Dec 15 ~ 27

“Pointless hard work builds character.
Purposive hard work builds character and awareness.
Assigning purposive hard work requires awareness.
Assigning pointless hard work doesn’t.”

“The Kochs are connected to the Council on Foreign Relations- they’re all shills!”
“Soros is chairman of the CFR? Well of course, they’re good guys! ^_^”

“Tim Wise says that no one should care about the opinion of Russians because their “contribution to the world is Faberge eggs, autocracy and pogroms.”

This is, of course, nothing in comparison to the incredible accomplishments made by Africans throughout history.”

“”I feel threatened by you.”

Why don’t you say I raped you while you’re at it?

I mean you might as well. It’s not like anyone’s going to believe you less.”

“the idea of yugioh is building a board that your opponent either can’t break or that can deal lethal damage.

This card allows you to get those cards you need to build that board easier, because it does two things.

First, if you draw this card, you can replace it with two cards right away, this means mathematically, that if you put this card in your deck you have 38 cards in it instead of 40. If you’d put all 3 copies of this in, you have a deck with 34 cards.
This increases the probability of drawing what you need significantly.

The second thing it does is even more ridiculous than simple mathematics.
Since yugioh has no resource system, your resources are the cards you have in your hand and on the field. There’s lots of things you pay for with discarding cards from your hand or tributing things from the board.

This card allows you to get another card into your hand, it’s free resources.
This is a big deal in yugioh.

Pot of Greed is a very complicated card, even though it seems so simple.”

“Media doesn’t lie, that staged TIME cover that started Bosnia doesn’t count haha.”

“>shares AJ+ videos
>mad about foreign influence

“I wonder how large the overlap between trannies and IFLSs are.

It definitely isn’t just some “weird sex fetish” thing, because I know how netorare fetishists talk, I (unfortunately) know how furry fetishists talk, and I know how 3DX b********** fetishists talk, and I’ve never seen any of them emphasize jamming in ever more scientific-sounding words into their sentences like trannies do.

Then again, trannies are the only one out of any of those who talk and can’t stop talking about their shit in public. They’re like sex vegetarians.”

“The “fake news” craze is fundamentally a marketing campaign; “you need our products more”.”

“It’s funny how ghoul and TRS start shit with everyone edgier than they are (I.e everyone) and then fall back on whining about unity and infighting being bad when called on their shit.”

“>tfw good looking social people will never know how it is to be bad looking and socially inept because people treated them nice their whole life
>just be yourself dude,like just go out there and meet people :^)”

“People don’t like admitting to things that can take away from their accomplishment. It’s like telling a billionaire he got lucky, he’ll never admit to it, even when all factors point to it. Beautiful people get treated better, the mere fact that there are people willing to debate this is mind boggling.”

“No matter how hard SJW landwhales want to force it, attractive > not attractive. There is no advantage to unattractiveness. There is no reason a character should be fat unless they are meant to be laughed at for being fat or there is some kind of character story related to their weight(ie Eddie in silent hill 2)

If you just have a person, they should be pretty unless there’s a reason for them to be not pretty. It’s like if you bought a dinner set and you wanted some of the spoons to have holes in them for the sake of diversity.”

“Why has the US not intervened and given the country to the people of Israel yet?!”

“”oldest evil myths”

yeah the one singular worldly, non-mythic “myths” or stereotypes is that the Jews are filthy backstabbing nation-wrecking conniving hateful supremacist lying treacherous infiltrating destroyers, it’s just an irrational myth that has followed them everywhere and been shared by everyone they have come amongst across time, space, culture and race!

The Romans, Persians, Greeks, Egyptians, Babylonians, Christians, Muslims, English, Russians, Germans, totally unconnected and dissimilar people, all just *happened* to come to the same conclusion that Jews were evil scum, sharing the same conclusions down to minute details, for NO REASON aside from BASELESS, IRRATIONAL HATRED motivated by GREED and JEALOUSY and DEMAGOGUERY and POWER LUST.

People separated by THOUSANDS OF MILES and THOUSAND OF YEARS all described the Jews the EXACT SAME WAY because they were enemies of YHVH the one true God!”

“When I got contacted by Bana’s account, I started to chat in Arabic since we are all Syrians and Arabic is our mother tongue. However, it was obvious that the person behind the account preferred English as a language of communication.”

“[H]ow could an entire family just disappear if she was really tweeting from the East Aleppo enclave? She would certainly not have missed the opportunity of recording her exit from East Aleppo had this occurred, and it would have been on twitter within hours. No such tweet. No such family left East Aleppo.

There are so many holes in this hoax. For instance, when the noose tightened around the Aleppo pocket and Government forces began to push further south, Bana and her family moved house. Somehow they were able to take their high speed broadband connection with them. I even have trouble doing such a thing in the UK.”

“Yeah the owner of WaPo makes $600M from the CIA but there’s no collusion OKAY”

“I would never have guessed that willingness to defend our POTUS, with force if necessary, would be an anti-establishment position.”

“> Destroy family unit and gender relations through marxist & feminist propaganda
> Make it impossible for you to ever afford a house through market manipulation & utterly insane student loans that most people should never be allowed to get in the first place
> Tax the shit out of you to redistribute wealth to immigrants so you’ll never be able to afford children even if you do manage to get a house and a significant other”

“Harris was showing that he would rather be Left than counter-jihad. He began to make it clear that, despite his strong words, he wasn’t opposed to jihad terror and Islamic supremacism in any meaningful way, and Leftists were making sure that he couldn’t be. And so during the late presidential campaign, he came out strongly for Hillary Clinton, a candidate who accepted money from Saudi Arabia and Qatar even while knowing that they also funded the Islamic State, and who proclaimed against the evidence of every day’s headlines that “Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.” Indeed, Hillary Clinton has a long record of enabling the global jihad, but Sam Harris didn’t appear to be concerned about that […]

What kind of a world do Sam Harris and Maajid Nawaz want? Apparently it’s one in which they oppose jihad terror while supporting jihad-enabling politicians. It seems as if, as far as they are concerned, one may speak out against jihad terror and Sharia oppression as long as one is determined not to do anything about either one, and indeed, gives active support to those who are helping the forces of jihad advance in the West.”

“Whenever I ask someone for concrete evidence or confirmation of the Western pro-terrorist propaganda regarding #Aleppo, the excuses that one generally gets are that “well we can’t solidly confirm EVERYTHING because there’s so few reporters there because its so dangerous!”.

Well, why is it so dangerous for reporters, dipshit? Sure some of it is just the inherent danger of a war zone, but ground coverage of the Syrian conflict has been particularly prohibitive due to the frequent killings and kidnappings of Western journalists that have occured. We don’t have as much of a problem getting direct footage from the Iraqi front lines, whereas in Syria its like the zionist fake news Israeli-Saudi propaganda outlets receive their reports exclusively from social media, which in turn is disseminated by Zionist/terrorist hoax propaganda. So the question is: Who is doing all the kidnapping of Western journalists? And the answer is, of course, the opposition factions.

The rightful legitimate Syrian government isn’t killing Western journalists. The rightous Shia militias eliminating wretched evil Saudi terrorists aren’t kidnapping Western journalists. All recorded kidnappings in Syria so far have been done by Sunni terrorist mercenary groups, from ISIS to Jabhat an-Nusra to Jayshul Hurr etc. So basically what we have here is a situation where the terrorists (so-called “moderate rebels”) kill journalists, thereby creating a lack of documentable intelligence and footage, which then benefits them as it furthers their ability to perpretate their made-up Israeli terrorist propaganda, and giving the Western terrorist media (controlled by the Saudi and Israeli illegitimate terrorist warmonger states) plausible deniability when pressed on the proof for their agenda-driven coverage.

Of course the just and morally pure Syrian Arab Army has no problem protecting Western journalists, and on the few occasions that journalists have actually gone to Aleppo they generally paint a very opposite or at least more mixed picture of the situation. However, #Syria and its rightful legitimate benevolent leader Bashar al-Assad are hated by the (((Zionists))) and hence this doesnt change the overall agenda of the media lying press.”

“It doesn’t matter whether you like Ghoul or Ghouls politics, this kind of doxxing is going to be a regular occurrence by Jewry and it’s minions as they see Nationalism gain momentum, we have to close ranks every time it happens or else they will isolate and destroy us one by one – a small group will always beat many individuals, we have to start functioning as a group or there will never be a movement.

This page is doxxing the hell out of Ghoul and Ghoul’s family, obviously with the intention of targeting him, posting images that obviously imply violence, while also whining about fascists doxxing them back and targeting them for violence! Report everything for harassment/threats, comment at your own risk as they will try to dox all trolls.

Truly, the Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you!”

“Wow Spencer might have soiled the rug of some greasy pretentious millionaire wine and cheese mongrel, who totally has no ulterior motive for bringing it up years later now that his former protege has eclipsed him and gone off the plantation. I hate Spencer now!!”

“Pandering to his base of millions so brave”
“It takes a man to virtue signal to your constituency.”

“Curiosity and irreverence go together. Curiosity cannot exist without the other.”

“How has nobody pointed out that Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity crusade stems from fat-shaming bigotry?”


“You may be surprised to discover that the more replaceable you are to the company, the higher standards you are held to, that’s what happens when you don’t control the capital.”

“The problem with blaming the shutdown on Congressional partisans is that the partisans on either side know exactly what they want. When there are specific things you want, compromise is usually possible.

The public in the middle, however, don’t understand politics, only emotions given to them by TV, and so their beliefs are cobbled together in real time, improvised, as they get “more information.” One trending topic at a time, each vacuum sealed to prevent cross contamination. They don’t look at things historically, culturally, humanistically, or even selfishly, there exists no system for interpreting “the facts.” Compromise becomes impossible, as a simple example, when a “moderate” “thinks” there should be more restrictions on guns, they want gun owners to give up something they want very much– in exchange for nothing. “But it’s the right thing to do!” And the yelling starts, in HD.

Worse, they proudly announce their lack of ideology by branding themselves as Independents– capital I, a thing, a demo. He willingly lessens his independence to become part of a group.

The “independent” demo actually has all the textbook characteristics of a group most susceptible to propaganda, more correctly “pre-propaganda”, and by textbook I mean literally Propaganda.

They consider themselves leaderless. They can have representatives, they can have “evangelists” but they have to believe that their conclusions are all their own, through individual reflection and objective consideration. Interestingly, and on purpose, they believe their brains can handle such an analysis, any analysis. This isn’t arrogance. They are told, by universities and the media, that their mind is prepared to do this heavy lifting as long as they are given just the right facts, filtered from the “noise.” “Where can we get the right facts, in a world of liars?” Good question, maybe the news?”

“You’ll counter that there are right leaning and left leaning independents, isn’t there a difference? but this misses the point: propaganda doesn’t try to get you to believe something, but to do something, and in this case it is to do nothing– it doesn’t matter what you choose to believe, as long as your outrage is done from inside your house.

This is the whole gimmick of media, not polar but triangular, right, left, middle, mobilizing an army of assonauts to feel strongly enough about something that they don’t do anything.”


“The spoils system really was a great system that gets a bum rap.

The way politics works is that you need to reward your top supporters when you win election in order to count on their support in the future. But now thanks to modern civil service laws, you can’t just kick the bums from the other party out so you can install your own supporters. So what you have to do is create new departments and new jobs in order to reward your supporters, without getting rid of the other side’s supporters, and so the government continues to grow unnecessarily over time. And now instead of having a people that live off of the taxpayers only so long as the populace agrees with the policies, you have people who are in government service for life regardless. A permanent class of parasites.

Some counter that we need the civil service to be filled with the most qualified, regardless of party affiliation, in order to insure that the government is as efficient as possible. But the waste from the multiplication of unnecessary tasks far outweighs this consideration. Besides, there really isn’t anything that the government does that is so important that it needs to be perfectly done.

We should bring back the spoils system.”

“Its not cuckoldry in the technical sense of the term, but multiple guys fucking one girl is still brood parasitism because in nature, female polygamy would lead to no one knowing who the father is, which in turn put more pressure on the girls parents and the tribe as a whole to go through a greater effort to help in the raising of the child

The fact that nowadays people fuck with contraception is meaningless as far as the social and psychological/emotional effect of these practices is concerned because for virtually all of our evolutionary history sex DID equal procreation, which is why our emotional reaction to these things is evolutionarily programmed with a few towards the act of sex being relevant itself

Female polygamy is literally anti-civilizational behavior. Male polygamy is also bad civilizationally, but female polygamy leads to tribal caveman communism where everybody raises children in common and the nuclear family is non-existent. It’s something that normally can literally not be found outside of pre-colonial nigger tribes”

“I’d talk to the daughter, not in a confrontational way but to make sure that she’s alright – if the whole thing happened because she actively wanted it that’s fine”

“Sex is about consent, and love is about a wedding.”

“On July 2, 2016, Israeli cabinet minister Gilad Erdan accused Zuckerberg of having some responsibility for deadly attacks by Palestinians against Israelis. According to him, the social network was not doing enough to ban posts to its platform that incite violence against Israelis. “Some of the victims’ blood is on Zuckerberg’s hands”, Erdan said.”

“It’s telling that they want to delete the posts outright, rather than just adding a system disclaimer to them as some other people at Facebook suggested. The reason why they can’t just add disclaimers to the posts is because that would give away – if it was explicitely laid out for people to visually see, even the dumbest moron would notice the pattern that “fake news” is just a code word for whatever news the jew establishment doesn’t like. So better to just bury it altogether.”

“>Kotaku in 2017
>random hipster dev: “We’re not just developers, we are survivors””

“And I know all this is true because the ads told me so, in order. You’re going to be infuriated at this blonde Hooters Waitress for only being attracted to chiseled abs and a commanding phallus, but even if she miraculously chose to come under your umbrella, you’d see suddenly she was only a brunette, huh, and you still wouldn’t do anything about it. And off she goes, a missed opportunity. And before that ignites your amygdala into a blinding self-hatred, you will remember that it’s all the cunt’s fault, and besides, never mind all these girls, the fact that you’re a good friend to your less fortunate friend is what makes you a man; but since you are not actually a good friend, indeed, you don’t even have any friends, well, this ad will signal to yourself that you are. Message received.

As an aside, drink Guinness.”

“Intelligent people see truth in patterns. Fake intellectuals wait for snopes to link them to a NYT article which presents an authority as evidence.
“Sorry guys, until the people funding and in the same circles as child rapists come out and say they were child rapists, I won’t believe it.””

“My least favorite is the interpersonally abusive use of the sentence THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE FOR X.

What this usually means is that X can’t get funding or access to equipment, like plasma cosmology, or is politically forbidden, like race studies, or is of no financial interest to anyone (effectiveness of herbs, vitamins and supplements.

The statement can be perfectly true technically but absolutely false in its most strident and direct intimation, i.e. “this is false!”

Increasingly, the most dogmatic/ psychotic fragment of the population is scientists. They still won’t bend the knee on the carb thing, which is totally over, and which they lost. Millions of lives were blighted and continue to blighted, by their initial ‘circle the wagons’ which began in the 80s and their current total silence on the matter, which results in grocery stores totally empty of the thousands of lo-carb or stevia sweetened products which have never been brought into existence because the press is covering for ‘the sciences’.”

“I don’t want to be cynical, but boy oh boy is it hard not to observe that at the very moment in our history when we have the most women in the Senate, Congress is perceived to be pathetic, bickering, easily manipulated and powerless, and I’ll risk the blowback and say that those are all stereotypes of women. Easy, HuffPo, I know it’s not causal, I am saying the reverse: that if some field keeps the trappings of power but loses actual power, women enter it in droves and men abandon it like the Roanoke Colony. Again we must ask the question: if power seeking men aren’t running for Senate, where did they go? Meanwhile all the lobbyists and Wall Street bankers are men, isn’t that odd? “Women aren’t as corrupt or money hungry.” Yes, that’s been my experience with women as well.”

“The breach was their failure to abide by the state’s Casino Controls Act, which prohibits marking cards. While they did not physically mark the cards, they noticed and used tiny inconsistencies on the backs of the cards to tell whether high- orlow-valuee cards were coming up, the judge said.”

“In the ‘good old days’ the boys would have taken care of this without the lawyers being involved.”

“why have the same people that previously felt compelled to constantly remind white males that ‘change is inevitable’ suddenly decided that they need to ‘resist’? that they gotta ‘struggle’ and ‘protest’?

relax guys. change is inevitable. just let it happen. no need to protest. accept your fate.”

“How in the fuck are people supposed to cooperate when everyone has their own rules? Individualism of this variety is a disease.”

“Do you know why you failed? You are one component in a complex machine that only works if every part does exactly what it’s supposed to do in sync with the whole. Now if you decide, without knowing what the other components are doing, to simply go your own way, eventually that machine is going to break down.”

“There will be repercussions for you.”
“I will deal with them.”

“I won’t be leaving here without it.”
“Then you won’t be leaving here at all.”

“The latest is Gursewak Singh. He thinks he is Japanese. He is not Japanese. Being born in Japan was a matter of happenstance, or more accurately, a deliberate act by his illegal alien parents.

Just as India is an expression of her peoples and religions, Japan is a reflection of her one people and unique culture; Japan is an ethnostate. It is a nation, a people, a polity, and a culture. Japan wants to remain Japanese, but Gursewak Singh wants to change that. He is Indian, a Sikh, and a South Asian. He does not look Japanese, he does not practice Japanese culture, he does not dress Japanese, he does not practice a Japanese religion, and despite speaking Japanese, he is not Japanese.

Japan deals with immigration in the best interests of the Japanese people, culture, and nation. But many want to impose multiculturalism and anarchy on Japan and the Japanese, just as those same people want to destroy the white West and Christendom with immigration, multiculturalism, and diversity”

“Truth is what a person / a people believes. Everything else follows, not precedes.”

“No, truth is an element of the only description of the world that is in every way self consistent. It’s fair to say that everything follows from what a person believes, including the possibility of the person’s belief changing.”

“I think you know I understand what your explanation is. I am going to call the thing I am referring to as “truth” nonetheless. People believe news because it’s news – it could turn out to have been faked or determined by a central propaganda authority later, and “it wasn’t news all along”, but I’m not interested in changing definitions halfway through anymore.”

“So what do you cal real truth, the kind that is not subjective and does not ever change? It’s a useful concept so it ought to have a name. Your explanation is truly bizarre, If something once thought true turns out to be false, you are going to continue to call it true so you won’t have to change terms? I like the debate word “claim.” I use it often.”

“I don’t have a name for ‘real truth’. I don’t think it needs one, and I don’t have a need for one. If a tree falls in the forest, it’ll always cause some sort of impact, impacts make noise, noise is sound, therefore if a tree falls in the forest it makes a sound – great. Who gained anything from this train of thought? It’d be one thing if less than 90% of 5 year olds figured out that peek-a-boo doesn’t actually make someone disappear, but that’s not the case.

What does need a name is how stuff keeps changing, how what people believe at what time based on what information and what social structure. These are the important things, which we for some reason ignore completely, probably because we refuse to believe truth has logistics to it, probably ironically because of the rise of science. We’ll believe whatever we can manage at the time, which is fine, but we dismiss the importance of that time if we turn out to be wrong. “Oh new evidence came up”. Decisions were made in that time. Most decisions are irreversible to some extent. The larger they get, the harder they are to reverse. I must apologize I am forgetting your stance on current politics, but I do remember several instances where you were talking on energy-related matters against the prevailing opinion. Do you think decisions like that can simply be changed?

The current truth has the value of infinite righteousness, the past truths always only have the value of temporal accuracy. See similar, “we just want to be left alone”, “we just want to be equal”, “we won, you’re going to do what we want now, just get over it already jeez you little shitbaby”.

I need to give that, the whole process, a name.

What better name than “truth”?”

“>alpha test for a game
>everyone in sight is lining up to thank the devs about how amazing and perfect the game is and how they’ve been big fans since some obscure event
>the few that do make criticisms are only on how something could be a different color or minute balance changes
>alpha test for a game
>i am the only one who makes any commentary on major design decisions
There’s a number of things that could be wrong here but I don’t know which.”

“My experience testing SWTOR for two years was that devs don’t care either way, they just want performance data.”

“- Mrs. Spencer is obligated to show sympathy for the Jews attacking her, because people are angry that the Jews attacked her.
– The Jews who attacked her are necessarily bigger victims than she, who was attacked, because people responded to their attacks with words of protest.
– It is unethical that she’s being attacked for her son’s political beliefs, but actually it’s good because it will make others who share these beliefs scared to go public for fear that their families will be targeted by Jews.

This is pure “we are the chosen ones, we simply matter more than you goyim.” […]

In short: we need to do everything they are doing to us, exactly how they do it to us.

And that is what we are doing, which is what is making these Jews so enraged. They just can’t imagine that we would use their same tactics of protest – that they have used against us for decades – against them. They assume it is illegal. They are trying to get us up on federal charges for… complaining about their behavior.”

“isn’t Megiddo from where the word armageddon originated?”

“Yes. Har Megiddo”

“Yes, and the reference made may indicate that it is a great battle. Remember hyperbole and metaphor, or hyperbolic metaphor is used to great extent in ancient near east language.”

“8) The “balance of nature” is a meme.

And it’s a 98% good meme. In complex systems, if you pull on the right weed, the whole garden will come undone, often for reasons that we won’t understand for a long time.

We’re only now realizing how dysgenic city life is, but for the people who discovered it, it was like a gift from the devil to solve all their problems and create amazing new things. Same could be said of agriculture: on the one hand, after a billion years of fear and hunting, surpluses. On the other hand, surpluses must be distributed, which leads to: alienation, slavery, imperial war (for farmers), specialized casts, and a million other moral and practical problems that still (!) haven’t been addressed. Man may never be able to keep pace with his own insanity, and he is part of nature, too.”

“I don’t really think I have any unpopular non-political opinions.”

“this is an unpopular opinion to have.”

“Seriously though, why would Ilya ever even want to work for a japanese animation studio? He makes more per month than the average japanese slave labor animator makes annually.”

“He’s an unapologetic weeaboo. And, considering the fact that he is pretty much the biggest fan-art artist on the internet right now, I think a lot of studios wouldn’t mind snatching him even if he ends up doing same lazy ass portraits he does anyways.”

“You’re racist if you prefer ‘All Lives Matter’ over ‘Black Lives Matter.”

“Why do you have to say Merry Christmas? ‘Happy Holidays’ includes Christmas, you know.”

“*burns an American flag*
Well is a free country
*burns a rainbow flag*
Wow that’s a crime, u going to jail
*burns a confederate flag*
Parade is thrown for u and u get ur own tv show”

“In Citizen Kane, Mr. Bernstein quips, “Well, it’s no trick to make a lot of money… if what you want to do is make a lot of money.” Same with romance. If that’s your first priority, and you work at it intelligently, it’s no trick.”

“”I saw someone faking discrimination but I didn’t speak up because I don’t want to prove racists right””


“Before, the experience of addiction was entirely subjective, is it messing up your life? Now, it’s been objectified, the subject’s relationship with the drug is is no longer relevant, it is the fact of the drug that is relevant. The obvious example of this sleight of hand is that there’s alcohol use and alcohol abuse, but there’s no such category as cocaine use, even though the vast majority of its ingestion has nothing to do with addiction.”

“You’re thinking, “I don’t want to hear about how everything is interpretable through the artificial paradigm of narrative structure–” as if it was me and not your god who made it this way, as if I was better able to invent a convenient fiction that happened to apply to you rather than describe a process that’s been used for millennia. You think you’re the first? You think no one but you has lived your life? Do you think you are so unique? Do you think I just took a guess? This isn’t the first time this game has been played, there’ve been over 100 generations of Guess What Happens Next and it is the exact same answer every single time. All of this has happened before and it will happen again.

But you want “why”, you’re drawn to “why” like you’re drawn to a pretty girl in the rain. Let me guess: she has black hair, big eyes, and is dressed like an ingenue. “Why?” is the most seductive of questions because it is innocent, childlike, infinite in possibilities, and utterly devoted to you.

“Why am I this way? Why do I do what I do?” But what will you do with that information? What good is it? If you were an android, would it change you to know why you were programmed the way you were? “Why” is masturbation, “why” is the enemy, the only question that matters is, now what?

But you want “why”. Ok, here we go.”

“But then you’re done, tapped out, and you turn to go but…. wait a minute………………………. you have one token left. Stop now, look at that one, look carefully at it, it is your contract with the Devil, it is the selling of your soul. What is its value? Look at it, it doesn’t matter what you do, it matters what you think– which means what you are about to do has already been decided.”

“You might guess that this news story is itself a kind of advertising for the Grill. This cynical view places not just two heart attack victims but all of CBS News at the service of a company’s self-promotion. And you’d be right, another branding piece pretending to be a news story.

But we know what the author wants to be true, the question is what you want to be true: how does this story, like all pop-culture and pop-news, represent a wish fulfillment? The story does not exist as information, in fact it is deliberately misleading– the patron didn’t have a heart attack. There is no information there. It is there in order for you to talk about it– so you have something to talk to others about, through a screen darkly or face to face, because if it weren’t for these meaningless media stories which includes all partisan politics people would have nothing to say to each other, and society’s collapse into hikikomori narcissism would be total. Which is why it is correct to say that pop culture isn’t a symptom of our dying society, it is its heroic measures. So take your medicine: what do you want to say about some dummy who had a heart attack at the Heart Attack Grill?”

“It’s impossible to deconstruct TV shows without considering their complement: advertising. Ads, especially TV commercials, offer the exact opposite of cynical detachment: pure aspiration. So while you resist allowing your career or relationship to define you– “I’m more than a software engineer!” you beg objects– cars, clothes, women– to define you, and of course not actual cars, clothes, or women, but whatever other people have said those things represent. Worse, cynicism and aspirational branding aren’t two opposite ends of a pole, they form a cycle: the chasm between your cynical view of real life and the perfect definition of the aspirational images in ads makes you even more cynical towards real life; which drives you further into the safety of branding. Which is why you drink.

The only salvation to this existential crisis is less freedom, not more. The only question is whether you will impose these restrictions on yourself, or you will wait like cattle for someone else to impose them on you. But they will be imposed. It is inevitable.”


“What’s the chance steam just leaves Australia instead of paying the fine?”

“Zero. Australia is closely bound to the rest of their western markets, so they’d literally lose everything if this blows up. They also won’t tolerate a medium-sized western country as a breeding ground for a new online reseller service with no competition.”

“It has everything to do with greed, but its greed from the Aussies.

Think of how many people 3 million dollars valve employs with 3 million dollars, and more importantly it sets a very bad precedent for the company.”

“>Corporations have to follow laws

Americans stop being such fucking doormats for god’s sake.”

“Why haven’t Americans punished Valve yet? It’s like you people enjoy getting cucked.

I have a collection of examples in the “american company does utterly reprehensible bullshit, america doesn’t do shit but other governments fuck them” category. Last one I read about was about the Lulu app getting sued for damages and completely shutting down operations in the affected country out of fear.”

“For all it’s consuming, the US is amazingly anti-consumer when it comes to peoples rights.

Australia is by no means perfect, but I have immense respect for our consumer laws.”

“I have immense respect for the consumer laws of a lot of countries. All it takes is for one customer to exercise their rights and these fucking american companies fold like paper. It doesn’t matter where the customer is from.”

“Makes a certain kind of sense.
US is where most of the big corps come from, so it’s laws get weighted in favor of corporations over consumers.
Meanwhile in smaller countries further to the left they have less sway, so far.”

“Being employed by a corporation helps, it’s in my best interest to see that system continue. Speaking in a general sense, not specifically about video games. ”

“America’s policy on refunds is to go fuck off

We tend to go towards laissez-faire to the extreme, so no protections for consumers or anyone who can’t afford lawyers, even if they are legally in the right.

Its how disney and scientology can strongarm their brand and block criticism.”

“>be somewhat good company
>suddenly turn into turbo kikes
what went wrong in 2007/8?”


Though it did not have the feature on release in 2007, TF2’s unlockable items (particularly the hats) led to the Mann-conomy update in 2010, which introduced the microtransaction system to the game.

To quote Gabe in 2015, on the question of whether or not there would be another Half-Life game:
>But you know if you want to do another Half-Life game and you want to ignore everything we’ve learned in shipping Portal 2 and in shipping all the updates on the multiplayer side, that seems like a bad choice.
(Portal 2 also had some microtransactions, but we all know TF2 is the golden goose)

He’s saying that spending years developing a major game and then selling it to someone once for $30-$60 is nowhere near as profitable as a game that continues to generate years and years of revenue, hundreds or even thousands of dollars, from that same person in microtransactions.

In other words: The only games Valve is going to make, if any, are more skinner boxes that can churn out fucktons of microtransaction money. Valve is no longer interested in making good single player games because they are not conducive to microtransactions (unlike a multiplayer game where you can show off that fancy new gun you bought). Half-Life is certainly never getting finished. And it all started in 2007, when TF2 hit the shelves.”


“Of course, if this racism was attached to a Transformers movie you can be sure that Jezebel would pronounce all of the Transformers audience racist. But in this case, it’s only some of the audience who are racist, because progressive Jezebel likes The Hunger Games, and they’re not racist.”

“The threat is not that her coach will become a pumpkin. It is “the longer you stay, the more likely you will be detected to be a fraud.” This is a critical childhood anxiety (which is why it is in a fairy tale), a narcissistic anxiety, and a feminist anxiety. The only thing she has to offer are her looks, and those are artificial (makeup and clothes) and transient. Eventually, the botox wears off. Tellingly, it cannot occur to Cinderella to even anti-feministly use her boobs to seduce the Prince and then win him over with her charm/grace/personality. Ultimate decision and action is always someone else’s (godmother, Prince, etc.)”

“I found about a million fawning feminist reviews of The Hunger Games which all contain some version of this paragraph:

“Katniss, in this season of woman-hating, is a stunning example of feminism at its finest hour. She is compassionate, yet strong. She cares deeply about her family. While she is tempted to run away with Gale, instead of leaving her sister and mother to fend for themselves, she stays to support them.”

Lord have mercy on all our souls, I’ll take my chances with Alice and a zombie attack. None of those things are feminism, those aren’t even praiseworthy. Those are basic, ordinary, unremarkable characteristics of every reasonable human being for 6000 years, and all animals. But that’s the bar the reviewer has set for Katniss, for feminism. That’s the fantasy world she’d like to see women eventually get to. So either a) she has an unconsciously cynical view of women in general; or b) she has been tricked by the system about what it is to advance as a woman, i.e she’s in The Matrix. Here’s the problem: she’s a woman. She represents women. She is a feminist, but she does not see that Katniss is allowed to exist precisely because she isn’t a threat to men but women can think she is. If I was a 15 year old girl, and I’m not saying I’m not, then what is being communicated to me by the feminist praise of this book is that my future expectations are low. Maybe– MAYBE– if I work real hard I might someday surprise a boy, “wow, I never would have guessed!” Can’t wait till I grow up.”

“Rage isn’t about quantity, but about certainty.”


“When Jews and their cucks write venomous pieces in such eminent establishments as The Washington Post and NRO celebrating their desired dispossession and extinction of white people, that’s ok, because they use big flowery language and come across as effeminates. But when a white guy tells the n1gg3rs to go fuck themselves, that’s “poisoned discourse” and is just the worst thing ever.”

“The only real reasons anime is a problem is that it gets young men attached to the Japanese female personality. This happens because western girls are increasingly vapid and useless, but manage to find the gall to be bitchy and aggressively entitled on top of it. But the Japanese girl meme is retarded. They aren’t actually like that. I’m sure Japanese men aren’t happy that weebs want to go fuck their women.

However, the same is one of the problems of the American movie/TV industry. It broadcasts the ideal white female to the rest of the world in extreme amounts. So you’ll have to be not so shocked that the entire world finds them to be the ultimate prize much like the weeb feeling that way about Japanese girls having watched too much anime. This is one of the primary motivations behind the extreme third world migration that nobody has considered. Yes, religious conquering is important, but only as a front for getting as much blonde hair blue eye pussy they can manage. If Japan opened its doors to weebs, they’d all fly in as well.”

“Is that actually the reaction though?

I won’t say I’m not attached to the Yamato Nadeshiko, but I don’t have any delusions that it’s a common thing in Japan. They’re also 2D, so the only reason why it’d point me toward women there is because it doesn’t seem to be a big thing anywhere else except Nordic “shield maidens”, which aren’t a thing in modern fiction, at least in the English-speaking world.

Similarly, or maybe rather obversely, if the warm, generous, Southern-accented big-titted implied-promiscuous blonde was the main exported image of the American woman I’d be inclined to agree. But it isn’t, at least not anymore. It’s an insufferable bitch who’s overly emotional about anything and has plot armor against everything. If I watched American media the amount the average American does, I would never in my life want anything to do with “””the ideal white female”””.

This analysis tells me more about you than about the world.”

“Everybody who play games and think about them at least a little knows that the player is more or less directed by game developers. Analogy with real life does not make this obvious topic interesting, and creating whole “game” based on this idea is a little insulting to gamers intellect. [The Stanley Parable] tries to communicate this painfully obvious message in very boring manner. This pseudo-intellectual “game” is IMHO waste of money and I would say it wouldn’t even worth your time if it was free.”

“People forget that it was the ancient Greeks who invented the art of making love. They taught it to the Romans, and the Romans taught it to the French. It was the French who introduced it to women.”


“telling people to mute people is victim blaming, by the way”

“>can prevent thing bad from happening easily
>instead, let it happen and complain that it happened instead”
“There is absolutely nothing wrong with victim blaming in that context.”
“>telling people to mute people is victim blaming
>people can’t swallow their pride for 2 seconds to just cut someone off entirely by muting them

You people are fucking stupid. Jesus christ. You have every opportunity to defuse the situation with a single click and yet you choose to torture yourselves by listening to someone talk shit to you. You’re just a masochist at that point.”

“You’re dealing with a human being, in a society, and have the reasonable expectation to not be harassed. So it’s not the victim’s fault if the harasser doesn’t control himself, so yes, he’s in the wrong, and it is victim blaming. Everyone has to take responsibility for their actions and no one has to take abuse.”

“Just kill yourself already”
“Sure, but muting the harasser is an easy and reasonable solution.”
“Others/Admins should do the job for you. Or we should start living in a world where everyone agrees with me and no conflict ever can exist. Why can’t you understand it! :^(”

“Yea, I blame her for not getting away from the danger. You don’t sit in a tiger enclosure and cry how its eating you, you rhe the fuck out of there”

“Do you also blame victims of bullying for going to school?”

“If the choose tp do nothing about it. Also it’s is not blamming them. That mental gymnastics has always been bullshit”
“Actually yes I blame them, 1. they don’t stick up for themselves. 2. they aren’t cool. 3. they are faggots for not sticking up for themselves.

If you take 1 ass beating by sticking up for yourself usually you get included in the next person to get their ass beat. Instead of always getting your ass beat.

You beta bitch.”
“Real life situations =/= playing a video game

You may not have complete control in a real life situation, but you sure as fuck have complete control over the mute button when playing a game online.

Try again.”
“If the victim had a way to completely erase the bullies kind of like a mute button in games does? Then yes, because he’d be actively choosing to be bullied.”

“>someone rapes a girl
>”lol why didnt you just run faster”

It’s just as stupid.”

“sounds reasonable to me
if girls would stop doing nothing in P.E they maybe would become fast enough runners to outrun fat rapers”


“Because you’re not allowed to have any variety of characterization with female or minority leads. They’re always expected to be representatives of their entire demographics rather than individual characters.

Nobody gives a shit about how white guys are represented, so you can have a range of heroes from complete badasses to complete fuckups to characters tortured by their own wrongdoing.”

“makes sense, don’t you think? if you use more bandwidth, you should pay more. it’s basic supply and demand.”

“except there is no limited supply of bandwidth”
“next time use food anthology”
“I read somewhere that by the rate people are posting larger and larger images on facebook we’ll run out of bandwidth before oil.”
“>costs $0.000005 in electricity to send data
bandwidth isn’t free but it also is stupidly cheap
caps are bullshit imposed by ISP’s that don’t upgrade their network”
“>”free market” country
>ISPs co-operate with eachother to make sure they can provide the worst possible service for the most money”
“isn’t data cap just a thing for smartphones?”
“Not even thirdworlders have this problem, what the fuck?”
“Bruh, I literally live in a wartorn shithole (Syria) and even I have unlimited data caps.”
“its just good old american capitalism at work”
“>I would never risk calling the emergency number because paramedical services aree not covered by my insurance
god bless america”

“>data caps
Why would you take an internet like that? Find a better ISP.”

“That’s the best part about American ISPs, 90% of the time you can’t, unless you think dial-up or satellite internet is a viable option.”

“Why not? It’s not like the cable company owns the phone lines.”

“they do
american ISP’s are all sorts of fucked up”

“Daily reminder that there is no competition for ISPs in the US because the FCC pretty much made it impossible for there to be any local isps.”

“>Haven’t had a data cap in over 15 years
What’s it like living in a 4th world shithole?”
“But Canada has datacap”
“>>What’s it like living in a 4th world shithole?”

“Is eventually a unit of time?”

“this girl who works at the store near me looks like a cross between a clown and a prostitute”

“Light travels faster than sound. That’s why some people look brilliant, until you hear them speak.”

“A general rule of thumb is that the second people notice something is off is always when it is already too late to stop it. “


“Let me tell you something. There are people worse than your investors.”
“Your clients.”

“So, you fancy yourself a diviner? Reading people and all.”
“Not really. I’m just quite good at reading people. I guess it’s a byproduct of dealing with so many people on a daily basis.”
“What can you say about me then?”
“Let’s see… hmm…

You’re very, very, VERY sexually frustrated. It’s not the act itself, but rather that your partners can’t seem to satisfy you on a deeper level. There’s an even deeper frustration. Something happened that’s blocking you. Maybe there’s someone who you know who won’t return your feelings. Maybe you were hurt in the past. Thus, your demeanor is that of someone who feels like life is playing tricks on her.

Like a dog whose owner never really throws the ball.”
“Oh boy, did I actually hit the nail on the head? I was making this stuff up on the fly! All of that was just rubbish I say because it’s right 80% of the time. Generic bullshit if you will. You’d be surprised at the amount of sexual frustration people hold.

I can’t read you. honey. You’re too good at putting on a professional face. But this definitely gives me more insight into you. Lucky lucky~”

“Oho? Were you two hanging at the back of the bar? What kind of stuff were you doing?”
“Just talking.”
“Is that what they call it these days?”

“It’s basic courtesy. Something I WILL fight to uphold. First the greetings stop, then saying “Please” and “Thanks” stops. And before you know it, BOOM! Total anarchy!”

“If you try to talk to someone in the upper part of the city, they either shrug you off or flat-out ignore you. People around here are a bit wary, but they’re also more likely to talk to you.”

“Back. Did anything happen?”
“I discovered I have the sense of humor of an 8 year old.”
“Did anything NEW happen?”

“What were you two doing back there?”
“Oh, so just chatting then.”


“According to the game’s developers, they make an effort to create and fully explore their characters before placing them into the game. After thinking of a “cool trait or occupation” of the character, their detailed profile is made, “span[ning] from imagining their family life to sleeping habits to what kind of pizza toppings they might prefer.” Although 70% of these traits are not mentioned in the game, they allow the developers to build up a mental image of the character which helps when writing about them, says VA-11 HALL-A’s programmer, Fernando Damas.”

“I knew a guy who was doxxed by a vegan because he ate a pure meat diet and his employer simply didn’t want to deal with the phone lines being tied up by the hundreds of vegans spam calling them.”

“Okay I’m impressed, BUT, from a business outlook.. its a major financial waste of labor hours.. which can put a job over budget.. the time wasted setting up for this little show. Now each piece needs to be handled again to reset an secure.. I’d have write each employee up, For possible cost overruns..js”

“oh…. you must be fun at company parties.”
“No he dosent do company partys because its not cost effective.”
“How do you know they weren’t ahead of schedule?”
“the only amount of time wasted was maybe a minute. If I had a foreman write someone up for this he would get disciplined. 1-5 minutes per hour is a small price to pay for motivation.”
“The difference between a pencil pusher and the actual laborer is that the laborer knows this didn’t take that much longer than doing it normally.”
“Your employees must absolutely love you.”
“Most people don’t leave a job because of the job itself, they leave because they have a shitty boss.”

“Don’t you think that pranking your disabled friend is offensive?”
“But not making fun of someone only because s/he is disabled would be discrimination, wouldn’t it?”

“Bonus points if you keep calling noobtube the “pro-pipe”. It infuriates the little kids.”

“The actual founder of Occulus Rift will get more shit from the media for donating to Trump groups than the Jewish man Zuckerberg chose to head up the OR program will for being a pedo.”

“Did you ever wonder why the Jews are such great proponents of democracy? Whether in Indonesia or Pakistan or Serbia or you name it, whenever there is some threat to universal suffrage, the Jews are ready to send the U.S. armed forces in to bomb and kill until everyone is permitted to vote. Why is that? Why can’t the Indonesians have an Islamic theocracy if they want? Why can’t the Pakistanis have a military dictatorship? Why can’t the Serbs run their own country the way they prefer? What is the appeal in making sure that people whose minds have been wasted by Alzheimer’s Disease vote? Well, let’s not beat around the bush: the appeal of mass democracy lies in the fact that in essentially every country in the world today, the number of persons unable to think for themselves is substantially larger than the number able to make independent decisions. Those unable to think for themselves have their thinking done for them by the people who control the mass media. Which is to say, democracy is the preferred system because it gives the political power to those who own or control the mass media and at the same time allows them to remain behind the scenes and evade responsibility for the way in which they use that power.”

“What IS IT with Japan and doing super serious stuff while looking as cute, young, sexy and incapable of any such feats as possible?”

“I remember some business man telling me something along the lines of them using cute coverings to hiding the guts of the machine.

I don’t know if he was being literal or metaphorical.”


“If you can’t see it, it’s in the back: they’re watching cartoons.

But if you are looking for a hard link between incest and his sex addiction you are wasting your time, there’s no answer because it isn’t the point of the movie.

Take the unexplained backstory as a placeholder: X happened to these characters in the past, and now they’re here; where X= incest, child abuse, murder, cannibalism, school shooting, war…

So the movie inadvertently makes an important point about your life: yes, that does sound terrible, but now what?”

“Saying, “I had no choice,” is itself a choice. Your choices may be stupid, but they’re still choices. And as all choices in life are ultimately binary, you really have no one else to blame for them but yourself. Flipping a coin should win you happiness 50% of the time. If you’re running less than that……………… consider getting a coin. Unless you’re one of those double-bind mofos, then the key advice here is to Costanza the situation and do the opposite of every natural impulse you have.”

“When you sign a contract with narcissism there’s a clause you should pay attention to: if it’s easy, it doesn’t count.”

“When media wants to depict a sex addict they depict the wealthy, the good looking, the powerful, the well hung. There are plenty of slimy basement dwelling janitor sex addicts out there, but they are represented as sex offenders. There are also plenty of gay sex addicts out there, but they are represented as gay. Both of you are dismissed, the world has no time for your nonsense. The sex addicts we see in movies and on the news are: rock stars, politicians, sports guys, CEOs.”

“[…] and there’s no God so the immorality of it is debatable, i.e. inconsequential.”

“All psychiatric treatment of constructed syndromes isn’t about cure but about regression to the mean, where mean= cubicle drone. In other words, the point of offering Priapos treatment isn’t that the patient gets better– no one cares about him– but that everyone else watching understands what he did is deeply whacked, so don’t get any ideas.”

“The typical way sex addiction is packaged by the media is to show all the harm that comes from it, i.e. self-loathing, i.e. AIDS, i.e. divorces, i.e. suicide, i.e. murder, i.e. heroin, i.e Shame. Unfortunately for the system, the Tucker Max Trilogy doesn’t involve any of these, but the narrative desperately awaits them, wants them, which is why you can be certain that if his fall ever comes, no matter how it comes, it will make it to the front page of Gawker. Then he could be a sex addict (or bipolar, or etc); but without the fall, he cannot be a sex addict or bipolar or etc. So while America waits for the rape charges or the racist voice mails to his Russian girlfriend, on to plan B.

Plan B is: instead of shaming him, shame you.”

“Note that if this were true you’d think someone would want to help them, educate them, elevate them, but it doesn’t want to “treat” them, it only wants to “diagnose” them as a warning for everyone else. In other words, the system sacrifices them. They’re expendable. Eat it.”

“If you weren’t told he was a sex addict, what would you have thought Brandon’s problem was? That he was mean; that he may have had sex with his sister; that he was cold, distant, and infinitely narcissistic; that he watches cartoons; that he had a crazy sister. You would have looked at the sex as a convenient way of escaping those things, as a consequence of those things […]

To make sure you never consider this, they tell you upfront the context in which you are to understand this movie, even and especially if you never actually watch it. Fortunately for Brandon he’s just a fictional character and doesn’t care about being used as means of social control. He’s expendable, but, let’s not forget, so are you. Eat it.”

“There is a lack of knowledge about just what rules there should be. We cannot state why we believe that something is wrong, because no one is entirely sure of what moral code to use, and thus cannot defend it in terms of right versus wrong.

So they turn it into a question of health. Notice how many of the old prohibitions have returned to some extent? Not because of moral disapproval and judgement, oh heavens no, but because of your health, you see.

“Health”, both physical and mental, has become the new “morality”. It’s even more insidious because you cannot argue for or against it as you would morals. It is Science. We are powerless in its wake.

So state your moral convictions, by all means. But this is a perverse version of moral control, in that it manages to silence dissent by pretending it doesn’t exist.”


“No Man’s Sky should have won Hottest Mess”

“If you heard the deliberations, it was very obviously heading in that direction until Alex started talking about white supremacy and on how triggered he got”

“Well nobody can say anything against Alex at that point because then people would say they defended white supremacists and I doubt they want that.”

“Whats hard to understand that they gave Alex a win so it didn’t drag on for 3 hours.

Shit happens every year, they give a win to someone who was going to throw a hissy fit until they got their way anyway.”

“>no one actually remembers the Palmer Lucky shit
>Alex: “I mean, he’s a white supremacist”
>everyone goes dead silent as they struggle to remember anything about what actually happened
>no one wants to argue with Alex who looks like he’s about to start foaming at the mouth
>even agreements are shut down because they aren’t taking it as seriously as Alex

Great show.”

“Everyone agrees NMS was the hot mess
Well yeah but Palmer is out of the scene and the Rift is out now and he didn’t effe-
Well yeah but he didn’t ca-
Ok but-
Ok Palmer wins

And you wonder why no one likes Giantbomb now, between this shit and the fucking tranny cohosts.”

“>The personal attacks on Hello Games were just deplorable, just because they straight up lied about their 60 dollar release right up until launch doesn’t make targeting them directly right!
>But lemme just throw this one(1) guy completely under the bus and publically shame him tho, labeling him as a white supremacist; even though he didn’t break any laws and just had some affiliations with /pol/ shitposters. Let’s ruin his life even more, and make him suffer even more humilation. Despite the fact that he’s a socially insecure manchild, and probably regrets everything he did.”

“Everyone was visibly uncomfortable with the subject and with how triggered Alex was. The whole conversation shifted when he brought up white supremacy. Alex was clearly ready to die on that hill and the others just wanted to move on after that and I don’t blame them.
That’s the way I read it, anyways.”

“Is this worse than that year Brad threw a tantrum when his favourite game didn’t win GOTY and they had to give it to his pick because everyone else eventually just got tired of arguing and wanted to go home?”

“The Skyrim year was the best year. Brad was 100% in the wrong but that discussion is possibly the only time where I’ve heard the GB staff begin to lose it at each other.”

“The Minerva’s Den argument has one of the best GOTY moments where Brad is talking about how amazing the story and foreshadowing is and Jeff immediately and smugly guesses the big twist without having ever played it. Brad gets so bootyblasted.”

“Is the 2011 skyrim thing worse than the destiny thing? I remember brad being out debated and countered on every single point he had about the game and you could tell literally everyone was annoyed with him and he just kept saying he played it so much that it had to be in the top ten.”

“Skyrim was worse. Brad cried for a fucking hour until he got his way and kept using the same arguments over and over again in circular reasoning until everyone else gave up. It was painful.”

“The best part is that Brad doesn’t like Skyrim anymore.”

“>Doesn’t like Skyrim
>Will forever be known as the shitlord who whinged until Skyrim won GOTY

Guess that’s a lesson in knowing when to quit.”

“Trump is going to ruin this country and all you annoying autistic faggots who can’t fucking stop bringing him up and can’t stop seeing SJWs in everything are going to suffer for it. Fuck you dumb ass faggots, you’ve made the internet unbearable in your stupid ass crusade I legitimately hope you all die. I just want to talk about video games and Giant Bomb and other shit.”

“Kek, why angry at Trump, instead of Alex? He’s the one who brought up politics!”

“He’s just mad when people bring up politics that he disagrees with”

“>Giant Bomb editor makes the wrong choice because of political nonsense
Do posters like this KNOW they’re being disingenious, or are they so unaware that they think the political shit started here instead of on Giant Bomb?”

“Trump wants to “open up the libel laws?” What an authoritarian fascist! Muh press freedumb!

Oh good, Obama is creating an ‘anti-propaganda agency’ to deal with fake news.”

“Talking about viewpoints only legitimises them. […] If anything the left has tried having too many dialogues and respectful discussions, thinking that you can just show a racist the light of logic and reason, when all that happened over the past eight years is that racism has become more and more publicly acceptable.”

“No Man’s Sky was a collective fuck-up and a real microcosm for a lot of things wrong against the industry at this moment.”

“The people getting duped doesn’t really bug me, it’s that Sony, Hello Games, the game media, and even the consumers themselves played a part here. Everyone’s at fault and nobody wants to take the blame.”

“Remember when we were able to enjoy things unironically, and have friends?”

“New sinceirty age is upon us so you can have problematic taste again.”

“The fuck does this even mean?”

“Liking things that are not socially acceptable in the community. At first people started saying “I like the show ironically” later it was “I unironically like that show” and soon it will be “I like that show” going fulll circle again.”

“I don’t get how college is so popular, especially among the left. Is there any more perverse, authoritarian system left in the Western world?

People drug themselves to complete the tasks demanded of them, which exceed what could be expected from a normal healthy human being. People work all through the night and puke their brain out from stress. Depression is exceptionally common.

And all this to gain favor with the professor, their lord and master, that he may perhaps deign to grant them a slightly higher grade, pleased as he is with the suffering which they offered up to him as sacrifice. The professor is their lord, who holds their future in his hands, and taunts them with it, and whose arbitrary judgments are to be most prized, at the expense of all else.

What tyranny is greater than this?”

“A tyranny that takes attendance.”

“Last time I checked college is not compulsory, and therefore hence not authoritarian.”

“Right, consent is the primary factor for determining whether something is authoritarian for lefties.

This is why work is slavery because I have to get a job to eat and that’s like coercion, man.”

“”Take the long view, son. Work hard in school now for better earnings later in life.” “Nah, take them demand-side dollas now, son. Fuck around in a frat house for 4 years and leave awash in debt and overly credentialed mediocrity like the rest of the country.””

“Though often the guys fucking around in the frat house may have better luck than the ones grinding in the library. Do you know how many people get jobs through well-connected frat brothers?”

“Property values are only the most important thing when your socio-economic system willingly places them at the center of pretty much everything: from education funding to the racial profile of the population.

If those insane correlations weren’t enforced by your society you wouldn’t need anti-hobo spikes under bridges. Maybe you’d even build a homeless shelter or two near your neighborhood.”

“I feel sorry for American parents. Don’t you take care of them when they get old?”

“Its called social security benefits.”

“How do your social security benefits cut their firewood or take them to doctor’s? Life isn’t only about money.”

“wot m8. this is 21st century, everythings done through a press of a button.

Also everyone and their mother/grandma has cars/taxis/etc. Everyone also has cellphones in emergencies.”

“The only people who want to move out are idiots who want to be cucked by the banks and the state

They also keep spreading the meme that living with and supporting your parents is pathetic and not respectable”

“I despise how much board culture was changed for the worst

I remember being young and being afraid to even start a thread or reply to a post in fear that I might ridiculed for not living up to board standards of high merit but as time progressed and retards continued to join they gave up that fear so now every fuck tard can spout an opinon with little to no consequences

And once shitposting got so meta that people started to believe it
That’s when the all time cancer started

I wish I could go back 20 years and influence some decisions even a little bit
Because I can clearly see the exact reasons why we have this state of despair”

“The blogger Umetsubame claims that others look down on narou stories because they think that people should work hard in order to succeed. Yet in real life, lots of people try hard but fail to succeed, while others do nothing and succeed anyway. At this point, Nobuo Kawakami, the Representative Director of Dwango, chimes in to say: “In fact, the idea that if you try hard you will (definitely) succeed is more of a fantasy.”

If it’s taken as a given that people cheat their way to the top in society, then in order for a narou protagonist to succeed, he needs to be placed into a world where his own particular skills can be used as cheats. It’s no surprise, then, that the vast majority of isekai stories are based on JRPG-inspired worlds, particularly the pseudo-medieval settings of the Dragon Quest series and the early Final Fantasy games.

The underlying assumption (is) that only people who know how to cheat the system can succeed. Umetsubame explained this cynicism is a result of the current social climate. Japan is past its economic bubble, there is no job security for young people, and in order to get hired you need to bury your individuality. Instead of pathologising narou fans, he points to society’s arbitrary standards of success as the underlying problem. You can work and work and work, but still be laid off your job. Narou stories function not only as escapist fiction, but also as an affirmation of this particular worldview.”

“My point was that the fact that they just luck into their abilities drastically undercuts the “hard work gets results” message. Konosuba does a good job of lampooning this, when Kazuma, who reincarnated to the world having nothing, meets Mitsurugi, who was given a magic sword and had and easy road the whole way through because of it.”

“Does it though? It may have helped them, but it only helped so far. They’re still going to have to put in hard work if they want to go any higher. There’s some misconception that hard work will lead to a dead end of mediocrity, but that’s because that’s the tipping point between hard work and when people pull out the labels such as “gift”, “talent”, “luck”.”

“That’s just it though, in real life there is a point for everyone where additional hard work or knowledge won’t help them, because they aren’t in the correct position, or they don’t have the necessary talent or inventiveness, or they don’t have access to the necessary resources. Most people are never going to accomplish anything of note, or achieve their high aspirations or dreams, most people just settle in and become comfortable with their life, where or what ever it is, around the age of 35 or 40. Saying “Work hard and you get what you want” falls flat on it’s face when faced with that reality, which is why the blogpost quoted here >>151472386 is so poignant. Isekai tacitly recognizes this idea and embraces it, which is why the MC’s always get special abilities gifted to them out of nowhere, it’s an almost cynical recognition that with out that, these people would probably accomplish nothing of importance.

Sure maybe they work hard to hone those abilities or have to learn how their new abilities work and the most efficient way to use them, but it’s the abilities that enable them to accomplish things, not the work.”

“I like that you took it in a different direction than I was expecting. Completely opposite of what my post meant, but I’ll somewhat correct where I was going. Those words I used are just a relabel of the same thing, that is hard work. My point was that people become blind to the fact that you worked hard at all and will come to call it something otherworldly as if it negates that you put in a ton of time and effort into something. Those labels, “gift”, “talent”, “luck” only manifest after the fact, and never before. Hard work was the answer all along, but that’s a much more difficult truth to swallow because well it’s right in the name. “Hard” work. It’s not easy and it never will be, however, it’s what a person needs to do regardless of anything else.

I don’t enjoy those labels as they seem to hide the other aspect that we as people have and that’s individuality. This is what everything else truly stems from. Sure you may think that some people are very similar and that’s possible. We live in similar conditions and will therefore breed similar ideas. But it’s never exact and that’s the uniqueness that we all carry. The individuality.”

“Yes people are unique, but that is exactly why hard work is not all it takes to achieve success, and why success is so rare for most. No two people are the same and no two people are equal, everyone has different levels of physical and mental abilities, as well as a variety of circumstances outside of their control, because of this you have situations where two people can place an equal amount of work into the same thing and achieve different results. One person might not have the resources to take of advantage of an opportunity when it presents, another might not even have the faculties to recognize that opportunity at all.

Talent is real, some people simply have superior capabilities in some areas to others, and while I believe that all people have some talent,all talent is not equal. There are always going to be those who are just better equipped to succeed than others, and some who just have the fortune of being in the right place at the right time for things to play out for them.

So to me telling people to “Just work hard and things will work out” is completely disingenuous, bordering on immoral. People would be much happier figuring out what their limitations are and working within those, than frustrating themselves chasing impossible dreams.”

“No, some people really are more “gifted” than others. People are not equal. Doesn’t mean one can simply coast on “gifts” but they help a lot and it’s a matter of honing/using them, which is work.

Sports clearly displays this. Michael Phelps has a physique suited for swimming. It’s “unfair” but we can’t take that away from him. It’s part of who he is. He still worked hard and earned that gold. And there are things he won’t succeed at because of factors not in his favor.

Just telling people to “really” work hard is pretty condescending. There are millions of people working harder than anyone in this thread and the universe hasn’t simply rewarded them for their efforts. Because the reality is more complex than that.”

“The lie people tell themselves when they fail is that it is not their fault, that they just were not lucky enough to be born with talent and that those that succeeded were just lucky.”

“No, that’s the truth that less fortunate people come to realize. The lie is the one told by those who are fortunate enough to need a narrative that justifies their belief that they deserve everything and their need to feel entitled to what they have.”

“Some people, Adachi-types. Others buy into a different falsehood, that success and failure is always within one’s control, which is egotistical. Outside factors can contribute to or be the direct cause for your failure. And sometimes, a failure is just a failure and no one is at fault for anything. To say a loss is your fault for not winning, you subtly undermine the other’s victory. “

“You sound like someone who does not take responsibility for their loss and just blames outside factors.”

“Believe what you want to will, but take note what you believe may not be the truth.”

“Could you give a common situation that illustrates your point?”

“>Can you give a common example of how the world is unfair and practically everything is beyond our control
Gee anon, I don’t know, why do bad things happen to good people, why does god take children from their mothers or stricken them with diseases, why does man not have control in this chaotic world.

Christ mate, think about what you are asking for a minute would ya?”

“That has nothing to do with talent and hard work. ”

“Talent, like all other forms of bonus or malus imbued into a human soul is the realm of luck. If even every day happenings are beyond our ken and control then what makes you think that where talent is found that is deserved, or that hard work can conquer any circumstance without lady luck blowing on the dice first and foremost?

>Inb4 whining that that’s not an argument
There were already arguments made against the “hard work can solve anything, talent doesn’t exist, you can do anything if you want” which were promptly ignored.”

“I have never claimed that hard work will allow you to do anything. Only that you can earn most things in life with hard work.

I am not going to get into the “is talent real” thing because you can not prove or disprove it exists.”

“That’s like saying you can’t prove geniuses exist when we have many cases to prove that there are people with superior abilities as compared to normal people. Just because you don’t want to accept it, doesn’t mean it’s unprovable”

“He was the better. You say he worked harder but maybe he has a better regiment. Or superior abilities. Or your errors worked in his favor.

It’s a competition, there is no fault in losing, or winning. Don’t undermine it with excuses, just accept a loss.”

“There is fault in losing.
Him having a better regiment is your fault as well.
Your errors are definitely your fault.
I am accepting a loss, I am also accepting fault.
You are the one who udermining it with it excuses by claiming that the loss is not your fault.”

“>There is fault in losing.
No, you don’t control victory.
>Him having a better regiment is your fault as well.
Outside your control. That’s not your bad, that’s his good.
>Your errors are definitely your fault.
True and his are his. But being able to exploit an error is a good skill. His good.
>I am accepting a loss
Not really. You’re looking for excuses to why you were bested. You undermine the competition when you look for someone to blame, whether it’s the other or yourself. You should accept you don’t control an outcome and take a loss.”

“Claiming “not my fault” is the epitome of not accepting your loss. If you can not see this then there is something wrong with your thinking.”

“There is no fault. There is no one to blame. It’s not a goddamn sin. It’s a competition. Someone wins, someone loses.

Stop being conceited and thinking it’s all about you. The other person is just as much at ‘fault’ for your loss; his victory is why you’re a loser. Because he was the better.”

“You are not doomed to mediocrity without it, hard work will get you pretty damn far. So what if you can’t hit a 10, you can still get a 9 or an 8. You are not doomed to a 5, so don’t assume that you are.”

“Ah, but if hard work no talent only gets you to 3, which is arguably true in at least a handful of vitally important things, then it’s quite different isn’t it? Just like how the trolley problem would be a complete non-starter if instead of a 1:5 ratio it was a 1:10,000.”

“Baseless speculation which has the added bonus of being clearly wrong. If anyone could get just short of the upper echelons of any skill with just effort alone there would be no shortage of great masters or artisans. Yet in every field we see the same sorts of curve to distributions of ability. There is no bunch up where everyone who’s tried hard has ended up in these positions of top 10-20% of all talent, instead see a well defined curve where as always there is such a distribution that those considered extraordinary are always far far fewer than their peers who are judged are average or mediocre.”

“> The reason most people can’t improve is because of emotional immaturity instead of a lack of ability.
Utter nonsense and quackery, reads like some noncommittal self help book I wouldn’t even wipe my ass with. “if you don’t improve it’s just because you aren’t trying hard enough to change your emotions!”. As if lack of trying hard enough can explain why trying hard in the first place didn’t work. Though I suppose if you blame everything on some completely nonspecific ill like “emotional immaturity” then no one can really complain, after all there’s no way to prove to another human being one way or the other. Even better a confidence scam than the emperor’s invisible silks. ”

“>Also if I could rebuild Dobson’s emotional character from the ground up then I am pretty sure that I could make him into an exceptional artist.
And if I had the red sea, the red stone, the red elixir vitae I could make lead into gold. But I don’t so we won’t ever find out if that’s true.”

“Fine, I give up.
You are a useless sack of shit because you were not born with talent. (There, happy now?)”

“>Fine, I give up.
What happened to your enthusiasm for hard work?”

“>Luck doesn’t exist
>Hard work always pays off
Yeah, sorry I am not even going to bother with this. You are either a Calvinist or a retard and I really don’t wish to engage with you in either case.”

“You don’t work harder tomorrow. You work harder today. Those who work hard today are the only ones who have a tomorrow.”


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