Oct 31 – Nov 15

“You’ve all heard the lifeboat story right? There’s 10 people in the lifeboat, the lifeboat only holds 9, who are we going to throw out of the lifeboat? And if I told you that story your mind would start thinking “Who am I going to throw out of the lifeboat?”

The first time I heard the lifeboat story I was a grad student. My degree’s in special ed, because I’m a ringer. And I said to the prof well we’re not throwing anybody out of the lifeboat. We’ll throw a rope out the back of the lifeboat, and somebody swims for one hour shifts, there’s only ever nine people in the boat, people swim three hours a day, one hour at a time, he said there are sharks in the water, I said there’s a shark bag in the boat. And the conversation ended.

But I was a ringer. Because I knew that he had controlled the universe. He said “Who are you going to throw out of your lifeboat”, so all of our minds, because that’s how all of our minds work, there’s the box and there’s where we go, “who are you going to throw out of the lifeboat”.

If I had said to you, “Come up with a solution to save everybody”, you could’ve thrown a rope out the back of the boat, you could’ve turned the boat upside down because it’d be more buoyant, put the baby on top of the boat everybody cling to the boat, no problem, everybody take off all their clothes because nudity is not real important when we’re saving a life, throw out everything not necessary in the boat, we bail for so many hours, I’ve heard hundreds of suggestions. If I had said to you “Save everybody in the boat”.

But I didn’t say that.

I said “Who are you going to throw out of the lifeboat?”. And so your mind went right over there.

Just like the salesman says, “Do you want it on your Visa or your Mastercard?”. He gave you a choice didn’t he? Is “No” one of the choices? Never. […] Would you like a red car or a blue car, you want that in ten days or thirty days, you always get a choice. But I control the universe of choices […]

If I control the universe of choices I can mold someone’s behavior, and they always think they thought it up by themselves, because they didn’t realize I controlled the box.”


“One of the primary strengths of 8chan is that you can make your own boards, retard.”

“Oh so you want censorship?”

“GamerGate is the start of something much bigger than many here seem to be able to comprehend.
This is the first time a group has been able to fight against such a media slander campaign and come out unscathed.

Everything is pointing to this shit creating a new culture of individuals who don’t wish to stand with the political extremes, will have drastic effects on the political climate and possibly the views of the entire Millennial generation.

This is about ethical journalism in the gaming industry, and we should continue to operate this way, but be aware that as this continues it will have an effect on all of society. You are each making a difference far greater than you know. Keep it up.”

“SRS, the feminist community of Reddit that started GamerGhazi and who we are fighting now, have been frequently visiting 4chan for at least 3-4 years.

How do I know this? Because I’ve read SRS for as long as it has existed. Know thine enemy is the first fucking law of waging war. These people are not clueless random normalfags, folks. I’m surprised this is such a shock to so many here. These people have been on the internet for as long as we have, and some of them have been browsing 4chan for longer than you have probably. Remember, SA and SRS have an actual connection. PLENTY of people on SRS are fucking goons themselves. And SRS, for all intents and purposes, = GamerGhazi.

My goodness, do I seriously have to redpill you guys on this shit? I feel as if I’m about to drop a nuclear mega-ton redpill here right now.


“I’m so conflicted right now.

On the one hand, this woman is everything we’re against. She supports censorship, she’s an SJW, she’s against creative freedom…

But at the same time, this is a woman who lost everything. She was betrayed by the people she thought were on her side. And it wasn’t because of her beliefs, her ideals or what she stood for. It’s all because she picked the wrong target. She attacked their sacred cow. Their pope.

I genuinely feel bad for her. I feel like I got a raw deal and it’s totally fucking unfair she has to watch people like Anita get worshipped by the same people who ate her alive. They believe the exact same stuff, but Suey didn’t kiss the right ring.”


“She didn’t fucking lose anything. She’s a crybaby who’s playing the role of the victim, who has even gone so far as to suggest that Twitter drama fucking gave her PTSD.
Don’t waste your sympathies on her. It’s entirely undeserved.”

“>I feel like I got a raw deal and it’s totally fucking unfair she has to watch people like Anita get worshipped by the same people who ate her alive.
>I feel like I got a raw deal
>I feel like I

What an odd typo.”

“holy shit, the leddit invasion is real”

“>GG gets an intense, but fair, interview
>Everyone jumps in to try and get an interview just to show they can do it and get info out
>Anti-GG goes on there, gets a few hard questions, so cries “hit piece”
>No one else has the balls to go on
Looks like Anti-GG plays on Easy Mode, while GamerGate plays on Impossible Mode.”

“>Pakman started off being pretty neutral on this subject, but is clearly far more left leaning and is a self-identified progressive liberal.
>Slowly but surely through repeated interactions begins to realize that the people he expected to sympathize with the most are also the ones doing most of the antagonizing.”

“We have actually already won this battle.

Our goal was to keep politics out of video games, and to show that these sites do not represent the views of the majority of video game enthusiasts (i.e. the people who spend the money)

You’ll bet your fucking ass that EA, Activision, and every other publisher and developer worth their salt has been following this religiously for months and knows where their demographics stands on the issue.

They may not even fucking agree with us, but they will follow the money and and keep that shit out of games, at least for now.
That’s not to say that we should stop, not by any means, because the war is still ongoing.”

“The problem is that publishers LIKE the corruption because giving away a console or spending a couple hundred bucks on a luxury suite to guarantee a 10/10 review is something they consider trivial. They might throw their lot in with the bloggers to preserve the status quo.”

“maybe the femnazis are invading videogames because their girls club feminism is invaded by boys and there cucking presense is like an immune response to punish all their beta orbiters for not being prime male breeding material.”

“‘Do you write tropes v women?’
‘kind of’
‘so you use anita as a puppet?’
‘no she agrees’
‘why not do it yourself?’
‘because…because…because i’m a white man and white men’s opinions are invalid’
‘but you write tvw’
‘yeah but anita says it’
‘but you say white male opinion are invalid. you are a white male’
‘wooow typical patriarchy trying to CONTROL the narrative’
‘that puts me onto my next point about you and political propaganda. is that not the definition of trying to control the narrative’
‘no because my narrative is the RIGHT narrative’
‘but what about everyone who disagrees?’
‘they are wrong, ignorant and misogynistic’
‘but you’re a white male, so does that mean your opinion on them is invalid’
‘Mr. McIntosh, you sound a bit irate’
*Cthulu-type gargling and screeching*
‘we appear to be having difficulties reaching Mr Mcintosh’
‘I think that’s all for today. Thanks for coming on Jonathan’

“>Everyone likes freedom. Nobody likes having it taken away.

People will gladly get rid of freedom for safety. Like the dev, He keeps his financial security, loses his right to speak out for us.”

“I fucking hate this shit. He literally denies that we as humans have individual agency, yet gets all pissy when a video game character doesn’t have agency.

I swear the beliefs of these SJW are hella toxic. It kind of explains their obsession with labels and groups though. All black people are the same, all women are the same, all men are the same etc.

Explains that ‘handful of m&ms poster, as everyone in a ‘group’ that they determine is the same. Fuck me these peopleare scum.”

“I hope gg will serve as an example of effective techniques against ideologues. So that in the future people will be able to defend themselves properly against these lunatics.”

“I’m trans. If you don’t want me here, I can leave. But for the record, you are extremely transphobic.”

“I too am trans and he is allowed his opinion, free speech if you don’t like it please do leave you don’t belong here”

“I am not sure why Arthur wants to speak on any show in the first place. He has yet to say anything even remotely insightful and so far his only contribution to this whole thing is acting like a racist asshole.”

“He’s seeking a higher status than “that asian dude who won Jeopardy a while ago””

“So let’s review. At the beginning of all this there were rogue mods all over reddit deleting shit left and right. Later the mods on halfchan went rogue and we had to make the exodus to here. Mods on the escapist tried to bury the GG discussion and hide it in religious and political, and apparently KiA had another issue of a rogue mod.

So…the appropriate thing to do, given how rogue mods are a pretty big fucking issue for all of us, is to shitpost and purposely install a rogue mod, even if as a joke? It’s beyond retarded.”

“If it’s illegal why hasn’t anyone reacted yet?”

“Because it’s costly to do so, the enemy is way too large and could just personally bankrupt you a thousand times over before the process even starts, and because they’d only get a slap in the wrist even if you forced the thing to proceed to its conclusion.”

“I don’t know what the fuck has happened to IA though. These last two streams, one where he’s with everyone patting themselves on the back for winning and another where he’s getting his dick sucked for two hours.

Seeing this happen after three weeks ago he said he’d put up new videos about what’s happened has really made me lose a lot of faith in the whole endeavor.”

“>and another where he’s getting his dick sucked for two hours.

“The latest stream where Jay3dfox is with him moaning and quite audibly sucking on him at several points.”

“I think you meant, with her moaning and audibly sucking on him.”

“Well, IA is now worse than KoP.”

“you’re entitled to your opinion on the matter, I just think at the end of the day, who he decides to stick his dick into is his business, not ours, and spending at least 3 threads now going on about it seems a little sad.”

“That’s what happens when you do it so publicly with tits that are as public as Jayd’s. And various people are finding the stream and news at different times so this kind of thing is expected.”

“That stream was like being at party with your friend and his new gf and they just won’t stop talking about fucking each other the entire time.
Cringe worthy as fuck.”

“I view the IA thing as mutual: we were bored of him and his egotism and he was bored of us not stroking his ego as much anymore.”

“>That anti-discussion attitude is exactly what is allowing the racist parties in Europe to gain ground.
Yes, thank you for saying it. I honestly feel that political correctness especially has strengthened the far right.”

“An interesting situation, don’t you agree?

By forcing people to be more friendly and accepting towards one another they are actually forcing sensible people into the open arms of another extremist group.”

“He’s an idiot that’s unwilling to learn and improve himself.
That’s not being a decent guy.”

“everytime this happens it is a good thing

there are relatively normal people among us (especially on twatter) that believe in the golden rule and that people are inherently good. This is why social justice / bay area culture seems like a good idea to some people

Having these bay area hipsters constantly shit in your face for attempting to correct their dogma in good faith hardens the will

For any random person browsing twatter it poisons the social justice well. Finding out that people who espouse these progressive stack ideals are insufferable assholes to people asking them questions tears down their walls of moral superiority brick by brick

tl;dr GG is saving America from the new millennium’s version of the red menace”

“Not to mention that we’ve successfully pulled off their smiley face mask and exposed the racist, bigoted face underneath. Independent bloggers and writers are already writing about how the SJWs have revealed themselves to be two-faced assholes who bully and threaten anyone who doesn’t fall in line with them. They’ve lost a huge amount of reputation with the public, and they’ll never get it back.”

“when did social justice become such a fucking profit center?”

“the same reason people run charity scams for profit”

“It’s all based on guilt and shame. Think about it, they shame you into being guilty about yourself, and then ask you to pay money to them in order to feel better about yourself. The sunk cost fallacy kicks in once you donate and you keep going further and further into the quicksand and can’t remove yourself from it all.”

“This is what happens when you have a tone police group who doesn’t know they’re tone policing and gets offended when told they’re tone policing. Its insane what a group of normalfags through their own stupidity.”

“So how about Rogue star leaving for his own tag? That didn’t seem to work out well. I see him back on my GG twitter deck feed again. I know e celeb but it makes me smile how full of shit he is.”

“What was the only thing they acknowledged about “us”? The corruption? The diversiveness? no it was the “harrasment patrol”. Wanna know why they endorsed it? Because it is something which can be co opted much more easily, becasue people will take their shit for granted after being part in it and thus may start misuse it”

“Why is that whenever we start talking about else, there’s one guy that has to come in and yell STAY ON TOPIC guys.

Its getting fucking annoying, we haven’t forgotten, we’re still writing snail mail, emails and tweeting shit, start a thread about it if you wanna get more eyes on it, talk to the twitter front, etc.”

“>someone gets raped on the other side of the planet

SJW’s are the worst.”

“>Cancerous tripfag
>Never spread GameJournoPros when it was leaked, never mentioned the fucking ‘smoking gun’ destructoid scandal when it was fresh
>Fully embraced the ‘harassment’ narrative instead and kept discussion on the LWs
>Could never control the spaghetti flow on the streams
>Threw a tantrum and #GG under the bus instead of quietly pulling out
>Lied to hotwheels about the fanfic-tier denton leak
>People are now trying to make conspiracy theories to defend his name
Just… why? As far as a ‘voice for the consumer revolt’ goes he was fucking awful at it. We have so many great figures helping us out now and anons still choose to focus on that retarded cuck”

“To all you faggots who told me that I was a “Gawker shill” and “driving away allies” and “causing infighting”, a gigantic FUCK YOU I TOLD YOU SO.

I have STILL yet to see any examples of tone policing and infighting. Disagreeing with somebody is not infighting. Asking for verification is not infighting. Telling KOP to keep his pol shit in pol is not tone policing, nor is disagreeing with him. There are probably shills, but honestly, I don’t think there’s as many as people claim and people just say that to get the last word on an argument.”

“Looking at kop’s previous twitters and youtubes, etc makes me realize that all he ever wanted was to be a pro streamer and he never caught on. Suddenly, this gamergate starts and he becomes popular out of the blue, the first time his stream have ever been popular. Obviously he is ecstatic over this, and it explains why he would make up leaks so he can stay in the limelight. Very sad to watch.”

“They want to shift the term “ethics” from the meaning in “Journalistic ethics” which is a very specific set of standards for the journalistic profession to “ethics in journalism” which is the general ethics and highly unspecific.

Basically creationist tactics like with “theory” (scientific) and “theory” (colloquial).”

“You’re allowed one minute to live in the hype. After that I expect you to crush your own dreams before reality does.”

“>words mean things!…except when we want to change their meaning
>it’s not “just a joke!”…except when we’re making the joke”

“It’s the isolation of social circles by ideologies, image, and money usually in SF it’s the absence of these things that gets people to be life long leftists. They have a hierarchy based around guilt and obligation to social causes rather then skill or knowledge.

I live in LA and there is a huge rift between rich club goers and the rest of the city. All of the expensive trendy stores and services keep them happy and the expense keeps it exclusive so they develop into a culture.

If your a dj/artist you have the ideology you can bs your way in, if your rich you have the money to buy your way in, if you have the image you can fake your way in.

The nightclubs they attend are always less than 5 miles away from a bad neighborhood or in an industrial area so as to make them exclusive to other rich people in the suburbs and hills.

The thing is people are so obsessed with making legend out of their exploits in life they forgot what is being written about how they lived. They choose the image over the struggle of truly becoming that person. We all do it.

TL;DR It’s indoctrination through social circles and perceived expectations that makes people become shills for a lifestyle”

“AAA has actual professional PR departments. Luring them to do any bad publicity by themselves is going to be much harder than what we’ve currently been doing. Part of why GG has been so successful has been the anti-GG’s unprofessionalism and downright amateurism in the fields of PR and journalism.”

“Noticing a trend with social media comments.
AntiGG = lol just jokes, GG = harassment.”

“What I find baffling is this is the same social movement that has spent years trying to make rape jokes and such taboo, yet when one of their own posts something completely inappropriate and claims “it was just a joke” they fall over themselves to defend them.”

“I don’t like this comparison, and here’s why:
Rape jokes aren’t intended to intentionally harm rape victims. You could argue that some victims of rape are harmed by such jokes, but it’s demonstrably not the goal of the person telling the joke. If a comedian were to tell a rape joke and accidentally inspire a visible panic attack in a rape victim, that comedian wouldn’t be proud of how awesome their joke went – they’d likely be terrified about the fact that the audience will soon be turning against them.
Conversely, the sole purpose of this line of “joking” is to inspire emotional distress. You could argue that the person distressed is being unreasonable and should just accept that this particular award is so laughably corrupt that they don’t even feel the need to pretend otherwise, but the fact is that if no one is hurt, there is no joke. Harming people that the teller views as unworthy of basic humanity isn’t an acceptable risk, or an unfortunate yet unintended consequence – it’s the entire point.
This isn’t the equivalent of telling a rape joke. It’s the equivalent of finding someone who has been raped, telling them that they’re completely worthless now and will always be tainted until they cry, and then saying “haha, wasn’t my joke hilarious? look at the stupid little baby crying because I hurt it!””

“I’m sure there is another reason men can’t teach elementary school without being accused of pedophilia.

I actually know of a high school teacher who gave a student detention, only to have her turn around and accuse him of grabbing her. He gets fired, blackballed, harassed and… turns out they had footage proving he was never alone with her during that period. He was also gay as shit.

So she confessed. She had to apologize and ended up getting suspended, he had all charges lifted. All better!

Never mind that he’s still never going to be able to feel safe in that community, much less teaching again.”


“Why are we supposed to hate furry again?”

“Mostly because they refuse to treat their fetish as a fetish and instead rub it in people’s faces.”

“Anyone who turns a fetish into a lifestyle and then proceeds to parade that lifestyle in public is a fucking freak.”

“The same reason people hate bronies. There was a time where they didn’t keep it to themselves, had a huge persecution complex, and would literally raid every board with their faggotry like bronies are doing right now in other threads.”

“In a word, “otherkin.”
In another word, “fursecution.”

In more words, there’s a large number of them who think furry is an orientation or worse, a gender identity and act like they’re some oppressed minority who needs to fight for liberation. They’re an embarrassment to any non-vanilla people and to human beings in general. Not for liking anthropomorphic animals, but for their pretensions and lack of empathy for people who have genuinely been persecuted.”


>Enemies hit way too hard which would’ve been ok if there were tanks and healers in the game…..there aren’t. You end up taking dungeon damage on a normal character.
>Traps blend too well into the background. So instead of rewarding you if you spot trap triggers (because you can’t see them) you resort to trial and error hoping you don’t get hit by one.
>Bosses are poorly designed. Too many arbritary mechanics that don’t really do much other than infuriate the player.
>Enemy levels do not make sense. Ancient warrior spirits of an old kingdom are lower levelled than beetletun theives and a fish.

>No more quest givers, only area quests. Should’ve had both, not one or the other. No longer following a side storyline, you’re just running to different places in an area triggering the next event after the other. Wait till it resets then do again. Supposed to be immersive world, ended up just looking very artificial and grindy. (e.g. You did it! You killed the centaur general now he’ll NEVER hurt anyone again. 3.2.1…..Help us! The Centaur general has launched a new plan… Not even trying to make an excuse for his sudden revival).

Story missions
>Writing was shit. Joined a secret clan of assassins (Order of Whispers I think). Expected edgy secret loomynarty atmosphere. As soon as lion mcbumblefuck became my partner we embarked on hilarious hijinks, saving baby seals and pretending to pirates, constantly saying arrrrrr to blend in. I wish I was joking.
>Story missions act like dungeons. Too many damn enemies, not enough help from brain dead npcs.
>Stories make you feel like you are some minion, not a hero. The real heroes are the heroes from your race. (e.g. I’m human so the story focused around Logan Thackeray)

Besides artificial difficulty, there is also artificial length.
No mounts?
>Dev says: We want you to experience the world. Mounts make you miss all of it
>Nigga we aren’t travelling at mach 5 we can see the surroundings while we ride.
>Reality: World is small as fuck. If we had mounts you’d reach to the end of the world in 30 minutes (world is approximately half the size of a continent in WoW)
>Result: You end up spending most of the game travelling between places by fucking foot.
>Inb4 fast travel
>Shits too expensive so everybody walks anyway. Useless.”

“It like the people that say “Just saying” As if to avoid what they said wasn’t actually what they said.”


“Jesus christ. Whenever SJW see that something hasn’t been done in gaming (or anywhere else) they ask why we “refuse” to do it. Why it’s a taboo or something.


“>The SJW concept of privilege allows them to raise or lower the bar depending on any variable and openly dehumanize and bully other people who are perceived as having privilege.

This is why I have begun to hate Social Justice Warriors. At first they were a nuisance that just complained about being oppressed but now they have legitimate power and are abusing it.

They have turned their victim hood into a justification for their shitty behavior”

“Welcome to the modern world. Eyewitness accounts aren’t considered reliable evidence anymore because “LOL UNRELIABLE.” Pictures aren’t considered reliable evidence anymore because of Photoshop. Video evidence isn’t considered reliable evidence anymore because of video editing software. The only evidence people will accept is their own two eyes, at which point, tell them to gouge their eyes out because eyewitness accounts aren’t valid as evidence.
Nevermind the fact that eyewitness testimony is considered the most powerful evidence in any court and history is literally just documentation and filtering the bullshit out of millions of eyewitness reports.”

“An sjw complaining about political correctness. If this isn’t the pinnacle of irony, I don’t know what is.”


“To be honest, I’d kind of pissed of at Pakman. Not because he disagreed with us (which would be completely acceptable if done with good reason), but because he simply waved away all our arguments, all our evidence.

We give the SJWs proof that we’re not what they claim we’re be and they ignore everything using the phrase “misogyny”.

We give Pakman as much proof and evidence as we can and he throws it all away using the phrase “muh starving children in Africa”.

Right then. If I see a crime in the street, I’ll be sure to look the other way because this greatly helps a starving child in Africa (which will probably die of AIDS or get abducted by Allahuakhbars anyway).”

“GUYS I don’t think you guys understand how powerful of a force we are on twitter.

There are companies with well over a 2 million followers that barely get 70- 90 re-tweets unless they are giving something away for free.

WE ARE CONSISTENTLY POSTING SHIT AND HAVING IT RETWEETED 200+ some times +400 I’ve seen +3,000 times.

they are really afraid of us that is why you see people snapping every other day. they are starting to understand that we will not go away.

keep up the fight people.”

“>Odds are, we’re being screen-capped mocking that comic.

So? Are we not allowed to mock stupid, self-important, assholes anymore in this Brave New World?”

“That settles it. She’s THAT KID.

> I’m so misunderstood.
> I’m a genius, but no one gets me.
> Why is life so unfair? ;_;
> I will show the world my intellect one day and they will bow before me, BOW I SAY!

And then she produced that piece of shit.”

“>8chan call each other fa/gg/ots, and apparently that’s totally okay!
Do these people not realize that this is actual amazing for gay people? If everyone is a “faggot” then it is no longer a homosexual slur.
Same can be said for bitch, nigger, any slur. If you call everyone it, then it is no longer a slur against a specific group.”
“In their little world of stupid, words are inherently dangerous.”

“Dumbasses let tumors like Kuchera or Totilla grow. And now they bitch about the chemo.”

“IF you are paid according to HOW MUCH ATTENTION you get – You will become an attention whore.

Only constant vigilance and a practical life can prevent this.”

“Why do other sub[reddit]s constantly link to other subs, but we can’t?”
“Reddit admins are pro-SJW so we need to be extra careful and they get to break the rules without consequences.”

“Correction: Goes nuclear after thinking he was fired because he couldn’t find his work on his employer’s page, and presumably quit in a fit of impotent rage”

“How are these people employed in the first place. That’s beautiful.”

“This, more than any other part of the shit exposed by GamerGate, perplexes me.
I get why they only give positive reviews to their friends and AAA.
I get why they dismiss all evidence presented.
I get why they all know each other and why they don’t think that’s a problem.
I get why they are pushing agendas.
I get why they round up SJWs to shield them from criticism.

Why the fuck do the people employing these dirtbags give this behavior a pass? Any blue collar employee would’ve been fired for much less. But somehow in the magical land of San Francisco, you can vomit whatever hateful bile you want as long as you say it’s in defense of women or minorities. You can admit to corruption and be applauded. You can act like the biggest douche on Twitter to those who want answers. And when you wake up in the morning reeking of shame and PBR, you still have a job.”

“I share your feelings of bewilderment. How have these people not gotten fired?

At the risk of sounding like /pol/, it makes me wonder if there’s some huge kind of coverup going on. Something that we haven’t uncovered yet, anyway.

Shit’s weird and would never fly in any other billion dollar industry.”

“its not being rude that matters anon, its being retarded.”

“No details on what it’ll look like, how it’ll do things, who else is currently working on it, how it’ll sustain itself long-term, no concept anywhere except “it’ll be like RT”, no offering on the site except “reserve your username” and the logo, not even a history of “we have people who’ve done this in the past and know wtf they’re doing” for any shred of credibility.

Entirely insufficient.”

“While I agree with this, it’s possible that more information will be added in the coming days, and it’s fixed rather than flexible funding, which is always a plus. We’ve already been boosting places friendly to us(Nichegamer, Techraptor) so I’m going to remain optimistic about this. if we can make our own shit(Like goodgamers if they ever get back from fucking hiatus), we don’t need to worry about the journos we’re fighting now.”

“”If we can make our own shit” is an entirely separate concept from BasedGamer just as “interviewing big figures” is an entirely separate concept from KOP.

Credibility, trust, concept, direction – things like these are the fucking minimum you need to present up front in an IGG or Kickstarter. “Reserve your username” and backer rewards ARE NOT ANY OF THOSE THINGS.

Jennie’s a pretty face but this sorely lacking initial public statement shows me she doesn’t know what the fuck she’s doing. People can send her resumes all they want, I don’t see why I should trust Jennie’s ability to read a resume or interview for legitimacy. She said “get hype” for this yesterday, and this was all she had to fucking show for it? There’s apparently already a team behind this; none of them had any concept of what makes something look decently credible?

NicheGamer and TechRaptor have fucking repertoires of things to refer to. BasedGamer has literally nothing but a logo and a “we are going to do this”, and I put it in quotes because it is literally less than a hundred words of concept of what they’re going to be doing or how they’re going to be doing it.

I unfollowed Jennie because my feed was filling up with her retweeting her e-celeb type followers praising “WHY ISNT GAMERGATE ALL OVER THIS”. Why isn’t it?

Because there’s fucking nothing there.”

“We need to have an honest conversation about X” means “I want you to shut up and accept what I have to say on the subject of X.”

gamergate’s Uncle /Pol/ has made me question the holocaust”

“The holocaust didn’t happen. This is fact. Hitler was rebelling against the globalist bankers that control most of the world right now, and they made an example of him.”

“Then why was he fighting the rest of Europe instead of fighting Bankers in his own country like Andrew Jackson did? Actually curious.”

“international banking. He kicked them to the curb and was rewarded with a Jewish declaration of (economic) war on Germany. Everyone else got scared by Germany’s sudden revitalization and teamed up to bring r8p upon them.”

“Jesus I got a stern lecture from my history teacher in class for bringing that up. We had to do a research paper on world war two and (being the overachiever I was) I decided to do my report on why it started. Main point was the treaty of Versailles and the economic downturn it caused. So I looked up how they lost world war one and came across these articles citing something like a Stabbed in the Back theory. Lots of research went into that because it was so fascinating and different to everything else I had heard.
Wrote my report on how world war two was revenge for the communist jews destroying the german economy and next thing I know I’m suspended for a week and my mum thinks I’m some neo nazi.
I was a good goy and believed them when they said those articles were written by racists and that they were lies. it was easier to believe that the articles were false than everyone else I had ever talked to being liars.
And then I discover /pol/ years later and laugh that these people are spouting the same stuff everyone told me were lies.
Believe me when I say it was a hard pill to swallow when I found out how much I had been lied to.”

“”>Even during a mild discussion of Nazi Germany, GG reinforces the idea of doing research and finding evidence to support claims, because nothing should ever be taken at face value
Even if GG loses, I can at least walk away knowing that tens of thousands of people had a hard life lesson about not blindly believing what media and textbooks tell you, and we will all be better for it in our lives.””

“>tfw the days when you’d get in a server with 15 people using the mic and you’d have to juggle the keys to talk between the server and the vent server with another 10 people talking

It really is sad to see games with thousands of players but no community. No more forums for the game, it’s on Steam Discussions, no more mod websites, it’s all on Workshop. There’s no community, just the “Steam Community” service.”

“>There’s no community, just the “Steam Community” service.
I think Steam has simply become TOO convenient. It’s filling too many roles for the sake of being a marketable service.

Who else remembers the days where there were forums for video game communities that weren’t cesspools? What about making clan alliances for clan games? Community mergers? Competition for the sake of fun, not because some marketing faggot from Riot went “MUH ESPORTS! MUH ESPORTS!” until they hooked in enough kids and retards? Just plain ol’ goofing off in a random pub server with some of your friends in your favorite game? It’s super depressing to admit that TF2 without a private “gated” community like TF2Classic is a memegame where kiddies and autismos will roleplay as FRIENDLY PAN-WIELDING SANDVICH POOTIS HEAVY XDDDD and mimic youtube ecelebs because they lack the creative spark to come up with something actually funny to do and instead want to cling to jokes and ideas that are getting near a decade old.

Can’t play anything online anymore without some unfunny faggot without a shred of creative spark mimicking whatever (s)he sees on Reddit/Tumblr/Facebook/Youtube as a SO FAHNNY JOAK in a desperate bid to become some form of e-celeb or assert some strange form of cultural dominance over a server. Since everything uses matchmaking these days it’s incredibly hard to avoid these faggots and find people you’d legitimately like to play with. Is this what progress is supposed to be? There’s no way change like this is any good.”

“Could it be, someone asking for rigorous and unobtainable evidence regarding GamerGate lest it’s decidedly (and falsely so) so much smaller and weaker than everyone thinks therefor we should drastically change how we do things, while completely and utterly letting anti-GG off the hook despite even clearer evidence that they’re in fact an incredibly small minority, and even going so far as to say they don’t need evidence of their numbers (or lack thereof)) and we should only assume they’re actually much larger? Say it isn’t so!

Get the fuck out you half baked spineless airheaded shit for brained vegetable of a true shill.”

“This is what these people do in life, they suck all of the joy out of it.

They will make an achievement feel like a guilt trip.

They will mock and belittle you for your accomplishments.

They will take all the fun out and replace it with shame.

And they do it because they can’t contribute anything but negativity in life.”

“I think the email campaign is fucking stupid and pointless. With it you either have the goal of:
A)Hurting these sites badly enough that they concede to act ethically
B)Driving these sites out of business altogether

Neither of these outcomes are going to happen. This is mostly due to PR (Yes, the same PR dumbasses were spamming didn’t matter because MUH CONSUMER REVOLT, MUH PRESS WILL NEVER BE ON OUR SIDE) because the dominant narrative about #gamergate has made it so that advertisers would rather side with unethical and corrupt journalism than with us.

Even with the meager success that has been had with gawker, it is only because we got lucky and Sam Biddle said some supremely stupid shit, and even his remarks had a shelf of how effective they are at being ammo for emails. We probably won’t luck out with something like that again.
Another thing about the PR that supposedly doesn’t matter, it keeps many people (devs and some journos) from being more supportive of us. Some of you have seen Brad Wardell say that more than 75% of devs support #gamergate but can’t come out and say it. Cyborg dev has said on multiple occasions that it would have to be “safe” before devs like him could publically support #gamergate. Fucking Total Biscuit has distanced himself from #gamergate only because of the false narrative, nothing more.

Regrettably, I don’t have any ideas to fix the PR problem. What I do recognize is that the bad PR has nerfed the effectiveness of the boycott, and that we should change tactics.

I believe we need to put all that email energy into being a laser focused FOR FREE SEO service for some of these smaller sites. If even a quarter of #gamergate made it their job to plaster links from sites like nichegamer and techraptor all over the web, we can raise these sites that want to act ethically to the point that they are taken seriously by game publishers/devs to get review copies and interviews. Imagine basically a thunderclap, but for every article of these sites, and not just on twitter, but on other social media platforms/comment sections/forums.

The best part is, you start diverting traffic away from sites like polygon and kotaku that apathetic people only read because they are established sites that get the review copies and interviews.

Sadly, due to basic psychology, this would be incredibly hard to get people on board for. Gamers are angry, and its way easier to focus that anger on something negative like tearing down these sites rather than something positive like REALLY promoting the good ones (even if it would also hurt the shitty sites).

So there is my rant, feel free to call me a shill, but I really think emails to advertisers are a waste of time unless the misogyny and harassment narrative takes a major hit (something like the feds saying a lw false flagged themselves).”

“You know what really gets me? Those coordinated “gamers are dead” articles show that journalists can work to really push their own cause out. It’s a real fucking s[h]ame it was wasted on something so stupid.

Where is my 14 articles all published on the same day saying that Post Launch Day Game review embargos should end. If only [one] site said [it], they might of been blacklist[ed] or some shit. But if every major site went out and said the same message, you really couldn’t blacklist all the major sites.

Honestly Games Journalists could do A LOT of pro consumer shit if they tried with the platforms they have. It’s a shame it’s given to a bunch of babies with no spines.”


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