June 19 – 21

“I’ve heard people call their games “dating sims” before, but Bioware hasn’t come anywhere close to having romance mechanics as complicated as the standard dating sim.”

“>The game is entitled “Inquisition”
>The generic protagonist model doesn’t look anything like an inquisitor, his most noticeable feature being a fucking Corinthian helmet
>None of the revealed companions look anything like inquisitors. None of your companions even appear to be priests or similar.
>No mention of conducting investigations
>No mention of being able to intimidate, interrogate or torture people and no mention of being able to accuse characters of heresy
>Despite Inquisitions being, essentially, religious detective agencies, there’s talk of you being able to wage full-scale battles and seiges
>To top it all off, they have a bunch of fucking romances (including lots of fucking homosexual romances) in what is supposed to be an Inquisition. You, as the head of the fucking inquisition, can have gay romances with your fellow inquisitors.

The one thing I was looking forward to in this game was being able to roleplay as an inquisitor, and they had to go and fuck that up to. Jesus Christ, Bioware.”

“Gayquisition, you investigate hate crimes and judge privileged folks.”

“what the fuck, you can’t add mounts to a fucking corridor game.”

“Besides the linear path and the lack of tactical camera, what about this looks like shit? Graphics? Art design? Combat? I’m not trying to shitpost, it just doesn’t look worse than average to me.”

The gameplay has already been criticised for it’s lack of tactical depth. Fans hope for a CRPG turned action, and are instead getting action turned CRPG.
Parrellels can fairly accurately be draw to MMO combat, and really, have been throughout the entirety of the DA series. Obviously it will be more fluid, but it’s abilities/spells will be simplistic to ensure marketability.

In any case, every first impression had is basically about how the gameplay is not as complex as one would hope.

Hiiiiiighly scripted and linear as most story-driven, area-based games are.
The fact that it’s a AAA title typically means it’s going to be very focused on things looking pretty but cutting costs like crazy, so the “artistic merit” is going to suffer.

What makes a good character, you see, is accepting that they don’t always have to be likeable.
Name a character in any mature RPG and they’ll typically be fairly iconoclastic, good in some ways, not so much in others.
At Bioware, they want everyone to be likeable. The warrior isn’t merciless, instead, he’s a child’s idea of “cool”:
>What’s the most you’ve ever cut someone into in a single swing? I’m up to three, but I have some ideas.

The rogue isn’t morally ambiguous, but is instead “snide” in a very market-friendly way:
>Bad things should happen to bad people. We find someone [not so] bad, maybe he’ll end up not so dead.

See, Bioware, has found it’s much more profitable to have pseudo-maturity. The ridiculous grimdark weapons, the “the world is about to end”, the romance plots as emotional as you’d expect from programmers. Often in terms of characters, that means tried-and-true archetypes (there’s a pic going that goes around about Bioware cliches).
It’s very formulaic, and has been increasingly formulaic for years, and that’s why /v/ makes fun of the characters — because they are so desperately trying to get at that “mature” audience, while having no idea what that means.”

“I still don’t understand how old lara was “sexist” and new lara isn’t?

I mean old lara was confident and powerful, didn’t take shit from anyone, and only got sexy when she really wanted to. I get that a lot of the marketing for the game focussed on her sex appeal, but the actual character was basically a less extreme bayonetta.

New lara’s all “I hate tombs” and doesn’t really know what she’s doing. She’s fragile and weak and constantly being near-raped by like everyone on the island. How is that empowering exactly?”

“>The dev team is completely dedicated to getting the most out of each platform, so the notion that we would actively downgrade quality is contrary to everything we’ve set out to achieve,
So why did you remove the graphics?
>The PC version does indeed contain some old, unused render settings that were deactivated for a variety of reasons, including possible impacts on visual fidelity, stability, performance and overall gameplay quality.
The game runs better with the tweak and visuals do not impact gameplay.
>the mod in question (which uses those old settings) subjectively enhances the game’s visual fidelity in certain situations but also can have various negative impacts.
But extra shadows, proper contrast at night, realistic shaders are not a subjective measure of visual quality, your game’s visual style is grounded in reality, the tweak makes it look ever so slightly more believeable, hence it’s better, you yourself thought so, considering you marketed the game using it.”

“>Those could range from performance issues, to difficulty in reading the environment in order to appreciate the gameplay, to potentially making the game less enjoyable or even unstable

Are they fucking serious?
I’d be ashamed to say that if I was them.”

“Biggest load of crap I’ve ever heard

>”We test and optimise our games for each platform on which they’re released, striving for the best possible quality.
So why does the mod run just as well or better while also looking better?

>possible impacts on visual fidelity, stability, performance and overall gameplay quality.
So let it be optional to use, fuck.

>Modders are usually creative and passionate players
“We hate modders for this but we can’t say that”

>subjectively enhances the game’s visual fidelity in certain situations but also can have various negative impacts. Those could range from performance issues, to difficulty in reading the environment in order to appreciate the gameplay, to potentially making the game less enjoyable or even unstable.
This sounds like a console fanboy trying to damage control. This is ridiculous

>”Thanks for playing Watch Dogs and stay safe on the mean streets of Chicago.”
Not so mean when nobody’s playing”

“Okay, first of all, the graphics are the one saving grace this game had from the beginning. Did you really think people were admiring the GAMEPLAY during the E3 2012 demo?

No, we’ve all seen free roaming games before. We knew hacking would get old really fast and the game wouldn’t live up to the hype. But damn did it look purdy.

Then, the game comes out, is missing the graphics that piqued people’s interest in the first place, and people were, understandably, pissed off.

Autistic PC users, bless their kind hearts, love to get into the game’s files and modify them to try and do better than the developers. They then release their tinkery to the public for all to enjoy.

Except this time while doing that they found out that the E3 graphics were in the game the whole damn time and Ubisoft disabled them for… some reason or another.

I have no proof to this statement; but a lot of signs point to console parity reasons, especially that cute little “This is for PC, who cares” comment found just after “Look at all of this cool shit we can do for Xbone” comment. Can’t have these new “Next gen” consoles being shown up by other platforms now, can we?

The reason people are up in arms now is that people at least expected a functioning product, but what they got was a stuttery, buggy as fuck mess after a whole 9 month delay. What the fuck were they doing during that delay? Because it sure as fuck wasn’t fixing things.”

“People have been conditioned into accepting shitty products in this fucking industry. That or there really are shills here on /v/.

I hope it’s the second thing, I really do. I don’t want to actually consider the fact that people aren’t being paid to defend these shitty 3/4th finished products.

You can’t talk shit about a game you paid just over half of a hundred dollars (More with season pass) for or you’re harboring a false sense of entitlement.

I mean, pfft, why would you want a functioning product that contains the game you bought without any bullshit and doesn’t have shit taken out of the base game to be sold later as DLC? What are you, some kind of nerdy manchild that has nothing better to do than to complain about video games all day? Shame on you.”

“This post right here, it’s pathetic. If you bought anything else other than a video game and it was a shitty version of what was promised you’d be outraged. What is it about video games and technology in general that turn people into shills?

I had an interview/assessment day at a pyramid marketing firm yesterday and there was less shilling than there is in the Videogames industry.”

“>buy games from Steam
>get a card
>sell it for money that can only be used in Steam
>Valve takes a cut from the card sale”

“Because it’s easier than appealing to gamers.

Honestly, look at Gone Home. Developers and publishers have seen a new target demographic, someone who’s much, much easier to appeal to and who’ll almost guarantee good reviews. And, it’s a nice way of defending the game from any criticism.”

“>Why did Dragon Age turn into a fuck simulator?

Because Bioware figured out that they could churn out shitty yaoi simulators and landwhales would buy them.”

“why in murrica ugly skanks are always the ones that get on videogames?

ohh that’s right, 50% of women are fat as fuck and the rest suffer from manface.”

“Reading this article, it seems like she made a bigger issue out of her gender than anyone else did.

All of that shit I experienced myself when going to a new place. I ain’t saying I’m a grill, but the same shit applies to men or anyone else who has trouble with being social. Her problem is that she’s wrapped around her gender too damn much taht she made that into the issue instead of giting gud.”

“This. When I first went to a friday night magic game, I was nervous, and I got my shit kicked, and I got made fun of.

The difference is that these girls seem to take it as an attack on their gender because they’re so defensive about being a woman.”

“Nobody gives FGC trannies shit. Yet FGC is the least accepting community!

Maybe FGC isn’t the problem. Maybe shitty stuck up women are just shit people.

Naw! Can’t be!”

“Come on, it’s no wonder the others are so standoffish and unwelcoming. I respect what she’s trying to say, but who talks like that? If she said the tampon line to the guy on the register I’m sure she would have gotten a far different response from people.

She fell into the gurl gamer stereotype and she reinforced it by being awkward and sensitive. They want to be treated equally, but they’re not willing to go through the same hazing process that everyone else does before they’re accepted as an equal to a community.

They want the respect with none of the work that goes towards earning it”

“Because becoming good at something requires dedication and personal interest, two things women fundamentally lack. This is why you see them playing non-competitive games (even against CPU AI) like Minecraft or roles like a medic in TF2 and not arena twitch shooters or fighting games.”

“If we feel less threatened today, if we feel as though we live in a non-violent society, it is only because we have ceded so much power over our daily lives to the state. Some call this reason, but we might just as well call it laziness. A dangerous laziness, it would seem, given how little most people say they trust politicians.”

“I believe that most men are romantics, and the Right evokes a kind of manly romanticism – a particularly male sense of the Right order of things.”

“In the horizontally oriented world, failures must be rewarded and re-imagined as successes. The victim is lauded for being a victim. The disabled are differently-abled. Being fat is fantastic. Every addiction, allergy, disease and delusion makes you special. The problem with this arrangement in the natural world is that, as any vertically oriented man will tell you, when you take out the top of the food chain, your land will soon be overrun with rabbits, rats, and other varmints. When you kill the eagles to save the hares, you end up knee-deep in rabbit shit.”

“When the fasces is revered, it symbolized “our power.” When the fasces is reviled, it is despised because it has become a symbol of “their power.”

“If we were looking at deflecting or diverting a meteor the size of Chelyablinsk we would need no less than a week’s notice in order to get a spacecraft to a suitable intercept point. Thirty five minutes to circular orbit. Three days to match inclination. Two days to Hohmann intercept burn. Three days to intercept point. Two hours to intercept and anchor. A day at least to anchor, stabilize and find the COG. A burn that would require more thrust than any rocket ever built and more fuel than the entire Saturn V first and second stages. Space travel is a series of carefully coordinated burns and a whole shit-ton of waiting between. Without adequate warning, even if we had the systems parked in orbit already and ready to respond we’d still need several days just to meet up with our eager cataclysm.

Even if we weren’t throwing all our hopes into explanetary colonization, we still have a massive problem in that our present state of interest and action in the realm of asteroid threat management means that our only course of action would be to stand around dumbfounded while all trace of our civilization and species was obliterated.”

“If I had to point out one major difference between educated people who make ordinary incomes and those who make big incomes, I would say that the latter, the super-successful, are much, much better at looking out for their self-interests.”

“So basically people who keep in mind what the goal of the game is, or alternatively, successfully ignore distractions.”

“Pretty much anything that runs in an arcade, runs at 60fps. Older games are all 60fps.

And then came along the PS family and suddenly we have 30fps crap up the ass and some shitters even went as far as saying 20fps is perfectly ok for a next-gen game. Makes me weep.”

“it would be a joke if 10 women were not lining up to be his baby’s mother.

All over the country, men like this, have kids all over the place with women.

That is where the outrage comes from, because we he is a metaphor for how a lot black women act in real life.

Hence this post.

Jokes are jokes [only if] there is no substance behind it.”

“Should my boyfriend compromise to spend more time with me?”
“”Should [someone else] do [something] for [me]?” Gee I dunno. “What do you think, [third party]?” Well when you put it that way…”

“I honestly do not understand how people can be so rude.”
“”I do not understand how [other people] can [conceive of] doing [things I do not like].”” Oh, well that’s too bad I guess.”

“Women are the only kind of seller that shame you for not buying them. Not even fucking ISPs do that kind of shit.”

 “Why doesn’t team ninja release DoA for PC with real next graphics and physics?

>Next gen tit physics
>Stunning girl graphics
>All dat fan service

>Developed with mods in mind

Seriously guys, this series is probably better off in PC, dev potential wiselike every game ever. Hell you could just release the game dumbed down for current gen consoles on PC, just the game running on PC would be enough, but the above has so much more potential.”

“Would kill their brand image and they’d get difficulty having it released on console platforms that try to keep their “family friendly” selling point.

They took down the ninja hackers forums because of this issue and there’s a long unskipable EULA that plays every time you start their game for this very reason.

They’ve done the market studies on PC games aimed at adults with an erotic angle and they’re almost all financial disasters. Don’t forget that they come from Japan, where there are hundreds of developers specializing in these games. They know a thing or two about it and why it’s a bad idea.”

 “Elon Musk is getting progressively more obnoxious especially with him shooting his mouth off about how he’s going to fund the solar revolution, we’re undergoing an economic and technological transformation, blah blah, etc. etc.

Yeah, sure, Musk. Keep telling your grossly misguided cult fanbase which is convinced you’re the second Tesla that, but deep down both you and I know you’re just like everyone else — you’re looking for a quick buck wherever you can find it.
And you stay awake every night fretting about when inevitably your filthy, disgusting, despicable little secret that you make all your money selling emissions credits (not toy cars) will percolate into the mainstream press.
And as soon as that impacts your investor base and all your techie fans (which it will) and/or there is some kind of regulatory change regarding cap and trade that’s not in your favor (highly likely as well, seeing as basically everyone even free marketers know carbon taxes > cap and trade), your day in the sun will be over.
I’m afraid it’s a tad too late to take out the dirty laundry on this one, Elon. I can’t wait”

“Is he talking about some solar revolution now?

What’s your opinion on SpaceX? I can’t imagine it’s being funded by the carbon credits? Is that stuff bogus too?”

“It’s probably funded with money from Tesla (selling emissions credits, basically) and PayPal. My opinion on SpaceX is that it’s ridiculous. Leave private space exploration to people with serious money and connections like Paul Allen, not this pop entrepreneur asshole Elon Musk”

“It did strike me as odd. Virgin Galactic was basically the big private space op before SpaceX came around, but they didn’t decide to make their own cargo rockets, capsules, etc. Granted it’s also that the sample size is small, but when people have that much money to put into such a questionable venture, they’re bound to be fairly intelligent about their choices. With Elon Musk seeming to complain about not getting the government contracts fairly often it’s unclear where his money is coming from to fund all that fancy R&D.”

“Why is this allowed?”

“> USA
That’s why. The rest of world doesn’t tip – they pay their workers properly.”

“Tipping actually breeds classism.
When was the last time you tipped your mail man or cashier at the grocery store.
Exactly, it fails because you don’t apply it to everything.”

“tipping is common in europe”

“italian waiter here, no it isn’t.”

“You CAN’T tip in Finland. They will think you’re nuts or treat you as suspicious.”

“Been in Japan, tipping is an insult there; true story.”

“You literally do not have to tip. You are just feeding into their entitled mentality. They are like welfare queens except they work a little.”

“Tipping is the most retarded thing I’ve ever heard of. You want me to give you extra money because you did your job fucking right? You’re supposed to be courteous and professional in all jobs. Do you think I get a fucking bonus for speaking to customers politely and helping them? No, its expected. Self-entitled little shits.”

“Typical America. They get abused by their own bosses, but instead of fighting that injustice, they kick down at the people who hold them up in the first place.

The message OP’s image sends is the kind of stuff that would make me stop leaving tips.”

“As someone who tips exceptionally, I’ll tip at least $5 on a $20 bar tab, I feel entitled to say you are a massive crybaby faggot. When I go to work at my ACTUAL job operating a CNC machine, I don’t think to myself “Well, I don’t feel like I’m making enough money today, I guess I’ll act like a passive-aggressive bitch pussy.” ”

“as a person who lives in a country where tipping is not the norm, watching this tipping war is hilarious. The fat cats have created a system which encourages the customers to directly pay the servers instead of the establishment giving a decent wage to the servers. The servers expect tips because they have a low income otherwise and the customers are bullied to pay more than the cost of their meal. Meanwhile some guy is laughing in his mansion because people are too dumb to realize he is behind it all.”

 “The resolution may be cited as the “Dog Ate My Tax Receipts Resolution.” […]

[B]e it resolved that it is the sense of the House of Representatives that unless and until the Internal Revenue Service produces all documentation demanded by subpoena or otherwise by the House of Representatives, or produces an excuse that passes the red face test,

All taxpayers shall be given the benefit of the doubt when not producing critical documentation, so long as the taxpayer’s excuse therefore falls into one of the following categories:

1. The dog ate my tax receipts
2. Convenient, unexplained, miscellaneous computer malfunction
3. Traded documents for five terrorists
4. Burned for warmth while lost in the Yukon
5. Left on table in Hillary’s Book Room
6. Received water damage in the trunk of Ted Kennedy’s car
7. Forgot in gun case sold to Mexican drug lords
8. Forced to recycle by municipal Green Czar
9. Was short on toilet paper while camping
10. At this point, what difference does it make?”

“The Americans will go to war whenever they feel it necessary. And they don’t even need to. Ever stop to wonder why they’re allowing so much of these idiots’ blah blah on social media? There was a story back in february how the British prime minister was actively getting jihadist for recruitment shit removed. So what’s changed now? They want it broadcast. Because western audiences, who previously agitated for not supporting groups in Syria, will wholesale change their minds. This is precisely what they warned about and now they have vivid proof.

It’s a waiting game. They let them get more and more bold and in the meanwhile, they ensure it’s all known about in our media. Maliki will go. Even their ayatollah’s called for him to be removed which means that’s been sanctioned by Iran. He goes, many assurances are made to Sunnis, prominent Sunnis are placed in the right appointments, and then they go after the ooo so scary islamic caliphate consisting of max 12,000.

ISIS want a sectarian war to increase their numbers. The west will never let them have one. You never give the enemy what they want. It’s all been decided.”

“[Elon Musk is] No different from Steve Jobs, whether early on stealing from Xerox or later on stealing the touch screen.

The world isn’t dominated by the people who create things, but the people who can exploit those who create things. Remember this when you’re toiling away for your STEM degree; you’ll be one of those “blue collar bitches” Mark Zuckerberg ridicules.”

“He’s not a genius for one.

His technological brands are yesterday’s technology repackaged for today.
His cars run on batteries, and his spacecraft run on rockets.
Beyond his original software ventures such as Paypal, he has invented nothing. He has theorized nothing new.
He is rich and can throw money at pre-existing ideas, to make them come to life.
And that’s cool. The man is a capitalist, and that is fine. But he is not a genius, or a savior.
His brand of “Tesla” is slightly offensive, when he is obviously the “Edison” of our times.”

“>Or maybe you’re just too stupid to see why what he’s done requires a lot if brainpower

Other than Paypal, what ideas has he come up with himself?

>Lithium Ion batteries?
No, that wasn’t him.
No, that wasn’t him either.
>Regenerative braking?
Not him.
>Liquid O2 Rockets?
>Moveable rockets?
Oh wait, that wasn’t him either.

What are Tesla cars?
Automobiles that run on Lithium Ion batters, which I assume also incorporate regenerative braking.

What are SpaceX spacecraft?
Spacecraft that use conventional rocket technology, and can land using computer maneuvered rockets.

These things weren’t even his ideas. He took ideas that nobody else had the money to fund, or didn’t want to risk funding, and funded them.

That makes him a capitalist, not a genius.

Perhaps you could make the argument that should his investments in these ideas become successful, that he is a genius at investing.

But certainly not in any scientific field.

And I’m not belittling him for that. I’m not secretly sitting here with plans for a warp drive, complaining that if I was as rich as him, I’d be more successful.

But I’m also not going to suck his dick, simply because he has unique investment techniques. And pretend that he is the great paradigm shift scientist of our time. When clearly he isn’t shifting paradigms and isn’t a scientist.”


One thought on “June 19 – 21

  1. Elon Musk is the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla. In these two companies, products manufactured have never been proposed before. For SpaceX (USA), the company is able to sell a rocket launch for satellites for 12000 dollars / kg as cost for Ariane 5 (Europa) is 23000 dollars / kg and for Proton (Russia), 18000 dollars / kg.
    As ILIAD for French Telecommunication, SpaceX is completely redefine the market of space rocket launch. He obliges restructuring Safran (Ariane) into Airbus group in June 2014.
    Elon Musk is also the CEO of Telsa, a company selling only electric cars in USA! Elon Musk is a serial creator, as he was the creator of Paypal sold to Ebay in the 2000′s years.
    If you are interested, I have posted an article about Elon Musk that you can read here:

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