Sep 19 ~ Nov 09

“It really grinds my gears everytime I hear people claiming that “looks don’t matter” because I’ve been on pretty much every side of the spectrum. I used to be very obese and took very little care of my appearance until I was around 15 to 16 when I lost weight and ended up becoming much more attractive, and the difference in just my everyday interactions (not even necessarily with the opposite sex) and how people treated me was absolutely 100% noticable.

Oh, but yeah, that was just because “your weightloss made you more confident dude thats the reason for it” even though I was still more or less a low-inhibition autist and sort of a class clown for quite a while after my weight loss.

Basically whenever you try to tell these people how fundamentally full of shit they are (or, more accurately, what a vile little snake the author of this article is considering that he has written books on how to supposedly get women and hence as a self-proclaimed love coach he has a vasted interest in his narrative that looks don’t matter) from evidence and personal experience, they always will just explain it away and say that it’s because of changes in attitude or whatever that supposedly coincided with the change in appearance. It’s never the obvious explanation that can be the correct one. It must always be the one that matches their naive/opportunistic Just-World hypothesis

I’m not even saying that you have to be like super handsome or that a confident strong body language won’t help your chances immensely, but looks are DEFINITELY an important factor in the equation and will set the parameters of how high the attractiveness level of the girls you have a reasonable chance of possibly scoring are, or how girls will interpret certain things you do. Everybody who tells you that looks dont matter is either an idiot or trying to sell you something. Period.”

“Saturday: US bombs Syrian army which is assaulting an ISIS position and winning
Sunday: US claims they’re not helping ISIS, they’re protecting civilians and ISIS isn’t even there
Monday: ISIS overruns position and recaptured town, dozens of civilians killed by ISIS already”

“Jews aren’t like gentiles; they don’t make money just to hoard it. It is shared widely and managed to very particular ends.”

“Here’s a hint: never believe a Jew when he gives you a number.

Jews have changed Census law in the US on many occasions. Even among themselves, degree of compliance with the census is unknown.

You just lack a feeling for the JQ, Scott. Why would a pack of criminal monsters ever let information of that sort into the public.

When they torture you, the first thing the enemy wants is information on your troop strength and positions. Why would Jews make that information available to us?”

“The 1,700 refugees are less likely to murder you than the 315 million other Americans. This is a compelling reason to important 10 million more refugees.”

“>liberals complain about candidates funding their campaigns using money from super-pacs and lobbyists
>trump does exactly what they want by self-funding his campaign instead of using money from super-pacs and lobbyists”

“Black lives have an absolute value.”
“The value is 0”
“Black lives = |x|
No matter what the value of x is, society will call it positive.”

“Jared and his ilk have been talking about race in suits for decades. No one gave a fuck. Then a few people shared cartoon frogs and suddenly race is in the open.”

“Funny how nobody is mentioning what is probably the most important take-away from the Mylan/EpiPen Congressional hearing the other day. The media is either ignoring the hearing, or focusing exclusively on the 2 minute rant by the Principled Conservative Congressman about “greed” and “excess” (“This Congressman Just Put The Smack Down On Corporate Greed!” read one headline). Apparently the only thing that mattered during the entire hearing was the virtue signalling, if the media is to be believed (they’re not).
Political showboating and theatrics aside, the hearing was over 3 hours long and during the course of it Heather Bresch, Mylan CEO, broke out a very interesting set of figures- the profit and loss of the EpiPen auto-injector.

“In the complicated world of pharmaceutical pricing, there is something known as the ‘Wholesale Acquisition Cost,’ or WAC,” she said. “The WAC for a two-unit pack of EpiPen Auto-Injectors is $608. After rebates and Medicare fees, Mylan actually receives $274. Then you must subtract our cost of goods which is $89. This leaves a balance of $185. After subtracting all EpiPen Auto-Injector related compliance costs our profit is $30, or approximately $15 per pen.”

In other words, “corporate greed” is taking $15 per pen.

Government bureaucracy is taking between $75-$240 per pen.

But everyone is shaming the company that’s barely making enough to keep manufacturing them instead of the government that’s taking 5-16x more.”

“Bernie Sanders: “Black youth unemployment is 51%”
PolitiFact: “That’s true”
Donald Trump: *says same thing*
PolitiFact: “That’s not true”
Remember kids, the media is always honest and reports as truthfully as possible. :^)”

“US fleets in the Persian Gulf are somehow antagonised by the Iranian military.
Like imagine if a Russian sub shot down an American Airliner in the gulf of mexico because it felt threatened.”

“Schroedingers Gas Chamber: The gas chambers are evidence of the Holocaust and bear the markings of zyklon B residues and Jews scratching for their lives on the walls, until an observer mentions that they are reconstructions, at which point they were always reconstructions and nobody ever claimed otherwise”

“Unpopular dedication is called “autism”.
Popular dedication is called “activism”.”

“what is needed is a complete reappraisal of the entire PURPOSE of a nation. The assumption has been since WWII that a nation’s purpose is to foster “free market” ie. so-called free exchange of goods. what we do not discuss is how effective this perspective has actually been. It is so pronounced that the average american spends a significant portion of their life in education, training and job searching(I would say easily 30% of their life). and this is JUST to attain simple living standards that were achievable with ZERO education and far less input as little as 40 years ago!”

“In China, descendants of Kublai Khan claimed the Mongols weakened their power by becoming “too Chinese”. This led to Yuan emperors separating themselves from their subjects in order to stress their Mongol identity and to reject their Chinese culture. Kublai Khan once promoted Chinese culture and the importance of its practice but under the Yuan emperors this was now prohibited. As the Chinese culture was changing, intolerance became more common. Some Chinese thought that they were planning to kill Chinese children and perform sexual rituals on them. This led many Chinese to become xenophobic towards the Mongols. This xenophobia led Chinese rulers to expel the Mongols from China and to isolate China from the rest of the world trade system.”

“>committed to being open to everyone
>committed to being vigilant against terror

rather than having an open window and an electric blanket, you could just close the window and use a normal blanket.”

“The United States is home to most of the world’s most generous billionaire philanthropists, yet, walk through the streets of any American major metropolitan cities and you see people strewn all around like trash. Go to the library, and the books are being removed to make space for more rap CD’s and Judd Apatow DVDs. Drive through America’s rural provinces, and people who can’t afford appropriate dental care are forced to do without.

What’s going on here? Where is all that philanthropy going?”

“Her Elo rating at the time was 1686, a massive gap from the required 2000, but it seems as though FIDE officials granted her the title based on her performance at Istanbul. […]

She achieved her highest chess rating in 2012, a 1686, as listed by FIDE. As of September 2016, her rating has dropped to 1622. FIDE lists that from the 40th Olympiad in 2012, to April 2016, she played a grand total of 39 matches and never scored above a 1686 rating. […]

Mutesi’s current ranking out of all world registered players is 176,281. Out of all active registered players in the world, her ranking is 91,051. Even among all female active players, her ranking is similarly unremarkable: 5,422.

Were one to reduce the metric down to just the nationally registered females of Uganda, her rating is still third.”

“The only B word you should call a woman is “beautiful”, because bitches like it when you call them beautiful.”

“If I had a dollar for every racist thing I’ve said, some black motherfucker would probably rob me.”
“If I had a dollar for every sexist thing I’ve said, I’d probably be swimming in pussy.”

“”Breastfeeding is natural!!!” So is peeing, but we don’t do that in public do we.”
“You’re such a sexist.”
“Sex is natural too, but we don’t do that in public do we.”

“US fleets in the Persian Gulf are somehow antagonised by the Iranian military.

Like imagine if a Russian sub shot down an American Airliner in the gulf of mexico because it felt threatened.”

“>entertainment industry can’t write or design for shit
>resort to reboots and remasters to make money
>turn around and say that the market for writers and designers is very competitive and they can only hire the best”

“Formerly known as “The Great War”, or as “The War to End All Wars” or even “The World War” until the sequel broke out. Ironically, The Napoleonic Wars had previously been known as The Great War until this one broke out. This was quite possibly the most unpopular widespread conflict in the history of civilization in hindsight, and even at the time it faced serious support issues. It perhaps comes a close second in the Anglosphere for The Vietnam War, and by some measures manages to beat Algeria in the Francosphere (when the speaker knows, and can bear, to bring the latter up). In hindsight, the final resolution of the war has come to be dubbed “the peace to end all peaces.””

“Many works glamorize the first fighter pilots as the “Knights of the Sky”, and there is some truth to this, but they also had such a high casualty rate that their airplanes were commonly nicknamed “flying coffins”—the average life expectancy of new pilots was about one week.”

“The German Navy absolutely refused to contemplate a war with Britain and could not voice its disapproval loud enough when the Army brought it up with them.”

“The Austro-Hungarian general on the field was Oskar Potiorek. Potiorek wanted to win the campaign before Franz Joseph’s birthday and, like many generals of the early war, he was both overly ambitious and over-confident. This led him to the Battle of Cer, in which he made the tactical mishaps of attacking the fortified Serbs in hilly terrain and with only half his strength. The Serbian command thought the notion of it being an actual attack was simply too stupid, but when it became clear that this was indeed the real offensive and not a feint to draw away attention, the Serbs brought in reinforcements and won.”

“[T]hat winter the Ottomans tried to invade Georgia. The Russians fared a little better against the Ottomans, who were somehow in an even more hopeless position. They began the Bergman Offensive in 1914, pushing against Ottoman forces in the Caucasus. The Russians would start using Armenian volunteer regiments. This “betrayel” against the Ottomans would be cited as one of the reasons for the Armenian genocide later into the war. The Russians saw success at both the Battle of Ardahan and the Battle of Sarikamish. Sarikamish was a complete and utter defeat for the Ottomans. As with Galicia, the Ottomans had a natural defensive barrier in the Caucuses, but instead they chose to advance onward under the guidance of Enver Pasha. Enver Pasha was inexperienced with commanding a large volume of troops. He had originally been a Major in the Ottoman army, but he suddenly found himself promoted due to his political contacts that he gained during the Young Turks revolution. He was put in command of the entire Caucuses Theater, and he proved to be miserable with it. His offensives were some of the most tactically incompetent of the whole war, advancing up mountains towards strategically unimportant villages with strained supply lines and an overwhelming Russian force confronting him. He lost a staggering 90,000 men. The whole army turned in full flight after Hafiz Hakka Pasha ordered them to. Enver, fearing a loss of political clout, blamed the failure of the offensive on the Christian Armenians. While it is true that many Armenians served in the Russian army or as partisans fighting against the Ottomans, the source of the failure of the offensive was almost squarely on Enver. However, he was in too great a position to be fully threatened, and thus he continued to command from Istanbul. His accusations against the Armenians would later factor in to their deportation and genocide.”

“Pushing 1918 into the winner’s circle for the title of Worst Year Ever was an influenza pandemic. The Spanish Flu (which actually originated in Fort Riley, Kansas, USA) struck that fall, killing between fifty and a hundred million people (2.5-5% of the then global population) compared to the war’s ten or fifteen million, but has largely been forgotten by history and fiction. The war actually helped its spread (troop transportation), and four years of malnutrition and stress probably hadn’t strengthened anyone’s immune system, but today it’s thought that that flu strain killed by inciting a cytokine storm (basically, your immune system goes berserk and, if its strong enough, accidentally kills you). Certainly the 1918 flu was unusual in that it mostly killed healthy adults, as opposed to the more usual flu victims: the sick, the very young, and the very old. Also very unusual in that almost none of the stories or films set in the period even mention it—even contemporary fiction.”

“Unpopular dedication is called “autism”.
Popular dedication is called “activism”.”

“Hosoda is a furrfag just like how Mizayaki is a lolicon and Shinkai is a footfag.
It takes a dedicate fetishist to do good animu.”

“In Australia when we had a drought, everyone was told to conserve water and we did, the water board lost so much money from the water bills that they put the price of water up to cover their costs, so now we get less value for money for our water”

“You criticized me for preparing for this debate? Well, I did, and you know what I also prepared for?

[dramatic pause]

Being President of the United States of America!”

“The suit cited several instances of bias. For a software engineer position, the government said, the company hired 14 non-Asians and 11 Asians among more than 1,160 qualified applicants of whom 85% were Asian.

“The likelihood that this result occurred according to chance is approximately one in 3.4 million,” the government said in the filing.”

“If the world worked the way BLM said it did, this post would’ve been made by white people, and black people would be the ones writing long articles about details and motivations behind the event.

But I’m just a racist.”

“[Post WW2 Entry-Level] houses were made as affordable as possible, with the idea that once the main house is paid for, the owners could modify it to fit the needs of their growing family.

Houses such as these are still affordable to build today… it’s just a matter of finding cheap enough land.

And that is the single most crucial factor of the post-WWII starter home, which is hard to reproduce. Houses built in this era were built in perhaps the single greatest period of land glut in the history of urban development. This oversupply of land for urban development was the result of technological upheaval in the form of mass motorization and of the rapid creation of the interstate/freeway system. Though the freeways were made to help rapid movement from city to city, they were rapidly taken over by commuters who used them to be able to access cheaper land while maintaining access to the jobs and services of the cities, which then still held most of the jobs and businesses.”

“One of the first articles I wrote for this blog illustrated the theory at the basis of my understanding of urban dynamics, that transport defined how a city grew and how it functioned. That the faster people travel around, the more developments will sprawl, because distance is measured in minutes, not miles, and proximity to a city’s jobs and services is the reason why people live in the city in the first place.
A conclusion that I draw from this theory is that the size of a city is dependent on the speed of the main transport mode of residents. Hence why old cities tend to have clearly defined edges at roughly 5 kilometers from the center, which is the equivalent of one hour of walking.”

“In most North American communities, police takes the curious form of clearly identified vehicles basically prowling the streets in search of violations (most often traffic violations). The analogy of police being predators hunting for prey is a bit too easy to make. This doesn’t help police-community relations at all, because the isolation of private vehicles means that police will rarely be in contact with the community except when intervening, so police may come to see the community they’re policing (especially if they don’t live in it) as made up of only two types of people: law violators/criminals and victims begging for help. That’s not a great way to develop a great relationship: “that community is full of criminals and people who flout the law all the time and hate us, but when they’re in trouble, suddenly it’s ‘please m. policeman, save us!!!'”.”

“Asking a libertarian for a foreign leader they admire is like asking a vegan how they like their steak cooked.”

“do libertarians actually think it’s a plausible option to simply ignore the intentions and actions of everyone else in the world?

like, these are the same guys that think boundaries are pointless, right?”

“>go to war with germany for invading poland
>totally ignore that the Soviets also invaded Poland
>declare war on Finland for defending themselves against the USSR
>send billions of dollars worth of supplies to the USSR
>hand Poland and most of Eastern Europe and Finland over to the Soviets at the end anyways”

“It’s sad thinking that the future will belong to the most adapted people, aka sociopaths.”

“HuffPo will post articles implying Trump is a pedophile for saying that young women are attractive, but then post articles defending pedophilia.”

“People forget that it was the ancient Greeks who invented the art of making love. They taught it to the Romans, and the Romans taught it to the French. It was the French who introduced it to women.”

“>The district claims Harvey is mischaracterizing what happened, but declined to comment, citing privacy laws.

Not exactly: the district did comment that Harvey is mischaracterizing what happened, but declined to support its claim, citing privacy laws.”

“There’s a lot of questions one could ask here, starting with, what does it say about our society that it seems to generate an extremely limited demand for talented poet-musicians, but an apparently infinite demand for specialists in corporate law? (Answer: if 1% of the population controls most of the disposable wealth, what we call “the market” reflects what they think is useful or important, not anybody else.) But even more, it shows that most people in these jobs are ultimately aware of it. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever met a corporate lawyer who didn’t think their job was bullshit. The same goes for almost all the new industries outlined above. There is a whole class of salaried professionals that, should you meet them at parties and admit that you do something that might be considered interesting (an anthropologist, for example), will want to avoid even discussing their line of work entirely. Give them a few drinks, and they will launch into tirades about how pointless and stupid their job really is.

This is a profound psychological violence here. How can one even begin to speak of dignity in labour when one secretly feels one’s job should not exist? How can it not create a sense of deep rage and resentment. Yet it is the peculiar genius of our society that its rulers have figured out a way, as in the case of the fish-fryers, to ensure that rage is directed precisely against those who actually do get to do meaningful work. For instance: in our society, there seems a general rule that, the more obviously one’s work benefits other people, the less one is likely to be paid for it. Again, an objective measure is hard to find, but one easy way to get a sense is to ask: what would happen were this entire class of people to simply disappear? Say what you like about nurses, garbage collectors, or mechanics, it’s obvious that were they to vanish in a puff of smoke, the results would be immediate and catastrophic. A world without teachers or dock-workers would soon be in trouble, and even one without science fiction writers or ska musicians would clearly be a lesser place. It’s not entirely clear how humanity would suffer were all private equity CEOs, lobbyists, PR researchers, actuaries, telemarketers, bailiffs or legal consultants to similarly vanish. (Many suspect it might markedly improve.) Yet apart from a handful of well-touted exceptions (doctors), the rule holds surprisingly well.”

“Why are Bill Clinton’s rape accusers to be ignored and waved-away by the media, but rando people saying Trump called them a cunt are to be taken seriously and interviewed by the media? It’s all hearsay. What’s the dividing line between legitimate news and illegitimate he-said-she-said? I’m confused.”

“Funny how Guild Wars was one of the last good MMOs, and it wasn’t even really a MMO. Well most importantly, it was one of those last big titles everyone bought and played, like Diablo 2, Counter Strike and others back in the day.

There’s no “big” title now, there’s in fact way too many online games. Communities spread themselves thin, they’re not moved by the same energy that moved communities of old. Not even Diablo 3 nor that latest Blizzard shooter for which I care so little I forgot the name can reach that momentum. Not even mobas. Even WoW was barely a tenth of what it could have been a couple years before.”

“Corporate culture simply doesn’t make masterpieces. We’ve learned that over and over again in the movie industry, why should we expect games to be any different? What we need is a culture shift where a game can be one man’s project. Hollywood occasionally makes good movies because they follow the auteur theory – i.e. that the director is an artist and the picture is his art (as opposed to the director just being a hireling of the studio exec who greenlit the project). He gets a producer to supervise him, and writers and artists to work with, but overall (for good directors) the final decisions are left to him. Whereas in the vidya industry the people actually making the game don’t have anywhere near as much power.”

“Your Honour, I didn’t see him coming.”
“You mean you didn’t look!”

“Three for three. Jerry Brown, in three days, has a)legally forbad the criticism of Israel, b)legalized chid prostition and now c)has returned voting rights to felons because you can’t take any chances with Hillary.

The Left (note: not far left) was never funny, was never a legitimate point of view, was never just other Americans. Religious lunatics and Ann Coulter who labelled them demonic evil have forced me to think again.

I would become a Christian, given this level of spiritual insight, but all of those Rightist groups who accurately identified the Left as demonic evil failed to identify its money and its brains as totally Judaic. In our world, even the good ultimately kowtow to the ultimate evil, YHVH. This is the meaning of the word horror.”

“So congratulations Star Wars, you’ve shown us a totally loveless, sterile, diverse galaxy that looks like a university admissions advertisement.”

“Years back we used to able to see the ratings for videos without clicking on them. It allowed everyone to filter out garbage and spam. Now that’s been removed so that you have to click on and add to a video’s view count just to find out it’s carp and the title and thumbnal misleading. YT def caters to the advertizers and god help them when an alternative comes along that allow better usability for actual content providers and actual audiences.”

“The great nations have always acted like gangsters and the small ones like prostitutes.”

“[W]ith movies, panoramic vision would be almost completely impractical. The narrative content of a movie requires that the film makers restrict our viewpoint to draw our attention to particular people, objects and events at specific points in the story. And film makers have this unique little aesthetic tool called editing – they can chop and change our viewpoints at will to show us anything from any angle in relation to the story. Create a panoramic view and suddenly the viewer might find themselves choosing to look 90 degrees to their right to see a sunset rather than looking at two characters who are sharing an important moment in the story directly in front of them. Not to mention it would be a nightmare for film makers to actually get movies made because the panoramic viewpoint would reveal their crew and filming equipment, thus utterly revealing the illusion of realism in the story. So restricted viewpoints are an essential requirement of movies.”

“The contrast is breath taking, but even with today’s hyper-real graphics people can still tell the difference. There are all kinds of subtle ongoing defects in today’s most sensory detailed games that remind the player that what they’re seeing and hearing is artificial. We see edges of polygons where surfaces should be smooth, textures that become pixelated or blurred up close, bits of landscape that disappear and repeating texture maps that create unrealistic cross hatch patterns across terrain. But it doesn’t seem to matter. Even when First Person Shooter gaming looked the original Doom it was good enough that millions played and became addicted.

So what’s with the continuing obsession with making gaming look even more photo realistic? It seems to be primarily a marketing gimmick. When a new game is demod for an audience and said audience don’t get to actually play it the first thing they notice is the sensory aesthetics. A game can have incredible playability and depth, but a lot of people will ignore it if they don’t witness impressive graphics and sound upon first exposure.

Games that become popular on the strength of playability but have poor graphics and sound tend to be marketed through strong word of mouth, sometimes good reviews and especially through play sampling – as in somebody else has a copy of the game and lets other gamers try it out. The ultimate game today that reveals the simple notion that increasing sensory realism is not the priority of gamers is Minecraft. In terms of graphics and sound this multimillion seller game looks ancient, but it has outsold some of the best looking games around.”

“This is a key point in our study of so-called realism in games and movies. Our reality is not just about direct sensory input from the outside world. We also process information internally and represent that processing with internal imagery, sound and dialogue that is very unlike what we sense in the external world. Have you ever heard people speak in sensory metaphors such as feeling bright, not being able to grasp a concept, or hearing an idea that resonates with them? These aren’t just sayings. They are very often representations of how people process information in their mind. In NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) these representations are called submodalities. Take a person who wants to get some distance from a worrying issue and have them visualize the thing that is bothering them on a distant tv screen in their mind with the sound turned low and the color saturated and you’ll often find that those individuals are then able to think more calmly and rationally about whatever it was that was bothering them. Movies and video games can tap into some of these internal information processing habits, thus connecting with us in ways that are much more meaningful than simply trying to imitate our external sensory experiences.”

“Writing dialogue for movies is a very sophisticated art form in that it demands a certain amount of unrealism. In real life an intense lovers’ quarrel could last longer than the length of a two hour movie, which would be impractical to show on screen. So the writer must condense such human interactions to fit into short scenes, yet at the same time make it sound natural instead of forced. Take just about any dialogue scene in any movie and imagine how it would play out in reality. The majority of time the real life version would be not just longer, but would also involve people repeating themselves or having to re-explain statements that weren’t understood the first time around, there are silly little misunderstandings based around differing perceptions of individual words, people interrupt and talk over each other, and often people simply are unable to explain themselves sufficiently. Movie dialogue basically amounts to a series of tiny news flashes in which characters announce plot points, and describe their own thoughts and motives in the most easy to understand terms. It then takes a good actor to make it sound natural.”

“There is no doubt that a good story has always mattered, and the great novelists have generally built their work around strong plots. But I’ve never been able to decide whether the plot is just a way of keeping people’s attention while you do everything else, or whether the plot is really more important than anything else, perhaps communicating with us on an unconscious level which affects us in the way that myths once did. I think, in some ways, the conventions of realistic fiction and drama may impose serious limitations on a story. For one thing, if you play by the rules and respect the preparation and pace required to establish realism, it takes a lot longer to make a point than it does, say, in fantasy. At the same time, it is possible that this very work that contributes to a story’s realism may weaken its grip on the unconscious. Realism is probably the best way to dramatize argument and ideas. Fantasy may deal best with themes which lie primarily in the unconscious.”

“I think that one of the problems with twentieth-century art is its preoccupation with subjectivity and originality at the expense of everything else. This has been especially true in painting and music. Though initially stimulating, this soon impeded the full development of any particular style, and rewarded uninteresting and sterile originality. At the same time, it is very sad to say, films have had the opposite problem — they have consistently tried to formalize and repeat success, and they have clung to a form and style introduced in their infancy. The sure thing is what everyone wants, and originality is not a nice word in this context. This is true despite the repeated example that nothing is as dangerous as a sure thing.”

“Telling a story realistically is such a slowpoke and ponderous way to proceed, and it doesn’t fulfil the psychic needs that people have.”

“You may one day be as great a film-maker as myself, if only you oppose utterly and to the limits of your energy every attempt to impose on your work any will but your own.”

“Trump said, “When people come back from war and combat and they see maybe what the people in this room have seen many times over, and you’re strong and you can handle it, but a lot of people can’t handle it,” That comprises two separate assertions, (a) the people in the room are strong, and (b) the people in the room can handle post war stress. The job of the PC police is to stay up late at night figuring out ways to make an insult when none was intended. Trump was complimenting the people in the room, nothing more. In all likelihood there were PTSD sufferers in the room, whom he was encouraging. The life of a PC policeman is a succession of challenges to warp everything a non-PC person says into an insult.”

“When you smoke weed it actually opens a locked part of your brain most people people still have locked (black people are born with it unlocked). Opening this locked segment of your brain will release your soul and brain and combine them together as one. Some refer to this as “awakening your 3rd eye”, but I just call it “igniting your higher African senses”.
Opening this locked compartment will allow you to access,then obtain,a much higher consciousness. You will be able to process and understand higher brain power capacity. Your potential is increased beyond belief.”

“Apparently it’s not okay to disapprove of rap music that glorifies misogynist portrayals of women and encouragement to get yourself shot by the police.

Because uh, a black guy was singing it, and we all know disapproval of anything blacks do by a white person is Not Okay.”

“I wanna go on a roadtrip someday. Alone or with someone I love. I wanna get away. Explore places. Sleep in the car. Stop a lot just to admire the view. Visit museums and try out coffee shops. Listen to my favorite albums while driving. Have a polaroid camera. Take pretty pictures of the sunrise. Take pictures of myself. Run through a forest. Chase fog. Chase the sun. Spend hours making flower crowns. Feel the wind in my hair. Buy souvenirs. Meet people. Take time to observe. I wanna make memories. I wanna feel alive.”

“>Spend hours on a field making flower crowns
>Take time to observe

lol these are the same type of girls who will think you’re some kind of serial killer creep the moment you have a few seconds of silence in a conversation”

“Zero Days interviews American NSA officers who flat out say “I worked on Stuxnet and we did A, B, C and Israel did X, Y, Z”. The NSA had the tools to test it but were forbidden by legal technicality from coding an offensive virus.

Naturally Israel has no such barriers in their cyberwar apparatus.”

“Comment by WN: “We want niggers to stop murdering, raping and robbing our women and elderly; and stop burning the cities our forefathers built and our children will inherit”

Next day:
“Surge In Extremism Across US, White Bigots Must Be Stopped””

“I love how everything millennials do to survive this terrible economy is labeled a “hot new trend” to avoid acknowledging uncomfortable truths about how people are becoming increasingly disenfranchised.

Living with a huge group of other people to whom you’re not related? HOT NEW TREND! These kids must love the constant socialization.

Driving Uber, setting up an Etsy shop, or having some other “side hustle”? HOT NEW TREND! They’re following some innate entrepreneurial drive.

Selling your car and biking to work? HOT NEW TREND! They must be really concerned about the environment.

Silicone wedding rings? HOT NEW TREND! They must be worried about unethical diamond mining practices.

I guess this is at least marginally better than when they just called us lazy and underdeveloped.”

“>No coreography

“California is pretty much down to high tech and porn for industries. High taxes have out entertainment, and high energy prices have gotten rid of manufacturing. A law against cow farts is getting rid of dairy.”

“media should remain neutral and not be allowed to endorse anyone or anything. Their only purpose is to report facts, which a majority fail to do. Most news, today, is nothing more than a pile of opinions and carefully worded reports built to spread propaganda and agendas.”

“That’s what they want to make you think. The whole “objective media” bullshit is a weapon deviced to make it easier to brainwash people when they assume the “objectivity” while in fact spewing Commie propaganda garbage. We should instead get rid of the whole ridiculous notion of “objective media”.”

“>sjws release an “experience” game
>literal walking simulator
>YEARS-long shilling to push the idea that it’s a groundbreaking concept, that games are art, and that a game doesn’t need gameplay to be a game, the unwashed masses are just too stupid to appreciate this new kind of genius
>russians release a puzzle game
>has quite a few puzzles
>it’s not a real game because it has a woman in it”

“If Normal mode is too hard, then people simply refund the game. Putting in easy mode offends modern audiences because the game dares imply that they aren’t good at something. This is the compromise.”

Where did it all go? Why are we cursed with this eternal season of low-cut? Did we do something wrong?”

“I don’t have time to explain you in detail but in the mid-90s, having fun and being happy and healthy was no longer cool. Instead being sad and depressed and unhealthy was cool.

The body type that matches this character is a gangly undersexed bodytype
low-cut panties/bikinis make the female body look less curvy, less toned and more underage (cause looking like jailbait also became popular in the mid-90s when a bunch of music bands started parodying children’s pop culture to show it was dumb to treat kids like idiots) which happened to coincide with lolicons becoming mainstream.
And also being a drug addict was cool. And drug addicts don’t fit into their clothes so their underwear drop below their gaunt hips. So if you wanna look like a drug addict you can’t wear high-cut.
And also bling rap became a thing around that time, and bling rap fans prefer fat butts to fit butts. and high-cut is for fit butts. So instead they promoted boyshorts and low-cut thongs to emphasize fat butts.
SO all of that shit coalesced into high fashion and movies and music, and trickled down insidiously into all of fashion.
And that’s how high-cut was forgotten in favor of an aesthetic of chastened martyrdom, hippie stoner slacker slobs, glamorized child prostitution and ghetto whores.”

“The story is quite bad. Borderline racist.
First it portrays blacks as unfairly treated and incorrectly judged by whites, and then it will show you that blacks are exactly what they are accused of.”

“Some urbanists think that road capacity induces demand, I disagree strongly, it is road SPEED that induces demand, because it lowers travel costs and makes it more affordable to travel longer distances. By that reasoning, a strong grid of low-speed roads would yield high capacity, allowing freight and service vehicles to move reasonably fast, while not inducing too much vehicle demand.”

“These externalities are ignored, it is considered to be “conservative” to spend more on a road with better vehicle capacity no matter the impact on quality of life of residents, on alternative modes of transport and on the financial sustainability of developments. This approach and the assumptions that support it make traffic studies a self-fulfilling prophecy: over-designing roads while neglecting non-car travel ensures that almost all trips in the area will be made by car, confirming the initial assumptions of quasi-universal car use, because cars are the only mode of travel the road design caters to.”

“It is relatively close to a train station… but not for Tokyo. The nearest train station is about 1,5 km away, or nearly a mile away. That is not bad from a North American perspective, but this is a Tokyo suburb, where most housing lie within 500 meters of 1, sometimes 2, train/subway station.”

“With these categories we can form four distinct categories of stories:

A simple story told in a simple way
A complex story told in a simple way
A complex story told in a complex way
A simple story told in a complex way.

Three of these categories can work in wonderful ways, the best of them is probably “A complex story told in a simple way”. Almost anyone can read it and they can discover new things each time. That complexity is something they can discover for themselves over multiple readings or viewings if it’s a movie. A double helping if simple can be a relaxing experience or one aimed at children, which isn’t an insult by any means, people love simple entertaining stories

“A complex story told in a complex way” is difficult to get right since the complexity in both parts needs to be worth it. These can be trainwrecks or masterpieces. They can often be studied. There’s a lot to enjoy here when it’s done well.

Finally we can draw one of The Witness’s puzzle shapes to quarantine off “A simple story told in a complex way”. I’m not so arrogant as to say it can never work, I’m sure that it can in many ways, but this is the category that The Witness and many other pretentious stories like it falls into. And it’s something that bothers me so much. The problem with many incredible books can come from how they’re often difficult to read and fully understand, from Finnigan’s Wake to something like Catch-22, which some people can understandably struggle with (that’s also my favorite book by the way).

This idea that complexity equals worth can be infectious. The idea takes root that in order for something to be worth your time that it has to be difficult to understand in some way. These people are missing the point. The complexity needs to be worth it for something in the book, not for the sake of complexity itself. You have so many stories that are intentionally obtuse, they don’t even give you information, they might even say that the mystery and wonder of knowing will always be more enjoyable than really finding out which i think is bullshit since there’s already enough to wonder about in the world, although again, I’m certain some exceptional stories could pull it off.

But the worst part about all of this is how they could lead to experiences that are impenetrable in two ways: Comprehension and Criticism. They’re light on details and might even contradict themselves in order to appear deep, the result being something close to hold onto a fish with epilepsy; you can’t even begin to grasp it. Which is where you’re left with forming your own opinion, your own interpretation, because what could be more powerful than that, you get all this information and get to decide what it all means to yourself, to you, and you can create this whole narrative that you like, and of course you’re going to like it, you made it. So, any nagging plot holes can be dismissed, all the while you’re building a positive association with a piece of art that’s making you do this. It’s like forming a twisted relationship in a way. You’re feeling so smart. You’re part of creating it. And if you like that sort of thing then, alright.

I really don’t. If I want to use my imagination to create a story then I’ll go do that on my own. When I experience a story, I want an actual story, with answers and meaning and all the ramifications of those things.”

“[…] she speaks about finding inner peace by giving up whatever it is you’re searching for in life and accepting your own situation. This is a disgustingly priveleged outlook that doesn’t last more than ten seconds of thought. Why is she even giving a talk if she believes it herself? Both of these people present their facts as so deeply simple, fundamental, with calm voices attempting to lull you into submission.”

“There’s no scale from good to bad anymore. Everything’s a 10 on that one. The new scale is from good to deep. If it’s good, it’s good. If you can’t see how it’s good, then you must just be dumb because good is as bad as it gets.”

“Replace Jews with Saudi Arabia when debating cuckservatives.”

“Stanford has an amazing location. Undoubtedly some of was placed due to the influence of Stanford but in any case it’s undeniable.

There’s a shopping center adjacent to the campus without having to go through any arterial roads, and downtown is adjacent across one to the north. To the west less than a thousand yards away on the arterial road bordering that side of campus is the National Accelerator Laboratory. To the south there’s no arterial because it’s hills. To the east there is also an arterial, but only after a residential area, the width of which is also less than a thousand yards, and adjacent to that is Skype, Ford, HP, Lockheed, a VA hospital, and a bit further away, Tesla. 90% of undergrads live on campus, and all of the above is reachable in 10~15 minutes by bike. The median value of a single family home in the above mentioned “residential area”, called “College Terrace”, which theoretically would be 5 minutes either direction, is about 2.5 million.

In 15~20 minutes by car, there’s also Facebook, Google, Moffett Field, and NASA Ames.
I always wondered why it was that all these Stanford students had resumes more decorated than most other college undergrads’ unofficial transcripts, and was unsatisfied and irritated every time I heard “Well it’s Stanford” or “Well it’s Silicon Valley”. That doesn’t tell me anything. It tells me that there’s a magical belief that chanting “location, location, location” makes it true but it doesn’t tell me jack about how it works. I didn’t ask what the place was called, I asked why it works the way it does. Money begets money is a better recitation but not good enough.

It irritated me more when I was told I could do the same, even though I was in a college town with no industry, the next city of note was the state capital which was 15 miles away with only a highway connection because inbetween is wetlands, and it doesn’t have much either, and 9 of its top 10 employers are government or hospitals (5th place is Intel; the state employs more than the rest of the top 10 combined). And of course it also doesn’t matter that I don’t have a car, because if I was REALLY passionate about my field, I’d put up with 1.5+ hours NOT round trip of transferring between bus systems and walking, and I’d find a way to be just as good as they are. I knew they were wrong as shit but I didn’t know why, and there’s nothing in the common discourse to point to on how different of an impact it is on people to spend 15/30 minutes commuting and 1.5/3 hours commuting, especially in California, where Jerry Fucking Brown on one hand refuses to build more highways and on the other hands out drivers license to illegal immigrants like candy on Halloween, who themselves are coming here like candy on Halloween.

I’m glad I held out for an answer.”

“>Hillary goes on and on and talks for 3-4 minutes, gets to respond in detail to every question and point raised by Trump
>Trump is asked to explain his position or justify something
>talks for 30 seconds
holy fucking god damn fucking shit every single person sitting in that audience deserves to die simply because they didn’t stand up and loudly scream/boo these fucking human garbage moderators into the ground”

“”Mr trump why are you Hitler?”
“I’m not Hitler now here’s some contex-”
“Your time is up mr. Trump.”
“Secretary Clinton why is he wrong and a liar?”
“Well I’ve been doing this 30 years, you see as a mother I’ve learned that you need to make corporations pay their fair share and Donald doesn’t believe in women let me talk about anything but Libya or my emails for 2 more minutes”
“Wow you really are the best Secretary. mr. Trump why are you Hitler?””

“What’s wrong, are you insecure in your sexuality that you don’t let your woman enjoy other men while you watch. A woman’s pleasure is any man’s imperative.”

“If he was just out to make money then that means it’s the buyer’s fault for falling for it!”

“This is the thing that everyone knows and no one says. You follow the drugs, you get a drug case. You start following the money, you don’t know where you’re going. That’s why they don’t want wiretaps or wired CIs or anything else they can’t control. Once the tape starts rolling who the hell knows what’s going to be said?”

“In this country, somebody’s name has got to be on a piece of paper.”

“Listen to me, you fuck. You did a lot of shit here. You played a lot of fucking cards and you made a lot of fucking people do a lot of fucking things they didn’t want to do. This is true. We both know this is true. You, McNulty, are a gaping asshole. We both know this. Fuck if everybody in CID doesn’t know it. But fuck if I’m gonna stand here and say you did a single fucking thing to get a police shot. You did not do this, you fucking hear me? This is not on you. No it fucking isn’t. Believe it or not, not everything is about you. And the motherfucker saying this, he hates your guts, McNulty. So you know if it was on you? I’d be the son of a bitch to say so. Shit went bad. She took two for the company. That’s the only lesson here.”

“That’s why we can’t win. They fuck up they get beat, we fuck up we get pensions.”

“If you go in with the idea you’re just gonna eat around the edges, you’re never gonna get a meal.”

“You really see him shoot the man?”
“You really asking?”

“In this country, supermarkets are cathedrals.”

“You are fond of him. You should’ve had a son.”
“But then I would’ve had a wife.”

“[L]aw enforcement are not spot-checkers for problems.”

“I wonder if the cretins in media who are trying to destroy Ken Bone’s life have any idea how bad that looks to normal human beings, especially after Trump openly called them out on their hysterical and meanspirited witch hunt tactics against people who deviate from their dogmas.”

“FBI fightin the good fight targeting the 3 yokels and their 2-bit LARP outfit so that they can sit on it and make a bust when they want a media story”

“I wonder if Trump raped Bill Cosby?”

“More likely a huge amnesty order, giant debt package, shitload of bureaucratic changes in letter agencies to make their jobs harder so Trump looks stupid, firing all the competent people- ie, the kind of shit every incumbent president does to their opposition successor. Really, no matter what there will be a major amnesty move. Either Obama does it to punish Trump while he can or Hillary does it to punish Republicans and make sure they never win again.”

“The qualities of the people and the societies which result from polygamy are well documented. The idea that such people can form nations, much less functional republics, is insane.”

“Only feminists can be so daft that they would first whine about being objectified and then in the same breath refer to themselves as their genitalia.”

“>51% of vote
>”The majority demands it!”
>1% of vote
>”1 Million Americans can’t be wrong!””

“>Barely enough gas reserves to invade Estonia
>drastically smaller navy
>drastically smaller air force
>smaller army
>smaller special forces
>solid 10-15 years behind us on important technological milestones which are classified state secrets
>incapable of sending 50k+ soldiers to invade a country across an ocean like the US has done at least 5 times in the last century
>one of those troop mobilizations included a US ground invasion of Russia
>half the population of the US
>less than half the economic output of the US
>only has a lot of land because it is in the arctic circle and no one else wants it


“Russians are very backwards compared to Americans, but counter to what one might think, revere Western High Culture and unlike Americans, for whom refinement of anything is ‘faggotry’, the Russians produce things like these incredible male ballet dancers, because enculturation is highly regarded among Russians. One of the deepest insults a Russian can give is ‘Nye Kulturne’ (Nyeh Kul-tour-ney), which, basically, means ‘burger fat’ or ‘people of Walmart’, i.e. the Anglo-Low Church hatred of all culture, which has found its highest expression in Americans of all classes, who are intensely suspicious of ornamentation, music, painting, architecture and so forth for all sorts of horrible reasons: their Judaicization via Protestantism (no pictures, no statues, no plastic arts, no music) and their resentment of anything noble or elevated, which is present just as much in the Scots-Irish as in the ASLC.

tl;dr With Communism removed from the picture, Yockey now turns out to be the one with the correct world model. America is the focus of evil in the modern world.”

“Legally speaking, it makes no sense to say the entire government of a country is committing treason, for it is they who define the enemy. In a spiritual sense, of course, the Washington regime are traitors to the United States and its people, but they have so defined the relationships that those who are loyal to the United States in a spiritual and political sense are regarded as traitors in a legal sense.”

“That’s one of the problems with mainstream liberalism: It’s replaced class with identity. Rather than questioning the structure of institutional power in America, and the exploitation it enables, conventional liberalism merely agitates for a representative selection of women, blacks, Hispanics and gays running the institutions.”

“women are living life on easy mode”
“Uh, no they really are not. For every $1.00 a man makes, a woman only makes .73 cents.

A man would make more doing livestreaming like this woman is and that’s sexist as fuck.”

“On a phone when I am scrolling through and I see a link, I cannot select it. I cannot copy it, I cannot attempt to use a browser to open it, I must go through Facebook’s browser. Upon returning to Facebook there is no guarantee that the original post will still be in view; often the feed has updated and since the feed isn’t simply the sum of all the pages and profiles you follow, you may not ever see the original post again. Additionally if you weren’t paying attention to what you were looking at, or if the place you were visiting has no unique combination of keywords, or no keywords if it’s an image site, you won’t be able to visit that again either, as there is no Facebook browser history.

Your only hope in the system as designed is either that the feed didn’t change while you were at the link, or that you interacted with the original post beforehand so it appears in your activity log.

These kinds of things are called at worst “mistakes” or more usually “potential improvements”, former of which implies that theses things were, unprovably, thought of beforehand, latter of which implies that these things are, again unprovably, not mutually exclusive with the existing system and its design mindset.

For someone with no background knowledge of similar competitors and predecessors this might sound reasonable. For everyone else there’s a lot more information to reveal meaning:

Facebook is designed to be an exclusive gateway to the internet. I will be surprised if they don’t roll out this in-Facebook browser on desktops in a few years, or a standalone Facebook browser altogether. It most certainly will be the case on any new hardware they move into, like VR headsets, the industry leader of which they own (Oculus Rift).

I wrote this draft on my phone but decided to finish it from desktop because I don’t use my phone to store images. In doing so I found that the “Save Post as Draft” feature is not accessible at all outside of the Facebook app, and even then it is difficult. Upon saving it as a draft you will get a notification on the phone which takes you back to your post. If you dismiss this notification, the only way to retrieve that draft is to make another post, save that as a draft, open the notification, leave the draft again, at which point you will be taken to a page which contains all your drafts, all which expire three days after you last edit them. There is no other way to access Drafts. There is no option for it in the menus on the Facebook app, nor is it anywhere on the Facebook website.

It is also nowhere to be found on any “Facebook” labelled folder on the phone itself, to which you may say “well of course, no app does that”, which at least doesn’t have to be true, but you believe it to be, and what caused that belief?

The way I actually got my text from phone to desktop was with Gmail. I opened up a draft, pasted the text, exited the draft causing an autosave, use the universal phone gesture of swipe-down to sync, and the draft immediately appeared on its desktop interface.”

* In 2010 the Obama administration couldn’t get Assange extradited from Sweden because leaking government secrets isn’t a crime there
* So after Sweden said no, a week later a mysterious woman comes forward and says Assange raped her the prior summer
* Close friends say had never been around Assange and travel records showed she wasn’t even in the country at the time she claimed
* A week later it’s revealed his accuser is a CIA field asset
* Sweden drops the charges
* Two days later ANOTHER woman comes forward and says Assange raped her too
* Sweden re-opens case
* Later revealed by leaked emails that the second accuser is a CIA handler and his first accuser is one of her assets
* Sweden threatens to drop case
* Obama administration threatens Swedish PM with rape claims
* Suddenly Sweden decides they’re going to arrest him and extradite him to the UK (which can legally extradite him to the US)
* Assange quickly slips into the Ecuadorian embassy to avoid being extradited to US and charged with espionage (death penalty) for exposing the US State Department and POTUS in war crimes and violations of the Geneva Conventions over Libya
* Fast forward 6 years
* Everyone thinks I’m making shit up when I recall the story”

“The same media that cried for a year about the 2000 election being rigged now claims that accusations of vote-rigging are unprecedented and will spark violence.”

“USA Today’s byline says “unprecedented”

That’s complete horseshit. Gore claimed the vote was rigged. Johnson claimed the vote was rigged. Hell Clinton even claimed the vote was rigged.

Now that there’s CONCRETE EVIDENCE IN PODESTA’S EMAIL THAT THE VOTE IS BEING RIGGED USA Today insists that it’s “unprecedented” to claim the vote is being rigged.

PolitiFarce rates their claim FULL OF SHIT”

“Reporting on Donald Trump, USA Today claims allegations of rigged votes are “unprecedented”…

Prior to that however, several precedents had been set by USA Today on the topic:

“We need paper ballots because Putin could rig the election” – USA Today

“Homeland Security can’t stop rigging at this point” – USA Today

“We underestimate our vulnerability to voter fraud” – USA Today

“Computers could be used to rig the election” – USA Today

“Changes in voting machine use mean it’s even easier to rig elections now” – USA Today

“The voting machines we use are so outdated they’re probably all compromised by now” – USA Today

Gee, it’s almost like they’re full of shit, they know they’re full of shit, and they’re just pouring gas on the fire to put the election in the bag for their anointed leader, whom they’ve been secretly collaborating with for over a year.”

“Intelligent, well informed, and politically savvy opinion from 2004: “The media is owned by 6 corporations who control the narrative to ensure that you blindly agree with government policy in matters of military and petrochemical interests”
Ignorant, paranoid, and politically fringe opinion from 2016: “The media is owned by 6 corporations who control the narrative to ensure that you blindly agree with government policy in matters of military and petrochemical interests””

“The customer, regardless of his or her proficiency with fractions, is always right.”

“it MIGHT BE illegal to call off federal investigations of treason in return for personal favors.

were not sure.”

“>democrats in a dozen states already caught signing up dead people
>caught swearing in mexicans as US citizens at record pace to swing vote
>caught on tape saying they’re bussing out of state voters into conservative states to rig election
>cuts off internet access to leaker providing all these documents
>claims looking at leaks is a crime
>cuts satellite feeds when people mention leaks
>claims Donald trump is insane for suggesting a fix
Just so were all clear about what’s going on right now. The entire US media is frantically obfuscating the truth with all their might, running the greatest distraction scheme ever, literally getting on TV and hiding the truth from you, while claiming they’re completely honest and unbiased and you’re a slave reason Nazi for disagreeing with them.”

“Madonna says if people vote for clinton she’ll give them blowjobs. This confirms all women’s arguments revolve around access to holes”

“People said Microsoft was the evil empire, but I just saw an empire.”

“>”Hillary didn’t compromise national security with classified emails on a private email server!”
>”Hillary’s email server is secure and no one hacked it!”
>”The emails are fake!”
>”There’s nothing in the Emails!”
>”It’s illegal to look at the emails because there is classified information!”
>”Russia is responsible for hacking Hillary’s Email server!”
>”Russia compromised our national security by leaking the emails!”

Even if the Russian government were directly responsible for the hacks, that would only prove that Hillary compromised national security since they would have had months to look through classified information months before the public ever had a chance to read the emails.”

“We all know that climate change legislation isn’t actually about climate change but is about getting the government more funding so the Democrats can pass it out to their favored interest groups.
But there is an economist in Washington state that was so stupid he actually took the Democrats at face value and thought that they actually care about global warming. Lmao!
So, being an economist, he designed a proposal that taxes carbon emissions, so as to correct the negative externality, but it also reduces other taxes such as the sales tax and eliminates business taxes, so that the proposal ends up being revenue neutral.
Now on its face this makes a ton of sense. Taxing externalities makes the economy more efficient, and eliminating taxes that cause deadweight loss also make the economy more efficient. Plus, since this proposal is revenue neutral, there won’t be any spending cuts.
But, as we discussed earlier, climate change legislation is supposed to be a windfall for the Democrats, and so they did not take kindly to “revenue neutrality.”
They are therefore refusing to support the measure. Hahahahaha!!!! They are so full of shit it is unbelievable.
They could have their own proposal where they raise the taxes back up and then use the funds for whatever programs they want. And then if both proposals passed, it would be just like if they got the proposal they wanted.
But they know that such a proposal would never pass on its own and has to be smuggled in under climate change legislation because people want to feel good about “being green” and “helping the planet” but don’t particularly want to pay more taxes to fund more Democrat programs.”

“I am increasingly convinced that the path to climate action is through the Republican Party. Yes, there are challenges on the right — skepticism about climate science and about tax reform — but those are surmountable with time and effort. The same cannot be said of the challenges on the left: an unyielding desire to tie everything to bigger government, and a willingness to use race and class as political weapons in order to pursue that desire.”

“White people who work with other white people — and the white people who write about them — tend to slough off this critique. What matters, they insist, is the effect of the policy, not the historical accident of who wrote it down.
Bauman points to a set of policy demands posted by Black Lives Matter. Among them: “shift from sales taxes to taxing externalities such as environmental damage.” Also: “Expand the earned income tax credit.”
“Well,” Bauman says, “we did both those things, right?”
But communities of color want more than for mostly white environmental groups to take their welfare into account. Most of all, affected groups want some say in what constitutes their welfare. “All of us want to be included from the beginning of any decision,” says Schaefer. “We don’t want to be told after the fact, ‘Hey, by the way, we decided all this stuff for you.’””

“I’m sure she has skills. Its just that the evil genius sized her up. He was in charge of the interview psychologically fucked her. This is what happens when you don’t control the interview. The guy took her to an environment he is comfortable in, played a one-one game he has confidence in. She’s in an unfamiliar setting playing an impromptu game destined to lose. her mind got crushed and he controlled the interview and publicity very well, like an evil genius.”

“We cherish bards like Bob Dylan for the combination of depth and simplicity; we compare this rarity to intellectuals who are both shallow and complicated.”

“Daraprim specifically isn’t making him any money. He’s had/has other drugs and investments. You can’t seriously fault a guy for just having money.”

“Formerly no one was allowed to think freely; now it is permitted, but no one is capable of it any more. Now people want to think only what they are supposed to want to think, and this they consider freedom.”

“Why is it controversial when any other country then America has military power , fucken western media cunts”

“>Be single, girls are nonexistant or you’re nonexistent to them.
>Start dating some average-looking one, they start appearing in hordes and now seem interested in you


“girls love the idea of being hot enough to attract men from their love interest.”

“hell, even the NAACP leader woman [Rachel Dolezal] was pure white and literally put on blackface and is considered black.

i’m pretty sure blackness is not about genetics. which would make sense, because if it WAS about genetics, [SJWs] would be racist. which they are not.”

“Young people are screwed in this job market, and also we are going to increase immigration to 450,000 per year.”

“Are gaming journalists biased toward japanese games? The same complaints made in Japanese games seem to be considered a praise in a Western game.

Why is this?”

“Because the one on the right was created for fat weeb neckbeards to jack off to.”
“And the one on the left was created for fat feminist women to virtue signal to.”

“They don’t think Japan is “cool” anymore, but that’s mostly because the west gets a lot more shitty Japanese games these days. 20 years ago, we only got the games that the Japanese thought we would like, e.g., the ones that had lots of edgy looking guys trying to look cool, but now since the market is bigger, they can bring over the weirder games that are basically dating sims. The average reviewer can’t research for shit, so they assume that this kind of game is a new concept and don’t realize that the Playstation and SNES had games like that as well. It’s gotten so bad now, though, that when a game does come out that they like, e.g. Dark Souls, they try their hardest to pretend its not Japanese and barely bring it up, if at all, since Japanese has now become an adjective that basically means “bad,” e.g. a review of a kusoge like GalGun would say “Look at this horrible creepy Japanese game” while a review of Earth Defense Force will just say “This game is very fun with good gunplay” or at the worst, “This is a pretty wacky Japanese game that’s still fun and with good gunplay””

“Japanese games = Games I like
Weeb games = games I do not like”

“It’s fucking magical to be able to hit enter and it post without dicking around with street signs or store fronts.”

“I think the big rise of public schools mid-late 1800s was really where the loss of intergenerational knowedge occured because parents saw themselves as being ever less involved actors in the upbringing of their children. Ironically it was also where the meme of the nuclear family got big, whereas before it was extended families who made up the nucelus of society. The nuclear family was actually just a devolution of the extended family and hence a halfway stepping stone to the family-less atomization of today where the state just raises you from cradle to grave with no input from parents”

“Honestly, which do you think is more likely, that this was all some sort of elaborate scam that just happened to be successful and now he’s laughing his way to the bank or that he genuinely wanted to make a good game that people liked and, after spending years of his life working on it, he’s a little depressed about the incredibly poor reception?”

“”Which do you think is more likely about this man’s character, given that the only things you know about him are the ravings of various media personalities about how groundbreaking this game is, the universal (!) narrative that this is a completely unprecedented and imaginative technology in a game made by passionate indies trying to make a living amongst the rehash unimaginative big boys, and the few things he and the game have actually done? By the way, you can’t use the “the few things he and the game have actually done” to make your judgment.”

Reminder that his parents own literal gold mines and Sean Murray is basically videogames’ Clock Kid.”

“If a game goes on to sell like 2 million copies, why shouldn’t they get royalties?”

“Do the programmers? Artists? Level designers? Writers?

Does ANYONE pull residuals in vidya?

VAs are acting like they’re a bigger contribution than everyone else who works on the game.

They need to wake up. I think 5 years without work because vidya goes back to text will teach them what’s good.”

“>Not doing research on the guy who owns a site that you frequent”

“The job of an artist is obviously to make us feel, that of the philosopher to think, and yet subhumans believe it is the other way around. And that is why they are forever drowning in bad art and bad philosophy, since they can’t even figure out the purpose of any of these things.”

“It’s funny how many liberals on basic bitch pages will get mad at a low level troll, go to my page, then mention how I’m an uneducated fuckwit who works at Taco Bell and that’s why my opinion is shit. Funny how the party of the blue collar man loves to ridicule someone they believe is less than them.”

“When CGHub died pretty much overnight Feng wanted to step in and make DrawCrowd the replacement so that he would have more power in the industry and make a lot of money. He was pushing it really hard and that’s when people came out of the woodwork to talk about what kind of a person he really is and how they were boycotting the site and recommending others do too.”

“This is so bizarre. The point isn’t that Clinton should be punished for being a bad person. It’s that protecting state secrets is an important part of being president, and Clinton has shown that she is incapable of it.

If I was an average person in seventeenth century England, and the question came before me whether I should support James II or William of Orange, the number of sexual indiscretions committed by each would not be high on my list of determining factors. If I came to know that one of them was extremely careless with state secrets, then that would have a much larger influence on who ought to be king. Duh.
I don’t understand what is wrong with so many people that they can’t see this.”

“Loneliness isn’t the end of the world, anon. As long as you have meaning. So find a meaning.”

“Only a deluded loser would tell himself this or a condescending normalfag who’s just trying to make the losers feel better so they don’t shoot him when they go postal.

Lacking love, intimacy, etc in life literally makes you die sooner than normal people.”

“The fundamental defect of the female character is a lack of a sense of justice. This originates first and foremost in their want of rationality and capacity for reflexion but it is strengthened by the fact that, as the weaker sex, they are driven to rely not on force but on cunning: hence their instinctive subtlety and their ineradicable tendency to tell lies: for, as nature has equipped the lion with claws and teeth, the elephant with tusks, the wild boar with fangs, the bull with horns and the cuttlefish with ink, so it has equipped woman with the power of dissimulation as her means of attack and defence, and has transformed into this gift all the strength it has bestowed on man in the form of physical strength and the power of reasoning. Dissimulation is thus inborn in her and consequently to be found in the stupid woman almost as often as in the clever one. To make use of it at every opportunity is as natural to her as it is for an animal to employ its means of defence whenever it is attacked, and when she does so she feels that to some extent she is only exercising her rights. A completely truthful woman who does not practice dissimulation is perhaps an impossibility, which is why women see through the dissimulation of others so easily it is inadvisable to attempt it with them. – But this fundamental defect which I have said they possess, together with all that is associated with it, gives rise to falsity, unfaithfulness, treachery, ingratitude, etc. Women are guilty of perjury far more often than men. It is questionable whether they ought to be allowed to take an oath at all.”

“In the first place, the mere fact of social construction is no argument against something. But the implication often seems to be that if something was socially constructed one way, it can simply be reconstructed in another.
This tends to make sense to women because, much more so than men, they inhabit a reality which is overwhelmingly social.
But men do seem – on average – more comfortable with the notion that reality is its own thing, and it has veto powers.
Perhaps this is a consequence of men’s long-standing need to interact with reality more directly.
Any time someone is doing battle with the raw elements of nature to deliver some boon to you, the final consumer, odds are overwhelming that it’s a man.
And in the constant battles between men and men, victory can not be socially constructed, but must be won by objectively destroying or demoralizing the enemy to the point they are no longer willing or able to continue the conflict.
Women are pretty proficient at sussing out a man’s status within male status hierarchies. But they do so on the basis of largely social cues, rather than the more objective criteria by which males establish hierarchies in the first place.
Allowing women to actively participate in the formation of male status hierarchies is therefore silly, and a source of noise and feedback, rather than information.”

“It is not even slightly surprising that Hillary Clinton is connected to satanism. In fact, it explains a lot. It would be far more surprising if Clinton wasn’t connected to satanism. I don’t understand why people are surprised.”

“He tried to say a Muslim ban is unconstitutional lol.

I shut him down pretty quickly mentioning Carter. Then he backpedaled and said Trump isn’t racist just bigoted.”

“>leftist/socialist calls out rich globalists
>praised as a hero and champion of the underdog

>right-winger calls out rich globalists
>”oy vey dis is why we don’t feel safe anymoah in dis country””

“This is what happens when you actually drink the “blacks didn’t vote for Obama just because of his race” koolaid just to then be suprised that Blacks turn out to not be as enthusiastic voting for a rich white hag”

“Mansplaining is when a man shares knowledge with a woman and she learns something she didn’t know before. Especially if the man is also correcting her, like in this instance.

It is expected that men just remain silent and let women be incorrect in their statements and beliefs”

“You remain dead for all eternity, but you’re alive only for a brief moment.”

“[I]t doesn’t take long for very little kids to start accidentally calling the person who’s always with them Mom.”

“The Clinton organization uses a technique called “modelling” to decide how each individual voter is likely to vote. They use every bit of available data, ranging from voter registration to age, education, place of residence, and finances. If they compute that you are a likely Hillary supporter, you will get a phone call offering to take you to the polling place. The Democrats have about five times the money as the Republicans, so they can afford a massive organization to plan and carry it all out. If you are a Republican, however, you are on your own. There is no national organization phoning up voters on election day and offering rides. It’s left to local efforts like the Pastors. Of course the Republicans would like to have a program like the Democrats, but they don’t. the amount of money behind Hillary is amazing. It’s big companies eager to be friends with authoritarian rulers.”

“I think the rigging and voter obstruction may have resulted in some last minute vote deicision that may or may not have swung the election, hence why I say this”

“This election wasn’t ‘swung’. This is the biggest political tsunami since Reagan.”

“By swung I mean it was so big that not even the vote fraud could cover it”

“/pol/ has elected the President of the United States meanwhile /v/ is still busy moderating talk of gamergate because they are worried about “looking bad””

“Fact Check: Donald Trump said “we’re going to win so much you’ll be sick of it.”
Pants on fire: We’ll never be sick of winning.”

“Lmao the Democrats are already blaming the berniebros for Trump winning. Yeah its not the fact that we stole the nomination form Bernie and forced a super corrupt criminal under FBI investigation as the figurehead of our party, its you damn Berners who only wanted to be cucked 99% as opposed to the full 100%”

“Bernie took his 30 shekels and told everyone that a woman he knew to be a warmonger, a war criminal, an influence-peddling criminal, etc. and told everyone they should vote for her.

How can he complain? He got the new house.

Although, according to literary precedent, he should have hung himself in Potter’s field with his bowels hanging out. ”

“This is going to go hard with her anyway and she’s just going to make it much worse. A public seizure is not an impossibility.

She’s felt that this she’s been entitled to this for a long time (at least Bill was elected – “two for the price of one”) and that entitlement just deepened during the first Obama primary, when liberal friends of mine were scared she would kill him. One friend said, “she’s killed before”. She bit the bullet for the party and to get Secretary of State, but here not only felt entitled, but was certain and the whole press and Wall Street were in it for her and she was taking no chances, as we know from the Wikileaks.

She’s too old to ever run again and is, to coin a phrase, ‘box office poison’. Her health is going to be acting up something fierce and a psychological breakdown of some sort seems certain. Beefy Negro medic will have to double the diazepam dosage. This is a narcissistic and sociopathic woman of unusually obsessive willpower, having her whole life stripped from her in the teeth of what she thought were the facts. “

“CNN didn’t want it.
The European Union didn’t want it.
Paul Ryan didn’t want it.
The Republican Party leadership didn’t want it.
Hollywood didn’t want it.
The top three networks didn’t want it.
Goldman Sachs didn’t want it.
The Young Turks didn’t want it.
The cuck political shows on Comedy Central didn’t want it.
The Vatican didn’t want it.
Most followers of the religion known as Judaism didn’t want it.
The Bush family didn’t want it.
The Rothschild’s didn’t want t.
The Saudi Royal family didn’t want it.
ESPN didn’t want it.
The gays didn’t want it.
The Muslims didn’t want it.
The illegals didn’t want it.
Mexico didn’t want it.
Fox News didn’t want it.
All the papers didn’t want it.
The entire banking establishment didn’t want it.
Apple and Microsoft didn’t want it.
Nike didn’t want it.
Feminists didn’t want it.
University leadership didn’t want it.
Cuckservatives didn’t want it.
Mark Zuckerberg didn’t want it.
Twitter didn’t want it.
George Soros didn’t want it.
Dickwads like Jay-Z and Ellen Degeneres didn’t want it.
Barrack Obama didn’t want it.
The entire political establishment of Great Britain save UKIP didn’t want it.

But the Goyim wanted it. And folks, the Goyim won.”

“After pushing the “le Drumpf is a sore loser xddd” narrative for months in advance, Hillary is now unwilling to give a concession speech or even publically acknowledge the result. What a bunch of despicable cowards these people are.”

“My worry is that Jews are even now conspiring about how many of their own number they can get around the President. This has been their primary avenue of control since Woodrow Wilson – the Executive doesn’t recieve any information that Jews don’t want him to see and also are shown things that Jews want them to see, most of which they’ve made up. It’s like a human virtual reality system.”

“Kinda like your extremely annoying kid cousin that thinks armpit ABCs and “I know you are but what am I” replies are hilarious.

You hate them, but it does kinda warm your heart when they want to follow under your wing and grow up to be like you.

It’s a mix of embarrassing and endearing”

“> police are raciss
> fuck da police

> help i feel unsafe because people voted
> call da police”

“I like how journalists are pointing this out like it’s ipso facto reprehensible.

You created this situation, idiots. You flooded this country with diversity and made people feel like they were losing their country. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that whites, and the considerable chunk of minorities that identify and value traditional America, chose to vote as a bloc to preserve what they have.”

“I’m not worried about death threats. The only people social justice warriors hurt are fetuses.”

“I think some kind of partition of the United States might be inescapable unless Donald can really work his magic.

What we see is the end result of a hundred years of calculated divide & rule social engineering which has led to 50% of the country hating the other half.”

“Woman are the first ones to talk behind each other’s back. Also that’s like saying every woman had a responsibility to vote for Hillary, which in turn every men would have the same responsibility for Trump, which goes against all their calls for equality.”

“>I speak for all women.
>You’re a woman so you MUST agree with me
>wtf you mean you have a different opinion than me?
>what are you? uneducated? racist? you’re okay with presumed sexual assault?
>Are you stupid? oh, no, you’re married? and a mom?
>You’re just brainwashed by the patriarchy, and you’re husband is a modern day slave owner.
>I can’t BELIEVE you would vote against a WOMAN when you have a daughter.
>What’s wrong with you?

“When I say Obama hasn’t delivered on his platform promises, I’m told “AKSHUALLY the U.S. President can’t do much.”

When Donald Trump is elected as U.S. President, I’m told that the executive branch will irreparably destroy the US and probably even the world.”

“UN: “What?! This is outrageous! How could he have won! All the polls were completely against him! We need to call for an independent investigation into the votes!”
DNC/Soros: “Ha ha ha hey no that’s okay guys we conceded you don’t have to investigate anything it’s okay!””

“”Hillary won the popular vote!”

By a little over 100k votes in 300 million American citizens and approx 120 million eligible voters. That’s 1% of 1% of the vote. The majority demands Hillary is a shitty defeatists bargaining argument.
Fuck the shut up, 0.01 is a margin of error, not a majority.”

“Haha trump will get 0 percent of the African-American vote, what a racist! “

“colored people always right”

“>why do all the Trump haters seriously believe that the very second he takes office, women, gays, and minorities will be beaten in the streets and thrown in camps and gassed?

Because those are their long term plans for white males once they disarm us.”

“That would be a great, great thing for our country,” Mr. Trump said on Fox News Tuesday. “We’ll get rid of Rosie. Oh I love it. Now I have to get elected because I’m going to do a great service to our country. I have to. Now it’s much more important. In fact, I’ll immediately get off this call and start campaigning right now.”

“Everyone could improve to the “next level” with arduous work. Bad>Good>Great… but the great>Genius level had nothing to do with work.”

“People often reply “well what about me I might be a genius” I often say to these people stop copying from your friends then you might get some recognition”

“I guarantee the Leftists will say that this wasn’t a violent hate crime because the attackers have a right to be upset. “They’re just hurt and frustrated.””

“Hey guys remember when a black guy won and all the rednecks were burning and looting and beating black people in the streets and stealing their shit?
Yeah. Me either.
So much for hope and change.”

“Nothing screams “MY LOVE WILL TRUMP YOUR HATE” like women screaming at the top of their lungs while rioting.”

“Trump weathered all of this on a shoestring budget and some rallies. It’s wrong to compare his victory to Reagan, because Reagan faced nothing like this. The media was mostly fair to him, the GOP supported him, he had a political infrastructure through them and a budget and support from the financial sector and businesses.

Trump outdid Reagan. He essentially outdid Reagan’s electoral tsunami, but walking against gale force winds and with none of the budget or infrastructure. Reagan had been a governer and had weathered previous conventions. Trump had no political experience.”



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