and placement. I mean the game knows that Adam often plays Vayne and is very good with them. So if Adam is meant to lose, then let’s place him against someone who often bans Vayne. Or place him against another Vayne-main and let that guy pick first. Or against someone who often plays a counter of Vayne and let him pick after Adam!

This is another thing I can’t prove. However I’d like to point out that everything that is “luck”-dependent is under full control of the game developer. They have all the data needed to predict how players behave, what they pick, what they ban, how they play certain champions. It is possible that it’s just “bad luck”. But they can easily cook your luck. They control everything in the game. And they have very good reason to control “luck”: to support paying players.”

“Which gets us to the nastiest part: feeders. Feeders just die, die, die and give XP and gold to enemies. Being a feeder has nothing to do with being a bad player. It’s being an idiot. If I’d sit my mom before Leauge of Legends and explain the basics, she wouldn’t feed. She would run when she see the big bad guy with the big gun coming for her. Sure she’d be low on minions and wouldn’t have much kills, only some assists in teamfights. But she wouldn’t feed. Feeders are simple morons who just deny the obvious fact that the opposing player is better or picked a counter. They refuse to play safe, they blame everyone for their defeat and they die, die, die.

The obvious question is how can such idiot climb out of Bronze 5? Simple: if he doesn’t lose, he doesn’t feed. If he is the stronger in his lane, he wins it, might even carry. The feeder mindset helps carrying as he runs into uncertain situations aggressively and if the opponent is weak, he kills more than a conservative player would. You see where I’m going: him being carry or feeder depends on “luck”: is he facing a better or worse player/champion in his lane. If the player has the feeder mindset, the whole game comes down to this one question. Unless he is facing a weaker but very careful player who hugs the tower, it doesn’t matter what the other 8 players do. Such player will be responsible for half of the kills of the whole game in laning phase, either as killer or dead. Needless to say that it gives complete control to Riot over the game: pick a feeder player and give him an easy opponent to guarantee a win or give him a counter to guarantee defeat.

Please note something crucial: while every team game have idiots on your side, every other game limits the damage they can do to the team. In practically every game I can thing of, the worst possible teammate (who is not doing bannable things) is an AFK. A horrible World of Tanks player dies without getting a single damage. A horrible WoW battleground player just run into 1v4 and gets oneshotted due to horrible gear. Same for a horrible FPS player.

LoL is designed in a way that a horrible player can be much worse than an AFK-er. He can give lots of gold and XP to the enemy. Neither of the other games gives you any in-match advantage for killing enemies besides the removal of the enemy from your way. I mean if you kill an enemy in a WoW battleground, you won’t become stronger. Sure you can capture the objective he defended, but his fighting still slowed you, even for seconds. If you just stand on the bridge and farm kills, you are just as useless as the farmed noobs. Imagine if the bridge-pwnzor got a few ilvl for every noobs killed and after 10 kills could oneshot anyone?! Or the World of Tanks sniper would get +10% damage, +10% fire rate and +10% armor for every moron who run the field of Malinovka at start because of “lol itza game”.

Also LoL the only game I know with snowballing instead of diminishing returns. Having a 6/0/0 enemy cannot be balanced by having two 3/0/3 teammates. So even if 4 out of 5 players are winning their lane and the team score is actually positive, you can still lose if the fifth player is a bad feeder.

Do you think it’s by accident? Or did they design the game from the start to make sure that good (but not oppressively good) play can’t help the initial matchmaking?”

“It’s well known that countries abundant of natural resources tend to turn into dictatorships and have lower GDP growth. It’s not by mistake or because of some evil conspiracy. It’s simply that the leadership doesn’t need the people for GDP generation, so they can be suppressed at will. This of course will lead to lower economic growth as the resources are typically non-renewable, deplete over time instead of growing like economies built on people who always advance.

What I want to point out is that foreign workers – may they be illegal immigrants or holders of work visa – count as a natural resource and not as people, because they can’t vote and can be deported at will. They are generating GDP without any political power and allow the leadership to simply replace their disgruntled citizen workforce. To see why it’s right, we just have to push this to extreme: a country where everyone besides the ruling class is a foreign worker. This country – even if formally a democracy – is equal to a textbook dictatorship, since only the ruling class can vote and the rest of the people can be removed from the population at will.

One more reason to keep those immigrants out (or give them citizenship if they’re too good to reject). If you let them in, slowly but surely your country turns into a resource-cursed hellhole as the establishment will consider the people an obstacle instead of the source of their power.”

“The problem with the “git gud lol” trolls isn’t that they are wrong. 99% of those who climbed out of the bronze-silver-gold cesspool did exactly what they suggested. The problem is that their advice is simple but hard. It’s obvious, but very hard to complete. It’s like telling every poor people to go to school and then university and become a doctor and then they won’t be poor. Factually true, completely useless.

[…] The proper quality of a good advice is “yes or no”. “Work harder” is not yes or no, there is always someone who works harder. However “quit smoking” is yes or no, you are smoking or you are not. […] Probably that’s why I have bigger audience than the “git gud lol” trolls who offer nothing of value to their readers. And this is why I moderate them out of here. They bring nothing to the discussion.”

“You did less damage than Janna, you almost participate in fights and barely hit any turrets. Instead you farm the jungle all game, but without using the farm to attack the enemy its going to waste. Being lowest performer on your team is a consistent trend on your op.gg, while you have a teammate or two on your team who goes crazy and 1v5 the enemy and win for you.”

“what damage you expect me to do with -6% damage taken -4% damage from allies keystone and every item defensive? Or Janna should have tanked? But this is besides the point. The point is that I CAN stack my team, because matchmaking is rigged. Why should I bother to learn to play when I can uphold 2:1 win:loss for over 100 games?”

“We have many facilities here in the US that operate like this. Build a plant (Usually a meat packing or food manufacturing plant.) Ship in foreign workers under one of the visa programs set up to match slave labor (er… industrious foreign workers…) with unscrupulous corporations (er… valued GDP generating companies…)and then use those workers like caged dogs to produce food for sale, cheap.

It’s one of the gateways to the “Judge Dredd Future ™” (er… profitable global business model…)

The workers are happy with this arrangement at first, as it’s better than where they came from. But they are cloistered in “company towns” and are just being used as cheap labor (Looking at YOU, Texas!)

Of course, liberals defend this practice by using poor people as human shields. (But without cheap food, poor people would starve!)

This is not a sustainable practice. Companies that don’t engage in what is essentially human trafficking can’t compete. And then what do you do with the workers when they’re replaced by younger, cheaper versions from the next third world country on the list? Meh… just release them onto the streets. What could go wrong?

Immigration is not and has never been about uplifting humanity. It’s about cheap labor.”

“Amazon, of course, touts “Free shipping” to it’s well to do customers who demand posh treatment because they’re so important. I’ve always wondered how this was a sustainable practice… it turns out it’s not.

To do it, they mercilessly track and monitor their slaves (er… drivers.) under conditions no one who has better choices would endure. Yay for unskilled foreigners who don’t have a choice in the matter, right? The “libertarian” view is that these people are “independent agents” in full control of their decisions and not being forced to participate it what is arguably a one sided deal. Now, to clarify… AMAZON doesn’t do the merciless tracking itself. It basically tells the contract driver company to do it. That’s just straight out of Prince Machiavelli’s handbook.

The argument for libertarians is then, “But they were worse off in their original country or condition.” Thus tacitly agreeing that they’re being used now, but it’s somehow for their own good. It’s not. It’s a non sustainable process that will only result in the process’s refinement and wider implementation. We will ALL eventually be slaves with people like Jeff Bezos at end or our chain.”

“Amazon spokeswoman Kelly Cheeseman said the delivery firms it contracts with make their own decisions about when to fire employees. But she added that Amazon expects the contract companies to provide a certain level of service. […]

She says Amazon gave her up to 72 packages to deliver in four hours, meaning she had to deposit one package roughly every three minutes.”

“Hungary was a communist dictatorship until 1990. The real, Castro-Kim-Mao-Brezhnev type of communism with government ownership of all companies, formal censorship office and “criticism gets you to jail” society. Now the communists did one thing very seriously: hunting right-wing extremism. WW2 Nazis were executed after the war and any kind of nationalist or racist sentiment was hunted. You made a racist joke at the water-cooler and your colleague reported you (or there was a mike hidden in the room)? You just lost your job and got blacklisted from any jobs except the lowliest of menial tasks. You tried to spread nationalist propaganda? A couple of years in jail for you. […]

This extreme hunting of right-wing extremist views, combined with no external support in smuggled Western literature made these views extinct. I grew up without hearing a single anti-Semite joke. “Jew” was just as emotion-less descriptive term as “Malay” or “Finnish”. I haven’t heard a single racist slur either, if kids wanted to insult each other, they typically used “your mom is a whore” or “you’re nothing” but nothing racist, simply because there were no source for them to learn it. African students were common sight in universities and no one cared. So communist Hungary was the perfect politically correct utopia for liberals.

Yet right after the fall of communism the newly formed liberal journals were full of warnings about the Nazi menace threatening our life. Which at first was funny as we never seen a single one nor they actually referenced any kind of hate crime or particular person as enemy. We were told to be very afraid of non-existent Nazis. Soon our smile got wiped out when the liberals started to preach that because of the looming danger of non-existent Nazis we must unite with the communists. Yes, those communists who ran the dictatorship just a few months ago. *Those* communists who kept the very same liberals in jail, who executed the guys whose photos were on the same journals demanding union.

On 1991. Sept 27, 17 months after the first democratic election the “Democratic Charta” was signed by liberal opinion leaders and former communist leaders to unite their forces against the “brown rain”, the invasion of Nazis – without anyone seeing a single Nazi person in Hungary.”

“I fully understand how MMR works. The point is that “Platinum” guy has MMR that matches him against silver people and he still has Platinum bragging right. The very purpose of hiding MMR is to let him be Platinum, while in reality he is playing in Silver or Bronze.”

“I expected proving Riot rigging League of Legends to be a complicated data analysis. Instead, I just bumped into a smoking gun […}

Yes, I was autofilled into Bot role, despite I picked Jungle and Top and both jungle and top players were glad to do ADC. There is no other explanation for this than the game wanted us to lose and placed everyone purposefully to the wrong lane.”

“Donald Trump, despite being an idiot, was born wealthy and has access to a network of contacts and resources those intelligent and serious people do not. Worst comes to worst, which it has before, he can always fallback on the famous name and face to make opportunity for himself.”

Sorry, this is bullshit. Even maintaining wealth, let alone growing it, requires skill. You are talking about a ‘neighborhood’ where people will stab you in the back just to improve their standing even trivially. Sure, being born into money helps a lot, but I see a lot of other people wasting it and doing practically nothing with their lives. You’re saying that essentially any celebrity can become the next president, right? He’s rich and has contacts, clearly anything else is just fluff.

You’re making it sound that anyone with money can be just as successful as Trump, regardless of personal accomplishments. This is what people say to themselves to justify their failings or lack of personal progress.”

“Is the game full of complexity? Yes. But for an average player, it’s just bad complexity. I purposefully only play with Warwick and Nunu to prevent myself from advancing via better game mechanics knowledge and hand-eye skills, so all my advancement is credited to my understanding of socials and strategies. For me the various champions are just flavors I don’t really care about. The rules of “2 v 1 wins” and “higher level and items win” serve me perfectly. With this abysmal “skills” I’m already above the median of ranked players.

“Niche, core, challenging” have numbers behind them. Only one in a hundred million men are astronauts. Only one in a hundred has PHD. Only one in a hundred can complete a Marathon running in 5 hours (and where is that from competitive?!). Playing League of Legends needs nothing but a pulse. Since you are facing similar opponents, any level of competence is unnecessary. Since ranked queue was down today, I played a normal to test a small rune/mastery tweak: the teammates were unironically chatting how cool skins they have and how many games they must play to get the next, even more cool skin. The hard core of gamers they were.”

“Reading guides of good players is an accepted norm of learning to play. Following the advises of successful people is considered a good practice in life. For some weird reason people are still bad at games and unsuccessful in life. Maybe there is something wrong with those guides?”

“The answer comes from realizing that immigration and refugee protection got mixed up despite they are completely different issues. Immigration is about letting people in who are needed and will fit in the country. Refugee protection is about … protecting refugees from the dangers they ran from. Currently refugees are protected by letting them immigrate without vetting. If one can prove that he is in grave danger at home (and it’s not hard if he is from Syria), he can enter the country and live among us, even if he is totally unfit for it, for example don’t speak the language, don’t have any profession to work and consider women to be mere property of men. Which is true for 80% of the swarm entering Europe.

The proper solution is keeping refugee protection completely separated from immigration. Refugees should be placed to closed camps where they are safe from whatever danger they were running from, get shelter, food and health care. From there they can leave only two ways: if their home becomes safe again and they are going/sent home or if they successfully immigrate to a third country. In the camp they should get the the help for the immigration process, but still have to go through all checks that ordinary immigrants have to. If they learn the language, get a profession and adopted to our culture then they can leave the camp and live in our countries. If they don’t, they stay in the camp until their country is fixed.”


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