Sep 14 – 17

“Why are europeans always so asshurt? Is it because 60% of their income gets taxed to give away to muslims?”

“if 4 hours of labor out of your 8 hour work day were stolen from you to give to ungrateful strangers you’d be mad too lol”
“It’s probably because the socialist economies of Europe discourage personal enterprise, and encourage giving for the public good at personal expense.
Making a website with your own name would be heavily frowned upon over there, even though 60-100 years ago (before Europe became infested with welfare state economics) self-promotion would have been commonplace (ex. Ferrari, Breitling)”

“Watch out for Zoe Quinn!
The enemy of gaming #1
She is main responsible…

Cheating on her boyfriend with at least 5 different people
Fucking her PR agent
Fucking the judge of one contest she was a finalist in
Fucking two judges of a separate contest she won
Fucking gaming news journalists to help her cover up the aforementioned acts
Intentionally sabotaging at least three charities for feminism and colon cancer
Sabotaging a fourth charity and getting a major figure in the gaming industry fired as a bonus
Setting up a scam to replace those charities
Stealing the money donated to said charities
Planning to set up a charity for victims of trolling and probably steal the money from that too
Faking a mugging to ask for pity donations
Fucking her married boss to advance at her job
Getting several websites shut down by her personal army
Sexually harassing a man and using intimidation tactics to make him apologize for exposing her
Raping her boyfriend
Threatening to kill herself if her boyfriend exposed her
Convincing her mentally ill boyfriend he was going crazy when he suspected her of cheating
Faking her own doxing and hacking
Convincing various sites to suppress bad press about her using her connections
Making up sob stories about abuse to keep people from exposing her
Threatening to ruin people’s careers for exposing her
Faking harassment to promote a game about depression
Silencing people with depression when they criticize it
Creating a game using something that can’t be considered programming
Starting a raid of a site for people with depression to promote her depression game
Stealing a game
Capitalizing on the death of Robin Williams to promote her game
Pretending that online trolling has left her homeless

Her ultimate goal is to kill games.
However, you can stop her. Spread this list!”

“Internet aristocrat has ‘doxxed’ himself a long time ago, in fact iirc, some of that dox is the same info as the one used in the original ‘doxxing'”

“Why the FUCK did they choose corruption of champions to be eligible for review, let along their very first review. What the hell was their motive?”
Woman in charge of site? Yup. Writer wants to do crazy as FUCK CoC? Yup. He does it.”

“Wanted to drop in to tell you guys a story.

I know a person with absolutely no life. They’re crippled by daddy issues, are completely powerless to control their depression, and can barely function in social interactions that do not center around catering to their whims.

This person is highly educated (or at least has a number of degrees in various fields– they’re too weak to try and enter the real world outside their safety bubble of academia, and know how to complain enough about discrimination that no professor will fail them). This person has a lot of free time (no job, no will to work, no friends to distract them).

This person’s entire life revolves around being a victim.

One day, during class, this person came up to everyone and explained what Gamergate was: “A bunch of white, nerdy males who hate women and want them out of video games”. This person then took pictures of themselves wearing shirts and jackets with phrases akin to the one in the image [t-shirt: I BATHE IN MALE TEARS (female symbol)]. This person literally went to the bathroom to chang three times to get images of different shirts during class. They hashtagged it #Gamergate. “I bet a lot of basement dwelling neckbeards are going to piss themselves over this!”

A few people messaged this person and said not to use the hashtag. This person then railed against them with so much fury, you’d think they were going to pop a vein.

When the professor came to talk to this person, they immediately started crying about how abusive people were, and how difficult it is to be them, and how all they want is to be accepted for who they are.

Afterwards, they bought more shirts online to wear, photograph, and put up on twitter. “I can’t wait to see all these babies cry about how cuties like me are killing video games!”

Avoid this person on Twitter. Avoid all people like this. There is no use talking to these people: they only want abuse, and will see it no matter what is put in front of them.”

“Daily reminder that SJWs killed off the occupy wall Street movement by being retarded. We just need to keep the spotlight on them. The more direct exposure they get, the more they push away everyone in the middle away from them.”

“Wait, how did SJWs kill the Occupy Wall Street movement?”
“Look up the Progressive Stack. They decide shit like that was more important then actually doing something.”
“They hijacked the cause to steer the message away from stopping corruption to protecting the special snowflakes.
Exactly what’s happening now.”
“By making it about obsessing over identity politics and whining instead of fucking doing anything ever.”

“She’s more capable than zoe but she’s running out of tricks. Her 1984-esque rally at portland is her latest desperate attempt. Otherwise she knows the SJW thing is full of shit but she plays to its strengths exceptionally well.

Some people on /pol/ theorized that /v/ wasn’t completely guilty of making her famous and that she baited /v/ 2 years ago. /v/ was operating on typical /b/ tactics that backfired – they didn’t since her strength lies in looking like a victim.

She played us back then and likely told zoe to do that on wizardchan. It didn’t work with wizardchan for obvious reasons but zoe was content about lying about harassment for free press.

The reason why we’re doing better this time is we’ve adapted to this new type of enemy. We understand their patterns of attack and we’re getting better at this over time.”

“Women: There’s seem to be good money in tech, we want part of that shit
Men: Sure, here’s a book about mathematics in gaming, here’s a book about programming
Women: We can do it too!
Women: Wait a minute, programming is hard, we want to be writing games and you program
Men: Here’s a book about game plays and story telling
Women: We can do it too!
Women: Wait a minute, this is hard, we want to be head of HR, VPs and CEOs in tech company”
“>Men: Sure, here’s your new office.
>Women: We can do it too!
>Women: Wait a minute, this is hard-

“>mfw jews and sjw shills try to censor and kill a movement
they can pull the wool over brainwashed bluepilled faggots like the boomers
but enough is enough
dont run away to another chan
that’s what they want
they will chase you down until you give up
together we will fuck the jews”

“People, either you’re right and we’ve already lost 4chan, so it makes no difference waiting to hear it officially or you’re wrong and we just go back to business as usual when we find out the truth.”

“Who the fuck said we were good people? My god how many times do I have to say this, the problem is they claim to be good people when they’re clearly not.
At least we’re honest, at least the racists on /pol/ are honest. Instead of pulling this shit and calling people house niggers.”

“This shit really reminds me of Athiesm +”

“It is exactly the Athiesm+ conflict
But it’ll go differently this time.
We now have a literal mountain of evidence of corruption, their attempts at creating Gamer+ died before it could even begin.
It’s a completely different game to Elavatorgate, and they know it.”

“Cultural marxists can’t be reasoned with, because their reality is their narrative. Objectivism doesn’t exist to them, and there is no such thing as a truth that cannot be redefined by consensus.
To them, even scientific laws and mathematical constants are open to interpretation, and can be freely redefined as long as enough people agree.

They’re insane. They’re terrifying. There are far too many of them.”

“Relativism is self-defeating, and they even practice forms of objectivism in what is “objectively” good and bad. The difference is that is that they reverse what we consider objective and relative. Matters of personal value are given objective definition, while inconvenient external values are given subjective definition, or have their existing definition boundaries expanded so that they would conform to the objectivized personal values.”

“They destroyed atheism and bronies. That’s pretty benign right? But they did that.
They aren’t ineffective in things that actually matter either. They got the creator of Javascript fired from Mozilla.

Read it again.

They got the creator of Javascript fired from Mozilla. He helped found it. All because of some social justice issue that had nothing to do with his job.
They bankrupted an open source project under the guise of “getting more women in tech”.
They made github change their fucking welcome mat.
These people are pure and utter evil and I have all the contempt of a 1000 suns for them. Brendon Eich was what set me off forever. He was my hero and I could give 2 shits about his private life.
/v/ please stop these social justice nazis from destroying what you love. You will regret not fighting harder.

You absolutely will. Burn every last one of them.”

“I didn’t think this needed to be pointed out but fuck it since so many seem to be surprised by the amount of shilling and the tactics of SJWs and game journos let me explain what is happening right now.

You are all engaged in a massive PR battle. However you have more going for you than they have going for them. Firstly gamergate is being painted as a shitty group of horrible people. This means no one expects you to succeed or do well. They on the other hand are supposed to be respectable so every time they fuck up just a little bit it’s a kink in their shiny suit of armor.

Right now they are running black PR on you. The shills, trolls, SJWs, game journos didn’t expect this to last a fucking month and the longer it goes on the dumber they look. Remember you’re all just fucking losers but they are supposed to high class. Yet every week they tweet and write the stupidest shit. Every week more devs and people join in to say they are sick of this all.

You are seeing an upswing in all this now because they are legitimately scared. Nothing they have tried to stop you has worked and that has them worried so they are upping the ante more and more. And with that will come more mistakes.

Do not relent.
Do not cease.
Accept no apologies.
Continue to push.
Continue to email and write advertisers and sponsors.
Continue to post.

Your autism is stronger than theirs. You’re fucking gamers god damn it. You faggots grind 1000s of hours in MMOs killing wolves to get a different colored staff. You faggots play TF2 for 100s of hours because you want a new fucking hat.

They have greatly underestimated your autism. This is their undoing.”

“The real issue is the non-existent status of “games journalism” in general.
“Games journalism” is generally either thinly veiled LGBTQ-feminist-pro-diversity propaganda or just straight up public relations for the company who’s advertising/not advertising with the games site.
Games companies should find a way to communicate directly to consumers without these intermediaries.”

“Justice to social justice is like a chair to an electric chair.”

“Oldfags of /v/, please speak up.
I’ve been here since 2007 and I haven’t seen anal devastation of this magnitude. At least I can’t remember anything like this.
Anyone else with me? Am I wrong here?”

“No you are right.
I’m on /v/ since 09, before that on 4chan since 07.
I didnt see anything like this on any board.
#gg never dies does it? Is it a month already?

Only thing I can compare is the DA2 and ME3 disaster. But that calmed down after a few days/weeks.
Also not that organized.”
“You’re not wrong. This truly is the greatest happening of our time.”
“The best part is that it seems that all the lessons learned from Chanology are intact here. It’s also gone on long enough to be a real problem. I have absolutely no idea how this is going to pan out, but something is going to come from it.”
“I’ve started lurking /b/ and /h/ in 2004 and later migrated to /v/.
I have been here since the start and this is the funniest shit I’ve seen 4chan pull EVER. Even better than the habbo raids.”
“Circa 2008, came during chanology.
This shit is just heavy. Haven’t seen other shit like this. Milostorm was bigger than Kamiya.”
“2007 on 4chan, 2009 on /v/. I would say the closest we’ve gotten to this is either Chanology or, on /v/, a combo of ME3 and the TORtanic. This is probably like those two things combined, but actually really important and effective to the medium.”

“Food for thought: “You have destroyed so much. What is it exactly that you created? Can you name even one thing?”

“We destroy so others can rebuid”
“We created a fire.”
“we made a video game. fuck you. also, we made it known that all the BS going on is not acceptable”
“A cool ghosts tycoon game and a daughter.”
“we created vivian who the fuck are you”
“You don’t build a building as you’re demolishing it. That comes later.
Also charity for depression research.”
“It does not logically follow that we are obligated to create anything when we destroy evil. But luckily we happen to do that anyway, pic related.”
“Well, we funded that disgustingly mysogynist piece of manbaby trash called TFYC and donated more than 5k dolary doos to a charity.
For starters.”
“Do you know how many lulz, donations, and OC has come from this? What has SJW’s ever done? Besides bitch.”
“We’ve raised a helluva lot more money for charity than any of those SJW dunderfucks have, for a START.
TFYC and Suicide prevention.
Also we’re trying to break down the climate of fear that has infested the developers that create the things we love. Vavra, Wardell. Testify.”
self respect
“Does producing schadenfreude count as creating something?”
“A brighter future.”
“We’re not destroying anything. We are cutting out the cancer leeching off of video games.”
“Fires are an integral part of the ecosystem of American forests and prairies.
We lit the fire.
From the ashes new life will sprout.”
“The irony of that quote is immense. Breen was a pathetic, manipulated puppet that only did what his overlords told him to in order to save what shreds of privilege he had.
Absolutely delicious. They blow themselves out the water.”
“This is so extremely fitting it’s not even funny holy shit.
Yes, SJWs. You are exactly like Breen. Throwing humanity under the bus for a chance to be in good favor with the cool kids. And we are free men, fighting to save the world from oppression and tyranny.”

“Look guys, there are a lot of people in tears over ALL OF THIS. What you are doing is damaging and it isn’t helping anyone. Kotaku, Polygon and Gamasutra’s advertisers have put them on probation or have abandoned them completely. Women are being forced out of the industry. These sites are getting the lowest hits they’ve had in years because of you.

THIS. IS. NOT. HOW. YOU. SOLVE. THINGS. This is not how adults respond to problems that they have.”

“actually this is exactly how adults respond to problems you fucking shill.
This is called a boycott.”
“>This is not how adults respond to problems that they have.
Maybe they shouldn’t have attacked their audience.”
“>corrupt websites that piss on their readers are in tears
This is not a bad thing. And they should be in tears. This was started by their former and present readers.”
“>Kotaku, Polygon and Gamasutra’s advertisers have put them on probation or have abandoned them completely
That’s a good thing though. Those sites don’t deserve money for the content they produce.
>Women are being forced out of the industry
[citation needed]
>These sites are getting the lowest hits they’ve had in years because of you.
A good thing.”
“No, this is exactly how you solve things. As long as these sites have the assets to ignore us, they will. Only by lowering their bargaining position will they even consider changing their policies in the way The Escapist has.
And don’t give me that look, “We swear we won’t fuck around with Patreon any more” isn’t sufficient change. There needs to be explicit Conflict of Interest remarks, disclosure of whether the game copy was provided gratis, what if any panels you have been asked to helm at industry conventions.
I’ve seen nearly none of it from Polygon or Kotaku, and at least some from Escapist. But the best way to leverage all of them? Force their advertisers to be ‘the heavies’ and demand greater S&P.”
“I have never trusted anyone who’s tried to convince me of doing things by appealing to maturity or adultness.
Those things aren’t defined anyways. You might as well say “This isn’t how the good guys do things”, cause that’d be much easier to understand.
Also, it’s really not convincing when you open with “people are crying” and then talk about maturity.
Does talking about how much you cry make you an adult?
Are you fucking shitting me?”
“>Kotaku, Polygon and Gamasutra’s advertisers have put them on probation or have abandoned them completely.
Good. More emails!”
“>Women are being forced out of the industry.
I love how you think this is somehow noteworthy while having men supposedly forced out of the industry somehow isn’t.
What is sexism.”
“It’s exactly how you respond to an oppressive media regime which refuses to listen to their readers.”
“Let’s examine this post for a moment.
>there are a lot of people in tears over ALL OF THIS
It’s nobody’s responsibility to mollycoddle anybody else on the internet, especially over an open forum for discussion like twitter. I would venture to say most of the shit people are catching is deserved, and feeling shitty about it is warranted. Maybe it will help them realize they’re bad people and ought to change.
>What you are doing is damaging and it isn’t helping anyone.
Yes, and no. This is going to be very helpful in the long run for people who are being silenced now because those who fall in with the SJWs get preferential treatment.
>Kotaku, Polygon and Gamasutra’s advertisers have put them on probation or have abandoned them completely.
>These sites are getting the lowest hits they’ve had in years because of you.
This is the goal. One of them at least These organizations are rotten to the core and should go.
>Women are being forced out of the industry.
So are men. You sexist pig.
>THIS. IS. NOT. HOW. YOU. SOLVE. THINGS. This is not how adults respond to problems that they have.
Yes, it is. Consumers respond to companies they don’t like by boycotting and notifying advertisers. It’s exactly how capitalism is supposed to work, and one of its greatest strengths. This is exactly how adults respond to children throwing tantrums; call out their obnoxious behavior as deplorable and stop giving them the attention they crave.”
PEOPLE are getting forced out of the industry and the only people making this a gender thing are people claiming that because those people happen to be women it MUST be a gender thing
These people are getting forced out of the industry because their credibility is absolute shit because of the bed THEY MADE FOR THEMSELVES
they literally have NO. ONE. TO. BLAME. BUT. THEMSELVES.”

“4chan / anonymity is true equity. These SJW kiddos would never use a site like 4chan because it strips them of their special snowflake labels or their cultish followers.
I love it here because everybody is fucking equal. Only your words and pictures matter. Fuck, I can’t help but smile when I marvel over how 4chan is the bastion of free speech, and we use it to shitpost HE and other stuff.
It’s amazing. You know shit has really gone south when 4chan is now filled with somewhat decent people because everyone else in the world is shit.”

“There have always been decent people here. I like to think I’m a pretty alright guy, and I came here because I’ve always just had trouble fitting in. It seemed like a goddamn dream when I found the site in 2004. Full of people who were a lot like me.”
“We’re mostly decent people letting our dicks flop out on the table.”
“I only started coming here this year, but the sense of humour has always appealed to me since I was a younger.
It’s something about the self-deprecating jokes and the sarcastic attitude (y-you too..) that makes it so endearing.
It’s like how with your best friend your conversations usually begin with shit like “sup faget LOL”, but with acquaintances it’s usually “Hey, how’s it been going?”
I’m glad this place exists. It’s a fucking shithole, but it’s our goddamn shithole and fuck me if I don’t love it.”
“There was a really good copypasta about moralfags on /pol/. I wish I had it. Basically, it ended like:
>The world has become so shit that the gutter of the internet is trying to be good. It’s the only way left to rebel”

“The more I see of SJWs talking, the more I think all of the criticism they have is purely projection.

Like I’ve talked to my sister about feminism and shit (she’s studying it at college) and she’s getting ever closer to becoming one of them. Here’s an example of an exchange.
>Me: So you’ve mentioned Men’s Rights before. What’s your opinion on that?
>Her: They’re harmful because they minimize women’s issues by trying to make the issues all about men.
>Me: Are you saying that domestic violence, rape, sexual harassment, etc. don’t also affect men.
>Her: No, but it doesn’t affect them as much as it affects women.
>Me: So you’re saying we shouldn’t talk about it.
>Her: No, but you shouldn’t talk about it in spaces meant for women to talk about their issues.
>Me: Okay, what about issues that only affect men? Like, that men can’t legally vote in the USA until they register for the selective service, but women can register to vote just for turning 18?
>Her: That’s not an important issue and isn’t worth talking about.
>Me: So you’re minimizing a men’s issue?
>Her: Yes. Because it’s not important.”

“There’s NO SUCH THING as a “quiet revolt.” BUT. Stop trying to take your battle into their ‘living room’, to use a phrase. They won’t report on their own bad behaviors. What you CAN do: 1) As stated, report to ‘other’ media. UNINTERESTED media. 2) Keep making your OWN blogs. 3) Hurt them where it COUNTS; their viewership and advertising. 4) Find OTHER outlets who are more reputable, and give THEM your traffic.

So, people in #gamergate more advice, and maybe a few things to boost your morale.

1) You people in #gamergate are the REASON video games exist. You are PASSIONATE and LOVE YOUR HOBBY. Don’t let ANYONE take that from you. 2) Game journalists ONLY have jobs because you guys in #gamergate are the REASON the game industry even exists. 3) You as a gamer are the ONLY ONE who can define what being a gamer is for you. Not some OUTLET with an AGENDA. 4) That you are ANGRY means that you are more than a passive observer of your hobby; you know that YOU HAVE INFLUENCE on it. 5) You have a heart of gold. Don’t let them take it from you. 6) Harassing/threatening those opposing you isn’t effective. But taking their ‘paychecks’ is, they need views; stop giving them. 7) EVERY ‘art media’ has gone through these pains before. The comics code, movie ratings board, etc etc. This is no different. 8) Game journalists DO NOT DICTATE the direction of this industry. YOU guys do. 9) Support the devs/outlets who ARE supporting you. This is your chance to CHANGE THE NARRATIVE. 10) Repeating for emphasis: Video games became great because of YOU, the core. The faithful. Not fly-by nightlies.

Just watching all of #gamergate has saddened me on a level that I cannot express. I have loved video games since I was a little boy. Games have been a near and dear passion of mine. My wife asked me about #gamergate and she said, “how does it make you feel?” And I told my wife, “All of this makes me not want to play video games anymore. I never asked for this.” Video games and I used to have a very simple, clearly defined relationship. 1) Read reviews/previews on game. 2) Decide to purchase/not purchase game. 3) If purchased, PLAY DAT GAME. 4) If enjoyed game, find OTHERS who enjoyed game. Talk about that vidya game. The problem is that a BUNCH OF ADDITIONAL BAGGAGE has come along with video games and their culture. So enjoying video games has become difficult because you have to take all this… extra stuff. Stuff that doesn’t concern you.

I LOVE video games. And I hope you love them the way that I do. I do believe that games are art. I believe they are MANY things. I believe that games can be a way to escape for some, and a way to feel EMPOWERED for others. We get to do something that NO ONE ELSE IN HISTORY has gotten to do: We can live MANY lives. Not just read a story, or hear a story. Your game story IS your story. Your experiences in that title are yours. You and I will experience the same game VERY differently. Even a ‘themepark’ will be experienced in a different way per person. We as gamers get to explore the wonderful fantastic worlds that would otherwise be a construct unrealized in someone’s mind. So NOBODY needs to shame you for loving games. And YOU DON’T HAVE to let someone dictate to you HOW you should enjoy them.

If a video game makes you and I, strangers, engage in a conversation, form a connection? It’s nothing but a good thing.

For those that missed, my ethics code was particularly strict because I WANTED to be transparent; that reader’s trust in me. I would not review games that I love (I REFUSE to review Atlus/Persona titles) or Blizzard titles (can’t stand the company). When I would write articles or reviews, my thoughts were never on me. They were on the reader who the content was geared for.

You know when people say, “You’re not the audience?” That’s a POWERFUL tool to help you report objectively.

I have had to write about titles or things coming out that I couldn’t care less about; But SOMEONE CARES about it. I have had to write about titles or things coming out that I couldn’t care less about; But SOMEONE CARES about it. “I don’t care for this genre, but I’m confident that someone who does will REALLY enjoy it!”

“First and foremost, you definitely learn that there IS A CULTURE of developers kissing journalist ass. Remember, I was fresh, a real nobody. But developers COURTED YOU AROUND LIKE ROYALTY. As in, appointments were scheduled, so much swag was thrown at you, and each dev would focus on JUST YOU. In an environment where 30k+ people are roaming around, devs would HYPER FOCUS on whomever glanced in their direction. Developers would pretty much do whatever possible to guarantee that you wrote/covered their game. And I’m not going to lie to you; it’s VERY empowering to feel that important for only even a moment.

Perhaps that might be where some of this situation and controversy comes from; being drunk on that perceived ‘importance.’ So, #gamergate I wan to run a larger idea by you that may give you some explanation, or perhaps understanding. You know that our hobby has a history of being associated with “nerds” and “geeks”, in the traditional definition. You know what I mean: social outcast, misfits, unpopular, unwanted, otaku, etc. Most of these people are near or around my age (some higher); I’m 32 by the way. And I talked about that feeling of being ‘important’ and having REAL weight, and the power over other people in culture. For many nerds, geeks and more, this has always been a fantasy; Revenge of the Nerds, anyone?

So, we’ve got these people, many of them who are professed social outcasts in some way,shape, or form at one point. And they finally became the people that “had their day in the sun.” I can only put forth the idea that these are people who have gotten that feeling of importance, of not being irrelevant, etc. But you know what they say. Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

So, think about how they’ve been reacting to the backlash of #gamergate All they see is the same bully that picked on them . The only see this because that’s all they’re USED to seeing. If you go looking for witches, all you’ll find are witches. When you get messed with for so long, a person tends to immediately be on the hyper defensive.

Truly, here’s what we’re looking at: They haven’t CONSIDERED the possibility that they MAY BE WRONG.”

“When we sit down to create things, people have an idea and a vision. We often talk about freedom of speech. And I think that it is important that CREATORS are given that freedom, to follow through on a vision without checking boxes. That’s why I don’t really sweat NOT seeing a black guy portrayed in X light in EVERY GAME. Not only is it NOT reasonable Frankly it SMACKS of entitlement. I would LOVE to see more black people in media. But I can make them MYSELF too. This reinforces the point I made earlier: Right now, you have more freedom to CREATE WHAT YOU WANT than ever before in history. There are more easier paths into game development, storytelling, journalism, etc etc. than ever.”

“But this isn’t a thing that can be won like a classic Anon battle. The people you’re opposing have faces. And if all the OUTSIDE world sees is “anonymous people attacking these poor NOT-anonymous people”, you look like cyber bullies. If people see this is just a regular person with a family and a life and friends” it will make them question the bully narrative. You shouldn’t be afraid to put your face on the thing that you LOVE. We all love gaming, and you don’t have to hide it. Remember, with people being so anonymous, people THINK you’re all “30-something white male misogynist basement dwellers”. So, because of your anonymity? You are DEHUMANIZING yourselves. And this is exactly what they want. To make you look NOT HUMAN.”

“But there’s something more important I gained from this. Skip the ‘socialite’, ‘celebrty’ devs and shit. The absolutely MOST FULFILLING PART of going to E3 2010 was talking to REAL developers. Were most of those developers white? Oh yeah. OH YEAH. But there was something else. When you’re talking to the lead programmer, etc on a game? You know that these guys GIVE A FUCK ABOUT THEIR GAME. It’s just a bunch of guys who want to make something great to share with people. And they are GENUINELY AFRAID TO FAIL. These are regular people who are SCARED TO LOSE THEIR JOBS. And they know that you have a DISTINCT effect on that. So, even the narrative about ‘white men’ is completely false. As far as they guys were concerned, I could destroy their lives. And once they knew ‘oh shit press member’ they IMMEDIATELY humbled themselves. It was BIZARRE. More than a few of these devs talked about how if their game tanked, they’d be out of house and home. And these weren’t indie guys. I’m talking BIG company guys.”

“There are two, distinct cultures that would happen on the E3 show floor: Actual devs, and ‘jock’ devs. Jock devs being those with their noses turned up like Sneetches. Wouldn’t talk to you about anything. Small number of them. The rest of the devs? In short, “oh god someone wants to talk to me about my game, THANK YOU BASED GOD””

“I hope they do it.
I really really do. Not because I want this place to die… but because I think it will become a martyr. Shutting down 4chan will send out ripples across the internet. Destroying 4chan doesn’t destroy it’s userbase.
If this place is gone, we will descend upon the world like a plague. A plague that spreads the truth.

It’s happening.”


“Only Moot can save us now. He alone can put down the traitorous moderators.”

“Moot won’t save us.
Think about it, this has been happening for weeks and he doesn’t give a shit, he even visits SJW conferences.”

“why does anyone think this is more than one faggot mod going rogue?”

“Because I have seen mods deleting threads across multiple boards. It cannot be the work of a single person. It happens too quickly.”
“because multiple boards and it’s been going on for over 12 hours”

“we will all meet again and shitpost together in valhalla”

“Here is what I suspect is going on behind the scenes.

No conspiracy theories here, only pure capitalist business logic.

Follow me.

Moot is attempting to “sanitize” the “ugly” parts of 4chan to appease potential buyers. He has possibly been offered a huge amount of money for this place. If not, he is trying to censor objectionable speech to appease a potential major advertiser.

Advertising on 4chan is no longer just about banners and links. Now it’s also about topics posted by “anonymous” users who are in fact either publicists or shills who get paid to post online. Moot is trying to silence all dissent so they can do their work more efficiently and he can get paid.

Either way, I think 4chan may be getting ready to change hands. This is his end game plan. Clean it up and sell it off for millions.”

“it disgusts me that zoe wants to keep making this about her when the majority of #GG has been going to great lengths to make it not about her
professional victims don’t become professionals by letting themselves be ignored”

“When they came for Bane? I did nothing because it was cancer
When they came for boobs I did nothing because I like DFC anyway
When they came for anti-jurnos I did nothing because fuck reading
When they came for mail threads I did nothing because I’m a stupid statist

When they came for me I couldn’t say anything because my mouth was full of cocks”

“I’ve been here since the early days, longer than most of you.

4chan HAS NOT been about censorship. It’s only gotten really bad the past 2-3 years. /tg/ used to regularly have completely hilarious off-topic threads every day. So did a lot of other boards, but it was always tinged with that specific board’s culture. For the most part the only thing that got moderated was illegal stuff. It took like a week of begging moot to get an insufferable tripfag banned from /tg/ a few years ago after all his incessant shitposting.

Now? Now you get banned on a fucking whim. 3 day bans left and right, month bans left and right. If you even dare to imagine thinking of posting something someone else finds off topic or offensive you get reported and risk a ban. At first it was just on a board by board basis, but now it’s the entire site. First it was places like /co/ which fell to mods like redwood; even /tg/ had a shit mod for awhile who was banning completely /tg/ related stuff simply because he didn’t like it.

But it wasn’t pervasive and these mods were eventually weeded out.

4chan is ridiculously censored compared to just 5 years ago. It used to be that some idiot mods forced their view of “only post what I like”, but today, they actively censor with a fucking political agenda. It’s unfuckingbelievable.

(before ~5-7 years ago, there was almost literally no moderation to the point that people complained about the lack of moderation. Believe me, I wish hard for those days back)

“Lol a MOD HAD TO DELETE a random nintendo streaming sticky thread because it was nothing but GG talk on /v/”

“Anybody can become angry – that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way – that is not within everybody’s power and is not easy.”

“This board is SJW now.
earlier today
>”how dare you defend pedophilia, Go kill yourself pedophilia apologist”
>everyone on thread agreed

>go on /pol/ good ol pol won’t let me down
>thread about how immature it is to talk shit about jews all the time..

>another thread on /b/
>literally 100 response argument between like three people over morality and justice in modern society
>responses like
>You aren’t even allowing me to get my points across and present my evidence
>all you’re doing is resorting to base personal attacks
>personal attacks…
>4chan is kill

“Most threads are so infested with them I sometimes wonder if I’m the last oldfag left. That everyone else packed up, got the nudes and got out before the…sjw outbreak.
Now it’s like every person on here was suddenly replaced by a tumblr/redditor.

When I asked wtf they were talking about, that OP was of course fag and should an hero I am treated with responses like
>maybe 4chan grew up and stopped being childish perverts

>4chan grow up
Impossible, this new ‘4chan’ is just an SJW/ tumblerrette replacement made to look like the old 4chan.”

“First they came for the game journalists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a game journalist.
Then they came for the game developers, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a game developer.
Then they came for the /v/irgins, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a /v/irgin.
Then they came for /a/—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

“You can be sure there areaa gent provocatours among the GG ranks, spurring people on the be as obnoxious about it as possible.

Think about it, this is a calculated attack. Of course they are going for a two pronged attack.

First the attack GG directly by deleting all of the threads on /v/.

hen they attack GG’s reputation among the uninterested on /v/ by making sure that the GG crew reacts as annoyingly and brash as possible to the direct attack.

This is basic stuff.”

“”This is one of those deeply tricky philosophy type things: not talking about politics is actually taking a political stance on them. It doesn’t keep the politics out. Tricky, right? It seems like a trick.”
That’s because it is a trick.
Thank you very much for your concern Mr. Cultural Marxist.
But I’ll frame things the way I want to.”

“Remember what happened in the duke lacrosse rape case? A bunch of fucking people sided against the duke players immediately and assumed they were all guilty and crowed about it.
Then it turns out the bitch was lyin’ and they all got off and all of them had to eat their words as they went home with their ravaged rectums :^)”
“No they fucking didn’t. A lot of them doubled down saying shit like ‘even if they weren’t guilty of rape, it’s a good thing that they went through the trauma and abuse of being universally labelled as rape victims because they can learn what they COULD have been guilty of’ or some shit.
These people are categorically incapable of admitting fault, no matter the devastation they level against innocent people.”
“I don’t think any of the professors that called for their head publicly in a statement (Gang of 88) were fired or reprimanded which was a fucking travesty.
They basically led a lynch mob and afterwards put out another letter saying, “everyone misinterpreted our original letter.” It was absolutely disgusting.”
“Fucking retards taking people at their words without the slightest shred of evidence.
Meanwhile none of those people stood up for the boys when it turned out THEY were the victims.
Fucking hypocrites”

“>we should be taking on the editors and owners of these publications and basically tell them to submit to an independent authoritative body for policing of their ethics and standards practices as they have proven time and time again they cannot be trusted to police themselves.

“No it isn’t.
With how close those fuckers are you think they wouldn’t achieve regulatory capture within three months? Or, more likely, you’re an idiot who’s never considered regulatory capture. They’re already there, and there’s most certainly people in the industry who are on their side that we simply haven’t found out about yet.
People need to be purged. Ejected in gaming, put in jail, reputations ruined – this is the sort of thing that is needed at the minimum. If they stay they will find a way around it because they’re still there in the power structure. People are smarter than words on a page, and significantly more powerful.
This doesn’t even get into all the logistics of setting up such a thing. Where the people of this agency would come from, why anyone would give a fuck about this agency out of nowhere, who would stop people from giving press passes to unaffiliated sites.
You think you can just say something and it’ll happen? Political types are so fucking stupid. “Education is good! If we throw more money at it and make a teacher’s union then everything will be solved!”

“You guys have better ideas let’s hear them. But, it is painfully obvious the current system of self regulation and policing is not working. Hurr durr just fire people is only gonna work until the next time a reporter gets too friendly with a dev”

Burn everything.
Don’t need no shitty sites pretending to be game journalists. We have youtubers, streamers, and /v/. all we really need to finish the cake is press releases straight from the publisher.
If gaming journalism sites want to live, they’re going to have to come up with a plan for a future that includes their existence in it. If they regulate themselves and each other well enough or something else that’s satisfactory, that’s great. If not, that’s fine too. I don’t care about them.
I only care about videogames.”

“As much as I admire your spunky teenaged angst, we both know that burning it all to the ground isn’t going to happen”

“And we all knew that this thing wasn’t going to last more than two days. If the game plays out differently then obviously I’ll play according to the immediate situation and make the best out of what’s there.
But I’m not going to sell myself short in my own mind.”


“What the opponent suspects is not fucking relevant, and anyone who uses the word “prove” outside of math/geometry/logic is a fucking moron.”

“>make thread on /v/ about GG
>banned for posting /pol/ outside of /pol/
>make thread on /pol/ about GG
>banned for posting /b/ outside of /b/
>make thread on /b/ about GG
>first one falls off the board in a minute and a half
>the next one gets a few replies and then gets spammed with gay porn

How big is this thing exactly? I don’t remember a single event in 4chan’s history that has been forcibly suppressed so hard while seeming so innocuous.”

“You’re not a megaphone. You’re a megabitch.”

“Samson option is to breach containment protocol on the ponyfags”

“Keep censoring /pol/ and we’ll execute the Samson Option, do-it-for-free’s.
You think you’re annoyed now, just fucking wait.
Fucking niggers.”

“So like, if 4chan is being censored now, why are we even here?

This is just Reddit with optional usernames now.”

“Why don’t you all just make a fucking gamergate webside and phpbb board and fuck off out of /pol/?

Seriously a lot of people don’t want the shit here. Not for any other reason because it’s dumb and gawker gossip tier bullshit.”

“>Oh my god I love the giant black cock of censorship shoved up my ass
You don’t care because they aren’t coming for you. When they come for you, there will be no one left to speak out for you.”

“>gamergate contained to one thread at a time for a week
>suddenly mods start censoring and banning, and deleting att gg threads
>now there’s constant gg threads being spammed, multiple on front page at all times

Great job, mods.”

“Gentlemen its been fun”
“Do we regroup else where? I don’t want it to fucking end”
“we stay and fight to the bitter end”
“No where anon. There is no place left to go.”
“This is our fucking site, if moot wants to kowtow to his investors he better fucking realise that without his user base none of those cunts would given him a second thought .”

“>/v/ discovers a conspiracy with GamersGate
>it’s goes really deep
>it’s so deep that they are trying so fucking hard to shut down anyone who’s talking about it.
>mods are deleting all GG threads
>moot sells 4chan (probably)
>4chan becomes blue pilled”

“Why are mods expending so much effort on this?
I’ve never seen them come down this hard since fappening and complete /sp/ culture purge”

“Probably some of them are on the list. They don’t care about moderation, the only reason they wanted the modsquad job was so they could silence this.”

“This board is for discussion of politics. Discussion of politics encompasses debating the merits of political positions, discussing political figures in government, citizen activism, and the media. Discussion of politics includes investigating and opposing public political figures. Because that’s what politics is.

“Social justice” is a political movement. Feminism is a political movement.

Social justice and feminism are openly abusing the press and a major artistic medium, video games, to advance their political agendas. They are controlling the stories in the press through collusion. They are controlling the narratives in artistic media through collusion. These are political figures, making political moves, and discussing these people and their political activities is not just acceptably on topic here — it is the core of what defines “on topic” here.

It is acceptable to debate, deride, and discredit republicans and democrats on this board. It is acceptable to debate, deride, and discredit gun nuts and gun grabbers, environmental nutbags and gross polluters, white supremacists and black supremacists. It is acceptable to debate, discuss, and deride groups and platforms. It is acceptable to debate, discuss, and deride individuals in these movemetns. These are political movements, made up of political figures, and they are on topic here.

“Social justice” is a political movement. Feminism is a political movement.

It is acceptable to debate, deride, and discredit the social justice movement and feminism here. It is acceptable to debate, discuss, and deride individual political figures in these movements. These things are on topic here.

But there are some people who have decided that these two movements are untouchable. These two movements alone, and the political figures within them.

Those people do not belong on this board. They certainly do not belong at the reins of its moderation system.

This is entirely fucking unacceptable.”

“Are you scared? You should be. You guys are pathetic. Harassment is not “freedom of speech.” Death threats are not “freedom of speech.”

You’re all just mad and struggling because you’re going away, forever. You’re the old generation, and you’re dying. You shits who think it’s ‘edgy’ to threaten to kill and harass. You’re mad because you’re LOSING.

It’s not ‘censorship’ to have basic rules of being polite and not harassing women. You’re mad because your stupid little website here was the last place you stupid backwards basement dwellers could go to harass people without consequences. Now that your mods have finally had some sense talked into them, you have no place left. You’re dying, and everyone is GLAD that you are.”

“>this pasta again”
“Thanks for showing us the people we are fighting”
“>they pay ten dollars
>so fake feminists can continue to harass and send death threats to men, women, and children
>and try to pin the blame on their opposition”
“You can not kill the truth
You can not kill a idea
This is not the first time we have been shut down. And it will not be the last. We will just have a new name”
“>freedom of speech should be curtailed
>we are the ones dying not your self destructive bastard socialism/communist ass
>questioning and criticism is harassment
Its gettin real USSR in here.”
“You are basically declaring war on human nature. No social engineering is capable of removing spite and hate from humanity. Have fun with your windmills. There are more of us than you will ever know. And it scares you doesn’t it?”

“Quit complaining.

You’re not being censored because this isn’t a public forum. There are rules to adhere to, and if you can’t follow them, your posts and your ability to post can be removed temporarily or permanently. The rules are clearly posted, and operational staff have ways of communicating with you in a more personal and detailed manner should they deem it necessary. You agreed to the rules when you first visited.

It’s been made clear that GG posts in the forms they’re currently being submitted are not welcome and will be removed. This doesn’t mean you’re being oppressed, it means you’re being punished for violating rules you said you’d follow.”

“That’s right, goys, er, guys, you’re breaking the rules!”
“I honestly can’t tell if this is a troll or if the SJW shills are getting this desperate. Nobody on /v/ fucking talks like this. 0/10, fuck off.”
“We know that, dumbshit. We just want to know WHY they’re all of a sudden against the rules, especially given the timing of other events.”
“> Discussing problems in the VIDEO GAME INDUSTRY has nothing to do with video games
Why did I even respond”
“this man here knows how to LISTEN and BELIEVE”
“>Quit complaining
And why exactly should we do that?”
“>i write rules to censor people
>that’s not censorship guise, it’s just rules”
“It’s a bad rule that shouldn’t exist.
SJWs want to destroy gaming as it currently exists. We have a right to discuss how to stop them.”

“>Specific web sites are under scrutiny for corruption.
>These same websites are the ones reporting that Gamer Gate is about misogyny.
>These same web sites are being viewed as “reliable sources” on fucking Wikipedia.
>All web sites who have conflicting reports are “unreliable”.

This must be what going mad feels like. /pol/, I think I might have finally cracked. I can feel my tenuous grasp on this reality slipping. Maybe it would be better to just let go and leave this world behind.”

“Not posting this to advertise, but if the mods don’t want this discussed on 4chan this is another chan that is allowing discussion of it”

“They want to splinter us. They want us to scatter like cockroaches to dozens of other chans, divided and weakened. They know that this place is a cultural touchstone. They know that 4chan is the central reactor core of the internet, and they want to capture it.


We make our stand here. For better or worse, until we can make a coordinated retreat to a unified stronghold.”



“Seriously, this, anything anyone else says is defeatist bullshit
This is motherfucking pol, are you SERIOUSLY gonna let a few fucking sjw’s drive us out?”

WE ARE /pol/




“Just this morning I was thinking that the mass bans will blow over just like usual and that were winning because there’s nothing for us to lose. It never struck me that 4chan was something we could lose.”


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