Apr 22

“I should not go an entire paragraph saying “Ok, what is she applying for again?” There is tremendous power in “Hello, my name is Jeremy and I would like to be considered for the lead tour guide position you have available.””

“”Streamlined and expedited work processes based on project requirements”. Do you know what that says? It says you did your job. Doing your job isn’t worth bragging about. When it’s according to project requirements, you take all the initiative out of it and say you were merely doing what you were told. If you want to stand out, get specific. I did a resume for an engineer recently. Through our discussions, he let it slip that he improved a formula for a very well known auto product, increasing its shelf life and viscosity. That was huge! I told him he was insane for not telling me sooner and now it’s one of the biggest talking points on his resume. We are SELLING you on this document, so tell us what you did at this job that was awesome. If you tell me you streamlined and expedited work processes, I’m not going to be impressed. If you tell me HOW you did it, or that you figured out a way to do it on your own, now we’re talking.”

“Everything is a matter of opinion, I guess. Unless it’s my opinion, and then it’s right!”

“The only thing women did back then was complain… and give birth to men who did amazing things!”

“There is, however, a perfectly obvious answer to questions like these. The “natural, spontaneous suicide” the narrator (and Mishima) desires, the beautiful death ordained in the pre-establihed harmony, is death in fantasy. But the Imperial Army was reality with a vengeance, and death as a soldier was therefore death as reality, violent, vulgar, incontestably mediocre: loathsome and terrifying.”

“I could not avoid the bewildering discovery that at twenty I was already an anachronism. My beloved Radiguaet, and Wilde, and Yeats, and the Japanese classics – everything I had valued was now suddenly offensive to the tastes of the age… The boy who had carried on like a genius within a small group during the war was now a helpless student taken seriously by no one.”

“At our final parting, I spoke coldly and faithlessly in order to anger my husband, so that he could die without any regret at leaving me.”

“It struck him as incredible that, amidst this terrible agony, things which could be seen could still be seen, and existing things existed still.”


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