Jun 24 – 26

“>anecdotal evidence”

“the only kind that matters, bro”

“People love to believe that the only reason algae isn’t the single source of petroleum is because something something big oil without ever once considering that “big oil” would gladly and without hesitation do anything humanly possible (considering that we’ve been to the moon, “humanly possible” is a lot) to free themselves from dependence on decadent Middle Eastern goat-fuckers-turned-kings for the source of their only marketable product.

#didyouknow? that Exxon-Mobil and Royal Dutch Shell have spent more money on biofuels research than anyone else? Where’s all that cash from Mother Jones and HuffPo readers to fund biofuels research? Thought so. Damn evil corporations spending billions to end fossil fuel extraction. How soulless and depraved of them.”

“a good plan executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.”

“There is nothing more noble and stupid than fighting under fair conditions. The best players always try to have an advantage over the opponent.”

“what’s the purpose of putting a female protag tag?

I hardly understand it. Do gamer grls actually actively search for this shit because they want their fictional characters with vaginas or am I missing something here”

“I want a tag that specifies “Strong Male Leads”.”

“It’s so /v/ knows what to avoid.”

“I wonder if some of these “big” feminists could straight up accuse STEAM of being sexists because they’re segregating. That would be pretty funny.”

“SJW pandering”

“There are people so mentally deficent(women) who can only enjoy games if they can self insert.
It’s sad actually, but I guess evolution didn’t really need to give girls a good imagination when they’re main purpose was to pop out babies.”

“Of course, women are inferior beings, this is common knowledge Anon.

If the character doesn’t have a vagina, how can you expect the poor creatures to identify with them? They are not capable of feeling empathy or understanding towards others like most higher thinking mammals.

Please educate yourself and be more understanding of their mental shortcomings.”

“I like female protagonists, providing they’re protagonists first and females second. The same standard applies to male protagonists. Unfortunately, Gone Home is all about the main character being female; she can’t drive the plot without reminding players she is female. Why does Steam need to make “female protagonist” a selling point?”

“Because, sadly, it IS a selling point. SJWs will buy it for that reason and that reason alone.

Even if they don’t play video games, they’ll still buy it just to own it and feel smug and progressive. Like that episode of Community where Britta made friends with a lesbian who was actually straight and thought Britta was a lesbian and was doing the same thing.”


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