2017 Jan 31 ~ Feb 21

“the people working in customer facing software are the kinds of people who go to shitty tech conventions where they give talks about gay nonsense that serve the sole purpose of attracting investors but they always have this signally nonsense about how they’re trying to build some start up community culture in town X or change the world or some nonsense”

“the point of getting a girl is not just having sex. If you just wanted to fuck you could hire a hooker for that in 10 minutes. The point of trying to pick up chicls is the primal feeling of 1) validation and 2) mutual desire. Fucking an ugly chick, much like fucking a prostitute, does not make you feel good about yourself. Instead it rather demolishes your feeling of self-worth because you were only able to score such a subhuman useless piece of genetic trash”

“has anyone figured out yet that facebook has nothing to do with reality? why are you even reacting to these posts? they dont cost Facebook A THING. At least in the days of paper propaganda they had to pay to print it. we are volunteering to consume this GARBAGE INFORMATION”

“Well she already came out and said Ron and Hermione would have a divorce and Hermione would of cheated on Ron”

“literally what kind of person does this”

“someone who wants to try and remain relevant by trying to extend the canon of her series in really stupid ways”

“not only does she comment on her works after-the-fact and change them around but she does so in completely pointless ways that dont contribute anything to the story and just end up making likable main character look like shit”

“Dubya remained silent throughout both Obama terms.
Obama waited a week to undermine the latest President”

“Trump’s statement on his immigration measures telegraphs a lot about his administration’s strategy. He intends to draw the left out and force them to fight in the courtrooms where they can’t use the court of public opinion and twisted words to tell lies without speaking them. They have to present clear and unambiguous facts under oath. They have to tell the truth under penalty of law and they have to sit there while the truth is read into the official record to their dismay. CNN and PolitiFact can’t twist the narrative and tell lies with the polished smile of a con man. He intends to drag them into a legal fight that will last a decade and drain hundreds of millions from leftist organizations in Washington. While the left is relying on tried-and-true counter-revolutionary tactics and theories from the 1960s Trump is going to dazzle them with the slick veneer of boardrooms and courtrooms from the 1980s. Who would have thought that Rules for Radicals would be replaced by the Art of the Deal.”

“Just think about how retarded these airport demonstrations are. What the fuck are these people demonstrating for? Like, just think about it. Even if you disregard the fact that Trump is the president belonging to the opposing party yada yada, but what is it these people are upset about? They’re upset because unrelated people from other countries now can’t come into the country? That’s it? Foreigners not being able to travel to your nation? That’s the giant issue that you camp outside an airport for?
Think about this in any other cultural or historical context and tell me how laughably silly it becomes

Imagine Louis the 14th had just randomly passed a law forbidding all english to come into the country for whatever reason. Maybe you’d have some people who thought it was silly, maybe you’d have some people who thought it was diplomatically unfortunate or an unproductive political measure. But would anyone actually care or opposite it so passionately that they’d scream or cry about it? this whole reaction is just so stupid”

“Trump is building an autocracy!” cry people who want us to live in an open-borders polyglot homo-friendly favela run by globalist tech billionaires”

“Why is there no western equivalent to the Japanese manga industry? We’ve got shitty superhero comics but they are all horrible and incredibly dull in variance. It’s a guy in tights punching walls and beating up bad guys who can also fly. Manga have much more varied subject matter.

It’s interesting to me that people haven’t started “webcomics” previews in the style of manga and publishing companies surfaced to publish these works in magazines to be sold. Or completely online but some way to sufficiently monetize that if magazines aren’t a thing in the west.

Mostly webcomics are 99% humor 1 page/weekly things that don’t have a lot of effort put into them. What if these started being drawn by superior artists who put out 20-25 page chapters each week?

Certainly there’s a lot of history or folklore to draw inspiration from.”

“I think it’s because stylized mediums just aren’t taken seriously in the west. When the animation industry started taking off with Disney, plenty of people watched those movies but they were all kid friendly. Disney has been dominating the stylized film market and although they produce quality films, its all pg stuff so they have essentially eternally associated stylized cartoons to kid stuff to the average American. That influence carries over to stuff like comics as well imo.

Also comics were also meant to be for kids (at least the stuff that got big and is big now). The characters were super simple and not very fleshed out, an the ones that actually were violent were violent and edgy to the point of cheesyness. There were never any stories out there that set out to appeal to an older audience. And alongside this whole comic thing you have the comic strip industry pumping away. Now this was stuff that a lot of adults actually did read alongside their newspapers. However, these were also humorous, lighthearted, and kid friendly. So essentially, you have generation after generation of people who have only been exposed to stylized art, whether it’s through animation, comic books or comic strips, through a kiddy filter. They’ve never been shown an engaging mature, adult story in one of those art forms. And after a certain point, people just expected this stuff to be for kids.

Whereas in Japan they’ve done a variety of stories via anime and manga that appeal to all audiences and span a wide array of genres. They’ve really explored the mediums and shown people what it can really do. There are a few diamonds in the rough in the west but they never take off due to the already established stigma in the west.”

“I disagree, go to art school and then you will see how much people actually suck at drawing. “

“Digital makes things too easy. You can iterate for days.”

“You can iterate for years and you still won’t get anything even close to that result.”

“Exaggerated poses and perspective make it easier to fill a widescreen format with one character.”

“Can I get a quick rundown on this guy?”

“best(most successful) concept artist in the industry. he will exploit cucks for his own benifit.”

>Charging up front
Ic taught me not to do that, coz it’s a dick move”

“That’s retarded. You’re using your time to provide something that the client finds value in and wants to pay for. That’s like saying it’s unreasonable to pay the price of admission before going to something. If a client saya they don’t want to pay upfront, be grateful that they’ve given you an early red flag so you can eject and avoid wasting your time.”

“Honetly, clients who don’t want to pay anything upfront are a blessing in disguise when it comes to bad clients. It’s the earliest possible cue you could have to get the fuck out before getting fucked over

Now, clients who pay upfront but then request endless unpaid revisions, change their mind and want something entirely different beyond of the bounds of the contract, or go ghost for months without a word, those are the ones to watch out for”

>African Union condemns US for ‘taking our people as slaves’ but not as refugees
Lmao but they sold their own people.”

>Movies/TV shows have people playing games in a scene
>They literally have no idea how to play at all
>Say stuff like “Gather the most points!” when playing a modern day FPS or “I just got a 1up” in a game where no such thing exists.

I mean, it’s not a big deal. I get it. They’re just using old tropes to make it seem like the person is playing… but is there seriously NO ONE on the team who speaks up and says “actually, this is fucking stupid” or “It would make the show seem smarter if he said X””

“Its main goal is to present itself as a video game to its audience. There will be people in the audience whose greatest interaction with video games is buying a Nintendo for their grandchildren. Using terminology like “points” accompanied by exaggerated hand movements makes it clear even to them.”

“Well maybe if directors didn’t simplify shit in that way all the fucking time, we wouldn’t have millions of fucking people who still think videogames are “just like Pac Man or Donkey Kong with the points right XD?””

“you know what’s funny? if some d/ic/k posted that painting the replies would be

>head too big
>perspective is fucked
>lighting doesn’t make sense
>nose is wrong
>tit is missing

it’s only after ‘knowing’ that the artist as an established professional, that this piece is considered ‘good’. that’s the problem with this fucking place.

it’s the same kind of thing that makes someone go ‘hurrdurr Noah is still better than 99% of /ic/’ when it couldn’t be further from the truth. Noah is fucking terrible yet the average /ic/ imbecile will elevate him simply because he is popular.”


“It just dawned on me that I had a breakup go so badly he got mad and helped usher in a new era of American fascism over it”

“It’s really weird to think Donald Trump is president now and is implementing anarcho-capitalism under the direction of Steve Bannon and all because Zoe Quinn had sex with 5 guys. Wow!”

“What makes America great is that a bunch of racially different people live on the same landmass. Yup, that’s it. That’s the secret to success. Diversity is our strength. And by diversity, I don’t mean diversity of ideas because we all know that liberal democracy is the best and should be imposed on the entire world without exception. I mean just people being different races. This makes America succeed somehow. Because if America was mostly only one race it would definitely fail. Because it wouldn’t have the magical success powers that only come from having many different races of people living on the same landmass.”

“Time Magazine profiled Gelernter in 2016, describing him as an “arch-genius.”

The Washington Post, profiling him in early 2017 as a potential science advisor to Donald Trump, called him “fiercely anti-intellectual … a vehement critic of modern academia” and quoted Gelernter’s book America-Lite as blaming an increasing “Jewish presence at top colleges” for what he sees as a decline in American culture.”

“Well behaved women rarely make history because they’re too busy making the future.”

“Beating up Nazis bc they are Anti-Semitic and homophobic is okay, beating up Muslims for the same reasons is wrong bc it’s their culture.”

“Killing Nazis is American as Apple Pie!

But also at the same time America is a nation built on white supremacy and colonialism and imperialism, built on the graves of native americans and on the backs of black slaves.

Now let me explain to you how trashcan tipping is just like the American Revolution.”

“Killing communists is also an American tradition but they never mention that.”

“I need feminism because over 90% of CEOs are men.”
“How do you know they are men? Are you referring to them as men based on your own preconceived notion of what a man is?”
“They are men because they look and act like men. What kind of question is that?”
“Isn’t it transphobic to assume that just because someone looks like a man, he’s a man?”
“Go fuck yourself”

“Schumer in 2015 – “Halt in refugee program may be necessary”
Schumer Now – “This order was mean spirited.””

“That’s a professional greeting.”
“Professional greeting?”
“A magic set of words that allows even shy people to greet others.”

“FCC head Ajit Pai will protect the Internet from censorship—by refusing to treat it as a public utility the government has a right to control.”

“Interesting how Alexandre Bissonnette’s ‘likes’ of Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen are somehow a window into the deepest part of his soul, but his ‘likes’ of left-wing social democratic parties such as the NDP and the Parti Québécois magically aren’t.”

“#Resist and #Fight for your beliefs.
Unless your beliefs are different, then #ShutUp”

“What’s to stop same said companies from sourcing their labor overseas if they don’t let them work here?”


“Tariffs on what? On services?”

“Money crossing international borders.”

“How does one sufficiently tax wire transfers of money via the internet, if I may ask?”

“Well, to pay foreign workers they have to wire money from a US Bank to a foreign bank and that can be regulated.”

“Ah. So they won’t just run money via a 3rd party like PayPal or something?”

“Tax evasion being worse than murder from a legal standpoint. PayPal has to report the revenue so the IRS will have the money records either way.”

“”Ignorant” is one of those shitlib dog whistles that always signals a limited intellect and poor education, self-taught or otherwise; the illiterati use it interchangeably with “stupid” or “bigoted” (because they don’t read). The cynical opinion makers use it because it resonates with morons, and also because it’s a common insult blacks use against racist white people”

“Taxing remittances is the nuclear option, which would mean the total economic ruin of Mexico and violent revolution besides. Both sides know it can be done.

This is just Trump’s opening move. Trump explained to everybody how he operated, that he was a deal maker and that he would fix all of America’s bad deals. But when he makes a move or an offer that is not the most powerful offer he can make, this should not confuse people. The goal is getting what you want, not killing your enemy. Taxation of remittances would destroy Mexico.”

“Voting can be an economical alternative to war, as long as the winners don’t seek to take, nor impose, enough to make war preferable.

Between a bunch of guys, who understand that violence is the alternative, voting can work fine. It can be a relative improvement. When we vote, we are saving each other money, and saving each other’s lives, by not fighting instead. It’s a win win, the winners win more and the losers lose less, because we don’t have to contest matters on the field.

But women lack perspective. They just think voting is magic. “Teehee, we mark the paper and we get what we want.” They abide by no limits.

It was never necessary to give women the vote, because they don’t participate in the production of violence. It was a pure indulgence (that we can no longer afford.) There was never any female violence to buy off by granting access to the political process, and its spoils. But women’s participation in politics changes outcomes, unlike their participation in wars, of which there is never any to speak of. And when the outcomes of elections diverge far enough from the outcomes of war; those with the means, men, have the incentive to stop voting and simply war; to stop playing politics and just play violence.”

“I can’t understand how the institutions in pre-1933 Germany could have let the holocaust happen. Maybe Hitler threatened their funding too”

“>says trump’s muslim ban gives ammunition to ISIS
>unlike obama who gave actual ammunition to ISIS”

>Dating sim as a genre is dying

What went wrong?”

“Waifus are everywhere now.”

“You need to work to get girl in the dating sim
Shitty vn like steins gate and Sakura trash are the future of gaming”

“Nobody wants to work their way to get a girl anymore, and those who do rather play something with more gameplay and some dating sim elements in it, like Rune Factory.”

“A history: A company named élf made a sequel to their famous dating sim series called Kakyuusei 2 (the precursor to dating sims even before Tokimeki Memorial. Series’s pretty huge in Japan. The company themselves used to be a behemoth in the eroge industry, with YU-NO, -saku series, Dragon Knight series, and Doukyuusei/Kakyuusei series under their belt, along with numerous other old VNs.) They spend much on promotional materials to advertise this new dating sim game, with an anime series that comes out before the game. They are so confident that the game will success, that they dare to put the release date of the game the same as Rance VI to rival Alice Soft (Look to the VNDB release date on both games if you don’t believe me). But when the game comes out, it revealed to the players that:

1. The face of the game, the childhood friend main heroine Saimon Tamaki, told the MC when asked that she already in relationship with a rich medical student, and still in relationship with said boyfriend when the player enters her route. This is in contrast to all previous main heroines in their previous games of the series that doesn’t have any boyfriend or even any knowledge of sex beforehand.

2. The scenes. The player can spot said childhood friend main heroine kissed, an groped on the crotch by said boyfriend while she clearly looks enjoying it. In front of the peeping MC. WITH EXCLUSIVE CG DEDICATED TO THE SCENE. You also can sometime catch her just walks out of a love hotel when exploring the city. In previous games, the heroine can flies off to another guy, but that’s failure event if the player doesn’t chase said heroine or fail spectacularly trying to get her. Here, it’s a normal CG that you can get when trying to get her, and one will only unlock if you have sufficient affection rating to her. So the player basically already ‘lost’ her before the game starts.

3. The heroine’s personality and route. During her route, it’s necessary that you take her to dates if you want to get despite knowing that she already has a boyfriend. Later on, after her affection rating is high enough, her boyfriend starts taking her home after you date her. The day after that, when you meet her again, the MC asks if it’s okay to keep dating her, she assures him it’s fine. After being fetched 1 or 2 more times by said boyfriend after you date her, after at the last date, you find her having a quarrel with said boyfriend in front of a love hotel because she keeps dating her childhood friend, before he finally breaks up with her, wishing her happiness with the MC afterwards, and leaves with his car. After that she depressed and you have to cheer her up by being her rebound guy.

Later in her first sex scene the MC asks if she has done sex with the boyfriend, she confirms it and asks him to understand because she loved her very much.

Nevertheless, all these pissed people very much, which is understandable.”

“Thinking about it, there are basically three classes of ownership.

TENANCY (possessive property): any random sense of attachment or association which can occur in any time or place, but can’t ultimately be defended in a situation of conflict.

TITLE (legal property rights): A legal claim of exclusive control which is allocated and defended by a sovereign entity.

SOVEREIGNTY (demonstrated property): An entity which has the strategic ability to defend claims of property from those who disagree with that claim, by force in the ultimate case.

Progressives and egalitarians are biased to think in terms of tenancy. The best example is the shaming that happens every Columbus day. Native American tribes had tenancy (possession) of the lands of America, but history has borne out that they did not have title or sovereignty. They were physically unable to defend their claims under the test of conflict. Tenancy is a bit like leaving a wallet on a bench in the park. When it gets stolen you can moralize and complain and rally all you want, but it doesn’t make any difference.

Also, I think that libertarians tend to be stuck in tier two- maximizing legal property rights without accounting for the costs and conditions of sovereignty. But I’ll get to that later.”

>Funi screwed their chances for an Oscar title though.
They never really had a chance, Academy voters only watch cartoons when their friends produce them or their kids want to see them. I doubt Funi has the budget to pull off an actual nationwide ad campaign that would get enough of them to watch it.”

“The Socialist party of the United States favors all legislative measures tending to prevent the immigration of strike breakers and contract laborers, and the mass importation of workers from foreign countries, brought about by the employing classes for the purpose of weakening the organization of American labor and of lowering the standard of life of the American workers.”

“As a Jew who is a third-generation Holocaust survivor, I am horrified by #MuslimBan”

“What the fuck does a Third generation Holocaust survivor mean? Shekels & a Guild trip till “the Rapture”?”

“Of course, she’s not horrified by a Muslim immigration ban in ISRAEL.

Jews among us are nightmarish parasites, excreting story and doctrine that destroys the ability of the host to make self/other and safe/ dangerous distinctions.

They all need to be sent to the corn field.”

“Did leftwing radicals just attack a gay Jew for his Nazi beliefs?

I officially live in Clownworld.”

“Is the logical error really that subtle? The number of people killed in the United States in the past is not a measure of the future threat. For example, if no one in the US has died of ebola, should we then conclude that it poses no threat?”

“He was a probably a refugee child with mental health issues whose religious background is irrelevant.”

>Hundreds of Roman coins found in ancient Chinese ruins
“Well clearly this was because gold pieces were interchangeable and spread via trade and not indicative of any direct or indirect contact between the Romans and any Chinese Dynasty”
>Single ring with Allah scribbled on it found in Scandinavia
“The Vikings were Tan Muslims! Sweden should welcome their ancestors back into their country!””

>Muslims disseminate a few advancements, virtually all of which were created by people they conquered or traded with

“Islam played an essential role in the development of western civilization, therefore muslims have the right to travel in unlimited numbers to Europe until all of Europe is muslim.”

>Europeans introduce modern technology, 97% of which was developed in Europe, to African tribes that didn’t even have the wheel, advancing their societies, technologically, by several thousands years, abolished slavery within their colonies, and drastically raising the standard of living, until they felt bad about dominating another race and left, but still gave the Africans aid to try and help them approximate a western standard of living.

“Europeans oppressed Africans with their colonialism, therefore Africans have the right to travel to Europe in unlimited numbers until all of Europe is African.””

>US border patrol ‘checking people’s Facebook for political views’

So people who want to benefit from the previlige of immigrating into the worlds richest nation now have to go through the same process every applicant at a company does? Shaking. Literally shaking.”

“Umm excuse me, this is only supposed to be used against evil right wing nazis”

“In 60 seconds Cato institute will publish an article on how it is tyrannical for a state to do this. Then they will publish one on how it is okay for a business to do this. Finally they will write a blog post wishing the state was run more like a business.”

“notice they are willing to talk about ANYTHING, no matter how perverted, ridiculous, idiotic, specious or flat out retarded BUT labor issues.”

“Boy I sure do love losing 20+ games in a row.”

“I wonder what was the common factor throughout those games?”

“Matchmaking code, number of unannounced official bots per game, bad RNG, personal reserves were on, the other team always had more heavies than us, the other team always had better heavies than us, the other team always had more tanks with literally impenetrable armor than us, our team always had more non-turreted TDs, other team always got the better spawn, i didn’t shell out any money, i didn’t use any gold, i didn’t use any gold ammo, i wasn’t on a premium account… plenty of things. I could go on. Was there one you had in particular? It couldn’t be that out of a small sample of 20 games, of which you didn’t observe a single one, you had a very specific conclusion in mind?”

“That’s what they always say after a bomb. They NEVER will say a sequel is cancelled, since that’s admitting they released a turd. Actions speak louder. There’s no detailed news about a sequel. No plans on release. No one is working on it. When will they work on it? Who knows.”

>doesn’t post a better game

There is no better game. The MMO is dead. All the money is in the cellphone games like candy crush.

That’s what pisses me off the most. The dream is dead. We’re all dying in a nightmare.”

“Flash is a mandatory summoner skill which blurs the lines of every champion’s strengths and weaknesses. It’s a get out of jail free card, and it’s way to cheat your limitations by instantly becoming a threat. It ruins balance completely and it’s already imbalanced. If an option is so good that you’re punished for not choosing it, then it’s fucking imbalanced. Remove Flash.”

“It makes things very, very rigid and stale. There’s no deviation from what they want you to do and if you try you get punished. You NEED to have a solo top, solo mid, solo jungler, and two bottom that have to be ranged carry and support. If you try to do anything other than this, either the game’s metagame crushes the strategy or riot themselves nerf it to the point where it isn’t doing. It’s fucking boring.

I remember when the game came out people would have level 1 insanity battles in front of dragon, 2-1-2 strats in addition to 1-1-1-2, two people up top one person down bottom, roamers existed. It was all removed in favor of simplifying the game and if you don’t adhere to the way they want you to play, you get banned. Does the random button even still exist?”

“The really interesting thing is that everybody more or less recognizes that Belichick has repeatedly made use of overlooked white players, but nobody ever says they’re going to imitate the most successful NFL coach since Lombardi. It’s another example of my observation that if you aren’t allowed to talk about something, it’s hard to remember to do it.

Our society talks constantly about not overlooking blacks, but it almost never talks about not overlooking whites. So, only the smartest guy in the NFL remembers to not overlook whites.”

“The biggest problem with League heroes is how they try to make everyone different while still locking them into a specific role. Dota has so much hero variety because heroes all do very different things. Some have overlap or even spells that are basically the same, but still play quite different due to every hero having abilities that no other hero has. League has so much overlap the meta boils down to who does x better.

This also is why a forced meta is garbage. When all your assassins have burst dash combos, you only pick the assassin who has the highest burst and best dash. When all your tanks have a shield a stun and a slow you pick the one who tanks the best and controls the hardest.”

“No roit im not going to wait till u patch it i am just going to quit this shit fest”

“The entire meta is just burst. Sustained damage? Long teamfights where you have to manage multiple skill timings and items?

Naw, everything’s decided within 2 seconds. Either you instagib someone or they instagib you. Cooldowns that aren’t ults may as well not exist past the laning stage because unless the spells has a sub 2 second cooldown you’re not using it again in the fight because they’ll either all be dead or you’ll either all be dead.”

“An institution is the lengthened shadow of one man.”

“At the time of Speer’s accession to the office, the German economy, unlike the British one, was not fully geared for war production. Consumer goods were still being produced at nearly as high a level as during peacetime. No fewer than five “Supreme Authorities” had jurisdiction over armament production—one of which, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, had declared in November 1941 that conditions did not permit an increase in armament production. Few women were employed in the factories, which were running only one shift. One evening soon after his appointment, Speer went to visit a Berlin armament factory; he found no one on the premises.”

“I dont understand people who play games in this genre regularly. A single match is such a commitment.

The average match (not including matches that end in the lobby or in the first 2 minutes) is a little over half an hour, you have to spend 5-15 minutes per match on research getting people you know and preperation, if one member of your team of 5 people is gone for too long your team’s kinda fucked, if youre gone for too long the other 4 people are fucked and you can get a ban, you have to take a specific role and strategy that youre likely uninterested in or your team is fucked and you get banned.”

“I think it’s quite telling that the red line for the Left, the line that Trump crossed and in doing so became an illegitimate candidate and President, is his policy on immigration. Republicans could harm poor Americans all they wanted, and the Left would make a show of caring, but people wouldn’t be having literal mental breakdowns or rioting in the streets if Trump had campaigned and won on the hallowed Conservative values of low taxes and wars for Israel. No, what’s caused this meltdown is his perceived treatment of foreigners. Not Americans, but foreigners. I know it’s glib to say that the Left cares more about Mexicans and Muslims than it does about normal Americans but how else can you interpret their overreaction to Trump’s presidency and the catalyst for that reaction?

In fact Trump has manged to draw out lot of the worst of the Left’s general ideology which to this point have been relatively hidden, into the light. Witness the gnashing over teeth over the retention of American jobs, and the sudden support for NAFTA. Witness the kowtowing to the Chinese government after Trump dared to call an American ally, Taiwan. Witness a thousand greedy lawyers, who’d charge normal people $300 an hour but begged a few dozen Moslems to allow them the privilege of representing them for free. Witness the hatred, contempt, and disgust (even from many churches!) towards the idea that the United States might prioritize Christian refugees. Imagine that! The first time since the start of the Arab Spring and the sitting President finally proposes to do something about the mass genocide of the oldest Christian populations on planet earth. And how does the Left react?
These nutcases are inciting violence because they believe hate speech incites violence – try to explain that backwards logic.If Trump is the tipping point for the Left, that support for Trump is beyond the pale, then I’d turn it around on them and say that opposition to Trump – on the SPECIFIC grounds that people are opposing him – is, to me at least, indefensible.”


“One of the main effects of sprawl is the imposition on residents of a lot more miles of travel to satisfy their daily needs, whether it is work,. school, cultural activities or shopping. All these miles add up, and generally the only way to be able to travel around without wasting half of one’s waking day walking or biking around is to use cars. The result is that to be a functional member of society in sprawl, you essentially require a car, in fact, one car per working adult in every household.

This comes at a cost, of course. Walking is free, biking is nearly free, transit is comparatively expensive, but cars throne over all of these modes of transport in terms of how expensive they are. According to the AAA, a small sedan used for 15 000 miles a year costs nearly 7 000$ to the owner. If you buy used, you save some money, but not all that much of it. Edmunds, a car website, has a “true cost to own” metric which indicates for instance that the total 5-year cost to own and use a 2009 Honda Civic bought secondhand is around 29 000$, or 5 800$ per year.

Since buying a car is almost a requirement in sprawl because of the distances people have to travel each day, and that cars are extremely expensive to own and run, the result is what I call the “sprawl tax”: the fact that building sprawl and living in sprawl comes with a high transport cost that drains people’s pocketbooks and which they cannot avoid, just like taxes. People have to work, have to buy food, have to get out of their home sometimes to satisfy their needs, and when they do, they need a car if they live in sprawl.”

“In general in North America,there is largely two cases determining when rapid transit investments are done

1- In places that are already pretty dense and where demand for transit is so high that it overwhelms the local transit lines. Rapid transit here serves to increase the capacity and quality of transit where transit is already highly justified.

2- In places where there are chokepoints (often natural due to large rivers splitting an urban area in many parts) that make increasing road capacity outrageously expensive, then rapid transit is used to support the downtown area by increasing the capacity of transport links without having to build new roads or widen existing ones.

[…] The problem is that this way of planning transit is merely reactive, reacting to development patterns. In terms of direct ridership potential, the first approach is certainly the better, yet it is available in only a few areas, essentially older, denser neighborhoods with mixed uses. The latter is cheaper but has low potential for ridership, at least as things stand. Both approaches ignore the very significant influence that the presence of a rapid transit line can have on developments. Sure, transit-oriented developments can follow, but it’s often an uphill battle.

The point that is important to understand is that high-capacity rapid transit is not only a transport tool, it is a powerful land use tool which task can be to shape cities and their development pattern.”

“Often, zoning is portrayed as something necessary to provide the adequation between the different needs of communities, places to live, places to work, places to provide goods and services, etc… So zoning supposedly could make sure that cities are better built. When pointing out how many zoned cities are anything but that, that they tend to be massively unbalanced cities with huge single-use zones, some will say that it’s simply the planning authority being incompetent.

The reality, I think, is pretty obvious, zoning has nothing to do with trying to build an efficient city. I mean, you can try to do it, and if you go for strict zoning, you should definitely try to do it. But still, zoning is not a positive tool but a negative one. By that, I mean that it’s not because you zone someplace for a certain type of development that it will happen.

Zoning isn’t about telling what will be built in a place, it is about forbidding any different type of development from happening in that place. When you zone an area to be residential, you’re not really saying “residential developments will occur here”, maybe they will never come, what you’re really saying is “all developments apart from residential developments are banned here”.

Furthermore, in relation to economic efficiency and to cities’ needs, since zoning can ever but ban uses, by default it would mean that zoning reduces efficiency and reduces a city’s adequation of its many needs.

Why is that?

Banning inefficient uses of space has little to no effect as they tend to be weeded out naturally, bans are only ever meaningful against EFFICIENT uses.

[…] For instance, if you have a transit station with vacant lots around ready for residential development, you don’t really need to zone the area for high-density housing, because high-density housing generates a lot more revenue per square foot of land than low-density housing. So if there is a 600 square meter lot (6 000 square feet), that a multi-family developer could build 8 units on it for a total of 400 000$ in profit while a single-family developer could build a single McMansion on it for 150 000$ profit, the first developer will be willing to pay the land far more than the second one. If the land is sold for 200 000$ after bidding, the first developer could still buy it and make 200 000$ on the lot, while the latter would lose money if he bought it for his McMansion.

So in that case, zoning the area for high-density residential developments and banning low-density housing is absolutely meaningless. If you didn’t zone anything and let people do whatever they wanted, the high-density housing would still win out. Zoning only has an impact if you do the opposite and ban high-density developments, then, deprived of the more efficient and profitable avenue for development, the land will likely be cheaper, cheap enough to allow the McMansion to be built at a profit.

Even in built-out areas, zoning has the effect of preventing efficient use of space and buildings. If some place lacks a corner store but has too many houses, it is possible that someone would buy a house and turn it into a corner store, if it is more efficient than just another house. But not if zoning bans it.”


“German treatment of POWs throughout the war makes a perfect counterpoint to Nuremberg, slavery, remanding to Stalin, murder by starvation, etc. etc. etc. etc.

“oh, but it’s what everyone does”

The infinitely diseased propaganda imaginings of the English people during both wars can never be forgiven and should always be hung around their necks. No one should ever forget that they broadcast that the Germans had huge corpse processing factories where corpses of their victims were rendered for fat and bone, which were used to make margarine and buttons, respectively.

“oh, but it’s what everyone does”

The Anglo-Saxon race is really a very interesting study because they don’t act remotely like anybody else on Earth EXCEPT FOR JEWS

Also must mention that even Britons know this and overwhelmingly listened to German propaganda broadcasts to find out what was happening in the war.

Goebbels’ first principle of propaganda is: it must be true.

The law and soul of the Anglo-Saxon towards sentient beings, OTOH, is: lie to it until you can plunder it, kill it, or deform its soul a la 1984.”

“Trump policy team:
“IT should be allowed to unionize and should be protected from exploitative corporate boards of directors so they can afford their basic housing needs without being outsourced to virtual slaves in China and India.”
Anti-Trump “progressives”:
“Wow, really? Central economies? Meddling in foreign labor for political reasons? Okay fascist. I would tell you to make Steven Bannon go read Atlas Shrugged but he probably can’t read either.”

“honestly if i was an art director i wouldn’t want to work with someone spouting political ideology all the time. also not sure how being misogynistic/racist is going to get you ahead anywhere, you don’t have to be a sjw but at least you should be respectful :^)”

“Yet artists who spam my facebook feed about how America is a new apartheid state and equal to Nazi Germany don’t seem to have any trouble finding jobs. Everyone seems to love diversity as long as it isn’t diversity of opinions.”

>It’s probably fine to hold different views from liberals, but you would have to sound like an educated adult in doing so, rather than spouting off buzzwords like an autist.

well that’s not what he’s saying, though, is it? he’s doing a combination of virtue signaling and declaring that you have to have the right opinions and be “pretty damn progressive” or you will literally be blacklisted. Which isn’t actually true. The game industry and software development in general is still very much a boys club, making games marketed to those same teenagers on the Internet. That’s the market and those are the people are largely the people who are going into the field.

I don’t know who this person is, but I would bet a significant sum that if I’ve never even heard of him that he’s not in the industry in any signicant capacity. And I’d be willing to bet that his art stinks, too.”

“Take 2 seconds to think about who put that up there.

Take 2 seconds to think about where their true interests lie.

It doesn’t matter what they throw up. They want you to trust them and see them as a stair-way to your dreams.”

>but at least they’re honest.
But what’s the value of honesty in art?

We are making illusions in a canvas. Artistic tools like composition and color palettes exist to persuade and influence the viewer, not to tell him the truth.

The public doesn’t wants the truth. No artist is good enough to be completely honest.

Why not just circlejerk? Isn’t that human society? Isn’t that our economic system? Just a giant circlejerk?

When you see someone and say good morning as a reflex, you might not really mean it. You might be lying. But isn’t that better than just calling them an asshole to their face?

What the hell do we win from trying to be honest?

If you tell an artist that his work is good even when it isn’t, you gain a friend and he continues practicing.

If you tell an artist that his work is shit, and it’s honestly shit, you don’t get anything back. Your hands are empty. You gain an enemy. He either stops drawing or grind and grinds and grinds until he gets good and then becomes your market competition, who will take your jobs.

What’s the end game /ic/?
Do you really want the truth or do you want a prosperous life?”

“There is a saying in business.
>”Suckers try to be right. Non-suckers try to win”
They don’t care about being right. Even if they get everything wrong, they will have more friends, game and social security than you.

Do you think that birds will suddenly fall to the ground because they don’t understand the physics of aerodynamics?

They don’t need to know why they are successful. They just will be because their system labels them so.

This system, “/ic/”, what does it labels you as?”

“It’s pretty obvious for anyone that’s any good at observational drawing that OP did not trace those images. Look closely nerds-there are discrepancies everywhere in each of them that wouldn’t make sense if they were traced. You kids are betraying your inexperience and proving decisively that you couldn’t do what OP is doing at anywhere near his level. You’re just projecting your own insecurities at this point.”

“The best time to start something is 10 years ago.
The second best time is right now.”

“”Don’t avoid doing something because it will take too long. The time will pass either way” – some Chinese fuck.”

“Trump seems to have pulled off his simplest (and best) troll yet. He goes out and says that the media is under-covering Islamic terrorist attacks, and in response the media starts making lists of all of these Islamic terrorist attacks and can’t stop talking about them.

Look at that link. That list is stupidly long, and the media somehow thinks that they’re proving Trump wrong about Muslims?”

>Thirty Year Study of Vegans Finds Increased Rates of Mental Health Issues

“Who knows if its the diet that caused it, or just being around the types of people who eat vegan is the real cause”

“Devos can’t be Education Secretary, she is unqualified!”
-someone who voted for Community Organizer Barack Obama for President”

“This American pastor seems to have grasped a very simple fact… when you try to persecute the Jews and the Land of Israle, it’s your OWN loss”

“It’s a lie. Never let it go unchallenged.

The British worked with the Jews for 500 years, secured Israel, fought WWII and are now a huge turd swirling the toilet bowl.

IOW, YHVH *punishes* those who help the Jews. It’s all a lie, right down to the last word of the Bible. How is the other great ally of Israel doing?”

“No, you’re missing my question.

Facebook and Twitter *are* natural utilities. That would be easily established, even in a hostile courtroom.

My question is: why is nobody attempting to get them identified as such?”

“insurance agents – people whose job is to fight against people wanting help”

“We must celebrate our way of life…until their way of life dissipates under our feet”

“Many persons, artists, societies and civilizations of the first rank are either forgotten, totally misunderstood, or never spoken of. And it will ever more be so.

I myself only learned about Nalanda this year, and I am more than halfway through my life. Larger and more specialized than the Library at Alexandria, and like everything else good on this earth, totally annihilated by shit-eating Muslims.

Roman stoics and neoplatonists made refinements on Athenian redactions of Orphic and Pythagorean wisdom because they had access to Buddhist missionaries.

These missionaries had a strong influence on early Xtianity (the Buddha was made a saint) and taught at Athens, Rome, Antioch and other major capitals of the ancient world.

The Romans had seen a Buddhist quietly sit through his own immolation and this was a tremendous impetus to Stoic ideals of mental self-control. Because they couldn’t do things like that.

None of this is known. The distractible morons whose eyes pass over this information will forget about it. Memory as a measure of greatness is wildly overrated. Both Bach and the Romantic poets barely ever happened and will soon be forgotten. As Whites die out, even Athens will be forgotten. Just yesterday, a flurry of stories about the study of Greek tragedians being eradicated from high school curriculums in favor of gender studies. Every good is forgotten, and in the end only Jewry remains. […]

The Athenians, as well as all Greeks, regarded Spartan men as the best and highest kind of men in the world, like gods. Not just for military discipline and prowess, but for endurance and silence (our world ‘laconic’) and, most famously, wit.

The Spartans were not expansionistic. The Athenians were – almost as Marxist theory would predict – uncontrollably expansionistic, hubristic, entitled . . . much like the USA today. “Everything that’s yours is mine.”

Not only did Greeks (Athenians included) think that Sparta produced the highest kind of man, they also turned to Sparta in their need, after essentially having been enslaveed by the Delian League (an Athenian dominated UN/ NATO sort of organization). The great war that destroyed Greece came because representatives of EVERY Greek city came to Sparta to beg: save us from the Athenians! Please!

The Spartans had a sort of religious authority that came from the framer of their constitution, Lycurgus, who had his own ideas about how constitutions form human character. He was also regarded across Greece as a demigod.”

“People don’t know much about Sparta or its genuine accomplishments, which are very interesting. Also, what I said is true, if you were anywhere in Ancient Greek and mentioned or asked about Spartans, people would react with awe. They thought that Lycurgus, who had announced that he would create a higher type of man through his constitution, had succeeded beyond his wildest dreams and he, too, was accorded pan-Greek divine honor.

People think Spartans were totalitarians or lived in a dictatorship. This is totally wrong. They lived in a constitutional monarchy and took the love of liberty VERY seriously. So much so they pioneered the dual kingship system so that they wouldn’t ever fall into a tyranny or dictatorship.

The question of exposure or eugenics is an open one. People also misunderstand the nature of exposure. It was not a eugenic practice. It was a last-ditch admission on the part of the mother that she could not provide for the child. Leaving the child out was leaving him to God’s grace. Maybe a slaver would take him, maybe an infertile woman would pick him up, maybe he would die. The grossly deformed were occasionally exposed but it was more an admission of helplessness: “I can do no more. Perhaps someone else can. Perhaps god can.”

A lot of legends about exposure are attached to the Spartans, but I wouldn’t say anything definitive until I checked the recent scholarship.

So much hysteria and disinformation. It should always be kept in mind that the Spartans were also mainly remembered by their neighbors because they were so funny. The ‘laconic wit’ was their most distinctive feature in their neighbor’s eyes. […]

I like the Spartans because, having created a whole society with one purpose: to breed and train the best warriors imaginable, did not engage in anything remotely like imperialism. They took one adjacent province to provide for their agricultural needs and that was it. Democracy turned the Athenians into insatiable, hubristic, brutal imperialists. I can never emphasize enough: all of Greek turned to Sparta, which was at the gym that day, and said save us from the Athenians, who are acting like a bunch of Anglos. Sparta not only did this, they showed mercy to the Athenians when it was all over.

Another fun fact. Spartans would often comb their long hair before battle. They were required to wear their hair long by the constitution , which allegedly argued that if a man was beautiful, then long hair would make him more so but that if were ugly, long hair would make him more frightening. Can’t argue with that logic.”

“If Sparta is so great then why did it never produce a Plato, which Athens did?”

“A great painter can’t be faulted for not having written a great poem”

“because it was already a society that incorporated many of the great things that Plato described without needing him”

“Athenian democracy had NOTHING to do with American democracy. Every ‘citizen’ was a candidate for office or for jury duty, which involved juries of 500 men. The vote and all of these goodies were for freeborn male citizens and no one else.

America is a constitutional republic. Even people who are total idiots about democracy’s advantages or disadvantages need to understand that ours is a) a mixed system and is b) directly modeled on the mixed system of Rome.

A ‘mixed’ system must include elements of monarchy, oligarchy/ aristocracy and democracy: one, few, many.

The truth is our government has been slipping into a sort of unipolar democracy, especially after indirect election of senators was abolished. The whole point in having state legislatures select the senators was so that half of the bicameral legislature was made of aristos or their equivalent. Having direct election of the Senate means you just have two Congresses, which is a disaster.

The Executive (monarch) was the most feared by the Founders and the most limits were placed on him. I will say they correctly anticipated where most of the mischief would occur but here we are with a President who can assassinate American citizens without a trial and the surveillance state, etc.

The Supreme Court, which is now doing the work of Congress by making legislation or demanding its creation, was never supposed to be even remotely like this. Congress has the power to override ANY Supreme Court decision at any time for any reason.

The biggest mistake of the founders was assuming Congress would be jealous of their powers. The truth is that democracy requires statesmen, men with balls and spines. Since Congresssmen want nothing more than to be re-elected, they have given up all their powers. The Founders were explicit that ONLY Congress could ever declare a war because countless republics have fallen because Executives, for whatever reason, love, love, love to make war all the time, everywhere. It’s like a mental illness. Congress gave up that power because if they have to declare war, then somebody can accuse them of having voted for it. Why bother with that? Ditto bussing and segregation and all the rest. Why not let the Supreme Court handle it?

The Supreme Court has actually become the most dictatorial and expansive of all the branches of government. Roe v. Wade is an obscenity, not because abortion is right or wrong, but because the Supreme Court has no business making law for the States. In fact, the Supreme Court is the best evidence I know of FOR democracy.

The quality of the people and the emphasis on their moral compact and common interest are the only real guarantees of good government – those and a (genuinely) free press. Jews and oligarchs can’t co-exist with a nation.”

“as long as women cant vote who cares”

“But what difference does it make whether women rule, or the rulers are ruled by women? The result is the same.”

“France to build a $21 million wall around the Eiffel Tower to help reduce death from terrorism. They need an American Lefty to tell them walls don’t work and they are wasting their money.”

“In 1992, only days after the release of Windows 3.1, it was discovered that the character sequence “NYC” (a frequently used abbreviation for New York City) in Wingdings was rendered as a skull and crossbones symbol, Star of David, and thumbs up gesture. This was often claimed to be an antisemitic message referencing New York’s large Jewish community.[9] Microsoft strongly denied this was intentional, and insisted that the final arrangement of the glyphs in the font was largely random. (The character sequence “NYC” in the later-released Webdings font, in turn, was intentionally rendered as eye, heart, and city skyline, referring to the I Love New York logo.”

““I don’t want to spend my entire trip sitting inside a casino all day,” said 31-year-old Michael Nelson, speaking as if indulging in a 200-dish buffet, touring a celebrity wax museum, or viewing various hotels’ outdoor fountains were not equally tragic reasons to visit the city.”

“A person called in, very offended, called him a racist and said how dare he says those things about Romania.

Farage responded by saying that Romania was a racist country because they discriminated against Roma gypsies. The caller responded by saying that Roma gypsies are treated that way because they’re responsible for the vast majority of the crime.”

“1. No “nazis” instigated any violence whatsoever.
2. The only violent people were the leftists.
3. Shia himself committed assault on live feed.
Conclusion: Nazis ruined the art project by causing violence.”

“So facebook keeps marking my posts about Hitler on my main account as spam. It changes them so they are only visible to me ,and asks “is this spam?” but nothing changes when I answer no. The posts remain locked and only visible to myself, and it is impossible to change the privacy settings. Sometimes Facebook says “this post will be deleted in 30 days.””

“The muh food argument is still garbage because people can just learn from small visits between countries, recipe books or this little thing called the internet. You don’t see asian countries crying out for more frenchman because there’s places that do french pastry.”

“Japanese just send their people overseas to learn any foreign cuisine or other foreign cultural practices that they take a fancy to. Just look what they’ve done with, two random examples, mayonnaise and whiskey.”

“They did this with industrialiszation, government methods, methods of building a modern navy, how to deploy a navy, repair and fueling stations, etc.

The nineteenth century in Britain was full of busy Japanese, politely asking everybody questions.”

“BioWare are too cheap to have a male and female mocop, so this time they went with a female mocop actress due to all the flak they got from FemShep using masculine movements in the original Max Erect trilogy (you know, like when she sits down with her legs spread wide open in a manly way?)

That’s how biWare ended up with this numale manlet Ryder–he had to be a feminine betamale because he’ll be using literally female motions in-game.

Since ME: Andromeda’s intended audience are women, the actually purposefully hit her with the ugly stick a few times despite being modeled on an actual real woman. EA feminist sociologist diversity hires insist that female gamers are incapable of self-inserting into a pretty woman since it activates their almonds and invokes jealous feelings–a problem male gamers never posed, men can just as easily self-insert into a 9.9/10 Perfect Male like Shepard just as easily as they can self-insert into a fat fuck Aussie hamplanet like Roadhog or even into the opposite gender.”

“imagine being a jealous cunt with no empathy your whole life. really dodged a bulled there.”

>look pretty close to what they look like in real life, uncanny valley and deliberate imperfection recreations tends to make them look “unattractive” along with some sloppy texturing in some cases
>look nothing like their real life counterparts, “manjaw” always shaved down, look “attractive” because they have been “dollified”, typical Jap shit

You weebs have to understand, the Japs design their characters to appeal to a nation of pathetic losers who would rather fuck 2D cartoons than real women. The west does not design their characters with that sort of audience in mind. Western character models are not ugly, they just don’t have the doll like you want.”

“>typing out this much bait”

“For some time now there has been a split in how most people believe their moral judgments are formed. This standard, by and large, is motivated by one seeking to distance themselves, by any and all means, as being labeled a hypocrite. In particular, the left loves to use “hypocrite” as a cudgel to beat bystanders into line in the culture wars.

If this sounds vague, it’s best demonstrated through example. A liberal would say “How can you oppose lewdness in society if you view pornography? That sounds awfully hypocritical.”, or “how can you oppose immigration if your neighbor is a foreigner” or “how can you oppose abortion if you use birth control”. It’s an easy and cheap tactic to dissuade people from thinking too deeply about moral and cultural issues, since it is a surface-deep attack that strikes at an individual’s natural desire for a consistent moral framework.

Yet, it has its problems. The “hypocrite” line of attack is based in secular, or, if you will, pagan notions about temporal purity. To a liberal, ultimately unconcerned with a sense of objective morality or explicitly *spiritual* purity, they go with the base human urge that behavior influences morality, not the other way around. Someone with a lower moral imperative might think “oh, yes, it’s awful hypocritical me of to think there’s something wrong with hookup culture or orgies while I consume pornography, so I, as a pornography consumer, now think my behavior is okay and there behavior is okay. I was wrong to judge. We are both right.”

That, to me, is wrong. It ignores man’s nature as a fallen creature who is ultimately redeemable with faith in himself, objective morality, and the ability to change. Someone with a stricter moral guideline would say “Yes, it’s wrong of me to indulge in a vice, and I, as an irrational and persuadable being, often make the wrong choices. Yet I can realize what I do is wrong and seek to overcome it, and my moral failings do not axiomatically make even GRAVER moral failings correct.”

But that is how the left makes its progress, and why liberal positions change so starkly every 5 to 10 years, and why today’s “conservatives” often look like yesterday’s liberals. A liberal would start off in the Civil Rights Era, for example, saying that treating minorities differently is wrong (nothing inherently wrong with that idea), and then conclude, via not wanting to seem a hypocrite, that “racial privilege” is a valid concept, until you end up with a liberal purity spiral that results in the modern-day progressive stack

You see this in almost every liberal position today, where the urge to stamp out ideological hypocrisy leads to further and further derangement in order to stamp out any possible contradiction in the narrative.”

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Trump in the past 3 weeks, it’s that the cuckservative craves leadership. He will go where he is told to go. Guys on the Hill who have been complete pieces of shit for 20 years suddenly have balls because the guy at the top has balls.”

“A connecting point between empiricism (the bad kind) and nominalism (and materialism) that is characteristic of the Eternal Anglo mind is this: The Eternal Anglo takes it as axiomatic that *nothing is in the mind that did not enter through the senses*. There are no archetypes, no race memory, no proclivities of any type – there is only ‘the blank slate’. Ockham, Locke and Hume all came from Britain, and all are plagues on this earth.

Since there is nothing in the mind except sense data, we move on to the second degree of insanity: that only quantifiable sense data is a legitimate source of knowledge. Since such knowledge cannot come from a non sensory or immaterial source, then the only conclusion that may be drawn is that material reality is the only reality by definition – and now we enter the third degree of insanity. From the third degree of insanity flow all but one of the rest of the evils of the world: materialism, nihilism, psychopathic individualism (because morals – being nonphysical – cannot exist) and the variants of finance capital we all are now being impoverished or enslaved by.

Materialism and empiricism and tabula rasa (blank slate) always invoke their favored instrument of mass destruction, and the fourth and final degree of insanity, nominalism, in their train, because we can never empirically study anything but individual events that logically cannot have a collective existence (which would be non-material). Realism, the opposite of nominalism, is learned by humans via the study of mathematics and geometry. There is no other way to attain the knowledge of subtle objects outside of space and time, or Real Wholes. There are only reductionistic parts, subdivided forever, studied via sense data, eternally alienated from each other and from ourselves and from other phenomena. Resistance to anomalous findings (quantum phenomenon, to take just one example) drives these people mad because the experiments (empiricism) directly point to non-material realities. Thus, science simply excludes any theory about the observed phenomena and are visibly angry when the obvious implications of their work are brought up.

Finally, shitty Anglo metaphysics ends up in shitty Anglo society. Because Real Wholes don’t exist, race doesn’t exist. Society doesn’t exist, in the famous words of Margaret Thatcher. There is only the individual quest for plunder. The possibility of understanding the Jewish Question is impossible. Our race doesn’t exist, so acting or thinking collectively would be the ultimate error. Nor does the Jewish race exist, because nobody can or would ever act collectively. Therefore, any racial threat the Jews pose is imaginary (and therefore to be hated as a non-physical object) and any possible damage to our race, which cannot exist, is equally impossible. Even if the JQ were to occur to an Anglo, he would be helpless, having nothing but his sole law of plunder to plead for mercy with, to which the Jew always replies: you can hardly complain that I am better than you at plunder, therefore you must accept poverty, war, drowning in Muslims, etc. You have no non-material morality to appeal to, i.e. I’m the real Englishman now.”

“Every single terrorist attack that happens in America from this day on will be blamed on the Democrats in the public consciousness. The fact that Trump decided to move on his travel ban quickly is critical because it means that all he has to do now is wait for the next inevitable attack which he can then use for his gain and make a stronger case for himself and against his enemies. Rightly or wrongly, the left will own any such events occuring under his term. Needless to say Trump should engage in false flag terrorism and have his government stage such attacks once he has rid his administration of the rats leaking stuff to the public”

“People really, really hate double standards and I find that a bit fascinating.
I think my favorite example of this is the Brock Turner case where a Stanford swimmer was convicted of sexual assault and ended up getting sent to prison for 3 months.

Many of my left-wing friends were outraged that he was imprisoned for such a short length of time. When I commented “Hey, aren’t you a prison abolitionist?” They responded with “Yeah.” So they can’t seem to figure out why this might conflict with their outrage over Brock Turner spending “only” 3 months in prison, just because there are other people that serve longer sentences for similar offences.

It seems to me that if your position is that prison is wrong in all cases, then you should celebrate when anyone gets less prison time than expected. But I think the positions taken by these so-called radicals reflect more an attempt to express their emotions than any serious consideration of criminal justice, so it should not be so surprising that when their stated political positions conflict with their emotions, their emotions win out.”

“He was being chased by a violent crowd. That’s why there’s so many charges. One for each person pursuing him on a couple charges plus another general charge. He was being pursued by 10 people threatening him with violence, and now he’s guilty for not hurting anyone.”

“he fucked up pulling the gun without shooting anyone, before any actual assault. post assault, there were plenty of cameras available to document self defense.”

“That’s dumb legal BS. Once they started threatening violence, he had every right to escalate his defense. Would they rather he just pull and start shooting them? Why should he have to wait to be overwhelmed by a mob to start defending himself?”

“He didn’t call them fake news he said it sarcastically.”

“Yeah, that’s what makes it even more sad.”

“Tumblrites don’t just draw ugly people. They draw them in a way that is very forgiving, since they like to pretend that they’re just “a different kind of beautiful”.

Here’s a challenge for you: Draw a morbidly obese person, a disabled person, a transexual or some other kind of minority in a way that exaggerates the features you find unappealing, post it on tumblr and report back to us.”

“This inversion of meme-jacking (businesses using already popular memes for marketing), where new meanings are forced onto a meme, is both hilarious and natural (e.g. consider Pepe or Operation Race Guy. We really shouldn’t be surprised at this phenomenon any more). I’m sure the pop culture media will pick up on this and trumpet warnings about “fascist dog whistles” until they become fact. Maybe after enough of their memes get killed off, normies will learn the lesson that meaning of a meme is in the context and the use.”

>Being jealous of someone who admits they need Instagram to live
That’s not something to be jealous of. Unless you also think I’m jealous of 2005 Matt Wilson and his mega flash cartoon.

I may have a dead end job, but at least I’ll still have it when the new hit social media craze hits.”

“she can just also post there as well”

“Yeah, like all those mega popular deviantartists who totally retained their fanbase when Tumblr became the hit thing.”

“Are you implying they didn’t?”

“Are you implying they did? Are you implying most big online artists right now aren’t people who got known within the last 3 – 5 years with the exception of a handful of people?”

“they can both be popular anon, theres no limit to it. and now its easier than ever to gain a fanbase
name me 2 artists that have adapted that lost extreme favor with the crowd anyways”

“Dobson. Kyle Carrozza. And ironically with Kyle, he got a TV show at the lowest point of his popularity. But at least, unlike most artists, he has a foot in the industry where his online blog death doesn’t mean he’s dead, too.”

“Explain to me why this is an example of bad urban planning as if I were five years old.”

“>sprawling suburbia
>have to reach end of block to walk to the next one out
>no grid pattern
>literally need a car to use it properly”

“>tract housing with no parks and no greenspace (unless you’re a golf club member)
>strict segregation of housing types to make sure that rich people never have to see those dirty poor people who can only afford apartments
>all commercial activity limited to one concentrated area with a massive surface parking lot
>lack of grid pattern means essentially every trip in or around the neighborhood is going to involve the 2/3 major streets for maximum inefficiency
>residential streets have no trees and clear sight lines to encourage people to drive as fast as possible
>design and its consequences means that public transit, walking, and biking will never be practical or comfortable options here – all residents must drive cars for all trips”

“>no individuality between houses/streets/neighborhoods
>no natural gathering spaces
>nothing to see
>nothing to do
>isolated from surrounding communities, no sense of connection to the city
>low density and spread means you probably don’t know your neighbors

the whole area is just a dead zone for people to sleep in at night, there’s no life here”

“While in Facebook jail, I converted to Facebook Islam. It’s like real Islam except, instead of committing terrorist attacks, I just shill for terrorists and signal about staying halal and observing Ramadan.”

“Post envisioned the house as a future winter retreat for American presidents and foreign dignitaries, and following her death in 1973 it was bequeathed to the nation. However, successive presidents declined to use the mansion, which was returned to Post’s estate in 1980 and in 1985 was purchased by Donald Trump, later 45th President of the United States.”

“That kills in one hit??? What the fuck”

“Shugoki’s grab does more damage the less health he’s at. If he’s below two bars (1 and a half actually, I think.) the grab insta kills.

It’s easy to dodge, and generally is used to punish people who play over aggressive against the Shugoki. If the Shugo misses with it I’m fairly sure it kills him with the self-damage it does, and if it doesn’t it leaves you wide open and low on stamina.”

“Yeah what this game needs is MORE things to punish aggressive play.”

“Cant i play one single fucking class based game without a fat pig having some sort of obnoxious one shot mechanic?”

“Every “human element” and “little picture” story from Syria has been a lie. Every exposed lie is forgotten and a new one conjured from thin air immediately.

That evil Assad used Russian chemical rockets on civilians!
Oops, footage shows fragments of US aerial cluster bomblets and the expended hull of a US chemical bomblet dispenser.

Oh did we say Russian chemical rockets? We meant barrel bomb factories!
Oops, footage posted to Twitter by US-sponsored rebels shows them setting IEDs in the same neighborhoods and chanting Aloha Snackbar.

Oh did we say barrel bombs? We meant mass graves in Aleppo!
Oops, repeated searches by satellite, ground and air reveal no mass graves in Aleppo.

Oh did we say mass graves? We meant secret hanging prisons! Here just ask the NGO that told us about such horrors as Nayirah al-Ṣabaḥ, chemical rockets, barrel bombs and mass graves!”

>Husbands Are Deadlier Than Terrorists
>Trump’s focus on refugees diverts from real dangers

Talk about fake news. How much time does the average person spend with husbands vs how much time they spend with terrorists? What about husbands who ARE terrorists, which column does that go in? My point being, 1) proportionally speaking, terrorists are still MUCH more dangerous, even if they don’t kill as many, at least in some years, as husbands. 2) unlike husbands, technically, we don’t actually NEED any terrorists, which is what this hackery is trying to justify.”

“Normally intercepts of U.S. officials and citizens are some of the most tightly held government secrets. This is for good reason. Selectively disclosing details of private conversations monitored by the FBI or NSA gives the permanent state the power to destroy reputations from the cloak of anonymity. This is what police states do.

[…] Flynn was in the crosshairs of the War Party because he’s the most prominent of those around Trump who advocated for détente with Russia. Also, his somewhat loopy belief that Islam, per se, is a pernicious political ideology rather than a religion, made him a natural enemy of the pro-Saudi faction within the intelligence community, which had long worked with Riyadh to, among other things, overthrow the government of Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad.”

“Something that profoundly bothers me is the ridicule of Christianity in the West today, particularly among glib and ostensibly agnostic types. More often than not they’re actually atheists who pay lip service to the idea of some gay, imprecise “spiritual” source that wants us all to be “good people”, which in their deracinated and gutless opinion, means we’re all live-and-let-live cultural relativists. The view is best summed in the following quote:

“If you’re Native American and you pray to the wolves, you’re a savage. If you’re African and you pray to your ancestors, you’re a primitive. But when white people pray to a guy who turns water into wine, well, that’s just common sense.” – Trevor Noah, Born a Crime

It’s almost too dumb to be worth arguing with, but it’s the same argument that comes up with Odin people and crystal people and whoever else

Show me Odin, show me a wolf or a crystal doing anything for you, show me the ghosts of your ancestors. Blah blah blah but that stuff is psychology that helps your inner life blah blah blah. The life of Jesus is independently attested history, the fact that people repeated stories about what he did (or supposedly did) is independently attested history, the fact that communities sprang up within years of his death and created practices we still observe today is independently attested history. Believing in the claims of Jesus and his disciples is not the same thing as believing that there’s a guy with one eye and an axe living in the clouds, or that some wolf will make the crops grow or whatever.

These people are shameless- Noah (as a rootless atheist Modern Mulatto Man) pretends that he’s doing a bit about the intolerance of Westerners towards other religions while engaging in a kind of absurd reductionism that distills the lessons, history, practice and ritual of Christianity into “lol waterwine,” leading to the only possible conclusion that… non-Christian religion is then *at least as dumb as* lolwaterwine. Essentially, the Trevor Noahs of the world are proving their sensitivity to the world by proclaiming that any and all religions all occupy an equal plane of idiocy, and that we’d all be better served by proclaiming the virtues of iPhones, open borders, and anal sex as the pillars of our Brave New World.”

“How the fuck is it even legal to make that much from fanart?”

“People pay for it. Free market. Capitalism.”

“Well it’s profiting off other people’s works. If she posted her own original content she probably wouldn’t get 1/10 of what she does.

The reason she gets away with it is because it’s not worth the time, effort or negative PR for Disney to get her to stop.”

“I never know what to say to questions like this, because honestly the real answer is that if you haven’t been drawing for as long as you could hold a pencil, you’re already doomed.”

“This is a fact people like to disregard.

Drawing is pretty similar to music playing in terms of gaining the skill. Sure, you will be able to gain some degree of proficiency even if you start as an adult, so if you’re aiming at being mediocre, that’s totally doable. However you will never be able to compete with the guy who has been honing this skill their whole life.”

“>skill bottlenecks dont exist
>artistic blocks dont exist
>everyone has linear skill growth
>n time = x skill
>everyone draws the same way
>everyone draws the same style
>all styles take equal time investment
>skill is the only thing that matters

the memes here are incredible. how do you guys manage to draw anything at all?”

“Protip: Most of /ic/ doesn’t.

t. doesn’t draw at all, only lurks since a 1.5 year”

“this is the thing about learning your fundies. i’ve seen tons of her video processes, and the average piece like in OP takes her 4 hours. this is because she can do dynamic poses and lighting fucking quick from imagination because it’s so second nature to her now, cause she’s done it a thousand times before. she has it down within the first hour and spends the rest refining it. to someone who doesn’t know their shit, this part would take them days.

this is how she’s so popular. because if she wanted to, she could be capable of pumping out a new piece every single day. with an appealing style and that high level of activity, anyone could make it popularity-wise. couple that with the fact that she’s willing to appeal nearly every animu/video game fandom with nudes and shiny gay porn is how she’s so huge”

“That’s not what I meant, though. I’m not talking about skill or experience, I’m talking about having a natural compulsion to draw.

If you ask a true master why they draw, they’ll just stare at you like you had just asked them why they breath. They draw because they always have, because there was never a point in their lives, skill or otherwise, when they weren’t drawing. They don’t need rigorous practice schedules or incentivisation schemes to motivate themselves to draw. They need motivation to do anything else.

The same is true for any other craft. The ones who really go far are the ones that do it because they need to, on an almost phsyiological level, not because they looked at someone’s work one day and thought “huh, you know, might be fun to be able to do that”.

It’s worth noting that I’m talking about MASTERS here, people that immortalized by their skill and influence. You don’t have to be one of those people to be a decent artist, or even get a professional art job. But if all you care about with drawing is achieving some arbitrary tier of skill, and how long it’ll take to get there, then you’re doing it for the wrong reasons.”

“You can’t just say stuff like that. Real masters actually know why. They may need to make art but they still know why and they will tell you.

Secondly, the creative act doesn’t occur in a vacuum. They create in response to a concept, idea, or vision; an encounter. Creativity begins with responding to the world.

A response by Alberto Giacometti, a very famous sculptor. Many people would call him a master:

I do not work to create beautiful paintings or sculpture. Art is only a means of seeing. No matter what I look at, it all surprises and eludes me, and I’m not too sure of what I see. It is too complex. So, we must try to copy simply in order to begin to realize what we are seeing. It’s as if reality were continually behind curtains that one tears away… but there is always another …always one more. But I have the feeling, or the hope, that I am making progress each day. That is what makes me work, compelled to understand the core of life. And to carry on, knowing that the closer one gets to the goal, the further it retreats. The distance between the model and myself tends to increase continually; the closer I get, the further away it moves. It’s an endless search. Every time I work I am prepared to undo without the slightest hesitation the work done the day before, as each day I feel I am seeing further. Basically I now only work for the sensation I get during the process. And if I am then able to see better, if as I leave I see reality slightly differently, deep down, even if the picture doesn’t make much sense or is ruined, in any event I have won. I have won a new sensation, a sensation I had never experienced before.

To end, all creative art requires motivation. The encounter itself, an encounter with an idea or an object, sparks us to create. With nothing to say, there is no motivation to say anything.

To any anon, if you don’t know why you draw it’s because you’re presently blocked off from having a voice. Learning to draw is a very difficult thing to do, but if you focus too much on that, you will lock yourself away from being an artist. It’s because you’re afraid of not meeting your expectations that you don’t try to create anything you care about. You’re putting off what it means to be an artist.

Drawing being fun occurs when you have something in mind that you want to express or create, that is not limited to solely drawing objects of the world accurately. KGJ is not just drawing objects accurately, each drawing is an expression from his imagination and something is being said. Sargent’s paintings are not just accurate, he has a feeling in mind, he is responding to his visions in his own way. Accurate painting is not enough to settle with; you can only settle with expressing what it is that you wanted to express. That is why something that is seemingly ‘good enough’ for the observer, will not be so for the artist who is making it. Drawing is fun when you feel yourself getting closer to what you have been trying to say, even if what you wanted to say was arbitrary. Start with saying something and be intense about saying exactly that. Over time you’ll learn more exactly what it is you care most about saying, i.e. finding your voice.”

“Notice the white armband. He identifies himself as a combatant to his friends and foes without a uniform. This is ethical warfare! Hezbollah does this as well.”

“>Japanese Game
>Kawaii-UGUU girls wielding swords five times bigger than them and kicking ass
>Take zero fucks from the guys and are capable of handling themselves, designed just because some artist went “I want a hot chick to wield a sword”
>Sexist because she’s “impossibly pretty” and maybe you see her panties/boobs once

>Western Game
>Ugly, dog-faced butch-women modeled after trannies
>Kick the shit out of your MC for no fucking reason other than MHMM YOU GO GUURLL
>Devs won’t shut the fuck up about how she’s the most important character in the game even if she only shows up for two seconds
>Endless fanart and bullfuckery over “TAKE THAT DRUMPFERS” on the internet

I can even give you a recent example

I got into Terra Formars a couple weeks ago and knob-gobbling SJW friend says Michelle is a shitty character because of some scene where Akari looks at her clevage

Forget that she took out like five roaches with one ridiculous spinkick and beat the fucking shit out of the one that stole her dad’s powers, nope she’s pretty so she’s a shit character made for waifu bait

The fucking audacity of these people”

“The first half is about ethnically disenfranchised teenage prison lesbians piloting mechas to kill interdimensional laser lizards for cash. The second half is about horny teenagers banding together to overthrow God, who is a haremfag, and to stop the world from coming to an end.”

“the fact that she is a cheerleader is also critical to the medical procedure and wasnt explicitely stated for any other reason”

“What’s the purpose of those rags on the barrel”

“When it rains, the gun barrel is cooled. Because rain only falls from above, only the top is cooled. When the gun fires the barrel heats up and the top cools faster making it ever so slightly curve up.”

“When Hitler invaded the USSR, the Communists fought back. So much for the tolerant left.”

“>Trump mentions “what happened in Sweden last night”
>lugenpresse runs overtime trying to “disprove”
>millions of people now aware that crime has increased 300% and rape has increased 800% and 90% of the perps are migrants
Looks like the FAKE NEWS mainstream press is going to keep falling for a 2 year old trick for another 8 years”

“BBC 2010: Jimmy Savile isn’t a pedophile! FAKE NEWS!
BBC 2012: We knew Jimmy Savile was a pedophile for 40 years and covered it up while he raped at least 450 kids. Sorry about that.
BBC 2016: Jimmy Savile wasn’t a pedophile!

CNN 1992: Boystown was not a pedophile ring connected to George Bush!
CNN 1998: Boystown was a pedophile ring connected to George Bush and we helped cover it up. Sorry.
CNN 2017: Boystown wasn’t a pedophile ring! FAKE NEWS!

Swap names if necessary- Children’s Life Church, Laura Silsby, Comet Pizza”

“Ninja were literally just undercover messengers. If they had to go incognito or sneak into somewhere, they did it by just looking like they were suppose to be their. Most “ninja weapons” are just basically stuff farmers of low-level soldiers would have easy access to.

The idea of the “quiet as the wind” covered-in-all-black ninja and the accompanying outfit comes from Kabuki theatre. There’s a stage-hand called a Kuroko that stands slightly off stage in the background, who are there to change/move set pieces and costumes. You’re suppose to ignore them because they aren’t part of the story. However, as a dramatic convention, they’re used to depicted ninja, by having one of them suddenly speak to the characters and then go back to being a Kuroko, as the ninja was suppose to have been “hidden” the whole time.”

“The World Jewish Congress declared war on Germany in 1933, as reported in a blaring New York Times headline. Claiming that war was being declared “on behalf of all Jews”, economic boycotts against Germany followed, along with continuing threats of war and the destruction of the German people. Six years later World Jewry got what they openly said they wanted, total war against Germany and the German people. Amidst the terror bombing of German cities, Hitler threatened retaliation against the enemy population of Jews in Europe. The Allies didn’t stop the slaughter of German civilians, and Hitler made good one his threat of retaliation.”

“Cats can “smell”, “detect” and “hear” through their whiskers. Also, ther whiskers grow in a way that it tells the cat if it’s going to fit or not through an opening.
When a cats fails to catch prey and it knows somebody saw it’s fail, it will try to pretend it was doing something else, nobody knows why.”

“It can also make girlfriends jelly. Be careful overcomplimenting Melania. Safe answer to “omg isn’t she so pretty?” is “Trump has a beautiful family. Good genes.””

“”I’m colorstuck. I prefer light skinned men but I’d never admit it outloud. I’m constantly preaching about being pro-black and how I want a black husband, but i’m a fraud. I don’t ever see myself with a dark skin man and I feel like shit about it. I tell myself it’s not that bad because at least I think white folks are nasty so i’m not a traitor. Just a raging hypocrite.””

>I tell myself it’s not that bad because at least I

i can’t even imagine what it must be like to be so self-absorbed that this string of words starts sounding like an acceptable thing to voice in public.”

“The country is nice, and the people are nice but everything looks run down. All the houses look old and barely maintained, most of the businesses look old and barely maintained. Aside from a few areas nothing looks new or nice. It’s like the people gave up hope 20 years ago.

One of the worst parts is seeing some of these people’s faces, especially anyone under 40. I can see clear as day that most of them grew up like this and see no reason to believe it’s ever going to get better. As far as they’re concerned the world is rotting around them. And in this time and place, they are absolutely correct.”

“every single post i’ve seen from urban dictionary for the past 3 months have been about words i’ve literally never seen anyone use to badmouth trump or trump supporters.

oh something that people might not know; back during gamergate the commies ran a series of hashtags against it. gamergate always had a bunch of tags and the algorithms on twitter either automatically or manually hid them, but using some site whose name i forget we were able to keep track of how many tweets actually got posted on any given day.

nearly every commie hashtag got the “people are violently reacting to the horribly misogynists of gamergate, check it out!” treatment from the obviously independently acting videogame media outlets, and literally every one of them died in under 3 days. they pipped hard either the day of or the day after (never before) the articles released, second day was never more than 40%, third day never more than 10%.

basically identical to what’s happening now.”

>Kotor had many shit levels for such a great game.
It is astonishing that you are still not coming to the more realistic conclusion that it was not such a great game.”

>There were 50% more murders in area where Trump held his rally than in Sweden

Its almost like there was some major event in Orange County Florida last year???”

“I think it’s deeper than all that. I think what actually happened is Milo aired a dirty little secret–that this behavior is quite common among homosexuals. People are outraged and “outraged” on both sides of the political spectrum for a variety of reasons. Some sincere. Some not.”

“Marxists are attacking free speech!”

Sure, but if we hadn’t insisted on free speech our universities wouldn’t be full of Marxists.”

“Do you know what would make this community stronger? A massive influx of outsiders!”

“I wonder if in Weimar Germany the Left kept accusing people of being ‘as bad as the Nazis’ until they were like ‘screw it, I’ll vote Nazi’.”

“This thing we only started doing in the last few years reflects our most deeply held principles and defines us as a people.”


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