Jun 22

“History proves that as long as the dominant superpowers have a pretext, nothing else matters.”

“Why don’t you just let it go? That’s all in the past, now. You’re like my mom, going all “Oh this guy was suspicious from the start!” once the culprit in her detective dramas gets revealed. What difference does it make if you don’t manage to stop me?”

“I’ll go buy time. We’ll have to bet that this situation will change.”

“Women ultimately do not fall in love with a men´s personality, hence they don’t feel romantic love”

“I don’t hate women btw, but honestly my experience with women have been disappointing. They lack empathy unless there is something in it for them.”

“Pretty much my experience too. I’ve had girlfriends as well as my share of casual sex and women just disappoint me. You can even test this, stop performing your boyfriend duties and see how long the love lasts.”

“I’ve been married 9 years now, been with her for 22 years, and here’s my little piece of advice: don’t get married. Move in with her, have kids, be in a committed monogamous relationship for the rest of your life, share everything, blah blah blah, do all the things that you think you OUGHT to do if you were married… JUST DON’T GET MARRIED. It fucks everything up. There’s something about the ceremony or the legal imposition or fucking something that causes your brain and her brain (yes, both of you) to take it for granted and to stop making an effort… and a happy permanent pairing takes a shitload of effort.”

“How did the gays win the culture war ao thoroughly and so quickly? Virtually no one aupported gay marriage 30 years ago and today it is an inevitability, as is a gay Spiderman”

“Because the global controllers want mass population reduction and have decided that mass homosexuality is the most humane answer, so they’re promoting it heavily now.

Personally, I think it’s a great solution. Unfortunately, they’re only promoting it on the ethnicities who are already responsible, such as whites and Asians, and not on the most malignant and irresponsible ones like Arabs, blacks, and hispanics.”

“>Why can’t we

No. It’s not a matter of “why [character X] can’t be gay.” It’s a matter of “character X isn’t gay, because character X just wasn’t written to be gay, and no further explanation should be necessary because there’s nothing fucking wrong with that.” There is nothing hateful about a fictional character not being gay. There is nothing racist about a fictional character not being black. There is nothing sexist about a fictional character not being female. Dear SJWs, stop using social justice to turn your shitty fanfiction into a fucking social issue.”

“Its because gays are the new backs. White liberals are always looking for someone worse then themselves that they can white knight for a stroke their ego.

The black wave of activists have already come and passed so this ages liberals needed a new thing to white night for. Give it 10-20 more years and they will look for the next group to white knight for.

My guess would be fat acceptance will be the next big thing. Its ok to be 300 pounds over weight it does not hurt anybody herp derp. These people are no different then handicapped people we need bigger chairs on trains/busses/planes. Or they will latch onto the PEDA movement and say something like beastility is ok its not hurtin anybody herp derp.

See when the left does not have a cause to unite itself under then it falls victim to infighting and destroys itself.”

“Why is people trying to turn characters that are not gay into a raging homosexuals now? i mean they want gay characters why the fuck don’t they create their own instead of ruining somebody childhood.”

“Because their own creations are ignored. They have to piggyback on popular things in order to get people to buy into their bullshit.”

“I’ve been promised this kind of game so many times, I just see lies now. Until it’s actually a real thing you can buy, I don’t care.”

“It’s dead.

It’s been overruned by bread and circus type games that appeal to faggot console players who actually think they can play an FPS such as Halo on a console.

90s games – drops you in the deep end, figure it out yourself and you’re all teh better gamer for it.

2000s – DLC, lets play for adsense faggots, every game on rails, everything gone backwards, have to play through some learn to play shit at the start of a game because half the people who buy this shit aren’t really gamers and don’t have an inherent knowledge of how a game plays, sjw shit that turns heroes like tyrael into a fucking nigger, diablo into a fucking woman and so on and so on”

“Companies have learned that gaming is very lucrative. For a while i thought we were in a cycle where big companies would dies off and indies would step in. Then indies would get too big and new indies would come in and vice versa.

Unfortunately gaming is damaged right now. Large companies are make sub par games that nickel and dime you later. And indies are now selling alpha and betas of their games successfully. To top it all off We have loud feminist and gay righters misleading Developers about what people really want. Sorry but the majority of gamers don’t want to play as a gay wizard so axe that data and give us better dragon battles please. And finally we have gaming throttled by a rating system that makes sure games can never get more graphic than a 90’s action flick.

In a nutshell Gaming went mainstream, everyone has an opinion, and you keep paying for shit.”

“It’s now very common to hear people say ‘I’m rather offended by that.’ As if that gives them certain rights; it’s actually nothing more… it’s simply a whine. It’s no more than a whine. ‘I find that offensive,’ it has no meaning, it has no purpose, it has no reason to be respected as a phrase. ‘I am offended by that,’ well so fucking what?”

“Wrong. The correct response is “who are you?”.”

“I find the industry too formulatic when it comes to games and promise too much shit when the end product is any but what they mention. I watched E3 with a Taiwanese friend of mine who could give a shit less about console games and the things that stuck out were

>why are there so many American military shooter and >I’m not seeing any interface (gameplay) for any of these games”

“Gaming is a distraction, it is entertainment, a psychological warfare tool to keep the population occupied and pacified. Humans learn all of their lives. And the elites use this desire to learn and channel it into a ditch. Playing is a way to learn, but instead of playfully learning about reality, teenagers and children today learn about fantasy, about irrelevant characters in irrelevant games doing irrelevant things. You are filling your mind with garbage, while humanity is conquered and enslaved by a technocratic elite that has erected a matrix like system to control and domesticate its subjects.”


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