Dec 23 – Feb 17

“Speaking as a gunrightsfag, and I don’t mean this to dishearten anyone in any way, but we will never see a conclusive victory with a happily ever after ending.

The best we will accomplish is to discredit and marginalize the other side and expose them as the lunatics they are. That will clean up games journalism and unfuck the industry in the short term.

In the long term, they will always be there. And just like how their cancer started on SA and gradually metastasized, they will retreat to their hugboxes to regroup, plan, and recruit allies in high places to prepare the next Black Crusade. A “decisive victory” will mean we don’t have to deal with their bullshit for 5 or 6 years.

But the second we let our guard down, they will be back. It will always be a surprise attack and it will always do a lot of damage, and we will have to turn them back again.

Just like anti-gunners, the major media is on their side. Anytime they want to push their front the door will be held open for them, and the only ones standing in their way will be us.

If we let GamerGate fizzle out after we win, then a new resistance would have to be built from scratch when that happens. And miracles don’t usually happen twice.

Why do you think the media hate-hate-HATES the NRA so much? Says the same things about them that they say about us? Because they are always there. No amount of media pandering, backdoor dealing, corrupt clique bullshit can dislodge them. They are a wall between the socialist hugbox mentality and the Constitution. The NRA isn’t a company, mind you. Its an association of four million regular people who won’t stand to have their passion fucked with.

The only difference between them and us is they have a leadership council with the NRA board, and a professional lobbying and law arm because most of their battles happen in government circles. We’re 100% decentralized thanks to the Internet, and we don’t need to fight in the circles they do. We’re engaging the battle before it can go that far, something the NRA never had a shot at.”

“I did not like that picture; it was too improbable. That the scoundrel runs off with the beautiful girl is logical; it always happens. That the bridge collapses under their carriage is unlikely but I am willing to accept it. That the the heroine remains suspended in mid-air over a precipice is even more unlikely, but again I accept it. I am even willing to accept that at that very moment Tom Mix is coming by on his horse. But that at that very moment there should also be a fellow with a motion-picture camera to film the whole business?that is more than I am willing to believe.”

“These companies all want to create this big hype, and spread these rumors about how hard it is to get a position there..really this line of work is all about experience, and the only way to get that experience is to work at places like these .. so if all of them are 3y+ experienced personnel, where do the newbies start? exactly, they do in fact employ newbies, all the time. . . Your reel doesn’t have to be exactly what they are looking for. You have to start somewhere. They don’t hire the top elite only, which would’ve been total bullshit tbh .. Some of these companies have 300+ employees and all of the workers just cannot be the caliber of e.g Alex Roman .. In that sense, this kind of article is biased as usual. It’s like girl magazines, they tell you what the ideal body should look like, but very few can live up to those standards.”

“There appear to be three major parts in all endeavors:

1. How to do it
2. Doing it
3. What to do with it

Or alternatively,

1. Knowledge
2. Logistics
3. Direction

For whatever reason, people largely appear to replace 3 with 1 at any possible opportunity except when it’s convenient for PR purposes, and act as if 2 is not relevant whatsoever.”

“What is this namby pamby, white-knight claptrap?

If people actually wanted to look at ‘chubby women with cow tits’ or ‘old moms with weathered skin’, pin-up artists would paint them to fill that demand. But no one actually finds that shit beautiful outside of fetish communities and imaginary feminist fantasies.

There exists an objective ideal of female beauty based on instinctively recognizable signifiers of health and fertility that artists across times and cultures have tried to capture, and having weird, leftist notions of fat-acceptance and ‘all women are beautiful in their own unique special-snowflake ways!!!’ doesn’t make you a “cultured connoisseur of the human form”, but only delusional.”

“It mostly depends on how you define anti-GG, but I feel that the answers are similar.

First, there’s trying to oppose the consumer revolt. But who opposes a consumer revolt? Either other consumers who are comfortable enough, or the producers who refuse to change. Regarding the “other consumers”, other gamers at most have said that GG is stupid, pointless or obvious, at most substracting importance to the ethical concerns. I have seen very few instances where gamers supported the behaviors that we deemed unethical, and the few times they did, they deemed it necessary evils of the industry. The question to ask yourself here is, if you are a consumer of these products, do you find this behavior acceptable in terms of ethics or not? If you do, then you would be opposing Gamergate. Why you would support people that other consumers deem crooks is beyond me, but I can perfectly live with you thinking I’m an idiot for crusading against them. And you also have the producers, who have repeatedly insisted there were no ethical problems in their behavior. This is a very similar position to the one I mentioned earlier, only this time you have the people accused of being corrupt saying that their actions are fine, except of providing evidence to deny the accusations or addressing the claims because they acknowledge them as true. Considering their response was to insult gamers in various forms, once again, I have to wonder why anyone would side with these people if they don’t have something to gain from it.

The other definition would be the Gamergate detractors, which is the more visible face: The people whose purpose is to be an obstacle for Gamergate. They are the people who insist Gamergate is about harassment. This, however, is not a side: it’s an accusation. It’s not an opposing view to Gamergate (as mentioned above, where people disagree with the ethical concerns), but people insisting that Gamergate is harassing people. However they twist this accusation into Gamergate’s goal: “Ethics” is a veil and all GG wants to do is harass. This is as rebutting as saying that communists will eat your children: They are not providing an opposing view, they are just trying to scare people.

So my answer is no, I would not side with the other side, because the other side requires me to tolerate even more corporate misbehavior in a time where the gaming industry is running away from them (to recommendations through social media/communities and smaller developers). What is usually seen as “the other side” is not a side, it’s a group of people determined to mock GG.”

“It’s just PR man all of these places are huge media conglomerates. Once one of them comes out and says “x” is all about harassment the other have to follow suit. Otherwise they’ll be seen as behind harassment.”

“gawker’s disgusting, but they’re not wrong when they say they’re one of the only truly independent media outlets. which is a bit fucked.”

“what if we’re being manipulated to work for the establishment”

“that’s what i’m worried about. the feds want gawker bleeding money coz it means they have to repatriate their money from the caymans, and get it taxed in the process. vox is a fucking monster of domestic comcast startup money. low and behold, shilling intensifies when GG tries to turn its attention on vox instead of just gawker.”

“>the Feds are watching us with a vary careful eye
>they know exactly what we are capable of, especially considering how long we’ve been going at this with the smallest of sparks, one manipulative person who fucked with vidya
>if anything, they’re trying to learn from us, to see what side we fall on, what political leanings we have, what economic ties we have
>all the while paying attention to similar potential upstarts
>we are being dissected, and if this goes on too long or in a way that threatens them, it is quite possible we’re all getting party van’d
>our greatest strength against this is the fact that we have not committed any unlawful acts
>if anything, we’re helping them do their job, attempting to enforce laws already in place
>this has not spilled over into the physical realm yet either, this is all purely digital
>we are walking a very precarious line here
>we tilt too much one way, we lose vidya
>we tilt too much the other way, we get gulag’d”

“Honestly, they’re probably just in “advisory” roles anyway, and won’t be taken that seriously.
There are a lot of advisers and investors involved in this, and $350 million being spent on this (a sizeable amount, even for a company as big as Intel).

Heck, we don’t even know what caused these “partners” to all get together in the first place. For all we know, LW2 and the IGDA approached Intel about joining the coalition when they found out about it.
While it seems to be a big thing to us, FemFreq and the IGDA are probably more or less non-players in this. At most FemFreq will do some speeches for it or some shit to appeal to the SJW demographic (who this is primarily pandering to).

As for the IGDA, they’re really fucking unorganized. While it’s now infested with SJWs, the whole blockbot thing was just a few SJWs with power in the organization (primarily the dumbass chairman). You have to understand something, too. When it comes to leadership roles in the IGDA, no one who actually matters wants to actually be a leader, because they’re busy with working long hours and after-work shit. They don’t have time to do anything, and are only members because the money helps with scholarships, gives them a community group to chat with online about various things (like asking for help on technical issues or bouncing ideas), and to get into the IGDA-only parties at conventions for networking. The IGDA leadership are literally just glorified organizers, and other than that are essentially incompetent (actually, they’re incompetent at organizing too, which means the one or two poor saps that know what they’re doing and are leaders are left doing everything).

Neither FemFreq nor the IGDA are going to have any kind of power in this shit. They’ll say their peace, the sorry executives who are tasked with leading this shit will nod and smile, and then proceed to disregard everything they said (or maybe take something they said and completely alter it to make it viable). You’ll never see Intel back out of a partnership with these people because, to Intel, they don’t matter other than SJW bait.”

“You know, I’ve been thinking about GG while 8chan was down, mainly what the goals are without the video gaming backdrop, and I realized something. A lot of people here hate the fact that people are abusing social status to get money. We hate the fact that the rich think that they can come in here, into the industry and the community, and tell us what to do. By standing up against these silver spoon morons and their in-pocket reporter “friends,” we’re waging war on the very concept of social status.
And they know that. That is why they are running scared, calling us a bunch of misogynist pissbabies. That’s why the likes of Wil Wheaton are waging war on the concept of anonymity. Because we are the very definition of social justice. We are social equality realized.”

“An insult does not need to be true, all that matters is that the speaker makes it stick.”

“It’s just PR man all of these places are huge media conglomerates. Once one of them comes out and says “x” is all about harassment the other have to follow suit. Otherwise they’ll be seen as behind harassment.”

“gawker’s disgusting, but they’re not wrong when they say they’re one of the only truly independent media outlets. which is a bit fucked.”

“Too many […] companies maybe. If the are too many suppliers than the odds tilt in favour of the buyers. Let the market take its course and let some of the companies fail.”

“Yes and no. CA in deed has a ridiculous high price tag for living such as rent. And maybe in this industry being next door is not as important as in manufacturing where neighbor suppliers can be a great benefit.
However the transition of work labor also in this area to low cost countries is a problem for the home economie. Thats I think where the American philosophy of survival of the fittest can result into the parents eating their own offspring.”

“[…] criticizes tuition-sponsored programs like the academy’s that have students “pay to work for free.” […] takes advantage of students and institutionalizes free labor. “If you’re okay with working for free why would you need overtime, health insurance, retirement benefits,” the blogger said in an interview with WSJ.
He cites the controversial decision by Digital Domain, a visual-effects company, to replace 30% of its paid workforce with tuition-paying Florida State University Students.
Others argue the experience gives students a leg-up in a job market that is tough to crack into. “We are actually giving people a chance to succeed in a competitive business and they are succeeding,” said Ms. Tate.”

“I’ve got it! Chief of Staff, send a communication bubble to the enemy fleet.”
“What do you want to say?”
“This battle is mutually pointless. It’s obvious as to why from our point of view. But it would be irrational for them too, to run the risk of damage when they could wait a couple of hours for us to leave. If they don’t understand the situation here, they’re going to think that this Star Forces commander is stupid. And that commander is me! I wouldn’t be able to take that.”
“I see. If we can get the enemy fleet to hold back for a bit, we’d be out of here, and there would be no need to fight.”
“The letter should read, well, let’s see…. ‘I am the Supreme Commander of Operation Hunter’s First Fleet, Admiral Spoor. Our objective is to temporarily secure the Lobnas Gate region. Do not oppose us. Remain at your current position until we have retreated.’ How does that sound?”
“It’s a start, but I think we should re-word it here and there.”
“Really? Well, I’ll let you do it. But we have little time. So hurry.”

[This is the First Fleet of the Star Forces’ Operation Hunter. We do not wish to engage in battle. We promise that we will retreat from the area in six hours. We request that you refrain from advancing any further.]

“The enemy fleet has stopped! They’ve sent back a communication bubble.”

[This is the Salai Sector Fleet of the United Mankind Peace Corps. We grant you a grace period of one hour. Then withdraw immediately.]

“If we could retreat that quickly we wouldn’t have to ask. Wouldn’t my opponent at least understand that? Tell them an hour isn’t going to be enough. Tell them we need twenty-four hours.”
“Twenty-four hours!?! I requested six hours. It’ll take five hours even if all goes smoothly. I’d like at least twelve hours so we have some leeway.”
“I thought you just said to ask for twenty-four hours.”
“You’ve never worked in business, have you?”
“No. I’ve been working in the Star Forces my entire life.”
“It’s no wonder you don’t udnerstand. In the world of trade, no price is fixed. We might as well have some fun haggling with them. I wouldn’t want you to take that joy away from me.”
“Start by asking for twenty-four horus!”

“We have a reply.”

[Your original request was for six hours. Now you’re asking for twenty-four hours. I am completely dumbfounded.]

“End of message.”
“Tell them the original transmission was a mistake. Make another request for them to hold back for twenty-four hours. This may sound rude, but that commander is an amateur. The negotiations will only take longer if they waste time like this.”
“That could mean that he may not adhere to the trading code, especially ours.”
“Then we have to fight.”

[We want explanation as to why the time has been increased fourfold.]

“We’ll let them know once the negotiations have been finalized.”

[We demand to know why you are being so secretive.]

“Tell them that’s a secret.”

[We do not accept that you are negotiating in good faith.]

“Are they saying they want to end the negotiations? Ask them that.”
“Isn’t that too confrontational? If they say yes, we’re going to have a battle on our hands!”
“The enemy fleet shows no signs of movement. That shows that they want to avoid a battle.”
“But what if worse comes to worst?”
“It’s sad when an agreement can’t be reached. But if you can overcome that, you’re on the way to becoming a successful businessman. This is a useful learning experience for you.”
“I intend to stay in the Star Forces my whole life.”
“That’s such a waste, my dear Chief of Staff! You’ve already thrown away half the joy in life! Well, it’s your life, I suppose I don’t have the right to interfere in it. But right now I’m the one negotiating with these guys. Hurry up and send my message.”

[It is too early to draw such a conclusion. We acknowledge your request for twenty-four hours grace. But we have decided that you must still retreat within one hour.]

“This enemy commander’s very nice. Whoever this person is, this one has passed my test as a worthy playmate.”
“How should we respond?”
“Explain to them why we’re still here and why we need more time. Explain it slowly, giving every detail. You could even spice it up a bit.”
“Understood. But where do I start?”
“How about from when the universe began?”
“I can’t include all that!”
“You sure are serious.”

“Why is twitter so popular?
It’s fucking awful for holding conversations. It’s fucking awful to announce news on. It’s fucking awful to search. It’s fucking awful for keeping in touch with friends, or even people or companies you’re interested in. If you’re not logged on when they’re saying something important/interesting, chances are you’ll never see it.
Only thing thing I can think of is that you can talk to (or rather at) your favorite celebrity and if you’re extremely lucky they’ll read it and maybe even respond. That’s fucking it.”

“It’s really useful for gathering and analyzing ‘big data.’ Out of all the social media sites it has the easiest API and all user data is easily tagged by the user. Ad in a dose of heavy marketing by people who want to mine this data and you have a very useful platform.”

“They can’t make that movie today because everybody’s so politically correct. You know, the NAACP would stop a great movie that would do such a great service to black people because of the N-word,” says Brooks. “You’ve got to really examine these things and see what’s right and what’s wrong. Politically correct is absolutely wrong. Because it inhibits the freedom of thought. I’m so lucky that they weren’t so strong then and that the people that let things happen on the screen weren’t so powerful then. I was very lucky.”

“I don’t understand the point of these threads.
Why would you want to needlessly shit on somebody else.
Their over-rated, good for them. Who gives a flying fuck.”

“to better understand why the public rates an artist more highly than they seem to deserve, thus understanding what the conditions for success are, other than skill.”

“In order to make people care about the rest of the game as much as they do the sex scenes you need to have music, visuals and story that is stronger than a man’s drive to fuck or witness fucking.

Of course some of your demographic might be low testosterone, otherwise sexually satisfied or uninterested in sex, but the vast majority of video game playing adults will be people who like fucking and have fucking as number one on their instinctual list of things they’d like to do.

The sex could be manipulated by the rest of the game, if the sexual partner to the protagonist could lose feet or breasts in combat you’d gain and lose interest based on each player’s fetish. If it were some sort of science fiction or high fantasy where the characters would need biochemical mutagens or dragon earwax to alter their sexual performance the player might go out of their way to explore for things like that too, but you’d still have to have a fucking stellar story to get past the sex being the focus.”

“I’m not really interested in truth. Truth relies consensus and evidence; it is by definition ex post facto.

I’m interested in what truth is before it is truth.”

“>The industry will be twice as saturated as it is now, and it will be even easier for companies to hire people remotely, which means that, even more than now, you’ll be competing with artists from all over the world
>Availability of learning material is not the bottleneck that is going to prevent you from getting a job; availability of jobs is, and the threshold of talent needed to compete.
I can actually confirm this is already the case because I was looking to hire an artist for a project that fell through. The number of applications from the global market was so insane that eventually I had to start throwing them out and ignoring people over the smallest things. That made me feel like an asshole but it also made me angry at how poor artists are at marketing themselves properly to avoid wasting an employers time.

PROTIP: You aren’t one of a dozen, you aren’t even one of 50. You are one of hundreds/thousands applying. Don’t make my job harder than it needs to be because every minute you waste of my time is multiplied by hundreds.”

“I don’t think MMOs are dead because they’re dated.
MMOs are dead because of the automization of the game. There’s no need to go on adventures with other people, monsters must be weak enough so every class can solo. No one speaks to each other, if you want a group there’s a dungeon finder for that. People can’t swindle each other, a lot of games don’t even have player trading anymore, you need to go to the auction house or mail system. Hell a lot of games don’t even require the player to walk for themselves, you click on the quest or monster name and your character auto-paths to the right section of the map.
This is a side effect of the prevailance of these “theme park” mmos. All progression is linear and quests are the only way to get ahead. If you are level 25 there’s literally nothing for you in the level 23 area because even if you’re playing with a friend you’d need to kill like 200 enemies for the same reward as a “kill 10 bears” quest. When you’re racing to the max level in hopes of finding slightly more diverse content no one wants other players serving as speed bumps.”

“>old way makes money
>new way is less work and makes more money

“”How to draw reality”. I really don’t know what people mean with this. What is to draw reality? Is a strictly visual representation of the world the best way to show, for example, the inner turmoil of a person that is portrayed? And is this inner world any less real than the visual world? The dragon that the fantasy artist draw is a symbol for the ego, or perhaps a symbol of freedom and peace and divinity like in the east, or a mixture of the earthly serpent and the winged creature, a symbol for the contradictions in men… Is this any less real than apples and pears? Is Cezanne’s fruits less real than a photograph of them? Byzantine icons used inverse perspective so that you don’t confuse those images with the things they are representing, so that you’ll know they are spiritual symbols and not a theatrical representation of a mundane scene. In the east, the word sansui is used for landscape and it means mountains and water, they are not interested in linear perspective, but in depicting the mist around the mountains, the unknown or unpalpable aspect of reality. That is all reality.

In the same way, manga artists draw big eyes, small noses, etc. There are canonical hair styles and expressions. Same with fantasy artists. My question to them is: is it conscious or are you just doing it because that’s the only thing you know? Are you thinking about what means the thing that you draw? Are you aware of how it affects the viewer and what do want to achieve with it? Is the point of view of your drawing just a dumb camera finding an edgy composition, or are you thinking about it like a filmmaker would? Is it godlike, is it subjective, is it emotional or cold? Etc, etc.

In my opinion, the good artist, regardless of area, will know how what he does relates to the world around it. He will question the big eyes and try something new without thinking it is manga, cartoon, “naturalistic”… He will draw fantasy not from rule of cool alone (which is another way to speak of common sense), but from having something to say with it. If it comes automatically that his drawings should be in a certain way, I’d say that person lost touch with reality. The manga artist may only know how to draw with big eyes and skinny legs, but if this is effectively the way he sees reality, than so be it. If he learned that from books alone and can’t look at people straight in the eye, then I doubt he can make something jump out and touch other people’s hearts with what he does. He may, though, I might be wrong.

Above all, we shouldn’t focus on what other people do or don’t do with their art. Whether they steal from others or not, if it is in this or that style, if they study from this or that method… It doesn’t matter the least to us. There is no reason to try and validate what they do, nor seek validation of ourselves in their praxis. Let them handle what they do. Get back to ourselves and what we want from our art, what we can do for it, what we want from it.”

“Is this what we’ve been fucking reduced to?

The love and drive of making a game is equal to the amount of money you can pull in from it? There have been free games that continued to grow and develop just because people fucking loved it. Communities kept games alive for years after its fucking release

Why have we gone to the point of thinking that people don’t matter unless they have money in their fucking pockets. Why burn down the palm tree paradise that was gaming, in favor of a bloated industry machine that sucks the life, money, and joy out of its own consumers because it can’t possibly sustain itself with it’s current practices. Why not change your practices? Why not be fair to your consumers. And that goes for both devs and journalists

All I fucking wanted was games to be made in a smarter way than they’re made now. And fair coverage in the media for those games

For fuck sake, I finally understood why COD kept getting the scores it gets, because they feed a bunch of different sites with advertising money every fucking year.

Now we’re left with a stagnant industry that’s too scared to do anything than the same modern dy FPS trick it’s been doing since 2007, publishers literally having no clue what to do with their money, games that release broken and a patched later, cheat codes as fucking DLC, maps as paid DLC, the death of single player components and replayability, and the death of a diverse range of games that are made out of love and the desire to make games, instead of the desire to beat the fucking deadline clock

I never considered 5th and 6th gens to be golden ages, because good games, systems, and media without political agendas, consumer shaming, and con-artists seemed like normal things

But now we all look back at them like it was the fucking Enlightenment, as we stare back through the desolate and dirtied window of the Dark Ages that is 7th and 8th gen

All I wanted to do was play video games. All I wanted to do was look at a game review, and not be fed bullshit pseudo intellectual gender politics within a fictional medium with fictional characters in fictional situations

I hate to fucking be that guy, but this hobby went to shit when people started getting the misconception that gaming as a whole and within itself is a culture and not a hobby

Everything was fine
Games were fun
Consoles and the practices behind them weren’t all that bad, at least nothing I could get mad at

And would you look at that? Nobody cared if you were trans or female! There was no rule barring them from playing. Like any hobby, gaming was blind to your background. Funny how perpetuating that there is a divide that needs to be closed, is what ended up creating the divide in the fucking first place

Fuck all of this. It’s just a den of lions raping the rotten and bloated corpse of everything that made games fun and inclusive of all consumers and all kinds of products.”

“It’s like Lena Dunham – people in power are pushing her on us because we ‘should’ like her. Lena Dunham is unsuccessful. She’s hideous. She’s vile. Her show tanks. Yet it gets news coverage as being ‘smart.’
When Howard Stern called her fat, he APOLOGIZED the next day. Howard Stern, millionaire radio guy who has shit on everyone, apologized.
There’s clout behind these people. Somebody with power anoints them and paths are cleared.
Anita is the same thing. She has backers among the right people.”

“I don’t understand the point of these threads.
Why would you want to needlessly shit on somebody else.
Their over-rated, good for them. Who gives a flying fuck.”

“to better understand why the public rates an artist more highly than they seem to deserve, thus understanding what the conditions for success are, other than skill.”

“how do you deal with criticism from peers who say you “only draw pretty women to jack off to them?””
“tell them they’re right and proceed to jack off to it in front of them”
“Diogenes please”

“”I’m sorry.” is the most common lie in the world.”
“Wrong. It is “I love you”.”

“Guys rip on eachother all the time, because it’s how they bond […] it shows that the person on the receiving end can handle an attack on their ego, and proves them to be reliable under pressure.
Women seem to use shit talk as a way of bonding, but only when the person being shit talked isn’t there.”

“You can always get out of contracts with enough money. There’s an entire industry of lawyers specialized in btfo of any contracts. see: prenups “

“Bots are impossible / you can report bots, we’re fightig them”
“Ghost shells dont exist / ghost shells fixed”
“E25 is balanced fine / E25 removed: too good”

“”sign this _ please”
then you question what it’s for and they tell you nothing and it’s just procedure or downplay it as really nothing. It prolly is as well but here’s the thing… you should be asking yourself what is the point of signing anything if it’s of no value and not sign it. That’s how I handle it. If it’s of no consequence then it doesn’t get signed in the first place.”

“Let me explain why we have a 4th Amendment, pumpkin…

Let’s say you’re a nobody… but you’re a moral, upstanding nobody. The NSA collects all your correspondence online, they look at where you go, what sites you visit, who you talk to… no problem, right? Because you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear, right?

Now let’s say you get fed up with Zionists and globalists fucking up your country… as an honest indivisual, you get involved in politics and policy, you try to change the system nonviolently, with conservative means.

But then you ruffle some feathers… Chaim Goldbergenstein sees his evil plans for your country put in jeopardy, because you’re making headway… he contacts his bought-out best buddies at the NSA… tells them to leak some damaging information on you, wreck your reputation, hopefully get you arrested… but alas for Chaim, you’re clean.

But no matter! Chaim’s best buds just insert a bunch of damaging information into your records… you are suddenly a regular visitor to child porn websites, you are routinely calling known terrorist hangouts in Afghanistan, you hang around on 8chan’s /pol/ board…

And that’s the info they leak.

During the free-for-all that follows, the NSA falls all over itself apologizing for the “leak” and vows to find the culprit. You, of course, deny everything, but then again, you would do that, wouldn’t you, you guilty son of a bitch…

Regardless of what follows, your reputation is destroyed, as many people are too stupid to know how this works, and many others just don’t care, and will believe anything they are told due to intellectual laziness.

You see, it’s the same as a cop planting drugs in your car during a random search, or as our founding fathers knew it, a bunch of soldiers planting evidence in your home that shows you are conspiring against the king.

This is why the 4th Amendment demands that any searches of our persons, papers, or effects first have a warrant issued by a judge, a judge that has already been shown either reasonable suspicion of a crime, or has had an individual accuse you of a crime, and the warrant must state what they are searching for, and where they intend to search. This is why we should never allow random, baseless searches of our personal records or property.

But sadly, no one is taught this in school any longer, as is evidence by your lack of understanding.”

“MMOs are time sinks and only a cold calculating person with no soul can release an MMO to a generation of children just so they will spend their youth unlocking virtual items and grinding away their years stuck on a PC.”

“Fuck this thread and fuck you OP. We’re all human beings, we have feelings, fears, hopes and dreams. Not everyone’s a success story, some of us hurdle through and there’s literally noone on this entire planet that’ll comfort or give a shit besides the people close to you or those who can relate to what you’re going through. We make these posts because we desperately need someone to acknowledge the struggle everyone keeps silent about, all the unvoiced problems everyone goes through, because apparently it’s the norm to act cold and distant to everybody in today’s society, you’re just supposed to appear with git gud works out of the fucking blue, and now you want to alienate us even further by making this shitty thread with the premise that we are devalued and flawed, well fuck you buddy, you’re the flawed one with no value. FUCK YOU.”

“Ask yourself “Would someone sue me for this?”
If no, it’s inspiration. If yes, it’s plagiarism.”

“Lol academics getting worked up about cheating the system when the whole peer review cycle is mutual masturbation society”

“People who have played GW2 from the start and are still playing are clinically insane. The type of person who realizes within the first bite of a footlong sub that it has a giant log of shit in it and is too proud to not eat the entire thing.”

“At least I know who pays RT. Who pays CNN?”

“We often get mocked for mocking the greens, and I mock the greens all the time because I don’t think the greens are about being green, I think they’re about being red.”

“Celebrities don’t get involved in crimes.
They get involved in scandals.”

“if they dont have ‘dirt’ on you, if they know you’re clean, you simply wont get promoted into prominent positions.”

“Though the precise origin of the mask-wearing tradition can’t be known for certain, the prevailing theory goes something like this: beginning in the Italian Renaissance, Venice was an extremely wealthy and powerful merchant empire. Its position on the Mediterranean sea opened it up to a myriad of trading opportunities across Europe, North Africa and Asia Minor, and its powerful navy allowed it to exert the military force necessary to defend its vast wealth. In a city-state so prosperous, it’s a small wonder that Venetian society was class-obsessed and rigidly stratified. One’s individual standing was immensely important for the perception of his or her entire family, and so naturally the pressure to act in accordance with the social morays governing one’s social standing was immense and stifling. The Venetians, the theory goes, adopted the practice of wearing masks and other disguises during the Carnival season as a way of suspending the rigid social order. Under the cloak of anonymity, the citizens of Venice could loosen their inhibitions without fear of reprisal. Masks gained so much popularity that the mascherari (mask makers) became a venerated guild in Venetian society. However, as word of the famed Venetian Carnival spread, more and more outsiders flocked to the city every year to take part in the festivities. The Carnival celebrations became increasingly chaotic and debaucherous as the years progressed until their decline in the 18th Century.”

“What happens in a world where only special talented brilliant people have work?”

“Natural monopolies become widespread as the startup costs become impossible. This makes the number of companies that are controlled by elite small enough to run the whole world. Government and industry are one and the same. Social engineering on a large scale then ensues. Birth rates plummet even more as a result. Those that are left are completely controlled. Stratified society where those outside the system are pretty much a separate society who enjoy none of the benefits of automation. Shanty towns are widespread. Potential revolts are continuously and easily shut down.”

“Wizard here. I didn’t grow up on the internet. I pre-date it. The internet started out a bunch of electronic bulletin board shit that I didn’t understand at the time that you needed slowass 56k modems to access, and then the web mercifully became a thing. But they didn’t have CSS until the year I graduated. (I know I’m not the only oldfag around since I still see people complaining about Geocities). I saw the internet become a thing. Before then I followed games with magazines, and good old fashioned fanzines. I watched people freak out about fucking night trap. I watch congressmen get into a tizzy about Mortal Kombat. When I thought the battle was won, it started all over again with Doom and columbine. I’ll tell you what it’s odd spending your teenage years fighting against older people telling you that games are evil, and now pushing forty I have to fucking fight the same battle all over again, that I though I already won, against people younger than I am who are telling me games are evil. It makes no fucking sense. And you guys don’t have the allies I had. The mainstream press shit on us, but the games press went to bat for us. Now they are fucking lining up with the mainstream press.

This is why movie bob pisses me off so much (other than the fact he’s fucking annoying.) I’m from the generation he brags about being from. I wrote congressmen, I got mad at Lieberman, and Thompson. To see that fat fuck go “I fought for this so you youngsters could fucking ruin it” mystifies me. I have no idea how he can’t tell Anita is saying literally the same shit every opponent of games had. I am fighting the same battle I always have. I NEVER switched sides.”

“In GW1 it was a simple but elegant story of good vs evil, and it is extremely easy to tell a tale of good versus evil. It is even easier to tell a story where everyone is ambiguous in nature – the recent trend in fantasy literature starting from the 90s tell us that much.
It is, however, much more difficult for authors to tell a story that draws a line between what is “good” and what is “evil” and stick to it firmly. Novice students in the humanities often mistaken this ambiguity for complexity, and will harp on endlessly about the “complex” and “intriguing” nature of the character design like most good sheep are without realizing that once you’ve seen one morally conflicted ambiguous character, you’ve really seen them all.”

“This guy was part of the occupy DC movement, and explains how it went wrong. Explains there were two groups. One group that was the most important was the homeless men. They had no jobs, no home, no where to to go. They kept the camps open and kept them going. And the second group was the activist elite, who would blow in try to run things, and went to go sleep somewhere warm for the night. One group being loud, demanding attention, full of self importance, yet giving the least amount of meaningful effort. The other a silent, poorly represented group, who held the fort, simply by staying there.

Respect the hobos. Right now what we need are hobos. Guys to silently hold the fort down and keep things going. Whether it’s by emails, or other non visible activities. What we don’t need is fair whether supporters drawing attention to themselves, and going home to sleep in a warm place. I’m not saying this to seed divisiveness. I’m saying, be hobo. If you can’t be a hobo, respect the hobos, and don’t throw them out of their tents.”

“Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see.”

“Goddamn it this is what I was afraid of. It would get his account and bank account locked. Fuck…so do I just sit back and take it now? What can I do now aside from fucking over?”

“Just let him be a crook and fuck over more people then. Not your problem anymore. Good luck ever getting anything out of him. Also, don’t make any more posts about it. You either take action or give up.”

“No matter how much success a company has, they always crave the audience that is loyal to another company or in this case, another medium.

It’s ridiculous how easy it is for a company to fall into that trap. Instead of creating ways to incentivize and reward loyalty, they completely disregard their fanbase and abuse the trust fans have put into the company itself.

They’ve even forgotten how fanbases grow. If you reward the fans for their continued support, those fans will want their friends to experience the joy they had and tell them why a certain company and the thing they make is cool. Then those fans bond over the company’s products and the cycle continues.

Instead, they just care about stealing other audiences and blame their own fans when it fails and insult them when the backlash hits.”

“Old [] was pretty insular. Drama started and ended there. Now it spreads out across the entire internet. The reason pros probably don’t engage like they used to isn’t because they fear for their professional reputations, but rather because if you’re a) serious about studying to get good or b) already a pro you probably don’t have the time or inclination to wade through the online equivalent of schoolyard drama to find/do something constructive for/with the community.

I suppose some kind of private mentorship program might get around this, but what that means is that in less than a decade the art community’s regressed to the level of late-Renaissance Italy in terms of networking and co-operation.”

“so basically, like every industry out there today.”

“Yes, sadly. Anyone who works in a modern office will tell you how well that works out.”

“The vast majority of women I can tolerate listening to for any period of time were all older and pretty knowledgeable about what they were doing – and even then they were quite nice and humble.

Women streaming on twitch aren’t older, aren’t knowledgeable about what they are doing, aren’t nice, and aren’t humble.

They look better but they’re literally faces and tits on a screen. If I wanted to fap I’d go to my porno folders. If I wanted to talk with a girl I wouldn’t be in a stream. If I wanted to watch girls doing things I’d watch a video.

Streams, outside of big events by big companies, fulfill no unique niche as far as I am concerned. Costs too much upload and too much computer power for, what, an excuse to not prepare material?

>I want women in gaming, I don’t want people who don’t really enjoy the hobby taking advantage of people who do.

I hope you realize >90% of the women who will get involved with videogames under anything related to “Women In Gaming” will be of that category. Any woman who’s not of that category and is interested in videogames already is here or will be here without any sort of “Women In Gaming” bullshit. Stop toeing the party line, you unbearable faggot.”

“This will be TL;DR but here:

Art colleges aren’t tailored to the modern industry, and instead do what they’ve been doing for the past 45+ years. You’ll be lucky if you even hear the word “digital” and in some cases your teacher might not even know how to use a computer. The current curriculum hasn’t been reformed to take that “extra” step in showing you what lies in the future after you’ve been grinding those fundamentals for a while.

The fact of the matter is if YOU ARE TRULY GOOD, the degree doesn’t matter. If you’re shit and you have a fancy degree? the employer will use your resume as toilet paper.

Let’s be clear here, i’m not talking about the “god-tier” schools like Carnegie Mellon; those are the schools that organizations like Pixar pick out their employees from. Your average middle class “art school” doesn’t come close to that and instead you’ll be taught by a middle age man that’s grumpy his post-modernism triangles didn’t make him millions.

Do you know what my 2 years so far in receiving a Bachelors in Fine Arts has taught me?
>How to make printmaking blocks of “post-modern” triangles and dots
>How to mix Egg Tempera paint
>Study the amazing work of Duchamp and the dadaists.
>That when my teacher spills Cobalt blue pigment on his hankerchief he doesn’t have enough brain cells to realize it isn’t the best idea to SHAKE IT AROUND UNTIL THE PIGMENTS DISPERSE IN THE AIR ALL AROUND THE STUDIO

meanwhile lurking here I’ve self taught myself with
>how to use Photoshop
>how to use Zbrush
>how to use ArchiCad software

And it didn’t cost me a dime.

Meanwhile my BFA has cost me thousands so far.

you choose.”


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