Nov 30 ~ Dec 14

“My first experience related to the idea of freedom in general: Under communism, with its censorship-based notion of “truth,” our most cherished value was the freedom of expression. We enjoyed being dissidents and we respected ourselves for it. Not only did we disagree with the party line, we also disagreed among ourselves as much as we could. We had a saying: “Wherever you have two Poles, you have at least three opinions.” Such was the idea of freedom among those who did not have it.

To us, freedom was in the United States. Because I was not able to travel to America, I did my best to let America come to me; as a university student I became a tour guide for American visitors to Poland. I clearly remember waiting for that first bus to arrive on the Czechoslovak/Polish border in the summer of 1963. For the first time, I was about to meet free people from a free country. How would this freedom express itself in a face-to-face encounter, I wondered.

For days, I got to talk with and listen to people from America, and I remember being overwhelmed not by any sense of freedom but by the conformity I was witnessing. The tourists were members and relatives of the U.S. military and support personnel stationed in West Germany. The majority were nearing the end of their term of service and wanted to see “the demon behind the iron curtain” before the trip back to the States. I was shocked to encounter sixty people who had identical opinions on almost everything. Unimaginably to me, these opinions were also nearly identical to the official line of the U.S. State Department. And thus, the first important question arose for me: Why do we cherish freedom so much when we don’t have it and neglect it when it is a given?”

“Identities are made, not born. Although I claim no originality for this insight, it is striking how much our understanding of the world has continued to be anchored on the premise that identities – in particular racial, ethnic, and national – are self-evident. In the context of China, not only do we often learn from textbooks and popular media that the country has had a continuous history of over five thousand years (a “fact” that has been used to show that China is either steady or stodgy), we are also constantly reminded by the official propaganda and well-intentioned observers alike that the Chinese nation (Zhonghua min zu), internally diverse as it might be, is ultimately united by blood as the descendant of the Yellow Emperor. Although the optimistic scholar might view such efforts to promote an essential Chinese identity as so transparent as to be unworthy of intervention, it remains the case that, despite all the harms that have been done in the name of racial, ethnic, or national unity, we who live in the new millenium are still very much, in the broadest sense of the term, prisoners of modernist identities.

To claim that identities are constructed is not to deny that they could be deeply meaningful. Rather, it is to insist that, in order to capture more fully the complexity of the human past, we must approach the formation of identities not as an aside but as an essential component in historical inquiries. For many, the history of China is, at its core, a history of the realization of the Chinese people as a nation. But while the conventional story of the emergence of China as a modern nation-state is in many ways seductive, it is also fundamentally flawed because it takes for granted that “Chinese people” are inherently a nation and that “China” is inherently a nation-state. […] What I believe we can do is to imagine alternative narratives, to take not for granted the “Chineseness” of China, and to ask, as some have begun to, “how China became Chinese”.”

“>You guys have no IDEA what we’ve gone through
>Please emphasize with us
>This isn’t just a patch. This is an idea we’re sharing with you.

God fuck this generation. You’re a company, deliver good shit or gtfo. Whatever the fuck happened to professionalism.”

“Man I hate Shad. How can someone with such shit art be so liked?”

“I want to know is how someone can be so shit at art despite putting out content regularly.
I’m shit because of massive periods of procrastination and I won’t work on even a stick figure during them, but he regularly works on artwork.
He has no excuses for still being shit. His linework is greasy, his proportions are always fucky, his coloring makes all his images look greasy and sticky like they’re covered in some kind of trash-oil-syrup or something, and he’s always edgy in the same way that try-hard teenagers are. “

“>CNN Anchor: Americans Should Wear Hijabs To Show Solidarity With Fearful Muslims


It freaks me out that people can’t see that we live in a transparently totalitarian system, one that doesn’t even bother to provide news at all, just to dictate and model opinions, which will be reiterated on Twitter, on FB news scroll, in motion pictures, on TV shows and a 2 minute hate for anyone who dumurs.
It also freaks me out that people are having difficulty seeing that the only purpose – the only purpose at all – to any of the G-8 nations is to destroy their White populations, by lowering birthrates, by constant propagandizing, by replacement levels of immigration, by destruction of communities, by forced association and forced hiring and busing and a thousand other means. The. only. purpose.”

“>make a shitty grindfest game
>add in basebuilding which requires you to grind even more and doesn’t really add any actual gameplay improvements
>suddenly people love it

what’s stopping you niggas from making money off of these retards?”

“Pre-release he stated that there were no multiplayer. People were still stating that there was multiplayer even though every single gaming media was saying otherwise. Even now memefags are parroting that shit.”

“well obviously people will be confused when the game devs themselves say it’s in the game when it’s clearly not

i’d like to think most people would believe the game devs themselves after the games release and not media people

this disaster is their own fault, everything about it was awful, and the game still blows and shows that you have to wait 3+ months for potentially shit updates that don’t actually add sustainable things

media has nothing to do with that, this was all on the devs lying before and after release”

“Every dev lies during interviews, you can promise the world but you can only deliver on the things that are humanly possible. It’s the peoples fault for not knowing any better.”

“as i’ve said repeatedly, the issue is that they also lied on social media AFTER the game was released, going against what people and media had reported

people got confused and in hype fights because people tried to defend the devs when they saw those tweets blaming server load issues

it’s not that rare for devs to list pre-release, but it’s kind of surprising for the devs to actively lie and blame server load to try and hide the fact that a feature is obviously missing”

“both are to blame desu

the important part is that noones LEGALLY to blame”

“which in itself is dumb

they basically labeled and sold the product as one thing, but talked to the fans and used social media to sell it as something else

they didn’t really do anything illegal, but they probably came as close as you can get to false advertising, to the point they literally had to put single player stickers on some of the early editions to hide the multiplayer one that had been there before”

“[…] other people are going to be like, ‘He should never come back’.”
“Because of what happened before.”
“What happened before?”
“The remarks that were attributed to you.”
“That were attributed to me. That I didn’t necessarily make. But, uh, and I uh, gather you have a dog in this fight?”
“Pardon me?”
“You have a dog in this fight? Or are you being impartial?”
“You tell me, I’m trying to be impartial.”
“Well I’m back, and I hope it works out.”

“so he did have a dog in the fight”

“”I had a dog in this fight, and I can’t believe he asked me if I had a dog in this fight!””

“as a jew and a human being” lol, love how he has to make a point jews are “human beings”

“In the Talmud, ONLY the Jews are considered human beings. Non-Jews are considered animals.”

“”as a jew and a human being” ya, I have a cousin who’s mixed. rough.”

“>Say Jews control America.
>Jews get rabid” hurr durr muh antisemitism”.
>Be cut off in a matter of weeks from every Hollywood movie or project. >
Because Jews totally don’t control America and especially not the media.”

“Copyright: Wow, imagine if there was a single field of modern law that was more fucked-up, unintuitive, oft vague and ass-backwards than I am.

Advertising: Hold up I got you fam”

“Why is it so controversial to say that illegals voted and most likely account for a large portion of Clintons advantage in the popular vote? I mean there are millions of them in the US, they had an enormous personal investment in this election, and there is de facto no way whatsoever for voting booths to stop them from voting. So why wouldn’t they?”

“I think it’s comical how the left pretends they don’t treat minorities like pets, and if you call them on it they get irrationally angry.”

“>couple joins the guild”
“>couple threatens to leave if they can’t be in the group/raid together”
“>they cause drama at every opportunity with nice lines like “why do you hate us?””
“>he insults other players without reason
>she supports him”
“>another girl joins
>they start shit talking each other”
“>couple joins the 10 man raid group
>the guy is a great player and essential to our success and the girl is awful
>they’re a package deal”
“>couple starts having sex on mic
>everyone else is silent”
“>Couple runs a guild
>Husband threatens to kick you because wife is a humorless bitch”
“>Recommend “””””girl””””” to a guild full of xtra thirsty virgins
>Get a front row seat for the carnage”

“>flamboyant guy in the guild insists he isnt gay
>comes back a year later and tells us he has a boyfriend
>is actually surprised everyone wasn’t surprised he was gay”

“>someone with the same name as you, but with another word or name attached after it joins guild
>they’re more social than you and naturally claim the rightful ownership of that name while you fade into nothingness”

“>join guild
>the main raid group are all super close
>they’re the only ones that ever talk
>feel awkward trying to join in so I don’t
>just enjoy having the chat on as a side story almost
>like having a FF text version of Friends
>I’ll remember something someone said a previous time and want to follow up on it but it would be weird if I asked about it so I just wait and hope someone else brings it up
>FC ends up moving servers
>my tv show is gone

>join new FC
>try starting a conversation
>promptly kicked by someone else because of username

>get bombarded by FC requests because nobody in any game at endlevel can be free
>just decline them all because nobody even messages first
>it’s just rude
>going through beginning area
>”um excuse me, I was wondering if maybe you would want to join my FC possibly?”
>it’s primarily a bunch of low levels who are just starting out
>get to help answer questions
>people seem excited about everything
>they haven’t been corrupted by the toxicity of an endgame MMO yet

“Can a woman retroactively withdraw consent?”
“Of course not, that’s ridiculous.”
Checks box saying respondent supports rape.”

“All my life I have been a ‘have-not.’ At home I was a ‘have-not.’ I regard myself as belonging to them and have always fought exclusively for them. I defended them and, therefore, I stand before the world as their representative. I shall never recognize the claim of the others to that which they have taken by force. Under no circumstances can I acknowledge this claim with regard to that which has been taken from us. It is interesting to examine the life of these rich people. In this PLUTOCRATIC world there exists, as it were, democracy, which means the rule of the people by the people. Now the people must possess some means of giving expression to their thoughts or their wishes. Examining this problem more closely, we see that the people themselves have originally no convictions of their own. Their convictions are formed, of course, just as everywhere else. The decisive question is who enlightens the people, who educates them? In those countries, it is actually capital that rules; that is, nothing more than a clique of a few hundred men who possess untold wealth and, as a consequence of the peculiar structure of their national life, are more or less independent and free. They say: ‘Here we have liberty.’ By this they mean, above all, an uncontrolled economy, and by an uncontrolled economy, the freedom not only to acquire capital but to make absolutely free use of it. That means freedom from national control or control by the people both in the acquisition of capital and in its employment. This is really what they mean when they speak of liberty. These capitalists create their own press and then speak of the ‘freedom of the press.’

In reality, every one of the newspapers has a master, and in every case this master is the capitalist, the owner. This master, not the editor, is the one who directs the policy of the paper. If the editor tries to write other than what suits the master, he is ousted the next day. This press, which is the absolutely submissive and characterless slave of the owners, molds public opinion. Public opinion thus mobilized by them is, in its turn, split up into political parties. The difference between these parties is as small as it formerly was in Germany. You know them, of course – the old parties. They were always one and the same.”

“The first thing my professor for the Intro course at college said on the first day was that there is no truth.

Then he said we have to give both sides for everything except the holocaust.”

“>In 2008 this was considered a thicc ass”

“No, it’s just that “thicc” didn’t exist in 2008 and the aesthetics of the time were a lot skinnier than they are now

Like back then C.C. was considered to have a giant ass but now if you look at anime it’s just regular size

Desired ass size has gone up”

“rich people are poor (Jonathan Butler)
white people are black (Rachel Dolezal, Shaun King)
men are women (Bruce Jenner)
war is peace (Islam)
ignorance is truth (Safe Spaces)
slavery is freedom (Open Borders)

cult of entropy”

“Yeah bro, we don’t need manufacturing jobs, literally everyone can be a doctor or a computer programmer.”

“According to liberals, what is wrong with one country invading and conquering another country? As long as the new subjects are given the same rights, that is essentially just the same thing as the two countries combining together. And liberals shouldn’t have a problem with that since they favor one-world government as an ideal anyway and this is just one step closer to that goal. There were X different countries in the world, now there are X-1.”

“Of course the conclusion you inevitably come to is that all governments are ultimately just military occupations, who only have to act less overtly oppressive than ordinary occupation forces because governments (in the West) have the implied consent of the local population on their side which believes in the “legitimacy” of the government, and hence goes along with their dictates without putting up much of a fight – until the belief in this legitimacy fades below a certain threshhold, at which point collaborative emergent sabotage, tax evasion, disrespect for the law etc add up to make the administratorial apparatus so ineffecient and hard to manage that it becomes ever easier for insurgent opposition movements to organize under the nose of the central government and then challenge their monopoly on force”

“Fidel Castro created a thriving democratic Cuban community.

In Miami and Tampa.”

“There is no shortage of people who are proud to be moderate individualist hippies and would do nothing to defend anything, but enjoy sneering at any extreme position as all the same despite being shifted by the tides of extremism over the years. Whatever extremism has led to, they champion as moderation. They would have been both slave owners and abolitionists. They’ll hang on the side of a ship heading towards a glacier and attack anybody trying to steer, then justify the actions of those that have managed to do it. They are mentally and spiritually fruitless cowards which need to focus on being a submissive cog.”

“Their job is actually to convince other people to be submissive cogs. Makes more sense when you visualize them as the shephard’s dogs – they don’t actually make decisions on where the sheep should go, but they do the job of making sure the sheep go where it’s been decided they should go.”

“”British values like diversity, multiculturalism…”

Funny, in all My readings, let them be Shakespeare, Chaucer, or Dickens, before WW2, the diverse and the multiculti were at best comic relief, and at most a cautionary tale.”

“I remember asking a lady once why she wants a man who’s 6’5 yet weighs less than her and she deleted my comment”

“if you want to get good at drawing something, don’t do studies of it, look at it, put it away, and then try to draw it the best you can. Then look at it again and repeat

studies are for when you want to understand how something work (light, shadow, form etc) but for imagination drawing studies won’t do shit, you need to draw from memory”

“The goal of a nation isn’t efficiency. The goal is a functioning nation, people working, families succeeding. We can understand the family as a subset of the extended family, which in turn is understood as a Country. Generally, what is right and proper for the family is right and proper for the nation. Once you establish that correspondence, we can point out that traditionally libertarian ideas towards economics are immoral, i.e. would we espouse ‘upgrading’ our wives for a more ‘efficient’ female. Th idea is wrong on its face, because the sum of the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. If that sort of behavior destroys families and qualitative experience, it will surely destroy a society. For example, that’s what Chomsky meant when he said capitalism is a fundamentally anti-human system. Capital and industry have their own recursive logic that treat the subsumed subjects as undifferentiated cogs in a global machine. The person – the subject – becomes an object subordinated to the god of ‘efficiency’. We could wax Heideggerian about what happens when instead of using the tool, the tool enslaves you; but Alain de Benoist’s put it best when he said he ‘wants a society with a market, not a market society.'”

“Why do western game devs love this haircut so much?”

“It is just a fad that women and men do to be “in”. the hot girls will still look hot while the ugly girls will still look ugly so in a sense it is a way for pretty girls to show they can be hot when they shave off one of their most important features. It looks dumb as hell.”

“”It would be shocking if these vastly different reproductive odds for men and women failed to produce some personality differences […] For women, the optimal thing to do is go along with the crowd, be nice, play it safe. The odds are good that men will come along and offer sex and you’ll be able to have babies. All that matters is choosing the best offer. We’re descended from women who played it safe. For men, the outlook was radically different. If you go along with the crowd and play it safe, the odds are you won’t have children. Most men who ever lived did not have descendants who are alive today. Their lines were dead ends. Hence it was necessary to take chances, try new things, be creative, explore other possibilities.”

[…] It’s for this reason that organized and advanced civilizations have always needed to agree on the equitable distribution of women so as to incentivize its men to produce and have a stake in the society’s health and security.”

“18 yr old: Can I drink booze?
Government: Nah that’s dangerous n illegal
18 yr old: How bout $100K of debt for an unmarketable degree
Government: We got you, bro.”

“Dear Men
YOU can’t change your mind in the middle of things.

“It is a mistake to attribute Japan’s savings rate, or many of its other key aspects, to “culture”, as Japan had the same culture before WWII, when her savings rate was low. It is the interaction of culture with deliberate state policies, not culture itself, that is key. The use of “culture” as a catch-all explanation by foreign analysts of Japan is an evasion of serious analysis.”

“The natural question a neoliberal economist asks at this point is, how can the MOF make rational capital-allocation decisions? Isn’t it an article of faith, vindicated by years of experience, that governments are bad at this and markets good?

Well, yes, which is why the MOF intervenes at only the very highest levels of this process, most of the work being done by banks and the large corporations beneath them in this hierarchical system. Banks in Japan are attached to large industrial groups called keiretsu, meaning that they are both tied into sophisticated networks of industrial expertise and have several layers of administration below them to do the detail work.

Much of the Japanese system operates similarly to similar corporate structures in the West, though it faces a deliberately altered set of incentives. Because these incentives are just a fact of life to most of the corporate managers facing them, they don’t even have to know where they came from or why. Most of the system doesn’t even know that it’s centrally-planned, and doesn’t need to.

If there is any question as to whether they have been able to make these high-level decisions correctly for the last 50 years, one has only to look at Japan’s relative economic performance, which has made her by all accounts the second-richest nation in the world and possibly soon to be the richest.

Simply put, laissez-faire theory is just plain empirically wrong: a planned economy can work. Period. Empirical facts trump abstract theories.

Unfortunately for the political left, Japan’s success equally makes a mockery of socialism, which may explain why her system has attracted so little affection in the West. It does not flatter anyone’s ideological religion, left or right.”

“Essentially, the architects of the Japanese system looked at the classic capitalist economy and reached the exact same conclusion as the average member of the Western world: that most of it is rational, but that an absurdly high proportion of national income is wasted rewarding the tiny elite that performs the capital-allocation function. Wall Street types do their jobs reasonably well, but why not replace them with elite bureaucrats who will perform the same function for $90,000 a year apiece, rather than people who earn ten, or even a hundred, times that? After all, one can teach bureaucrats the same technical skills of economic analysis.

In the Japanese view, investment banking is a business which, because of its structural monopoly on extremely valuable information, tends to produce grossly excessive returns for those engaged in it. The capital allocation function is irrationally priced because the intrinsic bottlenecks of information make it impossible for new entrants to drive down returns. Therefore the market cannot be relied upon to rationally price it. Capitalism, paradoxically, is rational except at its very pinnacle.”

“In fact, because of the diminishing marginal utility of money, it is irrational for an economic system to rely on purely economic incentives. If all you pay people in is money, it gets awfully expensive to maintain their motivation as you go up the income scale. How much money does society have to dangle in front of a billionaire to get him to allocate another five hours a week from leisure to the work needed to run the part of the economy he owns? […]

The Japanese have understood that what people are largely pursuing in the workplace is not so much money as the respect of the people around them, and therefore maintain a sophisticated – indeed, bizarrely over-elaborate to the Western eye – economy of respect in addition to the economy of money. They have understood that a large part of what money-seeking individuals really want is just to spend that money on purchasing social respect, though status display or whatever, so it is far more efficient to allocate respect directly.

Did you really think people as obviously intelligent as the Japanese were doing all those odd-looking bows for nothing? Sure, these behaviors are derived from tradition, but there’s a reason they kept these traditions and the West hasn’t. Interestingly, this understanding on their part of the need for unapologetic status differentials contradicts the emphasis in Western socialism on a culture of equality.

It also follows that if society is to maintain status differentials without suffering withdrawal of social cooperation due to the resulting resentment of low-status individuals, society must contain these status differentials within strong overarching sentiments of social unity. Naturally, the Japanese are famous for this, too. It all fits.”

“Why are Japan’s bureaucrats so effective?’ Well, an American can start by looking at those American bureaucrats who are generally conceded by most people outside the far left to be effective: the military. The two salient characteristics of the military hierarchy in the US are that it has a governing ideology of nationalism and it is motivated by non-economic rewards. Japanese bureaucrats at the MOF are the same. Like 5-star generals, they are no more than reasonably paid, but their real reward is in the form of status: they are recognized everywhere as outranking people hundreds of times richer than they are. They can demand to be recognized as equals by anyone in their society and as superiors by all but a few.

Plato would have recognized such men as Platonic guardians, who were produced in his Republic by a process the Tokyo University men who run Japan would recognize: an elite education, followed by long apprenticeship and combined with relative material asceticism, ruthless scrutiny by the other guardians, a tight in-group esprit de corps, and a guiding ideology of nationalism. Anyone who knew the pre-1960s Jesuits will also understand what is going on here.”

“What’s interesting is how he has apparently absorbed, presumably through osmosis, the understanding that saying mean things about whites wins favor and brownie points. I don’t view him as anything more than a dog or monkey repeating an action he saw another animal do to win a treat.”

“7. Get some foreign-language teaching experience. Tutor someone in English through Skype. On a resume, that becomes “Instructed EFL classes for international students studying abroad.” Teach your three year-old niece how to count to five in Japanese. That’s “Experienced in early childhood education methods and principles.” God gave you an imagination for a reason. Who are you to argue with His wisdom?”

“Don’t believe anything you read. Except here, I mean.”

“Why is /v/ the only place that complains about this?

No, seriously. This shit is objectively awful, and /v/ seems to be the only one that notices. I have never seen Bioware (or Bethesda for that matter) taken to task over their offensively bad animation anywhere else.

Other places seem to at least sometimes notice bad textures, bad framerate, etc. Why do terrible animations get a pass?”

“I am being dead serious when I say this:

/v/ is one of the last bastions of free speech for video game discussion on the Internet.”

“I was skeptical at first but a trump presidency may be accelerationists dream.

He is driving the other side into reality denying insanity and the forces that be may either lose control or play their hand early.”

“Donald Trump will be the 1st POTUS to support gay marriage *before* he ran”

“Many people come to me and ask “Alex, what is the alt-right? What does it stand for?”

Well, my friends, the alt-right is about ethics in game journalism.”

“>patriotic socialism

you mean bunch of fajjits who want National Socialism but are afraid of Hitler?”

“NOT cronyism: taking millions from healthcare and pharmaceutical then letting them write landmark legislation that makes their product mandatory and enforced by law

IS cronyism: Making a deal with a company you’ve never had any relationship with to keep half of the jobs they were shipping overseas by offering them a tax rate comparable to a Scandinavian Democratic Socialist country because that was the campaign promise you made and you want to show you’re serious on your promises to protect American workers”

“While one of his nicknames is “Mad Dog,” many other Marines know him as the “Warrior Monk” — a general who reads and studies constantly and has never been married.”

“The KGB fabricates elaborate lies.
The FBI withholds information.
The CIA, MI6, and Mossad just murder anyone who speaks the truth.

The KGB tried the whole murdering thing but kept getting caught.”

“Holy fucking shit the Austria Elections are the most obvious case of vote fraud ever. So you have a global shift to the right, Trump wins, the leftists were caught in fraud in the last election run and now the right wing candidate who it was rigged against does somehow worse in the rerun? LOLOL. Just kill yourself if you believe this”

“So I want to make this super clear, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SIGN UP FOR PATREON! Patreon is only for the die hard peeps who want to be in on some extra exclusive fun stuff just for them! Exclusive lingerie shoots, cosplay’s, videos and more! I WILL NOT STOP CREATING CONTENT FOR MY OTHER PLATFORMS. This is just something fun and extra for the people who are rad!!”

“In a hundred years time, perhaps, a great man will appear who may offer them a chance at salvation. He’ll take me as a model, use my ideas, and follow the course I have charted.”

“Whenever I stand up for the German peasant, it is for the sake of the Volk. I have neither ancestral estate nor manor… I believe I am the only statesman in the world who does not have a bank account. I hold no stock, I have no shares in any companies. I do not draw any dividends.”

“BREAKING: White House, Pentagon announce support for requiring women to register for the military draft.”

“Equal does not mean same.”
“Fine. Now, where’s our income equality?”
“Equal does not mean same.”

“People are liars who rely on you making inferences about them that aren’t true.”

“journalists are wordsmiths whose design paradigm is to make their intention clear but their words unclear.”

“Truth is also a fashion.”

“It doesn’t have much of a chance to begin with.

The Academy’s voting committee has never taken animation seriously and is completely ignorant of it.

It’ll get nominated since the nomination committee actually watched the movies, but the none of the people voting have any expertise in animation whatsoever.”

“spirited away won an oscar”

“- Distributed by Disney
– The end of a long process of anime reaching the mainstream. Unfortunately, after the early 2000s anime lost its mainstream appeal and was reduced to weeaboo circlejerks. Oscar is about political/business statements rather than artistic merits. Jackie Chan is a cool guy and he had done a lot for the action cinema but he’s winning an honorary Oscar because he’s the oficial spokeperson for the Communist Party and China is the biggest market on the planet.”

“Do you guy’s actually want it to win an oscar?”


If this gets too mainstream we’ll have a live action version within a year. Probably an american version too:

Your Name

Some bullshit story about a LA boy and a Navajo girl that involves native american mystical beliefs clashing with modern society, generic high american high school scenes, some asspull anti-drugs/guns/gang message, and standard romance.

OST by Taylor Swift.”

“rofl, here’s what happened the year Frozen won (this isn’t about the quality of frozen itself):
All but one of the judges watched Frozen and only Frozen in a category of 5 films.

It’s 99% going to be Zootopia, the other 1% being finding Dory”
“the US is so powerful I don’t think competence is nearly as important as ideology is.”

“Man it sure is interesting to see liberals turn into principled Libertarians on economic issues, I never thought protecting domestic US jobs would make them so angry. Sex shaming is good, because Melania is First Lady, laissez-faire economics are suddenly in vogue because Trump is a protectionist, etc.”

>”this particular way commie men put their hands over their mouths is feminine and is uniquely pervasive among commies in particular”


“Retirement is a Jewish lie to make goys work every day till they die and only spend 5% of their income on self luxuries instead of spending 1/3rd of the year drinking and feasting like pagans and early catholics.

“Yes goy, give me all your savings so I can give you a retirement fund that barely beats inflation while I skim most of the profits.””

“I say that they can be solved; there is no problem that cannot be, but faith is necessary. Think of the faith I had to have eighteen years ago, a single man on a lonely path. Yet I have come to leadership of the German people… Life is hard for many, but it is hardest if you are unhappy and have no faith. Have faith. Nothing can make me change my own belief.”

“her talking about “sexy stuff” and her titties is a major shift from the past when she feigned ignorance and claimed her cosplay wasn’t about thirsty orbitters”

“>A sexually frustrated husband, who claims his wife had not slept with him in a decade, has taken matters into his own hands in a bizarre manner.
>”Now he is blaming me for all this when I have done nothing.”

Wow, a woman who actually tells exactly what happened!”

“As the number of 250,000-275,000 civilians in eastern Aleppo falls apart the numbers given for civilian casualties of Syrian and Russian air strikes should also come into question. The year-long almost constant stream of reports of civilian deaths, sometimes several dozen per day is considerably less plausible if there were only 60,000 instead of 250,000 civilians living under the bombs to begin with — and the sources reporting these deaths are far less credible if they got the size of the overall remaining population this wrong.”

“so I take it that the developers went back on their word and are going to make the sequel about Joel and Ellie instead of new characters?”

“Yeah. Druckmann gave an explanation for it. He said “It felt right”.”

“yeah, I bet
“it felt safe” is more like it”
“>Translator’s note: “right” means “profitable””
“Translation: The Last of Us 1 made us a lot of money so we were told to make Joel and Ellie come back because that’s what sold.”

“”a very inefficient manufacturing decision of the “hyper rational and clinical” Germans.”

The inefficient manufacturing decision was feed, clothe, house, provide medical care and delousing for the victims of their ‘genoicide’.

Turks just crucified Armenians.”

“The more I argued with them, the better I came to know their dialectic. First they counted on the stupidity of their adversary, and then, when there was no other way out, they themselves simply played stupid. If all this didn’t help, they pretended not to understand, or, if challenged, they changed the subject in a hurry, quoted platitudes which, if you accepted them, they immediately related to entirely different matters, and then, if again attacked, gave ground and pretended not to know exactly what you were talking about. Whenever you tried to attack one of these apostles, your hand closed on a jelly-like slime which divided up and poured through your fingers, but in the next moment collected again. But if you really struck one of these fellows so telling a blow that, observed by the audience, he couldn’t help but agree, and if you believed that this had taken you at least one step forward, your amazement was great the next day. The Jew had not the slightest recollection of the day before, he rattled off his same old nonsense as though nothing at all had happened, and, if indignantly challenged, affected amazement; he couldn’t remember a thing, except that he had proved the correctness of his assertions the previous day.

Sometimes I stood there thunderstruck.

I didn’t know what to be more amazed at: the agility of their tongues or their virtuosity at lying.

Gradually I began to hate them.”

“This “shut it down” agenda is always framed as “terrorism and the far-right” – or, like this particular Reuters article, they don’t even bother to mention the far-right – because no one can really argue with removing materials encouraging Moslems to murder you on the street.

Shutting down freedom of speech is another one of those fringe benefits – like mass surveillance – of importing a bunch of homicidal sandpeople.”

“Every girl I’ve spoken with so far doesn’t wnat children until age 30-35

They want to rack up college debt first and work a few years in their shitty job before they finally decide to settle down now that their face and bodies look like shit.”

“>entire generation of women waiting until 30s to have children
And you think we have a lot of autism now…”

“Just wait until all these 30 something women who don’t have kids make it into politics. A bunch of bitter old bitches sitting in congress and the city council. You think it’s bad now, just wait 30 years until this entire generation of childless cat ladies are making the laws.”

“I present to you Angela Merkel.
>soggy cow with no children
>bring in millions of deadbeats with no future and their deadbeat children whose children in the future will also be deadbeats
>after many more millions finally enough to plug the hole of having no children

And that’s just one old woman.
Your scenario simply cannot be imagined without the brain going splody.”

“Media in October:
Trump is finished! Impending landslide for Clinton!
Media in November:
Did fake news influence the election?”

“As a gay person, I’m really annoyed by the sentiment that gay characters’ sexuality should just be a “sublte” trait that “doesn’t define them.” My sexuality absolutely friggin defines me. I think about the fact that I’m gay literally every single day. It defines who I love, the TV shows and comics I find myself drawn to, how I relate to society, what my politics are, how I view myself- my insecurities and my pride. It defines how people treat me. And It defines the community I find myself in, who my friends are and what my dating pool is- and our communities absolutely come to define us as people.

And this idea that our sexuality shouldn’t define us is also a bullshit double-standard, because straight characters are allowed to have their sexuality define them all the time and nobody complains about it. straight people in the real world too. Straight people talk about their sexuality *all the time* and yet nobody complains that they are “letting” it define them. The only reason straight people don’t realize how much your sexuality defines you is because you’re all surrounded by people just like you. And when I see people say that gay characters like Ellie can’t be too in-your-face, that her sexuality should be “sublte” like some kind of footnote in the textbook of her life, all I see is heterosexuals being uncomfortable.”

“No one fucking cares about your life story.”

“>As a gay person

i get the feeling that commies never actually want this to go away.

in the worlds of the future they dream up, i bet people only give ever-longer opening crawls about who they are and how special their unique individual history is before beginning to say whatever it is they were going to say, and at some point, there wouldn’t be anything said at all except the description of oneself; it’d be expected that the other parties know exactly what it is they should be doing by the time the audial autobiography is complete.”

“>And this idea that our sexuality shouldn’t define us is also a bullshit double-standard, because straight characters are allowed to have their sexuality define them all the time and nobody complains about it.

Bull fucking shit.

A straight person who doesn’t shut the fuck up about all the chicks they’ve banged is just as annoying as a gay person who needs to make you you are 100% aware that they’re gay.”

“>my wife’s niece
This meme is getting out of hand”

“if your spouse has any living relatives whatsoever… its over”

“Tell first the truth, then say you were joking and tell what the listener thinks sounds like the truth. This way, the former is carried by the latter and the latter flourished by the former, and both get across.”

“In the history of mankind, there have been five revolutions in weaponry.
Projectile weapons in the stone age,
the chariot from 300BC,
gunpowder in the 11th century,
and airplanes and weapons of mass destruction from the 20th century.
They have all change the way in which war was fought. Indeed.. as long as you don’t need to capture the enemy alive.”

“A simple exchange of blows is a brawl,
While striking without being struck is martial arts,
Standing up within ten seconds after taking a hit is boxing.”

“I fucking loved that scene.
>lelouch taking care of his stuff, hanging his outfit on a /fa/ and overly complicated, mecha coathanger
>meanwhile CC just throws her boots on the ground
>Lelouch picks them up without saying anything, with only mild annoyance on his face
They were so good and entertaining to watch when they were together. I liked Karen and her crush on Zero/lelouch was cute but Lelouch and Karen had nowhere near as much chemistry as CC and Lelouch do.”

“man and women aren’t equal. And if you look closely at gender studies ideas no where does anyone’s ideas about gender say they are equal. Instead it outlines why virtually everything that men are known to be good for MUST be attributed to women DESPITE ALL LOGIC AND EVIDENCE and it must be enforced at HUGE COSTS TO ALL OF SOCIETY. Modern feminism is pure insanity.”

“Good male managers is not common; good female managers is very rare”

“You are so much more than “cute”. Cute sells yourself so short. “Brilliant warrior, fighting on the front lines.”
Activist fighting for equal rights in a battle that is far from decided.
Stunning valkyrie… showing immense courage in every moment you keep putting one foot in front of the other.
Not cute. You’re not a helpless kitten.”

Even if it wasn’t about trannyism in primary school aged children it’s unimaginably self-absorbed.

What kind of mind takes the time to write out the kind of text in OP? What kind of mind doesn’t cringe and stop before completing the text in the image? I can understand to some extent the need to self-reflect but some things shouldn’t make it to the diary (except, like all writing, in extreme circumstances).

But the image isn’t even a diary, it’s a comic designed for public consumption, the creator is being paid 2500USD/mo to do it, and it didn’t even bother making one of the middle panels dark and grim and full of evil racists or monsters or whatever to visually convey what it feels like to be oppressed etc. the character writing to its “future self” is just “hmm hmm hmm don’t the flowers smell nice today” instead of trying to introspect and figure out wordings and thought pathways that’d be most effective in written form to address the problem of “panic attacks”. like it’s all just a fucking game.

It’s not the trannyism or lack of understanding of human nature which makes a commie immediately disgusting to me, though of course those things are disgusting too. It’s their behavior. They’re like kids stuck in the mode where they’re doing things they know are annoying to grab attention, except they’re also grown-ass adults who think they’re at the forefront of history doing moral crusades.”

“”Hillary Clinton’s victory is historic—a triumph that should not be overlooked. It marks the end of centuries of exclusion of women from the nation’s top job. Even more remarkable was the way she won it: by running as a woman,”

omgod guys i’ve got it
hillary could’ve won:

if only
she ran
as a MAN”

“In 2006 she responded to claims by the transgender Italian M.P. candidate Vladimir Luxuria that she was a ‘fascist’ with the line “Meglio fascista che frocio” (“Better fascist than faggot”)”

“Though it pains me to say so, people who aren’t overly intellectual are more open to the inspiration of the gods.”

“>be me
>7th grade
>playing runescape
>parents force me to socialize via church group
>its at night
>basically a bunch of kids thirsten for girls
>one girl thats there is mega giga attention whore
>always moochin peoples “Angel tokens”
>we were awarded them for good behavior etc.
>I had lots because I was a good boy
>could buy candy and soda etc
>She learns of this
>starts chatting me up
>I engage in conversation with the female
>pretends to be interested in what I have to say
>this is a red flag because no true female cares I had a lv71 main with dragon chest pl8
>starts to go in for the kill
>”it would be super sweet of you to get *inserts long list of things* for me”
>she is being a literal whore in the house of the Lord
>this cannot stand
>Call her a Whore of Gomorrah, a Jezebel Snake Monger spreading poison
>she laughs not knowing a word I said
>tell her to begone
>starts to guilt trip and pout
>white knights attempt to taunt me to hand over all my tokens to make her feel better
>My years of RuneScape have prepared me to handle “for sale gf” trying to swindle my gold
>invite them all outside and I would buy them all nachos
>classic “lure to the wilds trick”
>they all walk outside
>its dead winter and below freezing
>I lock the door sealing them all outside
>music too loud to hear banging on doors
>spent all my Angel tokens on Laffy Taffy and coke and partied it up until my crime was discovered
>banned from teen night for 3 months
>win win because now I can stay home and play RS
None of this actually happened.”

“Griping about fake news after you fake rape allegations should be a capital crime”
“Being a mainstream journo should be a capital crime tbh”

“I hope ALL the hollyweird men get a good look at what their liberal bullshit will get them . . . . nothing.

In the end, the chick can always play the “woman card”, throw out a bunch of lies, and walk away with everything, including his children.

No, if you’re going to divorce a woman in hollyweird, send a nude bodybuilder into her bed while she’s still sleeping, take pictures, turn them over to your publicist, and accuse her of cheating.

Never say a word.

The press will go nuts. All the world hates a cheater, especially a woman cheater of a deeply hurt hollyweird man.

Sue for divorce on account of “irreconcilable differences” the very next day, so that it looks like you didn’t hold a grudge (instead of suing on account of “adultery”), and the fawning public will love you even more.

Then just walk away, with your children, and your money.”

“>early 2000s: how can we make this game more brutal, sexy and edgy but still get an M rating?
>since 2012: how can we make this game less offensive and more inclusive to women and minorities?

Was this the apocalypse the mayans saw coming?”

“How did the GW economy flourish without having any ladder resets every 6-12 months like Diablo 2?”

“No dupes”
“Key currency items were crafting materials that were constantly being found/used, creating a level of stability.”

“Heroes really revolutionized AI companions and made playing the game more convenient but ultimately led to the death of actual cooperation.”

“Because the gun’s recoil forces could push the entire plane off target during firing, the weapon itself is mounted laterally off-center, slightly to the portside of the fuselage centreline, with the actively “firing” barrel in the nine o’clock position (when viewed from the front of the aircraft), so that the firing barrel lies directly on the aircraft’s center line. The firing barrel also lies just below the aircraft’s center of gravity, being bore sighted along a line 2 degrees below the aircraft’s line of flight. This arrangement accurately centers the recoil forces, preventing changes in pitch or yaw when fired. This configuration also provides space for the front landing gear, which is mounted slightly off-center on the starboard side of the nose.”

“>not wanting to dress and act like a coy coquette 24/7 while being years in marriage just to get what you want

You’d be surprised by how far maintaining yourself/putting in some efforts gets you in life. This is why I put on some make up every day, style my hair, and wear dresses even if I never leave the home.”

“why are things like abortions and birth control and contraceptives in general classified under “reproductive rights”?

like if i’d never heard of the phrase before i would’ve imagined it meant something closer to “guaranteed kid” and not “guaranteed no kid””

“You’re not wrong, but this game doesn’t even try to attempt to have a decent scoring system. The entire scoring system is made to make shit players feel like they’re doing something noteworthy. There’s 3 different medals dedicated to attackers, and as a healer you’re pretty much guaranteed to get a gold or a silver medal at least.

The game has a huge focus on teamplay yet it refuses to let the team know where the weak links are in their playstyle.

I once had a game were we just weren’t killing the enemy team in our teamfights, so I say “we need more damage”. Our teams Genji instantly gets defensive and says “we don’t need more damage, we need to focus enemies better”.We end up losing because we can’t kill off the enemy and our Genji states “I had gold damage, our damage was fine”. Basically we had a fucking Pharah that was getting outdamaged by a Genji, so she was dragging us down the entire time hard and no one had any idea.”

“I can’t stand cute extroverted girls

They seem like they’re trying to manipulate you”

“the problem isn’t that they’re trying, the problem is that they’re not.”

“A Financial Times reporter incorrectly interpreted this as an expansion of the campaign to target women. This is where my training in neurology is helpful: precisely where in the brain did the stroke have to occur to cause that kind of deficit in logic? Expansion? In 2009? That makes no sense: expensive jewelery, like a car, is almost always purchased by or with the husband. The wives of the Aspirational 14%, even if they have good jobs, do not roll into a jewelry store by themselves and buy $10000 watches, unless they are the 0.5% or it is a present for their man. Hence, this is an ad for men, not women, which is also why this ladies’ ad is prominently featured on the back cover of The Economist, the journal of record of Aspirational 14%, a magazine with 90% male readers. Through the triangular magic of Freudian advertising you, the viewer, become the Dad, with the aspirational images laid out for you: a beautiful and proper wife with culture and delicacy, taking care of your perfect daughter, while you’re in the shower scrubbing the scent of concubinage off you. So my silly joke was wrong: she’s not a Wellesley grad, she’s a Wellesley trophy wife. The Wellesley lets you both pretend you married her because she was smart. “

“Why reveal this desire now, in 20XX? Hmm, isn’t it weird how just as soon as women entered the workforce it became completely impossible for a family to achieve the American dream without the woman in the workforce? Turns out that part of the drive to get women into the workforce was driven by… the workforce owners. Get it? Whenever you don’t understand geopolitics just ask yourself where the lowest labor costs are, and wait for the headlines to read “human rights issues.””

“There’s nothing new about slanted or even outright inaccurate reporting (whether deliberately so or not), or internet hoaxes. “Fake news” is simply the latest media buzzword for certain alleged instances of it, particularly in liberal elements of the media, and one which comes loaded with all sorts of insinuations that the Russians are behind it all and/or it’s stupid Trump fans who fall for it.”

“wiki’s Fake News articles covers 16 countries, but about 10 of them have about 4~8 instances (4 being literally nothing: 1) opening blurb, 2) table of contents, 3) its own section, 4) one mention in its own section).

russia appears 138 times.”

“I don’t understand why all of you don’t recognize the difference between slanted news and fake news . Slanted news is huffpo and brietbart. Then there is completely fake news like trumps daughter uses Mace to fend him off and that hillary is proven to have a body double and dying of Parkinson’s. Why are all of you being completely disingenuous about the fact that there is legit fake news? It’s not new it’s been happening forever in rags like the globe and national enquirer but it did reach its peak with this election and everyone knows it .”

“National Enquirer broke the story about John Edwards cheating on his wife who was dying of cancer. The rest f the media ignored it and called it fake, turns out that the NI was actually right the whole time. There have been a couple other stories NI reported accurately before or in contradiction to the mainstream media that I can’t remember the details about.”

“wiki’s Fake News article has only existed for about 24 days. it has 171 citations, but its oldest one is 2009. its four oldest citations are all used to praise one particular fact-checking website. its first real citation of any note is 2014. it has no “history of” section.

of the 491 instances of years on the page, the oldest year is 2008, mentioned 2 times. 451 of those instances are 2016.

if you can’t see what this means i can’t help you.”

“page actually didn’t exist before 16_11_15 – i.e. it’s ~23 days old.

it has 171 citations, manages to talk about 16 different countries, yet has no “history of” section, no “origins and structure” section, and its oldest citation is a 09_04_10 citation which is used to say “this fact checker gave rave reviews about this other fact checker”.

Second oldest is 09_04_13, third is 09_?_?, fourth is 10_?_?, all of these are used to say “this fact checker is so great”. Nothing from 11, 12, or 13, then the three 14 citations are all used to say that John Kerry called Russia Today a propaganda outlet.

In terms of absolute count of occurrences:

2006 appears 00 times
2007 appears 00 times
2008 appears 02 times
2009 appears 05 times
2010 appears 03 times
2011 appears 03 times
2012 appears 01 times
2013 appears 00 times
2014 appears 09 times
2015 appears 17 times
2016 appears 451 times

And, just because I noticed it, the count on Buzzfeed is 31.”

“Because there is totally fake news. Hillary doesn’t have a body double and she doesn’t have Parkinson’s and you have no problem with those stories?”

“>Hillary doesn’t have a body double

how do you know this?”

“prove she dies”

“No one’s death has any effect on whether or not Hillary Clinton employs or has employed a body double.

i repeat: how do you know Hillary Clinton does not have a body double?”


“You guys just like the fake news that suits your narrative”

“You just like making shit up that suits your narrative, so why’d you bother opening your mouth?”

“Because f you that’s why”

“wow, well that didn’t take long

i gather you’re still trying to find out how you know Hillary Clinton doesn’t have a body double then.”

“So you literally admit you dont even look into it and just call it bullshit and dismiss it out of hand. No point in arguing then.”

“No I read a lot about it and it’s all ridiculous . Yeah they have secret rooms in the back where kids are sacrificed and raped lol”

“did you now? what does podesta call 7 year old boys in the pool then? this should be pretty easy, since it’s basically the top-circulated line out there. it’s not a bad word either, it’s even the name of an industry and a category at most real news websites.

of course if you forgot even after you “read a lot about it” i guess it’s forgivable, everyone forgets after all…”

“This article ist biased and POV. It needs to be improved.”

“This article is based on over 100 secondary sources and reflects multiple perspectives from those secondary sources.”

“No offense, but this is a naïve fairy tale you are spinning. I’m facing a perma ban over reverting an underlying edit that I didn’t even originate to this article. There is a cabal of corrupt editors, who are deemed “insiders,” who retaliate against contributors for challenging the ideological gatekeeping of articles. Nonetheless, all the power to you, that you succeed in bringing about neutrality to this article. But be careful that you don’t trigger retaliation against yourself over edits about journalism ethics, particularly if you are still of the mindset that one person can make a difference in the culture that insulates insider editors from POV-pushing that has emerged and is protected at Wikipedia. Aaron Swartz raised this concern years and years ago, and his concern has gone unheeded.”

“”The media who is making a big stink about fake news is deliberately conflating outright fake news with news that goes against the narrative they are trying to enforce. “

The media who is doing this is in fact, fake news in the hard sense. MSNBSC is not ‘slanted’ or ‘biased’. It’s like the black ops arm of a propaganda organization. Ditto NYT, WaPo, Huffington Post. […] Breitbart didn’t start the Iraq war with co-ordinated 24/7 national level hysteria about Hussein having “WMD”s.

It also deliberately omitted – in a co-ordinated way – that the whole operation had been Saudi, the dancing Israelis, and the early warnings to Odigo, facts which also escaped ‘the truther’ movement, which was about as spontaneous and gentile as Occupy Wall Street, which didn’t even visit Goldman Sachs. I guess the ‘steering committee’ didn’t think it relevant.”

“”Just listen to Alex jones then.”

There’s that scared, vituperative, knows-its-lying female voice, waiting for some male abuse and then some male forgiveness.

You things shouldn’t be allowed to speak or write publicly without liscences.

I’ll leave the two of you to the valuable exercise of your intellects in trying to explain something to a women, especially something as important as giving global opinion over to the propaganda arm of the Bilderbergs, the CFR and the DNC.


“>”Free trade is good, banning slave made goods from China is bad.”
>”Obama’s ban on Kalashnikov is good, banning Russian imports is good.”
Same people: “but it’s not the same things because reasons that keep me from ever being wrong””

“The AltRight tricked Jews into putting ((())) around their names and I started noticing where all the anti-White propaganda comes from”

“”The role will be multi-faceted and responsibilities will be altered on a regular basis as project priorities change.”


“We don’t actually know what this job does, so we’re just going to throw you at whatever bullshit nobody else wants to do on top of the shit you’re supposed to be doing that we don’t have any clue about.””

“>mfw leftists comparing Trump and his supporters to the Galactic Empire
>mfw in the Extended Universe it was revealed that the Empire was set up to create a unified galactic military force in preparation for the Yuuzhan Vong invasion
>mfw certain people didn’t like what the Empire was doing but it was all for protection against a foreign threat
>mfw the Empire was benevolent all along and the Alliance to Restore the Republic fucked it up and got demolished by the aforementioned foreign threat”

“I think there is something very wrong going on in this school, and it is why the administration is trying to defend the cop and spin him as a hero defending kids.

I have been looking at the statistics of this school, and it is mostly nonwhite of course. 71% Hispanic, 14% white, and 5% black. But the graduation rates are all fucked up: both Hispanic and black students have higher graduation rates in this school than whites do. 77% of Hispanics graduate, 70% of blacks graduate, but only 65% of whites graduate.

Call me paranoid, but I think the targeted harassment and bullying of whites has been an on-going problem at this school at the administration has been ignoring to the point that white students are dropping out or else avoiding school altogether, and the administration doesn’t want it brought to light how badly they have mismanaged the situation for fear of backlash.”

“The people, as much as it’s fun to hate us, they need us. They need good, strong, skeptical journalists to be covering whoever it is — whether it’s Barack Obama or President Donald Trump. We’re in a dangerous phase right now where too many millions of Americans aren’t listening at all to what the press tells them. That concerns me.”

The genius in this line is that it utilizes both passive and active voice. Passive is “the press”, active is “us”. Even better is it does this twice: Passive is “The people”, active is “Americans”. Of course, the terms used have to be distant enough that this seems like an eloquent turn of phrase rather than what it actually is.

If we up the contrast: “You need me […] too many people right now aren’t listening at all to what Megyn Kelly tells them.””

“1 murder not even connected and its ban NA.

Countless crimes directly linked to Islam and its time for tolerance and open minds”

“Itz not rigged ur losing”
“Ra ra ra Russians rigged it”

“haha just now that Obama is about to be forced out of office ISIS suddenly finds a whole bunch of new ressources to push for a new offensive when it was stretched infinitely thin just weeks ago what a coincidence”

“i was a freshman girl in high school, just barely 15. i’d been giving a bunch of guys @ school head for a while because i thuoght that was what i was expected to do, being a varsity cheerleader. one of the football players and i were hanging out before a game and he said he wanted something more than just head from me this time. so i let him have my virginity. at the time i was really proud of myself, because i thought it was like a social status thing… that i’d fucked a senior, and a football star even. i got passed around like that for a good 3 years. then i met this great guy. we fell in love and it was the first real relationship i was in. we waited almost 6 months to have sex, and you know… its crazy, but i’ve always felt like he’s the one that took my virginity. it was the most beautiful thing i’d ever done, the day we first had sex.”

“I lost mine when I was 12 and my boyfriend was 15. We were home alone (our parents were away for a couple of days and he came over to keep company). So we were just doing nothing much imparticular and I decided to go take a shower.

So I’m in there and I hear the door open and it’s not a big deal (not like he hasn’t seen me naked before) so I just ignore him until he opens the shower door. I open my mouth to scream and yell at him but he just covers my mouth with his own. He pushed me against the tiles and I got goosebumps because they were so cold but he was just so warm. He traced his fingers along my ribs while the other cupped my cheeks as he’s still kissing me. I can feel his clothes start to damped with the spray of the water and he suddenly kneels soaking his pants compleatly.

He grips my hands and gently pulls them down gesturing for me to kneel with him. I get down to his level and he immediatly encricles me in his strong arms and I sigh gripping on to him. I don’t know if he’s trying to be sweet or perverted, but he captures me in a kiss again and as his hands continue to explore my body. He pulls away once again and looks me stright in the eye and breathes heavily, “I love you.” My heart is pounding so loud now I barely hear him unzip his pants and he grips my shoulders forcing me to lay down now. He kisses me once again and presses his body against my own and then trails the kisses along my neck to my ear where he whispers again, “I love you.”

It was so beautiful but I don’t say anything to him. It’s like all my words were caught in my throat. Like I’m too shocked and overwhelmed with what he’s doing. He pulls away again and stares into my eyes and says, “If you’re scared just say it. I’ll back out at any time. Just say it and I’ll stop no matter what.” But I don’t say anything and just hold him tighter. And then slowly pushes himself inside of me and makes love to me. After, he picked me up and carried me into my bedroom and we made love over and over again into the night and slept by each others side. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced.

…I’m such a sap. I still remember it like it was yesturday. It really meant a lot to me and my boyfriend. It was our first time together and I’ll never forget it.”

“It’s an interesting story how she wrote every spiritual and philosophical leader and asked them what they considered human rights, and no one had a good answer, so they scrapped that plan and just made it up.”

“This needs to be kept up. If they can bring the jew press to keep escalating by calling everyone a terrorist who disagrees with white genocide, they will only force more among the general population to choose sides and actually *become* terrorists, just as happened when they called everyone racist and inadvertently caused people to become racists.”


“Well, this is the first time people use it correctly. Phone zombies are an actual thing and not a strawman like computer and videogame nerds were two decades ago.”

“Mate, even if there weren’t smartphones people would make an excuse not to talk to you. You’re not interesting.”

“Can confirm that nobody used to spark up random conversations with strangers before smartphones. It’s a myth.”

“I think society have a weird obsession with 1980s life when tech dont existed and people just have boring lives outside of fuck hookers or smoking weed.”

“Why, Anon, back in my day a 15-year-old boy could skip down to his local butcher’s shop and simply ask for a job. Your generation is so lazy. That’s your problem: you don’t even try! Maybe you’d be able to find work if you weren’t glued to your phones and video games all day.”

“It’s not fair that Trump has the backing of the Russian government, when all Hillary had was the entire political establishment of the United States, the global financial industry, the entire global media establishment, The European Union as well as Saudi Arabia and Israel backing her!!”

“Thing about the memers and the anonymous postering and shit, that’s all well and good, the radio show propaganda, the essays, that is all necessary, but it plays an auxiliary role, what is more important is taking back the streets and building a hard core who are willing to go out and take blows socially, economically, physically, risk pain and arrest. This is what NA and NRM did and now a few years on they are pulling more and more people to their rallies, because tons of people sympathize or agree but are too scared to come out to rallies, when you have a hard core and start pulling members then you grow exponentially because normies stop being afraid of joining you, because you have numbers nd because you have proven you will have their back. Your bravery ends up being infectious. It’s not about “rationally convincing people” with intellectual argument and politeness, lmao that is gay as fuck and not how human psychology works.

The masses of white male normies on the fence have no hard opinion one way or the other, they lean toward us implicitly but don’t think about it much, once they see you have a PRESENCE and that you have STRENGTH and that you have COURAGE they are given a push, they will never come to identify with you if you stay anonymous or spend your time on high falutin shit they wont read and dont care about,

The fact is that all these methods that people are fighting over are necessary, they all are aimed at different facets of society and propaganda, but the auxiliaries have fat undeserved egos and want to be seen as leaders when they are not.”

“Creating echo chambers and jerk-off clubs is popular in American nationalist groups, and that’s the problem. Swedes are collectivist by nature, while American culture is individualistic, which leads to the wrong mentality informing an organically collective ideology. Kooky religious cults, fraternities, ego battles and other clown business or hobbyism have traditionally held back American attempts at what NMR and Golden Dawn are doing. Urban tribes accomplish nothing, the political struggle must be the means and the ends.”

“Evolution of Council on Foreign Relations-Owned Media:
Nov 7: “America First is a dangerous, isolationist foreign policy. We live in a global community, and we should not ignore the voices of the many foreign leaders and dignitaries who say we shouldn’t elect Donald Trump.”

“Kunoichi/Nightshade is one of those games I’ve wanted to play for a long time but I always forget that it exists until something really specific like this thread jogs my memory”

“Why would a ninja wear white and/or red? Aren’t they supposed to be stealthy. Where would white or red blend in with their surroundings?”

“Kunoichis aren’t stealthy they’re whores who gather intel by sucking dick and taking it up the ass”

“Ninjas were also usually spies and committed sabotage while disguised as civilians rather than climb around on roofs in the middle of the night.”

“Yeah walking around 16th century Japan dressed as a ninja would be rather conspicuous. Anyway most assassinations in history were through poison, not very glamorous.”

“Yes but a dude setting everything on fire with a torch is nowhere near as fun.

History is best viewed through the accounts of idiots that lived in the time, who really thought ninjas could turn into animals and walk on water.”

“Why do I believe the things I believe? Many, multiple studies confirm it”

“>healslut memes exist for as long as there have been healing classes
>blizzard dips their jew dick into the pool
>same faggots make the same “””joke”””
>hipster “””journalists””” who have never played a game before praise Overwatch for being so original and revolutionary”

“This “Fake News” trend is not an attempt to undermine our election results and delegitimize our new president, it is a real problem and it has real world consequences like this human interest piece we just fabricated about some guy killing himself.”

“>”omg why do we spend so much on the imperialist military instead of feeding tyrone and his 1000 nigger babies”
>Trump makes move to reduce military spending on Lockheed Martin

“2012: You’re worried about Russia? Hello, your focus should be on Islamic terrorism! This isn’t 1980!

2016: you’re worried about ISIS and not Russia? Hey boys, we got ourselves a Putin puppet over here!”

“Russia is controlling our country!”
“Jews, actually.”
“Omg nazi!”


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