Aug 7 ~ Sep 18

“They say “the 1%” are the cause of all these horrible problems in society, then they turn around and say a different 1% is completely negligible and couldn’t possibly result in anything that is at all important enough to justify all the ‘hate’ and ‘bigotry’ and ‘inequality’.

Just goes to show that if people are confident enough in what they say it doesn’t matter what they’re actually saying, people will believe them.”

“>The unnamed man had been found unconscious on Sunday by his girlfriend
>by his girlfriend

Daily reminder that a morbidly obese, pants-shitting ball of greasy filth who sat still for so long that he fused to a fucking chair was more attractive to women than you. That gigantic piece of shit managed to get laid and you never will. Let that sink in for a moment. You could be standing next to a titantic lard planet grafted to a sofa who shits himself every day, and women would choose him over you. Think of the smell. Think of how much effort his girlfriend probably had to put into feeding this guy and wiping up his shit. And yet, he was still more attractive than you. That’s how revolting you are.”

“What this actually tells me is that women are terrible judges of quality and I shouldn’t care too much if a man is a virgin.”

“the reason why records constantly get broken is because the athletes BELIEVE in themselves ok its not because of improved drug protocols”

“yeah bro but the ENTIRE russian team was doping and NO ONE ELSE was ok cause russians are evil thanks bye”

“yeah I mean the Russians doped yet the Americans still beat/almost beat them. But that wasn’t because American athletes were using drugs as well, but rather because of our superior work ethic and belief that we can achieve everything. Didn’t you watch Rocky?”

“Apperently this guy and OP have never meet any strong willed women.
Now I agree that in many cases women are not physically strong. This doesn’t mean they don’t have power.
Strong powerful women do not function in the same ways strong powerful men do and that where you misguided blind fuckers go off the rails!

If you rape strong powerful women, and they fight back and make thing real hard for you. Even if you succeed, this girl will not be broken.
No matter how many time you rape her.
Strong women are not physically strong but mentally strong.
In my experience tempered to the extremes of being borderline psychopaths.

Alpha males, AVOID these crazy women like the plaque! They know if crossed, these beast women set there beds of fire wile they sleep!
That’s if there being nice!
Most likely they will play society in there favor, manipulating whatever they, fucking whoever they need to, in order to rip your live to shreds.

The more you wronged them the more fury they, if you raped them. You’ll have hell coming in your direction.

Hentai never EVER portrays powerful women…EVER! There always week willed dingbats who honestly make for rather lousy character study.

Oh lastly if a man need take a women by force he is not an alpha.
Women THROW themselves at alphas, especially the crazy powerful women, that’s how they get there power!

Them alphas by the way take pride in this fact.
it is one of the thing that makes them alpha males.”

“I think people need to keep the /r9k/ autism and the social justice warrior wanking/”muh alpha” “muh beta” shit out of /h/.

Yes, the female sex have their own strengths, they are neither weak willed fuck dolls nor they are amazons who can never lose, they are just human beings using what they have to survive.

But why in fuck would I ever mix fantasy with reality? If I wanted to watch real rape I could watch one of those leaked videos of soldiers struggling to hold down a scared middle aged house wife while she screams and begs them to stop, her voice gradually becoming something that human lungs should not be capable of, or that video where the guy actually kicks a teenager girl head so hard he breaks her skull, he did that simply because he wanted her to stop screaming during the rape, sounds fun for you? Not for me.

Hentai is fantasy, a fantasy where my stainless steel dick is so good no girl will ever dream of pouring boiling water in my ear while I sleep after raping her into submission. A fantasy where I don’t need to carve my female opponent or cut her arm off to make her unable to fight.

>The more you wronged them the more fury they, if you raped them. You’ll have hell coming in your direction

The real rapists of the world, the true monsters, they are not above breaking someone legs or breaking all of a girls teeth to make sure she wont bite when giving blowjobs, all the fury in the world will not help you if the other guy idea of winning is making you plead for your life after breaking every bone in your body with a lead pipe.

Most of the stuff here is tame when compared to things done in the real world, most of those girls are “broken” with pleasure, and not with daily violent beatings resulting in broken bones
or mutilations/starvation/heavy addictive drugs.

I am here to fap, not to have some wannabe psychologist tell me right way to have sexual fantasies inside my own head.”


“This game, man.

I barely thought it would live up to the hype, let alone exceed it. I’ve been playing for four hours straight across only two systems and about five planets/moons, and it has been absolutely and utterly humbling. My breath is being taken away at every turn.

I just drowned trying desperately to make my way out of a dark underwater cave on a cold, lonely, massive planet, with ominous growling startling me from far across some rocky, eroded mountains against the backdrop of a massive dark blue system. Earlier I was marveling at a herd of grazing antelope-like creatures on a little yellow paradise of a moon with a pink sky. Creatures were screeching in the distance and tinkling piano chords played in the background.

I very much appreciate the technical and leveling aspects such as mining and trading, but most of all, this game has been an extremely emotional experience for me so far. I could barely pull myself away from my first system once I acquired the warp cell. No matter what I’m looking at, I have this excitement and this wonder and frustration that I am inevitably missing so much. I have never, EVER felt this lost. Space just beckons, wordlessly. What a beautiful, beautiful, titanic game. I have no words.

Enjoy, everyone. And thank you, Sean and Hello Games. Jeez Louise.”

“pretty sure sean also said they might not even be there in the same “time”

space-time continuum need to be aligned too, which you can’t really control”

“he didn’t really admit it, it’s just not the experience that people will get, like if that’s what you want you should look elsewhere

that doesn’t mean the multiplayer isn’t possible, it’s just that there’s no chance of happening”

“yes, it’s not “multiplayer game”, but that doesn’t mean there’s no multiplayer

like the tweet below says, the chances are just pretty much zero — in such a situation it’s hard to call it a multiplayer-focused game

but the multiplayer still exists”

“I didn’t think the game was this deep, but this is theoretical possible. According to the theory of Quantum Physics, two people, or particles, could exist in the same spot at the same time without being aware of each others existence. Its call Quantum Many Worlds Theory and says there exists infinitely many parallel copies of our universe, which are noninteracting. When a consious observer performs an expirement, all of the many worlds collapse to only one. In this way, it is theoretically possible for two players in No Mans Sky to be at the same spot without seeing each other. Pretty cool that a universe so large is simulated with quantum details!”

“It was just ONE test guys. Let’s wait for other people to meet up before saying it’s not possible despite it having a near 0% of occurring!”

“>Go to check multitwitch
>It’s offline
>Aww man
>See this automated message
>The Channel is offline! Next STREAM around 9pmEST. They did not find each other, possibly due to server issues. Any shitposting about lying or negative connotations will be muted/banned until there is official response from the devs! Thank you!
>Even the two people who met at the exact same spot at the exact same time and didn’t see each other refuse to believe it could just be that it’s not actually a multiplayer game”

“>Will NMS have multiplayer?
>The chance of two players ever meeting in a universe this size would be super slim…
>Okay but is it going to have multiplayer? Like can two players explore a planet or dogfight in space together?
>Extremely low chance that two players could even find each other, if that were possible!

“Can I be real for a second?

This community is fucking atrocious right now. You’re all acting like a bunch of whiny, entitled little babies.

A tiny team of people made an entire universe for you to explore. They made it for YOU, and they’re going to wake up tomorrow morning and see that instead of enjoying it, this community of “fans” picked out the 3 or 4 things that weren’t perfect and are using that to fucking riot.

Guess what? The game was never going to be perfect. It was never going to live up to your hype. It was never going to be everything you’d ever want in a game.

What it WAS going to be was an impossibly big universe filled with mysteries and weird shit. I just played it for 2 hours and it was exactly that. What more do you want?

Is it buggy? Sure. Is it repetitive? Maybe. Is the inventory system imperfect and the multiplayer feature questionable and the structure unclear? Sure, fine.

But holy shit what do these people OWE YOU?

How fucking entitled do you have to be to explore an infinite universe in a spaceship and then say “yeah but…”

We should all be fucking weeping in our chairs right now at the sheer size and scale of the achievement. We should be showering the people behind this thing with the praise they deserve for pulling off one of the most inspiring games in recent memory.

Hello Games doesn’t owe you the world. Yet they gave you 18 QUINTILLION of them.

If you have the fucking audacity to complain about it then you don’t deserve it and you were never fans in the first place.”

“>”Hey Sean, where’s the multiplayer?”
>”No Sean, they couldn’t even see-”

What the fuck is wrong with him?”

“We did it! Two players: me and Psytokat met! The odds were not in our vaor though, but we pulled it off! After warping for the first time I stumbled into the starting system of another player… instantly, I messaged him, he backtracked, and we met at the same space station! Although we never actually saw eachother (we tried almost everything) the fact that we met is absolutely amazing!”

“yeah, but if you didn’t actually see one another, does this count as a “meet up”? I can be in the same spot as another player in assassin’s creed or any other single player game, but we’re still not “meeting up” in the conventional syense.

mind you, i’m not one of the people who’s freaking out about this whole Seangate debacle”

“I still think it’s prety cool ._.”

“>said it was multiplayer for YEARS
>oh it’s okay because he told the truth after everyone already pre-ordered and the game is days away from being out have fun getting that refund in before release (;”

“He has never seemed anxious. This was calculated. The man lied to a guy while he was comfortable enough to be barefoot. The kind of guy you never see break a sweat when a cop pulls him over. I’m afraid to say, had he not been in the position he is, and comfortably lying for profit with no possible repercussions, he’d likely be a serial killer. Murray has lied with such steely resolve to the extent where he said this

>When he desired the possibility of green skies, the team had to redesign the periodic table to create atmospheric particles that would diffract light at just the right wavelength.

This is the most impressive solid one-single-strand piece of bullshit ever seen. He’s literally just talking about a color hue change, here. The man is a sociopath. He makes an effort to often mention how he sold his house to fund the Hello Games studio. Well enough, it’s true. He frames it, though, as “this house was like a blood diamond, I bought it working for EA.” Those awful, corporate, liars. I am nothing like them. I am INDIE, I have proper morals! Let me just get my game published by Sony and lie to you now. Chilling stuff.”

“how did he do it?”

“10% luck”
“20% shills”
“15% procedurally generated hills”
“5% pleasure”
“50% plains”
“and 100% reason to never buy this game”

“>it’s a survival game
>but the resources you need to survive are everywhere

>it’s an exploration game
>but 90% of planets are basically the same jagged rocky terrain with plants and alien dogs scattered around

>it’s a space combat and trading game
>but space combat ends up being “you vs endless sentinel waves” until you run or die and the trading is simplistic and easy to abuse

>it’s a sci-fi mystery game
>except all the narrative is done in simplistic choose-your-own-adventure text dumps and 6th grade math “puzzles” or moral quandries where the solution is always “take the moral high ground”

>it will be updated into a good game in the future!
>except the developers have already stated their first addition is buildable bases, which runs completely against the game’s main principle of being an itinerant traveller because lol we can’t game design for shit”

“I feel like I’m the only person who is happy I only had to pay $60 for NMS. I definitely won’t mind paying more.

This game is incredible. The variety of planets I’ve found is insane, animals are awesome, travelling through space is the coolest part. You look into the sky and see a planet and then you can literally just fly there. Anything you see, you can touch, how many games can you say that about instead of just portraits on the edges of the game universe.

Who fucking cares if multiplayer isn’t in the game, Sean may have said you can see other players, but guess what, as the development went on it probably got harder and harder to do with their time constraint. And we’re probably going to get it in the future so you can meet up with your friends and let them fuck you in the ass like you want so bad.

I seriously can’t understand why so many people are calling this game a failure for the content, I can maybe sort of understand people being upset about the technical difficulties but those will be fixed with the patch that’s coming any moment now.”

“>he never lied! I don’t care if you post a video of him lying!
>e-everything will be okay once they patch it, I swear!
>cmon guys you’re being too hard, it was made by indie devs!!!
>I expected literally nothing so I’m happy to spend 60 dollars on literally nothing
>I pirated the game, therefore the level of content is perfectly okay!
>even though he initially promised there would be free content forever, i’m completely fine with him backtracking on his word.
>Because I have low standards, the game is surely good
>it’s easily a 6.5…no wait, a 7.5! 8.5!!!!
>if you don’t like the game, you’re entitled!”

“It is a game of the unknown. That is the point.”

“You don’t just get to give a game a pass for being “unknown.”

“IT’S ABOUT EXPLORATION! THAT IS THE POINT! That’s like if I said to you “Do this thing where the whole point of this thing is this thing” and you’re like “No tell me everything about it so I don’t have to do the thing”!”

“As a gaming journalist I’m like “Tell me about this game” and you’re like “No you’re doing it wrong.” I’m a journalist, how am I supposed to…?”

“You don’t have to be a journalist to get all the information! You can just discuss the feel, the tone, the vibe.”

“So there’s a prescribed way to ask questions about this one particular videogame. Just this one. So it is possible to have an incorrect opinion about this videogame.”

“You’re trying to have someone define the color blue!”

“Telling me how to upgrade my ship is not defining the color blue.”

“It’s a pointless art game! It’s the same as Proteus, Mirror Moon EP, it’s about doing fucking whatever! That’s all it is!”

“What if “whatever” is upgrading myself? You’re the one telling me I’m doing it wrong.”

“A group of people thought “Well there’s people who do the plastic bag challenge, and there’s people who think there’s an app that makes their phones waterproof, and there’s also people who think putting their phones in microwaves will make their pokemon hatch faster… can we make this into a business model?” And so they did.

The only false part of that story is “A”.

Like this shit is what motivates me to try and learn a bit of everything, listen to talks on subjects I’m not immediately interested in and go on wikiwalks and shit, because this is the kind of shit people can pull off if I have no idea if something is the least bit wrong.

Supposedly professors and journalists are more educated and they point the masses in the right direction, like that’s their role in civilization, but what basically all of them actually are is part of the marketing wing.”


“Actually this is pretty smart, because now their shitty publication and its articles will swamp out all the organic rightwing uses of the term “cuck” in Google and Twitter search results. I wonder if George Soros told them to do this in exchange for covering their legal fees from the Hulk Hogan desaster.”

“Leaked documents released a few days ago provide juicy insider details of how a fabulously rich businessman has been using his money to influence elections in Europe, underwrite an extremist group, target U.S. citizens who disagreed with him, dictate foreign policy, and try to sway a Supreme Court ruling, among other things. Pretty compelling stuff, right?

Not if it involves leftist billionaire George Soros. In this case, the mainstream press couldn’t care less.. We couldn’t find a single story on the New York Times, CNN, Washington Post, CBS News or other major news sites that even noted the existence of these leaked documents, let alone reported on what’s in them.”

““The reality of it is I’ve lost my home, I lost my creativity, because before I used to love building things but now I can’t. There is nothing I can do.”

The kind of bullshit that can be peddled because the discourse complexity ceiling established by journalists is so god damn low.”

“The objection to hypocrisy isn’t to that sort of hypocrisy, but to much worse crimes that are being reduced to an accusation of hypocrisy to make the charge seem smaller.

This is like when cuckservatives call Jews ‘hypocrites’ for taking no refugees, building walls, oppressing their minorities/ indigenous populations while advocating for ‘tolerance’ in America.

The real charge is murdering America. I couldn’t care less about ‘hypocrisy’ here. It’s like complaining about someone who poisons your food while being very careful with his own food and publicly decrying poisoning. Nobody gives a shit that he’s a hypocrite – because he isn’t. He’s a murderer.

Don’t get hypnotized by words.”

“He deliberately understated the number of Communists in government in order to duck charges of anti-Semitism. The Venona decryptions show that everyone on that piece of paper he was waving around were in fact answering directly to Moscow.

Other anti-Communists had the same problem. Nixon famously discusses this in the tapes – he talks about how many known Communists had to be passed over to avoid the appearance of deliberate anti-Semitism.

But, yes, McCarthy was right about everything. Like Hitler, he may have underestimated the scale of what was happening. He certainly was aware of the percentage of Jews and hired Cohn in addition to leaving Jews off his list in order to avoid be dismissed immediately as an anti-Semite.”

“Economically things are bad for everyone starting out. 50% of the jobs created since 08 are in low wage service sector jobs with no real upward potential. Traditional masculine fields of work (manufacturing, for example) has been outsourced wholesale.

This, in turn, leads to two things. A drop in overall masculine confidence, and mating viability.

Masculinity is defined by society in some pretty simple ways. Primarily this is by having a good job with decent pay to provide for a family. If a man is unable to provide for himself, much less others, overall masculine confidence and self worth diminishes. To quote the article, “Austerity has eroded young men’s traditional means of value-creation so they have become increasingly reliant on their bodies as a means of feeling valuable in society,”

This leads to point two, relationship and mating viability.

Short of the destructive nature of “hook-up culture” (which itself may be derivative of the economy), most women will not be in a relationship with an unemployed man, and are not going to be overly interested in a long term relationship with a man working at Applebee’s (or any other base service sector job). Relationships have a natural conclusion that is extremely expensive in its traditional sense.

A man, with no job prospects must attract, and keep, a mate in another way. The only other possibility is by going for the animalistic nature of humanity by making yourself as attractive as possible, to be successful in the current status of “hook-up culture”. While it’s good seeing people get fit, I get the feeling its deeper than what the article is letting on.

I’ll leave everyone with this nugget. Venezuela has arguably the world’s highest plastic surgery rate. Venezuela is also in a total economic freefall and has been struggling for years. When people feel out of control of their surroundings, their future, their own lives, they try to control the one thing they know they have control over…and that’s themselves.””

“I wonder why it’s never people that have actually accomplished anything meaningful who post all the time on instagram about success, dedication, and hard work. Not just a jab at Mooncookie but at the fitness world as well. It’s only ever people whose only accomplishment is having a good looking body (which, if we’re being honest, is commendable but nothing that exceptional or noteworthy because anyone can do it with a bit of effort) that go on and on about success and hard work. You never see esteemed academics, physicians, top managers/CFOs/CEOs, engineers, or theoretical astrophysicists post these kinds of things. Maybe they go by the “show, don’t tell” approach and don’t have the need to announce to everyone how hard they work or how successful they are because their success speaks for itself. All this droning on about hard work and that just reeks of self-congratulatory bullshit.”

“While that category of people exists, there’s certainly also plenty of people in high places who also talk about dedication and hard work. Quotes have been around for years – you don’t think Joe Schmoe thought the lines up by himself did you? They got the idea from their favorite celebrities. The Rock, Will Smith, Schwarzenegger – they all have lines about dedication and hard work. And those are the faces you see on the posters.

It’s a marketing thing too. All this stuff about be yourself, follow your dream – this is stuff said by HR departments so they get harder workers who can be convinced into less pay. It’s self-congratulatory, but since marketing has paired it with the measurable success of a certain person or company, it’s now also an elitist club that people want to join.

When’s the last time you heard about some top guy in some top profession talking about how much he hated his job or how he doesn’t actually know how he got there but since he’s okay at it and he has kids to support he’s fine with having to deal? These people exist. In what proportion to the other types? They’re certainly not all of them, but also certainly not none of them. We’ll never know, because it’ll never be investigated, all we’ll ever hear about are how there’s so much passion everywhere because that’s what journalists have decided to write about.

Passion, dedication, hard work – these are peddled by everyone.

Probably because there is truth in it. If you don’t care, you won’t really try, and if you don’t do things enough times while paying attention you won’t notice new things or improvement points, and if you don’t notice those you won’t work on them and research or discover breakthroughs, etc. etc. you won’t git gud.

In the end I don’t see a class difference, just personality difference.

A difference in whether or not they wank at my face.”

“Fun stuff is frowned upon

Back in the day, OC was considered something every board needed to survive. That’s why you had so many unfunny memes pop up around boards that were mostly dead. We don’t remember them, because they were so unfunny and forced and existed only to give a struggling community some credit.

Now, OC as a concept is dead. If you make something original on 4chan? Prepared to be called reddit and ‘le ebin’ for making something original and trying to share it with the community. Also, if you ever use it more than one time, you are ‘forcing’ the meme.
The concept of memes has changed from something you did because you wanted to make people laugh to something that other people do because they’re trying to influence you.
It’s why /v/’s main export now is no longer memes, jokes, or good humor. But ms-paint comics about how shitty a person who doesn’t think exactly like the comic’s author must be.

But /v/ isn’t the only place, tumblr, reddit, and SA are exactly the same way now: The only difference is that the barrier to entry is lower, as you only need to make a snooty text post about how stupid and uneducated everyone who doesn’t think like you must be. Here, at least, requires some working knowledge of Paint.”

“the term Troll fell out of style as a part of the Reddit scare. There is also the fact that in hindsight “troll culture” irreversibly damaged the website.

Baitfish doesn’t really reward you much, it shames you for weak attempts and shitposting.

Trollface encouraged trolling, people posted it to point out trolls but the face was more like a wink or a nudge.

This caused the complete death of sincerity on 4chan, I swear from 2008-10 every god damn post was an attempt to ruse someone. Everyone was trying to be ruse master and play 6D-chess around each other.

It’s calmed down quite a bit but it pretty much cemented shitposting culture.”

“A Muslim declares allegiance to ISIS and kills forty-nine people: “This has nothing to do with anything or anyone but the gunman himself. No blame can be appointed -he was just a crazed lone wolf.”

A man with indeterminate motives kills two people: “WE BLAME DONALD TRUMP FOR THIS!””

“While you TRAIN hard at the gym and on the gun range to die as CANNON FODDER in RAHOWA, Chad is FUCKING Nordic phenotypes and CREATING the future leadership caste.”

“Chad’s old football injuries disqualify him from fighting on the front lines, don’t worry though, he will stay back and make sure your wives and daughters are well taken care of.”

“You were greivously wounded in the final battle. The whites have won, but it has cost you your life. As you lay in your hospital bed your girlfriend holds your hands during your final moment. As you think to yourself ” it was worth it….” And life slips away from your body, you notice Chad come into the hospital room out of the corner of your eye. The last thing you hear before going on to the next world is “oh Chad we were just friends don’t worry””

“>Bernie sanders gets BTFO!

>Trump supporters say the same thing: The system is rigged

“”But without government, who will save the flood victims?”

Same as always, the dirty rednecks who are actually prepared for calamity.”

“>Resident Evil announces it’s going to become Outlast
>Metal Gear announces it’s going to become Left 4 Dead

A new age is upon us! We will have Assassin’s Creed racing games, Dark Souls team-based arena shooters, Super Mario Brothers with stealth mechanics and Halo with gathering and crafting systems!


“This is incorrect. People are getting dumber. Laziness isn’t really a factor.

College graduates are now less qualified for their desired careers than in generations prior, and aside from poor education standards, this is largely caused by a lack of mentorship programs in any specialized field due to the increasing phenomenon of “debt slavery” imposed upon the previous generations since the 70’s.

Old savants and specialists do not want to take extra time to train new students as they want to retire early to escape the widening wage gap. The students who are qualified for the professional work without mentorship must compete with imported labor, which in the western world can make a living wage and future retirement impossible to attain.

This is leading to a lack of interest in higher education and lower ambition. People in general have no drive to become smarter, only more appealing for debt slavers or to make money on their own, the former of which educational institutions have capitalized upon to a fault. We now see the fallout of this: degrees are useless, adults are staying at home with their parents after graduation (with piles of debt), and the savvy are pursuing investment opportunities and careers in financial management in lieu of producing any useful product or service.”

“There has arisen among America’s elite a Churchill cult. Its acolytes hold that Churchill was not only a peerless war leader but a statesman of unparalleled vision whose life and legend should be the model for every statesman. To this cult, defiance anywhere of U.S. hegemony, resistance anywhere to U.S. power becomes another 1938. Every adversary is ‘a new Hitler,’ every proposal to avert war ‘another Munich.’ Slobodan Milosevic, a party apparatchik who had presided over the disintegration of Yugoslavia—losing Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, and Bosnia—becomes ‘the Hitler of the Balkans’ for holding Serbia’s cradle province of Kosovo. Saddam Hussein, whose army was routed in one hundred hours in 1991 and who had not shot down a U.S. plane in forty thousand sorties, becomes ‘an Arab Hitler’ about to roll up the Persian Gulf and threaten mankind with weapons of mass destruction. This mind-set led us to launch a seventy-eight-day bombing campaign on Serbia, a nation that never attacked us, never threatened us, never wanted war with us, whose people had always befriended us.”

“Hitler was a nationalist, therefore nationalism inevitably results in holocausts”

“Well, Stalin was an internationalist, therefore interna-”


“all of /vg/ is trash now desu, i know you can argue that it was always garbage, but there was a period of time when it was still a majority of 200/300 fags from /v/ posting in a single thread hitting bump limit within an hour or two

now its just the same 30 autists replying to each other for 500 posts

i cant think of a single general thread there that hasn’t turned into this”

“>all those old memes, reactionary faces and fun everyone was having in 2010
>now its forced, mass produced memes and sterile humor with a few drops of corporatism

It doesn’t feel organic anymore. Its not really homegrown. Nor even in a ‘damn old kids, getting too old for this garbage’ way but fuck.”

“there’s several difference between normalfag memes and the original memes, enough that they shouldn’t be the same word. not even fruits and vegetables difference anymore, more like fruits and cars.

this quote points out that memes were always very specific. they were always really handmade of things that would be quite obscure to anybody not in the in-group. usually they were intended as a one-time specific response to some post or person or event, i.e. some guy in that thread went into photoshop and put together something in that hour, and if they became memes it’s because lots of people in that specific thread found it entertaining and re-used it in apt situations. the more people who found it entertaining and the more situations it was apt in, the more well-known it was. but all of them had those origins. generator-style memes ala “demotivators” were never as big for this reason – they could never be specific and didn’t share that sort of guaranteed origin story, so people weren’t inclined to care as much. being in the original place in the original time is very highly valued – in that culture if it’s just a reproduction it’s automatically less valuable. being the guy to create a certain generator or being in the first generator thread was interesting but because they were inherently automatic and nonunique, they were second class.

normalfag memes on the other hand trace their origins to those generators. literally outsiders using second class materials, and for completely foreign purposes.

i could go on for days on this but in a one line summary the difference between normalfag memes and original memes are the following. (“normalfag memes” refers not to the literally not even meme “pages” these days which are actually just propaganda pages run by PR people who dispense their opinions through pre-recognized visual formats or through shitty MSP doodles, but to the widely-distributed visual formats themselves, e.g. “here come dat boi”, caveman spongebob, etc:)

original memes distribution ideology: “i remember an image i saw once that either exactly or with a bit of creativity fits this situation exactly!”

normalfag memes distribution ideology: “let me see what else i can stick this meme in so everyone who already likes this meme will like me too!”

normalfag memes directly reflect the mentality of normalfags.”

“Literally saw a post on the NSM subreddit today saying the reason people hadn’t seen dinosaurs and realistic creature behaviors like in that scripted “””gameplay””” demo was that that stuff only appears near the center of the universe and those guys obviously hadn’t got that far yet. Wish I was joking.”


“Machinery did not inaugurate the phenomenon of unemployment, but promoted it from a minor irritation to one of the chief plagues of mankind.”

“People have been handing off chores, both physical and mental, to tools since the invention of the lever, the wheel, and the counting bead. The transfer of work has allowed us to tackle thornier challenges and rise to greater achievements. That’s been true on the farm, in the factory, in the laboratory, in the home. But we shouldn’t take [British philosopher Alfred North] Whitehead’s observation for a universal truth. He was writing when automation was limited to distinct, well-defined, and repetitive tasks – weaving fabric with a steam loom, harvesting grain with a combine, multiplying numbers with a slide rule.

Automation is different now.

Computers, as we’ve seen, can be programmed to perform or support complex activities in which a succession of tightly coordinated tasks is carried out through an evaluation of many variables. In automated systems today, the computer often takes on intellectual work – observing and sensing, analyzing and judging, even making decisions – that until recently was considered the preserve of humans. The person operating the computer is left to play the role of a high-tech clerk, entering data, monitoring outputs, and watching for failures. Rather than opening new frontiers of thought and action to its human collaborators, software narrows our focus. We trade subtle, specialized talents for more routine, less distinctive ones.

Most of us assume, as Whitehead did, that automation is benign, that it raises us to higher callings but doesn’t otherwise alter the way we behave or think. That’s a fallacy. It’s an expression of what the scholars of automation have come to call the “substitution myth”. A labor-saving device doesn’t just provide a substitute for some isolated component of a job. It alters the character of the entire task, including the roles, attitudes, and skills of the people who take part in it. As Raja Parasuraman explained in a 2000 journal article, “Automation does not simply supplant human activity but rather changes it, often in ways unintended and unanticipated by the designers.”

Automation remakes both work and worker.”

“The man whose whole life is spent in performing a few simple operations, of which the effects too are, perhaps, always the same, or very nearly the same, has no occasion to exert his understanding, or to exercise his invention in finding out expedients for removing difficulties which never occur. He naturally loses, therefore, the habit of such exertion, and generally becomes as stupid and ignorant as it is possible for a human creature to become.”

“With the development of the capitalist mode of production, the very concept of skill becomes degraded along with the degradation of labor, and the yardstick by which it is measured shrinks to such a point that today the worker is considered to possess a ‘skill’ if his or her job requires a few days’ or weeks’ training, several months of training is regarded as unusually demanding, and the job that calls for a learning period of six months or a year inspires a paroxysm of awe.”

“To illustrate how the deskilling process works, [Harvard Business School professor James] Bright used the example of a metalworker. When the worker uses simple manual tools, such as files and shears, the main skill requirements are job knowledge, including in this case an appreciation of the qualities and uses of metal, and physical dexterity. When power hand tools are introduced, the job grows more complicated and the cost of errors is magnified. The worker is called on to display “new levels of dexterity and decision-making” as well as greater attentiveness. He becomes a “machinist.” But when hand tools are replaced by mechanisms that perform a series of operations, such as milling machines that cut and grind blocks of metals into precise three-dimensional shapes, “attention, decision-making, and machine control responsibilities are partially or largely reduced” and “the technical knowledge requirement of machine functioning and adjustment is reduced tremendously.” The machinist becomes a “machine operator.” When mechanization becomes truly automatic – when machines are programmed to control themselves – the worker “contributes little or no physical or mental effort to the production activity.” He doesn’t even require much job knowledge, as that knowledge has effectively gone into the machine through its design and coding. His job, if it still exists, is reduced to “patrolling.” The metalworker becomes “a sort of watchman, a monitor, a helper.” He might best be thought of as “a liaison man between machine and operating management.” Overall, concluded Bright, “the progressive effect of automation is first to relieve the operator of manual effort and then to relieve him of the need to apply continuous mental effort.”

“In a classic 1983 article in the journal Automatica, Lisanne Bainbridge, an engineering psychologist at University College London, described a conundrum that lies at the core of computer automation.

Because designers often assume that human beings are “unreliable and inefficient”, at least when compared to a computer, they strive to give them as small a role as possible in the operation of systems. People end up functioning as mere monitors, passive watchers of screens. That’s a job that humans, with our notoriously wandering minds, are particularly bad at. Research on vigilance, dating back to studies of British Radar operators watching for German submarines during World War II, shows that even highly motivated people can’t keep their attention focused on a display of relatively stable information for more than about half an hour. They get bored; they daydream, their concentration drifts. “This means,” Bainbridge wrote, “that it is humanly impossible to carry out the basic function of monitoring for unlikely abnormalities.”

And because a person’s skills “deteriorate when they are not used,” she added, even an experienced system operator will eventually begin to act like “an inexperienced one” if his main job consists of watching rather than acting. As his instincts and reflexes grow rusty from disuse, he’ll have trouble spotting and diagnosing problems, and his responses will be slow and deliberate rather than quick and automatic. Combined with the loss of situational awareness, the degradation of know-how raises the odds that when something goes wrong, as it sooner or later will, the operator will react ineptly. And once that happens, system designers will work to place even greater limits on the operator’s role, taking him further out of the action and making it more likely that he’ll mess up in the future.
The assumption that the human being will be the weakest link in the system becomes self-fulfilling.”

“Engineers and programmers compound the problems when they hide the workings of their creations from the operators, turning every system into an inscrutable black box. Normal human beings, the unstated assumption goes, don’t have the smarts or the training to grasp the intricacies of a software program or robotic apparatus. If you tell them too much about the algorithms or procedures that govern its operations and decisions, you’ll just confuse them, or worse yet, encourage them to tinker with the system. It’s safer to keep people in the dark. Here again, though, the attempt to avoid human errors by removing personal responsibility ends up making the errors more likely. An ignorant operator is a dangerous operator.

As the University of Iowa human-factors professor John Lee explains, it’s common for an automated system to use “control algorithms that are at odds with the control strategies and mental model of the person [operating it.” If the person doesn’t understand those algorithms, there’s no way he can “anticipate the actions and limits of the automation.” The human and the machine, operating under conflicting assumptions, end up working at cross-purposes. People’s inability to comprehend the machines they use can also undermine their self-confidence, Lee reports, which “can make them less inclined to intervene” when something goes wrong.”

“The tension between technology-centered and human-centered automation is not just a theoretical concern of academics. It affects decisions made every day by business executives, engineers and programmers, and government regulators. In the aviation business, the two dominant airliner manufacturers have been on different sides of the design question since the introduction of fly-by-wire systems thirty years ago.

Airbus pursues a technology-centered approach. Its goal is to make its planes essentially “pilot-proof.” The company’s decision to replace the bulky, front-mounted control yokes that have traditionally steered planes with diminutive, side-mounted joysticks was one expression of that goal. The game-like controllers send inputs to the flight computers efficiently, with minimal manual effort, but they don’t provide pilots with tactile feedback. Consistent with the ideal of the glass cockpit, they emphasize the pilot’s role as a computer operator rather than as an aviator. Airbus has also programmed its computers to override pilots’ instructions in certain situations in order to keep the jet within the software-specified parameters of its flight envelope. The software, not the pilot, wields ultimate control.

Boeing has taken a more human-centered tack in designing its fly-by-wire craft. […] The aviator retains final authority over maneuvers, even in extreme circumstances. And not only has Boeing kept the big yokes of yore, it has designed them to provide artificial feedback that mimics what pilots felt back when they had direct [hydraulic] control over a plane’s steering mechanisms. […] Research has found that tactile, or haptic, feedback is significantly more effective than visual cues alone in alerting pilots to important changes in a plane’s orientation and operation […] And because the brain processes tactile signals in a different way than visual signals, “haptic warnings” don’t tend to “interfere with the performance of concurrent visual tasks.”

“Video games tend to be loathed by people who have never played them. That’s understandable, given the gore involved, but it’s a shame. In addition to their considerable ingenuity and occasional beauty, the best games provide a model for the design of software. They show how applications can encourage the development of skills rather than their atrophy. To master a video game, a player has to struggle through challenges of increasing difficulty, always pushing the limits of his talent. Every mission has a goal, there are rewards for doing well, and the feedback (an eruption of blood, perhaps) is immediate and often visceral. Games promote a state of flow, inspiring players to repeat tricky maneuvers until they become second nature. The skill a gamer learns may be trivial – how to manipulate a plastic controller to drive an imaginary wagon over an imaginary bridge, say – but he’ll learn it thoroughly, and he’ll be able to exercise it again in the next mission or he next game. He’ll become an expert, and he’ll have a blast along the way.

When it comes to the software we use in our personal lives, video games are an exception. Most popular apps, gadgets, and online services are built for convenience, or as their makers say, “usability.” Requiring only a few taps, swipes, or clicks, the programs can be mastered with little study or practice. Like the automated systems used in industry and commerce, they’ve been carefully designed to shift the burden of thought from people to computers. Even the high-end programs used by musicians, record producers, filmmakers, and photographers place an ever stronger emphasis on ease of use. Complex audio and visual effects, which once demanded expert know-how, can be achieved by pushing a button or dragging a slider. The underlying concepts need not be understood, as they’ve been incorporated into software routines. This has the very real benefit of making the software useful to a broader group of people – those who want to get the effects without the effort. But the cost of accommodating the dilettante is a demeaning of expertise.”

“In suggesting video games as a model for programmers, I’m not endorsing the voguish software-design practice that goes by the ugly name “gamification.” […] Even when used for ostensibly benign purposes, such as dieting, gamification wields a cynical power. far from being an antidote to technology-centered design, it takes the practice to an extreme. It seeks to automate human will.”

“In [Google’s search engine’s] original form, it presented you with nothing but an empty text box. The interface was a model of simplicity, but the service still required you to think about your query, to consciously compose and refine a set of keywords to get the best results. That’s no longer necessary. In 2008, the company introduced Google Suggest, an autocomplete routine that uses prediction algorithms to anticipate what you’re looking fr. Now, as soon as you type a letter into the search box, Google offers a set of suggestions for how to phrase your query. With each succeeding letter, a new set of suggestions pops up. Underlying the company’s hyperactive solicitude is a dogged, almost monomaniacal pursuit of efficiency. Taking the misanthropic view of automation, Google has come to see human cognition as creaky and inexact, a cumbersome biological process better handled by a computer. “I envision some years from now that the majority of search queries will be answered without you actually asking,” say Ray Kurzweil, the inventor and futurist who in 2012 was appointed Google’s director of engineering. The company will “just know this is something that you’re going to want to see.” The ultimate goal is to fully automate the act of searching, to take human volition out of the picture.”

“[T]here’s something repugnant about applying the bureaucratic ideals of speed, productivity, and standardization to our relations with others. The most meaningful bonds aren’t forged through transactions in a marketplace or other routinized exchanges of data. People aren’t nodes on a network grid. The bonds require trust and courtesy and sacrifice, all of which, at least to a technocrat’s mind, are sources of inefficiency and inconvenience. Removing the friction from social attachments doesn’t strengthen them, it weakens them. It makes them more like the attachments between consumers and products – easily formed and just as easily broken.”


“>If they’re old enough to understand reason, use reason
>Because the one who’s in the right wins the argument because reason is an unstoppable force because I FUCKING LOVE SCIENCE

Violence has solved more problems than every other method combined and it will always hold that spot because it is simple and it is effective.

People talk about reasoning and truth like it’s some kind of silver bullet, like literally a bullet except it doesn’t hurt good people and when it hurts bad people it does it without all of the yucky and icky parts. It’s not. It’s something that only works if both parties are willing to pay attention and be open to the other side. Assuming that the other side will always do as much or more than you is the path that leads to “if we kill our enemies they win” and changes “But not all X are Y” to “X is here to stay (and so is Y). Deal with it.””

“>literally no excuse not to do research ahead of time and figure out exactly what you are going to get

No. Fuck you.

We have laws about deceptive advertising and they apply to the entertainment industry the same as everyone else.

Caveat emptor is not the law of the land. We tried it for centuries, it doesn’t work.”

“The biggest and best form of consumer protection is a properly informed buyer, and for big, famous projects like this, the Internet generally has all the information you could want on it and then some.”

“Yeah because it’s not like people have lives to get to, or that advertisement goes out of its to mislead buyers or use the press to do so. Shit like this is why le free market will fix it is a bunch of bull.”

“Do you also want you and everybody else to test their own food for botulism? Because what you’re describing is pure race to the bottom garbage.”

“Companies don’t care about majorities, they care about margins.

If you can sell a product that has a great profit margin (i.e. you need to only invest a little money to make it and if even a small population buys it you turn a profit) even if it isn’t desired by a majority of your customer base it doesn’t matter you made profit. Compare something like that with little investment (and thus little investment if it fails) to something with a bigger investment that the majority wants.

What if popular X game comes out when you happen to release your big investment product that the majority wanted and your investment ends up bombing? It’s just profit margins, selling cheap near guaranteed successes are better than taking a chance regardless of what customers really want.

Your logic is flawed because Microtransactions are incredibly cheap to implement. Which means Profit margins can be made on only 1% of people buying.

Even if 99% of players buy the game but reject them, them companies will still consider microtransactions profitable enough to implement.”

“Yen x Geralt is utterly realistic, they’re the epitome of a couple that only shows their true selves to each other.

>hey Yen
>Hello, Geralt.
>NPC comes inbetween them, the trio have a chat, eventually finishes
>Yen, what the hell?
>Shut up Geralt you child.
>maybe if you weren’t so condescending

the point is their arguments make no sense and have almost no basis aside from petty stress relief. the pair use each other to blow steam because no one else will let them get away with doing so without risking the relationship. a couple that knows they can get away with not having to keep a fake smile around their presence all the time.”

“[F]orget all that rhetoric about how America is great because of people like you and me and Steve Jobs. You know the truth even if you won’t admit it: If any of us had been born in Somalia or the Congo, all we’d be is some guy standing barefoot next to a dirt road selling fruit. It’s not that Somalia and Congo don’t have good entrepreneurs. It’s just that the best ones are selling their wares off crates by the side of the road because that’s all their customers can afford.”

“It was the cheapest of cheap shots because, as I noted in a column two years ago, almost no one majors in art history. Art history majors account for less than 0.2 percent of working adults with college degrees.

It was also a cheap shot because art history isn’t a major naive kids fall into because they’ve heard a college degree — any college degree — will get you a good job. It’s an intellectually demanding major, requiring the memorization and mastery of a large body of visual material, a facility for foreign languages, and the ability to write clearly and persuasively. And it’s famously elitist.

In fact, the reason pundits instinctively pick on art history is that it is seems effete. It’s stereotypically a field for prep school graduates, especially women, with plenty of family wealth to fall back on. In fact, a New York Times analysis of Census data shows that art history majors are wildly overrepresented among those in the top 1 percent of incomes. Perhaps the causality runs from art history to high incomes, but I doubt it.

If the president had been serious about his message, he would have compared learning a skilled trade to majors that are actually popular, such as communications and psychology. It would have been much braver and more serious to take on the less-rigorous majors that attract lots of students. But it wouldn’t have gotten a laugh.”

“homosexuality is a death cult, as evidenced by homosexual solidarity marches for muslims after the Orlando shooting”

“>there is no depth in this game mechanic
>”You just need to get good.”
>i’ve seen people good at this game play it and i don’t see it getting any different or more complex
>”Yeah nah man I don’t have this problem. Sorry to tell it to your face.”

I feel like learning to argue points is largely a useless skill. Your boss doesn’t check for whether or not your argument is true, they check whether or not it affects their budget and whether or not it looks like you believe what you’re saying, and everyone else only checks whether or not it makes them feel good. And for the small population where arguing points does matter, your skill level doesn’t matter that much anyways.
Why bother arguing points when you can argue the person, destabilize them, and make them look like fools of themselves? Most people can’t be swayed by arguments, but most people can be swayed by insults.”

“>Implying you have to have completely divergent premises on everything to qualify as differing substantively.
>Implying the devil isn’t in the details

Getting sick of these fags and their verbose memes.”

“They didn’t delete it. It’s more like

>your video is making money, but we don’t want to give you any of it
>lets find a trivial reason why we don’t have to pay you
>of course we’ll still runs ads on it
>Thanks for the shekels shalomies”

“From what I understand these guys are “immune” to this because they are considered “Official Youtube Sponsors, Content Creators, and Partners.” Which means if you are a little guy and not a big guy, you are just shit out of luck. This kills competition.”

“No videos with cursing, any form of sexual content, any political discussions, and anything Youtube sees as “controversial” will be allowed to have ads (which is the only way anyone makes money off videos)

I mean this doesn’t just effect Let’s Players and shit, but practically every musician and artist alive”

“Daily reminder the reason why loli was removed from hentai foundry was not because “muh goverment”, but because of this exact same shit, “muh advertiser friendly content”.”

“You know I thought about it for a moment and it makes sense in a way. YouTube is the only place where advertisers will give Joe Schmoe their money without caring what kind of stuff he does. It’d be reasonable that in a general non-vetted system, only noncontroversial things get advertisements, because who knows what message these brands will be attached to?

Then I remembered that it’s also the only place where Joe Schmoe can advertise for corporations without knowing which ones he’s advertising for.”

“Lol these rules only exist so they can be selectively enforced. You know that these rules regarding cursing, sexual content, political discussions etc will never be applied to leftist channels that utilize these kinds of conduct”

“”The text wasn’t meant for contemporaries at the time,” Dr Reitz-Joosse, who works at the University of Groningen, told the BBC. “The obelisk was a major spectacle but the existence of the text wasn’t reported at all. It was meant for an audience in the remote future.”

At the time, fascists had made a number of archaeological discoveries from the Roman empire, she explained.

“As the fascists were digging up ruins, they thought about creating their own authorised account of their deeds for future generations.””

“Wanted to go back to June of this year to get a certain quote, went to Activity Log, found that it didn’t have months anymore, just years. So scrolled down all the way through August, couldn’t just hold PgDwn because it’d auto-load December of every other year.

And it stopped loading when it finished August 2016.

Facebook isn’t about keeping stuff easy for you to find. It’s about making it really easy to put stuff on so they can scrape more stuff off about you. Remember, if you’re not paying, you’re the product.”

“>mom asks me what a word is
>points at a piece of paper
>what the fuck is this
>look around the page, it’s an advertisement from Target
save money every grill sesh
>”oh it’s probably some kind of shortening for session”
>”how does session shorten into S-E-S-H?”
>”you know how all those 40 year old women shop at Forever21? this is the language version.””

“>can’t bring forth your point without labeling things
Then maybe you shouldn’t draw for a living.”

“You do not kill people and then become morally wrong to be called a terrorist. You are morally wrong AND kill people to be called a terrorist. […] There lies the American trickery of escaping its own standards. They use different definitions of words than what is actually said.”

“I will answer Pilate’s question, What is truth? Truth is the free thought, the free idea, the free spirit; truth is what is free from you, what is not your own, what is not in your power. But truth is also the completely unindependent, impersonal, unreal, and incorporeal; truth cannot step forward as you do, cannot move, change, develop; truth awaits and receives everything from you, and itself is only through you; for it exists only — in your head. You concede that the truth is a thought, but say that not every thought is a true one, or, as you are also likely to express it, not every thought is truly and really a thought. And by what do you measure and recognize the thought? By your impotence, to wit, by your being no longer able to make any successful assault on it! When it overpowers you, inspires you, and carries you away, then you hold it to be the true one.”

“You got lucky to start out, and then got to and will continue to coast on it for the rest of your life unless you fuck up big time.

You have experience working in a nice position, therefore similar and better positions are willing to hire you.

Comparatively others get unlucky and noone is hiring around the time they start looking for a job which results in a big black on a resume that they have nothing to show for which is a red flag to employers whether it’s deserved or not, which then in turn makes it even harder to find a job, which further lengthens your time unemployed and/or working shitty fast food place jobs which makes the big red flag of “DON’T HIRE THIS PERSON, THEY’RE OBVIOUSLY A FUCK UP” rise higher and higher. Eventually it gets to the point where just being trusted to flip burgers is a miracle on itself even if the person in this situation is doing everything right.”

“>This is arguably a crisis, but it is hardly ever discussed in the public square. Received wisdom holds that the U.S. is at or near “full employment.”
So are you going to argue it’s a crisis or not? You fucking limpdick.

>In 2015 the work rate (the ratio of employment to population) for American males age 25 to 54 was 84.4%. That’s slightly lower than it had been in 1940, 86.4%, at the tail end of the Great Depression.
“Great Recession” is a meme. Surgeries are “procedures”, niggers are “urban youth”, and muslims are “tanned Germans”. This is what happens when it’s a race to the bottom with no one pushing the other way.

>No other developed society puts in such long hours, and at the same time supports such a large share of younger men neither holding jobs nor seeking them.
Hello, I’m blind.
Hello Blind, I’m dad.

>the Big Slowdown
What the fuck? Is this third grade? What the fuck are we talking about?

>the male flight from work has been practically linear over the past two generations, irrespective of economic conditions or recessions.
So are we gonna look at what happened about two generations ago?

>Regardless of its cause,




>The male retreat from the labor force has exacerbated family breakdown

>Among these men the death of work seems to mean also the death of civic engagement, community participation and voluntary association.

>In short, the American male’s postwar flight
Greatest, Boomer, X, Millenial – 2 generations back is Boomer; Boomers didn’t fight WW2. Who the fuck is writing this?

>Mr. Eberstadt is a political economist at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, D.C.
Maybe men don’t want to work anymore because in front of them they see that there’s no way up and in the distance they see shits like you at the top.

Actually while we’re at it let’s see what generation he’s from

>December 20, 1955
Wow! No way! Who could’ve seen this one coming!

>Imagine how different America would be today if another roughly 10 million men held paying jobs.

“Oh thank god, I found some white people acting almost as bad as niggers. Now I can criticize them so harshly that if ‘white’ were replaced with ‘black’ in my article, I’d have ended my career.”

“Mass immigration is a form of corporate welfare.”

“>be hot girl
>do, or even just pretend to do, literally any activity males enjoy
>take picture showing that yes silly boys you can do x with big boobs
>famous, quit job, live on patreon donations
>call yourself an author

And yet you have to accomplish significant things with your life with 0 resources just to barely be noticed”

“This game was apparently made by all females, which is nice because it proves gender equality exists and women are just as capable as men at creating utter garbage games.”

“I did really good at drawing and painting for 5-8 hours everyday for the first year and a half, those were good times. Then I moved out of my grandmother’s house after she sold it and had to get basic server/retail jobs I could never keep, that interrupted the flow I had developed instantly and have yet to get it back to that level since. Eventually ended up coming back to my parent’s house (lol) but am going to need a job anyway cause they want rent now, shit.

If you’re NEET and actually don’t have a lot of pressure coming from anybody take advantage of that. Do something that you hate so you can say to yourself “gee whiz I sure wish I was at home drawing right about now””

“practise makes permanence not perfect.”

“How To Run A Democrat Campaign:
“Topic X isn’t true! What kind of lunatic makes stuff like that up?!”
“Topic X is true! What kind of lunatic criticizes something like Topic X?!”
“Topic X really is as bad as they say! What kind of lunatic brings up something as bad as Topic X?!””

“>”My sexual fantasy would be that we would meet up in a hotel room at night. We would chat, you’d make me laugh, you’d make me laugh A LOT, and then all of a sudden you’d bring your friends [Leo] DiCaprio and Brad Pitt… and then you would LEAVE,” she concluded.

The Western world has gotten to the point where women are actively encouraged to be as fat, vapid, entitled and slovenly as they want, but if you are a man with below-exceptional looks worthless whores like this can just humiliate and dehumanize you as much they want, regardless of wether you have even done anything to warrant such a purposefully vindictive treatment”

“”Learning” is a misnomer. You learn something when you find a solution to a problem, you recognize that you found a solution to a problem, and you can reliably both recreate the problem and its solution.”

“All of those things are learning.”

“I mean, yeah, but you don’t know when you’re learning something. You can only know you’ve learned something after you’ve done it – it’s past tense only. It’s entirely possible to be doing a lot of work and not having any success or making any progress. Only after there’s progress do we call it learning. And progress and success are past tense only.”

“I used to work in a pretty expensive restaurant in a fairly calm area that was mostly inhabited by older people. I was very rarely able to have thorough conversations with people but on multiple occasions I had the chance to talk to people who fought in the Wehrmacht or were in the Hitler Youth. If you talked with them enough, you would find out that none of them believed in the Holohoax. Not a single one. Every German man at that time knew it was a hoax. It was the open secret that nobody was allowed to say out loud.”

“Everything is worth what people are ready to pay”

“The thing is in the city (born and raised in NYC) people don’t care too much about their surroundings. Everyone is always in a rush, so trash is often dumped on the tracks, below seats, etc. Also homelessness, fights, and just bizarre behavior are the norm on city subways.”

“they just dont care, there isn’t this sense of belonging or ownership in the place for most who live here. If someone saw you throwing garbage on the ground in Germany you’d get yelled at. Actually Germans are famous for this.”

“”I’m going to devote an entire segment of a prime time news show to an in-depth expose of how cartoon frog memes are the greatest threat to Western Civilization today.”

Some version of this literally happened in real life and the network was like “yeah okay that sounds good wow you’re such a great reporter Rachael.””

“TSA took 3 heavy duty 20v DeWalt batteries ($120/ea) from my coworker’s bags and their response when he wanted them back was basically “what batteries? fuck off”.

Update: They found his batteries and they will be happy to give them back if he is willing to come pick them up in person in Indianapolis.”

“Property rights themselves are inherently fixed thoughts, or spooks. They don’t actually exist unless you by your own ability possess ample power to defend them. Nobody can prove he owns something by right. Anyone can claim rights.”


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