Aug 10 – 23

“genuine doesnt really mean much to me either way, whether it means something to other people doesn’t really mean much either since i dont get it
the most it means is “can i do this without thinking”
which really translates to
“is this an action that i have adequate preparation/experience in””

“Imagine a large corporate machine mobilized to get you to buy something you don’t need at a tremendously inflated cost, complete with advertising, marketing, and branding that says you’re not hip if you don’t have one, but when you get one you discover it’s of poor quality and obsolete in ten months. That’s a BA.”


“because sales isn’t about the product, it’s about the relationship, and women and alpha males are better at relationships, while everyone else is busy outing hypocrisy.”

“Second, and more importantly, he thinks he’s a radical progressive, that he wants a paradigm shift away from capitalism towards social rights– but he wants to keep everything else about capitalism completely intact. He is explicitly against producerism, but he wants to replace it with consumerism. He wants to make sure people can get what they want, not teach them how to want. In his utopia of no questions asked Universal Basic Income, do retail sales go up or down? The system has won.”

“Husband hates that his wife reads about the faux-celebrities in magazines. They say words to each other. What do they actually hear?

She hears this: “Anyone who likes that is lazy and stupid. You’re stupid.”

He hears this: “I know they don’t actually do anything, but they’re more interesting than you.”

This is the surprising result: since they wall off into psychic cocoons, therefore the marriage remains intact, for a while longer.”

“Or, if I can be permitted a judicious use of psychoanalytic jargon: it’s the rationalization that allows you to blow a guy you can’t stand, “I hate him but I’m going to make him cum so hard he’ll just want more of me, which will be his punishment.” Let that analogy sink in for a moment. From his perspective, not only did he still get blown, he liked it even more. NB: in this analogy, the guy is capitalism and you’re not.”

“No different than the person who doesn’t ask for a raise because they’re nervous, “should I ask for 5% more?” and they agonize about it for a month, ten months. The point isn’t whether you deserve the extra money, the point is whether you deserve it more than the company, because if you don’t take the extra money home to your kids, the company takes it to theirs. Note that no one ever frames it this way, it is always about “making a case” or “explaining how you can both benefit.” Note also that in most cases the person you’d ask for a raise is a manager, one who has no investment in that money, it doesn’t come out of his pocket. Yet he is the biggest obstacle, he will put sugar in your gas tank to stop you from getting that raise. Is that ironic? Or totally the point? “

“Glengarry Glen Ross is on Netflix, you should watch it a lot. The easy “critique of capitalism” is that “second prize is a set of steak knives” because that’s how little it costs to motivate you to work harder for them, and if that doesn’t work there’s always “third prize is you’re fired.” But the real wisdom which is not about capitalism but which is about narcissism comes from understanding that first prize isn’t a Cadillac Eldorado, you think Alec Baldwin needs a car? There is no first prize. Real closers don’t want the prize, they want to be the best, that’s why they will practice practice practice and don’t play the lottery. The car is a temptation only for people who do not know their own value, the value of their own work, who won’t lift a finger to advance themselves, who are motivated only by threats or by rewards, who would rather have the appearance of success than actual success.”

“Just because my posts have lots of typos doesn’t mean I’m lazy. I am not saying not to work hard, I am not saying not to run out the clock, I’m saying it has to be meaningful, it has to lead somewhere, it has to be for something, and if it doesn’t then at least it has to pay. Amazingly on purpose, in the cacophony of economic debates, it’s no longer acceptable to talk money. You can talk about unemployment vs. employment, class, titles, debt, growth, seats at table– but not money, unless they are actors or sports stars. If I told you Katniss was making $10M or $90M you wouldn’t know the difference, but try to get $1/hr more from your manager and you find out what a dollar is worth. “I’d like to see you take on more initiative,” says your manager, “then maybe we can come up with some solutions that are right for both of us.” I’m sorry, is a guy with a Blackberry and a Fox News app telling me I need to stay until 7 but I’m not worth $1/hr more?

None of this has anything to do with feminism, stop saying that word, it’s meaningless. This trick applies to men, too, let’s go back to Zuckerberg and his hoodie: off of half a century of “the clothes make the man” and “don’t dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want”, the right to NOT have to get dressed up is sold to men as a perk, but look at the alchemy: it is 100% certain that if you think it’s wicked that your job has casual everydays, then you are smart, get paid way less than you are worth and, most importantly, you will never dare ask for more money.”

“This porno, for the Time et al demographic, cannot allow this bit of reality to be shown, because the moment you see Padmakshi or “Megan” at the table it is too real, it undermines the entire sexism thesis and suggests that something else may be going on, it’s like watching an awesome gangbang and suddenly noticing all the empty Oxycontin bottles and that they’re speaking Serbian. “That just makes it hotter!” I just logged your ip address. This doesn’t mean Asian women don’t experience sexual discrimination, it means that when an Asian woman succeeds, the other women in the office don’t get to experience sexual discrimination, so they’re left only with sexual harassment. Read it a couple of times, it’ll make sense and you won’t like it. ”

“It’s called a confidence game. Why, because you give me your confidence? No: because I give you mine.”

“The con artists at Dove didn’t select these women to represent you because you are beautiful or ugly, any more than the street hustler selected you for your nice smile. They were selected because they represent a psychological type that transcends age/race/class, it is characterized by a kind of psychological laziness: on the one hand, they don’t want to have to conform to society’s impossible standards, but on the other hand they don’t want the existential terror of NOT conforming to some kind of standard. They want an objective bar to be changed to fit them– they want “some other omnipotent entity” to change it so that it remains both entirely valid yet still true for them, so that others have to accept it, and if you have no idea what I’m talking about look at your GPA: you know, and I know, that if college graded you based on the actual number of correct answers you generated, no curve, then you would have gotten an R. Somehow that R became an A. The question is, why bother? Why not either make grades rigorous and valid so we know exactly what they mean, or else do away with them entirely? Because in either case society and your head would implode from the existential vacuum. Instead, everyone has to get As AND the As have to be “valid” so you feel good enough to pay next year’s tuition, unfortunately leaving employers with no other choice but to look for other more reliable proxies of learning like race, gender, and physical appearance. Oh. Did you assume employers would be more influenced by the fixed grades than their own personal prejudices? “Wait a second, I graduated 4.0 from State, and the guy you hired had a 3.2 from State– the only reason you didn’t hire me is because I’m a woman!” Ok, this is going to sound really, really weird: yeah. The part that’s going to really have you scratching your head is why did either of you need college when the job only requires a 9th grade education?”

“Figuring out the short con is part of the long con, see also House Of Games, for a non-spoiler example if the street hustler is shifting the cards and you think you’re able to follow them, then you’re still going to lose AND your pocket is being picked. “Can’t bluff someone who isn’t paying attention,” Mantegna told the shrink helpfully– he’s telling her the scam, no, she didn’t listen either.”

“”Well, not authority– power. You can’t deny their power is massive, but of course I’m not a stupid, I don’t think it’s legitimate.” I’m sorry, no, you are stupid. You’ll let it have power over you in exchange for the right to brag that you know its not legitimate. ”

” If you want to make money or gain power personally in the short term, tell women how special and amazing they are.”

“Usually “male” values are the things you have to teach or encourage people to do, like bravery, or sacrifice, or stoicism, where the default, the easier thing, is to not do those things. Dedication and friendship don’t code for men, they are too basic for men, they code simply for person, although women get associated with them because… not much more is expected of women.”

“Here’s one interpretation: she’s a cunt, by which I mean a woman.”


“The reason Gaddafi was killed was due to Pan-Africanism, specifically to make Africa into a super power: We all know the United States control the world’s natural resources as well as the New York Stock Exchange but the moment Colonel Gaddafi demanded that the U.S pay using gold as the medium of exchange instead of useless dollars (and attempted to create unity with other African leaders to do the same) he suddenly became a problematic, tyrannical dictator who needed to be taken out.”


“Ca you please stop dragging Kotaku and other journalism websites into this Zoe “Quinspiracy” mess?

If you want a single woman’s life ruined then just do it. It’s what the Internet expects from 4chan anyways. But can you please stay away from the press?

It’s just several individual cases and you go on and attack the whole industry? What’s wrong with you? What sort of axe are you trying to grind?

There are literally thousands and millions of people being employed and have a job because of the booming video game journalism industry. Can you shoulder the blame when you let your pathetic grudges against women (about which I could care less) causes the collapse of an entire industry and the unemployment of thousands and millions?

The thousand journalists not involved in this Latest Internet Drama Of The Week are innocent. So can you please stop dragging the whole industry into this mess and stop spewing such bullshit as Kotaku is somehow responsible for “journalistic integrity and ethics!!!!!1111one”?

A Kotaku employee”

“Let me guess, it was the isolated actions of a few rogue reporters?”

“it’s several sites, and employees of various sites. all of them among the most trafficked and read for the subjects they cover. enough of you fuck up to make you all look bad: then those of you who ARE un-inolved don’t ask us to shut up about it, get out there and make yourselves the better example. be the solution you ignorant motherfucker”

“Ok then why don’t you complain to individual sites? Or specifically the people who are actually responsible for whatever accusation you’re throwing at this Quinnspiracy shit?

Regular employees don’t and can’t influence their company’s “journalistic integrity” policies. Fuck. Stop trying to bring down the whole thing.”

“we don’t need faux-journalism to have games. you need games to have your faux-journalism. you and your industry can burn to death on a pile of tires, parasite.”

“Resentment towards Kotaku and Co.’s questionable ethics and shoddy articles has been building up for years.
This whole controversy would have blown over in a couple of hours if Kotaku wasn’t such a blight on video games.”

” you claim to work for these people.
you’re totally okay with not only what they do, but telling others to let it go? you’re not a journalist you’re a joke.”

” Hello, you unproductive, hipster advertisement writer.

I don’t give a shit about your “journalism”, or whatever you might call this circlejerking. I also don’t give a shit about your poor career choices. I’d rather see it all burning down and you and your clicque of effeminate colleagues becoming jobless, if it saves vidja. It’s not like you did anything of value at this job. Video game “journalism” is unnecessary, unprofessional, upholds no standards of journalistic integrity and has become another platform for retarded agenda pushing. Fuck this.

someone who cares about his hobby.”

” Hey, you want people to stop? This is what you and all those “millions” other journalist who you claim to be “decent” have to do.
Write about the TRUTH on this corruption. How it started, why it started, who is involved and how they are involved.”

” why do liberals love using rhetorical questions so much? is it because they’re passive-aggressive retards? kill yourself fag?”


“You don’t get it faggot, This was never about Zoe, this was ALWAYS about corruption in game journalism.
No one gives a fuck about some SJW whoring herself out against her principals, that’s not news, happens every fucking day.
This is about keeping our hobby safe from lazy pointless scum like you.

Kotaku was ALWAYS the target.”

” Your editor doomed your company the second he refused to fire the bad blood. That’s what you’re supposed to do when you work in a corporation and there has been a scandal: regardless of how you feel you simply cut off the scandal causing elements of the company and move on so that the public doesn’t for a second question your integrity.

Instead your boss fucked up, and he did it in a very proud public announcement that read to most of your readers as “I’m fine with corruption”.

When Kotaku closes feel free to tell your boss it was all his fault from me with love.”

” Can someone tldr this whole Zoe Quinn deal? I was away for a week”

” An indie game dev slept with 5 guys to get press for her videogame”

” female GRRRL indie dev makes edgy game named Depression Quest, it’s freeware but she gets fame, exposition and ad revenue
Slept with many influent people, including some journalists, got tons of press”

” That’s not all
We don’t give a shit about her sleeping with 5 guys
She steals money from SJW (they deserve it though) and they are censoring anything related to her
She is controlling a lot of websites and shit
comments being deleted, people getting banned”

” >Can you shoulder the blame when you let your pathetic grudges against women (about which I could care less) causes the collapse of an entire industry and the unemployment of thousands and millions?

I would wear it as a badge of honor if any post I made were to cause Kotaku, RPS, Polygon and the rest of “journalism” outlets to fail horribly and cause thousands of people to lose their jobs.”

” Funny how videogame journalists cut down “””sexist””” studios and talk down to their readers, saying “If you don’t actively speak out against these misogynists then you’re as bad as they are”. Yet here we have journalists attempting damage control or trying to distance themselves from the media shitstorm going, “I-I didn’t have anything to do with this, why are you blaming me for not speaking out?” Since you aren’t actively speaking out against Zoe Quinn’s actions, you’re just as bad as the people actively defending her.”

“Innocent until proven guilty is not how SJW’s have ever worked. You are asking 4chan to be the proverbial bigger man after years of being degraded by the same schmucks you claim to be innocent. Eat a dick.”

“Grudges against women? You expect us to attack Zoe so you can write a story on the Evuhl internet hate machine, but not attack the press for their double standards and lack of ethics. YOU deserve the attention your getting. We’re are not here to serve you, the press! Nice job thinking 4chan is all one person too, you surely are proving the point that the integrity of games journalism is dead. Starting to hurt ins’t it?”

“You don’t get it, do you? We don’t give a fuck about Zoe.
We give a shit about vidya. The “Press” literally sucks the dicks of devs and PR reps, the devs actively court members of the games press.
Remember the whole PS3 thing and that one UK writer that sued for libel when someone said something? What about Dewritos? How about the Kayne and Lynch review?
There is so much more. The corruption is real. Fuck you for thinking that you’re not the problem. Clickbait and ad revenue is all Kotaku gives a shit about, and the plebs that don’t know better eat it the fuck up.

Fuck you.”


““It’s a business,” Marketing and Communications Director for developer Flagship Studios Tricia Gray also told Gamasutra. “The good of my product comes before all other considerations. And if I deem Magazine X is the best option with the most numbers, I go with it. There’s no sinister plot, no conspiratorial agency, no bribes, buyouts, threats, or clandestine operations.””

““If you disagree with me, you do so at your own peril,” Hawkins wrote after 3DO’s game Portal Runner was given a poor review at the publication. “And do not patronize me by telling me the reader is the customer—your real customer is the one that pays you your revenue. And it is game industry advertisers.””

“She fucked five men in exchange of furthering her career, which is illegal as fuck.
She has evaded hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes.
She and Phil Fish spread confidential information and claimed to have been hacked by 4chan.

She is a scam-artist.

It’s not blowing over.”

“>some famous indie guy called Phil Fish
>his company gets DOX’d
>claims on twitter his stuff got hacked
>4chan finds out holes in his story
>/pol/ reports Phil Fish to the FBI
>Phil Fish’s company and domain are now up for sale”

“They have no problem doing this to a man, but WILL not do this to a woman.

A man is accused of rape and denies the allegation; they run the story. A woman ADMITS to rape and they REFUSE to run the story, and you’re telling me there AREN’T ethical questions involved?”

“My mom was working with special-ed kids and the teacher was teaching them the meaning of the word “excuse”. When she explained and gave examples from the textbook, the kids said,

“That’s not an excuse! That’s a reason!””


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