Nov 15 ~ Jan 10

“[T]he primary thing to take away is cooperation. Game creators don’t like forcing cooperation because people like just jumping into a game without needing any friends online and playing alone for a bit. But that’s how you get bored of a game fast.

If players are way more limited in what they can do alone, and there are way more possibilities and legitimate combos that can result from having a group of 3 or more, it will inspire people to get their friends to play, or to actively seek out new people to stick with. This will gather more players in general, making for a larger, thus more diverse community that offers something to everyone.”

“The problem is that there’s a lot more options in gaming as to what players can do if they get frustrated with playing an online game; people didn’t have the option of going on their Xbox live and just playing a shooter with their friends back in the day, but today if a player can’t play an MMO on their own they’ll just go play a faster game with their friends. That’s part of why LoL got so popular, it mimicked the character progression of MMOs but less complex and much faster.”

“-remove the higher number powerlevel treadmill. if you want progression, have players gain abilities as they level. maybe something like gw1
-there should be something to do when you don’t have friends online. crafting/gathering probably. incentives for exploration
-the world should be dangerous. if you are alone you should have to sneak around.
-day/night cycle. it should be so dark at night that you can’t see. more monsters come out at night.
-focus on world/level design. make it interesting to explore. Probably the hardest thing to accomplish. relatedly, forced perspective if you are designing something to be pretty or interesting to explore you need to be able to control the players perspective in some capacity. a lot of mmos fail in this by making something interesting to look at but also allow people to scroll out 50 miles from their character”

“how does one learn good design?”

“By first having good taste”

“so mandatory question, how does one learn to apreciate good design?
the first that comes to my mind of good design is paul richards, and the massive black/sixmorevodka people.
but i have no idea as to what makes their designs good”

“1. Find better inspiration
2. Learn what makes them work
3. Come to terms that there is no orthodoxy here about learning it.”

“There’s a tooooon that can be said on what makes good design. A lot of it is taste, but a lot of it is more universal too. If you look at art from different cultures you can see design expressed in entirely different ways but it is always successful even if you are not from that culture. I think a large part of design is organization of things within the whole, so it is intentional emphasis or subduing to better get across a specific desire. Hard to explain. Better to just look at a lot of art with a discerning eye and try to analyze what you can and read a lot and draw a lot. Design is very difficult to teach and also a very personal thing that must come largely from a place of intuition or feeling. It is much like composition in that regard–you can try to lay down definitions and rules on how to compose an image, but at the end of the day those things are not entirely useful or concrete.”

“Paul Richards has a patreon where he shows the type of things that he thinks about for his drawings. Basically he finds tons of “rules” or tricks, to a ridiculous degree. He analyzes images he likes, finds these “rules” in them, or things that he thinks makes them successful, then puts them into practice in his daily practice sketches. One trick that comes to mind off the top of my head is to align as many lines to horizontal and vertical as you can, in your character sketch or whatever. I don’t think the direction really matters, but his idea was to have a limited number of directions that the lines point in. Make parallel lines when possible, basically.”

“Right, but those “rules” are things that he personally has discovered and decided he likes. It would be better to discover your own “rules” of design rather than just accept what he says as fact and use them as your own.”

“It must be incredibly frustrating as an Islamic terrorist not to have your views and motives taken seriously by the societies you terrorize, even after you have explicitly and repeatedly stated them. Even worse, those on the regressive left, in their endless capacity for masochism and self-loathing, have attempted to shift blame inwardly on themselves, denying the terrorists even the satisfaction of claiming responsibility.

It’s like a bad Monty Python sketch:

“We did this because our holy texts exhort us to to do it.”

“No you didn’t.”

“Wait, what? Yes we did…”

“No, this has nothing to do with religion. You guys are just using religion as a front for social and geopolitical reasons.”

“WHAT!? Did you even read our official statement? We give explicit Quranic justification. This is jihad, a holy crusade against pagans, blasphemers, and disbelievers.”

“No, this is definitely not a Muslim thing. You guys are not true Muslims, and you defame a great religion by saying so.”

“Huh!? Who are you to tell us we’re not true Muslims!? Islam is literally at the core of everything we do, and we have implemented the truest most literal and honest interpretation of its founding texts. It is our very reason for being.”

“Nope. We created you. We installed a social and economic system that alienates and disenfranchises you, and that’s why you did this. We’re sorry.”

“What? Why are you apologizing? We just slaughtered you mercilessly in the streets. We targeted unwitting civilians – disenfranchisement doesn’t even enter into it!”

“Listen, it’s our fault. We don’t blame you for feeling unwelcome and lashing out.”

“Seriously, stop taking credit for this! We worked really hard to pull this off, and we’re not going to let you take it away from us.”

“No, we nourished your extremism. We accept full blame.”

“OMG, how many people do we have to kill around here to finally get our message across?””

“In an interview in the Asahi on Sept. 22, [Yukio] Mishima had been asked, “What is the passion that drives you?” He replied, “Being brought up during the war and being told at the age of 20 that everything until then had been a mistake — that’s all.””

“Funny how liberals say that car crash deaths and proportionality are irrelevant when they’re brought up during gun control discussions but it’s been their go-to response when explaining away Islamic terrorism this week.”

“Even when our eyes are closed, there’s a whole world out there that lives outside ourselves and our dreams.”

“If you win, you live. If you lose, you die. If you don’t fight, you can’t win.”

“>Cutting content to use as DLC
>Day One DLC.
>Pay2Multiplayer is standard now.
>Movie games everywhere.
>Muh deep story.
>vidya is a art.
>billions spent on marketing.
>It sells CoD numbers or it’s shit.
>”We want the CoD audience”
>The introduction of console online interactivity, both its growth and downfall.
>Games having and agenda to appease to certain groups
>The death of middle-budget developers
>Focus on shitty multiplayer titles
>The rise to shitty indie games
>The rise of F2P games
>The rise of an entire sector of the industry that makes nothing but literal garbage (mobile)
>DOTA shit
>Steam shit
>Being a PC gamer is now about console ports and memes
>rise of vidya feminism and “grrrrl gamurs”
>Short, unfinished games
>DLC to said unfinished games
>EA gobbling up devs like candy and destroying everything it touches
>unnecessary, celebrity VAs, and celebrity cameos
>video games going Hollywood, with stupidly expensive Hollywood budgets to match
>rise of yearly copypasta military shooters to appeal to CoD kiddies
>The death of real FPS
>Stealth dead
>Survival Horror dead
>RTS going into oblivion because ASSFAGGOTS
>In-game advertisement
>”Early Access” paying to alpha and beta test
>Lack of challenge, extra content, and secrets
>Games steadily stopped supporting quick save and quick load
>Endless sequels
>Little originality
>Pandering to casuals
>Consoles bringing all the disadvantages of PCs and none of the advantages
>franchises raped by reboots
>censorship returns
>a game as easy as Dark Souls is now considered “hardcore”
>a game that lets you die at all is now considered “hardcore”

So tell me , /v/, why are YOU still playing video games?”

“>all white people are responsible for middle east because colonialism
>turks aren’t responsible for devshirme, conquest of europe, funding terrorists, Armenian genocide, violating greek airspace 2000 times in the last year, or illegally occupying parts of crete currently
Can we just glass the jihad monkeys yet?”

“These might be the best days of our lives.”
“Whoa, you sound unusually positive.”
“The past makes you want to die out of regret, and the future makes you depressed out of anxiety, so by elimination, the present is likely the happiest time.”
“I take it back! It was negative after all!”

“”The important thing is we have to control our borders. Anybody who thinks we should have open borders is an apostle of the Wall Street Journal low wage policy in this country against minorities.
. . .
We should prohibit brain drain in the rest of the world with these H1-B Visas. The idea that the richest country in the world has to pull in scientists, engineers, doctors, entrepreneurs, nurses, from all these third world countries that are desperate for these skills is a poor sign in the extreme. Why are we brain draining the rest of the world? And then we wonder why the rest of the world is not developing economically.””

“Assad is funding ISIS.”
“>Assad is funding a rebel group that he’s fighting directly against”

“ISIS is a state by every reasonable definition. In fact, it’s probably more organized and more state-like than most African countries. Just because we don’t like them or other countries don’t recognize them doesn’t mean they are not a state. This is just the typical Western mentality of pretending something isn’t real because you dont like it”

“Social Justice: Trial by Trendiness”

“>Go to someone’s house dressed in your toxic jew created culture
>cry rayyycis when people don’t want to keep the door open

In the uk we have chavs. White people who dresss in hoodies etc. I wouldn’t keep the door open for them either. Point is don’t go carolling unless you’re gonna wear something nice. And spare us all this don’t judge a book by its cover shit.”

“So there you have it. You either accept liberal and secular attitudes about religion and sex, or you are a ‘bigoted, homophobic, religious fundamentalist,’ comparable to a Nazi or a racist, or at best to an ignorant child. There is no third option, and in particular no philosophically sophisticated and scientifically respectable way of holding conservative religious views or traditional attitudes about sexual morality. A college education, then, is not about studying the debate between different sides on these questions, but about indoctrinating students into one side by painting the other, conservative side as beyond the pale, possessed of no interesting arguments or thinkers to speak of, a political obstacle to be surmounted rather than an intellectual and moral alternative to be considered.”

“>It’s not censorship! It was voluntary!
>Wow get over it. You lost.
Problem was not the contradiction, problem was your recognition of the speaker as human.”

“>Equality or chivalry. Pick one.
Why let parties which have clearly and repeatedly demonstrated that you are their enemy decide anything it is you do?”

“Victory needs no explanation, defeat allows none.”

“As Sexual Liberation and the Manosphere have taught us, with no regulation of the mating market, a few small monopolies will be formed, and the masses will be left womanless. One of the aspects of what we call ‘the family’ is sexual socialism in the national interest. It is, literally, fascism. Perhaps this is why Communists instinctively hate it.”

“Consider how an astronomer would handle a similar situation. Suppose that he has been carefully observing the motion of a certain group of celestial bodies over a long period of time. Examining his records, he suddenly notices something amiss: ‘Damn it!’ he says. ‘Something’s wrong here. Normally, these bodies would have to be situated differently relative to one another; not this way. So there must be a hidden force somewhere which is responsible for the deviation. And, using his observations, he performs lengthy calculations and accurately computes the location of a planet which no eye has yet seen, but which is there all the same, as he has just proved. But what does the historian do, on the other hand? He explains an anomaly of the same type solely in terms of the conspicuous statesmen of the time. It never occurs to him that there might have been a hidden force that caused a certain turn of events. But it was there, nevertheless; it has been there since the beginning of history. You know what that force is: the Jew.”

“To talk about stereotypes, one has to first define what they are. Stereotypes are simply beliefs about a group of people. They can be positive (children are playful) or they can be negative (bankers are selfish), or they can be somewhere in between (librarians are quiet). When stereotypes are defined as beliefs about groups of people (true or untrue), they correlate with real world criteria with effect sizes ranging from .4 to .9, with the average coming in somewhere around .8. (This is close to the highest effect size that a social science researcher can find, an effect size of 1.0 would mean that stereotypes correspond 100% to real world criteria. Many social psychological theories rest on studies which have effect sizes of around .2.)”

“Turkey objected to the inclusion of Mount Ararat, which holds a deep symbolic importance for Armenians but is located on Turkish territory, in their coat of arms. Turkey felt that the presence of such an image implied Soviet designs on Turkish territory. Khrushchev retorted by asking, “Why do you have a moon depicted on your flag? After all, the moon doesn’t belong to Turkey, not even half the moon … Do you want to take over the whole universe?” Turkey dropped the issue after this.”

“Agis said that the Spartans did not ask ‘how many are the enemy,’ but ‘where are they?”

“Anyone who stormed the Reichstag was the kind of useless degenerate the Soviets used as first-line conscripts- criminals, beggars, steppe niggers, feeble-minded. The city was attacked by the Red Army’s most violent- and most expendable- troops because they wanted to truly capture Berlin. Not just for the duration of hostilities but forever. Berlin was going to be the Western capital of the USSR. In order to do that they needed to do what they’d done the entire march there- which was rape, pillage and slaughter en masse- with renewed brutality and vigor.

But just like Gagarin (who was a good pilot but nothing special- he was photogenic) they were given completely new life stories that started with them on a farm and turned into them saving the world from Actual Literal Nazis or being the first man in space.”

“So why are the Jews coming out so strong against islamophobia, when Muslims are known for their virulent (and often violent) antisemitism?
Maybe they’re worried what might happen if the goyim ever admit the principle that members of some ethno-religious group may legitimately be excluded because some of them are dangerous.”

“From “Hahaha, look at that old clown, he’s such a funny joke about inbred scum RethugliKKKans!” to “Holy fuck, Trump is serious and we’d obviously be better with Hillary or Bernie because current year” in 4 months.”

“Purely from imagination? Honestly senpai I’ve never seen anything close to that. But if you combine photo reference, 3d modeling and imagination I believe you could.

All pure imagination stuff is essentially based on visual library and symbols and conventions in some form of another. If you fuck around a bit with some models in a 3d modeling package you’ll quickly understand that the complexity of light is impossible to calculate without reference. Cast shadows quickly become INCREDIBLY complex when you have architecture and natural elements like trees.
Even someone like James Gurney uses clay figures to figure out light situations.”

“>No, he said that he painted the textures 100% from imagination
That’s called MARKETING!
>look mom, no hands
As long as nobody calls you out on your shit it’s a competetive strategy to boast as much and as many unrealistic claims as you can stack on top of each other.”

“A misogynist is a man who hates women almost as much as they hate each other.”

“This is how modern schooling came about, from Frederick the Great’s attempts to create machines out of men.

It’s true: the original meaning of Kindergarten was a ‘garden of children’, like, planted in rows for periodic watering.”

“People don’t even like the idea of a dynasty anymore; they fucking idealize having their children starting over from ground zeros and make any and all excuses towards equality, individualism, and pointless hard work.

It’s a dream come true, for those who already made it. Their startup competitors are now all deciding that their children, rather than growing up to also be competitors to the children of those that made it, will become pious slaves instead. Instead of seeking success, seeking to be “employable”.”

“If you impose a cost on someone, and the law provides no remedy, they may take matters into their own hands. The law is an alternative to street justice. If you don’t want street justice, supply a legal remedy where people demonstrate by their willingness to supply their own that there is demand for one.”

“The Force Awakens was directed by a Jew working with Disney. It was designed to be safe, and rehashing the original film was the easiest way to accomplish that.

The prequels were directed by a visionary idiot.”

“I love how it’s even a ‘concession’ that Assad gets to stay leader of his own fucking country. The nerve on these cunts. Go around creating a revolution to try and overthrow a guy who did no wrong to you and was holding animals in place, then that revolution spins out of control and leads to the genocide of his people, he has not once sent troops outside of his country in this whole event, he has pleaded, remained diplomatic, yet resilient in the face of an entire world wanting to hand over his country to barbarians, and then they have the graciousness to say “Okay you can stay” as if it was their fucking choice or that they’re doing him a favour?”

“When a medium of communication has no shaming and thought policing mechanism, its politics trend rightward. Seems pretty self explanatory.”

“Something similar can be observed with almost all comments section on news sites. The comments section is ALWAYS to the right of the news site editorial, except for certain niche sites that are so far to the left that no one except the most loonie SJW would read them by virtue if mere self-selecting factors. When it comes to moderately “mainstream” news media however, the comments are always right-leaning, which is why all those outlets are now getting rid of comments sections”

“”autistic” is what reddit signallers like you call it until the number of upboats informs you that it’s popular enough to bandwagon on.

“troll” is what you [reddit etc.] call something that is both 1) normally downboated and 2) something you don’t understand.

/pol/ is pretty much what 4chan looked like before you reddit fucks invaded. what you call “shitposting against leddit” is actually the underlying reason why most anons are right-wing. not because of jews this or hitler that, but because they know intimately all the effects of true open borders.”

“Leftists can’t grasp the concept of rightists being both genuine in their beliefs but also poking fun at them at the same time because to do so requires a certain sense of self-confidence and masculinity which they fundamentally lack.

If you look at liberal comedians like the afformentioned George Carlin or John Stewart, it’s all just about how stupid conservatives are and how everything that the “other side” believes is so brutish and beneath oneself etc. It’s really quite primitive and pathetic if you think about how every leftwing comedian is really just about reinforcing the existing beliefs of the audience and affirming the idea that they are so much smarter than everybody else.

Rightwingers on the other hand are more confident and have higher levels of testosterone (this is statistically proven) and so they have a wider repertoir of comedic objects that they can draw upon – they can reflect their own beliefs and make fun of their own orientation in many ways that leftists simply cannot. And then when leftists see people like those on /pol/ they just assume that it has to be satirical because “its 4chan xDDD” and then conclude that, by virtue of it being satirical, it also has to mean that the people posting that content in turn have to be on the other side politically, which again, is not correct and a mere projection of their own jellyfish like psychology”

“Suppose that all assets were completely liquid. You could sell anything for its going market price instantaneously.

What would happen? Well, I want an Xbox to play games on. I didn’t buy it before because I didn’t think I would be able to sell it easily if I ever needed money, but now that is no longer an issue. I also want some golf clubs. I’ve played golf like once but if I ever want to go golfing, it would be nice to have, and why not, since if I ever want the money instead I can easily get it.

So everyone is now clamoring to buy goods, because hey, why not? The only real constraint at this point is a physical one, where do you store all the stuff you buy? But this means that the market price of all these goods is rising dramatically since there is little to no reason to hold onto dollars instead of anything else that you might possibly want sometime in the future maybe so it would be nice to have now just in case.

The price level is thereby determined by the liquidity of assets.

I would suggest from this thought experiment that websites like Ebay for example are responsible for price inflation to at least some degree. The reason it is not more apparent is that Ebay is still a lot of work and far from the instantaneous sale at market value I described.”

“The problem with talking to John Rawls people is they’ll say things like “justice is fairness.” And you say “no it’s not.” And their only response is “it’s self-evident, to not be able to understand this is to not be fully human.” That’s their defense, to f*cking classify me as outside the human race and so my disagreement isn’t valid.

The reason they are able to get away with it is they use it to justify their status signaling position about the government providing more for the poor and so they get to feel super nice and righteous and everyone compliments them on being a good person and they get a big pat on the back for using such “rigorous” academic political philosophy to “prove” their “result.”

Suppose there was a machine that could transfer IQ from one person to another and suppose that there is a person born smart and a person born dumb. This is not fair, but it would not be just to equalize their IQ with the machine.

Or we both purchase lottery tickets and I win and you don’t. It’s not fair that I won and you didn’t, it’s just luck, but that doesn’t make it just for you to rob me and take half of my winnings.

The general reasoning is incredibly twisted. A normal sane human being, that is to say someone who is not a Rawlsian (an insane religious zealot), would say that a good reason to help the poor is that they could use help and you care for this person for who he is.

A Rawlsian, on the contrary, would say that in hypothetical magic voodoo land you are actually him and he is you and wouldn’t you like it if he gave you money? Therefore to maximize your own utility in blindfold multiverse world the richer person should give the poorer person money and so even though we aren’t in blindfold multiverse world you should give the other guy money.

[…] Actually John Rawls is even worse than Kunz. Kunz in Stirner’s day would be someone who talked about how everyone had human rights because everyone is fundamentally the same: human. But Rawls does him one better. Not only is everyone fundamentally the same, but everyone else is John Rawls. And so the reason that there shouldn’t be poor people isn’t that it offends human dignity, no, it’s because it would suck for John Rawls to be poor!”

“Not profitable, therefore not possible. Brand recognition is free money. Nobody’s gonna leave that on the table.”

“Why is everything such dumbed down nigger shit these days? why is everything, not just EA trash, not just COD garbage, why is EVERY GAME complete nigger trash made for brainless retarded kids?

no, i can’t even say retarded kids, because these days my nine year old cousin, twelve year old brother, and thirteen year old cousin are all bored of nigger shit games like call of duty and battlefield and play arma 3 together. what the fuck is even happening? like i don’t get it at all. look at all of the recent failures. the recent star wars battlefront was a massive failure, EA won’t even release sales figures. WoW is going down the nigger shitter and is dying rapidly. Diablo 3 nuff said. Rainbow six siege being CoD with guns. Fallout 4 still sold but i guarantee that the next installment won’t sell nearly as well, as many people were dissapointed with this nigger dumbed down shit. All MMO’s lately are… I am without words. The veterans of the MMO genre know what I am talking about; it is no coincidence that MMO sales are lower than ever, and they will keep dropping as more f2p trash and dumbed down nigger shit is released.

What the fuck is happening with the industry? I can’t think of a plausible explanation at all. Even if you say retarded businessmen and investors are the cause, surely they wouldn’t want to purposely drive down their profits? Such a miniscule amount of money is spent on actually developing the games these days compared to the marketing budget. Hiring better designers and shit wouldn’t even put that much of a dent in the overall cost of development and surely it would increase the sales massively?”

“Because dumb games cater to more people.

Modern society flocks to instant gratification. Make a game simple, they will like it. Give them flashy rewards, they will love it. However, due to the game having hardly any longevity, they will be forced to buy the next game sooner due to being bored. They will have to spend more money to stay entertained because they need instant gratification on a daily basis.

Back in the days we got that feeling of reward by improving in a game. Now we get it by gaining some MMR, a new badge, an achievement I don’t know, pick something. You build hype for people to buy the game, make it boring so they drop it quickly after they bought it and repeat. People are too stupid to learn, developers probably realize that by observing human behaviour regarding sales. Most dont even want to buy a product, they just buy it because its ‘on sale.’ That probably opened their eyes in regards to impulse driven purchases which again are only a different form of instant gratification.”

“There was a point in time where there was a group of people with disposable income on the fence about jumping on board this crazy whole “videogame” thing, which the publishers were able to market to with slick marketing campaigns, pumping money into graphics and letting fps and gameplay largely fall to the wayside, and doing everythign they could to streamline and casualize any gameplay feature they could to further appeal to a mass market.

But now, its unlikely that the group of people who calls themselves “gamers” will get much bigger, so as usual when big markets start changing, companies spend a period of double-downing on the status quo, and that’s what Battlefront represents, Double-downing on the casualization the Battlefield has gone through, wrapping it in one of the most widely like IPs imaginable, and releasing it just before the one-two sales punch of that IP’s next movie and Christmas.

If Battlefront manages to fail after all that, which it won’t by the way, EA will probably be forced to stop trying to expand their market as opposed to catering to the people who are already there, but what will likely happen is that the game more than makes its money back and EA will have convinced itself once again that its the gamers who are wrong and the yearly sales losses that has defined the Battlefield series since 3 was because they weren’t casualizing them enough, not the opposite.”

“Companies see the “untapped market” of normie gamers and try to pander to them to get their dollars while neglecting their core audience, in the process dumbing down games for them.

It’d be like monland producers deciding that what they really want is the moonbux of the people that don’t really like anime, so they stop pandering to Otaku.”

“it is kinda slow for 3 years..just saying.”

“This seems to be a feature of this board that seems stupid me. /ic/ constantly slaps these bizarre expectations for progress as if there’s some objective metric for where you should be in a given amount of time. And the most people ever seem to give for their metric is “I saw x person reach x point really fast.”

After you get the fundamentals down it becomes subjective extremely quickly. People also seem to think that it’s a steady increase from start to finish, despite the fact that the improvement in the first year or so will inevitably be the most radical because you’ve got so much to learn that can improve what you’re doing. After that you hit a point of diminishing returns and either slowly refine your fundamentals or start stylizing and developing your preferred approach.”

“They’re punishing him, ultimately, for his character. They are outraged because he is one who delights in pain, and for its own sake, while they, the civilized ones, export the observance of pain to a place they can happily forget, and then enjoy the fruits of their hyper-efficient species-dominating super-structure without thinking about where it comes from.”

“>I really feel like /ic/ is way too nitpicky sometimes

Sometimes? Try always. That’s this board’s biggest problem. The only way /ic/ won’t nitpick at a piece of art is if it’s photorealism. But even with that it’s always

> photorealism
> just buy a camera lol”

“I bet the guy who draws the most endearing cartoons cannot draw the most realistic portraits and the guy who draws the most realistic portraits cannot draw the most endearing cartoons.
Because despite how much you want to lie to yourselves, these are different skillsets. Stylization has to be learned wether you’re a hobbyist or a medical illustrator, knowing how the body looks doesn’t mean you know how to design an appealing body or economize information.
If your goal is drawing stylized figures, going full Russian Academy before dipping on desgin at all is shooting yourself on the foot and wasting a massive ammount of time.”

“[Drawing animu] requires concious design choices.
That’s why people who don’t understand design, shape language or at least have an inherent understanding of asthetics, just can’t stylize.
We’ve seen at least half a dozen cases of people here on /ic/ who could draw perfectly acceptable studio work but couldn’t stylize to save their lives. You all told them they needed more Loomis, but in fact what they needed was more Mark Davis, more Deja, more Keane, mostly more visual rethoric and less esoteric slaving to a single teacher.”

“Algen is shit as stylization because, like most of you, he believed he would magically understand that shit just because he learned anatomy.
He didn’t take a single moment to learn design, and it shows.”

“>Do shit you want to do
> Finish
>See problem
>Study on how to fix problem
>Draw problem area until it’s easy to draw from ref then from imagination + from multiple angles, different lighting, different pose etc. Until you are comfortable with it.
>Try to simplify problem, then go into detail
>Apply what you learned in next piece.

Also don’t get attached to anything and dont take anything as gospel, because there is not one “right” way to do things.

Congrats, you got gud

“This is why I hate /ic/ some times.

Niggers, fuck the fundamentas.
Most people on the drawthreads are good enough to start studying design, storytelling, composition, etc. And actually start producing real art and moving forward. Instead you keep on forcing a cycle of crippling self-doubt and destructive criticism that has you rethreading the fundamentals ad-nauseaum and actually end up getting worse the more time you spend on it.

You’re never gonna make it untill you realize how little the public cares about how well you can render the pinkie from a worm’s eye view.”

“Recommending art communities, hmm, I have a hard time finding my place too. Because not a lot of people give tips because they genuinely care, so on the net, you’ll mostly have to deal with licking people’s asses to get genuine critique back. And even then you don’t know it’s good critique for YOU, because everyone evolves in a different way. Just like in any art, you might make something more interesting if you do it in a different way. Michael Jackson didn’t know how to read notes, Muhammad Ali improved boxing by dancing around, Rick Barry throws free-throws in basketball with the granny style, Van Gogh started painting at the age of 28, and he wasn’t even accepted by his peers.

But look at what they all achieved by doing something different, because guess what, it works? To me, art communities seem to exist, not because they want to see real movements or revolutions, but because they want certain rules to keep existing, so when newcomers come, they can brag about how they have learned stuff, and teach the newbies “how to do it the right way”.”

“The world doesn’t owe you shit.”
is code for
“It’s ((the current year)), you starting off at the same spot or worse than your parents because they didn’t build or save or care to give anything to you is because working pointlessly harder builds character! Nevermind that they never demonstrated that it ever built their character, and nevermind that they didn’t endow any of their character onto you either!”

“the image triggers me
fuck the left image but the right image is definetely generic crappy commissioned concept art shit; formulaic composition, safe value choices and texture copout
god i hate concept artists, coming up with ideas shouldn’t be a paid job with a goal as shit as appealing to mediocre/common denominator as per your employer’s request

youtube concept art school promoters talk all about achieving creativity and what do they actually produce? one safe-played environment design after another to appease the customers

wasted fucking potentials”

“That’s simply because nowadays young people can git gud very quickly in terms of skill and craft, but they can’t fake life experience. They’ve generally seen less, experienced less, and therefore they have limited creativity. Also most conceptartist, are gamers or former gamers and want to create what they know and like so they are staying in their comfort zone, which is exact opposite of what creative person should be doing.”

“Its not censoring you fucking faggots they just changed it to better suite the western audience.”

“Think about it this way- for every 1 suicide vest it takes 50 people to obtain funding and materials, build the vest, scope the target, smuggle equipment, run safe houses, etc. For every person who does that it takes another 10-20 people who raise funds, provide cover stories, safe houses and food. For those people it takes a whole mosque or neighborhood community to help them blend in without being suspicious. So while it’s only “1 terrorist in 10,000” the reality is that at least 1,000 of those people were complicit in the act and no less than 50% of the community must support their actions or else they’d be exiled.

The old school espionage communities learned this back in the early 20th century and would embed agents in established expat communities under the cover of journalists, ambassadors, “family”, etc. It’s good cover and you can always have your State Department (or CAIR) cry about oppression if one of your schemes gets found out.

So when they say “well it’s only 1 in 10,000″ just remember that- only about 0.1% of bombs in WWII hit their intended target but I don’t think anyone would argue that saturation bombing is not a threat to the city being targeted. Meanwhile we’re arguing about bringing in a quarter million of them. That’s 25 terrorist attacks, 25,000 that are willing and able to assist in terrorist attacks and 125,000+ that are totally okay with them happening.

…and now you see why sequestration, vetting and observation at the very least make sense if you’re not going to do the RIGHT thing and outright ban the importation of these caustic elements.”

“you only dont believe what I believe because you arent educated”

“If any of those feminists are still lurking around, I hope they pause to consider that there is literally nothing that they can threaten which is more onerous than the cost of complying with their demands. Feminists are terrible negotiators.”

“It’s pretty neat
It’s not perfect, by any strech
But, conceptually as it is now, I like it
That’s what the game seems to be rightn ow is jsut a big concept
Nothing seems to be really set in stone minus the obvious stuff”
“sounds like they dont want my money”

“I need games where you can play as an ugly woman, or at least not attractive one.”
“I don’t know of a single line in existence that screams “I AM A WOMAN” more.”

“Can you make a good looking female character in GTA5?”
you can only make realistic western females”

“All is forgiven bioware..all is FUCKING FORGIVEN”
“i bet one paycheck that this is a marketer”

“As a kid my dad told me, “There is a reason for everything.” When I have a kid, I’m going to tell him the correct version: “There is an excuse for everything.””

“I dunno. Every field has its luminaries and visionaries that elevate humanity, just as every field has a larger number of people who function as tools of the powerful that do very little useful, or even reverse human progress. Hm.. like advertisers or army corps of engineers damn builders. Don’t ever let the idea that a big or decent steady paycheck equals being beneficial to society. A lot of these people aren’t holding together the structure of the world so much as being used to make rich people richer, or given make-work projects by governments.”

“I guarantee you a majority of people saying how great it is realize its mediocrity.
The thing is, it’s generally socially unacceptable to go around going “your art is shit” in most places that aren’t geared for critique.
Like damn OP have you ever seen how women behave on facebook? Have you ever seen any of those screencaps of horribly disfigured people posting portraits and everyone going “you’re so beautiful! :)” “WOW gorgeous!” “omg I love your hair!!!”
It’s what they do. It’s ‘nice’ and it’s uncontroversial. It doesn’t rock the boat. You might have a social impairment if you don’t understand this.”

“the real world won’t be cruel to you, it will just ignore you without ever telling you why you suck, which is cruel by another name.”

“Last night at a party.
“How do your books differ from those of [X]?”.
Me: “I don’t know I don’t often read contemporary authors, and odds are I will never read “X”.
She: “But you are writing books for an audience, no? You are responsible to tell the audience how you compare to others.”
Me: “Do you have a boyfriend?”
She: “Yes, he is here.”
Me: “Did you ask him how he compares in bed to other men at the party or is it something you found out by yourself?””

“If mankind had to name its strongest weapon, it would be prior panic.”

“Anime should be illegal, all it does is raise my standards”

“”Knowing” is for followers. “Deciding” is for leaders.”


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