Nov 10 ~ 29

““I feel bad for the black people, mommy,” said one.
“Yeah, and for the poor people,” the other said.””

“I just went out to walk my dog and a trump supporter ripped off my hijab and called me a sand nigger and stole my dog”

“I was wearing my Kapwa shirt while walking through Walmart, buying materials for our InterVarsity event tonight and a young white boy pointed at me and started yelling “She’s not white! That’s not an American flag! She’s fat and ugly! I hope Trump sends her back where she came from!” And then he proceeded to throw things at me. His mom responded by saying “Stop! You’ll break everything. Don’t worry, Trump will take care of her.” Tears filled up in my eyes and I couldn’t move. A black mother grabbed my hand and she pulled me outside. I sat with her and her child in a secluded area and she held me and her child as we all cried. I cried so hard I threw up. She repeated over and over again “Come Lord Jesus. Come.”

“as funny as you think this is, and all your buddies do, I hope there is a tiny piece of you deep inside that mourns a friendship we had for over ten years. Because I do.”

“Obviously it wasn’t a very serious friendship if you’re chimping out because they disagree with you, retard.”

>Killary and MSM: No it’s not!
>Trump wins
>Nobody can claim it was rigged

>Don: I may not concede!
>Killary and MSM: That’s an attack on the idea of democracy!
>Trump wins
> Clinton can do nothing but concede

Trump truly is a grand master of 4D chess. All he did was hand the MSM a brush and a bit of paint, and they managed to paint themselves into a corner”

>Why do liberals love to fabricate stories
because it gives them victim status in their circle of group think brainwashed PC retards, and all the sympathy that gains them. Remember, in their twisted ideology, victims of “oppression” are the most noble creature in the world.

Normal people just get a hug from someone when they’re feeling down. Libs want to call someone racist and then pretend to have been assaulted by that racist in order to get undeserved sympathy for being a “hero” by their twisted standards. They’re basically bored of life, and suffering from a made up mental illness or three while taking drugs for those mental illnesses which make them actually ill in the head.”

“In life and death situations at contact distance when being driven back, our primitive mind had a tendency to win out over our trained mind. We can’t change it so we train into it.”

“I have no desire to work with leftists. They had their chance to be cooperative and respectful. They were nasty and vile. This is why they must be absolutely demoralized and crushed. Their ideology is absolutely poisonous and is not conducive to a healthy society. Liberals are terrified and they should be. A new group of young right wingers are upon them. We aren’t nice and as introverted as conservatives before us. We are going to destroy your ideology completely.”

“male models with perfect skin, bone structure, facial dimensions, dress, and social lives are “passionate” about things. the rest of us are “autistic” about things.”

“What do you guys say when people ask if you think you’re a good person and you want to give them a serious answer?”

“Do you like me?
Would you help me in my time of need?
Great, then regardless of any other deeds or sins, even if I’m not a good person, I think I’m good enough.”

“This reads like a parody. Leslie Knope compares the presidential election to a mock election she had in elementary school in which the teacher-approved candidate lost. Leslie voted for that candidate and started crying, but was comforted when the teacher told her she voted for the right candidate and gave her a silver star to cheer her up. This is literally how liberals think. They admit it.”

“”Haha it’s just a fair fight”

“Because we want to destroy our enemies we should allow our enemies to try and destroy us””

“Trump has supported gay marriage since the 90s
Trump supports student loan forgiveness
Trump wants to lowers taxes for poor minorities
Trump wants to fix a broken healthcare system to cover all Americans
But yea, go ahead and assassinate him and watch how quick Pence rounds up all the gays and forces them into electroshock conversion therapy.”

“#Unpredictable is a code word used by Western media to tell the reader that everything they write about the topic is a 100% lie. As everything is false it becomes impossible to predict the future, both for the writer and the reader.
Unpredictability also means that the media and the subject of the story follow different puppet masters. As long as both are controlled by the same Deep State everything is very predictable. Even if the prediction later turns out to be totally wrong, the media will retroactively correct themselves, giving the impression that they have always been right.”

“I don’t get is how liberals say that “diversity is good” but also “polarization is bad.” A society where everyone believes basically the same things isn’t very diverse.”

“Glad i didn’t join the military.

I wouldn’t want to tell someone to their face that their position in the military is everything wrong with our country. but that’s how i feel.

People who blindly follow orders are the worst.”

“Well maybe its my experience in the medical corps, but honestly I rarely saw this. The military is full of lying and general manipulation. Leaders tell people to do shit, so they lie that they did it. Training? Yeah sure we did that *signs paperwork*.
Dishonesty in the military is massive and keeping shit out of the eye of leadership is basically 100% of your job.”

“The INCREDIBLE blah blah MIGHT blah blah blah blah EVERYWHERE
It’s blah blah TINY blah, but blah blah VOLUMES”

It’s like looking at a painting made with 2 colors at max saturation.”

“Trump can’t finish off the Clintons.
that would make him look like a ruthless dictator who destroys his enemies the moment he grabs power.”

“> Hollywood blockbusters are just two hour rides in amusement park for most simple public.
> It’s also business: money in, money out.
> GITS brand is acqured to increase returns. Johansson is there for that same reason. She could play Togusa, it wouldn’t matter.”

“you only meet the enemy if you are in a position to leverage them in your favor, he obviously is not, and you definitely dont have fucking drinks at the bar with them”

“>”There are outside villains [in this movie] but they are never the most interesting parts of a movie, especially your first movie,” he explained. “I find that part of the reason we didn’t do ‘Puppetmaster’ in this movie was we didn’t really feel like we had time to tell that story and in your first movie he way the characters feel about themselves and the relationship with those people that they care about is usually more than enough story for a movie to handle. So there are villains and they do drive a lot of the story, but they are really there to antagonize [Major] spiritually.”””

“Hollywood need to realise that the first movie needs to be good, before people want to see a second one.”

“Art = conveying a context, feelings
Design = problem solving, creating with purpose”

“What many of you may not know is they hosted what was probably the single most important mixer, social mixer, ever in eSports history, at Blizzcon. And when I say this I mean they invited over a hundred owners of current professional sports teams, current endemic team owners, billionaires, and they put them all in a room together at the top of the stands for the Overwatch World Cup, VIP Lounge, and they let them talk, and everybody was there to watch what was going on with Overwatch, to meet each other, to ask questions about the league, they had a private presentation where some of the plans for the league were presented to them in a little more depth than the public got. Not everything has been ironed out in terms of details […] but the point is that all of these people are there and Blizzard is giving the owners what they want, and I personally have spoken to owners or partial owners or investment groups representing professional sports teams, and this is what they want. And Blizzard’s going to give it to them, which means these guys are going to invest, most likely, or they’re at least thinking about it, and that in turn means they are going to be able to use their considerable knowledge of the sports market to galvanize their own fanbases to turn people who may not be eSports fans into eSports fans, just because they have so much broad appeal and money.”

“It is one of the very few places which has a treasured demographic of males 18 to 35, and basically you can’t advertise to people in this demographic any other way because most of us don’t have cable TV subscriptions […] so they only way to get to us is via the internet. The audience is overwhelmingly this one very valuable demographic for advertisers which is why everybody is frothing at the mouth to get involved with eSports right now, because that’s they only way.”

“If you are good looking, your behavior will just be “interpreted” by people around you in a positive way. For example, if a hunter-eyed 6″3 anglo guy with good bone structure and solid jawline behaves like an aspie or is shy, then people will interpret that as him being “mysterious” and “silent warrior type”. Meanwhile if you behaved exactly the same way as a sub-8 male you would immediately be thought of as a loser creep who should kill himself”

“I’m not sure I every became responsible in balancing my acct, but I started making enough where it didn’t matter.”

“Wait I thought that’s what balancing your checkbook meant”

“Liberals want no deportations. We want all deportations. Trump is reframing the debate by focusing on “criminal” deportations. Now, liberals want no “criminal deportations,” and we want all “criminal deportations”.

The old position was very good for liberals. They built a high defense in the mountain passes that “No human is illegal”. They assert the moral high ground. Illegals are would-be model citizens. Under the old frame, conservatives would answer weepy questions about why they want to deport 5.0 GPA Biology Graduates and separate families. A million teary anecdotes would rain down like hellfire to convince you that having borders and laws is racist and shit. Conservatives would abandon the assault and retreat, consoling themselves that at least they didn’t get their hands dirty. How many times have you watched the cucks lose these battles?

Trump’s new frame hits the liberal high ground like an earthquake.

Liberals are now defending criminal illegal immigrants and suddenly their mountain fortress becomes an indefensible sinkhole. They will have to answer a million weepy questions about why rapists and murderers should stay in the country. While they’re defending that every conservative with a social media account is already convincing moderates that the problem is worse than they’ve ever realized. The left will riot and make a great show of recreating the Underground Railroad, but this will only backfire. It’s all because of Trump’s reframing.

Once we have deportations for some criminal illegal immigrants it’s not hard to extend the concept. You wouldn’t want a rapist to be let in — would you want a tax fraud?
Read The Art of the Deal.”

“Trumps refusal to prosecute Hillary is a flagrant demonstration of contempt, and shows that he is not a ‘Law and Order’ man at all. We all heard him say to her on stage that ‘she’d be in jail’. I think the only way to get anything out of this New Yorker that was promised is to go to his rallies and boo him.”

“The BBC are asking is it safe to be a Muslim in America. Perhaps they should ask if it’s safe to be a 12 year old girl in Rotherham, Bradford, etc.”

“The kid was crazy and crazy people do crazy things, there was the opportunity to stop it, he is just another Hollywood bullshitter. He said he was going to do all these things for mental health and I don’t get a sense he’s doing a thing… Two days before his interview, his wife was advertising not only that, but his pictures on Facebook. She said something like: “Peter’s going to be interviewed by Barbara Walters and, oh by the way, here’s a link if you want to check out his photography”… I don’t think he gives a s***. Unlike me, he’s probably glad to be rid of that kid. But I had a great kid, the best daughter you could imagine, I miss her every second. His kid was a pain in the ass that he shipped off to Santa Barbara to get him out of his life. He’s probably happy… He’s never sent me a letter of condolence, he’s never sent me a card, he’s never tried to reach out to me. He gave me the creeps the moment I saw him. What does it make you think of the stereotype of Hollywood? Peter Rodger has been on TV saying he was going to do this and that, but what’s he done?”


“>ye triggered
>literally shaking

You sure showed those trump supporters man…”

“He’s always been a faggot.
He’s been doing this since time immemorial, he acts like a fucking retard, people call him out on his shit, he gets super mad and defensive and goes on a huge tirade about how he’s better than everyone then someone finally gets through his thick skull and he goes “omg I was so out of line, but I have learned and am a better person lets all be better people together” then 3 months later he flies into a fucking rage again because he’s bad at video games or something.

He’s like a drunk wifebeater, “I’ve changed now baby I promise plz take me back”
Literally exploded on his wife cause she exercised her rights as a citizen.

He’s not even a good reviewer or anything, how many years in the business and he still sucks shit at video games.”

“It’s pretty amazing how TB could write an entire essay about something and yet say nothing but “I’m great””

“>people who supported him clearly are racists, sexists, homophobes, islamaphobes, transphobes and god knows what else.
>uncomfortable process of tearing down my own, internal bigotry and rebuilding myself as a better human-being.

And to top it all off:

>Change isn’t accomplished by whining on the internet. It’s not accomplished by demonizing people that don’t think the way you do.
Sounds like someone drank the kool-aid hard.”

“He actually was strong enough to overcome his own biases and went into introspection. He saw how futile and misguided his outwards anger was and took a step back to see what he was doing, how it affected himself and others. He didn’t take the faux nihilist approach of pretending not to care about anything and he didn’t double down either.

He did the one thing almost everyone on /v/ is too afraid to, he looked at himself critically, without excuses. A man with asscancer was braver and stronger than any of you to drop the façade for just a minute to analyse what was happening.”

“>He actually was strong enough to overcome his own biases and went into introspection.
I would agree with you if he didn’t pull the exact same shit LITERALLY every couple of months.”

“I can see what you mean but from having known him since 2006 I can safely say this doesn’t apply to him.

He does far too often ‘introspective moments’ than needed by a well adjusted person.”

“>He actually was strong enough to overcome his own biases
Okay, let’s see
Next day
>I’m sure they’re not all racist nazis pedophiles that rape women all the time
>I assume… most of them are good people
Are you retarded? TB has always been a completely useless tool”

“He does this all of the time though.

introspection =/= change”

“He does this constantly. All the time. I guarantee he will flip his shit at least twice more before he dies, having learned nothing and thrown out all the shit he said this time around.”

“I would agree with you if he didn’t pull the exact same shit LITERALLY every couple of months.

If he really “went into introspection” he would do that shit once and then stop but that is not what he is doing, he is just saying shit to win people back and to appear (both to himself and others) as somebody progressing and going forward. This is some beaten housewife shit right here, no change just words.”

“If you don’t even try, how can there be change? But go ahead and call everyone who takes a step back as a hypocrite or a loser or whatever you want to label him. You can’t fall down if you never try getting up after all.”

“>everyone who takes a step back
He doesn’t do this tho, he never does he just says and acts like he does but then a couple of weeks pass and the same shit happens all over be it for some stupid video game or because somebody said something he didn’t about him on reddit or this shit.

In my eyes he is worst kind of man when to comes to this topic. I even rate people who don’t admit to themselves how shit they are over people who pretend to and pretend to change only to go back and act like autists again.”

“Its the fault of his whale wife and not his son his bringing up.
The SJW mentality starts to finally settle in otherwise he cant explain to himself him miserable life.

Hes what, 30 something, he dosnt have any children, hes spending all his $ to bring up someone else kid, his wife looks like she was merged with a a cow, he spend his entire life playing games and his youtube channel is the only thing he has to show for it.
He wont quit making videos even of his death bed, its all he hs got, but i bet he regrets never having his own kids by now.”


“better hope your leftie friends dont decide to kill Trump or Pence is taking us gay hunting”

>anti science
Coming from the left, this is laughable.
Maybe the right stupidly denies popularized facts like climate change and evolution, but those are easy to work around and all but the stoutest evangelicals knows the truth of it.

The left actively tries to bury the scientific evidence that point to biological racial differences having an effect on social integration and in some cases, incompatibility with US laws, making globalism and multiculturalism a weak fantasy.
The entire foundation of the left now relies on celebrating sameness while encouraging difference. It’s a singularity of contradiction headed by hypocrites and social engineers, and that’s markedly worse than some hyper-religious bigots and hicks.”

“the 50s and 60s are the only time in history where low skilled labour could earn a decent wage, it was a fucking fluke”
is this historically accurate?”


Evidence: the holes in HR get paid a lot more than me”

“People with cancer are told keeping positive about their illness and optimistic for the future is essential to a better outcome.

The reality is a positive attitude has absolutely no effect on cancer outcomes but the medical profession still tells suffers it does because it tends to make them and everyone around them a little happier.”

“If there was going to be a directory with real names of everyone that was on IRC in the 90’s….nobody would have been on IRC in the 90’s.”

“my guess is they are kicking up a stink because they know theyll end up bargaining a deal. thats exactly what theyre doing with the pipeline.”

“You should travel to México someday. It is an actuall white supremacist country. In a middle class neighbourhood the only brown people you’ll see are garbage workers, waiters, servants, and some lebanese migrants which don’t really qualify as brown.
Mexico’s middle and high classes are almost completely spaniard and french criolles, and we do make big walls to segregate the brown slums filled with meztizoes and natives.

That’s why most mexican migrants are mestizoes, and why many americans are surprised when they see our white first world neighbourhoods.”

“And yet it is this same 1st world segment of Mexican society that has masterminded and supported, morally and materially (and legally) the invasion of America. You’re telling me that hey, look, we’re all Jorge Ramos here.

My point is that Jorge Ramos should be hanging from a hook and that White population of Mexico should be firebombed into the Stone Age. You are conniving, untrustworthy neighbors who oppress your own people and blame everything on America.”

““We know in Chicago, for example, that a white Trump voter was beat up by African-American men,” said Kingston.

Tapper shot back, “Why does it matter the race of the people that beat him up?”

“Because that’s what the topic is here,” Kingston retorted. “Just to quote: ‘xenophobia, homophobia, racist and sexist.’ That’s what we talked about in the last hour.”

“All you had to do was say, ‘a Trump voter was beaten up,’” Tapper declared. “I don’t know why you’d mention race.””

“Beautiful At Every Size*

*above 6’4″”

“it’s almost like Liberals dont understand the idea of benevolent authority. Mostly because they had no father. If you’ve ever watched how single mom families work, mostly the kids all develop these sob stories and other similar behaviors to manipulate the mom into doing things. They assume there is no justice because there isn’t any.

a liberal sees someone who is strong and powerful immediately they assume he is evil.”

“You said you expected such bad behavior from Trump supporters. Tagging an entire group with the behavior of one person is the first principle of racism. Then you add a gross misogynist insult aimed at Melania Trump. A principle of the left is that racist thinking and misogyny are wonderful tools when practiced by the left.”

“”This is why Trump won” isn’t always true but it’s always a good rebuttal because it riles them up like mad.”

“RTS died when victory became hinged more on obscene reflexive ability than countering your opponent.

This is an inherent problem in any real time game – it ultimately boils down to physical ability. At that point, you may as well play a game designed to make action fun instead of stressful.

The thoughtful gamer heads to TBS, while the skillful gamer heads to FPS.”

“Stockholm’s center-left government introduced a new “gender equal” approach to clearing the roads of snow last year. The policy states that sidewalks, public transport and bicycle lanes should be cleared before turning attention to the roads. The reason is that women are more likely to use sidewalks while men are overrepresented among commuters driving to work.”

“It was a carefully calculated PR move. His people knew how high budget FFXV is and how it’s expected to be a critically well received game. By shitting all over it, he’s drawn attention to his segment and his show. You all can’t stop talking about the video, so clearly it worked. Some of you even probably watched his older reviews because now you’re interested in his opinion on other games. Even OP is proclaiming how Conan is the most honest reviewer today, that’s how well this PR move worked. As for Square Enix, Conan’s whole shtick is he doesn’t know shit about video games. He gets people talking about the game, and it drums up interest from the public. Plus they’re probably pretty confident that even if Conan shits on the game, it’ll be visually appealing enough to his audience that they might actually ignore his shitposting and pick up the game to try it out for themselves. You’ve been played by both Conan and Square Enix if you think Conan somehow went off script and did something that pissed off Square Enix.”

“So when Common Core was concerned then State’s Rights were just something that backwards racist and creationist hillbillies believed in, but now all of the sudden that your pet issues are concerned, Trump is acting dictatorial and outside the federal governments legal power? Yeah fuck you, kikes. Go test the constitutionality of us putting you into ovens, cause that’s what you’re gonna be writing articles about in the near future.”

“Women undergo a drastic fashion change when they either get used and abused by someone they really care about or the day after new years. And it aint the day after new years”

“An author named Ginsburg wrote a very important book that alt.righters never discuss called The Fatal Embrace: Jews and the State. He pointed out the superhuman efforts Jews made to centralize government in every nation they got into because while it is hard to capture distributed power, it’s super simple to control from one center that is wired into everything in the country.

Unfortunately, Ginsburg points out, that when the situation goes south, the ultra-centralized nature of everything makes it super easy to identify and imprison Jews, unleash pogroms, etc.

Ginsburg didn’t have any moral qualms about Jews’ historical behavior, he just thought they should think twice about this particular behavior. I complain that nobody reads him on the alt.right, but Jews didn’t read him either.

When they set up the Throne from which the whole world is to be ruled, there will be no place on Earth to hide, not even Antartica. When some clever Stalin steals the throne from their Trotsky, their goose is going to be cooked in huge fucking ovens.”

“The fact that it’s large is why censorship matters. Nobody cares about small forums censoring people.”

“Just because something is on the internet does not mean it’s a “public space”.”

“Yeah so what? We need to make sure large companies aren’t able to control who can go where and do what. You can’t kill somebody just for being in your house. So obviously there’s a line that needs drawing.”

“You’re forgetting that another entity could provide the well for the other demographic, seeing as there’s money to be made there.”

“It’s an example of there being limited availability in resources. In the example of the water, there’s no time to wait for the market to dig another well to save the person. Any excuse can be made, but the end result is the person dies, not that property rights have been saved. The same thing is happening with social media. […] If it’s the greater races at stake. The future of civilization at stake. Then there’s no length we shouldn’t go to to save it. Property becomes less important. It’s a hierarchy of needs for civilization to survive. […] The entire premise is virtual or not, private or not, when something dominates how we live our lives, we need to look at how we can update those areas to reflect our values. Those values conflict with private property every day and we have to make hard decisions. Private property is an ideal just like freedom of speech, belief, etc. […] Property rights are incredibly important, but there are times they hinder civilization. If it allows us to get run over and civilization destroyed, and property rights destroyed as a result, then they weren’t very good ideals. This is why libertarians have mostly become fascists of some sort. At least until we get control of things like borders and universities.”

“There is no comparison between forcing a company to manage it’s website a certain way and border control.”

“It’s not a comparison. It’s about taking every ground we can to support the existence of civilization. Property rights are good at that, but only to a point. We also need to think in terms of collective property rights. We can’t just wait until something reaches our doorstep. Collective power always has and always will matter.”

“Japan: World’s Second Largest Population of Atheists, One of The Lowest Crime And Murder Rates In the World. The conclusion is clear, not only is life in a Godless world possible, but it may be preferable.”

“This just in: population of super-high IQ, very collectivist, ancestor-worshiping people not prone to anti-social behavior, more news at 11.”

“”Just because they are Shinto and Buddhist doesn’t mean they can’t also be atheist”

Things atheists actually believe”

“I think you could credibly be buddhist and atheist but with shinto you would have to at least pretend to believe in gods”

“yeah but even Buddhist atheists believe and follow in all kinds of religious stuff and so their atheism is a technicality if you go by the goal posts set up by materialistic western atheists, who also like to move the goal posts around as it suits them”

“Japan is considered atheists because it is being judged by the standards of a counter-religion.

Shinto shrines, rituals, nature spritis, gods and ancestors are attended to often.

Buddhism is major religion there, including Shingon Buddhism which worships Vairocana. Zen also has vairocana, but doesn’t make much of the fact. There are also successful transplanted cults from India, such as Ganesha.

I would say that the Japanese are *more* religious than Americans. Americans consider legalism and snitching to be piety.”

“Same with all people who think of the dictionary as the end of meaning.

Feminism is about equality even if all they do is affirmative action for women, Atheism is about not believing in a god even if it means doing a lot of other ceremonials, Anarchists are about lack of government even if their proposed society looks just like the one we have now except with more paperwork…”

“>Grand Tour

>What it should be: A show about three middle aged rich assholes trekking around the world, doing stupid shit with expensive power toys in exotic locations and taking the piss out of each

>What it’s more like: Three washed up old rock stars doing a casino ballroom tour, playing the same old set list except the few songs their old label still owns.”

“The riches of a country are to be valued by the quantity of labor its inhabitants are able to purchase and not by the quantity of gold and silver they possess.”

“The economy was in deep depression, but the country’s farmlands were still fertile and its factories ready to roll. Its entranced people merely lacked the paper tokens called “notes” that would facilitate production and trade. The people had been deluded into a belief in scarcity by defining their wealth in terms of a scarce commodity, gold. The country’s true wealth consisted of its good and services, its resources and the creativity of its people. All it needed was a monetary medium that would allow this wealth to flow freely, circulating from the government to the people and back again, without being perpetually siphoned off into the private coffers of bankers.”

“Hitler, this uneducated ordinary man, has out of natural intuition and even despite the opposition of the technician Schacht, created an especially dangerous economic system. An illiterate in every theory of economics driven only by necessity, he has cut out international as well as private high finance. Hitler possesses almost no gold, and so he can’t endeavor to make it a basis for currency. Since the only available collateral for his money is the technical aptitude and great industriousness of the German people, technology and labor became his ‘gold’…. As you know, like magic it’s eliminated all unemployment for more than six million skilled employees and laborers.”

“Why does the media always flip out when a person has a million guns? It’s not like they can fire them all at once.”

“Well nothing the article says here hinges on it being a genetic component, at least not it’s entirety. Like all sexual prefences, pedophilia as repulsive as it is, is still a preference. Nobody can choose or not to be gay, or a pedophile. “

“Nigga the entire problem with the article is the subversive nature of trying to legitimize pedophilia as a sexual preference. It is not akin to homosexuality at all. It is a dangerous pathology that should be accounted for as such, just like schizophrenia can be.”

“The first comment read: “I fucking hate white people and their inconsiderate asses for voting for Trump. Fuck you.”

The second: “I fucking hate black people and their inconsiderate asses for voting for Clinton. Fuck you.”

The first was found not to be in “violation of Twitter’s Rules regarding abusive behavior,” while the second resulted in the user’s account being banned.”

“Christians who have temples, statues, paintings, etc. are directly violating both the WORD and the spirit of the WORD. Which I think is wonderful.

All your pictures are from Catholic and Orthodox sources, who are no more trustworthy than the Chinese Communist party. The Chinese have a robust market going, including stocks and currency manipulation. They also learned the same hard lessons about collectivizing agriculture as the Soviets did.

This is an exact parallel to Christianity and the European soul. You here are all deny Christ and YHVH and I think that’s great, just like when the Chinese disavow Marx. What I don’t like is that you then continue to call yourself Christians or Communists.

But then, every Jewish totalitarianism forces its devotees to lie. “

“No one can be sure of the exact figure, but it is estimated that the destruction started and legalised by Cromwell amounted to 97% of the English art then in existence. Statues were hacked down. Frescoes were smashed to bits. Mosaics were pulverized. Illuminated manuscripts were shredded. Wooden carvings were burned. Precious metalwork was melted down. Shrines were reduced to rubble. This vandalism went way beyond a religious reform. It was a frenzy, obliterating the artistic patrimony of centuries of indigenous craftsmanship with an intensity of hatred for imagery and depicting the divine that has strong and resonant parallels today.”

“It should be said that, with the development of Protestantism, the hatred of music came back front and center; it’s a Semitic trait.

Where it survived was in Catholic nations or nations with a significant Catholic population: France and Germany. In England, nothing since Purcell.”

“This is actually extremely interesting even though it is so obvious. I didn’t even notice until now that I can not name a single Anglo-Saxon composer/classical musician from memory, whereas I can name quite a few Italian, Russian and German ones. Something similar goes for artists. The only genre in which anglo-saxons do not seem to be peculiarly underrepresented in is literature, but even there you have people like “Shakespear” who had to write under a pen-name.”

“It’s fascinating how quickly Latinos will drop the #BLM solidarity when immigration is injected into the discussion.”

“The headline says an assault on equality has started, then says nothing beyond a fearing that an assault on equality will happen.”

“EA told the ME1 writer Drew Karpyshyn that he was to ride bitch seat to some nobody whose only previous work was proofreading for Jade Empire. What happened in ME2 is that Karpyshyn would draft up a loose summary of ME2’s main story, various subplots, character storylines, lore, etc. and then this asshat would come in and take a festering wet shit all over it. After ME2 was finished EA told Karpyshyn to get the fuck off of Mass Effect and work on Tortanic instead (which he is still being forced to do to this day when EA pulled him out of retirement last year). With him being disallowed from working on the series he helped create, EA told the asshat that he gets to take over the Mass Effect franchise for himself, which is why ME3’s entire story aspect is fucking garbage. Now he’s reprising his role for Andromeda so I hope you guys know exactly what to expect from the newest train wreck to come out of EA’s puppet company formerly known as “Bioware””

“There was supposed to be a new trilogy starting with 4 – a TRILOGY. And yet we spend the first game (understandably) setting up this new big bad guy, who DIES IN BETWEEN GAMES, only to get a new big bad guy in the second game, WHO DIES IN THE FIRST MISSION, only to get a new big bad guy WHO WAS FORMERLY A FUCKING DEAD GOOD GUY. It took them two WHOLE GAMES to establish who our villain is, and they did a fucking shit job at it too. No 343 can’t redeem Halo for me, the writing is fucked beyond all repair at this point.”

“>We had to bomb Japanese civilians, we were at war with them!
>We can’t bomb Muslims, we will just create more radicals!”

“Knepper isn’t virtue signalling – he’s job hunting. There’s a difference.”

“The great divide between those a)those who fanatically deny covert politics or any existence of important evidence that bears on historical decisions and b)those who are passionate about covert politics and psychological warfare is the divide between the Left Atheist and the Right Believer (sort of).

The Left Atheist has committed his whole soul to the idea that What You See is What You Get.

The Right Believer is the opposite. He knows that the appearances of this world are no more than passing shadows hiding True Reality, so he seeks depths in everyday events.”

“Liberals are going out of their way to say nice things about Fidel Castro. They always go out of their way to find nice things to say about leftist dictators like Castro, Mao, and even Stalin. Castro expanded literacy and improved health care. Mao and Stalin modernized their countries. We are told we shouldn’t overlook the accomplishments just because they killed more people than we can count and deprived their people of basic human rights. Why do liberals point out achievements? They don’t tout the infrastructure improvements of Hitler and Mussolini.

I think it is because the left views government as a two step process. First, the left gains authority, imposes rules, and makes all the decisions. Second, the rules and decisions are tweaked to achieve perfection. For example, imposing Obamacare was a great achievement, step 1. Then everyone should support it and get behind making tweaks to perfect it, step 2. Praising leftist dictators preserves this model of government. The leftist dictators did *wonderful* things, proving the basic scheme of authoritarian rule can work. The problem was they didn’t follow through with tweaking the policies that didn’t work. Never mind that other countries managed to expand health care and education, and modernize, without authoritarian rule.”

“What did Castro know about Hillary Clinton?”

“If you tell people not to breed because of stupidity yet contradict yourself by asserting that all people are equal, then you shouldn’t breed for the exact same reason you’re projecting.”

“You can’t fight fires and expect the arson to vanish with the flames.”

“Just occurred to me this is a p big reason why I don’t like SJW-types and any of the newer generation political activists in general.

Antifa et. all are supposedly extremely big against racism – it’s one of their core tenets and appeal. On these topics, you’d think they’d have a strong stance on their beliefs, behaviors, and choices around these things, that these ideologues on their chosen territory would be immovable.

What they actually do is waffle and pander to every random account on the internet without <500 words exchanged.

Imagine great artists or great chefs or any professional changing their opinions as easily as these guys. You can’t because they wouldn’t. “Oh i guess you’re right” is a line used exclusively by people who are uneducated and unfamiliar with a topic and lack the ability to recognize, much less have an opinion on, this or that particular nuance.”

“Lmao this is how a sales man at my old company got his jaw wired shut for a month. Good thing too because he was a salesman and therefore a cunt who thought that when there’s a situation he doesn’t understand he should be the one in charge”

“Mhhh, using the word “racist” in an inflationary manner hasn’t worked and has merely driven people frustrated with the status quo to actually become racists… ahhh, I got an idea. How about we now use the word “terrorist” against these frustrated people? Surely that will work ;^)”

“Of course Pinochet memes are annoying, but nonetheless there is a reason why Chile is comparatively better off than the rest of South America. Private property and entrepreneurial freedoms for small middle class businesses DO strongly correlate with the wealth of a nation all else being equal, and there is no reason why you wouldn’t be able to have that AND strong regulations on internationally acting corporations”

“Capitalists do what they accuse (rightfully in many cases) Communists or opponents of capitalism of doing: they constantly move the goalposts by changing the definition of capitalism so that it suits them.

Capitalists will say that Capitalism is whatever they agree with, and will tactically concede that “oh yeah we need to do something about international finance” and “oh yeah protectionism is still capitalism” but then when you actually start discussing the details of dealing with international finance or basic protectionism they call you a communist, because people who are so emotionally invested in the term capitalism itself cannot seem to disabuse themselves of their free market baggage.

Hence why the jettisonning of the term.”

“This is why the term ‘neoliberalism’ is so good. It just screams JEW and getting rid of all their systems.

I also like Pound’s ‘loan capital’ and ‘usura’ but too many people on our side think usury is a high loan rate, which it isn’t. Derivatives are usury. Debt-bearing currency from private banks is usury. Usury is basically anything a bank would never let *you* do to *it* – compound interest, for example.

I like the term ‘social market’ (there is a market, which is subordinate to the good of society) or just fascism (‘disciplining the economy to the needs of the nation – Mussolini).”

“National Bolshevism is not an actual ideology, its just a weird syncretism conceived by Russian natsocs who wanted to appeal to the nostalgic frustrations of the Russian public after the perceived (and to a great extent real) humiliation and exploitation they underwent after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Beyond local aesthetics there is no reason to use the term because it is an oxymoron. There is no such thing as “national” bolshevism. It’s inherently internationalist, no matter what revisionists will try to tell you about Stalins mythical nationalism. Similarly, there is no consistent way you can claim to be for private property and then use the hammer and sickle on your movement flag.

If you are a nationalist who supports private property but still wants strong state oversight over the economy for the benefit of the common man then there already is a term for that: National Socialism. Of course you never see people like Heimbach who praise Fidel Castro mention Adolf Hitler in a similarly positive vein – which just confirms that their platform is just focussed around aesthetics and not actual thought”

“Newsflash: altering the form of government is wetwork and there are no exceptions.”

“>hey Suzy here with draw my life
>blah blah blah then I broke up with my beta boyfriend arin to move to another and get fucked by another guy I meet online
>arin sent me letters everyday proclaiming his love for me while I guzzled down another mans cock
>once he was done with me I felt alone and heard arin was making internet bucks playing vidya
>now I take arin’s small virgin peepee every night while I pretend to be fucked by a real man”

“Ultimately to me, [a pistol] is a defensive weapon. I love the “I only carry when I think I may need it” people. If I think I NEED a gun, I get a Rifle or a Shotgun.”

“The entire justification for democracy is that it will allegedly produce better policy for the people. But that’s all it is: a means to an end. If the end can be achieved without it, then it’s not necessary.”

“These questions are supposed to be difficult. That is what makes them “puzzling”. Like optical illusions or magic tricks or con games, puzzles depend on your mental competence to deceive you. Children are the most skeptical audience for magic tricks, people with some brain lesions don’t experience optical illusions, and you can’t cheat an honest man. Your failure to solve a puzzle right off the bat simply means that your mind is working the way it’s supposed to. So is the puzzle.”

“Oh my God, I can’t believe yet another white male has started killing people on a university campus. This just demonstrates how dangerous they are as a demographic, even though statistically speaking they should account for the majority of violent crime since they’re the racial majority in this country.

Oh wait, it was another Muslim? Well hold your horses there bigot, we can’t jump to conclusions about this tiny 1% of the U.S. population based on how shockingly often they do this.”

“Lol, the OSU stabbing is no longer “trending” on facebook. Jeez, I wonder why.

Inb4 “facebook is only reacting to people, they aren’t trying to censor any news””

“From Newsweek’s “Dewey Beats Truman” edition, still available on eBay from $800:

The 2016 presidential election was unique in a number of ways: it saw the first major-party female nominee for the highest office in the country, the improbable rise of a demagogue previously unknown in American politics, and enough infighting and mudslinging for 10 election cycles. But as the tone of the election grew darker and more bizarre by the day, President-Elect Hillary Clinton “went high” when her opponent and his supporters went even lower. No stranger to trudging through the mire of misogyny in her career as first lady, senator and secretary of state, President-Elect Clinton continued to push for an issues-based campaign, even as a handful of Trump’s most deplorable supporters, seeing the wide margin Clinton held among female voters, called to repeal the 19th Amendment. On election day Americans across the country roundly rejected the kind of fear and hate-based conservatism peddled by Donald Trump and elected the first woman in US history to the Presidency. The culminating election of a career in politics spanning three decades and arguably more experience than any incoming president , 2016’s was not an easy one to watch, comment on or be a part of – but then the dust cleared, it revealed a priceless moment in American history. The highest glass ceiling in the Western World had been shattered.

“One reason that infinite evil is so successful in all its undertakings is that it never wastes one second.”

“BREAKING: Somali cutlery enthusiast involved in car accident at Ohio State”

“”As a White guy you are Never EVER EVER Told you can’t do something” ??

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? What the hell are you talking about? In your culture right now you are constantly told this shit.

“You have white privilege”, “You have to make sacrifices cuz slavery”, “You have to let women take the lead because patriarchy” etc. And what do you think white people don’t have parents and asshole friends who keep them down and poison the well?
What about your parents Steven? Did you your mom never EVER EVER tell you can’t do shit?

What about schools in the US racially segregating people?

What about black studies and other liberal BS courses in your colleges? What about the news media that obsesses over every damn black guy getting shot and completely ignores everyone else?

And about what You are saying ? You are literally telling whites what they should or should not be able to do this shit in THIS VERY VIDEO. And YOU are telling blacks they can’t make it, that it’s too hard, that because you are Black you are at disadvantage!
YOU and progressive assholes like YOU are telling blacks they can’t make it on their own. You are the people that are doing this shit! You are the ones keeping blacks down when you are telling them there’s magical imeasurable invisible property to having black skin that’s nearly impossible to overcome and ALL white people don’t have this!
YOU are the type of assholes that are keeping blacks down with all this bullshit.
Also do you even realize that Whites ARE NOT the group in society that does the best, Right?

Asians do Better economically, do better in schools, have a more stable family structure and have the Least criminality. So IF White people ARE NEVER EVER told they can’t do anything then WTF do you say about Asians? They are NEVER EVER told that X2 ? X3 ? Or maybe their parents and society as a whole doesn’t baby them every god damn step of the way and make excuses ?

You realize this affirmative actions affects Asians MORE than white?

And I just love how you say shit like “I couldn’t POSSIBLY understand what it’s like to be Black or Woman” but you don’t seem to have any problem at all Whitesplaining and Mansplaining to your entire audience supposedly on behalf of those groups.

And who the hell made you the great spokesperson for all white people that you can decide what policies are fair ?

Think maybe some white people have completely different experiences than you? Or all blacks share some sort of hive mind because of their skin color that permeates every single situation?

The level of arrogance is fucking astronomical.

IF you “can’t possibly understand” what other races “experience” then STFU ! Why are you even talking about this? Go fetch us some random nigger so we can listen to him/her you racist prick !”

>I am compassionate but I am also realistic, life is not fair
lol MLADY”

“I wouldn’t necessarily say affirmative action brings people down if it creates greater competition at the “top” and even within different brackets. Sure, in a perfect society where people have the same access to money, education, etc. it would not be fair to have an affirmative action in place ( but this isn’t a perfect society so equal opportunity is not a thing). Meaning if you’re an underprivileged minority, you can work your ass off & make the best choices, but still get screwed by the fact that a privileged person worked minimally to be in a slightly better standing than you did (if affirmative action wasn’t a thing). Within affirmative action, minorities do not work less to get into certain schools or jobs. They’re able to work just as hard as others, but have the recognition that their hard work might not be enough to put them in the best position to go to a prestigious school or whatever it may be.”

“Two of Hitler’s favorite sayings, which I heard him repeat endlessly were, “women can’t keep their mouths shut, so I like them all.” His second favorite saying was, “just because I love flowers doesn’t mean I have to be a gardener.””

“Women who visited Hitler often asked him why he had never married. This was a question men very rarely posed to him, but women asked him this constantly. I heard it all the time, since I usually stood 2 or 3 meters behind Hitler at gatherings or social occasions. This question began to irritate Hitler after awhile because it was asked so often. So by 1937, anyone who asked it usually was greeted with a swift look and no response.

However, early in my service with him, I wasn’t aware he was bombarded with this question, so late one evening in Berlin (we were alone), I asked with all sincerity, “Mein Führer, may I ask why you have never married?”

Hitler looked at me for a long while before answering. Then he said slowly, “I will tell you why I have remained a bachelor all my life. I demand from every married couple a sensible family life. But because of my position and my extreme responsibilities, it isn’t right for me to have children. I have to give up that happiness. Look at my lifestyle! Sometimes I don’t come home all night, I am always away. A wife and children would get so little from me. ”

I felt this was as sincere an answer that he could ever give.”

“Words build bridges into unexplored regions.”

“The victor will never be asked if he told the truth.”

“Success is the sole earthly judge of right and wrong.”

“Who says I am not under the special protection of God?”

“The art of leadership… consists in consolidating the attention of the people against a single adversary and taking care that nothing will split up that attention.”

“Great liars are also great magicians.”

“Sooner will a camel pass through a needle’s eye than a great man be “discovered” by an election.”

“Funny how that OSU story was trending all morning until the local affiliate broke the report it was a Somali immigrant killing people.

Then all the sudden apparently 400k people stopped talking about it because it disappeared and got replaced in the trending articles by a story about Jumanji.

Yeah I’m afraid for someone’s safety but its not movie franchises dying that bothers me, it’s over 2,000 mass murder victims killed in the West by burka-clad invaders in less than a year that has me worried about trends.”

“Aren’t the attackers males without burkas tho?”

“No, all of them are invaders men and women. They give aid and comfort to the enemy, pack their lunches and lie for them on TV.

Adherence to Islam in any capacity is complicit support of terrorism, period.”

“Do you oppose extremist whites with the same vigor?”

“I’m sorry I must have missed the story where a white guy went on a race motivated stabbing spree yesterday”

“this post is the most biased ignorant garbage I’ve read in about a year. Islam is an ideology, not a militia.”

“Interestingly, its the only ideology around right now killing more people than militias. Although that might be hard to sort out since lots of its adherents are killing people as part of an Islamic militia.”

“I could call myself prince Harry’s biggest fan and wreak havoc, but that doesn’t mean the royal family is a terrorist threat. Argument fail, miserably.”

“And if literally thousands of people were doing it all the time and the royal family was making TV proclamations that anyone who kills in their name goes to heaven this comparison wouldn’t be retarded

But they don’t
And this is”

“Islam is just an idea. It is the gross misinterpretation of it that causes issues […] I don’t know Muhammed personally. I have millenia of hearsay and legends that I van choose to believe…our not. Like anything, it is up to you, the individual, to determine which depictions are legitimate. Kind of like climate change deniers. They can have all the evidence in the world, but still choose to not believe the findings or accounts. I personally think history, especially religious history, had evolved through a combination of oral transmission, political manipulation, and language barriers. Thus, I don’t subscribe to any of it devoutly. And if somebody reads it and finds peace, great. If somebody reads it and decides to take to violence, that’s on them. I personally grew up reading plenty of Stephen King, but somehow managed to relegate that to the fantasy realm.”

“The tactical nihilism is strong as fuck today

>I didn’t PERSONALLY meet Muhammed so I can’t judge him
>all nationalists are a priori Hitler”

“When I am the weaker, I ask you for my freedom, because that is your principle; but when I am the stronger, I take away your freedom, because that is my principle.”

“Why should freedom to speak be seen as an eternal principle rather than something that can either minimize or maximize social utility? Freedom of speech was positive for social utility when our society was more homogeneous and everyone implicitly shared the same scale of values. That is no longer the case”

“Muslims are homophobic and misogynistic and I will defend my female and LGBTQ allies no matter what it takes.”

“Deportation isn’t a death sentence. They’ll be fine back home in Somalia, away from all of the racist white Americans that they keep killing in self defense.”

“Not all Muslims are that way. I know people that are Muslim that don’t think that way. I know Muslims that suppourt lgbtq rights. You all think in logical and association fallacys.”

“So you know people who claim to be Muslim but don’t follow Islam, neat.

Why should we assume that the vast majority of Muslims don’t follow or believe in Islam like your “Muslim” friends don’t?”

“>complain that “all storm troopers are humans”
>open ranks to all species
> complain that empire is using these species as cannon fodder

S P A C E P O L I T I C S ”

“>Be Palpatine
>See aliens hate humans
>See aliens routinely enslave humans
>See aliens target humans in terror attacks
>See aliens building a droid army to invade human worlds
>play 11th dimensional chess with the anti human confederacy of independent systems and the Republic to establish an empire that doesn’t play that shit
>build 10k strong fleet to protect all species from piracy and warlords
>gets called racist because he uses humans when humans are literally the most competent species in the lore”

“How glorious the world would be if the conversation had gone:
“Hey Engels, I can’t make the rent this month. Any chance you could cover me again?”


“Al Capone was never convicted of a crime until he was finally nailed on tax evasion. Richard Nixon was never convicted of a crime. Not being conveicted means that a person is either honest or a better-than-average crook. What goods and services did she and Bill produce after leaving the White House ‘flat broke’ that merited over $100 million in income? Wikileaks revealed an influence peddling scheme that would merit prosecution under racketeering laws were she an ordinary citizen rather than a person with Justice Department connections.”

“Well, it could be because the holiday that’s being celebrated is called “Christmas.” In Japan, Taiwan, and China, where there are a total of about eight Christians, they like Christmas trees and call them “Christmas trees.” Amazing how they figured that out. The principle of political correctness is not whether anyone is actually offended by something, but whether by staying up late at night you can figure out a way to be offended. I manage, without effort, not to be offend if someone wishes me a good holiday that I don’t celebrate.”

“Now breaking on CNN: Trump is a literal reincarnation of Hitler. Trump is so Hitlery he is planning on gassing his Jewish son-in-law and Jewish daughter. The Alt-right, whose membership makes up 95 percent of white America voted for Trump solely because they want to see a Fourth Reich USA. Trump’s spewing of racist vitriol and chewing of carpet included demands for his immigrant wife to be deported along with his young son as Trump said “the little bastard was an anchor baby.”

“Nationalism is derived from the self, and therefore honest. Globalism and humanism are derived from an abstract sense of humanity over the individual, and therefore lies.”

“Milo is on a UK government “extremist” list as a gay man who criticizes Islam.”

“2 million illegal Mexican aliens granted amnesty and citizenship during Obama’s presidency

Mexican nationals vote about 90% Democrat

90% of 2 million is 1.8 million

Hillary is leading popular vote by 1.7 million


“The Jewish plan B now seems to be to use Trump in order to bring back the discussion about further EU centralization and most importantly an EU Military Force. These were issues that were opposed almost across the board by the general public both on the left and on the right, but now all of the faggots on the left and on the center are getting on board calling for an EU army in order to “secure our democracy”, “make us less dependent on Trumps America” etc and whatever fucking bullshit. The real purpose of course is to create ranks of exchangable mercenary forces that can be deployed across the continent and won’t be worried as much about shooting the goyim. When Greeks start to revolt and try to overthrow their Jew government, I’m sure there will be more than enough German and Swedish idiots who will sign up to shoot dose “lazy greeks who just want a handout xddd pls pay denbts””

“The “muh PR” faggots have no problem calling to nuke Iran or turn Iraq into a nuclear wasteland. It’s only when Jews are concerned that suddenly they need to appear as if they had some sort of higher ethical code or whatever”

“In the early stages of the development of a technology, seemingly trivial accidents can determine which of several technological paths is chosen. Once industry becomes kicked into a particular technological standard, it may continue to follow that line of development even though hindsight shoes that the neglected paths might have been superior.

A similar process is at work in the study of classical political economy, notwithstanding the significant variations that exist in the talents of really political economists. Once the status of a book is initially elevated, students are defrag into giving it a deeper consideration. A tradition gradually build up around what becomes treated as almost sacred texts.”

“The real life of an author emanates from his readers, disciples, commentaries, opponents, critics. An author has no other existence.”

“The same way that the Port Arthur Massacre happened ,a retarded crippled guy who literally had 10% range of motion in his arms and hands, where he had problems zipping up his pants, or yting his shoes, took a fucking AR10 and did a speedrun with mostly headshots from the hip in a time that even today has yet to be broken publically.

tl;dr he didn’t.”

“>schools should just get security gurads like hospitals do

Every hospital I’ve been in, the lone security guard (on shift) is either unarmed, or locked away in an obstructed cubicle somewhere relatively close to a main entrance with poor view outside of his bajillion security camera screens, thus ensuring he’s an easy first target with little ability to respond.

Also the vast majority of them are old and obese, and the few that are actually armed with a firearm have an old 5-shot revolver that may or may not actually be loaded.

So tell me what you expect an obese geriatric with only 5 rounds and no body armor to do when a shooter gets the jump on him. Please. It’ll literally just be another superfluous expense to the taxpayers for a false sense of security.”

“in the world of public liability and insurance, security isn’t really to protect people, it’s to protect the institution from lawsuits.”


The only reason everyone goes easy on you is because there is no honor to be gained from stomping the shit out of retards”

“It’s been 11 minutes and he hasn’t gotten to the point yet”
“The point is that you watched for 11 minutes.”
“At the end of the video he still be like, “if you want to learn how to get small companies to pay $1k-$10k every month just uy my book, i will tell you the 3 things i did””

“Difference between tumblr and 4chan. Both the sets of stories you read on their respective sites are equally made up except one makes you say “That’s nice, probably didn’t happen though” and the other makes you say “Oh God why would someone write that. Hope this didn’t really happen””

“They’re all getting BTFO but they can’t do shit because OP was an attention whore to leave it public before literally dying.”

“How much does a master’s cost in Hong Kong?”
“My master’s in business will take a total of three year and costs… about 25k USD.”
“Yes, total.”
“In the US it costs 15k a year to do undergrad in just tuition. Let’s not even talk about master’s. Four years, 15k, room not included, and you probably won’t live at home.”
“Wouldn’t you have to sell your home to go to college?”

“We’re fighting to prevent this”

So what did you do when you occupied Germany? Did you give Germany the 1st Amendment? 2nd Amendment? A free media? Due process? No, the very first thing you did was ban political symbols you didn’t like, blow up cultural and political sites you didn’t like, disarm the population, forced the German people to put in new street signs because your burgerfat soldiers couldn’t read serif fraktur, a media that was controlled by a council as well as a constitution (The Grundgesetz) that was modelled after the USSR constitution where every so-called freedom is annotated with 500 different specifications and loopholes that literally translate to “you can say whatever you want, as long as its not something the government doesn’t want you to say” and gives the government quasi totalitarian limtless powers to seize your property and rights at will as long as they make up some bullshit story about how its necessary for “the protection of human rights”.

Even many Americatn and British newspapers like the Times at that time expressed concerns that this would later down the road end in the normalization of such concepts and lead to the establishment of similar censorship in the rest of Europe, which you of course blew off with the claim that these were only suppsoed to be temporary measures to rid Germany of the “virus” of National Socialism. Well, now 70 years later, we all can see that they never intended for any such schedule and it is clear for everyone to witness that no protection or perpetuation of anything resmebling the values of the Founding Fathers, domestically or in other areas of the world, was ever the intet of American intervention into WW2.

The laws you established in occupied Germany ended up being the precedent and model for all the other thought-police hate speech laws and “human rights councils” in Europe and represent the ground zero for politically enforced cultural-marxism in the West.”

“The reason they feel that way is because thats what they were suposed to be. Most American suburbs, particularly those bulit/planned after WW2 were designed with the whole cold war meme and the universal scare of the spy culture in mind, so the layout and orientation of the housing was made to minimize outward exposure, have as few playgrounds/gathering places as possible and just construct the roads as quasi conveyer belts supposed to get you from home to work and back. It’s a classical case where Jews delegitimize real concerns about their agenda (attacking McCarthy, denying communist activities in Hollywood, etc) but at the same time stoke irrational fear of communist spies to create a universal societal atmosphere of distrust and alienation. SOmething similar can be bserved with todays big kosher enemy, islamic terrorism. When it helps them push their agenda they will deny Islam is a problem, but then in other avenues where it benefits them they will create these over the top narratives of Iranian nukes and Shariah law in Texas and whatever to stoke a selective anti-Islam sentiment that can be used for their purposes.”

“Academics have advanced the theory that slavery is responsible for the economic underachievement of African-Americans. However, studies conducted with identical twins reared in different households make this explanation of the status quo increasingly unlikely.”

“>immutable genetics and biology are fragile and instable
>but my 50 year old interpretation of a 230 year old document written by old white men isn’t”

“What age do you stop being in your early 20s?”
“Late 30s.”

“lmao the media will still call you racist, Donald you coward”

“The very manner in which the [immigration] issue is framed – as a matter of equal rights and the blessings of diversity on one side, versus “racism” on the other – tends to cut off all rational discourse on the subject, One can only wonder what would happen if the proponents of open immigration allowed the issue to be discussed, not as a moralistic dichotomy, but in terms of its real consequences. Instead of saying: “We believe in the equal and unlimited right of all people to immigrate to the U.S. and enrich our land with their diversity,” what if they said: “We believe in an immigration policty which must result in a staggering increasin in our population, a revolution in our culter and way of life, and the gradual submergence of our current population by Hispanic and Carribena and Asian peoples.” Such frankness would open up an honest debate between those who favor a radical change in America’s ethnic and cultural identity and those who think this nation should preserve its way of life and its predominant, European-American character. That is the actual choice – as distinct from the theoretical choice betwen “equality” and “racism” – that our nation faces.”

“All the news articles on thsi actually trigger the autism out of me – because originally it was reported that a flashbang was deployed that did this – which is wrong for a billion reasons but the simplest on eto debunk is that flashbang don’t “explode” or produce shrapnel.

Then they said it was a canister type grenade and the police shit them with rubber bullets and beanbags.

Finally people are reporting sting grenades.”

“England and America will pay a thousand times over for their co-operation with the Jews, for their self-righteousness, for their instinctive adaptation of the Old Testament approach to life and to lying, for their alliance and arming of Stalin, for their destruction of all hope of the Western people and the European race, for their terror bombings, for their total refusal of all peace treaties no matter how generous, for the starvation blockade of Germany, for their ethnic cleansing (the largest and most monstrous in human history) of Eastern Europe, for Operation Keelhaul, for meekly leaving 30,000 of their own soldiers with Stalin, for the torture camps they gave the Jews, for the lies they have been telling about Germany since 1916, for the open air pens in which they starved the Wehrmacht to death, for the use and sale of the SS as slaves, from France to the Congo, for Dresden and Hamburg and the imitation of civilian terror bombing and their refusal to stop when Hitler gave them the opportunity, for the Russia rape-wave that began in Poland.

There is too much that has been done at Nuremberg to ever be forgiven, or even listed easily.

If I had a choice of the survival of the Anglo-American people and the survival of our race, or the opposite: their terrifying, nightmarish end along with the extinction of our race, I’d choose the second option. We belong dead.

The best option I can think of is everyone EXCEPT England and New England survive. Nuremberg rules: only the thought-masters are to be tortured to death, althought 15-20 million Anglians and New Englanders would have to be taken aside to be starved, worked to death, to be tortured, and to be burned alive.”

“It’s more depressing that it happened to the Germans.

To make their crime eternal and unforgivable, the Anglo-Saxons told the greatest lie ever told (save COmmunism and Christianity) to psychologically destroy the Germans.

Their nation was destroyed.

Special attention was paid to getting members of the SS, who were all eugenic top-of-the-line, and murdering them. To be frank, the West is never coming back even if we survive physically. We only have shit Americans and shit Englanders and shit merchant-shaped souls and shit-history. The only future for us is shitting standing uop. The Germans were THE culture bearing strata and are now totally ruined […]

This is not depressing because we are worthless. What is depressing is what was done to the Germans. It was equivalent of setting off a hydrogen bomb in Greece in 400 BCE. Today, 5000 years later, Europeans would still be eating their own shit. Culture bearing strata are everything. Americans (Anglo-Saxons, people in the Boston to DC Axis) have destroyed those, the world over, with the aid and assistance of the population of East Anglia and London. Those people need to stretch their legs a little on a forced march while their army starves and dies of typhus and thirst in open air enclosures.”

“As part of the settlement, the United States did not admit legal liability or formally apologize to Iran but agreed to pay on an ex gratia basis US$61.8 million, amounting to $213,103.45 per passenger, in compensation to the families of the Iranian victims.”

“Let’s drive 1,500 miles to protest petroleum infrastructure.”

“How would ending housing antidiscrimination laws be a “tremendous financial boon” to banks?

If POC are just as likely to pay their loans as white people, then any bank that irrationally denies loans to POC would be worse off.”

“It’s not as if schools regularly teach skills like critical analysis, data analysis, analytical philosophy, or anything distinctly of the sort. They’ll probably learn the scientific method, but they probably won’t learn the distinct group of thought that comes with it.

This also changes a lot across majors in school, as well. You can’t expect someone going to school for English or business or aerospace to asnwer questions using the same setps a forensic medieval history or a chemistry research grad student would know.

One of the major reasons I could not get much into some sorts of coursework was their verifiable lack of theory or cited resources in the mateirial. Very often you would go pages just memorizing material without the basis for the findings being listed except for a few “key” findings or relevant findings listed in the corner (this was typically with a mind for expediency, but that mind has consequences).”

“Doesn’t this guy just have THE most punchable face?

He’s /u/spez, the CEO of Reddit. He edited people’s comments for fun. On a site that has had people prosecuted in the past for comments they’ve posted. He did it totally stealthily, and nobody would have known if he hadn’t admitted to it.

Oh, and then afterwards, a massive chat conversation was leaked showing he is plotting, along with other Reddit administrators, to frame /r/the_donald and have them banned.

Good stuff.”

“Fact-checking is infinitely regressive. If there is no trust, there will be no truth.”

“Media idiots don’t realize that Alt-Right people are far, far more moderate than the ‘moderate’ Salafi Islamists they are protecting!”

“Hey, you know what we should do?”

No, boss, what?

“Rebrand our company with Tinyco, Inc’s label.”

Uhhh…right after we acquired them, they failed, and we had to close down all their facilities, remember?

“Yeah, but I feel like their overall idea was a good one. And they’ve got high brand awareness!”

Sure, boss, but we’ve done some market research, and people uniformly associate that brand with shit quality, shit customer service, and shit design. The final product was rejected by the market so badly that its name is used as an insult. We get positive responses from less than 1% of the people we survey in any market.

“No, but the brand used to be great! It was around for years before it all went to crap. We’ll just throw an enormous amount of money into rehabilitating the brand and and convincing everyone the product was actually good.”

This basically never happens, and on the rare occasion it does, it fails. Anyone with a modicum of success in business that can tell you that once a brand is poisoned, it’s cheaper and quicker to rebrand than to try and rehabilitate the old one. The Apple Newton, for example, had its fans. There are people who to this day will insist it was a great product that got unfairly panned by critics. But for the most part, it was rejected by the market, and the brand has negative connotations (not to mention that it made people think of Nabisco cookies, not an 18th century genius). When Apple released a similar product years later, they didn’t try to resurrect the Newton brand and patiently explain to people that the Newton really was a good thing. In marketing, explaining is losing. You’ve got about two seconds to get a reaction, and if that reaction is a bad one, you’re done. The i-Whatever brand already had an established positive identity, so Jobs went the obvious route of calling the new product an iPhone.

Imagine if, during those executive meetings prior to unveiling the iPhone, someone had argued that the Newton had great ideas behind it, the engineers who worked on it were really smart, and that it really wasn’t fair at all that the public didn’t like it…therefore, Apple has a moral obligation to apply the Newton brand to the new phone. Jobs probably would have justifiably called him an idiot and told him to GTFO. It doesn’t matter how objectively good the Newton was or wasn’t. The only thing that matters is how the market responds to the brand. People liked i-Branding and didn’t like Newton. It was that simple.

You probably see where I’m going now.

I’ll grant, for the sake of argument, that Hitler was the failed hero of WW2 and David Duke is the rightful philosopher-king of our times. But it doesn’t matter. Nazism is the single most polluted brand in existence today, and the swastika is the single most disliked corporate logo out there. I mean I genuinely can’t think of one brand that generates a more immediate negative reflex among more people than the Nazi party.

It doesn’t matter what the historical origin of the Windmill of Friendship is. It doesn’t matter what the true history of the Roman salute is (p.s. if you’re of Germanic descent, it is not the salute of “your people;” it is the salute of their conquerors and slavers). It doesn’t matter (((who))) the Bolsheviks really were. In marketing, if you have to explain why your brand isn’t shit, it’s shit. There’s a reason Dodge resurrected the Charger and Challenger brands and not Omni or Aspen.

The idea that average people are going to see a Vietnamese porn star and some random in a suit heiling Trump and be in any way attracted to the alt-right because of that is so far detached from how people work that I still can barely believe people think that’s what’s going to happen. At best all this does is discredit the media who are going hysterical over a small fringe that clearly has no direct association with Donald Trump. On one hand, it isn’t all bad. Because we are marginal barely relevant, we do make Trump look normal by comparison and the hoaxing media look like they’re obsessed with finding people to compare to Hitler instead of focusing on real issues that matter to normal people. But if you think it’s anything more than that, you don’t know how brands work.”

“I don’t have all day to explain the common man’s mistakes, to him. To even think I could would be hubristic.”

“I certainly don’t see anything wrong with this picture. Is it 100% accurate? No, but neither is history now is it?”

“This is not a classroom. There *are* such things as stupid questions. Think about what you’ve seen and what I’ve said. That’s all.”

“The displays of Roman ‘decadence’, which are all our rulers ever allow us to see, are the Julio-Claudians, who are pretty much limited to the first half of the first century AD.

We never see public or popular depictions of the ‘Good Emperors’ – who ruled over what Gibbon would call the happiest 200 years in mankind’s existence.

I could go on and on, but I’m not doing some fucking snot-nosed kid’s homework for him, and I won’t be trolled from a place of infinite ignorance. It’s infuriating – and the level of disrespect is impossible to understand.

I told him to ‘go in peace’. Then I told him that the matter was closed. Then he had to pop up one more time to say “I win.”

I am charitably going to asume he was raised by a singlemother or something. WTF is wrong with people these days. WAHHHHHH. YOU HAVE TO TALK TO ME WHENEVER I WANT AND WHATEVER I WANT TO TALK ABOUT.”

“Is it unimaginable? I’ve only recently started to stop bother tolerating it.

In California that kind of attitude is standard.”

“The danger of this meme, in my opinion, is the conclusion that it invites the viewer to draw: that deprivation is the only way to keep men ‘strong’.It’s demonstrably false and discourages visionary Utopianism. It’s a concession to the reactionary conservative mentality of “life is harsh, let’s keep it harsh so we don’t get weak.”

I’m genuinely surprised to see it being pushed in self-declared fascist circles. Mostly because fascists were revolutionary and believe it possible to end the purported ‘cycle’ depicted in the meme and creat a strong, happy, healthy society that is consistently in ‘good times’.

We need more dreamers, not more reactionaries.”

“Most men aren’t up to the task of caring for a woman”

Somehow this was not an issue just 50 years ago. If womena re free to choose their partners (without enforced monogamy and anti-adultery laws) you get situations like right now where most women consider 80% of men to be “below average”. There are heavily dysgenic long-term parasitary evolutionary results in situations where this is allowed to go on. It certainly hasn’t benefitted the Middle East.

Monogomy HAS to be strictly enforced by the state or else everything inevitably becomes a race to the bottom”

“If it were the Muslims, instead of the Crusaders, who had fought the Japanesee and the Vietnamese or invaded the lands of the Native Americans, there would have been no regrets in killing and enslaving those therein. And since thsoe mujahidin would have done so bound by the Law, they would have been thorough and without some “politically correct” need to apologize later. The Japanese, for example, would have been forcefully converted to Islam from their pagan ways – and if they stubbornly declined, perhaps another nuke would change their mind. The Vietnamese would likewise be offered Islam or beds of napalm. As for the Native Americans – after the slaughter of their men, those who would favor smallpox to surrendering to the Lord – then the Muslims would have taken their surviving women and children as slaves, raising the children as model Muslims and impregnating their women to produce a new generation of mujahidin. As for the treacherous Jews of Europe and elsewhere – those who would betray their covenant – then their post-pubescent males would face a slaughter that would make the Holocaust sound like a bedtime story, as their women would be made to serve their husbands’ and fathers’ killers. Furthermore, the lucrative African slave trade would have continued, supporting a strong economy. The Islamic leadership would not have bypassed Allah’s permission to sell captured pagan humans, to teach them, and to convert them, as they worked hard for their masters in building a beautiful country. Notably, of course, those of them who converted, practiced their religion well, and were freed would be treated no differently than any other free Muslim. This is unlike when the Christian slaves were emancipated in America, as they were not afforded supposedly government-recognized equal “rights” for more than a century – and their descendants still live in a nation divided over those days. All of this would be done, not for racism, nationalism, or politiacl lies, but to make the word of Allah supreme. Jihad is the ultimate show of one’s love for his Creator, facing the clashing of swords and buzzing of bullets on the battlefield, seeking to slaughter His enemies – whom he hates for Allah’s hatred of them. A religion without these fundamentals is one that does not call its adherents to fully manifest and uphold the love of the Lord.”

“Shotgun marriages used to work just fine, but we’ve gotten rid of the stigma of a woman having a child out of wedlock-“

“But the problem is, it’s good to get rid of stigmas because we would always put those people in a box […] You’re talking about an ideal world wwhere everyone has a mother and father. We’re going back to the days of happy days, you know, most people don’t even know what that is.”

“When the kids turned out a lot better and they were given every advantage in life. Stigmas are good things. You have a stigma against smokers because smoking is bad for you. But smoking is not as bad for you as being raised by a single mother.”

“Everyone here in this audience is outraged. I mean you’ve cited statistics, and I know they’re credible. But we’re hearing here is you’ve kind of focused your approach. You know, “Anti Single Mothers”. Do you really believe all that stuff?”

“Who’s the Christian here Father? I care about the children. I care about how they are raised. For you to be encouraging wmen having children out of wedlock and discouraging them from being sent to nice adoptive homes, I find it shocking.”

“…there’s only 11 people. definitely no miscount.”

“yeah, I told them 13 because if you say 11-12 they’ll give you a small table, but if you say 13-14 they’ll give you one of the big ones.”

“It measures steps taken.”
“Every step?”
“It’s accurate to maybe 80~90%.”
“Well what’s the point then?”
“If you measure then at least you have an idea. If you don’t measure at all then you definitely won’t.”

“I don’t speak English or Chinese. The stuff we speak and read isn’t “Chinese” anymore.”

“I didn’t hear that from anywhere. I thought of it just now. The gears in here turn quickly.”
“It’s not that the gears turn fast, it’s that they were there. For some other people you give them as long as they want and they won’t ever think of that.”

“What was that teacher’s name?”
“The news didn’t say it, why would I say it? I’m not stupid.”
“Was it a woman?”
“…It wasn’t a man. See, I didn’t say anything.”

“Pissing people off is OK. What’s important is who you piss off. Your boss calls a meeting and says “Every one of the girls in our office is beautiful. If there’s even one you think doesn’t fit that bill please point her out now.” Would you do it?”
“Of course not.”
“What if he said handsome men instead then?”
“That I’d do. I don’t care about that one.”

“When it’s safe, it’s really safe. When it’s unsafe, it’s really unsafe. You’re perfectly fine as long as they’re not interested in you; once they want you, anywhere you go they know your every step.”

“When do kids start learning to cheat?”
“First grade. Only thing they don’t learna bout cheating then is that they can use it to make money.”

“I’m not opposed to cheating, but if you’re going to do it at least do it off of someone who didn’t do theirs so poorly.”

“Excuse me, I have to make a call.”
“What, you can’t do it here? Do you have to call your mistress or something?”
“You don’t have to?”

“It makes a lot of sense to share a meme and tag your friends, but normalfags don’t want to dilute their stream of selfies and pictures of them “living life to the fullest” with stupid internet cartoons.”

>hey guys
>we’re doing a patch that adds the framework for the foundation for an announcement of a reveal of a content patch we might do later
>thanks for talking about our game so much, btw :^)

I knew from the first footage the game would be barebones shit, i never intended on buying it, didn’t, haven’t watched any footage on the release version or anything, and yet I STILL want to strangle the life out of these people just so I don’t have to share a planet with them”

“Like all Blacks, there isn’t even a consideration of accountability.

Blacks are just like women, except with more fast-twitch muscle fiber. They shouldn’t be allowed to be president.”

“So what if he exaggerated some features? Even if he might’ve lied, he’s just human. Stop being so vindictive.”

“theres like 600 people playing it right now.
the game lost 99.61% of its playerbase in less then 90 days.

is there ANYTHING on steam that even REMOTELY approaches this sort of customer dissatisfaction?”

“shit only lost 94% of its playerbase in double the time, 6 months. battleborn did roughly 30 times better then no mans sky

think about this, other well known critical flops can be measured in multiplications of better than no mans sky. its pretty nuts to think about

evolve only lost 85% in the first 3 months, so roughly 37 times better then no mans sky”

“Man there’s so many hot Hong Kong women. Part of it is a function of just how many people there are but part of it is just that there’s like no fat women. Maybe 1-2 out of 100 don’t have a visible waist, and 1-2 out of 1000 are what we’d call fat; these numbers including everyone I see in public from the elementary schoolers to the elderly. Everyone else is fit or at least skinny and at least knows how to dress for effect – 40 year old mom can literally look just as hot as any 20 year old girl. Sat across from one last night, absolutely gorgeous face, 9.5/10, only way I could tell was the slightest wrinkles under eye, at collarbones, and slightly less hair volume. They don’t get fatter after getting married, they don’t even get fatter after having kids. They don’t get fat.

I thought the face was by not even close the most important thing, but now I see I only thought that because the majority of the women I see in America don’t have a body to look at. Face is still the most important to be sure but damn, it’s nice to see women as default fuckable rather than as default whale. In America seeing a skinny/fit girl it’s “man I hope she has a good face”, of she does you’ve found an angel, if not its like continuing the search for alien life. Hong Kong it’s “man I hope she has a good face”, if she does then great, but great only at the baseline level of the dick, because most girls look about the same, which is to say pretty good – it’s a continuous distribution, which is nor what I feel is the case in America.

Could also be because i live in California and there’s a bunch of different races here and most people are fat, so on top of the fitness problem there’s also just completely different facial structures in the total range, making “decent side of average looking” exceedingly difficult to find, rather than what you’d expect, e.g. only marginally harder than not looking at all. Looking is also not hard, involves maybe taking a lift from your flat to the ground and then see hundreds walking outside, whereas in America you have to drive half an hour to not even be sure to see one.

Hong Kong has some other difficulties but in this it has no problem.”

“I tend to be laid back on issues where government intervention into peoples lives may be TOO intrusive and prone to abuse, but the state just has to do something to reduce obesity to a minimum, especially female obesity. Now I know there are legitimate concerns about this, like the many stupid ideologically and economically motivated ideas of which foods are supposed to be good/bad for you, which many times are just flat out wrong and retarded, but still, this is a problem that needs to be adressed.

I’m not worried about the health implications of obesity as I am about the social ones. Obesity has resulted in a significant reduction of quality women in society. 60 years ago, the very rare prevelance of obesity (especially in young people) combined with still strongly enforced norms of monogamy meant that every man had a reasonable chance of getting an at least acceptably attractive mate. Sure, women can have ugly faces, but in the absence of deformations it is extrememy uncommon to see a non-obese woman who is actually *ugly* or hideous. In the old days even the most dorky science nerd could find comfort in the fact that he would sooner or later be able to score a woman that would not repulse him.

The desire for an appreciable mate is just about one of the most fundamental things that we are evolutionarily wired to desire – only God knows what grave consequences, both directly and indirectly, the “elimination” of half the fucking female prospective partners as a result of obesity has had on young men socially, psychologically, morally and in regards to their ambitions and motivations in life. I believe men of all attractiveness levels, but especially the less neurotypical tinkerer and science types, would be much happier with their lives, more outgoing and more content with putting their energy into their inventurous and creative endeavours – where they end up making discoveries or devising improvements which help advance society ads a whole – if they could know that they were not destined for a life of either loneliness or sexual misery because the externalities in their lives have made it quasi impossible to achieve romantic fulfillment.

Obviously men too should be encouraged to be in shape, but for women, the state MUST find some way to force them to be at acceptable bodyfat levels”

“I feel fundamentally more happy with a bunch of average looking skinny women around visiting HK. I have dual monitors with beautiful women as background images but it’s pretty extreme. It’s like drinking 2 liters of extra sweet and sharp-tasting soda a day. Hong Kong it’s 2 liters of clean water. America outside is 50ml of mud.

It’s like having fresh air. Supposedly nothing special, but why does it need to be special? It’s really quite nice to have just the basics basically right.”

“”You have to be careful when taking surveys. They are often like graduate school entrance exams logic testing. The phrases can be cleverly written to fool you into giving a certain answer. It’s all about semantics and the structure of phrases. I urge you to participate in surveys because they are conducted for research. The information is used to make educated decisions and create solutions and ideas. Surveys are much like Voting they are another way to express your voice and opinion and to be heard.

“Remember that one feminism survey question? I think it was about harassment?

It’s like those polls we run every now and again where the options are “yes it’s great” and “I am an imbecile”.

The “informing” section comes long before the surveys, not after. All the people who know anything about experiment design, data collection, and signal analysis went to do things other than create public opinion political surveys.”

“Imagine there are no countries.”

So an Earth without land?”

>states rights are outdated
>trump’s overstepping federal boundaries!
>>trump’s done for this time! ver. 2584
>>trump’s not following protocol by ignoring the press!
>who cares if hillary has friends, everyone has friends
>trump’s caught in unavoidable conflict of interest with his family!
>>trump voters are just redneck uneducated hillbillies
>>we need to listen to opposing views!
>don’t be mad when you lose now
>how could so many people vote for hate!

“They tryna make it out like Baltimore was burnin!”
“But Baltimore WAS burning.”
“That was then.””

“When people told me they hated Hillary Clinton or (far worse) that they were “not fans,” I wish I had said in no uncertain terms: “I love Hillary Clinton. I am in awe of her. I am set free by her. She will be the finest world leader our galaxy has ever seen.””

First time in a long while I didn’t click a link because I thought I might get a virus.”

“wait a minute…

aren’t they saying “white people should die” and “kill all men” and “assassinate trump”…. at the same time as they’re complaining about being “scared” and “getting targeted”?


nah, couldn’t be.”

“>make handguns hard to get and harder to carry
>make carrying long guns and decent sized magazines illegal
>public place gets shot up
>”see! guns are only ever used to do bad things!””

“They say we need Mexican mass immigration because they work hard for less than minimum wage, so California is essentially considering seccession to keep their slaves.”

“You right wingers always get scared of the smallest things. You’re like little piss babies! You think people actually mean it when they say kill all whites or kill all men? Can’t you take a joke?

And this guy, he only published two addresses. Two! Out of how many of you? Not even 1%. Literally nothing. And yet again completely predictably you get all mad and riled up and make a man lose his job. Again.

Grow up already. Jeez Louise.”

“Tolerance is the first step away from problem solving.”

>Trump could cause housing to be unaffordable!
>Trump could also simultaneously crash the housing market!
>But we don’t know what’s going to happen for sure yet, it’s too soon to say
– San Francisco Chronicle, cover article “Trump effect on housing market?”, November 17″

“I do agree though using numbers for preferences is pretty stupid
It sounds like the book was written by someone who learned about emotions through a book
AKA some sort of aspie”

“no, it’s more of a business thing and its requirement for everything to be formalized through some kind of paperwork
“see, we were objective. look at all these tables and figures we pulled out of our ass!”
this is the kind of thing they use to hide nepotism and preferential business relationships with certain vendors
“our table here says that based on what we want to make in our product, we’d HAVE to buy from these guys!””

“”[A]s any trade economist understands, the truth is that trade neither creates nor destroys jobs.
When imports increase, jobs frequently are lost in domestic industries that compete with those imports. This is all that many voters see. What they don’t realize is that these very same imports create jobs elsewhere in the economy.”


“THEY WILL NOTICE YOUR HARD WORK. ᴮᵁᵀ ᴾᴬᴾᴱᴿ ʸᴼᵁ ᴼᵁᵀ ᵀᴴᴱ ᴰᴼᴼᴿ ᵂᴴᴱᴺ ʸᴼᵁ ᴮᴱᶜᴼᴹᴱ ᴬ ᵀᴴᴿᴱᴬᵀ”

“Most of the feelings side I can verify as true and is exactly why every single time I see “oh those small dick Asians just want to be white people and fuck our white women” as just wankery. Preferable to just “free love” and blasé encouraging racemixing for sure, but wankery nonetheless. I don’t pay enough attention to tell it any of those people also complain about Chinese not accepting and discriminating against foreigners but if I ever see one I’ll make sure I take their name.

I’ve lived in America all my life and ever time I see someone not look Chinese, speak Chinese, I’m impressed. Maybe that’s a function of just my knowledge of the language and knowing it’s not spoken by just anyone; I fully recognize that white people who live in Hong Kong and speak fluent Cantonese are closer to the city than me. Give me five to ten years in the area though and I’ll have a different opinion. Like that professor and that Canadian, they can’t change that my history is Chinese and theirs isn’t. Do I blame them? No. Does that mean I’m going to change my opinion? No. Is that unfair? Well, it’s not like I’m denying them Chinese lineage or something. You don’t get to become Chinese in the fullest sense just by studying the language and living in the country, just as putting on a suit and flapping your arms doesn’t make you into a dragon. Whales were originally similar to wolves. But there is nothing one wolf can do to become a whale. They joke about attack helicopters, but at some level they believe it.

Their complaints against people who interact with them regularly are unfortunate. I want to say they’re uneducated but I don’t know; in any case I can’t defend the chopsticks mother-in-law story.

Their complaints against random people on the street are self-centered and it resounded with the story about the mother-in-law and his kid. He takes about it like she was being unimaginably cruel to him, “he’s your own kin!”. I agree with the words he used but not his intent. Isn’t it great that she sees her grandson as Chinese even if he’s only half? Wouldn’t the bad case be if she rejected him because he’s only half? The only person being slighted here is the white father, who I would’ve confined to feel bad for had he completed the loop back to himself, but no, he talked about it as if the kid was treated like a devil spawn, and I see no other way to read it except as an underhanded way to read “not feeling bad for poor little me yet? here’s a story about an abused kid.” I felt plenty bad about all the other stuff that was said in the legal side, but this one reveals what they’re really about. He admits that in just two generations (him, his son), it’s possible to become Chinese in the final sense. In this I am more uneducated than the mother-in-law; I won’t see you as Chinese until you’re at least a better looking 3/4.

The story about some top American scientist finding out some generations ago one of his ancestors was Chinese was also preposterous. Bankrupt Greece thinks it’s the land of Alexander, Paki England thinks it’s still a world spanning empire, America thinks Americans did the space race, and Canadians think they invented the jet engine. “Oh no the Chinese are sooo bad” complete fucking non-unique. Examples are everywhere if you care to look, and as far as I’ve seen even the most cynical people who piss off everyone and all their friends will have at least a few. I for one will always revel every time I see someone I admire revealed as an anime fan, no matter how much I have known and will learn abouthow terrible the average anime fan can be. Because I like anime. And they do too. Everyone likes to attach themselves to success. Criticizing any specific group in particular for some usage here and there is autistic.

Perhaps too in the end they’re not complaining about unfairness but, like many complaints about fairness, are actually complaining about inadequacy. That one scientist wasn’t seen as Chinese, then was seen as Chinese after he found out he was at some small fraction. This means that, depending on your level of achievement and how difficult it is to trace your lineage, anyone could theoretically become Chinese. If a non-Chinese invented the next fossil fuel and he did it in China, efforts to cover it up saying an obviously Chinese scientist did it notwithstanding, you can bet your ass people and history will remember him as Chinese. They’ll find the ancestry or declare him honorary Chinese or change how Chinese you need to look or any other number of things to get the prestige – to add much as that prestige is worth. These guys don’t have that, and, they believe, will never have that.

I think that’s probably OK, but they, I think, don’t.

They don’t want to be reminded some things just can’t be done, and some people outside of “let’s call ourselves sanitation engineers and pretend we’ll all become programmers” world will say and speak and assume and not question things about other people that highly improbable things are and will remain highly improbable things.”


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