Aug 28 – 29

“what exactly is blacklisting?”

“You don’t get coverage from gaming media in general and certain groups of lets players.
what exactly is a search engine?”
“Basically a permaban from a certain industry. The USA had a Hollywood blacklist during the cold war (suspected communists and all)…”
“You become toxic to everyone that matters on the press side. It’s like you’re living in a black hole. All it takes is one person to tweet you’re a rapist, or whatever. Or even Mr. Walker tweeting “oh I seriously doubt that guy is an actually developer.” That makes the rounds… you’re done for.”
“What SJWs have been doing to us for forever.
What we’re trying to do to them now.”

“I’m glad these sjw faggots are blind and ignorant of all facts, reasoning and information

You people on 4chan dont deserve to win anything, you’re all a bunch of faggots

Everyone agrees with your operation, even myself, but fuck you people. By far the most bigoted hypocritical pieces of shit on the internet. You stand for justice today because it satisfies your ideals, everyone sees right past this, you wont hold a candle on anything unjust if its out of your eyes of interest. Why on earth would anyone outside of the videogame spectrum want biased, niche fucks like you?

>”I-I know more about videogame design, aesthetics and character development!”

Yet don’t know how to succeed in the real world, or care about anyone other than people like you.

These sjw faggots are bad and have already painted a picture of you people in their heads, ones they’ll stand behind forever until you sway them. You’re right in all aspects, but none of you deserve to win anything, none of you.”

“Oh yeah? Well le fuck you”
“have we started the fire?”
“None of us would be on 4chan if we wanted to be nice. We just want to be right.”
“>4chan is one person”
“>someone took the time to write this”
“Deserving is not a component of winning… most winners never deserved to win.

They won because they proved to be the better tacticians, they grasped the situation more readily than their opponents did. And they had the force on their side.

Arguing about who deserved to win has never stopped any culture from steamrolling the weaker culture, regardless of how undeserved the losers feel it was for their dominators to win.”
“4chan is where you go when you don’t want a filter. 4chan is not one person, but many people, all with different thoughts, ideals, and principals; 4chan is a place where we can have a discussion in peace, and be judged by our content, rather than what clique we’re part of. You cannot prove hypocrisy, because you do not have a target. You can only ignorantly scream that word in a futility.

We only want to play games and to trust our news sources for those games, anon.”
“I can feel the rectal pain radiating from my screen.”
“>win anything
See that’s the thing with the Cathedral of Misogyny. Everyone’s fucking anonymous. Nobody’s trying to win street cred or get their name paraded around. It’s just unfiltered discussion.”
“>you wont hold a candle on anything unjust if its out of your eyes of interest.
fighting to protect what you love, ignore what you don’t, what a new original concept, surely we’re the only people doing this.”
“If we win, everyone win.
Or do you think that the better games that this fuzz will generate will be exclusively sold to /v/?

We cringe everytime we see someone eat shit as if it was the best thing ever because shit is all he eaten his whole life and we want the world to stop eating shit so we can stop cringing.”

“The status quo cannot be shook you rascals know this and at the same time fight a futile and utlimately unwinnable war. For every move made the wall at the end of the road gets thicker and thicker and thicker and a large majority of you will get tired before you even see the wall”

“Stay mad, shill”
“Seems like you forgot just where you are faggot, this is just the beginning.”
“I’ve seen that wall. Pretty good as far as walls go, but some of the bricks were uneven and, if I may be honest, there was traces of graffiti that was poorly covered up.”
“The name of that wall is “death”.
At and beyond that wall I do not exist.
So I fear not this wall.”

“read baldwin’s tweets

ferguson cops are the best
israel is the best
god wants us to not use stem cells for science
global warming is a hoax

anyone else :/”

“But global warming is a hoax…
Redpill yourself on that after this whole thing is over or don’t but let’s not derail the thread”
“We’re not that fond of TB either. Pick your battles.
Baldwin is upfront about his beliefs and doesn’t use them as a highground to attack others who disagree with him.”
“at least 2 of those are true.”
“just because the guy holds conservative viewpoints doesn’t make him wrong about this incident, which is the only fucking thing we’re talking about here
nice try though”
“All that shit is not vidya so I don’t care.”
“Not everyone is right about everything, Adam is free to think and express whatever he wants and we may agree or disagree with those thoughts. His viewpoints on other issues have no bearing on the legitimacy of his views on these SJW’s.
Newton ate mercury doesn’t mean the faggot didn’t give us a damn fine theory of gravity.
In conclusion: don’t be such a nitpicky bitch.”

“if someone were to ask you what exactly you’re angry about throughout this, what would you say?
>angry white guys dont wanna see their games taken away
>they’re just misogynistic bags of shit

What is your justification?”

“Quinn being a legit abuser and having an army of SJW cover for her shit.”
“Corruption and nepotism lead by ignorant faggots trying to rape videogames into a tool for SJW propoganda.”
“I respect women too much to let them get away without responsibilities. *Fedora intensifies*”
“Maybe the majority of us were ostracized from society, and video games are a popular escape from the torment we faced at school for being a bit smarter/different than the rest. Maybe it’s because our accepting hobby is being hijacked by the same people we were trying to escape from to again force a sense of not belonging in one of the only mediums that existed for us.”
“I’m a programmer who wants to make video games.
I don’t want to suck dick to get my future games featured on sites.”

“Shout MISOGYNY MISOGYNY MISOGYNY MISOGYNY MISOGYNY enough and the real criticisms get lost in the noise, and suddenly its yet another story about how all men hate women.”

“Assholes will mock someone’s disability. They will mock someone’s race. Mock someone’s appearance. Mock someone’s voice. Mock and insult anything that it is apparent to them will hurt those they are attacking’s feelings. Assholes will threaten you with violence, they will threaten you with death. They will threaten you of rape, in the ass if you’re a man and, well, it may vary with a woman. They will wish cancer upon you, or that you die in a fire. They are assholes, and are not representative of ANY group except a group of assholes. Stop drawing a circle around the assholes targeting you with sexist insults or threats and attributing what they say to our entire fucking gender, painting us as rape supporting monsters, please? Can’t you see how that’s a horribly generalised and sexist thing to do? Double standards again. The amount of times I’ve read feminist pieces using ‘men’ as a collective term for a bunch of offensive opinions of the ‘asshole’ group makes me want to weep. ‘Men’ think this, ‘men’ view women as… and so on. If I said ‘women are manipulative liars’ because I’d had the misfortune to be hurt by several female manipulative liars I would rightly be called out as making a sexist generalization. Why is the same not true in reverse? Because the SJW’s dominate the online dialogue, and anyone who feels otherwise is by definition a sexist.”

“Being a man or having any stereotypical male traits, displaying any overt sign of sexuality or interest in the opposite sex in earshot of the wrong woman (say perhaps making a childish blowjob joke? Are we really now labelling someone who makes a childish and admittedly stupid, ill-advised and infantile comment about blowjobs as a ‘woman hater?’) is now such a reprehensible thing that you could be painted in the most monstrous light, as a manipulative woman hating sub-human, with very real reputation or career damaging consequences, and somehow its still said that women are the only ones that can possibly be oppressed in this industry.”

“You know, I’m a life long liberal. I know some of you will stop reading this right there, but for those who bear with me, thanks.

I’ve always respected other points of view and I’ve never in my life discounted a viewpoint based on gender, race, sexuality, religion, or whatever else you can throw in there.
But in the last two or three years, I’ve found myself harboring more distrust with the things women say.
Not because of 4chan.
Not because of mysogyny.

But because of Social Justice.

I wanted to believe in it; I thought treating everyone equally is a good idea, but this…what it is now is not equality.
Anita, Zoe, white knights, tumblr, Kotaku…I point my finger at YOU when I find myself now discounting arguments with “Probably another woman bitching about shit.”
It wasn’t 4chan that changed me.

It was them. It was always them.

Fuck social justice. Fuck social justice for changing me into a bitter, mistrustful man.”

“Fellow liberal here.
Thanks to the social justice bullshit, I feel disenfranchised from other liberals and find myself being more politically aligned with conservatives.
Until I bring up my beliefs on corporations and unions.”

“I feel you bro,

I was one of the organizer for Occupy Boston movement before it got co-opted by muh emotion SJWtard. It was senior year in college and I have time to spare, I’m always against economic injustice and how big multinational corporations are screwing over regular hard working people, and how they got away scott free from the bailout

But the movement got co-opted by floods of nonthinking muh emotion hippies. I remember one day we were doing walks and protesting till 8pm, and then decided to use the donation fund to get everyone who’s involved a pizza.

The special snowflakes just shows up fucking everywhere, I’m gluten intolerant, I’m alergic to hay, I’m vegan, I can’t eat bread, I’m a pansexual free-thinking omnivore that doesn’t eat cheese, all those crazy shits. It literally takes 3 hours for about 30 special snowflakes retard to argue about which kind of pizza they’re gonna get.

During the night raid I got arrested for locking arm and protecting the media tent, got bailed out the next morning and I swear to god when I came back to the Occupy camp they were arranging rally for Native American’s right

Fuck these people for shoving their shit all over everyone, and shitting up an actually decent movement”

“I’m so god damn confused and mad about this whole thing. I didn’t spend my teenage years sitting in my parents basement alone playing games to have to deal with this shit.
The people who are supposed to be relatable and friendly are ostracizing me. I seriously haven’t felt like this since high school.”

“good because those are the exact fuckers we are dealing with only this time we are the fucking consumer and we are going to put them out of work”

“>tfw you’re worse than Hitler, ISIS is more preferable than you, you support games that are literally made of rape, and you operate out of the Cathedral of Misogyny”

“Why are these people here? These are all people with active social lives, friends, jobs, ect. And all they do is sit on twitter and ironically whine about video games. Video games are all I have. These people have so much more than I do… can’t they just leave us alone? Why does this have to happen? I don’t have anything but video games… There’s no hope left, is there? They won’t stop…”

“They exist to bully us. That’s their role in life. Everywhere we go, they follow. So it has been, so it shall be.”
“not your playground anymore mysoginerd pissbaby. you and your gamerboy manboobed neckbeard friends are going extinct.
Try not to go on a gun rampage when you realize your time is up you knucklelicking asscock.”
“They have followed us from place to place, abusing us and trying to destroy what we love while they don’t even fucking enjoy it beyond the social aspect, all the while screaming that they are the ones being oppressed.
It ends here, anon, and they will lose. No more.”

“Are there actually people who think anonymity is a bad thing? I mean, sure, we can’t load up who is posting what, and we can’t ban shitposters until they post, but we also don’t have assholes talking about how long they’ve been here and using it as an argument enhancement.”

“Hey Anon.
When we’re all Anonymous.
Guess what.
We only judge people based on what they say for one post, not how they look or what they do with their lives.
This is the most equal place on the internet.”

“I’m pretty sure we will get false flagged at PAX, but here’s a question:

Why hasn’t there been any attempt to organize a false flag of our own? It seemed to work pretty well for them.”

“Everything we do is archived dipshit.”
“Doesn’t matter, with majority control of the media, they’ll just spin it their way.”
“Because in this fight, we’re actually in the right.
Our weapons are truth and reason, using deception will just give them ammo.”
“You don’t need to false flag if you’re in the right.
Doing so just arms the other side.”

“>Games played by a small loyal base that slowly grows over the decades despite market collapses and shifts. Both men and women play them.
>Always considered an unhealthy or nerdy hobby along with computing and using the internet (just fucking watch the Simpsons episodes from the nineties and the only person in the town that uses the internet is Comic Book Guy)
>Suddenly videogames and computers become cool and mainstream. Again, both men and women play them, some joining the loyal fanbases in support and others deciding that it isn’t quite right for them Being a nerd is cool.
>These games companies and nerdy computer programmers become so rich and mainstream, they decide to appeal to feminists and SJWs, turning their backs on their loyal customer base to satisfy the temporary needs of a whiny group of individuals
>Anita and others continue to lobby for videogames to be better, despite the fact that they probably don’t even play games that often or are any good at them
>Videogame journalists join the side of the normalfags and everyone continues to isolate gamers as ‘trolls’ or decide that ‘nerd’ and ‘geek’ should be insults again

And they accuse us of entitlement? Despite the fact that they think videogames should be what they want them to be, not what they are. And they demand we change to suit them?

I’m waiting for the industry to try and gear itself to normalfags (like Nintendo already tried to) and ultimately continue to fail. Feminists, SJWs and other non-gamers will continue to demand that it appeal to them more, but they’re not going to go out and buy these things. As with anime, the money is in the obsessive fan market, the general consumer. Not the one time hipster who likes it because it’s cool again. The fact that Anita wants to take down Steam out of spite is proof that these people don’t actually like videogames – this is just attentionwhoring.”

“hahaha you people think you’re doing something
i’m going to be laughing my ass off a week from now when no one gives a shit about this story anymore”

“But you said that last week”

“I wouldn’t believe it if we did win. We’ve always been on the losing side, but this time, I think we can finally be successful towards bettering vidya, one step at a time.”

“But why are anime girls our icons? Why not something nice, like a video game controller, or a little pixelated man? Why anime girls?”

“Since the ancient times armies used images of beautiful women to raise morale and remind men risking their lives in the depths of hell what are they trying to protect.
We’re fighting for our waifus.”

“why are shills so obvious”
“Lesser reason: they don’t come to 4chan, so they stick out like sore thumbs


“when the story first broke, they tried to ignore it, let it die from lack of air. they tried to censor every site and keep people from discussing it.

thus, everyone came to the one place that they COULD talk about it. Instead of a bunch of little fires spread across each gaming site, it became one big fire on 4chan. Communities that hated each other found themselves allying.

Now, they realize their mistake, they let us keep going on about it for two weeks. They realize being silent let us dominate the discussion. So they decided to release those articles, almost at the same time, with the exact same message, some even linking to each other. They ignore the issues we’ve been trying to discuss and make it all about sexism and how every gamer is a shitty asshole.

First they ignore you.
Then they mock you.
Then they fight you.
Then you win.”

“Are you ready for this, SJWs?

I hope you are, because a good number of us have been waiting for this moment all our lives.”

“One of us caught Baldwin’s attention. One of us found evidence, one of us found meaning in it, one of us made a video, one of us tweeted at Baldwin. And as the fire rises, one of us will spark the next thing.

Remember, everything you do in your life is meaningless.

Until it isn’t.”


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