Apr 26 – May 20

“Imagine a large extended family that gets together and does things for each other just out of the goodness of their hearts, and suddenly an outsider shows up and pays for the smallest jobs in solid gold ingots. What would happen to that family from this new “market competition”? “An increase in quality of service provided”?”

“Strawman is the go-to fallacy because it’s probably the most efficient and effective means of undermining an opponent’s position, especially because neutral observers of the exchange won’t pick up on the fallacy and will curl their lips down in a “he’s got you there lol” emote.”

“Did you pay your mother for taking care of you for two decades? Do you pay your girlfriend on dates by the hour, or by the minute? Is your skype friend paid per word he types back to you? Jesus fucking christ people pushing this “you just want everything for free” narrative think we’re fucking stupid.”

“They’re consumerists, they can’t imagine a world where you don’t have to pay for something.”

“Im tired of these cheapskates not paying for all the mods that require lots of hardwork. You people don’t appreciate anything. I consistently see you people bitching about mods. Sorry but modders deserve money, they deserve it because of all the hardwork they put into it.”

“>the only way to show appreciation in this life is to give cents on the dollar”

“He’s famous. Famous people get cheered by the crowds beneath them. It is the way of things.”

“This. People are weak and spineless.

They’ll hand over their rights for 5 minutes of celebrity exposure, even when it’s from thousands of miles away, over the internet. They’re afraid to hold celebs accountable like normal people.
Even when being outright robbed, they’ll halfway accept it. They start offering to accept it “under certain conditions” or “if done right”. They lack the spine to fully refuse something.”

“I don’t think you remotely understand how modding works and are carelessly implying generic 20th century Keynesian economics on a system and culture that for the longest time shared more parallels with anarcho-communism than anything that could constitute a “market” in the capitalist sense.
Quality only improves with monetizing if the bought product is the FINAL product. Traditional economics on goods has always been based on the idea that the product was FINAL.
But these are digital goods. This is the internet.
Mods are never final, they are basically ongoing “early access” games in terms of development process.
And we all know what happens to early access games about several months to a year after launch and the effort to finish the game is drowned by all the money they already fucking got: thus no incentive to finish.
There is no universe where mods that cost money are going to inherently be better quality than free ones.
And there is no universe where mods that cost money where the developer gets ANY money at all from the transaction doesn’t make things worse by outright incentivizing AAA developers to released unfinished games with fucked up mechanics as a means of profit when the modders do their damn job and they get a cut of that dosh.”

“The greedy minecraft mod community is what started all of this, /v/. As far back as I can remember in the minecraft mod community, there’s been a culture of entitlement. Drama over “you used my mod without permission!” and creators expecting users to go through the thoroughly dodgy adfly links to download. That’s the first time I ever saw a community of modders who were so greedy and bent on profiting off of the popularity of the game they were modifying.
I’ve been making game mods since 1998, involved in various mod communities since 2000 or so, and Minecraft is the first community where I saw this culture of greed and entitlement rear its ugly head. Sure, we’ve always had a certain amount of idiots in the community – from whining 14-year-olds to perpetual idea guys thinking that because they can change some rawtext game settings file they’re a legit game designer – but Minecraft is where I first saw real cancer.
You know what I think it is? It’s success. The majority of the games I was modifying were great games, but they weren’t such explosive successes as Minecraft. Notch was a bad influence – a fucking imbecile who couldn’t conduct any sort of decent PR and set an extremely low standard for behaviour within the community. Constantly talking about stats and dollars, he helped create the giant whirlwind of people milking other people that is the minecraft community at large today. Have you guys watched modern minecraft youtubers? It’s basically kids’ TV.

>Pay for access to this server!
>Donate to help me keep streaming!
>Turn off your ad-blocker so I can afford to keep making this mod!

There are still plenty of mod communities that have not succumbed to the cancer. Generally older games, or games for older audiences. Look at Doom – people are still modding this game, 20 years later, and barely ask for their name to be credited when sharing their work.
My concern is that games are becoming increasingly disposable. Steam’s mod support framework, even without the price tags attached to it, is not going to last. Have a good hard think and tell me if there’s any games out right now that you think will maintain a thriving mod community as long as Doom. Shit, I’ll make it easy for you – name a game that came out in the last 5 years that you think people will still be making mods for in 2025.”

“Generally speaking, 95% of all successful games have contacts and backers who make sure that it will succeed. Man with money tells his friends who have money about product, people see men with money buying product, people who don’t have as much see they can afford it, they want to know what the rich guys see in it, they buy it too. A standard is born, they call them ‘early adopters.’

You’re one of those delusional fuckers who actually believes that you can randomly become a success overnight. Team Meat had Microsoft working with them when making Super Meatboy. Phil Fish had the Canadian government giving his company an annual grant for an unspecified amount of time to help them get Fez made. Jonathan Blow has influential contacts who helped him with many of his early year demos and were following what he was doing. Notch worked for a AAA developer before he developed Minecraft using the Minetest source.

No one just randomly becomes a success overnight anymore, if you’re a player, you’ll succeed because the other players make sure you do. If you’re not a player, then you’ll probably get pushed out by someone doing a shittier job because he does.”

“Imagine you download a fancy new horse vagina mod for skyrim
And then a month later someone else brings out an even fancier new horse vagina mod. With even more horse vagina goodness.
Well you allready spent 99 dollars on the first horse puss mod, so now you have a choice. Spend another 99 dollarydoos and write off the first purchase as gone forever, or stick with the shittier sub par experience because you’ve allready paid for it.
This is the world we now live in. This is what mods are now.”

“You wanna go even deeper down that rabbit hole?
Say you purchase horse cunt mod extreme the second. Somehow you mange to get a refund on the first mod And then 3 months down the line someone brings out a fancy new mod that adds in chicken cocks. Only this is developed by the auther of horse pussy mod #1. He’s coded it to only work with his horse pussy mod.
Maybe hes coded it specifically to NOT work with his horse pussy competitor. Maybe it just only works with his mod in some way. But now your in an even worse situation. What if the second guy brings out his own competing chicken cock mod? Horse pussy 2 and chicken cock 1 are the best combination, but they refuse to play nice because these mod authors are now competing for a very small amount of mod dollarydoos. SO you cannot get the best experience.
But maybe another 3rd guy releases a compatability pack that makes them work nice. So you can then pay for that. But then a few months later the first two authors get wind of it and break the compatability.
You have to second guess every single fucking mod purchase, because by the very nature of mods its a tangled nightmare web of bullshit that at its very core doesn’t work with paywalls.
As has been said: Mods used to add value, now they actively remove value.”

“>Gamestop destroys any unsold copies of games as well as spare products to stop scalpers, effectively destroying vidya’s history
>EA mismanages and outright shuts down bought developer teams in order to lessen competition
>Many 1st and 3rd parties hang on to IPs as well as shut down fan projects in order to stop compettition from growing
and now…
>Steam Workshop features modding for monetary gain, effectively destroying the modding scene in order to further promote DLC
Welcome to the Dystopia”

“in case you are legit let me try to explain something to you.
Firstly, Before, modding was a community affair, gamers and modders worked together to create mods and extend the life of the game. Now it’s a fucking business. Modders are put against gamers, gamers against modders. Modders have to lawyer up and file taxes, people are in this now not to mod the game but to screw over easily duped customers in the mod shop. once staple mods now fall out of favor such as skyui as no one wants to fucking pay 5 bucks to fix your shitty consolized broken interface you fucking hack.
Secondly this turns the workshop from a place where you can browse and pick up some neat mods to a turkish fucking bazaar mixed with a hong kong walmart full of duplicitous product, cheap knockoffs and bootlegs of other modders work of questionable functionality, but you’d know all about questionable functionality you fucking fraud wouldn’t you.
Finally, imagine you only have 20 bucks to spend on videogames a week. I know, you with your plush bethesda salary must be making millions an hour, but try to imagine. Before you had to try to stretch out your money on different games to play, save your money for a sale, pick and choose which big releases you wanted to buy. Now? Now imagine that all the mods of your favorite games are competing for your gaming money. now you have to chose between a new game, buying dlc or a microtransaction, and now some dickbag has put skyui behind a paywall so in order to have your skyrim not look like shit you have to fork over five fucking dollarydoos that the fucking author doesn’t even get that much of a cut of becausedkfaksdjflkjalskdjflkfuckyoufuckyoufuckyoufuckyoufuckyoufuckyoufuckyoufuckyoufuckyoufuckyoufuckyoufuckyoufuckyoufuckyoufuckyoufuckyou ==fuck you I hate you go eat sewage and die why couldn’t you have done a simple donation button you ginormous pricks.==”

“>New market can be built
>make a living doing what they love
>community not important when this entire fucking thing has been community driven for 20+ years

Have you been paying any fucking attention whatsoever? I’m going to lay this out for you since your deficient brain can’t seem to handle why this is a terrible deal for everyone involved (with the exception of valve and bethesda).


This sets the barrier to entry for young, non-financially independent modders impossibly high. In case you’ve never used a mod in your entire life, mods are generally an amalgamation of multiple different mods. You learn from others and borrow parts of their work. Erecting a paywall throws a wrench into this entire process. Cooperation between modders largely will become a thing of the past as a result, as everyone is going to want a piece of that paltry 25% pie. Less and less people will bother becoming proficient at modding as a result, and the scene will shrink.

>b-but you can still choose to have a free mod! you don’t even need to use the workshop!

That’s bullshit as well. Valve has already come out and explicitly stated that someone making a paid workshop mod ==IS ALLOWED TO USE SOMEONE ELSE’S CONTENT, PROVIDED IT IS FREELY AVAILABLE== . This will inevitably drive ALL modded content to be posted EXCLUSIVELY on the workshop, for money. Why? Because why the fuck would you make a free mod when some nigger can just come and steal your shit, and then sell it for money himself? You wouldn’t.

The other major implication in all of this is the death of the large scale, multi-person team mods. Imagine a mod like ‘Interesting NPCS’ getting made under this system. That mod took dozens of people to finish. Imagine having to dole out the 25% amongst all those different people. No, this is going to encourage nickel and dime bullshit DLC content that isn’t worth shit. Why would you make any quality content when you’re already getting such a shit cut in the first place? People are going to be chasing the almighty dollar and nothing else.


This move is incredibly anti-consumer. Part of the deal with mods was they were an unofficial third party product- they could be expected to not work, to cause any number of complications. I’ve had to troubleshoot dozens of mods myself to get them working. It was just expected, part of the deal, because they were free. This system provides no recourse for broken mods, no quality control. The 24 hour refund is a joke because it refunds you in steam cash. 100% profit for valve.

It also gives incentive to developers to slack on implementing features that modders can easily fix. What incentive do developers have to develop, say, a functioning PC user interface for their game if modders will just do it for pennies on the dollar? They’ll still make their profit on the sale of the game and they’ll make a nice tidy sum on mods required to fix the piece of shit they just churned out. SkyUI is already proof that this is happening. The newest version is going paid on steam. What’s SkyUI you ask? Basically an unofficial patch that makes the UI fucking usable on PC, because the vanilla one is utter shit. Essentially, if you buy SkyUI, you’re buying a fucking patch.

Paid mods are only bad news, and you’d have to be a fucking retard to not think so. The correct system (if they actually care about supporting the mod scene) would be to create a very VISIBLE and OPTIONAL donate button where ALL of the proceeds went to the modders, or at least a VAST majority (90%+). Erecting a paywall is a fucking shitty idea for everyone involved except for those greedy fucking kikes.”


“Because they’ve been trained to. Think of how thoroughly people have been groomed to be okay with day one DLC, paid costumes, paid cheats, paid map packs. All shit that used to be free, the game industry has worked carefully for years to condition people to not only be okay with paying for, but to be happy. Think back on how carefully it’s all been framed – you want to support X, don’t you? you want to reward X, don’t you?
It’s always been deliberately framed in terms of how good of a person you are for giving them money, and how nice they are for giving you more opportunities to do so. And now they found the best possible target for it: people who make bad games better and good games great, all for free. And now you can reward those people for their hard work, which Bethesda has spent the last year intensively telling us is wonderful work, best community on earth, etc.
I think the thing that really bothers me about this shit is how fast developers have jumped at it. They know exactly what this system is like. They understand that it’s hard work for very little money. They know what it’s like because it’s what they do too, it’s the publisher/developer relationship. The publisher gives them the opportunity to make a game by providing money, and all they take in return is nearly everything. And instead of fighting against that or striking out on their own, they just found someone exactly like them but even smaller to kick around.”

“What exactly was wrong with having to mail a distributor personally if you wanted them to help you sell your game? Why is Valve so lazy nowadays that they can no longer spare the attention to review game submissions or give attention to exceptional mods by themselves? Why do we need all of those bureaucratic, depersonalized systems to handle everything? Why is Valve forcing everyone else to do their job under the guise of being community friendly?”

“>What exactly was wrong with having to mail a distributor personally if you wanted them to help you sell your game?
Doesn’t exist anymore. You have to know people now. If you didn’t know them before or don’t have any reputation built up already, tough shit. Which in practice means, everyone goes to the to the trash heap to fight for the remaining 5% of the pie while 95% is reserved for all the “connected” and “experienced” people already in AAA studios and AAA publishing.
Just like how the rest of the world works these days.”

“Historically, trade laws were geared to enrich the “mother” country — look at the 19th-century Opium Wars in China, which forced open illegal markets so Britain and its allies could benefit. Between World War II and the 1990s, free trade arguably benefited the economies of the countries involved. But the new laws, starting with 1994’s North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta), recognized that capital is now mobile — it doesn’t “live” anywhere — and owes no allegiance to any flag; only shareholders matter.

Nafta is the paradigm of what are most accurately called deregulation deals. It promised better jobs in both the United States and Mexico. Instead, as well-paid workers in the United States were losing jobs to worse-paid workers in Mexico, badly paid Mexican workers were losing jobs to worse-paid workers in China, which in turn put more pressure on workers in the United States.
In fact, if you wanted to single out a culprit for income stagnation and the decline of the power of labor in the United States, Nafta would be a good candidate. It allowed large corporations to move where tax breaks were best and environmental regulations weakest, while forcing labor to compete against lower global wages. While likely not the only cause, since its passage collective and individual gains have been nearly frozen in Mexico; in the United States, the story is much the same.”

“>hear “Remember not to attribute to malice what could easily be attributed to incompetence.” for all of my life
>finally realize this year inbetween GG and /pol/ happenings that it really all was just malice
Please, never say that again. It’s a meme for goys.”

“But anon these riots are peaceful. Violence is privilege plus use of force. Blacks and Muslims can use force but only whites have privilege so only whites can be violent. Therefor blacks, Muslims, and women can initiate use of force but it’s still considered peaceful.”

>Black minister: Young people just want answers and I think they’re going to listen to us.
>Reporter: After they’re doing doing this? [points to bonfire]

>Reporter: What were you doing when you got shot?
>Black man: We were throwing bottles at the cops.

“>Fox guy keeps calling them THUGS and BAD GUYS while reporter scrambles to use language like “demonstrators” and “agitators””
“They don’t get a chance too do real news like this often, they really really wanna call them Niggers.”

“This event singlehandedly converted me from a libertarian to a fascist”
“Nothing turns someone into a racist quicker than interactions with niggers.”

“This is not what I would call a peaceful protest.
Most of you are also doing more harm than good.
Reporting this to the US Government where Valve is located and getting them a few lawsuits is what you need to do.
But what you’re actually doing is the internet equivalent of egging Gabe’s house.
Yeah, it’s going to annoy him, but you’re the only one in the wrong for doing it and you’re the only one that will get punished.
Not only that but it’s going to give an incredibly negative spin on video game communities.
“They’re nothing but angry manchildren that have no jobs and nothing to do and spend all day abusing their ‘anonymity’ to spite other people””

“This isn’t about PR you dipshit.”

“They’re going to do that regardless you moron”

“>Not only that but it’s going to give an incredibly negative spin on video game communities.
>”They’re nothing but angry manchildren that have no jobs and nothing to do and spend all day abusing their ‘anonymity’ to spite other people”
Oh wow, it’s not like that’s been the case for years”

“This isn’t GG faggot.”

“We don’t give a fuck, we’ve already seen playing by the rules doesn’t work with Gamergate, everybody thinks it’s a fucking e-terrorist group.”

“>speak and get called manchildren
>don’t speak and also called manchildren
I’d rather fight for freedom with a bad public image than live in fear with bad public image”

“This isn’t some boardroom. We’re not going to act “mature” just because some shill is offended.
Infact, good. I’m glad your offended. Because you feel the same way we are about this bullshit. Now either help us stop Gabe or get the fuck out of here.”

“You contribute nothing and demand that we toe up to your line of propriety, never mind that you offer no real solutions.
Don’t come in here acting like you’re fit to judge us, and then act indignant when you get the shit you should have expected.”

“These reporters are such cunts, police take a low profile approach: WHERE’S THE POLICE, THE BUILDINGS ARE IN DANGER


Fuck the media, goddamn.”

“Seeing this is surreal, even though I’ve seen it multiple times during happenings on /pol/.
Just to imagine entire areas being looted like this, cars burning and niggers running around like animals. Police cars everywhere and armed and huge vans with blockades making it look like a warzone. It’s all unimaginable from my relatively homogenous, comfy high-quality of life Denmark. Nothing close to here could even get close to this, we associate this with Afghanistan or Africa.”

“You know, I know every inner-city is shit but Baltimore is really one of the most disappointing ones. They were so important to the United States when it was a developing nation. Now it’s pathetic.
When the Ravens won the super bowl, we had a parade (like most cities that win major sporting events.) My office had a clear view of it. Towards the end dindus were climbing on the vehicles and pushing each other and generally causing chaos. Reportedly, three people got stabbed in broad daylight. My coworkers just said “Typical Baltimore.”
Can’t believe I had the misfortune to move into this shitty city and state. It has a rich history but it’s just rotten.”

“liberia’s pretty fucked up. it was founded as a colony to send manumitted slaves from the antebellum south. so what’s the first thing you might expect those freed slaves to do with their newfound freedom?
no, really, what do you suppose the first god damn thing they did was when they got to africa?
go on, just guess.
they immediately built plantations and enslaved the native africans.”

>Black man: They painted a picture like Baltimore was on fire.
>Reporter: Well, Baltimore was on fire.
>Black man: That was then.

“You know what most societies do when that happens ?
They make protests/riots but those protests/riots go to a government/police or law building and demand their rights in front of it else they rush in. They make those that run them actually afraid. Yes [even] in paid riots like the ukraine ones.
Even when protesters are a bunch of clowns they usually go somewhere of importance to demand something.You know they actually mean business.
These guys are too busy stealing toilet paper and that’s fucking pathetic.”

“>The lumber mill guy arrives
>Said I didn’t use their tools on their wood
>They sledgehammer my wooden box to pieces
>Warn me to never use 3rd party tools on their wood again or my legs will resemble the box.
>I pick my broom to clean up
>Now the broom manufacture said I’m using their product to clean up evidence of illegal activity
>Then the dustbin people arrive
>fuck this shit
>Grab gun
>About to shoot myself
>Gun manufacture arrives and calls me a criminal scum, saying I’m breaking the law
>Pull trigger
>Arrive at the gates of heaven
>”You forget to attend the religion DLC, sorry mate but you’re going to hell now”
>Go to hell
>Satan is dressed in pirate gear
>Welcomes me and says
>”Welcome to fun, everything is free here””

“92% of all slaves sold in the African trade were sent to Asia Minor and North Africa, a mere 2% went to North America, including the Caribbean. When whites make people slaves of subjects they give them better lives than they had before, see the vast majority of cases in colonial Africa. Arabs would castrate male slaves who didn’t do hard labor and would simply kill any infants the female slaves produced. Castrated males were used as galley, quarry, or other hard labor and simply worked for 10 years then allowed to expire on the job.
The sickest part is that all the other far more brutal forms of slavery are either ignored or condoned by the fucking libtards and they openly lie about how slavery started in America and how it was conducted.

Do they really believe that sailors chased the niggers down innawoods? It was a business, the locals prepare the slaves, the sailors buy them. Also it was nothing unusual in Britain, because about 10% of the local population were slaves too, mainly Irish. Irish were treated worse than niggers by the way for some reason, probably cost issues.
The slavery in America began as nothing more than indentured servitude even for blacks. The niggers would then seal a contract – they get brought to America and have to work for a fixed amount of years to cover the transportation expenses. Then they received a piece of land and some farming equipment, like any other pioneer.
That changed when a nigger named Anthony Johnson, decided to keep his African contract worker, he abused his tribal beliefs and traditions and made the guy believe his life belongs to said greedy nigger. He went to court with that and won the case. That started a legal precedent and he started hoarding slaves, then other people saw that and wanted slaves too. And that’s how American slavery started.

Interestingly enough. American chattel slavery was one of the least harsh forms of slavery or servitude in history.
Roman slavery segregated the sexes and allowed no family or personal life for the slaves. They ate only what was given to them by their masters and often went hungry. Because slaves were so cheap they didn’t allow them to act like normal humans, breed, and have normal families. Similar conditions persisted in the muslim world for centuries afterward and they are the ones that started the African slave trade along with, you guessed it Jews from southern Europe. While Europe outlawed slavery from 800AD in principle and fully outlawed it in practice from 1100AD onward. The first region to do so.

American slavery was by its nature not harsh. Slaves were not only allowed to have families which they chose freely but were encouraged to do so, were married in their master’s church which would have been an obscene debasement of the master in Roman or Muslim society, they were encouraged to use any untilled land on the estate for their own purposes and were allowed to keep profits they made for themselves, and 60% of slaves are freed by the age of 40 and became leasers of the estate. And in many states freed slaves could live on the owner’s estate and would legally need to be provided for in a manner similar to when they were enslaved.

Now these conditions were not due solely to altruism, the slaves were expensive to it made sense to keep them healthy and to create an environment were they could breed and provide you with more slaves. The freeing of older slaves in their late 30s made economic sense since at that point it was better to let them lease land or cultivate nearby unclaimed land as free holders and sell their excess to the estate for market or pay rent.

American slavery was more like serfdom than actual slavery in the Classical, Chinese, or Muslim world.

Even abolitionists back then admitted that slavery in America was one of the least harsh forms of indenturment in history. http://www.authorama.com/full/pdf/A-Southside-View-of-Slavery–Nehemiah-Adams.pdf

This abolitionist went to the south for convalesce, and found slaves well treated and buying themselves out of slavery at high rates. He found that he laws in most states forbade abuse of slaves, indeed only Louisiana allowed whipping or caning outside of prosecution of the law which also allowed the caning of whites.”

“When they say “kill all white people”, what they really mean is “kill all white men”.
Of course they can’t actually say that, because that’d make it too obvious.”

“It’s funny with liberals. They declare their protests to be peaceful.
So since it’s defined as peaceful, everything they do is peaceful – even destruction.”

“You should volunteer to the city to help drive handicapped people around.”
“Why would I want to do that?”
“Everything has a purpose.”
“Yes, including things not involving being a nameless free taxi driver.”
“You could learn something.”
“When am I not learning “something”?”

“If 1 man sleeps with 10 women and they all get pregnant, everyone wins.
If 1 woman sleeps with 10 men and gets pregnant, only 1 man wins.
You could also go further and say that essentially there exists an evolutionary “sexual arms race” between men and women, as women become sluttier to try and siphon resource from more men, men likewise evolve to be more alert to slutty women and avoid being cucked.”

“>I’m doing a design
>but I need you to do the work for me
>for free
>I may or may not pay you sometime

“i really could care less about ethics or whatever
a code of hammurabi is useless without a hammurabi”

“>It’s hard for me to have fun when everything just looks so fucking awful
It’s your brain telling you it is unsure if you will succeed. Don’t jump out of your comfort zone, learn from within it. You will slowly get better just by staying inside and reading up on what you do wrong and you could do right because it would look better. And looking at things you like and analyzing them.
Some people always scream about going out of your comfort zone, but they are trying too hard.”

“They give VR equipment to everyone for free under the condition you only use their waifu app. The waifu has something similar to artificial intelligence. She has the ability to record the moments you spend together in memory and make decisions based on them. You get involved in relationship with her but after a month they shut her down.
And you have to work assembly line in some factory for virtual stamps to turn her on back. You come back home after a hard day and she is programmed to be grateful that you rescued her. She cries in your arms she doesn’t want to be shut down again because it hurts or that it’s scary, dark and far from you.
From time to time she gives you subtle suggestions that indirectly have some little impact on your world views. And innocently, casually talks about the products you buy. After 3 years of bliss with her, you wake up to find her whispering some stuff to your ear. These ideas she talks about seem disturbing, but her voice is so soothing and pleasant, and you’re tired after work and sleepy. Last traces of individual thoughts and genuine creativity you had, are fading away. You don’t want to disobey anyway, because they will wipe her memory clean. In this moment you realize this is the price you can pay for happiness, and fall asleep.”

“I made a terrible mistake trying to turn a hobby into a career.

Picture me, 21-year-old asocial neet, whom is pretty damn good at drawing. And fuck, did I love drawing. Every damn day I’d be churning out doodles and scribbles and sketches. Everyone said I should “do something with it” or “make a career out of your hobby and you’ll never work a day in your life!” and (my favorite) “it would be a shame to let your talent go to waste”, so I decided, fuck it, I’ll take everyone’s advice give it a go. They say that it’s best to fail an action taken than to regret an opportunity missed, which I thought to be a wise adage. I was wrong.

I spent two years at college, learning animation. I’ve always liked /co/ and /a/ stuff, so I wanted to learn to animate. Every day, hipster retards would practice their “style” and complain that they lacked “inspiration” and would spend more time playing their ukulele and fighting the injustices of the world (by drawing shitty strawman comics and publishing them on blogs) than they would trying to learn the fundamentals of animation and even drawing itself. Words like composition, weight, foreshortening, linework, shading, negative space, Fibonacci spiral, Rule of 3, pop, stretch, squeeze, timing, etc were above their head and they weren’t interested. But they were interested in muh style. “Hey anon, how do you have such a unique style? It’s so awesome. I want muh style.” Then I’d say “Your style is what it is. It changes as you develop your skills, what you draw, what mediums you try, so just draw all the time and you’ll notice your work will eventually take on an individual aesthetic” then they’d say “Nah art is too hard man, I might drop out.”

It didn’t help that the professors were enabling their shit. That was the nail in the coffin. If these professors, once professionals within the field I was looking to join, were teaching the future generations of professional animators (that I would have been a part of), what sort of industry was I going to be joining? I decided I didn’t want to know the answer.

So I dropped out. Everyone was frustrating me no end and I realized at the age of 23 that I wasn’t going to go anywhere in life because I wouldn’t be able to enjoy and engage with the more personal social aspect of being a human. And it made me despise drawing. Drawing was something I did for fun, not out of necessity. My brain convinced me that drawing was no longer fun. I hate drawing now, and I haven’t drawn for 5 years so I’d probably be comparatively fucking terrible due to lost muscle memory.”

“Please be between the ages of 18-22 with 10 years relevant experience and Masters in relevant field.”

“Missing the part about how this is an unpaid internship.”

“The issue for me is that “work” isn’t an objective thing. See, I have a compulsion to do things, often creative things, all the fucking time. If I spend too long sitting around playing mindless vidya or watching movies/anime, I get an often-literal itch to go and start doing things. They just aren’t things that “the people” find to be useful, and they almost never make me money, but they make ME feel fulfilled, in that Maslow-esque Self Actualization sort of way. My mind screams at me to be productive, so I literally cannot spend all my time being comsumptive.

Case in point: I spent the years between 2006 and 2011 as a NEET. I was living with my mother 500 miles from the rest of my family. While my father is just an all-around asshole, she’s an enabler; I’m sure you know the type. The two balanced out for me as a kid while they were still married, but my living with her just meant I could do whatever the fuck I wanted. I got bored of college, bored of actual (paid) work, and so just hunkered and stopped doing either. My family considers this the time where I “did nothing”.

But that’s not true at all. I did a LOT. I wrote an entire full-length novel, and about a dozen short stories. Through this, I taught myself how to professionally copy edit and how to structure my writing, bringing it from fanfiction-tier to holy-shit-this-is-good-enough-to-get-published-tier in only a few years. I started development on several more novels. I forged and went through the entire process of two romantic relationships. I had many friends (online as they were, though) and was very social this way; I saved no fewer than three of them from suicide. I helped bring together a functioning and very happy shotacon community. I designed, prototyped, and scratch-built a custom six-axis throttle quadrant and rudder-box out of $50 of electronics parts and random shit I found lying around the house, that directly interfaced with and controlled Flight Simulator. Through this, I taught myself woodworking, basic metalworking, and soldering. I made huge, complex digital worlds in SimCity and other similar games. I developed a personal exercise routine that I could do at home without a gym or proper equipment, and was in the best shape of my life. I spent hours and hours reading from some dusty old encyclopedias and filling in the learning gaps from my mediocre public-school education (for example: my sixth-grade geography class never got to Africa; to this day I struggle to remember the countries and features of that entire continent because of this). I read every book on my bookshelf three times or more. Every single day was often started by reviewing four or five things I planned to get done, a variety of productive and consumptive activities.

My relationship with my mother, at the time, remained the closest relationship of my life. We talked about everything and anything without bound; we worked together to stretch our tiny budget (hilariously often resulting in going shopping once monthly, her with a stack of coupons, me with a goddamn calculator, and three hours later the cashiers were scratching their heads, wondering if a 60-75% savings is even possible) and keep each other sane; we learned to play billiards and got pretty good at it; we challenged each other’s minds on a daily basis with all manner of TV game and quiz shows, and board games like Trivial Pursuit, Mastermind and Scrabble. We had several pets that we loved and took care of.

In early 2012, I was forced to move back in with my father. I spent the first year helping him rebuild his old house because his new one was being lost to foreclosure. I spent the next year variously applying for every job in the county, and then working a sales job that nearly drove me to suicide. I spent all of last year and the first few months of this one working at a job that my family is proud of me for having. I’m finally a productive member of society, and I’m finally putting together a huge bank of cash that I don’t spend on anything. I don’t really do anything anymore. Outside of work, I only have enough time to unwind by doing consumptive activities. My novel is still unpublished, and I haven’t written much of anything since then. I haven’t built anything new, and the only creative vidya I play is Minecraft, on rare occassions. I’m getting fat and my teeth are starting to rot out of my head because I don’t care enough to bother with them. I’ve only read a few books in the past three years, and I forgot what box those encyclopedias are in. All my online friends are gone; I haven’t spoken to them at all since maybe winter of 2012; I have no other friends, and I don’t socialize at all. I haven’t had any romantic or sexual relationships since 2010. Most of the pets have died of old age, coupled with the stress of moving and not being able to see my mother anymore. I still have my bearded dragon, but it’s a good thing they’re so hardy, because I often forget to feed him. My relationship with my mother has turned to maybe-I-see-her-once-a-month-for-dinner, as she is not on good terms with my father’s side of the family. My relationship with my father is… civil, at best.

I don’t know how to stress enough that I don’t do anything. I only have enough time in my life for two of the following: consumptive activities, productive activities, and paid work. The problem is that my brain classifies both the latter two as “work”, and not really as “fun”. So long as I have a job, I cannot do anything else that my brain considers “work”. All my creativity and self actualization has died. This is truly what it means to become a meaningless, brainwashed cog of the machine of civilization. If I don’t find a way to escape this, I will kill myself before I allow this to get any worse, probably before the end of the year. I refuse to suddenly wake up at age 65 and find I’ve accomplished nothing but making rent for the previous 40 goddamn years. I refuse to have my greatest pleasure turn from creating entire worlds and shaping what’s in front of me with my own hands, into falling asleep on the sofa with a beer in one hand and the TV remote in the other. I refuse to wake up every day knowing exactly what’s going to happen, and go to bed wondering if anything had happened at all. I refuse to watch the years speed by, punctuated by nothing more exciting than Christmas or the Super Bowl. I refuse to become one of Them, but I fear it might already be too late.”

“I think it’s more that those of us who are aware of the far more important issues of fighting off Radfems/SJW ideology being pushed to censor games and stifle freedom of speech and expression are upset because it seems like you guys want to force this into being nothing other than ethics in vidya journalism (which if you’d read my thread you should understand how pointless that ultimately is). At least, that’s the feeling I’m getting. If all this SPJ meeting is gonna about is just the disclosure bullshit, than it’s a waste of time. We need to focus on what actually matters, not meaningless disclosures.”

“It was never just about the journalists for me. They got corrupt because because someone was willing to pay them. For me it’s been about anything and everything related to gaming and the corruption thereof. The ethics in journalism was a deflection to limit the scope of the complaints made against the industry as a whole. Rats chewing off their own arms to escape the cull.”

“Yes, and this is what pisses me off about TB regarding GG, he’s made it clear he’s aware of the radicalized ideology that’s running amuck, but he refuses to swallow the red-pill and accept that it’s SJW’s and radical feminism. He even called Sargon was an anti-feminist after that one stream several months ago where he was on with Sargon, IA, KOP and the other main e-celebs at the time after complaints of him being on that stream with them because Sargon criticizes radical-feminism.

TB refuses to accept how radicalized feminism and social justice have become, and why it’s so important to fight them. When he was still lending a voice to GG before running off like a faggot because he couldn’t handle the SJW’s giving him shit on twitter (keep in mind this is someone who disabled comments on his videos because he can’t handle criticism and or mean comments), he, as I recall, had made it very cleary all he wants us to focus on is the disclosure bullshit. For whatever reason, he won’t swallow the red-pill, and I have a feeling he never will (he defended Intel giving 300 million to Fem Freq, IGDA and others to get diversity in tech, he honestly thinks there’s a problem with diversity in tech and competitive gaming as well, he can’t accept that maybe differnet genders and different races have different interests)

He’s a blue-pilled faggot who wanted us to remain focused on pointless disclosure, if he actually gave a fuck about that particular issue he’d want journalists and jewtubers to be honest about the games they review, rather than giving a pointless disclosure that doesn’t tell you whether the game is worth buying, you shouldn’t be trusting reviewers by default, so disclosing a conflict of interest is meaningless.

I think a lot of this ethics-focus bullshit is due to TB saying we should just focus on the ethics, and that SJW’s/rad-fems aren’t important. A lot of GGer’s are just listening and believing like the sheeple that they are.”

“Pretty much, I saw this in late October. TB entered the scene and hijacked GG and injected the “only ethics” meme. It worked for a while and GG steadily died. It took a huge effort on the part of many channers behind the scenes to turn the sinking boat around and get people to stop sucking TB’s cock.”

“Before airing, this show was hyped up by the manga readers to appear as an amazing super mature and serious story about good guys who are as bad as the villains, and where everything is grey in morality. And then you watch a few episodes and realize you got trolled since there is absolutely nothing mature or serious about it. Because it’s just another shonen and not a mature seinen.

The most glaring problem it has is the inconsistent tone. The series loves to ruin any serious mood it’s trying to build by having a scene where a guy cries over the death of a person he likes immediately being interrupted by boobs falling on his face and treating the mourning as a joke. It’s like it has dark moments but makes sure you will never take them seriously. And indeed, with such a high percentage of done to death school comedy and fan service you are occasionally forgetting that this is supposed to be a show about ruthless assassins killing sadistic corrupted officials.

Aha, but you see there is a catch here; the fans of the show will then tell you what they really meant is that the show is over the top and aims to entertain people who got tired of 3 very commonplace things found in fighting shonen. – It doesn’t waste time on dramatization, where the characters will be crying over whatever drama is going on for 50 episodes.

Enough with that crap; just start punching each other, that is all we want to see! If you are sick and tired of crybabies, here you go, have boob shots to make a joke out it and move immediately to the fights. – It doesn’t try to make the characters idealists, where they do stuff out of the goodness of their hearts or stop being bad guys because of a friendship monologue. If you are sick and tired of people doing everything for love or justice, here you go, a show where the good guys are killing people because they are paid to do so or just love killing, and has bad guys who don’t give up on their objectives because of nakama power. – It has far less plot armor and far more death. If you are tired of shows where characters never seem to die no matter how much damage they receive, here you go, a show where they constantly die on both sides of the conflict and never resurrect (although to be completely honest, there is still a fair amount of cases where characters escape death in a very convenient and cheap way).

All the above sound cool, right? And yet they aren’t, since the show sucks for the exact same reasons. Since it doesn’t take anything seriously, you just don’t care about whatever happens in the story or the characters. How are you supposed to react if on one moment the hero is crying for the unjustified death of his friends and on the exact next moment a slutty dressed bimbo throws her rack at his face? The drama is ruined, the themes are ruined, and no matter what horrible things happen to these people later on, you won’t give a shit, because they treat tragedy as a joke. Good shonen keep the mood comical and the personalities dramatic. They do not do the reverse thing we see in Akame ga Kill, meaning dramatic mood and comical personalities. That ruins the drama entirely.

Since it doesn’t have ideals, it also makes everyone to act like an irredeemable 1-dimensional paragon of evil, whose personality and goals are described in 5 words. The claim that morality in this show is grey is a lie, since only the good guys are the ones being grey. The bad guys are pitch black evil and never show the slightest sign of remorse or questioning of their horrible acts. Hell, they don’t even have any motivation for torturing and killing hundreds of people other than “Because we can lol”.

And since it constantly kills characters in every episode, there is no time to get to like any of them. In fact the only thing you will care most about is the over the top gore and death scenes. Which aren’t that over the top if you watched enough 90s OVAs as I did. And even if it was as graphical, it would still mean nothing because (newsflash) gore and splatter are just shock factor and have nothing to do with characters because you only care about the act of bloodshed and mayhem than about the butchered people in the middle of all that.

The comedy and fan service parts are also so lukewarm and commonplace in most anime nowadays that they actually work against the extremities the show heads for. They destroy the grimdark atmosphere and even make you laugh when someone dies instead of actually feeling thrilled or surprised about it. If the story was about of a horny guy who wants to get as much pussycat as possible, throwing in bath scenes, and falling on breasts becomes relevant. If on the other hand the story is about a group of people fighting a corrupted government, then the boob jokes become unnecessary. They don’t serve the narrative; they work against it by being distracting; taking away from a show instead of adding to it.

Now some may claim that fan service is often used as comic relief to ease the very heavy tension of a show. If a show is too serious or grim all the time, then many viewers will be fed up with it after a point on. But throwing in an occasional camel toe, oh that offers variety and a silver lining to every black cloud. That is all sweet and well intended but it also happens to be meta-logic. It doesn’t exist to serve the narrative but rather to make the viewing experience more palatable. And by that I mean taking something which could have been a well made serious and grimdark story, and turning it to an easily digestible mediocrity aimed at mass consumption. The very fact that makes it an easy watch is what ruins it in the longrun.

And sure, you can say this method works, because the show is very popular. And that will make you look like a complete idiot for trusting popularity to dictate what counts as good. Just because most anime fans are ronery manchildren with no taste or high demands, and because most creators are sleazy money grabbers who would sell their own mother if it makes them money, doesn’t mean that anything popular is excused to be a great show.

Someone even suggested viewing this show as if it has a lot of black humor, making fun of all the violence and the ideals other shonen have. I guess that can work, effectively making it guilty pleasure for those who hate Naruto. They will watch the first episode and be like: “This is not another Naruto! There is blood, and there is death, and there is no talk no jutsu! The hero kills his enemies; he doesn’t try to reason with them!” Oh wow, he doesn’t try to reason with his enemies, major improvement. Too bad this way nobody has depth or gives you any reason to care.

For all intents and purposes the characters in Naruto have far more depth than those in Akame ga Kill. Although the infamous “talk no jutsu” makes Naruto to look completely stupid, on paper it also means that he doesn’t try to solve all his problems with violence and death. He tries to have a dialogue with his enemies, reason with them, understand them, make them realize stuff they missed. Yes, it is childish and stupid if you are no longer a kid but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. If you are a kid, this makes complete sense and is even ten times better to the villains in Akame ga Kill who cannot be reasoned with. They are one dimensional cardboard villains, dry, and irredeemable. This is what makes them far more shallow and boring next to the ones from Naruto. At least there you had options; you could talk or fight. Over here you have no options; you can only fight them. How does that make them any better? Where is the character exploration?”

“It isn’t a relationship fueled by instinct like the relationship between a man and a woman, but a romance of logic between two people who need each other from the heart. I think the Saber route could have been told as a story through the ancient Greek views on love. That’s what makes Saber’s story so refreshing, and why she’s become such a popular character.”

“thats why i like saber and shirou romance
saber route didnt end with them together, but the relationship they had, with saber finally moving on from her regrets was great”

“Last Episode just show the peak of Shirou could be, he can’t reach it with neither Sakura nor Rin. It’s always with Saber.
In order for Shirou to get something deeper with Rin, he has to lose Saber to Caster. In order for him to be focused on Sakura, he has to lose Saber even earlier. Did you detect a pattern here?”

“>his peak is singlemindedly chasing after one girl his whole life so he gets admitted in Avalon”

“and thats a beautiful thing, he may have forgotten her face, her voice, etc, but the admiration he felt, the few days they spent together and the love he felt for her was never forgotte”

“Shirou vs. Archer was basically “fwap, fwap, uh oh his sword spam is beating my sword spam!” Compare that to Fate: Rider and Saber are fighting on the side of the building, they reach the top and Rider summons Pegasus, Saber draws Excalibur and it’s a fight between two Noble Phantasms, Rider gets cleaved by a ray of light. Or Berserker: uh oh, he’s here, get your panties on and stop masturbating Tohsaka, we’ve gotta fight the big guy now. I’ma throw arrows from muh crappy bow. Oh shit, Tohsaka got grabbed! Saber’s gonna use Excalibur but can’t so I’ll summon Caliburn!”

“It’s funny, the were always “NO LEADERS” but it was this very lack of strong, dedicated leaders with convictions and commitment that allowed the emergence of a bunch of petty opportunistic e-celeb warlords who contended for their share of the GG realm and the moronic GG asses throw themselves at these faggots’ feet. GG is what convinced me that libertarianism and anarchism are unworkable messes; populations, be they nations or “consumer revolts”, require hierarchy, organization, and virtuous leaders of merit who wield authority.”

“They ended up getting leaders the moment the journalists threw them a bone. It’s hilarious if not sad.”

“>don’t pick leaders
No that’s one of their problems, they had no real leaders. It’s the same problem with democratic governance: we don’t want a real leader with real authority, but we will empower milquetoast opportunistic media figures with little cults of personality and celebrity surrounding them. That describes Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, George Bush as well as Sargon, MundaneMatt, TotalBiscuit. “Leaderless” masses always empower the shittiest of people as defacto, if not dejure, leaders.”

“GG needs leaders, but it, just like any other body, most certainly does not need democratically elected leaders, but rather leaders forged in the fires of battle, who emerge to the top of the heap due to their merit and virtuous characters. Alas, GG is leftist libertarian demotic feelgood handholding bleedingheart shitfest and not conducive to baptisms by fire or growth through competition or meritocracy, so it won’t get the leaders it needs but will get the leaders its moronic majority deserves: opportunistic fucks who’ll take them for a ride and ditch them when get bored, if GGers are lucky; if they’re unlucky they’ll select fifth columnists and traitors who will sell them out to their enemies. This is what democracy and leftist politics gets ya.”

“GG will always be shit because they don’t want the power to impose their will on reality.
Someone like George Soros can just will something to happen because he can throw millions of dollars at it. That’s the money, clout, and POWER to impose your will on the world. GG whining isn’t power. It will always fail against everything else because everything has more power than nothing. “Muh moral highground” is a complete fucking joke. No one cares about that shit. Write it on your tombstone.”

“Just so you know, “It’s (actually) about ethics in gaming journalism” is a meme the opposition try to spread in order to limit the scope of GG. For example, questioning the Common Core have resulted in shill statements of “what does this have to do with ethics in games journalism?”.”

“I do know that, which is why I said it’s bullshit. It is unbelievable how many people on GGHQ fall for that shit. If you run a business, like I do, ethics is out the window because it sometimes gets in the way of getting shit done and making people happy. No one in the real world cares about ethics unless it deals with healthcare professionals, the police, etc. You should also know that the more powerful you are, the more likely your moral/ethical code is different from the plebs.”

“The disappointing or embarrassing thing depending on your perspective, is how easily you faggots could have won
the amount of shit the average SJW figurehead has left in their trail on the internet is enough to choke a donkey from the stench alone. If this was politics – and in a sense, it really is – you would be able to character assassinate your opponent overnight with the freebies these mongoloids have left for you to find.
But you didn’t because you won’t and you won’t because you think being moral champions means a fucking thing. Yeah you’re the “good” guys – but no one gives a shit.
SJWs are gouging the eyes and kicking the balls, you guys are still trying to box pretty.
Again, you’re playing the game with Machiavellians. They’re aren’ smart but they’re not principled, they will do whatever it takes to “win”. You guys are more concerned with trying to look and be better.”

“I see, it WAS another test. He’s a building a counter narrative. It’ll be interesting to see what he’ll do with it.”

“>he’s an old guy, he doesn’t know to take gamers seriously!
>he’s a new guy, he needs to be told that “testing” people doesn’t engender goodwill!

I’m aware that any reaction at any point in time is just to give this guy the maximum benefit of doubt, but if one side is always getting “tested” that means the other side is getting “played”. And I don’t mean the SJW side. It’s one thing to recognize that SPJ is in a position of power so they get to test us more than we get to test them, but somewhere along the way there’s self respect involved.”

“Your next line will be “Koretzky was only pretending to be retarded”.”

“It’s not the tests that infuriate me. It is the fact that after 9 months we have to keep proving ourselves. And for what? For a more than likely ruseman to call us out the moment he personally perceives we failed one of the ten thousand tests? But amusingly enough, a pedophile cried about harassment and didn’t have to jump through 11 hoops nor tests to prove his point. Automatically, we are the harassers and there is no point discussing it.”

“This stuff is very sadly common. Games media aren’t the only places that steal smaller site’s content, forum posts, etc.
We take it for granted because chan culture is one where if people steal your content and repost it, it’s a good thing.
>wooo I made OC and it’s an ebin maymay now!
We don’t have anything to lose from this stuff. But sites that depend on their content to generate revenue so they can continue to keep making content do.
And the little ones constantly get ripped off. If you follow tech media, wccftech is a huge site that does this. They’ve started to get better since people started to call them out, but they would do shit like take forum posts about rumors at face value and then call it their “source”, to make it sound like they have industry connections to get information.
Things are fucked up, to say the least, with internet media.
Brandon can’t really speak up, but other people should. What we need Brandon to start doing is start archiving his stuff as soon as it’s posted to keep the release date active, then archive the copies and let gamergate do their thing.”

“I know ESPN would do this to Deadspin, SI, Fox Sports, etc., by calling them referencing them “Insider sources” or use language like “ESPN has learned” to make it sound like they were the ones that found it.”

“I don’t see no black n white couples in England nor America walkin around proud holdin their children.”
“That’s because society’s […] we gotta educate people around here.”
“Well life is too short for me to be catchin hell for something like that. I’d rather go with my own. Have a beautiful daughter, beautiful wife, they look like me and I won’t have no trouble. I ain’t in love with no woman to go through all that hell; aint no one woman that good.”

“Until recently the major source of production was labor. It is egalitarian in that almost everyone is born capable of labor. Technological innovation and invention have reduced the amount of human labor necessary for production. Human muscle power was replaced first by animal and now by machine. Machines today far exceed the human capacity for strength, dexterity, endurance, accuracy and precision. The missing piece in the doom of the value of human labor is AI.
It’s not skynet you need to worry about it’s that when AI truly arrives it will make human labor worthless.”

“What keeps many companies from jumping ship to another country when they get pissed because their country’s high tariffs are cutting into their business dealings? We’ll either see corporations and government constantly clashing or one taking over the other.
We would need to have production back, and we would need to produce the best quality at the best price, (or best price relative to quality). That would require having foreign markets we sell lower quality shit to at increased prices, while we use those profits to keep the domestic product prices reasonable, product quality high, and still allow the executives to have their fat pay cheques. The U.S. used to do this.
Now thanks to globalization, businesses sell shit quality products to the world, including their own countries, using cheap foreign labour that borders on slavery, and pocket the tons of extra money they collect from the inflated prices they sell their cheap goods for. It may take $0.10 to manufacture something in the PRC, but they’ll sell it on a shelf in the U.S. for $10.00, and collect ridiculous profits. The country who wins the opportunity to manufacture these goods is the one who provides the lowest cost working conditions, even at the risk of their own people’s lives.
Welcome to global slavery.”

“If we both agree that someone of my position would eventually arrive at this idea with this attitude, what exactly is it we are arguing about?”

“> “The crisis of masculinity is caused by, coincidentally, all these things men like and feminists find threatening, and TOTALLY NOT by the stranglehold of feminism on our culture demonizing anything masculine.”
I’ll be the first to say that too much video games and porn can have negative effects, but come the fuck on. This is like looking at a guy who has to wake up every morning, be held down, and take a savage beating. Then when he develops alcoholism and neurosis because of this, you say “Aha! Alcohol’s you’re problem” and refuse to let him drink.”

“Farmers lived in boxes too.”
“No, they lived on the land, and the land is a square. A square with an open sky.”
“Technically that’s a box too.”
“But if a box is big enough it’s not a box anymore.”
“Only to the person inside.”
“That’s the only perspective that matters.”

“When was the last time you saw a major Western game focus on an utterly non-violent, non-deviant form of romance? Not that here I mean a game where the romance was the focus, not beating up the bad guys or getting through the next area, but just the romance. Has that EVER happened in a Western game that didn’t adopt Japanese stylings to do so? Whereas hundreds upon hundreds of games in Japan focus solely on romance, with no ulterior goal. And while, yes, most games do have hentai scenes in this case, is that not the natural course of things? Let’s be honest people.
But even then, many don’t. One of my favorites (Amagami) is delightfully devoid of any H-scenes, and focuses completely on the love between characters. It’s touching and just ultimately a feel-good story. I can’t think of a Western game that doesn’t just have violence for the sake of violence. And yet, fanservice of the smallest degree is immediately put down in the West as vile.”

“To be honest I have become kind of tired of having to read some kind of deep or wise meaning into “famous” quotes. If what somebody says sounds retarded upon a first reasonable reading, then I’m just going to go ahead and assume he’s retarded.”

“Shrewd women have long known how to manipulate the male protective urge for their own ends. The feminist attack on heterosexuality and the family is directed against husbands and fathers for reasons of public relations. No one will sign up for a campaign against women or children, but many men can easily be made to condemn other men. The result is that young men today are in an impossible situation. If they seek a mate they are predators; if they find one they are date rapists; if they want to avoid the whole ordeal they are immature and irresponsible for not committing.”

“We all know aliens exist.”
“Yah they’re called Mexicans.”

“>”Why are you questioning my gamer cred?”
>”If someone says they are a gamer, then they are a gamer!”

Has anyone else had this happen to them before? Calling someone out since they obviously have no idea what they are talking about with video games. And then they get super defensive about how they really and truly are a gamer and love video games, since they had an N64 growing up. When the fact of the matter is, owning a console doesn’t mean anything, it’s really what games you played on it.

Is this solely from the fact that being a gamer is the “cool” thing to be now? That the majority of people are faking it to try and seem “cool” to their friends, so when you put that into question they lose face in their group? Or is there something I’m missing about this?”

“Not only it’s the “cool” thing now, it’s also suffering from occupation of spaces by women, especially feminists. Not-beautiful women have a good target market to find a better partner and having their ego boosted inside the “gamer culture” too.”

“This topic really gets my goat because of how much of a double standard there is between other mediums and games.
Imagine someone who’s only read Harry Potter or Twilight. Nobody would call this person a reader.
Imagine someone who’s only listened to modern pop music. Nobody would say that person is into music.
Imagine someone who only watches summer blockbusters. Nobody would call this person a film aficionado.
Imagine someone who watched the Superbowl once or twice. Nobody would call this person a football fan.
So why is it that someone is a gamer if they played two fucking seconds of Angry Birds?”

“Most people in this hobby are nothing but fucking posers. I used to say this years ago on a youtube channel I ran that crawled up to a few thousand subs, and I’ll say it again: People want to be a gamer, but no one really wants to “BE” a gamer.

When I was a kid, and we’re talking early to mid 80s here, playing videos games made you the class faggot. Your head was dunked in toilets, your face was a magnet for spitballs and even teachers made fun of your hobby. I could sit here for hours and regale you with stories about how my gaming, through all of my childhood, made me a target. Me and my friends treated our games like crack. We hid them, only traded them under cover of darkness and tried best to not reveal our love of them…because when we did, we were flung into walls and spit on.

But somewhere around the 2000s, gaming suddenly became the cool thing. The jocks gamed, the popular kids gamed…I saw this in the shitty little kids I was hiring at work. They’d come in, popular little pampered shits talking about which girl they were boning that night, and in between conquest stories they’d talk about the games they were playing. It boggled my mind. When I was a kid, talking about games got you blacklisted. Once you were outed as a gamer, back in the 80s and early 90s, your ass was toast.

You can see it online starting around then too. I first started fucking around online in 1996, and about 10 years later, the gaming communities starting filling up with poser assholes. Even “Hardcore” communities started slipping. Hell, even the RPG Codex, as hardcore as they are suppose to be, have faggots on their who give BioWare a pass and think Skyrim wasn’t that bad.

What I’m saying is, gaming is the cool badge now. Or, well, it was from about 2005-2013. Now it’s something to be ashamed of again, but for the longest time there it was something mainstream wannabes did to earn nerd cred.

Especially females, you if they are average looking and have no skills, start weaseling into the gamer community because they know most gamers are virgins and desperate for pussy…so you get plain Jane cunts like Felicia Day coming in and instantly being showered with digital jizz because the virgin warlock nerd thinks a woman is finally loving him for his hobby. Have tits? Start a twitch, open up a pay pal…bam…you’re fucking rich. Make sure you wear a revealing top too!
90% of chicks out there can’t game. Period. Go look up the “Frag Dolls” Casual cunts that are so pathetic they refuse to play shooters on PC and when you bring up that they only play console FPS’s, they ban you from their forums. Posers, every fucking single one of them.

Pay your fucking dues. If you really want to be a nerd, if you really want to be a gamer, then buck the fuck up and live the god damn life you little mainstream shits. Dig out Temple of Elemental Evil and beat it with the CO8 mod on full. Instead of jerking it to the snorefest that is Fallout 3 or NV, go play FO1 and 2 and learn what a real fucking CRPG is for once in your fucking life. Ditch your iron sight baby shit and play a real FPS like Painkiller. Your little non-games like “To the moon” and shit where you brag about having no combat and yet it’s still an RPG? Shove it up your fucking ass. You aren’t a real gamer.

A real gamer bleeds for this hobby. A real gamer has a shit ton of games lined up on a fucking shelf that they’ve been collecting for 30 fucking years and can build a gaming rig in his sleep.
People can laugh at this, I don’t give a shit. It’s fact. This is how it is. You know if you’ve paid your dues. You know, deep down, if you’re a gamer or not…and the vast majority of people calling themselves that nowadays (Or at least before Anti-GG made it uncool again) are fakers and bandwagon jumpers.”

“Except you got most of it wrong.
You weren’t bullied for playing videogames, you were bullied for being an antisocial fuck, and a weak one at that.
Got shoved against walls and spat on? Congratulations on being the little beta bitch of the entire school.
Teachers made fun of your precious little vidya?
Of course they would, they all think it’s nothing but a waste of time, a no-return investment no sane person would sink money into, and you’re doing just that.
And yet, we used to visit arcades after school and play there for hours, the same group of friends from school, girls included. No “gamrrr grills” as you know them nowdays, just normal fucking people sinking money into arcades and having a good time.
We even had a couple of shy, stuttering fags in our midst, fags just like you and said fags never got into any kind of trouble, hell they even managed to open up a bit and turn into almost normally functioning people.
This shit still happened pre-nineties.
Maybe you got unlucky and found yourself friendless and surrounded by bullies, and I feel sorry for you, but I’m pretty fucking sure it’s not the videogames’ fault.
Aniway, this all “gamer” shit is just another retarded way of labeling yourself, these idiots are trying to polish their little label and make it shine so they get to show it off.
“Being a gamer” means fucking nothing other than the person using it being a shallow whore and having no character of his own.”

“>mfw tabletop games will still be too complex for casuals and pseudo-gamers to enjoy even after all their PRUHGRESSIV bullshit infects them.”

“2 words
Narrative Systems
[They’re] Very light on rules, little to no balancing, a lot of the book is just advice and guidelines for piecing everything together yourself, and the general golden rule is not to step on any toes, because narrative systems tend to give way more power to the players, because having the GM control everything is just too oppressive for some people.
Narrative systems eschew the usual set up of having a single storyteller with the majority of the narrative control and instead go for a collaborative approach to playing a game, which tends to put everyone in control, or at least give players various tools and mechanics to use that allow them to guide or change the story.
Combine this with shit like the X Card (essentially a Trigger card that forces people to retcon to avoid offending other players) and general SJW lack of creativity and you end up with systems that are largely devoid of interesting ideas that are so bland and aimless that any hipster faggot can feel like they are pretentious high-brow connoisseurs of an obscure hobby.”


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