Sep 26 – Oct 10

“Gentlemen, gentlemen, calm yourselves. Did you expect this fight to go on without a little blood-shed and dirty tactics?

This is expected. Nay, this is to be encouraged! You cower and run when you think that we have taken the bait and been ruined, when in reality we are ready for a new offensive. We haven’t fallen for their trap, THEY’VE FALLEN FOR OURS! They have granted us the truest thing we could possibly want in this fight, legitimacy! Here they trot out a war-horse to lay waste to a single man, but the act alone shows how seriously we are being taken! Do not let doubt swallow your hearts, friends! Fill your heart with fire and blood as the battle we have long awaited has arrived! They’ve given us a deadly insight into their workings and it shall stab at their very heart!

Gentlemen, now we shall give them hell.”

“1st Wave Misandry: Compelling men to sacrifice their lives in war while surviving women vote as majority.
2nd Wave Misandry: Enforcing traditional male disposability in economic and sexual roles while liberating women from theirs.
3rd Wave Misandry: Men are rapists with no lives of their own outside of sex. They should serve women until their death.”

“>Says Intel don’t support women in gaming
>Supports a person who opposed a fund for women in gaming

SJW logic, my friends”

“>implying SJWs want women to improve their place
>implying they don’t simply want people to support their whining”

“This. One million times this.

They just want support on this. Someone to say “You’re standing up for what’s right.” But nobody is and they’re getting very angry.
I think they will keep whining till they die, just to have a chance at someone saying “Great job, you did well.”


“Ma’am, when I came forth from my Mother’s womb, I knew it was my life’s goal to come work for this corporation, expecting little, if any, monetary reward despite decades of loyal service while my benefits dwindle down to a cosmic joke and my very existence becomes and exercise in futility. Even when a relentless death steals me from my office-nook Hell will I feel I’ve somehow let the corporation down thus forcing me to Will my pension in its entirety to my immediate supervisor (who will undoubtedly be 30 years my junior by that time).”

“You lied about the job. I lied to get the job. We’re even.”

“If I could see the future I would not need to work for you.”

“Years ago I went for a job as a post-man and was asked the question “why do you want to be a post-man?”…I didn’t have an answer.

How in the hell could a man enjoy being awakened at 6.30am by an alarm clock, leap out of bed, force-feed, shit, piss, brush hair and teeth and fight traffic to get to a place where essentially you made lots of money for somebody else and were asked to be grateful for the opportunity to do so? ”

“Does noone else think that GamerGate despite being a thing that started on halfchan where gamers expose the corruption in gaming journalism, it’s become an e-celeb circlejerk where these people that joined in weeks later are telling us how to run the “campaign” we started.”

Normalfags and attention whores have completely taken over and wanna dictate how people talk

The 4chan approach has always been to uncover the data no matter what and if nothing happens burn it to the ground
The normalfag approach is to use that data “the radicals” uncovered and to endlessly talk about it without achieving anything”

“That approach would not have fucking worked. In fact we tried that at first and we got labelled misogynists and they tried to turn LW into the next Anita. They almost succeeded for a bit until we got our bearings and went at it with some intelligence.”

The 4chan approach didnt work this time because gaming journalism is a complete joke and no one will report on anything.

>and we got labelled misogynists and they tried to turn LW into the next Anita

And thats exactly the problem because they dont care about the data at hand they care about keeping their scam alive
This is why the moment we saw that shit happening we SHOULD have cut gaming journalists out and go directly to the devs/publishers and threaten them with a boycott of the industry.”

“You need to play some Shadow of Mordor son[spoiler 10/10 it was ok too hard – IGN[/spoiler].
You can’t just go directly to publishers, you need to work your way up, focusing on different points and making it known.
The advertisement deal was a major blow though, it put the movement on the map and actually showed that it has power and momentum.”

“>You can’t just go directly to publishers, you need to work your way up, focusing on different points and making it known.

Yes you can
You email them, call them and write to them its that fucking simple.
These journalists represent their products for the consumers by testing them and if they wanna push agenda while doing that it hurts the publishers business
You never work your way up you always go to the people in charge

>The advertisement deal was a major blow though, it put the movement on the map and actually showed that it has power and momentum.

And still no one has gotten fired. Probably because they all got so much dirt on each other.
Once again fuck them and cut them off.

>You can do both. No one is stopping you.

I have. Ive also advised to them to take note from Nintendo and their direct service. Let them market their games themselves and deal with the blowback if they lie

>That said, going after the journalists is hurting them and is having an effect.

No one has gotten fired

>You’d have to be lying or a shill to deny that.

And you are delusional
Nothings gonna happen at this point especially not when GG is co opted by twitter attention whores”

“But you need to make a name for yourself before you do that, otherwise people will just shrug it off.
If you hear about gamergate, here rumours around the office and shit, then a week later you get bombarded with complaints you fucking take notice.
If they just got them out of the blue the results wouldn’t have been as instant nor as important.
Also, it’s been like a week since then. More shit is coming out all the time like the whole Shadow of Mordor LOOK AT YOUTUBERS NOT US LOOK HOW SHADY THEY ARE MAYBE YOU SHOULD DIRECT THIS AT THEM articles coming out.

They’re fucking panicking, we did this.”

“>But you need to make a name for yourself before you do that, otherwise people will just shrug it off.

Which is the problem. People dont care about the information but the person delivering it. This is a very dangerous attitude to have.
Also regarding to the rest of your post its nice that these things happened but we dont see them making a change and thats why you SHOULD cut them off completely

Stop playing their game and go to the people in charge.”

“>No one has gotten fired

Advertisers have pulled out and some condemned the shit they were pulling. Other notable writers and so forth have called journos out on their bullshit. You’re expecting shit to happen on an unrealistic timeline.

Going after the publishers btw, has been tried and we were summarily ignored. We made infographs, and made a ruckus on twitter and were ignored, with the journos working with the publishers to shut down shit. Do you have any better ideas?

>And you are delusional
>Nothings gonna happen at this point especially not when GG is co opted by twitter attention whores

No you are. This thing is getting much wider attention that it ever could if we were doing our old shit. The “twitter attention whores” are actually bringing attention to this issue and doing so without costing us anything as far as this movement goes. You still haven’t laid down a reasonable plan for this movement.”

“>You’re expecting shit to happen on an unrealistic timeline.

Not when all these sites declared gamers/gaming as dead.
There is no timeline the shit should already be over. These people made it clear that its not about the medium but their agenda

>Going after the publishers btw, has been tried and we were summarily ignored. We made infographs, and made a ruckus on twitter and were ignored, with the journos working with the publishers to shut down shit. Do you have any better ideas?

Threaten them with a boycott. Either they get their asses involved or they can expect a huge blow in christmas sales

>No you are. This thing is getting much wider attention that it ever could if we were doing our old shit.

You dont need attention you need people addressing the issue. The whole mainstream gaming journalism is corrupt so fuck them and cut them off

>The “twitter attention whores” are actually bringing attention to this issue and doing so without costing us anything as far as this movement goes.

These twitter attention whores are in for their own gain pushing their own bullshit

>You still haven’t laid down a reasonable plan for this movement.

We dont need a plan and certainly dont need a fucking movement to deal with these hipster shit stains.
The fact that you fuckers are being played by these cunts is cringeworthy in itself
Once again ignore these sites and take the evidence to the devs/publisher.
If they dont wanna address the problem threaten them with a boycott.

Give them enough heat and they will cut off those sites in their marketing campaigns”

“>Not when all these sites declared gamers/gaming as dead.
>There is no timeline the shit should already be over. These people made it clear that its not about the medium but their agenda

Doesn’t matter. You honestly think publishers and devs have not seen these articles? You think they are not aware of the shit that gets posted on the websites who they give money to, advertise on, and utilize to promote their products? The Mass Efffect fiasco proved publishers pay attention. The DmC fiasco with Ninja theory proved devs pay attention.

>Threaten them with a boycott. Either they get their asses involved or they can expect a huge blow in christmas sales

WE TRIED THAT BEFORE. This is how I know you’re full of shit. When the Mass Effect bullshit hit, we tried that. It did not work. We tried that with Bioware 2 times already, going for a 3rd with Inquisition, proving the last few times did not work. We tried that with DmC, and while they lost sales, Uncle Dante is still not back so that did not work as well. Tomb Raider, it did not work. And on and on and on. That approach sounds nice in practice but does not work. Instead we got publishers saying that the cost of making the game was too high rather than “we make shit”. We voted EA the worst company 2 years in a row over shit like BoA and Walmart and monatasanto, it did not work. Going after the company does not work when they have the media machine ready to push a narrative. The CoD head even said how they fucking brainwashed people into liking the game. It does not work by itself.

>You dont need attention you need people addressing the issue. The whole mainstream gaming journalism is corrupt so fuck them and cut them off

People won’t address the issue without attention. You seem to be inder the impression businesses care about ethics. You’re fucking mistaken.

>These twitter attention whores are in for their own gain pushing their own bullshit

No they push what we want them to push or risk being ridiculed and ignored. This is why concern trolls are regarded as such.

>We dont need a plan and certainly dont need a fucking movement to deal with these hipster shit stains.

You’re a fucking idiot if you seriously believe this. A media machine with money and the backing of the people and we don’t need a plan? My fucking word.

>The fact that you fuckers are being played by these cunts is cringeworthy in itself
>Once again ignore these sites and take the evidence to the devs/publisher.
>If they dont wanna address the problem threaten them with a boycott.
>Give them enough heat and they will cut off those sites in their marketing campaigns

This is EXACTLY what the anti-GG and shills have been saying. You don’t know what you are talking about, have no plan, no time line, nothing. And you somehow expect people to listen to you with this bullshit empty as fuck rhetoric. Fuck off.”

“>Doesn’t matter

Yes it does. If they tolerate it then they support it which in turn makes me no longer support them that easy


Not tried but did and it always had an impact and this time it will be a impact on the entire western gaming industry. Very simple and effective and when they are looking for someone to blame they will know whos responsible and CUT THEM OFF

>People won’t address the issue without attention

And even with all this attention now they are not addressing the issue. Once again cut them off they are not worth talking too

>No they push what we want them to push or risk being ridiculed and ignored.

Except thats not happening especially not with all the gaimyer grrls and the not your shield crap.

>You’re a fucking idiot if you seriously believe this. A media machine with money and the backing of the people and we don’t need a plan? My fucking word.

No you dont. Not buying games and sending one mail to the developer/publisher of the game/s will do much more because they wont get any money but they will know WHY people are not buying it

Its simple, its easy and it doesnt involve arguing with SJW hipster 24/7 and feeding into their bait

>This is EXACTLY what the anti-GG and shills have been saying. You don’t know what you are talking about, have no plan, no time line, nothing. And you somehow expect people to listen to you with this bullshit empty as fuck rhetoric. Fuck off.

>dunno what to write

Where are you originally from? Reddit? Tumblr?”

“>Yes it does. If they tolerate it then they support it which in turn makes me no longer support them that easy

The journos have been shitting on us for years while we have been doing just what you are suggesting and it has not worked. How is it do you not get this? And a lot of the coverage we have received has been through other media types. Just the info, in our little infographs don’t. Work. We have tried that before and it does not work.

>Not tried but did and it always had an impact and this time it will be a impact on the entire western gaming industry. Very simple and effective and when they are looking for someone to blame they will know whos responsible and CUT THEM OFF

We have tried that and no it would not be across the gaming industry. The gamers are dead articles are only notable because we made a fuss about them along with the censorship. We have done all of this with Mass Effect and even DmC.

>Except thats not happening especially not with all the gaimyer grrls and the not your shield crap.

Yes it is. What is the problem with those? Again, you have no concept of the long game here and are thinking like a 12 years old.

>No you dont. Not buying games and sending one mail to the developer/publisher of the game/s will do much more because they wont get any money but they will know WHY people are not buying it

Not buying games by itself is not enough. Do you not understand how the media can wwork against a movement? Without NYS and without gamergrills, we would be left with 4chan and some fucks from reddit pitching a fit and threatening a ban, which would turn into the new Tomb Raider. We wouldn’t have as many devs on our side because we would be typed as a mass of misogynists preventing them from working with us to put pressure on publishers. We’re a small portion of the market share and are viewed as a bunch of fucks who pirate games.

>Its simple, its easy and it doesnt involve arguing with SJW hipster 24/7 and feeding into their bait

That’s on you. Sending e-mails and boycotting works best.

>Where are you originally from? Reddit? Tumblr?

You’re obviously a shill at this point but at least you’re staying in this thread and not shitting up anywhere else. Then again you know you’d get shutdown on the main threads.”

“Well then i wont bother replying to your bullshit because i know its pointless to argue with a retard who throws around buzzwords”

“Except you aren’t arguing and aren’t coming up with anything that resembles sense, especially at this point. You want to change course midstream and do exactly what the anti-GG people and shills have been telling us to do as of late. You’re saying their shit word for word in some cases. It’s disgusting. “

“You ignore everything i wrote because you are set on me being a “shill”
You share the same mindset of a stereotypical SJW whos repeating the same shit over and over again to make his bullshit valid
Keep on arguing with those SJW sites, giving them clicks and material to whine and moan about for months to come while slowly having GG co opted

Have fun”

“>you’re from reddit or tumblr
>no u
>no u
This is why these threads always turn to shit.”

“Its always been like this but its ingrained in the millennial mindset that they can never be wrong and have to make a huge deal out of everything.
Blame the feminised school system where everyone is “special” and a winner.”

“It’s more than that, although you’re on the right track.

It’s the boomer’s disability to moderate their children, creating Gen X. A largely failed generation, which then grew Millens, as you know Millens are quite the aggrevators. They grew up in mismanaged homes and turned to ‘social justice’ as ways of impacting the world (SJ includes things like environmentalism, so it’s an umbrella term in the way I’m using it, not so much the whole SJW definition). They also had to deal with hearing much of the Boomers “taking away” things from them, which creates more animosity.

Anyways, I say all of this to say that these 3 generations following one another has created such a fucked up western world – allowing Feminism to dominate AND control classrooms. You’ve pointed it out, this system has created people who have no idea how to argue, how to respect someone even if you disagree, and how to deal with getting gud.”

“if we make a watch dog group it WILL be co-opted with in 5 years. and we will be right back were we started. SJWs in the group bitching about oppression but will most likely just not use the word oppression when bitching
look at what happened to “/v/recommended games”
Fuck LOOK AT WHAT HAPPENED TO PAX this year. at least it to them 8 years to fully take it over.

when ever there is a group they seep into the cracks.”

“Fucking this.

Any consumer group we create WILL be co-opted when we least expect it.
And then we’ll have created the worst thing ever for gaming: a social-justice-based consumer group that will shame developers into submission in the name of consumers.



“You don’t get it. This won’t die. The damage has been done. Every time a SJW wants to complain about big titties or high heels in games the will remember the shitstorm they’re in now. People that still read their blogs will remember it too. They are fucked. All we’re doing now is slowly pushing them off the cliff.”

“tumblr is like /b/ without irony”

“if this bull shit is what the pro team is made of, it is pure annoying. right now we are all paying attention because of 0 happinings, but you need to get it though your heads, you stick out to us. a few cleaver words will not divide the solidarity a chan has, especially fullchan. pack it up and go home”

“Needs a
>Smell you later”

“channers have years of experience picking apart posts to determine intent
“pros” ain’t got shit on us”

“>Take your irrational prejudice elsewhere
Hmm, I wonder who talks like this.”

“If you blame us for every troll out of a MILLION plus tweets you basically incentivize false-flagging.”

“There’s no winning with SJWs. Either the character is too feminine and a stereotype or too masculine and just a “man with boobs.”

The problem with the whole approach is that analysis with critical theory can be applied to literally anything. I honestly see it as a lot of gender studies and communications students with nothing better to do. When I was in college, I took a writing class and I wrote a paper on why LotR is racist. Do I actually believe that? No, but you can argue the point even if it is without merit. That’s what all of this is.”




This is a consumer revolt and we win in one of two ways:

1: War of attrition, aka what we’re doing now. Email advertisers, starve them of money and convince as many people as we can not to visit their sites. This is WORKING. If you don’t believe me, look at how hard they’re fighting back. /pol/aks aren’t going to ruin out reputation anymore than 4chan’s shitty reputation already did.

2: Someone finds real actionable dirt against them. Sadly, this is looking less and less likely each day. We’ve all been digging for over a month and found nothing.

But seriously, if you think we can somehow win over the media and a win a PR war you really are stupid.”

“This, if it was a PR war, we would already have lost.

We are the consumers DEMANDING action from the journalists in industry that serves US. They are dependent on us and its our right as customers to have the industry that serves OUR needs.

We starve them out of revenue and influence. We inform the rest of their potential consumers their corrupted practices. We make demands they need to adhere to or we take our business elsewhere.

Any criticism on us from them is worthless because we are the ones they must answer to to be a business. Do not lose sight of that.”

“Reposting because thread was dead right after I posted it.

Despite the freakout, I think Devi has a point that “GamerGate is turning into a spectator sport”. People just keep waiting for the next article, BTFO, or tweet from LW or her peers. A lot of people are being too passive, not actually doing something. If the people who would listen require our patience, then show them respect and stay patient. Always remain vigilant and make sure to keep emailing sponsors, editors, etc. People in actual power with the ability to change things. Try to raise awareness in other communities, just don’t get overzealous in your cause. Be open to discussion and criticism.

People on the pro-GG side are being let loose and showing they can be just as fanatical about the movement as those against us and just as attention whoring as LW and her ilk are. Matt and Devi may have their hearts in the right places, but they obviously have their own issues and need to be told to stop making this about them. People need to remember this is a consumer revolt, and while people speaking and doing research on our behalf is good, don’t make them into figureheads.

Don’t focus so hard on DiGRA/DARPA stuff until we start changing things on the lower levels. The more people tinfoil and shift the focus, the more you allow the journalists defend themselves and possibly discredit us. Do you want Kotaku to run an article about how our most vocal supports are misogynist neo-nazis because they started talking about immigration and rape in a stream? Of course not.

Stop making this about politics, that’s what people want to do. They want to attach a right-vs-left narrative so its easier to discredit their opposition.
Stop putting people who support us in the limelight, they want you to do this. Again, easy to discredit the movement when a perceived “leader” can be easily character assassinated.
Stop making this about sides, it’s not as us-vs-them as you think. Raise awareness for those being attacked, don’t start pointing fingers and using those attacked as shields.
Just keep it simple, focus on games journalists and their direct supporters.


“It’s ALWAYS been a PR war. We’ve been fighting for the legitimacy of our voice and grievances all along.

Jesus fucking Christ, I actually work in advertising and before I did that I worked PR and marketing for a media company.

This is a PR war whether you like it or not. Start backing the right horse in the PR stakes or you are going to lose this, and hard. You should be encouraging people like Oliver Campbell, (maybe) Devi Ever (not sure after meltdown in progress), Ollie Barder, RASAMconcept, etc to be the vocal public face of GamerGate. They’re the ones who should be streaming and writing and doing interviews – actual journalists and game devs affected by these issues, not some bandwagon-hopping attention whores with axes to grind.”

“PR is an aspect of what we’re fighting but this is bullshit. We’re a grassroots movement and are water. People who speak out do so on their own and represent only part of what they believe GamerGate is about, not GamerGate itself. That’s the way it is, how it’ll always be, and the right way to win a war against media on the PR front, focusing on individuals is a terrible idea. Those who can step up will. Those who can’t won’t. Simple.

This is of course unrelated to emails because we fucking know that works and gives no fucks to PR. Different angle. PR is for the masses. Emails are for the sites.”

“>you need to change your name

“The minute we do that, this whole thing is dead.”

“Agreed. I’ll repeat what I said last time.

The only reason #gamergate is associated with harassment is the media itself portrays the movement as harassers. If we were to change to another tag, they would then just claim that tag was corrupted by a handful of harassers, and tell us to change it again. And they would just keep repeating that tactic till the movement lost momentum, and died.”

“Also, something to keep in mind, they use the genetic fallacy, saying that gamergate loses credibility due to its origin, but changing the gamergate tag to something else would still be attacked, by saying that the new tag originated from gamergate and the fact that we switched away from gamergate is admitting that there was an issue with it.”

“Right, no tag moving ever. We lost the origin story argument which is why that’s ALL they stick to. They’re starting to lose hold of it and all of a sudden they go after TFYC, one of the other components that made GamerGate start (they’ll never touch the Wizards). The more the narrative shifts in our direction the better. Any attempts of another tag are done to “prove” their wrongful origin myths. Nobody came to fight over sex. They came because of TFYC, the Wizards, or the censorship to talk about conflict of interest/cronyism. Latecomers came because they were attacked.

The origin myth is their only tactic which is why it’s all they use it. If that breaks, there’s nothing. Good PR like the techcrunch article call it into question.”

“I call bullshit whenever people keep shoehorning the harassment label with #GG. It’s even used as the most flimsy attempt to play fair but it also gives the opposition an easy time to dismiss anything #GG related.Look at boogie’s use of it as one example.

It’s been last resort of anti-#GG and it’s about time we stop giving them a free pass by offering them the opportunity to dilute our message with it.

It’s not even a matter of playing fair because if you examine the timeline, the people who were saying #GG is about harassment are the same people who were dismissing those who disagreed with them as trolls.

Lastly, if you look for any specific examples of #GG harassment, you won’t find any. Go ahead and try. The harassment crutch needs to end.”

“Damn fucking right. A now you have the ammunition to combat it- neither the techcrunch or brighter news articles mention harrassment- they get straight to core of the issue of shitty clickbait sensationalist journalism”

“> The twitter front should be a campaign with truthbombs.

That’s what I’ve been saying for a few days now. The opposition is nearly silent so we have to switch from being reactionary and respondents to being pro-active. They’re unknowingly giving us the window of opportunity to clear the air and set the record straight.

And what better timing than with new articles that assist in setting the record straight.

We have to dominate the tag and be throwing information out there. That way when they panic and react or finally realize what’s happening, they won’t be able to counter factual information with their usual dismissing claims.”

“We going nowhere if we concentrate on the goons (SJWs). Go for the figureheads and infrastructure (corrupt journos and sites)”

“Only an idiot fights when he knows he can’t win. Balls have nothing to do with it.”

“Why is everyone so touchy around here?”
“It’s because adults don’t like being embaressed.”

“Your lips or your words? Which should I trust?”

“To prepare is to prevent.”

“We have to think ahead of them now however, what their next move will be

They tried claiming victim status, it failed and our fact finding proved them liars

They tried shouting us down, it failed

They tried calling us rapists/muhsoggyknits to silence us, it failed

They tried controlling the narrative, but our message is still getting out however slowly

They have now tried doxxing us, and its driven some of us away, but most are still here

What is their next move going to be?”

“>Social sciences are taught shallowly
>People use half-assed arguments to support their own self-serving biases

>Social sciences are taught in depth
>People overanalyze anything and everything to support their own self-serving biases”

“You know what’s hilarious?

Living in a third world country and watching american women crying that there’s mysoginy in America

I live in morocco, and like shit, women have waaaaay less rights here than in 1st world countries (women can’t go to hotels alone without a man, because they’re suspected to be hookers, for example). Maids are all women, little girls are employed to work in houses, half of the population is poor as fuck…

You fucks have all the comfort you need, and women still need to complain and argue that they’re oppressed because, what, they got a negative review on their blog? When they have a good job, a good financial situation, and probably everything someone needs in their life?

It just makes me feel bad, I dunno, sometimes I’m even more sorry for you guys than for us”

“Twitter is standard social media. Where you’re judged not for the quality of your tweet but instead how many followers you have.”

“no really fuck the fucking streams. I’ve fucking had it with the streams.
Some dick head AAA dev last night talking about how we should all say sorry to the bloggers and devs. for shit we didn’t do. Half the fucking stream agreed with him. “your right, that will open up some space to talk.”
another indy dev came in the stream minutes later and told him fuck no!(thank God)hes not saying sorry for the way that they’ve treated him for years, fuck them.
I personally have nothing to fucking say to the bolggers or the devs. that are fucking scared of me. If you hate me so much, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.”

“Their basic strategy was to re-brand games as being high concept works rather than games. My guess is that way they didn’t have to understand or talk about games on an objective level and they could portray themselves as infallible critics instead of fallible reviewers.”

“First accept the facts as true, then investigate the reason behind them.”

“dreams lie in reality, reality in a place unknown, and truth in your own heart.”

“WTF, I’m not listening 4+ hours of material to verify your claim.”

“You’re putting the horse before the cart. Plus you seem to have fundamentally misunderstood my argument.

You’re not going to ‘remove’ the SJWs. They are not kebab. The win state for this battle (and I emphasise, battle, not war) is that the press doesn’t allow them to pollute their articles with their agenda. Ideally that they’re fired for being biased and incompetent and costing their employers a lot of money.

This silences SJWs in gaming. Tumblr might still exist, DiGRA might still exist – but they will have no mouthpiece from which to disseminate their agenda. That is the victory state for this battle.

The victory state for the war is to move on after that’s complete and erode their footholds in academia, and if possible, politics. Separate battles for different occasions.”

“Tell yourself this: “I have no reason to use that word.” Why? Because “problematic” isn’t a complaint, it’s a whine. Unless you can define the problem, there is no problem. Saying something is “Problematic” is rhetorically equal to saying “I don’t like it.”
One of my friends keeps using “toxic,” and it’s a small pet peeve to me. It’s pretty much used synonymously with “cancerous,” both just easily reveal what social media platform/websites you frequent. I refuse to use “toxic” so I don’t look like a filthy tumblrite.”

“This is one of the main problems with Libertarians. They imagine if they just give up power, that nobody will seize it and everyone will just get along grand. That’s not the case. Ceding power is the most idiotic platform one can imagine. Demanding to just be ‘left alone’ wins you nothing and only encourages your enemies to take more. Power is power, and you either have it or you don’t.

Or as Cersei Lannister puts it, ‘In the game of thrones, you win or you die.’

The Left understands this and wins. The American Right doesn’t and loses. There’s a clear connection here.”

“I think the extent to which society has been dramatically changed by the work ethic is generally understated. In the past, if you were able to not work, it was a sign of status. It meant that you were a member of the elite and could spend your time in leisure developing your various faculties. You would spend your time reading philosophy and history, fencing and hunting, attending to politics, and practicing musical instruments. “Who are you” was answered primarily by your lineage.
But nowadays, work, rather than a sign of shame or an unfortunate necessity given your social station, is now the sign of social status itself. To not have a job is a great scandal, and the harder you work, the greater you are respected. There are lower status jobs and higher status jobs, but often the higher status jobs require even more work than lower status jobs. Investment bankers, for example, are famously known for working many, many hours, and having little free time and yet investment banking is considered a high status job, not one for slaves. In modern society, “Who are you” is answered by your job title.”

“You and Zaunstar give advice to people that will, in the fullness of time, get some people killed because they will be concerned that people like you will show up afterwards and whine and complain that they threw a single punch to end the conflict and they will try to restrain someone. And you both give them moronic advice that “he could’ve just gotten away”. Not inside an elevator. This is not a Jedi movie, you cannot use the force to open the slat in the top and then force jump through it to get away from some kind of conflict that’s going on.

You have to deal with it. And neither of you knows what this woman is capable of doing, not a single one of you knows what she’s capable of doing or what this guy is capable of doing in response. And yet you have advice. Advice for the masses. Because of reasons.

You are both pig and fucking shit ignorant about fighting, you are both ignorant about combat, you are both ignorant about close quarters combat, and yet neither of you has the common decency to shut your fucking pieholes when you know absolutely nothing about a topic. You want to give people advice that what happened there was so innapropriate because he could’ve done this, he coulda, woulda shoulda coulda. While people are trying to sort out these woulda-shoulda-coulda’s, you’re going to get people hurt. In order to restrain someone, you have to intentionally prolong the amount of time that the assault persists in order to get them under control, that is to say, you have to expose yourself to more violence than you need to do when you can just take it out with one clean [punch].”

“You underestimate my ability to kick your ass at your own peril.”

“The fact that this woman has a pussy and not a dick does not mean she is not capable of killing someone.”

“The problem I have with anti-GG labelling GamerGate as misognist because of LW’s actions is that misogny means that there is something inherently about women that you actively hate and want to stamp out. Something women cannot control, like being women. So if some woman is having affairs with people reviewing her work, calling her out should not be misgony, as that implies that it is something natural to women. That women cannot help but sleep around to advance their position or get favourable reviews. That mindset in itself is highly misogynist.

Maybe I am wrong but these people themselves are highly misogynist and we really should turn these accusations right back at them.

Saying that it is misgynist to call out unethical practices if they are committed by a woman implies that women cannot help but be unethical and therefore need special protection. That is highly demeaning to women. Why are female supporters of GG not pushing this angle on Twitter? Why are we not pushing back against this misogynistic mindset that seems to be embedded in these “journalists” and developers?”

“You guys have to realize the implications of what happened. It goes far deeper than “Intel stopped paying them”.

Intel pulled out. It’s gone now and as other anon said, they didn’t pull out to “test the waters”. This is done and it stay done. They most likely weren’t getting much help from Gamasutra anyway as it’s become a haven for SJW instead. They know their metrics better than we do or Gamasutra does.

So Gamasutra loses a sponsor. No BFD right? There’s got to be plenty of other sponsors ready to take their place?

Yes and no and yes and no.

Others will fill the void, but you’re going to start seeing shit like SJW jewelry or T-shirts or other strictly SJW shit.. AMD/Rockstar/EA.. they’re not going to want to be a part of this especially once this works out in favor of Intel which it almost certainly will. So when they lose they’re gaming sponsors, they lose their gaming credibility. It will turn into the SJW shithole they want it to be. Good for them. Gamers will eventually abandon it like lovers of humor are abandoning Cracked. They lose gaming clout.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, the people that fill Intel’s void will do it for cheaper. Imagine you’re the guy talking to Gamasutra about pay per ad… You now have this hanging over their head and it’s there to stay. You control the conversation.

Bottom line, Gamasutra has lost a good bit of revenue over this and it’s a cascade effect that has been initiated.. It will not get better. And you’d better believe Leigh will be a fucking tough sell at gaming journalism interviews later. She’ll be relegated to her little hugbox with the rest of the cult in Tumblr oriented press where she belongs. She’s great at opinion which isn’t based on facts and stirring shit. Go write for tabloids, hack.”

“History is written by the victors, and, eventually, this tale will be told by academics who research it thoroughly. This ordeal will be told in business and marketing schools as a case study for years.”

“There is a sentiment I’ve seen often amidst fence-sitters and the not batshit-insane anti-GG people that profoundly pisses me off. More than once I’ve heard the argument that our movement is illegitimate because the public perception of our movement is that of misogynists and harassers thanks to a handful of “extremists”.

Some fence sitters then admit that the way that the media has portrayed us is extremely biased and wrong. But none of them make any fucking connection between these two, despite how obvious it is. We are the target of a campaign of slander by all the largest news media, we will have a perpetual bad reputation regardless of what we do.

Do we criticize someone? We’re harassing them.
Is that someone female? All the better, we’re misogynists on top of that.
Do we raise money for a charity? We’re obviously misdirecting, or abusing our white moneyed privilege or whatever the fuck they call it
Do we contact advertisers to voice our concerns? Well, we’re hurting the industry, or actively working to get journalists fired

Where the fuck are the fence sitters leaning into the pro-GG side because of Leigh Alexander’s bigoted vitriol? Where are the ones doing so because of the blatant unethical behaviour of the journalists writing these hit pieces? Or the doxxing? Or the DDoS attacks? The censorship? The constant abuse from anti-GG people on Twitter?

There are none, because we have no control or sway over the media. We are not in a position of power. So if you’re a fence-sitter or anti-GG feel free to hold onto your opinion, but don’t give me this bullshit of it being because of our “public perception”, because if you have any interest in the situation whatsoever, you know exactly how much it reflects reality.””

“anything we do is seen as harassment.
there is no point in even explaining why we do it anymore. They will rather see the sites shut down than say sorry.
burn everything to the ground guys. ”

“You can’t destroy an ideology by attacking it head-on, there are no battle lines between nations or numbers of men, vehicles and money by which to gauge victory or defeat.

The only way to beat these people is to silence their mouthpieces and discredit and marginalise their ideology in the eyes of the general public. GamerGate’s victory state is the gaming and technology press. Academia, leftist mainstream media and politics are seperate battles to be fought later.

Removing their voice from the gaming press by rightly pointing out how staggering self-righteousness has made these people almost unwittingly corrupt to the core is one step. The next is seizing semantic control and rebranding their ideology as we see fit.”

“How did the double jump get so popular? It doesn’t even make sense.”
“How did the jump button in general get so popular? We don’t generally jump in our daily lives, hell even really athletic people climb or vault over things much more than they jump over gaps and shit. Like why is the jump button a requirement in pretty much every game out there?”
“it was like really easy to make platformers back then,at least compared to other games”
“Without a double jump, you wouldn’t be able to pull of pic related.”
“Moot arguments. Platform designs like that only exist because the mechanic exists.

That’s like saying “oh if Sonic wasn’t fast you wouldn’t be able to do the loops would you?””

“We live in the dusk of an era. Meta-narratives make universal claims failed us in the 20th century and are failing us in the 21st. Meta-narrative is the cancer killing democracy from the inside. I want to clarify something, I’m not here to make an indictment of democracy. On the contrary I think democracy contributed to the rise of the West and the creation of the modern world. It is the universal claim that many Western elites are making about their political system, the hubris that is at the heart of the West’s current ills. If they would spend just a little less time on trying to force their way onto others and a little bit more on political reform at home, they might give their democracy a better chance. China’s political model will never supplant electoral democracy because unlike the latter, it does not pretend to be universal. It cannot be exported. But that is the point precisely. The significance of China’s example is not that it provides an alternative, but the demonstration that alternatives exist. […] Let us stop telling people and our children there’s only one way to govern ourselves and there’s a singular future to which all societies must evolve. It is wrong, it is irresponsible, and worst of all, it is boring. Let universality make way for plurality.”

“A lot of the original reddit founders jumped ship. In loving memory of Aaron.”
“Wasn’t Aaron in favour of true free speech as well?”
“Aaron got into hot shit because he leaked a lot of important academic papers that were behind paywalls. The feds tried to make an example out of him despite the fact that MIT decided to drop charges. He was a kid who was struggling with crippling depression long before this. After he realized he’d be tried in a kangaroo court, he didn’t want to go to jail so he offed himself. It basically blew up in the face of the spooks.”
“Very pro-(information proliferation).
After all, he was caught trying to download papers from JSTOR to distribute for free.
Had he still been alive, reddit probably wouldn’t have this problem with corrupt reddit admins and fickle mods.”

“>You’re all sexist
>You just don’t KNOW you’re sexist even if you don’t do or say anything remotely misogynistic
>Even if you’re not sexist, what are you going to do about the people who are?
>But Gamergate ATTRACTS sexist people
>Remember that isolated incident where Milo/IA said that one thing that could be construed as sexist? That’s proof that Gamergate is sexist.
>You need to get rid of your sexist leaders
>You have no leaders? You’re not legitimate”

“I find this funny.

Greg TITO SAID on the stream. ” Attacking gamasutra when you disagree with 1 WRITER is wrong”

Ok but if we attack the writer
“Harassing women is wrong”

So we contact gamasutra inform them Leigh mocks it on twitter and continues on.
So we e-mail advertisers.
“This is censorship”

So just don’t criticize women ever is that it?


“I felt like Tito was paying lip service to the idea of real debate, rather than actively committing to it. This was because:

He refused to acknowledge how deeply suspicious the lack of transparency regarding #gamergate has been.
He complained that the GJP email thread dump was unfair and incomplete, which is fine, but the correct response to that is clearly to release the rest of the thread. It’s an obvious solution, and the fact that he didn’t even mention the idea can only further cement the implications of those emails in many peoples’ minds.

His conflation of boycott with censorship is intellectually dishonest as hell. When an author releases an inflammatory piece, it is the responsibility of the editor to decide whether the publication wishes to endorse that message. If it does, then the piece gets published. If it doesn’t, then you shouldn’t publish. If you publish it anyway, and it receives backlash to the point that it endangers your publication, then the editor has to take responsibility for the appropriate response. Either the publication retracts it’s support of the article’s message with a public apology – and if the author refuses to do so, with the dismissal of the author. Or the publication stands behind the article, and has no basis for complaint when it suffers the consequences of that, often from its sponsors. That’s the way the game is played. Nobody is stopping you from saying what you want, they’re just impacting your ability to get paid for it. And that is not a right, that is a privilege.

Nevertheless, while Tito may not have brought an open mind to the table, or attempted to consider the topic from the opposite side, he did at least come to the table. For that, I commend him.”

“I never implied all youtubers had the same opinion. As stated in the OP the reason why I posted this is to show that he’s able to have such an opinion. That he’s ruder about it than others is his style, which I would not have picked over a more polite version from a more reputable source for the purposes of posting on this page, say from a game journalism site that does reviews,

if such a polite, deeply negative review actually existed.

I wish such a thing did exist, but it doesn’t. At least, not well in the public view. Not easy to find for the prospective consumer. Because game journalists from big sites don’t do it.

Am I wrong to think that GamerGate draws a lot of its energy from the historical discontent with the general lack of accurate, reliable information ABOUT games from game journalists? Yes the Quinnspiracy was a lot of Streissand Effect and yes “Gamers are Dead” is unacceptable. But were those really it? Are we all really just dandy with the fact that no one thought it was that big a deal that Ubisoft handed out Nexuses to people at a Watch_Dogs event? Does no one remember or care about Doritogate?

Does no one care or remember about Jeff Gerstmann getting the boot for saying things about Kane & Lynch? Is this sort of 8/10 minimum kiddy-gloves review culture NOT a result of something one very reasonably can call Corruption in Videogame Journalism? No claims about Shadow of Mordor in particular; this is a commentary in general.

I fail to see that this was a dishonorable action.

We’re here already and a number of us have been here for well over a month now, equivalent to decades in internet time. I do not think that the vast majority is simply content with apologies and lip service ethics changes. I do not think we are all here for the one reason of censorship, or SJWs, or being insulted, or whatever other reasons that have occurred only since August 2014. Such would not have lasted us this long.

I think there’s a number of other things that have been brewing for a long time that give us such a solid common ground on which to stand, and if I find these other things that the people of GamerGate have cared about for a long time but have forgotten due to lack of opportunities, I believe it is my duty to remind them of its existence.”

“Boogie’s behavior matches that of someone who feels he has to constantly seek approval and that means he flops sides and his stance on issues just to fit in.

Being included with cliques is his priority and it supersedes what he personally believes in. Since he hasn’t grown out of that behavior at this age, he’ll probably be like that for the rest of his life, constantly seeking approval from people who wouldn’t even care about him.”

“Journalists covered the Mordor deal. That’s good, but their job isn’t to report when these happen some of the time, it’s to report when they happen every time. Instead, when it’s a story that implicates their journalist buddies instead of youtubers, they not only stay silent but actively collaborated to keep it quiet.”

“Why did Erik pull a total 180 from yesterday? Yesterday on twitter he was arguing that it was the JOB of journalists to be watching publisher errors, not the consumers job. That’s why we have you know, game news. To cover matters like that. WHY DID HE CHANGE HIS STANCE OVERNIGHT?”

“>Thinking a consumer revot with a clear spawnpoint is now the sherrif for all the injustices

Where does he think he his?”



“NOPE. That’s why the we stand for #GamerGate. We need to break their echo chamber and remind them that you don’t COAST in journalism. You dig, you report. When consumers do a better job than you do, there is a problem.”

“>Kain thinks Youtube e-celebs are journalists
>Kain actively trying to shift the responsibility of investigative journalism onto the consumer”

“Kain can see his profession becoming irrelevant in-light of recent events and doesn’t want to accept it.

>They have responsibility to consumers

No, Youtubers don’t owe me shit, but I’m grateful when they choose to be ethical like TB.”

“The discussion he hosted was decent, but now he’s calling for the journos to “come to the discussion table.”

See, what he gets wrong is that this isn’t a movement that’s trying to sway opinion or “fix what’s wrong.” There’s no discussion to be had. We’re not buying those brands anymore. We’re buying other brands and letting advertisers know why.

I think this is more dangerous than somebody that’s “anti-GG” because he’s trying to make this something it isn’t and is doing it in a way that seems “pro-GG.”

You can see that’s where all of his questions and opinions come from: The assumption that this is a movement. I don’t think a voice that misconstrues what this is (either on purpose or not) is a “good neutral voice.””

“>MundaneMatt not even waiting for the poop to dry before making a video about touching it”

“Y’know who’s disappointing me the most?

Penny Arcade.

Penny Arcade has always called out all of the bullshit in gaming.

Jack Thompson.
Local Fox station hysteria.
Shitty journalists 10 years ago.
Shitty game stores.
Shittier aspects of gaming culture.


On this, they’re fucking silent.”

“Also it’s fucking hilarious that jayd3fox doesn’t want devs to promote a gamejam under the name “gamergate” but she pushes her own vendettas under the gamergate tag.”

“Bitches be crazy”
“E-celebs going to e-celeb.
Same potocol as LW. Ignore them and move on when they pull that shit.”
“I liked it better when the ho was just a cam whore, she thinks shes legit now lol, just post your tits bitch”

“We’re an amorphous insurgency, we don’t want to morph into an easily infiltrated conventional force. Conservatives can’t into 21st century insurgency tactics.”

“Anyone with experience in lawsuits can tell you that lawyers always make their pleadings paint the other person as a complete monster. The ones about me were no exception, and contained endless false allegations. A lawyer can make a ham sandwich appear to be the greatest threat in human history. “

“The mere allegations were sufficient for guilt as far some people are concerned. Yet, when the allegations are about someone who shares their agenda comes up, even when those allegations have merit, reporting on them not only gets snuffed, those making the allegations are accused of being “nerds” and “basement dwellers” or “misogynists”.”

“The Zoe Quinn incident versus what I went through gives a rare opportunity to see how similar situations are handled differently based on the agenda of the media:

A male game developer is accused of wrong doing and not only does it get wide reporting, the female accuser’s hundreds of pages of vile, unsubstantiated claims are linked to and quoted as well-Including photos from the court documents-as part of the article.

By contrast, when a female game developer is accused of wrong doing and that wrong doing involves the gaming media itself, nothing.”

“In fact, the misrepresentation of gaming, as a hobby/medium/entertainment is a big part of the issue here. Demographically speaking, core gaming is 95%+ men. Any game site that tries to claim otherwise needs to talk to their advertising reps.

It has nothing to do with being inclusive. For example, 95% of our Start8 (not a game but a piece of software every Windows 8 user should have) are men. If a universal utility is overwhelmingly used by men, there’s no scenario where core gaming is going to do better at attracting women. Women simply have different hobbies than men. And that’s fine, even if it does make it harder to get that 4th for League of Legends sometimes.

We also know, statistically, how men feel on a wide variety of issues. If the anti-#GamerGate people think they’re somehow representative of the majority of gamers, they seriously need to spend less time on in their echo chambers.”

“Imagine if you’ve spent the last two years of your life programming, modeling, or animating something for a game only to have a certain group online attribute your work to sexism or misogyny or racism or something else? How might that change your perception of those making those false claims?

The problem with attacking people is that eventually you create a constituency of opposition.”

“What would they say to someone who says that being in favor of GamerGate means being against having more women and minority representation in gaming?”

“I would say that they’re either misinformed or perpetrating an ugly misrepresentation. Frankly, I’ve been embarrassed at some of the facile arguments being made. I mean, seriously, do these people really think that a gamer gives a crap who else is playing games? I’m embarrassed for them that they’re making that argument.

The typical #GamerGate supporter is probably someone who has begged and pleaded with their wife/girlfriend/sibling to learn League of Legends or Dota 2 in order to have a more reliable team. Can these #GamerGate antagonists honestly say that they can’t see that happening, regularly?

What would even be the basis for this fear or opposition to women in gaming? It’s such an irrational and transparently dishonest allegation.

My wife, who probably knows more on game development and programming than most of the anti-GamerGate people said it best, “Men don’t like whiners.” Less whining, more game playing would snuff out a lot of the criticism that some women have received.

Gamers want everyone to play games.”

“this issue would have disappeared already if the gaming media wouldn’t have stooped to the misogyny smear and instead addressed the concerns that these gamers had.”

“I have been told “the distrust of the press by developers has been building up for years now.” Do you agree?”

“Absolutely. The argument that a bunch of men decided to randomly beat up on Zoe Quinn because she slept around with journalists as an excuse to show their hatred of women is silly. That incident was simply, in their view, the smoking gun that the gaming media really is choosing who and what to cover based on their politics and intimate relationships.”

“Have you had to deal with conflicts of interest with the media before?”

“Definitely. For example, I am the publisher of Neowin. When the “sexual harassment” crap came up, Neowin did not publish a single article in my defense. We recused ourselves which was really tough as Neowin gets tens of millions of visitors monthly.

And when Neowin covers software (it’s a tech site) that is made by our company, they disclose their relationship with Stardock. It’s important to us that our readers know they can trust Neowin to provide unbiased, transparent reporting.

So while Neowin can cover our products as long as it provides disclosure, we don’t allow it to provide coverage about me and it is not allowed to review our software. And mind you, I’m not a journalist. But I think right and wrong are pretty straight forward on this sort of thing.”

“Ultimately, which is more important: The individual artist’s right to create artistic works, regardless of how distasteful we may find them; or our society’s right to create an environment free from bigotry and hatred?

The individual’s right to do something, as long as it isn’t literally harming another individual (directly or indirectly) should not be infringed. Society can express their approval and disapproval by acting through their individual purchase / playing decisions.

As the people now demanding censorship and complaining about video game content used to say, you can always change the channel if you don’t like what’s on.

“We’ve been looking at this all wrong.

The ‘journalists’ aren’t doing this out of ideology. They’re doing it because they want to legitimize their careers. They’re trying to make games culturally relevant because it will make them culturally relevant.

They don’t give a shit. They just want to be remembered as the group that helped ‘gaming’ evolve into something more important than it was.

They’re using ideology to try and ‘transform’ games, not because they care (see: Cheong, Miles Ian) but because they want to give themselves a more important role.

They’re charlatans. That’s why we reject them.”


“You people sound more like you’re complaining shows don’t get subbed fast enough.

Try going back 15 years. To the days when you had to wait months for a show to get subbed. But at least it still got subbed.

Most shows still won’t get official dubs/subs. And will eventually be done by a sub group. Just be patient and stop expecting every single episode of anime to be released within an hour of when it airs.”

“That’s the point. Why is it that we made so much progress from 2000-2010 that anime we subbed by multiple competent groups each week, and there were 3-4 releases within 8-36 hours of episode airing, and yet in the time from 2010-2014, now there are like three legitimate sub groups left, and the only one of them that even bothers to release episodes within the same week of airing has a tendency to play jokes at the viewer’s expense, and also is known to plagiarize their subtitles.”


“Although I was born in 89 and communism in my country was falling apart by that point I do think the comparison is fair. Frankly, one of the main reasons why I find SJW ideology so disturbing is because of how similar it is to communism. Their ideas of oppressed and oppressors. Their anti-western, anti-colonial, anti-capitalist rhetoric. Their historical revisionism. Their attacks on those they see as privileged. Their tendency to speak for those in the lower rung of society. Their willingness to censor others in the name of greater good. They even come bundled with insular terminology that they use to describe themselves and others; their use of “ally” in particular always sounds to me like “comrade” and they are very quick to decide who is a “good ally” and a “bad ally” and equally quick to condemn them when they don’t meet their nebulous standards.

Call me paranoid, but I see them repeating the mistakes of the past. And it pisses me of that so many people who are very often my own age are buying into the same authoritarian bullshit, but sold with a different wrapping of “fair” and “just”. And to know that so many of those people didn’t have to grow up in a country that is STILL struggling to heal the scars of a 50 year long mess that was caused by that insane ideology is making me bitter as hell.”

“>Timmy wins grand jury award
>a game that’s not released yet and is currently unfunded on Kikestarter wins story/world award
>a tabletop game wins a game design award
>an “immersive journalism” project wins impact award
>a smartphone game where you make eye contact with strangers wins interaction award
>indie fund game wins audio design award
>unfinished game wins technology award
>Literally Who’s project wins visual design award

This is a fucking joke.”

“That’s the word. That article still has a lot of opinions in our favor, don’t go nuclear.”

“But it’s all going to be overshadowed by “one of the guys was a harrasser!!!!”‘

“No? That doesn’t even make sense. What is a “harasser?” Nobody thinks that’s actually a thing except SJWs.

I especially love how everyone has to be so up front and clear with their
>I don’t support harassment at all and it needs to stop on both sides
Sounds like somebody protests a bit much.”

“Sob stories are one of the primary currencies of the internet, because they appeal to kind but credulous people – which, let’s face it, is most of us – because it’s easier to tell lies when you’re not looking your victim in the face, and because nobody wants to be the guy who asks for “proof” of another person’s suffering.
Perhaps we should, though. The same instinct that propels us to donate to charity when we see an emotionally manipulative ad on TV is at play online, except, because anyone can now become a charity on behalf of themselves and use social media to promote their cause, space has been opened up for fraudsters, liars and people who perhaps don’t need the money so much as they want attention for their causes or for themselves.
No longer do people give $500 to scientists curing cancer, or protecting children, once a year. (Charities themselves are relaxed about that, because they get so much money from the government these days.) Instead, ordinary people pepper their lives with little $5 bursts, each time they see a “worthy mission” or suffering person on social media.
It’s easy to see why. Giving makes us feel good, and in today’s attention-deficit, piecemeal culture, we prefer 100 hits of dopamine and self-righteousness spread throughout the year than we do one big burst of smugness. But it’s one thing to give to a charity or donate to a bike ride or half-marathon in aid of cancer, or sick kids. It’s quite another thing to just hand people money on the basis of implausible stories.

“We are here, and we are fighting. It’s like in the great stories. The ones that really mattered. Full of darkness and danger, they were. And sometimes you didn’t want to know the end. Because how could the end be happy? How could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad had happened? But in the end, it’s only a passing thing, this shadow. Even darkness must pass. A new day will come. And when the sun shines it will shine out the clearer. Those were the stories that stayed with you. That meant something, even if you were too small to understand why. But I think, I do understand. I know now. Folk in those stories had lots of chances of turning back, only they didn’t. They kept going. Because they were holding on to something. That there’s some good in gaming… and it’s worth fighting for.”

“God fucking damn I am so fucking pissed right now.

How many fucking people got doxxed on our side. GG_Feminists, Milo, the guy who started the notyoursheild hashtag and shit ton of fucking people. Fucking Milo got a syringe sent to him. Fuck everyone who parade this shit as sign that says “HEY HEY, LOOK WHAT I SAID ABOUT THEM WAS RIGHT.” Fuck everyone who fucking makes this shit political. Fuck people who use their own doxxing as political stunt. Call the fucking police if this shit happens to you. Sure you can mention if you REALLY feel like on social media, but don’t fucking put the blame on anyone.

Fuck these people who ignores a shit ton of people doxxing just to cherry pick one fucking example that fits their cause. Fuck you Jim Sterling.”

“So this was the plan all along? Wait till #Gamergate was trending and load it up with bullshit?”

“KoP is a living Divide and Conquer tactic.”

“The tragic irony in #GG is that the people with the biggest platform/largest amount of followers go to that point just by being loud and obnoxious. Track records show that most of them have done more hard than good to the cause, and some of them have already taken to siccing their followers on people.

This is what everybody fucking gets for making “BASED HEROEZ” out of assholes and social vampires”


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