June 10 – June 18

“Training deals not with an object but with the human spirit and human emotions.”

“Warming up is a process which elicits the acute physiological changes that prepare the organism for strenuous physical performance.”

“Your strike should be felt before it is seen.”

“The fighter whose movements seem awkward, who never seems to find the proper distance, is always being timed, never “outguesses” his opponent, and always gives warning of his intentions before they become serious, is suffering chiefly from a lack of coordination.”

“Do not practice finely skilled movements after you are tired, for you will begin to substitute gross motions for finer ones and generalized efforts for specific ones. […] When [you] become fatigued, shift tasks employing gross motions designed principally to develop endurance.”

“I love how every random twitter user is somehow now such an expert on game design.

They should now have no problem making a game of their own featuring 4 female protags once they gather their collective knowledge and years of experience together.”

“and there will be no petition or outrage from men being angry about 4 females because the game will be so shit”

“As a director, he directly oversees the process of animation, approves/disapproves of the animation artists work.
I firmly disagree with him based on the scope of work involved with creating these animations.

I would imagine the process of creating female anims would involve:

>Auditioning a female animation model to serve as the ingame female who fits the description of proposed ingame female.
>Recording her movements through a variety of actions, repeated until all required animations are recorded to satisfaction of the director.
>Tweaking movement animations digitally, making hitboxes for her movements (Assuming they don’t use the same hitboxes that male chars use)
>Adding / programming jellybones (breasts and butt? This is optional)
>Adding / programming facial features for dialogue (mouth, eyes, fingers, small details, this may be optional)
>Designing and implementing clothing models and textures (assuming that the textures don’t fit on the female body models the same as the male body model textures)
>Bug testing, fixing clipping errors
>Polishing (tweak models, textures, anims)
>Total ingame implementation

It really does sound like a good deal of work.

I would estimate it would take more than two days, how long, I cannot say for sure, but I can confidently assume his estimate is incorrect.”

“I can understand the journalists ignoring Nintendo, since they didn’t hold a press conference with a fancy after-party and complementary blowjobs. What I don’t understand is why anyone would argue Sony had a better E3 than Microsoft.”

“Vidja journalists are terrible. Witcher won people’s choice at E3 and IGN kept churning out shit about how DA:I blew everyone away and how it was the star of E3.”

“>colleges also make you take elective classes, which they say are to broaden your horizons but I honestly think it’s just a way to ring more money off of you”

>tfw didn’t go to Uni
>tfw don’t know how to do anything
>tfw fucked forever

i’m scared”

“That is the Jew in your head talking.

Men have lived for thousands of years without going to a university to be told how to live.”

“Its okay, University doesnt teach you ANYTHING.
All University is good for is giving you a piece of paper that tells employers to maybe not throw your resume into the trash for a few seconds before they decide that you sound like a fag and toss you anyway.”

“>”Nintendo has to perform this year, otherwise they will have less games. Justifying investing in the machine needs a larger install base”
>Yves Guillemot, Ubisoft CEO”

“>maybe this’ll make people forget about what we did to watch dogs”

“>Wii U outselling Xbone
>almost 50% more Wii Us sold than Xbones
>Nintendo get your shit together or else we will only make games for PS4 and Xbone”

>Women are to hard for us, despite really not having extra animations and us using 13 different studios to make 1 game
>PC game pirates are widespread. The sales number of a game only represents only 6% of the people who payed for it. 94% piracy across all titles
>uplay will show steam how a platform should be
>always online isnt for us, its for you.
>we dont need to optimize our games. If it runs like shit, who cares. Just tell em to buy new hardware.
Why do we listen to this clown again?”

“The reason why Third Party hate Nintendo is because they want Nintendo to be exactly like Sony/Mircosoft. Nintendo is fighting the entire industry itself trying to be different then everybody.

The last post in last thread summed what the problem

>And Nintendo has had a steady output of games for not only their console, but for their handheld as well, one company is doing it all with no help from anyone at this point

>Microsoft and Sony bend over to 3rd parties and their whims and Nintendo doesn’t, because they believe when that happens they lose all purpose as to what a games console is.

>Xbone and PS4 are near identical spec wise, and certainly architecture wise, from chipset to revision to everything apart from memory.

>One could see that as both Sony and Microsoft colluding with each other to lock away future development to just their two platforms. Keeping it in the family.

>PS4 and Xbone are the exact consoles 3rd parties allways wanted:

>A 2 system duopoly where they can just focus on 2 platforms that are completely identical and push their games out.

>3rd parties truthfully just want 1 console. Telling them to make a game for 3 in 2014 is something they don’t want to hear.

>Here’s the real truth of it all: Even if WiiU, like Gamecube was for it’s time, exactly on par with PS4 or even more powerful, it would not matter and they still wouldn’t make games for it citing the exact same reasons.

>They plain and simple are fine with 2 systems and just making money off those. When Sony entered with Playstation, it didn’t create a “3 system” heirarchy…..it was intentional to PUSH SOMEONE OUT.

>Then came Microsoft. They and all 3rd parties wanted Nintendo gone to make room for Microsoft.

>It’s happening again. The core gaming business world only sees the room for 2 home consoles at the most, therefore WiiU is under attack.”


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