Dec 28 ~ Jan 12

“>Druckmann says in video games the appearance of the actor doesn’t matter

So why does the race of the character?

It’s actually supremely fucking bizarre – the guy made Nadine black out of some moral obligation, but won’t give a black woman a job IRL”

“The obvious thing is that the marketing guys yelled at Cuckmann to make Laura Bailey the VA because their shitty algorithims said you need a recognizable VA. It’s why Scarlet Jo is the Major in Ghost in the Shell

Diversity only goes as far as it will sell – having white actresses play black woman is fine”

“Regular terrorists: “Give us money and we’ll stop”
Islamic terrorists: “Stop us or we kill you no matter what”
Ever wonder why people aren’t afraid of the few non Islamic terror attacks?”

“In all fairness, most terrorism is politically motivated and not financial, but the point of Islamic Terrorism being a much larger and more relevant threat is still important.”

“Political terrorism is still things like pass X law or release Y prisoner, not “Die or we kill you and you die””

“Forget Jewish verbal IQ; blacks are fucking amazing.
You’ve got women going on slut walks and embracing the word, scrawling it on their tits, and then the blacks come along and invent ‘thot’, and now they’re crying again.
Black meme magic.”

“These hypotheticals are dreams. The lesson isn’t what you would do; but how did you construct the fantasy to allow you to do it? That tells you who you are.”

“To stabilize the market, De Beers had to endow these stones with a sentiment that would inhibit the public from ever reselling them.”

So began engagement rings for the masses. It all started in September of 1938.

The ad agency of N.W. Ayer started “a well-orchestrated advertising and public-relations campaign [to] have a significant impact on the “social attitudes of the public at large and thereby channel American spending toward larger and more expensive diamonds instead of “competitive luxuries.”

…the advertising agency strongly suggested exploiting the relatively new medium of motion pictures. Movie idols, the paragons of romance for the mass audience, would be given diamonds to use as their symbols of indestructible love….

Did it work?

Toward the end of the 1950s, N. W. Ayer reported to De Beers that twenty years of advertisements and publicity had had a pronounced effect on the American psyche. “Since 1939 an entirely new generation of young people has grown to marriageable age,” it said. “To this new generation a diamond ring is considered a necessity to engagements by virtually everyone.” The message had been so successfully impressed on the minds of this generation that those who could not afford to buy a diamond at the time of their marriage would “defer the purchase” rather than forgo it.

“Like any woman wracked by self-doubt, when it feels like a scene you feel compelled to follow the script. No means no, but yes is what it says on the page. Hence yes to the boss’s extra work; yes to letting your friend vent on the phone even though you’re late; yes to being in a threesome because your boyfriend wanted to.

But later, when you’re done shooting for the day and you have a chance to be yourself, you finally say, “I don’t want you to take this the wrong way… I really love it… but…. I was kind of hoping for something a little… bigger….””

“”It’s complicated.” That’s a sentence you’ll never hear a guy say because no guy would say it, and any guy who would say it could never get close enough to you to hear him.”

“Stereotypes seem fundamentally stupid. Why would you want to slot people into boxes?”

On a hunch I checked out her blog to see how opposed she was to slotting people into boxes:

“I’m a UK-based usability expert who’s also a writer, editor and designer – and parent, radical feminist and evangelical atheist – blogging about parenting, pregnnancy and childbirth, books, theatre, opera, music, singing, work, grammar, words, typography, publishing, sexism (I’m against it), energy saving, and anything else I damn well please, because, hey, it’s just some blog, y’know…”

I may be wrong, but this appears to be a woman whose whole life is boxes.”

“If you had asked her if she wanted to raise a transvestite she’d have said no– she wants a child free of stereotypes– because there are stereotypes of boys and girls but not of boys who dress like girls. That mixed logic reveals the true intent of her “gender-neutral” project. It isn’t for the kid, it is for her. If it wasn’t for her, you wouldn’t have heard about it. Wasn’t the whole point not to call attention to the gender? Oh, I had it backwards, the whole point was entirely to focus on the gender. Sigh. The main character in this story is herself. The kid is supporting cast. He is not a person, he is a blog topic.”

“”Did you see that wonderful melodrama, Stella Dallas with Barbara Stanwyck? She has a daughter who wants to marry into the upper class, but she is an embarrassment to her daughter. So, the mother – on purpose – played an extremely vulgar, promiscuous mother in front of her daughter’s lover, so that the daughter could drop her, without guilt. The daughter could be furious with her and marry the rich guy. That’s a more difficult sacrifice. It’s not “I will make a big sacrifice and remain deep in their heart.” No, in making the sacrifice, you risk your reputation itself. Is this an extreme case? No, I think every good parent should do this.” […]

She is doing the exact opposite: sacrificing her child’s reputation, subjecting him to potential ridicule and god knows what else, not for his benefit but in order to promote her own identity. It’s not the gender neutrality that’s going to mess this kid up, though it might; but being raised by parents who are using their kid as something other than an end in himself. As was said in a movie I hope has no parallel here: this isn’t going to have a happy ending.”

“”Journalists are great.” – Journalist”

“History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.”

“I’m german and i notice a big similarity in how Walther Darré pronounced his sentences during speeches like at the Erntedankfest 1. October 1933.

It’s always a whole different thing if you understand the language, that’s why i’m always surprised when i see non-german speakers say Göbbels was a talented speaker (no matter what you think of him) because if they already think he was a talented speaker without understanding german, what would they think if they understood him?

Mosley is no Göbbels concerning speeches but i notice a similarity with other german personalities.”

“what public property have you ever seen that’s well maintained, that’s basically what Western women are, public property.”

“The whole idea of trying to keep some internet forum and podcast platform clandestine and secure while also self-promoting and growing the audience is silly. If you are inviting internet people you’ve never met in the hundreds you have narcs plain and simple”

“When I first heard about travel dating, I thought it was too good to be true. I was making my way through China at the time, living on a budget of about $10 a day which was incredibly stressful. Then I met a couple who seemed completely loved up. The ‘wife’ later revealed that her ‘husband’ was in fact someone she’d just met a few days earlier and the trip they were enjoying, was their first date.

As soon as I heard about Miss Travel, I knew it was a dating experience I wanted to be a part of. After all, I was young and single. I had nothing to lose.

It was nerve-racking at first. I’d listed on my profile that I was looking for someone to pay for my ticket and I didn’t know how the guys would take it. But when I started talking to a businessman from Adelaide, who was going on a trip to Singapore for work and wanted company, I decided to take the plunge.

We actually met locally beforehand and definitely clicked, so I was excited for our second date in a foreign location. We flew business class and stayed at the Marina Bay hotel, which costs $950 a night, and has a beautiful skyline infinity pool. Every day he’d go off to fulfil his work commitments and I’d stay at the hotel, using the breathtaking pool while enjoying cocktails. One afternoon he even paid for me to go to Universal Studios. I didn’t mind that I was alone as I was getting to explore an exciting new country and didn’t have to worry about the cost.

In the evenings, we’d meet up and enjoy dinner and talk about our days. It was perfect.”

“If I could convince everyone I was the King of France, I would in fact become the King of France.”

“23 years old
6-7/10 rating

Talking with 4 different guys at the moment who she obviously has sex with
Also talking a shit ton with her female friends about sex, and one female is always bringing up threesomes

[…] Well about 70% of the conversations is basicly girls spamming eachother with youtube clips, music videos, cute pictures of cats and dogs, or talk about shopping or work rofl

Rest is slutting, fucking, hot guys, whos a good fuck and not, and other dirty crap”

“How to summarize a complex story? Start from first principles: what does the author want to be true? “

“100% of domestic violence legislation entails making it the responsibility of literally everybody except for those in the abode in which it occurs”

“Rouseys MOMMY had to release a statement about her LMAO
“All of those who have criticized Ronda for taking a loss so to heart, for not just ‘shrugging it off’ don’t understand that what made Ronda so successful is that she cares DEEPLY about winning to an extent that I don’t believe the average person can wrap his/her head around.”
I.E. she’s an arrogant twit.”

“Democrats: “Citizens United is a disgrace! There is too much money in our elections!”
*Outspend Republican presidential campaign two to one*
*Literally create a government program to infuse money into elections*”

“And yes, every year five or so nuts send terabytes of emails to and every newspaper within the blast radius about professorial misconduct, conspiracies, mishandlings, promises broken, he said/she said, with multiple quotes from the Student Handbook. (Here’s a protip: if you ever refer to the Student Handbook, you should take a semester off or lithium.) You never see these stories in Gawker, let alone the entire emails, and trust me when I tell you they are more interesting. So why this?

She’s a nut, but she’s a nut in the required direction: this nut hates OWS, which is to say, only a nut would hate OWS. A nut, or someone who doesn’t like blacks, or…. Her nuttiness serves a necessary ideological function, which is to set OWS in opposition to her insanity; OWS is magnified as the voice of reason, the voice of sanity. When the media points out the idiocies of Sarah Palin, Bachmann, and Perry, it isn’t to discredit them– a maneuver that overt would be distasteful to intelligent media; Pailinizing them sends a more subtle but powerful message: anyone who agrees with these nuts is a nut. The point is not to doubt them, the point is to doubt yourself, nudging you closer to center (i.e. leftward.) That’s how you win an ideological battle.”

“the birds do not transgress their Naturally appointed role and position

Humans are specially in possession of intellect, and humans are thus uniquely capable of degenerating far below their station

there are no “subbirds” but there are subhumans”

“”His ignorance was as remarkable as his knowledge. Of contemporary literature, philosophy and politics he appeared to know next to nothing. Upon my quoting Thomas Carlyle, he inquired in the naivest way who he might be and what he had done. My surprise reached a climax, however, when I found incidentally that he was ignorant of the Copernican Theory and of the composition of the Solar System. That any civilized human being in this nineteenth century should not be aware that the earth traveled round the sun appeared to be to me such an extraordinary fact that I could hardly realize it.

“You appear to be astonished,” he said, smiling at my expression of surprise. “Now that I do know it I shall do my best to forget it.”

“To forget it!”

“You see,” he explained, “I consider that a man’s brain originally is like a little empty attic, and you have to stock it with such furniture as you choose. A fool takes in all the lumber of every sort that he comes across, so that the knowledge which might be useful to him gets crowded out, or at best is jumbled up with a lot of other things so that he has a difficulty in laying his hands upon it. Now the skillful workman is very careful indeed as to what he takes into his brain-attic. He will have nothing but the tools which may help him in doing his work, but of these he has a large assortment, and all in the most perfect order. It is a mistake to think that that little room has elastic walls and can distend to any extent. Depend upon it there comes a time when for every addition of knowledge you forget something that you knew before. It is of the highest importance, therefore, not to have useless facts elbowing out the useful ones.”

“But the Solar System!” I protested.

“What the deuce is it to me?” he interrupted impatiently; “you say that we go round the sun. If we went round the moon it would not make a pennyworth of difference to me or to my work.””

“”When people realize that money cannot be “free”

Money can and has been free, in the sense of non-interest bearing, many times. That’s because the government pulls it out of its ass. There is no good reason to give that money to banks to loan out at interest when the government could simply distribute every years allotment among the citizenry at no interest. The Germans re-armed and fought four planetary empires on this system during WWII. It is very effective. You might also look at Lincoln and the Greenback.”

“Among other things, these writers dislike the fact that a UBI would deliver individuals income in a way that is divorced from working. Such an income arrangement would, it is argued, lead to meaninglessness, social dysfunction, and resentment.

[…] Let me reiterate: 1 in 10 dollars of income produced in this country is paid out to the richest 1% without them having to work for it.

[…] If passive income is so destructive, then the income situation of the 1% surely is a national emergency! Where does the 1% get its meaning with all of that free cash flowing in?”

“It seems to me that the fundamental political problem is that there are diminishing returns to labor.

Suppose it were otherwise and there existed constant return to labor. Then everyone would earn what he produced on the free market and there would be little controversy, as I can see it.

But since there are instead diminishing returns to labor, everyone can receive their own marginal contribution but there exists a huge surplus of wealth produced. And the fundamental question of politics is how is this surplus value divided.

Presently it is divided proportional to the dollar value of capital invested, and the ratio between the amount of capital invested and the total surplus value determines the rate of profit.

This seems to me to be a far more straightforward and unanswerable statement of political economy than anything I have ever read.”

“But the value of the market exceeds all the money in the world by many times over. This is fake money, i.e. usury. Like buying stocks with loan money. You’ve created a system where the total number of tokens is larger than the number of all existing tokens, which always and everywhere results in the redistribution of real capital – land, tools, farms, equipment, factories, houses, labor and on and on and on.

“Do you really think the wealthy can “manipulate money” outside printing at the central bank?”

It’s called loan capital, asshole. No central bank ever issued the 600 Trillion dollars in the derivatives market. When it collapses, these people are going to demand their equivalent in real capital (for which see above). You are very stupid, but that is why we live in the world that we do.”

“[I]f I have $10 and put it in a bank and then that bank loans $9 out, there is now $19 where there was $10.

If I borrow $10 from you, and then you go and repackage this debt into derivatives worth $9 and sell them, there is now $19 in financial assets where there was $10.

It’s functionally the same thing.”

“No new debt or assets are created in the “repackaging”

And yet the derivatives market is estimated to be ~600 trillion. All the countries on earth don’t issue that much money. The whole earth and all the buildings and equipment on it aren’t worth that much, although they will be demanded when the market collapses. Again, it’s called ‘usury’ because fake, made-up non money (“Loan capital”) exceeds the amount of actual capital in the real world. Hence it USES UP the people, the land, industry, the economy, etc. Eventually all property (and labor) belongs to three Jews in NYC. Reread the story of Joseph in Egypt. “

“”Human’s field of vision gets narrower with concentration”

Oh that’s right isn’t it. Perspective is the opposite of focus.”

“The study found that women were more likely to climax if their partners were rich, confident and attractive — while the intensity of their orgasms also depended on how good-looking their man is.”

“”please relate to me” comic for my page.

I haven’t drawn anything serious in months.”


does this mean anything anymore? it’s clearly anime inspired.”

“Yes. Best thing I found that describes it.

>1. Subject should be chunky, or fat in some way. This is our first step in making her “unconventional” and ugly, therefore unique! Because she’s not like those other skinny girls.
>2. Draw the limbs as psuedo-Steven Universe style limbs: tube/sausage-like, with little to no definition to seperating the forearm from the upper arm at all, and then adding your own gangly, nasty touch to it! Also, avoid drawing a neck, because necks are hard.
>3. Make the tiniest details of the body as detailed as possible. One of the key elements is to draw little lines everywhere: under the eyes, on the fingers, on the feet, and especially on the legs, because that’s where all the hair is! And leg hair makes us look special! Better yet, just draw lines on random areas of the body; it doesn’t fuckin’ matter!
>4. Time to give your character a realistic shade: use your nearest darker skin color/pink marker and ever so carefully color in wherever on the human body there’s a slight pinkish/darker shade: the knees, the ears, the elbows, your finger nubs, and most importantly, the nose!
>5. You must make the face as ugly and horrifying as possible. The eyes and pupils should be squiggly and deformed, the mouth must have an ugly gap tooth (complete with the gums showing), and the eyebrows should be big, dark and unforgiving. Don’t forget the random lines!
>6. Lastly, add in a few finishing details, like making the eyelids shiny, or maybe a few extra random lines here and there. Because fuck it.

>With this guide, you’ll surely be on your way to make an uninspired, ugly, decrepit art style that completely ignores human anatomy and the way heat and vasodilation works! Aren’t you proud?”

“The subject of vetting immigrants stays in the news. The idea of vetting by President Obama and his allies is that potential immigrants are interviewed by three different government agencies. “Are you a terrorist?” … “Are you sure you are not a terrorist?” … “Are you really sure you are not a terrorist?” Okay, you are in.

The intelligence agencies have a different view, as they have testified to Congress. The intel agencies think vetting requires checking the police and security records of the home country, interviewing officials in the person’s home community, interviewing neighbors where the person lived, and checking references provided by the applicant. With rare exceptions, none of that is possible for Syrian refugees, which is why they cannot be vetted.

Official UN policy is that refugees should be housed in the region from which they were displaced. It’s also much cheaper and avoids the security problem. For Syria, that currently means Jordan and Turkey. There is talk of establishing a safe zone in Syria.
There are exceptions. Local people who helped US armed forces as translators are subject to reprisals by al Qaeda and ISIS, and they are vetted by their US military contacts. These people have not been given priority.

The Obama Administration is using its last months in office to pour as many refugees as possible into the country from Syria. They’ve also opened the southern US border without any vetting at all. Arriving people declare they are refugees from Central America. They are given a court date to present their case for refugee status and then disappear into the general population.”

“Most people don’t know how to trick shuffle but I do and I always make sure my best cards are on the bottom of the deck so I can come from behind and take the win by surprise.”

“structurally they are virtually identical, it’s the way she’s PRESENTING it. She looks more VALUABLE than the girl in the bikini. Most men if asked blindly would say #1 is more “girl next door” (even think about what that term even means).

“girl next door”, a woman in your own social class. a woman you have to be responsible with”

“The truth is nobody has ever beat him, he just gets bored of you.”

“What if… the Owl is trying to stop us? From hurting ourselves?

Is he trying to save us from what we would find further on?”

“”I too once dreamed of defeating Christopher Robin, long ago. I grew up however.””

“You don’t typically run into these kinds of people unless you are 15 years old, you seek them out on purpose, or are part of an amateur project where no one gives a fuck about doing good on it. How do you deal with them? By not putting yourself in childish situations to begin with. If you, yourself are not 15, OP, then you should stop hanging around children. If you are 15, then endure until you’re older and are finally free to choose your environment. Though, online you have no excuses for not choosing a good environment to begin with. While you may be stuck in a shitty school environment as a kid, you choose what pages on the internet you visit. Surround yourself with people better than yourself. Aim high.”

“Whos inspires you?
Who the hell gets you to try and make yourself better?
Who do you want to be?”

“>Whos inspires you?
Large breasted anime girls

>Who the hell gets you to try and make yourself better?
Large breasted anime girls

>Who do you want to be?
A dude that draws sexy large breasted anime girls doing cute things”

“you’ve already gave yourself every excuse not to do better. what are you looking for here?”

“The essence of an ideological battle is not, “I believe this, but you believe that” but rather, “You believe that, but I know the truth.””

“If someone new came here and checked these comments, they would think /ic/ is full of legendary artists.

I noticed /ic got only 2 art levels, complete trash or Mullins-like.

I think Wlop art has lots of small problems if you zoom in, but the overall result is eye catching thanks to nice compositions and atmosphere.”

“This age old meme has questionable merit. There are 40-50 year fatasses that could shit on nfl players in fantasy football. In fact, some people whove never played football make six figures playing fantasy.

Being good at art is a good tell, but you can be a good art critic while being bad at art.”


“Let me see, to learn drawing I should need to learn the following.

– realistic rendering of basic 3D shapes.
– master perspective
– master planes and values
– master 3D shapes on diferent perspectives and with diferent light values
– learn rythm and figure line of action
– learn figure proportions
– learn diferent body parts anatomy, like main bones and muscles, including insertion points
– learn to render a body part in diferent light value studies
– learn how clothing works (drappery)
– learn how animal anatomy works
– learn to render fur
– learn to render plants and vegetation
– learn to render diferent materials
– learn to do backgrounds
– learn composition

so far even if I have years upon drawing and I’m just mediocre I think I’ve gotten to the point where I can make a plan of attack based on what I know of drawing and formulate a plan to learn every specific diferent subject, maybe by deconstructing every difernent part or skills into smaller skills that will be easy to learn.

Maybe by deconstructing every big skill (drawing) into smaller ones and more defined I could track better my improvement.

I do think I’ve stumbled into how to learn a skill, and I’m afraid I just discovered the wheel again.

Do anyone feel the same?”

“Dude it’s great that you have a plan but some of these just don’t hold as much priority than the others. What are you going to add next? Aircraft? Dynamic gestures? The list will never fucking end if you approach it like this. In the end you’ll just waste time and tire yourself out. Just master perspective and basic construction and all other shit will come along naturally. Learn anatomy? That sir still has to be grinded 10000 times since every human has different proportions unless you want to slap the same face and body on everyone.”

“Studies come after you realize you don’t know how to draw something.

> Want to draw hot lady
> Try to draw hot lady
> Proportions look off and legs look weird
> Study legs, study proportions, fix drawing
> Rinse, repeat

Remember back in high school when you thought “WHY THE FUCK DO I NEED TO LEARN TRIGONOMETRY WHEN I WILL NEVER USE IT!?” and you ended up never internalizing it? It’s that sort of thing. You won’t really learn anything until you try, come across a problem and fix it.”

“You don’t need to focus on any of this shit because when you’re studying anatomy and whatever else (and are practicing drawing those things from imagination) you’ll be practicing these basic fundies at the same time.

And for all the specific things to study, you shouldn’t make it into an autism checklist and should just study those things when you actually need to draw them or are particularly interested in them. (eg. I want to know how to draw a dog so I will study dogs)”

“Some of these things are very closely related:
>learn diferent body parts anatomy, like main bones and muscles, including insertion points
>learn how animal anatomy works
Mammals have a lot of muscles in common, just different proportions

>learn how clothing works (drappery)
>learn to render fur
>learn to render plants and vegetation
All of these can be reduced to ribbon shapes.”

>to get good, i need to do all these things that will get me good

to answer, yes, you have a fantastic plan)

do you also plan out the most efficient way of putting toast in the toaster”


“No teacher is better than learning from a bad teacher.”

“No rules, just tools.

So many tools…”

“And they all post here.”

“Maybe because I am not a sellout whore who will do art only to pander to some low retards.

But hey, I am not rich so I am worthless right”

“>wants to be a concept artist for big companies that actually fucks people over
>muh dragons muh spacemarines!
>not a sellout”

“It’s not about being groundbreaking, it’s about making something people want. Don’t you retards get it? Fucking amateurs.”

“>Bill Waterson

Looking back it’s actually pretty amazing what that one, single artist accomplished in the newspaper comic industry, he singlehandedly forced a lot of good practices that helped stave off its total decay by possibly decades. I got all his books back in the day and it was really interesting to read about his behind the scenes fights against the shitty standards of the medium, how he started to insist on not having his stuff fucked with which gave him way more creative room.

I respect him a ton not just for what he did, but what he DIDN’T: he decided not to do the standard big cash in by making TV or movies or tons of merchandise or whatever, nor to just keep the thing going as a zombie forever once he decided it was done. That’s one of the real keys to the manga/anime industry, that they’re constant FINISHING stuff and moving on. The gigantic multiyear epic franchises are a tiny minority, so even when lots of it is inevitably crap it doesn’t stick around, what works gets used and what doesn’t fades away. Creative destruction, as opposed to the complete allergy to new IPs that is so common here.”

“>>college students
>design is dumb as shit

The more I read news, the more every single article seems to read “Genius discovered in your hometown! Experts say he’s the smartest kid ever! He even lives on your street! In fact, he lives in your house! He’s…. you!”

For an entire profession trained specifically to stroke dicks, they’re doing it pretty poorly.”

“If I want sex and he says no, we’re still having sex.”

Hey hey hey, ladies.

That’s rape.

What you just said is rape.”

“What kind of job do you do friend? You need to get yourself a typical 40 hour a week job with a set working time. Move close to where you work so you never have to commute for more than 20 minutes. If you could get a 5 minute commute even better, not always possible though. This will give you a lot more free time over a weekly or monthly period.

You could also try switching your sleep schedule to where you sleep when you get home from work, and then wake up and have the rest of the 24 hour day cycle as free time until work comes up again, and then you go to work come home and go to sleep again. For me it makes me feel like I have way more free time even though it is effectively the same, just rearranged.

You could also try finding a job that has 12 hour shifts over the course of 3-4 days, and then gives you 3-4 days off. Firefighters, police officers (not all departments but many have this schedule), nursing, etc.

Ultmately if you can make your life as efficient as possible and waste as little time as you can commuting, cooking, washing clothes, cleaning your apartment, etc. you earn yourself more and more free time. Work on your efficiency and your day will grow longer.”

“Very interesting change in news agenda after New Years. Finally abandoning the Russian hacker narrative (but not before convincing millions the boogeyman was real) and distancing themselves from Clinton- stories on CNN, NBC, Slate, NYT, WaPo about how state democrats are feuding with the DNC, Van Jones saying the DNC is rejecting “the Clinton machine”.

Sounds almost like begging forgiveness. Maybe everyone should just forget the whole fiasco. Its not like the media emailed drafts of their stories to the Clintons for approval or went to galas and balls on the Clinton Foundation’s payro- oh right.

Never forget that the media sold you out and if they’re trying to “earn your trust” its an abusive boyfriend being extra sweet for a week after he gave you a black eye and set your election on fire.”


>If you want something go fucking get it

Not how it works in the real world

You can only get and do what you’re capable of”

>You can only get and do what you’re capable of
Then fucking be capable of it. Learn how to do it, be better at it than other people. Don’t be a lazy asshole.
‘Impossible’ is just a word to let people feel good about themselves when they quit.”

“People have limitations, this isn’t an anime where if you scream hard enough magic shit happens.

Instead you need to learn your strengths and play to them while working on your weaknesses as much as you can.”

“Sounds like the people that did it just wanted it more than you and you want an excuse to say “well that’s something I can’t do” Fuck you. You want to play football? Then fucking go out and work for it you entitled little shit. All the people that are better than you did it, what makes you so fucking special that you shouldn’t?”

“You are either 19 and believe le you just have to work hard meme or you are legitimately in a comfortable place and just happen to be a person who’s good situations fell into place and have no ability to conceptualize the lives other people live and the actual chances of people getting to do what they want.”

>everyone can be like lionel messi

>Intentionally missing the point

Yeah, I’m sure Lionel Messi got to where he was by complaining about shit all day”

“He got to where he was with talent, luck (was offered by club to pay hospital bills at young age because reasons) and he worked hard.

Working hard only amounts to much”

“But working hard was still a huge part of it. I doubt he would have the talent to play soccer if he didn’t work hard to get good”

“there are tons of players that work even harder than messi and even always show up early for training and do all this just to get to the starting 11, there’s a reason why messi is seen as a one of a kind.

This is straight from his first coach

>When you saw him you would think: this kid can’t play ball. He’s a dwarf, he’s too fragile, too small. But immediately you’d realise that he was born different, that he was a phenomenon and that he was going to be something impressive

“Messi’s a genetic freak. There’s nothing wrong with striving, but maturity is finding your niche. Genius is creating your own. Autism is having none, and I feel bad in a sympathetic way for people who can’t find theirs. Shouting at them is just cruel and unhelpful.”


“They mentioned multiple times that he’s a father, as if that’s going to brush off the fact that he is known for being a drug dealer, and put on trial for attempted murder in the past.”

“>some dudes sat at their computers for hundreds of hours sweating as they made [3D models of girls]
Impossible to get a boner, dunno about you lads”

“Every woman, 2D or otherwise, is the result of men sweating for hours as they make them.
Why is this any different.”

“I have a feeling that space-Hitler would be more concerned with cleaning up degeneracy within his own nation than in warring with the Abh. I really only see him advocating war if there really is no decent unclaimed lebensraum for his people to expand into.”

“Shading is typically for pencil work and a term people who can’t into art use as a catch-all to describe whatever the hell their limited understanding is trying to describe.”

“Be Democrats
Have majority
Change rules; 60% to win now
Lose majority
Rule is racist”

“which rule”

“House rules on majority votes; many were changed from 52% to 60% because the Democrats had a 65% majority and had been assured they would have a permanent monopoly on elections from here on out.

Haha oops.”

“It used to be generated by an algorithm that actually reported what people were talking about. Now it’s generated by an algorithm that gets sent to the Ministry of Information at Facebook for approval. This started when they began censoring conservative news outlets with the algorithms, got caught because they were super obvious, and appointed overseers.

Problem, reaction, solution.”

“I’m willing to overlook your disgusting Commie side to point out how retarded you are for actually thinking race is a social construct. Don’t tell me you believe our skin color changes based on what our own perspective and the perspectives of those around us?”

“In the past six weeks, the Washington Post published two blockbuster stories that went viral: one on how Russia is behind a massive explosion of “fake news,” the other on how it invaded the U.S. electric grid. Both articles received tens of thousands of views and many thousands of shares, helping to convince millions Russia conspired to steal the election from Hillary. The only problem? Both articles were fundamentally false and the publishers were fully aware of that fact before printing the stories.

Each now bears a grumpy editor’s note reluctantly acknowledging that the core claims of the story were fiction: The first note was posted a full two weeks later to the top of the original article; the other was buried the following day at the bottom. It’s too late though. The damage, as evidenced by the viral traffic, has been done. They printed a story they knew was false and waited to issue a retraction until they were forced to- weeks later.”

“Yesterday a young man was abducted, bound, beaten, taken to a secluded place and tortured on a live Facebook stream while his attackers chanted “fuck whitey” and sliced him with a knife and strangled him with rope. More of that hate and violence Trump and his supporters are known for, right?

But this is Facebook’s “news” section. Celebrity gossip and pop trivialities. Seen several other people’s feeds now with the same (post yours).

Here you have a hate crime with an obvious racial motive captured on camera- “his ass deserve it, his ass from Europe.” and the mainstream media took more than 6 hours to publish it after the story broke, while Google and Facebook continue to insist it doesn’t even exist. There are already 100 articles from alternative news for every 1 MSM article, but Facebook insists nobody is talking about it.”

“College professor calls for White Genocide, still has job, Twitter account.”

“Remember the “healing process” the communists were talking about?

This is it.”

“why have driverless cars if it puts people out of work? the march of technology never ends. if it isn’t serving humanity then we don’t need it. something the muslim world has known for a very long time. you think of it and speak about it in terms of convenience for you… until your husband gets replaced. typical american stupidity. don’t americans realize that while they have “the most advanced country” they work more, they spend more, they stress more than any other place?”

“technology does not solve the problem of social inequality, and “convenience” and “entertainment” are a distraction from that. because of modern technology you spend hours absorbing idiocy from innumerable corporations who want to sell you things.”

“they always use women to sell us on these social ideas… goes way back doesn’t it?”

“Water, electricity, schools, prisons . . . capitalism works its magic of making negative externalities disappear from the ‘liabilities’ column. “

“Certainty does not derive from the evidences of the mind but pours out from the depths of the heart.”

“This worldly life is like a shadow. If you try to catch it, you will never be able to do so. If you turn your back towards it, it has no choice but to follow you.”

“Half of SS officers died in battle, half! No other army in the world was like this. The soldier could always count on his officer to lead him into battle.”

“”What are your thoughts on porn artitsts? What would be the reason to become one?”

“Incredibly low entry level where people are willing to pay higher money than the artist’s relative skill leveled counterparts. It’s currently the one true place where almost anyone can put some effort in and get some money out of it. “

“If you want to make any kind of money at all outside of porn you need to be:
-Well connected and have friends who can get you jobs
-Be in the top 1% of artists in terms of skill, efficiency and output
-Accept slave wages and work insanely fast to make slave wages worthwhile
If you don’t fit into one of those three you may as well not even bother.””

“Spoonfeed me this meme.”

“Stan Prokopenko.
Guy that makes popular instructional youtube videos about figure drawing and anatomy.
He mainly teaches a pretty good constructive method to figure drawing so everyone expected that he would be good at drawing from imagination.
Kinda recently he did a live stream of him talking about methods for drawing from imagination.
Turns out he’s only recently started trying to draw from imagination after over a decade of relying on reference.
Needless to say his stream was a fucking mess and he’s fucking horrible at drawing from imagination which surprises a lot of d/ic/ks considering how good his life drawings are.

The moral is that drawing exclusively from reference (copying) and drawing from imagination are not interchangeable skills.”

“Most important thing is consistency. At least 3 hours every day and you’ll get there in a few years I think. 1 hour here and there won’t get you anywhere regardless of how many years you do it. Ideally you’d be doing 8 hours, but that’s a lot to ask. Try on weekends anyways.”

“the 60s was about an idea that said drugs, sex, and debauchery is going to free us all. Of course this absolutely did not work out however we still cling to these ideas as though they have some validity.”

“large investors buy out run down properties. they pay off hte police to keep crime levels at specific rates in specific places, invite in “artists” suddenly it becomes a “cool” place to live, at that point the developers turn their lots(in cooperation with payola in town planning depts) into expensive “condos”. Now even more clueless peole move in who value idiotic diversions and “culinary experiences” because their lives are empty and have no real satisfaction.

Hipster might be a better term. The real estate world understands people like this tend to create value in real estate. They are young and “creative” and wherever they go, ghettos turn into condos. of course once the area becomes “cool” enough, the real estate owners could care less about these people, raise the rent and they have to leave.”

“you will almost always find that high crime areas in inner cities are those regions where there is a lot of individual ownership. The developers pay the police to ignore crime, life becomes unlivable and the owners sell at fire prices, they now own entire blocks then pay the police again to bring crime down, move in the hipsters, and then it appears in the local newspaper : “Crapball Heights Is a Artist Community” at which points the moron suburbanites buy in.”

“I don’t care if you are 12 y/old. Once you clear 6′ height you should be legally classified as an adult and referring to you as a child of teen should be punishable by death”

“Why do these fuckheads even read TAC? Read the comment section. I don’t get it. Do conservatives read and comment on The New Republic or The Jacobin?”

“Amongst the funniest things that happened in 2016, cis people considering not disclosing trans status before sex to be just as bad as rape lol”

“In a world where drunk sex can be considered rape due to impaired judgement, how the hell is this acceptable? Withholding information that the majority of people would consider a deal-breaker seems like it would fall within the same logical framework. “You have AIDS?! We just had sex!” “Well you should have told me you weren’t into bug chasing BEFORE we had sex”.”

“The SFM was definitely from them. No other game had as much SFM of that caliber. There were professionals doing that shit. I’ve seen a lot of SFM and those were not amateurs.

And then just before launch, they say they’ll delete all the porn. Well motherfuckers you made it.”

“That’s what I’m thinking. Most American artists won’t move a finger unless there is money involved. Seeing so many artists create porn and custom models of a game that was just coming out was extremely suspicious.”

>Skyrim with mods.

If I wanted to waste hours of my life doing esoteric bullshit I’d just work out and get laid like every other normalfag.”

>waaah it’s too hard to mod so I’ll just “play” cheap shitty Illusion games

Don’t ask for better shit if you’re unwilling to work for it.”

>it’s too hard to mod

You fucking retard. It takes way too much time.

Do you think grind is hard?”

>Yes, and a world to explore. A character creator is fucking worthless without anything interesting or fun to do with the character you made.

Then I would play a good game instead then, rather than modding a shit one or playing an H-game, you fucking crippling autist.

>he plays shitty H-games just so he can get off

The point of them is to get off, holy shit.


>I can last way longer than 30 minutes if I really want to.

Who the fuck wants to do that for masturbation? Holy shit, I have more things to do than spend more than 30 minutes doing that. If we were talking about fucking a girl I would understand, who the fuck spends that much time masturbating? I bet you edge for hours. You are genuinely autistic.

>I didn’t tell you to buy it you retard. Go pirate it if you really want to. I’m just saying it’s the best H-game experience. It covers a massive range of fetishes and has actual content on top of that. There’s scenarios you can have in a Skyrim modded to be an H-game that H-games alone can’t offer.

I’ve modded Skyrim already and it was the biggest waste of time. I’d rather pirate an H game that installs in 10 minutes I intend to fap to once in a while and then play good games instead.”

“Permanent keepers are the absolute worst. Even worse than obsessive boost chasers.

At least the boost chasers don’t pretend that they are making some noble sacrifice for the team.”

“I’m as tired of fake outrage as you are of fake news.”

“The essence of liberalism is negotiation, a cautious half measure, in the hope that the definitive dispute, the decisive bloody battle, can be transformed into a parliamentary debate and permit the decision to be suspended forever in an everlasting discussion.”

“It amazes me how much political theorists don’t see liberalism as a sane but emergency response to the Wars of Religion. It has always been obvious to me that Liberal regimes keep First Things in abeyance, precisely because without Liberalism it’s all just the war of all against all, to the death. Lyotard called post-modernism a ‘suspicion of meta-narratives’, which it never was. Liberalism is a system of government that defers or deflects questions about First Things back to the individual. This is also why decisions about human action that *require* the State to have such knowledge, or to act as if it had such knowledge, are so nightmarish and interminable – abortion, death penalty, homosexuality, etc. Things that would be handled by taboo or rites of purgation and riddance in simpler societies. The anthropological stuff.

It also occurs to me that this may be why Left-liberals present their pet causes as if they were the latest Crusade announced from Rome. There is a hole in our hearts where the Fuehrer should be.”

“thing is with movies today, and internet is it’s universal. You can’t tell a story to one specific audience, it’s for all to see. So to make a movie that agrees with Catholics is to make a movie that disagrees with Islam. The studios want to SELL movies, not create lawsuits and political problems.”

“>traitors and hypocrites like Ohgi, Kallen, etc. get a happy end
>actual genocide by Viletta, Cornelia, etc. is forgotten and they get off scot-free
>CC, Lelouch and Suzaku who actually did nothing wrong get the shaft
It’s a shit ending”

“sounds like real world”

“I played through the trilogy again a few months ago and I couldn’t believe how shit and low quality all the clothing textures were. There are plenty of old games that you can blow up to 4K and they look just fine, even games that were made before HD was even a thing. Meanwhile Mass Effect, which was made after CRTs had died, has these shitawful textures that look abysmal at anything above 720p.”

“Being born in America robs you of a legitimate identity beyond yourself as an individual. There is nothing that characterizes the American spirit or culture. Nothing. It’s just a racially ambiguous mess of atomized AIs who don’t know who they are or why they even live, but think their supposed “freedoms” (to do what? have a multiracial gay orgy?) mean anything.”

“No much worse, it was meant to be a libertarian social network”

“yea but a social network with one dude is a blog”

“It is understood and agreed that this settlement is the compromise of a doubtful and disputed claim, and that the payment made is not to be construed as an admission of liability on the part of the party or parties hereby released, and that said releasees deny liability therefor and intend merely to avoid litigation and buy their peace.”

“The problems snipers (referring to both sniper characters and sniper style weaponry) is the fact that A) they’re shitter bait because B) If they’re any good, they can turn anybody with skill into a damn near untouchable god that delivers instant death with two clicks.

Every shitter wants to be an untouchable god, and ending some fuck with a single shot is an undeniable adrenaline rush.

If snipers (again, referring to both things) are bad, then they’re just useless and a waste of everyone’s time, including the devs. If they’re too good, then everyone and their cat is trying to get sick streaks.

I will argue there is a purpose to snipers existing though; beyond being the signature high risk/high reward type of mechanic, the truest function is rapid priority target elimination. Snipers in TF2 can deny a whole push by popping a medic with one click, which is fucking gigantic. In CS:GO, it reduces the capability of the whole team in a flash of a second and just like that the game plan has to change. In games where the removal of a single person can make or break a game, snipers have an undeniable value. At the same time, this value makes them shitter bait but what can you do?

But then you have shit like Overwatch, Call of Duty, Planetside 2 (RIP in sanics), where killing a single person with a single shot doesn’t mean very much in the big picture barring extreme situations that almost anyone else could have also performed in. Except the sniper does it in a single shot rather than a rocket barrage or a volley of fire.

So what happens in some games is that the only purpose for snipers is to have an ever present threat of instantly dying in the game because you have to watch out for that one cunt keeping their distance from the brawl. That’s it. They don’t have an actual purpose beyond being a map-wide threat that people have to constantly worry about. Which is a role with debatable value, lets be honest.”

“I’m somewhat stunned that people keep asking you guys for an Overwatch movie. After the shitstorm raised over Colosseum of Lust (how unfortunate that movie was, ahem, leaked into the internet, oh noes), I thought it was pretty clear that the only relationship DC would have with Blizzard would involve either a flamethrower or high explosives. Lara, Momiji, and Ms. Fow-Chan are the superior waifus, anyway, so who cares? But, uh, Nintendo’s cool with you guys, right? I’m still getting badass Samus?”

“I’m glad you remember, because some people don’t realize what happened last year where the SJWs painted a big red cross over our backs for daring to make a crappy Draenei waifu movie.

Or the fact that Blizz attorneys (Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp) doxxed me

Or the fact that I had to dip into my personal savings to keep the studio afloat so we could get attorneys to fight back (this was before we had monthly patreon)

Or the fact that I had to finish that project knowing that any day could be the last, going from work mode, to attorney meetings, to Blizz legal meetings, then somehow having to mentally gather myself again to focus on delivering for the Patrons

Or the fact that Blizz attorneys threatened me to hand over personal information on fellow SFM artists so they can C&D them (disclaimer: I didnt – instead I refused Blizz, and then got stabbed in the back later by the SFM artists I protected, just another example of our classy community)

Blizzard is a draconian, corrupt, and two faced entity. Don’t believe a word when they say they support fan-works, they don’t support it and never did. They tolerate it to suit their needs for self promotion. Blizzard has a legal obligation to aggressively pursue litigation against anyone that uses the likeness of their characters. If they don’t pursue artists they lose their copyrights so every year their legal team cherry picks a number of people to go after – just so they can have it on record that they’ve protected their IP and thus keep their copyrights. If you’re a WoW artist it’s like playing Russian roulette, except they have a gazillion dollars worth of bullets in the chamber.

The only reason we got off lightly was because A) I didn’t stand for their smoke and mirrors shit B) They couldn’t pin anything on us since all our models are custom hacks C) We are nonprofit/non-commercial and driven by donations D) Transformative Fair Use can be applied to our work

However it’s not a process I’m happy to repeat because I have better things to do than argue semantics all day with jumped up, tiny, hypocrit attorneys. Remember, for them it doesn’t matter if they win or not, they just need to draw it out for as long as possible so they can keep billing Morhaime exorbitant sums.

So yeah, sorry if you don’t get your Overwatch waifus but there are more important things in life such as looking out for my team and feeding families.

I’d like to think Reggie’s alright with us though, right Reggie?”

“The fact of the matter is GW2 is a shit game even by MMO standards.

It’s like it tries to remove all the “things MMO players hate” but replaces them with failed ideas or nothing, leading to a hollow farmville esqe nightmare of shit story and zero progression.”

“The viral video of a beating and knife attack in Chicago suggests the assault had racial overtones. CBS’s Dean Reynolds tells us the victim is described as a mentally challenged teenage. In the video he is choked and repeatedly called the N-word. His clothes are slashed and he is terrorized with a knife. His alleged captors repeatedly referenced Donald Trump.”

“isnt she counting down the days until trump is in office”

“”Hey Ann, what’s 98-10”

“>apply to every fast food place in a 30 mile radius
>everyone has an online form
>everyone makes you take a bullshit 2 hour personality test that asks stupid and vague questions to see if you’re loyal or not
>some of them literally ask me about employee procedure even though i can’t know it without working there
>nobody replies back
>get some emails 3 months later saying i wasn’t considered for the position, thanks!!”

“Only stupid, or newly employed people like their jobs. Any intelligent human slowly starts to lose their mind at being forced to do something even if its something they genuinely enjoy. Just think of your favorite game ever. Now imagine you have to play that game through once a month for the next 30 years. If that thought doesn’t terrify you, you are a complacent sheep who will die and be forgotten shortly after.”

“Because this is what you’re told to do as a manager.

If you refuse to do anything about it, they complain up to corporate about it and then you get an email or phone call asking why so and so went wrong (when nothing went wrong) and then tell you to give them something.

So it’s easier to just give them what they want in the first place.”

“I work at a Regal and at our location our manager turnover rate is so high they’re experimenting with increasing our pay to retain us.”

“Even if they are unhappy they still don’t have to slave away to survive”

“>work at a movie theater
>water heater upstairs bursts and is spraying water all over the place
>leaking through the ceiling
>waterfalls coming down the stairs
>guest service desk has water falling on us from the ceiling as we are trying to save computers and shit
>people still coming up to us asking why their movie has to stop
>demanding refunds even though the cash register has water pouring on it and caused it to be unusable
>Facilities manager also says something about something being wrong with the gas line
>building could literally explode
>fire department comes
>people outside bitching at us about it even while firefighters are inside the building

People are so shitty”

“Most normalfags you run into is more than likely some kind of psychopath. Not the NEET shut in kind of crazy but their own special brand of crazy.”

“Fascism reeks of male self-pity. It has always been deeply attractive to men who are insecure about their own sexuality and in particular their relationships to women. It is a magic formula for transforming the sexual neurotic into a man-god. The alt-right world is a masturbatory fantasy in which men who are afraid of women get to assert absolute power over them. It is no accident that the pathetic sexual insecurity of Donald Trump’s crude boasting about assaults on women did him no harm with his followers – on the contrary, they could see themselves in him.”

“It’s funny how the “you can’t get laid” argument is coming from a childless 60 year-old man.”

“It is always about sex with liberals.”

“Who would ever admit that the reason for their life’s greatest accomplishment is due to anything other than hard work and undying passion?”

“We don’t write down in our daily planner “ARRIVE at the supermarket”, we write “GO to the supermarket”. […] So don’t say “exercise today”. Say “step outside the door”. Don’t say “do homework”. Say “solve one problem”.”

“>2 guys talking to each other
>stealth kill one
>”What was that?!”
>”Must be my imagination.”
>”OH NO, what happened here?””

“>same boss fights you throughout the game
>always carries a conversation while fighting
>last fight with them
>there’s nothing left to say and they’re silent the entire fight”

“>entire game was a hallucination from an earlier point where you died and the final boss is the embodiment of life/death struggle as you slip into the afterlife”

“The executives want the company to fail that is their plan. Sell off assists and get rich. Then move on to another company and do the same thing.”

“how could anyone look at this business and take it seriously when the current CEO’s capital firm is “loaning” the company operating funding?”

“Assuming that guns are the only way to win a war is why they’re probably going to succeed. They are presently exploring legal, social and technical methods of punishing individuals for espousing right wing views. Reporting people to their employers, faking hate crimes (you’ll be ruined long before the allegations are refuted), criminalizing dissenting speech and encouraging violent groups to target specific persons for crimethink.”

“Haha stop telling me all these facts about history that I didn’t ever learn in school or on tv and were never news. God you’re so annoying why do you bother knowing the truth?”
“You began by saying shit that isn’t true and I don’t want lies perpetuated.”
“Wow okay I guess just everybody in the world is wrong then. Lol”

“Loomis’ head construction is like incredibly frustrating training wheels. If you try and take it too far analytically or expect to actually use it as a working method it will drive you insane.

All it is designed to do is to give you an awareness of building complex objects out of simple forms, using concepts like axes to place in perspective, hanging anatomy onto simple forms, and all the other things he mentions.

Scott Eaton does critique Loomis in his anatomy course confirming that the Loomis head doesn’t relate well to the skull.

Also skulls are insanely variable, no specific construction method can help you past a certain point.

You need to come up with your own method.

Some people seem to very intuitively “get” imaginative drawing.

Others have a shit time of it, never really being able to manipulate form in space or hang onto their skills.

Some need a fuck ton of highly specific anatomy to get anywhere and others get by with almost none.

Don’t beat yourself up, find whatever way through you can.”

“Whose life will be ruined? The wife (mom?) already forgave the dad for it. The dad is not bothered in the slightest by betraying his son in literally the worst way possible. Cuckcest. The girl obviously doesn’t give a fuck about being (known as) a “slag”.

When people like these get called out on their shit, they play the victim-card and pretend that all their choices are completely outside their control. That’s how cunts keep on cuntin’. The whole “it was just a one time mistake, I couldn’t help it, there were circumstances” routine is so played out because it works. Easy way to dodge any responsibility.

Then when the loneliness feels hit OP he’ll tell himself she can change. Rinse and repeat…”

“Same reason why there are no movies of similar quality made nowadays.
Expensive and people will eat shittier ones just as well.”

“I don’t fucking understand MMORPGs”

“It’s just a job simulator without the fear of being fired.”

“it’s the one game that actually needs friends to be fun”

“>neo /v/ is now too underage to understand the appeal of MMORPGs”

“”My Uncle who works at Nintendo said that Russia hacked them” -CIA”

“The flip side here is with intruders in the house and so forth: you have to shoot them twice, too. One bullet will not reliably kill a man, but two will. Don’t ask me about the physiology here. This is common lore in Texas, where it’s A-OK to riddle the body with bullets as long as it is plainly inside your domicile. A friend of mine who scared off an intruder with a gun but failed to shoot got a stern talking to by the police, who were very mad with him. Evidently it is an unspoken rule that eugenics at this level is legal and encouraged and my friend was instructed in no uncertain terms to shoot the intruder if his house was ever invaded again, but more importantly: to shoot him twice. Obviously, the Dallas police don’t like individuals to shirk their responsibilities in self-law enforcement. My friend is still incredulous at the speech he got and now is more frightened about being broken into again because he feels like the police have placed unrealistic expectations on him.”

“Trump’s behavior at today’s press conference, which dealt with both of the above subjects, will neither be forgotten or silenced. The anti-Russia campaign and its partisans is going to keep doubling down again and again and again.

They know what the alt.right doesn’t: repetition brings results. If Trump can simply hold off war with Russia for four years, he will have performed supernaturally.

My prediction: Congress will suddenly rediscover that it has always had the power to declare war, and indeed, that it is the only branch of government that can declare war. The lügenpresse will inform the American yokels and, whether through Estonia, or Syria, or Ukraine, the Jew will have his war and his millions of dead gentiles. The war will be forced on Trump and if he refuses, he will be removed from office.

There is no precedent in American history for what the next four years are going to be like. It would be like Hitler taking the Chancellorship in a Germany that was already three quarters Bolshevized. […]

The ‘deep state’ doesn’t hate Russia because Trump ‘likes’ Russia. The ‘deep state’ HATES Trump because he will prevent a war with Russia. You have causation backwards.

They have decided on the strategy of linking Trump to Russia, because they have not given up hope on an actual war.”

“Welcome to the age of the sponsorette, where no one has breakfast at Tiffany’s and a 9 to 5 job is an urban legend. What is a sponsorette, you ask? It’s a woman who is put on a pedestal, typically through social platforms such as Instagram, by men who ogle them and women that idolize and aspire to be just like them. Typically found on a beach, martini in hand, on a Tuesday at 3 PM, they seem to be living the life we all want. The question we are all dying to know, however, is, “Who takes these pictures?” The answer? Their sponsors.

A sponsor is a wealthy male, that typically falls into one of three categories: Larry, the hedge fund CEO ; Mohammed, the sheik: or Jamal, the basketball player. Sadly, the glitz and glamour of a sponserettes lifestyle comes with a price tag. Whether it’s being flown to Dubai by Mohammed to be shat on by him and his fellow sheiks, or flying to Vegas with Larry the CEO, these women are being paid for pussy. These sponsorettes are glorified prostitutes with malnourished brains and nothing to offer but two holes and a large derrière. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with having a sugar daddy, as it’s beneficial to both parties. But all of a sudden, there is a surge of women with small waists and disproportionate butts that have 50k + followers on Instagram, with booking info in their bios. Booking what? Pussy. The problem here is, is that these sponsorettes put on a facade that they are signed models, fitness chicks, bartenders, real estate agents, marketing executives, or some obscure form of employment. Don’t models have agents? Don’t fitness chicks actually work out? How does a weekend bartending gig finance private jets? Don’t real estate agents and marketing executives actually work, not lay under a cabana on a different island every week? They might as well start putting their rates in their bios as well, because they won’t be fooling anyone much longer.”

“We think that because this generation has Facebook, Twitter, and mobile phones, they don’t have attention spans. But it’s clear from the studies that we never really had the attention spans the classroom-based lecture model expects of students. Especially with dense subject matter, humans can pay attention for 10 to 15 minutes before they zone out. You zone back in for eight or nine minutes, then you zone out again. The zoning in gets shorter; the zoning out gets longer. By the end of the hour you might have picked up 30% of the material—or you might be lost altogether.”

“He considered his new life among the Scythians better than his old life among the Romans, and the reasons he gave were as follows: “After war the Scythians live in inactivity, enjoying what they have got, and not at all, or very little, harassed. The Romans, on the other hand, are in the first place very liable to perish in war, as they have to rest their hopes of safety on others, and are not allowed, on account of their tyrants to use arms. And those who use them are injured by the cowardice of their generals, who cannot support the conduct of war. But the condition of the subjects in time of peace is far more grievous than the evils of war, for the exaction of the taxes is very severe, and unprincipled men inflict injuries on others, because the laws are practically not valid against all classes. A transgressor who belongs to the wealthy classes is not punished for his injustice, while a poor man, who does not understand business, undergoes the legal penalty, that is if he does not depart this life before the trial, so long is the course of lawsuits protracted, and so much money is expended on them. The climax of the misery is to have to pay in order to obtain justice. For no one will give a court to the injured man unless he pay a sum of money to the judge and the judge’s clerks.”

In reply to this attack on the Empire, I asked him to be good enough to listen with patience to the other side of the question. “The creators of the Roman republic,” I said, “who were wise and good men, in order to prevent things from being done at haphazard made one class of men guardians of the laws, and appointed another class to the profession of arms, who were to have no other object than to be always ready for battle, and to go forth to war without dread, as though to their ordinary exercise having by practice exhausted all their fear beforehand. Others again were assigned to attend to the cultivation of the ground, to support both themselves and those who fight in their defence, by contributing the military corn-supply…. To those who protect the interests of the litigants a sum of money is paid by the latter, just as a payment is made by the farmers to the soldiers. Is it not fair to support him who assists and requite him for his kindness? The support of the horse benefits the horseman…. Those who spend money on a suit and lose it in the end cannot fairly put it down to anything but the injustice of their case. And as to the long time spent on lawsuits, that is due to concern for justice, that judges may not fail in passing correct judgments, by having to give sentence offhand; it is better that they should reflect, and conclude the case more tardily, than that by judging in a hurry they should both injure man and transgress against the Deity, the institutor of justice…. The Romans treat their servants better than the king of the Scythians treats his subjects. They deal with them as fathers or teachers, admonishing them to abstain from evil and follow the lines of conduct whey they have esteemed honourable; they reprove them for their errors like their own children. They are not allowed, like the Scythians, to inflict death on them. They have numerous ways of conferring freedom; they can manumit not only during life, but also by their wills, and the testamentary wishes of a Roman in regard to his property are law.”

“Libertarians don’t understand human beings are governed far more by instincts than reason and that’s why they fail politically. Republican normies have very tribal instincts and a sense of in group loyalty. This is why liberals always view them as racist and bigots because they exclude people from their in group.

Notice how Donald Trump successfully sold an antiwar position to the Republican base where Ron Paul failed. He argued the Iraq War was bad for US. Ron Paul made abstract moral arguments against killing Muslims. To the Republican base Donald Trump sounds like one of them, a member of their in group. Ron Paul sounded like traitor and disloyal to the average Republican voter and that’s why he failed.”

“I love how Trump supporters are all convinced he is conning some other faction and that his true agenda is what *you* want”

“If you hold unpopular positions, that’s the only way you are going to win election. If you hold popular positions, you don’t need to worry about that.”

“Trump *is* the peace candidate. But he may not be able to prevail over the combined might of our vaunted “17” intelligence agencies, the Democrats, and the organized lügenpresse. They are going to attack, attack, attack. Look at the level of intensity they are bringing and Trump isn’t even president. WaPo, which wants in on the new power to determine who is and who is not ‘fake news’ reported that ‘Russian hackers’ had penetrated the American power grid.

Democrats and the lying media are balls to the wall here for war with Russia. Does nobody remember that Obama tried for war with Russia via an invasion of Syria that was in progress when Putin stepped in? Does no one remember that Nuland and her evil Jews and various Knepperish Strauss cronies have been making a war in Ukraine for the last year, which the media has sold to the American public CONSTANTLY as Russian aggression. We have troops right on Putin’s border and we moved tanks and troops into Germany just yesterday.

The people who run this country are totally evil – we are the most warlike nation that has ever existed as well as the inventors of total war. These people mean business.

To add to our troubles, our elites may need a World War. Hillary is in the news again – she was regularly sharing classified information with a non government agent, one of her Jewish friends that passed everything along to Russia, China, and Israel. Trump did not wish to prosecute, because he is to weak to take on the whole of Washington, D.C. Now he may have no choice. Everyone would go down if the Clinton Foundation were laid bare, including Obama. This is the end of the world as we’ve known it.”

“I am sick of hearing my genertion described as narcissistic, self-entitled, grown-up children who don’t understand the real world. News Flash! We work longer hours for less money than any other generation currently living. Did the concept of a full-time unpaid internship exist so strongly in any other generation? Well it’s standard fucking practice now! Maybe the reason we don’t find job satisfaction is because the jobs we work aren’t satisfying, and nobody else would work them except us because you don’t get paid. How is demanding honest pay for honest work self-entitlement?

Also, we do understand the real world. We understand that you have to work forty hours a week for free and complete a four year college degree in order to earn yourself an entry level minimum wage job. All of this must be achieved while still living at home with your parents because rent prices have risen hugely disproportionately compared to the amount a college graduate earns, meaning you have to stay at home and save until you’re almost thirty before you can afford to move out.

But sure, it’s all the “Millennials” fault. So says Generation Economic Collapse. Generation Austerity. Generation Brexit. Generation Trump.. These guys clearly never were self-entitled narcissists.”

“The bottom line is NOT that our generation is broken. It’s that we can’t afford, with either time or with money, to live to the social standard that existed in the past.”

“I don’t think I’ve met a millenial who thinks they can get something just “because they want it”, however what they are told throughout childhood is that hard work pays off; “do well in these exams if you want a good job and buy a house”, “get good grades if you don’t want to work at McDonald’s” etc. The problem is that for a multitude of reasons this isn’t the case and there is absolutely no interest in improving this, because despite the fact that millenials on average have higher levels of education, work more hours and earn less money, they don’t complain in a meaningful way (about important things). Until millenials start demanding more and voting etc. they will continue to be taken advantage of.”

“Maybe it’s because I grew up working class, but that is not the case for me or most of the people I know. We were told ‘study hard, work hard, education and good grades are your key to get on in life. Don’t stop studying’. Which was absolutely a great work ethic to be raised with. Knowledge is power, after all.

However, what our parents and teachers were NOT prepared for was for those of us who took their advice to heart and graduate university with a 2:1 or higher to graduate into an absolutely desolate economic climate.

We were told to get a good degree, as this would demonstrate to potential employers our level of intelligence, commitment and conscientiousness.

They were wrong.

Now, degrees won’t get you very far, unless by chance there comes an opening specific to your field of study which, is a rare chance that presents itself only to the few. Entry level jobs reject us on the grounds of being ‘overqualified’. This leaves us with retail and catering industry jobs, where, because of zero hour contracts, one full time job is split into three ‘casual’ jobs. This means that employers can get out of paying anything above minimum wage, or guaranteeing work hours when profits are down or having to give paid holiday. This means that a great deal of my generation struggles to meet end’s meet.

What used to be an expectation or perhaps even entitlement when my mother was my age -a car, a house, a marriage, affording to have children, a place on the career ladder- are now ‘big dreams’, aspirations for us.

Is it any wonder we are disillusioned?”

“The same people who say America is not a white country will blame whites for everything America did.”


“Heroes are just people who have run out of choices.”

“But I didn’t care. If I had something to study for, if I had a goal, however unreachable, the time spent chasing it might have some collateral productivity.”

“Well, could I pretend I just got back from a funeral? Maybe I’d get sympathy points.”
“That’s true. People sympathize with the mentally challenged.”

“There are eight rules of being a good reporter, Jake.

One. Don’t ever burn your sources. If you can’t protect your sources, no one will trust you. All scoops are based on the understanding that you will protect the person who gave you the information. That’s the alpha and omega of reporting. Your source is your friend, your lover, your wife, and your soul. Betray your source, and you betray yourself. If you don’t protect your source, you’re not a journalist. You’re not even a man.

Two. Finish a story as soon as possible. The life of news is short. Miss the chance, and the story is dead or the scoop is gone.

Three. Never believe anyone. People lie, police lie, even your fellow reporters lie. Assume that you are being lied to, and proceed with caution.

Four. Take any information you can get. People are good and bad. Information is not. Information is what it is, and it doesn’t matter who gives it to you or where you steal it. The quality, the truth of the information, is what’s important.

Five. Remember and persist. Stories that people forget come back to haunt them. What may seem like an insignificant case can later turn into a major story. Keep paying attention to an unfolding investigation, and see where it goes. Don’t let the constant flow of new news let you forget about the unfinished news.

Six. Triangulate your stories, especially if they aren’t an official announcement from the authorities. If you can verify information fromthree different sources, odds are good that the information is good.

Seve. Write everything in a reverse pyramid. Editors cut from the bottom up. The important stuff goes on top, the trivial details go to the bottom. If you want your story to make it to the final edition, make it easy to cut.

Eight. Never put your personal opinions into a story; let someone else do it for you. That’s why experts and commentators exist. Objectivity is a subjective thing.

And that’s it.”


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