Apr 26

“You think casual dudebros aka the ps4Players# care about that? It’s all about the status symbol. I applaud sony, they simply know how to market. They managed to sell 7 million units of a console with 0 games. It’s all about marketing.

Mc donalds for example is complete and utter shit, taste and quality wise. Why is it the biggest by far food chain in the world? Marketing marketing marketing. I can give you dozens of examples. Like the apple products, or in our case, the ps4. I swear to god sony must have spend literally billions of dollars to market that shit. But i have to give it to them. THIS is the ps4’s audience an sony knows this :”Yo dude, ya played infamous on tha psfo yet? Shits fking rad and dose graphics maaan im telling ya”

Why make a complex battle system when pressing a button again and again can kill any opponent?
Why make a game hard if you know your audience consists of “Man fuck devil may cry, i wish there was a game like this but easier and were i have to only press one button”
The result?
God of war.

What i am trying to say is that, they don’t even see the catastrophe that’s coming. Knack sold well which means a knack 2 is on the way. Cod ghosts sold well etc. It is just unfair and sad if you think about it. We will never have another okami, viewtiful joe, conkers bad fur day etc ever again because people buy casual dudebro games. Hell it’s been 8 years since the last true metroid game. But in a world were wonderfull 101 and pupeteer sale 200k nd 100k respectively,i simply have no hope left. I will personally buy 3 copies of bayonetta 2(one for me one for my brother who’s in college and one for my friend)just so that i can support actuall good games and devs who simply CARE about GAMES.

Every time i see that comment from that the order 1886 dev(the cinematic experience is to them more important than the gameplay)i get sick and the worst part is that almost every big publishers out there has the same philosophy.

Sony won, Gaming lost”

“shitty korean grindan only good for making waifus”
“It’s scary how closley this statement describes the real life.”


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