Jul 22 – 27

“>If you have any problems during the first five minutes, you deserve a near-guaranteed defeat
Kill yourself. This isn’t a fighting game, it’s a pseudo-strategic top-down action game. If you make comebacks retardedly hard to achieve, the sense of strategy and competitiveness evaporates, considering it basically comes down to “OKAY, WHAT’S OUR EARLYGAME STRAT? OH, IT WORKED? WE WIN!””

“Today’s society–thou shall not say something mean or else little dweebs will curse your name.”

“Really? Being a mother is “the most difficult job on the planet”? Oh yeah, all those mothers that die every year from black lung from inhaling all that coal dust. Dude women are just constantly patting themselves on the back about how difficult their lives are, and no one corrects them because they want to fuck em.”

“Gaming is a sub-culture where ‘tomboys’ can get away from being treated according to feminine social expectations, where guys are free to be as lewd and obscene and verbally brutal as they wish and any woman with the stomach for it can join in rather than be treated ‘like a girl.’ So the moral policing which attempts to get rid of such uncouth behavior is denying such women a space in which they can escape from their socially assigned identity.”

“Political correctness is a war on noticing.”

“Men will only produce surplus value if it will increase their returns in the marriage market. It is not that marriage itself is of value to men, rather marriage provides a means by which man can ensure paternity of his children. With the paternity of his children assured, man can invest invest in his children. Assured paternity binds father to children.

This binding of father to son and daughter is civilization, it may even be humanity itself.

Patriarchy is a word encompassing all the mechanisms society has created so that man can be assured of the paternity of his children and will bind himself to them. It includes monogamy, pre-marital chastity, prohibitions on adultery, slut-shaming, the criminalization of prostitution, cad-shaming, father as the household head, proscriptions on divorce, patrilineality, and fatherhood itself.

These mechanisms are what create civilization.”


“Kormir being a thieving bitch is fucking nothing to the shit that happens in GW2. In fact, the gods have been retconned out of the lore completely.”

“u wot m8
What happened?”

“the gods exist
but they made up some bullshit lore “oh the gods don’t answer prayers or give a shit about anything anymore” because MUH RACE EQUALITY EVERY RACE HAS TO BE EQUAL E Q U A L”

“I preferred it when I /kneel’ed and I got a boon from a fucking god.
Or when a world would get the favors of the gods by championing the Hall of Heroes”

“It’s not officially stated, but don’t expect any divine appearances from the gods in GW2 ever again.
They’re gone, a forgotten footnote, like everything else from GW1 (Elona, Cantha, Mursaat, etc)”

“That’s the saddest fucking shit I’ve read in this entire thread.

I wish GuildWars 1 would just be released again so there would be fresh people to play with.”

“Im sick of hearing this shitty stawman over and over from ArenaDrones. It’s WRONG. We did not want GW 1.5. The gripe that many GW veterans have is that GW2 made several steps back in certain areas from the original game. The economy is worse. The business model is worse. The build crafting is worse. The PvP is worse. There is no need for player interaction anymore, which was the essence of GW.

GW2 in itself is not a bad game, but it’s an insult to GW1. Kind of like Planetside 2 compared to Planetside, oder Phantom Menace compared to The Empire Strikes Back.”

“Originally the PvE on GW1 was a training ground for PvP, it’s why the trials in the desert were so similar to parts of the original hall of heroes.”


“This is the worst MMO I have ever played, bar NONE. I’d even go so far as to say one of the worst games I’ve ever had the misfortune of playing in my entire life. My god. I really hope none of you play this princess dressup sim.”

“>lead writer is a self admitted and proud SJW
>has been in charge of advancing the story for the last two years
>of over twenty characters added only two are male

This is the future you chose.”

“I wouldn’t have even given a shit about the story if the game was at least FUCKING FUN TO PLAY




“combat went from “tactical and careful usage of skills” to “mash buttons as fast as possible””

“Isn’t the combat suppose to be more dynamic though? The world looks pretty from the pics”


one of the buzzwords they keep parroting

in reality you don’t give a single fuck about what your enemies or your allies are doing. you just hurl as many of your skills into their general direction as possible.”

“Whats funny about the game is the whole “Living World” thing. Specially I am talking about the timed quest, they have actually removed more content in the game than added.”

“>in THEORY that’s a good idea

i didn’t understand this when they constantly bashed the concept of healers in beta
i don’t understand it now

please explain it to me.
how is removing healers a good thing?

someone please post the pic of this one league of legends developer talking about healers being a shitty thing for multiplayer games”

“The idea is, a lot of people just want to be DPS and you’ve seen WoW with all the queues as DPS. And when a group of friends starts a MMO together, there’s that one guy who has to be a healer because everyone told him so. So their idea is, if everyone is DPS, no-one has to be their guy. Unfortunately they forgot about how healers are needed for good encounters and the fact that some people like healing.”

“so they made design decisions based on catering to immature and selfish kids instead of creating a good and functioning set of mechanics?

>lol heal is for skrublords i wanna deal mad deeps! BIG NUMBERS WOOHOO!

this kind of player is what they based their design philosophy on?
no wonder this game turned out to be bullshit”

“There are 2 problems with needing to rely on healers:

1. They tend to ruin PvP because they’re horribly balanced.
2. It forces a shitty group dynamic of relying on healers to do the challenging content and you have to hope that the healer isn’t a cocksucking faggot, which has happened in my groups more times than I can count in a few different games.

Ideally you could think of some really creative encounters that wouldn’t work with the usual holy trinity bullshit, unfortunately you need to actually DO that in order to have a better game for it because otherwise the bosses are just shitty damage sponges where you dodge red circles like what’s in the game now.”

“so relying on others is a bad thing in an MMO?

>ruin pvp
battlegrounds in world of warcraft were infinitely more enjoyable than gw2 zergfests.

random and team arena in gw1 were miles ahead of the clusterfuck that is gw2 pvp.”

“They removed the trinity and forgot to replace it with something worthwhile.

The reason most MMO’s use the trinity is because it fucking works.”

“Every class has access to every buff and every debuff. Everyone has melee and ranged attacks. Everyone has the same CC, heals, defensive CDS.

Why not just remove classes from the game and let people choose what color they want their abilities?”

“>everything that you have ever loved in your life have been corrupted to become disgusting parodies of themselves in order to appeal to larger, simple minded audiences who are entertained by the lowest denomination of content
This is not the life I wanted.”

“I had already learned my lesson from Warhammer online. So i played Gw2 with a fist of salt, it looked innovative and thought i would get to max level get bored which was enough. Now i don’t think i’l play a different MMO until it’s user/subscriber base has increased after 3 months of it being released”

“So I’m just getting into the new living story, who the fuck are all of these people that I’m working with?
I remember the Norn and the Charr from the Lava Charr/Mole thing last summer. The two of them are still boring as fuck.
Who is this Asura? Why is her portrait painted instead of being a photo of them, and why is is so obnoxiously detailed?
Who are these two human girls? I’m not completely sure they are lesbians, but pretty much every dialogue option between them consisted of them trying to shove their tongues down each others throats.”

“Remember when we had good NPCs like Aang uh Mhenlo?”

“>bitches all over his dick, aint havin none of that because the party comes first
>healbro, the best healing hench in the game
>swag as monk robes

Perhaps the most based healer in MMO history”

“all the GW1 henchmen and side characters were interesting and I always enjoyed seeing them
cannot say the same thing of the recurring NPCs in GW2”

“that’s the main issue, nobody gives a flying fuck about some shit npcs, especially not ones that basically tossed your personal story out the window. the player character takes a back seat in almost everything that takes place, when in gw1 it was the opposite (except kormir, motherfuck kormir)”

“SB Monk reporting in
I miss saving my AdH group from spikes and shit ;_;”

“It’s annoying how pretty much the only option is DPS, but I certainly don’t blame people for picking it.

Between maxing out damage to kill everything before it kills you, or going defence to outlast your enemy, people will naturally pick the one that gets them through the boring as fuck content the fastest.

That said, what made me quit was ArenaNet’s fucked logic that putting temporary content on a two-week cycle would somehow suit everyone’s schedules. To their credit, they apparently fixed it with the journal feature, but I haven’t cared enough to go back.”

“I’m friends with a fairly prominent GW2 youtuber, and I feel sorry for him, because he can’t stop playing or his viewerbase would leave. He loved GW1 more than anything, I think he basically lives in hope that they will revive something cool from the original game.”

“GW2 In a Nutshell
>Have good ideas
>Implement them poorly
>Ignore criticism by calling it a “vocal minority”
>Refuse to produce expansions
>Sold as a competitive Esport, have two people working on pvp
>PvP has less game modes than vanilla Guild Wars 1 in 2005
>PvE is a Joke: dungeons are uninstresting and the only thing you are required to do is pure dps; open world content consists of the player forming giant zergs that steamroll everything
>Absolutely no rewards: luck is more important than dedication and everything is rng based on ludicrous low chances to obtain ANYTHING
>Time Gated content everywhere because, I quote, “People are doing things quickly than intented!”. Do you want to craft that armor? Do you have the materials? Well fuckface, see you in the next two weeks during which you login for two minutes because you can only do so much each day.
>Horrible personal story, broken promises about choices. Original Lore and Setting shafted in favor of a story around dragons.
>Unbalanced classes and “challenge” focused around one hit kills that kill hundreds in seconds.
>Living story: every four weeks you get 40 new achievements! Kill 200 bunnies! Slay 150 cows! You are the true hero Tyria deserves! Don’t forget to buy some Gems™ in our Store™.
>Speaking about the gemstore: the worst ingame story in the history of ever. At least games like Tera offer you something decent that counts as fanservice. In GW2 you’re lucky if you get to buy a flute for 800g (10$).
And more.”

“Selling around 7 million copies is now a failure. The shit we have now is because it is doing too well, and the devs don’t want to change a winning formula.”

“This, but the entire basis of the game can be equated to snake oil. Every two weeks they can hype up this new and totally amazing concept, and all the bigwigs will think everything is fine and dandy because the money consistantly rolls in. Meanwhile the entire playerbase is up in arms, or at least upset about the lack of meaningful content. Ideas and concept art look great, but they need to translate ingame and actually be fun. If only revenue = fun, gw2 would be great then.”

“>Everyone whines for years about pet ai
>Anet says its ok

>People complains that Zodiac Armor, a bodysuit that turns your body to Ether and Stars, is too revealing and the breasts dare to look like breasts.
>Anet immediately addresses the topic and “fixes” it in the next patch.”

“Who came up with this 1.5 bullshit? Makes no sense.”

“People who try and convince themselves that completely changing the gameplay from the first Guild Wars was a good thing.
It’s a “it’s new and different so it MUST be good!” mentality, like people who willing choose to use Windows 8.”


“361 justice points!”

“that position only gives you cover from me. why would you do such a thing?”

“you are making my life very expensive sir. i don’t like it.”


 “stop trying to shill this garbage, [EVE Online] is catch 22 unless you started literally from day 1 and have been playing ever since, it’s like a pyramid scheme made MMO”

“Hundreds of people banded together to support a common cause, spurred on by excitement and camaraderie, without actually stopping to check the facts or find out where their money was going. And whether or not it actually was a scam, it followed an extremely efficient scam formula: separating people from their money as quickly as possible, without giving them a chance to think about it too much.”

“If you don’t have initiative, somebody else does. And if somebody else has initiative, you’re not going to have a good time.
Unless it serves their purposes for you to have a good time, in which case you will discover you weren’t actually having a good time long after they’re gone.”


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