Mar 17 – Apr 25

“I really, really, really hope the myth that girls are the hopeless romantics gets kicked to the curb ASAP. Everyone needs to realize that men are the “romantics pretending to be realists” and women; vice versa”

“Why are girls always the ones that forget?”
“[A]nime is for primarily a male audience who would never forget any girl that once showed them affection.”
“Because men are the true romantics.
Because men value love, women love value.
Because women have to find a way cope when their men are defeated.”

“I’ve always been a romantic, and I have yet to see a single case of a woman who truly loves a man the same way he loves a woman. It’s a pity because in 2D women are always loyal, faithful, romantic… It’s pretty obvious how those 2D women are written by men.”

“It’s actually men, you’ll find, who are the far more romantic. Men are the people you will hear say, “I’ve found somebody. She’s -amazing-. If I don’t get to be with this person, I’m fucked. I can’t carry on. I mean it. She’s totally transformed my life. I have a job, I have a flat… it all means nothing. I can’t stand it, I HAVE to be with her!” THAT… is how women feel about shoes.”

“When she said, “You’re a nice person,” I knew I had no chance. Women don’t look for niceness in a man. “A nice person” is an expression they use pityingly to someone so shallow and uninteresting that they sense no mystery in him.”

“Women don’t forget things that can be used against you.”

“[W]aifu as a phenomenon isn’t as strange as it might appear or as unique. On the surface, it’s just some weird person idolizing a fictional character whom they’ve deemed as their metaphorical partner. But historically speaking, it has some precedence. People, I hope, have heard of Ancient Greece’s nine muses whom you’d invoke before pursuing specific (artistic) activities (history, various forms of poetry, etc.) As time went on, the idea is, sort of, congealed into, and embodied by, a single, personally idealized muse.

This was Beatrice for Dante. In fiction, this is Annabel Leigh for Humbert Humbert in Nabokov’s Lolita. For Poe, it was a blend of multiple women whom he had lost during his life. Although he had dismissed the concept of the muse as a source of artistic inspiration and creation, he stated that melancholy is most poetical when it is the death of a (beautiful) woman:

“Of all melancholy topics what, according to the universal understanding of mankind, is the most melancholy?” Death, was the obvious reply. “And when,” I said, “is this most melancholy of topics most poetical?” From what I have already explained at some length the answer here also is obvious- “When it most closely allies itself to Beauty: the death then of a beautiful woman is unquestionably the most poetical topic in the world, and equally is it beyond doubt that the lips best suited for such topic are those of a bereaved lover.”

The aspect of idealization can be found, again, in an Ancient Greek tale, although according to my book it was found originally in Ovid’s Metamorphoses: The Tale of Pygmalion and Galatea. Pygmalion was a sculptor who was, again to what my book says, a woman hater. Now he goes into seclusion and starts sculpting an idealized woman. He then, during a festival honoring Venus, prayed to her who heeded his prayer and animated his sculpture with whom Pygmalion fell in love (even further).

However, I would say there is a key difference between the idealization of women in days past (with exception of Humbert Humbert) and today, and that would be the corruption of this idea by its sexualization. But, perhaps, this may be an incorrect way of thinking about it considering that we have a writer’s/poet’s “polished” publication. They could have just kept their more lewd fantasies locked away, which is quite plausible.”

“I’d say the recent advent of sexualization of waifus is because of how accessible it medium has become. I think that it producing a quality doujin is relatively much easier than producing a quality piece of ero fanfic or a quality painting/sculpture. And because of the ease of producing something high in quality, it has became easier to gain reputation as well as a solid fanbase for support, which in turn legitimatizes the author, which then allows the author to produce more work. In contrast to back then where ero stuff was harder to make its way around which discourages the author to produce more work. Plus, I doubt the idea of waifus, in the idealized female sense, was less wide spread back then, therefore sexualization wasn’t there just because of the lack of source material.”

“One of the problems with expensive high tech stuff is that is designed to do a specific job.

We have built an air force designed to seize air superiority from another high tech air force, and we are using it to bomb goat herders.

We could do this cheaper and better with a piston driven aircraft like the A-1 sky raider.

You don’t need the super cool stealth bomber for these guys.

The B-29 super fortresses was designed to be a high altitude bomber, It has an advanced system of guns to protect it from fighters and was the first military aircraft to have a pressurized cockpit.

When it got to the Pacific, Curtis Lemay ordered the guns strips off of them,, the Japanese airforce had no fuel anymore so the threat from fighters was nominal.

They flew low because Japanese anti air craft guns fired shells that exploded at a set altitude instead of impact. The shells would pass through the air craft doing minimal damage.

As for the precision bombing the plane was built for, the crews trained to do.. Lemay loaded the planes with napalm and carpet bombed Tokyo into one giant fire storm.

We don’t know what the future holds, so we need to be able to be flexible.”

“I fucking hate the EMP bullshit that came into mainstream scifi in the 90s. We’ve known about EMP since the 50s, we’ve harded our shit since the 60s. At this point even saturation bombing of the upper atmosphere with small h-bombs wouldn’t knock out shilt. Most proposed EM warfare is directed radiation by close sources against aircraft to blind them. EMP is bullshit, faraday cages bitches.”

“why is EVERYONE in videogames nowadays a fucking pendulum.”

“This shit bothers me so much in games without a defined protag

Every time you enter dialogue you have the same good – meh – Evil cunt choices and even if you roleplay as a specific type the fact that the other options are present makes me feel like I’m playing a schizophrenic character that might burst out at any given second with completely opposite behaviour”

“It would make far more sense if you start the game neutral with some slightly negative and slightly positive options. As the game learns which way you are leaning, more extreme options become available on the side that you have been focusing on. Naturally a guy who has been good the entire game is not going to suddenly do something crazy, and in fact it’s not even in his repertoire of behaviors. As a guy who has been a law abiding citizen all my life, it’s simply impossible for me to go steal a car. Likewise, a guy who beats his wife and starts bar fights is incapable of being caring and kind on a significant level, so that option should not be there.

If you were playing a good guy the whole game and decide you want to be bad, you would pick the slightly more negative options and over time your character will evolve into a negative guy and the more extreme actions will become available.

That’s how real people work. You don’t just go from good to evil overnight. It’s a process. You start by mouthing off a bit, next you straight up insult people, then you punch people in the face, then you kill people for crossing you.”

“That would be a great idea, but voice acting eats into production time and budget and is why CRPG’s have gone to shit ever sense Dragon Age. Go back to Baldur’s Gate or Planescape and there where often 5 to 10 choices per most dialogue interactions. A huge part of budget now is tied up in voice actors and animation. Which is also why they spend millions on advertising because they need to guarantee sales to make a profit. Modern consumers/general audience are not interesting in reading anymore after the innovation of providing a fully voice acted narrative.”

“Anyone here played Deus Ex Human Revolution? Remember the “free upgrade” from that?

The way I see it, a company needs to make money some way, if their giving software away for free, and not selling it, then how are they making their money?

Data-Mining and the app-store

Microsoft is jelly at two things right now, Google dominating the search-engine market, and all the drones spending money on apples I-store.

Google’s search engine is considered the most accurate due to the vast amounts of data-mining they do. They can accomplish this because “everyone uses google” and there is google ad’s and tracking built into a ton of websites too. Microsoft wants to increase Bings potential, buy putting data-mining right into the operating system, this is why their giving it to as many people as possible. “everyone” might use google as their search engine of choice, but “everyone” uses windows to do so.

The next thing as some have pointed out, is the app-store. Rather than sell you an operating system, they want to give you a platform that can be used to sell you other shit, “apps”. Who knows where this will lead, perhaps they will just sell shit like match-3 games and hipster-bait to anyone dumb enough to buy it. or they’ll make it so “free” software becomes incompatible or more awkward to use, and offer up their own “apps” that accomplish similar things, for a price.”

“A superhero is only someone that tidies up events that have already taken place. You will definitely not be able to save the people you want to save the most.”

“A king is someone who kills everyone to protect everyone.”

“Follow-through is not intended to ascertain if the arrow has hit the target. An arrow has hit the target before it is released: the archer lets the arrow go according to this image.”

“You seem to be the one thinking the most, but you’re actually the one who thinks the least.”

“There is nothing that remains in our hands, but we lived the same time and looked up at the same things. If I can remember that — I can believe that we can be together even if we are far apart.”

“If you fight for ideals, you can only save ideals. You cannot save people.”

“The only thing that saves a person is their own will and actions. A salvation brought on by others is like money: once used, it will only go on to someone else.”

“Meaning is inversely related to the proportion of one’s power over the perceived scope of the task in question.
In other words, something one has complete control over is meaningless. Or rather more accurately, believing one has complete control over something will make it meaningless.
See: science, self-empowerment culture, american international attitude.”

“I wonder why SJW hate big breasts so much, the female SJW’s i understand for them it’s just petty jealousy, but the guys i can;t understand, did their mothers not breastfeed them or something?”

“I think they just hate mothers and motherly things in general.
Basically they hate responsibility.”

“You know what wasn’t obnoxious? All the shit he did. The fuck off huge catalog full of shit I cannot even find online.
We just lost a resource which doesn’t exist in such an alternative form on the English speaking internet and all you have to say is that you didn’t like the guys attitude? I don’t care if the guy thought he was the second coming of christ, it didn’t stop him bending over backwards for the sake of /djt/. It didn’t stop him creating something and working like a dog to make it easier for some of us to study. It didn’t stop the guy putting together a two and a half thousand mothering fucking ebook of a website most of /djt/ seems to hate just because some anon made a random request for it.
Fuck you.
Fuck your ego.
Fuck your arrogance.
I’d rather lose a thousand posters like you than one who is able to create something like the CoR. Say what you want about him but the fact is he

“The people will always demand easily understandable evil to reassure themselves of their own goodness.”

“”California doesn’t have a water problem, they have a price problem”

Yes, raising the prices so that people can’t afford water and thus have to move out of state resulting in fewer people left thus theoretically lowering the price of water will solve the water problem.

We can’t admit that there’s no way that the amount and flow of water left and the current state of local politics makes most options difficult, so we’ll just paint everything in terms of dollar signs and say the free market can fix everything.

Fucking economists.”

“Question 60: Were they terrorists in Aleppo, or were they moderates?
President Assad: In Aleppo? No, you don’t have any moderate militants in Syria.
Question 61: No moderate militants in Syria? So the definition of a terrorist is what?
President Assad: Of terrorism? Whenever you hold a gun, and kill people, and destroy public buildings, destroy private properties, that’s terrorism.
Question 62: So, anyone who opposed your government in Syria, and used military tactics, was a terrorist.
President Assad: With military tactics, or without?
Question 63: Using weapons to-
President Assad: The word opposition, everywhere in the world, including your country, is a political opposition. Do you have military opposition in the United States? Would you accept it? You wouldn’t, and we wouldn’t. No-one accepts military opposition.
Question 64: It’s one thing to say to say there’s military opposition. It’s another thing to call them terrorists.
President Assad: Military opposition is terrorism. Whenever you hold a gun, a machinegun, and you try to destroy and kill and threaten, this is terrorism, by every definition in the world. It’s not my definition. Whenever you want to make opposition, it’s going to be political opposition, like your country, you have the same criteria, we don’t have different criteria from the one you have in the United States or in Europe or anywhere else.”

“>I am fundamentally useless outside of a limited number of skills that just happen to be useful to a select few people.
Everyone is useless to this extent. Every last person on this planet. Employment, socialization, rearing a family, and many other avenues of escape from relentless introspection are ways to drown out this realization.”

“In the mind, the logic comes before the name.
In the world, the name comes before the logic.”

“Marriage is literally the keystone of society. Society functions only when the following statements are true:
1. Men want sex
2. To have sex, a man must marry a woman
3. To marry a woman, a man must impress her father
4. To impress her father, a man must have a good job or prospects
Without marriage, there is no reason to have a job beyond subsistence: there’s no reason to do anything but the bare minimum. Without the prospect of marriage, there is nothing to prevent men from fucking off into the woods and hunting and fishing all day, or from playing video games and holding a minimum-wage part-time job.”

“It’s worth noting that in most social mammals, there are two competing strategies for sexual success in males, the alpha and the rogue.

The alpha is a sexually dominant male who takes possession of a large number of females, mates with them, and attempts to defend them from other males. Other males who allow this and do not attempt to mate with the females are beta males. Males who challenge the alpha either succeed and become the new alpha, submit and become a beta, or leave the group and become a rogue. A rogue will continue to attempt to mate with females while the alpha continues to defend them.

Note that who the females WANT to mate with is effectively irrelevant. If an alpha is capable of defending them from rogues, he is strong, and worthy of passing on his genes. If the rogue is capable of mating with the alpha’s females, he is strong, and worthy of passing on his genes. In this context, whether or not the female wants to mate with a given male is simply another test of fitness. If the male (whether he’s an alpha or a rogue) can overcome the female’s attempts to avoid mating, he is strong, and worthy of passing on his genes.

It’s important to understand the origin of the word “rape”; classically, rape was not a crime against the woman in question, rape was a crime against the father of the woman or against her husband. In this context, the crime of rape and there inherent consequences are a tool used by “alphas” to defend their mates from “rogues” and should be viewed in this context.”

“For the people who are saying “but oh /pol/ is always complaining about niggers raping white women”, that isn’t an inconsistency. Throughout most of human history, rape was viewed as a property crime, and this is why it actually offends us, not because we see rape as inherently wrong. White women are the property of white men, and when a nigger rapes a white women, he is violating our collective property, so it is understandable that we would be more outraged over interracial rapes than normal rapes.

If you doubt what I’m saying, ask any guy what he would do if he had the powers of invisibility, and 9 out of 10 times, the first thing he’ll say if he’s honest is that he would rape. This shows that most men really don’t object to the crime of rape in itself. What bothers us is the idea of our wife/gf/crush/sister/mother/daughter/etc. having sex with another man. If we really care about them, we might to a lesser extent be troubled by the thought of their suffering, but in most cases, this isn’t our main concern. We merely don’t want to see our women become damaged goods and/or be cuckolded.”

“>the transmisogyny is gone
>they believe this.

No, that’s not how this works. from now on, whenever the game is brought up, the game will forever have an asterisk by it, that this game was edited, that the developers pandered to controversy. screenshots of the original poem will prop up. this is what the game is now notable for. the only noteworthy things about this game are that it was kickstartered and that there was a controversy about a backer joke.

you silly person, you didn’t remove the joke, you highlighted it for everyone to read forever, and tied it to yourself as part of the controversy. you might not realize it now but you will eventually. Embrace it, it’s yours.


“We have become the scapegoat.

While others fight back against the cliques that have invaded our mediums, we shoulder the blame. We allow them to continue on, unnoticed, as their enemies focus on the people with big red targets on their backs.”

“All these stories certainly make it appear that, in the brave new world of the sexual revolution, the man’s position is stronger than under monogamy while the woman’s is weaker. In fact, nothing could be farther from the truth. Let me pose a simple question which Shalit never considers. It used to be that there was roughly one girl for every boy; if men now have harems, where are the extra women coming from?

The answer is equally simple and obvious. Most men do not have harems, of course, and there are no more women than formerly. Some men have harems because women “liberated” from monogamy mate only with unusually attractive men. This situation demonstrates not the weakness of the woman’s position but its strength. If the male sex instinct were the primary determinant of mating, the overall pattern would be the most attractive women getting gang-banged. ”

“When women claim to be seeking kindness, respect, a sense of humor, etc., they mean at most that they would like to find these qualities in the men who are already within their erotic field of view. When a man asks what women are looking for, he is trying to find out how he can get into that field of view. Women do not normally say, either because they do not know themselves or because it embarrasses them to speak about it. The advice they do give harms a lot of lonely men who mistakenly concentrate their mating effort on showing kindness and courtesy to ungrateful brats rather than working to gain the things females actually respond to.”

“One of the keys to deciphering female speech is that the term “men” signifies for them only the very restricted number of men they find sexually attractive.”

“During their nubile years, many women are at least as concerned with turning male desire off (i.e., telling the 99% to drop dead) as with turning it on (getting Mr. Alpha to commit): they get more offers of
attention than they have time to process. Cunning feminists, many of them lesbians, have exploited this circumstance to the hilt, convincing naive young women they are being “harassed.””

“The chief point of distinction, in fact, is that the women’s unhappiness is largely the result of their own poor judgment and behavior; the men’s often is not.”

“Consider popular romance fiction, that most feminine of literary genres: its key term is “passion,” which implies passivity. A hero simply appears on the scene; the helplessness of the heroine to resist him is strongly emphasized. He sweeps her up in his big, strong arms and carries her off to a realm of endless, blissful feelings. He does, while she merely is.”

“Or again, Shalit recounts an incautious 1:00 a.m. visit of hers to a summer camp counselor’s bedroom when she was a tender fifteen: “One evening, I suddenly found myself [my emphasis] one floor above
the room in which I usually slept. This room, as it happens, was the bedroom of my instructor. I don’t recall exactly the circumstances under which I had alighted there . . . .” (RM, pp. 184-85). A man might
be tempted to point out that it probably involved putting one foot in front of the other. I do not wish to be too rough on a girl of fifteen, but when thousands of adult women complain about “finding themselves”
in bed with men who have no interest in marrying them, it is harder to be indulgent.”

“The problem with a passive mindset is that it involves an abdication of personal responsibility. Shalit wants our sympathy for the way her female interviewees are treated by their boyfriends, but she carefully avoids mentioning how the men got to be their boyfriends. In every case, it happened because the women chose them. The rule of nature is that males display while females choose.”

“Beauty is the enemy in degenerate western society. The first step to getting people to accept an ugly and brutal society is to get them to accept ugliness in their ideals. People who embrace ugliness are often ugly on the inside as well. Removing beauty to appeal to the hateful ugly people is cutting the throat of hope for a better future. Instead of improving, we drag everything down to the ugliest lowest common denominator. A race to the bottom for the sake of ugly people who used ugly methods to gain ugly misbegotten wealth.”

“Beauty requires discipline
Beauty requires practice
Beauty requires passion

Beauty is something refined by the discipline of the artist, their constant practice, and their passion to see something through to the end.

The west is filled with artists who possess none of those things and are addicted to instant-gratification. They’re not only addicted to it, but they’re dependent on it and the non-standards set by modern art. If you have actual talent, I fear for you because you’ll be the spite of every non-artist around you. They’ll see what talent and dedication you poured into your work and what skills you invested in yourself. All of their jealousy, insecurity, and more will be projected onto you and your work.

I don’t know if you’ve ever dealt with traitors and backstabbers, but the art world is filled with them. You could say the same thing for institutions of any kind these days, but it’s all the more pathetic when you’re dealing with untalented hipsters who have nothing to offer, literally nothing but being a waste of time, money, energy, space, and proof that some things do not warrant existence. And they will want to bring you down with them. “

“I understand why moe is popular now.

Using the capitalist worldview, everything is trying to sell something. Stories thus are trying to sell something. Some stories sell adventure, some others inspiration – or at least that’s what they used to sell; these days the best of what we have is ironically mocking stupidity (The Big Bang Theory), flashy nothings (Michael Bay et. all), and collections of big names for the sake of collecting big names (Expendables, Avengers, Fast and Furious).

With worldwide economic depression and population/demographic instability on top of blank check ideology saying change is good with corruption and hypocrisy showing through the cracks at every other turn, moe rises because of a critical “new market”. It’s the oldest “market” for storytelling there is, but one that has been disdained and thrown away by the public because of how overused and exploited it’s been in every field. In a sense the genre’s distinction shows it too is a last-ditch exploitation, as it relies on the image of innocent young girls in order to function.
Moe sells “hope”.”

“The soul of a nation is a prize that can never be obtained by the proletariat.

Any struggle for power is merely a battle between ideologically-opposed elites.

Anyone who denies this is either a tool, or a user of tools looking for recruits.”

“Your main fear about tyranny is that it can be abused, but what you don’t realize is that we already live in one. Our nations are owned by corporations, our governments by individuals, our future by banks, and our unborn children by debt. We’re slaves, and, unlike in tyranny, where the fault could be easily placed at the feet of half a dozen of individuals (who would constantly live in fear of assassination), here it’s divided amongst invisible organizations, committees, lobbyists, and other ne’er-do-wells who are protected by an impenetrable shield of anonymity because their dirty laundry never gets aired due to them having control over the mass media.

And nothing ever gets done in time or without corruption, if it gets done at all. Issues that could be sanitized within seconds instead rot unresolved for years, weeping like open sores while we kvetch at each other like hens, pulling out our hair in desperation as our very civilization falls apart and dies around us.

And through it all, power coalesces in the hands of the unworthy, the ignorant, the despicable, the greedy, the sadistic, and the cruel. Tyranny is inevitable, which is why I wrote that any battle fought for the soul of a society takes place between elites of opposing ideologies. If we must have tyranny – and we must, because humanity work through hierarchies, and power has a habit of accruing in the hands of the few – then we should at least forge societal organs and fail-safes that will keep our tyrants working for *us*, instead of us slaving away for *them*.”

“Every American should be living like a king. If your elites were half-decent (instead of full-blown genocidal freaks and psychopaths), you’d be enjoying a 3-day work week, your wife could stay at home looking after your 4 kids, you’d have a huge house, another one in the country for holidays, and a fucking mini-yacht.

America is ridiculously rich in everything from brains to manpower to resources, is surrounded by weak neighbors, protected by a pair of oceans, has all the land necessary for demographic growth, never has to worry about invasion or technological inferiority, and yet, despite all that, is a festering pile of steaming shit. The entire country is an exercise in brainwashing. It’s like someone sat down and asked, “How long can we keep pushing our goyim into servitude and poverty before they snap?”

You know what the answer was?


“>The US isn’t a democracy. It is republic based on Platonic Ideas which are fascist which why the US now a corporate market fascist state.

The US is about as fascist as the Congo. Fascism has unity at its core, while the main doctrine of modern-day US is equality, aka disunity through demographic replacement.”

“The biggest lie these “tech companies” tell is that that they’re tech companies at all. Just because you have an app or a website as your product doesn’t mean you’re in the business of technology. But that doesn’t sound as sexy as the idea that you’re part of some new “disruptive” paradigm even though you’re doing nothing more than making yet another social media app to try to glue consumers’ eyeballs to more ads.

I’m a grad student in computer science and it’s sad to see how much talent is being squandered on making trinkets and diversions. We’re using machine learning to, of all things, figure out how best to predict what mental buttons to push to get the consumer to empty their wallets in our direction. Rather than improving or liberating humanity we’re focusing attention on how to essentially hack the brain into behaving the way we want.

My area of study is virtual reality, and my dream has been for VR to help educate people and make life more livable for everyone (when the perceived quality of luxury items is a mere result of rendering bits the way you like, suddenly the resource concerns of the planet are reduced). But what’s going to happen is we’ll find ways of isolating people into virtual hugboxes, and decreasing ownership so we’re just paying for “licenses” to our lives and reality like endless renters.

So much effort is wasted. In the world of networking and messaging, it’s basically a problem computer scientists solved in the 70s, but yet we have every big and small company trying to build their own new messaging system, not because they provide any real benefit, but because they want control over the users. They want to own the platform so they can own the userbase and increase their own perceived value because now they have the opportunity to beam ads into the eyeballs of the users.

In most cases, there’s no long-term thinking, no hundred-year plan for humanity’s advancement. It’s like we look at Elon Musk’s work and decide that because there’s a non-zero number of people focusing on the future, that gives the rest of us license to waste our time and minds and resources of the next Candy Crush.

No one wants to take risks, so advancements in tech companies and academia are painfully slow and incremental, none of the big leaps of the past. How can you get grants for something so big and new, after all?

And then there’s all the efforts of “Learn to Code” movements. I don’t know what it is about programmers that makes them so ready to devalue their own labor. Note that the efforts to bring in “traditionally underrepresented groups” into coding aren’t focusing on problem-solving skills, or computer science – they’re focused on “coding” as if it’s nothing more than base-level literacy. We don’t actually need you to come up with real solutions to real problems, we just need an interchangeable cog in our enterprise solutions company to add feature X to our company web portal. This is the sort of environment that the flood of Indians and Chinese are excellent at over-optimizing toward, and that’s why they can memorize the big-O of all the sorting algorithms but end up so inept at actually figuring things out.”

“How was it?”
“It lacked… love.”
“What do you mean by “love”?”
“I apologize. I said it in a feminine manner. If I put it in a masculine manner, I’d call it disgraceful.”

“I wonder why “when to talk to your children about sex” is such a major concern in society, but never is there even a mention of “when to talk to your children about death”.”

“How a man’s identifying as a woman will personally affect me, you, or John Doe is irrelevant. What is relevant is whether we will make public policy and encourage social norms that reflect the truth about the human person and sexuality, or whether we will obfuscate the truth about such matters and sow the seeds of sexual confusion in future generations for years to come.”

“A world with power, but without greatness or hope.
A world with money, but the only things in it are “cool” and “sexy”.

fits in with triumvirate of media. two of them are using up the final crevices of things produced by other people, the third one being what all of it will look like once the first two have exhausted their specialties.

like a writer that becomes famous for their one unique experience, but cultivates neither their writing nor getting more unique experiences”

“We shouldn’t teach flat earth or creationism because they’re not true.
But we should teach about LGBTism because it’s an alternate theory.
– IFLSers/leftists”

“”There’s a STEM shortage” i.e. “supply of people is low”
“STEM is very competitive” i.e. “supply of people is high”
“STEM is more valuable anyways” i.e. “supply of people doesn’t matter”
—everyone— *a l w a y s* says all three of these.”

“>offered unpaid internship
>negotiate to paid internship before start
>told not to tell other interns, who are all unpaid
>position of power lel
>blackmail boss by threatening to tell interns
>get raises
>blackmail boss by threatening to tell IRS
>get raises
>find out most of his employees and earnings are under the table
>boss gets tired of me, fires me
>demand ‘parting compensation’ to keep mouth shut
>receive money
>tell IRS anyway
>he gets in shit, closes down
>collaborate with a fellow intern to act as each other’s reference
>we actually competed with each other on how far we could succeed in bullshitting the position
>cushy job now
Unpaid internships are shit.
Fight sleaze with sleaze. They don’t deserve your effort.”

“Fill out all the paperwork and take all the exams for government work. Stick the search out for a year, and you’ll have a 40k per year job that will cap out at 45k”
“that sounds great, but how much mobility is in jobs like that?”
“0 mobility. Except to other useless government offices. After a few years, you’ll be unemployable in the private sector.”
“if I wanted a position in the private sector, what could I aim for?”
“For you, Starbucks. Or work your way up to department manager at Wal mart”

“Heroes do not save people in despair. Instead, they eliminate people in despair in order to save others who are enjoying life.
They do not save people. All they do is eliminate harm, without distinction of good or evil.”

“It’s only “progress” because you call this direction “forward”.”

“>implying the police aren’t in on it

Remember when people were contacting Anita’s local PD to see if she actually called them “in fear of her life”? People were being very careful to not publicize it until we knew for certain, and the officer in charge of that stuff said over and over and over again to about ten people that no, she never called the police. Then as soon as people were satisfied and started spreading it en masse the officer magically found the report and went back on his statement to say that she did call the police because of a serious death threat.

Thr exact same shit happened on 9/11 with the Zoe Quinn charity thing too. The charity stated three times that she never donated, then when people started spreading it the charity said “lol whoops nvm we found her donations after all. :^) “”


“jobs are drying up and disappearing, real work with a real future is disappearing rapidly.

No one wants to pay for a real safety net or social construct to make up for the lack of real substantial work, don’t even want to consider basic income

enter the age of “I’ll totally give you 5 bucks a month for that horse pussy” patreon bullshit jobs, where you can totally ‘make a living’ selling virtual nipple rings to strangers on the internet so long as a large corporation gets a cut.

Bullshit jobs for bullshit pay for everyone. hipster welfare, gamer welfare. It’s all the same shit.

enjoy your dystopian future.
Recommended reading for your new dystopian corporate future: Snow crash, Ready Player One, Johnny Mnemonic”

“When it comes to monetizing things, time and time again it has been proven that the slippery slope fallacy isn’t actually a fallacy anymore”

“The industry really is scraping the bottom of the barrel with this.

What with selling promises becoming normal with kickstarter, companies trying to make playing old games illegal, and now publishers snatching up and selling community made content( but they’re getting a quarter for every dollar sold all wrapped up in legal mumbo jumbo that makes most people not even want to bother so it’s all fine.)

It seems like the only people defending this are people who don’t even understand what mods are. Everyone is already conflating them with DLC and acting like mod makers are chained to their desks working on mods all day long. It’s pretty much monetizing youtube all over again with “they deserved to be paid for their hard work” when the only people that are actually going to get anything noticeable from it are the people gaming the system. This isn’t going to increase the fucking quality of mods, it’s going to run them into the ground. The modding community will be reduced to nothing but micro-transaction tier shit where people sell memes while the people that just made/fixed the things they wanted to see in the game that would then share it, because why the fuck not, are going to stop sharing because some asshole is just going to snatch it up and sell it on steam.

I don’t see any other industries stooping this low, books aren’t being sold by the chapter, movie theaters aren’t telling everyone they have to buy the 20 dollar tub of popcorn or the movie theater will have to shut down, fan translation teams aren’t charging for their subs. This industry keeps coming up with more way to rip people off and everyone keeps making excuses for them. The only way this shit could be seen as a step forward for this industry is if you consider this industry to be nothing more than a cash cow, just a pinata full of nerds to beat up until you’ve gotten every last penny.”

“>increase the quality of mods

The people making this argument are either shills or idiots. How will this incraese the quality of mods. If you load up Skyrim and want to start a new game, you’re going to go looking for mods. Maybe you find one that adds in some new magic system. You pay your 10.99 and install it.

Then a week later you check the workshop and find a new, better magic overhaul. But you can’t have both and you’ve allready paid 10.99 for the other one. So you just keep the first one. And the first one’s popularity drives it higher on the steam page list, more people get it, the creator gets more money. But the newer, better, second magic overhaul mod doesn’t because people are allready locked into magic overhaul 1. So it demotivates mod maker 2 to work on his mod. no one is playing it, no one is paying for it.

This is going to kill the modding scene like a bullet through the head. Oh there will still be mods, but itll be shit

Look at the minecraft modding scene for an example of how toxic this shit is to the envroment. A million little 12 year olds who think spending 20 minutes in paint making a texture means they should be paid for it. People fighting over who gets fucking adfly money for linking to mods. People refusing to allow others to include mods into modpacks and mod launchers because they’ll lose out on their .0001 cents per click for sending people to virus filled spam sites.

That is the future of all modding. No cooperation. No ease of use. A nightmare of children crying and whinging because they’re envious of that other guy who’s getting 50 cents a month for his wolverine skin pack.”

“>Modders should have permission from the game company that made the game
>Every mod should have DRM to prevent the mod to be used in another steam game
>If a mod is similar to another it must be deleted and the original should remain
>Concepts for mods are copyrighted now.
>Part of the profit for the mod go to the company of the game.
>Sex related mods are forbidden and if one is made then the user account is suspended for a period of time until evaluation.
>Sites with mod are now illegal to have mods of the listed games approved for steam only.
>Mods are now copyrighted under following list of requirements:
-Modder should be registered with the company of the game
-Part of the profits of the mod go to the company of the game
-A time of evaluation is required to post the mod.
-The creator of the mod should not be involved with mod sites.

“>TB thinks people should never be expected to work for free
People work for free all the fucking time.

They have hobbies that make them exert physical and mental effort.

They do favors for their families and friends all the time, e.g. fixing their computer after those imbeciles have fucked it up. Their donate their own blood for nothing at all, except maybe some status and recognition.

How is it that just because the members of your beloved community are technically mostly strangers, that it suddenly becomes DESIRABLE to jew them? Money fucking exists because you can’t trust people about how much they contribute to society. It’s not a good thing, it’s a thing to be somewhat sad about. The more money is valued, the less people are valued, which erodes and destroys communities and societies in the long run.”

“Stop calling them mods
It’s unsupported, fuck you if it doesn’t work after the 24hr refund period, 3rd Party DLC”

“Everything is a job now. Walk your dog? Someone should pay you for that! Paint a picture? You deserve to be paid for it! Pick up a guitar and strum out a beatles song? Well that took time to learn to play, you deserve dollarydoos!

This is what the fucking world is now. Everything has been monetized to the point that millenials think everything is a job. There are no hobbies. There are no past times. There’s no entertainment or fun. It’s all just revenue streams. Every single human action and interaction is just a pretext to getting paid.

Welcome to 2015.”

“>Do you work for free?

Do you know that the complete majority of the things you use depend of people doing just that?”

“>I mean who cares if some mod creators want to sell their mods? Worst case scenario you just OH MY GOD DON’T GET THE MOD!!!!!

This argument of “Don’t like it? Don’t pay for it!” is bullshit because it undermines the point of why everyone is upset. While the utter Jewishness of some of the mod creators taking their formerly free content and charging for it is frustrating, the actual problem is that Valve is handling this so fucking poorly it’s ridiculous.

Valve has the right to sell mods without the modders permission if the mod is popular enough. Bethesda has the right to not give compliant modders a dime if they see fit. We have already seen the start of this (>>3377153). They are essentially telling modders that “one way or another, your hard work will probably end up on Steam, so the lesser of evils is for you to play ball and get a cut yourself”. That is fucking horrendous, and we have a right to complain about this shit.

The icing on the shit cake is the fact that it fragments the modding community. What was once a labor of love is now a part-time fucking job (which, again, might not even be particularly worth it but has to be done to avoid having all your rights removed).

Modders should be allowed to profit from their work, but it should be an equal agreement between player and modder, not dictated by a third party looking to profit off the work of others.



“If gamergate chooses not to deal with one of the things many of us were pissed off about at the start on 4chan/v/, like fucking corruption in the industry as a whole and other shit, then they are useless and should get no respect.”

“Not caring is just as bad as supporting it.”
“Not caring is worse than supporting it, those people reinforce this kind of actions, they are the reason that EA gets away with so much shit.”

“”There is absolutely a fear among the player base that a lot of mods they were used to enjoying will now be put behind a paywall,” he said “I understand that fear but simultaneously the expectation that you should always have access to the latest versions of these mods for free is based on old logic.””

“>”old logic”
What the fuck does that even mean? Isn’t logic by definition supposed to be immutable?”

“Not when it conflicts with the will of the shareholders.”

“it’s like some kind of fucking newspeak

I’m sorry, he tries to sound reasonable, and he’s pretty good at it, but he doesn’t mean a word, it’s just diplomatic babble to inflate his ego as he views himself as some kind of golden mediator
he’s full on shill at this point”

“Imagine if you had to play for Linux distros. The whole fucking tower collapses when people only want to look out for themselves.”

“First, Bethesda introduced a whole new wave of cancer into the industry with the horse armor. And now, they’re introducing another whole new wave of cancer with people being able to sell mods. Bethesda is one of the worst things to happen to vidya.”

“While one can argue that allowing modders to charge for mods means they’ll be able to build bigger and better mods overall, in the end it’s going to be easier to just make some simple 10 minute mod and charge a dollar for it. If you’ve got a hundred different shitty mods, chances are you’ll be able to hit that $400 mark every month. However, one huge mod is going to face the issues you listed. There’s no guarentee that it’ll work, and if someone buys it and finds a bug that makes them unable to play, they’re going to charge an immediate refund. As things are now, if you find a bug with a mod, you report it to the creator, or search around and fix it yourself.

I hadn’t even thought of the amount of bullshit mods that would be put out there just to make a quick buck, but this makes it even more sad. Imagine if something like Heavy Armory decided to sell each individual weapon. They already have over a hundred, so they could easily charge a dollar per weapon. And, sad as it may be, I know people will try to argue “Oh well that’s good that they split it up, because you can only buy the weapons you want!” Yea? Well I can download all hundred of them for free right now.”

“You’re surprised? They were taking 75% of “your” money, and you didn’t expect that they’d figure they own your mods? If you use their platform to sell something of theirs, and they take a cut of those profits, then in their eyes, that shit is theirs to do what they want. Whether it be because “paid users should still have access to those mods,” or because they really just expect you to come crawling back to them for your share of the cut, you should have seen this coming.”

>Gabe Newell reverses workshop mod payment scam and apologises.
>His exact words will be: “I asked around internally to find out why we had done that. It turns out that it wasn’t a good decision”.
>blames an intern that started working late last night.
What do?”

“Graciously thank him for fixing this fuckup and express how glad I am that they’ll never make such a mistake again via an email.
Also continue pirating because he’s lying like a cunt.”

“Ever ventured into the shithole that is Minecraft modding? […] people will literally fight over chump change. To the point of throwing everything under the bus for 20 dollars every three months.
You get situations where someone will bundle a load of mods together and make them work for his own personal enjoyment, and then upload them for everyone else to use because getting them to play nice is a pain. And then all the mod authors will shit bricks and start trying to code viruses into their future updates because they’re losing out on that sweet sweet .005 cents per click.”

“Complaining doesn’t do shit. They will just rely on the fact that people do eventually get tired and end up accepting it.

Hit them where it hurts: make it absolutely impossible to sort the shit from the good ones, either by pointless, stupid mods, or by good mods that eventually end up breaking the game. This also means that they will have to make it stupidly difficult for would-be modders to start using their platform as the only form of defense, making the whole thing basically pointless.”

“Go a step further. They are now independent contractors and remind them as such. Remind the modders there better then nothing 25% income will be taxed at a rate of 15.8% for being self employed. Remind them of this every quarter.

You can also go full Statist and remind your friendly local IRS that you know tax evaders. In some states you will be rewarded for it.”

“[Y]ou state that if a modder wants to make money of his mods, and that developers and Valve are ok with this that there is no problem.

Which is simply not true. We unfortunately have a thing called taxes and government.

Hence why modders who are getting paid are now INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS. Which are now EMPLOYEES of said corporation which holds the “rights of production and distribution”.

Employees that had no say in the contract negotiations with said corporations. Slavery had more legal president for it then this.

If you told me a month ago that VIDEO GAME CORPORATIONS now have the ability to CREATE TAXABLE JOBS subject to annual IRS income reporting every quarter. by claiming ownership of all user generated content and paying the mod owners. I would have called you insane. But I must have died and gone to hell, thank god we still at least have 8chan here.”

“How probable can it be for a dev to grow big and successful with turning into a jew? Can a dev be based and at the same time be the leader of the industry. Or is this only a pipe dream? That good devs can only remain small and futile.”

“The bigger the business gets the more money they’re dealing with, the higher the stakes and that’s where the greedy jews step in.

Making 5 mil was great when they were small time, but now suddenly their stakes have risen, they have investors which expect to see RoI, they have to show certain level of growth to satisfy the moneymen and sooner or later any standards the company might have set for themselves back in the good ole days when things were simple, start to fall one by one.

Eventually all that remains of once noble ideas the company had back in the days of yore lies in ashes and the only dominating feature across that barren wasteland is a huge sign of the all-mighty dollar.

It’s inevitable, it’s just the way things work.”

“No, because as a business expands, it requires more time and effort to sustain and administrate.

Sooner or later, the original owners are just running things by remote control out of necessity. They’re no longer artists in direct contact and control of their craft, they’re foremen on a construction site and CEOs accountable to shareholders and their staff.

The only true devs who stay artists through their career are garage devs who just refuse to expand, make whatever the fuck they want, and probably have another source of income to fall back on.”

“Three fucking days ago, they were perfectly happy to make mods for free. Then Valve announces this, and suddenly IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN A HUGE ISSUE FOR MODDERS and THEY BARELY SCRAPE BY WITH DONATIONS and WE WORK SO HARD IT’S SUCH A THANKLESS JOB THAT WE NEED THAT MONEY and shit. The fact that there are modders who have no fucking sense of integrity is sickening.”

“Valve and all the game devs have all the paid lawyers while the modders have none.

their copyright can supersede GPL by just being too powerful to sue and win in a short term.

to put it simply, if you want to win, which I doubt is even possible when existing basic copyright laws stated derivatives belongs to the copyright holder, you have fight for a full decade for any decision to be made.

Steam and the gaming industry can do that.

Can you? Can any modders?”


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