Aug 30

“You are lucky if you are able to keep the internet’s attention for a day, let alone two entire weeks. And yet still the gaming media, the gaming press, the supposed so-called journalists are trying to act as if there’s nothing here, there’s no corruption that needs to be addressed, or anything that has been addressed as a result of this sustained pressure is not a big deal. That it’s really not as big as you think. There’s no conspiracy, no collusion, you’re all just deluding yourselves and thinking place and they’re not really happening. But we the game journalists have your best interests in mind, so shut the fuck up and we’ll tell you what to think.”


“>4chan has more girls than any of those shitty gaymen journalism sites
the “misogynist” “sexist” ‘racist” site that is 4chan has more equality and diversity than these people that claim to be fighting for women and minorities”

“To not mention the shitload of alternate lifestyles, fetishes and weirdness we got.
I DOUBT anyone at polygon want to stick their dick in the king bowser.”

“Sometimes it’s cathartic to shitpost as a SJW and see the replies come rolling in
Because it reminds you you are not alone”

“Atheist+ had as much chance as succeeding as a fart in a hurricane. It’s so internally contradictory, it makes fucking religion seem sensible.

“We’re tolerant, we want diversity! But fuck you if you believe in God! Wait, don’t we need allies? We need to hold hands with lesbian muslims! No, fuck God, but don’t fuck the lesbian muslims! But the lesbian muslims are offended we told them to fuck God! OH SHIT, MUH COGNITIVE DISSONANCE””


You guys are going about this wrong
See bickering with sjws is pointless, and only further creates the illusion of the evil patriarchy they believe in.
What /b/ and /pol/ had discovered is that PRETENDING to be an sjw and going wayyy further left than the rest is the most effective method

>/b/ starts the joke to #shutdown4chan
>/pol/ joins in
>some /pol/ fag shows screens of himself fucking with sjws by being a superhardcore sjw rather than just disagreeing
>other /pol/ fags join in
>they make an accounts not just pretending to be sjws but also pretending to be black, gay, trans, jews ect. using this to shutdown white female sjws that don’t agree with them because they have privilege
>/pol/ then starts the hashtag #endathersday causing a shitstorm as as actual sjws start using it after being rused by /pol/
>srs tries to expose the campaign
>now sjws start tweeting #yourslipisshowing and spamming reports
>tons or REAL sjw account get banned with /pol/fags because poes law
>/pol/ then causing a brief twitter war with black feminists and white feminists with #teamblackboys
>by the time this has all blown over several REAL sjw news sites reported end fathers day as a good thing and got BTFO by asshurt normies”

“Remember, we can not give up once they have surrendered. We can not stop right as we are at their gates. Our victory must be so absolute that we shall never have to go back to war. We must purge the heresy.

If Kotaku writes how they are sorry and they will never do it again, realize it is a shallow ploy to stop us. We must show that we are willing to take them down. We must leave their site desolate, if not gone.”

“If you choose to argue with a SJW, understand that your purpose should never be to change the SJW’s mind. You’re not going to change the SJW’s mind. Instead, if you choose to argue with a SJW, you should do it for one of two reasons – to either win over people who have not yet made up their minds, or to support people who already have begun to understand the truth.

SJWs are only concerned with argument, or what superficially appears to be argument, as a rhetorical bludgeon designed to beat you into submission. They aren’t trying to change your mind. They don’t expect you to agree with them. They don’t even care whether or not you grow to love Gone Home. They just want you to shut up and let them run rampant. If you understand that, you’ll be fine

If you’re trying to win an Oxford Union debate with a SJW, you’ve missed the point. This isn’t about the Marquess of Queensberry’s fussy little rules. This isn’t about some sort of extended-pinky exchange of ideas over a fine glass of port. This is about fighting for our way of life and our fundamental rights against the intellectual heirs of Stalin, Mao and Hitler.

Attack. This is about winning. First prize is freedom. Second prize is tyranny.”

“By arguing with a SJW, you are merely diminishing any argument for genuine equality by legitimising their views through reasoned debate. Ignore it and espouse the benefits of genuine equality, where none are oppressed.”

“Your objective to debate with a SJW should be to make them look as stupid as fucking possible, and to take screencaps of them looking stupid. You’re not going to change their minds, but anyone reading certainly might. Ever read one of those strawman comics with a cool guy arguing against a fat retard? You want to make them look like the fat retard.

That said, don’t make yourself look bad in the process, or go for petty “trolling” or slipping epic maymays into your replies. Ideally, you want to paint them as raving, gibbering lunatics and yourself as a calm, collected man of reason.”

“4chan, which really can’t be called 4chan as there are dozens of boards on 4chan, many of which hate EACH OTHER and then ally for projects in strange fashion (case in point, we all get together to play digital soccer in inter-board play where each board has a team and cups are held.) Specifically roused here easily are the insane cesspool of /b/, the defensive /v/ (Video Games), and sometimes things like /r9k/ which is hard to explain, and /pol/, one fo the most politically incorrect yet most useful points on the internet IF you can penetrate the dense board culture smog and get past kneejerk reactions to what you see or read.

Simply put, 4chan rarely attacks unjustified targets. Their actions in attack may not be defensible, but as a good meter of something being legit or not, if 4chan is actually mobilized against you, YOU PROBABLY FUCKED UP SOME HOW. It’s not because you’re a woman. It’s not because you’re a SJW or any other category, not at least in the way you think. It’s something you DID, something sleazy, corrupt, or hypocritical. Information flows FAST on 4chan. And responses are not “organized” so much as they are organic growths, like a strange creature composed of ten-thousand screaming mouths driven by a separate brain fed bits of the same information and thrusting pseudopods out to grasp their enemies AND prey.

I challenge you to find something, particularly video game related, that 4chan has been “wrong” about? Not, again, to justify their actions, but rather using their reaction as a compass to navigate. Also, consider that they do go after more than women targets, its simply you tend to hear about females because people more readily rally to their defense, which drives them even harder. Again, none of this is justification, it’s pure explanation.

A savvy internet ranger knows how to read the trails. When 4chan stampedes, a skilled hunter knows to follow. Amongst the gnashing teeth will be truth.”

“>mfw it becomes obvious that this whole industry is just a dating agency and brothel for failed journalists and game developers”

“We’re talking about a scandal related to relationships between indie developers, Zoe Quinn, and people in the gaming press. It was the catalyst which set everything else off. You could no more remove Zoe Quinn from corruption in game journalism than you could remove Richard Nixon in Watergate from corruption in politics. It is the focal point it is the starting point it is the catalyst. By refusing to address it you’re hand-waving us off.”

“What do you mean, you’ve “done the research”. You are a JOURNALIST.”

“It is just so frustratingly disappointing that the people who are perceived to be the better of game journalism fall into the same fucking pitfalls of refusing to look into things when people bring them up, and circling the fucking wagons because you don’t want to fling shit at your other fellow professionals, do you. That’s what it feels like so when you have all these different gaming sites putting media blackouts in place, refusing to talk about shit, and covering each others’ backs, why do you think there’s a notion of conspiracy? How do you think that makes you look? How do you think that makes your profession look?”

“Oh and ‘comments are closed’. That’s another theme among all these very brave journalists who like to go on twitter and mock gamers, and then immediately block them, and then they’ll publish articles mocking them and close the comments, because they’re such brave professionals who are so open to honest feedback that they run away like cowards.”

“So, what’s the end game?”

“Have you ever heard of Mr. Bones’ Wild Ride?”

You seem to be confused. This is just the beginning.”


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