Feb 18 – Mar 16

“i dont think he was a nobody, at least not for long. in his interviews its so fucking obvious he was coached. and all this shit about him being in a “safehouse” where no one could find him. bullshit there is no such thing today

even the specific stuff he leaked and what he said. he kept stressing how much of a sacrifice he was going through and how much he would lose. that isnt typical for any real whistleblower to do. a real whistleblower also does not put out potential legal penalties as options, which snowden did, and almost always by this point has a lawyer by his/her side who would PROHIBIT him/her from saying, ‘come get me under the Espionage Act.

also, his resume is very interesting. i dont think he was a nobody tbh. he never even graduated from high school or community college. he worked a security gig for a while, and then all the fucking sudden is contracted by Booz Allen making 200k, one of the biggest security contractors in the world with all kinds of revolving doors to the NSA, etc. no fucking way. theres something way off about him

exactly as was the case with Assange, Snowden’s revelations of NSA spying upon the public amount to all hype and no substance. It was already well known that the NSA could do all the shit snowden “exposed” they could do. Exactly as was the case with Assange, Snowden becomes a “fugitive”. No explanation is given as to how he managed to escape, or how a fugitive was able to get on a plane. Snowden flees to CIA-infested hong kong where his “cause” is supported by a bizarre instant flash-mob equipped with professionally made bilingual banners and picket signs, exactly as was the case with spergassange, snowden becomes a fucking hero. as was the case with Assange, Snowden (and Greenwald) are cleverly and theatrically bashed by certain hated Americans like Diane Feinstein, Donald Trump, George Bush I (an ex CIA Director), etc. a sure sign of fakery. Professional banners and posters pop up instantly throughout hong kong. instant ‘pro-Snowden’ flash mobs, with printed signs all this bullshit. like really, this is fucking ridiculously improbable.”

“I’m skeptical of Snowden for several reasons. For one I don’t think he’s the wizard he claims to be. His experience and qualifications have been called into doubt many times over. Many of the organizations he claims to have worked for say he either embellished or wholly fabricated the details.

Additionally, his verifiable background and skill set are not the kind that would have afforded him access to anything potentially sensitive, which meshes well with the fact that much of what he leaked was either already known but not precisely confirmed (Merkel), of little significance to international intelligence (zero operational details), vaporware dreamed up by contractors hoping to secure CIA fun bucks (TrapWire) or fairly well known in previous incarnations (Carnivore -> NarusInsight). It certainly hurts his credential claims when the CIA’s “top hacker”- as he billed himself- could only manage to drum up some otherwise unremarkable information.

Not to mention, his history prior to the CIA and Booz Allen doesn’t make sense. None of the high-profile institutions he claims to have “aced” have ever heard of him, or heard of him once, when he dropped out shortly thereafter. As the “CIA’s top hacker” and their “staff wizard” he should have been able to tell us everything about Stuxnet but he doesn’t know anything about that you can’t learn on Google in a few hours.

Compare this with whistleblowers who actually did reveal previously unknown and massively successful mass-surveillance programs. I’m talking about Thomas Drake, senior administrator at the NSA and retired Air Force general. Or J. Kirk Wiebe, William Binney and Ed Loomis- all senior administrators for the Trailblazer project, Mark Klein (Room 641A) or Duncan Cambell (ECHELON). All of the above had very long, very stable, very high-profile careers with the organizations they associated with. All of them were well respected by their former employers and their credentials all checked out without even a spotty hard-to-verify weekend in Maui. All of them demonstrated on multiple occasions the skills they claimed to possess.

Then there’s the way the leaks were framed as being important-

Snowden’s most spectacular charge was that, at his desk, without a warrant, he could eavesdrop on anyone “even the president, if I had a personal email.” Several weeks later, Greenwald, writing in The Guardian, revealed a document that purportedly substantiated that claim—“training materials” for a supposedly “top secret” program called xKeyscore, described in the document as the NSA’s “ ‘widest-reaching’ system for developing intelligence from the internet.” The gist of Greenwald’s article was widely reprinted in the American press.

Inspected carefully, however, the documents are plainly not “training materials.” Instead, they are more likely the PowerPoint version of a puffed-up marketing brochure, possibly or even probably from an outside contractor trying to sell the program to the NSA. The title slide dates from January 2007, which means that they predate important legislation passed in August 2007 and July 2008 that sharply checked the NSA. And the slides say absolutely nothing about giving users the power to read e-mails, with or without a warrant. Greenwald’s article does cite another set of xKeyscore materials which dates from 2012, and which might well prove that the article’s claims and Snowden’s statement were accurate and truthful. But Greenwald and The Guardian have not made those materials public, and when the defense writer Joshua Foust, who pointed out many of these criticisms, subsequently questioned them about the documents, Guardian editors replied that they had no intention of releasing them. The champions of “transparency” have been remarkably opaque about this story when they choose to be.

A similar pattern of omitting or obfuscating very important context recurs with other supposedly damning documents. Among those cited by The New York Times, in its editorial supporting clemency for Snowden, is one that purportedly proves “the N.S.A. broke federal privacy laws, or exceeded its authority, thousands of times per year, according to the agency’s own internal auditor.” But the Times was drawing on a Washington Post report that failed to say whether the “thousands” of violations amounted to a significant proportion of the total uses of the database, or only a relative handful, within the margin for human error. The Times also failed to emphasize that, according to the document, the vast majority those violations, as audited in the first quarter of 2012, were due to simple human or mechanical error and that there was no way of knowing whether the balance involved intentional, as opposed to technical, violations of law. The findings, finally, came from an internal audit by the NSA—an indication that the NSA takes steps to police itself.

Snowden was an engineered controversy. He exposed nothing that wasn’t already public knowledge. If his story were actually real he’d be dead right now. He’d have been dead before he set foot on an airplane for Russia. He’d have been dead the second he landed in Russia, if the plane even made it to Russia.

Snowden was a deliberate piece of blackmail to be used against Obama, Congress and the Senate- not some white knight bravely fighting the power. He was a low-level pencil pusher, he couldn’t leak anything of consequence anyways. Everything he did was deliberately engineered by his handlers to help them cover up something they didn’t want people know about. I know, it hardly makes sense. Keep a secret by unloading a bunch of secrets. But it worked. The public has virtually no idea about the REAL whistleblowers the NSA wanted out of the public spectacle.

I’m talking about the previously mentioned Trailblazer project. Snowden came out with his “explosive” revelations right around the time that the House and Senate were getting ready to look at billions of dollars in waste and pork projects of the NSA exposed by Drake and other senior members of the Trailblazer team. Then all the sudden Snowden turns up conveniently showing off a bunch of legacy and vaporware spy projects and the Trailblazer controversy disappears overnight- replaced with a debate about an early-career nobody with good PR. Mission accomplished. Everyone either divides into the “Traitor! MURIKA!” camp or the “Hero! PATRIOT!” camp and completely overlooks the REAL whistleblowers and the REAL scandal. In a decade Snowden will have taken up a mostly normal life doing speaking appearance via Skype to make ends meet.

You gotta admit, it’s a pretty good frame-up job from the NSA. Despite the fact that all of this is public knowledge and has been for years, the debate continues to reign over a single junior flunky who released nothing of value instead of five senior administrators who showed that the NSA had wasted hundreds of billions on programs that were pretty much vaporware and then requested billions more for strategic “because reasons” purposes.

Yeah, not buying it.”


“the problem with basic income, as they’re learning in Switzerland, is that prices for recurring expenses like rent suddenly jump to a number coincidentally very close to the monthly allotment”

“>Universities Are Right—and Within Their Rights—to Crack Down on Speech and Behavior
>Students today are more like children than adults and need protection.
>There is a popular, romantic notion that students receive their university education through free and open debate about the issues of the day.
>Nothing could be farther from the truth. Students who enter college know hardly anything at all — that’s why they need an education.

thanks obama”

“>the ’60s was an era where college age faggots did exactly that
>now that the feel good hippies are in power we’re going to prevent what gave us the power in the first place
>they are the political equivalent of the stereotypical nouveau riche
Fuck this world.”

“boomers anon, they think that they attained all the answers in their shitty college life, and we’re doing it wrong because we’re not the shiftless hippies they were so the answer is clearly to legislate nazi-hippiism.”

“>that feel when both your parents are the youngest of 4 baby boomers
The entitlement complex is real. Growing up was a constant stream of “Why don’t you conform perfectly to our expectations?””

“I know your pain anon. their answer to the overskilled university students who can’t get jobs in anything from their chosen field to fast food here is “Well clearly they aren’t fucking trying, a degree opens doors for you! Why don’t they just get a job!””

“I tried for like 2 years to say “hey I’d like to go into skilled trade” but they would accept nothing less than putting me into the biggest and best college they could find. As in they were unwilling to support me in any respect with getting a job out of high school even though despite being ranked #1 in my class, I barely graduated due to psych issues and was in no way prepared for college, especially since I fundamentally didn’t want to be there. Every attempt at explaining the state of the economy just got back to “Do you want to end up flipping burgers at McDonalds?””

“half the issue is most of them just walked into employment without so much as a high school education, and think that it’s still that fucking easy

whilst at the same time they hold onto the decent jobs until they’re dead, and insist anyone who wants to apply for a job with them has 3 years experience and their fucking master’s at least.

the boomers are a prime example of what happens when you hand an entire generation life on a silver platter.”

“We can’t kill the stock, though.

With advertisers, all we had to do was show them that advertising there would hurt their brand, and they left.

With STOCKS? Well, if you wanna go that route, you have to realize that you have to convince HUNDREDS, if not THOUSANDS of individual people that the company is bad, in an environment where EVERYONE KNOWS that companies are dicks.

Trying to fuck over UBM is the same as trying to fuck over EA, or Ubisoft. You can’t do shit other than spread the word on an individual basis and let their failings make the world leave them. But they won’t leave UBM as long as they’re doing WELL.”

“When the outgroup is being exclusionary, it’s bigots. When the ingroup is being exclusionary, it’s a safe space.”

“>Sarko says she isn’t a gamer in private, says she is during her Kickstarter
>she didn’t mean that, it isn’t true, she’s still a lifelong gamer, fuck you
>random egg account on Twitter says some shit like “I’m gonna kill you for #GamerGate”

“It’s not just the tier VIII premiums that should have limited matchmaking.
EVERY tanks should have 1+/-1.
Think about all of the problems this would fix.
All those great tanks that are overlooked and abandoned on lower tiers would be played again and get the attention they deserve. Currently most lower tier tanks are simply ignored by good players.
Why play tier VIII mediums aside from grinding? There is almost no pleasure because 1/3 of the time you will be completely useless, aka in a tier X battle.
Why do all the unica/great players stick to tier X? – because there is no risk of getting fucked over by the retarded matchmaker and you can actually have an influence on the battlefield. You are equal to your peers.
Is it really a challange to mow down tier VII mediums in your E 75? Why do they have to fight you in the first place? It’s not like they can pen you even from the rear. You could say ‘oh but tier VII mediums should flank not fight heavies!” Except that the horrendous corridor map design on the already ridiculously small maps prevents ‘flanking’ in most cases.”

“”Don’t be a dick, and don’t drive people off” is not fucking PR. Being and dick and then manipulating the public image so you don’t look like a dick is PR.”

“>how do I get commisions from regular people?

Well, you know its in demand so there has to be something right? Reversing your question to be
>Where can I hire [illustrators/ comic/ manga/ etc} artists
,can change everything.

Think outside the box”

“>5 years

Come back when it has 20, 30 years. Come back when the studio has gone through several generations. Come back then.

These hype studios are a get rich quick scheme. Some hot-shit artists band together, apparently only hot in certain circles, get on the web and start hyping themselves as a hot-new brand– as a studio. They make themselves seem influential, like they’re the gatekeepers to bigger prospects, or that they’re going to change the concept art game forever. Whoa!

Funny thing, most of them aren’t known for anything else other than the studio they are hyping. You don’t see directly how they influenced other brands or other companies. You don’t see how they left a lasting impression throughout the outside world. They didn’t make anything significant to be remembered by. You’re left with knowing that they worked with very big companies before. Whatever that means.

That’s when naive punks start lining up to take whatever job they give. This is their chance, right? Wrong. These babies are hired at bottom of the barrel wages. Work is ran like a sweatshop, all you do is crank out concept art designed under a template. The employment packages are phony and basically amount to no real coverage or any retirement. Why? Because in a few years the company will evaporate, and your benefits with it.

You see, these hype studios will hype their brand until some other company snatches them up. You see, all that work you were doing was to build the studio’s catalog. The owners then turn around and sale that catalog to the highest bidder. Get in, build hype, and then cash out.

Now you’re probably thinking the brat finds new hope at the company that bought the studio. Nope. Those long term cushy careers with health coverage and retirement plans are given to the owners of the studios. But hey, the kids didn’t lose entirely. They can now say they worked for such a prestigious studio.”

“Let’s see if I can make this company’s practices clearer with an analogy:
>new buffet opens in town
>they run ads on tv
>but they never show or talk about their food
>you go to the buffet
>pay $15 to get in
>there’s no food
>but they have a bunch of cool t-shirts for sale
“yeah, we only have one cook/owner and he’s overworked, but he’s a decent cook so it’s cool.”
>you apply for a cook position there
>fill the buffet line with food everyday
>mayor even stops by to check it out
>your services are no longer needed
>buffet line empty again
>come work for the company that feeds the mayor!
>sure, we failed the recent health inspection, but that’s because we were focused on other things
>our new location is in central California and we only hire those fluent in german”

“People might be attracted to their relatively loose and unprofessional persona, but I can guarantee that won’t be the case when it’s time to get paid. “Sorry, bro, your check is totally on its way. Just wrap up what you’re working on and it should be here by then.” ”

“There is no such thing as whistleblower immunity.
All companies are good; treason never prospers.”

“The majority of the big videogames these days are either rereleases/ports or rehashes. The majority of the big movies, books, and comic books these days are “reboots” or stuff that would until about five years ago be universally recognized as fanfiction.

The M.O. of “free to play” these days is nickel and diming their players on an offer of suffering less in their game rather than a better experience than other games. […]

“Reboots” are tradition without the core of what makes tradition what it is. Instead of something like reverence and respect of a memory or like passing a torch to the future, it’s like… replacing the torch with a glowstick with a torch handle. A “we’ll give homage to you but only in name” sort of thing. Something in the name of tradition but in the pursuit of change, something that retreats to the other side and pretends that “we have always been at war with eastasia” when it fails.

They’re not attempting to directly displace the original. They’re not attempting to directly add to the original. But it uses the name and major premises of the original, and claims it will change them “just a little bit”. Unless it turns out to be hugely popular, at which point it becomes canon.

Something existentially disgusting.”

“The response rates are a pretty serious problem. Why do you think that about 80% of climate researchers don’t respond to these surveys? Do you feel confident that the explanation behind the low response rates don’t bias the results?”

“Rather than create a regulation that simply forbid throttling, the FCC used this as an opportunity to expand their tentacles deep into the net. Their regulations are in a 332 page book that, as of this writing, has not been made available to the public. I bet it’s just full of freedom.”

“[Y]ou can tell the media’s forcing something ‘viral’ when the first time you hear about it is from the media rather than encountering it naturally. The media is always behind organic internet culture by months if not years, the only way they can be this quick is if they’re creating it.”

“Love songs performed by men are always better because they’re authentic and plausible. Everyone knows females are incapable of love. […]

Im being sarcastic but I don’t feel far off the mark. It’s not so much that women are incapable of love, rather that they’re capable of justifying any transgression against love in order to not feel badly about it.”

“It is also important to realize that [happiness] isn’t the debate that most people have. Immigration advocates normally don’t say “Look, we are all going to be less happy and think less of our lives. We are going to feel more alienated from society and participate less in it. There will be more crime and more broken families. And the poor among us are probably going to have to take a pay cut. But the foreigner’s wages will rise, they might be less happy too, and their physical and mental health will almost certainly fall, but their wages will rise, and we will have some more bobbles and patents. So lets let them in.” If they did, I think the debate would basically be over.”


“While supporters of capitalism tend to oppose welfare, capitalism itself naturally creates pressures that lead to welfare programs to absorb reserve labor.”

“What will happen is that the majority of the populace will be downgraded to an underclass of “serfs” and “proles”, surviving on a trickle and being given just enough mass entertainment to remain docile.

Oh, and those people will be lucky.

The rest of the world will turn into a permanent Syria. A place of destruction, mass starvation and war. (Hideo Kojima was pretty redpilled in this regard)

Wages are already stagnating, homes are getting smaller, etc.

There is a massive push for the underclasses to accept their misery. They are told that mass surveillance is “good” and that they “have nothing to hide” and that those that expose it are “traitors”.

They are told they don’t need to care as much about personal hygiene or the quality of their food.

They are told they (and only THEY, not the “rich”) don’t need as much stuff and should accept a more austere life.

They are told that speaking up about the status quo and opposing it is a sign of mental illness, “dangerous”, “antisemitic” and as threatening as ISIL or other terrorist organizations. (The last thing is straight from Cameron’s UN speech)

They are increasingly distracted by (degenerate) mass culture (modern autotuned and computer generated pop music, the same stale games each year, books, even series and films), indoctrinated by “educational” games (see common core), and led astray by non-issues like “identity politics” and whether that dress really is gold and white.

They are also pitted against freedom. They are told that the poor are “lazy”, the wealthy are “job creators”, gun crime and ownership is a problem (If we just count non-Hispanic whites then gun crime would be lower in the US than in most western European countries) and that “hate speech” should be forbidden.

They are also encouraged (by useful idiots) to not accept or tolerate ANY dissenting opinions, even if it is in regards to some (clearly) mentally ill person claiming they are a “demi-other-grey-ultraviolet-post-sex wolf-pokemon otherkin)”.

The last bastions of high culture are also rapidly being dismantled, or at least kept away from the (new) underclasses.

Classical music, literature, real philosophy (Plato, Aristotle, Nietzsche, Descartes, etc.), games that actually encourage thinking, etc.

People that support these are quickly denounced using a wide variety of negative buzzwords and shamed. (See Gamergate, opposition to a lot of modern art, those that acknowledge social and biological inequality, etc.)”

“>implying technological progress hasn’t fucked over the job market before

From the mid 1700s to the mid 1800s in Scotland, there were a series of land-reorganization measures taken called “clearances.” In short, a protestant reformation related clusterfuck in England’s leadership and a series of failed uprisings in Scotland had moved the ownership of formerly clan-owned lands to the hands of a few powerful landlords.

The Scots who lived on this land had been farming them for generations, with some settlements dating back to prehistoric times. The Landlords, however, were looking at ways to make their hunk of barren Scottish highland more profitable.

The answer was the sheep; it takes far less people to ranch sheep than farm, and the beginnings of the industrial revolution and automated weaving made the demand and price of wool skyrocket. Thousands of Scots were forced from their homes. There were not enough farms or jobs to support the population. Entire villages transplated themselves to Canada; the ones that stayed faced famine, riots, joblessness and political suppression.

The sheep is a recurring symbol in pic related [book cover; “Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep”] for that exact reason; The androids represent the new sheep- a product brought to prominence due to technological progress and political ruin that is likely to render us obsolete in the soulless, capitalistic machine that we inhabit.”


“It’s funny how these legbeards are against slut shaming for real people but will slut shame imaginary characters to no end.”


“>Can’t be a hero because guns exist

That’s always been one of the absolute biggest dumbass rules Nasu has ever made. And he’s made a ton of them.”

“People hate on guns all the time, but guns put the power in the handles of the people. Before then you needed training and resources to fight in a war, and infantry by the time knights were the main investment of the nobility were nothing but serfs with polearms.

Then muskets came along, then the Spaniards created the Tercio formation, and all of a sudden it didn’t matter how much money you poured into cavalry and armor, a strong set of pikes and some musket volley and the battle was yours. That’s also the reason kings and military leaders stopped fighting at the forefront. No matter how well they were trained, one stray bullet and suddenly the country was without a king.

It became less about individual skill and more about formation and teamwork within the army.”

“You can use that exact same argument for the advent of archery though, the English longbow specifically. I wouldn’t be surprised if people said the same thing when they moved from clubs to spears either. ”

“The thing is the public perception of people changed. Don’t forget that around the time of the adventure of gunpowder and musket formations, the printing press appeared, and written history and how we preserve text changed dramatically. It wasn’t just about gunpowder, that was just a part of it.”

“Then are you suggesting with printed media, exaggeration of a hero because less common? Oral storytelling and printed are two very different things, and oral changes and evolves unlike printed, but I’m not sure I’m completely seeing what you’re talking about on how printed media would effect someone becoming a heroic spirit.”

“Because it becomes less about legend and more about fact

For example in almost every major Holy Grail “original servant do not steal” thread everywhere on the internet from /a/ to livejournal, lots of people like to use Simo Haya as a servant

But the fact is that would really be impossible. We know his life, we know his confirmed kills. Only to the Russians he was fighting was he anything more than an exceptionally skilled sniper.

Compare this to a guy like Vlad III that has entire legends of vampirism associated with him, so brutal was the retelling and folklore associated with his campaign against the Ottomans.

With one you have objectivity.

The further down the line you go, the more easily explained the “miracles” become.

And heroic spirits and their noble phantasms are essentially miracles and legends given physical real form. If you can explain it, it’s no longer such.”


” The “friend zone” is saying that person rejected you and didn’t see you in that way and just want to be friends with you. If you have been “friend zoned” it’s life. People get rejected everyday. If you are in the “friend zone” you need to deal with it. You are blessed with a friendship and if your sad your friend does not return your feelings than what can you do? You know when your feeling this way look at the people who are less fortunate than you. Your worried about a “friend zone” when people who don’t have alot are blessed to have friends they care about. People with no food to eat or clothes are not worrying about a “friend zone”. Think about that next time your complaining about that.”

” If someone you knew wasn’t getting a job because they kept showing up to job interviews hungover, unshaven, and dressed like shit, would you say to them, “Well… at least you’re not starving in Africa somewhere,” or would you point out to them what they’re doing wrong, so that they could get a job?

Personally, I’d tell them what they were doing wrong, and how they could increase their chances of landing a job, and since I’m NOT a terrible human being, I WOULDN’T say to them, ‘Stop complaining about not having a job you friggin’ loser. Just suck it up, and go be homeless where you belong!'”

“Being “friendzoned” isn’t even merely having feelings for someone who doesn’t reciprocate as anything but a friend. Getting friendzoned is a specific phenomena where a man pursues a woman for the express purpose of starting a relationship, only to have them treat him as a “friend”. It is bad because the male initiated the relationship for a specific purpose that was not achieved. Why shouldn’t the man then be disappointed? It makes no sense to say a man who was aiming for something and failed should not be disappointed because he got something nowhere near as good, or something which he might not even like having at all, and may wish to rid himself of.

Fact is, you don’t even get a friendship from being “friend”zoned. You get something less. You are their friend, but they’ll rarely be yours back.”

“Feminists, “cultural Marxists”, people attracted to sociology, etc. are experts at defining anything they don’t like out of existence. It’s like they think they’ve tapped this magical power where they can change the ontological status of things by engaging in word games. They get mired in these word salad debates about minutiae and the more these conversations take place, the less it will correspond to reality.

The old saying about leaving your mind so open that your brain falls out applies here. In reality, they’re just mediocre intellects who don’t know when to reign it in.”


“Subject/Object concepts are dynamic and depend on the perspective. From a trick’s perspective a prostitute is the object of his/her lust and is acted upon by the subject (the trick) for a service. From the sex worker’s perspective he/she is the subject and the trick is the object acted upon for profit. The same holds true for any transaction. Her mistake is presupposing that subject/object rolls are static and frame invariant.”

“How dare you introduce this concept of “perspective”! There is only one way to view the world and that is through the eyes of women.”

“you die twice: first when your heart stops beating, last when your name is spoken with fondness for the final time.”

“I’m not an MRA because I don’t support the notion of giving men more “rights”. Instead, we should give women fewer rights.”

“To keep your relationship fresh, love yourself the most. That way your spouse always feels like a mistress.”

“A quote that sums up tbe collective conscious of the Middle East pretty well: “My grandfather rode a camel, my father rode a camel, I drive a Mercedes, my son drives a Land Rover, his son will fly in a private plane, but his son will ride a camel.””


“Imagine an economy in which the 0.1 per cent own the machines, the rest of the 1 per cent manage their operation, and the 99 per cent either do the remaining scraps of unautomatable work, or are unemployed. That is the world implied by developments in productivity and automation. It is Pikettyworld, in which capital is increasingly triumphant over labour.
[…] In 1960, the most profitable company in the world’s biggest economy was General Motors. In today’s money, GM made $7.6 billion that year. It also employed 600,000 people. Today’s most profitable company employs 92,600. So where 600,000 workers would once generate $7.6 billion in profit, now 92,600 generate $89.9 billion, an improvement in profitability per worker of 76.65 times. Remember, this is pure profit for the company’s owners, after all workers have been paid.
Capital isn’t just winning against labour: there’s no contest. If it were a boxing match, the referee would stop the fight.”

“>people can spend their time ‘exploring’ their identity and be satisfied being an otherkin or w/e the fuck instead of going insane at their own worthlessness to society
The first is what they think will happen-the latter is what will really happen.”

“Another way to look at it is that when you reduce the need for human labor, you reduce the need for humans. Why do you need a consumer base to acquire capital? Didn’t Marx argue for the idea that capitalism is about the labor market: that humans sell themselves in terms of labor power in order to consume. When you don’t need labor anymore because of automation, it kinda negates the need for consumers. Wouldn’t corporations just act as entities and begin trading between each other what they need?”
“Welcome to the 21st century. So many people focus on physical labor as the talking point since that’s what employs the majority of the worlds population but fail to even mention that the most powerful people in the room have amassed untold masses of wealth through the automation of exchanges. These people haven’t needed us for years. They mostly don’t give a fuck about us, I believe. But that’s just me.”

“after reading about how robots are replacing everyone and hearing about how half the stock market trade in volume is done by robots passing the same things back and forth between each other at fractions of a millisecond and seeing photo tracers get 100,000+ USD/year on patreon and SJW “experts progressing society” fucking up videogames for the same profit and comparing all of that to the good little boy i was to take AP classes and work hard at all my classes to get a STEM degree at a decent university for the result of no recommendations no internships and no work after nine months, i’m pretty indifferent to people getting any sum of money for any reason whatsoever.”


“I want to get to an even deeper problem, which is that there’s no way to tell where the border is between measurement and manipulation in these systems. For instance, if the theory is that you’re getting big data by observing a lot of people who make choices, and then you’re doing correlations to make suggestions to yet more people, if the preponderance of those people have grown up in the system and are responding to whatever choices it gave them, there’s not enough new data coming into it for even the most ideal or intelligent recommendation engine to do anything meaningful.

In other words, the only way for such a system to be legitimate would be for it to have an observatory that could observe in peace, not being sullied by its own recommendations. Otherwise, it simply turns into a system that measures which manipulations work, as opposed to which ones don’t work, which is very different from a virginal and empirically careful system that’s trying to tell what recommendations would work had it not intervened. That’s a pretty clear thing. What’s not clear is where the boundary is.

If you ask: is a recommendation engine like Amazon more manipulative, or more of a legitimate measurement device? There’s no way to know. At this point there’s no way to know, because it’s too universal. The same thing can be said for any other big data system that recommends courses of action to people, whether it’s the Google ad business, or social networks like Facebook deciding what you see, or any of the myriad of dating apps. All of these things, there’s no baseline, so we don’t know to what degree they’re measurement versus manipulation.

[…] it’s important to understand it if this is becoming the basis of the whole economy and the whole civilization. If people are deciding what books to read based on a momentum within the recommendation engine that isn’t going back to a virgin population, that hasn’t been manipulated, then the whole thing is spun out of control and doesn’t mean anything anymore. It’s not so much a rise of evil as a rise of nonsense. It’s a mass incompetence, as opposed to Skynet from the Terminator movies.”

“You anons probably have seen that quote about the pen is mightier than the sword or that one about control of the money supply and I don’t care who makes the laws, right?

What is mightier than the sword, the laws and all the money in the world combined?

Energy. “

“Solar and wind are the only forms of -proven- energy production methodes available to us. I believe it was Jimmy Carter who was advised by the CIA to implement solar energy production to prepare for peak oil, big oil however had other plans…

Peak oil has been denied for some time. As far as I can remember the guy who came up with the theory worked for Shell in the 1950s and predicted the world would consume more than it would produce around the year… 2050.

Keep it mind the important aspect of this: peak oil assumes the current economic system will be in place. That is: our current resource management system, which includes production and -consumption-. Needless to say our society is based not on effiency, but on money. Money which is decoupled from the physical world (this was one of the reasons Nazi Germany eliminated the bankers: to restore effective resource management).

The question remains: how much energy can we as humanity produce and consume within a specific economic model? This is the most guarded secret on the planet. And it relates to another intresting question: how much people can the -current- economic model support for say, the next 200 years?”

“Money is the barometer of a society’s virtue. When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion–when you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing–when you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors–when you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you–when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice–you may know that your society is doomed. Money is so noble a medium that does not compete with guns and it does not make terms with brutality. It will not permit a country to survive as half-property, half-loot”

“Conscription became a thing because of the damage massed guns could do.”

“you’re preaching to the choir
a deaf choir
belonging to a church that worships an entirely different god”

“There are two kinds of pride: One where you aren’t fit for the task, and one where your desires are too grand.
The former is commonplace stupidity, but the latter is rare and difficult to come by.”

“What if the whole reason these people are pushing for trans rights is because it gives them an easy excuse to change their name and leave the trail cold?”

“[T]hey claim the male gaze is oppressive stare rape. But hate anything that diverts that gaze away from them. Sports , porn, video games, comic books, boy’s clubs or anything else they feel excluded from.”

“Child prodigies don’t exist, ever heard about picasso? he was a fucking fraud, his dad painted his “prodigy” works until he started to produce his garbage independently, every other “child prodigy” out there is either a sham or falsely perceived as such”

“I can’t understand how people still enjoy Assassin’s Creed, it’s obviously the same game.”
“Because it gets marketed as ‘the cool thing you & your friends should own’ (Rather than play) in the same way CoD & other titles get advertised.”

“If you don’t have a specific wish, why not wish for something ambiguous? Like ruling the world?”
“Why? The world is already mine. The “world” is just another way of referring to the things you value around you. That’s something I’ve had since I was born. If you tell me to rule such a world, I already rule it.”

“[P]eople want to believe that whatever will make them money is some kind of gift to the world that will be “good.” They rationalize it.
Same with globalism. It makes people money, so they write all of these puff pieces about how wonderful it is for everyone. And talk themselves into believing it. Creating an entire nation full of people who can’t really do anything substantial and letting people thousands of miles away do it instead is obviously dumb, but people getting rich from it wanted it to be good, so it “is.”
People who dream about a world with robots sell it to themselves by saying they are saving grannies from burning buildings, making workplaces safer, saving soldiers, etc. The fact that they are obviously making a total police state increasingly viable is just “negative thinking” for “conspiracy theorists.””

“Hello world. Can you stop making musical instruments that play themselves or machines that play them for you. It’s bad enough that we have electronic means that can take a musical pallet and put it in hands that don’t make music for the love of music. Part of the beauty of music is the human element. It is a medium through which a person can express their innermost thoughts and feelings in a way that no other method can duplicate. Taking this incredibly liberating experience away from ourselves will serve only to bring about the further degradation of our moral, spiritual, and humane nature. I get that electronic music is very popular, but take a look at the trends it produces. These days, songs get remember for a few months at most before they are forgotten because the quality of the music is lacking. This is an unsettling truth sprouting, I believe, from the separation of the human element. Don’t get me wrong, I find some of it to be very cool and creative, but you see, the people that create that music have the heart and soul of a true musician, the human element, and they are simply using an electronic instrument to express themselves. They are not programming a machine and watching it do the work for them. This would lead to a world full of uncultured, inartistic people who only remember music because their machines still work. I don’t want to live in that kind of world. So instead of building an instrument playing machine, pick it up, put in the work, and become the instrument playing machine. I promise it will be more fun that way.”

“The desire to protect something… is, at the same time, none other than the wish for something to violate it.”

“If you have no chance of victory, I will make one for you.”

“The Samson Option is literally the most Jewish thing I’ve ever heard of. They’re gonna tell me Adolf Hitler was wrong about them being an existential threat to any country that hosts their tribe or tolerates their influence and then threaten to end the fucking world if they pick a fight they can’t win, which given a trend reading of their very short history is inevitable.

I mean holy shit. If there is anything more Jew I haven’t heard of it yet.”

“Does anybody else just wonder about things so far out there. Like, life philosophical questions, or theoretical theory’s? My brains like an episode of the big bang theory.”

“>my brain is like a mainstream television show about autism imitators and has laugh reels for a soundtrack”

“I feel like that is a perfect description of the normie brain. Everyone thinks they are the star of their own movie.”

“Self-centeredness isn’t really the problem, it’s the taste. It’d be the regular guy with his offhand dreams of grandeur or exaggerations of drama or whatever if it was just “My life/brain is like Star Wars”.

Wanting to be the guy that goes out and fights dragons and saves princesses is one thing. Wanting to be Don Quixote is another.

People like this however want to be the guys that ironically pretend to be Don Quixote.

It’s such a diluted derivative there’s less than nothing in it. Mainstream shows like TBBT come out the rear end of a human caterpillar of culture.”


“Ugh. I hate this crap. But at least they’re up front with you that they only willing to pay $2/hour or whatever obscenely low rate they think art is worth. I’ve had several clients recently either mislead me or flat out lie to me about the scale of what they wanted done, and then try to spring on me that actually the job is much bigger and will take much longer than they originally lead me to believe (which of course means I end up making much less for my time). They seem to have thought that, if I was already invested and had spent some time working for them, that I’d be more likely to just bite the bullet and complete the whole project. They’re always bitchy when I tell them, politely, that I can no longer continue working for them.”

“Why royalties are bad?”

“Probably because if it doesn’t sell, you dont get paid”

“lol don’t even think that you’ll get paid if it sells. that never happens. if they make an unexpected and significant profit that would grant you royalties they’ll bend over backwards to artificially inflate expenses or some other bullshit and sack your royalties, then tell you the product made no profit.

a guy who truly believes in his projects success and is genuinely willing to pay you royalties will understand that he has to give you a contract so you can actually rely on that. additionally he will make sure you trust the contract by including in it that the person reviewing and managing the whole finances (expenses, profit etc) is not your client, but a third person who you both can trust (as i stated above your client will try to screw you over making up expenses so he can claim no profit and sack your royalties).

now OBVIOUSLY anyone who would be willing to go through THAT ^ much trouble, will ABSOLUTELY be willing and able to PAY you for your work. straight up. if he believes his comicbook will change the world he will even take out a loan in order to hire some badass artist whose style he envisions the project in.

never work for royalties or rev share unles you are okay with not getting paid. because you absolutely won’t.”


“Hi, I’d like you to develop a website.”
“Sorry, I’m no longer freelancing.”
“What if I pay?”

“I ignored her to continue focusing on my work. She walked back over to my assistant to complain about me some more. What she didn’t know was that my assistant on the shoot was actually my husband, who had no sympathy for her or her attitude.

The irony of the whole thing, though, was that the conference theme was about women in business, and while she was berating me to my husband, she was to receive an award for being a woman who supports other women in their careers.”

“Anyone who takes 2 pages to say what can be said in a paragraph should probably shut the fuck up”

“[F]riends are more similar, genetically speaking, that randomness would predict. The same has been found for spouses. More impressively, it has been found that the more heritable a trait is the more similar friends and spouses tend to be in it. This preference for people who are genetically similar to us is probably one key foundation of racism.”

“Paternal uncertainty has some really cool effects on kin selection. To the extent that cuckoldry took place, some kin would have not actually been related to who they thought they were. As a result, kin selection should have been less strong for relationships that are plagued by paternal uncertainty. This would predict that maternal grandmothers should be the most altruistic towards their grand children followed by maternal grand fathers and paternal grand mothers (maternal grandfathers might be wrong about who their children are and paternal grandmothers might have a cuckold for a son), and ending with paternal grandfathers. This pattern of pro social behavior has been found in numerous studies across several different nations and it persists even after controlling for the geographic distance of the grand parents. The same pattern has been found for aunts and uncles. ”

“The day of the show rolled around, I did set up and sound check, the band was all ready to go. About 20 minutes before the show, the head coordinator showed up with my receipts in her hand and screamed at me.

Client: This is ridiculous! And what is this $150 for fuel?
Me: As I said, I needed to haul a lot of equipment a fair distance, and to multiple stops, plus taking it all back tomorrow…
Client: We’re not paying this.
Me: I’m sorry you feel that way. If that’s the case, I will pack up and leave.
Client: What? You can’t leave! We have everyone here! We’ve paid the bands, and they’re all set up!
Me: Then please write the check and let me do my job.
Client: Fine! But I will make sure every single person here knows how much of a cheapskate you are! I will ruin your career! You’ll never work here again!

She stormed off and tried to pretend like any hiccup was my fault. The show went over great and the band even thanked me. This charity is now being investigated for failing to declare expenses as she tore up their copies of the receipts and threw them out. I’ve done two gigs for the bands that played since.”

“Client: The client is unhappy. People are not taking part in the campaign. We are not sure we can pay you since we are not sure they will pay us.
Me: What does this have to do with me? Everything I was responsible for works just fine.
Client: Look, we’re not too happy about it either, but that’s life. ”

“So if people had gone crazy for it, you’d have paid me extra? Thought not …”
“Look, you worry about suing them; I’ll worry about suing you, okay?”
“Look, we’re trying to cover our own potential losses by taking them out on you. But it’s okay because we’re not happy about it.”
That is bullshit.
Life is dealing with bullshit.
I’ll show you the difference, in court.”
“Me: Look, I’m not too happy about it either, but this is my lawyer.”
“Does the contract between me and you indicate that you paying me was contingent on your client paying you? No. It doesn’t.”
“That would actually mean something to me if your client was the one I had a contract with. But I don’t. I have the contract with YOU. YOU pay me, the client doesn’t. But don’t worry. I have a lawyer *I* pay for who will be more than happy to explain the finer point why it doesn’t matter to me if your client doesn’t pay you.”


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