Jul 11 – 18

“I don’t care whose nephew you are, who you know, who’s dick you’re suckin; you’re goin out.”

“You don’t open your mouth till you know what the shot is.”

“>sites like IGN call abortions like dragon age 2 “10.10, this is the game changer”
>game comes out and people realise its garbage
>IGN got their money and fulfilled the prerelease agreements so now writes how its shit”

“in every wot guide/tutorial, they always consider your team as a bunch of brainless dumbass who need to be carried.”

“Most WoT players, high skill or average, end up pretty bitter and jaded about the bulk of the community. One too many losses where you did well but 80% of your ‘teammates’ did 0 to one shot worth of damage; and it’s not too hard to see why nobody has any confidence in pub teammates.”

“>I had a game where it was down to a 1v1, arty vs light
>it should have been no contest
>light was a bot and didn’t move once it got to about 150 from the point, he just wiggled his turret
>arty didn’t move because arty are coward faggots
>all sides telling the arty to fucking move and win already since the light was a bot
>light’s team is telling the arty exactly where the light is
>it turns out the arty is a bot too

“There is no such a thing as impenetrable armor, World of tanks is much like an old western movie, the guy who land the first shot often if not always wins, what armor does is gives you initiative.”

“Basically a large part of the fight is decided by who shoots first, there are 3 major factors

camo/view: being able to see without being seen gets you first shot, obviously.
aim time: the faster you aim, the quicker you get to drop on your enemy
armor/penetration of enemy: make the enemy aim longer, the longer the enemy has to aim, the more time you will have to aim your own shot.

Of course, armor also improves your effective health when fighting at long range where aiming for weakspot is impossible, but thats far from what armor is actually used for, buying you time.”

“>mfw I realize tier spreads are there to make it seem like all tanks are balanced.
>even then some tanks are blatantly unbalanced”

“the KV-1S will never be nerved. you don’t nerf the most popular item in your product, especially if your first objective is more shekels.”

“Someone else’ll fix it.

And it’ll be me. And I’ll carry until my fucking back breaks. And those worthless fucking assholes will get another win they don’t deserve.”


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