Aug 10 ~ Nov 14

“The theory behind “free speech” was that truth would beat out falsehoods and lies in a “marketplace of ideas.”
It wasn’t a crazy idea. It just didn’t work. The data is in. Lies win. The whole art and science of leftist obscurantism consists of crafting lies that are much simpler than their refutations. In other words, you can never shovel as fast as they can bullshit. And lies crowd out the truth to such an extent that those without the time, or without the wits, to find out the truth (most people) are left helplessly floundering in a sea of lies.
This is how leftists hijack and control the narrative.
The only solution is to take the shovels, not to the bullshit, but to the bullshitters.”

“The logistics of how claims can be made significantly faster than they can be verified should’ve been a big honking clue as to the eventual conclusion. But even now, people still believe things like “ad hominem’s a logical fallacy! that means you are wrong and that doesn’t mean they’re not right”.
Sure, just because they’ve lied about every major thing for as far back as our grandfathers’ memories go doesn’t mean they’re going to lie about the next big thing. And just because every single time you’ve flipped that plastic switch the light in the room turned on doesn’t mean it’s going to turn on next time.
But it’s pretty fucking likely.
Bayesian justice > “Innocent before Guilty”. The latter sounds so very nice, but what it means is every time domestic violence is called in or rape is accused, the man goes straight to jail do not pass go do not collect 200$.
And I don’t feel like waiting for “the system” to change first.”

“>I’d rather have cops patrolling the streets than looters
Protip: That train left years ago. You already have both.”

“Men need to be loved. Women need to be wanted.”

“> boss is actually responsible for pretty much every bad thing that’s happened in all preceding games in the series
> your NPC instructur gets crippled by one of his minions part way through the game
> have to carry her dumbass for the whole campaign
> finally travel to literal hell to fight boss
> kill boss
> power starts leaking
> whoever takes the power becomes god
> iwantoliveforever.jpeg
> fucking useless NPC “sacrifices herself” to take up the power
> becomes new god
> you get absolutely nothing for your troubles
> mfw”

“>Super Pershing
>tank known in the real world for it’s experimental 90mm on steroids
>extra armor was slapped onto the turret to act as a counterweight for the extra mass from the extended gun
>in WoT
>had crazy armor with a shit pen gun
>acted as a stupid test for noobs hitting tier 8 matchmaking for the first time
>either you learned to aim for weakspots, or you learned to flank
>the noob babies complained until WarGamming decided to “rebalance” it
>aka nerf it’s armor to the ground
>”Oh, so if they’re reducing the armor that means it’ll finally get it’s historically accurate gun, right?”
>”no, comrade. It still keep shit gun”
>the nerf broke it so badly a refund was offerd to anyone that bought it and was subsequently pulled from the game shop for purchase
>months later, it’s announced the Super Pershing will be rebalanced, again and put back up for sale
>starts to pop up in the test patch
>same tank, same shitty nerfed stats
>high profile WoT players try to shill it with little success
>”it’s got really good armor…if you aim at this one very specific spot that no person with a functioning brain cell would ever aim at”
>those without braincells can easily just gold spam through the strong parts
>gun still shit
>”Iz good tank, comrade. now give us moneys again”
>try to shill it again with one of their shitty promotional guide videos
>”It really is good this time, comrade. Please gives us moneys”
Their premium tanks are getting worse and worse”

“The truth is that people want you driving shitty tanks because it makes it easier for them to farm damage off you.”

“If violent crime is to be curbed, it is only the intended victim who can do it. The felon does not fear the police, and he fears neither judge nor jury. Therefore what he must be taught to fear is his victim.”

“so-called “homosexuals” actually don’t exist. Every single faggot on this planet goes both ways, and their claim to be exclusively attracted to the same sex is just a historically developed meme that is used to give them more leeway for their excessive obsession with sex”

“What about use in zero gravity? There robotic arms could be good mounts for weapon systems. Also bear in mind:
>in zero g, there is no “weight”
Weight is defined as the force gravity exerts on mass. Mass is only a problem if it’s too massive to slow down or turn in a different direction. So a system’s mass is only really relevant as far is it’s ability to overcome inertia and maneuver. Unlike ground vehicles and aircraft, it doesn’t have to battle against gravity to move.
Astronauts can cruise to the other end of the room on a space station with a gentle push off the wall. Without gravity, even a little force goes a long way.
Also extremely small and maneuverable craft would have a limited advantage over larger craft since zooming around would exert large amounts of g’s on a pilot’s body. Drones or robots might fill this role with only larger spacecraft being piloted.
On larger craft, mounting a weapon on a robotic arm would allow larger craft to fire in different directions without taking the time to turn around and then stabilize for accuracy, and would also conserve the overall mass (and hardware cost) of the system by eliminating the need for a gun on every single side of the vehicle
>”star fighters” are a bit of an odd concept.
When there’s no air or lift, there’s no need for a spacecraft to be aerodynamic or only move forward like a plane.
Star fighters that look like planes would only be necessary for shuttle-like spaceplanes meant to re-enter earth’s atmosphere. Spacecraft built purely for space use could take on unconventional designs, such as protruding robotic arms
Military spacecraft would need to be able to change course quickly and fire in almost any direction. Humanoid mecha is obviously ridiculous, but mobile armors aren’t that far fetched.”

“They’ve progressed from telling stories about heroes to just making themselves heroes.”

Proprietary shit to do general special effects and physics. Specifically made to bork AMD GPUs. In general, anything with it runs like garbage even on Nvidia GPUs.”

“>unfortunately PC Steam will not have a preload option, however players will be able to preload on console
Get fucked jewnami”
“how is that jewish?
neither version costs more than the other
plus people WILL go thru the MGSV files, so its good that it’s not preloadable.
*Stay Salty, dude*”
“Good job confirming the jewry at play
The PC version should be cheaper since there aren’t the same licensing fees”
“[reaction image]”
That’s how it’s always worked until publishers started pulling fast ones this gen.
$ony and Microjews charge big bucks to license the games for their consoles, no such fee exists on the PC for the publishers to pay so the games were cheaper.
I don’t know why I’m having to explain this to you.”

“It is said that when one’s life flashes before one’s eyes, it is a last ditch attempt to find a way to survive by searching through all of their memories up until that point in time.”

“Pray. And if you know how to pray, learn. That no act invites greater wrath than defiling a corpse.”

“Please don’t say something so lonely.”

“Please don’t ask “why”. People just want you to live. So please, finally start your life. Even if your opponents are ten thousand terraformers. Even if they break your arms and legs and destroy the day. Even if that warship is waiting behind us, ready to fire its weapons and burn us with their bombs, and even if we’ve become the last pieces of meat…

Do not give them your soul.”

“>a free to play component of a buy to play game
I just”

“Do you not understand that “wait or pay” is the core of most F2P bullshit? The problem isn’t the “wait” part, it’s the “or pay” part.”

“it has to be P2W otherwise they wouldn’t separate it from the main currency”

“First it was just cosmetics, then it became small things like different weapons or questlines. It then evolved to complete parts of the singleplayer game, its not complete game modes. All the while over the years faggots like you said: “i-i-its ok it doesnt affect me its just X”


“CNN’s headline is. S&P Drops in and Out of Correction Territory.

Either a correction happens or it doesn’t. Unless they’re implying the market is correcting their correction. Fucking doublespeak.”

“You know what’s even more strange? The crises that happen to the “real economy” aren’t crises of production, of not being able to make enough things or feed enough people.

Crises in the real economy are crises of OVERproduction. Firms make TOO much because they are guided by a product’s ability to sell, not by the needs of society.

There is enough productive capacity in the world to produce enough goods and satisfy everyone’s needs, but the economy doesn’t run on needs or other human metrics. It runs on gambling on your ability to sell a product at a higher price then it cost to make it.

At least production sort of makes sense. You buy materials to make goods and you shave down labor costs to make profit. The capitalist just shifts value from the worker to himself.

Financial markets are a whole mess of crazy. It’s just turning money into more money for the sake of money.”

“I wonder if there’s any value to a memory that can only be observed and then left behind.”

“As long as I keep plodding along, some day I’ll reach my totally average future. Yay.
That’s what happens to everyone, right? Are there actually people who break the pattern? How?”

“Even if the world will never hear of your desire, know that I admire and respect it!”

“Close your hands into fists and raise your head! Your end has yet to come!”

“It seems your ignorance is boundless.”

“Hmm? It is a staple of theater, though I am not so fond of it. I prefer an ending where the many plots are resolved, yes. But without a god’s intervention, human animosity and love cannot easily be erased. The playwright must have reached the end of his rope. Most writers know the tangled web of human emotions cannot be undone by humans themselves. So, the deus ex machina is an expression of hope. A last hope, to be sure, a mirage created by those on the verge of ruin, wishing for a savior.”

“I do not believe many people are ever self-aware. Can’t you accept not knowing as part of your identity?”

“The only chip I can freely bet is my own life.”

“He wants a cult of personality but he doesn’t even have a personality.”

“Fate is popular because Saber is just a popular waifu. That’s it. Fate as a narrative focuses almost entire around Saber as a character, while making the entire rest of the cast cardboard cut out. Shirou’s at his weakest development-wise, Archer is just a “cool” guy who jobs. Kirei’s a cartoon character, and Gil is a guy who’s just a chad who wants to steal Saber away from Shirou.”

“Is there any meaning if we walk together, but our paths are different?”

“Killing the traitor is easy. Achieving great things is hard.”

“Your portrait has been circulated here. I have become your accomplice. However, your head is worth 1,000 gold, and mine only 50.”
“Sorry. My head is too expensive, and yours too cheap.”

“Mengde! What do you mean by this?”
“The landowner here, Lu Boshe, is my father’s sworn brother. He is zealous about helping others, and not one to sell a friend. On the contrary, if I tell him our full story from the get-go, we will gain his respect.”
“Do you really have so much trust in this Lu Boshe?”
“Let me put it this way. I would rather distrust myself than distrust Lu Boshe.”

“Those who accomplish great things must have money. However, not all depends on money. Of paramount importance is having the right people . Having one hero’s support is better than having 100,000 gold. […] Talented men are more important than anything else.”

“If you wanted to kill me, just do it. Why hesitate and make yourself miserable?”

“If that Dong Zhuo can confine the emperor to the inner palace, and toy with him as a puppet, then why can’t we look at him equally, and use him to our advantage? Within this decree I hold in my hands, is there a single phrase that is not what the emperor would like to say, but dare not say? Though this is a forgery, it is more real than a real decree. I am certain that as soon as this decree is announced throughout the realm, every treacherous man will cover in fear, and every loyal man heartened.”

“You are going to vacate your seat as the 19th lord?”
“What is there to miss in a hollow name?”

“Just as Xuande said, the chaos stems from the fact that people have lost faith and principles. At this very moment, Dong Zhuo’s army is challenging us to battle outside the gates, and yet we’re in here fighting amongst ourselves. How could the world NOT have fallen into chaos?”

“He couldn’t even perceive this as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, how could he be missing out on it?”

“I would rather live in obscurity than shame myself in your company.”

“The lives of peasants are cheap as dirt.”

“You are trying to break a rock with an egg.”
“I am not necessarily an egg.”

“Every publisher in the world has always wanted to do this. They just don’t want to be the ones to do it first since they know we’re all going to hate it. They want to wait for it to be know as “the industry standard” so they can pretend they’re just going with the times.”

“How can you trust a man who wears both a belt and suspenders?”

“The world would be much better off if we maintained a constant state of perpetual but semi-controlled war like Big Boss talked about. History is filled with examples of this. Look at Rome for example. It fell because of the 200 or so years of peace during the Pax Romana. Long periods of peace just rots away at the spirit of people and the qualities that made their ancestors strong enough to create and maintain their civilization are eroded until there’s nothing left. The clearest example of this is the Roman Republic vs the Roman Empire. The Republic experienced almost constant war and peace was seen as an odd thing to them, so that militaristic culture was ingrained in them and the people were extremely resilient. That’s why Hannibal never had any real chance of winning because the Romans could just keep conscripting army after army from their population.

The Empire was completely different. The peace made them soft, effeminate, even their military was eventually made up of barbarian mercenaries because the Romans were just too pampered and soft to give a shit about military service. When Rome was eventually beseiged by the barbarian hordes then there was no one who could be conscripted because none of them knew how to fight, even though the city was overflowing with people. They just killed and ate each other in the streets like rats until the gates were opened and the barbarian horde flooded in. Never would have happened in the Republic.

Peace always kills the strongest empires.”

>”In this world the nation that has trained itself to a career of unwarlike and isolated ease is bound, in the end, to go down before other nations which have not lost the manly and adventurous qualities.”

>”War has more often facilitated than hindered progress. Athens and Rome, not only in spite of, but just because of their many wars, rose to the zenith of civilization. Storm purifies the air and destroys the frail trees, leaving the sturdy oak standing. War is a test of a nation’s political, physical, and intellectual worth. The State in which there is much that is rotten may vegetate for a while in peace, but in war its weaknesses are revealed”

>”Perpetual peace is a dream, and not even a beautiful dream. War is an element of the order of the world established by God. The most noble virtues of men are developed in it. Without war the world would stagnate and lose itself in materialism. War is the foundation of all the arts and of all the high virtues and faculties of men. There is no great art possible to a nation but that which is based on battle. All great nations learned their truth of word, and strength of thought, in war; they were nourished in war and wasted by peace; trained by war and betrayed by peace.”

“>what’s the point of the open world except to add some travel time between missions instead of loading screens?

It’s easy to reuse same shitty town in five different missions. Just put different triggers in same map.”

“Kojima let’s his love of America influence every decision he makes. It’s become a problem even more so than before either V. He had said he wishes he could make a game as good as GTA, so he made V open world. The problem with this is MGS isn’t designed for open world experiences. MGS is about isolated, claustrophobic espionage in a secluded environment, as well as being a commentary on war and nuclear arms, sprinkled with quirky Japanese humour. It was from 1-3, and since 4 has become a weird mix of base building, wide spaces, bringing buddies along with you and cramming as much as possible into them. The influences from GTA, Far Cry, and other American games is obvious, and wouldn’t have been included if Kojima had more confidence and realised he had created a real gem without forcing game play mechanics in from inferior games that he was jealous of.”

“The problem is that the story’s tone and direction is NOTHING like what the trailers implied. The story is sparse, but quite well told. It doesn’t even feel like a MGS game. It’s more like a biological thriller with psychological elements that had MGS nuke stuff put into it just because it’s MGS.

My biggest problem with the game is that it did not have anywhere near the scope or grandiosity of narrative scale that the trailers implied.

Kojima also didn’t ruse anyone He showed his hand way too early. Literally every cinematic in the game has been showed in part in the trailers. “

“Unsafe acts make accidents facts.”

“everytime i see these streamers i am reminded of the global gaming corporation illuminati

they all got their GAMER PERFORMANCE brand chair and their GAMER PERFORMANCE HEADPHONES playing the hottest shit… and ur telling me this is all just a coincidence? no this is much more sinister the gaming illuminati is at work to turn all into corporate drones to buy gamer gear and reduce the hobby into nothing more than a bunch of consumer drones…… and they are successful..”

“Actually the funny thing is Companies like Disney and turner are behind some of the biggest youtuber gaming groups Pewdiepue was apart if Disney youtube let’s play group but left to make his own and since then his channel growth has died I think atleast 25-30 percent of popular youtubers subs are fake ti make them appear more popular. I really do forget what the groups are called but basicly everyone who is beyond 100k or 150k subs or views per video is apart of one. Most if them are proxies for huge companies though I’m sure some aren’t”

“People will keep telling themselves that they’re going to make it, and that everyone who tried to warn them was just a bitter failure until life has so utterly bitchslapped them that they realize that they were wrong and you were right. Then they’ll want to warn others, and they’ll get told that they’re just bitter failures too.”

“With all the talent and skills those guys have, there’s no place for creative products for them. Where are the illustration books from Watts? Where are the cool art books from Feng? There’s no more “names” selling products. There’s no more Frazettas, no more Serpieris, no more Masamune Shirows, no more Frank Millers, no more Moebius, because publishers gave up investing in niche markets saturated by free online content. It’s over.

Your way out is being a nobody doing designs and storyboards for advert companies, or being an slave for some random company in the game and film industry (both in a big crisis).
Why did Feng quit working for those studios? Because he had enough, enough of the shit treatment and payment. Making concepts every day with daily deadlines, to do stuff that doesn’t belong to you. He decided to shit on people below him just like he was being shat by people above him. There’s no dream at the end of that road, just a deadly fight for survival.”

“It’s not because they give a flying fuck about the next generation. They’re cashing in on your dreams.”

“It turns out I didn’t actually like my old life nearly as much as I thought I did. I know this now because I occasionally catch up with my old colleagues and work-mates. They fall over each other to enthusiastically show me the latest project they’re working on. Ask my opinion. Proudly show off their technical prowess (which is not inconsiderable.) I find myself glazing over but politely listen as they brag about who’s had the least sleep and the most takaway food. “I haven’t seen my wife since January, I can’t feel my legs any more and I think I have scurvy but another three weeks and we’ll be done. It’s got to be done by then The client’s going on holiday. What do I think?”
What do I think?

I think you’re all fucking mad. Deranged. So disengaged from reality it’s not even funny. It’s a fucking TV commercial. Nobody give a shit.”

“The creative industry operates largely by holding ‘creative’ people ransom to their own self-image, precarious sense of self-worth, and fragile – if occasionally out of control ego. We tend to set ourselves impossibly high standards, and are invariably our own toughest critics. Satisfying our own lofty demands is usually a lot harder than appeasing any client, who in my experience tend to have disappointingly low expectations. Most artists and designers I know would rather work all night than turn in a sub-standard job. It is a universal truth that all artists think they a frauds and charlatans, and live in constant fear of being exposed. We believe by working harder than anyone else we can evaded detection. The bean-counters rumbled this centuries ago and have been profitably exploiting this weakness ever since. You don’t have to drive creative folk like most workers. They drive themselves. Just wind ’em up and let ’em go.”

“As soon as they figure out a way of outsourcing thinking to China they won’t think twice.”

“You don’t need to have something you want to draw. You just have to draw what’s right in front of you. By looking for something you want to draw, you get burned out and can’t draw anymore.”

“Those who wish to achieve great things must not break faith with others, especially not with petty people. A petty man is far more dangerous than a gentleman.”

“I am Cao Cao. And who are you?”

“Cao Mengde is full of crafty tricks. Don’t you pay attention to him.”
“What’s the harm in a meeting?”
“Well, maybe he’s here to ask for peace?”
“Goodness, you- how can you be that naive?”

“Liu Bei has already won popular support in the province. If we let him keep a nominal title, sooner or later it will turn into real power.”

“A man robbed of an enemy develops self destructive tendencies.”

“In this world there is no shortage of people who want to kill me!”

“What kind of lord is that? A woman could do better!”

“General, we began our march at [7AM] today. As you can see, it is now noon, and I have just been informed that our rear guard has only now left the city.”

“You lost with 700,000? Great heavens, how did you manage to do that? Even if all your men just stood around and stuck out their necks for Cao Cao’s army to hack at, they’d still take a good couple of days!”

“To an able officer, serving a fatuous lord is the greatest tragedy in life.”

“Forgive me for being blunt, but you are really not that powerful, not by a long shot. However, it is precisely that fear that ordinary men have for you that has encouraged and accelerated your growth.”

“The more profound one’s words are, the more one’s life is in danger.”

“He knows. But what good does that do him? He doesn’t believe it.”

“Illustrious sir, before you take my head you would ask for its opinion? Truly a wise and virtuous ruler. Thank you.”

“Hearing from different perspectives makes one wise. I’ve always been eager to learn.”

“If this head of mine is sufficient to buy peace for Jing Province, it’s a very good deal. Even I would suggest that you chop it off. But what kind of man is Cao Cao? Would Cao Cao change his mind because of such a meager gift? If I were Cao Cao, I would break into guffaws as soon as I saw the gift. “I haven’t even hinted at mobilizing against Jing Province, and Liu Jingsheng is already scared enough to send me a head! If I actually marched against him, wouldn’t he be scared enough to surrender without a fight?”.”

“There’s never an honest banquet or a well-intentioned meeting.”

“Men of talent are plentiful. A worthy lord is rare.”

“No one is immortal, but to live like an immortal, isn’t that wonderful?”

“In Greece the Greek have to eat rotten food because what little was left has been taken by elites and organisations with money to give to the ‘refugees’.

Leftism is always self-hating and betraying of the people. They don’t love their own neighbor, they won’t help their own neighbor, they’d sooner kill their own neighbor, but by God they’ll love them some niggers from across the world.”

“Even the lengths of one’s fingers are different; it is natural for men to have differing opinions.”

“So many fields claim to have lots of jobs…it keeps the teachers employed.”

“The proper response to that is “You mad”. It causes the age old conundrum of “if I respond I look mad, but if I ignore it I also look mad” that leaves them feeling like shit.”

“The problem with making your whole business model about image (fair trade, super progressive hippie coffee shop) is that once your image is tarnished, literally no one wants to buy your product. So they are finished”

“If you’re in between me and my way towards what I want to do, you’re a threat.”

“>holding the same pose for 10 minutes is incredible exertion both physically and mentally. IDK how they do it, to be honest

My favourite was a guy in his 30’s or 40’s, this super white dude, he had to do a 3 hour portrait pose, and he pulls out like a home inkjet printer image of an anime girl and tapes it to the wall to stare at for three hours to stave off boredom and keep his head at the same angle. I didn’t have any words.”

“My greatest pleasures in life are alcohol, food, cigarettes, music, and girls.”
“You have a lot of greatest pleasures.”
“It’s the curse of being born greedy.”

“I’ve always thought that it’s a crime for women to hide their bodies. They say a flower’s life is short, right? It’s not good to hide such ephemeral things.”

“Don’t be mistaken. A doctor’s greatest objective is to save the patient’s life. We were given that meaning as physicians who handle lives. As a result, people started demanding personalities and morals. Do not reverse the priorities. If you think saving their heart is more important than saving their lives, you’re not qualified to stand here during an emergency as a doctor. You should take off your gown and become a monk.

[…] In this hopeless situation, I know it’s human nature to want to let them spend their final days in peace at the very least. But we are medical care professionals. We have the responsibility to fight first against the despair of death. […] To fulfill our roles, we must prioritize human life over human nature. […] This is our pride and belief as doctors put int this situation, and it is the policy of this hospital. If letting the patient suffer improves his chance of survival, make him suffer. If being hated is necessary, be the bad guy. As long as you work here, I will have you prioritize life over everything else. I want you all to be doctors before you are people.”

“Most women you are going meet have sucked 2 dicks at once, its impossible for 95% of men to out degenerate even the most basic bitch.”

“Repeat after me.

You. Do. Not. Bring. A. Character. Back. From. The. Dead. Ever.

It cheapens the story and makes death as a whole a joke rather than the serious matter it’s supposed to be in writing a story, if death is a moot point in your story then only really works if it’s the main focus of the story.”

“If the orders you lay upon us are harsher than death, we shall find it easier to die.”

“I really can’t talk for everyone. But getting work at first seems really arbitrary at first. I had a electrician come by my apartment to fix something. I talked to him and he asked what i do. So i showed him my work. a few month later i get an email from some company that wants to do a small brochure and an employee at that company had recommend me when they asked if someone knew someone who can draw. they then recommended me later on to some other company because they liked what i’ve done.”

“>thanks for buying the art of freelancing
>i’m not really freelancing yet but you bought this because you heard me claim that i am a highly successful freelancer who paid off his 40k student debt in a year.
>haha, in reality you just helped me do that by buying this little audiothing
>yes that’s the reality of commercial art… you will make more money selling hopes and dreams to hopeful newcomers, than by actually doing art.
>why don’t i discourage others from throwing their lifes away like i did? well because you gotta fake it till you make it and the more i tell people that i’m successful, the more my fans will cling on to me and the more clients will want to hire me!
>the only reason i can get by somewhat alright is because i’m smart as fuck from a business perspective, and have ZERO scrupels or self respect. i’ll even use nudes of myself to promote my ‘art’
>in reality most of the money i’ve made has come from art camp HAHA.
>i’d probably be a millionaire if i had applied my business skills and lack of self respect mentality to selling something of actual value, not art.
>yours truly, noah bradley.”

“any time someone says “and [x] will follow” they are lying
“the truth speaks for itself”
“do good work and youll be noticed”
no such fucking thing””

“I am a man with no god and a follower with no lord. These are the best alternatives I can come up for the time being.”

“Numerous reviewers complained about this.”
“Numerous reviewers are bad at video games.”
“It’s literally their job to play games.”
“No, it’s their job to write about video games.”

“If we trace our opinions to their source, we will find that the majority have been produced by our enemies.”

“>upper inner thigh tattoo
I’ll take things that never happen for $500.”

“In essence, [Fallout 4] represented everything that has become decadent and wrong with the video game industry. It’s a cash-hungry company releasing a buggy and underwhelming product that is being directly marketed to undiscerning casuals.

Once Bethesda proves that they can make yachtloads of money reskinning 8 year old games and throwing together sloppy coding with minimal testing, then there’s going to be little reason for any other company to act differently. The /v/irgins here fear that the success of sloppy products like Fallout 4 is a harbinger of the stagnation and slow demise of the hobby that everyone here loves.”

“Why are 90% of Cyberpunk videogames absolute trash?”
“They understand cyberpunk as an aesthetic, not as a sociopolitical setting”

“>Reviews will have never been and will never be relevant

this is the precise opposite of truth. reviews are the most relevant part of the experience. vindication of desire by review is what gaming is all about. it’s the moneyshot. the act of playing the actual game is totally vestigial and will only get less relevant with time.”

“You guys are kidding, right? Vigilantism is never a good idea.”

“I love how vigilance is a bad word.
The news’ first job is to tell you that everything is alright.
Community leaders’ first job is to tell you to not make any decisions.
As a commoner, your duty is to stay in place as a living buffer and not react to anything until your betters decide what it is they want to see happen, and by extension, what it is you are allowed to do.

But of course, be vigilant when you’re choosing who your betters are. You don’t want to be an ignorant uninformed citizen of YOUR country, do you?”

“>Lack of universally understood critique and learning from lessons.

There’s no lack of, there’s too much. Too many people think they’re critiques, that they’re journalists, that they can make or break a game and that’s what it comes down too. When people thought videogames were a joke and just a phase that’s when they were at their best in terms of tech, because we had a chance to prove them wrong, each game that came out we had to try three if not four times as hard just so people would buy the game and maybe a console ect.

Now? no one is learning. An example is the entire Bioshock series. I love it to death save for a certain someone in terms of story. But watch the original dev video from 2006. It talks about a completely different bioshock, more of an RPG where the more you splice the more fucked up you actually get, you’ll have a different look ect. Now look at Bioshock infinte. Where’s the sporadic weather system? the open world? the randomly generated events? Oh right they didn’t make the final cut. Or they just weren’t there to begin with. It’s fucked up. But that’s how it is. How many games now a days keep a promise? very little. How many games keep a promise and then break it, and still make a shit ton of money back? Quite a few if not all of them.

We’re fucked. Video games were good when no one cared because we had something to strive for, now we shit where we eat. and Meme where we feel.”

“no one should use the term deal in geopolitics (and politics in general really) – it’s almost always a unilateral enforcement where one side is on top, which may or may not be apparent for some time”

“>Are we finally accepted by society?
Yes, though that’s nothing you should be happy with because in order to do that, games are now made for normies and lack any sort of depth that a dedicated hobbyist would look for.”

“Poor critics and audience, willingly to shovel shit into their mouths.
Oh wait, that is the exact same situation as contemporary art!
I guess video games ARE art now.”

“Kids should be taught about business in math class, with references to items they actually understand. “The otter pops at lunchtime are being sold at $1.25. If there are six people in the supply chain and each person takes a commission of 25%, how much did the first person sell it for?””

“Middle school actually never ends.

If you’re a nerd and social outcast, you will grow up to be a worker drone, and all those kids who were popular and in leadership club and girls you always suspected were sucking off this or that teacher end up being salesmen and HR, running all the money, making all the decisions, and just like in middle school, drinking, eating, fucking, and snorting with each other to make connections, all on the back of your work.

Once a slave, always a slave.

Once a cuck, always a cuck.”


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