Jul 28 – Aug 2

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”

“”Romeo and Martha”. How about “Romeo and Betty”?
No that doesn’t work too well does it.”

“Gold-diggin whores are the wifebeaters for men.”

“I’m envious of women. Not saying your problems get solved, but at least they’re taken seriously. You got 1-800 numbers, you got ribbons, groups, people give a shit. Anything happens to a guy, it’s just considered funny. Someone woman cut her husband’s dick off, threw it in the garbage disposal, and turned it on. People thought it was hilarious! “HEY STUMPY!” Nobody cares!

You think if a guy removed a woman’s titty and threw it in the dryer, anyone would be joking about it the next day? The entire country would grind to a halt. There’d be a moment of silence, the NFL would have some special colored headband everybody had to wear for an entire month, the most effeminate color they could come up with?”

“Like they have any idea what it’s like to be tempted at that level.

[…] This guy, he’s not a great man anymore, is that what the fuck you’re telling me? Terminator doesn’t count anymore? Because he fucked Alice, because of that the whole thing’s over? Anyone here think they could move to Austria, learn the language, become famous through working out, then be a movie star, then marry into their royalty and hold public office, how many lifetimes would you need?

I’m on my third attempt at Rosetta Stone: Spanish. How can I judge these guys? I can barely handle the temptations of Facebook; I’m gonna judge Tiger Woods?”

“Why do women IRL think having a small butt is better when men like nice big round butts?

Why is “does my butt look big in this” a bad thing?”

“There’s difference between fat ass and shapely ass.
Fat ass is saggy disgusting shit.
Shapely ass only comes with good exercise”

“Every day is a holiday when everyone is unemployed.”

“The worst part of it is the circlejerking autists who are always so desperate for the streamer’s attention that they’ll throw money at the streamer for a five-second acknowledgement. Imagine how many parents were pissed off when they found out their kids took their credit cards to pay some guys who plays video games on the internet some money for no reason.”

“If The Order’s devs like movies so much, why didn’t they make one?

Because people will realise how shit it is.
I mean, just imagine The Order 1886 if it was a real movie in theatre. What would be the reaction?”

“Oh, I see.
Yeah, it would be harder not to get torn apart by critics of a well-established medium. It’s more effective to sell this to teenagers and video game journalists (read: bloggers).”

“This is the new paradigm. The future gaming audience is on  the mobiles, and mobiles aren’t known for good control schemes. For AAA grade titles to make the transition, player agency needs to be limited as much as possible without reducing the visible action on screen. A cinematic approach is the key to achieving this.”

“>intelligence community

this term confuses me. what sort of community is the “intelligence community”? is it like the league of legends community, a gated white flight community, or Mr and Mrs Smith community?”

“If a woman wants a “well-hung” man with “heaps of cash”, she is Strong and Independent.
If a man wants a “well-endowed” woman with “a homely demeanor”, he is Oppressive and Msyognist.

This is The Truth, as was Proved by a Peer Review from The Experts.



“This guy gets it.

>selfish, entitled slut
It starts when we’re kids, think about it. A boy cries, what happens? “Toughen up, be a man!” A girl cries and everyone loses their shit trying to placate her.

Both genders are taught that men are supposed to suffer in silence and always go without so they can provide for women, whose feelings and desires are priority over… well… everything.

I mean really, how many times have you seen a woman lose her shit/do something awful/be just a terrible human being and her explanation is “MUH FEELIGNS” and she gives this explanation with a straight face, like she’s surprised she even has to explain this to you.

Funny thing, virgins are actually more likely to cheat, for what I hope are obvious reasons.

Listen, I’m not fedora, I have plenty of female friends and enjoy their company, I’m just saying the way gender roles have been fucked all to hell, the way modern society fosters this victim culture amongst women, the world in which we live… a committed relationship, specifically, marriage, is a really bad idea. You’re essentially wagering half your total worth for the privilege of taking care of something that feels no obligation to be loyal to you, and which can ruin you on a whim, all on the off chance she doesn’t get sick of you.”

“Indeed. As someone who grew up with three sisters, I have an all too keen understanding of the way women in our society are brought up and the ways they think. They’re all incredibly shallow and treat men like a means to whatever end they’re currently after. They’re all also pseudo-feminist, which is to say that they’ll agree with it whenever it suits them but contradict it openly when it doesn’t. It was a horrible but entirely unsurprising turn of events to see my own mother turn into a rabid slut shortly after my dad died. It really, honestly makes me sad that I hate women but it’s just too deeply ingrained in me at this point that I can’t not feel that way.”

“>They’re all also pseudo-feminist, which is to say that they’ll agree with it whenever it suits them but contradict it openly when it doesn’t.

They want all the empowerment and privilege and none of the responsibility, which is the same mindset, the same reason marriage is a terrible idea.

>They’re all incredibly shallow and treat men like a means to whatever end they’re currently after.

This. For better or worst, all women have this trait in common. For the overwhelming majority they don’t even realize they’re doing it. My relationship history looks like this-

>Serious relationship: 5 years
>Lots of casual sex with various partners
>Serious relationship: 2 years
>Lots of casual sex with various partners (and that’s working out good for me so far)

Both of my LTRs ended in uncannily similar ways; good, loving relationships, some downs, mostly ups, and all of a sudden after being together for years she just stopped loving me and thought nothing of how her actions effected me.

It’s like a switch; when a woman decides you’re a means to whatever end she’s visualized all the love, the time, the emotion goes away. If you’ve seen it you know what I’m talking about, if you haven’t seen it trust me when I say it’s genuinely unnerving.

Women aren’t sociopaths so much as they’ve been raised to believe that their wants and desires matter more than anything or anyone else, and to hell with whatever gets in their way. Women don’t understand loyalty the way men do. They know of it, and it makes sense to them, but they are incapable of feeling genuine loyalty, of staying true to something solely because it’s the correct thing to do.

Why do you think the divorce rate (70% of which are initiated by women, that’s a conservative estimate btw) is so high? “What about your vows, what about your kids, what about the years I’ve invested into this life we’ve built?” “Well yeah, but I want something else, so, you know, me me me.

>It really, honestly makes me sad that I hate women but it’s just too deeply ingrained in me at this point that I can’t not feel that way.

Don’t hate women, anon. Just know them for what they are. Enjoy their company, enjoy their bodies, just follow one simple rule: never make yourself vulnerable to them, never give them power over you, never put them in a position where your pain means their gain because it means pain for you every time, and they’ll find a way to justify it to themselves and anyone who dares criticize them, every time.”

“There was this girl who had classes with me. Had a boyfriend who was suffering from depression. One day, just like that, she grew tired of him. But she didn’t want to break up with him because that’d make her “look like the bad guy”.

So she terrorized him. Hard. Systematically neglected him, went to parties without telling him, berated him for everything he did, dropped hints that allowed the conclusion she was fucking behind his back – that kind of stuff.

Eventually his mother found him hanging from a door knob after he didn’t answer her calls.

The kicker: She used him to be the center of attention after he died. For weeks people would walk up to her and try to sympathize with her. It was fucking disgusting.”

“We have monogamy due to social restrictions. We use monogamy to feed ourselves.

The simple fact is, we want to fuck other people while we are fucking a current partner.
Why do you think divorces and cheating is such a widespread concept? With the feeding problem gone, monogamy becomes less useful.

Again, I’m not really liking that side of humanity. I’m a staunt believer that cheating is fucking atrocious and open marriages are retarded. But this is the horrible truth.”

“A relationship requires a certain amount of responsibility. It’s like a contract: Both parties sacrifice the opportunity to fuck around to make something great. Together.

An open relationship however is far more flimsy. It’s shallow by nature since its main draw is to hang out, have a good time and get the fuck out without any attachment once things become unpleasant for whatever reason. Basically, it prevents you from having a meaningful relationship.

Which would be the more desirable environment to raise a kid?”


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