Oct 24 – 30

“We’re not gaters you fucking mongoloid”

“well I’ve had people that are strongly GG say that we shouldn’t be telling people not to call themselves that.”

“The issue with being known as a Gater is obvious.
Already there is a dead tag known as “GamersagainstGamerGate” it is obvious that it implies that GamerGate is not filled with gamers but instead are filled with Gaters.
Those who call themselves Gaters are going to end up helping the medias smearing shit since it’ll allow them to slowly try to drive a wedge into the idea that GamerGate is not actually the gaming community but instead a small group who don’t even call themselves gamers.
Thus, if allowed. The usage of the term “Gaters” when a GamerGate supporter describes them self will start harming them and the movement.”

“It’s basically what the corrupt journalists wanted since the Gamers are Dead failure. Remember when they wanted gamers to start referring to themselves as Players?
It’s that all over again.
Remember the narrative they’ve been spinning is that, “#GG had noble intentions but a group inside of it was toxic and ruined it.”
For it to work, they have to get us to adopt the label of Gater or Gamergater, ironically or not.
Then they spread the narrative everywhere that #GG is completely different from gamers, and that if you consider yourself a gamer, you shouldn’t associate yourself with #GG.
Then they pressure people to recognize #GG as a toxic movement ruining the identity of gamers.

Don’t fall for it, warn everyone of that plan. It might sound innocent or even useful in conversation saying gamergater, or shorthand, gater, but it’s the inch that the journalists need to go that extra mile.”

“>LW lawyers up to deprive her ex of his first amendment rights to speak out about her emotional abuse
>slanders him as a crazy person in court
>gets a gag order on him
>calls it a “domestic violence issue” because according to her the last time they had sex he was a little rough
>is now getting lawyered upon herself
>calls this harassment in order to gain sympathy from her hugbox
I wish we could still talk about LW because it’s pathetic how much she twists words and lies to her benefit and gets away with it”

“Why are these people talking about this shit on a stage like it’s anything big?
The crowd’s dead and the people on stage look like they don’t want to be there.

It looks ridiculous.”

“Remember that our anonymity is power. We are powerful because they can’t put names and faces to all our messages. Anonymity frees us from the fear of punishment; it is why the idea of being doxxed is so scary to begin with.

Our enemies would love for nothing more than to peel back the mask and identify their targets. Do not enable them to do so, even if on the surface it’s just a friendly meet-up.”

“>tfw I learned Jon Stewart’s been going on SJW-like rants lately and I haven’t been able to catch the Daily Show in years
>tfw MSNBC apparently became the Fox News of the Left about 4 years ago
>CNN’s incompetent and a joke now, milking useless news developments like they did back in March with flight 370
>tfw I wouldn’t even consider bringing this up to my parents
>tfw you’ve become disillusioned with the political left and it’s promotion of gender favoritism of women disguised as equal rights feminism, retarded social agendas and its toleration of far left fanatics from San Francisco.
>tfw the right is already out of the question, despite occasionally being more sensible on social matters
>voting independent is like throwing your vote in the garbage because the U.S’s political system is fueled on political drama and at the core it’s a war between the far right and the far left
>tfw there seems to be no middle ground of sanity

Since #GamerGate began, I feel like my entire world turned upside down. But I don’t regret it, this shit was eye opening. If this snowballs into something bigger than video games as anons have been theorizing lately, hell we could have the potential to save media and politics as a whole from extremists and their agendas altogether.”

“A truce requires trust. Trust requires credibility. They have none.

There is only one way out for these people. They have to get naked in public. They have to explain, to everyone, exactly how their cliques operated, how they plotted and executed censorship, how they blacklist, who and for what. Everything.

They must confess it all. They must, because of the fear they have put into game developers and artists. The censorship, self-censorship, their hold over the careers and lifes and even thoughts of others.

The fear they put into the people who make our games was the worst crime of all.

Only a full, open, comprehensive, complete, just and truthful inquiry can undo the hurt that these people have done to the games industry.

Only complete disclosure of the truth can heal gaming now. It’s that, or all this has been for nothing.”

“This is absolutely it. This will be the only condition that we accept surrender but there still is a condition for them if they take it. Otherwise fuck them, especially all the bullshit they have pulled on us, all the guys threatening to ruin people who participated in this revolt, and the people they threatened over this.”

“We can’t understate how bad the culture of fear has become. I mean today the fucking head of IDGA explicitly threatened to blacklist pro-GG devs. Smash those fucking megaphones and let us grow from the ashes”

“Remember – this did not start because of LW, it started because reporters decided the truth didn’t matter, they would protect their friend.

They may not have known she was a terrible person, which would make reporters incompetent.

They may have known she was a terrible person, which would make reporters complicit.

Either way, this whole mess got started because of her, and their decision to protect her at all costs.

Now, fun fact: other than mean tweets to LW and LW2, there’s no proof we’ve done anything wrong. In other words, the whole media basically listened and believed.

When the credibility of one goes down, the credibility of all goes down, and the media, by extension, gets a black eye… they’re going to be fucking pissed at the gaming press that started this.”

“[T]his is a once in a generation thing. We’ve been so successful because the opposition is completely incompetent and we took them entirely by surprised. They were blitzed so hard that they were paralyzed and have been scrambling ever since. If we stop then they’ll spend every waking moment thereafter coming up with a strategy to put down any future revolts as soon as they begin, and that’s IF gamers are ever galvanized like this ever again. We will NEVER get this chance again if we let it go.

Not to mention that these people have proven to be completely vindictive. If we stop and they stay in power, every single developer that spoke out against them will be flayed alive, either through smear pieces or just outright blacklisting. There’s no other way to end this than to make sure that these insane people are removed from power forever.”

“Where can they even go from here?
When your only weapons are public shaming and creating fear or moral outrage, you have to keep raising the stakes against your opponent when it doesn’t work.
They’ve already pulled out their big guns as far as characters go (Anita, Felicia Day), as far as scare tactics go (“death threats” and “fleeing homes”) and as far as coverage and influence goes (all of leftist media).
They’ve used all of those and we’ve soldiered on.
The thing with their plan of attack is it has diminishing returns – you can only “cry wolf” so many times before your own believers start to doubt (and we’re seeing this already), you have to make crazier and more outlandish comparisons for your enemy which make you look unstable (happening already) and trying to incite the same level of panic for the easily googled “dox” of a celebrity as bomb threats is justifiably seen as ridiculous and disingenuous.

They’ve thrown the worst they are capable of at us and we haven’t flinched, and when they attempt to stretch beyond that, they lose more and more credibility every time.
They’re in uncharted territory, /v/, and they’re surrounded.”

“As I said several times, I know nothing whatsoever about this controversy.

However, I know you, and I know your works. I don’t know you personally, but I recognize your uniform, your battle cry, and I know under what banner who march.

Who are you? You are the boy who cries wolf. Because I hate lies, I have very little sympathy for people like you, whose petty, pathetic, empties lives revolve around spreading slanders.

At this point, I would far rather the boy get eaten by the wolf that bestir myself to go once again out into the sheepfold to see for myself whether there is a wolf there or not.

Did you really, honestly, actually expect any reply from me aside from the back of my hand, you loathsome worm? Did you think to deflect the conversation into a discussion about me and my character? I am bemused at your arrogance to think such foolish tactics would work here. I have nothing but contumely and despite for you and your lazy, lazy parroting of politically correct falsehoods.

No, with utmost contempt for you and yours, I decline your invitation to do more research. I have been on the receiving end of you and your maggot horde of lies in the past, so I feel it is not worthy anyone’s time for me to pick through the vile wee bugs, one by one, this time, again.”

“On one side we have:

Comic book fans
Tabletop enthusiasts
Hollywood actors
Equality feminists
Disillusioned leftists
Science fiction writers
Free speech fighters
Occupy Wall Street
All of them from all races, sexes / genders, religious beliefs, nationalities, cultures etc. and from all the corners of the Internet, from fullchan to halfchan to plebbit to tumblr to The Escapist to Twitter to Funnyjunk to KYM to Shoryuken to Joe Rogan’s forums.

On the other side we have:

A clique of colored-hair authoritarian hipsters and radical feminists in positions of power and connections to mainstream media / major websites using PR companies, Wikieditors, goons, and faux-Anonymous to shill, rewrite history, spew propaganda, create distractions, and plant false flags.

It’s the World War Web.”

“I want to adress two points 1) That a dialogue cannot be had with corrupt websites, and more importantly 2) That it is game developers who must speak on behalf of gaming and gamers in any future dialogue.

Who A Dialogue Cannot Be Had With

However, dialogue requires trust, trust requires credibility, and the sites and people who have tried to declare Gamers dead, who have slandered us, bullied us, who have vilified gamers and gaming, and who have escalated and intensified their efforts at every stage, have a massive deficit of trust. TotalBiscuit raised the valid point that in some sense, these people have nowhere left to go; We do not trust them, and have stated as much, so their course is set.

However, this deficit of trust is the result of their own actions. They insulted us for years. They censored discussion, they slandered gamers, they declared us dead, shut-down our websites, forced websites and even 4chan to censor us, refused to report or address our concerns, refused to report on those of us who were doxxed and harassed, and finally engaged in a massive worldwide smear campaign on the basis of unproven and exaggerated incidents. An moreover, their actions against us pale in comparison to the corruption, blacklisting, and above all intimidation enforced censorship which they have placed on game developers and artists, intimidation which they now nakedly engage in, as we saw tonight with the IGDA.

They burned away their credibility and trust long ago. They had innumerable chances to open dialogue with us, and turned these down at every step. ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7FqXi7SydA ) We cannot start a dialogue with these people, and especially not on their sites. They have made that impossible. There is also the issue of the “Starscreams”, who plead that their actions were all a terrible mistake, that they deserve forgiveness, but who has given no indication whatsoever that their behaviour will improve in future. Indeed, it is widely expected that they will only be more entrenched in their beliefs and behaviour.

So we know who cannot be a part of any dialogue, but a dialogue is still needed. So the question is, who should be speaking.

A Dialogue Can Begin at Neutral Sites

To begin. Dialogue needs both a forum and enviornment in which to take place.

There are broadly speaking “neutral” sites at which a dialogue can take place and has already taken place. Sites like Techraptor, Niche Gamer, and especially the Escapist have shown themselves able to provide a platform for discussion. We are at least able to discuss issues on such sites, and they have provided a place for developers in particular to air their views. This leads to the next, and perhaps most important point.

Enviornment: We are not the ones who should be talking

We’re not the ones who truly need to speak. We are simply consumers who vote with our wallets and speak with our consumer emails. There are a few gamers who function as “public criers” of a sort, and who have begun dialogues and interviews, but ultimately no-one can speak for all gamers. And no one needs to.

It is Game Developers and Artists who must begin the true dialogue that gaming needs right now. The culture of cliques, intimidation, and censorship can only be broken by Game Developers coming out, revealing, and discussing these issues. That is the dialogue which is desperately needed and the only one which can truly make a step towards resolving #Gamergate, and fixing the gaming industry. We know that people want to speak (pics related), but need a safe enviornment to be able to do so.

We are Gamers, Fighters. Our consumer revolt can only beat the boss, cut out the corruption. We’re not healers; we can’t be. Only game developers, artists, studios and publishers have the power to undo the terrible hurt which corrupt journalists have done to this hobby, the gaming community, and the games industry. Only by being able to come forward, speak their concerns, and ultimately create freely and fairly once again can game developers repair this hobby.

The Journalist’s are the boss. We’re Gaming’s tank, emails and neutral sites are DPS, but devs are the healers gaming truly needs right now.

Our continued existence and persistence, and especially our emails, are reducing the power of corrupt websites, and the fear they hold over developers. With neutral sites providing a fair platform, and with some brave individuals already leading the way, more artists and developers can begin a true dialogue. And this is the dialogue we call for, and that we must fight to finally make possible. We must fight until the enviornment is safe enough for game developers to begin a true dialogue. Co-option will become an extreme risk as developers begin to come forward non-anonymously.”

“>university releases sociology study that finds 1 in 3 women have been raped or sexually assaulted (sample was from the campus)
>news media reports 1 in 3 overall in the US
>internet feminists conflate sexual assault and rape, reporting 1 in 3 rapes
>later, they conflate 1 in 3 raped women with 1 in 3 rapist men”

“Fart is the definition of what GamerGate is against.

Uses other’s work to attention whore, doesn’t fact check or wait for confirmation, and just focuses on getting his precious retweets.”

“>but thinks we are destined to lose

We cannot afford to. If we lose here, we’ll be setting a precedent for all time that these wackos can get their way despite using some of the most idiotic tactics I’ve ever seen employed on the internet. Our enemy has grown beyond just a gaggle of corrupt journalists. Taken to the most extreme conclusion, these people would usher in a sanitized world where all dissenters to their agenda are shamed into quiet obedience.

God fucking dammit, I never wore the tinfoil hat before all this started, but lately I’m tempted to don one.”

“Take a look around right now. At all the areas of life. All of them are starting to poke their heads up and take notice.

All of them are gaining hope. Some are joining in the cause, even though they’ve never played a game. They’re tired of this shit. So tired.

Tired of being called a bigot, a racist, a muhsoggyknist just because they don’t agree with another side.


“It actually has been pretty eye-opening. I mean, for years we had just been laughing about the SJW bullshit on Tumblr and Kotaku. We thought they were just an amusing sideshow attraction, something to point and gawk at. Yet now the veil has been pulled away and we’re being confronted with the terrifying fact that the people we’ve been laughing at have been the ones quietly gaining control and strength for years now.

I’m not silly enough to think this is a grand conspiracy, so much as tried and true tactics being passed on from (sometimes literal) teachers to students, who then employ these shaming tactics because it’s the only thing they know. And despite not being led and organized by some shadowy Illuminati, it’s every bit as poisonous and sinister. We’re fighting people who have somehow managed to take terms like “social justice”, “progressive”, and “ethics” and turn them into slurs or jokes at the expense of others.

God help me, this really is a fucking culture war. It’s just on a far grander scale than any of us could have imagined.”

Rezaro (7:04:20 PM) takin a while to type arencha
TankHunter08 (7:04:27 PM) bhow bout i come jam a twinkee up your ass lil boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
Rezaro (7:04:33 PM) maybe if your reactions were better than your typing speed you wouldnt have died

xXCanineXx (10:41:23 PM) You dont even have a Tier 9 and your stats are barely better
xXCanineXx (10:41:31 PM) Just wanted to point that out
Rezaro (10:46:55 PM) you have >4.5k battles
Rezaro (10:46:58 PM) only two top guns
Rezaro (10:47:00 PM) one high caliber
Rezaro (10:47:12 PM) 43% winrate on your most played tank
Rezaro (10:47:23 PM) about 45% overall
Rezaro (10:47:38 PM) if each person contributes their weight in a 15v15 game and the average winrate is 50
Rezaro (10:47:42 PM) each person contribues 3%
Rezaro (10:47:51 PM) if a person contributes nothing its 47%
Rezaro (10:48:01 PM) you are almost as bad as two people doing nothing
Rezaro (10:48:10 PM) and you think youre in a position to say jack shit?
Rezaro (10:48:12 PM) you’re fucking hilarious.

“also you’re anon, you’re not here to get recognition, you’re here to get shit done.


“Why does everyone think we’re about misogyny?”

“That what happens if you fight a corruption.
Corruption will fight back with slanders and most of everyone believed it.”

“MSM is afraid of touching it, or at least left-leaning outlets because 2010 Journolist was a product of left-leaning journalists.

They’re afraid of being guilty by association that there is another one even if it’s about gaming media.

They will do everything to build a smokescreen from having the topic discussed.

I can understand why people want to reach out to Fox because this is a topic that they would want to cover; to reveal more hypocrisy from the liberal news outlets who pretend they’re not guilty or incompetent.”

>Ok here are some techraptor articles covering the same thing

ahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha rekt”

“How many years have you fuckers been on imageboard? Don’t you guys understand how trolling works? This anti-harassment patrol thing was fucking stupid, it makes the legit #gg folks into bigger juicier troll target for the 3rd party trolls. The more you scream, sperg your spaghetti, writhe, and argue with yourselves the more amusement the trolls get.

Don’t apologize for something you didn’t do. Trolling works both ways, if the side being trolled doesn’t sperg out then the trollers will get bored and move on. This has been the one true rule of the internet.

I’m so fucking tired of people on our side sperging their spaghetti all over twitter. I guess this is the price we have to pay for running op with borrowed plebbit and normalfag armies who can easily get psyopted and baited. If there’s any of you who are crossboarder to KIA please screencap this post and post it over there.

Fucking normalfags with their twitter drama.”

“Developers hate SJW press, they just want to make games.
PR likes corrupt press, much easier to spoonfeed bullshit.”


Do NOT “fight” the harassment patrol idea. That only reinforces it, which is EXACTLY what PR and their payrolled trolls want! This is one of their long games, beneath the everyday idiocy they use to keep us occupied, distracted and acting in a predictable fashion.

Disseminate this information as hard as you can, ESPECIALLY to the “patrol” members. Giving them correct information about how they are acting in a highly exploitable manner (the right thing at the wrong time for the wrong reasons) is the only way this opposition strategy can be safely disarmed!

This is not “tone policing”. Do not tone police or it will be correctly dismissed as such. We cannot stop the patrol, but we can make sure it can’t be used for its intended purpose by the opposition.



Congratufuckinglations, you’re now policing members of a consumer result for speaking their mind because you don’t personally think what they say is appropriate.

Every one of you involved with this harassment police crap has become the SJW. The only things we should be reporting is illegal shit.

But great job in legitimizing their “GG is a harassment campaign at its core” narrative you goddamn retards”

“>literally wu interview
>they don’t understand
>I’m the victim
>stop making this a hit piece
>waaaahhh I’m on trial
>did I mention people have threatened me?
>can you repeat that?
>these questions are too aggressive towards me!
>it’s just a joke account, gamergaters don’t understand jokes!
>stop questioning my credibility!

She’s so manipulative, god damn I hope nobody listening to this takes her seriously.”

“He always talks about how he’s so fat and how he’s going to try but never does. Honestly I think he enjoys being fat because it gives him shit to talk about, mainly himself being fat.”

“> Boogie shits on ralph
> “I’m sorry if I criticized ralph”

Wow, top act Boogie.”

“Ralph called Boogie out on that chat.
Boogie snapped at him like a senile old man going on a rant.
It sounds like Ralph has dirt on Boogie and Boogie has dirt on Ralph.

Boogie puts up a front of being a softy but he’s conniving, he knows how to own the image.
Then he backs away from the topic saying, “let’s not in-fight guys, please.”

Why do we trust Boogie again?”

“> I was never in #GG
> I was in the beginning

Tell me I wasn’t the only one who caught that.”

“Boogie does it with loaded accusations all the time.

>I’m sorry we couldn’t agree even though my message is about understanding and peace

Every fucking time.
It’s like the social justice shit.

>Social justice stand for all of these generally good ideas, if you don’t side with people who claim to support social justice, you’re obviously against all of these generally good ideas.

Boogie knows how to do that and I hope this stream got recorded or gets uploaded later for others to see.”

“Guys, do not engage in the round table. Let them attack each other and feed one another to the dogs as the media onslaught continues until this weekend.

We still have smoking guns, interview, investigations, ads and the lot.

Gawker will find and create another click-bait vidya site to either found or overtake if we don’t hit them as hard as possible.

Remember you aren’t a fucking target you’ve done jackshit wrong expect say nigger a few times or disagree with fucking full mcnintosh. Yet you’ve been the scapegoat of the fucking year for all the worlds evils to the point where women are fucking scared of entering the industry, and apparently scared of you like you are in full crip-gang gear with just a vidya t-shirt.


“how? How have we done this when OWS is a much bigger movement!?
How the fuck are feminists not shutting this down, they can easily do it.
They are afraid maybe…”

“Kazerad wrote a post about individual accountability. That’s what it comes down to. Our unerring need to see individuals, not groups, held accountable for their actions means that their labels are useless. They cannot cause doubt by saying “you only hate her because she’s a woman!” Because we don’t do group politics. We hate people who do despicable things.”

“>how? How have we done this when OWS is a much bigger movement!?

For one, we’re not going up against America’s corrupt oligarchs that has the government playing in their pockets…

OWS was doomed from the fucking start, if you want to take a look at professional co-option and subversion tactics.

We’re small time, and currently it’s election season AND a national CDC crisis AND there’s two relatively vicious wars going on that are draining international sources.
Basically, everything is in our favor. Literally thank ebola-chan.”

“You’re missing the point.
The liberal media is on their side because in the grand scheme they support the same ideology.
Remember that people like ricky cam were fond of spinning the same narrative that #GG doesn’t represent the right people, it’s completely in the interest of itself.
Alternatively, he and a few other outlets said that #GG had noble intentions but was undone by toxic groups within.
The underlying notion is that they want to separate #GG from the gamer identity.
We may have saved gamers from them, but it’s likely they will turn that around and try and use it against us.

The good part in all of this is that we can easily turn it around on them but we need to be prepared for how far they will try to push this new narrative.”

“>people feeling like victims will ever stop being profitable

It won’t because humanity is getting more and more bored by the year because of higher and higher standards of living. As people get more and more bored they start caring about useless shit like SJWisms.”

“Plus, decreasing the acceptable spectrum of opinions is a great way of keeping the population under control, since they’re more likely to become passive and apathetic about actual important wordly issues around them.

On top of that, it’s easier to sell things to a population of people that focuses on emotion first rather than reason. The reason why Kotaku/Polygon/etc start focusing on culture instead of games is because that just sells more. Most people are more interested in feelings rather than facts.

It’s the reason ads are always about values like family, happiness, peace, etc. Before 1920 ads were all about facts, they factually told you what the products did. But people realized that it’s way easier to sell things if you tie them to emotions.

The same thing happens with video games. It’s way easier to sell mediocre video games under the guise of emotion than it is to actually make a good game. It’s way easier to fill a game with cutscenes (I still don’t understand how /v/ in general can accept japanese games that do this all the time) than it is to make a good game last long with raw gameplay.”

“This is truer than you realise. The disarming and sliding of the press toward “issue” type writing happened around 2003 or so. It was assisted by sociopaths within editorial and publishers who realised that a press filled with people unable to actually talk about games on their own merits made for a beautifully pliable press you didn’t even have to bribe.

This is why the “games are only meritorious due to high concepts” thinking has been pernicious. It allows publishers to to recycle the hard parts of game making without consequence and allows writers with mediocre understanding of the medium to participate.”

“It is also a reaction to the shift of media to story-by-story consumption (clickbait) rather than issue-by-issue consumption (editor-curated traditional media). The value proposition of traditional news is about building a trust relationship with the consumer through consistent editorial quality. The value proposition of clickbait is about distracting enough people with a bullshit headline to inflate your banner ad numbers.”

“>In essence a Social Justice Warrior is like a Troll, except for Social Justice…and I think that’s what makes them worse.
>Because, you see, Trolls understand that what they are doing is wrong. “

“It’s scary how true that is if you know goons from EVE for example.
Their favorite jokes are:
>look how cute, it thinks it’s people
And then if somebody dares say anything negative about goons:
>show me on the doll where Mittani touched you”

“SA keeps breeding sociopaths ripe for work in the agencies. Some will call me a conspiratard, but that is true. With all the digital surveillance nowadays a lot of bored people with no qualms against fucking other people’s lives over are needed to process and use the info, we’re not talking about James Bond agents.”

“SA was big on hunting pedos, remember. Incidentally, planting pizza on activists’ computers is the surefire way to destroy any movement.

As for shit surfacing, I think this is the reason we’ve seen no firings – they all have incriminating shit on each other.”

“>Start looking into American politics during the Bush years
>Start to understand viewpoints and principles of various networks/media personalities involved
>Obama is elected
>Everyone goes near full reversal on their previous principles
>Realize the whole thing is fucking retarded”

“sixty years ago we literally blacklisted commies and now the commies are doing the blacklisting but it’s different because reasons??


“Anyone who knows the game knows that all of society is corrupt, at least American society, I can’t speak for the rest of thew world. We’re an oligarchy. Everything is controlled by a small owner class, the state is their lapdog. We follow a very narrow, rigid ideology with less room for variance than the USSR. Elections are bad joke, they’re all but pre-determined, and the electoral system is such that in any close race the two candidates running are almost guaranteed to be practically the same anyway, at this point they’re a big dog-and-pony show to boost the perceived legitimacy of the state than actual popular self-determination. Even the voices of “opposition” that get any real play rigidly support the system, basically claiming that ours is a perfect system, but some decision or group of invisible boogeymen are ruined it.

Who gets positions is based on where you were born, who you know, who you’re friends with, who you’re fucking and who you’ve done favors for, or who owes you favors.

The idea of democracy and meritocracy are shallow lies used to give legitimacy to the plutocratic system.

It’s merely surprising how fast video games fell into corruption and cronyism, considering how new the medium is. Even the hipsters with dumb haircuts are corrupt. But since we caught the gaming press with its pants down, we’re striking while the iron is hot, but eventually all of society will probably need to be addressed.”

“>Anita and McIntosh expected this piece to happen
>Tried to make it as infuriating as possible for us
>They expected curious Colbert fans to go on twitter and see a bunch of people raging and saying shit like “IMMA FUCKIN KILL YOU ANITA”
>MFW instead of rage they are being met with what appears a literal army of the most friendly customer service people ever”

“#ContinueColbert seems pretty butthurt. Like a child that’s been sent to their room shouting, “SO WHAT? I WANTED TO GO THERE ANYWAY!””

“Nigga do you not get it.

All the shills are going to scream #CancelColbert, anti-GG will pick it up, and it’ll cement that shit forever.

Showing support for Colbert literally has no downsides.”

“So is there ever any chance for real grassroot happenings anymore in America?

OWS by media savvy young redpilled liberal was co-opted by SJW, and then swatted real hard by combination of FBI implant, brutal police crackdown, and media smear

Tea Party by older redpilled constitutionalist was co-opted by mega corporation, then the establishment Republican party

Now even gamergate, a slight uprising that could easily be swatted and damaged controlled by firing 2-3 people who are making $9 per hour anyway at Gawker has the full force of entire media trying to swat them down.

So what can we learn from the inevitable future leaderless internet happenings, to make sure the message stays on target, not to get co-opted by SJW, or to be easily falseflagged by goons?”

“We can assume that they’ll be started as honeypot operations with contingency plans in place in order to steer it in an aimless direction if it ever gets big. As what happened with the 9/11 truth movement.

The biggest campaign in recent memory was the “child soldiers” and Kony 2012 thing. It was an intelligence operation for AFRICOM from start to finish, concluding with the director of the supposedly viral video going insane in public so nobody will ever take him seriously if he speaks out about what really happened or what the real goal of it was.”

“Firstly, more OPSEC and counterintelligence. If you plan on an open forum, like the chans, then command and control networks should be duplicated, so that no one knows who exactly is doing the planning. For instance, imagine duplicating all gamergate threads on an alternate site, and then planting evidence that links it back to the Koch Brothers. The left media would have a field day with this, and think the operation is being run by the Koch brothers, but it would allow operations to continue. Of course, there would be a moral component that undermines gg being linked to Koch, but it would murky and muddy the waters about who is pulling the strings. Related to this point, you can’t have a movement that wants to a win moral victory (“ethics in gaming”) that is so easily penetrated by people that can undermine that moral victory (by false flagging immoral actions).

Secondly, they should move away from 4GW / psyop / popular support operations, and turn to the latest military theory: 5GW, puppet master operations that put those in power into battle with each other. Activism is the left’s strength, we shouldn’t be fighting on the same space as them, as they will win. Instead, we should be looking for weaknesses in the way they do activism with the aim of manipulating it in the direction we want. Via puppet master ops, gg might not win against the combined might of the left, but putting them into direct conflict with someone who could pull off a win (like elements in Russia, or the nascent Japanese far right), might. Or put internal elements of the left into conflict with each other through puppet mastery, and covert ops. Create an event that inflames the left and causes them to eat themselves. When such an event happens, and you didn’t plan it, you should take credit for it anyway (and plant evidence on the net), thus making them even more paranoid as to whether they are being manipulated, or if it was a genuine internal feud (plant evidence that the planted evidence was planted by a member of the left, thus drawing them into a world where they cannot tell reality from illusion).”

“You guys lost sight of your target. You gave up on Zoe Quinn for whatever reason. You almost had her. You almost had her shamed for her ridiculous behavior, but you guys let her go the minute people started calling you sexists.

And then fucking Anita, you faggots let a run of the mill scam artist run game on you. She doesn’t even have fucking eyebrows and she somehow had the foresight to fuck you guys so hard you’re now in disrepair.

Yes you’re fighting for a cause/movement. But that movement cannot succeed without any named victories.”

“You have

1. A rich bored stripper who whored herself out for a TEXT GAME and didn’t hide it

2. A scam artist with no academic or literary credentials calling herself a MEDIA CRITIC and shitting all over vidya for being sexist misogynists while raking in the dollars

3. A tranny screaming about “muh oppression because I am woman hear me roar” who in fact was a mentally unstable political hack that forced people to get court protection for screaming about sandniggers and homos

yet you refuse to call attention to this or otherwise exploit it because “muh image” while being called a woman hating neckbeard virgin


“Underworld organized crime is like pro wrestling. It is a distraction from upperworld organized crime.

Did you know that when Al Capone was sent to Alcatraz for not paying $215,000 in taxes that the richest man in the world at the time, J.P. Morgan, didn’t pay a cent in taxes?

The total revenues from the organized drug trade is estimated to be around $300 billion a year. White collar crime’s lower bound is $300 billion, with an upper bound close to one trillion.”

“There is something disrturbing about trannies other than the obvious body mutilation, something more mental…

To me they they always seem to be…..agitators….against everything.

Something to do with declaring a revolution on there gender and expecting a bit of snip snip and make up to fix all there problems. Then they end up very ugly 2/10 version of the gender they idiolise and naturally people treat any 2/10 people like lepers.

This would be the point where the anger comes in and very common for self termination at this point but some instead turn there anger on the world.

So yeah I dont trust em they are the starscream of people.”

“creepy or not, if you’re going to be bombastic and accusatory calling for fire and brimstone you need to not have skellingtons in your closet. People are going to do it, and this isn’t any different than any other public figure. It’s just like outing that crystal queen who was an anti-gay preacher”

“Uh, doesn’t it bother you guys that we basically have a guy that failed at everything when he was a male. So he gets a sex change and then blames all his failures on being a woman?

Like what the fuck? You screw up so much as a white male and don’t have enough to blame your failures on so get a sex change and then declare that you are struggling because you’re a woman? This is like some reverse Michael Jackson shit here. WTF.

Like just fucking admit that you have a lot of personal failures and stop making up shitty excuses.”

“GamerGate’s message has kinda become irrelevant has’t it? What does it matter the state of game journalism, when real journalism is even worse? At this point #GG’s main successes are going to be in waking people up to the fact the entire media is lies and manipulation and that left and right are equally authoritarian.”

“”Phobia” means fear. Nobody fears trannies, we just think they’re mentally unstable, physically disgusting creatures.”



THEY ACTED ALL SMUG ABOUT IT, TOO. “Well, that looks like something we need to clean off the internet!”


“Twitter is like a fucking video game. Avoiding enemy traps, broadening the scope of your information dispersal network, recruiting additional troops through the rare bout of reasoned discourse, making sure the right intel gets to the right people; we were fucking made for this.”


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