May 22 – Jun 9

“I used to think a little like this guy before I got laid for the first time, and soon realised that relationships with women are over-rated as fuck. I can imagine that there are some women who would, overall, have a net positive in terms of time spent with them. But… If the women I’ve been with are ANY indication, you’re going to have a lot of your time wasted with dumb and pointless bullshit.

I remember the first one told me she had a bf after we got laid the first time. Heck, she didn’t even say, she got a phone call from him because he was wondering where she was on a Saturday morning. That was a rude awakening… It pretty much soured me on women & relationships permanently, and I wasn’t even the one who had been cheated on. I just saw what cheating looks like with my own eyes, and for my very first time with a woman.

The sex wasn’t even very good. Heck, it’s never been good for me, they’ve just done very little during the sex act. It’s like buying the latest AAA PC game and soon realising it’s over-hyped garbage and you’re bored after an hour.

This guy was a sick-fuck narcissist and you can tell in his videos how creepy his personality is. He isn’t even behaving like a normal person, I reckon he has absolutely no idea what the social cues are between people and just tried to copy what he saw. No wonder women didn’t give him the time of day.”

 “Shut the fuck up.

We have nothing to say to you.

You’re about the nine billionth person to come in here, claiming you were connected to the case somehow. Fuck you, and fuck your attention grab. It’s called collateral damage, and it’s a term you better get used to.”

“Fucking this.


Fucking shit, no one cares these people died. No one cares what this kid did. No one fucking cares, the only people who say they care are superficial fucktards who are swayed by any bad news and act like they are some touchy feely sympathizer. God damn humanity is fucking pathetic.”

“I saw a really good post once; public condolence things like this are the optimal move for the situation if you don’t know anything and need to say something. In terms of stuff like politicians or media it doesn’t matter if you feel it’s fake intuitively because your intuition is probably based on personal-level interations, but it completely makes sense. The same holds true for any internet thing where you have tons of people watching you.

Whether they’re conscious of doing it is hard to tell and probably not relevant imo. There are optimal moves we do all the time without thinking about it. It was really hard in the beginning for me to just start talking to strangers but now I just ask “Hey, hows it goin” to start a convo or whatever. Do I know that I’m doing it? I did when I started; I don’t really every instance because I choose semi-randomly what I feel the best opening for that situation is. Do I really care how that stranger’s life situation is? I might, it depends on how they tell the story. Generally speaking I’m not using that line because out of the blue I’m intimately interested in his troubles.

I imagine it’s the same with condolences.”

“The gaming industry is the new Hollywood, they already make more money than Hollywood and in the future every AAA game will be an interactive movie. Game development is a lot harder than making cutscenes so companies are taking the easy way out.

Good game devs are hard to find but artists and actors are everywhere.”

“>They’re just showing us the dev cycle guys!

>They’re being progressive game devs! It’s awesome and up front


The Eternal Crusade devs are doing it right. Something like 6 months from announcement, we get gameplay footage. Constant updates and information about what’s going on in between. Things are working, there’s basic fighting. Netcode is being worked on. World is being worked on. Technology is being worked on. But everything is at least visible and what they show is what they have working.”

“Well it’s not surprising considering they developed the game wrong. They tried to build the engine, art style, models and all that shit at the same time.

They should have just focused on the engine first, basic as fuck, then work on the physics. Then start to model in shit and slowly add from there. But instead they went with pretty graphics and they have way to much to deal with. This game will take like 5-6 years to make, the amount of bugs aren’t even surprising, im honestly surprised it even ran.”

“Strong justice can be easily predicted. Strong faith will lead to great losses. If your enemy is strong, you simply don’t fight him. As strong as a blade is, the handle is weak, so just hit the handle instead. There was a country that prided itself on its culture, but they squandered their military might and were destroyed by barbarians. Your country should take care to avoid that.”

“There’s no way we’d come without making any preparations first. You’re such an idiot.”

“Toyo does not read the situation. It’s not that he can’t. He just doesn’t. He completely ignores it. Rather than it being something that he was born with, it is something he was raised to do. Depending on the situation, it could result in his untimely death. While it is a great weapon, it is also a great weakness.”

“The essence of a matchlock is not in its penetrative power or its range. The essence of a matchlock is the fear it creates! Every time a shot rings out and smoke rises, someone dies. They’ll understand that with the second volley.”

“While the enemy general is an expert on combat in war, he’s an amateur as a commander.”

“How many lies will there be?”
“Wouldnt it be easier to count the truths?”

“>Please stop treating unnecessarily sexualized women in video games like HW like they made a voluntary choice to wear next to nothing.
You know what’s ironic? Women were portrayed a lot better in video games before people started complaining about sexism.”

“Does riot know their logo looks like a cool hip Government ad campaign logo for a kids only dance program in an underprivileged area”

“>That infuriating feel when women are boring, uninspired and passive as fuck

Women complain about men only caring about their vagina’s but the more I associate with women, the more I realize their vagina’s are the only desirable part about them.”

“everything that women complain about men can be reduced to “you’re not Chad,” they just need a way to say it without appearing vain.”

“>that zen moment when you see a beautiful woman in a completely nonsexual light for the first time
>that feel when you realise what is actually behind the cloud of vaginal pheromones that fucks with your judgment every time
>that feel when you instantly realise you never would have even talked to any of those bitches over the years except that one really chill fat chick where it was completely asexual
>that feel when you see this boring shitty chinese knockoff version of an average male, with no hobbies, no ambition, nothing to say, nothing to add, only shallow and generic interests
>that feel when you realise that this person has never even surprised you or made you happy once
>that feel when you realise she’s a completely passive inert nothing of a person who just wants to be dragged from one nerve stimulation to the next and preferably paid for
>that feel when you realise every single good emotion you associate with her is because you either find her cute like a kitten, or you want to fuck her, both passive traits she doesn’t control
>that feel when you realise that if it took you this long to realise it, most men probably don’t
>that feel when you realise that she certainly doesn’t
>that feel when you realise women don’t even realise that men don’t like a single thing about them that has anything to do with the contents of their skull
>that feel when you realise how fucked gender relations are
>that feel when you fuck her anyway”

“If I were to lock you in a room with a random man, chances are you’d eventually find something interesting to talk about.

If I were to lock you in a room with a random woman… not so much. Unless you consider conversations about how her (ex-)boyfriend is a douche to be interesting.”


Take any random guy and the sheer fact that he’s a guy probably means he has specialised in something, mastered something, developed weird crazy opinions about something. SOMETHING. SOMETHING ABOUT FUCKING SOMETHING.

Take any random girl and the most you’ll get is
>Umm I like [something that recently came out that literally everyone knows about/likes]
>Ummm ummmmm I like walking
>I like.. smiling???”

“>Buying any type of meat product from a street vendor

Enjoy your poisoning and gastrointestinal parasites.”

“>never been to Hong Kong
>never enjoyed the best street food in the world ever”

“What kinda country do you live in?

I live in Russia. I work for the Metrology and Certification Center.

People who sell subpar meat – even people who don’t have proof that they underwent mandatory medical examination required to work in business – get vehemently raped with chainsaws.”

“>Mexico level
>everyone fucking lies to you
>everyone is too lazy to do shit themselves
>not the brightest in general

Man Red Dead Redemption was a good game”

 “It went wrong when the gaming industry went mainstream. FPS games were about competition, winning, learning, and bettering yourself as a player. Everyone that played was there because they wanted to compete, they wanted a challenge and to take on other players.

Nowadays the FPS genre is infested with the general public, none of them care about the game or winning, they just play it to have “fun” and run around collecting unlocks.”

 “You’re meant to live with your family, assuming that they’re not complete assholes, they should be the most important thing in your life. Moving out and going on your own is only recent thing. That’s what the “powers that be” want, an atomized society full of selfish people is exactly what they want. It’s not healthy being away from family.”

“its a american thingy really fueled by the boomers because they had plenty of jobs after high school and could pay off their house in 5 years working in some blue collar factory. in most of yuropoor living with your parents in your mid 20’s the norm”

“>pay young people low as fuck wages that is if they even got a job
>charge the highest rent in the history of ever
>why do people not want to pay rent? I bet they’re just lazy”

“I can’t imagine living any other way than with family. Why do you have to make it on your own? What is the point of grinding yourself into dust to have a meager pile of nothing by the time you’re 50 and couldn’t enjoy it even if you did have money?

Live within your means, enjoy living a moral upright life and raise a family with your values. Don’t take unnecessary debt or any debt at all, and recognize that material objects are fleeting and often unimportant.

This kills the jew, they will froth at the mouth and you will be untouchable.”

“I feel like we are a sacrificed generation.
I usually hate to moan and complain as it changes nothing, but I really feels like we are getting buttfucked in every corner.

Back in my day of my father, her could open the daily papers, find an interview the same day, and get recruited even if he wasn’t up to the task.

Now, I have to struggle to do anything.”

“We are.

That’s why they’re constantly trying to distract us with meaningless crusades like modern feminism.”

“You’re not the only one bro. Debt is evil, and I’m only now realizing why it was such a abhorred thing for most of our history. Sure, the ability to loan money with interest is the engine that drives capitalism but it turns people into slaves.

It should be that banks lend money to those motivated to take risks and start a business with a new idea. Not a eternal revenue stream for banks from people who made the mistake of thinking they needed or could own more than they actually produce.”

“Why should I piss away upwards of 1k a month on an apartment when I can live with my loving parents for free? Just because society says that is the thing to do? I am usually working all the time anyway so paying for what essentially boils down to a place to crash seems entirely economically retarded.”

“Enjoy the gov greatly overestimating the value of the house, taxing you so much you’re forced to sell in a buyers market, and you end up homeless with fuck all money because it also counts income which you’re taxed on again”

“>Be 38 Oldfag
>High school education only poor as fuck background
>Parent divorced both broke but working shit tier job
>Vowed to never be like them and succeed
>Worked my ass up to mid management for big cable company
>making 100k/year
>Been there 10 fucking years
>Corporate downsizing
>Fire people and got fired after they had me do the dirty work of firing loyal people
>I did not work for the past 3 years
>Sold everything I owned to get by
>life is not what you OWN
>But a series of lessons
Im in a trade school now to become a mechanic cause fuck management
>prepare to start over often, Loyalty don’t mean shit anymore, You’re a number, get use to it and treat them the same.”

“The problem isn’t that we’re not paying our burger flippers enough, it’s that we don’t have any middle class jobs available that do not need degrees or countless certifications to get into.

When you have a poor working class who don’t make enough money to buy the stuff they’re selling and a upper middle class who make too much to shop at walmart or eat at taco bell those companies find themselves struggling to reach both demographics because their target one, the middle working class who get cheeseburgers and buy clothes from the departments stores, is shrinking.

It’s a failing model. At best you get band aid solutions where those companies offer 80% filler tiny burgers for 99 cents a pop for Pablo Aguilar and Brandi Lynn Jo-Johnson and her 4 kids, or premium angus burgers for 9.99 a pop trying to get the “refined” upper middle class customer. Or you get Wal-mart which is noticing that all of their employees can’t even shop there and have to buy from second hand stores and they suddenly don’t know what they’re goign to do with all of their 20 dollar jeans and 9 dollar t-shirts.

The scariest part is that the major food producers that sale to fast food are seeing this trend where the industry is shrinking because people can’t afford to eat there anymore and have start selling to their second biggest consumer, prisons.”

“The only games that do dynamic difficulty properly are the first three Ratchet and Clank games. So much so, that the player most likely doesn’t even know it has dynamic difficulty.

See, the trick they used was, the game is broken into “acts” or “segments”, and when the game decides “Okay, time to lower the difficulty”, it only lowers it for acts that you HAVEN’T PLAYED YET. So if you’re dying over and over again during one part of the game, the game won’t lower the difficulty of that part. Instead, it’ll lower the difficulty of the SUBSEQUENT parts so that you don’t get turned off. That’s why after surmounting a massive challenge in the game, it feels like the game is giving you a break afterwards. That’s the difficulty being dynamically adjusted.

And conversely, if you’re doing well, the game will amp up the difficulty of the upcoming segments of the game. There’s a few other little tricks it pulls, like the entire in-game economy being a farce. If you miss crates or optional breakables in a level, and end the level with less currency than the developers intended, the amount of currency drops in subsequent levels are increased to compensate, to ensure the player always has just barely enough cash to buy one or two new weapons per level. Nothing less, nothing more.

Damn, I miss when Insomniac were good developers…”

“Life is a pile of one second after another. Wasting time is the same as wasting life. Don’t you think it’s harmful to the class if such people are present?

“No matter how good a company, only about 30% do their job properly. 50% do things that amount to pretty much nothing. The other 20% drag everyone else down. The problem is that the people being serious will feel folish while looking at those dragging them down and will sink to their level.”

“Do people have dreams because they cannot come true? Are they dreams because they do not come true?”

“there is no way to not be a slave”

“I remember hearing a quote about the Vietnam War where some guy mocks the Vietnames to a soldier saying, “They’re using sticks and stones to fend off your tanks and M-16’s.” And the soldier responded, “How do you beat a people willing to use sticks and stones?”

“>Don’t want to take the time to explain myself to people who are already determined to hate it
>Actually, I think I will”

“While we were at war, we were taught the glory of dying for the emperor; the next thing I knew it was all about remorse, and democracy, and getting along with America. Adults seemed shallow and hypocritical.”

“[Isihara] interrupted to inquire what made [Mishima] so afraid of Communism?

He shot back a reply: “It takes away individuality and passion and replaced them with uniformity. I consider myself an existentialist. Freedom and passion are the most important things to me. I was horribly disappointed when I learned that Sartre was a Communist!””

“I said the Chinese have exaggerated the numbers. You can’t kill three hundred thousand people in six weeks. Besides, the entire population of Nanking at the time was two hundred thousand. In the hysteria of war, our army did some terrible things. But the United States destroyed three hundred and fifty thousand people in Hiroshima in a single day.”

“When I meet the foreign press they always ask if I’m a nationalist, and I used to say, ‘Of course I am!’ Like De Gaulle, or Kennedy or any other government leader. Then an English friend warned me that nationalist in English has the same ugly resonance as aikokusha in Japanese. Now I use the English word patriot even when I’m speaking Japanese. The point is, politics and writing are both about words.”

“Today, many Americans overreact if Japan has the temerity to act like an independent nation. This happened with the FSX. Using their standard technique of fabricated charges, congressmen attacked the Mitsubishi Group as a way of getting at MHI. They claimed that Mitsubishi was helping Libya to build a chemical plant to produce poison gas. Later, the allegations were shown to be completely false. Undeterred by truth, these august legislators then demanded that Japan pledge not to help the Libyans build the facility in the future! It was as if a person accused of theft was shown to be innocent, and then the accusers, instead of apologizing, demanded that he promise to never steal again. This is the country that professes to treat Japan as an equal.”

“One reason I have always respected Americans is that most of them would not break off a personal relationship just because of a heated exchange.”

“The real medium is pursue what you are talented at. Ideally this will also be something that you enjoy, but if it isn’t that’s why hobbies exist. Employers pay for talent, they don’t pay for making employees feel fulfilled and they don’t pay people who have below-average knowledge in an ‘in-demand’ field. All the people on /pol/ who can’t find jobs with STEM degrees? They have a < 3.3 GPA because they didn’t have the talent for it. Sucks to be them.”

“So they basically took an evil villain and instead of expanding her, they just made her into the victim. Not only that, but a victim because of men. What’s next? Ursula was such a bitch because she was fat shamed by Lord Triton? Thanks Disney”

“Though it’d be guaranteed from the “fat female” angle rather than the “fat” angle. The demographic of “fat men” doesn’t exist in terms of media. The demographic of “fat women” on the other hand is non-insignificant. Whenever they get bored of this lesbian stuff, the fat stuff will start coming.”

“Literally the best way I could describe it is if tumblr wrote the script. Not even a joke or exageration. It shits the bed spectacularly on pretty much every fucking level. Characters, character development, plot structure, plot consistency, visual effects, score, you name it.

Though what I think is by far the most hilarious part is something which tends to be par for the course when tumblr tries to write EMPOWERED WOMYN stories and fanfics: they make every single female character stupider, lamer, weaker, shallower, and ultimately revolve around men.

In Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent is fucking evil incarnate and does not give a single fuck about anything. She’s evil because she wants to be, and fuck you if you want to know why. She places a deadly curse on a little girl for shits and giggles. She has an army of followers, is feared throughout the land, is an insanely powerful sorceress, and turns into a goddamn dragon. She is one of the most metal things Disney has ever made. New Maleficent is just kind of a bitter Mary Sue with no discernable personality traits whose entire motivation boils down to “my boyfriend was mean to me””

“Sure, a computer hasn’t passed the Turing Test, but let’s face it, most women can’t either.”


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