Oct 16 – 23

“What I question is if she realizes that she is basically committing career suicide. At least within the gaming industry. Maybe she will be able to become a motivational speaker for feminists or something, but as far as games go…no developer is going to go anywhere near her in the future, and gamers aren’t gonna touch anything she works on. Hiring her within the industry would be, frankly, an act of idiocy for any company.”

“>rages about the concept of the “friendzone” in his game

what is it about the word “friendzone” that gets under feminist skin??”

“As ex-betas, it reminds them of their former “shitlord” days”
>implying they aren’t still betas
“No, they’re Omegas now. Even betas look down on them.”
“Remember, SJWs claimed that the friendzone doesn’t exist, but now that men are telling them to fuck off and they can’t get into any relationships they are finally recognizes it exist, though they are not admitting they are the problem and instead insist they are entitled to a man and that men need to grow balls.”
“Because the idea that women can be emotionally manipulative (and thus do wrong) is anathema to feminist rhetoric. The friendzone isn’t just being a friend when you want to be in a relationship, it’s being intentionally taken advantage of while being “just friends” with an empty implied promise of more.

That, or they honestly believe that men should never feel anything and women are the only ones allowed to have feelings, if they go by the “just unrequited love towards a friend” definition.

Take your pick, they’re awful either way.”

“What’s wrong with memes/references in vidya? If the game is just trying to be as silly as possible then I don’t see the harm. I think it’s refreshing to see something that isn’t David Cage or Phil Fish-tier pretentiousness on the market.

>b-b-b-but muh gayming industry
One silly game isn’t going to change anything – you’ll still have your press-x-to-jasons, your ramirez-do-everythings, your we-can’t-let-go-of-the-snes games, your weebshits, your walking-cardboard-boxes…all of that will remain unchanged.

Why are you so mad when one game does this? Why does it irk you so when the devs just want to have some fun for a change?


“Anthony Bitch spotted.

What’s wrong with memes/references in vidya? Nothing inherently. Seeing Claptrap and Minecraft stuff in TL2 is cute. That doesn’t define the whole game. Orcs Must Die, the guys who wrote the Warmage gave him goofy lines that were a mix of things anyone can appreciate and references mixed with in-game activities and lore. Dungeons of Dredmor has neat little flavortext for items and abilities and one-liners for enemies that make subtle or direct references to something. These games are NOT defined by these references and “memes”.

However, when your game’s dialogue is based around making people either go “hmmm I understood why that’s supposed to be funny” or “heh that’s a pretty random name (Bonerfarts)/thing to say (Everything Handsome Jack says ever in BL2)” instead of actually making someone laugh out loud or at the very least giggle a little bit – NOPE SOME LEGITIMATE GUTTREAL SOUND MUST EMIT FROM ONE PERSON NO FAKING IT TO TRY TO PROVE A POINT DOESN’T COUNT THAT SHIT BETTER BE INVOLUNTARY CUCK_LORD – you’re not writing, you’re just copying and pasting things people see and read in real life and substituting it for dialogue.

Bord-MEMELANDS 2 (excuse me) and Memelands 2.5 are games that are not defined by their gameplay. They are defined by the fact that they’re chock-full of these memes and references while the first game was at the very least bland but dark comedy.

>y-y-you just have no sense of h-humor!
>s-stop t-t-taking it s-s-s-so seriously!!!!!!!
>i-i-i-i-it’s not gonna change your precious <game genre i slander to make you look like a dunce here>

Let’s put this into perspective. Runic Games (Torchlight 1 and 2 developers) agreed to cut out a LE RAGE FACE emote (the Gantz “y u no” face) from TL2 on the grounds that it wouldn’t be funny or relevant in 6 months. Surprise! A majority of people from Reddit and smaller surface-level communities stopped finding LE RAGE FACES funny that same year. This was a mirror of exactly what happened with a specific World of Warcraft ability which was named after an internet meme. Initially people liked it but Blizzard went “nah let’s change this to make it a bit more generic”. Their reasoning was that quite simply, that meme just wouldn’t be funny in nothing less than a year or two. Fast forward, they were right. It faded into obscurity almost a year later.

Memes aren’t lasting humor. If anything, they’re telling signs of the time period the game was made in. When your game is defined by them, that’s a problem. That means:
a) Your game’s gameplay isn’t good enough to be praised for doing something new or at the very least interesting


b) Your game’s writing is fucking trash, no two ways about it.

tl;dr – If this is really Anthony “Cuck_Lord” Bitch (good chance it might be because the nigga knows ALLLLLLL about our dislike of his shitty writing), git fucking good. If not, git some fucking taste and read a book or something god damn nigga.”

“What the actual fuck.

I don’t even really have words to describe how confused I am.

Like why the fuck are they putting so much effort into this? We really haven’t dug up all that much, and the narrative has shifted away from the rampant corruption to defending ourselves for being white and male…

Were we on the verge of discovering something much more damaging?

I can’t conceive why there is so much damage control. I’m so confused.”

“This is their worst nightmare unraveling because of idiot gaming journalists.
Consumer revolts against media is the worst scenario they can think of.
Think about Erik Kain and how he’s 60% on our side. But he knows this could be the end of the ancien regime.”

“Because the entire media is tainted with same kind of corruption GamerGate is fighting against. All their asses are on the line if we prevail.

GamerGate has encountered something far bigger than it can imagine. The fun part is that this rabbit hole isn’t even at the bottom yet.”

“I don’t understand the anti-gg process.

Do they really think continuing this misogyny as their whole angle will work?
Even if there were people who are misogynistic merely pointing it out on the level of national news coverage won’t stop that.
Let’s say pointing out someone’s religion isn’t fair to a certain group, that isn’t going to change the religion.
It won’t change the religion, more people will just know of the religion, and either people will like the religion, and join in, or just avoid the religion.

Going on national news like this is one of the dumbest moves they could of made.
Look at femfreq, at least she had a message to go along with her idea, there is no message or any substance they are bringing to the news.”

“So what? They’ll Raid us?
They’d just be pissing in an ocean of piss.
They’ll talk more shit? Do you think we’ll give up? Have you forgotten? We’re fat neckbeard basement dwelling virgins.
How do you kill that which has no life?
They’ll attack and bluster and huff and puff. And we’ll go on attacking them those pesky ==FACTS==. Fuck ’em let the MSM come we’ll just contact their god damn advertisers too.”

“ahahhahaha yeh sure if you OPENLY admit that you got a thread, the police/FBI cant do jack shit because to much copy cats “

“Uuuh, MRAs are with us guise.”

“You mean a marginalized group that had good intentions and was maligned from the start by SJWs and had their name dragged through the mud and are considered by some to be scummy terrorists?

Doesn’t ring a bell.”

“When Christians are more fair and objective to the time and effort spent on a game where you can hog-tie prostitutes and leave them on the train tracks than you are to a game because it shows cleavage, maybe you should stop and think that you’re being fucking stupid.”

“I really hope that Eron has learned something from this whole experience.

never stick your dick in crazy”

“I said this earlier and I’ll say it again:

> one dude sticks his dick in crazy
> the industry collapses
> the whole world goes bat-shit insane

If somebody told me this would be happening when we started the burgers-and-fries threads two months ago, that we would be fighting entire media conglomerates, that we would be in a different chan after being kicked by m00t, that we would be challenging a well-connected cult in a brainwashed society, I’d say “bullshit – not in a million years.”

Yet, here we are.”

“>Bizarro threads in /v/ pre-GamerGate
>We all laughed that /v/ would become run over by SJWs and hail Gone Home as a masterpiece
>And we all laughed and laughed and laughed

We never even knew we would help to fund a campaign to help women get into the industry, or that we would fight alongside Reddit and many others against the media that once protected us.

It’s like we were just dropped into bizarro-/v/”

“Game Dev: ”Josh Mattingly was being a total fucking creeper on Facebook last night.”


Josh Mattingly: ”My bad, I was drunk. I’m gonna quit.”


Someone Pseudonymously Known as Magz: “Max Temkin had not-entirely-consensual sex with me one time way back in college. Well, it was more like, a crime of opportunity, but yeah.”

Max Temkin: “I have no idea what’s going on but I’m sorry.”


Former Employee of Stardock Entertainment: ”Brad Wardell sort of maybe sexually harassed me.”

Former Employee of Stardock Entertainment: “Oh oops, no I made it up, deleted a bunch of his files. Sorry for that.”


Me: “So uhhh, Zoe Quinn fired me to work for someone she was having an affair with. Also she doesn’t abide by like any of the virtues she has marketed herself as an activist for. Also, by her own definition, she violated my sexual consent. Also she claims to be a compulsive liar. Also (again quite contrary to her activist stances) she purposely stigmatizes mental illness whenever it suits her interests. Basically be careful around her?”

Games Journalists: “This isn’t industry related you’re such a shithead for airing dirty laundry these are all private matters grow up you angry jilted ex.”
Me: ” Wouldn’t ‘Jilted’ would require that she broke up with me? It was the other way around. Also, I don’t really get angry because I kind of depersonalize in stressful sit—”
Games Journalists: “Angry. Jilted. Ex.”
Wolf Wozniak: “Oh shit. Zoe? She sexually harassed me at a wedding.”
Games Journalists: “Sorry what? We couldn’t hear you over the sound of how private these matters are.”
Chloe Van Keenan: “Wait — she said infidelity is a violation of consent? Doesn’t that mean she was complicit in violating my consent when she was sleeping with my boyfriend?”
Games Journalists: “Are you guys seeing all of this harassment Zoe is getting? This is totally uncalled for. I can’t believe how misogynistic this community is.”
Abuse Survivors: “Uhh, guys? Has anyone read these chatlogs? She’s being like textbook psychologically abusive here. Like, this is pages and pages of triggering.”
“Games Enthusiasts”: “Uhh, but we want to know these things because we don’t want to support people who do these horrible sorts of things—”
Zoe Quinn: “I’m still trying to come to terms with everything because I thought that false abuse / rape claims literally never happened up until now. Also, uhhh, 4chan is spreading nudes of me on the internet””

“You guys noticed that all the news sites or branch of news site that deals with business and/or marketing can immediately spot the muh suggy knee bullshit and see gamergate for the consumer revolt that it is?

And also acknowledge that it’s actually a big fucking deal when something like this happens in a several billion dollar industry.”

“>They drag GG into MSM
>GG just starts gaining MSM contacts and media exposure

No idea why they thought this was a good idea for Anti-GG.”

“Because they know the media can and does shape the narrative of everything they report. They figured the big guys would have their back. They weren’t wrong.

What they failed to realize is nothing like this has ever really happened before. Sure they was Occupy Wall Street, but it’s far, far more difficult to manage people in a gathering IRL than online if there are no leaders. That and we as gamers have a few advantages on our side. We know how to git gud – how to identify patterns of behavior, identify our opponents’ weak spots, and attack for massive damage. We’ve also been trained not to give up until we complete a task, despite social stigma and ostracization. None of their weapons (fear, shame, guilt, withholding sex, etc.) work on us as effectively as they do on the normalfags, and some don’t work on us at all.”

“I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you fuck with me, I’ll kill you all.”

“>makes joke about a dongle
>talks about bullying “nerds”. ON FUCKING BULLYING PREVENTION MONTH
>Come on guys, it’s a joke. Don’t take it seriously”

“Look! A dude called me an attention whore.”

“>Look! Someone said the truth!”
“Look! Look at me a man called me an attention whore. LOOK AT ME”

“LW and LWu started going on about “Giving GG a black eye.” Cartoon villian style. Then we found out a radio station was gonna give them and interview together. We asked for pro GG voices. They called us ISIS. We were gonna go to their advertisers, they caved, now LW and LWU are panicked.”

“>if you don’t use our website like we say, you’re abnormal and not even a person

eat shit you slimy fucking PR flak human turd with your faux-familiar voice trying to sound like a human being when you are a cockroach in a person suit

some fucking 40-year-old dork in a cubicle trying real hard to sound like a 19-year-old girl as he tells you what you need to do to increase their market share

fucking die. die and burn.”

“You can’t out-wordplay a lawyer. Their careers are built on double speak and calling out the other lawyer’s bullshit.”

“I’m still a little salty about gamers being smeared as left-wing satanists and school shooters in the 90s.

So now being a gamer makes me a right wing reactionary all of a sudden?

What kind of blatant, pendulum swinging, Illuminati horseshit is this?”

“It’s simple: mainstream media doesn’t give a shit about reporting facts, they just present whatever story will get the most viewers. It’s called sensationalism and it’s been killing journalism for decades. “Gamers reveal that they’re a bunch of women-hating, racist degenerates” will get much higher ratings than “Corruption uncovered in video game review websites.””

“I am fucking adoring when anti-#GamerGate try to make assumptions about someone having no idea what they’re talking about, and they reveal themselves to be exactly an expert in the topic. Like that Soldier with the Purple Heart yesterday. It’s like the worst tactic a person could use in a discussion, trying to suggest your opponent doesn’t know better than you do.”

“Guess who over-exaggerated reasons why Fox is bad?

Liberal news outlets.

Fox has done retarded things in the past but getting it associated with laughably bad journalism only enabled its opposing outlets to think they can do no wrong – and now those outlets are mad with power and influence.”

“Also Fox clearly separates the news shows from the talking head shows. I don’t know if the other channels do this because fuck the news unless it’s local weather and traffic.”

“>Why are you worried about how LIBERAL MEDIA portrays a bunch of LIBERAL CONSUMERS to other LIBERAL VIEWERS?

Because their attacks and portrayals right now are weak and we are able to overcome them with time and persistence. But if this solidifies into a “FOX vs. MSNBC”, “right vs. left” thing, then it’s done.

Want a great example? Look at what happened to fucking Occupy Wall Street. Great way to go from “here are demands concerning the financial industry that most people find reasonable” to fucking hugboxes and privilege checking leftist politics. AND THEN IT FUCKING COLLAPSED ON ITSELF.

FOX News is a household name on both sides. Everything it touches is toxic as fuck. Only political junkies know about Breitbart (I do because of their ACORN shit) and AEI. Once it hits FOX then the fucking wagons get circled and everyone falls into their respective ideological camps. It’s fucking over at that point. Discourse is over, everything is over. It will cease to be about demands that everyone can get behind, like standards and accountability, and will instead be just another extension of the Culture Wars while media companies reap the immense benefits that vitriolic bullshit like that generates in terms of ratings/clicks etc.


By all means, if you want them to make a ton of money and you want us to lose, then do it and see what happens.”

“Thinking #gamergate will turn into a full blown culture war is saying that video game journalism is a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

It’s really not. In fact, it’s a dying medium. Gamergate is an ultimatum.”

“Yesterday’s ally becomes today’s opposition

Enemies change along with the times, the flow of the ages. And we soldiers are forced to play along.

So then what is a enemy? Is there really such a thing as a absolute, timeless enemy? There is no such thing, and never has been. And the reason is because our enemies are human beings like us. They can only be our enemies in relative terms.

The world must be made whole again…”

“We are a consumer revolt with no leader. Why does character assassination matter?”

“MSM reached into their bag of tools and that’s all they could pull out.

They don’t realize that no matter how many social issues they want to bring into this, we will remain victorious so long as we purge the corrupt journalists by removing their platform.

That’s why disrespectful nod is that important. They are afraid of what we can do and will try and bully us as much as possible to stop us.

And it won’t work unless we keep paying attention.”

“Remember Assange was the victim of the EXACT same slandering tactics a few years back, and now has no freedums. He sure as shit knows what’s going on here and doesn’t want the gamers to have the same fate”

“>We hate moot
>We hate 4chan
>A lot of us probably haven’t fapped or played any vidya lately
>People who hated /pol/ have become the /pol/
>Kinda liking the idea of a qt tumblr gf
>I’ve even gotten better at socializing with girls lately

What is happening to us”

“>Chloe called a guy “Token person” or some shit.
>the guy revealed his true form as a glorified black man and called her racist, bigot.
>damage control imminent and gone suicidal.
>a lot of #gamergate people calling and reporting for self-harm.
>anti-gamergate blames #GamerGate a whole for suicide abuse.

absolutely disgusting.

I suspect anti-gamergate didn’t call the police for self harm like we did.”

“Meanwhile MSNBC still hasn’t reached out to anybody who isn’t anti except FUCKING BOOGIE

I’m never ever trusting these fucks again. I’m just going to stick to Fox, despite being a liberal democrat.”


“i used to be incredibly accepting of trans people then i met the SJW type and thought they were all idiotic assholes.
i’m glad i met some normal sane ones in gamergate that returned me to my accepting state”

“See, that’s the thing about this. Race, gender, sexuality, none of this was seen as an issue before SJW’s came

It’s ironic because they apparently wanted to life the (non existent) divide, but they only ended up creating one

Gays, women, and straight males never fought like this before”

“>one of the survivors of the harassment


“Gamers are a force to be feared.
For all the fun we make of our autism doing most of the work, we have made these people fear us based on e-mails, logic and arguing alone, no enforced threats or any of that underhanded shit. Us. Some random fucking autists on the internet shitposting about vidyo and how you’re waifu a shit. They’re scared of us so much that they even bring in the mainstream media and that’s only made us even angrier, which also lead to more neutral people being convinced by us.

THAT gives you something to think about.”

“How many charities have we donated to already? Why does it have to be LGBT?”

“to shut him and everyone the fuck up about this.”

“Don’t enable a precedent where we donate to charity just because people dare us to. I hope I don’t need to explain why that’s bad.”
“We don’t donate to fucking shit just to shut someone up, you serious nigga?”
“Or we could tell him to shut the fuck up without blowing money on him. He linked his friend’s fucking Patreon. We know what this is about.”

This is precisely the effect co-option has. “To shut him up.” Why do we care about him? So what if he doesn’t like us? Who the fuck cares?

Now what does that create? A split between us. Somebody will want to donate, some people won’t. If that keeps happening, the revolt splits between “moderates” and “radicals.”

No, this is co-option 101. Fuck that guy with a thousand dicks.”

“Wait, hold the fuck up, that guy was actually a journo? An employed journo? Not just some random troll?

How in the fuck do you even make a comment that horrible in any sort of professional environment in this fucking country

Nope, that’s it. Time for me to take a walk. Spaghetti spilled. I’m NEETing it up because nobody will give me a fucking job interview, and this cocksocket is publicly shit-talking like he’s Darth Vader. Fuck this gay Earth.”

“what baffles me about you Americans is how easy it is for your betanodder media to be so quick to associate good, just, important concepts like truth or Tea Party with something negative.

Nobody in Poland calls anybody a truther, Tea Partier etc. It’s like we said ‘you dumbass Solidaritier’ or something. We just call dumb people dumb. We don’t take a dump on our ideals.

Or like that GamerGhazi thing. Nobody in Poland would ever fucking think to call something ‘Gamer Katyn’, no matter their political views. How shameful some of these people we see going anti-#gamergate are, seriously.

Then again I’ve seen your people criticizing a Hatred dev for wearing a tshirt that said fuck commies, which explains a lot.”

“You also don’t have a country full of 350 million people coming from every single possible walk of life,religion, color, creedence, and nationality. It tends to make agreeing on things difficult.”

“he’s being a lawyer, which is a professional troll for money.”

“Which is more likely:

1.) Hipsters are staying up till the wee hours of night to shill and seed doubt in the minds of fucking ANONYMOUS POSTERS on H8CHAN about retards like KoP and Roguestar
2.) Anonymous posters are taking the opportunity to air their grievances with certain gamergate “personalities” regardless of the time of day”

“My friend, there is something you need to learn about advertising.
EVERYONE is your target audience, you always want to reach out to more and more people.
Also, you have to remember the 1-10-27 rule.

What does 1-10-27 rule mean?
It means that it takes 1 amount of time and money to keep a existing customer happy, it takes 10 times that to get a new customer and it takes 27 times that work, effort, time and money to get back a customer who has already decided to stop buying your products.”

(insights into the art of community/organizational disruption currently being used against GamerGate:)


WHEN DID IT START: Hard to pinpoint specifically, since it has been with us from the very beginning. Appeals to the idea that the “GamerGate” brand is tarnished beyond repair have formed the majority of propaganda efforts fielded by the opposition, right from the get-go.

HOW DID IT GET BIG/EFFECTIVE: The media circuit that LWU ran (including most of the mainstream press: CNN, New York Times, MSNBC, HuffPo, PBS…) was the largest and most coordinated attack on this front.

ITS INTENDED OUTCOME: Contrary to popular belief, its intended audience was not actual game developers , the game industry or games journalists, but outsiders. The idea was to taint GamerGate to the eyes of outsiders completely and utterly, before those outsiders had any chance of stumbling onto GamerGate information on their own. The idea was to control the narrative BEFORE GamerGate gets big on its own and, most importantly, before it gets out of its own little corner of the internet. Calls to fly under a separate banner were secondary to this primary goal of besmirching the public image of GamerGate. Getting us to fly under a separate banner would serve the secondary goal of encouraging a schism in our community and resolve.

THE VERDICT: Unfortunately, mostly a success. Although we have thankfully stuck by and not allowed the movement to splinter into competing camps, most outsiders have certainly been effectively inoculated against any facts, information and complaints coming from our side.


WHEN DID IT START: The first example I can think of is Devi Ever and her efforts to get us to denounce Milo and distance ourselves from him. It is now happening again with KingofPol currently.

HOW DID IT GET BIG/EFFECTIVE: It hasn’t yet, and I’m fighting to currently keep it that way.

ITS INTENDED OUTCOME: Rampant infighting. They are targeting our most powerful and effective supporters: the people who have a voice and who are doing a lot of good in helping us speak truth to as many people as possible. One of the reasons for this is obvious and self-evident: if they take those people out (Milo, KoP), then we lose our strongest voices one by one. But that’s only the secondary goal. The primary goal is a GOLDEN GOOSE: a strong voice of ours that feels so personally wronged by being unceremoniously given the boot that they turn on us and serve as a mouthpiece for the opposition. Referred to as a “golden goose” because it will give them a non-stop avalanche of “golden eggs” to use against us, like comments disparaging GamerGate, calling us out, using information about our organizational structure against us, etc. They will use this as an example of how extreme and wicked we all are. Example: “GamerGate is too toxic for even one of their biggest former supporters, KingofPol/Milo!” a headline might read.

THE VERDICT: Although their first prong has been mostly successful, this prong has yet to succeed. They tried and failed with Milo, and now they’re trying really hard with KoP. Our success depends on us not falling for this. If you give them a golden goose, we are likely done. The infighting will grow so big it will threaten to devour any discussion on actual corruption in games journalism and the media.”

“It’s like they use sensitivity as a facade to get away with whatever they want and most people don’t notice because it’s one step more complicated than outright doing bad things. This basic diversion has gone on for too long.”

“Okay you fucknuts I see some of you are still a bit too soft for your own good so I’ll say it simple.

Right now some of you actually thinking of being NICE to someone who fucking dissed the hell out of us because they wanted to be able to piss all over our fucking video games. No matter what she fucking says, who she fucking says it to, it don’t matter because this is most likely just some big fucking scheme to try and fuck us over later. So I’m gonna say it even faster.

I think some of you are either stupid or shilling for drunken Who right now because of these posts I’m seeing. And that ain’t good, you’re fucking saying be nice to this fuck who wanted to start some massive circle jerk that got us knocked out of a hobby/life we supported some of us far longer than they’ve been drinking.

So if you want to be nice to Drunken Who, do it on your own. Don’t try to drag #GamerGate or #NotYourShield into it. It’s just going to end up fucking us over and getting some people fucking mad.”

“Kill them with kindness man, we can either push her to hate gamergate more or we can convince her that we’re not maniac misogynists and then maybe she’ll change her tune.”


They stab you in the back, make you almost lose any hope for vidya, drive you away from your favorite website – you kick their asses.
They see they’re going to lose. They offer a truce. You take it?

Fuck you and fuck that. No.”

“#gamergate can’t be co-opted that’s the beauty of it. It stands for ethical journalism and objectivity and that cannot be changed so it cant be co-opted by anyone.”

“Motherfucker, you are the only one advocating this.

Let me tell you something. Remember Devi? You do, right? What did she do? She played the transphobic card and tried to get us to ditch Milo. This is what co-option looks like. An either-or scenario. They make you choose. They give you an ultimatum.

You’re never supposed to be given an ultimatum. That’s what killed Atheism+. That’s what killed Occupy Wall Street. Expect many outlets (Vice already wrote a conciliatory article with TB on it) and opponents trying to SPLIT US into moderates and radicals.

You say: “well, there are no radicals among us.” They will create them for you. They will ask you to ditch Milo. They will ask you ditch Mike. They will call certain things too problematic. They will get offended at autistic. They will make people get offended at autistic (look at what happened with Liz and OfGloriousLife last night). They will ask you to ditch KoP (he’s an idiot, but whatever). They will say Sargon is too tinfoily. In summary, they will try to make you lose your better / most visible players.

Just like when plebbit did it during the Shazbowl’s Battlefield round. (They kicked our best players for swearing when they agreed to no rules.)

They will offer you an olive branch. You will look at it, laugh at it, and not take it.

Fucking spread this knowledge and anticipate their move. You’re a gamer. When you know a boss’ moveset, you adjust your gameplay accordingly. Holy shit, people.”

“GamerGate has spawned too many entertaining things. Watching this is like watching a live reality TV show but in the internet, featuring autists from all over the world and SJW figureheads.
No matter what the outcome is, this will go down in the internet history as one of the grandest, most entertaining shitstorms to date.”

“>Politicians hate Gawker
>Athletes hate Gawker
>Hollywood hates Gawker
>Everyone hates Gawker
>the cancer only continues to grow

>GG side/tangential project
>bringing them down in a week
>while getting labelled as terrorists, soggyknees, and nazis
>while literally labeled a hate group
>while getting trolled by the -$10 commandos
>while getting tarred by liberal mainstream media

Fucking glorious, mateys. Chan culture confirmed for master race.”

“Since around 2006 Pepe has been a good indicator how anonymous as a general collective is feeling at the time
2004-2008: Feels good
>Fun times, epic maymays
2008-2011: Feels bad
>Chanology, anon is leegun
>4chan became mainstream
>Anons began to regret the NEET life
2011-2014: Suicidal
>No fun allowed anymore- any funny shit happening in a thread is quickly stolen and converted to reddit drivel
>4chan was in decline on every front except population
>Anons are becoming wizards
>SJW shit begins to take over hobbies, feels like there’s nothing that can be done
2014+: Smug Pepe
>Anons are standing up to SJW shit and actually winning
>Reddit finally got over it’s infatuation with rage comics
>Wizards have become accepting of their life choices
>New decently populated chan alternative appears”

“>post stuff that’s not verified
>get called out on it
>ignore it and continues to post unverified stuff
>people get pissed
>play the victim
He doesn’t even care, does he?”

“>if you ignore journalism you don’t like, it goes away

This is so wrong it’s almost insulting. Let’s look at sports for a good comparison. Nearly across the board, sports journalism vilifies Dan Snyder for refusing to budge on changing the Washington Redskins’ name. Around 80% of the population disagrees with this. The numbers are just about as high among Native Americans alone so it’s not like we’re drowning out their voices. Where do sports fans turn for “different journalists”? Either direct statements from their favorite teams or tiny blogs that get crushed or bought out by media giants. ESPN’s got cable companies by the nuts and charge the most out of any basic cable channel to display their programming. And people eat that shit up because they just want the fucking scores and basic news, not opinion.

In economics terms, corrupt games journalism holds an oligopoly. While it may be born of competition, it’s hard to sustain competition with such high barriers to entry. Competition is almost dead, even aside from secret mailing lists like GameJournoPros. Their journalists move around from site to site to different positions. Most of these smaller sites we enjoy like TechRaptor or NicheGamer are passion projects that barely turn a profit if at all, sort of like fanzines from the 80’s. This is not really journalism because they don’t have access to press events for most publishers. I like what they write but it’s sparse as far as coverage goes, hence why some narrow their focus. It isn’t easy to get your name out there and it pays dick unless you’re a giant media empire like Gawker or Vox.

Nearly all games journalism is corrupt and it holds an incredible majority stake. There’s no place in a garden for roses when there are nothing but weeds. Unless you smash a hole in the oligopoly, there’s no space for good game journalism to thrive. I hope #GamerGate brought sledgehammers.”


i was originally a channer to shit-post and fap, but now we’re fighting the actual scum and villainy of the net

it’s not just that, it’s corruption everywhere meets a a internet civil war.

goons are back, GNAA is shitting around, waggon is rolling, and weird-twitter is failing to do anything.

we’re causing a shift is reality.”

“4chan is SJW paradise
the FBI and DoD are on our side
MMO-champion isn’t being SJW faggots
escapist is now based
we have
the swiss

all against some shitheads in san fran that it seems like even GOD hates.”

“>Brianna Wu having anything to do with this
She’s not even a proper game developer
This is like having a college graduate with an indie movie project under his belt the voice of women directors.
>The posting of nude pictures
Porn pictures already publicly available
>Felicia Day doxxed
How do you doxx someone by posting publicly available information, IT’S PUBLICLY AVAILABLE”

“I think about this A LOT. And let me tell you, this would have happened sooner or later because this entire situation is just the first correction in a big self-correcting system. If not gamergate it would have been something else 6 months later, but it would have happened regardless. Let me explain:

I have a friend who’s a SJW. Other than his views about the world he’s a nice guy, but he’s extremely naive. Based on what I read from the Unabomber manifesto (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/national/longterm/unabomber/manifesto.text.htm), I’d say the Unabomber’s claims about SJW psychology is true because this guy is just the embodiment of it. He’s between a lawful good/neutral, feelings of inferiority, wants to make the world a better place so he gravitates towards positions of power. In all communities I know he participates in he’s either a mod or someone very close to a mod. This is because he wants to shape the world to what he thinks is something better. This is one of the things about SJWs: they gravitate towards positions of power to make the world a better place. And this brings me to my next point…

When all this started the SJW mods everywhere saw this happening and went: “oh my, I can’t let this conversation about Zoe Quinn happen! I’ll make the world a better place and not allow it in the places I have power to do so!” And so you get the initial wave of censorship that happened EVERYWHERE. It wasn’t a conspiracy or anything like that, it was just SJW people wanting to make the world a better place. And then after that the thing just blew up more and more because of the Streissand effect…

When I say this is a self-correcting system I mean that over time more SJW would gravitate towards positions of power and eventually they would collectively fuck up like they did with the Zoe Quinn situation. It’s just a matter of time.”

“Is Grayson REALLY this valuable to Gawker?
I mean holy shit, all they had to do was throw him under the bus and this would’ve ended months ago.”

“It’s about their egos. If they throw out Grayson, then they admit defeat.
They’ll sooner burn down than to accept a loss.”

“You don’t understand.

This is the first time EVER someone has stood up to SJWs and, specifically, Gawker. So they were that arrogant.

And now all the people they victimized are cheering us on, even if silently. Soon, there will be a wave.”

“>Are you one of those Gamer Gate assholes?

Do people not watch what comes out of their mouth?

On what planet, replace GamerGate with anything, is saying this sort of thing acceptable?

“>Are you one of those female assholes?
>Are you one of those black assholes?
>Are you one of those conservative assholes?
>Are you one of those christian assholes?
>Are you one of those car-driving assholes?
>Are you one of those university assholes?
>Are you one of those american assholes?”

“>Are you one of those ISIS assholes?
>Are you one of those Nazi assholes?”

“it’s a loaded question too, you cannot say yes without accepting that you’re an asshole”

“Weaponized autism. It’s real and it works.

Things like shame and ridicule work on normal people who wouldn’t have made it this far. Not the autist.

The more shit they try to throw at us and the more they try to shame us it just makes us want to bring them down even more.

Believe it.”


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