2017 Jan 13 ~ 30

“Architecture was at one point both an art and craft, without computers one would need to be highly skilled drafter in order to design a building. Style and ornamentation where representations of culture, society at its current state. Now that doesn’t matter because we can get a computer to do this because architecture has strayed from a regional practice to an international one.

The problem with modern architecture isn’t style or simplicity its the fact that these buildings are not built for people, rather just vehicles or “Art” which is really wasteful.

My nut job theory is that it is due to the world becoming more global and consumption based that architecture is only reflective of that. ”

“”>Is talking about historical video game
>Says major elements in history don’t matter in said historical video game

“I know that german and british black soldiers only made up a small percent of the armies
But video games are not meant to be realistic they are meant to be fun that’s the key word here FUN”

“What about half the German army consisting of black guys makes the game more fun”

“Well they can’t say “entertainment is designed to create the minimum amount of political problems” now can they?””

>Big name guys
>Sign public letters declaring another big name guy is evil for life
>Scared they’re now on a blacklist

The important thing here isn’t any of the above points, it’s that you’re hearing about they’re fearing being on a blacklist.

This is called “knowing your audience”.

Among other things about the audience, they don’t remember WaPo was behind the rise of “fake news”, publicly declared “It’s time to retire the tainted term “fake news”” because it’s been “Co-opted by conservative media”, and is owned by someone with a CIA connection who has spoken against Trump. They’d recognize the name if they heard it, but they don’t know it offhand, which is the important bit.”

>”Russia is going to Invade Estonia!”
>”Putin is a warlord that wants to weaken the US”
>I mean why Estonia, what do they have that Russia wants?
>”Land, expansion!”
If that was the case they could just annex Mongolia and Kazakhstan for half the effort if they wanted to boost an artificial number like land mass

Russia already has St Petersburg and Kaliningrad(Konisburg) as far as Baltic sea ports go and the industry in the area is light and would not boost russian GDP or war capacity by any substantial value the way Stalin’s invasion of Karelia went. Annexing them would increase the length of their western border that they would need to fortify against NATO troops as well as have them governing a population that doesn’t want to be governed by Russia.

Russia won’t annex Estonia for the same reason the US won’t annex Mexico or Canada. It’s expensive, it doesn’t pay off long term, and there would be separatist rebels.
Literally the only reason NATO cares about the Baltics is because they want puppets that tow the line of their false god democracy.”

“Everything that people like to call “Western” – painting, classical music, the instruments of the orchestra, perspective painting, sculpture, architecture, government, philosophy, science, theater, systems of law, trial by jury, came to all other European nations from Italy in the 12th to 15th centuries or from the Roman Empire. So if it is a good thing in Europe, the chances that it originated on Italian soil is 70% and the chances that it originated from Greek influence on Italy take the chances to 99.9%. The ‘strong’ distinction between Greece and Rome is false and untenable because the entire south of the Italian peninsula, as well as Sicily, were as active and integrated with, and identified with, and populated with, Greeks. Pythagoras did the bulk of his work in Italy, His followers wrote constitutions for Italian cities. Archimedes and Empedocles lived in Sicily.

People are confused by the geography of the modern nation-state of Greece. Both the south of Italy, Sicily (where Plato instructed Dionysus II) and the west coast of Anatolia were ‘Greater Greece’ – certainly as much a part of what we call ‘Greece’ as any American state is part of ‘America’. The Greek theater, the temple to Athena and the oldest temple to Apollo are still in excellent shape in Syracuse. Sicily also features two of only three of the surviving Greek temples in the world as well as Hadrian’s villa.

And just as half of English is Latinate, half of Latin is Greek. This makes our own language one fourth Greek by dry weight.

The whole West – all of it – is a Greek spark refracted through an Italian prism. Compare lands under Roman control to all other nations on Earth and you will see they are radically different.”

“It became immediately clear after setting up my computer, by the software and features included with gaming hardware, that they expect every person on earth to try and stream their gameplay for shekels. Social media has ruined everything. It’s a good thing I make interesting friends or I’d probably want to never touch a computer again. We are in the age of trading being a normal person for being a whore.”

“After Trump’s announcement the other day that he stung the intelligence committee and knows they’re leaking info to the press, the press is now obsessing over whether Trump will “respect” the intelligence community, showing clips of Mattis confirmation hearing with members asking if he’ll turn on Trump if Trump shrugs off the intelligence agencies.

Keep believing there isn’t a deep state and that Trump isn’t wrestling it by the horns tho.”

“Wow Joe Biden used family connections to get a $125,000/yr job with 60 work days/year at 29 and someone he loved died, that’s probably the hardest life story I’ve ever heard. 1 liek = 1 respecmt.”

“”Cartels usually don’t work with jihadists for fear of having the border shut down,” a veteran federal law enforcement official told Judicial Watch. “But Trump is causing so much disruption in Mexico that they are partnering to send a message as to who is in control.””

“Congressional Democrats were eager to interview Trump cabinet appointees this week. Democrats though they would be playing football against the Girl Scouts, but the Oakland Raiders showed up.”

“yes you’re the sucker in this system. They created a kind of morality that says working in one of these jobs,(even though you abused daily, make barely enough to even afford the so called “standard of living”), is VIRTUOUS. Don’t ever ever argue with that btw.

whats even more hilarious is our system is supposed to be about PRIVATE ENTERPRISE and OPPORTUNITY FOR INDIVIDUALS. lol, life really is an ironic joke sometimes.”

“Meantime, the next bump in the road is inauguration, a full out legitimacy war between the authoritative media working hand in glove with all Intelligence agencies to hobble Trump. They are working at full capacity and willing to hemorrhage credibility and possibly start a war with Russia.

For his part, Trump is retaining Blackwater private security to supplement the Secret Service and replacing the DC National Guard leadership at 12:01 to prevent collusion between the Guard and any rioters in the million person march which is being funded by the Usual Candidate and who are set, in the best scenarios that I’ve read, on forcing Trump into a private and indoor inauguration.

It is very obvious to me that the world, considered as a novel, has come to end of one chapter and we are in the cliffhanger period before we turn the page and the next chapter begins. Many here have a very full picture of what the struggle is, who the players are, and what is at stake. “

(there has even been a re-branding effort by Disney to call the “Corellian Corvettes” by the name “Alderaan Cruisers”)

[…] Corellia is literally an industrial manufacturing planet. It makes more sense for them to build supply frigates and picket ships than a planet with “no weapons”. Whoever made this decision at Disney must think the fans are complete idiots. “The planet has never been shown on screen so no one will get why the ship is call corellian””

“Star Wars is dead as a viable IP, enjoy the unfucked aspects of it, but realize it’s not going to get better from here.”

2009: Janet Napolitano releases a document saying if you believe in a “New World Order” you’re a potential terrorist
2017: “For 7 years we’ve had this New World Order” – John McCain
You know what must be done, DHS”

“>Flies by private helicopter to private island in the Bahamas and tries to keep it secret
>Planning a national carbon tax to punish people for driving to work”

“You’re confusing individual choices that basically don’t matter, with public policy, which is the only thing that can save us. The environment isn’t a religion. This isn’t about saving people’s souls from damnation. Stop demanding personal purity. Global warming will not pass over your house because you have compact fluorescent light bulbs and a prius.”

“Individual choices do matter.
Hereditary officials are not exempted from rules affecting the public.
The environmentalist movement is a religion.

Stop demanding personal purity? You first.

Global warming is not anthropogenic, may not even be happening and is not a civilization level threat.”

“Physics doesn’t care what you think. You can’t stop catastrophes by refusing to believe they’re happening.”

“Your opinion is duly noted, but I don’t think you’ve offered enough substantive argument for me to change my opinion about the temerity of “settling the science” based on models that have never been right, not even once.”

“OP-Ed: JFK learned the hard way that bashing companies is a bad idea”

>his track record
You mean getting assassinated by the CIA for actually caring about american lives and well being?”

“Jesus christ how mafia can this not sound. “Yea, old jimmie here learnd dah hard way that you dont cross us” like what the fuck?”

“did you see what those ki— cnn posted

“if ____ people get assasinated obama wont have to give up power””

CNN: Disaster could put Obama cabinet member in Oval Office

“”What does Trump know about war? He isn’t a veteran.” -Civilian Newscasters”

“When JFK opposed the CIA’s position on Vietnam, he ended up dead. What does this mean for Trump due to his position on Russia as against the CIA?”

>“Hey, Vietnam isn’t a good Idea, lets withdraw troops to avoid deaths. I should know, I fought in the pacific.”
>*bullet through head*
>CIA gets massive operating budget throughout war
>“WW3 with Russia is a bad Idea, lets withdraw tanks from the Russian border to avoid tensions.”

“Three Zuckerberg entities known as Pilaa International LLC, Northshore Kalo LLC and High Flyer LLC filed eight lawsuits on Kauai on December 30, according to the newspaper.

A partner at the Honolulu firm representing the Zuckerberg companies said large parcels of land in Hawaii often include smaller patches whose ownership isn’t well known. Some co-owners do not even know that they own part of the land.

Actions such as Zuckerberg’s are ‘the standard and prescribed process to identify all potential co-owners, determine ownership, and ensure that, if there are other co-owners, each receives appropriate value for their ownership share,’ Keoni Shultz said.

One of the defendants named by Zuckerberg is known only as Oma, without a last name, in keeping with old Hawaiian customs.

Similar auctions have in the past led to below-market sales, but according to the Star Advertiser, some of those involved in the Zuckerberg cases believe the billionaire will offer a fair amount of money. ”

“Obama pro tip to press: Don’t be sycophants
“Cast a critical eye on folks who hold enormous power.””

“do they have an “edit” button an Wikipedia pages just for decoration?”
“What did they hate that you did this time?”
“nothing. those articles are not public consensus.”
“Anyone in particular you thought was very wrong?”
“look up any article on a politician”
“What, you want them saying something mean there?”
“mean things are only said about us peons apparently”

“Not decoration. Marketing.

Why call it chicken nuggets when you can call it “breaded chicken piccata”?”

“I’d love to challenge Moe Eid to some kind of public debate but with Facebook’s gay reporting system I’d need like ten accounts just to get halfway through an argument”

>for some reason
After Aliens Colonial Failure was promised for the Wii U, and scrapped later, Im not really surprised.”

>Nintendo backing out on Randy
>Anthony got cucked and lost his Wii U


“>Even a company that’s launching a new goddamn console in need of launch titles doesn’t want your fucking game.”

“No, dipshit, they don’t have other priorities. Their priority is avoiding retards that funnel money to their own projects in lieu of what they were supposed to be using it for.”

>they have other priorities

When nintendo doesn’t grovel at your feet for a game you know you’ve driven your company into the ground”

“>Haha we don’t need to make our characters cute and sexy!
>Overwatch can have their waifus!
>We at Gearbox are so progressive, we wouldn’t DREAM of sexualizing any of our female characters! To prove it, we made our postergirl the likeness of Brianna Wu!
>H-hey g-g-guys! L-look at this B-battleborn p-pr0n I “””””found”””””!”

“I took my first welding class at a local trade school when I was 19 years old. While there, I found out that I could’ve been taking classes there since I was 15 yrs old in the evenings FOR FREE. None of my high school “guidance counselors” ever told me about that. I felt cheated.

Bottom line is: I could’ve been a properly trained and skilled member of the American workforce by the time I graduated high school.”

“No one mentioned community colleges when I was in high school (13yrs ago). All faculty staff pushed universities for post education. Few years later I attended one of these community colleges. Took only two years to complete, most core classes were online, I spent 20hrs a week at the school, and it was all FREE.”

“They’re NOT ALLOWED to. I had two good teachers tell me-under promise of secrecy-that I could’ve dropped out at 15, passed the GED, spent 2 years at community college on grants, and had a Bachelor’s before my classmates had diplomas. They only told me this because I’d just graduated, and they could be fired for talking about it. Public schools want butts in seats.”

“I have a masters degree. My husband is a welder. He almost doubles my income.”

“I’m a union plumber and our scale is $39.80 an hour for licensed plumbers/pipefitters. That’s 80k a year…some clear 90k with a little over time. It’s so stupid that these trades are not promoted more.”

“And yet plumbers are portrayed as lower-class, lower-status workers in many places (TV, real-life, etc). People have some sort of prejudice against blue-collar jobs. I’m a letter carrier for USPS, and after I’ve been there for long enough, if I take enough overtime, my yearly pay will closely resemble those you mentioned above. Yet, I have multiple close friends who express a legitimate dislike of the very notion of me working the job, telling me they think I could do “more.” Well, in a decade or so, they can tell me their opinions again while I take them out on my boat”

“Yep, my husband with a Masters degree makes the same as our friend who is a plumber. And or friend has nowhere near our debt.”

“[K]ids REALLY REALLY need this choice. This generation is being kicked and kicked for being “lazy and entitled,” when the reality is the previous generations handed them a bucket of shit in the form of EXPONENTIALLY more expensive education, goods, food, and entertainment. Yet, the previous generations offer NOTHING to help. All they can say is “Fuck them…. I got mine.” […] All these old people have for you is condescending talk. They offer NOTHING.”

“They didn’t teach shit in school unless it had to do with passing the tests that got them money.”

“All society, of whatever type, has its origins in the division of labor. The purpose of this is so that we can all report back to each other and collectively understand and achieve things that individuals or small groups couldn’t. Or things that collectivist groups, where everyone must work all jobs, can’t.

Division of labor!”

“I am happy for the people who discovered ring structure in SW but am baffled and disheartened that they think it is an argument to defend SW against film critics. “Oh, it’s real art because it has a heavy formal structure”. For centuries, critics pointed out that formalism and quality in the arts were never causally related. Some of the worst art is the most heavily formaised and vice versa.

That said, TFA really does suck and really is harmful to the whole opus of SW film. There are works – considered the greatest in world literature (I’m thinking of Virgil and the Aeneid and Aeschylus and the Oresteia that concern themselves with following up on the events of the Civil War) – which follow a great and definitive art work without reducing, mocking or minimizing it. The Aeneid concerns what becomes the survivors of Troy (they become the Romans) and the Oresteia follows up with Agamemnon’s family *after the war*. NEITHER WORK REQUIRES OR SUGGESTS THAT THE TROJAN WAR WILL BE FOUGHT IN PERPETUITY. They don’t have to do this because a)artistic integrity b)originality of theme causes them not to have to rewrite the Iliad so it can go on forever, Trojan v. Greek c)novel thematic interests – sin and fate and divine law and duty in Oresteia and a national epic in the case of the Aeneid, with all that entails. Because they have originality, curiosity, thematic stones left unturned, etc. both authors can tell stories subsequent to the Iliad that do not retell the Iliad or require it to go on forever and ever.

TFA suggests that SW is essentially meaningless entertainment for children, which can’t end. Batman can never run out of enemies. Pauline must always be in peril. Even Star Trek cheapans itself unforgiveably by killing of Spock and then bringing him back in a totally perfunctory way that avoids obvious echoes of the Resurrection in Western Culture. This verges on anti-art, and I believe that TFA goes all the way into anti-art. “

“is this enough bible bullshit already? wasnt america like supposed to be a secular country”

“America was always the home of insane Christianity that was never even allowed in Europe.”

Then: “Obstructionism is anti-American and evil!”
Now: :^)”

“Due to obscure constitutional rules if u ruin a Starbucks the president has to quit”

“They literally said it was rushed so he cant take credit, not realizing that actually means that him being president is the direct cause of him being extradited.”

“Whatever happens at all happens as it should.”

“Cause and effect, owning the problem doesn’t relieve us of it, on the contrary.”

“Right, this doesn’t imply that you accept it, only that you understand it.”

I think Mr. Trump has to understand that absolving Russia of various actions it has taken in the past number of years is a road that he needs to be very, very careful about moving down.

“This is a mob boss threatening someone with a hit. The language he is using is pure Mario Puzo, authentic Godfather-era parseltongue.”

“the apartment complex I’m staying in has a lot of single moms, some with kids. This one 15 year old boy I see around here revealed to me why single motherhood creates problem adults. This kid can’t grow up. His mom and the other single moms(who seem to act as a unit) wont let him. After all Boys = cute, Man = evil. Precisely why there are so many man-children around today. He looks totally out of place, the kid is over 6 feet tall and large and he’s playing tiddlywinks with 8 year old girls. Adult life is going to hit this guy like a brick wall going 65 mph.

his mothers naturally demonize and hate men. I get the feeling this boy is starting to realize this and he’s also starting to realize that he’s about to transform into something the gang of women raising him categorically despise.”

“One of my great-grandfathers predicted, long ago, that women getting the vote would cause a slide to begin in homes that would affect the children and the family in negative ways. Much later, my own father stated that allowing women into the work place would cause wages to drop and men to lose jobs that they would have otherwise had. This would lead to single parent families and a huge decline in morality.”

“Q: Is it hard to live as a bachelor your whole life?

A: “Yes it is and sucks more and more as you get older. Speaking as a single, 54 year old man who has never been married I can tell you that being alone as you get older is a scary and unpleasant proposition. Now, it’s relatively easy to find anyone to marry but it’s not just as easy as grabbing the first available woman who will have you and tying the knot. As you get older you become more aware and sure of your values and what you want. If you are not careful you become inflexible and unable to negotiate those values.

In the meantime I see around me people my age who not only have experienced the trials, pain and joy of child-rearing, but are becoming grandparents. For a long time while they were changing diapers and coaching little league I was practicing for tri-athlons, traveling the world, doing whatever activity struck my fancy and drove expensive cars. They were the winners in the long run.

Yes some, perhaps many, of them divorced but they still have their families and children, they experienced the joy of transferring their knowledge and love to another generation of themselves, not strangers, and they formed intimate bonds with someone special that exceed mere friendship.

I don’t regret the good times I had or the adventures or the exciting romantic rendezvous but I think all those things pale in comparison to sharing consistent, cohesive moments with someone you build a future with and plan to grow old with, and do. In addition, the silence of being alone is deafening. You can fill your hours with activities, reading, volunteering and more but coming home to an empty house and wondering who will find you if you die alone in the middle of the night, and who will even care, is one of the most pathetic fears of an aging bachelor’s life. I still live in hope that somewhere out there is the love of my life, waiting to be discovered somehow, but it’s with increasing fear and doubt that that hope is threatened.””

“I have some suspicions; I got them at second-hand, but they have remained with me these ten or twelve years. When I read in the C. B. that the Jewish population of the United States was 250,000, I wrote the editor, and explained to him that I was personally acquainted with more Jews than that in my country, and that his figures were without a doubt a misprint for 25,000,000. I also added that I was personally acquainted with that many there; but that was only to raise his confidence in me, for it was not true.

His answer miscarried, and I never got it; but I went around talking about the matter, and people told me they had reason to suspect that for business reasons many Jews whose dealings were mainly with the Christians did not report themselves as Jews in the census. It looked plausible; it looks plausible yet. Look at the city of New York; and look at Boston, and Philadelphia, and New Orleans, and Chicago, and Cincinnati, and San Francisco – how your race swarms in those places! – and everywhere else in America, down to the least little village.”

“”The odds can’t be that against us that literally 1% of the population manages all this shit.”

They had total media control by 1920 and the power to totally destroy gigantic American figures like Lindbergh overnight by the 30s. Also the power to get Henry Ford to stop issuing copies of ‘The International Jew’ with each Model-T sold. I think they were able to force him to a public apology as well.

Jews also co-ordinate internationally. The Balfour declaration was signed with an understanding on the part of the British government – an EXPLICIT understanding – that ‘World Jewry’ would bring America into the war. Wilson was surrounded by Jews at all times, most notably Samuel Untermeyer, Bernard Baruch, and Felix Frankfurter. Around this time, Jacob Schiff gave enormous war loans to Japan so that it would prevail in is war with Russia, thus showing the whole world that colored races could prevail militarily over Whites, while simultaneously sending Trotsky to Russia with the equivalent of 20 million in gold. So one man, essentially, destroyed Russia – in addition to the propaganda significance of Japan’s victory, it also shook the stability of the Tsar’s government while Trotsky was inserted to finish them off.

Never underestimate what can be accomplished by centralized government, leverage, and invisibility. The Jew needs only control New York and Washington, D.C. to force the rest of America, or NATO to do anything. So that’s a more even fight. Plus there’s press control and media control to keep the nation suppressed. Review MacDonald’s chapter on immigration to see how this works.”

“This is exactly why I left the Democratic party. If they use violence, it’s justified because they’re “fighting the patriarchy” or insert-whatever-cause they’re claiming this week here. If Republicans were to use violence, Dems would scream racism and bigotry.”

“They never described the plot”

“Who cares what’s in the story? Real Americans literally do things if they’re popular, and this is popular so that’s that. What are you done kind of nerd?”

“I was extremely disappointed with Trump’s inaugural speech. He says America first, that nations should focus on their own interests, but then he says that all Americans look up at the same sky and bleed the same color, therefore we should all look after each other. Did it ever occur to Mr. Trump, or Mr. Miller, that non-Americans also look up at the same sky and bleed the same color?”

“the “+” in LGBTQA+ stands for HIV positive”

“They are a bad thing. Mods ruin the creative vision of the developer. Would you draw a moustache on the Mona Lisa?”

“given that there would be millions of pristine Mona Lisa vidya copies around, not to mention the mustache itself would be reversible with no mark left”

“You mean the creative vision of a developer who were forced to change their creative vision to appeal to a boardroom and incredibly tight and ridiculous deadlines that more or less butchered their original vision.

Gonna be honest, can’t really find it in myself to give a fuck.”

“You are still changing the artists creation. The devs made the game to play EXACTLY the way it plays on purpose, but if you mod it and change it… you are playing the game wrong”

“And that is a bad thing how?

Developers are just as prone to mistakes as anyone. More so because of how bad the gaming development environment is.”

“Like I give a shit. Most devs mowadays are just faggots who see it solely as a job to get money, no passion or love for vidya involved and most likely they don’t even play vidya gaems themselves, so their “vision” can go fuck themselves.”

“As a dev, you’re wrong. Most of us love when our games get mods, it shows people like it enough to want to perfect it.

The game you’re getting is not the pure vision of the concept artists, game designers or writers (let alone devs who have a very small impact on artistic vision). It’s been distorted and mellowed out by deadlines, corporates who want to “reach a bigger audience”, technical limitations, or sometimes the artists just have a plain old bad idea and the rest of the team has to step in.

Who gives a shit if someone wants to add in 4k textures (most of us probably play with that, by the way) or nude mods of the main female character.”

“mesh editting is the only way to get decent faces in TES thanks to their sliders auto-balancing themselves to make sure you can’t have anything but a potato face.”

“As a young Republican. We don’t always see eye to eye on issues,. But you will always have my utmost respect. Thank you President Obama. Farewell and Godspeed to you and your family.”

“^ this is proper political discourse. As a fellow Republican, I echo these same sentiments”

“>post of no substance, pure signalling
>”^this is proper political discourse” from another post of no substance, pure signalling”

“>win nobel peace prize
>become first nobel peace prize winner to kill nobel peace prize winners
>be exposed for committing human rights abuses and war crimes at Gitmo, Khandahar, Granai and others resulting the torture and deaths of thousands
>order whistleblower arrested, threatened with the death penalty, put in solitary confinement for 7 years and tortured repeatedly
>lauded as compassionate and transparent- MUH NOBEL PRIZE”

“I don’t have a problem with drawn things. I have a problem with degenerate things. If you look at the rise of anime and the decline in the japanese birthrate, you’d see a very strong correlation.”

“I think their decline in birthrate is due to the jewish influence of the west. I follow a lot of jap culture blogs and they have gone from just being creative to getting this idea that they need to stand up to social justice fantasies in order to erase their traditional culture. It’s sad.”

“The themes, culture, characters, are actually very much influential on the rise of the alt right. Tons of people had no good influence in entertainment in the west, so they turned to anime and helped its rise, and actually became good students, good citizens, self-respecting, and had a bigger sense of community in mind rather than the kikish individualism and hedonism peddled by western media.”

“”Dickless mysognists”

Lol how anti feminist to associate being dickless as a negative.”

“Gibbon observes [in the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire] that in the Arab book par excellence, the Koran, there are no camels; I believe that if there were ever any doubt as to the authenticity of the Koran, this lack of camels would suffice to prove it Arab. It was written by Mohammed, and Mohammed as an Arab had no reason to know that camels were particularly Arab; they were for him a part of reality, and he had no reason to single them out, while the first thing a forger or tourist or Arab nationalist would do is to bring on the camels – whole caravans of camels on every page; but Mohammed, as an Arab, was unconcerned. He knew he could be Arab without camels.”

“You should be grateful towards Allied soldiers in WWII because were it not for them, you would not have what you do today.”

Now that hardly sounds like a convincing argument when you’re talking to someone who absolutely hates what we have today. Democratic voting creates an illusion of freedom but changes the tyrant from a man to a large body of people. Between the two, I prefer the dictator.

I am infinitely less comfortable with the knowledge important decisions affecting my own life and the national status are determined by a large body of illiterate and incompetent masses that I can’t even trust to think as sentient beings. I will even dare to say the considerable majority of normal people (>95%), have minds more resembling that of AI and programmed NPCs than they do intelligible; living beings, and form the majority of their opinions according to mainstream consenses, adapting notions accepted by their peers thinking they’re “correct.” Allowing normal people power to make decisions more appropriately given to cultured and aristocratic statesmen is criminal. Fuck the modern system, and fuck everything that came about enlightenment philosophy. Works written by men of the likes of Locke and anyone who blabbers about humanism and the virtue of democracy in the name of human rights have no other place than the dustbins of history. If Hitler’s revolution placed the values of 1763, and by extension the modern world that arose from them, at stake, and for this reason he is a threat, then I will valiantly champion his name and know him as a hero. Were I born 100 years past from this year, I would have happily joined the SS and counted myself among the many that stood AGAINST those Allied soldiers that fought for what we have today.”

“Art is for communication. You’re supposed to convey ideas through it.

But a lot of artists practice and practice every day without having something to say. Sycra seems like this. He said that he wanted to draw well to get approval and fame.

There is idea among many artists that if you get “good enough” you won’t have to worry about what you’re saying. It shows in his art. There is technical value in it, but not an ounce of humor or edgyness or fear or personality. He is not really saying what he thinks. These artists want NOT to think about what they are saying. Just that they are saying it “beautifully”.

But after getting to certain skill level the realize how empty their well done art really is. The branch to “stylize” and give life to it. This is why we get aberrations like OP’s portrait.

This ugly ass stylization is the result of having NOTHING to say. It means that he knows that he has nothing to say and it’s grasping and experimenting, hoping to get something interesting. But not anything from the world or human experience. Skill for the sake of skill is just masturbation, and he feels this but the denial escapes into nasty and gross abstractions.

As Chuck Jones said: “It doesn’t do you much good to draw unless you have something to draw, and the only place to get something to draw is from outside that head.” Or that quote “In order for art to imitate life, you have to have a life.”

Art is an extension for your humanity, not a replacement.”

“Anti-Trump: Burning the nation’s capital, preaching violence and civil war, hundreds of violent attacks against individuals confirmed
Pro-Trump: Putting fires out with fire extinguishers, preaching peace and civic unity, hundreds of false allegations and libelous smears

“PC’s selectivity was on vivid display during one of the first protests that swept American colleges in late 2015. During a public demonstration at Claremont McKenna College in response to a private email from the school’s dean that allegedly implied non-white students don’t fit the school’s mold, students gathered to publicly discuss their own experiences dealing with racial prejudice in America. When a Chinese student took the bullhorn to talk about her own experience with discrimination at the hands of a group of black men, however, the protesters cringed and ushered her away.

When she attempted to clarify her point, one protester turned the bullhorn on her: “you’re getting derailed, alright, you’re losing sight of the movement!” Evidently unbeknown to the Chinese student, broadening the discussion to her own experience was a distraction from the demonstration’s goal: intimidating the school’s administration into doing what the protesters wanted. For that she was forcibly silenced.”

“Most importantly of all, Trump understood that postmodern America loathes nothing more than a self-righteous fraud. Hence his reputation for “counterpunching” when confronted with breathless expressions of “offense.” Such was evident in his response to Clinton’s “penchant for sexism” remark by bringing up her husband’s history of sexual assault. Rather than doing what was expected and taking the high road, apologizing, and moving on, Trump opted to call his accusers out for the most certain fact that their professions of moral outrage are cynical power grab and nothing more.

Indeed, Trump provoked PC outrage precisely for this reason. Like Tony Montana holding the mirror up to his slack-jawed country club audience, Trump pulled one delicious, gasp-inducing stunt after another.

Perhaps the best example of Trump’s provoke and win strategy was his approach to immigration. Any proposal for restricting immigration, no matter how modest, will invariably meet charges of nativism and racism. So why fight it? Trump opted to meet the challenge by initially proposing something truly appalling: the deportation of tens of millions of people. When the predictable outrage machine kicked into high gear, he didn’t go into damage control as expected. Rather, he dismissed the accusations and let it ride.

After Trump brushed off his hyperventilating critics who were frantically calling him a racist, fascist, and everything in between, their rage gradually abated because it didn’t have the desired effect. Now, all of Trump’s clarifications on the issue are on the table for consideration, seem reasonable by comparison, and any subsequent PC outburst against them will ring hollow. Like so, Trump tamed and harnessed the outrage machine over and over again: the Muslim ban, killing terrorists’ families, insulting John McCain for being a POW, all until it won him the Republican nomination.

Democrats gleefully welcomed Trump’s victory in the Republican primaries with the expectation that they’d bury him in a pile of condescension for being a buffoon and scorn for being the next Hitler. Better yet, they figured that his astounding rise confirmed everything they had long assumed about half the country and were now free to say out loud: they are indeed a basket of irredeemable racist, sexist, homophobic deplorables. Mainstream Republicans would surely hop on board the progressive train rather than be associated with these creeps.

None of this happened, of course. But why? Because what Trump’s enemies failed to grasp was that he wasn’t winning because of the crazy things he was saying, but because of the phony outrage and affected condescension it provoked. Many people empathized with Trump for enduring the contempt that he deliberately brought against himself. Trump kept playing the role of the antihero, and Clinton kept playing the role of the pearl-clutching fraud.”

“Obama is a Nobel Peace Prize recipient, he would never use drones to kill anyone”

“Obama has been using drones this whole time, but only because he was pressured to follow in the steps of his predecessor, Bush”

I think the greatest achievement of public education isn’t to instill obedience, but to remove any development of long-term memory.”

“Without instituting Islam, the sequestration of women, the burqua, and an absolute ban on their speech in public, participation in political parties, and so forth is becoming more and more urgent. Mindless, vicious, destructive, group-thinking, derivative, imitative, incapable of remorse, and acknowledged by our society, our press, and our judicial system as not being full human beings or possessing moral cognition.

Punishment for the White Knights, too. Deliberate single motherhood a crime. In case of divorce initiated by the wife, all children go to the husband. And end to no fault divorce.

Women are for home, school and neighborhood. The larger a system a woman tries to think about, the more catastrophic her influence will be. Sadly, a woman, to be sane, must be fathered and husbanded. The little talked about war on boys makes this propositions a faltering one. Hence the large scale female delight and defense of mass rape, beating, stoning from their new Muslim arrivals. The truth is, my only objection to that being woman’s fate forever is that she would enjoy it too much and does not deserve a future that makes her happy. Both the Hebrews and the Greeks are reduced one grade in rank for not emphasizing the sheer awfulness of women in their mythology, leaving subsequent civilizations with no adequate warning. Welcome refugees!

And the shittiest, rapiest state on earth is Sweden – which has a by law 50% female parliament. There’s no mystery to what’s going on in Scandanavia. Men who will kick us, and rape us, and stone us? Let’s be rid of these blond male pussies forever – or lets have the womanly Scandi fight our new brown rapist champions, who we love!

Seeing the deep and true character of women is worse than discovering what Jews are.”

“Democracy is a sacred right, unless it doesn’t give us the outcome we want”

“>oculus bought by facebook
>valve and sony are corrupt to hell, can’t expect much from them at this point
>best VR headset tech we have is a bulky pair of “monitor-goggles” at 720p resolution and shitty flickering framerate
>very few games support VR or were made for it
>the games that do exist are fucking awful, or just “haha look at this crazy 1st person physics game haha look I’m throwing all this stuff around so funny lol!”
>developers too afraid to make anything for a gimmick that will be dead before the decade is over

face it boys, it won’t be another 20+ years until we get the truly immersive waifu experience”

“[O]n Facebook there are no bad days. At least, that’s how people choose to brand themselves. In a digital world of weak ties, where the most dazzling, fun-filled photos from last night are cherry-picked from a much larger pool of blurry, awkward shots of people not at their best-looking, highlight reels mask what goes on behind the scenes. And much of the psychological research reveals this dynamic takes a toll.”

“Normies cry crocodile tears over lost rights and disrespect towards others but completely throw all that out the window when it’s a racist who gets assaulted. On normal occasions, normies will defend victims of assault voicing political opinions, but as soon as you say something they hate, your magical “human rights” go away and your entitlement to safety along with. Richard Spencer may not be the strongest among us on the Jewish question or certainly on racialist principles, but his situation undeniably shows us we cannot rely on anybody for our own safety and security; not even the public. For that, we only have ourselves and our own brothers to fall back on. We must take to the streets, but we must be willing to defend ourselves when necessary. Right Wing Death Squads needs to be a real thing. To anyone of you who partakes in WN activism on the grounds, I heavily encourage you to practice combat techniques and martial arts, and possibly even form body guard organizations.”

“think closely about the assumptions of feminism. Am I supposed to regard someone as equal who slaps paint on their face, has half the strength of me, cant seem to tolerate extreme temperatures, whines incessantly, spends an hour doing their hair, etc. the whole idea is ridiculous.”

“my favorite thing to do on linkedin is respond to inmail, recruiters pay per response (sending costs nothing if nobody replies) so I am sure to always reply with black metal lyrics

linkedin’s moderation strategy is self-censorship, they think that nobody will post anything that compromises their career, but i have defeated it by being a professional racist shitposter”

“Idea for a new season of House of Cards: everyone is busy doing their gay little Machiavelli schemes and some loudmouth billionaire shows up and utterly destroys their world”

“no one will accept or admit theyre being screwed anymore, instead they suffer from “mental illness”, that way there is no culpability”

“If it’s real multiculturalism you want, give us Arab slave drivers from the Sudan who castrate 12-year-old boys kidnapped to be sold as catamites; give us Ubangi concubines with lip plates like Thanksgiving dinner platters; give us Eskimos who throw their parents out of the igloo when there’s not enough walrus meat left to chew; give us Hindu holy men whose bodily deformities are kissed and fondled by their worshippers; give us Amazonian Indians who mutilate their women and Mexican drug pushers who murder traitors by pushing baseball bats up their rectums or Sikh tribesmen who swap each other’s wives or Kalahari Bishkek who spend their days sniffing the desert for underground roots to it. That is what different cultures really are, and that is what a real multiculturalism would really be.”

“the ‘alpha’ of the village wasn’t the guy with muscles, a big dick -or- brains it was the guy with the most pigs who your dad married you too because you had no fucking say in the matter (it’s mind-boggling how many evo psych articles assume modern dating was in effect circa 20,000 BC)”

“Reports that say that something hasn’t happened are always interesting to me, because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns – the ones we don’t know we don’t know. And if one looks throughout the history of our country and other free countries, it is the latter category that tend to be the difficult ones.”

“Is punching Richard Spencer inciting violence or ‘American as apple pie’?”

“”I’m just asking questions” – journalist”

“Commies aren’t actually saying that Trump is overstepping his power with a bunch of executive orders, and they aren’t actually turning around on the issue of states rights. They’ll take power where they can get it. That is their organizing principle. Not all this legal technicality stuff.

It’s a good principle. No one ever actually gets ahead in direct combat by technicalities. Technicalities are what you use in a compromise, with someone you already largely agree with. Just so happens that commies treat literally everyone as enemies so they’re always in combat, but even if they didn’t, talking about them as if they actually suddenly care about these things is autistic and misleading – to the speaker, not the audience.

“At least I still have the Constitution” is a very fitting descriptor.”

“If you are in the first third, you are racing your bike. If you are in the second third, you are thinking about racing your bike. If you’re in the last third, you’re not really there.”

“r/short posters are like /r9k/ posters. They’ve either given up or are trying to convince themselves that “everything will be ok” if they just “wait until x”, where x is some “salvation event” whose nature is group dependent (/r9k/ : muh singularity, muh NEET revolution, etc, r/short: “muh movement to end heightism””

“You and your neighbor live in a gated community with beautiful lush green yards adorned with flower beds of vibrantly colored flowers. Your neighbor brings home one male and one female goat as a pets. The goats forage in your neighbor’s yard. They reproduce, creating kids. The once beautiful yard turns to dirt because the owner didn’t have the foresight to allow the goats to forage in the front and rear yards in a rotational fashion, or to limit their reproduction, increasing the demand for limited resources.

The hungry goats act upon their own intuition to satisfy their hunger and move on to consume your yard and flowers. You want to preserve what you’ve worked hard to create and cultivate so you tell your neighbor he has to care for his own goats, you didn’t ask for the goats, you have no need for the goats, and they aren’t your responsibility.

The goats are only doing what is natural to them and do not have the requisite minimum amount of intelligence or agency to restore their resources on their plot of land, so they continue to encroach on yours. Being a moral person who understands they aren’t responsible for their plight and don’t know any better, you do not execute them with a high powered rifle. Instead you build a physical barrier to protect your own resources/investments.

Then you implore your neighbor to feed his own fucking goats and bill him for the fence.”

“Then when he refuses you lien his ass.”

“>$14.00 an hour

Bullshit statistic. They’re comparing commissioned work to a 40-hour salary.

I know for a fact that:
>FUNimation pays $50.00 an hour.
>Gearbox pays $200.00 an hour.
>Bioware pays $250.00 an hour.

Yes, most voice actors aren’t making tons of dosh, but they’re not working 40 hours a week either. They have nothing to complain about.”

“Fucking parodies, the west is obsessed with fucking parodies. I’ve seen some time ago a reportage about the porn industry and there was this director saying that these days you have to do shitty porn parodies to survive. This is the reason why there is a lot of badly done brazzers cosplay porn, people don’t care if it looks like shit or it’s horribly drawn like Shad’s stuff, it have to resemble some character of a movie they have just seen, even if the girl in it is 10 yrs old, they want to see a porn parody of her”

“”Imagination” relies largely on having a visual library to pull from. The more you’ve memorized breaking stuff into simple forms and how to get that to read on paper, the more you can cross reference and combine features into things you wanna draw. It’s like photobashing from your head.

“I wanna draw an sleek-future-industrial-beast spaceship. Good thing I drew that harley, the lava lamp and those dinosaur toys.””

“The experienced artist is not faster than the novice because they can make a faster stroke but because they can do more with a single stroke than a less experienced artist can.”

“I think most of us know already that loomis is a meme and nothing more than an inside joke.”

“Knowing at least the basic fundamentals before moving anywhere is a good idea though.”

“You should study them yes, but you should still draw whatever you like to draw and never stop doing it.
You will not find a fantastick dragon dick artist who just picked up dragon dicks after mastering “loomis”.”

“And where exactly does Loomis tell you in his books to stop drawing whatever you like to draw?”

“/ic/ does. It’s not uncommon to see a Jehovah’s Loomis pastor in the Alternative Artstyle threads trying to convert everyone like the philosophies of Loomis isn’t shoved down everyone’s throats already”

“that doesn’t help the fact that he currently sucks at it. I guess most people, myself included, assumed that at least some of his skill would carry over. observational drawing requires good fundamentals, and those should be universally applicable. Hell I could draw a better cartoon dog and he’s 100x the artist I could ever hope to be”

>spends years learning from based Jeff Watts
>long enough to become an instructor
>travels with Jeff to Russia
>still symbol draws
>that kangaroo fetus thing
Wtf I hate watts atelier now?”

“If I was your teacher, I wouldn’t even let you design your own characters in animation class. I would make you animate characters that already work-simple, well constructed characters like Elmer Fudd, Donald Duck or Tom and Jerry. Students shouldn’t even be trying to design their own characters. You need to learn to animate in 3 dimensions first. If you are struggling to animate an amateurish awkward design, your progress will be hugely handicapped. I would put your tuition to the most efficient use and give you the tools you need to be functional when you get out of school.

You should run and beg your teachers to show you fundamentals and to criticize your work if it’s awkward, flat or clumsy. Otherwise you are throwing away a lot of money.

If you just want to be “creative” and an “individual”, you don’t need to go to school for that. Save your money and be a hippie at home! Schools should teach you decades of experience and fundamental knowledge.”

“This Disney style is the culmination of their search for perfect mathematical design balance and inoffensive cuteness.”

“If you don’t want to animate silly cartoony characters, and you really have a talent for a more acute observation of human nature, if you understand honest motivations and psychology, you would create characters that aren’t cliches torn from previous Disney cartoons, Saturday Morning Cartoons or sitcoms.

You would make stories that come out of the characters’ dynamics and chemistry with each other. You wouldn’t just take a stock animated feature story, plug stock leads, villains and wacky sidekicks in and then beg everyone to take you seriously, like you are a real FILMMAKER, rather than a mere lowly cartoonist.

But then you’d have to have a way to SHOW the audience this depth of character.

With the drawings, expressions, design, gestures, vocal artistry, etc.

It’s not enough to just have the character tell the other characters what their one personality trait is and why they have it. Am I the only one that notices that? “I’m a strong woman living in a man’s world and I’m not gonna let a wimpy snot nosed kid like you stand in my way!” “Oh yeah!? Well I’m the villain! I hate people who are happy, because I had a lonely youth with 3 Moms and no Dad.”

But most likely, if you really did understood character and story and didn’t like imaginative exaggeration, you probably wouldn’t make cartoons at all. You would write novels or make dramatic live action movies – which is really what everyone who produces or writes animation these days wants to do anyway. They just aren’t good enough to get into the real world of live action.

Bland formula cartoons to me, and to every cartoonist or animator with a mind of his/her own are just big boring lies. They aren’t realistic, have nothing important to say (unlike what the producers would have you believe) and are completely transparent. “This is not merely a “cartoon”. It is an experience, a study of the nature of the family.” That kind of stuff.

No matter what the marketing and press releases tell you about how everything is new and daring and has a message, this is really what it comes down to:

Conservative animators and definitely executives just don’t like cartoons. Real cartoons are too much fun at once. It’s too-big helping of imagination and the audience doesn’t deserve that. Serious animation people want to poo in the ice cream.

They have a million theories as to why an audience couldn’t bear to sit through non-stop entertainment, but the theories are just a mask to cover up the real reason: Bland people make bland entertainment.

Worse than than that, they see to it that talented people don’t get to use their talents, whether their talents are observational or imaginative, or some combination.

How many artists have been told to tone down their stuff, even if it is not “wild” at all or “Tex Avery”?

“Trace those model sheets! More pathos! More contrived misunderstandings between the two bland characters who are obviously in love! More crowds! More camera angles! Let’s have someone die! More Pop culture references than the competition! More pores! No soul! Our movie is QUALITY!”

You would think that with the billions (not an exaggeration!) of dollars being spent on formula cartoons every year, someone would be smart enough to carve a measly few million off to make imaginative cartoony cartoons that take advantage of the medium.

They’d clean up, because there would be no competition at all.”

“An age of design would mean lots of designs, not a single school of design.”

“Remember when wargaming’s model of making premium tanks was making it not as good as a fully upgraded tank but a lot better than a stock tank? Yeah me neither. Oh look, money!”

“Trumps approval rating is 59% while the media’s is 7%, keep up the good work.”

“If you are the new President of the United States, and you see hundreds-of-thousands of protesters marching in the streets, what do you do? Well, in most cases you would treat that as the nation’s top priority. You don’t want it to escalate to social collapse. I can think of only one scenario in which such a large and vocal movement should be ignored until they run out of steam. That rare situation is when the protesters all wear pink hats. You can pretty much ignore that movement. It will fizzle out on its own. Unless they get better hats.”

“>America is overstuffed on cheap goods and consumerism, it’s killing our culture!

In their frantic search for some moral concern to troll, Progressives are already unconsciously echoing the shrieking rants of Ayn Rand and its only Day 8.

By the midterms they’ll be quoting Atlas Shrugged and making their middle name “Voluntaryist” on Facebook.”

“The tax on Mexican imports is almost certainly part of a much larger package of sanctions coming at Mexico in the coming year. Right now there are taxes on American exports to Mexico ranging from 10% for agricultural products (picked by Mexicans sending 80% of their income home, but we’ll get to that) to 30% on electronics. So “free” trade with Mexico doesn’t exist. It’s only free if you’re a US company trying to outsource to Laredo instead of Toledo. If you’re a US company sending custom built raspberry pis to Mexico City you pay considerably. The average tax rate on US exports is roughly 18-20%. So we’re just putting ourselves in a position to negotiate. And the remittance payments thing is our nuclear option. That’s the #1 sector of the Mexican economy- it dwarfs petroleum by billions. They don’t wanna play ball we put a 50% tax on remittance payments and the Mexican economy instantly goes back to 1990, the US government takes in enough money every year to build 3 walls and Trump just cancels income taxes on all US families for 2019-2021, or lowers corporate taxes for companies who insource foreign jobs to America. Whatever. Protectionism WORKS that’s why every country is doing it to us!

TL;DR this is about more than next week’s burger prices you fat shits, he’s starting off with bad cop so he can “soften” next year and make a real trade deal.”

“If you’re a libertarian, you should want decentralization. Borders decentralize!”

“Mexico will raise prices to compensate for loss first. Which means we pay more, they profit the same.

But also, our prices will be slightly lowered by smaller business taxes, so that means our stuff gets cheaper, and they have to stay low to compete, or go bankrupt.

The armchair libertarian econ majors complete skip that second part.”

“The conclusion of this whole incident is that creative talent exists and Proko doesn’t have much of it. You need “it”. You need the “eye”. You need that slightly special mind that can produce vivid imaginings, scenes, creatures, compositions. The type of mind that can see a hundred different faces in a patterned wall or floor. The mind that can glimpse a fleeting expression, comprehend its subtlety, capture it, accentuate it, frame it on the page and, by depicting it, express a magical depth unobserved by less penetrating minds. You also need that which we call taste – the intuitive ability to independently make strong judgements about why some art is just right and some art is off target.

Creativity is an inborn faculty of the brain. Those who have it know. No-one taught you this faculty – your brain just spontaneously generates ideas when fed information from the outside world. Proko is just a well trained machine.”

“Wrong. Creativity is a skill like any other. It can be increased through thoughtful deliberate practice.

But you do have to practice it. Creativity won’t just appear on its own from practicing drawing skills. You need to do more than learning to draw to be creative.”

“you can only learn mathematics, you can’t improve your cerebral capacity for abstract thought.

go on, try really really really really hard. “Deliberately” hard. Become a Newton, a Velasquez or a Usain Bolt. I’m sure you’ll get there.

You have not understanding or appreciation for the things that lie beyond your little thoughts that orchestrate your entire life.”

“The standard given is “trust in government” not having free elections, a free press, or separation of powers. So if North Koreans trust their government, they are a democracy.”

“I don’t know why women are considered for any position that requires an oath”

“What do you think Trump will do?

You know what my fear is? Not that Trump will fail and there will be chaos, but for some real period of time, what if he succeeds? You know what happened in Poland? The Law and Justice party, they did such a tremendous social transfer to the poor that no elected European government would dare to do it. They lowered retirement age, they made better conditions for health care, more help for mothers with children and so on. No wonder that people like them. My God! They did something that no left government dares to do.”

“Are you going to tell this little girl no???? 😥
I think statecraft and public policy should be determined on manipulative images of kids.”

“Vicente Fox is an idiot who’s own people ran from Mexico to the United States while he was President LOL He couldn’t even take care of his own people but want’s to bitch about Trump trying to take care of ours”

“One very interesting thing about the Richard Spencer incident is that people just project whatever they think is bad as what Richard Spencer thinks.

For example, I was told today that Richard Spencer “literally believes” that “people should die if they’re not white, straight or Christian.” And this is what makes him a Nazi.”

“As an admittedly tremendously stupid person who is unable to use birth control, I can tell you that since we’re all monkeys living on a wet dying marble in carl sagan’s cool space cosmos programs, abortion in the grand scheme of things doesn’t matter. what matters is me, my job, me, more of my job, more of me and, of course, me (babies come from only me, no other people were involved). of course, no one can tell anyone what is okay to do with their body unless of course it’s me, then i can tell you all that in the grand scheme of wet marble things, literally nothing matters except for my job and me. music. science. portal.”

“My job is to listen and be a voice and shut other white people down when they want to interrupt…”

>make a long post rating everyone positively
>Aww so heartwarming you’re the best 🙂

>make a long post rating everyone negatively
>post ur work

Oh man this board”

“It’s almost like empty negative criticism amounts to nothing but negativity and will only harness negative responses.
If you don’t want to get butthurt over people get angry at your opinion, stop with the empty criticism and actually point what’s wrong with each other’s art.”

“So empty positivity goes over empty negativity?”

“Finally you are not so dumb.”

>ur good
>cricket noises

>ur bad
>autistic screeching


“Because it’s worse to throw a tantrum at someone just giving you a compliment than throw a tantrum at someone who calls you shit.

Both reactions are retarded, though. But we don’t live in a perfect world.”

“Here’s the thing that autists don’t understand:

It’s polite to say thank you to a compliment, even an unconstructive one. It’s a gesture of “keep doing what you’re doing,” it feels good to receive it, and it’s generally shitty to shoot down compliments even if you disagree with them, it just makes you come off as a cunt. Even a modest person shouldn’t reject a compliment. This is far from unique to /ic/.

An unconstructive “it’s shit” will pretty fucking obviously not warrant any thanks, it informs the recipient they’re doing “something” wrong but offers no explanation. That’s 90% of the time what ratings in these threads are. Some anonymous fuckwit who might not have drawn a day in his life replying “3/10” is of no use to anybody, and unlike a compliment it doesn’t provoke any positive emotions. If it surprises you that one will be better received than the other, you might be autistic.

It’s very rare I actually see well thought-out criticisms be received negatively except by our select few well-known narcissists. The trouble is that well thought-out criticism is remarkably rare on this board, so you see a lot of “post your work” as a dismissive answer to worthless ‘critique’ wherein the poster seems to try and lean on some inherent authority with the expectation people do as they say with zero valid explanation why.”

“Basically you just gotta quit being a little bitch. If you can’t take opinions or criticisms without breaking so bad you have to go cry about your feelings on a malaysian inkwell crafting forum, you’re not going to make it.

Some artists just aren’t as self-aware as others, or as capable of noticing their own flaws. That’s not a problem though, because thankfully there’s a multitude of people on- and offline that will tell you all the different ways that you suck, if you can’t figure it out yourself. But if you aren’t able to take what they’re saying without shutting down like you are tonight, you aren’t going to be able to really learn from it and improve. You need thicker skin and more self-confidence/esteem.

It’ll take some work and self-reflection to truly change your thinking and reactions to critique, but it’s something you literally have to overcome if you want to continue improving your work. If you get this butthurt over your boyfriend’s casual and probably sugar-coated comment how could you possibly take even some /ic/ bantz and critique without either quitting art or killing yourself, let alone a real art critic’s words.”

“Overly self-deprecating people are just as annoying as overly egoistic people, cut that shit out”

>Trump will never build a wall

“Will he rest on the 7th day?”

“To pay for it I believe he will cut aid commensurate with cost of wall. There remains the issue of many parts of the border not wall-able.”

“If people can’t get there to build a wall people can’t get there to cross the border”

“I was referring to places where eminent domain would have to be applied repeatedly.”

“BLM seized a half million acres of Bundy Ranch grazing area under eminent domain to protect a tortoise that doesn’t even live there and liberals said protesters should be killed by drone.

So what I’m trying to say is who cares.”

“women tend to be sparkless in general, one time an ex ghibli employee said that women aren’t really good at imagining magical worlds or some shit and that’s why they don’t hire them as directors and then a massive backlash occurred and a bunch of female artists on tumblr got together to make something to prove to him that women are just as imaginative as men and they made this collab with stuff randomly changing into different stuff and it was the most predictable grade school-tier shit like an eye changing into a leg and a heart and bla bla bla… look it up if you wanna see it yourself”

“Liberals and their ad-hoc hamster brains will never cease to amuse me. Six months ago not paying taxes was literally the most selfish, bigoted and spiteful thing you could ever do.

In any event, I hope more idiot lugenpresse outlets print this shit over the next few months. I’d love to see 60 million Democrats audited and slapped with so many fines they aren’t done paying it off until 2030.”

“The Nazis didn’t actually believe in “racial purity” like it is commonly thought, that is a gross Jewish lie and exaggeration that has been taken up by modern white nationalists and NS who have no access to what the National Socialists actually believed.

Hitler understood that all “nations” are composed of the ORGANIC UNION and mixture of multiple COMPATIBLE people over HUNDREDS and even THOUSANDS of years. He was for defending the health of the GERMAN NATION and not any single element in it. He did believe that some of the contributing racial types to a nation were stronger than others, and that the Nordic element was the most important and dynamic, that carried aloft the rest of the nation while imparting to them some of it’s own traits (something that happened in reverse as well). He didn’t characterize any of this as bad, but as good and NATURAL, and National Socialism is not about “racial purity,” it is about the adherence to the IRON LAWS OF NATURE, which the laws of biological race are a part.

So he was for strengthening and protecting both the German Nation as a whole as well as increasing the share of Nordic blood and influence within the German nation. But he was not a “one-drop blood purist” which is just Jewish slander. Obviously NS didn’t condemn anyone who was not blonde and blue eyed since most of the leadership did not have blonde hair and blue eyes. Normies see this and say “LMAO WHAT NEUROTIC HYPOCRITES” instead of examining whether their own preconceptions are incorrect. ”

“Can a liberal explain to me why tariffs are super bad and make things more expensive but other taxes are A-OK and if you oppose raising them then it must be you just love rich people?”

“LOL so one of the keynote speakers at the pink pussy hat march was a convicted murderer who went all Hostel on some guy and whose remorse for fatally sodomizing a man with a three foot steel pipe can be summed up: “he was a homo anyways”

If these are the kind of people who say I shouldn’t like Trump because he’s bad for them well whoopty Doo where’s my Maga hat”

“I feel like I’ve been transported back to the 1600s in terms of some people’s economic understanding. And now I’ll have to pay 20% more for my fucking produce so Trump can build his giant ego project. Pisses me off.”

“Oh no $2/lb onions might be $2.50/lb now”

“In exchange for clean, crime-free streets and an extra ten years of life in these United States before it becomes a totalitarian third-world shithole.

I see now that Communists can learn and grow as human beings. After the revolution, every libertarian will die. If you don’t understand the moral contract you are involved in as part of a nation, then you are a freeloader and saboteur who is de facto mentally and morally ill and should die.

I’m really tired of you people.

A man who would sell out his country just so he can have tomatoes with hepatitis C is, as NS said of the Jews, a cancer on mankind.”

“Oh, no. My right to live off of cheap exploited beaner labor may be imperiled so we can secure our border! How will I go on!? I’m so pissed!

If cosmic justice ran the world, it would scoop people like you up in a helicopter and drop you all in the nastiest barrio around the Los Angeles area where you’d all be forced to stay at least until the wall is finished. Your petty value judgments have long-term detrimental consequences. You deserve a front row seat, you greedy bastard.”

“Let him run his ice cream shop from Mozambique since it’s all the “fruit of his labors”. If that’s what it is, he should be as successful in the Congo as Hong Kong.

Make an example of him.”

“When you are on a plane next, and have the grandiose thought “I am flying”, give a thought to the pilot, to centuries of mathematics and engineering, to airports, to wind tunnels, to the tarmac personnel, to the fueling stations, to the oil tankers crossing the ocean, to the refinement of fuel into usable kerosene.

Then psychotically shout out, “I’m flying!” “Charging me for a ticket is theft!”

This is what you’re saying and how you’re thinking when you opine politically. You’re like someone on PCP who has forgotten all the systems that you are simultaneously dependent on.

Don’t forget to thank tress and forests for the oxygen you breathe. I know the especial hatred you lolbergtarians have for the very sources of your own life in your seeking after true individuality.”

“Again, if you can grasp the importance of unions with respect to wage controls, I don’t see why you can’t see how the mechanism works the same way with respect to tariffs.

That you’re “forced” to buy local is irrelevant. I don’t know how a person can’t see that “globalization” is ultimately one big union busting scam to reduce the Western middle class to serfs. Americans should have to compete with Indians and Chinese (who have little to no labor laws in their countries)? If you’re a “free trade” guy, the answer is “yes.” Pitting the little guy against the little guy so the very wealthy can become even wealthier. That’s the dynamic you shill for whether you’re aware of it or not.”

“Wait…what the hell are we talking about?”

“A Nietzchean topic: mastery. Whether by women, machines, or the only dimly perceivable circulations of Capital through the world system.

From a favorite book: “Eventually, money wanted to do things for itself and people just became an obstacle.””

“That anybody that tells you things are easy to understand don’t understand shit. If things were easy to understand people wouldn’t have problems.”

“If things were easy to understand, we’d be much less of flawed species.”

“If things were easy to understand people wouldn’t have problems.”
Well, there I have to draw the line: all day long on the internet I read people who are very concerned about their ‘problems’ which are, in fact, very easy to correct.

If I had a nickel for every time I said “this is not rocket science”, I be a Bilderberger.

Just look at the arguments on this very thread. These people don’t have problems. They’re just stupid. People, contra the Greeks, are not the reasoning animals and what’s worse, they can’t remember anything. Most ‘problems’ have been solved before, innumerable times.

If there is a problem, it is this: high-IQ people are unaware of deep-seated biases that maladapt them (and society) to reality for reasons that HIDE THEMSELVES. Schopenhauer and Nietzche spelled this out and later some Jewish dude expanded on his work, but everyone hates the idea so much that they are not transparent to themselves, that that line of investigation is in the midst of being put away forever.

Secondly, high-IQ people cannot reason. They don’t understand that they are making guesses about reality, not ‘discovering’ anything. If they are not faced with the best thought-out and best worded objections to their view, then their view isn’t worth very much.

Now, in morals, many of us are quite open about this. It’s hard to miss that one is always taking a moral intuition first, and then defending it. But I find that, just for this reason, people are more likely to reason accurately (which is different than coming to correct conclusions) about morals than about any other subject, provided they understand the method that they are using: conclusion first, argument after. For this reason, they are quick to seriously consider other people’s arguments on the topic.

Of course, for people who don’t understand that in morals, the conclusion comes before the reasoning, can’t be talked out of anything. Hence Islam. But also other fields: if the person thinks he has reasoned his way into topic when he just unconsciously snatched it off the shelf because he wanted it: these people can’t be argued out of anything. Their reason is critically compromised.

Then there is propaganda/ group pressure. Almost all ideas in almost all humanoid minds were put there by other groups and are for that very reason almost impossible to remove. Plus most humanoids have no other thoughts except those that they feel will enhance their social standing, sense of virtue, or access to resources.

I stand with the divine Oscar Wilde on this issue:
“I think that God, in creating Man, somewhat overestimated his ability.”

Machine overlords will fix this issue, one hopes.”

“I’d love to be there when you realize how every idea in your head is totally false, but honestly: you’re not that smart. You’ll never get there.”

“Alright man. Let me know if you have any specific crictisms of the data.”

“Well, we can start from the point where YOU have no idea of what criticism of “the data” would include. By this, we can take the next immediate step of dismissing your thesis entirely. To make an intellectual contribution, (or to cease being a cancer) *you* need to have internalized the best thought-out and best-expressed opposition to your thesis. Otherwise you’re just blowing (someone else’s)hot air.

I don’t feel like educating you precisely because you have no interest in educating yourself. Memorizing talking points makes you someone to slam the door on, not invite in for conversation.”

“How is it that every person who pretends to be educated in economics doesn’t understand that the UK and the US grew wealthy and powerful BEHIND strong tariffs and then dropped them so they could prey on underdeveloped nations?”

“Lol. Are you a communist by chance?”

“A national socialist. A little bit more time in reading comprehension for you, I’m afraid.”

“This fetishization of intelligence must stop.”

“If you have discipline elsewhere, it’s a matter of making drawing a habit until discipline transfers over.

If you don’t have discipline anywhere, you’re going to die and no one will remember you, and if that thought doesn’t spur you into anything, don’t worry about it.”

“There is going to be a constitutional crisis eventually. There is no question that rogue members of the judiciary WILL attempt to shut down Trump’s entire agenda. They’ll obfuscate the building of the wall, they’ll run defense for Obamacare, they’ll enjoin everything that we want to do. It pains me to say that, but it’s the truth. This is going to be a real battle, too, because judges are more formidable opponents than politicians. One of the reasons that Trump has accomplished so much is that he is a man of action. A businessmen who is used to making real decisions and doing real things. That’s why the politicians have been paralyzed, Trump moves much faster than they are used to. Guys like Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio are just glib talkers and schmoozers, they’re not men of action. That’s why Trump has eaten them for lunch and will continue to do so: he’s so far ahead of them that they’ll never catch up. But judges are going to be tougher opponents. They’re talkers, too, the law is ultimately a talking profession. But federal judges are also used to making decisions with important-real world consequences – sentencing people to prison, or to death; issuing judgments worth millions of dollars, etc. They make decisions like that on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis. And federal judges are very smart people who deal with lots of smart lawyers and tackle very difficult intellectual problems. They are going to be much tougher opponents than, say, Chuck Schumer.

Judges are generally competent, hardworking who people do their best to be fair and just. But unfortunately, most judges are drawn from the same talent pool as our other out of touch, decadent elites. So while they are otherwise hardworking and mostly fair, they have huge blind spots on the issues that are of importance to us. And lately the judiciary has gotten so politicized. At this point the Supreme Court is basically a 9-person legislature which breaks 5-4 on most contentious issues. That’s absolutely shameful — the vast majority of the Supreme Court’s opinions used to be unanimous, because they were purposefully behaving like a court, not like a legislature. Despite the unfortunate trend toward an ideological judiciary, most of your federal district and appellate judges consciously resist the siren song of injecting politics into their decisions. The temptation is strong but they usually resist it. But there are over 600 district judges, and plenty of liberal appellate judges, and at some point the liberals will convince more than one federal judge to essentially enjoin President Trump from building the wall; order the illegals who have been rounded up (but not deported yet) to be released immediately, etc. You name it, a judge will enjoin it.

When this happens, Trump has only one option: he’s got to take on the judiciary. If he doesn’t, they’ll shut his entire agenda down. It’s as simple as that. He’s got to take the position that he, as the executive, gets to decide the limits of his own authority, and that he is vested with discretion that the courts may not review. Is that interpretation of executive power correct? I don’t know. But what I do know is that as a practical matter, the courts will shut Trump down completely if he doesn’t fight them tooth and nail. They’ll say that the Wall requires environmental impact assessments, etc., etc. Even if they don’t invalidate his agenda outright they’ll try to make it die a slow death by tying it up in litigation forever. So he’s got to fight them if anything is going to happen. It seems to me that he can litigate for a little while — provided the appellate review process goes quickly — but at some point he may well have to defy them. That will be a full blown Constitutional crisis, and I doubt that it is possible to avoid it.

And if that happens, Trump has got to get the people who work for him in the federal bureaucracy to defy the courts, too. When the warden of some INS detention facility is ordered — by name — to release the illegals, he’s got to refuse. Trump can always say he’ll fire the warden if the warden sides with the judiciary. But the federal bureaucracy is probably pretty pozzed out, this won’t be easy. I can certainly imagine the people at the State Department proclaiming “we support the judiciary!” for example. High stakes here.

Now is this particular case, the one with involving visas, going to be THE case, the first shot in the battle with the judiciary? I don’t know. I haven’t researched the law on this. The idea that someone who has already been issued a visa shouldn’t just be turned away seems sort of reasonable on its face, they have gone through some kind of process and it seems kind of unfair to send them home. But — and this is a big but — the law may well afford unlimited discretion to the executive branch to issue and revoke visas. In fact, I just checked, and 22 C.F.R. Section 41.122 says:

“Grounds for revocation by consular officers. A consular officer, the Secretary, or a Department official to whom the Secretary has delegated this authority is authorized to revoke a nonimmigrant visa at any time, in his or her discretion.”

The law is complicated, and there aren’t enough hours in the day to do a full workup of an important legal question before posing a comment on a message board. I’ve got a job, a family, etc. That’s one reason the courts have rules of procedure, and allow the parties time to do research, argue, etc. — to make sure that both sides have done a thorough job, and that the judge has all the relevant facts and law, before he or she makes a decision. But if this little federal regulation that I found after 30 seconds of research accurately describes the INS’s discretion to revoke visas, and there is no case law to the contrary, story, then yes — this case is the first shot in the battle with the judiciary, because the NY judge is basically making up the law as he goes. That regulation could not be more clear, and at this point I see NO basis for his decision. But we’ll see.

Personally, I am looking forward to this fight. I have great faith in our leader. No one is better equipped to take on a fight like this than Donald J. Trump is. The judiciary has gotten way too politicized. That’s sad but it’s the truth. They really will shut down Trump’s entire agenda if they aren’t stopped. That’s unconstitutional. The fact that our Supreme Court has gotten so politicized is tragic. Again, most judges do their best to make good and fair decisions. If you bring your breach of contract case before some crazy liberal judge, he or she will probably be fair to you and make a reasonable decision. But when the political cases are decided for political reasons, this delegitimizes the judiciary. Some decisions are inherently political, but all of these 5-4 votes are insane and look terrible. It’s got to be stopped.

I think that Trump is going to win this battle, and that eventually the judiciary will stop interfering with the discretion that is lawfully Trump’s to exercise. But make no mistake, they will try to stop him, regardless of what the law says. Exciting times!”

“It’s called an escrow. If you would have paid but people aren’t paying you, you’re a sucker.”

“It never proved possible to negotiate with leftists when they had a shred of power (and they often still do, and it still doesn’t.) Well, now, when they DON’T have power, they’re suddenly keen on negotiation and compromise, and dialog.

But there is no reason on Earth to indulge them in this way when we can simply tell them how it’s going to be.”

“Somewhere along the way, the ugly duckling became a black swan.”

“The article is not that impressive. Liberals can’t even pay a (seemingly) sincere compliment without getting it wrong, showing their bias, and lying.”

“I see my IRL friends sharing stupid shit about how Populism is evil and we have to stop it. They’re like wtf I love the 1% now.”

“Trump has a fundamental misunderstanding of the Muslim. If he states that he will prioritize Christians, they will pretend to be Christians.”

“the problem of the southern border has been around since the Mexican-American war. it has always been thought to be indefensible and unmaintainable. Mexico has always exploited the fact that it is ill defined and permeable. Creating a durable structure defining geography is going to be a MAJOR change, as major as the Great Wall of China was in defining what it meant to be Chinese in the middle ages.”

“The native birth rate in Canada, Germany, Austria, Australia, France, and on and on and on and on throughout the West is at or below replacement levels. We’re told continually by a cacophony of hysterics that it is a catastrophe; more and more people are always needed for the economy, as if the economy was something people served, rather than the other way around.”

“How to make terrorists:
1. Ban everybody from a certain group from entering the country.
2. Wait.”

“How to deal with people who want to kill you:
A) Let them kill you, which means you wanted them to, so it’s okay
B) Do something that stops them from killing you, which means if they manage to circumvent it, it’s okay”

“can’t corporations just please go back to trying to be profit maximizing machines. When did it become normal for any brand with any sort of minimal cultural relevance to try to get itself involved in all these petty ideological issues”

“the relationship is the product”

“EVERY SINGLE TIME I see stats like this, the statistic are TOTALLY COOKED, ignoring numerous Islamic incidents while characterizing a wide array of disparate and sometimes apolitical incidents as “rightwing”

Also I wouldnt consider blacks “another American””

“now I see the study referenced only spans 2004-2014. So not only did they choose an abitrary 10 year frame but they also purposefully placed it in the time with the last attacks happening leaving out all major attacks since 2000”

“Authoritarian systems have many problems but pork isn’t one of them. The guys who gotta eat aren’t that many, and you don’t need an elaborate faith argument to set up a system for pork distribution.

Say China. China makes their high speed rail system, spends untold trillions on it, trillions paid by public debt which will probably never pay themselves. 90% of the stations built 30km out of the main cities, many in the middle of rice paddies where proper roads haven’t even been built yet. How many billions were skimmed of it? I don’t know but the Railway Minister is in jail and the Ministry itself was abolished, which means even the Chinese government is embarrassed by it. But hey China now has a pretty cool high speed rail network which they sorely needed, works like a charm, and out of the hugest budget in human history they only had to pay off some local officials and the railway minister. I’ve seen estimates of 5%.

The waste on pre-K education is 100%.”

“I’m sure glad we have a Mexican’s opinion about throwing out Mexicans.”

“Muslims are so peaceful that if you say anything mean its okay for them to kill you”

“Trump is outsmarting the media by Policy Blitzkrieg. They don’t have time to react and therefore do not have as much time to lie. It happens so fast they can’t talk about one thing for more than 48 hours because by then he as already triggered the fuck out of them with something else. It’s really funny to watch.”

“Political violence is like war, like violence in general: people have a fantasy about how it works. This is the fantasy of how violence works: you SMITE YOUR ENEMIES IN A GRAND AND GLORIOUS CLEANSING BECAUSE OF COURSE YOU’RE BETTER. Grand and glorious smiting isn’t actually how violence works.

I’ve worked a few places that have had serious political violence. And I’m not sure how to really describe it so people get it. This is a stupid comparison, but here: imagine that one day Godzilla walks through your town. The next day, he does it again. And he keeps doing it. Some days he steps on more people than others. That’s it. That’s all he does: trudging through your town, back and forth. Your town’s not your town now; it’s The Godzilla Trudging Zone.

That’s kind of what it’s like.

[…] Let’s not mince words: the United States of America is currently engaged in a cold Civil War. In North Carolina, the Repub governor lost re-election, so the Repub legislature convened a special session to limit powers of the post. Democrats nationwide howled w/ justified outrage; as we all know, legislators who dislike a governor should flee state to block quorum facilitate occupation of government buildings by mobs, and have allies execute secret raids on homes on the governor’s supporters. All of those are things that the Democrats did to oppose a Republican governor in Wisconsin, and the Democrats were pretty cool with it.

This isn’t a cutesy “both sides” argument. Nor am I calling out the press for bias, or politicians for hypocrisy (that’s later). My point is: *notice the Left and the Right use fundamentally different tactics?* No accident. They’re different cultures. The Left and Right don’t just want different things. They also have different abilities, goals, resources, and senses of propriety.

Meaning: *contemporary political violence from the Left and from the Right will look very different.* […]

People tend to think that the Right will be an awesome, horrific force in political violence. The SPLC’s donations depend on that idea. Righties tell themselves that *of course* they’d win a war against Lefties. Tactical Deathbeast vs. Pajama Boy? No contest. Why, Righties have thought about what an effective domestic insurrection would look like. Righties have written books and manifestos!

It’s horseshit.

The truth: Left is a lot more organized & prepared for violence than Right is, and has the advantage of a mainstream more supportive of it.

You think that’s unfair? Okay, well: *imagine an abortion clinic bombing ring getting presidential clemency.* Imagine an abortion clinic bomber *getting a comfortable job at an elite university.* Outrageous, right? No way the Right could get away with that. But the Left does! And the press gives them cover.

The press freaked out and called for a National Conversation every time some shithead punched a protestor at a Trump rally. If Trump fans pulled a Portland, running through the streets, intimidating motorists, smashing windows, what would press reaction be? You don’t need me to tell you. PANTS-SHITTING HYSTERIA FASCISM OMG HITLER. When Lefties *really did that:* “meh, that’s what Lefties do.” No need for a National Conversation. Certainly not a Clinton disavowal. But organizing protests like Portland and the other cities takes experience, efficiency, and a lot of people you can call out.

The Left can do that. *The Right can’t.* That is a logistical advantage that is enormous, and it matters. bc a Left that can tell that many people to do that stuff in that many places *can also tell at least some of them to do something else.*

The hard Left selectively uses violence, normalizes it with weasel words: “Direct action.” “Diversity of tactics.” “Nonviolent property damage.” “Antifa.”

[…] Part of the bargain of civilization is ceding the authority to commit violence to the State. (Has its own problems. Beats the alternative.) Lord knows there are people I’d love to beat the shit out of in the street, but if I don’t get to then neither do you. No, I don’t give a flying fuck who they are. *You don’t get to do that.*

Lefties say, “Well, that’s Nazis, they only do that to Nazis; Nazis are *different,* you have to shut that shit down, etc.” But *Lefties pull the same “shut this shit down!” stuff on mainstream Righties on college campuses, all the while calling them Nazis.* Hell, Lefties said Ted Cruz was a Nazi, Mitt Romney was a Nazi, George W. Bush was a Nazi. I’ve done human rights work that had me working in proximity to the U.S. military, so at a professional meeting a Lefty called me a Nazi. So if you tell me that I’m a Nazi, and tell me people I respect are Nazis, and tell me you’re in favor of going out and beating up Nazis…



Lemme tell you a true story.

In 209 BC, two Qin Dynasty army officers, Chen Sheng and Wu Guang, were ordered to lead their troops on a march to provide reinforcements. Massive flooding delayed them. They couldn’t make their rendezvous time. In the Qin Dynasty, this carried the death penalty. No excuses.

“What’s the penalty for being late?”
“What’s the penalty for rebellion?”
“Well — we’re late.”

And that’s the story of the Dazexiang Uprising.

How does full-on streetfighting start in the United States of America? My guess is: pretty much like that.

“What’s the penalty for kicking the living shit out of Leftist protestors?”
“Oh, Jesus, we’d be demonized as Nazis.”
“…what’ll they do if we *don’t* kick the living shit out of Leftist protestors?”
“They’ll — *hmmmmmmm….*”

[…] The thing about Commies is you have to pay attention to what they don’t say: “This is a nonviolent protest and we will not attack anybody.” Instead: “We are preparing for the possibility of sporadic fights breaking out because people are very emotional about this.” Cute, huh? […] One tactic you’ll see: if one of their protestors does get violent, other protestors will loudly call, “Peaceful protest! Peaceful protest!” This is not an attempt to dissuade the violent person, but to persuade onlookers that *they are not seeing what they are seeing.* At the very least, the protestors figure, onlookers will assume “they’re not all like that! They’re trying to stop the *bad* one!”

Of course, that’s a scam.

[…] Bluntly: this is dangerous. The people who do it for the Left are literal Communists. What kind of Righties will it draw? Oh, I dunno, I’m guessing people who’re comfortable with violence, who don’t mind breaking norms or being arrested…”

“The Left is about Power. The Left is where psychopathic status maximizers go in order to attain power, i.e. maximize their status. It follows that the Left will always have the upper hand in any political conflict (i.e. war), because they’re more committed to gaining power. That’s the whole point on being on the left. All the stuff they believe in, all that “progressiveness”, that’s just means to an end. The ideas change; the goal does not. The goal is to have crush your enemies having them driven to you and hear the lamentations of their women. The left is good at that.

[…] If the Right wants to survive, if it wants to fight back, it’s not going to be easy. Having balls is important. Donald Trump has balls. Many of his people have balls. But balls is not enough. You need organization. You need logistics. And you need the will to power. You need the psychopathic status-maximizing drive to keep you from giving up. Remember Leftists died all the time for the cause. The Right doesn’t want to die. That’s the whole point of being on the Right! If the Left is about maximizing status whatever the costs; the Right is about being left alone and allowed to survive.

Well, in a fight, the guy without scruples always has an advantage over the guy with scruples. When the Jihadists in Europe go bust Rightist demonstrations, they shout “you will lose, you love life, we love death”. It’s hard to argue against that. The Samurais also said their edge was that they loved death. It’s hard to fight against an army who doesn’t mind being sacrificed. It’s not impossible; especially if they’re dumb Muslims who are a bit too eager to die. But Communists aren’t suicidal, the get that point. They’re just ruthless. They are willing to kill, and ostracize, and starve their enemies.

As David Hines point out; the Left is not a set of ideas; it’s a set of optimized tactics for agitation. And the only way to win a fight against an optimized set of battle tactics is to adopt them yourself. That was Fascism was about. To use Communist tactics against them. Some retarded conservatives use this point to argue that “fascism was leftist”. No, that’s really dumb. That’s like saying that a Republican army is monarchist because it has a chain of command. The words “left” and “right” are not about their proclaimed ideas. They’re just fighting teams, you got two of them, and you gotta give them opposite names so that the idea gets across. If the Left is winning because it’s doing something right, well the Right is going to do the same. So Mussolini and Hitler ran party armies harassing the populace, it run massive rallies, it assassinated political enemies. And yes, it adopted some ideas that made it easier to raise and fund an army. He had to if he wanted to get anywhere.

[…] The Right really just wants to survive. The Right is by definition the reaction against the Left, whatever the Left is in a particular time and space. AlfaNL says that the Dutch Right are Left Libertarians. He means they are what Americans would call Left Libertarians. But in Holland they are the Right alright, because the Left comes first, and the Right is whatever army can be raised to oppose the Left. If the Left becomes crazier and murderous, the Right will morph into whatever can effectively oppose the Left. When the Left was Jimmy Carter, the Right was Ronald Reagan. When the Left is Hillary Clinton, the Right becomes Donald Trump. If the Left is going to go back to the 1930s, the Right might as well have to do so too.

Nationalism used to be a Leftist movement against the traditional monarchies of Europe. Once they won, and Nationalist democracies became the establishment, the Left became Socialist internationalism. That was a winning strategy. It spread like wildfire. It destroyed 3100 years of Chinese monarchy, which was no mean feat. But as 20th century history showed, there was a way to counter act that. Doubling down on nationalism. Equality is effective. But tribalism is pretty effective too. Especially for men. If anything, this time it should be even more attractive for men, as the Left has gone much further on feminism this time around. Now of course tribalism is harder because every Western country has hordes of enemy tribes in their midst; so going racist is basically declaring a will to engage in ethnic cleansing war. Those are harsh. Being racist in 1933 Germany was pretty much harmless LARPing. Yeepee, Aryans are awesome. Trying saying that in Berlin right now. It takes balls.

But the Right by definition doesn’t have balls. It just wants to live. Nobody wants Civil War. The Left doesn’t mind it, if that’s what it takes for them to gain more power. So they might force it. Somebody else said that the USA today sounds like Spain before the Civil War. That was a textbook example of the Left forcing the Right into rebellion. I recall reading that the Army generals that rebelled said on the day of the uprising: Half Spain does not resign itself to die. The Right half. I think that really says it all.

“”Two wrongs don’t make a right” is “people I like get to do it and you don’t” 75% of the time, “eat shit and be happy about it” 90% of the time, and “I’m retarded because I think of things first and foremost in terms of wrong and right” 100% of the time.”


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